Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 15, 1864 Page 1
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cij <cs(ia -r-Rs-ÜBK. MILY TBI-WEEKLT ftHD WEEKLY. S Office* Np. 51 Clark Street. TTltr? OF THE CHICAGO T2ICO2TE. iJfil*, ddlytica in atj (p« t?e?k) 44 ' 4 * (per q«iertar> $3,115 tonir-Jl fnbncriwia, per year $12.u0 Dully, to fubpcribcra, per C moult*... 0.00 STri*wccklr, ptr jvsit C.OO Wock’y, tiutfe copy ore ye*r r 5? “ •* elxmomh«.... •■.•*• Slnhr of (bar copies, And to tilt- (otter dob, one cony cxtrt to too pcr- B'on ordering It. f3T Monty In Kcnmrco Letter* ro'-I be etnt »l Tbe remittance lor drib* moat, In oU caeee. Be made at oar tio>e. _ _ Addre~) -CIIWaOO TIMIICMt Ciucoon. 111. Ciibmxt. ’ 11KB : DaY, BEPXEUBEU I5 t 1804, E*SEST;E OF THE LA.TE COPPEH- COEVEHTIOS'. Ibc Best Campaign Document Tci Issued* ROW READY FOB DKUTFBT. VTe have carefully compiled from the files of the Chicago I\mu % Into a neat sixteen page pamphlet, the essence of the treasonable and rev olutionary utterances of the late Copperhead Con vention in this city, giving extracts from the speeches of VanLaymcnax, Fchkaxdo Wood, Cox, Ramus, Long. Daas, Saraous, Vak Al uor,-o'EniE>. Rrxnnts, Saxdebsok, and a score of others. This document must be placed in'the bands of every voter In the United States. It is an eye open cr, as U shows the disloyal and treasonable intentions of the leaders of the lou’iia Democracy. Friends of the Union, send in your orders at once. They will be filled promptly. Price $2.03 per one hundred copies* Slarle conies five cents -or thirty cents per dozen, exclusive of postage or cxprcssqge. Let Ution men circulate It everywhere, cape ■Clftllj (STAmore Oar Bojs In the Awnr ba Orders accompanied by the cash will be filled in the order In.wblch they are received. Address Chicago Tribune Comrant. THE NEWii. Ard row the draft. It is ordered for Mon day next. The necessity every loyal map confesses. The cull for troops is imminent. Great events hang on the next few months, even the closing blow at this rebellion. Every appeal that comes from oar armies in the field is for men. The gaps in oar brave war-worn regiments most be filled. Once filled withfresh material, the leaven of disci pline and drill will speedily permeate the whole, and carry effectiveness everywhere. Secretary Stanton's official dispatch else where in this issue contains a powerful sum ming np of the whole argument for the draft, and the pleaders arc our own brave Generals, Grant before Bichmod, Sherman at Atlanta. Both unite in the appeal to the Government to be firm in this exercise of 1U power, end ’to the people to be true to the demands of the crisis. And so they will be. The draft will proceed. The Govern ment will designate by lot the citizens whose services it needs.* There will be generally a willing compliance with the demand, bat win re there is resistance it will only the more strongly prove what terrible power dwells in the Gov ernment of the people, when the people are in earnest for eell-prescrvation. It is one thing fur Copperhead zealots to rave and rant fu-tian to bear on the election in No-, vember; it will be quite another thing to barthcpa‘h of the Preside at with the de vices ol treason. The pulse cf the nation •beats firm and fell now, for the cad of the trial is sear, and daring will he the men, and dread their fate, who interpose now to save the rebellion from its finishing stroke. Loj ol men are ready for the draft. Gold fell yesterday to 223 on a bogus ru mor that Petersburg bod fallen. It wentnp to 238 on the discovery that it was false. How would yon like to belong to a party whose Lopes ef success wax and wane on the same grounds. Gold has a remarkable affinity and sympathy with copper just now. Bousing Union meetings arc being held all over the country. Onr telegraphic columns give notes ot great gatherings for Lincoln and Loyalty at Fana and Paris in this State, at Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo, N. Y., end other points. The fires are everywhere brightly burning. From evidences that have since come to light, the rccect great fire Jn Cairo was at tended with the loss of several lives. The charred remains of are be ing fniiT.d in tbc rciue. We yesterday referred to the . fact that bogus drafts, purporting to have bees drawn by Hon. James Harlan of the National Re publican Committee, upon the Postmasters for campaign purposes have been offered to . and cashed by several of the latter within a short time i a*t. Let us repeat that no such •drafts have ever been drawn by Mr. Harlan. It is gratifying to be able to slate that an op* crator in these forgeries was overhauled yes terday atßacln* andisnow in custody. The evidences arc that be has been doing a whole sale business in these drafts. A little vigi lance will bring all his cotemporary scamps to gnef in the same manner. Our Columbus, Ohio, dispatch gives fur ther glimpses of the .distressed condition of Tah and his friends over the political situa tion. Thsy are inconsolable at Little Mac's letter, and VaL declares be will speak no more, while Sammedary and the Crisis clique are outrageous .in their wrath and bolt the Chicago ticket, which in this connection does not mean that they swallow it Be yond all question the disturbance in Copper head ranks is immense and irremediable. Little Mae, who appeared in the famous two horse act of riding two steeds at once going in opposite directions, finds the piebald pony Peace in a decided balk. Our Southern advices by telegraph arc of much interest. The Richmond Examiner follows up its wail over the fall of Athnta, before given in these columns, by the con fession that the rebel Wneeler’s great raid In Sherman’s rear, whereof so much has been grandiloquently written and promised, has | come to a bud end, and is to be set down as a failure. The Savannah Atncs has an item that by a terrific explosion ofthe the Pow der Works, al Augusta, recently, thirty thousand pounds of “villainous saltpetre” were lost the rebel cause. The Charleston Mercury slates that on order has been is sued bantshiqg all foreigners from that city, unless they will render military service. The Courier, of the same city, opposes peacj and claims that the North is on its last Very likely, but the legs wiU be likely "to Onr news from Georgia ia oftbc highest Interest. First wc have Gen. Sherman’s no ble congratulatory order to his army, re counting its rcccLt exploits, and the value of Us success. Then follows his more recent orders redodug Atlanta to a purely military post by the banishment of all Us citizens for a circle of miles about the dty, giving them the choice of going North or South, but go they must The reason is obvious. Our army has gone to Atlanta to stay. It will be made an impregnable dtadel in the very heart of the rebellion. Harsh as it may seem, Gen. Sherman Is wise to relieve himself of the peril to his army growing out of a necessity to feed a large number of helpless civilians whose ranks would increase as the season advances. The country is now fall of food and their enforced removal could never be attended with less suffering than now, while a few weeks hence it would be utter barba rism. Gen. Sherman means to prepare for a winter’s campaign from a base that will not fall him, and he makes Atlanta a dtadd given up wholly to military occupation. His or der suppressing army merchants and hangers on is of cqna) and like meaning. Altogether the country wilUapprove it, and the rebel howl of despair that is sent up thereat is a strong proof of how it harts them. Our Southern dispatches from Washington arc of great interest. In the Shenandoah Sheridan has been do ing a gallant little thing in the c&ptarc of a South Carolina regiment, but like Jack Easy’s nurse’s baby, .it was “only a very little one.” Little by little, ho wever, the ■rebel army is wearing away. Union Clubs and Committees who desire to attend the great Union demonstration at Springfield on the 6th of. October, are requested to proride themselves with t rrches, lanterns end fireworks, as from present indi cations the stock in Springfield will be ex hausted by Sangamon and Morgan counties. Jl very large and energetic Committee is at work at Springfield in making the necessary .arrangements. Committees of Union men arc requested to co-operate, ia the matter of tills meeting, with the Springfield Commit tee. Address Hon. James C. Conkling or J. TV. Smith. Bring oat all the Wide Awake lanterns of 16C0. {Sy-Hon. James M. Bcotll, at the late XJsion meeting In Philadelphia, said that there was a melancholy appropriateness in tbcrominatlon of Gen. George B. McClellan. It Is a feet In natural history that the cop perhead, a North American venomous ser. VOL. XYin. pent, the most dangerous, after the rattle snake, ntverhitce alter the month of August. “Tardy George’ 1 waa nominated on the 23th of August <fc KaiJcd 1 o a Disloyal and Disunion Platiorm.” [From the N. Y. Hei aid. Sept, 12.1 The Democratic party is nailed to a ulsloy cl and disunion platform, which their candi date, Gen. McClellan, has been compelled to disown. The Chicago Convention has re* solved itself Into arevolutioc'rj body, sub ject to the orders ot August Belmont. The A«m, the organ of the Woods, calls upon Belmont to summon that Convention to. getbtr to make another candidate aod make the division complete. August Belmont is the ntphew of Blluell and the rep resentative of the Bothschilss, who arc the financial representatives of Napoleon in the Mexican business. Turn whatever way we will, therefore . we find Nspoiecn concealed behind the peace plat form, the peace politic! .lb and the rebel agents; and *e assure the American people and the Administration that they hare more to fear from this fact than any ol them yet realize. Nothing less than a Northern in surrection, and the consequent transforma tion of this n-publlc Into two governments, is ttc programme of the Emperor oi the French. The question lor us is, will this programme oe successful tisFstate Fata. Xltlrd itay-Tlic Awards—personal and General Items. tSjjcda- TMtpa'cn to the Chicago Tnhune.t Decatur, 111., Wednesdiy, Sept. 13. The day 1b cool and beau tlful, and the attendance very large. Mirny accessions hive been made to the exhibition, and St may now be regarded in ths matter of horses, cattle, sheep and agnccltcraJ marble cry as one of the most saccessful ever held In this State, or in the Western States. There are many eminent men on the ground to-day, includ ing Gov. Yates, Gen. Odeaby. Senator Trnmboll,' Gen. Fuller, U. S. Marshal Phillips, Senator Mack. Jesse K.Dabol«, Col. natch, Gen,. Singleton, &c* Sanitary Commissions trotmChampahro, Sanga mon. Macon, and other connne*. have respective booths on the ground, and are doing a prosperous •business. The northwestern Sanitary Commis sion have also a large brilding, wherein are ex exhibited articles in immcm-e variety ot attrac tion. They will realize a large sum from their This morning at ten o'clock the exhibition of rattle commenced, and premiums were awarded as ton °*‘ : LOT 1, Short Horn Buies—Best bull, 4 years and over, let premium,3d premium.—. Best Bm tur*e rniw axd under four—let premium, “Grand Duke.'* J. M. Bill, Macon Co., $-.5: 2d premium, “Whits Cloud.” A. Eyman, Macon County, sls. Bctx Bull two tears Aim under three—lst firaniutD. “Woodford.” Wm. Stndu-kv, Vermll knCo.s2s: 2dpremium, “Indumola, -1 H.San dusky, Vermillion Co.. sls. Beetßullonetear and under two—lstprc mlum, “Woodl.urn Du*e,” J. Ni Brown, Sanga mon Co, §23; 2d premium, “Mortimer/, Wm. 11. Beverly. Logan Co. sls. Bell Calf Under One Tear—let premium, “J. W. Slngicton.” J. M. Hl!], Macon coautv, $25; 2d premium, “Island Bake,” J, M.' Hill, Macon county,.! 15. LOT TWO—Short uorn Cows Aim Betters. Cow OvteFoct. Years—let premium, J M.IHII, Macoc, $25 ; 2d premium, J. I\, Brown, Sangamon, sls. - LOT NIN’E-Dorses. TnoßorcHßEm Sriiuos Four Tears and Over—lst premium, “Yocagßarnton.” B. Wat kins. feancamon county, $25; 2a premium, “Grey Faele,” W. B. B-nta, Ky., sls. braluos Over Terek asp Under Four—No entries. Stallion Colt Over Two and Under Three— let premium, “Tornado,” W. H, Hartley. Morgan county, $25; 2d premium, “Lamplighter,” W. D. Bants, liy., sls. Stallion Colt Over One and Under Two—let premium, “Lightning.” Joseph Monuu, Morgan county. s*s. Stallion Sucking Colt.—let premium. Engi neer, Joseph Morton, Moreau county, $25; 2d pre mium, Tranby, E. Davis, Piatt county, sls. Mares. Brood Mares Four Years and Over.—'»st pre jnlntn.Cloderelhi, Dai Is. Piatt county, $25; 2d pre mium, Carreiraa, Joseph Morton, Morgan comity, Fult Over Three Tears and Under Four.— Ist premium, ftincess, Dans, Piatt county, $25. Fillt Two Years and Under Three.—lst pre mium, Belle Anna, Henry Hedges, Indiariola, $23; 2d premium. Victory, W. T. Baker, Christian county, sls. • Fjllt One Tear and Under Two—lst premi um, Mary Taylor, Joseph Morion, Morgan, $25. Class No. 10—roadsters —Stallions lour years acd over—lst premium. Membrioo, owned bv E. T. Hall, of Cbicscf, $25; 2d premium, ForettTom plc. J. G, lore, of Saneamon, $ 5. Stallions Three Years and Under Four,—lst premium, Bobcrt Prnlt, E. L. Hall, Cuicauo, $23; Sd premium. Isaac Shepherd, E, L. HaU. Chicago, $W Stallions Two Tears and Under.—lst premi um. tab lino Eclipse, C. B. Carpenter, Tolcuo, $25: Sd premium, Bill Morgan, A. J. Pepnlu, Champaign, sls. Staixions Ond Tear and Under —lst premi um. While Mountain, W, H. Beverly, Logon, $23. Stallions, Colts Under One Yhak.—mi premi um, Dick. John Ijiwbln, McLean, $25. The Fair financially is an unparalleled success. The receipts to-Jay were SVfitt and for the three dare $7,440. Last year the receipts for the same time were about $5,000. This afternoon, at two o’dock. a trot took place between Lady Sherman. owned by J. IL Conbsh, of Chicago, and Lady Turner, owned hr John Turner. The premium was S2OO to the best hor/e, and SICO to the second best, Lady Sherman won tte first three heats—time 2:41,2:23# and 2;27jtf. Lady Terser was awarded SIOO, The race war a barcface jockey: both horses. It ir asserted. were owned by the rame man. The audience strongly • xnressed their dissent from the decision ot the judges. mojl SPKnGFIELB. General State Military and .Political Items. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! SraxNGrmD, Wednesday, Hon. C. B. Dtnlo and CoL Stephen G. Dirks spesk as follows; Vatican a, Monday, October 3. Greenville, Bond county, Tuesday, October 4. Carlyle. Clinton county, Wednesday, Octobers. Sa'cm. Marion county, Thursday, October C. CenfTalia. Saturday, October 8. KathvLle, Washington county, Mondav, Octo ber IP, • Duqnoin, Perry county, Tuesday, October 11." Pinckncyviiic, Perry county, Wednesday, Octo ber 12. A*hlsy. Thursday, October 18, Ktnitnndv, Marion county, Ss'.urdrr, October 35, Patoka, Monday, October 17. CoL Hicks Is an old War Democrat, since 1558, and has already made some strong Union speeches in that section of the country. Persons attending the State Fair arc particularly requested totahe the extra train leaving Spring field at 7;45 a m., as the regular passenger trains will undoubtedly be foil before arriving at Spring field. - extra train returning leaves the fairgrounds The Union men of Jacksonville have organized a Union dnb, and e’ccfrd the following officer* : Pnsident, E. P. Kirby, Esq.; Vice Presidents, CoL Charles H. Fox. Abram Heed and J. S. Hicks* Sec retary, William W. Jones. 1 Among the leaders in the movement we see the names of several War Democrats Anton" the number are Mr Metcalf. Col. Pox, J. 8 Hicks and others. CoL Fox publicly announced his design to take the stump at once for Lincoln and Oglesby. Gov. Yates ha- consented to deliver the addrces at the Southern lowa Soldiers’ Sanitary Fair, at that place on the :sth Inst. The iSSd regimen l ; of ICO daje’tnen, CoL Phil lips, who has ticen doin ' dn»y at Rock Island, ar rived in this city la«t evening and bivouacked in the eastern par: of the town tor the night. John T, Stuart made a poor speech to a small crowd here to-night. Dick Richardson was to be here, bat failed to corned. He Is laid up with a bad eye, and is bunged np generally On the train to the Fair this a. m. the vote stood Lincoln, 420: McClellan, 159; Fremont, 8; Val* landigham, 2. * fffiOMSXVtoSs. BUlliary and Politic*! natters In nis- soarl. IBpccial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Sr. Lome, Wednesday. Sept.«. It is reported that .Con Thornton and his bri gands, lumbering anool one hundred fitly, passed through Cedar county last week on their way to join Joe Shelby. das, Johnson and S. n. Anderson, guerillas, re cently riied and convicted at Eolla, and sentenced to be tang cm Friday next, have been granted a respite for two weeks, by order of the th« ?«■{. d< nt. If left to Gen. Kosccrans be would hnrrr nn theeKTOUcm of the* contUraHoml“SSojS effect on the FHOJI RACIXI!. APeadlepofCoppertteadPort-oaDraft. [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune,! Bacixs, Tuesday, Srpt.l3, *BM, A man calling himself William n. or William B. Covode m through the excellent management of our Assistant Postmaster, J, Whipple, Esq., arrest* ed last night In this place for attempting to obtain money on forced crafts, purporting to be drawn by Hon. James Harlan, treasurer of ihe Union Coa gre'-frional Committee. The follow resisted stontlr, bnt was fiaa'-Jy over powered and marched off to the lock-up. There was found an hie person fourteen drafts on ae many postmasters in tbia Slate acd Illinois, amountinc to same fifteen hundred dollars. There ** lo l>el ‘ e t e i fro ® papers lonnd. that he haa obtained a much lamer sum from postmasters. in various parts of theSorth and West. THE GOLl> JIABKET. * A Good Barometer for the Peace bneaks* T»ewTobx, Wednesday, Sppt. 14.—Gold opened it le adymes of yerera,y> during prices, end enbrCQnently ded.ntd tbe tone of ibe mariet hewn weak, end tin; market very lately overeold. The purchases to cover shorts are qnl e larce A considerable ripe war expected tw« morning under purchases to cover the ule ot two or throe dajs npo, and the non-rca'iuation ol the ezaecta tloD produces an apprehension that the znarxet Is about to take another leap downward. The fluctuations to day were from to 227# to A rumor tint Omni had taken Petersburg sent it down to £2B. LATEST.- New Tone, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—Gold, at 4:80 p. m., advanced to 223, Prom Hartford. DAUTroia), Cr.. Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The XbmocrsUc State Convcotlon today was fallr attended, end enthusiastic for McClellan. The mace meeting was large and enthusiastic. NEWS BY TELESRAPHb THE COBHSBDSAFI The foßicripiion to fake Place ««n Monday West, SECRETARY STANTON’S OFFICIAL BULLETIN. Read What Grant Says of the Draft. A LETTER FROM THE CON QUEROR OF ATLAHTA. The snay Km-t be Filled and the Nation fared. The War in Georgia— Gen. Sherman to His Army. BIS OBDEE FOR CITIZENS TO LEAVE ATI 11TA. His Final Crusher on all Army Traders, FBOM WASHINGTON—-GEff- EEAL AND MILITARY • • NEWS. Highly Important Rebel Kews via Richmond- Rebel Dispatches from Pe tersburg-. Atlanta- Ma con and Mobile. IKE ILLINOIS STATE FAIR AT DECA TUR-THIRD DaY. Tha Fire on the Prairies —The Meeting at Fana, Movements of Cold Yester- day in.New York. From Cairo, New Orleans and' Memphis. THE MUI’T. War Department Bulletin. (official.) War Petartnent. ) Washington, Wednesday, Sept 11J To Major General Die ; Lieutenant General Grant telegraphs this de portment in respect to the draft as follows: GEN. GRANT ON THE DRAFT. - Cut Point, Sept. 13—10:30 A-«. To Hot. Edwin M. Stanton, Bzckctabt op Wab ; We ought to hare the whole number of men call' td for by the President in the shortest possible time: / PROMPT ACTION IN FILLING OUR ARMIES WILL HAVE MORE EFFECT ON THE ENEMY THAN A VICTORY OVER THE M, They profess to believe, and make their men be. I-evc, there is each a party North in laror of re cognizing Southern Independence that the draft cannot be enforced. Let them be nude ce.ved. Deserters are coming into our lines daily, who tell ue that the men ere nearly universally tired of the war, and that desertions would be much more frequent, but they believe peace will be negotiated after the fail election. The enforcement of the draft and prompt filling op of our armies WILL SAVE THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD TO AN IMMENSE DEGREE. (Signed) U. S. Ghaut, Lieut Gen. The following telegram has been received from Gen. Sbennan on the same subject: GEN. SCHEMAS OS THE DRAFT. • Atlanta, Sept. 18—C.SO p. m. Don. E. M. Stanton, Secretary ol War; I am very glad to bear the draft will be enforced. Fjcbt. We need the men. Sscond. Tbly come as privates to fill our old and tried regiments, with their experienced offi cers already on band. Turns. Bcceause the enforcement of the law WILL MANITEfeT A POWEU HZSIDENT ZN OCS GOV ebxuest equal to the occasion. Our Government, though a democracy, should in times of trouble and danger be able to wield tuc power of a great nation. All’s welL (Signed) W. T. SnEßatAir. * THE DRAFT ORDERED. The draft is ordered to commence in all the States and districts where the qnoti ia not filled by volunteers on Monday, lie 19th issU, and will go on until completed. Volunteers and substitutes wjll be received and credited to as late a period as pot-elble. . 1 Volunteering Is still progressing with vigor in meftof the Stales. (Signed) , E. il. Stastojt, Secretary of War. WAR BITI^CXIZV. OFFICIAL. War DEPAirramiT, .1 WAExmtGTOK, Wednesday, Sept. It.} To Major General Dix: General Sheridan reports the following opera tions in his command. • • « Near Peebttjxix, Sept is, 9 p. m.—This morn-" Jnp x sent General Getty’s division of the Cth corps, Rith two brigades of cavalry, to the crossing of the Summit Point anß Winchester Roads, over Opcquan Creek. At the same time, Generals Wil son and Mackintosh’s brigades of cavalry da-bed np the Winchester Pike,’drove the rebel cavalry, came in contact with Kershaw's division, charged t, and captured the Bth Sooth Carolina regiment sixteen officers and one hundred and forty-five a battle flag, and Colonel Henncgan, commanding the brigade, with a loss of only two men killed and three wounded- A portion of the £d Massachusetts cavalry made a charge on the ri"tat of the lire, and captured an officer and eleven men of Gordon’s division of infantry. Our less is very light Ko reports of* active operations have been re ceived from other commands. (Signed) E. M. Staxtox, Secretary of War. FHOJI THE soprn. Uloblr Important Bebcl Dtopatctics ir«>m itlclimoiid, Atlanta, Ulttcon, mobile, ace. ______ [Special Dispatch to tbeCiilcaso Tribune,] WjimsoTOS, Wednesday, Sept. U. Hebei papers contain the following telegrams: Lovejot, Ga., Sept. s.—Gen. Gaver, with the Clh end 7th regiments of bis OrigaQe. was captured in the battle at Joneeinro on Thursday. we lost debt pieces of artillery and many killed and mounded. iitniDiAx, Miss., Sept. s.—Three or font thou sand n>en from Vicksburg are reported at the Big Black Rlvfr, with a pontoon and five days' rations. Gen. Dick Taylor is here, and Is reported to have assumed comroaLd of this Department. The Yan kees have allle;t Northern Mississippi alacos, Sent. C.—Our advices are that the tunnel at Tunnel Rill was blown up by Wheeler several days ago. ■ Moelle, Sent C.—AH fs quiet. There were seven vessels in elj-ht this morning, hat only lour arc to l>e seen thit ivenlng. Macok. Sept. 7 —Governor Brown Issued a .proclamation yesterday appointing September 15 a day of humiliation and I'njcn Mojjtcoheet, Sept. 7.—Gov. Watts has ordered the Legislature of Alabama to convene in session on the 2Ctb inet. Richmond papers of Saturday last contain the following telegram: PBTEBsnmo, Va., Sept. 9,-—Nothing new here. Very little firing ha* taken place for three days. Grant is perbciiosibis work on the Weldon Rail road and pushing his line slowly to the west of the road. Micon. Sept. B.—All is quiet along the Georgia front to-day. The main portion ol the enemy's army Is within the fortlCcitians of Atlanta. Sherman is reported erecting lines of earthworks from the city to East Point and repairing the*Au gnsta Railroad, hi Aeon, Sept. o*—The enemy haa hunted every CHICAGO-, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1864. cropp-’ie nx.d broken every rail for flft«*en miles oa the Weldon, Macon suo Western EtUroad north of Jeneshoro- Ocr pickets extend six miles beyond Jonesboro, wi’h >o eit-my in sight except t-contlng parties, fibcrman'sioicts arc massed oronud Atlanta, with no prospect rf an advance soon. Oar army Is again In rplendid spirit*. Mobile, Sept. 9.— Everything la oulet hero to day* The Cha’leston Mercury rays all foreigners resi dent in Savannah, who will not organize for the defence of the city by tbe SCth, woula bo sent to Atlanta. Vance’s majority for Governor of North Caro'i no, uverllolden, the peace candidate, is estimated at LO.OCO, In a total vote oi 75,000. Tbe Richmond of the 9th, says: “The hope built on the terrible things That Wheeler was to do with Sherman’s commanlca tions seems, we regret to say, Cast falling Into nothing.” The Savannah N< va learns that the Government ponder works at Augusta were, blown no on tbe 3d, with some SO,CCO pounds of powder. Nine per sons were killed. Mobile. Ala, Sept. 10,—Nothin’ of. interest has transpired below to-day. Gen. Hood teh'grapßH Gen. Bragg that Wheeler destroyed the railroad and bridges r-n ihc Nathvil’e ralimad, imd then worked cown on tbc Tuncssceaud Alabama Rail road aid destroyed City miles of the Tennessee Railroad, also several trains and much property. He claims that in every fight bs has been success ful. The Augusta Conetltuftonollet rays the fall of Atlanta i? a bitter pill to ewal'ovv, hue tbe thing Is dose, and down It must co, liowver unpalatable. Macon, Gsoboia, Sep*, lU.—A flag of truce was received by General Hood yesterday from General Shcrmm, in wMchthe Inner states that be had ordered Atlanta cleared of-all white Inhabit-mts. Tho*-e taking the oath woo d be sent North of the Ttnnceeec river, and those who did not would be scutfionth. An armistice of ten dars wss pro- Soscd by Sherman to entry oat tbe order. General [cod accepted the a’tniaticc, but denounced the order as barbarous New York, Wednrtday, Sept. 14—From the files of rebel paper# we glo*n ibe following: The Charleston Courier, of An?, aith, says: "A torpedo, floated down on barges towards Fort Sumter, on tbe niuht of the 29tb, exploded when within thirty leet of the west face of the fort, doing no damage whatever.” Tee Ittctinond correspondent of the Charleston ’ Mercvry, £9Jr says the rebel soldiers are ajlTering from swelled fett, in consequence of sitting and standing so much In the water in the trenches. Agne and fever is also very preva.cnt in the"rebel army. Tno Charleston Courier, of Sept 3. has natrons article acMntt a cessation of hostilities, which, it ►ays, the North is much in need of to strcng'hea its armies and war power, Yol the aame issue contain* cn article which dotes ns follows: “ War contains In Heeif every woe andca’omUy that mor tals grofcu under. With It comes bereavement, poverty disease, death, rapine, devastation, mur der, crimes ot every dye, woes ol every, shape and size, Muy the God ol Peace speedily lift up the light of His countenance upon us, and grant us peace.” The Picaysire tad received by telegraph from the Southwest Pass information under date of Sep tember f»tb from Commander Churchill, of the Unhcu States steamer Circassian, of the loss on the Ist in-t„ ol the small steamer GnlHnc, which left New Orleans on the ISlh icst. She was lost ICO miles southeast ol Samne Pass. Shcfouudered and went down loaded with lumber. A raft was constriictcd of this and her upper deck, which separated from her lower as she went down, and several perse ne onboard succeeded In tran-ferrlng themselves to It. Eight others and the CapUln got off In a small boat, and were rescued irom their perilous situation by the little Mexican echr Cora, Ospt. Curreo, Mate J. P. Whitehead, both of New Orleans. All these, thirty'© eh; In number, were afterwards pi iced upon the Circas sian, Slid are no w cu ruu’o lot New Orleans. Capt. Molt was also saved by the steamer Gertrude. IMS I* iH CAISiO AIW BELOW. fiSalteis In Louisiaua and tbe Galf. [Special the Chicago Tribune ] Caiho, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 3851. Tbe steamers Belle of it. Louis and Luminary, the former from Memphis and the latter from New Orleans came in at a lite hour last night. By the former we have Memphis dates to the afternoon of thel2lb. The only news ot importance is con tained In a dispatch yesterday, concerning a grand Illnmliation In honor of Sherman nod Furagut, Mobile and Atlanta. From tbe Luminary we have New Orleans dates to the 7th. I learn from the New Orleans Picayune that a crevasse and laud slide had taken place In the Parish west of Baton Rouge, near Lobdcli’s' store, 10 miles above Bum Rouge. It scut to the bottom of tbe Mlssisfippl river four or flveacres of land, embracing near.y a quarter of a mile of the levee near the residence of John Bahlvr, who was compelled to move. It is feared thn tue rise in the Mississippi would submerge a great section of the Slate. >• Caiho, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—1t has been dis covered that one or more persons were burned to death dmit g tbe fire on list Monday morning. Charred bones have been lonnd among tho rotns of Brown’s Hotel, pronounced by surgeons to be those of human bodies, »uppo*cd to be loose of two men who were stopping at the hotel, and who were too much Intoxicated to g ve heed to tho alarm. Who the nnfortnnatc sufferers were wo have not been able to learn. Cairo, Wednesday. Sept. 11—The New Orleans Picayune says the election on the slb w.g one of the most quiet and orderly ever witnessed in that city. There were about five thousand six hundred votes polled, exclusive pf two precincts In the fonith district and the second poll of the flr-t pre cinct, Tfacncweoiiat!imionwn««doptod i>yi»hoat lour thousand majority, there being only about 800 totes cast In the ct*y against it. The Memphis Bulletin of the 12th says, since the orders authorizing the raisins of a regiment for militia duty in the city, nesroca of nil a "ea and cotollloi e have to headquarters a* fast as they can be enrolled, as anxious as men ever were to do something fur the Government, acd that It may be necessary to authorize the rais ing of one or two more reinsuTts.’eo ardent and patriotic are the colored men of Memphis in com it g frtwoni to cnrtll. The Bulletin regards their enthusiasm as a stern rebuke to bnndrcds of citi zens ol Memphis, who have made nee of every pretext to evade military dntv, trifling as it i< Cairo, Sept. 14,-The United Slates snpply fteamerfirtasslan returned from New Orleans on the Cth, from a erni-e on the Texan coast as far as Rio Grande, during which,- she supplied ahont three or four hlocuadcrs with provisions. She brought a few sick discharged men bound North. Thegnuooat Aroostook was tbeonly vessel on duty at the month of the Rio Grande. The Preach have nearly seventy vessels at lb it point. The French Admiral/ when Informed of the cap ture or Fort Morgan, pronounced Farragnt the naval hero of the aze. The troops at Santa Brazos, and the crews of onr blockading fleet, are in good health. Blockade running is expected to begin soon on the Texan coast, and the navy Is alert. The Circassian would leave In a day or two for Boston, touching at Mobile and Pensacola for sick and wounded men. Some sick in tbc naval hor-pl tai at New Orleans would be sent North on her Cairo, Wednesday, Sept. steamer Lu minary, No. 7, has arrived. The Laminary was fined $2,500 by General Dana, at Vicksbar", for landing at other than military posts on her pre vious trip. ' ■ • Official returns of the election in Parish No. 5, give smsjoriiy of 8,875 for the new Constitution out of a vole of 5,413. The steamship Creole sailed for New York on the 7th. . ' commercial. No sales Colon; stocks light. The sales of Sugar lest week were 4(Whhdsof Looisiani and Cuba at 230121 c for fair to fully f dr. The new negro rc'imrnt-oigaTilzing at Mem phis, is filling up rapidly. « FBom wisnuGvox HTcttcrs Military and Genera)— Depart, romtoi Asrionuarc—Heturns on tUo Lendiog staples* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, Wednesday, September 14. The employes of the Qn^rtcimaster’s Depart ment in and around Washington have been organ ized fnlo seven raiments, live of whites and two of negroes. Gen. Rucker commands the let brig r dc end Col. J. J. Dana .commands the Sd brigade. AH the officers have been regu’arly commissioned, and company and regimental reports are to be made at the cLdof each month. SISnSBALB. The record of diemissals for the week shows that the army is rid of twenty-one more incompe tent officers—among whom are the following r Licnt. Herman Stcireckcr, 18th HHnolsj for ab sence without leave. Lieut Col. IJ are hall, cavalry, for disobedience of orders and Willful neglect of duty. Capt. Lemocy, 84th Ohio, absence without leave. “ James n. Tajlor, S4th Ohio, for abandonment of post and gross neglect of duty. The order dismissing Col. Linbery, of the 108 th Ohio, has been revoked, and he la honorably dis charged. EXAMINING BOARDS. Orders have been Issoed by the Secretary of War for the ©realization of Boards to examine officers of Quartermaster, Commiseary, and Pay master's department under the iccoot act of Con gress. Gov. Andrew is here settling accounts ofMassa cbnsetts with Geu. Fir's department The First National Bank of Pittsburg, Penn, is designated os a depository ofpnbllcmoneys. Col. M. L. Llttledeld, JereeyvlHe. Hi.. of toe 2l«t colored regiment is made general mastering offi cer for the department of South Carolina, with headquarters at Bilton Head. The report circulating in some parts of the ’West, that the Otb army corps has been broken np and merged into other corps, is not correct 1 WssmsoTOK, .Wednesday, Sect. 14.—511,500,030 of the new bonds, on account of the recent loan of f3I.COO,CCO have l-ccn sent off by the Treasury De partment. Wasdikctok, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The fol lowing Is from ihe Department of Agriculture showlngthe condition of the principal fall crons on the first of September. The last regular bi monthly condition of the crops having bwn made on the Ift of August, when the rains had Inst eomtat-nccrt, it was desirable to ascertain their ex tent and effect on the fall crops at the ear’leit mo ment. nod blanks for August were sent to the cor respondents returnable on the Ist ot September. These have been received. The questions have no reference to the amount of these crops, because their growth was not at all completed on the return day Correspondents state that the fall crop will not be ont of danger from frost before from the 20th to the 30th of September, Hence there can i»e no certain report made of the amount of these crops, until returns to be rent on the Ist of October have been received. The returns now to be reported refer to the con onion oi the fal crop*, and to the injuries they have received up to the Ist of September, Thev wereas follows: COIW. The oop is below tho common average coodi uon, such as seen in the oops cl 1802, as fol- Icwa: Michigan. Stentbs, or 35 per cent; Mary land, 3# tenths; Kansas 1 tenth: MissoorL 2« tenths: New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and Nebraska, 2 tenths each; Murrtand and Ohio IK tenths each: Minuewa, Wisconsin and Ken tucky, 1 tomb each; Pennsylvania and Illinois Hot the tenth each; Western Virginia, if of a tenth: -whim vamont, Maseachugctts, Rhn-*o Island, CoLncciicnt, Delaware and lova are a foil average. EOBGmnr, Be'ow the average, Condition as foiows* Michu’au 2K tenth*, or 25per Cent; Wisconsin,3 tenths: New York and Kansaa, 2 tenths* Indians 1 4-0 tepths; Maryland, Ohio, idwa and Nebraska, 1 tenth each; HUcols 2-S of a tenth* New Jersey Kof a tenth; whilst Colorado, Peau* r-ylvania, Delaware, Kentucky anc fbe West area lull average. **- COTTON. re’ew are the average cendl ! iooa: Kentucky, C-'O: Mary'and, aud Delaware, 2-10 each; Illinois and Missouri. 110 each, and Kansas and Western Virginia arc fall average. POTATOES, This crop has euCer-d mors than any other, for In addition to the injuries from oroashs the pol ice logs cimmtttcd great depredations in the Wteieru States. Below the average conditions are, Missouri, s>f ieii«he, or SO per ceut; Mlchi gon and Nebra-ka Territory, 610 each: Maryland and Kansas, 4-10 each; Indiana, 2?, tenths: New Hampshire, Rhode Inland, New York, New Jer sey, KcDlnckr, and lowa. 2*19 each: Maine, Dali ware, aid IltinoN, 2K tenths each; Ohio and Wis consin, S-y tenths each; Pennsylvania, S-10; Colo rado Tfiiltory. l?.f t»nths; Ala-aachussus, \U tenths; Vermont.lK tenths, and Minnesota and We*tem Virginia, t-10 each.’ This crop baa sustained great Ipjaries. The con dition Is below an average. It is very obvious tram the extentof the Injuries received that these tali crops carnotyield an aver age crop, no matter bow favorable the growing season mnv conttoue to be. Tbc letters of correspondents of the department show that too many fields werotoo little benentted to give such yield. Still fbe ccncral favorable growing condition Induced by these rains will in all prohabl.lty overcome a considerable portion of the Injuries now reported, just as the wet weather iu March end April overcome to much ol tbe great damat e which I be wheal cr >p •ustalnod from freez ing, by causing more and heavier grains, thus mac- Int; more bhrhcls. Much will deoerd on the fact of the craps escap ing a hiring frost during this month. The next rctntne will be fall and complete, aud on them will be based the arnoal estimates by tbe department of the amount of crops. These estimates will be gives in tbc noxt bi monthly report, which maybe 1c oked for by the last of October. •’* Waseindton, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—There is no news of special Interest from tbe army of the Potomac. The outposts of the enemy on our left front have been sironeiy reinforced lately. It la siated by deserters that Lee’s army has btea s'rengthkned by reinforcements from various {taints, and by a largo number of conscripts, who I appears, hive deserting prodlvltics. FKO3S lIVDUNAPOIiIS. Indiana Political and Rillltary flmcl- scnce* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tnbqt-q.j Indianapolis, Wcdnerday, Sept. 14,18-31, Chaplain Lasicr addressed the citizens of Lib erty, Union county, last Sunday, In behalf of the' Sanitary Commission, and eight hundred dollars In cash was collected on the spot. On Mondrybe spoke at CcnncrsviUc, is the court room. In fur therance ot the same gnat charity, and over seven hundred dollars wire realized. • The Copperheads held a ratification meeting la the very same room, a few day a ago, at which, oe cording to the .Enquirer, there were C.OOJ (!!) o the faithful assembled, and confined their gratitude to passing a resolution of sympathy the sol di-rs. If any money was subscribed by them it has not yet been heard from. Possibly the pay ment ot the bill for firearms,*&c,, took all their small change • The 10th Indiana, Colonel Marsh B. Taylor, 460 Strong, arrived this morning at the Soldiers’ Horae, their time having' expired. The recruits, 187 in number, were not discharged with the regiment, ai d ore still in the fle'd. The first Colonel of this regiment was General M&nson. candidate for Gov ernor on the Copptrhcad ticket. A vote of the regiment. taken this morning, resulted as fo lows: litcolnand Morton, 400; doubtful, 20. The 10th was raised in theSih and O'hdistriots. Don. J. P. Usher Is speaking to a large audience •In the Gov»ruor*s circle.- -Mr. Loevcr, a German orator from New York, will follow him. The d's ccssion between Morton and McDonald at Lafay ette has been postponed until Wednesday, Sept ember 21st, The supposed Quantrell IvetU In custody. Three witnees«M are ou the way here from Kansas who can Identity him beyond a doubt, • Captain '1 hatcher, of the 16th regulars, who has served in New Mexico, visited the prisoner to-day f>ud recognized him ns the celebrated Hart, who inicstcd that territory. Han nieo recognized Thatcher, calling him by name. Ilona, u. McDonald and J. D. Howland, of this city, are prominently spoken of la connection with the cilice of United States District Judge, made vacant by the death ol Hon. Albert S. White, FROM SOtJTREKW ULUXOIS. Tbe Great Union Rallies at Paris and Pan a. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Paha, 111., Wednesday, £©pt. 14. Tbo Union meeting at Paris, Edzar couuty, yes- Urday, was largely attended, and the sentimeuU of the speakers were loudly applauded. William Brass, candidate for Lieutenant-Gov ernor, opened the meeting with a stirring speech, proving beyond a question that the Democratic party were the authors of the war. and that they were Justly chargeable with all tbe horrors which have marked Its progress. Not a single Copper head dared to dispute a single point made by the speaker. Hon. D. L. Phillips followed In one of Ms most logical, convincing arguments, and called open all pati lots to stand by tbe flag of tbe Union in a way that will make scores of volets. Tbe meeting wag a croud success, as tbe enthusiasm of the crowd abundnmlv proved. • important business required Mr. Phillips to at tend the State Fair at Decatur to day, leaving tbo meeting here entirely In tbe hoods of Mr. Cross. He spoke for nearly two hoars to an attentive au dience. As was expected the meeting, owing to its prox- Imlnlty to the S ate Fair, was not large, bat a great oeal of pood was done. The people listened with marked attention to the arguments ofthe speakers, and will use them witn tel.ins effect upon their Copperhead neighbors. The meetings thus far have developed amove ac tive and wider Union feeling lu this part oflhe State than we had cxpeclcn to And. Onr friends are cot only hopeful but confident. Rets have been freely offered that Hon. H.P. H. Brownell. Union candidate, will be elected to Con gress In the 4th District by a thousand majority, at d found no takers. Thu Copperheads are tour and despondent, the Union men cheerful and active. Look out lor cloritme news from Central Southern Illinois when the day or trial comes. FROSfi OUIO. Political and Copperhead Items—TJio State Fair, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday, Sept. 11. After my hour of telegraphing yon last night, the Eccret conclave of the eons of liberty broke up in agcccralrow, with an understanding that no far ther action be taken on the bolting question nntil other States do something. It is now understood that Yailandlgham will give McClellan his hllSnt support, but he positively refuses to do more. Ales. Long, citizen Corry, of Cincinnati, and Sam Mtdary still hold out, and it is doubtful if they can be bronchi to terms. It will take some coax ing to do it. A large and enthusiastic Union mcctinxis now being held in the Capitol square. Auotner will come off to morrow. - i ■ The Copperheads attempted to get np a meeting this evening bat failed. Reason no speakers and no crowd. From all parts of the Stale the most encoirac ircadvicts relative to the Union cause are received here. The people are th’roughly awake, am it seems now as if Ohio mil give as good a report next November as she did last year. The State Fair js now In full blast her*. Its most remarkable feature is the nnnsnal display of sheep, which fc to surpass any previous exhibition in the We-t. The show -of horses and cattle, and also agricultural imp'ementa is good. FROM ATLANTA. Gen. Sherman’s Congratulatory Ord«r to )»is Troops—His Uesomo of Late Uperaiions* Hcauq's Mil. Div. or the Mississippi, ) In the PWkld, Atlanta, Ga., >- Thursday, Sept. 8,1564. ) Special Field Orders No. 03.—'The officers and soldiers of the Annies of the Cumberland, Ohio, and Tennessee have already received the thanks of the nation, through its President and Commander. in-Chlelf’and it now remains only for him who fits been with yon from the beginning, and who intends to stay all the time, to thank the officers and men for their intelligence, fidelity and cour age displayed in the campaign of Atlanta. On the let of May onr armies were lying in gar rison, seemingly qnlet, from Knoxville to Hunts, ville, and onr enemy lay behind his rocky faced harrier at Daiton, proud, defiant and exalting. He had hafftime since Christmas to recover from his discomfltuic on the Mission Ridge, with his ranks filled,and a new Commander-tn-chie! second to none of the Confederacy in reputation for skill, sagaaly and extreme popularity. All at once onr frmles assumed life and action, and appeared be *orc Dalton; threatening Rocky Face, we threw onrcelvee npcn the rebel army only escaped by the rapidity of its retreat, aided by the numerous roads with which ho was familiar and which were strange to ns. Again he took post in Aliatoona, hut we gave him no rest, and by a cir cuit towards Dallas, and subsequent movement to Avkwortb,we gained the Aliatoona Pass. Then followed the eventful battles about Kencsaw, and the escape of the enemy across Chattahoochee River, The mousing of the Chattahoochee and breaking of the Augusta Bead was most handsomely execu ted by ns, and will be studied as an example in the art of war. At this stage of onr game, oar eu cmles became dissatisfied with their old and skill ini commander and selected one more bold and ra4. New tactics were adopted. Hood first boldly end rapidly, on the 20tb of July, fell on onr right at Peach Tree Creek and lost; again on the 2Sd be struck ocrertreme left and was severely punished, and finally again on the SStn he repeated the attempt on onr right, and that tune most have bten satisfied, for since that date be has remained on the defensive. We slowly and gradually drew onr lines noont Atlanta, feeling for the railroads which supplied the rebel army and made At'aata a place of Importance. We must con cede to onr enemy that be met these efforts patiently and skillfully, bat at last be mode the mistake wc had waited for so long and sent his cavalry to onr rear, far beyond the reach of recall, instantly onr cavalry was on his only remaining road at dwe followed quickly with cur principal army, and Atlanta fell Into onr possession as the fruit of ell concerted measures, backed bv a brave and competent army. This completed, the grand tark which bad been assigned ns by oar Govern ' ment, ana your General again repeats bis personal and official thanks to all the officers and men, composing this army, lor the indomitable courage tnd perseverance which alone conld give success. We have beaten onr enemy on every ground he has chosen, and have wrested from him his own gate city, where were located his foundries, arse nals and workshops, deemed secure on account of their distance from onr hose and the seemingly Impregnable obstacles Intervening, flothln? Is Impossible to an army like this, determined to vin dicate a Government which has rights wherever onr flag bnt> once floated, and is reserved to main tain them at anr and a>l costa. in onr campaign many, ;es,-vcry many, of on? roblo and gallant comrades have preceded n-t to our common destination, the grave; bat they bare left- the memory of deeds on which a nation can build a proud history. McPherson, Hotkcr, McCook, and others dear to us all, are now the binding ' links in our mlcds that should attach more closely together the living, who have to complete the task which •till lays before ns in the dim future, I ask all, to continue n« they have so well begun. tbe cultiva tion of the soldierly virtues that have ennoble! other countries. Courage, p-itleuce, ohcdiorco to ibu la*> aed coutllcm-.d authorities ot cor Government, fidelity to oar trusts and good feeling amneg each other, each trylu; to excel the other iu the practice of those bish qualities, and It wid then require no prophet to foretell that oar coun'ry trill In time emerge from this war, purified by the fires of war, an i worthy lU great founder, “ Washington.”' W. T. Sherman, Major General Commanding. Official: L. W. Hatton, Alde-de-Camp. LoDi&niXß, Wednesday, Sept 13. Che Jour naVs special correspondence from Atlanta 10th. containing a congratulatory order from Sherman, recoun* his victories, and aa agreement do twicn and Hood for a tea days’ trace, at Rotiih-and-Rsady, on the Macon Railroad, and the country around it, enclosed oy a circle of two miles radios, for ten days from Sept. 12*b, to en able Ibo people oi Atlanta to remore to points south. • Hood to Sherman on the 9th says: Permit mo to eay that the. unprecedented meisuro yon pro pose transcends in studied and Ingenious craelry all acts ever oefore broaebt to my attention la this dork hit lory of war. la tbe name ol God and hu manity. I protest, believing that you are expelling Irom their homes aud firesides the. wives aud children of a brave people. 'Hood’d letter to Ja<*. M. Calhoun, the Mayor ot Atlanta, says: “1 shall Co all la my power'to mitigate ihe terrible hardships and misery that most be brought upon your peop'e by the extraor dinary order ui the Federal commander.” Tat letter irom Sherman to Hood was not ob ta'Bflble, but the following items from a uotlco iffUfd by tnc Mayor, bv command of Geo. fiber man, will give air idea t hereof. oek. sHerman's oisies. Citizens arc requested to leave Atlanta, and pro ceed tidier South or North. Tbe Government, will funn.-hUao-uottatlon South as faros Rough and Ready; North, as'far as Chattanooga. AUcuizcas may take their movable property with them. Tracsporutiou wLI bo furnished lor all movables. Negroes who wi-h to do so miy go with tocir master*, other male negroes will b* put in Gov t mm mt employ, and the women and chUdroa sent outside the lines. Gen. .Sherman’s order of the 4Lh Inst, com mences: The city of Atlanta, being occnpled exclusively for warlike purposes, will at once be vacated by all t-xc<pt the armies of the United States and suet civilian?, employees, as may be retained by tha proper departments ot the Government; anucou cinder: At toe proper time, just arrangements will be made lor ibu supply to the troops of all articles tley may need over and above the clothing, provi sions, &c, lutnlehcd by the Government, and ut no price whatever will traders, manufacturers or sutlers be allowed to settle in the limitspf forti fied places, and If they do manage to come In spite ol this notice, the Quartermaster will seize their stores and appropriate them to the a*e of the troops, and deliver the parties or other unauthorized citizens who thus place their indi vidual interest abovu-lhat of the Dfibed Stale* in the hinds of some Provost Marsha!, to be put to labor on the forts, or conscripted Into one of the regiments or batteries already la service Tuo same general principles will apply to all military posts couth of Chattanoo&a. TSE WAR IW TISSGUA'BA. Latett from Grant and SherH&n’s Operations. Washington, Wednesday, Sept,* 14.—The Post's Washington special says advices from tbe Army of the Potomac state that the rebels seem to be feel ing oor lines slightly, but have made no general attack at any point. Geo. Giant baa issued cn order that all civilians cow In bis Hues in front of Petersburg, who re fuse to take the oath of allegiance, shall he sent through thelines of the enemy. Tbe order also prohibits ihe sale of provision* to clylUana who refuse to take the oath of allegiance . A DOVUTTUL KCOIOB. New Yens, Wednesday, Sept. 44.—A special to tbe Commercial Advertiser from Washington »ays there was a rumor current ibat Petersburg has been captured by oor forces. The Government, has no advices to that effect, and the rumor Is gen erally discredited. fiALTiaioKr. Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The special correspondent of the Baltimore American, dated Headquartersin the field Sept. 33, says; The military situation still remains unchanged, but the oplcton prevails that there will shortly be & resumption of active operations. Gen. Avcrlll hi# rc-oscoplcd Martlnshprg, aid the parties engaged in repairing the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad have resumed work. A train of cars loaded with forage was sent from Harper’s Ferry yesterday, to a point within five miles of Martinsborg. It ia confidently expected that tbe road will bo opened to Cumberland by next Friday. New York, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The IT* raid's dispatches from the Shenandoah Valley represent that the enemy has weakened h!s lines to the left of our forces, and Is massing towards the Poto mac. Tbe fords are at present impassable on ac count of the rams. The troops -who?©, time has expired are re-an hf tiog witb vigor, not singly, but by regiments. A Herald oispatcb, dated “In tbe field, September 131b,” says: Another movement has been made. The cnemv seems to be retliiug. Averill Is close upon hie rear. The indications are that we will have another fight, as Averill has icacfacd the enemy’s infantry Itne. New York. Tuesday. Sept. 14—The Commtr ciaVe Waehlngtcn special says: Officers wbole‘t Grant’s headquarters yesterday, report that noth ing Is going on, except occasional shelliog and picket sssaalts. The recent order of the War Department again ?t subordinatcßgivicg information, is carried to the extreme of withholding tho dates of the death ot dccrascd soldiers, tlmsikceping back the payment of tbo Itstnanco money. FROM BUFFALO. How the Western New Yorkers arc at Work. BriTAto, Wednesday, Sept 1-I.—The RepnbH can Union cclebra'-io:: and ratification called to gethi r the bluest number of people seen hen for tome years ai any one time. Thu procession this cv« nine, composed of delegations from the van one wards of the city and -towns and cities near here, was very large, and paraded through some of tbc principal stm ts to the mnslc of bands, cheers of the crowd, firing of cannon, rockets, roman candles, &c A number of building* were illumi nated and dressed with flaps. After the procession meetings were held at St. James Hall, Opera House and American flail, which were ail crowded so that extempore meetings had to be organized in the street. A number of di»tincnii*hed speakers addressed theso nicotines, among whom were Col. Hamilton, of Texas, Gibbs, of Tenn., and others. Tnc day ha>» been quite stormy, which interfered with the arrangements somewhat. SEW TORK DEHOCRiriC STATE CO^Yfc.VUOi>, Ftrnonfio Wood flissed and Hooted, Airant. Sept. M— I The DemocrtUc State Con vcnilon met to-.-av. The ai.inrlancc is lur'e. Peter Caeser nllra the Convention to oraer, Hon. Hiirehail B. Chumpuu was appointed tein'io rary chairman. Pending a motion to adjourn, Fernando Wood entered the ball, and some of the New Yorkers commenced crying ‘’Wood;’’ others hissed and •hooted. There was considerable contusion, dor lug which a motion for a recess was carried. AJTEENOON SESSION. The Convention re-assembled at 4:30 p. m., and after waiting about an hoar, it was announced that the committee on contejtsd seats and permanent organization were not yet ready to report. It was thenmov-dto adjourn until 10 a. m. to-morrow, which motion prevailed. l ater irom Europe* New Youk, Wednesday, Sept. 14 —By the steam er Pennsylvania we have the following: The King Of Italy received the Mexican ambas esnors and exchanged friendly wishes. Liveepooi, Angnst 81.—Cotton doll and un changed. Breao»toffs Imcdvc, Corn downward tendency. Provisions dull. Lard firm. London, August 81— Consuls ctose. money, £3>;&66*i ; Illinois .Central shares, 43@-15 dis count; Erie, 41 (ft 42. New York, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The steam ship City of Manchester, with one day's later European news, via Qaecnstowo, Is signaled. Halifax, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The steamer Arabia with, three days later nows arrived this evening/’ Liverpool, Sept, 3—a. m.—The cotton market haa advanced Kd lor American, bnc is easier for other descriptions—closing dull and unchanged. Authorized quotations are, middling Orleans 3ld; mldollng Mobile 30,vd; middling upland SOd. Stock tn part is estimated as 251,000 bales, of which 10,000 are American. The Manchester market islrrcgclar and prices still declining •• Breadstuff* doll and prices declining. Waval Intelligence* New Tors, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—The S. 8- Vanderbilt, which has been In this port fora long time refitting, is again ready for sea. The im provements will probably enable her to increase her oiolnary biga rate of speed, anditisconsid ered likely she will resume her search for rebel privateers. It is reported that about 15,003 men are con stantly working on the machinery of the hundred or more new vessels, wooden and iron clads, now constructing for the Navy Department. The in tention la to prevent the delays so csnal in conse qacnce of|the non-completion of machinery. The loira Central Sanitary JFalr. blrsciTisß, lowa, Wednesday, Sept. It—The lowa Central Sanitary Fair is a great success. The grounds are thronged with people. The weather is splendid oiler lost*night's storm. The receipts np to 2 o'clock to-day were over twelve hnndred flol are, not Including the sales of arti cles. Donations are still coming in. The city Is full of strangers, who divide their time between the Sanitary and County Fairs. The people of lowa ate with the soldiers'cause. •" A Fight About an Grg;aa. New Yoke, Wednesday, Sept. 14.—C01. Cln«e ret, editor ot the A’affon, publishes a c«d In which bo denotmceslGen. Fremont aud tho Na tional Pathfinder's Association. He ciatma that he has been deceived by Gen. Fremont and made a dupe of. That Gen. Fremont has a bargain by which the control oi the New Kation is to be tiken away.from him (Cloaeret) aud claims that the paper belongs to him. O outlier Disgruntled, New York, Wednesday. Sept. 14.—Mayor Gnu thfr has sent a letter to the American Emigrant Company refusing his sympathy and support, on the ground ihat the act of Cocgresa under which the association was organized, is in his jnd<raannt for another purpose. Its title was a misnomer and should bare been cabed a bait under fraudulent pretenses to enlist foreigners. I>lßastrons IFire. New York Wednesday. Sept, 14.— .T01m B Hobbey's storage and warehouse. No. 110 Wash ington streu:. took firo this morning. Ttwaa fil ed wlto goods and the lues amounts to 0 Insured. The Becect TJnion Norlheaslcr. Augusta, Me., Wednesday, Bept. 11. Relarus frem ’Cetownsi i ive Cory fur Governor a mu’ jpilv of 11.918. If the Union vote in the remainder of the Slate Is equal In proportion, Cory's maiuriev will reach 20,v-CO. The Movement of Troops. ■ New Yens, Wednesday, Sept. 14-L*arge num bers of recruits and substitutes go to the trout to day—l.loo are going from Han's Island alone. There are 1,700 in Boston, and 600 in New Haven twaltxrg transportation. Nth) SlhhtrtisEnismg. ‘ AND LAKE EXCURSION. Thsspterdl* fide wheel ►'■jauvhlp MILW.VUKKK, ▼HI leave her Cock, eoatoi Eaahstrsai. badge. Awith tide, as 9 O’clock Tbl* aornlnsr. For itvansfcn and will convey pvtlaawlsb’nvtoro io Lcwrest Clam B*ie. la «be »iwraooa,ihe will leave Evanston at aoout a-d give an fXCURSHJM OH THE LAKE. A Band of* ZMCxiL-sie WILL ACCOMPANY TRS STEAMER. Tickets for the ronrs trtpwillbaSO ® ?nrs * eißoi reilrcndft-’htts can go cn tbs boat with a. add-Uotai espeate. iel?-si-5-lt School Book?, AT AVI2Oi.HSAI.I3. Letter and Nate Papers, att vrimes^.s. Envelopes, at nnoLnsALe. Biaiik Boots and Stationer;, at wholesale;. Piiotcgraph Mbnms, AT WISOILESAI,S. Juvenile and Toy Books, AT WHOLESALE. ■Wbrnycn are In Ctlcaga miking purchases, dsa’t fall to cal. cn COBB, iPJUmiIBD & CO., seiS-sllC 2intt 83 Lake street, Tranent 31o;k. QOAL! COaL-n MAEB COAX* 1000 tons Small 1000 tons. Enugc Size* 500 tons Chestnut Size* A’Ffr, constantly ou bend, a erod supply ol KUUS BJJAU iJILL, ILLINOIS aM MLOSSHUKSHCOAV Which we ate btl'crUg ut i/jv.tsr MAKKST CuTuS nOLBBOOK & PIBSaEQ, Yard, 64 Klnebuiy street, ctr. ludliua. Peat OGha addicts Drawer 6«:5, We particularly can tbe a’tentlcn of Fonalry mra ard Manufacturer* to our stock c( Lump, Lehigh, EusarLca! and Hazeltcn firm. Orders left at FULTON & BEOS.. No. 19 ntrsr at, or at 76 Hoercc street, will receive prompt attaaUoa. cvßclne connected with the hrusa of Jiroa Par ker & Co. at Buffalo, we fere ezesled fo fill an? cr d« rs icr fig lica.Leblgh, BlcssbnvcO, Kgg ana ether Co-1. - selSaiiS-iomet • gAYE WOOD. ON3 FJBB WILL LAST TAB WITHOUT E3 KINDLING, IN Tbe Littlefield Stoves and Furnaces, Tbo IflouiDg Glory. Tbe Railway Coal Burner, fsbe Parlor Furnace. Tbe Portable Furnace, Tbe Brick Furnace, For sale orl> by 0. TAS SCHUCK, Jr., 47 State Street, Btgn of the Golden Tea Kettle.. Eels files s: * DRAFT I DRAFT! DB.4FT I SUBSTITUTES FURNISHED For One, Two or Tlirce lean, up to tbe date of tho Draft, aud for one week thereafter* Ercrulti fornlthed ta t9v?£»blr»* rr towr.v to fill np tbeirquctti. Isaac iu flin* & co., seis-sUS3inet 63 Clark street. •‘BCRRIE FOR ABE ASD ANDY,” KT33-W SbMG, InprfMbyO.DITSON* CO., to bs ready in a few days. saiSeh&ls JJOME MaNU^AOrUiiEO F3RIE WORKS. CHARLES MORRIS Has removed his of Fba by biA.6eh, U HO gomli WcJcr Street, . "Where be willb’ prepared furnish the public with HUE WOE.AS at tue lowest mtamacrarr prices. P*iiicalan»uenitc£i paid to kttuog ap F ; re worka foi roUTtcB! ceiebratlciß.Club*, Comaiitt:es,&c., in tneße;tCol:rpd rlieo, rl*«, *c. euo, ArtutforKcpceafcl;* Brneck*! CfUNESK LAllTKnr*B, fer riuffiln-»tin-.. f -, r Light F.oceKuota. Committees, Cona-y nrrt the pnbno m central, rtmemotr I »sll a; Uw LOWKM FIUOKKS. F. 0,30X5131. eeU sl3t-St T sat net ■VTEW PATRIOTIC MUSIC XT BOOK. TEE TRUMPET OE FREEDOM. A Collection of National acd patriotic Songs, Poets w Inos and Qaartets, comprising E ALLYING SONGS, CAMP SUNGS, CAVALRY SONGS MAIIUUNQ SONGS, ’ Battle songs, * VICIOBY BONGS. HOME SONUS, Ac. Btfrg the best collection of Wa* Sozga published for the Soloteii In tbe Fte’d and theirj rl- ndi at home. PrUelO cento, on receipt of wnica it will b<tsenc post paid. So.d by oil music Dealers and BoorteUers. ' OLIVER DITNON <fc‘ CO,, sel5 EIC7-g6ROP PDBLlSflfitts, Poston. QAST, STEEL. XO Tons BEST REFINED CAST- STEEL, 1. 1,1,1. 11 andl,V.-qnir3. Fcr tale at Me. per p:nnd, by " F. IV. PRAT V, £O3!-fill7-3ln£6 13 LASALLE STCEET. jgYAKSTOtf PROPERTY ‘ FOR SAIjS, feveral bmidine and imall farms within a mile ol iheotpo?. Ap;-:y toento T. KIitKMAN. 121 Rarcclnh street. Chicago,or to HKNETM. RI jDJtit & CO., Lvacsion. * eels stca-u TO LUMBERMEN AND OKI. 5R3. I'cffer for tale one oflhe largsßt-andmo't complete STEAM SAW 2VOL.IL.S In Central zululor to ic« rail capacity, wbich la ftbent2s million Itet per anwnm, ifia mill cottons several "gasaa,” upright ana ctrcn’ar sa-v*. •h th and picket mills; ei cine nominally 15.- none po O’- er, in use two years. Connected with it are acres of timber lan*, hoaies for bo*rdlnc hancs. barer, shops, trncfcs, eight span of tor sea, one schooner, aod cverytnine nece<sary. Located on a large river: railroad runs thrangh ■he property,wi.h Bicetrnck attnemilL The owner, b Inge fpplea. Willsell at abJigalD. Price for mi.l, campfeteas abote,l3s.Coo, Lumber onuandformukstvamedt time of»ale Pcesereicn given Oct. isth/ If no: s old th--n, wi 1 be enlarged an» rested t » present tenant. liFof panicnisra apply to •* u F.*' Box ga, eels-hli2-2t net * i-OffAGIAC, MICH. A CARD.—To persons stfidtiac from diseases of the ° ~ v EYE AND EAR. [Frcm the Mbsonrt Bepnblic&u, Maren 9lh, iSM] “We eavo examined various testimonials In tee form ot letters, extracts irom foreign and boms Journals, anc certificates of core irom perrons of wide r* pntetion. Which have been shown as by Dr. J. B. Walaer. and they slve atrong testimony is favor of thoLoctoc’s skill m treating diseases of the dye etd Aar. Dr. W. has held an appointment in one of the largest London hospitals, aid :s m every respect • libcraby educated mac, and his references are of the t'etest character.” Dr, \?al‘ er rectiyea’pitlen'B from 10 to 4 dairy, at 117 Scuta Clu& Etrtet, CLUa*o. teU-aioj it TO LUMBER MAKUFACrUR JL EBB. N. W. Bpanldwa’s patent saw-lesth in lerted Ja ct-culsr saws: alio, repatriate la all its hia'cnes. Duolicatwtetrh constantly on naud. arlca |i.2Seach. AUalndiof saws burnunedatthe ara'a factoraiß’ lowctt price All taws tola or worts none warranted. & URO3. No. £4 Waehirßtcn it.,bet.FrarkUn ana Market.Chicago ae.s-till-4w A CORDEOKS REPAIRED. £X Anybody who withes to. have their Acordeoa, Fltulner or a monkar r»jaired cr tuntd teetlv! will nave a good chance by sending the n to No 23 Clyhoorue avtme, ‘ 6 -i5 a it>-iw MEDALS! OF THE PRESIDENT*!, CANDIDATES. Be-iieti to 'pitta S-.ou per tan red cr si jCO per Uu nsiLO. ocuo bttter la »ue market, order* ai- WMB pioroptiy oiled. Btmp'fa desire}.on wetpsol Sflc«,*». fl M. ROBIuaON, To t Office Cxß'.ier6J»,X,blcago, Hi.. eet3*l&6it TEST AROUND TEE CORNER 10 ON LAKE STREET, „ w , AT 115) (I!P>STAIB«,) May be fourd ny Decker Br.>-». the mart rertfet mace Ja a**>tca. Abo, by Vaupel, Qco. Strrx A C.»., T- Gilbert A i.o ; .John T. McMel. UulS-alSi K] N. OOyUJ. TBE MEMBERS OF THE mu tual PROTBCtION DlidPT ASSOCIATION are reqeated to mret at tee Grccera Etcnaiide Pccm*. 17 Dearborn at 4}' o’eiotk p. ttis css. IVA 1' sv. A full ft;tea »;ee Is ceilred, an mu tr»» T*qolrlB? !hn vote of every member will be breuett i.eicrs tor mc-iln** eci:-jH3 is * wai.*JSf. TnftBUAN, Prtildent. TJ MERCHANTS—An7h:u.e who is tn rcei of a first class TRAVELING SALEftUAH, ran find inch a crebyciUlrg on MAXWELL* *MS - K. Learhcra street. , »tl3 >134 It TTAT - FOR SALE AT A BAR ,1 X 6AK7.—Five hundred teas of PEAIHIE HAT (beat quality,) in the stark, for ialß.oa thellHnota River Bailroal, sii mile* from Pekin, on tuallUnoUßlver. apol* to BMITB, QXPPAB * CO.. Pula, 111. ft NUMBER 72. jSTcUj Sliibcctisrmcuts. KOV£LTI£S OF THE SEASON -IS BOOTS &. SHOES -AT R.:BAl[Bm&Co*3, 132 Lake Street. Hejmfactnrcdby EEWIU B. BD3T,ir«w Yotk ; Cocslttißg cf Ladies.' Mlnea sad Children's new etyles cl Balmorale, jroot Batton Coaeress, Imtutlcx BacSJe Ccogreet. kmtattoa Balcorels, Ccorrees Imitation Bailor, with other new ant besottnl vsiletlcfi, all of which we shall warrant. fg* is sddlvlon to the ahsye webaveacreatvarlo ty orLsilte.' MlMja' and Cbtldren's Goods; also Ben’s, Boys’ and Youth’s Boots. Balmorals, cohere is. Ben’s Bcckle Boots, Imitation Buckle, dc. We ode crest IndocenitPts In our Whclastle Department all who bay goods !n tlis market sbooll examine oarstockbefore porchisuJT. • • B.BAM9SR & aelO-qalMfcet 133 Lake street TB A.XWE. WHOIESAOS BUY GOOBS. Large and Ittraciire Stock. DAVIS, SAWYER & CO., 40 afifl 42 lake Stmt, Have now in Store a very extensive and well assorted stock, embracing tie newest and most desirable styles and Fabrics in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, to which they invite the atten tion of their friends and the trade generally, all of which will be offer ed at tie lowest prices Eist or West. Package buyers will here find a fall assortment of desirable Staple Goods at prices to snit. MATS, SAWYER’ & €O., ael3 qW4-nel-Txn43 40 and 42 Lake St, JJEADQUARTER9 FOR CAMPAIGN Medals and Badges. Also, the finest Steel Engravings of McClellan,Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, shehsis, oglesby, boegus. Send stamp for clreu'arß to E. E. lAEBOIT, Agent, 83 Lafee afreet, CMcaso.H'L-ola. Pile 3 ofErz:avloe3 ?'i c; 13 ea;h. Sample by mall freecnrfcrot o* retail rrica. ialQ*<lßli 6t sa TuAxnet FALL AND WINTER. Tto meat elesant atoefe of GOODS FOR GENTS’ WEIR . EVES OFFE333 121 CHI72.S- SOW OPENING. ILY, Draper and Tailor. 6cU-qJ> 2-lwnet 9 Tremont Block. HOWE’S mPEOVEB SCALE, Adoptfd hy too United States Oorenraant at tea Boose In Sew Yorit ani ether place*. FOR SAXE BY DicEenscN, stcrges & c 0. ,- IMetol Wurotioxise, xsZi THE GREAT * AMERICAN SAFES. TUB GREAT AMERICAN SAFES. The IUUEK9O SALaj testi fy to Ue rttkirs of th? in! You see them Ji'rerytchere. For sale only by - F. W. PRATT, 13 Lasalle-at, eelS-qOda 6-ni. • WAREHOUSE; DICKERSON. STUSGES & ftO. C£PO&TZ£S O? mnsr plate, And Dealers In Tinners* Stock; ACETTS FOE TEE HOWE’S SCALE COHROT, IS9*2O!RAKDOLPIiBT., CHICAGO. su»pS£a aoinet ROOFER’S CELEB R'ATED Sugar Mills, res sale nr SEEBERGER & BREAKEY, Wholesale Hardware Dealers, 113 LAKE SXREET, CHICAGO. literal dUcoont to ibe trade tse&qiiC-Si-TCis Tn3±*AT net] nmol’s COAL. Frcsh-tnlced Mlccla Ccal, of the beat onaliiv In market, icrea'e tv a 1 1 n---w , „ ' KELLOGG 4 GRAY. scl3-q2..-7tre» Ccr. Market and Wasningtoa-sts. Illinois Goal Screenings In Quantity to suit customers, for sale by KELLOGG * GHAT. telS-qSra Tlnet Cor. Market and Waablnjcton-ea. ARTISTS’ MATERIALS At JEVK£ A ALMIKI’S, 101 Waihlagtou street eeiaqSlOCtnet rjiWO BOOKBINDERS, One Foreman and one Journeyman, WANTED. J’ur. be skilled m all branches of the trade. A o»r --ns: frt «Jtualion suaienteel, in a kbwnmci, nkw icoiß dc. Married men preferred Parties aa-idne net KfostloE9iDU<tissKDtaTei.TaCdre3itheirpr<> )int:c£> (with Tetneac*e) to PrESS POINTING COUPAVT. a:{-i.r-*lnet St Paul, aiun, I fiflfi EGS nails,'as ±VVV SORTED SIZES, IN LOTS TO SUIT, At Lets than ITXanixracduez’* Pricer, ecUitO-Smet _ AT 22 LAKE STREET. CIGARS! CIGARS! Fcrsale, forEalccn Keepers, at $2 50 per hundred Cign- 1, Ttry well made, at 223 Randolph street down atahe. Beilall-Slnet Anew frame house of sevfk roova „ , FOXI. SA.ZiB v Trcetberwith leeeeot three lot*-iea*« oaring nine years lorun-conertf West Madison and wood its, WM. naNSHROUOLT, seli-sIS-Wnet 106 Handoiph street. ‘\TOIICE. —Ii formation is desired XI 01 WILLIAM V. AILBNaad T. H. JHJIOIT, both formerly of Memphis, Tern., asd Granada, Miai, Any communication r davits to them will do jjanl fmly received, add esred to A. B. juBBON, Miiha* W bka, St. Joseph Co., Indiana,. • seU-lUS itaet npWENXT CARPENTERS “• WASTED At the DiaUlUry of The Crlcago rUtmtnsno>DDaßy. situated near •* n arc’s RoUm* Mill." eeiAq’J»2aet TJEATING FURNACES. BBECBEB’S I7IPBOVED PATENT, For warming Dweilirga, Chu-caes, Schoo. Houses, Stores *c. for Doming hard or »oitccal. Pors*le anepnt np by BEECHER * PaRKKP,um Madison Stieot. gels-q96!)-3t-TU tHiaA net Packing house for sale. A STall Pacilnz House, situated within the City Limits which has facl.llte* for alanahtenaz and h&nabt g Jour hundred nogs per day. For further in* furmatlon tpply to ael qtK-tf in saiTunet 1&6 So, street ■VT/"OOX) —WOOD -WOOD. f ▼ Grand Traverse 8.-ech and Maple Wood for aaleb; thecurgo azdatrtUit at ' . A PAiIDOK * CO.’S Yard, Polk and Harman. se6-QCS-imXuraAßa.Tnu Wutßiie. • -ItfcU) ' SUtbcrtisnumls. rfOl EE VO’- FR9 OF COOK CO. “ The a:dt,sl*n«d, hembrrrs ef the Chlc»*j Bond of trade.&«vibk anted oar feilo«<ttlseaa to Jots tbs ranks ol :he Diion Army.asd havl- sra’sarod »1 coco of car as* ty »). ana support In icetrmUfnr tazet. aretoit jrotn »lc aexvces uey o»T»*adaru >gt read ri££: HctiheUaeiSi a»wr* do.thataayhotr-*, etrclTrarrrn, rrrft!:*» «Mch *e In »h* tfcrii hay* at Ctti cl.jr»*l .cl* sit of rlih: loc&TToiesicrs of in’- lire*, fortunes and ear siered hererr;— .* ft’fef:ie,»e. M-imbsrs cf the Boarl of Trade, wcold rtspertjuliy that the paooip, lt»oo*b u»‘lr Dei**at-» it cte (.outer Convention, to be beld 9f c Umber J2d» nominate for cffl3*a to m mitdicue tciaus e! f c»ioa n«3 vboa .ye <&rrol in oar a)Sit« defense of cor das. *nj who ere email- Urdby latf.ll getcaapd ins-yrny for suck p.smear. We wcu’d t» per'fai y recemmend, as m oyerx war qn»Uflidfcrl£ooiDc«»of CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT, Major James B. Haganl]!, OF TUS 12th Illinois Volunteers. Be bavins served witbaia»k d ability for lb) past Uuc«)e»r»,toli;bDow3to all oarboslnestmenan ana- I'oteeueo < rail tba racutred to dll theoffcoor ».ieiSiacarCi:cait Coart, wuh credit to him self and satmaction to all concerned. Gecrgebtrat, DC Dickinson, BMcKI hai, JHQrcea. ' W O Hoiahvllcg, Bsstepard,-- RBtoekiey, AJ**ccbib9d. Scmtph H Tackw, DCSoraatoo, hiiutlU aViaig«s(eO( G<o 51 flor, ue . x HedfsraT KBBterti*, W H Crockar. ceoFliistJu HoatT y jenaisca. PLundtrwood, o Laar, 1 JtuQAjls Qcoaiacv. PMjsltCbsll, A HQ:n»au RUsiple. ' J.Sra’Un, Jcbaßaits . CBGooatear. David Dojd, 'WmßfalQltd, pmatPLitsoa, StesotnG.ary, Sam frbacKiord, It klo'Jtetaay, r.hKsSsnforo, QASaeksst, J E Brown, a M’hhold, K ■- Lott. B T Calver. J B Thcmpaon, * i E w M.t teD, BHBot'tr, I &NU% JIG Blown, I AJ Usnchatt, EP Marsh, | B WDaa--rwootf, Leia»d A vlxer, i I-rsel p Ramsey, Gt.tx/t Prior, 1 KSfarker. It H Pm ka. J r GU'in, Obßi ues, O E Hoamer, Km IT WuwcH, * Parker stexrm, TbcaParker, J CDore, ’OBFonrc, a.mael Howe, D O Dlcklcß.o. Jas Forsyth, . PHWI. W T Wtndlats, Wd wonda. Jams* U Dole, TkllLbiaid, . UWClut, James C'ticow, J*mta steel* •Tom B Phelps, Wiu flea. PR Barber, BP Das can. s?I3 q979-2t TSTg nat pXTIIiCTS FROM LETTERS AjJ o! PtowCeslen and Parmsrsecmmsndlnsthe SKELETON I’KAMJB CAST STEEL PLOW, MADS DT ■WM. B. YOTTJJG & CO., Cliicigo, 111 “Your u inch Flow ram lighter than tho 13-ln cb Plow of makes ’* “They ar« smaerlor in flabh and workmaaahlp t9 inyother lathe maika:.” ‘■They ari the bte;* a< o »*»ow m the market.'* •“Iho meet durable Flow mine.” *'7Tc have add all thelesdlasProwilulho Weft; and yenr* elves tetter eatisiusiiou than HUf." “your Plow IB hootd to onj *eil all other* •• “Every Farmer who tiUa cne says boaavorwDl aseanjoJiir’' Wo mlubt catkxa tie list from hundreds of let ten. Descriptive Circular aid Price Lhk sent by mall cn appllcatlcn as above. seU-alMtnat EARTHENWARE. 1000 PACKAGES WHITE GRASITE COMMON WARS, 2Tcw In |tore, which wo offer to tho trsds ft Eastern BOWES DSOIHEBS, IMPOAIEE3, 19 & 21 lAKE-3T. Be*.3 qKO 6S jrrrnts^iot IQROPOSAXS FOR SEWERAGE Ji. BRICKS. Omen or Tnrßoard op Public Wouxs, ? Chicago. Sepr. 13.13*1. t Bralei Proprsa'a win be received a? this office until SATURDAY. Sept. IS'b.attnnhourof II A. V., for all or any pars Of OHa MILLION.OP BS+EiiXiiS BRICKS, to be whoi**. hard burned. free from Itme, pebble* ancthats. a imra eoeed, ana of tli<* dimension*. The hrckvwiiibe delivered piled or* along intllnte ofse-eratob*? bunt In thie cUy, sub ject to the Inspection *nd count 01 the Board of Pub lic works Delivery to commence Immediately and to proceed regularly and be wholly completed by No vember i§t .. .. . . „ Tbe bioamust be udtreiaed to the Board of Public WotSj. encoded • Pronoeali fitßrfr’ra n Tea B:a*4 reserves the light to rHect anv or all Mia received. J G.GIJTOELE,) Board FRED. LKCZ, \ of O.J.RuaE, . } Public Workg. iel4 its Sinet •HEW SKIRT For 1884* A sew end crest IsTentlos In Hoop SSlrts. THSLDTLEX ELLIPTIC 'OH DODSL3) 3TBBI* SPIILNG. JT. 3. & JT. O. WEST, 07 Chambers Street, New v Tork, Are the ownen of the patent, and trc.tuive man®* ißCtaieiß of tti«. J. TV. TCT.T.TPu TIC sTXEL SP&IhG SKiBXS. ’ TfclMavcztlon cocsl.tb o: Unnloi (or two) Elliptic Sites Spring, in-jin «as 7 braids I ugs.ti; ana urmly tr.o'her cjc- *•"> edce, mime; the matbi-t, mo* 6 ela-U'.Cexible an-t enrage sprit’* ever eoa bi lc ib-i wearer. in otserjnonets of ua neat eluiiel* ty s--d tt?zibiereii,io place anuiold ike skirt when In nsc as cash? ana witn the sane esaven euee as m *iln cr muslin 'Tt« v. Cuti ely and (lienees the only ohlectioaato oop mirta, vis: the annoy■ acre to the wearer as weW as the pnbl.c, especially in crow’ueeasat-trbMre c-,r-HstEM>Uißof-Q Car*, chord* rewa. or ia aoy crowded pines, from the tflfflcmtvol contracting them tooccupvitg asm*) space. Tbia entirely removes me dnUculiv, wtui« giving tue skirt the ntoal mil ana symmetrical form, and is the light est. Sna most sryli-h aud graceful appearance for the ■neat, opera, promixauic or tou*« oreu. a lady bavins enjoted tbs pleasu*c, comfort -»nd great con venience of wearing tae Duplex Elliptic Sorlnjf Skirt for a ilncl" day, w.U nevor afterward willingly dispentewith the oieuftbem. They are tbs nest quality in every pan, ami oyiar the lightest most durable, comfortable aad economical sk rt made, Merchants wll be supplied as abovs, and ladles In most flrst-dars retail stores In tkii city and through, out the different States. pT inquire for the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPRISQ 3XIRTB. P A!ES C 1 * Vest Popular sod Fleilbie u, Du; HjJid 4 QO3S4QE, 1674 isolate meet, Chieoso, PATEHT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SEIBP. Combining elegance, lightness, comfort and econo my, and urquemonably tbs most deairabla artlela made, for talo by **• BHADLEY’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKTET.” Verj'flexible, fbjded e»#»)y, when in use, to occupy 4 making the moot agreeable skirt wora. A. O. DOWNS 4 CO- Lake at.-, Chicago. BBADLEI’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BKIBT. Moat Practical aad Deatrabls article made. Ki>S3 4 FO3CKB, ICSLska street, (Sew Store.) BBA DILI’S DUPLEX ELLIP TIC AXQT. ..'rbevreiict Improvement we have ever seen In Ia die a Skirts, end an article of «anenor excellence. FUDEDUaN 4 OOOUKUJO, -.030 p03131-Ttn. FALL GOODS. 3S lake Street, CRAVES & IRVINE. Wi offer to the Trade a flue aisortmeat of DBE33 and CLOAK TRlal«lao3 for J»SX wear; large lines of our well known oak« of COBSSZa; WOOLEII HOSIERY in great variety; and one of the richest stick* of ZEPHYB WORSTEDS, YA*H», HTTBTsa HOODS, BHS.WIS, AFfGHANS. HOLES, teZ ever offered by ns to tor customers. We invite an examination of our atn:'c. by those dealers who have n.c hit jeno traded with us, as vail as by our old frienos, fteli*>g confident tuatonr assortment and prices will recommend them, selves to ail. GRAVES A ir.VIHS.TSLakeit, 668 Qgl-TII BAT*IP (tact BW TVTES. STL VAN US RE»D WTf.T. J.TJL OPEN HEB EXGLI3B AND rKENCH BOARDiNfi AND DAT SCHOOL FOB YOUNG LADIES, Atll West Thirty Hath street,Xew York. On the 21st Instant. The coune will be eorr piets, and each department will c« onr’e: accoapmhd aod ex peril need teacher*. Bktxbxscss— He Ber. Horatio Potter, sod Mr** Potter, lit. R-v \V. L7rsi>»m Kip. aod Mm. Km, ICC. Bit, George Ba-ztM. *»na Mm. Burgees. non UilUud Pf.JiLors, atd M:} HHmors, Sin. -K. Polfcl Hen. Win. O 9taa*d im».T6O».C PifSln,D.D.,tta v»ri rtlkJS JulM B. 1.. Pcrter. Mr* H L Coir, HotU Stephen J. Fltld, Hon. It a Don William Bor sene, asod D. Smith. ffiq. H.a James Y.Bottb, Hen Biadford K. Wood, Hen llnolel 8 Lhckluioo* 800. John T w altH°a-P; «t Buboard.J. Georso Harrli.Eea ,17.9- H .Prof, E.H. Hanford. MaJ o**a« joha A DiV.and ur* Mr* Wm L U ue/.Kn; Morgan mi, I>. o , lUv. Wm t. Jlorsran,D D.. Hon. Geo:ee FoleoE.Biofeiior and Wrs-Batu.Dr. Horae* Webster, Fdwit Hoyt Eiq . John H.Swift Esq., Abel French, Esq . Geo. W. Hatch. Esq, Edward F. D* Lance*. Beq. HrT. Wm. B. Ppr«*u<), D. D., Hon. Ntaatos Comln* Hen. Amn«« J. Purler, Hoo. Lymaa Trematn^.Thoe.'W.O!c&tt,B.»q.. Prof. Amos Dean. LL. D., Charles M. J«DKin», H Da Witt Bsq , Dr. Ju. H. ArmshT, Gen. 8. Vuscher Talbott!' Kev. P. K. cady. Ur. Henry D. Paine? AnjtGe& Sprague. ee'.u qOT-j.Ttnet ACCOUNTANT AND BOOK se«f> of Nine Years’ -Experience As sdjntter cl Accounts atd bookkeeper In a whol» sale txd comtniß'U'n OQS>nes9.<K*ircs to connect hlra. ael* id hn j ■ rwua ooma eommualonorirholcMls eocse in ill* rty in the capic ty of Bookkeeper or Clerk. RefeTince.-jliT-i.u. .* la teacityandL'cmprfTf ou* t>» .»>• r i •• * , i O. w. wfllT* PIsLD, T ibuue um.o la-.s-ii^t.-.p-nTTaaia-aet LAMPS, OIIS & DLASSWASE, TOE BEST STOCK lit WIST, At the lowest MARKET FHICSS. For sale h> anS-piSdJDttat qeo. e. POPE. 122 fl. Clark >L NF. MERRILL, • wnoLXajLUi dxalx* zh T AlfPa. OILS AND GLASSWARX AJTD LA3CP GOODS OF ZTXST DBSCKPTIOW. •o»pm-«otMS u*UßA&(toiokiw«ts l ch!«n»

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