Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 4, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 4, 1864 Page 3
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Special 'is-ntices; i» Il it not ol «» speak of Phys icimis, » >r Wbirter her richly euredthe«iaeppre»a r*p&'»u_u v»iebbebjvon l?Sr».^. e rhK. m i* 1,e 5J ,rm ltM 'hM «vy ut&i-r Ptt* »»e*ta«ai o bit (hoie dll 25J5St^«>d prrmeß-at care, °k«»je» H !■•• tor the oe«t fljeeo < * a e * rrt Ktentra to taoee 58K2KftJ e^?,!,, * bI r*flV<ut»»kiliot other srin «V£s: . He 11 °o»' »orc»»*mi ra tie ireatweat oi autcpfg Catea vtncb • er« onctr.y cooin dried in. S?£\P!J; B ® 11 *he oa-i>tb ref iAv work called Xt ßl ° J °.« All *® B henw ihr roll,” y“tch io>l'uu receletof Uree cents to pro o«y rortfyre eih-1« «tnji ear oetroeo all • the sooa be err. eo? o e tn«y <m! Mid receive h<i opinion a pop tbnee m»«t C'f-tearmettr?* .free of obaice- 'Office aed (**r wti 'M Clerk amet. Post Office Bor nM. ddibiuiroaatrlrtlj ttStM-lwil ' Dr* .James Formerly of James* liitpuai ionoa Boose street. Ntwi.rlean*. La, *st*~ 1a e«i in ism,now permanent ly located at 8s tbudoioo *tr»« , . hleace. lilmoj. bp*ataiitt la UtotrtsittintoLOLsCflaaiOiamx sxAX,Scsom,ors.»nd a) trnds of Blood amd eus Ptwarwiim UisuAPiss.or a Vui. ysi. cbavactk*. usr.* 'he - ** -iteoat resor>tnr to '* b * tT Ar*»nlc or any aonon, £s* ai (a t r.. posttitv ctnw for all bettors sun bioco d- Ih> s Omoamio WtAtsiis. it'll as Seminal Waaknars. xtpe tsns' aid Dm at - 1 imwivi Drought on ov •*?** the - listen, ea*ty iooi«cret<ons. excess otrtOiiaiilr, c»wbi .dm >*f memory, con* ▼Up olhir d’plo alletni*! • t *»«otaais.treatodaad •lir'aiihi* aMbod.ssTlnr much ~°. e ■!• Oobv:*i;a. Wmre. and horrible comb. *iV °** h *• t *V* n *' MHUrd. producing rt!S*&£S f*c«. an si. W .ts > n-A’rrs, pains to ”V «r*t«jtnro«*.ioie.\lmhsand eoSaito»? hlifc * '°* eti »rr R* r *» ”* enoless nnmner of Llr. JsiMdt*recotAm?>c« by the prtts generally of Ue tooth, the mcoicai ».cn y. acd proietiots o( medical ooneze*. .Ip afflicudenonid apply IxunaoUisiy.abd bo cure o' t-«a«s aurnble dliosaef. Dr.Jara** Oißc sod Priors are at M Baodolpb.betwfeo *oo streets.* OOcacpebiroo «A. u until BP. m. mattsMons oonidenuaL • ■ . stUniMiScs ■ I>r, nierclow, CoxfidentlalPbyMCta , «iL*>ui n,o 6t.L0a11.M9.,) ean«e ot neulua at i<s«tbo-, *7l cos b Clare street, earner oteiimxie,Uiie<iKu faoicckfro stna Foil Gffloe.oo siicintnie <>.pe*ses. and Dimmih of a pnvatsamd deiica>t is it. in texts, wnish nttrnats«iihnDt.araJe »dpu»e*st. UXKLSsepsrstc, wnrnLMiteaabd tt-.ispn-m ecnsnitiba uoe or Wltittlte ttrldctt pnvae* Offl *e boon Pom 9a* M, toBP H.;.Bnnds>s u»o 2 .M Goromnn’cartOßi eoßfldenrlsi. Coatoiiatiitsfre*. Address PO.Bug 154-KoClcsP two sumps a> or tBH anile to Health. Fromttu Doctor’s to-* *-»o<n*coito boipltsiaid ptlrateprtcore, beu atlr t •rimm. and wilisau* antoe. perfect rot -n *Tirooib la their mott aerere and codji.Up ter nates. Is a very short wlihcai u«e**i **.»cnry Tout wen inff'nng from if I* abase arelayiteii to SoalL Apmecv core •wreet-d F-ma.eirrecnUn* esaiteedasr on rnbn»*v. ot persons ir.ngasy obctrnetiocs to u«mace. anomd call at once and be cored. . srsv of cLy rtfuence* at to ability and ineccas. anifl-pgT-SSt HUMAM if'itAiLf'Y. OR FHY BIOLOGICAL RHSkAHCBifi, shoold be read 9 srerfboay. It crv*u »nd ibowi bcw,Ue eyll risnltisminr <rOT ea li sbnie add nnbeppy oo&> tamlsaHoa ml be snpvtrv d. wirb a me method ol dUpelimclhe muglv-ot.* c$ y experience la enter* ar themarrta«e etouv* by orla. A. HARROW, M .Blaecfcer iums, y.-ra. price, 39 cents. Bailed free every wt t bebMelsoo! H. bco> FIL, 78 Kandokin str* et, Cbt caeo, Dt aISO, Of BlMO* IKAfiA COiißO“'., w,«q %nd Iteets,Poona, m. - daM*mT^ OC CBNiS T“ SAVnc 25 DOL. fitl VOvtflFaml,Greast: Bsutj. Ac., Juiantly, and cleans JUkiTwbkont, GlOTta. a. t na:to new. 0n1y 39 sensspsr home* gold W uro.uua • BbGBMAB a i>rn**l;U. NewT «». _A * DELIGHT! Of COKtUal aBD VALUABLA EOKlC.—BegemaL a m*» rordisl vlizu ofCauityt Barg,-po«B»sS*r»iie aenvs wrr.growß proper* B«|ciC.Yhe Penmen, B>r. n. a Cist arreeatde 10m. o- L 11 au casus, tint par* ftenlaxiFai a prevehtis* to ’■ero acd Fever and Ague. Rut n>«ikktasr »>i>tabieeordiia,aßdls snehsapertoriouaccmm r. wtusky and ran bitters jo much innae. sou* 01 o cs;i»n. BKGRHAd A imur, •»*. New crk. DIAimaCBAJIVBti V, CBOLCHA HUBBUB, An.—Oeruie mS” l**>icr’!Mtr> cure Hege* BaaW celebrated Diar.rx* has been used with nnfsuin, incee's sv na the Tboieia ieuo& ol : JS3. A angle lot* 1 wrl n*u<*i y «&*-** the Diarrbcea ea tew hours. Preosr*-” o*- rn? Hwgeman %CO n and Dracs’s t, N -%■ Vcrk. fold by all the Trißdpalßrrtglitsiß'he n er»e«teM«. Je£hSM4a ®n Cnurcartors. Proposals kor new site FORMABINk D«*Fn $1 aTTHISPOBT. • Cdbtow Hcras, sue iSth.ISM. Is pnrtnarmi W Hi*- ■*c* Cicirtn. apreore-J Jnßc SO(*i, lE6l. PsUcii’i tt >ti. * •ujehu* of a ntw acd more eligible *t*e 1: *. w«r- S n Hosol’al in 01 new Chlcaio.** tom e u h*-r* or gives teat oronosali wiubeirodvfdauiuor ct ucU TWUttSDAY, ms seventh day of Sipicu- umi (er nousdasnlubls ler the tnrprees ol Up Tb*te gronndi Tmutnctbeforihero”! b hat 'it vleioiiy of Lake View, nor farther r<*uth u*.' fiyut Park. In size thry ansi no* »-«> La* *h*n three hnndred uetennare, per more *l>a n ,rr»s «n extent, and most have a full and u Dontue upon the Lake Shore lhthk® c Avay;, Collector, -am6 0579 23t ■ ■ SJUBFISTENOH” U. 8, 13 ARMY. _ x«». .npoern *rv»«r, > _ BaLTU*ofc*.uo» uognit se.iPM.f * StaledPyppo «.n> t*,*.*, will n* recelvcnat this office not’lii >* oc Af-nvhaoAT Septim. 1564. for fortmhlss tie Uriud s.a h snbrlttcnceOe* partinpßt Wltij— FOUR I'UOOFAfflXt.isti) flXaO OPBEEfCAT TLE. on the hoof. d**i«v-r” • Hit <i9i,t-Catleßeal>e atßaltlmorc.blM .In I >tp f *0) oa» thonsatdcach, every GO tre, d«ji; <o *■». <• *>guca me and a half cat esft*r arrival, a- »ha-»g*»aaoi toe contrac tor. They Dim* avaiagn *ro >t (i.kti'i) thirteen hnn dred round* erors wellbt. *l< '•t’lrg rbortof njXKI) ooeihonrtndp an' l g*o*» »pt»ht, S'tcs.Oxm, Cowv. Beiur. sne Poin'e a be rejected. Adednctlonof *ani ') i>iid>rt- will beinaaeDam the ol iscb 6'm »ew. i|d nnder this con tract. crcvidMi 'is ati'* hi .to** so* tutdlo tee out two and one half hoars i>*rve Nil. g vtiir>*d,or ts * «. We w*t e<,hD, ? e * ,m '**r * r- ' T *n*f*T»iUomthecaTa, Blank farms tor »r n'rei.»c«nbc- bad on aoDUca. lion at this otOcA, elusr iu oo»a n hy matt, or graeh. Tbs Government wiPeUunthe r'ght of weighing anyoneanimsi teperete.l* *tt aipoaranv'indiostoa less weight *hcn tt e m*nl •cm enUonrd ah’*re. the expense ol weighing witi r*e p-ld oy the party eirint InJnnwiLCSt. * Each'bid to secure ctsi'v-atlon must contain a written guarantee o< too rerpoasibie persons, as fol lows! . W*»’—— .oftieeoociv of .s'ataor Jdo hereby msranvte tn*. j- t o» are) able to tnlfll a contract ip aocoieancc »UB «h» wrens of Ms (or their) propontlaa anua, onl'ini* fr their) oropoei* (lon he accented”hn (nr * n*y i - *ll at once enter into a contract lo aofoniaice tsirawMb, and we are pre pared to hi cone hit soarnttlc*. giving good and suf ficient bends lor |U fn fl' The rsaronrebi tty o* »h- JuaraTtor* moat bn shows by theotPcsl cnrtifleatcrf *tv«* <C»rkof the nearest District Couit,orof ths Unit'd Stags District At torney. to be ecclsscd with • he bid. Hiddets must Pepres'Dtto'reaDOOdtv therbldi, ane prepared toylrebotds acd men the contract be lurelesvug the office TheGoveum-ett j-rerv's to itself the right to r» Jeet any or aUbk s c'W'sieer-e uorsasoname. Payments u>betn>d' a‘*er each deVverytn such funds as may bt. on hand: It rote oc hand, to be made as soon aa received. s. dn-tlcc’lv. “ Proposals tor Beef rattle," ano a<*o> e«*«-i to •• Cspt. J. U. GIL M A 5. BaHmiore.M»lT!«a”." If a hid Ills then*m«*oi » fl m their names and their Post Office adrress man appear, or they will notbeccaridered _ _ Eacb perron crevsrymriTb*r of a firm offering a proooral .must accompany it *lth an oath of alle giance totre Government, if he has not already dice o&etntti omen. All bidnotcompUmv tt»»r*lv wßbtbatarms of this advertisement will lx- rejected. , J H. OILMAN, snD q«3St ' (>p siL and CS„ U.B. X Boots anh Sftocs. 1 864 _FALL TRAI)^~1804 R4IVSOK & BVIITLETT, ' /SO 1,2, Street, Obiceiro,lll., Ksw offer tor sale ONE ok T3IS LABGBOT STOCKS OF BOOTS AND SHOSS * Ever b*ou« nt tnthlv market. In these times ot blyb prio-i we believe that TKR BEST GOO. K «bK TUK CBv A PBBt. and bare «tiec*cd our Fall Clock »i*.h e*nce»i reference to this fact. Partleniar attsroou is called to our CUSTOM* MADE BOOTS, which c»h yor ns JizotLLVD. • - BXTHA bIZfcS A SPECfALITY. au39*ptss*tfu gOOTS AND SHOES. REMOVAL. HALL, SOUXHWIOK & 00., SDCCEtmUbfI TO * '■ BENEDICT HALL & CO., 1 V 1 Have removed to Nos* 384 & 386 Bruadwuva FJBBT BOOK AttOVK WA!-* s la( NEW YORK. Wotaareueatlv emergen urn manwictnnng denerv- Btid ltd bow awtt i*auUL J; ui, band a very urxi oak of flae sawed work -four own uiasniaotcre, tc which we invisu the vitviiot or weereru'mvrchacsa. We make all the Uwr sures ot Men*i. Bora* anc Yonthz'jJalf Sewre! b«oa. ■altnofa'*, Conrress Qslv e»d Buckle fihov* ** w#\i as Lakes’, Ml*ses'a3d CbUdreo’a Mnraeao, Olret Kj • sue learning work—ad B*tihlna and ib* vew *>«rqnali»v o?goods. tfXSQnl4B' V dfarm SLanhs; QHOIOE JKUIT FARM FOH SATiB. . A choice Fruit Farm to; tale, whhta 88 reds of Cob den Depot, LC R.U. Best unit .towing rcsioa in the-Wtsz. m acres, a>l uc dt r fence, e. nialnla* oyvr 7JOB fruit Urea, a lar.e p'oi-ortioo beanuc otihe choloeat yanetles. adapted t j locality, and command the Highest orlets in Chisago market, ajko apple, SjKOpeach, tJB* eesrfiECst j > tandard i.chairlrt quin ces,aprieotn.aodpinmtr«ea rfcerardif4,otoeaU«bs vtnesA scree Lawton brae* b*-r. tee. 8 scree rasaberrles. eacrtaetrawbemesana igoo'es-r in.current*.rhn* bbar,«c;gcod(Otl aso eaßa«Ame!ylocated{*eteyatlOD 3U reel above Lakf Mich'pan, ov*rl(xjHbg the tor xoßudiaK country. A 'area, ute dweiUnc.ttrb sto reea.wiut Utoobscellar cittern, aad other conve* ■elacreTbeA. ahedi, rule, uua&i home, two fiu tprtngaor numlnawater tear hniidinx,ciorer lota, eta, etc. . Cobden 1s a tbrtvlnv vinave, with cool schooia. chnrebea,and toed society.moaLh ofHonbemiamit lies. .Very healthy. ' . - Price, $14,000. Meetly cash. Title perfect Inquire of T J KVASS, -onthepreialin.or Vr«. KVANs^Peni.imnol*, —-q’.»iw ■yriNELAND LAND?. To all Wantiog Farms. -Large and thriving settlerne-t, mild and hrelthtol climate.aomtUs tooth oi Ph>la>i<>iphla by radraad, Tlch aou.whtch prooncea lu»a crops, which can now be seen grewlrt- ler,twenty nr nty acre tracts, *t from |>B to S3*per aere.payab’e wi’nln tour years. Good tms*ses*opcnlrgs tor-eauntactoriea and others. Church es, school! Ac a good society. XC Is bow ite'mo't laprowlns Place -East or Vest, EHZtDBZDS ABE SKTILR-G AND BUILDING . The beauty with which the place fi laid oat is no* anrpaned. Letters aoswrrao. Papers glrtyr toil in fermadon win >s fre-. Addrere OSAS. K. LANDIS, Vineland Pest Office, Cumbtrland, New Jersey. F»dn RwomoF cotcv itonnnnK, agbicdxtuxil Emron cr tux nincn. . , "It is one Si the mot; ext*crtve fertile tracts, la an Almost level petition, and -uttanle*condition for plrassat fanning, that we know of tus side of the Wsstetsprarlet'* ancSApBSUt dtemicals. J # , H. REED & CO., ■•* XMPOBTXBS ABd JOBBEBB OF DRUGS AND CHEMICALS ftiXatottf Chicago, til* ALSO. DEAL LARGELY Of ' Mata, Oil By VlfliowGlan, Glut* ware,. Baralac Olla, Kerosene, Sospmkent stocky Hank* akCtueH’Goo4a 1 . >Mfcl(kvaoffer at jneesfaroraMa to WaMan Mar* ekaata and fcPeart stint,*: X. V Su A-Bffiwut, Chicago..,*, 1 f ecU-kW*. vßonkmgana3sxcj)ange. , 7-30 LOAN. Subscriptions rAefyedbythe 4th National' Bank, Fiscal Affect ol the United States. B. LOMBARD. p/ertdenL _ BA.BBIOG B, Cashier. an:o-o&!S-tf*w*p aetr NATIONAL BANK OF 1 CHICAGO. Capital, .... $200,000*. No, 50 liimslle street. U. S. DEPOSITORY & FISCAL AGENT. . EDBSCRIPnONB FOB 740 Loan and 1040 tiold Bcoi> Ing Bonds, ISAAC o. LOMBARD. JC6IAB LOMBARD* ao2SptS9 8n Casller. Resident. Tj'IKST National bank op A FORT WArNB. INDIA* i. bepHlur; of the Cdted.SUtM. CAPITAL PAID UP SIOO,OOO. rtMltol. J.D.KTJTTMMi, I Caig. W.B.FIIHKB DIIIOTOI,: umu. BABKA, i- D MBTTUAB, FIIRU MKli-IHOKB, W. 5. -MBS BBOWK. D _ . „ TWs Ban* under* m son cm In makar Collections on all accetnble potnts . CotleeitOßS anil man anthprompt. attention and retorni made by draft on saw York. ClnctanatL Chicago or rmsbnrcb. J jUmUMin •J'HK^tEOHANICS 1 NATIONAL BAHK UP CHICAGO. OAFXTAIi.... . ,«fiCO,OpO r This Bank haying complied with all the proylitou of the law. will on the rto or Jnly iniUnt, commohie bnxlnMs in lla Baakink Dfflce, ISA Uk«rst., llArlao Bilk BdUdi&2rs • • J. TUONG bUaMcON. Presids&t, BSMJAM HV I'Awß.Vioc-PresX ' CARL F. w. JmiUß, Cathler. ■_ • tu»sm iwumiTJ 07FZC1 OT COkPTnOLUa » TO! CuaaiKCT. > AAStmtTOH,Jnce *8. 16 M.) Whereas, by secitfactors enae*ea pmunUdtotbe nadenlxaod. it bat Soeo made to appear that The Meet am cs* BaHunal Back o; - nieago, lathe City Of .Chicago, le the County cf *'ookaa<i Hts*e of Illinois. hie been doly organised noaer end according to the roqnlremeots of the a clot ConcraM. entitled ** An Act to provide a National uoit» scy, seenred by a pledge of United Butts boras, and to provide for the circulation and redemption therm," approved Jane ItISM, anabae complied with Ml me treyislohe at eild Act required to be eompllra with before com* mwiciag thebnjiness cf ’makim u dir raid Act. Nowhere tore. L HUG 3 HcCDLLOCH, Comp, kroner oftteCnrresey, do btrebs certify that The Mechanics* Ntaenal Bank of Chicago, i& the city of Chicago, le the County of roc* and *f*t* of RUaols, is authorized to comneocs «be "nilnM* oh Banking under the Acs afo*”*sid. J-fcA-’N. In tee Imonv witness my hand SBAL.}aad seal 0 f cuneetms twenty eight day,of * Jane jw. " HUGH mcCULLOi;h: T • pi-m9«o*am Comptroller 01 the Carreney. FIRST national BANE I* OK CHICAGO, - SontbWsit ccrnex Lake and «^ *«D0, 0 0 0 . BAML. M. NUJKVKSOH, VIM-PTMt. B.B.BKai»r»D.Cashier, - . .* '{ sEimratlnnal.., liTIW. GBAH aw’d SELECT XYJL SCHOOL FOB YOUNG LADIES, Ur* Ulcblsan are. and Tireifth street Fall Term will op*n MONDAY, 6epL 12th, 1881. aa23p4.>7-T-TAisTIUU . ESTER pi” FEMALE XI COLLEGE. BVAAbTuIi, ILL. Terra will beefn Bcpttibcr isih. with new add]* tionai bnilttii gs. ana ezubsive imoroyemeats in everytepartmeneoftbt*o pniiranu wellee abllibed Instiinmn.’ Giiua’iou tot t»*-to-y acd hcalls and eoncstlocal mvtlree* uisort-aired ronue of in* stinctlr&tboioagb at'lie • igbes male tnvitnlioas- Teimsmonera a. losecnr r> oms applicatlcn most bemsoelmsedistely. Atclr^ss «ev. w, p. JONES. ie:-ql7l SH» Agent V. W EvitJ'.on.ilL rPHE ill£SJß.‘‘ STEVENS A yoong Ladles and Mtrsre Reboot, GS THIRD AVBM7B, * Ibe Fall term ot ibis school will commence on MomDaY. the iho ioit. a tew small boys frfhn dve to twelve are received. * •_ seSqSDMwis INSTITUTE JbOR 10UNG- LA DIES, North Bide. , HHS. OTACKENBOS . Zsfomlcg a school op the North Ride for young la* dies, with ibe usual orpsrtn en'B, Pnrawy, Intenue* diate and Coll-tiate. m which «it the braoe&ei of Eo»juh efncmlon are mnrunghly unsht, with the Lacynsges, Mosieana Di awing. For terms and cir cular apply to 3GG Chicago Avennc, Ketr Bash street. ' _sjß qSJL2wIs A OABEMY, LAKE FOREST. XJL ILLINOIS, isuulea north otChiesgo, on the C 4M.R.8, The Fall term and 6:h sear ot tbti&sademy stlil com* mtnee on Thursday, PMpi. Bth, PanrciPAI,—JAMES bPALOINO.M". A. AftSliraWT w -J‘. 8 BOKO, 8. A - ,CircblarsgtyisgtallEarttCß.«rs wUihesentonap* flieallontoß-W.waTDH.Dd.P-iUdent: Rev- B. W. ’attersen. D. D, Wn Brass. Hon. H. m. Taompson, Cuu-cuttee oflnsltucvion: orpeur Pate, becreury Board of Irnttees, Chic wa aaii^>73i3St SMP (JHjanhlctß. QJLBERT HUBBARD & CO. snip cnxn>L£Bßs Dealers in 1 WIN EH AND CORDAG-E. ■ 205 & 207 EouthWater Street Corner cf VfeTls, ‘ x CHIOAQO. ■Wo have at an limes the largest a&d best assort ment In the Weit Ot MANILA AND TARtBD KJPB. DIXCHIKO HOPES BAGS. BM-OIBG »N n BURLAPS, CAKVAB. OAKUM, Ijfi, PITCH. OH.TINB. ANO rACKLB BLOCKS, COAL TAB, BOOFIHO PITCH AND FELTING* COTTON, FLAX AND HE HP TWINES. Tents, Awnlngt, Wazon Coven. Tarp&ullsf, Eeslasnt&l colon, Scnsd&rdg, Oaidoni, Flags, to Order. o.nroßsnD. 3. s. tuexzk, o.s.Oiinmi. anggOuSoeim ffiopartncrsijlp. £O-PARTNE«SHIP. The -m -denlgoedbave'this day forms'* a co■partner* in the name aco style ol D. EKIEtiH A CO., Beef and Fork psckrrs.Frovlslon Dealers, and Com* mHsion Merchants. , Chicago. Aug.l3.lSsL D. KRIBGM. nnll-CK&-<w C. W.KRIKOH. jaiSCEllaneoiia. S AF E S . ONE OP DEBBUe’S lABCIE Double-Door Safes, 51 Inches Hgb.SJ Inches wjd-.i; leches deep, Inside seatnre, lor sale by F. W. PRATT, 13 Laenllc at. • [staqinai] 2* JAIBAABKT WiWTUfi SCALES Jl.*'; • oriußin, nWun,«tMHM« 'SSSsSm miSmSli*** m «>MW JjTEMOYAL— SMITH & PRANKS, LSnccestors to Heaps cad, Rcrtou A Co J Wholesale. Grocers, HAVE ttkliOVKD 10 32 RIVER STREET, Second door from Scntb Water. au3l-q7bJw QJHICAGO TlP£ FOUNDRY AND PRINTER’S WAREHOUSE, - No* 00 Waalatncton Street, D. SCOFIELD ACO , - -- PROPRIETOtS, Hleetrotyplog and Stereotyping, Wadr’s superior Inks, and Page’s excelsior Wood Typer A complete ontflt tor " the craft." DATipfconiLn. Hxkbt A. Poßrnn. Joan tUssn. •ansoqilt • eKAA BSW AHJ>.—tester V/*7 stolen on ibe*raln betweenßyaai* viUe and Terre Haute, uoUna. ON SATURDAY LAST, A MEnOBAADOI BOOK, Containing a 1500 Treasury Note, and a draft drawn by s. k and C B-, ot Ums Treesnier pt the UnUeo Stares, da;ed Kvai imle, Anz.rrh, *Bl, t«-tn Zk2. payable to Kelley A * k 'e3h. Payment stopped on the dr»ft Tk« s’xjvb reward ***) te pain tor the d*.l»*ryof trii Mo-ioraadna Book acd Dzatt.which say be sent or deUmtd M 80 Sontfa Wells Street. rail,*.. . KELLEY A WKBA StfJO REWARD.-1 -will pav a reward ot fl ty and refnadaU Ogpecse* fer Ihe iscorcry cf the of Patrick Cl-mcy. Sit b »chooteg Kaeine, on ths 36th iwi t c mile* north of Two Sill***® l ** l tn® shore Infamaouaco Ihlrego^ii l^No.^ OTKliMesti oi the body is five feet i»l»ckwtrtskere,clothed * , WBST. ftto efltctMiy *"° BKW YOUK. KBW TOKK TUbunnii w im (MwCtertlMdu... "Wl# ** if* k»t ■: 1^ ;..*»BS&SBtS : li-t ' v amiBHiRG *«»•«• MT« HOT Tort fcU COO*4. K* " >fn , anlToClarelandat.....,..s,-0C a.*. " TSJ'J*** *lead*nexceFWL^WetnHm exeepWr” r '** . . B.7.>WXSTtJRL euAßi'pV TjpHE GREATEST MhDIOAL JL DIBCOTEKT OF THIS OB AtTi OTHER AQB c °"» a .9°!f * MI to»eoa»»iiree e-$t stamp to or. BTWGLKDKB, BcxSU. utivankea. wis ( andreeeira u return a circular containing ra liable information to both named and amatm ansapHaitisAltw .NICHT aCaVCNCCR. ‘ I CHARLES KTTKTZ will attend to US cleaabjc Of ▼anita, Prtrtea, tbs remora]«( aU Stable wane aad ggwejT* Matter of all deOeriettoßs. AU voti av teas* isnsra ar^ssas* Cljuaga • BUNDAT, SEPTEMBER 4, 18M. LIST OF LETTERS “LETTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED la the Port Office at CWMjm. State of lUlooU-aa the.3l &»▼ ol September, \9SL • r - EF- M Toooutnia?ot these letters, the applicant must csUlor ‘ adtxbtib«j> gird uie date cf thu Ifet, mad (•»> uae cent for kdrerudst. ■ pr-irnot called for witbu* oatt month. they will besent toth* DeadLntterOfflce. . , • . UT~ Letnnmn not sdvynlsed ontll they hare *e named Id the one »eek. . “1* DIBKCT letters piaicdy to tbo street ana nam-' v«l! as the post ofllee and Stato.- **>. HEAD leiters with-tbe writer’s Post Omct and State, (run and zuMßsa, also themplalnlr with rail tame, and reqnest the triv«n to be direct* to accordingly. -l. Letters ra strangers cr tnosleot visltore in a t 9 wn .?t c ‘!7*T* l ®*® *peo*laddress maybeunknown, »riL I ‘* lc * u,# postap! stamp oa the opptx stout* damp comer, ana lxats spaoi ortveen the sump thewmi?/ rOB7S,CA * ,CINO without Interfering .**,£- 8.-A EiiOUETT for the RETURN of a letter” loihe writer, iinnslalmed within 8J days or less, written or printed with toe writer’s mams, post or* Pica, and Statk, across theteft hand end of me en velope, on the tace ildi, wxll bo compiled with at me nsog prepaid rate of pmsge. payable woen the let ter > delivered (othe wri»*- -Aae. 88, Law of i 863.” liAOlia, I.IET. 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Doonabacctinrs Dean Flora miss .Douabertv Bridget mil Decker G U mist Dou* tex D n mts Oetsy Hannah miss Dowling Rl'rnmtsa Decker Genu e tons Drummond Ellen mrs Denrlion Msgclr nmlsiZ Drommocd Ka"> mrs Dtlorftnlti Doiln Joha-na mrt Dtt elf 6sml mrs Dryoen Margie miss I'ewittMary A miss Docgan sake mlsi Dennv ensan mrs l»ir«*n: *<«rth« j mUs D(tnlst<>n John mrs Dtoraot Martha miss DrpoeßatemlsH D*ser Lottie A mrs -* Demntey Patrick mrs Dauon Beil* miss iblmeaoD a J mrs , Dyer John mrs Dt-l-bsnty Aoaiuslamlss »«yer Lottie mlest: DePeaslcv cats mts * Dane Margaret mrs • DeLacy Ellen tons Dmcoll Mary mrs' . E • • Stbrldge Mattie miss Egan Mary Bmiu £dward*M*ry Eggleston.o Mars v RaUn Jane nits *- ♦ E<an Emley mrs Karnes Emily 8 miss 3 • - EUevonctaa’iotte mrs . EMI Ualti ' K'enwcoAi: y mrs BdwstdsMary mln3 . ,BibsUßmrr - . 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Hlme* Almira miss ' H«H Alter Amis*. • Hills Lonisie nn ■' Hall John Grnrs Hi dreta Mary U mts '■ BsmrUonElcoramrt HitcLceck Osyid J mrs H» l Annia mus > Iluocss Sotamlsa Hamilton ClandeCmrs .Bolt PM mrs Hammond Rr mrs BorsoaCßmrs llsmuona Battle mrs Holiday A mis HsmaeibergJt&nyalia UcLenMKmrs Bianabs Margie C miss UoneyfordMarymUi Harris IL bell Ann miss Dooson Angle tors Harp loxxle mist •. BcwmtruLmrs Hs> vlli beiena miss Honcsn Aon mre usnlsßowfiimts ' Bononßriie ilsrteGciUvus mts . . Ho vet Sami 8 mrs Hart Marat A art Hoienkies Mary A mrs Bsrliry Rtlz mlts Iloeara Mary«’mist lUrtlbts llnre Howard MsiyJ mrs Bsjdcn Domibllemre Baxsnin Nancy mrs HayreJPmr* Hokdcs a mrs H'zratd Am mrs - Bazley win mrs HamdenStuan BdUmshl Mart Hayes Kmtna mtss Bant Margie tt mIM Haves Snowden mrs - ' Hunt Marie Hayes Lvelan Us ' Hoot Kate mrs - 1 IlcaibChasKmrs HoatNOmise Beountwar MoltiemUs HoMJPmrs 1 Heals Edith mu* , ! 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Ktnz Mary •KS(k>Araaß Ring Mary A Kelly Eathenoe H Kane Acetic mis KeltT A mrs KeoiCartie Rerwtn Maiymrs Keelson Sntln . Kett Harriet KotecmJoo mn Knowles Loolsa Lmn s ■ I. . Lsddod JBnra Lang Ellen miss. Lambert Sarah A JJocoOo O J miss Loocoale Caroline miss Leonard Laora A miss Lovrrlndrßmrs 'Law uanhsmrs Lambert T A n re Lomla M«re miss Lamplctcr Martha miss LeabareDeli mn Law Ansa Elizabeth miss Leo Alice miss Lapointe Virginia miss Lee Jane way miss Lanoeil Edith mIM Lee James mrs Lawten Marta miss - Leddro James mre Lareblend Maggie mln - Lawrence Josephene miss Lombard Thomas mre .. Lycn AHmre- - Lot barn Ells mm Letson Anoie mbs ... Lang Maggie Qmlss* - Lace Eliza mrt • *- * n ' Messßarah Aon Moody Cordelia nut » ,4 Martm T B mre - Morehonse C n mrs . 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Cbas 8 w a-kerJoan II Wtite K ward W* mca»ti*i C A Waters John Wbltek Anderaon W>i'et.Ch«s WkiiaqicJohu WiikiosHene*ot2 Watties O Wallin Jo:n Wbiit*it*r A W bertonPhMUp Wari.lrmJ - Winter Nil •ware* Cornelius w ßd Joba Wblm Alex seder W. DdellCcrot I csWi Per John Wn-fle-ChisL Was.ins Dexter waters J»-ha WHcox Ch« P i Wail Dannie Warner Wm wntteFA .* all liiHUiq 1..1UC1 ..111 .’U.w & We»c tl) W Wimtlfn WbHueyChaiA • Web*t*rKA* Wagner wmTI WitxerßU bVtliAn Tn I-nont M Wtcovßiht WarctrFE W.H Wui H wuxoinitn Warn*r Gabriel w-e«sljgWn Wa.runEC, Wal I** T Wail Wro Willcicaon KdVd Warren Ceo - web trrWL wuitn-y KH Wallace Geo D Wslker LucasP Wh«W Kpbritm WictzGe HcaptWwoeeslran wijeeierKajt:Pc*r Wsdham Ueorce We> s LemutlT WtikrreonSaml J. 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Chlcaeorsiteel Co....Murnms BoVfl'tn ...3*barg* Fara-Sltrec,...Convent of Iftn Good Sheppard workiLin.iti'i Aovocfttf) Krl" sowing Mtc me Co....Lightning tv d Healer PoblU-i.r rf ilw Her. ala... Coirtvpon<lD«S cret«ry of .lit 2srp-Mers and Joiner* A>tLCtaiion....B9C'e(atyofDUae- Lice* ... Chicago Bone Co .T.A. W. George, oUrk iltStl . T; M i PottOllice . T.'A.W. ...ILL 9. .. 31. *.1K...1;a. 8...-Given Bay OaoeSawmz Co ....Box 7SSC... W. K. H. ... Nonhwetwin .Vc tlo*aijt»Dk....Kty Stung Oil Co.. . Offlce epea frein Itt of Acril in Ist of Jf ovem* ber from 7 *.m. ’IK Bp, m. Prom Xovember ts: till April is*. ftcm 8 ".ra. tidßp.rn.snd on Sundays tMa s a. to. to »#;. 6 a. to. J. L. 9CRIPP3.P.H. The Sword oftbe N, Y. Sanitary Pair, General Grant, haring been requestsd to state In what manner It would- be most agreeable to him to receive the sword and horse equipments voted to-him at the Sani tary Fair, expressed the wish that they should 1»e sent to bla headquarters at the Army ot theFtttomac., These.eleganfc testi monials of popular favor were therefore transmitted to him a few days since, and the following is his acknowledgment: llzauQ'iis Abxiss or the U.hxtbo Statxs, ) PoDjT, Ya., Ane. 18,1;61. f YTm. T. Blodgett, Esq., Chairman Committee Me tropolitan Fair; . DeabSir: Tour fkvor of the sth lust, en closing exprt as - company’s • receipt for the arm; aword, saddle and‘horse equipments, ecnerohsly donated to ibq Metropolitan Fair for tho benefit of oar sick and wounded sot* dlers, la just received: The article* them* selves also reached me this evening. Permit me, through yon, to thank all those loyal citizens to Whoso '•partiality l am Indebted fur these heantlitil presents. The sword I shall endeavor to hand' down to my children untarnished by any act of mine to make them feel ashamed. . 4 the.,honor to very respectfully, your obedient servant, v U. 3. Grant, . Lieutenant General, * Xte Drmll. • . •. (From the Sw.T.Trlbnne, Anj*. Sl.] Gov.' Morgan, and Got. iforriU, of Maine, who have been traversing Xew England to observe the progress of recruiting under the new call, report tbat. three, and .-they hope four of the Eastern States, will have filled quotas betorc the Approaching sth. when tbe otficlenclrsare to-be made op by draft. New Enklahd will have at least unr-fifths of her entire quota ready by that day. : Govs M. andiL report the people earnest and mvliicible in tbeic resolve to stand by their- Government in this hour of Us trtaC Anxious as they may and must be for peace, they wOl accept no peace that dismembers or degrades the JtepubUc—no peace tbst can bo claimed as a triumph of conspiracy or rebel* lion. On tbe contrary, they propose to “fight .It out 'on this line,” in the confidentASßorr ance tbat peace will come sooner* and stay longer if they' uphold* and sti engtben tbefr' Government, than if they pnaiuanlmonsly desert and aliow .traitors to destroy lu tve believe the Governors have since gonesbnth* ward or westward on their mission. ••• /Information tost reaches ns from various quarters, j noli ties onr conviction that, In ad* ditlon to, credits fcr men previously furnish ed, at least two-thirds,. and probibly three* fourths ; of. tbe haif.million called tor\ will Aave already passed muster, or be'ready lor muster, 1 on the.mornmgof September otb, and that- one-half of tbe country will thus be out of the drait by reason of bavlog filled ; tbeirqnotasr by /.townships, wards, cities, counties and States: ■ - • . • ; t*>: ■y totally destroyed on Tuesday last. •The fire originated.Tin the laundry/ Loss BALLOOAInO. Ascent or tbe Balloon ITasblietoxi /Tom Bnenva ayrca—rbe awnricaa Ar««iiiue lutermlnulml lu ihe t)lvuo»—Desfem in end Bide Upon ibehtrvrFlate. . , IProm tbeßoenoa Ayres Standard. Jane 103 : On Sunday, at 2 P-iL, tbe balloon Wash ington «as brought from the gas-house to the plaza Victoria. At half-past two, all ar rangements being comoleted, with the as slstanceqf Mr. Simpson, the signs! was "Iren to let go, and the airship slowly mounted into space, naeslng over the Colou«theatcr, ’ amid the joyful exclamations of several thousand ptrtona. On reaching a height of three thousand * five hundred yards, h*: found tbe wind clung- I cd, and almdoned bis former route. When pasting over tbe inner and outer roads he i saluted tbe vcrtels, waving the American and • Argentine flags, which was replied to from 1 tbe several ma-theads. Tne height bring, at 1 tbst time about two thousand yards, he was still enabled to bear the cheering on board the vessel. As soon os the wind changed, be determined to take, if possible, a west current, which would bring him to this side oi the Pl*te. The b-Uoou gradually des- ! cended till the anchors touched tbe water, 1 being them some fifteen miles from the Bel- 1 grano shore As tbe balloon began to drag I ulot-g tbe water, Mr. Webs threw out ballast ! .sid again rose, att-lnlrg a height of four thousand yards in the direction of the Cara- I pachay Islands. About four p. m , tbs hour bring near sun-' 1 set, tbe balloon became more condensed, and dcscetded more raphriy than at first until 1 the anchors a aln reached the water, but the a* ronaui s (Units to get a permanent bold ' were as truldtss as before. According!? he again threw out baUast, and rose about three thousand yaros, (n the direction of San Fcr- ' nando Coming dewn a fourth time, still 1 over the centre of the river Platte, ho cut i awaybls anchors, and struggled between the . lower air current t ‘War is San Fernando, and the upper one to wares the Islands. The sun bad-now But, and coming uo*u a fifth time, ho w»s obliged to cot **r«v the car, la order further to lighten the balloon and la another flight reach either terra fitkna or tbe islands. ' Then taking his seat on the hoop attached to tbe ropes, and putting on two life belts, besides attaching tbe gas bag by a line of < oie hundred leet, so ae to serve as a buoy In case of need, be ascended a sixth time, and i higher- than before, passing through the i clouds and reacting about six thousand I yards. H*re the ruo-stemed tohim ugalu to i rise. sod alter a shottinterval *et In tbe most j txtraoroibary rpleudur. The. cold was so ! esreram that bis feet became quite numb, and the cues oi tbe ropts, which bad drag ged In tbe water, glittered with au lev eyv _ering. Thchiavy dew aodgroitcondensa tion ol gas, from excessive cold, caused toe balloon to descend rapidly. ' On touching the water he contrived to shift bis position from tbe hoop to tbe gas ' bug, and the balluou, dragging for sumo time, Mr. Wells w as up to bis *aisUa water, while he rapidly proceeded towards our coast. Soon, however, tun warm atmos phere caused the balloon again to rise, this time about 100 yards. Mr. Wel.swasiowidi most critical position, which nans on a ilrtairTord from the balloon. The casbac be esn to receive rapidly, out iackilrhht head did not prow diray,- at d the cord old not break, although twisting in an alarming manner. Tbe balloon gradually lost its power, and scaln descended, Mr. W. being overjoved to see ltd shadow increas- Ine on the water. Ue was then dragged as hefoto along the surface of tbe water at tbe rate of elsht or ter miles an boor, and after an exciting tide (which he Comperes to sleicbdmiog on the snow)* ot about ninety mlnaics, reached tbe*. The people of. Pan Isidore showed lluhU and rockrts, which'greatly cheered him, as be was ig norant of the direction tn which be weut. At list be was deposited in a swamp, and forced to aban oontbe balloon, which, being free of Us wei |, lu rote Impetuously to a crest height, passing over San Fernando in a westerly direction, •The Great H&m Tennessee—Peril ups tlic most Vewd «vcr - jnullt. (From the N O. Time?.] The subjoined lull uno interesting dcscrlp* 1 tlon oi tbe great rebel rum Tennessee, re cenUy captured lu Muniie Bay, has been ex. clmhely inrniahed tbe Times by a geutl£- I man present at the tune otthe capture, uud who has since been permitfe-d by the courtesy of Admiral Formgut, Wtharwnghly examine the vessel: The ram Tenncsseclias been some two years ' building in Mobile, under tbe Immediate i eye ot the rebel Admiral Buchanan, abated by-the best shipwrights and engineers pro curable iisliK tOoConledenicy. Nb expense : : or pains have hem spared to renderUcroraia- UiCht the most complete of any war vessel : afloat, uno lor the purpose of harbor de- ; tense she w as, without aouot, tbe most dan- ■ terouirio et conmerauil ditQcult to captor* 1 oi any crait w Llch Las ever been put afloat. ' Her length was about one hundred and eighty feet, aid her hull, flitch was origin any intended for a mart of war, was put to gether as (staunchly and strongly as it U practicable to bnild one. Her iron armor consists of two and a half inch iron plates, iu bars eight inches wide, •which are crossed and bolted together so as -to leave no scam. Inside this iron plating is twenty-four inches, ot solid oak, making abont thirty inches ol solid work of every part exposed to shot. Forward of and in- i eluding her forward casements, which cm- i braces perhaps fifteen feet iu leugth aud takes , in also her pilot house, this thickness is in- I creased to six inches of iron and thirty o! j wood hacking. 1 It Is a noticeable fact that this extraordin ary strength ot iron aud wood enabled bsr to* withstand all the steel shot from our rilled pieces, our 11 Inch solid shot from our shi:s of War, and 15-inch shell from t&o moulU>r*. not one of which penetrated her ribs of Iron while near fifty shots altogether struck her in theeneogemtut. -The nearest approach to penetration was from a 15-inch missile from the Manhattan, which made a debp indention -In her broaoside, and by impaction stove -through her two reel of oak backlog, causing the splinters to fly pruiuiecuooely iusldr. Though underway when tuls struck her, she is said to havcbtupDcd us U a magic wand had touched her. ... She was imbed with four 6 inch, Brooks rilled guns, ol English make, ou her broad sides, and two loro and aft, 7 aud an 3 Inch,- ot same pattern. Tocse, by the completeness of their carriages, could be handled by a sin gle unoner with the greatest ease. Her ports were closed with shutters made of iron plates simliurto her external plating There were attached at the centre of one of their sides by a pivot, on which thev revolv ed by means of a cog wheel iustde, and tam ed out of the way outside when her ports were opened. This was, iu reality, a defect ive arrangement, and in the fight proved an element of weakness to her. . In form the Tennessee resembles tho old •Merrimac, !s doubtless fashioned alter that short-lived crutt, and is witboufMoabt much improved oyer her. Her sides were sloped like the Mcrrimac, while her top is 11% L aud is composed of a net work or grating of iron bare, two and a half by eight inches', place! so as to leave intersecting spaces about three inches broad, and aflortling incomplete vent ilation to her gun- room while inaction. Bad this formidable crait remained under ihe gone of Morgan njtil dusk, and then with her wooden consorts come oat to the attack. . shemlgbt have sank and destroyed half Ifnot our entire fleet tnsldf the bay, as la the dark ness and conlusloa which would have ensued our own gunboats would have proven os for midable and mischievous to each other as • the rebel boats themselves. The Belfast Bint*. [Correspondence of tbe London Star.") Bslpast. August 13 I write In tbe midst ol tumult and anxiety unparalleled In Belfast slued the famous Banna riots pat the whole province and half the country m confusion. People are busy closing their sbop4; croups of men are gathered around toe corners discussing Iu i am* st whispers tbe events that the nljht It likely to bring forth,, and to which iu all probability, they imeud to contribute. The Solice, who f to the number of several huu red have beenArafUd Into town from Dub lin and quarters cf -the kingdom. are bring tnarcued off to the differ ent stations, at which the? are to keep watch ond ward, aod the commercial capital of Ireland hr somewhat in tbe condition of a besieged town. The houses In several of tbe merle wear a most rueful aspect. The windows are shattered Into fragments, the brektn glass Is strewn on the pavements uod streets, and-side by'side with these debris lie the rough stones uua bats with which the znin was accomplished. There is hardly an intact plate of glass in the Homan Catholic Penitentiary, which is under the' care of nubs belonging to the order of the Sisters of .Mercy. The dwelling of the Roman Catnollc. (Coadjutor) Bishop Dr. Dom’an, presents t quite a dilapidated appearance. Tha .Presbyterian Meetlng-bonse, in which Dr. Cooke ttd, and even some of the : large warehouses have not escaped the danger which befell more obnoxious buildings.- The O’Connell monument yraa made the pretext for an external and internal activity In the lodges that (erboded nothing good.. The OrangCv press, (lor this confcd ntlon has its press, Its magistrates, and its mem bers ofParLament, as well as its gr*nd mas ter and masters and tylers) went to work with a vengeance. One local paper in , particular made itself remarkable by Us de noncl&tlocs of the “Popish” policy of tbe government; it bewailed the sad condition of Orangemen, who are deprived by an act of -Parliament, which they did not.obey, of the privilege of indulging In their annual satur nalia of shoo Jug down some half dozen ot Homanista as a pieace-cfleriug to the' manes of the conquerors. The result was all that «.the abettors of Orangemen canid wish for. Qn the Sth of Angast tbe lodges- turned out according to their jrgaa, the Se-et Letter . to the men. They bad an effigy of O’Corfpell la their midst, and when the train .‘bearing the excursionists, who'bad gone to Dublin to honor theTribnne, entered tbe station, they set fire to the rude imsge. and; amid bowlings and execrations, reduced it to cinders. The most remarkable part of this night’s proceedings was th#* presence ol one of lie head constables of the local po lice In the midst otthe disorderly'crowd. OnThe following night the “40,000” assem bled in tbe same-spot,, and proceeded to enact a different jma more disgusting scene. They carried a Jarae coffin of rude structure, in .which tbry plaedtt tbe ashes of the effigy cSnsumedontneprevioaßnlgbt.: • • It is now a well known fact that the local police slde wltb the Orangemen, and on tbe occasion Of an inquiry held here a fe.w years ago some of the. force pleaded entity to the impeachment : Under. such c&camstanees it is . not difficult to; understind how one party Is rendered wild with excitement and fancied security, whQe the other is goaded Into madness and desperation. Bat there is another feature :of. the rioting' that has yet to be. described, i ‘When the. evening sets In a - wild > and. reckless body of half naked scamps sally forth from their respective quarters aud commence an onslaught on the . windows of all who are obnoxious to them. The Orangemen ass iil tbe homes of Cath olics. The . Catholic mob. retaliate an, the ;houses ol Protestants«. In'this senseless raid ! *-the religious .placet of worship are singled ontwlih remarkable Wry, and the churches • oi. cach receive’ equal attention. • Imagine ; ’these, scenes repeated, each night, and yoo^ .’caufonn a- noUon.of. the" present state of 'things'in the Athesf of IreladcC-. '.:,>,Tn* .—-ji.r-’..* 'rj :/n-• FOREIQM AST AND IIFEBA . .XUEE. A Toloirfe of posthumous poems bj the Ute King-of Dayaria is shortly to leave the pilus. • Ladlslaus Szriay, one of the most eminent members of the Hungarian Academy, died a lew days ago. Tbe cycle of Kaulbacb frescoes In the new Berlin Museum has been completed.tbe sixth and lest painting—•* The Reformation.” A commission has been formed, under the presidency.ol M. Je Barou Taylor-to erect a monument to Ber&uccr. The elgtbtcenth season of Mr. Gye’s man sgeuitnl was brouehc to a close on Satur day evening, July SO.-with tbe fourth per lornißOCß of *• L’EroPo fin Nord.” Mr. Dickens is at‘bis country house; Mr; "Wilkie Collloslson a yachting excursion. Mr. Anthony Trollope la at the English Lakes; Mr. Elmore, K. A., is at Hamburg; Mr. Lurch at SchWiubach; and Mr. unnau in ccotlhml, . - Mr. Milltis Is announced to have resigned his commission fordeslsalrgthc stained glass In tbe windows ol the chapel of Worcester College, Oxford. He is succeeded by Mr. Mlchxul F. Halludsy, an amataer artist ol greatTroate. It i? rumored that the first opera perform ed by the Ei cUrh Opera Association will be cne by J. L 11-tton, «ho has published no work of any importance* since. his “ Robin liood” cunitt*. which was Urongbt forward st the Brudford Festival some years ago. Tbe Ort/ii*jra ann<>uoctß that Mr. H. Smart bus complete.* an*opera on the sub ject ol “The Surrender of Calaisalso, tbatJl. Gevaert's cantata, “Philip van Art avriede,” in iu process of being traurlated into English and may possibly be produced at the Crystal Palace. A hitherto unknown work by Benreuuio •frillni is said to "have' been found a short time rinre, by a soldier, who was-looking for birds* nests, In tbe ruins of Plstoja.. It Is a Urge sliver gubltC of the most exquisite WO’ktnunftblp Signora Jolla Bellantt Piheolominl, tho Usi dteceodeut of tbe Illustrious house of Bellai tl, bus presented the archives of Florence with sixty an*“gran* letters of the hliheutu century, written by illustrious per sonages. Twenty of these letters arc by the buno ol’Eneo Silvio Plccolominl, riterwards Plus 11 ' The Imperial Academy ofv Sciences at Vienna la going to publish a new complete Corjue ut the Luliu ecclesiastic authors, for which undertaking it ha* gr&oted au Impor- Uwt sum. and entrueted Dr. Reitferecheid. of Bon,'with the preliminary* selection of the mcetsorj matubciipt material in Italian and other libraries. Several new theaters arc reported to have j been platned Ihjd'lTerent parts of Loudon, , the more prominent schemes being a large i M people’s tbea-er” in a We-t- nd subora, and the conversion of tbe Albambro, Lctccs ! ter square, Into a higb-chus tueatcr for Mr. •Allred Uiuan.. ; According to a notice lu Swiss papers, the first protrait ol Napoleon 1., which David executed In oil, has been tor the Ja«t thirty seven years m pnvatepossoslon in the swlis village St. Cerques ' It is the, same wulch was once In the Empress’* boudoir. In the bands ol tbe same-proprietor is also a bust of the Princess Boighcse, the favorite sl(Ur ot the Emperor, executed in acute. M, Louis* I veil, young French author, bring in London lately, happened to meet with an English novel which he found inter esting. &* it b«rc the usual notice. •* the right of translation is reserved,” he applied to the publisher and (think-d the nect-ssirv | permission. Having finished h!s task, he of ; lered his tr-nsiution to M. Dcntn, who, on reading the first pa:e, exclaimed; \Vhy, you have actuuliv trauslaring PitaLFer- I va«*s 'File ou Dlahlc’ into French!” aod such j was really the cate Among new orders for works of art given by sovereigns, Unre Is to be manilon-u the picture ct tie Bra fight between Danish aud Germ n ships oQ-Ueligoland, ordered by the Emperor ot Austria ot Mr. Puttner; farther th« light bttweenthe Alahanmamt Kearsarge, tuir'Cherbourg ordered by the Emperor Napointn for Cherbourg; and the statue of tbc lute King of Wnmmhurg, for tbe Mus eum at VcrsuiDes; and by the Emperor of Rural*, “Tho rece tlon of the Polish Dnpu* ration of peasants in Petersburg.' A Work of M. Feuillet do Conches, which b«s long betn expected, will appetr in a tew days, iris a collection otthe letters of Louis XVI, Marie, Antoinette, Mulstne Elizabeth, the Emperor of Germany, and tbe Empnss Calbtrine 11. Ibis work is tbe fruit ut twenty years' research iu the reposi tories of the grest families aud tbe archives ol Austria, Russia, Italy and Sweden. Some diplomatic correspondence oo the events ot the Revolution, contained in this work, is e&ld to reveal many singular (acts. HIVSICAL GOShIP. Mfyerbccris “Etolle dn Kord” has Ju*t been revived In Loutlun, where it was first produced Iu ISoo, witti Bosio, Ganroui. Lu blucheand Formes in the principal parts. The theater (Goovcnt Garden) was tmrueda >« arl.ler, with all the properties aud dresses for this aid forty other operas, but the music was accidentaly Jirti-e bauds of Frank Mori, and so wab saved. The cast In thu present revival includes MloUu-Oarvulho, N’audm ana Fanre, w lih one .Mite RruneUi as P. ax» coi-w. The two HvandUref— Madame KuJers derffand Jenny Btuer—were the same who sai-gtbe part nine years ego. Beverly had painted tor the acme admirable new scenery.' Tho work ha* been well sung In .this city, with La Grange and Brignoli lathe principal parts. The General Muetc&l Association of Ger many will hold uciusiuui Itoiivul at Cologne U eprctent mouth. It will last four days, and comprise four concerts, the principal di rection ot which has been undertaken bv liana von Bnlow. It is probanlc tbit Llaz't •and Rlcharo Wagner will be present. Tletunshas received a pre«cnt from tho f’Shioiitthlc subscribers to Utr Theater, including dukes, rourquiees and others. The presentation was «t me resi dence ot the prime donna, and included a ciamoud'bracelet aud pair ot diamond earrings of-the ricin&t aqilcueUiest dcsifib, with appropriate Inscription, record ing the occasion ot the gift and tbe names of thu doLots, engraved on-vellum. Scblm, the Italian composer, living In. is at work on nls new opera. A London critic calls Grisi the Queen Dowager, -Adelina Patti the Queen Regnant and Mario the King of thu Realm of Song. BurgmuJltr, tbe composer, who Ultd at Dubseidotf k has lately had a monument erect ed to his memory. He-Is kno*n'in tnls country chietly from his piauo-forte arrange ments. On thefilstof Ancn&t will be inaugurated at Potato the statue of RorsluL At the thtaurwlU'beglvi-uten,representations of “ William Tell. Mercadaote has composed for the occasion a h>mn lor four hundred voices, which will be sung while the statue is uncovering. A church cboirnlthe little Germantown ol Salzung has been drilled and taught after the plan ol the celebrated Berlin Jj-mi Cter and is attracting much attention. At a re cent cuocrrt thememberagave lately, the fol low ing was the programme: “O, Rom* no bills” (hvmn of the eight century); “P*nls angelicas,” by Palestrina; “Lux afierna” by Jouielil; “Exnluite Deo,” byßcwlatri; cbcrale, “Jesn, meine Frcude,” by Scbas llsn Bach; “Tantnmmergo,” by Cbcrubiui; Prayer for tbrec-parl boys’ Uhorus, by Haupt miim; and the Eichtleth Psalm, by Dr. Emil Nanmann, (» Vith the exception,” says a critic, “ of a few trifling deficiencies, tbe ■performance was excellent, and tbe advanced .s ate of tbe choir, which is unctr tte pro tection of the Crown Prince of Mcmingeo, does the greatest credit to Re conductor, Uerr Muller.” ’ - Cariotta Pst!i is to be the vocal sUrat Ai’rtd Mellon s comiDg promenade concerts ut tbe Rovul itulun opera, Loudon. The opera home at vTeimar was closed last .month with •* Robert leDiable,” and will re open next September with Gmtbe’s “Eg n.cnt” Ihc operas recently glvtn have been “WllJl.m .Tell,” “Rknzi” (twice), “Der FrcUchntz,” Dtr Filegepdu Hcljauder,” “ Lohengrin.” “ Die . KmdlshC Sadntxp,” “La Jniv«T,” “Martha,” and “ HTrovu tore.” The London English Opera Company will brgm its tta&on in October next with Bene dict’s “ Lilly of Lemmcns Sherrington as tne herione, Mr, Santlcy ns Jjaunu Mann, and an American tenor as AfiZr»na Voppateen, Tbe firet new optralstobe “ Belvelyn,” music by Mac farren, composer of “Robin Hood.” Gounod has written from Sam; Cloud a letter,to-Arditl, thanking him for his zeal ous and 'lntelligent superintendence of the production of “Mlrelu” at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Lot don. Be also - sends hi? special acknowledgments to Che artists who intro duced the work to an English public—to wit TlciifcLß,Treb«lll, Uebonx.Yolpinl, Glnglioi, Bantuy, GnncaandGasaler, ■. Arabella Goddard Is engaged for tbe next Birmingham festival, where ebt| is to play MeLdeissthn’srecond concerto(m D), which has never been heard there since ihe compeu er played it himself in'l&R). ■ F. W. Jaime, music director to the king of Prussia, edit a “Chronological Listcwith Explanations ot the Efatlre Works of Carl Marla You Weber,” and appeals to all the'admlrers oi the composer who may pos fieermannscxlptsor'antouraphs of *Veber, to aid him by tniruatlng him.ior a short time with the same. - ' ■- Music Is progressing id Russia. A musical society In .St Peterbnrgh. has.lately given some fine con certs, nnher direction otßaben steln. Clan Schumann has also given sev eral matinees. Mnical cocitlles have been eetablisbed. this season at- Kiev and Cherk cff. while-three grand concerts given at tbe Moscow -Riding-School—said to be the largest covered room in'the world—attract ed altog&tbernoleas thantwelve thousand auditors. The object of these performances waatoafiordthepoorerdasses, by means of reonced prices of admission, a chance of hearing really'good music. The Prescience orGenlns. : The supporters of Little Mac are-determln ed to. leave bo stone unturned to influence the uotfventlon at CWcigo la fftTor of bis pondnatlon. The last piece ot strategy which we bare beard of in that connection la, the determination of the Barlow-Belmont clique, of lids city, to send to Chicago pictme of the hero of Torktown, “ to show - that Convention,’.’ to use the words of the intended-picture .hearer, “how a soldier statesman.ought to look” . Thls'plctnro is supposed to possess peculiar merits. It was taken by ; Brady, in Washington, Josf pre vious to: the budding hero’s first general campaign; and it is a remarkable fact, thlt/whlle Little Mac jvas moving his It cions on'Manassas, ;he returned from the front, leaving the army to go on," in order to give Brady a final sitting in his best uniform, add largest military gloves. . The foresight of the young Napoleon shrewdly calculated -that a favorable picture might at some future . day decide his fortune, and hence his'prefer- • ring a. measure of.JmporUDce, tothe movements dthls.anny.vThe , calculation! was.'a jnst-one. .Be never did anything with ' his army; 'fthlle his . picture may. possibly conquer Convention. -yfma'lEgWt or Of K 'co ,, ' n irii^s- 0 “‘“-‘ BT J. Q W. TOiat could Madame ae Stacl meat- hys ty ing that a journey Is “ im det pint t> uiet pia\- tirade la vie,'*. On the contary Ideem i* one of the greatest pleasured of life, the ouajjaucea and petty vexation only enhancing the‘eoiojr ment that follows, for what the poets says of life la equally applicable to travelling. “Ihe pleasures bUj not till they pail, AMI slitne pains are quietly past,’* In the autnmu of I{ss9 X spent several wtebs in Richmond and Its environs, some account of which may at ibis time, when the ground occupied by opposing armies, and the old land marks are bem* r swept away, prove of interest to some Of vour Ttßd«r». J • Forty-six hours after leaving New York In the good steamer Jamestown, now & rebel •jrou-ciao, we were at the Ricboiond wharf having stopped fur tcVeiul hoars while en route, at Portsmouth and Citv Point, on tbe Jaiuts Rivrr, to-laud and receive passengers ana {height. Richmond, like old Borne, elands upon seven bills, auo hla the largest city la Virgin ia, its population btfure the war bring about City thousand. of which' ‘number one third were blacks Tbe James Rivtr, on which I'ia situated, isagractini stream, winding among hiile, ana navigable for steamers an t targe sblpo aa lor oa Riubmuna; above, tuvigatioa is interrupted by numerous picturesque Islands uiia groLite rucks, over which* tha nvtr tun bit's and foams f«»r a distance of sev eral miles The Capitol, a floe tminring adorn ed with a portico ionic of columns, stands In tbe center tf a public square 6f right acres. Mlibiu is the mate Liorary, cuaiamiog about twenty tbuosaud volumes, aodaiarge collection tf Revolutionary MBS. and Hoa don’a marble atatpe of •Vasniogton, undoubt edly the tust l.keaess «e have ot the PMer ibirifl. Dpouit are tbe words: •‘/•ad par l:oudov t dayr • Ft an cub ITifß.” It Is the size of life, ana stands resting uu toe right foot, having the Iclt somewhat advanced, with the knte bent. TbelefihtudreaisupoutUeias ct», on which haugs a u.UUor» cloak aud a smallsword, aua against which Icons a plow. The rlgct buna hoiasucaots, rtstitrg noon the grbUi>a. Tne statue Is clad in tbe uniform Won) by sn American tzeieraiaurlngtueoara .oftheßevoiuiiou, and is aunillorto the dress In wucU ÜbsUingtuu is rcprcsauted in Peri’s portrait The head is uncovered, and has the batr dressed iu the fashion in vo£iie ut that date. Two luecriptious were written, one by Ibomas Jtfier?oo, the other by James Madison, to be engraved on tne recuoiruUr pedestal, about six tett in height, on woich tbe statue stands. Preference was given to Madlton’s Lonect, simple, diaoltted and af- Icclionatb Inscription, which'reads than: ‘•The Ueuerri Assembly of the Common wealth of Virginia have caused this statue to be erected us a monument of efieettun and gratitude to Gzouge Wasiixsotux, who, unliUg to the enduwmeuts of the Hero, tuc vlrtu.s of tbe Patriot,and exerting both la csibblisblhg the Liberties of his country, baa rendered Lis name dear to bis Fellow Citi zens, and gives the world aaTmmortal exam ple ol true Glory . Dote In the jearofChnst, one thuusanu seven hundred and rlgtur-el"bt. and In tbe year ot the Commonwealth*lllo iwellth.” To the left of the capitol elands the Got* crnot’s residence, occupied at toe time of mr visit by the iiieeent brig. Gen. Wise On the rignt is Crawford’s Washington Moan* mem, anothergenerons tribute from Virgin ia to her noblest sou. This in-igaiflcent con inbuUuu to the «rt treasures ot our couutry. consists ot a color&ai equestralu euuuc of U OehtogTou la bjv nzc, cicvatea upon u grand pi-deetui, or Ouse, which Is embeillsQed with hisTonc scenes m has relief, and supported by bronze statues of outer illustrious Virgin-* 1»i»p. JttTersou thegreattUinteraiid politi cal genius cf tae da,., and Henry, me •* Ho mer ot orators.” wnoee mighty voice will i tug through the centuries >el to come, with llu te watchwords 01“ Give me liberty, or give me death ! n In this gulaxv Lewis, her i.ardj pointer,"’wro won fur me Old Domin ion loc tiite to the great North wear, fiuds a pUce, and George Mason, author ot the Bill ot Rights ot Vir b lnla, ana Cmer Justice Mar- . shall, and Kelson, the patriotic Governor, whose genuons tncmiccsaud public services c»lUd torth The thanks of Washington at Y'orktown, also Cud places in this glorious group. The completion of the monument was en trusted to ilaudulph Rogers, the sculptor of “Ly die, tbe Blind Girl.” aod the beautiful dootsin the Cupitai at Washington. Among the nutarrous cburclus in Rich mond, the most interesting"arc St. John’s and the Monumental. The former was erect id in the colonl .1 days, aud is the *pl»ca where I’iirii'k Henry gave utterance to the Words already unoUd—“Give me liberty, 1 or give m& death. Surroundiug Luis iutrresk ing n-llc of the past ute many tombs, anting , hack ub lar as 1750. The Mouurutuiai slauds I where once stood a theater, so disastrously , burned in 1611, *>t the sad sacrifice of me loss • of tbe file of the Governor of Vlnrinl*, and : about sixty others of tbe 111-filed*’ nudlcuce ' in tte bundle? at the time. A beautiful 1 monument has been erected to their memory, in front ol the cnurch. Hollywood Cemetery, laid about fifteen y ears ago, Is a loveiy spot, admirably- adapt ed for the purpose. 1& is perhaps two mites northwest of the city, and commands a no lie view of thu James River Falls, of Rica mouo, and of the flue agricultural district on the opposite side.' Many magnificent monuments have been erected there, tno most interesting ot Which Is that raised to the memory ot President Monroe, whoso inbliib were removed from New Y'ork U> Richincnd, aft w years ago, escorted by the fainouaSf.ventbUeglu.ciit, There *-as tc be seem at the time of my so journ there, on thu corner of Maine and i Twentieth streets, an old stone bouse, par i Hally shaded by a noble tree, older than itself : which was built mure thou two hundred years ago. It was tbe first balding erected in Richmond. Connected with it are many inten sting reminiscences. Under its root four otthe early Presidents of.tbe United Sstidefc—Washington, Jefferson, Madison aud Monroe—were often entertained. There, too. at times, came Patrick Henry,, Georgo Mason, thu Lees, and other brave spirits of that da;. m The l,bacco factories,'which at that time employee s> vend thousand slaves—men and boys—hut arc now used asj»rUons*aud bar racks, were vi&ttcd by all strangers, as null us the famous Richmond Min*, were they made about fifteen nnmlred barrels of Hour perdaj. 1 also remember being much Inter •tfilea in a number of beautiful heavy brass cannon, which I saw at thu ureun.iL. They weru recovered from the Pamunkey River, Into which they were thrown-by a French vessel, chased np that stream by a British ship dating the Revolutionary war. , lIETIS. The Grand Jury of the District Coart for Dnhuqnc County report th .t crime and prof- Hgucy are alarmingly on the increase In that county. lct^ r was lately picked np In Northern Missouri which develops a plot to marder . “0 Union men of Atchfson Countv, Missouri, and of Fremont County, lowa. The Sidney JTnitn urges that Sooth- wen tern lowa be placed on a solid war footing, ready for any emergency. Picked np letters are not the only evidence that the guexUius meditate mUebiet in this Sute. John Decker’s house In nesper township WiuneehUk County, was lately fired by an incendiary, and consumed, a woman by the name of Irving was arrested, charged with the crime. u Tl ,'“ of ~ fr - Erman . Editor of the Beolurd .E/jo-m, Tajlor County, died on tha" tlu lu&lulit,- Francis Thompson, an old resident o lona City, died on Wednesday of last week Charles C. Pierce, the irrepressible horso tbit lof Northern lowa, has again escaped -lroorjal);ai.d is now at large. So says the Cedar Falla Gazette* Dr. Fcrrard, a Spanish physician, was ar rested at Keokuk last week, charged with biusmy. . The Republicans of Linn County, have 'made tne following nominations: For Dis trict J. Makean ; fur the Recorder, John J. Daniels. We from the Cedar Valley Timet. The McGregor Juki says an epidemic Is racing more or less in Clayton Coanty. it 1b known by the came of the anti-draft rhea* mulici. • We learn from the Guthrie County Jfcs wbichiswide awoke on local topics, that two military companies were lately organized In Ponoia, one by the friends of the- Union and the otnsr by ficeeeb Copperheads. Three companies have been organised' in Ottnmwa under the Militia Law. Granville S. Branham, first City ol Mnscaiine, recently committed suicide in California. He was 00 years ot age at the time cf bis death. Ills son-In law, Noah M. McCormick, was the founder of the Musca tine Journal. Anotbcr woman committed snidde In Springfield, Mass., on Sunday, by noariag kerocene oil upon a fire. The mode is very sfire, bnt it isape to be excrnciatlngly pain ful, and moreover*endangers property. Establshments on the New Tork street* where the weakerscxcangetthelr u bitters** in a quick way when oot shopping, are said by ihe •veracloas JfrraW to be indicated by apiacard bearing the words, “Ifvoaaon’t ste what yon want, ask for it.” Pleasant. len’Wt! ’ n Tadßina Patti htfs lately sung at the Syden ham Crystal Palace before an audience of 'eight thousand people. The Vedral carlno from Don Giovanni, and “Home;- Sweet Home,” were her selections., Temberlik was also one of the aitrastlons 'at - thin mo ment. • The great lake serpent, with “a block head like a bull dm: and a lan-tall,” lately seen lit the Jake with an unpronounceable name In the town of Webster, Mass., tarns oat to be a Newfoundland dog. tVliom tlte Copperheads will BewthL The New York Evening Hut haabeen spec ulating as to the men whom the Copper* heads Trill reward, when they obtain posses* Sion, of the Government. We append % specimen of its conjectures: Let utf suppose the election over, and tfr* candidate ot these people, nominated at Chi cago, elected and dnly enstalled in office. Let us consider what will be the. result? Here cornea Admiral Foment, the victor of New. Orleans and Mobile Bay; honored by the people as the bravest'ox the brave?'* Tennesseean worthy of old Andrew Jackson's Btate-’ : ' 4 Stand bact, sir,** says the new President, sternly; “let Mr. VaUondlgham end Edsem Oidsl approaA and-receive •their, reward. 4 .’ Here comes Grant, the in domitable conqueror of Yicksbnrjf, and tor over Lee; %** Go out; - sir, fhm,my pres ence,” ‘sija the. new-President;. “I amrjost eblng to confer* honors * and rewards upon MhCox, ; and * Mr. Wall.* ofNew J Jersey.'* Herd cornea gallant. old Sherman; arm and arm with that brmv> old .TirglnUn. General iThomas. '“Send these men away,” orders tbanewFniMuit toU».MrvMit, “m4mU Clutle* F. -F.nlkntrtnd ttio Abat ‘temi.torccclTCtionors tml rcnatdi. r^ ,j * * . *--K.

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