Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 2, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 2, 1864 Page 1
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CHICAGO TRICON it DAILY TRI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. ®®oe, l»o. 51 Clark Street. terms op the craciod tribune. Drily, dellrered in dty (p.r . ' as Mr. to m»n o§ wJrfSSP-fc.S" 3 ™ 1 o-oo w «“9r.«W ,e .«OT*•<yew ............. 2SO . elrmtinlhs 1.2$ vmbiLortbiir coplea, oce year ... 000 *•-. ; ■**,. Icn A 44 ’.... 20.«*0 ■ ' ** -.twenty* 4 44 “ .... 40.00 And to tbe Utter dub, one copy extra to the per son ordering it. 1 ' BT Money in Bcgietercd Letters may be eent at i ear risk.. „ Mr The remittance lor club* mast, In all cases, be made at ora time. “CHICAGO TRIBUNE." Chicago, HI. ffiljicaga tribune. FKID4Y, SEPTEMBER 2, ISGL THE IfTEEVIVCS LUT RIGHT. For a week the political atmosphere o? Chicago has been Leary: with disloyalty. Tbe most unblushing' and shambles* utter fleets of treaeon, unveiled Incitements to re volt against the,Govern ment, have echoed •and re-echoed all about us, irum every •speaker s g stand, oh 'all slues among their audiences. The Democric< have been ga thered here in force to nominate a Preeldsn <tl*lcandidate. In all tbe torrent of talk and •hot harangues, which has brought on: the .McClellan and ticket, not one i •word of denunciation ha* been nt'ered •against tbe rebels inarm?, not a word of the peril ofthenatlcn at tiuMs of tbe tral tortol the Sontb. lupUcourrhls.onr citizens have hoard everywhere deiiuncutlon of- the Hjovernment, distortion ami anuse offsets, AWlth buzzards and Tu'tureMiud all manner of ' birds ofill ozneu darkening the loyal air with -thfeirßights, and all loyal n.istnls with the -stench of tbelrdoctrincs. It bra been a sore -visitation for onr loyalty, this r.oliricd car •rion that has been bronrh*. In upon us. It Is over. Wc breathe free ag «ia. One fresh pure breeee from Mackinaw baa banished all the odors Tccre is loy.ltv yet, and the nation will he saved. The .glorions meetings at Met ropolitan Sail and the Court House tignare i,at evening, the vast audience that gUlic-rcd ai.d lutened for hours to the utterances of tbe eloquent speakers; tbe thunders of applause thatrent the air, at the telling hits at tie speakers, all gave noble proof tbn tie nightmare of disloyalty was only temporary and local.' j The people are m earnest for tbe right, and their votes In Novembu will serond the ef forts of our boys In-blue. Baling for rebels In arms, ballots for rebels ut borne. Meet* logs like that of lust cv. ninv, speeches like those of Drake, and Knssoo, and Went worth of Iflfit ntgttt will compliment army movements In tbe field, a 4 d by both will the enemies of the country t»“ brought to ebame and their ■Close up the colnmns For - *»rd. TBE NK^ji, dispatches ofle-i ••i i r br live the graU- wed c i- firmaMon of the previously reported c»p> ur- of Fort Morgan, Ly Admiral Fanagut. Jt was Accomplished by a tremendous noniWdmeut. : nd fearful min of war xnitbUsp from our naval and land batteries. Mobile will shortly be iu our Lands. The wor in Tennessee j-- necomlnif more exciting irom the n.ov«ii JtM ,r, ol par ties of rebel raiders uuv a Nashville and Murlrccsboro. Our hefni -es are strong at hothjpnlnlg and our forces t-n ilicleut to detach 'loroffensive operatiofi- tAwetp the rebels from the region. Large bodies of Indians congregate In the vicinity of Ft Lyon, and l<Kh i a d Montana • * warm with disaffected men. At least 20 003 of this class have cone mere oTiring the past year and a half from toe Spates North and South to ascape military duty In Union or rebel service. These gentlemen will find they Lave not made, a ver* desirable ex change wbsn it com«a to* iUV struggle fight ing with red-sVlns to save scalps. Matters od tbe Wcettm Plains have a bad look, and this aspect is iucivueing. It will require warm and blcody w.'rs to extirpate tbe dangerous and m*sp»-r»te rueuites to the progress of civilization it. u»« heart of the Continent. Already since the first outbreak i the savages have murdered 200 persons on i theFlatte route, 100 «m the Arkansie and | .Lead waters ot Smoky Ilnl u>..i Republican; •captured or destroyed SSOUO.OOO worth'of property, beside 3,000 503 mules •And 2,000 cxc-D. Lwu i.e •»*!>..m the West, ns given elsewhere In our sty the Indian outrages on tbe Upper Armases nver /havelargely iiiLrc&ced during the past teiT •days. 'On the 19rli, a train itoui SantaFe to Leavenworth was tua.kea i.»w Cinnamon Spring. Tm men were killed, and a\l the stock captured. Gold bos gone op with * rebou-id. Well, il it declin'd a* Lbs Lien sorted because tbeDemocr-cy had act. at save the nation, coes It M-t roue ways to show that they made a I‘mlurr iu the choice of-the Cbirkahomlny gmv»--oiegtr. J Oar dispatches glvc .ur a h'gtily interesting i summary ol Mexican news but tram French ; sources, be It remembered, and so to be ' received with a gram i f cauuua as far as the ; chronicles of Mcximillitirt procros 9 towards | stability of empire i- conceruM. But it 1 stems likely t roe that Juarez h»s really a baa- ' doned bis and comes Ut this country. < Hon. Cnas. D. Dbake, of Sc Louis, tbe : eloquent and feurbss ebia-piuu of ireedom * In Missouri, addressed a deh<btcd and en tbuslastlc audience of 8,000 men at -Metro politan Hall last* nigbt, buldieg their closest attention for two hours. His strong argu ments and telling LIU were received with rounds of applause. A full report of this splendid speech will appmr In our next Issue. Tbe late hour at wnich it was writ ten outlast night by our reporters rendered It difficult to get it In tj pe without holding back our forms too late for the early trains. | .The evidences are that Gen. Sherman Is movirgt and for rUrchld Skai&st Hood and ILc rebel stronghold be occupies. For some time past we have had bints of this as prob able, and preparing, *no a Nashville dispatch elsewhere confirms tbc promise General Sherman Las a splendid army, in flue condi tion, eagerto close the thing up. and he does not intend to wear them out in keeping open Lis long lines ol communications, Georgia, from whose field® the cotton culture bos dis appeared, Is a waving eea of com now in the roasting season, which occupies the bulk of the cultivated i*nd in the State. This furnishes abundant forage lor the horees and excellent food for the. men, aud there will be ! no danger of starvation. There will ba news j from Georgia toon. ( GOLD AND PRIORS August Belmont and Tltmm Krtchnni who own, among m.ny other, George B. aicClellftD, put gold enough upon the mar ket while the Chicago Coi-vt-ntlon was in €Cfefilon to send it down fnm. 257 to 233, and the Belmont brokers reused to give over 210. The object was to show that the mere prospect of his nomination would scud gold down twent}-five cents. Bat alas he has now been nominated but twenty tour hours,, and gold on tbe certified fact has gone up to 317,anditsmotto is still “excelsior.” The northern representative of the confederate bondholders bay gold, beef, pork and wheat and bold and hoard to tbe utmost of tbelr financial power, on tbe theory that tbe gov «rnmcnt currency must go 4own, and all these things must go up. By boarding so largely they send them up, and thus realize an Immense profit, sufficient to'pay for the risk and loss of hoarding, a similar secesh set of speculators are operating on the other staples, and while the storehouses of Kew York are crammed as they never were before, these speculators Jet the food of the people rot on their bauds r»tber than send the price down by selling it. Such has always been the effect of extensive combinations ol money traitors durine war times. Is there no remedy for the evil ? List Hope of ibo Bobclllon. Editors Tribune In the convention that has Jntt terminated its object here in Chicago, the Confederacy pvnndcd ita last hope. “ Wall a while,” says Jeffi Bavutobisde-pt-me llj-provisioued army, to fats overburdened farmers, to bin impoverished capl taliets, to the pannt widows and orphans ol his bloody txnK«. - Walt a little,” do not give np yet, the Isorth Is very fur from being united against na, we hav* plenty of friends there • all the cowards, mercenaries doughfuc. a anddiajopomt- ed office setter* are for u= bu <\ arc about to hold agreat convention In Cb:cnro t*j rnve us iid aid comfort, aud I hsves-m my n.x-ate smon- them with what lands we can spin* to bay ana persuade them to act as we wVh. r H»»#a Uv. « patience and all will perhaps be well. Tout w ill do all they can to make the entire .«orth -JBco««rdly and bumble as themselves. To > he -urn tbesr chnuce does not seem to be of the wit at preser t, hu< they will work bard and as the Aooiu tion party has two candidates in the fleldtbey may perhaps succeed, and then we can matte nor own hnu», hot we must help them by doI offi-nug any ahowiif ruibcDiokioo, the hanierwe- fight, the bet ter we work and stand loee'ber the more it wll improve tbeirchauoeof «occes*t-tb*Tefore do not gvenp, protract the contest until next November; our Irlende succeed we are safe, if the/are beat. VOL. -XVIII. “l’?? make' the boet term, we thpn bc patlm and reaioinocr it Hoar kenttl ike 2?orth .hall wc help the rebellion . Tbe Primary Election* YrsierJay, The primary elections yesterday were an a sene, ral -thing devoid of Interest ana extixmout'* It .ecraed to hove been con.ldcrcd j forlorn, concln sinn that delegate* in the interest of Mr. Went. v?itkT? uidb ? rft ? r i ea - aQ d -ave in the Third liinth. Eleventli and Ptfieen'O WarJa there was no delegatw* 11 '^' be fahowii'gure tae eucceaami Fjeit Wiim—WiUlam Cor, K K.lfham,J. W wangbop. GeorceFrliz, Peter Page*. J. C Kmcter bocker, John R. BotMorrJ. N. B Itappleyo Wm F* B clhk»lcj, Theodore E. Stacey, Cbas - P. CbUson, Anguet Beck. ’ Seooku Wakd—Orringtou Lunt, Geo. H. FJinb mamiiW. H. Carter, 8, Hvlowum, Samuel Wfl hjnl, J.H. Unnlnm, J. M W. Joqc-, a. Waller* lch^h Le “ rttt ’ U ’ ScWeimln * J - -P- Linn, C. H t/tw? C. Dor-nd, John L. Wll*oa, L. “;Davia, M. Mornson, Peter Wolf. J. Q Dwuiu H r |S‘Sf"'~ P - P ' UU^al ' “° lp! ‘ Mi ler - W - Both w Hu> _E.B. Stone, Uearj- Klsmelr, B. Weimlbaum, A. Pardoe. Twlitiajer. Frencle, Pa,. nm? p vSi/S. bn u ““ lll - tLr - “• Broae. Jacob ximn, Avctt Moore. asjm 1 WAKD-rW/nard N. Smith, aeoege M. Miller, Conrad Scbmlut. hiiTH WAim—George W. Newcomb. William Shade, G. Charles Smith, Orville OroQanbe, Wal ler N, Willp, Thomas McNamara, Qeo. Bucrwtx>d J. G. Sweet. % * Tbsth Ward—C. N. Holden, P. D-ur-f. A Wemple, Loals Elotx. Alonzo Syder, £aa«eli 6rMn, G. W. Bobsuon, Bunj. Silts, Henry Erb E Btxby, P. Amlck, D. H. Howard, WiilLun iicui barct. ElevothWabd—G. P. Ozler, Louis Richber > . F. August Oswald, Henry Dea>, P W. For'b WlLiam H. Bison, Jeuw Olson, William Balter man. T»*k.Lruu Waito—F. W. Huntlev, L. Schultz, Ter, Peltw, John BirteKS Hein, John Kubi ItamrEEKTH WAiiD-j. U = A Camubs L Wm. H. Snider, Ji>bn Widdle, Yaienuoe .Micuec. FocErpsTn WABi>-FritzFf:iituan, Ferdinand v? 1 , * Jacob Scbiedlnver, George KoOolt, Anton Kcrgenbea-er. » Ward—Tver Lawson. W. S. Golmd. J. C. Grant, Adolph M-ller. J. J. Elclaris. Joseph Hcbn, John H Mnblkc, J. P. MuswelL Anton Potz. SixmajTn Ward—B. W. ■ Thomas. Adam Balerle, EU BaUs, D. U.- Lincoln, M Jones, A. U. Rcrcolds, John Heller. Or «s. Kteme, L. Lamparts. GustavCordcp, JLO. Sullivim. P Htde Pauk—T. S. Morgan, n. N. Hibbard. Diurr Committees.—A meeting of the dtl zece ol the 40i Ward will he behTln tne Maemen of tbc Uh'lch House, Friday, Sept. U. at 7# o'clock p. m. to take measures to clear rberoil of -ximptu aod nil <be quota ol tbe ward. The quota can be filled. Let every man liable to draft or exempt beprerent. Dy orncr ol tbe commh-ee, Tbc Draft CommiUe of tbe 7th Ward will meet at the eooon of Charles Fean, corner ot Maine aod Twelfth eirceta, ibis afUnnon, at i o. m- to correct tbe enrollment Hat of tbe »ard. Tbc com mitUc request the presence of all exempt*- A meeting will be beldai LouG S .-noun's comer ofTavloretreetandDlocltlai-d avenue.' also at «m. Ralser’e, comer <i istmpson and Throop streets, on Friday eveninr Also cne Saturday evestnr, at Sorjrc’t* saloon, coiner of Polk si-d May streets, ter ibu pa i pu?o of pelting the names of all those enrolled not liaoie to tbe draft. Personal.—SuptriiitcLdcut Porter, of tbs Mich igan Sonlbem Railroad, bmajrhtnp his splendid Directors 1 car yesterday, *nd -eft for Toledo with the following passenger* on board, the Compjny's guests, bout a Ean; ilcs-re. damrs McHenry, of London, England, and J. W. Kcnubrd.'boih p.-u®. inently Husoclcted with tbc historv o- the AUattic IT H.runi Bbll«bt; Jam*** Rob\ldt« of the Chicago <* fit. Locis Railr«ad; Pre-ideti Os* barn of the Illinois Central; Auguste lislmont,o Aew xork, and other distinguished gentlemen. FBOffi KEW UXUFIIIS. matters at mobile Before tho Sarren der ox Fort Morsan-Frum Lonui. ana. , , New York, Thursday, September I.—By the steamer Yazoo we have New Orlenas dates to the •Lhult. The iahasi irom Mobile is of the iStn. which «y« The work eo*.B bravely on. Oar batteries are now phnteo on a I sices ofFort Mor casaoo within po DMtlssk and it seems Impossible that the place can loaif withstand oar bombardment We heard last evening that on Saturday i>lcht the rebels in Tort Munjan coaid ha seen dismounting their cuns and bdmma the pm. carriages. Jt Is believed that the rebels were de*u\»vmg the armament of the fort, preparatory TtePnreerofthe Yazoo reports that oor fleet attacced Fort Morgan on the morning oftne Hid, and the rebel Central Palae surrenaered nucondl tlocally at two m the attermwa or the ssu. The fort wosmoch by the rapid flnmr of oar fleet. The enthusiasm of cur forces was nn bomded. Tbe steamers Tenress-ee and Bienville were passed In the river by the Yazoo on the B»th, with the prisoners Irom Fort Morgsu on noard. General Banks has rsaoed an order reqnlrln? the bsiike ot Louisiana, as a condition to the far ther transaction of bntliiess, to receive the Treas ury notes ol tbc Hutted Scats In exchange at pir for tbclr ovn Issuer. KJw Touk, Tlinr.«.y. Scot I.—The Ecaiino , Pott > orrerpendent writes as f lion s: New Oiueak#, Aug. 24.—The heavy bombard meat ol Ft-rt Morpun, which be.*sn early on Mon day, the 2id, is yierbape tbe most heavy which Las yet beeu directed against the rebel Jor ilncatlcns except Fort Batu»er. Th-* was obtained previous to tbe opening of tbe cannon ade. Ou that day, tbe morning of tbe S2d. came Farracat’s fl«t. inducing tbe and other large vct«<;ts, tbe munuore, the rata Lima and seme blockading ve»-»elf, wb cb took part In tbe bombardment iu coufancUoo with the laid lorce*. q'hese were slmsied oa MnbiiePolut, In the rear of the fori, and the heavy mortar pieces were planted wrlnn. Tbe ve-H*ls were stationed on cither side of MoMle Point, nnd therefore In vested tbe fort on three dlCbrcnt and tbe trlng froa d»wn C o’c ock as rerolur ana cflectlve ; but shortly at cr that hour it. became very rapid, Tbe extremely Cne sight from Fort Gaines and other poio'S from which the job.t opera'ions of the fleet aud the land lorces coqidbe witnessed covered field, and the appe«rauoe of the thebombardmectlsdesalbeda* must grand and eUrring. Ttiebm>iieg of tbe heavy shells In the f3rt,orover it was ronttant, and forioar boars the rebel garrison in that way an average cf afoQrbnpshellpermicntetif time. Tbe Mon i'Cis fired nl c!«-«e range; tbeir elm was asa*>a ally pood, aid the explosion of thetr It audio inch shells could be diotlnguLhed trom ibebarst- Itg ol the fefaells thrown by the other gnos which were ol smaller calibre. j The ram Tcnucbecu assisted In this action and ;cld good service, The large vessels ol the fleet pourr-d in ctntln none broadsides, end tbe rear of the fort was cov ered bv the fire ofihcarmy. Tbereguiardtscharge of cannon in various oirtctiou* around the fortifi cations, tee flying of the shells and Umlr load and often simultaneous explosion, cannot be ade quately described. This rapid work continued nil It) o'clock and then slackened eomewbit. though the firing wa? kept up. In all this time 'be reb els, who were driven lrom,thtar gnus, did very lit tle work * An officer who witnessed tbc whole of the heavy bombardment was able to dlsilngtiUh but four thotslrcm Kort .Morgan after the principal work of tbe day begun trom onr batteries. It dees not appear uat tbe rebels had aoy hope ol being able to resist the attack of our forces. The surrender of the fort, as you will learn from ether sources, took place on the t^d. An officer recently from the field of operations describes the prospect of tbu early cap'nru ol Mo bile as extremely cncouragicg. Tae confidence ot the officers of the naval ana land forces is com plete. It le asserted ae the opinion of persons who are biat qualified to judge, that the capture of the city Is ju« at Jeatihleas the capture ofFort was. The certainty ot that result Is not questioned by the officers, aud its held Chat we may hear ol the fall of Mobile much sooner than we hare been acruscomod to expect. It is under stood that the rebel land force at Mobile is nuile i mall. New Voss. Tbcn-dav. Sept. L—The steamer McClellan, from New Orleans. 24*h nlu, via Mo.' bile Bay, 2«tb, has arrived. She brloira f Clcal recording the capture of Sort Morgan and Uic flftira or the rebel ram Tennessee, tbe rebel steamer Selma, and of Forts Gaines Bad Morgan. __ A- The rebel ram Nashville was blown no by the Hctacc-met' on the night of toe IStb, jntt below Mobile. Sbc wa*S6o leet longand was to mount 12 gens. Six torpedoes in tbe channel below the lurta bad been fiebednp. Tbe Tennessee would soon leave for New Or leans. The Selma is doing doty In the Union cause. Onr forces aehcre and oo shipboard are In ex cellent condition. - ■- W JKOfII MEXICO. Latest from tbe Situation—Pftsht ol Jnarta—Oovcmcntii of the Emperor. New York, Thursday, Srpt. l.—By an arrival tp-caj trocNcw Orltana we have Interestin'’in formation from Mexico. Jnaoez bad leic tbe coun try, it wuMni.ont«ed for tbe united State* Tnia seema tben&re prehable aa bis ftmlly tad arrived at Ortsane by tbe etouaer Clinton from Brozoa, Santiago. ■u^?, c A. orl f‘“* , ' a '^ r .!“r B that Joirez bimself -lid lelt Mexico, and at the data of .ritin- Aw-nst ?“ a , Tcitc ' :m •£= Mla.le.lppt Eircr. j|e won'd bd detaiopa Here b. a ten d,,i qoaradti£& The Emperor M.nmi.llpu 1. pondin'- a concllU atoirpolicy, imd ie tryimr to obalo tbe adheelon of thepromloeiil men of all panics, tie Imd Jen the capital for Oandalajara, hoplnc to trio over to his cause the Juarezista, those whom It was ro. id r,red were disaffected. ■* JJebad aeain urged Santa Anna to come to Mex ico. The only appointments made by Uizlmtl llaii since be arrived in Mexico are the selection of Almomo as Marital of the Palace, and of Rsmi nepa as Minister. Graea is duly ex pected. aid will, by orders of tbs Empe ror, "lie treated as becomes bis rank as a General of a division. French and Imperialists troops are marching on New hcon, (l<halla, T*- niauiipas It is expected that Monlereyand Mit amtraswni soon be attack**!. In pnrea&nce of biscoidliatory policy, the Emperor has issued a circu'ar Jorbidilnig the nsc In official documents, or bj tbc newspapers of odious or Irritailbg epi thets as applied to those Mexicans who ere yet holein" out against the Emperor. Fc&rfnl Explosion of* a ftailway Engine* dt * ‘0 ‘TIW! lip .11 about three m-ies beyond foiled, tearing the cn- g “1“ pl^™Vi i d S“i , Sf; SJfSSSd.™'* r:tL ' r '" Tlic C«M Camliiers. New Fobs, Tburrday Scot. 1 —OiM _ strong tendency to The'all created a strong ehor*. interest and the purchases Ip cover tbc tbort contract* JiVe forced np tbc price. Mnnvof the ro'd-roSm arc unable to Infill their eugagcmetie. and in ttcact of failing ere repudiating. d la- T*/y large amounts have bwn lost durtnc the Ibe r “ 8e *“ ab ”“ From Fortress IWfonroc. Foni'iuiea Monuoe, Aug. 30.—Tbe 3C3d left fnr home to-day. No nera from City Point, xorrmxas Mobbob. Sept. I.—Lieuteuant-Geuer *rrtw«J alOlarotniat S:EO p. nu, from City Point on the steamer Grey Hound. KEWaBY-mESRAPH. FROM WASHINGTON AND THE Wa R. Secretary Stanton’s Official Bulletin. CAPJDBB OF PORT MORGAN -ITS BOMBARDMENT. Military Details of the As sault aiid Surrender. MATTERS AT THS CAPI TAL-THE MTLII'AEY SITUATION. Important Financial Resume— Treasnn' Items. THE PEACE COffir,ll33lo2 IBS DISAVOWED AT VVASHINGTOn, Gen. Sherman Again- on the - WarPath, EE 18 MOVING ON THE ENEMY'S WORKS. . FROM THE WESTERN PLAINS — EIN DIAN WAR. Tlireatened Rebel Inva sion of Kansas FBOH IIEXKO—TEOftBESS OF aIiXI UILLUX’S EMPIRE. OFFICIAL BULLEim Wasuikotok, Thursday, Sept. 1,1981. To MajorGeneralDlx: Tbe War Department has justrecelvedGca, Can ty's official reports: NEwOm.vAMa, Aug. 21, ISfiL Fort Morgan surrendered unconditionally yes doyatSo’clock In ibcafurnoou. We hare about £CO prisoners, slaty piece* of artillery and a lar-e quantity r*f material. In hours pre-ed log tbe surrender, about 3,000 shells were thrown Into tbe fort, end the citadel ar d barracks were en tirely destroyed, aid the works generally much in jured. Many of tbe pans were spiked, the care napes burned, and much ammunition destroyed by the rebels Tbe loss of our army is one killed and seven wounded. (Signed) XL 8. Camet, Major General. Nothing has been received irom Grant, Sherman orSbcddnn. (Signed) Bnwnr M. Stastok, Secretary of War, FltOffl IVASHTILLE, " Gnrrina'OprrafSoxin in fcnnessce, Tne Army Aavonces on Hood. (Special Dispatch to the Chicaco Tnbuae NasHviLts. Tenn M Tborsday, Sept 1 Later rewa just come says tbit part of the com mands cf both Forrest and Boddy haVe crossed ibe Tennessee Diver aud areudvancmg towards Pn’isVl. Thecrceelnff was made at Savannah audTas ccmbla. Col. Nixon of Roddy's command was with tbe advance, and was enforcing a wholesale conecripliOL on every man he met Tbe last dis patches to the Quartermaster General Irom Galla tin says Wheeler has crossed the Cumberland River. \t Serier's cavalry captured and paroled twenty of tbc 6ihTcDT.ea<ce at Lebanon ou tbc 18th. Tbe others escaped. One was k.lled. -The cncrlltae •w« re repuleed by negro soldlcrr, who foacht gal lantly at tbe very time that Gov. Campbell, of be banun, was denouuclne lire admlDistJaCloaat Chi capo lor nelnp colored troops. Tne Chaitanooqarailroaq «ascat tA-elvemilea south of Nashvilte by uaerUUs vciterdtv, at La- Jfrroe. There I- not >he leart excitement In Norbvillc. The p ace is perfectly safe, and no at tackls apprehended,yct ample precautrone'are need. None of Wheeler’s force Is believed to be north of Cumberland river. Ptre-ms at Athens state lhat,Wbecler*B men com mitted great ontrages there. Nashville, August £o.—General Sherman broken up bis communications, moved Southland will either compel Hood to mov- out and light him, or stand a siege without General Sherman can readily subsist his army off tbe coaa try ; the loss of Hood's wagons, during tbe Mo- Cook raid (five hondred In number,) and tbe sev erance of his railroad communication?, has -left him with hat a few nay's rations. Matters will now soon be brought to a crisis. Locismiz, Thursday, Sept. L—A rebel force, estimated one thousand strong, with twelve pieces, were about seventeen miles off Nashville, on tbe Murfreesboro pike, at dajl'pbu £ 3lajor General Ronsscan, wltLSa body of cavalry and infantry, went out yesterday and met tbe ene my's advance early this morning. Sharp skirm ishing ensued, with varying success. At last ac counts Rousseau had driven tbc rebels three miles towards Murfreesboro. Messengers from our advance report that Wheel er's whole force is between this city and Murfrees boro. - There is a consldcmblc force of rebels also at Lebanon. Prisoners and some wounded have been sent in from Rousseau's front. FROM WASHINGTON. Blatters military) Political, Financial onuPcnonaL (Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.J* ■Washctotoit, Aug. ifl. ~ TCOM QEAST’S OPERATION'S. Everything at Petersburg was quiet ou Tuesday as also on 'Wednesday morning. Oor forces are BtrcLgthening their works. A gentleman who has spent a week with the army reports much more McClellan lam among the men than he expected to find. Our troop t at Dutch Gap are busy upon tbe ca cal, which le progressing satlsfjctorily to the vex ation ol theyebels evidently, who arc resorting to numerous devices to worry them. POLITICAL. Tbe correspondence of tbc Unfen Congressional Committee from all ports of tbe country is as- Eliming a most encouraging tone. Vast. quan tities of speeches aud documents are being order ed and sent out by the Committee. NOT A PEACE COXMIEBIOK. Tbe BepuUlcan of Ibis p. a. quotes from J. p. Benjamin’s reply to Gilmore’s Atlantic UmtMy account of tbe vlelt to and then ssys ft is authorized to slate, notwithstanding alt that bas been Written and said on tbe subject, that neither Mr. Gilmore nor Col. Jacquees on the one hand ncrMf. Greeley, on the other, haaever been, oris now authorized to express any desires or views of tbe President of the United States either In Cana da or Eicbmond, on tbe subject ol a negotiation -for peace beyond whit he "be - has plainly and carefully. written over-bis own signature; that the mission to Iltca. mend was initiated and executed by Messrs. Qd; more and Jaqcets on tbeir own private account that they had no‘authority whatever to speaz di* rectly or indirectly for the Provident of the United Slates, officially or unofficially, or foT Abraham • Lincoln, unofficially or privately. BAS HOT RESIGNED, -The report that, Gen. McClellan baa followed Gen. Fremont's ezatop’c, and tendered hia reals nation of tbe* Major Generalship' in tbe rrgclar - army, is untrue. Some of bis friends say be will not resign at all; but well-informed persona say be cannot accept the nomioation with Pendleton, on the Chicago jes co platform, till be does so. - - T* * anUTIBT PENALTIES. Two men of the 2d Army Corps are to be abot to-morrow for repeated desertion. One Fnak Beading, arrested a abort time ago for uttering tro sonable and disloyal language In tbe District of Columbia, baa be*n sentenced to be imprisoned in Fort Delaware for tbe term' of five years. *• PERSONAL. Mrs. 0«n. Grant has hern down to see her .hus band, bnt returned to Fortress Monroe yesterday. Bun. £ B. Wafebbnrnc arrived here last night for service oa the Cooetcssional Union Com mittee, coxceiimko uehel desebtehs. An amended and corrected circular from General Fry's Department s»va that deserters. from the lebfcl army me not subject to enrollment or draft nor arc they acceptable a» substitutes of recruits WAfeHisoTos, Thursday, Sept. I,—A letter from the Armyof the Potomac Headquarters, August SOth, es% s a htavv nrtliJery due! took place on the xlcht, in front of Petersburg, last evening, coutln uinu over an hour. It has been remarkably quiet on the picket line in frost of these huadquariera tlncc toe 10th corps occcpledtbat position Qcn. Birney haj issued an cider instructing hla pickets not to fire ’upon .these of the enemy unices they advance, and then" to open a general dre upon them, ' The eflect will be to s-<re the useless waste of ives on both sides. Our troops are ftlll busy iu strengthening their difertra dn the left oMbe' works. These arc iot considered Impregnable, and our occupation t.f them permanent. There is some talk of rebuilding the railroad leading to Norfolk, and supplying die left wins by Uutrou’.e. It would save etgbior ten tales of wigun trans portation, and connect an excellent hjr bcr. Tte railroad at ‘hla end Is in good condition, • aid enters the center of our position.. r TUB COAST BtOOKAUX , The English commander of the blockade runner LtPlan, n ccntly captured near Wilmti>gton,bean tbe following testimony to the cffidcncy of oar- I b'o.-kade inlliat neighborhood. He sa y« and hi- I ttPi runny will anewermsny reckless new-ptpei i cPecrtiOLP,' That ‘the -blockade Is considered M troit encaged in nnolDg it, as a very strliuont cik*. ana capture of danger great, o-pecla'ly by fi”i 9< ir* t Hewa9 to receive three thousand doJ jars' it he pncceeded in running the Lillian in. He £bsjs ebe la owned in Scotland. ' • TREaernr ataxTEßa. The new Treasury resolutions relative to a tamo dmua declare that it -is the duty of the maker of ftfooentto affix and cancel toe stamp re quired thereon; If he ncglect*-to do so, the party for whose nte it is made may stamp it before it ta opto, bnt in no case can it be legally ittued after the 30th of June, Ir&i, and °°t * stamp, it cannot afterward* bo ef fectually stamped. Any failure upon the port . i the maker 01 on Instrument to stamp it. appropri ately renders Llm liable to a penalty of S3OJ. •. • .tubas our ataxTins. . The total amonnt of currency issued by the Comptroller ot Currency to National Banks to date, is $44,426,230, ot which there was Issued In the month of August $7,80 ,930. _ The Internal revenue receipts for August were nneen mhllou eeven hundred and twelve thousand dollars, l*eing a alight falling off from those of Jnh, owing to tbejanllness of business and the ncn-mannlactore of whiety, Tte Worcester National Bank, Massachusetts, and Itt National Bank. Crcetpolnt, N. Y., were to-day designated as depositories ot nubile moneys, , Partlna Intending to propose for the new gold loan of 1551 are In'ormed that their bids c*n lust aa well be forwaroea direct to the Secretary of the Treasury os given to any banter or backlog bonre. Nothing is gained by the latter coarse. • Mr. 8. V. Colbv, the new Beg»eter of the Trca eury, arrived ro-dty and entered npon his dalles. HUUSTITUTB BKOKtfB FIKKD. A enbsutnte broker, arrested here-/or running negroes northward, has been tried, by military commlsrion and sentenced to nay a One of SSOO and bo imprisoned tn Fort Delaware untill It is paid The subscriptions to the 7-20 loan to-day amount tosl',oiP, andtothelCWOloao $525,500. Ser*n million dollars were furnished to-day bv the Treasurer, two millions ot which are to pay -Grant’s army, three miUiona for Sh-rman’s forces, one million for troops In \Va-hlnuton, and the remainder for similar disbursement elsewhere T«o millions were recectlv sent to New' Orleans' VvAsmxorojt, Thursday, Sept. I.—.lohnJ. Weed ofllicoi? na» been appointed Assistant Solicitor oi the Court of Claims tie* McPherson. Two regiments composed of the employees In the Quartermaster's Department, at‘Atsxandrla, have been and the officers commis sioned. TheJWion»f Jltpvblican ofto-daysays; II Mr. Benjamin’s report the saying* of Mr. Gilmore and Col. Jaques while they were In Richmond is correct, they assumed a rcepomlbUUy not given to them, and made statements wholly untrue In deed, while on the subject, it Is proper to state that the President after repeated solicitation* con ■eluded to give Gilmore and Jaynes a pass tbroagh* our liner. 11c aid not request G#n. Grant to opee a correspondence with Gen. Lee to give tham safe conduct to Richmond and icinro. Gen. Grant did that on his responsibility. Pres ident Lincoln’s request was merely that Gen. Grant would pass them thrcnghhle military lines, nothing more. ' OAOTAIOK DOCUITEKTS. The Union Con«n>»!onil Committee will imme diately lf»-ne the following documents for distri bution among tfco people; Ist. McClelland Mill tary Career reviewed and exposed. 3d, George H. Feiidlfctoc, his disloyal record and antece dents. Sd, The Chicago Copperhead Convention and the men who composed It, 4th. Disc Surren der ot the Copperheads to the rebels in arms. sth. The military »itn moo atd the glorions achieve ment of onr soldiers and sailor.*. 6th. A few plain words with tbe heroic pnvate soldier on tae his tory of McClellan. 7tn. Arbitrary arrest of the Maryland Lt-eirlature. Bth. What Lincoln’s Ad ministration has done: Those documents will be printed m English snd German, end sent for, §2 p<rhcncred. Let tbe loyal men everywhere scad thtir orders to lion Jan. liailac, Washington, D. c. FROM THE FAB WEST. Tiie Great Indian W»r—Outrages and murders Couti&n«-Alfuln lu Kuu- KU«. Special Dispatch to tbo Chicago Tribune.! St. Locis, Thursday, SepL 1, ISSI. Advices from Fort Leavenworth state that the Indlanoutrage* upon the Upper Arkansas have largely increased daring the past ten days. From dii-patches Irom Fort' Lamed and Lyons, now garrisoned by the let Colorado Cavalry, Major Anthony comsoandii.g, under date of the 23d, we learn on the IDlh that a train of emigrants from Santa Fo to Leavenworth wa* attacked near Cam* maron Springe. Ten men, whites, were killed, and alt the stock captured. -The train was ahau doned by Its owners, and nothing has been hoird of It once on the afternoon ol the 2l«t. Two hnu* dred Indians attacked a train from Leavenworth on the 13th, teams with government freight, tra’n No. _4, under Charles McKay. • and other trains, ninety-five wsaona in a.l, sixty miles west of Fort Lamed. The wagon-* master was killed and all the stock was lost. Me* Kay lost ono-tbird of his stock. Cant. Hardy and sixty men were sent In pursuit, bat the Indians decamped. A coach ju*t In reports the finding of two murdered men between Lyon and LaraerJ. The Indians are splendidly mounted and well armed and now In force 150 miles sonth of the Arkan sas. Major AntUcnj’s force Is.too small for offeo* (ire movements. Ue thinks 1,000 mounted men, with a battery of xsoontahi howitzers, are needed to clear oat tte savaccs. Major Wynkoop, com* mending ForT Lyon, reports ta Gen. Blnnt the sjtnation at that post, lie has a battalion of car* * airy, much depleted by the absence of men oa vet eran furloughs, and fudluent only for the proiec lion of the mail. Lance bodies of hostile Indiana ore congregating in hla neighborhood, aud out rages axe oi dally occurrence. The ixjld was at tacked within seven miles of that place. A party bcldly mme In atuht ol the fort, and Major Wynkoop pursued and overtoot them, killing three or four, and driving off the remainder. Between Fort Lyon and the base of thu mountain aro nume rous uoprotecvi d which ibvloaiun* have begun to strike. Owing to his am ill force' the 51 sjor cannot protect then and keep opo a the mull roote. Constan; attacks upon the train* of the Government and citizens render it necessary to move in large bodies and well armed. Arms* have been Issued from the ordnance stores. Mure troops are absolutely needed. Simultaneous at tacks on the Plutle and Arkansas roared alike, over a distance east and west ol 4UO miles, proves this to bo a concerted outbreak. The savages hive murdered over 200 persons on the Platte route, and at least iCo on toe Arkansas and htad-witere of the Srcokv Hilt ana Republican. Tbcv have captmed, destroyed and carried off at worth ot property, besides stock, 8,000 horses, 6JO mules and 2,000 oxen. This la a moderate ee.lmcte Idaho and Montana awarm with disloyal men. At Uatt 21,000 of this class have gone there lu the past year and a’hal', The Mexicans are uneasy along the E.iterlo mountain range.'* A majority ol the Indians on the plains have su perior ann*. Enfield rides and carbines. We learn from a reliable source that most serious apprehensiory* are felt at Lawrence oX another "guerilla raid/ Scouts report that a force of about 1,000 icbels have concentrated In Cass county, and preparations aVe making for an extensive nld. Several pit-miner t citizens of Lawrence arrived here yesterday to context measures lor public de fence. Scouts report tbat the enemy intend en tering the State In two columns of 700 men eich, ard striking for different points, but their actual plans! are unknown. We think that Governor Carney will act promp'Jy In devising means lor tbls emergency, aud that nil citizens’ will heartily co-operate tor the public defense. FBOMMAWISOIV, WlucouUnTroops In Tlrsfnla —Stato Quou-Assestmeuts, Ac. Madisox, Wis., Thursday, Sept. 1. D switch to tho Cnltaio Tribune ] Letters received here elate that the 2Ctb, 37th, and SBth-W!sccn Jn regiments were oil engaged in the lecent fighting south of Petcreburg on the WVldon railroad. Captain Jarman reports to the Governor the fol lowing casualties Aupuet 20th: Lieut By killed, shot through the Lead; Lieut. Hassell, Co. F, wounded In shoulder, severe; thxco pri vate® killed, names -not known. The following officers are reported missing, supposed prisoners, anduiihurt: Cspt Charles T. Griffin, Co. A; Lt. C. L. Sboles, Co. A; Lieut. O. E. Bollard, Co. C; Lieut George Albert Cox, Lieut, M. T. Mathews, Co. I; Lieut. Poster, Co, B; acting Sergeant Ma jor C. D. Ripucy. „ . * Military matters ore very lively. One hnudred and elghiy-four menreported musrered on tester* day and Sol today. Four clatric.s have reported corrrcdor s in their oarollment reducing the num ber of men as follow®: First, 4,401; second. 7,533; third, 8,891: sixth, 1,554. . ThcJpt Wisconsin Cavalry has been ordered to ChaUauoOttt to rccroit and remount. The etaumert ot several United Slates Revenue assesHnenta In this (second) district, ahowa the total tex mainly licences aud incomes, the latter of which arc over $13,000 more than the preceding year. The different counties compare as follows: - Columbia, 11,002; Bans, 50.C63; Jefferson. 10- 912: Rock, 2*,639. ’ The principal cUles show as follows:—Beloit. 4,920; Janesville, 10,212; Madison, 18,553- Water town, 4,4f8. The political campaigp on the Union side was opened to-night by oneof the largest ana most en thusiastic meeting ever held. Hundreds were un able to gain admission to tbe hill where it was he d. Senator Howe delivered a most powerful and effective speech. Tho Democrats take the result of their Conven tion very quietly. FBOjK PHILABELPaiA. Ilio Defenses of Pennsylvania-! goodly Prize to a Cruiser Political/ (Special Dispatch to tbe.Cbicago Tnbqoo.) PmiaiJiLrniA, Thursday, Sept. I.' Gorerror Cnriln has Issued the necessary order for recruiting a portion of the fifteen reserve regi ments provided for State defense at tbe extra eev' eicn of tho Xegislatnrc. Three regiments of in-- fantry, two squadrons of cavary antf fonrbatte rkp of artillery are to be recruited wl.ffonc delay, and If volunteers are not forthcoming a draft will be resorted to hi thirty days. Tho time orswne'e is to be three years, and troops are to he stationed on tbe southern border ol tJo State, or elsewhere, within tbe Common wealth,' should their services be required at any other points. Surplus equipments. &c , will he furnish ed to troops by the -War. Department at Washing ton, and they will be commanded hr company offi cers elected by themselves.' Recruits between the apes of 15 acd to will bo received, preference be ing given to those not subject to the United States draft. Alter raising a portion of tbe voard men tioned above, the remainder o( the 13 regiment will be recruited, equipped, and held ready for service within the Stats Hue.' The rebel eteamer Lilian, captured on tbe 2>tb uU., arrlvtd off tbe 2i*vv Yard yealerday after nocn, a prize to the UnlUd States etcamcr Gettys burg.- She is a new iron side wheel steamer, ?39 ret long, and was built at Glasgow, Beoiland,.es peciallv for blockade running. Her original coat was (175,(00 In gold. Her cargo consists of ,500 bake of cotton, valued at $450,000. She bad »l*o on board 554.000 In Confederate coupons, probable Intended for sale abroad.* • J ... Sixty thota were Hred at her by the Gettysburg before she Borrendered.. ... ' ° The hcidqaartcaa of the Copperhead Keystone CHICAGO, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2,1861. Cub, on Cheernt street, opposite Indepoutleuci VtU, was il omloated lift niahtln honor of the noninatiota or u'e tbicaso Contention. Tue Pennsylvania deJega'.toQ is toha»e a recep tion on us return ir urn the Convention. FBOItf ST. PAUL.’ Frontier and Political Watters, [Special Dispatch to the Chlcajjo Trlbaae. - } Rumors arc continually comiag In of Indian de* predations. They are generally horse Bteall”g raids. Eleven gor'emmeat horses were stolen at Paicevllleon Sunday night, and a.jmtaberfrom Settlers. A messenger who has just arrived from Fort . Wadsworth says that an Indian was captured neir that poet by some soldiers. He confessed that he was one of the nice made the raid Into Bine Earth county, and thaP their object was only to steal borses. Asyctoblytwo settlers have been killed. The people oo (be frontier are vidlant ana careful, but not alarmed. The three men killed near Fort Ahercrombletlast week, were killed in lim s. • A cavalry force flursoed the Red De rils, hat they escaped. . . Capt. w. L. Bannlmr, who has Jnst arrived from Sanertor, has brought a specimen ql slate ■ fodnd in on immense qa*rry near there on ra» Hoc of the Superior and St. Pam Rallroid. It Is of the driest quality of school and roofing slate. ilcCJehcn’e uomioatloo scarcely made a rlpp’e here. -That secesh platform is more ihau any one can stand unices h*l« an oat and out Copperhead no matter bow much he likes McC’elaa: LUtlo ilac’b stock has declined-heavilv since the tele* graph reported the platform. FltOM lIYOUNA. The Beatrletloo on the tale ot Anna- ■ [Special Dippjfclr to the Chicago Tribune.} Indianapolis, Thursday. Sept. 1. Qen. Hovey construes of General Helntzleinan, in reference to the sale of lire arms* powder. Ac, strictly, end refuses to erant permits to dealers for their sale. No will be al lowed to sell or deliver any munitions of war for sixty days. To prevent the fraudulent traffic In colored sub stitutes, Gen. Helnlzleman to-day issued the fol lowing order: Beaded arturs District op Indiana, ) NoßiimiNDßPjumizNT, L Indianapolis, Ind., Thursday, Sept. 1. ) Qene&al Onnras, No. 21 .—First. The forcible abduction of men ot color from their homes and enestinc them wbtn traveling through the coun try, by recklcm speculators or others, for the nor- Ajo/e ql Belling them as substitutes in the armvia or bidden. J Secor.d, All bounties mu?t be hereafter paid la fall to the colored substitute, or bis bona fiae mas* ter who contents to his entering the service, ]q the pretence of the mustering officer. All other payments shall be void, and the substitute shall still be entitled to the fall payment. Third, Fugitive slaves, being found within the Stat»-, will be taken by the Provost Marshal and foninrded to the mastering officer of the United States at Indianapolis and be mastered Into the service. Hurth. Ail officers or soldiers In the service of the Unhcd States are forbidden to eo-,'a» e oirec*ir or Indirectly in procuring sarnttUmes lor reward or pay, and the military authorities of the State will at once arrest and report to these headquar ters every parson who shall violate the provisions of ibis order. By Gen. Alvis p. TUnvcT, A. C Kehtee, Capt and A. A. li, As soon as the muatcrout rolls can be completed tie 110 day's troops will be paldoffand discharged from service, probably by the last of ibis week. Tbe 87lh lowa (Graybcard) regiment, Col. Kin caid, numbering 670 men, arrived yesterday and sro now at Camp Covington.. - The meeting in tbo Circle last niirbt was a ranter. ilon. James A. Wright will addresa tbe meeting on Saturday. night, a-d lion. Charles A. Drake, of Bt. Louis, is expected to be present. The demonstration of tbo McClellan men last cigbtovcr tbe nomination, was coadnedto tbe burning up of four boxes and barrels. «. THE WAB lit VlKfaiSA. To Army Correspondent*—Xho sitna* tiou Below Pclenbarg aud lu the Ibciiandoah, Aumtop the Potomac. August 31—The rule requiring correspondents with the army to publish their names and elgnatnresUo their dispatches, which has been neglected by a number of the gen t’emeu, is again insisted upon, aind those who emit doing so Ig future need not hope to remain here. Itis alro ri-qnl.xd that they ahsll locate themselves with some particular corps, division or detachment, where they may be adJresseior sent for at am time. •• Attention is cabled to the fact that several err*.* ncrurr-.-* In th* riIPCRtCb Jjjg OJ.J 0 » August describing the halila qf the IDth • two statements are essentially the subject of’com plaint, namelyr that the 2d dlrielon, sth corns broke, and that oar Uoo Mas then forced baci The zd divielon, it Is claimed, did not break no* die any other before a direct assault, and our lice was nut driven back. Every thing waa quirt last night, and eveprihlu* is to dav along our entire lino, and the position of affairs is not materially altered. Recruira and convalescents continue to arrive daily io increased numbers, nnd o greatly improved fadin'* orevalls In the army among both officers and men Slgt-od, V. M. FROM THE SHENANDOAH. New Y«nK, Thursday, Sept. 1 —The Herald's Falling Waters correspondent, August 31st, eava • AvcnlTs Cavalry attac«ed the enemy to-daj oa the Winchtster pike and drove them beyond Clara sonvillr-,and sLo pre.ecd theeutm>*s pickets upon Gaiard-towc and Cburlestown road*. They were airoi-gly rcmtoiccd, and our force fed bock. Tb» result t»aa what was desired, and the re-occaaa uon of Martnisonra to-night is not to be ro git tied. The NcwTork Tribune's special, dalcd Clnrlos ftwn .Mrt,Pin Ute morulne, tsyp; Sueridan’s advucce occupies Smlthdeld, no l tne-remaindtrof the army U strongly entrenched In a good position a. tew mtlea beyond Charlestown. The enemy ttlU moinuma a fine In our front, but evidences no disposition to attack. Eirlv’a main force Is believed to be in the vicinity ol Danker UUI iSATTERS ITC niSSODKV. Guerilla Operations—unitary, l»olUI- Utneral Acua, St. Louis, Thursday, Sept. I.—John A. Mailer. Franklin P. Utz, Kubcrt Tarnstail, JohnLydem J. H. Steward J. n. Brisloe, and W. M. Jamof, prominent citizens of St. Lome county, hare bean arrceiedand committed to the military prison. Dick B»rryman, Bob lllctncy, aod Bob Gradr, the most desperate bushwhackers In southeast ails sonri, were surprised last Sunday night In 81. Francis county. Four desperadoes were killed. Andtrson's gang 01 busbwb ickots ambusaided a port ot Capt. Parks* command, snout el* 'miles from Boon-ville, on Sunday, and killed eight sol tilers, three of whom (buy scalped. Gen. Bosecrans baa irenad orders to repair the Charleston and Fulton railroad, 10 Missouri, run ning west from Bird's Point opposite C<ilro> Stephens* guerilla band, after robbing the citizens Sooth of the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad,-uu Sunday, colored the town of A<t-~i r ou Monday nlabt. They alao drove a crowd of refu gees to Macon City, a jUrty of militia chased the thieves ten miles, kilica one, and captured consid erable plunder. Aeeii-tant Adjutant Gen. McCord has just re tnmeo from Washington. Ho reports hiving ob tained credits tor Missouri of six thousand five hundred ana eighty men, mustered in since Jan uary Ut. This, with the recent efedit of some twenty-nro honored naval recruits, materially re duces our quota, audit recruiting continue* a fear dhys after the fifth, which has been authorized toy Frovost Marshal Gemral Fry, as lively is for the past two weeks, this connty will doubtless be able to dh its quota with volunteers. A Democratic mass meeting will bo held ou Sat urday nlabt to ratify the nomination of McClellan and Peudletuu; and a meeting ior the or-Muizi tlonofa McClellan and Pendleton Club is to be held this evening. FBOM THE COASI' BLOCK- klid Pirate Tallahaisee and a Hew cralseriliiblDto WUniLogiuii, rs, c. New York, Thursday, Sept. I.—The E‘era d' 6 Beaufort correspondence, August 27th, fays; The Tallahassee, alter a season of devastation, con cluded to spend a short time at Wilmington. On the night oi thu£stb,at-I;.olnibe morning, Capt. Phean, commanding the gunboat Monfccllo, while cruising off Newlnlet, discovered a steamer standing lor the shore under a full head of steam. He at once orded - nil the non to quarters, aud when abdut CU) yards distant, challenged her, but elielud no reply. The second challenge waamet by alienee, end he directed a package of 9 Inch grape should be pre entel to tho mysterious fclrußccr. The stranger then replied by relurnlna a shell of large calibre, which passed between the iorvmastacd luftinmast of the Mooticello, explod ing on the other side wlthoat inflicting anyoam-- age. Captain Phelanuow bccrtmemore in earnest,' and sent a £0 pounder sheik to which reply was made in grape, striking almost under the stem of the Monilcello. .The Mooticello then open* ed with 9-inch and 80-pounder shell, snort fuse, but was disappointed at receiving no shots in return, and then, Jor the first tune, dis covered that Iho stranger had suddenly disappear ed. Baring iho engagement a rebel battery of Whitworth gnus, stationed en tbeabore at a point a mile or so distant, kept up a constant fire, di rected against the Moniicello, but fortunately do- Ir gno carnage, through frequently coming very close. When day had. dawned so a- to make dis tant objects perceptible, much to the surprise of the assembled vessels, there could be discerned, lying securely under tbe guns of Fort Puoer, the long sought object of «thelr search—tho rebel steamer luliahasßCC—and there she et II lies, aud probably will continue to stay, unless soma dars night will be tbe closing eraol her career. Ad miral Lea designs to toko all poariblc precaution, and will tomorrow ifttve the port to visit the blockade off Wilmington. A few nights ago 8 large fast steamer, carryiu* at her atom the .English ensign and at Per fori? mast the rebel colors, entered the port or Wft. mington. Fort Caswell and the bntery nred a fiuaejoie. , Sue Is supposed tube a new cruder, or to have on board some oiMineurghed welcomed passenger. Bhe likewise still retiialoa there. Tbe Tallahassee b«d bat one mast standing when engaged by the Ifonticello. Tho War fir Arkansas. Caibo ( Thursday, Sept. ,J.—Accounts from White Eivtr say the taimttt along tho riv«r is advt with pucrilljp, who fire into all the pasting boats On the 2sd ult„ Joe Sbdby's rebels attached the Federal forced auurdicp tbe railroad between Da- Tail's Bluff and Little Rock,* am! captured neirlv fill of tbr Mtb Ditnolo, occupying three atationt on the road. t’oL Mitchell la reported ktlisd. snel- Ky> force is threatening Duvall's 3;eff and St. Charles. The rebel Qcn. Buford I s preparing lor -nn«i»p raid Ifitc.West Kentucky, dia WV&SdIS emeied McCracken county. G Ihclttlchlsrnn State democratic convention. roc. UU’sdsle county. State U M Justice Manning, of the Supreme Coart ofillchl gen, died suddenly at Pontiac to-day. 0 ‘ Mlcni Blank Cartridges for a Blank IVomination, . Belfast, Me., Sep'. fnenda of McClellan have thrown out a fl ig tnd fired ico guns In honor of his nomination. Dovxn, Septrl.—Tho Democrat* of this city ffred 100. guns to-night In honor of McClellan. His friends ate quite Jublant, 1 Sr. Paul, Thursday, Sept. 1,1951. military Itcmv, AOC. KchJ gliibertisrmems. House. : WANTED. . I tFirb to rent a Eons* In a good loratton, wltbrno o*m nrpsovtceat*, ra *ocd ord*r. Bancnobto ex. ce*a fS'OpcrauEam; .North Side preferred. Dr.J.B. WAIKEK, 117 ScqA CI,rK fctreot, Chlc*ro. rVet Offlse BoxiiAL . ee3 tflikrt Ct'.OPJEiiS, ATTSN’TtON’.—PeI- Vwcborsrs, you are obce mors reaaeital to bt Geraan Th?a;re Halt. TO-MoRRO v EVBSISG. flator.ftv. at pc. Sd, 1)94, at AH o’clock sharp ijcs’Dfts i.t import slice to b-» considered, iITOBDKUOf UMM) SOCCVTT. :* 1* B; D&S3KOW, Pretl'not. !£. Cadttocij, Secretary. . sei-q>i»U X r O'?lCE.—Chicago, 111., S.-pt. -v '_‘8 r 4 TJ. S~Natal RMTDZZVOtTS • A Branch Off re of the Sarcoon h»* no n-ewb* iF?ce? it the co'ter of x£«rdo;ptf toil Labile itre*sa. as fje cfflce of Morphy & Qn. There will h» •* B«r* *frn:n •it*n ,, »ncfl at»»gaiarhrnri to tiaaHoe re f'pij* fo: the U. 500 Ship, caroea-ers anfi ?cc Canlked sailed. Good war-.B will h? uiTtn. l»)0:d«rorjOENl> HABrr, *c*.Vjl U-ut tT.S Nuvy, CcamnuMcg Kroaezvoor. BeJq-Jree* en.VRR PSlAliti — The KJ Bt puree: *'db r ft, for every pnrpoutaoio »• n»-*»d for. ciT3 he Md.wholesilsand r*»ni. from tea aißLOfacionr?, J. J. o RUTU A f\>, 51 SutaftrceU KUht cent* • erib la beat's of S3 it* jno cßirte t * bcz or otsyaae. a. very i-beral discount to tee trade, •c2qWs»intt TO LoAN.*“2iglit -LTZ Thousand Dollar# • To Luna at a LoW Rate of Interest, For item three to Ove years, cn pool CJit-a-o Beal htute reoiintf. bono app leanon unu destrlntioa nr b ehazgeofC IV IO Letter BoxlBLO SJJi <BmUTEB- AND RSPSE- ior the Army or Navy furnished liOWfcsT rates Forone.tvocrtLredyears Applytn ' j.b.nnocNiN. tep! qISMt-nc* Court Route Square. T^/TASOKTC. —Tiers will be a ape- X*A eiti comnunlcattoacl W»uhaTßt»Lod»e No 60. A.F. & a.M ,at BUneyHaD, this (Friday) even- Inr.Sepr.jd.atSc’cioclc. ' ' J. E. CIHJR3H, Sec'/. — A secvcdhand ons- OPEKT BUGGY,' In rood naming crder, wanted by et2-q*fii-.t JIA» d 5 i'REQO, 12 Ltuallc ■ treat. T^TOTTCE - Having gold our stock jK, , t0 m «8«. KCNQ. *0.,0 i tb.selty, aT persons indebted f* J’.V’.'SS SfoV c 5K5k Sli’,¥'.'? K ‘ lto -E« cucuto. A. gß .,n. «.^SSS T>Y VEE OPERATION OS* TOE J_P SUy. Bn>Ksr»Aßß. CARTES DE VISIT, YIGVEITSS, Acdjil! cVrer styles cl Photographic Ponrattnra by i. dIN.E, 8S Santa Clam street, oopa eite the Conn Home. ; ■22q2sSit pu-f TPtS OUT AND KEEP IT „ IN TOUR POCKET I .—Cvcntt’s Photccraoh Ga’lerj, the most prpnia* in Chicago ii 157 LakesL. terror cf All styles of plmnns mrnum ( | tn snvtricr etjleanda* n-aa-avle :»-es “ 1. n. WM * M- EVsßirr, PronrWur. fiKLfcCT fcCHOOI.. Miss Pad deck will open her E elect School for Uisaes and noiicrtn. On Monday, Sept. stb, ” „ r ®”!® rl *falTle»Tccn®an<23liuetih steel. Iti-qJ.7 St Nf. mebrill, WnOLXSAIE DX&LSS Iff LAMPS, OILS AHD GLASSWARE, AND DA HP GOODS OP EVERT DESCRIPTION. anlS-piM-tCtnet 71 ft 85 Banddrb street, Chicago FOR NEW ORLEANS, &C. ■a. The fplendld packet MART E, FORSYTH, ot A b ,;nf?w r Hoe. will ba oiaoatched from Csira fer New Orleans and Intermediate ports oa Sunday ITT« mice: next, tbo 4th of Sept. % The lUicels Central Railroad train, levvioz Chics to st f«: isa.m. on B»tnr*ay rbe 8«. will co nactwita er. tor Height &ndpi»E-saee apply to J AS. WaitRACK. Agent, _ . „ 55 D.arbo nst?*c*. Chioigo. -vDan iaut Co., Apt*, Cano. ael-qus-Jtnat npHE*"»KEATBST MiiDIOA L X DISCOVBEY OF THIS Olt AN) OTQKUAO». No cn*-§< on id lon to send a three c-nt stamp to Dr brsiiiLEDEß, n.xStt. Milwaukee, tvw, ant receive ’ in return u circular ctniainin* v* uable information to both married and stoma. aoauprtattiaAltw |\f OTiCS.—Chiosgo ill. Sept, >st, 4 r.m S.KaTaI, RIHDXZVOCS. ABrutch Office of the Surceans has Often snub- Ilthad at tte corner ot fcaudo pn and Lualle sweets at tte office«-« Mmphy&co, There will he a 9or Btmi lr attrndacce av regular bom § to <x»mne re P**'* fc ,C UI “ u - f ■.Navy. 5W> FUtp C.rpentsi* ,ict 2io CanigfTi wanted. Ooc<i wag*a wnl ba clvea U, cretror JOIIN 1. n.BTV.AcI.YoI.LI°k n.§: liavy.ccun.bnCtLg Rendezvous se2q—gtass Q a DICE > KUIT FARM POR SAXiB. s.« F'n tFarm for ■»!-*. wlffim S3 rod* of Cob ? w. trnit . ’ •i lTl = d ‘f fetc?,n n sdnlsg OV»r ‘•C* l irutt irS'j, & piocortioc be»na'*"of ih«» cbu.fieM vamilrs. adnpvd to lorallty. anil rcn.'naal the lusbm f>rlc*a la Chscu-ro niirk*- h n-n crr,itnric< t» »tdp*nmlrte B Ttcejt-rd. viscsAacir»L«wtob b. Ac» bt r.iei,S acres rasjt>e-Hct 6t»cr;«»iru'wbems**aaa icoo«ea*r iM.enrr&ou.r&m bh»r,&f ;crcd*oii*BO uanaanmelylnented; e *ivsnjn «*• iret shove l-ske Michigan,o?(rino«lDe cue gar ipnthin. ci'onuy. a 'ar/e, flte rtw-ihnr. two st>- outarn, and otaercoave minrea; bain, iheoi, a-llls, banse, two fine rynnejor rurnm fc vsattr rear anudiag,c.ovct lots Co>din H a thriving villa??, with eood schools lKa XC )Vry tealffiy 80LStiy • nfKartherateml* JPricc* $1^3,000. 8b ; Title njrfect Tcaulre ofT J EVANS, t *' ftrWl f- BTANd » peni » llUMb * [?OR BRxJFALO The new and splendid Steamer “ WITVB X. O WV 5 CAPTAIN SMITH, Will leave her Dock) foot of fforth Dearborn Direct, This (Friday) Evening, AT BIX O’CLOCK. For passage Uckati apply to A. A« BJJITLB) General Ticket Agent. ' , . CNo. 18 North Well, street OFFICES ;< wo. Av »onc& Clark street, ( Massatolt House. RSCWHSOND- Be HANCOCK, Agenta, DEPARTMENT. M PBOVOtTbIASSIIiLQsnsBAL’BOrFIOI,) [CIPHULiE H V o*ISf ° IM - D - C - J " 1 ' BMlltn me«hanlce usd operatives employed tniha ftri<bsU hup navy ju>b or the Uousd St»us who *h*U be dratted, one, on examination, held to stivEe, 'Flu rot be required to report (or dniv order »utih diut to Joni as they reuum in the ■vorteaic fcmef, prov d*d ihe oSca la charge shall c xtlir that tt-fl: labor as mtchaoica or operatives Is niciEsary tor the naval or nuhurv service. JA.UK-; B. FRY, Prorost Marshal Qeneral. Inant-snn ship CAnPEKTSES, iOOJOINWRR. »' CfIULKKHS. TheUgheitF&iieswlllbe paid J<»BS P. HARTT. . Acting Vcl Ll?n‘.TT. S. Navy. C ‘majaniltng Header v- ua corner North Clark and iTwrth Water stretts, te2 q—U ■ 4,ooobbis. CEMENT FOR SALE. WILLIAM KIRK, S8 Market Street, (6t*q2&7tcet .XTOETHt*ESTERS FEMALE i.l COLLS GE, BVANkTOfi, ILL. Term win bezln September 13th. with nev add}- tlocai ana ertcntlve improvements la every c t partmect of this p. patir ana well eaahiuhert Inttnnthn. Frna’ioii for ht»anty aad healta ami ef unHlriaUprmlfufe* usanrpasied Coatee of ta f’jrctl:nifcoTouiih an he Eighea: male Inintatloai Tejtos modern*. To secure rooms application moat ‘be made Immediately. ACdret* / Kev. W. p. JONTS3, ee!-ql7lTi» AgcntN.W F.C M Etjubou,UL HOWE'S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by ttm United Stats* Goyrr&’ueat at ilia Custom Home in flew York and other places , FOB SALE nr DICKBIISON, STUftGES ft CO., Metal Wnrehoruso, acJ3 pS67 TCtnet 199 ft 201 EmioTph atrcal, Cllcago. 11 FES. OXS? OF SmSEHNO’S 3LA3IGE Double-Door Safe?, MlrchM llfch,B2 Inches wW»,I7 Inches detp, Inalls Ecaiure, for sals by F. W. PKATT. IS losnlle «t. [piiiS»i <1 __ ICE.— Chicago, 11. 1 .. Sept iat, ISM u. S. SxVAJr aisDMTOUB. A B.fcuch Office of tbe Hureeoci tat been eaab lirt.d attbemncrofltanflolpb pt th* cffice rf Wnraby a Co. Toe. e will tb ■ Sar gtoniti aii«atf»oce»»t regular boors to ezannue re* crnlre jrrtte U. b bavy- 500 Ship Csneoters-and ?C9 Chn»aeie -waatfer. Goon w<nc« will be gticu. By erder oi JOllfl D. HAB vT. Act Voi. Lien .U. C. l,i,T j, comnauuiai i. et dozvoaa. atS q—3:nefi E YE"fi» FIRMARY. lilt. Jf. B. WALKER, Formerly o< RcchiMcr. N. T- OPERATING AND COfl; UurLtfG UI.GEON for olfifssta of iha rVf* ASDEaP- flenth Clark street. soil QK6 StLCt ' ONE BTTNDBEE) BOLLAK3 inft be P»ld lor the recovery of tbe body ol C»»l. J»tri«« Clwey. lost oveibca d irom the «cbf '•ncr Bsclne, off Kewanee. (Tiaay uxorninx Aar 26.1FW. R. MASOR i SOSi? * ■ anas-pSGrttett Comer Market ft fcomoem.* He© i-UiSmisemniw j^R!VIA T^FA^CUOii,SE;* .CHICAGO, ILLINOIS; THE FIRST EEGDLiR RACING MEETING FOR TIES FALL OP 1864. WILL.COjfaiENCE ON' TUESDAY, SEPT. OTH, AND CONTINTJE FIVE DAYS. FISST RACE. ■ Bweer*ta>e« for two year cMi—Cash of a mile. TIM entrance, ISO forfeit, with »T0 aeutdir tne race i-* run. Tbno or more ruotczlbera to 1L1 ; to name and clcso thuZSth of August ISM. SAME DAT—SECOND RACE. . Mile hf at*, three In five, for all a«e>. Pursa SSOQ. i WEDNESDAY, PEPT. TTH—FIB3T RACE. .Bweerftakes for all are*. Mile beats. -fl'O en trance, SSO torfelt, (100 added If therac" ie rue. TTir ia or mote subscribers tu fla-ionamcand clcae thsSJth day or August, 1964. SAME DAT-SECOND RACE. Heats of two mile*, for all ages, carrying one ban" dred pound*. Parse *OOO. THURdDA Y, SEPT. BTH—FIRST RACE. Sweepstake* for three year old*, mile beats. *ico entrance, *SO inifelt, sßtt added if tae rate la ran. Three or more tacscriuers to fIU (be itakea To name ana cktae the Sth cf August, lEW. ■ BAMS DAT—SECOND RACE. Heats of two miles tor all agsa. Parse, SSOO. FRIDAY. SEPT. 9TB—FIRST BACK. Pane fSOT, with an tntlde stake of.UO.p.p. im« heats, beit three In flve. . SAME DAY—BSCOND RACE. Handicap, pnise SIOO. with antnilce take' of I*o. haif foifnt, iifi declaration; d%*b of two miles. En tries to be made Tae#day, the <lh of September. V?eipotß announced at the ctoae ot Than ayVtwo milt r*ce. ' , SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 fH, 1831, Heats of three milts, for all acta. Parse, JSflO. In siltbeahore Dorset, three or more eotriee re* quirtdtofili. Entries tubemadetoJameaVanElt*. J»<«. m, Rlrer street, Mileage Ili-nois. The two y ear olu Slake closed with four entries, viz: J. C. SIMPSON’S chief, by Endorser: oat of Jenny Llnfl.hy Deaton. ’ t. G. MOORE’S hrf., by Lexington, oat of Hanoi# Farrow, by le-p. Sbamnck. • Ei». 'IIuMPSDN’S b.c.“ Henry Ward Bsesher” by Lexloarcn.ontofJltlial.e^ls,oyQl-ncoa. * J, C. KELLY’S br. c. Knight of Sf. Qsorge, oat of the cam of Hiawatha, by ’Wwraer. •jheS'ase r«T ad a-eo clceed with Sentries: ED. THOMPSON’S ca h Aon Bckgr. by Mahomet. d*n* Rescue, by B* thaae, 4 years. MR. DUNCAN’S eb. m. Kata Dancan, by imp. Store Piovt rf ’ dam Madalma. by Bonoa, 4 years. J. C KELLY’S b.m. MonkCOL,bjitay. Sovereieo. om of lcUwilfl*aaam.4 year*. MORiON AND SIMS’ or. colt, brother to Marnmo na,i4yrars- MR. TAYLOR'S hay itaDlon Ptlmea, ped-uakno wn, ajifd ye«iß. Tbe tnree year old Stake closed with 4 entrfea. ylz; J. C. SlupaON’S br. c., by Builc, dam Ann Hanley, by lino. Yorkatnre. T. O. MOOkE’S b.colt.byLexlngtoi.dam Mortna, oy American ttclipae. • J ' r . KELLY'S bully ” Late 8U lag.” • REED aid LEONARD’S of Caroline Elchlazs, by The stabler of Cant- Moore. Ed. Tbompson, J. C. Kelly.Morton and Slmt, Compel, Onsean ft CoWare sow at the track lutaemare ajmeofthemoai, Do ted racehorses In the coontry, A" ’• Idlawild.” who ran on the Ccnteryille coarea fosr miles )u 7;VSKt “Bflwe' - ,”who ran and won foar races tna wetrat St. Loq’>. making two miles lo fciSfc : and ccemne, wlta 123 pounds on him, m tbe beet mile rnneyer made in ameiici; ,f Fan«c,” who beat “ Llgbtnlna” and other last one* la New Orleaie; “Sympathy,” “Abu Baker,” and others ' wt'l meet la tae parse races, aaa oodoaote ity make bctterxaccathaneyir before seen lo the Northwest. „ „ „ „ JAMES VAN RITA, President. J. G. Zvrxs, Scummy. ip2-s2SKt DAILY ARRIVING,' A SPLENDID ASCOSriIKNT OP. STEIN WAY PIANOS. TfcouvhTecfuth'avy salfs have vny grnatly ro Cccvd oar late are* awck or these isstramsatr. n o<r Receraiiy scanned to oe IN ALL RESPECTS THE BEST, WV yet bops to be able. fr'm oar r*»iutHr receipts, to ra'taioet of oap(o»tcme:B. Now 02 band and arrlv- Itlf Slj]ee?,3,4 < 6,£r.V1.13.&c - Aho, oub&t.” tome rood medium-priced Plan*s, 6Bt> a !»rcc number cl 8*»!ood fcann oaea different »ti well known irakns . fcMIra&NIXON. S(2 q2i9-:rret 2il soctn cu.-k stiver. ]>AWS THE LAST SESSION -O'?— congmess. G6TERNMSM. EDITION. LITTLE, BROWN & Co., LAW AMP FOREIGN BOOKSELLERS, "Wtisliiagton Boston - , THIS BAY PTOubh The ©OTcrnirett Edition of the 'STATCJTK3 AT LARGE ASTDTi SATIES OP THE HIfITED STA TE9 pateed at tha First Besson ot the Tmity-elghlh Cou- Itma, ]865-64, containing the Public Laws, Riscln tints Pioclaaations. Private Acta ana Trostun; mth Maximal and Copious Index: ana eahrscme the Tariff Tax Laws and a 1 Acts relating to the' War, &c. • EDITED BT GEOR3B P. SANGER, Connsellora^Law. * ' Royal Sto £92 pages. ae2q2H-Str-u*w 1864' FALL TRADE - is 6 4- h«iili & Wo>d Are cow opening an ELEGANT £XT£^gITE ftTCCK CF Hosiery, fictions, FANCY DRY GOODS AND ■WOOLENS. Northwestern buyers arc earn* e»tly invited to call and examine onr stock. SAVAGE, KEITH & WOOD, 10, 12 and 14 Lake Street, anil p5 21-171 w raxnat WHITNEV CO., 46 LAKE STREET, Manufacture the beat STOGA, KIP AND CALF SOOTS -PO2- Mcxi’s, Boys* and Youth’s Wear, THAT ABB JtADB IN TAB WB3T. • They also hay? a SUPERIOR STOCK OF EASIER* TTORK, ■Which they will sell si low as can be purchased in THIS OB ANY CTREE MARKET. Merebants will find It advantageous to examine their stick before purchasing. au2lpTM-6met kl WHOLESALE. T Three hundred hoses Seth Thomas Clocks; 1 .500 hoses American clock Co, Clocks; a large assortment of me dium cla*a Jewelry for country trace, Piated Spoons, Porks, Castors, etc.; in fact, the largest stock and best variety of all kinds of Goods in onr lire west of Hew York. - AT WHOLiSALI 0» RETAIL. American and Swiss Watches, Dia mords. Jewelry, Silver Ware, Fancy Goods, etc. MatSON & HOES. 117 Lake Street* au2S*pS47-10t-net FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. WM. H. SHABP ft 00„ GENERAL NOBTHWEBTEKN AGETT3, 100 Washington Streit, Chicagoy lU Nieto aitocrtisemcnts. MEN'S, YOUTHS’ BOYS’ CLOTHING De GRAFF & POOLE’S, Cor, State and Randolph Sts., £A sod 68 Randolph sad g£, C 3 73 and 73 State itreet* We row offer the LAEGSST and 833T A3308T MBNTcf i’ASIIICBABLE and PBLLHADS Fall and Winter CLOTHING Ever opened In this city, emsigtinc of all (trade*, from the FINEST down to JISDIDSI and LOW PRICED 60 JUS. nr“Wetaveiparedno palni to maka oar Stock one of the larjertand meat dwtraola to iclact from to be foaad anywhere. Oar paiehtati of b.ux For* etgn and Dom'eiilc Gcods wore made early npon a low {told baas andiarijf. Wo ore therefore In a doi!- Ucn to afford oar good* at pr.cea w-lch will enable oorcaslomßTßtOßecare soma of tae beaeflra of t&a rapid adrancein gooda; end we aisjrt with caafl* .dence that wo are prepared to OFFER SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS PALI AND WIN TEE CLOTHING. BeGV&FF ft POOI.F, Ccrner State and Randolph-ata., Chicago. _IQ3-q23B2tafct . Cabinet Organs! Cabinet Organs! Cabinet Organs! WSON & MIN. BOSTON, MASON & SULIN BOSTON USQN & HAMLIN, BOSTON, Embrace toiloos Patent Improye* ments rocn*l m no other Beedinitinme^t, AMONG WHICH ABE THE Automatic Bellows Swell, Automatic , Bellows Swell, Automatic Bellows ' Swell, Knee Stop Ac., &c., Knee »topV &c. f &c., Knee Stop, &c., &c , Usedby Gotti chalk in all his Concerts Usee by Gotttchalk in aU his Concerts Usedby Gotuchuk in oU his Concerts Because best adapted to Artistic Effects. h* cause r eat adapt ad t j Arxutin infects. Because beat aoapted Co Arnatlc EiT.cts. See Ttsllmony o' Jloro than ’2OO Organists. Sto.Tcsrimooy of jflore tlun 200 Organises. See Testimony of More tlun £OO Organists. Bert Be?d Icitrements for P*r!nr.Scbool and Tmrch Beat Reed laitimnemsr,'.r Parlor.Sc oalaadCcnrttr. Beat Seed Insirmnenta lor Church. the Cahicpt Orgars (Tsryln? laslza, 2?i* .P' 1 * 50 * ttom »uo >o fctO) ior live year 4 r i €( ‘ t . pat:tfaC ' ln D. Wo t“ep them “ d • Md sell, wholesale aatl retell, at 95Uafl£VuXA,CADy, Bradbury Pianos. Bradbury Pianos. Bradbury Pianos. Now in the Ascendant. Now in the Ascendant Now in the Ascendant. .Price, *3.50. Splendid Specimens Styles 5, 6, 9. Splendid Specimens Styles 5, 6, 9. Splendid Specimens Styles 5, 6, 9. Now on Hand. Now on Hand. Now on Band. Other Styles Coming. Other Styles .Coming. Other Styles Coming, All Orl-TS TVlol In tha o:d*Mu which received, Alt otcera nllei la ’ha Ord;r lawb-cn Bocsivsa. Alt Cr.eis FiltsC la the Order in Received, 30SSTAJTTLT 9KTTIS9 OTFXU PZAHOS Df SZCBIHO3 Coat*XASIZ.T GBTTISO OTUA« PUJiO-t ,M ESGU . -.06. coaeAjLHXLTaantAo owns pianos gi bxobxxob Ha Bradbury aad yon won’t want a Change. aßiaoburv sad jo * won’t want a Change, a Bradbury and yon-won’t wont a Change. Reputation neither Mushroom or Mcu'dr. Reputation neither Murbroom r-r Mouldy. Reputation neither Mushroom or Mouldy. 12T Warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Giber flnt*cla ? s Places on bled boosfat at ol( oclecs. Alan. Sheet anisic. Uq-ic Books and sit K'Bqs of musical oerebatdiae, at wco>B»le and re tail. "We aobere strictly to the oars rarer ftTtnx. OXO.T BOOT, ) HOOT * C\D7. jt.t.boot, £ 05 Clark street, Cnicago. c.». CAi/T. ) - 881-q37SScet ' THE BEST CUSTOM-MADE- mm' Ib tbe market, are manufactured by 0. M. HENDERSON & 00., Nos. Lake Street* OPPO3IT3 THE ADA!£3 HOTJ33. CH12400. Tbs? bare in ttcre tbe largest stock oi Casters wurk mtbe Witt, bni(ht la May and Jane. before tbe adracco- and will tell maar tsyics lower than Eastern prices. ALIO. A LAB3B STOCK OF Boot Moccasabs and Shoe Backs foi Inmbem^n. aul7-p4!5 w-rau net-tf gOOTS AND BHO2. AT WHOLeSALg. Ccnntrj deaden will fled it to their adraatag a tc «a raise our stock or BOOTS AHD SHOES Sow Sctdy f?7 Ui« Fail TrtxJfi. ft «u *c«i mann/iusfcjwa oe/ore the rec*v idvkcc-i in Leader, and we can atfjra to mo j PdICB3 BKIOTV piiEiISNT EiSrSH-S COdT. Orxr stoss it the Las'rt to tse w«n, coaflftw, mainly of l>es: »ari*r!ed wcrX- we mannftff 3’a to Ctlcaco rot thofa who pretk. Weiteta rattle Ecota, and ffunntee eaUiiaenoa 3 *HA 6 Mt«Vtoni« «oose 01 boot PiCX», Bit- PaCKS. BUHnEtsS Wl FOE UVEBdHOiia. Call and examinees 29 and 31 Lake Street. Comer TTatnau Averse, Chicago. »a 7 o4O>3CtPC6 POGOSTT. BASSETT A HTT.Tji ItriPlH WARD EXEMPTS ARE rctlfed taanoearat tba WMbinjtoa 86stin« Piik ccirercf B*i»doim-iSbeUcn street*, from a to 9 t’do«» every afternoon -nu »eek («c«« Ba’oii •j L ),»UoaoO wb-re Decenary papor* win nn pr«-p<rcd and iD*»itJC Hoi Riven, taat tbs D«a«» of an not liable to military doty cay b* ttnokco ttSSklbm b.vofhaeat. B? ntderutU» JTua Commit** * Ca*cs7t» A9g.S.lSBi. eoSl*iaMt iounulMid BUiti ZcUajieantm • NUMBER 59. -A. n* r> -A.T To the purchasers of MADE ONLY BY MADE ONLY BY MADE ONLY BY Potwtea Wtlla aadlaaillaata. C?“-Zr»3il lacHlne* extended to cooatr dealer*. Forecasts for foretja accciiLt tavinatcujtoaarj aaJ?-pSv-itaot At XO*B?T JfABKST Min**. For ule ta um-EUSlOtLdt QSO.POPS. 133 A CUr* H. Neto aibertfsments. ( W JJSTABIasfiED IN 1854, KOS& & GOSSIGE, BFCcsssoaa to W. IW. ROSS * CO., At their OLD STAND, 167 and (69 Lake Streep HAVE For Autumn Trade, I-aige dally arrival* of NEW £N9 ELEGANT SILKS, popujfs, MEEHOS. AI.PACC4S. »ELi«ES, ASJ ATX TUB latest Paris Novelties —IN— DRESS GOODS Of every descrtjtlaa. Snnerb French Embroideries, EOSIsfET. GIOTE3, - I’LOTOS, CASSMESFS; Ac.. Ac. lAlio in stcch an nalim'ted Target* of STAPLE AND GENERAL DRY GOODS, Bonjrht before tin recent great advance and each below the present Talas. AT BOSS '& GOSS AGE’S, 167 and 169 Lake Street. anSI-qIK St ROSS & FOSTER, 105 late Street; IsTE’W STORE. DAILY ARRIVAL OF RICH DREES GOODS, SHAWLS, LACKS, Embroideries, House Fur ' nibbing Goods, AND TEE BEST ASSORTMENT OF CENT’S FIBMSiIHC HOODS Tobefcuad westof Haw York, * All at price* defying competition* as they were all bought previous to th* late great advance* v , JUST RECEIVED, Clan Tartans and Phids In all the new materials of Dress Goods. Plain Poplins, tasters. Empress Cloxlis and Reps, IN ALL THE NKT7 SHADES, 3,000 pieces aew French Herino, ia , aU the new shades, at mndh-balow present vaiae. HOSS & FOSTER, N£W STORE. anal pSSMfhet PAPER HANGINGS AT THE OS.D STAND. Tho largest Jobbing toucc of its kind in the West. TO THE T2UDE. A Bill asaortaoent cl WMte Buff anfl Bfom.BMs M. -SATINS, BOBDEBS, 4e. AIOV/ .siail stock of CUHTAIIVPAPERS FOE THE RETAIL TRADc,. A. CHOICE COLLECTION In every departmsnt. New Styles of Decorations Ana » great variety of PLAIN GOODS. E. G. JL. I ASO.I, to LA.K: e street. aaJC-p973-3tret BEDDING MAMCTIIRY. Office and Salcsrooma, 7© LAKE STREET. y , G. L. Faxon. CJfTbfl best castor: work In the city. auio-p97G Stnet WINDOW SHADE Fixtures aad Trimmings. o WHOLESALE AED RETAIL. 70 IjAHE STKEGT. E. G. Xu FJtXOiX. 403*! 1977-itnn WEB£B. mimm & FITCH JOBBERS OP MTS' CAPS, m, ETC., Are now ready to offer to tbe trade a yeiy fall ar* ▼ell assorted stock lor Fall and Winter Trade, Embracing all new and ebolcs styles of HAT0 r CAPS. FOBS. LAD IBS' HATS, GUFft yUBS,LADIB3*,MISaE3»AND CHILDOBHI BZATIBG HAPS. UMBRELLAS, ' BOOKS, BUCK OLOVKd, HIIXKS3, Ac.. Ac, AH ol rMcb will fc* offered at tbe io«m» » , p Icia. All BOTKK3 « .ollat.llotSL?**®* MIM« W* WSMJO, B Vf AIIEHOUSE, DICKEHSOH. STUROES&CO. IXPOtTXH* OP 1?Ilsr PLATE, And Dealers in Tinners* Stock. IGEMS FOR IDE HOWE’S SCALE COMPANY. .al i i”Aun.: i ' NDoL ” H 5T ’ C3IC -«^ ■\VEIi-ET. PRODUCE COP/IKISSIDN MERCHANT I*aTADUSQEI> IH3J, Hrt-Pmf Tr«tl»ase US Klazle Street, .CMcogo. LAMPS, OILS & GLASSWARE, TOE BEST STOCK. IN * OO WBaT, n

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