Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 14 Eylül 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 14 Eylül 1864 Page 1
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CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DAILY TRI WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. r Office, No. 01 Clark Street. TERMS OP TUB CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Daily, delivered In city (ptr week) 25 Daily, to iur.ll Fab-cribtTsf 12.00 Dailv. to mail subscribers, per 6 months.* 6100 Tn-Wc-kl v, per year 6.00 Weekly, etude cop; one yetr 2.50 “ “ Biz months 1.25 viutxi ot low copies, oneyear.,.., g 00 “ ~ * ** •* aoloo twenty* 4 44 44 .... 40.00 And to the latter club, one copy extra to the per son order!ne it, BT Honey in Beats tered Letters may be Bent at cur risk. fy Tbe remittance lor dobe must, In all eases, be made at oks time. Addret* “CHICAGO TRIBUNE” Chicago, HI. Chicago tribune. Wednesday, peptember ii. isei. EfSEPCE OF THE LATE COPPER HEsD COHVEHXION. The Best Caxnpalern Document Yet Issued. KOW READY FOE DELIVEBT* Wc hare carefully compiled from the files of tbc Chicago Timer, into a neat sixteen page .pamphlet, tbc essence of the treasonable end ter* Dictionary utterances of the late Copperhead Con- Tcntlon In this city, giving extracts from the speeches of Vallakdighax, Fernando Wood, Cox, Harris, Long. Dean. Stnom, Yak Al lxn, O'Ewek, ItTKDcna, Sasscssok, Wickutfe, and a score of others. This document must be placed in the bands of -every voter In the United Slates. It Is an cyo opcccr, as It shows tbe disloyal and treasonable 'intentions of the leaders of thebogn^Dcmocracy. Friends of the Union, send in your orders at once. They win be filled promptly. Price $2.01 per one hundred copies Blnrle copies five cents •or thirty cents per dozen, exclusive of postage or expressage. Let Union men circulate it everywhere, espe cially jy Among Oar Boys Army j® Orders accompanied by tbc cash will be filled In the order in which the; are received. Address Chicago Tbibuke Contant. * THE NEWSt Tbc latest advices from Grant and Sherman Lave a most encouraging look, ajid in both quarters a strong resumption ol the cam paign cannot long be postponed. All Is go ing on -well, if the people etmd by the Gov ernment and tbe Government pushes for ward the work of filling up our armies. If the Government shall shortly say to the people, in the language of the business cor respondents, “V'c have dram on you for men,” there will- he hut few pro tests of .tbe draft; and nowhere, save in dis tricts whence few or no men have yet gone to tbc war. The tokens arc that the dralt ■will take place next week. It has already been ordered in several localities, as will be seen in onr dispatches elsewhere. A general order cannot long he delayed. When there was a lull in the zeal for the war, & boisterous vaunting of the prospects of a Peace Sneak victory in November, loyal men buttoned up thdr pockets, or only opened them to take out Government securi , Iks to convert them into other forms of in vee'mcnL For a brief hut anxious period matters in this respect looked unpromising. • But now, mark the change, as noted iu par ■Washington dispatch—the people have re covered their confidence, and the rush to ward tbc Treasury to take the new loan tells the whole story. The people believe the Government will he saved, and that Abraham Lincoln will be re-elected in November. How would subscriptions to Mr. Secretary Fessenden's loan fare if McClellan's pros pects were less dark? And as to those prospects of Little Mae, ■our dispatches of this morning contain nu merous important Unis. The Copperheads in conclave at Columbus speak out through Eammedaiy's brazen trumpet, the Crisis, and boldly denounce Little Mac. Everywhere the Peace fcneaks are doing up their small political bundles, and preparing to Jump O rerboard from the Chicago ralt, Pendleton has not been heard from. He dares not speak. If he did, the Cop. ticket with Mc- Clellan and Pendktrn at thsheid, wtnld look like aP. R, handbill with a cut a'top, with two worthies sparring fiercely at one another. Evidently the Millennium hasn't ar rived with tbc Copperheads, but these arc likely to prove their latter d iys. The man wilh the tecih, wno so long wrote his private letters out ol Canada, has retired to private life. Vallandlgham has gone back to the bosom ol his family. All his appoint meets to spuik are withdrawn. He is no longer 44 on speaking terms” with the Chi cago ticket. The trials of this martyr ore fierce enough to melt down a much bigger pile of copper than he i B . Proftssor Holcombe, the rebel peace nego tiator at Niagara, has gone to Europe. While at St. Johns, N. 8., he expressed his coufi- 1 dence in the success of the Confederacy and the establishment of its independence, al though at a fearful cost. He thought that if McClellan was nominated at Chicago, an armistice once secured, there would be no resumption of fighting; that both sides were too weary of war to take up arms again. But as to the Democratic talk of “Peace and Union,” he said that peace might come, but Cuou never. Great preparations arc beieg made for fire works and a grand torchlight procession at Spriucfi* Id on the sth ol October. Bring out tbc Wide Awake lamps cfISGO! The fires cf Liberty are burning bright in all parts of tbc State. Tbe Union men arc around, and they will fill the streets of Springfield! Tbe rumored capture of Mobile was bogus, and a New York gold gambler's canard. TLc next discussion between Gov. Morton and Hon Joseph E. McDonulJ will be held at Latoycttc, Indiana, on Friday, Sept. 10, at 1 o’clock. The Richmond Erwnlncr telle tbe story of the capture and death ol John Morgan. He was cn a rcconnolssancc, and took lodgings at a bouse ucat Greenville, It proved to be occupied by the wife of Coh Williams, an officer on Gen. Burnside's staff! While he* slept, Mrs. ‘Williams mounted a horse aod rode fiitecii miles, and returned with a squad of soldiers. Morgan ran Irooi the house, but was surrounded. He drew a revolver, swore he would not he taken alive, and attempted to break through the line, when he was killed hj a volley. The draft is ordered io Wisconsin, lowa and New York for Monday next. Gold yesterday stiffened n little, and stood at the close at 2 2GJ£, an advance of eight cents. An unusual stir was made in city fuel cir cles yesterday by tbe announcement in a local paragraph that coal had fallen to six teen dollars per ton. Our own commercial columns should have told the paragrapher belter, but, as if to make the matter worse, h mistake in making up, iu onr marine col- uuin,**SLUt a fii-vt ol coal-laden veesela out of . this port instead of in, as if, disgusted with a •fall of 60.00 per ton in twenty-fonr hoars, we were shipping bird coal to Buffalo and lower lake Newcastles. .The error was asc rions one to Paterfamilias who ran all over -town to find the sixteen dollar dealers. For his sake we' regret the publication. If any coal dealer was so misled by onr item as to sell coal at sixteen dollars per ton, we shall he glad to net his name. Yah telegraphed to a political iriend in Ohio, on reading McClellan’s letter, 41 AU hope is lost.” Every loyal man knows whose hope. Onr Indianapolis dispatch con tains a hint on the subject. The advices from Mexico report fnrther -fighting, with the advantage on the side of the French. The McClellan-Pcndleton ticket reminds ns of the unfortunate dog in Munchausen's story, Who, while running at full speed, came against a tree with such force as to split himself from snout to tail. Munchau sen says he clapped the two halves together and they united, but inadvertently two legs were up and two legs were down. The run ning gear of the Chicago ticket was similar ly botched, and now the Copperheads insist on taking the dog apart. We give on rur third page this morning a highly interesting and graphic letter from Atlanta, under date of Sept. 10th, describing the,occnpaUon of the city by Gen. Sherman s f °The Republican victory in Vermont is now said to be 15,648. Revolutions never go backward. We give in onr Decatur dispuca tne Second Day’s Proceedings of the Illinois Statu Fair, loclndlrg aidnsses from Got. - Tates, Dick Oglesby and President Van by dispatches and the malls, we have HCWB from the Sooth of great Interest. Parle Benjamin, The wen known American l»eral.iir, poet , whose death is elsewhere an “ io New York Teeter nounced ISM, at Dcmcrara, in athera New Eng- Welsh descent, resided as a mer chant An nines ne nnanent lameness, ly treated, can “ d^ 8 £^r ß home In New and he was sent to Us urn .England for medical adneeauu. yol. xvm. cutcd. die studied two years at Harvard College. grxduaied at Trinity College, Hart ford, in 1829, began to practice law in Boston In 1832, and was one of tbe original editors of the 4 New England Magazine.” In 1837 be removed to Ncv York, edited in connec tion with C. F. Hoffman tbe “American Monthly Magazine,” and subsequently was associated with Horace Greeley in editing the “New Yorker.” He was next engaged, in connection with Epos Sargent and Rufus W. Griswold, as editor of the ‘‘New World,” a cheap wcctlypcriodicol, which republished the best articles of English magazine litera ture, and received original contributions from many spirited writers. After five years he sold hie interest in this Journal, and h&s since appeared frequently before the public as a lecturer both in prose and verse. His poems, which embrace many popular lyrical and satirical pieces, have never befn collect ed, bnt ore found scattered through the re cent periodical literature ol the country. To Union SXen inTlllools. Ecasq'cs Union State Central Committee, ) Chicago, September 18th, 13i>4. f Union men in &U parts of the State ore re quested to observe carefully the list of ap pointments of speakers, as published in the Tribune oni Journal, and make the neces sary preparations for good meetings, as it will he impossible to notify the people of the localities where meetings are to be held, by mail on every occasion. James P. Root, Secretary. Tallandlgbom Bolls. Tbe following appeared at tbe head of the leading column of the OMo Statesman of Sat urday : 44 MB. VAIXANDIGHAM’S MEETINGS WITH DRAWN. “The appointments heretofore made for Hon. C. L. Tallandlghara arc withdrawn. “John G. Thompson, “Ch'n Dcm. State Cent, Committee. “P. Jaeger, Secretary.” A dispatch from Columbus informs us that Mr. Vallondigbam was on his way to Penn sylvania to make speeches, when ho met McClellan's letter, and turned back. In the course of his retrograde movement, he reach, cd this city Saturday ever lug, and, we are Informed, labored to prepare tbe way tor a bolt, clothing himself with corses like a garment, so venomous was he on the candi date who was nominated by the Chicago Convention, the nomiuatlon being made unanimous upon bis own motion. jSpA Richmond paper says that “proper ty is now lower and money cheaper, in tbc Confederacy, than they ever were before in any country at any period.” LATE SOUtOEBiV HEWS. [From the Richmond Examiner, Sept. 7, ISM.] TBE WAR NEWS. Tbe most Inters?ting Item of news received yes terday is the following dispatch from Gen. Hood: Lovzjor’s, Sept. 5,1804 Gen. Bragg: The enemy withdrew from my front in the direction ol Jonesboro last night. J B. Hood, General. Sherman may have withdrawn to Jonesboro, with the Intention of remaining there until bis rnilioad communication con be completed up tor him; or bo may be projecting another extensive flank movement similar to the one that has Jaat given him Atlanta without a general engagement. He may try to throw 8 heavy body of bis troops between Hood and Atlanta. It is plain, from his recent operations, that it is more unobj-ct with him to throw himself in Hoodie rear thin to storm positions He no doubt reasons that, could he succeed In eflectinc a lodgment between Hood and Macon, Hood would be compelled to attack him or abandon Macon without a blow. A very law days will disclose his plans—we hope our General will ' penetrate them still earlier. TEE EVACUATION OF ATLANTA. Wo have learred little in’ relation to the aban donment of Atlanta which the intelligent reader might not have IrJ'erred from General Hood's offi cial dispatch, published on Monday. It appeared from that despatch that Atlanta had been aban doned suddenly, axd In the nhrht, and tbc Infer ence was inevitible that everything In the way of stores and mnoltionsorwar, except whzt our men could carry on them backs, bad been destroyed to prevent its falli.g into the hands of tbc enemy stores bad to be burned, ammunition blown up. Such was the cate. We have what we deem authentic information that our whole lo»s in killed aurt wounded in tbe nghts *t Flint lU'rer, rad on me next day at Jonesboro', was not a thousand men, killed and wounded. [As a matter of fact the rebels lost six thousand men, killed, wounded and prisoners, while Sher man lost one thousand five hundred in all.—Ed.] This fact has one bad aspect. Those fights lost ns Atlanta, and tbc emallnete of onr loss in killed and wounded proves chat by generalship alone me enemy got possession of the city, in defense of which Hood had Intended, as all the world knows, todellv<ra desperate battle. The fact !#, while Hood thought ttc bulk of tbe Yankee army wa* in bis front at Atlanta, It was twenty miles in his rear, on tbe Macon rad. Wc hope hewlUbcon * the lookout for a repetition ot tbe movement. raosFECTs op peace. The expectation ol a comparatively speedy ter mination oftbc war, which has gained ground In tbe United States, as well as In tbe Confederate Stales, has reduced tne price of gold at tbe North. Tbe late accounts tell of an increased activity in its traffic, with an advance' in price. The fall of Atlanta will probably farther enhance tbe pre mium, as iniicatina the delay of peace. The Con federates never mean touive up the straggle, bat to fight it out to tbe end fur which they started— separation and indepcncence. Any success gained by our enemies hut prolongs the cnl day far them as well at for us; and it Wall street is as astute as it claims to be. it will understand It so. buy and sell accordingly-— {Sentinel, Ith. THE YANKEE OATH. Annexed is the oath which the residents of the Valley ol Virginia arc couipclbti to take before the; are allowed to pass the Yankee lines: 1. 1 , of county. State of , make oath on tbe Holy Evangel or Almighty God that I will bear true allegiance to the Unlied States of America, and support and sustain tbe Constitution and laws thereof: thht I wiJ maintain thenatioaal sovereignty paramount to tnat of all States, coun ties, conventions or corporate powers, or any ordi nance of tbe same; that I will disconraee, dis countenance and forever oppose secession,’ rebel-. lion and the disintegration or the Union; that 1 disdain and renounce all lalth and fellowship with the so-called Confederate States, Confederate Qov ertmeut. armies and navy; that I will abide by and malntalnltbe laws of the Government of the Untied States as at present constituted, by wuom soever administered; that 1 pledge my lile and property to the sacred performance of this my sol emn oath of allegiance to the Government of the UtiUd States of America. Farther, that I do this with a fall determination, pledge and purpose, wl-bom any nenta reserva tion or eras lon whatsoever, so hop me God. Sworn and subscribed to Lciure me, , . THE CAHPASGN LY GEOR GIA. An Interesting Resume. [rinrturall Commercial, September 12.] Tbc history oftbc operations oi Sherman's army, leading to tbe occupation of Atlanta, most occupy tome of the mo?t wonderful page? in die history of war. There have been longer marches, greater hardships, and blcodlcr battles endured by the same aimv during the present campaign, but noth ing in the annals'ol itls rebellion to equal the guarded compactness of the marches, ar,d the de cisiveness of the engagements. Hordshipa there were none—tbe dally work being light, with full rations. An army lying in semi-siege more than half way hound another army, quietly abandons its lints, with greet caution, yee tranquil confidence in Its ability to prove cquil to every hazard of tbj moment, and In five days bas passed around the flank of the enemy to hie rear, commanding bis vital communl&itione, and having him at each de cided disadvantage that, alter mature deliberation, tbc best thing be finds to do is u divide and send to (be assault an army which, when most firmly united, had sender chances oi winning an; other then a partly defensive battle. That the toads were pood, the weather very propitious (extreme * heat or continued heavy rtice would have been : equally fatal), and the country Into which be pene , fraud favorable, may he called Sherman's good ' fortune. That bis artifices to mislead the cocmv D should be eo scccfssMfl, his mirches so smooth , and sell guarded. hie army so well fed throughout, x his battles so well fought cud won. Is the result of wfat deserves no less Haltering & title tb-in re 1, maskable military genius. Tbc army is resting at Atlanta, after a long, U weary, bloody campaign. The Untie of its gr*ud • s effort for the Gale City was of befitting mv-nltude, and the fruits of the victory must be raost'encour ** aging. When we remember that eight thousand deserters came Into onr lines alter lllreioa Ridge wc can form some estimate of what the influx ia ■ r likely to be now. Hood has lost, in stru^cle ß >f prisoners of war and killed and wounded since the SCth of August, about five thousand re-miars * . and hie militia, now an encumbrance, are scatter- Is Jnc to their homes. *i miict > s If the rebel army of the Tennessee could not to , lain Atlanta by the superhuman efforts it pnt forth b what limit can there be to Sberman’g further con .o quest, now that It bas been beaten again, and loH , wbat little confluence It retained in thcnro-jca ■** tlon of the war In Georgia f bherman is too re-t --fr loss, and hisaimy Is too rostiess to resu-atietlrd ro with Atlanta. Before another month shall roil ’ round, he will probably be marshaling hie heroic n * battalions tor another campaign, which can hardly r- be as fiercely contested as the marvelous one, the 8 l triumphant close of which has just been reached. Pacification Rumors. New York, Tuesday, Sept. 18.—The Washington Union ol the 10th looms that Horace Greeley has .again entered Into correspondence with Georce Sanders, ossurioc him that commissioners will he quietly trut, 1* desired bv Messrs. Clay and Hol combe. to lUchmor d. to 'negotiate for peace with* out conditions precedent. The Richmond Er.'/virtr, of theßthhn* a marked editorial, tn which it loohs for peace—“a lasting and permanent peace’ I —in Calhoun* doctrine, that the Executive Department of tee Federal Govern • met tbonld be reposed In twoparta, Instead of one Going; Under Perhaps* New York, Tuesday, Sept. :s.-Thc Waeblcjnoa special says; Col. Dina. 143 d Penn* aylvanla reclment, who bai ja?t returned from un* der fire fit Charleston, reports that be was assured by parlies-who had been out to Fort Sumter, thit tbo fort was rspid.y sctUlcg, and. In a very short time. It was believed, water would enter thelowcr tier of embrasures. It Is a fact well known to oar erdneers that this fortification was erected upon mate a thin point of eand, which strata of eacd reeled upon fl soft, pulpy maas of ucbrls. Capture of a Steamer by Bcbcls. Foimuas Monrße, ScpLlS.—The steamcrTawn, murine between Norfolk and Nortli c.mllra, ita« captured TeeUifdsy on the Djemal Swamp Canal, bvn parly of rebel raiders. The crew and pjesoa gem Ire prUoncre._ TheFteamer was burned. Dcatla’orlParlt Benjamin. Krw TonK. Tee-dny, Sept. IS.—Park Benjamin died in this dly last night, aged 65. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE romtT WITH BEBELim The Latest Military Situation Grant and Sherman, TEE COMING DRAFT— ITS PRESENT PROM ISE. ‘ A Token from the Moneyed Men—They Stand by the Union. WAEHIBGTOS MILTTAEY, PO LITICAL AIVD QNJSE- B&L ITEMS. THE NEWS FROM MAINE GROWS MAGNIFICENT. J 20,000 €Sa& of liOyai TUuuder, Revolutions Never Go Back wards! FEOM THE ILT.UTOIS STATE FAIE-SECOBD BAY. Gov. Yates at the Sanitary Fair —President Van Epps’ Address. ROM ST. LOUIS —IMPORTANT WESTERN MILITARY ITEMS. FromlUadißon—The Draft—" From Indianapolis. Official Dispatches to Governor Seymour. From New York—Cold—The Warehouse Sharks— Park Benjamin. Mexican and San Do mingo Intelligence. Pennsylvania Congressional domi- nations. jpkosi v.-Asimc ros. Tbc Draft—Military and General In telligence. [Spatial Blrp&tch to the Chicago Triboae.l WAttmioTOv, T»«v(l»y, S—pt. 18, It is probable that the general order for the draft will not be irened for some days yet, though draft ing has already begun In a few districts. It Is un. derstoed the War Department is about ready to proceed with it everywhere, bat as long os men come forward at the present rate by volunteering, tbe President will withhold the necessary order. Many of oar best and most trusted Generals In octive service, aa well as numbers of persona In different States to whom people are accustomed to Icok for counsel, arc urging, however, tbit the draft should be enforced at once everywhere. THE XIUTABY SITUATION, A dispatch from Petersburg says that all remains qnict. The country is asked to bare patience, as every day’s delay izcrtascs our army and decreases the rebel army. Gen. Sherman Is known to be bringing np sup plies , and resting his army at Atlanta. atIUTABT. . Gen. Tower, Superintendent of West Point Academy, has been relieved and ordered to doty at Nashville. He is succeeded by Brig. Gen. Cnllnm. Col. LI bard, commandant ut West Point, has al.-o been relieved, and succeeded by Capt, Bright. Gen. GUlem, whose nomination was parsed over by the Senate without confirmation last spring, ha* been rcappclrtcd for gallantry in routing and killing John Morgan, as yon have been heretofore informed. A change has been some time contemplated in the ordnance office. Major-Bier, late of Springfield arsenal, made Brigadier General two weeks ago, and yesterday he entered upon his duties as Chief ot Ordnance here. To-day Brig. Gen. Ham- E»y, late Chief, Is placed upon the retired list. HINTS TBOM THE PEOPLE. ' Numerous letters received at the Treasury De partment during tbo month of August initiated great uneasiness on the part of those who had money, and aide-spread disinclination to invest in Government securities, because o! fears that the nominee of tbe Chicego Convention might be suc cessful. Tbe daily correspondence of tnc Depart ment since tbe Ist of September shews a great chunzeof feeling In all parts of the North conse quent anon the increasin' insurance that no man standing upon the peace platform of that Conven tion can be elected. The unprecedentedly large bid for the last loan, as well as of letters received every day, prove the amount of money that is seek ing investment. THE EKEOLLMENT OPTBOOPS. The numVr of men goltg forward to the army is dally Increasing. It is usually notic-d tt at most of the new enlistments are men of superior charac ter,’ morally as well as physically., BOGUS NEWS. The public onsht to understand that much of what purports to be Washington news in the New Tork pui-crsoocs not come trom thatcity, Thus the famous telegram In the World ot Saturday la-t about the caoture of Mobile, on which gold took such a tumble; was manufactured oat of whole doth in New. York. Tbe telegrams in the Herald that morning in regard to the temporary loan to be put upon the market of the some character, as are also telegrams In other papers to the effect that subscriptions to the ten-forty loan may behalf paid In certificates of indebtedness. Each and all thtsc stories are partly fictiuon. started and circu lated by stock gamblers, who It appears are rich enough to bay newspapers to serve their ends and fool the public. „ _ \Ta shin otoN, To esd av, Sept. 13—There is offi cial authority for contradicting the report that Sec retary Fessenden bus decided to place a temporary cam of $50,000,000 on the market. Secretary Seward has returned from his visit '“xew’totk, Tuesday. Sept. 13,-The Wnehtag topfpcdal to the Herald “ No decision hM let been arrived at in regard to the proposition Foratbonsandmillion loan made by European audit may be held under advisement Sf*Si feSSe Of express la taken npon It, el million loan contained the request that if accepted they would be applied to the seven-tbir **The Military Governor of the District of Wash iagtonhas linedan order prohibiting the | Shin* to any enlisted man, upon the discharge moot 5e may present, until the paoers have been Examined ana a special permit obtained from the fiSSnor’B headquarter-. The- reason lor this nrrtpr is that persons engaged in the clothing busi- SSfta ““ foid citirene clothee to cn filled men who bnre exhibited ccrtlGcatcs of SU itewe. which In most cases proved to be spurt- SS ?orsd. or beloneltg to persons other than those Renting them. The hualness has been TC^ militaryord^joptissneddirects thatdessrt ertfrom the United Stales troops arming m Wash in-tonTwho report themrelves as belonging to any TMinicnlar regiment, and are sent to it, shall be to tbe regiment if they tons report themselves members. w ft , Dtscrters nowin the prisons of this dis rict, or who may hereafter arrive, whose regiments are at.- brown, shall be sent immediately to the front with instructions to tbe commanding Generals of thearmy to emplov them on the tranches. The i ommerelai's Washlecton epeclal siya Dot. Andrew, of Massachusetts. who has arrived here, ba& given in his acherion to Mr. Lincoln without • lashinoton, Tnesday, Sept. 13.—One-third of the lotds ot the recent loan were delivered to-dav, nr d immediate deliveries will continue to be made a: fast at the certificates are presented for that purpose. Tee Secretary of the Treasury has directed the r entire amount readied from this loan to bo pud to tbe army. Warrant* were issued yesterday for moncytopaythe troops In the Northwest, Mis souri and lowa. ■ 1 FEOJI MABbONv ' llio ComlDß Draft— \rueonaln Mill tuy Items. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mabisok,WWi n Tuesday, Sept, IS. Governor Lewis received a dispatch from Pro vost Marshal General Fry to-day, that the draft would be commenced, in districts where the quota is not filled, on Monday, September 19tb. i W. T. Selleck, the Wisconsin State Accnt at Washington, writes the Governor, under date of the Bth, that a number of Wisconsin soldier* la the Veteran Bescrve Corps at Washington, desire to re-enliat and be credited to Wisconsin, If paid i s2oobounty each. In order to procare the enlist mail of said soldiers, money for bounty should be CHICAGO, WEDAESpAY, SEPTEMBER 14,18643 deposited at Washington Kith some suitable per son who will attend to paying it out, securing credits, &c. There are about 3,500 recruits In Camp Randall. Here there were 152 mastered to-day. There wld be none mastered for two or three days as all attention will be devoted to getting the 42d paid and ready to leave. It will probably leave by Sat urday for Virginia, and heavy artillery compmicsf and the £Bth Reciment will follow closely alter. FROM ST, LOUIS. Uissourl General, military and Politi cal Intelligence. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, Tuesday, Sept. IS. The St. Joseph (Mo ) JTrraid, of yesterday, says we leant that Gov. Hall has declared hla intention to stand by Lincoln end Johnson and the Union State ticket, and against the nominations, State and National, of .he Peace Democracy. The guerillas In Platte county lately killed two Unionists, between Rochester and Sc. Joseph, and banted one or two bams. The same sight several l&rm houses, a mile or two couth of Albany, were broken into and robbed, and some of the windows and property generally damaged No lives were lost. This mischief was probably the work of the guerillas on their way Southward. Nothing additional from Southeast Missouri, ex cepting the evacuation ol several outposts held by a einute company. An intercepted mall captured in the Southwest, contained a letter enclosing a printed extract from a Texas paper, announcing sn advance against Missouri, alleging as a reason for the deby m this movement, tho neaotiattons with JdT Davis rela tive to transferring Dick Taylor’s command to Gen. Hood. The Governors or Loolsiaut, Texas, Arkansas, and Mbtouri protested against this. The extract says the matter was satisfactorily ar ranged. Advices from Howard .county represent that Major -Mattock, with two companies of the 17th Illinois cavalrv, whipped Uoltzclaaa’ band, killing ' seven, and capturing twenty norscs, not Car from Glasgow last week. A guerilla gang, beaded by J]m Anderson, cross ed the Missouri river below, Brunswick, last Wednesday, and on Sunday one hundred more crossed in Carroll county. They robbed the mill between Brunswick and Salisbury. Jackman’s ‘ gang Is also lively in Cbaritan county. Several bcslness houses at Glasgow «nd Bruns wick Lave closed their stores and re Turned tbclr stocks to St. Louts. -A request has been sent to Indianapolis to have the prisoner pnppo-»ed to bo ('nantrcil sent to this city for identification. It is suggested ho be sent to Kansas to be tried for murder at Lawrence. Jim Lane and family bare left lor Washington. A distinguished Claybank, who arrived from tho East on Sunday announces tbe-growlng unpopu larity ofMcClellan. Supposing him to be in sym pathy with anti Libcoln men, eevcruMcnding poli ticians in Pennsylvania and Ohio confessed Mc- Clellan’s letter bad alienated the peace faction, anil war Democrats could not stand the platform. Hu la now in full accord with tbe Missouri radi cals. St. Louis, Sept. 13 —Thomas C. Reynolds, Lieu tenant Governor of this State under Chub. Jack eon, and still claiming to be Governor of Missouri, by vir ne of that rebel’s death, issued an order somewhere down la Arkansas, last spring, for uu election of members of tbe rebel Congress. There is no doubt that this election was held in nearly every county In the State, held in tbe room* and by the members ot the o. A. K. The men who participated in tbl? election will doubtless also vote for Gen. Gultarand other candidates like him. They wM endeavor to elect two members from each district, one to ro to Washington and the other to Richmond, both acting harmoniously in their objects, howwer. It is said the Government authorities are on tee rebel agents who conducted the ♦‘lectior/v- Efforts are being made by cerium Americans here, who aspire to tbe leadership among the Ger man Fremomers, to give a McClellan direction to tte Fremont movement, by endeavoring to prove that McClellan Is a in ore acceptable candidate than Lincoln. It won’t win. Tne Executive “Democratic” National Central Committee, or a portion of them, had a meeting at CotnmlmcvOhlo, yesterday, doubtless upon the subject oi McClellan’s letter of acceptance. This letter has made a wldehreach In the ranks of the Coppci beads in this city and Stale. Tnc out ami ont peace men swear that they would now as soon vote for President Lincoln os McClellan. Colonel Boar, a prominent peace advocate, and delegate to Chicago, has gone to Columous to confer with Vallandigham and other mco of his stripe. Chris. Kribben, another peace apostle, and one of the electors at large in this State, declares that unless pome explanation of that letter Is made, satisfac tory to toe peace wine of the party, be and bis friends will fly the track. In tbe rank and file, this revolt is open and violent FROM nUU^APOLIS. Icdlana State military News—Politi cal News. [Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune. 1 Indianapolis, Tuesday, Sept. 13. The 7th regiment, Col. Ira G. Grover, and the 36th, Col. O. H. P. Cooley, each numbering about four hundred men, reached the city this morning. Their times of enlistment have expired, and they will be mastered out as soon as the rolls are com ptetc. The citizens of the third and feimii Di met?, vmcrc the 7th was principally nlsed, have arranged a reception and basket dinner (or that regiment. It will come off next Friday In a grove near this city. A like honor will probably be ten dered the 36th. Col. Grover was one-of tbe Federal officers placed under fire at Charleston, and recently ex changed. He reports that the only remaining hone ' of the rebels LIBS IN THE SUCCESS OP THE COPPERHEAD PARTY IN THE COMING •ELECTION, and In a consequent division of the North. tST- The re flection of Mr. Lincoln they regard as the wortt exit that could befall The Cth Indiana will reach Lou-viile on tbo 15tu on it* way home. Its time having also expired. No iurtuer devclomnents have transpired re specting Quantrtll. Ills story agree? well with toe known history of tbe guerilla. He is still In custo dy, and Gen. Ilovey will fa old him untlll the whole matter Is frmted out. Hon. J. P. Usher, Secretary of tbe Interior, is in the city. The news from tbe Maine elections le received as a sure indication of tbe result of the greater elections yet to come. Union men feel en couraged to work harder, and tbe skies grow brighter every day with the promise that Indiana will not be found recreant to the cause of liberty and Union whon the crnchtl test arrives. FROM I? E Lower Mississippi sod Mobile News. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune J « . Caico, Wednesday, Sept. 13. Tbe Hannibal arrived this morning, bringing New Orleans dates to the afternoon of tbe Cth. She bad notice on her down trip that the rebel* bad located a battery at Cobb’s Creek. CapL Cable ordered all his lights darkened, and under convoy of a gunboat. Heated safely past It. On the return tup she came up without any trouble until she reached Tunica Bend, below the mouth of the Red River, where she was fired upon by a squad of guerillas with a four pounder shell, followed by a voller of musketry. None ofthem did anv damage, though a shell passed in close proximity to the forecastle, which was crowded with so dicrs. Fifty or sixty shots were fired in all, two of which were from cannon. The lady passengers were much Orleans Tlme» m \las reliable dates to August 30th. While dragging for lorptdoe* In the channel off Fort Morton, on Friday, the 2d, roar men were accidentally killed. They were fooling with a nipple, when one exploded. Ten other men were wounded, some of whom have since died. An Inspecting party was on doty, inspecting the fortification of Fort Moreau. No other news has been received as regarus Mobile or its approaches. from spbevgfield. Harvest—mult*** cud Political Intel ligence* [Special Dispatch to tbe CbJcazo Tribune 1 SrniNorrsu), IU., Tuesday, Sept. 13. Tho farmers In this section are already engaged in cutting and shocking their corn, while tho crop is one of tie best ever grown In the State. Tbe citizens of Greene county contemplate giv ing a picnic reception to the returned veterans of the Gist Illinois, at Carrollton, on the 20th lust. . One hundred and fifty-one men belonging to the 28th ifglmcnt of Illinois Volunteer*, whose term or service bad caplred, K IT J, S; lc They were mustered oat In' /I"?” “ B 1C WXn r K. >S5 5 , to the State Fair, votesbave been taken. result, a majority ol two to one for Lincoln. The SS up from V.ndalia had four *mdred paiwo rn mote than half of whom were for Old Abe. On the Train west from vote stood 91 for Lincoln and H for Mc .lellan. On the tram arriving here at 7p- ia*» Tote Blood 111 for Lincoln, 41 lor McClellan, ritoaciiKi*. IQatters InTVealtrn Kentucky, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlhaae.] Cairo, Tuesday, Sept. 13,153 L Officers by the dispatch heat'which arrived at Cairo yesterday, report that 15,003 rebels are con centrated at the mouth hi Eed lilvor. La. another slight Are took place at Cairo last night, one bunding being destroyed. The losswas small. No particulars are yet received ot tho sinking o‘ the steamer Jink J. Boc. Advices were received from Gen. Meredith, (-out Paducah, this morning, that s limited trade to loval Kentuckians, In small quantities of lam llVstores and necessary supplies, will be permlt ?d to Sosa the Ohio Diver from this place as be fore General Paine's discontinuing order. Aolntant General Thomas I. now In Paducah, lie came up from below yesterday, S IIO3E O HIO. The Copperheads In a Bad "Way— ino eoi e sammedary. ISncdal Dispatch to the Chicago Trlhnne.l Conranns, Orao, Tuesday, Sept. 13. There Is still division In the ichel Tho Sons otLlberly have been In session day, .hd no to this time have failed to quiet tho tron waters The question of adhering to McOlel , “again, hut inn different shape from lan came np again, -ay. A hl tter a i 6 cnsston SvhlcMt la affirmed. Vallandigham * t° ofe rJjHnrtMComi b»t. The fatlhfnl are doing Srf^SkMtToShip thebolters into the traces. KStandnlcnt sale Is not hlndlngln tow. Thp foiiowicc is the Executive order wturnin thanks to lhe Ohio volnutecre for one hundred d ” ! ' h™, «=Xr°£ r ’ \ £ Tho term of one hundred days, for which the National Guard of Ohio volunteered havtug ex pired. the President directs an official acknor.!- edement of their patriotism and valuable service dnnno the recent camnaign. The term of service of their enlistment was short, but distinguished by memorable events in the Valley of the Sbenis doab, on the Peninsula, In the operations on the James River, around Petersburg and Richmond, in tbe battle of Monocacy, In the intrenchmcuts of Washington, and in other important service. The National Guards ot Ohio performed with alacrity the doty of patriotic volunteers, for which they are entitled, and aieherebv tendered, through the Governor of their State, the national thanks, frh# of Warls directed to transmit! copy ol tblp crder tojlhe Governor of Ohio, and to tause a certificate of their honorable service to ba delivered 10 the officers and soldier* of the Ohio Kstional Gnird, who recently served in the mili tary lorcc uf (be Uuted States as volunteers for one hundred date. . . [Sicced] AmunAn Lwcolh. Coixince, Ohio, Saturday, Sept. 10.—ilr. Val* landlaLam arrived In this city yesterday, on his way to Pennsylvania, to address the people at va rious places; bat meeting McClellan's letter of acceptance, he promptly authorized the Democrat* Jc Chairman of Ohio to withdraw hts name from the appointments in Ohio, and returned homo The peace men are determined to maintain their integrity, and will soon call a meeting to deter* mine their coarse of action. FBOU THE STATE FAIR. Second Day’s Proceedings—The Trot* tingMaicn—oanltapy Fair— Governor • Tates, Oglesby, dec* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune. - ] Decatur, DI., Tuesday, Sept. 13—0 p. m. A TRIAL OF SPEED. At 3 o'clock a trotting match came off for three year olds, in harness, heat two in three,*for sparse of slCo—or sls to the first hcit horse and $25 to the second. The following were the entries; 1-Sallle, by Mr. Frosty, g—Isaac Shepherd, by E. 8 Hall. • S—Dobert Pral't, by air. Welch. 4—Grace Greenwood, by John Dewer. The first and second heats were won by Isaac Shepherd. Time, 8:09; 3:02 The second, prize was awarded to Grace Greenwood. The race was a very doll and.uuintcrcsting one. OPENING OF TUB BANITART PAIR, At three o’clock the Sanitary Fair was formally opened by Governor Tates. 11c was Introduced to •theaudience who occoplcd the.amphitheatre by General !£.•£.’ Oglesby, the Union candidate for Governor, in a few well chosen words. Governor Tates made one of the best speeches 1 ever beard from his Jlpe. It occupied over an boar in its de livery, and was warmly applauded. As It will un doubtedly be published complete by the Sanitary Commission, I will not attempt even a synopsis, as it will not begin to do it Justice. At the conclusion of Gov. Tates'speech, Gen. Opleeby was called out by the crowd and delighted the audience by one of those peculiar bnrata of thrilling eloquence which has given him renown throughout the Union. Ills remarks raised the hearts of bis audience to the highest pitch of en thusiasm. . ATTENDANCE AT TUB FAIR. The fairbas been very largely attended this af ternoon, beyond precedent. The aggregate re ceipts for tbe first two days as compared with last yeor are as follows: This year. $3,600; last year, $1.007; a gain of nearly 100 per cent. Messrs. George W. Gage, of tho Tremont TTon?e, David A. Gage, of tbe Sherman, William Z. Tuck er, ol the Briggs House, Emory Cobb, of tho West . cm Union Telegraph ami friends trrived hete this p. m in Snpt Dice's famous Prince Abert car, all well and In excellent condition. SECOND DISPATCH. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.j Decatur, 111, Tuesday, Sept. 13—9 p. m. Tbe weather is delightfhl to-day, and the attend ance at the State Fair Is quite largo for the second day. The accession of entries has been very large, ctptcialiv in cattle,*isbecp and agricultural imple ments. Tbe exhibition to-day far exceeds tbe promise of yesterday, and, taken as a whole, is probably as good, II not better, than any of Us prcoece-j'ors. At 10 o’clock this morning President Tan Epps delivered his annual address, a synopsis ot which is as follows: SRESIDSNT VAR RTFS’ ADDRESS. in behalf of ..the Association, President Van Epps bxtinded a coralal welcome to delegates and vlM’ors. The invitation to come op here has been nobly responded to, aid at tbe present time of its progress, this Fair promises to oe one of tbe larg est and most successful, as it certainly was In some respects tbe must Important of the whole triumphal scries. He congratulated tbe managers upon tbe general prosperity which has attended every legiti mate branch of agriculture and tbe mechanic arts. Nothing In the wonderful growth of the State prior to 18C0 has equalled the rapid progress since Sec the railroads pressed beyond their capacity with the freights of tbe people 1 Tbe metropolis of tbe State rears its stately blocks With arapldlty almost fabulous, and whitens tbe northern lakes with tho toils of Its commerce. Every smaller cify,to*nund hamlet are all astir with improve ment. Every factory, mill and machine shop run ning with its full complement of bands—the ham ol industry in every household. We have more seres of fertile lands under culture, fuller gram .tries, and more prolific fields than ever before. In short, observe that this State and this people are making more rapid progress in population, development, wealth, education, and In all tbe arte of peace, than at-Jiny former period. Then realize that all this has occurred and Is occurring in the midst of a war the most stupendous over prosecuted nmoug men, not upon foreign territory wlih a foreign nation, bat upon our own national domain. Where but in free America, in the great West—and shall I say. In the Prairie Slate—need wa look for a parallel f On the 5; b day of January, 1853, the eoc'ety bolding this* exhibition was born. Its career, tbooch not yet in its teens, has. there it reison to be Icve, been one of incalculable u«efa*nesß. Whether f’l has been accomplished that might have been, it Is not necessary to disease. The President briefly recounted the efforts made ’■byihe executive board since the inauguration of the rebellion in •ilmuiating the invention of labor saving farm implements, to as far as possible com pensate lor the withdrawal from agricultural labor cf so large a number of soldiers. President Van Epps dismissed briefly tbe subject cf BgricaltcmP education in connection with the recent cram by Cor gress for establishing an agri cultural college. The whole subject of education is invested with interest. Educate all and then all who work with their ImndustU know how also to work with their brains. This is the true Ameri can view of the question. This matter of ednea*’ tlon concerns all, and ’a one upon which in soma form or other wc must act Individually. Desiring to be perfectly understood, ha desired tospeatc plainly. Yon ail are aware that oar educational system is made up let. The Common Schools, sdanted or intended to be to the want- of all alike; and 2d Seminaries, Colleges and Universities. The first ore a modern Invention, and have not been nor cm they be sustained in parity and usefulness except among a people whose ideas are essentially Democratic. The second are old as the bills, oric inully created and established in the interest of on educated aristocracy, devoted to the so called learn* ed professions, Such, with few exceptions, arc the present American colleges and universities, hardly so well acapted to the education of people for any industrial avocation In this State as would be the tree Implements of ancient Egvptlin agriculture to ihe wants and purposes of an Illinois farmer. In HMrols there are thirty of these Institutions well et dowed and provided with professors ofcm* Jncnt ability, which succeed In accomplishing os much goodJJDdasJllttle bsrmaaany similar number could accomplish when boond mind aad body, and delivered over slaves to the system and ideas o.' ages lone past, while there Is not as yet a single college or institution of any kind In operation in this State where the course of instruction Is cal culated to meet the-wants of one whose purpose It la to follow in after life either of the branches of sericulture or mechanic arts. The grant of land by Concrete was intended to provide in part for this need. Any other application of the fund will amount to a total perversion of the intentions of Coneress,and ought to work a forfeiture of the crant. A word to those who represent the two branches of industry named: This grant Is designed fur the benefit of both alike in this matter, and your relations indicate that yon should deter mine that as agriculture and the mechanic arts are colaborera in life and joint htire In this * bequest, so there shall be one college In this State devoted to the training of pupils lor those pursuits, and as the only prac tical way of accomplishing this, see to It that yonr members ol the General Assembly for the comloc year understand your wishes, ami maybe icUcdnpon tooct and vote In this matters* you know to be required by the best interests of the people of this and all succeeding genera lions. pacing jiatch. At 11:80 a. m. the first trial of speed took place on the Course in the shape of a pacing maten for s£oo, beet three In five. The entries wereasfol lojaV Polly Ann, by Louis Glam 2d. Copt. McKinney, by Jas. Conlish. Sd. Sbellbark, by J. E.McQny. The first heat was won by PoKy Ann; time, Second heat by Capt. McKinney: time $2.23#. Third heat by Polly Ann; time $2,28#. Fourth heat by Polly Ann in 2:29#* The first prize, of S2OO was awarded to PoMy Ann; second prize of SIOO to Cupt. McKinney. A BREST OF COIOAOO BUIU3LAB3. Detective officers Sherman and Miller, of Chi coco, to day arrested at the Stato Fair a young man and a boy, charged with breaking into the fclorc oi P. T. Sherlock, of Cafcago, and robbing it of property to the value of SB9O. Among the stolen property wereLtnco'n and McClellan badges, and each of the burglars sported a very handsome medal with the portrait of Little Maonponlt. A portion of the stolen property was found upon them. The officers bad been tracking them for two or three days and nights. THE REhlll-T IX SUING. The Republican majority Nearly . 20,000. Augusta, Me., Tuesday, Sept. 33.—We have car ried the State by the largest majority ever thrown by any party in Maine, at a Gubernatorial election, possibly reaching 20,(.00. We have all the Con gressional districts by immense majorities, and five-sixths of both branches of the Legislature J. G. Blaine, Chairman Union Com. Portland, Tuesday, Sept. 13—1.45 a. h.—Ninety five towns give Cony, Republican, 25,771; Harvard, Democrat, 17,003; Union majority‘9,l63. This vote Includes a little over four-tenths of the State, atd the same relative gain will amount to 2,000 in the whole State, making Cony’s total majority from 10,500 to 20,000. The com-tlea have all undoubtedly gone Repub lican, electing their State Senators and county officers. The House of Rcprcseutativra will stand about tie tame as last year, when SflOpposiiicn. Tnecnbernatorialvote In *S‘O, which preceded the Presidential election, flood; Republican, 70,031; Dusocrat, C 2,850; straight Whig and scattering, 1755— being a Republican majority D f 15,925 some 4,000 short of »he probable majority this year. A violent storm has prevented many totyps get ting their returns to the telegraph offices, and has moSe the lines Fork iadly. The Dolls rkronchont Ihe Stole hove keen k« 0 t opin tratil eio o’clock, too hours loter thou herc toTheomocdment to tho Constitution, pennlttinu soldiers to votc.rrtilhe conied almost unonl. iDOusiy. * rj'fftZ 'WAR VIRGINIA. nrant’s army—The Mtnatton-A iccrcnt Kxplolt-From tloo shenan- Coati.. "New York, Tuesday, September 13, ISCL—Tbe TrWrf’V BDCCist says of Hancock’s brilliant movement mi Friday nlsht last, when tie Picket Hie intrtncbments, were carried, tha« ffiS rtoic li front TO* rather Irregular, a nd it was , 9.1, Third to fitral±ten it np by taking that neld hSJtberchels The dieted position lay at the foot iri b hlll on the creit ot which is a strong rebel fmi making the ottick one of great hazard. Be* ,? wasof valosto the enemy, inasmuch as It n&Jaeahto JVmTcv of .goodly ctrctchof one _ nr w. towards either flank* So at 11 o (dock in the forenoon the 9b Pennsylvania, Mth lndhma SdSdHnited State! sharpshooters, all tmderGen. de Troblani atartel nolselefialy from their posU Uons, and, with bayonets fixed, moved qnlckly to ward tbe'rebel position. .The rebels were asleep, and onr troops were In thcirrifle-plis ero they knew it. In tbe confusion two or three shots was tired, and that was all. Some artillery was fired from the hill, hot did no damage. Oar troop* instantly pet to work turning the Intrencbmenta to their cwn adr About three o'clock a force of rtiKib was beard approachlrg, whereupon a vig orous tire oi musketry and artll cry oocued on them, and they retired. They dec'ared, however, they would come again and reuse the works, which, by the time this reaches yoo, will be great* Jy stnngtbened. •The heraUPt special says: The Union signal station at Dutch Gap wasbombarded by the rebels on Friday evening The Union batteries replied with vigor. The officer at the station, Lieut. Amsdcn, remained at hi* post during tbe content. The damage tons actually amounted to nothing, while with theenemy it was quite different. After cenatlonoftbetfiring, their earthworks bore unmis takable evidence of bard usuigc. The men were busily engaged until dark repairing damages. Wassinotok. Tuesday, Beot.Jp.—^One of Gen. Grant's staff Just arrived here. Ue reports tbe situation of the amv Improving vast‘y. Lee cannot attack with effect until Early returns, and Sheri dan bolds him so closely he cannot ia.l back with out great disaster. Eight rebel deserters from Hill's corps came to Washington tc-day on tbe mail boat from City Point. The order of Gen Grant, offering protec tion to deserters and promising them employment *ont of reach of tho rebel authorities, ha* already had a desirable effect, and squad* of them frequent ly come within our lines. FBOU NEW TOBK. The Gold Market—The Warehocae Rxtortlonlata. New York, Tuesday, Sept, 18.—Gold opened this forenoon at-SIS, but under heavy purchased advanced before noon to 223#. Collector Draper has Issued orders for the closing of bonded - warehouses whose owners or leesea charge extortionate rates for storage, and accordingly Depot? Collector Stadnell has closed two of the tmliulngs. ,A similar course, it is un derstood will bo pursued in all otbfr like cases. It appears that In consequence of tmnsnilly heavy fluctuations in the price of gold, and the general rise in prices, the rates for storage 'were increased, and obtained in some cases extraordinary figures, so that coranUlnts ol merchants were frequent, and the late Collector, akerfull consideration of the circumstances de cided that no more than the rates approved by the Chaxnberof Commerce in ISS7, with the addition of one hundred and fifty per cent, should be charged for storage. This was satisfactory to the merchants, but many of the storekeepers did not abide by it, and continued charging heavy prices, claiming they could obtain from merchants on pri vate account as much money as they charged for public storage. Decently, a casein which eight times the enhanced rate allowed by Mr. Barney bad been enforced, came before Collector Draper, and another cose, in which nearly $303 were charged, when the legal' amount was leas than SIOO. The alleged extortions caused the closing of the stores, and Mr. Draper has sent to Wash ington for farther instructions. Tbe collector Is promptly investigating all com plaints of merchants, and la determined justice shall be done. Fittest* New York, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 13—? p. m. —Gold, at the evening Exchange, was quoted at 22C#. Tho Coming Draft—Local and General Imormanon. Altast, N. T„ Sept. iß.—Gov. Seymour has re ceived the following communications: State op New Tonic. Northers’ Division, I Albany, Sept. 10,186 L f To His Excellency Horatio Seymour, Governor of Newiork: Sin: I have the honor to Inform you that, pursu* ant to the President’s proclamation of-Inly 18,1834* and to tbe instruction of the Provost Marshal Gen eral, 1 have ordered a draft in the 12th and 18th Congressional oirtricts. to he commenced on the morning of the 14tb of September in each of such districts. Very respectfully, Fred. Townsend, Lieot. Col. & A. A. P. M. FROM TRE WAR DEPARTMENT. The following telegraph from Washington has also been received by Gov. Seymour: Washington, Monday, Sept 12.— The draft is or dered to commence In Oblo and other States whose quotas have not been filled up on Monday, the 19th of September. James B. Far, P. M. G. FBOn THE SOUTH* Bchtl Rumors Concerning Grant and Sherman* WAPJimaTON. Tuesday. Sept. 13.—The Dicb mood A’xrminerof last Friday tays; Grant has massed a ureal many traopa on the railroad two miles south ot Petersburg, and has within the last ten days pushed faia left a quarter of a mile north eset ot tbe railroad. He would »t an early day make a grand burst to try to reach the South Side Dallroao at some point near the town. This is to be bis next grand movement. The TTAlo?a*s: Sherman left the rebel wounded at Jonesboro, and told them he intended to take hie army to Atlanta, rest, and toen goto Ander sent ilte. Tbe Whig says this miy be regarded as Yankee bragadocio. FROJI IOWA. The Draft Ordered for Monday Next one tsantlrcd Days’ jQcgimcnts Be* turning. . "A~ss~£sj^gSS-**~-* •pXTfSACTS? FROM LETTERS _ . »•«,*•*«».*. 1 J-J o: WoJf Dealers and FaTmeißCoaasndiastlie Concessional District Nominations new Yesterday. DATeNTORT, lowa, Tncsdoy, Srpt. 13^—The draft Is ordered to commence In tnl* State onMon dny, theiOlUinat., and to continue until the ro malt-lnc deficiency under the call is filled by vol un'cericg or drafting. The present deficiency Is understood to be somewhat less than 4,000. The lowa 44th (hundred day men) arrived this moraine, and will Immediately be paid off. The 451h is on the way up the river on the same errand. FKOK POKSm'ASLL Scranton, Pa.. Sept. 18.—Hon. W. W. Ketchnm, of Wiikes>6arrc. was to-day nominated for Con* press by the Union party of the 12th district, Hon. G A Grow bsTnur declined. Pittsburg, Tuesday, Sept. 13.—Ex-Gov. Wn, Sigler has been nominated for Congress by the De mocracy oi dearth Id county. From St. Domingo. Naw Your, Tuesday. Sept. 13.—Advices from Havana state that the Spaniards are not making any more headway in San Domiogo than the French in Mexico. They Buffer severely from the ravages of sic mess. A small force was attacked between Son Domingo City and Sen Cbristobal and tbeir commander. Col. Caaiez, killed. The rebels at Puerto Plata had been attacked ord driven out ol their fortifications, losing ten guns. On the otter bond It is said the rebels lost only one gun and hold three forts, keeping up a constant lire. A cargo of slaves was eucctsafolly landed near Remcdio last week. Eater from ITlexlco, New York. Tuesday, Sept. 13 -The steamer Roanoke, from Havana Bth, arrived to-oay. Dates from the City of Mexico to the 29th nlc., and Vera Croz to the Ist Inst., hed been received. General Mejia had entered Victoria City, and woirjoined by troops from Tamptco under Geu. Dupin. It Is re torted In Vera Croz that Gen. Castatnui had de rated a party of Jaariata near Saltillo, losiag amongst others hi- cLUi of artillery, Mejia is raid to be marching on Matamoros. Various skirmishes were occurring, la which the French are equally victorious. No reliability can he placed on these reports. The Mexican vessels Suiteraa and Mextcano had been captured of! Manzanillo. It is reported that thoßn-slan llect in the Pacific has been ordered to rendezvous at Acapulco and salute the New Mexi can flag. The Vermont Election. •Jluulikcton, Vermont, Sept 12.—W0 now have returns from 171 towes, which foot np as follows: Smith, Republican. 38.219; Redfleld, Democrat, 19.3T1. Smith’s majority, 13.&15. Returns from 220 towns show the election of 231 Union and 20 Democratic Representatives. The Senate is unanimously Union. Honbtlcss True, New Yobs, Tuesday. Sept. 13.—The New York Tribune'* Washington special says: Information, deemed trustworthy, Is received to the effect that General Fremont -has placed bis letter of with drawal in the bands of bis friends, who will make It public at the proper time, and that before long Stolen money Recovered. Cincinnati, Tnesdav, Sept. I?.—The package containing $15,C00, stolen from a stage coach be. tween Portland andUalllpolls, a few days since, has been recovered and the robber arrested. Sinking: oi* a Steamer, St. Louis. Tvsdsy, Sept. 13—Tho steamer Tobu J. Roe recently sunk near New Madrid, valued at $50,000; insured for S3Q.OCO. TSFeto Ehbcrflsctncttts. XTOaICE TO RELIC HTHSTTERS. For rale, a complete rett rt American Copuer Ccidb from 1793 to IPM ? sisn. ahcut h 9 Fcrefea Coins. Fort eof them vary rare; also aoout ICO Bears and Copper M«d»I«, Tokens', S’ore Card, &c. ivith the above is a Silver Delia; of ir,s They can be aren at 273Farou*.r8«rc€t*crbyal3:e3iJne ne ♦aronrh tua Peat Office, Chlcsgo, 111. C.F. AfirUOJTT. selHl2-U Tj'LAX 31A CHlNES.—Sanford & J? MailOTj’F celebrated FLAXANOIIEMP BRAKES AreonexttMtionapd sale at the Ohic«dSugar Ee flhf-rv ’jutldlncs.North Wat?r atraal Fcr rtescrlpnvq circulars ard ptmpblervaddressN. BTILLMaN. I* O. Drawer £3?3. Chicago, 111 Bgli se3Mt JLUKOJS COAL/, Hard Coal, "Wood, &c. , Lskawasa.Erlo and Letlsh trial, Til'no'i. Rlojabcrg BEdßlitr mil foal. Bach. M*p«a aad ’lsb Woo*l,for rale hj ISAAC COALB. 132 Daarbsrn street; near M&dlBou sneer. . ssif-ral-lt T A3AB '& BORTRSE. RYB pIiOUH. 276 SOUTH WATER STREET. eeU-573-ls IVVICHIGAN AVENUE EES I i?jl DFNCE FOR BALK —A fint-elara «toD<vfront Ke/idencc on aslchlran avenue,nrarßubbl'd Court. Immenlste ptcsctiica given if desiied. WtLb’eold tew for easd. _ALSO - number of othrr Housee nnd Lot-, BnlHtag lats, sulWble for moiulacturlmr and turns lor Ml*. SvHtiFL A. RdP.&KNT, Heal Estate Agent, No. 4 asetropolitau Block. • 8814-et7’lt Anew fr&he house df EEv™ FnnVH S AXjXS, Tccelfcer wllhlt-Afsol i.reelnti-lcaie Laving nlca tears to xnu-cotteri.l •v»siM'rtl«r-aanl ‘“twain, J " AN S HBO UGH, sell-cIS-ttnet losrtradoiph aireet. (TIAYALBT horses waited. vj ABBIOTANT OCABTSVJtAMsn’e OFFICZ. J . SPXINGItSLD. I'l, S*pt- 14, ISM. \ I will W the sum cf 5153 in (beaks on United States Treasury for Certificates o! ladebtecnesv. for all Cavalry Serf/* that will pass In/pectka at U. B. C^SrmStiyriß’hel code fcr lota ofeleht (*) wover. Bt order Of JAM. A. IsKiN. 7 Col In charge of letDly. q. m. S.O. ' J. H. Bbadseaw, Capt. and A. Q. M. l«Ull3 ' Neb) abbcrttemcuis. J I*. LEE, C 6 Clark Street, EEAL ESTATE AGENT Parties having properly for sale will please leave description at my office* No charge unless a sale Is made, A largo list ol property for sale. Please call. LKE i Bandit 66 CLARK STREET^ MOKEY T® LOAN 1H LAEGE OR SMALL AMOUSTS-LOSO OS SHORT TIMS—AT LOU BATES, J B L. LEE, CG CLARK fiTSSBr. sell s:o it Stewart Cook Stoves, FOR WOOD AHD GOAL. Stewart Parlor Stoves For Hard and Soft Coal Macgrcgor Got Air Furnaces) At J. P. DAL'd ON’S, itl4 ftic-lt 71 Lake Street. ROSS & FOSTER, .105 Lake Street 3STEW STORE. DAILY ARRIVAL OP RICH DRESS GOODS, SHAWLS, LACES, Embroideries, House Fur nishing Goods, AND THE BEST AS3CP.7ME2TX OP GEfIfMMG GOODS To he found west of New Tori, aii at prices dcfrlag competition* bi they were all bought previous to the late creat advance* JUST RECEIVED, €(an Tartans and Pkids In all the new materials of Dress Goods. Plain Poplins, Tasters, Empress Cloths and. Reps, IK ALL TUB NEW SHADES, 3,000 pieces new French Merino, in all the new shades, at much below present value. ROSS & FOSTER, NEW STORE. auSO pW-W-F&Santftie; _ SKELETON FBA3SE CAST STEEL PLOW, MADE BY war. B. YOUNG & CO., Chicago, 111 ‘‘Tour i-j inch Plow runs lighter tasu the 12 Inch Plow of ether makers " “They are superior in fleUh ani workmanship to an; other in the market." •They scour note fre«ly than ary other." “They arc the best r at e Plow in the market," “The most uursble Plow made." “We have sold all the leading Plows in the West, and yours Elves better satlsiaetion tnan any." “lourProwlshouid to out sell all others ” “Every Farmer who tilts one eays he never will use any other" TVeoieht continue fbe list from hundreds cf let ters. Descriptive Circular and Price Lis: sent by mail cn application aa above. sell elSWtnet "PROPOSALSf OR SEWERAGE 1 BRICES. „ „ _ Office op ms Board or TVobks, > Cmaioo, sept. 13, ism. j Beale* Proprials wIU be received at tuts office until SATURDAY, Sept. J6th. »*- tu« near of 11 A. U.. tor all or any part of ONt» MILLION OF BRICKS, to-be whole, hard burned, frto from lima, pebblea and bats, square edzed,auuot the standard dimesslous. The nrtckiwiUbo delivered piled up along me lines ofaevetstobe bull: In this city, 6tn* Ject to the inspection and count ot the Board or Pud do works Delivery to commence immediately and to proceed regularly end be wholly completed by No vember Ist The bids must be addressed to the Board ol Public TVorks,endorsed ‘.Pronotaldfjrßricks " Toe Bjard reserves Olc light to reiect any or all bids received. J f». GIITDELE,) Board FHED LKTZ, } of O.J.BOSE. •) Public Works eel 4 (C 8 Slnet P’ URCHASE RANGE SIZE 'Coal to turn In toe UittlefieM Stoves. Coke will burn if broken np small, but net Bitumin ous Coal cr Wood. 11, C. VAN SCMAACK, JT32., Bole dealer In the Littlefield Slovak 47 STATE STREET. Sign c f the Go'.deu Tea Kittle. boIA*65 3c w y-nuel SALT I SALT I The prslwctlbcrs offer for ?a*e at the lowest ear* kxt BAT 39. n«w aid o:d "Sag naw"Sait, delivered o.w^ I e I M.H KKSI , BT 4 co _ sell a47-6t w FAH net 113 Scum Wat;-r siiact. rj\WO BOOKBINDERS, One Foreman and one Journeyman, WANTED. Moat be (titled in all branches of tho trade. Apfr mat cot iituatlon gusißUTea 1, in a siw office, new tools. &c. Married men preferred, -Pasties editing eucb (itustloLanmrtnrzroiATELTac dress tlulr pro* coaiticns (with rtfrjecr*®? »«i P PKES3 PrOSTIKQ COMPANY, BcH-i25-ttnet , St. Paul, Hlnn. EABiK, SS.BK, BARK. For sale, tc trrlve, I*o ccrds Hemlock Bark. Apply to JOHN B. KING, 212 BcutU Watir street. 8614-8218s 1 AAA kegs NAIL 3, AS _L V X 7 X/SORTED SIZES, . IIC LOTS TO SUIT, At Ijcss llrnn Dlnnafftclnro?’* Pricer, sell B7C-3xct AT 22 LAKE STREET. CIGARS? CIGARS? Forsale, for Baloou Keepers, at *2.50 per hundred Cleft*very well made, at 232 Randolph street down stain. seUall-3lD6t E3IOYAL. The Producers’ Bank, SI cL EAttSE OHO. ILLISOI3, Ha-ritg slven the required notices, will, at lb* exri iL'lcn ot taid r.oucnr.caaaje Ual- c&ttoa to the City of Chicago with tn inersaaed capital xo SXo o, oo o. »>l'> a chartered privilege to increase to SIO9.CCO. a. DCOLlTyle,President. T> ARE OPPORTUNITY.—Brick At/ Hcnse, nearly new. FOR E4E3NTT * And Fninlturc fore&le firma situated abort dls- Ui- cc .'cnth of Slxteentu street. For particulars ad cressP. 0.8ex2358. sei3-q917-2tact CARPENTERS WASTED At the Distllleryof The Cnleago DUtmins Consany. situated near •* ward’s Rolling Mill. 1 ’ Bc&qaissciot TO LUMBERMEN. FOR DOCKAGE AND 9TORAGIS . . On MAOAZWB DOCKS, near flalated sraeetbridrel apply to A. J. KNISBLY, Bocm No 4 Cobb’s Build* inz, I*6# Dearborn aueeT. uiS-cM-Mt euawnet NUMBER 71. Ncto Hhbertlsments. ROSS & GOSS.4GE, BOCCSSSOU& TO W. M. ROSS & CO., At their OLD STAND, J6Zand 169 Lake Streol, HAVB NO* IN STORE ONE OF TUB LARGEST AND RICHEST ASSOSZMBSTS OF Silk?' Poplins, Velotsrs, Repps, Armnres, Merinos, Alpaccas, Plaids, In every of material, an 4 DRESS GOODS Of every grade, ever offered -west of New York. Also, In steel an nallmucd variety of Cloths, Cassimercs, Gloves, E±broideries, Laces, and GEHERiI DRY GOODS Of every d‘Bcr!rH«p adapted to flrit-rlasa trade, all bought lor NET CASS, and Belling at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. Large dally arrivals Surlnz the season, keep our st'-ek always completely tsoorted m every depart ment. MOURNING GOOD 3 A " SPECIALITY." UnycTßwlll Snd one nfthc Lest as sorted stocks In tile United States AT EOSS & GOSSAGO, 167 and 169 Lake Street, gel4-qt6 It NOVELTIES GF THE SEASON -1N BOOTS & SHOES AT R. BAMBER & CO’S’, 132 Lake Street. Manufacturedby EDWIN C.BUET,ITffw York, Consisting of Ladies,* Misses and Children's new styles of Balmorals, iront Button Congress, ImlUtloa Buckle' Ccngrees, CongreES Imitation Balmorals, Congress Imitation Button, with other new and beantlinl varieties, all of which we shall warrant. Z3T In addliion to the above we have a great varlfr ly of Lndßs,* Misses’ and Children’s Gocds; also, Men’s, Boys’ and Youth’s Soots, Balmorals, Congress, Men’s Buckle Boots, Imitation Buckle, Ac. We offe great ludtfcements In cur Wholesale Deportment, All who buy goods In this market should examine our stock before purchasing. B. BAMBRB & CO., selO-qSltlfact iso l»1cb street. OP JOHN MOLTER’S MUSIC STORE From 101 Randolph street to 136 South Clark Street, Northwest coiner of Sladlscn, A large assortment of ERNEST G ADLER’S Unsurpassed -Piano Fortes. Over 5000 cf these i»plendl4 Plaroa ate now lau?e; everfcn* plvefthebe-r. misfact'oa and many w*v menials of eminent piaolrts are received in favor thereof. Nchccy should pnreh&se a plino wlthaat cxpmlnlcg the qaalnle* and price’ of these. GKO. A. PBLSCK A CO’A and B. fifiOt»NIOSH*S first class Mclof eons and Parlor Organs, And all kinds cf Musical Merchandise. VloVns, Gut tM s. Flutes- ActorCeons.Coacert'ois, Italian Strings* Fittings, ainilc BozkS, l&suucuon Bco*s, Plano Stools. Covers, &c.. TVHOLESALB-AND HEPAIL, At Now Tcrk prices. .TORN MOLTER, i»i South Clark at. comer of Mtui.r:!!. P. O.BOX 5M9. SO.X q9ID 2tUot ARTISTS’ KATERXALS At JEVNB A ALMINI’3, 101 Wathlngtoa street eeiaqSiO-etcet FALL AND WINTER. The meat elegant stock cf GOODS FOB GENTS’ WEIR EVER OFFERED IN CHI SAG 3 NOW OPENING. FLY, Draper and Tailor. sell-q9C2-lwnet 9 Tremont Blocls. W, KELiOGGI & CO" 24; and 26 Lahe-st. CLOTHING I AHD Furnishing Goods AT WHOLESALE. HOWIE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by tta United States Government at tb( Custom House la i;ew lork and ctuer placet. FOB SALE BY DICKERSON, S PURGES & CO,, TVletal, au2SpSS"SQtaet 199 ft 201 Randolph street, Chicago. THE GREAT AMERICAN SAFES. THE GREAT AMERICAN SAFES. Tlift IMUSXSE BAT.F.a testi fy to tne nbbits of them! Fou see them Eieripehere* For Sile only by . F. W. PRATT* .. m l 3 Laaalle*st. tel3 qOto Bmy. 1 000 R ' p - barrows. Also, Carden and Coal Barrows, Straw Cutters, Corn Shelters, and Ploughs, OF EVERT DESCRIPTION, la yery large quantities at FURST & BRADLEY’S, !5 and 59 North 4eDerson Street* CHICAGO, 1LL....P, 0. Box 6011. „BtS M EIAI, ' W ’ AREHOU . 3B ' DICKERSON. STURGES & CO; dPOBTESS or TI3ST PLATE, And Dealers Tlnners^Stock; AGENTS FOR THE HOWE’S SCALE COHPASV. 159 4 201 RANDOLPH-ST., CHICAGO. SQtnet ~ILLINOIS COAL. Presh-mteea Hite's C=a!, or -■= e:s:iaiH:yß niaitei, icr saio tr Kellogg * r.v.xr. scir-oWT-atsnr wasMagtas-it!. Illinois Coal Screenings . in quantity to tult customers, for sale by KRLLOGQ ft GTAT, iei3.qK37inct Cor.Ma.kctandWasidaxWn-Ati. Nria Hubertismentg. FUR GOODS AND BUFFALO ROBES, E. P. L. BROOM, 50....>X*ake street* Chicago 50 WHOLESALE DEALER ✓ n Hats, Caps, Pars, Buffalo Robes, &C. I offer to country merchant* a large and aUraettv* stock ofgoods in the above line. B. P. L. BROOM, se»*q'JSßtin«trx*w M Chicago. WEBEH, WILLIAMS & FIT6H JOBEER3 OT HATS, CAPS, FIRS, ETC., Are sow ready to offer to the trads a very fall JK well sseoried siock »or Fall and Winter Trade, Bmtraclng all new and choice strict ct HATS, CAPS, FTOa, LADIES’ HATS, GkXfk rURS.LADiaS’.MISIKS'AND CHILD BISS SEATING TAPS. UMBRELLAS. 808 ITS, BUCK OLOYBS, MXTTKK3, AC..AC. All ol which win b* offered at the lowest Bacn p )era. AIL BUYERS are solicited to ax»alnaout stock tsfere mu? t*-p?ab7 svve runney. WBBKB, WILLIAMS A PITCH. warnet 10.12 ana_li Lake iu, CueagS THE BEST CFSTOMSVDE BOOTS la the market, are manufactured by 0. M. HEJTDEESOS & 00, Nos. 4, 6 A 8 Lake Street, OPPOSITE TBS ADAUB HOUSE. CHICAGO. They have in store the law eat sleek ot Rasters work m the West, txm*ht In May and Jane, before the advance and trill fell many style* lower than Eastern price*. ALSO. A TABOR STOCK OF Boot Mocca&ains and Shoe Packs fox Lumberman. asW-pts w tax net-tf • T> ARNOLD & POW- J_> ELL, Felt and Composition Bcofera. 10,000 Bbls ROOFINB COMPOSITION. A large stock of felt, conposmoy, boat Firm, coal TAB, &C., CONSTANTLY ON -HAND. All orders from the Conakry promptly filled, and prnt- d olrecfons given lor patting on rools. Bc9-qTi6 imrxAwnet Office, as Dearocrn-st. BURLEY & TYRRELL WILL PELT. TO THE TRADE , BY THE PACKAGE •WMte Mis aid Common 'Ware At Current New York Prices, WITH THE ADDITION OF FREIGHT. an 23 ps*ra*MWAFnflt tt • 5000 doz.Fall and Winter Hosiery 2000 li “ “ “ Gloves, 1000 t: Hoods and Nubias. A very full line of JfANKEE NOTIONS, HOOP SKIRTS AND CORSETS, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, BUCK GOODS, ETC. Aleo, a ve*y attractive ssicrtsegt of PLAIN AM) TWILLED FLIYMXS ASD FASCI SUIUTINGS. and close Layers trill find It tor their ndyantase to • .call and examine our stock. SAVAGE, KEITH & WOOD, 10. 12 and 14 Lake Street. 7 aat*'pS2M7t w raxnet LUMill R. EIRINS & MERRILL, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Green Bay and Saginaw Ha XT MI S3 EJ K ,■ HAVE OPENED THEIR 35T23 W -ON LUMBER STREET, AT THE Alton and St. Xonis B. B. Bridge. IT" Oar old customers particularly are solicited for a renewal of iheir orders. se7-q571 At waxnat TV'fES. STfjVANUS SE«D WILL IVJL OPES HEP. BSQU3H iSD FRESOn BOARDiNfi AND DAY SCHOOL IDE YOUHG LADIES. At 11 West Thirty sixth street. New York, On.the 21st Instant. The cocrte of Instruction will be couplets, anti each department will be uat’er accomplish! an! ex r»rUn-ed teachers. Refebrscis—Rt. Rev. Horatio Potter, and Mr*. Potter. Hr. Rev W.lngraham Sip. and Sirs. Kip. Rc. B«v. George Barvess, aod Mrs. Barges#, don vnllaid. Fillmore, and Mrs FUlmore, Mrs. J-oes K- Polk. Hcs.'Wm.Q. Seward Rev. Tho*. C-Pitkio, lira. PlUia.Mlis K. L. Porter. Mrs H u CoU, Son. Stephen J. Field. Hon. Ira Harris. Hon William Cprssne.AmosD. Smith, ffiq. Bun James Y.Samh. Eon. Bradford K. Wood, Hen D«nlei 8 Dickinson. Don. John T Walt. Boa. P. J. Haotmrd.J. Geone Hsrrii. E»q . U. 8. N , Prof. E.N. Hanford. MaJ G»n. JchnA.Dix.andUr9.Dtx Mrs ffm L Marcv.Rex. Morgan Dix, D. D , Rev. Wm F. Morgan,D D..H00. George Foiscm.Brcfcnor and Mrs aotta.Dr. ttoraca Webster, Fcwin Hoyt Ffq , John H. Bwlft Bsn., Abel French, Esq , Geo. w. Hatch. Ksq , Edwara F.* Do Laccev. Ksq.- Rev. Wm. B. Spraga*, D. D., Hon. krastui Core lug. Hen. Anuu* J. Paiter,Hoa.Lymaa Tremaine, Thoe.w.oic&tt, Esq.. Prof. Amos Dean. LL. D., Charles M. J*nkin». H. DeWitr, "Esq ,Dr. Joe. H. Annsbv, Gen. 8. VbscherTalbott, i:ev. P. R. Caoy, Dr. Henry D. Paine, AdJ&Gen. Sprague. seta q974-Ttnet ©TEAM TO EUROPE.—EereoM about to visit Europe, would do wen to call and see the General Agent of the lilwerpool, New fork and PUlidel* phla SteamalUp Co. in Chicago beort leaving for the Bast, aabelft* aulng return tickets to Liverpool and liueenarowit at reduced rates of passage. Steamers leave New York n fellows: CITY OF BALTIMORE, Saturday, August37th kina M Beot. aid EDINBURGH. .. •* “ 19th Apply to F. A EMORY, Beufral Agent, comer ot Clark and Lake atreeta. xdwnat^ WiST CHICAGO LADIES* 6 iMHIARY—AJS :ardlag and Day SchooL • Re-Opcne4 September 12* ApplJcarlrnscan bemadeof the. Principal at M 3 Weal Bsndo ph street, or adar*ssMUsC.A.QBKCMJ. P. O. Box SU, Chicago. I!!. / lepl3*pol6 et-x. WAV-net TVEALBOKE SEIOXAST (Day JJ fca~-ifor Tocn*n * a Ara'iiii The math year of this Id* tftntloc Opens os Moaaify. ™ isS oT6.ctemlar, tw «L'S"*** p.<ma.g snd K‘.“o= “» Si be fbt.laed 67 *u™* a*nu& HOMOEPATHXC MEDICAL rOILKGE OP PENNSYLY.VSL\. PhUSdfl!* -m, ?y-C HerriEZ. M I»;A.t.LIppB.M.D;H N Gatm fev M D C O.E.r.e? M. D.-. Q R. BUrkay H. D ;P. vvLMm it P •C. Hcdrmsn, M. D ; Prof Stephens. a - LAMPS, OILS & 6LASSWABC, TKE USH3 STOCK. IXTHS WEST, At tbO LOVIE3T MARKET rRICSS. Fbr «bTi°pM3 30ti:5t BEO. 8.P0.-E.laß.Clerk«»■_ TO THE- YOTBKS OF COOK COUJTTY —n&vtcg served ihree JWJJSm qaarltr U» the armv durlrg iht» Bax n* been bcnorably Uncharged for r ‘“^ o, h ? ! 2 ( ,*§*££ non of my term cl r rvics. I have com= hora« «o re* na;n. I wonla ecnoocca myself as a candidate tot tte CLß*tK OK THE CIRCUIT COURT* And would respectmui solicit otEce. J.Uim «• auuliMJl, scaq^ctatt I'. HEKEILLj f» W7IOLSSAEX DXAXAS CT LAttPS, OHS ABL GLABBWAM* aitd laxc QOOD3 or svsst ssacsiPTioa. - aa23-plSl4oSieg *l* S3 Baadoltk street, ChlBS«6» Hosiery,

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