Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 13, 1864 Page 2
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Chicago tribune. TUESDAY, SEPIESIBEE 13, 1861. XUh CAflPllcn TBISUItE. IDakc Up clubs Tbe Presidential campaign of ISC* Is now open Every patriotic citizen will labor un ceasingly to elect the Union Notional and State Ucktta. To do this is to save tbs na tion ; to fall, is to } icld *ll wc hold dear, to the Copperhead allies of ' the rebellion. Such & fcarfol calamity con—it must be avert* cd. No agency can do more for the Union cause, in the way of enlightening the people, than the Chicago Tnicu>x, We offer the Campaign Weekly Tbibcse to the . Union men of this and adjoining Stases at the fol lowing rates, and hope our friends will at one* make up dobs: Binds copy, Bepu 14 to Nor. 10— 9 weeks i » package to one acorns— '• <*» I! U u s ei*.ljtoNor.lO-9w. CAO « S « 2 ;5J° ; JO-9w. MO “ im •»> « JJ£ « *0- Bw. isao ** *S u /w J 1 \° ‘ 9W. 27.00 ♦i 29 ** Cto •» 10-Ow. 8.73 « CO a « k£ ** 3S~ 6w * 650 m inn « «. 55° - 10— 6w. fl.oo 100 “ cto M 10— 6IP IB Oft Copies will, In all cases, be sent for the Weeks in elusive named In the card. Union »on ot the West, will yon not at once order a package for distribution In your respective neighborhoods. Address, with cash In ad ranee, Tribune Cohpast, HI. WHO IS XO BK OueitEDl It M time far old Mr. WicUllfe to cell his Convention together acaln. Gen. McCIcI -1»B’« letter tempting hie nomination Is a braaen attempt to climb from Lis own plst foroa to the more derated one upon which Mr. Lincoln was nominated. It is a carefni imithtlon el the policy of a certain Demo cratic aspirant for the office of Governor of lona, who was nominated on a peace plat form, and strove to become a war candidate, and was beaten by a larger majority than if ha bad stuck to his own tent. TTe oymna. thlscd with Gen. Tattle then, as wo sympa thize with Gen. McClellan now, in their de sire to get onl of bad company, and we point Ip the fate of the one ns tbejuevitablo des tiny of the other. No candidate ever gained rotes by pretending to repudiate the principle! of which hoia made theaolema public exponent. When such tricks are re sorted to, the po-plc know that aomebodris to be cheated. They know that either the party which made the platform, or the teals who rata for the candidate, are to be swin dled after tbe election. “The re-cstabliehmcct of the Union in all Us integrity," says Gen. McClellan, “l« and must continue to be the indiapeneabie condi tion of any settlement.” Ah! That is the ren thing which the Chicago Convention wiifd net any. That la the precise idea which Washington Hunt embodied in his itaclntion and offered to the conven tion, and which the convention rafnred to adopt I During the whole sitting ol tha Convention, the one Idea moat thought of and most discussed by the vari ous delegations in omens, was this: Shall we nocturne the war under any circum stances? Shull we fight for the Union In any contingency ? And the Convention sol emnly said, NO. They said, we will negoti ate, and if na cannot negotiate we will do aothinf. Wo will have pease anyhow Gen. McClellan says yes, where the Con vention sty no. He toys war, whsre the Convention said peace. He does not say nor even hint, that he Indorses the platform’ or any pan ol It. Now, who is to be cheated » No man is stronger than his party. The stream cannot rise highsr thin its aource. Those who elect Gen he be elect ed, will demand that hia administration shall conionn to the principles upon which he was carried into power, and they will enforce the demand. The whole theory and spirit of ear Government, is that the Government .itself shall he administered upon the baaia of public opinion. It can be administered in no ether way. What is public apiaioa ? It is the voice ef the majority of the people expressed at the ballot nox. Let that ma jority be given far tbe candidates of the Chi cago Convention, and the platform of the Chicago Convention must govern. Tint w ill bo pnblie opinion, ascertained by the only rales known to the Constitution. Presidents are not elected upon “general understandings” of tbe policy they are to pursue. The pribciplea by which they are to be gnldtd are rodneed to writin» that they msy he known and read of all men, and that there then may be no dispute after the election as to what the people really in. leaded. When Mr. Lincoln was iaterrogated shortly before his inauguration, as to his views of the several compromise measures then on foot, he replied, pointing to the platform upon which he was elected: “Wo must do no more and na less than the people suppo sed we would when they gave ns tbsirvotea.” If any other rule be substituted for thrs in I onr political action, we are at sta without | rudder i r compass, drilling upon anarchy. Dal General McClellan's party will take good care that they arc nut cheated. No Ad nsinistratioa c.n exist without a party in Congress and the country to sustain its pof ■ icy. The policy of the Democratic .party is peace with the rebels, and' General McClel lan cannot make it war if he would. The parly will override, as they have a right to do, every freak af their President which is in conflict with their expressed vlsws, aid more especially if it happens ta relata te the vital end cardinal point at Issne between the two parties. They will say: “If we had wanted a war President we ahonld have voted lor Lincoln. He was for the war unequivocally. He was lor coer cion, subjugation, and all the other unconstitutional things. We wanted psace; we so declared; tha people so-decided; and peace it shall hs! ” If Gen. McClellan ware Gen. Jackson (which he la not), he would not dare defy his party in this manner. Aa well might we expect a bulrush to resist the tor rent of the Nile. "Who then ore to be cheated? Evidently the simpletons who believe that they can vote for the candidate of the Peace party and etill go for the prosecution of the war. Who Till apeak fer them after the election? IJpbody. “Who will represent them ia Gen. ilcCleiian’s Cabinet ? Nobody. Whose roice wIU be raised in their behalf In Con gress? Nobody’s. Who will be able to find them after the election ?—-who will be able to distinguish then from the herd who voted squarely and honestly lor the principles laid down lu the platform? Nobody. They will be as completely disfranchised as the negroes in South CorelUo. In point of fact the “ War Democracy ” has ceased to exist since the adoption of the Chicago platform. The word “war” is divorced 2r«m the word “Democracy,” atd he wno docs not wish to be cheated out of bis vote must cast his bal lot for Abraham Lincoln and the War, or for George B. McClellan and Peace. There Is no middle ground. THE CONVENTION ItfPfiioriCl- BLBt W« have frequently exposed the fallacy of the Copperhead pies that the Union can be restored by an armistice and a National Con vention. The stme objection lies to It os to McClellan’s Peninsular route, viz: it trans fere the scene of the conflict without over coming the enemy. As McClellan bad to meet at Tcrktown and in the seven days’ de feat the same enemy whom he could have met with on army twice as largo ten months before at Manassas, so, if such a convention could he held, we should meet in it the same enemy which no w confronts us at Richmond. Before they can meet us in a convention held under the forme of the Constitution'they must acknowledge themselves members of the Federal Union. But were they prepared to do this, they would open their ranks and allow our onny to march Into Richmond. There is the came obstacle in the way of get ting the rebel States into a National Conven tion held under our Constitution as there Is In the way of getting Grant’s army into Richmond, viz; that the present ruling closers ot those States regard us os a foreign catiop. The strength of Grant’s artillery will yet take him into Richmond, but no artillery wUI bring -a delegate from unsdß dned rebel titates into a Union, or as they would express it, 41 subjugation” conven tion. The Copperheads refuse to see that the rebels who should come into a Convention held under our constitution would be con sidered a traitor to the rebel cause, ami that the northern citizen who should enter into a convention not In accordance with our com stitution would be a traitor to the United difficulty 18 not to open a means ta convention could ?, .thwllr £, more,) butth «t neither party h,, ' nothing to propose to which the ocherconM : agree. Will the ' con propose disunion? we I The following article, which „ ! tire from the Richmond Dumauj, Cn * 1 . Slst, shows that the rebels would n send delegatee to a NaUonalConTenUon°u? er ' they -would elect members to the Fedt Congress; « “ Whenever a treaty of peace shall be made it must be done solely 'on ihe batit of the cahwinjA 1 pendente and sovereignty of each particular State That mart be prcluulnarr to, and cannot bea eubject of. necotU’ion. The Confederate corem ment ha* no right to make any peace in which one inch of land belonging to any one of the States shall I* niven op, or one JoU of its privilege* at a govorelcn bo surrendered. This, so tar from being the robjict o' negotiation, most be the starting point from which all negotiation mast proceed If the enemy refcse to conrede It, then we cannot negotiate with him. It follows that there can be no each thing a* treating-for peace in asrneat until every hostile soldier shall have Uen withdrawn fromcvrsoil, andereryhoet*ieehtp/romou’‘W7ierr. Tbes \re can talk of p««ce. •f»d a'lunsexntttere or aec«i>oary importance woteh u*'C«'»» ry to nisrow of, aad w&lco, it to ring mo principle tod nffrctlnc the npb»» of no State, cime properly t tU.ii) tbe ephe/c or tbe treaty making power. We Love n Hfon to be Icre that President Oa?l« does not fland noon tbla eround, aUtioush we judip* of bia I’pinloca only from Ms acta mud his public declarative _- . , ' •• The Yankee President has no mors power to put the Yankee States into convention with ours than President Davis has to put us in convention uith V.em. Tee treaty .making power la tue aame In both Government*. But the Yanteta have lorp acatiß’ompd themselves to consider their* a o..nenh Vcd Government, potse-slng all pow.T for ell purpose*. The States they regard a* po»- sewing »o more »over e ißi.iy than tbe cocttUa. Ind* ed. In one of bis speeches, Lincom ezpreaflr oecitrra tbat they ban no more power than this, should we agree, mtrtfora. the cooreucloa waold certainly take place. It Is wonderlaL in the meantime, ibsUcitelilgrnt meo like VailandL-haai and Fernando wood—tdo must be ful y acquaint ed with U>e Southern doctrine of Sate rig hts % and mutt know that a 1 this blood, bat heea abes in their defense—sAou d think it pomi eto get us into such a convention, or to restore the Union means of if. WHAT WE WANT* FIRST OF ittAc E r isß akd sep^te a™ One word more. The Chicago platform hat but two planks—an armlbtice and a national convention. Both of these contemplate agreement only; either that the rebels will agree with ns upon union, or that we will agree with the rebels upon disunion. The rebels thus notify us promptly on the re ceipt of the Chicago nominations that they will not agree with us upon union. After this notice, if we still rote for the Chlcigo platicrm, what else does our rote mean than that we are willing to agree with them on dls union. The Chicago platform is therefore a disunion platform, and every men whorote* it is a disunionist and therefore a traitor. “ TflE FtDEBIL STATES.:: The Chicago Timet ha> three tlmee printed the following Important clime ot the Cal. cago Platform, ae follows: . ••Joßlice, hnmanllj, liberty and the pabllc wel fare demand that immediate cfluru be made for a cceeatlun of hostiUcie*. with a vie. to an ultimate conTrmlon of the suttee, or ether peaceable mean.' to the end that at the earliest practicable moment sSles W T TctUKd on «he basis of the Pedeml Ae these are the only words in the platform which pretend to define the baals, whetharof Union or disunion, on which a conglomera tion of Policy Democrats with open dlannion isti propose, if placed in poser, to make peace, these few oorde assume great import ance, as great, at all erents, as attaches to anj thing the Contention could say or do. The platform, as published by the Chicago, reads “ on the basis of the Federal Union of the States.” Bnt this appear* to bo in correct. The Chicago Tma saya editorially. ‘‘A contention of too Slates Is demanded. Pe? what purpose f That at the eirliest praducahle loomeDl peace msr be stored. On what term. * The bunts of the Federal State*.” #rm * l We *ak what does each aa expression mean f It Is now in the political language of this country. Nothing like it was ever be fore uttered or written! It evidently does not mean on the basis of the “ Federal Union of the States, *or it would have said so. To fix the meauiug of the expression let ns sub atltute synonymous terms. The Federal Stats are, from the ‘‘Democratic” stand point, “thirty-tour independent sovereign ties.” They are the Stefci—not the Union. Are they to give ns peace on the baals of thirty four Independent sovereignties instead of on the basis of the Union ? The expres sion either means secession out and ont or it is a blind Intended to mean .Union it Grant whips Lee, and disunion ii Lee whips Grant! No wonder the Democracy are sick of plat forms. The Dutch Taking Holland. The announcement la made by telegraph that the Xatkncl L.tcasgmor has come ont for McClellan. The joke la eomewhat ponder ous, rather elephantine. The I-ijXigmeer has been arguing for McClellan .very other day for two years. It hat furnished two thirds of ths braina and three fourths ot the lies which hare resulted la mating many honcat people believe that Gen. McClellan waa not sustained by the admlnlitration on the Peninsula. Its columns hare teemed with articles snarling at every General who has had the presumption to command the army of thePotomsc elbce Gen. McClellan left It. It la pleasant to Ttnow that the In- Uttigenttr has now “come out” for Gen. Mc- Clellan. The surprise will be great when the General heara ot it The unexpected moral anpport which It bring! to the peace party will he gratiljlng to Mr. Belmont, and will remind that eminent financier of the time when the Dutch captured the land of his nativity. Tha Taro “ Georges.” Says an exchange: Onr fathers of Bevoln llonary memory refused to submit to a Brl tish “George.” Bnt ths Chicago Conven tion have proposed to put firo Georges in power to rule over ns, George McClellan and George Pendleton. It’s a bsd omen for their party. This country never liked the rule of the Georges. The people prefer to trnet AWalam, ths Honest. Abraham Is not a favorite name with royalty. We never hoard of a kingly Abro/um, Bnt “ royal Geotgea" are too numcrons to mention; and we never heard any good mention of them. That Commliiloner from Georgia. TkcJ2rpuiiicaH t at PrUccton, in this Slat* eays the Hen. Johh H. Biyant, of that city received a letter from Wm, Cnllen Biyant* his brother, In New on Monday last,’ announcing l that “a commissioner from Georgia Las arrived, and has had a confer ence with the authorities at Washington. He coratE from the Governor and leading men of that State, including Toombs and Stephens- The proposals are said to be sot unreason able.” TUb seems to be a confirmation of the ra ■»or mentioned in the telegraph report! oJ laat mck, and it la believed to be true. State Politico. Tbc Union Convention of Hancock county, 'which net on the sth inst, nominated David Mack of Carthage for the Legislature, Major R. W., McClanghrey of Dallas for Circuit Clerk, Capt. John K. Allen of Dallas for Sheriff; and Dr. Caleb Sanders of Bear Creek for Coroner. Gen. A. C. Harding, Union candidate for Congress, addressed the con* Tuition in an earnest and eloquent speech. The Union men of Rock Island county have nominated M. D. Merrill for Circuit Clerk, and J. W. Llojd for Representative. Tbc Rock Island Lincoln and Johnson Ciab has fully organized by electing the following officers: President—Geo rce Matter. Plrrt Vice-President—Jaa. M. Beardsley Second Vice President—John Peelz. Corresponding Secretary—J. C. Starr, lit coroinc Secretarr—wm. Caffrey. Treasurer— Dario B«wcs EiecntiTeCcmmlttee—T. J.Bobiason,C Trucs dale, E. D. Sweeney. £5F“The Copperhead platform demands an immediate cessation ol hostilities for the purpose of afterwards holding a Convention of the States. The Richmond Ditpatch of the 31st ult. saji; “There cm be no ench thing astreatingTor pe*cc nntil tveij hostile soldier shall be •withdrawn from our soil, and arer* hostile ship from our waters.” Arc the people Trilling' to withdraw their armies from all the territory now occupied Id lie South, and to raise the blockade tram rebel porta, and after that take their chances of coaxing the rebels back into the Union ? Snch is the Copperhcad’plan j they nroposo no other. \3f' The Nsw York Ecratd pronounces Mc- Clellan 44 a failure of no common magni tude.” It says: 44 He failed to capture Richmond—no matter how or why. He failed to retain the confidence with which the Government, wholly irrespective of par ty, regarded him on his first accession to eminent power. And finally, as perhaps the cause of all his other troubles, he has failed to discriminate between the applause of a coterie and that course which would insure for him the approval and support of the pub lic judgment” The wounded officers and soldiers at the Annapolis Hospital, representing two hundred and flay different regiments, took e rote for President on Friday last, with the fallowing result: Ltacolnnnd Johnson.'.... McClCiUn and Pendleton. Fremont and Cochrane Lincoln's majority. EiJ* A rote was taken a lew daye since on the steamer Saratoga, from New Orleans to Cairo. We are indebted to Col. Malmbeig, of the 55th for the result: Fremont 16 McClellan. Lincoln... It should be understood that a Urge pro portion of the presenters weae actual reel dents of New Orleans, Natchez and Vicks burg; , J3T"The ‘'Democratis” platform ttys: •♦Justice, humanity, liberty and the public welfare demand that immediate efforts be mads fora cessation of hostilities, with a view to an ultimate convention of all the States or other peaceable means, to the end that at the earliest practicable moment peace may bo restored on the baals of the Federal Union of the States ” Mr. Judah P. Benjamin, the rebel Secretary of State, says: •♦The separation of the States is an ac complished fact, n and that Mr. Davis “has authority to receive proposals for nego ualioDß except by virtue oi his office as ‘it,, ent an independent Confederacy , and basis alone must proposals he made No wonder the Northern peace-sneak se- we delighted TritU-tho “Demo- S P tr ycrj a»t • Benjamin's interpretation on It, B.^ Wh U ' f “ tb ' rm “ ,1 * the appropriate name now proposed f or the Democratic club.. Instead .f "White oC ™ tiC FROM MOBRIBO.V, ILL. Street, or norrlwm—The G-rat c„i n „ »•>" leiut-xn. Crowd -li.w mn Lootedu. «*b-t iTid ».lee .ed I»l.i..r—The 1-a bllcS —The t-U.rorm •ud .p".(!i r ? Bou-Adjonramcui-A Word ,bSut fflorrlauu. WUI [From Onr Own Correspondent.] Moimiflo*. Wb'teslde Coanij,Bept.*9 186 C Theaetnovriedgementsotjoarcorrcepond cnt are dnc tnc Union frlenei of the Tci. ncKE In Morrison, for lire carriage they sent to Sterling for him, early this morning, and for their efforts to promote his comfort after his arrival. THE STBEETS. The streets of the village were swarming with men, Vi men nod children when we ar* rived, and reminded one strongly of a minis lore edition of the Chicago Coaventioa with this exception—tacse were Union men and women—those were peace sneaks and Copperheads. The town seemed to ran to besners and music. Three immense' nation* el hags were suspended across the mala thoroughfare, each bearing thentmesof Lin coln and Johnson, Oglesby and the Deacon, and at intervals other banners bcarlrg appropriats inscriptions were hung from the upper windows of the meet Important business blocks. There were fifes and drams, and fifes without drums, and drums without fifes Thera were bands that were ot brass and bands that were string Then there was a grand pro* ceeelon in which everybody aqd .his wife Joined, long strings ol country wagons filled w ith etnrny mtu and bo lees sturdy and blooming maidens, dressed in fabrics as va rhagated, as to color aa tho rainbow. I no ticed that many of them wore white wsists ano blue skirts, or blue waists aid white skirts, thus torming, with their rosy cheeks the notional combination of colors—ih* red* white and blue. For an hour this procession paraded the principal streets, led off by marshals as fc»ily decorated as any of'the marshals of the First Napoleon. All this had an end, and then the procession dispersed The marshals rode along the streets nr* Ctoimloe Hist, In the growe sdjemlng ibe Court House Square, a free luncn was apread for 11)0 hurigrj multitude. There were an tuertu. veneers ol gilt Jewelry dlaplatSur 11 eJm " upoi tlje sidewalk, aid offtr ng to giro anr manor woman a oliance lo win th- prizes hr the “ throw " of the dice. I'gSdw.tS tlej lisd placed on tbe Impossible ‘tbrow ” and tier hat filled In o her impossible •■throws'' with flve-dollar notes ol the na tlonal issue, and many a farmer’s sob s<iuaa. dered his money Ik the vsln attempt to gain a prize. Tho loud voice of tbe marshal, a*. I nouncing that Dinner was ready, reused them from tbe lai nitons pursuit, ana aOsr a mo mentary struggle between acquisitiveness and hunger, the latter triumphed, and they wended their way dlnaerwaros. It is a esp- Ital feature Of this meeting at Morrison. this providence for the wanta of the hungry tUl ers of the prairie. This, like almost every other good work, wastberesull oftheUbors of the Union women of Morrison, and they deserve to bo especially remembered there for. THE SQUARE. Itl* a common sajmg of the people of Morrtsoß, that the great Architect of the Univeree constructed the public square ex pressly for a Dolan meeting. Let me des cribe It. From the railroad to the loot of a circular hill covered with a young gr» wth of oak, the ground is leveL This hUI is the public square, and on its summit, where, from the cupola «1 the intended structure a beautiful view of the countrv for miles around can be gaiaeo, the citizens of White side are building a magnificent Court House THE PLATFORM. The platform was tmllt at the footofand fronting the hill, so that when the people were atbcmbltd they rose tier above li-r like an audience in an amphitheatre. It was a beautiful spot and capitally arranged lor the speakers. TIIF. AUBIFJICE. The andlence numbered tnlly ten thousand, and to a most intelligent and appreciative one. It waa impossible to loot over that earnest assembly and not led some degree of exhlleratlt nat the sight. They evidently appreciated the mil Import of the Impending crisis, and came there with tho Intenti.nei learning their duty and doing It. The apeakc's were in the order named: General Oglesby, General Prentiss, William prose, and Hon. J. D. Ward. Their remarks I will not attempt to give. The spirit I have many times given, tach waa capital In hla way; each struck hla owa peculiar view la the andlence, and eaeh was londlyappUnded. CAKNOS. I neglected to mention in Ita appropriate place, that besides music and banners, wo had a piece ot artillery, manned by volunteer gunners, that from early morning until the meeting was over, at intervals sent f nh it* lond and threatening thunder*. The conclu sion ol each speech and each soag waa thus greeted. ADJOURNMENT, The meeting dispersed with three cheers for everybody and every thlog that was worth f. ch « r ,- ttl< ; ticket the Constitution, and the soldiers In the field. ABOUT MORRISON*. A word about Morrison sod I close: I don’t know frem whom the Tillage waa named. It is not so old tbal the memoir of tame man cannot recall it; in fact is a verj yonar town, a mere intant hardly ont of 1U swad dling clothes; bnt eight years have pasied since ths first house was built, and now it r umbers nearlv two thousand lahsbitants It is a busy thriving town—may ita shadow never grow less, and mayiu kind and hos pitable people ever be the recipients of God’s choicest blcttinge is the heartiest prsyer of Boir. X&e New York loArpcndcnt’s Appeal lor Lincoln and Johaiun. The New York Independent was among the foremost and most pointed of oar leading journals in dissenting irom the pollcj of re* nominating President Lincoln. It has sap* ported him rather tamelj since be was nom inated; bat the Chicago platform‘impels it' to plunge heart and soul into the contest, as Is CTinced in th« following leader this week: AS APPEAL TO THE PEOPLE. Fellow-Coustbymen; Let us take coun sel together. A politic*! convention held at Chicago offers to the suffrages of the Ameri can people a platform wnich Iraomintously and wickedly betrajs to our common enemy thesactcd cause for which the North has been contending for four heroic years. This platlorm lulls upon the country, not daring a period of gloom, as if we were driven by Gtn. Lee to the extremity of surrender, but at the brightest period ot the war; at a time wijtn, instead of falling at the feet ol the en cmj, the enemy is foiling at ours; at a time when our arms never had snch a luster ol victories achieved, and of victories expected. In the midst of the great military and n*val movements ol Grant, Sherman and Farragut —three hard gauntletcd men, whose blows are nuking the entmy reel in all parts of the field—a body of conspirators leap up at Chi cago, summoning the North to lay do *m its arms, proclaiming to the rebellion that we cannot conquer it, and giving to Jefferson Davis this message; “Sir, though you are already bca'.en, and all the world knows it, y<*t, il you can only hide In winter quarters till next March, we, your Northern allies, hoping then to be in possession of the gov ernment, will declare tne straggle a drawn batle, victoiy on neither side, and will give youon equal chance with the lotal States ia the settlement,” Such is the baseness which a greatparty in Hie North are atked to ratify with theirvotes . nut November. We bciiere that the patri otism of a large portion of the Democratic ' p>rty is oftoo genuine a stuff to bo cajoled by such a ceTil r B plot- Those earnest War Democrats who, from Fort Sumter till now, have not grown weary In giving themselves and their substance to tbe Union cause, are not to be deceived by fbe cunning strategy ol the Peace men at Chicago. “We accept the plallorm adopted by the Convention;” saje the New York Daily JVhrs (the Oman of Vallandigham, Ben. and Fernando Wood), 11 as a gnat tuun t ph of the peace party.” ThU is tme. But what does it prove ? it proves that from ths Democratic part; the genuine men have fallen away in such ndtnbera as to leave tbe few malignant peace-plotters a ma jority In the management. That platform, the work of evil-minded men, writes Defeat in advance on the banners of that party. Men who love their country, whether Demo crats or not, the moment they comprehend the fall treasonable significance of tnu Chi cago flag of truce, will rebuke and reject it with indignant scorn. Already we are told that Mr. McClellan has been counseled by some of the better-minded of Mis admirers not to write bis name in indorsement of each an insnlt to his country. There are good men throughout the North who hare thought and still think that Mr. McClellan has proved himeell little or less than a traitor—an opin ion which we never shared—hut we can heartily say that any man who, for any oflice under tbe skies, wilt accept such a platform as this, deserves to be branded in history as ths basest son of his fatherland. To Republicans and War Democrats—to all staunch friends of tbe Union cause, by what ever political names they ars called—to all good citizens who heretofore have cheerful ly sustained the Government in its efforts to conquer its enemies—ws znaxe and earnest and solemn appeal to heal all past divisions, and ,ln spite of ths apathy and lukewarmness ot the past few months, now to'closethe ranks, and henceforward to march shoulder to shoulder to the great struggle of Novem ber next Let thers be “no disaffection In the only party competent to save the coun try. Let such alienations as now exist be straightway forgotten. If the Baltimore Convention was held too early, jt is too- late now to remedy that misfortune. If the Pre- I sidential candidate was not ths ' best that might have been named, it is too late now to chtsge onr 11 ae of battle in face of tbo ene my. Ourlriends know that we strenuously urged, in lley last, a postponement till Fall of the political campaign; nor was onr first choice ths distinguished name at the head of the ticket and the Government But we solemnly believe that the one and undivided duty ol allloyal men is new to unite cir dially, strenuously] enthusiastically to give victory to the platform and candidates ol Baltimore, and overwhelming defest te the platform and candidates of Chicago. Between the two, the choice Is between patriotism and treason, between Slavery and Liberty, between a country asd no country, between Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. “ Choose ye this day whom ye will serve I” The prospect of victory is brilliant If a fortnight ago Mr. Lincoln’s re-election seem ed doubtful, the cause is now changed. The outrageous character of the Chlcigo platform, snd the sunshiny effect of our late victories by land and sea, have rekindled the old en thusiasm In loyal breasts. We summon all our friends to bard work. Orgaslzed, The cause demands every man’s best service. Let ... SM >. 41 .. 133 every loyalist ■with a tongue in his hesd go t® evtrf doubtful man 1® his neighborhood, and neson the cue with him emeetly acd can didly. All men who can list-'u to reason can bemadetosectheiur w itudeof the Chicago frchtme lor the overthrow ®f the Republic, Nir are ministers In their pnlpita to be ex p»ptfrom this needed service Let them take At and early opportunity to make know* the ChrisU'D duties of a citizen to his coun try la such a crisis as this. If any pew hold er is a>ratd ofp lilies In the pulpit, and stays away on that account, let not the minister he-outwitted by this poor atrsUgem, but immediately veil him at his store or house— in no case Mtlng any man And a corner of refuge iron the starching argument and ap peal. If every good citizen shall do his duty tor the next two months, there will then fol low loa? years of peace and liberty, in which to reflect on the sweetness of having served one s country at a time when she most need ed service. God save the Republic! IIcCLEIXiN R ViIFItMTIOJ IN NEW TOSS, Character ol tbs Speecbcs. The “friends’* of McClellsn ratiflcatloa meeting cams off in New Y.rit lut Fridtj etetlig. Th. managers went to large ei penee for mntio, tranaparenelea, firework, and calclnmlighta. * Jnet u the meeting begin to get ft order s large calcinm light near tin stand in froat of the liaison Dertee exploded with a l.nd report, scattering'lts fragme.ts in ererj di rection. Two women were knocked drer and s.reral other pertoaa were soriontlj hurt. The cioird numbered from 13,080 to 15,000 persons »f ell descriptions, mostly rebels attracted by the music end display of flre ysorks. The N. T. Tribune cajs *f the meet i»e= According to the estimates of onr report ers, who had the beat opportunity of objerr ies the numbers in frost of each stand, there were trom tee to twelve thousand present all told. Of these, many wore boys and young women, attracted by the Chlnsae lad thorns, the music, and the drew. rke. Toe spreehas, -which we report at length else where. were what wee expected and the De cision called for. A foreigner in the crowd Ignorant ol onr nffaln, and listening attend lively to the rations speakers, could hire come to no oUur conclnsion than that we are a dreadfully oppresaed aad dorn trodocn people, deprived of all onr nubta by ft tjrjDftlcal and unscrupulous Govern ment, uud that we are, or ought to be oa the eve of as insurrection agaust a despot* Ism wlilch hod l«»gr »«n heroine Intolerable. Tiitt thtre was any rebellion, except such as Mr. Lincoln baa provoked tiirough'the mere wantounesa of power, such a listener could never bave inferred from the speeches mi d« * and when ho occasionally received a hint that tbtre were rebels in arms somewhere he could have come to no other conclnsion than that they had the manliness andcour age to do that which it w«.s the purpose of this meeting to arouse others to>la th-*m In doing. It was altogether a pitiable spec tuclc for Americas citizens engaged in a trtmcndouc etruygle for the exhitcaceofa free Government, and the more of the same sort that there men, who are striving u is- Üblith political Berritude for the North and to preserve to Southern slaveholders’ the ownership of their human chsttels aud*The privileges belonalpg to that system, the bet ter will it he for N orthem li otrty and South cm regeneration. We aivc a lew specimens of ths “Conser vative” and Union character ot the speeches and sentiments uttered during the evening One of the orators of the gentry who are so aixious that the laws shall be respected aad personal rights secured, urged his *• Conser vative” lilends ‘ form While boy" clubi la entry ward and protect the freedom of the' ballot-box if thereihonldbeoptjoilllontothe freedom ot ela‘- tion, ho hoped they would pitaUwno opnaoed them where they belonged, and oaor thcm ri,. had net heard, he said, that General Butler waa to be oeat hero to oner, we New York: bnt bo thought tfba waa rent here larancba purpose ha would oar er be adowed to get far up Bread way.*. Another of tho.e •• Conaorv.tlTo” gentlemen who are profoundly concerned at the eao pretßlon ol free speech, and who are oopoadd to ianatical appeala ef passion, remarked tblk " It has been faceti.ualy ata ted tbit in hot weather nlEEcraamcUed badly; and It waa abont time to learn that to thi. coaotty while men bad their nghte, and that tbeconintotloa waa made for white men, and not for the nieirer. Yon h«r« 111 together now to take action to reatore thoec hh?r! l it # ?, bicb , Btcwipn tconndrel and utitor. Abe Lincoln, has takrn from yon the nchis of tba poor man. and we hare •elected Georuoß M’Ciei. Lan, the man who held the white man abate AM Lincoln aadhia nlcgexa. * “ Once a poor man con’d walk the atreel* apeak hi. mind, bnt under the tdo ol thaTtofi ramna, Abo Lincoln, be cannot. Bear In mind centlemen, that yon are tba Qorcremenl, and mat that scoundrel at \V asbinutoß. u ” “ KTII yon deaert the hero of South Monntala i b l Llnraln haa aonrht to, tnat bo rolchl make you and I lower than bia nlssew? ICrieano,no.] No. God tellomeyira woa’frVour honest lace. teU me yon won’t. When yon meet your Abolition tba .treat tbeyhelchont their accession talk at you, aa old Aaa aid hla crew have done, Bor I bold old Abe to day to bo a blrper seceesloalat than Jefl Z)*tl# )” 3 0 * Of conrac where anch things are openly rnld In public meetings u is eTidcnt that Ircc speech has been totally abolished, at when an lowa paper calls tho President", bloody monster," It Is clear that free aptcch km* ceased to exist. r These ‘ conserretire" epeeehee In furor of the election of Gen. McClellan hare been promptly supported by tho “conscrvatir.” papers, one of which, me World, eaya: Wewrtl -trip from Abraham Lincoln tn’e fel„ Kerb or bonerty be hna worn eolouel We trill I( need br, enow np. imoir, otbrr thlnua the !■- lemr-je.-. tbart. ten word Infamy-of the White llontel If necessity require., wo wM cellSena- Utr. and trader people. In this city and elsewhere to attcet the troth ol whet we say. Wo bar? no heart te expose such public and personal jnflddi- It as, since Mr. Uee jin s advent has featcrcd then, be cause of the cite rare It would brine upon so many Innocent persons. - * Here is that freedom from personality and decorous discussion of principles which are alwaj e sure to De found In the months and on the pens of the “conservative party ” and thU it the most obvious and natural course of those who wish to go on their knees to rebels and ask upon what term* they will, allow this Government to be car rled on. “Conservatism” n«tnrally calls JtlTcrson Davis “President Davis,” and the Prcsidint of tht United States a scoundrel traitor, and ignoramus, because It hates the cause represented by one and loves that of the other. BcClellan with the Soldiers. [From thoN. Y. Tribune, Sept. 9.] Wo hear Irom an officer eminent in com mand ia the army of the Potomac, that the Chicago Platform has killed McClellan with the soldiers. “ Suppose that In nis reply to the Committee appointed to Inform him of his nomination, he should assume ground . outside ot that Platform, with the Tiew of winning back bis popularity with the army and of saving the military vote $” inquired a bystander of this general officer. “It would do no good, sir. The soldiers are intelligent. This very point has been discussed among them. They have watched the delay in his acceptance of the nomination, and they per fectly well understand, the anxiety to see how the Chicago Platform was received by the army, bclore tbs men who framed it should irrevocably take thtlrstand upon it.” No letter that McClellan can write can pos«i bly change the ground he A at stood aa/«r nine doyh— that 01 the candidate of a party that proposes to the men whs have been fighting the rebels for tbrecyeere, and whipping then for three years, to stacc their arms and stand hy Bud sec Copperhead politician* make a peace, that shall actnowletfge the rebel govsrnment, orpmctic.lly surrender every advantage we have so bloodily won during the war. • The New Torlr Copperhead NEeotlas— SxiHOßlok of a Calcium Light, [From the T. Trlbase, Sept. O.i PurßUint to public call, a large meeting of Copperheads, Teace Democrats, &c* con vened last evening at Union Square. Just as the meeting began to get In order, a large calcium light near the stand in front of the Maißon Doree, exploded with a loud repoit, scattering its fragments In every di rection. Two women (for of such is a Cop perhead out door night meeting) were knock ed over, and several other persons were seri ously hurt. The women were taken away by the police, and attended to by Dr. J. C. Pe ters, but subsequently removed to Bellevue Hospital. One of them, named Bridget o*- Bourke, residing at 431 West Sixteenth street, died before reaching the hospital: the other one—name unknown—is thought to ba fatally wounded. George Edmonds and Charles Stanford were slightly injured. They were conveyed to the drugstore at tie corner of Broadway and Fourteenth street, and their wound* dressed. Mr RobfrtGrant.theownerofthe light, and hi* bob, were stunned by the ex plosion, but escaped with slight braise* A large fragment ol iron, weighing about’ten pounds, was driven through theaecond storr ol the “liaison Doree,” into a room where a number o! persons were sitting a a table fortunately injuring no one. Several of the windows of the “ilalson Doree,” and ad joining buildings were broken. Air. Grant state* that the explosion was caused by the leaking of the pipe which led from the burn er to the gas chamber. The chamber had been filled with hj drogen gaa, and previous to its being filled wlih oxygen gas, had been pumped out, but not effectually, the two gases thus mixing and escaping through the Itaky tube caused the explosion. * CUAXACTEIIISTIC CmcUMSTAIfCB. “Peace gathering' Mr. David Aaron, redding In Oak street. w£> ahot In the thigh by.n unknown man, wh“ made hie escape. Ha waa coarejed to the J.CW York Hospital, where Ida wound waa pronounced a Eerion* one. TAB POLITICAL PART OF IT. ?? c i e T and fllrl T cnthnalaitle at the Square, called upon to ratify the Chicago aomlaationa. Yen’ naturally there waa aa uncomfortable chill oyer the T, h fs' * lat " •‘"“f. they found that or ?'cndleton had accepted BDd no enQ could say by “ r -s‘tter they would, noweyer the allair, lubeequeut to the killing of a cou ple ol woaaen, went off quite cheerfully, A. nerebnm’s View of iffcClellan. e print below an extract from a letter received by B. F. Johnson, Esq., of this citv from one oi the most influential and promi nent business men of New York. It speaks for itself: _ , T . „ Kin-Tone, 3ept. 8,1564. B. F. Johnson, Esq., Chicago: Tonrs of the sth Is at band. ♦ * * Tour rei ? V^ 8 ’ about the Convention are noted, and I freely agree. I have always been a warm friend of Little Mao—stood np for him at all times, and shall unleu he accepts that tcxLinatlon on that most damnable platform. If he does accept, I will do all In mj power against him, and I am not alone among many who have stood and felt for Little Mac, Wait SIBP«M8 811D| Tbe North had Never Wronged the • Snath—no Cause or Justification for ■occasion* Just before Georgia took the plunge into thf gulf of secession, Alexander H. Stephens, afterwards madeYicePrcaldcntof the “Con federacy,” delivered a speech to the Georgia Legislature denying that the‘‘South 1 * had any justification for secession, denying that the North had wronged them; denying that the North had assailed any ef their *• rights” —muchlcea deprived them of any: denying that there wsa any cause or -justlAcatlom lir castration from the Union. Wa want every Copperhead to read this extract: “Pause, I entreat yon, and consider for a momeat what reason you can give that will even satisfy yourselves in calmer moments— whit reasons can jou give to your fellow, sufferers in the calamity that it will bring upon ns ? What reasons can you give to the nations of the earth to justify it ? Taey will be the cslm and deliberate judges in this case? ana to what cause or o«covert act caa you point f n wnlch to rest the plea of luetid catfon ? What riiht has the North assailed ? what interest ot the South has been favaded? what justice boa been denied? and watt claim founded in juilica and right has been wnhhela? Can either of you today name one ocfv/urvrw? deliberately dooe by the Government at Washington of which the Bomb baa a right to compi&in/ 1 chal lenge the arswer! While on the other baud, let r»a show the facts (and believe me, gen tlemen, I am not here the advocate ot the Nor*h, but I am here the friend, the Arm friend atd lover ol the South.and her insti tutions, and for this reason I apeak thus plainly and faithful to.yjurs, mine , and every other man’s interest, tnc words ot truth and eohtroers,) of which I wish you to jud'ra. asdl will only state facts which are clear and undeniable, and rrhich mo ir stand aa re cords authentic In the history of ear coun try. “When wo of the South demanded the slave trade, or the importation of Africans for the cultivation of onr lands, did they not yield the eight lor twenty years ? When we asked a tbree-Aflhs reprearntatiea in Congress for our slaves was it not granted? Wh<*u wo oked and demanded the rctura of any fugi tive from justice, or the recovery of tho’se pen one owing labor or allegiance, was it not la tUe*ConßtUacion,.an(t sg*la raiiAtd and strengthened in the Positive SUveLaw of I860? s ‘•Do you reply that In many instance* they have violated tble'compact, and bare not been isithrnl to their engagements ? As ia aiviriuala and local,communities they may have done to. Out not Dj the sermrtan ef the Ot tfirtimet.t, fur that hte always been true to southern iuterate. Again, gcntleosea, look at another fact: Tfhe* wehavoasked that more territory should bs added, that wc might sj.rcad the institution of slavery, have they not yielded to onr demands and given us LonUiata Florida, and Text*, out of which four States hsvs been carved, ami ample ter ritory for lour more to be addea In due time it jou, by this unwise and Impolite act do not dcstDj this hope, and, perhaps, by it lose all, and have yonr last slave wrenched from you by ttern military rale, by the vin dictive decree of a universal emancipation which may rcsionabl' be expected to folUw? *• But, ajraio, gentlemen, what have we to gain by this proposed change of onr relatioa to the General Government P We have al waya had the control, and can jet if we re main in it, and are as muted as we have been We have had a majority ol the Presi dents cboten from the South, as well as the control and management of those chosen from the North. Wo have had sixty ycarsof Southern Presidents to their twenty-four thus controlling the Executive Department* “ No zfton has controverted, or can contro vert these facts. Who thenso bsse as to ins tlfy the rebellion ?*' J Vermont Election* IT* kero thu* far but The general run of tin the Union majorities i ed from last year: t few return* bj towns,' le figure* indicate that »U1 b* largely Ucrea*- auncniKK county. 18«Tn.;Rior n. Union, Copper. Bolton 46 S3 Bor)tnctOß..6B4 838 Charlotte...lß6 81 Colcht«lfcr..lM 131 Essex V.t 74 Unnili£tOD.J22 81 Jerlcto .....228 OS Hilton 241 43 Richmond..l 63 86 Shelburne. .115 £0 St. Georse.. <9 5 Underbill...l<S II Wexford...l66 83 WiU18t0Q...167 11 SBNNINGTON COUKIT, SMITH. iIfDP’D. * „ . Union Copper. Ar 1ept0n...129 77 BennlDet«D.S6B jjj OItANOS COUNTT. Bradford ...176 IS* Braintree...l3s k RUTLAND COUNTT. 8rand0*....236 13 (.’aitleton...2oC 69 Plttsford....l96 eg Rut1and....739 #n wAsniNoroN couxtt Montpeller..B97 |» Northfl eld.. Um*J. WTNDHAJf COUNTY. Brattleboro.64l itO addibok coDirr. Cornwall .103 0 Mlddlebnry.S24 Cl Ter«:enßes..l4J 14 wrjiDson coasrr Chaatar 264 43 Hartford....l 96 is Laolow 194 a« S»rlifleld..>3ss d Wi8d50r....827 47 \Teoditock..4o3 43 . GRAND lILS COimi Albargb 125 North Hero.. 45 South Hero.. CO Tlio BmXt-Ceie. Pry am the Aliened siitak*. To the Editor of the N. Y. Tribune : Sib : Id the Tribute of yesterday the fol lowing statement ippewa In relation to the time fixed fsr the cemmencsment cf the dralt. Tnz Hiurr.—Nothing new has been received la relation to tbo draft. It appear* there hag been a mistake made In the time chasen from Ua com me*cement. It wa* callel for fifty d»v* «ft«r the leaning of the proclamation, but the official edition of the Jaw mates It sixty days; conseouentlv it would fall oa the sixteenth Instead of the firth «♦ September. The tross binnserhag been attributed to the printers and pror-fjcadcr?. Wherever it restf, it J* supposed that tGkidmlcl«tra»J o n tioir that the mistake has been discovered, will comply with the law In the meantime, u the allowance due to this city for naval enlistments be made aid our recruiting continues as successful as tofore, we shall flit our quels and have a consider able number of volunteers to spare. Lot every loyal man go his duty. . J It is proper to stato that no mistake has btenmadeln the Urns xhosen for its com mencement The Administration has com* plied with the provisions of tha law as pass ed by Congreaa, and approved by the Presi dent. The bill as enrolled and filed In the State Department, fixes the time at woich the draft may commence, at filly days from the cate of this call, and not sixty days as published in what you term the official edi tion of the law. The journals of Congress confirm the cor rectness ol the official record in the Depart ment of State. Will yon have the kindness to have the facts correctly stated? I have the honor to be, sir, vsry respectfully, your obedient servant. ** ■ James B. Fbt. Provost Marshal Gen. War DtoarWent, Toeoet-lUnhal OewcVt OJJlce, WaeMngton, J). C., Sept. C, 180 a. fcar Harper’s Wseldy truly remarks that there is not a man who did not feel that Mc- Clelland chances were diminish'd by the fl;.d tidings from Atlanta; nor any. one who dees not know that if Sherman bid been de feated, the friends of the Chicago candidate would have felt surer of his success. Wh*n people solemnly resolve, as the party which has nominated Gen. McClellan did at Chica go. that “the experiment of war” to main tain the Government and restore the Union is a “failure,” how can they bo glad to hear of a great and vital victory which belles tbclr theory ? No unconditional Union man could have asked a more significant commentary upon the true character of the Chicago move ment For suppose the great McClellan rat ification meeting had taken plate up u the Saturday the new* of Sbermaa’s glorious vic tory was received, how like a soaking storm it would have fallen upon an assembly whose cardinal principle isa “demand that Immedl tt |„ or t 6 , be “•ade for a cessation of hostlli ties y Sherman has done more, in bis cap ture of Atlanta, fora cessation ot hostilities than Yallandlgham and hie Convention could do In twelve mouths of abuse of the Admin istration and of the war. If the American people were craven: if they were so utterly humiliated and prostra ted that they could hear of the success of our soldiers only with abject regret; If they were .willing to surrender the victory of their Government and laws in the hoar of its fPP r o® c btog:triomph; If they truly thought th»t the men who managed the Convention at Chicago were more sincerely patriotic than Grant and Sherman, than Farragut, Granger, and Sheridan, then we too could almost be sorry for the glorious news; for it would he cltar that such a people were not worth B:ivlng, and that the life of every de voted soldier who had fallen was wasted iu the cause of those who were too contempti ble to respect themselves. tsT' TVs take from the Louisville Journal the followln items of information: For President, George B. McClellan; for' Vice President, Geo. H, Pendleton. By ordkb of ths coonty Court of BullUt, I will, on the 19th day of Sep* tewber, lEM, as Sheriff of eaid county, eed, to tne birbest the Conn Hoate dcor tn Shepherds ▼ills, en a credit of IS months, with Interest, tae fol lowing named slave: WATT, about S7 years old. of dark color, 9 fest 10 Inches high. Thepnrsbtser will be required to fire bend with lecnrlty, the boad to baye the force end of re* pleyin bond. TV. THILPS, 8. 3. C. Gen. Sherman has given public notice that no citizen will be allowed to go to At lanta. No manufacture! or trad* are to bo permitted there, and the whole city will ha used for purely military purposes. Colnmbua Critia tails the Chisago Cenvention 41 agreat <SWJ”—the soli of the Democratic party lo Jeff. Davis, through Belmont, ago it of the Rothchllds. iINMm ANP HOIITAtI. ITokiiat ErHXnre, Sept, 12, IfiW, The money market to-day was exceseiively doll —business having been partially neglected on ac count of the decline In go'd. ’ There la very little produce paper offering,shippers having been forced out of the market by spectators, who are now bney at work in trying either to hold or boy, under the impression that gold will rally again, and .aflord them a large profit.* The bankers, however, are so short of currency that It ia very difficult to procure advance* on warehouse receipt?, particu larly In the lace of a filling market The market for eastern exchange remains flat* principally on account of the ecardty of currency, as there la comparatively little offering. The buy ing rate Ib generally */ discount, hot some .houses did net pay over The usual selling rate wai H discount, and to bankers K discount.- Gold opened at 226# and jn»du*lly fell to 212 f when it rallied and cloied at 217. Later dispatcher received by prodace dealers, cave quotations ol 2£CtfJ22 **, bat they were not considered reliable The fo'lowiac are the quotations telegraphed to James Bojd, cold-broker: I.Soa.m ~..226)f 11.45 a.m. 10.00 a, m 225# 12J5p.m m 523 j2,Sop.m 223# 2.80 p.m. jl.Boa.rn 220# 8 20p.a. The market here was very quiet—opening at 220, declining to 210. and closing at Sls. Toe oSerial* wire unusually light. Silver was da'l, and sold aa low as 200, with very hide dlapoaitloa on the part of brokers to boy Fi»c-Twen i-s. and in fact all kinds ot securities, ware weak and lower. New Tubs Stock Markzt.—The following are the quotations lor Sept. 12, received by P. Q. Sal tonrtall & Co., commission, stock and bona Bro kers, 24 Clark fircet, Chicago: __ „ lit B’fl. Jd B’a. (V.TiC 176 i:« CAN. W. «a C.AN.W (pfd). Bsv HU Erie (com,..,.iOfiS 10» Srie(prd). iobk iu v C. « P USK . U. S. (com)... sa 79“ M. S, ipto). ...M« l«K P.F.W.A C..IS7K JS’S M.C U.A A. (c*m ).84 * C.AA-(FiC)...>3 R. I Hl.Cest.ierlp..*i){ 123 B.*Q. 125K 12S Market—lst Boar a wear csanißoiu, Mondat Etetoo. Sept 12,18:4. The receipts and ahlpmema daring the past 24 boors were \» fol owi: Bioxtrra ass asxpxstrrs past SI nouns. received. Snipped. . 5,06» 5,0H . 87,*30 61,303 . 67.6.0 129,095 .145 763 163,160 . 13,054 .... . 18,340 .10-*,Bll 8,653 4,673 .... 11,896 916 Flour. Wheat Corn... Oats... R»e... fiarlejr Grass Seed Flax Seed... Broom Corn. Cured Meats Beef. Pork w £>llok H.SSO Wodl 3.85(1 n«iif i.aa VM S3 0““ ■„ 44,034 11,0& Hifibwlncs vT Mt Salt .... 9 836 Butter 18,116 143’*tS nxosiPTS or moot Airs ousts forth a max airs* _ woaarr.W. _ . . Flour w total com Data Kreßs'ler ReceUod by brU. bus. bos. boa. bas. bta. Bl * V ,:9SS ’ ai ” 2563 81RR... * till tS'PO 539 ft 7*9>9 18IW 15(4Q IllCItB . 115*3 IM.M 1855. 73>08 «N M'S CB*QRB 4.H 67 M 4CT515 W3 1975) ««• NWRB.., 8515 71879 W«UJ 317508 4 HI «?fi> C*ABB. .SM 87«| 11371 81*19 «« KM Otbtrrosdl 17 (9:8 8 9 018 T0ta1..... 807 TO 548113 350153 512839 73m 7S4M Cerreisoadtas wcea’63.. 4<M7 5364*8 791563 94; 178 38176 6555? 9-SOOE’W . STIrJSSS3 0113411185248rt11 4»*est B*JiTt 6eai*S'64.. B;BSw9 '•9135*3 *1160031 19233 S »5«6i7 87391S •KIP2U2TTS Or VLOOIt *M|» OUI«, VISE IIDIXa Floor, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Sy« ( Bar j, _ _ . BTiS. bu. ba. on. ba. hi. Bf Ral'read. HIS 173* S9»S 4* 7,5 Buffalo *3Bt :4tm 8136*0 811375 Oiwesa- SU7S luca 34.7S .... OgflasiOtrs. JIM 3iei .... Other yam.. Zi B*oo 7Sif Pr. OlDorue iCfIW Pt Saiula... 5571 .... 12(M , Gcaarieb 7373 . OntoaaiCß.. 319 • .... 750 3»m *-* Tela! 14*57 3W40 nieN 7i» ConriparSlie 1 W«ek ’65...M164 6T6475 819T6 131111 10099 19851 fisoiOß G3..8>J17j r4<H7i3tlo4as'| ?05S$M 3M4T5 flrSs Beatca»«. MtS77 TSSittS M 16155 74.151U 38.610 47118 TLOUB IX D fiBAIH IX BTOBB XV CHICAGO, Ttia followin': table show* the amount of floor and train instore In Chicago on thalOtbinat. sad also lor the corresponding period of last jear! 18M. 1861. .... mtir 10. Os .... 807,003 i^5,4A» —i S2' S SB im!mi 1|007,e8l #>4.839 Wi.701 60.032 aW.O7-1 #2.073 Flour. brls, Wheat. bu, Coro, bu.. Oati. bn... Rje. bn ... Barlej, bn Eqial to 3,631,319 1 300 3 0 .The Anther depredation In sold to-day, which opened at 2A6* and fall back again ta 2,17*, bid adapraning effect on tba general prodnea’aar keta, and we bare to note a farther decline in prlcaa. There waa aerr little Inquiry for Floor, and Iba market was dnll and 35©S0c per brl lower, with aalei ot only abont 1,300 bill, at *11.33 for White Winter Extra*: *10.75 for Red Winter Extra. • and 310.0uai0.Ki lor good to choice aprln* oxtraa’ Wheat waa nnaettled and “paalcr"-p r icca shewing, decline oa Saturday's qnotationa ol 3a 4c per bushel, with ealea of abont 196,000 bnahela. at 31.90C1.05 for No. 3 Bed; *1.85 for Selected Red; £l.o*ol 35* for No 1 Spring; *1630194 lit No. 3 Spriar; and *l.B ©I.BB for Rejected Spring—the market doling qnlat at *lß9*ol 90 for No. 3 Spring. Tba demand by the “ abort in. tereat" waa particnlarly brlak lor a Umo. and thla teadad to anata in prlcea. The Corn market shows a farther decline of 1 per hnshel, withaalct of orly 86,000 bn*heli a $1.2001.32 for No. S Hirer an* Canal Cent afloat sl.3’. 01.22 for No. 1 Corain store; and ftsoa 1 £•# for No. 2. Cora In alore-ihe market steady at sl.Bl for No. 1 Cora and SI.BO/or No 9 Corn In store. Oats were less active and aboat le per bmh*l lover, with tale* of 100,000 buihsla, at 65c lor No 1 Oats. 63Q6(e for No. 9, and Cl#c for Rejected— cloiiag a toady at OScfor No.l aad MOoj# c for No. 1 Rjo declined 5c par bnebel, with »I H of only about 7.oCobnebele. at $1 8101.13* lor No 1 aid *1 2701-!S,V lor No. !-cloil. B quiet at sl.Bl to No. 1 and $1.28 lor No. S, Tbo demand, however weeieryliaht. * The market for Barter ruled oiceedlaslj.flit, and we note a further decline of BC5c per bn.bcl, with eaten of only ahont *S 0 barbels at $1.8001,93 for No, 3 and SI.TO for Bejectad In atore. Dlahwlnee ruled eery dell, buyers and sellers belie aboat tc apart-offerln* $1.7, an d aeklnu $1.14. Tho sales ware conllned to a aiaolo reUll lot at SI.T4. Prorisloaa were entirely Deflected, end qtoli. Lions arc nominal. Umotby Seed fell 10c ft bushel, with znodsraU sales atss 40©5.55. Seed was in food d» mand sna firm, with liberal sales at s3.l2j<©3.u. Bnlttr la very quiet, but we have no chan** to not* In prices, Oovd ekippiag is la Halted re quest at 40c. Broom Com Is yet In very fight ssppiy and the market Is firmer. A lot of 4 tons, lair quality, was sold to arrive at $:COOO ton, and holders art generally asking hither prices. Grain Freight* were steady at UXe to Oswego 7#c for Corn and 7# for Birley to Balla’o. * In Groceries the market has seen generally dob and Inactive. The depreciation in cold, with the downward tendency of the general markets at tbo East, bare caured a further decline otic p lb on Rio Coffee and of 1c on Raw, and on Coffee Sugar. Other staples are no; so firm, bat them has ’ be»n no quotable change. White Fleh are in very limited and Irregular sup ply. Upon previous quotations we note an ad* rat co of 2Sc $ halfbrl. No. 1 Trout are active and firmer, with a corresponding advance of 25c » brl. Cod Fish are in fair demand. Oar q«ot»- lions of Georges Bank are nominal, tharo being none In the market * Green Fruits are In fair aupply, especially Ap piss, which axe easy at £ brl. Peaches are in moreVberal receipt, and active at Sxooa 3.C0 V basket. In Hides the market is less active. On Green Salted prices have dscllned ©\c lb, sad life on Dry Flint. Timothy and Pralrio Day are In more liberal re celpt. Market medcratelj active, with a declln ef gI.OO per too. Or bon Oil firm end unchanged at 5t.95Q1.03 pe gal. tor best White Oil. Un*ced OU has declined in this market Sc per gal., as the remit ef compe tltioa ameag dealers. Oa Lard Oil we sets an ad vance of 10c per gal., with a very Inadequate nap ply. Whale, Elephant and Bank Oil have also ad vanced 6c per gal. At present quotation* the mar ket it very firm and active. In Wool the market baa been depressed, owing to tie decline In Gold. On provioi* qaetations we note a decline of leper ft, and at present rates tiers are very few buyers In the market. In Beef Cattle tie. market has been moderately active, with light receipts. Prices role firm at pte rions quotations. Entered salsa—99s head at $1.50 07.35, chiefly at $5.0009.00 $ 100 fts. In Hcgs the snpply of prime to extra grades has been limited and below tie demand. Prices Arm and unchanged. Entered sales—l,*2B head- at $9,750-9.80, chiefly at $11.0001150 *9 Ito’fta. Stock Hogs are In fair demand. We note sxlee et $6.7507.00 V 100 fts. LATES. In the afternoon, owlnc to reported fluctuations in gold, the Wheat market was unsettled and ncr- Tous, No 2 Spring sellleg as low asSiiV and as • high as sl.9o—closing nominal. The “short inter* cst” is all that sustains the market under the pres cut downward tendency In gold. Cora, Oats, Eyo, Barley and Blghwines, were neglected. ’ Toledo Grain Market-Sept. 10. PrestTsa to-day; 4,lfSbrli flow; 17,44 tm wheat -1.1 to bn corn; tin baoat*. r£ p'rt: i ba Amber lHch„ at *167 A«t«r r«or£ I.CIObn Amber Hlcb.m S3.OS; 4.o‘Sbndoat f m fits ba No3Rcdat|/.«|, Corn—lnactive. ItUtmooS bln to nam» quotations. Oats—Aales 90 ba Relertsi as etc s 8.700 bn and SOI ba si ?*. rejected Batter Speculators Frightened. [From the Beaton Jeurasl] A Ifew York batter seeealator a lew days ago sent orders to hli agent in roiidam, Ms w Tort to sol! a tbeowndtae* of batter »hicb hs hid beenho*Jiae for high pneei, lor Uermoit be coaia ee ° Tbe adenoid conditio* of tae f*n fe*d. takes ineosne* lion with the reflated- eonsiraptkaVf buitir,%i disappoint tj»ny femurs and speculators who m helot, r tbsir buitir for high* prlci.. It w«5?llul la bswHsmpihlre list week for trera thlrty-flye to foity cents a pcmnd. yu, " u Government, Awards at Chicago. The fallowing awards for supplying c-Tmtalssarr f tor £f.T er £ ® a ftl,ard »T made by Jdsjor J. aicL. Xav ier, Chief Commluarj: 1 B. A Adam* A Co., I.WS brls “Adams* tttt" flour, |II fr. *■ Adams & co., I.CM iris M Union um T n Home it Bcbblns. 100 hrlsbsaas, 12.70. Heme A Bobbin*. 3(0 nrla beers, t’.Ti. Heme A Hoebuis. no brls oeea*. i 2 60. - D. J. Ely A Co- UO.COO As anger, 19s 80. Gcnla A Bros. 1,940 B» star candlei.flj 40e a a . lire., i,*» », .Urc.n.l.., “i !fc » » S G /.n. W ' * Co - B,U ‘ nit*»r*h, J. 8. Kirk A Co., 40.4C1 Ss ioao. en ce Webster A Co., 57,501 ns salt, SU£?X 9 ewt. CHICAGO PHY COOPS SAREBT. iioroar Hmnuro, Sept I*, The General Dry Geoda market is dull, and country dealers are bolding ‘off till Gold bscomei settled Meanwhile holders are firm !a their Tlew*,andwe hsvo no material change to note in quotation. CHICAGO LUMDIfi MAKKBT' IfoiroxT Ernrara, September!*. LUVBBR—The receipts on Saturday were almost nomine', but with s norths-sttrlv wind Wowing slate jifterflaj mernlnr.alsrge Ceet of veiislshsseTrlvsd pilLClpslly from Uni. cccn, and a fetr quantl* from Grand Biver, Manitowoc and Osoato. Xho marks! ns«hs?n more than usually satire, and prlcea Have rnleoflrm at previous quota ions. eniNGLBS-IBim.II mjplr. Uukel mnul firm tut without quotable chance. LATH-Infalriupply. Price* pale lira, and tie market U aeUre ana anetsnged. canoo fame to-d kt. Cargo icfcr Feeler, frea Muskegon, eold by John ■»d. 15 C(0 feet Umber. K atrip* good at s3l; cargo aekr Barker, from Muakegcn, eold by Mason & Darla B'.KOfest lumber, X I’rtpiat S&»?;ca-to scbrlx* # pTim«nf, frm Manitowoc, aoll by McDonald, VfiOQ feat lumber. all strip* at $33.W ; in»,o e pei at • .25: ca'gc tcbr.a. Frederick, from Muit-eoa.eold by Eailman, 50,0(0 feet cowmen lumber K itrlpi, at »l8jf; cazioecr Wyoming, from Grand Hirer, lo’d by O. Breaeter, lan.CCO feet lumber, x impel at $21.0'; M, f l# pee lath at $1.03; cargo ichr Wm. Aldrich, from Two Hlrere, lold by File, 63j)00 ftlnmcer,K strips, S3OAt; UC.K9 pee laUatsU3 .219 .217 .214 .*l2 .217 cargo aetr B*mnel Hall, <r*ra Oeteta. saiaeyOrey. Hatripa. kt U:.0:eiioo; is»,o;# pcs lata, at; cargo scar McNair, from Oran t Ibver »cld by lilrb * » nlUf ft mmber, strip*, bal ance nixed at g19.-00; cargo sour Hoicm**, frota Mnßkegcn,foldbyM<>rt»;, 90,100 ft laweer.cearae ccnUßoa.aigtSll; car*® tchr Fiiber, worn Ma^te* f r.kOldby laaanan.Cf, oOfctnmbtr.Kttripi.caa* m'ts.acgi&vCO; e.rioschr Octavio, froa «a«cs?en* Hid b: Whi e A Trowbrld*c,l2?,Cse ft lumber, g««d yttrirs.&t 121.; careo sebr Sea Goll,from Muiltowoc scid bykid'craid. 65.K0 feet Inmber, boards and ■trips, at fi7,00; cargo ichr. Abigail, froa Graad BiTef.ioldbj J. Canid,o-.o3:feat goodrattadlaw t)« ,£ft-lps at 17 .00; cargosebr FacayFloy, from Moakeion, sold by Merrill, BV9i ftet lataber.K strips, balance botra*. Ac ,at s2j f<) ; carga icbr. tl K.Catte, from Pan’.water, sold b? Hart 4 UaxVali, 1 o.f«liei 1 ember, ctmmoa, Joists aid aetatlings, at sl9 CO; e*rc®»chr. Sea Gem, from Utukegon, aoldby Blclft.rd.S ,»Ct feet lumber, pruae.K itrip., ealaace mixed, at carao athr.Telflrrtps.fcoai Mnik*go»,Boitf by O,Brew*ter, 48 cd» laiagie bo.U at fIB.’ O, SW,cC« shared iblnslei at $1.30; cargr a.'hr. Bcso Dcusmloo. from Unakegoa, sold by lint A Mas well. VO,OIO lest lumbar, H awiya, halsaca boards, at $20.99. 'ihefoilowluz are the yard pricea: Mtß’A.lißM. QvokJilTar... si C.n.T. m 123 knd»3B Btvec.USK 1.2 IU. Can;, 127 X ...» munAviss, cert4»X .... UlAVewiiwar 3 _le»n botds.. SSK .... F 8 If c*nt S-2‘ a. 9, « w cs«t be»«a 1331. ..IGSJ* .... U.8.7S- 0 reoa ntj Notts ..Hiy .... tl 8-1 yr certf. 94 .... taJ<LC!7K 217K 24 Hoard weak. L**OT-rimue*r, v m wweariji - Tktro Clear,? U. ....diiM 8toc& Basra»•_ ...» SZ.JJ«i34,:o Bcs or select Board* .. Coßinoi Bear** » £&UJt Call Bsarls.... -...G Sas Fnt Clew Fioorlßs.roask ifiJ(s?e.9c Deectd Clear Fioeru^.rottik,....... 4flj«oe-t398 Common Flocmr, r.:«£k Blr-JDI, Cit»r, tfuM« ascend a«« ~ Mxaait LcssJctsu ijt-««8er SBSTC9 SbtaslH,i.VU..... sia S.‘J »k»TedSWn*le«,*o. l.» d <.BC 3ta»«e su»&st Caaarsntktlea... s.TS IsiraA SbtDdes.X mi K »#Tr?C Salaries s*. 1.. S.C9 I.H L*a, v i.Btfeca s.« prats. V I.<KC~ 14.«#a*I8 « Picistl ... r.wa33.!» 8 17,788 CHICAGO CATTLE BUgKCT. Uoxdat Bvbxrto. 9*pt,13.1551. BEEF CATTLE—Rscalpte ainsa Bstarsar hove SstmllaM. Bnterad etlit at the various jares M 5 bear, at chiefly at 55(*33.M? 109 Ba. There has bean bo chaoee In tbs activity wcl«h ebar sclerlzrd the mar* et on Saturday." Btyershsvs a»t been to nomeroße as usual on llacdsy. Thera ta still a fair dea»»d for cood medium, aad pnoa to esuaahlpßlcc fiTtdta, and oricei rule firm at the elo»l*CQ l ® atloisof thaisarkat ea Saturday. Wo ■o*sihcaalo ef US head prime ZUuoli iteari, frem to D. Waucal.aversslsg 1,168 Biat »7t*; and 82 bead prime ahlpplne steers, from Hertz to Cbeadorf, avaracmg 1,1'4 as, at f7.*o ft Ite m. The teaa'nuff trasaacilona were confined to oomaoa so Boedmealnm sutlidei. Mr oattu giui siaaa ■atusdxt, ce.iMs. Sajart. 5». a.t. Price Q.Adims .. . ...Webb* Kvllr.. is uii tsmu «« im sjla 4 ao do .... 44 use | a j| Wahwfrk&'ju’l.lTarPheraoa..*.*** 1 ?* i;ai |‘m do ...Bye ao 57 ui» so do .. O f »hea u lo< ao ...Rohbi# k. Co ns 1171 VtS TraUs>aß..M....MtcPk»rseß is 597 ,'«? nntacerf. D. **au»i i»j tt« Va* M-rtr. Ctaike Flaairaa , 8 re 3fa co JUbre & Co. st iejt s** Robinic* .... lla-Phtra08...... 14 isjl 5 Plaalgan O’lhea 1* *l* ftrot.ora Djbw*c«„ ... et ms |ll J, 0ndJej....... Jiciti 17 lui g'et A , l\ 158 S “ Allra wacahs is V.jw 2 2 Care do il raa aS G.inu K«« m CoslajAßidrldsellayaaa ... .. n iki* ?i? J.Adami,Rlb'lcz .... U sJ OO MerrlaACo ... IT 853 Jm * BOGS—Received aU ce Saturday, aboat Wi Ho»i Bt Ue varieca yards. EaUted aalea, l,ui bead at S9 7B «l2.r,«Dd atf(.7i«*7.a icr etoek Hoxa. The biUic cfeaet were made at 9 ISO Be. P/lme to extra doalitlee sre In active dcaand, ard 'with the yrexanf reatneter anpp’y prlcis naturaliy oontloue very Arm. We qaa;a the market firm at previous quotations. 800 SXLS9 SCICX SXTOKDAT. BeHers. Boyers Ho. At. Price W.lwoiktt J4....-W, U. TUdco..., 44 Mi tll G. Adams do .... 56 ao» •{JS do do .... 57 2»T ii 9« Bsid do .... # I*S 0« Jftfli Gilbert ..S3 ies <; ■• Hall.. .......J. (i tdley h* 100 rai J.Gndlry. . ... Wiuceor ui a» «i’S a a«sbi iiimti-j-.,5 J'-g do do so i|a 1,.. COtleyACo.... Joi«« ~.730 ret , do Uard* Taboc.,.*2«i 110 n? Crovilcy ..Wlatcra a; uo nig CHICAGO DiRT HA&KJST. An tata tf Grew report** in (Au mar&e r&trt Mnm übaiUefie »t»ra§* per hu/u!, usZs etheneUeetaud. Fw U eoldielher*i wSw eiAtrvUe tinted. w Koedat Enimrs. Brat k©j FREIGQT9-Or*in Faaionrs qau;‘bat Arm Tbo CDi©jt(mtDi* to-Aa* wre: To Mti'auk. with c«r*. at 7*c; «asr. C4ma{tODT wim ucrui •! Fleer to Ns« Terh.laxs ud raii. , •;? Flonrl«F»rlI*«f,Tl» Simla “i 4 ,.T FJ«arle B»n*s,.Tla Ham l * ...; i'hS”" _Rallroad rEaiQHTs—Tftere 11 ro chasra In fk*‘ a V IT* *uete: * T.H.irT.rt,.U Ml n T?, •' rail u« L*k* 8 £ HJ I# B«CUa, fcH Mil, ...... 1M 175 “ railaadLakain* .7.... .B U f«a TO Portland, all nil Z .J’S If 2 To flaltaeore, *ll ran. .... *'ajs ?»? Fbiiadfliaua.aii rail * *’.”*fas r!S To PictTboir. “ ”•*« 1 it? rLOUK-BtcelTed ta-dar, 5M3 brli* ■hlD**d «lie t.rl* Market dull and 3;«uc low™,! day wrrn: v m r»T7r«Te« *navTßx:aab-103 hru good quality »* ill» Bxp - istxb fixSISS S **Caati*.lfc” a» »M«. Brauro kxTa.a-uo brls Atlanw*” and 14 brli choice inrlsc extra at etflta* 4I» trie food aonra ext'at at |1010: i«0 bria *• kw kakce,” icubrle “Cta-er scale” end 00 b?U•• C-aTr ■"’c°ft’rc!* U »t »s P ». , ‘ Brtaa Shtmiot-jid tru WfIKAT—Ro-elred to-da/. 97,588 b*. i»H t) « c i 61.3C3 bu. Merketaaaattled aids -Sc lower s&Iel »«•<•»: were: Wurrat WaaaTUMtTORB-l.rflb i Ho SBidataios; s.eisba «aat si.l 4; B,r*o ba d* at *l.9*: 4,»t0 bo Rejected Bed at SI 83. Spatao WDiiT uc Sroaa -S.OCO ba NolSarlax at nastr 4,»iODa da at SI.SS; S,Gt* ba do at |1.91; J,<i}o ba (Vo i •pnaz (early) at 9..M; S.«le bndo*t 1.113; J.ufl ba da at It 93Jf if.Mb ba «o at *1.93 s 2Joo baooa: 11 aiu- IS.f-fl ba»e at tl.ll; 2,(K9 bad* *131.9 u• sa eoi no •oat gl 90; n.U# baao at si So:s,i»>. ba aw at 20-tM bu do at et.Ss; 4to bo Rejected at eiJU** bn *0 at SU*; **• ba do at Sli-. >ko iaars*{ for ao 3S!,tl «- foil* ItecelTvn tc-day. 67 GSlba; abtosec 113- 193 bo. Market dieUnet Ic. aad lets attiTe. s*ia« to oay wrre: Co** is BTOta—IO,HO ba Nol Jcrn at •1.51: l.eoebadoat » .SJH'; 3,«|0 ba dr at sui* «O.KO ba No 2 r ore it Jl ;«.«*• ba do a» *l2o* lirriß iso UisiL Cois-lJf» ta choice N* a > as *..Slaflo«t: lo,'.te ba 2at SI.JtJK afloat r 5.530 bn 00 a; *1 It adoar bo ao **«s a?»ao k't doing quiet at St 38 for No 3 earn to Stare OAT2S'-B* , r*mdt>-day l its,;K bnihale* ibioDfld '•62. 81 bu. Market aboot ic >o«er. balei to-dar wera:—Oats is Sanaa— 53.rtoba NolOata in loti at Ur: 1.3C0 bo N<*2 os-teac6te: X.,030 ba ao at 6iuc* Si'.CCO bu do at C3c cH bn Rej'deaOa aat th» m»jt« elonnj etiacy at tsc for No 1 asd for HYE-Ric«lr»d to-day, 13 99« ba; shipped, no»* I Market «nli and 3e lower, Salee were: Rtz’is 1 araix—4Ct ba No 1 Bye at 8 !3Jt; 14-0 bo *Ollll Si »,*• ba >o i Ry« at »1 Jitf; 4Ct on do at 11 i.|>9 ba ad/i*:i fTrM?*' 1 * 1 clo,lDe aletas for No 1 BAiliß*—Reretrc* to-day, 18.319 ba: iblbnel aone. Maika: ault aad 34>• lowir. £si«« ware: Bnur i» broaa 3,SM ba No i Buhriit «1.59:t,C0 ba float lI.M- -90 bn Rejected Sa'larat SI-311—clause ami»tSlM orNea. AlCndut Noi*inil*l#a.soO3J2Dfl7£a'nan BUTTfiU-KecUTai today* IP.; Snped. Ib». «ar-e*qmet. Ifrquote: Pilraa Dairy in crocktt ana ta0a......... Ma... feiSfpiaa Butter,uiliau.B **** •SSiaj Grceitfiatter... Balea le-day; 35flrk»na goodatiCc. - «BitO a llilw-N—iteceiou n*ht and market Xrxa. Salca.4 to:tk »co t* arrlya ««t9»..9j pop ton’ isAi>G*Maarketratber qulelf Price* arm ai arer.oasqaotaUQOE. naonotej *“«• aratai 1 taxi. A... Monitor A.aMtniMi,... Baspata E, eaamlcac, WaTtrly a. »ea*n**j . Chicago A.acaxleaa Lccewoed a UjliCbeeter A, sewed Ua*a.... ('traßjchitfsA.icwed Bi«j. Rzlea bsayy A EayieA... ZxceUtor * Ktnplre Ciry.aewed ilm«t Garraa Ci;y,eew6« liraa BorUbs, f-nr b ’ Gonclflfl, flye bn..., „, fcnrbo * 2 “J tv* Dm, « Ftovfttckj,Xbrb Gotten. *• J ** “ 'H “ H*en~ * * ?i ** “ m ** cotton «| - 8 M i*®*- ! IS.X .. .. jiff,, M Tui»tn.Mn. f j CUEtSE-In light inpplT. Vuttt'lim'ua ii charged. Wcqooiunotweiiht: llsumur* t| ak« Western Besorre V...V,. */ M Si£ Wooten SUtoo lit! !!!I in «;»»FFEB—The tni’kotisdull ic( fn fsir laon'r On Bio w« notes farther decllia of le 9 m At fpotetloni tb« market Is anything bit fltia. C»pe,9 ft ..i... ij . Java, OG. in mots te en 2 KlO, folr to coed (!<• a Ble. roodio cnma bi ?sa « fOAL-aorrCeoiliU Air ouaMy. niceiDti at Amhi ar« l*Jg»r, bat «ro still below the dsnsva Market flrns at previous qaoutiDas. We Quota* Burn— Brcotnoia. * .'i| M do Ormsby * *« £ CmTiUjro-Bitaf Hill * ig’2 d« Mineral Ridga ij!S ; _ do wmow Beak. : H*» Bloottir? 1 i2*S Lump Lehigh.... *** ji*2 Lackawana, prepared. **** £rS Scnstcn. SS~ PiitiU-' ***** *s*2 Union I'ctQiVu MJGB—Is laiMltupply. Pricesfirmer aod higher Bales to*dav have bf«n mi it at I?©Ue » <tcz. FXMl—Whitt rrsa-In alaoit nominal subdlv with on active oemsaa. Price*very flm.wlthan , advavce of 25i 9 hfbrl oa previous quotations. In moderate segpl? and dewand Oa No 1 a further sdvaace or Me aas boos mode. kUcxnaai, —Very Arm aid unchanged. nonnan—ln nonlial r*colpt. Market active and v»ry &m at oar proieLt euetatloas. No. 1 Laka Homage are quoted eomtnui’v. ihare being non# for a law oars in tue market inFUbgensra'ly the receipt! are eon sUeraolytoo united fcr be domai d,tho remit of which Is seen In Uvinci eating Unuen of tbc marked. Wa quote: Bo l weiteßsu.hf brls M.7S ekoj .Tse && 80 3 Wkueflib,bf brls al.IJ No 1 Trout, hi cm ....7.50 ©>.73 Not Trout.hi brls gig ©jjg No l Mackerel, hi trls isoo © a.oj BoSMac* oris ...iß.th ©l*7ol No.SMackerel.hforU,large 3.75 ©j.54 No. 1 Mackerel,kits SdJKsaj o Boa Mackerel kite „ t» ©its family kits..., tTb ©t© Family Mackerel, bf brls . 7.5 a oam> Codfish, Georga'i Back,« 100 as u.k al3 01 Cocflih.Grmaafsink. 9 ICO as... -JIJSO aiiji No 1 Prlad Herna*, 9 box... — 7® 2 -75 SealedHenlnss.9 box-..,....,.,, S « Pickled Herrings,round '**!** 950 m'iao No 1 Lake Eemng . Ata utn No 2 Lake Herring 1 ’ 5.73 ©9.03 1 •f*tU | TJJ--ATPLX»—'The market lisa* live ai dimaburoattsuoply. Prieto rulo easr and urcnanced. LBx«*rre la acderattsupplr. Market | firm at •previous qnoutlaus. Mbloxs—cue supply is moderate, with a fair deaiand. Fsicnas m rerelct, Arm »»present quotations. 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V ».... FiC*— ecariaa. XS 2 «! A»vDa»,ioit,?a 5 1s Attend*, haro, V » **•**• 2 3 S Prune*. rni*uh,»,a -2*5 Pwn.BohucUa, V ft ** ?® • H B*rdlae». oilto* lx*® JJ Bird»»».on*rter» ! K S 51 Prain# Chickens, * . oz.‘ -- a*j».ei<iir 21-2 WiloDncil.f <tz I.S-2HS B*ice,i»rfoz ... :::::;: ■’oz... Sif! ™V«.“- UI »• • Slppm. I'.fCi at. I*** aie la demand, nas with e Tre de U y flrm st »rerlon» qastatlns. ;Gre»n Salted, T<mnn<l. D'j Bauer, trlm» ed . Drj Kliat, t) Inunid, Blp. Qren B*l»ed. trtmmea**' Call, Greco Salted, trimmed.. A,. 71 .’8 ®u UV3ia« a 9M voices vaui»i* '*B.«o CUI . MM MJiWi c. ..J2 913 *. ..?1 M2IH» ..1? 6*lBV ,J» 9M o* H»y—ruoiar tsia better rafriv.wit* a htr d'Bwd price* &*▼» iee'med tu** r, 18 *: H*t u t* «o*4 icpply *aa f*tr acetauou we m«te • decrtte tr f :M w *o«» "• *uote: wvoLßuxsmeaa* mctty.mteryniMi. *?-?y!rs nact&i loo« Praine. ne«ter ptmm* 1* £» « _• Pr«itle.l«CMfrene4. r JfSftrS fntr!e,l«OH H U.««lW* riao ny. kcaicr »rnifa jr7J.miß.ct TtcoUii, lovt prwti M ► #'lJ! TnnOTbT.I'OM S.No]*>N Praire. beater pressed. li»as.<d Prauiß.loose primed- fraaiejooae iTJimiS-* Hu.Mlt beeelredta«v. 97 bt)U; t’uppea :<s*b », M*rtMTprf *ul;, md quout.ooß eanrely tcsia*!—stliera at J1.74 aal buyers at ji*7J. 9*Us W*l*; 8 bhl» «e 11.14. l,E3Ttl£ll-D.aiestir roods are lufair aapply. w.ib a g .oo iimiK, Prices ate at pnc*a*rt Arm a* pitT'tua qnotstloop. Foreign L*»tbens la Tory I'xnltPd • emend, buyers aauclp«t mt toat »ltb tb» rfouctu* In Uoi-. atatbn downward tnacncyof tb» market.tbatpncea *1 holslr*TS»ys«a'i Blocks, posed omake aay co_c*m slope are m changed. w*i Baneai 9 v<b*»s Line 9 • 51 •Me Z\, 9 » ermi a Calf* » |ITW» rpanr? f-«t.... n§sS«c Collar V foot. «CJ« Oi g>«gkur. 6e!*....i5£63e Farnass, 9 » -'OfttKe Upper-... t^SQISfi Kip. S9. 1 a*- _ M djßin at 3 mi.ft Ki».Nc I t»TT.I *»x#ue calf, gftra HAVAIiSTOB*S-Mi Weqcoio: Tar . - P«Ck SLfiPSStM SiiLf ... «!>.» rmrjeaßß*. • lis-.piaspactlac... 60c IUI Bemooaskui... Me An. Heap Baa rc An.P*tl N'.l *e a» UnnoNo.2 2(e r fair iff slpt. Market aeilra aid Sim at 01-tOfcUlla bolt. sod at |2Xt®3.'o from * Ollj—Lia?E3i>»'ii— Tharatsj been a lilMosx’ra co»*»ntt«B fa ttamarket. Ue retail of whtca Is s asr'iet oi 3c ¥ c*Joa qaeuooms. i/aan* f., ca en kaTa»B«arocs«niaiacbetr?«t:s, atwbies O: • ssot bfiMd cowe ners at >ew astroaavqaots. l/ski> Oil in artlTt dunaad, alth an ioateqatia rap. els. Oa plfnaot quoi»tlaii wa note t« aorsnee of lle¥c*l ‘Wkale, K eebant and Bask o>l, iiirapi iky wnh lard Oil, bare all* adrsacel 5c ¥ j*l on prerlonaqootsiioDi. **ai’efUb ‘ Umrary•®*ilrs - »*r>et»ctiTC, wilbaa adTaoce Of 3>j'Uso ¥ caL TTcqaota: ittrUtnilOil fl.bS Cftt.OS Dt»v.d Oil. laJ ®i.7* Olire Oil. bal . Uo at .25 Whale OU,«lC» L St «U0 RleobS->tOlL. .. Ul *’..93 Baas ull LSC eiAl Lard oil. par* leaf. L 75 Machine Oil IJS *Lia sj>eita«ll Ul 03X6 Mecca 0D 60 a TO heaisfrat Oti L 45 AliO Castor OIL ..... ..** Slm Watteflab OH .. JVg X x jJ ,CA».«piaOll#-Ia ac-We demand aaa fairsao ply. market ft*» aad onchaaced Waonots. r A kite OJJ, 110 to 111 teal, by ear io«l Ui « on’ '»»— fi'iawOll, do do »?c— do ««* Bsozole. do ao y e— do msec PB«VISTO«A—MaJke* fDt'relr ae-iect*i Mats Pcax— Nstuioal at H» CO Pauu Maai IMkic —Ncmital a* Lsarr—No? tail at 23e. PoTAT»E3-lQ raiaer llialttd sapo’y. Uarkst actl>eaa« flrii. at pretest (jactations. TTaaaote* Potatoes Nesbannocx« t ¥ ha... a luai ifl Potatoes da ¥brl , . VwSi to Potatoes Common, ¥ bo. ... STniVn PoUtra* do ¥ trl ...V 3 712s f6 6*eet Potatoes. ¥ bn liaaVjw POUI/I »ty—Tb« market is Beaerally aeUrt, wuS V"qi l ow-* , ‘ a: pieitai quoUM#**. Fo» a olr’. ¥ dos •< Mai ia i ktrkcas, ¥ d*r "1.™... * S2«i? Ttrkfya, Use, ¥ a ""**• ,53™ Prpaca» t ¥doa * is^iS tOwAtt-I> eonseqaencaoMhe rsoMne t* s id ara -ke isaetiyl.y »kub at »rpseitch.ractart*M th. Nrw York marl»t. prices here bare farmer doclinai both on Raw &b» R fine So**?. Oa cubs aadPorw Blerrwa aoien.dealias af lc, and of Kc per a ou cofr I fteßasar. Weqnoka: --S W A A Pntl*»<. ****l,^s4 N.T. reflate, Mwcerea ted trsamisttd 80 ®%Sf «ltn B IIIIII!’!.; SK<?:;;":;:;:;:;;::;:::;;;:::::::::::::: :::^“x c OVKUFSA.ND market Br* been quiet. tt«eU»r*ir uooJyf OxXa»O le*M* V'wOrle&s* rSa m ?hU*#«Uhls BM «*Tt m 2 ,» »*EOiS-R*c*lTttt to Air, ttJ.m »r Sud*. y-.s ai Fi»x Sed. TiHOTiTTMti>-Qme: aa»i£te ]cw«r. S»)e« ba»s.4l su*.2s 66 b«»i.»na 10 kttbeliipruae—*h sttS.s3* 24 zo.d »t 15.51 i‘S iau Sf bus fair »t |i 4 . »SS vSilt’K,?;'w^SieY'""' ,!Ul,p,a ' * x,blU - SsiCUTiO— .*OW F'te.. *•«. Cctru at«» G:oßsdSo!sr Sim n* ry. with seeks *7 ?? D»lr7, Wltscet racks Ss.i /•sues— Tnrz'slsitaa, v«*ck GroasdAUm. »r*ck **.* <Y^«V» 11,, ,';or cil. WCT *8«It M In small rap sly. Oa BabkllVs y VJi® * l “" t * ef ,ivai - ce or 'A<i Va. Ws quote; **Vi tt - 1 ?- V?]*..,-’- ; UH® IV4 T*A-lJ»riet qnVet*ird‘m*filr repVf?* mS£ Aim sod cackftQird Weqaote* I»12| St**, m WW M cuss, « »|U| ajM • *• •■»en*r*•»!*, « »....*iTS «»'« d* 11m u choi<«, v % r5 Sj'f? Cwwi»!,»«P«riort*t**, 9 » .1 "!.Lo liJ d» txtrato ekwc.* » all Sjj fl«a>«wta, itMTir u flu, 1 » _jJ 2jii , M vxsrmtoeftoic*, W . 31a SVia if , llfit tO f 1)^1 1| Bmi V| .« a. tilni,ttuancr to In"p P 2i*m inckun. 1 » ;*2 *•« TaLLOlV—RacelTe**, 11,855 »> la acti™dn ati d. *im a BBaii tad loW<ißft'«iß9»lr.OnCanS. W ° * of H« C * tt. PriA.* ci. jpxtkart U </ M . •outrt * “17 ®Uu- WiilSte: T "f W.Kd Mcln«.S Tub cut Cjuwcbo Tobacco— Cb0'ce.......... m. M Macitta.. f l*rs L l? Cnai» a?, fijctnao Tobacco— Ckde* ttadlut 22** r*rm*», ntWBM , ... ggg? P&9» TOBACCO- *»■* Jwtttl Lwf. Saif-trtttt * S2B •«»»« r.*r.n SSI?S 5222* ?“f “!!?••.:•;;; • " Tlßltu’Att-I* fairVajjp)‘y‘"kVr’iaV Arm an? tlr« at TTeq««te* a v Tar* Ctde*Tm«sr ( v t»i * netot Pert util do 2|?C* Ccm. <0 do do •u Oil ll-Tke decline la the me* Vt EOldVwita ll »T#«< atdr«K*&7o icbaeary, Q«*nattttled iota mar* ksr.toe coniK«r»o»y rcaaced iraatvstloa* Oaore- Tiou-. qoautlrsi xe note a dtcline af 5c aer lb in* irfqttcSV” 1 ** lhCr * “* m#ra ■•««« «ua bojanl. Fla* Lltfet Fledcl. V » (Braun Uofltxß » "...... CimeFifCtJ* » su2i* FaoierrTn*VuMi.i » ..V*' UMBs S'.?!:s, e ;Si“ *SS r S>- r iIJS- Drt ir“ «»« gar card, oo do \sjh 4 0 . JJJj MI A. RINE xj X St, POST OF CHICAGO. .ARRIVED S-nt.l2 Pter Bea Blrd.ifort an, hUnitowoe, *oa4rle* Ptop Ottawa, Warren, Mosteceu, tundrte* * Utt £?£ it n , ,enc V D *J\ <JK*tiai bar?* tdadilev. Fx*pMi.b6ws.L*i'«ley,, inadjjej Ploy ('aitaa- Brett, Budaio, snaones. Pro* Baff»J», McK«r,Buffalo, laaarin, ’■nmi r e. Buff* o,snndrie* Wopt» J Hn-«3ei), Musaesan. S3 si lumber Fro* />£©** Buffalo, 550 m lumber from Pe*h* 5fP “ r, ctTlll*. JsTlor, CUsstoß, «onfil«*. Pr« p Hri»io!,B*j#, Pert Coinarn. Si cd» wood. ri p i» 9. wl f ,I *«’ Sqli»t»b, huff* *, MJ tocseoa* w* r wil 4r,,,nle^» Ramm **' t;ie*e aafi.sis t a* eo»L Bark Kens- . Menomonee, 7i3 m lumber R»rk Amcr;ci[, Utff, ort’B u»t, sju m lonesr sf/*v 4 £* t *; F,:2c;r,kl ' 3 * Cleveland. 4D7ioa*C jBl, Bf,K coat’ 1 ' Aa,eilcs ’ GBacaaioa. uWelana, 40* ten* &|* ** ** Su *? k4 ’ ojt - 509 ton* coal I* * SSlfiVV.f' 1 *n nlF * c *?* B *y» lW - m shingle*. "L'B «tr/. Cojre. Oconto, ,4* xa mob-r. jjflf ** , |Sr l sjtSl ,l ?V lr ‘ lon C1t 7.14» edl wood, nf J* “’•'Jf n * *«iotr onee, 13 m lumbar hub Ai *■•*!>* Kio?u*c r Oconto, iw mi.,),,. um * Bn« r«ne*r* EstfU. Bay Uty" no &. nit ' Bf gO.eanaer, Gram' Bar, ItO a lumber ».«*Sejnoor. Hallien. Ocon<s » m lnS°£* Bn* Bia. Itbuja, CiereUcdaia taa* Soil * Bnp w u . Trent. Ba.o, Suffal., i. tCBa co?L^ CO * L **.h?% Cr , oll i Buffalo,« 0 to°i* coal. Sc»r Ashtabula,hammer-Gr ndHaTea. 9* m lumber Qr * nd m Scbr iiss.clia Jchnwn. Qrasd Haren. no m lumber Scbr America. Haa.auu, Grand flarej, 85 eda DoS * w£ iJtbf MUCD ’ WbU# mrez ’ 73 atJSS", § c l T Ut v ■ f >.G p lffln.Woir*Piep. 70 eda wood. BCh brt l ™ BeU, *^ 4Tl!i, * D » Meaoaone*, issmlum *CHJ Jwcfcl * Ma,ke « on » «o m iMnglci. <o sffi«aaS^KS:ssaKagss«ss ; BCh l,7£il%S- 6 "“ *'-™ ““«ar. Brfar *l»iwjck, Walsh, Mnekseoo, 85 m lumbar ,C “wT[ UD K u?£ L4TeKI,J » TwoWr« m lam ®; j» w~ Te r ler - Bton 7 Creek. T3 m lumbar. S c 2 r Joaei, Thomas, Masl»t:e, 130 m lumber |«Q f cipm.puih. Ma>ist«e. iiOminoSr. •’ L*l*b,Mani»tee. UO m lumber. flct»r C Nor id, fnurenlle. 90 eda wood »chr L, M. Fcc», Adams, P*nt»ater, i«« ih lumber tycoon. Green Bay.^Wmlia. Scbr S-allow, Elite, Giasd Trarerw. in^h.. wetd** t ' lr 4t^a4st ° l Grand Trareiae, iM cord* * Chll ::k?c'S &h ' °' CoTaoc ’ Gn«a TraYtne, 190 icbr lunsbe^ 0 * 11 ’ T ‘ Ura - P1 "« Mar<i«tle. US m S:hr Koi* Belle, Tetard.Plerro Marquette. Us mpxm. Cchr sra Cca. Hty, Two Rlrer*, ioo m lumber Echr Chnr.oue, WUllamaon, Kawance. ral^vad Scbr Falcoa.TTocd. Wolf Rlrer. 11l eda wrwwt * Sr hr Pil*; tm. iloore. Biy Settlement Scar B«my Eaton, ilarabali, Briiu^n?da ,ctr “ 00 ' e -&7.»SSSfcr. Stllr S’ESfi." 1 ' WM '- Bay da l! 0 S,br SJfflffj. -1 "- BtlJi: ' oa m lumber, u m Scbr Autcciar. Dimick, Buffa’o, 400 toes eo.t Scbr Geo. W. Holt. QioD^uff^^TOMcotl. lu.mer Blr., jgjfiilVe’i 5“5* >tul «nn Xh.i' 7 ’ "»®SO. K.VSI bn wbr>t. SSJifnnfJSS; “ p, °%>W«obob«M«r. 5*K n^Kw lr l» t c<a * Bnffalo. 5*5 tool COAI. ?« b * V 6, f,,nT » Clarelaad, ve ton* coal, s*?l mSSi?'?R** L “P*we. ci«T6.And, *K waaeoaL Si Ml o ,?* HUaen, ClaTeUnd, Mi koi eeti. • J c “r Mll9co;t. Gmu. *na, ins toaa ceil. •cur Muy Mot ton, Vsn Etta, Erie. 3-3 ton* coal, ecpr Geo ataei. Ga>daraoa. otwezo, B.eta Drla •>!). ■car Monticeilo, Uor dock, Oawaco. t,ssi brl* salt. Bear wm Saaden--.?*, wiiiiama, Oswego. 1,300 stOTif . , 149 C trm wat-? lisa- Bear Rqmiad. Joan»on, Oiweco, 417 ton con]. Sckr John "*b«r, buyer, 9a*tnaw, 14S mlnm&tr lekr Mary Kan, Peterson, Saginaw, 15* m im»h» ja maktagtas. • u Scfar Caniesa, Fan’laar. Oawego. 40C tom ccnL Schr A H Moss MOffait. Cl» TCliad. St 9 ton cn>l Bchr M<mle WUUama, William*, Port Colborae, bal* ■ckr CtaJUaga. Raid. Point na Sable. Cl adt boia» ,Ctr ia» l i ,MUCheU * Mo, * eio> » m m lambS, o m ■erlno Intelligence, T*s?»l Abandon*© ahdPicud Up.-Tbar>od.n«i- Irr.saytane. Cast.»nant,oCtheHew terkS3da£ Ba:ira*«Uaa,frnretkeichao*ar FljlflgaaadahSm itaasilea from Buffalo, aidway betwAa thaWrSlh aaa 2 iU th shores. aiamaaUd abaadonad bt crew. The sawl boat was batgtna to kerdaTitl 521 win in 111 r.irl. IW.J dilSnS’uS Boithaaai aala ah««aa Uaeowito eaai anrts»..i from Cicteland for Hamilton, the *a?one*a la Tire* to. and ter h.rthen u aboil Mat bl p * rUe# Tie Notnse too* bar la taw and branch h.,** Bnflilo. TkeCapt.lael ■are hera this df-tcing. The Teasel It Tafaed <OI’S.CW. »dt...uio » a,ia. ni tl will mow to . bi.a».n.o inm.rorlhi bolf.nfif rtonlßOwaciMliim, I^SSJuM BraAiraai a*© Yuibza Aanoaa -a centlnt.t. who rtacbrd tnis clty n*t «ve.ln* from ibore of Lake Erie, reparuthe bartj." iucki ickf>oner Starlight eihon at Na 0. a point » C .hn« dtiianca ahoT* Part S»an'et. Th# former flonni eia prora a lota, Tks achooaar rSVi? L 1 la also aihore at what la called ts. There li a!»o *. fiope ler and w«n^ssA°* the San ho«at aid ai*tr»er ■ earner Sahara ooperaida of La»c Point. Other ▼eSeS r 2 r f , M?l 8 wi«* recortad that co»«t waiehll aeen ftam dutantpctiti,the aawea of ethflV* * l tw»Mr> l iMr^. > ln.»rnir a. T »rtt,2; fit?* h »Te CHUKJJi; JNi-KiH SIDB“ResT DBHCK for tilt ,t tho ohm «f -.meal- Spy An. ot large, Home baaCiom* tad cianoo.m. - . yenleftk to atreat cart. Pna*. aw mb 7-30 LOAN. Tkaßoerettryef tki Treasury Etbi aottoe that subscrtprons •wru >« received for Ccupea Treann Sfetrs, pataJla <hns y»srs fron 4q K , wlik 8»m! annual latercst at tbs rata of ~..1 tferee-teatkß per east p*r aasaai-pctncipal aedliw teresttothtobopaidlalawfoiscaosT. “** ’ll gl»ow*». are i. ana so far. are not dis b-00. liar pravuus quota* omto: Tkeaaactea will ke coarertiWs at tka options tke koider at maturity, latq iii par eoac.jsid bear, irj kosds, payable aot teai tbsa flr*aoro rsthaa twentyy ( ura fromlhtir date, at tta Qo*treata« ■ay eieet Tha» *11! h Imw m d-moalaaeoe* of 150. U0«,|if9.11.100 aadts,oM > aad aD aebaenpfco* mast be for iity doliaricr soma mulstait aa •**— dollar a. m aim Sj*aibwr. 801t....5* t3c Bueaoa Ayrea..,,. scmbic Ot'boco, 001 a.... o*s* Oxinooo food Its arad Franck Calf, tl »« i.Ns!dl Fitack Oali, h liiktaeta* draw tatmat &oai iaruit maMsy deposes subsequent to that data mofiMw tasißtttMt scorned rrom data of aota to data of dm posit. ttl .........iuppmi French Cau La molxtl. 9 d os sa » Fraack Call Le met&es, sea dox.xflVm <! 07 tt L'B’Set 9Uo*.ll.lKa 1* 0? H*»p« »' , ''»..*K.ttV».lß * itkeiquietand nackansid. Fartlea depairtlar tweuty-fITS thousand doQM 41 tar tksia notes at apy oaa time *M b* aao«d a or« oqu^"? o L7pj2^ Special advantages «f this Lorn. L*>fe.T>ra>ncmc..9SQ3fc “ “ MailUa. 321 C MASIUft Bop* HjlU wxtla Hay Bop*..Si an? IT I. A BiTTOTAi SITDQI Bin, olMta hlsherrateoflxtwee thu *a> other. »u«i ti }»* act ttTitnbttkwh^ptj* ItcrataU. 8. Ifetea, eoaoatn that it u piym-,- tks >eit cucnlattrc median ot the conatry.aadtt cawwor pay la a&ytbuc a war. f't l»« ova us«n aieeliharm Goretani ar aecvutaes or u notes er toads Hj able U Gorbrasaant paper. ear* cora!..r..!..!s«st9 Oetua 3 39* l-W C«MTertil»lc Imlo a Hixpcrceni. Ii addition u tbs Tory liberal lata rest on the tor three yean, this priTllega of aonTartlc* ta ao« werthaboat three »er cent, per ammo, iop the ear. rent rat* (er *3B Beada ta hot leas t&u-j^ lrQ c»t- raum and before taa war the premise oa six per east. U.t. itccxa was ctct twenty It will be sees that the actual profit oathlaloaa,*« tie present market rate.ta aet lauthaa ua per seat, peeaama. Iti Ijtapllon froa State or HanJclpal Itt- B.t,dde from an a. tJrtcttgM .. liti « • ijtclj Aot of conjrtn airor. ill soil). AM TBIi.UST BOTH lin I M>l TIOI. Oa a. inns,, tk'i ei.apuca u worm .Boat two P*r cut. tog liana, Ajaerdtac 10 tfa. raU ofluatlca li Tirloaa put, of the cooatrr. It I, oelleTea mat ao lecazlus. ttttx ta matte, dnteatentt to lenasr. 11 tact, iuih tj tao Sonra meat la all other fbrms of Isdeotedaaas. thefmta eratUtty cfpr rate par tree or i oek separate coitr. unities, pledged for oarwenL while the whole p»opsrty cf the cooatrr I* haldta SS.'f 1 '"" * f ‘ n “* Brn«ciin*?Toxs rat bb bbcmtto b 7 tk» tmi. AiiUunt Treiitrari aad d**gß*;eci Deoeeltel*. ul bj tbs FIRST NATIONAL SANA OF First lailoaal Bank of St. Foals, Xa. Soeand National Bask of SU Foals, X*. Third Jtatlaaal Cask of St. Foals, Xo. Feartli Satleaal Eaat af IF Loali, 80. And Or all tla'lonal Banks wklck ara dopoalnrlao 01 pablle moaey, ut ALL RIBPECtIBLR BANKS AND BANKBKS Uircnjtnoni the country vUI jtlr* farther ties u< AJFORD BVKST 7ACIUTT TO STTSSCBIBSBfc teA-qtSft-awd&w AD AND REFIiSCS^ It lei Oma Isa uaaoaeriii me ottfKt if pbiiaatarepitte to Bud ioks remedy for the IQi ft Ufe t and identlie lilH bat for a*e* explored ITO3 aranae ir. cr lor to dlacorartba bidden Mem Bhae base, bovaTßc.rtiarTeJ for modem lateaee to toi* before Uo wcrlft tte coat deetroysr of Ammo. asd tz. HOOFLAND’S (HEMMIUrfEKS %r9 coocactrated all uo»e rirtase wkica tml to mots hsaJtty aad nrorotunie. Unlike the nnenßA «r Bitten. tisy are NOT Alt ALCOHOLIC TU&3. bat ftßfisej eiUrely «f Tegetall* SabitaMM. POSITIVE CTJEE FOE DYSPEPSIA AND D132A22S RESULTING! FROM Disorders of the Liver and Digestive Organs. AND WRAKBNED AND DaEILITaTKD FHiiw BBCOHB RENEWED WITH ALL Wi TIGOR OF HEALTH, BT A FHSS CSS OF the*. that this Bittara la nos an aleoktt buxw*,* kaf-eocm driafc. or a ant-eUiateter? tan cannot tnitdieaa* la*r;*se« uo vice of dmSa *•«■ into vemr ” B» jn nit m»«uUiik to swMetMaTo«l 9o yen mot ft Oooa appease 1 SHyou mot ÜBmU o» vomCautitittlsal »P jm mat to F«l tsralll Do jots myt to jet m ef H«TOBam*j I So job w»at sntrgj 1 Be/OftWftstteliUaj ftriui Be job want eißiuk «ne Viteroae leettul If f Oft (SO. IH HOOPUJID'a OIBUAJiBITTifta. OMarrt tie roUowlnr lymptcoi rearlti-, - eJoMa«cao;tiioD«e-ti¥rone»Di: s rEorua2 e .-ws Md Diocjit Br »liu. J . nottin*?S a tS l g!S CioEla* or StUlocutlag 3«a»»aon«wlfeiin»l*ni*2W nr». Jlameu of Tuioa, Dot*orWebthefaSr2a Far«r»ad dull pain la tie Ilead.DeflSa^ 1 *7 9} Fenrptraaoß. TtllowaUSft tteSgf" **£ ®7««. in tbe Slda. B»ck, cheSt *5- Snddaa Fln*b<ff ©(* float, BonUo* la th« ruv Cs *“K!. Doprwioo of •pima. TTQ xoia. Thomas b. fEO* TUI BON. TWOUAS B. FLOBioIfTB* ThOM TnS nojr. TROUa- b. FLotsamcm? c _ . wahhuiotow j.i», i««. tSa. CXJTLIKIW; Sayla* IlktrU It *S?SSr m hare bo tcsiutloi In*writing rtincec »nrxad D«a*a: from joor Blf-ua Durloz a loss and'Vlioo* smlon and onerous an lea nearir ««. a tine tread «a**«ted lb* u< Vt toVSJSSS On I bar# aamed. I too* fels airiee.^ ioA |iw2SS was Imrorenias t cr bealta. ranowed auarrr particular reliar I so «a<* *-*ded asPiSSS? Other* BijJhe MaUarljr adraataSd If 6*. Ttulyjoar frlenc, u «*7«aalr« » THOMAS B. FLOR3PC*. teom tum 4p5. Jacob bboom. andOncereljracomsießa itsbmtot2a®Sti? l,fc Trulyjoan. JACOB BBOOV.ITOTS^JSai. aetoowledTS^iT^HH 110 * 8 r«nt>sm«aosfß raS?Jrt e hi,tf benefit* they ten IffJiJi? Iron lha cia o/ Bttrers. Soen rn«a P«mhi4l« v* B f * c «. Pwtcr of ths Baotlst ChurCk. raKu??Li£«i P J bl.f <,r "”» "“• N “* bwß Cb^aJi ll Sa|s.bu:“’ r ** cr “ Bwm Cb i 'Sb,p^,l.£.\V r ’ Futor of Boamorouub BaptM ZteuiJ:gSS“’«“ fI s"*” 5 "*” Eir "m. a Cbum. tSSJiIi'niVXS w o.I>.D-. ho> M ”nSSiKsS°“ So-r.l.fioaoU Cbmarni cSS PM'i e J i o ?ia f,OT ' r ’ p " tor of HMmmrM.a. Emma,. fa*T. UK Chi Bey. Gemw ;u J S?puuif,sffi 1 - or t-» «» •JVarMa Bandolph, Pastor of B*ptl*i Oima, Bar. Wm. Smith, formerly Pastor or tfaaVteeanlowte and hUllvlUe, S. Cborcbaa. Bar. Lawrence w. Batu, Emtor Matbodlat ProtMß, ant. Baltimore. Md. W* aould add many other* lo till* Uat did mm panel t. rSX3(CIPAL OFFICE AHD MANUFACTOSTr 631 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA. JONES <sc EVANS, (Euuuon to c. M. JACKSO* a COJ tilu.S£i’2u2f rI ‘" “ 4 »«■« a tot—b SwISSSS o« S&RTSB •^^SSS-SSJSSSSSSL tpoßACco • Ron saxib. Tobacco. II if *\« AB&C.anclolSrwnaSeJf* S * TW to , CmMSi*“ ld oW ’ IOC * «■» litua *OO,OOO Clnn&rarlona aradraud brands AU for tale at lesa tliaa maamaesnrer* rats by ■ ain JSs EISe. EAK » THROAT AND medical IXHTITI I'pht At 149 Scnth Clnrk Street, ■ TOO Ot. EYE » EAR, THROAT AMD LUNGS. lor year* atniied Anatomically, th« H 011 1 * M d Paibolo«teall> *ll dU«M«* or »S?TT« T<lntll,me(l organ*, toc*tmr wttb all M*iiQXA*T Diaaasxa oi a tnmeflea cbaraciar.aocn rlh. a £5 c ?> 4c -» 1 am enabled to warrant a o«rt*et cnrepfailearaniedlaeaM* Office at IWSontb Clark ,tI,s V P. q. Bex 3!56, Catca*fO,lU- D MACttAS.II D„ surgeon and PbjUalan, Formerly ai «&» U. a. Army, CALT PETRE.- Cunscontiy on hand and to arrire* a tnprrlor grado ot CRUDE PKTHB* Wilth wo offer to tbo wdo «'[““pE™ 1 * CO.. .ml Qin-iatffQM I't «o°m ffueriwo*. Olli a tow parties by « obbing tom taer, can pnrebate. lor «*§b, if lmn.*«latel>, a cnoice tract of land In Yeoanxo county. rena»jlT»a!a. parti/ deyolopi*. anarua as oci e*cb. B. nKAD7 t 13j BoiU PiPh rtuiadeipUa. aeyta %UM| ffttsmuwonw. U.s. 5*30 Gold Uond. BUOB. A FUSE TO.tIC, nur in a UObbUPto roliae«» «r Hloydtosc* PBOPHESTOBB,

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