Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 6, 1864 Page 2
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Cl)icaga tribune. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, ISW. TBbOinPilfiN tBIdURE. The campaign, on u»c result of which the destiny, eye, even the life of the nation do* pends, must som open. Every patriotic citizen will labor unceasingly to elect the Union National and 8 late tick< ts. To do this is to eave the nation; to lull, is to yield til we hold a ear to the Copperhead allies of the rebellion, finch a fearful calamity can— It must be averted. As an auxUl-uT to this, uo figenev is more elf.-ctlve than the newspa per and therefore, io accordance vrithonr usual custom, we offer the Campaign weekly Tasßtma to the Unloa men of this and ad joining States at thr following rates: SlDCt«copT,Bept.ii«<>N‘*- ia “ Tweets... 25 ju} 10 _ 1lw> 6 . TC ». 5, .* •• IM> 44 ■ lU—l w. UMfl 4* fo - 44 Ito 44 10—Uw. J6.50 *. 300 “ ** Ito 44 10-11 w. S3 00 4< jjo “ 44 1* to 10— 9w. BAD 4> so “ 44 ' 14 to 4 ‘ 10— 9w. 8.10 44 CO 44 “ Mto “ 10— 9w. ISAO 100 •* “ 14 to “ Ilf— 6w. 27.00 “ 20 44 Oct. 6to 44 20— 6w. ATS 30 44 44 Dtn 10— 6 w.' CSO »• DO 44 44 Dto v io— 6w. 9.00 “ 100 41 4 * 6»o 44 10— 6w. 18.00 Copies 'will, is all cast**, be sent for the weeks infinitive Bitted In the card. c Union mcnot the West, will Von not at once order a package for distribution in your respective neighborhoods. Address, with cash In ad vance, Teibuxe Compaxt, Chicago, BL Blo*« BletUwß io *oailat.ra Illlnol*, Hon William tiroes, caudi.ate lor Lieut* governor, and (lon. D. L. Polllipa, U. fl. Marshall for the Disirict of Southern DU* sois, ‘Will fpeak at Union mass meetings at the following placea, at 2 p. m.: Matlooo, Coles county Monday, Sept. 12 part#, licrar Co Tneaoay, Sept 18 Pani, Christian County Wednesday, Sept. 14 Vsnoftiia, Fatetie Conoty.. Hior«dsy, Sept. 15 Greenville, R.nd To ....Friday, Sept 16 Carilalo, Clinton Co Sitnrday, Sept 17 Lawrcncevidc. La«reuce Co-...•Monday, Sept 19 Mt rarmcl, Wf.bash Co ...Toesday, Sep;. 23 Fairfield, Wavne Co Wednesday, Sept 21 Wt Vernon. Jtfferson Co Thntsd-y.SeptSl Benton.Framt'ln Co .......Frldayßeot2B McLeansboro. DamUton Co Saturday, Sept Si Cancl, White Co Monoaj, Sept 26 UarrisborL-h Saline Co Wednesday, Sept 23 Wanou, WUlnunmn Co Timrsdsy, Sept 29 Vienna. Johnson C » Friday, Segt 80 j ODCbboro, Udh'Xj Co . ... Satordir, 6ct, 1 CtruuiiUlf, Jackeon Co Monday, Oct. 8 Frank Lombard, the distinguished Toctlist, P- tU be present at all these meetings and sing several of Lis inimitable campaign songs. Union newspapers in all the towns and counties above named are respectfully re quested to cop; the appointments and notice the meetings editorially The friends of the Union where the meetings are to beheld wIU please provide the placr for speaking, and make &U the neciesary preliminary arrange ments. They are also requested to engage a conveyance for the speakers to the next place of meeting, where they are not on the liae of some railroad. By order of the Union State Central Com ■ittee. T. 3. Tuhkzb, Chairman. 3ab P Boot, Secretary, [ui mei'txppt—<Jcu. O^leobr** poi utmetilft* Geo. Oglesby -will apeak as follows: xsncoii, 1 Sept. 7. HlertiLg,, Morrison Galcblmrp. Knox corcty TtieaiJay, Sept. 20. LevUtvo. Ftilion county. . W«lne#day, Sept. 21. Macomb. McDonotn b county.... Friday, Sept 21. Oplncy. Adam# conmr. ....Saturday, Sept.a*. PtUaflsld, Pike coun-y Monday, Sept, 2ft, Carrolton. Green count' Wednesday. Sept. S3. Edwamevilie. iUdfunn conmy....Friday, Sept.Bo. BeUville.Bl. Clair coonu... Saturday, Oct, l. Geti.fanißV.orib und-Wm. Bross, candi date for LieuUnist Governor, will speak with Gu>. Ogl tby at Woodstock, and Mr. Brosa will also speak with Gen. Oglesby at Dizoo, Sterling tied Morrison. Mass meetings will be held at each of the above places. : The Lombards will be present to sing. Cl arte B. Cars’* Appointment*. Dixon Sterling... Morriseoa. Gen* B. K. Appolntmenu. Storllne .1 Sept,B. MorTiseon. ; Bept. 9. General ejwak at each ot the hove meetings. All Union, papers please opy. ' Bom. J. X>. Ward** Appointment*. Dixon Sept. 7th, Sterdrur SeptSth. Morrlt-oo Sept. Bth, General Oglesby speaks at the eozae time and places. °«t, Tates sod Wm. pftt .Kellogg** Appointments, - T swlsloa, Fulton Co. Wednesday, Sept tL ‘,4soomb, McDonoubCo. Vrieuyf s«pt, as, Warns C 0... Saturday, Sept St Bcodcrson Co Monday, SeptSS. | Jedo. Mrrcer Co ; ... .Tuesday, Sept *7. £ lock Island, Bock Island Co..Wednesday,B«pt 98. flwardavllle, WadieonCo Friday, Sept ao. iieliTlUe, St Clair • o Saturday, Oct 1 To Legislative Candidates. IXxAnqußs. Cmok Stats Cebtbal Com. ) Chicago, Sept S, 1804. } The Committee request all Union Candi dates for the Legislative in the state, to com zuonlcate with the undersigned, as soon os the nomination is made, and also the names of the Democratic Candidate, stating the number ol Ibe District. James F Boot. Secretary. THE BIGHI TO BKiB ARSIS, Tliojonrnale cf the Copperhead persuasion are just now znakltg a great outcry about the interference of the 41 tyrants at Washing toe," with the right to bear arms—a right secured, as they allege, by the Constitution. The text of tbeir jeremiads Is that several boxes ot guns and revolvers have been seiz ed in Indiana; and Gen. Helntzelmnn has forbidden for the present, the transmission of vcapers and ammunition, In his district* It is true, as the complainants allege, that the Constitution secures to the people the right to have weapons. European despot* de prived their subjects of old, of this right for •fear it might bo used against themselves, and as ours was to be a free notion, the pro vision wai inserted, that this right should not be taken away. Bat what is the right ? In what does it consist ? It amounts to about this, as we understand it: Every man may have hi* shot gun, rifle, revolver, or pocket pistol, accord ing to bis fancy, for certain well understood purposes. What are these purposes? He may wish to shoot docks, crows, hawks, owls, pigeons, woodchucks, prairie hens or wolves, lynxes, wildcats, or prowling tom cats, if they disturb him of nights; and he may use bis shotgun upon any of these or other varmints. Tet not even in this direc tion without some limitations. He may not shoot rat* in Chicago! If he does that he is liable to have a police officer tap him on the shoulder and trot ijim off to the sawdust, to walk up before Justice O’Malley or some other “Justice” next morning,'to pay over a fine of a few dollars lor his liberty. He is liable to a fine of five dollars if he shoot even a little bird from out ol the shade trees be fore his door. Sothatthe* Constitutional” right to bear arms is not without some little drawbacks, even In a small way. So he may wish to use a rifle to kill doer, or bests, or lions, or elephants, or an&condat; but he must not shoot deer in Jane some other months in Northern Illinois, else the Audubon Club *iU be after him. Be may in certain cases use his revolver upon men as well as beasts. His right to own it, to load It, and pul It under hfs pillow at niebt. an na to penuade himself and wife that a burglar will not come after their spoons and repeater, that night, in face of such danger, will be unquestioned by the law. And if he should fire “upon one and kill him, the law will let b!m go, under the plea that be was defending his castle. The law baa gone farther than this. One man shot another in the sheets ol Washing ton City lor certain comes tic offenses; and he 1* a General In the army of the Union' to day. So a man may own a gun to cany in militia training*; and-if a recruit were to offer himself, rifle in hand, to the National army; if he were a soundman, andhis -gun a good one, it is believed that neither would uow be rejected. It is lawful, in short, to bear arm* lawful y. But It must be lawfully, or theConstitution.doeshim no more good than so much worn oat dimity. Suppose Toaii Dick, and Harry, three scalawags, as sociate themselves together in the ancient business ol highway robbery; and stop Wilbur F. Storey and Clement G. Vallandigbam on their way home from an O. A. K- Lodge meeting—with yonr “money or your life!” tbeir right to bear arms udder the Constitution would come to a sudden <n d as soon as the Sheriff’s posse could gat at them. So if certain “ Democrats,” fall of faith in peace and McClellan, conspire to overthrow the “ tyranny of Abraham Lin coln " regularly elected President of the United State*, by engaging in the pastime of shooting prove* t marshals, soldiers In blue, •nd “inaugurating arevolntion,” their right to bear arms under the. Constitution his reached a limit where it Is, liable to be cut suddenly short. In fact, they have no right to bear arms for any such purpose. They can-bear arms to bub trie, the Government; pri for purposes In different to the Government, but they most not bear arms to oveilhrowlt- TheConall tntlon authorizes nobody to engage in it* own destruction; It would be the biggest fool of a constitution the world ever aiw, if t did. ■ xt U true that Ibe ConeUtntlon aaya noth in. about the limlUtlonß to ttC-right It con fera. Eut that matter* nothing. It leave* that work to Leclalaturea and antborlna the right generally, and trnata the limitation! to the proper paruea Oar Declaration of Independence asaert U» right of »U men to “life, Uoertj end the ponnlt of btppineM." But If hk “happtncfit ,> brmanTinff two wiroa* the lew claps him in the penitentiary for blguny. XI he uses his “ liberty ”to whack his neighbor oyer the herd with a shlllelah, his liberty becomes ihst of ponndine stone at the Bridewell; If he breaks the tnsn's Btnll bis right to “ life ” is that short part of U which Intervenes between the act and tne hempen rope ai whose end be dangles. We predict tberclore that no great results will come of the bowl over a violated Con stitution in the premises. Ton cannot gath cr arms together to ana masses of men for violence and revolution 'The Constltutionof the country does not authorireyon tofio it, and the constitution, of -law and common sense will grab jour weapons where it finds them; and you too, if 1 youput yourselves without the pile of the law' A Hew Complication. In the year 1846 the United States made a treaty with New Granada, South America, by .which the neutrality of the Isthmus of Panama was guaranteed. Peru, a friendly country, calls upon the United States of Co lumbia, tanner]; known as New Granada, to prevent Spain from transporting her troops across the Isthmus tor the purpose of making war upon Peru. Columbia, knowing that sbehasnot the strength to resist or prevent Spain from thus transporting her troops, calls open tbe Government of the United States of America to fhlfil the guaranty en tered into by the above. mentioned treaty. Our government finds no difficulty in deter mining that it Is our plain duty to perform tbe obligations set forth in the treaty when ever a demand shall be made by the proper party; and In the solution of the latter part of this proposition was found the orfly doubt or cause for hesitancy. The matter was re ferred to the Attorney General, who, upon thorough consideration and examlnitloo of the facts, finds that New Granada and the United States of Colombia are one and the same government; so that we must send, troops and vessels of war, if need be, to maintain our treaty and prevent Spain from transporting troops across the Isthmus. A Rat for tbe Peace Democracy and Xapoleoa to Crack. Everybody bno-a that by “peace" the rebels mean tbclr recognition. “indepen dence or extermination” is their watchword. Their independence includes a line of divi sion. Dismemberment of the Union violates the treaty with France of April SO, 1803, ced ing Louisiana to tbe Untied States. Art 111 of that treaty stimulates: “The Inhabitants of the ceded territory eball be incorporated in tbe Union of tbe United States, and ad mitted as soon as possible, according to the principles of the Federal Constitution, to tbe enjoyment of nil the rights, advantages and immunities of citizens of the United States. 11 ilarnolfi, Bonaparte's secretary, and tbe ne gotiator of the treaty, state tbit Bonaparte with bis own band drew bp this third article. Large portions of tbe Louisiana Purchase, * itb tbe inhabitants thereof; bare been, from time to time, “ incorporated in the Union of tbe United States.” Other portions of the territory and inhabitants bare not been as yet so incorporated. It would be in derogation of tbe treaty to sever the Union before the entinT territory shall be to incorporated. The process has been going on since 1813, forming and admitting States from that pur chase. Until all the territory has been erected into Statee and as such admitted, the inhab itants arc not possessed of “ all the rights, advantages and immunities of citizens of the United States." Tbe United States are there fore barred by this treaty from consenting to any division of tbe Union. .Sepuai .Sept. 9. Neither can France, according to the treaty, do any act recognizing each a division ol the Union, nntil all tbe territory shall hare been thus incorporated. Tbe United States and France are mutually boned to each other to preserve, intact, the Union eo for as respects the stipulations of this treaty nntil nil the territory shall have been thus absorbed. - Again, the VL article of the Constitution provides ttet the « supreme law of the laud is the C institution, the laws of the United • .Sept. 8. .Sept. 9. Staten made In pursuance thereof,’ aud all treaties which shall be made” Treaties anie-dailng the Constitution ore held by that Instrument sacred and inviola ble. The provision oftbe treaty of the Lou isiana Purchase to which we hare adverted becomes as valid and binding as theCouatl. tutlon, in fact Is a part of the Constitution. A division ot the Union involves the' mo mentous question a» to who shall have the key of the Mississippi. Indepen dence would be of no account to the rebels ■without it The question of slavery fades into utter nothingness in comparisiou, with cither section, as to who holds that key. Every scheme of empire embracing the Mississippi, from the days ot LaSalle, who was the first to propose to the French King the magnificent plan of holding the mouth of the Mississippi along with the mouth of the St Lawrence, the two great rivers linked together by the great lakes, as the axis oi empire, Interior and back of the colonics, down to the present time, has contempleted as vital the possession of the month of the. Mississippi. IVe had difficulty enough and threatened disunion with the Spaniards when they had possession of the bank, and both bonks below 31 degrees. Official statements show that the Union at the close of the present century will have a population of one hundred milUous. The Talley of the Mississippi contains no jv over half of the entire present population, and must have at that period more than fifty millions. 15T* Mr. Pendleton, the Copperhead candi date for Vice-President, sought to render the Executive powerless on the apprehension of the three Baltimore Police Commissioners,. by a resolution introduced into the House of Representatives, December 10 th, ISSI, declar ing that the hdbiax corjnu could only be sus pended by Congress. The resolution was laid on the table—yeas, 103; nays, SC; the .mover and Tallandigham being among the latter. Another clogging resolution by him wcatahlid, December 15,18GL Febraary29, 1563, he introduced a resolution dedaring Vallandigham’s arrest unconstitutional The Hcuse rejected it—yeas, 47; nays, 77. Joly 81,1861, he offered a resolution on State Equality and Eisanclpitian— ruled oat oi order by the speaker. Mr. Pendleton’s ef forts in Congress were not conspicuous, but alw ays in the secession interest James Guthrie was eleven votes ahead of Geo. H. Pencletou on the first bal lot at Chicago for Tice President, and would undoubtedly hare been nominated on the next by a great majority. But he had once professed to be in favor ol the war for the Union, and that killed him. Pendleton— who never lifted a finger against the rebels—was unanimously nominated on the next ballot. Wc thick TalJandigham should have been satisfied with the platform, but he must have the Tice President also. IST The Pittsburghers have taken up the coal question in earnest They are deter mined to check the extortionate demand of the diggers, who are now recelvlngfive cents per bushel for mining, and demand eight. A few years ago they were said to get two cents a bushel for mining. Meetings oi coal producers, Bcalera and consumers, on a Urge scale, have been held; and the determination fixed to keep the price ot coal at or below ten cents- • Meetings of the .citizens of Pitts burgh and Allegheny have been called to se cure their co operation lo this movexneat rTbe citizens along the Ohio are vitally into rested In this struggle between the miners and owners of coal banks. The result will have & material influence'on'the price of coal In this market during tne winter. - . fg-The Pewter, Jvurr.cX states that Ferna ndo Wood, In a fine frenzy, during his speech, made recently in that city, said that if by ef feting up his life he could stop the hlooi ched that tanoW afflicting the country, he would cheerfully do io. An appreciative Irishman In the crowd earnestly responded —“lt wnd be damned chape.” tSSTThc Chicago Convention have obeyed their old masters at Richmond about as well as they could. Tbe Whig told them that if thfey could not nominate Bnell, McClellan Was nest best. As Buell was not available, it is to be hoped that the Richmond masters will be lenient towards the Democrats, who followed tbe Richmond programme as close ly os possible. j CST The Kcarsarge is on her way home. The Iroquola takes her place. Capt. Win slow and his gallant officers and crew will hove a glorious welcome home. Can’t he pick up the TriUhassec on his way hither? PT Gen. Paige could not understand why CoL Anderson surrendered Fort Gaines. Doubtless CoL Anderson cannot now under stand why Gen. Paige his surrendered Fort Morgan. Attempt or Rebel Pfteonem to Eeeape from Bimlra. The Rochester Expre** says: From Mr. Pans, who arrived irom Elmira last evening, iwe learn that an attempt has been made by the rebel prisoners in Elmira to escape from their confinement, They had managed to dig a breach under ground a distance of some forty feet past the enclosure of the grounds, and under the hospital building. The rebels when discovered. were buellv engaged at work in the trench, and were aiming lor the sutler’s tent. The ditch was only about two and a half feet high and about three feet un der ground, axd only two men could get in at a ume. They had no tools to work with, and bow the? managed to get so far In hard, soil, U a mystery. FBOM SHERSIdS'S ABUT. Jort Refora fbe Battle—The Great flank AoremeDt-Sbermta’a PUg tad Sow st was xszecoteO* fFrota our Special Correspondent.] In thb Fueud on Oas a* Cam, Qi_, j August 29th, iBJi, f The battle which is imminent has not yet been fought, but as we bare swung out into the open air away from the old earthworks about Atlanta, and have ent loose from our line of supplies, and depots, and forts, Beige guns and all that sort of thine, I win venture you a short'letter that an opportunity to reach the States may be improved. It may serve to explain events of which the readers of the TKißume will probably be apprised officially and by telegraph by the time this is In type. On the evening of the 23d, Kilpatrick re turned from his expecitlon around and in the rear of the enemy’s position. Informa tion obtained by It In relation to the position and movements of the enemy, de termined Geo. Sbetman to execute another of bis moveeants by the flank. It will be borne in mind .that our position, at that Ume, was, fts l have stated in former letters,, in aline extending from the Howard House, near the Angnsta Railroad, in a carved course around the north and west . sides of Atlanta, land thence in a straight line southeast to and along the West Point Railroad. The 4th corps held the extreme left ot this line, aud the 23d corps its extreme right, which rested south cl the TJtoy Creek. The whole Iloe of the enemy was heavily intrenched, and in length was some twenty-two miles. The army ol the Tennessecheld the center. Both armies had worked so faithfully, and after their long experience so well and tooroughlv, that it was obvious that the party who should elect to assault the other's works would probably be repulsed—without doubt, would suffer a tremendous loss of life and limb. Putting assaults out of the strategy of our camptucn, the offensive operations left for Gen Sherman *rere two, The first was to dig th« enemy out—unearth him—by the regular steps and approaches of a siege, conducted according to the principles of mll itvry art. The second was by a flank move ment, to force the rebels out of their works, snd either give or receive b*ttle In the field. Sherman adopted the Utter plan. Just bow, at what particular point, and when he will strike the blow, is Immaterial at this time. The trains having been filled with such ra tions, forage and ordnance as it was pro posed to use, the movement commmenced. A refused line of works was made from the left of the 15th corps’ position, a little south of west ot the city, into this line, which was to cover the left flunk of the army, the 16th and 17th corps were moved early Jn the nisht of the 25th. Daring the same night and simultaneously with the movement of me .'6th aud 17th corps, the 4th corps was withdrawn and moved to the rear of the right center. The 20th corps was moved into a new portion at the Chatta hoochee. By these movements U will be perceived uur troops vseatod all the works on the nvrth side of Atlanta, and so much of those on the west side ts retched to tholeft ol the 15th corps, a point nearly opposite to the southtrmost suburbs of the city. These movements were made with great prompt ntes and skill and were successful without the loss of a single life. The whole of the country between the Chtttahooche and At lanta was thus uncovered, Including of course tie radroad from th* river to the city. All this Was, however, but the pre . liminary step. The troops remained iu sub stantially the position I nave indicated ail dar. The enemy tell our lines quite vigorously with artiilfiy alter the cuaoge of oar pot-ition became apparent in the morning. But, bejond the throwing ot shell into our works, and occasionally driving the men, Hood made no ventures. He did not even feel our lints hard enough to ascertain any thing as to the force with which they were htlo. Dnrirg the day the 4th Corps moved into a position, massed in the rear of our center and remained there ready to act ac cording to emergency. No such occasion offered Itself In the evening so soon as it became cark enough, the armyol the Ten nessee was withdrawn from its position, the 15th Corps moved first and was followed by the 17th, aud It in turn by tee 16th Corps. The rebels were on the altrl, but continued tbeir investigations of Howard’s movements. by throwing shell into onr lines. The move ment wts successful with the loss oi one man, the Sergeant Major of the 127ih Illinois kdled and a few wounded. The army of the Tennessee marched at once to a point on the right of the 23d corps, and then moved east ward across the Utoy and Camp Creeks. The night was very dark, and occasional showers Bade the roads very slippery. The troops moved, however, witn alacrity, and by noon, Sherman’s flanking army wqs in position fourteen miles southeast of Us position ot the previous .evening. At the same time the right of the 23d corps which had been re fused, was brought up Into line. Thus much describe* the movements so far. I write you from a camp torce miles west of Fatrbum Station, on the west polot, or Montgomery rtUroaoßd. I write briefly, because two days and a night without sleep, with orders to eat breakfast ard be saddled at four In the morn ing, suggest such sleep os shonld bo had when it can. jace. FB.OJI SiSnVILIE. Hood’s Army—Political—Union Con* vcntiun— icaio* [From Our Special Correspondent.] NASimiXE, Sept. 1. From the front there is as yet nothing. We have had no commucicitlens from Slier man since he left bis position on the West and started for the South of the doomed city of Atlanta; nor do we expect any till the an nouncement reaches ns that Hood has been overwhelmed, and the campaign in Georgia ended, by the entire destruction of the rebel military role. . Hood’s army consists of at least one-half militia—that lb, boys, bid men, officers of the Slate, cooks, Ac,—and will not be very terrible antagonists, when outside of for tifications ; and our men, when confronting them in open fields, will not be long in dis persing them. However, Hood his disposed of hfs forcts very judiciously. Veterans and recruits are mingled together with great c&re, so as to render the whole force, In the highest possible degree, effective. Besides, he will fight; and as that is just to Sherman’s hand, a battle, )f it has not taken place, will not be long delayed. Toe result of a general engagement cannot be doubtful; it is fore shadowed In theseyeral straggles which took place in the latter part of last month, when Hood took—as he will never agiln be enabled to take—the offensive. Che bloody repulses ot ibe SOtb, 23d ana S3tU of July will be repeated, not only wlth-intercst but usury. 1 do nottuick we shall hear from Sherman for several nays; perhaps .not for a week; but «hen news does come, it .wlllbe such as will cheer the heart of eveiy patriot, and strike dismay ao every traitor. It will settle the tongues of those who expect McClellan to be elected through the aid ot rebel vic tories. POLITICAL. ■ The nomination ot McClellan and Pendle ton give* to rebel sympathizers here unmiti gated satisfaction. Some time since, I wrote yon that the rebels here preferred “Little Mac” to even VaUandigbam; and such is the case. Theysay of hint that no is stronger than an open ptucc nun, and that, when elected, he will be jnat such an instrument a* they neea. He is a weak man, and con ho moulded to mit them. They Justly ask the questions, If be I* not for peace; if the plat form d n’t mean the recognition of “ our In dependence," why did VallatJdfgham give In, in the Convection ? Woy did he say that there aas no difference in principle, as to the resolutions; only of phraseology? I confess they have the advantage in the argu ment; and no one can successfully dispute the correctness of tiielr conclusions. I am writing this in a restaurant; and jnst at the conclusion of the above sentence, two well known rebel eyrapathlzirs came im con versing upon the political status of affairs and as they were speaking loudly In the pres cnee of at least twenty persons, I din not think it improper to note what they sold: Mr. A—Well, how do von like the ticket? Mr. JL—lt is jttcl the nomination I should have made had I been able lo dictate. B.—What will be the result of success in your opinion? B.—Xho independence of the South will be acknowledged; there is no middle ground; . we will prefect to McClellanthe&lternatlrrs of war or separation; and when he finds we wont live with the North he will yield. If McClellan is elected I believe Tal laodlgham will be in the Cabinet* UKIOK OOKVCWTIOK. The Union Convention assembles here next Monday. The Wneeler raid will pre vent many delegates from coming, neverthe less It will be large. WBBBLZB’s watt* Wheeler Is in this vicinity with about 5,000 men* fils forces are chiefly scattered dong the rood between here and Tullahoma, de stroy lug the track wherever it Is posdble, but doubtless avoiding a fight. It was, evi dently, the Intention of Forrest andßoddy to cross from below and co-operate with Wheeler; but the Tennessee is too high to admit ol this; bat It Is now asserted that Forrest has succeeded in ‘ getting over at Savannah; but ol that I have no ■ certain knowledge. ' How do the rebels sympathizers obtain such an intimate knowledge of the move ments of their friends? More than a week since rebels here disclosed to those whom they deemed their friends, th&tForrest would be in this section soon; and now we know officially that he would have been here but for the high water. The manner in which this communication between amnestied rebels here and open rebels in the Booth is kept up Is really astonishing- Wheeler crossed the river above Kingston, and made - lor Sparta, and thened moved down to McMinvllle, and in the direction of this city. His force consists of the divisions of Wharton, Nelly and Howard’/*, and tbs Independent briitde of Williams, In all,'from 4,000 to 5,000 men and 18 pieces of artillery. Gen. Eubbcan la folly prepared to check the rebels, but as his force Is all infantry,' he can do but little in pursuing bln adversary. If, however, Wheeler does not get oat In 24' hours he will find a large oodf of cavalry ■•ponhiro. These are, at this time, concen trating and moving, and in a very short time they will be on the war path. I will not predict anything at present, as before this reaches you yon will be apprized of certainties by telegraph; and will con-' tent myself with promising something defi nite soon. An extra, published in this city, afew minutes since, contains the lolloping: ' * Bob. Jorcsij Stokes and Mr. Charles, nh«>t Clark’ ol the Pifsl cilice at this place, arrived here l*at night They were in Letpnon crating the raid of ffnplcrV cavalry. It was reported at Lebanon ttAt Wheeler's headquarters were at Spirts. A. •soy ebo left Alezanona on Sunday. raid that it va* reported there that Whr e er had twelve reft* nieLta at Sparta. The? had ciptured Odyt BUek born, of Col. W. B Stoke's cavalry. with twenty Wackhorneaeipea. Some thirty of tte 6th Teutn-este cavalry, aader Cant Bush, •topped on Sunday nfeet eight miles from Lebta cm, at the none* of Normau Welch, a noted rubai Two of Welch 0 to Alexandria, to Iniorm Wheeler, who sentdjwn 3to tar airy and captured the party, wbn were *ufv eeouentl) paroled, and came Into Gallatin. The capturing party then went on to Lebanon bloat of them remained Inside the tolm. and ©then* flatbed ont Wr the pamoae of ma«MTr*in<r U e colored irarrieou rtotlWd theremVsVolSl Thornton, coushting of eome surtv men Wo learn that some atx of Wheeler's nfen were snot dead by the xccwea, who lou-ht with ma?ked braverv aid dntrminaUon. ciot Thornton hi havt-d with nmch ektiJ, coolness and itota*-beßcht «vcr,l aided Wheeer's men by firing nn th» I. ,JL* soldiers. One man fired two fboS at CsitSn Thornton. Lebanon la as rllo a SB there is in the cotm’ry, and the dOzenT-who mmcipjud •” Uif affair should b. J£S2 sii STS™®. innately they were not visible. ’ ,or SHE COPPERHEAD COXTE.'y. r A'IOJ!l # ExtiacU from Disloyal Speeches. . Onr railroad contemporary makes the fol lowing extracts'from the speeches of the Into Copptrbe&d Convention: Fhernandy Wud (the Aminidab Sleek— the gracious ptace eneel of the Convention), be nlghonOj spread bis palms from the balcony of the Sherman House, like the Pope blessing the pf ople, and bl&t-alj perorated as folio wa; • We call lor peace, God of our tathers Grant us ppce, lAmenj peace in our Hearts and at thtm* altare; peace cn the red waters ana oa oar blighted shotes: peace for the bcleagnred cities aud the boats that wait around them; peace for the widows and fata tricep’ tor the sinning and the sinned atainst. Grant ns peace, O God, for all.andtora distracted, tom and bleeding land. Speed the great time lor pca?e. Ben Allen, of New York, was knd enough to Inform us: “Slavery Is not the cause of the war; but the Abolitionists are. To re move the cause you must remove the Aboli tionists. There is not & secessionist per st in the whole South.” Mr. WhltlDg, a Copperhead spiritualist, “wanted to know 11 hla hearers were going to submit to conacriptl;n to fleht their Smthsrn bnlhm." He denounced the War ae “a war of invasion.** Henry Cluj Dean didn’t like Little Mac. When asked if he would support hltn If nominated, he Bald: “Before‘God, fellow citizens, we bare one Idiot In the Presiden tial chair; don’t let ua put another in it.” Ike Itjndera said before the Inrlncible Cloh: “Alter three'years potty despotism.lnland a tree man before & free people. I know the South areas gallant, chivalrous and noble a people 1% God ever created. I am sorry tae Sooth hare cacen the eu-ps ihe? have, bat Goa anows t&ey nad last cause to act aa they did act. lie did not consider it a shame to make peace with a power who had kept them at bay ior three years.” “By G—d we must have- McClellan nominated TVe must put a scop to this d— a war.”— Dean, Sldmond W. W. O’Brien, of PcoHa, Broke: “We must struggle for peace, liberty, and oar rights. Against us is fraud, Violence and murder. The people tire of the tyrant’s rule. We willhave a free election or a free fight; and we warn those In power that their Uoaj will pay for any infraction of oar rights,” Sunset Cox indulged in an Jnflamitory bat guarded harangue, in which he claimed: ‘•We aie for peace. We deprecate violence; bat there arc tbingi* even tnaa war. ana chat is a tame and cowardly BUMa.B'lon lo Let as ei dare so longer, but meet the first outrage of oar constitutional rights as oar fathers met theae- VlCerots of theite." “ The war is an unholy light. Soon the net la to he drawn that will gather in Its half million more to iced the insatiable ttlnst far blood of the Ne^ro Goa. Lit ns demand a cessation ol the sacrifice until the people shall pronounce their great and emphatic verdict tor peace, and let cbe tyrant nu- C« relat'd that the demand comes from earn eat men and most be respected,”— McMasiers. Mr. Johnson, coalmine to be a gospel motegrfrom Missouri, hinted strongly at a Western Confederacy. He said: ** If it shall be necessary in the settlement of oar chfScnliles to allow a lew stars t>* form a conswtlU tun by themselyes, I think we can be Just as safe, just as well protected, aud Just as free aud happy under a Union of fitpubllcs as we hare been under a Union of States. 1 want to see this whole conti nent bound together by a grand onion of Bepnb- Ucs. Andwu will have It, and will hare peace and harmony and self-government with it,” ” Let us burl that usurper from power. Never till that day comes when the usurper and hl« victim tutelar the Judgment seat can he be punished for his wrongs, for his conspiracy against American liber ty .* —Bakery of Michigan, “We will have a tree press aedfree speech. Are von witling any ionrer to erdure your hardships? (No.J Then come np and hurl Mr. Lincoln irom Enwcr. Ibis hhek abolition party has almost roktn up this government. Will yoa endure it anj longer! "—Mr. Fuller. “What is this war for? The nigger. It is for the nigger against the white man. I think we don’t want nor bosoms stuffed so much with damned nifgers this warm weather. I don’t be lieve the negro U eqaakto the white man. Is it not high time that this infernal war was flopped ? if the South ronid be Rnhjnroted br Ibis internal war, tbe bayonets woald be turned against the North. Come weal or woe wo wilt be for the sov ereignty of the States and'individual rights.”— Mr Sanders, of Fa. M I advise peace and harmony,bnt If In the slraz glelt n achea toe point tsat the ballot box la orcn touched with pacrllfeiiona hanae.l m> then and thrre. come what will, let the lives and honor of all be plcdpco to the blcuest flcht the world ever flaw.”—jßleAop, of Michigan. w Jfo more arbitrary arrests wi Jbe permitted with Impunity. So more ValJaodlaluma will be draped irom the of tbclr families, and spirited away to a foreign laod or a dunceon, un less tbe attempt costa Mood. I Wamn. of Rhode Jttand. ** We t*lk of rebellion and revolution in the Sonih. Thereto! worse rebellion in the North The Southern peop'e all have an affection lor tbe Union; bat herein the North there Is a lame party who call the Constitution a covenant with ndl. That’s what's toe matter The Democratic par y most recocniza la their nomination tbe doctrine or nun-coercion, or It will not,andoncbt not to be This campaign will be successful only if conducted upon the principles of tbe old Democratic party and they Wt-re peaceful principles. Tnese doo* trines must be rcpxctuotod either in tbo caudtdste or tbe platform. Get tbe candidate if you can but the platform at all events CAaun&y Burr. Tbe Hon. H. C. Clnt bourn claimed Virginia as bis native State, “ the birth place of the brave and noble Stonewall Jackson.” He thought Mac was the man for the honr and the time. Capt, Knntz, of Flltshursr, “d—d Mr. Lincoln as a thief and leader of thieves.” He said “Lincoln was now played oat, the op position to him was going to be bold and powcrfol; there must bononnderhand work, and If Democrats catch any of Lincoln’s b—y satrap spies among them, they mast cut thtir d—d throats, that’s all. I should like to see the noble George B. McClellan as President, [cheers] and that great Democrat, Horatio Seymour, should occupy the posi tion of Secretary of State. In the Cabinet I would sec the name ot Voorhees and the brilliant galaxy of gentlemen statesmen who cluster round the Democratic banner.” “rn ten you about Jeff. Davis. Abs Lincoln has a little difficulty mtn him. and Z make it a role never to Interfere with blackguards. There was never a crime perpetrated in the history cf the wx rid that has not lud its cztct counterpart in the conduct of Mr. Lincoln. Abe Lmco’n is a liar and perjurer, and hue petit larceny wr.tten all over li's body, from the crown of his head to the soke of his feet.”— Henry Clay Dean. John Allen, of New York, was decidedly for peace. War would never prodace peace. We could never subjugate the South. The olive branch of “ Democracy,” lo the shape of a peace platform, Is all that can restore the Union. He would support McClellan on soch a platform. The following are specimen chips of the speechifying “hovein” at the ratification meeting held last Wednesday: Mr. Sanderson said : “ If Abe Lincoln was rc-electcd, he would free the negroes of the South and then enslave the p:ople,' We must maintain State Hu/Jtf*” &c., &c. Judge MU tr, of Ohio, raid: a bloody war has bttn waned to elevate the negro to an eqiaUtv with the white man. There la do difference bo tween a War Democrat and au ALo JUomat. Thor are both links In came aaaaagc, made from the Mr. Rollins, of Missouri, said : «I Jove our Southern friends. They are a nobis, a brave and chivalrous people, although they are trying to break up the Government” Mr. Hanna, ot Indiana, was heavy on Bsn Butler, and poured over his devoted head such venomous slime sa this: Bj whom wan Lincoln .npnortei il Prominent drone hi. rnpponcm Is ltatler. b.lf Oc.u. ooc‘ qurtcrhcashnnOless thdiono-ronnhhuman, be gotten bj the Prince ot hell, heired fromtbe rouen - womb or cruse asd thrown into the lap of civili zation a deformed; unfinished wretch. He w«a sent before bla time into this breathing: world. leva tban half made nn.andis so hateful-looking that the clogs bark at him as he passes by. STATE POLITICS. A Lincoln and Johnson Club has been organized at Rock Island. The officers hare not yet been chosen. The De Kalb County Congressional Con ventlon met at Sycamore on the 23d nit, and instructed the delegates for Farnsworth.. . The election of last Friday on the question of license or no license to sell spirituous liquors in the town of Oqnawka, resulted In ft vor of no license by a vole of 05 to 53, Tbe Morgan County Convention met at Jacksonville, on the 27th nit, and made the following nominations: Marshall F. Ayers for IheLcglslatnre; Mr. Metcalf for Circuit Clerk: CyiuaMa’hews for Sheriff; : and W. A. Happy for Coroner. Delegates were ap. pointed to the Congressional Convention and Instructed to vote for Hon. lease Morrison. The Stark county Union Convention met at Toulon on the 20th nit., and nominated Patrick M, Blair for Circuit Clerk, G, H. Wilbur for Sheriff, and John F.- Rhodes for Coroner. Delegates were appointed to the. Congressional Convention. Delegates to the Frinceville Convention were instructed to vote far G. Wi Hewitt as candidate for Pros ecuting Attorney. ' Pursuant to call o( the Central Committee for the 2lst Senatorial District, a convention of delegates from the three counties of Bureau, Henry and Bock Island, composing said Dis trict, assembled at Genesee, Henry county, >at two o'clock on Tuesday, August 23,18W, and being called to order by the chairman of toe Central Committee, was organized by the appointment V. Bronson, of Henry, President, and C. C. Mason, of Bureau, Secretary,' v " Onmofion of Barnes, of Bock Island, the Convention proceeded to ta informal ballot, resulting u follows: . Webster, of Bock Island, 0; C. L. Kelsey, of Bureau, 5; J B. Hawley, of Bock Island, 3; Geo. E. Waite, of Henry, 7; Otas. Bald win, of Bureau. 1; A. J. Joy, L First formal ballot: A. Webster, 14; Kel sey, 5; Hawley, 5; 8. B. French, of Bu reau, 2, On motion the nomination of Webster was then made unanimous. The Winnebago Convention, which met on the S4ih ult., passed the following reso* lutloos: Bctolted, That our confidence remains andimin* isbedin the integrity, patriotism and wisdom ol Abraham Linco n, and that noon the support o J bis Aomlnlstrat 00. and npoo nts re-election, de* pend fhe BQpprrsMonot the rebellion and the com plete re-tsiabltshment of the National Uorern menu Betel rsrf, That the ardnona and snccessinl efforto l , past and present, of onr patriotic and gif ied Co id Magistrate, Bichard Yates, in rus tainine the cause of Liberty and the U«i<m. enti tle him to the profound tratlmoo aod admiration of tverv patriot throughout me tiis'e and uition. B- toiled. That we recognise la General Bichard J. Oglesby, onr gallant, standard nearer, at (he hc&a of our present btatecaovasß, who has shed his Mood la ms country's servicr, a crave soldier, sound statesman, truepaCriot, and faoaeet man; and we, the people of Winnebago county, pledge our united and on weaned effort* for Oil election and ior the triumph ol Union principles In Illinois. Bttolted, That In the Hon. John F. Farns wenb. Durable and ofDclent member ofCoagrepß, we the tritfl soldier on the fie d »>f bitile, the st®nj-ih oe'ender of hnman liberty and ol the union of these States, and an earnest advocate of toe nphu of the people; that we heartily oudorse the action of the celepaiea from this county in secur ing his nomLn.ilou, *.nd that the delegate* now here chosen, are Instructed to a*o ail honorable means to procure hi.-re nomkailon. • in the language of Andrew UNION-IT MOST Bt PPJ-SEEVEB I’ aid that we. as delegates and patrioie, will renew ana doable onr efforts, at tela ens;?, to render our Government efficient, and our armies inviaciole. SliTB HEWS; At a public meeting la WalshviUe, ia Mont gomery county, on Saturday the 20:h inst., a dispute arose between Ellas Miller and the notorious K. W. Davis, when the latter, at tempted to shoot the former, but failed to accomplish hts object. Havla was then ar rested on the charge of an assault with intent to kill, aud was bound over m the sum of $2,000 to answer to the charge in the Circuit Court. 'the Dodgevnio Chronicle eaya a lead mine of Hr. Cutler's at Porter's Grove, Is paying largely. The other day a chunk weighing over 2,000 pounds *bs taken out Ic was nearly square, and perfectly solid. With mineral at its present price, SIOO per thou sand, a mao Is thought to be doing pretty well when be can raise a fewsucb chunks per day. The smelting furnaces in DadgevUlrt are kept constantly at work. For the mouth of July, the amount of ore smelted and ship ped Irom ooe of the furnaces amounted to some over $15,000, on which a Government tax of 3 per cent ad valorem is imposed, amountiig to $450. We learn that the Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph Co. are about to commence the erection ol anew telegraph line from Chi cago to Bureau Junction, which shall con nect with that line to this city. A soldier named Tuomas Powell, belong ing to company K, 25th Illinois infantry, was shot at Sprinfrlleld. and killed, a lew da>s since by some unknown person. .A man named Patrick Lmgdon was seized with a fit on Thursoay last, at Lacon, while driving a load of buy. He fell back in such a manner that bis horses sheered, upsetting the load and burning him underneath the hay, where be was found dead. Morgan county has invested over $130,000 in U. H. securities. 'i he com is being injured la some fields in K&ne county by the grno; oat upon the whole, a splendid crop is maturing. Ur Patrick, of DuPage county, has a field of forty acres which, It is estimated, will yield 100 bushels per acre. A large drove of sheep passed through El gin on .Monday, bound forlowa. Thousands npon thousands have been taken into that State the past season Daniel Kelley, of Wheaton, has received more than ten thou sand dollars cash from sheep this summer. On Friday last, during that severe gale o! wind, a brakeman on the Central .Rillroad, named Darliug, on the freight train bound north, wss blown below Foreston, end his leg run over and crushed below the knee. He was brought to Freeport, but died shortly alter. On the Stith ult. ft little daughter of M. E. Maul, oi Qttlcfabnrg, wuadrotvnea in a cUtera of water. 8S?“ The hero of the flag, the venerable Ishmael Pay, of Maryland, has visited the PmldcnU He told Mr. Lincoln that Geo. Wallace had levied on the secessionist* to compensate bim for his losses. “Tell Geo. Wallace for me,” said the President, ** that he is right, and to go ahead, and I will bos' tain blm l n mmuh and wmmtsiL, iaOKET&BT. SIOSDAT Etbswg, Sept. S,ISW. Owing to the storm, the teleg.aph wires , hare been oat of order nearly all day, and business was much lighter at the several banking houses tbau omal. Tiie supply of cnrrencr Is still limited, but the market to-day was rather easier, and first class paper was freely discounted at 10 per cent per an num. The amount of produce paper offered was comparatively lisht—the demand for shipment -being now limited In consequence of the compa ratively high prices ruling here. Eastern exchange is in falrenpply, and the regu lar bankers ara buying at discount—pr net pally at the hitter quotation. The selling rate is *■«' ’ discount, and in round lots to bankers, %{dis count. Gold ic New York opened early at 233, advanced to S43and closed at 2tOA£. 'Tbe.iollowmearc.the quotations received to-day by Jane a Boyd, cold* bioktr: 9.£oa. m 215 111.00 a. m 243 10.00 a m 289j{ j2.tio m at 10.10a.m 210 ,j &30p.m 240tf Here tbe transactions in cold wars very light at 240. Silrenwas nominal at 230. Flvc-Twen'lcs were eteady at 109*£, In corrency small bills axe very scarce. New Tons Stock Mibket.—The following are tbe quotations lor Sept. 5, received by F. O. Sal* tonrtall & Co., commission, stock and bona bro kers, 24 Clark street, Chicago: U« BM.2d B’c. 1 3d B’d. IT. Y. C .128 l*?x(Qnlekßtlver... 832f BJjf C.&N.W,. . 51K NKIU.O.T., 124 HO* (pfd). M),' 8151 tti Erie (comn...WiK l&£sf| IU. Cent .... .Brio(old)... 106 x IwSVlOhlrvfcbiHi,certify C. iOtk mx Scant war Al. B. (com)... 8?X 8554 loan, »7 .... M. H. <ctoj....i4GK l4<K U- 8. 8 ft Cent F.F. W,t C..lOU* ICS# 5-23 coasoca.lCOY .... M. U IS3H ÜB* 17. B, 6 V cent C.* A.(cmn).B» .... bonrfe 1831...KNJ4 .... C.*A.(pul)...»2V .... U.B.7S*)Of'TBM- B* 1 IC7V lofi* ary Notes...lll TIL Cent.terlp.l23Y ItoJ? U.B.lyrccrtf. D» B.&Q 133 117 America goId£UX 3JOK Marfeet—Utßotrd weak, 2d Board beavr. NoBTHVrESTEIWNxTIOKAI.'BAKK OFCmCAGO We learn that among the National Banks recently established, there la the “Northwestern National Bant of Chicago,” with a capital of $5113,000. Unchißcham Stnrgea la President, and George Stnrses, Cashier. The bills are cow being printed, and the iesne will take place at an early day. The following National Banks have last been es tablished: The Merchants National Bank of LowclL Ms«iv chm-eUs,. Kojal Soalblnct, President; J. N. Pierce, Cashier; capital $l5O 000. Tbe First Na tional Bank of Stockbaven, Penn., French C. Kin'zlfiir, President; Abraham GrtiUa, Cashier: capital SIW,IOO. The Northwestern National Bmk of Chicago, Illinois, Buckingham Stanris. Presi dent ; George Stnrgia, Cashier; capital, $&»,000. COUBffißClAli. MoKDAT ETOHDiO, Sept. 6,18 -A. The receipts and shipments daring the past 43 home were as follows: lacxipn asd smpnsxTS past 48 norm. jCecetred. Shipped. . 8,760 210 . 72,050 100,826 . 81,431 40,000 .152,053 55,200 10,773 7,875 14.875 810 12,519 ' 10,618 88,121s 30,13-1 .... 29,i«0 Plonr. Wbeai Com.. Bje... Barlej. Grace Seed. Fiax Seed Btoom C0rn........ Cored Meats.; Ueef, trca iod l At* 126.000 Tallow 2.616 4,oft -WodJ 65.413 2,450 Dogfl ... 970 1^45 Cattle 1,109 GUO Bidet.. 61841 . 74,550 Hiubwlne* _ 203 Botur 81,041 13,000 axczifTHofyiouaA3T>aßxutroarn* wxbxxsd. lao BKPT. 8. « •« . ... l^oar-Wfcfcu corn Oat* Bre Barter Beeehred by brla. boa. bu*. . bo*, bua. bo*/' irl-a’S .3 i® :::: » 8188.... ii 37 41700 67731 780*0 25550 11400 111 CRB... 6917 121450 46150 90000 8150 ttUT CB*QUR 4479 45900 487T0 7K5184 ;H7M 9561 Hffßß... 5774'6,780 S8 r0 181SC0 «00 l&tft CAARE. 82?0 587-2 14939 50iW) 4731 2703 otnerioadi 2iß 47348 .... 823 ...7 TOUL.... 36151 893551 288253'737181 98971 55J20 Correeponolmr T! ■week *63.. 97731 0068 931522 151435 54JJS . 41800 tgSlfcS 510Crai«4-2U4tmTB33 46557S 25251S Scales•Bl.. 76758773 5ti91fc»44a555353480 418878 1W7.3 ucxncxxTa or noun -m ouaia, inu wsdbso SEPT. 3. Jlonr, Wheal, Com, Oatf, Bye, Bar y, ■ _ br-a. bn.. bn. no. bn. bn. ByßeliteM 816 2134 U - flldl S4t3 ISSSSi 273300 ' 433173 4S>SS 5575 OaWeSO-..i. .... JfcJttS 21438 21350 20130 .... OffdfDKbory. M-iO 818 U» if6s gis 11l IXCclborne 17150 .... Itow .... pt smeis...isim .::. tuft .: in. Godrnth... USi .... * Conifer® “* :9 & e j£JSH**iS?,5U2? ®«» : wa 1W 2173 g^ o a i ®..759?J45£3255214291T8J7175n Season ’U..BOSU4 TVSTOS P&3S3 ernm 265>«8 17573 . There waa a fair attendance on ’Change to-day and the general markets for produce were active and steady. The demand, hotvrver, la chiefly spec* uia tire—the ehippera showing but little disposition to operate in the preeaat unsettled - condition of afihir*. Flour was held firmly, but the demand was very moderate, and we note rales of only about 2,030 ■brls atti2,oo©l2.7sforwhl(e winter extras; $10.50 for red winter extra; and f 10.7C©10.87X forsprihg extras—the market closing quiet. ' Wheat was active and firm at Saturday’s quota , tatione, but there waa no Improvement; and the market dosed weak.. About 107,(XQ bushels spring and 31/00 huabcla winter wheat changed bonds at 06 tor No 8 fled Winter, 8196 for Rejected Winter, $3,00 ©2XS /or Nol Spring, f1.9352.0i for No S Sprlnc, and ft 66©1.90 x for Rejected Spring —the market dosing quiet and weak at fi.olS2.Oy for No 1 Red and $1.99 for No 2 Spring. * .. - There was a fair shipping and speculative de mand for Corn, and the market ruled firm and ac tive, with sales of about 110,000 buebets at sl-3!® I.S3for No 1 Corn, f1.29X51.81 for NoSCam, and SIS7SI-3?# for Rejected Corn—the market for No 8 Corn dosing weak at>. River and Canal Corn afloat was sold at fi.3oSl SlforNoS. Oats were active and firm, with afklr shipping and speculative inquiry—about 160X00 bushels having changed hands at ttXGRc for Nol Oats, f6fbrNo9 oats,atd 6Se for Rejected Oatsr*tho: market dosing qvet at C6X®6oXc forNol/oul 6fc tor No 9 Oats. Eje was quiet and unchanged, with sales of IS,. ODO bethels at $1.5401,85 for No 1, and $,.8i0L33 Btilc, »ii lutrtlre-bnjm and adian bring (CTenJlj .boat 5c apart—with mlea ,f .boat S.OOO boehcli.t *2.10 for H»3 fa store, aadlUM for Selected is score. High wines were dull, with sties of only 100 bris at SLTB, at which price holders were very firm Provisions ruled quiet, with isles of 120 bris Prime Mws at $41.00, and M tierces sweet pickled Hama at 17c. Lard was held at 83c, without bay ers. 4 The market for Salt Is unsettled and lower, with EBlee of 1.000 bris Fine to day at $-140 afloat, and I.OCO bris do at $3.35 delivered free on cars Timothy seed was active and firm, with heavy false at $5.5005.60 for good to prime, and *5.25 for common grades. Flax Seed was steady*st $3lO. Grain Freights were scarce and very dull, with light engacementa at 6c for oala anl 8c for wheat to Bofiaio. In Groceries the market has been rather quiet but prices of the leading, staples coatlane firm at previous quotations. . Coal is still in very limited supply—demand ac tive, and prices very firm at previous quotations. Whittflßh ts in better sepply, bat still below the demand. Market firm atsd3oSß.7sforNo 1 and at $8.23(38.50 ior No. 5. Codfish in nominal toppy wlih an active demand. Market firm at $9.75® 10.00 per ICO lbs forQeorge'a Bank and *9.00 ®9.23 for Grand Bank. Green Frulta are in liberal and abundint supply. O wing to tho large receipts ofApqlos, we note a futther decline ot 50c®$1.00 on previous quota tion#. -Water Melons have.further declined $3.00 P*tlCo. The supply of Peaches has bean larger, with a decline ol 60c per basket. Green Salted Hides are in fair anpply—the mar bet is moderately active and firm at 12x®i4c ■s£>. Dry Flint ore In fair request, and firm at 21022 c V E>. The OU market is still quiet—and presents bat little change since Saturday. Carbon Oil la much firmer, and more active, And owing to the advance bf 2c gal In Pittsburg, the market has a steady upward tendency. Linseed remains quiet and steady at $1.6601.70 for. raw, and sL7t®l.73 for boiled. Woolis still In fhir supply. The market la active and very firm fit previous quotations. In Beef Caltlo the receipts since Saturday con sisted ezciosively of very common to medium grades. Entered sales at all the yards 1,016 bead fit $3.5006.00, chiefly at $4 0005.25 100 Iba. Market to.erably firm and unchaosed. In Ho*s too receipts have been nominal. Enter ed ea’ep, 160 bead at $i0.5501a45. Transactions too limited to* establish quotations. ' IATAB. . In the afternoon there vaa very lltllo dono—No, 2 Spring Wheit remaining steady at $1.9302.00, atwbich tanse about 13,000 tmshel*wereeold. No. S Com was steady at $1.30. Oats, Rye and Hlgh wlacs were neglected. CHICAGO LUUDBB UAHKBT* Motoxt Evxacra, September 5. LUMBER-Hccavod Saturday, 1.0.’5.00C fret There have be< a more than the recent number of cargoes on the market to-day. Bates tave not. been ma.e so reaolly. bat the market continues firm "at\prevloni quotations. SHlNGLES—Receipts still very limited and below tbo demand- Received Saturday 193,0C9. Maxke flin and uichanytd. LATH—Received Saturday pcs, change In the previous activity of the market. Frtees rule firm at previous quotations. CIBOO RUM TO-DXT, Csrgoschrltand.fioni.Qranfl iilyer,aold by Gar* rt0.,90,0C( feet rafted Icmbcr.S stripsat *2900; car' go acbr Hambold'. from TTbiteLake, told by Garrick 85.'C0 fett Inmtxr, K strips at |2l f0; cargo Co). Oloycr.ftom Grax-d rer. sold by Irish & Fnler, 80.0' 0 iret lumber. K strips at 920.00$ ear*o >ebr Min trya.ftcoi 3rand Itmr.iold by O. Brewster. i:0,«OQ feet number,. H stilpi at 923.00, [B/J.KO &.’» sawed eblncltant SJ/0; 68.050 pea lath at 81,3*; cargo sebr Harrison, from Utolatee. sold by Bickford. 115,003 ltd lumber, bold tall of mill ran, deck load mixed, at 9JUIO; cargo sebr Japan, from Manistee, sold by Bickford, feet mid run 1 amber, boards and strips at |2l CO. The following are tbe yard prices: LTnaaa->Kmtciear.7« at |50.«09*3,C4 Bccood Clear, ¥ M. ... 49JJ,@5*aW Third Clear, V AL @30.00 BtOCtt Bo»K05. 82.ba3(.00 ilex or delect Boards n.oou♦\C3 Con.moQ Boarafl . Sacr#MDo FtfcOiar.. 23J*u3W« CUUBoart? ....(» 6.0# f ir»t Clear Flcorlne, roa«a «... «XCr3W.oo Hscosd Clear Fioonn*- rough MJfeaisco Common Flo:rmr,rud*ti,., 3J.Wa33 00 tttcloc.cie»r. CRMOd. 2aj).@>. : 8 Second Clear; .. tsuiaßOQ Lose iiOMjaoo aiiaTtd Bbiajcle*. A. V it...,,. Sava sao Beared Shinglei, No. i..,« ' 4A@ 4.9 C Stared 9alurle*,Siar. 575 a &no Ceoarßhtcxlea. ssoa a.*!! Bawec.fiblDfflef.A 373^6.00 bowed StlDßie* Ko. 1 5.75 j-wh,virfoopci., car*axa 5»«, y voc„ i«j3iSoi PlCksU 2Wo£jrU4 CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. Monday Brßtore,Btpt. 5, 1351. DBEF CATTLE—The receipt* at the Tattoos yards rises Saturday amount to about 506 head of Beef Cstilt*. Ttese consisted,almost ciclqsjtoljt, ofvsry common to medium graces cf stock. Entered salts l,W6h«ad,atsjJs<JCJo, but moitljr b( |Lo.'®sJ*s V ICO 60. ' Ihe principal purchases were made br army coc tr*ctortf—soma few droree were bought lor atook Catt'e, ana tne rein i Inder were taken by apecoi«ton and citj butcher* Good medium pradei, from 1,050 to lAHi tt* are In fair demand; also prime to extra shipping Qualities. Ccmnou Catt' oiaal, la remit al demand, ana sell at all aorta of price* from t£.iO V lie &s nppwatda. There ha* been no change on onr previous qnatatioaa. BSXF CATILS BALES BIHOB BATT7EDAT, Seller*. __Buyfr*. Eo. At. Price TT»a*ork&M.,.V»ebD& Ke11y..,, 14 i«a> si.srjr dO ... do .... 15 MS 4 K9U do ... do .... 16 931 4.89 J.Grldtey Ea'wpJgbt 13 sis 4?5 do ........Qnksworth.. 12 ico s.eo Ore ory &* Ke11y.... S. ilia 535 Btraasr... 00 .... 73 1195 5.35 ■Bei>i)ty * N...... ro 91 913 4.43 G.Adams.... do .... 16 1313 5.0} co “* • do do .... 20 871 4 fcSJf do .... '.B 933 4.00 co ... . <lO .... 6) tas 4.40 Ikltlty&N c uaWiO* ......... SS 1135 4to CO O'Sbeo ...JR IPM 485 0, Auamr BoasntbaL. 28 12::? 07J .co Ziegler <t Co 33 irw bjh Co BotemnJ.. 12 1703 g.fW Bratosiu... -,...<'xUoer»aa * U>. 38 1023 42s Ciart Wm. M00re...... is iioi ejjo Ctljrer BdlXl • Z3 900 «*(KI Gievory&U Mcbolls 12 lass 403 J.Adazns Uous'ey, 45 STf 46>K COOley&l!lcrldgeFr»nlc m 1*23 88i co rtibley 2i 8i n 373 Arcane er ..... cooler & C 0...... 11 .973 s w Sirador Marbaca is 731 3.7J • l-tfcatt .Campbell 21 list CooujftßdJldselilOl D*r. 13 937 8.6*2 CieetiyAH Fictions..... It ]3il «jx> OVtev nuPomon. 18 US* 5.f» Bmtiey.... ...Culbertson & Co. 87 . IUB 4.00 BOQ3—Receipts since Saturdaynominal Traoaic* lions too limited to cstabliali quotations. The follow* l£g are tba only entered Ealea at all U2O yards since Saturday: noo saxss sues satuudat. Buyers. No. At. Price. .TVtmuor. 58 18s s:a,» ,Wm. Smith 49 190 * 1045 Sellers. O. A dates. J. Giicltry. Becelpta and Exports of QrcndslnlEs and Provisions. Tbs following comparison shows the Tferipti and export* of provuior-aatths port of Now York, for the eight mombserdiag Augnitsi: SKCZITTB 07 CBXaPS 10778, lES3. J(M3. IML meat floor, rris 8.«:7,?w j,oi*cas imirt (•oreMc&lbrla i02.«8j :castn .■ 195147 ■wheat, i;ve, t Of tu.... WIrNSI 8*1.0) ttJVI Oala, biißh... 3,4J4.>33« B,fc3VBB 8,181X41 ftoafc... 195,411 48.*Iti8 S3JT74 Peas.,*oßb 1(77X19 OatS'lmzb 9,03 ,sm 30,203,213 4 JOilaa xxposts ov B'jk vdstitffb. Wheat floor, bi1i,..., 9,-82,953 I.7v4.'CS l.{9iigi lijeUcur.biU C.IM . 5 * VilS Core meal. brig 99.645 &Li3o flo'Tno Wheat, buab 19,654.417 JO, 10 503*536 Kje.bnah l.on.isa W»« jS Oata, bu?h EJ.913 H3,ti7 « «i Bailed, DQlh S/. 83 59,133 *l5O Peae, Ctub „ 93.454 73, 0J 363.040 Coro,hQßh - BSQDpn or TBovmosa. is**. ises. isfil.' Pork, pics ... Jfs.iaj $Bl/93 setjur Beßf.pkes 171,272 W/t'j bum Cut Meats, psga 2TC/Si 423/?4 9<3C19 •Hnit«%plre. . W»337 19-.V89 zss! *3 CbeSfe,cKaa ... ... 27.V83 393,»«3 531431 Lard ires and brls.. 810/59 S6l 834 ISaasa Lard, kei» 0I,«51 nxro-T or provisions. Pork.fcrli 180,181 , IS* ,833 103.WT Beef, hrlt 20/R3 28.50J . 2T,t9C . w.vh si/m i)A« Get Mean. C.B 118455501 Bn'kr Rl-, - 14,293 8:3 8.W518 7.631200 cheese, as 2V 55.493 W,Ot7,sco • 28,a0 o*.s Lard, Its 93,W3,78« ft.Sct.OH <4/n?;?ro Stacks of Foes and Beet ta Now York— ' eept. 3.. Stock ot Pork ana B*el to jJMitnr-yarfla. Sew York and Brooklyn, September i, 13;4: posk. Total Thl* _ Total Total old A Ijwtdatal’i? _ Quill Jm. Ole. New. New. Month. Year. Cletr. 9 SJ2 .181 851 tiZ Wee* 9,515 1163*8 IWIU lM,*ai 128.274 FiimeMe« 871 33,988 Flank SS 23 58, 51 '7*4 Prime 40 75S -7W 1,923 17363 Rmnpt .... 2» 473 405 tS 3 1.U4 B<ft»eMee« 2 0 4334 4 934 5554 17534 Rcft»cPr.Mw.. 43 IJIO frll 6 016 E«»nse Prime.... 4 •?! rj • its 2.427 Other Rufnaa .. . 177 * 721 MH J.Tu? 4“* .Unicaptcuid 230 2,255 2,135 • 8^23 Total*.. 10.723 16I&I I^W2 T Ol“d. Kew! UoSi iSSfflSa: >» J?;S Hffl H 1; ailroadßctf i,a 507 MS SI S vices., r.. 839 ms an * s*l -i77 OtUe-Reltee..!: 5 240 5« , «S ?’SS Tee. Prime Meat. 787 «? is ail} 1, 2} Gena try MW.... «74 1,586 2*63 2J17 fims Cpnntry Prune... 23 47 171 -*047 Unlnepectert !*• - A * ll M ‘ T7D»aepeetedlirlfcl£a *OS 1,038 a,B» 37,050 57,585 83.C71 39.485 Stock of 8o!ki«m la Hew York—Seyt. 1. Cube Mnacorad o, hhds. 4/£u *!*n I’orlO Klco 1,963 6,575 Total bbda. tjsaT flSo mm Stock of Sugar In Sew York—Sept* 1, Cub*, bhfli ®U9I aa*/s gortoßlo t 5,w <«s NetrO«|»n»...... 11,851 4 ’iS UDfiluh liUndi, 4c 17J ’ 49 5 ‘ llftiM BJli| ISO SSI SB7 Total hhd*.... Boxes Baz» ... JJtlado, hhds. Stock of Coflee in New York Sepr, 1* . . ISM. 1831. 3834. tflo.bae# 70.813 J23.171 iUi»C»»PO, Oftffß. 19.146 8,93 i Babia,b«iCß .... - 85 8 tsr. Doffiinco bas* i,ao 8,3:9 aMi Pcno Jvlco,blßS . 7-0 ■ 8,917 Stnffftpoir, Osrs 2,^6 I^rchjts,f»B*' B.7id .... 2.5.M jamalta, dmi t3 1.1:4 Malabar, bats . ’931 CoitaElia. 03K3......... Aritoitara,bacfl 8-vsa.Mia.fwpj. . Java, bap 5...... •jftT#,ma*s.. 1,510 K2 ot3 .... .... 8« 12*4 1.044 *9O 3-C-TO 225 570 10,490 1«,497 11.237 C«i lon.baw.—. p<nr.ftinra, bajta Total... .?5?!u5«^73 The' Wool Trade. The September clrtnlar ofMeasra. Tellkampf * KltcMrt report* as folio tr*; paring the paatmoath'here was a good demand for Domestic F eece aid Pnded wool at rising prices, a 1 that low wool aod aealata alio, said as tMgh «s the finer kinds, with the exception of choloecUs*, ard the xsry finest grades of Onlo and Penasrlranla fleece, which sold 00 to $1.33. The stock of fleece is better than It pterional? was. but only a very light GBsntity of polled woo) 1* on hand, and Tgry little ex* ■»ete<J for some months to come. • • caUtorala. Texas. and Mexican wools hateeoa* tinned in good leanest atadrandag rates, and stocks’ y have been Uttls Bought after, and 'thetzasaactiona were brnWonsK tothareasonikaV ov domeannwoolwas eoxaidered cheaper than the loreigQ.- For ihesama reaeon, foreign medium -wool remained with bnt little c emaa<t. and sales ware rerj moderate. Foreign low wools howeror, void largely. both tar biaakat and carpet n Mafac ara, ana the stock cf it aasbeoem* exceMlaclv U*ai All fomca wocl* sold, except that stuck cams la b««o»e meant tarts toeatff-ct. *ere a* nticas boor the oo:t of wool* to ne aaceres «aa* rutitr *«■«©. toons of the taalff. and ibis fact tadaoed hoUsca t* U are tbetr wools In boo d. Tfier ports from Bnro#«aa markets asnoto that fine wools on the eoatu-at are rery flna, w.o the somewhat oixher. Thsl-jwaad aeolam wocUbavea-sateae—acraeoftta*a«raa fpvroaat nttleeaat-r. Ihe lonconaneuon of Aausliaa atd C*co->tha larsettevet beio-of about V4U Ob oalre. i« natn > ta err erst expectations!, *»tb the vxoeptfoa of Po*t Pl-iUlpaodCape Wool, tbs price* of «b>ohar« thi same,and la the face of tbs bi'h discoon- (3 p-r cent) of the Basket Busload, all tsa otbera hare da. ctired 1 to9d Vft Banco* Ayres.Mestizo*, ate,, r*. jD«In neglected ThelcwWooUareveryflm at the advanced high ratof. and stocks of tt are lunltsd Toe Imports of Wool Into New Bales. »*. Y»rkfor !bey»arl962,wrri- 88331 57.31731J The imports ot Wool into New York for the Tear ges. *er« 1333*1 433313 M The Imports of Wool into Nrw Tork.frrmDeceabex2S,ia63, to „ JoJy JS,IS’S, were 83,703 4?,071,153 Th* f- p- ns of Wool Into New To?* for the month ending Aug. 29,1564, were B.IM 4.314,084 01AB1N8 DISABTKBB. Beportnl lo» ot the Schooner S. C- Bllsli, with oil on Board* Tne schooner Alice Cralr, which reached. here on Friday fr m the Lake Harjr< eateries, bronrnt a re port of the loss or the schooner B- C Bliab. wltb ah on team, fhe panful mte llveaca la coafirmes by toe rkeen 01 the attamer iforresiar. which also ar ilvca on Fnoay, and th*re apoeara to bo 00 raea m to coutt the too report, aUronrb we pave no partlcntarv, except that the lil-fsteCbrafc capsized cn the way from rort Hn-onto Point aax Baiqof.btlnp Dom>d to the latter port to 10id with Errjdjtoie* «or •hicaeo Bhe w*sowne<la-d saliel f Cap*. A. C P« er. who bag wl h b m bis soa mod oancoier auu two »eamut, tits soi probably acting ai miJi?- Tfeaecoutt r»n»eeentats*tall wars lost- Toe Bush wa» a small c aft. rebuilt frem ib<* Hail of tir** tut of the aatue name, and nezsd at a schooner. 1 be tfmb'e catastrophe occurred oa Her first trip,— Detroit Collision —The brig Gen. Worth met with a colli •irnmtbeßt.Cl*irnv:r on Tanraisy evealnz. bv «omU ff>ncqctßctwitbthebarg*lra k iloore- Vbe Wt» th fetuiolLea eertoua Uamtgdto ber ouartar, esa*- eas baoly. A porion ether canto oflum bar baa to beliubtfcned.abcn are was this port rcr rcpulta, mrlrlrg her>yealeraay noon CHICAGO DAILY DIiBKET, AU taletof Grain reported in this market report ore on a basis of 2c storage per buthel. uZ&i otAervtee stated. JT<otir it told delivered vnUst otherwise stated. MoiTOAY BvmftSO. Sept. 5,1384. FKEiGQTJ*—G>aI4 fnaion r s scarce and rates heavy. Tht enatgement* to-day w»re: To Boffa x.9 baii Pomeroy and tchr BcovUla, 6c: fchr Lively, with whtat,atßc. **Lakx .bd iUie. *'fsxieiß9—Thera is no chases inralts. Weouoto: Flour to Boatov, ittxe ana ran U.IC3 ‘ Floor toNev Torkjase auo rail... l3Ctt . ProvuioustoNew York, laka andran.v tsa.M. PxuvmpM to K. T. all water, BIP9 U. 60..5 , Floor to Montreal, ail watur Fork toKontreni, all w»tar..., s-j<a FonrtoMoDtreai,\taS*mi» 7Na.... Pork to Montreal* via Sarnia. i.ffa ... Flour to Portland, via darnta... 1.l a.... Fioortoßoaren, via Sarnia Flour to Buffalo all lake . »a ... £3Railroad FxsieuTa—There Is oochsoecln v?a quote; _ • „. „ Fourth Class. Flour. TO New Torlr, all rail 06S lti _ _ " rail and Lake Ene l« Toßoaloc, all raii, . oji ijm * . rail and Lake Erie 17a ToPcrtliina.all rail djk) i_m To Montreal ail raiL o5) Lso To Buffalo, all rail ~.0 42« QiS *• railandLaksErle..... 037k 075 TO Baltimore, all rail .....fl-sc* rail t CO ifIiUUR-BtCBiVfQ »o-day.s,»7S brla s abipoad to day, .’li tirlii. Mariet qu'et bn; -rm. Sale* to-dar wtre: Wbit*Wi*tsb Extsa—3o brig “Brilliant” at *12.78: 2W oris •• lis*bvii<a City” at *.3 M t 801 bris f*lr extra at l v 3 CO. Ksn Wxrrrzs Errs*.—iw brig **Vojcbbo" at flflsi.- Spxiso Bxtcas SJ3 bfia Adams’XNXJC"at 119.70:100bris”ComoF.C L M at*10.67.K;3U r briß*‘f orav*oo n. t : 40: br’g fa r fiprintr*xiraacsio 7 . Wixtss Stn-xarLsa-WJ brla •- Jacison C-. st 1950 Bmii- 10»or a Bran la bulk at 821-03 oa track. WHEAT—B»Cciveo tc-oav, 7.',690 bu; shipped. l(p,6;aba. aiarkettcnrrandfl'm.bat without a«y xostexiaimp ovtmeuvlanricei. were: SfSixG Whjut w Stosi—i,B obnNo l Sprior a: «.l^; 15.WC bn do Sl*2,n4; 1.20 bast J2C3:/,5*J bu do (Its A B **na tilde.) at Si Fi: 400 bn do (Jo Rock Bland *-itvatcr,) at «:'OC; ou No a spnog at fj.oo: a.fCObu float SI bu coat |l 09: iOCO bucoat 41 b9W; bu do at *l 93: 40> bu Rejected tiprlik stat.9 H: doit *L00; 3,0W on do at Si.B3; 3/U bn u-j at si s7: 40 bndoatti.46. Wnrrna tiTOKv-Ve.OO bQ Ko3 ICediiloUat 4.V 5; 4Cobn do at bu co (in A I) A no’s,) at Bri4; IJOObu Rejected It dat 8l%:Lt0 4 at f 196—the market cl uing w- ax at llAJOfor No 3 sp*>Dv ana 82.14$ .13 for NO3 Red fjOlifi— Received to d»y,B ,iS Da; shipped, <6,000 bu. Marker active and firm. Sales tooa? were:— Cosxix Stcbx—LCCo bu No l Core at 113]: 9,03. bu Ooet >1 ?1: l.crotmNo !Crn st *1.31; Moba do at sldiSf; S3,W« bu dost I’.Stk; CSi-OOeudoatsi^O; 4 Obn do at 41 f9.K ; 2,tiobQ Rejecteu Corn a: 41 3,(fhbndoatßU7. Kiveb aan Carran Co err—ls.oo: bußo2CciDttli3*i 0,b.: 15.W0pa No 2-Cjrnat aCObt; 1,0(0 bu do at *LSn afloat. Ac th: cioie the asrket was weak ats.Swfcr ''caComlsrt.ire. Ud To—Receivedio-o»y. 152.633bn; 5axppe...85,250 bo- fc**rVet act »«aad aim s>sua to-oay wop-j O/t* XV 8108»—74,C4» bOl’O 10aUB*67C; SOjO i>a«c ffiKc; 5,0 i obudo si C»Hc; 15,0« cu M» a Oat* at63c: 5'2U bn Hrjecud Oats si (Ec-ine marketcoU;cqol:t &i f>fisfte6»c lor N*.> 1 aod a>c fcr No) data. RVJK Ilecfirtd to-day,.O.TSba; ib«Dpcd.7^Tsbo, Uajkttttta y. Salestu-i-ay wer«Krais’Storb— 4CU bu Ho hi eat SI.JS. 1,10 *badoat si .34 ; v JjOO ca Ho S meat HU; 410 budoat 1.5&0 bn do at »'.,F3-tbcTrarketcloiia< cole;at fjrHolanl 11.33 Icrßf 2, iIAoI.EV-Rectlvol to-day. 11,573 bn; jhlpped tc-Q-y.flO ra. Market quiar—bajen an3iell«mfc sraii—offering 13.05 lor Hv 3 Baneyla store, Mtaae S3.ua3.iS- fisi«»to-day wrr<>: tv Btobs— -2 54(>ba KeJicteoßarlty otfLßo;4Wba Ho 2 Bailey at 3218. 6t Saxpus—TQ bag* choice at 3337 os tosct. AlXOßaii-Noaln&m M ? a»Hon. BU'rpßit—KecaiTea to-day, 81,011 ftajtUpoad. Ukxfceiflrm. Weyuotos Prnpc Dairy. la creeks ana totw ... .„,„47®i«c Bhlpplo* Bmferln Grain* , . ~,„.4044*c G-we Butter. ....ssaite SalwKrday: 83flrklns cbolca at 42c; IS or&lns at 40r, BEANS—DnH andnomlaaUt tUGd’.TS 9 tratheU BAtaUING-ilaraet moderately acuro and firm at pitrlouaqaoUUoDJ. Wfeqaota; - Stark, A. |U9 Monitor A. »>amJft**... Hampden WftTtrtyA, lesoiess.. Chic«o A, eeaici&u..... M ....~ Lctarrocfl A iUtcbMter A,s«w«l line*.... , C: rn to cbanjra A, Bewfttt- fiuca., Kraft heaTj A. K«g;CA. EiccUlot EiLplro City, wwcd llcea GsroeaCity.cttrweU Uoaa Bnrlftrxs four too Ounalefc.OvoM.....*, rear ba 63 two ba O Flour Backr, K brio cotton. 68 •• •• k “ 1iren...,,. 7) •* *• y M cotton ss " II m ” paper.. itu .. .. i!j t « «b.4 Wool Back*. bsarr 2,10 lie rk*tTC:j firm ana unchanged. We quote: ilkßtmrv 2Hatso Westers Reserve 3^310 'gawp COFFER—Market moderately active and very firm »c * tenons quotations. We quote: C*pe,9 e 41 050 e Java. 00. In tsati. 0} ©|Q c roo, fair t0g0ef1;..............5a ©53 e Rlo.ioodio prune 53 1*54 a COAL.—i’b«* market eortlaurt active with a fair Mjpriyof Soft Ccal Anthracite is tUUteiy scarce andflim. w*quote: iteix—Brcoaauo. qw 00 do Orznjby..,. ...... 16.05 CiaTJEtaaro-Brnr Htli „ jb.oo cio Mireral 1hdce,,,,,,,,,13.0a do Willow Blok Blcfiton..... 14.W Lamp Lehigh St SO LacSawana. preperpa Sciantcn.... 20.C0 PutsUn**** M.OO ELsUß—lniMriapply and* tolerable firm atlte V ioz dates tr.flay, 4 pkzs at 16ct 1 bot at iftc 91 doz. Flhti— Whztxfish—in moderate supply. with a faircensud. Market firm-et previous quotations. Teott—lc limited supply. a*riet iteaay and tm> ebaoaed. Jla«c*hbz.—ln moderate receipt with a d-matd, r.omlral. andprl'ea vq:j firm and pneb-rged. Herrings scarce, and firm at pr. sent Qoouttooe. We quote: sol WnlteCih.oitJrtsi ; tSH ai73 No3'WUtcC»£:,b , brl« 325 uSJQ No 3 Wbltefiib, bf brls 7Jd U7.TS No I treat, bfbriß ...... 7.25 &izo No® 1 rout,hi No 1 Mackerel. hr Drls „ jaso qijo Wo 9 M* br« a.SQ ©9jxi No.S brie, large 7.58 (aS.O-3 No. 1 Mackerel, kits,. JUJi ax.33 N-i3mackerel, ait*.. am atfio eamiiy hu.... a,OO mu9 Family Mackerel, bf bri» . sjm ©aoj Codfleß, Gcorge’r Baat, « 100 ns 973 Cocflib, Grasafi&nk. 9 ICO »s,„ ©9.33 No l lined Hsrrme, 9 bar...... Mai* Sealed Ben lees V Dor-....88 m 65 Fickled Herrings, round.. ~ 930 ca'-'M NoiLaVeßernng .. aw aft73 NrsieieUeirlav .. ;... 5.15 aftoo C>RE*N Ftk UlT&——Tba receipts are very large, and beyono tbe demand. 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Maruetqalet- SaicatoWi’lcfl brla»t*L7B' —c cilxff dull ana tominal. 3 ra “ s • u '® llAY—'The »cppw c<mtiati»e llmttei, ana below qaot« e,mtßa * Market Una at prerioua eaie*. ife wHOLseix* raoie. Ttaotfcy,beater pteeee a. Timttliy looee pressed. TuDOtkj.looee Prairie, beater pretsed. Prelile.looee pressed. Prairie, looee~ sma, raxcas Tlao»hy,l>e»ter preeeec, • i2SJ>ra2O.CO Timothy, looea preaeed. . Tnaothy.looad 23.00d3tiW Pr»m*i. tester prcwed..., •••••••••• 2 10ca , A QQ Praine.looaa preset. * uor^o* irunejoOK l7<t>4iß.H «modVrileiy ‘ae i J re, Price* ftim ana unchanged. Wi quote: | Hamee**B SSSs? kali V B *1 r-yftp 25 I SRO« g *?ot S2H36C i Collar 9 loot. ! SHnghier, Boie....sSefvc i alpi So, 1 wfl- kj auc KipJip. 1 SeaTJ.l tw<«.ic Cwi. Bstra Freoen Sip, j»t CfiblCA 2.25d?.5>“ Fieack Calf, 27 Bb S 40a3.K Frtuch Cal/, SI Be . ..s.eo^s^2i NAVA I. STUBBS’ Market Quiet, and i Q supply Onr p»artooi quotation# are arm aari -ni! obsnsed. We quota: Tar «Wio warUlußope.. . Pitch. MJ3O«teOU neap ! S^S Beels*S»»*. ... *SWO Utt t Tam f^l V**S^g Turpoasiac. €1 *A» M M *^s Oattm.3sC#&w Am.H«n»so2* SSS l»L u«BP2AeWa*....«c Baenccm.. »355 i£iSS!?to:::;8 “•““•hwuo^SSS iVKia tad BtvnuvT Oil—ln raodmppiy. Lass Oia-Market noo2im2»TiSM*S S«^ crT w I S£i ß v upplT afc=f g M S5Ef&:r::::;:™- "" a ll fcWWJ'Wieleaf..... .7...” JJIjo 1T7.53J SMIBOU Mecca 0i1.*.... Keatafoot OtL Castor OU WhUefish OU.. CAB SOI* OUrTtMtoCMißOllMtlittrA •biavkM. 601 -I» M IttpCOTiMOt tsjfe* •**& OrSAtndajauaa of tM principal r*floj*» ra r»»f tors kltucm treTrr*t»*la>e on wij»bn« QU; Tbte« in c» twqtatir • ttnec fOeHn* in MM m«W btUMtetrocMMotM taaatnedeoapoTlAaJq** 1 U<|M, We aaoti: - »LlteCHl,UolAlWt***.6» C*f loUSBOVM Ml mtrnOiU *o Mo— U MM» B*n»ol«. <o co 9*e— do #Me OBIoWS-Mimt la com aoppl*. with an aotir* . decamd. note price* flna «s • 1.90?U* Vba la bol*, end at • 6o from atore. awe* to day :.710bti oaH*naOß‘lT«»o at 92 Hi; 1 ear UM do oa track, at ft SB. (la rv Bant'daVa Ifvoa, ve quo ted atalo of 900 ba at It 4 . IMivui cai er*«r,aad afcomia lure been pi jn.) f rOT*TOB(»-T6«'eb-ao*cDUtse dof'K ta tb* aaractVMlay.ovirrlo tbs wet weatber. Marxet Rteauy mod nnebaagM. We quote: Pota<oea &*tbatmocA>, V ba.. t'JfiMt.M Potetce* do 9 beU 3.iuA1,7» PotaiosaCommoc,* btu. *si.a,‘ PcUtcei do 9 crl j 7;at re &«mPo'atoe*,9 6o ... S/nno* PBOll!*H\?i»-.Thi market la anist. Paia* Ms»« Poax-131 brla Prm* Wet pl»rk at til n*. PrrtLm Have—M tea sweet Pic* led H*aa at 17c. Lie© octet ana ano tail at :!j(323c. * 1 POuitTV V—ln United toppiy and fair demand W»Tkivttm at «S.s»»*.oa*«r dci, ““ BU^AR— Hecetpu anil limited, and nrlcaicoa* timefl mUprbTloiiaqooUQsta, Wequot-: Coca.. MM Porto Biro 31 A A Pfrtlsad Skag N T.reftaea.pofwtteted and emitted... White A . _ earn? a.. Er»r*B... tthtw n.. Ritr»C.!! Yfi ’0» C. & 1 UF P—M*r*«t modwati'T active. and in real sopnjT. We quote K. T.pjrQpa. Ccb*M U«m« U^U! N»wOrlc»J, - j-nosi,#s S*AI»BATIJi*-lijLA* r Marketfirmat prtTUQh quotation! We qaotfl: BabMtVsptire.... 41 a’IKC do Dost 13 MPiiC De Land's pure .... lojf»ji>V€ do neal'hr . U ® ihc do chemical T aViVc HKFDP—Received today, 12413 fts Orannevi: I ,6W ft* Flax Feed S&tpped to oar, '0,618 ft» Gra s B<eo. Tmonrr good demand ant arm. B»l»« tr-day were: 8?<0 and i 39 bags prime Timothy at«.6C; 191 bigs at >315: 12» bam gooo at tS.$9; 25 beg* common a' $3.75. Flax ''Uo-In fair demand aco Ann. Salea today were: 60 baza prime u uo lcr»atj3.o, .. HALT—ECMirrd to-day. ?,40' br’s; shinned, 3.433 bile. par Set and 'o«r*r. «al*» to-d \r were: 10(0 bill ntw Saginaw Fine sue at %s,pj • Scat; ncrbrissewS «m*w Flos BUt at 1343 de li'erta ftee on cars The jobber* axoholduuat toe following qnotatotn: PoaEzmo—New Fine. Old Fla* ® Coarse . 6 oondßolar.. t#S.73 Da ry, with aaebs ©ta! D-*iry, wttbent sacks ©34f Fessias—Tnrt'elsiaad,* eac* 34 «2.64 Ground Alum. F asefc . 6C TEA—Warait rather qoiei, sad la moderate iap ply. Prices eo* tisas tmehaoeea and Terr firm at pte«loosaootatlss9. Wo quote: loan* Byaon.mionorto commas, F ftiija ctl 40 do anoertortoflue, ¥ ft no © dc extra tachof-e, F ft i.96 9? S3 Imperial, rcpenor to fine, p m . ~,....144 dc extra to choice. Fft 2.<n a^so Gunpowder, moericr to fin*, ft ft jso OwJ» , • Co extra to chmoe, F » 4,10 at 2.; Q Jipan,n»tiiT'* at.-’ ex. flee, f _ «o do finest to choice, Fft 14C calTl Oolong, inferPr to fine, p b .i.w ©iso do extratochoica, F ft.. 14s ©>ls Bonchctgs,F ft...., us) ®lsc TaLl.OW—Received tbs: sMpp«rl, < (P0 fit marfcei v* ry attire and firm at present QtutaUoni. WBQfiCtBI Pnn." Cl y Packers ...MKa 1 ® Connlry ..... yj *yjjr TssßACciV-There*» little ha«l«e»dolerln tne them»rsec- Btoe«».thobmk ofwbi h were bought oo epiculaoon srsbeldrcrj firm at oar present quo tations w» qno»e: Fzzx Cut Chzwiio Tonacoo— Cho’ce Medium COD'IUOO Birociwo Tobaood- Ch ice bedlam Common. sterna. Tobacco - Natural Leal. 9l&ft3JT Haif-bmb t ... -aST* i Cbotre B<sck, 50und........ BS&\JIJ Medan, guaranteed,,., 9C&9Qr Crratum... vjftEGA;*—Td falrsappu ari flrn, at prwjut quotations. Weqnora: * • Para Cider Vinegar, 9 ral -fSN* Pure Malt oo do 25a:5e Com. do do do ........... ..... WQ‘*tf WOOti—'PecelT*d t5 4'3ftst shipped,’2.43ft B». Tbenaiket lastnlvers Idsndbatysnt. fltuefcsare generally b*Vi very Una at pzeyleaaratea, Wequote: Fine Urns F«eeee,w n si.Q'fe ia* Medium a tj.v &s. > CoeneKeece.*) P.... W«5%i,/)0 Factory Tub Washed.* a ÜB3JM*>*—-5,0a ttacoarsefleeciat*l.os; 0X(0 Pscoai ilOlfifi ODD - Urol ter. Market very firm and pncli»Dg*d. Waqat'Cs; B?eci. v coro.m the yard, m.TO-Dellyersd at tlLO: Maple, per com, do ao 12X0 do is.bC Hicico*y,per do 13.0* do ItXt MARINH LIST ARRIVED ......Bept.s. S'nr MlchJ-&B.Da7«a Uaiqueit?, 8) tonspig iron, froornp re, RicbHrdioD.OgdeLflbiire, sundries. Prrp Ottoaa. « arrra. tsusk®eoa 130 m lumber, prop t;. J. Ttnead-U, Wilson MuaSetoo, 90 m lumber. Ircp Hot kins, at. Joeph, lAX) railroad Dirt Monarch, Elian. Moore town* 3% cds wood. Bir> Bark Bass Creek ar, Flizgtraad. PmhUgo,373 a lum- PCI. Bark Ptdflc.Stcoe, Green Bay. 230 ta lumber Bara A.P. Mebols. Barrb on. Cay City,S Smlnmbar. Bm Bob’. Bums, Gajjgso, Grand Traverse, 220 m lumber. 6<“hrGr*nr. Turk. Green. Detroit, TCOmlumbar, Schrß, F. Dsyy, Boist. Kaparze. lain. Scar Oneida Chief, altzgerald. Bay Cl^,MSm lum ber. ■ Bebr Geitmde, Ccnseer • Bay City. 330 m lumbar. Bchr Montezuma, McMilh n.rtay Cfer. 310 m irunber. Brtr flp-» Jti, Hew ir, B»y Oltj.tWm Inmoef. aehr Paxnei lies®, S#u»lr». Pav City. l?om tomher. Bcbr W. H.Crair, City. Ucm umber. SchrE'ypx, wuhhioj. BayCitr.i'o m lumber. BcCrKu**ei Dart,Pork.BayCity.ltem mnber. Jcbr Dieaacoonbt Bene. Ena S'** .css coat. >c«r Cart«rl ht, Banteberser. Elrle. tons coal. Be hr (£o»ley, Hannioe. Sr. e, 471 tosa BchrCarilrgw ,Tb ojptan,Cloyelaad, no m lumber frem pFyCitr. 6chf Metmtrrapeajr, Morlay.Clsreland, ICf tool coaL Bch Yankee.Pringle, K»y Ci{? &3<> bris sal:. Bchr JS Seontuse, Yutee, Buffalo, soo m lumber from Ocorto. Bchr Baltic, Ba. er, Buffalo, 203 m lumber from Ocotto. BcbrMiPar Tyler Oswego. <SB tons eoaV - Bcbr Belen BKOd, Keeo, WLkliuoa'a Pier, 9o cza WQCd Pf>r FT ttrereer. Wayhn ,, » CestrcylU o .Bs eda wood. Bchr El Tempo. Boy n- 1, ilar ltowoc, 110 m lumber. Scur Gem, Ur In, it Joseoh.a eda wood SchrllmerTa.LouttUt.G'aßdHayen l® m lumber Bchr Co* Glorer, Bolwercua, Grand H*yen, 75 m gcbrSmelue, "Williams, Grand Bayeo. 105 m lum ber. ; BebrH nasd.McElce, Grand Haven.SS m lumber. Bcl-r kumbeiman, CochCJl, Groan Haven, 15-3 m lum ber. : BchrMbaoy.P ulatp. Well Ei-rer, posts. hcbrEleaicr,smitb,sicreeoo Bay.l-Smlumbsr. Bchr Homtft. Walaira, Menominee. Ectu UN Gates, 'Jouln*s,P*ntwater. W talnubor. Bchr H Uagar. Braov, Nayanna, SO m lumber. StbrMaentt, Bcbf rt», Bolland, 83 eda wood. Bchr Lay tees, Cobc»lil. Kalamazoo, 70 m lumber. Pcbr H Greeley. Hat »>n KaUmozno, io m lumber. Sett W J Wbs lue. MeGaw. Erie, io«* tons co<t bt br Pilot, f homp*on, Walt liner, ion eda wood Bcbr'• «lx> bister. Finn, Fuh Cxeex.loo cds wood. 3,Uopcstl. * CLXABED Sept; 5,'851. Prcp.Qreenof the Lazes, Crury, Buffalo, 18/00 bus eorß.3sb.bMs flour. Prop. Oi«»w», "Warren, Vasteron.Ugbt. Piop. J.Barier, Hopkics, St. JWoh, Busd'les. : G. J Tiuetoe’?, Wil cn.litßkrsoo, Ichl Prop. Wln»lrw, Bmiib,Buffalo, USCb b.swh at.T.O'O bbU flour. prop Empir», Elchavdsoo. übfst, i.itOobli flour and sirndrlet Belt SchrßrpbiaSm th, 1.0-c, Buffalo, 0 baicorn. EcnrSeoßtor. Eirl, Buff* o, !c,930 bus wsev. fisrk Clitmplon, Carr. Buffalo, •>?, oo bus oati v.v ... 1.30 TJBOPOSALS FOR NEW SITE A FOBKABINS HOSPITAL AT THIS POET. * . • Custom Boras, Chioaqo, &cg i3in<iat>A Ic pursuance of the Act of Coszreis. aooroved June aifh, iFW. the *• Purchase of a nf w aidmore ejjgibla :i*e I r a Marne Hospital in 01 near Chlcm o.'* rones it hereby given taat prosctais will boivrrlved at this office until TSUasnAY, -he seventh dsy of September next for xtonods sultabl* lor the rnmeses of the Hospital. Three rroundt mtn'tncfbofan&ernonhihan the vicinity of Lake View, nor farther tenth than Hyde Parle. In Uxe they meat not he lass thus three hsndzed feet sanare, nor more than tea acres la extent, and costpaveafallands*ohftnictaa frontage upon tha LXJTHEB CAV3N, Collector. PB OPOSALS FOR SUBSIS X TPFCE STORED. _ i rncs. COHHTsgAXT OF STTBSIaTWCTT. ) Bcomt.GxHKifrrCLOTK.Chica.’y. n.r, I „ , . S=D*emi;er sto IS6I, \ Seeled Proposals fin dupheau*) will be received t>v the undenugnee, until 13 o’clock m., on Friday, the flrh of Sepiember, f,r sopplylns for tbs nse ot tho tnlteo SL»Ua Amy, Subsistence Stores, to ha deUr* cies av Ttllcws? lA>a Barrels Quality Flonr,ofthehrandsltno*TS si “D.uWe Extra Spring «neat FionV* “Choice Ex* iraSpjirj; Wn e irtF i ouT. , » The brines audplacect mat nfacimu toba stated la the bios, and whether m round oi-u*t hoop barrels. The barrels to ba mil Dfan VjiXhuKbclt bcit quality small Whits Beans* slxtv porednt: ihelm.lei, mbsirreUfull bcoqlined. 3 ' IWA r rounds heat qga liy coarse; up in barrslafnl bcaolucd. lidttOpcuxcflof dry light Yellow Cotfoe Sugar, or cloicetiyrawSuear,Darrels to Do no*, and of ! ha lest in use for the purcosc, and to oe mi h*ad lined fl O'Ccvlionr of the best quality of sore Tm*g«r' made only ftom ciotrcr whisky, free from all fori e-K" »cl-B*nolrmrtoa? substances; to beoutnola barrels or half ha* rein of 22 caßoas enpaqur Eseh prrTVMalmustftate ci*urc:iy the klufiand anahtv of Vlnessr offeree, and the Xlnd oi packsge. J onnu» be*t quality of AAam»i:tu.o Star Can dles or SuancLights, to-be sixteen ounces to the pound—tlzes sO.iCOpcnids gcodbard Soap, to be made oslv ucx geod tautcnalu, ireo from clay, solnblv glass, or other adniuration; to cave to nip e*vsnt oner* to comaix not side than cent, of water ai d to be w» 11 dried before bolr.g parked. J7J4.-0 pour e b ci good c ean. dry, one Salt, m stron».«L-bc»dlloea, “ secarata proioeala. In daiL-oaw, must hi for each article enniueiatrd, and bidders mav nroume aaj partef 6i*h. 1 Samples of all t earticiei meat be delivered with tbn pri utralH, and referred (o ihtn-Ia Sample* or Vket ar ane Whisky should be &t least icqa./tfonylnoeilvd. ■ A pilctec- c-0;>? of thu gdvar'liement mutt be at* tarbe«i pr- The prnporal must ha tptClflMncotrply ngp ecliely •iihailils term*. Fo W*awi»l b» rpcelv»d(unlevefrom panWkaown toihe ondsrilgtec) without a written suaraatea tf rwo reior.BrirJai*ainesas!cUowi,vU: • * We the undefined heresy ffnaranteo that shsnld ailcr any ptrt of tr a aIK-v« bid bo occopsod it be CUlv JUlfUled aersord eff to Its uua purours aad coßCliinnr. A'*o that a written eonoact^with bm*'a to the amcaot of or c-Touita the tbius of the ftore# puyeved to le furnished ehall be ozecnsodlfm ■q Tor sailers name, ulac« of bnslnen. ard the d»w» of purchtie.aaweUviihasazseof ecatesta.wiih rrusv utf and nctweiglts. end »hv-ptng marksl to bahtmil -after uexlenaied anal be plainly merged on every pactss e * All etfevr aurtomnsgDeotdsteraaMi evsx7 'The floormnit he InwSedbv S\ nSd la. iiectov,«Uheexpansearvhostner. AUcHwrstoreatobMnspeetedby the without any eauense to the seller • - **“^-s«sacu cm* pKl,iM 101)6 deluded la the price ‘^o 1 to delivered free of drayage at •?* BtorehouM,orat such place la the aty of Chicago ts may bereqnired by the nadar* Vt.OS^MA UUOs«2UQ6 n, i4.«ais.oß ■'rsyaantto he oa'e Innihfanda** may ha lar * W£ed by the Belted andtr-Jeied rcaomathe rightto rejectmayor *ll bid* offered. , Piopo-ala for different articles «*** &* 011 sntfta cf paper. . . u _ Bidden are respectfully laTited to be praMat at the lorra« e lorpropc.sals may bshaioaappUcv Pjopeasi*ihege'he Jndaplieata. s,< £S«S?li?-55* *Piopcs.JaforSob«Se:jcr»-. n~»T* n = lep.s*ql32rst J. HcL. TA.YLO4, a-d —S. I Slaughter, 801e....Mei3e Bnesoa Aires. 3CQS2c 1 Orinoco. Bole iS&xo Orinoco good das aged French Calf, S3 sfe-cari#**® 35 , tnoltes, W dca* bo .......... 1 l-i.Qaiis re French Cali L«- motors, Sec- dories tra’o7 m li'pißga Pdog.ioxsa'i:! S iio#ns,Wdas..isjs£ Jig THUS- GRAHAM’S SELECT iT| SCHOOL FOB TOT7SO LADIEo. Cor. Michigan aye. tad Twelfth street. Tall T«rn» trill opfa MO2TDAT, Sept. I2th, 1354. ‘ T'HOMAS FOSTER, wholesale JL and retail d«a>r In Green Bay, St.Clair mad SarliaW J.tarbcr, moc Lata, 4Uo Seed. LMrt and Blind, Pear and Window QrcTß at-eet foot of Sevfntr«nts»tfte»,Chicaca. 111. N.B.—Batlnr railroad tree* la the yard, tactiltte* nsasrpaned. Peat Office aoi2TS4, •■ ■ ■ "VTOTICS —To Pacicra acd others JJw whom it may concera. At the last alsctlcaheld In the town of, 'he Coamlstloaers of Highway* were anihcrlaeo to orr-aeeate *ll per sons denosltlaff palianct is amid town, ana we hereby «iv* socine we thall prcMtote *U yeisons eonAxKu^^^^tece. BXMTJffIr 8*833, TBOB.DALT, - ■ CoamUrionei of Qtfhvnr*. Lnka, lai qi ,g^icnSi TJRASB Stencil alphabets!. _ »° »i^fel l iaag.fe4BK:i»M6. xssi j o^- •» " < %Rnßr m 1* Suo •? •* .38*029 IJS-9 .fIJ3OLK . IXCGSUf . 80®9* «950t ««4Sc 80S»tSf 3POSLT OF CBXC&OC, tWwHuiiewut. ■cr. s. 7-30 XOAN. The secretary of the Treoeiry first lotto* ** rabecrlpfom yfln bo recelred focCdirnTriwi Notes. persbls three peon from Aw. Wtt. IHO Wim snnleaaatJ literal n thorite of iweiem th«e-t«a*.hspercajt per lanam—pcl&cipil ladti* tercet both to be pe!d talewfttl mooey. These notes vUI be eooreruhlo it the opt Off the bolder ismemnty.tato six per eent.ff«ld pso Itk boids. payoble aot Ism- tint Use nor nt-rs chM tve&tfyeen from their dste, it the OoiwnweO msy elect They he imad la of ISO. 1100,19(9. 91,00c eed 95,900, sod ell aobtonptooi assn be for ftity douersor some multiple ot tMf doEors. j#tlHoot«*dwnriTrt*Tf«tfroai Inmt 15,par*oaa TD*iis* d«pot»t to that dsia ooa* nr Use interns tc&tted rxom d*ta of nota to d ito o< d»- poelt. Partiei depotHlac tsreQty-flTa thoajand dc(J«m acdopwirdifortbeieoctej at ary on* ilm‘ vlll*« aiioved a ocmmUU-n of oaeqaaiter of obe ptt Special Advantages of this Lou. It 10 A. Fatiobax 9atiho« Bass, offer!*/ * hl*herrttaofui«res. than asy other* aa*Tßißsn» UCOB’TT. AOJ »Tli**b*Ofc Which p«J9 todays* ItorttoTT. 8. Nctes, consider! that ts la parts? ns tbs beat cucnlAtlrg medium of the country, andlt cursorpay In anytfcu* b.ttsr, f:r ra ovs in<B nresuherm Gorftfnmrnt seouiSei or innotaior hoads payable in OoYtraaext psptr. ConTertxbl© into a Six per cent* S>SO Gold Bond. la afd’.ttcn to tbs text liberal Interest on Ihs notes lor three yearr, lh!* prtTile?* of waTtmoa la nov worth abont three percent, per annum, lor the o«r* rent rats ter S3C Bonds is not loss than nanr*a osaT.Tßßtcrux. »ad before tne war tha premia*: on its per cent, TT.s. itcerswsi orer twenty percaoL It will be «en that the actual profit oathliloaß.nl tlcprtsenv market rase, u not lean that, tea percent, per snaum. Its Ijemptlon from State or Manidpai Tir- ado*. Bat ••Ida from all Ite adnulsgea we ban eha. mcraltd. a ipecisl Act of Congress sxxxpti ii& BO3M Jjn> TZSABUBT XOTXI XBOX LOCAL TtTL. nog. Oft the avenge, th*s exemption la worth •boat two per coat, per sonnm, according to thn into ofisxMlonlnyazlonspamof tbooonntry. It la believed that so iceurlUet offer so treat I*. duceaents to lender* aa these issued by tba Qotwb. rreut In ail ether forma of ludeotedaeas, the faith cr ability cfpmata pieties or stock oompaniw,or separate communities, only, is pledged for oajmeet, while the whole pjopeity of tba country li heldto teenre tba discharge of all the qbiicsUooa o( tba United Stales. SmCBIPTIOJTS WILL S3 SXCSrvXD b7th9 TtQSS tuer cftbeUhits ? States, at Washington, the sarml Aiblalact Treaiurera and designated DepoaltulM. aadbj tba FIBS! MATIBBAI BASK OF First B.Uonai Dint of St. Louis, JX». Stcosd National Cast of St. lonia, Ho, Tiiird National Baoi of St. Louis, Ho. FonrtS National But of St. Lool>, Ho. And by all Sa‘loa*l Banks which are dapodtarlea 9f public money, and - ALL RESPECTABLE BANES AND BATCBSB tLrcnrhcutihe country will giro far.hsr mformn* Ucsand AFFOBD EVP2T FACILITY TO SB33CBCBSBS. £JEAD AKD BEFISCi; It has boss from ttmo immemorial the object It philanthropists to find some remedy for the Ula * life, and idenUflc akOl has for ages explored eyeo aysune in order to dlaooyer the hidden seerai It bur been, bowvyer, rp-erred for modern science to faring before the world the great deztroyer cf tgftra •ad la HOOFLANIPS eiMMßirrEis are coueeßtrated an tsosa yfrtnsi which trod to pre> mota bsatthy and" yigorous Ui«. Unlike the genara&ty of Blttera, they are 507 AK ALCOHOLIC mtt. TUS3, but A PIIJBE TOSIC, CdDpc3f4 satirtlj of Vegetable SttbAsMyb POSITIVE CUBE POB DYSPEPSIA AND P133A853 EESTJLTLS'S FROM Disorders of the Liver and Digestive Organs, AND "VrEASSBLD AND DdHIUTaTSD FBAJWH BECOME RENEWED WITH ALL ‘Twy VIGOR OF HEALTH, BT A FEES USE OF TIiSM. OT Pen cm ter, ihat this Bittara is not ap mixture, a tarwovm A'lnV, or s substitute tar rai, anu cannot inmtlicajly Infrodace the ylcc of dmkes ness into your famHiss. So you vsst to snragttaa 7ca 1 So you Btut, auua appeals 1 Co yuu w»rt to Solid ao ocar toaatitaUoar - Do y» vaat to ? eel v,u i Do joo m> tto get rta of Smnesttea I Do yoa «r»os Energy 1 Do ym vast to stt«o wau; Doytm want «lSnsi ana Vlesiaai Zenlteel D TOO do, oaa EOOnaSS-s OBRV . n Obasrye the xoUowlnc symptoms, t*m m dloofacn of tto Dmosti.o Oroaaj: ttW lOQSUUa* non, Inward Pus*, jniicesi or Biuod toih* - Head, Acidity of iheStomaa!!, HiMfca, Heartburn, Disgust icr 3*004. Valise** or weights, the Stomach, Sour M ®f?Pta«oMvßlnkln« o* RnnemTat tho Pit JH» Swttmntof of the Head. Hnntoi and Difficult Breathing, Flattering at lbs Eaasv ChoJcin* or Suffocating Sensations when tnre. plmnws of Vision. botsorWebsbafasenKn sign t, Fever anddnl! pain tn the Head. DeflcieaT* oy cl Pereplraaon, Yellowness of the arm and Bves, Pain tn the Side. Bvek. c&aL* Limas, SnUdsn Flush as az* Heal. Burning in the Plait Constant Imagining* of STII. and mat Degression of Bpinie. -£BOS4 HON. THOMAS B. FLOS2BC*. ?EOH THE EON. THOMAS B. FLOHSWcS! FHOM TUB EOF. THOMaS B. PLOURRC^ w WasamoTon, Jm.tst.ii6a. GxHHunoES: Having stated it verbally to yos. 1 tore no teaitatton la writing the fact that r«na rianced marked benesx flrom jnar HooCaacfs German Bitters. Duricjx a long and tedious satsioa of Goa* gress, ameictfanci onerous du ks nearly proafenw* me A kind friend subverted the naa or the areemrw* 0.-n I have name*. 1 tcu.a bL» advice, and the mutt was Unoroveraeot of health, renewed enersrr ardS&sa particular relief I so much s««ded ru>2 bh±ama« Others amylte similarly advantaged IX they derirTS he. Truly yaar fn«’ '*«u« *3 THOkAfl 3. FLOEBHC* FBOM TEE HON. JACOB BEOOM. g- _,_ , RtIX.iaxT.PHU.. Oct. 7th. ng. M*£? TLa ? aw J 50 yaw inquiry a* to Sb* eflect produced by Hocflana’s wewraa Bitters, la ms hn lt?? hesitation n saying that It haa beta htsaiy bencaCiaL In one case, a cute cf drrocm&a d wm which had hecomcrm matremtaz.thenaecf enurbottfa gava cactilcd reilaL tte second effecting a euro, and ms Mead. cg ie. for there has oeen no aya> toms of Its return for the last six 1 ears. In ms viotial use of it, I nud it to be an unsqnallsd and sincerely reccmmeud its use to the >mfarer»l Truly years, JACOB BROOM. 1707 3pruc£w* ■^rt™i llt f w^ffira^L*l,own Serena gntremea n-y* actaiowlsdged m writing the groat beneau may hay* received firrun the ojm of ihe;ers. Such Cestfe mony must certamly convince the mostakeottcal; ir* Of Uic Baoilst, ciss,ps.iM«^rf ormßi,T 01 n ” no;u > of *««« cSiS,fe? „t i^ion.^6 Bev.J.M Lyons tormirly Pastor of the Cohnnba*. N. and iUlesic-r- „•*»., Raptlr.t Churches. Rev. J.Knwton Sywa.D.D.. Editor ct the Sney* eicpedla oi Bslicloua Riunriedge and ChrletlaQ Chrcn* Icle, Phllaaplpaia. Bev. J U. Turner. Pastor of Heddinr H. S. Chnroit. Phlladfiohia. * Rev. Joseph H. Kronard, Pastor of the Tenth Bo* tl»t Cfcurrh. Phlladelnhla. _ __ Rev. Warren Bamioipa, Pastor Of Baptist Omrsfe. Rer.'WTo Smith, formerly Paatoc of the Tlnoecioo gad Mm-niie, F. Baptist ChurchW- Bav.Lawisnce w. Bates. Editor jtsthodl*: rrata» «“■=* totlb Urt dld .nwa penalty FBENCIPAL OFFICB AFD MANUFACTOHF, 831 Arch Street, PTTTT. a PELPHIA. JONES <sc EVANA (Baeeesaon to C. M. JACKSOif A COj FEOPBIETQSS. SSf^ 18 * *° d <walori ‘S ®K. l£—w* hare diaeoatlnned tha ■amsftetara of Mm uoillor aereoty-flve cenuaiaeitha dollar oottie.* account of its sHe.bea* moeh the cheap* «>’|S eoMTimo. Bee cast One cm B wrapper of each bettia. _ LOKD * SMITH, General Western 4«cnh Q£A AAA-Cheap Jewelry tP tf Vr 8 V * "Vr at lEcesjo bargains. 8a!?. IcTi, ARii and Cogtutt Merchants. Pedlaia wj Qrrfl'al Trslertt can auto eo Jtaotti profit* nooa* fin all invest aer*. Jewelry of as> ostttrn or qual ity, and io any quantity, made to ordar. hsunaten for ec y clus ox work lam lined, eocd canvaiater clerks minted »ad fall deaoiloncns »r*». AcdreiaT. * U. GA.CQKAS. Ji&sal*etnr-ra 11« Brcftdway.JSew Tors. MS-qSMwla prestos 4? coT O COMMISSION meKCBANT**. No. biLsfsile street, .Metropolitan nloci, mtean. H. 1 fU. ABoaimkiCo. J.Tt. FltraruN, 1 -jv 1# I, j. rs-twar*. J So. Commercial street fi.A.Uonsn, tT.Lotna. j B-FBasroy. J [ MSqSHia. gA>V sslLl. AED PIKE LAND For Sale. ffald am property fa situated ca Whtta taka, Mc *f?w oa cormy, Michigan, contains jjef aers so d Tun m potion cat over—ktui a-rrelr jaamii* wtntsr; is cutting twenty-flTa tboonarf w reeiye ootm, or fort? tnocaaaa la tarents-dor ocon- Weanarantoe ittkebtalsiahtandS omid»e« ral ß Is istacmia. ThecooUnoeaUl health et tt<e a»- attt* rtrtaer !a the reason we offer it far aala Pmyorabla terms are offered AdJren _____ _ _ , LCBCOM33 >* *07704731ifc Milwaukee, #l*l i * omY is we ALxi” rafiiLor. a.rr—ri'of nt. ct atßTTcrUr JOT . ~ feauniyaß«» ..}> an Ui] m tm waom «• "joSThnuuM,

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