Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 11, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 11, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago fxibane. SHOTAS, SEPTEMBER 11, 18M. the city. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Ujltg the Cdthtt BUat «f the Haw BnM- Inf—lmpwlig] Hasdile €ert«enl#»— lemaiks-iddrtoby the Baa* T. J. Toner, M. W. 6. ML •f the State ef UllaoU. According to simoon cement, tbe ceremonies of laying ths comer stone of the new Chamber of Commerce building, on ihu comer of Washington and LaSalle streets, took place with great eclat yesterday afternoon. The day was One, and the weather temperate, time giving the Udlea an op portunity to grace the proceedings with tifelr presence, which they did In large numbers. Long before the boor for the commencement of the cere- monies, the Court Donee cupola and roof; toe roof of Smith & Nixon's pew Mule Ball, and tbe street In front of the new bonding .were dentely crowded with v hummlty. The police, to prevent ssy surging among the crowd, pis coda rope allale In front of ibo baUdlog, enclosing a place suffi ciently lorce to enable the Ms«ome fraternity sad Board of Trade to have a 101 l view of the cere* monies, which were conducted In a very Impoatag and solemn manner. •* . 1 At holi-past two o'clock p. m., the Masonic fra ternity met to* ether at toe Masonic Ball, Dwr bora ttrecl.wbere they were farmed la order (men* tiontd hereafter,) after which they moved down Dearborn to Lake. Lake to LaSalle, LaSalle to South Wattt to the Board ot Trade rooms, where * they were received by the members of tne Board of Trade and Chamt er ol Commerce. „ Here tbe pro cession was again formed, and in the following order morchtd down Well# to Like, Lake to Clark, Clark to Washington, to the north earn corner of the new Chamber of Commerce building, In tbe following order;* . ■ Uasomc Pnocksnox. Great Western Band Mr. H. C. Bosney, Marshal oftte Muonic Frster- . inly • Two Tylen with orawnswordi < Tyler ofthe oldest lodge with drawn sword Two Stewards ot the olaest lodge Matter Masons Stewards Junior Deacons i"; Senior Deacons , * • Sccsclatiea.. . Treunrtra Junior W'atdeas Senior Wardens Past Masters Matters Boys) Arch Masons i . ■ Templar •: TUB GRAND nonok ' Grand Tyler with drawn sward ‘ Grand Stc» with white coda The prlndpil Archliect with squire, level and plumb -Grind Secretory and Grand Treasurer The bible. square end compass carried by the Master of a Lodge supported by two Stewards The Grand Chaplain The fire order* of Architecture Pafct Grand Wardens Part Deputy Grend Maatere Grand Junior tbe silver vessel The Grand Senior Warden carrying the silver vea* . sel with wine The Deputy Grand Muter carrying tbe golden vessel with cam Master ofthe eldest Lodge carrying the book of Constttntiona on a golden cushion The Grand Master support ad by two Deacons with roos seven iret apart The Grand Standard Bearer The Oiut Sword Bearer The folio wing wn* Jhe order of the Great Western Band ' light Guard Bond - Major and City Council Other city officers Judges of the several Courts. Other officers of the Conns. Government officers, ilmhexs oi the Bar. Police Commissioners. Board of Public Worts. Board of Seperriaow of Cook county. Mercantile Association. Other civic assocUttcne. Chamber of Commerce of the aty of Chicago. Citizens on foot. On arriving opposite the stone, the Steward and Deacons formed on two lines In the shape of a •Motile, level, between which passed the Bojal Arch Masons. Knight's Templar —“the admired of all admirers,* 1 in taelr cay uniforms and ebaptaus—the Grand Lodge, members of the Board ol trade and Chamber of Commerce,to tbe basement surrounding audio rear of the platform On this the officers oi the w«mwi c fraternity, Board ot Trade ana Chamber of Commerce took position. Among them were: Host Worshipful T. J. Toroer, 6* ; SI ; Biebt Wonhlplnl B W. Dunham, D. Q.M.; G. a. Gib son. 6. 8. W.; W. H. Beed, G. J. W.; W. B. Q. 1,; D. C. cregier, Q. 8.; N. W. Huntley, 0.8. D,; G. a. Bsrston, Q. J. D.t John F. Best?, G. Arch, acting as Q. T.; O, H.‘ Tifiany, G. C.; Broken* Kerr and Morgan Grand Stewarus with white rods: Lewis Scbapnei, Bible nearer; Brothers F, Bnd>ou and E. Adda, Stewards, with black rods; Brothers Boacb, Keyns, Stephenson, Baldwin and Paras, hearers of the five orders of architecture; K. B. Stephens, bearer of book of Constitution: Brothers Gale and Cooae Grand Steward and Grand Sword Dealers; Brother Fer ros, Grand TyJct; H. C. Banney, Grand Marshal; CoLB. M. Bough, Prealaent or tbe Chamoerof Commerce; CoL John L. Hancock, President of the BoardofTnde: John B. Brave, N.* EL Whit ney, Hugh McLertan, and several other members of tqe Board of Trade. Tbe proceeding* were opened by the Senior War den taking position on the west tide and the Ju nior on the eouth side of the stone, alter which the Grand Hester requested the audience to observe perfect silence during the ceremonies, mtu. CoL Hough than announced thUEev.O. HTit laoy, D, P n of Evan* too, would offer prayer, D . Tiffany adore?ted the Torone of Grace as follows : **o bolj, holy, holy Lord God Almighty 1 who art end watt acd art to come! (8er.,1v,8.) the hear* en?, era the bares?, are Thine, and all the hosts of them. The earth Is Tclnc, and the falsest thereof the world and they that dwell therein. In Thy band arc the deep places «f the earth, and the strength of the tills is Thine also The sea Is Thine, for Thou msdest it, and Thyhanas formed the dryland. All the beasts of the forest are Thtne,and the came upon a thousand bills. Thon art a great God and a great King a bore all gods. Br Thy good providence we are flssemb'ed. and to Thco would we girs thinks, to Thee make known ° thanks foraUThygoodnesa shown onto oar fathers; lor they cot not the lard in pos session by their own sword, neither did their own arm sare them, hr Thy rlahl hand snd Thine arm and the ilgat of Thy countenance. We bias Thee that their children lire in the enjoyment of the clrUand re'lgions liberties which they secured, and that ondera wisely ordered gorerunent we hare grown to he a people blest of the Lord. Oor fields are rich with harvest?. Oor waters bear the wealth of nations; the sails of oor ships whiten every sea, finding their way to Thy great ocean, through lakes or on the bosom of the mighty Thee that Thou hast ordered the plant- Ing of this groat dty, so that the forests laid low by the woooman's axe are brought here to be fashioned by ekiilfnl workmen; the grain of the I fie'd is gathered cere for the cuppor of nations. 1 Thy cattle are gathered here and preserved to be food for man Thonlaat great prosperity tld onr merchants ate princes* and our traffickers arc the honorable of the earth. In the midst of desolating wax Thon hast given to ntyrosperity so the former hounds were too strait for ns, and' we are met to lay the comer stone of a new Cham ber of Commerce. May there be to ns a happy angmy m that this tpofc naa been aforetime dedicated to thee Bnehai tny praise been sung - hers have Thy people prayed —here has Thynsme been proclaimed—bere,erer, 0 Lord may Thy peace dwell. May peace and har mony prevail in the counsels of Toy servantajand msy no selfish or divided views find place among them. Maytbeworkolthls building os completed without hurt or accident to any person. Msy it rise till men stall “go round abbot it, mark well its bulwarks and consider tts palaces.*' and when thon shall have prospered the work of their hands upon them and this house shall be prepared and finished, print that all who enjoy its benefits may show forth their thankfaloees by making ft light nee of It to the glory of Thy name. in all onr prosperity msy we remember Thee— thstwe become not as Tyre, “the destroyed in tho midst of the sa; 1 ’ bnl msy we find wisdom and get undemanding, for the merchandise of Iv is bet ter than the merchandise of silver and the gain thereof than fine gold, bo that ofthlscbylc may b« said her merchandise atd her hire shall be hou se** to the Lord. Blest Thon. O God, the President of the United States, the Governor of the Comtnonweiltb, and the officers to tbe dspsrtm?nts of the dty govern ment, the officers of the Board of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce, and all the member? there of; ** and let Thy work appear unto Thy servants and Thy glory nnto their children, and let the beasty of me Lord oor God be noon us, and estab lish Toon tbs work of our hands, establish Thon ir.*’ And now bleared be the Lord God. the God of Great, who only doeth wondrous (hinge, and blessed be Hie c.orfoos name forever, and let the whole earth be filled with Ills glory. Amen and amen. Alter the prayer, the Greit'WcttemLL’ht Guard Band plajee a DcaotUn<!seleetlon from “’Norma,*, at the conclusion of which Col. B. U, ilongn President of the Chamber of Commerce, a poke as follows* Fellow Citizens: It becomes 107 p’eaiant duty to give 70a welcome here; to fuvile you to partici pate In ibe intefet-llngccremonicaabtrat to Deper -1 armed In laying tho earner stone of this commer cial edifice about being erected here. At this time it u not exuected, tuir would U be proper toe me to indulge in any general remarks upon tbit occa sion, but 1 cannot allow this opportunity to dim withon. paying that tribute which my own feel ings Impel me to offer at this time to a Dsdy ol men through whose liberality and patronage this build ing li being erected. l«oylt wlthoutdecnctionto others that as a body of men* the commercial, mrreanti e and bußinecs men ot Chicago lor their liberality, tbdr energy in action and tbelr high standing as commercial men Is second, to sons of a similar character and pan nits in the known world. Asproot ot that Isctyoar city la all its de partments ta better provided with facilities for taring care of and disposing of the Immense amount of traffic which Is being poured into the lap of Ibis dry; yon have better warehouses and other facilities for doing business than otberdbes, and all bronchi about by the energy, persevemee and liberality of lor business men. As the crown of ail this liberality, they are about to eroctao edi fice, which they propose to erect for the cooflom* ballon of that business; and from the known ability of the contractors and architect wba hare charge of Uiie boUdlng, and also the ability of tho Chamber of Commerce to perform Its obi'gallons touard all thoso contractors, lam happy to state to you that we snail be ready on the let of Hay next, to dedicate this place to the pnrpoae fbr which It ta being erected, lappianae,! hoping then to meet you again under propltvma circum stances, and unite with yon in the final dedication of this tmlHirg to the pnrpoae for which it it to be erected. I will Introduce to you the President of the Board o! Trade—CaU Hancock. CoL J. I*. Hancock spoke as follows: Gentle men—One word in behalf of the Board of Trade, We have met hen to lay the corner-stone of a struct ore which Is lobe the great central point, In a badness point of view, of the great Northwest, v ta the capacity which I sow occupy, hare naed every endeavor, every effort In my power, to bring about tbit cr* at work. An Instate lon Ilka this, having enffloent rooms and accommodations to accommodate all Its members, will render great assistance to the badness community; and, while too great Nortnwest is so rapid!* Increasing In its wonderful productions, it ls*oeee*aary that every facility should be afforded to business men. In order that they may accomplish the great work properly. I mayonly say, that while onr citizens are greatly increasing in wealth onr merehsnta are making tnefr tortnnM, and everything seems to ■mile on this Western world. We hare only this to do—to be true to onr country, true to our selves, and true to onr God, and we shall be ICeeted. ICbeers.l DBTOtrrED 17SDBB TBB BTOSS. The Greed Tte»«eter, John B»tr, ectimr. stepped tonmdet the re(m« of U“Qttod Use ltr.uu) dfpMlcd the eeal bot the trotkmen ietnwhHe Aetas the stone, hearfn* the Snictlp- bend jaeoMthUe plejlpg Fief ePs Qer. man Hymn i l ' __ll czuaaanoroowxncß - or tub errr or cstcaoo, A. O. ISM. After depositing the tin box, he read the follow- UieChnm t*r ofConunerce of the dty of Otitaso, woo l*ld In Vlmple lorm on gunidiy, tbo join txj of Stp toSeCA. D„ lE6J, »I the Hon. Tina. J. Timer Jfoit WonblpfU GrandMtster ofthe Offend Lodge of andent Free Md Acccpud Masons or too bum olldlnols. ' The following 1* alist of the officer* of the Chant* her of Commerce of the city of Chicago: JYeHttent— R. M. Hough. Fir* Pruident—V. A.Turpin. Eii tcton John U Hidcock, T. Jr Bremen, V. L. Unocnrood. D. Thomaun, J. U Richards, Hnab MeLelon, U. Hllward. GeoP. Ham^r, Blair. Sami. M. Kickmon, J. K Pollard. SulUtUiO Thompson, John L. Uan cock, T. J. Bruwo, Geo. F Ramsey, U. McLennan, John F Beaty, Secretary; J, V. For well. Treasurer. ■ •- There U deposited within the stone tbe Proceed ings Grand Lodge of 1868; Proceedings. Grand Commandery of Illinois 1863: Annual Statements Board 61 Trade ISC9 to 1864; Charter. OonrUtation and By-Laws of Board of Trade: Obirterof Clum ber ot Commerce; copies of all the Doll? Papers of Chicago oftblsdate; Daily Commercial Reports. Of gold -coin one ♦♦Donee Eagle,** lefif; one “Eaclc" ot 3861: a ‘♦Quarto’ Bane" of IB6o* a *• Gold Dollar" of 186*; of Silver Coins—Dollar of' ITCs: two dollars 1863 red 1564: half dollar ofISSJ: quarter dollar of 3856; a dime orißS3; a half dime otl&S; three centptecooflßft!; of copper—a two cent piece of • SC4: two centpieces of 1830 and 1833*: a half ant oflGSfi. Postal Currency of the United States—fifty cents; twenty-live cents; ten cents; five cent*. All of-which it deposited. Mat Qua bias and protect onr country. Tbe wdramen then lowered tho stone In posi tion. Tho following hymn was then sang to tho tune o! *♦ America,'* tne band playing the accom paniment: •••■’ - -Let Masons* fame resound Through a'l the nations round. :i’ . From note to pole: - See what ftsiidtr, Harmless simplicity,' Like elecindty, • Suns through the whole. Lougmay onr Craft be free. And may tbev ever be Great, as of yore: For many age* ps»t .Masonry bos stood fast, And may its glory last Till time's so more. .. cxßxxoinza. Tho Grand Architect, John F. Beaty, then pre sented the.worklng 100 s to the Grand Master, who then banned the square to the Deputy Grand Mas ter; the level to the Senior Grand Warden, and the plomb to the Junior Grand Warden. After which tho Grand Master addressed these Grand officers as foliow* i » “Right Woirhiptnl Grand Ussier, what Is the .prooer Jewel o< yonr office?” ♦•The square *' What arc Us moral and Muonic uses ?'* “Toeqnareonractionsbythe squareoi virtue acd prove onr work.” Apply tbeimp.ement of your office to that por tion of the comer stone that needs to be pro red and mate report. • . The Deputy Grand Master. B W.Dnnhsm, tben applied the square several times and sold: *♦ Most Worshipful I find the stone to bo square. The craitsmen have performed their daty." - The Grand Muter then addressed tbe Senior Grand Warden. Q. Q. Gibson, u fallows: .“RWitWoranlplnl Senior Greed Warden, what' Is thejewel of yonr office?” f-Tbelevel.** “What Is Be Masonic use?” “Morally it remieds ns of equality and Its u>e to lay horizontals ** *• Apply the Instrument of yonr office to the cor ner etoue and report.** He then applied tbe level and said: “Most Wonhlpml, Illod the stone to be level. The craftsmen have performed their doty." TheGnod Master then addressed the Senior Grand Warden, W. B. Seed, in the following man- “Bight Worshipful Senior Grand Warden, what la the proper Jewel of your office I” t *Tbepla^nD. ,, Whit is itt Mssontc tieef'* “Morale It t cache* rectitude of conduct, and we nee It to try perpendiculars.* ’ Apply the implement olyour office to the aereral ’ odeea ol the comer alone aid report: BaTipc compiled with thl* reqaeat, he answered, “Host Worshipful, I flue the stone Is plumb. The craftsmen bavcpirtOnned their ou'y” The Grand Master then said: “This comer stone has been tec ted by the proper implements of masonry. 1 And that the cranemen hare sktDftally and faithfully performed their duty, and 1 do de clrre the ad nc to be well formed, true and trusty, and correct!; laid according to the rales of oar an* dent emit. Let the elements of consecration now hepteaented.** “ The Deputy Grand Master then came forward with a sllvt-r cud, fi led with wheat, representing plenty, and, alter scatter ng It on the atone,s Id: “I scatter this com as an emblem of plenty. Hay the bleesligs of bounteous Heaven be showered upon ns ana upon ail tike patriotic and benevolent undertaktnes, and inspire the hearts of the people, with virtue, wisdom and gratitude.' l To tbis was responded. “So mote it be. 11 There Is one peculiarity connected wl«h this wbtat which is well worthy ol mention. It i« from the prodnea of seven foreign nations in Europe, Asia and Africa, and from e-cven States (North and Booth) of the Union. This is the only Inatanes in which such a feature baa occurred, and is a practi cal demonstration of the universality of the Order. Jtia not amiss. In this connection, to say that to ; the Masonic portion ol tbe procession were repra eei tatlvcs from seven foreign nations. It is also extremely probable that there were also represent atives from everj State In the Union. The Senior Grand Warden next came forward, hearing a goh'et of wine, and after pouring u on the stone raid; “Ipocr.this nine as an emblem of Joy and gladness. May the‘ Great Euler of the universe bices and prosper onr Naaonal,Btate and Citygov eraments, ptoervelhe union of the States, and may it he a bond ot friendship and brotherly love that shall endure through all time.’ 1 To this was responded “ So mote It be. 11 Tbe Junior Grand Warden then stepped fbnb with a cup of oil, which he poured on the stone and said: “I poor this oil aean emblem of peace. May its h’esflmr abide with ns continually and may the Grand-Master of Heaven and earth shelter and protect the widow and orphan, shield and defend them from trials and vicissitudes of the world, and to hestew Bis mercy upon tne bereaved, the af dieted and tho Borrowing, that they may know sorrowitg and trouble no more.” • To tots the customary response was msde— 11 So mote it be.'' At the conclusion of these ceremonies the Grand Vaster made the following invocation: “May tbe all bounteous author of nature bless I the inuabitanta ol this place with an abundance of the necessaries, conveniences and comforts of life: I assist in tbo erection and completion of thlsbolld* Ing; protect the workmen against every accident, long preserve Ibe structure tram decay, and grant tons all a supply of the cornot nonrubment, the wincofrefrecnmcctandtheollof Joy. Amsn.** Tbe usual response was then made, after which the Grand Vaster strack the stone three times and delivered Ibc square, level and plumb to the Architect, E F. Barfing, saying: “WoicniT 8m: Havmc thus, as Grand Beater of Basons, laid the foundation stone of this stmc* tore, I row deliver these Implements of your pro ■ fee elon Into your bands. Intrusting you wlta the superintendence and direction of the work, having fnU confidence in your akiU and capacity to con* dnet the same.” . This pen of the proceedings was foil owed by the singing of the following ode to the tnne of “ Old Bundled:** •‘Accept, Great Builder ol tbo skies, Ourheart-feit acts of sacrifice I Each brother found a living stone, While bending low before fbr throne. White Craftsmen true their work prepare, With thoughts nnstsined, and holy care, Mav cadi be fitly formed, and pUcea Where Love Divine his hopes bid traced.** At the conclusion of the Binging, Grand Hester Tomer addressed those present at follows: . Hen and brethren, beta assembled, belthnowa onto yon that ire be lawinl Masons, true and faith* 10l to the laws of our country, ana engaged by sol* rmn obligations to erect magnificent buildings to bo serviceable totbe brethren, and to fear God. the Great Architect of the Universe. We hare among nr, concealed from the eyeaof all men, sonata which cannot be dmi Iced, and which hare ncrer been found oat; but these secrets are lawful and honorable, and not reptumant to the laws of God or man*' Tbty woro lutrostod in peace and honor to the Masons of ancient times, and having been fclthfoliy trail emitted to ns. It is oar doty to coa* Try them unimpaired to the latest posterity. Un* Ires enr craft were good, and our calling honorable, wc should not bare lasted for so many centuries, nor should we have been honored with the patron age of so many lllnetrloos men In all ages, who hare ever shown themselves ready to promote oar interests and defend os from all adversaries. We are assembled here to day. In the face of too all, to bid d a boose which we pray God mar deserve to prosper, by becoming a place of concourse for good men, and promoting harmony and brotherly love throughout the world till time shall ba no more, assnsss or-ms otusp m«m. The Grand Matter then addressed the assembly as follows: HyFncsds and Brethren: When I was Invited a «ew days ago to lay • this comer stone, I under* sloodthtre had been an orator selected to deliver an appropriate address npon the occasion. I was informed, however, yesterday afternoon that thit arrangement had not been made, and that ths offl* cers end members of the Chamber of Commerce and oltho Board of Tradewoold expect meto make some remarks npon the Decision. Fellow Cltl xens: It affords me gnat pleasure, though wholly unprepared, to comply with this request. It is an occasion of peculiar pride and gratification to me, to aid In a work which will extend the Influence and greatness of a body whose liberality and noble patriotism are world-renowned, andldonbtnot that tbronsbont tbe whole fro ' zmnsc dtyol Chicago this day is regarded as a tort •ofhollday, a day to bo long remembered In tbe his tory of tbe city We hare come bere to-day to do for thin bill'ilxgwbatbasjbcen done to tnsarbnl’d* tags before—to lay with appropriets ceremonies tbe corner stone ol this public edifice And yet, mr Irlcnda, It is not voncnsaled to many communi ties ever to be presentand assist atso imposing and so Interesting a ceremony as yon witness bere to day. Webate, as Masons, laid this slono In doe and proper fcflm. Bat, my fnenl* 1 hare fell to* dsy, I bare felt ever since I was Informed that 1 was expected to make sn address on this occasion, I bare leit that yoo, the members of tbe Board of Trade, snd member* of the Chamber of Commerce, and citixens ot the great aty of Chicago, that yon I hate been laying corner-stones that are to last I long alter this building shall bare mouldered into dust. 1 think It is some two months slneo that I was passlns by this corner and I beheld men at -worx, clearing away the tahhish and preparing to commence tbe ground work ol this public building. I did not know then what tna building was in* Seeded for, but 1 hare leaned since, aud I oare been led to draw a comparison between tbe work which yon hare been doing during the greater pe* I rlodofyour tires sod the work which you bare I bten doing to-day. It was necess «y la order that this atene should be properly laid, that there : should be excavations made, and that the rnbhiah should he removed, that the ground work I should be prepared to receive the atone, and we bsrethia daylaid tbe stone, andtrom tblsday forth. Ills a fixed itettn tbe history of tbe city of CM* cage, And long may It remain here, the pablic re sort of tout merchant princes and of your business men. Bat fellow citizens, what has been the work of your Brest I visited the spot when this city now stands in 1838: there was no city bere then. lam reminded although I bare not htd time to prepare statistics—l am reminded that In that year all the flour and ell tbe meat and provisions that fed the f«w people then here were brought from Buffalo and from Cleveland, and from other lake ports far east of our own. I am reminded at the game time, that it was not until IS3B that then was any corn shipped from Chicago eastward, and that j ear I believe but 78 bushels. Seventy-eight bushels of wheat in 16381 and in 1883 there woe over fifty-six million* ot bushels shipped from this , port. I am reminded that when 1 first waled Chicago there were not over one hundred souls an told, here. I am reminded to-day that tboe are over 160.0C0 throbbing, beating hearts here, where thirty years aco there were scarcely (a gentle min nrrespote to the orator). lam corrected. I took the figures from a report I took In hand to* day. Hy friend here tells me there ate 191,000 son!* In tbe city of Chicago to-day. Nearly two hundred thousand men and women. lam not an old man yet: Xdo not feel old to-dsys aud yet I came to Chicago before Us growth began. My friends, u only reminds me of a parallel I was about to carry out. What bare you been doing! Laying the corner stone of a new society; to you the Great King of the Universe has entrusted that great and important work of laving tbe comer stone of the moral, religions and commercial char- I aeterof this mighty city. Bow have yon laid that comer atone! Bow are this Board of Trade and tt>le Chamber of Cotur erce to hal’d upon the cor* ter e onewblchyou have Isld? For 1 tell you my friends that this ouiMlng when le shall have been finished, when this superstructure shall be com pitted, and when the cap stone shall barn been laid, everything in tbe history of Chicago and in tbematory of these bodies that ace now-building thit superstructure, will depend upon tbe comer stone which the people have laid, morally, socially, religiously sad commetcmly. If you hare done your wc rt well, then this betiding and that which Is to infeblt this building willbe a success; I yon have not laid these corner atones well unless they are laid upon tbe sure and eternal Inundation of the Christian religion, this building, - and alt other bulidtags In this city, most come to naught. 11 ave spoken oi Chicago In its Infancy, 1 have spoken ol the correr stone which we have been laying In the aty of Chicago, snd Ido so with ■ pride, becaase I claim among you, very many ot } oar old dtlsens aa old acquaintances. I see with pride, rbat you have In th« space of a few yoira,* lifted up from the mud this goodly city. Inowaee before meniQuecn among tbe mighty dues of the earth. Tonhate done your work well, and pos terity wUI gtre you all one credit for it; but Ist me say to yon eenUemcDOf the Chamber of Commerce and of the Board of Trade, that much of the future hwtorv cl Chicago will depend upon the etinraeter which they site to there (n'tituuoas. IC tbit to. cicj. and kindred societies lu the cUv of Chicago, aie conducted open tee great principle* of Justice ai d morality, then they will continue to grow and prosper, hot If on the contrary a mm» » minded spin* should take. pos»eselon of yonr znerchanta and other leooft g tnep, Chicago css never work ont ♦bat great destiny which natorc points oat for bar lo thefntnre. We have been speaking of Chicago in it* Infancy, end what ii to be the Chicago of a hundred years hence? übatwlUbe the Chicago of Sts hundred year* hence. Why. my friends, the mind la loaim amazement at the grandeur, at the which meat than he spread ont here on tira tittle spot at the *omh end of Lake Ulcblgm. One con* tury hence, or Are centnrie* hence, if we the peo* pie are ime to the Instincts of our nitnro, If worn tree to the Inatltntions of our country, if w« the people do our doty as we should do it. 1 say that the maeolQcence of Chicago will outrival that of any other city on this confront nt. We tase oar stand on this tpot, and look aronnd to the West; our vision stretches awsy to the Pacificcoast; we see the Pacific railroad pouring into the hp of Chi cacu the trea>nrcß ot the great, almost boundless W*at. We look to the North,* and fled that also tributary to Chlc<go. We look down also to that mighty channel which must Boon oe completed—. the ship canal—and we contemplate toe great wealth which will bo; poured out into the lap t>{ Chicago through that eaterpri-e. There thomrhis are alone: snffident to. fill ; tho ruled wtU; wonder and amazement at the mag* nttaae ofthe commerce of this dry when there* sonrtes of thla country have been properly devel oped. Bat, my friends, the mighty West and the great Ship Coi<a), and the Immense treasure* of thcNonh, with Lake Superior penetrating almost to the frozen seas, its shores lined with mineral wealth, ol< these fall to point ont to Chicago, the high oesUny which nature baa indicated for her In the fomre Bat 1 tell yon, my friends, that tbe day le not Car distant—some ones ot those about me may resard me oa visionary, bat the day is not far distant—when we thill have direct trade with Europe, when vessels of the heaviest burthen will sail from the Atlantic ocean s-ralgbt Into the bar* her of Chicago, when the flags ol every nation undertbe son shall flutter tothe creese, here, otT the border of yonr lake, and deck the stream of yonr little r.rer. All these things mast come to pats, end would have been even now. If bat one* fourth o! tho money had been expended far this purpose which has been expended In pot* ting down tins wicked rebellion which Is now devastating oar country. - 1 ssy that if only one-fourth of toe money thus expended hid been used la opening op a coannel to the Atlantic coast. Chicago to-day would be the great depot for the entire European Commerce passing westward. And my friends we must remember one thing; the mighty aties of the earth have never in the history of all time been located apon the seaboard: they will not be on this continent. . God boa circa ns the isrgtst lakes, be bos given ns the broadest pnlmelnlbewotld.beha*given us the longest and di-eperi men. and he has pointed oat on ths»e bcsnUfoi corn prairies, Chicago as the site for tbe crest emporium, tbe mighty commercial center of this mighty commercial continent, sod the child who 1* born to day will live to *ee it the second city on the contluent. These are the results, not ofthe imagination but of sober Judgment, and any math cmsildan may figure them oat, fbr tne data are be fore us, and It Is hot difficult tojndge from thepast and present, what Chicago will yet be. Now fellow cltizena; all that 1 have to sayabont It If, that there is one conoition in ‘.he perform ance olvblch the glory and greatness of tee des tiny ot Chicago must be determioed; and thst condition—my friends—lathe preservation of the glorious union of these Tinned States. iCheering.V Chlcago is nothing, onr State Is nothing; ail. all is lost, if we permit tint glorious Union of - oars over which tbe Burs and # t3tripes hare floated so proudly for so many years, to bo broken npinto fragments, and destroyed as a unit. Fdlowclti* sens: this duty must be performed, orthe queenly city of Chicago with all Its present glory and aU Its brilliant prospects for the fUtnrc, mast go down In the dost, and become an-insignificant - town on tbe beratte of the lake. But I apprehend —fellow alliens—that there Is no great danger of the dif solution of this Union. I apprehend that notwithstanding the dork clonde of war which bare teen gathering thickly for many years, notwlth* standing that our homes have been made desolate, and onr families have been clothed In mourning, yet I ctnnot forget that there Is one thine that the study of his tory has taught me, one lesson history nas Ucgbl tho world—that great troths ere bora of gicatconynlslon*. Great nations hare neverriren to their rraatness mull they have been tried In the tnroace of sanc tion. I honestly believe that when this rebellion shall huveliccn cmheo onr, and the Stars and Stripes shall float in triumph over all the lind, from the frozen North to the Golf of Mexico, from Maine to Oregon, from the Atlantic to the Pacific; when no other flac shall disgrace the soil of the United States, I believe that when this is accom plished, there will a crest revival of the mi?b.y energies ol the people of these United States, and then real dvillzatlcn, that real Christian civiliza tion, which ha* heretofore characterised as a people will commence to he realized, and tint we will sweep on in tho grand march of progress, till all nations, all people*, under the chining eon, will catch np tne spirit of onr mentations sed will acknowledge ns to be the leader of tbe nations. This, I am convinced, will be the resole that will follow this war. 1 look around me now, and tee men desponding. 1 hear them com- Elaimncot the harden of taxation, and the other tavy hardens which our country has been sub jected to in the support of the war. Why my friends whatiathehorden? Let It he doubled, let It be trebled, let It amount to fabulous combers of dollars, such as tt 1* almost Impossible to com pels, and I aa* you, mi fnends, what it would oe lo the mighty enterprise of this people When they bare spread caterer this continent in the future. This deb:, be tt ever so lanre— (the clock struck the boor of five, and the speaker paused;. Bat, fellow citizens, in the advancing glory which we all see, of the city of Chicago, which we all know most follow, 1 ask what place those of us who stand here to-day will occupy? This building will bo finished, lam told, by the drat day of May next, It will pro* bably be oecieated to the purposes of business, and thence forward for many years will be the pclntwhcreTonmercbantsana badness men will assemble to bold counsel together. The building will crow old, and If then by the exercise of time and. lofty patriotism, this rebel lion shall bare been crushed oat, Chicago and the great West will hare assumed that position which we hare seen sbe and U can assume; when I that shall be and generation after generation shall I come op to the spot where nojr we stand, to per- I form tbelr business and take oooneelin tbia band ing, bow will they look hack on this day and on ns who are here assembled Let ns, aa we bare heretofore done, let us so conduct ourso'vcsthat when oar children bare grown old, and when they lead their grand children nphereto show them the beauties of this building, or. perhaps, when a company ol earnest men, like those before me cow, shall gaze upon this old structure, and note the mose-covercC root ol tbe building—l say, when tbeec shall gather (has around tbia corner and con clude that this building is too small to transact their badness la, and shall conclude that It has outlived Its day and generation, let ns now to act that in that solemn day those earnest men may lock forward to a broader, larger, more ex tensive structure aa being needed by tbe development of that business which we hare established. And while the motto “Excelsior” fills their minds aa they look forward to the still growing greatness of this mighty city, that they will turn their thoughts back opoo this a«setnbU aae with feelings of gratitude to tbe people ol this Institution, That le the prayer of the man woo row addresses yon. Thu is the prayer of every patriot; tb&t this building when It cornea to be re* moved, shall have so fixed itself lo the hearts of the people that it will be removed with regret, and that tbe memny ol Us founders will be bright, as tbe mtmory ortho founders oftbe great city of this New World, whose names shall shine In .all inture history. Tbe benediction was then pronounced by Rev. 0. H. TJflkny, 1). 0., alter which tbe assemblage dispersed; tic Masonic body marching inprocet* sion to tbo Masonic Tftaple, fioujiTßfi’ Wxvxs.—An excellent proposition Is on foot In the city, to ftxrnith employment for a number of soldiers' 'Rives. For some months past there has been a room in the second story of lie- Ticker's Theater, immediately over the beadquar ten of the Sanitary Commission, tet apart as a sc sirg-room, where benevolent ladies can congre* gate, as their leisure allows, to moke np clothing lor me eold’cn in the field. For a llmo there was no lack of willing hands to engage in this excellent work, bat Utterly very .lew have made It a resort for an exhibition o! their patriotism. The direo tress, Mrs. McNamara, has therefore been obliged to hire the eeirlcea of soldiers' wives to ply the I needle, and these services have been paid for ont I oi tee funds of the Sanitary Commission, thereby .virtually, although indirectly, obliging me soldiers to pay lot the manufacture of their clothing. As the (joromurion famishes all the material for the clothing, It is too modi to expect It to manofaet ire it. The fends of the Institution hare been con* tribntedby benevolent icdlvidoala and societies for other purposes, from which the money ts ne* I cessarl;y diverted, so Jong is It is paid ont as I above stated. The Conumedon Is not to blame ro tble matter, for tbe clothing most be made to meet the continual demand for It. The ianlt, we are I sorry tosay, lies in theapaibyofonrladlees, who I seem to hare lost their former healthy interest in I tee wellaro and comfort of the boys In bice, I -To obviate the difficulty It has been proposed to I raise a fend outside the Sanitary Commission to 1 defray the expense* of the needlework, so that the. I drain npon the soldier's fends may cease. . This 1 plan should meet with the approval of every one. in & few days several of our leading clUxcus will be called upon to act aa a committee to attain the } success of the undertaking. Biul Ear at*.—The following transfers of ml eetate have teen made within the past Ibwdays In the office of T. B. Brjan. The market may oe qcotcd active. Tho recent decline Id the price o gold baa probably stimulated offers, which were previously quite scarce: 75 Acres adjoining Gracehrad Cemetery....sls,22s 100x160 feer, comer Caiumet avenue and Twenty-third etreet 7,000 SO acres a Henrytown (BoeehUlStation).... 2,500 60 feet on Mlchlgin avenue, near Twenty. second street . 8,500 CO icet on Indiana and Boron streets. 0,000 25 leet on Bio Grande* near prairie avenue. 850 1 acre on PuUcrton avenue 3*350 140 acres at Cottage Bill 30.000 NO Sect on Ontario etreet, near Market 10,000 SSfeetonHKthlganaTenne*ad]otnlns Adams llonac... 30,000 100 feet on Calmnet avenue. In block S3 15,000 40 feet cn Wabaata avenue, near Hubbard street.. 9,000 40 feet on Bonh Clark street, near Huron.. 8,1-00 8334 feet on Indians ana Prairie are* nue, near North street* to the Lake........ 30,(00 50 feet on Cottage Grove avenue, near Twtnty-thlrd street 2,030 Lots 9and lA Ellis addition . 2,e00 50 feet on West Late street, near Sangamon 8,300 24 leet and brick house on Michigan arenne* next south ofthe Cobb Block ... 18*000 Ono>thirdorS4xflOfe«tandhoneeoa south* wen earner oi State and Bandolpb streets 15,000 Total Cmcabo TnouMtou. Sxxxsutr.—This ImU. tutionwlilbc opened for Its csTcnth annual lee tare term on Wednesday, the 14th last The in* Btmctcn ere Ber, Joseph Bares, D, D., Profee tor of Systematic Tbeology; Bit. 8, O, Bwllett, D. D., Professor of Biblical Literature, aad Ber. P. W. Flak. Professor of Sacred Bbetone. Large addi tions bare been made to the endowments and to the library the past rear. The Seminar/ bull ding, which contains the library and the lecture rooms, stands on West Washing, on street, corner ol Ben ben. fronting Union Park Booms hare been oro- Tided for students in the former. Union Park Bonae. on Hsdison street, which will be supplied with the principal articles of furniture. Students ace expected to bring their own bedding, except mattresses- . , . . ‘ Ladies in TStioua churches who have given en conraceme&t that they mil fornlsh rooms sre re queried to report as coon as convenient. Farther infurmatloh may be obtained of either of tbs shore named Professors or of Ber. ILL. Hammond, Gen* eral Agent and Treasurer. . Wan Boranxs,—The Cook Comity War Fund Committee deposed of several county orders on Saturday to workingmen, In sums of fifty dollars and upward?. There seems to bo a crest Interest manifested by the working men m this matter. The investment of small toms of money In county scrip helps to HU up our quota, and insures to per* sons who bare money on band a safe Investment. U is the patriotic doty of all classes to take this »crip In convenient amounts. For every three hundred dollars invested one man can be obtained to apply on our quota. If working men who are suable to pay the high rates chamd by substitute* •voters, wish to assist in averting the draft, let ibexn rcipond rcucrslly to the offer of the Board of Scperrttors hi taking these county orders. ApoU cauonscanbemsdeiothe War Fond Committee, dally, in Boom No. fi, Court Hones. The Ox* Hcitobsd asp Tmarr-Focßm IluJ jtois.—On Friday night last, Col. John L. Han cock received a tdegram.trom Gen.E, A Payne, st Ftdncah, Ky., stating that the IStth Bliaots will be sent homeirom-Htytvnie, where they noa are. upon tho order of Gen. umbiidge, com* toandmg we Bepartmemt of Kentucky, which la hourly expected. ' THE LABOR QUESTION. fltss Meeting (?) of VTorllttg Sfcfi-Wome» Not to be iUawed to Work—Various fpeakera-Fltrlag ResolflUfiM—The Wlio:e Pms of Chlugo De- . i-ocnced Kith one lailgat fleant £xcepttOß. . Saturday night was the occasion of the “great indignation meeting" of toe laboring masses of Chlcaco m relation lo the steps taken by tho Chi* cago Timet in emploj Ing women in their compos ing room. It needs no Immense eloqueoeo pr ea* Unt ol space to describe toe result of tuat meeting. Wltbonl wishing to use harsh term?. It was em phatically a failure. The speakers, none of them —or, at least, not the majority—cared for toe point at Issue, but were drawn thither by vlalooa of offices in perspective. Flmcama CasUlt, the weak-kneed, willing tool of the .Virginia traitor, throwing all pnnctu cor honor aside. Qa la run pfog might and main lor romc fat aituatlon under the Copperhead administration, Then citao He* Comas, the wire pullet.—too ** friend of too labor-. tog darsea. 1 * It waa an insult to Invite this msn, reeUog with treason and rebellion. Into the midst of work ing men; it was a a'lofitog lainK to the intellects ot theworalcg incutt Chicago to Introdoce toe Southern nerro*cnver to them as their “brains.'* Did not ibct lno blood of too irrepressible, Ino 'al*t>ble.noterrlflee. die-in-ihe-Uai-ditch.ftre-eaunji ncvcr*eay-dle.sri>tocrat, course more quickly tbronch bis veins a»be addresred toe “white tn<h'’ as JOidoottbellenam bfo Dps as be promulgated bla hypocrlUcal views on equality? Ifildidnol— a&d wo should not be Borpriseu—it ou>y cunoboratca the es-ablMitd l#,tol the digemrete inhaence of copperhcadtuu ctntrallj. Tbe other speakers were l * small pota toes/’ and harangued is toe wake of their lead er. Tbecrovd was tot a lareo one, and very lit tle tnthnsiasm was manifested. Hr. George E. Hazlltr, President of the Trades* Assembly, said It was tbe first time since their or- S attention that they were called together ti pn>- ectabodyoi workmen Uady to be oppressed by the old, oft-repeauid story of Capital vs. Labor. The Illinois Ctrural Raluoad Comp my first com menced this wv. The Guvemmcht had approprl ateo sevetai nu'Uous ot atxea ot land, wbicn tuov OunaUd to the LO. B- R. Co. far the benefit of toe people—toe people who parexeeUence are toe work ing men. This Company has crown rich on that land; but how do they aci to tbe laboring classesT Through a tool they sent to Belgium and obtained machinist*, whom they bound to work for a day—a sum much leas than was demanded by every mulve machinist. The Company took advantage ot the Ignorance of the Belgian?, and made them work fur leas than they aboold do or they could do. This action wll ybtamp the Company with a black and eternal-'stamp of in famy, The moulders, toe fakers and tbe brethren of toe footboard were similarly treated: in each caeethecuypapera weniagsln«ttbe working man, and showed that they are ibe property of capital. Bnt be would refer to toe matter in band, the sub ject for which the meeting had been eiiledtoge tber. The Chicago-Typographical Union waa a body of men which nlmerio bad atood unitedly They bad not lasted exorbitant wages, not so tnocnsi is given m many otbcrmefropeiitaacitlei Still the masters of these men baveroreotne time been opposed to the demands, and the proprietors ol some ofthe morning papers have educated wo men to fill thoir places. Ou Wednesday moraine last tbe proprietors of tbe Chicago Tknwi Intro duced into their office some of tnase girl*, who with o few rata still continue to labor on that pa per. They had latterly thought the THmee was a friend to the working men, but now tbe maalc hid fallen from fitorey’s face and showed him to be a boary beaded old villain. In toe name of the workln men of Chicago be denounced WUburF Storer as a traltorpo bis country, to bis God, and to toe working man. Mr. Grlfflnjol the Typographical Union, the only speaker who did not talk soidy for political pur poses, \ru next Introduced. He said years ago the time existed when the statesmen of the coun try thought the workingmen should be ground down to the lowest minimum, but chit state of affure has patted, and It woe now seen that the web are of the country depended upon the work ing man. Not only have tbo statesmen learned that the most sure way of prospering Is to “ live aid let live." The speaker next affirmed that the general ad vance lu public sentiment, bad actuated the work- Inc men also to organize. He denied that labor ers' organizations or associations are Intended to lorce men to do vhat they should not do; but they are simply associations which say to tbo employ ers: “Wc will work for you lor so much, and uo less. 1 * But people say they go farther. Decidedly so; they decline to work In tbe same shop with men who do not belong to their society - bnt ii there any thing wrong in that? In a tree country can not a man choose bis company f and what tyranny is it for him to say to the employer, “ You must cither discharge that man or me ?” This state of things he argued at length, was ncce-tearr to attain their ends. It did no barm to the liberal minded men and protected them from the machinations of mean men. The orator nest spoke at considerable length in favor of the General Trades’ Assembly, though he lamented that this Assembly bad adopt ee a political platform, but wsa glad to le,ru that tbe probability is that this adoption will be re scinded and the laboring associations be cat loose from everything else bnt the iutere«t ol the working man. The object for which the present meeting had been called was the preservation m Us Integrity of tbe Tyoo- Ss phi cal Union. Wilbur F. Storey, tbe phmn roplst, m his usual Icro lor the sorter sex gener ally (laughter], baa expelled bis men from the establishment and taken on in their place youoe cirls. Mr. Storey was a philanthropist (laughter], but what kind of philanthropy la ft which makes women work sixteen or eighteen hours a day. at work which is killing in us effects to even the strongest men? He thought, however, he could get to tbe root of the philanthropists. Tbe phil anthropic Storey did not Intend to pay tbe ladles as modi as be paid the men. No, no; tbe men demanded 60 cents a thousand, but the women were only paid 87E cents. (Chscrs 1 It was proposed when the women went on the morning papers, as they assuredly will, to place them on tbe wceallea and «»<m tbe religion* paper*. Imfc atasas on the philanthropy which makes money from the transaction 1 Toe working men bad a duty to do In this matter which they must pulfil. They must not only decline to support this tyrannizing paper, bnt they must combine to cineh U, Tbe laboring man moat tell bis tailor that If be docs not discontinue adver tising In tbo Tims* be will lose hla natronave. Be most not only decline to pnrebasethe Time* from a newsboy, bnt refeseto buy .any other paper from him if ho carries the Timer. The sneaker concluded by Impressing this duty upon nu audience. TUB BASBOES TA3CBB, HcComaa, Fx-Governor of Vtrdnla, the aristo cratic Soothers riavo-d river, was tbencxt speaker. He told the Typographical Uoton having had a difficulty with the Chicago Time*. bad asked blm to address the meeting. Since the organization of trades association e, he had been a sincere friend of theirs: hs thought that working men were sufficientlyorganised to do wllbont him If, how ever, inch was not the case, he was happy to giro forth) r help. Be had no enmity with tho Chlca-ro Time* or Us c«r eral political sentiments, bat ho believed the prefect action of the Times was a high-handed attempt to crush ont the Typo graphical Um. nof Chicago. Be stated this fear lessly, thonch for sajlnc it he would doubtless meet with great opposition. The Journal, the Stoats ZHlunff, stit) his estimable friend the Chi cago Tribune, bad oppoceu blm, and now ha would probably c*t a lett-handed lick front the Time*. The Banshee nextsrgocd the necessity for labor to organize. Capital had so need to organize, for Its every instinct ran tn the same general channel. Capital lets from the very poverty ot labor—Us ina bility to support their families, can ever dictate to Hwnat ft shall he paid. Nothing but a united, hold and decisive action on tbs part of labor cm support them in the tron bles of the present times and the worse times which are to come Every thing which Is a pride to capitalists, their tine homes and carriages ond.hotsc® and plate, are alt doe to labor, hot u will not reciprocate this benefit. It has under its thumb every agency to Influence public opinion. Every new«paper is la the breeches pocktt of capital: bowerei strongly they may differ on other subjects, they agree when the parse strinp* of capital are touched To real the TzmstHnc for fix months one would thing that nothing short of a mandate from tho Almighty conld let it agree with the Times on any subject under God’s footstool; hut now he knew there was a secret harmony between them. The Vir ginia aristocrat next at length recapitulated the various arguments he gives at snob meetings on the eternal cuun'tyof capital and labor, beseeching them to remain united, and «>nd men Info qflfce who «rW properly represent thim. Be (himself) asserted that every dollar of the public taxes were paid either directly or indi rectly by labor. If capital was taxed m an in created earn It gronnd the Increase from Us ten ant* or refracts. Capital had determined to crush them and would . pot forth every gigantic effbrt to attain its ends. They would yet have to passthrough troubles which they conld not yet anticipate. Thoic little strikes were only tbeopenlrgflre%ofthc tremendous battle which most be fonsht between capital and labor. Mr. HcComas paid a most delicate compliment to him self by stating tbatwhrn the; saw the newspapers ofznoney violently opposite a man who spoke m behalf of the working men, they maybe sare that that man Is a tree man and will welt represent them to any official portion, lie urged them to be unanimous to meet the combined action of money - which by means of starved out foreigners, poor girls, and sneaks, won’d endeavor to crush out their existence. The press and O'hcr capital agencies would try to make them separate on political and religions subjects, bat they must be laflccneed Dy no snch twaddle. They must not take those hopes for they would continue to lastlli passion into their minds and subvert them from their great end in view. • The following resolutions were then read bv Mr. John Buchanan, of the Chicago Typographical Union, and passed unanimously: Wizxneas, Tho proprietor* of the Times, in their recent action in discharging the men In their em ploy, bare avowed their porpose to he to break np onr labor organizations, and thus to place the la boring mm in snch a position tbit they will be completely at the mercy ot their employer*; and WtiESEAfi, The Chicago Time* Is supported by the Democratic party of lhl» State and country; therefore Bftotted. That we can upon the leaders of the DtmocraUc party In this State and county, and the State and countyDemocrallcCentnl Committer, to repudiate the Cnleago Time* si the organ of the party, and establish a new Democratic organ In this dty, that will reflect the sentiments of the Democratic Totvrs of the State and county, ana of the whole Northwest. Btfo'red, That to snch an organ we will give oar hearty acd earnest support; and Stidted, That unless such a course is adopted, tbs Democratic party stands is danger of losing both prestige and support with the masses of la boring men. Besotted, That the National Democratic Execu tive Committee be requested to remove Wilbur F. Storey from such committee, as being totally na worthyto represent the Dizaocntlcpasty in each ll WßntitAß, t proprietors of the Chicago Timet newspaper establishment have. In an underhanded, secret, and olrcrcdltahle manner, sought to injure the labor organization tn this city, known as the “Chicago Typographical Uoion. ,r by discharging from their employ, without a moments warning; ah the competitors engaged tn that establishment (some 80 to 40 In number), except those who would so fkr forget their manliness and their obligations to their felJow craftsmen, and forfeit their nonor, selfrevpectandindependence, as to dlsawntheir allegiance to raid organization and aid in Its over throw; and Whereas, WebcSUve the attempt on the part of said employers to use female labor upon their pewvpaper to be only a temporary expedient, until by farther importation and employ ment of disreputable printers, who, either beams* of incompeteney or unwortbiness. can ob tain employment only in offices where they are allowed to worE for lesa than the regular estah- Uehed and fklr remuneration: the object of u'i employers being solely and only tc thus get con trol of their employee* to such an exie&t a* event pally to dictate to them the price of thetr labor-' with a view of reducing It to the lowest possible standard; and Wbeksas, We believe that female labor Is not available, to any treat extent, upon dally news rancre. bat that the labor and habits of ufh Inci dent to a newspaper compositor, are entirely us smtab'etothedellcateonranizations snd const ' tntlops of females, and that the thousands of dol lar* expended hynewspaoer proprietors to partly educate clris to set typo, have been appropriated ana used wUhnowuß,deatmi or expectaaanof returning bcneßt upon such females, but only that the latter might become Instrument* in the hands of these employer* to aid in breaking op • the powerful and well organized Typographies ’ Uptons throefibont the country, particularly In the Northwest; and . , whebxas. We do not believe the compensation 1 demanded and received hr the Union printers of Chicago at all exorbitant, being below the stand . udttiNew Ymk, BU Louts and other ctUea, and t hardly sufficient to enable men with families to ’ support to maintain themselves, oy close applies .sl£<Mss Uoa to to dr tibor, and prondo augiit tor the fo ton* i and ■ a a ... Wbeusar, Wo believe there i« » ™utoal tzUtl.gunon. all ciaaila ol l.bor ln too TOat f »re regard t^ prtndli g cnpitoJtet* and tbst we ho^l r , o P . a nf t)Il denounce said proprietors as tbo enemies of toe laboring man. . » Se*3i%ta % That common Jf denote that all newfpoper and P Udine asking toe laboring ma»*esfor tog* *«s, either lor their Irfonoa or toa»aei*»«i lea»t by Ihtlr actions, proTo totmacWcs ope***/ too met Oh or labor, and that it u » * al -JS the intelligence Ibe people- 'toe bone end vmewol toe land”—as they aomeUm w term o*, to ask ns tosive oor tafirages aad inpport to any psblUbcr or candidate, either indirect* ijt who la not to pracnce a friend of l JS etotted, That we do not rant era SbS?*s,V^ T ,s S-oM'»^SSSM aucb female labor will only twe It log to ibalr ertfiab ends, and when no l^! r ***7, a% to them aaa means of premia and Inteilltent anditinUntr-raen. Uralwo wUlmlb hold si) patronage aod support from toe z ****** ®* lablUhimfct, from tola UmSforth, so long as Ure* mam* in Us prerent faoetHo attitude *, ® PrlMers’TJt.lon; ardtost hereafter »t local, «ty and ccuntr elections will support lor office. with our Tide* and InQoencs. under any drrtnnatances m ly eueb men as are unequivocally no puMlc patronage or support to any m»m*aciurlu» or contracting lotereat wtaeu uoe* not comp*y with toe terms sod pay toe prices ae* ®sndrd oy labor unions . , . Setoxctl* That, as laboring ncOj co ®’ monlnitrttt In the elevation and promotion to office in our dty aod county such men oaiv m win v>e all honorable means at their comoaaod la ne balf of the interest of labor, to protect U from the grinding despotism of capital, we hetebv matutuy piedce borstlics !o ley aside our party ties and predelictlons. In oar municipal and county mec* lion*. and vole only for the known friend* of toe laboring man; ano. if deemed advisable, that we will nominate and elect to office men from oar own ranks In whom we have concdence; sad Whzbxai, The Chicago Taatfrni has been at all tlmea toe prompt and ready enemy of both the labor organizations’and their frleoos, and a leader of even the Timet In each opposition, so much so that it even reinsed to afiver fce for the Typo-rapt- Jcai Union lor pay, in* which they were In direct conhict with ihe more generous course of the Journal; thete'ore, £(toive>i, Test we ioclode the Tjubtob in our denunciations against toe enemies of labor. Retailed. That toe morning, evening and weekly, English and German newspapers ol tot* city, be re* qu**ted to nuhlfrh the reaoloUona io fall. [The reqctsi embodied in toe last resolution It a very modest one, butwc accede to U, not except log tin hit but OHC.-EM.) sohlaobb. Mr. Schlager of the Tebgnsph delivered one of big Qgtiei addresses. He drew * simile between tbeUbofirjff clmbm and the dyke* and dams of Hoilind,conßiderin{;the preteat ac tion of thoCblcago Titnu to be the trickling ol the waters through a email break, which, nnlese It be remedied, mil Increase until it allows the deince to wash In and carry destruction ererr wben before It* Ho considered the Tjpo mohlcnl Union to be the most intelligent o(dl combinations of workmen, consequently they were first opposed and were intended to be thefirst to bo erntbed and broken la. Mr.Schla ser did not toocb the point at Issue, but confined Eimse fto • land of back-handed electioneering for Fremont and the TtUgraph, He them to bo organized ana they coaid nuke capi tal yield before them In cverr respect. In conclu sion he congratulated himself that the WorlAng* nan** AdvccaU bad made the “venal nreec * tremble In their shoes while ft had eo frightened the Aldermen of the city that when they demanded the Council Cham ber for the nee of the Trades’ Assembly, not an Alderman dared to refn«e them. ‘‘HJJOB’ 1 (?) WIUL&BD. “Major** 'Willard, the next speaker, was erl dentiy In a quandary as to whether he Should op nose the Times. or let the laborers tilde At last, seeming to consider that Übel suite at the Timet cannot last forever, while cates may be nicked up from the pugilistic mosses, he cave “dimocracy” the go-bye and pictured at length the down trodden condition of labor, and tbe immense wickedness of capitalists generally and their respective organs. oroxßS. Other speaker* followed nntU the meeting de {ccerated Into a Democratic political stump meet* eg. When our reporter left, some “unturrlfled ” •ou of labor was proposing “ throe cheers for Hick LeUau and three groans for Lincoln.” RBUGIOVS iNTSILIGEifCB. To-day la a day of thanksgiving - , eo appointed by His Excellency the President, in order to re turn thanks for the recent victories at Mobile and Atlanta, This Is well. Let all tbo people torn oat and give thank* fer such benefits, to lUm who holds the world in the hollow of his band. It Is only through the mercy of God, that wc can hope for more of such victories and a speedy re-nmun of oar distracted and incoming country. The Yontg Hen's Bible Claes meets every Sun day aiurtioon at 4 o’clock In room No. 15, Metho dist Church Block. Strangers are invited to at tend. The Sabbath morning service of the First Bap* list Church Trill be hcla,tmtll farther notice, in the lecture room of toe Unitarian Church, on We* bash aveine, corner of Unbbard Court. Sabbath school at 9e. m. Public worship at 10:30 a. m., era 7:15 p. m., every Sabbath. Proacbmg bj the Pastor, Dr. Evert*. The praycr.meetlng is held every Friday evening at a quarter before 8 o’c oec. This afternoon. at 4 o'clock the rite of confirms* tlon will be administered In tho Bishop’* Church, on tbe corner of We»t Washington and Feorla streets, by Right Bev, B. J. Wbltehouse, DO . Bishop of tbe Diocese. This will be the supple mentary administration of that rite preceding the Episcopal Convention. On this occasion there will be lull Cathedral service [omitting tbe au* tbem.l Bpl*cop»rCo&Texitlon or tbe DJoene of nil. no:s wM assemble In this Church on Wednesday next, the l«ih day of September. Tbe religions eemces will commence at 10 o’clock a. tn., and the eennonbepreached by Bev. Warren 11. Roberts of Galena. Tee Con-rentlon will extend over Wed nesday and Thuwdby. On Wednesday evening a missionary meeting wlu be held la the Church; and on Thursday evening there will be a meeting with reference to a topic now exciting considera ble attention—“ Church Unity.” Rev, N. D. Williamson will preach in the Living ston Reformed Dutch Church, corner ol Monroe and Sangamon streets, to-day at 10:50 a.m.,and 7;£op.m. A cordial welcome extended laalL fit. James’ Cbarrh will be open as nanol all sum mer every Senday at lOtf a. to. and 5 p. m. Preaching at tbe Sontn Congregational Church, corner of Calumet avenue and SCih street, at 10# o’clock, by tbe pastor. Rev. W. B. Wright, Services will be held m the Westminister Chnixb, on the corner of Ontario and Dearborn streets, at 10V o’clock. Sermon by tbe paster—Rev. J. A; Wright. Tee Union Park Baptist Church la open for di vine service tc-dsy at tbe usual hour—morning and avtuUiff. Rev, James Dlxlon, I). 0.. panor. ~ The hour of scrvic- a st Camp Douglas Is 7 o’clock In the evening. Sunday School at 3 o’clock. Service, with sermon, at the United States Gen eral nosphal at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The building la located on Eighteenth street. Thu usual Sunday morning services are resumed to-day in Unity Church, located on the corner ol Chicago avenue and Dearborn street. Service commences punctually at half-past ten o’clock. Scrmc n by the Pastor—Rev. Robert Colljer. Sub ject : “The Liberal Christian Faith.” Rev. C.H. Fowler, tic able and popular pastor of the Clark S’rectM. E. Church, has returned from his summer tour in Minnesota, and will re name h's pulpit to-day. a thanksgiving service will be held this morning at 10# o'clock and T*£. The subject of tbe evening discourse wiU be “The I Possible Punishment of Servicißln the North Presbyterian Church to-1 day at 10K A, M. and 7# P. and regularly each 1 Sabbath thereafter. Preaching by the Paator— I Her. Dr. Jnnkln, D. D. There will he preaching at tho RUnola street Mission, this morning at IQjf o'clock. Services will be held In St James Church this afternoon at 4 o’clock, and at tho same time on each succeeding Sabba th, P. L. Wadsworth will ledum on Spiritualism Ihl* morning at HVtf o’clock and evening at 1X o’clock. In the Metropolitan Hall, Bev. Barton W. Johnson, of Cincinnati, wU preach In tho Christian Church, on West Monroe stieet, sear Aberdeen, to4ay, at 10# and 7M o’clock. Scats are free to au, and the public la cotdla'ly Invited. A missionary meeting win be held la tho Des plrinea Street M. E. Cburcb to-day.. The morning sermon will be preached by tbe Pastor—Bev E M. Boring. A platform meeting will bo held Id the evening, commencing at 7»f. at which addresses will be delivered by Rev. O. Brake. Rev. A. Ed ward*. of tbe Northwestern ChrUtlan Advocatt and Rev. E. H. Boring. All are Invited to attend. The congregation ofurace Church will wonbtp to-day at tbe usual hours in .Union Ball, No. 611 Wateratrect, near Twelfth. This Extorts ot tot Lmtu Oim.— I The ques lion often ashed by children, 41 What can I do for my country." was answered last week by Hary and Eliza Kemp, residing at £Bl Indians street, by their noble efforts in a fair which they held for the benefit of the soldiers’ families of one city, at which they realized $37, and deposited in the Be lief Department of tho Young Men’s Christian Association. '‘Where there's a will there’s a wo*’—always—and we hope that many will have tbetrftf to do for the worthy poor In our midst, now that a way baa been pointed out. Sontb Side TTnfon League.—There will be a grand Union League Mass Meeting, on this (Monday) evening, 12th losU, at Warner’s Hall. Ore of our most eminent and eloquent speakers will address the meeting. Other speeches will be made, and patriotic songs will be song. A report from the Grand Convention held on the 7th at Springfield, may he expected. Leaguers la city and county ate invited. Struck bt LiaHTSixo. —The schooner Sauna Clayton, of Cleveland, was struck by lightning on Friday night when shout ten miles oat. The elec tric current pasted down her foremast, and fbrta* rately without Inflicting any IhJo*7 to persons and hat little to property . . . . DomM Simmon., tilt whcttaM of Uii buk 8011. Eno.,w U eeTOtly. nn Friday evening when joat ontridß tmspon Be was rendered insensible for some time, bat is rapid y rrcorcrirg. ■ New Mcsic.—H. H, Higgins has just published a *ong and etoras, 4 ‘ Sweet Maggie Lee," a bean* tlfhi production by Frank Howard, and the 44 Se* nlor CoQopade,” byH. Schlrcsr, a flwt-class mu sical mortcan. Biggin* has always the latest and best muvlc issuing from hi* dolph street, andcau eupp’ytha snperi«-of instruments Jn every department forties mwmt ot mu«te,to play from or With, need only to cauon Biggins to be supplied and suited. Pathkxt orßotnmxa.—T&® Cook County War Tund Committee win pay I*» to enltet,ed men who are dulymustered into the service ol the Uni. ted States and arc credited on Coot county, on Tc»day moraine »«**• tlonolmnatcMn roils,or iog the credit! of volunteer, will he required In every case. Btxotzb—A. young man named Sandle, from the township of Jefferson, waa rau over by a back at the comet of Washington and Dearborn streets. He was stmdtnc ou to the middle of the etreet looking at the comer. Fortunately ho etesped with out a few alight brakes. Pockit Picsxd. A lady who air!rod to the dty yesterday from Detroit, by Michigan Central Bail' road, had her pocket picked of a “^*s*s* about (40. all toofanda she had. Her *u«pldons real upon an accommodating.' g° ? >an ?i m ?° 1 >ho occupied the seat with her. and -was very marked courteous In hi* attentions. . Eransrowcuy pA’gnla rare to come off on the SSlh tost* Thursday next. Tflo woods to the rt dally are foil of pigeon#. The Llaht Guard Band will attend the excursion, and play throngh the day. .. Attectjos Eececttb.—CaptataHarty, H.8.N., win commence recruiting f° r Cook county, on Monday morning. All desiring to cel-the (SCO county and SIOO Government bounty will do wcu to give him a can. Tbbougb to Gxdab Rapips, —Heretofore the morning train «Mt left here at 9:30 a. m. on the Chicago and Pulton Bond, proceeded no further Pulton the same day where It arrived at 430 p. m. On and after today tbe tram will continue to Cedar Bapios dgbty*two miles farther west, mITIEB then at RfO p. m, mils will b; a ireit coDTenience to papßonjtera goloa weat of Clinton mSU tho morning tram. Ton Dai nr Tmnim will now ba dcllwred at all polnta be* Sd Cedar Baplda on tno daj of nnb natloo. Before lung Uio train will contmnn on to Netada. tbo preaent teialnna of the road, arriving there about sunrise. Fn®.—About Are o’clock, yesterday morulog, there was an alarm of Are caarod by tho discovery of Acmes In tho wacon factory of Po er Sbottlcr, on tbc corner of Pranklin and Randolph streets. The Are was suppressed before too engines reached the ground. . LOCAL MATTERS, If, \F. f. a. CommfaaloiL—There win be a meeting of toe Board of Directors of the North, western Frcedmeo’s Aid Commission at tbe rooms this (Xfotdij) afternoon, at four o'clock. A foil auendance is eipeclaDy desired. By order J. B. SuinntnD, Cor. See. James cures Slphtita in ita various staccs, without mercury, iodide potusla, or acy polron, but with a nentraUzßr—a positive cure for tola terrible *«e»ee. , .. . B(H.rmatorrliea cured with an tofolllblo method, savlog much time and expense. , Impotcney, caused from spetmatorrnea or loss of remen—lbis debdity Dr. James obligatos him self In every case to cure, prodoclog fa.t 00-ver and vigor. Dr. James* office and parlor*, 86 Ran dolph au BCpUqT?3*2tfl l>r- Blcelow.—Wchvvo often remarked to complimentary terms to Dr. Bleolow. speaking ot bitn at a gentleman In every way wnrthy tho con- Adence of those who need the services of a spe cialist. To tbo»e who are afflicted with ventral disease In any of Ita forms, or who have long suf fered from chronic derangements, we would say, “ Go to Dr. Blcelow: yon will Aod la him a gen tleman well qualified, both by education and ex perience, to give you the aid you so much wla for.” Dr. Bigelow Is now perminently located ah No. 179 South Clark afreet, oo tbo corner of Mont roe. ID* room* are open for consultation day and evening, and loose who visit him may rely that all the appliances of tbe art will be brought in to their relief. BCll-q3T4-lt “Too Goon to Live.**—Seethe People' t Journal of Health* for September. For sale by J. R. Walsh and McNally & Co. eepllq372-lt BlocmlDgton Naracry.—22o acres Fruit, OmamcnUl and Nursery stock, 40.000 Peach, 76,000 Petr, 100,010 Grape, Ac. Send red^tam^ Hoombglon, Dl. sepll *q377 2w d&w. \ST Get your Shirts, Coll ire, Underwear, Do jiery, Uasokercblefr, Ties, Scarfs, &&, at Wil son's, ISO Dearborn street, where yon cm always get tbe worth of jour money. sepS-q4TI-5: Paper Daugtog, Ac., at N. York prices. F. E. Rigby, £9 Randolph St. a027.p7W-3Ct ear mauaaea of toe Nervous, Bemtuat, Urinary ' and Sexual Systems.—New aaa reltatl* treatment —tn reporta of tbe Howard Association. Sent by mail In sealed letter envelopes, tree of charge. Address Dr. J. SkiUon Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. t South Ninth etmt, HUladelnU*, Pi ]y3in3n49 BtetrOFdUtwn Hall M fiont.-Tkte Hall la to rent for all the purposes for which such halls are ordinarily need. Terns moderate. Applica tion a can be made at tbe office, adjoining the e&- to Hall IfllWiMMf Markets by Telegraph. ALBANY CATTLE JHARKST. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune-] Albjlst. Saturday, Sept IP, 1361. The Cattle market closes heavy, the receipts being large. The average quality more favorable than last w<ek,andtbedemaud,for the Easternmarket and KewTcrK. is limited. The scarcity ot pood Cattle is remarkable, botso general Is the depression that even this quality Las deemed H&Hc per a. while inferior Is at least Ha lover. Several Ch’cago deal* ere sold out at Buffalo early In the week to No v York buyers, and these did comparativelywelUastho celling prices here to-day are hardly as good as the Offers at Buffalo, on Wednesday. Uany droves are being shipped to New Ycrk lu first bands. Bo* cdpts 4,556 head. 9al»s of ab:ut 3.000 head, inolol- Itg 1 9 premium Kentucky—tto best that has been lu the market for several moatbi-at |.ts per uead, av- tt« Sheep and Lambs sell quick at 7@SJfo per ©—the outside foi prime extra. Beetle's, 6,900. Heps In pood demand at lISISc. Deceive?, 6,500 - ih'pped toNewTcrk, 6,0(0. milwaohee Market. [Special DUpatch lo the Chisago Tribune] hfiLWATtsav. Saturday, Boot. 15,1381. • Ftouu—Neglected, Ise lower and nominal. Qbaik—Wheat, receipts 29.(03 ha ag«lnu 77/00 ha last jear. Market panicky aad lower. Thu lore* noon 7/(0 bn were sold at 11.97; on’Change; W,OM hn at ft 97. Oats firm at 16c. Corn ccarce and firm at |L5i. ' St. Xiotttn Market. Bt. Louis, Saturday, gopt. 10. 'Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Tioca—Doll, tales of 24 btlt superfine at t)-2S; 1,180 brla single axtra oq private terms; i/Mlbila iloglo extra at *IO.OO delivered Gea.x—Wheat—Lower, i*; 00 ucts at $19); •Jto do at ts.CO; todo At Sin. Coin—Market Buoyant, and falta not nomerooi owtoc to the firm feelln* of holder*. Wcnoteaalw: ZSOaaeki ct mixed it do white at tLflO: SOO do mixed yellow at *1.5(1. OiU—We note ule> of VOCncln at 9Cc; iCTdo at We; atdSfil ocrtb Miiiourl atß9c, Bar ley—Market very quiet. Balts cf SO taelufali at IS 3?; 4J do at |J,IS; II poor do at 11.9 T. Whisht—No moremect. Prices remain at fotmer qcouaona. Vessels Passed Detroit. {Special Dispatch to the Cblcaco TrlbtmM Dsraovr, Saturday, Sept. 10. Ur—Kens. Dow*—Sweeny. Merrimac, Ellsworth, Globe, Case, Aloerlne, Faiblon, Atlanta. Wlfi4 MtUIVWt. • . RnOalo Rlarnst, Butrxz.o, Satarday. September JO. FIOW-’Dtll. Oium—wheat doll and nominal. Com-Xo.a, sl*s. out* onictatTFc. Whibrt—litW at f JAI. Coral, UMioaia -wheat, lßc*. corc.tGe; cats 10j< oiovc. I/*«m Imtostb—Flflnr.ion brl»t wbsat.lß.Ml bn; com, 773,7-7 bn; rye, 11.173. Cjutal hxroira-Fioar, iPlorlf. wheat, 103,003; «orn,7l‘,J?o; oam.SC^Su; rye,7.500, New York market. Rrw Tfax, Saturday. Sect 10.75 M. Corrojr—Doll, nr fettled ana nominally lower, enal !talca of mldllng uplands at Si.Bidt.Sl. rixuit -Dwi ’or State ann Western. PrignUr end oLttttled.aod 15425a10ver. Sales at |?.SOfi#tO.(o lu t»tr* State*. tWAIdU *5 for round hoop Ohio; SlMffftitMafcr trade hranos-marxet dotingirreg nlsr ano nns'ttl'd. IVnieKT—WithriotdccHed chacre. Sales at f 1.*9 for State and V-TCSfcf €of>'r Western. Chad*—* be* t call and nominally 9Ato lower. Sales of Milwaukee club at *2£>:Amb>r Michl»aa at *2.25. n<m—WUhoat cecUen e'<snct. Sales at |l.*lK9l.Gfortalx«d Oats—bull and ae> cineoiT lower, fifties at K>o92c. Gsoctvizs—~ofl>edoll: no ae>* of Irt-psrUnce. Eoßardtta;Cubft3’iWo2\ Mclass-adnU. pßT^otscM—Poll end lower, attic forcrade and 7SOT9C fur refined, to bona. Vooi—tnU xro drooping. • . . , Fsoneioxs Fork op* nra beayy oat closed ormir, witc a ccoo demand, part 'ait create*,** flume 11.' 0 formcM.chlrflyat me latter price: *l.v?7h *43 75 for new 00, closing at tteUtter pries: lor prime, tbn Utter an extreme; ««.MZ4 ► 5Q foron-ua met*: also, fl3 s’. B*ef more aenrr, at fiS.^ISJX) forCQUctrTC'fß«,|9%f' > rcoan’iy pnme.IUOXtJO.M for ieo*rk#droe»s,*nd *Si.ioas%CD for extra tnes : inclnd* dials* are tEObrla extra mesa at Abas' ax equal rate. Msssbeef dullard seminal. Cn* tnotti LsrdTorj firm, vliha&lr uqntryat 253U*c. Setter Tfryflun bat quiet, at 46£*9e for Ohio ant CeMc for State. Oswego Market, Oswzao, Saturday, Sipt 1\ Flcttx— Dull tnd unshatged; H f .lO for brands from Ko) Spun*, acd *10.73 from tod wtntir. Ctuis—W* eat Mid corn quiet and nominal The fl itesrof rev Kvley arrired tbit morning frjm Canada which label* at <2.30 UattAi. ranouT* On tram X c higher; floor COSOic; vhcatiSc; com UHc; oats ?Htt and rye 12c toNaw Ycrk. New York Money Market. Kkw Yonr, fiatarcay, S:pt. 19. Money active and firm »t 7c. Sterling Exchange IrregnJar and onsettlel at 10SX «i(t. Gold exeUcd acd decidedly lower; opealog at SISK, c ecli*l s to 528, AdTftOClng to 227 X, deelt&lag to tifcsnd clcsl&g at taH* Total exporta of specie :o- slocks active and a shade firmer'; D 8 BsS), coupons IWX4WBX* 7**o Tretaory nous, Oc tober and April, its. X>JLXSX>. In thte city, on Saturday evening. September Mth, AUGUSTA Pf wife of A. Adams Jr, agednyears. Fnrexai tc KoiehlU on Monday. Id this cu». Stpt. Bd. 1854, of typhoid fever, Mrs. lIABBIBT CHAwBBRUh, axed M years- , |c». raamharlln will ce renumbered by most of our reader* at amrng tho nest active and laborious mends 01 the Union m this city it.cs the bestnning ot tho rebeillcn, laboring everywHeTe, and at ad tjuei. where kind words and good deeds coma pro mote the ccmfrrt or success ef oar soldurt I® the Held < r retaining wounded to thetr homes. Bone hsvr llwd a purer me, a more devoted Christian, or stiPT friend than she. Railroad Time Table. CHICAGO ASP NORTHWESTERN—DEPOT COB. SMt WAVES ASP SISZOt ATS. Depart. Arrive. Mail Passenger *10:00 a.m. *5:16 ».m. EvertogExpress ***oop,m. *11:33 sum. Might Express *9;3upjn. *305 p.m. QALENA DIVISION C. A N. W. BAILWAT—DEPOT JvOBTH WELLS STBBET. Felton Passenger 9:43 a.m. 6:80 am. Fulton Faseengtr this p.m. I—s p.m. Freeport Passenger. am. k25 p.m, Freeport Passenger ICfcOO p.m, 8:10 am. Rockford Passenger. 4*oo pm. 11:10 sju. Geneva Passeostr... S:Sop.m. sSOa^n, DetroUEiprwo Detroit Express HW»p.m. 73:45 a.m. DetroUExpresa. •tIOsOO p.m. *B:lsp.m. (Trains for Cincinnati and louiszllU.) Korninc Express *fc3oa.m. *&lsp.m. Night Express .tthOO pan. $8:45 a.m. SUCmOAN SOUTHERN—DEPOT CORN lit TANBtTBZN ..♦6:80 a.m. - *3:lsp.m. ...tfiKUpon. *15:30 a.m, Day Express..... Evening Express. Night Express... Express, Tia Adrian *6:30 aaa. *8:45 a.a. Ktobt Express, Tis Adrlan.+fcOO paa. *£S;ls sjn, rmarcßO, tost wxxxz <k cszcioo. Mail and Accommodatloa.*4:4o ajnu *2lO p.m. DayErpms ..-HfcSOajn. •SUSp.m. Mail Express tfcoop.m. *9: lop.m. Ulsbt Express .ilOUOpja. i&iStun, Cin. & LonisriTle Exprece.'tfeJO pja. £3:35 a.m, (Comtctinff VFitA Serntyitcnia Otnirul S. S .) LesTePUtsbcre.. &00 turn, 4:85 p,m. 6:45 p.m, “ HbrrlsbV.. 3:20 p.m, *ls cum. &00 ajff. ArrlTePhflarfer.., sdo pan. Ikso sum. ICfelO •* N.Tork.l via > ATeoton. j “ N, York. I •Tia >IWB pmu I*osp.m, fcSSp.m, Fhiladel. J “ “ Waah’ion.. ftSO p.m. 10:30 a.Q. 5:03 p.m. .■ *i>* «aM,a* Day Express 630 am. 8:15 pm. Eight Express 9:40 pcu 8:10 am ilbrJndlanapcU* and XoidflrfßaOi Day Express..., ......6*30 am. 8:15 pm. Eight Express .....6:4opm. 8,10 am. Dav Passenger.... *8:15 p.uu •fcOOp.m. *WO».m. Kankakee Accto !SJst P *2ir »-./* , U\de ParkTmtn *&2sa.m, *n4sa.nk u l ce r u “.[.......n5&i m. *l3sp. nu u u u ..*too p, m. •&20p,m, u .» « p.m. •730 p.m. * CHICAGO, BCHLESOTOX A3TO QUISCT. Dsr Express. 9:30 a. m. 5:15 p. m “JhISSSi *oo». m. Menflota Accommodation. 6:15 p.m. 0:30 a.m. CHICAGO AtD ST. LOUIS. Expref, Mali taip.m. Eight Express....'** ,koQp.m. &90a.m Joliet ACoommodatioiL.,. 4:45 p.m. * 9:80 p. m Day ExnreeaandMdb 9:45 a.m. ' 4:60pm,. Elcht Express 9:15 pm. 6:15 am. Joliet Accommodation..... fclO pm. ■ 9;40 am. CHICAGO AXB HZLWAUKKS BAXLWAT. St. Paul Bxpreea .IftOO am. 8:15 pffli Klsht Express 9:90 pm. 330 pm. Waukegan Accommodation 530 pm. 8:10 dm. Evanston Special 2:80 pm. 434 pm. •Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted. Mondays excepted- WOOD'S MUSEUM. tJQI. J. B. WOOD A»D,B. F. jJtUXMAM, . Proprietor! and Maaageri. MONDAY, BBPr. l*TO» Andeveiy eTenlniructU farther notloe, Will be pre* itLledthe |iand Boriantic Drama of THE »CKE’S MOTTO. Senil de Lsvadtrs ccniriDiaot........ Blanche he MiSTer. pnscefea&eUn Darlnf the piece aßoucscdDancebyMill LOTPA. PBtCVS—hdoittlos to Hussom and Lecture Boom Hcental CbUdien nndsrtwelveyiaxa. is eta; Dreia Circle atd cents extra; orebsstra Best* is cents: Private Boxer, ft axd S3; no extra charge lor uesexvedßeats; Boxßookopen from 10 6 of Lector* Rvem open at IK o’clock. Curtain rises at A c&maeea iboold call at 10H. Fonrtk week of the popoltr versatile actor, MB. CHANFKAU, Wbe#e enure eoiagement baa proved TBTTTMPiujrr ufzt Bbiuliaht. _ TavATiui CsQwnsDXioaTLT. MONDAY *pd TCEtDAY will bs presented tot belt American Utama ever mutn THB OcrOBOOIf. With toe fjUowlßa pawcrfnl east; Pete, in old uaela.... . ........ ....Mr. Ckantrau Zee,! Miss Raced Joiowa ©re-rye Panto - Mr. U>er« Jaco&HeCioiky.... ..Mr J. A.Lorl Sa tcitodC l Mr. J. H- McV eicer Dora 8 tinny rid*.,. Mrs. Myers ?bedi»mawUlbepr*i(DtaA with all its crUlntl beanues aid steilin* effevtu pid-Mio.’ lie last and Beit Plc-ale of tie Season, .ilonttonhedf eof Good Templar* win gtveablc-sic On ’Wednesday, the 14th inst, TO GENEVA ISLAND. TbeKxerclMi will be intewperocd with speeches, • ot racn, whartbfcrpow -rsept Ac., Ac. A, Balloon s‘centloo tanlao expected., Tick-u far toe reundt»p. a creu. Ou, w. JgYAKSTOK CLAM BAKE EFINSXON, SSPIESTBifH 15. Ample Provisions for 1)000— Only that number ot Ticket* will bo Sold. Can leave at fla.rn.aad return at Ip. m. The navel rsadta in iplenald eou«uion,iAa the drive beantofUl fer thou who wtah to *p that war. TheCumßaaeiatn genuine new Kngucd style, acd an abncdiaceofc ami.Orsten, cumaua Flehcbewdfir.ureen Corn,Ac M Ac Cold Pork and Besna. Corned fleet. Ham. Tonaae, Chickens, Bacd wKhn.Bticolu Breton Brows Bread, Pampklnand Banarn Fin Pickles, lee Cream, Lemonade, Tea, Coffee, Melons. Fruits, Cate, Ac.. Ac. .. _ For imnaementa on the grounds. Ball Playing, Quoit PltohlnK.Ssiicf,Ac.; a'so, brief Aldreaea by llev. O. H« Tiffany and other popalar tpeaken, in the Grove on tb* Lak* Shore. . . . A Band «m attend the Bzcunloa, and play during toe dty. Tickets fomteat Eeea’a Bookstore, Tbomaoo’* BeatanranttClty Hotel, Tremout Howe and Brizgs Douse. iept-qMWK Variety theatre. Kos 116 and 117 Dearborn afreet. C.M. .Proprietor andHanaxe* T.L. PITCH Acting and sure Manager MONDAY EVENING. BKPT. stb, First appearance of the bcanufol slaters, KSTELLA & CBriUSTIsrE ALSO. Btr. J. 11. CARLE* The Great Oanjolst- Immense cnsceas ol SJM T.P. ELIfiF, 810. CONSTANTINE And WILLIAM SCOTT Doors opes at 7E: Curtain rises at BE o’clock. Scaxx or Psicss.— Purnuctte, S5 cents { Drees and Family Cuds,W cents; Private Boxes, tl; Stogie Beats laßsxce. 75 cents Suction Sales. DWRIiLJLJSU HOUdifi AND STASIS* OX LEASED GROim, At Auction* On MOJUJAT, fcest- VHh. attvc o’clock P.'M , on the prein »7«, id slier oesr West Bind Ipfc itnet, be twe*n Cilntcn and Caral street*. nweltlm House stories, ten rooms, ont Dense, stable stalls for e'sb* bor«<*. rn leased land—lease three years to rus. The whole will be sold without rr»«*rve for cash. WM. A. BUltBdS * CO.* Auctioneers. ee9>qT39 ct QTOCB custom: made O CLOTHING, CAS3IWEBBS. WOOL BOCKS, STAPLE DRY GOODS &c. t at auction. OX WEDNESDAY, BEPTEMBES HTU. At Batten** Aaetlrn Booms. In Portland Block, cor. of DtirDom end WasbiCßtoa street*. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO-, Atuttoaaer*. AUCTION SALE. at private sale. Plano* 9 Cigar*, Furniture, &c* Three elegant Piano Port**, liwt »nlr*d from tXi* a*DQi«cTO(T of .Hardman, Ntw Joik These riato# &re inferior to none In Ibla mark*), and buss bo mis to be appreciated Will b» told much be o * tbair t«lqo> Partite Is want votrtc oo veil 10 call mad eraß.l>etb»M> bctore nnrcbaim* elsewhere, Gun. ilgntneols of all htrtfs of r#*peclfnliy to«clt*a JAXbS MILVOU tatlHu, Pl Randolph airrec, he* State and Otarb rn. p. 8.-4t.C(O Citato for tale. Mll.qOU It /GILBERT & SAMPSON, Qeeetmt Anettaeeerm.44.4B A 49 Oearbeni*st. LAEGB BADB OF Birn NKW FtMtUXTURB AT ATTCfIOy. On TUSSPAr, Sept 13th, at 9if o’clock, we wID sill at oor ealearooms,a large and ciogant assort* neat 01 pablob snrs, In OH w*lnat. Green Kepp and Bair Cl:th, Marble Tcp mb ps, in roiid R-"rwood. «nbo*aoy aadWal* rot Bat tree*. Parlor, Easy and Roetem* Chair*. rtctj Book ram and Seerwarl'alnßospwco-iaiid 'Vainnt- KI-EOANT MARRLK TOP Foreword. ffainnt and rbestnnt. roe attention of barer* t« ptiticnlarlj tented tt tbMO rood*. Orel** lo* BuresDs, w*»baiandi, Beataade.springßelated Uslr Msttmeco- WMI-n BOOM rDßSnm’.B—Tbier rteh ra!id Cftjt Matb’eTcn Sideboard*, with wire b*cV«, beaded «ad acrcll l-g*,Exteiisori Du lor Tablet. 10 and 1, It ftefretbrsent Tabl's, Walnut Fall Djat bxtetwfoa Table, Fain »rd rarved T.p o*k D.n’nr Ccalr*. Can* ?‘fct Cbalia.R-ekera and Sewloc Caaln, Cak Arm CLnLP, • bj:o‘-lllch Oat Dinlf a Chdra. Tie above good* arc all fire t-cia*a and warranted. Tbo«e wuMcjt ccod r,*o.ta and cood furniture, wW male • *»»»vl» fcSflsW. aOPMOrMTi. seiroMUt ileal iSstatcssffimmtrjj. T?OR SALE—A nica HtJe Farm, JL~ 73 sens,ro;d orchard I’cnrovenents,Ac,Ac. Pries fSSptr arre. Location IX miles from Lortl depot and TllUse. fifty miles west of Chicago B.H. CDSLMI> OS, 13‘i Olarx street. eelo q7M>3t 'TJ’OK bALH-Farmal Farms I JP E.H Is at home again. Parties wishing either to purchase <r sell Farm*, or Beal E»t*ie in Cbicsjtn, will please call at MS oGlee. tSd son h ciarx rreet. Mis>tf9t4t ■J7OK SALE - Farm ler sale. One A/ of the hot Stock sr d Grata Farms in Du Page Ccanty. containing 187H atm*, about thirty of it Umber, ail under pood cultivation. Two pcod wrlls, and liTirc water. Good two story Beat?, anih artni, firm. Grain and Caimee Bocse. Bern SftTttfcet, with a’one paiement. AV-ut 2W>lwge beating apple tree*.andrtner »nwt,al! fetcedtor keepin-r neap, cniy one mile ftt» Danhr sta lon oa tte Galena FaOrcad,S3 mllet item Chicago. Applyto J- BLtSN, 170 Ltke sUttC Chicago. s 9 q~U-5t C'OR SALK—At a decided biTgais, X 1 ?sscrfsonaod mCicero TovDihip, Cook Co.-, on the Whisky Point Plank Head, one nils trim the corporation lln» and tour miles tr-m tbs Cpart Mensem this city, de.cnhed as the fast half of the ncTih*» e«i Quarter ct ie««oa two 3). to»t*mp 39, mil! ]3 east. S&StUKL A. SS HOShT, B*«l K«tate agents. No 4 Metro? iUtm Jiock. flcS gSeS 4t . T?OR BALE—lmproved Fa'm for .1? rale, at Tacs. B. Bryst’s office-, rontilns 240 acres, is 24 miles from Kerostaclty. Wis, iu miles from iht State Una. and two milts from a rai'road itavou; ha«twoi>ous«s»orccarcs. wells anu livtnz springs, ptentroftluberfo: fue’r well adspredto i-oit, c»ola,orweol trowinr. Title perfect. Price •\ooo raeb, except whfrh can remain indefinite ly. at * per cent Very cheap at toe price. scS QPSO tw iSoarbiug. 130ARDING.—To lent, to two JD geoMeman who wish permanent board, a front ptzlorwtta htdroom snd closes Alio, one Blade wuanosft. Apply at 14 Third avetoe. ne fiitncci given and required. seu-qsent BOARDING.— A nest furnished rcoro, snltsh’e for two sloe e gentlemen at IS per week ADo,* pl’-Man*. front room fir zecuemaa and a fljst cJa»spMv-te family, whh only « few other boarder*, at 17 Union street, on the Vras; Bice. aeii qOOQit BOARDIKG. —Wanted a suit of front rooms, ftanlihed or unfumlihed.on Wa bain avenue, between Ua* Ison and Twelfth »<rcst*. or cn the meets leadtrg rom *-h3 avtnua to cne l*l*,fcr acesu«man. hlawife,and soo.euhtyeua old. Addieaßox 6037. sail-qtMgt Boarding.— Pieaßstit rooms with beard suitable for a K-ntlenaa and or two slnaia genCemta. can be loans at an FO u BEST'S. 43 MJCBfian avenue. asu-q937 2t BOARDING.— A lady is detiroos obt&t&tuE board In a private family near the PcitOffice. Aliberalprt-epato,audios e«s;refer trees 1 ivra. •*W fl B«*‘ Tnpaao office, tell qKWt ' TJOABDINS. —A gentleman and X) m» wife c\a obtain board ard s veil fomlehed trout roctn. with tastry.lca pf ? rat« farallf. Of »p* omcfc at au Iblrd aywne. Bifcrenoa eicbanged. aelh-QSMt • T>OARBING. —Boatd wa'-tsd by i~y n Tfßnpm>n la a private family No objection* to the Vte'. cl Kcnh Hie, 1C -» railroad. Addreu '*o A." Port Office Braver AU33. itsllcf unct asd location* Beferescce exchanged. e««nrt»n T‘ 3 BENT—Boons to rest, psrt It fnmuma, TtltA or Tith:ai boat..i 130 MicUgu itreet. ’ « Ul*3l-i: TO BENT—A twc-story Brick Boom and bwett'cnt, ril a&d water. With bneX ban. tooa“e»t4M Sooth Clark street^ oppente St.Fetet'afehorw.orat U. 8. AistiJCt»l** 27 tar bom itreet. Wt Blt. aetl-qaal IW TO RENT—A very pleasant un fonfebed ft cot room, to a private famjly. with out oSdTat 73 Mlchim %▼«»*. B&oie adjctniait the yretnliea. teimpA It fPOBENT—With thefurniture, a fl i«o<s-ftnd-a-balf Gothic CotUza. located In the DiTli'oo. containing l tta rootni- The owaer vcold like to board with thoracal reotinjr it. Ac* nip tot, the rratslata, fourth booie weetofSoyne-it, co iQuthfwe ot Wen Lake ttrect. aell-qWUt 133 pm. Host. LOST- On Tnnrsday or Friday l»rr. cn the Eonth Bide, a small b’aok c-vrer daisy or account book. eontilnltg a ftv peitage r ascot a&d paper* ot novalsw to any one eare the owner. Tbe Order wlB cciftr a.great f*vor »ai «■ ceifß to* thank* ot the owaer by leaving It at SCOTT, KBESK ACO ,136 Lake Kieei.or a thl*office i" u it»u James c. arus. LOST— $26 a Reward. A Pocktt Book ccsitalnlnz Wt, two ring* and'a. raaU etaio. Th«p*r*oarettmslnrtta eatnaviu rsdvethe aocTB reward by lea ring It at the Trlbnne office or as 100 State meet. aelO-qathSs j LOST —$100 -.Reward. Lost on tteaotuag of tbe nth or Angntt, a Gold Boat* ins Watcp.maser* BiAO.Bently, Liverpool, Bag* Tae finder will please (Breet biles tS to Bor 374. Chicago, 111* se^gTlldt LOST —yesterday morning, a Bay Horse, stards about I<H bam high .has long biacfclall and malim and white bias fret. When last uea was near tbe Stone Quarry. West 'Dnistro. Whoever retorsa him to tbe undersigned will be well tewiretd. J. WljiQßAVjs, jb, M or soccnd boose vest of Boyce on'ifadlaonatmt. 119 q7fr*l TX/ANTED—Substitutes, and sub YV atitutaaronlsbsato ary man, orco»P»OTof nw». or to towti ot t3wuabip*.pr l fltj umr qaotn. AppUcauon ihooltt ba ium* «ithont Jelir. that wo may bawo tfcno w>flU Ui’or j«i which oit D<KOt os. Thu* far, we tiyefllled nost cr »te tidw* r*o« oa.acd oar wiaa«em«ow i are wth that wa willCaable tolnraiih aoj reaaoaaba cumber that mar be reoah»o.Cfll o«^dißMa«*t the War Claim A*cncy ol ISAACS. HITT* CJ). 63 Clark BtxtftV. tslL ~\\T ANTED —Snbcliintei. Sabiti- V y tnifti wanted every flay in view of the ap nroacllM draft Veteran* and all"n* irmn tb« c inn ?t W ealiit Ai Babtti nles nr Rsurctelv urea can write na for inarraeti* na. If yewr*n» they mn>t hMA bM> two tcui in tbe uttlci to enfttte then to go aa finoa itutea- Any cne Hole *o tii* dratteen kom mpiewntitltta Wo are ealljpiy* “jSnSi ofIBAAC B. am ft CO„ 05 CiMk fUeot. aellobWSt - TSJT ANTED 1 -Substitutes. One f ? bnndred aenwaatod forthe Kavr Imtaaii ately. Call at dice niand leettbo lV?ApSwrrp offmrjr fnr one. twoorttrte ytars. ft CO, 05 Clark street. >»lt-^9 1 93t .Ur. Prank Aiken Mr.UeMaima ,M|)« way Howard TfirANTED—To icfoim tSe citi- TT MM ofCcok ccitaty. w« 'wi»t Iwn cltizes oi Cook Conor* against tb» drat under the prt sent ca'l of: be pn t’deot of the Hatted Stares for fre.ta raen fcr* ro.uo:n these conditloas: rut. Tee insure* meet dtpcslt with »omere*poßsl* hie bsnkucc, subject to onr order wbda l'l*«c'£ (alsed mat he la no loteer llab’a to be drafted te flu tbe quota ot this county under the present call, and deliver ton* a Certificate of «uctt Deposit beartnj tbtie conditions . . .. ac. Tiere must b« S3 or more persona Irsttreawilh u» btiore tola la Pinoiax. 81. wi-Mo 'eadaja aflat fifty cartons hire com* pi ed nub tbe «*rn- It o a, w*» aw t> be creoared to stat tr a* SnlfttUrtte* a* naty m-n a* lathe ratio to be r ray c from met timber imtred. _ . w c win alao rate toe mk d parties woo bare formed litc companies toaydd the oraftfor tilO eatbsubstrlctios. HAKHIS a Co. Forfnr>Perp<uTicQlaTseppiy toO. y.OUj)Q&Ut Co.. 69 sum street, Kcom op stars, Cotraeo. P. O.Box 3231. aen q399 it TXTAN TED To asfiat in filling f * the qootact nonn»y—thatpatrlo'ie cla xenttubUctto rrait er-onl* add a small son w toe County Bounty row offered, and by onttla* »nei»a and reiersns it»o the (trace, ala la dtlioc tbe onota oMbe County ana tree iMmsaves from liability to dtatt a* the same time. For a'limnna ealluyan WILLSON & K&U3I&M, 4S Clarkstreek. tall.qWMt . TXT" AN TED- To say to the ma-.y T T potties mother States who tars applied to ui to famish them eobsUtntes, that ws have confined cor operaticc* to the County Of Conic mainly* and baye not and do not Intend io fnrsUb any men S) oe or* cued to the qnota of a*y State hat Qitacu. WILLSON * MESBU.W.4S Clnrr-it. io!I-qa372t Tt/ANTED—To icfoim tlia pnolio TT that we are prepared to fnrslih Sohctuntes attheio»#itprtce rorvhlcb they can now be pre cored. Odt*i «•! 4mrifoai. Fr«s e st dr.t iBTfO. WILLSON A MBUIUAU.4S Clara St j*z%, ■ Chicago. «ttl; qesi-tt "TXTANTED—That those enhjeist Y T to draft sbrnld nnderi tand that tbe cheapest ttshner of aToldtns the mk o? heicr forced into toe army is to pay WILLSON * 4S Clark street. Two Hundred and Fifty Dollar*, to lasoxe them rnhitlinUi to esse they are draftes. Cali and tee about U. sfcl'.-qWI-it \\T AN TED—Substitutes for the Y ▼ arm; son nary, for css. t wo or tbre* 7 Sira, and tbe highest bounty o*!d. at the Central Weit-»ra Wv claim Agency of WILLSON A ÜBBBUV. 48 •Clark meet. seu*4b974t Mlmttozzßsmts. TXrAKTED—AgeaIs to canvass TT tbecity vtTha new article- ss(oil*a day can o« made 1 eadlly. Apply at office, OS State st. ■ellq*«)St _* "tXT ANTED Agents. To gall tbe T T Catrpslcn Text Book for Un'on men. Bay* mond’s History, Lincoln’s Admltutration. Beery voter should have it. Bentbfmsll onrectlp:of|i..vs, Addms CLARKS A CO*. 82 WaahlngtoMV.Cßicajo. P.O. Bex 4751. Bc3 qnC-lCt \\/ ANTED Aeents to sell Pjcsi- T T dentlal Came&lkn Vedala. either In Tallow or 'Wtlta Heist: else Catrpa>go Badge Htcr.UeencsiM correct. t*orkiaensaio svpsticr to annum* yes ot* feied tbe public price HO 10 St 3 per IWfc. A eospleu set of forty different samples—two sizes of Jd» dais end four fonts if Pirs,o> eactt candidate, in two kinds oftr-etai, acdaflmra’e Ueoal of Liem, Gen. Grmt amt for SSLO- Sirgie lamoles. u rents. Trace cr*ers tollciUd Address JOHN aTANTO'*, 130 Futh ttrect, ciudcnatl.O. eci^qno-3; TtfTANTED —Agents to sell the vi Ca'rpslsn Tart Boik fcrUalcra mot. R-»j* tEcnfl*» Hiaterr of L'tiCCln’s AdnlcJltralior. Bvary Ta’ersbcaldhAfo tt. StctojireU cnrecelotoClU Adorer C AhKE A CO.a2 Btrert, CtU c»go. P.O. 8cx4751. se9^i-«; W ANTED Ag-i. ts in every to vn * * aad cenrty to sail rur Natural treatdif Indi cator. Wsrrar.t-d 10 pndict tbe cbences of tbe weather a day is advance. < send rsmole per express on rec*io* 0: iSXQ Send stamp fw (dtemar atdvims teagenu A«ti*ros* Cox 32AS. HI. Oißee 16 Portland Bloch. TXT ANTED — Agents tn this oit? T 1 atd OTory tswa and county west for H'story 01 tbe War. nor cem anc Sootbent ndee, sad oteer popular family wr.rkA with itAmps, 8. M KxN N KD y. FubUiCer, 196 Cmrk street, Cblcadb »u3fl pltS 1m TXTANTED-JIOO per Month Ao- T T tlve aad Bilutle Agents la tbs Army and everywhere tbe meet lucrative bvlDess known. Honorable and noxtsk. Addrees or apply to T. A O. GATTOHAW. rift nrnadwap N. W 93cal 13statc-=ffiitß. ij'Oit SAi-E Re idatc«. Ect 100 h/ f<et front on Prairie aveuu«. wl’hgood b*n»e. Price »%• to. Apcly to JP. OUNGEB, Real Office 43 Clark street. HoomNo.B. seiO q7SI-3t IT 1 OR H. use and list on J? wabspaaveooe,No.73o,two rtorlti.ftaxe, t»o farlcrs, llbrarv, eleven tMd-ropm*, diQ'Wr room, rtcbm.baih rooms and clrsets. Lot sdxt«<> A. 4. ATkBUX.HeeI £»tate Offise.No. 7 Meirov>bt»a Block. r9-qT3S« J7OB SALE—A tew tram. H inse, Ja? oa Wolcott •t*est. oe«r Oak. Lot No. 999. and four y<are grouauitaae. Tor bootc coatuui a>«bt room*, and will o* sold as slow price. loqnlro at BNATJPK A- KALCOU’J. eerner of Kortn water aro Cifcrx streets, (Ewing's Block,) Boom No. 1. et9 p«f94t 1?0H SALE—Pcuccncc for s-U I 1 ATTocsecartatoingabontlir een Alto, Pam and o b*r ut'n'ldvtat. Lot tl«*fc«t {foot, BUnatfC oa Twcn’y Cub street. b*twern and L'tcbig*»n »*veca*a. Price 110,0.3. AnpiftoM. h- PgAmnf.l73 But • street. se«*qMS*lw jCV'R SALE.—First Clats Rtßi- I? dr n«s ra (be avenues. B«vcra! fl'B Ist* on Wa b*»h avsune. ValnaMep'ope’ty to all .parts or the city. Appiy to 4- P, OLINBSB, Real BfW'" Broker, 43 List* street, Kocm No-8- iep« q»7£*« TJIOR SALE Two ho<e. Beicg A 1 firfectlrcctby 135 Vftdeep. on West W»«hlng tea street, Just west of IL'.yae street, froa~rgsonth. Far sale clirap f r c-*sh icplrtoa* 104,lU6tolpb street, S 00m So. T?OK SAL®—At tbeLoaa Agency X 1 and Real Rst*te Office ot BAtKD ft'DEAD* LET, lUeldrscre and Realdecnn Lets on North La tall* street. Fiatrto Aveone.Ca'siint Av«m», Park Arlene, Ac««tc. Several cheap lots near the corner of Mohawk *trt Cnte* thtfti offered for a thort tine at 93*0 each—» barram Other Lots and Houses Id vsrous parts of the city. ItAIBD ft BRADLEY, cernrr L*ke and LsStiTe s‘reeta._ aos-qits-lw TT'OR SALE—Or to rra 1 , the .1, Cl* si water or Trefont Flou*lcg Mills a: Clear water.Minn. Flentynfwb*staadaoo\ aw er power. Ralroad la completion thronch the place. 000 l chancf to make maney with »m*U end •■*!• Aop'y at Once frr <bn ntrner are t* Ice to the war Aral? to AN .REW KINNEY, with Bowen Brotoe?*, lllacd 21 Lake meet. utiqssst F3R SAIE—At Amboy, oa 111- cels Central Railroad, a pood Warehouse wlih eleT&tor and best or facilities tor handling nam. It offcia a One opp&rtn&ity forjtraio. coal and 1 laber boslctM. Apply to HdwaHO LITTLE, at John T. Noble ft Cc.’i Lcoioer Office, eoraerCanal and Car roll »tteet». from f to 10 o'clock i.M« or adnreei Pest Office Bsx 3075. wli-qSU-n F?R SALE—Fruit otns for flslo at cne •''liar and fifty cents a dozsa, at the Great ■Wesiitn TlnCvn Vftt-afrt'tTy, I IS South F.aLtv.a BtTCAt- C T.eRgEKa ft CJ. »sIWSW-3t S ••LE - Bortet. Soma very JL? cto'ce stock. f1»bI*» ard ctatehsd. lelsctsd or cte's'y tor fam’)» cae, arr offered for s*le on reasons bleterns, a- Bt»bleon Dslstediticet.bctween Uadi tea aca'wajblr.stcn sTirs. sell-qiHdt TJIQR HALE - S.x horse B .iler, sL 1 lecttr'o'lT»»;sla,lo«n , *d cider. Also Mhowa FtaUo;t:v Ergise. «ltb botleracn fixtures complete. J. C. BIt;HAIID3,B9 Wathioff ca sweet. esli qWS-U F3R SALE Team fJisin Wagon and &artfß3fortal« (or three boadred dollar!: ot»»* lesm msrrhed torsos sad on* 2j< Inch Iron axel grsln vag:n. In gcol rcp»lr. They arc rrlfinff rcr wsntofcii*. Caabt stcaat 1-19 iill-qr.i n p- J- WBEN. TTOB SAX.B One par of llitebed X 1 Ca?rl(ta Hailes, tuo and Ur yevaolr,T»T stylish and can trot » b>lq Ip 8K njlnntos. They will be sold cbeap aa the owner U tolcc to Europe. Can bo m ea at P J. TfllEN 6 S*Abl«. 149 State strteL tellqgK-U ITOR. SALE Two now fixet-elasa I? K. Ta one teeotd band top bosgy. aid one opeubogay. at ALLBN ft EON’S Ltvsry, betkcesLasalletml wells st lelbqssssi *S?OBSALS- The fixtures X* abdicate of s well eitib'.Pbad ard psyn* watch and Jtwetrr tb-'ic, sltna:ed In the bestoareef the cm EaUifartory regions aWea lor wlDae. Price WSO cash. Apply ler a few d»j« at 107 do. Clwk street y _Kl6q9(2t TTOB SALE—Cieap, a good me J* dlnxn ilzrd Steam Bol>r«nd R*nd*rla# Ta*>V, suitable fora-ra*il renOettßg tftabU.bmim*-. fa quire at nil sum street. —IQqTBC-et XT'OR SALE—A span of Dapple JL 1 Gra* Renee. texsc yean old.kjnd to drive. w»n broke, well matched, welrbt oaethoesand Pound* each, rood travellers. rained at elrtt bmidred djfl. l»n.' Maybe seen for two data at C, M. Ciwi i tlr er». opoosite tbe Post Offla*- All offers for ftea rtonldbe »d dressed to floxtl97«s»CUcajtoPo«tOfflso immediately. FDR SALE—Salt—New Fine Silt b >mrbt barrel*. delivered on can at lewert l*le*,by THOSIIALE, 2 Berth tfdUlU FDR SALE—A placing and aaw- Jac mlO. saab and door Ac., In a reed locality and dolor a profitable business, In* anlre at 50. 7 Board of Trade Bonding. TCUDR SALE—A brick Packing IP Hosie at Michigan Clty.WxitO fbat, two stories, socdiprlrrof water in the cellar, new en lee ana holler. Iron task all in complete order, torSKDQ, on tone. It des*ree. capacity for baodltoc I*o cattle, or BfOhoei perday. It i» well worth *U,OU) LT4AX BLAIS, bo. 17 Wells street, Booj> 7, se9q7ll*Sf T?OR SaUE—Ycry Cheap.. The £ Fixture* aid Furniture of a Hotel and Boarding Home, moated near the center of the city. The Borne is In good bnalnes* order end bat,!ncmdinz d*ybo»idtrs.stozaßato9otoarder«, Tbareasoator aeuln* is slebnes* lath* family For fall particulars inquire at the BZAUAHA HOU3E, 34S Bweloh street. stfl<;Mlw TJIOB SALE—Saloon Block and fix Jt? mo, and one billiard table, situated on tbe corner ot Canal and Borth streets, Inqtdre at we saloon. seSqWWt F3B SALE—Two power Mortio- IngMacbtnes.nearlynew.with latot improve* ments. Addrtu CHAS.EILLIUAK, Uadlsoo. Wu. sea gStt-lw XTOR SALE—“Moulding Suck,”— JT One of Smith's Bon!/ 1c* applying at too corner of Canal aM to GEO; A. aBHOLO, Post Offce 80r 4003. IgpAo<s?-St WOR SALE—Men’s Patent 120 JP gallon kettle. xerT at 80. 394 ponth ilesplaln, r ear Saxnscn street, aeg^teaiw l?OB SALE—A Gxocaij or Light P *_,» wacon. with or without horae and asrexe Platform. Coturter and Tea ISSVww: £Smu.»» OOM a» 1300.- ■«<!>«■»« ~ ~~ i_' IJ'OB SALE—Cheap, a steam flour- Jp ire asd Klsvnun. known Mthe Eigle hUDs.ak #Tic«ion Illinois, wim lour run ofjrcnth Bn*n. Mr«hiaofmanniartnrms too bins.or BonrextryJ* fflX“w«wT ware&onae attached, with SaSras sa? aseseg waai p kH3O-iw jfot Sale. Vi/ANTED —A Gardener. A coin. MacH, Uaferoa llourr, ci cn £to>dai tilt w 1 UOVjrf ’8 feed Stoic, 104 Lake itnecf ’ U a -« fctii qko at T\T ANTED -By a jc.uns; man~ a ▼ " MiQsUoa m a Comnjlwloa House. h*Ah trine eiprriisce and e<Q brtssle;te?iffo<n iia* »m plojert. Wcnld i oieidrr bn beam and ciottlrv tnfflcltot reettr p»n»e Jor flr>tyeir»’ e-rrlce. { i Addre«"CAS,"CiiUatoT:lt«ib« A-L 5 tor three d»)i. ; uUq>.a u* \*7^NTrED— Dnrirg Fall, f foni f 9 Dfit of October cut, as o*Sca Ctrkiad. BblpcJor Clerk. No one nwa apply «bo ti net ««it acQaaiited vltb nl road routes ann conaectio*. Tz tbliasC sojefttes States, or bat had to ezoensaea in enures*. ■AL applicant* ibcnld auto vba exaen; aneeibet bare b*o. In vbat hind of badoeu, rcobtbly wa*»a required,irilb twst of rstareaess ij crccrtc receiva aitcattrn. Adoreia. in ova buv viitiojr, K. E. Aioomisatoo Han- rj. B.ccmicftloo, DL ■ Mil-qitaii W" ANTED A mat who . 1 lhoiou*Wy Tmieistanfl* Vbe care cl tors®, totfilvo* e»ma*eanc mate bieuelt gramur n*<2 {ol. r*aa«i|2QpttmoflJUondbosuc. Aor.t at £7 hmr fltrttt. Balt <l9;Mc WANT ED - A s'-rang Boy. Ap ply at 193 Kcrtb Stasia street. sell ipu it ■fXTANTliD—Ladies. A jonng TT maa,lateod;rff to co Bait, whhea the «oa parr ot acme Inreincent. handsome yoanr Jtif. rira'*e]atareferences *mn and r«qnirad. Aidxew, with real name, Jd/* Drawer 3973. • ieU-q66t-lt TXT ANTED By ayonng man from TV Beaton, lately discharged from tbe U. 0. *er. ylce. a situation** etty-r ot ap&iroftorses and to tcabebltsself gencrslly owfal in a pnr-ita taorly. Bsa badezpeneneeaod can ftt'fll»o reference. -iea*e aodrtie WjLLEY HaMMOND,43 West -va»bia»toa street. Cblcaao. ae.lqesut tR7 AN TED—A Boy fonrttea or TV fifteen yamoM watted. Apply at 2-1 Us tropolitan Block. »6lt«q3S9-u \\l AN TED -To purchase alight TV eeeotdhasd Top Boon. that hubees oat H*«te urea. Nsmeot rnaserreqatred. Acdr-stHoi 3Sd 3. Feet Office. «eU-g663-tt WANTED -A titnsuoa bysie VY apeetabie widow lady, at heusskeeoer or nn«e to ao Invalid lady. Is yen food of children, object-a oleaiant borne Good xe(e enoe emru Address **Brc. B. C.” Post Office Dor 1143, Ctrl cago.llL ' aau qodd 3t XKT ANTED A titaetiun S3 Clerk T T or Assiraet Book Weeper in a commission brass or >bo}«s>le srce*ry, by a yoanc mu who cso give rood Fasten: atd city retereacti. Addiess *»J k. a,** Tiibnne offlt e. esl!>qS9m "VST'ANTED.—A goca Wit Nnrse TV can he procorrd at STlLuke** Hospital. S-ata street, near Barmen Court. « home is aito wasted fer a clc toy baby, three weens old. Apply at tbe Hospital. ■ aeU’qSSOls W A"NTitD —S’imations for Ameri- T T -dan. Fusil Ih, Irish Otnnan,Scotch and Col* orcdserTasts, wjibjrodcliy teiir*sces apply at tee Philadelphia lßtelllxtnctrOince.No. 130 South Clark street, country crcen cunctaaLy aitsocol to. Mrs. D. Pita IT in attendance. Aodret*. vita stamp, Box 1639. - seU-qOCS-it IXT" ANTED—By two respectable T * American >-ot?,:s and 2Cyf»r» or era. rltaa tlone is a wholesale dry goods or /merry store, or in » commusion boose. Are wining to make them' lelves generally uiefuL Good reference given. Ad* drm H P,”Box 1609, Chicago P.O. Se.l q9C6-lt TXT ANTED—Asitnatioabi a young T 1 lady, whose hmbsa l has given m* lire forhu country, «■ lines to clera either maurygoedsstore. or ndliisery er.sMisl ment. or copying in an otfl'e. Also a m: c<ue a»rd lady wutici a moatou to 00 main tewlojt nr tnj»!i>r. Beit ot references. Address '•Jf BS, n Ik»X 4762, Chicago. UL «sUq?6»lt ■ttT ANTED—To rent a forms bed v v bouse on the first of October, by a gentleman wt« k a email tan Ut» a 1 Icily lunlinea house, laa.t betnap.caesnt lieAlon Panics wlsltng to telln* qulsh bbctekeeDine for ibe winter, or lor a loader pe -1107, wl i be.r 01 a e»reul and rcaoossitn* tenant ov s(](mi»!cg laxaedlataiy "TK E,” L\ Q Box 3*130. Sattiiec ory r fereoeea tlvtn. aali»qS6frit \\ it A' 'I ED A mao jo taie one ▼ * half or tbe whole In' ereat of an eitabliabsaat oowdclnc agcod§aod profl*• lares. Inquire at gs Monroe street, cr andrets Box 193-1, Chicago. ttil*qßTO2t 7X7 ANTED 3uO Ladies a.a Gen- T • tletcen Irim ai{ parts of tbe West to act it ageotefor tbe tale of Bottertik’s Matures for catting Lrdlej 1 tenet *cu »l- ktcdi r.f Clothing ear- to sill in every family. No catital reamreo. 3TACT* 'MLDtta, Boom Iff. up stsi: t. SJcJi rmick's Sai d* In/, corner o» ► atdJJnb and Hesj com-e’a, • tlcsto, P.O. Box 6396. sell-q3 B*tw TJtTANTEiJ - A fiord cook, billing T T to do gecrrUbonse*orkiaa or three. Vagi a three collars a wsfk. Apply as No. a Bidridge Court. sell q9Q -a WANTED B.ard by two yoarg IT men in a private -amity where there are few cr to bcardera. aad wtire tber erold eajoy tbe enm to:u of a borne. Aadreis ettUn? termi.’*C fK,” p.o. Box 3051. Cticigo. eciUqSafiU ANTED A good to-'k, washer ’ » and irener. at 78 Bosb etreit. Belereoees roqciied. *e:l*a'<»/7*it Y\7 ANTED To rent asrcaUhonEa T » In » deursble netebbotbucA Wist site pro* frrrrd. Et»t of giv;n ACUrwi P.O. Box 3700 or call at liWScotb Clark street. Kocms 1 and 2, ap stain. iS/ANTED -To rent, to » gentle - man atd wife, a la'ge aad pleasant tront ctsTtber,w:niclo«et?,gß*,Ac. v*lllhe re t»d iur nl-b«Uir nriornlebed. Ktfateccifl exchanged la* quire at 39 TMrdaTtnue. sel»43s>4e WANTED - A nnt <ik-Bged la.y would like to tn**rectcbiMr< n.ssw orsnpsr* irlciid as an eqmvaltnt for beard. l>oea not object to the ctuntry. Pteate tddreee. clrtuc name and residence. B. P. SlUAltr. Box 1380* Ctucaco. s«iu<^d*st T\rAKTED A gar tiemanbetween TI forty and fllty years of aga, wl«bc« to get a fon)!rhrdcrnpiurnl»nec room. »itaa cup of coffee, ana cczbhps enpoer. with a widowei lad; pref-rred, Kr iTt rjwK ttrett Aril choice. Address, with lenaa. • a B.** tribune ofccr. TST AN TED—A young man, a w f je«e>er and stone setter. d»sima*iru»aoa with some firm ain»x*ror. rtp«irrr ot Javrlry. or would accept of a sltnaticnas saarstaatboor-eseper, c>rir.migof oreyprp** agent.oran\ outer tr>«ooc bu«ic*M. Good referepres fu-nisbed. Addra>s **4 c li."Poi». voice oox 630, Chicago^ssio^was \\T AN >ED A tituiiion by a go- T « ter nun. as clerk nr an office or is >om* tihi r d'pa'tzeat where be could maKt him. uli isnrriliy n»* mL Advcrtt*er w-:«esm good band uneemacd* aceourti itoiouehiT. Address “B J V, ,T Post Office. Chicago. seia qglLTt XX/ANTED A s-le-mst 1 to trivel. ■ • Cee acquainted with the erocxrry btmasss jtFientd. OL'itLEift TilißiLL, se&qsCiSC XX? ANTED - To r<.ot, on or ba- V v fore Scute tnb»r a Cotton or part of a anrtUNun’i. in envrarsortbt d yeou- TCiluLtto csri Acfireis Uci 2845. 1e10q912-S;,i TV’ANTED—Bj 3 youngmsnwho t ’ 1m bad sctcc *xpei>cocs tn boaittCM Is a vhoJffshserr*tadf tort, rocclwnn tuuteo tr*la vai*Bcmt. T§ wmirg to work ted ai-g himself gtt.wt-tly useful. Audios state* where «& latex* Ttcwc»n oebka*’hilj, ,, f’oi;L , iCceßox4lW3. BClt-q’K 3t TV ANTED. — A yo-JEg gcctlsmsn * ’ dtrfrcs a fn nlihcd toom without board on the West S:d« east or ssb»irc street, Reterene a> s gmt and sequlred. Accreis •• K P,” Tilbune office erlC-q7?4 St \\TANTED - To ali wlicm it may T f cerctra. Krow ye- all (ha (air <ex of the f otth, tn&t »bice re»». be toes ice <o the Army of the Tn scene solicits the cormpoadenco cf one tttoai atd trmoro finealatie*. Object—mo andmatual Ic DTOTCmeat. All thus Inclined mav udoriJi “ tii£ D," cr •* S J P,” cr “ D EC,” Borne P-et Office. gome, Ocoicia. *iioq7b»B» TVANTED-By aa Ametican t* yoncff Lady, thorcosbiFaeqnait ted with »3 hlcdt ot work, a M’naMrn as honseaeeper. Good ted. Adorets •• J C,** Pest Office Box 4322, Chicago. S»l0qHl» . _ TXT ANTED—Tiro Servant gi;k at f* 40 JsckrCD street. Pxoeetact nrelerrdd. Etfertncea KqtUred. eoqTiSSt WANTED Evtry m.nitd per sea. and tho'ie eactonplstlas ra>irt»p», ihanid belt roMfrttcnof infiTtos'ica ebica cnfortnasteiy Inooi'’. ■ntlsQ'-es iscnlyderlml irotu7«arsof sad experience, and oitrn their bapplnces is rorersr bilgbtsd thre egb Iproraneeof aietr «lojple though lir-buruntfrets.wbicnmat Boat** oocuned byes elcrnx cue dollar to Box 2397, Chicago, ill. staquas: TXT ANTED By a young man v T from Soothctn Ulluota, who ft ibuxonghlT ao a nslttcc with th*. tt atl trace and baaakiovieogo of book k* cplnr, a p.stcon si suutbac book keeper cra-ilnman. Hasasenerai acanaTxiaacala Egypt. No i cttyreiertnccs tiTca, Address -I) w B, ,r Sox 3147. P-O. ae9 q^CMs TXT ANTED—To rtit, a tfettage t » House c-'nttti log five orstx rcoait,loe>utoa TTat Elite,rorlh t,f Vd a Bacoaand iou*aof Wain tnsU’B sln-.t, Address.ctTlaiUrosatd location, •*i:nNT,”P.O.£i,x 154-1. It 3 qT.OSt TXT ANTED- Boa-tug by a gen ?* tUsanacd wlfr. Fart lebed rooms and board In anrlT»tt fimiily. Addzeu, listing terms. ‘ B U,** TillbßOCCiC*. bs9 qiQtlt TX/’ANTED— Iron wast-d.- w T swtoitMtciscfNo. 1 WrcnrhtScrsp ron. .TAJIEB MOLLIN3 ft CO.. No. 13 uerrojolttaa Block, fop item.) sßaqftM-St^ XXT ANTED- By on sotive Mon, i y ais ftleeaaa, and with praett c»l kEowird«e cf ra«chtnery, agtlcoltsrat laple* neats, and a large acqoa’ntscce la the slate,» Mtu*- tjcn n temt capacity In ccncexlos with the a bora hranetei. city reisretca* glTea. Addreis P-£- oox 3673. »iSqsC4»i TT7 ANTED— I2S OCO more, to ex* 7*7 teed sn already exteaslra isasttfrutitjo* trialness. estsilnh* d in J?S2. »>fford Id g good profi a. a man with t£e above amount in mens/, can have » ehueeaesettra or silentparmerln * ®«S? , S , n l fS* psyr. Addnie ••ASaoufrcturw," Drawer 6011, estesgo Ul. s*B q6il-SW "TITAN TED - Eroplojmcnt. 875 a TT tnoctb.— Agent* wanted to >9ll B:wfpg He. cures. Wcwtilptxcaceminlsrlmcn all machine* sold, cr employ agent* who «1U went tor tbe shows vtzfs and all ezDenxa paid. Adcreas D.B. SHIV BPTOH A COm Detroit, Mich. yB-q£K CS X\ TbKTKD —By a *>enUetcan now W ißrbttadnptU.wßcbas serredtitxee ;un la Abe Ault 01 the Potao*c ana hicn woo&dad twice, drstres »ilfoat cn u «ccantai>t^gssiesaaa, that will bm tmu cl eiKftfitce. epaui German. A&«.fitt *£“bVL.DICA£Y.Box 931, Chic*, to M qS2S-St WANTED— A girl ip do geaerel T 1 tooswrk in a smad family, Good wages clTtn. Inquire at the eeeond hew cn West WuiK I wnUl ’ “£*/* TS7.A2ST.&X) —information and ad- Wf of L- E. FAISCgTLP or 1 WKTIIB BUACT. Addxeta lowa. esaqmet Wanted- To itct, s good one or two story ■Waithonie. within thtee or ton* ?|Kffi. a .SgS se?-q!»» XAI TIED —iraiLiehed rooms, Wf .finewith.mod some withoutboard,tor«tu dnts atusdlsg Bryant A Stratton's Commercial cm £s? location and price, BSTAHt .Ctlcato, HL Svl^sn-lw •«T7 ANTED - A Good Iron Sin f I iiher. ’WEI teedresood pay and steady sa>- piojtoeßt. v PBE.QtSB.Iw _- _ JSOWathiftatouaL. Chicago, : gffiaawteb-gjflCTgsponnmg. ANTED Ccrreßpondenda'. IT 1 berebr clitt notice to those p«tnctic. Union andnnmatrtsdiQnac isCicsofasy BUte,wbowi»bto ea Ist. to improve tbs tuiinrmott*n- Bend in »oo papers !r*ne»h*pecfagoodlotjcletter. Teltunreevarntf delays by mail, captalpn* asd eomnandeptsu of ca.hexlrcf.pariiesor compsniea wiu forward wttb all nosslaie cisoateb your muster-la rolls. Kov. the time to cheer tbe hearts of two of Un-Je StzcpeVs xtpnews woo bwe last g»aei ftom.thA g'«at wheel of forlune their Conaiuton to lead to the battle tor tie country tbedo*c trodden African. To be sure to set yonr. names on this master la roH yen tntut write soon; wehaTecnroatbsandbianxa. andsatecnasyonatereafiy we will mos«er »o» ta forme, two or ttrae years. Ponarr—Oar rboto encta. All «l*hln« their rent byretummaa SIS SSlSfLSffi™ «t I ’ISJyIBSSB^S StaiS'&raSbo.Bjcgtojd. It ttptry.roTtprton, Kfntuchy. scU*<tfSMt TV/TATRIMONIAL.—Three yousg Iwl udief. between tbe ages of l8«Bd» tears, wuh to correwoea with the »me number of young rax- T\*mraTwUbaxiewto marrtage. Tbcsa only who »«lnTarn«»t«m P’ease addnu *, In confidence, with real Mtw and Pbotosrapb, “Mias J or Sac." Chicagorosteaico, «au ; q9Wjt44hp 4 aeiOalKdt

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