Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 10, 1864 Page 1
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TUIcUNE. DAILY TRI-WEEKLY AKD WEEKLY. Office, IVo ffl Claris Street, TCTIMB or THE CHICAGO TBIILUKE. Dally, delivered In city (p«r week) 25 “ . “.1 . *■ <P«<l»»rt4r> 53.2S Daily, to mail pob'cribure, per year $13.00 Dolly, to turn] eobhcrlhera, per 6 months.. 6.00 Tri-Nt eekly, per year 6.00 Weekly, single copy one year 2.50 _ .. 44 “ six months !•££ Clubs of four copies, one Tear 9.00 “ •* ten * ** * v .... *o.oo “ 11 twenty* 4 ** “ .... 40.00 And to the litter duo, one copy extt* to the pet* eon ordering it.. • IST Money la Bccteicred Letter*may be tent at our risk. XST Tberemittance tor dobs must, In all coses, be mode at one time. _ Address “CHICAGO TRIBUNE,” Chicago, JIL ®!)if«SO ®nbmic. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. IBM. EfSEPCE OF THE E&.TE COPPER HEfID COHVEHTIOH. The Hcb't Campaign Document "Vet Issued. KOTT ItHADX FOR DELIVBBY. Wc have carefully compiled from the flics of the Chicago Timer, a neat sixteen page pamphlet, the w-cnce of the treasonable and rev olutionary utterances of the late Copperhead Con vention In this city, giving extracts from tbe speeches of Vallan'diouau, Feuxakdo Wood, Cos, IlAiaue, Long. Dear, Sstvoctb; Vak Al xen, O'Brien. Rtsdess, Sakde&bos, WicKurrz, and a fcorc of others. Thk document meet bo placed in the bonds of every voter In the United States. It is an eye opener, Sb It shows the dirloyal and treasonable intentions of the !• adore of tbe bogus Democracy. Friends of the Union, send in your orders at once. They will be filled promptly. Trice $2.03 ■per one hundred copies Single copies five cents, or thirty cents per dozen, exclusive of postage o f crprf-pssgc. La UUon men circulate It everywhere, espe dolly ZST Among Our Boys In the Army Orders accompanied by the cash will he filled In the order in which they are received. Address Cmcxoo Tribune Coxtast. tHE NECTS. The situation in the Army of the Potomac Is apparently unchanged, though It may at any lime abruptly take on a sadden change. The two armies are closely confronted, and a sharp battle cannot be far off Apparently Lee is convinced that he is in no position to undertake too much, and the war in the Shenandoah has faded oat, tbe rebels being withdrawn to aid in the operations about and hclowßlchmond. A reconnaissance lathe Shenandoah, made by a gallant Chicago offi cer, Major Ludlutu, of the Sih Illinois caval ry, acvelopeb this fact. 'The rebel bravado on the Upper Poionuc is over for a time, and if. Grant wins in the coming battle, there will be nothing more heard of It. 41 The übth aie losing c regiment <t day,’ l says Gen. Grant in the letterwe else where republish. And we arc adding to our army in Virginia a regiment and a half n day, nc corcingtoour dispatches of last evening. Courage, patience, hope. Let the people cherish these qualities, hold out n little longir, and out of our period of sacrifice and peril >*e shall win u ncwltreforourransomed nation, a fresh birthright for 'ourselves aud all who come alter us. Bead Gen. Grant’s letter. It Is fall of manly confidence, and only hints at a doubfas r< garding the temper and unity of the North. Close up, shoulder to shoulder. Let the Northern States show nn undivided front, and in November cast a solid vote fur the Union and the war, and amid the preans of victory will be heard the final crash of the bogus structure of there* hellion. It is said on the strength of an Havant dispatch that Cortinae, the Mexican General, has w hipped a French garrison and reesptnr. cd a Mexican city, afuutthat loyal Americans will wish to see repeated every day in the year, until tbe bogus Emperor and his sham dynasty bos laded oat. The difference is that whereas Little Mac was lately iu the bonds ol his friends, he is now on their bonds, and a heavy contrast they will find him. There is a sameness in the reports of tho great loyal gatherings in different parts of the loy ol West, bat it is a sameness no loyal mem will regret All are in the same spirit of devoted love of country; and fidelity to its cause. All arc: like in the vast numbers drawn together. All possess the same en thusiasm. All {rive tbe same prooi that the people everywhere love the same sotmd doc trine, and possess everywhere the same hatred fur peace sneaks. It is reported that onr forces engaged in the land movement againt Mobile have reached a point within twenty-live miles of that city. On tbe third page ol this issue will be found tbe recent masterly Auburn speech ol Secretary Seward. Gold full > esterday to 2 29. It is believed that the descent promises permanence. The' triumph of the party of Union and Lincoln in November will carry gold still lower, by the guarantee cf the ending of the war la the restoration of the Union. Ucclflliw BepcoraTßs the Dtnoi ka'iic PLArrona. McClellan's Utter of acceptance is a bomb shell thrown into the midst of his party friends, creating consternation and scatters lion among them. Tbe swearing of the army in flDi ders, was mild compared Vlth the profanity heard y*-s‘erday in Copperhead cir cles. If there Wf re net weeping there was at least gnathlng cf teeth. Scores of“Dcm oemts” swore outright that they would nevl cr spit on their platform, and stultify them selves to help George McClellan prosecute the war against their “southern brethren.’ * The platform declares that “ Justice, hu* inanity, liberty and the public welfare de « mued that immediate effort* he made for a “ ryaador.of hof.(Uit:rr, with a riewto an ultl “ male convention of the States, etc,” In Lis Utter of acceptance McClellan says: that “ the re-eetithlibhment of tbe Union in nil its integrity’ is and must be the iudlepen sitlc condition of any settlement; and that the Union is the one condition of peace.” “I could not look in the lace of ** *vy comrades of the army who have eurvlv “ Vo xn&tiv bloody battles, and tell them inat their labors and the sacrifices of so “ roar y slain and wounded brethren had been “ in vain ; that wc had abandoned that Union for which wchate so often periled our •‘liveF.” “No peace can be permanent “ witnoutUnion.” How George B. McClellan can make these Scciurations and accept the nomination oi the Chicago Convexities is a mystery. Ho does not in eo many words repudiate the platform, bat he argues against it, and op poses the idea of an annlotlceor cessation jf hostilities until the rebels shill bebeaten .uto complete submission. The platform is loud and long in dccuncla tlon of “ arbitrary arrests” and suspension of the lahea* eorpue , but McClellan refuses to endorse these planks, and coldly and atceringly observes that “as to tbe other “subjects presented in the resolutions of the “Convention, be should seek in the Consti tution and the laws tbe rule of Ms duty “and the limitation of Executive power.” Tile is a slap Id the face of the Convention. McClellan, having interfered with elections i&Maryland, suspended tbe hahea* eorpiif by military force, and arrested and incarcerated a Whole Legislature, could not very consis tently endorse tbe planks of the Democratic pktlorm which denounce those “ des pctlc” acts. In tho history of parties •thtre never was such a spectacle exhib ited to the American people before as a -candidate for the Presidency accepting a jjnnination, end at the same time rejecting tie principles of the men at whose hands he .received tbe honor. He wants the votes of tbe “peace Democrats,” bnt tries to steal the •wer sentiments cf the Republicans. Under OT<h circumstances, bow can any “Demo eras” tell what principle he is voting for? Is il McClellan, war, arbitrary arrests and entpeneion of tbe writ of habeas corpus, or Peadleton and Immediate cessation of hoe tiltles and armistice with the rebels? Itle an titraordluary proceeding for a candidate to close to accept tbe platform of Ms party. The Chicago platform is the fair of the Democratic" party, binding upon every jneiber of it. Tbe Convention was com po&d of,delegates chosen by the masses of theparty in their primary meetings and local cct T enllODß. The Chicago Convention was the whole “Democratic” party condensed, for onvenience, into three hundred picked' ngcits, and the resolutions adopted miaul jnocly express the sentiments and political cred of the party on the great Issues hefoe the American people to the extent thenin avowed. The CMcago platform is as hlndng on Democrats, in a party sense, as a law »f Congress is obligatory on the people in a legal sense, and McClellan has no more right to repudiate his platform than he has to dhobey the laws of M* country. Thi fact la, no “Democrat” is under any sort rf party obligations to vote lor Mm, be cansebc refuses to bo an exponent of the avowal principles of the organisation, fiuppise the Cardinals of the Catholic Chnrih should elect a new Pope to fills va- j^l r VOL. XVIII. car cy, and Ibe candidate, when notified of bis api ointment, should write a letter of ac ceptance, taking the office but repudiating the leaning dogmas of tbo Church, aodavov.. ingbimstll in principle to be a Protestant, would the Catholic world tolerate his Pope dom ? "Would rot the Cardinals rc-assemble forthwith, end depose him lor being a here tic, and elect some other man who sur>- tcribed to tbe dogmas of tbe Church? Of course they would]. How can the magnates of the “Democrat* lc*’ party help callkg together the Convention to nominate some candidate who will repre sent the principles of the party ? The Wlckllffe .resolution declares “that toe-Convention “ shall not be dissolved by the adjoomment “at the close of its business, but shall re “ main as organized, subject to he called to “ gether at any time and place that the Exec utive Committee shall designate.** The contingency that has happened is therefore provided for by that resolution. Place “Dem ocrats** cannot possibly vote for McClellan without trampling on their platform and sh&meiuliy stultifying themselves; while war Democrats cannot nHord to throw away their suffrages on a candidate whoso relations to bis party are so dubious and involved. A war Democrat, if an honest man, must vote for the candidate that squarely on a war platform, Mr. Van Allen, of New York, a delegate to the Chicago Convention, in n public speech from the Sherman House balcony, s-id, “In fact, gentlemen, the nomination (l of George B, McClellan quaihe* the indict matt (democrats) have drawn “ the AdrninittrationJ” That is the undoubted effect of it—coupled with his letter cf acceptance. The indictment against the Administration is quashed, and the Bo publican party, in its policies and manage ment of the war, islands acquitted by its op* ponents of Ue claries heretofore preferred against it. The candidate of the “ Democra cy 1 ’ refuses to sanction a single allegation in h!s party platform against the Adminis tration. Bear tbai important lace constantly In mind. It is a most triumphant vindica tion o 1 Hr. Lincoln and the Bepnblicans from tbe long list of arcus&tloos brought •gainst them by . tbe Copperheads. Tne election ought now .to go by default, nud Hr. Lincoln be re elected unanimously. Mc- Clellan himself Is in honor bound, since he has repudiated the Democratic platform, to cast his vote for Old Abe, and if he is an honest man he will not fail to do it. A PLOT TO TOAIie mil NATION PAY 9QB utsSltL DEitr. There cun be no doubt but McClellan has entered Into a plot with Belmont, the agent of the Bothsirhllds (who are the heaviest holders of Conifcdemte bonds in Europe) that, in tie event 01 his election, a dishonor able peace will be patched np, so that the United States will have to assume the debt of the bogus government at BlcLmond! This 1& the reason why Belmont spent so much money to have McClellan nominated. He was tbe only man named for the Presi dency that the foreign Jcwcouldmanipnlate, PROM THE PLAINS. A Thrilling Letter of Adventures of an Emigrant Party. HfDIIH ATEOCIIIES—HiBDSBtP A 5» . scirmrarc of the vroaEi AH) CHIU)EES, [From a Private Letter.] Sweet Warm Bkuxje, i 108 Since East ol South P»*-. Jwig sa, itson f Leah : "We know yon mutt feel very anxious about us by this time, for we supposeyou have beard of the troubles np here among the In dians, and I expect they arc multiplied consider able by the time they reach you. We bare struck a hard run ol luck laid?, aL though Anna, Henry and myself never enjoyed better health than now. On Julj 14th tho Indians stampeded about sixty bead of slock iron our train, •while they were feed* leg about one and a half miles from our camp. They pot every animal I had, except the two Jacks end Jlnner, and succeeded in getting them all off. The first we heard ol any trouble among the In dians, was abont midnight of the 12th, come sol* dicre were passing, and said the Indians had at. tacked and captured a train above, the day before and murdered six men, and were all abont us. We had seen no sign of them, but nevertheless we gathered in oar stock and guarded it well till day light, fnd abont (J o'clock wc turned them oat to grass,and about 7a. m. the Indiana came out of the hills near by within a few feet of the men on nmrd iwio were discovered. Henry was out with mywMk, and also the other man that was with me. 1 had been on gnard all night, and had laid down by the wagons to sleep. When I aunt the stock ont I put a long rope on Kitty, ta favorite marc), and told him not to Jet go of it, but inhere was nuy alarm or dan ger to mount her and come to me at once. He Ladbutjuetgoion tne feeding ground, and sat down on the grass to mm a his mocassin, with the rope in bis baud, when he heard a horse galloping ix the direction of onr camp. Be looked np, and there was an Indian within a few feet ol him The Indian yelled and scared the mare t she broke the rope, and sway she went with the rest. If I ccnld have got the mare, with her and my ride I conld have recovered the whole of the stock in a few hours, as there were only about ten or twelve Indians in the rang. The boys that went ont for got to take their revolvers, and there was but one revolver out at the time. The mao who hid it emptied it at them, but does not kuow a* he dona any Carnage. Toe other boys ran into the herd, and tried to bead them to the camp, and one of the teamtttra got an arrow Into his nip pretty badly, but is now nearly wclL We lay there where - we were till there were near five hundred wagons come up, and about one hundred aud ten soldiers, ancon the 16th we moved up to a creek pbout ten miles, where we could get plenty of water, and lay thire two days lor the military to fool around and do nothing. They could have had two hundred volunteers, and there were over one hundred of them, and two mounted howitzers, and the trail perfectly pi un to follow, but they not go. Alter wafting two days on tbe creek, we moved up to Beer Creek, twenty miles, to a military station and telegraph oClce. The emigrants vol unteered their team: to move our wagons to that point, thinking wc wonld be safertaere than oa the road. Ou reaching there Ciptom Granger and myself teamed'there had been a train of six wag ons and sixty loose mules left there that m.vniiig for Salt Bake. (CspuG. is tbe man who owned the most o: tbe tram we were in company with.) We mounted a rocplc of mules and started after them. We overtook them at Plar.o bridge, twenty-eight miles; clayed over night with them, and trey sent back thirty-one mules to faelp us. They tad already picked up nbont seven wagons in the same fix, and they only had that many animals to tparc. When we got hack to Deer Creek Station, we round they had started out with: 00 soldiers and ten day*' ration*, to try to recapture the stock. Wc learned when we to Beer Creek that on the 15th, the Indians, about thirty in number, had surrounded a train of three or four wagons falx men and their families, prtifefsing to be friendly Indiana, end kept on with ttatqi for a few mi-es, and then demanded their supper. The emigrant* were in their power and thereiore stopped to comply with their de mand, and, as they were making a fire to cook it, the Indians commenced the at sck and tilled or wounded ail but one wuiic man and a negro—they both commenced to run on the first aiarm, ana made their escape to some willows on the bank of the stream, and. it being night, they got to the station. Alorce was sent ont in the morning and they found two of tbe men there badly wounded with arrows, and three dead, and two women and three children nursing, auo tbe wagons burned and stock gone They burled the dead and re moved the wounded to the station, but sent no one in pursuit. Pour days after, as wo were mov ing up. we took another road which passed about two mites to the right of the scene. Hear the road we were on, was found one of the children. a little girl six years old. with several ar rows in ntr bony and scalped. We bnrted her as well as we conld and passed on. That happened about fifteen miles from tbe Beer Creek Station, and, when within abont six mites of the Station, we found a wtan beside the road shot with arrows and stripped of all bat his Dints. He had been dead, 1 should think, about four days, but we could not find ont anything about him. He was buried where be lay. - At Beer Creek, we found the two wounded men and one of the women came In tte night before we got there, bringing her little boy with her. h»c made her escape in tbe night, and bad travel ed two nh’hte and a part of the list day and came in tat?. Her husband was one of the wounded ano Is likely to recover. The other wounded man is a single man. and la probably dead before this We lay a while before we moved on, and lor & wccknlurthey commenced they were ftealintrthe/ . the trains all up and down the riaiie Hirer for fifty miles, and no one to stop them; and tbe emigrant had to rely on Us own arm for protection. Idid’nt here o r their killing any more, rut there were a great many wounded in CIO-rent trains, and »s near as I can find ont they have CJtpinn-d above 2,0 U bead of horeesand mules from the emigrants. We cot the mules from tho Salt Lake train, and end myself stared our ws-o'-s We of fered to the families that were with n« snon"h to move two of the three lamih-a, bat they preferred to stay end await the return of the expedition, thinking to recover their stock, or a part ©fit. but J bad teen enough u> satisfy me there was no hope, rxo I came to the contusion that we conld ex? pect no help from ary man, cr tbe Indian* receive any damage from one who was keeping from one to three squarfs to sleep with aud raise fimlllcs by, and therefore thought it best to take the flret chance to go on. Wo moved on tothis place eighty miles from Beer Creek, and reached here Saturday i ight. My Mg Jack was taken tick Sat urday ntternoon. and I had to stop with him, and the train went on and left me, ana here I am. The Jack is some better, and 1 hope will be able to travel by the first of August. I have succeeded In baying one yoke of broken down cattle and a yoke of cows by paying heavy for them, and hope to be able to raise another yoke of cattle, although it is doubtful, as they are djlng bjlhonsandß along the road. It will take all tha money I hare and my watch to get ns to Salt Lake, If the cattle I have live to reach there, but we wm work through some way sure. We are now camped at a military and telegraph post at Independence Rock, four hundred miles from Salt Lake I wieh toGod X could get to the authorities and let them know how they work out here. I will write you when I strike the ™ nfi routs at Fort Bridget, os it is uncertain about a letter reaching you from hero. There ia no help for the emigrant from those here, hut tbe opposite. Toon, ever, A. L, EOCKWOOD. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE WAR FOE THi UNION. FEOM GEN. GRANT’S ARMY AND TEE SHENANDOAH. From Washington—Matters Fi nancial and Military. The Hew Loan and How the Peo ple are Aiding with Money. The Movement of Troops or How They arc Sending Men. CHEEBIBG TO ALL BUT THE PEA.OE SNEAKS, The Fire onthe Prairiesr-The Great Meeting in Whiteside 00., Yesterday. From Cairo—Memphisand River Items. Important Eegarding Gen.-A. J. Smith’s Expedition. Prom Havana—Cortinas Defeats the Peach in Mexico. The Cold Warket—The Rate Fallen to 52.29. FBOM WASBLXGrOX Hatters military and Financial-Toe Rew Loans—movementol Xroops, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) WasmsoTOjr, Friday, Sept. 9, ISO!. Advices from Gen. Gram’s army report no change in position of the forces along the We’don railroad. On each side is tho utmost vigilance displayed, and ~a . watch fulness for some loop-bole of neglect. Great ly to the regret of the soldiers themselves Bnneidfe’s famous Ninth Army Corps no longer exists, it having been broken up and joined to oth* ercorps, principally the Second and Fifth. There had been a rumor that the Ninth was to be sent back to the Department of the Ohio, but It is dis proven by the new order, which scatters the regi menls ana brigades of the Ninth as indicated. New Took. Sept. o.—The Commercial's Wa*h lopton special savs all the officers and soldiers on d> lathed duty have been ordered to report to thel regiments. Lee evidently defers bis graudaliacx until hie reiUorccmeuts come up. No demonatra lion has been made by tbe tnemy since Wednes day. RecxulU are hurrying to the front.thls week, especially from Pennsylvania, more rapidly than at any previous time. The Jtof says: According to the records of tbe Transportation office in tbls city tne number of recruits from the cortoem and eastern puts of tbls state acd from one or two points in the New England States pasting to tbe front daily, avera ges SCO. Not infrequently as many as 600 of tbe New York State men alone procure transportation orders per day, but many others Also, ot this State, who come inns Elmira, do not obtain their orders here, ai.d therefore no record is kept ol them in New York. Others go south direct > by the North ern Pennsylvania BdQjoad. Besides the recorded number ol recruits who pass through New York arc an average of aoont 400 convalescent soldiers etnt Irom this department. They are experienced troops, who came home early in the summer slifhtly wounded, and now return to the field rested and invigorated. The total somber of men who go through tnls city daily is not less than 1,60u. The class of nun coming from the country now are among tbe best who nave yet en tered the field. It is said by the officer* who have been engaged trem the first in the inspection aud transportation of troops, that in a detachment of 1,100 tol.SrtX’, now continually arriving, there is fcomclimtß scarcely a man who could not at once become an excellent boo-commissioned offiar. Tbe common impression, arising irom tbe fact that in cnlcf there is a continued coil for aliens, that most of the material which now enters the army, is of an inferior grade, is shown to be wholly Incorrect in r< foresee to tbe majority of men from the entire country. Forced drafts purporting to he signed by Hon. Jae Dorian, Treasurer of the Union Congrc-Alonal Committee, arc being presented to Postmasters in tbe West, by seme swindler, who rioting to beduly authorized to collect tor tbe Committee. No draft has been drawn on any Postmaster, and no agent employed to collect from them, hr Senator Harlan. The Navy Department to-day issued orders that after the }ULb person ahail bo emitted in . the naval service lor a less period tb-u two years. Subscriptions to the 30 49 luau, to-day. amount ed to $42,000. and tbe 7-30 loan io $333,300. Secretary Fc-senden commenced, at noon to day, the opening of tbe sealed offers for bonds of the united States for about sßl.3oo,roconsisting of the unaccepted offers oncer the rates of propo sals for a loon, dated June last. These bonds boar annual intercet of 6 per cent, payable eemi-anou ally in com, and arc redeemable on the 80th of June, 1831. I The number of letters sent to tbe Treasury Be liartment wad abont 800, or ICS more than when the nan was heretofore in competition. Those opened to-day required hours for their declaration and notation, though bat little over half the number were opened. The business is to bo resumed to-morrow. ——rwttrp .D iw vw I w uUUiU iW liIUHUH. Tbe bid* opened to-cay showed an aggregate of £02,000,000, or twice the amount of tbe loan. The ofiere between 4 andCptr cent, premium amount to £10,000,000. There were proposals from rations individuals to take in {lie aggregate about $ I,Go<',ooo par. The bids ranging between 5 and G gtr cent did not amount in all to more than $1,000,- WanroiGTOir. Friday, Sept. o.—Tho opening of the hid s for about three and a half millions of tbe six i er cent Joan of 3881 was commenced to-day. The number of proposals was larger than cn any previous occasion. Up to two o'clock this alter noon nbont cnc-filth of them only had oeen declar ed, at prices mining from four to five per cent. There was comparatively little done, however, at the latter figure. The ouera averaged 3# per cent at that hour. Tbe icmmercia «V Washington special says: The statement that Fessenden will call fora temporary loan oi £50,000.000 is somewhat premature. FfiOJS TTXffIFSSSCE COFJAFY Thc Great Union Ificriiogsbt sterling aiidlilorrl&ou Yc»ic>day, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribuse.] Stxsuko, 111, Friday, Sept. 9. The meeting at Dixon, yesterday, aud the one to be held at Momson to-morrow, both towns within twelve mllcfl of this, have had the effect to dimin ish somewhat the Attendance at the Union demon stration in Sterling to-day. There were probably not more than three thousand persona present, bnt the earnestness and enthusiasm that prevailed In that comparatively small audience was not a wblt behind that that distinguished the more pre tentious and imposing demonstrations at Polo and Frcenort. There was the same zeal and the same determi nation to do its share towards carrying the State In November. Tbe speakers this afternoon were, in the order named, William Brass, Hon. J, D. Ward, Gen. Oglesby and Gen. Prentiss. Mr. Brass opened In an address ol an hoar, in which he dem onstrated. by facts aud figures that conld not bo gainssyed, tbe mitrutiifnlhees of tbe Copperhead daim that the Abolitionists brought on thu war.. Be proved that tbe Democracy and the Democracy alone are responsible for. tbe carnival of blood through which the cocntry is passing. Be referred to tbe charges bronchi ac&inst the Administration that form the harden of the eooeol the Democracy and proved that of ail these ofltnsee. if offenses ihcywore, the Coppeihcad candidate was full ty. Mr.Broas was will received, and bis remarks were in all respects welcomed by bis audience. Mr. Ward followed, showing] tbe Importance of tbe Issue involved, attacking tbe Copperhead plat form and by quotations from tbe laws of nations proved that loose who endorse the armistice reso- Intion of the platform, cither favor tbe rebellion or arc deceived. He held up McClellan’ and his fol lowers to scorn and contempt, and closed with an appeal to all to fill the army, to provide lor the sick and wounded, and to aid both with bayonets and bullets in crushing oat tbe rebellion, Gen. Oglesby followed Mr. Ward, In ft speech of twenty ruinates, in which he briefly examined tho pending issues. Bis address will be made this evening. Gen. Prentiss then spoke shout half an hour, aud in his o«n inimitable style, which concluded the afternoon discus-ion. Both ot these were loudly applauded. This evening tbe Isst two gentlemen will speak in tbe public hall. From present appearances they will hat e a large audience. THE MEETING* AT HORRI3ON. lEpeciol Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Mormsex, EL, Friday, Sept, 9. The Union Mass Meeting at Slomson to-day is an Immense affair. At lea? t ten thousand men and women are participating in the proceedings. Delegations from every town, vliisge, and hamlet reached the placeaton early hour, aud paraded the principal streets with banners, aud with music. Three larr« National fiscs are hung across the burlncse streets,.OLd two float from the Coart IIodfc; besides these every dwelling In tbe town, escrpi three bclonelng to has float- Irg from its gable end smaller flags, so that what wiih music, oanners, and cannon, you may well imaclnc we are having a gala day of iu nheplace of the meeting was In the Court Bouse Square, a beautiful grove adjoinin'* tbe village. Tbe platform was ornamented with na tional fiags bearing the names of tbe candidates cn the State and National ticket, and surmounted by that memorable utterance of the hero of New Orltahe,, 44 Tne Union it must and shall be pre sirred.’* The speakers In the afternoon were General Oglesby. General Prentiss and William tho music wsa furnished by the Babuls and Fulton braes bind, and by the inimitl hie Lombards andßlckey. .Gen. Oglesby opened the discussion inaspeeih CHICAGO, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER iO, 1861. of one bour. delivered in bla beat vein. Alter nfcicb Gin. Trentles spoke, and then Mr. Cross. TbctUoite of all tbi sc rcutlemch wtre able and couTiudi-g, aid were well reci-Bcd. Whltfelds ' coumj iaUorougbljaion«od, and maybe counted upon lor ber ancient eixtetn hundred majority. She has already feat nineteen hundred soldiers to the army, and she is prepared to honor all future draiu in tfc same oircction, and beat the Copper* bead out of alitt bff-idee. Wtitcslde, with her sister counties ol Stephen ton, JoDanefl?. Oglcaod Lee will be lum d on the side of the Union in No vember, with majorities that will tromle LUtle Mac, Pend oton, Robinson and Judd lo overcome, 'today closes the canvass, so far as General Oglesby a eflortg ere concerned until the 2G'.hiust. On that day U will bo resumed at Uatesbarg, a good place lor Union men. □on J. J Wood will address the dtlzena of Whiteside this evening. Mr. Dross goes to Fulton ibis evening, lie will address the citizens cf that city to-morrow. FBOTtI SPAING FIELD. Batters Political and GSllltary* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tnbnne.J Spkinqfield, Friday, Sept. 9,193-L A vacant bouse belonging to Jas. L. mil, was burned hero last night. It was no doubt the work of an incendiary. It had been used as a disrepu table bo&rdtng bouse. Tho following Copperhead document, which is in the chape* of a circular from a Chicago house, was picked cpln the hall of ihcHoascof Repre sentatives, after tho adjournment of tho Cupper head Convention: valuable run ligations. First Tear of the War. by Pollard, of Richmond, s2to. Confederate Official Reports, SIOO. Life of Stonewall Jackson. SI.EO. Life of Stephen A. Douglas, $1 75. Baida and Romance of Morgan atd Bis Men, $1.75. Floe steel portrait of Geo. Geo. B. McClellan, $2.00. Can be had at the publishing office, 106 Clark street, new block, Chicago. They are works that ought to be in the boids of every liberal tbloker Friends v ill oblige by aiding in their circulation. Sold only by traveling amenta. Cail cm S. hi. Kennedy. 11*0 Clark street. The following apnpirtments have been made; Major Greenbuxy Wright. Lieutenant-Colonel, 135 th. rict West, dismissed; Lieutenant Joseph Peters, Major 185 th, rfrr Wright, promoted. Major General John M. Palmer pas-ed through here last night on bla way to'Pantlic, Livingston enniity, where be spcsKs to-day at a Liocoln meet ing. General Jehu A. McCicrnan’a health is not yet folly re established. When ft la bo may be ex- Secud to take the stomp in -favor of Union can- Icatee. The peace men think that McClellan, in accept ing the Domination, ppir* upon the plitform, and are consequently not pleased witn his letter. Good judges say it willluse him votes in the State. Gen. Gram's letter to W&sbburoo has been re ceived with great satifactlon by ail loyal men. The copperheads are very sore ov«-r It. Col. Oake» has not yet ordered a draft in this Stale, notwithftandlog the Marebafin the IStU di-tiict has commenced proceedings under the draft Bure. FBOM CAIRO A!\D BELOW. matter** at fflempbls—The War In lr* kahsaa-Gtu. Soilth’s Cx^dlilon. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune*] Cairo. Friday. Sept. 9, 1604. Captain Zeigler an 1 Clerks Tschndl and Ather ton, of the etcumcr Btl eof St. Louis', cimelnlhla evening from Memphis, bringing dates to yester day morning. There was nolhinglaier from Lntlo Rock. A gentleman connected with the St Louis Sanitary Commission came up from Duvall's Bluff. Ho reports a large rebel force threatening the vicinity, but rof- nrs are entertained for the result should they attack transports morning to Memphis from White Klvcr. General Paine has been relievcfrf the command ol the district of Western Eentraty, and General Sob Meredith appointed to relieve him. Coluoe’. Peter Davidson, of the 139 th Illinois volunteers, takes command of the post of Cairo for the pres ent. Bie headquarters tor the district will remain at Paducah, to which Gen. Meredith will remove immediately. Headquarters District op Mestphis, l Mexpuis, Torn., StpL 6,16G4. f Special Orders No. 13L—lExtrscLl— I The col ored men of Ue city of Memchla having shown a commendable desire to asri«t in the defence of the dty, and no good reason appearing why that class should not be permitted aud encouraged to defend themselves and property, and Interests; recallin'* the gallantry ol thevoluntecr colored troops under Jackson at New Or eans, &td their good dleclpl-no and bravtry In this war, aud It being believed that their organization would resn.t beneficially to themselves and to society, in affording a means of restraint and control, <t>« Crr-t regiment £Orpt d'Jfrimii of Memphis 1s hereby authorized, and Brigadier-General C. W. Dnstan. first brigade E. M. D. M., was ordered to proceed to Its organi zation, reporting to Brigadier-General R. P. Buck land. commanding the district of Memphis, who Will order the necessary issues. Major K. K. Wi ley, Cist D. S. C. Infantry, I* hereby detached from bis regiment, ana will report to Brigadier- General Dnstan fer duty, as Co'onel o! the first regiment Corps de Afriqve, Memphis. By order of Major-General <L C. WAsrranitN. War. H. Morgan. Maj. & Acting Adj't Gen. Eight more rebel deserters reported at Lagrange this week, -with their arme and equipments, tolling a eiorj similar to that squad that came in on Son* day. They state that creat disaffection prevails amoncatthc troops to Forrest's command. Many are debating ibe safety of deserting into oar Unca ender the nmer sty act, bat few to act owing to the mhrepref-emationa of their leaders. Tloj desired to take the amnesty oath, and were brought into this city on Tuesday, when it was administered and they released. Their names are R. L. George. Co. G, Lowry's regiment; T. B.Basnets, do.; J. B. Martin, co.; 11. A. Gll.lan, do.; B. iL llowser, do.; 5. W. Jones, di*.; W, SI, Brown, Co. F, Sra Mississippi; and J. A. Grimes, Co.L, Lowry’s regiment. Yteurday they were allowed to go out to Ger mantown, where they had jeft their arms and horses, and bring them in. On returning they were tronpht before General ‘Washbom, who. on hearing their story, liberally furnished them with money to procure clothing and to pay their passage North beyond our army lines, to any post they de sire, where they will be famished with employ* xneutattibtrel compensation, and be allowed ex emption item all military duty. -They disposed of their horses to the Government Quartermaster, re ceiving pood prices in greenbacks. Ffzuncfield, 111.. Sept. B—l have just arrived up from Cairo. Gen. A. J. Smith and staff, with a portion of bis troops, reached there In boats yes terday. Destination unknown. Among these troops are the aSSd, 119 and CSth Illinois regi ments. The rest of Gen. Smith’s forces are making an expedition Of erc&t Importance, with cavalry, in fantry end artillery, into the White Biver region Cf AlkßUFa*. Ic was raining hard at Cairo when I left, and had bees. FEOM HEW YORK. Political—Tlie McClellan Letter of Ac* ceptance. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons, Friday, Sept. 9,1864. The letter of acceptance of Gen. McClellan is not satiriactory to the Democracy, though it misfit bo construed anything or nothing. The Herald cornea down on it, and calls McClel lan’s nomination a failure. The Unionists are well delighted with the General’s stultification of his filanonn. The feeling Is that he bas rendered a fitting service to the Union cause, by smashing a Peace Sreok concern. The gold market is very unsettled, and appir cntly tends lower. THE WAR IST latest from tlie Situation Below acd tlio Oiicaßuduah, New Tobe, Friday, Sept. 9.—The JTera 7 d's cor respondent with Grant, 7tb, psyg; yesterday a lareo number of deserters catered Gen. Butter’s 111 e from dong their whole length. Impelled to leaving the Southern armies on reading tne recent generous ordt r of the Lieut. General Commanding. They say that the more general circulation of the order would have the effect to bring rebel soldiers into our tines by hundreds and thousands. They eay that the impression pi evai’s among Southern soldiers that the Chicago Convention meant peace. It they tboncht they were to endoro another cam palan, the army of Lee wonld unquestionably fall to pieces. They aseert strongly, and with appar ent tznthfalneta, that there is great and real weari ness of the war. Palnotlem has given way to las situde, and continued Issfiltude to hcarelessness and hopelessness.' The New York Tribune'* special from heed- 3 narters Army ol the Potomac, vtb, says: Abat e seems imminent and Inevitable. The rebels have been largely reinforced from Ear.’y’s depart ment, and were yesterday crawling stealthily into a position the most precarious to them, though they were unaware of it. The public may look for stirring news from this quarter Immediately. Our recent successes have infused new pride and spirit Into this army. Yesterday was lull of preparation for victory in the coming struggle. FROM THE SHENANDOAH. The Herald's Harper's Perry correspondent, Bth, rays: Tie military situation is unchanged. The roods tare retreated op the valley, and yesterday v ere west of the opc main Elver, followed closely by onr cavalry. Early bad hi?headquarters at Ber ry vflle day before yesterday. A batch of official dispatches, printed orders, &c , relating to the rebel army, were found in the house which be had occnnhd as headquarters. The 8d division of cavalry. General Welsh, skirmished with tbe rebel rear gturd all day yesterday. An officer from the front to-day, reports all qnlet there. Charlestown, midway between this point and Sheridan’s army. Is now garrisoned by onr trooo o Tbe New York Tribune's Harper’s Perry corres pondent, Bih, says: A detachment of onr cavalry yesterday crossed the Opequao, and drove the reb el pickets to within four miles of Winchester, where the enemy’s infantry were posted in force. Tbe Infantry advanced on o&r cavalry, who skir mished back to a little this side of Berryrille Wasiqkgtok, Friday. Sept. 9.—Major Lutflam with a detachment of tbe Btn Illmols cavalry re* turned to Muddy Branch, alter a successful econt through London Valley by way of Leesburg, hiv ing procct'dod as far up asPorcellavUle. They heard of no force of the enemy Ja London Valley, except Mosby's men Maj. Luo am bronchi in four prisoners and nine horses, captured in Leesburg. The prisoners were run down while attemptlngtoescape,andoneof them severely i&jnrcd by bis horse lolling on him. Pas enters from Ctty Point say the work to the point occupied by onr troops on the Weldon rail road is being raolfily pushed forward. It Is csocct cd that U c reed Trill be In running erder-ou Snbday next, • FSOSI ZHOSIIKsB. Onr Troop* Xwcniy-Cve miles from the city. New Tons, Friday. Sept. o.—The EeraltTi Port Gaines correspondent,ol the 30thultimo, says: - Oor troops hare clfectcd a landing at Cedar Point, three miles a Dove Dauphin Island, and twenty*five miles from Mobile. The road running to Mobile is held by the rebels. It is reported that Uey have no fortifications on this road, except near the city, , .. , A torpedo, drawn from the water last week, ex ploded, killing five or six and wounding fifteen men. The work of destroying the sunken Nash ville, in the channel, above Dog Diver Bar, was progressing. ... / Mnirsxs. Sept. 6.—\Te have received MobQe paoen to August ST, and make from them the fol lowing extracts: ..." The Yankees have landed In some force at Ce dar Point, on the most southerly point ol the west coast ol the bay, and half a mile from Fort Powell. Tola looks like a trill of our strength no oar landlront. * * • • Ills certain that the enemy has so force adequate to the investment of tbe «ty Tni-y will try a sudden daab to ne cutoftLe cur. Tae editor of tbe Mobile iTstc t thinks Mob le can’t bo taken. 44 The citizens wlthont the troops can block that game.’ 1 lie considered Hood’s ar my saicr than it was, and say®: 44 It is an agreea ble proof of Gen. Hood’s cooidousueas of atrmgth that be has be»n able to spare a force to aid in tbe dcfcnpe ol Mobile.” Tbe Clarzo* says: 44 It is reported that a large Federal land force is concentrated at UisMMlppl City to march cu Mobi'e. The Yankees declare they will invest Mobile before tbe close oi tbe week. FS£On fIATAWA. V Highly Important from IHotlco—Cor iiuas Uuat<i the French and Rocai** tnres a City—Blockade ftnunorr. Naw Tons, Friday, Sept, o.—Hanna dates of Aucnst £Gih are received. Gen. Cortlnas. leaving I.CCO men at Mauminra* under bis brother. by forced marches resebed Victoria City, which had been captured by the French under Col. Onpm. t ortinae recaptured the city and pat the French to flight with heavy loss. Gen. Cortioas in an address to his soldiers stated that in a few days be would lead them against Tam pico, and wouldsoon be joined by forces from Hnstrea. r Capt Mtsdago learning that a party of Imperlslats bad gene to Tamaulipaa to plunder, secreted his forevs, which were smaller than those of the ene my, on the road, taking the imperialists unawares ana pot tbcm to flight, who left behind l,l(K) rifles, 73 boreen, 66 killed und 27 prisoners. _ •', Capt. Mendoza and three others were killed, and sis of hitmen wonuded. The steamer Francis ran into Havana lately from Philadelphia, and has been sold lor £23.000. Her cabin and interior aro being taxon oat to fit her for rnnclnz the blockade. Soe belongs Caro "Waldon & Dro., of this citv The cacoub wouhl have pursued the same has!* ncesif she had arrived, ana may jet If still alloat. FKO.II KENTUCKY.' Capture of a Guerilla Leader and nu Band. Loujsvtlie, Fridav, Sept. 9.—-Colonel Ho'cmau, of the 11 tn Kentucky cavalry, captured the guerilla leader Col. Jessie, acd 100 of nis men. yesterday afternoon, They were encamped near Ghent, Ky., and being surrounded by Holcman, surrendered without firing a gun. FROM DiBCITIDB. Xlio Great Illinois Sanitary Fair. Decatub, in.. Sept. 9 —The Sanilaary Fair at Dccatrr will open at two p. m. Tuesday, lßib mat. Gov. Yates ana Gbd. Rosccnms will be present. Uov. Yates will deliver the inaugural address. Clmsedhya Pirate, New Tons, Friday, Sept. 9 Capt. Manning, of the transport Nightingale, from Key West, dr illed here to-dsj, tied reports that on the Giblest. latitude34.l2, longitude 7161, he was parried for several hours by a ►tde-wbecl steamer, with two smoke-flacks and painted lead color. She was ap- Ssrcrtly a fast sailer, bat a breeze c ixnmg' on, tnc igbtingale set all soils and escaped. Arrest or a Bchcl Officer. PonTLA>D, Me., Friday, Sept. 9.—C01. Hamilton o{ the Confederate enny, was a nested a-. Island Paid today by telegraphic orders from Deputy Collector Bird ofihl* city. Hamilton was on his way from Salem to Canada, Tire War in Georgia^ Washington, Friday, Sept, 9.—An officer who has arrlvtd nere from Athui'a, says Hood's army is demoralized to the condition of a mob. fiber miu’s communications are being perfectly restored to running order. THE E3TKOLL >nisivjr. Well Bone Bnfean County, [From tho Peoria Transcript, B.] jCapt. James T. Stevens arrived here on Monday night with a company of ninety-six men recruited In Bureau county. T&ey were examined before the tssminlnv turgoon here yesterday, aud left lor Springfield last eveniug The officers were; Cap tain, James T. Stevens; First Lieutenant, Duncan Campbell; Second Utniensnt, Ueo, Weico. An. othtrfoll company is expected from Bureau county to-doy, bo h these companies having been raised within a week. That coanty offered a bounty of SrCO immediately after the quota bud been asc-r tallied, while a number of the towns also otfered bounties of SIOO eseb, which accounts for therapid ity wltb which their quotas wero filled. XIECCCITINO ET rEUhIA. Something xanra than fifty men havo been re* crmicd In this city for Captain Baker's company of one year’s men. Uf this number some two or three bare teen received as substitutes for parlies reaioim? abroad, while some ten or twelve have tetn ealhied as substitutes or repftscoiative re cruits for parlies residing in this city. One lady in our rolOßt, Mrs. Isaac Underhill, has famished a representative recruit, an example we bare no doubt will he followed by other patriotic ladies of our city. Capt. Baker left for Sprlnafleld on Mon day evening with 40 recruits, and another sqaad of some ten or llltcen were expected to go for ward last evening, inchargo of Lieut. Smith. The names of those who have lunushed substi tutes up tc last evening, as tar as wo were able to asctriuin, are Charles B. Day, Charles Holland. John C. Proctor, David Proctor, Frank Field, Geo. W.K*ttle, Lewis Folks, Henry bchwabacher, H. A Calkins, Nelson Burnham, Urastus D. Hardin, toward C. Gulp. Represcn’atlve recruits have also been fomlahca by Mrs. Isaac Underhill and N. B. Cnrtls, Ksq. TUB BATE TEIViVESSEE. A Bcjxiarßalilc Cltaplerln Naval War* fare. [From the N. Y, Times.] The story ot the capture of the rebel iron clad rara Teuneatee, iu Mobile Bay must form otic ot the must remarkable chapters iu naval "warfare. It w-a no ordinary sort oi sea mossier that could heir ute concentrated attack of thirteen vessels of war, six of them iron-clad, with an ar Lament of two hundred guns, and yet come out of the engagement ■with but a few splinters detached from her inner casing to mark the damage in her inte rior. The Tennessee lay in the rear of qur fleet after the forts had been passed on the morning of the sth of August And of the fourteen vessels at Admiral JFarrsgui’s dis posal for the attack, all were perfectly sound and uninjured (except the Tecnuiseh, which had had been sunk by a torpedo,) when the order wbs given, shortly after 8 o’clock, to * bout ship and give battle to the ram. Asig nal was given to all the fleet not only to commence the attack with guns, but to run her down at full speed. The Monon gahela, a new steam frigate, not iron-clad, was the first to strike the Tennessee, but the knock, tremendous as it moat have been to an ordinary craft, bad no apparent effect upon the ram. The Lockawano, a fast sloop-of war, next struck her. but with no greater effect. The Admiral’s flagship, the Hartford, rest dashed against her with her bow at full speed, immeuiatfely following up the terrific stroke with a whole port broadside of 9-iuch shot find thirteen pounds ol powder, at a distance of Iwelve feet; but still the oaken a and sinews of the monster showed no p«. .lible loosening or feebleness. The moni urs and the remainder of the fleet then closed in upon her; and she snrrcndered, simply when she had no longer seaway left to move In. The pounding lasted for a full hour nnd a half, and at the end of that time she was given up by her commander, Bu chanan, in a condition which enabled t:o engineer of our fleet to report on the ISth of August—debt days after the fight had taken place—that she wasj'* in a state to do good service.'* UXonDfnl Suicide* (.From the Grand Haven (Mich.) Union.] A terrible sad aflair took place at the Mil waukee House in this village on Thursday morning. A Mrs. Lucinda Gage arrived by the night express train, crossed the river about six o'clock, went to a drug store and bought some strychnine, saying she wanted It to kill rats. She then went to the Mil waukee House, where she Sfit-a while to warm herself, and then called for a room and writing materials. She find been In the room but a short time, when some one passing found the door sjar and the woman lying on the floor. On being asked-what was the matter, she replied she had taken poison to kill herself—her husband had abused her and her father had turned her out of doors, and she could not Uve. Physicians were at once called, but it was too late. In a very short time she was dead. The following letter which shehad just written, was found on the stand in her room: Quaxd Havet, Sept. 1,156 L Hear Father and Mother: * This will be tbe last you win hoar from me. I shall he cold in death. Ob, God 1 have mercy on my eon) i When yon look on this think kindly ot me. Oh I God I how can I take my life? I can’t live with a father’s curse on my bead. Ob! God! lam forsaken and left to die alone.. Mother, 1 want to see yon before I leave this unfriendly world. TeQ mv dear Joseph I have thought of him all the time. He baa been cruel to me. I forgive him, and long to die in his arms. Father, mother, sister, brother, farewell. Boon yon will look apon a IlFeless lamp of day. God have mercy upon me. Send my corpse to my father, to Flint, Genesee county, Mich. My father’s name is Samuel Wick ham; Mbs. Lucinda Gaos. Cltnton.Gcneace Co., Midu, 10 miles from Flint A telegram was sent to her father, aad the answer rulnrned was: “Bury Lucinda Gage and I will see tbit the expenses ore paid.” Gen* Fuller for the LcgWaturo, [From the Freeport JouroaL] TheUnlonists of Boone county hive nom!-' nated AdjU General Fuller for member of the Legislature, He will, ol course, be elect ed, and the State wlllhive the benefit of his services in that important position. The coming session of the Legislature will be one ot the most momentous, likely, evec.heid Iu the State. IVe need there our best and truest men, . - Postage Stamps. Thepostsgc*etamp system has been alopt cd in all parts of the world, by ninety differ ent kingdoms, states, provinces, colonies, islands, and tree cities: in fifty different parts of Europe: in over a dozen parts-of Asia, including China; In some twenty parts cl tbe New .world: in every province of British North America; in twenty of the "West India lelands: iu seven parts of Africa; and even in St Helena on one side and the Sandwich Islands on the other. There are postage stamps used in Ceylon, but tbe Jap anese had not yet adopted them. As for the different varieties of these stamps, thelrnum ber is legion. We believe that there are as many as £OO different postage stamps now In use all over the world. It appears that the Papal Government is so much in need of ftinds that it Is trying to get o loan of £3,000,000. GSR. UCkAX OiK THE WXU, niM Letter to XTon* S. D. IFaibburao- Head it Loyal Jlen. [RtpuUlfihed from Dispatch of Yea ttrdsy.J The following is an extract of a letter from Lt- Gen. Grant to Hon. E. B, Wsebbnme, dated City Point, Aug. 16, l£Ci: I state to all citizens who visit me, that all we want to insure the early re storation of the Union, Is a DETSB3CZXEO SENTIV aumfiSTiizNoirnz.' The rebels have now in their ranks their last mac; the little boys and old men arc guarding prisoners and railroad bridges, and forming a good part of their garrisons fur in trenched positions. A man lost by them can’t be replaced. They have robbed ihe cradle and grave equally, to get their present force. Besides what they lose In frequent skirmishes and battles, they are now losing from desertions and other canoes at least one regiment per day, WIT 3 THIS DRAIN ON THEM .THE END IS NOP PAR DISTANT IP WE ARE ONLY TRUE TO OURSELVES, Their only hope now is tS7~A DIVIDED NORTH._®J This might give them reinforcements from Tennessee, Ken tucky, Maryland, and Missouri, while it would weaken ns.- With our draft quietly enforced they would come despondent and would make but little resis tance. I have no doabt the enemy arc very anx ious to hold out till after the Presidential election. They have hopes from its effects. They hope for a coonter revelation. They hope for the election of a peace candidate.. In fact, like Mlcawber, they hope for something to, “ torn np.” Ifonrpeoce friends expect peace from separation they are much mistakes. It would hat be the beginning of war with thousands of Northern men joining the South, becane© of our disgrace in afiowingsopar atlon.. Withpcaceonany terms the 9ou*h weald de mand restoration of all slaves already freed. In demnity for losses, a treaty which wonld make the North a slave hunter for the South, and pay for the restoration of every slave escaping to the North. Tours truly,. V. 3. Quant. THE SVRRFIVItRB OF FOB! MORGAN. Dlalionomhlo Conduct of General Page. [Correspondence New York Herald.] Font Mokoan, August 20,186 L POSITIONS OF OUR BATTERIES. Tho steamer left while I was writing my dispatch on the 23d Inst, and I was forced, awkwardly enough, to break olfin the mid dle of a paragraph and sentence stating the positions of Ibctu batteries. One of our positions was heltLby Major Roy, of the Ist Indiana ArOUen; and still farther la ad vance, on the extreme of each flank, were placed sections of the 17th Ohio battery, Capt. C. 8. Rice; the right section under LituUcant Houghton, and the left under Lieutenant Mattox. These batteries obtain ed an enfilading fire at a distance ol from lour huLOrtd to six huedredyaraa, and effec tually prevented any rebel from showing nls head above the parapet On Monday night the left section of this battery was advanced to within one hundred and fifty yards of the glacis, and was moving closer, it being the Intention to dig Into the tort from tint point. The surrender next morning saved- au tnat trouble. CNSOLDIERLT CONDUCT OP GEN. PAGE. I may here mention that the conduct of Gen. Pjge, after the surrender, was disgust ing to every man of sense, even of his own officers. He behaved like u sullen, bigoted fool, aud in endeavoring to assume a haughty dignity only made himself appear ridiculous. APPEARANCE OP THE GENERAL. When bis troops marched out to lay down their arms the General appeared in a very, common suit of clothes, wiihoutany insigna of rank, his only anus being an old pistol belted around him and a haversack. Gen Bailey demanded his sword. Geueral replied that he had none. Gen. Bailey then directed a Major of cavalry, whose name I have lorgotten, to receive the pistol, which the rebel chieftain very reluctantly parted THE OFFICERS HAD NO SWORDS. Two or three. oJHcera declared that they hail no swords. They had all probably bro ken them, as several were afterwards found In the fort. DESTRUCTION BT TUB ROUELS. The rebels, beiore evacuating the fort, de stroyed almost cverj thing ol household use, and scattered things generally In wild confu sion. Indeed, some tacts have come to strongly tending to the belief that the rebels themselves set tire to the citadel. dishonorable conduct on gen. pace. I will mention one incident which ought to consign the cbivoiric Gen. Page to eternal infamy. Whenic was'announced-that Mor gan bad thrown out a white flavour soldiers could be seen crowding to the tops of a thou sand sand hills, and presently those nearest the fort, unable to restrain their curiosity, rushed pell mail to the summit of the glacis, and were soon engaged In conversation with rebel soldiers aid inspecting the condition of •the fort and guns. Many officers of both army and navy also walked around the outer wall, and not a single gun wasocservedto be spiked. When It was agreed to give them until two o'clock to surrender. Gen. Bailey placed aguord around the fort, with instruc tions to arrest and hold all Federal officers or soldiers who attempted to pass. This was unfortunate, os the rebels took advantage of Gen. Granger's leniency and spiked every gun iu arid around the fort. OEN. BALLET BBARTLT HEDUHB3 OEN. PAGE. After we had taken formal p :ssesslon, Gen. Bailey’s attention was called to this fact. That officer immediately sought Gen. Page, and informed him that ne regarded snch con duct as mean and treacherous. Gen. Page replied that his guns were spiked on Sunday, To this Gen. Bailey said: “ General, don’t repeat that. You are old enough to be my father, and I will not call you a liar or cow ard ; but I beg of you, for the honor of man hood, not to repeat that statement. You know those guns were not spiked on Sun day.” A TEASSPAKENT FALSEHOOD ADMITTED, The falsehood was so transparent that Gen. Page was compelled reluctantly to admit it. Be then said that ho had spiked his guns on Monday, hut Insisted that he kucw o?no law of war that prevented hlmlrom rendering his guns useless to an enemy. There was in this answer both & He, and, to a certain degree, a fallacy. ‘ A DELIBERATE LIB DT A REBEL GENERAL. In the first place he deliberately lied when he said bis kons were spiked on Sunday; for during that night he opened and kept up the irostvigorous nnd annoying fire of the whole siege, seriously disturbing our working par ties and wounding six of our men (the only casualties that occurred) His guns were not spiked on Monday*; forma men, in an swer to questions, afterwards declared that It was certain death to attempt to man a gun. while the iron hail from onr batteries fell so thick and last around them. And daring all that night our pickets lay at the foot of the glacis—some ol them actually on top of It— and wonld certainly have killed a rebel had one shown his head. GUNS SEIZED AFTER THE SURRENDER. Beyond all doubt the guns were spiked on Tuesday morning, after the terms of surren der had been agreed upon, as hundreds cm testify to—your correspondent among the rest BREACH OP CONFIDENCE. In the second place Qcn. Page undoubtedly hod the right to do all the damage in hU power before be made overtures of capitula tion ; hut after,the terms had been settled he had no longer any control over the fort or the property therein, and any destruction he ordered, or permitted, if not in violation of rules governing in such cases, was unworthy of aeoldier, was in breach of confidence and repnlsiye to every impulse which should ac tuate on honorable mam OUB.GCXa CA3i 32PLACE TUB tettwet. CAN- Let the old guns of Fort Morgan go. II they cannot be repaired we can roll them into the Gulf and replace them Immediately with othwTß now on hand, and which but a lew days since thundered terrific volleys egainst this renowned fortress. POET MORGAN SOT IN A STATE OP ifUTINT. it has been repeatedly said by deserters and sensation iteiaizcrs that the garrison of lort Morgan was in a state of mutiny; that many of the men were la irons lorrcfoslng to do duty; that they were tired of the war and anxious to escape from the rebel ser vice. There is no truth in such stories. I have conversed with many of the prisoners, and find that their faith iu the Confederacy is unshaken, lam firmly convinced tint when the chance ls given them a large majority will fight bravely and . well for what they con'ctlvo to betheir violated rights. A Short Catechism, • Who arbitrarily arrested the entire Legis lature of u aSovereign State?” George B. McClellan. . ■ Who used the military ‘to prevent Mary land Democrats voting for their favorite’can didates? 'George B. McClellan. Who urged the President in 1801 to stop volunteering and enforce & draft ? Georgeß. McCidlac. Who sdvlsed tbe President to emancipate slaves of the enemy, under the war power six months before the President issued his Proclamation? Georgeß.’McClellon. Who baa helped to kill tens of thousands of Southern Democrats. George B Mc- Clellan. • Who Is'the Presidential candidate ot the Democratic party, which condemns all of the above acts? George B. McClellan. Grape Culture In Illinois. TYe thought of the gropes of Esebol, of (lie vine treasures tbe fox did not get, when the Express Company landed at our office a park age from the vineyards of Dr. EL Schroeder, at Bloomington, 111, Tbe Doctor gives ns therewith some facts relating to grape cnl* tnre and its possibilities m onr State, which, if generally known, will multiply vineyards tenfold. Thick of $3,000 to the acre to be realized from a grape crop. Dr. Schroeder gives a tempting list of varieties of grapes which be is this city and St. Louis at from 45 to CO cents, per pound. A skillful viniculturist like Dr. Schroeder makes himself a pioneer in bis line, and we can only hope, for the sake of tbe lovers of tbe vine and its traits, that he may have many 10110 were. A Straw, On the Michigan Central Railroad express train from Detroit, yesterday, a test vote was taken.' The train consisted of seven coichea —three hundred and thirty-seven first-class passengers. The vote resulted as follows. Lincoln 113, Little Mac 59. A Street Dialogue.— CT*ion JI/an—« Good morning! Great news this! Two cities evacuated by the rebels I” Copperhead— 14Two cities 1 What do you mean? Pve only heard of one—Atlanta.” Union man— ‘‘Yce/two! Atlanta and Chicago.” Cop~ perheadf tundng acap in i&raih —“ Boh I” CST* Judas betrayed his Saylor for “ thirty pieces of silver.” How much la McClellan to get from the Rothchllds and other holders of Confederate bonds, if he be traying his country, and handing It over to their tender mercies ? BST* Can any one of our readers tell ns what bonds of connection there ore bettreeri the Copperhead party and the aristocratic Belmont? Are they the Confederate bondt, which McClellan has agreed to have the United States redeem, in the event of his election to the Presidency. . The question before the country If— Will we havea dishonorable peace, in order to enrich Belmont, the Rothschilds, aud tt e whole tribe ot Jews, who hive been bajii g up Confederate bon s, or an hot orab o pe ; ce won by Grant and Sherman at the cannon’s mouth ? Death op Ex-Gov. French.— With deep sorrow we learn that Ex-Gov. Augustus C. French, of Illinois, died at bis home, in Leb anon, on Snrday last, of typhoid fever. He was known throughout the State os a man of unblemished private character, and as one who in all his relations acted up to the prin ciples of a Christian gentleman. He was Im bued with great public spirit, aud was in the habit of being sought for his counsels by many who reposed tee utmost confidence in his ability and experience.— Jlusouri JRcput - Jicaiiy Cth. * NTeto abberffsements. MASONIC.— Ths members of Clcvelard Lcdgn 211, A F. acd A. M , are re quested to meet at their fia 1 CO west Randolph street, on SaTFR JAT, stiao P.M. ror the purpose of Bfilattov to iho ceramomea or Lsytiu tba Corner &roi.e oi toe dumber of CoT-merce. Member* of the Freten I.y are coidlatiy invitee. 8010 quS It GEO. H. GIBSON, W. M. 7VTASONIC.—The members of JITJL Waobansla lod, e No. 160, a. & F. if. are hereby emrißcntd to meet at tbe Lodge Room this (SAIUttDAV) *tto.ncoa atih o’clock,toparS-cluate In ib» cntroculca oi i aym* tuo Cower atone of me lew Chamber or * owmerc* By or er ol the Most Wonblpta* Grand Master, eeio-qatan g. s. BA&iro >v, w.m. TVTASONia- A Regular Ccmmu -L*A blcutcaor AjhiarLofi/*, No 50%, P. ti,M. ■* 1U be held bt tboir Hall >bis (SATURDAY) even n» ~ H. W. JCttES, Secretary. lcl»Q81Tlt TVfI’ASONIC.—The members ol XTJL Karev F. & A.M.,are reonaited tc nutcmtbtb hall this cay (SATU <i»AV) as 1« o’clock p. M , to namclrate In the ceremonies or Laying the Comer Stone of “Chumoer otCommoree." D. C, CBEULKd, jW. il. , Tif AEOJWIC NOTICE.—Tie mem- JLvJL bers of Garden City Lodge No. 141 F. &A. if.. are rc(jo«BMd jomttlat JhelrilaJi on SATUKOiT (tc-d»yj,S»pt.lOtD,»«lKP.k* , to assist in Living the Corner Store of tbs New Chamber of Commerce. .. - By cider or w. m. setc-qSiait . C.imLLIDSIDGE.Sec'y. MA SONIC NOTICE,—-The mem bers of Bl»lrLo reNo- 833, F. A A. 4L. are (utnmontd tomes:at B»aney LcdeaHallonSATUth i'Ar( o.#»y). B<!pt. I'th.tilK p. st .tomtit latae certmcniet of Lavligtne Comer atone or tbe Hew Ctamberor crmmerce. T. J.RLSON.Sse'r. W. W. WINTER, W.M. aeltMiJli-it ORIENTAL LODGE NO. 33 F. & A.M.—lts Qsmb’n or thl* Lolgs are here by enoiturncd to atuoa & .-c total Cotamualdaann to be op* usd m cur H »l!, Mt»#oilc temple, tbti (S aTUR DAT) bittrocoa atio’ aifil*{ tn ibe cere monies or Aaytnz the Corner Scorn of thn “Chamber or C< mnu rce” IluuaiOfj. By order of W. M. eelOqSCMt FA dWELL,Sac'y. fpo THE Oi? F(CEHS AND ME3I *JL B37SOFA3HLABLODGENa.BC».P..t A.lf - EBZTimsa; Ul->ihH WILL A*l» PLEASURE Ol IbeM W. G 51. iMt 'cu tuatmblo at BJanev Hall at 13* o’clock F. U ibn day. Ucvcin srumiyts acc.rdlnely. JielO q6IS-lt N. F. COOKE, W. M. •jVpSKBERS OF MERCANTILE ■ JLfJL Aaiccutxon are reqargt-d to meet combers of Boer-’ or Trace at Bosro of Trade nulldinc Thin Afternoon as 2% O’clock, To ]oic la the Laying Conner «tou s for Ltw Lbamberot tomasics. JiHN TVBFiBLL, ttic qS-S-.l tiCßldeatil O.A. FLAT HOOPS, Wp are ccnrianllv receiving, and can fill orders for FIAT HcOrS ot ben quality. and at lowest r»UH. onahan & mctc-ON, ielo qS34*2tnet go; Oonth Wai&ratteat. JJEMOTAL. TLo Producers’ Bank, KoLEAKS 5 080, ILLINOIS, Ferine given tto required notices, will, attheeipj ration ot taidroticc-scsfin-eiur ratioa to the Cuy of Chicago with »n increased capital to SIOO,OOO, Wl h a chartered pxlvllapo to Increase to I'OICCO BfclO-QISS-B.DEt a. DOOLITTLE, President. piNE TIMBER LANDS 83 PCK ACRE OSLT. sen a Fine Timber Lands in t Vl»canaln,entered e!i at yean ego by a man well aunba -d rjr the oast tiftfi cost ol more than HoannEi* Liolllhs lOßttthfcbkitielec’lom*. rht«e laa*la *ie well lo cated, end arc considered ver> vnlaoh e for the lane emotmv of Une Timber etowln» on tuen, and the e«»e with which It eso bf got to market. TheieUadi have got to he tol-i iiLmecla cly for close up an account, and therefore are (ff-redat the aoovo low Haure For mil n* tfemara adcren KENT A GOl D.-BUHT, Beal Estate Belc-q?.2-4met • ■ ■ TJANEINQ HOUSE OF JAMES botd. 08 Claris Street. Oarcfflcs wUlbac;o <dat I to-caj to participate In tli- ceremoas ot Laying the Corner Stono or ths Cfcft&btr of Commerce. JAS. £O7O. . laiC-qSlLlt ’T'O WHOM IT MAT CONCERN J_ —Take notice due all powers of Attorney Mllcrtoßiven oy me to SLUsH D. GOSHaM, of Wilt County. arethi» do/ revoked. He waolonser my At enter Attormy. .a. H. GO'tatAH. Chicago. BepJtoow 9th. IBM. sriOqSOMaiyt A FPLE3 1 APPLES !—Billings, jL%. Goodrich’A Co , taye on bind and will sell catap, a lareelot ol choice Apples, alto Finns, at No. 7 ittarlret Street, W’gwam Bntid?s'B. Orders from, tha country so licited. sew qSU-lfi IN AN ALMOST BIPENT.TRA- Bit EATING in tbe declivity of McnntEhemeck, Tilei Issimated imseilstelv o? the oaaksofthe jkine, between Broal sad Neidsrhreisle, (a dtitrict cf ihetnbun*lof first imtanceol coDience Bneatan Irena.) wia oe )onx>o uis notice, go ;o kVEtt'T r’S, U7 Lake street. for yourPhotOfrapbs. _ b«10 q?3s>U gEEBERGER & BREAKET, WHOLESALE HARDWARE, 143 Lake street, Chicago, Have on band a very large stock, to which tbe attention ot the trade Is Invited* aul6-p3-10t-r-Taainet ADAMS PRINTING PRESS, LASGE SIZE, 26x40. Will do good work- Will run by hand or steam pow er. For sale at 11X0. In go:d order. Address Box 6056. ce3 QSU-3tTnA?ATaet PACKING HOUSE FOR SALE, A s/rall Facirtar House, situated wlth'n the pi'VLimlta wblcnhM facilities for slanshteriogiad handing lour hnrdred hogs per day. For furUi-r in formation tpply to J xu sel-ciisr-tf in TWOOD—WOOD -WOOD. * I c .' art: Traverse B«tch and Wood for saleby the csrg-j atd at rtUU tt . A. FALDOS * CO.’h Yard, rllg«ortb rrect,b*t?eenToluatdSirrrson. tcG-q«5 ]E,Turn4SAToet Wist Bide. .ASSPS, DSLS & GLASSWARE; THE BESS STOCK IN 9HE WEST, At t*e LOWEST MARKET FBICUfJ. Fcr sals bj ftu2l-p3iS Sttost GEO. Q. POFB. 122 8. Clara »1. STEAM TO EUROPE.-i'eraoia kJ about to visit Europe would do well to call aad tee the General Agent of the Liverpool, New York and PMladcl pbU Steamahlp Co. Is Chicago be ore loiviac ior tea East, tshallls suing return tickets to Liverpool end Queenstown at reduced rates ol passage. Steamers leave New York as follows: CITY OF BALTIMORE .Saturday, August Tlth JiTNA ; ** S-*ot 3rd EDINBURGH '* **• IWh Apply to F. A EMOBY, General Agent, comer ol Clark and Lake streets. anaS-pgW-UtaA-xawnet mo LUMBERMEN. X FOB DOCKAGE ASP STORAGE _ On mahazthkjxwkS. near flslsted sweet bridgW apply to A-J. KSISSLY. fioo» So 4 Cobb’s Build. Lo«,USX Dearborn street jylßnSl-2it suawms NUMBER 67. Ncto aJibertisemcnts. Prof, H. A. Ds [tan’s HAIR RESTORER. TO THE PUBLIC. I hare forievtral years psgtbreacrariuaMy losing my bsir, mill cf late tbs top of my bead Q»d become almost bald, aid the hair which remained bad. Charged from 1U natural color to white, ornoarl* eo. I chanced to make the acquaintance of Professor and, cntbe stressth of bis astorsucs that a proper application cf hie Hair Bestcrer would give me ahead of tew hair, I decided to make a trial of It. aid now, a'ter as apoJeation of eight weeks,hare a new crop of hair growing tfoaly as I could wish, and of thj original color. If any lady or gentl-unm deilxee to have occultr evld-nce of the truth 01 the above esattment, they can sat Lit* themselves by call' log on me at my office in Portland block, durln; banners hour?, or a;my retlfesce, 616' West Waih- Inaton street. I bare found iha*. as to the leaeta cf time necessary to produce a nrw head of hair, and every essential particular cotnecied wl*hlt.the Pro* fleaor'a statements at tae omet hava proved entirely correct. Pad the application produced no ct ter re sult than the cleaning of my hair of dandruff and eyi jy ether impurity cemrncu to hair, I should sen nder myself imply compensated for the conadera -1 too paid, and wonld not now be deprtvea of its use fur live times the price charged lor It. I oftr ihl?,' my tea'lmotial or Us go.. d effects upon my own bead* that ethers may be ben*flited ov Its use, and one- U Cited on the part of Prof.* Oe Mona. G. P. EASOALL; Architect, Office, Portlana Slock. Chicago, 111, August 27th, 18«, PROF. rnMUKKoanbe corralled at bis Branch Office. 123 Dearborn Birger, corner of Madison, (up etalrt) Coca notation bee. aeio-asttic CLOSING OUT SALE -OF FUI $ ITURE. The Entire Retail Stock OF F. PORTER THAYEB, 101 X.AKE STBEET, To lie Closed Out Immediately at CREIILY REDUCER PRICES. ELEGANT SUITES FOE Parlors, Chambers, Libraries, and lining Booms, Etageres, . Book Cases, Hat Trees, Centre Tables, Hirrore, &o. Patent Cork Mattresses, Patent Spring Beds, and Every Description of Bedding. THE WffOL&ALE TRADE Will tc continued, as heretofore, at onr manufactory, 50. SO and 92 West Bandolph street. Orders re spectfully solicited. * F. POSTES THAYEH. gegqwl linos ARTISTS 9 MATERIALS At JSVNE A ALMIHX’3, 101 Wa:h!aztou Btreat. £e:o QSiO-etnet gOOP SKIRTS. ; 0. E DE FOEEST & CO., Manufacturer! and Jobbers, 84 LAKE STREET, 84 (See GILT SKIBT. opposite Tremont House.) Offer to the trades large itcckof their own maun* lactnre. We bays also a large stock of Hosiery, Yams, Corsets, STAPLE KOTIONH. Haying purchaaed early, wo offer Inducements to Cash Buyers. - »®4-qUMwnet MUSIC. H- IM. HXC3-S-XISrS, 117 Randolph Street, Hasjuat Issued a eons and quartette, for mixed yokes, entitled - “ Softly o’er my Spirit Stealing,” PyWm.S. Pitts—price W cents—a plaintive, touch lapmelcdy. A.llO the "The lianpy Picket 50y.” Si njr tod i boras by lUei-arrt Zel ner—lively and prat* ty. Price as cents. The above nieces will do saot post paid, to any address on recpjpt of marked p> tee by oedrcMing tuepublisher as above. se2q6ivamei jgAGINES AMD BOILERS FOR SALE. One M-ETorre Power t tattonary. with Tabular Boll* r. Run but six months. Good as new. One 15-Ucrae, Ststlcnaryor Portable. - Cno BC-Hcree Lccomctive BoUcr. J. C. RICHARDS, Bcf-qroc-etnet S9 Waahlngtdn a treat. S~JOOB ! S SU&AR EYEPOiiA VIO£S, , VICTORCANEUHLS. WesternDspot4B.-18 andSO West Lake stieet. Chicago. amae-priO fit SAATmet FASTSB ft GAMMON. Notice. TO a\RDWA2E MEN. The stock and tools« f a Hardware, Tin and Stove Store for rale below Ct prices. Loesvou * Rood one, atai&llrcad crotstoz. iui antes from Cti'caco. Vo competition, Tor particulars adarees "Cfl," Cbcnca, DU se3 qOWtnet A TTENTION SIR KNIGHTS jfX. The members of Apollo Coumandery, No. 1 KmebtaTemplar, are requester to meet at taelr Asylum, hfaioolc Temple, Saturday, Sept. lOth, at 2p.m , to assist m theccrencnie* <ai laying tae cor* cer etrne of the rew Chamber of Commerce. B,r Kmgbta wlb appear la (til! dress, as far as practicable. By order oi the E. C. seSqttTOtnct J. A. MONTGOMEHT, Sec’y. CROSS EYJSS Strslgbtcced Is one mlcnt*, Dracoes* and Discharges frem ib Esrcured, find al 1 diseases o;tbe itye »m Ear comlr for nine vena nan;, to receive'- pedal atteotica tf DR. UNDERWOOD, 121 Randolph street, Chicane. se3-q7o^3tnet TO TSE YUXSBS OF COOK COUSTT Having served ihrea ye&ta and a quartir In the army durirg this rebHJon.a-d b*v ng bees honorably d??cbari»3C for reason of tao explra ticnofmr tfnno* nice, I bare com.-home to re main. I would announce myself aa a candidate lor tie olfir,i» nr Cl-.BHK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT, And uocla sobciteov support fi- that ctßcc. James r. hctghnin. StbqTU-CtCtt WET K U ESS VTANTED. Apply at office of Dr. J. ftDAUS ALLEN. No, 7 LarL-’on Bled, corn* ref Clark and Ws»hlnrVn betwetnioa- m. and Op. m, • atfrqTUStnet A BANKING- OS INSURANCE OFFICE TO RSHT.—A lerro, tlrrroam, on a coed Btrc'-t.icd Kooa fined n' amubls (ortvfeaoklacoUiae. Uson’rinjedttat It cooiabd occu;itflt>jtwopartiee. Anolvto YOUNG & SPRINGER, MetropoUcia Blocs, •t?-QWS-StiCtTAfcJC SB,OOO $15,C00 and $30,000 Ts Lgm, ob Btasen*Ue Tens. Alio, tome txuHsr coma. „ • - BATED & BRADLET. Corntr cf Late aadLaaallo streets, leS-q-nt-SVTTJia TusasAT-net Keto aibmisnneHtg. JgUGGIES.;: ..-s AS ASfiOKTMfHT OF. Open and. Top' Buggies, DSIKOCPAT WAGONS . OF OITH OWN M4£>K, Eest Style and Material, Equal toaij lc UomAftcS. XHEiAKT WIiLBTg, Mirufictory tod S-Ueiro^m, o»raer *r state u4 lw«l/lh streets* Bet-qm-mac? _ NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON ITT BOOTS & SHOES AT R, BAMB£R&CO’S, IS2 Lake Street. Haira&ctnrcdby EDSIH C. BUST, !Tib York^ CcdobUejt of Latficf.' Masses tad Children's c«v stjles of Balmorals, troat bot'-oa Congress, Imlt* km Buckle Ccrgnis. Ccngreit 1 nutation Haltrorsls, Ccnsrces Imitation Button, wnn other new eat basnljjnl varieties, all or which we shall warrant. t?* la sdClrlou to the above wo have agreet rarlo> \y of LaiUs,* Hlsssi* ead Children's Goods; also* Hen's. Bor*’ asd Tenth** Boats,B-tlmorals, CoagrfM, Mtn's BneKle Bcot»,lmltaiiorEuciie do. We offer ere it iaduceictota la onr Wholsstle Department, Allwbohoj goods in tin market shouil exataloo onr etoci before purchasiug. IL BAHVtB & C 3., selO-qSUtCcet JjaADQUARTEfiS FOR CAMPAIGN Medals and Badges. Ala?, the finest Steel Esjcnvinis of QJcClf linn, Lincoln, Jofcnscn, Grant, SBEB3MS, CGLESDf, BOBCIiS. Seed stamp fcr clrcnlau to E.B. LAHDOK, Agent, EH Lite afreet. Chicago, TLInoU. Price of Ergravloaa W coots each. • Sample oy «i*i ftec«D»»ceptoi retail fries. teliHSli 6t b% * uAinet TgOOTS AND SEOSS AT WHOLESALE. Cone try dealers will dad it to their advantage to as* ami*e oar stock of SOOTS AND SHOES. Bow Hud; txe th. fan Trade. It was purchased and manufactured before the races* ftdTftCC: In i.cuu.£r.fttid »e can atford to —n «• PKICKSBiaO'W tKeSBNT EiBCSKS CO3T. Car stock If the U/g-et Is tse w«at, mainly of the tea: «arr«tted vcrK. We manure a e is Chicago lb' tbose whoprtfST Western made Boots, and guarantee taUiisetfca 19 allubo'uy of as. We hive ■ lave stcefts of BOOT P&CKB, hpv PACKS,RU"HEu* and KGB OYMS3UOSM, Call sad examine at 29 and 31 Lake Street ‘ Corner Wabasu Avenue, Chicago. ttfTOtffrSOtnet POOGSTT. BASSETT A bit, Eg. NEW SEIBT For 1864. A new tnd great Lyrntion in Hoop Skirts. TUS DUPLEX ELLIPTIC rQS DOUBLE) ST£BI» SPECKS. J. 1. Sc J. O. WEST, 07 Cl)ambers Street, New York, Are the ovnen> of the patent* and eze.ualva maaup iflttuiereof ttla.’s patented dttplex ellip tic bXS£L SPRING SKIBXS. This invention consist* o. imniox (or two) Blllptla Bitei Soring*. jaccDicaa.y nriuea ana grimy toucher eu*et«ed*Q, maiuur the toughest, mots ell tic, flexible ann coracle aprlag ever need- eu*- bl igth-’s wearer, in cjtsaqueace ot tta • tea*, elsa-id* ty at d flfnblecMi. to place ana tcld the start when to ; mj as easily end with tte ms e cenven eoce *a % atla or mnauu <*rpss is entt ely oorA'ea and (Peaces K*. o PteWSWiP.Bawai6M,KeJSß»sirfS cxowdtedaiatttbllta carrlaeta.iausoaccara. eharctk peel, or la any <ao*ded place. (Tom the tflfflcuity of enotraenng th-ro to remising & email space. This entirely reo ovea tee difficult v, while aivmstne*klrt the ciualndi anr Bjaoetnc»lioria,*ndu the light est, anc nost avjHrb aoil gisec ol dopearancafor tba I’iefct, opera, promenade or boas* cru*. a lacy bav nt cnjoi edicts Dlcarare. ccmfort *ndgreatcoa violence ol wearing toe BuMer Elliptic Sorxmr Bslit fcr a tingle day. w ll never ultarward willingly dapesiewttb the tseofthem. ibev are th* ceet 55 an tv la every part, and py tar tnelnatMt moat durable. coelorLsDld and economical sK*rt made* Merchants w 11 h« rnpnl.ed as aaov**, and ladles m s>oftoiat«el»n rttailacjrealathh city aad through th* dlffnent States. |2T* Incnlr* fcr the DUxLItX kLLIPTIC SPEISQ SUSIB. BEABIRY’S PA2EaT“6ueiEX ELUPXZC 1 * •SIBT, Most Fcpolar and Flexible In cae uuoa a aossAOtL. 167 ft M>i arssueo;, Saioago. patsst dttelex Eitieiis ssisr. Combining elpyance, llihtneyg, ermfott and econo my, and uiQuotionably toe moit desirable artlela made. For aslc by POTIBR PAT.vraw 110,117,11-1 ft liSLdKt, Ghicago* BSAOLETS UDPIXX ELLIPTIC mrrg-r, Very flexible, folded vastly, when la use, to ocean? a a?kU soacc, making the moat agreeable aklztwcrc. For sale by A. G DOW.M3 * CO„ Lake at., Chicago* BBABLSY’a DUPLEX ELLIP TIC &KIBT. Host Practical and Desirable article nude. M • E«>S3 a Eoarsß. . ICSlake street, (Hew Store.) BBADLiI'3 DUPLEX 2LUPCIC SKIRT. Tbs greatest improvement we have ever a® ea In La Git’s Seirts, and an article of sooerior excellence. FiiEJ£DM*N * BOOOKZNO. _ intake itrest, Chicago. au3o pTSISt-xuxs Tnuaai>net ** 'ALL GOODS. 78 Labe Street, CRAVES & IRVINE. ’Ws offer to-the Trade a fine aiaortmeat of BSZSS and CLOAK TBIUaIWOS for Pall wear; large Usea of onr well known makes of COESATa; WOOLEN HOSIERY in great variety; and one cf the richest stick* of 2EPH2E WOBSTEDS, BUdCABw BOODS.aH'iWIS, APFGHaNS. 2IDIES, *O.l ever offered by ns toturcustHiuera. Weinvita an examination cf our stock, by those dealers who hvosn-nhitribrto traded with us. as wail as by onrolafrieufls, g confident mat onr assortment and price* will recommend them seiv*sio all. GRAVES ft IF.YIHIf,7S lake at* BtS q6!2*in air «in 6*. net Limited partnership. This Is to e-rtlty that the mlTTlxucd, Willard M. Foliar, U&eldU. F»rd and Pet'crT. Bar’ll, bays this cay termed a partnership under the dim pane oi - FULLER Sc FORD, For tie transaction cl a Qeßsial-Maaulhctnrlng Basin* m in the lit of Cbicato, rbat t*ta WUriam Ja. Fuller and n*yid X. Fcrd are the GenaralPart® uors, and Peter T Burtls la lha SihcUl Parmer, and Ua* all of them reside la :ae City of Cllcavo, Cook and State of Illinois n*i the avia Peter T, Burt's, the Special Farmer, baa coouibatedtbaronft of Five Tboasxnd Dollars in cosh to the common stock, andtbot said partne-ahlo Is to commenceoa the nthottTof Jn'y. A,D. ißii.and will terminals on the Uih day of JnJv. A D iw?! “ w.llaro m. fhllsß, Taman,! DAViti M. FOBl>. ruxn.l PKTKRT.BGimd, CtSAn.i aso-oMw itaw aanet ** ■* QOOPER’S CELEBRATED Sugar Mills, TUB 81UC 37 SEESEREER & BREAKET, Wholesale Hardware Dealers, 143 IAKK SIBEII, CHICAGO. Liberal dtcoont to’he trade [seCqijS-St-xma tnsA?AT net] HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted, by tbe United States Government at lift Custom House inSewTorlc and etn&r places. FO3 3AT.F. ey DICK BHSO.V, STUBGES £ CO., Metal Warehouso, an29p°67£Ctnet 199 ft 201 Randolph street, Chicago. 1 000 R BARROVVS * Alse, Garden aid Coil Harrows, Straw Carters, Corn Sfcellers, and Plonsbs, OF EVERT DES'CRIPTIOJT, - la very Urg» quantises at FUBSY* BRADLEY’S, !5 and 58 Kortft Jeflerson Street* Ciucaop. in.... P, 0. Bos 6011. seS qSSMwiet jfyJETAL 'WAREHOUSE, DICKERSON. STUBBES& CO. XMPOUTSKS or •TIILsT PLATE, And Dealers In Tinners* e*tock. ICESTS FOR THE IIOIFE’S SCALE CoaPUSV* KOdSutEASDOLPU.fIT., C2XCAGO. euSS-pfecsSLunet NF. MERRILL, * wnotrsAin dvazss or IAJTPS, OHS AND GLASSWARE AND LANT GOODS OP KVEDT DE3C&XCTIOH. atuS-pDJWiKntt 71 ft 35 Randolph street, Chicago* FfcAiJACiSD GOOES.—Ha ta.CaM A 7 and HiSlner Goods at wholesale and ral£L Ai*oa tarfelot eiSma. 'These roods wf3 and bm be sold, rurchaier* will find is to their interest tt call and examlre *bisßtccSr EYE <fe EAR DR-UNDERWOOD, •tutor of a N«W Sjntem Of treftttss diieiues nfth® Ej«»od Lar;la7eDtor ofoeW iD»txum»nt»»nd o*w op*»*»lo*i for Cro«® KTe. Cj.*- nct.Artificial Popil. Oc,tr*co*teoMl»«OpatOiW c^llee^New'Tor*. conimnei m for nia®_T**rO SwitorrmoVe »HOitewe. of Via Eya*n«l Bjrwllu* feoreacbojf Homan Kill. »®d n-UT Stoat

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