Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 12, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 12, 1864 Page 3
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Special SCoUres. 8. I'.—lßoo.—V. Famous oc seaencary habit* troubled with weakness. P»W«atio* of the heart, tack ol appetite, 2i*rtM alter eating, torpid liver, comtlnauoa. *c, •aerre to suffer if they will not try the celebrated PLAIVTATIO,\ UITTEKS, LOW reconm,CD<l «l by the highest medical J 2 U /*’ warranted to produce an IMME DIATE bcneCcu] effect. They are exceedingly agree ■•Ole, perfectly pure, and must sopcreced all other toulci Where a healthy, gentle stimulant Is required. They portly, strengthen ana Invlcorat*. They create a healthy appetite. They are antidote to clisnge of water and diet. They overcome effects o: dhetpatiun and late hours. They strengthen the system end enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent levers. They portly the breath and acidity ot the stomach. They core Dyspepsia and Ccn»Upailt>n. They cure Diarrhea tmJ Cholera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Beaoache. They make the weak strong, tbe languid brilliant, .Tend are exhausted nature’* great restorer. They are ‘JOtsposod of the celebrated Callsaya hark, winter* *vrcao,sus«afnw, roots and herbs, all preserved Is per. tftotly pure St. Croix rum. For particulars, see dree* *ars and tcitlmonlals around each bottle. Beware ol Imposters. Examine every bottle. Bee that it baa onrprivate U. S. Stamp unnmtilated ever Uic cork, with plantation scene, and our signature on A toe steel plate aide label. See that our bottle Is not efiflod with spurious and dclctcruus miff, Any per* on yreteedlnr n eel) Plantation Bitten by the gallon in Balk. Is *r imposter. Any penoa Imitating this «lf, saloons, steamboats and country stores. P. U. BBAEE & CO., Vpham*s FAIR GT 033 AWL CUBMKG FLUID Is the best ba«r*ore«M>lt-< Ik tie world It lapans a beautlfal glcti to tte ntar,kc*ps t, in curl, prome es it, growth. «c. rrlee.SOcc trnooujr. UFBAV’BTE .TM! CIS- PMENT it %B3TC and i;e« dy cute ter Teller, a,lt Kbcu-r. Ccapped Utads. as-* ber’s Iteb. Ac Price', ?o ceils a box. rPHAM’B As IBM A Cuiii-1 relltre* the most vio lent paroryirar »>f A*lbraa lea minutes, aid effcCll asp'odycuje. price,sr«|i«ck*£e DPBAW’o FLVLK AND ALUiC 6PESIFIC Is war ranted teear* ans c*seof Fvvcr,ni,,ais(* ■Ut how louc *t*ndlat Price, •> a »»ox, DTHAM’S DEPILATORY TO wiier will remove tbe hair troa l<»w ior*be»o» It flve u>muuis. wlthoat Injury to the skiu. Price. »l * bottle. * Wl “* W, ‘ DP. LA PiISTTf LI -E ELINtR, *he rreat Nervine And Re]uresbtrar K mn'j, rcitjfei 'oa*ntv V/zsr all who are suffriias iron. Spinal Ea*r«y, Fervent Deb! i:, Ac n ar.n.c uou wbattver cause. Tils*. |ia package. TIIH JAPANKSE HAIRSrATKc loratbe■Whitken and Moo»tauie a baaatitu! tlark or rrawa. It coa aliuofo&lr one ersparattou. Color wil; not f*de or ■washomu On>y BO ceati a box. Sold by 8. C. UPIIAU I*. South Richth street,Fhlla* •delpbia aadbyai Drovelit*. Circular* sent tree, AUft-cgSB Etc gu infra* ]■ Is Health IVortli Havinjf ? If It li. protect u. it ia» jewtu u easily lo*t u rlr tne, arc lu agate ceres isae te recover lia v«re. Id onr die att, et d t» .cciel y at uai icaioa, te -t}cir«a mbe occaei'Haiti reiDt:;rcMi. Ba everjthloc «epr «tt qpon the Tonic rwedf r mu purpose. Tne aeaeuMti tincture*. aix or wincn abt easedox orsmox AXCOECL. art ** OulQlne. »*«r«r bedj duct om «bo iak«-s umch or it. u asiuwpeisstu Oee tele protective from el nnLra’tQ? a*sno»obenc tofittciices ?zi«'s. tm ext Tbi«oov*rfnl ere. ▼•nUyeisllo3rkTl£»'« JELaBBarRDSTOIIA .H BIT* Kjts.e comnsuvd or ibe ro-»«-. stimulant ever nerQf«eture<t vfib tt • most • tractive tnmes. alter *- tiTei.rccuU’ors and ciem»etcr« tbet c»iemi*i»y tu yet eXTecteo fr-m «be i*o.anlcal kiaedotn. Con Telffcetti laavniaandfse-*.* r -nt r-c-o. sickaas will n»4 the But ere «u incomparable restorative Hot oleecrckeMe to tbe te*«e ana etnt entl* myiso «.s° ot fc" t p . net* the name «ffe t aetnliStomachic, itoota pot ezine or Hotter the cenrta or occasion e- y ncane erterul ectlon t bat at oscesootiea etc etrrni thinstbe n-rvnns «n*.fl-n asi the animal epixl e. se2*q«:s-6t ¥-w*y Nt e Tear 1815 the VBXJSTIAV HAIB is. since tlmtnme it Lei r>r**a by thousands, faction- n018,,M3C * been felled teprs entire aatls* Tte VKRBTIA N BTJMs tbs cheap* tt Ja tbe world, tspriceu only Fifty cents.ana eecn bottlecocteias •ehk tli*. quantity of <*;e in the*** aflatllysa-dforSl. Tbe ViiNkt'lib C J'h is eirmiteo sot to injure tbrbeiror tie i c*tp to ’be a'tct'es' Ceaus. Tbs VENETIAN I»l*£ works with raoldl’ynnd it:* testy-thp r**qnlnne no orep*r»ron whatever. The VENETIAN nr** t*n daces eny suede that may b'-edeslred—one that will not fade, crock cr wash oat —one that Is at t>*»r anrnt a» tt» c heir it-self. For sale DV a*l PrW M cmti- P^I^WLAiEBv.‘8 > Gc.eral Act-nt, U Gold street, Also.Manufacturerof MATHC VS AKRICA HATH uliOS*', the beat bijr drc:£it.n in arc In lanrc bet- Ilea,price frc. J'Sfl Wl-lxla 9 n*w Piles—(<B»morrbo!d») —Plica. Tie Atuualian >pecinc foi I’iit-p te low well known as Ue nost seccetrn 1 rtwrd: tbe above eons plaint ever aa»-o. 1 bsaco eqaa-in practice, ncaee of Flies le any f:>nn can scared? • xlsl teat it will not pumancctir cu*- . In tne-ana 1; is ’be standard cantorf. Formal* ne». Appsicatlou external. Try ft LORD & 6U1T5.23 Uli sUv.«t.dit :ac%<seperal Wholesale Vcttarn An cl e. ly-H-nhho-Ss.mowls Dr. James. Purmeny at .ikUirs* Euti.u»i, iraiujm Home tireeu flew Origins. La., eatamt t. o in n*>w y locetpftd U » uandolpb street. *.h; Bpacmltat in tie treata:<mt ut Olb C-i-omc. Mcecd dux,SCßOrtTLOrß, and ail ki’.rts o’ Bl*>od *np kiv DlßKaaws tKD DlhOEDißa. or a Contao ions V*im. jwat ftukjifn-ie, tn-w Uiec wirnmt reromre to mtcary, lot>u.a, Futasku. or an? poison, bat wit* a ncttilllize*.. • positive out* lor «2 tomon ass Mo*e yoia >ci Oebckto tvn/EKrsa, ta oemmal WeakneiSi Sioetnnißt sue rdan's! KTi*bl »üb, bronebt on by 6bus fit tLt early tnascrctioua, exces* w scUliea beredlwrll*. “susir.* k»w of mencry. con ■bob, deprasElas, dlstnen, aad "flea tinn Inawiy, wm. other deplorable xmm -ji -yrantoms.treated aid rvAtcaOj cnrec by *r infallible m^thr* l . tsrinr mneb lime and expanse. Gleet, fttrlctnre. and peeo’iar to ’I I a ornate nstnre. realcsUT cored Old dtieaMS Of tbe MOS" iiOttEIHLB CLACB. trber* tbe bloo' bas heroine poisoned, pjvdnctnc hlotnbea on the face, smell water* bUsteta. pains to tbs bead and bones, nlcc*a-*-d throat, nose, limbi end body, scrofula, tocotber vitl a-: tscdle*» number af toffs-lnex Dr. Jao>«z is reccm-nensec Dj tfie press of tbe bOBUi, , c tn.u.l}, *nd prol>t«.-rauf »a>a* Icslcolltfc’B etc Thob- affl'irte. should appjj itmns diatsly. aid be cored «h-&e bc-rrlnle lUmfmbor. r*r. Jacise'Office and Par-on are at£G liasdclpb, cetwaes State and Desybornstreet*. Ufllro C9> L from if a. m. until hp. in, con*anatlcns cccOdentluL sell qaTWffl Bigelorr, Confident!*' Physician, (Tutui-rtro. 61. Lou’s. can be c »t n\s ufticc. .-.oath Clerk streox eomer oi Mcnr e. rbicaco 111., catfa otocc fro j the Post OfUce. eu t-il Cbrunh: Uteeaao, »na Diseam ij a pctTate aLC dCilua>e Luto'C, in (» v ;u aeze*. wnlsh be treats with nntaratle tdsuocfr!? It >omi waere Laatea »ad Sri Ucmeti ca r-onsoA «be Joc;or witbtb*. etrlcttf’pnvact. 013 e boars from * a M. to IP u.: 6nae*>ys U> to 2 />. M C"tnmnrc*t'cai oonfidmtisi. Cotiuttaticcefre-. A-.drnss F O.ilox 15<- Enelcar tvr sretniw **<ije t bis •! iUe to Health. From if*'. Doctor's lour «ipers>nc-*in •jo(>pUiJa , e private prucD"« S«l-acl<*t « ►rfotm, aad»Uiaaar miM. percct cum for al» rb*oci3 "*i eeaes in their inojl tev-te mu cob.lUc -t*e ata.iM, in a ve y diort time, vitboottne atcot Ut-rccry- Vuil > an fuff rib? irom nJI ahare are mvited to OaR. A rertre; rurr * a:r*uf-«l K-maie ties atterdsn* on enh-nfr, Men»trn*tl7D or pmvoii bav.nk&L* obstrurticrx* *c m.mazr, rr»oc:a rail at cnee a-d Pc ci*rd Ees: of city rcfstcnc"? at to BbtUty and sucertu oars-poia-stt e'CTfriAe.* JsKaOjTT. OR PSY . BIOLOGICAL Rt'Sh* HCCBB. shoald be rest ?* evtryVrdy. It Ue - .?a 01. »ud *br-vr* bcw.u.e jt* mbIU ortsitiz »rorz *a*l? «im»e and onus-TT* cas rf.uiUi&Sleu U.O t* ec.hrtri- d, a >U> a su-e el Sssellmr the t-uglf-sr n.a"j erp-nnece la rut* 3- * itr th* marrla?' state, fold i>* Dr. !L A. feAtßlO W. M Bl«tdk*r V-% V r ice. 3? ceita. frr.* ev«-ry*»: ere , o b# eUc Cl « 5C.> ni*. ItHf.ndo::-'- strict,Ctlcaro.Jll : fcU-J. tIVO tIAN ♦ w.m tror.te.y»crta. Vd ir.H-’Ui .ifarm SLanbs. ■yEN’EL/JsD LAJfIM. To all hauling rams. Large retrieve t, .. hi and h'-«V.ti cliicete.Ww.ilte ronrt oj I S'laof'phta hr r«-ifoaa, rich soil wl-ich jirt-Cu et i»u'c .Jur-ii, which can now ke scat t 'lr ,twm*r or fl ty a**b tr«U, st from t?5 toiSI-pcr acr«.imvab’ewr-hlßfoar years. Good or cob n tor 'rftnn**ttont* aadotbcTd. ChurUiet, school* at < It is cow the mo t twjprorlns Place East or 'Vest, scrrrEzrs are etTTUha airft bulldipo The brectr with which the place tt laid ont la no* surpaasad. Le:>r» anewexed. I'nroragtrlcjt InQla fiTßiaWon W<II ba »*’ I free. Addrcs CSAS- K. XA.feDXS t Vintlaad Post Office, Cumberland, Bav Jersey. rxos Rkpoot or holcs itomxeos, AGweuxTumi yniTOK or tub Tsnrcwa. - '‘UUobcoi the meet ext>nrive fertile tracts, laan almtet level podtion. and •ultaole conditlsa tor pleasant fanning, that we Enow of tuts side of tbs Weßte«aprarle^• , anE22-p125 let Boots anb Shoes. 1864: -FALL TRaDE — IBO4 EAIVSOS & EAUTLETT, SO Lake Street, Chicago, lIL, blew cSer for calc OSX ok THE LABGRSTSTOCKS OF BOOTS jARTB shoes Ever broaybt to tMs market la Uses rimes cr Ufh ;?rlc»i v« bt-Brvr that TE» BSaT GGOnh sbt Tilt GHKAI'SST. and btva ou Fall fctocL wild untcat reicreace to this fact. particular attention la talle* to oar CUSTOM- IdALX DOOTa. which coK 2>ut ss jsxcslL*d. EXTKA bIZEi? A gPHCiALITY, 8P23-pta»tfU JgOOTS AND SHOES. REMOVAL. HALL, SODTHWIOK & GO, SUCCESSOES TO BEHEDICT HALL & CD., Have removed to. fttaSt 884 & 3SS Brcadwsv. rmsr doob avote waii* Bi , KKW YORK, Wo have greatly enlarged oar manamrttirlEg Aenart. *°? r cozmoijiUy on Lead a vary lawe 004 of five acwtd worx ci ooi own Iq cviie the sttu-Uoa of W*»iem merchants. We make all tnc Idtec* rtlyes ci Men*! both* Toattu* Caif bewee boou, ••almorali/conerafsGatt* wraandfencllebboet a*. w.ll u Lad-u* Children's Jaorywco. Glove Hie andL*«inf^SlS u.e v«» bea qnauqfS JSSiT" 1 JE?ijip tfijanblecs. HUiiBARD & COT SHIP CIU'VDLER!', Dealen 1m TWINES ANDCOBDAGE 205 & 207 South Water Street •ocmer of WcQs. CHICAGO. Wa have at all times larcsst and best assort meet U the wen oi a-#* ~*u awwa- OlijnLA AND TABBED B3PB. “*** price LN6 KOPK6 BAGS. BAGGIBG AF* BDELAPA CANVAB. OAKUM. TAB, PITCH, CHAnrs, AHO TACKLE BLOCKS •GOAL TAB, HOOFING PITCH AND PJELTmC COTtOH, FLAX AND E££F TWIHSA Tests, Awnlnca, TT&son Covers, Segfsetntal Colors, Eta tear is, Guidon*, Flags, Ac., to Order, a, HTwexap. j. i. rrxxxn, o. n.caxpzxrzx. Buck skin mittens and GLOVEB-—The largest stock ol l-t tbavs ■gooos in the Oniud sates. Amo—For and Eld , BOOT AND SHOE PACS, -Warranted superior to any otter it the market, and 12 Murrey street, Few Fork. »ul7*ptt 8m v ranis six doors wet of Broadway ■\TOTICE— Wm. W. Boyington, i3f Architect, bee removed his office to King's Cock, comer of Washing *on and Dearborn atmejs, *£ i and 6 first floor of offices. ■jjftan street.* sopi-qui-iw 33anfctng aha ISicjiange. Tj'IFTH NATIONAL BANE OF JD CHICAGO. Capital* ■ ■ ■ ■ $200,000. gr«. £■> Itinlle Street. U. S. DEPOSITORY & FISCAL AGENT. eoßScaiprioifß bbcbipbd fob 7*30 toa& and 1040 Gold Scor ing- Bonds. DitC PLOK BABD. JOSIAfI LOMBARD, aatS p<EB So Cartier. PreaiJeat. 'J'HS MECHANICS’ NATIONAL OtPITAS., -rttti all tte vT-jrl'irTr.j 164 I-iita-sUj Marine Bank Building, *°- s , Brrtiient. USKJAUIK V PAdS. Vic'.Prei't CARI. *. W. JOKOE. ktMn. ' s^§Ss?«s.RS«.sa?i^! and according to the ~ br 01 Congress '■ az Curr-tcy, serorec by » «hd to provide for lbs « «? therect,- approved June complied wi:b 41 rn e nrcviiiarlef i? 1 d comrllM with before cots* menttig tte burinci* of v der raid ACL Wnl?2‘ «r SUGH MoOULLDCH, Ccm&* .^ Tlrr:e 7' do be.Tbv certify that The K'" of in tt« City cf i?i l I S^?LVi.? l 5i ;oailty 01 roat Ud State, of DUnols, m tes'lmony whereof, wrtesw my < seal, f sad seal of anltfctms twenty-cicht day o* < '-7~J.-jsnc,lb44. „ HFGH McCaLLOCHf »4-ms:o*sin Comptroliar oftfce Currency. 303 Broadway. M.T. PIBSX NATIONAL BANK A. OF CHICAGO, Southwest comer Lake and Cl&rk-tts. A-..^«TV^&,\'J. ICEXaW,a - JPAI.L TRADB. KEITH, FAXON & CO., JOBBERS OF HATS, CAPS, Ladles’ and Cents’ Fnrs, Skating Caps, BachtkUi Goods, HILIINEBY AiND STS4W GOOB3. WOOL HOODS AND KNIT GOODS, Ladies’ Straw, Veit and Beaver Hats. Tfe have sow in at«n tbe LARGEST aad HOST ATTRACTIVE a lock of above Goods ever oroaehl to thlsmarkrt. and wiib tbe ad van ace of <arly pur chases lor s*en. before taa recent advance, we are prepared to offer atprtets that will defy com petition. East or tfest * Our Glove and s*ittea Departnent b«s had our special attention, and cotcptlsHi an UKSUSPASSJLD assortment oi Back. Pates and Kid. AU deairn la cur line will fl-,d it lor their inWraer to er amine our goods and prices before purchaslcr e'sewtrare. fg~ Prompt atd penonal attention given to orden. KEITH, FINOS & CO., 45 and 47 Lake-st, CMcago, _eeS q672 SStis DUANE STREET, mn t. \mm son & ca,. 3IAKXEV &. BROS., (Formerly of St. Louis and Chicago,) 31 anufi i c turc andkeep apermtu nent assortment of CLOTHING. sefrlJ>3m J^EMOVAL— SMITH Sz FRANKS, [Enccestors to Hempnead, Norton & Co.,] Wholesale Grocers, HAVE REMOVED TO 32 RIVkR STREET, Second door from Sentb Water. an3l-q7t*3w 1864« fall 1864-. CjALd!FA.I<3-3Sr. BOOTS AND SHOES At IVliolcsßle lor-Canti, 48 and i>o Wabasli Arcane. He have a Irrjrt "toct of oar own mate, and of ths br-BT Eertt-rr. u>*.t nfsctnrcp, which we a*e e"ablcd to pell, cad are tbilicg. Ism into the prreent iznrlet pnea. • FARGO & BILL. 4fi atdSO rext penta FarwrJ,Field & Co. an29-m&7*Zm-iioK<rrsAras TXEADQU 4PTERS HOHTH- J-JL EiiK DE^iRTMEN'T, . _ _ Cotramra, Acg. 27,1E5J. Gecrral Orders Lo. 53. Bonne the ensuing vlity lire arms,powder or snmotiitlnnoi eny tied will b* received, trans peried or oeftytm-i bi any daiiro‘»d,Erti'es*‘.oi outer Forward me company, wvidn the statM within the immaol tins Dr*pm»tn'nt. viz; Ohio, in dtara, Itlir ols and Michigan wttboct a permit imm tbsee Ilfadqoßr.fTe, irom General A.P. H»»Te». In dlatapoU/.ltalaxa. GererilH. C. Pa'-in arrlngnclrt. It Incis, cr Lientenvnt Colonel B. IL H 11, Detroit Michigan, tißlrt* tbipp'd by or n«*lire»ed T3 anas, tbcrlzed olbcer ot the CnUed fetal** Government. Heaters Intbese aniciw,«rothrre barm; in theirpoffcCMtnn, will in no era; he permitted to sail or ceiiTartbem during that Gm* It is the doty of nil Military Commanders and all Provost Manbhl* and‘brlr at-sMams to •?*tbat tbta Oiderltenforced.and to aeire nit ru-b as may be cianoertinely lold.shpped or ceilvered, la evasion of It. Bncb property will at once be report* ed to these Ha<«douart rs for tbe dtcim-nof tbs mander as to its oupotitlon. - Forwarding, selling or delivering sneb articles da ring Hits time. If now In transitu, excepting that they may be forwarded to traced of *nch Byroads cs now have them in possession, for safe beeping, will be considered an eva-ion cl this Order. The laute ot sneb forwarding will be rt;-urlrd to these Bead* quarters. By command of Major General UniwrxrLMair. Official: R H. Latueop, Lt. CoL and A. in. Gen. Scp6qt63 2w gVEREIT HOUSE, UNION SQUARE, If. F, Tte nnderricned bee to inform their triezdssod the public that, after the 2itb or Aazcsti the chore home will be condnaed cn me EDBOPEAR PLAN, M-.als being rerredc larartf- Tlie boms has been trcrorthly renovated, and we are now prepared to leter*rtianjtarrtbc Winder. The location, the felzr tad comfort of thsroomacf ttk belt! are msnrpafppd. C. IL KEIiKEB & W. 3. BORROWS. September B.ISCL scT^a-Was EOTAL PRUSSIAN COiT. SULATB. d.7 Claris Street. IL CLAUAfiEKIUS. Conn!. Letterßox 4S*g t Chicago, BL aeS-q«S2 21-Js__ prkston <sT co. O CI»MMIS?*IGN PaEKCHANTs»j Vo. MLaralla sireet, Uetropoiltse Blccr, catcago. A. Sphuak-cx, i fH. A. Hovvtc* & Co. J.V. l*MBVO!r t A I *>;0. 10 b J.mvai'y. t •{ So. Commercial street H. A-Hotsvan. \ fix. Louis. J.B.PnseTcy. J 1. ae'J q283-lta jgCOKOiIY_IS WEALTH.- -1 FBANKLnt.tberrcstes: cf modern Phiioionbers, remark*tbsl.*'a pwitjysayu a pumy ta-n*>d. ateac cf dtsToylhg yonr waste r»u, nr->cHrv« it. anareeflveltseqiUvalentln, ahicnwe wiiln&V for t»Jd DFWSpahen ot every fletennuoa wnoi. to-n; o’.« T«r>plil.ti r( Ell Jr.nft.old cliSl Jf.tans. bulß, tickets, cards, catalogues, and old scran nae«i In all It* varieties, m large or smalt: aiVo old wruing paper, anc tcbocl books. oldbiankboa?S! ledgars. et<L. of any rise, it matters sot bow mcS theiffiaybewrjctctcnortnntnutftd. * " 7 JOHN K. PETTIBOitE. US S«odolph ntreet. A TLAHTIO & GRBAY TOSST. EEE EAILWAT Buxxbb nroert Brpren grains between CLEVBLASD AKD BtfW VOKIL Takes effect May w, IKX NEW XOBK THKOCGB X.INS. Mere Cleveland as WB*.a* end SjQ r. h.l ajrtro Leavltwbnrch 1130 a. x. •• ifea p. x. * Mwenneat. lr«». k. *• WO a.*. “ Corry at &3I t. x. “ 2£Sa.x. * ~, felS r. IT- *• t>*4a.K, *• Hew York at IMS a- x. •» fcttp.x, K3STUBNINS. heava Hew York aL. SrOCPA-X. " fcttfp. K, drrtve Cleveland at. 8.-90A-*. . . 6-JO t. x, *»ni»4ays excepted. tSaturdays ctce?*c<~ B.F.,WMrfU ta a^jjPV l 60CDMAJI. general Tlctet Aa^Cjeggtd. W'CHT ®CAVeWCCS?, ?Vc' tz wIU mead to tte cleaning el 'T'HOJLIS FOSTER, vhclesala -L and retail dealer In Oresa Bar <?t otAtr ami Barlxaw Lumber, Sh.r-eic* mT« S&.® iffisSu Docn and Blurt, rocranc Wltdr.w Grcve street foot or EeTf&tFfathttpre*.cuSSmlfi! h.B.—Baylnc raliroad tract la tbt> fcrfbiprinc nnsurpaued, Pctlota^doi>atr U6e auis-p2o*ixn T>RASS STENCIL ALPHABETS. X>„ m. j. mKrvM.v acco, „ SO. 101 Dl-ION BTI4EST. BOSTOS. HAfB. Tbe only maouiactcren in the uni ted Butea.or Brew Alphabets and flcsret, to any great extent or m tn? ▼arlety. gold at whrlestle at lb« Lo*t*t Ci*4 Phicxb, Also, the BBBT OF INDBUBLB bTCacn iJ*E, ya»r oruup. BtencC Dies and ah Had* ©l IMnM “ 01 gAW KILL AND FINE LAND E’er Salej Ctld rein property i« situated oa White Lake. Mnesrpon County, Michigan, contains 5.599 acres po orme a portion catot«—Mill entirely letmllt last witter; is enttme tweaty-flrt thousand tn tvclTL hoais«p* lort* tbonaaad la hears, X c H“ lte Wi. ttkft * ,ts t*ithtaadthe a tidiest mill In the bcuia. The ccnanoed til health cl the man* a sire tanner la die reasoa ire offer it for sals Favornble terms arc offered Address —m ,jh LCSCOMBB A PZBBCB. a«2S p!22 Im. Milwaukee, WW BANK OF CHICAGO, .8250,000. iHlswflancous. Umbrellas, Aad all the new styles of NEW YORK. Eaccewore to €l)tcago tribune. ILNQDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 186t LIST OF LETTERS P^OffS^rM EMAC ? :?Q UNCLAIMED la the LTS ffw°‘mbi“ t M. Eut ' er Dllmu.on twain thcM letter., the nppllcent ?f C i , ii«i°L urißTlin ’ lette as/give toe date C Vi^-T/- t L ? d 9“« cent for advertising. If pot called for wltht* onb iioam. they wiQ be emi to tb e Dead Letter Office. Dot until they bare re m., office one we#k. 1. DIRECT letters plaluy to the street undnum* b E r « lhe P° st office and State - 2- HEAD letters with tbe writer’s Post Otfich “srJsteket and suntjeb, sisn teem plainly with fuilrsnie, aid request tbe arnwen to he direct e< accerdtony. ** S. Letters ?o strangers or t ran*! eat visitors la a I . OWI Ji ) r C, ‘J» whose aperasl address maybe unknown, *h'»nldte marked. in the lower left-hand corner, with the a erd •* Transient/ “ 4 - Place the postage ersypon the cpp*b right hand corner, ana LEA m space between the stamp anddiivctlonforpost-hacking withoutlnterfering with the writing. , ** N. 8.-A for the RETURN of a letter *° the writer, if imelolmed within Si days or less, written or printed with toe writer’s wane, post op* fics, and State, across the band end of theea* vi lone, on the jace ild*, will bo complied with at the ceuaipri’patl rate of postage, payable woen the let ter Is delivered to.the writer.—sec. its. Law of ISO." IAJDEE9 LIST. Acrtln B F mrs Allenocd E miss AianstSD-aniars Alcxanserlraneiars * AatiD h Maiy mrs AppDtan Ethu ilmus Al erlj Thane mrs Arbor tv S mrs AcavaKa mrs jtribor L H mrs AhrotL CNmn.iA tt>*i Atwed J 'V rare Allen Ksry mies Anderson Carrie miss • B f Bobesn Carrie miss Bennett Juba S miss Black Hclei mist Bennett Helen mtts BMciALieCialss Br Kfnrd Ecsanca mis Bart leu Ann J mha Bias a G A £1 mrs Bleakinat. 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Mary miss Cc-rttr Sarab M mn Cary mra Corcoran Jane mn i »nrll Amur B mica t’osneil Ann mn Carver L mrs Cotter H J mrs Cam U Kate M mra Corncan Margaret C srroll Citlicitre mn Ccrcoil Olivia M miss 8 4 anon Mary xnUs Crawford Agnes Car cioa Mary miss Crawl'ird Cvnth* m-e. Carry BMc; ct ralts Crane J A tnlos Ctftt ryE'len rare Croty Mary miss Case May rales Crosby Parun mn Cjifc IIG ran * . Crow □ Jerpmiahmn Cavana;b Kate dies Crow’.ey Maria miss 2 Cavanat’h El;a min Cronin M«ry G Chamberlain Chas mn Crcckcr Jane Fmn Chamberlain C A mrs Cunmozbam Mattie E mn Cba< mas L B mrs Cy Her Phebo CbrsplnLcKaaEinlssa Curtis Olara A mrs Chase Cymca rah* 2 ■ Crons right Ahby mn Ci-urchMMmn ClarkJsieGmrs Chrietopher Margaret 2 BcrincKateiElK Ihckey Geo W mrs Doßbstaarymiai Decgett fcmma 6 mrs Dixcn Virtlua mrs Bagman Louisa mrs l)nnbp Molllp ilUs l>o«ney Lizzie miss B&vid VaTRt Deny <iann«b miss' Is uc May mrs Doccnae J O mrs Dslazey K mr» Don on c E mrs Dstool Mary L nr* Downs Magctemlsa f>&« sonAithurnrs DtrrowuJ nrs tawee n Ain xers 3 - Downine Nellie m mils Dkuti Clara mis Darner Ellzsbctn Device E&te miss Dana Joans mrt Dt-ilembaujn Bellamy Dana Jnao mrs Dcvtm 8 a miss Dostcr Susan si mrs Do«ty Karctnra Dasne hvellcemrs Deane Far nte mrs Doain Jecmo mrs Deemsno bierymlss Darkiailaryais Dixcn Enus DaccaaJmra £ EH* El'ra mrs Elliott Ltbble miss EalnrbmUy Klltau Eleanor mlai E<Jry D A mrs Etilorwocd ATdeila wi«« Eoaerda NKtzn Elite'Uarlon miss Ec waifl# Wary Jane miss Klus Chae mrs Edwards Jane C mrs Ely Calvin mrs Edvards Hattie min EryJ-sle A miss Esas Jennie B miss Every Margie mrs Emeu Mar* mrs Eiaon Ann Maria mim F Flanaery Elizabeth Fowl Mary mrs Fubren Catncrlcemlsi FonoßierLevl Amrs Faille h Emms Foxc Star? Ctora FarvoAßmrs TovlerKmnjsA ray Rcss Fomxe Eats Fan. tun Lncy A Forster Mil visa FayAme la Foster Sarah E Fcl.-h Emelins Freeman Charlotte Ftt-n Ann Freeman Harriet E Fulci Kate Frartlln Alice Fuhtr D L FranklinCatberlno ton Hir-eny liebecca Franz U Flam ert>n Francis Brs Frey Mary Etta Flint Eliza mrs Frttcbell M rare 3 Fiandcxe £ W mrs Fitzpatrick Kitty J min? G Cr&ucn Ulsnle D Gormloy Catherine Urvftt Hantubnirs Goaia ilinletß mrs tiuth’le Emily Goslin Mary Ann mrs Get P.ihn Gray Geo M n»rs Gcrbarty Eliza Grindtey Sarah mrs G«er Ore iub orarty >elly Gifiioutse Gr«nrr£Uza Gfionii: Lcncetls Asra Gre« Llby G i an tiraastt Cary mrs GIbKD Bew Grander mra G:»s* il*rr Ara GrnsnissOK mrs Goodtirii .1 G mis Greene Walter mis C*oo;iwln Salue Green Anna A mrs Oi*ch>n esii& Gun'.cr ChrteiLiamrs Goddard 1 iz/le F Crt»l Elft Ctot man Frank Batch Canle P mill Hill J B mrj Balem I tea mrs Hill Jail* A mk* L'bicoi Albert A mrs Hi llbrtgd F L mra Hud-ng :;er>eccaDmlf»s Boaslvi John C mrs if« a ut hsily miss Dcar.arMargi m« Ann aibs Hogan John m»i Hsj*rty Mary isr* Hogan John era ,B»l!«r I vm-iice mrs Zloaooa E nm Hr ".arc Belie C Holf>ro:k Japs Smn Hal-JihnCmrs Hottsiander H -nry mra Ball Al*< o mrt HrlmiJar Tttodocla mrs Hsminti sttb Jo'la Holst .c "Wm mrs lUnjlnLoui amre Halt PM mrs Hta.a.eJ tifci c inira Hoover Eil'ibeth mlaj Hammond h Granvillemiellounon A B mrs lui.ccs Abblr &n.n Horton Helen mrs B«»pod Kate Bid re Hough mrs liftitiy Johanna Horgtou Mery J mra IU iaf-n rjmuiv ml«a Hover J B mm Bun-iKcMiry.'ncenirs Hotittcn-3am G mrs Baity Lizzie mlts Uowey Alice mra litre Lucy M nus kowcJaa Liars Hsrcag c&nieZLlss Howard Delia mlas Pa rUpim 1 bos mis Howars Larina mrs Han Ulc Lmj mirs Howell Laur» miss Bar; a mi* Hughs Mary Am mils Ha*; f luxe ft E miss Hugh* Uicb»cl cn fiat cbun Fanny mre Kcbh-ird Jullemtu Hanley R mrs Ha&be Enza miss Jiistitv Frank tales ileboaro Mary Amiss Hayes J Pmrs Hmnpbitw ST mrs j?ny»p llßtirnh E mlrs Hall Josephine miss Ho»«oKmi*» Hurley Teimismrs Bar-leaunc er Mary E 3ZTB Bost«u Sam’. 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EztXUH jJfiTezeanx John Du an Jimcs Dwlstu Edward C 2 DenslowJHl Doolittle Oeo 3 Deuel O D&tiiJß DowltceThoa Davis BW DsVar James Douglass ThosW Dio cieon A J Darling Jeroms Donovan Thos Dickey A M hon Decker Isaac Doswy Ihomai DeLanoOlt Dickson James DowGccrgeJ Dickey EUn Daw Isaac F Drake Deary DarliCß Dewel Jon’rhanll Dwyer Henry DausonChasE Dtlaaey Jobnsl DrcgllaUG DalcoG ItSaintJoha Duffy Hofh Day ft co Chas H. Derevaugb John Doaoe Ira Davis Fattlck Derslin John P Dutch er Jas Dale D M DeWitt John Dowiine Jame* Dolton Daniel n Derry Wm 11 Dowiine J J Dean Edward Dice William Dorcon John Daniels Eteas Delleatb Wn Dorse John M dr Dement EC Darla Wm a Donevan J Dewey EverettA Dapauract HI- Dlckltam Joi - Durant EG chael DcraaJohuL Decym Rich Downs John Donovan Wm Destcn Richard Dnpuv n Dooley li ft Dickson SF DuaUs&CO WJ Devent R C Dutton brhs DoolingWmH Deafcea&rdFrankDocahoePat DaooJisenh Dlckecn Silas Duncan Charlie Duunlagwc Itaviscn Sami A DoaaollcnPW DuenoaWJ Dewey Thca Dorr Corneltni' Dunning Wm S H Diertb George Dosougbua l>«nl Douglass Melt DemmerGeorge DajlifccoßS Dogaelbs Davis Geo W PonEF J)< yle Michael 3 HeapßF_ DcreEiwdFS Borgia Myron Denmead Henry FKEleetonTSctnt Edvards B Easton 3 8 EcmoDconPen’cuHcbltn Kooert Eaton J Wjr Elder** BamcsJKytntßP E void John EmiybA EIyEA Ely Joel Emery AS Elswonh 8 Eaty w K EltettßenjF Earnest Geo Ellsworth WmL Elilek ft Dendca RaleiTT col capt B»kalCotrad Esmonds Geo EatonWmWS Eaten Charles Elben Henry English William Busies CL . Earley FranfcD Ktishargh Dr E» right Dennis Elliott Jaiaes Egan Lawrence Edvards.Daniel Exert JP E*mes Lister BUhjDB FltzGibbon Jas FllOni dr ML ft FUssa B D 3 rev bro Flaherty Elsy FarrßEdFalrchlldFJlmcre Millard Furco’s Rivard Fahntfctock AK horn Foreyto it berter Fagan Michael FolUr Edward TlshAJbertS Forrester PeterCSFowler 8 T Farrar Andrew Forbes Dand H* Fuller S H Fere is and An* FcotsGccrgeC FHzkv Ftedertch thony Fcistilh Perkins Foard. Itlcbard Fannie* P _ W FHler Fredtrtck FlllmcreC Levis Frank James .* Forraa George FcbrChsrlca FoUtrWH UentSPUss George A Ftaterald Patk Fretcb, Richards Frans Gabriel H Fenton Darld ' co Foote Gao Fur Fitzcetald D rcii &.ift ed E Brots Tao ai »s E Fitch D FureyNF FpsUrThf*m»* FlooiTMiM 6P Foiwan Alford Flaniiaa Henry Fitch Giles Fie« Alexaseer Fretih Irwin •IllerGecise Freoerich Adam Fotter JA kttzTbom*s FltttAram.. FreemanJataes FcrbfsGtmol Fv*»lerA Wells F-'xJatneaß FeiteiikemplleQ-Kjii»Ti3 ft FobomJona rr , FreemauiDown FremoatJaoChon ParrUF er Fleece l«h*A Ftleh Herbert Ek Fcrbes All Flack William Fo Ua J W Fo.tftr ; hasß dr Jdsn WUiiaa col Flflele JLlr Fralroer Patrick Flayer Woat- FatrtJU Fosa Chafe* worth Fssyoo Joseph drFnsi*B PoiUtp Form: ffa K FaUtnJohn F»x Peter Forrlstal William H‘•her John F;jnnPatrlcS_ Follett M D FlUsJcertihß Fortw»D*Tl4H Flynn C»pt Farcer Wot FoitDsoG Fi»»e M U Fi»ch w & . • fowler Rooert Futhla Lyman Fei-hen Martin Fame** E J Fry M( moe FaUcerL Fr»k*r Fed TongisH-nrr Farley Mlnard H Edwd Flrgaroa Jai ctpt Gibbons Acatla GUP res Jobs . Gordan Ribt C Gault Andrew Gallup Jwhn J Garner Kane a Giles A W Kallo-ay ffwD Gray Francis Gaira Averr Ge«va n Wm Gilmore T L Gilbert vtiUon A Galbraith 17mA Gmoj Prank co Garltruir O'VirwlnFS Garnet- Andrew Guroy »l'bael G>ggui Tbot Gilmer,, Adlno- G> lear.le Mar*b&&G9a<a>icllGso . ram GllMam Mtrdn . Grey Geo GLftllPierce Oalooay Mlchl GcdffeyG*oA 1 G»liop*yras Gra‘tau SII Hfaen Grant 6Uou CorDtwios Grocery G-avH Gezotn’t Paul GrUrJnoA . Gould HN GilrertCba* Grout A E Groertch ItO G.iluckCH Gage a L GecaryHVT Garrafcea D*nl J Grander AflamsFGrajr II C German Daid Guinea &co OrayJasC Groins UibcC Graves AO Genii Jasob Galloway Ek G<ear A Grldley Guib'ie JasbonS GlccniLichd T Gresu A*7 Ure*aJoba G1 belt Seal II Grant AG G/lffla J u Gaire't Thos Goodrldre A O Glover Jm w UerlQeoE Gancy Patrick GuafiorfJoha GrnnesGeo Gutman Barnet GiughJohu ' G»*e Geo a Aoo ■ Qrlmiaon Join Gilts Henry G'-ahamAStaoleyOrsut Jt bn C- Gt'-tcn fl-.try Gubcrt Aco Greene Wm C Gilbert U 8 Grainier A J Griswold Waite Gilbert Hiram Gr-ut BenjCdl Gx)4lDf 17m Galloway Jas Greyc W Qanlgau Wm D GLUM Gray Pitt Gray Wm 17 GarviuJ u:aves Pcllo IT Guthrie LP (ieyerJsdob OecdvlaCsai Qr'tvecor Lxm* OiMcnJM Grlfflo ? aelOS GatlaßferJacobJG-asrerDß Greens MJ Ganrenn Jas GraimauDsnlG Gro**mr Gill BtilTßf G GrawDD Graff La'ayeHe GcrsebiTJohn Gustne U P Grove Martin GafftcjJoha Goodrich EdsonSGowaa mr Gmd John Goodrichßugeno U Harder Bll2rcthH*mmlakwarACSeTrlco H R luaon Kelson Hahleroeck H Hart Henry T Bayner Amaaiah Qaweit H B IlaitHokb Haley a ifakln HsilHS Hasson Henry Haoucu Arm- 11*1.* J T HatL.wJrhnP strong Hamnnl Jseksou Harris* & IchtbedHec. 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Bdr KeoyJno* Rose Georgs N Ramom J» B Riler James Roosan Themaa Rlchmord C RichnrdsJoiephJ RoachThomaa Reid & Nfehlta B»cherd Joriab C Boas Thomas C Bice KL rev a rjcieyjno R Robinson Geo II RiLbarcEooAnrocKiMdle Joseph Roberta Soble RichmondChußßider Joseph Ryan Thomas • BinnPbtlip Bora Jno Boas Thomas BawsonCJ Half Wl:U*m Roach Henry J BeynoldeCbaihsKlcbnon w B Redhouao Henry Reed Cyrus B»cdWnH BodteraJßcapt BeiuoUs PbUUpßeevy Wm W Robinson James* dr. Rosdale Wlf Robertson j(j Richards C F Richard* LuthM BuMIUJ K6 JUppordDS Randall dr RomJli Nswtoa J KaibEE Richmond DW Elder UW Eot Jamo# E Bred D s Ktily L liyau I**ac 11 KchardfßS Bee* A Spoor Bownn James EJchajcsFdwd BladauMP BowtonJao BoUIOS BA M« M G It'icnrs J.-tteph Paymos* , EC EowUn Anthony Bunell Joseph IQgbj Kdwln ? Botch a Birt* Frank Head Bichard L harea Rackle John G Barney Bobert Buxton W a Boa^eWHiam Bs»eFia:cta Will KljlayFratk v KoSeLB BeeoFL BhynnaJoba Rose Lester Richardson TbosßyoulPorlsy.w Ro<ewMarttn E I Mrn-wk RusMlJotm Richards GS BownPeer Backwetl JohnD BlLyGocrae Bonnutic HouAJ BipltyTH Boss David Rod'otr Rancolob Tbcs P Ryan Danl Bran M RsekliffHenry ARobsrtson D Albshll wililua Kacoia Ruelß*ward Rlpscn J P t, Burt 3eor« Bn! bon _ Rj»lasd Ejem EP.agcworthliritl Rlliy James H Rsnsb Solomon meLirut W A Settssoe Jobs Sward Caarles SuttonJamaa Peter bia/UngCcarjsi SulhvaaSaseaS Baff.itdHeniyD bwsaAloer* B oifferfU Sb itb Avery Stluweu albert Vstoao a if Bi&tfirA St'l-se Aaihcny Stoeklno rw Sell A YD StruiUQ»,oD3 FeburyßF fltaolxAretui Smltn barter BcxU'O BruceAcoStcse Ashley II 81 »la A B BL»w Thorn A toSUr Cxina Sprinzar Ka:han Eaaford GlntonDSievtus Alrah B C SharerAßtcnv StfinlAibenH Bw>bAM Balter Brsdly D fcUleht Nathailil Smite Bsirnoe Bcbenck ALea C 81oasAli«n Beck AB Steveoio&NathanSaecert Alex Sbltley Peter SxLs&AUna SlmoadAß £6e» Daniel S; Clair* P Smith K s gheaPstnrk Squires limit SR.>eum Be:j D Ehtrrasn David BStell WUlists Bmltti PaiUlS Fsndge Robert SulilvsQTboi Smith Parry Sheacnac sber Btoo-esES BoySerP hcott Robert Slscliir Alfixac-Souses CM PaneburTEO cer So*te db«r!«s A Sage Robert F EplllmuiTJ Snitali H Beoamut eveß Soore Mathew Sa*.UiE 6*y»erß Siguionaaoi • SsrlozenESl •»FlavloJrSS-i.Us&occnd SicscebE BicverßJ Smith A Hoag SiattrSamuel bsmu-lfOaS SioxitST .Bpald-ln Steward Bbaaio; Fraccls StenleyJ Bomb S N * B&niiconTb.mai Smith Avery 3 Smith P H baivenGlV fihaw Joseph SmituSS BftlLsGH BavaaeJoboT S'ttbGaoß SaUsLory Harry BcheleeJobn Smith CnoaJ Bawyer U J Balten Joha T smith Thomas bt-eiyetlE B«vageJotinW Smith Gaorse Srofia’d Henry Samuels Joan Sou hwa-ih Geo BsdcsH Bt,Bcklofyrtl.lnc.S3ml«hQeiree A Shsma Joseph Eeaser Joseph gpoff raGeuW Bhsfler Gl b-rt Pavsye Wm BimokmOeoree SunretlJEß Bhenroi.MVA Smiiu Uo«*y s SanfaidJF bta-’WBC SmUbJFS ficbick The s Chars w J Blame James BcovlllJames 17 Sana'ojdWS HimtU.T ShaLcoa James & ofleM VTC ravSsuach Mi tou BLlvelj J w Sellsti William Spoccer James Betro .lamei Bhtrweed Shipp Jm. w S&tepel moses rev Siiuule* J R Kampsou L D Solomm Julius Eccter Geo JH Bbauacn Michael Smith J*s nent Soott Jos Lam* Bu*v Michael Stnlin Je<*!e bert • Bavaseuß Sla»tery JamssP SievensTC fihortMLi fl’nith/ames Stalker li J B*&rord 17 Ssiactr BttvecsonSamaelShaw John siax John. 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Recordm® Secretary of wima Lodee Good Ten* Ittrs.... Mechanics bOTingßank .Az-ot Braat’LUe l rcptUer»....Kurth’*Cß't>rn Natiocal Bant.,..Libor-' Ire ven’s Union.... WcrffslU M C Ci..., ClncasoDi-t Co....American Ink o<v... *o the (I >ne bhecMa>■atactaier w esr» foiPnoxocriphic Q.i le*y... Cor sec 8C A C Utit'n....Lal!ei Repository Onlce.. I‘b«»ir<Bn]qchoreaOpThalorc (lossitai.... P/oprletorof the Maenetic Tack Rtmah LodeeHo?3J O »B....Tescbcr....Frank....Chicago »apk... PrcfbjUTikn Bepcrter Francis* Act Tonic's sowing Mschme .Mercantile Asancy ~ CMcago Gisßi Work*....Cong Herald...,lTojldant Photo Society. . t3T Office open frem lit of April to Ist of Novem ber from 7a. m. tin Bp. m. From November Ist till April Ist, from 8 ". m.tldßp.n, and on Sundays from S a. 10:.5 a, m- J.L BCIHPP3, P.M. OUR PARIS LETTER. [From Oar Special Correspondent.] Paris, Tuesday, Acg. 10, 1554. The noise of yesterday’s fete Is still ram bling and roaring in one’s ears, and the blaze and sparkle of the fireworks and midnigh illuminations is still flashing and dancing In one’s eyes I Heavens! wliat a pleasure-lov ing and spectacle-hunting .population is this of Paris and of la belle France , and how well the spirit which now rules amongst them knows how to cater to their wante, and feed their appetites with the food which best soothes them into good humor and tranquil! ty I One would have thought, to witness the aspect of Pails yesterday aad.tho previous evening, that oil Prance had poured itself Milan the walls oi the .Capital; and of a surlctj it may he asserted that very few out of the eighty-nine departments which now compose the second Empire were with out numerous representatives at • the celebration- of the Fete Napoleon and the Assumption of the ■ Virgin at Paris In the year of grace 1864. On the night oftheMth and the morning of the loch the railroads ceaselessly poured in their thousands and tens of thousands, attracted from afar by the unusual brilliancy of the official pro gramme of the celebration. Pleasure trains at the lowest farce were organized not only from the Provinces, but. from abroad—from England, from Belgium, Holland and. Ger many, even from Spain, for the presence of the Queen’s husband found an inducement on pretest for many to make their summer trip in the direction of Paris, even across the distent Provinces.- Hotels and lodgings were crowded to suffocation, and bctrlUf should those far-sighted and provident trav ellers congratulate themselves on their arri val in the overflowing city, who had secured beforehand a dinner and a place to rest. And, now, what should all this vast multi tude come to Paris to see and to do? I must endeavor to give your readers some faint description of the scenes which await th“mj as fir us mere words may suffice to convey any definite idea of such proceedings. To begin, then, at the beginning. The old time-honored cannon of the Invalldes to ire d .oat the signal that the fete had commenced &t sis o’clock in the morning. To tha boom lug of gnus succeeded the clang of bells from every church tower and steeple la Pa ris, from the grand bourdon of Notre Dame, with Its sculptured top, to the tinkling of the tiniest parish belfry. At. mid-day -high masses and TeDeums and Salviimfad Lnpera • tcrems were resounding in every church and chapel, attended by hundreds, not exactly worshippers, hat of hearers and lookers-on, who attended these ceremonies off they de voutly purposed to do every other amuse ment and ceremony of the day. And soon the religions part of the business is over, and off the imposing masses of population start for the next scene of excitement, the thea tors, all opened gratis to allcomers, in honor of the ** day* of the people.” But alas!— “first come, first served”—is there the in flexible rule, and around the doors of the Adeon,ithe Theater Fran cals, the Forte St. Martin, there has stood since tlirht, aye, since slxlutbe morning, a large, patient, and expectant audience, waiting to make sure of places at a performance announced for one in the afternoon I. There is no contending against such perseverance as this; and so those who have been to mass must he con tent to give up the theater. But there is no occasion to despair or complain; a paternal government b&s made ample provisions for the wants ol all. Heigh for the Champs Elysc&s ard the place de la Concorde! There stand eights to make amends for the loss of any others. Mexico forever! Vivalag’oirel and a flg for the Emperor! Around the ob elisk has been erected a fairy-ilkc represent ation of the Palace of Montezuma, with Its likht arcades and half barbaric character. The stylo, even by daylight, looks rich and graceful. But what will it be at night, when brilliantly illuminated with gaa, asd the light thrown from each fretted aperture and decorated pinnacle? All along the grand hTcnne ot the CHainps £ly»eca oaaaers and streamers fan the air from gigantic poles, while a conUna6na succession of lines of deccration and intended Hijht promise these wonders also tor the approach of darkness. The crowd is eo proclgiona around the two est*mporlzed wooden theaters in front of thelnvalidee, where real French soldiers act over again their deeds of ralor, that all pos sibility of approach is giyen up as hope lees. Everj where, indeed, the crowd rolls itself along in human billows, bat always good humored Jy and peaceably. A French crowd may be cited as a pattern of good be havior to That of anj country. Yesterday the excitement of the morning may be said to bare been at its height when the Empe ror, Empress sad Prince Imperial, with their suites, drove through the excited and amused masses ot their admiring subjects. As to the scene at night, I moat he fain to leave it in great part to the imagination. The Mexican Palace came out mall its glory, the centre of one of the grandest displays of fireworks tver witnessed. Auo&er exhibi tion of- the same nature, and hardly inferior In beauty and attraction, took place on the Champs de Mara, and represented Cochin China, another scene of French military tri umphs and distant conquest. And eogruda ftlly theiiifiht wore away in splendor, until at last the lumps began to bnmdim and tbs stars and moon to look bright again; and the Parisians stole wearily, but still unwill-. ir gly, to bed, to wake with the conscious ness that their fete was over, acd their city once more resigned to heat, dullness, soli tude and stagnation, until October shall re new again its wonted movement and anima tion. sGbucatlonai. JpLk'tyiLD. ffißS. If. P. -WILUS is prepaid to receive a few additional pupils be tween hesgtsoriana b r educated with her daushters a* Idlewlld. The icboolysar will be*m SeptemDorisih. Aduress WooJna.Oraora Co..N. f. augioigo to-ETSMi * ’ IS STATUTE i?UH kOUKG JL.A DIAA. North Bide. MRS. GTTACKRSBOS If forming a school on the North Side lor young la dles, with ihe usual departments, Prlraary. Iniermo 'Atats aut Collegiate, m which aU the brahehss of Scgiuh pcucailon are tboroughly tauebt. with tha Laos safes,Mua!c and Drawing. For terms and elf. •alar apply to 306 Cliicugo Avenue, Near Rush street. ia q33L2wls A CADEMY, LASS 5 OiCEST, ■CK ILLINOIS. 16 mileo norki of Chicago, on the C The Fall term and 6tk sear ot this Academy will com msneson’ Timrsday, Sept. Btb. pxnroirzL—JAitßc spaldino, h. a. AsdISTAXT—T. 8 BOND, B. A. .CircHQXselvlnjtlnllpijticnißrs wßlheGenSCnap plication to R. Tv. osymond.Prejldent: Bor- B. W Pftitcrtbß, D. D , V7m llroiiß. Hen- H. M. Tiompaoa Committee of Instruction; or Peter Psge, Scereurr Board of Trustees. Chlcsco. *nll-0T3123t JHcufelnat, jQR. LTJDLUM'S SPECIFIC. This is the £?eat and corerelsa Seme* dy (coir?posed of EXTRACTS from In dian Roots and Herb;,) for ail diseases of the Urinary and Sexual Orsaaa, such as Incontinence of the Urine, Inflam mation of the Diadder, Inflammation of UieKlduoyo, Stone in the Slad&or, Stricture, Gravel, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and is nnrivilied by anything yet dl» covered for carlhc the Whites In wo men : When used according to directions this Bemtdy has neither tute nor axel 1 , and its use eaniot be ds< tected by any one. This remedy la perfect and re* quires te isjcctlcns, which ere ealinlated to destroy and deaden the dl-eaaed organs hutreaoveithepoi bob from tie system,-creating buoyancy andhaaltk. It is no quack Medicine, hot Is the embodied ex* pexience ot the Physician'moat inecuitni In earing all \of this doss. \e despair at tbi* remedy effect! tb« cost attenlihltfr core*, when all others filL Pries cllj ii.C-j per tor, or 5 boxes for 95 CP. Beat by mall to any addrearfm receipt cf ihe price. For uleby allDroggiiU, See that my signature Is uoand each b&i. W. F. DAVmSON, Sols Proprietor, Cincinnati. ItUEMIAMS&VA3T SCIIAACK Wholesale rmgjftta, 18 Lake street, Chicago. mu* l&orlaed agenie, ansi»qTMmwy*X'!a Dr. Strickland’s PH a Remedy nas cored thousands of the worst cates cf Blind and Bleeding Plies- It fixes immediate relief nod ejects a permanent euro. Try It directly. It Is warranted to care. For sale by all druggists. General Depot, G East Fourth street, Clnemhatl. O, H. SCOVILLS. Wholiv sale Agent, Chicago, angSJ-pSIMMi 2io Contractors. A BSISTaNT Q U&.R iJSKMAS TEH’S OFFICE, Bocz Island, 111., Sept. stb, ti a!ed Proposals la duplicate are Invited and win be receive* py the nndersitneo athlfi office fa Been liUcd. 111, until rnercay, 12 M , 15« a day of Septan btr, IW4. tor m.-nithine oncer contr-cs: _Caat Iren Pipes for Water Work* at Island B&nacki, llltLOie. of the XoLcwlt* Isikth. bora. tCIC u C«»BOI f.R»tIT*J,TIS: ixcoleetsinch oura casting?. incbMthick. tCOI “ 4 •* M M «“ •• 163 •• 6 •• •• •• J •• •• 159 •• n *♦ •• *• £ *• *• To be east m Ivnsths of a feet eacn. -with male and fe- K.ieJclr.t*,to be of thebe;; quality «.t cmuds ami v»iert;u’ht,«abjcct to cart-ful laspec-Joa. To b*- dcUverec wtaln thjiy a*ys irom the data of contract, oni«# otxcrwlro order; a tithe Quarter, ranter Oetcnl. cr filternroptr av-horty,*t ’lock Island, It Ircu, freaol—blaokconupcr pontd tor the entlrequantliy required. £ucc*e*ftu b uden wx.l be prepared to enter Into wt!ttan contrict. vr:th good and eninclsnticcarliT. !ajmeclai«lj oclheac sptarcao: their Pitts. • Eaco bid aiic b‘ lathe toxin, the sobfcoberr, hereby to furnish and de liver tot.oUnbctt States a: the Qtuneromtei’eLe pat. at Bock Island, mine's. agreeably to the term* oi your advertisement isvl In* prop Bilsfor A:mv SnpsUrt. rated Septemberstb,i9S4. the ©Howto* a/- tide*. viz:— ; and B Ie Cpe-~-—• vritleacoobactti tb ■ a Utntid etstrs, with good »n* apo'ov#d*ec r irl» Dci.wjttieib* spaeacf rjyo day*»ft,rbtinz toaflad that the bid h»* been accented J * _ *ORH Of GUARANTY. Tve, thenndenjsßed, re Idea act————.latte of . Piste of- . hereby tclarlj and aertraby covenant wl-h the U. I’ed States, and gnarantee meu- the fcregoiiebld of —be «* csptrd that be or the* will within dan afu? theaccestaacsot UQeaidhio.executelhe contract far the same with goud ant aaiQeifat iure a •on equal to ore-mird of the anioaet oi tliw con tract, to pelfortu the y»crk or tora'sh toe art els* nro» poied fn oonlomitr to the term of edvertliomeat dateo the —I»M, nsder which the bid ww made. And la (mo laid ahall fan to enter Into a contract as »>oresald, we ([aarssty to make good tha riSonace between tha offer by tie said—— and tba npit low*»t rfiponubla bidder, or the paison to Whom the contract tuny i-c awarCed. Given noder oar hand* anc seals) ffEAL-l this day of IFO. $ C-«al.i The nndejs gned ressrves the right to reject any off «n bids ifceemed aortaßonabltf. ; Bids will te (nwtsiaoa lorthe entire quantity re. qlI ed to be larnlehed Payment will be mad* at such times and In such fends as nuy be provided by tba Bep«rtmest. Proposals mcit endors'd **Frnpoiala fir Cut Ines jor Water Wo.Xa,-’an'» addrewed oCapt-S. P. REEO, A. Q iL. at Bock Island, Ili'nol*. Any farther lafoimstlon desired will be promptly gIT'S oa application to B F. B2JJO. Be&ql&t9t Capt 4A.Q.M. pAE.TOH'3 WORKS. UMFOBffI EDITION. MASON BROTHERS tare tte pleas ora of amen*.- di e a nmform edition ol Mr. Paxton's works, m nlna volnmci, ciowa Svo. la vorloas elzgaas blndULXj, TheJoliowlae ora included: TBS LIFB OF BsNJAMIN FRANKLIN, 2 vela. THE LIFB OF ANDREW JACKSON, a Tola. . TBB LIFE OF AARON BUBB, 3 vela. . 6SNXBAL BtTTLKB IN NEW OBLBANS, x vat. TBB BUMBBOUS POBTRY OF TUB ENGLISH LANGUAGE. 1 TO*. PRICES Cloth, Extrs, *l;-0; C'otb, Extxs, eIU sdzes, S3IOO Library Bh*e>, S8.1.00; Hs'f CalT or Mo rocco, 333.10 J Foil Morocco JSi.QO, No biccTSpbe/ b«« more iccces foliylatbs ErgUih lanyuLgcihva Ux.Partos The irctane»aaad vlnor of bn ktyie, and bis power ol retaining the in tere>tct readers tbrangb toe cryes: d«t.Ua. aronnl veritllyreccanued. Eachofhlswo>k*nasattracied ouch attention and enjoyed in oxtecalra sals on !'■ hist tnsearaccp.tnd they have taken the.r place In the froatramt of ittnifard Blorrapalre. _ lccuo ‘ I bbea by it* BON BROTHERS, .7 Mercer street, New York. »lU-qS47*St 3t WiFIS; • 0 H. BE FOREST <fc CO., HOOF SKIRTS Manufacturers and Jobbers, 84 TjJSXBI ST’REUET, 84 (Eee GILT SKIRT. oppotUo Tremcnt House,) Offer to the usfie a large itoek of their own nstnu meters. We have aHo a larya stock or Hosiery, Yams, Corsets, urn oznm STAPLE NOTIONS. UsTlnr purchased early, wo offer Indncements to Ctsh Buyers. sel3-qte7-in!i TOILET SOAPS, MANUFACTURED BY J. C. HULL’S SON, 33 Park Bow, Mow Tork, INCLUDING EV3BT BTYLK OF Honey Soap, Qlycerin Soap, Windsor Soap, Palm Soap, Upward of onohunfired styles of Tolletßoape, asd for sale by most oealeis In Chicago. aui-c« aJt-x-wav ’ - I?ALL SHION3 FOR 1864. JO BIBS. D. A. JACKSON, Importer ofFatbioss, 143 Lake sL. up itslrs l caan> ply Enzlisb, French, end German deslcaa for and OhUdren‘i Costumea, Either dngteorbythe Sat, at Few Torn prices. AH erden promptly executed, when acco-npanledhythe caah.or collected by Express on delivery. Address Mrs. D.A.JACKSON,? 0.80X673, Chicago, iseiqas-em faeutcmal. Good News for the Uuforiuuaie; Ms LONG SOUGHT FOB • Discovered at Last. ( FROM STKREE \0 M AY 5^ CHEBOKEE REMEDY AND Cherokee injection, CtfapaudeA f«o toco, Barks ted Lento, cggKQgjtn '.as grist Indian Utarstts, 3or>:s all qucmcs c f the arm ary organs, suca as la* cchtlcenco- ouaa Urine, IntlanimaUoagf me Bladder, Inflsmmancn of me Sidneys. dtoce ts the Bladder, Stricture, Grave!, and Chrome Dbearae, and la esafr daily recommetuwi la those cases ofFlnor Albas, White in females.) waere all the old aanseoos mod!. eUirabave failec, FT* It Is prepared tn a highly concentrated form, the dcse omr being from 6ae to two teaspoonstai three times per dsy, *r It la domic and alterative in its action; port* fytag aad cleansing the blood, caoelsx It to Sow la allof luorlaic&l purity and vizor ;tha* removing from the system ail pamldocs causes which have la. fluced disease CIIEROKEB INJECTION is intended aa an ally or assistant to the CiICnOIUSA KftiiSuf, and should bo used in conjoctlcn with th'.t medicine la all cases of Chronic oiaeases, Floor Alans or Whites Its effects are healing, soothing and demulcent; re moving all scalding, heat and pain. Instead of tha burning and almost an endurable pnln that Is expert, eccea with nearly all the cheap muck ictactlcos. C 2T By the ose of the « HEiu-EkS EAMeDT and CUBEORKE INJECTIOU-the two medicines at the same time—all Improper diacharoc-aare remeTed,aaa the weakened organs are speedily restored to foil vigor and strength- „ . _ . t3T trice, Cherokee Remedy, tl per bottle, or thret bottles for $3. car price, Cherokee Injaction, il per bottle, or three bottles for *5. XT Sent by Express to asy address on receipt oi price. tof~ For fan particulars get onr pamphlet fron any drag store In the reentry, or write as and we wifi mail free to any address. a full treatise. All such orders mud be sent to C. A. COOK* Chica go, onr General Agent lor the West. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. C. A, COOK* Cscaoo, General Agent for the Slates of Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin, Michigan aad In* Jefiana. Dr. W. B- MEKWHT&CO., Sou PBOPBtrroM, Ho 51 Liberty street, New Yotk. THE GREAT INDIAN MEDICINE OOUPOUffDXD rsox Boots, Barks and Learea, Cherokee Cure! An a Mailing cure for Seminal WaatiNi, Neaturnai Bniaslsna.acd nmacrona diseases; »uch u Lou o( Memory, untretw! Lassitude, fairs Is the Back, Ulaicefs of Vision, Fremature Old Are, west Nerves Dimculty of Breathing, TreuxbUpg, WafccfUlnea*. Rrnptlous on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity Consumption, and all tbe cirefal complaint* caused by departing tram tbe pats of nature. L'hla medicine Is a simple vegatable extract, and one on which all can rclT, w It h*n baen used In our practice for many year*, and with thousand! treated, it has not failed In a plrzie Instance. Its cu rative powers have been sndefsat to caln Tlcton over the meet stubborn cas*. tir To those wao have trifled with their const! tn- Con, until they think themselves beyond tbe reach of medical aid. we would say, Dxsvau icon th CHKROaJIB CURE will restore yon to health an' vigor, and after an qnack doctors haw a fall id! tW~ Price. Riper bottle, or three bonjea for 15. and forwarded by Express to all parts of the world. 137" For full particulars, got a Circular from any Drag Store In the con’ntrr, or write to tbe Agent,who will mail free to any one d wiring the same, a full Iren es* in pamphlet form.' AUsocb orders most be sent to C, A. COOS. Chi cago, our General Agent for the West. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. Oa A. 000S f . CHICAGO, General Agent lor tbe Ststee of BllnoU. lew*. Wl» •OQfila, Michigan and Indiana. SB. W- B, MEKWIiY Sc CO.. Bolb Pbopszxxobs, • He. 59 Liberty street. New York. Bold at Wholesale In Chicago by FUIiBB, FINCH & PULLER. .LORD «t SMITH. • BURNHAM & VAN SCHAACK.W.D. HARRIS* CO. SMITH A DWTtH H. BCOVILL. * J. ROEMHKLD POST & BAD EAN At retail by all Drngclc t« in the city and throughout e country.<>'t-<in-avr-*nr*TH eow DR. 9UBES’ SYPHILITIC CURE Hole Hedlclse la a Safo and Ha£Eeai Cure for SyphULs In tfre Primary, Secondary and Tertiary itugu, and 1h th« most Important Hedleal DU« coTciy ef the nlnetecniXi century. From time tmm-moriel there baa existed In aHlaxza PHffTVw&hS." DISEASE. eadeosy i vTMra e t?P.' l l Trpoc * eeuae, that of PS. UABKU’ SYPHILITIC CURB II the OnljmaS leme which has ever been discovered that vtTLi. CUKII SYPHILITIC and vknbkbal DHtaSaS In all their varied ana complicated lorms. and «h<w enshly eradicate the disease from the system. Tin* deitmcuvo disease, which has btided the »kIH of oar most eminent physicians, and caused MIL LIONS to be consigned to fKEtIATUBB GRAVES, or to crag < nt a miurabie extetenCH while life lasted; is as readily cured by "H’S—JTS •S'LT THOi “EMEnjr-J.MyoWSDIPLK KOOToViIiS” oiiUU.l3 la characterized by three diitinct lynptoma oi <=ach stage, and the prices cf th. perPACKAGB te elves,to Chat net ■on® in the country can order the medicine, (ana re mit the money,) which - is r-commendcdtocure the partten-ar «t*s« oi thi disease with which they FIRST, or PRIMARY fSTAG3 ofßypbUf! U when thecnanerei or uicertflm I™*,? rrif) P»C4aro cf OR. SCARES* I « ! - CUrta, wtu-h consists of one bottle “ »ynhmucCare"o2eooiPi is onefcotUsWaah.Caus tic. B;n«b.Soap.Spongy are lint. «j.w»w CT Price per sackaz?- ??ac. THE £Ki t»K;.aKY sy-awf la wbenthediscasehu become CUNSTIi UTIOS AL. and may ha known by the following a.aiptcms: tie- - ration or the mourn me threat, giandi, axin. htid, macocz mambricaa. cancticui lores on tbe arms and legs, emotions 3 tee esta, scrofula, etc. The SyoUmuo Cum. PUj and <7a»h are usec la thfc acconimn stage Price cercackaie.SV M. TKB IBhTIART ATA3E; Is known he thtfcllaKlngtymptos.a; ncdcs.orhardaadptisfu! tcinpra on the bones; aaierremeat cf the loinS coLtractlece, bare pvna la the boors and joint* cr decayofthe bones; synbiUMc rheamWin ' rswuuu<! Pnce per package, BS. .arprtce of|*S*phmnc Cure.**Jsparbottles KUi |l per box; Wa*h, t’A* per bottle. * Pencca who haw n-ason to auspeot. from ANT CAUSE, altne: HERKfIiTARy or ?5« C-'‘F. TAGIUN.or from «t:eteoco cl any BVPHILiriC VIUUSor ?ol?o« ettilreT-alnlncln theays:en,6Ctuld useDrt.MAfyC3 STPHILItIC CURB at once, and It will cUectoally eradicate every particle of the VIRUS and restore to a perfect state of HS s-LtH and FU w SECONDARY SYPHILIS is HETtirDlTAir.andmflJ Be transmitted the so child by cither parent In whose system the dtseaia may exist, yc person, who hat reason to suspect the existence of any Sypmlitie Vi rus or Poison to ib-ir iv-ten, ibouii tail to use Dr. IIAHES* isTPHILITIC CORE until every pirttcle cl the virus la eradicated from the con»UtuUon before they tc:er marriage state; andthtrebycacure the certainty of a PUr.E and hstiiby oirspnn>£ ' A treaCaa on Syponttlc riiaase, giving Plain dlreo mobs for treatment, accompanies each package of Um t®~Ths tocdleias win be teat by express toaß pana ortho country cnreceipt of the money. Prepared and sold by DR. S. KAfITSBLT £ Cy., comer oi Third and Cheinut. street*. St. Iflob, Sle.,.«ole>roprJe»orti. • ‘ fiOMajr>I?.2.3ABTEBLT& CO.’S TaeUlyftfadl* cftie Btor|j99adlson street,' near tbs Tost 0 files. DR. EASTERLY’S PAIN KILLER. VMt medicine la an Infallible euro for BrnlatS) HeadschO) Tooth ache* Sore Taro«.t, Colk) Cnmpa or Spunu* Dysentery ur Bowel plaint*, Nervous Affection*, Pain is the Face, Folntcr’a Fains la tbe Breast, Side, Buck and iambs. Cholera, Cltoleaa JZorbus, and Li fact wherever it U tppilad Fain can* - not etl’ii It U used DTT3RNAI.It and EXTERNALLY and ,1s a perfect ANITDOTB for ALL PAIN. Try tty* sheeted. - PU .ILIICH. . Or rcr sale at OR. S. S ASTHRLT * CO.'S family hladicloa Store, 98 ModJtoa aw, CUaago, Ui. DC, EASTEBLT’S FEVER AHJS AGUE KH.LER. Mcdlclno Trill en?e Ague and Fever, Dumb A gne, Chills Fever, Intermittent and Itcmlttont Fevers and ever? form of Fever incident to tlie Weat« • Dr. Easterly's Feyar and Ana Kiliar la wan. BaNTKD TO CDIIE, and If It FAILS til 6 money vIH It to lie purch«arif a.*d a* directed. f»r Ptice tiJ3 per fcotti-a. (y Ferine at OIL K, SA3TSHLY 6 Co.*3/anUf Usuicmo Store. S9 Million St., Chicago, lil. DB. EASTERLY’S DIARRHCEA ’ SYRUP. TMa BZedlelna win cure Dlanfcoa, Cyeentery, Cholera Morbus, Sommer Complaint, Colic, Wlndln the Stom* acli and Bowel*, and all Deranse> mentof the Stomach and Dowels of Children when Teething, In the summer Ihcui auds die from BOWEL COM. FLAISTB UM dshc be sayefl by th*> ouiiily uaa cl Dtt. EASTERLY'S DIARRQCEA SYRUP. ° .MOTHERS, »h* will sou let your CHILDSES .DIE when and BURS RJIJIJJDY is offered P?“ Price 50 cents per bottle. XS~ X cr sale St Da. S. EASTERLY'S Family WftU, laa store, 59 MadDcn 6’jecr, rn. OK. COCPEB’S FEMALE CORDIAL. Thin and popular Bedlelas will enre all Female each is ICseeialve, Suppreawd or Folsfnl HettAtrtatleß, Cencorrhcca or Whites, Falling of the Womb, and and all Inesulultie* of the Monthly Periods. It will also brm* eu taa ifB7?3Z3, when checkedt y COLMcra!IUN:?ATDi’»AL CAUSE 3. It baa been thoronzbly tpste£ Ladies try is. nffi Be. b° blstehlt « co *a f.=»» Btorw. M*iH*na at.. LhiCftXQ, DL DB. SAJh'I.EKS’ THREE ftIIMUTE SALVE. T*'*!* Salve will permanently remove and cure Corns. Wart a. Moles, Blag* worm and Toothache In from three to ten minutes. Why will yen iniler the excruciating andtonnenV Isc FAIN fren CORNS acd TOOIttACHK when a SURE liSMSDY UI Offered you tor th« LOW FoICB of so cents per bon la. gar 1 F<*r sale at DR. BASTSHLYU Family Medletae Store.» Madison scxoet,nsftc U* Pest Office. Chic set), eei-qioittvw rdsx la tfdtiittmai. COE’S BYSPEPSU CSBE COE’S DYSPEPSIA. COBS I COE’S DYSPEPSIA CUBEI COE'S DYSPEPSIA CUBE! COB’S DYSPEPSIA CURE! COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE I COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURB! COE'S DYSPEPSIA CURE! COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE! COE'S DYSPEPSIA CtJEEI COE'S DYSPEPSIA CUBE I COE'S dyspepsia cubs i COE’S DYSPEPSIA CUBE I TUP WORLDS GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S , GREAT REMEDY •nss WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD'S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD'S GREAT REMEDY THE WORLD’S GREAT REMEDY DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, ins ALZ, DISEASES OF THE STOMACH AND BOWELS NOT A BEVERAGE, BUT A MEDICINE. COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE CURES DYSPEPSIA WITHOUT FAIL. CORES DTSPEPSU WITHOUT TllT, CURES DTSPEPSU WITHOUT FAIL. CUBES DTSPEPSU WITHOUT FAIL. CURES DYSPEPSIA WITHOUT FAIL. COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE CURES INDIGESTION IN EVERT CASK. CURES INDIGESTION IN EVERT CASE. CURES INDIGESTION IN EVERT CASK COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE CURES WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. CURBS WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE cures sick headache: CURES SICE HEADACHE. CURES NAUSEA AT STOMACH, CURES NAUSEA AT STOMACH. COE’S DYSPEPSIA SURE CURES CRAMPS, PAINS AND COLICS CURES CRAMPS, PAINS AND COLICS IN EITHER STOMACH OR BOWELS. IN EITHER STOMACH OR BOWELS. CURES ACIDITY OP STOMACH, CURES ACIDITY Op STOMACH, IN EITHER OLD* OR YOUNG, Good Alike fob the Infant and thi Aoßofr COE’S DYSPEPSIA CURE CURES CHOLERA MORBUS. CURES CHOLERA MORBUS. CURES CHOLERA MORBUS. In this moat aggravating disease ita ecuon la port tlve and Immediate, its con:en*.e act made. Diarrhea, Dysentery and all ojjcr M”H*r dsraagp. ments yield at once to Us power. Thlals cohumhnz preparation, got up to exhilarate and drown ens’s difficulties in the mazes el tlrg excitement. But A v MEDICINE, NOT A BEVERAGE. A’MEDICINE, NOT A BEVERAGE, Itlacptfixsdupta bo palatable to the taits; but la mest acceptable to a duordcre-i stomach, and bcttlewill curs the WORST CASE OF DYSPEPSIA IN EXISTENCES, WORST CASE OP DYSPEPSIA IN EXI3EENOK. FOB FEVER AND AGUE IT IS A SOVEREIGN REMEDY, AND FOB BILIOUSNESS, CONSTIPATION, AND LIVER COMPLAINT AND LIVER COMPLAINT Is a blesamg and a prize. WE GUARANTEE IT IN EVERY CASE. ItwlUstopdlstrese,altereaUeg.laohe minute and to these who have lived on Gratia bread ana nitk* dist/opyiara.we say y “BE OF GOOD.CIIEEB,** for yom may eat as hearty a« you pleaie. and folUnr by one teaspoonfnl of tbs ** CursWe ears not how bad a oyspeptley oa bare been, we win guarantee wg no trouble Item your hearty meal. Poet ycur food rise oa your Stomach? Po you taste it for hevra tner eating? Hate you Eeartbuni, Slch Headache and Languor? AieyonTTcaSr, Ufa? Are you Weary from rising until retiring, no a«Tle ty for business, so disposition to Exertion, constant dtiixefor Xtepoee? Are ycuPlftrcsssa by all nourlablnjfiol? Are you constantly la Pain from tadlgeatlon, must take pnrgatlto pillr, and then worse than before? THIS IS ALL DYSPEPSIA! DYSPEPSIA! AND COE’S DYSPEPSIA CUBS £3* 13 GUAKANTAEP TO CUBE YOU AT 0508 cz- 'xs GUARiSTEED 10 CUB 3 YOU AT 02TC* Therefore, depend upon this WORLD'S GREAT REMEDY TOC* ARE DYSPEPTIC. Tor Cholera Morhoa and Dysentery, and for the • speedy cart or any toad of disorder that originate! or proceeds tom a disordered state of the * STOSIACH XND BOWEtS. Glra ear. all ye people. *tla truthful and tote. Ko medicine equals Coe's Would’* Dtspspsu Cuss. Indigestion and Dyspepsia yield at ones to It* power# Sick headache* sick stomach, In leaa than an hour. Debilitated, appetite, no lift, yo desire to labor 1 1 the world’s has? strife, Your load dlstrenlng you eyery time you eat. I bid you •* be of good cheer.” for *1 bring relish* We promise you an, *pon our booor, our same. To cure the worst eases or forfeit pnee and feme | So case of Dyspepsia was arer known to aadure. When grappled and seisad by CoaL Dyspepsia Cara. Oh! wby win jo reltoftom errapi. colic Kj fUn. Holme. M tho ctom.rt, Dlrtnm I. ice csoler. mortal ul In Tfji t noS P wSm'« Orel Homed, enro. In u laiunlf Are yon weak at the stoaach, broken down, utt2» Restlwuand languid, cotitont daslra for repoaa? Tour feed decstot itrcnElhaß,yoar6asr*f Ugw*— One bottle of our “ Cura” makea you naalthy and ■ strong. We *Jd the afflicted dyrpepns “good cheer,” Renewed Tiger, returned health, to all bo dear, la a certain reeult—lt follow* as rura As yon swallow a dcie of Coa’a Dyspepsia Cura. Sold by Druggists Everywhere. Price, SI.OO per Settle. G. G. CLARK & CO. Proprietors HEW HAVEN, COSS. LORD & SEVIiTH OILTEEiL WBSTSK-T AGSHT3. S3 liaKe Street, Chicago* It&qOS-TWTAJI

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