Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 12, 1864 Page 1
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CiUOAGO TRIBUNE. DAILY TBI-WEEKir AND WEEKLY. u«fficc, »o. ffl Clark Street. TERMS OP Tm CHICAGO TgIHPITE. Pallet deßTered in city (par week) 25 “ * “ M (perqQtrter) *3.25 Daily. to mail subscribers, per year $12.00 ■Dally, U) mail subscribers. per 0 months.. 6.00 Tri-woekly, per year 6.00 Weekly, Bictrie copy one yew 2 50 ** ~ “ *' six month* t.25 Club* of foar copies, one year _? ?0 *• - ■{£»’■■■* —v/v-:::: 20.00 “ ‘V twenty “ “ “ .... 40.00 j JLnd to the latter dab, one copy extra to the pat eon ordering it,' Moneyin Bcglt-tcrcd Letters may be sent at xmr risk. A . „ pr The remittance Jor dobs most, in all caeca, £e made at oke time. .. _ AUdrui. ••CUIIiIUO J-JUUL'Mi” Chicauo, HU MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12,. 1804. 3eSEI»fIE OF THE LATE COFFEE- EE&D CONVENTION, llic Best Document lei Issued* sow BEAD! FOB BBUTEBT. Vte hate carefully compiled from the files of the Chicago Times, into a neat sixteen page ■pamphlet, tbc essence of tbc treasonable and rev olutionary utterances of the late Copperhead Con vention in this city, giving extracts from the speeches of Yallakdi o ham, Fchkakdo Wood, Cox. Hakbjs, Lose. D.kak. Saxxont, Yak An- X.KN, O'Buxk, Rtkoebs, Sakdehson, Wicsuxte, and a score of ©there. This document most be placed in the hands of every voter in the United States. It is an eye* opener, as it shows the disloyal and treasonable intentions of the leaders of the bogus Democracy. Friends of the Union, send in your orders at once. They will be filled promptly. Price $2.0) per one hundred copies Single copies five cents, or thirty cents per dozen, exclusive of postage or expreesage. Let Union men circulate it everywhere, espe clally S3T Among Onr Boys in tire Army -isl Orders accompanied by tbe cash will be filled in the order in which they are received. Address Cmcaoo Tiubunx Coxtant. IHB NEWS. The news from Sheridan’s department is of interest. He is still harassing Early, who is retrestlng In the direction of Winchester; report says with a view of reinforcing Lee, who is massing his troops near Ream’s Stv lion. AvcriH has g -ined another handsome victory over Vaughn’s cavalry, capturing his wagon train, ammunition and flags, and cat- ting off Imbodcm* Evident preparations are in progress by Lee for a great battle to regain the posses sion of tbe main artery to Richmond—tbs ■Weldon road. Lee is reported to have moved his headquarters near Ream’s Station, where he is organizing and mossing his forces. A heave artillery duel occnred on Thursday without important results. Rebel deserters bring tbe news that Far- Tagut, with the whole of bis fleet, crossed the bar and shelled Mobile, and that the City was surrendered to him, tbe rebel troops re tiring Into tbe interior. There is no official confirmation of the story, however. Gold opened on Saturday at 228)£, fell to ’22o) advanced to 22% fell to 222, and closed heavy at 22£3f. There can be no barm in staling now that Gen. A. J. Smith’s forces arrived at Cairo a few days since, and Lave gone to co-operate 'with the gall ini armies of the Tennessee and Cumberland south of Atlanta. With this fresh reinforcement Sherman will make short work of Hood’s army, and readily clear the State of Georgia of any rebel force. The situation on hoard the hemaphrodite Democratic emit recently launched in Cblca- go, reminds ns of an incident in the nautical career of the sloop Polly Ana. She was troubled with the presence on board, of two joint owners who could not agree which should govern, and were always at logger heads. They finally disposed of the general difiicnlty by agreeing each to look out lor hie own end of the Polly Ann. All went on well until on a certain occasion, a question sprang up as to the course of the sloop, which caused much fierce bellowing the whole length of the deck, over an intermediate pile of tim ber (fora platform somewhere perhaps). Sud denly one of the contestants sings out, “ My cend ot the sloop Is come t > anchor, how is youm?” Just so Little Mac, scared at the frightful Lcc wa}|of the Copperhead concern, has ht go his anchor in the mud. Intending to slowly warp over a little towards loyalty. Great is the •orofanlty at,the Pendleton cad of the craft, and Ben. Wood and Abbe Me Masters are already furiously at work with axe and saw to cut the thing asunder. Little Mac’s kedge is dragging. The deck load of platform ft tiff, never well lashed, has ell shifted- The frightened nigger drowned out of the Wood pile, baa run put in full sight. Altogether there is a serious state of affairs which will become worse until a November gale, now rising, sets the whole wreck ashore. Our Sunday night dispatches give us an im portant and interesting proof of the manner in which the people are coming to the aid of the Government in subscriptions to the new loan- There ure evident inaccuracies in our dispatches, tbe correction of which we can not give from o\ tier than official sources, but enough is declared to show a proof, bolter, even, than tbe defeat of a rebel army in tbe field, that the people are in earnest to save the nation. and will soon save it. ffhatU sc7*af ail'- g-.'d. Our Nashville letter contains highly im portant .news trom Gen. Sherman’s Army, and hints ut a grand movement for the re lease of Federal prisoners at AnderEonville, Georgia From what wcpubll.-h in auotherpart of this issue it will be seen that the Ricbmopd papers groau ovcrlLc rebel disaster at At lacta. They denounce, and mourn, and criminate, and advise, all in one breath. Tbclr cant-e is desperate. This they admit. But It will be observed that the cause ol the sharpest pang is tbe disastrous effect of this defeat upon the peace party of the North! A victory was needed to help ibis p-rty; but instead acruthiuir defeat was experienced Does anybody doubt the political status of tbe VaHsndlffham Democracy, who are trying to elect McClellan President? Hero is the evidence. Look at the dispatches and see wbtt tbe Richmond papers say. The timid guols ona the doubtful ones trjjo hate been savin? “there 'will he no druft” ■will find out tUolr error. The refer Ts bat Secretary Stunton has to say on the subject will convey to every loyal j 2nan a not , unwelcome Lint lliat the government is in earnest and will not postpone the needed repair of our wasting urmus. Every test that has heen civcn ol the etat e of the popular genii ment the post year, has Leon a convincing proof that the people arc with the Govern- and mean to finish this rebellion by crushing it The only peril to She Administration Las heen that tome of its friends Lave felt that the ■nopnlar heart would respond more lully to ■in even more' vigorous grasp ol power. That peril Is past The rebellion is now at its lust gasp in an Iron clutch that will not relax. * The need lor more troops Is Immi nent, and the call will be found Imperative, prepare for the dratt . The signs of disruption in the Copperhead ranks are coming thick and lest Ben Wood, brother of Fernando, and editor of the York Daily A«w, the most influential peace organ in that State,, and an element of great power among the Copperhead mosses, has bolted the ticket. He demands the re-assem bling of the Convention, and either that the platform shall be remedied so as to eradicate nil euppiclons ol waror that a pew candidate Shall be put in the field who can stand upon the platform. The Abbe McMaeters, ol the J?reetnan's Journal, the leading Catholic or. £&n of the country, also bolts .nnd refuses to support the McClel lan ticket. The disruption has com. jnenetd, and it will spread wide and rap idly. It le a cheering sign per contra that all the divisions in the Bepublicon ranks have been closed np. Loyal men arc everywhere Joining hands lor one strong, vigorous, uni * ted effort against Copperheads and rebels. JJoW Is the time to strike Let our friends everywhere do but thdr whole duty and the country Is safe. The soldiers are tuning care of their end, let us at home look well to ours. Another terrible accident Las occurred, this time in California. One hundred and fifty persona were either killed or Injured by a fearful steamboat explosion on the Sacra mento Diver. The rebels in Louisiana are in a spasm of temporary activity, and are reported lobe organizing and threatening Bmeboar City or pome other Union position General Rousseau is still pushing after Wheeler’s ragamuffins. His forces have heen scattered and many of them captured. *VVJtb Rousseau on one side and the Tennes see on the other at a high stage, Wheeler can probably take his choice between capture and drowning. The political campaign Id Ohio Is progress ing very encouragingly. Enthusiastic Union ; meetings are being held everywhere, InFrank- Ifa county the best offecliogprcvails. AUige vol. xvm. meeting ■will come off at Harrisburg on Mon day. It will be addressed by Hon. Sitnuti Shellabarger, who 1b making a vigorous ef fort tlirongbont the district. Hon. Samuel Galloway spoke to a splendid meeting at Unionville Centre on Friday last Bon. Ben. Wade takes the stump for Lincoln this week. He speaks first at Mcadviilc, Penn., on Saturday, the 17th inst. The opposing candidates for the Governor ship of Indiana held another of their discus sions at Newcastle on Friday last Governor Morton asked McDonald if all overtures to the South, in case McClellan was elected, should laß, whether he (McDonald) would favor the preservation of the Union by force. McDonald replied in the affirmative, which contradicted his assertions’on former occa sions. BGBELS FIGIinNG FOB McCLEL. XjAN. The Richmond papers, which are nearly the only papers now remaining to the rebels are clear and unanimous on two points, viz: First. The very existence ol the rebellion is etaked on the success of the “Democrat ic” party at the coming election. Second. It is the duty of the rebels to aid the election of McClellan bydefeatlng Grant if possible beforeNovembcr. So clearly are these points exhibited in their columns, and so closely are they ac companied by the reports oi the withdrawal of parts oi the rebcl.forces under Earley to reinforce Lee's right at Petersburg and against Grant’s new position on the Weldon railroad* that it is evident that the rebels have made up their minds to fight a pitched battle in orderto elect McClellan. a new system of Democratic electioneering. An army formerly of a million of Democrats now whittled down to a tenth of that num ber, holds up the flag ol rebellion against the government. A Convention representing the “ Democratic ” party meets and declares that the “Democratic’* party has no other principle than that these rebels shall not be whipped. The rebels, to strengthen the bands of this party, are preparing lor a mighty struggle m which the blood ol thou sands of our friends and brothers will flow, for the Immediate purpose of electing Me. Clellan, and with the ultimate end of dissolv ing the Union. Does it not the cheek of some “De mocrats ” tingle with shame that their lead ers have thus bound them to the car of se cession and made them accessories to the crime of rebellion? An item cat from an exchange load Tertently got into onr news column yester day, which read as follows: The question before the country Is—Will we have a dishonorable -peace, in order to enrich Belmont, the Bothschilds, and the whole tribe of-Jews, who have been buying up Confederate bonds, or an honorable peace won by Grant and Sherman at the cannon’s month ? We do not subscribe to the the idea that the “whole tribe of Jews’* are buying up Confederate bonds. A very large number of men ot the Hebrew persuasion arc strong Unionists and good patriots, and would en gage in fro such business. The Jews, like all other denominations, except the Catho* lies, are divided in their politics. Take the whole United States together, and we think one-hall of them are Republicans in politics and act with the Union party. In Cleveland and St. Louie, very few Jews are Copperheads. In this city, wepresutne, one. -third of them at least belong to the Union party, and a majority ot the remainder call themselves TVar Democrats. * That Belmont is up to bis eyes in Confed. crate bonds is not disputed; that many Jews follow his example is equally true; but it is also a fact that plenty of Protestant Copper heads of different denominations are deeply engaged in the same disloyal bnslness. Bat it is no more true that the “ wh Je tribe o the Jews’’ arebuyingup Confederate stocks than it would be to affirm that the whole tribe of Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, or Presbyterians, arc dealing in them. py The rebel Senator Scmmea, of Louis iana, In a recent speech, expressed the gene ral anxiety with which the rebels look to the election o! McClellan for that peace and reh el Independence which they feci they cm never win by their anas: Our hopes for an earivpeace were dependent en tirely on the success of the Democratic party atthe Hortk tn the approaching PtesideuUcl election. The whole population of the North, the rich as well as the poor, were now called to face the war with all us norTors.audbcbclicved that they would not submit to the draft ordered for the Cth ol Sep tember next; that they would resist by force of arms first; that the peace party would continue to grow, and be successful in the approaching can vass. Of course it would be to the interest of the rebels if they conld g>< up a concert of alienee on this point to do so, bat their anx ity betrays them. Tbtlr hearts are too lull for silence,* end outolthefullnessoftheheart the mouth epe&hcth. Dean Richmond and tbe other policy men who ran the Chicago Con vention are smart politicians, bat they ought. bcJore setting up their candidate and plat form, to have struck an agreemenl'with reb els not to commence praying for them, or at least to confine themselves to silent prayer. To Legislative Candidates. Headcuks. Union State Cesthax Con. 1 . Chicago, Sept. 5, ISM. f The Committee request all Union Candi dates for the Legislative in the state, to com municate with the undersigned, as soon as the nomination is made, and also the names of the Democratic Candidate, stating the number ol the District. James P. Boot. Secretary. S. Corning Judd* This individual was nominated a few dbya since, by tbe Copperheads, as tbelr candidate for Lieutenant Governor. TYc suppose tbr mark of approbation was bestowed in consideration ol bis services in organizing and engineering tbe treasonable Older ol tbe Sons of Baton alias “ Sous of Liberty.” Among tbe letters found with tbe pistols of 5. XL Dodd was tbe 101 l owing: Lewiston. El., June 27, P-Ci. • Dear Sib : Tbe postponement ol the Na tional Convention disarranges matters, bat I suppose tbe S. C. will meet as prooosed. Our G. C. will meet a few days later, and a lerge supply of the circulars are wanted. 1 promised to write.and mgeyon to have them with yon fit-tbc S. C. " Respectfully, &cu, B. Coßsnro Jcdd. Train’s Platform* George Francis Train, the Irrepressible, sends us the following as his idea ol the Cop perhead platform: TITE BELUOKT PLATFORM. . Ifcudved, That, to please the Belmont can didate for President, wc have war. £c*6ltcd t That, to please the Belmont can didate for Vice President, we have peace. J2m>2f«l, That, to please oil the bur and all the little Bclmontltes expecting office, the IMmont war go on till the Belmont peace is signed. BaUroad Disaster* pmuLDEUuiA, Sept. has the following special: t Mitflik, Sent. 10.—An accident occurred oo the Pennsylvania Railroad, nearLotrobe, last evening. Three men were killed by an explosion of the lo comotive attached to a ireleht train Bis cars loaded with cattle were demolished The engineer, Chat. Carrikcn, was Instantly killed, and Wm. Walter, Conductor, le mlaeing. Both belpngci to Pitfebnrg. R. Jones, Fireman, was killed, ilost of the cattle on the lorward cor were hilled. The naeeeccer train which left Pittsbnrn »t 5:49 r>. m , Friday, was delayed ax hours. The wreck has been removed and trains ore now running regular ly. From Son Francisco. Sa2« Frakcibco. Sept. 9.—Toe Democratic State Convention completed its work last evening by nomtnatlne E J. Lewis ea remaining elector, and Jackson Temple jib rcoololnc At night a larce mass meeting was held to ratfiy McClellan's nomination . The democrats have cornea Storey county, Ae- Owing to the presence In the field of two Union tickets, there 1s probably a majority in favor of the Bute Constitution. , _ . . „ The Ladies' Christian Commission Fair has dosed. It netted over $20,000. Gold market quiet. Free Importation of Grain to Portugal* Waehingtok, Sept. 10.—The State Department has been officially informed of the promulgation of a Portugese roval decree that from Aug. 12th, last, to the let oi March, 1*65, the Importation of foreign cereals in grain or floor Is permitted in the ports of Lisbon and Aporto, and aleo by the east ern raLwsy and the river Douro. » Gold* Kew Toek, Sept. 10.—Gold opened under a bear influence am. a desire to sell at and fell to There were a considerable number of thirl sales notified for to-day. The experience of the past few weeks is decidedly against the safety ol large dividends on the part of sellers. The quo tation subsequently got up to 22C}f. Dots Wobd Holts McClellan, Nrw York, Sept. 10.—The Daily Kast repudi ates McClellan's nomination, and advocates the rc-apscmbliug of the Democratic Convention, to cither remodel the pisiform or to nominate a can didate to emt the present platlorm. From Cairo and Below* 10 -~Gen. Paine, commanding the kentocaiy.haa been removed, and Gmu Meredith aselimcd to Vie place. Governor FI an Iran has called a special session of the rebel Arkansas Legislature. - atI m* or Chlcaco Tima has been prohibited by military order in Western Tennessee. NEWS BY TELEBBAPH. From onr Jniiday Edifion. OFIIOiX BULLEXLI. WabjhkotoX) Sept. 10,18 CL ToSfaj. Gen. Dir: This Department has received dispatches from Gen* Sherman down to 10 o’clock,yesterday morn* ing. Hie army is concentrated at Atlanta, his troops in position and well. lie eays Wilson and Steadmnn »re stirring Wheeler np pretty well, and hopes they will make an end orjhlm as Gillem did of Morgan. The weather is hcantifol and all thine i -8 bright. JCo recent intelligence has been received from Mobile. Nomovcmenlß are reported in the Shenandoah Talley, or in the Army of the Potomac. IjEecrnltingis progressing vigorously In most of the Slates. (Signed.) E. M, Stanton, Secretary of War. FBOA, ST. PAUL. latest from the Indian War—lmport ant military and Political Mews. [Special Dispatch to the Chlcaco Tribune ] bT. Paul, Friday, Sept. 10. Tbe escort of th e 6th corrpany ofthe 2d Minnesota regiment, under Lieut. Phillips, dispatched as a guard to Capt. Fisk’s train Irom Fort Wadsworth to Fort Rice, on the Missouri River, arrived at tbe lest named poet in safety, with their charge, on the 15th nit., and left on their return on the 18th ult. Lieut. Phillips saw many traces of Indians along the rente. Tbe sconta were warned by friendly Indians not to straggle from the main body, as there were many hostile savages in small parties watching them. Dispatches bare reached Qen. Sibley from Major Adams, commanding at Fort Abecroxnbie, In which it is stated 550 lodges of Sioux Indians, in. eluding the refugees of last winter, had ras died the British settlements near the fort. The number of warriors were estimated at 1,000 to 1,300, Imt tlu-y arc probably more than ono-half of that num ber, say COO to 700. There were various conjectures aa to the object of their visit, but as the wretches who were concerned In tbe massacres in 1820, and fonnd protection on British soli are among.the number, it may well be conjectured that they are desirous again to be furnished with ammuuition and other supplies to enable them to subsist their families during the coming winter and to continue their hostilities against the Americans. The 11th regiment, just raised and scarcely yet in shape, has bten ordered by the war department toßaebvfllca" soon as they can bo sent. As this news is published here I suppose it Is cot contra. . hand and shows the vigor with which reinforce, meats are tent to the front. Tbe Governor received an order last night to raise and equip a regiment ot heavy artillery. This Is what many parties have long wished for, and It Is thought that It will fill up in a few days. The order to raise an infantry battalion of four com* panics was countermanded. The weather continues very hot and the river falls continually. Our prospects for railroad iron mre growing daily ttnalUr. The County Conventions over the State arc sow being held ana the canvass opens lively. That grand letter from Grant proved a squelcher on the peace men here. Ttey comlort themselves with the hope that it Is a forecry. FROM ST. JLOUIS. GncriJlas Cieaoed Out—Protect of St. Lvais .Tibrcbaiiti-A 'Treasury agent in Trouble, [Sped* Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 10, ISM. The following dispatch has been received at head quarters in ibis department: WabuEsedluo. Mo.. Sept, 0,185t Major O. D. Greene, Assistant Adjutant General ai d Chief of Staff: The guerillas have lelt Cooper County, so that loyal citizens can return. Four companies have been organized under ordar 107 in that vicinity. E. B. Bkowk, Brig. Gen Commanding. Our merchants at the Exchange to-day passed a series oi resolutions protesting against the condi tion upon which the government is about to open the cotton trade, and appointed various commit tees to obtain redress for the grievance. The Fremont Germans are ail going in lor tho new National Convention at Cincinnati, Sept. 2?, ana they are loud in their willingness to drop Frc. most provided Lincoln will withdraw. Lincoln Is gaining ground very rapidly In the interior. The 4£tb and~4let Missouri regiments have been mustered into service with an aggregate of 1,600 men. St. Lon?, September 10. ‘Stephen E. Smith and Wm. Moore, two bush whackers. were hung here yesterday, by order of a military commission. General <Hm Lane and family arrived here yes terday. Hisprerenc« was probably romcthlng to do with the contemplated ses-ion of the Notional Union Executive Committee of tbe West, of which be is chbliroan. General Frown, commanding the District of Cen tra) Missouri, telegraphs headquarters here that the guerillas have left Cooper county. Wm. Domett, Treasury agent at Natchez, has been am-sted and his office dosed, a few days tinge, by General Braymnn, lordl-Louestpractices FROM DECATUR. Xlic Stale Fair and Us Prospects. t&pecialDispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Decaxue, Sept. 10. The show at the State Fair is small in all except stock. Sheep will :cad. The Sanitary Fair prom isee to be a great success, and the attendance im mense. Tbe accommodations are ample. Strangers will find a committee at the Court House to assign lodgings. Tbe Falx opens in lull on Tuesday. THE WAR IS TISGIWU. An Artillery f>nel on Tliursday—Leo iO at sing Ills Forces. New Yoke, Scpt.y>.—A special to the Post says, news is received from the Array of the Potomac tb&ta heavy artillery duel took place on Thurs day with no important result, and that Lee is still'; massing troops on 6u left.' New York, Sept. 10.—The Herds'* City Point correspondent,Btb, ease: Deserters andprisoners who have been brought In within a day or two state that General Lee has moved his headquarters from Richmond to the neighborhood of Beams' Station, on the Weldon Railroad, with tbe avowed Intention of giving battle. If tbl* prove true, we are probably on tbe eve of another terrific contest. Onr preparations for offense and defense arc ad mirable, and Lee will Lave to elect between allow ing os to retain occupation of tbe Weldon Bail rood. or attacking our Intrenched positions. The ThrahTe correspondent with the 15th Corps, dated Bth, esys; Yesterday morning at seven the rebels msde as attack oo one of tbe advance picket po?ts of tbe Sth Corps, driving them in upon the line, wounding one and capturing eleven. The a correspondent with the 9th Corps, Tib, says: General Grant visited General Wilcox's front tine to-coy, reviewing tbe recently construct ed works. / A branch railroad of that to City Point will be in operation id a few days to every point of tbe liae, diencm ins with the heretofore difficult transport ation of stores over tbe lenelby, tortuous and high roads. Tbe feature of this new road is, that it runs up bill and down bill without any reference to ibe rime-houorcd requirements of grading. Tbe road Is now in operation to the Jerusalem plank New Yoke, Sept. 10.—Tbe rumor on tbe street that Mobile had been captured, has not been con firmee officially. . A BcAimrAETEBS Aiorr or the Potomac, Sept 9. —Contrabands from Che? ter county, who came Into our lines last night report trains rnumng on the Weldon Hoad as tar as Ston> Creek, where the s np niles are loaded on wagons and hauled to Peters- via Dinwiddle Court House. Between 800 stuToCO wagons arexonslantly engaged In this bn tines*. Confederate officers are taking all the cram to feed tbclr animals, leaving none -for the farmers/or next season, except just enough to say they didn't take it &1L -■ „ Beadquahtem Ajimt or the Potomac. Sept 8 —Evening.— During the past two days nothing has occorred-not a single gun beard. The rebds an reported to be masting on our lell with tbe Inten tion o» penetrating onr Hues, out have evidently given up the enterprise within a day or two. Strict oreers have been issued against Intercourse be- tell owing dispatch Is In the Richmond En quirer: . lIBADQUAIITEBS ABMT or TEtNESSEB, > September 6. f* To Braxton Bragg: * , , ‘ baa continued his retreat beyond Jones boro. (.Signed) B ‘ Hood - Baltdiobe, Sept. 10. The American has the following from Gen. Av crfll, dated 30 o'clock Thursday night: Kaj. Gen. Eelly, Cumberland. Early retreated *bj« morning towards Wlnchet ter. lam on his heels. I have whipped Vaughn’s cavalry, captured all bis trains which was not burned, and taken two battle flags. He has no ar tillery, I cut off Imho den, (Signed)- W, W, Avxnnx, Mai.Gen, Kew Tobk, Sept. 10.—The NewTork SViSnns 1 * special fro® Harper’s Fcny, 9th, says; Our cavalry have been engaged almost con stantly skirmishing with the enemy’s pickets, driving them In where they are unsupported by la fcntry, and retiring whenever they were found too manifests no further symptoms ol a desire to attack u» In force, hat on the contrary seems r riT anxious to retire with the least annoyance. It is stated that Averfll, in falling hack from the •ciHmtT of Martlnbharp was less fortunate than wssWscrted yesterday, but nothing like a disaster ° r, lhe'wmm^y« and cold nights begin to tell on oor Den, inducing cnUls and fevers to a conslder fpedal from Washington says: In feUtec&ce from the front and the Shenandoah feemsto lead to the conclusion that Early a forces most he reinforcing Lee, It Is quite cer taln\hnt Lee Is making reinforcements in front oube WdSn Railroad, believed to be from Ear- U’s command. A reconnoleeance toward the Shenandoah irom this direction tailed to find the enemy in large force. Tlie Indian XronUles on' the plains* Omaha, N, T., September 4.—Sone of the Chey ene Slonx comlpcacross somennarmed emigrants, attacked, robbed nod killed tbem-a emad party. This occurred at or near Plum Creek Station, about 0 milts to the west of this place. This tribe o CHICAGO, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12,1864. Indiat s are tbc most cowardlv and diutfl'dlj- ot any oi tie various tribes that Inhabit the vast plains, at a dare sot attack any parties that in point of numbers and anus are able to giro ths least show of Debt. General Mitchell, our able mtUtiry com* niuncet of thUdittnci.ianow and imbecn oatoa the war*patb for eome weeks, with a considerable f«-rce ol cavalrv As yet be has been aoable to get a . fight out oi them. lie win probably succeed is diirlne them off to the north oi the Hue or travel The Overland Stage Company resumed their regu lar trips on the liih nIr M and with the probabuty that there will be no interruption, as a strong force of military will be kept on the line until tbe trouble is completely done sway with. Politica hereaway are netting laicrestlns. P. W. Hitchcock, our Union candidate for OonaresMonal Delegate, will likely be opposed by Br. Ulller or Win. Little, peace sneaks or the worst or J**r. Goo. F. Trait), Eeq., of blowing notoriety, desires too nomination at tbc band* of the cops, bat tbe sneaks are afraid of him. sxeajiisojlt Disarm vs C^UFOICAU. Explosion of a Roller—lso Passensera Billed or Injured—XciegrapU . Bx tension. San Fkanctpco, Sept. 6.—The opposition steam* boat Washoe exploded her boiler in Sacramento nver last titcht. Her npper works were shattered end ter stern blown off. One hundred and fifty paepcncers were either kill or wounded. Fifty per rons are already dead or will soon die. The boat was runnirg at a high rate of speed. The engineer raid, before djicg, that the cause ofthe explosion was rotten Iron in the boiler. Teiecrspb comnninication la now open far north as Olympia, the capital of Washington Ter ritory. FltOSt KBIT ORLEANS. military Operations in Louisiana—Tbe Iltbrisbxpccied to attack Braibear City—lien, lluiks Coming North. New Yoke, Sept. 10.—Wo hire advices from New Orleans, September 2d, by the Evening Star, it appears that our forces occupied Clinton, Li,. «>if two days and two nights. The rebels had mace a demonstration on Berwick City, bat ac compliehcd nothing. They are reported to bo pre parttg a formidable expedition to attack Braahear City, or some other point, (ien. Banks will come North, probably on the steamer of the 15th. The gunboat Selma and the captured ram Ten nessee he In front of New Oncans, attracting ZDQcbattention. The Crcclc, on her last trip to New Orleans, was chased by a pirate. FBOn MOBILE. Beporlcd Capture of tbe City. New Tonic, Sept 10.—The World's Washington special, dated 11:20 lust night, says It was an nounced in ibat city mat Mobile had fallen. The inhumation is sa-d to have been obtained from rebel deserters, wbo say the Dog Hirer bar was passed by the whole licet, and, after a tcrrltic shilling, the city was surrendered, the troops hav ing retired to the Interior. The Herald't Fort Gaines worrespoodent. Sept. S. says: Gen. Granger has not returned from New Orleans, and there will be no important mili tary operations until he does. In the meantime preparations for work arc going on. FROM AILLICO. A Bettor Look tor tlio Juarez Govern* meat, New York, Sunday, Sept. 10.—The Herald' New Orleans correspondent, Sd, says the latest ar rivals from Brazos and Santiago bring reports that several vessels which Bailee from New Orleans lately for Wa'-umoras with cargoes, and intended for Cortinas’ government or a general market have been seized by tbs French at toe month of too Bio Grande. The Herd’d's Matamoras correspondent, Aug. 26th. says alt communication in that direc tion is cut ofl by the French. Cortinas declares that he will defend Matamoras against the French, out as the city has no lortlflca lions It will be difficult for Contuse to hold out. Cortinas demands of the merchants of Mammo ns a loan of SJSC,OOO, which they refuse. Messrs. Bunn and Hurd, Acting British and Prussian Consuls, have been thrown iuto prison, together with others, for resisting this demaad for money. General Mejia was advancing on Matamoras with 4.000 troops. He had reached and occupied Monterey, President Juarez made no resistance, but left for Chihuahua. Matzamillo Is strongly fortified, ana in the northern region on the Pad tic elope the cause of President Juarez has triumphed. Assistance of the greatest importance was coming from Califor nia, and a heavy emigration, friendly to Juarez, was reaching Sonora. XB&E WAB 131 VIRGINIA. Latest from Below Petcrsbarg and ilie sluQando&n, • New Yoke, Sunday, Sent. 11.—A Berryvllle dis patch oi the loth to the Herald eta ten that Col. Lowell, witn the S3d Massachusetts and two om»r cavalry retrln»‘nte, ye«-tertiay destroyed four Hour mills ana several other smaller mills on Opequan cre-ck and captured ecveral prisoners. A liaipvr’fc Ferry dl-patcu ot the lOlh states that the rcbeis urc still in force near Winchester and Bunker llili. All is quiet at the front. Anxr or.TUfi roroxAc. HEASQUASTEIie AUMT OP TUB POTOMAC, Friday cvemi>g, Sept, y.—The batteries on the right anl center ol onr lines kept up quite alive; fire to* day. At intervals tbe noise made by Cie cars at tracted the attention ot ihe enemy and they en deavored to interrupt the operations of ths road, Lni without Kict'ee*. Among tbe reglmtnl? wuo?e term of service Is about expiring 1? the Sth New Jersey, Jtlo-ta large nuiabct ol men el CLauctllorsvllSe, Gettys burg and cJaewbere.. ilijor Healey has .been to ctiLmund during the campaign and has been ttenuded seven different times. None of his wounds have hcvn of a serious character. Headqcaktxus Ausit op tub Potomac, Friday. September 3.—The' a any Is in fine health and spirits. Filieen buttered will cover our losses trom all causes In the batllo&'und skirmishes ol lartweck. . Tbe army is now in fine spirits. Satuiiday, September 10-o.m.—At a point of our line just west of the Jerusalem Plana Hoad, occupied by the Sd Division of tbe Sd Corps, tbe pickets have been so close together that they ctm’d converse without difficulty. On a part of this line tad some distance In the rear of their advance, the cneasy had thrown up a line ol fll"ht works with the Intention, it is supposed, of falling hock to them when occasion may demand. It was determined last night to drive them hack to thi? line and ibue straighten our own. About midnight when all was quiet, the division was termed in hoe ofhaiuu. ana the picket line being jtii forced was ordered to advance The rebel? were evidently not prepared Wr such a movement, us they were completely taken by surprise and nearly the entire line captured. They made every effort to retake the lost ground, hut di dnot succeed. Our men now occupy this line and are sicorcly entrenched. We took about 300 prisoners, while onr own loss was very light. Desultory firing hai hem kept up in that vicinity all tbe'momiug, ami tbe enemy evidently feel sore at being so taken by surprise. Some of them call ed out to onr men ssjing that it was u a cussed mean yaukee trick;, we'll pay you up for It before long. PBOM NASUTILtB. Klorc Abouttlic Dcfcnt ol JTol&n Kurgan. Naeitvtllb. Saturday, September 10.—Dispatch es dated September Dth, Jrom Pulaski, from Major Peck, elate that GeauralJtoueeeaa concentrated ,il| tDe forces of Generate Sled man and Granger with hip, and moved towards the Tennessee river. General Milrovhas returned toTodanoms. The care will reach Columbia this evening (10th) com* ine north, the railroad belnt'pot all right south. The country i» filled with bands of rebels, eled Irom tbelr commands. Also a portion ol a Tennessee brigade, which «as disbanded for (JO baa arrived at General S*ari:woa*her’fl headquartora that the rebel General Tajlor has crossed the Mississippi river and is concen tre ted withFerreet iortheparposo of conscriptions InlWert Tennessee. „ . A scout who arrived from Savannah eays Pint all males between the. apes of 16 and 45 hare been conscripted In Mississippi. The countrj Is mil o» craggier*. 0 The loss in Gem ml Staikweathera brigade was very email. Kaanvnxn, Sept, o;—The killing of the rebel General John Morgan la additionally confirmed, and there la net the shadow of a doubt remaining loliowlnc additional dispatch relative to the defeat ot Morgan bus been received by Gov. Johnson Bull's Gap,' September 6, To Governor Johnson: . All Moreau's papers fell into my bands, end ebow bi«* forces 10 have exceeded 1,800. Ills dead exceed *5. His command fled in great confusion after hte death. X pursued them eight miles, hot the chivalry nee the spurs with more vigor than tne sabre. I will forward all his pipers. Alvin 0. Gillen. Gen. Gillem is in command of East Tennessee XJulou troops. His forces that defeated Korean, consisted ot Tennessee regiments. D. Xlic War In Georgia, Wa«bikotos, Sunday. Scot. 11.—A Nashville dispatch states that Zlooq left little of valao in At* lanta, most of the government stores ana railroad material-baying previously been removed to Ha con. REBEL ADVICES. Theßlcbmond Examiner of to-day contains a dispatch from Hood’s army dated Sept. 7th, which eaye that yesterday our advance drove the enemy from Jonesboro and recaptured the hospital con taining 00 ot our wounded. _ Shcrrnsn continues to: draw back towards At lanta for the purpose, it is reported, ot strengthen* In" the works on the eastern and western sides. TFlieelcr’s Rebel Raid In Tcn« ncsscc. Lotnsniis, Sept 9.—Wheeler’s raiders in Ten. hce6oc have been divided, and ore vainly trying to cross the Tennessee. Gen. Ronsscan’s troops are following them with eflect and harassing them conlimally, and have captured many prisoners, Wheeler’s men are deserting in great numbers. Last Sunday, the 9th Pcnnsyivanla regiTreat en countered a brigade of the raiders, under Dlbrell, In Rutherford county, and defeated them. Our loss was ozAy one killed, while the rebels lost 26 In killed and* 116 prisoners. Dlbrell retreated In haste, beyond Murfreesboro. , .. The raiders, are havitc a troublesome time. Their late and present experience will core them of the raiding mama. General Wallace to Command tbc Sth Corps* Krw Tobb, Saturday, September JO.—The 2b«T« WasbinctoD special eajs General Lew. Wallace has returned from the army to Baltimore, to as sniao command of the Btb Corps. - Xbe Fossil Comes Out* Okomuti, Sept, 10.— The OwrnierdoJV'WsEh InSonepeciai Bays the Intelligencer to day comes out slroDgly in favor or ilcCidlaa for President, . in Oder* ■r««t«s September 10.— The Boston hanks offer, hid for lour millions of the netr 6 per cent loan, Union Expeditions in Florida. *r_ vmne. Sent. 10 —The Herald's Key West conSpoldeSrepoite several ecpettiilons In Flor iSlta which hones, cotton «nd voluble property were captured. TEE VERY LATEST, MOST) AT, 4 O'CLOCK A. M. FROM WASHINGTON —THE PUBLIC FI NANCES. Howtlie People are Eallying to Save the Government. . THE DRAFT-WHiT BVOEE TAET STANTO&BAIS. i 8 Warin Virginia -From Grant's Army. 'A Cussed Mean Yankee Trick”— Prom the Shenandoah, THE GBEAF UNION RALE? IN PHILADELPHIA. ‘ From Springfield and In dianapolis. FROM WASHINGTON. The New Loan—The Bid*—How the People bustaln the Government. [Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] Washington, Saturday, September 10. A good beginning was made to-day in opening bids for tho balance of tho Government loan. Poor hundred and seventy were opened, which is be lieved to be but about ono-balL The aggregate cumber of olds when the other part of this lean was offered in Jane last, was seven hundred and twenty. The amount bid for now is bat thirty one and a-half millions, yet the bids opened to-day amount to about sixty-five millions, OR MODE TUAN DOUBLE TUB AMOUNT OFFERED. This eagerness to get the loan lass gratifying as surprising to Mr. Fessenden. Four and three one hundredths per cent prcmlna appears to have been the figure agreed upon by many large hank ing bouses, and bids to the amount of abon t twenty millions at this rale were opened to-day, among which were the tollowing. First National Bank, Now York, five m-'Ulons | Second National Bonk, Brooklyn, four million two hundred and fiity thousand. Flxit National Bank, Syracuse, one hundred and thirty-three tboosond. Widsllw, Lut cler & Co., two hundred thousand. VermUyea & Co,, one million six hundred tbons- Ninth National Bank, New York, fire hundred tbonpand. - , First National Bank, Washington, six Hundred thousand. Livermore, Clelna & Co., two million two hun dred thousand. Firvt National Bank, Philadelphia, two million too hundred thousand. Stewart Bros., Philadelphia, two hundred thous and. . • Drcxel & Co* Philadelphia, eeyen hundred thousand. E. W. Clark & Co., Philadelphia, eight hundred thousand. Jay. Cook & Co , Washington*two million seven hundred and fifty thou?and. Six per cent was the highest premium offered, eight bidders offering ibis figure lor an aggregate of $47,0' 0. About $4)0,000 was bid for at a pre mium of from fire to six per cent: and $730,000 at from four andahalf to five percent. Abonts ,*X)3- 000 at a premium - from four ana three hundredths to fonr tfad fifty hundredths, and ' over three million at from Ibor to four and three h ndreoe. I These figures show tfcat over twenty five and a halfmlillon is bid loral from fonr per cent and npwatds premium. The Indications are that all bids above four and three hundreds wul be ac cepted, and that there will need to ho a division pro rata among those who bid at that ggure. About thirty bidders were wllUa# to «iv« ouij par tor tbe loan, and their bids amounted to about one million dollars. Among them were the fol lowinc • Third National Bank, St. Louis, fifty-three thou- Rational Bank, Boston, fifty thousand. James Monroe, Syracuse, twenty-five thoasmd. ttecond Rational Bank, Toledo, fifty thousand. First National Bank, Spriogflold, UL, fifty tnon sand. Third National Bank,' Chicago, two. hundred thrnsand. tVMiflmshnrg Savings'.Bank, N. Y. one hundred and twelve thousand. Tradesmen's Bank, Chelsea, Hass., fifty thousand. Among the Western bids opened yesterday may be mentioned. Second National Bank, Sandusky, five thousand at 4. ■ v • Third National Bonk, St. Louis, sixty thousand, mV AfiJ Ihuhardson, Monroe, WU., fifteen hundred at 43a -1 Piret National Bank, Erie, Pa., thirty thousand at 2, I 1 T. A. Weave, Milwaukee, ton thousand at 5. First National Bank, Charleston, Ohio, thirty i five thousand at 3J£. 1 o. Ci onkile, Cnicago, one thousand at 3t£, I SH. ' r rudtr, Madieon, lud.,Qve thousand at 8. I It’rael S. Dodge. Cincinnati, tnree tbousaud at -1. j. y.liarei'd, Vergcuncs, lad., tlx thousand at Atnoa Wtbhcther, Yetgenaes, In.d,,five thous and at Fifth National Bank, Chicago, one hondred thousand at from 8 (VIOO to 3 and 91*100. Jonathan Burr, Chicago, tlx thousand at 4%. First National Bank of Itaclne, Wls., one thou sand at i MIA). Second National Bunk or Freeport, 71!., thirteen thousand at tame figure. John Eegcrs, Cincinnati, one thousand at 4. Third National Bank of St. Loots, five thousand fits. U. S. Hamlin, Cincinnati, fifteen thousand at 3 to 4, Httl'en, CblHlcothe, two hundred at 4#. w . v. White, Madison, Ind., one thousand at 4. T. Cooler, of game town, one thousand at 5. IDavln Pfcgion & Co., Chicago, twenty thousand at Ho 4 G5 ICO. Win.Thorwood, Cincinnati, one thousand at 4. j. s. Uatchell, Lexington, Ky, one thousand at 4. C. W. Patwin, Louisville, one thousand at from 21«> 5. • Janies Camel, Layton, three thousand at 5. First Davenport .National Lank, two thousand & *F(rst national Lank ot Springfield, IJ., filly thou* e^baV.§° r steele, Waukegan, 111., live thousand at j, ana live tuousand at 2. Tyler, Ullmsn & Co., Chicago, fifty thousand at par to' 3 per cent. Second National Bank of Chicago, four honored i thousand, at from par to 2,V per cent. 1 First National Bank of wdUtglon, Ohio, twen ty-five thousand, at 3,*tf to 4v. ... . „ First National Bank of Pittsburg, one hundred and twenty-five thousand, at from 3 to G„V. Third National Bank, Pittsburg, two thousand at four and a half. W. L. Coolbaugh, Chicago, fifty thousand at two end filty thousand at three. On the supposition it-at only bids at about four one three oue-Unudiedtbs per cent premium will 1 1 accepted, the fate of moat Western Olds yet opened is easily seen. Secretary Slanion .on tho Coming: Draft—fliatloual Pinancev—Geucrul hews. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, Sunday, Sept. 10. BECnETABY STANTON ON TUB SUAXT. To a gentleman of net! onal reputation, who re cently came here to urge the postponement of the' dratt In bis State for hla political reaeons. Secreta ry Stanton made answer sabsinntlally In this wise, “£o. sir, the reinforcement of the armies Is more csscctial to the welfare of the nation than the sne ccßß ol any Stite election j besides, I think you are altogether wrong in yoar opinion as to the ef fect of the draft among loyal people; Ihellevo they sec very plainly the necessity ol reinforcing our armies, and that they will not object to the enforcement of tbs draft where the quotas are not filled by volunteering.” - The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has de* dded that be has authority under the 174 ecction of the excise law to make such regulations as may be necessary to allow for the full amount paid by any pereona for licenses under the old law, when reassessments ate to be made under the new law. Tliis overrules a former decision by which no cyedit was to be given for amounts paid under tbo law. THE HATIOKAL USAKCBS. The balance of the blda for the loan of 1881 were onened to-day. With few exceptions they were smaller than those of yesterday, and the aggregate was about eight and a half millions. The rate of premium Is generally higher. Also three and a naif millions of the amount being Taken at four net cent, and upwards. , . „ J. M. Brown, eight thousand at 5. J. M.-Brown, eight thousand at 4. Q 8. Carpenter, Bt. Louis, three thousand at 4, The following are , „ ffgvrr;i:KT fitDS, from Lon- Isrllle. , . The following are omo BID?. John Rhoads, Akron, three tbonsand at 6. First National Akron, fifteen thousand at National Bank, Mansfield, fi r tj thous fcDFirfi\PNaUonal Bank, McConnellarille, fifteen Dajton City, Ato thousand at o. Herrick, Cleveland, eight thousand at par.' J W. £IUO, Cincinnati, one hundred thousand at 8 to 4, and sixty-seven thousand at 4. . rir»t National Bank, Zanesville, twenty-five hundred at three, and twenty-five hundred at three National Bank, Bryant, fifteen thousand, at tkrfeo. » . - - Moee* Scott, Lebanon, twenty thouanfl at four, md ten thousand, at fire VT, J. Williams, Cincinnati, are thouand, at three, and five thousand at four. J L. Hiller, Berea, five hundred at flye and a \g, 'W.Brnce, Cleveland, tbreehundred at five. E D. Olmstead, Cincinnati, one thocsind attire. A. Pruden, Dayton, two thousand at four and a t4 g f 'wcod, Cincinnati, one thousand at four, j w. Jolon, Hamilton, fire thousand *t four. T. E. Hcas, Commhas, one tnousand at five, L Hewitt, Columbus, one thousand at five. * E. 8, Pritchard & Co., Cincinnati, six thousand ft *nxet National Banlr, Jefferson, ten thousand at four and a quarter, and ten thousand at lour and a h Eoomis & Barnett, Dayton, six thousand at from quo to three. firet NaUonil Bank, Elyria, fifty thousand at oor. First National Bant, Mount Giiesd, seven thou sand si four, and fourteen thousand at from, three to four. S. T. Hamilton. ofToledo, on a thousand at par. SI. Eramer, or Circa sati, two thousand at par. G. Morrow, of Mansfield, two thousand at and three thousand at 6. first Katiotai Btnk. Mount Pleasant, ten thou* eand at 8 and twenty thonsana at 4. James Alroao, of Cincinnati, ten tboaaand at 4. Jared Pun?h, ol Bamlltoo, five.thousand at 4. J. W. Warner, of Cleveland, seven thousand at 5. G. W. McCdotock, of Connecticut, fifty thousand at 5. T. Darrel & Son, of Dayton, twelve hncdredat4 Fourth National Bank, of Cincinnati, twenty thousand six hundred at a#. First National Bunk, of Cadiz, ton thousand at 3 and thirty (bonsai d at from 4 to 6. Benno Speyer, of Cincinnati, ten thoaeand at 4. John K. Reman, of Cincinnati, three thousand at 6. First National Bank, of Wellington, five thou sand at4J4, fifteen thousand at 4and five thousand at 314. The following are - ctoiawa pens. E. Bose, of Madison, one thousand at 4. j. a, Cunningham, of Matliaos, fifteen thousand at 4. First National Bank, of Madison, twenty thou sand at 2 and one thousand at d. Fleet National Bank, Lawtenceberg, fifteen thou sand at one. The following are from West Virginia; W. C. Moreau, Wheeling, six hundred at five. G. A. Henderson, Parkersburg, ten thousand at font. • The following are from Pittsburg: Third National Bank, sixty-three thousand at four. First National Bank, five thousand at one and a hall, and five thousand at two and a hall. Caroline Thompson, one thousand at foar, J. Ebetb, one thoaeand at foar. Janies Morgan, four thousand at five. There weto no further subscriptions from Mlcbl can. tub psrznaßimo tbaokdt. The court of inquiry relative to the Petersburg mine disaster resumed Us sessions a week ago, since which time a considerable number of wit nesses have been exanioca. 7BBBOKAX. Dr. Rclnbanld. Assistant Register of the Trees nry who bSJ been sick for some mouths, will* probably soon resign, and J. a. Qraoum,'pesent acting assistant, Is llkeiy to be promoted to the position. A recapitulation of figures shows that the whole number of bids was seven hundred and seventy; the amount offered was about seventy-two and a-ha)f millions dollars, of whlen twenty-nine and a-half millions were at a premium ot ionr per cent ana upwards. Among the hrgest bidders to-d»y were the Mechanics' Bank of New Yorz, three hundred and twenty-five thousand, at 1 per cent. Bowery Savings Bank, one-bairmtlllon at 2 to 5. J. L.EIUe, Cincinnati, one hundred' ami sixty seven thousand at 8 to 4. Cora Exchange Bonk,' Philadelphia, two hundred thousand at 2A6 to 4.87. Seventh National Bank, three hundred thousand at from s;* to 4. Mechanics Bank, one-half million at 1 to 8. Crogln & Co., three hundred thousand at 4. Ftrre & Co., three hundred thousand at pir to 8. Bank of the Republic, Boston, two hundred thousand at 2K- Philadelphia Bank, onc-balf million at 3 to 4?/. Banc «f New Yore, one-half million at 8,50 to 430. tilxty-tbree thousand was taken at 6 per cent by four persons. • Five hundred at 8 per cant, by John Bronan, Fortress Monroe. Eight hundred, at seven per cent, by Francis Famman, Chicago. Five honored, at ton per cent, by B. H. Kelly, New York. The following were those sent yesterday, com pute : ILLINOIS BIDS. J.Medlll, Chicago, five thousand, at two. First National Bank, Aaron, ten thousand, ait one and ten thousand ut two. ' John DeKevon, Chicago, five thousand at thr, l e. D. J. Cook, Chicago, six thousand at four. B. W. Hajmond, CnlCigo. two thousand at two and a half, and one thousand at three. Wm. Calvert, Geneva, fifteen hundred at four. Mechanics B ink. Chicago, fifty thousand at one and a half, fifty thousand at three, and fifty thou sand at four. Thefollowlng is the list from Wisconsin WISCONSIN BIDS. A. 8. Richardson, Monroe, one thousand at fire and two hundreds. Beloit Bank, twenty-one hundred at from three to five. B. lloffncr, four thousand atflvc. The following are the IOWA BUM. Cbas Vosbler, Des Moines, one thousand at four, and ten thousand at loor and a quarter. First National Bank, Burlington, two thousand five hundreo at loor. TTiu rationing arc tno msaocßi sms. T. Long, St. Louis, five thousand at three. D. Cox, tit. Louis, Bvcthousand, at five. Gen. Spinner, the United States Treasurer, yes terday received a letter, of which the following Is & copy: Tiease put into the treasury the enclosed six dol lars, the excess paid me as a witness at a court martial In a neighboring city. - The Acting Ouariermastcrkcowing the fact that lhad come and was aboat to return the same day mode out tin nccomnt tor me which he said was cor rect, and as usual paying for an additional day for coming and another for going. This sum In itself is no object to the Treasury, but If it be the means of drawing the attention 01 the government to the like abuses in this department of the public ser vice It may save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Among the unaccepted bids for the new loan there were two amounting in the aggregate to over six millions at from JU7tf to 3.73 premium, and another lor one million four hundred thousand at from 8.07 to 8.87#. A party of cllitens ol New York fishsertbed together for live thousand, ofior lug 10 percent premium—the highest rate of all. It will be Interesting to bidders to know that the bonds In payment of the loan will be ready for do llvcrv at the Trca-nry Department to-morrow morning at ten o’clock. Such prompt delivery Is unprecedented and is due to the arrangements made by Secretary Fessenden and A-aiscaut Sec retary Uamsgtoa previous to the opening of the proposals. Tbt? blanks have been printed and oth erwise pi epared bo as to require only the signatures of the proper officers. The adjustmtnt of the bids, with ft view to the awards was not completed until eleven o'clock last night. 18031 UiDUIIAPOLIS« Arrest of a Supposed Q,aautrell—mili tary and General hews. [Special Dispatch to the Chicane Tribune.} San day, Sopt. 11. A refugee ■who was formerly a wagon master In the rebel army la Missouri informed the auLhorl* ties yesterday that bomettffo men on the street one of whom be recognized as the notorious mar* derer, Qaantrell, and-that the other was also a rebel. Geo.Qarey Immediately caused their ar rest. They were found at theßates llooeo. They are now closely confined in the guard-house at the Soldiers’ Home. A dispatch has been sent to Gen. Sosecrans, at St. Loais, requesting that some person be sent here who la acquainted with Quaotrcll and cap ewe*r to hla Identity. The prisoner steady denies that he is the jiuerlila, hue me refugee Is positive. The COth Indiana Veterans, Lieut. Col. Wells, XO strong, will leave for the front to-morrow. ■Volunteering continues brisk, and the cbxncea arc that many counties of the State will avoid the draft altogether. The southern hound train on the Jeffersonville road last night ran off the track ahont 200 yards fromltho depot, owing to the displacement of a switch. Two persons were killed and several se verel.v If not mortally wounded. The min con tained some 300 soldiers, * It is suspected that the switch was moved byrebels on purpose to slaught er the troops. What la siucalar about It is tnat no one was bnrt who did not attempt to jump oft the train. The track has been cleared ol tho ma chinery and trains will rtm regularly to-morrow. Thu Citizen’s street railroad is making rapid progress. The iron ia now being laid on Illinois street, and the track will he completed to the blare lair grounds in time for that exhibition. The Union Wigwam will he completed and opened for a dedicatory meeting next Wednesday D The draft la expected to cpme off the 15th, with no postponement on account of the weather. FBOJI CAIRO AJ*X> BELOW, WUltnrr and General News-Froat jncmplils and Arkansan, [Special Dispatch to the Chicogo Tribune.] Cairo, Sunday, Sept. 11,18$t Gen. A. J. Smith and staff are still here. Their order* to move hare not been received, sad the destination of his command ie etitl unknown. I have epoken with some of the officers of the 3d Division, X6th Army Corps, lately from Memphis. ' They are of the opinion that, with the exception of the 58th Illinois and one Tork regiment, two thirds ol the men will go for Lincoln if they have a chance to cast their rotes. The 123 d Illinois, Col. Yates, is said to be almost unanimously for the Union ticket. The following order has been leaned to-day: Headquarters Post or Cajbo, ) Camo, Sept.H,lßC4. 1 General Orders No. 21.1 Ist. Incompllarce with General Orders No. 19, Headquarters of Post Department, September 10, 1864, I hereto assume command ot the post or Cairo, and nil orders will remain in lores until chanced. 2d First Lieutenant Daniel N. Sanderson, ISDth Illinois Volunteers, is hereby appointed Acting Assistant Adjutant General lor this post. Be will , be obeyed and respected accordingly.■ (Signed) B. Datxdso*, Colonel Commanding Post. The steamer City of Alton, Captain Calvert, Clerk P. W.Klftckley, baa just arrived, bringing Memphis dates of yesterday otternoon and New Orleans papers ot the 6th, neither containing any news not tiven In yonr Memphis dispaten. Gen. Sol Meredith and staff started for Paducah on the steamer Convoy to day to take command of the District of Western Kentucky. - Cairo has been assigned to the District of Bli nds and to the command of Gen. B. E. Paine, headquarters at Spriogfleld, by order of Qen. Hal- MEMTBie, Sept. 8, tie Camo, Sunday, Sept. 11. Fort Pickering sent eastward one hundred com pliments this morning to Gen. Sherman and tho brave boys who lock the rebel stronghold, Atlanta. Mrs. Major Booth, who lost her husband at Fort Pillow, to whom so much kind attention was sbowmfor whom so much sympathy was expressed in her bereavement, about whom so many patriotic letters were written and speeches made, has been arrested and confined In Irving Block, and lately sentenced by military commission to one year’s i«,«ri6onment In the State Prison at Alton for re iSSu SS and permitting a she rebel to pass ihronch our lines laden wltn quinine, gold, Ac. She was on picket duty or employed by detectives in examine women passing through our lines, and couldn’t withstand temptation. rS BnUertck’a brigade ofone hundred daymen consisting of tne 89th, 40th and 4Ut Wisconsin Tnuntrv and the 45th lowa, have been relieved from doty* and start for home to-day. Oatbo Sent. 11.—There Is a’report at Little Eockthattiie re hel Gen. Price recently died at A tohacco arrived from Paducah r °Ti?e?tcamer City of Alton brings Memphis dates of yesterday and New Orleans advices of the 3th. Munphis was illuminated last night In honor of recent victories " _ The post of Cairo la separated from western Kentucky and attached to the district of Illinois, cider Gen HalbertE. Paine. • Gen. Meredith left for Paducah to take com maud. FKOtt SPBUIGFIfiLD. The Draft asd Enrollment la tlliaols— Poltlicalaad military matter*. LSpacWDlßpitchtotho CUnKoTrlliaae,l - SriUNoncLD, Sunday, Sept. 11,1661. Much anxiety is felt to know the result of the efforts helm; maoe in Cook county to revise and correct Its enrollment. Committees from various counties In the State, which have been here to look into their local military affairs, enppose If a revi sion of the enrolment of Cook county is allowed before the draft,, that the same privilege will be allowed tertbem. They also claim (and such seems to be the general impression) that when Col. Dan cock, of Chicago, was lately here, examining into the quotas and credits of Cook county, bo discov ered some errors In the quotas and credits by Which the deficit of Cook was much reduced; so that Cook coonty, instead ol having a deficit of 4,000. had only a oeficlc of 2,000. Turn Is wholly a mistake. «nft, injustice to the military author!- ties here, I would state that I have Just been shown a correspondence between Gen. Fuller and CoL Hancock on the subject- Col. Hancock was refer red to the rumors in circulation In Chicago and elsewhere In relation to some supposed errors which he bad discovered. Bis reply was manly and characteristic of tbit ’cntleroao. He states In bis letter that he visited optingfield before tne quotas and credits were an nounced, at the earnest solicitation of Gen. Fuller, ’and that while here, by the courtesy of Col. O ikes sod Gen. Fuller, every facility was extended to him for investigating the whole subject, ana that the result of his examination was that he had fall confidence in the carefulness and accuracy with which the record had been kept, and th*c equal • and exact justice and impartiality in the assigu meat of qnotas and apportionment of credits had been done by these omc»rs to Cook coonty. This, 1 presume, will eettlo all questions of apportion* meat here. This, of coarse, docs not, however, reach the question as to the correctness of the enrollment taken by Provost Marshal James. That subject, I be leve, still remains, under examination in your city. I notice that the State Register, the Copperhead paper here, tatnlcg to make some capital oat ot Mime supposed detect in the 13th District. The facts arc simply these: Capt- Phillips, the Provost Marshal of tnac district, supposing th*t be had a ri»ht to draft without orders from the Provobt Marshal General, took some steps to draft in some different sub-districts In his district, and commenced to do so, hat, finding be had no au thority, abandoned it Bo doubtless acted with out authority or orders. It was simply a mistake of the officer, and than Is all there is of it. One or. two recruits for the new organization regiment arrived here yesterday from Bureau county and twelve from Winnebago coanty, and were mastered in. Charles Piulbrlck, assistant to Mr. Batch, Secre tary of State, left hero for Washington yesterday to act as assistant private secretary to toe Presi dent. Hon. Jesse K. Dubois has been appoint ed to serve on the National Union Central Committee from the State of/ Illinois, in place of Bon.Jcrse C, Cook, nominated to Coo sxees, and has already entered upon the duties of bis position with a zeal and earnestness which in dicate an Intention t j devote all his time to them from now till election. No better selection cou.d be made for tbis position than Mr. Dubois. He not on’y snows by name and repatat-.on, bat by personal acquaintance, every politician and man of note in tne State, Is possessed of a natu rally keen mind and sagacious intellect, and, wnat is tetter than ail, the common cense of an‘emi nently practical man. What Uncle Jesse don't know with regard to political matters Is not worth knowing. FROM PaILADEIiPfIU. Grand Loyal Rally in the Home of Little fisc. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Philadelphia, Sunday, Sept. 11th, IS3L The largest political meeting ever seen In this city was held in Independence Square, on Satur day evening. The occasion was the ratification meeting of the National Union nominations o. President and Vice-President. At least K\COO people'were present. Two stands were erected, one immediately In the rear of Independence Hall, and the other at the southwest end of the square. A fine display of fireworks took place during the evening tu me centre o( the square, whlcn receiv ed reiterated rounds of applause. One piece bore the names of Lincoln and Johnson surrounded with appropriate devices. About 0 o'clock various "Warn alienations began to arrive, and for up wards of a continuous stream of people bearing banners, lanterns, lamps, torches, flags, «c„ wnred into tbs square. ■When the last of these delegations had arrived the entire square presented a perfect; 01020 or itguu bloat ot the Ward delegations were beaded with hands of music, which played patriotic strains as they entered the enclosure. Chestnut, Walnut, Fifth and Sixth streets were almost impassable. During thecontlnnance of the meeting these streets were blocked up with people bent on receiving different delegations as they marched through the streets. Hon. Simon Cameron acted as chairman at the main stand. At the close of the meeting Cameron said: SS-BECBETABT GAXEttOX’s SPEECH. 1 have been delighted wild the whole meeting. I never saw one so large. It is to me the barest evidence of the certain election of oar candidates, Liucom and Johnson lam pleased to Know that in the city where the candidate ul the Chicago Convention was born so large and enthusiastic a meeting can he held in opposition to him. a. uzrmvrxNT dbxocrat. The speech of the evening was made by Hon John Cessna, Speaker of the House of Represent atives of Pennsylvania, ilr. Cessna has ad his life been a leading democrat and remained with that Early op to the time of the meeting of the Calcaso invention. Be gives as the reason for leaving the party that be could not swallow the Chicago platiorm. , „ . „ x Be Is an able man and a most important acces sion to the Union ranks. Be will bring with him at least fifteen thousand loyal • democrats woo will vote lor Lincoln and Johnson, being unable to swallow the Chicago platform. The resolution s at the meeting were of th e strong est hind, and were received With tremendous chrers of approbation. Pmnryivania will roll up a big majority for Lin coln and Johnson. Reinforcements for tlic Fron* tier. Leavenworth, Scut. 7.—The steamer Effie Deane arrived yesterday afternoon from St Loots, loaded with Government stores and troops for the Upper aiiseonn. Tho troops consisted of six companies of the Ist U. S volunteers and a red men of white refugee!* enlisted at .Norfolk, Va. Tb«y are going to Fort Sice as a reinforcement to Gen. Sully In his expedition against the Indians, Capture ora Blockade Runner* BiwotoSE, Sunday, Sept. ll.—Tho steamar Eoht. Moms, Captain Barrett, arrived hero to night 20 day* trom Xew Orleans. She reports that on Thursday last, the steamer Keystone State captured a fino blockade .steamer, the Elezeepy, and sort her into Beaufort, anbratisments. Dearborn seminary rosy gchooiforTouotrLftdks), at 81 & S3 Wabash ax erne The ninth year of this ln*tltutiou epens cn Monday, the 19th ot September. There are three de nar'meiitß— Primary, Int* mediate and none. rate. CaisloEUcs can bo obtained by addressing tbs Prtnel* .pel or calling at the Seminary, Z. ORf> VER, net Principal. JXLTNOIS I'EM ALE COLLEGE Jacksonville. A healthy locality, bemtl'ul residence, ample accost; mo«ati«na experienced teachers, mild and paternal coxerrme:t.}cwfßtpcßtlt>lo expenses. Co’iegejear comn-tneet gepssmherist. Send tor catalogue. &u2C-p3iS-2:-iioN net C. adaM3. “PORTABLE HAT PRESSES. JL Xmni oved Patterns. Bay Cutters, Cider Presses. ■pit «j ums, Kitchen Mills, Coin Shulers, Improved Massillon Tbreshlnn machine*. Horse Fowen.Trackf, Farm Implements. All kind! Of repairing. WM. FIELDUW 6COt _ Bi>ii-oICB-15t_w-rAHnet 56.596 63 WotLake-et. OIL LAND—A lew parties by c*niblci:toertli«r, can pnrehM*. loressh, if ittiraaiatelv, a choice tract of land In Vecnpco ccnnty. Pennsylvania. partly developed, enaree rJa««. K. I l)I!ADi'/l3.'S so o lb rV.h..r. ;l , Philadelphia. sepia Q919-H Homoefathio medical COLLEGE OF PESFSrLTAKIA.JFWHdeI. plla. e«Mlfm of 1861-65 ocelns Ociooer m Error.- VT—C. HeiTlCg. M. D.; Ad. Uppß.U- U.jH. N Gncrn ?7t K.6Ur*ey M.D;P. W?*9cn.ll.P tC.Heertnan, U. D ; Address CLUBMAN, M. D. Pean^ 110SI Filbert etieet. sßjifrqyVpoVMsw TTICKOBT WOOD! I I mcKonr woodii 1 am now rtcemas at my sard oa Twelfth street, IJfe cord, boil quality Detroit Eisor Uickorj Wooo, end bayeeleo on hand a Ursa Block of Graal Tra serrcScachacd Maple Wood, t*t noun icil-nKH-stnet P* *»LDBBD. rpo WHOM IT MAT CONCERN I -Take notice that an powers of Attorney Mtterto fclven By me to ELiJaH D. GOSHaM, of Win Cooaty, arc ihl? day revolted. He is no lonter D r atect or Attorney- A. H. QOnn am. Chicago. BepttpDar 9th. ISC4. B*lfrqSti9-3tnßt LAMPS, OILS & GLASSWARE, THE DESK STOCK IN THE WEST* At the LOWEST MARKET FBICBa. For *Baie hi an2l-p34s2otnat GEO. O.FOPB. 123 B. Clark ft. rpHE JOU BNEYMEN TAILORS JL of Chicago are requested to meet at iboHall of the Tailor’* Fraternal union on MONDAY ev«n- IFG, Sept. 12tT,at 7Ko’clock. Business oflmnort* auce to every taller in Uucagp will beTOuant before the mettle*. By or*, sr of the Tailor *■ -'r*ieraa' Onion. EDWARD HENDEK9ON, See’*. The following was received by telerraph from Pprlneflcld.lll ; ThetaUnnareou aH-rlk<*. Notify the men to prevent any trom being induced here, sen: q&4S It F. MCABTHUB, Pres’*. Dissolution.— The copartner ship of the underelreed In the firm of VAN BUREN A CO., eiplrer trom and after this date by limitation. t J PICKETT, Molina. H. Ik£2tO;U. Eocaford. Chicago, Eept. 10.1E6J. JMVI qW9 it TftAR RICE’S GREAT SHOW, ONE WEEK ONLY! MONDAY, SHIPrEHBERIOIh, ielMlß»6t • TO THE VOTERS OF COOK COTOTT —Baring terred three years and a Quarter In the army dur&g ibis rebellion, ardbarins Seen honorably discharged for wason of toe expira tion ot my term ol strifes, I have com« home to main. I woula announce myself as a candidate for ““clerk of the circuit court. sfcSqTR-etsel NUMBER Si). NeU) SLDbertisements. JJEW M.IJSIC. H. y M. HIGGINS TT«a foit fisasd from bU m’mmoth etrtblithment. tl? B-ndoloh strips.C i'cmo, lIU • very preuiaons nl ebciua bj ‘‘Sweet M«SSio XjOO,” Price, thirty- avc cents. ALSO* A BRILLIANT OALLOPA jE, Entitled bEMUR GIUOPADEj By S. Scanner. PRICE, FOETT CENTS. Tbs »boT» pieces will be rent to any ad'rMS, on recciotcf marked pile®, by kddreutes th° patj'Uaer u a dot®. sell qtso-ssnet rpoBACCO FOR S/k-liS. 1.500 bbK S*m«bltur Tobacco, 9. Bf. I*II, A B A Ci ond other srndesi. Twenty tons sound old sloes Pins Tobacco in Caddies. 600,000 Clsapsorvttrionssrndesttnrt brands AH for sale a: lees than minnfac: taxers’ raw by H. H. SHOFKLUT, gell-qESMw 58 and 60 Soath *ater street. rp B Y TB E SHTEB PEinL SOAP. Tbe cheapest an ■ tlLtst Family Boat) in tbe market, ‘wholesale and retail, at tbe mmnfac oxers, 53 State atieet, and tor sale cymoic of .be prtump at dealers. eeu-QSJM stnet TJTE, EAR, THROAT AND Hi LUNGS. MEDICAL INSTITUTE, At 149 South Clark Street, For the especial treatment of Ml chronic diseases which appertain to the EYE. EAR, THROAT AND LUNGS. }r. B.—Zavlae lor year* studied Anatomically, P» ytiolopics'ly and Pathologically alt dlse-tas* of the above ment.oned • or»an», loiathar with ail Mitin'ii'iT kl3»asE9 ot & tumefied character, suca at. cancer, 4c., I am ensiled to warrant a pertect cure cf all curable dlaoaaea Office at Id South Clark Street P. O- Bex 3)50, Chicago. 111. , . D MACRAE,M !>.. burgeon and Physician. aeirqSTS-itt f Formerly ot toe u. a. army. FALL AND WINTER. The meet elegant stock cf GOODS FOR GEMS’ WEIR EVES OFFERED IN CHICAGO NOW OPENING. ILY, Draper end Tailor. sell-Q9C24wnet 0 Xremont Block* BOOTS MD SDOES. Any one havlce a first class retail Boot aM Shoe stock, with the store to rent, la a good business lota, lliy, can learn or a purchaser by immedutaiy ad oretfiing “LAJ,” f.Q.Boxisn. seli-<i9ifrstnot JjJbi GIU ES AHD BOILERS FOR SALE. One SG'Hone Power f tatkmary. with Tabular Boll* r. Ron bat ux months. Good as new. One 15-Uowe, Stationary or Portable, One 3C‘Ber sc Locomotive Boiler. J. C. BICHABDS, 69 Washington street. se€-<ISC»-6tnet_ WET'EXJBSE WANTED. Apply at office of Dr. J. ADAMS ALLEN. No. 7 Latmou Block, corn# r cf Clark and Washington bib., between JO a. m. and 5 p. m. • ssS-gTll^inet J^EJIOYAXi. The Producers’ Bank, UoLEAKSBORO, ILLINOIS, Ha-rtcc given the required notices, will, at the expl radon or inidr>otlcep,cc&a»eUsl ration to the City of Chicago with an increased capital to <IXOO,OOO, Wl’b a chartered privilege to increase to 1103,000. net a. DCOLITTLK,Prcs'deDT. ,piNE TIMBER LANDS. S3 PER ACRE ONLY. 4,360 sens Pine Timber Lands in WUconaln. entered eUot years ago by a mm well qualified fjr tho dosi« ntra at a coat of more than cx» HraoasD Donnaes to etc the best selection*. These lands eie well 1> cateC, and are considered very valuable for tho large amount of giowlnr on them, and the bavegoT'fo beiofi imzhecia eTy for ca*h 'o cloie up an account, and therefore ore offered »t the a nova low dear* For lull pa dealers address eOLD.-BUH7,Besl Estate age-tl, Davenport, lows. seio-qTOSMmet - CTEAJi TO EUROPE.---Persons' O about to Tlßir Europe would do won to con and ice the General Agent of the Liverpool, Aew fork and Philadel phia Steamship Go. tn Chicago be ore leannr tor tneß.iet. esbelyi* suing return tickets to Liverpool ana Queenstown at reduced rates of passage. Steamers leave sew York M follows: CITY OF RAT.TIMORH Saturday, August 21th HTNA •* Sept, &id EDINBURGH .. * 4 14 18th Apply to F. AEMOST, Bennal Agent, corner ol Clerk and lake streets. auro-piiKKitsa x&wnot CANCELING STAMPS For Canceling XT. B.Tar Stamps. Alto all kinds of Balltoad Stamps, Business Blcs, Ac., HADE TO OXIDES. Thcirotyplng and Stereotyping of every-ieecrlp. tJentxecu.ed promptly. _ _ • A. ZEESE, eel2-qS9Mt 47 CLASS SfBKST. jgKDWirS BABY TENDEK, MAGIC CRADLE. CALL ASD fl£B IT AT NoMc’s Notion and Toy Bazaar, (BIGK OP THE TAHEBE; 176 LAKE STREET. 'lepw-qMMt BURLEY & TYRRELL WILL SELL TO THE TRADE BT THE PACKAGE White Granite M Common fare At Current New York Trices, with the addition of nmcirr. au29 pfe79»MWAFnst tf 5000 doz.Fall and Winter Hosiery 2000 “ “ “ “ Gloves, 1000 “ Hoods and Nabks. A. very (all line of YANKEE MOTIONS, HOOP SKIRTS AND CORSETS, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, BUCK GOODS, ETC. Alto, ft vwy attractive ftßioxtsest or PLUS ASD TWILLED IXmELS 15D FISCT StUBILVGS. Large and dose buyers -will find It for tlielr adyantage to call and examine our stock* SAVAGE, KEITH ft WOOD, 10,12 and 14 Lake Street. auW-p'2l-nt w Vftxnet LUMBER. ELKINS & MERRILL, MAZTUFACTURBaS AND DEALERS El Green Bay and Saginaw LUMBER, BiTE OPENED TIIEIK NEW YAH® -05- LUMBER STREET, AT TSS Alton ardSt. lonisß. E.Bridge. ry Oar o!d customers particularly are solicited for a xeMiral ot their ocdsts, e«7-q.SU « waioet Kfto SLDbrctisemmts. FAIL TBASMB< Wercmlnd onrfrlends and the trade generally that oar stncli of Staple and Fancy Dry Good.-*, Cloths* Ctt!*simeres, Testioss, Worsted and Woolen Goods, Yankee Motions, Hosiery, Ac., &c., Is rery lai*i*e, par chased bo Fore the late material adrance, aß hich we are selling: freely BELOW EASTERS PRICES. Package buyer* w ni Had It much lor their adraalo-o to ex. amine oar olTtric^* ALL ARE LVm'fiD TO C ALL. BOWEN BROTHERS, 19 & 21 Lake St. ialTplls-w-rAM net-tf FUR GOODS AND BUFFALO lOBES, E. P. L. BROOM, SO Lake street, Chicago .50 WHOLESALE BEALES Hats, Caps, Furs, Bnfihlo Hobos, &c. I offer to country merchants a large and attract!TV nock of iooda in the above line. B. P. L. BROOM. SO Lake Chicago. ee»*<i7s& ti net v WEBER, WILLIAMS & FITCH JOBDEB3 OF DATS, CAPS, FES, ETC., Are now ready to pffer to the trade a very fnnaat well assorted stock tor Fall and Winter Trade, Embracing all new and choice styles of HATS', CAPS. FUSS. LADIES’ HATS. GSNIi FUEB,LADIES’,IIL33ES* AND dULDHASI SKATING CAPS. UMBRELLAS, BQ3ES. BUCK GLOVES. *MIIT£NB, Ac., Ac. AH ol which will he offered at the lowest JUsm p ices. AIL BUYERS are felicited to examine ov Block betore buyre. and tcereby save money. WEBKB, WILLIAMS A FITCH, auiß-ccssstai wAyaet 10, 12 and il Lake #t~, Quean THE BEST CUSTOM lUDJE BOOTS Inthcmartet, are manufactured by 0. M. HENDERSON" & 00, Nos. 4, 6 & S Lake Street, OPPOSITE THE ADAMS HOUSB. CHICAGO. They have in store the largest stcckot Eastern wocl m the West, bought is May and Jane, before the advance, and will fell many styles lower than Eastern prices. ALSO, A LARGE STOCK OF Boot Moccasaina and Shoo Back* te Lumbermen. an!7-pis w-yaa set-tf WIST CHICAGO LADIES* T T S SMINABY— Aißoardlng and Day School. 80-Opened September 13* Apnllca’lcpscan Pemadoof tbo Principal at S4B West Rnndo ph street, or address Mist C. A. GBSQO* P. U. BOX 844. Chicago, It]. ieplO-p916 ei-M war-net JgABRSTT, ARNOLD & POW- Polt tvaad Oompnaitinn Ronffintl 10,000 Bbls ROOFING COMPOSITION. A large stock of FELT, COSZFOSmo?, BOAT PITCH, COAL .TAB, AC,, COSSTASTLT 05 IIASD. All order* from the country promptly filled, aaft praU d direct osa given lor pasting oa room. se9-QT,’o lm r maw net Offlue, 83 CearoonnU. ■DUGSIBS. AK ASSOETME3T OF Open.and Top Baggies, DEMOCRAT WAGONS o? oua own maks. Best Style and Material* Equal to any in the market* HESKY HILLETS, Manufactory and Salesroom. Ccnirr or State and Twelfth Streets* sefcqSTMwnet NOVELTIES OF THE SEASOH -15- BOOTS & SHOES -AT St BASIBSR&GO’S, 132 take Street. Manufactured by ED WIN C. BtfET, How York, CcDßiirtpr of ladies.* Hisses and Children’s new styles of Balmorals, front Button Congress. Imitation Buckle Congress. Ccngrasi Imitation Balmorals. Coourffs imitation Button, with other new and. hsamhal varieties, nil of which w* shall warrant.' jy in addition to the above we have a great varlfr. ty of Ladltt,* Misses* and Children’s Goods; also. Men’s. Boys’ and Youth’* Boots.B-dmorals,Congress, Men’s Buckle Boots, Imitation Buckle. Ac. We offe sreat Inducements in our • Wholes.!# All who buy scodn in ilia murker should our stock before purchasing. K. CAMBER * CO., 1311-tfhot ARTISTS’ MJLTER.I-A.X-jS At JEVNE A ALMIN'I’S, 101 Washington itmt* B6‘.{tqSlo-6tnet HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by tbe United States Government it tti§ eastern House in Hew iorS and otter places. FOB SALE' BY DICKERSON, STCBGES & CO.* IVletn.l ‘Worelicmso. >n23 pS67-Sotnet IS9 & 201 Randolph street, CtlesgOb IsOOO B ‘ B - BARROWS. lk», Garden and foal Barrows, Straw Cutter* Corn Sbellers, and Ploughs, OF EVERT DESCRIPTION, In very large quantities at FUBST & BRADLEY’S, , 55 and 58 North Jeflerson Chicago, 1LL....P, O. Box 6011 • h3 qsauwnet - Ttf"ETAL WAREHOC.SR, DICKERSON. STUROES ft CO. mroßTxss or TIInT .ndDnltnlii Tinners’ Stocki , «r\TC FOR THE HOWE’S SCALE COlFiHi AGE * }5 ft 201 RANDOLPH'S!., CHICAGO. anS-pSM SOmet —,— Nf. Merrill, wnOLZAAia DIiLSS IX __ T.AMPS, OHS AS3) GL&BBVAB^ **** A2TD LASCP GOODS OP ETHKT BESCRIPTIOa. jaSS-plSlAGtnfi* 714 as Eandclph street, ChiCftffju Notice. TO HARDWARE MEN. Xbe stock and tools cf a Hardware, Tm and Star* Store for ?*le below CMcago prices. Location * Ko£d one, atftialhvftO cxofsinz, Ita miles from Ca c*co« jjo competition. For paiUcnlats adurw u Ctmon/m. jei qIIS-sfflrt_ TXAMABED GO ODS.—Hati Cap* JLf and Milliner Goods at wholesale and reiav Al3o»usgelotof?nrt. Ttoeae. soods win and Siiold. wm fln4fcw»m«* **««•*» ceil »ad examine thJeatoc*. _ A. J. HEBZOGj 233 la*» 9tz ** u . EYE & EAR DR.DNDERWOOD. lnvcnto™fQßW treaties diseases °l«o D Vi*uoa* tor Croaa Eta, ca*£ uutimntntt of tba Opb »£ ract..Artificial ro|gkf m for übaiM rale CoUe*-*.* 6 " £,,„■« of tta Eye *a4 *Jif JESS* EKaSSSwSSI** I*- 1 *-

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