Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 9, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 9, 1864 Page 2
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Cljicatja -FKIDAI, SEPTEMBER », IS®l lllfc OAnP«iui> rni«DitEi jniOir ui> cmi"* The Presl'ltut.'al r.e.p* l *- - " “ r 1801 1' now open Every patriotic citizen will labor un ceasingly to elect the Union National and Suite lick’ta. To do tbia la to save the na lion; to tall, la to jleld 41 arc hold dear, to the ’copperhead allies of the rehoiion. Such a fearful calamity can—lt (nnsl be nvert od. No agency cat* do more lor the Union cause. In the way of enlightening the people, than the Chicago TmmJKE. *e offer the , Campaign Weekly TuinOM! to the Union men of this amt ad)oimng Stat e at the fol lowing rates, and hop, our irleods wffl at mhk t up clubfr: Blnelf copy,Sf P t.ll u> Not. 10- Weeks.., 80 i>nH;«ra to nun soon - * 1 *— * .* 20 “ Sejit. 1* to Nor. 10 —8 w. 6.50 ** 80 44 *• ll lo *• 10— 0 *v. b.lO « no ** “ 34 to 44 10— 9W. 18.50 44 100 ** “ Hto 44 1« 9w.57.00 SO ** Oct. 6to 44 10—15 w. .'i.TS “ 30 “ 44 6to •* 10—6 w. 650 « 60 44 44 6to “ 10—6 w. S.OO 44 100 44 “ 6to “ 10— 6w. 18.00 Copies ’will, la ell cast*, be seat far the weeks inclusive named itr the card. Union xneu of tbo Wert, will jus not ut once order & package for dietributlon in tout respective neighborhood*. Address, with caab in ad' Vance, Tribune Goar ant, Chicago, ill. Dbm In Moth* ro Illinois. Hon William Bross, caudl ate lorLlcnt- Gorernor, and Hon. D. L. Polliipa, U. 8. Marshall lor the District ot Southern Illi nois, will apeak at Union moss meetings at the following places, at 2 p. nz.: Hattoon. Coles comity .Monday, Sept. 12 Pans, Edw Co To* soay, Sept IS Pan., cbrirtiai) Count* Wedneaday, Sept. 14 Vanes la, Ka»e«e Connty,. Tbursdn, Sept. 15 Greenville, lk*d Co Friday, Sept 36 Carlisle, Clinton Co Saturday, SepL IT Lawmiccville, La«rccoe C0,....510nriHV, bep; itf MU Carmel, Wabarfi Co ....Tuesday, Sep'. SO Fairfield. VVflvce C 0.... Wednesday. Sept. 2J Mt Veiuoi*, Co Tbar-d-y. SrpU 22 Benton. FranK'lu Co .... Friday Sept. 23 MrLeaneboro, Hamilton Sept. SI Carml, White Co Monday, Sept. SO STc(JDe«Oajr, Sept. S3 ...TbnruUy, Sept.:r-» . ....Prid&v, S-pt. sjO .. Saiardar. Oit, 1 tlamvburvh Balius Co.. Uanon, Co Vu®hh, Johnson Ci).... Unn>D Co C'Brnoi J d»lt', / Jflck>-OD Co Frank Lombard, the distinguished vocalist, VIU be prevent at all these meetings and sing several of his inimitable campa’gn songs. Union newspapers in all tbc towns and counties ai»ove named are respectfully re quested to copy the appointments and notice the meetings editorially The friends of the Union where the meetings are to beheld will please provide the place for speaking, and xnakeall the necessary preliminary arrange ments. They are also requested to engage a conveyance for the speakers to the next place of meeting, where they are not on the Hop of some railroad. By order State Central Com mittee. T. J. Tchkeb, Chairman. Jab P. Boot. Secretary. Mm !flecUftc»-r.«. Ap- poiotmeou. Gea OglPfbv 'will t-pcak as follows: Ga'cffcurjr, Knox county ... .Tnpeday, Sept. SO. Levlstoo, Foltot county, Weduewlay, Sept Si. Wicnnh. McDouoiitb county.... Friday, Sent 2c Qnlncy. Adams county Satunay, Sept, at. Pivipflelo, Pike cozm»y..„ Monduv, Sept. 26 Curoiuih. Green county Wednesday. Sept. IteUvillc,fit,Claircoourv........Satnnlay, Oct, l. Gm. Farnsworth and Wm. Broas, candi date for Lieutenant Governor, will spaas with G*n. Ogl eby at. Wooastock, and Mr, Broes will also epeak with -rea. Oglesby at Dixcn, Sterling and Morrison. Mas* meetings will be held at e&cb of the above places. Tbe Lombards will he present to sing. ®«t, Tales sad Urn, Pitt Kellogg’s A ppuUiUntuu. s 5 Pulton oo Wednesday, Sept. 21. I fecomb, McDonOiib Co Friday, SepU S3. ? jonmouih, Warrtu C 0..... Saturday, rinpt. Si. t.'OQawks, Henderson Co Uuuday, SeptSJ. £ Jedo, M«vcer C« Tueeday, Sept. 27, f Jock it-land, Bock Island Co..‘Wedotaday, Sept.2B. - dwardanlle, Madison Co Fridiv, Sept 30. Bchrille, St. Clair uo . Saturday, Oct. 1 Tolifclslaiire Candidates. HEAnqpua. Cmok State CE'-tkalTox I ■ 4 * Chicago, Sept 5, ISM. j The Committee ret^h“6t all Union Candi dates for the Legislative in tbe sute, to com municate with the undersigned, as soon as the nbminati»n is made, and also the names of the Democratic Candidate, staling the number ol the District. Jakes P. Boot. Secretary. XHBIIIXLiraKTdItNIC* OF «THB TOONG fUPOcKOS.« 1 It has always been one ot the unfathom- 1 able mysteries of McClellan's campaign against Bichmond, says a cotemporary, why, alter his army had gained so brilliant and glorious a victory at Malvern Hill, he shonld have ordered a retreat to Harrison's Landing. 1 Whatever may be said of the previous battles of that campaign, there can be no manner of doubt that lh*,i of Malvern Hill was a great victory, ar.d hurled destruction npiu Let's army to «uch an extent as literally to rean'c , his fo>ce to a torn and bleeding mob. More thp; a ten thousand rebels ley on the field dead Or dying whole regiments had been swept away and annihilated by the tumble storm of grape shot and rifle bullets tb«t tore through their ranks. Lee's army vraa routed, bleeding, and demoralized, and fleeing Id terror to tbe swamps, tiro wine away their arm* ana knapsacks, and expecting instant pursuit and capture. It was at this juncture that Gen. George B. McClellan, commanding that army, Instead ot resuming th- offensive and advancing again toward Bichoiond, which ke could then have taken, ordered a retreat to Harrison's Landing- Oa this sab ject we find tbe subjoined statement in the Bev. J. J. Marks' able "History of the Pen insular Campaign in Virginia,” written im mediately niter McClellan abandoned tbe Peninsula, and by an army chaplain who saw What be describee: “ The battle wa# over, bat the cannon i3lne still continued- end rheile and bills o? every kind tore through tbe noodtritmceftreictss whirl wind ot lory, in ibe meantime. of toe t/onfccemtes fled In tbe wiliest diaoider irom the scene, and hid themtcKe* in swampeand h»Uowe; soldiers with out gnn«, horrutnen without caps and sxords, came to tbe Los-pilais in tne bat'te-field of Glen dale, and report that tnelr regiment* and brie aaes were swept away, and that they alone were lea tu ten the la'e. •* It Is one oi the siranceft things in this week of olbasicr that Gen. McClellan ordered a retreat to Dampou'e Luudunr, >lx miles down the James ri«v. alter we bad galneo *.» decided a victory. V'lieu this ordi-rtra-received by tnc impatient aua army, the contu-nu ion and anuremeut overwhelm- a oar patriotic and ardent hosts. Some related tu obey the command, Gen. Martlndale abed tears ot shame. The nrave and chivalrous Kcamey-aid, in tne presence ut many officer*:— * 1, Philip Kearney, an old co-die*, cuter my solemn Jirote-t utminetthis order lor retreat; we ought naload oi r« treating, to fubow up toe enemy, and take Elrimjund. And, in full view of all the re a]«ou linllty ot such a declaration 1 say to >oa all, st lUian <rder eon only beprompuabycotcardteeor treason.' . “Andwith oil. hopelessness and despairmo oot-ded the flush of triumph, la silence and sloom our victorious army commenced retiring irom so enemy utterly broken, scattered and panio when there was not a foe within miles of ns we Jell our wounded beoind »o periao, aud any one wlLuetftiiig our retreat would havesuppoaed that we wo>e in tne greatest perJ Irom a vigilant and triumphant coemv.” It is on the strength of each strokes of military genius as this that the Democrats arc bawling themselves hoarse to mike Me Cielian President. He has to record as a state suiQn, for be never has been one. He has no civil record, in f«ct, whatever. By tbe war be has been bronchi into promi nence. Bis whole career naa been that oi a soldier, and as a solder be must be judged. Bt le claimed to be the best General of the war. UlSiinrn gained* glarioos victory In a battle where he was not present till Its eloso, and bejcwardcd them by ordering another rcUcat. leaving all bis wounded on the field Jn the hands of ft routed' enemy. A parallel to this hardly be lonud In military his ter.;. THE DEnOCBATIO LEIOEB, It libb been a mntxtr of astonishment to mau>, that August Belmont, a well known money 'broker, should be bo eager lor the election to the Presidential Chair of Geru McClellan, and that be should hare spent so much money In procuring Uls tomiuaiion at- Chicago. Bat when tbc tacts arc known, it will be eeen that Belmont, oven in Chicago, Was engaged’ In bis legitimate business of monty-shavlng. It is generally reported on street that Bdmont is the natural sou of ooc of the Rothschilds, and U Is well known that be Is thtdr ag'nt in the United States. It is also true that the Rothschilds nave purchased about three-loani-s of the Confederate scrip sold In Europe, ana tbelr agents hare oxer run this entire continent purchasing at about one dollar per bushel Confeoeratc.notes of almost every description It is, therefore, dccidcdb for the interests of toe Rothschilds f twi foreign money brokers generally that a- President may be elected «bu will enomlt to a dishonorable peace with the rebels, so that the United States will have to pay the rebel debt. - This Is one 01 the chief reasons why Bel* xnont and the moucj-chaoi»eni of Wall street drove so hard to get control of tbc Chicago Convention. That an understanding has been made with McClellan for the purpose of saddling the nation with the rebel debt, there can be no reasonable doubt. They do pot even keep It a secret, for it is freely boasted on Wall street. Mlmore, Horatio Seymour, Thomas H. Seymour—ln fact all to* able men of the Copperhead kith were thrown overboard by Belmont, because he conld not use them as to drelred, tod Gen. McClellan wae taken np. amply becanee he can be handled aa the potter doce clay ....... There la, therefore, aome Imlh In the aa* aertlonmade pobliclyfrom the balcony of the Bherman Home, by G. Fran da Train, that Ecthachllda and Eoglaud paid In part for the erection of the Copperhead and for tbo grand display ol lire works that took place. tcobberj and aboddf, There was a time when the Democratic leaders professed to be tbe friends of the masses, and prided themed ves on the sym pathy and mpport of tbe laboring men—toe untitled nobility of the nation. They need to sneer at silk-stockings and gol i plate, and delighted in what they called their “n*rd libted” lollowere. . But lids is all coanged cow; iliDclcg^aritstocrataßteS-vinour, aud ' codfish aristocrats like Belmont, rale the p»rty, and it* organs boast of the gentle de eceiit and Patrician blood of Its candidates Tie find the following In tbe Rochester Color, and Is going tbe rouncs of the Co.i perbetd press: , 13 A BLOODED MAN. BE- J* G FROM A GOOD FAHI LY, AND HAVING NOT ONLY CHE EDU CATION and manners of a GENTLE MAN. BUT IHE NATURAL HEREDITA RY CiIAKACTEKId TICS ALSO. • From a rpetch of Gen. Leslie Coombs, a Kentucky delegate to the Chicago Convec tion, the same paper also quotes this: More time eighteen hundred years Borne was governed by three men in the end of that Kt-puullc. One was Augustas Cmsar, 10 other 3lurk Antony, vsd the other a noble Roman. lIIEY WERE ALL OF NOBLE BLOOD. And we, too, have onr trlum viniU-—Lincoln, SUctoo «md Halieck: bat. uiifonniiattly. NEITHER OF THEit CAN 1 BOAST A VERY HIGH DESCENT. (A laugh,) Alter the BuUitnorc nominations were mace, this same spirit of upstart aristocracy manifested itseit in tbe well known com mint*, ol tbc World, tbe leading Democratic organ of the country, upon the candidates presented. Lsatonr readers may tuvve for gotten these comments, we append them: Tbe only merit wc can discover in this Baltimore ticket is the mem of consist kNcr; it is all of a piece; the tall does not shame the beau nor me bead ehame the tail. A BJOL-SrUTTING BUFFOON AND'*. BOORISH Taiixm, both from inc backwoods, bom £ ro^'i L *L. ,lp 111 auconth leuuratice, they would affwra a grotesque subject for a satiric peu who migni celebrate them in such strung as Dean Switt bestowed on Wntstoa and Ditton, or Aristophanes on tnat servile demagogue, Hyperbolas. , to b ® “ * freo sta, e Indeed, The lunluiid Conetitmlonal Conveutioa has rescinded the proruion recently passed, whereby minor elaeea were to oe spprentlced to their masters noUl they became of »-e. xhe ooustirntlou Is to be sunmittedto a Tote ot the people, including soldiers, an oath of alJeghnce being squired, which will hive the onect to exclude all disloyalists. The Couveniiou wiilprohably adjourn to day. . Monday, Oc. 3 Cbicacoites have entered upon the campaign with a degree of ferocious per sonal abufie of the President, for which we were hardly prepared. I» one speaks of their own candidate as other than the absolute in carnation of political and military wisdom, the wrath of their wounded spirit knows no bounds, while thryhre to have the liberty of railing, without any limit of truth or decen cy. Wbat are wc to say oi the patriotism of men, who, in this honr of the nation’s peril, bestow upon its constitutional head the fol lowing epithets: Fi.thy Story-Teller, Icnoramus Abe, De-pot, Old ScoondreL Big Secessionist, Perjurer. Liar, Bobber, Toief, Swindler, E rapgort, Tyraut. Buffoon, Flei-d, Lt-urper, Butcher, Monster, Land Pirate. CSf The Copperhead orators, we notice, ore beginning to make frightful threats ot what they will do ir Mr. Line On snonld be elected. If their hints of Julius Csesar, and Brutus and 'William Tell mean anything, they mean that Mr. Lincoln is to be assassi nated, the North plunged into revolution, and the Congress of the United Statrs super* seded by the Chicago Convention. Treason 1 . U getting bold of speech as the day of eleo tionapproaches; but if these brazg-rta ex pect to scare tbe intelligent voters ol th -i North out of the exercise of the right of so f fr.-ge, or into Its exercise according to tl ie dictation of traitors, they were never mo re mistaken in their lives.. E3TWe wonder what the unhappy llr. Barns, of Maryland, thinks of the Decao cratic idea ol Free Speech. He nodertc iok tossy in the Chicago Convention, th.l.he did not particularly admire Gen. McCleF t an, whereupon Mr. Harris found himself in a nest of infuriated hornets oi the hu man kind, who proposed to kick Mr. H. o- at of the hall immediately. Mr. H., in ord erto sustain Free Speeeh, knocked down one man, and proposed to shoot others, wt ,Uc at last the police interier. dto quiet the tn molt. The public will be much obliged to th» j Con vention for this illustration oi Free .* ipeech and oi •* Democratic” law for it. £sy~Thosewho made an ado over the nomination ot Linpoln and Hamllta,four years ago, because they were botit ttken from tbe Free Staies, will now see that the same alleged proof of "section&lis m” liec. rgainst tbe Chicago ticket. McCle llan ani Ptndlcion are not only both from ttte North, but lack very little ot being from the same Slate, for McClellan was but recently a red den tof Ohio, from which State he was ap pointed Major GtneraL pg* The isfiue of currency to the National Banks for tbe week ending temberS, was two millions eight ttcusaod two hundred dollars. Tbe total to-date amounts to rorty five millions four hundred and sever ty-eeven tboueand seven hundred and fifty dollars. HARD OX McCLRLL^. W A military Adventure*, 9 * Tbe Blcfcmond Dispatch of. said: In the early part of this war. Gen. McClel lan wrote to a cisUngnished.officer in the South, expressing bis desire to .serve in thf. Confederate army. If be dare deny tbe fuert —and his recent renorts prjyc tbit in mvrt cadtj he is tbe representative mm of Uie Tankee nation—it can bo demonstrated by such evidence as will clo&c-bisllye in eternal, silence. TVhen be was ah Point he af fected to fraternize especially with those-, from the Sooth, and to have little sympathy with those from his own section. IVe dare say this was genuine, and that he really was. anxious to eerve under/ Je£ Davis in tile, war, hut the high bribe offered by Lincoln, was too much lor bis. easy virtue. He was not the man to sacriicainterest to sentiment, endol l&te has shown a disposition to be come as extreme U blaantagonism. as in,his friendship for the Sooth. ’ The Bichmond WAig copied the and added: After tbe of Blch Mountain, bosh McClellan and Bosectuns declared to Confed erate lUlcere whawere prisoners of wac, that th<y t could much, rather be leadiyq j an army egaxi t-t than Virginia. This can be proved by unimpeachable authority, if de nied. This boasted soldier and " gentisman” ol the North is as much a hireling, and adven turer as any Hessian in his TmksJ If be lua any conscience. It rebukes iim daily for tbe base work in which he. is employed. When to the pangs of remorse i& added the shame ol defeat, his condition trill: be such as even an enemy may pity. The above paragraphs went tbe rounds of the Northern press; and we have never heard ot their chsrges being met or their challenge accepted by Gen. McClellan or &u?. of his friends. The, ISStli Btslnual nihroU Tola. Editors Cblc*po».Tabone. The term oi*Bcrviec of this regiment cx plrer on the Sth lust. Th* boys- (or some .time have bun their hearts |et upon a speedy ’return boas. But Sucrtay morning lest, a circular was received trout Geo. Paine, commundiag’tbls district, rolling upon toe regiment to volunteer la retrain for fifteen da} e after the fcxpiiatlon. of tnelr time. A meeting of the regimental ana line officers was at once calleuand'dic circular tail before these A Tote was Uken as to bow many of them would Every officer atosce : sprang to his feet with enthusiasm to remain. ! In the i.vcniog at dress parade, the vote of the refitment taken. It was formed In a hollow square Speeches were made by the - Chaplain, the Ideal. Colonel, the Major, the Quartermaster, the Adjulint, the Surgeon, followed by the sieging of stirring song, “■ffVU rally around tne flag, boys,” the regiment joining to the chorus. The tote was then taken viva wee. Oat of some six honored present, all toted aye to remaining except perhaps some twenty or Ivroty-fivc- So the regiment remains In sortie© for the fifteen extra dais. They are promised active service. The boys beliere in “ Old Abe,” and General Paine, and wbea ashed to extend their stay under the orders of the General for fifteen days, they were not the poltroons to a raw back. They felt willing to stay and help Untie Samuel, oter anv little pinch he might be In met now or to nave a hand In any Ultie extra job that General P*tae might be concocting for the difcomluit of ‘ our Southern brethren.” So the litmus at home muet ‘ wilt a little longer” before they can meet and greet their returning braves This patriotic action of the 189 Hi is the more conspicnons from the fact that come other regiments of the hundred day ere have voted not to remain. Our regiment goes in not only for the flf , teen exua days, but for “Old Abe” for the ntxt Pmioent. Fremont never has had a name to live, even while be ia d«-ad, in tbia nglmcnt. UcClell&n, like Confederate money, Is a ruinous discount. The Chicago CouvmtioD drr ve the last nail in the ‘Touag Kapcleon’s ” coffin. The epitaph of history anove ids cold remains after next November will be, “MicjoeU” and the nation will add dtVomly, “ B*<p&scot in poo*,” Sherman’s great victory has knocked the bolt m clear out of the old copper bottomed tub of the “Peace Democracy” hereaway. Since hear* ine the news to look at them one would 1 thirk some of “the leaders” had gone into the wholesale face trade, selling face by the foot, yard or rod, so elongated do their ■ counter ances appear. 'Well, let them elon gate. The case witn them is beyond cure, Ibr the people will have honest Abraham lor President one more term at least j. t. o,‘ FROM CAIRO. Cairo, SepUJS^iast. OIK M. Lillis Tbo niMoorl on tbe Chi cago ftoß»lDatlt*np—complaint* of the I'race *» blppl* s tim D^ai'icra* ct iitto i'r*c* «—Ua>Darl tlo»—tbe (rioTcni'Dt for the With nmvai «•< t-ti>coi*» and Prcmout-ln JKtmoTaJ—Tho Heat* fFrom Oar Special Corregpondfat.] Bt. Lotna, Mo., Sept. C. IBM Tbe Wleronri Copnt-rhcada are cot over rejoiced at the Chicago nominations. Toe Peace Men In Missouri are for “peace at any price,** particularly at the price of tbe pres* oration of Slavery. Such a contingency la everythii gto them, or If slavery cannot be preserved in Missouri, it must bo kept up in the Stares that lie further to the South. It tbe Missouri Peace Men were now convinced that the ’ cd of the war would see Slavery blotted out forever thronvhout the entire coniilrj, I lear tbe papyri would have many suicides to record within tbcnextfew weeks. The* cling to Slavery for the sake ot the In stitution, and •batever means oi ending the war may be proposed without a promise for tbe preservation of the sum of all Tillames is at once eel»aide. The peace delegation went to Chicago to nominate a pe-ce mail on a peace platform, ncthlig else would snlf them as nothiogrln conld guarantee the preservation of the riahts** of Missouri anc-Kcntucky. PowetL of Kentucky, w&s the mao who could prop* Cily eave the Union asaisted by Mr Vallan-- digbam, of Ohio. Had it tetn proper tbit Doth the candidates should be from Slave States they would have In-istetl upon that as a necessity, with tbe additional* nqureo*nt that Kentucky and Missouri have tbe making of the platiorm. Ol course if the making were confided to them the platform eaT ot J>«ace in ite etromrest possible tero s* It would have nitbwed of ’ A ahaali irT5 e S el !5 ,te s haTe returned qultesriered Id tie heart and tore in the head. Cter tall f re "Pt D ai,d »Towed secessionist* “f,5“ l > e to hull ibc'iiomt iiation of McCleilan with delight Seme of their constituents announced their na'ion to bolt and cast a .faltering Totfon tbe day of election, Tbe delegates Join them in nmlt auction* and regrets, und are now wy ing to so tbethem Into submission. Tber argucasco thwvtstof tbe leaders that it'lo nct best to kick from the traces and allow tbo election to go by defanlt Snch conduct they say would not be in accordance with* the principles of the great Democratic party* which has always been considered us the best disciplined party in existence. The nomination being made, and the platf irm selected whereon toe candidates were to stand, there is no help for it. To join Fre mont would be useless se a meaueof defeat ing Mr. Lincoln, and to vote for the latter pmon-gr* wonla be out of the urovinseof a States’ rights Democrat; tbeicfon.*, say tbe leaders, we will vote for McClellan although be is not what we -:ish. Ibe Dirni’Cracy have appointed a grand ratification meeting for*‘.Thursday evening of ibis week, when they will swallow Me- Cltllan, epaulettes, antietam, Harrison's Landing letter, Legisl»trra arrest, and all. 1 conbi if such a bitter pill.was ever before offeree to a constituency. They wanted a peace man. one who bad te ao way asaistrd in this barbarous “ AboHtleD-war.” I» the place of Bieb a person they have a candidate whose rise from an appropriate obscurity I ash en solely one to tne war. and the ac tion (atio inaction) be has borne in it ri aid Jit-mock* arc not satisfied with-Mc- Clellan, but tbetr unflinching Democracy will not permit their bolting the ticket. Mr. Alitn, of Ohio, told a • little- story Is his speech in the Convention tharhe probably citipncd »or tl-c olseatisficd We must,” said be. ‘ stand by the ticket-whether-we like it or-sot We must clope-up the ranks and shoot down the stragglers. 1 once voted fur a man with whom I was nefeou speakiug terms, snd when I met him ou my way trom the polls, relosed to speak to him; but 1 voted lor him because he was-on the tickst.” Missouri will probably remem ber Mr. AllenV story, and when the election comes the D*mociacy will vote the ticket, though with many inward twinges. Ibc guerillas in the interior have not cessed their activity except m a few lo calities In the region around St. Joseph ibey have been pretty well cleared out by General Fisk, though they still exist iu small bards Occasionally they appear along the Missoni river and fixe into puasing steamers. They possess no artillery, and the damage dote to boats by small arms xs-not very great. They are keeping up a perfect reign of ter ror in the initnur, so much so that maay families are leaving home and. crossing into Illinois lor a more qumt. residence. A few come to St. Louis with the design of re maining here till the war is ended, when they Lope to be able to return heme Not a day passes that their wagons arc uot se?n Iu the streets, generally wending their way to the Dlincis terries. The warlkra-that the guer illas carry on is one of robbery and murder and is waged against the defenseless. Last week an old man was taken from his house by twenty of these ruffians-and before they left him they literally torn- out his toe-nails with pincers to compel him to confess to the conci alment of his money. He protested that- he had no money, aud when they found nothing could be extorted from the min, they enfed his sufferings by shooting. him through the head. In Cooper county a few days ago, a party of puc*iitas v'aiud the bouse of a Unica nan who had been.fitrrloe in the militia.. They failed to find the man at home, aud re venged ihcm-*l\es by murdering bis wUe and three children and then burning the house above the remains. This Is the sortof warmre that-is upheld by the rebel autbori tits aid wjonot denounced by tbe Demo cratic Convention. It is a natural Inquiry whether a which approves such pro ctediDgh caahupe Jor recognition by civilized nations. Parties t&.tbo Interest of Mr. Chase have issued a oall. for a convention at Cincinnati, on the 2£thinfct-, to act upon each matters as nifty be brought before it. It ss. under*, stood that previous to that time there will be a convention to Dominate Bepnblican casr dids lea for the Presidency, in place of both Mr. Lincoln and.Gen. Fremont,, who will be r< quested to -nbdraw, The Cincinnati Convention is to be a mass convention, to Kitiry the previous proceedings and create a jmet'/urore in. favor of the new candidate. There wts a. gathering of IJemocr*to at Cblssco last wt-ek, in which numerous individuals from tbe East: and West ‘‘made an impression” in favor of Me- Clallam It la understood that the U. finance oittemas&.eonvcmlonat ClnclnnatbwiU be exerted in Sin* same mannar.bat for a widely different candidate. The xndyt much is being earned forward by the friends of. Mr. Chaso and is understood to be in his interest. Sen'i tore Sprasne and Pomeroy .and other men of Umt stamp have the matter in charge. Tbe Webiltche Jb/t of jffitcraaj morning . asserted that Senator (snmea s of lowa, and oibtr prominent Republicans were on their way tu. Wasbincton to compel Mr, Lincoln, to withdraw . Ido no*, ‘enow what authority. tbe JW possessed fcjvtho assertion, bat It appeared to make It.with sneat posltlyencss. Iheieis certainly a strong movement on. foot to brieg about a in tbe present stains. The Gtrmios.wani to drop Fremont,, but they cannot oui.of pride go back ho.Sir. Lincoln. Fremont is willing to withdraw,, but be bolds it a.polnt of nonor tbat be cr*n* not do so without tht consent of tbe conv/ea* tien which nominated him, or unless Mr. Lincoln aoea. likewise. Tbe leaders, litre are’ rtady to .premise tbe German, vote to any candidate, except Mr. Lincoln. Fremont is looked upon as hopeUss, and the Germans want to abandon him, but teel in.some man ner bound to stand by him as long os be is a candidate. Senator, Pomeroy was here on Friday and Saturday la&t, endeavoring to arrange tbe preliminaries of tbe new movement. 1 can* not laurn that be accomplished anything ot importance. Tbe mattes still bangs fire, but Is likely to be brought to a bead within a week or two. The c*#ture of Atlanta was a damper upon the movement, and' caused a delay. If, now, Richmond should fall, we should probably farar no more of it. The Germans would then have sufficient excuse lor abandoning Fremont and voting for* Mr. Lincoln, and the friends of Mr. Cu-*ee would have no pretense fur attempting to throw over Mr. Lincoln on their ptesent pica of “unavailability.” A miner baa been extensively circulated that CoL Sanderson, tbe Provost Marshal of 6U Louis, vu about 10 be removed. There is no foundation for tie report. On Friday, the thermometer stood at 101 deg., and on Saturday at 100 deg. la the &h. de. Ibis is the gr atest beat known here for many j care. Ice was at a premia at Pontiac. ScCLEUiAIV IN THE POTO iqaC &unv. Bowtbe Cblcnso feQbmlsalon'Plattorm takes U'Vli the Soldiers* ICorrcPpontJcnco of the N. T. Tribune.! Ba&pxn's Perry, Sept. 5,186k The dull routine and monotony of camp* life, bereft oi active movements, haa been most singularly and thoroughly invaded the past week. Did the world ever witness such an army as this I A mass convention of sov deigns, politicians, voters I Probably, not even from the New Turk Hotel up to its graduating 6th ward comer grocery, has Chi cago, Its platform, Us candidates, &c., been more general!* the all absorbing topic of dis cussion for the past week. At the mesa, around the boiling camp-kettle, wherever you may have seen a group of u one and an other feller "—you were sure to have over heard a more or less animated discussion of the merits and demerits ot u Little Mac," and his - unique platform. That the Presidential candidates per ue of the peace men, has many mends in the army of the Po tomac is unquestionably true, but that toe platform and unnatural alliance which at tache George H. Pen letou, (who voted against all sur plies and even mooey for tbs pay ol the soldiers) is equally true. Said a prominent general officer >esterday—himself a Dnuocrat of the natural kind aud a West- Pointer, —**1 should go McClellan on any de cent platform, but no man who has served in the army can be fooled and trifled with by any such child's play as the Chicago Plat form. The came for which we are ogbtlog, received such unequivocal assaults, aud the cause for which our enemies are contending, such tender consideration and downright ap proval by the leading spirits in that Conven tion, that it will kill the ticket to the army," ♦ rdlng wi'h the significant averment "and it deatrvfsit," Another chronic McClellan officer remark ed, as we pot the Atlanta news last night— “that knocks our stock* down 10 per cent"— and so on, to the end of the chapter. I have been much Interest'd in these army expres sions of opinion, and give the shove as truth ful indications of the prevailing sentiment here, among tbwowbom »e might naturally suppose would be friendly to auy nominee of ihe Democratic putty. Among Republican officers and rum, the feellue it exultant, aod entirely hopeful and assured of lue resalt ia Notch)btr. Let those at home who may have supposed f hat a majority, or even a quarter part of the voter* in oar Him > can bo coaxed or cajoled into the support of & party so nearly allied to the authors of all our wore, both Id sympathy and sou ilment, r ri easy and do ««ha(ev<-r prose Jymm/r may be necessary at home: such eflorta are rot neertrd b.rc. it is .me to tiuih to admjt that there are m«iv true sol dure wrobave strong p.rsouai preferences which would lead 10 the selection of another candidate than Ur. Llnc-In, were It lomreran open question; but the paramount and pre domlnant conviction that the maoa-'ers at Chicago cold out. wholly and unequivocally to haters o» the -ar, opeu aod avowed friends of Jelf. Davis and his nloody crew* aud its flimsy plftllorm, and iia caodidatee’, and all Its eurreunolngs, aseoemtions, connections, and alliances, agerega'e and singular are so wedoed to open, defiant treason, thatno mar gin ia Jell, and the soldier will vote juet as he will fight-with and for there who uphold the emee of the Union. The claptrap of politicians may do very well to mix in with poor whisky, at som* bar-room gatnerinff at home, but out here on the skirmish Hues and ia the trenches* away from wife, children, aud home, suffer ing in hospitals, end d>tn» upon the field. j Q dtiense of the Government aud a great prin ciple, is quite another affair, and means someitiog. Thff Comajander and Chlfet ot the Aroma of the Union moat be a mao of no doubtful loj uIU, or uncertain surronud ings. Would to God that tho people at home were as sound and resolute, voiUicallu and pauioUeally, as those brave, enduring mea nt the front. Beta. “WHERE WE ARE.” Sie Kcw ITork Tribaao for Old £.be. Confession of a Vacillating Brother. LPrmn tfce N. Y. Tribtnw; Sept. fi.J It In ratkes to attempt to dleguiee thefuct, pste-it So tverj InteiUaeot person to the cDm.jry, that mr weeks past, tin qmte re ctntli, U:vre faun &em among all ioyut people spood eatteiaccion at the prencnC as pect ol straits, and s good deal of Tery pain mi apprehensions*tor the future- The events of the last three months, ao did-rent irota tlifc cftiml cxpt-ctkihiu ut sigQol urd decisive n suite ot the summer campaign, walls they , were the c*uex of ttile.deßUODdeucv, have jus tified tbe foresight - of those who advi'ed* i against the assemr-llQtr of the Onion C'ou- Veidton in June. -IVrb*p». bud that Conven tion bten postponed Ul‘September, ite-sboice ol’ a Prefidrtilal candidate would have Ej*en the same »9 f - in Jane; bat, made in Jofcc, ih« feeling i* that it was prnr.atnre, Wa& m*de under the anticipation ofeveiiSs-wbicfe have not brea resized, and is- now seen, it was* burdly reasonable to axbect Bat tbe .rescu ing 2tKct was a 3oubt of the wh ooot ot that nomination*, nut because the country did not know as* match then as U dotanuw of the character'ot 2lr, Administration, but tbo© it attributed to ip tbtn aD*cn«*rgy and judgment,}»the conduct ol tbe war, wbicb tbc-paett did not justify, • but on which, nevt-rlhel chose to found unwarranted hcpcs und extravagant expectations. Wuh the Rebellion believed to be at almost its laet gasp, and which a vigorous campaign was sure to- finish to. . ninety days, where, it was-osid. could a be** ter etar dnid*bearer be fouxdthm Abraham X.i> - coxx-for the coming political struggle ? Who so well deterring, to be the Nation* a ruler lor-a second term os be-who has carrier I it Triumphantly Through the war, aud who will, before the leaves fall, ro-es'ab&h Unloj i andPeooe?. Such *aa the popular feellog , or such it w*a sfisuoifd to* be; tod 011 tbe crest of tbia wave- of a papula r ctIUFiOA, tbe Convention was.held, and ih e Pretloei tial nomination carried. But subse »• quent everts disproved tbo popular auticlpa - Uo»s; and *he strength, which was to be proved by their realization, turned out to he only a mciionary weskucsaln their dlsa( v pointment- With disappointment came do* spsir, quite as unwarrantable- as the extra' 7- *-agant expectations of four months ago; am 1, as we snnk into Itlharuy coder tbo fofluerv :e of hope deferred, eo our opponents rallied with a taw strength born of our weakne -a. Only those of the moat vigorous faith a od most unyielding determination, held out against this general apatay;. while tbe h all beaitcd and tbe faint-hearted deemed t hat all struggle was impotent against tbe vU ;or ons opposition setting ic against an Add Ua ietration In wbom confidence was as nr nch shaken, and which it was-feared most; bo overwhelmed by a pariy pr-misloglo lead the nation, in some way,-oat of tbe wl) (der nesa of indecision, of doubt,, and ot ii nbe* cillty. To those who demanded Peo< re at any rate were adr’ed tboea “ho ©referred Peace tto a protracted-and ruleoos war, which, it was feared, jouldionly end >1 die grace and disaster. I tom Shis-positive tem per on tbe one band, .and ibis doubtlogand. despairing spirit we seemed hastening only to defeat No careful observer- of puhUe opinion for the lust few weeks-xan deny that this is-a. true statement of wnat. its- condition has been. Ko rational man, we think, can ins 7 that It need not have coaae about; ,d we not, to use ihaelauc ot the street, u dJ a ; counted” built upon anentb a i si&sm that was y A to be created, had wo "pa tiently awaited events,, sod made ugi iour minds to acceptrdtsaster if disaster wuitto come, resolved upon fa-lug the sitaati.on, whatever it naif Jit be, and then go icnnd win with the best man we coaid find to- lea dns to victory, whether Abr*h»m I/ncohj or somebody else, that ws should haue started on tbe Pres idortial campaign full of fresh ness and cot licence and hope us in triumph;*© tbe end. Now what are we to do If Are tbe-znlth tea of the post beyond. remedy? Are tbe lethargy aud despair that bad crept, orer tbe public mind Irremedia ble ? Is tbo- etrenuth which the Opposition. has gathered- through those mistakes so po*. t*nt tbs.t raslstancA Is vain? Must vre cab* mit to* dtfeat, not the ifibrjrent. strength of our opponents, out la succumb ing to tbo-Weakness which we oirselvechave generated and., nurtured? Is-thero no hope; left for us? Not eo. Oar 2ause to-day is strongsr.thani ever before- Let as undvntUcd and ccknowv ledge tbat,thi& apprehension of tbx-fainro hetfits origin in oar anaiauly fears, and nut in the actual condition of affairs, Th£ Ad ministration to-day is precisely what it was, and whet we knew ,it was, six mouth*—a yenr.twoyoorß—ago. it is not that it ho& de veloped any new characteristics, but that we, through impatience and the egregious folly of extravagant expectations have been.called upon to meet new disappointments. We have moi them evtay yew—e.v.ery slxgaontbs —since tbe war boguu; we have met them and overcome thun bravely, with, at the end ot each period, new triumphs to encourage . and csre>. gthen us. Shall we give up in dea . pair »ben so near ths end? Wo might, la dted, Lave a better Ad mlnUtratlou; we might have one, on tbe other hand,a thousand limes I wome. We stiall have a worse before we I ba» ea better. | But It is too late now to take a new de parture. We must accept tho situation with all its difficulties If the Administration wonts vigor, give it vigor; if ic wants ear nestness, give it earnestness; if it wants ux-i. derstanding, give it understanding. Infuse it “Ith a people’s will; invigorate it with a people’s courage; reinforce it with a peo ple’s confidence 1 orcrwielm it with a peo ple’s detcrniiLatlon that Treason aud Slavery shall never prevail against them, but that both shell be trampled under their feet. But never at sert it Never let its shortcomings, iis weaknesses, its shortsightedness and its delaye defeat us. God knows it might have dune better; God alone knows bow much worse it might have done. Wo. know, at least, that with it we have come well nigh to the overthrow of tbe rebellion;, we know that, with a little more patience, a little more energy a little more courage, we shall soon come to iu ntter overthrow. The end Is ntux; the good and the true end Is certain, if we are laiihful to ourselves, even wiiii such tools as we have. The coolce is no longer onn, wbctkcrwc will throw them ftfrloe acd try new ones. We mast da this work with such as ne have or notdo it at all. If we throw them aside aud abandon the work to other Lauds, where are we? Alasl who does not know t Tbe beet that can be fall us in a Copperbtad triumph is disunion —disunion first between* the North and South, to meet thereafter, as best we may, the question of new boundaries, to be settled hy new wars, tbe East and the West, the Pa cific and Ike Atlantic eo>st arrayed against each other. Or, U Union shall tie maintain ed, it will be aUnioa that shall mean only anncxailoti; the North t<ed—tied n&nd sad loot and delivered over—to a staveholding Confederacy, the appendage to an oligareny of slaveholders: slavery made legal all over the Nor>h and West, both States and Territo ries ; the assumption ol the Confederate debt by the Febc'al Government; the un questionable National debt to be liquidated solely by Northern taxation; *he right of suflraeedenled to Northern laboring turn; extension of representitlon to tbe own rs of slaves—in short, anvtbiog mat Jeff D.vls and his may choose to demand as the price of our submission, as the terms on whlcn tiey w-li agree to grant vs peace and pardon. They may have us oa their own terms; for there are none so ex actiogr x>ore so degrading none so base, that their Northern allies wiU not giant on a promise of being admitted to be-ted once more on tbe crumbs that fall from their mis ters' table. Choose ye I - For our part, we have chosen. Better a perpetual dinner of herbs, than tne stalled ox In snch company—though fort cat matter, but little of the stalled ox would fall to the share of those who believed in fighting for the Union. Henceforth, we fly tbo ban ner of Abraham Lincoln lor the next Presi dency, cbooeing that, far ratherthao tbe Dls . union and a quarter of a century of wars, or ' tbe Union and political servitude which our opponents would give us. Let tbe country shake off its apathy; let it realize what is the price of defeat--* price neither we sor the world can afford; let it be understood how near we are to the end of tbe rebellion, and that no choice la left us now bat tbe instrument put into our bands, and that with that we can aid must finish it. We grant, from onr own convictions, much that can bo said in criticism ol tbe present Administra tion; fertile soke ofareumenc. we willgrant anythirg that any honest ana loyal man can tay. And then tula la oar rejoinder— \lr. Lincoln h-i done seven-eighths of the work alter his fashion; there must b* vigor and virtue enough left ii him do the other fraction. The work is in his hands; if it pastes oat of them, it will be, as there are no heller, but far worse, to receive it, to our utterrnin. Vit must re-elect him, and, God helping ns, we will. py The whole number of NatUnal Sinks to ibis time is fire hundred and eight, with a total capital of eighty three millions three hundred and sixty-four thousand dollars. KIAKIAG OF TUG P4OP£Li Übifi wsJl«c4'ju Terrible Casuitt on Lake *rlf-Ool llatps* B>uveenihe Propellers Sclota wwd Arctic, uir unoktrK-liVt* of (he sciotts—Niae o.rsussDron'ued. the Citvelatid Leader, 6tb.l Last Friday evenly one of the roost dis astrous and fatally.roeuliiog collisions on re coxd in the nirtury of lake nevigatlon, oc curred ht-tweeu ih? i.ropdlcra arctic aud Sciota, shout twenty miles off Dunkirk, multlr g in the ?l. king of tne Sciota, and the death pj drowning 0 f nine of her c«w and puttengers JTjc | BC j e m relation to the ac cident arc ns fellow* as we lr«ni taem from W- H. Wetmore, of the Arctic; •tkc propeiur arcilc, Oupt Wetmore, of i> *l* « tW Central puaecpger lino, left xiUukio at 0 p m., on her nauai trip to Clcvo lend Ahont eleven o’clock Captain Wet more, was at nU*-post, saw a propeller light ahead, tre course of totr -uctic being at that time 8. W, and by W. The night Was quite cleur, me wind fair, thf hghte of the Arctic properly set and she Waw running at lur Ufctial rate oi tpeedc:orriiu< to rule, he pot his wheel sport and kept his host off a point Jurther to thu north, making her course W. S. W. She ran in this direction aahorLtime, wbcwGapt. Welm. re, perceiving that the propeller litrut was still neanng h«m, put his helt» sport again and kept ttier Arctic «>1! another pome to the right. This ougut to have been coougn hsd the other boat done tho same, to have enabled them to psou completely cle®?’ of hirer, with u wide dlrtsnce between them. Dnt the Captaiwoi thnSeiota, Roscoo' of name, teems to bavtr etesred In just tho wroßg direction. Both* propellers steered to the northward, the Arctic to her riijht and the Sciota to her left, andnow aporoaebed other, nearly at right angles Captdin WLotmere, perceiving that tho other propel- Itr was near at hand, and repWl/ appro*cn mg under * full h> ad of steaui r stopped his hi at, boplati in that way to avoid a collision. He sooneearw r however, that the two boats Would Inevitably strike each other, and In order to Itteea the force of the - shock, start ed again, putting bis he‘m hard spore, in or der that the blow might be a gi&uclog one. This movement- of me Arctic changed the position of the two vessels so-that thcr counts werculravstesactlj at rigatanirlesio e-»cb other. The Arctic was, at thlacime, running very slowly, while the Sciota was apparently under fall head of steam. At the moment of the the Arctic was stopped again und : her engines rovers*:d', out too Jute to avoid tne blow. The boats ap proached, ax we haoe said, nearly at rigat angles to each other. Tn-; stem of the Arc tic nau over lapped tbs course of the Seiot* - ctiiy a few reot, when She Ittter, comlug on Ui oer a full hea- cf sieaui, struck- the Arctic lu the port- bow with terrlbhr force. The Arctic received no damage wbAW vtct, the paint Ptms hardly rubb-U off-her side, tut the bow-of tne Scioto crumbled Soto aC the blow, the first ten fi ct ol it being broken into splinters. TU * Sciota filled rapicTlv and sane within tea Diii-nies all*r striking. Ihe Arctic pissed about a bout’s iengtui oejosd her, before she could stop, and then bacired up to the wreck, having, meantime, got-out two boats, and engaged at once in picking up the crew and pastrenge/s of the Sciota Jmmtdi teJy alter thn collision, tho Cap tain ei the bclota who-seema not only to have*bown mlsmam-gAmcnt la causing the collision, but a)po to nsve displayed (cross cowardice, after It had happened, got out a boat, which was unmediately filled by the crew rnd passengers. We> learn that the Second Mate and Captain, naoiiudfol of the rule which makes it the Captain’s due? to remain on I# ship in time of peril until all others have kit it. were the first to d< sert tl-fclr vetstl and to get into the b rat. Among thOteellll kfi on the propeller when the boat poshed off were the Clerk, and the wife ofthe Steward. A colored cook, who had swam to the boat, with a backet ta bis teeth, alter it had been pushed off; and who, throughout, displayed moraorlt-poseceaioa and courage than anv other man on board, citnuted them to rtturr. a.d aid these t*o to their load, but the Captain refused, saying that it they did *o they would o« drawn into the vortex of the linking propeller and en gulfed Thu cwok used argument and en treaty, but In vain. He evemiswam out to the uroptHer with the rope of-thu small boat in bis bands, aud endeavored to reach the Clerk, who was standing on-tho sinking ves eol with bis bonks in his bands. Ttec-mk could or.)j just rc'nch him, and eutr ated t&e Captain to give him onl» three lucaes more rope. Ini without avail, and the cook was lost. The ScJota sunk befc re the Arctic could re-* turn to he?; but the officer*.tod crew of tha latter vessel did ever? thing la their powrt to rave the lives of those outbeSolota. Some bud Jumped on the Arctic at the time of tho collision; some were in the boat; others, were clinging to the Heating spars, and others stm to plants, life-preservers, Am* thrown to them by the Arctic. In all, out ofc a cretTiOl twenty-toree or four, and passen gers, four in number, all tut nine wereaired. Toe loll}Winff were lost;.: Hlckock, clerk. Two firemen. Two deck bands. Gabia-boy, fcolared.) Steward’s wife and baby, the latter -only three months old. A colored women, a passenger, whcvliyoa in Toledo. The crew are maid;iron* Buffalo. Tbc olllcers of tbc Arctic t.ok ever; pos* Bible precaution nccecairy to Bare lift*. Their boats cruletd among tbe floating spars, (a great number of wbirb strewed tbe surface of the lake;, for two boars, and the boat lay near tbe wrrcktill delight Saturday morn* lug, and then cruised around eonic little time, in hopes to find some of tbe missing mcw, She then continued her course to this port, where sh* arrived Saturday afternoon, bringing with him the mrvlyors 01 the crew and passengers of tbc Sciota Wecaunotsay as much for Charles Itos coe, tbc Captain ol the ill-fated-Sciata. Uis coidnct seems to hare been careless, cow ardly and sclfl>b throughout, and we learn that even after-receiving money- from tho Captain oi the Arctic, he tried to. get oat of Cl'Telon l and# bis men . hare witnont pacing their fare to The matter •will, however,, be legally investigated, and the blame of the accident ILted where it be lores. We hare had do opportunity to converse with the oflp-rs and men o£ the Sciota, ac tbey left ou Saturday night, and therefore v/a do not kncw.Capt. Roacoe ? vtisiou ofithe story. We understand, how?, ever, that, his men claim.-, that life steering ftppi.ratcs.of the vessel *as-oat of order aaa could not-be regulated. We ha7o not learned the amount of loss-on. the vessel and cargo, nox-whal portion o£>lt. was covered by Inrnraace. A collection for the benefit of the crew of tbc Sdotawas.taken.tip on the Arctic, and quite a little sum waaobtaiaed. The ili-futed propeller S.ioti was built at Huron, in 1817, bektSL-noarly seventeen,years old,.and was ownod oy, Captain John, Gard ner, of Buffalo, sad commanded by Captain Charles itoscoe She was about 400 tons bur then. She had been “running wild?* dorian the last few years,.and was, at the. time, oh the collision, bound from Toledo to Buffalo, with a cargo consisting of 12.000 bushels oi: . wheat, some oats, and about fifty.- barrels of ffour. Wc visited iae Arctlc, in our harbor, yes terday, and were surprised to ace that she had received no perceptible injury whatever, from the eheak. The fact that aba mci sncli a blow little testlflti. very decidedly to her great strength and excel lence. FBOS THE POTC3IAC AHSIY Gen Sailer and thcvJV.egro Soldiers— -9halliUiK in U>c lionpudta—ir utlor’a ItUXc. NEAS PSTES3HUBO, Sept. 4 , 1851. Tbe regio soldiers believe la Gen. Butler wltu pH their might: Bocae weeks ago a squad of them pretented themselves at the office of Lieut. Brown,thus mustering officer brie, and demanded to be mustered out. They had heard that Gen. Butler’s time waa out, they bud enlisted to fight under him and they “wasn’t goin* to hab any udder | men generalizin’ for dem,” and tney wero S nieted only by the assurance that General lutJer'e time was not out. Not long since Surgeon B. K. Smith re ported lor duty ro Gen. Butler in person. The General told him he should order him to Norfolk to report to Gen. Suepley, who would direct him to inspect all the hospitals ■' in that vicinity, with a view to clearing them of all con vslescents fit for d uty. The d >ctor asked it In every case he should use his own discretion as to whether a man was fit for the held. “Yes, sir.” said the General “and yon are not to credit any yams they may tell yon. rilgiveyonagood rale to work by, t take it from Hoyle, ‘Whenever yon are in doubt, fate the trick /”’ Dr. Smith pro ceeoca to the different hospitals about Nor folk, and has already sent nearly or quite a battalion of men to their regiments. It Is not to be doubted that were the hospitals throughout the North subjected to a iLoiough overoauliog, the army would n»- toe coiner by some thou sands. The difficulty is that the men once In hospital, tvtn those slightly wounded, who. when a few weeks have healed their wounds, are hardy and able, do not come hack. They are aoe-orbed in a doz'-n differ ent way s. Some become nurses, some ward masters, some cooks others are taken up ua hospital gUaros, as orderlies furtbe surgeons, as musicians for tne hospital band, which has been organized to swell the importance ol the Burgeon in charge—until in many hospitals there are aa many well soldiers as sick ones. And so it is that stalwart men, trained veterans, who should be in tbe field, toot serenades, simmer brotos, bend over wash-tubs, polish surgeon’s bools, carry hVUts deux tor your g M Da , even scrape their chins and mend tbeir stockings. If the soldier should once have been birb u .r or tviior. 1 repeat, a thorough overhauling of all the Northern hosmtals would send to the field some thousands of good soldiers. A Copperhead Failure. Warsaw, InA, Sept. S, 1864. Editors Chicago Tribune: The Copperheads of this cUy and Ticinlty held a meeilbg on Saturday nhrht rat ify the nominations made at Chicago, on the 29fh of Aug. The crowd numbered. (Inclu ding ladies, children, and ali) about 200 all told. The demonstration was almost an en tire failure. N«»t one word was aal 11n pralfo of onr nonlc soldicra m the field or of con demnation of the Southern traitor Confeder acy. Ann, although the news was received of the capture of Atlanta, it was not once referred to, but, on the contrary, a perfect tirade of abuse waa resorted to. and heaped upon the present Administration and its supporters 1 Bur, notwithstanding all tbi ■, w;o expect to give at least from 500 to 800 majority in this county for old Abe and the entire Union ticket The Union men are wide awake and readv to discharge their duty fully in the coming campaign and longing for election day to arrive, A Constant Bbadbb. imihcml im» HORETiBT. Thljlsdat Emrnre, Sept. B.IW. The demand for money c mtindei but the supply i? abundant »or first class legitimate piper —none other receive? any cosslderadon. Thorol- Hire l-1 currency is larger than for some days pis** bnt the deficiency of the smiller denoalna ions it continually Increasing, to the great alarm of bank* ers and brokers. Host o' the small greenbacks and Nationals are taken to tbs country to purchase eraio, cattle aod swine, aod arc now quietly rest ing In the pockets of farmers and drovers, who, as in da>s of yore, are not compelled to force them back into the market to purchase the necessaries of life. A Western farmer is now as ont-ot-debt, independent citfzen, a condition that Is new to many of them. Long may they continue so. Lzchjnge is a little etlffer to-day, owing to the pretence in flnauds? circle* of an iocreascd amow&t of currency. There bno dunge to note ttt'qnoto tSbra—X(3>’« Account buying; >»© V sellluf-thc former rate over the counter, and the latter to* brother bankers.* Tbtf produce markets gsaa?al}r to-day submitted 1 to a decline—floor about 2 3 cent*, and -wheat B<2f4’ cents. The tendency of tlemarfeet will continue strongly in chat direction. The prices of prodnse are higher than circumstances- rrlU much loner? .permit. Tbo’ crops are Immense, and money will be very scarce, owing to cir ccmstwcoff nlncb we hare heretofore enmner ated. Wo see aoescopefrom a masked depreciation in prices. There was a panic in the New York trtvM maria tc*-Csy. and a sympathetic one here. The cause of it ii not apparent, unless It be the remarkable atrtaEcncy In the money market la that city. Uc- CloH»l’s prospects* certainly hare nothing to do with It, while we liSnfc Uncolu's bars;- Tbc for mcr r s are a? dark atr the damning treason' *f his havherr, while those oF the latter are daily bright* eMhg. The following*?© theqaotatlona-teltgrjpb cd;to.Tames Boyd, fronrNew York: .211 | 3.00 p.m.. .2iOK < BXO p.m.. .233 ' 10X0 a. m... liXOs- m... 12.00 to TbsrnmrJMt hero opsced weak at2l0 r asd'd*. cliirfd to 235, closing hear?, GoreramerX' 6.80s arc firm atll-}#bajing; BcJUog. The vMiole immber of rfMions] Banka tc-thls time Is STt h toured end eisht; with a total capita)- o i cißbtj-tbroc millions tioa* hundred and siuj lour th«aand : dollars. Tee ißtne of carrencj to the National Bants far ' theweebendm*. Saturday, September 3, woretyo’ millions eighteen tnoagaodtTrd'bnsdrcd dollars.-' The total to-data amounts to forty-fire mil lone four hundred and’ seventy seres’thousand seven hundred and Any dollars. New Yorn- Srcxnt Mahkbt.—The following axe the qai'Uitlocs lcrr Sept. 8, received - by F, Q. Sal* tonriall & Cor,-coocnli9loD, stock -and bona era* kere, 2*l Claris street, Chicago t IStß'ft.ldß’d. I Quicksilver.., 83V gik li«4.T. U7 125* I nndson ftirer.m* 129* HI. Cent 12T^ nbit4>«i«f, cents- .... XUfIU cent war loan bonds.. 93* .... 0. S. 6 V feat M 9 eoaeons.lll' .... ST. B, 6 9 cent bonus 1331...107* .... 0.U.73-10 - rasa. sry Notes...US* .... i 0.8.1 yr cent so** .... ’4merlr,*n . Zu Board wsett. l3t B’d.'id B*c. \ K.T. C «?*• 1«Y1 C.4N. Vf 52 51*1 t'.tN.W (pfd). 3--X- Sb } Bile (C00ij...-ITJ 107* hrle (iifd) . IC7V- W»* c.sF .i»x ui Bt.b. (com)... Saif • H % M. b. IMM P. F. W. & C..lK** 10** U. U ISS?:x9B* C.*& A*.*(cem j.Po* O.AA.(p£a)...K> : B. I ..... ITS* KKGent.iorJp..2B*. m* I*4o 128 lAK . ttMfcf set—Ut Beard* wear. ooQWfiaeuL, Tdubsoat-Btskxo, Bepb3; ; l9C4- The following taKo-ahowa the receipt>t»dAbip acmo of produce during the past 21 huorar B3CZ3PTS AND CSOSESam FAST 24 I'-iOfflO. Otijppcd. .... 6,773 2.785 .... »4.5 M 74,360 -.J03.936 150,685- ... 11,340 .... 10,770 .... 13,450 47.485 »15 81cmr..., Wheat ... 8»e........ Baric/,,.. Grave Seed. K*ax Seed.... Btooin Cam.. Cared Xante.. Beef, tres..... Lard. 21,231 TiUon Wool Bogs ... Csttlo Pide«... ... Ulgbwtaea.. gait.. . 5,000 a,o,rr Bo»ter Thi re was a good attendance od Vhaoffiesio-day, . and the general markets were active, bat cwjo* to tbc decllne-ln gold, Wheat- and Floor nxleisteaT/,. aud-prleea were lo^er. I'be demand for Floor hm limited and wo note a decline-cf-about 15c pcsbwre l , with sales of only -1,400 brU of all grades- at- £1i.00@12.40 for white winter extras, $lO.KK&lO.$a for spring extras and: J9 COeO.TS lor spring Mperfino—the market clos* log doling beayy. a J ao- ruled heavy and prices fell Bsg|gsper bushel, with- sales tof about 18,000- bofhels.wialcr nnd 00J3Q0 bushels spring at S£.CS& 2.ooforNo. 1 Red; for No. S Rod;. *1.1*62.00 for Rejected Red; *2.03(&2.M for No. 1 Spring; *1.95®2.01 lar.No..a Spring; and*l.6B® 1.20 tor No. 2 Spang—tio market doting qmetsad depressed at. *l.9S>£ for.No. 3 Spring and $2.01®. 2.06 far Nu. 3 Red. Toe demand was wholly spec ulative—«hippere conflaiag their attention to Oats and Com. Winter Wheat was In very limited re quest. There was an aetivO'Shlyping and speculative it.qr.hy for. Conv and we note an ■ ad vance in prices of la 9 bushel, with sales of 147,. OtO bushels, at $1.33:10r. No 1 Corn, sl.slJ*® for No S Corn; and.*L2Stf®l.29 for Rejects*.; Cora—the market cloving Irm at sl32»£ for in store. Canal and River acUrig|jjjl 51.35Q1.83X afloat nnd *1.3 '■'^S Oats were in goad dera, end prices advanced XSPJMNPbv with * ealsa ol aboot lIO.CKC to, at G€®Cu£fc ,lor No 1 Gate, W® 06c lor No 2 Oats; and 62jtfc for Reject eAOatS—doting BfrAdj At GC.’-£c for Mo 1, ouU C4>j C£l**c for No 2. . There was maro Inquiry for Rye and the market sdvanced 1c p«r ha—about 20.000 buahels having chanced hands,, at *i.S32d-C4 for No 1 Rye, and tJ.SI®IB2 fcr>2sh»2 Ryo—the muket closing ►leady at $1,33# tar No 1, and $1.31#©1.53 fur No 3. • Parley wfts-finn hut net very active-only about ,2,£00 bushclsiavingbeen told at i 2.1052.13 for No, 9, and tor Rejected In store. Timothy Spsd; continues libeisl sales at 5J5.60®5.65. Fiax Seed was firm at {S 0S&5.10, The supply ol the latter is light. Blghwlnca raled dull and coaler—nay about 500 hits havmgeUanged baud* atsL?s®l.Tl the mar ket closing weak at sl7o#. Provisions were neglected*—the only sale report ed being.a.lci of7oopcs sweetplc&led endcaava a a* ed Bacon Bams at 21c loose. Butte; la. lets active and the market Is quiet, with sales of shipping at C@«c, and choice Hairy in cracks at 43c. Grain yreightß were rtcre,actlTC« and steady at 34c.10r. wheat to Oa ffcgiVit; fur cosa,ind SXQGC for MtßioUoffnlo. The Grocery market, has been less active; there are very few country, buyers la town, and pur- I ebaees are generally email —the. impressiou being ' Ibattbe present bmh, rates oLthe leading staples : wlUnot be sustained., Ocßto-. Coflee we note a ' decline ol}%c $ Et from prcvloas quotations, and cm tbe lower (trades pt haw Sugar of #c $ lb. Tea. nominees Arm sad unchanged. SAleralua is in very limited supply, and a.good demand. We note an advance o! J£c & lb on; previous rates. Fish are (..enecally in vsey limited supply. Lake- Fish continue very Ann at $8.5008.73 for Nc. 1 White Fish, aad $7.25a1J>0 for No. 1 Trout. Cod-. Crh arc in almost nominal supply, with an active demand. Herrings in lair request and unchanged. Green Applet are In very large supply, valtU a moderate demand. Market easy at siol per brl. Lemons are in bettor supply. We sove& decline of $2 per box; Water Melons In large receipt, but gcneia’ly ol email sizes. Prices range tom $7016 per hundred. Peaches are In more liberal supply, and active at present quotations. Carbon OH Is. in active demand, with no im provement in the supply. Prices rule firm, at 050 98c for beat white oil. Linseed o*.| quiet and un changed. Lard Oil in small recent* and firm with as upward tendency. In Wool, the market has been less active, but price? rule very flrm at SIOO for choice fleece wool. Stocks are being held at $1.0701.10 in several Instance!. In Beef Cattle the market baa been active and flrmat yesterday's quotations. Entered sates 2,3-fl head at $3.0008 25; chiefly at $4.7506.83 per 100 lbs. Thc'Hog market has beou very active, and tor prime to extra qualities prices have ranged Ifiaher than has ever beta, known in this city. Entered 12.00 per 100 Tbs. Stock Hoar* have been in Itmllod supply, and range ftom $6.0006.75 $ 100 lbs. L&TSB. In the afternoon, owing to a further decline in gold, the Wheat market was depressed and lower, No. 2 Spring rolling at. $1.97, closing -with sellers but no buyers at that price. Com, Oats, Bye, Bailey and High* lues were neglected. Forclcn Commercial Circulars, _ • Lornoir, August 19, issi. FPiSii Since oor ia»t vs aavo h.o & cm. Unnaacc of very fine wtataer, and harvrstinz Is nakiiK rapid ptigreis; as to Uie pronaMc resa tvs c»naoat«tb-ngtf>o*r laa* report, rtuttheqaalu* of tbe oew Wheat la Irrrgutar, oat macbo'it verv tood.'whlls the quantity b& a whole la teumatedto belmowan BTeiftfc-, Tbs bill taot «eatbf.r hta hal a ospruiUg effect qdoc cor market and la the early * # , rt ol aeek tiero wa« a olspoilamto preai uie* of fresh arrived cargoes at U tola reanonoa rather th»u incur landing nxc-enoes. Panels aPeadr It gtaii»ry,liywetcr. are held firmly, there oeioz a ttsonrimirt’sloQ toat.tnonzh the maox of a Itaenil wppiy r-f new wheat will tor th-j preset, op w Ptice»- theshirtaau oi thocroD.and diminished foreign importations, will Da ma-eruliv ftlt later ob. 7 Flour is In fair consumptive demand, aul n-e. f tv wclimali.uinuts former vane. The drv weadier hat stmibiy affected the snpp.y ol hnia-i make bf re ducing the water Down of the country mllia fclnce our last the fol owic* rar;o bißb-eu aold off tie coast: a.ISS qra. Amner Michigan Wheat, per M.Beetrio,”at < • ed. ’ y Protisioks—Sutter lam more demtnd at hlzhor rates, the cry weather havm* oonn-terauleluaueu'e onthepadr. Ctenefa takes freely for consuso qnctanona ere looxlnr np Bacon. Uctfo cottjt, aaothe •<-a>o-> appetia to be cominz to a close. Bams, difficult to tell. Beef and Pork oalte necirttea. Lam>—ln rather better demand. - . „ . IXTPXROOL ASfl. 19. l:Cl. BißADrrrw*—Cnntmne oepreia d, t n weather belts D.ost favorable *ao the orosp eta of tne crop d*-Ujk cot slot red be*tar than has been exne tel. Wnao.T—Must b« qn- tea ?oSc town tne country znlltri buying apanueiy. A tew ip*cn : atlfd tr*-s --sttioisareleporled at Ss i » store ler dne amber; ChicasoanoaitiwaaKoe c.nblrraml*r in price an i milicalfo etli. At fa 4d soir-e flte winter would fipo bnjeis. Canaua club not aiked furac'uvorsico cS id. Ftouß-VrryliWa demand for birrela. prices un co in afa. The quantity offhnn< ii very sma'l. Ldiak ( ovk.—email isuU dotn? In Amencas.forfeeoiirMrocree ouir.there bet*z no ■pr®“D' fer Ireland. *tar«» spacnlatlva of Black se«. lave been mads for for warn celirerr at 27» to per4B£ fisc-fraud i ■* , Bxxr.— I The ntm&nd oeing (mml prices are the turn lower. Po«-Hot much doing, the slock being small, ncl ere are fl-m. * SAroM.-Pncca nnebanfed. but th« demand bain* ime'bet ceoin>aii>etl9beitnr. . t'Bsasm.—!■ la deartr, wl»h ago >d innnlry. Th*rs Is lome dematd f. r isleiior kisds that bare bltberto beer qnlte ncil'cten. itmxa--Resfll y sells st 3f@is advance, and IpoSs Hke p*?np rill e*ea-»r. ASHifc—Thew'eijoftte w9-*ksmaboat M 0 barrels pots Ml 29- 3d t j 29a 6d Lamp— e” sells readily al44a, and there IsTStber more inqntiy tor othv *or*a. Tallow—beaiy cue ainoa hela tors little mere mo* ey. PaTnoLSTTK-Bome eenuderable ep^colifrasslee of -* tefleed” have been'ms* e at 3s 3d. and holders are firm htlbat price. No hltg dose m <kasdi«n. Chabi.l9 Cusack A Son. Glasgow, Auz.l’. Pujceoor last report of th’S* lar;., tosrehire been liberal Uaponsol wbea; ant hoar, the trad* has b*en toll me atlces fl*vo rather fwored bay eta. the weather haa been nclntarionteaty fine, a-d the croo*h»v- pregresaed raoldlf towa.da m«a»uy,. tboasbltwlilbe n-xt w»«K beicre cautsx will be •nr *«y go: era!; If wel reca ed »h-.ra wi I 2“ f*tr crtnslo this ooa.ter, being uler the aroash: his been Lm tclt nan In tho southern oarca jf me «:ou »• ° At it>d»sVmarket theta was rsther aslSTulerat trnd.ncc. 3 Wheat wa-sp* mglv deal, ia; thSTJ a la* bn t II tile 3 m»» * can afloat for this markets holder* rate?.which buvmw«reapt tnaj. heme tor tSo present pr-t V we-.l In fteta B>.riß. itonr m bar ftnitea demand at l»t wai'anneei Indian com iU.I aslovsaHat JSfmXSSSi. Tra» p«» «• ««» >“ r «>»ai»aoo Sl3?iS»“s‘r sa» SI. WHICH. H.«T«, Hhi hoitcl b-*B D»id s the evicts from the ftiusi bum* hold -r* thllnrire ftr» Oats -n . 0-tm«-»l meet a -low me at w«k?7rlcei. the demano for ih* latter la naosa- CHICAGO MJIBBBS MlBMEt* TmnSDxT Ercrnro, September 8. I.UMBFR— yesterday,l IttUkO fees -floe vi»b a iruted sad madefinata ttippiy, the nark* t ccntinae* rerj tf*m, tenotoc upward# 6HWoLES—Beceirett jwterdaf, 2JDOOO. Market adlTp, with tmsU At prarlsui quotations prices re la firm. LAXa-BcceircJ yc«t?rd»% 255,00) pcs. a fttr supply tlie market Is at:ody and modaratsly w* Brc. Cargo *chr Trjnmpß.’ffom ©rand Blrer, told by Rotten a, go.OW feet rafted lamosr, % at |2t sfl cunoiahr Advance, from Foaiwater,a.ll by Hitt Jr- Maxweß.lW.lOO feet lumber, j< lit# aadteaoili&z, at cargo tebr Al/oata;- frocr Oconto, sold by Orcy’,l6o,s*o feet lumber,# strips, fl* 132.50. Tlie roll or? in* are t&e yarn ptioeffr LrasHK—Kiwt uie*r, ft •~...450J0a?5.0c BecuuG Clear, 9 iU. «W-®SL.TC Ttnro Clear. V «50.M StOCSßoaraa. «..»••» K.C*«3I.OC Et» or 39lect BoanM .....;i......... TT.Kttl JJfl common Boanu 23 L' /3?4Xt Fm*ei&c» 33J)«fc3i.fC CUU'B*iW',>-.. t. . ~@’S fl# FmtClear 7icortac,roo*t>..., 4WCOHMX Sscotd dea* Cdomoa Flscnns, r«meh ........ ae.Mas oc Bicua,-cie*r,<uw«d. i SecnadCieatv, ...?*;*aeoc Lons -cisau, a ou4>B or abated Sblntlos; A,* M 52?»5~*C SiUTed SSt&xiel, NCI 4;Cta 1.9 C stated -33*6X8 Cwjar Satre'- gbmsfe* A ■" “• asms- Bbmsfu.£.-. Bawwl BUiuuler 1»0.T... 9 1.0C9 pcv Pen*, V I,ook. cnioifio' BUBM; B£SF CAT7LS—TheTCfirlp • of Reef Cattle at alf - tbe yards to-aay amount ft about {.SoObesl. Enter ed sale 2,355he1d, at »3J»>38.2i; but chla3J at «U3- €>B.lo per 100 ft*. rbere were In the y&ras itts morn, laraoontsto bead, Including the above dame., ctipu. Tncre ore rema ntns ovsr at sold tbis-svextuic :a v ouc lot-bead, no*rlybaircf which are estra saiir pizg Cattle, h*id by twner* at hi*h prices, which If net realized, will totbtpped <s*ac There has bte* seme variation In the dssrea-of ae- UTlty, pmva'linj* at tbe terezai yards. In one tee Efarket bas been cidler than on yesterday, -and a illaht drelize baa narked toneol tbe sales. loan oiber there bss been a more active demand, a-da sUzbt advance la paces has teen «al. Ed, whlfctnt tbe laird anc jontth tb'ere baa been so chance. Tan Ine tbe average, we qnote the- market active tad firm at yesterday's qnctaUans. In point of anility tbereoeipts to- ay wtreot abettbr grad?than durlngi tbe prcsedirg day* of the week, and beaee sales could be roonreaißy effected. . Tbe demand frr Rood Shipping Cattle la vary active! and lor tbe few droves t2al are broaghl m there Is quite a strong competition. We note the following as tbe principal snlrs maddO-days Wsllwork 6 Mallory sold Sessrtbal 4 Co 129 bend of very supeilor, premium Missouri steers, aVeraglng -1,7*8 ns, at 48 *5. States * So, told Sinclair 83 head choice lowa Steen, av’c I,TR ft« at 97-50; - Dawson &-co.» of McLean ccaat/,sold ILLlylns «*on ill Dead very extra grade Illinois Steers, ay’g 1,7« n>fl at 53.«0- Summer cold 0. Sable 135 head, naall bat well fed* DUr.ois Steen/ itV 1,«54 B? at *B.OO. The market closed tbli evezUg with a health/ and fl-m feeling poryaalog both ooTan and sellers. Me* dlcm grades of good qnilUr were la stead/ de ,mai;d, oat for poor, tbla cows and steers, the market wax doll ana imctlye. BUyOATfXB 84X18 TC DAT. Dtlien. Unions. So. At. Price. WallworK ft M<...BostoUul ftC0.,155 13x9 JB.JS 8eniUt.......... SoaldioE al 141 4.*xa lloaenthtl Oreenr*a-n....... U liai 5.Q'- o*Shc» ... Kndolph 13 UO9 5.00 pcursu) „Koble ft Hjaaa;. 85- i « 6 s/K BenCej ft X uu 7* J173 6Pi Jutes do *5 115j do Hi ~4a t UJ3 M*.n« Q.Atnmt ~ do SO lls3 3.C0 J.tcpcld... ..... Zfttlcrdc Co. -... 45 119 5.13K G.Adsoil -VStha IS 9-s7 36j CO Wall 11-im B.CO co 4*960' do 901 s.uw Summer... KlUtr !J 9*7 4.53 00 BiUtnUne SraaMisg ..24- 169 4.4 a pot>i\. liaaerasn........ ST 4 73 G.Adamp ....Spaaloing ........ 17 98*» 4.33 Lrccam. _ do- • 90 4.73 Conser Jboe*..... ....43 897 3.71 J.GMclcy...... 0'Ma11y...........41 b<B 3.0 do JinmiKht,. ....... 16 • ico 4.45 do , • • F1a»Ce»ey........ 70 800 38.01 Soccer. .Bvmaa 25' 1225: 6.0 a Sailer.. _do 23 H6O 6.00 Ccsg'r Webo ft KeUyx.. is I9is 4*o SS' 111? 7.50 2)*ns(D Lnte sion U4 lin glO *te«mfe JlraiD 46 loss Stfabcro Kawrcbt 16 &T 4.i3 Fciricfto .»!!?! afc’ey 40 U25 5.25 Cooley fttudrloce'iTsoo* Eel!j%i«,]sl i(k» s. o , to .. 00 91 1061 S.CQ J. Adams du .....IdJ. 11(5 4.83 do do M 131& 8.00 Sretorj & Co....;ff9bt'Us& Cr*.... 63 83*. s.« J. Aoarr.a IfwbßCb ...... IS (as 4.01 AKldrldgen'toslicr. IS t-G 31 »K Ureeofj&co Wtefio & Eelfc... is U4o ftte»arU. 3Kmlar S3 1«3B 6.3J 6r»Ti>r do ics i:os. do *****.*’, JS 337 4.3 Uartp W01f...... 20 lay 4.3J DCGS—Becelptr-bi daj at tbe Tarlotnraril*,ab:>at 3,6otcia. .VaieiLd «alea,2,ftli.J>*aJ»*t 1*1036.73/ or 4(MHlite|ttK.X9JC4tll.saror bacon boe>. Tbe ju.caawjo i> iso »a Tae acute as it -was j»A bogs prices bate been 3^j^^(|^Pfer('taccU:g.s»high as 3*250 9 ICO cfntcaTvel? qootoaa advance ia the mar* thchlKbe»‘ptlcn qzjotad was cni?sl?enlnoaa loettnce. jor a lec.of.2a bead ot selected ccrn-fad hctß,wfd»htuE.:73n* t iroJd.*oß Hnat’ey. a: | 11m le, hew ever, the hlihei* erxvpaia >n cm. c» sco for hogs, cad cioit oS na hope thcfcdt ia the hith e»t pnc** lh»» c i«r will be jaid Seine cf onr Saatern coamrporarleaa f&vr months Blme, when Beef Carrie bad at’alnea the blabest prices «ver known in these Treßtcm*Stat»B, vm-ta* down thebofers »eieii g-Tln* ‘crazy pri".ca” for B f * cr, ftJihocthjn almost every Instance she pzr* ch»»c«were made foe-tfeeir own msetsau. and Urge atr.fiu were afterwards rea-tzad 07 Bblspere tmia icm. It li not inp-ohable hoc thsa theaaoin state* mfxtawM be repeated in toe. atoof ao«; bat we ntio that lb* or toes now paid la tils m trices arebrtot: Fmn'bj. sninper# for Hew York. Balt!- mrre,Philadelphia, le., and there h Hide 1 onbe one -tbatth*? win rca-ita B-ilifactors.pruflu noon cue hnslLee* they are low dolne The receipt* to-<U> have been cleared oats* the fab j«xit e» paid jtsirrdsy, and there Is little doabt hat iba* lan er eappiy wool" have been easily cls pcied of at tee fame rate*. We--A9ta the «alc.of one fot of dietiiicry-xed hogs, namely 408 head araraeinn ICO its at arts*. 800 SALE* TOOAT, Sellers. Boyers. No. A 7. P.-ica Montcoaery.. Huntley 29 iat 1 0.75 ,1.0. Bone. do ........ ..234 154 iuo Knhn 00 XI 12.5J Mcßpa!dlSS.... M . GO .....177 31. 12JU Vane* do id i» it/O 8:»1U1n,,,. do 107. JS7 H-OO aoyd do 29. aw 1150 O’ilaUy. Smith white. TlapßlEiS CO • ... 48; 2.-6 ILS3 Bajf» do 60 2*o 12.00 w heeler do, 24 180 11.23 €llo ■ ... dO> 1$ 179 10 58 Umbone... do IS *4 i2.l* to, ~,.,32 161 1150 Thayer nro Qo 404 393 IL2O J.Grldlcy Wlndior . ..53 251 12 .M (10 do 166 It 03 do .... ....Pbiihpa., 63 2t7. WoooiCo. E.15a1!0.y 493 89 6.03 Hazocua .. «... Finley* C 0...>,. 77 109 Bt£v coistr .Dasaett 47 lt£ ’ Martin Mallory *O7 111 6.75 BtfcWErt. Windsor 11l 115 HJO. SHEEP—The narkft la In. small supply Prices. have advanced 23c VIM bb on prime to extra dealt*- ties, vrt;h aMr deafuid. Tw principal silo* made te-day, was 183 hsan v averafclrg l«2 bb, at ICJ3 9 W Bs. . CHICAGO HAUL'S TtIARKBT. .Ail sales of Grow reported in t/tu market report are on a basis of Sc storage per busXsl, u-dess otherwise stated, ffsmtr i* sold delivered unless otherwise tilled. TstraanaT Eraxnra, Sopt. 8 ISil. FUEIGBTa—Gaxnr Fsbiuots retire active, bt.t without ca-iiga la rates. The eccaaemeau»to r»y we c*-Toßtpr*Lo:—Bars City of Mi'w*u<ce ano sera. Nanaganto t and G. L.Np.wccan— at 7c; bark Golden Fieace and achr. tionhasn witboftU, at tc; acbM. SelsUt am J. p. Nichols, w;th oats, at 6MC. To Oawxao.—Bchr. Mediator, with wheat, at l»c; aohr. Luc J. Latham, wltu wheat (to loas at Milwaukee) as JrJo. •• L*y» -*hi>iun> -’ftoioaTS-Taara bao change in rates. Woonotes Ficor ;oC*>*iOi.i3K« ana ran. Floor to York.lean and nil.. XIUIU W A ... J.. n**l' i. ........... Sioux to Portland,Tl» darata ............... l.t F«'-urt<»Df»ioa. via dam * Ll'.® .. R*imo-H>.FBtioßTa—Tfca?© la uoahangeinratea, Tfo quota: __ Fourth Cluy. flour ToNewToir,ah rail .... oso lm “ rail ami Lake Ena.. •.•■5 Lfij To Benton, »U rah. . . ISO “ rail and Lake Erie...... Owt 180 ToPoTdana.aUr&U- ..........0.55 i^a To Montreal ali rail ...CUM 1,70 fo Buffalo, all i&U ...... ....... 0.42 V OA taO and Lake Erie. 0.372 0.73 To Baltimore, asl rail, „.;.0.*3 1.70 to Phiiadaluma,ali rail -..,......,..0.34 3.70 ToPlmburg, •• .ojsa j.wj Fi.OVit Received to-day, 6,713 fcrls; shipped, s,r6i»ri». Market call and nnmtnady Ue 10-er. sac to nay w*re:-WniT» Worm Erma*—2oo brl" “.“Cayle Mill"” at t 3.:P; b.-Is ** Vctm” a; tll.OO. dPßiks Erraas—sobrla “ LiUWn“at «U 0J; )to trig (&clce uuaat #lt»60; 10( bnacoaf jiO.ta ; Joobrlfoott*i« J0; uwbria “Atl%nUc“ oa o- u; 4-ifl br>»»pitD? extras on p. t Smt-o dtrrnvnrK—too brja w Ptorla” kte&m mUa at ja.ti • io» bn* “O wego” StS9JO. Br*n—ln fair innply. Sales were m. lot* Jo**: i 0 tonsßratiti balk a; aaiJto; lOtonißrsa at |tu»; V t ns ao at all on track. WliHAT—r-ec Ive-i to-eiiy, bnsahlopsl, 44.C0L bo. V ba. Sauntfdty were: TTojt»» Wnavr nr axonz— wo ''a sol Kc-i at 53. 1 9s bu do at 82 OS; 8 <’oo bn No 2 Red at 3.15; too ba go at 13 ; «t0 bo ReJecvM Is«d at I3A0; S.tOO ba co at ‘1.98; ha Ho Gmln Red at 11-95. Sparse Won at im Brosa.-4.t00 boshels No 1 Spring a: 12-04; 300 bo do a> s2.t&k: 410 00 do at U.C3; ?,svo bo No 2 3prlDß at 4MCba do arri3CDV; 14,000 bo ro a: *2/ OX; tt.OCO ouuo at S3 Oo: irdsubtt ao at ft.Wtf; I,m>o Da o< at bo do at 1 .93k r 3.1 w ox do *6 t'.W; S 0-0 on Rejected Sprint at »L9O; WdO at 1 ; 8,010 ba do at |i.S9; 2/00 tm *t IbS)- thrma-keicl-aln* quiet sea heavy at 42.'.i32.w fjr ho 2 Tbd.aas s> 93s icr No I opnne. .. . L'UHa* Received to-day, bn; shipped, U,SWbatheje. Market active ana advanced ic per ba. Saies today were-CoaN, urwroaa: HA"9' bn No. 1 Ccm at 110:4*: haNo 3 Cora at «u3lj<; «,iCO bn do at Si,<uu : 90/40 na 'to i! *IS2; 43.0 j0 ba ao at Si.S.K'S'&o ba coat fuß-3f:IWM ou doat HAS; iaO corn at 4i- 3 *H : I.WO ba do at I l 29. RtvjuTamd Casax ba No. a ConxatliJlX f.c.o-; 5,00» Da Wo. 2 afloat; ii,ffl. market ciosmx firm st 11.33 k forNo.*ornin*»«re. K „ ... . OATS—lt.cil.ea US,. Bes Da»b«i t. M%r»e* more seoyo anajtakc nuber. Bales to-d*j ware; Oats jjt °u No i Oau at fV:.; is, 1 tO bn ana* 68*0; bn do at Hke; u. tba No Oars at M:; l?,«W ba do at like; 13,0 o bttdoatWKc; -VOO ba S/-ojm do at B'Ci iJUnou Eojectea Oats at tike; ®. nr No Qrada Os««at6Cc-thettar •* steady at 88#*66Ho fsrKol acd 64Jkc for Ho* Oats. u vii-pewlyed,iW,ha; shipped, none Mar v. d>okaetivean* Jo rlzber- Sales to-day were: ft« IS Itoba-'.! 11 60 No 1 Eye M .131 ;,.M0 on Ititlim •• WON® co •' M oa Sll lt.» » ( 1131 • lAuba ooic il3 E: l?i^oba do.c airtet cloitnit qale* it lI3BE tor No I.iaaiuixa 1 BA O RL°«Or-nicel.ed <iwl»7. W.TO Msrfcit Hon bnti osyerjacttya. Saesro-day w*-re-—B\«L»r is BTons- .4»lba No 2 Barley at *210 ; t03 ba do at v- - 4Ct bo Kfieclea Ban » a. 11.3 . ' Al coH4>l»-NOTPlnai at 8 V gallon. BUTTEK-—Received to-oay, 8X.834 B ‘ Jbippsd, 4a 900 »a Th- demand for Uniter la lessao-lye. «a-i the market U dnll—bayeis offefinc 4.C (or wood •htp- Tticz sTaee*>e£di*lienboldlQgat42c. CboteeDiby ~ in limited request at SldCc, bat It IS held at (S& «?e. Weqotte; Prune Ps»ry In crocks and tubs 4^4Sc ELitpUE Oieeseßbtter BsUsto-ca* w*rr i— lo crock* choice Dairy at 43c; 34 arslw c»ol - « atlic; ?• flrtlns do at 42c. BaG<siM4 Ma'keiqnletjanil arm at preyloos qaotaticns. we quote: Monitor A.s**mless IJO HaapdiDK.BeamlMS sc wayerlyA icamiess. IJO ChicakO A.ieemlesa 90 Lcngvocd A . SO keoebasur A, sewed hnea..,. 160 CrxeSschanse A. sewed lines. A* Extra heavy A. N Qsorxs & Tons, BMg>eA... Excelsior. taspljo City, tewta Uaea Garden City, sewed Usaa burlaps,four bn... CASCO ‘SAtES TO-DAT. C«<»9.73 ... a 3*»-Aoe ... u.w<aff«Pt ... 3bOO»ftOe TmrssnaT Evmmfo, Sept. 8,-ISSi; W. il 74 i? 5 iDo do 59- W7 UOJ 10. Si 9 11.75 .3rtna . ut** Gonale*»flTo oi. - •* toot b«. *• iwo tm. .. Floor (Ktf, m brtoeoKoa... M m u “ uren-.... m «« u “ cotum... ** ** S R.-W • - i:Tg*« « t.j* Wool B*Ctß, 1.70 i (mail aopp'j Mirict scUtc, and Ttry am »t onr pterion* quotation*. *r*«iaot': TUtatratv We«t«rs Rreerra W'ttf'BSUb* CoFFfcB Keels leu acUre.tad tme s a « du* to Qua. On Rio wo reduce pterions miotv tiorsKcF », Weqooto: Cspe.w •> <7 «ji o Jsn,OO.axKi at, 99 a Bio. fall turcod. sft 951*43 Rio, ood to crime. sft wsSi<e (;oAt-Jlaiket ittlTfi a d I*. faaUioppiy. rrisoi roe flnu aid ut rhsatod. Wo quota; E^i*—Br 0K5ci0.....,.,. %U 90 69 Ons-sy... 1«.C0 CrarKLajro—B.-.w Hill .•. la.ou do Mlcaral fadje, is.yfl do swmowß«Lk. is.*) Bloer-srz u.oo Lump Leftist a M £ack»«taa, prepared.... *..c# «ci*sioa. a.» Pl Tet B***‘ ».» Harris e.c*air eg * (UJIt-in fair receipt, ba? beah exr< ate more dIfJUoM to ob'sts. s*l*> to-oayas 17ai3e p aozaa- Flßf)—WaiT* Finn la ▼erymWi.tlTeand i Ad equate sntpli. wsrKrt very flrsy at omen: naota>- lion Ttorft recelatsltg camp Ana at pmnoni nit*. Madam,?* fair bqddl*; wit' a moiarate ct id aid. Prices cm and Conran in olrnni nominal aepply, with a js< cd i*em*nt ms JDkrtc'rnies Urn at onr prco*at qnotatiora. Ilsbbi*oßU f2V reselpt; prleis t»chao*:ed. We quciU : 5o l weit«ua,bfDri» -IWf ®S73 brli .-»ds& wUS So 3 btia..~ 7-iO *1.15 No I rrtnt M one I^s ITca iront,hi ori* STJ ©UO I? - 1 Mtcscerel. fit srlx.. JS«O at JJ Mo 2 Wac<fJ»*Lfc’OrU. *59 ®l\oß Ho. 8 Msektrel. bf WU; law* F.» »SAa No. 1 MackcrrL klti .... 5.90 tf 5-ackfrtL «lsc ... tCd OtTS ramr.y mu a.9 ««• family wacierel, hf trla 7 JSt ®i?fe Ccoflan. George's Bank, gnw-hs U3». a 'Jte Co flihrUran" B-m*. fhfiS !9r*. - 9.75 «10S5 Sol mas O-irtiu. 9 box W ® 7j Bco!8d Seniors P box 80 ® 83 pickled Herrings, round. ........... 9:0 « 1.00 .. . &c« tT6a JJf2l ale Herrins. ...... 5*5 €* W 1 ♦'H-UITSi-Artl.W-in c'-asequeaee of the large receipt* daring lie week, with tbt a modmeo demarc. tbe manstirjjJnttad Balea’are b*lnp 3Wen all prices, from gtTFbrl M*o*r»—la tali eupp*s On pr**yloa» oao«*'i we note a de- Oilnr- orn f box- W*txb ir>iorrß are ta large tco rly,bat cbi-flv nf small t-lzea Fnciu lasge au tbe w>» from B 100, pnaaoH are* la better re ceipt, one rant st pre-ens qaotsQooi. iVe Qnote: Gcccn Apples,-Vbn, ai wa0iceem....~..9 4JB GnenAp-ißr, 9»a-I,at retail, catlaff ~.. J.Qo® Green A?p'*w,- 9 rrl.atretall.oaokiax—. 30 & tij Letmos.rfeiich 9 box M 3L00®2i.00 LeoiooelßiTUy, 9 Cox. Ora-or*.it sox.. Tomatoee. Water Met ne, ?* ICO Peats, V bn Pes-e’bi bnKfert Cmbt; per baskets. Pracbes P baaket Pevcni-e. t> Pit tK>T #.5 ® B^o DRiE** FfeUrFH-Doxxsno rabt T ss-Ths mar* leu la very coiet an* m >oiM ft?oly7 Foisrnw Ferns-la toirrvcUDV, with a afar* kei firm at p eTioo* We oaot^j Aep.e«.B( uibtr2 p a jo qu apoifs, EastenK !„v.>eau« CaparfO ppaeheSiheJTea........ M cared Peenbca. as rounxaor rwutTe fauna StoU«Dfr—Layers MMfl n5.33 Raisins,.., &ve CnnanU 9 ft.* ... 55 fiaS Figs—rmrai, 9v. 28*0 SC flat. Dd<,W)U.9t*' 28 Cfc S3 Ala-cuds, harti, 9 a> 33 ’«5 l*r«n?».'turav»n,w 9 ...... a cm Pej»ry,Scbeirt%o, v'S'. UKa ]l bMlfiei. btlTtr til H 5* B*r4*oM.oQsrtoni tc <a-yj , WIDE®— Bec-lTod. as; BlilD3ed,.',&n vk, Man., imi-derstelyaotlrc«dflxm at prartooa cuh tatinss. Weq -oto; Oi«fn S&luo. DrySauer, tilin'* ed 13 @is:c BJp. Giceß B»Ued.warned;... ... ..47 Ml 3 -« Call. GrH-nFaJUd. irßuzacd. W 031 tr BA , >9-R«' , elptoco Biiouerery light, especially or of Tuaothy. a fair ate.sad prices rnUflna sad 1 unchanged. Weqnoie; WHO L3e*L3?SIOBS. S2tX3fi|2S« ........ ‘- | 0 Amt ... 11-COAUJi - Ttmnthy. oeaterp'eeeeo. Tlxethy looet pressed... Timothy,loos* Pralrte. he*»er pressed.. Prude, loeww. KKTAi^rßznß* Tleo oy. Dealer pretsea. Tlr'otsy,l«-8« pressed. XEBo*hy»K>oße.. Prair e. heater creased I tame .lone* pressed..... prßirie.iooee.. ... HIGH\\ i\E3-RiC^tTT^lto*<!»*,rObrU;- , hlpoad, W5 bits Ukikei call S-desto-day:— iCCbmat *171; 2(Abrls»'. si 16* t’Wbrls at 11.75 thrman** closloir wea* ai LaßA'* HE It—Tim maria* i» itii; qonta with fair aacpiycf docirsticgoorta. Foas.os Lr*.TH -B-la in mull c sic and and CMler.baiTHtano quotable casual. We qrote: | Sl«aebter.Soie..,.s<'a33( Basnoe Ayrr s sceoat 1 Ormoco, 801e.... 4603* Orinoco «ood daa>- flararw V ft Line y-3 siteS3c KlaV>>'. .. 8301 SI Calf* I* *17703 25. ttaWc, Collar loo*. 2£«30o 1 Oi Bi»auat«. 501e....580 k-jc Harreim’W a s^wassc Upper ... P. 3500,36 Kip* No. 1 xae atom «U8 &U0 Kip.Nc l hear?.! *j@Mt FalL Sstn ..2JC02.T5 French- Kip, ut choice A3532.M French Calf, ft ftl S 4003.73 a*ed., French Calf/ 81 S.MAAM FtsbcA Cali, at De ..........*3.»®3.a Tench Calf Le* notnosa *» do*- ei ns.stdiuoa Taaoh Call Le noises. See* onda.P Lmtnn Tdoz.itACa la’cc I Hnuii 18 ff N*VAt* SPTORB3—Ia fc'rooswly, demand limited. -Marktt lirm at preywai qojtaiiont. We fllLlt S * ibj. \ jtaaUimßope Pitch „ 38.00030 00 Hamp 3Sdiße Bf«l*tk-23»lfca. ... ttW.OO L&Ul ( T«ni'H«Elo..'UO36t Turpentine... 9iM “ M Manilla. (£Slc Oeaum BJ»®sCO An»Hampßo.3.... @3oc ltai.F»axpac3dn*.... 60c narllns 23©S*- lt»i. Hemp packing....sPc e«hcord... ~3'sszsc Air.Hemp flap.,.; *c MsnHlaHaTEoce..3i6fa?e Am. Ben>o Ko.l 33c Oli^tosmiDOfi.—ln v*ry small rec-lpl, iemond Itwited and trices firm at preview quotation*. L.izu OtX—lh brlak osaaa<. kJarcaivery Arm wtthan no wnd leodiacs. Other dceorlptiobs in fair aappiy aao steady %■ previousqooiauocs. iff’equote: KawLicsecdOU....... Wlleo Linstwd OH L 7, 01.76 Ohve OIL ba1.... whale OU, Wkß. riepbaatOlL..,.. Bank Oil Ijmi Oil, pure leaf.' blarhue mi-, Sierm-Oil eeraOlt Neatsf ot Otl^. n a»tor Oil. Wbliefleh Oil CA l£Boflfr>OlLa —Tbirv baa-beta moteftcUT’tr la tlie ninffc* . witn mia ov*a--ot in the aupa’v. Trees cociteifts firm and steady at preas-n qncta» t'OEP. w« quet*-: v> tite oi)*no ;o via te»S, by car load 35c * brl case S'itvOll, do do 93c— do &i*c B»rzo!e. do co s'e <lO <33c Saißj to-2*y. 3Cs oris oezwbisa Oil at g>c 9 gti,.. OMON*—iJaraet la r*ir »a*»piv vn*»a .ooa do* rtv>* . Pritetmoi-»aio.2fina»t*LEo3l.3olnbnits sod at $2 laO'.’m 9 bu u urn ttrre Ft»TA3M»KB-T& mpr>iy continues Ujht and bo* low tbe dnxsat d. At prsmuoa quotations tn e mcr-set ralrPflrc. and Q’-eh»ngoa. Sv.’usr Por.iToaa.4r* »« ytt In liroitad inpplv, and a fairoemand. Market firm at tl.waSs 9 ta-.» Wa quote; Potatoes Beahaanocd*, 9-biu. 12S&IJQ Potatoes do 9 brl JXWdi T5 PotatoeaCommon.V bm. i.ibcaijo Pots tie*.' do. 9= cri 2 !s« »ec Potatoes, Vba 3AOa2J)O Sales 10-osyt car load 2»eilismo«»« atsiu9 9 ba; c-t do oo at 9 be,both car*delivered. POl’t^Tit*—Csicsxvs »ra la a to;j ioj*U-no* ply. There la a jair dcaoad. pnets racglngltoai Si rc©4.wj 9.* cz. Pt* u VI *»Jt»Nß—Market doll andnealacte-.SaW tr-asywer**: TCvjjjs Otu v«s»ei. swe»t p!aUcd Barm Bams, at 2:c Laho w«s oiTeredat <3o wi-h oa< r.nyert 8/JeTV-BeceiTad,S.WsbrU; «hippe'i r S.9QTJ>r3f.lf»r Xeiußiet anat»uct«u.ged. Aeqaoter Fine. Cair»e .. QcmndSoUr vitb nesi Dairy, vuztuuc sm2i , FollXZß7—Tar&v I*i*ad f n uct Croaod Alam. ti »*ct 3.5 a @3.fiß WMJOS—H«c?lved todsy.lSvlM at Oraa. Seads, rdfittaTax Ved. ihtpcea 4?;4<n a* Grass feds. Tisfrjur Bhd >n acttro demand and Una. ■ale*toaa>? 150 Menprme Tuno by at fvau&n DaK»abd £3 bris i ood at t&Zu~ Flax b*kd flrnt, gair* to-dav: 12 bad" *ood at <3. q; it brls at <3 C 5. SUOaX—Tbero has neen icaa acrtrltv to the mar ket tod«>. and «Itd i filr eajplT prices rule easier. On Cut>a and Porto Pico we acta %'decline uf Xe 9 ». B&rd Sugar is*thl active and arm at previous quotations, we quote: Caea.. , &AK. Fortoßico A A P»*»Ua*<3 HH&2S N y.refined, powdered and *raataattfd....,3>j4»3t.j* White A JZihi&i. Circle A JnsgaSKf Extraß aa* White B 18X«2»3< E*UaC. 27 fame yeiicwc n o?jyi frYRDPS rjfp’T. aco oem-nU. FrlcearuJe very aria as . oi» quotation*. TP>-4notßt S.l.BTrop* i |i.)t)4U: C&btM.luiet CrlfWii .i Philadelphia Bea Staa ... ATCSj-Ih BPoodemand,vlth aaeitricteil tnppiy. Prices zole retv a» wuh aa aavoaee at f 6 idprcTloua.qn(Kßtloa«. We qao:s: dafcMtrtpnre... .. 4 ... UH3 _do oeet, UK'dDXc Da Land's pun . M ..lo*au t do neaph* li*® *¥c do ‘S^^U-xc TKA—Tbouar-r* itill qant.and la fair eooutv. Pricp* rale •ser? am at previous quotations. We quote• iqum E3*ou,uucnQno catmaGn., do aaparlcrtoflae, ♦ a„.,...L50 {#!..* da extra tj chm«e, * ft 195 0?35 tnpen&Jfc«Qpenor»odne,-»itt 1.45 ai.K do cxtxato c&oice.V ft. a^io Ganpowder, •oaer'T to fine, ft ft .ji# ®iJX 40 extra to choice, V at .3.10 a3.*o Japaß*oatar»3 leaf, die t.- ex. Aie, 9 ft.uas a Jt do do flneet to ckoice, V al 7* Belong, lofert no fine, V ft... ©IS* do exua to edoicn, vft &75 •ooebor-BP.9> 0.... • .... at v TAIjSjO VV—Received, 781 tta. Io ?aodd*«and. vUbsTrrr -mall and latdsqaate roppl/. Market .Arm at pretl'os ouotaUvas, we Quote: rnu.* ti j t*ac*tr. isgau Country - ... ... ...jt’-tti* Tol«.\cr«-Markat v«rj qniat and arm at pray> ou* quotation iv counter r Tssnom chxwtso Tobacco— Choice... Memnm.. Con-men Choking Tobacco— cn ic»- belli tun CAfmnon. item*. Fnre Tobacco- •Ranjral Leaf.,... JISWLG 1 • Hsir-briaLt . . sogs.J- ChoHT B<ack, scene c Mev lam, guaranteen..,,,. BcasNk c-'micrr TIWK«AB—7n steady snpsly and demand, Prices me Arm sea unehapßcd. we quote * Pure cider Vinegar, F gal .... „ 28©K« pnrenslt ao do 2ia^s< Com. i*o do do - WOOlr-UecelT*d, 23, Ut ft*-, shipped, 77.1 8 lbs. The martet continues active. sne iMocderste sa> rals v=r * Ixlll ** otlr P lMea? qaowions. Pine Luhit Fleece. F »... tl.0 R 9 U! Medina Kißte* . F » 3.0 av! Coarse Fleece, F » SoaiK Pwmry Tub Washed. F » LOOFtll WOOD—In small supoly with so active demand. Marie'. Terr firm at TB«mt qao*»tiona- Ws <ju -te: Beech, F corn, m tbe yard. Ili.oo—Delivered at fIUO Maple, per cord, - do ao 12.CQ do lAvi Hickory, p*r cord, do do iftM do UXv M -A. R I I e T FMBX OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED BeptS. Btmr Comet, Elrtlaad. asanitowce. snndnn. Kmr “ift aiee.T oweU, Grand Baren, rend'-let. Prop Favo Ire, Napier, it. Joseph, aandrlea. * rop Chlcaro.Do ge, Buffalo. »a<j«ilet. Prop Ban, Jone . fiarota. msanea. PrcpO. J, .inesd u ■Vtioe, Muskegon.Bomlumber Bchr Kitty Gran , Belsoe. 9t. Joe rh, 6) cds wa d. Bchr K. B Bobbard, Shaffer, wtukegon. Si m lumber. BcltrL.C. Irwin, Parsons, Packard’s Pier, 83 m Inm* btr. CLEARED Sept. 8. Bttrr Cotac{, KLtlaod, Manitowoc, sun drier. Prop Fatonte Parftr, Bt. inudrtea. P»«p O. p TmerdaU. *-Uoa, Ua»ke*oo, Prop pi)moatb,DiekJon,Baaalo,Si.t7s Da oils.LsU bri* fl nr. Prop Badger Beckwith, Buffalo.2sAT-bn corn. bOC brlf door and tanane*. Prop Forest Queen. Onqoi, Buffalo, 7,00 Da barley, ff-7 bits lloor, si 9 r»ria lard and sundries. Prop tun. Jones. •■•rais,s,<W) oris door Bark Usuia- c.wcKrr.iie, Goodnot, 17,875 bu corn. Bark Ma>yE.P«rew. B»rk D.P.Dobk PS, Serdrlck.Bmfftio ssooobaos s. BrhrNaxragansett. Procter,Baff«io,7l Sw bacon. Ftp* L.£i.cot'cn.Pnn«l*, Buffalo. bo ry«, Sckr Onuda Chief. FJtzgerairt.Baffii-'.lAaoebu con. &err Mt ntezma. Me.l« n, Buffalo, U.OOO ba rye. BchrSeiki s.H**u>. Buffalo.39HKbaoats. Sccr use, Tatef. Oft nto. firbr A. J. Rich Bailee In-. Grand rrarerre, BchndiUoy J. tatham, BobertsQu. Mllwaojtag^^^^ TOINBTf S WAffIED-TBK OR W twelve Joiners wanted, to tmVdlni out of t no ci'y on me Übuota nVrt Good Lanosttn have Iwjda work cl ibßwmur. BpplyattteßflgiD^o^J^ 0 ® N0.7 3a sury Illinois Central J epnk • : »q6oiat CHOICE NORTH SIDE RE3I- X-J DANCE for tale at the off«« o* *X*ib.OM. B. Bryan. Let 1.-15 Cm. Tenlea, u street cam. Pnet, l»m K»qhi>lw IWTOTICE- Ail Peisong having 1 claims arainat tne County of Cook, will pre. sent the tame at me Conu’y Clerk s Office, os or be* fofs tteiktt dsy orseotember met. «?J r * HILUABD, County Clerk. 4&ißuUanm&s, 7-30 LOAN. Theß«eretiryof the Treasury kVtm boUm that rubaertprene wiilborecemd foeCcuooaTreva-y Kate* payable ihrte Jtm (rorc An* Ista. IBM wl»h vml annuel Interest at the rate of e-re* an* three-tenths per e«t p*r anaam—principal and to terestboth to be paid la lawful money. Tieeenctee wHI be convertible at the opdoo ot lit bolder at maturity, into aiz par oeac.g9ld bear* !re bonds, paysnla not lest than Are nor a rethaa twenty yaara from their date, at the GoTunnutrt may elect. The* will be tuned la d*comlnatioa« of SfiO. 9lOC,t*M, 91.000 and 93,00f», ud all eabacnptoni ssvttbe far flity dollars or acma multiple ot tnt dollar* Atthaaotaa drawteureat moat tmiHS.cerroaa mailnrdepatre uxbseqaentto that date mastpay the inter tot accrued rrota date of note to date of da poilt. Fatties depoamnr twenty-Are thousand dcßan and upwards for theie notes at i*y one time will be allowed a ccmmiact.n of ooeqnartar ofobe percent Special Sihantages of this Lou. Jr i* a ViTiovAn satiwop Baxx, offtrai ■ bUberrtte ofisterca than an) other, an**-nz * smy unsirr. Any tatlays bank wMeh pays Iters in IT. 8. Het&j, conndert lb*t it u partattn the beet csrcalaUrj mediumot tbe country, end tt OAjrrrpTpaytn anytbuß o tter, f'r n own e'erte are either m OoTetsm-nt escort ties or in noteeoc bonde pejaWe tn Gotuoment neper. CoßTeruMe Ixto a .AU^rreeat* 6*20 69MB«iid, la eddlticn to the rexy Übersl mtextat os the soue lor three yserr.thle pziTitef* of eonvemoa le now worth ebons three set cent, per annum, the ear* rent r»'-» lor S2O Banna Is not less tbaa scum ■jy-fT. rsunne ax d before tee war tbs premia** aw six per cent, U. S.eitceawoe oxer twenty per cent. It will beseeothat'he actual - pmfle on this loan, at Ue pttaent mrrTat raw.te not leMthan ten pec eewi. per aaanm. iiAei^jx lAOi'dlMX ... SC® Tf ... 7,0 <3IS.SC .. io.oo®iofi 1-' a 35 ... 1.25® tA« 2JH& iio lU-licmptloii Iron State fr Jflaalelpal lax- BuPtslde from all tba adymtsses we bays ana aerated, a rpecM Act of Congress bxbxpts au BONDS ASP TBBAB'TBT VOTBS tsojt LOCAL taxa tion. Oa the STertie, tb*a ezetaptlra u worth shout two pei cent, per annum* according to thw rate ortazatloulnyariotupartsof theeonatre. It Is bettered that uo locurltlM offer to crest t*. dacexenu to lenders as those issued hy the QoTom tcenv ta all other forme of Indaoteoaeas the faith or ability cfpnrate parties or s;oc£ companies, or separate communities, oaly, u pledged for osyneas, while the whole ptopen? of-the country u held to , secure tte discharge of an the ohUcstlosaoi the ' United States. BtrsecsmtoKa will eb xscirrrp py the Trree I Bier cf tbe Unite States, as Wa-hloctoa. the ter*rat • Aftlstast Treasurers and deugaated ; sad bj the ! FIRST NATIONitIBAHX OF Urst Keilosal Bank of 3L Louis, &«• 2S •> oaa** • 23 oa-ej24.X 21 OCfii'.Ot l»f*G«s.XC rrwaia* i Steond national Bank cS- St. lanb, H». Third Haticnal Bank of St Lunla, So. Jonxtli Rational Bank of 3u tool;, 80. And by aJi Na'loutl Saaks which**r« dapedcsrla* of poblio meaty. and ALL RESPECTABLE RANKS AND BANKERS tbrooyfiont the country mil sirs former inform* Son and AFFO3O 2TEST FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBES*. _ .4Z&4«f ‘pnopusais mob subsxs- JL TENCE STOKES. ( me*. cojurasAar or StTßaimnro*, ) NCOS 14 Gabbbtt Blott. CbJcmc. !}>•„ v . _ Sfiptrmccr SialSfii. 1 Sealed Proposals fin duplicate) «H1 be mcwitM oy the nndemßaeo.nntl 13 o’clock n., on Friday, tha yrb-of September, fur sspnlylß* f«ir the ago ot the Called Biases Army, Sooamence Btoica, to be dellr see as U Uuvs; i,boo Sam 1« v«t Quality Flonvpf tae'r»adiikm» «n M**D nMeEatraSprlnit *hf%t Flea*-,” -‘Chaleo Bi rrs Spnn© "'heat Fioof .** The breeds and piece ot tsa nfaiiiate tobr stated la tbnbi.ia, and wa«ther« raced or fiat hoop barrel!. The barren to ba fail brad lined. 2,*(X bushelsb*n quality small white Beans; sixty winds V- t&eba-bei, in barrel-ftu! oead lined. 160.0. C pounds oestqnailiy euane-Homioy.paeuoln bairslslul heaaln-ea. 150.tC0 pormosol dry light TellowOctfe* Sugar, or ctoice cry raw Snear, Darrel* to and of be tea* In use for >he purpose, and to be id 1 0 ad tinsd . b&o gslicns i/ft&e beat quality, pf pure Vln**ir,. made only irom eidsri-r whisky, iViefrom all for* - e;jrn scics aaa H.iurlanr subst-»uca»{ to be pat tip la barrels or half barrels of 33 gallons capacity. Kvjli propTfaixnanettate oiearetly the kmaand quality ol Vlnesar offered, and the kind of package. 12,510 roimoi beet qualify of Adamant' to Star dlea or Suam Lights, to be sixteen ounces to taa pound—tires. iO.ico pent i!s rood bard Soap, to be made only from *rod matfria's, jr-e rrooi chsy. soluble glam, of oilier aduiiflaticD: to have so uap easani odor: to contain cot mcie than t went?-tlTe p*r cant, of water, ar d to be well dried ><eiore beiut parked. S7«f4o peaces oieoodcean, dry, flco- J alt, m stney, tight, weU«ooper*u panels,fall- bead Heed. reoarate proposal*, lo datlicit*, omit nems'9 for each article ebaiDerat«-d, sco bidden may propose for the v toV or any part of b. Sample* of all t e article* moat bn delivered with the pr. ptsals. sad relerred to ihcrrtn Sampler oi\li»tar ano Whisky should be at least 1; qaHTt bovla* folly laDellM.- A prlstoo r-Oii? of this advwlsemeut matt oe at ta. oert to ra-t> pr tO'H.nnd the ptopo>al mint bo ip.ciQc la cot ply njrp eclat Jy » th ail ice term*. >o blr>wiH b'rect*W-rt(Bales*'ro't p-xr'l-sknown to tae usutnisced) without a vm;en guarantee of two reiorß^)t]e&amceaeicllowa,ylz: * ITr the uc<*r tfenM beroo? giu-antce that should, a 1 trail} psrsof treatvye bd be accepted It s&all be coj» 'tunned ac-ord njnte Its uas purport aud ccncliJms. aio that a written conti act wltu b met to th« amount rf the v»me of the ttores propped to be fornlsbed shall be executed If quHed *• Tb* sellers name, place of busmen, ar a the data of wcil Miber.amoof contents, wib eroM, larr and art wsigtta. ani.Qi*-pins mares, to oe here* after oeslpba’ea must bn plaUly cmrseb oa every pacfceje. All eib*r oe obliterated. The door mart loiaspccrea b? sueuthorlzed la-. 1 1 ectc*,at the exp»B3# or •be seller. AU » ther»tores to b- inspected tit the nadanlgned wiihouran; expense to rtetaincrwe*2ht*. at?n»e byW aoUiorlzrd onblic weiebtr, trust be fbrnirh*«l Whenever reonirnd. AH v e above *ro?a» win be ear>fDl<y|n«oe'rted be* fOT thtlrdiLverj ana compared smiths retained s»ro^»s. The cotter the packages to be included lathe pnee oftteaucJe. r 04.23 lAO OIAS IAO O : AS 1.75 OI.SC ... Ox.7: U5 01.43 ■2S) 03.0 C 80 O 70 145 01.50 stc S3 90 @3 85 a? to QS.tift Tb* ab Te atrr# Mo be delivered free or dnrsze at th- Conolva y tveortlni]e*,orat each pK-:e i * tna. city of Chicago bs Oi&? be-xeqoittU b? vbe uadez* elcxtd. .-aymeatto b»* m e In each foada at maybe !»• fclihcfl by the TTultfd States. ,T?e nicer «a reservesthe debtto relec; any o» wi bkaoOcrro. P« coo«»lt> for different must be on separate of paper. BiaOir* »re ressectltally inwited-to be present at ti* Dp*-r>rg of the Md*. Wans lmta> tor proposals bad on a-mlloa* Urn d tbltolflce. P/opctu’As use be in duplicate* enclosei la an «n» relrpt*addfM*>eil «o the under ji£-;cd, and ‘Piot oh l» .br Subsistence stores ” “ sep yq4&f.3a j, aicL. TAT.LOrt. Major ard 3.8» ABpIsTaJJT QUaK*. JCftMAS TuiS'S OFFICB, Kock laiASp. 111., Boot. Stb» 1€«, * nialed Proposals In anohaate are invited and win be receive© oy the oadereianed at bis office la Rook Island.Hi ,nn«l ruercay,l2 M ,iun da> oiSeptan btr. IMJ, for iQ'tlrhmrncGof >c»:- C*at Iren Pipes Water Works at Jt-eklrland B>*«ack». ILiloik, of the fol owing lenath, bore, pbla- 209 01 rattr* Bf.tla: uco/eet 3inth core, casting K Inehuiblsk. 2600 “ 4 •* M ~ H “ “ 16t “ 6 *• “ X •* *• 150 *• 7 " “ u . - *» « To be east in lenrtbs of & fee t eaeb. with male and ft malejf Jtta, to be of the bet qualty .r casting *"<* vr»t!rt>«bc.Bnbjeet o car-fal l&aoecdow. To b* delivered v tala uur*y days »rom r h° date of contract. nn'eaa otaerwi»e order* q by tin master General cr otherproper Hoc* lilttod, 1- Uus.freeoi cbarje,at blaoKcanttper pound tor the cam eqoantivy required 9ncc r.foi b.odtu wi | be prepared o enter lata written contract wth good and safficl-utiecorty, liDin-,ilai»l> on these epta esotibelrnldc. Esc hid mas o iDtheioXlowineioim, —— the tnbie iber*. hereby or,p-se to liter tot eßnl>ed&Tat»aa r tbe Qmirtsrrr alter *»(>«• pot &t Bock island. Illlao’s, agre.-aniy to the terms ot your advertisement itwl Ins orop sUsfot A. my>cdUepte'Tbersin,lSß4 toe ollo«loK*r> tlclfs. Tlsr. ——sod plecae to enter into a written c me. act w Ut Ut united States, with good an* sectored r*et.witMc <b* space c( awe days-.fur being notified tbatUabidbtr neen accented _ hOim itp guaranty. we. thennoemnned, re loen so* —.lntia aontty of —. State if . hereby Jointly and eeviraHy croTeosst wl b the G. l ed States and Koar»t-«ee meu the ftn-gju gbld of —be aa capred tbflt be ortbew will *«DL, daw after the acceetai Ct of tie and ma, ex coat* the con’racl scr the a»ma «*uh*Oud an - aiuicienisare I »,«n * sam equal to cre-isird of the acnoost o. tharon* tract, 1 1 perform »be -work o» «nm ah toe *rt else Dro pped 'n cumarmitw to ton terns or adwertlieaent dvsc the ——lß**, trader waick-he bio waamade. At-d in »osb t.jd ccßtjset st a>or*i>ald, we Ruanmry to tgasa tfood the ilCer.nce csttteeu ib-t f ffer bw the said ———and tie neat)ow«>tr spon&ibie bidde/-. or the petaan to Whom tbs contract may e swsrrso. Given noder rnr baud* aso seala t [txAn.l tbls l caym- ifu ( [sax.] The urdr s znea reierre* th* rlyht to relest »ay or all blcs’fdeemvu nrrtasoosblK. Fid» icribe entire quantity rv qt 1 ed to be tut n «b*c ot ly. Pvjmtnt be made st such times sod tn rods tor tit as m-y be prcruitf by tbe Pep-wtmeat. Proroeals niu*t D*endors'd “ Propota's fiyCasV ißtror Wo bv’aa oCsp(.d.f. EFFO, A Q M..atfWk Tiland. Ill’n<-I*. Any ittztbi Me formation desired will be nromntlw gW c on acpllcation to B P KE»O. BfS-qsStgc Capt * A Q. If* suiou: ..... ixuct. v. »■© 9* 153 SCi 1-1 EaLQUaH'IERSNOHTH. JLX ESS DEPARTMENT, . „ t-OLtmnus, O, Aug. 37.19 M. GflC'Tal Of'cra So. 5?. ’ Danse tb* nsoing itxty are arms, solder or sot siamtloi oi any kind «1U b- rocalved trass' p'-rtro or delivers • or any daUnxd.Exprew, or other PcrwanUse romper. w» cin the fttaiee co'crDed »uMn the limit* or tn-s vu: Ohio. In dt*»ia. l-U ole. and Michigan wlibo t a perm i mva th»se H'adqnanrra, Tom Oecvral A P. si-tr*. la. dtarspnlt*, ft rtlara. Get er *IH. B. P*»n« Havlngd-ld, l>dso». cr Lieutenant CoiOuel B. U. H n. Detroit wMIfiNU® I ' lß shipp-d by or delivered t» euan* m>:lz«d officer ot the Unl>e«l State* Government Demicra in >he»e articles, nr others h*vm» tbim In tbelr pnMfssirs, will m sn e»sct be permitted to asD or oenwr them dnnug that time. It *a tbe dnt> of all Military Commanders and all Pti TOrt M»r*hil» and 'b tr to set tbai ttus Otder 1* enforced, and to seise all such articles ea u»«y tocwnnrrtnirly lold.ubppod or delivered,la evasion of It. finch or: petty will at ooea be report* ed tothfie Be-'danart refer the decision of the Cc^ mandtra* toils msposittou. v . . Porwardlnr, sclltna rr ordering soon articles *®- ring this uae. If now In X .^ t w ,x ,J k, ‘ t i h ® T ms? b- fo-wardeo to of :ucb R.llroadv aa new h&TR thrmia pomcmlob. fcr will fac" foiwfo w°rrp£t£d lo or wo c ' e r£'& D ?ig?f*£- 0 . Official: 9- Q. LatbbOp, Lc. CoL and A. In. Gm. atpt q468-3W oOkGKON GEKEKAI.’S OF- W*sffi»oto», D. G, Jane M, m Wanted—Smo*o»* a»D easihrajrr Strsaaoxs FosCOLOvW b00.9. Candidates mast be'«r«d» atesot someßeruiar Medical ani mast be uactmtd era Board o> ueoiecJjpifiesrs to be eo» vened br th*fiarseon OraeraL Tbe Beard wtU d» tehrama wbcthrr tbe candidate will be appointed Surge.'s or Aislrast Sorueon accordion t-i mart. Applicatl. na accompanied bf one or more t»ao> mooiaii trom persons,as to moial char* arter, i*, tboald be adanweidto tne fiurgaoa Gen* ra , I’. B. ’•astlagton, D U .or Pi toe Aitlnan Suxaoot Qoierai U/P. A.. LoatSTUle, Ky. Boards are n'w in session at Boston Noe York, w’*' too. Cmclonan. tl toms sad w «w Orleans. »lbo waNTßi>—Uospitai. STxwanoa fob COV a»«r. Bxenmrrs. man noa*eea. a <atx L'uriuh t: ocatloe and bn fatrlllar log end dlspen.lns of medicine*. Apol'caaos mtm b«m«oea« Id the eaee ol Burgeons and 4fciat»at finrteens. rompeesatton *roia 128.00 to per montr, with clotting, rations, tael sad quattM. Term of wralee, s years, job. E. BARNES, Acting Burgeon OeacnL Jylm2Bl Sm 2tew tut Co-partnership. —The im dmirsedhavetkisdaF former' a 00-partt** ih‘pts the name and styl*ot D. IBIIOHA CO- Beef esd Perk Packers, FroylalOa Dtelrrs. and CoS ttVatm Mtrcbanta. u «w«* Chicago. A Us. 13,19*8. O. KRXBOtt. ault'Cßtt-lw c. W. KHUOa. XT. S. auoa*

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