Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, August 31, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated August 31, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 51, IWL THE CON VENT ION. * C nlinued ft' m fi**? -P-fffn. my candidate for President. Bal if the cebtlemm from oalo ana from kaatccky andMerrlwid,andotner State*see fit to put Colu un ftetmoc: la nomination, I bare not the power to withdraw hi* omxop, * hope that every man will vote/or him. (Laughter and cbeera.> Many a long amnmrr d-j will jne (ravel before you do better, or fine a man wltu whom oa c&a do better ’ (tan Seymour. I maac these remarks elmplr to ' choir fr at Colonel St-ymonr knew nothing el this nomination, sod consequently cannot be mixed up vlthery charge that can be midc In tbl» connec tion, against Genera) UcCUdUn. It is proper for me tossy that McClellan and Seymour hare long been persona’ friend-; thcreforetheCooventiun will understand, ana th-rclure tbe conu’ry will uu deratsud, that Colon*-! Ssymuor's name has been. CKd withom bis ku»w)e< gc; tbit it has been used even, iu-1 tn reqnekt of the delegation from Con necticut. I earn to my ols Inantaued frseud from Maryland, that we did >ot desire to plate Colonel Seymour in . nom nation. That is all 2 have to gay ou tbia .matter. Connecticut core nut nominate.» If ©iner States of the Union ase fit to place him In nomination and vote him tu. as their candidate Connecticut, ol course, will be found at her post voting for him. O herwice Coun*-c lent will not cast her voteidr Qoluud -«eymour. Mr. Bams arose and eaid; I wish the Conven tion to bear nn explanation. I find 1 have been entire)} misinerpreion. I'dommented (reeiy upon Gen, McClellan’s chare cur. and 1 declared, that . iJ hcwcrei.omlnotuj, I coolo not ask tue people Maryland, with soy kind of betrt, to vote for .him, nor could 1 expect to induce them to rote for him, ftben 1 sUuu d ae& the memoera of tbe Leglslatore, whom b« haatr ated as crlramale. ■to vote ior him, Xdo not tbink that 1 ehon-d sac •oecd. But 1 did not say, sir, tbit 1 would not my •eel! abide by the nomination >hat m gut bepude. (OhoerB) leaf, vir, to those who know me, that from the very fact that I cad seconded the nomination of Ibomas B. Seymour,’ It is proof that X Intend to act with the Convention. I iheieioro aay that If 1 go through with this Convention, undaidiathe . nominationol Preeldeut, my vote lorthe cuoantate of tnis Convention. ■ Cries wore raised for question. A that die nominations be now closed, and tbat a call be made oy Pistes. a oelrgatt from Delaware withdrew the name Of Senator Powo I, ot Btntocay. hlr.Spofford, o/Atssiacbuse ta, said, the name ol Kx-Frcrtdunt Pierce hatingbueu meaiioaedhr a deltaic from Kentucky, the dai? devolved upon him to euy that he hue received oral and verbal in atrnctittia from that cenUeman. to the effect that, in ca*a his name was mentioned by hUfrlenda, he shoo.d solicit that no use be made of it in connec tion with the rresloettcy of the Uni tea Stats*. Gt-». Pierce w&a now in retirement, und though not shrinking from any coty oranyreapoaoib lity wbich can aiugh to nls posiUou us Er-Prealdeut of the United States, be fee 8 -that he has received his full a 3 are of honor from the party, and that be has dlbchargtd the fu 1 ehare of tbe de volving upon him. Be. believed that the great principle that Lad been ao fuliy exemplified daring the euminljiration of General Pierce « oaM be t>ns ' rained during tbe next Presidential term, and that tbe.oid Democratic atandard elova ed a; Chicago weaid be the aiuml of a ally and harmony of action and tote *ncc-w» oi the party Mr. Barrie,cf Maryland, card be Aid net want UcCidlannoimottieo. He baa exerted .himaeif la arresting and lordtg zuumbtra of the 34ury:anu legiafature into Port McHenry and Port VVnrreo, where tlJi-y wer* kept tor iourteen months, and I want no man nooilnatcd bore who has ever aa siblvd in throwing theruetnOt-ra of the Legislature ct a sovendgL State into a military .bi-tiie. Those 1 men were good Democrats, who luved whole ] coniaiy. who foved tut« Union, and UtryUtid will not ftonjlve and vote Jor a man who nas thus out rjgcd her ngnt*, and woo has been guilty of the ] vi-ry acts to: which.we a ant tue .present Almiras- i traiSon olsplaced. Uuiuman. of NiW Jersey, renewed hie motion i Tor a cal! ol toe ><>ll ot the States ] Mr. Lon,* of Ohio—l wfrh to say a few words in | relation to tCries of “No, no, no, j vole, vnte, vole.’ ] Mr. Boliatnaii—Xdcslrcthat the conren'iou shall tioec* iu harmonv. i came here opposed to the j nomiuatiou of General McClellan; but ia ds/ereuce to the opirlohb oi ray thirteen associates lam ■ teadt to cast my vote for htm. Partner dfeca-aiun i caunot ciunec one vloglo vote, audthcreiore I in- ] bint upt-n my rao-ruti. [Cries ol “Good, good, j quebtlos. ques-ioti ”! ■ Mr. Xjotig—l tow appeal to my friends from New Jeri-ev not to strike Juan free bpeech in a Demo crailcOonvcniion- . ■ . ' Mr. 80l stnan—l am for free speech. It was < about two years bCODlat 1 proposed tt first in any < public aeciuubi>, although 1 denounce any attempt a*, preventing freedom of speech. The I’reMdcnt—The gentleman will come to i orour. Mr. Iloltfimau—l move that the nomination for , Frebldttit be now dosed, aud upon that motion demand tbe previous question. * W. W. O’Lricu oi Illinois, abked that the motion be withdrawn. ( 1 Mr. O’frm-u moved that the Convention do now adjourn. (Cri«soi no, no.) I «ct»ireto Invite tue ■ Convention to place in nomination his Excellency, < Bon. Doratto ncymoor of New York. (Truman dout cheers) ... Tbe President—^The gentleman is out of order. Mr. O’iinet —X move that when the convention adjourn, it no eo to meet to-morrow at 10 o'clock. Mr. Lonc-I have but a tew words to *av, and I propose to say them. I am not afraid to aav wbut 1 tbink, although I m«y share the fate tbat the distingatshed gentleman from Maryland (Ur. Harris) and myself met in a B*-p üb.toon Congresa. Now gentiemen o< tbe Convention I want a man for president for the next lour years *uose record ia right on the great point* tor which we are coniemdug. Lincoln one abridged freedom of speech, and boa been guilty ol making arbitrary, attests and imprisoning in baf tiles, aoa he has interfered wltn freedom of elections These are prominent among tbe cnia of which we complain. You have given us a weak platform, and you propose to place iieorgo B. McClellan upon that platiorm. A mao that has gone further in oil three of these meas ures than nas Abraham Lincoln hlmsclr. (Loud cheers.) Yon propose to put upon your plaiform George B McCleilau, who baa cooieuaed for the aibltrerr and unlawlut arrest of cttizei-s, and tbe arrest of a whole legislative body. (Cheers.) He has alto suspended the •«! of habeas corpus, of which von ao much complain. And he has acqui esced in the emancipation proclamation, of which von also complain. Atm still you propose, in the very face of toot complaints At these things »o etuilliy yourselves by taking up the man who has been the enple instrument in bis bancs ot carrying the very acts ol wbichyoo com plain. I speak especially to those of tue North- V cet who ore lor peace. The people are tor peace, and theireves are turned to this convention. Mil lions ol anxious oeuris are waiting and 'beating wUb anxious pulsations for a platiorm and a can didate tbat thail give in cm hupd that tuc war with ' I'sreletJ'letscrncit} and wrongs is to cease. And >on propose to itvethem a candidate that says tne war must proceed. Acraltißtotatenlacehereonlbe Sth of next month. [A voice—Tne gent ernan ts out of order, the dnitTias tolbu-y to Jo with coudidatca. You tnueutalk nboot candidates] That ia Just what lam dou g. and X intend to do it in my humble way. [Are you gofr-c to support the candlduie nozmna’cd herd] I never have voted anything vi:e but the Democratic tidier [cheers.] Although lam opposed to Mr. McClellau—although X think he is the worst man, [loud chtaers,] I will atlli, between him and Mr. Fremont and Lincoln, cast my vote for him. (Chcers-i But gcn’lcruen, tbe people are looking to tola Convention to give them a p.nt forth, and flosometnite whereby they will nave some hope Jor the end ol this war. t*-«eertj Yeeterda} I offered a resohnloa, a-ciog Utat this boovehou daskfora postponement or the orate untu after election, that we might see whether the war to contltne,bat the cenUeman irom Ohio, (Nr Cox) bvbU brilliant maneuvering, encceeddd In getting it refrjrrcd to the Committee on rcsolu tions. anaihotistiiclaet Cf ?L And the dralt is tigsKAovcr in stluuce. Gentlemen, .3 tllia Wh*t wc are to cxucct from a Democratic Convention! I renal not. But whatever yon do. give us some* body else than Me <lOllBO lor a candidate ICuei-rt.J Anybody except McClellan, illencrredcheers.] . A motiom 10 adjourn. wa§ lost. The characitr ana crcaeudais of McClellan were pressed vy -event! delegates. The Convention was opposed to aajonmmeDt. Tne> had goi into a-snarl, and both sides were willnigtonghtitouton that line if it took all * nish*. It was town*-arly seven o'clock and grow ing dark. Several delegates culled for candles, end uUicrs complained laticrh tb.t the Committee on BuUdt' g hso not made tirtuugetuenu for Uniting the nulldUig a ith gas, forgetuog that tkpy were pioliiluicd by the “cdustitauoa" (arucies of a. teeniest). Three or four ioaependent mollonß were made to j-rocied wltu the vale fora candidate for Presi dent. and it grew dark rapidly. Several motions 'Wtrciaadeloukmg iciwaroa adjournment, but the unteirificd were uoudmoniahed by the cruivifig olmness audrefubcd to go. Finally a delegate brought duwa the house by remarking that he had acted with the Democratic party a 1 Lis life, and b«d never yet taten a evep in the oarz. Be did not intend to do so then. a delegate still p'Teipt*d In the taotiou for a call ©rihc Sta’-te, and moved the previous question— it was prutoptiy uibhd. Mon. Wnu Bigler, of Pennsylvania, sild that it was utterly imimsblhlc to go through the work that cvet log lie moved that the (lonveutlon bx U(»oo a time at which it won*d reassemble, and put the vote himself. Usurping the office ol Chsirmin. * It war agTOi-a that the tixoot meeting should be ten o'clock this morning, and ' The Convention adjourned. • EVENING MEETINGS. The enthusiasm 'bat dieting oinhtd the gathering cl the lalthiul oil Saturday uUbt, and again on Monday night, wne not observable on Tuesday ni"bu On the first occasion, there w--re fireworks, jug ijocfninn*, and music, and the novehy of the sfisirTtended largely to draw a crowd. Oar peo ple were not accustomed to bear rank treason e'ontcd np«m our streets, and every body, Bepnh* licane bJidDtmvCMs. went to ibe meetings jnat to ree how tde thing rounded. On ilondiy night there were several meetings that were gotten up in the bom* of affecting tbe action of tbe Conven tion, bolu In respect to tbs plat.orm and the candi date. LaslnUtlii Ibc crowd knew that the plat form bad been decided upon. It suited nobody, ' and both factions kept away. Tne orators 100 were not ot the “big gnu”. order, Tory werej simply pop-cunt, and squirt cuds, and very small ones at that. They had listened attentively for two nights, und American like, they quedtoned whether ** It would pay” to stand In the open air and rplit their throats for a conclusion that might l>e said to have been fore gone. , • •“The attendance too on tne foimar occasions, was composed largely of McClellan men, and tince tbe prospects were that they were Ucely 'to be left out In the cold and their candidate laid | noon the abclf, there was no occasion to net up an t uthttttaam. Huch small potatoes as Cap'. Con- SSSwbok chief merit lay In the fact that he onc«* run a boat on the rrfiing canawL and Charley t'ameron, who once wore shoulder straps and was once quite unceremoniously kicked ont of the service, are not the men to net op an enthusiasm at a National Convention, andso tne crowd seemed instinctively to understand. Toe (act is, the meet* im*s held bat night were In all respects tame and nebrofltabic affairs. The McClellan Copperhead* Save evidently lost heart. They are very like a acan in » wetoay. Their wings Sreiaccod end droopii c. and their isil feath-rs win mud ana covered with mlrc nga fcro bunk, and bnddng aealnafti € VbLD tne chances are altogether to favor of }WAanaShorouthcitirtltnUon. They bare bean money on tbe 10-lna horse. Little but be lack** wind and bot- SS&Tm < or and Dean Btchmoud °“ MEBB AN HOUSE. ' Alter tie adb.umn.entol the C|inYcnUon annuli la front of the bberman House, SSStSISreS nirbta they Uve beard tne an- JduvlrScdccßpdium the Ups of Hererend Fer «uudo Wood and Brother la dab Rfndera, and Inoo'j oiled lor Sejmour, VaUsodl-hsm aed otti ,tb In rcaponae to the calk a w , in 1 / Tennessee stepped ont upon the balcony ana said ** Fellow Democrats,” wpctcudoh the crowd setup a deafening che r. Said be—Fellow Democrats: I do not come before yon ns a ch-lcgate, but as a** *p*i b brother goffering the ] - o-ustrous Dorn the suffering Bo*te cf Teui>c>*sec. a State that 1 niora than anv other has suffered from this mls culdedrulc. We in Tennessee have no rights as voo have We have not the rights ot tree spsech and free balloting, but when we go 10 the baiHt box. it la to find an armed loro there, who will >. /Mve von from the poll* onlc-s yon vote a* they desire! To* iron hevl of the tyrant Is upon us, and ire Ml Me terrible power. Give usnuaiae, Sic «■ diongb', give us onyhlns, <h Loid .deliver na from anoher •* PSJI - Tears' experi'-oce of the preseat Fellow Democrats, the Iron hand *; m is dmcbii jr «nr throne, and se tSa presentmJelcwlU coo lone »a ws j. 0 _ rale to continue? [No, "TrSSnrt Sbo theot toe Conren- ITS i Jill.ttnport bun,und .owUI rnj ftiate. i tie country can ohlrbi saved by the. Sid’en oi £“”l».lojn< buvebim. Obuenu) Gentleman. I thank-you for your and retired amid. Jpod checnny and cHm for “Seymour,” “Wood,” and “ Valandigham.” Will. Mack,-of Terre Hsote, lid,respondedtotbecall. lie Bald: 1 Oeuticmin, X am %qnivt man, from my native Plate, but I cannot ht-Tp drooping a word to too. Yon are met together for a eToriots purpose, am* In a glorious cause. Too represent old Dftnocratic parte, from all parts of tm« Nort on* Union. Von hare frU the terrible band of tbe monstrous tyrant, and many of ,• oa have corns Up here to wok some remedy your wntnza. Look at tbe Republican party, why. there la not half of them ihat.*»oelo allow they are for Lincoln. Bowmsu* ptetorca do yon think you could pell In IhU crown-of Aoe to-night Do yon think zoanT lathera trill name their son* “Abe” nest wart Gentlemen, we are tired of this war and of tlifa administration, and we are coins to change it. lam willing to endure anything, bat endure Abe Lincoln another lnnr year* I camot. The speaker retired amid loud cheers end Cflet tor “Seymour.'* f. eriycn of hxk h. xabost. The notorious Pan Mahonv, of Dubuque, who has been a martyr to his excessive diolovaltr, oa radedhia wounds before the audience. 'Be* said that two v (»rs ago he passed through Chicago In c&ains. He was eeized at toldolgat t>y the armed minions of tbe tjrant at Washfugtoi, and hurried 1 way to Ms dungeon, and not one Democrat of Chicago dare come 10 him with offers of sympathy and condolence. If he wa« to be again seised by. the same ftfamocs power, what would be the ac tion of the Chicago Democracy. (Crics.of “We would flight ”j No, you woudn’t; yon have entrained to o’ber ooreages with disgrace ful tameness Yon have -een Vallaudighazq tom Iron* bis home since, and yon did not fight. ' Johnson has been torn from >our own State, and yon did not fight You have euaored with a utne ness and docility that ill becomes a matloo of free men. There is not a people on earth, if we ex cept the Bigcov who would have borne so Jcmq and patiently—l mivht «ay so cowardly—the robbery of their light:*. The Turks of Coautan tlnople, or the serfs ol Busela, wool# not iffke {torn the Sultan or the Czar such Intuits and out rages ft jou are oompclVd to endure, *.nd siiil you snontiL [C ieeof** We Won’t any Jonger.j Ye-*yoi mil, sou have not yet been snfliclently degraded, sufficiently ground coder the heel of this inumous dcpotlen). But you »ay you wi 1 not longer sah zsit. While X trust the dedir/tion may bo hone -t, Ifesryonbave not-the nerve to meet the issue with ail ila grave conseqoe&cet*. [Crbs of “We have, wc hsve.**} OcnUemen, we rhall see. There will oe otuer nggresaions to ry your meit’c. An infamouH and tinccueticntional cunscrluttos ts about to be enforced, and yon will be (Ragged fnnn your homes to fight the battiesuf anegro war. and yon will submit. (“No, we won’t,*'] Bs» cure me, gvntiemeo, . but I fear yon •win. The path of dbtr •is elain, A people who submit to e slaves,do npt deserve to befrec. Tnc ad mimstrationto-wboxnroa farnlsb the men' §bd money, is oxTyiog on tbe most hellish war ever known toman. It is everywhere striking aV the rootoiAbeConatitnUooa) liberty, and weav£ag a> halter arouod the necks of ns all. The war is sot waged for the prevervationof the Union, for date* has taught rhe wildest lancy that the swprd can never restore thar. Tbe asrcreßsloo? of the* North, followed persistently tor tiurty years, cum-* pclled ibe South ro wicudraw, much agafost tuelr will. To get them i«ek, you mnat repudiate • the disgraceful treatment they received,' and thrust irom power the ii>sf ument* of their attempted degradation.. WemußtelectourcandidateaDdiuen holding out tnr hands to toe South, invite them to come and sit again is our Onion circle. 1 A volet— *• Suppose they wout come?”] If they will not cume to us, then 1 am lo lavor of going to them. [Loud cheers.] Our oonetltntloo can be made accep aide lo thein, and then I have the as huruncc that they will remrn and- forget toe past. Bat to do ibis we mast be bannontaaa,«od above all, we must be active and Ttgilanc. You lire iu a day when men and sot plgmierare needed. These arc tbe times that try mens souls, and I might add, that wifi try their nerves. Lfraet that the Democracy, which has never yet failed tbe coun try, will sot talter now;- bnt remembering the caoye lor ,which their fathers- fought- ftn/i died, be ready to eimniatc their examplb >.k. snow ante. „ An absurd follow from the District- 9i Colombia, named Snow, aad who was crideutly melilng with the enthneiasra, then tbnwt himayf forw&ru and exhibited tm> pitablo want of wit and terrible laid: of loyalty or brains. As he but re peated the most intense and b tier treasoutbat we have report 0 lo our columns for the past two days, a report is unneccs*ary. Alter the speaker had finished, Mr. Gappy, an Indian, reraurkod as luliows; “X have been do lighted and instructed with tbe eloquent addresses which have been delivered here to-night, and per haps yon will not refuse to heir a lew-words from a poor Indio; I will trouble yem with but a lew remarks. When Cojumbus brat landed in America and invaded the land, he took away the laid, md fit-ids and the hunting croouce lor the white mm. We give them op because he snid so, andeald lt would be lalranu coi*d. Just so has Lincoln do withjon 1 give sill have to the wartLnde&od enlist men. one bondreu and forty men, and be cause tbs'pocr Indian say be Is tired cl this war. tbe Republicans tell me lam a traitor. Because I cannot cough abtn Liiicolo conabs, I-ama tral- tor: because 1 cannot sneeze when Seward eneez c&, lain & traitor. I tel) you wnat, we mn»t work, and work bard, at tbe next election, it. >oa do t>ot want to haveabdvonet •►e&lndyuur right ear, tnd another behind tbeleit ear, wheuyou vote, yon must vote dams Lincoln ano his piny. After tbe cheering had somewbu sanded the Bon. Mr Whlttey, of B/madclpbia, was Intro duced, and ip a pleasant manuer spoke to the au dit nee, altfaotteh his remarks were somewhst id terropied by abend that was playing not Car off. Gentlemen: I o<* not c-me before von as a public 1 petker. bnr«t the requeet of my friends, arid will try and eay a few words lam a Democrat, »nd a party mao, but I will sacrifice on; part of my private feelings to perpetuate tbe cau*e ot my countrr, and secure her nest interest. It is not fur metooic’ate to this Cor veu ion, as to whom they spall reii-cta* the candidate for tbe coming election 1 have my choice, you have yours; the man my party may select may not bs the man I may choo-e, cut he lathe choice of my party, and therefore 1 shall (detain him, 1 did not come here to take an active part In the pro tecainge of this Convention, but to add my mite to the omee ot my country and to see her salva tion. Look at this noole country, vast and mighty, with its prosperous hilts and vales, its wealth and grandeur, and cuen ask. who has done this t Tbe Democratic party lit always has sus tained this country, and Uatways will. I suppose one may mention Abe Lincoln in Ofaicaco, We (cmetimts speak of him in Pennsylvania, But we execrate him as a tyrant and usurper. We are not to be scared. We will tell him that the power is in tfle people; that it is the people. Re prdmlscd to protect the power and the people. Be usurped them both. Be trampled under loot evurv right of the people and of tbe common wealth. 1 wt'l not menvon to yon tbe suspension oi tbe right of itnal by jon, the suppression of tbe press, and hundreds ol other cases with vblch you are familiar. Elect a Democratic Pres ident and these evils will be dune away. Tbe gentleman then reti'ed amla prolonged cheering, and George F. Train next addressed the crowd thus, Ido not come here to tnika a speech, hut he- Cause I come fro m a Territory, acd, am tbe Irishman's friend, they have shut the door in my iacte- 1 anneal to you. Irishmen, shsll these things he? [No, no) Well, gentlemen, all those in isvot of me baring a hearing in tbe convention eaj aye (Are, ates] Now, will you stand to this decision? fYw, yes.! Yes. gentlemen, I have a ncht toibe ncard, anal will oe ceard. Irishmen wiU not he pet down. No, gentiemen, I cab npou you to sapportyour right*-, and presume, if you bare not lost all your seli'-respect, come np, sod see that your friend is beard. Amid prolonged - cheering tfie t-penker retired. Train was followed by Alien of the Dibtrict of Colombia, a fourth rate pettifoger, who said verv little, and that litiie very poorly. He tried severe upon the Admlnl e trHton, bnt blundered and blubbered togneta an extent as to excite tho pi»v of even the Admlnlpfratlpn men. The spirit of the audience had run dot/n almost to tbe ireeriagpoim, and tho stale and stereotyped utterances ot dlsioralty which he threw ia to wards tbe dose signally failed to muse them to the fTyporirg point, and sbom midnight he enb -61 The crowd had previously grown exceedingly thin, end with a lew-treble cheers for Seymour and McClellan, the unwashed Democracy FFtired, seme to deep and some doubtless to lefrt|honora hie avocations. tUAn-ilu.*- tkft “sI-OW” Was on ayraaAlnatg tdffle one.* entirely lacking in tbe hearty cmhueissm that has marked the previous gsthennes of the umerrified. it is a fact that since tbe publication . 01 the p:atlsnn their hopes and spirits nave fallen in a marked degree. ■ Their hopes and chances are on the wane, And their defeat is a foregone conclusion. COURT HOCSE SQUARE. McClellan’s fuglemen assembled on the North ern eteps of the Court House "bun: eight o'clock, and made cicattlc efforts {o obtain a -crowd to rediT round the banner of their leader. But the McClellan element evidently lacked favor among the names. of the great unterrified. Whether tho grave-digger te nominated or not, one thing is certain the “disinterested” crowds arc waning in their attachment to his standard. Upon Cynslderatlon the democracy ” to discover that shoulder-straps alooe ore notsoffi dentrea.-on to elevate a man to tho presidential chair, si dwcxeltnotfomemonled pressure Mc- Clellan would stand übout as good u chance of Diminution as the notorious Rynders, of New York, orany otnef/'smal]potato.** TtrwAirgt. OF 3LU. EELLT. Mr. Kdl', oi Indiana, opened tbc medioji with a few iitiodn torj remarks. He denounced the present administration in nntn ensured term*, and conflQCTid>batac£j9ncein the policy of toe gor emmcLt rasthe only salvation of the country. For seventy years the Democratic party had povcrnco the coursels which directed the nation, aiidthuir jule had been ever charac’.crized by peace and plenty, in three short years the aboli tion dvsasty bad spread destruction thronsb the century, deingtd with blood, slain It* beat dilates, ono hroscnlts most sacred laws, (cheers.] The Democratic party proposed to labor IndefiuU hably to re-tore the coantjy4o its pnetioe glory, end by offering the olive branch of' peace to oar Etceding brethren, bring once more peace and coed nil] to men. Ill* lavorile and the favorite cf rerv many others was the pollan i little *• Mac,” the General Vbo was rasper ded becasse be was triumphing too rapldjr. (Applause.) And this man It nomicaied would merit their most cordial support. Ii; however, m their coutscla the dele gates coij£ld«nd another man to be more worthy of pnbhc sympathy and support, that man, whoever be be, must receive the vow of every Democrat, and be triumphantly 'elected CI7C4UT BTSDEKB, The notorious, irrepressible, disloyal, treasona ble Captain Isaiah Ifyi-dcra. oP-Ncw York, the of the broken up Empire Copperhead emb, next voted t imaelf to tt e poet and worked off erne of hi* usual villalnoti* harangues. Abra ham Lincoln wa*» a trai -or, Jeff. Davis a Christian f’cnilemcn, the Federal soldiers msscecary gjln* one, tnc rebels injured innocents. He considered the negro to be me sole cause of the presentments, ana accordingly condemned him to condign veu gesner. Every man ol ordinary intelligence, in lt6l, foresaw the inevitable *re»nlta of Lin con’s mal-admiiilttranoD, retarding onr erring brethren. Since that time it had not been In their power to counteract the bad effects, lor a tyrant held the rcmc. and was bent only on attaining hi* own ends, even it they produced the nation's destruction. Now, bowevir. an opportunity presented itself, and b* vigoroos neuarn they would overthrow the dynasty and metamorphose the rclen of terror into a tlarol prosperity. CaptainEjnders,asnsnal, opposed UeCle'lan, though not In veiy strong language. He evidently wished Jo avoid the question, and consequently dilated at length upon the blcseince of peace. The Booth, be said, were as determined as ever. They have been persecuted, impoverished and slain Use the beasts of the field, bnt still continued nn ernqncrea and battling Vnh indomitable energy. The war Is only carried on lor the nigger, and as the nigger was the private pet of the abolitionists let them do wbat they like for him and fight it oat by themselves, lie promised the assemblage a cood peace tavdldalc, and trusted that they would five him their unconditional support* am- w.iunou*. W. B. 8011, of Peonsylrauia, next engaged the attention 01 the aod encc lor a few minutes. He woe forpeace, but not for dishonor, and beseech cd his bearer* to stand firm for McClellan, whom he chtracu-rlzea as an honest man, a good Gen eral, ana an able statesman. Judge Parker, of Kane county, Illinois, -was next introduced. He spoke at length «i the rela tive mcniß of abolitionism and democraev, hold in*- that the- one was weakness, the other might He glionply denounced the pres-nt war, which be considered waged solely to destroy localinstltn tloc*. Slavery was an nstUntiou bequeathed to ull£u<ufe If any liked to aho.lsh it in their pre cincts they could do so, bat dare not encroach up on tbe bounds of others. Illinois was not to be dictated to by any body or any government She mued com ana perfc. and supplied the world with theee comestibles. Louisiana raised cotton, and if she bad anything to do with the colored gentle msn it was their look out and was nothing to am other State. Let each look to its own inter nal management, only shaping their respective matters to the general constitution of the whole ronntrv The speaker advocated the nomination ard ejection o! McClellan, who he considered to tc atnan eminently fitted lor thepresent crisli. xb. paisa. - Hr. Paine, of Missouri, was next Introduced. He bsiUd from a Bate which knew something of the devastating hand of war and boo ished. He came a*- a representative ol democracy and as a warm supporter of that gallant General, George B. Mc- Clellan. [Cheer? .1 They bad In tbeir State felt the trdn heel ol despotism*-and bad seen tbe hor rots offtnfe, women had been, insulted and tom. edfrotn their beds by the light of their horning boose*, men oad been hnug and ahot without tbe trial by jury, the beat part of the country bad beso devastated and destroyed, flourishing towns had been depopulated, n> d by the arbitrary rale of milttary rulers. Bow fared Hllaoioans to tbsir beantitnl State. [Badly } Well not wry badly hntihry bad felt the evils of the present dynasty In ii'Ciesfioe taxation and the fmpeodln«*dralt, and he knew that four years more of tb*e same m!» wou’d bring I-Unoia to the dowo-trodden po sition occupied by pbor bleeding lUssoori, \Tgat meant Uie recent order cf General Belutzle mui, forbid ait-g tbe of government arms. It might look an Insignificant item, but K was the first atop to reduce them to tbe position ot his State where they were not al lowed to possess them (groans for Geo. flclatz e man). To remedr this state of affaire was the subject of consider: lion to every patriot. It lies wltn the noble Democratic party to bring relief, and it he* with tbe people to bring that party into the of ttls war (‘hat’s s:»v Became to represent tho views of Mlrsouri, which were peace and the (Talon as It wee They a anted no Litcoln conditions and modifications otthc con*tltutum, bat would say to their Doathtrn brethren “We want you to return and exercise all the right* which you have been despoiled of and which the cosstHuMon em powers yon to possess.” They would welcome it cm hack, as the father of old did the prodigal roc—without reserve. Ho-v are they to bring about these ends and the restoration of tbe gib* nous old Union only by the defeat of Lmco’.a and' his corrupt Administration. Let the belligl retts meet in eonveiitlos, where -the people shal' amicably settle all difficulties. Be was sorry to say that in this very convention where they had met to promulgate these doctrines there were men who wished to throw a firebrand into their midst Ky a lections opposition to McClellan, Such men are in the convention, on the street?,' and espe cially hanging about bar rooms (a true sign o<'de mocracy). They were false'to democracy, to tbtlr country, end to their common hmaamty, -and were simply traitor*. These meutt seemed wished to uphold Lincoln, hut did the people corroborate them ? Bio the people want a draft f [Not by a d—d eight.] Then they must upset tbe present guvetnmeat at Washington. This d>nasty had al ready plae«d is the field 2.20U.C0D men to be of fered upon the altar of the negro, sad nowit de mandea 610/ 09 more If tteee are given they will be no finality but only a pre nde to fresh calls, a’l to elevate tbe flat-nosed, wooh-bsadcdjlwig-heejed curbed of God and damned of mao descraaanis of Africa. [Cheers.] Let them all support McClellan, remembering that he wu-s dis placed after seven days triumphal battling, because then Lloeoln' (cared he wo ala really lake Bichmoed, and dieplace'tlim ozr tbe Preeioential ctialr. [Rapturous applause.] wxncawonTH. Professor WeUgewcwtD, of New York, a personal friend ot McClellan, wsulff only take a few fh*»- .ments to address them. His fins, second aud third* choice was for McClellau,- [coeera,] and he believ ed that the gallant GeoenUirill be elected as the next President, by tbe great Democratic party. They will all unite, and round him, will secure his certain election,, commencing at New York city, which will give Lira a clear majority of ! D0.6C0, w&ich majority will ps- inereuseu every where. In New York there trore many iiepabfl cons who had been Whig*, who- wvro npw being VTepidly eoßvered <o tbe tmrbs of Democracy and ’ wemio vote for the nominee or their conveotioo. [Applause.] Among them let him mention the name eT EadGovernoi Hnfnilton Pish,, who would not only pivehis vole, hut ou moneyt Such men v-tredirtuMed with the acts of Aineoln and'hit mir ions, [Applau*e ] The lateDouVemlon at Baltimore;jrhkh iomlra ted'Abraham Lincoln,. ratified alt hw* acts; but roclu tbe people support them f Ba thought pot. Be knewuatmacy illegal acts hau-teeu-perpe- 1 tratxJbyhim and his servauts. Ah-tbe recent Siate eiectlsas many soldiers had been-cHowcd to j return from the field to voce, but on'jrcn glvtoc a pledge that they w<»uld votp the *(ouatdle.m UdtoL Tbe election at Net* York waa carried In this way, and be.could readily prove bis a?Berllca.- Jjottors were seiA to every town in the St*te,B'k>ag the names nt hopouilcau soldiers, and these, and these co y,, were showed to vota Bewculdlibe to mention another act *»» the present tyrannlcf, despotina.. Litatenant Eogcrly, ot Now Uamr sbire, was recently ignomluiously frost* the service, aimply becaaso'he voted the Copper btudtlclteL lo these respects, Lincoln kgs tram* pled upon- the rich's oi elective franchise, .aoa especially bas-be done so by finding eoldlurs tc> puero the polls duritg tlei tlons In bordsr States. Mr. Wi-ugeworth also biueny oppoecc the ad mtnbtzmlaQ- on account ot Us currency. Five* >»are ago, ninny men deposited gold aud silver in. tbe barat**. -This money, by toe order of the Preri dent,was now returned to them in paper—plcturee of tbe Treeloent, ihirty-five centA on the dollar—auo tboe cheillug tte people out ot two thlrds of hard u&rfied aarnings. tie derived, how- - ever, much vatisiaction Arum the fact that the people were tired of their rult-ra. Coning from. DeiroiVbe a vote In the ra», among 110 pas-- eenttrs, wlih the loliowiugre*u>t: McCkliao, 93;. l umott, liv Grant. C; Butler. 0; Lincoln. C. (Cheers.] In ooudnslou. the speaker aiverlcd to-, the fact that Lincoln hod by a law-made bt» order a dtfen*e in all criminal and civil trials, so tbat tbe President of the country, instead of being the servant oi the people, ia superior to tbeconstitc* tics. He occupies aihro-e, and has more jwwcr than any .crowned head. All that be framed Is &. sceptre ai d a title. OTtiTXt SFZMtXCS. Mr. Claybouro, of Missouri, and other speakers. fouuwtd iu a similar sumn; but by this tune lbs, crowd was greatly Inferior to tne spcokcre lunar merical etieucth, and, after some ineffectual tempts to raise- some enthusiasm, tc*> orators re tired in ma»*e in disgust. TBEMONT BOUSE. At the Treznoot Uonse last night j large crowd was gathered, onwo thither to listen, to tho elo quent music of Gilmore's band. As usual tbny discoureto most excellent mo*!* and so vreU were the audit nee pleased with the performance that they-determined to do away with tbe bar* ouguei* of ihe-wonld-be Cicero- andDemostbcaoa, pnlmicgtotake copious deecu* of the Tacoma works of Meyerbeer bud other celebrated com pete ra. Alter the fir*t selectioo (an air from “Robert Le lilabie), a music etrack Quaker.-from Posey ctmuty, Indiana, mounted the rostrum, and attempted to pay what ho considered a’brilliant complimcut, by remarking t&ci he “never rheirct tbe like since toe days of David and Solomon.” This was imposing too much noon the audience, who mlngh 0 yells ol delight with alurnatigroans of di«p]eamre. Still the oid man gesi ica’vted long and loud, and it was not until seme of tie heavy men of tbe faithful 1 rew him away by min force that be desisted from bis scriptural psruLela. Coq tiLnodcailK were made for tite band, which then played in rapid an operatic air, St. Patrick's Day (peculiarly ifemocuatlc). Dime and Yankee Doodle, ending Tip with tu:, last men tioned. A Felf appointed itnprjssarlo then mounted the rostrum, and with a drawling tone alaud tnat it rfiurdcd nlm exquisite pleisure to nurodace a Hr. Bailey lrom Indiana to the tndlencs. who received him very cojdly with, exclamations of “ dry ao " and similar tria-elcaiexpre-gloua.. The dlsilo-nilsb-. eo Ecutltman from Indiana, at once evoked the sympathies ofblsyohticvl friends by gravely in-, forming them that be wa* a “Celtic Hoosier.* J (Cheers,) and Um be was opposed to tbe tyrant? of (be rail-gpbt'er (Groans and Cheer*.) After talking for about half ao bcatintbe usual “dim mjcialc’’—assisted by a. dimmyjohn—stylo, be wound up with tbe celebrated Posey county story cf tbe “tpiie-ual team.” This was too mash for tbe audience; they couldn't stand it, amt* tbe chaste orator was forced to subside amid a storm o> hisses. Tbe seif-® cctcd high facccfum next introduced Judge Park, of Illinois, who confiden tially remarked to tbe few faithluloa the balcony that be wae too debt to speak. Bering up to tbe : tbcpiotfcrm/be es?avedic-iuU’.c'.apbil llpic, but avitu volumes of hisses—,-omc oueie-poi ding “dry np"jon d——d sons 3. He pave it as bis opinion tbit the democracy ot Illinois would have free ballots ora free with s smug of osUis wonby of aa army mule drivt-r. To tMs ibe crowd playfully re sponded “ don't swear." A Hr. Bigelow, of- Pennsylvania, was next In- - troduccd. and received :n ibe same characteristic marneras bis picdecjjieor. lie commcaccd bis oiaiion by gravely informing bis audience that tbe country was in danger. Tbe crowd couldn’t see it and playiully wanted to know “ofwbatl” Disdaining any notice of me Interruption, he pro ceeded to ash “what shall we To this the crowd humorously responded “take a drink " This was fobowed with mercery, “ Willyou sap pert the Maine liqnorlaw! 1 ’ This was a lending question. but our democratic friend would not “go back" on tbe flr*t principles of bis faith, and sol emnly anEtytred “No.’ '''Groans and derisive cbtefs followed In sbuuuance. Hr. Jennings, a Dutdrearyish style of a Broad wny cent, then mounted the chair, audln a voice raiclnc from Oaeeo relievo to fchttlo, introduced one Ur. Stephens, at tbe same time advising tbe acdience that il they did not behave, be would be ■ obliged to raise the price of admission from twelve and a hall to twenty-fire cents. Dr. Stephens evidently was acquainted with oneplecc efiLU?fc,forbe£a!d tbe “parry’* would send Old , Abebi.melo tbe tune of .the “Xtoaue’s ilarib,” TMu was reccivt d wnh load and prolonged hisses, wbtn Hr. Jennings gravely announced that the price ol admission bad becu raised to twenty-five cents.' Hr. Johnson, of nowhere, was, ot his own le quo-t, introduced to the audience nndcr tbe alias of ILr. Wilson, of Nebraska, He, like tbe rest of tbe cowardly laitbiol, iunnlgcd in a long diatribe against Hr. Lincoln. This was responded to by three rotmitg cheers lor Old Abe. This wa« too much for tbe “ snakes ’* They stopped the meet ice for a few minutes, during wblcba consultation was bild. This retimed in a doiermltnlion to cive ibe abolition crowd bell.Hr. Johnson, atlas Wil.-on, kindly suggested that U was not worth tbe trouble,.as tbe crowd was composed ot back drivers. Lord Dandreary. alias Mr. .leaning r>. ' of New Tork, attempted to speak, bat the spirit was rather paradoxical, being evidently quite wvak. Hr. Johnson, alias Wusun. of Nebraska,. attempted lo conciliate, when a bosky voice was heard inquiring, “How much mojey did the cagu TwnctsK pay yon to come here?” The question was hissed down, at which our reporter left, fmly baliifit-d ot the oratorical prowess of tee faithful. * , HEW EK^LI-ND. The New%npland men who belong to the Con vention jdbj be Interested to know, that iu Mon day's caucus of the kt owing one?, who were aim leg to give shape to ibices, a re-olction was pre pared which it watt proposed to Oder in the Ooa-' vamon—inviting the New England members of it to withdraw, so as to allow Western men and the Border Slate men to cooler together; with the hope that their mltea action woald prove more acceptable to the rebels of the Sooth. For pm* denuai reasons the paper was. suppressed- Wait a pity! j . ‘ ? XBA3«.’6 JL4TOTESTO. 170. < SintMLix Uoosx. Autr. 30—WnlghL More about the circumcised Convention. The American people sold out for thirty pieces ft liver. „ _ IfcePlt coutinnetb to open tbe eyes of the Dress ■ He dlscovereth another consp!racv,.lßia in Dog* land, by the holders’©! Itailway bonds, and batch ed at Newport last summer by eight Railway the Engineer of the Illinois Railway, Pruidtnt; Cass of Fort Wayne and Chicago, Vice PrtstotnK . ... _ , Down wlilLMonopoly to with Fair Play. Tbe Ealway Conspirators People’s E Oksct of the Northwestern, and Osborne of the Illinois Central gay they own all the Delegates In D Caseownsthem in Pennsylvania,. Dean Rich mond owns the Cincinnati and bewloric Delega tions. McClellan is the tool of these designing men. Role or Ruin Is their Motto. Down with the liberties of the People and np /With the Railway made the laughing stock ol accepted a home from Barlow and Bel mont. What bad he done for them ? They only die counted the nest national loan. Would a man of selbrcspect accept a home with* ont eivlne value received i ,_ .. . , Leaders of delegations promised Cabinet posi tions if they will work'the oracle—All the leading men In each State are promised Fomin Missions —Clansy Jones, Penn.—Jodi-e Baker or to he in cabinet—and Dean Richmond rewarded the Secretary of State in the Circumcised Cabinet for Sanford Church. ~ * . ~ . Two Vice Presidents are promised from several States—Get tho nomination they gay—Promise everybody eventblug and we can arrange it after- there promised, ard who are wprkinr like beavers, to M sod at last, are, for Tice Presi dents; ‘, Cox and Pendleton, Ohio ; Richardson and Catron, lUlnois; Hendricks and Voobees, Indiana; Bisler and Case. PonnsylTams; r<wdlandGtttbne,Rentuc^. Gov. Barry and Levi Bishop, Michigan. I£,"aSSISSSSS£'« promised to ''SSSMSSl^.couldn’t act a clerkship *SSSSSJSSSai Englieh bondholdera In **“ WonhMo God night 'or Bhtcher would come to my assistance.” P. Blncher aCTiyed_ when Harris knocked down tbe delegate.. All now for S hS? C York can’t sell McClelUnUea-atd SeymonritofiEht cheers for the Union, tho Constitution and the “ It asy nr mtTLTOwrr ths Akeeicis Flag, EBOOT m* OK TUB SPOT.” T ■' , X Down with the Epeiisb circumcision, and np Withth? old flag again. No wocopnly; Free speech. New York delecatet rhnt out all the West. . Iriebmt'n will eurroend the Wigwam to-morrow and demand free speech. Dean Richmond and the Railway King don't own this country. —• A voice from the pit. ’ Quota or Cook County. An adjonrned meeting of the comtmUes to devise ji'spb Ivt (I'D filling of thoqnoU of Cook comity bndtr ihe rtcent call, was held at the Court House yesterday. The Committee on Finance organised by the appointment of R. 18. Qouqb, Chairman. Ohas. P. Ft ct, Secretary, and (Jenry Ureenbaim, Treasurer. A sub-committee or six w»s appointed to report on a whereby tbe necessary mads comd be nirtd to carry out tbe object of the meeting. After a ebort dfilibtranon they reported through their Chairman, Mr. Hough, os follows: Vocr committee to whom was referred the reso lution to report n plan by which a sum or $— ebali be raised, in order to raise sufficient men to fltl ibe quota or Cook county, would ‘respectfully report: That It ie expedient that an assessment be made open the - property holders and bu-ineas men of the dlv of Chicago and Cook county, in tbe sum of al ita&t tSCO.OOU. . . r Your committee would further recommend tbit a enfficlent corps of clerks bo employed to exam ine and arrange m alphabetical form all the names, of the tsx-pajinp persons of the city and conatf from the Doited States assessors' books, and tbe books of the city and count) assessors. Tost whqneach arrangements shall h&vehccrt made, that the comiciuec eh *ll iovjte such citizens to attend thoir meetings a? ore supposed best ouSSfied to assist jour Committee, in fixing- ana cdjurlio.: said assess ments. That in making etch Invltuiip he lead ing banters and imalnc«7 men bo moluded, and seek others as may stem bs.-t to mnte, atid th« thereupon such an asce?rmr»t to the uumuut afore said be fixed by tour Committee under the advice and assistance a? The same to be ap portioned as nearly equal as may be Tbe Com mittee won d also recommend that voluntary sub scriptions be received, and soUcJud irumu.lper ions who nay dedre to ooutriSitc-, w&ere tbe same pill not interfere with said assessments. jßeeo’a limple ,of TLe pane trade of Chicago Is Imc. ruse, acd til er casing. The sotxess of such great cetobUehmeai B as Seed's Temple of Itnaic, on the corner of Ran dolph and Dearborn streets. In UcCurmJek’s mar ble buildup, abundantly testifies it. And-the sncccas 01 inis particular establishment, eudorsea fully tbe value tft.Br. IteefTa-systcm of oUcringa Slock of the bent piano*- of leading Boston aud -New Yirknuktrs, not as adagcntinturcrtedto sell this or that particular Jncrument, but beyimr tbe best in tbe nJarkct and «-oly mteroated to-suic the purchaser. All itn 11 c Sfr. Reed has oecb de voted to this .acquainted with It in all its details. He ircStracctcd, alio, with ■ ad thecrca?manulactxrlhghouses lu the country;- ' and at this moment be fassa etcoi of one buudrea* and fifty superb fln-t-cl.wv inetraments on band t in bit- rooms. JJ 7 e say is in «üb» coufidtuice .-*OOO taitb, that purchrsere wno deal w tb bun will deal with-a man of perfect integrity and boeor, and receive an instrument- for their money wblcn will give them entire satisfiicCioo. This is a T*ry important consideration, especially as there are *0 many pooflnstramen Is In the uLtrkct tr hlch ucprtaclpled dealars du nob scruple 10 palm oif npor-bnyers as firrt class, denawdiug aud receiv ing the highest prices fur ibeta Mr, Seed's knowledge ot pianos pnfail out the power o) any manufacturer 10 cheat him as to Ho qualities, and his large capital ezobles him to boy ut the cheapett rales He cau afford to sell, therefore, a really* gooa Inetruaient—ouch as noceuDumaa need be ashamed-to hava ia his dronin'* room—ot tbe J>west possible * fievre con eistent wish »qaitablc dpallog, and-fair profits. At this time Mr. RctCtbflS In fils o»ore,.CuUker ing pianosat prices varytoi* from i 503 ■to / St,SOJ, among them a superb Omdan t»nmd, one of the finest instrxme* ts ever brought into this diy. lie has also, tbe United Pianoforte Masp-fs,-tbo New t-ail, ano tbr beantlful Parlor Pmnc, made by And trfon. of Dcstoo, The pniriic also .find Another favorite inewament lu the monitor urg«o,- eo jtor table that it oan easiiy be &ted. from oar, -room lo another— which Lra great aedddsigned for the uee, bath of church ao™parlor, .erd -more nearly resemble tbe pipe thou auy other in ermment which we lave heard. Iftr'pore, rich, deep organ tone, it hso noeqaaf: an-11»pow er, coneidtrinr the space it cocopiea, is truly, woq oerlcl. Mr. Reed his secured to Ira es'abllshnaevevory anjunctof a crvaiMnslc ilotse T ioclodluv i-ba-pub- XlcaiKm of cbol-iu *co>lc,and the sale of tus hectcopy rights 10 tbe trade Ho deserves tbe savrese ae has realized. SXccliDs: als 'Warner’a- Hall-l&s0»ln a lIODM. Atameeting.held at WamerV Hall last creator, lo lake action- on the wtthdrrwal of Hon. L-N. Arnold irotn tba canvass tot Congress in (Ma die trict, tbe Uun. John ,W*-ntwcah was Invited to become a candainto for Coacresss for the purpose of uniting the Ut/icn party at the approaching tketk-n, aod be consented to ran if it shall be the with of the pyepk. The meeting was a. quite lar>. e and spirited obe The folio vridy resolution was naau.rtuuriy: RtfCittd, That the mod crfcaordlnary rrjutnen imitj displayeiby Uon i. N. Acnoldlasarceiuler inga'posjiioii nfeoch distinction and honor,which, a* we Relieve,wa» within hm grasp, for the eake of the Union cao*c, challenges oar hisxhect praise and odmiration; but at the same time w> rtgret that the district will lose eorble, true and f&hfala repm cniaiha; we hereby tender to oar most fclLcere (hanks ana gratitude /or the? di-tla gnlsbed tervjce which Leliae renaeredto the cause cf Llhtrty and Colon, and. Ibis district*, In the councils of the nation, withtbe we (bad ever respect and booonhlm, pub lic or privets life. After the appointment cf other committees to farther the oojecu of the noetlnir, the iree.lngad journed. J. M. W. JciUSJ, J. w. Wapciiop, . Chairman. - Secretary. Ptesohai-—Major Geacral Ileiatzeknin, Com masdnet of the of the Ohio, reached this dt3 yesterday, and haq . taken rncma at the Shcn&ra llonse. This 'a the distinguished officer called If* Reverend Blackguard Henry Clay Dean, from the balcony of the European Hotel, on Mon day maht, &n ”intacs*Q«. cm scrupulous, abolition tyr&nv* Let ns see M the cowards, bare courage enough Ut abase him tohi? face. * ULi Excellency Governor Yates, and C. B. Daj win.of Jown, and other distinguished Union men, arc in tbe city. ?bee EsnamaK.— I The grcai National Plclnru. OtWaehingtoo T/vlng, and bin friends Prescott, Longfellow, Brjan:, and all thuNational autbora, -sill be on free exhibition SJ. Heed’s Temple.of Music, S» ani 0(1 Huudotph. &ir«.et, during Cxi a week. Thin picture lone is at S k O,OOJ, und will repay cU to call and sea it. one hundred dollar* la announced at the Chicago Driving Park this afternoon. and GKi;ii FcAvianrsa Qoars.—We adyiscevery one In Trent of anything in tbs shape of clothing or fciriAlng goods, to consult their interests and rich Bartlett's Clothla ' Palace, Nos. 181 and 133 Randolph suoai, Sherman Qon?e DlocV, as their mammoth etoct, lot? price*, good pooos, and polite attention to the wants of cus tomers, I* rendering thla establishment one of the xcoet popular resorts in the VToei. Their sales orecnorm .ue. Call early hod mahe yourseioc* licns, ae they nre ottering special* m JnceoicQ’.s for aILW tiaye only. - forudvertlecment of a memorandum book lost or stolen, on Salaidiiv last, on the .train between and Terre Dante. The book contained a £MG Treasury note and a draft fof $12,332, pay. ab:e to KePey A Webb. The finder may deliver it at 80. 20 South Welle street. _ A New Ricmtorro ik ibe Field.— lion. John Wentworth has announced himseli n cmdidate for the nomination for Con»re?e, from the Union Can* Ttntion that meets in this city, on Friday nest. Tm: T)nat*t—Dim Quota.— The Finance .Com mittee q/ fWe from each ward, appointed to secure the means for arresting the draft in this county* will meet tbl* afternoon at four o'clock la the Cir cuit Court room* A fall attendance is' earnestly r«.acesitd. ■ Bv order of Ore Committee. • Cnuiiss P. Pecs, Secretary pro Utn. XjOOAJj JVlA'X3?Jb>feß. Notice.—The Union voters of the Third are requested to meet this evmlng, Ang. 3i»t< at V.i o’clock, at Union Hall, on State, near Twe fth street, for the purpose of selecting a ticket to be voted for a? delegates lo the Union Congred-lonHh. Convention, to be held on the at of September next, Flrat TFard.—Ali members of the committee for the llwt Ward, for tbc correction of the en rollment, will mea to-day-at two o’cock, at Dr. ITahn’s office, in McCormick’s Building, comer of Randolph and Dearborn streets. The names of tbc committee were published in all papers ol Friday laet. Lincoln nobperw.—Notice. The Lincoln Bangers will meet at the house of L. F. Waite, No. 163 Randolph street, bkHtramt, on Saturday evening, St pt- 3d, ’S64, sharp. Business of Im portance tone diepoaed of. By order ot the Com mander. Fvan»P>n Clam Bako.-A liberal supply of tsl's arnTbate, quoit-, and swings have been procured fer the nse of those who wish them at the cl«m bake to come ofli Sept. Bth next. Tickets for sale at Wo. S. Kean’s book store and Thomp son's restaurant, for the present. p7* Anv person wishing lo'obtain a- highly ro fpectable repraetilatiu rtcruit will pleave call im mediately upon Adams & Springer, or address them by letter. Office, northwest comer Madison and Dearborn streets, Chicigo. aogOl-qlll-lc Importoikt to thoM' lilablc to tho Jkrait.— apt person can be legally exempted Horn the draft by jumi-*hing a substitute for the D S.Navy, at lae rendezvous at Chicago. lixdi vWoalf, Churches and Club?, are fnrntsped on the most reasonable terms by Adams A Springer, offi ce northwest corner Maoison audDcflr.*om streets, branch ofiJcenexv door to the Ftovost-Mnrshal’s 'office. Also,'branch office In Uhllcb block, on the pame Coer, and opposite the U. S. liaval Rendez vous, Chicago. - • rgr Paper Hans Id?. &c., &c., atJS.Torknrlces. p. R. Rigby. £9 Randolph St. ' aq37-p7G4-3. t oy Teiegrapn. Bt Louis market. (apodal Diaratch to tie Chicago Tnbcuaj Bt. Louis, Tueslar, August 39. l&"4. Tobacco—The market la quieter this morning and prices rtmsrted at yesterday’s Quotation*. The break etorrecedKilhhds, and 03 hhds being rajected, iei were rord, eitabllsbirg the following price*: Lugs at «; common shipping leaf gu CO@zj 91: mt* dlctn do ftfl 0 BSSJO; poeddo |29.'0©V7.5a; common and meelnm maunfaclorirg no 3J5.W@39.50; good and flat do; fancy 514P.C0, Flour—Du 1, the demanShemg weak. Bale* com* prite ICO hrh choice XX ax Ilufil; Jflbrli choice XX at S' 0.15; SfO htl* XX at f IP js *,ir spected, double-head Itnfd and delivered; s*obm city X a*, f 19.00 dally* I2cd 56 brlwJo Xat; STbrlssaprrat J9JO. ' iiHnaln and Bllchlgran Canal. [Special Dispatch to the RUcaeo Tribute.] . BPiEerpoßT.Xneidsv, Atxg. 99-1 p.ts. Cx-vaßkd MoucayJD.—Oneida,Obawa, 5* brls salt. AUda Laealle 90.CCC fe:t lombir; J. parxlagton’ Mailtßlt*. feet larnber, 3J,C00 5b1n,1e?.3.033 ia'h; Porwey»Laialle, 67,733 zeet muber.ZT,t6o li-.h Col. llouitss, Laialle. 3,<83 f-ct Inuteer, 9,11.1 lalh; Imptrlal, Lcckport* Chsntahon. Dapaje. AkKrTAP— Scnday, Atu, tS tb—lnp.ria .LocspVrt, 5 ID*; tn corn; 1)C Sorter, Joliet,79 rarda raebie slope; HU Shennßb.’Ottawa.S.SCDbacom; Chao, cahon, Ktnkakee feeder, 1,800 cn corn, 5.9(0 bn oats; Lcgr*ux.La£aile, 4,38* hn coin, K9,hn wheat,3,7oo &s gccds. Rock iuo, Lctslle, 133 tons coal; Ora Morris, Latslie.S.CUbncs’s. • ‘ - AUkivan— Monday, An?. !9lt—Stars and Stripes, Morris,4, c &nbn cere,93,!£2 3>a goods; Drill, Morris 7«8 vns coal: Ujiadlla, Oita®*, 5,1C0 hn corn, Efcr, L*mont, 45 ysrSs dimens’on biolc ; LidyFrunk* -tto. Lament, 80 yards rubble stone;. Investigator, L*• m'lct.SO yards rubble stone; E.G. Lcomrs, Lament DO yards rubble stvne; J. B. Prestoo, Morrla/s 003 bn hucorn.l,4cobn wheat; Al!ffalppa.,LasaUc,lso tan,, sard fromU>lea;lron Clad,Utica,s,9o* bn corn. 43 Aeb;t*i>— Tuesday morning, SOlh—Wasp,Lssn le jlStoLficcal. qzibw—Atltuifl, LaSalle t Lem out D, liets,do; B.O.Loomis, do; J. B. Preston. Mor* rts; Dmgr,Jtllet, 73cor.s Australia,Xa Soile,K.OQOftltftaber; Lacy FiaakUn,Lemaat» Cor* Austved-E. Burubam, Joliet, 91 rubble stone; p.jfprtfcxnp,'Preston, Maple Leaf, Joliet, I,2o3huwheat, 4,(C9bucom: Financier.LiSaUr,ill tots coal; L'uUe, Joliet. 70^ f 0 as emotyhsrraU; FUnct, LaSaßc, 14a tons coal; B. AiThorp, Lock* ort: Badcer State, Morfis, ,we ftocq paket feeder. . • v ~ dUtwiitN aui»m ißpeci&iiiitpatth to the OtUcazo Ttlfcnnd.l ~ Mn,w«trxn.Tono«7. Qtaik—Eecelptj oi vh c Ba, azium 13^03 hueum, time l*u year. Tbemaket owiagtotaede cllcf In {old tc ibt>ck a fbV centr.lbsueh i’ght re ceipts ena cotodeic* in advenes of gold kept the mark«titerd«,t-td »djeiinsof cnlj SSicmbtcl’.ted to Bale# at aedth's tfcto meruit z 29,Dtfr «n at 3 j 09. aid a small lot at g‘ 90. On ’Change the mart ; ijt. clntd2e. SaUeSf.ocoim at Si-iiat-SS-eioilnsdoli V.31.97. Nothing doiccm eoaiaegralna. - New \ oik snftaet. HWV«*S. fu.SdBT, Aag.Co.tßSt. . Cottox— I Ve?y doll and 5c lowtr, at «S3 tor mid. dliug epUcde. - Flops—For State ftoswoattrn the mark-c Is vtrir meetUcc. sr<*soe lower fur extra atat* -wio, akies at ter corns n w w 00a ebWv b«ECk«xtiarconf hocpOblo, and S<lA3auu fu“ tradebranes,tbe xnartet elctlug bea?y no-i naietl TVniSKT- Heovr-#: BLosfor Siate S&dv-WP-n In clncjDgtieUicf Visrerna* tuts. ‘ v Biii-DoU, btavy lowsr, at sj,»ai m frr tied Witter, ana Ataort ae Utter for prime. * , ' a» (OKs-HeiT> tnd 7®3i laW£r, at ?t.53a'.0? f ar MiX’O Wesitro. r Oats-DdH tnd lower, -t b’Jjr for good Wtatera, " C(-fxeb-'Puli, at 47<$iEe : L'-au»yra, 4^3sl. BY*-r?a<?c. SCOAC-Qiiet, Havana hetvr. I'XThOLvPV—DoII; boorec. otebanutd. FuoTiMoxt-Vcrx orened xtry dull ard folly |i.rc Ot> our nestle war.icicicste «}ib ewe Hrho-sist lS7.e4»:F.t>o tor mm : SiPJi7£iSV.>tCa»b, and 813 3 i cliect io-n>cmr,tor iew.tor fS'.ft; torprimaand s2s>tCa33rolr.r prime meif aisakD O o;l».cew cauii la P»;.umbcr,bay •rsopuon. at oelivi/cc, ’as; bK}f In Scpi'uiner, 00. Cat maite Uftn bat uolkr- Urd call, b*arv end iivude U/ lower erti J»fei3xc. Bolter aossttled end m»auoaliy lower, at 42SUr for CTblo and i7@stc for itate. >' Near Torn Cattle flap %ti. NkWTopc. Toesw* Augwts?. . Tie enrient jric: s of l>ejiTee« at tvH ihe maraeti. * 7 bixT CarTLX-tflrit qoailtv $lB 59020 or Jloary toecne Buptoißt<', eomzann 810 0 Ol3COi idfondr *;• 0 tei o*o * CowßAai> PaLThs-Flrat reality oiil'.- mrr r.5 ra&M &j. common u.®isio. inisnor tie.- P-fiiJ.CO. VCAL Catvxs—First quaLt? r V »,ltHßllc>ordias it,S>.®Hc; tofe.'lorW*c. • _ baakTAKP i Asms-Exira perhead. t.i(»Dz prime,, tC£ss«: erdmary. st6o; cotcmoe, Infs *-bWUfa—utrnfed nj@Uc: still fed, llslUY-c. Tf tsl receipts »f al! md't at aft the yarns 1 rxue* week a»d list week wertas folowu:—Beeves. A"t4'r cows, 1H : vt si calve?, 2,0:8 ; ant ep ecd lambs, Ot awlne.W ? Totallaet weeks—B»c?e?, cow*,- 19 1 veal ca1vcr,2,039; sheep and lamDJ, 19^3; dwlas, 6 AW. Ifew Font nner and HtacK Barket Jf*w To*K,Tn*«'lcy, Auz. SO. Mcncrmote acllvoese tie* j Ml V c.- , StcrlluairregtJar aidoueettled at luß-*iPBY. * - €H>lo irregoUr, nmsttied aDUd-cidedly loaeipopeolD2at?k9 t (iezrinlogtoSS k:M.vbßdas to xs«. deelmug ts to J35, dec Umax lo WAX, ax»dclO«Dgalz3isf-«z35. -* G, vemm«ot arocks beavy an lower. StocV* noil ami iO»«r—119 6d of *3l ICBK* D BEb ’SI soooops. TOJtf; .-‘2B conpoap; Tffßintr 7SO*. 1/ : Db6s odeyfc&rcertidca ; Mo&» «M: P4 M Celt. 48: N t lM}<; Krle, ifKK: HodiCP.JKJS; RtWIEE 133-a s,bt: Toied »^72s>ii Dl<j ficr)p.-fe: f*.u.nnrg, ILK: NJ*JO*/ X >7 irefurec, riaCr?* duCclco, tlsf: FT7, iIOK.- BnltQwiore rrcnwkct. H alttmobv; Tnvsdsy. Aoc. W, Fnora-DrD.- Sales Howard* street saperdoe at yvhfst Vny doll. Cora fceavr; se* SoaCr «ww»WT»dVs veftowdal at«l7a. ,-jrwisKT—Doll andnnu>lsni 9*AB@t SI, ezooaaias— Advanebig and drcoplug. ' Taeedar. Aocost 3r, Btz\dstvtts - Oeuerally dull aoderlh* fan in gold ano liitift czport dtnuuU .•mo'atlom-av.minal. Flour -SoyrrQsp HOW- »stta t»tn|tf 12.« , <fl'T2N*. Gbatk—Wt»e*C .w>y oalll o d rolZANhd'LSJtnew 52.0 <Jti 70s white lftß9oa-03. Corn qulot, mixed 17. Oats doll: new FBc,-014 •1.1 i?.* Pncrvisuxs—far*. Lamfi-m PrrzhLßtm—Pula; crude-tOc \ rcflctiifa bond S3® tf’c: oofrcet^kwc. WnunT-Pnll ai:Pk>wcrsv'*lA : t. mi'u inibls-efty on.the 3Srh'-lutant,.Mrs} SDXrDAH JOtSBLTN, ward Cfi yea-ar F»;nfr*lftoictl>e Teos:c?ce of her fsn'ffit-r. Mn. R. D Vr»trb, 21* F<-mlb' , aveoo*. to-o*r Wrdoes da* }-at 2 o'clcex F.M gfieDd* of tbefami’y are in vited to attend. 1 • OT >arr e paprr* plecse cf.ov. lntb»9C*ty.S»Tblßat.r»AVrp TLIKESON VOND. 01 Brooklyn, New Y<t» ,*<6i ao years and 2 icoottr. • Id Ibis etjt on Mu* Aoralng of tie SfrUi lost, Af'DivKw y,fi.brartru, *,fter a I’ymeriUress of nine day?. - ' knn*»»l services win labold on Thnrslcymara tr.r »t&olci«c».fct!iio re*h*poc«of «.C. i>?cr.9B9 ■West LakK»t'*et, wi en ti.a remaps wil* b; «vi to Htlwit. W«. let interment. Friends oftne de ceiv'd aoc fatally sip invited to attexd. - X3T" Baltimore koa Dubaqite taout plMfenjoy. At Rcoft r '>antv, Ulicolf, i?C*. IMA mat, o’dcftehjld of **l c*r L p. Robfcxsen.sged? rears, reccatlv of Pusdes-,JD, ffiencral 'Matices. EXTRA. GREAT EffilTEWil, Ms law art:Sall6iif, TSE PEOPLE AEE £WkKE, AND JTaciicst Great IJathnsiasni IN THE UATItIKGF Securing alurgaln BARTLSTT’S VL<&HIK€I PALACE - 13 DULY TEBONGED. The Mammoth Stock,' The Escellent Quality. The Yerv Low Prices, Btoder thli-tb» Favorllo Ueaort lor tbo Filrctiaac or BEADY MADE (MTliiG AKIX FmnisMng’ Goods 'By every clots of otr citizen*. (31 and 133 Randolph-St, (SDSKMAN DOUSE BLOCK.) su3f*l9iVit4ihp itcal ghstcjte^<!lountt)). I'j'i K SALE—Ad filialoTcdfarm oi ? 2 r sactee,help?N.B. VBcc7 9. and W. U .t| N. W. K fcre 5&. and w. a Lo;2, W. K S.>ja W. X Sec. •', *1) In Township Sj, Barze 7. 160 asrts under letca.lW under cniuv.tlt-n, is uav.r. On pream*a la a cccd t*to r'ory frame tocse, b'c& barn, orcaard, etc.; 9 miles a Bute west ofscutb ol tte etty of In Gmt oy county, UuDOts.wh’co istbeneAraatasont cn tbeß. 1. K. and nearest point to lilt oi»sod Mich* Igsn Canal For a 6 per sere. Inqulrocf & AvhKS. fcß nearboni stXA»tror the ov nar, .Ittnn kUKFHF, F. O. Box 93, Ottawa, Pi. aat3 p9is-iw Ij'C'R SALE—A lajni of 920«cr fi, J? all under fecco nod cultivati n', sltaatrd three mllet cast of Led a end BO mites ronth of Cb) »go. on ' the Cblesvo Brat ch lillnoll Central »»alttoad. a*-«o, S.GCP scree pratrln liods. situated In Kansee, Iro. onos, Fort and .Cbampntsn coont'ei Oltaois. By jAMtth MIS, olDceNo.33 South Water street. au29-p9lMt _2 FDR SAX-E A na;ib.vr ol Improved farms, in nee tron 40 to tASO acres. Aifo CC/OC sere* of fatrolDp und*. > oney te Join on fanning lands aid (anus Apoly to D. F. VBAH BO>B.ISS Kcatolph street. F.O. Bex 3107. anS7-p'lM-lOt _ U'OH SAI-E -.Coustry Residence. I~ & derlrahla farm of 86 acres, handsomely situated on tbo b*nks cf F"i River, one mile snob ot Batavia and five miles ntf-b of Att’O'a, Kate. County. 111. nre-thire «tll tl«*brrsd. Fins home, eoedbimsand ootonlMlDis a line garden and rsreu vatietv of fruit. This la a «sre. chance to ►ccnra a valuable place. For particulars and twmsappyto p w. BRU>EN,cn the orcntacs.oj toC. w . BEL DKK.I7C Lakeit., Chicago. * *pM:-lw 170R SALE- I effer for salt, much JC 1 below its actual valne,between tWandSCoacru Manistee. Mich, to clcse at estate. Call at 55 South Water street J. 8. MltAli. außs<&27t iSgtragcb. S. Kfl-xEU OXt STOLEiSr -From the Town of Bloom, about the Isct of Ja ! y, three Mox*b bod b Snsklßg Colt: one msre a ttnie bay, nve yeais 010, pltd m both eyes and übant 15 hands hl»h—with welch is the colt; another mus is uoa priy lonryewsola. 15bands bi h. bilndl*. one eye vno had ailna bone in rlgat bind 1-y, now eared; the'tire m&r* Is a cLeitnnt aotrel, four years oul, 3:>4 hands h’ch, wuh awnies'a'-misce- ‘Mineral rnuntd will n» paid for 'he’r return ESIIWABN J po*6, in thi Town of Biootn, la Coak County. inSl*qe9lto*w - - QTBAfSD-Or Stolen Two £5 ToM's. five years old, in good condition, with ihoes ad round-one alight bay.the otncra rather dart hay. The dark hat la than the llscht bay and 110*11 little white Btnp? on the bird root, hea* the hoof. The lisht hay has a little hair off the hick from the sadcie. * hoever i etarna soli marwcto corner of Teadlion etrc't and Southwest Plank Hoad. ha lioer>liy reward'd. .. P. BRKNUIK. anilqUß-U CTBA7ED—SIO Rfc-ward, About IO elcht datsaco.amareaifd colt strayed fron the German leuleaeotaißideParfc Themare 11 dark bre ivp, a tore H“*r the tail, mlodle size, and 7 years old. the ecu is tent months old and ha*a small naval inoiare. Tae shore rewarc will be nail wait one who deliver* tie hone* to u, Gi’Lullddur, cottage Grey*; sad Twe meet, or to the und«nivn*d. CaßlallaN KlltCHKfiH./ an?o*pfs34t ' Q1 RAVED- On« pair < i diaught IO horre*i" Ones d*rkbrowo and the othsr a large ere*. Whoever wtU retorn b'tnlo toera3*ciioar*s stable, corner ol Sfala vnd Treaty irconl street*, will be tnitHpiy rewarded. C. A, aY£B7. »nSO-p5592t . QTf AYED—Or stc-leß, a largebay O or nr, »n boise, firs J«t« cli nnrto?, baa wm •It.t m il nr,* mre loot ”line. «ito nUinun on both bEd ir between the gambrels t>Dd nifle I )lnt«. also a collar soreor ie«r onthatoo ol tnenrek. A liberal rtwa-tl iiu bs paid for oil retnm to 30 River Kr-et orf r ItfonsatiOTWhMs oefound. an'cCipSCO-St 2To ?Jrht. TO BENT—An upptr piit of a hems containing a vsn room*, and ißrfirare i«- irk Hens-cravi'rient to horse can. APptyat 149 wli’.cngjnvtnne, NcrsQßlio- ao3lQb7 2t mo —Lodging 'Bo<md on _R ibatVtgtSlfis. Apply as 4SNvith B&Utcd-st au3iQ3Mt*. TO BENT A twoitqry House, ftunlabed. on U!ehifl«u *v«nne neat Twenty* Bjxtb Call at 130 CUrk at ee*. I*own 4, fonS to !•, AJI and iroai 3103 P. M. _ p £?* S f f. re Sox76X. h O3 ! 4 4-» TO BENT —Three or four rooms to rant to a g*n'l*trau andblswlfe- ‘T®* m*or* . m»Ucutiquircat32SWe«l*atest. anSl-qfIMS . rrO RBiNT—Without 'boaid and ■*' lurnl*h‘d cr unfcro'fthed, »$ p *i r 3bl^Ap9-veiy giraiantirontroEm, Dearborn street, etweenlineano On arid eta-, bum able for two ainsie gentlcmui. Apply cn the premises. : »ÜBl-q95 St TO BENT—Tha first floor' of hnn»o No. 8 Qnlnry etr?et (near S»a««) con raising t&?eeTOcnß.nartfy .a°d SID5 lD 5 et 'Ti th 87(0 worth of furniture for sale »!• bvga'n* Apply -Dees 12 to 2cr6to 9d, or aadreia Bor 1903. aua. qiß 2t U KENT The stcoid t*Ld ihiid Block, eoin«> of Michigan aveoiifl aad Lake sttset, -"Will be ready-lor occa&aacySeptlOh- Apply tq ILAH-B. w BmBMQRS CO ,5T lA **•!*• Amusmziua. p : E AN D, C O iNCEBT ; BY p. 6. GUKORE In tl- hear to .in?* comp iMif* •Jtb b- teqoeft o' many eUlaen* oc uai f*r o be will plve a Graal comer* *t - HALt.. On 'ihursduy Evcslcg, i(sp{. Ist, On which occiUcn EMOES’S KIIITMT BAUD sprear is a choice as'.ectl?n cf pleialn? and ptpniar mane. TICKETS SO To b“*t»d ar tlep ln-lp a Eo’ei* sad «c tt» door. rocrscfesat'K; Cctc s ?tccirc«icesa*9- atS5-q*.Wiii:p rU)h f WOUD’S” MUSEiJM. J. H-WOOD A«t> B F. WtUtKAW, Frepncpr* end Mada^o^. GSEAT BUOCRiIS OF THE STAR COMFaKT. WSOSEBOST, ADO. Siar, Giuxn Ma.Tti.rz at 3 o'clock. Ths eleiiol / Comeoj of • NAVAL BWQAGIEMETB. .Tocorclnoe wita lie WfuTE'tfTtfJDJBUOWei'S; m THEEVEKI;:d»atB oeloctr. ths glorloueold .Conedyor THE PLODGOf Wish a powrrnl can. To srsnelnda wth r-JfC &OOD FD3 «orniSC> aeeoioyra»nyic " V3T 'Hie *ILP Übf* 0* cm be teen eTerydbylniboMauHsirofiOeMaSium. tßiCTtff—Admial'nto ttMecnaann levtareSoia 23 cewta; Cmid/cp i«de'twViTey*arp. is ca; urea Cirrle « d Fnrauett?, --Z eealiresfra: menrstr* Beam V cents; iTlvateßosei.k'a'tfk’r no extra ch» r <co tcrhejeiTti Seats; Soxßcnk open from to a.SLto fy~V»nrrr of Lectnm Rcem ooso at IK o'clock. Curtain rlsexat 8. UiiiiactorSonia call at 10K. THEATRE. Second week yf tbe popular vetaatlFs Ccmedlsn, ME. CHANFEAIT, Who bu achieved a great lucscar in fits delinea tion of LORD DUNDEFABY AND HIS BBOTR3B BAM, jntkfe great Comic I rams ofk ABtxmif corsrs tt hosje, FTFSh wlil be presetted every evertag catll fsrt&er notice. T3XATSS CBOWDEIi'qiIOim.Y, SnotiTS or Lauuutbs ATOArTnavn*, BC2WSS EXCOBKO NIG7S7LT, OO’AHn'fiaS. [?<ttbi)at AfT*2aiooa—Gbasd Hotinbi. ■VARIETY THEATRE, ” Ncs 115 and it? Dearborn street: C. Ml CHA * • WICH a-jd-Managers. T.l*. FTTCH,. Actinz and aura Ktnaacr, MONDAY RVENING, ADQ. 3:h,. First appearance of lU’LtY ELISE, the Deaotfal Daostoee. LDP, fllK. I>M.'6COTT, Ballaciet, Pasoomlalst and Comelfaa. ALSO, SIO. CONSTANTINE,’. The mat PimtoclmUt and Dancer; Doors opeir%t7K: Cnrt%te*nie* at BJf o'clock. DOALK of»P»xcis.—Parqoerte.ssceat*; Dresa and FninU»C«cle, 15cents; Prtvata Boxes, ll; Alngia ■ Beats la DCxe«r W centa * jk CAD EM Y O-E MTJSIOi. JIL. Wlubinirton Circet. MOSDAT. ADGUST f 39tb, ISM, PROF. ANDERSONj Tbe celebrated-Ambidextrous rrTatldlzltatear'and incomsarable Uatlonist, auuteo by SIRS. AHEKBSO.v, MI S3* HACKETT;, And a large corps of artists, in hB woadarlal and new entertainment. TPS- WOELO OF MAGIC:' Grsndtfay on' and SATUIinAV AFT-RNoONS, for tu« sccoTsmuda tlou of Ladles and MnUdr-a Door* open at 9#• to CororntncealSo’cloc*. , s kesiivtdSetJ,*ca3b*s<cured »t ihe B’l OfQce, drily be*«ecc bon»» o! 1 and3c*cloct. Doom ocec at 7K- Cosunenct Jr'dmlß-'foD.. 50 Conta* >gi6-x6miw4tbp - ~ SlactUm Saks. BLACK . MARES AT PRIVATE SALE.. We have a »pan of Black Usres. live and six years, wcUmatcbo.*, every w*y right, last trotters. Wit. A- flUrtKbS & CO ~ auJf-p“oW*4tp Portia ,d Bicck. 112,000 PKlittE OlOias ' AT acct/ok. On 'WEDNBSD&r. Anx. ?lst,atll o’clock, atßaV> teia* nncrina Bcoms, in Porjl*nd B}«ck, cor. of Dearborn ano Wash ncton-sts 518.000 £1 fc?ol Cigars, 80.000 MalnkoffOigarai 20.000 Ail Olobo Cigars, 18.000 B'l Srl Cigars. au2s-ptS3 6t WM. A. DPCTKBS <b COr, Anet’fg* nrut worth iw. f \/ ORAIN.S-PLY. VELVET BRUSSELS AND-OIL CARPETS, CANTON MAT TING, *C, TBE EX LIRE STOCK OF A CABPEf BOUSE, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. 6th and.Tth, At Bufirs’Auction Ilflotcs.m Por-Und Block, car- n<rof Drkrbam'anu Wsablapton street?. C7“PfctUcularshrieiifter. „„ WU. a.BUTTERS-& Cfl., aus?S*C23Ht Anctiocceio. QTEAM BOILKB AT AUCTION. KJ viiihosoW on - ■»* , • WEDNKfDAY, AUG, SUt, CnUeccinerot "WathlogtonauA Dearboen-attetto, oieeOcetweLijhcrss oiler. _ W4L a. burrstts a co>, et33 pD9.*-9t Aostioueefs. PaCKIBD BOotE—For at puhßc suction, on Saturday). Sept. 10tli).18G.2) At3o'cl:c* p id ~hv cut»in 'TamePacijmg House Atctcr rfeue, in the city „f Chtcaso. rormorlf mown IB ALEXAS' BR BULL'S, more receadv occupied trrUrfxitonA Co,tog*thcrwi'aWji. axtores,sppnt* wane**. Ttrnt of leas**, pic Alio, a lot of ©round A:am Bait ana saltpetre. Sale cn toe prnm* lees cash. aporyto WM. A. BtTtTBB* A CO„ »nS;-p37Mw-lthp Auctioneers. trade sale of aTAFLE DEV QtJOfVI. AT AUCTION. On WEPKEaoaX, ao* atst. at 9KV elect at Bat* ttrn’ Anctlon Itoomi la Forjand Btocfc, corntr cl Besr'oro ara WfttMmioo »trs.T9 , _ . .. ual3 0148 lit Yih A.BUrTEBS &CO .AnctTrs. DSSIKABbE RESIDE oJCE Lots in the West Division - at ArrcoßN. On THURSDAY, f epuitt. at 2 Pot the promise*, weshsUssUtothe hlfchsjt bidder, levtr.l d«irubla Boat tes Lots In Weirs No 5 a dlVouta ofTwaifth meet, between MorganaudWalk-r.-m Brand's Ad* dition. One rigbtb csth and the baUdee in »em!.*a* coal payments, one-«lgbth wi»b a pei jer par Icalari see wM. A. DtJlTifiß3 & LO„ anl°.pt49*Ut Auctioneers. .•puamTCRE AT AUCTION, 15. XVS.r.Ct -JLEE,* Auctloz and Commfatlon Slcrcban!, 123 DEARBORN STREEP, "Will * ell on ■Wedwsdayin'TTilotr, STst Abrru/jt, at nu c.Tnr.rk, a dna’.-uty orHOUSEIIOLD FURNITURE, snrh as Bvreanr, ueditfaos, tiofas. Lounaes, TaOi«P, (.bans. Mattresses.Cook Stoves, together with a lot o( Pine* IVare, watches and Jewelry. - AC 12 otcfock,a fl«.e BogsfHorse. ao3o ql7-2Ulbp /VJJLBE'tI'S & BAMFSOI-i, \J| General Anctiooser*4t 4$ A 4? Dearborn ah . TKAD3 SALK . 50 CRATAiS CROCKERY ‘ AT AUCTION o£ WEDNESDAY, Sept o'clock, we will a»ll at ooz salvsroomt, «4.4&au r 48 «<«iitbom raoct. wlihcot if i“rve, fltsy- crates cf she best quality of Wbl’e Crockery,in opea lots to tmae The as -vrnnieDtlsoncofihuDts we ever said, and Is all cf Kdwar-a and FnnlvaU’s be»t »coJo, 9am will ba ncsmve- Cool’s naefeea a"d shioped (or the caaatry, ifiljwnt, GILBERT t iiursos. iTict'r.. QA AAA H-EET OP WaL " “\/lUT AT ATTr- On *RIDAT. oVlOck at OUT rrdss, 41,48 and 48c>eaibn*n htrast, tfi*ro vyiihbs iold in caJts of from 5 0 to ItCO l-at in a Ca»6. TOey aie Alim eocd order and worbv th; sste*tloaot cabinet THhken. GILBERT dt OS.UPIO '', anzrpßo3.7t ' Anclonicra /GILBERT & SAMPSOUT, TRADE SALE OF ‘ 200 Crates assorted O-lnssware lOORne 85ilver«3?lated Castors, 10,000 Cigars, _ AT AUCTION. rn tveDNBSDAr. B*pt. 7tn, at 12 o’c'ock, at onr Ssleernctns. 44,46 and 43 street an27p804 12t GILDKnT &BAMPSON. AnctTa. Host. LOST— Grain Beceipte iaaued by Armour, Dole* Co to Harters * Par tor. 6 6ißior?2? Tom bethels No. 1 Bonne and ior7SlaijCi ba»brlJ No.? Corn, dated Aug. 27tb,patmem of which has been stopped. Any njr. senn-dma them will please rttnrn to au3;.q9* it tiari.p<h & PARKER, LOST $5 Reward. Lost, a Ter. Sint color vsllow e*rs and tail cat—about ine ssth ansoßt. op auto street. Call at Maiodc Temple, Room No. 3. . aujl-qj&.t T OST Thio afttrxiocn in tr e State -fl-i street cart, a package containiav a Black Bile Ball Soawi, together wita a piece ot dtaok Lace. Tae Tndrr will oe mitahly rewarded by leaviai ta-* asms at 11 and 13 WelUfreet. an3l ql3Ut T OsjT—All ptraens trd cautioned AJsgatniintyotietlar a certain note,da'«d Chicago. Jo 7 lute, ’fli, oiaws by A. 0. Ttuw.-rtn tor OaeTaon. ia d Du.m», and nayabieto iCTitwortn or order ol« year suer cate wita interest, on which tssa. eonea nfty Dollars Sail no e wasstoian frommy ncckrt at ox rear ToUso, Ohio, whil-_oamy way fretr th*f East lotihlcago. anSO Q22 St REUBEN TITSWOBTH. LOST— tin tie 30ih inst., at the Democratic Amphlthfater. aiatzs sized leather w«’lct, crmaiii nj a smail amount ot mouey, some checks on New V rlt *aa notes anaretelpta umoaot* log to ahoot Theftnder. bTze'Uv'mogsamsto ta:»cfi' atuliablerswara. 8031- qTMt 'f OST - Gautier. A Certificate cf JLi Otncfilt Issn'dby the Merchants' Sivlags.Loan and Trutt-Ccmi any, ia fav rof acwar.i Vtoeban. or Vauobb. for Ore Hnrdred Dollar*, and No. 4396. dated N0v.30, JBi3. &U nets ns nro vaxc&d not to negotiate the same, as pavtamt has he*n at <cd«4. sufS-p&co at sdwabd yapg oan. Sr 01/EN—Aoif. 4ih I'SG-i, ffonx the ?übßcrlb*r. at Cbililcothe,H 10 zn con. p'O Bend, No 218SU 0. P. U4H3H Persorj arawamedfromrec*lvJngßamo. au3l ISoatbing. "OO&BDING. —Two pleasa&t suits f?om3 can Se had, wttli Hoard, ausi^is2t* lian ® 0^11 e ‘ r - c ** Kefereacesrsquirsd. "OOABBING.—A geutlemah wish -5 . es a'furnished room, wuh hoard, for peroxa* a thoroughly prvate family. Address “AL PHA,” care Trioone offlte. »u3l-qt24*lt TjOABDING. Boa:d wanted hy JLr a yonng gentleman In a small respvctabUCam* l-ily. net exceedloe flfteen minutes* walk from Ihq j Conit House. Addms 4, 3, w care P.T, •U3l*q*i3.2v €24anieo —z&uostmites. lA/AKTEA- TVe will piy to nua ▼ F and bon *o so 10 the nary tor oae, two or three t ter'* service as much or more thaa any oioar rsrtiis insta cat i aco** »emt*uy afiri»e a i •ae'i cent: n* of fcrinttib tbs naval 9 c*il and >c: r< buoie fveartex elsewhere. WILLS .-5 4 *isit lUaM, 48 Carkexrset anSl-q^it \\, £,£ll Eli To B.J to He m:i } * • ra,U>» jo otbtr B'aies who navo applied so a 1 tofu/pltb i&q(o •af'itltotet, that wa havecnofinel cur ope.stiCß- to «a ‘‘puatyot Coik mainly, *pd boei-ot so? do cor iiteoo o *ny msn sj o • cr fiv-o lo he o>Pts t>l vsy Aisle oa’.-U Viou-. IviLtEDH a MERalAv,4af ci*ra*«t. j WeNTiili —To info-mthß piolic. tb«t we ore prepared v> ozndsh •saVttiUtfl3 »I»belo*price iorwbi*.b ta-ycaa eowpo pro» cote. L«*uh«noaeaeekiotervea» ca-WJeo t»lj aid ib* crait. P*U'« are dHneerotu ►'■ rat o me. (Minves. WILLSCH * MRBIUXIL 48 st., Cblctjic. aaJlqt'.S- 1 .; v«.- AjNTjKD - T.. i-t A:SB aubjciji, tvftsft ibouM oadrrttind taa< tnecneaotit mapper o» it" rjt of hHlnr forced iu;o iQJ aims ts tu my vaLLSO* * M ' lark stieet. T»o hasd'K sod r*iM iniarrf vbiit inwtnwtcßiae»Sß t&sy are dtaft-u aal eeee.outit. ecSl-qtwi-U \A/’A-TRD Si.tsnuteD fur taa .tv arm; on<ina»r.fjronn,two or veaxs. and the highest tPuaty paid, hi tbs vTeitsro tT%!u Ageteyof ‘WILLOON A bIER.-tlfc.Sf. <»S Clark tticet. aaUtjliS-lS XjU ANTED Snbatitutei for *no v » \e*r,toeofst&esaiT oti- c *l apTatn?7tr.L eubfetltaieicai. eoto the *i*i»ns4io»lßivo'ortat»st A*Dn ic»e»bc#rc, »rth»7 1 xeter. ana bare all ctanc»a for prize oovy. ,T e wM cay tbe btebert honn'yveldis tbeetcy. WZLLSOiI a MEKtjlaif, 4b Uar&atieet. • ao3t-ql.B U TX7 A N TEii. Two arbt cl.aj Sub- ‘ • v ixitctooo bold which ws eaa forattb for rartJes cnrilDc In < o -t? teonty, at u fi.'ora. Afp yto WILLSCth&njB(&tAV.4S >*i«ru rlfjtl. auflqiWlt Vy Arfl ED SaccTiTOtt'fl and rs 7 r emits wufted acd torsmad-' Taa bisksst ocmty paidtnh*ad. I'antsrn ehoise otisji spent-‘ tnu4titn<es ann nemu fDinlsfiad at til tRK*n. A?oi» »t Fa 69 Btsta ftrear,rare:*A3, op Btaxs. P. f). Bex 3iiAl. ». W. BOnHa.M & 00. ÜBlragD- jJ‘. poll-qllS It Wbo wents a dab Bti'CH or OsoresentatSiTsF Cad as SUtf- BAa ; A CCS Office, Emm ifS.Sarrclt Bl«cr;corner 01 Booaolph ana State aueets, acd ie*ve ytorordin. aa3 qilsu WfjJM-XED-Subiunites aio BS- M oroHfcwko deme to gcttbnblgbesr Binary that (a offered m tbe elc«, a&ontd «?ely at an offies' ,where’Sfirmotpy is at ?ooq «s they t#» the coctor. No. 1 No* tofitarksnevt, urat ealor'B over tbe inoga. McBBIDA & L‘Oi atSI qiSaf WANTED — E g-irb«itn, Irish men. Feotcb Norwegian* Permca; and other nstlotHiu to ii>pi> at No l Nortf. Ciarx atreec. 1 bey will rest-ive too hlgoest «ount/. • Parties lag rcciUtc n ill be welt satixfled. P. alcß -IDA a CD. _ aoSl-qUMt ■ W ANI'ED MbrohantaacCottejy If wanVnc Bnbrtltatea rhonl’d aoptt a* P. Mcr HMDS A lift'd Office. No. 1 North Clark etreas. • Vvu will be devit-wi n-mere fairly tcaa any o*n«r ta tovn. . aaß-ql9l-l£» XRJ ANT EO—MtroasiiW atdcfii'.rj T 1 to nxdcratscd'tJpat wb can supply Snb'fltnte» ebsarerttan any icr-ibw «impid"-aeman 1 rat our money isstwaya rxtdy. Oar officcas No* I North Clark ttrett.jcat ar»ritae bnoee. onll-qlS'.-lt ' £. McBttlDE&C J. WABTjEO Subsmaies. We will pav 3658 fer env mai call ting for these years Id tfisNavv or Army. ea»h mean'as soon as ;to h»*er>t?ied bedoctOr. P. McBRI-JE* COaKb 1 Konb Clark street, aictxe men wao will pay you. ttGOl.qlMlt VV' ANTED—MbQ wto atsi o - to -7 » etllst either as Babk-llotrs'-r Src-nitis-ouTd apply at a reliable office, where they a-« sore of get* tn» ib*ir moo'-y. wapayt-io bigoeitßjaoty. no. - j Nor-b Clark street, aB3I-qIS4-i« P. McnJttlDiS & CO. 'VtT ANTED Ten gooo m n to go " N as Scl stllotea for Mcrsnafits In this citv w&o - wt»lp«y tbt highest ibstyco "saredaiye. He or\t oeeelv«-d. V'.Tir moi.ey i**;e»ay for vaa a: No. 1 . North Clark street (flrst aa.oonovtnhe hdd : ’ anJl ql : l lt 4 CO. ; \\T - Bahn;-ra, BrehtH. : T » *xd other*. If yea have any men t-» ejjpoie of ■ to wl J B*. mre o< sot pe*n £j*is»t out of th-*m, ana -will act the sonar*'vh-ngwu"* von. Ajply atNo. :iKank isrnitrtet. B. McxßLDfc & CO. • aa3l-qlS*ft VSTANTED—Stvc. al joutg men ■ »or the Navy atd Army. • We will give yin ilbat'?b*v*.Bctu,iy p i »t«. “'bit v« jay wa do,«» d Ve can pvre reference to tie Dissect men in Chicago. Oortomhfr iscto.lNcrih Cl , okfttr?at. uasi qiSI It* e. HcBBIDt * CO. 'Ty\/ — Aiy':'Jt;7'- TooLg n>;in for tie V • Atm? or Navy, to warna trl»e Cash Bcmty wl:l tepatd . uan*baiciog aodac thisef Coe. what vt favwedo.ano ret-r totrislealluu BeDkerf lo this city. App.y at No. 1N rtb CUrs-at. uu’ii-qitt-lt P. ucßillifi&CO. TX7 AS TED—To miorm ihe pablio v'* thatlampresaredro lnrnJsh.BoD9'l<ati-for IhsiTJ. B. Nsv> ana muter loom in h’S City 'or «a«j trroi ci or?, iwo or tbree Stars. «nd bars x'ltni cm f’ltso to any Btaca wstrstue ormclpai reside. Part:?* In the citvwto b»vu iiitnii in other statrs woo »Ih*< toprocoreantMUtuces, «nd hare.ibenoas t*r?d rn Chicavo. -stid crtditef to ini ormcipai where be auky: live, trom tSeios to CAiifcma will call on 3. Clark I# . -aai:<U; 1; \\T Af J T.ftD To larnish sab;.v v V tntM ana recre?entativts for *fle loyal nun of Chisago. I have fomuhea more sabsirinto* icsn *my o>h-rp»rtv mChicag’j— forthlire»s -a: Ci I atreaio lujDUb a can, I propose to < o bo, if I p«y twice wxac I jfcelv* from tba prmeipsi. Ii raqu’rul, wtiliar diid oanlts to whor 1 hare fornlahod acceotable saotticmea, aud will alio testify sg to thi trni&fiiineas or wb&tXalTenlse. J. A- COLBT, 55 Scntb curt street. ' au3l-qi2Blt Wf ANTKD.—Mtii liable zo a dr&n I* in Chicago or tbe B*s T t oi Illmoti, wont cT caovsrs the city all ormuioeet tbe invsit fliurer that they can bnfarnithed wltn a repre»eutatlTs or raosutnts uencotse comaaadl will icrnisb good accaptaoie men at the lowest possible prlc»- whu i kOTirMse 1 prooofe to fnlflit. Aemesmer tbs pinoe. J.A. COLBX. 55 Clark itrefiF. ap3t-qUS.js \X/ r A'N'XED. —Wbo svacti Sabrti . » * tntesf'rote,twocrthroeyiarsfiortteU 8. Bet -rice ? 1 can furnish good men as low. imot lower than aar other parry. Call and too ms, at mar r*t«. Wi-ftl pro- <-•8 to do I will do, and vlMreiiir torn sccrsPMe pertics. to whom I hsvo (arnub'd soOd aad accoptahbmen. < J. A.MOLdV, an3iqt9bU / 55 Souta Clarksfee;.* ISTANTED Snbttitnteßl I will * T pay to acceptable Substitutes the bigbrst price, csss down. Af er yon' have cacvaaaeu toe town a I ovtu, cal> aod see ma and get tee tribeat puce riiat ispaiu by acy party in Cotsaeo. lx yon fiave any ir.'emls woo wish to go aa sabsticstsa bnee them in to ae and yon will baltberaliy rewa;dad b? J. Ar-CC.'LBT, 55 LiaikitreK. - _ aiai-qis-lt VST^NTED—Men tof the >lav>-. Tv to serve onr. two aud three tskts. Ma->t he ahfts or discharged soldlos. who bavo -asrval two y*traaa'i got a discharge; to such 1-wiiJ pay :ue UJcNrbt. xnc., WUI also yay lioemliy t-‘- aiy 'x»vao wiiib iapr»aan accepted recruit APriy to J. A. C0L8Y,35 South Clark street. ausi-qia it WASTES— Sub urate:-, ?»d nub etitntea to ary tq&s. nr eomnao? of to towns or t:voshipv,or .rooutlei, I fl i tour quetta. AppU anon iboolo ho mwe v Hhoo* Ctlf-y, ibarwo u.ay bava tuuotoflU divor cers whirl* eia) b< sent a*. Thus for. «n 0d?«» filled mostcr < be <ider« seoe os, erd ourvtsuzeawats ore earn thatvawidheable lororanh an* ron>b«r)batmaybe reoulrea: **< it rraddio-sa* «t th* War Claim Agency o: ISAAC ft fllfT A CO . f»3 - Clitic fltieet. sa3) qli is ■VSTANTED—Sn&rtimtei. Snb-ti f T lutes wanted avery day ;n vlaw proa dlnz draft Vftertns and aM*b9 (rf)raih: ty wtectnt to enVst aa Saban utea Kaoftee ta tlve§csnwn*eua for matructi'n?. IfvetrrjaathAT amt have been two years In the sartica to entitle tfcen to go««s etQOa itntet any roe ii*a]e .o orvtcan itoiis j^p.eefcntalives, We are 'Viy p-*y* laethe highest b nntyrorthe Army and ff*r; ser vice. ecß«i4tuTes A»e Invited to sit-jos acadnnd Inquire ni.w nnebboaots they can g.*t b*lcra they piomlrc tbeir services Call at (ha War Claim Agency of iFAi'C B. HITT & CO., 05 Clark strict. auSoq4‘.-ic ■ ■\S7aN"ED Substitutes. One w w finodi-Pd-njen wanted fc* the U« alPly. Call aodeee wand cetibs larivachoonti** oflViiSie fcr cue. ttroorthnaytars. HITT & CU-.63 Clark atieet. aaSr-iIJU TS7 ANTED-: DL-ab'eo Officers and f 7 Bo’dlers, hocorahlj' discharged from tha-iv. i&i It Brjnt cfpT« fl»*b c fmplu? <i«n’ jseoadar* IvaoaDliC to Th*ir co-dtU o, should adiret) P’.st OClcn Drawer Ottl'J. Chicago. lilmoia. am « d*te oi oncsit*© and naoie ot company &n<i reritnett dischargee flom, onWpWJis %X7 ANTED—100 Men lor the guo* w7 'boatiervlee.forose twoandthreejesrs.for which He follow 1 ner. tiCOcmh tnbta'i; (or two yean, an > S JO Ur three years. Apply at Uu corner oi KtoAdob ana Laoafie s’rects, Galesgo. 111, lt> ths basement, wU, atDBPHt & CO. p, S.—Wq dety competition. an.S-pGOS It XST ANTED—IOO Men £>i the gun w V post »trvic«, for one, twoand tsree yeast .for whictttsto lowing prices w.Ubcpsid.vlzroneye-*r men S3 o cash in hand: 1500 for two years, and <*so for tbr-vyeais. Apply «t the corner ot Baodolpn and Amalie facets. Cmeapn, Hi, in to* b-tfecaeut. * , WM. MUBFOT & CO, p. g.-TTe defy competition. aa*9-pSO»7C VS/ANI ED—Fifty (50) men fo/ \ha united States Navel service J’or the term ot rns.vwo or three years, for which tns mebvt caib bonnt es will be paid. A;plv at case a; ELT A CO *S, No, 117 sentb Claik «gee*. saso-g33 2S T5/3NXEir—parties whir ff »rs Uabla.totbe diafl from' oJh«r states sbonloiiDdemana tbstwa ara fn nian theta Bnmtittrtasffcr the term cx one, \wn or three s(sr<,aodmd;(fr tfetnln this city, and have then creck'tdto any State, county, or town wkere Vhe tnlnclpalmsyrtaice., , „ • FoMnrtbrr rarticnlars p!eese call on ELY & CO„ No 117 South Claik street, or addieas F.0.80x 1000. - <> aQ3aq>»U ■\\7' AN TED Substitutes tj go ii V 7 any l anch of tha semes In the army and n&yy, tc; one, two or three tears, to whom (ha Utah eet c&ih premium will be paid- Fsruts Imoic *o difrlt. ano there who with io procure aabsutn’.eS, wliicowail ciuertocAll ir hand tntherord=rs*Rt HLT * CO.. 117 aonth Clark strtet. Odea- BCX lUOO. RB3>-q:84; WANTED— To inform ibe public that we are prepared to furn’aQ Baostitrtss lortheTT. S.lfav&l service, and master idem mth;s cut for the term of one. t«o cr three years, an 7 have them credited to any State where the orlncipal cay reside. PartKs in tbs city who b*va meuds m o bar ataus who wl»n to procure •nQ*n<ut«s,will fled It to thelt advantage to call atll? So. Clsrk-Bt.. and ret farther pirticalars, or adiresiP. O. Bjx 1(jOO. [ao3twiht2tJ zht & CD. f TVT ANTED 100 Substitutes lor' 7»f one, two and three 1 ears, aliens or veteran*, over 18veaxs of aie, and perfectly to serve In tae Army or Navy. 1 will pay the hlfheas eaih totm-y ever psJd in this city, at 97 tVaailnston *t Post OfflceDxaw ex6sJ3l. ao7S*p94s*tt VVTANTED-Enroiltd ci";z<nj of ff ever* district In the State of Illinois cm* bo 'af>nredsncstUnteßnponpavm e nc of I n»ve tree onh ; nd at ail times, at 97 TVoablacton atreet, P.- O. b:i CtUM. • angp&ll-et WANTED— Reoinits tor U. S-. Gunboat lenrlee. A few ircre yoop* men vract ed. Great ledecement* offered. LicalbOTWiescow paid anc tae h-ehest w»se» given, rarttw hrlnciki* nereertma «ili oe iloeraliy t»aii at tha corner of Randolph and meat. ana. pSO6 7t «aU/>Pa7* ft CO. UI7ANTED' 50 GasliOitmsn im \ V Tr,frtiii»E''v. Pali at the comae ol RanioiDh sac La«ali7 str t e*f» v«trcpcU'»n Block, in tie hats* n.ecE,iecnmn* office of WM. UD ■ KIT aCO Ct.ll m Bstiiiouslira*. boumy i ti-tty,”!, caehinhaßu. aai»p9C9 7t ~T^7aNXEO'* Dratted Ken of the VV ft* c' Chlcagf Rtrta cf IBlnots ta know t**ltfkeJcinM tanusoea lepregfcnSativiAAtmsraost k^*n£?lb^tires aud tie tiortait notice, hvaddrei ■ftT«\art Bov 60ti3,*r »oaiTCi.' at tMcdrntr ot CO. . Subfituuies r^r r‘&ri3s!,g t s — PuD-jdiutea. De-ii V V sirs, afvr you have canvased chicasowc woaid like for jcu o ers 3. rtS’itwnifroabeioryoa to »? J f «»cih3 largest bounty to Substitute* Jinttnvas «texloß»eD S.earvr.e, **3 ttomone »o trree year*. of *3r?J_e w-rsri* m f sss ygiftSSSSS" * »u79-p5«-n v TTTaNTED Gunboat men, aua V V »uo men for U. Imti misik- »««l rear tnwtom wtU be p%ldth«h!gneat c»sh nonoty, Ts&etn* W«» It»tSj,di>d« KwODoliua BIOCA, - . pOQJ it anteJ—Substitutes. WAX.IED-l o mfonst the pairi otic f11124E8 Ct Ct»U«£O.S»»t* ol' lltnMt tfcV ti« t c»n bov pzccnrt their Peprereßl»*ijp emit* “ tte moTt tKTDU br Mldnri w.m * Co, LccHKiPc*lCKsce#®«3.Ciilc«JZ .111- - i* fi.—*:atse *ira ton name nod idr.ta, «d all vu-i*B* car &e:yicet will icteiTc otostpt ait.» lon wil-jj.lA It. ®v/ • \y i! N-TED 100 te.: foi gu-i- T ▼ teatmrlce. fcr oaf. SwoaaJ tt»rea y?ars, lorablcMbeJcUoalsr pjlc’K-snn bspalc, Tit? Un • iw men. |3!(: caio m Jiaal; fort* o*e»ra; aid * *rJW )tr iliea year*. . _ apo'j ut .aecoraer cf fiaaaolnlutcd' CMi*6o. m be. WM.MOiil’H* 4S A -r E. e ati> tosp««ioa. - »a.S-p3X*?t T\l ANT ED - U-Q Men for 5&« gun- V * b-attmlre fOTone.t»oaatiit’CTy**n,loc_ irtJcb w-e :o<l;wr*3ir pzltea »iu be psH.tlx: msiu«% ct*b’nK»n-; t^ n ter tp> f rtb:eeye«r», Apply at tbe eerrer o» .-taoaoinu “ 4 W.l. tueeti. JJ p.g.~Wc defir eoapntitioß■ * »o jSeal 35&fgte-=(!iitß. FOH SAL‘r- Won?e tnsSlia 03 trs rf TT»rant *a4 TU-by itreair. 1.0*5 *IM ir:iiiwa*er*ndlz9 , tr«oeec&llisot2nr.ies. Will to 9 mk? oa eo:d tstiraif applied lor «:oa »uMq‘W25 FOB-teA-LB Or to iemi a g^o:i lens* sad lot tin WailtnroQ atraei. near Ott>Ur; twc* good colttgrs *id law cieno*. nous* &£d Ist on Ucxran itrr*t {.new tome aid leas-) of srtoocC: co'ta&e icr act; bcnte* *n<t iota in ail suit 02 Tbc till. J. F. SIAUD. i3.*B*n«iolpb aw aon-q&T-kt -TT'uß t-ALtCr-Two Fiarao Uoosoj r^fm'n»,oa Jf'-'Xth'Li'tfte street, near F.m rtrest. Xata ar*each 25 ay I*7 ■*!». tarS<lsUl»r year. *• 1U b* sold lor*lT6C9. *lh>*T krea'cectded D«s*»tcet'has orleo. A me* j*kae beta? of eicat ro*an ba>l, g,s. ba*h rooat. »at«r aloeev. oc. m» Niw t* sue a sr Pe .mirarrt lot 35 D> J-7. -SAMTJKL A. Hc*t *l«?e Agttt Ko 4 UetrcjcUtanßloaic. ntfitHilc-tt TT'<jK SAt-E Fir snb oivwion. five X 1 acres adjotrluc .Sts «eatem bo'badaT of toe city.lfor'in*jioiidoa va<Jl oan*»et- Aopi? soca &» i? mil t>r sold at a invonce. GBO 5r JTQ> Gia6of»,yo«? Alt trt-po!lt»a Block HO3--r>-2t J7 11 B SaLE-vHoiue and Los No. JO :92tsath Banraaon street. between L*Oro and itandojpo street*, Wtrt p*ic» W,f«A. to? 40 net tort. a. J. AT2SI&I,. East «-uto otter, no.Ttlcccp'li'aa Piece. fcu>.-^VA FOKSAi-rc Th* Bnck s "selling , JCo. SSO W. WMbinef.ii street, a most <lealra.»la, reslcsceov-ina very cnrJcr Piles si*,uW. ttozt Manxes urao'*. aaSC- qS if , . SALE TbierSf'iesin'Wtß'; are pcjirg slab* sal tea aer cost. 00 the snout asfet<l. . Also ocas l*r?e. well located lota on Caoal. Clinton *nd Tan Pans street* lor ■«}« Terr cheap for cash. orBMfSA AT RE3. t*B DeasSbra street. aaifrpretgf £H>K &di/R A f-v- more' lote-ia J welver t»c<> *ob<Jm -let'oc Wolcoltac, north (f riTlrirn. at |4oper foot.. vtretecn loM atls. No. IT, etc 7.-S3 15, lor HA”, IfSOIO V.Stth»T. - eerrm are nod ten acieirti within t3a Clt7 Limits at frets ttfifi to 3«£ea per acre, and noma line lave froocs. near Lake Tlew, 1)7 HESS & AYUaS, SS Scarbcxa strict. ,» aoTT-oTO vet F< B^LE—Two Uficfc Storbj Ob afreet, rcwrentinsfrom-eiekt to t«a per cent, on price* arsed. Two locateda'-oren ooL«>f» eireet front and crs srai trams »tcj* i rs Br.clb Hark /tre>t »cd a floe bargain •> nf. Prrd <*n the corner of* L*iail* and voiro* streets, bp RHEs & AVf.Eo, S» Dear bora tlretl. »o27*pWo-8C • ; FC?R S4XE T(irec large Hirer Lotsoatte Sent? Branch, notable to? la ib>r or*a)t jud? crpacatre lions-e. Alia Baviaallano lota, ctctrsLy f r-manvn«cia lac fßtaMitbm»nia vtrycburp, b/KESddb A v i;ms,SS IHartorn ttiett. V aaX1 > -p'i9 -5t \ |GIOR SA!.E Two ttcn.- front a dweUirxr on Wabash 1 Tveirh*t. Ore store Oort ana twcbritk d#ei ! tf>eica .vfccM* .pan svenne, tcrthof Kicbfeentb firc-ec. wo doe DTlrb dwellings cntre-#orr& Side, to amc-} nefc*» brrbcod. end jevors* fl e dipflitnae ombe 4'stsiie, forts ehvHEBS* AYRE2, $S iftarbjm street. anJl-»*So6t SAJ E Estute by Poo. 'Si v. Brrd, ICI DSSJ street. corn*rWisa •lrgteOt Sevrial nns>Df«B law cnMicht»>naTennj.* near street: a »o, Midiion aed Mooiotxvt'et prrpeitf, dtsirab>«. I(K> feet on Cl-itk biitet Lots on vlcli'ric, sod Inti-Mia are* tnfs-.fbrtesicei ee*. W« 6t I Me. property tor oule lb blcrks cr to, lots- F«»sr<*' tr>eu of land s cet aod south ot clw iirdtr—J£« ecreitmihnjancnou.n*; tr great bargain. -Firstclass rertdtaee nrd bnvaeM m ail pans 01 tbt _ p»f4 s;^ I?OR SAXE—Beal Estate for eal« JL 1 opfxnhare-) wi«h exch\sga flrgt-rliai lacdsla^o»^bill sourl acdWiicoosn tor ism# m Cer*ral aid iforh»xo lUrfs, or otreroj, -•? la / drrt-o* ?03 rOK & AtLUt, •Cbimgo, or st- Lono, Uusmzsl; - auu>p'3>sc ■DOS SAXE—Pcu e -B>rn acd \ Lcaseor.BniteTilr-tt,x:o feet w«*t'of Cacal street. »0?8p634iw IT'OIi.SABE Fuat clasa Ctuc'si X RnqJOTei! Froperrr. s ostb.-e iront Siur-i on Like street.- 9 octek Oto’et on oea*h a»ter f treat. 7 Strie* ur»u.r») cu West Lape street. *l#o,*fversicbolce baslnesa Lots »cd Lots In s'! puts of thr. ervr. a. J. aVRIOCLL. Krspp*tste Office. No. 7 kieuopoliua block.' * BA7 E s be^.tifo! cottaso, 1 B‘t f>ootn Morgan street, of six rooms . Possesion five years, • ants pu-f-.r^ Sj'Uft bAIE. •We Jbaya j&r 6ale -A. imo? very fletir* jle lots. tfosrdOß Cbicabo ATesus and rest of Uluhie dTsacr. ace lattevlrnmr oitbeNorth ?ranch Ca:al scltacirior ouvM»re*dwri'in»s- Ttaw lota are n .dlsttirr* anc BUel’s isanerr. ff» wfil soil - cheap or irate forc’term of yesrt. OSOKN.fLAS'fI A CO,' ec?.oe&>X3i jQ'dsi Sal-E -V. M. llceni r-. t&l at Cbfcaic. in ptKia»sct> of tbs set •■•t Csa* grese, anproeed Jane a tn. Id9f. numotizies the k«u< of the V &. mutTcb Ecep-tt*! aad r.*oaodJ At Cblouirc- Intel*, sluawd on meblgan avsnne. bstwesn S<ntf s®b»*: s»r>.t and tbs chi/agu fvivtr, li bei»by giT»ktlut Dis above property wj/t be sold a* pn>*li« sae.loa. on Q>e sib day of Sepvcnbar. IB6S ■ at 1C o clock a mis .by tbe Co;jn:tcr otths Portrniicrgo at tb« custom Hooretn that city. Tbb termi of be sale are for ready monev Cp-*n the receipt of rhe pnichMenorby in fall, taeA'JCr*«*ry of the Vrosanr? vit‘ tt»ee, ej«cnte tt_d deliver to tsc ooTclivAr tb*reof # 6end nnd oeed for ttd eonviy.n« ;h« tma lnt&r.*»: o* me cm tsdftistes. UkscTords- >ce wltfc tae act sntcorizibg the e»<t, BcoUal &no vrnanca wir be retained, atti) th» n-*w Bosnlml to bo batlt order th« proyirtons - £ the act shad bo B>*!y coaijlesed and bid he onoanied.tho aale Will-bo rfwrpcnod. WM/j’.‘PSbbit»i;i»N, lyTi nic3*ew noemtary cf tbs TrCn^jry. Jfw Sale." - - -pOIC. SALE—A gftod JUSawisg. 'I. liecbice, PojrEaot EATas* C»c b;v-tesa *» Platini; MTI ard I’.-.* s'acttn,3i9at' 3HT 'J-iGfl Mmt. l*a«lH|6B.a,] B O.CK,ODfr££AXB. E'UE SALE.—To any pdvo-. c a JL 1 si.'Cts Gt rftnr a bouse of ttve - * raxvm mad tmzcbaeits »h« farcitnre, a rmi a chain/’ Is- nfaied a* IdOfo’easo avenue JCynutl.e, aoSi-q»as *» E*OR SALE—A veiy l.vrge ex. i era r » vaacß,m>HP7Cti*OGraforft’iiei]ter<Mie Caa h*-ee*a «f and Marks; Jlrestt, mcSl.qllS It _ Jj'OK SALS - ForiabK Eujriue 15 _1? bone pcwrz.for ia «1 >r a»ew day*, fall com- D 16 f N> .Aptly t ■s>. BROPHT. IS3 Wra; Amrle-it., Zt t?e*t Preach P.Q BaxGl3. . van qBIt pOlt cAJ^it- jii. Aaruia, Jllinoi?, -a. 1 tbe 1 1-he to turn lu nitnuJm-snd Wucvulc. .he Pcicq hmrnut: aiiil.Dßtentea J*ru«m i3»4. D. O. n. S C. xami99in»er o< va cm#, wysealj )Btfcp>e*e e'hlever caedttoi- Come mad ««e oral-" oimSof 1?5. Aaxo:a, Xlllaola. aaStQlffl 1* U.MJK SALE 'the ha?- JC 1 Ipppcor health oflerv for eale m criilrai ot tie bt>it bnsir.efl»s:rc9: m Chi •>»;•>, do,op mrclendn mmstsa. iota luAMreciwi'e for fomt odo if Icrk-d to soati For- parncuUra aocm n **DKGOVP O.Hrr‘2'7s3 aa3.-qloi»tt F<fK Tee, ttoek ard CX'n'ft 01 a lint rate Cntt itoro and confec ticnery wl-hl-.H cream ara oyator coxa attached. ,‘ cw dr-io'j »ito r d onaiDbSi Hoa?sltciß.'>silto fmU oiriticot «&d »>h coomon ieaer 3;wl»v m&d terns For oarttsolan apply a; 171 .*ou*h Ciaxt oircsl,cr id'ircis 1 Ef,” xnouao otn-js. >u3l-q-8H FOR Sal E-Hay Fress. A new apd extra Jto, l Press for Ad* drees- P ** St CO/'PoeVOKccßoa 4010, Chicago. mpa>»pa!sgt 3?Ok ?AvE-Sc;>me. A n<jw fix .1? hn-ie Btauocery esgloaior sale cheap at 39D State sue«t. •. . »aS.*p3.Mi OH SALE A setn ef well 3 ’ -j* afe •ed iroc grev bogr? boi 9*r, fAprt»ta b»c *» high asoflva years old. c*a oescen sc tbas.u.h« -Wrg- co-lei cl Erie tndKJUh Clark streets. auSup»7-et - /_ FOR SAI E—A Kecaii'jitd Pre fcilptira Prcg Stp' dooK*’a ko d bail* zees,sad asi been PS’aOl.Bhe*! flve years, to; sale mt the oatreo of IlSca CAAb. The Dreamt o«o&r wl biT>r to irtin fa ecaeaquened of iu bemltb. For fcztbn* iDfcrTattonlaqmrec* fillrH * I>wtt«b, .WboldiaieD.-aKßisis. Q'i mad 94 Lavs street CIU* cago, lUnoia. au3op.-^-lg T?OK SALE—fine lot ot seimcned JU (two years o ? d) red oak maeblno rears# and fctadftr. maoe « prtuly for tootses barrels. Also flour barrel rave mad oeadin*. otsup4il3r quality. Icr bale. HDRLBBT BKOi. & CO , corptc ri#uX» »rct Ma-*--»cil atreeta, ca Piitibarz liaurJadtrier, Chicago, r.0.P05 3tt-13. sn'd-aUCiMw TTOR ir —A fins G:ic.ryand JU Pror.aloa Store, lam rood loemtlaa, wita-qjisx plied latte, on imeT,dolnc i good bavnite. Bsmsonsto ertcr Into Asotter bUbteess. Bor osr ic* mars aedrers w F.” Box 623, West Branca. Cbicaro DPno’.s. xnaupaadcc * Ip OR SALUr -Tiie wha-a o.- hall _V merest Is a light manufisturnr baslnsis that %lllyi2ida cet p;ofltcr4ij«i cio talra* quijtd, snail. Adi«ai‘Hß,'* Box 0269,CWcagb. must -qsi 6s ■ 1308 SALE A rkcmg and saw mjxDi.eaeh and door fictory. etc, etc, la a Rood u.culliv sn.4 dome a pmtUaali baadees. la> Qtnre at No 7 Boan cl Trade Baiidiag. au-.ftp'jdo Iw FOII S ALE Steam Eogices, one 15 ho;*e sno ozq SO tong power with tufu'ar ooilere, *ll mcomplaie jcaclcz order. J-M. bU Wajtuagtoaat. aufc?*pW3-« FjR SaLE—A Union Newspaper office. The Dooblm Conaty Shield Ociee. only p£fcer in tbactun^y,Ua'.cnis oolitic*, u otr<r*u let *»}« atmmcaib. Lli well anopltaa with trtw for hook scajou printing. (t hasallT&elerala'iyef* tinrg ardaycod puruiars. Uitiojv w w one oi the cost rapidlygrowlnx town* la toes a-e- A ciom application of v me ileysn years »t toe dm** ne>» is car sole reaioa lo» selling. ter powt jatho ata e, Address £l)3. g?* - &M, Dooglae Cosrfly.aiUiou. any-p^at F3B SALE—At Aruhjy. on nc.l? Central luaro-d. a no : 1 ir eityaioraas hestot lajtotf as John T, bosmere. Apply to K W,V> IJrranal atd car- Jftble Co's vn ' 4*r o®wr, c r addietw roll B*recte.fioßi3«> 10 o'doc- A, tost Office F3B SsLE—Locrmutiva BoUtars, •« s lacs m »px ,Iti -..ter, “a*" 1 ? aa‘iO 3E SALE —BLinion Saw Aliii Twoeailie*, thrse b .Ilasi, holler stf»o‘ ana mud gosr. P os i?S 2 -d VtAclL together wUb a liege 0 - f diijta.finctj.&e. A.«.«ed opoo tus ty hhi ■» bov^v. IT OR 2 AIE—At lurChlOign Piasc i/ 11S» Sooth Deachcm strosi, on the •econo soar, atuUty a: 1 cetava piaa'm for ?ale; 7 second hand jlancs, roeowoed xsaefra. for ran sdo tilmmlDi ; o'e£7*t"C)auhllUard t»Mc fur eaie; tne< iLL'buifcj aalu,hy J. PfILsIOM. aavip€Cs-l3[ FOR EATS-Tie BsQci-cS lease et grouad nerthwtut cor; «r m Msahoß end Jederva its. Thrrs aw two storw 2osS, **d re oidi oTifh*«d. A good placn for a Groc>?f v ? and Fee cr Llqoo:?. App>3 to L. H. 0*« o®Noa it Smith A Flank's. IQBsootn ■«fa*erat. aqiu.p.’gr-ay *|7olLJiNi.i A small sum cf money. X* Call at G & 0 U R V. Oil non?*, enrre Kuja’e grd Trioft streets. proTO ptopsrty and pay for thli advertlaeoftt. - anil qSMt D A besaher Case contain- X Ist % quantity ot Ita'road Paisa*, I%'iuae of B W.ytris Stnnt-ir. Bocaeubtam'hamrbi/ioply- US toF 2 1 aoSl-iW-it .. , • feSiameo. - muber. * * Win re-eIT« employment! ar< L?2? l PM. 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F>n l|o, Cc:woCo«i;y, ffu. soSi-qiaw AWTF-D—Deem asta fa penile ? » wsp ard bto wife) for 4“dcolmbJe »oite o' an* fumbled toots. iis ope cj locations on the Wur t>i»- wittnn m» D eim r r»»l-ay, AoiiriM *n,” i*; O.iJraw/rHOIM. atiSl WaKjEO 1 - A go&d-sisid fr..nt fOCffi. with permanent {'»r without board) »n a pnw - |*ir.u;.jora l«d> and catubfer. Aderip H«x P.n>t « ffce. vt-Unnr i#rnn and lacatrcs. wornsnsi be *'n -amiq and Michigan svctae, < r cJC«j*»’r*eu ea tof stlic. The n>n rt> fertocew» Iycl pjareqal ed. I; XV ANTE!r* ‘■o tat'.fr-.-oerii’Mez-i, * * in the Quartermaster's D«partmon:, at B*. Loots.Lsb.xersM ru vm?u.cnsb: tedtryrrj, «viper c-r-otb; Can.*:; n, ITS per montbr trtib r»dos« farntoed i*nd ire* tr* ntro*tstlac rrem CbicaiC. for .nnher tco»nr.iica JtQmre at 4oe«rinteoi Odce, 13«HGcnlt Cfeicaso, l.Unotn. 0. M. PARCOOK, ftavetatoept Agocc. ar7<-^*BT**.tn WANTED To rtm d-f* ror<i& ▼ T for a L'f« fn*nrAßce in aan<9rd!oA 'iptbeC'O o- Pire t earsreo- •>? C«*m n>ld«loii butlawt prrfcra ►{'« Icsot* a* et itfllfe pjr »r-.l uc.? * i»i be;rv*n rrr {nts eight pjnee Sf-fSu PCfS OTCcc Boz II Usi CLlco<o. / aag»pflg< ?t 'XXTA&'i'RiI By a yiUL-f can of f • t-o'dhf»«ne.i» h.anit* ( 4Q>) writs*ayced band* a a i*Qaitnc an P' rrer in ■» '•bova*l«* Cry goons or ceT**irnie. .Is well «.ct?b , »in r -«t «jto to city, ttaod reffrrate* *t*ea r-m»abr.f*n«iAt;'iQ ronol'fH. ACcnfA t‘vise nacj« nndoiaca oftortn -eei!*^t>P" Tnbato effle-, II'.. *a»3>pSo* sv W.AJJ-J 4D Ei.egcod' arp«i tera wsn'e? comer of Oak sad Dearborn str«*er» ncrl'i &ice. - - Bsifej.SLlt Vi? —A >oa. g maa wti> BcCftk»G»rß-v»bcl'frellslT'o sill .TOqnfie* - and CrU* % team, hob* reed somr} eeo. b;lijgoo« letertnees- Csl: attrgoOU«*&i r on; v «s.* twctnlZ sf.d I orS end go ? dpefe. <.eq^.«q»*it Ay-. ungFarosar, in das-rttua *Dtcn>3att and reliable, iorrsttozu and Arid v f »k a*dcen< r«l ntetnl-nosj, BTml*-f»-<*otn C*‘'n,*i-. W»CB3 Ilbtr.l’ /AddreM -M U ‘-•-IPS. or sppii et s«iCtA:as. ecrasr son Hioih Vraitrtueer, ronrin-t icry. TfcQ good Cigar- VsfeetA*nrtStr'nofrr.t«»wbo-a too' vUI teritd. Apply imatclstciy aiJJiWSonKr «bftn inter,becocd flooi. aaV-^iCVIt XSTaNtED All to know that * * RHi4l)a4Co’3 Ivin Pbotocraph-'Kaotna, me Sr nth Cl.ra at:e**r, »te toer nails pi and virile/*.- Admiiusee free- Be»atifm-Catu Ptjo t*’fi Atfcs,* for album , tor (Soar baodeeth cr ytP«rd(,z*n &!ze rhow*rspa, SU " aUSQ-tkitt WANTED 300 iidj^s»r.d Gen- Uerosn irccj «n bi*Wul the W*3t» toads* ag*tiß for c« ia.a- f PAitaran iorc«Uax .lot i»i*'oreit*-SAna #U l:n?• of cio» i c. dore u>»»l a every fad y. Knva indaceimot' cti’*»r»<. to S4*ni». STaoV A mom 15,. Un stalre, ; c' ciclcK’n Ba,!o!nar torurr or *aZ Dtarhcjs »trteig,Cbi.ago. P O.bonCSSM.. - ' anfSpOta-iw • « T\7A*TcD' Imait-GiAti lj t=vo » * »ord Jonroern>e» Pl*#t s r*n mad a Itm’bea iraa. Good waxes afit steady emcl*ym*BtneHl r>o beta -oß«il>a.EiiJbl.aU‘*Gf». at JCI mu2 i» »T7r>6t TAIaNTJSD— It this* ft'rottlcL meet T » tte f*c of CHtUR '*»• P fF.Ti Fo <RC3T» o* f aaeMs, c. w ..t> w»i- hear o* a-ivmnua<* ry c«i»"C»ii»ic*:io< *i b she ciMcno-r, PBS t KI'G, Bratnptoa Post Ofllce. Cmouas West. mnYl.p'iT-vSt . TXT a. UcU fr a* tlis Ea^r* • v wishes * 1 tlustloo icr f c comi92 la a wholesale lt retail iM.iz- r> m»&ema ■i2|tDTO»r,or would fuperiQtvra a More.. Ua* been 4& »he ba»lr»M.s«d )s«Oi qiit-lulr.'. • ouimacl'-m --'**cn# tdon ss/a to * .sOiirdA Poij geatyjopc attecnon a; I? j,Ttts as ryalvlLu i,c‘«.o son- osßt t * »cmd iron, for waica wo will ost tn>i huhrbi marSecpnca Couctry f>*Ur> wh jo .7 liw imp cirrC’. so as.« >« bn> .'njca?o*»n n**aad w,r **»; eo»r»eti'CA o. C. ?. byot'fl* dt f;f>„i/oa bs tier sat# mad fjnnrtrertif.p aaKoMt-sai £©aiiiei3=slseiUs. AH TED ’ Agt nts. Look to your iUtycart vhD c-tii Ml,! **,.'• Laneito iohss musty! r«fl mshio. 7 C.mrk •p->»«tlir, (tniJdacop.j «.u3t-nU7-ie Age*!!c X c»a viva #*■ tp"-ri referrsee, rotel! •*T!j<v Poluictl OmstT* Book ol IlMnti-, pas.n.'hb-l-BwaethiDa sew. Terms 10 aiteser. local ae*i’rj, emm un*i ..rwirni: Plalu ccsi-s fr axps. copies, S .03; croon '■?*:, 13 con:.*; order* ci-sn-. 65«*-e«a; ordrra 01 U", SO C‘0«o. copi-R vuh Ciap.» k c> io!-(i-ij d«lb, St.YO; Otd. IB of . s,'j: Ct&ti; oruara of ohuW* *“' criais of i»t,6* cet.ts. Fur-tUI par’-cnlars **icr«» j 8 for ctrr.rlar, vtth thr v# - etamu *llolo* VA'N vecutem, 170 Clerk street. Box IPK. 1 ;, AULED Aue't-- i.,itve y<xiUQ T / ty fci!tv»ral rapid.'/ a» lilte «*orka. IrclaJlna 4 -bK •u<-aiva kbsaou * TH> ASOLfvF»BJfCn /LLlABCCntTtretU j;*L*TTO*» TOTBEC.’SIfiP .TATtaajfO Kp-st ,*• 0? K <c B. ho.vtitus.B.l). Oik hotiUOcUivo Vo!a »-e,S7Spurea. Price. AiPaaterty eroositl.-o of’hr tf-nc'i'T 00# d*#!spa «t Fratito aao trr*ac«ii *&la. e'bfitiy.aidof -«b»tW3have t.v arpact front th:M k*o pawtrt tbs nJtu?p, jtveiy vna Am-*ntjaa «»»t; vsri to read U. no> 5: wo'k ar* s»uiar fxoct flee to twiot? saoscriP’raper day. Exciaairs teirtur/ fcpen s-mL'ecooiciet-Lt »r'shy m»tl «a. . receip*. of price r.F.Va.-. »*.s rn ,Pahl>sii*f•» »TA; P‘ttr»‘c:n««#“*t- CbJcist),lU» IKi ric* 1 fc Cipcliami.OMo. suS-’-i'JjsS; ~V\TAVTBB- A;eiti—i7S t>SIS9> ■ V T perm-nth. aefitf w-«c?‘t av-«»- wbe:etoi-l' the ce!»l> n?ed Impsov.;© Ner7 K«iv* xann FmaitT t>sv/r?a Uaczusm. ibe xpLCblo* by tbt»n&t#o now •» to-5 >Jt S. -?i OOtlfe* ward »or o?-\r.of6 b*-sa>'taL B'ans tamoma n a<#i*iiiD Mila aflcblzt* Greatest ia~*noe<n*cta eve* offered toaceot*. dddrtp#. ~ut stamp- Ttk 7« BUSH ACO-. x>r {be Called simto*.»». O. inaw»r Cl3l. Chicago, 111. \T7A>'TED —Hsadq_iiar- T teiafo? tiHb6*t-i>d Inca, oooa'ar tlcn wcikaever pnclitbJd: al»o W»r Maps. Photo* Gr«o: #o*l vcOi»U»s, acd portraitso{< ox Miliary 117 Bomb Clirk #t*«es. »h»!l 4 n oe»3 soed natrp fy^clfcuU"a. tn E.P. TREAT, Had Wbcitsmle TSTaHTED A?eLta to Prest t 7 dtai;ahCamp*lrn ucdal# and Bin B*4r«s* Tbeie r*frc *js and Badge* ara io a ivyln i ope* nor to aajihJPir yat-ctfeied so ib«* aad *ro foraubea to tbe u»de »Dd pednttrs zi p’’ce» tbit win show jxcm ibrm# to flye suadred sir cent, profit. B*ir pie Mortal ir either • eHow or «bH« m-*t»l, .5 eert*. Ardr*?«.JOHNStA3»Tos.fltaiajsaadS?aad Cutter, 139 tIAA itreut. CtacmaaU. >3 bio. au2i.ps3ip9t WANTED— \COO AxsatJ wanted to sell Cat)’ePstestlrdaJ jin PiacU.for Ua-» -a. eoyiforto an. and sella ncrar. t>rma’) eee. tor 43 eeatf. On* iJjjW 8. R* r-. Amt. Nerthaantoa. aasasjbaaat*. ifoxSSJU WANTED —AgenSa in this city f* asd ererj town and cciary w#*t far Hijtouv 'oi thenar, Kor-aero ana Sonihattf sides.andDUrer Ader#s* irU!l itimpa, M. £K2iNßX>v;FQ&liabtfr. 19(S k etraat, Chv^^n. flaarpiia im . .’’PLTANTifD Ainu's. Headanar- T ▼ tns for Catnftux Msdala ot th«.d¥fflii«al CardJdatei lor Pretiaent cxi Vi*a rretiiga* of ttia tlnl-dStat«a. A< pt*cnam*it«tw*nty.avtvaolitrs a w*ek seil'ng theta, samples sent on rec-jat cl a ce»*9 by trail R- a LahiJon, Ages*. bSL-.fset. Chicago, in. P. * ai^T^lct "IX7ANTED Jilid par ilooxh Ao ■ » Uve aud 8-'HASik Amenta la -»>« Army known. Honorable sod noitsi. Address to T.-% t> GAUGflAi.'.lltißroadTrsy.N. Y. JTSaWMo ’ \\i ANTED- Good Agents y * erery coaaty to sell Schca- Lera's StancaPd at!*» oi tne •‘'oila—Ujeb-»«A*raa frxthronceix >heOa'«d B»rtt. whatone *c3av aaysvhobM xriwl i-: (jar. i-andap, Agp-nt f hayrteen cuV acoat two weohs asd i hay*aTirnaw JIS iTSay. Send nn rjmediirjiy iftawr* o i the Olill c. wtLCOX ) umttra% shot^ajplyto fw b’LAxJPON, Geser< Artat to r tbe Isig Chic**©' ii L ,a3 W ANTED- Gbo»J tc =s'l ? • my new eastattn. or HUsd ® Cotnit ou a icnih.'* ayul ay achn nil jv. oao ot c.j old weetfl »rt*n tre: *• i rc»er oaxo »f-ea ao> l’csvthatbAr?ate»ril Uirslt." f>'or -oiM' r. rCi &t ItiPcrvsudßxek P-O itaaju tit texmx. PIF.K. t.'MAie, llliuoi*. ■T ♦< SSaant/h^ffiarrssau’nuEurj. "XX/'ANTEB — y.y Two toucpiren of goud'cbixjew wi»h to a correnicnotsco •ariib all th* Calon layng laclMihit*e»'ifl tow ltaiothen. Object—ran and icay he ecmtihli'B eeT'louj ut rviawarieoxet. A.-1 uneTiTnVVwerctlrrrnoVo. Ad<3:e»“W « r» *„* ,'G SF." ro.B.lCtb 18. Vet. Vola, Saae, Georjia. anUI qSI-lt WAKTKU* CorTeßpondence. Few ybaoe efid irtilMaeat ve'fran Soldiers desire to ccr»<soonc with »n vJlsitted number of lov»l yourg ladlaa. ObJar.L-sctu lays «d perhaps sensaielPK i# Kterthlactnel watla «\y»r nil l“n ?c»P«H atiwex.n. *dd»«»'‘NKC." “d, M HB." 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