Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 3, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 3, 1864 Page 1
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CHICAGO TRIBUN'E. DAILY TRI-WEEKLY AKD WEEKLY. Office. M*. 61 Clark Street. TEBHS of THE O2HOAQO TBIBCSE, Cll. v fp,r wpet) 25 Bally. 1c raan *-*1 subnalbers, per 6 months.. G.OO per year.... 0,00 "** einple copy ooe yew 2*50 ~ aix months 1:25 Club* ol four copies, one year \ 900 “ * * teo r 20^0 twenty “, “ « ....40.00 And to the letter dob, one copy extra to the per son erderinr It. t3f* Money In Registered Letter* may be sent at our risk. The remittance for dubs must, in all esses, be made at okb time. Address "CHICAGO TRIBUNE” Chicago, HI. (El}icagcr SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, ISU. the BcsrcanpaiuNHocuAßii-c. Lei the Polyglot Democracy rpcak’ i o r Ursa (’Gives. Will be iesaed ready tot delivery in five days, In a nest pamphlet of sixteen pages, a concise, com pilation of OEMS OF THE LATE COPPERHEAD CON VENTION IN CHICAGO. The treasonable and revolutionary utterances ' ,f the speaker*, and glimpses of the spirit of the occasion, illustrated by selections from Vallandig bam, Cox, Hanie, Wickliffe, and others. Also ihe PLATFORM OP PEACE AND DISUNION. Lvt Unton men circulate It everywhere, esps dally ZST AMONG OUB BOYS IN THE Orders accompanied by the cash will be filled In the order in which they are received. PRIFK, TWO DOLLARS PER HUNDRED Address Chicago Tamms* Coxtaxt. TOE NEWS. Atlanta *s ours. Gen. Sherman has won a splendid victory, cut the rebel army in two, killed the rebel Gen. Hardee, and now occu pies the rebel stronghold, greatly to the grief, doubtless, ot the rebel leaders and plot ters In and out of the late Chicago Conven tion, who relied upon matters to remain nn changed, and predicated thereon their ticket In aid of a disunion peace. The campaign In Georgia will aid the campaign in the North, and in both thehopes of the rebels will be buried in ruin Irretrievcablc. The opera tion of guerilla forces on Gen. Sherman’s lino of communications cats off the trans mission of details, further than the assurance that Atlanta was won, as it was important it should be won, by a. victory In the field. We have cut the rebel army in twain, and the next news received will bring the intelligence that our victory! Ims been made the most of, "We confidently look for the capture of a large share ol; Hood’s force. ' Don’t deceive yourself if you are one of the loyal men, who believes that victories ov< r the rcbtla at the South wQI stop the tr osouable claims o£Northem sympathizers with the rebfclli n. Atlauta is ours. Were Richmond to be curs to-morrow the North ern traitors woo d bellow still louder for a cessation of hostilities, on the ground of pescc, seeking but m reality to eecure time forth? rebels to recuperate. It Will not do to held back from pushing on the war, until the rebels throw down their arms and aban don tfcelr accursed raid against the Union. Until then we mubt fight on until wchave fought it out. . Ai the Congressional Convention in this city yesterday Hon John Wentworth was nominated lor tit ctlon to Congress in No vember next, and will be so elected by a ma- Jority that will place competition lor out of Copperhead reach. Several emsll-fry Cop- perhead lawyers sre understood to be anxious to be cun over for the sake of having bruises to show, gained When I ran for Congress against Long John” Yet ae that is alia Cop* pcrhta<i>coD£re£blosal candidate ever gets In thie district the aspiration is confined to the lesser lights of the Invincible Club. It is nr snored that Citizen McComas, who has been getting Lie muscle up to the labor standard by pi irate practice on a wood-saw, intends to run lor Congress In a pea-jacket as the Working Man’s Candidate. t When Gen. Shcrmvn cot loose from his caiumunicatioue, and put off into Georgia, soilc may Lave questioned whether he would j-u-kun u living for bis army. Late advices Mttle the question. Be will manege to pick up a lively Hood, If Ibu Isttcrisn’t too lively. The Me-nipLis-Gretada Jackson Atlanta Ap p- rf Lae appealed again, and taken another cuanee of venue ere tUls. The Trasrss Company will shortly issue a campaign document which will he every where welcomed bj all loyal men, and should Lave extensive circulation. It is a complia nce of gt-nre of thelale Democratic Conven tion in this city, as for os possible srf in native <‘a»;prr, M for whenever extracts con as well J b<* maoe frem the reports of the Jeff. Davis | orphu in tbit city, such will be preferred. But that sheet, witn all its blatant treason, Luvw too well th« barm that would be done to iU cause by too faithful a -reproduction of tbc treason shrieking in Chicago on Convention w eeb. The large coips of re port ers of tie Tbxbcke, and their phono- pblc reports of the speeches will. In such .cases, supply the deficiency, and the whole will be a roost valuable campaign document, in > Llch the irtmj-tot-gued Democracy will tpcak for itself, and show the spirit and In u nt that pervades the party of opposition to He Government. A liberal reward might rnfelv be offered for one single sentence ut tered by a-.y speaker in denunciation of lire rebels in arms, and their treason against the Government. The pamphlet w ill be ready lor distribution in five days’ lime. Circulate it among the people. Let than see what the party of McClellan and Pendleton intend In grasping at the reins of power. Send U to the army, and let our },o\B in bine sec *hat accursed doctrines "and loul designs belong to the men who aim at securing the army support to the Grave digger of the Chicfeuhomluy. The document will do good. . It will hold np the mirror to the degenerate and putrid party calling Itself Democratic. It most cheer the spirits of the patriots Vlio recently completed their labors in this city, to know thatGeoige Sanders pronounces the result eatielaetory as far' os the “Vice President and sun speeches” are concerned* Ah! George, yon tboold hare heard the speeches and }oo would have liked them better. Bat y* or overdid the thing altogether. The buzzards met for a 7*paet on carrion, nod the tZDCIe&O birds, and their lonl diet, and the odors of their ban quet have proved too mnch for loyal nos trils. The people throughout the land will bury the whole thing ont cf eight in No •> ember. fitcreUry Stanton's bulletin says only -300,000 troops jcl remain to be raised under the draft, sod that these will be enough to fihlshup the lehilUon. That Is just what the Northern frieuds of the rebellion fear. Confederacy is crumbling to the fall; and our home rebels and tbc Democracy are trjlng to prop It up. Loyal men will shake down the props in November. VolunUerirg In all parts of the countiy seems to be progressing with great rapidity. In Ohio, according to the Cincinnati Gczdtty over 2,200 recruits were enlisted In the old regiments alone during the thirty days cnd*_ ing on Saturday last. Each week of the pe* riod the number of enlistments increased, reaching 1,000 during the last seven days. .If they continue at their present rate thefitate’s.. quota will be filled by the middle of "the pre sent month. Volunteers will be received to the latest moment, so that if a draft should "be held on the sth, and enough of volunteers he mulcted in between that date and the expiration of the ten days' furlough allowed .drafted men, tbe latter will be released, Rhode Island has filled its quota,, and two. and psrhaps thre* 1 , more of tbe New England Slates will do the same. Four-fifths of the ( ptirc quota of New England Will be raised -without a drift, Tbe came is true of several of tbc interior counties of New York, and pcitions of New Jersey. Penn sylvania. usually slow, is doing pretty well. Onc-balf oi her quota has been secured, and enlistments arc increasing. Illinois and In diana have but few men to raise,hut the peo ple oi tbc 6c Slab* are actively at work to discharge tbeir derrf, in full. In the North west no littlr: zeal i& iiniclfeetvd. From va rious localities in Miebhian, Minnesota, lowa and Wisconsin, the reports are very fa vrrablc. Golo fluttered and fluctuated, and fluttered'* a little, } estercay, cloMrc at S4L The£ are no veiy large speculative transactions in tbe article, however, since the operations In margins have well nlzh ceased under restric tions, m d the purchaser must cover his pile bought * ith iu» full value. A letter from tbc Tates Phalanx, 39th Illi ncls in the trenches before Petersburg, is given elsewhere, and wilPberead With inte rest. « , Car dispatches report, dnfhe strength of anUtmin a frontier paper*" a vlctop' by Gtn Sully over a large body of hostile In dians* The steamer Hecla's advices from Zoropc, elsewhere reported, announce the Egyptian VOL. XVIII, difficulty Betlled. Aticw order bos been Is sued, forbidding Union or rebel cruisers to coal or refit in British ports. On the inside of this issue will be found the deferred reports of the speeches of sev eral distinguished gentleacnat the great Union rally on Thursday evening. A FREE BALLOV OR A FREE FIGHT. The Peace Democracy have been in great distress for a long time lest they should pass through the approaching election without “a free ballot or a free fight.” They may suspend their anxiety on thispoipt; or, If they choose, they may change' their cry to “a free ballot aud a free fight.* We have the pleasure of Informing them that the most "ample arrangements are making to give them all the voting and all the fighting they can stomach. The one hundred and fiYty regiments of brave volunteers from IndUna and Illinois, Who have been lor several years temporarily absent from their homes, giving the “Democracy'’* of the South a “free fight,” at their own request, after having once given them a freeeltctlon, wQI all re turn in November, If the exigencies ol -the military situation shall possibly permit, aud will meet their brethren of the North in a free election or a tree fight in their respec tive precincts. Some ox them were engaged in a “knock down” at “Douelson.” Others had a “set to” at Vicksburg. Some were in n “mill,” under Bosecrana, at “Murfrees boro;'* and others have participated in a controversy with the. advocates ol States rights end the opponents of the Lincoln despotism from Chatta xiuoce *♦ >re wno nave remained at borne will do what we can, also, in our humble way, to make the election interest ing to our Copperhead friends, it they desire a lively‘time. On the whole, therefore, we trust the Copperheads will cease shouting themselves hoarse, to the great disgust of all decent and loyal men, by bawling for a' free election, when they know that they alone have ever interfered with the freedom of elec tions. by bullying honest cltlzenl away from the polls, and that they will rest assured that ii; in addition to a free election, they have the slightest disposition for a free fight, wo shall give than every facility incur power, and there is no doubt that the free fight will ; satisfy their most sanguine anticipations. These arc no* "an army ot hirelings and [ mercenaries, a* ihe Copperhead papers have ! styled them, but an army of citizens, a grand jx**e eothitoZu* tor enforcing the Constitution and the laws, and none of ns have so well earned a right to vote as they. Yet the Cop perheads have steadily endeavored to prevent them irom voting, and in Indiana and Illi nois, alone of all the States ot the Union, :.rc they obliged to return tf their homes to vote Pcrhap ß the Copperheads, by way of facilitating “a free election or a free fight,” will conclude to prevent them from voting at home, ts they have prevented them from voting ra their cam pa. If so, look out tor a free election or a free fight. FROM THE ARMY OF THE PO- TOMAC. Ihe 39t1» II JlziM*, Tates Phalanx, la Hie *dv»nr*—XLeu* Casualties— fh» areellnc in tlie atidt. [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune,] Ik Fboxt or Pztebsdcbc, Aog. 28,1804 Since toy last communication, the 10th Army Corps has crossed the Appomattox Elver, and a portion of it, the Ist division, now occupy the trenches in the place of the 18th corps, which now is located on the line between the Appomattox and the James Elver. The regiment (SDih HI.) nor fill the advanced trenches, where s man the moment be chows any part oi his person, a rebel hall comes whistling on its deadly er rand from the telescopic rifles of numer ous abarpabooten, who are principally—citi zens of Petertbun:, and are daily detailed to prac tice on the “Yanis.” Not a moment ol the day orßnLht passes hot what we hear the con tinual crack ol rifles and the more heavy music of mortar bhefla, the tncments flying all around us, too loosely oltocs.lher for personal comfort. This morning we lost the ivllowing named men killed acd wound** : . ..... _ ol left eldc. Edward Woodword,-Co I, wound of left side, slight. Private William UarJeahorgh was shot through the brain by a rebel sharpshooter, while be was in the act of peiUsi: aim at a rebel in the embrasure of an opposite fort. Be lived for the space of one ball- hour otter the injury, unconscious. The same ball that passed through bit brain entered tbs left aide of private Thomas Shmkleto the depth of-one and a half inches, where I extricated It. Private Harden- I burgh oistingobbed himself in the charge on the rebel line. Aogntt ICih, on the north side of the James Kiver by capturing a rebel battery flag, which be p-estmed to Gen. Elroey In person, woo complimented him upon his prowess. Toe health t»f the Valet Phalanx Is good, and Us spirits is unbroken, bat our ranks have so thinned in in battle that we womd scarcely recognize the rtplmt-m, having lost folly 400 officers and men since we left Chicago in Si arch, 1804, on the re turn Irom veter-m lonocgb. Ti>, as a regiment, as a brigade, and in fact as an atm Jol veteran Uslnolsans, flriitlne for;thrce long years the battle* of our country, feel that the actoftiielUlbol* Copperhead Leglsla-ure, in not pcnnlttli g soldiers to vote, is base, contemptible, and an insult to men who have voluntarily offered their servlets, aiid lives if need put down the rebellion. The set of disfranchising ua from | thebblloM-ox wlil reflect sadly upon them by and ; bye, and would to God that soldiers in the field i could preach to them in a practical manner at the : preset t time. The whole army is for Old Abe, ana ibe J wee at present in tbc held will avain seat him in the execoilve chair despite the well-known ’ opposition of the Convention of traitois at Chica go the coming week. If we had no traitors at home to fight, those in | our front would have yielded lotg ere this. ' GEORGE S&IVDEBS. TVBXS | I *• Tell Fillmore lot to Oppose,*) J Waebxkgtox. Friday, Sept, 2.—The Bepulllccm | says the following dispatch passed through the ; Portland,'2!e., telegraph office yesterday: i St. CATUzmxzs, Canada, Sept. 2. To Bon. B. Weir, Halifax: Platform and Presidential nominee unsatisfac tory. Vica-rnssmEKT axd speeches veet bxtis. PAcronr r Tell Fillmore not to oppose, # (Signed) Geo. F. Saxbcrs. FBOU THE PIAIAS. Reported Tlclory over an Indian Band of Uarrion. bt. Loris. Friday. September 2.—The Sioux City (Iowa) Sfgi Ur of the 27th ultimo says; Mr. SJl.ol»bc Quartermaster's department, just ar rived from Port Union, reports that a battle oc curred between Gen. Sally's command and aboot 6,000 isolate, nf ar Ernie itlver, July 25th, in which the latter were debated with the loss of 150. Our Joes was SklOed and 2Sor 3.1 wounded. Waehh4gton, Friday, Sept- 2.—An official die* patch received Cere t<*-day says the murders and depredations oo the Plains are committed by com* paraevely few of the several Indian tribes. It Is understood that the Indian. Bureau has sent thither. a epeciol agent with a view *io the pacification of the disaffected e&vagvs. The fact may not he generally known that the Governor of Colorado has is has issued a proclamation urging either Individ uals or armed organizations to kill and destroy the hostile Indians, and etlae their property, dl«- tingnibhlsg between them ana those who are friendly. This proceeding of the Governor is in dependent of the Federal authorities, and may In crease rather than lessen the calamities to which settlers and emigrants tue now exposed. LATER FBO9I EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE HECLA. HautaX Friday, Sept. 2.—The blearner Heels, from Liverpool 23d and Queenstown 2«h, has ar rived here. The difficulties between the Egyptian Gorem ment and the United Stales have been adjusted. The Erltish Custom authorities have issued or* d( re that no ships of war ol either of the American bclihrerenTs ehad be al'owed to enter aoj English port for the purpose of being dismantled and ceded. mtrvniciil. LnxnrooL, Aug. irregular. Bread staffs quiet. Provisions dait Produce quiet and Pl CoicU SSHOS9 for money; nunoia Central ebvrea4sK®4itf discount; Erie 41 @42, n attvay, Friday, Sept. S.—Tae steamer Heda, from Liverpool 25d, via Qneenstown 28fh, arrived here title morning. Her dates are Uuce days later than alrcaoy received. • _ - , . , The Tuna' d»y artide says Frankfort advices show a low of faith in United States bonds, large talca ha Tim; depressed prices to 3d, which is three per ct-nt below the laet quotations from New York. The .Doily Jfnct sbjb there are rumors of a pro jected new Confederate loan. Order bat been restored m Belfast, where tbers l as beer no rioting since the tilth. UTKST—rotninipuT IrvERTOOn, Aug. 24.—Cotton dosing irregolar, with a fair dcm aid: good qualities, full prions quotations. Brcadstuffa quiet and steady. Fro. virion market du'l. except lor lard, which is firm er. Produce market generally firm and steady. ABBITAL OP THE CALEDONIA, , St. Jobss, N. F., SesUl. via Port Hood, Friday, Sept. 2.—The steamship Caledonia, from Glasgow, SGth, passed Cspe Bace this evening. Her advices ate two days later than the Heels’s, bnt d eaot poMS»H any iieuu of importance. . No commercial advices nave been received by her. Advices from Frankfort State that recent facts bare suddenly-begun to disturb Ine eager faith of luvwtors In United States bonds. It was known at Frankfort that nnny German orders bad been countermanded. Apprehensions are beatnulng to be expressed that the new November dividend may be lust and that It will Hot be paid in specie. ToYTlkom it may Concern, Waphikotos, Pitday, Sept. Corwin is (necavorinc to Induce President Lincoln to modi fy the manifesto to whom u may concern. Down Again, _ 'IS?*: A' rit,By * Sept. 2.—Gold dWfd to sight at 244 at the evening board, HEWS BY TELEGRAPH. AfiUT JOE PEACE SNEAKS. Gen. Sherman lias Taken Atlanta, OUR ARMY OCCUPIED THE THE CITY YESTERDAY. THE REBELS PREVIOUS LY DEFEATED WITH HEAVY LOSS. Sherman Wins a Splendid Vic tory—The Rebel General Hardee Hilled. ROOD’S ARMY GUT IH TWO OUR SUCCESS IS COM PLETE. Hebei Guerillas Have Since .Cut the Telegraph. ■WATTERS AT WASHISGTOK— POLITICAL AUD MILITARY. Secretary Stanton’s Official Bul- letin. ONLY 300,000 TROOPS TO BE RAISED—THESE ENOUGH. The Public E eht-Depart- ment Matters. FEOM THE PLMSS —GEN. SOLLY DEFEATS 5,000 INDIANS. Missouri Sews- Guerilla Opera- tions. HOW 6EO.N. SAWDERS LIKES THE CHICAGO NOMIHA- _ TIOHS. Tail of Ticket and Speeches “ Sat isfactory to Canadian-Rebels.” THE WAE IN YXEGIHIA-AV "faxes at dutch gap ahd BELOW PETEEBBUEG. The Situation in the Sheiv andoah Valley. LATCH FBOH ETBOPE—ARBIVAL OF XHC smai£B ti£CLA, OFfiCUL BVLtETIH. WAQ DrPXBTXEST, I TCasizxsgtok, Friday, Sept. 2. f To llsjor General Dix: This Department has received intelligence this evening that General Sherman 1 * advance entered Atlanta about noon to-day. The particulars have not yet been received, but telegraphic communi cation during the night with Atlanta direct la ex pected. * It 1b ascertained with reasonable certainty that the naval and other credits required by the act of Congress, will amount to about 300,000, Including New York, which has not been reported yet to this department, eo that the President’s callof Jolylfii is practically reduced to 9Q0,0C0 man to take the place of t x Tint— The new enlistments in the navy. /Second—The casualties of battle, sickness, pris oners and desertion. Third—The 100 (Jays’ troops sod all others going out by expiration of service/this fall, • One hundred thousand new troops promptly for* xdehcd are all that Gen. Grant aeks for the capture of Blcnmond audio give a finishing blow to the rebel forces jet in the field. The residue cf the call would be adequate for garrisons in forts ana to guard all the lines of communication and free the country from guerillas, give security to trade, protect commerce and travel, and establish' peace, order and tranquility in every State. (Signed) E. 3L Staxtok, Secretary of War. ATLANTA IS OtBS. General Sherman’s Army Occupied the C'Hy lealorday. . N , . OFFICIAL BULLETIN, Wan Dbpartmzkt, I Wasiusgtok, Friday, Bept. S.} . TCiTaJor-General Lix: The follow!os tdcsism from . General Slocum, dated this day, is Atlanta, and just received, confirms the capture of that city: General Sherman has taken Atlanta. The SOtb Corps occupies the city. The main body is on tbe main road, near East Point. A battle was fooght near that point, in which General Sherman was socccesiol, but the particulars are aotknown. .Signed. H. W. Snoccn, Maj. Gen. An unofficial report states that a battle was fonpht near East Point by General Sherman with Hood. Therehel army was cut in two, with very heavy losses to the enemy, and General Hardee was lolled. Onr loss is not known. Sfcned. .E, IT, Szastok, Sec. of War. Kaj-tteuxe, Friday, Sept, 2, JSSt—General Sher man’* advance entered Atlanta this Friday morn mp, at 11 o’clock. The ■whole Federal force will enter to-day. pmT.i-niT.TmiA, Friday, Sept. 2.— A well-founded report this afternoon says that General Sherman occupies Atlanta, A semi-official dispatch is said to be the basis of the report. ZATZB. Publidelfbu., Friday, Sept. 2,—midnight.—A telegram has just been received from a source of the highest credit, dated Marietta, Georgia, stating that cor advance cuard entered Atlanta this morning. Lociavms, Friday, Sept. 9—Brigadier General Eaton, commanding the Western District of Sen tncky,hs»jnstrccelTeda telegram from the front announcing that Sherman's advance entered At lanta at 9 o’clock this morning, No farther par ticular*. FBOJI WASHI.ICXOjr. matters Politico], military and Gene* ml. [Special Dispatch io the Chicago Tribunal Washington, Friday, Sept. 2. POLITICAL. The Copperheads got np a smalls ratification meeting last night and propose to do a big thing on the 17th inet. Union men generally regard Me* Clellan as an easier man to beat than Gov. Sey mour would have been. The Chicago platform baa become understood in its subserviency to Je£. Davis. Much cariosity is expressed aSjta ihe man nerin which he who once had command of our army will pot himself npon It Several of that class of soldiers known as bounty jumpers haveheen drowned recently in attempting to swim the Potomac, near Georgetown. The quota of ibis district yet due under thq las' call. Is believed to be about two thousand, and exemption clubs are quite the rage, and in George town persons pay in oho hundred dollars each and the aggregate land is to be equally divided among tbe members drafted, unless substitutes are pro cured. Advices from Petersburg are that there was the usual artillery and picket firing there. On Wednes day some important change of position on” the CHICAGO, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3,186* partlof Ffcveral divisions of oar troops were nude daring ihe day. THE PUBLIC DEBT. Tbc following Is a correct statement or the pyb he debt, as appear* from the* hook?, Treasurer's returns and requisitions in the Treasury Depart ment on the EOth of August: - Debt bearing interest in coin $5®>,*99,491.80: interest, $53,349,479.90. hearing interest in lawful money, $469,167,004,611: Interest, SSI'IM,6H33; debt on which interest baa ceased, $357,470.09: debt bearing no interest, $519,111,267.40; total amount outstanding $1,876,625,233.90; total inter eat amount to $78.79:-,000,-whlJe the amount in the Treasury snbjict to draft S over $17,000,090. The am coot of ifactional currency In circulation is nearly four and a ha>f millions.- - A comparison of Azores shows that in tbc last two months the public dcot has bees Increased one hundred at d debars. Certificates ol Indebtedness bare been increased forty-two nod one-half millions. Tbc thirty Tears* loan has decreased twenty mil lions* Three > ear’s compound interest notes bare been inacafed forty-two millions. Fractional currency has been Increased -two tuitions ouc hon drea and iliirty-tive toouaand. lu the same period abort thirteen millions seven hundred thousand dollars of the two years coupon cotes hare been withdrawn. About six million one hundred thousand dollars of ten forty bonds sold and thirty-seven million dollar? of the old seven thirty loon exchanged lor bonds, of 1881. UTTSBSAX. nZTZWOU.. Tbc Commissioner of Internal Bevenno has is sued orders forbidding Inspectors appointing dep uties. BOUNTIES. The Secretary of War has decided that bounties authorised in the enrollment act of July 4, frOt, for vo'tmtcere, ore al-o applicable and shall'be paid to men cnli e trd in the regnlar army. Orders nave been issued directing, in addition to exami nations now made, that cho Surgeon-General shall detail some of the best members of the Medical Corps to make examinations at the general ren dezvous ot a‘l recruits before sending them to their rcciments, in order that only such men shall pet into the army as aze really fit for military ser vivC. There is so much reason fur believing that hear* ly every man in tome comities of Virginia, not far away, is a rebel and bushwhacker when occasion terns that some tyro weeks ago about sixty Irani London county were arrested and.brought here for examination. .Bach as were clearly found In* nocent have bcch'trom time to-time released. Only about a dozen of that batch are now re* msinioe in the Old Capital Prison? * A new lot of about fitly from .Fairfax was, however, brought In to-day. PZBSOKAL.' Among the notabilities In the city to-day are Geo. Hunter, some Mme ago relieved, ex-Seoator Wright of Ind., and Hecry J. Raymond. TUB rONTOOSAC AND THE TALLAHASSEE, The Navy Department hasorderctTan Investiga tion tulo the charge that the Fontoosac remained lorty-eicht hours In the harbor of Easiport, In stead of pursniiigthe Tallahassee. mmAN ATROCITIES. The Indian Bureau estimates the number of the It (Bans already engaged in the war on the plains at about 10,UC0. Dispatches received to-dav state that murders continue to multiply, and that the Indi ans are pro wine etroogrr ever? day, owing to the inadequacy of.tfa* military force tu that region. Many tnbee, who, from fear at first refused to join in tbe wttr, have taken np the tomahawk, and ewcar to exterminate tbe wnites in Kansas. Ap piehetbione are beginning to be felt for the safety of Port Kearney. A large body of savages are now threatening that almost isolated post. FBOIII NASHmLE, Rebel Tfoveiucuts on Ujc Commnnl* indent* of <»cn, Sherman, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, Friday, Sept. 2,1531. Gen. Rousseau went out last night in pursuit of Wheeler, aud met him near the Asylum, seven milts out, on the Murfreesboro pike. He did hot asccrtatn their sUeugih. Tbe Chattanooga Railroad is said to be torn up for three-miles beyond Antioch, nine miles from here. 1 * A prisoner reports that a portion of tbe 3d divi sion are this aide of Murfreesboro, working on tbe railroad., He also says that Wheeler was with in four miles of Lavergne. . A dispatch Irom Gen. Milrojr, at Tallahona, says tbe track was torn up and the lines cat four miles north of Bell Buckie Station, last nlgut. The telegraph Hue was cut between Cowan and Dechard yesterday afternoon.' No rebels had dis turbed Gee. MUroy’s lines. - Artillery fighting was heard near Murfreesboro. A force of SbU guerillas appeared at tbe tunnel on on tbe N. A C. B. B. vestorday, and fired on the gnaid without doing any damage. Wliccler must be north of Mncfreesboro, as tbe track is whole to Bell Buchler. The telegraph with Sherman is byway of Hants ville and tbe Temfrssee and Alabama Railroad. - Sixty wounded have come in. Gen. telegraphed at 3 p. m. to-day. da ted nine miles north of Lavergne, Ip.m.: "We are driving the enemy slowly towards Lavergne. They are resitting stubbornly. Skirmiehiog was heavy for tbe last hour, and sUll continues. We aremovintr steadily, with cavalry on the flank, aud artillery in advance. Nashville, Friday, Sept. 2.— Severn! miles of theN AC. M. It. wcrrtoarneU by WOeelcn forces yesterday. Gen. Rcnsseau drove the rebel lores within three miles «l Lavergne Isle a. m. yester day morning, with stubborn resistance.. L.te ln telUgence reports that tbe head of Waeeler’s cob nmn left Murfreesboro Pike, going to tbe right. Abe at 3 o’clock tbe whole loacowas moving for tbe Tennessee and Aiaimma Railroad, In tbe di rection of Franklin— in dote pursuit. Persons Just in from Franklin report that tbe town 1- in the bands of Wheeler's Torces.'be hav ing captured It last night. Particulars are cot yet received. Our casualties In Yesterday's skirmish ing were S killed, and 60 or & wounded. A gmall body-of rebels fired on a train on the Tennessee and Alabama Railroad, at Brentwood, eight miles from here. The xebcl loss yesterday was 8 killed and 35 wounded. We captured a number of prisoners. There is now lo telegraphic cotomumcatloa south of this point. The river is falling. FROM FnULXDELPZIE Political — ls Snceeaa at tlie Polls or devolution.” IBpeclol Dispatch to the Chicago Tribute/) Friday, Sept, 2. ' The relom ol the Copperhead Keystone Clnb ol this city from the Chicago Convection was made the occsfcfon for as grand a demonstration as their brother Copperheads conld get np. They ha%£ leased one of the third-close theaters of the city for the campaign, and during the cqily part of the evening held dedicatory services in the shape of a grand mass meeting. TheflercoDemocracy torned out in fell force, and the theater was well filled. The principal speakers were Dick Vanx and Mar tyr Ingemll, with some of .the small fry of the Fourth Ward. IngrrsoQ felt rather donbtfnl of the success of Pendleton and Mac in November. He pretended that If . the fierce De mocracy was unable to carry the October elections there would be so hope for them In November. In case or defeat there was hat one course left for the Democracy, and that was REVOLUTION. .He advocated n general rising of Democrats to strike for their rights, which had been wrested from them by Black Bf-puhlican tyranny- Wm. B. Reed and greater lights, of the Cop perhead dob, kept away. At the dose of the meeting the crowd formed In line and marched down walnut and sp Chesnnk, giving three groans for the Dsffwlrrf and other loyal newspapers ne they passed. They met the Keystone Club at West Philadelphia street. The Central Committee of the National Union party held a mcetlrc yesterday. Hon. Simon Cam* enm and Hon. H. J. Raymond were present. Jt is thought that a grand union ratification meeting will be held hire about the 10th. The campaign le now fairly opened, and from the Indications to night, It will he i-hort aed decisive. The Democrats are putting their foot' in the matter by starting out so dcrcely. They can never carry this State hy presenting the issue or •* suc cess at the polls or revolution. FBOSZ 6T. I>OUIS. Tbo Guerilla War In masonri, [Spsdal Dispatch to the Chicago Tnbtme.l, ' Sr. Lorn?, Friday, Sept, S. On Thnwday a gang of about fifty bushwhackers entered the town of Tipton, on the Pacific Bill* road, killed two broke the instrument in the telegraph ofllcc. It Is supposed to be the same gang who have been operating in Howard county, and we understand that they crossed the Missouri River at Rocheport, having seized a pass* ing steamboat for that purpose. The train on Thursday night was delayed three or fdor hoars, bat we bear of no serious Injury to property by these bushwhackers. IBE IVAK Lt TOtGI.MU. the Situation Below Blclxniond— DLaitera in tno Shenandoah. New Tons, Friday, Sept, respondent with the Army of the Potomac, baa the fol'.owing: The canal at Dutch Gap will soon he in readi ness for use. ThelstKcwTortmounted riQeg is re-cnllstlng for three years more. *• A XLyrlerions-looklng, and. to all appearances, a formidable craft, has been discovered lying in one of ihccreeks emptjlce into tbe James. She ap pears to be waiting for some of the monitors to pses np tbe James, when she u 111 run ont and cat off s retreat. Tbe rebels are erecting batteries to command onr position at Butch Gap. Tbe rank and file of tbe rebel army being Gen erally under the impression that xl they desert they will be placed in tbe front ranks, Qen. Grant has hened an order • that those who voluntarily come within onr lines shall have transportation to their homes, if within our Hues, or to any point North they may choose This order will he cir culated In the enemy’s camp. The latest Information from the Army of the Potomac Is, that all was quiet yesterday. A num ber of ehells have been thrown Into Petersburg from the monster IS inch xftortar, to deter the rebels from firing on enr pickets, and it seems to have had the desired effect. P£OH THE 6HEHA3TOAH. The ITereM’* Washington special says; The Bth Ulincie cavairvhave last returned from a scout to Cpterville, Asubt’s Gap and Snicker’s Gap. They bad ciders from Sheridan to arrest all able-bodied men between eigbictnend fifty; accordlucly thir ty-two such men were brought In, including a few of Moeby’e men. The party destroyed 7, OjO lb« of wool ana captured 1,000 fi>a of cottou yarn. They also tecureo thiry-fave horses, some of which be longed to Moehy*smen, They couldnotqet a fight ont of Jdosby, alibooch be is reported to have GOO men and six pieces of artillery. The StralcTt correspondent with Averill’s cav alry, September 1, toys; It wsb Ilboaeb , corps of rebel infantry, together with Vaoaban’s cavalry, that attacked General AverlH * division at Martinsburs yesterday even ing. They apparently hoped lo surprise Avciill, but failed. _ • Early was at winchester last nleht, and tbe batty retreat of Rhodes’corps this morning indi cates that the rebels have important reaeons for moving up the valley. The rebels lost both time and menby this list ° P Tbi**mon}ing Averi’l again attacked the enemy with a portion of his cavalry, driving the rebels ont of Martinabuic, occnoylng the town, and cou •tinning the pnrsut to a point four miles towards , W Nrw C yonK IFriday. 1 Friday. Bept. 3.—Th tJTeraJtTi Ho bi e correspondent says: On the morning of the 28d, Capt. Tavlor, bearing a white flag, accompa. • nled by forty men, marched oat oj Fort Morjjau, carrying a smalt sail boat, with the intention of going to tbe dag ahlp, three or four miles al-toat, With a note irom Gen. Paige, proposing to aur render, A’check we* put upon this by Qoa. Bailey, who eaid that as bis artillery commannort Fort Morgen jind bis inlantiy every tool ot Mobile point onttlderf the fort, ho would not perm-ta boat e crew to pass off from shore on soy praiecte whatever. Soon after Geo. Granger arrived, and the nute to Admiral Farragnt was taken by.uJm, saying be would communicate its contents 10 the Admiral. In a abort time tbe demand for an an* conditional snmndir was mads and granted. Tbe retails or ibu rtciory at Mobile may b« sum* med optbns: We compelled tbe evacuation of Fort Powell, tbe Bartender of Fort Oainearaud a moat destroyed and compelled tbe surrender of Fort Moreen, heretofore cooaldered the strongest for ideation ln*tbe United States, We have taken iCOO prieoners, omf baudrea pieces of cannon, and a vast .Quantity of email arms and munitions of war; also provisions feed the girrt* Bon we shall place there tor six mouths.' We nave captured ana have ready for use tbe L'cnneu ete, the strongest war vessel afloat; also several other war veteds. and have penned up a'.least three English blockade runners. A'! this cost the army one man killed and ten wounded, and. the navy tbe loss of tbe Tecnmaeh and a part of her crew, and a very few casualties in another ship. Pitit.atvrt.ptti*, Friday, Sept. 2,—A special dia patch to tbe Fret* cuntatna the following: tirroiutPETKßsnLno, Sept I.—The enemy were reported moving artillery to their right in tbe aiternooD. - Slight skirmish began along the Web donKoad. Tbe Filth Corps »ss placed under arms and marched Into the breastworks. Some deserters come into the works daring the day and said wo were to be attacked at four o’clock in the afternoon. With, the exception of a slight skirmish along the railroad, .there was no disturbance. Oar men waited with snxlouß expectation, bat no ren ews made their appearance. The quiet along the whole trout la aa wonderful as It is unaccountable; There is something sarpnalng about ir. , B&ltuiokx, Friday. Sept. 9.—A special dlsoalch to tbc Asntrican, dated Charlestown, Va, Septem ber 9. rtcouuoi?saoces have cetablt!>he<l tha fact that Early b&fl not h-ft, and has no intention of leavfng. tbe Valley.' Bis headquarters m'e at Bail-' her BUI, half way between Martinabarg and Win chester. tie fr . busily engaged In repalrio* and putting up a telegraph doe, and he had already tel egraphic communication with Richmond from this side of Woodstock.. Be Is also receiving reinforce meilß, Fltz Hugh Lee Is said to have received 500 horsea for bis cavalry which is said to number 7,0 0. There Is a. regular stage from Winchester to Staunton which runs every da». and several offi cers and soldiers are receiving short furloughs to go home and return to Winchester, which docs net look as though-tbe enemy intended leaving the valley. New Tons, Friday, Sept. 2.—The PmCi Wash ington special says, authentic information has been received from Sheridan that Early is with drawing his forces slowly, up the valley, by way of Middleourg and Strasburg.* The CommercUtVs Wasnincton special says. It Is understood that Genera) Sheridan baa been order ed to hold Early in the val ey as long as he caa, now. FROM SlOßitE. Tbe Capture of For* (nor~an—lnterest ing Incident*—olflcKl Bupatchcs, WASHiNGTOJi, Friday, Sept. 2.—The Navy De_ partment received official dif-patebno from Ad. zniral Farragut. It appears that the rebel General Page endeavored to obtain more favorable terms but was obliged to surrender Fort Morgan uncon ditionally, Farragnt states that be. has reason to believe that most of the pirns were spiked, end the gun carnages injured alter the white flag had; been ruiced. It was also discovered that General Page and several ol his officers had no swords to deliver, and several were broken that were surrendered. The following is the concluding portion ol Ad miral Farragnt’s official dispatch to the Navy De partment:' " “ The whole conduct of the officers of Forts Gaines and Morgan presents tsnch a striking con trast In moral principle, that 1 cannot tall to re mark upon it. Colonel Anderson, who commend ed the former, undine himself in a perfect ly untenable position, and encumbered with a superfluous number of conscripts, many of whom were mere boys, determined to surrender a fort which he could not defend, and In this deter mination was supported by all his officers,'save one. But from tbe momme be hoisted the white rag he scrupulously kept everything intact, and in that condition delivered it over, whilst Page and his officers with a ch'Jolsb spite destroyed the f uns which they* said they wonld defend to the set,but which they never defended at all; and threw away of broke those weapons which they had not tbe manliness tonse against their ene mies. Fort Morgan never Tired a. gun after the commencement of the bombardment, and the ad vance pickets of onr army were actually In lea glaccs. As before stated, the ceremony ot snr . render took place at 2 p.m , and that came after .noon all the garrison were sent to New Orleans In the United States steamers Tennessee and Bien ville where they arrived safely. .■ Very respectfully your ob’t sorv’t, D G; Faiihacot, B. A,' To Bon. Gideon WeDes. Sec y of th»Navy. nsAsqUAETX&a, UmTEP States-FbiicEs.» - Mobile Bay, Aug 23,18MT J Gehk&al: lortply to jour communication of this date, received by Cape. Taylor, asking for terms ol capitulation, we have to say tbit the only terms we can make are: pint —The nncoodUlonsl surrender of Fort Mor gan with all tbe public property within Its limits, and irfthe same condition in which it Is now. Second— The treatment which is in conformity with most civilized cations towards prisoners of war. Third— Private property, with the exception of arms, will be respected. Very RespectloJlv, * E. P. Dbatton, CspL U. S. N„ On part of Admtrai Farragnt. CATV. K. A2TKOLD, U. S A., On part of Gen. Granger. ’- • . Fobt Moboa*, Aug. 33.1601. Capt. E. Drayton, TJ. S. N.. on partof Admiral Far rjgut, and B Arnold, Brig. Gen. U. S. a., on part of Gtneral Granger, commanding United States forces: Generals: Your conditions In the tfinumuica tlou of io-day are accepted, but I have biIJI to re quest that tbe terms aakrd with reference to my sick bo granted, and be inserted In mo cipltolation. I will be prepared to surrender at 2 o'clock and to embark as soon as possible. Respeatnily, B. L. Paige, Brig. Gen. C. S. A, FHO3I EAST XENKESSEE. Latest by Eebel Sonrcon. New Tout, Friday, Sept. S.—The Bristol (East Tennessee) Gcsett s of the 25th. says that the Union cavalry which charged into Kozcravnle. caoenred Hon. J. B. IleyealH, Col.'WalSer, Lieut. Blevins, and the Provost Marshall, together with 19 pri vates. Three of the prisoners were shot down In cold blood by a deserter firom the rebel army. In the mean time artillery had been scat trom Len ioxvflle to the vicinity of Boll’s Gap. whilst a heavy force of cavalry advanced in that direction. On Tuesday they attacked the rebels, who fell back to Jonesboro. We learn the Yankees have ad vanced to within a few miles of Kingsport. The uazstts says intelligence irom East Ten nessee represents the condition of our people in tbat country as becoming more and more dis tressing. • * • - The Petersburg Express says the Yankees bad touted the rebels at Jonesboro, and were destroy ing the railroad north and south of the town. They Intend to bold the position at Joncsooro, so as to compel Hood to fail back. The Yankee force is estimated at from 12,000 to 13,000. Jackson's cavalry bad attacked them, and the fight was still going on. , Tbe Mate Sanitary Fair. Office or Executive Committee, ) Faib or the In. State Samtaiit Coji’x, V Decatck, 1:1., iug. 21, iSGI. \ Editors Chicago Tribune: As a specimen of the interest that is felt in onr coming Illinois Slate Sanitary Fair, to be held bere<Trom tbe 12th to tbe 17th of September, read the following copy cf n let ter received to day by one of oar banking houses from their New York friends; Banking House op Gilman, Son & Co. 1 NO*. 47 Exchange Place, y Hew Yoas, An;. 19,1861. i lTep?r?. Peddecord & Co., Decatur.lll.: Deah Sms:—Your esteemed favor of-tbe 15tn Inst., anlicitlng a donation to the Pair of the nil* iiola State Saoltnry Commission, to be bold in September, at your place, !b at hand. Id reply, we state we are ed to notice yon are encage d in that good work, and we bare tbe pleasure to enclose onr check on the-TJnioa Dank, N. Y., to your order, for st!so as our donation to Tour particular enterprise for tbe soldiers. Very truly yours, . _' (Sisneo] . Oilman, Son & Co. - BeapcctfoDy, - L-Bcraows, Treasurer, ‘ Teasels Passed Detroit. 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UNDERWOOD,’ author of a New System of treating diseases of the Eye and Ear i lorontor of now InstrmLfms aid new operations tor Cross Eye, Katar. act. Artificial Pnpil, &c, graduate Of tin Oshtnaltutc College, Hew York, con'tuuca as fer nine years past to remove all dls«»B's of the -ye and ear within the jea-h qi human skill. Dr. TTs Bmrerv Is thronged from »on>icg till night wl»h patients from ar para of tbe country, csger to get an Interview. OfflcxTH Randolph se3 q3sb2tnet IVroaiCE.—Chicago, 111.,SspLlst, X * 18M U.S Naval Bejtdezvous. • A Branch Office of tbe Soreeoof ba« o«-n estab lished at the corner of Randolph aadLasalla streets, at We office of Morphy & Co. There will be a But seen id attendance at regular hours to examine re cruits for the U. 8. Navy 5C9 ship Carpenters and aco Caulkeis wanted. Good waeis will be glysn. By order of JOHNTX HARTT, acu Vol- Lieut. U. 9. Navy, Commanding Bsnaervoai. 6e2g-2tnet C Ufi ST ITTJTE3 AND BEPRE- SESTAriYES lor the Army or Navy foralahed at the LOWEST RATES Fcrone.tvoortbreeye^Ap^t^ seplQ’SWt-net Court House Squire. N e. mebbill, <* WHOLTSAJU DSALU IS X.AKPS, OHB AND GLASSWARE, AND T.*yp GOODS or EVEBY DEaCBOTION. auiß-pA3l4otnet 71A 85 Randolph street, Chicago. \tOTICE.— CMcsgo 111. Sept. Ist, Lw jf&t. U. S.Navax ßcmizvous. A Branch Office efthe Burgeons baa been cstab* ll E hed at tte corner of Bando pu and Lasalle sureets, attheofflce«f Mniphy* Co. TherewiUbo s Sur geon In attendance at regular horns to examine re exults lor the U. 8. Navy- 50» Bh*p Carpeutcri and 2io CanlkEjs wanted. Oocd wapt* will be givsn. By crat r or JOHN D. HABTY, Act. Yol. Lieut. U. 3. kavy. Commanding Eeadeavom. se2 q-amst TJACKING HOUSE FOB SALE. t A fTs'l Fachlnr House, situated'within the Ait, i«n<ita which has facilities for slaashKnegand handling lour hundred hogs per Cay. For further in formation tpply to HDBLBUT&CO. s€i-ql9!-tIiHSA4TDnet lfc6 So. Water sweat. fSAMAQED GOODS,—Hata, Cap, S / «Qd Milliner Goods at wheletale and retail Alin a targe lot of Fur a These goods win and ogj r-Id. Purchasers will findlftotheir Intsieet W raU and examine this stock. i.J. HRttZOG, 193 Lake Street, vs-cßSt^woet Chicago, HU Sept. Ist, Is IBT4, 17. S. Naval Bxspxztottb. a Bisach Offlce of the Bnrxeone bu been eitab lutac'at the corner of Randolph and Laialls streets, Mthetfflco of MnrphyACo. TbeiS wiUbeaSor. «#an in attendance at regular boors to extml&a ro cralw jorthsTT.B Bary. <3OO Bfilp Carasaters and tto c«uixer» ■wantoo. Good wages will be given. Br order of JOHN D.HARcY, Act. Yoi.Lleir*U.Bt KaTfi ootnaanding Betdeirotu. w3 q-atnet aPJbrrttscmtntK, Prof. H. A. Be Milan's : M, BEST9IES. TO THE PUBLIC, I have for several ytarapast been graduslly losing my hair, until of late tbs top o { my he»4 bed become aim cat bald, and the hair which remained had. charged from its natural color to white, or na*rty io. I chanced to make the acquaintance of Pro'tnar I eVosn’t end, on the strength ol his aunrsasa that a proyer applicrtlcn cf btsHafr Bsstorer would gtva me a bead cf newuslr.l ieMdedto make a trial ol It, and cow, after an application of eight weeks, have anew-crop of hair growing finely as I conldwlah, and of the crtginal color. If any lady or gentleman , desires to have occnlar evidence of the truth ot the. above itateme-t they eaa satisfy themselves by call lag cn'jae at my office in Portland Black, daring lupines* nomr, or at ay residence, 616 West Wash legten street. X have found that, as to the length of thee necessary to predaee a new head of hair, and (vezy eisestial particular connected with It. the Pro frtior'a statements at theemet have orsvod entirely correct. lladthe srpiics'Jca proin;el no other re_ • BTl jt then the cleMS'n» •* —/-obitoi dandruff aad every otter' impurity common to hair,' I should con sider mjsilf amply compensated for the.eonsiiera tlcnpsld, and would not now he deprived cf its use for five times the price charged for It. 1 offer this, my tnUmonlal of Its good effect! upan oy own bead, that othergmsy be benefited by its use, and unsolicited on the psrtof Prof, DeMuoa. G. p. RANDALL, Architect. Office. Portland Slock, Chios*:*, UL, Au*. iT.iaai. ppOF, r-BMUrOTcan heconxnlted atb'a Branch Office, IS3 reerborn street, corner of Madlsea. (up stair*. Ccnaultatlon free. te3 qXB U MICHIG-AN State Sanitary Fair TO BE HELD AT KALiMiZOO, MICHIGAN, ON THE 20th,.21ht, 22d & 23d of September, On the grounds, and in conjunction with the Michigan talc Agricultural Fair. THE LADIES SOLDIEES’ AID SOCIETI OE KALAMAZOO, In connection with the various AID SOClSrikl KANIrahV and CHMSHan COMMISSION a of the St ATE «* MICHIGAN, •‘.I'boIdaQSa.WOSTATS SeNirAJRT FAlH.'a* above announced, lor tbe benefit ol these tonie oiganizattoea. THE VAtE WILL BE WAITOIIIUTTO DT HON. BHNJ. FOLLKTT.PreVdfI&t of tha Michigan State AsrlcnUnrsi Society, and Deracinated la bv Bf.v. »80. DCFIIELD. D. O , Of Detroit. GOV. AUSTIN BLAIK, and otoer diatlugutshed gentlemen of the Northwestern States. CONTRIBUTIONS For tbe Fair, are respectftalty solicited from ihdi vldoßls, coD'pemle*. mano actone*. «uous. societiei and auociattons, ot alt c-asses cf Goods. Vercaaad'?c, Macbinezy, Mtnntactarea Articles. Produce. Needle wars; nooks. Faintjnas, tvorks of Arc, Oeolozica; ana Mlneralosical soeeiinens. and. mdaed. o: svxat- Tmao that can 08 sold lor the beoeflui^n^^ioale °T*RE , 'FATiMBP.3 ATH> NOiitHWßSTßre<B?ecl-iUy Invited ta coatrlbu'c Dom their abundance. Our Sister Aid tfocia us are so.ialtedtolendosahelp azhiDd m coiiccttux sad totwardtre such articUs fur sile or ezhlblU'in as are within tctirreach. Waarkibe neop e oflhoicreat Northwest, ntd especially oi HicoLan, msnjand women, cm ana younr, or send to n», money or inch artlclfs of values* can be spared fox this, a Brest national purpore. .... ? May we tot, especially appeal to the younz men, who still remain at home, and who are preserved frcmtbe accidents of uebstlie field, tbe loor-guf icnn& and the weary nUht watches of tae HospuaL' li home dalles, and isoily ties or Impaired health ccmpel you to resist the licllca’lon to ill your country In tcis I's hear of peril, or active service in the field, we Implore you toelva of soar mesas, mat health mav possibly be ana comfort admin isterad to tbn lick and wounded Soldiers. Ofihe women, we ask, effleteir, active aid. In this our effort to accomplish a great qooa; to them, we believe. weebaUnr.tsppralmvaln. »• Gcd’s own blessing, we truis wlll rrat ea jU the men ana women and little children who ns; be that inclined to strcngtli-a the hearts and bazas and encourage tbs valor and pstrlotlnm cf tfti father* ana hueb-nda sou brothers am sons who have maciolly mlsfsd tbe overtarqw of that Gqv e.-nment, which good men of tbe o dsu timeestso hihed, and which wo hataDly pray a itgoteoaa God may avtt prtteive. - . One thud cf the proceeds of this Fair willbedit trlboledtbrcocb the '* Boldlsra* Belief Committee’* atßetiolt, cctslstme of John Owen. ft.O Done»n C. C.Trowbrltfse.and Pen Vemcr; one-thin thro’ tbe “United Bta>«» CbnsMan CocrmUet n/’ to be distributed bv David Preston. E- C. Waiter. Caleb Iv,b. fraicta Eavmcnd. J. S. Vemor. Ann Cbariea F. dark, of Detroit, anaon«-third throuah.the “ Ladlea* SoWlera’Ala Society, at Kalamaroo.” ■ -Articles sent by luurcad.or otherwise, for the pur •pcßeoftbe “Fair,” u»y po dlrrcted to Alpbed TBOjrisrr Joaw Dtmoaox. Kalamazoo. Michigan, and marked - KaUmszo» S<tQit*ry Pair.” Money sent by mail, express, ot o'.heiwt f, may headdress*! lo ALLek Fottvß, Kalamazoo, Michigan, who will officiate laTxvaautar. Altai tides or money received for ibis ** Ssnltnty Fair” will be actnowi-dßed thro’ tbe pewsrapers of Detroit. Chicago and Any Inicrmation that may be desired, with reference to arrangements l°r the ** Sanitary Fair.” mav ba ob- Ta “W s&shssr*' zco.AiicmELIZA W. Fl3oEft, w * • For the Executive Committee, "Kolamazoo, Aug. SO, 1361. sep3-qUO-l8 NEW SKIRT For 1864. Anew and areat invention Id Hoop Skirts. TH3 DUPLEX STEEL J. 1.-At J. O. WEST, 07 Chambers Street, New Tort, Are the owners of the patent, and exc-UJlva maun lactm erect ttu. J.TV. BRADLEr^PATRNTEJ)JSUPLEX ELLIP* TIG dT2£L SPRIftG SKISf*. Thisinvention consists or Dunlez (or two) HllJotlc flltei springs, ingeniously brauaa usatlr ana drmjy to* e-her ease to edge. matin* the toughest, most ela-tlc,fleribieaai auraDiesprlcsover used. cou ture the wearer, to caniequauce of its i rear elastici ty aLslflexibletCM. to place ana tela ike start when is ns? &s taMiy sed wllb tbe our e conven coca as a ill* or muslin wes- it entirely oor.ates and U'encc* the only objections to ioop ssirta vis: tos annoy acce to the wearer as well as the pnbhc, especially in crowded aisfitbllia esnlacts.raiisosacars. chorch pews, or In aoy crowded place, from tbe difficult# of contracting thsm to occupying a small space. This entirely res ores tee difficulty, while giving tns?kirt the usual lull and sjmmttnc»l form, and Is the light est, ana trc*l srjiuh and giaceml appearance for tbe ■ r ieett epera. promenade or boose arcs*. A lacy banns enloj ed the pleasure, ccmlort and great con* Tfnlecce ol wearing toe Danlei ElUstie Spring Skirt for a single day. w.U never attarward willingly oifpeoiewUh the usoof them. ihey are the best Soal'ty in every part, and oylar the moat orsbfa, coirlortaols and economical ek’rt made. Merchants wll be sopol.ed as above, end ladles in tncitflist-elars retail stjreslnthL city and through out tbe different States, far Inquire lor tbe duplhs: elliptic spring bszrts* BBADLM’SPAIEBI! “OnPLEX ELLIPTIC’ &EIBT. blest Popular and FUxlblela use. RUSd A G0334G5, 167 A 199 lake aneef, Oaics&o. PATEST DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKEBT. Combining eleeance, U?htne«i, comfort and econo my, and ntaumtionaoly the most oesirahle article m»dß, For tele by POTTER FALMGR, 110,111, 111 * lift Late street. obldo. beadley’s duplex elliptic hkiet. Vervfleitble, folded easily, when in use, to occupy a anifcll space, making the most agreeable skirt were. Tor sale by A G poWSB A CO., Lake at., Chicago. BEABLET'S DUPLEX EltXPflC SKIBT. Most Practical sal Dcrtr.bla^Mtlcla IC3 Lake street, (New store.) BBADLBI’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC EXIST. The zrcste.-t improvement we have ever sxealuLa dl.'« SilrU. and u 4 GOODKTSD: 139 Lake street, Chicago* aaSO pOT2-l3t-Tma Tnsasar-Ltt HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by the United States Government at the Custom Rouse in Bow York and other places. FOB SALE 3T DICKERSON, STVfiGES & CO., Metal "Waareliotise, sa2B pS6T fCtcet 109 A 201 Randolph street. Clieago. 'PALMERS’ ACADEMY, 329 ’a wataih aveiue. The seventexnth term of this irstltu'icn opens cn Mosdav, the sth♦ay of Septem ber. There are four Departments—Primary, Inter mediate. Ad voiced and C-Uesiate. Circulars ran be obtained bv addreising the Principal cr calling _ •* _ W. D. PALMAR, A. It < p. Inclpal. eel q?tG-3t-ine*9ATUtt , y jyjETAL WAREHOUSE, DICKERSON. STURGES & CO. IMPOSTSE9 OF TIIT PLATE, And Dealers In Tinners* Stock AGENTS FOR TOE EOWE’SSCiLE CuUPAXT. 199 * 2ui rajsdolph-st., caicAGo. »c23-{.&€B aaiast M. WRIGHT, PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANT [liTADLianro I£j9], Fire-Proof Warehouse 136 Elozle Stmt, Between 'Wells sad I asall e tta. Chicago. w* usoal facilities extended to coontv dealers. Purchases lot foreign account made at ctmomarj rates. aars-ptcc-etaet LAMPS, OILS A BLASSWARE, TBS HIST STOCK IN TBS WIST, AC the LOWEST MABSET FRICKS. For tale by atm-p345 SStast QSO. B. POPS, 13 B. dark ft. NUMBER.6O. ■Ntto SlObmisnnents. Cabinet Organs! Cabinet %£;ansl Cabinet Organs! MADS ONLY BY MADE ONLY BY ? HADE ONLY EY MASOS & MM, BOSTON MASON & SUM, BOSTON, BLASON & WAMIiIN, BOSM, Bnbnice tailon* Patent Improve menbi ro«nd in no otber Beed Instrument. AMONG WHICH ABB THB Automatic Bellows Swell, Automatic Bellows Swell, Automatic Bellows Swell, Knee Stop. &c., &c.. Knee stop, &c., Ac.) Knee Stop, &c., &c , Tlsefibj Gottichulk in all his Concerts Used by Gotticbalk in alibis Concerts Used by Gottschaik in all Us Concerts Becaaa e best adapted to Artistic Effects. Because lest adapted tj Artistic Effects* Because beat aaapted to Artutlc Effects. See Testimony of more than 300 Organists* See Testimebj of more than 300 Organists. See Testimony of More t&an 200 Organists. Bc:t Eeed Icstnnnpat* for P* and Hi arch.. Beat Reed loitinmen'a for P«rior,3er. oel aid Ct ort b. Best Keed Instruments lor Pailcr,Schaol and Church. wg warrant (be Cabinet Organs (vsrylmr In size, finish* and Mice. from »110 10 55C0) for flyeyeir* and gu‘xact*e eerfect 'We teep them cocstanuy on band, and aid!, wholesale and retail, at factoiy piicea, KOi»T & CADIf, &» Clark street, Chicago. Bradbury Pianos. Bradbury Pianos. Bradbury Pianos. Now in the Ascendant. - Now. in the Ascendant Now in the Ascendant. Splendid Specimens Styles 5,6,9 i Splendid Specimens Styles 5, 6,9; Splendid Specimens Styles 5, 6, 9. Now on Hand. Now on Hand. Now on Hand. Other Styles Coming. ' Other Styles Coming. Other Styles Coming. All orders FlUed In tbe O-derln wbleb spoelred. All orcera allied la ibe Order lawhicb Received. ah Ordtib Flilfcd In the Order In whxb Received. JOVBTABTLT 9XTTIXR OTim FM2TOS Df XtCSASSS, co>*tasti.t oxmao OTuearuLNoe is sxaa±sa*. COSBIA Jf T2.T Qinito OTnXS PtASOS IX SXCOASQ* Bay a Bradborv sed yon won't want a. Change. Bay a Bovobnr? andyoa won’t wont a Dhsage. Bn} a Bradbury and you won’t wans a Change. Reputation neither Maßhmnm or Meatfly. Reputation neither Muchroomor Mouldy. Reputation neither Hnshroom ox Mouldy. j2j- Warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Other flr*t-cla»a Planet on band bonsfat at ole pile's. Also, Sheet Malic. Mane Books and all kisas of tuaslcal mrcbatdlte, at wholesale and re* talk We aohere strictly to tbe omspsicx sttrue. CIO. T ROOT,) ROOT * CAOT, *. x. soot, V - 95 Clark street, Chicago. c.x.cjlut. ) flel-q37-3t nee -prow DAILY ABRIVIiTS, A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP STEINWAY PIANOS. Tbonrh recent heavy sales have v«;y greatly rfr duct d onr late ,arzes*,ock of these taatiameau.nQW generally admitted tc oe IN ALL RESPECTS THE BEST, We yet hope to be sole, torn onr rejgnlar receipts, to futtmost of our nwtcmera. Now on hand and arrlf* Ice 8tj1e9?,3,4,6,9,W,13.*C. Alto, onbita toma sood medium-priced Planne, ana a large nnmber ot second band ones of eisbt S » roos. 3~2 Q3id«2tret 2a Sooth curt street. AT WHOLESALE. Three hundred boxes Seth Thomas Clocks; 500 boxes American Clock Co. Clocks; a large assortment of me dium class Jewelry for country trade, Plated Spoons, Forks, Castors, eta ; in fact, the largest stock and best variety of all kinds of Goods in our line west of Hew York. AT WHOLESALE OH RETAIL. American and Swiss Watches, Dia monds. Jewelry, Silver Ware, Fahey Goods, etc. MASSOH & HODS. anSS-pSIT-lOt-not 117 Street, TOWNSE3NB&YALE SOLS AQSNT3 FOB TSIOYIAS POLAN, JO2LV BUTTON A SOYS, AST) OTHER CEL2BBATTO lIASEB3 OF FANCY WOOIM G«OD8 S Invite thsattetiioa of Jobber* to tbelr inperfe U- Krtment of Hoods, Nubias, Scarfs, Sontags, Breakfast Shawls, Skating Caps, —Balmoral Hose, Ac., Ac. 25 HURR4Y& 29 WIRRENSTS. NBW YOHK, AND S ARCH STREET, BOSTON. •nn-pJMStnct gEEBEKGEB & BREAKEY, ’WHOLESALE HARDWARE, 143 Lake street, Chicago, Dare on band a very large stock, to which the attention ol the trade &■ Invited* aoIG-pS’lQt-T-TaaAjet THE GREAT AMERICAN SAFES. THE GREAT AMERICAN SAFES. THE GREAT AMERICAN SAFES. Yon see them Everywhere. You, see them Everywhere. You see them Everywhere. For nte hy F. W.FBATT, 13 Laialle 9U au2s-p7»auiet A _ FEMALE COLLEGE. \J This well known ami popular butotokloi* aU miles from Cincinnati* wul begin Ue next seiaioa September Oth, 1884. Over two hundred pupils wero In attendance the nut tear, and the Fall Term will open wuh many new Improvement* and alniicorpe orahia and export. PSromS'TSwpd. “J gjass^gg. lll Ties, scarfs. cravats^ STOCKS* and ALL ABTICLX3 to famish th i ,t ““ GREAT TABIET¥, At ELY'S Gents’ OatflUng IstabUchoeat, lel-h»«nset t Xrtnowt Block. • TScSD abbcxUscmmls. ROSS & FOSTER, 105 late Stmt ISTEW STOHB. ARUITAL OP Klt-l DBS£S GOODS, SHAWLS, LACES, Embroideries, House Pnr nisMng Goods, A?D T2K BEST ASSOimtENT OP CEHT’S FtBiVISOING GOODS To bs fcwd we»t of Pew Tor*. Dll at price* defflocr competition, mm liter were all bousht previous ts the &dmctf« JUST RECEIVED, Clan Tariaas and Phitfs In all the sew materials of Dress Goods. Plain Poplins, JEnsters, Empress Clotlis and Heps, IN AT L THS I'KW BHADKI. 3,000 pieces new French Merino, is all the new shades, at much below present value. BOS'* & FOSTER, NEW STORE. IST M E N’S, TOUT HS» AND BOYS’ CLOTHING AT De GRAFF & POOLE’S, Cor. State and Randolph Sts., &land 65 Randolph and SS, 63 70 and 73 Stile street. We now offer the LAEOBST and B3ST A33O3T* MBVT cf FASHIONABLE amt WELL MADS Fall and 'Winter CLOTHING Ever opened fn this city, c*ss!a*.lnK of all grads*, from tbe FINEST down to MEDIUM and LOW- PivICED GO JUS. £?~Webareaparcdno pains to make oar Blodc oneof tbe largest and meat desirable to a elect from to be found anywhere. Oar purchases Of bitb For* eign and Domestic Gcods were made early upon % low gold basis and tariff. We aro therefore la a poli tico to afford oar goods at prices wulch will enable oar eastomers to aecare some of the benefits of the rapid adrance ta goods; and we assert with COofi* deuce that we are prepared to OFFER SFECIAI. INDUCEMENTS To lbs purchasers of FALL AND WIHTHR CIOXHIHGL IkGBiFP Sc POOLB, Corner Stale and Randolph, sts., Chicago. se&qTSS 2tnit jj 1 AT.T. TRADE. KEITH, FAXON & CO, JOBSEES OF HATS, CAPS, Ladles’ and Gents’ Furs, Skating CapSfßackskla Gooda, l r mbrcilQ9, MILLINERY AND STRAW GOODS, WOOL HOODS AND KNIT GOODS, And all the new styles of' Ladies’ Straw, Felt and Beaver Hat». -We have now m store tbe L4RQR3T and MOST ATTRACTIVE stock of above Goods ever Drought to this mirsit. and wnthe sdTAn ace of f any pur chases mr cash, before tae recent advance, we era prepared to offer z oda at prims that will defy com petition. Bast or West. _ __ _ _ Oar Glove ami Witten Department baa bad out special attention, and comprises an UNdUSFASSAO aasortmeßtorßack, Pates aod Kid. >t _ , 1 All dealers la onr Una will fit fi I* lor their inter art to ex amine oar goods and prices before purchasing elsewhere. IW“ Prompt ax d personal attention given to order* KEITH, FAXO.I Jc CO., 45 and 47 Lake-st., Chicago. .uaipTOlCtn.t 7“SO LOAN. THE Second National Bank I, anihoilTentyOis Secratwy of too Tremor,?, receive sutwcilpUcna to tbe new SEivicw-TsrH.'rir loan, The STotsewillba issued !n denomination* of IflV. SVS3. »5£0, 91 ,tCO and with Intire*: at tno rat# of l MC pgpfTpMT, or one CBST per da? on each payable Beml-snnuaUy, They will be dated Asgut 15,15£4, and wIU bo H> able at tbe end of three yean. In current Audi, 0* convertible into PITS Treaty SIX PE3 CSBTBoftfS* payable, principal and Interest. In Gold. I on all payments made prior to Aosnat 15th. Inter* [ tjtwm beaUowad. aadaßer that datela;erciVwltt be charted. _ Literal arrangements will be made with Baaii and Banker*, and Bond*lorward*d free of charge ta pclcts on Eallrosd* In Hllnol*, Indiana Klchigaa* lewa and Wisconsin. When no eommlialoa Is allowed, package* can 30 seat by either expresa company under oar cootnof fwe of chars*. XDWABD T. TTETKAr, Cuhfar. Chiesso, Aazaetl. IsSt. ac6-0347-15t BA TU*THD»t THE BEST CUSTOM-MADE BOOTS la the mar Set, are manufactured by 0. M. -HENDERSON & 00., No»* -1, 6 <Sc 8 Lafc« Streets OPPOSITE TBH ADAI3 HOUSE, CHICAGO. They have in store the larrett stock ot Eastern wcrU in tbe Wstt, bm?ht in Vay and Jane, before the adTAOce. and will rell m*nr ftylae lower than Eastern prices. JLSO, A LABGE STOCK OF Boot Moccamna and Shoe 'Packs for lumbermen. •uIT-p-45 w taw nct-tf gOOTS AND SHOIJ AT WHOLESALE. Country do&lera will find It to thalr jdnatiCS M tm';n nnf StOCE 01 boots and shoes. How Bud; for tie fill Tnd*. t* —nofchued and manufactured brfors the imu trt-riLifoa in and we can atf-.rd to am a Socks below mKaiNT BaarsKH cost. oar itoca ii t&s loraps: in ue vrett, eonstttst maiatT cl the beat warrantsd work wamsauf*e ire tn OilozU for those who prt<i Western made Bcote, sad guarantee latlalsctw* CA 4l Wc ll h» , TeViSe etccae ot BOOT P LOSS, URai TACK 9. BTTaaKlwB and fOK OYKE3HOW, Call aad examine as 29 and 31 Lake Street Comer Wshasa AYetne, Chicago. »n7 &A6CL3Ctaat DOGQETT.SAIB2TT A OTEAM TO EUROPE.—Person* >3 about to wlelt Europe would, do wen to call as A sea the General Aseatolthe Liverpool, New lork and PMUdel phla Ste«m*hlp Go. In Chicago he ore leaving tor ue East, ashstsl* cuing return tickets to Liverpool Queenstown as reduced rates ol pasuoe. Bveaaara leare Saw York as follows: ”* CITT OF BALXIMOBS. iWM« 3T* JtTFA “ S;ot »J RDISBDBGH. ’ ApplTto F. A.EMOB7. Btoail A*«E.e£raw«* RUSSELL’S CELEBRATED MASSILLOY. Omp, tiumnwg XACHtfll ft,.— wMTnmtT Riled our joaipt of Dries hyAL* ,Skdß wt.tern •US-PMttt oaSWMU

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