Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 4, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 4, 1864 Page 4
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iEljicago Ctitome. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1804. THE CITY. PaeaoKjx.— Doe. Sanmel T, Glover, of St, Lou ie, arrived In the iltr jerterdaj, and laaow atop plog at the ShermiD Uosrr. ' Caiox Mxxtiko.—Hod. P. A. pA«H«« n willadv \ drea« the peop e of New Lebanon, DeEath county cm the 7th met. They are getting op » grtmt R«n«*. Cary Fhlr at that place. DeKalb la alwiya rtsht. - Tb» Ftxcnojt.—Aa an erldenee of the certainty which ecDermily prct-alla with retard to the r«- electlon of President Ltocoln, we may mention that on FHday Uet a gentl*<san posted no t K OflO against SIOO ua the chance of the re-election. .Hosu Fra Ij»ai> —A ratable hone hefonetne U> L. F. Owen, proeer on West Biadolph etreet fell dead in the street yesterday moraine. He wu attached loa wagon.aod wat hemedrlren tlozur at a htlaa pace; ha fell and explreoicitanlly, Aironte Comnrro-Th. ExecnUre com ml'l“ “ «*» «>*« qaeetioo, will moot at too Clr oa Monday morcloff, at V o'clock. Amu atumdooco la r> qneeted aa bonoeoa of the pamtlmpcrunce wt.l come op before the moot ta* ~, _ ' y/ . t* - ®* gnat Etub'o* cWbaio of next Tlrawdßj, BdTfrUßßd In another column, bld« bit 10 ranj BTOjlilpe before ft. the Brant of Trade mcdiuttag participation in ibo affair. At tha Bo«db«abadnoTa-BUon this »em«on. we adrlsa them to take aotanUce of this cxf*»i|»>nt opportn nltjt • ■ CouwntKrEiT cchbimty —A mac named Green Evans was, on Satcrdsy. taken before United States Commission! r Boyne. charged with having Inhtapitpo+luua quantity tf counterfeit postal ctintncy. No proof was sddoeed to show that the accused h»d tidrsvcied to negotiate any of the bogus money, and he was discharged.' Aooissxt —On Saturday afternoon, a sapient In. dindnaT sitting on the ratlines at Lake street bridge, lost bis* balance, and Idl backwards to-the dock below. Luckily for the sufferer, braises werethevxtentof the Injuries be sus-alned. If people will p'acv tlu-mee ve« in dangerous posl tions, they most stand (Cali) the consequences. PnoaxcuTXD.—We are informed that suits hive been institnted asninrt Tooojm Moore and Samuel Blits, (or the part taken by them in the assault upon Joseph S. Barline, as published in the Tri buns jestetdiy. W ben the criminal suits are dis posed of, a sou (or civil damaged will be com menced. 'Rukawat—A horse, with wagon, belonging to a colored man' named George Movldy, became frightened on Saturday and ran away. , The wagon was loaded wluTmelons, which were Mattered in dire confusion lor anont half a mile along Clark street. A score or (noreof bovs set shoot appro priating them, and a police officer bad to be called to protect the property. Pocext Picsxn.—Yesterday quite a knot of city politicians bad congregated on Jhe corner of .Randolph and Dearborn streets, discussing the merits of ** Lone.John.** when a man named B. Eggleston—one of the looters on—had the breast of bis coat ent open and a pass-book containing S6O in currency taken. He can form no idea of the perpetrator. Chicago Musical Union.— This society Is now ai out to enter upon tne winter campaign, and ior that purpose the members wilimeetattheirrooma in the Uethcdist Cbnrrn Block, this (Monday) ere* » nine, to organize. Let there oe a foil attendance. It Is expected that tbe Czan Prrxnwill Tla't oar city during the winter, and toe members of the* Union are expected to entertain hla'XAJSsrr during his etay. Pau, or* Tins Erncae.—Late last evening a young nun In a decidedly mellow condition, at tempted to Jump upon tbe Madison street bridge after It bad commenced swinging, andmiaalac his off the bridge and went Into tbe rirer. Be wasre-cneo hy tbe crew of a vessel ly- Itgncarby, and canre out somewhat soberer than when be went in, but iu a very raffled state of mind. * i Sxtlotvsnt.— Tbe Toons Men's Christian As. sedition win aid,—without charge—worthy young men andhoyQ in teen ring employment in the city or country. We pay special attention to seeming Christian home- lor boy* and ulrla; whose father* and brother* are fighting tbe battles of onr country. Tre Cummltt* eon Employment meets In Ihcirnoms. Methodist Church Block, between W and I o'clock. Address, Box £l5O, Employment Committee, - Conjugal QuAsnuu.—James McHn'ght was charged yesterday before Justice Miller with bar threatened the life of hla wife. Mrs McKntghj appears to be a regulf r Uttar, and on one or two occasions onrine dome-tic feeds McEnfebt prom . tsed to cat the throat of hla worse half. Tbs de •feudal) t. «iih a view to be rid of a bad bargain, aeked the pcllce to enlist in the nary m preference }? ,nto bood , B Toe request was acceded to, and the case cuntlnutd until Monday to enhble the accessary arrangements for the enlistment to te Lxwib Homcro*.—John C.Lewis.the ticket taker ofßoblneon & Bowes* circus, who stood charged with shooting “Italian Joe" at the dreaa y... wport of which appeared in the Tran**—was yesterday brought before Justice ■lm fh JZi .“S® 4 *,? UoD i **»• testimony of Dr. l^'- ffect th J t w? wounded man was Jf*,® condition; at das In the event of tbe *»i«?- t S.I icu ®if ,ecbawe4a * ln » t would M P«ct,the prisoner was remanded until Tuesday next, at 8 o clock. Provost Marshal's Omca-Ai the dreaded dsyof the drawing crowd around lbs office of the Provost Marshal assumes huge .proportions. Yesterday our reporter noticed an aeßcmblagc ol eevrral hundreds congregated In front pf the office, filling e>ery avenue of approach, blocking up the sidewalk, mod rendering linearly impassable. Itwa» noiewortby that most of the applicants were o' tbefllheroitn persoaeloo. and Were going to pot in the p;ea of alienage. • Stulck bt LionroiKo.—During the storm on Saturday morning the bonse of Mr. J. Liston, of No 78 North May street, was struck by lightning. The electric fluid entered shoot the center of the rcpl»nd comnleteiy gutted the building, stripping . off the planter ana walotcoUiog, end destroying almost every article of furniture in the house. The family or Mr. El-ton: consisting of Are per* ' sols, were atle*p at the hot fortnnately sn«* tamed no Injuries btyond the shock caused by the extraordinary occurrence. Astim-s.—Tbe artists who during the past few weeks have been absent on their summer tonrs -are again returning to their studies. Mr. High* wopo, the portrait painter, has resumed his labors and is engaged upon vereral portraits. Mr. Paul Brown also uas recently returned from a season on tne latte, with a portfolio filled with marine stodfc*. , It is expected that the art exhibitions this year win exhibit even a greater display of talent than any preceding season. Tub Blm Oaxbxs Biot.—Three weeks ago the Qennsn Beer Garden of F.. W. Klein, on Madison street, near tbe dt} limits, was Invaded by a party of rioters, who alter destroying all the fixtures in Uie bonding, .escaped. Early next morning the house was boned to the ground. Tbe ringleader of the gang, John Mahoney, was arrested yester -day morntag, by a police officer, examined and held to bail In tbe earn of $1,9 0 to answer at the Recorder’s Court, and committed in deCmit. -• Dokatkw.— I Tbe Toting Men’s Christian Assod. attoa Belief Committee, were a day or two-ago, made the receiplente of a donation ol $130.45, at ’# c ,JJS di of children, Hauio and Wh ile TUdcn and Ball? Doughty. These little ones are of tender years, noie being over 18 years of age. and the proceeds were the result ora Fair ■held by them. The V:M. O.Assodatlon will need isrge retnlorcraieots to their Treasury to meet the expenses of the comirg winter, and we would re- all to go and do likewise. - Tux VoLtanxxß Movxbbkt.—The notice that 'Csptainßtamhahgh, First U.B.V.T, Engineers' -haa opened a recruiting office In this dty, for th« purpose of enlisting men in this brigade,—the or. Sclaation of which was ordered by Oencreas at Belwr sn Engineer raanles of all descnpttoce areparttcularlrwanted. cores In the army. \)n calling on tala Btazpbaneh, at the Court Bouse Square, an lafotmailon needed will be cheerfully given. r Nixxtxxsth Iticrois, Attxbtxow!— All mem bers of this regiment (and all young men of the -city who may wish to Join it) are requested to as semble at the armory, in Uud's B'ocfc, ooraer of Bandolpb and Market streets, at 7:30 p. m_ on Monday, fltpt. Sto, IBM. . A fttu attendance la desired, as a n#»Fm«Tw»wr or . gaulzaUosi and an election of officers are to be effected. Drill from 8:00 to 8:*0. By order ol the committee. V. Bjudvokdßxli, ■Beoetary pro tern. Sxmnio L«an.—Seven boys, the eldest Of whom Is named Michael Griffin, were on Saturday charged at tbe Police Coart with tho larceny or three pigs pf .lead from the Pittsburg and Port W ays© railway depot They were all sent to Com* ZDiaatomr Williams of the Beiorm School, far ex amination. • * -■ v The bora alleged that they sold the lead to a man samud Henry Hahbea, a Jonh derier, fcr 0.73, when ila actual value waa s4l A warrant was accordingly Issued lor the arrest of Mabbea, and be was arraigned lor receiving stolen goods, know ing them to have been stolen, bat at no trace of the stolen property could be discovered, he was discharged. . Ixqtjxax—A Law. Stabbxxo Atthxt.—On Saturday morning Coroner Wagner commenced an Inquisition-upon the body Ms sailor named John Immont. As previously reported In the Tnzßtniß, deceased, who was a Scotchman, was slabbed on tbc evening of Sunday. Aug.lttb, by a countryman named Angus McLeod, daring a fight at Corbett’s saloon, os- North Dearborn street After lying for a few dijs In an almost dying con dition, dangerous symtoma were supposed to bare disappeared, but a day or rwo ago the man be came again seriously ill and died on Friday morn ing. Dr. John Bctd. tbc medical attendant could not pof itirrir tettliy that death ensued from the wound In question, on til he had made a port mor tem examination. The Inquiry eouseouentlv stands adjourned. . J Tbs Corots.—Tbc September term of Uteßu. perior Court commences bn September Cth.' Dar ing the first week of the term the Court will alt In banc to heir arguments on motions far nftw trials. Ills expected that there «i:l be a Jury In the second week of tbe terra. - Tbc Circuit Court will also be in session on Mon day, when there will be.a- jury. Nine cases per dsy are set for trial. Thefullowlog.wiUbe called on Monday:' Thomas Cody vs John Walsh; Daniel B. Brent vs Jos. A. Guthrie etaU; B. V. fiaughwout et al. viffo. A Batters: Michael Hanlon vs Mary A, Penally: B. S. Morris et si.; vs John Scanlon; Fred. ft. Wilsonvs‘Wm.Melvin; Henry Heat vs Peter Mooney; Terrene© O’Conuel! vs Tbos. Ma *°s£* : .A 8. Montgomery vs Wm. H. Taylor. ‘ The Recorder’s Court will commence its Sep umber Um The diU docket hUI be Dariop the term the Court will sit only from 10 a. m., to 3p. daily. prsnd* meeting of the heroes b ttoterf will be held next week on tH imSae! the Chicago Driving Park, the tonrnSent com! mendng on Tuesday and rontinnlng through the entire, week. Bight rubles aeversl more expeewo—the whole form® the inset brilliant cMaxy of horsefleah ever witnessed In this eftr. Among the fast ones which rived ars: “Bowen.”- the hero of the at. Louie Spring meeting: ”,Abn Beek«j” eald to be one ol So foot ones; •» Uet.ryft*rd Beecher, ♦ a powerful tero-ycar old; whs rsn four miles m ; Panic.’ 1 by ” Glencoe,” toother fast one; *♦ Monaoon,” ” Knight oi St, Lonta£ *lSympathy,*i ü ßnsftr«.” M C*ptSn Wild,” M K*io Duncan,*’ M Book Mxnrda.'* and several others who ate not dlattwralahod byname. -The meeting promises to >«. a great neecM In every way, and, from tha amount or interest taken io aporting cMes.ltla •afs to sty that Chicago wm ho the tsrf city (4 ihe Ciom COPKMEAD T COmr CoNVEN- RnUm if Dtltfun to Ike State CtiTnHn at Spnnrftld—l HawCaam] Coaalitte. The Cook Conner Copperhead Conrcn <ie P.tpo.e-of cl.ct.nn delegate, to JJf State, tonviuilon to be he.d m SpringOrld on Tntedsy next, are. held ycetcrdaj In the Itecord “ * Bou “ I <ho ohjee; of the State Conreo. wdl ta »«.‘o flnleh the wore J.™ . *S e Convent on did not dan to do-th. S“ !"* «“«>«» enter h/ai,. ™M ssj-^iisad 3”^ Q n.^s“K;W ra K n .£'cSr.^; s ''Sr® V?An| , “ Um,m j A OP«>^»d. «! d c Sft? !r Mld that the act of the Codtod w^^;,;^Yo,ass,!,,bll‘,“*9: ''£^&*7&SVSStt9f& ofu " 0uB '“ u “- rß ' from «*Won ol the atx, aiid two trom the coonuy nu then appointed on ciectntiais, as follow*: Soul A IHcUtOft—*. Y. D.niela. ' , }\<ttltivUton— David Welsh. JkottX Division—T. Ai. Armstrong teoMp-N. p. iisitbart. * The Committee ou Credential* reported the fol. lowing a* beiQf! entitled, by or aabitltn* UoD. Tv *eata id the Convention: ■ Hard—l>. a. U«ue. C W PiUnn j * Hahn. P. Dooley, Y. Dsitou. ' J * A * t Hard-W Bszaewapatb. P. E. Barber • fcS : uSSSI?-• l “ ,u, ' K e U “' A M.DohneKJ; nagh Haher, John Go^KSe^" 1 Ad * m Fl “ c h,^haal Jo^.?^rS7apStSf T ' , ‘' ; Ch " l “ WlUb x.*V7tV lon/ “£ ,irk ' bberldaa, Thomas Barry Jota aiSfJ* •'“Td-parM Waiah, M. Thotnta, M. JoonPeractct, ■ Aewate Hard—Michael Gleason, Michael Flem* **>hphj, James Moaelor, Joseph to oM? ?5 <I ~ 1 \ tn d c Samnj, O. J. Lame, Sam™ Patrick Kelij, Jemee uS « BS3t* McAUl,te - *** » wu»h. Chaae, D. W.Menchoa ur.o. w«bbeshan. JftePßt/.H'onX-P. McGlnnlr. J.W. Horton, P, Wm. Cnrran, J. Oallahin. 1 * P. 3 SmalSne“ r “~ 0-C "” Cl<1 * D > w - n - Donoran, ThuUaM. TTa.d-M«tiU«; Frtnaen.J. M. Armstrong, Peter Urachendorf, Simon Elchenhau sen. Fourtetnlh TTanf-B. M. Burke, Jacob Schmidt Jns. Ennis, Frederick Llchc. F'iffem A flora—Morris Clifford. SnfUran, Jas. ob * d, “ J “ ;k " n - V.A. Svn L «.^; Keiiy, J. P. Tr«ie, Johu Smith, 0. H. Melmuth, L. Y ree * i- J * D’diUivan. • IrrM fVAeeino —Laolel Cameron. Murray. James Clowey. Af* TYier. —John C. Usnand. B. Vaughan, N. P. Iglehart.. Oleero.— Beury Loewe. « X^tden,—Blcilard Everett, * -James Ennis, the irrepressible, complained ttst a man flora the Fourteen h - Ward—J. c winkicman-bad Intruded himself on the Thlr teeuth Ward tlcket,-and moved bis expulsion from the Convention. ; This led to a rather interesting discussion, which ..wa» participated U. by one-ha lUe dSSSJ. “ was anally refined to Ue committee on Creden- 1L W, Fuller moved the appointment d( a nomt rating committee ol one irom each Ward, and three from the country. J. B. moved in amendment that the said committee consist of two from each division in the city, ami Unte Irotu the country. 1 80 opeu one, audclldted a lengthy debate, during watch, one chlvalrons dele “Tta«ntd to secede from the convention: Johoß Quinn'obligingly told toe gentleman he could go. . , M. W.Ful’er explained that he had-Intended by the motion to have cine delegates to the {jute Convention elected from each division of the cur and six Irom the country. " Uaven was sorry to be obliged to tell them that ibe delegates did not, as a rule, go to the Sprinsfisla Convention.. Not. more than one huf bad pone heretofore, and tne Democracyof the enunty bao not bein Curly represented In the State Convent)* n. Jv 4 * Hahn wa» down on such men As wanted to »o to Sprlnpfifld; U was not such a very great honor to go, aid a man win wanted to go must have some axe to grind. (Undoubtedly.! • ..«• W.yaatthau spoke of (ormer times, exposing Jv! J ctlc ct in vweuoat conventions. Some of , the del eg hub did not go, and other men were hired by intere-ied parties to go In their places, and vote lor their canoida es. Be teemed to have bat u very poor Idea of the morals, tactics, and policies Coining at conventions of the unterridwL • J. W.bheahan a. O.Lambert Tree both took the ffoor, und each nprked hard to catch the eye of the Sh, k baugo t xte floor, and Tree walled on be bad finished- Shcahan advocated the claims of thoWest Division, and thonght it should tend more dejrraie** than suy other division. - *• Mr. Sbtaban claimed that in the whole history or Ddnols Slate Conventions not more than shoot two bad ever gone from Cook county outside of Chicago. Be moved to amend by giving ten dele gates to each division of too dty and UueeTfor the country* Lambert Tree wanted men to be appointed who would go there ai d vote for creSUaib candidates. JpbnGomltky called the gentlemen to order; Umt was no time for the dlecuslon of the ques elaiu'ut * herMt > Jpbn C. Oarlan*d moved to amend still further by tekiug a committee Irom each township represent-' ed there, and one Irom each ward. Tula prevailed." and It was decided that they should select ten J* W, Vaughan offered a resolution to the effect that inasmuch as the places of delegates not at tending the State Convention were often filled bv ontfUe and nppnndp ed persons, that no one but iSf.K'S r, j’»PP£ l '>'‘<i adegain bo allowed to vote in the bute Convention without the ansni mous permission of those delegates present. -Aaron Haven offered u amtnomeat that the del egation be instructed to vote as a unit upon all quet-tious which may come before the Convention, and that no places be allowed to be supplied, but that tne parria .delegation cast the full vote., Both resolutions were xeicried to tho Nominating Com mittee. The fo»ow!ng.commlt‘el waa Appointed: First 3srd.d. A. Habnj Second. F. E. Barber: Third. M. W. Fuller; Fourth. C. Waeh; Filth, M.Bhen den; Sixth, David Walsh: Seventh, JohnComis ky; Eighth. Wl'liam T. Loo* ergan; Tenth, D W. Manchester; Eleventh, P. McGinnis: Twelfth, B. Banleme; Thirteenth, J Fourteenth, J. Ennis; Fifteenth! Obedlah Jackson; Sixteenth. Lambert Tree: Cameron; LakeTp. Murray; New Trier, J. C. Garlsno; Evanston, J. B. Vaughan* Ciojo, Henry Loewe; Leyden, E. W Even it. During tbe ahience of the committee, a com* plaint was raised that the present County Central Committee aid not do its only, and a propo-itlon was maoe to e ect a now one, fl. M. Cha-e, Aaron Uavu), and others, found especial tanlt, and urged 11 * ° ont ° f on3er next regn* Bina Chase moved the appointment of a Com* mlttee ol two from tach division, and three from the country, pi nominate a Coot County Central Committee. Carried. Aaron Haven,fc. W. Patton, J. u* unbbtro. O K. Wll?«rd, n. H. Chase. D. totsOmS* 1 *' 0-~ck!0,,,,r' ! Dr. Inhirsch, D.W* , ‘ ta C. Garland, N. P. Iglehatt, and The report was adopted. The Commit ee reported tbe following names as , comprising the delegation to the Springfield Con vention: Jlriuon—David A, Gage, W. T. Daniels, Hflft U. Stewart, P, M. Donnelan, Hnah Hther! “hV,M^kB^ h n nI ' 0r ’ rtbl A * nmn "“’ C. is, wnui^d'JSrih: McQI,mU - FnmcU *•- JTorfA Diciriow—T. M. Armstrong, ifatthUj ratten, Jamea Ennis, Blchsrd N. Burke, Oha iSs.4*TS ,01, l Jr T. J, f l ? Nolan. F. H. wlnaton, M. Dongl»e,F. O. Green and John 8. Qaion! Jota DnSta. d C? “ n ' n ? n - J - B ; VMjhtt ud - Then-port was adopted. The cowmutee alto reported on the resolutions offered, stating that tne resolution oittr. Vanghvn bad boen wUharawn. and that of Mr. Haven ae* « t avecon»intnded «or adoption. The report M W.Fullermovedtbe following: Ttat the convention bt Cook countr. %d l,r t,!T 018 platform adopted at the recent National Convention, and the nomlna* hCra ’McClellw, to Carried amid loud applause. The convention then adjourned. ' BOABO OF EDUCATION, Reports of Committees** Appointments and ttesisnaUons of Xbaeliers. A special meeting ol the Board of Education waa held at their room-on Saturday afternoon, at three O'clock. The following members were present L. Taft, the President, in the chair. P. Careen ter.BLPrendeiyjne.W.n. Brder, J. Waldhauaer. & Kei&err/* Wentworth, .J. C. Wicker, and wi ■ Themtontes of the lasi meeting were then read, and on motion aporoved. t ¥ r, p£Sl 1 IU ,b ? • lrtt4r of acceptance from «?»n'fe ft I**7 1 ** 7 aopomted Superihten dent, vice w. B. Write, resigned. On motion the conununlcatiy waa place© on flic. Mr. J, C. \nbker, from the committee on build- Inga, reported Umt the school buildings and teen were in first cues repair. - ***** Mr- Wentworth, from the committee output, ratnaasd funltare, wanted to know if the com mittee was held responsible for the expenditures. The Chair stated that the chairman ol the commit tees waa responsible. Mr Ryder, from the eommUtee on the examine tton of teachers, reported m favor of certlfleatea bring granted to the fallowing persona: Jessce B. Nelson, Phebe McCUuchey, Harriet 0 Wood, Semantha B. Sheppard, Prances a. Km mens, Louise O. Sterling, Sosan B. Butts. Helen M. Waicy, Maty B. PeUepgill, Jolla M. Guest. Kate McCartney. Maggie Bengali, Mary Blade. Jane BousalL aufi Lydia M. Phelps. On motion the ceruflcatea were granted. Mr. Ryder from the Committee on Appointments reperttd tho folia wing: Miss Bollock from Branch Newberry to Jones; Miss Kirby to Seammon; Combe from Poster to Seammon; Miss Gafferry to BLacie: Muses Atwater and Brake to Franklin; MttaMoore from Enue to Moseley; Miss Amts’ 5n^ to SSf , S ; *l*sesMillersnd SkiertoOgden; Mteses Wrlsht asd Case toNewbcrry: Mlsa Trim’ fagbam to Skinner; Mtes Rich from 7 Bridgeport to Mosriey^ t Mus Leßoniv u> Bridgeport. *”* Mr. Wicker, from the. Committee ou Janitors ffi- ? opobes, stated that the Increase In expenses wi/ #nD would be In the neighborhood of 35 per Mr. Wentworth, from the Committaeoa the High' School, reported adversely to the manner in which the u»nal nigh School exhibitions are conducted. He was in Javorof giving all the pupils a show asd&ot stew favered ones % -* Mr. Wells stated that the discrimination was based on merit, Mr. Wells reported the following tenders of re signations, ahlch orf motion were accepted: Mlsa Mclntyre. Mlsa Southwortb. Mias Jones, MW Lewis, Mlsa Borman and allys Thatcher. Mr. Wicker offered a suggestion tost an extra aeeutut teacher be furnished to the Franalln, Sklnper, Washington end Foster Schools. - Gumption of Mr. Wentworth It was referred to the Committee on the Appointment of Teachers, to rrporf at the next meeting. The election of _a Principal for the South Chicago School was next proceeded with, resuUlfigJn the appointment of Mr, Welch. Mr. Wicker moved that Mr. Blackman, the music teacher, be placed upon an equality with the prin cipals of the schools, and bit salary be sl,<oo ■ On motion or Mr. Newberry the matter waa laid on the table, after which, on motion the Board ad journed. Aaeiuu with a Dnaorr Weapoh.— Benjamin Bsrclsk, of sambllng notoriety In the'city. In a condition .bordering'oh daßHtmi frwmsaa, vis placed In ■the prisoncr'f box at the Armory bn Saturday, chaieed withanamult wlth'a imdly wsspoa upon the person of Frank Scaftur. The compiaimut said he waa connected withßohtnaon ra iSlil, 1 '" 1 ' >“■««» Icto a Sample -com 7 lj,rfl ke ni lotrodnoe'l to !!SJSi? d ? tancoloWjr accceod him of w v**P w,L b hislady. Hedtnirdtheaccusation I!f®?. ] ¥j™ah tued Mine dUgasting nputpeu and fl?« tJ2£. overlhol)C » a "i»h • luded wa'ctu ■idi?..?. bo** te»oio Injuries ih»l •►•m k i° H®* l ' 1 d luto requisition. Thu prison* ■* be exhibited it Id court, «t»aT«d aod »»* r * , * Wed *bo appearance of con«id«r- BbthUo«strdfora coatlnn* •neeor the ca*e lor ten daje, which was grauied QtJOXI op COOK COtTIXV. Cot Z' c,, J“ r . l b ®. Enrollment UaM-A •'J 1 * »f 11.1 l a million Dollars “/»po«id lo be Uaised-ncef ibe la metropolitan flail. Pursuant to t public call, a large and enthusiastic meeting convened on Satordaj erentng at llstro poillan Dali, to take ibe necessary steps to pro ▼ent the craft by raising volunteers. At 8 o'clock Charles Walker, Esq., cilled the meeting to ordtr, after which, L. O. Irwin, B»a.. read the call, which traa listened to with great at! umiun. On motion of Mr. Walker, B.G. Colvin, Bio.. ws» appointed chairman, bnthofalltog toappear. J. a.Mnnn, hiq., was ca.fed to tbo ctulf. scald iund enters. After the applause htd enfolded, be slated that thin meetmg stood noon a platform °^° b w S! ct *of a 1 p«ruea might meet la hsr tLuhj. The question to be declocd to-night la ho» wc snaU OU np the call. In order to meet ihe da. “■* oß Si u '° Government In the jfresent frying hour. I toe qneetlun la not one dlscnaeioo. We mnei go to work anti raise kS II ut to or.ll, then to To,m%£S! w! Oikf, i&b oiilt tud to be ruotted to at hst w* ansi raise money to Induce voluc teem rtrT , _„ ? aSJSsl's ,n '° '?****■• ■ F*oe President#—Ptier Bhtiiler, Wm. Wheeler Fred Tnule,ctui wSkef Roberta, Tnituli King, COarlU »«n— --ffluud.’ Tll0nu “ P* I .”'*" P - W. Gmm, J*■ Mtcfctorin S t W. Shea ban. A. Bhontn p m Dongln. U. M. Ctoaae, Q. &La<es, Wm. /ffitr?* yy U.MatietOb, 11. M. Buguum. ; “ Charles W slktr,. Ecq., irum the committee on moiuuunm read the following report, alter which be made a few remans on tbe necessity oi CUcsgu raltlLg her quota wllbonc drafting: l he committee townom was reierrtd the correc tion or tne enrollment list or cook cooatr om. and to prom meats to fill op our quota or men, andarola unus .llie “®*i have bad the wnolo suojcci aider coxisldeniiuii, and beg leave to report. Ihey found it impossible to proceed at aH with f Ct, P> wl Uie atonillmcnt list. This work was BPS !h BPf r^e ot v* wnaaittce, and copies procured, and directed u#,be sent to each ward lor mtuecdoo! Tnent has not oeen sufficient time since procuring the copies to come at precise results. bht*ofrras beam Horn, none ol the wards are correctly taken, and some of them egregionaiv erroneous » The Committee are well satisfied toat a correct* edeniouirent would redoes the nomoerol man tnbjeci to draft Imm SO to 83 per cent, and d*em It •oi orest importance, thsc the work should bo proteenud vigorously, getting alt tba names of men not liaboto a draft stricken from the roll. r. dace oar qaou of men to be ton.! tea. ihe Committee are fesnal that Cook county has not been credited all the men toat she baa enlisted, and caused to be tor the 10 !‘* Coin P ll| >h ibecorrecuon, and seta pttiect enruUmtuLllst, Containing only the names ,üble i® *£° dnift ’ 811(1 to get oar credos properly conected, to as to detenalue the last Coos county, and the number of men the B?f? U> ?.9 oven,lutnt » require time and feuds, “ jWf* 3r toem P l °y clerks to perform 2B»rS t . 1, J ee *s^! d hup*®* that business menaud pipliaiiste of .Chicago and Cook county w.U come forward and give melr aid, both in mantel and tuiide, jour committee offer the following reso lutions lor the Consideration of the meeting* Metdua, That the committee be {Detracted to • continue their labors ana correct the enrollment lisi aa far aa the aame esn be done £et<kua. That me committee petition the Board cf onpemfebre of Cook coonty to appropriate a sum not exceeding naif a million ol dollars, and ls*ne certificate* or scrip ol mdeotedness to par as 5or OUL,y lo that will tnllat to mtae op XetUttd, That Ibe executive and financial com mittee appointed at the former pnbUe meetings bo requesico to apportion to each capitalist tax payer in the c.ty and county, aa sear as mav be the proper amount that such party should sub fPAv 10 ,be county ccrtiflciteflor scrip, and that they urge the prompt payment of such sub the Jr ol?c«ti e om ta,IB B ° Bolicllu,g t0 b © left to , 41 r * Chase arose to second tbe adoption oi the report, anotaid that the enrolment list for the Tenth W sro was incorrect, there belog some slxtv *j x ( ei °F ,B tberoll, and it la fair to presume from this that tberoll furthr whole city Is Terr incor rect sno neeos revision. J AW. bberlUan said that imder the call from bprinpfle.o our quota was stated at 4,250. bat if tbe enrollment were corrected. It would only be In w u r ?. ood^ of 1 - 200 - Toe highest vote cast In ibe i Uih \\ a*d was UU7. and under a corrected tnrollmentlis quota womdonlv beds mem but the quota Is stateo at 14a mca, an error of about 100 “ en * Thin ard baa given one-halt of Us able popnlatiun already, and ought now to be exemui. ” 011,J Bab j«* to 78 men, and the With Ward 148 men- tbe Fourth with a ianrer population airing less than tbeFlfm wltsa anuller popniailon.^"* Mr. Munn stain rose and said IfWas the datr of all exempts to have their names taken off. and It was equally the duty of the eltircns that the ex empte should be looted np. TnerfesulnUons were then unanimously carried. Mr. Bmosa then offered tbeifollowiug! Eaclttd, Thai . committee or thrto he appoint ed, to obtslii a certified copy from tbe books of ihe Clerk or the coonty cf Cook, of the highest num bir of votes ever polled In the county oi Coot and tbst the same committee bo directed to obtain a certified copy of tbe number enrolled by tbe Pro vost Marshal, lor the purpose oi being placed in the bands oi a committee to proceed to wastuocton to atk a revision of sold enrollment list. ■ CoL Boueh stated that there were 400 more names enrolled In tbe 4th ward than voters! thus' redneug the quota of the ward some forty-six AH the wards In the dtyareln a similar situation,. The speaker believed that if these reo resenutlons an made at Washington, there is no doubt tost redress will be given. It Is proposed .to call a meeting of the Supervisor*, to Issue scrip la amounts of from SfiO to gl.t 00, to be sold to < “Ufn to raise money, this to b» legalized by the stzt Latkisuin. * * - —— J , • • * _Mr. Randolph was opposed to the resolution. Wehave not snccteded m correcting theenroU ment list. We oogot to have a new list*, but if we now ask It. the people may become careless and omit looking after she correction. Mr. Brooks stated tbat daring thetlmo It wilt take to comet the enrollment list wc ftm have our quota flded. and need not ask any odds. Col. Hancock stated that our quota will not ex ceed 1,603 or 1,00 men. Our quota Is S,o6f, but deducting the enlistments since July let, thenam berwlilbs in toe neighborhood of 1,500 or LCOO men. Be hoped that j, ese men would be recruit ed by; volunteering and not by drafting. Mr. Brooks* resolution was then pat to tbe meet ing ana unanimously carried The chair then urged the audience to use every endeavor to correct the rolls. 1 Tbe following committee on Mr. Brooks* resoln- V,9“ It™ appointed: w. L. Clmreh, J. C. b liter and J. P. Brooke. The meeting then adjourned. Naval Enlistment*. We republish the following from our evening eotemporary, without having been requested to do so, as it contains an answer to onr queries ol Sit* urdsy morning last. We wish, however, to state that the Twbtoe has done no injustice to Captain Harty. We accused him of nothing; we simply asked him for an explanation: Captain Harty has on file four distinct orders of Provovt Marshal General Fry. The first states mat enrolled m ean enlist cnly where enrolled The second is In substance -that substitutes mar be ewora into service lor one, two or three yens and be credited to the localities where their prin cipals reside. The third,Jfrovldes that recruits wto are not enrolled may be any State. The fourth orders that those enlisting may select their places of credit. If not enrolled. - * - Capr. Harty is charged with the duty of enlisting ann mustering Into servfte all naval recruits lor pom ClereUnd to Bt. Paul unite In sending here all recruits for the navy. Under the first order given above, all- volunteer recrnitscnrolledberearecredltedtoChleaco. Ua* Qfftbesecot d order, a citizen of Maine or Oregon Is at liberty to come here, procure an alien substi* tnte, and have him credited to Maine. Bv the third and fourthi Orders, alien volunteers can choose for themselves the localities to which they will be credited. \ v • Capu Harty once appealed to our county com* mittee to pay alocai oonnty to seamen. His re quest was reta«ed, on the ground that the prize money waa an adequate recompense. What were the consequences of this policy? Enrolled men desiring to enter the service will await their liber ty after escaping the draft, and go as sob* st Unlee—thus realizing a pecuniary hen* >Hh. *°. r families. Allen residents de* since _to enlist engage as * substitutes for men from other Sts tee and are credited thereto— thereby securing a handsome endowment, Allen volunteers accept Urge State bounties and request to b« recoiled In accordance therewith. • ..-It« claimed that onr'alien poomation exceeds that which la iis ole to the draft. I# it not evident that, by tbe offer of a commensurate* bonntv oof quota could have been filled from this class ? Tnornso xx Cqcaoo asd New Youk.—Apropo. of the present spirited attempts to raise the stand, ard ofhoracoeeh in Chicago, is tbe following para, graph, which we dip from HTAte#' Epinf of ths Tlmts: * . A Risen horse has recently been broocht tm nere irom Chlcaro. ol whom it la boasted that be can trot wonderftallj fast. Thirty-one aeeonda to the quarter, and half a mile in one minute and four second? arewhat the parties talk about. Of course, the notion of the said parties waa. “here la the horse lor Mr. Bonner to jomp aC’Bnt the u *9? l <> be eatuht with Md proposed that the parties should set their bay horse the three little thtt his gray mare has done. -Then, if he cyphers npthosa smul rams In arithmetic, Mr. Bonner will be will io p»re the owners twice as mnehaa they ask for him, and throw the gray mare Into the bamm. Ibis Is fair, we think. It is aomAdos Utowhat Mr. Bonner proposed to the Maine eenUsman who Mil 7s**? *b® best horse-in the world.” * too t „ w “ t *be best horse in the world,” says Robert, * unless be can heat my gray mare?' The three feats of the mire are, lint, half a mile to wagonand driver 01885 lbs., ItmllXa. A mile to wmoon and driver ol 368 to wagon and driver of *6B lbs, dm, BBa, If the Chicago horse can beat these, let him “ sail in.” >- - - Soldier’s Rome, The following ue the douttone to the Soldier's Home for the month of Ahgost: ProMjdsote lair hddhj Misses Lnci end Cm dtre Culbertson. 8 inh sod toll CUncf, Anm Boroew ud. Lula Eddy, sio 61; from Hrt.Lamb. tlujtfliisd ttodungs; Mrs. Corrill, petches, tobac co tod pipes. $95 M; Mr, Volk, vegetable*: from * geniftman. same oot BS sod shirts; MiMStrers,delietdeti lor the slot j -Children's olr it IwlTidcn. dis* collected by &rs. Goold,* oi Morris. tlS* m* nv Kilt WcCod.k^JASmlihrM«lm $ cirt^a3 Bell Porter, sl9 65; Mrs. Scrips, $a- Mrs Rtotr. »®lt.|B: Hfe. Dageohart collected 98,’ fruits," wue. icily, afro t promise ot Stteen «rts wSS sod twenij-flve crocks hotter: Mi*. Shipman! entrants aid sugar; Mrs. Laotry, encumbers * Udr K Jennie Dickehsoo, Jeanls liodson and Panni* net, sr.sof Mrs. Prentice, SvcU.maeadnes* falrt>v Lizzie md Ben Cam sl9; fair hr Master tod Ml»s Arnold. Hattie Hove aud Julia How bory, S6SS:Hr. Hansel Talcot, $10: H. Q. Loomis. SSO: M Ely. $26; Q. Ingraham, $95 tod tvo trai ler* whisky for the nek; J. B. L. Piaster, sto; Potter Palmer. $100; A, F. Croakey,s gallons of whtskj; He. UcCaie, SS; Mr. I. N. Arnold, edibles for the sick nearly crerr day; Mrs, Walls, Lu ther and others, 9 brls. and! box provisions: W, Busch, vegitables; CaJvrr.Tase <6 Horne, blank iS?rd book; Hits Laras. $10; Hiss E.P»tttaK, |*»! from concert by ladles' nolon* Laasae. Biliton.oSs: UuleMinnie Shcts.;T. vegetables; Hrs. Cushing, vegetables; Mrs. h 8 dozen knives ana forks; *r», Jk. reck, bushel onions; IL W.‘TaL colt ’ %.. bar T* l corni tod t chcose; H. Slne er, barrel vegetable#: Mr*. Hotly sjs *®**« J*»; BeWptf* Jelly; Mrs. Cljbourn, cream! Mrs.Bristol,s4Xo; Hr.Blazer, two p*S« kraut: MI» Baldwin, one quart brandy; Hr/ French, one dntrt each camphor and peppermint; SErTpiaX «*bt gallot* totlk: cooked proTlnon* from.® Adams Bouse and Bichmood House; Mn.B. HLs glia, edible* for the sick; Hr. Sloser, one banS onlooa; Hr. Shales, onekrg pickles; through Mr*. .Waldrou.ooe barrel vegetables; a friend.ns.QQ - frdfht bui /or wood given hr Michigan Central , RaHroid, sf6oe»; tab by Sate A. PirkerTKlSr Maker and Mary L. Brooke, SS.6O; Mia. Shipman. tomatoes; $1.00: Mrs. GooM. SilOO 2 Freddy DaaenheßjEOe: ff! Mrs. Merrtsaa'4MCOt| Ban, frtsnus for SopertotJrtMtS'-M. D.. Btsreason, Aurora. SSXO: Mrs.Seat,M doMS towels; Hr*.i. £ Masee. Loci port, two boxes fruit tad vegetables * received from Grand Haven two cords wood; Mrs. BdUsca. package, aqalries; money lea at the Borne, slß.W*' " J - l - i-• *- ■' By oner of Ctaunittet. , AntSKßKßlin. . The part wr ek hss been a comparative failure in tbe line of samae.nuits, the great traitor*’ show bcatifg all else hollow, and detracting materially from theirpower todraw. That master sticking plaster, the Coppuhiad Convention, dime together “’most a ]—certainly the very ertmt tit >a ertmt 6f treason In tbeNortbera States, and tbeothermlfi'ip Hku smoky ctimulc*, related to draw at all. Ibe<p>p4>wi-r • eparted for .the nonce; sight* store loot'd on tbc lace shore a-fbowof moreab eorblngintertst, if not “ racial more attractive,*' and the beat of performert wen dun •manly to comparative y thin booses. Those political tnck stt-rs sod mooniebatka ont Atdrrsooed Auderaoa fn then Joggling I* si f, »nd the Mnseam ceralnly old not contain a tithe ot (be cariosities offered to tbs gaze of tbs enrione in the Amphitheater. As a emib rsceforithenomiiiatloQof tbose old backs. UcUdlan, Seymour, VsUaadwbam ft Co. nude a much more exdilns ran than any ever presented on the mauds of tbe Chicago Driving Park Asso* elation, and James Robinson, on a bare-backed otced, la nothing to the f-at of tbe wn-warlike tf e> Clt-ll»nettklngto nde Into tbe White Hoods on tbe peace mult- a hybrid animal, tbe proonct of a erers betwf en War and Peace Democracy. Bverr rno will aomlt that there has been no lack of VarU ?r*J pwierted b» tbe motey ctew there assem b is* We think so-bTvtmt&r. They are cone; u peace” to their ashes. If we mistake not, they will b*c‘>ruW7ibd in the Are of popular indignation which witi burst opoa tbera In November. They are cone.'and tbe “leslu mate** baa resumed Us sway. We proceed to make note ot amusements proper; wo oonht if it bo.sot highly Improper to citil their exhibition an stnnsvmrat. though we bops it will prove to bet rail ot Instruction to Unlon-luvlng men. MeVlcacr bas done pro’tr w ell, all things beln g considered. Cbantrsnhas presented tbe “ noble loro** and “hu btothrrSam** in a maimer w.lcb bas tlicnaicd unbounded npplaate from tboso who witnessed bts itlmnablo ItnltaiSoos. Oar Ameri can Cousin at Home ts a piece which, in hla h «nds. Is very taking; though ran considerably, it bas ucvrr yet ran down Tbc day may yet c*me to an rad, in which ca>e we believe Ohaofrsa has some bopea ol finding bis brother, or, in other word*, ot 1® •atw play entitled “Barn Pound.” McVlrker will present the . - Bidden Hind” on Monday eveninc with Cbanfrau mixed In. We need nottndlcaie the part he wtb ukek ohvofran alwavfc Motes a good bud and plays Discards to perfection. His benefit on Friday evening snfll dently showed the appreciation In which he is held here, It was a humbler. Mr, NeszK a wai i! fcnowD actor, wU Join the eompuy tn the course of the ensuing week. 9 The Museum la open. On Saturday the Lecture Hoorn was tall, alieruoon and ev«nine, the Cop perhead glory having departed. The “Love Knot was given In a style worthy of tbe bssttbe- . aieratbomeor abroad Messrs. Wood ft Whit men modestly call their entertainment hall a “Lee* tore Doom. It Is so in one tease—many a set S««hs ft lSf?*? Teacbed . liM:re » tßd * moral ess^n toogbt which Jr properly memorized *»iU nodonbt *,6teoer®» The old company hu tiV b fi additions. including uias Sn «*5 toward. Light pieces ore m order amlng the first Uree days of the coming week. It l s at aboat Tnawday the “Duke’s Uo ' reproduced. The Idea is a good ®®*- The niece was achieving complete success v bsn cut ebon by ibe vaca’lon. Tee Wild Vea •t Borneo are«on the upper floor for a fewdava longer, and are wt I v orthy nt a visit. J * i^ P r£ fe 'f or^ndCT^) ?/ Junior; holds forth nightly to the Acad«n*of Music Hail. He will remin wee *- raccesa in Chicago hasnot been commensnratwwjih bis merits • h«la ■ J?S«ViAM on, i® lo ? llcc i 111 ***'•• dl y- Thi“B«s otd BLbV’ls dearly undeisiood, aad the trick in 1 tb**hox; bsata the Davenport hoys hollow, a 1 . ri »*” managers are making extra exertiona to plrase, aid succeed. The sisters £atdle and Celeetine, dancers, and J. H. Carl the 1 haulolst, come on the stage thiaweet r. w IM S p i l lbe C * Torll « t-’lara BoUen the wetk? n * ® owo 8 Circus has been here daring Tbe Chlrago Drtilns Pitt Aiwctitlon ha, ,r --nsEtdroraierlraol trota to come off this writ oTcrtbnr count, of more than naoal Intercat to aponloß " A tool race for otto Ihontatia dollar, la nnder atood to cmiiC off on the Brighton course on Hon day afternoon. \ MLIGIOVI INTELLIGENCE. The YbcnrMen’s Bible Class meets every Son. SXft.*” 1 hnt* 1 ! 40 £ -ocktoroom No is.aCetbo- Block. Strangers ate Invited to at *»,.T^?K Sab i* at ?.. I ? or^,neß « rT,Co of the First Bap bat Umrch will ba held, until further notice. In the leemre room or the Übltarlan Church, on Wa- Ueh avenoe, corner ot nobnanl Court. Sabbath !^°?l* at 9a * m * PoWlcnropahlp at 10:3u5.m., ana ..45m im, every Sabbath. Preaching or tfae f a **® r A & Everts. -The arayer meeting u held every Friday erentagata qu-rterbelow S oVloca. Rev. J oßCph Haven, D. D.. will pteach In Uatoa Pain Congregational Church to-day. Morning Her viceat 10*; evening, 7*; Sabbath SchoolS^ock i E. TatUe, post Chaplain or Camp Dong. l»s, leltfor, on business con* StS^SlS 111 Ihe new *s?* of Bt * Lake in this city,andtorecuperate bis Inpatred health. Do* S? 1 a» « a^.*ti s ce 01 * wo w ®*hs bla congregation Is Chnn;,[i DT ted 10 “ lten<t ! ‘ erY ‘ Co In St.- James' Rev. n w. Cobh, seneral neent of ths North western Freednsn’s Aid Comral«.ija, wU address the congregation at the Plymouth CtmrLh. this “it? *®if« at A /oil stteudaoce ts requested. Tbccqrnertfetoneor the new edifice oi tue First Baptist Church, on Wabash avenue, wit! be laid oa Monday aflcrnoon next at 4 o’clock . This edifice U««fcost upwards oi*iw,ooo.aud will be one of the very finest pieces oi church architecture m tbe Aorlhwiat. Thxeepiflceiatobo built entirely of UUncla gtanlte.nuh a steeple SSOfeel In height. The plans will be on exhibition on Monday a*ter. noony during tbe exercises. All who reel an lu terert m the material as well aa moral prosperity of Chicaco are Invited to be present. * * 3 a funeral sermon .at Park Avenneil.E Church, corner of Patkave. nee and Robey .street, at 10* o’clock, a. m, on thei occasion ot tbe death of Mrs, John quitted Death the last enemy” van- Bcv.6.n Tlfflmjt,D. D., will preachat Park to-dav, at 8 P‘jn.,ln the church, corner of Wabash avenue and Harrison at. Addresses will bedellrcwd by Her, W.D. Stelton, ofas“clTy- Carier, wq, of Milwaukee,and by tb« pul tor, iut. r».. a. piMMnt time Is antici pated, and all are cordially invited to attend. Ihe new church oflheGcrminlLE Sodetv.on C.vbomno avenue, North Cblcsfo, will be dedica ted to-day. The order of services will be: 10 o clock a. m.. Sermon aod Dedication,by Rev. Wm r.ast. D. D., editor of tbe “Chilsthcbe Apologete 4 o dock p. m„ English Sermon, by Rev. O. 11. Tiff ftny, D. D*: 7*o'clock n. m„ Lecture on German Keujodlrm, by Rer, W. hast, D. D., In the Memo diet church Block, corner of Clark and Washing ton streets. »«OUAUK Iter. Geo. D. Cnmmlni, D. 8., after a fnmmer'e I*ss', l 0- b .“. r<!t ” rI ‘ l!d 10 ClilcastK SeiTlcu will be held In Ttltlij Cbucb, commencing at 10« a. m. &L (2 P« IS. The Annual Convention of clergymen and lav delegates irom ue Episcopal Chnrches of the nlo cece of Dlinoif, will be held In the Bishop's Chnrch on the comer of Peoria and West Washington atieclp, curing the week succeeding the presear. The convention will assemble 00 Wednesday, the 14«b. Divine service will commence at 10 o'clock. . The sermonv ill be preached by Her. Warren 11. KobCTt*. Thursday evening wII bm devoted to a •*chrier*nnnif Ch^ li^ Ibcdlscnased the eabjectof Jmemiah a, Jrianell, an acknowledged minister iii-« Bo Si ety °. ! from Laiayette, lad, will attend meeting at tbe Yoang Men’s Christian AssodaUom 10pm, No. 15 Methodist Church Block, atlPo clock thl'morning. All are Invited. The hour for service* at Camp Douglas is 7 o dock In the evening. Bandar School at 8 o'clock. *W ce *.*l th f S nn .°°*« the United Stile* Gen* erel fiospiialat 5 o clock in the afternoon. The bniiQlnp is located on Eighteenth street. Wl?v 9 a S*' . pn . the -conier of West Waui ngtott and Peoria streets, is open for divine service on Sunday *t IfcSO a. m. t ana at 7:80 pm! afternoon service* at prerent. ■ton Reformed Dnteh Chnrch, corner of Monroe at 10.50 a.m., and «.a)p.a. A airdial welcome extended to all. ™«s*-£S? PC o*' hatch win bo open at usual aUaum- Sandy at 10* a. m.and 6 p. m. ~.tJ? ch ;%i attbe 8011111 ConCTegatioual Church, coradr of Calumet avenue ana 28th street, at low o'clock by the pastor, Rev: .W. 8.-Wrfcht/ * IW Berners wDi be held ic the WestminsterChureh of Onttiio and Dearborn strestfat Wncht. b * fte P«!or-B«. J 1! The Union Park Baptist Cbnrcb is openfor di vine service at the nsoal hour-moralngand evening. Rev. dames Dixon, D. D., pastor ana Sj- Paul's Church-Rev. $?. B. Kjder, D D pastor—will be ro-opened for reliciotu services this e TP ain « services at the usual hours. The pastor will preach. .The con cregailon of Grace Cbarch will worahln Tj/pm 11 S,aio atreet t * day at lo * Zm. and « jßev. 2. M. Hnmphrey, Imving returned to the dty, wUI occupy the pulpit of Ms church—Flret Pmbjterlan—morning and evening ttwiay a* v Scrricomorning and evening In the South Pre*. by terj&p Church, on the corner of Jackv)n mSS Md XUrd tTCDDe. The Peeler. Haxiha, has returned from vacation and resurafli hi* Isbors to-day,. lie wilt also presch a»A « «* in theM. E. Chnrch, corner Roby street and?»arfc avenue, west sloe. T " arw communion service* wfll be held In the M K Chnrch ihie morning at 10 V o’clock. th, Futw, JlfT. E k Boit." liWTSSS ?e«S: “• h P o"pr^ Preaching by the Rutor at the North Star' Him slnn, comer of Division and Sedgwlca siroet/trt day.niONa.m. Sabbath School (SnSTaWS &SP***”**"* in toe evening a( 7jtf ’ There will be services In the Ohio street Church on Wabash Mesne, at 10V o’clock a. a, this AlfredSddy wUI proachl Ail ..Services at the Jeffwson street B. Church, at &»t« 041 hott ” ° f aerTlc ®' Con*«ded Frank Wadiwprth, of Portland, Maine, will apeak on iheanb|ect of SpWtnailam in MeSnMli tan Hall, morning and tTtsjif. ” Preachingto-day at the usual how of moraine service, Is the Christian Church, located on Mon ro® between Aberdeen and Becker. Sunday School at 9 o dock in the moraine. J Atixwtes oa ‘ CU * e - S **“ M The regular ferrieee will ho resumed In Unity (Jwct coraer of Chicago avenue and Dearborn ??®S* ®«»toe at halt past tea. Sermon by Ihenttor. Bev.BoMrtCoUyer. ‘ Rev. Mr. JadkioKoftbe Troy Conference, will preach In the Clark street M. e: Church, at i<>v a. m. ' n Halted States Christlan Oomnalsolsn. The United States Christian Comznlealon ack nowledge* the receipt ol the blowing additional donations aincr-Cbe Mat published ackaowhdz tnents Collection at Union meeting, Belvldere, by H. D. Waterman, £4*2.80:: Union meeting,' South Bend. Ind„ by J. *L Strong, $1,161; Dr. James Eddy! IxraelU Knox countv, Mick, $7.75: from Hocktord,- 111 ,by Kev. Tnoe. bxerr, $-T,-VT; Union Fast Day oflering of SL E.and ConSrcga- Uonal churches, Winnebago, by D. J. Humes ISOt.OT: aediUosal from Janesville, Wl#„ by J l! Kimball. $n.W: Faat Day collection, Mount Yor non. lowa, ner W.J. Boas, S2O; Fan Day collec tion, Reading, Michigan, per B. Dunn, tlS.t3}. collection at Waopon Wisconsin, per John Bryce, Treasurer, (67;' M. S. Church, Aurora,HL. per Rev. Mr. Bos)ee, S3O; ,Wm. Q, Hohaeiu no Clark street, Chicago, $5; M. E. Church, Hano. Rockwell, pastor, *8.70; Baptist S*frcb,astara,Wla.,per3u St. JoELfS; iL E. Cbordi, Rush Co, Mlsalon, pa Rev. Philip Hacker. &l2 ! i! fel S? n ßc^l > First Congregational Church, liT. •jOy.Hobeit Thompson, pastor. Water- Jf ®* from Wan- P. Jacooa, $00.37; meeting at Benin, SILIV; «llect:on w JL jl. Strong, S>MO4!B; Oskaloosa Branch, per Ladles* Soldlera* Aldkod ty. "Is., per Mrs. A. H. Darling. Sec retary, $92.36: Congregational Cburdi. LaSalle. HU per Rev. Henry Durham, $5; Additional tram Cbatfield, Minnesota, per G. W. Fuller, $j- c Lnckrrman, Comanlca. lowa, $5; meeting at*Bl pom Wls.. per M. B. Kingsbury, $53; H. S. ctu. Ripen, Wls., f 10: ClUzena of Troy Grove and r£ dxuty. pet. Mr. B. C. Oolmcry, $ 83; additional from Oankcib, per U. C. McCo outer, SASO: Cltlxena of Bloomington, HU per O. H. Cluakejw fiisaes: Sunday School at Winona, Mini. Mia. J.B. Stodkton. SSXS: Citizens of Rochester, M turn, per Rev. J. Lathrop, sia-Citizens ot Wa- Trriy, Mlotu, p« Bcr. J. B. Perry, SSJO: H. Cron eh, Sparta, Wls., per Rev. Wm.Rush,sl; from Hamilton, Mlnn„ pw Rev. T. MeClarev, $7; citi zens of LaCrotse, per J. T. Yalkenbnrg. $4f1.40; a girt at Port r Atgpaon, Wis. ex dtange received on draft on Re w York, Ax : from McHenry county meeting atGreenwooc, per J.y. FarwelL SWIJO: from ameetteg at' BosklsUad.* per todart Crampton, MB: Pint Presbyterian Church, Monmouth, per A. O, Qreyg, S3T ; First U. P. Cborcb, Monmouth, tw Thomas John* «». 1M»; Cbalfnen 6 S., Macomb, lUT,'per AJluackborn, $8: Swede Cborcb, Kewaoee, HI, per John Lofcran, 95; Union meeting at Lena. per A. W. Hafi, $« »; English M- E. Church, at Lena, per A, W Halt, SU; School Bulrict No. 5, Rockford, per Her. Thomas Kerr, 18XB2; Wm. C. Be/no ds, Chicago, UOU»iDßlon*iletiiDff, Green Bay, per M. D. Fe*k,saa.tC; Pitt Day Call, Sparta, Mich.. per B, w.fiblit, iJiAO: P. J. Freeman, Cedar Rapid#, Mirb.. I&00; P.B. 1-att, F'an", Hi,ss.oq; citizeoa or Onarga. 111., perP.BUsn, 5182.7U; Union meet ili*biaaks. Ind., per Ser* J. M, Strong, I?C3 <0; Union meeting, Goshen, lod., per Bar. J M. Strong. $110.00: cuflrcttd at Coral, per Rer. O. R. Caltermsn. $45.00: PretbTteriao Cbnrcb,N*aT rille, Il].,*p er j. S'aAtfd, $38.00; Presbjte* nan Cborcb, Washington; pfr Rer. Coancs fo'Bl#, 115.17: proceed# of lectnre at Ocoo-. io,W|». t per ionuiu Cole, SBSJR|; collection at Brian Hail, SB-'OCO: rollected at a meeting of of, Danville, I<U ft; • citizen of Kea lß ter J. M.‘Btrong, $B0; Mra. Hiram Hibbard, Cblcaco,s7; Oskaloou Branch Cimrcb Conjmlnfe, by Dr. Cbanem-Beardsley, Secretary, citizens of Lkonier, Ind., S4MB: U R. Cborcb, Storm#, Mich., $18; meeting at Warsaw, oerj. ii. Strong, «Bir; meeting at Uulon City, |cd., by Rer. J. U. "troop, »1U): Beacon and Berkshire School lUatrlctj. br Aaa Biller, Secre tary, |4IOO. Total, «7.»00.ia. Frermaaly ac knowledgfd Grand total, $30,?a.78. Kicety.two dollar* preriojalr acknowledged from the Baptist Church of iloomonth, should bare been from tie First Presbyterian Church ol MoLnunth; also forty dol’sra credited to Chat neld. Itiinoip. ten dollars ot which la from Mr*. C. G. Rlpjey. Contributions are earnestly solicited, hend money ioB. F. Jacobs. Secretary, and store# to Christian Commission. 109 Clark street. Cnlca* £O, lit s. P. RAIUUNQTON, Troas. Satb Blowwo.—On last one or Bore burglars effected an entrance to the office of the Wcod jafd comer of Market and Monroe streets, and blew open the safe. TbeirpeneTe* ranee netted them—eereoty cent! In postal curren cy* A paying job. Our Quota* Edit on Tribune. 1 bate been raiding the report of the meeting at Metropolitan Hall, and to me it seems bat hole advancement h*s been made In the nabt direction, eoo day after day la passing by. and we arc hardly any nearer filling oar <inota. There are thousands otmenln the cut who are ready and wilting to ptveof their means to-consummate this object, and there are thousands of. able-bodied men wno stand ready to scouiderthe miake*, if a liberal bounty could be obtained, with which the wolf mlfibt be kept from the door of their homes daring <helr absence. All are waiting for soma organiza tion, and'whfle the committee appointed ara<doiag tne work them, wljy will not tome of oar prominent men organize another committee, and offer a bounty of say Are hundred dollars, cash, for volunteers f 111 warrant yon, Messrs. Editors, the men will he forthcoming. Bat bow to'zaiee the means? uere la a plan S*y, appoint three man lone for each aide of the river), of each kind of business, trace or profession, and send them out collecting 15. $lO. |6O, $i00«, or tWK from any person who is willing to ssbsenhe, and let the list be published of those who elve and the amounts, at the same time let the organised committee call tor volun teers at |MO per man. and pay as long as the money bolds out, and tbete will be no tronote about filling our quota. will there be any trouble, Messrs. Editors? Tbe advantages of ’tbU plait are there: Father Abraham win have hia soldiers, the soldiers families wIU be provided for daring the coming winter, and Cook county will efecape tbe draft. Set the ball In motion, Ur Editor, and there are hundreds who will give tnelr services tor the cause. Count on me to do my share, and *tTm not unknown to fame.** 2 UastTpaoxunnn, LOCAL MATTERS, Sooth Side Union Leacne*—Tbe 8. S. D. L. A., wilt hold a meeting on Monday ova, (sth Inat 0 st Warren Hal), commencing at 8 o'clock. Fourth Ward Avoid the Draft—At tention I—An adjourned mass meeting mil bo held at UUch's Hotel on State street, Monday, Sep tember sth, at 7X p. m n to take measures to avoid the dralc lu tne P'oortn Ward. The quota can be raised. Prompt action will save us. Let every man in the Warp attend. J t3f~ The following letter Is from Dr. J. H. Jor. dan, of Cincinnati, to Dr. Wilson, of Pittsburg Ptnn,,io answer toaletierof Inquiry concerning Dr, James’abilities In the treatment of private dleeares, Dr. WUron knowing Dr. Jordan was ac qn&lnud Dr. James. • Dr. J. H. Jordan was physician to tho Cincinnati Choltra Hospital during tbe summer ol 1*49. and was Professor oi the Theory and Practice of Medl clce and oiMa’ena Medici to the American Mcdi cal lustitu'e ot Louisville, Ky., la 1&50, *si, and ’32. Dr. Jordan is now, or was when last- heard from, practicing in • Inclonatl (only one day's cruel irom Chicagoby th Air Line), where the skeptical can refertohim. Herelahhcletrtrreferred(o; _ 41 Cwcinkatl July 0, JB6L Sir—ln answer to your In quiries. I would ear that I have known Ur. James, formerly off James’ Lock Hospital; New Orleans, and now of Cbl taco, Illinois, off and on, tor the last twelve yean-, aod I think I may safely say Wat. n bis line of practice, 100 not know bla superior. Ifhla equal. I knew him two years in New Or leans, and three summers la this city, and In roth places I bad occasion frequently to recommend patients wanting treatment tn that line to him, and in every case, so far aa I could learn, be waa successful, and gave tbe most perfect satisfaction. He baa from the atari made the study of what are called special diseases a specialty, and has, 1 tKllcve. been most eminently successful. I know of no one to whom I would sooner recom mend a patient or afriend necoiug treatment of that kind, or lor any of the kladredcompUlau or chronic diseases which be has made hts stfdr.riiau whim. You can, I think, safely recommend or scud such patients to him, in case you do not wish to treat them yourself. Yours truly, J. H. Jordan. M. D.” Dr. James cures syphilis, seminal weakness,and au dltcases of tbe blood, skin, and generative or gui, Dr. Janies’ office and parlors are 86 Randolph siictt, between State and Dearborn street-*. Ten sepuate rooms, and alt consultations confidential. Office hours Irom 9a.m.UUB p. m. sei-qtOO-lt Taluabls BXcdlesil Adwle«.—Tboia who •itMiWrlaa nrom diMiMlo lts various forma, and wish to be treated successfully and confidentially, better then coma t Dr, Bigelow, at his office, No. ITU SonuTClark street, on the corner of Monroe. Tbe Hector has now been established In this city for two searr, and In the course of that time bss secured a urge, vnluable and npldlr ex tending practice, 110 is a thoroughly educated pbyMc»an. and par.les placing themselves In his hands may rely npon baring the best resources of profeeslonal»sill bronrht to their relief. lodises • H° n ’,.J. bp ? p r la ’ coMUopiloD, scrofula, and the long list ol rhroolc dieea»e% find in him a success, lul To cases of a private and dinilsl nvture be has paid marked attenUon, and u Is not too much to say thaV hundreds la this dly have teen rescued from a me of misery and perhaps, pn mature death, through hts agency bcorcs of ladlea and gentlemen in this city scand ready to testify to his ability and success, aa dis played in tbe case of themrelvea or friendo There are but fewpb.vs!dana who, makin- the treatment of private diseases a special object of study are euUUed to confidence. In tho great ma- Jority of ca«es, the so-called venereal nfacUtlouer tw Z\ nntl * dependingoßiy on tbe gullibility of tbe public and the natural indUposl ttonofhli victims, to expose his cxfortlocaic Ig norance, gives himself the name of Doctor and commences a series of Impositions. Dr. Bigelow Is a graduate of one of tbe best medical colleges and hie professional career h«s amplv Justified the granting of bis dlp'oma. Ho never takes a case without feeling assured that he can effect a cure ; and so accurate Is bis judgment that hts diagnosis never falls. Tho afflicted may visit him la perfect confidence and they will receive the best a tbe most scientific treatment, and be treated eon floentlally. • sepi-qSaHt, „ta~P*fer niMimr, ic., ic., at Jf. York ortaa. F, E, Rigby, S> Randolph St. auS7-pT&I-3-t A “Coach,” “Cold,” or Irritated. Throat, if allowed to progress, results m serious Pulmonary and Bronchial affections, oftentimes incurable. Jitwn't JtroneMai Troches reach di rmly the affected pans atd give almost instant relief. In Bronchitis. Asthma, and Catarrh they are beneficial. Obtain only the genuine “Brown’s Bronchial Troches” wnlcb have proved their effi cacy by aleet of many year*. Among testimont sls attesting their efficacy ate letters from £. II Chapln.D. D.Ncwyprk: Heurv Ward Beecher, JfwrYork: Hon! C, A. Phelps. Pres. Senate; Dr. G. F. Blgc low, Boston; Prof. Edward North, Clinton. N, Y Surgeons In the annv, and others of eminence. Sold everywhere at S& cents per box. BepS.j2sMm-FM.fcW ygr Disease* of the Nervous, oeannai. Urinary and Sexual Systems^—New and reliable treatment' —in reports of the Howard Association. Sent by mail In sealed letter envelopes, tree of charge. Address Dr. J. Sklilou Houghton, Howard As-o cfation,No.S Soctn Ninth- street, Philadelphia, Pa, • iy2-mSM-sm Of* Home and Sign Painting, Caldmlning, Glazing and Graining. Paper Hangings and Wia. daw Shades selllngal wholesale and retail at New York prices. F, B. Rxqbt, 89 Randolph street. Box 6863. lyU-n633-Xm netroMlltanßall te BeaL-This Hall is to rent for all tbe purposes for which such halls are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Applica tion* can be made at the ofioe, adjoining tee en trance to the Hall ieUHAiC-tf Markets by Telegraph, Pt Louis nwrfeet, IBpe%al Dieramh to the Chicago Tribune.) 67. Lours. Saturday. SeptAriau. Tom*cco—Market for all trades a shade higher for lues,with tales of L 3 bhds, including Itgrsen and damaged I? 5CA10.70; 5J factajy do at lILOOd ; lit planter*! do at ftl.'Aais. a »j 17 common ahlppirg leaf at 1.1/CO2LT3; 11 medium do at BJBJO GtS.29; ti good and fire do-at and 3 ccmmoo and medium manufacturing leal at ISLOTa fi IOC fts; bids on 20 additional hhds were re jected. Fxoua—Heavy and tending downward, with aalea ot 125 bris sneer ai $3 "a ; 3,«0 do stogie extra Inaoecb ad, deobla lined sad dellveted, at tteoo: slade extra at iIBJJJ4; iso do dcnble extra at I10.X3:850 do do Infected, double head lined and delivered, at |LW; andWOcodoatlio.73 9 Ml. Quant—Wheat dull and drooping* tod at the close about 5c lower, with aalea of 831 tacks common to fait at ti Bo®ls7j its tacts lair and good attajoa 2tt; L789d0 prune at |3.l’«2.ißJfJ 2,*® do strictly prune and choice at SL3J; 135 do doatt22«az.2i p bn. Cora firm and hicber, wlib aalea iso sacks mixed white, at the North Miwomlßallroad depot, at |L9t W do yellow, white and mixed at*Us: 2£lo dodo -at llASKaur,and ffj do do-at 1146* f bn. Oats ' very firm and active, closing hither. Sales com* Pi land (CO to SCO aka (pa»t in new ska) a*. Wo; S6do»in ‘ ■•w aka, at Me, and 1016 do at Cc N bo. Bailey—a taaHlot otGakstprinzbailey waa sold at s2.i« p bn. exclude of an. Paomroxs—There waa considerable life In the Bwke*,aud aalea were reported el U and2l casks pork house bacon clear sides at 2fe : t4J» Us city can-rased sugar-coxed hates at 25c: IvOOO brla mess pork private, and lau utrees city kettle-readcred XarouMHcp-B. •Watery—l inner, and salt* SC br!s,ll3 and3Q do at •I*6 P gal • Hat—Boldera were firmer, and sales were reported of 110 bales, to contractor*, at «2IJ« delivered, aad ll»do ticht presaed, to shippers, at 127.M P ton. Wool—Active and blgber, with sales to-day of 6 hags unwashed at caste. tod 5-do tub-washed at MUwftukee Market. . [SpecialDispatch to tbe Chisago Tribune) • - Mxxwavxbv* Saturday, Sept. 3, mi. FXouw—Deellued xsotne-sales limits 1 to tw*n axsouuu at tu.75 for eouatry extra. G *aia—’lVheat lower, with tales at Smith’s of WOOD bu at 12X5. but lowered on ’Change; iO,CobuatfZ.Be]oiaadS7-tf thlsereolsg. Market quiet at SUQ. Qau easier at Me. # - HUnola andSlehlgan Canal. to the Ctucaao Tribune.) J Bxzrexxorr. Saturday, Sept. 3. Imperial, Lockpcxt: S. A- Douxlasßo. 2, fieucea: Altguippa. Oitawa, ZS.Sflr feet lembrr. 2M(O tect lumber, lath: Monarch, Joliet,lVob lath; AUce, LaSalle, 25483 feet lumber, gleet Oa£Leaf, Joliet e,’S7 feet lumber, SLOCS i'uh Lady Fm khn, Lemout: D. Hess, do; H. O. Locals - ..•••• Muirad, LaSa!le*l<stout eoalt Water* Ico.LeaaHe.aAtObu wheat. . • ▼esaelaßnaeedDetroit- ~‘r; LBpeciai Dirpatch to the Chicago Tribune.* : _ DrraoTT, Saturday, Sept. 3,1864. Upr-Berks Western Metropolis, Dacube,Qeraldlne'» Mechanic. Mldalght, Fcole, Jacobite, Etagstord, M s. Bachman, Alfred, BarUeQ, Adubndae. - - .*• Dovnr—None,;- _ ▼tXD-HorthcaeC**' ‘ ’* new Sera ftlaraet. 1 Kaw fosr, Saturday, Sept. B.* iMt • Cottow—Doll and unsettled and so lover, at 113) for Dicdling.nolacda.* •Fni ua-tt'ato and wtlPrn doll and TSOMs lower, at «10iS«10Jafrextra: til. 60”.8Ofar eorarcand liooo Obto; atdf 3800 IS so for trade b'aodi. closing* oollvtm nobn>eraatontndeqnnt«i|o ak . . * Wdx-wt—UraTTMd lower. Western, ttSOOLOI. closing noli stlnside pifesa. Obai>—Wheat very null andnomloatlrSaiclover: wlrttrr*dVMie)D.S73s. C >odoli»Dd?<%3uiover. at «i.Hol.6<;mr muted wea ebn. nosm* at insula ac urrt; sen Sl,f3 lot me lea’ v*ry choice do. Oau quirt and steady at Co for western t>UO«B~ Qolei at 310 lor Muscovado. Fatsouhm—Hotbinal at v a.*!c fir crude * STaain irmtstd Is bond i B*o 9<o for refined free PsOTUiosa-Fork opened quiet at o»er dtlc»s with self» at *B9 for mess: llO.sf f rnnwdo: cloainz atta ; *3BOSB S' fo» prime, end SX*ato torn toe mess. cbuOy at tbe uuer price: tjOubna mess frr September, bo#era option, at 843. B-ofu.f~s and heavy. Lard opened beayy aodcirsed firn Z4Ke: also IJi Dbtlf, for all Ssntan bar, at llk tlli e. Bnu»r somewhat nosettied st 480450 fur Oow. «hd lor state, Cbceas quiet and more cr less nod. InaiatTOgyiMr. Ballroad Time Table. CHICAGO AH) XOBTnWESTERX— DEPOT COB* WEST WATZB A I'D KINXIB STS. Depart. Arrive. Wail Pawnger •Ittfloa.m. ’ *5: 5 a.m. Em.ios Express *S:i’op.m. *;l:Ssa.m Nigbl Express .. *9:3 p.m. *6:15 OaLSXA DtTZBIOX C. A X. W. RAILWAY—DEPOT NORTH WELLS BTBEBT. Fulton Passenger.... .... 9:45 am. 5:30a.m Fulton Passenger V:I6 o.m. |:SS p;m' Freeport Paseenccr 9; 0 Am. 8:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger lOrtOp.m. 8:10 am. Rockiord PasecDfer. 4'OOpjn. 11:10 am. Genera Passenger 5:80 p.m. 8:80 a.m. - xxomoAX central. Detroit Fxprets ........,.»6; >73:80a.m. Detroit Kipre.. te-0.) O.m. *3:15 DetrotlExprea. —; *710:00 p.m. *a:iSp,m. (Train* for Cincinnati and ZauinUU.) Mpraloe Kiprem •I'tMa.m. *8:13 p.m. MUtbt Express 16:00 pm. J&u a.m. UCIUOAK SOUTHERN—DEPOT CORE KB TAX BURKE AXO SBRRXAN STREETS. Dnj Express >B;lSn.m. Eipreta Nfeht Exptess — •tlOrOOp.m. ■ p::,sa.m. DSreotT TRAINS. Express, via Adrian *6:30 a.m. *8:45 a.m' PimsBUBO. FORT WATXB A CHICAGO. Mall and Accommodatlon.*4:4o ajn. n.m D.t Exprcre 16:30 s.m. «8-,lspS; S.*'lS pre “ t. :00 p.m. ifc o 5,m Meht Express tJOilOo.m. Ifciß • m Cln, £ Louisville Express.+o:4o p.m. ffiqy ( Connecting With Penntyltania Centra! B. R ) EeaTePlUe.hnrg.. &00 4:35 p,ro, 8:45 p.m. t ' HbiTlßb’g.. 5:20 p.m, 8;45a.m. .0:00 a.m. ArriTePPllMer . B:S0 p.n. 6:50 aja. ItaO iSI a. xorfc. via A 1 entoo. “ N. York. Ph.Jdd ’ 10:05 p *“- 12:05 p * m * P-m, I* 8:40 pm. 7:00 a.m. 11:50 a.m. “ Waeh’ion.. 9&o p.m. 10:30 am. 6:33 p.m CINCINNATI Am LUCE, Sf^fST® 88 6:30 a-m. 8:15 p.m. Night Express 9:40 pm. 8:10 a,m. * For Indlanapoiit ana LouUtlßeA B? 7 *.??”® 88 - *•3O am. 8:15 p.m. Night Express • ,9;40 pm. 8,10 a.m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL. .•8:15 p.m. *9:00 p.m. ..+9:30 p. m. *7:00 a. m. .*6:IR p, m, ..*6:35 a. m. *7:45 a.m. ,*l2;ou m. *l:B.p.m. •4:01 p. m. *5:20 p. m. .*•6:15 p. m. *7:Bu p. m. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON AND QUINCY. gfy.EST'M 0:00 a. m. 5:13 p.m J-lchtEipreea 9: .5 p. m. 3:00 £m. Menduta Accommodation. 5:iS p. m. 9:30 a. m. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. Erpre.B Mali... 9:30 a. m. 7:30 p. m. Nlcht Express 9:00 p. m.. OikOa.jn Joliet Accommodation.... 4:45 p.m. 9:30 p. m CUJCAQO AND BOCK ISLAND. D f S L a S? IMSIII,iu “ u --9:45am. iß Rlcht Express. ....; 9:15 p.m. 3:15 a.m. Joliet Accommodation 5:10 p.m. CHICAGO AND XILWAUKEB RAILWAY. St. Pan! Express 10:00 a.m. 8:15 p.m. NU*btExpress fiiMlp.m. 1:00 p.m. " aukegan Acccmmodatl'n 6:20 p.m. 8:40 o m Ew ston Special 2:30 p.m. 4:34 pm. •Snncajs excep'ed. + Saturdays excepted. Mondays excepted. Day Passenger.... Night Passenger., Kankakee Acc’n. Bjde Park Tram. MAKBIEO. At Toronto, c.w .on the Ist lost, bv the Rer. Dr. Jenbtnss Miss TSABHiLA HASSON, oi Toronto, to ki. JOHN BENSON, 0! Chicago. * On tbs lit lost., at tbe Chuck ot the Holy Comma Gtnava. Ul». by the I’ev. Mr.Utfter. Col OKoJiOE n. BROWNE. c( Pr..THeB-£ K. i. ?S Mailt L. daughter of ihe Hon. C. M. Bauer, of the tomer pjsce. » * " At Batavia. 171., Srpt. let, by Her. Geo.'C.rortr'dc*. Snaav* E # iWilfiSl h ; a -o f Mach!**, Ualae, to MJjANE.LQC'K-rtOOD, daagh er of Ho a. Saamel H. I.Ot KWOOC, X>X JEX) In IH* eltyfFent. S. IPfil, Mrs. PARA 1 LIVEBiET. wire cf Jwpl Llvetsi-y, aeed 4< yeirtf. Forersl ftom the mtaenoe. 290 M. oesnlaloe* Btre«r. to oay (Sunday) UI2R o’elocx. FrlsndaoftLeiam lly are at end. * ©encral Notices. extra. GREAT EXCITEMENT. Tie tees are GaHeriiir,. THE PEOPLE AEE AWAKE, AND Manifest Great Enthusiasm IN THE MATTER OF Securing a Bargain BARTLETT’S. CLOrniJVGPAMGE IS DULY THRONGED. The Mammoth Stock, The Excellent Quality. The Verv Low Prices, Bender tbla tbe Favorite Resort for tbe Purchase or HEIDI JUDE CLOTHING ASD Flemishing Goods By every cla?a of our citizens. i3l and 133 Randolph-St, (SHERMAN HOUSE BLOCK.) _apl-OUSJT4thp auction Sales. TsssO, S iif- A “° OttCAMETs’.^ cßlioS MAT. THE ESIIRE STOCK OF 1 iJIRPEI HOCSE, AT ADCTIO.V, On Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept, flth and Tth, Atßutt>rs’Auctionß Portland Block.<**»T aer of Dearborn ana Washington streeti 6R“P»rUcnlars hereafter. eeu * WM. A.BUTTERS & CO., ' Auctioneer!. angSMSS-ilt pACKINTG HOUSE.—For sale at -L. public auction, on ■ Saturday, Sept. 10tb, 1804. At 3 o’clock pm : , that certain mint Packing Rouse Archer tfoad,lhihe city uf Chicago, formerly Known as ALESASiiBR BELL'S, more rtccnUv occupied bjQtsAtcn* Co.,togetherw»m tht axinres;appiu. tecanc* b., uexpired uta of lease, etc. Alto?a lot or Ground Alum silt and Sairpecre. Sale ca tne prem- F°voaroealars.Ar a® WM * A * BUTTERS A CO m W au3Lpa»i-awtthp Auctioneera. gQ desirable residence Lots in the West-Division at auction. 9 a Tff®JAT.fteptfith.atJK».m ,oc the promises, Swaball aell tothe hlgbeit biddur. several desirable S ad W.ionla of Twelfth ■treet, between Uorgaa and Walk*r. m Braod’a Ad. dttion. One eighth caab and the balance in vetaLan -5.® eßt *. ono*.lßhiii with Opet cent Interest. *mF££imsmS?* K9 WM. A. BUTTERS A CO, aalS-pUMit ; AucUonems, \A Geaetal Auctioneera,«, t« a4B Dearborns). SUPERIOR NEW PUBKITUBB, • CARPEIB.. ELEGANT PARLOR AND CHAMBER SETS- At Auction* On l UKSDAT, Sept «tb. ai9M o’clock, wo than a«n at our aaleardfims. a apfanold assortment 01 PABLOB, CHAMBER ANO DINING BOOM FUBSITUBT. * _Fla« Parlor Suits, in Bair Cloth and Green Bono Boxwood Book Case- Oak llarhle Top Sld«hoard' GOODS at U o’clock-Liaen l*ble. Cloths, Towels, Linen Bandketcbiefr. Bath Tuwal*. Ladles* atd Mines* Rose. “ GILBEBT A SAMPSON, BtSqS&lt _• ausuoneers. rjtLBKRT as SAMPSOK," VB - A. Mania Dearborns*. Second hand Fantlturr, Cnrpcta and Plano Forte AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, 82PT. 6, at #W we wLI seltat ear salesroom. <e and <a D<aibmn strset.ihe eaxtre Furniture, Feather Bids. Pillow*, pets n ßtovts-A«-, afsmlli breatong uohemse *Di>-c»eroaewt>ca caiePiano ForwTtn food order sad a very rood iaatTument, uhh! only or .2?siyit nd Caosuri. WB-T*tom set ijtttZt QILBEBT A BAMPSQy, Auets.* rjJLBKRT & HAMPSOJM, V-i General Anetloneeraii -« A a Dearborn at. TRADE SALS 60 CBAT£S DHOCEEBT * On WEDNESDAY, Sept 7tb, at «K o’clock, we will Sell, at oar salesrooms, «5 anc <8 Dear bora street, without rsaer* v Any orates of the beat quality of Whl'e Crockery,is open lots to the trade The as* scrtmeatlsosoofthe oca-.we ever sold, and Is «U of Bftwarci and FuntvaU’s best looda. Sale wilt bo pesmve. OooCs packed ard shipped tar the country. auZIpSM lit GILBBST ASAMPSON. AuetTr. QJXBERT & SAiUPSOK, TRADE BALE OF . SOO Crates assorted lOOfine Silver-Plated Costons, lOtOOOCSgars, ' " AT. AUCTION,. On WEDNESDAY. Bept. 7th, at 12 o’clock, at our <i (i and aDcaraora street. • auM PBoam/_GILBKNT A SAHPiOZUAuc^S. A UCTION . BALE* .-OF . CITY LOTS AND OOUNtBT LABDk—I wffl scQ a* my Bea> Estate Auction Bros, 80. SI Market stmt, on* door south otßastfoloh-sUa collection of Him city Lota and outside lends, on Monday, Sept, su, as SoVioekp.m. Titles perfect oreat Inducements. BO.BoilW, - r-joaif DATLIN, vlqDMt Beatßat^rAiotlo&eer.' •J * amusements. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEtfM _ OOJm J. H. 'WOOD Two B- F, WHITMAN, Proprietors tad Managon, . MOmiAY etbsii«o, «n>\ Slh.wtn it promt*! Monoa’a ■ *leboid ounedy of *■ A CtTttt FOH THfS HEABT&OU& CldFopM Mr Brai’er Toast Kap d...... ..Mr.Frank Aiken Jitte* o«*i»td IIo»»td Mua Vojtex.., .Ure.<B(oneail To conduce with no F. re* cf Mlf. AHD MBS. WHITS. ,Mr. John DtUoa «ua Lotto Peter While W is. Peter waits. WThe WILD MEW 09 BORNEO eta be seea cvtry da> lathe MsmHsli ,f the Unseam. - PBTCbS—admunrotownsiamaDd iectnreßoom n cents; uiilerec over twelve y ait. 15 e*a; Drew Circle ai d P»ran*tto, ij cents extra j Orchestra Beats 7.* cents; Private Boxai. ft a d-l‘; no extra charge icr beseivtA Beats; Box Boob open trom 10 A.M. to or.Docrs of Lecture Bonn onsn at 7k o’clock. Cnrtala rises at S. camHcesihotldcallatlOk. ]Y|~oYICKER‘S IHE AT RE. Thud week cl the eopnlar Comedian, MB. CIIAIHFKir, Who has been nightly treeted by crowded honsei. rnaxoarr Tin:—Dnon open at 7 o’ckck; ter (ornsm.e etmßKnee at7k. VONPAT and TUESDAY, the great stns^tlon . THE HIDDEN HAND. This Drama will h« revived wWi all 1U OSIOIJUL 12ID STAITUXO KrXECTS, Kaoao Mslodixs axn Buixsowr, V iEIETY - TH K ATRE. _ „ Bos 115 and 117 Dearborn street. C. N* CHA*> WIJK Proprietor andMsnacer. T.L. PITLEL..... ..Actint airtStace Manager. MONDAY RYBNTNQ. SSPT. sth, First appearance of the beantlfnl Maters, * ESXELLA & CBLU.BTINE. ALSO Mr. J. H. CARLE, The Great DnnjolaC. U’LLE ELISF. 10131011,0 •n ; ctMol 810. CONSTANTINE - And WILLIAM SCOIT. Comm nm at 8# o'clock. SOAxa or Pucit.—Puqaett«.£(eftnta; Dim and FamtiT Cpclit, >5 ceati: Prlrate Aozm, |i; Atagie Beau la Bczea, ?s cent*. * 1:55 p m. PIKE’S OLD J * FOLKS* concßßr from Bottom M*«o .aresbvin btaeuy for a *hoi» vacation. m? to r<*otci&'zt« Lanes aid cctt eauo. tovh tocvU anr ißalißo < D'a,«utaiDC n Joid thuTrano, ma* a«* e*iu*tpa'ijf n’ar»by » ditißisatetor o M A w a Mvaicax,” tribune ofllco. _ JjJVANSTOK CLAM BAKE EVANSTON, SiPTEMBffRS. Ample ProvUlona for 1,000-on!y that munbtr of Ticket* wiu he Sold. s *- ra * Brd worn at 4 p. m. The Spantlfr^rr**h°!i >l "S oia COO’l lOQ, andpthe dsire “ Ti?Pr if n tb ‘‘ 8 ? Wha W|>b 10 20 «>« way. „ T ." B ih Cl, “ Baaeism genome Now KogUnd style. Pl?hfhJl?2 Cdla i®° f i' «oW. O ** : «* t "Vb, IT* ruß Fl«h Lbawdpr. i-rett Corn, ic.. Ac Cold Pork and Lcmtd diet. Bats. To.<nt. Cblrkeoa Stcd* *» Driad.' PamS&SVad Pieties, lce Cr»Htn, Loxonaue. i'ea. Coffee, Melons. Frows, c»»e, ic .&c. * * SFi'f mnunriiu on the sxounns, Bail fuhbv G?ra? in'lJ l“’. smS?" po > ra “ r • ““« tl”e t*?* wIU attend the Bxcutslon.and play during Tickets for isle at Kean’s Bookitcrr. Thon’on’a PMt.nrrat.Clty Hotel. TitmomUo... rao Btlra! n °°"- .ewsasmtp gjtSlaitleir—Sul)Btituteg.~ WANTED —Substitutes, tnd sub stitutea turulshnd to ai 7 man, or nomnaor of f n, ‘ r «? r .w 3t( '' TIPor t*Wßitipi,or counties, dsoutne i iihon. 5 a . ( l t *. , ‘ APPh a'uoc iboula be mvi* I<U**,bst1 <U ** ,bst »o may b»T C tide to au qn or* IfiJ. 1 !,.. Toaafnr. »«bavaflllea ® o ®* ci *te«rdera **nc nj, aio oarariHUcemnou »re !ra , J?*. t “^l* a * , 'L 3Bahle ’oiwfii’h wos rcaatnabe rtonlieo c»U rraddre-sn* it a® * p OMa Aktncy o< ISAAC B HI! r A CO . C 3 Clark sueet. B t 4 q«Wt A\/*ANTBD -Subniuiie*. Sub.-ti .JL «»l ot sf T, an, £ a .* TerT d »y n *lw of ide ap pro*'line drift V»lcr»na ■nda-l-ce mm id- cmo tr wlanni to enl-it as Sohe'i utes op Beoreeo ta tiTej can »n'e na for instruct!'n*. If yeterisether nn»t hive been two Trap* m t:e ser>lr.t r 0 emit.e tccu t>j go aa rfnoe itnw *0? <no nolo 10 m» pr»«tcaa sob* Mp.eeentatl*e«. w« are '<tii7p»y- Inc toe D gIPH b not; tor tbe Aren? and Nay. ur K°^ ,QT, W e *»*»«? «o tnvous a call and Inquire tuw nuebboant? iheyanjrn before the* pion.Utlb«ire«-r*IPM Cull attheW&r ClalA Aitency 0 ’* QS cwk ««et. 7 \%J ANTED.- Substitutes. One *.J men wanted for the Nayy Irmnell ateljr. Call aid ire ns Mid cattbe largest honnHvs SFriW^ ISAAC B. UITC * CU.63 Clark street. ~ett»qic>3t \\f ANTSD Enrolled citzena cf * * every district !au estate ef Illinois can bo assur'd sob tltntvsppoa pnym«n* of tsio. I bay. P.u.“i > 633*!“ tl °“' , ‘ t B7 "•‘ hl °.S r a°a r iw 1 - WANTED lUcrmta for 0. S. *7 • Cnnboatifrylce A few more yonne men wenUd.Orettmdactmen'e offered. Loraibomtiee now paid and ibeb’x&est wac-tutren. Pardee brloe. in* nt rccimu will be Übctnlu rewarded. Call at the corter ofß«sdo)pn andLasal e tlrtea.lo »ha b%a». a«H-qOMw W. MUUPHT & CO.’ \JU ANTED 50 God bo it man im- T T mediately.' Call at tbe corner of Rudolph aoo Laeaiie etreetp. Metropolitan Block. m tie base ment, recrolun* otlica of - ° kfgboet bo^{^pald E s^'m< < o?tV, caenianaao. . set qU3-iw - Drsfted nien ot the •»I. T sJTJ* °S C . tlc,t ? std « l * le or miboi* w know thattcer can be Jnrntihe- reptesi mettyet attbe moet itvscntble terns aro the aborted cotica, by aadreet* BtxiiOe.l-cr apolyac-a? the corner of tULddth »l«i Lasalle streets, in in-? b&*c'neat. ktlq«a-iw - m .- W. MUKPUY &c 6. "VXTAN)ED~ tnbctitatea shd rep reientatmsat the cornerif Hsndolpa and La>a.Uto>ctfl lathe bise-neot. C»U and cettne highest cash bonaty that la sowjpiid to the «dty. tenjia-w \y, agapgr ago. — Substitutes. Dear ,1* Sirs, after von have ranrafscd the mtrof Siil 04 ! 0 .’ we ,Ui £ for ' cn to **veas tbeisit ®fN» ?£** V vlll *btt be fu- too to fay l( ire e.noot jn?.!?'* ~reeßS bonmv to (obnltates and Kest<- SFOtaiiTci • nttilcgtnij U.S.serves. f.r anyoenol trom one to tbit* yckn Cb<,t-e of serves and retlmrnt riven. Onoootn men tasen f r o«a. t*o acd three ir ioa wish bon.raoie d*atmz ‘■<■*ol*ol Faanoph oniLsialle tbt'Mn the bzromeit. V»M. MUfiPUT it cu. St t Qtw'lV \\F ANTED—Gunboat men, acd U.S, nav? Krvtcefor one year, to wcom will he paid thehlzhest ctsh county. wo«th e/rtermu or mtie l»ut- ■ *eo-y imcieeiatelr at the U?'OOlco ct WM. MDSPdY St CO , c'fir.rol Randolph and Latalle street*, under Metropolitan Dloc *- » 9e1q133.1W TATAKTED—To infcrai the patri* ,▼ J otic citizens ol Chicago, State of Illinois that tht y can now procure their Fepre»*utstlre deerutta b V address W.M A Co, Lock Bex Po« Otllce 606.1. Galeae'.ill. * P, B.—k tease give mil name ana aadreis, and all wanimt our services will receive nrompt attention. St(-q123-.W W. M. A C. . WAN TED-100 Substitutes lor * r one, two sad three j eara, aliens or veterans, over 18years orate, and perfectly sound, to aerve in mo Army or Navy. 1 will pay the hit nest caih B£?. n ;?«f Te £ pa,d , clt J* 0? Washlnston it. Post Office Drawer 6234. set-qilMw ~\JU ANTED.— ply to men 7 * snd hors to eo in the navy tor one, two or three jeat’awervlco as much or more than any other parties m tbe etty; ana we eamesilr advt*hail such deiirous of aolng in the naval strvlco, to evlPand tea osberote »Ma»ing elsewhere. WILLSoR A mek. B1 AM, 48 curk street ♦ - sei qm.» TT/’ANTED—To say to the maoy ▼»s m other States who have applied to ns to fumlih them sub«t!ta%es, that we have confined our opeiattcno to the-coonty of Cook mainly, and have not ano do not Intend to furnish any msh to oe ST, r of *»v Sure hot UMaoi*. W LLLSQHA MERRIAU, 4S Clarg-St. sel-qtO 2t W ANTJS.D—To info?in tbe public •t .if. to furnish SuWutes silf5 lo V ,t,> w C * ‘"which theycau now ho pro- Bewthanoneweek intervene be-wsen this and the oratt. Dtlavs are danee»ous ent f^i?o Te<L A MEKRIAM. 48 Chicago. a-t qr.XZt "VA/"TED— That those subiect 7 T . to draft ond*n tod that the ehSipest Bihrfrol avcioing the risk o* bestg forced into uie «n»jDf°»»y willson a mbk»u a %i.4s ciSI fiveet. Two HpndrM and Fifty DoUarr, to Insure them aubi tltntu in case they aie uraftea. Cali and tea about it. setqu *2t WAh* TED—Substitutes for tbe .7 T aroj and navy, for one.tvo or thre* years, ud the highest bounty paid, at the Ceawal Western LTartf Agency Of WIXaLSON A.UEBBIIU. 48 Clark itt feet. selqtO^t \\l ANTED Substitutes for one 77 > ear, to go In the Saw. Old Rai*a praterred: Subetltutea ca» go to the musimioo! River or to ths AU»n ic they t refer, and have aU the chancea for prize troney. w e wn *»y tbs hlehest W T oaldlß Cie city. WILLSON A MEKUIaM. 48 Clark street. k! qlzs 25 VVANTED—Substitutes and 10 T T emits,wanted and mrnlihed, Thehtgheat cashi booh it pale In hand. Cun have choles of reel went*. Snoatlrstee and recroits furn-anad at ail at fiO State atrest.Aocm J!:O.B°xa2a i . G.W. BONHAM* COm Chicago, UUhCl*. • ia4qliwi WANTED— Who wants a Sub 1 or Reoreaentattve ? Can at BON mam * CO’S Otare, Room '23 Uarrett 810CK, comer 01 Basdolph and State streets, upstairs, acd leave TOurordart. 5.Jt - giaantrk-grorrespimhewrf. TtTANTHD —Ccrrespondenoe. V T Four young officers in the veteran eervlc*, deelreto ccmsMnd with anr or all ef the rich, ta’ented and haautfitu ladies of tne North, especially ot Northern Indiana. Object—fan. love and matrf rresy. Lettait rontalnipg pbotoerapha win rroetve momptattanttan. Pie»a« address Capt. JOBN n. FfehOUßiJO.N.Capt. JAMEU OLISrONT Capt BAR. RT BEMRB.On apt. BAKRY HAHWAOO.44th lad. Vet. Vtl.rmt Guards, Chaiunocga. Tem. se4-qU74t f - V 3Logt. T OST— SS.CO Reward. A Pocket JLJ Memorandum Book, fonuinlar Hits of Oruxs aadeaahltev*. Tbs finder win bs paid gsgn upon leans* it ai&y South Water street. It t# of value only to the o«xer. * ist-qus it LOST— In thenekhbdrh.od of tie Post Offlre. a Pocket - Book, containing Mill •jnoustng to an* -jo fITO Tbe finder win beliber ai>y :e» ttded by leaving tbe tarns at 241 ZaSke-ft. leUqUttt CJIOLEN— Aug.- 4th- 1864, from •|0 the subscriber. atCbllllcothe, H : ..oneiO-in cou pcs Bend, No Man. 0.P.Ua858.7 -Personiaje warned from recti vicx same. auSl-qfA5 'SEsfrageb.. "PSTRATED - Ore - iiyer colored MJJ politer dog from the Hamlltoa Boas*, comer oi Clark sad North Water streoA. at 8 o’clock. An*. Tst Five dollars reward will given wbeo returned to tbe above address.'- O. L. MSTZa-KS. tea qxn-St - ■yyESTiIRN OOLLEaE BIICIXABX AOiDEDT, FULTON, ILL< This popular Instituttrn (tbe only Military School In the western Staiesj Is now organized at a Pabliu Insttmuojj, and will open iti FaU St Mica Septem ber 6lb, PtrtnU otycung men sad lade over is-ye«n of ago, who desire to eeeuie places In thr CadekCorne. will do w»U ta apply early. Ftr circulars aei'uar! titular infoßoauea, addren the Freeldtnt. CoL D a. CU7SBI, . r». * tefmnce umade to Got. Yates.President'of tha Bowdot Trumeei i Gen. Oglesby, 9«cai u?0*o. WL Cobb, Mlnesal Pomt, WU.; LieuJooT. Rogmao! Olcaso; A.M Otbiaoo,Ft.Wayne,put;'Hon!bTb! oraay other a: to she patrohi geasralty. an&mtM-auuip • aSHantefl—Egcnts. HJd/ iCNTiCU. Agezits wasted to stll tbe aoet "Woadorial libation o» lbs Ace"—no Icslnxn»nt »oo taU 'n tractions b» wb ca moj lady or r*6tl»m«ia can t*ko a offset bkeasM PeatfriecLisciiotot fQcn’R. ag«nu mo luc It* a fay. **try tizall* tiunM t*r« cneandtaie tbtlr owe It>tn»e»'a To»n u>d for »«<& AddressM- Dm 6BANII, 205f Brood•»?. Weir Yotk. eesqmtt TS7AKTKD Aguts in every to ivn "f »n-i eon’ty to sell nor Natural T7eatn»r Indi cator. Wuiut-d «o pr-dict tny clloges of tbs weather a day in advance. • «U1 >ead per •snmton rec>io’oi|*.ta B«na stanef rclioaitr arc vims tc sweats A'l-rw s* *iUZL FlKtf. Box 3308, Chicago, m. Office 10 Portland BiocJc. XTJj**~U • TXTAWTED—Aeenti in every v * t wr. eitvamT county, to t*U oaras’wCaK ra'ox Baixiss »nsH«pai.B. Aseatscsamake from tie to sas r-er week seiner them. Samples sett on receipt of M cents. j.T.COTrISa* CO., fo.t Office Box 613. Ses*q2i3Bl - la_ to hsO Biog T ▼ ’ej’s Actuated Hatn*«—on’snleaJM rcyal octavo, ihso'ces Dln-UVedwth llCOsotmsd snd accurate tnsravisgt. this tsawerkof sterl ng Kent and vll tx>s»t wi«o tiioiinle Sxnlneive ;•*. rrorjgtvtD. A- <*mi HENRY It. SHH-.Woa'». njj Bcartom i tr«et,Ctleago, U. ♦ se'r q*s3 3e TXT ANTED—Agents in this city * * arcTevert town mad conney w» tt fer H'rtor* ot tse T*ar. acr oera an<> Sombern tid*e. and otter popoiar :an.l » wrrfca aderi«s with iudm, h. H. FobUstex, 10b Cmrk stroet, Cbicsgo. anw pr»i9 tm TX/’AivTtD - Agents, fiesdqnar « I— I ** for Catppairn Wed sis of the different Cardigan* for Presicen* aid Vice Pmideal of the Dnltdo av*. as nta tan make t« a nty-avs doUsn a week selPar thra. Samples test on reesipt of £ ceo*s by trail «w* landoh. Acenk.BS Latests Chicago, IIL P. O. Bex 4423. agl-oTW-iq TX7*ANTEH)- SIOO per Month A<y * » live and B»btbit scents in lhs r Army and werTwnjre«iip.mtben:cttiocraa*ebajioe«»kßowa Honorable sad no i tsk. Address oranniy toT.A o" OAPOttAB. 118 BroadwayfN. Y. P |Tk&ll^Sn XTT’ANTE-D'-Good Agents in .*! every county jntbdNcrU»wertT»o sell Bchon b«rc*s Btarcard Atlas of tne fvo-.ia—the b*»t albs fbrt&s orcein the UniteC Statet. *batone agent ssjt wbc h*vJ tried It : (ar. U.U. land m. Agent I have b-ec on’ awmt tw*i weeks ard I haveavrrsted Innio wi?raw »»- otxht Atlas. L. wii, r px ) Kortenosacaa esce acnlyto J L J* Q « a w* l Agent fnr the west,’^^ Lakerrewt, r.bicato.* 1- boSosaSta jFcr Sale. F3R SALE - Cottage house, six r -S?MV r A Hwl s r * liefit » nfl ‘ r 3'a*ltt:nl tr«. Soo. Pticeii/co° btf,,eC4 ”' lxa3ie<u * te poaei •Mq.ea-it J. L.LSK,^ S*LK A two-story House *i w .I” * f*'*o*' b 9 room*.aid with all modernlm- P»o»fncnu Situat'd oa Ne«b-rry »trait, between TBjlor-ta Two fih rre«tt. lst«o b'oeki trca »ba Bioe I'lscd h-.ria railroad I will'are unara* p ct»c p’rpwtt for pa»t nay, the balance oa time, e Inquire on theprenl'e*. celqiSon JOBfi KBSNEDT. FJR SALE Souse and L tNo. II Fourth iTtnne. Boobs crcUlni six room*, cioa»t*»*»c..witn agcoc hammtherear. Inquire <n tbe prcxDku. let qgj-dt SALE—T*n cr twelve Car* lU C» and Badele flora*!. Cm ** C P * w Borea t.rt&t, between Michigan i t Wahatl avenues. .. . »ec« SALE-Ten tboueand Con* * J r(*£? ct,ent . , i e £ c,Bar * ** • 38W par ttnniana: WCB Ohio f a 1M), and S.KO ruuo< at I*B «n oar O'od teoaine taper ed PrUC’p* Clours •l B)4jopcr*b<.aMßd. 6>lU?r oat. Po.ld&i Kao dcltb itrcct, in the Oarement of the Ciareucoa Some. ' ifrlqlUl-Jt‘ OOR SALE—A Grocery or Li-lit l Expres* Wsccn. with or without hon»~i«*d hsrneas. A/o, a Bure l’i- tfoitn. Connie* aod Tea icahr.dc-.dc. Andress Post Otßce ts.xlSOO. ser q>rt-Ut For SaLE I Tnsli to fieU oce of the b*lt payicr PUOTOGBaPH , V. , , ,Uu ' ett,, i* u 'J > o»e.»toct «sd cotmiivs iDNoith Miifi o*i bF the. fl»at c i -October. r e*e ro: us are in cesple*e oioer» with <tit mMern itu* tr'Tcitenr inubororrapty Iwi 1 take JlOtCior the »noie concern. T mats a rare trance *or‘ajtne one «Ub »in all eapunlt learn a Urht acd B*ofls»t>le bQMoe«a.and t* a flrat r* eonportnoity f-ura dUtol-d cr d’tcbatffed officer cr»o!a«€r w.etim»a itnor JS?!! , .eSS~ I, '.“ a , I ’ r ? t,l<! '- Fcr PMBcalm.m qu’re t*rclo*sg stamp) of ieiq2S9st GEO. B T3CO ,P, Hannibal, Mo. X Inlander** mill, kprwnartbe K«cle mi’ Pritc* ten ll’iton, wrn tone rnn of French 811 n. capable of rsapoiaitunoe 100 bb«. of nonr-r re 7t»,witn a trre» **or* ttuched. «lta *C*pacttyfcr a'nrlne i»0 bn«h‘lßuf e»nla.ioc%*ed , ttl « J T *r K . pf ,h '’ S«*Q «- B Will be iotd on favorable term*. P.-t oart»cniara napir on the P BeXq»o-2w ******** * M 03 3» Pimeitoa, 'C'OR SAIE •• Lfase fixtures and A «faitot» of a fint cla*s Hotel a** H«»»nrant. now Uo ni a cord bnnoen. CaP at SS Monro* at I orudorest Box 1054,Ct.lcaio. IU. io3qj93ct SALE A bt a low price. Alcmber?ea«et. well loond.and Hrht fjlt r catrlej 15* w>.ooo f-*t A-p'r to HaL- T?3 q?00 sV ° E ’ iao 800111 Watfr F3R SALE—Tjiity five thousand prime ■*rr molasdee barrel staves and beidtnse. inyarc «t 'V alt on. Ca»a ronn'y. Tndl*n-i. por pap* titulars Inquire cfGEO. W, TiiOMASOX. Lacon. m. - aep3-q.US»ity pOR SALE—EIat Bcops, 200 m J- PlatHoop# rf tbePe*tqu%Hty,|nßt received and *?s*al© ••I’AflASl a DICKSON. Commission jier* cbante.3o7 g 0 qth stater street. MS-^iajj SALE—To Lumbermen. For ▼« r 7cl-eap for cash, or will oeexcbaoced h/n«» c^ B .?iS! 0 i?* ,ty .‘ vt caehpncei, acompistainm ?.l ,lE «: e J lab,^liment 03 ,ba oconto H ver, Wltcon. s»n. Wau r po«« r equal to any in tbe &tkte: mill cmnoe»o,Uo ie't per day, tosetn-p wltfc ahont .(H}acr*aor best pine land. For nartlen. MASO * LOUUISTIMO Siam water street. Chicago. aß q u a^[ C LpORSaLE —A large md coimno »^i5 # Saloon for eele oorary rr, a K?!.!i b l o L' ra ».«“* b t eold uri feh ivh. c EjDzi^'i p*OB SALE—A scan of well b.,hsss,? i r^rb b T,rs»v«-J\°;^,\ b “i’ '®™ “ d SorJ > d*«itteea. pORSAI E—A Retail and Pre lVhf£tf?SM ol . ,15 ‘ 0 «***• The wea-nt fnnt. I ??|oieiir* Incpaaeqoenca oriTfbeaUb. For 0J “ d 94 IWM.tMtt C& c»ro. mnon. . anwi-r‘'aj-iw pOR SALE—The "whole or half A«5 t t£ latlßal, B ht »*nnf*ctonnr basinets that will yield a cet p otltcfftW D»ry«»r. Mn ttlw* soxaaos.cuci£. TTOIi SALE— Looonjotive Boilers, . 2b fee* locy,Sß Siaidi tabes, Cre box vmii yster 1 c^,’ A! e lH a “I 1 compute asti la good «rt:e£ one, two or ttr»e yina ooturi. z'j Tr-frt loc/. U a& L J?otsw €l,if * SBtyyiK ahos. pOR SALS—Blendcn Saw Afiil #: w ,7 , * ch,D^ rT * Twocnrlrei, three b lien,boiler fronts, gran*, »;st:n ana mud ptiei, snafu;, re»r> Ins- smoke stack, chains, ic, to«cth*i wuh a L\;rc iron, bncK», &c, a #jcd opportau ty is offered lor a*y cno who may w»b to oolld on same or >o removel«»»cy otn<r uiace. For SnlfcSiI*'* 1 *'* spply 10 Yt! *- fIOVBY, Grand Rapid/ Michigan. _au2>ptis3?r FJR SAX.S —Tho Builaing. .and C f grouad northwest correr ot Wadlion ana its. Tharn are two ttores 23zST. and « ott* otcj head. A good place lor a Grocery. Floor “d.Tts or Llaaws. ADpij to L. B. OVOSHOR at Smith & Frank’s. 100 ■•onlfi tt&itril, tScal 35state-=(sitß. Tf'Oß SALE—A small Cottage only for » small tamll», on atne bl SSV 6 •^ 3^? k t nu,, 1,11,1 Uate of groand anUlMijrls\ w '? Jbfhcnie is nearly new ant la cool order, hjTlrg lost bet n newly panted acd oanered Price mar, rent cl lot 940 p»r annazs, nayab e quarterly n cf J-*M. FauBAK. HO. its Frackua street. • B)’*q9i9St T?OR SALE—At & decided birgain If applied for soou, two three story brick bomei and lots, on W aihtnj’on s’.mt. east of Union P.rt, will be sold at aooni the erst of iho bnlldinct aloor. a i,«O, A Brick Hcnse cf u rooms sod lot on WlDird Place near Waiblce on «*rr«t. SAMUEL A. BATIOEST, « .. lual Estate actnf, ic3 qJ37>2t s*c-' Melropoutau Slock. FSR SALK—The s^ntheasL- quir ter of section Haven, towmblp tblriv- Igbt, ncrth of range tblrte*nea»t, atoa** m me roa ? D C. I UL ,UI ftcn3 *b- i*r»ebton Bouae. Cheap for ICI-<PIB 85 pUR SALE.—We have lor sale A irony very deer* ble residence lot*, JTobth or IP** 0 Arxim and east of Laxabxs stewht. and u the vicinity oi the Berth 3 ranch Ca>,al voltabl* lor S°f.r ate oFeTin/s. Tteas lots are n°!»r Oroabyk dlituerr and Enel’S tannery. We will «U cheap er lease tor a term of years. OGDEK, FLS»T «?co 0 * CO- auSfcoMO-im SALE—O. S. Manila Hcspi .talstChlcazo. inpamonce of theaetcfCos* tathorizlnjr theiSe i if the U B. Marine Qovn’tnl and eioands at Chicago, jlmcls, Htnatenon wicnlyon avenue, betwaan Sooth S3it i »>^ r ??S£ 0 vi b6 Cbieago Barer, notice is hereby P ro P«rtTwm&« sold at public on -lib day of Sepvmcer. 1564, at IB » . bJ the Coil actor of tbs FoA of ctleaxo, Ml^S?!^. 10 , I °i Q,e,a The tenai ofSS sale .are for ready money. Upon tha receipt of the P™*cbsse inooey m fall, tee Secretary of the Treaeary gu«, ■ execute ttd deliver to the purchaser Wu**ef * *ogd and luflcJcnl deed for the premises, tedstatem **“ rrtt » ttu# • ad lotemet OlitoDaS inoeecrdsnee with the act sethortzlnr the eale. of the said Boepltoi and tronnes wiUbe retained, until tha s>nr Hospital to be built nsder the previsions cf the act shad be fully completed and reodyiorase- _ r Unless a satisfactory bid sbeQ be obtained, tha sale Will be postponed. WM^f.FESSFBDBN, tv3ns»«w ffecrotarr of tbs Treasury. ffio iScitt. fro BENT—A pleasant front room M. anftan’sted. In aprira»of»mHy. without board. Good ocarolnchoove coavraie**. AddrewJLS/’ 8cz4317. fieftrezceezchaaicd. -eelq-is TO-BENT-'Tna two story brown heme 411 Sbrth Lae tile street, containing cine nwme. Lot 50 feet front. Apply to ffU. C. BOW, 31 CU|t street. ietqSßß3t TO RENT—.Furnished Lodgings. JL The commodious and tlrr boll-lliyc if 0.13 Sooth Water street, ccne* cftoleh<r-m avenue. Hu been atviurtltbed sea Led*tax House for gentle men only. The rooms are large aad pleasant, with large clontr, pas, end kept la oner. sei-qsp-it TO RENT—Desk rcoai in an oft Bee in VetrcpoU'an Block. Win rm’ to s com* arnica broker or a lawyer. Addieei Lock Drawer 6223. Chlct go Pott Office. 6C3-qS;S-5t rjio RENT—With satisfactory uL beard. to gentlemen aad their wiv»s, n*tn ■in. ylegentlemen, lot deniable loeaUin on webaah avfßoe,no>thof Bnjb«rdcouit in a satU private famL'p. a verr pletnnc suit of front zoom*. Irantmz ewe, a back parir.r with einut attached, xte above anrotahhed. Also a smaller room mrnuhed. B:fer> eow* rrqntrad. Adareee Foet tffice Bex 2*214. Chicago, HI • _ . tes qsmts TO KENT—A Store. The sec ood. third, and fourth floor of a store on L*ks for rtat, with hoisting gear. Appl* at 206 Lake street. -JTr - . aekqitsacj. TO RENT—Two new three story and hasemsnt marble front dwelling*. 470 ant wabaah avenue., eootanrng U rooms eub. and ibUhed in the b( at Warner with an modem 1 aurora, ffimta .Apply to P BEING TON A SCBANTON. 209 Sooth. Water street. ■ - sekqtiost 'T'O RENT—The s«cord.and third JL tfoiriet In the vetutlf store of Cobb’s new mock, comer of Michigan arenas aid Lake street, wm be ready for orenseacySept. lO h. Adolt to B.AB-B.WHITTEMORS A CO-,37LakoaLr at 4 q»t 6t _ %Ual DR SALE—A large number "oi Improved fbrms.lnilxa troit 10 to L/ao tATM dSaanteo. W-4NTSD -A Prot slant *i,i Employm CDt fop y 9 American. *n«llih Inih Genoa*?, Rcoteb »,* colored »<rr*tC4.«l>& cckg cry r*'*renc<«j ».Ji; aitbe Pol eoeipbia In eUirrace Office. 15«)4 nl! Clary street rvuniry oraeis onnciamiiy »u-nrtU to. Vt«. in attendanee. A<i<tr a« «ta 1030. JMquiu* WAN'IED- 900 JLadita »gq , ‘Gea. tmiams«n pa»txct.lhe w*Bt.ioiptn, agtrtsforth* sa patfraa toretxm?* laritVoreis*aand all Xuusofcto».l g. 3are to •-» la evey JsirJ y. kxtr* indoceccaf cff»r»d to arena BTacYA rttDKK, rcoalO. a» iUm > ercinielr’ft Bmldlne. tcrarr ot Bamioloh «-S Dearborn streets.Chicago; P O.boz6oOtf. ■ ■&4 qdt-lw W7AN7BD—-A gocd FlonrPackcr “ ▼ it Oriental Mills, Vaf Js;a street Bnd.e ta whcm scoa paid, WANTED -A competent itan to ? f ta’-e eba ee of and rnn a fltati marr go»m a In a citj flooring oxtir. A so. a m*n to ran toe sine essmenikbrs Matt c-me veil r> commends.} <or SCUlt'tv ato it-trlQrii. A dial J. D CULg.Jp.. sicsic Mil e. Chicago, stating where cm be joutd. ■etqlltat _ VITAN'I ED—On cr before Oct v * lit, a furnished bonre conUlcme tlx or debt rnoirs.rear aoof or ire nt?rail»avs,by * osreiat avd rvipcntble tenant (Whom child’en.) Tan a <t or ref rmcevalveo m regard to care of furniture. AddrtisP.O Box 1 803. _ setqlMt VV ANTED A situation in » B.nk • T UsEstab'islnre'-tby ayoang nmtin mat, wh<» ha* bad 'oa»t r ea je«n exo* riforo of Banklcg la Scotisno, siveb tears of that prrfcd in tbsoftratitr o*Teller hitiMVtory'vfertnciacaQoeaivt'n Ac* drts» **J fl.”TrlTmiß offljg. se*-qW*it \\f AN r < ED - A sitn.iiun as Ergi v y ncerbya man who tas h«d s»p»ne:c ,to no a ststi»xar} engne. Address “J Bc " Tnoaao office. litqffltu AN'J ED A simaiion by sn v v active Tcnrg man In a wholesale or recall Frncy Goer* *cn*r cr ir sOe is’ Poniihinv Eststv !i hsent Dneejktasda tbe bus,neat perfect]*, aad eaon»» trst* jy b*stolreferences, Addrrs***PC ” Post Gfflce Box 187. set qXSMt TIT ANTED.—'two or three single * “ sen can re accommodat'd wl'h bovd tn a flirtc’iw bnrk rrMoenee, five mlnnUs walk tram t:e rmithonse Pn.Usnm o woo aubthe coofo.ta tr.y bbvr b*'o o«**c to at bo*ce, will do well t»av*l inenselves of ibis opportunity. Asorrsi “X R,” Tnhone office. sel-qS3S4t ‘YU’AK^ED— Two young men _ e« 6 d»j b ardta » private family, eoerftbcreere bo cr onu • Ptrase Pc it Drawer CI3Q «*4 QWS-16 Tu adopt by a re rhMrf »oec‘*ble'»dT. who baa ju»t Iclt her only co.ld & fetta.n intact, from 9 to i& mopuia old, man taT*£-'»ck erea, atd b« of Arntncao or french Aflfipu MRS. SAKAE CAR't. at CU c*ro t o for tbrta tfaja. aM-onut w ANTWD - Ihrefe or fcur 100 ms • «xnt&fi?e for hrowtefflrc Andrew •'mttar toi xi urn Icckttfln P O Bgz 2606, Chicago, Ul. IM QS7I ll VV -ANTED —To rent a sm.ll . * y. with s cr grooms, south of Eiih- street and eut of CUxk >tr«et Poiterdou totm filrio t»t s««t A4n;ese— -starne •• cation x«.m,«c n po Drawer f{o3-14cmeago **4qS.-u ' WANTED—A Writing Teacter. J cf JOKES ds BSi ALL, ufc| La ra BU Wte-iN'ib_U —To buy out, or to set car» to soire panur bcaltess, requiring a ■wail Capital— have eo objections to go to tue conn*rv. "Two mtetllceot boys watt eaplorawat el bcrbyphotcarapheraorinofllce. Adores*• n b,* Tm bone LOU e. BCI-qSU It T/lf ANTtfD—A good Porter in a wholesale MMinerr hcaao. AopyatSSasd 1. IVALbfIAaDTcBINeOK. 10l qs4>lt SALE—A fine Biich House, A cn Wett Wa»blncton itrtet. near Caroeabr •uein Lo'slK'i>7s leeu YOOKO A B’BI-088, ru?. Si MeiicpoulanKoct. iet-q776 it WAITED— A ocnpttert Clerk to act a* Salesman In a Retail ClMhlng House. Ore who ccme» weti f;r t abimirw naet»r*eer will »ec*tTea cord taar* and oer en-pJoyatnt. Ac&ress Box 3S>7. Jackroa wrtte.Xll. ad q3i*^t TA7 An cxpeiiencea Tax * * lor to wArk on beatneu coats and ccau fcteaOT <DpJo.fiT»nt gnarji-t.ed. Adoresa Bcj SiS7, JaeiCOt.Tllle.nL Kf ifg-tt TK/ANOED a j>)uDg lacy who * " b«* t»d i.veml yews experttßceia (Meblar. i , a»noU> art" Bra )e«mcM ••miiy, • »* n»Mtn»« U»* b r eiuer In a from? or aebioU wriOi rre f *r <bei r.xe. ttoecai a<T4 exc«l eat (*•< tn Dal; m»o ;ha BCtcrenScipabilUT acdtcu **•■» b»rtfud,coon. se-'-qjflUJ. \\ ASTtfi.—in,mi oUtely, by a »«B*Uia.vt and »lfe, board aid tarnished rcosu la a private taamr. m too w«t >imoo. wu«<« mere are to > tn r r-oarocra, asa po nail Jvl.SIf I*’ 1 *’ '*?* fatT, ‘T of a wid-.v laoj preferred. OBJ«ri:a clfatHte, qntet luma (Wired onornrir or Miwuoaitreett TcßStmtuc 1653, Cticaao. . set-aS6»S« W WAITED—A tits&tion as copy .. * J*dyac'aito*3cd to the wotk.anl ‘•pr-reuy and legtb.y. nrem to *• J D." care tox li3su. se4-qSV-lt T\7 ANTED—A respectable mar -0 rt'dlafy 5* jean ot *r% deitr«etbe otßesof r«f cf rc/**»»nc*e jnye-i if »eintr*i. raila; MBS « TRMiLIUo KSKFK’3.73 Worth. s: " wet WANTED -To rea. on or ba' Jcth *®Cotlare,orpnrtof a boose, taeatj coovteisnt locate AQu.t>oaoi gS-lg. eoPq3.»6t WAiNTiD-A Hoy, at D. B* ~7,.7 DISK’S. Xo«, 33 and S3 Lake atr? «e4qwn ANTED- 13y a German Lady. J» f IhoroDchlv qnaliQed to tedcb.>rracb •nd Qer. lotveri.tioaailr.aeuaailon a* «acn»r of tbr.« kocnacis in a icnool or limily. A * Box fblcego eO. TXrANTED —To 8.-ikera and Con _,7. •- ftetjotep*. A situation wanted by a first Cl t?^a A,,t^M3Tn6aa, ‘ o, ‘ Jl ‘^‘ , ’ To rent, a email •J/Li£°£s O i l> I °M« or *h"o*« , .«a«eblefor a man !J* f „?^ e \0 0 children, wuh'n bait a mite of the Court &!£?&»«■ onio prcier the Borin Side. AdciaiM p o. box tli-M, stating lermo. eoi q3n3-3c XyANTED Photon raph3u.nstbo .J.," Section, since o’ctnreibs the sun’s ouec tlon arc raace at nHOAOs * CO *3 Puot:»raDh «o“». 336 CHra s reet, corner of Madison. Bean. yi Q i,P* ru . i^oto ' , ™ I ‘£"* ,:itt4fcl “ xor eloamy ttper dozen; a large rze photoarapn. «. aiS-qsSj-it TyAN'JEO —By a compliant t ”. T of moy years exp-rl»nce hv w»* t, V n 3 d ®®-i««tjy,» »«aatjrto,orwon:d C csn? 5 Q,, *le*» , f btOk keeperand ealeai »q. Wcttld filamntoer«ll> nwini laapor. Jp* u * Lt at a*moa.ra;e salary. hoDlntcn, ’XnSQLe office. 6*3-q*’ct^ a TPAMED Beard in a private .l.V Ule; ? O'obo' otn-rboar, dt.s, cnihe ioarh aloe, ea't oi Suta »*re*t. fjr a«i »ife,and tanttaicr. Addrisi Bo* 1072. fcptcaro * \\7”Aa u TEX) S»fo want? d. A, sized Office Safe. Address P.0.80x SafoO. slating size or welgar, djitr.prlee. p!?*. ac * aeSq&Sn .WANTED Tsvo go.-d Maotm- X, T. w s w a * * RROTTIKU’S Poond’-y and S, »iil^3j S *\ Cp ’ “ att 3U y*wwo.a streeu \V -To rt nt. A Cottage tX 7_.°C (oa r or * Sl TPooi?.orapperronss. smtoble icramsnaDd wjfewithone cLtin, soath ol mb « . ,D ar ranee. A Wo.{ J *wl*-rSSIt TSa * Ad ' retß " UB v ” i‘- O. Box afrit. ANTED—A boy from foarxetn .. t« sixteen trsrt of aye In the wboiasalettner roccs bos'oets. Mo*t rrstiA with bis parents mail In »eJt^sfSt f M Ct *‘ A(ljlre * O. Drawer 64iM. WTaNTEL* —Tu &eli one half of a * * Tin md Store Sfrrs, In a Qsmitb ing city in /kisconslDrOy a practical tlnurr Cain re quired 11, balance on good time. Address •* Tribnne office; soj-qtai-Jt* T\7 ANTED - Ase .tJ. To dell the T T Carr paisa Textbook for Un*on men. Rav. nu.nds m-iery, liacoln’s Adairi-trafon. Every rotw sbonidi bay^u. Sent b» mill cnrectiptoffuo. v < n l io?* t tw ■ai vK * C0 **Wmbtnß-.00-st .Calcoeo. P.0.80x .1751. a.2n^g.ia r ANTED - Information of Dan’l • ° HarnnytomiSjea-eold. car;halr.blncstye* K“<* let tores and mter stout »ornu age. wnoiefs £-.>? c £; e s f ara * Jo Bari-*■ County. ItlicqU. on the* »* ,nc * > *blm time nothing has owa Bl,n- Any one knuwlnruf b f s wtereaboats *< diesflag bis tatner. JoiS Harrington, at the above place. sc.’-qils St WANTED -JSy th?. 10th of S.p timber, fQmlibediolcorrooms.or cseiana room, with or wlth-ot boaru, tor amgie geivlsmaju mrennsdreqnlud. ACdr-aa p.ol lKXl7bd. . se*q«9« \\f ANTSO—Every per * ; , 9:s,andtbc«ecowrsicpaA7cr&XASßi4Gß to 1 erd fo, ou* SxaxxD *-for the ma.n«i cniy, which co’tßics lafo;a»non of the aon> *• im poiiaroeio ;r ry mamed p»rs.'o, »rsa bktoak »rxAtXD. that can be obtained in no otn-r war and Horn vo o her scarce. 'PesltlTel* ro hnohne. aa aitti.viUh stamp. Dr. B. BaCBELOE. Kenkvk-w U.j. 111. sei-qu»Bt TX7ANTED—A Steward to taio T • charge of a HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITAL— one who baa atterded a course of Heccnrw prersired. A eompaientman will be well paid far nts •srvlc'w, and sere srare opportunity to stodr aomeopathy. Address, with reference. C.S ZI&L3FF. 14T Class •trrel. Chicago, or Or. H. BHJfPrULD. NsihyUa. Tet n. aoai-qTZ-lw W/ ANTED —A Gove rr egg by a T T family ru Id la* in Northern ta thorough y teach EcgUsb, Prssch. Vocal ana ia!t«2 m< u slM ailc,Dra vfi g ana aeeeie btr ot «• E»i*ccp*l chorel> preferred.- XiSS: atatlnc refercacea aol terms, ,4 r C E. r * Occato Coolly, WU. anSi!^?” \V ANTED—For the Government. .it . in the Quartermaster’* Department. «■? Louie. Laborer* at t45 aer month ; Tmutw J5 ~*i month; Carpet ten, STS per monthTiriui iSSH (anrsaed and tree trtosportatlon bmcssSSSS* For icnhcrlaioraaSJoa inquire at the Office, 13*2K South Water street. O. M. BABCOCK, Government WANTED—I,OOO ttaa cart marketPrtw Merchants and fonadrymeoT ig£agrtng 1 _I__ 1 __ l l ,^f w P’ e »sait aisfcee) c*a be v* o cur edbw 7 f «■- «r ngatgfiS £• ate»tree tT Pn * aeat ccasistlor of Parlor, Bedroom*a£t f°°jgg. rttbcil) with seme lairitat* 31 Si?*** (uofor dered r lib surb reonaaad J*?. *ccomato» »»t»ths»ppljlrgeooa to MBA w¥7*t?m? a^?Ma,e of tbe_<7 ,C V ° * line. Cclon FaikHoaie, ISSSS w5iF^ ,c Ic * u - T Ks.sst aeas - o=«rs;S o c l,^3 re £" ,Coo : TJOABDINS,- cr twogentle. rcQgral.. AM!K3 Box Boarding-Wmtei board ior iw»ic cf He teieeraph office. Tona wnTwit. ifmptpir. Directfe "Si,S«tSS KtT&a ’ ■ lUlrDlt ” Uls^°- ■DOABDING.-PJeasnnt .rooms £i,VS e t aI * alib ° bxi,,J •i’P'itox.gggja- T>OABDING—A desirable suit of .J-F fronkroomi to let with board at 49 Van Barm BTrteVbeijseea Wabash artaae and Bute s^aet. 150ARDING.— A large newly fur it” plated room and eloaet.vtthboard.caa bo had a* 339 Obi's street, salxabla nma c«aUaa«b and wife vlmcat children. Also a fmaaioraishad toon u Beftrenea* requited. Fermaaent boaidesi only cedtt iTply.' * ~ ulqiis tt

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