Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 7, 1864 Page 3
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Special Notices. “p#wie « Hmimorcvre. Ob bottle warrants a Permanent Cure tu all kMdl of nlu; tiro bottlmin Le dxcaj-.Scrofula, Belt Ub tm n. and alt omrases of the Brin. Is caw of fatlare tic ■roprtaior rranesu all to rtrumthf cmatybotttiaaad fiskebaofe theft money Form* emal and external asc. Jpfcfely v>tat"bse. Prepared by uzitktD Fowls. Chemist. 71 Prince i H re s .t, Roiton. Ail dealers moS warojtK BBTAH.and all Dragging. lijt-xasum sew f] let Health Worth Uniing ? Ultla. orolectlL Itis eialiylost a* vir tue, ai oin setae«a:tc jb os cici.uu to r«cov£r Ws* tore, la oar Canute, *< fly at this season. ie* quins to be occ«in«l;vrunf<rc»:o. i»n evarstnisg cepe: d» upon IheT'-nic n*ed r r porpoie- Xbadicaai tincture*. -*.l-7. or wairu aKtSAsaooa o juiok alcobOL.*rc ce.f’-'o* onmloß.»*erer.- nnrs cut «no ,afc*s c ueb or :v. i*i»siwwpou»-». Ob'*, sale protasii*e ixsm al utibe- ! tu» Influencas-ins l *. *vr>orx o*lt. ▼«boTeiSllo6n.rrK -'6 -KL* Hi - r *A*TP,., T «r BITI Kbr*.a coiup-n; d r*t them-**' »t mainfiaturen aj:b u - td<*i • tirer,reeoia«o’e and re*a»aww thst eaamal.j b«» yet ex-raetcu fr a »b<* 'o anic*l hlxcG^m-^on . valuer t« laocLinaDOftic f Jl r .■• will flafl the Hitters *n incomparable «*wat)J« i?VbiV«££..J££ is «*.ue rr flatter Ote - ▼ «tone eiten.l *c ion; bat »t tie animal spixi a. _ gc.-qzTbot »• war ' of c ISIff Sr Matl'cws fin. ptrparvd the VKKK’ttlf BUB Yh-i row that time it ha*. r<f>3 ti» j1 l*y 'nonianns, «md la no Instance ta»u -»bea wprocnarei*Jf* N'HI • k r>y JUS th: ct-;*p*rtii th* world, itpri •* < r cuy Fttiy cent?!, ©no each nottiecictama •nole tb* quantity of*,* in ihcac usually N),d for Bi. Tee TENKUaS DYL is «arr«ntmi oot tolajore tlftisiror tie »c ’he dect c. The VENETIAN PTC works with raoidPv andetr aamtjftb** Jin*-r.-QQi'ina no whatever. Tt.c VeFßTla* LT* jr.docf* any load© ttalmaj I'OdcfJrea—out that v-lllb rt f*da. crock or washout -nxcti-at isat »>o‘tiT a- itu hairtMlL >oraniet> aldrufeu'a. Prt''»s:ic>*cU. Ge.eral ayuiT, 12 Gold ftreet, Alao.Hasatactarer of watcibWAclbKiCA. HA.XH 6lA>bb,tb*beathur(ir(xfili.{; to tie (a lanre Low Hu. pnoe 80c. talgy saw TMlee -{Onnorriiotds) —Piles. Tbe Attsuallan >jiccii.c iu.- n u now well knows as tie moat tarot *? a **d edi Uie abort com* I hvscorqcatl&prbcUce. a cue Of Pilule any /ami run tOMli will sot Third aacnth co* . la aue<and u ie the ttacd*rd xemefy. FonruVrc*. a.pi>(ic«ttoa external. Trr ■ it. IiORD ft SUIT H. 13 Lake Wboieeait Wcitoxn b ly29*p9oMa»r maw*U It la not often we speah ol* fi*bys iclxm-s. Bat we can cLcee/clly ?*y Ur. bM richly ctfi ed tbe a Ida *-pre»a r«pw<ati.D «<icn be caw to* toys. Be be* blaaet-r pra tice tbaa a yourerpiy* eiciea Infblcawo, >n tl.e trc*t*. «ot o al diose <!’§• earea wb-cbP'io and pi-r'uan nt cure* namely: FrtT'ice!«e-*ct h iastartb?.i>s»tlltcca years devoted bis wiiolMja*b ar. dauenti c to taosi oniommhtt cast wbrb o*-r<- bsffl rt < xt r til* c< other pbymclaxs tit it tncj* rnce* ei «*' in :te irr&tmeut of all ihocc r*tes srr*- i.i»c/-er r coni'- drcdia. cnrabie. He it *cc ouM-sa rof aiiee work called the ••nl-rorot T etc; o .All wen •■now ibi-aeit,** wbicb will b- malic to m> recclet of tires cents to prepsy peft-ce as be 1* an* oastodu all tbe eooa tie c**r. an? o c may '-‘• J ►nd receive bis Opuuoc coob tboe ui-i.t c-rtcai maners Ires of cbft’xe- Oder »r.c P*.r ata ir,t curb errrxt. Post Office Bov ?7Bi AlibnsineurjlrUicoafldtntiaL »cßt>-»ogl*iwls X>r. James Formerly of James- •■n» r nm Honrs street, Ktw •:tleaLa.l<a M W tajn'djfl.r.owoemanent. )y located a: fit- Ka-daU.c rt*-re . • tucazo. liucois. bpictalut in ihctrtaicjcmof OLaCcKojric, blaccu- CLix.bcburrLone.Lnd a 1 lends of clood asp fixur DxexaßM*.wi» O.feukpxt-B.or a. •> , bTxaioct Vcsz* bzix ClLataClZß. < t;r. b bs'n *.mioot resorUcz to Mercery.loi>n>x, iovkbit, Ar*tnlr or »ni pol»on. but wi>h a >rci-xabirs-. a rosmvi cucx for all bmron aue b<or cn lot Osqxkio ttzazswf fi. Rabat Semins* tVcaknwe. Aoe oma- atd i>iro si -x i<a>*«*ie oroajtbt on by abase ot the tu ly i**Qi*c?eboaf, excess or entailed btxrd latllt, ow* ••/memory, con* fusion.dipx(ekicn.r*uin f* ©nc c-ftentimesinisulty. with othtrdiplo;rwi‘> • i irra?v.i»9,t*ftttcdaa« radically mrio l>y a- m-ali hu m >r&od, aarinz ttnee Cme»pei e* G'c*?:, <lonor b*a,stneters, and ell dlst eses i vnllar ;o tL* s.s cf a private nature, rsdicallr cured. Old dlscas s of Un VO'.T HOKBIBLS CL',3?, where too tn-oc b*e bcc«»*n* pn» .ncd, prodncisc blotches on tbe f»ce, aa-ab w.xe ? t* uters. pains m tbe bead an<« tones **■ tnroat.-- o*s, limbs and be dy, scrofula, toyetker wl r b tm enaleas number of inffatlntt. Or. JamesI s recomm?'t*e by.the pr«ss renaranyof tbe t-ontb. tLw XQt-ctcal »«riai7, aid proiouars of medical colle/ et, »tr auliztrd aboald apply immMUaieiy.and be core*- o't wat* nornbie disease*. itcme&dm. D*. Jam* a* Offlc- and P*tlcn are at 88 Basdolnh. between and Dearborn streats. Oflice ciik. from* unUIBP. m. cnsoitaMocs rflafiftmttfc.l- antt-pSs6lsr.i Dr. EJiffelotr, Confidential P&>aiata' , ()»>tcu tiv o fit, Louis. can nee tuuK-.o r»*s« ffic~. »Ti roi-b *?lantc*rs«, cornet oj Mcut e, tbi'aco fa oiucfcfro *atbe Poet Office, on i»l«'irronic ana I>uam»b of a privals aud d»: Uta*v . tu •» to ?exu. wnisb betreaawltbiiJiarado tdouactss wntre Ladies and Q-, consaiS*&e doc or witbibF*trlc T e»t pnvae*. hoursfiotn 9 A U. . to 8 P M.; Barr-'l* H to U Oommnm'cat'.inj «H>afldri'tal. Coa-mtaticiF frfc-. Aidr-asPOßox | IM. Knclusr.twcatampsas.iF t bt*-»'ilde io Health. Fromtt* Doctor’s Hiper* net In Uoiplctl a**d prlvaMpraeu-e beLuMttt • ►rlcum, anlwlU|Qir actoe, perfect curts rci *•!' "i-eases in their most severe and coc.uilft tec *■ ta?es, in avaty short tone, wlthontt'*e wayrory. , . Yoote ** cn *uff rtre imn s&li abuse aie inviteci to | call. A ptrteci«nre *»rrast*d F‘-maieureeniarj* • ties attendant on wen-tmaum ot persons bavmy any r.betincU>,r« MTE<*natc.aaonio call at cnee and be enred. Bui of cl.y nfeicnciw aj to a&Ulty and anecesa. ac<&*pAs*Svt CTTTMANS MIAtbTY. OR PHY JOLBIOLOGICAL KhAkAltCifKS. Cbonld be read 3j everybody, Jit treats uu. and shows how, the evil roroltß aniuir frotr ea ly %)m>E at.d unhappy con* mx&inaUoa msl be subverted. wi*i a snre method ol Uxpelllnc the c*ifßivb,f t» j «iper*encc In enter, rr tlipawilsec elaWt. S.vid l>y t>r. H. A. BABBOW. «• Biearirnr etreet, M»» Vert. Price. .25 cents, galled tree everywi*erc ’o he rad also of H. SCO* FTL. Teitendoi--': Btrn«t.Ch]r,M*o t Ill.;a!eO| of BXJtfO* ■ AAB A CO.FBV'i. f'T**- v«i" »*•«» treats.Peoria, ri* __dgw-tgg^_ 33co is anO Shoes. 1864~ FALL T&ADE - 1864 RIWSON & BARTLETT, 201*8 ke Btreet, Chicago, lU.j Sittw offer for celt O>~E Ok THE LAEQS6TSTOCKS OF BOOTS ANO SHOES Aver bron/ct to ttif market, 1b these times ol blyh p'ic-i we bencvc that THE BEPT 000 « abK TUI’ oa*-APC-T, and bare Bciec'eo our Fall fcxock *uta esoeciai reierenca to this f*ct. Penlcniar atternnu Is called to cor CD3TOM* HADE SOOTS, which CaK POT BX ZXCSXJ.XO. TVTkA blZiiti A 6PBCIALITY, fiu23»pi3&-tf is jgOOTS AND SHOES. REMOVAL. HAT-T., SOUTaWIOE & CO., 6UCCEBBOKS TO BENEDICT' HALL & CD., Have removed to Nos. 384 & 386 Broadway. IMET DOOE ASGVK Ml-iSi, 3s-a;vy v'- inc. We bnve yreitUy enlarged om manazaetuxlnE deosrt* ypFt-t, tra now U'-vc « Ow»unsly on nana • very lure oeh of r*e aewi-d work «i our owl atarmiactare, to which wßinriß the ait-xtlor at Western merchants. We make all tne Lttcei suyea ci Hen's. Boys' and Tooths* raifSew*c era and Euctlefibcei as &s Lwdjfi'.MlFaes’and Children'e Pmpecn, Glove KJ - and work—aa machine nWO6 and th- wr» *»••* ocaliw of qoods. jrarm Hanhs. HOICK >KtT IT FARM for sale. A choice Fruit Farm fo- sale, within 8a rods of Ccb* dcnUerot. I. C iroU . xowineretioa iu UieUuL IS! acre*,a»lctd*J fexc-.e. chaining over I. Oo jrclt tret, a tar.e p*oco*tmo beanoc of tbs ■cbolcen vanetl«a adapted t> locality, and command the bicbect nrlrte In ni-'XC- ‘J,Z 0 apple. a,octipeaeb ( iJß'*neaF((T.rst y»taoaa'd», cherries qolo* ces«ao:lcutc vines^acresLavtuib'ac.tvr €acr<sstrawhcme-Bi)d igoo eo-i ies.cnrraots.rbo* bbar.drc;lT' CdfOilatiO oanasTnely located; cevaUan 280 feet nbore Laxf Vich-csn, overtnotlng thesur* roondx&R ccnstry. A ’a*.e, flie dwsiimr, two sto ries,with 16 rooms cellar riftern. and other ooave* -nlenceat barn, abedr, e-W*. unac home, two tlno Bprincsof ruLDiiuwaur rc»r on’,dine,cicver lota, cic., ntc. Cobden U a tbrivtnr with eond schools, churches, andrord society. mosJj ofbonhern fatnl* lies. Very healthy. Price© sl4©ooo. Mcttty cash. Title penert TaoclrecfT ,7 KVAS?S, on me vrotblsce. or WM. FVANb.rcru, HUnuU. aepqtSSlw •yiNELAND LAND?. To all Wanting Farms. Large and thriving settlement* mild and healthful climate,SOtnUu lonth cl FsiMelphlt by za'lroad, rich aoll winch produces larre crops, which can now beaconciown*. le.,twemy or fl ty acre tracts, otlrotu (25 totSCper asr^,p«yab'ewi-bin four years. Good snstneasopenirve for-ran o factories and other*. Churches, ichoola axd goed society. EC Is now tbe mott Improving Place Eut or West. : DUirDDIOB ABB EKTTLIMJ AKD BUILDIKO Tbe beauty with which tbe place is laid out is no. ■nroasFed. Letters answerco. Faners girtfull in* format**-71 will ba sfo C Dee. Aodrcs C -iAS. K. LAbDlfi. Vineland Office, Cumbbilasd. Few Jersey. _ fbom iOLcn Roßnrß'm.AeßicciTUAiL oitt”nioSStiii<l« terau ti»cu. la mi alirost 1-vrl position, and »ultaoJe condmon tor puaaazt fanning, that w« know of - aug22*pl2s Ifet _ gljip (gljanhlcrg. OILBEL.T HDBBABD & CO. SHIP CIIAVDLKRS, Dealers la *1 WINES AN D CORDAGE. 205 & 207 Boutii Water Street . Comer of Wells, CHICAGO. We bare at all times the largest and best amort men; in the wcitoi MANILA AND TABBED B JFZ, BOPtS __ BAGS, BAtoQIBQ AND BCELAPA CIiNVAS, OAKUM, TAB, PITCH. CHAINS, and tackle bLoceb. COAL TAB. BOCITNG PITCH AVD F2LTIB6 COTTOfi, FLAX A2fD HE lIP TWISIB. Teuta, Awnings, Wagon Covers* - tarpaulini, Begtment&l Colon, BUedartis, Otddonx, Flag*,ffenc n to Order. <J, SrrUB'BD 3 B TVXXXX, G. B. CanpZZTXB. atm2o*SWtm ~33rtigs anh (Siirmtcals. E. BRED & CO., ** * IKPOETniiB ii’D JOBr.rra of DRUGS AND CHEMICALS S3 L&ke-sL, CUlcaco, lU* SiSO.PEALLAJiGBLY El PAlntF. one, window class, Glaso wFare* Bnmlnx «II», K**ro«ete, Sospttakcrsi Stock, Rlana- Acmrcrs 1 Goods, Ac,, Which we offer at prtrM f-.*oriPle to ff«t« tier, chants and Manufacturers. i-S-6SShSIBSiSa. ML,, - r -l ’©oparfttcrsillp. O-PATII KEI?SO3P. Tha im derrtcnedbaveth.s day •bip In tn« nama and style ol D. Bast and I'crk peckers. Provision Dealm. and com snirama Mvxcbanta. _ . 3SSStiS‘- u - mL SrWßbu jßanfetwg ana isic^ange. y-30 LOAN, BaucripUMi ntMntbjtkt 4th Katicmal Bank. Fiscal Agent of the United State*. B. LOMBARD. President. BA. BSIGOS, Oaahlar. . atLA-oCS-tf-w-raro TUFTS NATIONAL BANK OF X; Chicago. Cnpitol, • - - • 01200,000. K'Oi CO LuvJls Street. U. S. DEPOSSTDRt A FISCAL AGENT, FUEECiiIPIIONS RECEIVED FOB 7*30 XjOXU* imd 10*10 Gold Sear fits Bond*. IBAAC« TCMCAFD. JCBIA.S LOMBARD, anlSpiMito ~ Cairtler. ProßiieoU •Jjas MECHANICS’ NATION Alj of cHinAeO. - CAPITAU.... . ,$350,000. Thu Buk c**ijphr.i wrt* «u thaprrvlsicia cftbc law, will oc the Eta of Jaij itrttat, cuniiEaC-'S bUjiMi la Ui BatJUBJt * HEc«, SU LlkMU,lUrtai bub Btlldlng* SC*M«OW,_ftostdsul, £FJAM N V VLC^fset’;, : OABfcP- w -JnbUE.catJuer. :n»sir*T i>uancm,i OrrrcxoroccraoxLvx -r tbs CrzKSKor. > _ Jmo SA IStt.J Wtcriti, by Stfki&i»ctar» er»6«»cc pri«ncte3 to tfe*> onden&ned, It lu made to appear that The Mtcauslos' ciatumal But O- * tackyc, in tbe City d> Che Comity or <«okaan siatcofllllfiou baa been uoii crcvri«*i ntaei asc accoratr.p to the reQSirecesa nr Tim firtm rnnrrrm exrtUed’Ai Act to /*onut h f-aaonw enneao, ucored by g pledge ot liuted Bur<bg bo*c*. ana to provide let tht circn.-i»tioa aadmoeu»nor tbtsirr-i, M aprrorec list I,IM. asn bu eomwied "nti ail me ♦rcmiomoi l&lC Act remrreC vo b-r comollA with before com meaning tte imnaefs cf tsafcinr inter (aid Act. hom. therefore, I, ETJGd t£oCOLI/>Cw, Comp troller ofthet> t an hereb* certify that Hit Mechanic*’Uauoaal bias of rbicaeo.Ui toe City o» pbiccxe, la the Coer 17 o: roc* aod state 01 Himd*. isaotborisea tocctriafence tt>* Hnatseesot Bantlnv oncer tbu Act aftropuici. in teeamonT wtoreoi. witoeßt my haao 1 anal.{and *«*? 0 1 otac® tweiitT efrbt day of ijjl UUOH tfrCULLOCH, ttt-m370-*m ‘ Cooptrolier or the Camacy. C'mSX NATIONAL BANK J 1 OB CHICAGO, SocthWesl censer Lake and Clut-Cf. CAPIXdL* pUc Uu - - • $600,000. B. aIFX'B, President. _ ' W AMU M. NTOCKpaOH, Ylce-PtMt. X. X. susna, Oaabler. 35micatiottal. FSVNG BEMaLE UNIYEP.- BITT, st Knci»ilK, Illinois. Dev.-te* toto tic cdncaUoL cf YOUNG LADIES oiclosively. lhefCbcoljei.rcfl*M6 mil commerce Wednesday, Srptember 7th. Vila BABIKA JENNINGS* Prlßß'paL Mira MAEGARhTT J. McUILLIAH. Teacher Of Painting. Miss t, A. f?ANTocn.Tet cbersiJltulc. Mn.S. WHFELHH, Matron. __ _ A* W. UABTIIi , ie4-q428 Itfi’ltw See’/ ExftcaUToConimJttee. TDLETVIXD. JIBS S. P. VILLIS la prepared to receive a few aodulosal pnptU be tween beagtsciiaao ;4.t0 o* eaocsted with her daughter* s * s . lolewild, The *ctor!yrar will besin September 15th. Adareai Woo3n«*Orang« Co.»H. y. angl-0120 2m-n.w4r-ts rpHB KIBSEP STEVENS I jonar ladle* and Mines School* 63 TAIBD ATfiNOE. The Fall term oi tula school will commence on Monday. tbeU’fi Intt, a lewsmall boys from five to twelve ate received. etBqSQ7-lwis INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG'LA WED.KortbBIat KE3. QBACKEBBOS Is forming a school on the North Side lor young la. oice.vnth ih*uau*l ctparlu-vnisPiimary, Interme diate aaa Coli.giate. in which ui the branene* of fcrgbfb ecira'kr are tnoronebly taoebt, with tne Laitmrw, Vuv.cans Diaulog. For terms and dr. cuiax applt to 326 Chicago Avenue, Near Bush elnet. Academy, lake forest, ILLINOIS. K miles north ot Chicago, ou the C AU.B.R. The Fall tens and 6th tear ot UU Academy will com mence on Thursday, sept. Bth. n— J MAhi BPALCLN a, id. A. Assistant—T. S Bf-KO.fl, A Circulars rmretnll particu.sra wlßbesentcaau* ?lvcaUontoh- ft. ■ tymena,Fnsident: Bev K. W. •itteraon. O.D, w’m Brace, Hon. H. U.Thompson Conmittot of Instruction; or Peter Pa?e. Secretary Beard of Tmaicn. rbleaec. anll-olSl at iSlscrllatiEnuE. DUANE STREET, NEW YORK. JOHN F. at RUNS SON & CO., Successors to SUBTH & BEDS., (Forocrly of St. Louis and Chicago,) manufacture and keep a penna* nent assortmeni of cioTEina. eel yt!9 Sm TOILET SOAPS, MANUrASTURSB BT J. C. HULL’S SON, S3 Parle Bair, Wew York, INCLUDING KVLET BTTLZ OF Honey Soaps 61} serin Soap, Windsor Soap, Palm Soap, Upward ct one hundred styles ot Toilet Soaps, and for sale by most cealers in Chicago* ani-oio Jtt-jf-war ' ■\TOTICE—Wm. W. Boyingtcn, j.* Architect, baa removed hla office to King's Block, corner ofWaebtoe>co and Dearborn ttree s* Eoa-4ana & flrtt floor of offices, Entrance 85 Wash ington s tret u. scpftqi2l-lw Buck skin mittens and largest stock ot tba aboys goods in the United states. Also-Put and Kid Glove* and Gauntlets. BOOT AND SHOE PAC3, Warranted superior to any otber la the market, and manmaetmec «xrresclr furtbeNmb*e«teni trade. SOBTSottOS 4 GILUETf. 12 Murray street, N«v York. anl7-pMSm wyAKie sir doors west of Broadway JJEMOYAL— SMITH & FRANKS, [Successors to Bempeicad, Ncrton 4 Co.,} Wholesale Grocers, HAVE REMOVED TO 32 RIVER STREET, Second door from Santh Water. enSl-q72 2w MRS- GRAHAM’S S3/>EOT SCHOOL FOB YOUNG LADIES. Cor. Michigan arc. and Twelfth street* Fall Term w»I! opm MONDAY, Sept. 12th, IS6L fcU2tp4’7-T-TA?ATIIt IS npHOMAS FOSTER, wholesale X and retail deader Is Green Bay, St.Clair and Bariiaw Lunber, Shingles ub Lath. Also Saab, I'ocr* and Bhr-a, Dncrard winoow Framer.4c- Grove street footoffiewntrentbrtrfet.Cbltapo.lH. N.B.— Haylnr railroad tract in tba yard. taeUitlea for sbionizg nrserpaned. Feet Office Box2CS4* iLnia-paoi-iia • ■VTOTICK -To Packer.'' aid others whom it may concern. Atthilarte’.ectlcnheld Intbetoat ot Commlnlonera of Highways were anttom**o to nn:»ecnteaU persons deposltlnc pnl»an« lr aald t r wn. a«o w« hereby give nonce we ahall procuente all peteons committing the «>fl«*tce. J. L ORB'tER. AaMTJKL BaBSS. . TBOS.DALT, rommbsloners of High ways. Lake, Bepttmberl* ISSL acS^sa-ttls §50,000 I«tb. Army asd Co entry Mercrants. Pedlars and Er*t eial I>ealera, can mart en ttmooi profits upon a small invMtoent, Jewelry o< az> pattern or quaU itv. and In any quantity, made to order. Astiaates. for any class of won mnlsbcd. Good canvasimg cierl* wanted- List* and fall ire-. AtcressT. 4 E. GAUGELAB, Mii#*ctcr»rß lie Yon. teLq3S7lwU CJPKUANCE, PBKSTON & CD. 3 COMMISSI* 1 ! 5 MEBCHASTS, , Hcn^Tl.h^‘ri7& caw IcUa. and pine land For Sale. f,ta jt.hi jropCTtr '• unstaren Cocnty, Jelenigaa, ocntalniitAM acres go a porriou cut «y«—Hill ettirely ieJnUt last wmtw: is twenty-five tbont<icd in t»*’.Tc iorV tioassnd in iwectv-four bears. We gnarsntruu ihchtst and the a tidiest mill In - 1 ttirg i sitrcr is the reason we offer It for saw FfcTcrslilcleriusarcofffrfd n duress . . _ LCBCOMBE * FI.KCK, era pt?2 la. miwaatoe^Wls’ <6jgCOKOMY is WEALTH.” rUAVELTN. the create*! of modem Phllofophert, rtmarks th*t “ s sayec is a ptney earned. In e*esc cf 4t»*KjJw soar «*M( paoer. pmerre it, »adrer*lv» tt«fQmvs’eT-t la cafb, ».hleb we wlllptj Ut old nrwepeieri ot erjrv desrnD’ion wdol* oi to n; old vcmpblnitrf «|. kince.ola ei;cal«r«.faand fcilis,*icteu raids, c»t»if:gnp«, and old scrsDpaoet !a cllltf \arietps. ir qr-wn-iti.iiiarieorimalL Also, old writlrg rw ane scho*'! bcoin,oldbmkboohs, Irdeen .to, of sni file. :t u*<en nut how mnofc they may be written on or man sated JOHN B. P2TTIBONB, sn7l-p2<g-3ftls 08 Haodotph street. CJK/i KEWASD - Sttlen from thesnbscrtber in PipeT.wuihip, OpleCo.en the nUht ri the slit alt. one Brown ttois*. 4yean old Uit Bering, abont icwacdsMeb, with small white it*r la forehead ruht bind lee U'ctihc eemmel lolntto the fetlock isdsoelest— the bcnc brrg a mil- rrroked and smaller than natnrvl. A raward oi |29 will b* paid for ths »ppre bti;«ionoftbetblelaro Ri for the recover/ of me' urrpeity. Adoreis WILLIAM NEWAiI. ’ ixon* DL isi q!3t.iw NIGHT SCAVENGER. CEAKLK6 KTTKTZ will attend to ue cleaning of Vanlta, PttTlea, tbs zemcvU ot all Stable Manure and offenrtya patter of all descriptions. All work at tended to with promptness an! dUpatcb. and at boor ■petie&efeie yoct O&mßoxes, abs^usib €l)icflso tribune* WEDNESDAY, BEPTEHBEB 7, 1301 [For the Chicago Tribune). 1 ] Salute the flag. Flig of the Fro©, min© eyes to thee. Turn trer-qtttb •oodne«8 end pride, Aa ejc iof a bnoezroom to cro©t, _TLe {at-e of a beacteooa bade. vPbort er »hy steadiest ©tar© are seen, tin land or on ocean they ©cem Full of hop© as In t:me© of old. The bright “bow ofpromwo” did tfeun. CnoniTE—Salat© th© Flag, the braro old Flag, The Flag of Irioisn hoe, Ht* I fifh; and rtle.if die wemns% With faith In the Bed, White and Bine. Flag of the free, clrrlons Flag, Ah I to »ee thee cbeen*h the hearty As tbon bniTtet from vrar-shjp'ij maat, Orahorettaefrowniaerampan; - Or o er the hero host* iu Woe, Oa acme thunderoue batUe-fleH— Sov'rtieaty'i} emblem e'er then art, SoT.’rdgmy we aerer will yield. Cdobob—Estate the Flag, the proud old Flag I Hurrah Mltriwapoamly ware#; Grxl Reno to &Ii its enemies, Uiikaowo and tetribntlre grareat FUaroftbohfavr, beautiful Flag— •• Badiaat and graceful art thou; To tbe leccna toy colors tell, My manhood doth rov’reuliv bow! Kenneth t> y Bed, valor sublime, Or Parity ppcakeib the White— Tbv BJne *f Tra h reminds us e*er, Thj all ol Faith, Justice and Bight I - Caonus—Salute the Flag, tbe Flag of the Free, Tbe Rap of Indian hue— We’Jl flahr and die, it die we mast. With faith in tbe Bed, White ana Bine. Flag, of the Free, beloved Flag I Banier of onr patriot sire*; . For e’er be than full high advanc’d,” Protecting onr altars and Arcs. Lore may toy leeenn grand Inspire, The ppfntt of uhetty’* heir?. Thv fathers d«data emulate, To prove worthy their hope* andpnj’is. Cnoßue—Sa'nte the Flae, the Fag of tbe Brave I' • Onr ail in tie service we’ll give— Bioc oat. O f-loeaa stem. tine oat, Long, Lose, Max xbx Ekpdbuo Lira 1 E. A. G„ Co A, 4*th lowa Infantry Yolnnteers. Castp Lookout, Tenn., Ane. 17, Ib6l. FROM lADUNiPULIS. The Chicago Convention and its Ef fect in Xndians-ThoCopperhead (hat* Iflebttun-Groat Union ffioetlae-Oap lUiglvn on Vooih. cs—Arrest ofHoddt [From Oar Special Correspondent.] IrnsiAXATOus. SepUS, 188 L Whatever may be the fact in other locali ties, it is certain that the reanlt ol tbe Chi cago Convention has kindled no enthusiasm whatever in the Central and Southern j>arts of tbe State, The Copperhead party, both its leaders and those led, have advanced too far on the road that leads to a treasonable andhumll'atingpeace to abandon their prin ciples and accept us their chief and leader a man whoso bonds arc red with tbe 4>lood of their allies in tbe South and whose greatest element of popularity in the North consists In the fact of bis having been one of the dogs of the tyrant Lincoln. McClellan’s- some time zeal in endorsing the Emancipation Proclamation, and his energy In making ar bitrary arrests of Legislatures and individ uals who were bold enough to proclaim two y cars ago that lbe> stood Wr uupon the ground where the gieat Democratic party stand to day, bus rendered him so Infamous In the eyes of these men that they cannot yet bow down and worship olm as their god, even though he is the nominee of their great Con vention for President.. When it was ascer tained that the second day’s session at Coi cage ban passed away without any nomina tion having bun made, toe Sons of Liberty ware unmisukablj jubiUnt. They hadfeired that tbe tremencous outside pressure in favor cf Lillie Mix >onld overawe and browbeat the Peace oeb gales, and that the whirl of ac clamation would settle their hash and hopes ul 01 ce and lor.vcr. BIS q321-8wl» But then they were, us I Lave said, jubi lant. unmistakably eo—for their faith, grow ing like the nmbUrottm, was stroos enough to believe that VMiandigbam, Voorheea, Barns, Wood and Cox wire beginning to git the upper h*td and bold the guiding reins. Bo when on Wednesday afternoon the did of the telegraphic hammer spelled out the names of HcCldlan and Pendleton us their standard-hearers, there was a visible lengthening of copper-colored visages, and a general glovm everywhere overshadowed them. By the time That darkness fell they had recovered from the first stroke of woe, and begun to think that something mu*t be r done to similate an appearance of joy. Three small bonfires were lighted up, slowly and sadly. Tne first consisted of an empty crockery hogshead and two nail kegs on to?, which latter fell in with the head, and left but one overgrown barrel visible; the sec ond of four small barrels and a box; the last of four boxes ana a barrel. The illustrious archiuc’sof these.illuminations then went immediately home not staying to see them burn. Thursday the delegates began to ar rive; Joe McDonald, with a black traveling bag, in the van and old Henry Aucbey, with another beg containing his seventy fire dol ls r suit cl eletbs (woefully massed) aud the balance cl the fifty dollars lire. A. gave him, bringing up the rear. From the looks ot the procession it was evident that some body bad come to grief somewhere In some way or other. They too went directly home and were seen no more of men lor the rest of the day or night. Bat next morning's (Friday’s) (Sentinel an nounced that there would bo a ratification met lug that evening at Masonic Hal!, at which dieUnguiahed speakers, &c., &c. They could not wait for the day prescribed by the great Convention, the 17m, as they knew the entbushu-m wtmd all flat out long berore that time. The evening finally came and so did the meeting, and by dint of a jTu# brass band and an assortment of fireworks they succeeded in filling the hall, which when jammed will hold perhaps 1,200 people. Anxious to know whether Joe McDonald (Big Mac they now call him in contradistinc tion to Little Mac) had learnt what his views cn the war question and National policy would be, lor the campaign, I went wit a a number other equally auxluos Union men to be enlightened on thtse points. The chande liers wire hung with diminutive imitations of the National Ensign, and two or three larger copies graces the sides and back of the stage. a banner on which was painted the words “The Constitution,” under this “Mc- Clellan and Pendleton,” -and still udder math “Liberty and Union” was suspended over the stage. b*ing fastened to tbs wings on each side. I noticed that “ The Constitu tion” would eg so much, despite their efiorts, as to be hardly legible. After several rounds of cheers, all proposed by a seedy looking individual in a Panama hat, for cverythine he cuuld think ofi McDonald was called on,'upon motion of Tom Hendricks, to give an account ol his stewardship as Chairman of th« Indiana Delegation to Chi cago. Big Mac came forward and com menced delivering himself. He wasn't In a happy vein, some now or other, but wrinkled up his features bb if ho were eliminating truth from ter most intricate combinations under the pressure of a grievous stomach ache. He began by saying he couldn’t describe ike convention, and then tried to do it He said that ail the railroads centering in Chica go had been engaged a week before-hand to bring iu the delegates, bat their energies were unequal to task. Such an august as semblage had never met bciore in'any city of the Union, and though, at times, extrrmevtewt could* trared , [suppressed applause,] yet all were anlmatea -by one earnest senMment— ur£ht Preservation of the Union.” AH lelt, too, that tbe war bad hitherto been carried' on by a party wbo lever understood the principles of government, and that ro-o sovu> thi»ff else besides the comptnt of the Southern States mu>t he re*o*ted to Alter tw® days* de liberation, a platform bad been adopted, the two first resolutions of which expressed The great and fundamental Ideas upon Which the whole was tweed, viz: Pence oa the basis of reunion, by otter means than subjugation. For the first time, since 1886, in the history of the parly, the nominee had been declared upon the first ballot. It was because the voice of the people had been heard and •obeyed, and “ the stone which the builders at Washington bad refused, had become the head ol the corner.'* Thtre are times when the prescience of the statcemanls at Unit, and at such times he must place bis ear to the earth and bear the heavy tread of the People. Then, polntlig to the banner, he said that tne names .of their candidates had .been placed under the Constitution, and beneath them the motto oi the party, ** Liberty and Union.” I have given the substance of nearly all he said, and as yon may see, was not a whit the wiser as to what his war poli cy would be than when 1 west. Hs did not. answer the question Gov Morton propound . ed to him at Lawrencebnrg. as noticed'ln my last Utter, nor do I think he will do so at all. Tour armistice falling to result in' Union, what then, Mr. McDonald ? Yon will listen in vain, o,‘ lover of your country, for any reply from tbe lips of ibis would-be Governor of Indiana. Val landlgham Toorhees and Judge Hanna, and* Dodd will answer you privately, “JRaee at a& hazards* at.d an. end to this cursed abolUiim trbr,” and the satellites la Alien, Marshall, Sullivan, aud twenty other counties in Indi ana will express their assent in demoniac howls. •« « Mr. F. A. Seaver, of New York, was then intrcduc d. the audience thought it was certainly Gov. Seymour, and (be-yelle and catcalls, and flourishing of canes,beggars all description. He spoke lor an hour in aspread eagle Bopbomorlcal way, recounting the wrongs endured by the copperhead party from those in pow*r, and then asked, “In God’s name, men ol Indiana, .of what metal arc yon made? Arc you slaves? To yon, 0 Democratic brotherhood, wbohave sworn as a hand to regenerate your country, toyon 1 appeal, to be up and doing your whole duty in this mailer, and if there are those wbo are doing ihrir duty, • their whole work, lam tbe brother of eYtry' such, one within the sound ol my voice** This allusion to the secret erderwas greeted withtreaacudous cheers. He proceeded, saying that the Chl csgo nominations were the stem protest of the Democracy against tbe course pursued by Lincoln, and that In presenting George Brio ton McClellan sb their candidate, their only campaign documents were bis report, and Ids letters to Buell. Halleck and Bara side. He closed by exhorting them to work as if their lives and liberties depended on it and to et p this reign of anarchy rnd despotism, for it was. plainly written on the political aky “DeUrida est Car ihaoo” “Abolition must go down.” This free translation pleased the crowd mightily, though nine out of ten, bring of foreign ex traction, knew nothing as to who or what Carthago was. Headricks then introduced Senator Powell, of Ky., wbo said his mission was to the Kepubllcan parly. . He had not cimetosavelherighteocß, but to call sin ners to repentance. He intimated as follows; “ We know v e ern’t elect McClellan, except through your votes, but do come and help ns, and yen’ll be sure to save the country.* 1 Be didn't idshe any -r» eh pledgee of giving such BepubUcans ft share of the offices, rot be, be knew too much for that, tie spore lor on hour, closing with a tirade Of abase of tbe soldiers; whom be called Lincoln hire lings ax>o dogs. He succeeded in driving all the Union n>en in tbe audience out doors* aid lb® few honest Democrats who had come in hoping to hear leas about the taxes and more about the plain duty of every pa triot. The latter went away most sadly ala appointed, aud frem casual remarks dr »ppsd I Imre vo doubt that tbe Union cause gamed at least twenty votes from the effects of Powell's speech. I have given the above re sume at seme littlelengtn, because I deemed It all important that the people of Northern Indiana, at hast, may know what the hoy not* of tbe campaign is as blown from the. buele of their leaders in this Scale,.and that H gives forth to uncertain sound. It out clear over tbe vtry graves o! .your dead betoee, it icsalts tbe valor ol your maimed and wounded fathers, brothers aod sons,* with the words “Peace!.peace stallhizirds, anti on any urms, and an end to this cursed Abolition war ” as a contrast to this gathering of mis cnJocd fatale, let me briefly describe tbe Union meeting held on Saturday night in the Governors Circle. Looking from the reporters’ fctsnd, I. could only see a coant- Itte, limitless throng of anxious faces on all sides. The seats in front and on. the sides, were oiled at an early* hoar, and beyond them clear to the fence not only were hun dreds standing, but tbe crowd Barged np be hind the speakers 1 stand and filled npail the ground on evt-ry side, and far out Into the oarknese the alght lost itself amoeg India-, tinct shapes of human heads. - Never was such an outpouring witnessed elnco the campaign commenced. Twelve thousand people can stand In tbe urea ot tbe Girdle, end it was nearly full. Hon. Joseph A. Wright was the speaker, and lor nearly three hours be hela that vast crowd trem bling and pressing forward to catch the faintest word Irom his Ups. He was indeed “the old man eloquent" on that '■* cession.' I intd to repot t his speech, bnt often found myself listening, and not writing, my pencil lying • useless upon the'table The cheers and shouts that seemed to reach the skies were abfolntely necessary to relieve tbe pant up emotions that agitated that great mass ot people. One or two things he said ' 1 may y erhaps have' space * ‘ enough left to "note. Speaking of the ' Chi cago ■ nominations, he said that dnriag the pest three days he had traveled more than 600 miles, and had conversed with all' clOfEt-s of the people, and dnhbg that time be had not r eard a single man arguing la fa vor ot the Democratic nominees. There was no cr. ui d swell iufavorof McU ellao. Again ullnding to the number of slaves m the South as being considered 4.000,000 he said, *T am bold to sey there are not 4.000,000^". And he stated tbe tact to the audience by saying that it Wf<6 the opinion ot our wisest ana best men that lor the past tbirty years, orac least since 1840, tbe Bomb had been allowed votes end members of Congress upon a basis of at least one ViMon more * slaves than they actu ally owned or possessed. Gov. Wright comes to the' State at this time to canvass . for. the Union cause, and yon may rest as eurtd that tbe counties he visits will give a good report of themselves at the October election. If it were to be tbe last work be shall ever do, he need hope tor no better or greater deed to crown his useful life. ’ Gen. Carrington has written a letter in reply to Dan Voorhees, which seems to exhaust the subject. It Is as follows: Indianapolis, Indi, Ang. 2?, 1834. D. W, Voorbees, 11. C; A newspaper, marked ara franked by yon, affords me tbe first proof that a letter,-published as jonra m certain journals and addressed tome, is genu ine. Except in tlyle It teemed like a hoax, design ed to disgraceyou. You had charged me with publishing falsehoods about yon, when 1 bad published nothing. Yon had denied ycur connection with the office where* tbe ritual of the O A. K. was lound. I had not us eirtedlt. Yonlorcedau Issar nr-onme, and un* mindml of tbo eacreo proverb, ••Can a man touch pitch and cot be Uefllea ?”• T noticed it. You now abandon that Issue, aud by a straight, it not a penitent coufodtiun. give to yoursoh the lie. I condole with yon, and am real sorry that you told alle. . A better memory, or better Judgment, would spared yon either dl’emma. But,aftercooleeslon and byway of avoidance, you my “1 invaded your private paper* I” Yet they wire “in that office where the Ritual w&t lound.” Grave offense I As well might a thief find fault that the stolen goods were lound la bis ' possession. As well debt tbe forcer complain that the Im plements of me emit were abstracted from his den. It has evtr been deemed honorable to prorate evidence of crime by inquests of tbe haoats of criminals. So perhaps thought the men who brought me the Ritual aud Its kindred letters. But, Daniel, is it honorable to' force an issnc upon a Btrexper and abandon it without apolo&y, when you find the .charge to be fal-er Ritheris it not the si(U of weakness, of cowardice, or ot gollt, to accompany the confession, whether ex torted or voluntary, with tbe vulgarity of gate and the terms of a blackguard f Had you published my manuscript letter in the papers, vfaich took up your nominal reply, I had loiever held my pesco; but In the beat of bad temper, ;t>n forgot your exalted Intent V that the people' should know the troth,” while myAa f was pmoential y withheld, though it smacked'of the taatr y longed-for truth* Hay considerate friends and matnreryears rcCne as well as ripen yoor taste, your memory and yoor judgment. Be this tbe apoloey, to myself, for even this brief rejoinder, as 1 cannot compete with you In epithets. In fiction, or in style, that whatever year identity with the order,.there Is exquisite illness in spotting the “ office where those papers were found.” .. . Ferevell, Daniel; twice and fore'er, farewell! fiESKT b. CxBtUKOITOX. H. fl Dodd, Esq. was arrested Sttarday lortooon by order of Gen. Hovcy, An officer with half a dozen soldiers went to bis office and found him at his desk. Oa the order oi arrest being read to him he at once arranged his papera, took his hat-and cane and an rounced his readiness to accompany them. He was placed in a carriage with fourgaarda and taken to the Soldier’s Home, where in tbe society of bis friend Harrison, the Grind Secretary, be t*ill bave abundant leisure to rehearse tbe work and ritual ol tbe Temple dfgrees. I should have transmitted a notice ot tbe arrest by telegraph, but tbe wires arc now under military supervision, and the item was declared contraband forthe present ard so suppressed I have Gen. Hovoy’s permission, however’ to notice It thus ranch in this letter. Military matters are rather quiet. Tbe 100 day s’ men are being paid off, and are returning to more peaceful pursuits. Drafting is not expected to commence lor shout a week yet, owing to tbe great rush of volnote-re. It is hoped tbatweshollbc able to fill tbe entire quota, or nearly so, And save the necessity of any draft’ at least in some counties. Substitutes and representative recruits are in great demand at prices rang ins iroro S6OO to S7OO. General Orders Nos. St and 32 from Head quarters ol this District, already sent yon by telegraph, give general satisfaction, and our new commander is looked' upon as tbe right man In the right place., .- Dor. FROM EGYPT. Union BfaM ' Heeling at Jonesboro* I.Correspondence Chicago Tribune.! Joksbbobo. 111., Sept, 6,1881. Saimd&y, September 3, was a most glorious day for Jonesboro—one that will be held by posterity as a sacred day, -In answer to a previous call the “ mud sills” of Jonesboro and vicinity assembled at tbe Court House at 1 o'clock to listen to Union speeches. Cap tain Waters,of Teun., was called to the stand ana delivered a short hut most Interesting speech. He pointed ont clearly the duty of the patriot and the doom of the traitor. Next that old patriot. Col. John Dougher ty, look the stand. At this some of tbe most biller Copperheads left the house ,asd after I had-be&rd his indescribably eloquent, patri otic, Christian-like speech, X did not wonder at their leaving, for aureiy if any man on earth has power 41 to cast ont devils” it is Colonel Dougherty. 1 shall moke no effort to convey tumour imagination even a feiot idea of tin address. No pen can picture to the imagination that noble patriot's speech ol Saturday Jeat; 1c can be fall/ appreciated only by these who saw and heard lor them selves. Tea torn may ecotfatCoL Dougherty, but patriots will love and honor him in all tl» e to come. Next came the silver-headed sage, patriot, and Christian, Hoc. James A Butler, of Arkansas, who has been surrounded by rebel, cut-throats for the lost three years, and con-. eequcntly ia thoroughly acquainted with all their hellish designs. He made a most tell-• Sag speech, counseled nil to stand firm by their birth-right, the bequest of our fathers, the Union u.d freedom of country. At the dose of Mr. Butler's address, three cteers were proposed for tbe last speaker, ard were given: three for President Lincoln, three for Uen. Oglesby, three for the brave * soldiers of tbe Union, three times three for the Union and all together; and they were given, and such rt using, patriotic cheers never before jent the heavens in this locality. Jonesboro is redeemed. The seedd of vir tue and patriotism are sown, too deeply sown .to hft-rooted ont by “.swine possessed of .devils.” Treitors may howl, hut the louder they howl the more surely will they point the dagger of justice at toeir black hearts. Only one little occurrence took, place to mar the heanty and glory of tbe day. A aol dlerof the Union and one of Jeff Davis' sol diers .dlßigreeci, and a fight took place. In which Jtff/s soldier got badly whipped. At a late hour the crowd dispersed, and set out for their, several homes with their patriotism much revived. A Mudsill. MAKHtE DISASTER. Sfpiting ortho trepeiler SelofahyUol - lialun with the Arctic— Mae Lives Lost [Frcm the Detroit Advertiser, Sept. 5.1 The propeller Dubuque, Capu Ptlky, which arrived here on Sunday from Cleve land, brings intelligence of a terrible disaster which.occurred on Lake Erie last Friday niebt. The propeller Scioto, bound for Buf falo from Toledo, with a cargo of. 12000 bushels of >heat, collided on the above night, off Dunkirk, with thepropeller Arctic, and sunk. The ill-fated propeller went down in about five minutes from, tee time she was struck. In the mean time every ex ertion was made by the. olheers and crew of the Arctic to s&vo those who were struggling In the water and crying for help, but so sudden was the catastrophe that nine persons • were drowned, including the clerk and the cook’s wife end child. Whether the six others who wore lost all belonged to the crew, we are unable to state. It is not prob able, however, that there were many passen gers on board. Those who were picked up, were taken by the Arctic to Cleveland. The ScloU was a “wild” boat, #,*«., she be longed to no litre She was built in Unron, Ohio, in 1849, and was partially rebuilt lu I£€S: registered 043 tons,and rated 81. • Her anrrrxin’ftic value was estimated by the nu derwritwrat $13,000, but at the prevailing rates sbtwas probably worth from $33,000 to $25,000. We did not learn the depth of water* in which she went down, ana can therefore form no opinion as tothe.prospect of raising her. Boat and cargo ware no denbt both insured. fBOI WMAIA. A ■ VMtlu «f Peace la»»k*-D»Te Tar plr BDomti>K.lßA , on-'«. Loy&l Bere« ifd>. an. ueiti aacrmtii [Coneepcn&mre of the Chicago Tribune.] South Bead. Sept. 3,13 -1 The mecllrg of the peace-at-anj-price De mocracy’here to-day to nominate a county ticket, and hear a speech from Dave Tarpic,' have frequently seen much larger crowds in •town oh Saturdays when no; public demon-. Stratton was anticipated.* The “proctsslon" which was to herald the arrival cf the “masses" of the great“an washed and nptenlfled," consisted of two vcogcrs each conveying three Irishmen; the cnc in advance carried the American on a email pole (to dispel the otherwise natural snepfclbh-that they were emissaries from the usurped dominions of Jett D«y£»); as they pasttd through the streets, they were joined by.. V kind red spirits” from the- sidewalks until they finally hauled up in front of the Conti Sense, where the' aforesaid wagons and flag remained until .thie meeting was over. No emblem of our nationality deco rated the pptsker’B stand, orfonnd'a place in toe room, nor was any allnsfon to the “ dear old flag" made by the speaker or hU audi ence. • - * • The remarks of Mr. Turplc were a contin ued chain of falsehoods and :misrepre>eau tlons Ho evidently hopes for personal sue ctbb only by deluding and blinding his bear ers, by witbboloiog the facts and appealing to tbeir prejudices and passions, by arraying belorethem whatever of the laws of Con gress or the actions of Uu sdcniuhtraiioa may seem in certain coses to wjrk injustice, . He ejent much of bis time in miarepre sfitlug the Wcrsiogs of the Tax and Con* Ectipticn laws, falsely claiming that thopnor. man was required to pay tbe taxes and per lorm'the mlliioiy service, while the rich were exempt Irom both Be whiued for peace at whatever sacrifice, urging tbat “ tbe- GoverLmeut should at oice, nitbont the de lay ol a day,"or an hour even, open negotia tlots with toe rebels and ask lor peace." Ha said “Uo rebels were not opposed to the Union, bnt to this abolition udmiuiatrutljo, and tbstas scon es a ‘conservative oemo crallc’ admliiirtiation was Inaugurated they would lay down tbeir arms and gladly return to'me Union." Where is the loot that lie llevtß such both? He stated that “disunion •was not and never hid been the ultimatum with the Sonth," that “he would give $5,000 lor the proof ihat Jeff Davis or anyone having autnority to speak for the South, had ever claimed that separation aod Southern independence was the only way to have place. Tbat $5,000 could he realized very easily it Davis 1 reputation for truth was some better. The “NiagaraFallspetcecommiesioners” ■ came in for a full ebaxe of the speaker’s at tention. Be h-d mnch censure for “Ola Abe/’-becnnee he did not admit those per- Eon»ges to his presence; and bow and scraae before them, as became the executive of a great and magnanimous people, Instead ofeo ■“rudely elammine tbeduor in their faces” by issuing his “ To whom it may concern.” ■ Hr spent some lime on “arbitrary ar rests,” and declared that hi no war In whim inis or any other country had ever been en gaged was the liberty of speech and ot the press ever interfered with, except through the civil tribunals of the land, Ho ware vou Little Mac! 1 In abort, he had every censure and ridicule for the Government and Its loyal represen tatives, but not one word of reproach for Jtlf. Davis nod bis companions in treason. He would bury Abolitionists and Secession- Iris in one grave, as both were alike guilty of earning our present national tronolcs, and whenever he heaped his anathemas upon my person or newspaper reomrkabl-: lor their patriotism and devotion to tno Government, me *• unwashed” opened their mouths and veiled their delight. • The speaking.-took place in the Circuit Court Room which was filled with an au dience of about'COO persons, consisting of about ore-third women and minora, one third Union men, and one-third genuine Copperht&d voters. we will have a meeting here next Satur day, when our honored Representative will sptak, which neither Court House nor yard can bold, and will so far outdo this miser able afi»ir both in numbers and patriotism that it will almost he forgotten that “ Dirty Dave” ever polluted this loyal atmosphere with his treasonable harangue. Dave was followed bv one Judge McCar thy,-and Corbin who misrepresents ibis county and Marshal In the Statu Senate, who by tbtir remarks rather added to than de tracted from the standard of vilcncss aud fal sity cf their predecessor. Ihe language of this Corbin Is too vile to be published iu a loyal newspaper, and too .low to be heard outside tbe moat degraded brothcL As to tbe county ticket put In nomination,' It la a weak affair, but it makes no difference whether It be weak or strong, It is only set up to full before the avalanche of popnlaria donation wnicb * ill overtake it and all its bigger brethren in October. A very auspi cious event occurred to the loyal people here in the evening. The same train which brought ue the glad intelligence of the cap ture of Atlanta by Gen Sherman, brought alto tbe noble lady of that gallant otUser, and tbe Union peopled this town, always anxious to exhibit their admiration of the defenders of liberty and the Union, eagerly embraced tbe opportunity to do so in tbe w iy of a serenade to tbe wife of that distinguish ed General, W. T. Sherman. Accordingly a large crowd collected about 8 o’clock in front cf the St. Joseph Hotel,and after the perform once ot some patriotic airs by the bands in attendance; ‘Mrs. Sherman appeared on the balcony, and was introduced to tbe audience by Dr. Derricks (our candidate for the Leg islature), in a neat and appropriate speech, when cheer after cheer rent the air*for Gene ral Sherman, bis lady, and tbe Western army cf tbe Union. Hon. Andrew Anderson fol lowed, In a speech brim mil ofpatilotism and devotion to the Federal .Union. He waked up in hi? bearers such exultant feel ; iuga of loyalty, tbit they broke forth us with one impulse, in the wildest huzzas for Gen. Snerman, the Army, the Federal Union. Lin coln and Johnson, dec., dec., which continued fur several minutes. Speeches wero atlcr wards n-adc by Mr. F. D. Carley, of Chicago, and others, whin the crowd separated, all fueling that they had had a general good time. This crowd was much larger than lis tened to Turple, in the afternoon. A H. G. WISCONSIN NCTVS. Col. Cram, U. S. A., has been assigned to duty at Milwaukee, lor the purpose of di rection tbe expenditure of a portion of tbe $200,000 appropropriated by the last Congress for the preservation of tbe most important harbor on tbe lakes. A man named Ferdinand Kabler was killed at a mill on the Ncabota river, on the 331 ult, by a fellow-workman named Fred, dtlch, during a quarrel about their duties. An Insane man named Thomas Blake, a lew cJjijb since made a desperate attack upon tbe sexton ot the Moune Cemetery at Ka cine, by attempting to shoot him. He was Anally secured. Three men named James McFinney, James Dlcken and Thomas Ridley, have been arrest ed for stealing large quantities of woo l , at oivers times, tom warehouses in Waukesha county. Tbe Elkborn Independent boasts of a tobac co leaf brought to thatolAcc which measured three feet lour and one-half inches in length, and nineteen inches In width. All tbe towns in Rock county have Allei their quota under the lost calL The Prairie Du Chien Union tells a horrible f tory of the most brutal violation and mur der ofajou&g negzogirl, only eleven yeara of age, by' a scoundrel named Walters, a shoemaker, who had induced the slrl to eo with Mm cn pretence of hiring her as a ser vant. Durlcer a thunder storm, on the 2Sth nit., abaiu at Bucua Vista, belonging to W. R. Carlej, Was struck by lightning and entirely consumed, together with all its contents, consisting of a span *ot horses and wheat, rye and oats—tbe total of his y ear's work. Mrs. Ann Armstrong, a widow lady living m ar the Cedars, this side of Little Conte was drowned a week ago last Sabbath, in attempt ing to get a pail of water from the river, 8o says the Appleton Motor. The Portage J&giUer says on honest farmer of the town of fort Winnebago, while mow-, ing hay, encountered a hornets' nc&t, and be ing somewhat riled by a sting from one of tbe pesky varmints, lit a match and proceed ed to “clear out” tbe nest, The result was eighty acres of hay ground and a considera ble quantity of hay burned. Thu* Jefferson Banner gives a brief history of a man in jail there awaiting trial on the charge of having three wives. Tne first one he married in Ohio, left her and went to Mi* zomanie, Dane county, in this State, where he got into the good graces ot a widow with two or three chudreo, a lady standing high ia society, and married her. After Iwiug with this woman shout three weeks, and celling wbatmonev she had, he deserted her, going from thereto Farmington, In that county. While at Mazomamo he gave bis name as McWilliams. In Farmington he gave'bis tame as Waters. While there he .won the affections of a daughter of Mr. Rowe, the hotel keeper at thatploc 3 , and married her. In the mean time he became very pious, re ceiving a license as an cxkortcr. Every one supposed him a veryAue man until, some time since he ran away with a spaa of horses belonging to his fatter in-law. He traded one of the horses on the road. to. Delavau, leaving them at that place and left lor parts unknown. Mr. Rowe afterwards got his own team back cgaln by paying ten dollirs. A wcik or so ago bo went to Janesville for the purpose of ascertaining whetheror no he was Bound on tbe dratt question, and while there inet some soldiers irom Mazomaoie who recognized him and greeted his as McVVil li.ros. He pretended-uot to know them and eaid they must be mistaken in the person. They being very confident that he was the aforesaid McWilliams, Informed hia wife ia Mszomeuie of the circumstances, when she at once repaired to Farmington in search of her truant husband. Upon arrlviog there, the rlliztrs to prove to themselves that ahs wes do imposter, sent him, together with a number of other men, into a room and then let her go in to pick out her loi-g lost hus band.' At the first glance over the room she did not rcecgnize Aim, he now having a heavy beard and moustache, while at the time he lived with her he had no beard. At the second glance she pointed him out. • He was then arrested,, brought to trial and committed to the county jail ui trial at the next term of the Circuit Court. The greatest remedy of the age .is Sherman’s pills. JThey operate as a ca tbartlc upon rebels and as an emetic upon their Northern friends,* while they ore a capi tai tonic for Union men. . . The FHmtf InUSUgmcer, a Quaker paper hitherto ■ published at Philadelphia, haa been dleconllnied, owing to the high price of paper. . - SHcnittnai, ; • »R. HiBKSV • SYPHILITIO CURE Tfcfas Ifiedlciae Is a Safe and S*4le*» Care SiyhUli La u»e i*nm*ry t Secondari ana Trrttuf aa£ Is ihz most Important medical i»is covcr? at the nineteenth eeotur. Fret? tune ;maemoruu there has exists! m as nr-t cw«ecuataz one *fXOaL DISkaSK, caiioddS- otp«n#Bt>poa s special c«oxe. lias oi a oU'.mct MKDb, which ia cspaola of tiaucnltsicr by mcctilauoa, j>E. eiiliic' oYPHmnQcmiis 14 tteoalymod icue which hMjMrer bteo, discovered taa: will CUEi SYrBILITIC \ EAKhhai. lua.mstr vaneaea.- coujplJfa,s3 lormi.aad taor oosblf eifluite too dlreate frot* ia» system Ihe ec.tiucu?-- aac*;f, wtichhaa b*asd tie!t:U o'our Cioa touneat phTwclats. nan caostjd ai v LlUr*&to De consigned to rUKUATUyit attAVtlS. or to i is* ' uti miserable ecacenc: whualife lustra 19 es ?r*dily enreo by •« S—jTß » s LI i':;rrs KEHEPT—m shy otter SQIPIE I‘OIiM ot du****. SY-HUIS IB Oh«ueo%nied by tmee distinct fITsOBS, tbe syn ptoais or each s’art, ana -Jip n-ie«« efth*- abdicate per PacksQa is tbit oIK bods in the country can oretr the weiiclne, (ano r— xmt the ti one y,) which u r> commended to coze tbs parocnlai slsce ol tbs disease with which they "thk FißbT, or ram aev faTAOB of sjpnua, u whtctbeCbanrrca cr nxenDr>t appear. Notirae sbcnia be u*« taprccurlni a package of UK. MAILS, V fiSPaAmc CtJKs, catch coua*te o( o&cbottl* * STD>tiitrrourfl ’'oteaoiM is or.eboVUcW9ab.Cani tic. B.‘ □ a. ftoso. Bpone«. m d tint. Price per pecks^p.ttJO. THF- BK* O-Vi. AHY GTAOS Is Wbes tbedlSCSCshM become COnsTIiUTIONAX-, end xiajr be Known oy the jOiowin* *. mptoms; Ulceration of CBstcocA soa throat elatds.ißtn.hcA'l, ancons membranes, cesot-rone terte or the arms andlees. captions cs tie s in, etrcfcla, etc. Tbe Syphilitic Cure, pi li tee Wash are use* tnthe stooa&ry ataze. Piter per Dacksve, S7 so.- TdJ» THIRL*, or 'i JiBTIAiJY BTA9K, Is known b> t«odES,orh&raai.d pwcfaj , tumor* on in© boore; eaUreemest of tha loiat* hard-paloe Jo the boots co.les cr cUcay cf me bones; syphilitic rbe-urnatiMa. aiterabon or oirts.otc. Tb< Cure" parf ptlisere n&sd in tMs fttars. Pnc* per pacKusfc, *6. t»*mce oi‘*b»uhiutic Cure.*’lsper bottle: £THi ■ ti Dtr box: Wuh. % Jif ceibottib. : PrTsrnswtohar* reason to suspect, iroa A-ST CSDeIS cube or»bo r-wtoi CUH TAOION.of from IMrHt{rfnCT TRBhTMBrtr, tat ftiis’exce ol sayS' PBILITIC ViKUSor c'OlsU'? stni -e** alotee In the syrem.sDouid qk ok, WA«tKd BYl'falllUC CUItS at odcc, aid It will edaecnally eradicate erery particle of the TIKUB ead restore to e perfect state of HBaLTH andPU -1 e kcopD *HY BYPHtMH is HB HSDPTay, and me> be t.-eonuttea the to cblid by either parent in weoet evitemihe otacasc may exist. M. uaxaomwbo has re>aoa tosoioect tna <*xis’fnc* of any Stdouiuc Vi tal cr Pnion Ui thmr sy.Mm, iboma 'Bit to ase Ur. b AVER* L?Pr? ILPTUiCUtvh until evtry pert>cie oi tbe they en-.ertnto tbe marria?* state, and thtrebyswurc toe cerui&t* of a PUtfß ana healthy A treatiak. on SypcLmc Disease, KiTinx rlafn dlwo noraforUeattcent ac oxiraalsicacL pecksxeofUi* me^lnce. CSTThe medicine will be sent by expreei to ah psrte of tbe country oa recant oi the money. BT Prepared and cold by UK. E- a* STEELY A comer of Third and Cheizmt streets. St. Louis, fco., soiß proprietor*. • fold al f it. rr.ECBTERLY A CO.'S Festlly Mad*- clue Store. 93 Madison street, near tUa Feet 01£e&, Chicago, 111. OR. EASTERLY’S PAIN KILLER. Sffola detiiciDfi Is an lolhllßile earn for ItunixtS) Sprains, .Tooth, sebe* Sore Taroat, Colic, Cramps or tptinu, ujaentery or Bowel oon< plaints, Rervoue Affections, Palo in ihe Painter’s Colic, Pains is the Brust, hide, Back sad JKJmtre, (.bolero. 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T>l» medicine will core Diarrhoea, Byaeateryf Cholerat Ifforhu, Somme; Complaint, Colic, Wind In tbe Stom> ach and Boweli) ana all Derange ment ol the Stomach and Bowels of Children when Teething* in the summer thooraads die from BOWEL COM PLAIBTS list might ht by th«- ttm&ly use OJ Dl*. MOTHKRS, »h* will yon let your CQILORCS DIB when a SAFE and oURB REMEDY li offered y cents per battle- tW" FcrenleatDa.B Family Medi cine store, 99 kroUod street, Chicago, DU DB. HOGFHB’S FEMALE CORDIAL, This elegant find popular Medicine will core all Female Compl*ilata 9 ■ach as excessive, Snpprcmd or Paipfal jneaslruhllen, heacorrhoea or fit bites, Falling of the Womb, and and all Irregularities of the Monthly Periodfl. It win also brlsx on the MESSES, when chocked by COLDS cr all UNNATURAL Causes. U hss btrx tkuioaahly tested. L*dl r stryit« ?ne* |i-2S per beetle. .jy Forea ea;L>K.E BauTERLY ft CO *3 FarnKj kftf lejtt B*nre. 88 Mmdinno at.. Chicago. 111. 88. SAA'BEBS’ THREE rfifiKUTE SALVE. 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Ihlß U tbe great find sovereign Berne* Qy (composed of EXTRACTS from In dian Boots and Herbs,) for ail diseases of tbe Urinary and Sexual Organ", sucb as Incontinence of the Urine, inflam mation ot tbe Bladder, Inflammation of tbe Kidneys, Stone In the Bladder, Stricture, Gravel, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and IsimxivsXledby anything yet dis< covered for coring the Whites In wo- men: Wtcn a*ed ncccrdlog to dlrcclioss this Bctnfd? baa neuter tacto cor axel : , a=d its nse cannot be de-' tecieaty any one. This remedy Is reflect and re quires to InjectlcEP, which ire cat nUted to destroy »td deaden u« di* eased ora&no but remove i the poi ion hom the system, creating buoyancy andbeslthu. It la no qnftck Medicine, hut la the embodied ex perience ot tbe Phyilclon most saccuatol la curing •U dueaaes of thl* class, ■_ , (V-LAt note despair m this remedy effects the meet aiMclshicz cures, when all others mi. price cnly tl.Oo per box, or Gbosu ror $5 W. Sent by mall to aoy address on receipt cflhe price For file by all Drugsata. See that my slgnaturc If around each bcx. W. F. DAVIDSON, Sole Proprietor, Clndrnittl. E»,i:i\ll-tMS AVAX HCHUiCB Whclefiale Drugclsts, 16 Lake street, Chicago, an* thorlzed aaenta. au3'-q7j-lmiryaif*la TTEABQUARTERS NORTH- I .L ERS DE?ABTUEST f ,, . _ Coluxbcs, 0., Aug, 27,186 L General Orders Xo. ». imnnz ih(» easnlng sixty firearms, powder or ammunition or any kind will b> received, trans ported or delivers:* byanykillrovL'Bxpreße.orother Forwarding Compar-y. wi'hu the States within the limits of this Department, viz: Ohio, In dUra,LUroU. and Michigan without a permit trom three Headquarters, from General A.P. Unyev, la dl»Bapull?,radlasa, General H. E. Paine SaTlngdold, li-lcms, cr Licatcovnt Colonel A H. H’U, Detroit, Michigan, unurs shipped by or delivered to auau tboilzed officer ol tbo United States Government. Dealers !& these articles, or oth-ia btvlnz them In their possession, will m no event be permitted to sell cr aelivsr them durtsg that time. It la tbe duty of all Military Commanders and all Provost Marshals and *b'lr assistants to eeetbai this Order teenforcsd, and to seize all inch articles as may be clandestinely iold,slipped or delivered, in evasion of It, Buck oreperty will at once be report ed to there rafor the dedosnof the Csm •manderavtoitadlsnoßltlon. . u , ForvarJlß?,aellls*ordPllvcrlßX such articles du ller this tlire, If now In trsn»!ni;pxceptins that they mar be forwarded to t**e cad of inch B<llroads as now have them in possesslon, far rafekeeplaif. will be consldn ed an ev««lon of this Order, jua facts ol inch forwarding will be reported to these ucsi- of Major G n Y* o Offlflal: S- H. LxtuzOP, Lt.* CoL and A. In.’Gen. stt>BqlC3-aw A TiAHTIC & 9EEAS WSS’S BRS SAILWA7 _ nm»n AiAxea sxxar.-Two ThrqaA Bxor:a rkMeff«etK»f!MßH- Ul NEW VOBK THROUGH LINK* OteveiAnd *t 830 a. ic* and p. x.l *• ** IW2F.X irr « B liewWiUa au. 1:40 p. a. * nos x x » Ccxrj at. fcJSP. X " IjS3a.lL -• te»!asi%nCA»C. 508 P. X “ « *<ra Yort at itett a. n. “ '<« p.k, BSTDBHINO. LdivsHawroxs&u ‘boc*A. x. " arootP.x. arriveCleWl6Bd«L.......sKlC a.x 6-J8 P.*, ♦t-ailar* •awpted. excepted. H. F. IWRXWMifa Gen’s Sup*L. „ It. IX T. H. cnouti AH, Gaaral Ticket Ag^c^veiMd. -CMERt VMJMMMMKT RAVDAKS SCALES ink ' J or ALL USB, lim&t tXBIMgI mamw* 411 DatMn> jarmrrwat.' ~ ~ Good News for the Unfortunate! THE LOSQ SOUGHT FOB Discovered at Last. 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Oriels prepaid la e Highly coccsccratad fonsj thrdoso only being trsa oc.» to two teaspoonafuj three per day. -*jr it u diuretic «nd altersuve m lie evtion ; purl trier and tto blood. rar.«lar it to how la all of Us critical pant? &i>d vizor ; thus removlay from the system »ij c via rtf wtlch baye ia deceddiSMiae - -CBEUIIdKS iNjsutfoff ti mtcadM aa aa %lly or assistant so the cHKnOKEi RrUSoV, aua aead in coaJncUoa <vl& medl&loeia ill esacsof Chronic (.leases, Fluor Albus ur While) Its eflecco art healirr, boo thing and demolcdht; ro <noricesll seehßnr, neat (tail pain, Instead of the DtDnlng and almost unendurable pain that ti expert enceu *nih nearly all the cheap quack Injections. or B# the OSS 0J the cHR-inKkV BKM«DT &&•! 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Memory, omversiil L&eslmde. Pains tu this Back, inzuesi of Vulon,Premature Old Axe, Weak Nerves r/Uflcnlty of Breathlair, Trembling, Wnkerolseec, Ktupuona on the P*o«, P*le CouAtcnxoce, Imwalty. CooHumption. MCd *ll tue oirefni complaints emus by oepAT Ina from the pstn of o»t l nr«. medicine la • simple vezatabto extract, ■md one oo a bleb all caqrulv, v It buen need 1- oor practice for man; roars, and *ltb thousands treated. it has no; filled in a single Instance. Its cu rative powers have been sufficient to rads victor* over tbe moat stubborn caa*. tST To tb :sc wao have trlff ed with then consutn tloo, until they think themsulvca beyond the reaor cl su-dcalbid, we unald s*y. Dasexia hot! tbe CHVIiOaKE t;DBE will restore you v# haalth aac Weir, an-* after ail qonctt doctors have fat’ed! GbrPrico.l’ocrbottle,oi three bott’esfurSs.and forwarded by Express to all parts of tbe world. £35“ For.lull particulars, get a Wrcular from any Pm Store In the coriatsv, or write to the Agent, wbc will mail free to any oaedwCrloatbe sazse.a full Wen* tisv in pamphlet form. _ _ All sack orders must be sent to C, A. COOS, Chi cago, our General Avent tor tba West, sold by all Drucriats everywhere. a. a. coo h:, CHICAGO, GeaerslAfceattorthe States of TUinoii, lava, WIA cousiß.Mtchtesasnd indtass. 88. W. Ha MEBWIN A c CO,. Bom Pbqpxzvtom, No. 59 Liberty street, Bear Yore. Sold at Wholesale la Chicago by FULLER, njfOß ft FULLER. .LORD ft SMITH, BURST HAM ot TAIS 9CHAACK.W.D. HARRIS ft CO. SMITH ft DTSYItR H. B^AVILL. J. UOfMnELD POST ft BAD E/B At retail d» all Onunrlsta In tbe city and throm>Ddn> e country. eow 2Eo Contractors. SCALED PROPOSALS WILL hi! rectlved at tbe Office of be Hoard ot Educa tor, No 76 LessUes’r* et, until M •D'»»?,SeDt. *.f t tbe erf cn< ucf nr soduii niutt e Brice* pot School Bnllclcg; size 24by 4i feet, tvo et rfes-h’sh. the contra •-•*> for the c*n enters’ mas-na’ a.d patatera* worn will be p venoat trher separately or thither. Pl-ni end fpccH’.cations caa be aseu sa above. The Cmcmlttceon Uailaioc* so l Grounds reserve th« rirht to rfjeft b*-t or »ll cl the proposals, ana pSHStMW&F PEOPOSALS FOR NEW SITE you marikb hospital at this pout. Cuaxox House. CnicxGo.aux.istQ.isM. Id pnrsuui-c>. ol the Act cf Congress, aporovad June zooi, is&i.authorlziag the "purchase of a n-w si dmore eligible tits I r a Martne Hosnltal In oi near Chlcat o.” toticeltherebvstven taatprosocau will be received at tala otnee until be •fcvemheay of Septemrernext fcripooodsßaUabls lor the tornoees of the Hospital. Th-ae grounds nm’tiJft be farther north than the vlcmuy of Lake View, nor farther south than Hyde Park. In slzo they tuun not he l*m than thrre hundred feet square, rcr more than t«n ncr*-* ( n extent, and anscnavearuUandu- oN-trncted frontaae upon the Lake Shore LUTHER HAVAS, CoUccMr. ata& o9?s at * Proposals jor SUBSIS TENCE STORE*. rvTic*.Coaors9axTor ScMisrxirog, i Ucom 14. Garkstt 810 tk. Chieazo. nis,, > Sealed Proposals flu duplicate) mu be received or theuDJtrst^nco,un;tll3o’clock m., oa Friday,the 9<b of Ecpttmber. for supplyloz for tbs use ot the United States Army, Suosiattnc© Stores, to ba dellv eien «9 ullowsr i.too Barrels brrt quality Fleur, of the brands tno»n •i **l) .nhle Extra Spring wn«at FiouV* -‘Choice Et ita Spiißg wheat Fjoq’.” The branas and place o: aa: ufauituo to be stared la the bl 'j, and whether m round or flat hoop barrels. Tba bairem to be full head Toed. . a,? ft bushels b«t quality small white Beans; sixty pound* to ibebo’bei, id barrel* foil Dead iwm. 1IXU) 0 pounds best qna.Uy coarse Hominy ,pu: up In ba»»el»lol heaclltcd. IT.O tCO pounds of dry llsbt Yellow Cotfea Sugar, or cloico cry r»w Sugar, o*rrel»to oenew, and of ba test to sba for tbe purpose, and to Da fa l h ad lined 6 OH) gtliopf of tbe best quality of pure Vlm-cir, mace only from elder cr whisky, free from all for* e go aclca ano iMurlon* »üb4t*nce«; to be pat up In barrels or batf barrels of 23 eal'oos capacity, K«jb propoiftimoßtitaie ci>tircily the kind and quality of Vinegar offered, and the bind of package. 12,5(0 rouuoi best quality of Adamantine star Can dles or Siesnc Lights, to be sixteen ounces to toe ponno—«lx e? 4U.«CopcuLds good bard Soap, to be made only from good materials, free iron clay, soluble glass. or otner adulteration; to haverouzp casual oaor; to contain not mere tbantweuty-fly® ur c-nt.of water, ard tube w»lldneu beiore beios pa'-Red. poures ci good c. ean,dry, line Salt, m strong, light, wellcoopered rands, full, bead Used. Separate piotosalf.lo duuieate, moat oems - *a for each article enumerated,seq bidiora may propose for tbe v nols or any part of ei’b. Esinplfej of silt e article* mastbd delivered with tbe prtpceals. end reiezred to m-reln - samples or Vite?ar ane Whisky should be at least li quart bottle*' luily laoelltd,. A printed copy of thu adver'iaement must be st unned to earb pr po«ai,and the nroporal must be tptdflc in cotrolymrp eclMy ~i*hailltß term*. / > o blr s will be recelv> a( nnless trom parties known to the undrrtlKued) without n written guarantee tf two ret ecn»lt la names aa follows, vU: 1 We tbe usCe7e<Buea heroov guarantee that sbaald a lcrany p»rtoftreabcve bidba accented tt snail be cnly mlflllcd ac'.ordDg to ltd uni purport aud coEoltlcns. Aiso tbatawiMencontjactwlthbinee to the amount of ot e-ionrth tbe value of tbe stores propped to bo furnished shall be executed if re quited.” Tr«* sellers name, place of basinew, ard tbe date of puicbx> well *s tbe name of contents, wtdj crow, tarr and net weigh te, and-hirptnz ochere after oeMynated must M platilymsrsed on every prtclssc. All ctt»r ax*fksmaitoe obliterated. Tbe Floor must nelmoectedb? on authorized In - 11 eetcr, at tbe expanse ef he seller. Allctberttoresiobnioßcected by the unde.tlsaad without any exneosc to thossllHr. ijetumot wevebts elsneo by an authoilard oubUc weicbtr, trust be furnished whenever required. All ue above More* will be carefully in-oected b»- fee Uitli afehvery and compared with ibe retained eamp’ra. T hr coit of the packages to be included in the price oftteaticle. Tte ab<.ve bterra to be delivered freeot driyageat th»- Conimtfia y Storehouse, or at each plaoo la the cut of Chicago ns may be required by the trader* slgrid. i raymentto be ros-’e Is such funds oa maybe lax tl»hed by the United States. Tee u»otr'ißi.ea reaerve* the riant to rsjee: any or a}lbl«J«oflcred. • Ptcoo*al« for different artists must be os separate she-ta of paper. Bidders are rweetfuny lavltad to be present at the opinirg of tbe bids. blodk /ormstor proposals may be had on applica tion »t tbit office. . Piopcsais&ustbe In duplicate, enclosed ta an en velop*. addrened o tbs ondezatg-e't, and endorsed, ‘•Plotoa s la for SnbslatfnrA Stores ” J.ilcL, TATLOK, Major and C. S. A SSISTANT QTJAKTBRHAS JI L TEP.’S OFFICE, Boor Island, lIL, Sept. sth, Proposals la rtUD'isiMe are invited and will b 3 i*cema oy tbe undentsued at hla ofllco to Boec Lland.lll,until Tue>cay,l2 M, i >ta day of Septem ber, ißM.loriiirDUhmtn=aereou£r«ct: Cast Iren Fines fbr Water Works at Rmt Island Bxriacks, lllrnou. of the foLowlng leusth, bore, X metestblek, ■« = *.: s S H : To bccait in lenctbs of 9 feet each, with male and fe malejriiits,to be ofthchert qn%l:tyof caiunj and ■w»iertisbt,BDbjecf.o careful Inspecdoe. ' To be deSvsred W’thla thlny day* »rom the date of contract, nnleaa ctncrwUe order* Q bythu Quarter master Getersl. or other proper amborrr, at itoc* lelßDd,lMccn.fT«e ol charge, at- —blankcenttper Bcondiorthe «ntuequantl»yreqnl«i Sneo/wfßt b oders wl:l be prepared to enter Into written contract, wtb good and wfflctfuttecunty, Immeciaitly oataeac eotajceojibelrolds. • B*cb bid mast b» In the lollowine torn, ■ —— the Bubte-ibers, hereby to furalihandde- Tlvcrtot.e Unbed ataus at the Qsartsrsiutei'aDe not at Beck Island, IWao's, agreeably to .the termt oi yoer adTeruseraent ttvl In* prop’- ssls for A-my Sucplles. eated September st&, ISM. the r oQo«lsg ar* Uulci. via.* 1 • • ■ ■■ —and plftjae to enter into a wrlltenlcantract w th tie ualted States, wttb zcod aa-1 aootovvd»ecurt* tiei. within «h« space ol ttve daya after btmg nooffed that the bid b*>* been accented “ yOBM OF GUABANTT. - Wo, theuedermned, re Idea sol —,lntbe •ouztv of .State of . hereby tolnilyand •evezaUy ooavenset wl h the U.l’.ed States, and cuarantee in cat-the ferrgon chid of -■ —be ao> rtpttd thnt be or they will wlthlu - Oats after the acceptance of troaud bio, execute the conrnict lor the same with good ai’ luffloteutsure l'?,’n a sum eqocl to one-tDiid of the amount ot the con* uvct.t? perform the work or tern'-sh tuo art‘el-ia oro- Sored 'n cosiormitv to tne terms ot bdrsriUemeat t.»eo the lf«,under wrtch *he biuwasmade. And In ia-o saH •b*nf*utoenUrlatoa ccntjstt at a orerala, we cuaranty tomako the Mflcr*DC» between the cffer bv the raid aal tte neitiowertrrepoufcible bWder.orlhepMflonto whom the contract tasv o aworrvd. Givenuuder ror hand* ano seals! , frrxL.} lid* dayoi tte*. f [ralj The nsdets sued reserves tin right to rejees say or aTI bifa'fdtcmea uprensosshle. Eidr will I - fnirrtelaoo icrthe entire quantity re qtl edtohelutn’shedo:ly. . . Pajmrnt w',l) he mads atsueh timet and. In such ftrOsasßJ.yteprovideobytbe Depaftracnt. Pro.-.Cfnls ramt be endorr* d Frocotais fir Cast. Ir.vr ior Water Wo'kv’ BBSO.A. Q Any fuith*riurormatieu desired win be Biv-P on application to r". * , fwr a»tqiW9s Caat a A Q. U. STENCJO) ALPHABETS, ■Ho. ra'Sffe? I ®!™™. MMS. The only mannocturen la W Btmi aVJ?“gf S£? g e tte e Sw“ IS INK. T»rr OHXAP. steacti DIM tod Ml Ktoda « atCTenjstoea, laquhrm &_ .?> XTOTICE- Ail Persona having lw tab, aiamt tne Coiraty of rnpr, anil pr>. JratlheiaSe.ttn. coaa>TChrk'a Om,-e,on orbe- K^fflwSgfffiSb.CoaatrClrlr. 3Tri» The great Americas BSUSKt, ' - KNOWN AS Helmbold’s Genuine PREPARATIONS, “HIGHI/V COMCEjmUTED’ I COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCBU, A powttve and specific remedy for diseases of sn* Bladder, Kldirn, Sranl and Dropsical Swellings, Ti»ii medicine Inc'easea the power ot digestion »at excite* the abeorbenta Into healthy actios. tor wtucs Oe water of calcareous depoertjom. sod an turns tnral fpiarecmenu, ire reduced, aa well aJ pain tot iDflAxmosUon, todl* food Ter men, woman or,call drta- HHH SK3 HHH HAH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHUSHHBHiiHU iibHHHHflHaaa HHH HUH R«H HHH HHH HHH WHTT RHH 83L%2 OLD'S EXTRACT OT STJCHD, For wearness arwinr from Exceeeea, HiWti oIW Cpataoo, Rally Indiscretion, attended with Os fsllowtoe srmotosa: IndlseoelCooto Exertion, Lom cf Power, Lomoi Memory, Dlfflcai<y oi Breatblnt. ■West Serves, irembUoi, Horror ef Disease, WahetOiaeM, Dlmeeea of Vision, Palo In tbe CacK. . Hot Heads, pluabmx of the Body, DrroeM of the fikla, - Empdensontbo PaWi Uilrr reel Lassitude, Fslld Countenance, juosoelsr Byjiem, "Ih€M lynii-tonu. If allowed to £0 os. Which Ihi* medicine Invariably remov?*. sxn follow Pa TITITT, EPILEPTIC FITS, AC* m one of which t.e patient may expire. Who cm bst tney are not frequently followed by those ** dirt fnl djeaaes," INSANITY AND COSSUMPTIOS? Many are aware oi the cause ol tbeir sadurine, tra narewllcetifeas. Tierecorai oi tbouuaneatyxua and Uie melancholy deaths by cousumotion, ber ucnle wltofMste tne truth of tn« assertion. the coaxmmoN once appkctbd bt oh Heomree taa aid of medicine to etrenetoea sad it •vtsoratatheeiftem, which ayLHBOLD’d PXISAUI SUCHU Invariably doe*. A trial will couyuice tfc* most itopacal. XBBEFE BERETS ESS SSK V£EH?SB KVKRKKH EEB ESE bkbtobbebeb ygK»gHRKV-ltg affection* peculiar to fema'-as, the Extrao Bucha is unequalled by any other remedy, and fox CP complaints incideat to tbe sex. or in the DBCLISB OU CQaMQS OF UFB. ■ See symptoms above*' Ho Family ehoold be withtmt 1& T.T.T.T. L-LL LLLL LlLl LLLL LLLL TT.T.T. T.TT.T. LLLLLLLLLItLL T.T.T.T.TJ.f.TT.TTT.I. — IE3 no Balsam, Mercury or Unpleasant Medicine to ncp>eaaant and Dai serous Otseasee. HEl&lßOLira EITR4CT BUOHV „ CUBES T3B9R DISEASES* In all their stages, at little Eznenre: little or it chaste of Diet; no Inconvenience, AKD N0 3h POftUBE. MUM MM MM MMM UiM MM MM MSS MMM CtM MM SIMM IC»M MM MM MMU MUM MM MM MUM M*M mm mm mum MMM MM MM UUU MMU MMMU MMU HUM MMM MMM Use XZelßßbold’a Extract Bneh« For all affections and diseases of these organ whether existing IN HALS ORFEMATiI, From whatever cause originating and ne matter A-*? ■ long sunning. Diseases of These organs r*> . Qure tbe aid of a Diuretic* HELHBOID’S EXTHACM BVCHT7 IS THE GREAT DIUHiiTH* AKD IX IS CEB7AIM TO HATS TUB DBSIBBD EFFECT IK at.t. DISSA23? FOB WHICH rr IS BKCOMMKKDED. - 888888888888 BBBBBBBBBBDBB BSBB 8888 ’• 8888 . BUHB * 888B nRRn „BBB ’DtaunvU SoSPoa bbbb bbbbbb bbb 8888 •••••- DcfUß 8888 8888 8888888888888 888888888888 blood : blood: blood HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FDUXD EXTRACT HATMAPamr.a- For purifying the blood. removing all chronic cot jawocnal diseases arising from an impure state c. thebiood and the only , reliable and eilecttu known remedy for the cure cf Scrofula, Scald Head Salt Bheum,Pslnsandßw6lllccaofUie Bones Clear atlonsof the Throat and Legs, aiotrt«*i.PlajDls*ct ih» Pace, Tetter, Erysipelas and all scaly crupUcaa of the skin. And Beautifying the ComplezlesL NOT A FEW of the worst disorders that afflict oankad fans* from the corruption that accoimuates in the blood. Ot ail the discoveries that bavn nets made to purgi it out, nane can equal in effect H&lmbole's Com pound Extract of San»parlila, It cleanse and reno vates the blood, instils tee vigor of bealtn into th< system and porgescuSttehuicorswulch maae dts ease. It stimulates the health; toncaonjt of the bod) and expels the disorders that grow and ianile Inthi blood. Bnch arem-dj.thatcoold be relied on, bas long been soueht for; and now, tor the flrat Ume, th< public bare one on which they can depend. On Hpaeeheredoesnotadmitof certificates to shawls effsets: butthetrtaloiaain?le bonk will eaow tc the sick ibatlthsa virtues surpassing anything thg» have ever taken. Two tablespoonfuU ef tbs Extract of Sarsopariu* . added to a pins of water Is equal to Lisbon Dim Drink, and one bottle Is full? equal to a gallon of the : Sjrnn of Sarsaparilla, or the decoction as nsuallr '; “These Extracts have b-ca- admitted to use lathi 'United States Army, and are alto In very genera; uao in allthe State hospital* and public sanitary la sUtuticns throughout the land, as well as u ‘ private practice, and are considered aa InvalcsbH rtmedle*. • 000000 00000000 OOOQ oo oo 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 00000000 000000 SEIfIXBOLD>S BOSH WASH aaexceHentlotlou fordiseaaes arising tram habits of diHlpatlon.nted in connection with tbs Extract* Bucbu and Baraaparl'la, in auco diseases aareoom mended. Evldenceotthe m> st responsible and is liable character w 1U accompany the medicines. OEBTIFICATEfI OF CUBES, FBO“ 2TO » TBABS STANDING. - NAMES KNOWN TO SC'SNCE AND PAN* For uedlcal Prop rleties of Bnchu 838 DISPENSATORY OF THE UNITED STATES See Proieitor DEWB£*B valuable works on ttu Practice of Physic. . _ _ See remarcs made by the celebrated Dir AyUa Phllapalphia. See remarks made by Dr. Eshram McDowell, t celebrated Physician, and Member of tbettoyalCcl leve of Burgeons. Ireland and published In thi transactions of theHlug and Qusen'.> Journal. tee Medico Cbtrargioal Review, pub ished by Ben jamlnTrmvers,FaUowotthe Boyal Coffees of Bv of the late Standard works on uedlema EXTRACT BTTCHU,.•fIeer bottle, or six for|S. KXTKACT BAIkIAPARTT.TA, <1 per bottle, or CD *dsp*kovkd KOBE WASH,so ccntsrper bottle, a do* of each for 111, wt ich will be «ufllcle» to cure the most obstinate eases. If directions art adhered to. Delivered to any address, securely packed Don observation. ~ . , .Dwicdbe symptoms In all communications. Curt guaranteed. Advice gratis. T.T.T.I. I.T.TJ. . LLLL T.T.T.I. LULL LLLL LULL T.lfl.T. T .1.1.1. . 7J|I|T T,T.T.T.T tt,t. T|^ affidavit, Puacaan? (appeared before me, an Aldemaa o toecityclrbUadolpbbJa, IL T. HelmbOid, who be l&g dulynrors, doth say bit prsparsUonj contala ■o narcctl'.so uiereary, or other In'arlotudraaa bat are truly vegetable H. T. USLVBOLD. SwcTsandeubecrfbed (before me Cbla 23d-day HUBiBP. alJerouaT Binth Street above Race, Plula* 1 alphia. <iTi*wm inters for Information, Is ecaAdsce, w 3, T. HBLMBOLDt esnuar. - . DDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDD DDDD DDDD dddd dddd DDDD DODD DDDD DDUD DDDD DDDD DDDD DDDD SDDD DDDD DDDDDDDDDD ddodddddo FBINCIFAIi DEPOTS. Halmbold’a Drug and Chemical Warehonam Helmbsld’s Drag mad chemical VarehooM Belmboid’* Drug mad Chemicml Warehcw WO. Fbl BROADWAY, H. OR h?0. 534 BROADWAY, KO. 5M BKOAD , N. Y* OR hsl mbold*s medical depot, otISdOLD’S vkimcal depot, H#LMBnLD*B MEDICAL DEPOT. . vn m SOOTH TBSTH &T* PHILADELPHIA. nvWVRK OF COUHTH3/SITS AAD QHP3O B&WAab wr CIpLEI) DEALERS. «v. endeavor to dDpote of ** ttelr own'* an# ‘Either” articles on tnercpnUtlou attained oy BHll>nuiLD*S GBHDIHIt PSBPABAUOH3. - HET.HEOLD*B 11tXTmr> bUCHU. aXTRACTBARSAFARILLA IMPROVED ROBB WASH, SOLD BY AT'L DBUGOI9TS EVERY WHRHB. ABK POH HFLM3OLD*a. 1 TAU HO OTHER. Cat out the advsrtlMmentaad Mad fbr it tad avoid mnoettiomamd «xdo««. len-hau.mrew-eo (SmnanCtctc^ JJYSPBPSIA; Atm DISEASES RESULTING FEftl Disorders of the Liver, AND DIGESTIVE ORGANS A3 B CCBEO BT HOOPLAND’S GERMAN BITTERS, THE GREAT STRENGTHEXIIHI TONIC. THK3B BITTERS HAYS PERFORMED MMi CUBES—HAVE AND DO GTYB BETTES lA> BFACTION HAVE MORE TSSTIMOFT -HAVE HOBS RESPECTABLE PEOPLE TO VOUCH FOB THEM. Than any othox Article in the Markst Wc dsty any oce to contradict this assertion. AND VILLPITIIOO* To any one who will produce a Certueata pMMi by ns, that Is not QBN UIHB. HOOFULtO’S GERMAN BITTSBSs WILL CHUB EVERT CASB OP Cbroa , Varrma Debility, Dlaeaca if UM Sidneys, and Disease arising firm a Disordered Stomach, Observe the following symptoms, retolttfif! from Disorders of the Digestive Organa; Consctefttlcs. InwirdPUc*, FaHnes* of Blood to me Head. Aridity of thsStoroiCh Nausea, Heartburn* Dl&gaat lor Pooo, Fnilnuas or Weljhiiuittt Diomach, boor Sructatlons, or Fluttering at the- Pit of the Buj teach, Bwtmmmg of the Head, Horrloa tad DuDcalt Breathing* Fluttering at the Bean, Choking or Suffocating Senaationawnen tx a lying posture, Dinmen ‘ ot Vision, hots or • Weba before th> Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Heady- Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellow* sets of the Skin an* ayes, Pain in tha ■■ Side, Back, chest, Limes, %c- Sodden Flashes of Heat. Burning Is tutns Flesh, Commb Imaginings ofJSrU.anci great Depression of BsbQk REMEMBERI That this Bitters is not Alcoholic, Contains no Rom or Whisky, iSD Ci.TT SORE DUOEIR3S, IS THE BEST TONIC IN TELE WORLD, Read Who Says So : Trcm theßbt.Lbtl 6. Bach Pastor ofthe'Bswttt Church, Pemberton, N. J_ rormeriy of ho Hurt B^pa£Tchim:h.Philadelphia., , Ihave known Hcofland’a German Bitters favoreMV loranamber ot years. 1 have used them In my on family, and have been so pleased with their eBM| that I wsa induced to recommend them to many era, and know that they have operated In a strikinghp beneficial manner 1 take great pleasure In thus Uclv proclaiming this tact,, and calling theanaioSaM ot those afflicted with the diseases (or which they am recommended, to these ■Bitters, knowing from enyg none® that my recommendation will be sustained. 1 do this more cheerfully as Hoofland*i Bitten U tended to benefit the afflicted, and Is ‘‘sot a rum drink.” Term, truly, LS7I3. BSCX. nomher. J. Hewton Brown. D.D„ Editor of tka Knofclopeola of Seilnoua Knowledge, and GMa Uan Chronlcle*PhUadelphia. Although not disposed to tavor or recommend pafr ent medicines In general, through die trust of their is* gredlents and effects, I yet know of no sufficient rea* sons why a man may not testify to the be-.eUtahe bo* Uevee hunself to have received from any simple nr^ Earatlon, In the hope that be mav thus contribute Us ie benefit of others. I do this more readily m regam to Ger man Bitter*. prepared by Dr. C. H. Jackson, of th* city, because t was prejudiced against them for mass years, under tbe Impression that they were chiefly as alcoholic mixture. lam Indebted tc my friend Robb. Sooemaker, Esc-for the removal of this prejudice b* proper test* arm for encouragement to try them whmi Buffering from great a-d loegcontmneil debility. The nee of three boUlea of theao Hitters, aC tbe of the present year, waa followed by erldeot reUefaM restoration to a decree of bo<U]y and mental- im which I had not felt (or alx mo'.ths before, and meet i^raired of regaining. I therefore thank Go* aert ray friend ftrrd'r-cMTerie to *2*e use of them* J. N3WTON BROWN, Philadelphia. From the Bev. Jos. H. Sensard, factor oi the MW BaptUt Church. Da. Jacxio*: Dear Blr—l have neen frequently r» quested to coinnectmy name with eommendoaovt .of different kinds of medicines but regarding thn practice as out of my appropriate sphere, X have Is all cates declined; out with a&earpnof In varioog instances, sad particularly lu m? family, of jhaoa» fnlnees of Dr. Boofland’s Gfrmaa Bitten, I depart for cnee trom my usual coarse. toe>pr*sams full conviction that,FOKQkNRRALD3BIIJTs OFTHS SYSTEM AND ESPECIALLY FOB U7KRCOI*. PLAINT, IT IS A 9AFB A-D VALUABLE PRE PARATION. InfomecasealtmayfaU; but usually, Idcubt not, U will be very beaeuclal to those wM suffer Iron the above cause. Y.wn.TayKTOecirallJ'.jj Eighth below Coates street, Philadelphia From Bev. Warren Randolph, Pastor of BsptlcL :, Church, eermantown, Penn. Da C.M.J*oxaos: Dear Sir—Personal ezpenoßCC enables me to say that I regard tbe German Busses prepared by you as a most excellent medicine. la cases ofaevere cola and general debility Inara beam greatly beneflttedbytbe ns« of the Bitten.and dm** not they will produce similar effects on other*. YOUTS, truly, WAHHBN RANDOLPH, Germantown, ra. From Bev. J. H. Turner, Pastor ot Bedding M.A Church, Philadelphia. Ds. Jacxsos: Dear sir—Having used yonr Genoa Bitters In mv (airily frequently, Tam nrepared to cay that It has been of greafservice. r leilave thatt* most cases cf general debility of the system It ts th* safest and most valuable remedy of which I have sab knowledge. Toon, TSi N, Nineteenth street. From the Bev. J. M.Lyons, formerly Pastor of ths Columbus (N. JJ and Miles town (Pa.) Baptist Church. . _ Nww Bocheliu, a. T. D*. C. If. Jaoxao*: Dear Sir—l feel it a pleasax* thus, of my own accord, to bear testimony to chee» CfUtaceof the Gorman bitters Some yean since ing much afflicted wild Dyspepsia. I used them with very beneficial results. I nave often races* mended them to persons enfeebledbv that tormeotta* disease, and have heard from them the most flattenas testimonials as to their great value, in ease of general debility, I behove IS to be atonic that cannot os sor* pasted. J. K. LYONS. pram the Bev. The*. Winter, Pastor of RoxboroMh Baptist Church. Da. Jacosoir: Dear Sir—l reel it due to youg ex> eellcct preparaUoa, Hoofland Gennan Bitten, to ad 4 my teetlmony to the deserved reputation It bee olk tamed. Ibave for yean, at tlmes.becn troubled witfe great disorder In my head ana nervous intern, x waa advised by a friend to try a bottle of your Gsv* man Bitters. I did so, and have experienced gnat and unexpected relief; mv health hae been osatemS beneatted. I confidratiy recommend tba artieS where Izaeet with similar eeaee afmllar tomyow*. and have been aanred by many of their good BeaoeetfnllT vour*. _ . T. wDTISB, Batboiomsfc, Fi, From B«v. J. 8. Human, of the Berman BetamM Cburcb,Hntrtfrwn,B«rk»Coiuiiy,Pa, Dx. C. M. Jacmaos: Beepecied Sir—l bare be« troubled irttb Dytpeprla nearly 20 Tears, tad have sever sted any meal cine that did me u mock food u Hoofland't Ktterm. lam very much Improved M • Toaw,-wWi respect, J. B.SZBMAF. PRICES. XtmSbi. (holding nearly double epus- , kltyj sl*oo per Bottle—HL Eci* .$iJNt a&ftiisue, »' “ -HLte-m BEWABS of COimUBFBXH. a« ““ »■ should toot nearest drocjrtst not have the article, de not be oat off by any of the mtoxicaUn* preparations that mov be offeree Inlt« place; but wad to nauad we wiu ibnraro, aacureiy pacied, by expreee. Principal Office and TiTaiuifactory, HO. C2l ARCH fITTtTTCT.’PTTTT.AnTrT.PTTTA, PA- JONES <Sc EVANS! tooee«en to & K. JACS9OH * CO* Proprietors, and Dealers In even tovn In the United States, and by LORD & SMITH, SS Lake B*., Ckl«a*a, DA» ftmiwl

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