Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 4, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 4, 1864 Page 1
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CHIO&UO TUlttUtt’3. DAILY'TRI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. Office* No. 61 Clorlc Street* -e. TKHMS OF THIS cmOABO TBHSUITR, DaHf» delivered In dt> (ptr week) 35 A _ M (p** quarter) 63.25 Dtfly;to null n>b«crli>*re, (wr year ..$12.00 DeUr. to mu) eah-crU»en*, pcrfl month*.. 6.00 Trl-woeUrfperje*r.... 'O.OO Weekly, eincie copy o»e year 2.50 ♦V “* r «lx months .-. ’l*26 Clnbi of four oop!»*e. one year 9 OO % M ». f..— A u ♦. ... 20.110 tea .... « m rwnlT** “,/** .... 40.00 Asd to the latter clot>, one cop? extra to the per* eon ordering It. - tST'Mooey In Be*u tcred LCttcrfe may be sent at our risk. X3T~ Tto remittance tor clnb« must, In all cues; l»e mafic at on* time. AddroM “CHICAGO TRIBUNE," Chlcaro, ID. €l)tcaga Wbnnc. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 18W. SBB JSEBrCaneiIeNDOOIJ.VENT. - Let the Polyglot Democracy speak lor them selves. * Will he Issued read? for delivery la fire days, In a nest pamphlet of sixteen pages, a concise com* piiatlon.of. OEMS OF , THE LATE COPPERHEAD COX ' --J yEN T ION IN CHICAGO. The treasonable and tcto ntionsry atterances the speakers, and glimpses of the splnPof the - occasion. Illartrated oy tdectioasfrom ValJandlg ham; Cox, Ran!*, WlcllltJp, aod’otbers. Also the PLATFORM OP PEACE AND DISUNION. ' Let Union /»en mediate It everywhere, espe ... . ‘ J2TAMONG OUR ROTS IN THE OrgfliVaccompialcd ay tbc cub will be filled In tbo order la vrblcb tber ora received. PRICE, TWO DOLLARS PEB HUNDRED Address Chicago Taiumts Coxtakt.* TUU JtRWS. The wires between here and New York are down, which will account for the dearth of telegraph news Thoro 1s ■■ nothing later from Sherman’s brilliant victory except that it Is officially confirmed. , , • ’ ‘ . Muller, the railroad murderer has called for England tu charge of the police to answer for his nurrlolo crime. Gold opened In Now'on Saturday at S4O and declined during tt«e forenoon under the news from Sherman to S3GX- The decline threw an immense number of buyers on .the market under the influence of which It ral lied and wont up to Slljtf at noon. , t Collector Barney, ot New York, has resign ed his position - Avcnll is doing a good work in Virginia. At lost accounts be had attacked and defeat ed Vaughn's cavalry near Winchester, cap turing twenty wsgous, tvo battle flags, ft number ol prisoners and a herd of cattle. Thr rebels ore In fnll letreat up the Volley and Sheridan's whols army in motlonfollow jng them. A glorious Union mass‘meeting was held at Freeport on Saturday, at which 15,000 of the staunch yeomen of fl'eobunson werj present. Spccctie* wvre mado by gallant Dick Oglesby, Cul. Clark £. Carr, of Gales burg, and E. A. Storra, Erq ~ of this city. Toe utmost cnlhn-l-sm prevailed through) out the meeting, iu*d l<« n suits will bovlsl lilc In an overwhaiU)li>tt*i«d largely Increased Union majority lu November The prairies arc on fire, at> the} attu tu 1800, and Copper* heudb will do wdi lo be on the lookout. By tbo lolest arrivals, w« are in receipt of Important nows *nim Mexico. Thu French arc gradually, It Is asserted, gale leg ground. They have taken jM»t>H»*selon of Saltillo, gud were, at lost accounts, advancing with a large force upon Monterey, the provisional sent'of governmnit of President Juarez. The policy of the l-tur seems to bo to avoid any general engagement *’Mlh the Invaders at present, and tu attack their extended lines at (heir weakest point*. The J&mlly of Pres ident Juarez bos led M?x co and arrived in New Orleans, a tact which the agents of the ,ncw Mexican empire will not fall tolmpats to a fear ol defeat cm me i art of the repub licans. We await wliu interest additional details from Mexico. Hon. Allen Hammond, a State Senator of Indiana, and/or forty ye-*rs a prominent citi zen of fort Wayne, is dead He was former ly a Democrat and tb« personal friend or Lewis Cass and JeasseD. Bright, but since the rebellion broke out' has acted with the Union party. . ' Col. Wilcox has been appointed Provost Marshal-General of Ohio in place ot CoLPot ter, wlio, It is said, will rrjoin' his regiment —tbe 12tb New Hampshire. Late Intelligence from Japan Is favorable to the preservation of peace and the removal of restrictions on commerce. Some.of the leading princes, who * ere zealous opponents of. Intercourse with foreign powers,,have been converted to free trade doctrines. ATLsm. Atlanta is ours, and the campaign in Geor gia Is virtually ended Tbe long months of patient matching, strategic moves, bard combats, brilliant victories and toilsome Edge operations have culminated In a success as important as it is cbccriog. We cannot at tbo present writing, judge of tbo frill re sults of tbe victory n r piouonnce upon ths cirecte moralur pbyt-ical upon tho final issue of the rebellion, but there are afowfacta which are brought iuto strong relief iu tho light of these ever te. Strategically, tbe victory Is of the ut most Importance. Sbftinau to-day holds la his grasp the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Tbe capture of Vicksburgand subsequent occupation ol the Mississippi, wrested from tbe rends onc-tblrd of their territory. The capture ot Atlanta takes an other third; -Turns ‘ft but oue-third left, and that, Grant will se cure t as sure as the sun will rise tb-roorrow morning. Tho rebellion is now narrowed down to tho southern por tions of Virginia, a fraction of North Caro lina, and the State of South Carolina. Mo bile, although in rebel bunds, ean have no further Influence lu atinplod military mat ters. By the same Inexorable sequence of Fort Hudson shallop tbe Ute ol Vicksburg, Mobile wlirabsro toc'fato ol Atlanta, nod save that.gallant trouble of takirg it. 11* i« released. Let Bvcrettfiy Wtllua uidtrhliu to WJlmiugtOD at once. In all iia military and geographi cal bvarlmrs, tho. capture of Atlajota la tbe moat Important of (be war From ft moral point of view, ami regarding the offset abroad, Hlohmuud I* dcritnblo, hut Ita csp< lure, while Atlanta-w«a lo rebel possession, wotfld hnvohad very litUo permanent effect upon (bo issue ol tbo rebel Upn. AlliMa was tlic grsuary and workshop of llio wljulo Huutb, Jits rich lo foundries, Kim shops, warehouses tun! manufsotorlos of uyery description. Thb robots bsvo drown ordnance, ammunition, clnthleg'and all the ninullloni, supplies mid row motorist of wsr In Immense summits from It, One of the must flourishing cults of thg Boutn, situated In n fortllo country, tlio nuolons of five ridl* 'roods, radiating to TeiiLwrec, Alsbsms, Vir ginia, 'North and Benin Carolina, It gathered Wlllilu Us burden nil tbs clomenln of n (root clty.and before the war wot reeognlaod at ss Important banking and manufacturing liltco. Daring Ibo progress of the rebellion these tetoarecs bars beim taxed to their al most In supplying tbe rebel nrmles with ran. terlalofwar.' That supply Is now cot off, and the rebels inntt llnisti np their light with ttio Monty menus ohtilnod from blockade runners. , - *. ’ Wcare yet'without detail* aa toTToodq army, except tbat it waa.dtfeated and-anAr* cd aevcrely, loilng, aroongotber*, Ocn. liar* dee,one of tbe beat and* moat scientific on. cera In tbe Bonlburo .army. Educated, trained and disciplined by tbe United 6tatea f be trraaonably turned" agilnil tbe flag wblob bt*bad awdrn to" defend,' and' hu properly * 'met a traltbr** doom, Tbcre wlll be no tear* abed for him aave by traitor* and-Oopper* heMa, If Hocd’e army has been completely overthrown, then tbe whole cam palgn In tbe fidntb la a success, and the end of.tbe war la algb at band. There were but two thing* to t>e accomplished In the cainpalgn,- Involving ite destruction of Lee'* and Hood*e armies.' Destroy either of them and a like fate awaits tbe other. Granting tbat Hood 1 * army is annihilated, or eo' dls pened and.ehettercdu. 'of/ao farther nee, It enables Sherman to strengthen, and ’ co-opcracc.wltli tiraut, cither by direct rein* forcemeat, -Urns, errerpowerlng 'Lceby nh? merieal strength,'•or bycompelling Lee -to send* portion of hi*’force.eonthwardvand whipping him in detail. In either event; the remit is equally certain. •••«.* v •* . v v *r There la another Important feature In Ibis news. It la the secood gun In the political campaign, by whldi wc'mcan the campaign waged-by loyal men at home for the preset* Tatlop of the-Unlon against tbe plot* of Cop* perb*ads;and peace sneaks./ Farragut fired the first when hefook Fort Morgan, .-fiber* man replies, with Atlanta. 11 . Tbe Copperheads are aSready.sblverlng at the grand echoes of this war thunder, as it rolls throughout the country. : /McClellan to-day trembles before it, and we.predict be wQl>lthdraw and. get •off tbe Wttezr peace "platform • upon Which traitors have placed hlm;'rither'thaaremsin there to be overwhelmed by, the.,surges 'of lojalty wblcfi wlll b’arjlng it and everything about It and belonsing'to It In Irretrievable rnlnl'^Tbdwily andsagaclouf ‘ ’ • - v '- . •• vol. xvm; New York JJc aJd foresees the dirgtr, and warps him off the,track Union mtnl The dark days arc over. We eee our way ont. Oar gallant' boys la blue Lave hurled the bonjbsbclls of Morgan and Atlanta Into the camps of the copperheads. Will yen not do 3oar whole duty? Now Is ILe time to amke. The solalers have given yon the key nou*. Close up the ranks! .Forward, march! Thanks be to God! The Republic Is safe I COOK COCISTV A»D TBG DB&FI. A Galena correspoudtnt complalna.thtt the Tribune is Irjlcg to reduce the quota ot soldiers to he drafted from ChVc*go. and thinks that Its course is not patriotic Lei ns ask oar correspondent whether a man to be honest and honorable in hi* deal dogs ought to pay more, than doe .hundred cents on the dollar oi what be owes? Wheth er ho ia under any sort of obligations to pay other people's debts as well as his own? and wbethtr there is any wrong in correct ing ours I . * ' ' The people' of Cook Gonntr propose to famish their foil quota. of. men. They will not shirk one man of whatever Is Justly due under the call. But In the face of'tho fact that Cook County boa fnrulsbod'xnore sol diers than any other district, except one, la the State, they are amazed to And this dis trict called on tor . more than ont fourth o! the whole deficit of the State, while she contain*'but ono-twcllth of the population, and hut one-fourteenth of the* legal votes. Tfhe reason of the on Cook Coun ty was soon discovered? It was found that the whole . exempt alien• population* had heeiL enrolled; last the lists contained 15,000 more names than there were voters In the county, woen the legal voters of any necessarily exceed the number of men between SO and 45 yean subject to draft The deficit of Cook county Is. there, lore, hated upon u grossly incorrect enroll ment All that our people ask Is,'that the Hit ho purged of tao thousands of exempt alicce, of persons over 45 and under SO, of dead, wounded and 1 exempt soldiers, and of transient persons, who tiro not residents of our county, and never have been. When this Is done, let the draft officials state onr deficit, and If it bo nut promptly tilled with volunteers, then let the wheel turn and take them. No mon will ohj-ct or crook a Unger In resistance. Cook county asks simple Job. tlcc and equal rights. She will perform her full part without grumnilog or flinching. Ought more«to be*asked? Let every tub s and on Its own bottom, and every manpay Ids own debts. I “ Compromise With the tfouth.” The beat wood eugravlug wo lure ever seen Id JTery*>r, opptors In Its Issue dated Sept, 11, 16GL •It la called “ Compromise with the South,** aud la dedicated to the ObL cflgo Convention. For fte benefit of oar readers, some.of wbuip may not, perhaps, hove un opportunity of seeing lt,>we will at tempt to paint it lii words, though we doubt our ability lo give, iti the apace we may de vote to It, anjdpa of the volume It contains. In tbtUbreground la ahowly made mound by the side of which may bo seen the kucel log form ol a weeping woman, tbe headstone ol tbe grave brorUg this Inscription “In Memory of our Urdontileroes, who fell In a Useless War. 1 * On the left a Union soldier, whose right leg was lost In battle, Is sup porting himself upon crntchft, cap hi hand, clasping tbe right hand of a rebel officer who has oueiootupou toe grave, a pistol labia belt, the whip of a slave-driver In bis left hand, and the demon of tyranny and seonn drelism In his face. . lb the background on tbe left, may be seen a desolated and burning city, tbe ground In whose vicinity. Is strewn with the deadbollcs of our troops; on the right a slave chained to Ids wife, who holds a babe In her mninL cled hands, while the dim distance discloses a gallows, with n corpse suspended from Its long and naked arm. Over the Southern half of tbe picture waves a rebel battle flag, In* scribed, “Guerilla,” “FortPillcw,"** “No Quarter,” “Burning Chatnbcrabnrg,” . “StarvlDgTankve Prisoners,” wlthtbonamca ; ot a few other barbarities; while over the Northern aide tbe “stars qpd stripes” re ver»cd, bears the nanus of tbe victories which have rendered our arms immortal aud our history glorious. Here xuoy be seen Harper’s Idea of “ Com promise with the Sooth.” This is tbo ban* qnct to which the rebels of the Chicago Con vention Invite tbe Northern people. Admira ble as Is this CDgravlng in design and execu tion, its dedication Is better; and we call at-. Untion to this oumber of Harper, that our readers may procure and study the picture for themselves. Look at it, and* ask yonr selves If you desire peace oo any terms save these of compute submission to the author ity of ,11)0 Government; and then, If jouvote and act with the allies of the rebels to whom thcplqjurc Is dedicated, ,we earnestly hope yon may bepome tho slaves yon would so *|icbly deserve to *bo.. « Played the Devlh» When Hunt and Smtfh made tbclr confes sion at Su Louis, ami exposed the eoereta of the O. A. K, tbe Copperhead papers tried to sneer at tbo matter, and declared that the whole thlug was gotten up by tho military authorities as a.scarcsorow. They felt un easy about it, bawuver, and it was easy to sec that their Indifference was sssnmod aud very thin. Ini the Dudd Correspondence, the real “fellings ” of tbo “dun«,” on this point is made uiNUlfest. One chap anxiously in quired of tbe Grand Commander what effect the expose Irilkeljr to have. "Aoolhcr, one JohnE, illsluy, tbe law partner of Vooruccs, writing from New York to Dodd, deelms that Hunt iV Co , have ” played tbo devil,” nnd In* on cvtdcuily distressed stale ol inlud, Inqlres whether “our friends” are impli cated, or “oar friends” sro aflboted. He Ims since discovered, no doubt, , that the “devil” has been pia}ed generally; that “our friends ” are Implicated, and that ”our people” are affected. bar Public Debt. The following Is n correct statement ol the public debt, as appears Irom tbe books, Treasurer’s returns sud requisitions on tbs Trcasuiy Department on the SOtb ol August I Debt bearing Interest In coin, (890,800,491.80; Interest, (A1t,849,411) IK), Debt bearing Inter* etl In lawful money, (100,100,001.01; Inter est, (94,004,819 8.1. Debt ■on which Interest batoettril, (897,470 00) debt beating no In. terest,JMO,lll,oß7.4o."ToUl amount out ilandliiK, (1,878,088,088 00. Total lotsnst, (77,447,109.08. Tbe unpaid requisitions amount to (78,705,(XX), while tbe amount In tbe Treasury subjeat to draft, It orar teren teen millions, The amount of ■traetlonal currenoy In clronlntlon la nearly twenty four and a half millions. Ifravr Taxed for one Firm* One individual firm In ttyi 'Oily paid a dl» rect tag to ilto Government, during the year ent*lng Jnly 1, JB(M, oftbomm of $870,• 878 681. 11 tier® Is any Individual firm In the United Butc« tbat baa paid a heavier tax for oneycartbanthe above, we would like to Know It, Trot ont your heay tax pay ora,' „ * A Rpeeclt by tbe President. The iMth Ohio regiment, Col. Moore, while 5 en route for home, their term of service bav* wg expired, calltd upon the President on Wednesday at the White nouae. TbePreal* lowa *^ dnßße( * 016111 BD^staQ Ually aa fol* thank you In behalf of the for the services you have rendered, fiolng home after completing yonr to r Si° r TM Vl . cel ? tl,ec ® llie of cqnal-rights Z hiß *? ,* ■“* y° n fl « ht for-to trans* children Urn equal rights which Cmm^ d ? hl , ch the 4 enemies of tbe SS #r to destroy. I never t ? addreeß body of soldiers nut tbatl am desirous of saving a word <in reference to tbe contest now emog on." Do not JUow j ooneWes to bo YeSu&y bV ?. r ii^?b? C f?^Pt, ,IrBIU “ TOU ° r ttow who •/ sail* the Government. Wo MnnAt Mnu t aWUij to aUthoofflcert men I. .The war ia for tbe perpetuation ef the principle of equal rights to sSt In this Gov ernment tIK sober and industrious Lave an equal chance. I occur-y tbe White Hohsa now; but there is. an equal chmuthat tout ecu may he aa fortunate as my father*! 800 l Agalnlwarnyounotto be misled by the small argumentrbflhose who seek to destroy rather than to uphold the Government ». After three cheers .for the President, the crowd which bad collected dispersed, aqd the regiment resumed Us inarch. . . . , ISTThe rebels are horses from Canada via' Mexico. ;' The'horaes, of course, aed the transportation, in gold; and the risk of loss on ao longu voyage'moat be couiidcrable.*, - Itsbows tbat they.are 1 greatly reduced in the number of. their animals; and confirms other evidence* of thb' same lhctr*' NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE CAPTUBI OF ATLANTA. Official. Confirmation of the Victory. HOOD BADLY WHIPPED ON THE MAGOH ROAD. TieKY. taMaras IcCle] . 'lanto leave tie M. From the Shenan< doab --Averill is Punishing the Rebels. Great Union Mass Meeting at {Free port—ls,ooo Present. Resignation of Collector Barney, of New York. Great Excitement in the Cold ’ Market. NOTHING LATER FROM GEN. GRANT, FBOn FBEEPOUT. limnrnor Union lYlaMllleeling—ls,ooo l*ru|ile Pr*iM nl—urrai BalhQftl#htn— ftprtcb cl lien, srglcftby. - (Special Dispatch to the Cbieoiro Tribune.] Frxcpobt, Saturday. Sept. 8. To-day bit boena marked day to tuqcalender of Stephenson county, Goo. Og'.rsby, Union ciodt* date for Covert or of (bo Stale, baa Just concluded onaddma to an audience ▼arloos'y oetlmaw d at fto&i ten tbouaaod lo fifteen tboueaud la number* upon the issues that #bould doeldo the vote of tb« people In tbe Presidential canvass. Ttia streets first bepan to be animated on tbe arrival of the rootling train from Chicago, and from mat time tilt the hour oT ■ peaking they were filled with moving processions of wagons, men, women and children, hearing aloft national emblems and ban. nere, covered wUh )«>tlutlc devices. Amoi'trtbt first that reached tbe city was tbo «deration from Florence, five hundred strong, bearing at lu trout a banner woven aroued with evergreens, and inscribed “No Union wiru Beavdiy—We will Conquer a Peace.** Follow, log Una came the procession from Carroll county a Uionratd strung, and then that from Wjaudotte township, three hundred strong, aud that from Lancaster, five hundred etro&g, and from Uollow Creek, a tboosand stroor, preceded by a tings wagon, upon whxh was mounted a national flag ana innumerable small ones, and a beautiful b»u ntr inscribed “Wx oo ron Old Abe, tux Two Dices and tuz Deacon.” • At least two tbons&nd came In on thfißaelne Sailrrad from Oeloltsud tbo towns between'that city and this There was every wberegreat earnest ness and enthusiasm. • . About 11 o'clock a grand procession was formed In which all the tmalltr defecations united. Un like cternltyi tt had a beg uclng and an ending, but It was fUlly two miles tods. It Is wonderful, the enthusiasm that prevails ’ In this portion of the State., The' Union men of this county promise arpely to Increase their majority, at the coming election, and tbo prospects are that they will fully redeem that promise. * TbJmcctlngwas held, to-day, in an opcnJot in tbe rear of tbe Brew*ter Boose, and was 'called to order by Don. W. A. Nsrnunore, who, before in troducing tbe General, read a dUj«atch just then, received from Chicago, announcing the capture and evacuation of Atlanta. This announcement was received witir tremendous applause aud cheer* for Gen. Sherman. Tbo Lombard brother* and Dickey tbtn eanc with effect the during anthem, 44 Unfarlthe Qlonooa Banner”— after which, Qcn. Og.ceby took tbe plallorm. He commented at leiTsth upon the serious and disturbed condition of the country, and said it was right for the people to mc-et and discuss their dUordtir, .aid erduevor to find some remsdy Ibirefor. Tbe Democracy had charged upon the Atohticsbts or Union men of the country, who had helped to elect Air. Lincoln to the Presidential chair, tbe nspmrlbility of this war with all Us ftarfnl consequence*. Be characterized this charge as an infamous falsehood. He eulogized tbe Fede ral constitution, and said that under it Mr. Lin coln had the undoubted riaht ( to coerce and sub jugate rebels. V hat Air. Lincoln bad done lu the prosecution of this war Lad been doqe in exact accordance with the provision* of tbe constitu tion. The cate fof the Interests of the soldiers he declared to hi the doty t i every public man lo tbe] country. Ttcy deserved the nation’s gratitude for tbvlr pstr.otic and uurtlflfcU efforts. He spoke of the unionization of the order ol thelu.O. C.,labd said that It was mainly through their devlileb com binations that the Union party was defeated in lE6I. Be «.W the same results was now sought to be attained oy the sons of liberty.' Be defied any man to'sbow that a Union man ever belonged to the Older.; Be showed that Cllugman'a baud of pucriliai'latoly operating in Montgomery county were part and pared ol tho same grand conspiracy. Beinvwcrcd tho meet that tbo rebels were still un whipped;* after three years of war# by ravine that lu overv battlo where the odds wero at all pro portlons‘o tbo rebels were always whipped. Gen. Oglesby was followed by Co). Clark K. Carr, of UnJeibow, wbo, in a brief speech, showed that the ConstltutlOD dearly gave tbo I’fMldeul atidConpretithc ilubt to pot down rebellion m the field and traitors at home,' aud sosialncd tbe official arts of the President by n linn of arm arnt that would, he overwhelming to any hot •traitors* Be showed that the ody failures of this administration were duocily attributed to AlcClcl* km; (list the rebellion would bavo been crushed lotgsco but for him. He insisted tbit (dicing McClellan In tbe presidential chair wou’d aobordl uste Generali Grant and Sherman to him, and vir tually relieve them irnm duty. Tbe Democrats wire opposed td the war, and had no sympathy with the Union, but tbo most profound imereti In tbe rebellion. ,Tho address of Co). was id < xrtllcm elfurt, and elteaed ffcequent and hearty approvals. Uu Monday these speakers will address the Iq. habitants of J« Daviess county at Galena. K A. Btorrs, D»q.» of jonrclty, will speak from the bal cony of the Brewster lloasn this evening. The Slcpbruiou conuty Union Convention was held bcie to-day. The following are tbe nomination! by acclamation! For Ileprc-atnlallvo, Horace C, Ilurcbard i Circuit Clerk, Edward J*. Bodge*t Iff, J, J. Hearsnll. flieplienson county Is good lor her ancient Umou majority of from 0,000 to 10.000, ' ißpfrialtiivpiticbto tbaOhidomlUbune.i ■ FnaironT, Hlturdiy, Sepl.D. . The glorious news of lbs fail vf AUaiitaJusie oeiyed bale, oreatca tromaodous oulhu*|ssm« Tbs ipsop’earw wild with oolUmsut, Owppsrbsada look glum and saf u li a “d-d Abolition lie,’* TJiero art it lam 10,000 people to town, and a glo. rlnos time is anUcijvaisu at lbs great Uolon meet log, . . , I'noffl WT, I.OUIg. Great U<*fou nefilns Coming OlT—flop* peritonei t;«ndUvoa. (Special Dispatch to the ChlmgoTribiine.l r - flr, bona, fiatarday, Bcpt, B,lßob tbe Copperhead raUflcaUon meeting; which was called for to*nUb(, has hem postponed till Tbori* day night, the fiili* Tbe Copperhead Bute Con* vcbllodlb to he held hereon Wednesday,.and it was deemed expedient to postpone any demon* stra’lon until after the Bute ooratnattona ars ‘made, ss an Inducement for. country Copperheads to attend both the contention and, rsUflcation meeting. Tbe North MUtoori, Iron Mqnntaia and Pacific Batfroads have consented to bring their rebel friends at half toe. Great efforts will bs made to attract a large crowd. . Per coatra: A meeting of loyal meaU called for Thuesdsy night next, to testify their joy at oar re* cent victories in the field, and to express their de termination to uphold the government against traitors both North and Sooth. Thlawill denbt lees be the largest meeting over held in SuLoalf. Bt, Louis, Sept.* 8 —From 150 to 900 cavalry hones are daily* (hipped from here. Daring the past week, the prices of cavalry horses have ranged from 9160 to $l6O. Adjutant General Gray siyiMLiipari is still en titled to credlu for 4,000 men, which wDldoabl lesi be arranged In a few days. . v FBOM HIADXION. Ihe Sraft In Wiieonrio-Bejoiclngs ; overtlie Great Victor?.; : Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnn e.l u • Danisox, Wis,, Satardiy, SepL 8. \ The quotas of the eeveral congressftnal Districts in this Buteshire been finaftyarslgned by cocrec* Uon of the enrollment. The number of men mV Ject to draft is rednerd to 51,419. . The qooua-sre pn follows; : FintDistrict-Jnly ouot* ASK, less 601 by cor rection and 970 by credit, canals 3,690 present quota. -tJeccDd District—July quota, 3.679, lest 1,108 by coTTfcticn and 1A56 by ovdlt, eqosls fits. • - ; Teird Dl»tncr—July qoou 9JBSS, leas 699 by eor> reside and 887 by credit, eqosls 1,4*0. • - - •I °® ,t 6 District—Jmyqaota, lees 996 byeoiree* .Uqp, equals 1A74, ~ . .. . District—July qnoU lOli, less 613 by cor* 488 by credit, CQaalsLlOV ' ' ' . rides, this, .iberc Is a redaction of some four . hundred men to be credited io localities, leaving CHICAGO, SUNDAY,. SEPTEMBER 4,1864. onij 10,825 men to bo raised -la Wisconsin under ,tbl» C3jU It ib Irapoeunle to say what proportion o< ibis somber Lap volunteered, bat cnlUtmeata fir tome days have beoii very brUz.aod'itls on* 'dfratoed.that thrnew regiments archill. or nearly ro,andag£od many men for the old recnnen:*. Tie district Provost Marshals are not quite ready to tepin dmHinjr on and there will pro* bably be'a few day»•’ deNy, which the Adjotiot Gemini eays, will cite e till.farther time for the . eob-dbiilcU 10-flil to At quotas by volnnleeriog. Tic Governor Is authorized to aav that voloo terra will be accepted and coopted on the quota of lie prefCDt call op to the la! t practicable moment before the draft, and tbit the present boostics will be'paid to each volunteers. Corrected enrollment and cndita obtained from the War Department, materially lessening the number to be raised from this State, tdfeetber with all. the delay eecaiioned in tu&ktna corrections, give ample opportunity for cob-districts to fill their quotas by voluntary cn* ■lls'incnte. Immediate and • energetic effort will accomplish tbo work to watch alliare urgently ad* viced by the Governor. The glorious sews from Atlanta caused preit re joicing here among all bat Coppcrheade and peace sneaks. A Ft-aeral aalnte was fired by oraer ot the Governor, end to-night there is a large meeting to rejoice over the victory. Gevtral officers ot the Northwestern Railroad ar rived her* to-day, on atrip over the Beloit branch, which wl.l soon bo open to tbo' public. stpT pavl. Fnllroad Over tlie • Victory. tSped&l Dlipalcb to tbe Chicago Trlbooe.l St. Paul, Batordsy, Sept. B.ISM. K. F. Drake* the Brut railroad builder, and hla associates bavo subscribed SIOO,OOO stack to-the Mionerata Valley Dai road, and wIM at once com mence to finish it. Some forty miles or the road* are graded and only Trait ties and Iron to open It lor in stares. . There are great rejoldua* here Wday at the neve irom Atlanta. The baoford battery fired a national saiote. Dsw are yon armistice? U the watchwotd now. Tbe Cops" look as If Mc- Clellan stock was down. FBOn ATLINTA, Cteii, fcfaerxnan’* Victory—How It uu Aci'omplUbcil New Venn. Sept, a.—Tbe HeraUTt Washington special, tiip ember 2. says:' There la great re. JoSctap m Waiblegtou over tbe news that Atlanta I*lncur pfsartplon.. It appears that while the rebel cavalry have been operating upon fihermau'a rear, that officer has been proceeding with bis moumeuts anecrsfclly, and at 11 o’clock this niarnibg intcrld tbe city o! Atlanta, atd found ibulbia combinations had compelled its evacua tion by Hood Tbe transmission of this Intel!!- peace over tho wire#, which have been cut fur eev tral days, pruves that Rousseau has becu saccuss ful table (Quits to dislodge tbe cavalry exfieditiou olFoirett, Wheeler, and Atcigau, aud drivouthem .from the road. Too capture of Atlanta secures tbe poaaoasion of the whole Siato of Qeorula. ond renders tbe con dition til the rebel leaders more desperate thin ever bdorc. It was by an apparent retreat—one ot trore masterly ttratreic movements lor which hitman bar been noted—tbit be bsFbeen enable! to act levcao I tilllaiit a result. It tr tow well known that Ilood has added ma terially to bis atretistb by a conscription ot ni nitrous boys and eld men, wbo,.nehind tbe works, could rttioer vety good service. Onteldethoworks this very strength would prove a great weakness and a terrible cost of powder and provender. Tac purpose of Sherman tn tbo movement which began ou tbenlcbtof the £Ctb,*woa to dtpnve tbe rcbo ermtoanderof this strength aud bis protection o thcVoilaat At anta. In other word#, Sacrman hoped, by flanking Atlanta, and eoUtac off hla tupplle*. to force Ilood out to fight, and thus, with bis largely preponderating force of veteran troops to whip him In an open field. With this viex, Sherman moved on tbe night In question, with 40 days-raitous-and all bis army,-except t&o SClh Corps (Slocum’s.) which bad been withdrawn from the trout of Atlanta to tbe Cbattabocbao bridge there to remain at a corps of observation, and to occupy Atlanta In tbo event of Ilood abandoning It, aud employed to took alter the communi cant on and hnrrj lurwjrd by railroad suppUea to h baler er new posluou Sherman might assume. The ormy is reported to have moved m tbe follow ing'order: kid Corps (Schofield*#,) in the advance followed by the 14th (Davis’,) the 25th (Lojc»n'o the JOth (Itonsom’a,) the 17tb (Blair’s,) and the 4th (Stanley’s,) In tbe order named, all making,* flank movement, with strong skirmish lines on either flank sod in the Iron and roar. East Point was' ell to the can, and at d#wn Sherman found Uood gone. • - . ' ; ■ • .moaE THE SHENAADOAK. Aver IIP* Flslitn with the Bnemr nc . ffl&ril&kburg-ratir deported to bo nUicatlbe. Ntw Touk, Satardsy, fiept.-B.—The ITeral&e Faking Waters correspondent., Aug. a *t, .eve ntctr/Mje: For two dsjs pavt Avenll has been de&jOiiSiratitg agatnsttha enemy, feinting with n.vtewotfscUitaUiu tbe execution of plans and carrjlrgont thecrdcra ofShendsn. To-day w& attacked tbe enemy on three different road# lor tbo purpose ol su4u>g him develop his strength. On the Charlestown *nd Gimdftown roads there was zoilmig hot very light tkirmiebing, while on the Winchester pike, there wat ail that we bed hoped lor and ocehed. On tbia road, early la tbe morn log, wc attacked tbo enemy’s outposts, We drove bl* tflcksls in upon tbeir reserves and towards Datksvtlle. In-ih* atternoon agnln we made another attack on the tame llocvwarn tbe rebels ’ placed a division of Inter try Into line sod ad vsaetd, no douat to ascertain the ttrangiboftbo patty so persistently annoying them. Between one aid tno o’clock the enemy’s line had reached tbo omtklrts or Alartinebnrx. At this time wo opened fire from tbe s- cnnu» of Wither’* battery. Soon after, tbo enemy returned tbe fire from (onr Sen* on an eminence aomewbat to the rbjht nf lartlnabnrg from tbe rebel position. At this lime tbe rebel die of Infantry pressed onr right nnd centre, where was deployed a portion of Colonel bebroonmsker’s brigodo. On oar left, where was sutlot ed f’olonel Poweir* brigade, there wao not •o heavy a ’pressure. > Tbe rbolls from rebel and Union gnus pwtcti over the town without sinking any ot tbe house* in |L Tbe ircrfd sspotlsl dated Sheridan’s headquar ters. Auvnat Diet, 10 p. m., •*)•: Tbeenemv, whose main (brcula presumetltohavebe*oeon ccntrattd at Hunker llltl, about olsbt miles dis tant, across the Opequan, for tbo past tbrm days, la now understood io be graduauy witudrawlug bis force* and making up the vllcy via Diddle town and Btra*bnrg. Car cavalry ts always ou tho alert, and aHI bsvu someiblns favorable to report very loon. Tbi ro hat been but little skirmishing In front since Monday, nod tlmpmspeet of a bat tle In tbia valley sreraa dimmer every day. Wjtam«oiOK, Saturday, Sept. B, Tim following official dlspattb was rocelvvo last night: The or-emysre on the ibuV«l|*y. railing Iwca towards Wincb«»trr. Avcr U atuenut aud drove Vnm hu’s cavalry from sumo p >lnt north ot ltook»r Ulil to wttbtn six ml’c* of Win chester. when his advance was stopped by a Divis ion of Ufantry. Avenll captured k*mt> tva :on#, two battle daga.a number of on>ou«rs, sod a I’iid ni cattle.- lie removed toward* Ucrryavllle. (Jen. Sheridan moved last ntghtwUb his whole army tn permit. rnorv ikew tork. Gold—Hcalsuallou oi* Collecmr Bar* ’ney—Capture ol* Atlanta Ouuflrmed. Niw Youk, Sept, 8— Gold opened at Sio,tnd Mdircqntti'ljr tnucbcd‘93s*«. Tbo dcclloebrimshl into the pisrscl a largo immlwr of Imysra to euv«r ovitdue »hun contracts, aud tbe price robuuudsd luS-rtv at noon. The wawrrdat says Mr. Hsrnsyba* tendered Ids rvstscaiiun as Oullorinroi tbit jorl. I’oStmss lerWsisnjau end Himsou Draper srs named as hi* probable snccessors. The M« Wsridtigiun special says the ean'nrs ef Atlsiibs is fully confirmed by official dlspttohss Juiirwlrnd. Tn* Jftrvld tdltoriiilr condimns tha Chleaco platiotm, and advlsos SicClaitaa to klek tt to pl«ct», Tbo city |trs>«uls a cals ippssranrs, dressed lu’ flags, lo honor of the victory at Atlanta, FROM KI)*MUCKV. Ilbloit netting at Louisville—Jeaeee’s ■ wnrrrlla llaud. Locianiie, fept Uoo Horses Vsyutrd sddreerod a very large aodtouce of Uoioa roca at the CoortlJona* last eveaiog. .■ „Tfts gnrrrtia Josses vayFhe Inlcadt lo remain la limy conrty uattl sfter the aoprosebing Federal draft, sod then pet !Uo bis gang'ail ibe dratted rnigitn, • ' Acrrreipondeol of tbe Jimniai says Jraiee la rennlUDcuep quite rapidly (or the rebel ranks In Utpry, Trumbull and Owen counties. RAILROAD DIHASTBR, Vive Fassenvpfi KtUed, and Satorday, BepL S. Tbe train from Mew York ran off tbe track last evening near Perrynanvllle. It la reports'! that five paaarngere were , killed and ten wounded. Particulars not received. The Philiidelphlai Railroad Ac* cident. SepUfi.—Ttis now%abertoinedthtt noone ? ..aUledby umaeddeotontb* Ptatlad*!- phU railroad. Three cars were thrown Irom the mck, ranrized and badly shattered. Tho locomo tive and fbnrsrd ears did not eo off tho track. The sccloent eras caused by an open switch. Fiveoffl cere, a soldier and two civCiana were more or less injured, five of them seriously. Marne* not ascer tained. *..' • ; .. j - . From Gen. Grant’s Army. Wasbuigtok. Saturday, Sept. B.— Latest' Infor mation trom the army ot the Potomac state* that nothing of note has transpired for some day* put. hkketlirlng it Indolccd taoQpartaor tbe line at bntlt almost entirely ccaees daring the d*y. t v :'■*. '• *. ' . ' . . 1 Handsome Donation. , . Sin Fsaxcisco, Sept.- 2.—A draft ter $23,000, pan ot tbcproeeeCs or the Christian Comndssion Fair, was remitted by express to-day. - v Gen. JEtotlcr at New Fork. . : MkwTonn, 8«U B.—Qen. Bntlrr arrived here jreterdvy. uis tmslnss* here ia not unMlety known, at least, 46 his personal affairs. Foreign Loan, Tendered to Oor Government New Tons, Sept, B.—Tb* Washington special insists'that there has been a tender of a foreign loan ..and that It la under consideration tn the Treasury Department. .. . .. • The London Railvvay Harder* ■ Mbw Toes, Sept. B.—Tb* JBtna bie aalied for Liverpool, Irtlt t Mailer, lb* accused London rail way murderer. FROM fiOUIUC. The Capture of Fort Morgan. Ifce Fort Fort Forced to Cap itulate in .Tvrcntv-A)ur . Honrs. The Kehel Earn Nashville Blown Up LCorrr rpoodtnec N. Y. Uerald.J Fobt Moboak, AoctutSS, lsoi FORT JIOBOAS 13 OUBB Fort Korean is can. The old Stars and Strip**, alter to Internal of little more t&an three >tus, again float over the rampatis, and the garrison ssscmblo to tbo tuut» of *• Taoxte Doodle 1 ' and **HaU ColiiiqoU ” At twenty minuted to seven o’clock oa Tmeday morning, August 23, 1801, Fort Morgan, mounting slaty heavy gun* and oa ttlnlog a garrison of «COO men, Burroudcrcd unconditional!v-to the combined lorccs of tbe am»> and bavy of tbe United States, af ter a bombardment 1 1 twenty four Lours. DETAILS OF'TTTC SURRENDER. On Sunday .evening Gen Granger notified Admiral Furragut that be would be ready to open-tbe siege uext morning at dayiiguw That night toe Admiral with bis lle«ttook up bis pobltton In line of battle, and Monday morning at 5 o’clock we opened upon Mor gan with thirty cubs of various.calibre, and sixteen tight and ten-inch mortars, aud lu a short time three monitors audaevcral wool ed vessels opened, tbe former with cloven and. fifteen-Inch shells, and the Utter with rifled tblrivtwo pounders. The firing cou tU,uea with crest vigor and extraordinary accuracy until daik, «bcu the fleet witu drew, and the flring was continued only at Intervals by tbe shore batteries.,' FIRE IN TUB FORT.* During the afternoon smoke was noticed ascending In a steady volume from a partic ular point iDfidu tbe fort, and it was sur mised by many that some part of tbe work was on lire, although very mile w.s sa*d or thought about It, so great whs the interest moni'estea lu the accuracy of tbe anlUory practice: .but about 9 o’clock at night a broad Mint of Hume buist forth, .which shone brightly all night, and seemed to spread to tlm right, as if defvlmr all exer tions to cxtibgnlsb It. it was thought by some clbcrrs Uiat ibe ccemybad piled to gether some boards and fired it, in order that, by Its light, a night assault might be guarded against, THE CITADEL 05 FIRE. By others It wan billeted, and this belief was found to be cornet, that mo citadel was on fire, and th.tuu txpiotlon of tbe ni>gv xiutn mlgbtbe expected at any moment. Wo were infoinud next morotog by tho rebels that alter v»ln<t)brts to cxta-gmaii the tiro they hi came greatly alunncdlesttneystnuld all be biown up, otid Quoded tbe nugur.lnt! with water and threw a largo quantity of powder into tbe Wells. No sooner was'this light discovered llmu Genual Dailey ordered all our batunes to commence bring, in or der to prevent tbo rebels from extingtiisbiog tbe flames, which they did with great vigor; and thefts from Line-inch Datiigrcn and cght aid tci-lnch mortar* fell anld tho flumes with fearful rapidity, driving the reb els to tbclr casemates and producing a scene of grandi nr rarely witnessed. For folly an hour this awful seme continued with fiend like fury, when the llm-g ceased auddunlr, ro tbe cetonlsbinenl of those who wltucssedthe affair from the shipping lu the b*>. TUB FORT WAVES A SIGNAL LANTKItN TO THE FLEET. It was explained next morning by Gen. that he saw Kune of the garrison go down to tbe beach and wave a lantern to the fleet, evidently » signal of surrender. Tne General watched this movement steadily from a position be hid cautiously obtained very close up to the glacier of the fort After watching half an hour, tho rebels, finding the fleet made no answer to tnelr signal, probably because it was not seen, or, If seen, not nideretood, withdrew to the fort with out attempting to signal the army, llad they done so, they might have been spired a very UDCoaiiortihle night, er.d we should have saved a large quantity of powder, shot and abelL fur tien. Bailey Immediately or dried bis batteries to re-opec, and the garrl fcoa ot Fort Morgan, slept to or were kept w Idc awake by tuo music of his guns. A PROPOSAL TO SURRENDER.' At twenty-minutes to eeytn o’clock on Tuesday morales a rebel officer, Captalu Tay lor, bt ariog a whits flag, and accompanied by about forty men, carrying a small, sail boat, inarched one at the intdu sallyport, facing Fort Galces, with the intention of pushing off to tbe flagship - , thrcA or four miles olatait, with a note from Gm. Page proposing to surrender the fort, nad asking what terms would be granted; tut here again tbey were thwarted by the übiquitousßailey. They were determined to Ignore the army entirely; they would not treat with It; they wonld not surrender to It If they ccuM have had their own way, probably occmsotisa. Page, who was long an ol&ccrofthe navy, has still a lingering affection for the old Union Jack. Gen.pulley imonaed the flag ' ot truce olliccr that tne army and navy were ; one, that they represented one Government, ! and that they were fighting In tbe same glo rions cause; that his ortiilerr commanded Fort Morgan and hla infantry ev.*rv*foot of Mobile Point outside the fort, and that be conM not and would not permit a rebel boat's crew* to push off from shore underany : pretense whatever. ARRIVAL OF GEN. GRANGER. ! Abcut this lime General Granger arrived at ; the wharf, ih front of Fort Morgan, uod the I note of Gen. Puge was hand'd to him. Gen. i Granger replied that be would communicate tbe contents ot the note to toe Admiral, and when bis answer was received, tho'terms of surrender would be dictated. In a short time thereafter, G«n. Granger scut Gen. Ar nold, chief of artillery, Gapt. Drayton, of the Ustltnrd, and another ofll:er, with a demand fur the Ituintdlalo aud unconditional eurren dif pi Fori Morgan, with its garrison and all public property,;tu tho army and navy of the Utilud Slates, guarantying the treatment ot nn cclightcr cd nation to nrUotu rs of war. Uvn. rage wlsbrd to stipulate for l»« re uiovsi ot bis sick and wounded to Mobile, but this wo* flatly rciuicd, and h-i theu soul a note Ip Gen. Granger, sut tig that ho se ct pted bis term*, but requesting that the for mality of surrender might bo deterred until two o clock In tbe afternoon, that he might have time to ptek ttj* Ids biggage and g< t Lis men in order to march out. This request wssAccednt to. , TUB UCRCLB JIAWCII OUT. Accordingly, at-prccltely two o’clock, tho rebel army, Lumbering probably a little over six hundred, inarched out at the main sally port, without music and without tunnurs, and wciu drawn up in line at the foot of tho glacier, fronting toward* the bay. Two regi ments of Union Infantry— the 2-Uh lowa and 2tiUi AVianonslo—preceded by a brass hand, pitying “Util Columbia,” and with tbeStara 4i,U ftirli*ca and tho colors of their respect Ito dtstes floating proudly above them, marched by, and lulUd about nvs paces In (root of the rtiiwl lino. Toe rebels then stacked their Arms, after which the band struck up the *4Urdpangletl banner.” Tho rdUvl r*g was torn down, ami the old flag ol our Union was once moiu flung to lha brrtres which are Wafted urer'lho rsmpsrtl of Fuit Morgan. A UNJOg SAMtiK. Then a national salat« was thundered from 'tlioßuns of ihn mm-of-wsr lu the bay, aud In thcMtulf fiom Fort Gfllnc*. And ftrom some of our hatterb aon tho penbsul*. Wuon the CLlbutloitn bad somewhat subsided tho rolls of tho rt brl eoropanlts wore called and vert fled, the otlleers and soldiers placed ou board tranaforli, tbe formal snrrrnder of. Fort Morgan was completed, and the command of the entrance to Mobfte llay passed forever from the rebel Htutes. .tub spectators. While thraaloto was being flred bondreds of ofllcers of the army and navy, In brilliant uniform*, and bund*cds of soldiers and sail ors, who seemed well pleased with the work th*y had done, crowded tbo rampsru of tbe fori to witness the Imposing scenes. : T WRAT Wff HAVE GAINED, ■. AsuromlDg up of resnlla will prdve this to have .be*u one of the most bnlUantand cocctftfolcampaigns ofthowar, trom luln icptlon to Us clcse. Although General. Granger had stupendous obstacles to contend against, from Isck of water transportation, not a moment of unnecessary delay occurr ed. not a blunderwas-commUtcd, not a life was unnecessarily sacrificed. The very best feellcg existed between Fartagnt, Canby and Granger, and the co-operation ‘ was constant and cordial- What are the results t Exactly twenty days have clapeed since the landing: of tbo army on Dsupbm.lsland, and. two days later—the Sth—the fleet pasted the forts. Since that time we have compelled tho evacuation of Fort roweU; wo have forced tbe enemy to surrender Fort Gaines, with .the works at d guns In perfect condi tion; and tftera bombardment of twenty four hours wc have almost destroyed and compelled the surrender- cf Fort Morgan,; heretofore considered by many ablv officers - ' as the strongest United States. We have takfn fifteen hundred pris-, oners, one hundred, pieces of cannon: and 1: a vast quantity of • small arms and munitions of sir: we have also taken provi sions enough to feed the garrison, which wa. ibsllplace In the forts, for sixmonths. ~ We have captured, and nowhave In perfect fight !rg trim, the vain Tennessee, the; strongest war vessel sfibet. In fcet *ne Is Invulnerable. to the broadsides of all the. navies: In the world. ..We bare taken several other vessels which can sHhe put to useful purpose*, aod /Wo have penned up. In Mobile harbor at least three- first-class Englisn blockade runners.' All this has cost the army: one man killed and six wounded. - It has cost the navy the Tcounsehi and part of her* crew, and very lew casualties on otiicr ships. Sorely we ought to he satisfied with the .twenty days .cam-, pairs tn Mobile hay. ‘ It is a remarkable fact *tbat during tha bombm dment on Monday,’ Fort Morgan never fired a gun.,. Oorhrtter; lea flrtd so rapidly and with such ex’raordl vary accuracy, that the rebels dare sot sh-iw lb»jxe«lvetj outside the casemates Fiiteeu gnus were broken dismounted or la some manner nodertd useless to the enemy had he been able to man them. PRESENT CONDITION OP THE POST. Over one thourond shells w*ro exoloded is the lett The brick walls inside and oat are fearfully bait-ltd, acd too ciudel a mass ot rums. 1 was Informed by Capt. Pol* fiey that It »ill require from one hundred aso fifty to two hundrtd thousand dollars to ttpair the damage nose by ose day's DOin- Uromtni. The lighthouse is plcrcfdbnd scaled in a dozen places, and is ready to tottlo nod fall before ibn lightest breeze Tbs rebels kept a lookout Is the top until onraharpshootnrs made it too hot for him. Oar bo»s *u( mar ket balls through every pave of gUss. We hao a line cf eighty pounder Parrotts and font-inch Dablgrens, the latter under com maod ol C»pU i) son, of the Hartford with in fifteen hundred yards of the fort. From three to five hundredyards In front of these We lad au Irregular line of mortars, eight and ten Inch calibre, uncer command' ol filujor Roy, of the First Indiana artillery. Gfcl*. AK.IkY. Oar Forces Clio Offensive —Early iletreailns. ICnrrcspbodesce of tbs New YerkTltnee 1 liBAUQUARTEitS NIKtTEKHTn AOXT CORP*. 1 Ilf lUS FIkXU, NKAU CtURUKSTOWN. Vtt , t _ , .Floods?, Augustas, 1881.1 During toe past lew days lien. Stunoan’s policy setmcd to be on Uie offensive, for no less icon four heavy rtccunnuUeauccs worn sent out; two on the lett,.wUu uoe on tlio nght, by the loidctry, assisted t>v a email loico of cavalry, atid uue.toward Socpberds* town, by tbo cavalry 01000. These repeated loruysnnihc enemy's lines attest were re* warded by the fact having been satlsfar.tori-* 1; ascertained that Early bad at l*ot ukeu up bia line of retro it. Oat in wbat precise direction It wee at first ImposslDla to say. , Bat enough bad been learned to determine Gin. Shirloan on advancing, and orders were Übiitd late Saturday evening for tbo army to be reaoy to move by daylight. About seven 0 clock tbo entire force got Into motion, moving oat trom bellied their 'formidable brtoHwoiks lu columns of brigades by the rlgl t flank, c ach corps preserving Its relative position lu the line or battle. As I. stood ou tbt* commanding heights just abaodontd by our troops and witnessed the splendid spec* tack spread out at my feet, I could not but n member those mogullicent Hues ol Shako fpesre’s d- scribing * 4 the pump ami dream* sturco tf glorious war.” Glorious, indeed, was the scene' yesterday us ILo unny of western Virginia' slowly f wept on toward tbo village of Charlestown. Iklorc the udvnnce columns, a cloud ofsktr nikbeis moved out In a loeg, pcncll-llku line, now and th 1 n a single snot snapping like u vvmp, t.Dd again a running tlru skip* plug along the Hue like a wave, as git upsos were ; of su.aU bodies oi the enemy, Bti.u.rt, the corps swept on. In glittering column*, the dark mnseos appearing aod dls* tppt uringustbLs toltowed tnc ummUtloas 01 the country; sa l between them tue olt* let cm baturhs of artillery slowly sdvu:ced, t lelr nicutun d pace evincing a Ueiloer lion in perfect kciplrg with the apparent dignity otihram-. bloWJy, but bteoali), they aa vi*nced. Tln ci.vairy, who have laid for somsdays pntt lu *o more auv.tuced poslctjn ibaa tue main bn>k of tho artuv, iu the ulrucuouot Sbtj.l wucelud rapidly out from the ileht on to our immediate from, aud sj cniiiy took up their appolntel plica In our extreme advance. IhipU artillery firing ci ulo tow bo beard, and a Lint aud distant d eer come Heating over tho woods us so ue body of cavalry putted on tu e ctiargc, 00, on, our troops pressed., now pacing the long line cf “rail-pens’’of tho rebel' sklr lulehtrr, and again puehiug by the luatttes of their atiillcry, atd at lost the miserable and taß’y line ol breßßtworhs the rebels had toruwn up for their lutaotr». It was evident they were only intended as a blind, £ot for protection. It was neatly ten o’clock when tho 19lh corps (boldirg the center) passed through' the dusty streets of Charlestown, and Uu army pushed on until .they reached their old line ot battle, during tbe recant engagement n week before. The <Jlh corps, G*n. Wright, held tbe right, the 10th corns. Gen. Emory, tbe ccdter, end Gen. Cook’s command tbe lelt The ormy was then formed Id line of battle, and awaited tho result of the cavalry advance. At dnek it appeared to be lavor able, tor order* were received for everything to ho readv for an advance at daylight thin morning. 'With ibis Idea we all lay aown to sleep. Daylight hud scarcely brpkc when the bu gle began ringing out the reveille, and the ormy eet itseif to get ready for the road. Breakfoet over, we lay stretched on Uu grass beneath tbe trees, welting to hear the bugles sound the “forward ” But hour after hour dipped away, until cfarly ten o’clock, when moat of us oere suddenly awakened from our Utile cat-naps by tho sound of artillery. 00 the MariJcsburgh pike, neardmitnflrld, and tome six nillea beyond Charlestown our cavalry encountered the enuny, driving in his skirmishers. A running fight now en sued between our cavalry and the- rebels, resulting finally Iu nur cavalry being com pelled to f»Il back before* a heavy column of Infantry. The artillery flrlne.was both sharp end rapid aud I understand that the fUhclog wasT«ry desperate on tbe part of the rebels, they bong evidently determined t*> resist any further progress ot our army in th*t clrtclon for to-doy at least The loss in (■en. Totbett’s command is not very great— not more than Is usual In such skirmishes. 1 d'd uot learn of any casualties of note, ex cept that ot Dr. Tollosln, of-Gen. Merritt’s StalT, who was wounded by n sharpshooter, and feared to be mortally Injured. Our cavalry disputed every inch' of the ground, but they were unable to cope with the superior, force of * Infantry- brought to bear agolnst them, so they fell back at last upon our main tody, and the Ist aud 13d divi sion of tho 6th corps were ordered out to their support, and to cover their retreat, should that be found necessary. But onr hoco for a fltfUV were hunlktyl by the euemy retiring aa soon os they lound ttteiusulves ’ace to ftco to onr inftutry. Goo. Torbctt * Immediately retrac'd his steps, and at lost accounts, was lu fun pursuit of their rear gumd. The three corps comprising (he mala body of the army are now (0 o’clock p. m.) busily t ngageu lu throwing up breastwork*, In pre paration for to morrow’s-operations, should they rrenltlu au omrogomrnr, nlthuui*h that Is kcarcely prohanlc. Our Hue is funned iu echelon, by dtvUiou irom rlgnbto left, with a view to chiDglng front to tho left, cover ing Harper’* terry trom a flanking attack In that direction, and us 1 write, fh* dull sound oltha pick and shovel, mingled with tno ringing blows qt the sxo and tne craihlng foil of trees, can bj heard In the night air, telling of field works and 'distil* tiud rlflo plt», while supply wagons tumble np and downon tb«t fields, gulng to their respective commands l#sue two-*lav»* more ncunss when thy ore to full back l» the Ferry for safely. The eymy of Western Virginia Is now strlpr.irg fora fight, and it only depends, upon the disposition of tbo enemy Whether wc are to be gratified. ** It U apparent that this army is not a fight* lug Icrcu, at Jeast not an attacking body. If Early ires fit to attack ns on ground of our choosing, he will get all tbe fight be w.nts; hut lr ho chooses io fall bock up tbe Valley, only oecasionhlly turning to drive our car ulr> luck upon our main force, why, nil we wilt do will bo to follow him e<*rumhy und ranUotisl). worrying him its much os possl* Ms. ihe truth is, T inspect, tint (Mu. gtior*. idun hsa notmdfo enough mm to cope me ciiifullr with Karlv. I know that X have maintained heretofore that we had a force •trong enough to whip any army that could be brought ugalnst nt In ft fair fight, and I say ip anil, but that Is the very trouble. Ttfe rebels, unlrsg compelled, will not risk a bti tle on equal terms. They always retrograde and full back until they find a position chit gins tbrm all the advantage; 1 suppose ths army of Western Virginia will take up its line ot march to morrow, for Ido not expect that ary considerable force will be found In our front at daylight; Doubtless Early will gain bis favorite thor oughfare. ilio Martlosbarg and Winchester pike, to night, stfll probably will succeed in reaching the Utter city to-morrow. Fie may makeftktand there, hat It is Improbable. : This army Is In tbe best ot trim and anxious for a fight, and the utmost ‘confidence la ex presita in Gen, fihendan. G.*P. W, UIPERDING CRISIS 1* CAN- ADA. Apprehension* of a Great CJommer ctMi Panic—Trade Dali and Price* lllgh-Banks Drntrlugln (.osnaand Gnraauliue their Bualnas-BeMoaa tor the Crlala,. '» [From,the Montreal Witness, August 39.] wmr is moket so t : ,* _ Asia well known to business men, finan cial matters haTC.beeo In a very strange aud unsallsUctory state In this conntry, and es-. picially. in this city, for a month past.. Not ■ withstanding the opening ot the new.binki and bank agencies among us, and . the previ ously, suppeoed superabundance of banking capital, the banks suddenly found themselves cramped previous to the elosefof lagt month. •This was supposed to bo caused by running upon caclFbther, and the scarcity of monev was expected to pass away by the first of the month (August*). .Instead of that, however, It has gone on increasing tilt money has be come Hangeroualv scarce, and Is worth far too high a rate on “the street” . Tbe rea sons for IQs nneapessed state of things are variously assigned bv well-informed parties. We nUI give come the most promi nent: .Vi.' ~ - . s 1. The great rise in the value of drygoods, caused by tho riae In cotton and • other ma terials, atd In duties, renders nearly twice the-backing capita! necessary to torn the, 'same quantity of goods, . , • - - * 3^Tno derangemcot of the currency in* the UnlUd States bos presented the-settlement ot Joree contracUior Irfmbcr, extendlag to almost two years’*supply,* a pood peal of * which Is borne by onr banks. • The* dnlnets cf the English market -also preyeoto .toe prompt reafijratlon on lumber In Quebec, and lbcburil*o t '.ln one way- or other, of that great business, rests chiefly on tbe banks. 3. The high rale of interest !a Britain pro* vents the b,Dks from usli.g their credits ex cept at a robeiderahie loss. 4. Thu almost complete dlapliccmcnt of bask tills b» s'lver is the. circulation ot cousin parte ot Canada. . 5. The necessities of the government, which nquiivs almott as fast as It coaxes Is the larve amount of dnU-soo* paying. Lastly, overtrading generally; interred from tie (act that the loans ot the banks'*™ bl-btr than ever, and yet money is exceed ingly scarce. *' e inetrt below an article furnished by a good authority in commercial matters, to show that this interesting question m*y be viewed Jrotii a dlffcttnt stand point. Tae only iMcgabsointtly certain Is, that moatj is amazingly scarce; Data better time is ex pected alter the Ist proximo: PTniNOINCT IK TUB MONET MAUKITT. Those of-tmr readers interested la Uoan did mature must have at lta»t noticed alia*, riots In He commercial deportment to a “tleb'mcs” In the money market. If they lave rot 'dt It. So senons docs this ntriu* gtney threaten to become, tbit some shro - d onnrveiß think there is a crisis at hand. la view of the state of afiaira existing, or arcad ed, It is a host natural inquiry, has there hire mduc speculation In any articles of comn trce by business nun? Onr rcisou.< for anawalmrthe question in the alUrmativc are: Ist Deolicgs In brcadeinlTs have been very limited tbi* Kttoti, k» D>k)' be Mti«fieturlly ni»ci rUlted bj comp«rlokj the commercial reports of this with the p«bt three or tour >em>. It has beet) »>fl)riued that any uf the large bmbe h*T£con'd carry,’ <«ll the flour •id * bent held lo Montreal without iu the least locotr-n odlntr Micr ordinary bUßiite*H Second. The block of provisions In this chiefly held »*y pant, e who ntod no Lttkk accoamodation. Third. Tea*, tobacco, and most other gro c rl*-**, the ugh lu good supply, tell fr< ely lur cormnij.tioii; and tbo HhsorpMon of money c«n hardly be attributed to this class of mer chandise. . Fourth. Saved lumber has accumulated for Mine ♦’tt-ke, supplies lutuoccd for the United States hiving been stopped on ac count ot tie OcranutmcLt in currency there. Tbe most extensive holders, however, need little oruo bank»>d to hold over their pro pmy. Filth. Tbe stock ofa&hts instore to-day If, pi rhaps, only twrnlt-llve o«*r cent ot what It woa In April or May. But, whatever, tee quantity, sales are quick, and the capital ab suriu-d Is that of parties in Britain, for whom purchase* arc made. Sixth. It Is believed that equally satisfac tory remarks could be made regarding dry goods and hardware. Notwithstanding ibis favorable aspect commercial rtlain*, bo vcvr.toouey is scarce, very much so indeed. And the cause of it multilist In tic province; else, why is it that seven to nebt prenlum was alt limt was ahiutaablc In Montreal for sterling ixolmigo o day or two sine*. ur><) ttmt *ltb dilll<;ulu— the geld rale in No* York at the saute time belrgquoted at nine premium? Tim mirsco nonii*a- XI IXoTVtlicy aro'Viewed lu TFaibiuglon. {Special Dlspa'ch to tho N. Y. Tribune. 1 Wasuinuton, ThureUay, Sept I. It is difficult d> convey uu udi*qait*»tm pnt-hli-n of the exhilaration with which the ac’lon of the Chicago Convention has In* rplrcd all tiue loval Uolon-lovtog men hero; but it will be rutdlly perceived from the ef ltd It n-uet produce upon Union m-m every wheretnrouehout the cou'-try. A great vic tory iu the held could hardly prove more ef licocions. Ab tbe attack nponSaaiicr uuitei bll men either for the Union or agatnst it, bo wit) the proceedings ot me Democracy at Chicago merge all minor dlOVrences in the Union party, and give assurance of a com plete victory. The three cardinal points upon which tho p»rty represented in Chicago hoped to make Issue—to wit, arbitrary arrests, tho draft, aud mancipation—are all disposed of by tho nomination of McClellan, who, without con sultation with hla superiors, establiahei the first of these precedents lu the arrest of the Maryland Legislature; who, In ISOI. strenu ously besought the President to fill thear utUaby a draft; and who finally Insisted upon the principle of seizing and nring tbe ntgroes of rebel enemies whenever and wherever they could be found, lu tbe selec tion of Mr, Pendleton, who, while in Con gress, loud against all supplies and appropriations, even Including those necessary for the paymentof ilm eoldltrs, aud- vrbueo ' volM was constantly beard clamoring for prac*, the Democracy distinctly state thcirbujcct to be uu entire and disgraceful enrreader ofall the principles for which the people ot the North bavo been so earnestly striving lor ihe past three years, arid an abandonment of every thing even to u portion of the United States, to tbe rebels In arms. Already these consi derations are s* en ond appreciated here, and when the facts are placea before the people, as they shortly ♦•III be, it is hardly possible loßapf.(nt that the result *rilt be .otherwise than eutl&factory to the lojal men of the Union. POSTAL DO^>JI'.OKDERS. A New bTstcm to he Created— riie . I'rcpar.tiuns, The postal money-order system will go into tlltct ou tbe Ist aav ot October next, if the preparations shall then be iuafufilcientlj Jorvurd stulc. Sir. C F. Macdonald, who Lstr been appointed Soocrlnttnucut of tbe Postal Montj-Ordcr Bmcao, is making ef forts to that end; but it is doubted whether tbe extent and Important of tbe new busi ness to devolve on tbe Post Office Dopirt meut uot require a longer time for the complciiou ot the arrangements Our untbontivs have studied the system In use in Canada und England, bat It Is found that the probable requirements of tliis coun try render it of comparatively little value as u model for onr*; and a plan new iu many of Ira parts has to be created. Tbe permanent Interests of the communi ty, not less, than those of tbo govurmuent, item to demand that tho operations of thu pot tu] order department, wnen begun, shall be sneccssfnlly conducted; so that niter the wetk 1* actually lu progress, there will im no losses or emharrussmeuts, ood do muterl otcliargr* required. This is understood to ho tbo view of the persons charged with tho execution of (ho law. It is obviously impossible to form any judgment us to iu<* simmnt ol business to Ue truiikucled under tbo postal monny-ordcr sys tem, except that it will absorb most of tho mi ail exchanges of the country, und will probably bring to the government u consul uiubio tcvtnuo. The orders are limited ny Uw to luma of front uuu to thirty dulUrs. .Money in larger sum*, as well as cnucka and other valuable, may be sent Iu regis tered letters. TUo.AiUdUc Cable. Mr. Field Is basily ut work furthering lh° lutcruU of tho Atlantic Telegraph cuter -1 rise. At last accounts be was at I’iciuu, N. 8. Tho Colonial Standard of thvt place says in its issue of the Slid: Cyrus W. Field, Esq., tho original pro jector of thojgreat enterprise, was to towu Un Tbnrsdsy evening last, and Was the guest of Major Norton, tlid American Consul, by whom he was hospitably uaturUlnud. Among the guests presunt were tbn editors of tho 6U John Site* aud Ulobe, ilr. Uayt, the tnannurr of tho Kov<i Boollt) i'vlugrtph linu, and Mr. Uynuiuu, ui*nu/rr of the I’. E. Island line, Hamad Archibald, Esq., oriUl- Ifior. and u few of our cltlxuns. Ibe evening jmstul very plcountly, tho compsuf tutening with muchpkaiuiru DUUo intfcrrsiiogstatements made by Mr Fund, relative to the proposed laying of tnn cable. At tho fable speeches were made and listened to Win much micros*, Wo kora that our toltoilul brethren from the adjacent province were ddlgbUd with Ibe courtesy ortue con ml, who-afforded them an opportunity of examining ols hranUfol uolluctiun of cu riosities, pictures, <kc. ... . Mr. .Field left on Tbnrsdsy night. Id tho Island boat, ou tbo way for Now York, by way of Bt, John. UponbU arrival at Bhedlao bo was Informed that of uoo hundred and forty gentlemen, among whom was tbe “ United States Coss{ Survey Committee,” nnaibering one hundred, would make aa ex cursion to Hhedlaa on Saturday, where they would partake •ot a lunch and return to du John la tbe evening. Ue participated with them in tbcplvosure of the occasion and ac companied them back. ' * Five Point* and Fifth Avenue; (From the BovtonTran-enot, Aae. 37th.] We gave In onr paper of Saturday, a vivid description of Mr. August Belmont's equip see at Newport' Tbe authority waa the Newport correspondent of the New York £veutr>g JW. and the account mast have made tbe heart of all Finnkeydom thrill with unwonted rapture. The carriage valued at *5,000, the trappings at $3,000, tbo honwr at s3s,ooo—these were In auffl dent to extort the admiration cf all behold-- ers whether they looked npoo tne spectacle with the natural eye or the eye of the mind, bnfc when to all these were added the crown log charm of two llvertfd footmen, imported for the purpose, and got up at an expense of a thousand dollars each; the effect was over ruwerlog- The* Chairman of tbe National Democratic Committee* riding abont-New port in ftnch an equipage, and with such at tendance, on tbe very eve of the Chicago Ccnvfntlon, Is on event which hilqes out in tbe strongest light'the extremes of aristoc racy ai a mobocraey of which tbe Opposition" party Is composed. * Indeed thafparty cannot'he more briefly characterlKd then as a political coiupination formed by n coslltlo*of • Fifth nvenae’Wlth Five Points. ' Ihc/.Mnkles'.Who lent such nccnllar splendor to- Belmont’s'equipage symbolized the voters bcjcontrols. TMy were markedby their livery, as Air men, Sd, tbe dmslng'thcm bf them Im each gorgeous bibUiamenta fitly suggested tbo common bsbitpfDexnpcraUo leadexs -of eneasinz tup viqttms ot their intrigues, and tho aids to tbeir trabltion, in a shining livery of words. The dupes so'flattered and so cajoled are stUL*ho«*ever,-bnttbefootmen' and fi on kies of the Democratic carriage, and are .appro priately perched on the bade of the vehicle, NUMBER 61. to lend adc’ittonsl eclat to the stile of the aristocrat, luxuriously the cushiOLfl. _ A. Great Comet* ccuuUmio* the follow ing to the I’bilidtlpbii i* us cf Wcdaesdc j ctetdug: evening the tail of ono of the Uiis« msenUictDt comets on record was earn Let Uh city: whin not obscured be the miets and clan’s In the west. At 11 o’clock the tail exited d marly to tbo cousteKatiou Ditro, or Diore than riity dcirrcra trout tbo boriioiu Supposing tnc nucleus to be at ! least thirty dt-grets below iba horizon ut*i that time, the t-xient of the tall would Haro. te«-c*nlbtty dignts. I -On bp crtai historic that of .the 1 jiarSTl tcoreeCbrisi bad a tall of alttrdc- * tin?, accordion to Aristotle. Toe cometot IGIS Id recorded a* having a. tall a bnudrod > and four degrees in length. That of 1«30 nad , atatl trom fecTfiity to ninety taac i otlTbUa tali of tioetj*doY<*n degrees; and 1 rfhat of ISW, a tall of el.iiy»tlvo decrees. • Three figuree-aro taken trum iiurschm’s •‘Outline of Astronomy.” j To ptieons not accustomed to m-aturlog bydegries, it ma. be ns-efol to state that ‘ the disiatize iiorutbe horizon to thezoauh-j ihidmty degree. This will *iv« some Idea cf the immense length of these appendages. ! Comm dlfler much in brUhtue.^. A ffc« f hare been bright to bo *ccu by the naked tro In the day lime. Should tLbprtseht comet trove as remarkable for Lcilluii.c* as furaUe, it will lie toe mo<a re cart able <ne which bos apeared to thU generation. It will be looked fur with great iulticet tu&ecL tbU evunlug.« It may be boruu lu mlud, however, that toe comet of ltH3 was n*nch more brldiaot no th- drat evei.lng, whin ufa csl Ibr sun thauouany enbeequrnt tveiilng. if on the ether hano, tbo prt-eeot cqpiet sboold be appmachiug the tuith, us tlure is reason to brllov’u, it >lll Increase in *pparcut size and brilllitcy. jJCcto abbertisemcuta. fiFMCT tCHOOC. -3lis* Tai' .■ deck will opcoberfdrct ScU.ol tor Mims sod CDilarto.' On (Tlondmy, Sept. 6th, r.alila hvtcae anaaiiiieaiti M'roct. TW’OTICE IS DEftEBY MIU'liN JLi thatillhmlnttsTni'ct’onba-wten a* ta el*, •ultea from ibiaaatc. hint al< (ratter- bate he oMt*>< M-tied. Neiibert/f the put 11 uoa Uaolj tot lit detna of ibe other- tn WFLLIAH a ItRLAT, a nr* . . AMANDa QA*?KT*9. InpttUDCe ofP.A.II.TaX. «b4 qtJMt «' 4 I\f OITIDIIrH S T'TiKS Oao JLTJL ct Smith'! mooldltn anehi'n CAN iil£ UAL> Cl 1 lil VP *T •P‘?J , OR ft*, the cores.* m Carat acd Ln-itbaraU . er ti-Of.o. a. AttNOLi»,l*> »t l fUco ilex tun. ictqUMt • DIt^OLTTTION’. —Tie cc-pinner* tblp herefot.ire ermine ondpr tne Arm of CuODWIN Je UHOWN, It lura «?»t duaoirto by mutual c,tmnu Chicago, Btpl.rd, led*. cat q35!-3t IfJ' B A.—'i'l’o nitlTkb 18 <;t tPO X • F.remen’a BtOFvrlent A«*ocUtioi are re queued to a.ttt ai i&iu baT KO.MJAV l'.VfeM>G,Boii|. Jtb, At “ft O'clcat. •eiqMr-n u IMIaRKIv President. UPWA**!) ti.Kr. Loin th»mbaeribe* lnp*r«r*e kT-»nanta. (•■it - Co ,on tUe ou n» ni iiih am nit. can amwa deii'.OtirioialMt Smug, Hamit •*«■*> d» Uleo, wlm email White n-r IB forebea t n;lr In-i er tr-B *l« i»cj4-joJ |oletto ta* u.tiiKk *a the brte ben? b mil- *-rroke(l »ud then taioril. A r• * ard oi|.s will »• p«ii«foeihj-pete, btmibu oftou tblel bxu <ll u>e>u?urt.*, ot ;tj*» rrtpcity. AdCrtta WILLIAM SLWtSi L, i*uo, n». s IftlqtfMir SHIC ASTD LISLE TURBAD 01.OVK8, for enteral me. Al«o.tbe ' XILBUILZED LI'LE GLOVE, Fcr dnvlne—a rlcn attic..o i r r *tx3m»wt me—at UentV Ontfl w, J»l*bl81-gmact a rreuom ulock. npwo BRIG«: DWEfLIMG JL lIOFSUS and Urge loti for iclooa Wiibiar'oa rtrtft, e»«l of 0n rn Part. Will be O oU icr ibe ccat oi b&Ldioga alone.. . AL?O - camber cf ether Donao boo Lota, 801 l Jibs Late, ft&d Rroocd suitable fcrtnacnociaiirir uaronaaa. „ BAMUKL A- -eAUGKNT, peal EiUio Agent, *o. 4 AetrepollUn !ilosk. MtqiWSinet ■NOTICE— Wm. W. Beyisgten. Architect, baa removed Ills ottlc* to Kl&c’a DlccW, con er of Wfccliiijtf CD and Unat&orn »t*«e », .boa 4 anr s Dm floor of office*. Snirasca f5 Wain ligton ilrett. • . BcpLqitl-lw Futatoeq -a vtd ArrjuEa Oncotalinment and tor tali' L> liDTA TO SUIT* Order* ftom the econiry pro*np*ly tnt<*d hr ie< qSTi-n T. l>lo*T,Ao. 5 Ytlzwam, WUcbro. 'IPPIESI APPLES! XJL Oomuatly batzerecetved from good p&ekera Li at ana For Pale fn large or Smell Lots, L'beral ductnnt to tr*oo. Brownell & ferrin. tc4-pITO.U-:et W.SwUih Water atreaL AND HO DUST. ot Wonaard Clarkureel to city limlta. tbc&Cb by the Rravol tcad to Craßlsni) and Eo.'rhlli Cea.ttd rs. The read]* !n fins cr.n«H*on aid will bo knot fpookleo mabirirn tree from dn«t anv tb-finest oriTeUi or abuat Chicago. Try it ana cos. Trsia this Surd*y Afternoon, Ltavtre dppet at B*< p.m., icsa*aloir sts ovioclt. UlqigC* t F.fLßSoflON.aap’t. Tj'WNG EEMaLE univer- J_i 81TY, at Knoxvllie, illioolL Ucrcte -toto ibeulucfailoL of YOUNG LADIUS fjcimtrrlj. The icbccl sear ofPCtS will commorco Wednesday, ScptcmW 7:h. Vita AAIUNA .TEN V lNG3.l’rlno'pvt. J. SIcMILLIAH, Toaclierof ... Mill r‘A. P.\xroim,T*fachsp if Mnsle. 0 Un. S. WULKLUIt, Utirou. A. W. MARfIK. Kl.g43C.jld llw Seo'y KxccmlrjCoinmiltee. 23Q DUAITE STREET, NEW YORK. JOHN F. MARTINS SON & CO., faccsisors to ySARTIX Jk RROH« t (Forcurly cl St. Lou!* a«U Chicajo,) ‘ .llannihcturo and, keep a perm a* ueut n.Hortmcnt ul' CIOTEING. id TtiOßm PALL TRADE. ’ mTH, FAXON & 00., JOHOKU9 OF HATS,CAPS, Ladles’ and Gents' Furs, HUntlng C'npN, IliirUHldn OoodN t MILLINERY AND STRAW GOODS, TVOOL DOQD3 AND KNIT ROODS, Afld flUtbfl new ttylef of ladies' Straw, Felt,and Beaver Eats, Wo hire now to itore tbs LARGEST mit MQ3I ATI RAOTIVIC I lock of at»»a Good* ever Woenel to Ibl* marKtt. and «l'b lh« advtn ace of «arly pnr* entiei tmeut before us rfeaatadTMca, wearg pr» pat ed to oflir e cd* at prints that wul dwy corn* P hHMSV/d afftVea Department ha* had oni tnecui and eoaprlsw an UHiOSPASaoD "iriS“^l- B K 4?.'(or tbolr IntorMl to at aonoa our good* and puces before porehaatoj t 'iar* l proopt aid personal attention given to order* KEITH, FAXOX Sc CO., 45 and 47 lake-st.,’ Chicago. % anSgpimctnet Jg OO T S AND SHOSi at wholesale. . Cota try dealers wilt find tt to their advantage te ts amine onr atoe* of BOOTS AND SHOES Row Kuril f.r lie Fill Tr*de. It was purchased andmanntactnred before the racer. advance to Leather, and we can ad.rd to itail FxUCBhBKLOIV PK&ahMT BAntBUHCOOT. • Onr node la the largest tn tag Wfjh, fOTtiWUI mainly of the beat warranted worm. ■ • . '■' • Wo nanofae n* ein Chicago ftn tbW .who PUJ. Western made Scots, and Koanstoo eattoacUCß w BMM »1 BOOT P4CII, UTOJ PACI£fI*^?UHBBttSand.SOBOVSBSHaE*. Call and examine at. 29 and 31 Lake Street ~ !* 1 corner Wabass Avenue, Chicago. ' ; mToUDJOtnet - XM36GBTT. BAISSTT WHELM, f|3BE BEST, STOCK OP AST-' JL XSTS'MATBBEALS latheWesteanhefooadat , ’aKrona ; 101 Ctlcsjto. auSOqlVTtael ■ Kcto Slbbmiscmmta. 'o # 56sKST'& co' ,84....LiKR m8KT....8l fS*«o»LT SKIRT, otjscslfe Treason* Hons/) rataa t*ctcr*ii at a Jobbus oc IhOOrSKIRTH. cHX*"" 3 bayerr fcr thef«ll trade, s large itoofc S.TASDARD STYLES OF SKIRTS. have a'ro a large «<»c;of Hosiery. Taros, t«u.pmder», Thread* Got* »•*!», Itinra UvaiKenrhlels, PAPER COLLARS, NECK TIES, , . Axdotoar Staple S'odsai. * cF^lui£l tth * t,tA Wecffer tor ClfettfcUJCtO. DRAFT ! BBafT! DRAFT I Crdrr* for SnhatltatA* wTII be receiv ed by wiiU or teiegrapn Q p to the day Uie •Kiiaic actually place, W« niUinTßlth.ibciaa« tti« lowe»t nar> het price; lu even c«M M bd «» oume lu full, rc-id*. pee » CP . end place ef R •'MI) ; abeo elate IT married or da- Kte. CmlCcaUs cf Ej«ap'lonnsada oat*trc,aadsent to tht S rlncipal* by mall, wiUionidoUy. I>AAC tt, aiTr tt oo„ set qtCl Stoat , 65 Clark suaot. Notice to lie Public. I-»m rotroeLsd. by the immense advaoet is tha prUtsol «ic,iclnotfateibe price* of mr p.rpnx»Uca>loMb« * HAIR and. SCALP. Co atd aftArTMotOey. Srpt. 13 h. igii. tsa re. StOKKUuiJI t>» *4Dt>r 0»t le: OtURXTAL lu(thllott>inwSi(«<ion • from Lh« leeiD* ST; PAUIoUK UltM raluti* *be heir lo the oIA D»icol«*r,i-., »oc an»c<)lU t*l C4«ntwo;Si csaU > ul ue made % Din tecc per • j pte»a. 11. A, DK H. H , ITofeiscr ot hiuatta of the Bair and S:a>, { tfS Dearbcmit. ccr.Midlico.ap^uiia. COMkOLTAiins-Fa«a. iQi-iKd-lt GOVERNMSNT~LOAIT. . The SeaeUry cf tbeTreaioiy has lunad nronoials for a loan ct Thirty-one JUliloas C. S. C*s of ISSI. Uhrut yajabla iemt-a?cal]y la GOLii TEE FIEI’H U 4TI()N&L BAbZ OF CUIJACO vt’l inflate la Us ova bid.tte* of thtrce.sllord«f« frr be li»g. h»tn*y r*-received bj r. no \o a'on of ,r»p 7, *f®i a decxutt oftwu pvac*MT«i;tieuxi6aiitikn'<iairel o> ibe terms or lie o* f raolt. ISAA.3 C. LOUBIKD, OtthUr. BIIS. AS ASAORniEHT or Open and Top Buggies, DEMOCRAT WAGONS OP ODUOH’K MAKIC. Best Style and Material, Prjrfal to as j Id the market. WIE.LETS, iT*t or»:torx »ntj is i: iv at v C'rmr ofsiate.aad Tvrcllth stneti. ec»-qVM - lwn«t STAVES. A Abo let cfwuoDtJ (two >»tin o’d) I*4 c«k Dfarhitft staves »aft Heading, nutfe ernr*.,), for mnlavaeabamla. Alnofloar rmrtel *t*ve• andbead iDjt, ol aapailot quality. tor able. HCKLUI’I DBOi. it CO , Corecr Henry it A Max-veil atresia, ca ITtibara IUIL rtaCtrtci, Chicago, r.o.lL>yS f- i3 til q3;*lto«t 4,000 bbls. CSSSIGST POH SAJLI2. WiLLIAM KIRK. SI Market itrcCt. leJ-q’.Si-Titei ROSS & FOSTER, 105 Late Street. NEW STORE. PAIL'S ARRIVAL OF RICH BBESS GOODS, SHAWLS, LACES, Emla’oideries, House Fur nishing’ Goods, AND TEE BEST ASSORTMEPTOF GEHT’S F VRNlSnmfl GOODS To lie fcond west of Few YorJc. All at price* dcfylns compotltion, u tbey were all bought previous to the late great adtubce. JUST RECEIVED, Clan Tartans and PI rids In an the new materials of Dresa Good*. Plninl*opl!n><, I.unlcn, Eiapresa Cloth** and ESepn, x IE ALL TIIK 3SW BQADE9, 3,000 pieces new French Merino, la all the new shades,.ar, much below present value. ROSS & FOSTER, NEW STORE. •USA iMMfllOt . • HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Ailootrd t.y it* United £ut*« Oeir*tomo»i Mib« ttJkWUI 11<1U«U1QACW left kQil <HU«r JIUCCS. FOR t*A!.E Jl7 DK KFnsoN, si ukupa & ro., AI«?liil 'WundioiMu, tow jcinrt 109 * :&j itts jo:»h tweet, a leaco. ET Ar- \V Al4 EUO USE, DICKERSON. STUROES& CO. lypovriß* or rrxnr PLATE, And Drnlrrn in Tlanrra* Hlocli* irons I’ottTUK iiowf/sscu.f. cimpi.vr. 199 * 9«l IJ.VNDOLUII BT., CHICAGO. Dtrtßtt EEVEWUE STAMPS For a*li» it Ilie V. N. AniloenOr** Ofll'B, IUU Pofcrbort eurnor or Hladl* hod* OrdrtMiVoiia iboroumrr prompt- I, filled* On all orittmuf Viftf Ootloro •ud iipw«rd«a oUooatit iviii bnmado* 1*« O. Iloz SIOO, HlOlirAllUr crfj-il'.OM.tunt U, 9, AMeasor* EYE «fc EAR. DP. UNURKWOOD, asihor *if » M<*w HytMinof treating direimodbe Ufa aodßin tn?into/o(nnr In.irnu ipi* hi d tew optr* t nr lor C'on i r .ja, «:«ur* »ct. AltlffUl Pupil, *0 , r»»nq»tt of »h • Ouft<h*t«ia coll'**, Row Vo»t, eon por< u for else to r»muvi *ll dUn.nor tb**r«»od axr wub'n U« re*h oj ipOkO **lll, X)r< U>doe»erfU tbroa**i from ironing till eight wVb pttun’t torn *t’ jwm oftb*ecoiiUT. «*i«r to get to uuermw, omoein Kudolpb m«o». ie3 awosmet SUBSTITUTED AND RBPRE* O BSU*TAnVKB Jorib* Anay or Nfcvy fuml<b«d tltbo . LOWEST RAVB4 Kr on.. t.o or tnro.,.«. A-Wjjjg*,.,. Counflotue Batura. tepl qiEMt-net F, WEB RILL, wbouuais dxalzs O’ No LAMPS, OHS ABD GJjAbSWASE, • jtyo lamp dooM or BYKRT DxacniPnoM. aolSpCHCtnat 71A U Randolph itree:, Chicago^ f\AMAGED GK)ODS.—HatB ( Capf JL/ and Winner Good* at wholfiale sad retaOL Al»o a tana lot o> Tort. These xoofta will and via he sold. rnrchaiert will hod It to their Into; eat if call and oaamtra *h>* fttaekr a. J. UtBZOG, 153 Inks street. j3*i3B«wßßt ; . mo LUMBEKaiEN. I FOVt DOCKAGE ANpSTOftAGK On MAOAZTNK I*OTKS,lie*r LAMPSj OILS & GLASSWARE, THE BEST STOCK INttQB WEST, At the LOWEST MARKET PBICBSL For tale hy aoTl-pso fltaat. GEO, e. POPE. 123 B. Clark at. * CJTEAM ENGINE.—'We are an lO thcrlsed los'Uaraloable Buna lnxlte,en*irelw reward ready fer immediate cm. Capacity talrty herte power. fcrjUTtlcmaraspoly to hall a pops, - Commission Merchants, ai Sotr-h Waurstrett. stS-OSB-ttnet-iN'-i • IVTANTLE .PIECES.— A great as jXSl ecrimeatbf v Birtlelzed ‘ Stone and Hartfc ***s** .At elesant style and bhaw* OtICSKO.IL. Q>MKkl>lflOEß * BuLBsaAN. wsqgftdmet - J t3£|3»uS& .

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