Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 13, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 13, 1864 Page 4
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Cjicagcr tribune. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1801. THE CITY. tST We are indebted to I>lb. Cooke, esq., of the American Express Company, for late cople* of the Memphis papers. Th* Wib Ftrwn,—Let not one member of the War Fuad Committee be absent from the meeting to night, in room No. 6 Court House. There Is work on band. Rhustkehts.—Now rally up the men. Bccrnlta ore wanted, and the money Is ready lor them, is the time: there is no mistake about tbe Kvxnent. Yon can get your money in hand before wing the diy. Mcmrr Wakted.—Now brine In the money for bounties. Ail yon who are liable to tbe draft re* member that every man enlisted diminishes your chance. Tour money may make a>l tbe difference. aon Jose nothing, apd draw pood Interest. The •crip will be issued for same of (29 and upwards. Cat«zxd—Naebow Escape.—A small boat, hav ing in it two moo and a boy, was capsized in the North Branch on Bnnday, and one of the men »*i«t the boy narrowly escaped drowning. A boat from the brig ‘•Homer,” lying to tbs river, arrived just in tune to save the unfortunate ones from a watery grave. Collzsioh. —The schooner 41 Asa Tyler 11 and the canal boat “ Commodore 11 collided to the South Branch yesterday. Just above Madison street bridge. The canal boat was injured by the anchor vet-eel, which *as swinging over tbe bows, and will requite about s2uoto put her in proper repair again. * * Tete&aw Befeuve Coups —Boring the last three weeks 107 men have been enlisted In the Veteran Reserve Corps. All honorably-discharged soldiers, who have been two years comi&noosly in the land or naval sorvica, can n-en'ist in the Corps. br calling at the office of the Mill tars Provost Marshal. No. 4h Randolph street, between 9 and 1» o'clock In tbe morning daily. Ye “ Dihocuact. I ’—On Sunday morning Rev, Mr. Taylor, pastor of Wabash Avenue Baptist Church, during the services took oecashn to speak somewhat sharply of the treasonable utterances ot t-omo of the t-iMokere at tbe late Copperhead Con -ii 0 * W’beriupon a man aod woman—a pair of Jeff. Davis Northern allies—rote indignantly in their seats and stalked out of the church. Bvaestoe Clam Base.— This novel affair wilj come off on Thursday of this week. Tbe graycl zoad is In excellent condition the whole distance. PrcptraiioLs are moktne for a splendid time. Now Js the time to secure tickets. For particulars see advert i«H mem In this paper. Special train leaves at 0 o'clock a. m„ and 1 o'clock p. m., and returns at 4 i/clock p. m. Bitzii Acczskkt —Teeter day morning as the toe “Continental" was tor in" a schooner down the river, it became entangled with the vessel at Veils street bridge and was heavily crashed be tween the abutment of the bridge and the forepart ol the schooner. Little damage was done to either the bridge or the tug, but the vessel in tow was badly smashed, though sot so much so at to delay its voyage. Wide Awake —There is a general disposition throughout the State to resuscitate that excellent political organization, which. In the last Presiden tial campaign, proved *o effective—we mean the Wide Awakes. In many of the larger towns and cities of the State, the resuscitation is already per fected. In Chicavo there is an Inviting flt-ldfor labor, and we togce*t that, the bill be at once set in motion. The Union Leaguers of other cities are prominent in this good work; why not in Chi cago * BsonuxTißo.—The work of recruiting is com menced In earnest; wc hope not again to flag till onr quota ia folly raised, and tbe county of Cook exempted from the draft, as she has been on all former calls. But in order to secure this desirable result tbe work mnet be prosecuted with rigor. We have been quiet too long. The men should all have been in the field at least a month ago, aiding In the work of crashing out this rebellion. Let us have no note lisiletsness. Wec«n yet clear tbe county ol tbe draft ii we will only tbt in earnest. The tunc is very short, but much can be done by determined, hearty effort New Bouts to Lace Superior.— I We are In formed that the Penmanlar Railroad, from Escana ba on Little Bay de Noqnet to Marquette, on Lake Superior, ia nearly completed and will be thrown open to psareoger traffic immediately, and to trans portation of freight about tbe middle of October. Messrs. Ogden. Smith, Dunlap, Patrick and other officers of the Chicago and North Western Railway have jest returned tram a tour of inspection over tbe new line, and are very favorably impre«sed with the advantages that will bo seen red to Chicago and tbeig line by opening-up to oor merchants a speedy transit to that hitherto far off region. First Baptist Cmmcn —The laying of the foundation stone ol this edifice, near tbe corner of Wabash avenue and Hnbbard court, will take place this afternoon at 4 o'clock, with appropriate cervices. The ceremony, it will be remembered, was delayed from last Wednesday, on account of the innuspidont weather. The members of the church and society will assemble promptly at 4 o'clock, at tbe lecture room of tbe unlcinan Church, corner of Hubbard court and Wabash av enue, aod move thence to the building, where the ceremonies will take place. The public are invit ed to participate in the exercises, which will pos sess unusual Interest. Mxutabt.—We learn from an officer on the staff of ColonelE. L. Bnttrick, late in command of the 4th brigade, ICth army corps, that|three Wisconsin regiments will pass through tbe city to-day, on their way home. They are tbe S9ch, Major Gintz commanding, the 40th, Colonel Bay, and the 41st. under command ol Major Furman, the wnole in charge ol Colonel Bnttrick, who enjoys a high rep utation as an officer and popular commander. Tbe regiments ore highly spoken of fortbelr efficiency and soldierly coodaci, and have been specially commended bj Major General C. C. Wsaobarnc, Commander-iD-Chiel ot tbe District of West Ten nessee, in whose department they have been serv ing. Bownnoi.—Yesterday afternoon, a gentleman standing near the comer of Twenty-second street and Cottage Grove avenue, remarked In conversa tion with a friend, that he trneted Mr, Lincoln would be re-elected. The remark was overbeard toy a Copperhead rowdy. of whose composition the only ufitud part was Bourbon, and a lew mo menta after the gentleman was confronted by this •voter cf McClellan, and threatened with condign punishment for the utterance ot bis loyal senti ments. A setffle ensued, from which the rowdy escaped considerably the worse for the engage ment. PxnsojtAL.—Major C. H. Bceres, of the 16th HU. sols cavalry, who was recently exchanged al Charleston, arrived in Chicago yesterday, and lg stopping at the Briggs House. He was an unwill ing pne*t of the “ secesn” fur about seven months, bavins been taken prisoner, at Cumberland Gap, in January last. He con‘lrm« all that we hare hitherto beard of the inhuman treatment ot oar prisoners i y the rebde. The Major says the only nope toe renei leaders have of success i«, that Mr. Lincoln will be oefcared at the November election —that by the re election of Mr. Lincoln, and the tbat will thus be siren of the continued prosecution of the war, the rebellion will fa 1 to pieces ot its own weight. Who Wascts a Peach OncnAim.—We call the attention oi horticulturists and others wanting a good farm, to the advertisement 41 Valuable Fruit Farm for Sale,” In another column. The farm consists of 110 acres oi good arable land, on which there are an excellent dwelling house,' tenant bouse, and other appurtenances, auu a splendid peaub orchard, capable of %lridingl6,ooobaskets of peaches next season. The buildings in “good times” cost $3,500 Toe owner is about to leave the country and offers the wbule for $25,000. This is a very desirable bargain to any one wanting a Sood homestead. The property is located at St. oe, Michigan—only a few hours sail from Chicago. Baft Bboeek Ur.—Some time ago a raft, whQc being towed from Grand Biver to Chicago, was broken up and l scattered by the roughness of the lake This raft contained some 250,000 feet of long timber marked with the letter 44 E” cut in the side of each stick. 150,000 feet branded on tbe end with the letters “• T. C. * about 200,000 feet without nny mark. There were on the raft about 53 vessel spars. 600 lone cedar poets, 2.000 hemlock B. B. tics, 50 cords of bard wood, a lot of shingle bolts and common cedar fence posts, together with tbe chains, ropes and other property need in the bond ing of the rafu All persons finding any of this property are notified that It will be claimed by A. D. Hayward of Cnicago,and Thompson and Covoll Ol While Lake, Michigan. A Nouns Actios.—A few days ago Augustus Preston, engineer of a freight train on the Gilena branch of the Northwestern Ball road, nobly saved a child’s life at the risk of bis own. Tbs train which Mr. Preston was driving had Just passed Delvidere when he observed an infant close to the track, creeping In the grass towards it. He Im mediately reversed the engine, whittled ** down brakes,” and running along tbe walking-board of tne engls e. Jumped off, rushed up to tne infant, then on the track but a few f<*t irom the fast ap proaching train, and snatched it from certain death. The mother of the child had waited breath lessly the pcnl of her babe, nnsble to bclp it On peeing tt rsecned. her feelings overcame her and she tainted at tbe feet of the noble deliverer of her offspring. Quota or Cook Countt —Lieut. William H a Laughlln, of the let regiment United Slates Vete ran Volunteer* Ruclnt-crs, is here on recruiting vervicc. The pay la better and the duty pleasant, or than In any other branch of tbe service. Be ctuite net tbe same local and government bounty, and are credited on tbe quota of tnis county, Lieut. Langblm was f«r many years engaged here as axnaster builder, and i* well-koown to onr buriness community. Qo has been a lone tunc in tbe army, w«s promoted'from the OfiCh Illinois to this regiment, because of hie fitness for this kind of service, and we commend all, especially me chanics, who des re to enlist, to him as a gentle man | and an officer or integrity and capacity. Bu office is in the northeast corner of tbe Coart Boose Square. A Wokak xh Male Attibb.—Annie Bums, a pood looking, sprightly girl ,of “ seventeen sum mers,'' was found on Canal etree f , dressed fa tbe psrb of a Federal soldier. Her exuberant spirits could hardly be restrained while she was undergo ing her examination at the PoJce Court. She evi dently considered it a good Joke, and did not fully realize her true position until the stern Judge In formed her that the fine for the offence was sto. Whin she protested that she had done nothing worthy of such a fine, that she had done no harm, had injured no one, and finally she had no money to pav it If imposed, the Jodge then told her she ctmW go to the Bridewell. She replied that she n«°4? ld^^‘¥ otber * “ ltTe After consultation, ascertaining that her previous character had the fine was suspended and tb « her own garments • oa tttelCM din- &IBCOP.L CoKTOu.iTIOS—DmmiK COXTO!- TioN.-Ttetnpi.lcmmul .dminletratloQ of the rit, of corflrmatlon heW lt the Btah , COnreo on Snna.y »«««,„„, whlch TO ommioo for tbe “S, ' he «“«»ocba.U.n or tbe President. There were of ih» 3)r. Brydolds and Kev. Hews O^boi^^r*^' T ‘ Locke, Greene, Fi-h, Pace and Ice was largely choral and was most ciSmwT* performed. Tbe Bet. a. Bussell JoneS the Psalter, and aiso preached the sermon, Jng as bis subject the ‘'Joy of the ange;*over the penitent," from which he educed in several panic- Jars, illnrtrated with force and Imagination, the worth of the human sool. 'The Bishop read the thanksgiving prayers, and confi'med eleven candidates, towbomnedelivered ’ an eloquent address. The Annual Convention win assemble in the eamc church to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. The opei ing religions services at that t’me are very Imposing, belngceneral'y participated in by abont fluv clergy. Hev. W. H. Roberts, of Gale na, will preach the sermoo. The sessions of the Convention are open to the public. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. inmial netting—'Tie Bounty Qneollot— Conny Scrip— Bale of Interest—K-port of tbe Wnr fond Committee. No BZore Bccrnltlnc for Ollier States. The regular anneal meeting of the Board of Sa. pervitors of Cook county wet commenced jester, oay allernooL—the President, J M. Allen, in the chair. The fol.owing members answered to their names: Supervisors Al'en. Alger, T, B. Brown, Brady, Cool, Charleston, Ballon, BeWoßi Drin dciff, Edbrook, N. J. Brown, Farwcll, Gibbs* Gormley, Hopkins, Irwin, Johnson, James, Kings ley, hscGlaehtn, Colvin, Olendorli; Paocker, Pnsbeek, Peacock, Bets, Robinson, Huai el). Shiels, Schieroinp, Strong, Stelnbaos, Stelwnuller,Sheet ford, E. S. Tavlor, and Word. Tbe Clerk then read tbe minutes of the last quar terly meeting, which on motion were adopted. The ruinous oi the last, special meeting were read and approved. , . Supervisor Rasrclt moved that the rales be sus pended so that the bounty question can be taken up ai c recot sldered. Supervisor Shacktord urged the necessity of a reconsideration. A mistake was made in making the scrip bear only viz per cent. Trie money can not be bad at teat rare. Supervisor Irn-S'll’e motion wa» lost. The re port of the Warden presented tbe lollowing re port, which on motion was received and placsd on tile To the honorable Board of Supervisors of Cook County. Gtsmxurx—l herewith present to yon my quarterly report of the alms House, for the quir ttr ending August Si, 1604. The number in the house Jonel was 291; tbe present nuinbtr is S3O. Nationalities are a» lot luw»: Ireland, 117; England, 6; United States, 9; Wales,l; Norwa>,B; Sweden,4; Denmark,3; Germany, 47; Bohemia, 2; France, 4; colored, 3; Huiurary, 1; Holland, 1; Canada, S. Ol this num ber, OS are insane—£o males and 83 females. All oi which la respectfully submitted. B. Chase, Warden. Supervisor Shickford offered the following reso lution. which, on motion of Supervisor Bolton, was divided: MthoLztcL That the resolution passed by the Board of Suptrvisure ol Cook -county, September 6, 18 4, appropriating $500,(W0 to raise volunteers under the late call ut tue Precedent ol tbe United Slates, he to stmnoed that the certificates ol in dcbitduese draw te* instead of air ptr cent inter est, and -bat tne War Fund Committee be and are hereby oxdertd not to pay any bounty to a substi tute or representative. Supervisor Sbsckford urged the passage ol bis resolution, on tbeground that currency!* so scarce that it cannot be had lur less than the mercantile community are now paying Tho Government certificates are only worth, in New York, OX per cent. Cook county can not borrow money on any better terms than the Federal Government. Supervisor Rntsell said that Messrs. Muon aod Wicker had Cried to get the money at six per cent, bnt could not succeed. On request of the Board, Mr. J.C. Wicker staled that tho properly Holders were unwilling to ad vance money on the scrip. They wanted more Interest. The bancs were then applied to. They related to taie it at >ix percent, but offered to do scat ten. At tho latter rate tt was expected that they would take some $200.00 ). As • tax payer he woelulavrroi giving tbe proposed interest, as then money can be bad, and the quota wnl be filled. Snpetvieor Russell elated that Caotalu Harty said that he could get any,amocnt of recruits if the bounty was paid. The first section ol the report was then voted on ana unanimously adopted. • The second section was then taken up, when Sopcrrisor Irvin hoped tt would not pass. There is no reason why the substitutes should notrecelve the bounty so lonz as they are credited to Cook county. It Uis not paid they will be credited to other Slates wulcb i ay the bounty. Supervisor Sbacktordt&oacbt that if it was the design of tbe county to appropriate the money in that manner it wutud have been so stated. Supervisor Irwin said that every w*n could not raise f3OO Every substitute brought in re duces the quota, and by so doing are entitled to the bounty. Supervisor Johnson said that since the order was made, tbe town is filled with substitute bro kers, who are making from SSO to SIOO oer day. An end ought to be pat to it. It la not just to pay the bounty to substitutes for the reason that ft admit should come, tbe principals of these substi tutes would bv exempt. Supervisor Dalton said it was the intention of tbe county to get tne men in the field. The men getting substitute* don't care about Oook county's quota. H tbe resolution be adopted, we increase tne chances of ilanldating tbe draft. It was not the Inunuon of the Board to pay the bounty to eufctitutes. Supervisor BeWdlf thought that a substitute for a man over forty-five years ot age, should receive the bounty, because it is equivalent to a volunteer, as the principal was not liable to draft Supervisor Sbackford said that tbe Supervisors baa no idea of paying the bounty to snoatimtes. On motion, Mr. Cbas. Walker addressed the Board in relation to tbe propriety of paying tbe bounty to substitutes. lie t-ald that if it were done, it would work a great injury, by creating an undue competition, lie would suggest the pro priety oficavixig tbe whole matter to the discretion ol the War Fund • ommlucc. The idea of the city committee it to work on a mutual principle, by ciyine every one an opportunity to take the scrip. The committee are laboring for Cook conuty alone, sno would like to have the agents of other States driven ont. Supervisor Irwin moved that tbe resolution be so amended as to leave the matter to the discre tion of the War Fund Committee. Supervisor Gibbs hoped that the amendment womd not pass. Hit did. the tenbetitote brokers wonid rubh in crowds, waiting to know il the sub stitutes would be paid. Supervisor E. 6. Taylor hoped the amendment would be withdrawn. Tbe War Fond Committed did not ask tbe privilege of using their discretion. Sopcrrisor Page was in favor of paying tbe sub stitutes. The Government wants tbs men, and if, by paying the bounty to substitutes, we con get thiTn, let tbe county have them. It will do so much to relieve the conntv from A draft. Supervisor Gibbs moved that the amendment be laid on the table. Carried. Tbe original resolution was then carried—ayes 29, nays ill On motion of Sapemeor Farweff, it was Eaoiced, That the resolution adopted by this Board on tbe Cth of September, prescribing when interest should cease on the bounty certificates, be so smendco. that the notice to be given of the readiness of the county to pay the certificate*, shall be by the Tieasnrerof the county advertising for ten day sin three ot the daily newspapers of Chicago. Supervisor Gibb*, on behalf of tbe War Fund Committee, offered the following report, which, on motion, was received and referred to the Fi nance Committee. Your War Fond Committee having charge of the funds fur the payment of volunteers, would res pectfully report that Up to June let, 1804, they had paid $233,859.03 From June let to Sept. 12th 39.95-LOO Total *as3,t»a.oo Tbat there is proof now in the bands oi the Committee of from (10 to 100 more who entitled to the bounty tbat have not applied for it 12,000.00 Total £-<35,948.00 Ymr War Fond Committee having in charge tbefonopfor the payment of soldiers’ families, would respectfully report that tbey nad on hand In the County Treasury, June Ist... .. .$33,Ci0.75 Paid irom June Ist to Sept. Ist. 2d,492J5 Balance in County Treasury slß,l 8.60 The exr>enees of the Committee were $620.50. On motion of Supervisor Bees the claims against the county werereterted to their respective com mittees. without reaoing. Supervisor DeWolf moved that when the Board does adjourn it adjourn until tbit morning at 10 o’clock, to take action on the Dr. Dean’s case. Carried. On motion of Supervisor Johnson, it was resolv ed that al recruiting officers who are not recruit ing exclusively ior cook county be expelled from toe Court House square by the Building Com mittee. The report ot the Physician of the County Alms bouse was presented, and on motion placed on file. On motion the Board adjourned. FILLING DUR QUOTA. Wbat Is to he Bono—Men and Money • Wanted—The County Scrip—Boun ties—Tbe Flesh Brokers. To work! There Is a work oi some magnitude to be done, and wo should give our selves no rest till It be accomplished. Tne quota of Ccok county has lor a Jong time remained unfilled, with but a very small effort on our part to fill it We have been doing a great deal for other places. Men have been busy in our midst recruiting men for other States, and we have allowed them to push their calling unchecked, apparently satisfied be cause they were working to put men Into the Union army and navy. The county has contributed many hundreds of men in this way for which she will receive no credit on the draft. We have beeu in this county enacting a second and smaller cdl- 1 tlon ol the part taken by the whole State soon alter the first call for troops, when thousands of Illinois men entered the ranks of Missouri regi ments. This game is no*ab»utto be stopped. The county has at last taken the matter In hand, and, though late, is prepared to work with vigor. Uenceiorward, men enlisting here will be cred ited here, unless they manifestly.belong elsewhere. Under the stimulus of the bounty now bring of fend b> the Board of Supervisor?, there should be no dlfficultv in procuring the number of men re quired to fill our quota. There la, however, much to be done. First, We must remember that the money Isnot jet raised, and that there Is an individual call on us for our aid in making up the fund. Those who can do much are expected to take liberally for 41 Un o whom much Is civeo, from him mucu is required.’* Those who have not abundantly should all feel-it their duty to aid to an extent limited on ly by their resources, remembering that 4 ‘ Many a mickle makes a macs le.” It. should be home in mind too, that donations are not asked. It is only as a loan on which cood interest will be pall, and tbe principal be certlned. There is no risk run in the matter: the veriest miser, the most cannons capitalist need not ask for better security, and tbe rate of Interest is large cnonch to satisfy the mod grasping: quite as large as te consistent with safe ty. Let the subscribers to the loan not be waul ing, and let them come forward speedily. The money will be put to better use than lying Idly in one’s pockets. The armies of the Union will be filled up, and our glorious cause be triumphantly victorious. Second. Hen are wanted. That is the call un der tbe draft, ♦* We want men, not money, I'or 1 'or at least money is valuable only as it will furatshmen to fill up onr depleted ranks, ane to aid in sirin'* the death blow to the rebellion, which has been suffered to exist so long only for the want of men to give Ua* overwhelming stroke. Tbe winter is now approaching, when thousands of men will be partially relieved from labor by the severity of tbe season, and can as well go as not. And mere are tbe best of reasons lor believing that if the men are tarnished as called i'or the work will be finished up almost immediately. The rebels bare exhaust ed their re-enres; they can make no stronger’ stand, and all that is now wanted Is for oun re serve* to po forward and tbe thing Is done. Toe process ot netting ready and of accomplishing this task will not occnpv many months ot time. It onr armies should be obliged to wait till spring before sinking the final blow, we mar depend upon It that it will be etrnck then, and tbe death knell of rebellion shall be drowned in the joyon* peal of victory. Tbe sum now offered as bounty will fur nish a better means of support—to say nothing of the monthly pay—than would be earned by thous ands of heads ol families doling the winter. It will be the very best investment that a poor man can make. And we would speak a word to the hundreds ol young men who are now lying Idly about, waiting for a situation to turn up. Get a situation under Uncle Sam. lie bas plenty of work for yon to do. It Is an honorable service be asks of yon; one which yon will not in fntnrc ages be asn&mcd of. Toe objection docs not here apply, which yon have so oltco urged against other business —that they were mot respectable. Think of it. A situation, good pay, money in hand, honorable mention, tbe grati tude of your country, and when yoo return, the surest passport to that for which you have so long waited in vain—“a good place. 1 ’ And to those who cannot go thermeives, we would say, Tour duty is not the less plain. If yon cannot go in duce some one else to go. Let all help forward the work by every means in their power, and the work Is soon accomplished. Third: Let not another man be 'allowed to go from this place as a substitute, credited to other States than Illinois. Those gentry who have to thi time driven such a roaring trade, amassing their thousands weekly, by shaving of subfldtctes,mnßt be suffered to do so no longer. Cook county Is now doing her own recruiting, and needs all the men within her borders, whether aliens, discharged !£»*"£** or liable to the cralu We want no out- F“* a id from Individuals not authorized. They rr • .about money enough, and not another cent should be suffered to go Into their flugsrs. We owe It to ourselves to keep a sharp look out for them, sna It any of them are found at the business report them to the Provost ’Marshal. They may find their exit from this city leas comfort&b’e than even riding on a ml (roao), li they do sot betake themselves speedily to some other locality, or come less objectionable occupation. The Cook county War Fend Committee will commence the payment of bounty to-day. giving three hundred dollars to each recruit credited oa the quota or the county, in addition to the Gov errment bounty. Tbeir room is No. 5, in the Court Hoopo, . . Tno Provost Marshal Is receiving recruits each day, the man snlfrtine taking his choice* of regi ment The bounty Is ready men the man la tans tmd Into tbe service. Let intended recral'B remember that tbe feilows who procoro men for other States are sharks, and under pretence of bone unwilling to tract tbe recruit till be is actu ally in thescivice, cheat him oat of bis money, fencing alter him one half, or in toms ciscs not more than onefonrth of the amount promised. Lieut. J. B. Harty, at tbe Naval Rendezvous, Is receiving men for the’ navy, who will receive bounty tbe same os if entering tbe laud forces. Eia office la in Übllch'a Block* on North Clark street, just across the bridge, Lieut. W M. Laugbiln, of the Ist Regiment U. S. Veteran Volunteer Engineer Corps, u loca ted In tbe north-east corner of the Court House square.' FIRST COPPERHEAD GUH. A Feace lizzie in the Coart Ilocso Squaw— Bringing Out ficblnson ana the Smaller Fry. Tbe first gun is fired! Tbe Fcocc-abany-price petty of Belmont, Rothschild, Seymour, McClellan & Co , commenced the Gubernatorial campaign latt evening. A braes band was hired, and for a modest consideration, arceidcd tbe Court House steps last evening about 7o’clock and commenced playing. The first note bad hardly ceased echoing when a miscellaneous crowd of juveniles, small bi ye, habitual drunkards, rushed wildly to the Ct-urt House steps, from the lager beer cellars and whisky chaps on Randolph and Clark streets. Bat all the e'oquent music, acd the promise or eloquent speeches could not call out as much of a crowd at would a dog ficht. as a whole, the meeting was a complete failure in numbers, respectability and Ulint—indeed tbe latter was a micas quantity. Sopbomorical and bar-room speeches were tbe rale, and dignified argument tbe exception. There was one fact wormy of mention; no allu sion was made by any ol tbe speakers to the an tithesis between tbe “platform 11 and “Little Mac's 11 letter-of acceptance. The speakers took rather a miodlc course—played on both sides of the fiddle—and committed themselves to neltbcr, although they lauded the “yoangNupoleon” to the skits. At no one time was the attendance of the faith ful more than three hundred oil told—and it re quired a good deal of flattery on the pan ot tbe speakers to detain them the great Tycoon should artito. Tbe attraction was. Roblnton, bat for a long time Robinson did cot come. But Smith, Jones and Brown-wap there, a tot of insignificant ful— lowawbo talked mereiy to wbi:e away the time. Sum. Ashton, tbe unaccomplished •‘knight 11 of tbe dark ages trotted btmscll one first in what was meant to be on imposing haraugne. Then when he had exhausted bis wind and ole memory, came poor old “For God's Sake” Linder, the man who aid cure run weil, nut finding tba the Repab lean party would not lotgcr listen to„.his tiresome tir ades, commenced talking to toe unterrified, as he mp btiUr judge* of tne article he la so fond of prating about—” true eloquence. 11 After him came the great little pim—RoDilbou—ancLhe was fol lowed bv tbe übiquitous Assy, the man who la on this, that, the t-tber or neither, or both sides last as it may salt the caprice of the moment, or best admit or his having a say on the subject. He very properly closed out the affair And who is Robinson? Truly a great man to pot on tbe back of e\ «n such a little ticact as that spn ad one for tbe refusal of the people of this State in November. He Is nothing except as a feather In tbe tali of tbe kite flown by Vailandizbam. Wood, Pendleton A Co., and is a kindred tall feather of and with Bick Merrick. B. S. Morris, Id. Y. Johnson, David Sheehan, W. W O'Brien. Allen etc, tbrooch tbe whole range of the Invin cible (JjCluh. He Is committed to a disunion pi ate, am to the stoppage of the war to that end. It Is a wonder that he did not trot out a eresti r amount of balderdash, as bis month Is usually full of “ Armistice, Convention ol tbe State*, 1 * Ac- He waa put on to the ticket bvthe ultra peace party of ti eO. A. K. lodges, and Is devoted to the Cal houn doctrine of State's Rights, Including seces sion* He talked unwisely, but wisely talked bat Hale. J. C. Biller called tbe meeting to order, and nomitated F. C. Sherman to the chair. Unani mously earned. Mr. Sherman advanced to the rostrum and intro duced to tbe audience Hr. Samuel Ashton, candi date for Elector for this district. WOULD-BE COVE KNOB EOBIXBOS*. James C.Robinson, candidate for Governor, then appeared and stated that he hod just arriv, and being tired and worn out, would only apologize. We are jut-t entering into a canvass, to dedde whether we shall preserve a Government or have anarchy rale over ns. Two parties are arrayed against each other—one contending for peace and Union, the other for war and Abo itioo. Tbe Re publican papers are taking tbe position that they bold tbe unconditional po-iuon. So soon alter laying ble position in his letter to the Niagara Sace men. Mr. Lincoln lays down bis position, e says that be will bear no proposition unless it embraces (tbe freedom ol the negro in tne United States. Peace can never return while one slave exists. That is the doctrine o ? Mr. Lincoln, and on it he asks to be elected. [Cries, “Nevcr.”l What is the position of tbe l emocratic party f It is this: that when tbe South lays down their arms ana acknowledge the Federal Constitution, the Union is restored. Tbe Union has never been broken. The doctrine of the Democratic party is that the South can never leave the Union. We say that when the Confed erate armies are stricken down, the Union is re stored. We don't acknowledge tbe right to dis solve the Union. All men who have annulled tbe Federal laws must bear the consequences. ThedoctnnsofLiocolnistbat these States will be made territories. Thin is not the Democratic theory. Mr. Lincoln says that one tenth of tne population ot any Southern State may reorganize U they will swear to obey his proclamations upon tbe slavery question. In Tennessee and North Carolina there are large numbers of Union men, bnt ibeydo not believe that his proclamations are ngbt They cannot goto the polls unless they swear to obey bis proclamations on theslavery aaettion. The thieves aod plunderers woo follow ic army, and tbe free negroes will swear to it and orcanize a government. Bo von believe this Is tbe best move to boQd up a government. McClellan says that whenever one State shows a disposition to return, it must be met with au as surance that their constitutional rights will be re spected. If we elect McClellan, tbe States will come one by one until Jeff. Divla' government tumbles to pieces. The present government tends to tbe striking down of the State lines. It knows no State rights. That is the whole tendency of tbe bank scheme and the enrollment scheme. All tend to obliterate State lines. It was bis (the speaker's) opinion that he would be elected Governor. Hia opposer was j clever man. He will get votes in every conceivable manner. The speaker would bo alter him. Police Mattebs.— I The “slaughter pen,” as the Police Court has been aptly termed, was wel crowded with victims yesterday, but the condition ot their moral constitutions was such that his hon or bled them but sparingly. George Cammings, Wilson Grey, Donald Fish, and several others were arraigned on the grave charge of shooting pigeons within the corporate limits oi the city. As the gay sportsmen bad noth log to say in justification, tbev were adjudged to pa; a fine of $2.00 each, and discharged with a rep - rimand irom the Court. Frarklin Gaunter, a precocious and wayward boy, was complained of by his father for theft, disobedience, truancy, and general bad behavior. He seemed a smart. Intelligent bov, and his fault appeared to be one of education more than of na ture. He was sent <b the Eetorm School. Bohcit Stack and Edmund Elley were complain ed of for disorderly conduct, consisting of the breaking in of the windows of the Journal office. The lads had continued the annojance for some time, and were finally arrested and fined $4.03 Sanborn Davis was charged with the theft of S2O from a lady with whom be was boarding. It was alleged tbat he entered her chamber and extracted the mot ey from her trunk. Cate continued. Wilson Sherwood was called up to plead to the charge ot excessive cruelty to his horse. He had beaten him without reason, stabbed him with a pitchfork, Jand maltreated him in various other ways. He was fiued |lsandcostß| Coal—High Pbiceb.— People are just now wax ing very indignant over the s windllng combination of dealers in coal. Toe indignation is just, but we fear useless to abolish the evil. People will not be warred. All through the present summer the Tbibche atd other papers hare continually warn ed our citizens of what they had to meet in the shape of hicb prices ior fuel the coming winter, and urged them to so act as to make the combina tion profitleta. Each fall for some time we have had just such an outcry, ana the people waxing indignantat the imposture practised, haye loudly proclaimed their determination not again to be caught in such a trap. But the next Spring ail has been forgotten. and not until the return of au tumn. has the subject received more than a passing consideration. Coal dropped yesterday—six dollars a ton. Six teen dollars—tbe price asked yesterday is enough. And now that the back of this detestable monop oly is fur a while broken, let us see to it that it do not get up In the future. Bontnrs— The Wab Fran,—'The War Fund Committee charged with tbe raising and using of the half million of dollars to be appropriated for thee payment of bounties to volunteers for this county, is now organized and ready for work. Money Is wanttd. Scrip will be issued for sumsos low as twenty-fire dollars, a sum which is within the means of all to invest. We hope to see this call liberal!v responded to. Merchants and busi ness men should take the scrip for large amount*, and invite their clerks and other employes to fol iewthe example with smaller sums. The Com mittee will m» ct to-night In Boom No. 5. Court Bouse, when Mr. Charles Walter will report finan cial progress. Let there be a toll attendance. The Committee commenced tbe paymert of bounties yesterday, and will continue to pay drily; three hundred dol are to each recruit counting on our quota, will be paid on the production of the requi site proofs of enlistment. Sudden Death.—On Sunday morning about IS o’clock, William E. Cameron, a well known law yer of this city, died suddenly at his office on Ran dolph street. Tbe immediate came of Mr. Came ron's death Is stated to bare been congestion of tbe longs, bat his end was doubtless fearfully ac oriented oy his dissipated habits. At one time bis prospects were decidedly above toe average. Possessed of a clear intellect, a good education, and a considerable knowledge of tbe law, his abili ties ensured him a successful career as a good criminal lawyer, but year* of continued dissipa tion ciondcd bn intellect, and broke down nis constitution, causing Mm to be an easy victim to a disease so foul in its effects as the one which his medical attendant testifies caused his death. FatallUhboad Accident. —On Thursday af ternoon last. Hr. Nelson Green, an old and re spected citizen of Chicago, was killed on the Bock Island Hailresd at Joliet Station. The train was coming m from the West w hen he attempted to get on the train, having at the time a backet of batter in bis band. Alter the train had commenced mov ing tbe backet fell, and In attempting to recover it he fell between the cars and was run over and was killed instantly, his body being terribly muti lated. Be was B5 years of age, and leavesawife and nine children. Be resided at No. 95 Town send street. Sold Out.—Among the speakers at the great “ Democratic'' Fizzle last night was a broken do wn lawyer, who has often times spoked in the inter estsof theUnionparty, It is of no particular coO* sequence bow For God's Sake Under speaks or on what side he speaks. Be is a lawyer pleading a ca«e for the client wno gives him the best compen sation for his services. It is all one with him whether he talks Unionism or Peace Democracy, Were tbe former as profitable, we believe be would staxd upon that pla’lorm Hr. Under is eminent ly sold out. He was played out years ago. Sonxthxko Grand.—Nothing of the piano kind has a better right to tbe term Grand than a Chick ering Grand. One of the noblest instraments of the kind ever brought West has Jost been received by Mr, Seed, at hlsTeinpleof Music, In McCor mick's marble hoi ding on the corner of Randolph and Dearborn streets. It was intended for the State Fair, bat comes too late for entry, and will be admired by many of onr* citizens, and will doubtless ultimately adorn some Chicago home, as two of its predecessors have done. A Fbee Exhibition,—'The nobio picture, “Washington Irving and his Friends at Sunny side,'' which bas been cn exhibition for some weeks in this dty at Reed's Temple of Haslc, oa the corner of Dearborn and Bahdolph streets, and bas been seen and admired by many hundreds of uor citizen*-, will be shortly removed from Cal cago. Previous to Its departure, or throughout to-day and this evenlnr. it will bo thrown open to tree exhibition, and the public are generally In cited 10 visit it. Multitudes will no eo. It Is a rare and beaoufnl *oik of art. Tbe Temple of jungle will be open tor this purpose this evening. Teain Yotz. —Tbo train coming In from Lodi, Illinois, yesterday aoraiog, was canvassed for Presidential vote, and rteulted thus Lincoln, 46; McClellan, 20; Fremont, 1. A majority of over twctblids for Lincnln. Aeccphrg this as an Index, the chances lor McClellan are not very strong. Duhnt.— A domxny engine has been placed on the line of (borso ?) ral way between the city limits and Graceland Cemetery Itia said to work to a charm, running noiselessly and smoothly. It was well patrocizco on Sdcusj last, and was the sub ject of much commendation. Frocdmcn’s Aid Consmlfroton. Tbe following are the collections and receipts of tbe Northwestern Frtedmen’s Aid Commission, for August: Collected by H.W. Cobb, $1,10058, as follows: Chicago First Congregational Conrcb, $203.59; Chicago Jffftreon stsevt M. E. Churco, $55.30; cash, $00.50; Grovelano, Hi., $23.80; Henry, lb , J 70.00; Monmomh, 11L, Union meeting. $421.73: lortou.’lll., $3.00: North Henderson, 111, $61.00; Pekin, HI, $75.25: Tremont, Hi., $1:0.46. Cullectcd hy R. P. Maikham, $48*.75, as follows; Brtttdread, Wis.—Congregational Cnnrch, $*7.75, S. 8.. $10.00: M.E. Church, $5.90. “ „. Q Collected in Belvidere, per Treasurer F. A. So ciety. Belvidere, lll.—Presbyterian Church, $3i25; Baptist Church, $74.90; J. B. Gonld. $5.00: Mrs. L. B. Seme, $1.00; Lucy Ann Smith, $3.00: Mason Smith, $5.00; Mrs. Gonld. $1.00; Sampson Gret* ton, $2.00; Geo. Chipee, $1.00; Lincoln, $1.00; Cash, $50.20. , . ... „ Elk Grove, lowa, Congregational Church, $31.65. Locust Grove, 111.—M. E. Church, $1955. Mt, Canol, HL—M. E. Cbnrcb, $40.40: Lutheran Cburvb, s*.3o: Union meeting, $12.00; Jamea Hil lett, $5 00; B. Hallcit, $5.00; cash, $14.95. Platte ville. wle—German M. E. Church, $3 50. Rich mond, HI.—M E. Church, $6.00. Savanna, Hl. M.E.Church,s2B<o; Sabols, lowa Union meettrg of Cungratrailonal and iL E. Churches, s44iu; Virtue Lnnd, $5.09. ' Collected by w, H. Cooper, as fol ows: Bangor, lowa—Quarterly meeting ol ‘‘Friends, $4100; from Blbla Panorama, $8.10; Seneca Wildman. $2: cash, $1215. Des iloipes, lowa St. Psul’s Epl»copal Church, $3140; Weslev Chapel, $1 MG; Ur lon meeting, $3-'J C 5; Mr. Gear, $l: Mr Hunn, $1; cash, 10 cents. East Des Moines—Colored people, $10.15. EWorn—ss.lo. Hartford—s4. lowa F-ild—so.4s. Indimola— Maxwell, $1; Henry Scott, 50 cents. Le Grand— s 22. Lynn Grove—Quarterly meeting. $43.05. Marshall—Presbyterian t-hnreb, $9.93. Mar* shall—M. £. Cbnrcb, $12.60. Marlon—s2.B3; Morrisburg—A. W. Lewi«, $1.00; da, 8. lUsao, $1.00; Somdyville—s2 00; Sooth River—Friends, quarterly meeting, SSB 20; do. Jos. Beesley, $2 09; do, anonymous. 10 cenls; St. Charles— Toledo— $5.90; western College—l22J; Wfutor set—Union meeting, $10.65; Wheeling—s4 00. Collected by H. L. Dox, $259.91, as follow*: Bay C>ty, Mich., Union meeting. $39.07: colored peo ple, $15.t0; Bancor Presbyterian Cbnrcb, $20.00; cash, $133.24; Kalamazoo, Blich., Presbyterian Church, S£S.L6; Lake City, Presbyterian churco, $20.00: Lodi Congrevatlooal Church, $24 00; ydoolcralt Union meeting, $50.00:.8. Drynen, M. E. Church, $9 45. Collected by C. C. Blcknell, $229.11*- •• follows: Berlin. Wis.—Free Will Baptist Cnnrch, $5.57; congregational Cbnrcb, »; Ale'bedlst Cnnrch, $3.58. Beaver Dam, «ls.—Metb, Ch. $3.02; Bapt. Cb. $5.82; i'irst Fresh. Cfa. $29. v 5: cash, $38.50. Darttord, Wis., F. A. Soc., $52 80: Fairwater, Win., $&C0;»Koro, Wis., $2.60; Naplervllle, Hi., $4.65; Omro.Wts., $12.38; Roiendale, Wis., $2.75: Sar atoga. Minn.. $5.00; Wankun, Wis., $2,81; Wau pan, Wis.—Meth. Ch., Cong. Ch $44.78; Free Will Bapt. Ch. $15.00. J. Bates. 60 cents: 8. Human, SI.OO. Collected by C. C. Foote. $274/0, as follows: Brantford. O: W , coin, $53.88; Mount Pleasant, C W., $c00: Scotland and Benford, coin, $10*00; Pane, coin, $33.97; Parts, currency, $21.00; pro mlom on specie, $151.75 Miscellaneous contributions, $746.48, a« follows: Algonquin, Peter Anderson, $9 55; Benzoola, $5.00: caeb, $165.58; cash, per Mrs. Newcomb, $110.60: De Kalb Co., 111., $76,957 Excelsior,W. B. Jones. $2 0(>: Green Garden, 111., S.Johnaon,sß.2s; Thomas Goff, $lO ; Hillsboro, lowa P. A. Soc, $lO 00; Hanover, J.R. Coapman, $54 00: Harvey, O. A., $47 00; Hanover, sso'; Lt Crosse, Wis., $550; Luffln, $2000; McKclvey, H. A., sl6 00; Monmouth, ill., $1335; Mlngham, D., $33 00; Parma, Mich., $104.15; F. A. Soc., $1570; Prince ton, 111., per Mrs. L A Anthony, $3 25; Quincy, Hi.. $5 00; River Falls, Wo. Gill, $9 00; Steogb, $8 50: St. Charles, LI. Union mcetlsg. sl4 70; Wjtn, U. W.. $9 06. Collected by scents, $2,604 51; Total amount coliccuons and receipts. $3,610 99. LOCAL MATTERS. Xlilrd Ward Union l>eafftxe.—Meeting to-night at Cll State street All members are re quested to attend. A “Conch,” “Cold,” or Irritated Tbroat, if alleged to progress, results m serious Pulmonary ana Bronchial affections, oftentimes Incurable. Brmcn'eßronchial Tr9chu reach di rectly the aflcctid parts and give almost Instant relief. In Bronchitis, Asthma, and Catarrh they are beneficial. Obtain only the genuine “Brown's Bronchial Trochee" woich have proved their effi cacy by a test of many years. Among testimoni als attesting their efficacy ate letters from E. H. Chapin, D. D , New York; Henry Ward Beecher. Brooklyn, N.T.;N. P. Willis, New York: Hon. C. A. Phelps. Pres. Mass. Senate; Dr. G. P. Bige low, Boston; Prof. Edward North, Clinton. N. T. Surgeons In the army, and others of eminence. Sold everywhere at S5 cents per box. Bloomington Nursery.—22o acres Fruit, Ornamental and Nursery stock, 40.000 Peach, “5,003 Fear, 100,010 Grape, Ac. Send red stamp lor new list. F. K. PmENIX. Bloomington, HI. sepll qBT7 2w d&w. Hanging, Ac., Ac., at N. York prices. F. E. Bigby, SO Bandolph St. aa27-p7W-80t fir Diseases of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems.'—New and rellatle treatment —ln reports of the Howard Association. Sent by mall in sealed letter envelopes, tree of charge. Address Dr. J. Skillon Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa, Jya-m394-sm Hstropolltsn Bull to BsnL-TUi Hall Is to rent for all the purposes for which such balls are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Applica tions can be made at the office, adjoining too en trance to the Hall- • JilSuWO-tf Markets by Telegraph. NEW KOBE CATTLE MARKET. OPENING DAT. s [Reported by Telegraph, exclusively fer the Chicago Dally Tribune J N*w Yobx. Monday Evening, Sept. 13,1861 BEEF CATTLE—We have on sale at Allcrton's to day abont 4.«50 of Sset Cattle, tlio gCiCial quality of •which Is below the average. Tbe weather baa beau ellghtly rainy, cool and wet. The market has been overstocked with inferor grades. Tbe receipts lor the week were 6,‘00 bead, upon which a decline ol from ons to three cents was established. The top prices current to-day, excluding fancy cattle or extra holiday beet, ate & net weight idler linking offal, 19c. Medium quality, say the average of a good fair drove ol 600 or 100 Bs, I Unois BteeiF, IS&Hc. The lowest rates, inc'.nding light, thin Steers, coarte cxen, Ac. BaKc, Trade has been dull ana slow toward evening. CSEEftP—lbs Sheep market Is very Uyely. Com* pared with last week prices areKes> & higher. HU beet prices BXB 9e 9 tt lire weight HOGS—The Hog market compared with last week bas been mora active, and prices have ruled higher. The rasge.of prices are V & live weight 13®14c, with an active demand. ’ Solon Ronissos. gt. Louis Qlarkct. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, Monday, Sept. 13. Tobacco—Active; sales ot 54 hhds, including stems; at $4 95; green and osmmaged lugs at $10.00310 IS factory do at SILOC3I3.CO ; planters* do at $12,753 14.50; common shipping leaf at I16A0311C0; medium do at $22.0(327.50; good and Ape do at $28A(@31.00: common manufacturing leaf at $35.00, and flue do at wmo ulottb— Flat: sales of HO brlslow glide at 49.00; 375 oo loperOoe in lots ’59.25; 4io do single extra in lots at $9.75 : ICO do Oouble'extra cny at $ll.OO f brl. Gbain— Wheat baavy ana S34e lower, »lth sales of 219 sacks common and fair fail at sl.7S3l*B>: 750 do goodunderlineatsl.ol3l.9s:l72s prime and choice st $1 A 7&2.00; 12 choice at jIX.’QJ 09; 864 entra choice at $21433 CS@!.OS. Corn lower: tales SOOO sacks mixed and yellow at $1.43; SCO yellow at $1A0; lil do at *152: 400 white at >1.94. Oars unchanged; sales of 45C0 sacks at 90c. Bailey: salts of 86 books sprint at $7.15, and 24 do common fall at $2.09 9 bn. Rye; s»L sol .49 steks choice at S:AO, and 470 do at •flial’bn, sacks returned. . , Whisky—Market quiet and sales of 25 and 53bris at In prices, vie 43K«®51J<c forskimmings to choice Bio. Louisiana sugar at 23X3ZCC, with no sales. Cincinnati market, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] CcronrHATi, Monday, Sept. 12,1861. From—The decline In gold mads the market still mors uniettled and prices entirely nominal. No buyers In tha market. Sellers make no attempt to press sales. Whisky—A moderate demand at $1,79. Goain—Wheat—Market so depressed and nc&etUed that accuAte quotations cannot be given. Bad laneesfrom sL£(3lAO,bats!.73wsotao htgaest of. fermade at me cloie. Com-Dull and not much do lor. Bar held nominally at $1^33L39: shelled do. Oats—77B7Bc Rye—Held at |U9. Barley—lL9o3 1.95 for tall. OB.CEKiKfi-Heavy and dull, price* Irregular and nominal. Coffto is quoted at 48350 c. Raw sugar 23C.24C; Molasses, V 1.1531.20. Pbovihohs—Nothing dome and no demand of any coweqnence, isKo was tefastd for a lot of balk Bids*. Holdera are firm. Dlllwankee nukvc, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MiLWAUsn, Monday, Sept, 12, rtora—'Very unsettled, and 25c lower. Geaib—Wheat declined C37c. Receipts, 25/533 bn Sales this morning: 23.170 bn No 1 spring In store at $1.1101.95; 19,ci0 bn do, at seller's option all tbs week, at sL9iei.94:ls^CO bn do. at seller's option all them- nth, at SL9I; 20,000 bn do. at bnyers option all the month, at SI JS @tA-X: 115 bn, delivered In bags, at $1.96; I.OOS bn No 2ln store at SL&4. The sales on the market this alternoan ana evening are lower and irregular. Sale*: & ,0W bn No lat si 86iil-S9. closing at $1S9O1J0; on 'change sales, 22,Str bn No 1 soring in store st $19131.91. 27X00 bn do, seller's oatlon au month,atiiOotCbO bn No 2 in store at aiß«aißs, Cats weaker. Ssles early of 2 car* in store at C9c, 65c offerlag at the close, Ccrnnomlntdy tc lower. Bar ley unchanged and nominal at $2.4033.50 for good to prime. Bye scarce and held at $1.50. I’KOTieioss-Batler quiet and tending downward. Sale* Saturday, S3 packages at S9MC. . Vessels Passed Detroit, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Dktboit, Monday. Bept. 13. Up—BaiksUoo, March and Badger; brig Click fdxraExpress,BUrkei.Anta Craig, Lansing, Hart* Imperial Platt, St. Andrew, Jessie. * Dow*—Sckra Desoto, amplre State, Portland Clood.EiJen Williams, Arnold and Globe. Wx*p—Northeast. • Illinois and. SUchlgan Canal. - - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Dkidoxpoet, Monday, Sept. 12—1 p m. Clzauxd. Sunday, Sept. U*—D.O. Gaylord, Lock port; Montauk, Lcckporl; Coaitltutlon, Lockport, 10 br la (alt. AaaiTZD—lmperial,'Lockport, bu corn,Seda wood; Danube, Ottawa, ISO bn ccrn; 8,000 buoata, 660 bn barley, ICO brls flour, 82,269 fts starch, as tallow, 1,656 as merchandize; J.P.Chapln, LaSalle: tJOObn corn, at bn wheat; Progress, LaSalle, XJXto bn corps Tobacco Plant, Morris, 126 tons coal;a. A. Douglas, Lockport 60cda wood. BbukjZpobt, Sept, 12—3 p.m. mtsin-Drill, Morris; Resolute, Lemont; Con ▼tj&nce, Learnt i W. Gurnee, Lemont; 6. F.Qale, Lemont; J.B. Preston, Morris. Aebitid—DtrJgo, Prison, SO yes ruble stone, B yds dimension si one: Caroline, LaSalle, 4,000 bu rye,' I.6tf> bn corn: Bock Knn. LaSalle, U0 tons coil: Waterloo, LaSalle. 3.200 bn oats; Norway, Uclja, 6,10| nn corn: Ccnteit, Homs, l.s-TO bu corn; 29,1w ns feeds; n. O. Loomis. L*-mont. WydsrubDle atone; luyestlgator. Lemons, 63 yds rubble stone. Kew York money and Stock market, Nxw Toes, Monday, fiept. 12. Money attire and Quite firm at 7c. Fterllsg exchange cull. Geld excited and lower—opening at 225 and clos ing at 2 7K©«O. . _ boyexsment ttoeki leu aetiyeand tearseli so firm. U.B.»s JB, coupons IBlkaiSh- • Stocks— Heayy. O 4a.Certificates, 40* Cumber, land.Cok; Erie, 108: Hudson, llj; Michigan South ern U4H; Beading. 127H; U. 6.. 19; Illinois scrip, 115; Ft. Wayne. .t6k: Uletncan Central, 130K: Pitts burr. K9U: Northwsetern, 6.'X *, Toledo, la ; Bock Island, 1M Y- New Tork market. Nxw Yoke, Monday. Sspt. 12. Cotton—Bull and heayy, aad nominal at 83 for misfiling uplat da Fxoub—State and western heayy and 25s lower, and more or leis n-mital. at $ 0 3C®UdO far extra rem d loop Ohio; ni.vei3.« for trade brands, tna za*rket closing doll, beayy, onstUlad and nominal. Wsi set Steai yat ll.So.for State. Gaanc—Wheat dull and nominally CalOo lower . ••I'll C 1« St tf.H) far ambJ* Michigan; U » for?•: could- OaUks«vy tea aeelteilv lower. at ks»»io Gkocaatia-Coffee dull. Sugar quiet- HoUues F»TEOt»T7Si-irrf zuiit and mueitlel. Pbovimonb—Porkhei vy,*t 110 0 04100 for niru: .H‘fnrr«w 00. Beef very oulU »lt* * n%U •fries at for catmnoa mesi; *3"O for prune; llfc‘.«C@7i.iofonepac»e<J tae»«. Afima mj» Deefdnli. L«M ]«*• *c«ra ••nd • »b*dß mUi , at ttx©2B*c. Butter nominally le lower, at 45©« c. Weekly Bank Statement* . Kbw Tons. Monday, Bipt, 12. Leans MMMJJ Peex’sse I’iiVwi Boeji MJTiI lacreatn .**{*s.s Circulation WfiM* Deo* ai” V V.V.’' ** V:.V *. « W Wa Osweso MLarec*. . , Obwboo. Mondav, Beot. 12 FLon: Dull snd EOc lower- Bales at,* 0.15 far Bed ■Win t-r, ft ©n.25 for * hits, and |U.7sdltW for dou- GitAiN—Wheat quiet and nominally lower. Silm of a mall lo.s Winter Red Indiana at fb23. Com Fee:oitt*—Ui: chancel- Fleur 6'GSJc. whist isc, corn HHc, and rye 12c, to New low. Buffalo Hornet. Bni>iio, Monday. September 12— Floto-DuII ana Inactive.. „ , . . . . Qtaia—Whtttt o»tr:No.2 Toledo red winter at », No. Ido |2l", iwberSltcnlfan i*.*B, Milwaukee No.iej.rtn* r..<9. Coro qnte« »aa scarcely so ft;mly brio, ai for No. r. Data quiet and h.ldat Fbhohts to Nsw Toes—Wheat 17Kc, C YASE C iapoaT^ Flour 12.785, wheat W3.716, corn S9Jfc2. oats sb,S9 , barley Bfl*. . . . „ Caxal lixpoeTß—Friar 4ftf, wheat 6<£.v, corn IM.SK?, cate 152,:85, barley 9,630. rye 7,«?2. A TBIBCTE TO iJIEBICUT liITBKIIONS. Ttxo Great VoxelM Dickens on the iewiug inacnme. Qui*e at variance with the too common British spirit In discussing American inven tlore, an article irom the pen of Charles Dickens, In the Angnst number of “Once a Week,” is so just, so broad and so exhaust ive, that were it not for th s latter quality and its incident length, It well deserves to be re produced entire by American Journals. We can, however, give but a few detached para graphs to show the tone and scope of the whole: WHAT ENGLAND OUGHT TO HAVE DONE. Onr mechanicians should have perfected the sewing machine. The land that invent ed the steam engine and the power loom ought, in the ordinary nature of things, to have crowned ita work by the final device which waa to sew together tho textile fabrics ita cunning mechanics had so deftly woven. WHAT AMSUIOA DID DO. Elias Howe, a nativo.of Massachusetts, in America, nearly a quarter of a century ago, first conceived tho idea of making a mechan ical Brnmatreas. The history of this work ing man is- remarkable, and lu some respects it presents a happy contrast to that of other great inventors whose genius only brought them trouble and penury throughout life. MUIiTIPLICITT OP INVENTION. Since the first patent waa registered, more than 800 patents nave been taken oat in this country for improvements in its different parts; whilst in America, within the same time, upwards of 600 patents have' been ob tained, and no less than 1,200 have failed. THE LOOK STITCH. For endurance, there Is but one hind of stitch that is truly valuable, and that Is the lock-stitch—an arrangement by which the nndsr and upper thread interlock in the cen tre of the material, and therefore Is not likely to wear out In the washing, or the friction to which all the surfaces of mate rials are liable. THE ROTATING HOOK. In the machines of Messrs. Wheeler and Wilson, this implement, the shuttle, is done away with, and a rotating hook takes its place. It Is diillcnlt beyond measure to de scribe popularly the action of intricate mo* chinery; but this rotating hook may be de scribed as a stationary shuttle, catching the upper thread, interlooping the under one with it, and doing its work with a noteless rapidity which makes the machine an al most perfect invention. THE PODB-FBBD APPARATUS. There 1b also one grand improvement!!! the Wheeler and Wilson machine which places it in the very first rank. ‘We allade to the four-feed apparatus,—an arrangement which enables the manipulator to tom tbs work upon the plate In any direction with the utmost rapidity. This improvement, together with the rotating hook, which saves all the time uselessly spent by the shuttle traversing backwards and forwards, renders it the most. rapid and the moat noiseless machine m use for light household work, and for the sewing of ali the ordinary house hold fabrics, especially those requiring or namental stitching; in collar stitching and in shirt-making it is especially useful; in deed, it is mainly used in the manufactories employed in the making ot these articles of dress. THE HOXTON COLLAR MANUFACTORY. We visited, the other day, the workshops* ot the Messrs. Blenkiron, at Hoxton, where one hundred and filty of these machines and live hundred yonng women are employed in doing nothing but making collars. A great er contrast to the scene iu the garret, as erawn by Hood, where the wretched seam stress slowly dies rather than lives, could not be presented than |by the workwomen tending these machines. The motion of the sewing machine itself is a vast improvement upon the monoto nous movements used iu common sewing. We saw these machines working at the rate of 1,200 stitches a minute, stitching on the average twelve gross of collars a day, or twelve dozen dozen—a number which must seem nothing less than marvellous to the poor needlewoman. It will be asked what can become of all tbe collars produced at tills extraordinary rate In all the manufacto ries of these articles in the metropolis ? The answer is plain: the sowing machines have so cheapened the rate of production of all wearing apparel, in which the coat ot sewing forms a heavy Item, that tbe increase in the rate of their sale is absolutely prodigious; indeed, so great, we are told, is the increase in the sale of shirts and collars that one is lost in wonder at the number of persons who must cither have gone without them, or at least must have used them in tbe most sparing manner, before these machines came into use. TEE SEWING MACHINE IN ENGLAND, The eewlng machine Is very much more largely employed in America .ban in Eng land, and is far more universally known. The number at work in Great Britain and Ireland is 50,000 to CO 000. In England their use is rapidly spreading. AH onr great army contractors now use them; and in the manufacture of shirts, col lars, stays, mantles, dresses, coats, trousers, cape, trimmings, and boots and shoes they are being adopted. Upwards of 3,000 sew ing machines are employed by the boot and shoe makers alone. Every year the manufacture and sole of these machines arc Increasing in America and England, in an extraordinary degree. In America especially; for we find that between the years 1853 and 1858 the number of sales bad been from 2,509 to 17,587, and in the sno ot ed log year they bad risen to the estraordl* nary number ol 40,243. What the numbers would have risen to, daring the reign of the great army-clothing contractors, we should scarcely like to gness. The Americans esti mate that the annual value of the saving effected by the sewing-machines in their country was not less than $145,000,000. These are certainly excellently well pat facts for oar British cousins, especially the great writer’s *• improvement ” ol the whole theme with which he closes his paper, show, ing the effect of the introduction of the Sew. log Machine, on the question of Labor, and its benefit to the working classes, especially among the oppressed work people of Eng land. Sixth Congressional. District Conven tion, We have already given the action taken in the Union Congressional Convention of the Sixth District, at Morris, on Tuesday last, in which the capital choice was made of Hon. B. C Cook, ol Ottawa, for candidate to Con gress. There was only one ballot taken, standing as follows: J. O, Norton. B. C. Cook. Kankakee county. Will county DnPace county... Grundy county... Kendall county... LaSalle county... Total 35 43 . The nomination of Mr, Coot was mode unanimous. He Is just the man loyal Illi noisans will he glad to see take his place in the Illinois delegation in Coagress, where his talents, courage and unflinching loyalty will stand the people In good stead. We have nady given the resolutions. The following gentlemen were appointed as the Congres sional District Committee: H. C. Childs, DoPage; D. F. Cameron. L Abra ham, W. Collen. LaSalle; Vt'i. if fiherfJ cheval. Will; 0. A.’ Lake, Kankakee ;iL Cherry, Ktndah ; wlt. Hopkins, farnndy. W. T. kins, ol Grundy, was chosen Chairman committee, An Inquiry* Boosronn, Ilk, Sept, 10, Editors Chicago Tribune: Canyon, through your paper, tlona which Sherman baa resumed his c f At he abandoned when ho moved .to the sioath lanta, or what la the tenon we do not hear mm onr aoldiera now that the J? ftr t^e re- Atlanta. When will we be to hear toe •nits, la killed and wounded of the Wtte or AOantn. Ify answer. The trains were not running on all of the Road between Nashville and Atlanta, at last advices. The track In some places had been damaged by Wheeler’s raid. News from Sherman had been sent by telegraph, and couriers. In a low daya we presame the trains will be runnlngregularly, when letters from the army wflllie received as usual. 15?" Hon, Alexander Long, of Cincinnati, has fallen a martyr to bis Democratic peace principles. The Copperhead Convention of his district haa declined to ”*S° lS? Pm? for Congress, hut selected H. C. L»rd, Pres Idcnt oi the Indiana and Cincinnati Railroad, who promptly declined the proffered honor. The Convention then offered the nominatmn to Joseph C Butler, a pork merchant. We have not heard whether or not he accepts, hut it makes no sort of difference, aa■ the district will elect the Republican candidate by three or four thousand majority. In Pendleton’s district, ex-Senator George E. Pngh. wus nominated to succeed Pendle ton who Is the Copperhead peace candidate for Vice President, but he will not come within five thousand ■ votes of ftu election. Hamilton county has no affection for such white feather demagogues as Pugh. Railroad Time Table. CHICAGO AND KOKTIIWX3TXBN—DXPOT COB. WBST WATXD AND SIXZIZ BT3, Depart. Arrive. Mail Passenger *10:00 a.m. *5: sa.m. Eveiloc Express **Cop,m. * 1:35 a.m. Nlpht Express ... *9:3-p.m« *8:15 p.m. oaz-xna division c. a k. w. bailwat— depot Fulton Passenger 9:45 am. 5:30 a.m. Fnlton Passenger 9:15 o.m. 1:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger 9:0 a.m. 8r95 p.m. Freeport Passenger 10:00 p.m 8:10 a m. Rocktord Passcneer. 4*oopm 11:10 a.m. Geneva Passenger 5:30 D.m . 8:20 a.m HICmQAN CENTRAL. DetroUExpresa ; *6:20 a.m *15:30 a.m Detroit Express +6*oo p.m. 1&45 a.m DetroilExprcsi... . *t!0:00 p-m. *&isp.m (Trains for Cincinnati and ZottinUie,) Moraine Express **:3oa.m, *&lsp.m. Night Express .10:00 pm. $3:45 a.m KICHIOAK BODTHEBN-DEPOT COHN KB VAN BUBSN Day Express.... Evening Express. Night Express... ~.*6:30 «.m. *8:15 p.m. SBTOOIT TBIXN3, Express, via Adrian *6:30 a.m. *8:45 a.m. Expreas, via Adrian.+6:oo p.m, *s•>: .6 a.m. PITTfiBTrnQ, TOUT WATXE A OmCAOO. Hail and Acconunodatlon.*4:4o *2:16 p.m. Say Express 16:30 a.m. *B;lspm, Ma’l Express +* :00 p.m. *9: 0 p.m. NtebtExpreas +I0:10p.m. i&JSa.m. Cin. &LonisvilleExpreflß.+9:4o p.m. 13:35 a.m. {Connecting Penmylvania Central B. B ) LeavePlUalmrg.. 8:00 a.m. 4:35 p,m. 8:45 p.m. “ Herrlsb’E.. 3:20 p.m, »;45 a.m. 6:00 a.m. Arrive Pr ilacef . 6:80 pan. 5:50 ajn. ItCiO aon. “ N.Yorb. via • .... 1:65 pm. Al'enton. “ N. York. \' r via $-10:05 p.m. 12:05 p.m. 3:55 p.m, Pb'lodel. J “ Baltimore.. 6:40 pm. 7:00 a,m. 11:50 a.m. “ WoehUoD.. 9:20 p.m. 10:30 o.m. 5:33 p.m. CIKCQTNATT AIB LINE. Day Express 6:30 a.m. 8:15 p.m. Hlght Express 9:40 pm. 8:10 a,m \ For Indianapolis and LoulsvQU.) Boy Express 6*Bo am. 8:15 p.m. Night Express 9:40 pm. 8,10 ajn. Bay Passenger .*8:15 p.m. *9:oop.m, Night Passenger ♦.19:30 p. m. *7:00 a. m. Kankakee Acc’n .*5:15 p m. Hide Park Tram *6:35 a. m. *7:45 a. m. »* “ 44 *12:00 m. *l;3>p. m. *• » 4 » *4:03 p.m. *5:20 p.m. « •* “ *6:lsp.m. *7:3 op.m. CHICAGO, BCBLINOTON AND QUZNCT. Day Express 6:30 a.m. . 5:15 p m NichtExpress or'sp.m. 6:00 a.m. Mcndota Accommodation. 6:15 p. m. 9:30 a. m. CHICAGO AND BT. LOUIS. Express Mall 9:80 a. m. 7:80 p. m. Nlubt Express 0:00 p. m. 6:ao a. m Joliet Accommodation.... 4:45 u. m. 0:30 p. m emOAOO AHD BOOK ISLAND. Bar Express and Mail.... . ft4sa.m. 4:50 p.m. Nicbt Kxpresa 0:15 p.m. 6:15 a.m. Joliet Accommodation....'. 6:10 p.m. 9v* CHICAGO AND SQLWAUKXS BAILWAT. St. Fan! Express .10:00 a.m. 8:15 p.m. Night Express fcSOpjn. 1:00 p.m. Waukegan Accnmmodatrn 5:20 p.m. 8:40 o m. Evanston Special 2:80 p.m. 4:21 p m. •Stmdajs excepted. t Saturdays excepted. Mondays except*** MXCKCXOA.IST State Sanitary Fair TO BE HELD AT KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN) OF THE 20th, 2lit, 223 & 233 of September, On the grounds, and in conjunction with tho Michigan tate Agricultural Fair. THE LADIES SOLDI EES’ AID SOCIETY OP KALAMAZOO, In connection with the various AID BOCisrrss SANITARY and CHMSTIa-N COMMISSION* Of the STATE Oi> MICHIGAN, wll bold a QRaNII STATE SANITARY FAIR, as above announced, lor the benefit ot these noble organizations. TUB VATS WIU BB nTATTOTTBATTO BT HON. BKNJ. FOLLETT, President or the Michigan State Agricultural Society, and pnrttclpated la by Ki,V. 600. DDF FIELD. L>. D., of Detroit. GOV. AUSTIN BLAIR, and otoer distinguished gentlemen •f the Northwestern states. CONTRIBUTIONS For the Fair, are respectfully solicited from Indi vidaali, companies, maou actone.*, «booa. societies and aat octations, ot ali c-asses of Goods, Merchandise, Machinery, Mtnuiactured Ax tides. Psoduce, Needle work, booab, Taintlnss, Works of Arc. Geological ana uineralovical specimens, and, indeed. ot bvbat- Touio that can osioldior the benefit of tnesenoale oblecta. TUB FARMERS AND MERCHANTS OF THE NOKtHWSST are (specially lavued to contribute their abundance. Our Sister Aid Socle les are solicited to lend us a belp>ng bind m collecting and jorw aiding su-h arUctvs for sale or exhlbui-m as are within tctlrresch. We ark ibe peop e of the igreat Northwest, and especially ot nicotian, men’ and women, old anu young. to or send to w, money or inch articles of value as can be spared for thi«, a great national purpoee. a May we not, especially appeal to the young men, who still remain at home, and wbo are preserved frem the accidents ottbeb«ttie field, the lone sof fenne and the weary night watches of toe Hospital. Il home duties, and family ties or Impaired health compel you to resist the inclination to all your ccustry In trla l‘s hour of peril, by active service la the field, we Implore you to give of your nutans, that health may possibly be re-toreo, ana comfort admin mend to the nek and wounded Soldiers. Of the women, we ask, efficient, active aid. In this our effort to accomplish a great fcoou; to them, we belles e, we shall not appeal In vain. Bed's own blessing, we trust will rest on all the men ana women and little children wbo maybe that Inclined to strengthen the hearts and hands and encourtge the valor and patriotism of the father* and btufiunds ana brothers ana sons who b*ve manfully resisted the overthrow of that Gov ernment, « hich good men of the olden time eatab bibed, and which we humbly pray a righteous God may ever preserve. . . „ . One thud of the proceeds of this Fair will be dis tributed tbronch the “ Soldiers' Rebel Committee" at Pe»tolr, consisting of John Owen. W. C Duncan C. C.vtowbtidse.and Ben Vprnor: one-thlra thro* the "Hotted Sta>es tMris’lan Commission,** to be distributed bv David TTeston. E. C. Walker. Caleb Ivts. brstcls Raymond, J. 8. Vernor.ana Charles F. Clark, cf Detroit, anc one- third throagh.the" Ladles' Soldiers* Ala Society, at Kalamazoo." Articles sent by Railroad, or otherwise, for the pur hereof the "Fair," may be directed to Anvatn Thomas cr Joax Dcdobox. Kalamazoo, Michigan, and marked “Kalamazoi Sanitary Fair." Money sent bv mall, express, or o'herwt •, may be addressed to Allas Pott»b, Kalamazoo, Michigan, who will officiate as Treasurer. All articles or money received for this " Sanitary Fair" will be acsnowiKdred thro* the newspapers of Detroit, Chicago and Kalamazoo. “Any information that may be desired, won reference to arrangements lor the •• Sanitary Fair,” mav bs ob tained by addressing Fbaxk Littls. t-sq.. Kalama- l^lV^SiSh. For the Executive Committee. • Kalamazoo, Ang. SO, IS6I. eep3-qHO-lt Natihr aiffiltnes. Cecils tine Inpart of STRAWBERRY, BLACKBSB BY, CHERRY, KBD RASPBERRY and GRAPH WlliKS; PKACH, APPLK, CHERRY and BLACK. BERRY BRANDIEB. Also, fine Imported BEAK* DIES. GINS, FORT and SHERRY WINBS, Ac., fOt Medicinal and Table uses,'which are perfectly bore, and need only be tried to ba appreciated. None genuine, unless they have our gold labm. on each bottb, and our Initials pressed in wax over the cork. Sold by all Prnealsts and dealers throughout the country Call lor oar goods tike no other. Circulars t/> the trade sunniied on application to BENNETT PIETERS & CO., No. 21 Hirer St* Clilcago. jyg-m235-ltew.lnea-ly«4tbp CEa Unit. TD RENT—The up staira of a com fortable dwelling, with four rooms and two closeis. Inquire at 6» Aberdeen street, sel2 Qsk>2i T7OR RENT.—Two fine office, H? with double doors between them, situated on the third floor, m new building m Wadi'ngtonmeet. Offices 13x14. Enqu re at ihe offl:cs desc.ibed, or of Dr, Brooki, 55 Cnuk street. iel*rJ37 tt TO RENT- Csrpets for Bale. The KCood brown home west of Union Park, frost* ing north on Wancn itwo'. Hot * a Vl r bath, piazza*. French window*, Bhrnnbsrr,,flowers, graces strait b* riles ete.etc UwiUpleMß tbeia «les. Pries, $l5O, cash. B. H. CUMSIIM.S. 132 Clark street, sol 3 qi3»3t TO RENT—Furnished lodeioga. Tte commodious building No 19 Sooth Water *tresr. seiner of Michigan avetue. hat been newly (urnlrteda* a lodging bcure for gentlemen. Yba rSSf. llEht. well T.ntU.ted, wltb l.«« closets, gas, and keptln order. ial3-q9lB it TO RENT—£O New . Pianos, also a large aisnrtment of pianos. Me'odeocs and Orcsr* fer sale cn tbamost favorablo terms, w. W, yiVPAi.i, 142 Lake street. sel3 q9iHm TO RENT. —A front room to rent at 144 North Tearbcrn street, between Erie and Ontario streets, suitable for two gentlemen, with* outboard. Inquire at the premises. eeiS-qISMt TO RENT—With hoard, two un furnished rooms, oo Wabash avenue, near Four, ticnth street. References required and given. Ad* dress Pott Office 42-14. sel3 q«i at TO RENT —Two rooms, unfur nisbtd, r»r!or and bed room, both frost and riesismlv locate' l . Inquire at 30 Bonth CUaton-at. Also one large unfurnished room with board. ielAqM9-lt Uoarbing. BOARIJING. —A largo famished bedroom wltb good board fir two gontlntnsn. Keren net s exchanged. Address P. O. Box 4253. telßss3t. UAkDING.-A BUlt 01 uutor nbhed rooms, and a furnished room to let with board. In a pleasant location on the West side, one blccx from the horse ears, Addreis P. O. Box 301*1, Chicago. sel3q9S9 It. "DOARDINO.—In a private family -U for two gentlemen. In a pleasant locality. West flee, two block* from Randolph street ears. Boom, parlor- Terms tweivs dell irs per week for two Ad dress P. 0. Box 1921. sa!3 q3371i. BOARDING, —Wanted, two lart;e unfurnished rooms (front and back parlor pre wired) with beard for myself, wile and child 2K years old. Any party baying such apartments can learn of s desirable occupant by oddreailsg L- P.O, Draw«r No. 3650. for two days. se!3 q983 2t. BOARDING.— Rooms with board can be obtained at 6£ Fourth aye. Reference exchanged. aelSqsss It. "DOABDING.—Room for s gen- JL) tleman and wife, or two gsntlemeu, with board, •anbe had atDr.Burnham’s,No.7o Third avanne. selS qSS4 It. IDOAIDINQ.—Two pleasant suits -U of nnfUrnlshed rooms can be bad, with board at I26<| * eat Randolph awed. References reaolredl selS-qSIG-lt “DO e RDIN6 WANTED.^Want -D ed, by a gentleman and blawlfe, a Urge, neatly furnished icom, with uoard, east of Slate street, or inagoodlQrationor. tbe west Side preferred. Ad dress Box 3078, Post offl:e. sel£q333*lt Boarding.—a pleasant suite of ozfuroUhed rooms; also, a good rocn with cloiet atiecucd.msybo lad with hoard. atGSOsk street. «lfrq33o 2t “DOARDI^Q—*A pleasant front Jl 9 chamber, well furnished, with closet. Ac. inlt ableforacentltmsaand hit wife. Also a smaller room tor two rent, with board, at No. 3 til tute street. References required. «epl2 qVn-21 ' -OOaRDING. —Wanted a suit of C» iront rooms, famished or unfurnished, on Wa bssh artna*. between ua* Ison and twelfth streets, or on tna meets leading rom the ay<noa to tha bale,lor aceiU man, his wife, aad sen, eight years old. Address Box 60J7. ieU-qSSB St amusements. /■'lOL. WOOD|S MUSEUM. J. a. WOOD F. WHITMAN. Piopitfon aad Managers, Acew and brautl'ul UK 'P CURTAIN Hit been pall tad fxom an or tgUifrl dtilga by Uinaso Lswu. TUESDAY, SEPT. 13TH. Acd evew ©Tfulflc nrtu f irtber mu;,’, TUI be pre leltcd vbe J land hoitartic Prana of the bvke’S motto. BBUJldeLemileil Mr 'S'mlmlSS CrnKinrsua ''■*«!»•«*thoVipS Brarcbß da fneyer MU * «*T HO|r*nj R j! E arln“a& ®:as^.ws#?v2ssfffl3 IMhMM«4B»u; Box Book om Irom uA.M. to 5 of Lecture Bonn ooen at 7K o’clock. oJSttriS « .Mold 0.11 .do*. •tyToYICKER*S IHEATRE. Fourth wtei of the popular yerutUs actor, mB. CUDFBAU, ■Whose enMre eniasement ha* proyed Crowi>kd kiqutlt. ifOFDATasd TQEiDftY will ha presented the hett Anerlcao Drauacffir «ntiea THE OOIOBOOIf. With the following powerful Fete,an old undo ifcai Rachel Jotneon Zca... • U'.U>en eeoraePayt-.n t • Lord Jacob -.“tT & 6acmecudd Mr. c«r Dora ir:} 1 r?!l, lbedifcin»wl]ibep»eieDted with all Its orUmai bsauQea aid Bterlinx effecii. plO-NIC. 7 lie last »nd Pfst Plt-nlc of the Season. eof Good Templar, will giTSatic-nlc On Wednesday, tno 14th imt., TO GICNEVA ISLAND. TbeKxercißer will beiQtersporJod with speech**, races, ft®-.. A Brlloon a» cecblon is alio expected. ’Tics-ta far the 'Sa.S?' ' 5 “*“• Cal * leaTe w * MiffsKlt TTAN RICE’S GREAT SHOW. ** ONE WEEK ONLY! COMHBNCIVO toPfEJIBEBIOth. tel2-Q6SC-66 JgVANSTON CLAM BAKE EVANSTON, SEPIEMBFR IS. > Ample ProvlslonsforljOOO—Only that number ot Tickets will be Sold. Cars leave at 9 a.m. and return at 4 p. m. Tbs gravel road Is In splendid comi-lon.and the drive beautiful fcr these who wish to go that way. The Ci»m Base la in genuine slew England style, ard an abusdtnce ofc ami, Oysters, • p iih, Gltmano Fl*b tbewder, ureen Corn, ic., Ac Cold Pork and Beam, Corned Beet. Bam. Tongue, Chickens, Sind* wl hes Bi'cults Button Bto«m Bread, Pumpkin and Squash Plea Pickles, Ice Cr«am, Lemonade, Tea, Coffee, Melons. Fruits. c*«e.&c .*c. For smiuementß on the grounds, Ban Playing, Quclt Pl’chlcc, B*ti g>, Ae.; a bo, brief Audreasesby Key. O, H.Tiffany and other popular epeaken, In tne Grove on the Lake Shore. A Band will attend th* Excursion, and play daring the day. Tickets for sale at Keen's Bookstore, Thomson's Restaurant, City Hotel, Tremont House and BHegi House. sep7-q567-9t VARIETY THEATRE. Nos. 115 and 117 Dearborn street. C. U. CHAn WICK- Proprietor and Manager T.L. FITCH Acting and Stage Manager MONDAY EVENING. SEPT. !th. First appearance of the beautiful slaters, ICSTBLLA & OELK.BTINE ALSO. Mr. J. H, CARLE, The Great Banjolst. Immeuae success ot liT.T.B ELISB, BIG. CONSTANTINE And WILLIAM SCOTT DoOri open at 7J<: Curtain rtsea at 8# o'clock. BavLß or Pkicia.—Paraaerte.UScents; Dress and Family Ctrclo,ss cents; private Boxes, tit tingle Beats ia Boxes, 75 cents auction Sales. CJTOCK SILVER PLATED Kj wake ATT AUCTION. OnTEURSnAT, Sept 15th at 9K o’clock, at Bat ters* Auction Booms, comer of Tearoom and Wash ington streets, a large anc line stock of SILVER PLATED WARE, Consisting of Tea, Desert ard Table Spoons and F< rsr.&itt Bnivea. Tea Pitrhtrs, Butter Piatea and Koi/es, Case Baskets, Tea Sets. Castors.; *c , t b whole comprising a full vailny of resirabln goods tor nse and the trade. &e!3 qWi3t WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Anct'rs. ■yrALT!ABLE LAW LIBRARY AT AUCTION. On FBH) AT, Sept. 16th, at 2# o'clock 7. U* at But ters* Aurti'.n B.'nms in Pott and Bock, comer ox Dearborn and Washington streets, a VALUABLE LAW LIBRARY, Conrlstioe of abont five hundred volumes belonging to a gentleman ot this city, who Is no * In the United States Arms. The whole wilt be sold by catalogue Wt brut reserve. T?M, A. SUTTsBe AC*, selSqWlit Auctioneers. QTOCK CUSTOM MADE O CLOTHING, C&SBIUGBB3. WOOL SOCKS, STAPLE DRY GOODS &C M AT AUCTION. ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER liTH. Atßuttera's Anctlcn Booms. In Portland Slock, cor. of Dearborn and Washington streets. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO* se7-qfß9-8t Aueuoneen. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Vl Auotloneert. 41.4S and <3 Dearborn it. A good Saddle Hone, tight years old, will he sold AT AUCTION In front of rnr salesrooms. «8& 48 Dearborn*st, tils (TDBSDeTlmorn're, *t 1 o'clock - seISqSS2-lt GILfIEBT A SAMPSON, Anct’fl. HILBERT & SAMPSON - , "T General Anctloneera. 44.4« *43 Dearbonm, LARGE BALE OF RKH NEW, FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, Svpt 13m, at 9K o’clock, we win sill at our salesrooms, a Urge and elegant assort* cent ot PABLOS suits, In Oil Walnut, Green Keppand Hair Cloth, Marble Top -ab'es. in solid R'Brwood. Mahogany and WaN nnt Bat me*. Parlor, Easy and Booking Chairs. rich Book (*Hse>aod Secreiarl-slaßusewcoiaad Walnut- ELEGANT MARBLE TOP C BIJIT3 in Boiewocd. Walnut end Chestnut. The attention of buyers Is particularly invited ti ib°se goods. Dress. lo> Bureaus. Waihetands, Benteads, Spring Beds acd Hair Mattresses- _ DINING BOOM FURNITURE—TVea rich solid Oak Marb eTcp Sideboards, with wire backs, banded and scroll less. ExtenaonDr Ine rabies, 10 and lift, Refreshment Tabl’S, Walnut Fall L*at extension Table, Pain snd ‘'anred T -p ()-»k D nto* C&alri, Cans (Vat Chairs, B-cke»« and Sewing Cnxire, oak Ann Chslis, thun- Utah Oak Dmlt& Cn lira. Toe sbeve goods are all first-class and warranted. Those wishing good gcotfsand coodfnmlture, will make a great saying &T I, sale. GILBERT 4k SAMPSON. selP'QrM It Hocnoncers. ifor Salt. FDR SALE.—A splendid four year old horse, well broke wt*h cot a fault Makes bis mile in three trinates. Inquire of Hr. J. Howe, at bis slab'e, 46 Franklin street, where he may be seen. crtoDr.B.nON3INQ£R,77 Lake street. eal3*q9S3*2t. FDR SALE.—Hcrrea. Oae span of well*ma‘cbed have, Urge and strong, and In excellent condition; Inst suite'i for h**yy trucking. One »pan of fine dapple grays, snltable for carriage or bark Also a single hcrae, weU adapted to the ex* nres> business. a. J-KSISEIT, No. 4 Cobb’s Building, 138 X Dearborn street. set3qlOCo2t. FDR SALE.—A Resawing Ma cbtne. In good running order, can be seen at Box Factory 329 Canal street. Also for sale a gpol workhorse, will work well la single or double bar. pegs. »e!3sllt. R.Q. GOODWILLIE. TT'OR SALE—A Horse, wagon and I? h«rnees, suitable for heavy work. Apply at S7 North Kinzle street. selggOSJ It FDR SALE—The Burlington House Saloon, with stock, flxtn. es and one bill iard table, situated on the corner of Canal and North streets. Inquire U the saloon. ioi3 q951-4t FOR SALE—Cheap. A na-w two story Eonte, ’5x24. wall built, walls filled, mak lr g it very warm, pleasant looaticn. nice shade iront.anu (tot) forthelowprlce ISCO Forparttcn jars inquire on the premises, twob.ooks weit of Clark street, first boose west of Larshee street,on Asylum place. S3l3q9i3U TT'OR SAX E -A West Side groc-iy X 1 business In the West Division. Tfce neighbor hood is excellent andibe patronage good Will be sold cheap for cosh. Address P. O. Box 38-12. sepia qR3-flt FDR SALE—Or to rent, the Clearwater or Tremont Flooring Mills ac Clear water.Minn. Plenty cf wheal and sood wa'erpo »ei% Ral’road in completion tbronab the places Gnod chance to make money with small caotial. Apply at cree for the parties are filacto the war Apply to AN.*BEW KINNEY, With Bowen Brotaers, 19 acd 21 Lake street. mU 3t FDR SALE—At Amboy, oa 111- pels Central Railroad, & pood Warehouse, with elevator and best of facilities tor handling grain- It offers a tine opportncityfor grain, coal amllunher business. Apply to EliwARO LITTLE, at John T. Noble * Co.VLnmber Office, comer Canil and Car roll streets, from P to 10 o'clock A.M., or address Post Office Box 3673. »e11q314-7t TT'OR SALE—Frmt cs-ns for sale at X* one Cellar and fifty cents a dozen, at the Great Western Tin C»n wanufar’ery, 118 SouthFrantUn Street. C, T. QRaENiS<t Cj. S3ll*qp934t TT'OR SALE - Six liosee Biler, V locomotive style, la order.'Alro 23 horse Statloi arv Engine, with toiler aoc nxtares ccmjlete. J. C. RICHARDS, 89 Washmiicn street. aellq7os-U FDR SALE—Cheap, a good me dium sized Steam Boiler and Benderln* Tank, suMaile fora small rendering establlhmenr. In quire at fill State street. Miaq7SC-6t TT'OR SALE—A span of Dapple X Grav Horses, seven years old, kind to drive. wMI broke well matched, welsht one thousand pounds each good travellers, valued atelcbt hundred dob lars ’ liavbe reen for two days ate. M. Clara’s Llv* mrr ’ounoslte the Post Offie*. All offers for them addressed to Box 2973, Chicago Post office Immediately. 5e10q7954t FDR SALE—Salt—New Fins Salt lr brtsht barrels, delivered on ears at lowest rates, by THOS. HALE, 2 North (Veils at. • ge9-q765-lW ;J FDR SALE—A planing and saw log mill, saeh and door factory, &c., Ac., In a good locality and dotes a profitable bnslseis. In* attire st No. 7 Beard of Trade Bonding. St9-q"»iw » TT'OR SALE—Very Cheap. The X Fixture* and Furniture of a Hotel and Boarding House, situated near the center of the eny. The House Is in good bnslnes* order and hM.lnciudia2 day bosrdera. from 8C to 90 boarders. The reason fjr seuiDK la slc»nesi in the family For rtllj>^lcjih«s inquire at the NIAGARA HOUSE, street. ss>q»»4iw FDR SALE—Two power Mortio- Ing Uachlnes. nearly new. with latest Improve meals. Address Madison, Wti. BSB q(St»IW 17OR SALE—Cheap, a steam flour- J? imrandcnKmill, tnovn u ISO Eista MllU. .1 Frtnctton ll'inoli, wlih lour run of French Ba*rs. capable of manuiacturtag *°°, ®T f hours, wltn a three story warehotUA attached, with '■CMUX* • WANTED— Sobbiitatef, YV aid thoie wanting inch to apply »* hSoibV 1? al Recruiting more. 81U.-arSorn arrest, K^o« J dowaa;we tay.^.Lg TO/ANTED—A good Correspond T T lost Clerk, two Psiomen, several men lor onicoor c'rMottl aad other ailnaiiobaopen. "PS*/ at SA Dearborn «ma'. KcCm 3. neierecC woil* claiahctues. glto-ts* w CO. aali I*_ TV AIJ TJfcD—’S cnrg men f»r the Tf Aruy aid Kavy. We have toed oositlon* op!n for competent cartlet,toua ber '•lth M9M itnaty. 84 Deaxborn street, ioom 0. FlsLtr ft CO. * sai3.qS93lt \\T A > TED- Two I. sndsmen, three T T C.sVdats Fimarc.tvo B&ytnesn. ftlao. a Tecrcaa.tvo ireoDd-rliss FirvmnL torse Stewaf-is, and StTfral ether gord posi"oas opsn torwartay Icureinrc. Apply s< t>3 santhClaiK atreet.iaihs nemeLt. FAx. acURiuE ft CO. aelAaSlt T V ANTED—Tclunttera acd Re » ▼ czulta to flit fha qrnta of Couk Cnaaty. You eta haTo tour c.oice n the Army rr Karr. Alio, thebJ«h6tt bounty oa?d,cam In kacd. cailanttne us ar 63 Houtb Clara BUttfcl. in tas basemenv PAT. aicSUtos ft CO. aeis urn "TV ANTED —EU CjoUj and Sabati Vi totes tor tbe Army and Kayy. 'on can hare ycur choice if an> brunch of the urvice. and t«a b'ib‘it Diuoty paid is KOld or biUs, ii deurAd. Ap* niyai 6S south Clark, is the basuoant. PAT.Mj. BRIOR ft CO. ttlZ-iS-li TT crutuforthe Army and Navy. Thahlcheat cash bout ty paid It eoldorb’ite. Uoaey naht dowu as seoo as jon have pa red the doc.or. Apply at B3 boo*h Clark meet, m ibo bassmnai. PAT.wo3MUft ft cO. ae.S-c-U TTTAKTKD—Yon.g men, Ameri f T c*cs, wbd dfilre to serve Ihslr conntrr for the apace cf one year, to Ku3W<bat they can have etod p. slfons. good oouatyaad prue mon"y. and it eB cloict 01 *oy orarch of tte seryiea (army or Navvi by anp.yinx 63 Soaih Clark ittect. FAT. McDRIuE ft CO. SelSl3*lt TTrANTED —Chicago, 111., Stpi Y» 12th ISSI.— AII to t*to notice, that Conk County :b tow prepaiec to nay JSf-u Local Boua'y tor one year recrulti, and the Government is paying One Hundred Bo Ur* additional Doanty joroue year, two hot died for t«o yean, -bree nuidredlorlhra's years. Bavin* received amcor.ty IToca • aot. Harty. Cjm uancinz Kaval Becdezvoat, torectolt > meu for toe GniDost «sd Saviservice, tobe txcditeatiCoik County, 111, we solicit laadsm u seamen atd ordi nttt ie»uien. ycemsa, Oremen anl cou heavers, taken forCre.t-o ant'bresyea’s. Th»rewni c*e a suicecnt: examine men at the rcsular hoars, as fol lows :?r b 10 o 11 A. M. aad frt>m 2 to 4 P. M., at tte Recra't-ti! OCica ot WU *<UKPdr ft 00., cora.r tf RanCot-h and Latslle ttraets, In the baaemsnt. tel3-s6-5t TTT ANTED. -Notice. Caioago, YY lll.Pept*aberl,l«6L A Branch OfflcecTthe fiorpecat has be»neul»oilaaed at the corner of Ban dolpb and Laetlle-sureta. at the odlcaot MORPHY ft(u There will be a nnrkeon in atteadvnee at ieca lax hoars, to examine recruits jot the Unite! blares Raw. Five honcied ship carpenters a diwo hun dred eanl«era wanted tiond wvcea wl'l oe given. By oteer of J"flß D. Haßl'T, Acting Vbi uleat. D.S. bayy, C.m. Rencezvous. selSa&At i VVANTHD.—^Notice.—Chicago T y }U..fcpt6(nberi.ißM. ABranchOfflceo'tho Boreecss has beta estiolißbed at the corner ot Kan do.-ch and LsiaJl* lueets, at the office or mORPUY ft CO There will b<* a sarceon in attendance at reculir hours to ezum.e recralta for tha United States Navy Five hundred shipcaru a ntersand two fcuncrtd caulkers vanied. Good wages wl'l bs given. By oicer ot Ji.Hn d. HAtfTY, AcuckVol Ueu:. u.s Rendezvous. sel3 as St Wl ANTED.—Notice.;— Chicago, V Y 11.,Sen'rmhffr i.ISM a Branch Office oftha Surgeons t»s b-en eitabtubed sti&« comer of dolph and Las»l e streets at the office ot MURPHY A CO. There will be a rnrgeos In attendance at reg. mar bcuTitp examine r-c-nttMnr the ChltedStates Navy. Five nnnored ship carpenters aodtwohun drta caulkers w«n.ed. Good wages will be given, py order of JOHN D HaRTY, Acting VoS.Ltent, U. 8. Navy, Com. betdegvons. tei3-afrit XX7 ANTED Drafted men ol the T T city of Chicago and State of Illinois to know that they can bemmishan representatives at tbs most reasonable terms arc the shortest notice, by irgLccs BcxtiOO.T-cr appjyag at the corner of Rar.dclcb ana LasaUe streets, in the basement, 8513 s«-5t W. MURPHY AICO. WANTED— fubititutes and rep regentMives at the corncrff Kaadolpa and Larallr streets. In the hssemeot. Call and get the highest cash bounty that Is no« paid in tho < dty. ieifreC-5t W. MUSPHY A CO. TXT ANTED Kionnt.i for U. S. IT Gunboat service A few more young men wanted. GreytiDdoctmenip offered. Loral bout-tiea sow paid and theh’ghesc wsgfselven. Parties brlag. Inz us recruit* will Do liberally rewarded. Call at the corner of Bindolp’- and Lassie the base meat. [ScLi-ftWtj W. MURPHY A GO. XX7 ANTED 50 Gonboitraan im- TV mediately. Call at the comer of Randolph ana Lasalle streets. Metropolitan Block, in tho base* ment,recrnltmg office of , WM.MU-:PHY* CO. Call and get the highest bounty paid In On city, cash in haaa. sell s3 31 TV7AN TED—Rea nits fir the Hut- T V br.ftteervlce A few more ynnng men wanted. OrrattpaureiDenisoffered a bounties now paid atdthe highest wages given. Parties orihsiog euro crat's wih be liberally lewo: dao. Call at the corner of Kxtoolph and Laaade streets. In lelS’t&St W. MURPHY & CO. "ITUANTED —Snbatitntes am Rep- IT rffentatives, at tbecoraerot Randolph and Lsfallc r rests, in the basement. Call and get the highest rash bounty that is now paid tu the city. teß-155t W. MURPHY & CO. Wf ANTED Snbstimtes. Dear * v Sirs, after yen have canvassed the city of Chicago, we wou»d die for >ou to give us the last call, ana it will then befo* you to say if we c.nuot give the largest bounty to Bobstltntes and Repre sentative! rnttrlhg the u.S.service, fox an? period from one to three- years. Choice of service and reglme&i given. Gunboat men taken f r one, two and three years, if >ou wish honorable dealing give us a call at the comer of Randolph and Lssalle street, in the basement. WU. MURPHY A CO. sr 13 east TXTANTED - To as.-ist in filling v V the quota ot Cook Conn»y— that patriotic cla zenasuhiectto trait shonM add a small sum to the County Bounty tow offered, and by putting aliens and veterans Into the service, ala In dlllog the qaota o'the County and free themselves from UabUii/ to dratt at the i<ime tune. For assistance call upon WiLL&ON A MBRIUAM, 48 Clark street. sei&qWc-lt TXT AN TED-To say to the masy v v poitlfs mother States who have applied to u&tofomlib them sabscltntes, that wehaveconfined our operation- to the County of Cook maluly, and have not and do not Intend to furnish any men tn be on cued to *be quota of any State but uunnia. WILLSON A MEBRIAM,4B Clark-Bt. Bel2-q9» It TXTANTED—To Uifoim the public V v that we are prepared to famish Sabstltntes at the lo»f st price lor which they can now he pro cured. Dtlave or*; ditieeroas, F.rst c me. ar»t served. WILLSON A MKBBIAH.4B Clark street. Chicago, sell qDua-u TXT"ANTED—That those subject TT to draft ?h.~uld nndentaad that tie cheapest rsshaer of avolctng the risk of bene forced into the armylstopay WiLLSON * ME-t«laM, 4S* Clark street, Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, to Insure then: snbttltutesm case they are diaftea. Can and tee about It. Ml3-q993 It \\T AK TED S'-.hsluntes for the T T army and nary* for one. two or three yean, and the bighert bounty paid, at tie Central Western Wax Clam. Agency of WILLBOS A MEBRIAM. 4g Clark meet. sei3-qß9wlt WANTED —SubaUtntes,_and sub stnutes mrnlahed to ary man, or company of mer, cr to towns or township*. or counties, desiring l- 11-1 their quotas. Application ihoola be made vlthont delay, that we may bay* time to All Hn Gr eets which may be sent us. Thus far. we bare filled most ci 'he trders sent ns, ardour arrangements are such that we vi>l be able to furnish any reason ah e comber 'hat may be reaulreu. Csll or addie»sns at the War Claim Agency of ISAACS. HITT A CO , «3 Clark street sell q379-3t TX/"ANTED—Snbctuntes. Subiti- T T tnies wanted every day in view of theap prcartlne draft V -ns and all-ns lrnrath» cum ty wlsting to enl« w , Bnbsu ntea or Beoreae'ita* lives can write na fc« .nstructi* ns. IT veterans they most have been two yean in the service co entitle then to go as Sacs itntes Any cue liable to the cra’tcanjioas Htp-esentailves. We are rally pay ing the h’gtest b unty tor the Army and Nay- ser vice. enoatUures a>e invited to givens a call and Inquire bow ranch bounty they can get before they ptombetbeir services Call at the War Claim Agency of ISAAC R. HITT A CO.. 63 Clark street. seil-qb79 3t TXTANTED-Subatitutes. One T ? hundred men wanted for the Navy Imraedi* ately. Call acd see ns and get the lamest bounties offmng for one, t»o or three years. ISAAC R. HIT! AG0.,63 Clarksueet. BeU-qai93t \\f ANTED— To inloim the ciu * f zens of Cook Ccnnty. w« will Insure any citizen ot CookConntv aaaintc ins drat under the present cml of :be resident of the Untied Bures for ifC.CCt men frrf fO. novQ tbeoe conditions: plat. Tre inEnred must oepodt with some ble banksico,snbiect to onrorderwbea l*lsascer> talned that he la no longer lUbta to ha drafted to fill the quota ot this county under the present call, and deliver tons a Certificate of such Deposit bearing these conditions 20. Ttere mnstbeSO or more persons Insured with ns before tnis Is Binding. Sd. Wl hln 'eadsys after fifty persons have com* pled witb the cen Itois, we arr to be preoandto mis cr a* Buh»tltntcs as many n n aa la the ratio to be r ran n from the t amber insured. ■w e win also tato tne risk oi parties wbo have formed into companies to avoid the crattfor SICO ctihanhPCJltt’Ofl. HARRIS & Co. For fiittrernartlcnUrs apply toO w. BONHAM A CO.. 69 st-t* stztet. Boom 23. up stairs, Chitago. P Q.Box 3231. seil q899 It la eal iastate—fflfluntrg. FDR bAbE —A Yamable Farm. The BU’ ecrlh&r offers for sale bis urm of anout Its aero, iUnited ou the Chicago and Ruck 1,-land Ballrcad and HM ois and Mich] ran Canal la Grundy Counts. Illinois, liny itx mUn weft of Chicago, and Uree and a half mlies torthfa't of tna city of Morns. This iarm U wateied by the Aussable Cre»r, a fine, heshby rock bottomed it o»m, ruamn« through the corib part at dby tha canal on the south Hoe There is alarge grain warstouse within one half mile Iron the farm, bfforeieg all faculties for shipping gram di rect from'be farm. About 3 0 a-r* a ou the north side of the farm ore ecoc Umber, and the balance prairie. Toe farm is well aasptec for both u stock aud grain farm, and has few iup«ilor«fn Northern Dlmcl" tor s<ocx. 1 will sell the farm m a oody, oe will clvMa it Into two parte, gtvltg to each an equal portion ol timber acd prsln*. Price—l2s per acre: one half ca*h.the balance on long time, ou bond and mortgage, with isvea per cert. Interest, tsi able »nonal y. Fcr furtter parUcuUiß inquire of B. J. CHAPIN, Chicago, cr C. H. GOULD, Mciria, If tools. ■Og qlai lt NATHANIEL WHITS. SALE *, Farms. 80 acres, X $6,Cf«; 160 terra S9CCO; 321 acres, $!»•; 183 - 81.130; l«o acres, Si,4CO; ibo acres, acres |2,r<3o ; 600 acres liF.dO; 25)Oacm. «d,WO; 30 acras, tl^-0: 40 acres, SJOO* 75acres, $3,323. E. H. CUMMINGS, seld QB3S2C So. Clark street- Foil SALE. - Fire Farms, 160 acres,B miles horn city limits; lid aerss. 33 miles cat: 13 acres, and one ot SU acres. 9 mll<*« onv; 40 act-, a 6 miles out; a d nne of 30 acres, 9 miles one For ferms.ccll cn T, F. BALDWIN, No. 104 Ran* dciph street. Boom No. 9. iei3 q'J at. ■DOK SALE -Farm ler eale. On. JP of the best Stock and Grain Finns in Du Page Connly. containing 187K acres, about thirty of it timber, ail under good cultivation, Twogf oa veils, and living water. Good two story House, with wins, Bsrn. Grain and Ourrtaae Bouje. Barn SBtSOfest, with stone About aoolxrge bearing apple trees, and otner :nut,all feccedfor keepinzMeep, only one mile from f)snby station ou U® Qaleua Rdtircad. 73 miles frem Chicago. Apply to J- BLINK. 170 !,«*" street. Chicago- s_9 q7U-5t TT'OR SALE—lmproved Farm fur X Bale.atTbrs. B. Bryan’s office..Contains UO acres, JB 24 miles from Keuostaclty. Wl», lk miles from the State line, and two miles from a railroad station; has two bouses, orcaarcs, wells and Jiving snrlPßß.plentyoftlaberioi fnei; well adapr<»dio x»Qit, grain, or wool growing. Title perfect. Prico S3 oco rath, except tsw. whl' h can remain indeflnlto* lv. at 7 per cent very cheap at the pnea. ■cß q6SQ iw iical 35state-=Citß. TT'OR SALE - Good house and let X tl bv 125 to an alley, on W*it IV*xhlng'ou street w'st cl Union Park—puce I3,f>co Good b .t»* aro lot cn Laavi.t. ne«r Maolsoa. cheai. Hou»o and lotcn ifrrsau street—price $1,7C0. Beats for t«*o. Lots on WasnltK’on street ana Park avenue, ana on Fraiiu avenue c n erof Bay avenue, $23 per fo.t, J.F.STARR.I44 Raadolpa street. »ei3»qsafr3t 170R SaLE'-Rendence for B*le. X A Honae containing about fifteen rooms AUo, Parn sad 0 b»r utiuildltes. Lot 123 feet front. Bituatec on Twen’y filth street, between W-kbasn andUlehJean »veuu»s. Price SIO,BIO. Apply to M. I> PEARCE,I73 Stat? street. awrgMMw VJOB SaLE —Two Lots. Beu-g X feet front by US >tt deep, on "West Washlng irn street. Just west of Hryne street, frontrg nomh, Frr aala cheap f r cash Apply to A. J »COB<4ON, 104.P*Tidoiph street. 3. «cp7-q^76-lw HOBt. LOST— $100 Reward. Lest on tie mot ring of tbe_?Cta of August, ® Gold Hunt* lug Watc*. masers B- * O. Beutly, Liverpool, sns jand.Fo.rsA Tae finder will pledge direct bt-let* ter to BOX 374, Chicago. lU. ieAqU74i ANTED—To rent) on th* Ist . » \ af f.tfoMr.fcy a*€BU»m*B with • email faral- J »»tßUio OnvcliN reiHenoa. wiioibs tor*iiaqai.b hoD»eke«Dtzc'or the wtnl r. or i u . * er V®** m% T hew oi acvrafalatd res pcDMbm l*nant. b? Mor*Mine lnmells.elv a-»’l0C location. S**‘-&CUaitf. ,, TjiDujn o Jtce. Sitllanoiy i e f(traces giro n. ter3.4i67.4t Wanted a wite. teitie* mac amembet of tie tiethodiu Church, sad can *!▼• the bot of cl*y re<»rtcea »• in hU is oos IJ std gittrai good character, and whose aes ta SS.Woulo tike fc>marxy »UOv ihacis>ls> aiaacubtr of either It e Method Her Haprst Crureb; one tut It lot aver 35 years ot «<e. passably goodlpoktar. of a aoed amlanle uispoal’lcn, capable ut aa onntsnd lm tfc* met en wcr», anc pOsSCfse cf tot lest than «.fc woxttt cf prepexty, nor over *-sUO■ooia n«s*. crptit. a country lady preferred- If a widow, mus* act have mexe tb?a two children. Anyone ulihltgtoalott-T tbia adreit'iema-t, win pleats Moliif “ t u," «.UDE time ua o.K. vl ere ar interview can be hao. If they choose, ibsy (is Indore thtir phctotrapb.aid rbceira oifl ia r*. turn ttlote aa interview U bad. sew TCTANTPD-By a young man *T Ocm Rostoa.aßitusUon as rr ccnmir««loa boose, ct In a oholrKle learntaeboileers woeidccailderboard Bofficieu4c«mpea«aOoatordrUyear. Adarw a, TiiLkne office! TV T ANTE D— Cie/i s. Book i esp- T » ers,palet’en.port«rs,barkeaoaft.ate.. seek loe iitQaucea.»hoald apply at tha aaTeiOsmc aaa Uecera Bo u exs aeency nauhon.ft. Boom 9. Severn ti nations co» open. Reference to fltatolaaw homes, fla Lay * CO. Sdl^ghOß-it VL' AS TED—To hira, a small oot- or part of a house t» or 4 rooms), la a desltaMe bms&nothood.&y a (amity of twjperioa*. ReitreoceskiTMp. a« areas, wua terms aod part ca* lara, "ft a. * glOOptanoau mi* qswSi TV/ANTAD—Photography An T T experienced pbolcariDber. tupwsleof lakm* chstce of any. de. aitroent in the pnotoettnh kelicty. wiibeiepKm»ceni MtuaMouscmewicrs. Andrea •tat>D» terms, F. O. Box 229, Beardtlo vu. 111. &el3-fcs-lw. Tyaß'iED-A siiDition by a ra- IT if ee table yeans Rtxl to do xeneril housework In a smad pMvate family SortnSidoprrfaned. in* qol •»> 138 Madison iL, coiner bakery ox Laaaua. iel3 yS9i it TT/'^NTED—A housekeeper, by a Y t gentleman—^whoso family # will oe absent tlx months—cu take ebarre of a farm bouse near a vill age, a roort disiinto from Chicago. Most be pufuew ly con. Detent, ano foroish uit best of references. Addicts P. O. Box 972. Chxafo. Scl3q9u»-4t TV aN TED - > or carh, a store ai d Y Y lot worth irom Jio.f 00 to f fP.tCO, in tte N; rlh crScaibDiviaiot9»f Chicago. Addreis -Beal «ti» ta;e,”i'. O.Btawer 6364. ieißqS9Ht TV AN TED -By a youig man. YY boarding, with furi-tshel room. In a private family, beam Stas pxaf&ired. Addicts, stsUns terms, TnDaneotace. ' sei^qxsr-lt^ XVANTED -A tanisge trimmer. Y * steady emnloymect sod good wages. Ap>ly at 203 Lake a n TV AN TED —A sitnatkn in coma T f mercantile business. Am well aequslntsd wHh ihe zrccerp trade, woaia preier tns wnoleiklo trade or commission buSlcess. can give the pest 0C city rtiereuces. Address?. U. 80x4431. &513.«7-lt TU'ANTED— By aa active man, ff experienced as a salesman, and with piactt cat knowf-dge ci manhine*y, agricultural imple ments. and a I »rge acqnalntanca In the Slits, a skua* uouinaßmecataei-y iu coauetioa wltn me axivo branches. City references given. Adcrcaa P.o. Box 3it73. san-qmu \\T ANTIID—T o merchant*. V V Wanted, by ayoung mm, ailluitlou as tray* cling ague. ons th >rvug*ly acquaint- d w th liquors, nciiocs.htrdwa e. Ac. Best city references gtv*n. Addiera •TRAVBLeB,** TriDoaa Cfflc*. ie>>q933lt TX7aNTHD -A young (x.tnaa T v girl to do general housework la a small l ami* ly. Apply at 10‘ABoaih Sangamon it, _ selfrqfiSSlt ~\JU ANTED—At 300 Indiana St., vv a girl to cook wash and non. Apoly tf lately. iel3 q935-iw VI/AN 1 ED—A situation as clerk Tv or as.-latast hook keeoar In a dry goods store orwholcsais grocery, by a young man from tbs country. Cat coma recommended. Addrais a. BARNBT. Ch:«>go Trlocne office sma qa€3-3t WANT-hJ) —Pei sns wishing to crcaieln builnes?,rmhss grccerlsi, saloons, hotels, boardinrbonaes, or utmost Su) otaer batlatia ; alto penona Saving suen places for sale, should ap ply to A.J H*l6, Ictal Kitate and Commis-ton Bro ker. No. 98 Washingtoastreet,room 4. Ie 3-qSM-lt WANTitu— To rett either asmall -conagaortwo or three 100 ms, within two blocks rf City Railway, by a yomr xanandwite. Bert of rerertaees excoart.ed. AddrssJ.wna terms, location. Ac “H B,”Box 160, Chicago, Illinois. Sd3 qsgk It ■ WANTED — 50,000beautiftil Card Fhofosrjpbi, initials for Albums, for only 83 00 per oer dozen,at KHOaDS* GO'S 136 Soaih Clurs street. There pictures are maae the • ame os all others and warranted not to fade anyioorer. sal3q93S»it TV ANTED A purer aser for a v * Fhrtograpb Gallery, centrally located,neatly furrlihcc, fine lunt, Ac. A rate chance to seta but>ir»es cf this kind. Address *• W M," care cf box 3565. ael»q9s»lt TP ANTED—To rtnt, on or ba v V fore Seotemher 2nth a Cottage or part of a arm all umily. In any part of th- el y.coa veslentto cars. Adoresa Box seiS-qKS^t T\TAJNTED—TfUen Corion to caU T T Immediately at 33 Lasalln street. ICI3 qOf-D-lt C a. CUiHlag. Wl ANTED—O*e lurmahfcd or un f V furtiahedroom, with board. Address'*©!*** Box 5386. »ei3q9oMt TU ANTED—A situation by a mid v v die aged woman as bonseteeper or nurse, either loelcyor country. Good referoncea. Apply at 103 Harr.ssn soeet. sets WANTED —Any quantity of those “white winged meeienrera" from s few of Uncle Sam’s loving nelcesto oriva away the monotony cl camp Ufa lor cno ot Qea. A. J.Smt’h’s Veterans, for fun, tove and Improvement, and* wbsn this crnel war is over,” the con<equ?aces. No < b ecaons to hi lydux (•tc'cslui; photos. A<idr«as**J MS,” Hatteir G,3a Illinois LuntAnlllety. Si Brig* ade,9d Divulcn,l6tb Aimy Corps,via Cairo, HI. seli-83-lt WANTED— sto laboTcra to worK on the PenlDsnia Railway, between Eecshaba and Marquette, uich gan. Wsces f.'JO per oay. Boarc, $3 per w»ek. Parties deMrlug small contxseta eon be accommodated with good prices. andloola reqnmd. Men are wanted to work at aradine. track Lying, ana on gravel trains, ani in tneflneat climate dm ing tne summer leaioo, to the Urited States. Fiee panes to th< work can os pro cured, and all in.ormationin reference to the work be given on application to i. H w!LLIn«B, at the Ch'.CufcO ± Notuiwesttm Fall* ay Passenger Depot, enutgo. weu.9 a rnuivr. cobumwm. sel--q845 4t . TXT ANTED—A good cook in a 11 small family. A-i treat Post Office Box 1630 or apply at office 13S Simla street. aall-qSSI m WAJMTED A El out Salesman. must be a g tod Judge of dour and ean tbie of attending to correspcn eoce, Ac, Ac. A ores* with references P. O. Box 163-1. sei2»qgß>2t TX/'aN lED - A Saddle and Har- T r -nessiraker war ts a situation In some country town In Illinois where he can have steady work. Can work sood cn all ktsos of work, from a saddle to horse string. Please aorexa Camedeu. Preble county, Ohio, seiag9i72t. &. WILLIS. \V ANTED—Dmirg Fall, from ▼ f first of October next, an Office C erk and a' BblpdnK Clerk. No one nerd apply wbo ta not well acquainted with r»l road routes ana eonacetloea la this and adjoining States, or has had co experience in business. Al» apoilcaat* sbcold state wba expert* encetbe? haveh-o, in wbat Rind ofDndaess. «nd monthly wag* s required, with beet of references. 1 j ortertc receivesuentirn. Addreu. in own hand* writing, K. K. PHOENIX, Bloomington Nnre-ry, Biccmingtcn, DL seiLqsTSSt TIT ANTED- 300 Ladies aid Gen f f tlemen frem ail porta of the West to aet aa sgsr.ta for the sale of Botterlsk’a Patterns for cutting Lrdlcs rxessea and at kinds cf Clothing Bar-to as-11 m every family. No capital reonirvd. STACY A wiiDHtt, Room 13, up star, a MoC< rmiek’s Bui.d- Ins.corperoi Randolph and Deaioonttw ,-:tlcaco* P, O. Box 6396. aell-qSiS-lw TXT"ANTED— Sc. sp Iron wantfd. TT 500 to ICCO tons of Do. 1 Wrciurbt Scrap I on. .TAMES UDLLIS3 A No. 13 Metro wltUa Blccb, (up itam.) #e9-q6994t TX7ANTED— By an active Man, TT experienced ass salesman, and with praett eal knowi*d.e of machinery, agileoltunu Inolo* mentf, and alarge acqoaintacce tit the State, a fltua* ticnm some capacity in contealon with the abo vs branches. City references given. Address P. O. nox 3073. st&q66Wlg XX7 ANTED —125 000 more to ex v T tend sn already extensive mapufactnilng business, eatathss din 1333, affording good proflta, A man wiih use above amount in mcnar.canoave* ch*nce as active or silent partner In • bn»la» ss that payr. Address •*Manufacturer,’* Drawer 6011. Chicago 111. its qai-3w ANTED—A girl to do geaeral TT bcusewcrkln a tmiil family. Good wage* zlven. Inquire at the second bcuse cn West Wash ington street, south aide, second house wo»« of Reuben. seß-q«B%tf IJI7ANTED —Foiribhed rooms, " f seme with, acd soma without board, for its* dents attesdlrg Bryant A 8t- atton’s Commercial col lege. Adore ss, giving location and price, BRYANT A 6TRAT TON. Ctlcaeo. lIL Bt?-qSlMw 3l2Eantefl=^gents. YF^ANTED —Agents to, sell tie .».* mirror of Modern Democracy, acampalra textbook for Republicans and an aye-oa*-nsr for Dunoon's. Sent by mail on reertok of the retail prlc=— 1t25. Agerts can fell ihoofaodß of them. For ieim» to agents, acdren wiih stamp*, GOLDEN A BAMMANs*. No i Banih Clark Kreof,Chicago, selS q93Ut \<\/ANTED —Agent/ to tell oar Y Y nn’lval'ed priz» ftc'rKfi, ud alto to aaa* vass for one Photograph Album?. War » apt, and otter ft it lellpg and popular worts. We have * very flno asiorn ectcf Cara Pho’ograohs. Steel Engrnv Weareoowpattlngnp anewstvleof Pnz® Package that is »np*nor to au> ctbera sold, Read for circa la* a to c.Sf. DUNN * Co..lß‘ASo.Clar* Btrtet, Chicago. Illinois. fl3i3-q371-3» Vf7ANTED—Xmmec lately, men Y Y who wish to mske $23 to $53 per day, la ® legitimate bonnes*, by a small Investment ox front sit o to IS O. are mv-ted to call atSB Dearborn street. Poem 3)4, anr examine one of tne most valuable la vtuUuus cf the age nevtr before Intr rcnced into tti® Western Staes. A rare oppoitnai yi» now offered to enterprising mor,wUh smeller large capital, to mafcemoney elt»e- by traveling or locating in cl«» or ct-nniry. F T. CUSHING, 30 Dearborn street ttooui **°- 3K- sel2-q8834$ Agents £ roar new » 7 book: ‘’Mosoas and Hib CAPTOBa;” on® handsome octavo vomme, nearly foar hundred pages. Price $1.75. No circumstances of the reben.onbare cevtioped better material tor an Incsresilzg and in structive vcitune th?n the groural 'sof John woe e»n Tae wort Is replete with thrilling incidents, which, while they conot retract £r>» us raorl; aa anbentle history. Invest the narrative with all tk® charms cf romance, and serve to iUn>t’ate the say ing, that M tru»l is scm-tlmes stranger than flc*lon.** C.F.VBNTACO, Publ'shers. 3JJWert Four’ksL* CinrlnnsM. Ohio, ll’A Dearborn at, Ctneago, Id. •oi3-q9U-6t V\7 ANTED—Disabled Officers and Y T Soldiers, hoaorablj discharged from the ser vice, and In wactcfprafltah'.eemploy Beni,pecaiiai>» Ivaoapted to tbmr cordulcn. should addreaa P s® Offlre Drawer 6614. Chicago, Illinois, mw g dat® of ducbirse and name ot company and regimes* dtschargea from. I*l7 q9ii.s® ■fXTANTED— Agents to sell P/ed v T dentlal Camsalun Medals.'dthor in Tallow or 'WMt®Metac tlsc Campaign Badge Flar.lUeneaM correct, workmanship superior toazmhtng v« of fered the public Price LomS4o torn per nibs A complete set of forty different sampler-two iizii of li> dais and (car forms (t Piss, 01 each Candida’®, tw two kinds of metal, and a first rate Medal of i i*m, Gen. Grant list for SUO- Single samples, rv reata. Tr»de ordera lolleiUd. AddmaJOHN sTAWTOit* 139 Fttth street, ctnclcaatl. 0. sell giro 3$ \i! ANTED - Aget ts in every to wa *f and com. ty to sell our Natural Weatner Indi cator. Warrantid to prtdtet toe ehtngee of lb® weatrsr a day in advance, t *lll fend ram ole per expseuun recuxoi iaxo Send stamp f-r citealas and wimi ir acenU. A<t''re«i.3AMUEL PIKtL Bern 3yAß.LMcago, IU. Office 16 Portland Block. Xl 7 ANTED —Agents ia this caty Y Y and even town and county ««it for Elston 01 the ‘War. Nor Barn and Southern sidsg. and otM popular family wrrka. Addreu. with atamna. *. M, \fcT ANTED —$100 ptr Olocth. Ao- Y 7 ttva and Bfliable Agents in the Army and everywhere elxejn the most tncrafr »e b»iinr» known! Honorable and no risk. Addrves or aculv to T. A O GAUQSAN, 116BnaiWAJNNVTT

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