Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 9, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 9, 1864 Page 1
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1 ti" |MLY KRI-WEEKLY fi«Q WEEKLY. I ofllc**. >«*• 61 <'lßrb »trcet« H.iiMfi Or THU CHICAGO TRiDCjfk. Uli3, ."t-u.-fi-d U» «U (p*r .... 25 “ “ “ (p»:» qiirter) 63.25 tn.'.if. Mi-iJI ‘Ub'Criti* »#, ■ iiv. u* n pcr6 'Dotting.. tt.oo • t rl;\. <*ojiv cp* ye»r • 2 50 “ 1 six month* 1,25 w - of for.*- nr«» O 00 “ - ten * “ “ .... fcO.-^O “ 11 iw-ntv" “- “ .... 40.00 ,T>d to the Itt'er clno, one copy extr* to the per* •..n ordering tl. inßcjjhUtbo LoUcn* m*»y beetctal Vr risk. Ci-“ remittance toremo- mu*u is Ah ease*. I Unix at onetime. l&oilra* -rtJIOMSO TKIi*rNE" Chicujo^nU feijifaoa n: UaV. SEPTEMBER 9. IS* L-yf g gss-^ *■ caw** %¥*'Tf d‘*cjj ti u?nr, | Lei tin* itOi. up eyCttk’<>r JnunJclvee. I wvi i>< ir-iu-d r**-<U l«r rt»-il\vrrihti, Friday af pin oon. ir 3 ih'6» pump Met of t-lretn pages, a //cnuief ci n-?sii.rion oi ihc ; . 5i ~l c ol tii e »ate copperhead CcDTtntloa lu Chicago. The ire-it* nab’e and revou’irmary t f tii*- i-i-iaktrr, wnl-gnnipßeft nf tbe solntof the I o'-udi.t., iiU-tr*tt;d i>y uelftriioo* from Val widls- I v }.ni, C; x, Hi.nlr, Loog, Seimour, V*u Ai- Id . OUiUn. tSandireon, WicVlifie, mid scores of I . fh'. l>. Tin, document ton*>t be placed In tbe bauds, of every voter In the Cubed Siutee. It la uoeye* opciiot, cs It ►hot*? the di-lnyal and treasonable ii/enUom of Hid artcrior ihehorUß Dcmncracy. I ritiiOe *-f the UnUa, send m your orders at’ oicx. They vH! t-e UUf’d promptly. Price $2.03 I»i r d« ;*.» u ' czclaeire of postage or espr-et- VL/iT c OSt>r Of PfiACSB A.WE> ' Let UUod Tree circulate U everywhere, espe dally •sy Amoi.g *mr Boy* id the army _ZE3 Onlo.r* a,'A-:»Uii»auifd by will be filled id the ord< r «n tv- ic* th**r nro n-cclvod. IMtc S2.W per by express, or $2.25 b* null, prepaid. Add-cge Chicago TraunKt Comtattt. Esjor Gen. J n> A. Logan’s Great Union xpei-ch, Dc’hvcrftl Iv Chicago, August 10, Just the tiling to put Into the baud* ol the peace Demo erncy. Pxfoe S2.OS r wHucfleed by Express, or $2.25 by Hall, Po lpaid. For t*aie at Tumcjjs Opncs. O'doDUril'a adiircs to »1»« Cincinnati firtkb B. p«-al amvclsUou. A pamphlet trnlcb every h lerty-lonog Irifhinin should xcfi'l l*iicc $2.1)0 per Hundred by Express, or $2.25 | by Mall. Postpaid. F«r *nlc t< Tnutcyc omcs. orciß Nuo’si The tr-llUtiri situation is lull of Interest, tGpcciaily from its inevitable conjunction oud cou>jillc«t*OD tvlhpoliUcal events trans pinrgurd i-o take place In this respect loyal men'who love tbe conntrv should not jail to r«;uo aii l receive t'-e fall meaning of the news lu this issue. L--t it be noted that Gen. Grant dtd ires the cod ot the war near, if the sjle rerunning hope of the rebels be now flexile*’ them, * 4 a divided North.” The rrhrllloi is nr, death's d< or. cud a vigorous proN.cutu.n« <*f tb's campaign, a pouring for ward of the roeu tbit ere needed, u thorough and zealous rally of loyal men to tM p< It*. un>l t.h<> tlccnou of Abra ham Lincoln will bri'-g tbe bogus govern ment of the mac-stciitrs in ruins to tbe curlb, without enough of it Kit, c-tauaing to serve us its crave-stone. Our Geoemla lu Uu fiOd kr-ow th»e; our soldiers at tbe front Llow it. Even the rebels confess it, as read tlie Richmond extracts given el-ewhvre. The situation is mil of tbe brightest promise, if tbe people will reuxuiu true and tbe Govern- Hm of firm The recent calamity Meridian station,as told elsewhere, was a must singular affair, and the most remarkable collision we re* member ever to have beard of. Two trains from opposite directions running upon a Jo* ccnjolive tUndlng on the track, striking it tt oluiost tbe same instant, Isa marvelous colucidcnce. The loss of Ihe was serious, { though it is marvelous and almost miracu- j lous It was no greater, j Canyon have any doubt which party the rebels defcuc to see succeed lu November ? Tncy do not fa'sitaictu o*-cUre It, Can you u& a loyal chiz<'u consent to aid them ? Kcuo »-i d circulate the Hie most cflVctlve argmutnt agniiiht Little Mae and the m.u who own hitu, -iU be tbe jiamphirt to r»e reidy tn-iuorrow forclrculx llon from tbe Tmvvm: office, giving tbe bo-utier « f Jbe lute Cniv»g-. C-’UVvntloo, wiiU csitu-rts irom rpcerbrson tbit occa sion by tt-L yreat liguta of the Bogus Ot>moc. rncy. Il will do a world ot good, and tbouid bcsint Gen. Sbtnuau a i-ri« f tut btgbly im perial t u>nuic of hit recent opcritioua. Tbcn tb l in Veimoft yn»ws better and better, and furnishes a happy aucury for the campaicu. Vermont was ture to lead off squarely »gu>n»t the bogus Democricy, ebe does even better than was _ expected. Lillie Mac seceprs. Jus* as tdoagb there was evfr i*t»j d*.ubt that be w%iuld do so. Ills Utter of uccrptituce is given elsewhere —a cbiiraccfio-ic ducuo-ent It shows to Which side he 1 t-d his buckets deem it necessary to trim his sails. Loud men will look less at this It'ur than at the men who will n e it to vin fcUocoi-8, and will hesitate to trust tne nation to B< Imott & Company. A man is known by the company he Beeps. for the rcconis of Uic la'c Ci>lc*go Convention, to be publhbcd to-dny by the rmucKS Com- I any, ai d sec of *bat manner of men and declrux this caudl ate wo® oora. If (raven Philadelphia paper) **e imagine & bostPu army invading Pennsylvania, and with Philadelphia as a ba-sC of supplies, making a tiinniphant march ul-ji.g the line cl the ra.lfoa-’ almost to Fitts burg, hubting and driving a powerful a-my almost <-vitj week, we umj form nomc idea . of tbcinagvimde end splendor of S'-erraau’s cchlvvemiitr. Iliet/.ry n corns r.'o.ulog more wonderful than this 313 miles of advance ln»o tt**r very heart of the eneraj’s cmii'.ry, won by splendid strategy and hard Cgutintr. The recent Stale copperhead nominations M Springfield amount to nutmeg, bat a trivital addition to the job priuttug the Feice sucaksnrc inttndUg to w*bie iu No»:emo< , r. Nobody knows or can* *o inquire the nara c ß of the candidates The S'--*te ticket has fulicn etill-bvin, and the merest relatives of the candidate will do wrji to ke>p the fact cf their liountatiun in wrltn-u memomu-fa, which will tf*ou be the only pro .f they ever tan; and by *? d hj*. tv»*n toe principals will be ashamed ol toe recc'd. A letter a duj or tvro since from ore of the shrewdest oi*-n in the coun try, a foreigner, but largely Idcn'ifiod with thelnterest* of this cit>, and the Wist, and formerly a prominent banker, now residing In New Tork, slating »h«t tne Democrats bare made a “horrible inres” f.*r the people In'ihtir Convention—and that Ibc act of nominating a rebel for Vice President on a peace plottorra wiUmos', Hsaunmy deleat tbm in NoVember next. lie represents the monied Copperheads as very despondent. THB COPF£BHEU> tICKEt. Itie net jiioub tii»tthe Ulluols Copper* heftde atid'ptttce eneake wt-re not ut home in the Chicago Convention. Tht’y were un mtrcifullj amibbcd by the Belmont sbofldy ites from tbe Guat, tbf wounds and sores of our -martyrs were disregarded, aud their white robes, doves and olive branches were damned by Dean Richmond. They have had -their revenge, however, in the State Conven tion, and O. A Kism reigned eu .retne. They, -talked peace, ate ptaoe, drank peace, and slept jKore. Every man was r cooing jdnre, and was ready to go down on hla knees Ali*s Jell: Davis’ toe for the sake of peace. {They went into convulsions at the sight of a blue ULiform, were horrified at the sound of a drum, and-shuddered at Jack knives. It Was an affecting sight—these meek and lowly ditfcipics ot peace and whisky, each bearing Ills little olive branch and imploring our gal lant fellows down South to lay down their Arms. Tbc Convention proper was a mere me chanical ptocceding. The candidates Were nominated, and the platform cut and drted, In tie lodges of ibe O A. K , long before- Jiaod cod all Uiat was left for each delega tions ae the Crok county and others, was to ratify what had been ..done for theiu. The uotnlbece of the O. A. JL "ere pat through” with little or no trouble and the malt Is a Simon pure popper lionet, all members of this dtelcvfcl soclttj, and every one of them peaoe'at any price. C«aiparioj:Kobmßon toOgleshy, Js comparing Htperhm toSatyr; tbemie a worshipper ot alavery, a believer in the divine rltihtto steal ma and whip -iromca a blatant apouUr of peace, a man who would crawl in the olrtto any Southern negro driver; the Cher,ln even- sense of the word a mao, a aoldler who h« permed hie life for hia country, a worshipper of free dom, every nirve Unplug wit" 1 The balance of the ticket la prominent for noth ing but -Copperhtadlm—Judd, who shared VOL. XYIIJ in the treasonable Voorbei-s correspondence, seized some days since ny <«ca Cirriogtoa ; Hise, Himey, SUrne, Bri'.nke and Alien, all first class copper bottomed and copper hc*d- ene-ks, 'members ot the order of , American Knights, with only one W*»a in tbdr brains, - and tbet, peace, to he obtained at. any price, at wny sacnGce.of honor, atan ? * rlrk of dle-kracetotboflie. Upon this put foxin tbfee veace ♦‘Leake go bdore the peo pic.of Illinois, every one of »boiu has eomu nlstiveorfritnd grapplu g with tbe foe intbe vi-ryr<’atb strogele, m.d tn-k thrtn ioc*ll hack their friends at d rclatlv* f, tp'lav down t*>clr arms Mid io give np all fur which they have perl!) t dlh'lr lives, at thV very ins ant of victory. Is Jt not a eihgrate? U Unot mon—an JceuU? We arc willing to'men tbtm upon that platform, adorned with lh“ parsphtro- Ita of tbtir treasonable secret so ciety, trutling only in the open and sacred Suet o' loyalty. The people will ms-t tf.em, bj d Unshed with the glorious news from oar aimics, will administer to them a de ficit t6 thorough and as lasting as that rcct-ivtd by Ihclr friends utliicbdt and Atlanta. .Thepr&ules are in* <*e d on lire find tbo e<9tbu*l<istn for tbe Union ticket is spreading like wildfire. Kovembex next, Illinois will e*-ni greeting .to J;er br ve boys lu the liirjd’ibat their ser-’ vlcta are appreciulrd, and that their Iricnds at home will uphold and stand by them in their efforts to pat down the rebellion, in spite ot peace sneuks un'd eicret lodges, by whatever name known. Thc’Cop perhefcd platform will be kicked to placets I at d the 0 A. K.’s, who stand upon It, will be borkd ont of sigh*, by u.e surges of loy alty that shall overwhelm them. CHEAT W&SS P»EcTPG AT SPfIIHSfIELO, ELL Enthusiasm of the People- All the Soldiers for Old Abe. Spcetlief by Bobs. T. J. Trraer, J. ft Cont llog) S. TV. Moulton. Anson 8. Miller, *ior. Tates, 800. ('< h. reuln. 7. L. Greek euridjrr, Cd Mlcs, Ge*. ifnycle, F. L. Bros-, Hopkins of Groodr, sod Others. [From Oar Oxn Reporter,} SruiNGFiELD, Thursday, Sept. S, 18CL One ofthelarseet and most enthusiastic Union malices that has ever taken place in thlacUy fel ice the camp urea were lighted m ISCO, came oil in Uie ■ tale House hat evening. Toe meeting vsß called in the morning, and tbe'no'lec was c«*retqut-t.tlj ebon, notwithstanding which, the hall could not bold a tithe of the peopb*, pud It v\«s losud nectsrao’ to have another stand m the Rotunda. While the people wtre Catherine, one haudred pnne Mere Dree in honor of onr la’e victories, in accordance Kith the following orders of Governor: State or Itui-oia, Executive Departjiest, [ Si'M>QFinmi. September 5, l-tli. j Co tne' W.Z>. Croice’-l t Engineer-in-ChUf, StaU Afbtnal: Yon will cn Wednesday, the 7'h dav of Septem ber, caußo to be fired one naudr. d (100) atma at the Mete Arsens*, tor the brilliant vlc'-oris* reccul iy achieved by tbe gallant commander* and heroic soldiers and sailors oftht Army and Navy of tne Boned Mates, over the rebels lu the oarbor of Mobile. Also, for the triumph* of the invincible ofberrs nod Soldiers of me armies anti B«T»msci:t* oi the Camhc-naifi. Tcnucssoe and Ohio, icsnbiri? In the cap-nreor Atlanta. and the discomfiture and overthrow ot the rebel army in Georgia, and lor the viaor and determination of Lieutenant General Grant, and the vet eran armies ot the Eastern Department* in proetcnttna with unparalleled success, the hrilii-Jbi and promising campaign in Virginia. Eicitabt) Yates, Governor. A number ol shy rockets, Roman caudles, and variegated Artworks of various dc-c.ipiiana, were al>>o sent np oy private citizen*. In lac:, the ci y was a scene of excitement, the like of which bad not been witnessed for many a day. The soldiers took p&rtvivh treat zest in all the pric-edlajs, and their dcour canons of the Copperheads were terrific. They appear to be nuanlmuns for Lin ct’li: and Johnson. The s?pnucflcJd band discoursed some fine music, alter which Cob T. J. Tnrne% Cbalncao of the S»-te FxccaUve rommittci , called the ciee’ius to order, in a fi-w well-timed remarks. £*. wn o real ized by cal inn Uou. J C. Coukuug to the chair, unn the appointment «t Robert Irwto, Funk, i-f MflA.nn cuuntv, ‘--01. William*.C. W. T ¥ ilnc«, Jui-ob Bern*, d. A Fu'fon, P. C. Can* <dy, ,1. W. Smith. L. Tibon, Tho*. J.Deonis, ’ieo. w. Jayne. Geo. W. Chaitertot, .lulu. A. Cu-anot, C.M. Smith, and John 11, Crow, Vice Presidents. L. M. Snell and J. Fischer were appointed Secro luric*. lion. J. C. Cockling returned thanks for the l*.vor conlcrrefl ou him, and introduced Hon. b. W. Mon.ton, candidate tor Congress at large, who made a very fine-speech, wh en *»as ils'eord to with treat attention and ueiiueatly interrupted wi:b cheer*. Be was followed by Hon. Anson S Miller of TVinntbazo, in a very cxcriieut nddre*a. Al‘cr »hip Gov. Yat» s «as intr-dneed amid the mest cnthnstbetic applause, especially Irom the rO'Oit-r l>o>e, woo acre wild with He made a ebon, bat oi-e ot the most eloquent ad* diretcs I ever lis’endcd «o. lie was followed by O. B. Bento, Ber. T, L. m d Cub Niles Inthe rutnndaihc autnenre addressed by Ron. T. J. Tomer, A. 11. Swan of Q.lenbortr Gen. UjJ ule, Mr. Uopkln* o: Morris and E. L. Gross. Gen. Ilttynle spot© «“ foiloas ♦ CEK. HATSTE’S STEECH The gentlemen who composed too Chicago Con vention tell n» In their plattorm tb-it tneyare for a cessation ol hostilities. Teat memsan armistice, and what is that f It means ih»t werecogotze the boDih as a Power equal to ourselves. Shill we be lesspaiiljuc than onr fatnersi Thry loichl for seven lung 3 ear* to lay broad and Oeeptbeloau* detions oi this Onion. Su&U we not fight &a long tomaintamUf XI we sit no, we deserve to live sno die slave#. ■My tin cde. lam a War Democrat. And I will teltyou Jn»t what kind of & War Democrat I am. at»ai the matter of this cverUaUug uhpccrldo nut csre it 1 do happen to be fouuc votliu sloe by side with my Bcpunhcsn Iriecdp. That i? a thins Icarc nuimuir at all about. not I wvl yi.o what Ido care about. Ido care ab-.ut toe preser vation Ot this Dubm. And warn you aekmei! ( do not thin* w«r will have to thrui « uooa while lorn nnaer At** Liuc-Ju’t* udmleistmioa, lan swirjonibat 1 am ready to fight lor it I will fl”bt till my bair is white, and wbru I go down to my grave I wid leave tbi* wares a legacy to my bot, and churse hiui in like miuncrio imu-mltU tobtseun unu hit sou 1 ® sou. uuiews we can lure an boi-on>bJe peace, ujron the term* of »a*»mi«lon by the South tothep-'wcroi the Federal Govern* meat. Tins my friends, i* War Democracy, us I unccrstanan. 1 would <o God tins was taeDe vu-cnm of Ge*»rpe 11. Mode! ao. Dai the aiecaUed Dem«>cracy tell ns we most **op the varoi*ny cos'- Suu-toewar! atop I that i*just what Jeff. Daris watts Ob, ibey say, but we vill Lave u Naiioml .. Suppm-e you call that Conrcotio»; bow do yon laow they wIJ consent lo meet j ou? Nouc of them huves-dd so. tDbii,d> yon know tnui iaor j. :& cud ffiibt-i'fcippi ut a vircuii« will come up and nucleon ? Sup((o*« they will not co-ue. weal are oengolus tofio* Will you fl.-ht? Wny uotihrlit n i-ut **cm title Hpef l, Until ihert hellions Sfa'es j-hooli! con-cut to a Na loual • ouvenuoi-, wha* delete# would they ft-nol Why. there is Toomtio, and ho«uD, aud Deujan iu. hut can we me. LmjcD iral-orr ou terms «f ccDalii y ? Never! lam lor the cxQbtitQtiun as jt watu ana I -am for giriug three traitorf tbeir liebte —all their ngn'S coder the ctssUmUbs. and the uuly rights thoy now have it the rislit to be bansed.. Let ns look at this matter of a National Conven tion, If ihereleeoch ran«; i»e a body, who. * hen they assemble, arc clothed In aim alt tbe power of the people of tbu country. It would be tor them to decide no m a Couetitnuon lor the whole country. Bat would they mrrec? Would .the South be wdiUg to take our old Constitution ? *Uiey toy they will not. Aud if It moatbecumsod, how much are yon wilier to changeit 7 For one 1 must say lam not willing to cb-ncc a line or a word. Nuw suppose that cuiivc.tioo w.,nid not egive. Where wou dwe then be 7 We could only fight, aid ) am with Gcc. «»ruut who wants to tutta it out ourbtS live. So itol. 'if it uheaa life time. Let me t> >y tu my nhi Dc-mccraUc trl>nd3, do sot te Karcd by i-any cries: do not be deceived by party rahiee. Settle It inyuhr own minds thatitie jooi duty to sustain the union, and having decided tfcie, them go to the poll# In the dignify of an Amer ican cl'ir.f'n and rore accordingly Nobody owns ; you now; and yet 11 you do less than this; if vuu give up to a party your right to vote ns you think, your right to callyouitdvcfi your own,will speeJiiy vanish swav- I fee many soldiers about me. Theybavecome home Iroxu me war# where they n«en ga'lant )y dulog tbelr dutv. I hear it eatd that many ef you are lor UcUiellanl of no I n» Ii I beard a r.oldlur telling what hie Oo'onel had'Buid. Tnat Coiocel bß‘d tbuta largHproportion offal# reclmeut ' were for McClellan. Bat, taid the bolder, after we were discharged we took a vo'o on u, aud there were more ibtm SOO votes lor Llnsoln to un lor McClellan. Tost te tt*g way one voi^d. jr jb now nearly a yeartluce I have bad tho Tileatnre of meeting many of the veterans of mo army; but when I did leave them they w«re for lo man who was wiillnc w yield outi foot ol ter iltorv, or one iota 'Of prluctnle to these enraed nbe.V. Even Gen. Grant; muchas thev love Mm, they would see euak in the deep-st he!, before they would to for him on tbe Cbicaco Platform. No, fiUudfl While I would peril myself, a« land my braveboyfchareoftcndone,atibe orde^oiucn. Grant! while I would lose soy limb I bevaat his blGdirc—l could nevcr,.never vole lor him oa a peace pKtform. 1 would rather vote lor the old liooU* ot Stephen A Douglas than lor any nominee on the Chicago platform. 1 have koown General McClellan f rp.lnnj* time: I haves persousl ac quaintance with him, and believe him to be a ptiiiictußU aud stellular. voice: w*bi> paid for htm7| p*ud lor lUd, «d 9 he ought to be wtl inc to ulre Ur best services to Ibc Government which ha« n> generously made him whst be is. Bui Ido m*i think b« is the man lorthiacnsis. We want & man to put tils thing through, mo fiiifh it up so thaUt will sUjpct cii'trn; •KowwbftHtrowegomgfodol [Avoles: vo»e lor Abe Lincoln.! Gen. lloyule continued at some length, his re mcrf>s bciup received with repettuc of cs thnalaatic approval. . , , „ • The meeting clot-fd at a late hoar—having l>ceo protracted tiil o’clock—yrt the pimple were re lucumt to leave. Alter artjournloir, hearty aud enthueiaetic cheers were dven for President Lin coln, Andrew Johnson, General Oglesby, Governor Yates, and others, when the people dispersed. AJtc.'cibur il was one of th« most in>insla*cic meetings ever held n this city. In hithoßlasm, spirit. ni.aiiimUy and numbers this impromp'n gaibtrlnz of loyal men wasitr sopcrVirto the Copperhead affmr of the previous*.- it shows eondnstvely that the hearts of the kuse* In Sprit cfiela are riel t, end that the fires ot Cohm» anUoxtal Übttiy att ttlU bondnga NEWS BY TCUaSAPii TIE WAR FOR THE wm. k VOICE FEOI THE FIELD. €cb Grant sli®; Military fciiaaliop Till {>*> l IKtPE OP i Rft <IKB6LS A MVIDSD KOttTO. Cet fc cyal Men and War Oem ' ocrats Read and Reflect. Tlie Wax in Yirgioia-—Situa tion intfe biionandoah. IHS E : EM JIBPT TO STIHK® ro Rsw VEU TUB WBL- D6N UIILUOaU. Piom Atlanta —Wliat, Gens. Oliar man and hood Save to Say. A REBEL VIEW OF OIK LATE OPERATIONS IK SEORSIA. The Great Union Hirelings at Dixon and .Springfield. ACRKATfcaRE ON LONG inland aouno. IE’S BBBFL DEFEAT LV TEE GREEK HODKIaIS STATE. uiXLE Mao accepts xas NonoiinoN. His Formal Letter of Ac ceptance. ATOICE FXCO.iI 2 HE FHOiIT. Tfhai Gcu, Grant Uio Situation* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune*] ■Washington. Thursday, Sept. 8. The following le an extract of a letter from Lt.- Gen. Grant to lion. K.B. Washbnrne, dated City Point, Aug IC, 1S(U: I Fta»e to all citizens' who visit me, that all we want to in*tire the early re stora’lon of the Union, is a nerzBHiKEO sektt «n.T ik Tin; Nobth. The rebels have now In their tanks their Inst mac; the little boys and old men arc guarding prisoners and railroad bridges and iorminc a good part of their tarn-ons for in* trenched positions. A man lost by them can’t be replaced. They have robi»ed the cradle and grace equally, to pet thrir present force. Besides what they lose to froqnent skirmishes aid battles, they are row 10-ing from desertions and other causes at least one rcglmuct per day, WIT-l THIS DRsIN OX THEM THE BSD is not fab distant if we Tiiu; TO OCESELTES. Their it. in » otvided North. This inn rcttmnia from Tennessee, land, and Missouri, while it would With our draft quietly enforced they ccmc despondent and would make but little rests tance. I have no doubt the enemy are very anx ious to 1 old r*u» till ascribe Presidential clcclon. They hare Lopes Irom its tflectH. Tiiejr uoue un » counter revolution. They hope for the eicc'ion of a piace canoldato. In fact, like Micawbcr, they hope frr something to “turn op." If our pc ice fnends expect peace from separation they are -much mistaken. It would but Le the beginning of war with thousands of Northern men joining too South, because cf our disgrace in allowing separ ation. With peace on any term? the South would de mand restoration of all slaves already freed, iu dcmilty for losses, a treaty wnlch would make the North a slave banter for the South, and pay for the restorer Jrn of every slave escaping to the North. Yours truly, U. S. Gsant. FS* 031 WASHINGTON. Politics In the Army— *ho Soldier* »»>d me Pence Sstaks-Bebcl Mupes- Ttte Enrollmtbl xroopH—General li. mi [Special Dbpatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Washington, Thursday, Sept. 8,1861. POLITICS IK THE AUNT. Hr. Waehhnn e of I llnols has just returned from n vitit to Gen. Grant's headquarters. lie reports the soldiers in fine health and spirits, and full of hope. Tbe Chicago peace and disunion platform !s intensely execrated'by the entire army. He talked with deserters just from the rebel Hoes, who report that the great appeal now made by rebil officers to their soldiers is to only holdout nil Mac ii- elected, when they will have peace and independence. THE EKBOLLHKKT. The reports from mustering officers show that seven hundred men were put into thaarmy ye-tcr. day. This is the largest day's work for a year The whole number mustered since September Ist it ahou*. 80,000. - •r' The Western States have not responded to the President’s l«et call for troops with tbo alacrity and lihera'lty wbirii baa heretofore distmgniehsd Them ; thus the reports from mustering officers show but s,fr Omen from Illinois up to Sept Ist, and tut about 800 from Indiana. Ob;o has done better, but she reports but about 6,000. Central New York has done excellent, hut Western Penn f>lvania hears aw«> the|*alm tfaa-* far. - Xo these sections, a? well as ib some districts In States, volunteers present themselves In such numbers that, the Prov»-o' Marshals, though wora it g early and late, ore open obliged to turn away men at sirbt until tbe next day. Tbe mustering officers of New England and New York concur In rep* nine that the men furnished nt-ocr this call «rc of a better class generally than many lundritefrundcr fonnercalls. If thepresent rule of turni-hug volunteers atd hubsMiutea is kept op tor ten nure longer, probably half the dis tricts in most of tt>e States will be out of draft. Washington, ’1 bars day. Sept B.— Tbe following Utterwaareceived at tbe Treasury Depmment, enclosing a s£oo 6 per cent bond of 1681, as *' con science money ”: Boston, Sept. G, 1961. To Hon. W. P. Fessenden, Secretary or Treasury: DsabSib: Tbe enclosed United States Bond is forwaxutd by an employee ot tbe United States In compensation foi unfaithfulness in me discharge of tbe duties for which a salary was received during , a series ot year*. .. . . 1 Tery respectfully your obedient servant, i7foa>?oa'Qrc.l Endorsed on the bond was tbe fo’lowiug; "This Bond Is the proper y of the United States.” Acting Master* are needed by tbe Navy Depart- , ment. Becommtndauons showing sea service ! mnfctaccomnany application*. Admiral Farracut has been instructed by the Navy Department not to exchange prisoners, ex- | cepting lot officers a> d men belonging to ournaval : forces a long time ago captured by the rebels, and who are confined to Tmas. Admiral Davits Col. Bowman, of Wert Point, and Orrbonßinnt. ofNew York, have been eppolnted. a Board cf Commissioners to examine tbe ground Mid select tbe rite for a new Navy Yard Tor the Navri DipaMnentof the West. Kew Yobk, Inurrday, Sept. B.—The Heron's WachiDglon special says the President. In a re cent conversation with a Republican, said that an armistice once arranged for and greeted from a Governxnenito jtpeis has neve- resulted oinerwise than In a f acknowledgment of iDOeoendeoce to the rebels. As the independence of was eventual y acknowledged by Mexico, so ao armls tics granted to the rebels vould bo an Indirect agreement to, at tome lutare time, acknowledge ifceiriDdcptnaerce. .. In regaid to ihedraft,- be stated that In the first line days after the call was made tbs average num ber of xtcrude received throughout the whole cocLtry was about I*oo pa day lu Lbe en.-ning nine day eI te numbcrlncresaed to WM. Toe whole number during tbe fifty days 1» 60,000, and the number Is steadily Increasing. n« mnat,-ne aa.d, do what we can to encourage this. W«* ehril prob ably let the draft dally mong, enforcing U In a few localities, whtrcihey do noishow i>nflicienl energy In recruiting. Dot »»e are doing all we &m to uu; courage iboFc localities that get recruits withce ing (be exportation of arms, and necessary ordure I would he issued In a few days. . _ . . , Mr. Luiu) n said he and SwTetarj Fesß e noea bad had as to permitting aim encouraging tnide In cotton, and he tnooeht thia teas what they would oecloe npoo. - vlt; perfecuv tree trade in cottiru by ttdivionais who pay for it in greenbacks, and the navy to be directed lo pro icct and encourage the trade ro far a? **-be conducted wiibln our lines, the poly condition be in? that all cotU»n sttunld be ehlpoed to or throaeh New York, there to be insi»ecicd and pay taxes oh * XHIB WAlt IK VlßGK^li. Lateatfrvm Ui«> MitnamdonYt and from oraui»& Bauio Xbrvatrucd. (Special Dispatch to the t.'bicai'O Tnbnne.l ‘ PmuturuinA. Thnrrday, Sept. !•«, 801, The situation In the Shenandoah Valby con. tituee about the etme. Sheridan and Catlj are keeping up a splendid game cl msnenv«rlsff, each Ujlng to dtKOW the other making eomcn&tak CHICAGO, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1894. In oide* totafee advantace of it to give a tors to the c«D»(<ati!n. Sltriotn’e finds It- dUDcul* to beep posted as to the »«| trcalv n«3 of bis wily foe.- Later advice* thmv tha’ Eaily 1b a considerable, ojfl this side of Tilchmooft, and ou MondaySi-r. l(3ai, a recunt-'iU tnct: tn o scover the whercaboaw or ibe nctjiy ulcuui jre. In par-nance ibis or. lit-/ ti»«- inb corps, unuer Bmury iDOTrd one, from nurliucsard bushed ihronch Derry svlllo There E-rly lu-d Id* headquarters on y the niornln* he* lore, without unaarblng' them. Ju-t beyond the town, however, they ran on a-picket Ike, which nticbUd B'i-adtlv before them till they h’d fa»l»n buck over the Opi-qnan. To thU polo G*n Eumnr followed, ai d here oi-roverlmj «hnt the enemy was iu ti rce on the other side, be hulled. Other reconuoltemce-, though tn less force, wen; xusrteon the Summit Pol* t road, which a— ct named tt ui aloni! the entire fnmi, Birly unci re tin d once u oro across the eod bo for as , could he MBcertainrd. had |>o?ted himself In a Bom--. wbtt tuoitg military position on the west s'de of thntbtn-Hiu ...... idvpa'chrs from Grant t.o-u!«ht tudleato s mnve mept on the pert ot tbf retmls to maite afO'her umpt to ng:ilnpotse6B'l»mot t«*o Weldon RaUroid. 1» k tri ccu d i Lai they will make an effort to out-' flai.kosrltli and c(>mc ic oa onrrear. Qrm'k fuJH and proper arrauurmenM to rtctivp ihm>, Acotlieiou oioppoilng forces is ex pictec tvi-r» hour. . BrArqcAirrEUß Arorr or TnnPoroMsc, f Wedne’i ay eve Ing,-Sept. 6. f Burners have be-n - piev«l«nt fur iw.» ouvh p«Pt ihnt a P’lM oi Eurly , *> jpuopß hid urdV'-d In ofir front aim wtre map-log oa onr Wt fl>iuk,.ne east t-»ioc »t;otber*tra£gle for th*< i>oseaabi«'n of ibo Weiaou Railroad, and preparation* were made to r>reive them: hut thus lar, with the exception of a few enetlUap, no epemy his appeared 1c tbit dl reeiloti. i • ■ , Net. - Yodk, Thurrd»y, Sopt. 8 —The Commer cial ‘e Wbm.jui ton ppeefal gays: i- re cmeo tram Gram's Anoy tbit the reic'stn front ( t Worrcu'e portion, on the Weldon Ualirnad, Invebein ptronjrfy relmorcco. and a battle se-sms l«>evliol> p. Tteir troops lf»vc been moved w «h all Bucn-cj, hat oar. Qcnetals are fully posted. . _ ', ’ NrwYotnc, Thursday, Septembers.—The New YcrS Time s' special from Cbirli-stotm, Va., 7th, fay,.. Tre enemy show no disposition to offer battle, 'n the general cornu* incut on Monday, General Burg**'* brigade, Gmu jer'a division of the tfiih Corps, advanced to the Winchester ami Der ryvillc t'jke, where the enemy fell back almost wl-bnnt firlrg a shot. • Tbe l««K*w York Dragoon?, Major Smltb, on. the same oay wen*. ou a recounoiasance to the rl-bi, Imtmetwlii no serous opposition. Our troopr reached a point on the Wmcheater Pike wi-tre Earij'-* ht-anquaiters had been three boars before. Butt) 'e movementeare involved somewhat in mjelcry FROM »T. LO€?§. Ibs State Copperhead fooventton-\t» tempi to Barn » iS>iTcri>iueut ffaic house— pQerlliii Ktnu. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago "rlhuna-l ; St. Louis, Thursday, Sept, 8. The'following are the noralntnons of the Cop perhead Convention now in session la this city: liorCM or— rnoerL, Price, of Cole. Lieutenant. Governor—L. W. Uurriss, of Clav. . Sock t«ry of Slate—iem*-s McPermn, of Auditor—Coa«, Poeier,of S*. Gencvcive. Treas-urcr— Geo. C, Hfocbam, of .Licfesoa. * Ecpi-tcr of Lands—W R Billings*. ol ihe St. Loul? Democratic Frte Press. Attorney Gent-rat—Col. WooUolk, of Livingston county, the of a 4 * Western Republic.” A loid. weil devised and most d istardiy a tempt to fire the large government warehouse on the cor ner of Waehucton avenue and Second street was made on Tuesday night. It appears that Mr. ,1. U. Hawkeo, storekeeper and clerk of the ware house, has bo-n for some time past warned by anonymous letters *h»t an attempt wooldbe made White be placed but lit»le reliance. in warnings, he was nevcrlhe'ess induced u> exercise extra vl;, lluiice and warebedlhe warehouse mrhUy. To bis presence and prompt action ou Tuesday night the Government is indebted for the preservation of a million dollars worth oi stores. Uai the at tempt bmtt succesr-ful, other extensive establish ments adjoiidsg vonld also doubtless have been destroyed. The attempt was made by an iaje niouely constructed torpedo, operated by clock work placid in an old carpet bau. which also con. talneu a large quan ilty of cotuboptiblea, matches, rosin,, ttknm, etc. The machine, fortunately, ' exploded whi.e the watchmen were ta the. taUd me, and by mv»n» oi water and sand, the were final-} quenched. How, or by ma< bine n as placed there is unccown, but m vWw of the large number of drayim-n, |>orier-s and other raborere constantly passing in nod outdar ing the day, the act could nnrdly have been amici piled or prevented. About n*-on yesterday, a collector or messenger for the Pcop e’.- Savings Institution, named Cnmt Lender, was knocked down and robbed of $4,000, •mar the corner of Secono ml Mulberry streets. The rubber i-ccaped with the money. No clue lu hi? idtn’lty b-ifc yet bec-n obtalne.i. Late arrivals from the Missouri Indicate that ‘he bant»*t this river at several oolut? sw.irn with bushwhackers. In Roone county, at and near Ib.clupcrt, ic*-y have become pwiculariv troubl- - - some. The -am Guy «rs? flied Into at that point . as she wus oe*cvi.rlc" the river, a few d«ys * Spinet', Shortly MUrward* <he Mars received the f as she wa» going no. and the j ‘MMFTas actual!* St nt off two oa uin a skiff to de- the best. They were^flrcd ] The Mars then ■ City fur troops. —i)ut" , '-her r , ing to make the trip even the boat wn or>ii.-e l to conn-buck to ?t. barles with her ireluhc, which Mill be turwjrdcd to tit. Joseph by railroad. TCVet»».-«.v u b*tvd of nuphwii icfects cspiared a Irtleh* train on the >*>r«h sli-sonn at Ueu ruHj. «,x.d -u.'.c «ixt; horses that were being transported lo til. Lcnis. ifs2s>.Tl LKK vHOU^TY. Tbe Grcr.t Hally a; blxon-A Noble UeI"U JUrCionKirnilua* iSpi'fl"! Dispatch to the Chicago Tribucc.l ■Djxok, Lte Co., HI. Thursday, Sept. 8, The fcllowiug conlfl not be transmuted over the wires last nicht, nod comes to you une day la T c: Yesierdsy morning opened so gloom'ly and the rain poured in such volume, that It ? as feared the convention or mass meeting advertised to beheld h Dixon to-day would be a failure. Gen. Oglesby, Gen. Prentiss and Messrs. Bro-i and Ward were onbano at an c&rlyhcur, and measures were being pcriectcd for a gathering lo the Court Uoasc, wbeu the e'ocdr broke, tbe rain ceased,and theenu sboic out bright and beautiful,. dost then long lines of country wagons filled with&n enthusiastic but terribly wet multitude, appeared opposite the public square and they were joined by other equally happy and wet multi tudes, and they by the people of the city, with . their wlv«s and 11-tie ones, until waen the hour ol speaking arrived there were folly five thousind people gathered together. ■ . Hud the weather been propitious this would have bc*n the most numerodrly attended meeting, ol ibe campaign thu-far. It certainly was not a whn htbiiid iboro that hare precccdt-d itlalarg ness and enthusiasm. The rpcaktts were! General Oglesbv and Bren tisr, und lit music was furnished b> the Freeport . Coronet lisud aid by tbe inimittble Lombira brettrrs. It would largely exceed ttio Uml'aof a dispatch to clve anything like an adequate report’ ol Gen. Oglesby’s remarks. It was an nnla and cohv;ncicu effort, and one of the most iom«rKab e campaign speeches I ever heard. The cnthnsljsin with wt-ich ihe General «hs crested, and me evi dent st his energetic and power ni ut tc-rai ct*s, gave hap]»y presage o: a glorious victory in the ci &iitrs cleciion. I Lee county Is thoroughly aroused; the fires upon her prairies are brightly burnlic, and not wiihstaiidlng she has sent a smad army to the wars, she may he counted ou lorat least loartuen hundred majority lor the Union ticket in Novcra hir. G<n. Prentiss spoke after Geo, Oglesby for a half an lour as Gen. Preniw only can apeas. ills dcnuncMlon ol traitor* at homo was posldvo'y overwhelming, and accorded entirely with the kpirit of hie andhnce. He is a must powerful tpcaktrand l» do Inc the con* try more service then 11 he was In the field fighting for ihut country at tbe bead of hrr armies. .... L*St evening IVm. Brass, Union candidate for Llcu'enant Governor, Hon. J. U. Ward and Mr. Tookty, the last tbet rura avis in terra Urma, a Umn liherty-loviog-Irishman, spoke at theGonrt Uoi;?c Square, Thespe«*chee of all three gentle men were eloquent and able. The Couveutioa nom inated by acclamation David McCartney, of Tilton county as their candidate for States Attorney. FROM ST, PAUL. lainucßota military and Political NeWH. ... JSpccial Dispa'ch lo the Chicago Tribune ] St. Paup, Thursday, Sept. 3. Two companies of cx-rtbe's are on their way from llil* aukee to reinforce our fn utier gar tieoh. At lost accounts all was quiet along oar hoe of poets. The Methodist Conference Is now In session in this city. It is a loyal and intelligent body, patri otic to the core. They borrowed an old battle scatred flag from the Governor yesterday, and saa pended it over the Bishop's chair, greeted it with three cheers, and sung a national anthem. Tbe Baptist Association i& also in session this week at Minneapolis. They are not a wait behind their Methtdiet brethren inloyalty, though not so dem onstrative. „ The nominations made by the Democracy on Wecneeday are all looked on os weak. They feel lhat‘bcysro under a.cioud, and the UoOieUon cause crows weaker each day, still they keep up a prodigious noise and fuse. . " . ~, They had a ratification meeting in front of the International Hotel, at the close oi the Convention, cn Wednesday evening, Oaring three hours speak lu? not a word In iavur of the Union was said; but mean, defiant, traltotoua abuse of the Govern ment and the Union cause. FBOM SPIII^IGFIELD. Illinois State miliary and General IteniM - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Spiungfeejli), Thursday, Sept. S, JSiL. 1 learn that Col. Oases is ready for tbe draft in thir State, except lu the cate of one county, and Ip teat they are pushing matters as mucuaspos* fii’lt*. , Tho following volunteer recruits, substitutes aad volunteer recruits for new organizations, have been received at the headquarters of the draft rea- Cezvona, by Major Heflernan. From July 16th,18-4, to Sept 6ib,186i, Incluslva, ■volunteer recruits and representative*, ditto, 215 while,SCO; colored,Bs. New organization, 4(3 total, 1.(62. - ' Wr. Qco. Muir, con doctor of a freight train on the Chicago and Alton railroad, met with an acci dent at E tbart on Saturday night last, which re gcltcd in bJ»* death *De was cnapllngthe car-, and nielbiiun. having gone oht by some instate, be till down, and In an Instant the care (ragged aver .noth legs. Amputation was performed, bat the shock w»p too great, and the injured mau expired in a few hour*. Twohoxdrfd and sixty men belonging to the J£ih IMnoW Urglmenl, weiv paid off yesterday by "Jlnlcr Bridgman. Two hundred end thirty-seven men ot the Id Illinois Cava'ry, were paid od to-day by iJajor ikC'snnhrey. LUnxenan Governor Hoffman and Marshal La jnfh, of Wasbioutou. were In tee city yesterday. A grand Union mas of the loyal men of e'• - • :ci c*n ct, w:J be b-ld a« E’to <,r, *J6» ®c»r VUlhamev lie, ou Sf»nur»Uy» bep-trmher 10, XSoL i <n. i-beil*. vi-Culkm, Qaa JimniC. ‘-ouWlua, flnn. Geo. W. M nkr, Hon. L«bn n.» e and 0 btr eminent sptaktrs wil« be pr-eeat and address tLcmeeike. . ibi* War Drpa»*mcnt h.v* *ent on an older here assigning all snustila'e reernra to tt»«s 45th '(Lrwi win-) rnrimtnf. Tiicre were nbout iC*» tn <auup who ban, at the time of HiHj cnl, selected parHrtclar reznuen'-s m which to e.rve. these‘ oSeutin.." t:>i»epv!rg ii. ti e4o»h. Sna the War Depanmcot, on app lev liuno! the Gov«ruor, has just reversed its ore vlotiß order. AH »nb-tuotos now enlisted will he : stfiont d to tuWi reclmeuis a* they may select, one up io >H’-6ti'uieß wtm.h xnny .hereafter cuiut. toe musierlu.* officer* are directed to note cm the de-, rc/ipuve roll* the recunent which they wish to join, hnt chi y w!db»* Hake to he assumed to any reiimtnt from this State. _ . The new rociment organising here la toe 113 th, and la mil. Tbo regiment orLunixlug at Alton ia the 141 th, and lb nearly tall. The latmwiiiu rfppviu-menla hive been mvlet Lkn«;Col V.m. A. Smite. olonel, iGtb, vice allies, lerli-Md; aistsknt Surgeon John Kemper*, Stir yeon.SS'h, tIckKGIc, resianed: Lieu*. Cm, Wen. T. Etaart, Coiont-l, Csih, nc- Cameron. reaizma; Coj.r. Ueo. D. Ktniedy. Major, OS h, vice vyr„o i, rusutd: Dr. Lba?. a Thompson, Surgeon, uOtb, vice S>roii.% rorlcr-co; i-'aptalu I-a-.c, Major, it So, .vice JucV>pu, rescued; Lie at. Col. Joi-a'hnu BUpe, Cob.m-1.122d vice Mo ro«, killed 1 srtu.Ti- Llect, rob Ed. Kitchsli,'' Colonel, vice FonkLocßer t rePi,BC’. » T5153 WIB 1:- eeOßfiU. Gan. shermim’a owp acc»uut of Qls auccer»riVbaiti)« Ifiobel ttuudsaya... Louibvillx, Thursday, Sept. B.—lo answer to a icqntEl that ilaj. Gin, Sberrhan wqnM gives us the details of his late operation- be<ore in order to silcnre the cavils of those, who In thu eb* tcice ol particnUrs, w«ru deayimr that those ope. ratlona Were ou the whole a Federal eacecs*, we have rt cel ved the fulluwiog: ‘ Atianta, Sept. 7. On the 25th of August, pur suant to a plan of" blco the W»r Oepurtmeut had been lull* advi*ed I left Uiu -OUi corps at iho Cuattai to hto imdije, and with the '.a auce ortwC army 1 diewoff fiom the fioge, end »oa:o cox.slr.eri>tlc amticeio mislead ibo <-ucni) I movid tapioiy ana reucuid me WestPuiui tuitro u Heir ial burn i u tbe s7th, and brace up twelve mJcsoli-. Th-n moving»nHmyn,-utoppro*CiU3.t the Atacwu lti>i'iuuu iienr Junes: oro, ana my left near ItoUL.haii’l heady. The enemy attacked the tigra wing of <he army ot ihe Teaucsscc, und was comp cteiy heuten ou the y sr. and durlug the com i>at I pusheo the left of tbe center rapidly to the reLruud above helwoeu and Heady and Jonebtoro. On tie I-tofSep'ember we broke up a’voat el;ut miles oi (be Aa«.ou Ui>an sud turned on the euemy at Jonesboro, assaulting him uud bis Hues, aa-i c >r.ud ibem,<n*piurlug Dngadlrr General Gorraa and atumi U |in-oiiub, with clpnt guns and much plunder Night alouu preveutea imr Cap tcriug iiliorHarouc's corps which eaoiptd souih. 'I but same nielli UuuO, lu Atlauia, dodinir oil his lailruiids broken auo in our jnisnCsbiou oiew up his ammui itu.u, >cvcu lucomoiivea ana.cbhty care, ana' tvacott’eo A'latti, which-on the next dsy, Se|.t*'2d, «as*K,cnpied hy the corps icit for ihni puipote, il *jor General tilcLfiui commandlug. Re luiK.ncd the retrvattog army ton-ar Lovijov’b station, tiurtt miles sociu oi A‘l-nu. win re fluoii’i himstronuly lutreuched, fiModudud it woula uot pay toiissaal', ** wc Q i i already uo tained the enst oi.jeit of the campaign, viz: Atlanta. 'Accotdiugly mo army gradually atid lelscreL returL-en to Atlanta, aod is now lu <amp a icw miles eoatii of th*- city, and to-arorrow willuiuvoto ihe camps appuio'ed. I am now writing in Athmt K'ul couiu not be uneasy lu re {.•aid tu our sLnsituu. . Wc hove, ta the result of this quick, anl os 1 think Well t xccdu d movement, twe. iy>sevea our thrte llh'U-aLO prlconeTi*. flirt have buried ever*oar hnrnlrtti rend dead, acd ictt as nuny wt.nudtd liiai cunld out be lemovcJ. Tbe ret tit have lu-i, ticsides tbe important city of Atlanta and Its s ore-, ai least 500 ttca-J, d,6uo wouided. and 3,Oi)U prisuuers. Our «vi'l not foot up l,doo. If that Is trt ‘•ucctFH. 1 don't aDow what Is. - New A’okk, Thursday, Sept. B.—The following is Hood's account oi ho v he was whipped: Uealquarti Be, Sept. B.—Ou the evumng Of the fiCth o: the enemy made a lodgment across Flint River, Übur Jonesboro. Wo attacked meat there ou the evening oi the 31»t, with two corps, but mint to dUludce them This.made l.nece- tary to ul-auduu Atlanta, wblcu was done ou the nil hr ol thelrt oi September. Our loss on the evening of the 3 it is email. Ou the evetius of ihe 1-t of September, General Hardee's corps in position at Jouerburo, was a?- saui’td t>y a tupen«.r force of the, and, be ing onifianktu was'coinpcllcd to withdraw during the tilth', with tlte Jo-a ot eight «ULS. The enemy's prisoners report their loss very severe. (Signed,)- J, B. Hoop, General. LUTLE9IAC ACGEFTS. Of Course 110 i)..cs— %; Would a Duck Suwlxu f” ■ New Yokk, Thursriav, Sept. 6.—The Committee sppulnthU )>y thu Chicago Couveaiiou- to notify (.it-n. McCUliunoi hlo oumlpaiiuathet this nioru iLpatlDe St. Nlcht las Hotel. N arly all of the i'L.mUiU ce were At 1 o’clock tu*i Cuui mlucc left the hotel, and i.roceedcd In etrrlagcs to the nmneiou of tien McCldltu, ou rtiinj-flrst feircet, where lh«-J were recrivtd ny the General udo Col Lsbsiutr. Alter the cercuiooy oi intro auction and a rulef lu.« ivlew, the .o<rmmittee pre t-oiteu to Otn. McClellan a copy ut the proceedings of the i Lkauu Couvouttun and a letter auvleing him of hie noiLibbtioD. The General ccoeptca the notuicatluti, ana his Utter to that offret will prob u*l> beformuily prv-cuted to tee UommUteu this evuong. the Commit tee, a large numoer of piomiovnt uentlemen vl-lud lieu. McCleitau tc-Cay. Atuouu thcai were Angaat Beimont,* Fcier caigvr. Det>n Jilibmuno and oiht|». oiuNCk, N. J., Scut. B.—ucuijemcu: have the honor to ackuan Uocc the receipt of jour i.-uer lu formibgmeutmy ntmlofttloaby ibe UemjcratlcNi tlonsl CunvetUun, rc»:riu>y aerombkd ut Ouicago, a-thfir canoidatunt the next elect ou tor Prcsul-oC of the United Suite*. It is unnecessary for me to Bay to you that the Duunuattou comes to me uu eubch'. X Hio baupy to k. ow that wncu the uoml was made the record of mv jmDilc life was kepi in view. The effect of lung varlel eei vice in the army coring war and tcac-* ha* btrn to strettaihctt and make indclllblc in my mind and heart the lore amt r verencc tor the Union, the c ns.futloo, too laws and flag ol oar couutry *oica was impressed; upon me in early >uu;b. These r, e lugs nave tnus. far guided the conrec of my rife, a j,t must coullnue to a.-so nnulits end. Th* l existence of mure th n one gov. iiimeot over the rerlou owned our Haul? mcouqi-tlbiu ».t ith-.- peace,the power and the happinces oi-xbo pi op e. cue preserva tion of cor Union was the vole avowed ohj-ct lor which the war was commenced It should utve b< cu cunducud 'or that object ocly, and m accord ance with those principles which t took occasion to declare when in active service. Thn« t o&docted the work of reconciliation would havo been c»sy, und we mlcht have reaped tho benefit ot our many vic onea on laud and sea. Tue U'u:ou was originally formed by the exercise of s fpint of conudutixn and compromise. -Torcptoro ' sne preserve It tee same sp.rit most prevail ta our connd.s uiid In the hearts ol the people. Too re esiahlUhuicutof thoUuiua lu all its in'c/rlty Is und most coitinue lobe the tudispe&slbie cuudl t>onof any tculement. cosajua- It is clear, or. even probable, that our present adversaries -re n-aoy tor (Race upon the basis of the Duloa wo should exhaust all tbe resources of statesmanship, practiced by civilized nations, tunght by me Uednion ot the Amencau pcope con eitlebt''wlth-tbe honor and lafe-resta of the country to secure emai peace. Ko-eswbUuh-the Union, and uttarenteo >or tbe fumre the conati'.u ttuual rirhis of every State Thu Uuiua Is thu cue cunatiiou ofpeuce, nu asa uo mure. Let me »du wh«t I doubt not wis. although nncx prc‘std. tbcecotimente ot theCunvchiiou as it is of* the people they represent mat when anyone' State is wlllinu to return to the Uatuu it vhua'd iicrtcciv«dat.ohco with afoll guarumec.oi adits couriitaiional rights. It a frank,' earned and persistent effort to ob tain tbo-e objee n sboold lad, the resp jus bllity lor ulterior cousequcnccf will isb upon these who remain in srm» haaiisi too Union, hat tbe Union 'must i-c prtrcrveo at all hazards. 1 could not look iu thu face of my callanc con rite* or tbe army aod navy, übo have survived so many Moooy oaitlcs, ana tell tlmm that their labor* avd tbe -acnfice ol *o many of oar slain and wunneed breiiueu bud been lu vuiu; IDjI we had abandoned that Union for which we hive so often periled onrlives. A vast majority of ottr people, whether in tho anuy at d navy or at b«me. would, as C would, lull with pnhoni.neo joy the itenuanunt restoru'ioh of peace on the harts of the Union under the Coastl tnUoa without the effurlou uJ another arop of b.ood ; but no peace can be permaueut without Unlor. tbe other subjects presented ia tho reso-. JatJohd of the courcanob I <au merely say I should p«ik in the of the United S'atce, and the lavs a iramediu accordance (here with, the rule u( my duty, and the limits of executive pawer, and euoea*or to restore ccouomy In public tipenmure, ru-tS(abU«h me saprenucy, &&a Ljibe operation of a more vlgurooa nationotliy, repume our cuoiuiaudiuir poaitioa mDOBi! mo the nstioua of the e"irth. The couoition ol our finaocea. the de preciation of the paper money, and the hardens thereby Imposed ou labor 1 uua capital, •how the uecetriiy ol a return to a >oaud tinaucml system, while tbe tichtof cidzeos aud tbe rights of S>ates, ana the binding aathoriiy of taw over I’reelOtnt, army and people.- ore suojects of not les« vital importance lu peace than in war. - Believing that ihe views here expressed arc those of the Couvemiun aud the people you represent, I accept the nomination. - 1 realize the welahc of the responsibility to be bora bhotffd the people ratlfv your choice. CuntcluUß of my o *1) weakness. 1 can only seek litvemly the guldanca ot too Euler o* tbe Ual vrrse, and rely log on His aU-po«»errtil aid, do my b* sc to restore Union and Peace to a snffenug peo ple, aud to establish and uuara their libcrtLca aud jiahtA. 1 am, ufeDtlemen, .. very reßpeet'ully, r r , konr oDtdienc servant, Qko.B. McClellan. To Hon. Horatio Seymour and others, Committee.- - FKOH Tli»Wts»§EE. WRcelci’s Hold —Political laieitl* gence. ■Washington, Tbarsday, September B.—Tbe latett ti-tellgence from Konaseau Is that he ta dnviDgWneeler, whole trying to get aeroas the Tennessee. We have captaredmany prtaoaera, Tbe railroad between Na*hvi le and Chattanoo ca will belu running order to-morrow. The Union Slate Convention here has adjourned tinetiie It paeecd a resolution favoring the call ot a State Convention and the immediate abolition of slavery. FROfll THE SOUTH* Tlie RfcZtmond Frees ou the Situation , _XHO u lbi , tOhfclMd* Naw Tons. Thursday, Sept. B.—The Elcbmond VaatniritTui ibeiib committing on flood's odl- Siil mppaicb announcing bis disaster says haw n was that af er attacking the enemy wl-.n two corps i.ear Jonesbmo, only Harold wbjm* left to re * . tfc « aeisalt cl the eneinj, ctu only be account ed for bv supposing that ‘‘Her oar uisck failed to dislodge the enemy. Uood withdrew one ofihetn loAtanU, leaving Qaroee to bent thehnmi alone. Thiabc «onlfl bardty h<vedone hud he'nocmucal* cnWd the tmemv’a deelen. He must have-be liived tbemam oody of tihennau’a army to have vlm, in front ox Allan**, when la fief U;w w on Flint livtr i tar Joreuboro, twenty od I miles south. Th* Th-nmlntr congrataUtea the South that a tioueh Atlanta ielort the the army la not, and tie lota ot the frmena nothing walls'the T«i>b lI the latter would have beeaWithtmt remedy. - Id another article the Examtntr. coademns the remoThl ot Johnson, saying ne was superseded oy nood a commander of division notomaaly inca nabie of xnanaelt-B anything than a dlvfaioo. The result of the oleaster at Atlanta la In the very , » r v n r time, when' each a victory alone coold gave the uartv ol Lincoln ftom liremevanle raln,> - ■ amS refemns'toi the ab*nrdlty: of patting np snd polling oovn a coauundec in the held fto cording to tne crude views or peeviabiaiicios of a functionary u* Kjcnmoud, tho JZxaminer con tinues: “No* is U out hard, la Uuut cruelly bard that the struggle of. eight mlltuiu* vbo sacuilcethcxr money aod their lire*; who KruQii iii tbe excess of eseiiiou; who wreoca ere*' ty UiQ>c>o nil the biooa ttoris with the s*re»t. aAobla corue to nanatu,—shuaw end to toe rata of be all, mat the preattclious and autipewiea, the phuui personal feelings ot a eugle man, any be Inouigeo. Again it says, the moral effect of the I. as ot Atl >n a, though ic'may be temporary, whl be great: a wliWeuotT inc-iicalable as* educe to U,e party of Lincoln, aodot)*ctire ihe-prosyttcis of piece, lately so brlcct. It may eoawe rbetn-to execute the orafti'U «nd diffuse: g.ouiu over the South' This oepreselob, however, iusy fa« speedi ly relieved, it tno. administration,. ha* a spark of reel sente or tuisc.tkh patriotism, 'Tag u,ent ul JuhiietuD, or aunoin'mcnt of wctila &* uaue restore tbecoatldeucuof the cots*' tij tuaoruiy. •• . TLcx.xawit«er eajs ale Bristol papers state that It ib ul< a li.. atioat Wheelerde* royiiy i-ho great miagv over the Tennessee at Loiduu. Tho same paper say & •• ue tetuir t'udious.y to avoid the eue u*> e bridge-ana lines of couuuuulcvlmu, and de voltehumetf i<* room- c about tuecountry picking Uj> biuail lu'p o» ptl»un«xts”- .... The kS«nf.r.rKto«ea au article ou the firualiou as ollotfs: ‘‘ate ouiy pr*c icoT moral wo cia Oi»w iioiuull thisie mat the Oonf*-dofdte S'.ates j vveVrui uioic urgent uceclot iiaeiToa-ive army oi.d ot ipcctcun-CfipUon, aod &U men to the front, thin they iiarc at ima Poor/’ Fistvjs »«u^ai »t*rUii*c Duclo«nre o| aßeboilflrate >CUCß»o. J , ' New YiT-K, Thursday, Sept. 8 —ANcw London, Conn., cui/eppobfieut oi tue Uownsrcuil Aileer tlsir *«>>: The greatest excitement tutf-pre*aile>l outing the-post w« ek m the 6,easu>oAt u&ooaof tue lines from Boston to New T6rt.consequent epou the rtvcaiti-g *o' Collector B irucy’ 'of a plot to oertroj all (liCMoiiiboiits iQonluS oa tba rfoanti. It was teiti ibtts the Electric Spirit, rcceutly cap tuied.i'T toe TaUahetpce, atdrjiiiw ncr cousoct, Pur. bci n hovering atom our coast, und was to uo, the ffcrk. ; It it-y s jnfser’cd aaa, fact, that the aboutthreo weeks since went tu»d Newport Qir -1 or. aciim'td around the Const.tnUon uumlyKg thejr, uud tt- eu>cd cut oeam bDoiialle'.aed. • Four iiibboet? have been sent into the Sound to look aiurtbc aheir. . EBOSfe XKtas-OOJLS'. Interesting from Ni-wOrleans and iflo- Bile. Fortress Mosbok, Sept. C.—The supply steam er Bcrtuhi a eirivtti this morning fiom PcosaeoU, t-Oth ultimo. The revot d ihy after the sarreuder of Fort Mor gan, a lorpulu accidently exploded ou the beach, killing five und mounding four men of the Sumi nok, tiUu kiuiotr'two of Qeueral Oranuer’em«n aiidwoundiutruneof the Metacuiuet crcwaadtbo pilot oi the Ilartloro. Tho rebel Anmirai Buchanan la doing well, and We I not lose bla leg. New YottK, Set»'. B.—The steamer Arlellua ar rived fr«»ui Mldo ing .uuttou, $1.85/ Produce firm. Sugar and uioluti-c? dull. NolhU c la’er from ITobile. €)i the Metacomet; hid oxp’od- COaicrordo on tie enukeu*Nashville, partiillv li’uwink her to pieces, lie tapeccedtu soon flulsa her. The iTrarajg it hie highly important intelil gci cc, l ui due* not print It, being contraband. Mntnmorin.edvicea ati r c that a,Preach force , of marini a hnd lahm poe-«ssloo of Ujgdad, at the inuu’h ofRIo GruuOe, aad U la reported that a li-icc oritO.OOO hud landed further up the nver, | where, '.i U earn, Conloa* would attoes theca. I Ntw Yoiik, Thursday, &ept a.—By the arnva Irom New Orleans, we I-nm that C lnton, La., waa cin'ured by u force of uar cavulry uuder Gen A. L Lu*, on ibo £stfr u<£. The main body of ihe itbclr- under Col. Scott fled to the woods, closely pursued by ocriorce?. C. €*. JB. Bt. CA»UALTTX. The Smaali Up h>ar ffl^ridlan—&lz i Klll^rt—Afoarterxi lojarcd— I The Verdict ot the coroaos’l Jury. I iIEKuoTA, 111., Sept. 7.—The nlcht passenger train from Chicago, having ten coache*, eight of which were Ailed wrb pa-eengew, and u stock trait. Laving about ibiriy loaded cars, coming from the ouer dueaion. came iu coiliaioa with a locomotive suudlng ou the track, about two miles e >b' ot Mi ridiau Stition. and fl*e or six miles ea-t or Mcndutn, last night about half-past one o’ciocv, cnus-iiu great aaniMtMj to the trains, and hllltusr six persoup (emiurauts) nod injuring many others, uomo «.f tbtiusenoußly. Tue soioftms cir was lu ue front part oi the train, next to the nagnage car, and. In this there wore »o«uc half dozen emi grants, and the next car was llLed wltn emigrants. Those killed «ere ail m the smoalou car, which, toeetber with the locomotive, tender, bagasse car, and mm other car. wa* rendered a eample'e wreck. The scene alter the collision was a most temola one. ' The paseeßuer and stock trains, cumins from opp<iß)to directions, were hurled In full epe« d upon ihe stunning engine, piling up in a t*r- the th?ce locoaiotives, several of tho btocb care, and, os before stated, the tender, bag gt>cc car. und two cars o! the passenger tnln Tic cries and groans of the dyine atd wouodt-d were mo-1 heart rending, and the passengers and tbohC in charge of the trains immeiiutcW went to wotk to get tue bruised and mingled bodies out of the wreck. Of the six killed, two. were children, one a lad about tcvenlr. n years of ugc, and a nuu audbls'wiie named Celiua—all - Swiss—u also were the vrontned, of whom three were about M, half ol whom are 'women. ; Oao ofjtho wou&dtd women bad her buck broket), and cannot live, and another had her legs terribly cru-oeu.aud will probably die. The injuries ot two or three ottrrswerf elbo icrious. The only woudor Is that any ol the perrons m the two emigrant cars, • bleb ; Were completely crushed to pcces,esca ped tuetant death. Itisa'u.lriifclo. ' ' The enngnintß wcroof.lho better class of Swiss people, well dreectd and tidy, and were on their way to locate io this section ol Illinois The m m ar.a woman wtm were killed were newly married when thk3 leit (be oldcuuo'ry a few weeks ago. The boule* of the dead aha woaudad, were con veyen to UthdnLa, as *oun as nowibie; where the wounded were at once placed in the charge of Dr. F Putts, and received all tt-c care und attention It was poEslble-to bcetow • Tho pis*euuers raised a lnij:c sumui money for the beueflt ol ihe-bUiTer ti>. *. ... It is tlemort remarkable and apparently Ilcs cn--blc accident we bavi: evcrhcwdoi'. Mow two trains comvng In otposttu atrcctl iu*, h ivtdg the rcQQi-fd-itghi llibts, can run upon a iocoiiiotive stfo otTvinu iL'his, nud su.ding be tween them uB apptoac ed, i» a questlou Ui-tt cv«ii the Coroner's juiy, who • h«*d the InQuesi brie to day, are unable to answer tutis'aciorllv. There urns have been moss aud criminal neglect or tcckitsbuces on the port of the engineers and conductors, rht- ttacK in thit locality is a straight alr-linefurtun'mlies. and tbs *6ijhc-w«s cleir. lion eoufa such a cjlitsiou occur under such cir cbrnsiouce?. . The* on Dfr*s Inquest was held hero to-day at the office of Mr. Loudt. Jusuce.of 'the. Peace, act ing Coroner. ‘ Aftcrt-klogall the testimony they could cbtvo, tht-y rendertd the following verdict, whUb, tbctish not'as clear, exp'icU and severe as it ought to be, 1 send as copied Irom the original: Wo the jury empaineled to bold an Inquest on .tlmbodits oi MnttLe* Cellna, Ann Ccllno, Oliver 0 (Top. Ptttr L<<(in,‘ and ‘Sarah Catherine John (•on, now lying dead In Meudota, And the follow ing ' • VEItDtCT : Ist. That on or before two o’clock of the morn- Ing of the 6th of September, 1864, a collision oc- I currrd anout two n.tie* ta-i of Meridian Sta'.iou, I on (be Chicago Bur. ngton and Quincy Railroad, J*etwef-n pd?c<-Dger traili No. jbeboand weat. Im mediately preetdei by engine No. SO, aod the Qmncy etock train No. 8, boand.eaat, the said fcXockaidpasscnner trains striking rtugle engine No *2O at toe same time, thereby causing tho death of the aforesaid named persons. - ;• "d- One cauctf o' the collision was owing to the prvutiaut dlamtard -wuica is paid to the latter clause o> rule No. 15, requiring engines whenupon vide trucks waltiov for trains, ca have their nead imbtsaiVtied. Owing to the disregard lu which the rufc i- be d, the trains sometimes rem iln upon side'tracks their hesdhirhls in full view, to that an appioachir.e train, as in this Instance,coaid not deietninu whether the tram ahead was upon uo tine truck, or running upon the main trace. Cotta cquenuy both the.cunauciors, anxious to pro cce«, wtrocach’willlng to heUtrve that me other, which as iii distinct view of one or the o’her of the cnx-tttjT ate m.lns, was slan-iing upon the side track. aJlowiftf. sccororugro theirbo’icf, eachtrala to pto< ec-o, and this the coliNlon tollowed. * ’ fid. Another caure ot the collie on was the ran- Lingo! engine No 2i in aoratceof tram No. 3 without the required r»-d light, as set 'orlhlurule No. 4 of the Company’s reanlailon*, thus deprlv iug train No. 8 of the odvititnse of discovering her danger,- nnUl her head lights shone oas-ild ii'gine No. 2y. • 4tb. We are further of the opinion tbatthernlo grai ting equal nghisto trams Noa, 6. SaodlO, with tbiil of the pas*euaer train*, af cr 25 min ute*, of lota or time. Is rota sumetent guarantee to the safety of the traveling community. 'l'biima--, ±L Foreman. L. Marks, W. Pearce. D. C. Wright. E. W. Uogcrty, . v/ T. Black, Geo. N. Jooe, n A. Warner, ’ Thomas Wnltcrait, C. Mitchell. ' B. C. Jack, D. Haxiaugh. Mskpots, September 7,18C4. ■ Prom Arkansas. Canto, Thursday, Sept. S. —Reports reached Memphis bn Sunday-that the gunboats Dusting* and Namnkeag had been captured below .Clarea- White Hirer, and that Caul. Rogers, of the latter, v*as killed.. It Is also reported that unotuer gunboat, name not given, I* sank at St. Charleg, and that Duvall’s Bluff is threatened by a consider atle'forceofrtbds.- ' * These imports ore confirmed through rebel sources from Helens. ' ; A cavalry force, under Gen. Mower, loft Mem phis a few daya since for While Elver, and an' in- Junto'force is understood to he cmDarxing for DnvaQ’sßluff. 1 • : * ' •’ w , The Lu»le Eock Democrat contains tha particu lars of »be recent ra*.d on -tbe Duvuli’s Biod and LUtie Bock Eailroad. A l*ive.quantity of hay was i.urnedtud other property dcatroycu, and some Oi-maee cote to the railroad. Alight recently occurred at Redwood, seventeen mllVsiroiD Rouge, w which eighteen of the *2dXbuisl3nn cavalry Were fcn r *d. • - -General Smith and staff arrived here yesterday. Tlie Vermont Election. BtjnunoTON, Vt., Thursday.’ Sept. B.—Returns come in very slow, but Indicate large Union gains. Smith’s majority will com-i np to nearly 22,000—a pain of nearly 5,000 since last year. , Messrs Wi-odbndge. Baxter and Morrill arp re- I elected to Congress by overwhelming mijoruiet. The Secate wilt be wuunfmpvwßeonDlJcan.The i House will not contain over 20 Democrats.; I ’ ‘ LATER. ' I MoETPZxmi»'Vt., Thursday. Sept Sixty I toVTuo jTthlß Slate Smith,for Gov. 12,903, aud T?fdueM nasi year tbe'Bame lowne gave Smith 11,000, jDdEedfleie 4,g50- bu.ltu gains on iht vote of laatyear »,403, and Redflelo 102. . •i bese remrea uidhsitetha; Smltn’a majority will 1 bo from 5.000 to '6,000 gtehier than lost year. Of de hundred rtpre-entaUvea voted lor. It Is report | co tbat only five Democrats are elected. Tlic Golo93arkct. i Tons, Thursday, SepL. B.—Gold opened ' rather flun at 211, bot the desire t« sell seemed to 1 nrn»onderate, and price, wUhoullarge trauaac | ucne. giauually droppeu to 2 B ji. i JSf’’ Tins draft' has’begun" In Ullnolß. At Cairo tL'ePrnTOfit‘llaishal of that District on Monday, acUns uadtr tlie PrcsldeliL’a call, ctforced the draft in-the only sub-dis trict trader bi« jnrip'diction • which had. not filled its quo!*. He' drafted .seven’ men } which, wbb the wliolo, nucaher; required, 'i here .via no sensation or. disturhanee, EverytbraK yrssed off quietly... , ; IHii W*Y Xh-AThLEai TO CIS. ON THS BTBASEB 3IIJ»N 4HAUA- A vote was taken a fcwda ; a aiucq amoas the paafcnscre of ih«tteamer Mmnehahapo her pi»- *aee from Xtw Orleans to Cairo, with the foUoW h-n result: . , I<a i? r Lincoln overall or more f bun two to one. OS THK >BW TORK CSitTBAI.-BATLBOAD. A TD'e was taken lor Pre.«id*nt on toe New "York •Ctntr.l Extra Express Ujio which U-rt Trey on Saturday mornlm; last, and resulted a* followa. • Lincoln k- KI aJ McClellan • ..A rn Frcmcnt *- :■ before the whb takm lhoMc r len3uites were very b«d-t* rons and load-talking, and propo*'*! to bet that Mac would bare two to one of tbepjsseo gets. Wncn tbo vo.c was declared they became ex ceedingly quiet. • . . Krto gUibErtisementF. jQIUVIK.G PaEK ,CO ufKSE. Friday, Sept. Qth, ISS4r. TWO GB.EAT Efi.CE?. Oaniicap -Parse nod State, SIC0 —Bash of Tiro SIUc?. Mr.VanLeenV'Csp’atn Wl'iJb” 00 pounds Wr.Dntcaa’fl “Kate D^oc»t. , * 8? “ Cftp’. Moure's ‘‘Paoic *. J C. fitttpsr a‘s ‘’KariC”—Celt; SSCO I*iirsc-§SO Snside Slake. r.p. Jsal. Graham ramet b c. '’SurprlsV* by.laap JuroU Jno. Fords name* ch h * West roxbory.” by lap. Bolrawrir, dam • olumtws, hr G'enwe— sy^am. m, TforopsonV ch. c« “Ahu Beker,” h/ Mibomet, dam Btscuc, b> Bottuae-l years. Hones Start at 3 o’clock. X3~ Carriages will convey pa-eesgen irom the State meet dais to the Track. Adm'islon to the track. Dally Qaatterßacgei.. JgiiURETT, AKNOLD & POW felt and Composition Eoofers, 10,000 Bbls BOOFIfiS CCMPOSinOM. A large stock of mT, conposmov, coATrxror, coac TAR) AO»j CONSTANTLY OS HAND. All order* ft r n> the coavry srrmpUy filled, and pr at Q ctrtct ons plvtu tor putting ou roots. etSq7JUIra?MAW Offlce,BsDe»rror2B6. CtTJZESfa* CO-Pf*. tL/ 7bs rMtaoißZ memfce»o. alio the honefrary m*-ab-ra of *hts Conp<.n«, ars r-qaea'e < .UlLHpeiLeec. Tbt9 (Fnd-y) E/K 1S& to ask t ar'sO’f menv lor Compinv a. iSfih Hsitment. K B BVnKd. aeS glTt-Xt MdSOMC —Tae memba za ci Wm.B. Warren Lo« , <»e,No. ‘-09, A F 4 A.M., Rferrqmrtedtomeerat the mode- It win, Masonic Teirpie,'o-merrow fbt'nrd*?) at *Jo lock P M,to pvriiGipAie in tnecaren on!e» cf lance t»e coper stoca« f’heteir er9-q*sl It GAO. W, £ETiLE, W.M. 2HJKS2 WANTED. Apply at office of Dr. J. ADAws ALLEN No. 7 Lmncoa Blocr; corn* r cf C.ark and a heiwetnioa rmanaSp.m. it9.q>'U3tnat CCiiAP IKON W-A-KT-THUD. ■Wauled. 500 to i.Ctt tone of >o. I Wrought Scrap 'T-oa. JAMES MULLINS <S CO., o. 18 Me'ropo.ltaa Block, (up aiatra ) biS q<J.5-lt To TBE YOT&RS OF COOK COHSTT Havinc lerved three yeaia and a qnaiHr id toe aißiv dart.K iht*iehsl.lon,a d r»v n< M-t-L boni» nbiy discharet'-, f,»r reason of toe expire ti-u of mv t*-ruioi a rvtcu, I have com touts to re ma;n. I woula uDaouaco tayaeli as a Cthdidata for t> e office or • ChKKK OF tub circuit court, . Abo wollu retpecUttli> awicit joar eapao;; Ct3<*e. JaMKS K. liUGLNIn. Be!* qTt2> Cthtt CROSS EYES ciralchvtred ir ace m!aut<?,DeaiDea' t tri ath E*r ctutd, nnd aP cl-re>e»'o tbe "•*iM>d Ear Cot-tl' uv. al tPr nine yo*i a nMtJn receive tde *f d« tl*l u«ttn*;oa cf DU. U-NDEKWtOD, ill BUudjiUr Birett. Chicago. «.9-qto>atnttt COLLEGE OF OHIO, 'The KcgnJarrouTfeot Loiture* hextnioiTTTKa p#T. Novembtr 1, tWt. and will eoaUnneßtxteea- W srt*i fses (Proferßora aevea—CUßSctlob, ot d tibUicidauonj S'.S.CO, AddressC.U.C«-ME'iQ3 I>tm. • - . • se»q7ll’-it FOxv SaXjE* ■■■ ONE OF THE FINEST stock farms is Illinois, PHußt-d in ircnuols Couutv. cue mHe cf the Jaoetl'm of u« lino Is ■ tmral (Ch Branco aoa toe Lcenn t'ortat.dFecriaßail'o4d < ana 80 miles s aJi .. .. 323 acres Prairie* nil under fence* and 13 . . acres Wumlltaul. H'uif *C joc oil and every coavemieaea; bxrn 1(8 t j 93 Ktt: a'oek yard, workshoos. ’oo( hsase, Bistikehooip.vonrs orchsre, rbsdo ttsci, Ac.. Ac. Ah st e*D.i..rty-iwoialontper ml ate oi pure*t anaherto'wat-r: neve neez ria ihv eoi - e f nor dimtm-hee lo vat-.orr* we»tb*r. AdoreisL. VVBIT- DhV, I erktiox 87, ashisgtoh,D.C. 6e9q7W*Binitrß _ m : ATASONIC N.STICE. Tre mim 1 TA of Krwfnelac T.od/c No. BltF.& A. if •re reotested io rape‘ at‘heir HhII on Sal GEO VT. B*pt, inn.atJXP M . tQßfbist in tho o* avitie ne Corner Stone of <bt new Chamber of Loom pice. S. S.S3IIa'H. Secretary. EtSqr.O-lt ; • O EATING PORN ACES. BiEOBEB'B PITEST, ForwarmiDZ Dweilirgs. Chu-caea, feboo. *»ooaea, Morfß i - c. for hurelcc bare or - oft coai* Pora-le ant nutUtbyBEELHAB * USD Midtron meet. itfl-q-sr-.t XJOOR WRETCH, THE MOTH XT er that him bare, lf»Deba<> oeenm preifnce irere, titefcadxoi Shown i erchiia. Ifibe Ictn i-had hepa'&kHo at BVEEITT'd, 15T L*>tt Btitat. tie mother would bavaknoen toe caUd. Vf n. M. EViSnITT, froprt-.tor. Bat Nias,Opuatui. BdJqTU-lt ITfATHAWA’2?3 ACADEMY O wtit op<n on MONDAY. Sept. Uth- in»trat far ctveo is i-camon ard Rlacer Eizihh. Book- K-eplu*. •'a**?ema> , cj,L»iD, il.cpl b mo itdac-uuntr: Food tor mo intellect. Pa b-or theßcaLulf-reUau'-e, pc ray sat lanp.Ty or tie in< tT<oua>, .Pbuoaet ictpnsiipimv aad moral a> ren»M>uurtcMtiecsm«cv«r mtxtal pewer, .Qdiß try ecctt'my aid pmevTißce tor loyaltv let the nt-zea, ane doth If no d*bo u»r •heuefahaa of t or tom«». our oureoaetpr. tti it W. O. HATHAWAY, A. at., frmclpal. JLAXU WAILRAVTS FOE SALS BY W. S. MONSB, Agent. EIOHEBT PSIOES PAID. Office of RONTON A Bankers, SO Clark at. Chicago. *ll. r*. O. LcxC.B6. eeSniTTO-lt MUSIC, H. Hip-OIITS, H7 Randolph Street, Hjsjust ipjned a ’senß sad quartette, • for mixed voices, entitled - 11 foftlj o’er my- Spirit Stealing,” Sv Wm, s. centi-a plaintive, imeh itrmvlwdy.' a bo tbu “Th* Haopy Picket a oy,” St db vnd iHOfni by fffe' ard Zel.ner—lively aad pret ty rnceSßcmt*. The above pieces will o« (wot pettpolo,to aov sddrevs oo recnp' of mareed pore, py aoaiteainc the publisher aa above. ieiiq6i<>-amet TTEUIT. TAEM.—The enbauriber , J?' offers for «U brexch?oeaal'*cof tvratyacres Fuuatec rfar me moaih of to* K-lamazoo aiver, Mich., on wblfb tb*re are how juowmjrab nt 4 0 F,m Tiees.moßtlyPracbiß a&o commrncthz rabear. p’ace. CHnbecumuit 'd a* 392 Snail riwk sreet, craadmaUroughPoßi Office Box 3639. A bar csir-tor soaehocy. . 1 B. MANVEL. Notice-.*:. . TOjHaUI-WAKF.THFN. Tbe stork anotooia f'a fla;dw»re.' sad Stt refor e»ieb-lowCftcuco p icm. Loe-t on * g‘K>d ad cx'Hbiqz.-iui atuee front Cu'cigo. a.© eoapetiuon. For 'DAtticaiaia nd- re»i ‘jt CheuoOjlil. • ■ se9 q?lsstnet A 'iTEBTION SIR KNIGHTS.— XjL .the TMttbers of AnoVo No. 1 Knntts'jvtnpiar.-are reqae-rert tn »nj •-J taoir AM-lnm. p»»»ocl« Tempi-*, isnlord^y, id'h, at .-loato-cfn the cer-icoata- jf lav I tie cor ttT ttruf rf therev Charoberof Cnmro**re« • ' S r Kx’ghta wll- npp»ar to mil dress, as tar as SS/lOoMESr. S«f»._ rtEOBBORN SEMINARY (D>y 17 rct'K-lfor Tcuog Ladl 8), at M * 83 WaboA TbV-vn'byear* fib a ro-tt»o*iot M«n%, ihVtttn oicßitimber There avgwusj, rjr trrrti Pumnn, ?ntr-t*HlilOXi* l&d ‘ tlllfi l&tt. S? “c«?T«abe chtalred oy *<!<**”*, ptl or catiiux a» i**Se*p» S. z - GR F 2.t auil-0854-5R * wa» nat • wuteipat. gg: 00Q sls COO and $30,000 To Lo.b, ob Reasonable Tens. Anc,.6£e.^lee.<m.s. vAIRD oniunET. -'Corb'-r cf La-e and LaSalle streets; ‘ nt.qfre-SOTrta TB**e« »« . ISiEU) sitihrrtecinEnis. LIKGOIB&JUBHSOH lEMm;: .lintT€r.*iTed,*ai for toU to ni*U33 a^tbsfollo* - - U piTfS"aiEt»AL-*. t 8 j»*y rejPldn andtfi wth' S»»v*r «'-A0 filter e* u«.f,extral*i>c,|2saicb; dltTOE^glc D r s aoC V' d p-!?,itcal DvasH.. 1 ? 1-V^Vrf " o:caw rHo *\i c.t»w HiijoDC k .o tba c«mp*i.n. T T.cet wppLeA ou fa v. Mb’.e term* Address P. X. snEtttuCS, lij DVAUnnB~ STREET. CZT Agents ,U0 “ 13 ** ROSS & FOSTER, 105 Lake Street. ISTETW STORE. RICH DBESS. CfOODS, SHAWLS, LACES, EratroicTeries, House Par nifching Goods, ASD TEE BEST ASSORTMENT OF BENf S! FUIUVISHLVfi GOIMfS To be fcn£d wcb 1 ; of Eev Tori, All &t priced defying competltloo, «i they nere »U bought previous to the late great advance* JUST RECEIVED, Cfan Tartans and Pliidg In all Uie new mcieriald of Bresa Goods. Plain Poplins, Lusters, Empresi Cloths and fieps, IK AU. THE NEW SHADES. 3,000 pieces new Ereuoli Merino, la all tbe new shades, at much btlow present value. ROSS & FOSTER, NEW STORE. anSO pS4l»'W.F&Soatfaet CLOSING OUT SALE FURNITURE. The Entire Retail Stock Cincinnati. F. PORTER THAYER, 101 I&KE STREET, .X® fee Closet! Out Immediately at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, ELEGANT SUITES Parlors, Chambers, Etsgeres, Book Cases, Hat Trees, , Centre Tables, Mirrors, &e. Patent Cork Mattresses, Patent Spring Beds, and Every Description of Bedding. THE TVHOreSALEmiM Hill be continued, as heretofore, at onr manufactory, So. 90 and 92 West Randolph street. Orders re spectfully solicited. leSq6Cl4lnei JJOOP SKIRTS.. 0. H. DE FOREST & CO., Manufacturer* and Jobbers, 84 LAKE STREiCT, 84 (See GILT BKIBT. opposite Tremont House ) Offer to ihetrsdfealarße itcctol their own manu facture. We have aUo alargeatocaot Hosiery, Yarns, Corsets, ASD OZa»3t SOTIONN. ... iTa-vint purchased early, we offer ladu-'ementi to Cishßoyera. xLqUMwaet PAGIKES AND BOILERS FOR SALE. One SC-Hortc Power ’tattonary. Wtb Tabular BoMr r. Run but iit months. Good as new. One iS-Hcne, Stttlcuary or Portable. CnaK'HcraeJLocomaUTe Boiler,- . ecC-q^to-fitnet X 000 R-B ARROWS. Use, Caraen»«d Co»lB»r»ws,-Straw Cutters, , Cow Shelters, and Ploughs, OF. EVERT DESCRIPTION, . In ycry lars* (inatitt'eaat ‘ FURSia BRiDLEY’S, £8 And 58 North Jetirrson Streef» CniCAQD, 1LL....P, 0. Do-X 6UI 1, us <ieso.iWiCt I _ WEST CHICAGO T.AJME3 1 YV B IMIKAP.T-AJJ«<Mns and Day School. Be-Opeuet September 12* Applies unacsn n® made of the £l i 3 c 'P < ■Wes* K»ndo ph s’reet, »t acnxeas bliss C. A.BiiEQG, p. u Box'S4«. th taef-.ID. acga-p9lb 6t-n. war-net JEYJE__&: EAB •alcr ofs N»w System ol disrascaMtho Ejeand E>r;lbr>titO'o(iit« T&iusm'iuwo new op>»Miow X"r Cioaa E*e,Ca v mc» Artincial Popil. -sc.ira •aawof»heop&Ui4. m»cCoii»r comwDMia y«vi to m&CTr. all u.sea«es of tba ivjiaod e-» «|tm ue reaca ol human atiU. uflqifl-jua; NUMBER 65. s*9 oUS-it DAILY AEKIVAL OF -OF -CF FOB Libraries, and Dining' Boom?, F. POSTER THAYER. J.P.KtCHAttDS, 89 Washington meet. ■Nett aubcrtisewurutß. TuR C OODS AND BUFFALO ROWES,’ E. P. L. BROOM, SO..,.*Lake street, Chicago* SO VIIOLEUIE SEALER nr Hats, Caps, Furs, Buffalo Solus. Ac. I cff*T to cooa'ry merOaot* a luxe and attractive fieeb cf cnoQ* to tt»« above Hat. a P. L. BROOM. l«B*<l‘f?CtlDtty Y4W 10 Latest., CM;*X9. XB(>4-"‘ ?AU ' TRAi,E 1884 * Satag»V IWib & Wo»d , j -Are now onemmraa ELEGANT ATVO IPXTICTSITK “ STOCK'CP 7" * “ Hosiery, Motions, fancy pry goods AJN'O •.; . : %OOLENTS. IVonlnrcslfirn bnjers estly invited local! and examine our stock* SAV&OE, KEIiH & WOOD, 10,12 and 14 Lake Street, * _ tta »4 ptai-17t w »a*net WEB 1% WUUBfe & PsTFti JOB2KH3 07 BATS, SAPS, MBS, BTC, «nW ready so offer to tas uads a very fall cs4 veil aetortea stccS tor Fall and Winter Trade, Smcmetor at» sew and cdoscb ernes o* BATBi CATS. FOWL- LaPIES* dATft, QS»TS JTJBS.LAOI'W’.MISIKS’aND nU2*Dl lSf*l g-gATina rsptt.UMß isi*LAa. BTJCa GonVßd, MitTKf*?, Ac..4c, All of vMfiU w.v, iv offered at toe owert Hum p ices. AIL BtTTKRS are »o»cit«ito dxaooaeovr t ; ,oCS re»ore bn* *, *a* t;emo» »*»« smna*. V uv * *ca»jsVfl wiiLiAra AriTC". »a'o-c6-6 Jtlsfw*TDet W, Wa.dH L*se is.. CtueacK FA 1.1 TU AD ft TV e remind onr friend* &sd thi trade generally that our ntuck of Stapk and Fancy Dry Goods, Cloths, CuNgimeres, Vestlnss, Worsted and Woolen Goods, Yankee Motions, Hosiery, Ac., Ac«, Is very lor&c, purchased he* Fore the late material advance* potlwhifh ire are selling freely below mmm prices. ({Package buyers 'will find IF much for their advantage to ex* amine onr offerings* • ALL ARE INVITED TO C JLL. BOWEN BROTHERS, 19 & 21 lake St. aolTpiiS-w-F** oet-t! r s:'lil£: STEp^T ’CCSiOit-lUDfi' SSWS In itomarket, are maaulscvoredby 0. M. HEfTDERSOS & GO., Nos. 4, G & 8 Lshe Street* OFFOSITK TBE ADAITS 50UES. CH2 JAQO. Tify b*vs m strrß tba rres'ci Rasters work . <; in sns nr*ts. be in and Jane, before tbe»dv«&ce *ad will.»eu 01*07 itnea lovr'T tban Easters oriesa. ALSO, 4 LA&9B STOCK OF Boot Eloccassins aad Shoe Packs for lumbermen. ani7-p45 vrr Air tet-tf ~ TJUGei&S. *** ■ AU ASBORTiIESrr OF Open and Top Buggies, DEMOCRAT WAGONS OF OITU own MABLB. Best Style and Material, Equal to aiy in tie m'hieu HENKT AVILIETS, Manufactory and Salesroom, Garner cf State aod Xnolnli Street** Bet-qiTMwne; gOOTS AND SHO Z £ AT WHOLBSAU. Country deaiara wiil ate it :o rneir aivanlaco to C? mlac oar aiocu of BOOTS AND SHOES. Son fif.Jj for the fall Trade. It hm parcabtea *na aanniaciurea ocxnre (Re rseisi adf&XCc, In L,r.niJiei, WC Cun stf.ld (0 MU ( ! PiUL’SS Btaow rHEShNT EaSttKS COST. Oar rocb> la tee !*»«-« In toe w «i, nonsista* m«-rls oi»h« r*e» turn tao w«r* t*em»nan»c a e m cnia»«o to Uose •etc prw. Wdsiein tnwir BtoU, and ruaranwe lauitaetloe ?» *°U«e « cat ci B->OT Pa'iKA. 13J* EACB «.P.D M and KHB OVNHBHOM. Call and pzamltnat 29 Corner Waijatu ATeaue. ;-OiSG-2Ctnet DLQHIiT*. SARSKTT & ffTT.TA HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE. Adopted ny tt« United GoTerstneac as (H Custom Bou>o In I'aw Vort and oilier places. FOB SALE tiy DICEFUSONa SrUNGES * CO** Nlctttl 'W*A3*etiouso, e®2B pß67»ctnet 100&20 i Randolph street, Ctlesco* WAREHOUSE, DICKERSON. STURGES a CO. tapoKTsan or rnxisr PLATE, And Dealers In Tinners* **tock, AGT3TS FOE Till' QotfE’SSCILE COUP.OT* :«*2O! Randolph »t., Chicago. atu9-isst» aitnet . BURLEY & TYRRELL WILL SELL TO THE TRADE BA THE PACKAGE fie Granite aM Comon Wars At Current Acir York Prices, ' WITH THE ADDITION OF FREIGHT. ao29p\W-MW*Fneur SIlvK &NP LISbFi TtiR^SAIK 01.0 VB9, (or r«rr»l »■*. Ai«.tho XirBUEPED 11-LE QLOVTS, •p., dn-vlaa—» rice ante;® Kr.inmraw nse-st For <mTO jjx,T’3,/rAiKraailGeut*»trtirt't--i ‘ Jsl-b331-tonct 9 sTemon* Block* Portable hay phases, Imp oYSd Pattern*. Pay (briers, Cider Ptsmm, y>*a wille. KPchm Mills, Co t MtMilian Tkresbluw naektiet. Hem rowers, Truest, •’win immrmentt. m kind* of recalling- ffM. FlKtOlSw 4 CO., aall-oiofrUtw-raifUet _ ?fi.Sß4fto WenLake-et. N F. JhELKILL- A- WHOLESAI* D SALKS I3T LAMPS. Oita ABD GCASSWann ASS T.Aity POODS 07 EVERT DESCRIPTION. aatApLn->Ciufci 714*2 hanrttlvh street,ChJeactt- Dfiii AMKD GOODS. HatiOap; ano Milliner at wnoirsale and Also * targe let o*Turt. These goodr wUI and •»< be »?’d. rurebaw* will Andli to their latareet call ana e»aTcl»“e *Vt*t»’Ck a. j. bkiooo, muiußueM^ J2B-PBB44W*"* LAMPS, OILS & 6LASSWAIE, TUE BUf BTOI'IL IS »BI W*S*i

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