Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 15, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 15, 1864 Page 4
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Cl)tcftQo CjTribmte. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15. 1864. THE CITY. EPISCOPAIDIOCESAS CONVENTION. Tncnly-Scvcnth Annual Session. AFSEBELIRO —EBB VICK —EEEH 0 J BY £KV. W. £. BOBEBtS. Delegates Id Attendance, Clerical and lay— Organization—Appointment of Com* idUlees-Establishment of a Sink ing Titod —Substitutes in - Case of Draft* The twenty-seventh Annual Convention of dcr. ical and lay delegates from tbe Episcopal Churches in the Diocese oi Illinois commenced its session yesterday. In the Bishop’s Cbarch on the corner of Washington and Peoria streets. A large assembly gathered within tbe walls of tbe artistically fur nished building. The session was presided over by the Right Reverend Bishop of the Diocese- Henry J. Whitchon*e, 1). D. SITIKS EZBTICK. • The eerrlce bpeped simple but exquisite voluntary, performed by the organist W. F. White house, Esq. « The clerical delegates in attendance, to the num ber of tbirtj-seven. and a large number of lay dele gates. tben proceeded np the mlodle isle of the church, the bifchop reading the i22ud Pealm, niter aatc versos being chanted by u>e cboir. Onrcecbing tbe chancel the clergy took their firsts in the ttails surrounding it, and In the s?ats immedlatdv in Iront, the Bishop himself occupy log the throne. It was really a sight beautiful to beho.d« and when Rev. L. P. Clover. D. D., began to read the opening sentences ot Morning Prayer, every sound Sat that ol his voice Wi-s hushed, and it seemed, indeed, as though wc could wl h pro* griet£ say “thl£ is none other than the house of Tbe primary prayers and the creed were read by Rev. L P. Clover, D. D.. of Springfield; Absolu tion was pronounced oytbc Right Reverend Birh op; tbe first lesson by Rev. T. N. Morrison, 1). D,, tbe second by R»-v. hvoncis £. Kasb: tbe Xuany and subsequent proven were read byßsv. it, Clarks«-n, D. D. Tbe Ante Comznomun waa read! by Bishop Whilehonre,Bev. G. JJ. Cummins, D. D., reading tbe lesson. the 5112510K carsß. Before tbe sermon tbe Bishop made an eloquent appeal on bcb&lt of mirrtons; expressed bis Bor row ihai the innfis were inadequate to the pay/ xneut ot cxpcorcs incurred in a manner most eco z nmlcat, and hoped there would be more liberality si own in theloinrs; nc cal cd upon them **to do “more, to pray more, to love more, in behalf of “ this great fnudameutal relation, the propagation, * by mlf sioD'jtT exertions, of the Gospel ol Jesus 4 ‘ Christ, ovir this, our beauillnl heritage.” SESEOir. The sermon was preached b? Her. Warren H. Bobcrtt. Beeler of Grace Cbarch, Galena, who look, us bis text, the 2nd Epistle to Corinthians, chap. C, v. ifi. •* Yea. thoucb we hare known Christ alter the flesh, yci i ow benemorth know we him no more.” In « certain wute it is tree that the gospel was a complete and most beautiful development of the Jaw. The advent of the gosael ended the time of mere symbols, and introduced the substance or verity oi eternal things. The legal dispensation possessed, consecrated, sacred rates, lint they on'ypoiuedio—evmbolized Ule. Had theypoa screed the lifeitself they never would have waxed old ard passed away. They were instituted by God to a temporary end. only to foreshadow a liv ing reality which should appear. They klcdled the piety and kept ailve the hopes ol men who wire to pass away in comparative dark cos. Hat when the troth manlicstcd Himself they disappeared. not before higher types and more significant symbols, but before the llvlt g Presence, the manifestation oi the glory of God In the person of Jesns Christ, unto whoa all who come arc made complete, la this relation it is evident the go»pcl was a perfect ccvdopmcpt of the law. But although the apostle St. Paul follows this Itneoi argument In hlsepsUe to the Hebrews, yet it docs not seem to be his favorite mode of re incscoting the gospel or the kingdom of Christ He seems to take much more delight in depleting it a? a eiadone renewal of the original creation of msn, with the snperadded glory of union with a divine lledecmer. Created in the image of God, and having received from the Almighty the breath of .ilc, man be came possessed of n heavenly gift, which raUed him ab>ve himself. But his tall involved a loss of this high endowment. His acuof disobedience separated octwcen him and his Gud: and hence that glorixos element of life, de rived from immediate communion with God coa-d not live in him alter sin had hidden from him tbe faceof God. Totlaugaate of scripture Is explicit in making the essential lots that ensued, tbe loss of original nghteocei-f-s through tbe departure ol that dlvlre life which was first given to man. He is therefore represented throughout the Old Test tament as befog incapable ot understanding God, or of obeying a spiritual Jaw He meet tbirefore betogbt byc&rnul ordinances and a worldly dis pensation, kept nnoer bondage, fed on theernmoa of the Master's table, that he might not lose all conception of God, and finally famish and die. Butin ibeUew Testament how great is the cbaugel There all breathes of Immortal life. There the scarred and disjointed ruins of onr na ture are gathered up. They are breathed on again, aroused to animation, and the forgotten sense of eternity is bruuuht to life m the sonl. Goa incar nate is seen coming down into a realm of bsogry, famished soul!’, dying of the hunger and the thirst of a world in Bin. 4 Tf anv man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things are pa«sed awsy, he boid all things are become new." He has impart ed to him the spirit of God, a consciousness light ed up by His presence to receive oi Hie Inline?-, to be strong in His might; to rest in His love, and finally to be centered everlastingly in His glory. The apovtle saw the law and the temple crumbling into dnst. Bis patt life, his gifts and learning in the Leriti cal Bchutnc, he repudiates as worthless. He plants himself on a new and more glorious dispensation. The world rejoice* again In a stale of day. Anew b« evens and a new earth nnto.d themselves to the Apostle’s mind ol which Christ is tbe bedouins, the morning star. All to the Apostle* mind teem* to assume anew aspect. Old principles, old re lationships, former hopes and fears, were all pa-s --ing away. The world had undertaken to live with out tbe Sun of Righteousness, and it was dyin? in the experiment. Now light had arisen. What went before was bnt a weary night; the eternal BMm.u.wMin.iiiin uiciu. Xu the con text the Apostle connects the regeneration of the world with tbe resurrection of Christ as though pll things bad started from tbe darkness of the grave at tbe glo- rious dawn of tbe flr.-t Easter. It one died for all. tben were all dead, that they which live should not henceforth lire unto themselves, bnt onto him who died for them end rose again. And tben he proceeds to declare the complete chain's wrought on every human relationship by this mighty resur rection of man** moral being—” Wherefore hence forth know wc no man alter tbe flesh.” And then, waxing bolder in language and vaster in sur rey. oe venture* to das* tbe life of Chrikt him-elf In the ficeh as something that bad parsed away— something winch, like the former dispensation, bad- existed, but, -like that, had disap peared. Yea. though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet new henceforth know wc him no more. It wjb not SL Paul 1 * pur pose to think ot Christ hereafter a« only a purely spiritual being, but rather not to fasten hie thoughts upon Him as he appeared in the dava of His sorrow, lie would rivet hie gaze upon Him still incarnate, but on His throne stave. Not fur amoment would bo teach the error that Christ censed to be Incir satc after His abcecklun. The Savior ceased not to be the same man that He was when at tbe dose of thefortv dsjfe Uerepassed the everlasting doors. He was Man as well as God when tbe cloud wafted Him out of the Apostles' sight—Man still lathe kingdom ol His Saints, Man before whom celes tial beings bow ard ascribe honor, and glory, and power. The Apostle would only adjure the thought of tbe Savior iu the infirmities of the flesh. He died a common sacrifice for all men. If any were qnlcsened and pardoned, aud became members cl the new creation, and thus pasted from death unto life, they should from that memorable period no longer live unto themselves. It would be simply knowing Christ after the flesh to seek their own interest, reputation and ad vancement. They were to stifle indignantly any thing less than tbe devotion of themselves, their pools and bodies, and talents of every kind, to the will ol their Redeemer, to promote his dory, and recommend hie kingdom. Tncremntt be a disre gard of all contrary and interfering object*—other wise the love which the most grazions Saviour demanded could not he shown. The principles having been matured in him, the Apostle knew no man alter tbe ficsb. Men’s persons, be cause ol nation, or sect, or rank, must be utterly disregarded when coming in competition with tbe doctrine of Christ, the parity of his worship, and tbe strength .indclory of hi* church. There could tie no accommodation of these things to the preju dices and selfishness of mem It would cripple the church, and extinguish tbe life ol her children. It would dentroy the possibility of areeord of those enblime exploits, those Utc histories ot tbe children ol God in spiritual wars, and defeats, aud tempta tions, and victories which torn the grandest etndics of the succeeding generation. Bt, Paul reached a point above all these contracted exhibi tions of Christian knowledge.- He stood before Felix, Agnppa and Cesar, and on every chore touched by hla holy feet, the came exalted strain flows fro’m his Hpt. A heavenly aiaor name In bis bosom, and impels him forth, ‘and sends him through the world, bearing a testimony whlchno sacrifice or perils could arresr, though we have khown Christ atltcr (hellish,yet now henceforth know we him no more. Assuming what we have said to be a sufficient explanation of the apostles exalted words, we shall proceed to point out their bearing in one or two particulars relating to os as churchmen and Christian*. And Drat we have in view onr obligations to the church. Placed in a world filled with the tragic desolation* ot sin, it la a cltv of refuse, an ark of safety into which tbe agitated aud baffled heart mar escape, and win that immortality which Christ threw off bis glory to redeem. No duly, therefore, seems more* obvious than this, that it is ours to ex hibit the Cbnrch in all the Integrity of its pro visions for overcoming the world. Each age has Its own inclinations to error; multitudes being un willing at first, and hence becoming incapable, it may be, ot apprehending what tbe Cbarch is iu us origlnsi ideal, as designed in the counsels o the Eternal mind; what the Church has been in its long sojourn upon earth—tbe Cuurch of revelation and the Church of history—knowing Christ either aftertbefleßh,ornotknowing Him at all. How desolating the t fleet of this is upon tbe soul need not be placed before you. But one thing is cer tain: God’s groat plan tor arresting and training these souls, for bringing them out ot a world where they are lamisbtng with hunger and groin ing with thirst, is the only one adequate to ao wr.u drons a work. Hero, my oretbren, there Is a des tiny laid upon us, and we cannot break oarsclree loose bom It, Struggling with a sense of its terri ble disorders, groaning over its deep gulfs of want, trembling with throes of angultb to emancipate ft ecU, we must hold up God's plan lor saving this fallen and dying world. There may be much earnestness, much anxiety for the salvation of men, mnch diligence iu a cer tain routine oi dnty, and yet the obligation only half fulfilled; a mere knowledge of Christ alter the flesh. The doors of the Lord’s house may be closed except on tbe Lord’s day; the passion and ocath of Christ set forth in that most solemn of all ritesmaybe celebrated at long intervals; theses ■ «ons ol the Christian year comparatively little noticed. To excuse this sad neglect It is assumed that there will be few wor £hlppeza, and tbe revolt a mere waste oi energy. But the holding up God’s system in it* Integrity, does cot depend tor its result upon the number of those who use the privilege* of fered. It has come to pass that we measure waits by Ibe outward ana risible exertions Urn are pat forth; that we are effective in proportion to the labor we ply. and tlie amount of superior shrewd* sees, tact, and aacacity which we possess over Other men. Hot tola is a pilcfnl mistake. It is a mistake with reference to tbe in* -dividual. It is easy lor a man to pot forth exertion* to attract attention by tbe efforts he ]r«tw and to engage in wbut no enpposes great right. But connected with Ihe aspect ol outward effort and display, there Is generally a want ol discretion ana wisdom, and beneath it all, a hollowness and rotten* Sites which bring tbe min' and Wf works to nought. . And it tble is tme wilh tbe individual, cqnnliy so msy u ue true with the Church. As a quiet, faithful, unobtrusive verformanoeol eacbdntyas ucomes before the inau is the xno-d effective in the world, so tbe Jninrch produces tbe grandest moral effect when ‘ciblbiied in IU corop eteness. simpUcUr, and In* ♦Srltv It Is known to the world not by contro »«scß within its lold, or wltn thoseiwho arc out nnLnolby dedntiocß of theology, but by its per* lirwtrrfL worship, and sacraments : us fast 1« Lenumd EJ«ter Here it« ml actively. Urn* dSale. ulbj He we do not measure her power corre^ L |^' l *J. C wtnld bring her down from her lofty alti tude to worship the calves of Danand thd i t ° i knowledge after the flesh. In bc r historical cspect we Art it was the 1o»e locm sim plicity und quietude of the Church which bowed great cations bei<re her aitara. Amid jarring idolatries and the warring of king* aod pnnee*. she stood forth the fairest among tqp thousand. Afcd why shonid we eappo*e she has lest any of herpoxerf Wc may strip her of it. so that her ctkccncra and inefficiency may be nock**! at by the vorld. Presented in her follnc«s. and all things arc Unit;—the unwearied It piny, the earnest exhortation, the flldactic catecMsine, the frequ-ni commemoration of the death of Chrl-t. • Christ, the bead, Is Urn*. pouring life and rigor into the branches: hence, tboee tender bonds, intimate relations and endearing associa tion* bcl«ccn Christ and bis people. It is the tabernacle ol God with men. Through it we ate invited to 'Him in s most Messed and mysterious nmon beyond what thought can con ceive or words express. Here we are In Christ, and Christ in ns. Here wc are bmlt upon th* foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jeans Chrirt himself being the chief cornerstone. Here we, bclne many, ore one bread and one body, for we are all partakers of that one bread. Here we have eten at life, aod shall be raised np at ih- U*t day. for bis flesh Is meat indeed, and bis blood is drink indeed. Bence the gorlons prlril-gea or the Church of.Chilet. Hence the mystical «ra*h ing away of sin in the laver of regeneration Bcnce the intimate relations between Christ and bis children through the sacrament of his precious body; the remission of sin, tbe resurrection of the Ccrh, and everlasting life. These are some at tbe sacred lineaments or the Bride, whom such men asSu Peter and SlPau' knew how to appreciate slid to clorlfy, but fullest measure* qfUautv perhaps It was imnoisl. b.e for them to take in. The Church, therefore. \* a leTllaht: a new eft: a realm or beantj ehmin . In a dark world. Ii will do I'a work In rerenia. ling il-e world If wo arefaUbfol in the pmusl™ tdlona. In tklarelaiion it ia okrionathatSar obligations are momentous. If the Church his no; proved bcreell mlghlv in bringing thoma«M nndtr her power, and making her infncnee fslr it 1. because ber circle ol InOeice has b“n mTS “ cd by dialro.t and opposition, when symnathrand co-opcraiion sbotld have been ei’endea ?) brcieren, if we would guard her honor as we would tbat 01 OUT own sonl: if wa felt tbe great truth that her errant* is onr Blrtngtff; lr we would by ah the meats in our power give her full ecope lor bringing men under her foscenurohra I ?.S Jc 3 UI,Kto knowlSSaid grace of God; do yon not think she would then no l ° conquer, and bringing the tbou.ands ol this diocese under her sway? and inspirations ol her own holy life? Shall we not gird up ourselves, aod with vebe mtnt desires, cs*ting all our'power, andmi»UU and inflnuue, and means on tbe side of this, God's great glit to tbe world, aud pray Him to give it ilia txctHeiiimigb'.and bea ntrfy itVith His uufcmt£d pJoir, that it may be able to vanquish sin, nuto’d toibe woild the great salvation of CtSstlaod men to flee to it lor relnge. Were this oar Dr V°. ?e ’\ U ,P hDB a n<J themes harm* ibe individual for their center, would shrink Into nothing, ana we should And ourselves borne no ware, and carried onward by the order, and the etrci gtt and majesty of God’s kingdom oa -earth ' Keeping in new the train of remark which we lollowed, what is tbe aspect of the individail Christian? He finds himself placed in the midst of this importation of great glory and truth, set to fulfill certain obligations ardduties, whlchno one but be can periorm. It is evident, therefore, that be mar meet all his sacred conditions and dntlea in a rpinc characterized by the Apostlea Rnowl 4-dk,e alter the flesh, or be may rise in his workto a more txaited, hallowed and glorified plane, as- Burning that this latter course is the heart’s earnest f li«Te no grander ouUlno of such a life than the character of the Apos tle whose werde wo have considered. He draws hie own portraiture and that of hla brethren in their dally state. “I take pleasure l a infirmities, in renro aches, in necessities, in die tresses for Christ’s sake. As unknown and vet well known, a? sorrowful andjet always rejolclnr. Os dviogasd behold we lire, as chastened yet not killed, as poor yet making many rich, as having nothing and yet poseessirg all things.” Again be says, *T have learned mwhatsoever state I am. therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased and bow to abound: everywhere and in all things 1 am Instructed both to no fall and to be bongry.both to abound and to sufi'ernced lean do all things through Christ strengthening me,’’ Wo cannot feel that each a life as this was the devel opment oi a high and advanced reason. Poverty loneliness, persecution, mortification aud the 10-s of all things felt to be an Inward Joy. pan a lifelike this be eo'ved by any mere unman system f Can earthly virtues develop themselves into a life ol each grandeur as this t He mani fests a decree of unconcern as to the world, whirix of itself sublime; and all this because he was set II personal and experimental connection with the great problems of the grace ot Christ, andthe counsels ot his love. He had ceased to wish ; tns longings onee*-o fondly cherished were no more. ” Tcis is a faithful saving and worthy of all ac ceptation that Jesus Christ came into tbe wolrd to save sinners ot whom 1 am chief.” B bat, therelore, has not my Lord done for me ? What a debt do 1 owe him for blotting out my transgress ons > A lUe of unceasing seif-sacnace, superhuman deeds of heroism, tbe meekest endurance oi Jong ycara of trial issue out ol that single tbongbt. What a response to the sacrifice ofinflnlie and cteruallovel What faith in that I>«r/cct way panned by an all-gracious wisdom! I ere was a man brought op Into the sense of Goo’s own gnatniss; ennobled by the spirit of Goi, and having all his experience modulated, qualified, tnd glorified by bim; resting in the wlrdom of God ; established in the confidence of his infinite majesty, and thinking with him, and from him, and moving in the glorious order of bis perfect mind. Ae one whose inefficiency In the work set before n* Is equal, if not greater, than your own, yet may 1 not urge yon without embarrassment to strive to live this life of God? Fed by unseen mysteries in ' bis kingdom on earth it i« the greatest practical re ality. finch a life aa this does in no way lnt o rfere and throw Itself into opposition to the order of the wor'.d, but by a kind ofDlvine process transforms it into an expression of the Divine will. It does not withdraw itself from any true human charity, but exalts it into an exercise of Christ's lore. Multitude*, working onto! the order ofOod, are following some fire-fly glimmer under the name of retorm, and striving to usher in a day of glory for this fallen world: junaslf any power bat God could grapple with the disorders oi eln. As if any bnt his own Divine system could soothe tbe frenzy and reconstruct tbe shattered harmony of the heart of man. But it Is untrue; it is base to regard ouraclvc* as oun*elves, dwelling on our individual existence, and fixing onr minds on the thought that what we have within us Is onr own. Nothing which we have, or aie. Is,onr own AU plans aud schemes which have their foundation in the man himself, in bis selfish, chimerical and vhlofiiry purposes, will be brought to naught, \S e must commit ourselves to the great move ment of Goa’esleepless providenceinnis charcu. It is instinct with a power which bear* onward tbo>-e who trust to it to great excellence, and a final mastery over evil. Tbe burden of vanity does not rest on efforts made in tbewUl of God and lor tbe glory cf file kingdom. AU Hut ia done then scan iiu*c it* part tk, m-wI mri* Each boar of patient labor, each offering of eel' every aumnder of the vilL every good confession, prayer cr communion will help to mature tbe character, and all shall be undying forms when wo tre bid with Christ in God: Foil choral service was performed under tbe able atrec ion of Her. S. Hassell Jones, to whom, and tbe unpaid choir, considerable credit la due. After the sermon tne Holy Communion was ad ministered by the Bishop, assisted by Rev. G. D. Commits*, D. D. AFTERNOON. Tbe Convention assembled ae per appointment, at three o’clock, and was called to order by Bishop 'Whitehonse, who presided. CZXXUCAL LIST. Tbe Secretary then called tbe list of the clergy entitled to seats in tbe Convention. Tbe following Ust exhibits the names of aU cn tiut-d to seals; those actuailyjirefient being deno ted by an asterisk. Et, Rev. Henry John 'Whitehonse, D. D M Bishop of the Diocese, and President of Jubilee College, Chicago. Rev. Albert, Charles H., Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Kankakee Rev. Al en, Stephen T .Rector oi Trihltr Church, Aurora, and St. John’s Cbarch, Naperville. Rev. Arvedeon, Peter, Deacon, officiating in Al gonquin. Rev. Bencolct,Tbomas N., Rector of Christ Church, Ottawa. •Rev, Benson, John, Rector of Calvary Church, Farmington, and Christ Church, Limestone. Rev. Bishop, Hiram N., D.D., Rector of St, John’s Church, Chicago. * ’Rev. Bredbcrg, Jacob, Swecdieh Minister at SU Ansgarins’ Church, Chicago. Rev Brittain, William, Missionary at Jonesboro, Da Quoin and Carbondalc. ’Rev. Bruce, Ca;cb Au, Officiating in Pittsfield, and Rusbvflle. P. O. Lewlstown. Rev. Couch, John, Deacon,Offidatingm the Cbarch of the Advent, Marengo. Rev. Chase. Philander, St. Luke’s Church, Wyo ming. P. O. Princevihe. Rev. Chase, Samuel, D. D n Vice President of Ju bilee College, and Chaplain 14th Regiment 111.- nols Cavalry. Rev. Cheney, Charles £., Rector of Christ Church, Chicago. Rev, Clarke. Charles P., Rector of St. George’s Cbarch, Utica. P. O. Ottawa. ’Rev. Clarkson, Robert IL, D. D M Rector of St, Jamet-’ Cbarch, Chicago. ’Rev. Clover, Lewis P M D. Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Springfield. ’Rev. Coe, Jamts St.Luke’s Church, Dixon. Rev. Cowell, Samuel, Officiating SU Paul’s Church, Manhattan. P. O. Lockport. •Rev. Cummins, George D*, D. D.,. Rector of Trinity Church, Chicago. ’Bev.DeWolf. Erastus, Deacon, Minister oi the Church ot the Redeemer, Wilmington. Rev. Dresser, Charles, D. D., xeeldlng in Spring field. • ■ *Bev. Dresser, David Walker, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Carlu-ville, aud &L Peter's Church, Ches terfield. ’Rev. Foster,' John, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Alton. ~ Rev. Freeman, Lyman Rector of Grace Church, Galisbnrg. ’Rev. Gilbert. Charles A~ Hector of Christ Church, Joliet, and St. John's Church, Lockport. *Bev. Green, Jonas, Deacon, Missionary at Man teno, Monte. &m, I. C. B. B. F. O. Chicago. •Rev. Green, William, Rector of Trinity Church, Gcncsco. Rev. Griswold. Asa, residing in New York. •Rev. Hager, E>U>h W„ Rector of tbe Church of the Holy c ommunion, Chicago. •Rev. Blester, Henry Rector St. Andrew’s Church, Farm Ridge, •Rev. Jones, Silas Russell, Rector of tbe Church of the Ascension, Chicago. •B-v. Jenks, Geo. H., Rector of Trinity Church, Polo. . _ Rev. Ssyle, Henry, Rector of the Church of the Redeemer, Cairo. •Rev. Locke, Clinton, Bettor of Grace Church, Chicago. ’Rev. MagflL, Matthew, Rector of Trinity Church, Rock Island. •Rev. McCullough, J. W., D. D„ Rector ol SU James' Church, Lewiatoan. Rev. McGowan, James Deicon, officiating In BelvlQcro Rev. Mitchell, William, M. D. t Rector oi SU Mark’s Church. Cfiester. •Eev. JaltchtU, Thomas W., Hector of SU John's Church, Giletple. Eev. Morrison, Theodore 2), *D n Sector of Trinity Church, Jacksonville. •Eev.Kaeb. Franclf 8., Sector of SU Jade's Church, Tiskllwa, and zlon Church, Providence. Eev. Orborne, John Wesley, Missionary at Areola, Bern cut and Ed rewood. Eev. Pedelnpe, John B. IL, Missionary at Paris, BLelbjviUe, and other placet. Eev. Beyno’ds, W. IL, D. I)., Sector of St. Paul’s, Warsaw. •Eev. Eobcrtf, Warren IL, Sector ol Grace Church, Galena. Ec _jv. Sayres. George, Rector of Grace Church, Rock IkUnd comity. 'Her. Smithctt, William T., Hector or Emanuel Church, Rockford. Rev. Steele, William M., residing at Hamlin, Ho Lean ccunty. Hit. Street, George C., Minister of St, Mark’s Church, Geneva. Rev. Strocc, Henry H., D. D M LL. D , Hector of SU John’a Church, Quincy. Hev. Trewartha, Deacon officiating In Edcewood, Rev. Totten, Silas, D. D M Rector of St. Jotm’e, Do* cater. •Rev. TntUe, Edmund 8., Rector of St. Anegarius’ Church, Chicago, and Post Cnaplam at Camp Duuclaa. E. ter. Thayer, Oecar 8.. Deacon, mlniaterin" at Sterlmjr. *Eer, Van Dyne, Cboilce IL, Rector of SU Ste phen V Church, Cbiesco. Rev. Wtlcon, Salmon Rector of Zion Church. Freeport. Her. ■\VetU_John 8., Hiesionary and Inetrnctor in Jubilee College. There bemc & canonical number of tlie clercy promt, the list of parishes entitled to represenra tion woe next called, and the certificates of lay delegates referred to a committee coneistlxu; ot lluv. Charles A- Gilbert, flon. L B. Otis, and. Bct. Caleb A. Brace. . , , . The committee reported the following as correct: PAROCHIAL LIST. Algonquin. 8L Johns; Alton, St. Pauls; Auro ra, Trim' 5; Chicago, Asccnsloo, Atonement, Christ, Grace, Holy Communion, tit. Ansgtnus, St, James. St, Johns, Trinity; Decatur, fct, Johns; Dixon. 8u Lukes; Farmington. Calvary; Farm Jlldpe, St. Andrews; Galena, Grace; Joliet, Chnet; Kcwance. SL Johns; Lewis town, St, James; Lockport, St. Johns: Johns; Peoria. St. Panic; Pern, St. Pauls: Quincy. St. Johns; Bobln'a Nest, Christ; Sprlngfis d, St. Pauls; TUkllwa, St, Judea; Waukecan. Gbmt; Sycamore, St Peters; Kankakee, St. Pauls; Bush* y{i;e, Chr jbU LAT J}BZ.EdXT£S. The following list of lay delegates were thm ca led. Those answeneg to their names Cdwiibsstts. llssjortbe .btem pActcd to be m atlcLdancc to day • J ** Bt. JobnV, AlcoLqnln-Wm. Es er t »rcw St.l‘ml’s,, AIIOD--S, B Dolbse. J. VV. ScWcppc. ' ' Al:rura^C ' l " ::lt '” u - Stone, *aciiiy VV, jlscntion.-eblcsso-H. Blbbird, »J. n. Etttcn. Mohs Bacon. V ™ B«. tr 1 “ SO ~* E Dsirt < * n<!nr r Keep 6.3SiSE C - *°- A - Fnte^/Ml^ 0 -* 11 - W .I 1 ? 1 ? Cornmnnicm, Chlct-o-WUlistn U. Latre, 'Robert E. Grier. St. Act-gariu*, Cnlcago—*John JL Schoenbcck, Hsufktueon, A. M-Lind. , ei -^ B ® c «\' ClltC3 ft 0 -»T. Wheeler. *A.B.Kid ccr. 'C. 8. Larrabce. St. John’s, Chicago—*D. w. Pape, »Oeorge Qtrd nor, 'S. Johnson. Tntlty, Cblcso-«Bto. E, Ohlltenaen, »L. B. Oils, *Jae. L. Reynolds. St.’s, Decetnr—Cyril Fuller, Henry Pratl rtr, Lowber Barrows. St. LuhcV Bixon—*W. W. De Wolf, ’James K, Etho'l, A. Fleck. Calvary, Faimloefon-j’Lymsn Wanier, Simnel Wllcit ecn. Wo. Wilkinson, Jr. Bt. Andrew’s, Farm Bid*e—A. W. Grifllth, Hiram Jackson, *R. B, U illlame. Grace Church, Galena—*S B Herron, *Q. A. Mortbal), Fred, StchU ’ Cnrb*t Church, Joliet—'Wm. Adams, *W. B. Cas well, ’Bcnj. Cope. St, John's. Eewanee—“Jer. Hopkins, leaac Har per, J. B. Morse. * St, Jamts, Lcwistown—*S. Corning Judd. St. John’s, Lockport—John Grlairold, Francis Hanford. St. John’s, Kaplerville-S. B. St-.vena, *Jas, Q Wliibt. Bt. Paul’s, Pforla—’Frederic Gust if, ’Alex. Q. Tynp, W. A.- Willard. fit, Paul’s, X’eru—lra B. N. Bross, ’Nason Yonrc. Sc John’s. Quincy—Henry Allen, *F. C. Moorel H.A. Willlameon. Christ Cr>urch, Robin’s Nest—John Morse. B, P Seabory, Wm. L. Morse. St, Pttttl t, Sprioglleia-s. H. Trent. Sctb SI Tlntlcv, F. bcuroe. St, Jude’s, Tiakllwa—Aaron E. May, Lemuel Perkins. Chnbt Church, Waukegan— l ’Wm. Beaaolev *c R. Steele. 8U Peter’s, Svcunore—’lsaac Johnson. Ira G Eetchnm, K» A. Lord, M. D. M. Paul’s, Kankakee—Wm. Sibley, ’N. C. Ter rill. Twenty-fivo parishes being present, the Conven tion was declared duly organized. Tub Secretary then read the “Rules of Order.” OBQAKIZATIOIt. The election cf a Secretary and a Treasurer be ing next in order, Rev f Dr. Clarkson moved that the ballot b.. dispensed with and that the Secretary. (Kit. Cbus. A. Gilbert, of Joliet,) be re-elected. It was canted nuimmoubty. Hoc, 8. U Treat, of Springfield, then mnde a similar mollcti us to the Treaenrcr, (Quo, P, Lee J Esq., ol Chicago,) which was also adopted * On motion U was then •< Etso ved. That clergymen present not entitled to ] scale in this Convection, clergymen irom other di oceses. ana candidates for hoiy orders, be admitted to the sittings of this Convection. . Tne Bishop tben appointed the following Stand- - log Committees: * J On the Incorporation of Churches and their*Ad- 1 misvion Into Union with the Convention—Rev. 1 James W. Coe, Hun. S. Coming Jaud, a. C. Cal- j kins. | -On Finance—Rev. John Besson, Hon L.D.OAs. . 8. Wilklusi/n. 1 On Pnrtlege—Rev. Ucmy N. Strong, D. D., L. L. J D., Kcv. 1). W. Dresser, W. W. DeWolf, Geo. R - ! Chimndcn. : On Lcciflarion—Rev. Warren H. Roberta, Rev. j Tbeo. N. Monieon, Hon. S. H. Treat, James K. ! EdselL . , 1 On tbe Extension of tbe Cbarch—Rev. G. D.'. CummiDP, D. D., Rev. R. U, Clarksoc, D. D„ Rev. \ Lewis F. Clover, D. D., Thomas G. Baxter, A. G. i Tyng. Geo. R. Chittenden Qp Unfinished Business—Rev. Silas Russell and { Fiands Moore. : Tbe Blahop tbeo appointed the Inspectors of : Electioi s, as follows: For Standing Committee—Clerical votes. Rev. , J. W. McCullongh. D. D., C, P. Steele; Lay votes, , Rev, S. T. Alien, T. J. Geldeo. ] For to General Convention—Clerical : votes. Rev. Clinton Locke. James T. Wright; Lay 1 voles.Kbv. H. T. Hleeler, N. C. Tyrrell. For Trui-tees of the Protestant Episcopal Church , In the Diocese of I llnols—Clerical votes. Rev. C. 1 H. Van Dyne. Geo. A. Marshall; Lay votes. Rev. Jl.Mitflll.Trß. Uolbv. ! irom the Church of tbe Redeemer, Cairo, t ard Grace Church, Sterling, asking for adnireiou ] to the convention, were then presented, and, on J motion, referred to the Committee on the lucor- , peration of Churches. : The Bitnop then announced thet the church in \ Rut-hvilie, vhich had some years ago been sns- 1 pinded, was now working well under tbe manage- , mtnt ol Rev. Caleb A. Brace, with the assist- ; ance of many laymen, (amongst whom be was clud i to number Judge T/alker,) aud they now asked for 1 re admission to the convention. , On motion of Hon. S. ii. Treat, the church was , cdmittid to union with the convention. 1 Rev. Dr. Clarkson tben moved that the thanks ol the convex non be given to Rtv. T. N. Morri son. the late Treasurer. The resolution was Car ried unanimously. t Hon S. H. Treat then moved that the next con- e ventlco be bold in the Bishop’s Church. Carried c unanimously. t ' 81S1U86 TUXD. J George R. Chlttenocn. of Chicago, then said: . 1 bet leave to introduce for the consideration aod ‘ attention of this convention, if it please*, the ful- .* lowing preamble and resolutions; 1 Wnxnxas, To liquidate the bond* issued by the £ trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 1 Dloceteof ll lnoie, dated the 85th of September, c 3SC2. for $7,232.14. and made payable three years J from that date, with six per cent interest, payable f Ecml-annuall;. on the first day of January and tne x first day of Jtuv oi each year $ and 1 WnziuiAfi—To endow the Episcopate and pay * the expenses of this Diocese: to assist its leeble 1 • parishes to build churches and rectories; to pur- 4 chase property in towns where present population \ and prospective growth would Indicate that a 1 chnch would be -needed; to build and support J charitable institutions; to erect aud support in- ' stnutions of learning under tbe auspices of our Church ; to aid missionaries, and to generally ad vance tbe interests of tbe Protestant Episcopal t Church throughout tbe State of Illinois: , £<tolred. That a fund be created aod established in this Dlocere. termed “The Endowment Fundof tbe Protestant Episcopal Church iu the Diocese of > Illinois.” : Euoived, That tbe communicants and attend ants upon the Church throughout xuiuuie be in vited once a year by the rector oi eaah parish iu ! this Diocese to subscribe five cents per week for oao or Mvcral succeeding yesra. Jt<mi r«rf, Tu~t tfao irworerof each p&nsu, by virtue ol that office, is hereafter to act as treasurer of tbi* Endowment Fund, to collect from subscrib ers In advance. The parish treasurer of the Endow ment Fund to report and remit quarterly to tbe < diocesan treasurer of this fund < fiero’ua. That the senior warden (and in case of bl» absence or inability that tbe Janior warden) ot each shall be aod arc hereby constituted, by virtue of tbeir office, the guardians or agents of this fond in their parish, who. Iu cooperation with 1 tbe rector of the parish, will endeavor to obtain i tbe largest subscription to this Endowment Fund. Jl6£oTCd, To give energetic, fall and complete operation to this fund, a committee of seven be elected annually by tbe Convention of this Dio cese to serve for oue year; said Committee to be known as the “Endowmeut Fond Committee.” Tfiat tbe Treasurer of tbe Diocese shall, by virtue of his office, be tbe Treasure of this Endowment Fund, and be one of the Committee. Said Com mittee to meet semi-monthly in Chicago (and ottenerif necessary) to have full and complete aa ehorityto issue addresses aud to receive reports irom parishes, to inaugurate plans for their adop tion, and nss all reasonable means to multiply subscribers, to collect moneys, to direct tbe action of tbe wardens when thought desirable (to increase subscribers), tr have general powers to render this five ctnt wetkiy subscription a enccceslolone. Said committee to have no powers to dispose of tbemonejs collected, except by direction o* the Convention. Full reports to be made to eich anneal Convention of the diocese of it# transac tions for the year. Hon. L. B. Otis moved that they be referred to tbe Committee on the Extension of tbe Cbarch. The resolution being adopted, the folio svlDs gen tlemen were appointed of the committee: Rev. G. D. Cummins, D. D„ Rev. B. H. Clarkson, D. D., Rev. Lewis P. Clover, D. D., T. G. Baxter, T. G. Tyng. On motion of Rev. Dr. Clarkson, the name of George R. Chittenden was added to the committee. THE DUAFT, Rev. S. Russell Jones then offered tbe follow ing; toSuolred, That If any clergyman, canonically a member ot this diocese be dratted into the milita ry service ef our country, theveetry of thdchuroh of which be is Rector or Minister, or for which he is officiating, be impowered to procure for said* Minister, on themort favorable terms possible, to serve In hisplace lot the term far which he shall have been drafted, and forasmuch as we are com manded ol our Saviour to bear each others har dens, that a collection be token in all the churches and forwarded to tbe Treasner of this Convention, to defray so much of the expense ot so doing as ' shall not be borne by the cbnrch of ‘which he Is the Bea or or Minister. And further be it £etolted % That if sufficient lands be not raised by voluntary contributions to procure substitutes lor all clergymen who shall do drafted, that the Treasurer ot this Convention be empowered to levy an equal tax on all the Parishes in this Dio cese, which shall be a per centum ou the salary of the rector or minister to meet the want. Provided, also, that if more lands are raised for this purpose (ban ore required, they shall be disposed of as in future directed by thl* Convention. feHon. SJB. Oils offered as an amendment the following: WntREAP, The common law of tbe Protestant Episcopal Church forbids her clergy to bear arms by engaging in actual military service—holding thom to be separate and set apart for the perform ance of sacred and holy duties; and that engaging in actual conflict ia inconsistent with their splrit usl duties, to which they are consecrated. And, whereas, the Var Department has construed the 17th section of tbe amendatory enrollment act, approved February 24th, 16G4, as including the - tltrpy ol onr church. Therefore, JtooiKd-rThat m case any of the clergy of this diocese are drafted] under said law of; 18S1, if not otherwise entitled to exemption, they arc request ed to claim tbe protection of said 17th section and becoisidercd non-combatants. Rev. Robert H.CUrkson offered a further amend ment, ae follows: £esotetc—' That in the Judgment of the Conven tion, the cltrgy of the church are bound In con, science and by their ordination vows to abstain from engaging as armed combatants in the military service. Eaoltfd, That in case any of tbe clergy of the diocct-e shall be drolled into tbe ranks of tne army, the parish wi<h which such minister is officially connected, or in which he may reside, is hereby reonested to procure a substitute on the best pos sible terms, and that the expenditure thus incurred ’ berelnnocd by a special collection to be made in all tbe parishes, asd that the Blsfiop be requested to address tbe diocese by pastoral letter in each a manner ae may seem to him necessary to give full effect to the resolution. considerable discussion, in which every one ibowcd his loyalty to the Government, aud ’ tie Bishop had overruled a motion to reconsider, on the ground that tbe Convention bad nothing to ’ do with expressligany opinion aa to the acts of ibe Government, but met simply for purposes ’ within tbe direct purview of tbe Church, the whole E of the resolutions and amendments were referred to a committee composed of Rev S. R. Jones, Rev. i R. E. Clarkson, D. D., Hon. S. H. Treat, Ron. L. B. otia, Hen. 8. C. Judd. • TBAVELKG EXPBKSE3 • Dr. Clarkson moved the adoption of tbe fol • lowing: J7emrrtf, That it be referred to tbe committee f on legn-iatlon to take ictocousideratiou the pro priety oi adopting some system by which the iravcnng expenses of tbe clergy to convention k maybe, in whole or in part, derayed. , On motion, tbe Convention then adjoumsd to 9 1 a. m. this day. p , Hoxe MniTAnr.—Theneccssily of ekixen mili tary to the places of their organization has been >_ well established in time of peace ae well as in war. In large cites they have on more than one oeda u sion formed a ready and powerful aid to tbedvil n authorities in limes of emergency, and are at all lines to be relied on to protect life and property . and assert the supremacy of the law. Even the i. (act of their being known as an organization, ac t complikbes abootas much as active operations, for I n here they are known to exist, the lawless are apt d «to restrain tbeir evil passions. 1. Unfortunately, asle proven by the New York •. ' riots, the demand (or men at tbe iront has reduced ’* I wbat were some three years ago strong organiza tions, to mere skeletons, and these very small. &- This particularly applies to our Garden City. Toe t, Zonqvcs Light Guard Cadets, and other organize e, tions were once the pride of Chicago, bnt tbe )! -printing up of an aroused people in April, 1861, tn that tired these organizations, and very many of t, those who took a distinguished part In t&em, have U tallen on bloody fields In behalf of the cause of j, glad to learn that there Is on foot a pro >t, petition to organize several home companies from t; the relics or tbe old Nineteenth, the gallant h- Twenty-fourth, and other regiments. These men ate bronzed and vreatnerb&teu irom long cam. paigning, ted win. If the enterprise succeed, form ».J>°» e jeulfcwt, that will be second, either In efficiency or appearance, to any in the country. The only thing ceedsd to giro the organization ?A rns «« ee *** 8 Uhera! co-operation on the pa tof oar citizens. It deserves suicees Sat salt is s borne company. It i B independent of toe Gavern rntiit, and must-look el-ewhere for equipment. hankers, ship-owners, tv*rebouse *nd tbe bl av y tten of tne city, Till no doab; aid the cause. They can do It All that ii wint ;? ff ;f a:d. The nysn are ready. Let *"*, , orK a £ once commence, and before many wc» ke para by, Chicago will biro a home gsaxd wcriLyofthe name. WnT.”—A correspondent, calling himself a poor iel ow,’* asks -why the merchants of all kinds marked up their goods to the top figure wren gold was at $2.80, and have forgotten to mark them down since. We suppose the only an wiKbe the W 8«<»l one in'ite llnc^ 6 ** ° f human «i embodied 41 They should getwho have the power, Ano th«-y should keep who can.” «.^! oc j£ nmai> * , yl a a institution, bat this is »/ w points. It Is very hara to refln- J~!.A ho,d ‘‘Oce Ukeu ; like the leech we love i!S» L°lull. ‘-Poor fe !ow n is to be plUcd. Heeeems to be one oftbat large cli-s who rcloug to tbe anvil family, continually suffering J^i ,ce j n tha Rreat hlactßmltffa shop of tbe t Ud probably now and then taking the part £!w«« lxaimnc £t i £ bl ® tßr n. Seriously though; prices arc too bLh, and Zaccheoa-hke, ought to blh^v * a to ° bad that purchaiera ««.?!? i? ,orced to pay for stocks on band, no P a,,ar rr ow ™“ ch P flce ® tnay decrease. The rule la not allowed to operate the other way. BaiLWATFsTEjiaioH.- For some time past, the Bridgeportanlftoe have occupied a conspicuous po eltion among manidpal grumblers. *Tcey claimed that they were not rightly treated. Thryconati tuted a respectable portion of the city vo*crfl • could often and early as aoy“dlmmy cbrdta’Mn the country; they possessed fra.-raut packliig houses and perlame-oistlUlng glue facto CO .V d boa ’ s “o horse railway. Eongiae Place, or the remote locations in o'ber divitloDP, had tbecars running to thclrvcrv thresh, hold, hot the inhabitants of classic Brldeenort were disembarked at the very outskirts ot their domain, andfcad then to commence a long and muddy pilgrimage. Ih their desperation threatened io stars an omulbua line, do it. The old City Railway Company almost def termined to extend their horto railway track in that direction, but it was left for the enterprise o“ the prevent directors to consummate the idea They have practically commenced the work. AN ready is the ground broaen at the corner of Archer Ro»d and Slate sirect, and some few feet of rails lain down. The truck, which will bo a single one will be concluded by next Saturday week! and is to extend a, tar as the intersection of22d and Bod iV'it 18 w'.! 1 l be Arcb jrroad, or near the cross ing of tbe Pittsburg and Fort Wayne Railroad. Immediately on its completion cars will commence running. This CLteriirieo will bo a great cou rt mince to (ho inhabitants of the uttermost ends •of the (Chicago; earth, and will materially imnrore properta in the vicinity. Demise op Hies Haslet, Armt Numsb.— List cvtnlnc a meeting of Batteries A and B, Chicago Light Artillery, was held at the Tremoet Uoaaet to take into consideration the action of the mem’ hereof the batteries regarding the death of iliVs Augusta M. Dudley, formerly a volunteer narse on the Mirelgfippl in connection with Mrs Dr. Tur ner. Consiatrsble Interest was lelt on the subject by tbo returned veitrans, as they have often been the recipients of the minlstermg care and kindness o! Miss Hadley daring the trjimrcampaigns of the southwest. Miss Hadley died recently ut WIN Unmtbnrp, Long Island, N. Y, from disease con tracted daring her arduous and patriotic labors. The meeting was organized by the appointment ot Mr. Foster, battery A, aa President, and Mr. C, E. SttUh t/ battery A, as Secretary pro tern. At request, Dr. Hadley, brother of too deceased roDle*beancd lady, pave a brief statement of her labors at ibe frott. lie concluded by inviting the members ot the batteries to attend her funeral which will shortly tske p’aca in this city. Merer?, Milner, Arnold and Day, ot Battery A, and Russell, Crego and Hlnnman, of Battery B, were appointed a commiuce to receive the remains on their arrival m Chicago in conjunction with the bereaved family. The lollowing preamble and resolutions were offered by Mr. C. E. Smith, and carried unani mont-ly. WnntEAP, Wc learn with feelings of deepest reerct tho melancholy intelligence ol the death of iliss* Augusta M. Hadley, formerly a volunteer nurse iu the hospitals on the Mississippi, there fore Jtuo'red, Tbit we have seen hor unwearied efforts in tte ardnuns and noble duty of caring for the sick and wennded soldiers, and have personilly been bcnedttPd by her kind *er?lcee, and JZesdred, That fee ins her los* deeply, we tender our sympathy to the bereaved members of her late family, and will, as Catteries A and B, attend her funeral at such time as it may take place. Farther Jtoo'taf, That these resolutions be published in tbecdiy papers, and that copies ot them be for warded to the family of the deceased. The meeting then adjourned. High Pbiczs—No Decline.—Our recent victories at Moblie and Atlanta, the success of the new loan and bright aspects of things political bsvo caused quite a decline in gold—about twenty per cent in two w ccks, If Gragt were to defeat Lee or MobUo be taken, there Is no knowing bow low gold might tumble, and as a consequence coal dealers, coal speculators and venders of silks and calicos would lose heavily. There is no reason in the world why gold should bring the present premium, or goods be so high. As com went up—up—touching at one time 295—holders of all kinds of property ad vanced accordingly, but as far as heard from they have got met the decline. Whyiait? If specie be the standard they should come down, and coal and provisions should be a shade lower than tuer were two weeks since. They talk loudly about the ad vance in gold, but did anybody ever heir them talk “decline’’ without a growl of discontent. The remedy la m the handg-of the people. Let them limit their purchases to the most pressing wants am. let the cormorants keep thuir goods. They will bo glad to sell after a while. 'Woos bFUTTnio MAcncrs—We have been shown tbe prospcctns, or more properly the de scription of a novelty macMce. It Is no lees than a machine for splitting wood. Machines lor saw- Jrgare quite plenty, bat as it costs so much in these bleb times tobave it split, people find It just about aa cheap to have It sawed and split by IIBDO. *I‘UC rpimnig uisvuuto uwiwi.h^,.>..: handmaiden to the saw, and can be operated by tbe same motive power. It will split on an aver age one an one fiaf/oorde per hoar.witb tbe assist ance of one man. In Buffalo tbe machine is In ac tive operation, and has been highly endorsed by wood dealers and others. Those Interested may wlincss its powers at tbe corner of Madison and Cana) streets, this afternoon, between the hoars oftHonndsix. Hotel Thief.—Sometime in July last Doctor Hays, boarding at the Briggs Houfe, had several aitlclcs stolen Irom a bureau In his room. The articles consisted of silver napkin rings, valuable vest chain, sliver spoons, - a quantity of collars, &c. y &c. They were taken In tbe evening datin'; the Doctor's temporary absence from the room, and until a few days since no due could be obtain ed. A day or two ago officer Scrcbel got track of the poods and soon arrested George Burns, a noto rious hotel thief, and traced the articles to bis pos session. He was at once arrested and taken briore Justice Brown, by whom be was held to bail in the sum of SI,OCO, and, in default, committed to Jail. Coiteeuead Honesty.—Our evening contcm. purary publishes a communication from a corre spondent signing himself Thomaa Raodcraon, of which the following is an extract: “On Tuesday evening, as I was returning home, “crossing Clark street bridge, there were many ve hicles crossing. Including a farmer’s wagou, “which happened the.last on the bridge “ when the bell rang. “Tbe bridge tender, whose name Is McGraw, “with a keen eye to plunder, swung the bridge “ and kept the fanner on it. When the bridge again “closed, he (McGraw) got on the farmer’s wagon “and brouebt the team to a stand, telling him be “was lined seven dollars. The poor farmer In “stantly banded McGraw five dollars, and pro “cccded on bis way. “ An officlaUir the city passing at the time, with “whom I anvacqnalnted, I drew his attention to 41 tbe matter. lie obtained the assistance of a po “ lice officer, and demanded thi farmer’s money to “be given back to him, whlch-was done.” Such arc the fruits of a copperhead municipal govern ment. No wonder, if such perquisites are obtain able by bridge tenders, that tbe office is kept as & special reward for faithful ‘l dlmmlcrats,” to the eminent risk of public safety and convenience, OmcEßfl Cat tubed ok Qek. Stokeeak’s Raid Belonging to the 14thIllinois Cavalet: Major David Qulgg, 14th Illinois cavalry. Capf. Dent. 14th DL cavalry. Capt. Sandford, 14th HI. cavalry. Capt Lnpton, 14th 111. cavalry. Lieut. Arder?o*i, 14th 111. cavalry. Lieut. Allen, 14th 111. cavalry. L‘cot Capron, 14tb 111. cavalry. _ Ident. Qrev, 14th HI. cavalry. Lieut Miller, Co. D, 14th 111. cavalry. Lieut. Huntoon, 14th HI. cavalry. Dr. Bailbsche, 14th 111. cavalry. Dr Wileon, 14th HI. cavalry. Dr. Wilkins, 14th DL cavalry. Lieut. Evans. Lient. Hughes. A Narrow Escape.—Yesterday morning a man named George Watson, while trying a horse he in tended to purchase, very narrowly escaped a fear ful death. He was driving In a light ha?gy on the prairie at the foot of Wood street, inihe West Dl vision, when thehorae started and speedily became unmanageable. Being brought into collision with a stone the vehicle overturned, throwing Mr. Wat son out on the turf almost between the horse’s feet. Before he con'd regain his feet and seize tbe reins, the frightened animal hy a few vigorous kicks nad freed itself and started at a rapid rate across tbe prairie. At latest accounts he nad not been captured. Mr. Watson Is seriously but not dangerously wounded. Shaix-Pos.—The reten 01 terror of small pox in our city has .passed. Toere is not a single patient suffering from that disease in the Pest House at present, and the five or elx sufferers who were inmates a short time ago have ell been discharged cured. This speaks welt for the sanitary condi tion of Chicago, which la rapidly Improving' IP may be said tnat the heavy mortality report for the last month contradicts this statement, but investigation will show the contrary. Out of tbe 499 deaths, only a very small minority ore those of adults, the unusually large bill being caused by the deaths of BS2 children under five years of age, most of them fromtho various summer complaints. ■ IfOEXIIWEBTEBS pnOTOGBAPmO SoClETT^fefca Inetitnllon, recently started, has lor its object the ‘instruction of operators in the best means of pro ducing perfect pictures, such as can bear compari son beside the works of ar‘ists of recognizedmer it. Operators throughout the country are invited to join the Association, so that they may get posted in the latestdiscovenes and improvements. A suite of rooms is now being fitted np for the ben efit ot the members and the public. It is the in tention to adorn these rooms with a mnenlficeot collection of the photographic art.- Tbe next meeting of the Society will be hold this evening In Parlor No. 7, Trcmont House. Eomewaiid.—The 39th and 40lh Wisconsin regl ments, one hundred daymen, papsel through tbe city yesterday on tbeir way borne. They num bered collectively about twelve hundred men, Tber have been chiefly on doty at Memphis, which place tbcyleft on Friday last. They have lost few by death, but suffered considerably from sickness, at one time there being about two hundred and fitly sick In each regimett, Tbe hoysareqeite fond of soldiering, and many express a determina tion to tee tbe end of tbe bgbt. Significant —A day or two ago the schooner International arrived off onr harbor, floating at her mast-head tbe McClellan and Pendleton ban ner. While being towed no to Bridgeport, she stuck- fast in the mnd near tbe Alton Railroad Bridge, and all the efforts of half a dozen tugs to get her off were of no avail. As soon as the vessel elmck tbe flag was taken down. We opine more C&cs of tbe same- sort will- come down when Mac gets stuck on “Balt Elver,” as he will be in No vember next. 19vn Ixxinois Pmsomma in Georg L/C—The fol lowing Is a list of the members belonging to the 10th Illinois Infantry, confined In Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia; also the deaths among them: B.H. Tlmmsholm, Company K. died June 26, of scorbutus; George Griswold, Rdied Sept 2, of scorbutus. Frank P. Sheppard, K: Serquin, C: Louis Sandler, D t Wm. Gilbpt, A: J. Christian, E. A. Hebberd, H, and Allison, X, were all well up to Bept. 8. , , \. Any person wlehmg any further IniorSMUoa Of the above, or other prisoners at Camp Sam'er, trill please drop a line to or coll on H. fligglnson, •t City Hotel lor one week. SnoplirTKß.—Catherine Cutter, the wife of a drayman living on Harrison street, yesterday went into the dry goods store of P. Palmer, Lake street, and purchased a small till of goods, lor which she paid the cash. WMlcthf goods were belnr put np, she was observed to take several pieces from the counter and secrete them under her shawl. She was accuvtd of the thelt, bat stoutly dialed it, ned when searched attempted to thro w tbe etolea articles away. Sbc «< as taken to the Police Coart sad held lor trial in the sum of $609. Oegau Exhibition. —Tfce new organ just erect ed for the Second UclversAlat (Church of the Re deemer), on (be corner oi Wa*hlßgton and Saugi non streets, will be exhibited this evening. Save* ral experienced organists will be prescat to test its powers. Tbe organ was built by Messrs. Pilcocr and Chant, of this city, and will therefore bo a specimen of home talent. Stuaws.—On the train between Rochester and Buffalo, last Monday, tbe fcllowiog vote was taken; For Lincoln. For McClellan 58 The train consisted of thirteen cars, and was densely crowded with passengers. / HrLPEEiiAUD vb. LfiE, oncx bore —-Aynin has this celebrated esse to bo agitated. The motion to set aside the award is eet down lor hearing before Judge E. S. Williams. In the Circuit Court oa Fri day, sad lust The whole evidence taken before, the arbitrators will then be laid-open to pabhe hearing. Arotiier Thais Vote,—A rote was taken last evening on the Michigan Southern tnln, which* arrived ic this city shout 8 o’clock. As usual, the revolts speak very poorly for the success of “LUlie Mac. 1 ' Out of 141 pajseo'cera, 95 voted for Lincoln, 45 lor Mc« iellao, and 1 fur Fremont. Total ma jority for Mr. Lincoln, 49. Eivxr Accidzst.—The brig Black Hawk was yesterday ran into by the propeller America, while lying in tbo river, below Van Daren street bridge. The America was coming down, when, from some unexp'nlned cause; she became unmanageable, and run with full herd into the Black Hawk, inflicting damage to the extent ot SSOO. , Robbed.— A man earned Zenaa Wrlgbt, a stran ger In the city, was on Tuesday night passing along State et., between Sixteenth and Eighteenth streets, when be was sesanlted by c brace of ruf fians, and in the melee robbed of a valuable sliver watch. Sir. Wright is From Detroit. He is not able to identify either of bis assailants. Outer’s Tery neat inkstand la supplied by Culver, lorg fell. It keeps the ink free from dust. and prevents evaporation. Very simple, no trouble, will be a grand Mass Meeting at Btla tol, Kendall comity, on Saturday, Sept. 171b, at 10 o'clock. Good speakers will be on hand. LOCAL MATTERS, Ewanstou Clam Babe.—Pafrr famillas— the great clam bake takes place to-day at Evan, ston. Clam chowder. oysters, *toiiCsh, pork and beans, and “heaps” of other New England deli cacies will be dispensed with liberality. Go and take the members of yoor household with you. For particulars see advertisement la another col umn. Bev, E. P* Hammond will glvo an ac count ofhls recent visit to Minnesota, at the Daily Morning Prayer Meeting, at Dr. Patterson’s Churrb, corner of Washington street and Wabash avenue, on Friday morning at 8 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Hammond, th» Evangelist, will address the Young Peoples* Prayer Meeting, at the Third Presbytariaa Chnrch, comer ol West Wash ington and Carpenter streets, Friday evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Hammond will probably be unable to sneak tlrcwhete during his brief visit. and hie friends arc requested to circulate this notice. Messages to tbe Fronts —Corporal Don Marble of the Chicago Mercantile Battery, Is now Id this city. He will leave to-rejoin his comrades on Saturday next, and win take letters or small packages to any of the boys In the battery. If left at n. U. Huetcad, No. 131 Lake street. FreedKcn’s Aid Society —John M. Lang, ston, of Oberiio, Ohio, will lecture this evening at Quinn’s Chapel, for the beneflt of the contrabands who are now suffering at Quincy, IU. Cook Co. Teachers’ Institute.—Two sessions of the Cook County Teachers’ Institute will be held this fall as follows: The first one at Lyons, commencing Monday, October Bd, and continuing five days. Tbe second at Barrington, commencing Monday, October 10th, and continuing the* same length of time. Good lecturers will be in attendance, and the usual hospitalities will bo extended to tbe teach ers by the citizens of both tbe above places. All teachers ebon d be present promptly at the opening of tho session. John ?. Enx quart, School-Commissioner. Chicago, HU, Sept 12,18 M AltoatfOD) Sixteenth 'Ward!—The Re pnbllcan voters of the icth Word are requested to meet at the Lincoln and Oglesby Club Hoorn (Chlich’fc block) this (Thursday) evening. Business of importance will come before the club, and a fall attenaance is debited. Bloomington Nnraeryt,—22o acres Fruit, Ornamental and Nursery stock, 40.000 Peach, 75,000 Grape, Ac. Send rod stamp tof new. Uet, . . P. K. PHCENIX. Bloomington, 111. SCpll qSTi 3w d&W. Diseases of the Herrons, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems.—Hew and reliabla treatment —in reports of the Howafd Association. Sent by mail In sealed letter envelopee, free of charge. Addreas Dr. J. Bkillon Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia. : iTfi-mSM-am rgypaper Ilanalmr, <tc.>&c., at N. York prices, F. £. Higby, SO Randolph St. ISetropellluiHaU to 3enl.—This Hall Is to rent ter all the purposes for wtich such lulls are ordinarily need. Terms moderate. Applica tion can lie made at the office. adjoining the en trance to the Hall. ielo-h&10-tf t37"Dr. James cures Syphilis In Its various etogee, without mercury. lodide poties!.i, or an? poison, hat with a neutralizer—a positive care tor this terrible dee ease. Spermatorrhea cured with an Infallible method, giving much time andexpense. 1 * Impotency. caused from spermatorrhea or lose of semen—this dobldty Dr. James obligates himself In every case to rnre, producing full power and vigor. Dr. James' office and parlors, 86 Randolph street. sepUsT4-lt Markets by Telegraph. Milwaukee criarbst. tßpeclal Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune,] Milwaukee. Wednesday, Sept. 11. Flour-Mom active but lower. Grain—Wheat—Received, 23.000 bo. Market ex cited and clcFlng lower. Sales this morning: !f,009 No 1 Spring In store at $1.56©197; 1,500 bn do eelier’s optlop, sUmontb, at *1.96; 4,000 buido, seller’s option dll2oth,at|»A6; 5,W)0 bu do, buyer’s- option ill the month, at $1.96; 4,091 bn No 2 in store at tl-9); S3 oasts Club delivered at M.oo. Bales on’Change: 20.000bu Nol Spring Id store at f1.giM31.93K: 2/co bn do fresh at ft 93; 4,0c0 bn do, seller's optional! tbs week, at fl,9lH®l 95; l.tto bu 00, selier’s option all the month, at *T.WX: 6.C39 hudo, buyer's option ah the month, at *1.9f«197; 1,690 huno2m store at 81.89:100 bsgs winter delivered at $2 14. Market at the New* hail noose this event* g recovered tbe decline which took place on ’Change. Sates: 60/00 bu at |i 97© i SIX for No 1 and *1.90 for No a Sprtoeinstore-mar ket closing firm. Oats—Qniet Bales: 4'cars !u store at 65c. Com-Sales: 16 bags delivered at flAk 1 car delivered at ttJD. Barley—Sales: Pti bags at f9.SCa2.SS. Rye—No sales. Nominal and scarce'. Burras—Sates; C kegs at 3SC. 6l« Louis Market, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Stv Louis, Wednesday,, Tobacco—Heavy; Stems at $3,6034.40: Scrap?,. $2AC44£5i green and damaged Lugs, at $9 S?(&19.0C: factory do, at SIL2S®I2.CO; FJaotera’ do, as 14.75: Shipping leaf, at 8t5,0(k329A0: meulnm do. at fit .75©i6Ao; good and flue do, at l.H.COgjxoo. Fiona—Qucttsalessf lilbrls extra at $10: don-' ble extra at 510.25; UO do do City, $n so. Qbaib—Coin nscharged; sales of7o sacks white at S1A0; 157 do do at SIM: yellow, ; 1209 do do la lotsatsl.GC©t.6:K: Whcatdulf: salesoflOfllsacks on private terms: SO atSI.9S:. ISO do at Fi M; 216 do in two lots at 12 05 per bu; Rye-Bales or 150 sacks at $1.23; ana 117 do atei.27. WnisuT—Market inclined to be weak t sales cf 23 brls at $1.75, and U)0 do on private terms. ' llllnolß and Michigan Canal* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Bbiuqspobt, Wednesday, Sept. 14—9 p.m. ' Clxausd—Danube.Ottawa; Oneida, 0ttawa,89,912 It lumber,2s brls lime; Alabama, LaSalle, 71415 fs ;nmber,7^oolath; Resclnte, Lenient; Waterloo. La- Salle, BSbrls salt: Contest. Monts; American Star, 1 LaSalle. 05,006 ft lamhcr 1 McLennan. Seneca, 79,070 ft' umber, ehlscles, 17.810 lath; £.- Burnham, Pn son. 79,860 fis stores and heading: Dingo, Joliet; Con veyance. Lenont; W. 8. Gurnee, do. ABKivtn—Onward, wheat; Monitor. LaSalle, U0 tons coat: Cbamahon. Knokce, 7 000 hu oats; Atlantic, Morris, 5,00) bn corn, HJSOibi seeds: Maple Life, Joliet, 5.30) bn oats, 15C9 bn wheat, so brls vinegar: Ericsson, Ottawa. Morris ;iork k ßtate, 4As9 bn corn, 9,009 Da seeds. ~ LATEB, Cutabed—Sept. IS-9 P. M.-S. A. Douglas, Charns bon; Progress,LaSalle.2i brls salt; Siflna,LaSalle, 92,600 It lomber: Louise, Miaoak Landing, 8i) 237 fe lumbers Clyde, Seneca, 1t,621 ft lumber: Imperial. Locbport, 60 m lumber, M».7M salagles, and 50 m shingles rorLemont; Resolute, Lemont: D. lieu. Le moot; luyestizator, Lemoat: a. o. Loomis, Le moot: A. Lincoln, Moms. 10.383 loet lumber for Joliet: Atlanta LaSalle, K’.KS ft lumber: Sob-ia tono:. Utlca.llAfiaibiemptybarrel*. v * ABWVZD-Baltlmore, LaSalle, UStons coal; S. P Sale, Lonont, 90 yds rouble stone; Resolute. La moat.B* ydsrubblasioae; W.S. Gurnee.Lemont « yds dimension stone: Coßveyance, Lem ml. 43 vda dt mentionstone; Ottawa, Ottawa bu com' Gate LeaftJuh«,4.toJbnoa;e,l,ioobuwbeat. Vessels Passed Detroit. * [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] DaTßorr, Wednesday, 3ep». n Up—Scbr Kanosha. Down—Brig Monitor. Wind West. New York Market. Nnw Yoek, Wednesday, Bept. 11. nomI "‘ n J' memnsca at $1,83 FLonn-StaU and Western s@tPc bettor. Not verv active; ll<.looloLifer extra *tat®; fio.lj'au li ft? extra rouno bjop Ohtn: #u -market closing dull and drooping tendency. Wiuskt—Firmer at at latter price and closing firm at |i 3i, 3 a| >- ,ait cr Grain—W teat ia2e bntter at SJ.ITWa* ** for Vn t MUwauilß clab: »; 50013 | O T SISV ana amber Jllchuu; and last evening two Boat loade choice white kintncsy »l» *« Oor”icoVt tert for mixed western, and St S3 SSfLSfiiT' CaSl Uav^a® KPaTKOLanx—Quiet; crude 153i6c; reflaedlnboad quoted atlSc.aLd reflnei att-Jc. woon—Dull; Park opener firmer but closed h»ATr and lets doing * J psovuioss—» ! for MPB3 Pork- anaJu aiS-Oofornew do-cioemg at *=i7V3«*7K -13A50 1 59-0 fcrP.ltne, ona»i:.»;Ol:i,ol,o?erim, 3 i e 7? aL " KObble Sew Mew. part las: evening for Oe:, bovc-a ootlon at »« 00. Beef more active. Vp.n uiea u Kt.toaiwo lor mess : Jb-COlor ptlmi’liMiauj) (or repacbef wim : and KlßoalSco rot Stni m«£ Puma ite., beelr omlaal. Cat meats nnlet and arm at ISHaiSo fcl ibonldere. Uio latter price for cbolc? sadlfaisc lor bams. Lard stead*<l“S»nd at !«»!■»■.the latter pile, aa ejtreme for chotci 1 etue renner.d. Bauer Orm and nnlet at lloiac for Ohio: ard I8«»e tor atatmtba latter price fjttaacv. Cnteee (inlet and firm at 19®1 iHc. 3 Oswego market. Oswego. Wednesday, Bept. 14 Wroxm— Steady and In good demand. Chain »t qolet; wlttsr rod Indiana, |2,m Ccrn lubeturflemand; I'llnots. t1.46®1^0. CAKAuFTWionra-Flour 57»5ij< ; wheat 13; corn lljf to Hew York. New York Money and Stock Market, New Yoek. 'Wedacsday.Scpt.ll. Mocey active and firm at 7 per ceat. Eterllag Exchange du’l at for gold. Gold irregulsr and unsettled, opening at SriW ad< to 2*«. advancing to 227 X, aeclinlog to tt3Hi*dyaoci£g to 226, auu closing at b'earner Hecla.for Llvtrbool, to day.carried cut #ss,fooin specie. Goyernmenlitocksqnlst. Blocks steady. Rock IslandlKY tPUts. Pi w A C in*;CANTT pfd 84>i»N w?2; lu icr(pl27; M B KHi Ktc I»K: Erie 164*: pfd 7WH; Hudson 119; Keaotnu ISk • Alton ft T u &t: pfd 69* t oft »i east 4iS': Tein fa SSK ;7 Mi ISO*: •*. U9; 10-40 conp 97 ; 6s, ’Bl, coup 107*; 6*. 81. Reg 103. Buffalo market, BXJyrxLo, Wednesday, Sept. 11. dtTl and with oafy alimUod request. Ccrnflnn at|i 45®*.45f0rR03. OiO s*c. B*:loy I held at (3.(0 «mBKT-Qaieiai*l 8>k«1.91. . Cabal Factors—To Bew York: whes» 17c. cera lsc,oatsiSc. r Lakelmi*obti—T7cuV 13.H7brts,wh»at U3.»Xina. corn 870lfcbn, oats SS:,MI bo, barley 100 tm. rya 43,931 CiKALEipo'Tfl-nnar 43! brli, wheat 113,2W bu, ccrn bn, cal* 38,39?, rye 11,810. St lienis Lumber Market— s*Pt. 13- There is no feature In tbs market to notice th:a vcrkiunlceeit becneol activity in tbe demand for lumber at the yards. Tbsra have twea no re cclpta by river these tnree weeks, and no proaoact of any atpieeert. Tard prices are drm. aa follow*; Flrut clear.v I.COu lees •* 7SW<a S5*?2 Seconsdo Second oo 1 mob boards (HUO'a.... 7til»d do boards and tencitg 84J0040.CW Grab Plank .....! 37500 M 0) Sheathing-. .... Joist, ib it ant tinder. 4W0®.... Jclrt.ip ft and over MSiaW-OO Bqoß7eTli<ber t iSfCa3dn;der... 45/0 a .. ** ** ISltatdover 4tUoe©;W Floortrg.srcond rote, dresses 61.00 ft .... DiettedSldlDp. 55 01®..,, BbtigUgrAshaved 1.50-4 ,r A sawed a. 7.00® ..... “ ]To. Seawtd 4A ® Lath, rep M B.CT® ....* 103 55.00®5.\W> Foreign Kzoprts of Petroleum from the United mates. From Janusrylatto September 9:b,lu theyearaln dlcated: From. 1b64. 1833. Boston.- pallonr iaji.ict FLI sdelptis.... Baltimore «5/S9. W9.TO Fortune 3.371 253,5i7 ‘V&O.VA 13344,731 9ew T0ta15.,... I: crease In ealloaa. .n,C33,004 . 1C.49-.191 SiS.YG Ballroad Time Table. cnraiso ajtd NoimrwxßTErof—depot cos. tvbbt ■WAXES AS3 KIKZIB ST9. Depart. Arrive. Mail Passenger *10:00 a.m, *5:15 a.m. Evenitta Express *K*Cop.m. *'l:3s a,m. Nipht Express .. *9:3<*-p.m. *8:15 p.m. OALSKA DIVISION C. i Jr. W, BAILWAT—DEPOT HOSTS WELLS STSEST. Fulton Passenger 9:45 a m. 5:30 a,m. Fnlton Passenger 9:15 p.m. 3:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger Or 0 a.m. 0:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger lOtfO p.m. Brto a m. Bocklord Passenger. 4*oo pm. 11:10 a.m. Geneva Passenger 5:29 p.m. &30 a.m. ancmoAK centhal. DetroltExpress ...' *6:Soa.m. *lS:Boa.m, Detroit Express tC*OO p.m. ;8:45a,m, DctrottExpress *110:00 p.m. *Basp.m. (Train* for Cincinnati amf ZcuitvUleJ) Nomine Express .<..*P:2O a,m. *B:lsp.m. Night Express '. 15:00 pxn. 1&45 o.ra. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN—'DEPOT CORNER YAH BURST AE3 812BBMAK STREETS; Day Express ..*6:80 a.m. . *8:15-p.m. Evening Express .+6:oop.m. *15:30 a. m. Night Express *110:00 p.m. }S:i5 a,m DETROIT TRAINS. Express, via Adrian *6:80 a.m. *3:15 a.m. Night Express, via- Adrloa.ft3:oo p.m. *18:15 a.m. mTEUUKO, POST WATNE A CSICAOO. Mail and Accommodation.*4:4o a.m. *2:10 p.m. Day Express IC:3oa.m. *B;lspm. Mail Express IfcOO p.m. *9rlop.m. NU-'ht Express 110:10 p.m. 18:15 a.m. Cin. & Loulsvillft Express.l9:4op.m. 13:35 a.m. C Connecting IH/A Psnneylvania Central B. Ji.) LeavePlttshurg.. 3:00 a.m. 4:35 p,m. 8:45 p.m. “ Hhrrlsh’g.. 3:20 p.m. 2;45 a.m. 6:00 a.m. Arrive PMladei . 5:30 pjn. 5:60 ajn. 10:10 aja. “ K. York.) 7 J» f - I*s pm. Alenton. i “ N. York, j via 5-10:05 12:05 p.m. 2:53 p.m. PhHndel. | ' P "• Baltimore:. 5:10 pm. 7:00 a.m, 11:80 n.n. “ Wash’ion.. 9:80 p.m. a.m. 5:03 p.m. cix core ATT joe urrs. Day Express &30 a.m. 6:15 p.m. NJgHt Express . ....10:10 pm. 8:10 a.m iForlndianapolirani.LouUviSe.) Day Express...; 6*30 am. • 8:15 pja. Nlyht Express 9:10 p.m. B*lo ajn. Day Passenger *B:lsp.m. *lkoop.m, Higbt Passenger 19:30 p.m. *7:00 a. m. Kankakee Acc’n *stlsp.m. Ujdo Park Train *&35 a. m. *7:45 a. m. “ “ “ *12:00 m. *1:35 p.m. w “ “ *4.'o3p. m. *5:20 p.m. K “ u .*6:13 p.m. * *7:30 p.m. CIUCACOi nUBLT.'GTOH AST) QUISCT, Day Express Oitm. 6:15p.m- NizhtExprcss 0:13 p.m. 6:00 a.m. Msndota Acccmmodatlon. 6;15 p. m. 9:30 A m. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. Express Mail 0:20 a.m. 7:30 p.m. Nfobc Express 0:06 p. nu G:bo a. m Joliet Accommodation.... 4:45 p.m. 9:30p.m CHICAGO AND BOCK KLAND. Day Express and Mail 0:43 Am. 4:50 p.ra. Msht Express 9:15 p.m. 6:15 Am. Joliet Accommodation 5:10 p.m. 9;49 Am. CHICAGO AND OHLWAUKEB BAILWA7. St. Fanl Express 10:00 Am. 8:15 p.m. Night Express 0:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m. Waukegan Accommodali’n &20 pm. 8:10 dm. Bvanston Special StSOpun. 4:2lpm. •Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted. Mondays except*** MARRIED In Boston, Sept. Sib, by tbe Rev, Mr. Dexter. B.R. CIMBaLL. Esq., and fifta C. 57, daoghler of J. A. Jackman. Esq . of Boston. Ho earns. ‘ 3 7T Journal please copy. At Flamwell, AJlezan County, Mlcblzan, on Tnes day.Kept. 13th, tiw. by Dunham. Esq , MTKOK P. IIOLMB, ofwni County, IU , and L7DIa FAGt£i:, of AUecen County, MicUigsn,' daughter of John Pager, Esq. ■* Dll2Z> In tbls city, os tbe morrlag of the 14th instant. willik b bUOJI WAY, aged il yean, eldest son of Br C. W.ebumway. Funrral from his residence, corner of Page street and Faik avenue, to-day, iStb Inst ,at 1 o'clockF. M auction Sales. Regular Saturday’s SALE. xiOXJStuoL*- onoDS, Carpeting. Tailor stove aud Cookirg Stoves. Scales, Horse,. Wagon and Harness, do, Ac. AT AUCTION, On BATULDAV. Sept. 17th. at 9M o’clock at But ten* Auction Booms I<> Portland Block. WM. A. BUTTERS * CO., ecHsTDit • Auctioneers. UNCLAIMED ERE [Q£T AT U AUCTION, at tbe Warehouse of Will, 11. KEOGH, 35 Uiver Street, AT O'CLOCK. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 15th* E614-t72 St Wtf. A BUTTERS A CO., Auct'rj. cjtock silver plated O T7ASE .A.T AUCTION. On THURSDAY, Sept. isth atojf o’clock, at But ters’Auction Booms, corner ol Dearborn and Wajh ln*ton sir tela, a large and line stock of BILVEE PLATED WARE, Consisting cf Tea, Desert and Table Spoons and Fcrar, Sets Koivot, Tea bells. Goblets, Flaggots, Ice Pitchers, Butter Pistes and KrUes, Cake Baskets, Tea Sets, Ac., the whole comprume a full variety of desirable goods tor use and tbotrade. selßqW2 3t Til. A.BUTTERS & CO., Anet’fS. ■yALUABLE LAW LIBRARY JAT -AJCJCXXON. On FRIDAY, Sept. 16th, at 2Jf o’clock P. M.,et But ters’-Auction Rooms in Portland B.ock, corner ct Dcazbcrn and Washington streets,a VALUABLE LAW LXURAHY, ComUtlns of about five hundred volumes belonging to a gentleman ol this city, who Is no win theUoited states Amy. Tbe whole will be sold by catalogue Wi bent reserve. WU, A. BUTT9R3 A- Ca, eels QtMl it Auctioneers. QALE OF RICH FURNITURE IO COHTTKUED BY GILBERT £ BAMPSOK^ At their Salesrooms. 44, 46 ana 48 Dearborn streat. LaBOE sale of Rich and Elegant upw and second-hand Far* nitare ana Brussels Carpets, AT AUCTION. On Ff IDAT, Sept. i6tb, at 9K o’ our sales room*, a large and elegant assortment cf PARLOR BCITS.m o« nalnntiOrecnßepp and Hair Clatn, Mar ble Top i ab'.ea, in solid ntsewoodJdabox&ny and Wal* nnt. Bat Trees. Parlor, Easy and Rocking Chain, rich Book Cases and 8t cretarlf s Inßosevcoi and Walnnt. ELEGANT UAKBLS TOP CHAMB6B SUITS In Boiewocd. Walnnt and Chestnnt. The attention of buyers la particnlarl* invited tc three goods. Dreas ins Ear cans, WatbeUods, Bedsteads, Spring Bela and Hair Mattresses DININU ROOM FUBNITURS—Threa rich solid Oak Marb'e Top Sideboards, with wire backs, banded endicrolllcgs, ExUiwionDlnlnc Tables, lOandL; ft, Befretbmrnt Tati's, Walnut. Fall Lfat Extension Table, Plain end Carved Tip Oik D.nlng Chain, Cane first Chairs. Bnckcrs and Sewing Chairs, Oak Am Chairs, ChUti'sHigh OakDrulng Chilis. Toe above goods are all first-class and warranted. Those wlihlng good goods and good furniture, will make a great oatldb by attennlog sale. . Alio, the entire (arnitoie of a family breaking, no. housekeeping, consisting cf a general assortment of, chamber at d rtir,tn»Toomfar7)linTe.rarpe!«.4» sell sTS-St GILSJCBT • SAMPSON. Anst’rs. ■JVHE CARGO PER “ROMEO,” From Shangl;ae, Conslclitg of 879.7 pkg;s. Hyson 81 in, Xvran* lay, Hyson Xwaiakay, Toong Hyson, Hyson, Imperial, Gunpowder, Congou, Souch ong;, Oolong, Mandarin nix* turc, and Natural. pan Teas, 17111 be offered, by public sale, at the stores ot Moaira. Gillespie, Mofiatt & Co-, St. Paul street, Montreal, IBDBSDIT, 22(1 SEPTEMBER. And Immediately after, • 6UGAEP, TOBACCOS, WISES, &C. Tbe Teas can bs purchased In Bond Catalogues, on application SALE AT NTN* OTLOCff. 6614 JOHN DEEMING A CO . Auct’S. Ural 35state==fflnumr|». T?OR SALE —A village and depot X farm, 160 acres, prairie and timber, stream of wa> ter, orchard, bouse, barn, gramety, stack, grain, jarmlrg ;oo)?,hum?. wagons, cirrltge. far ni cure, cvrrjlbing. Prlcn M sfti. Sixty ml eswrstol Cfil csgo. B.a. CUHMING3,I33 Clark sfreet. sUSiISMt T?OR HALE —The “Lawrence Man- X 1 or” Farm. Tb's faim ccnslsta of 460 acres, divi ded into lota ot from 5 to 40 acres, (too in tame grass meadow,) extensive buildings, orchards. Ac. &0.. andall in complete order, for a gentleman’s country seat snd farm combined. Lays within Ihi hours* nde from Chicago, and 4 miles south of New Lenox depot, on Bock Island Kallicad. Productive cltv property would be taken la pan payment. Price, ISOnsracre, »&14-bTZ-2w FDR SALE—Faim of 200 acre?, large bouse, large bam. orchard; all fenced, croir-fenced; timber, meaoow. water and prairie; one mile from depotjmd 19 miles u ora cn^caco. Price, *l2 per aero, choice thing. E. H. CUMMING3. No. 133 Clark street. seUsSO ZC FDR SALE—A Valuable . Farm, The sut-scrlher offers for sale bis farm of w? 00 ! 7CO acres, situated on the Chicago and Bock Itland Ballroad snd Ell cola and Hiobigan Canal, in Grundy County, Illinois, Any six miles west of Chicago, ana three and a half miles noHheait of the city of Morns. This form is watered by the Auxsable Creek, a flue, healthy rock bottomed stroam. running through tM north part ard by the canal on Iho south line. TJera Isalaige grain warelousewnhlu one half mile from the farm, affording all faulllties for ahlpplng st»“1 di rect from the farm. . f ~,, , Tn About.a.G acres on tbe north slfio of tbefsrmare good Umber, sad the balance ptalrle. The larrn U yell uuaptec for both a stock mad g l * s ? farm, *aa bw »ew mbsTlois In Bortbem Dlinols for ytoeg. _j. will self the farm m a body.or Two parts, giving to each an equal portion ot limner , Pr?ce-us per acre; one half cash, the balance on long time, on bond and mortgage, vita seven per cent.lnterest,vayahlesnnually. . _ _ „Tr»Tinr For further particulars inquire of B. J. CHAPIN, Chicago, or C.H. GOOLD. Morris, seltq«a.« * NATiiABIBIi WHIT*. Amwamtiue. IHEATBr*- Fcorth week of tha popular versatile actor, HIR. CHJI\F!UU, . Whose entire eotazement has proved TarunPiuacT xan BaintiAifT. - TSVATKS CROWDED NIGHTIT. V»3tD!Tk?DAY ard THURSDAY EVERISGS the ■ rent Prams of the tidkbt-of-leaveoian, Kece‘T*dlMt vcpE With uQbouaooa apjlausa by a ’nicesudl-xce, bn'Cxttla bene onable to procure was. tb» drara hat never been as well rendered in America as stpitientH ihli Theatre. , . ht. Chaarrau aa ..... ....Brta’iy. UrSltl'.. ..... M'M jonaiton...... .at ...»ay. yii> ...m ..... Bui. > Friday-BENBFIT OF *B-CHARFBAU. bainrdsy—TßS OCrOROOS. , pox*. WOOD’S museum. J. H. WOOD AND Tt V. WIHTgATf, Propriemrs and Maa^gera. Acewandtuantlfpl DROP CURTAIN H*s been pataUd from an original dt sign by xmso LEWIS. ■ . TUBSDAY. 3BPr. 13nr. and every owning until ferthor nouce, will bff pre \te grand Romantic-Drama of THE MOTTO. Besrl iJSSKSS piece aSoagaod Dance by Miit LOr rA. PSTCBS—Adnuwion to Maaeocvand Metura Boom 25 cvnta: caildreu nadar twalveVkaxs. 15 cts, Dress Circle and Parqustte, ?5 centa extts; Seats 75 cen2r; Private Boxes. asd la i- so extra cwrga ler Beaurred 8a»U; Box Book opes from 10 A.M. to prngori of Lecture Boom oeca- at 7K o’clock. Curtain xlsre at 3. camogee ahoold ccD at iuh.- JQAN BICE’S GREAT SHOW. ONE WEEK ONLY!' KfOIVD^f,. fc^Pl'EMßEai9th. 6eig«g6K-BC CLAM BAKE AT EVWSIO3. SEPTMBFR 15* Ample ProTitlomfor 1,000-Oaly that number ot SlcSeta will be Sold. Can leave at 9 a.m. and return at 4 p. m. The gravel read Ulurplanoid coaoldon, and the drive' beautiful for those who wßrti to go that way. The Ciam Bfciie la 1c senate* New Eogland style, and an abuodmtoofc vnj,Oysters, 7l*h t Clamaaa Fish Chewder. vireen Corn, Cold Porkaad Beane, Corned Heel, Uam. Toame. Chickens, Sard wuhea.B'.r cults Boston Brown Bread, Pnmptiaaad Sqnsfh Plea. Pickles, Ice Cream, Lemonade. Tea, Coffee, Melons, Prints, cake, & e., Ac. For amuiements on lie grounds, Bali Playing, vaclt Pl'cbtog, Swires, Ae.ia'wj, brief Aidrcsa-i# by Rev. O, H.Tffany and other popular speaker*, In the Grove cn the Lake Shore. A Band will attend the Excursion, and play during the day. Tickets for sale at Kcan’tf Bookstore, Thornton’s Restaurant, City Hotel, Trcrcaat House and Bricga Houce. sepT-qSflMtt V ari ETT theatre. Nos 115 and 117 Dearborn street. C. If. CHADWICK- Proprietor and Manager T. ]*. FITCH Acting and Stage Manager MONDAY EVENING, SETT. slh, First appearance of the beautiful slater*, ESTELLA & C£LESTI^E ALSO, Oi7 J.. H. EARLE, The Groat Bo aj cist. Immense success or. h’llb elbb, BIS. CONSTANTINK And WIUiTfiM 3COIT Door* open at 7K ; Comm rises at 9J< o'clock. B<uxb op Piicai.—Parquette,Wcstti; Dransaud Family Ctrclo, £5 cents; Private Boxes, |l; Clogie Beats In Boxes. 75 cents- &£lantw==2lsentg. TXT AS TED—Agenta and Dealers T T In evfiy city, town and ctnnty. to cel. oar new esmpsun Dadsx9.M»dalß,Flags,&a; Azentscan aate|2sptr week lelllrg thvm. Circulars, giving srtcfs.ieitoßreceipt ot s atnp. nreamplcs sent t-r M cents J. T. CUTTING &CU.. 61 5. Clark street. P. O. Box 616. soW aWMs X\f AN TED —Agen; s to cell my v T fitly mot: valuable new receipt? and method*, of employment, agents are n: aline from 13.00 to Slfi<oper day.acforUltiv tD their DoatMiS acuities. Btnt free on rtcelpt of ft 00 aud rci stamp (Xney are wouh *ltO l »anv p-wn) livery family should have ihtm AdditrflS. T. D8P033, 83 Nasiaa-st., N. T.. hcom 4. ssll-s23*iCS VAfANTED—Agents to sell onr T T onitvsl-sd PtU" package*, and also to earn va&a fer on* Photoeiaoh Albums. War caps, and lelilug and popular works. We have a very fine BMCrtzrcntof- Card Photograohs, Steel Engrav ings, sc. We are now putting up anew style of Prize J-aciose that is tupsrloi to any others sold. Send for circulate to C. JI. DUNN A C0.,183-So. Cl&rx street, Chicago. XlUnota. Bel3-q371-6t VTSTANTED Agents £:r onr new T» bcot: “Morgan and Hia Captors i” one handseme octavo volume, marly four hundred pages. Price 41.75. No circumstances of the rebellion have developed better material for an InterssUxg and u> BtrccUre volume than the great raids cf- John Mor gan Tho work la replete with thrilling lucideuta, whtoh, while they do not detract from :*s marl: aa authentic hletcry. Invest the narrative with all the charms cf romasse. and aerreto illustrate the say ing. that “ truth Is some times stranger than fiction.” C.F. VSNT A CO , PubPshars, 38 Wert Fonr'h-st., Cincionsii. Ohio, lia Dearborn s!., Chicago, Id. aeigqouet TST ANTED—Disabled Officers and T T Soldiers, bonorsblj discharged from the ser. vice,ana la waneef profitableemploy-nent.peculiar ly adapted to their cocditlun, should address Pjbs Office Drawn-6614, Chicago, lUinols, givl.-g date of discharge, and name ot company and regiment dischargEd from. «aU q3ll-6t TS7ANTED- Agents in every town f f and county to sell onr Natural TTeutcsr Indi cator. Warranted to prtdlct the changes of the weather a day in advance, t will send samcle per oxpresion reo*3pt of |3JiO Send staiun f.r circular sod utaw to agents. Aditnw aakiUHii-PiKK, Box '’uafroi 1 '^ 4 " 0 ' OOXce lO Block. Wf ANTED —Agents in t.hiw city t T and every town aiS county weit for niatery ol tbe War, Hor.neni ana Southern etdes. and otter popular family works. Address, with stamps, 8. li khNNttnT,rnbll4her,l96 Clark street, Chicago. aa2Q p3s3-lm XVTANTED—JIOO per Month, Ao v V tlve and Sellable Agents in the Army and everywhere e'se Jn the most lucrative business known. Hcnorable and co risk. A<l drew orapolyto T.A O, GAUGfcLAN ,116 Broadway, N. Y. *ji3&-ii3iMm dFfl t Sale. T?OR SALE—A Salocn doing a JL 1 rood business, - 20-l Klnzlo street, corner North Dearborn. • MIS-3153-3E FDR SALE Cigars. Fifteen thousand Clear* will be sold at a-bargain for cath. Also, several Business Pisces Also, Bouses, Lots, Terms and Lands. A;J. HAL 3, Heal Estate and Commercial Broker, 98 Washington street. Boom 80. 4- sels-sli9 it TT'OR SALE—A five Horae Power X? Portable Engine, nearly nsw. Con be seen at the Machine Shop, cointro* Clinton and V an Boren a tracts, sel3-a165-lt FIR SALE—A fiist class family horse, dapple gray, vouag and-sound. Inquire cf BUSSELL, at 300 Stateiu selS-sllklt TC?OR SALE.—To relic hunters. A. 1 For sale, a complete sett of American Copper Coins from 1793 to ; also, about 206 Foreign Coins. aon.6 cf them very rare; also, about 100 Brass and Copper Medals, Tokens, S»cre Cord, Ac. With tbs above is a Silver Dollar of iTta- They can he seen at 273 Farquar street, or by addressing me throueh the Post Office, Chicago, ill. C. F. ANTHONY. Bels-sIC6-4t TT’OR SALE—The Railroad Eating X 1 housebuilding and furniture, tor $1,6f0, sltaatea InthetownnfPsna.ll'tnotalnnctioD or the Illinois Central and Tene Haute Railroad— I the best place to sake money In the State, inquire at 35, or address ffll. MOOT, Pana,BL 5a15»137-2c Tj'Oß SALE—The stock, fixtures, 1 goodwill, and lease of a well eitsbllahad and paving watch, jewelry, and fancr goods store. Ca*h price Ss,SCO. Satisiaciory mvunfir Balling ont, fn application at No. 197 South Clark street; Chicago, lu. sel3 e 163-21 FOR SALE - Cheap. One elc gant PIANO.FOBTJ. rose wood one. carved loss, withslimcdernimprovements; cannot beezeolted In tot e and finish. Also, avarietr of fine furniture, LT sale by ( Il&KLBS WILNOR TAYLOR. Au:tion etr and Comnlsslon Merchant, 81 Randolph eureet. 8*15.8.70 3t FOR SALE—A fi/st class Eating and Drinking Saloon, now doing a splendid had. ueH.icass. stock and fixtures, will be sold reasona ble. li applied fer aeon. Satisfactory reasons for leaving. Call at 313 South Clark street. sell-545-lt F)R SALE—At a bargain. A well fniDl.-Oedßestaurant,;enjoying a wo’l-pty* log and rrsncctable emtom. The es’aurant la situ ated cn’be South Side. In the midst of the business fanofthecltv. A lease lor a term of years will ba rsnsfrrred to the nurctaser. Addrtss K- JUSSSN, No. IS Larmou Block. P.0.80x 4266. sel4-si73t j FDR SALS.—A splendid four year old horse, weil broke wt'h rot a fault Makes bis mile m three ir-iames. Inquire of Ur. J. How«, atblr stab'e, .jCFranaim nratt. where he may be s:en. or to Dr. B. HONSINGSB, 77 Lake street. sel3-q9SB-2t. . FDR SALE—The Burlington Hcufe Saloon, with and one bill iard table, situated cn the corner of Canal aal Norm streets. inquire I; the saloon. iclSq93l-4s I?OR SALE A West Side grcc -iy r buelncfs in the W«t Dinamo. Tte neighbor hood is excellent and the patronage cood. ’nrux oa sold cheap for cash Adlreu P. O. Box sepl2 qS33 6& ___ FDR SAIE-At Amboy, oa 111- cel? Central Railroad. ’**l* elevatcr and beat of facilities 1 cr ,£™ ii: oCeisaflne oppcriuwtf foreralmcoal andlamber bcsti-ess. Apply to EDwABO LITTLE, at JohnT. Noble & Co.*j Lnmcer Office. corner andCar roll Mreefcs from S toia o dock A * M ** Poet Office lsox 3673- sell-q34t-7t FDR SALE—Cheap, a good me diem Ilz.d Steam Boyr and KeaCerln! Tank. (mita>T« for* BTBSJI rendering citiblihtnea?. lu nntr^'it«ll State street. FOR SALE—A span of Dapple n ,-_ Hones, seven years old, k*nd to drive. w?U a.,.., IL.«n rcatched, weight onethousmd pounds Sleh rood travellers, rained atelsbt hundred do|. * klavbe seen fertwo days at C. M. Clara’s LIT- Ln’nooosite the Post Offic?. All offers for than rtonfJhe^addressed to Sox 2913, Chicago PostotUsa Smed&telj- selCq79Mt_ FOR SALE Salt —New Pine S alt ir bmbt barrels, delivered on cars at lowest lares. hvTIIOS. HALE, <S North iVeUsst. S-1W : FOB SALE—A planing and saw lag mill. s»b and door lactory.*c., Ac., in » ffood locality and doing a profitable huaincis, a* Saue «cNo. 7 Board of Trade Building. VfrqiKHw ■|7>OR SALE—Very Cheap. The X Fixture* and Fumltura of a Hotel end Boardlcg House, situated near tbe center of the eUy.- Tne House Is la good business order and hff-ffiWMing day hosiders, item 80 to M boarders, Therrason for seUln* Is UcVsexs la the family- For Ifillpattlculai* SSmreal the HIAUAKA HOU3B. street, • sea-qiaiw FDR SALE— Two power Mortio- M^“dS'lS».lsXS p vs£ s sea qca-iw IpOR SALE —Cheap, a steam flour- X tog and grist tain, known w the Eagle MlQj,at Frlncston. ifiinols.wtth four run of French Burrs, capsule of manufacturing 30D.bbia.of flour every M boars, with a three story warehouse attached, with a capacity for storing 15.0C0 bushels of grain, loested on the track of the 0.8.ft Q.H.B. WUI baaold on favorable Ur**. For nwdenlara apply on the premlsjjoraddner*tflOW * UOflS, FrOMtOk, USantcfl—Substitutes. j TXT ANTED -Becmta, vclaoteera, TT and aatwtltntca. will feeelra cask bodbtt, pudiahaua. inttie ell/. Ro cut os ritcerreftte »o. beam concert*, OftL UacPATau tv aodasy 000 will tfll jca wse a*r vo»D>«aocd orros. 03 S.atiCbii ***«£<• In lb« BSi.<tt-eXlt. *€-5aiT3U W'AiiXß»-For the Veterac Re aei., Corps oil men wSo hioa icrroil two years coullonousiy In the arm? oi m.ttuo orwoi lie CrmaataiKi p*i ny rsason of expiration of term oi serTl.T. A-iw, itosa boacr-tBIT discbaraed xo.* toapoas of woauli or oiwlrlity. m»7 09 enlisted in thoFuat Battalion of tbo Veteraß Corot, lor three y** e. A musicians fcrtba flue bind oi the Bth Bsgtmen.V. R.C.. are waMed. For nmiiar pir lon;*i» »pj!j at the m UWiy Provost Marshal’* o tfl c 3. 2f o ■A p f d< iphsucee, betweenU>choursof 9 g®- liV’ANTKD -To s«y to the ma. : y Vf eaitlrra: other Statee v*ha havuaTpltei to oj to fumuh lt«m satauurtes, tb&t we tayo couflcad onr operations to the County of Cook ttalaly, ond E*ye not and do aot intend to furnish say men ta t>a er. ci’ed to -be nodi of SJ? BtaiS Cat LhkoU. Vi ILLfiOH A WKEhiAU, 48 Oarx-tt. Iflls-gll3 It XXJ aNT£D—To infviiin the ccblio * I that we ire prepared ip furnish Substitute* lor-yhlch they can now bo pro cured* Djlats *rs* dxnreroui. F.rit c 'mi. ini served. WILLCOB A SSCE£A2£,4B Clara street. Chicago. >ol3 1110-it XVAhTTED —Thit those snbjsot IT to draft should nnderitaad that the ehupcat sshser of aTcldlnz the risk at being forced Into t&o amyls xo pay wiLLSOJi & ÜBUBIAU. 48 Clark street. Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, to loanra them fnb:tltntua in ease ttey ary draftee. Can and gge about it. teUmll6»:t -XVASTED—Sabetimteß for the j T army and nary, for one. tcro or thre« yean, end the highest bounty paid, at the Central Western War Cl*» Agency of WILLSOH A HX-UUk*. -tiJ Clark sccgt.' soit-iUo-lt WANTED- To hatters, I'mriers »t d A middle aged esn, of tirtetfr beneet tetrpersta baaits. wlabrs employment in tr good Hco3o gnders'tmcsZcntticc, irltmiog, aad ttftDUJactariprof hair, can*, furs, dm. Is a*so a guod salesman. aslAry mfte trincipsl object. Tte D.ita.jrefer:sc:B. Apply to “ Ci,” 7 ibnne of fice. ; 8513aU5-lt WANTED— Snhstitutes and Vol nnteerv.-vlfn will be paid the highest bounty, br sppljiir at srratt. oar door test oi Clark. t "sel4 s2 .-Js> FOaU A CO. 7 T ]2th. I?S:—AH to take notice, that Cojk County jb now prepartd to ray |3so Localßonx’y ior one jear reensits, and the Gorernmcnt Is paylacOca Ilosdrta Eo.litj addllicual bounty tor ooe year, twi bundled for two years, tiiree huadredfor three Haying uctlyca from coot. Barty, Cjm mscainz Kaval Eeodezvous, to recruit men for the Gunboat and Noym service, to be credited tiCooh County,-111, we solicit laudsmin seamen and ordi nary icemen, yoemao. antnen and coal beavers, taken ft>rene,t«oliaa ibrteyeata. Therewill oe s surgeon tc ex«mino men at Ad regular ooura, at fol lows: ;r.m 10io n A. U. end fwas loIP.M .at tte I’cern’ilcc OiUce ot Wi£ come* cfßasdclnh and Latalla streets. In the buieaent. BCIE-B&dt "tX/ANTED.— Notice , Cnic-igo, Tv 111 .September), I*6L fSßranch Office of the Bcrgecsa Uu been Mtamiattcd at the comer or ttau aolph usd L&talle streets, at the office otMUBPUY jtco, Tteravill ba a nrgeon l«r hears, to examine recruits 'for the United states tftw. Five hucCred tup ca/pesters adiwohua. died* caulkers -wanted. nood wares will ocglven. Bjbrcer of JOHN D. HARTT, ■ Acting Voi ideal. U* s. Navy, Ccm, Kentcxi’Qub, aaffitW; t XST AS TED.—N ctice.—C ni c ago. Tv lIL. September 1.1861. A Braech Office ct the Surxecns has beta estaolisbed at the corcerof Kan (lo*pb ana Latal'* streets, at the office of mOSPHY A CO Thtie will be a surgeon' id attendance at reeulir boors to examine recrolts fir tils Cmtea States Navy Five hurdrtd chip carornteraand two hnacrtd canlkeiswanled. Good wages wl>lb) given. By oraer ot JOHN D. HABIT, ActlofrVol Lieut. IT. 8 ir%Tj, Com: Beadezvcoa. se!3 b6 St W/ANTED. —Notice.- Chicago, * T IK, September I,lSfil A* Branch SnrgfoC3lasb*en cstablUhed attnecomer of dolph and Lasal e streets at the office of MURPHY A CO. There will be a turgeon in attendance at rag* mar heumro examine recmltafor the United States Navy. Five honored ship carpenters and two hun dred caulker* wan ed. Good wages will be given. By order of JOHN I) HASTY, Acting Voi.Lteut. u. B. Navy, Ccm. hesdesrous. saiS-9g-» XX7 ANTED - Dratted men ot the • V city cf Chisago and State cfßllnofs toihsw that they can be luralshoa representatives at the most reasonable :*rm« nrd the shortest oojise. by addrer> !rg Lccz Bex 0003 or applying at the corner of Randolph and Laaalls streets. In the basemont. Btl3 flt-5t W. iIUKTHY S CO. VV ANTED -t-nbstitutea and rep-. TV resentativesat the comercf Randolph end Lassllc streets in the basement. Call and get the highest cash bjnnty iba; la now paid tn the dry. »ei3bW. - w. aUAga? « co. 'Wf ANTED Recrmti icr TJ. 3. ?! Gncbo&t Sfrvica A few more vonng- merv wasted. Crest indncemerte otTered. Local bounties now paid and tteh'ghest waciaglven. Partiea'briPgi lag ns recmlta will be liberally rewarded. Call a. the corner cfßiodclpn aodLaaal.e *he baae* ment. [seia sWt] W. MUKTHY St CO. Tit/ AN TED SO Gunt oitmen ira- Tv mediately. Call at tho comer ot Randolph and Lasalle screet?,netropclltan3locx, in the base- Bat.iccrdla«.*mo( Call and gat the highest bounty paid In tho city, cashiahaac. seilaGSt WANTED—Reotaits theGns- T Y boatservlee. A few more yenng men wasted. Great Inducements offered Xoe*\ bounties now paid ttLCiho highest wages gives. Farcies bringing as re> cinl’* wil. be llbezallv reworded. Call at the comer of v*sfcdo:ph and Laiade streets In the base-rens. iel%-5t W. MFKPHY & CO. 1 XTT ANTED Substitutes. Dear TV sirs, after ynn-have eauvaeaed the city of Chicago, we would lile for yon to giraos the last call, and it will then be for give the largest boenty to oabstllutes and iispre* eentatiTU entering the U. 9. service, for any period from one to three years. Choice of service and regiment given. Gunboat men tarea f:r oco, two and three years. If sou wish honorable d»»Un? sire ns a call at the comer ol Randolph and LesaUe street. In the basement. . WM. MURPHY A CO. x 13 sft St ileal 35state-=<Sits. T?OK SALE and Basi- JL T sees Property. 20 Lots in Oeo. miti’a Addition. S arit-cias* Stores on Lake and South Water ate* Also, Lets in all parts ol the city A. J. AVEEELL, sell cI9S-3t Real Batato Ofllco.yMttropo itaa 3VSr. tfOR SalE—Two marble uont re- JL? itdeocf aon Michigan ave:ne. Marble treat reiiuen ce on Wabash avenue. Reildence on Praino aytnne. with larce lot. Several choice bus-cess and rfildense Lot* f'itr£ , .\t°J-**.OLI' i «QRB, Bstate Office.4S- Clark fttibe*.. xnom S» selS-Rtafl sc. XfOR SALE—A three story stone J- front t*oa«e, containing all the modern tmprovn ments. on Michigan ayenne. near Hubbard Cjnrt. Two ttree-ntory brlcjc bonnes and large lets, on WaiMrcton street, east of Union Park. A fine brick residence and large lots, near Ualon Park. Alio, a number of othsr booses and lota, handlers,. lota, larms. S kUURL a. hAIiGES r, Beal Estate Agent, Ho. 4 Metropolitan Block. eeU-sTC-St JT’OB SALE—Good- h?nse and lot JL’ 81 hy 125 to an alley, on W*at Washington street w*at of Union Para—puce C 3.600 Good co««gs h-nse acd lot onLeayitt, near Mactson. cbeao. House and lotcn Morgan street—erica 11,710. Rents fbr SliO. Lots on Washington street and Park ayenne, and on Prsinf avenue core er of Bay ayenne, $23 per fo >c. J.F.STABi:, 134 Randolph street, seft-eCMt FDR SALE—A desk able Bnok Home oAitne room»,and one acre of ground, plesasnt'y located on JheGnceland Road, within a short dlitocce of the borsz cars immediTepow** slcnFlyen.WiUbeioldlow.aAMUßL a. AF.LEN’T, Brsi Estate Agent,No.4Metropoltdn Block.. seil-aTj at XT'OR SALE- Home and let. cen JT txallyln"3t«d In the South Division. Price tscm cash. A goon Inveitzcent for money, Why wants a bargain? E.H.COMMIAGS, 133 Clark street. sell g!B7t- loathing. "DOARDING.—A pleasant. front chamber, nofurnished, with Mnsil bed-room and closet, to rent with, hoard at No 138 Smth. Green street, between Mosros and Adams—one bloc* irom bcnocare. i3is-aI(S-3t Boarding.—One sirgio g-ntie man, or two gentlemen who will occupy aroom together, can find good permanent oonrtl la activate house on the H'rth Side, fire mlnaua. walk lr*n Rash street Brtdre. by applying immediately wldi name, to “A office. self siH-ic BOARDING. —Three cr four gen tlemencanbe accommodated with hoard and pleasant rooms at 38 Franklin s f rsat. between Laka ard Rendelphsu. A’eo, a few day bearders. Bels-H*.74t "OOARDIN G.—Room", with board JLn obtained at 63 Four Lh, avenue. Rifer eccea exchanged. sel3-a132.1t "DOARDING.—Wanted for myself -D and wire, a comfortable roem In a private isml* ly or bcardlr.g bouse. Snmh Ride prelor.ed. Reply icronewfdk. •AC(lre£»*’FF's,-'^F.O Box3Gs7. e i» aUI-2t Boarding. —a suite of unfur nlshed room?, with board. Is a pMvata family, wanted ler a gentleman, wife, talent child and nnrsa girl- Address, with particular*, **M,” Box 1630. te13a153 It BOARDING. —A large furnished bedroom with geed board fir two gentlanr-an. Kefer*nc(s ezebaaged. AddretsP.O. 80x4338. gelSsSSt. ID CARDING.—Two large rooms, STr suitable for a gentleman and wifi or single gentlemen, can b« obtained, wi»h board. (cieo day board.) at 142 Wabash avenue, between eiadlaoa and Monroe it), selt-aSI at BOARDING— Wanted,' with fur sltbed or unfarnisbed rooma, an'<ab)dfnrazin> tteman and bis wire. Location, on either Wabash, Michigan or Indiana avenue*, scuth ol Eighteenth street. htlfirwa Drawer HQBff. »Mt*»3S-2t ®p 2£ent. TO RENT-Honee with six rooms at Mi per month One of four rooms, rent ft* per month. Alan, one of three, rent aid per can re bad furnished or unlurnUhrd, with ®r with out board. For particulars inquire on the corner or F7H/^S£B! dStr " t Ccti^a 6f ° Tß .c” , s?»Ht mo KENT—SO New Piancs, also X a large assortment o£ Plano*. Organ fcr sale on theroont/aToraoU term KIMBALL, 142 Lake T3 RENT -Two story hons? with Tsassssssssfr c*" *•• °-»“ 419 °- ■el911» « TO RENT.- Two room-, cnfur V. P«loiaodbe4 riO'u,T*ry *acat°d. Call at Ho. 30 South Clm*oa-«t. S&*»> 5 515 ,UMt mo RENT —A cottage on Hojne I «rr<Bt . et«e«n Jseksea sad Tan Baren atreeti. - < AnV»i*Tit to Madlion street *an. containing six £Xrm- Th»re la a good w«n of water and siren in ApolytoCharl-aMorrls, oD*-h’prcmlw, Sto Ahi. Harnett, 90 Washington street. i>ut, sin mr month* sa2Sals*.*2n lost. LOST- On South Clark or Dear bem streets, going to McVleker’i Thojire. a l*dj*a ro’d fleavp-butioQ and ruff. The finder will be liherailr rewarded by retnniinr It tothli office, cr !12 Adamant. aU93t T OST—Willy Savage, a hoy nine -Li years of age.haa larva Mas eTM. fiir hklr, and I'rwped in a dark iriv mLxfd linen soi,. £ Lef* the college o: N'oira Dame. Bcat\Bend. lad^ on the lit of September. Any leu at the Central Po:ic« Blstloa. will warded, • iei_-ilio-36 LOST— Frort 266 We.t Washing tc, ,t,cft.,,at,ri»T«r «joo».» B'acl.niJTai TsrrisyPno ttree mcntta old : bad ot aredana wfcttrSrtenl “aSer o’**?Jock. Ac. Kny -erren lenuning s'ld to 208 West ®Stanleh-®ortcsponbett«. fTTANTED-Correspond enoe. || two veteran loldlers. ased ag and », with an Indefinite nuipbsrof young lodlet, between the axes of 16 and 55. Oblcct—p&ttiue and amatemeut. Par* toerephs exchanged if det*nd. Address BawMV HUNTER and JAMES BIRO. Co. I. fifth ID.. M Brig.* SdDiT-fUU A*C.,ChaUuooys l Tvta* husi>k ££lamen. T\T4N7.EIf—A girl of twelve to , ysan of 4o light work la * Af9iJ 10 41b w&b4All *7«ub. ANTED—Bt.aid and foroiabedt „J * Jtoa.wlimntan minutes italkof Pott Offlu, winbeontd. Aadiees p. O.Eox 30-lii, aelfreitj 5t a icsppctaWe _ *2, 3'OMR laity, aaemfiaof the kplicouU clarch • *'tc»Uv.n sa cM d’« autso id a Srit-cUet pavate s?' *°,° ® °.* oer - ECCQ apply. Can bo teen It Mr*, a . Pratt's lotcmtencs Ofirs. tSO Boats Clark orreei, wanted, oy a respectable American boy uitv ai.oo m aurjgoofs, grcotrr. orcjpm^mm^^ 1 =“'• 15LHI T*/"AN TED— $5.00 pe? hundred or T T jtbo per dortn for btaaifful pbo'ccraob*. suitable foraibaai».«odwuri»ited not to f*d£ RtoadoA Co % 130 South Clark street. Aims tirsaysotograparor sl. icls«.»4j "TV aNS ED -To rent, by lonr gen ■ * tlensn.asulta of furnished’ «ktbj. without Board. Host oe wltttfo fiTomlnatairvalklrriaiCoart ll(>Q<s. Aadzios, ttstlug terau, Aj. r Foai Odt:e Box 4739. RIS-oitS U TX^AX')TED—Life Jnsannea 3olio‘ V * !trr?. litoral conunUjlon* paid.* AjpTy to go. 3 Metbcdlaf gicek.- oeu sl8»& '\X> AMiED—A situation by a 7 T ycuzeaarfiiaerlcaajln a wbolerUs or rtf ta.l ?roo« ty store. Salary moderate. Hay Do'aeea or liqnirrcj lor »t -fliewart lateilicaaee oiw fice, 107 Clark itree:, CbaictJßiook, or by letter to Boa 3’jai. ■eU-eimt XITANIEi)—An inanslnoa-i, tidy T 7 bay. of gcoJilzoaadßenisesladdreix AnbU* eaticcf ictfl'.yed with rerKßi.b’e' yeitrcncca. at Ns* 201 WasbP3gtcnß 8?. M^4od«T. I ii^*llSl'lt has* a eoodi 5? I arm, near Chlesgo. Qf IWto’JMacies. by »• ccodhomt Orman larrva?. who hair Won to baits Um. Addieaa £. H. CCTstitlsG3 ( Ncr 13x2 Claik-at. telJ-yliOlt WANTED -Asitnstion as sales issn. by a ycaag married man. In avhplesa'e toot scTvsbca boats. Is ihcfonibly ecsts-i in tba bu«me«Bx»td bas»n sxtensiro acquaintance in tba nnxbborUs S’.atr-u Bnt dr? rrferarns vltsd. iiddrus, oicugb Past Olflco, M Ci>,”iJoi >177. sclt-sllS-lt- ANTED—Bj wo- VT nsas.u Mtuafloasß to taka rare of c 1? ili?«, or »ermc m a private lawtly. •city rsTerecccj. Hlrec?to tha TribuzM ofllce, ’’A H,** icr two days saihslil-n XVANT2D—Board by a mar, IT Wife and ch!H, on the Bide. east-oC street Audiess P.o.3tn *£3l-lior apply to-343 WANTED— Immfcclately, m«a who wish tD mike 139 to (S3 per day, in » legltlma'-u huilnesj, by a small Inveitmsnt of troa> tuo io |3J'3,sto mvithd to caU-atdß Dearborn streetr* £ -'em JiX. aau examine one of the most valuable la veuttbes of Ue age. never before intrjduced into tn« • .Weatem StA'cx A rare oppoitaal.y Is nowooffererd r to enterprlnuz msr, with small or large capital, to 'make money clirer by traveling or looaucg In rUy or* country. F.T.CCBUlllti.SODearbornsaeet Hoorn go. ZX. seU*sl»4t ~WXT ANTED—A-ycnng man, aits- TF Went of Oueldo ecunty, W.-Y„whohsßhad ttroiears erpertencejn the grocery and drygoods DanoM,and twoyears e3cener.cs»aboos neepei in awholetale rcTTssJa Hew York cltr.wuhr* a situa tion is look-keeper or salesman lr»iDtno dry zoodt. grocery or coma’tMon homem this eity. Leatot ricysnd coontrv rale, cacti Riven- Adores* • S K U,'* Chicago Post CIECe. aa!s aIM-lt i TV7 ANTED—E’er the Pacific Rail- T v road of ILaionrl. 200) mscfirvrlcs and Labor ers TTBgesfrCOpcraayindapwards. Forpsrticolara > • plv to Mr. J. 11. PAJLMKR, -Moat lonho Como-ny, ■ Mr. A. TOTTEh. as JO7 Clark-afreet. UimlltonV* • itelbgaica Omen. Wages paid rean’vly evnrr a enth. 37 authority Of UANiSL K. OAKAIBON, 'Vlcc'FrmdCLt and General Supdatendbat. "0/ANTED—To isot a email ixir- T* clthedcof.&ge. Addtea Ebx 1630. 8C155137-1& , "US/ANTED— By a reapeotablo Y T (new-cimcer) Norwegian girl, a ißuiilon in a private laslly. todo csccnd wersandsew. Apply a; No. 4t?3mna street. Wees Div. aeiD»al^-.t WANTED —A pnjtician in Kuk vide, Wapello cooTty, lowa,- will sell cheap fercafib.biahooTe.totaod'practlcA. Tho aooin con tains nx rooms, with a kltcnen and pantry* Lot 129 x M, with a seed board icoee, stahie and otnercoo v«tletii.nil«alci»g». PrasSce worth S2AW. ad diM* ALEX. Q. WILSON, Box 149G»Chisago, HI. teiS-314+St "VV AN' lEi) - A lady qualified to V T tenet rrgDsb, French and Laua.vrtsbea a sit* nation In a schtoi r sr womd tench at a smaller salary in a family. • Address “TEACaEB,” Dor 700. etls>ai43-«t XXTANTED—A situation re a seed T* drygcods'or slothing oatablishment (Ta Chi cago), by a young r*sa who naa bad etshs year) ex perience in the bnrihON. and cur prodace the best of testimonials with regard to acuity, character Ac.. Ac. Has an extensive acquaintance, Addrefs dor ¥9fcl. Chicago fort Office. se!6itl*aat V7I7ANTED—A lespectable aid TV healthy Swedish fade vtaboe-to get a sltnatton as a wot anne. Aay respectable family wishing inch, can bava one by applying immediately at CToas-st, eeia-eitl-fit • Mrs, a. Larson, WANTED —A situation to do chamber werir or house work fir a fm*Q fun* lly, by a German till ot trnoo character and n>aurg appearance. Addre»*4Uff>i aonth Clarh s'reet. eeiS-kUC-U "VV7ANTED—iJn espenanced TV hotuekfenertego Into the country.’Erferen cea required, a ddr«M, for ema day. “Hj. '• Chicago psetOznce. stating where an utervlew may bo nan. St 15 »15<dt XX/ ANTED—ln.mediately, a nniiO TV air. at the 2d house socth oftheranronC 3T.TM- Isg. ca ease side of Miemcao avenue, bee. Oixteeutlr a&dXghteentheireett. Noiergnoserequired. ■Bj2Hl3»lt \\ ANTED—An Ameiican lady V f wishss a alkuaUoa-as Housekeeper rla per ft oily competent to HU such xUioatlon, and can giva the h.'Bt o? relereacts. Acdrasa Box4Hl#i,Chioago ge4-535-3t TXT"ANTED - A.good, active boy V T In a fancy goods store. Most come re* ecm-cended. Apply to la Lake street, up Btatrs. eeW sJB-3t WANTED —Two good Steam • Fitters and one good Blact smith will find stead? voile and good wages at 384 Madison stnet. seis-eK-as Kiii.i.Kß * ford. \\f ANTED- Several tret rate T T Bft»h and Door makers. to whom rtasdy em ployment asd good wwuwllt theS'wa, BMno Factory and Planing Mul of SIKYRR B&JTiIaR, i on dn Lac, 7?li. >oU-a2B fit \\l AN TED—A new or second- T » Land circular Saw Mill, for which cash will herald. Adorcia O. a.BMKRY, JCdgwood.HUnola. ieu-*2£>3t TIT ANTED To inform all inter -7 * e-ted that Substitutes are tarnished anon reasonable tents by FORD A CO., at 139 3). Water street, one door eastoi Clark. ieU>s2J>3t WANTED —To rent a small cot tage bense. In a convenient sltnstian, or to toy one on lessee -ground. Address stating termj, location, do.. *' A 3.”P.0. Box 1334 salt-332-3t ANTED—Ore furniahtd or nn \ tomhhedrocm t wllhboard. Address “Ol." Box 2388. seU-U5-3t VtTAtfTED-Portable Engine?, 7 ▼ from five to fifteen berse power. Address status price, P O Box-1413. soKthstt I V AN TED—Educational. Ah'ex* *T "perlenced teacher desires to devote bis lav nreevetlnrs to the inatxnction of afewpr»Tate pa* pits Instruction given la the Classics, German, or other Sciences, win ytstithe rettden~esofpapii*if desired- For farther particulars adtlreis BoxNSl, Chicago. aeltslOO-tt TXT"ANTED—Substitutes ant Rep -7 T reseatativrs. at Iheccmarol Randolph aril Laealle rreeta, in the basement, Call and get the highest cash bounty that la now paid m the chy. teffi-l&St wTmubpiiy & CO. \\r AM TED—In a,private family, y V by a young gentleman, a furnished roam (without heart) within tea minutes waig or.tha post i fllco. Address, with taxms, “KM 7,’* Third Na tional Dank Chicago. aelt-alOi-Sc WANTED— A situation as ship plna and receiving clerk in a wholesale or commission house, hy a party who thoroughly andar stsnrs the irccery hnalneta. Addreai Post ctflca Box 4697 i sell-sOWt WANTED -A good coot, washer y T andlrcner at 98 Bosh street. stlye93>2t YV ANTED—A good bookkeeper, tt to ta7e charts of an office. A Slagle man with 11510 to $21(00. who-wcnld’ lean the tamo :or one year on gcodsecntiey.wUh good reference, can have the ctoaca-by adoreiilng O. V. MILLSa-CMcarc Post Office. • seU-?lO St TX7ANTED —Any one wishing to T T tell a gocdaceoid-hand Plaao. wltr modain ganroyementa on tuae. will pleajo addreta *• a B. ox 1133, stating terms. selt-sU-3; "X\7 ANT ED—A situation aa out- T T coor- elerk, or In any capacity wbare Indus try, honesty and stteitioato bnsmets la required, oy. aioani m»awho canformsh the belt of references as to *-bara:»er and ability.' Address GEORGE B, PBEBTICE. Post Office. ae'.4-a6>-2t VI/ AN TED -1 want to hire uame y 7 mediately a good to work on a farm. Ha trust naderuani toe culture o: trait* W. W. ALLPORT, 33 Washington aweet, Chicago. Beit SC3.3S \JV AETED—By an A No. 1 T T Druggist, a Bltuatl:n.ln foanfirst clssa house, either whi.lerale or retail, u fnl’y cjmpe;cnt to taro eharga cl a store, having bad eicbt years experience m the bnnirets. Address* 4 W Z L.** Tribune office. teUt»2-2: \\J ANTED - A ntnjtion in a fiist ft class hosss. byn gentleman of good educa tion, who is penectly conversant withi tho German and French Jargtugee. Wages no oWoct- Qood references uiyen. Ad«es« JS, _P. O. BoiS4x seHsSi-K * . . .. "WT ANTED —A situation ss Book- VV keener. Conaspoadent. &«., by. a party thop* ,_ T _ h ,_ Timiu.r vita acsoanti, commission and rs'lwv'Fs-. ssassr TV/AXI ED -By an experienced Vt young Dan. s altua'.lon an aaalitast hook* bMoar or any other office employment He lawiil mt so rnnke ntaaclf genera if u»efoi- Satisfactory xefereaeejttrea. Address *• A D," IriDana office. WANTED— To hire, a email cot taaeor part of a bouse C'Lor Irooms). la a desirable neighborhood, by a family of two parsons. Reference sgiT*-*.-. Ac dress, with terns and parties* tars. “B B,’* 2190htario St. 3t Y\7 AlSTED—Photography- An V ▼ enerienced photographer, eapaolsoflakisjc cbsxge of any department in the phoiognph g*U»iy, wuhee a permanent sitnaiion eomewtere. Acdreaa atating terms, P.O. Bos 229. Beardslowu, HI. eeffi-sl-lw. Xl 7 ANTED Forcarh, a store ard T V let worth irom fio.COO to Itf.fCO, In the 21. rth er South Dirlaionscf Chicago. Address “Beal Ks> tats,”P. O. Cr»wertfatt4. sel3-q'.Oi-3t WANTED—By an active man, || (zpeTleneed as a salesman, and with ptacti* cal knowledge ol machinery, agricultural impia* items, and a l*rga acquaintance In the State, a slrne* tlon in seme c«;aouy la cessation with tna anora hrmncces. City references given. Adcrcas P.n. Box 3673. »et3-q3&Mt ANTED—As 300 Indiana St., VT a girl to cook wash and iron. Apoly imtae* dlately. bcl3-q93SIW \\ ANTED— 500 laborers to work on the Peninsula Bailway, between Ercahabw •td Marfiuette, Mlcbrgaa. Wages two, Bcsrc, ys per wttk. Parties derlrlog small contracm can be accommodated with good prices, aaaiooij famlihtd, if rcogmd. Men are warned to wor* j» grading, nack Njlrr.ana on uaias.»mi ia tnetoert climate doling tne “oepri> TJrlted States. Free pastes to tnt work cured, and all latormation in llavß. attka be glTfiA on application to -L p&sseogor Depot* ChSU* * NcmW ccuiracton, tel qBW it tit ANTED- SOO Ladies and Qon wV irT.'!, all parte of the West, to act as * . Bunarieki PatUifis for euttin* ■gsßUftorwe** l ® *, Dc i* C f Oothlng Sor- to I' and caMulrMau^STAC y* up stairs. McCormick's am.4- ,fP KaaJgiphaad Dasjooru-sts .Chicago. seU-q3.HW__ WANTED— 125 OCO more to ex tend an already axtenslTe maiufacturtß* tne above amount in mcaaT.oaa usTa a w ectlTe or silent partner Iq •h«iain*« entries** •• Drawer 601 V BSijofC V i^qWl-^

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