Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 16 Eylül 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 16 Eylül 1864 Page 4
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C)icftQo tribune. ritIDAT, SEPTEMBEU 16,1861. THE CITY. Beoapttbed.—U is cnrrcnt’y reported that at the rorent tattle ol Jonesboro on the Ist instant, the 14th Cot|>s captured ten pieces of Artillery. “ four of which arc salo to nclong to tlwazj a. Chlcaeo, captured from ns on ihu22d of July.” Fm toom tux Bridge.—A man named Wins low Holmes, from Albion, Mich., IVD fro® th 9 Madison street bridge Into the river. je9terday,and narrowly escaped drowning Be rescued oy a boat from the schooner Ban, lyimt n^ar. Bxsistikg ekbohiko Omera-D. F. Brede was yesterday bn-nght before Commissioner Hoyne, charred with refusing to give Us name to the enrolling office. Be was held to bail In the gum of SSOO. TICK A war.—A team attached to an ice wagon, joslcrdsy, took fright upon Canal street and ran violently from Uedit-on to, throwing out the driver. James Ffynn, sort Injuring h!yn quite dancerously. He was taken into Coleman’s saloon And medical assistance procured. Cdmfrz&rxiTm'O.—James Kane was yesterday trout’lit in from Dixon, Lee conotv, by Deputy U. 8/Marshal Mnnron, and examined before Coamis eloner Boyne, on a charge of having passed acoun terieitSlUUgreenberkond attempting to pass sev ers! others. The examination was continued to Tuesday next. A Bessrtzb Besektimj. - Yesterday morning a deserter taken into the office of the Provost Mar shal,attempted to escape by jumping through 4 window. He was caught by the collar as he cleared the opening, Had he succeeded In-bis jmn>be would have been kni>*fl. as a very awk warn piece of machinery lay underneath on which he would have suffered impalement. Oca Quota,—'The officially declared debt of Cook county on the present call, was on the first of the prcrmt month 8,031, after deducting all credits and errors ot enlistment up to thst date. There is little hope of avoiding the draft, and par ties thinking of entUtlue may as well go at once and secure the bounty. Ko bounty Is paid to dialled men. AnnxvAL or Sick Sold less,—Last evening two hundred and forty sick men, belonging to the 39th, 40th and 41st Wisconsin regiments, arrived in the city and went at once to the Galena depot, where they took cars forborne. Befresbmente were sent them from the Bert. Several of the number being unable. lo proceed on toeir journey, wpre left at the Beet where they have re> entiy fitted up a commo dious sick room, containing about twenty-five cots. E*s to ration.— Some week* ago Dr. Dyer's brick block on Randolph street scar State, wa*> greatly damaged by fire, and it* stores between fire and water enfftfcd severely. It has been handsomely refitted, loots better than ever before, and in his former stand, now a new and elegant ea en-room, S 8, Bcfiam, the vcicroo enttrprjmng phoe dealer, has opened again a complete stock of bouts and shoes, one of the finest and must excellent ho h*« ever offered, which is esjlogs great deal. Bobbect— A Canadian, named John Williams was robbed of SGS in cold on Wednesday night last, at a house ol ill-lame, on Clark street. lie had only just arrived. Strangers are com anally losing money an these places which are ret as traps for the nnwary. Why will not travelers be warned ? Among city people none visit tloac dcos bot are equally vile a« the inmates, and deserve ptmlsh ment. Unsophisticated people coming tnfrom the country are cocelauUy watched for by bad men and women, and are uniformly robbed if they lend car to the voice ol the tempter. Intricate Navigation —On Wednesday after noon a large number of tugs with craft lo tow became almost inextricably entangled in the South Brandi, between Polk and Tan Boren streets Among the crowd were the togs Success, Wood* little Giant, Continental, MaryP. Garrison, Hon' itor. Constitution, ana several others with their tows of vessels, mud-scows and canal-boats. Some Idea o( the Jam may be gathered from the fact that for a hall hour or mote there was es«y crossing from shore to shore on foot over the vessels. McClellan's Abet Tote —Much has been written, and a nrcat deal more said by Copper, heads of the HcClellan persuasion about the heavy m'jority he will certain? gef from • the vote* of the gallant defenders ofoor country. The folio wing ic.ut cl a vote recently taken by CapUm Henry Wilson, Co I>, SStn lowa Volunteers, among the boys of the regiment* now stationed in the Shen andoah Valley, are dedica'ed as crumbs of conso lation to “Little Mac" and bis ra'cllftcs: for Lin coln, 4SO: for McClellan, id; tor Fremunt, 2. Majo rity jor Lincoln-60, or Si to 1. Facts will not lie, let the boys speak ior themselves. Just Like Ocb Ladies—At a late hour on Wednesday night fifty elck soldiers of the 40th Wisconsin Infantry, reacted the city by the St. Lonis cars, and were taken at once to the North western depot, and not on board the Milwaukee train. It may have b»-en a necessity, but it seem ed a great hardship on the sick men. end no soon er didst reach the ears of the noble ladies at the Beet than they immediately dispatched fur their comfort a large milk can of strong tea and a large basket of delicacies which the brave boys ate with a dedeed r-Ueh, and with man) thanks to the y-iwri and patriotic ladies of Chicago. PmErrs'e Montxent.— The Trustees of the Firemen's Benevolent Association yesterday visit ed Boseblli Cemetery, for the purpose of Inspect ing the monument now In course of erection to the memory of the deceased firemen. The monn mvnt is completed, except tht statue, which la sow under way in the sands of Volk, the artist. The Trustees expressed tiK-msllres highly pleased with the work. Tne etatne will probably be fixed In its place in a couple of mouths from this date, and the monument will then be a credit not leas to Chi cam. than to the Cemetery,the artist and the Firemen's Benevolent Association. SOLUTE*’ Am Socnrrr<—At a recent meeting Of the laoy managers ol the Soldier's Aid Sodetyo/ the First Baptist Church, their late excursion to Green Bay was maoe the snbjcct of consideration. The excursion xt will be remembered was underta ken to aid the objects of the Society and resulted most satisfactorily. A preamble and resolution was offered and passed tendering the thanks of the Society to George S. Dunlop, Superintendent of the Northewei-ttin Bolimad, Captain B>ncbc, U. 8. Quarter Master's Department, E. P. Uarriman, £roprictor Beaumont Bom-e, Green Bay, IL p, Ba er. agent of the Petineular Railroad, and Captain Andrew*, to ail of whom the Society confess them* eelvea indebted ior many acts ol kindness and courtesy. lepsovxd Leather Belting.— Parties who ore under the impression that the beet quality of Leather Belting can only be procured East, are in vited to inspect the stock manufactured by W. H. Wbitinareh, No. IL*C Lake street. They will find an article not to be surpassed in any Eastern city. The belts manufactured by Mr. whitmarfh are znadeoi the beet quaity slaughtered leather, and are stretched on new and improved patent ma chines. Any size or v.lfith. may be obtained there, Mr. Whltmarsh has had a manufactory' In Lowell, Massachusetts, forannmbcr of years past, and has supplied the leading manufacturers there to their enuro satisfaction. Be is now prepared to supply the Wert on equally favorable terras, and wicn equally first class goods. Those of our readers wno are in want of superior belting will do well to call at No. 190 Lake street, up stairs. An Adventure.—A sailor, giving the name of James Dow, employed upon the bark Sonoria, got thoroughly Intoxicated on Wednesday night. In this state he was guilty of several indiscretions' among others, that of crawling into the window of Augustus Andrews, No. 57 West Madison street* When discovered, it was midnight, and he had his precious person about half way through a window Inthenpfxrpartof the house. Mr. Andrews at once fetched an old musket and brought it to bear upon the intruder, compelling bis unconditional surrender. He was taken to the Police Conn, and alleged in defense that be was trying to escape from two girls, whose society be coaid not keep without moral contamination. He was fined $4 Eid costa. Clinton Street Horn's Bailwat.— The horse railway track being laid down on this line Is being hurried to completion with ail possible dispatch- The track is already laid along Clinton street to beyond Van Boren, and on Van Buren nearly to Jefferson. The tract is laldldouoleonCiinlonJatreet to VaD*Bnrer, and at that point one track runs along Van Buren to Jeffcmm, and so Soutn to the Burlington Railroad crossing; while the other tra verses Clinton to the same point, where they meet. The enterprise .is looked noun with great satisfaction by resident? in the vicinity, who long to get nd of tne old rickety omnibuses. It Is ex pected tbat the trade will be ready: or use as early at lca*t as the last of next month—ln time to alle viate the horrors of the muddy season. Brutal Outrage.— Yesterday afternoon the following outrage ia stated to have occurred: Mr Rcdpatlua enbatiintc broker, (f) took ten men— one named Jame* Connelly— the other names we did sot learn—to tnc office of Captain Qarty, to have them mattered Into the nary. They were by bim pent to the snireon lor examination, and were about to he examined, when an enrolling officer named Clemene appeared, aud seizing Ur. Connelly by force, took him away from the office to the Provost-Maretud, where he desired him to be enrolled. This the recnm refused to do. Cle mens thereupon ordered him under arrest, and drarged him to a lager-beer saloon, where heagreed to let him go, provided oneh-{f Ou bounty were Siren to him. Clemens then took the man Connelly ack to the ITovort-Marehal’* office, where he, be ing scared, consented to enlist. Aismuir J. J. O’fitJLUTAK.—Tho 'readers of the Tiubcne will remember tbe fact—chronicled by ns at the time—of the arrest of Alderman O’Sulli van, of the Sixteenth ward, during the cession of the great CoypcrU-aid Convention in this city* on complaint of ox.e Catherine Bickcy, who had charged him with an attempt to commit rape. The ca>-e came belore the Grand Jury last week* and the bill was thrown ont, completely exonerating the Alderman from the crime charged. There teems to he no doubt that the woman it a notori* ooflt Uo character, having been known as such for fifteen yeanrpaat iu New York State, as well as in Chicago. bcveral affidavits were pre«entodl Iroro parties knowing her, all of whom affirmed their knowledge of her nttcr worUi:eeau«v»,and two of them tns-iUeo ibai they had heard her de clare her intention of ’’fetang” him, tbo ground of offence being that be would not use his official infirence to get her almost equally notorious mother ont of the Bridewell. Alderman O Sulli van's character is none me blacker lor this trans action, and we are glad to be able to record the fact that the Common Council hae not been In this instance disgraced. -Tnerc are black sheep-enough on its roll already. Kew Oucav.—Last evening a large congregation assembled at the Church of cbe Redeemer. (Second Untve silist) on Washington street, near Peoria, to witness tbc exhibition of the new organ 1 art built by Messrs. Pilcher & Chant, ql this city. Cousld crablc interest outside the church Was felt iu the proceedings, as the Instrument is a specimen ol home talent. The organists who attended to te=t tbepowm oftbeoruau wer** Mr-Chirie- ol bt. Paul’s Church, Mr Kroepiel, of Trinity, Mr* McCurdj, of the Second Unlveraailet, and Mr, Chant, <oi-c of the builderc) of the Second Presby terian. The ib»>ru mental inudc was also enlivened by an excellent volunteer choir, cousolcuous among whom were Mrs. Miller, of Trinity. Mrs. Matieson, also of Trinity, nnd Miss McCarihv, ot the Church ol the Holy Name. The former of these two laolct t*ai.g “-G rest lu the Lord.” from the oratorio of Elijah, very sweetiv, while Miss McCarthy’* “Ave Mari*,” of Cbwn binlf, was received with loud and d-servad applause. Amour the instrumental se ccUnn* de serving special notice wa« the Hallelujah Üborns from the Messiah. Tbe organ is very sweet toned and possesses excellent marital quViUes. With, ont the pretentions of any elaborate Instrument, it for its sire, one of the most jvcrlect in the city, it* stands In tbe northeast comer of the cnurcu, and hae s very pretty effect The grand org-m has the oDtm and slop diapason, viol d’amoor, dnlci anlffl flnic, principal twelfth and fifteenth. The hsu the stop diapason, open diapason, viol nrinCiDal and banlboy. The stop diapa art cadT Choir bsss. The organ ■ ir Iml tone Bourbun peda! and twenty draw- SXcoicSiSrand will 1« » «ln»Ue addition to Jhe congregational music. EPISCOPAL DIOCESAN CONVENTION. Second Dar o» the Session. Thirl tenth Anneal Addrcts of BUbop WUte honio—Tlie Stttsrily of Clintth laltT- Work of tlio Tear. prcnnlary Deflclency-Ths Queatlon of Church lixtCDfilon—Rotfou of Coo, B.€bUuiideutO Bktabllah hndomneat Pond. Adopted* The Clergy and Lay Delegates to the Twenty - Seventh Annual Convention of the Episcopal Dio cese of Illinois assembled pursuant to adjournment of the previous day, in ihe‘ Bishop’s Church, at 9 o’clock yesterday morning. Morning prayers were read by Bev. H. T. Hies ter, J. W. McCullough, B. D., and Matthew Ms gill, the Bishop pronouncing absolution and read ing the concluding prayers. Toe Convention wab then called to order hr the Bishop. The 801 l of the clergy being called, the following clergy not prebent the preceding day answered to their names: * liic minutes ol the previous day's proceeding* were then read, and, on motion, approved. The certificates of Lay Beiegates. not previously presented, were then called lor, and the following were handed in and approved by the Committee. Of these, those marked * were found to be pres ent: St, John’s, Gillespie—Benjamin Dorsey, El chard Bortcy, Charles Francis. fit. Peter's, Chesterfield—*Thoc, S. Gelder, Bobcrt OJver. Eeeccaer, Cairo—* Henry IL Condee, John C. White, Louis Jorgensen. A delegate called attention to -the fact that SU John's, Gillespie, was not in onion with the Coo notion, and therefore Its delegates were not eati* tied to seats. The report of the committee on the incorpora tion of churches being called for, it was read by Bev. Lenls P. Clover, D. D„ the chairman, and stated that the papers in reference to the churches of St. John's,Gillespie; Grace, Sterling; the Re deemer, Cairo; were all found correct, and recom mending thtlr admission to the privileges of the Convention. The recommendation of the commit tee was adopted. josa-cai* xnimEßS bt thz sisnor. Bishop WhilehocFe then delivered his thirteenth annual address. It was a production of extraordin ary ability, clear and logical in its construction, comprehensive in its scope, eloquent in its Isa gnage, cheering and inspiriting in its tone, deliv ered with sn earnestness and evident sincerity which made it powerml as an appeal to his clergy to be steadfast and (nil of zeal in their labor of love,' sot doubting that the toll of the husbandman will be repaid by a mil and bountiful harvest of saved souls. Its length was so great as to render Impossible any attempt to give a tnlt report of it; the follow ing synopsis will convey a fair idea of the subjects treated therein. Tift following is a summary of the statistics pre sented in the address; Number of citrgywi thin the diocese—Presbyters. Wboie number, T9; engaged in ministerial duty, s«t*utiUed to seat*. 59; engaged in other work, 11 : Infirm or sick, 3; resident without transfer, 4. Beacons—Whole number. 4; with (all qualifies lions. 1. Clergy added—By letters dlsmlseaiy, S; by ordi nation. 3: by residence. 1. Transience to other dioceses, C. Ordination—To the priesthood, 4; to the dla count*. 8. Candidates—For ordination. 11: ordained, 9. Admitted—From other Christian bodies, 5; irom the church, 7: present number, 8. Consecration of churches, S. -' Confirmations—Public, 41; private, 4; number confirmed, 227. Comer stone laid, 1. Coo rent to new parishes, 4. Instituted. 1. ■ Baptisms—Adults, 7; infants, 37. Funerals, 19. Marriages, 10. Holy communion, S3 times: private, S times. Bo bad also preached on ever; occasion of visi tation except one, and made addresses alter every confirmation, besides the similar public duty of his own church. The conclusion of the address was one oi those splendid efforts fur which the Reverend Bishop is remarkable, end to which no extract can do justice. After the address, the convention adjourned un til S o'clock p.m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Bev T. Cznithctt, D. moved that a commit tee ol three clergy men and two laymen be appoint ed to rake into consideration so mneh of the Bishop's address as related to ministerial educa tion. The motion being earned, the following com mittee was appointed : Bev. Tbos. Smiihctt, P. D., Bev. B. B. Clarkson, P. D- Bev. G. P. Cummins, P. D„ A. G. Tyne, G. A* Marshall. uEAin or ana, whitzhouse. Bev. P. Strong then made a very fitting address In reference to the death of Mn. whitehoose, nrronrs or ooioottees. The repertef the standing committee was called lor. atd rcaa by Bev. Cllntoo;Locke,the Chairman, lion. L. B. Otic then reported on behalf of the Finance Committee, in reference to the Episcopal fund that Treasurer had 'on band at the com mencement t>l the year. SM.B6; received daring the year, $22C.i6; total, $829,52; that he had paid out. in vouchers, £217.62, and had now on band $3, besides a note for SS6 00 from St. Pant's Church, Pekin. Be further resorted that the Treasurer of the fund for the aged and infirm clergy bad on hand £l3S.€O, and stated tne committee found the cash accounts correct. The report of the Committee on the Treasurer's accounts being called for and not being ready, L. B. Otia enidthey were prepared to report in refer* ence to the expenses ot the assessors in the trial ol Bev. E. M. Hager, which was that the assessors were entitled to receive as follows: Scv. Wm. Steele, $69 65; Bev. L P. Clover, O. D., $63.65. Bev. J. W. Osborn, sll, and a boy who kept the door $5. Bev. W. U. Roberts, on behalf of the Committee on Legislation, presented the following report: The Committee on Legislation, to whom was re fared the*resolution relating to the expenses of the clergymen ol the diocese to and from Conven tion, beg leave to report that they do net consider further action by the Convention on this subject necessary. Canon 8 requires each church to make emtable provision for the expenses of the minister In fulfilling the dnty of attending the Annual Con vention. * The Committee would recommend the attention of the parishes to this canon. The election of members of the Standing Com mittee being next in order, Bev. Q. N. Bts hop, D D., moved that the ballot be dispensed with tor the purpose of electing the old Standing Committee, with the exception ol Hon, L. B. Das (resigned), and supplying hie place with that of J. F. Beatty. The motion was carried, and the Committee, as elected, stands as fellow*: Bev. T. N, Benedict, Bev. L. P. Clover. D. D, Bev. Clinton Locke, F. A. Brynp, N. B. Bidder, John F. Beatty. L. B. Ups, on behalf ol the Committee on Fi nance, reported that they bad examined the ac counts of Bev. T. N. Morrison, late Treasurer, and Geo, P. Lee, Esq., the present Treasurer, and found them to he correct. The election fur delegates to the General Con vention l-emg next called for, Geo. B. Chittenden romicated as such delegate!, Bev. G. O. Cam mins D. D n Eev. B. H. Clarkson, D. D, Bev. Samuel Chase, D. D.. Bev.. W. IL Roberta, Hon. S. B. Treat, Don. L. B. Oils, lion. 9. C. Jndd, Hon. B. B. Servant. It was proposed that the ballot be dispensed with and the old delegates re-elected. This not being agreed to, a ballot was called for, which retailed In the election of the tallowing delegates to the General Convention: Bev . B. IL Clarkson, DD., Hon. 8. H. Treat, Bev.G.D. Cummin*,DD, Hon. L. B. Otis, Rev. T. N. Morrison, Hon. S. C. Jndd, Bev. W. H. Roberts, Hoc. R. B. Servant. Several ballots were had, and resulted In the election ol Bev. H. N. Biebop, DU., by the clerical votes, and the election ol Bev. W. G. Roberts by the lay voles As it is necessary to have a concur rent vote, this kept the convention occupied for some time, until at last Or. Bishop said that he bad no anxiety to be a delegate, and therefore would withdraw bis name, and propose the unml mons election of Bev. W. £L Robert*. • To accomplish this it was necessary to dispense with the halot, and on that question being twice put. Rev. J. W. Osborn twice said •‘No.” To callot again went the convention, and finally elected Bev. W. H. Roberts to the hotly contested poet, Pending the result of this election, Hon. L. B. Otis moved the adoption of the following: Beso'tvd, That a spidal assessment to supply the deficiency in the Treasury Is hereby levied on the panshes at this diocese, of a sum equal to ten cents for each communicant in such parish. E etolvtd. That the parishes be requested to re mit the amount to the Treasurer by the first day of October next, The treasurer explained that after the amount reccivcdycsteroay, there was a balance doc on the missionary fond, S29U; to expense of pnntlngthe journal ui last year, $160.41; to assessors on the Hager trial, $158.90; total, $t39.3L His experi ence was that as assessment of ten cents would not he sufficient. The Bishop suggested that the balance due to missionaries was not a charge to the Convention. There was certainly a moral obligation, bat it had always been caret ul not to make itself responsible for this. The balance of one year could not be carried to another, but was leit to be dealt with as they migot think fit. Mr. bmilhctt proposed to amend by enbetitnUng twenty cents for ten cents. The mover accepted this, find with the limita tion ol it to the diocesan expense-, exclusive of missions. It w as ulrimnrdy earned. Mr. Smlthctt would like the President to Indicate some way in whicn this amount of indebtedness could be paid. lie would like to have the privilege of paying some of it, if it conid be' pot in the shape ot a rerClßtioo. Rev. J. W. Osborn asked if it was intended as legislation or suggestion. ■At this Juncture the election of Trustees of the Diocese was called lor, and alter considerable dis cussion, on motion of Rev. Dr. Cummings a com mittee on nomination was appointed, composed ol Rev. Clinton Locke. Jos. M* Reynolds, and C. R. L&rabcc. * BiV. Mr. Smlthctt then moved the adoption of the following resolution; Besotted. That this Convention, feeling the ne cessity of liquidating the amount doc to mission aries on account of the last year, recommends a special collection as soon as practicable, from eve ry parish ui the diocese, to be applied to this pur pose. Any balance remaining over In tbe hands of the treasurer, to be carried to Ihc current year for missionary expenses. The resolution was carried. Tbe nominating committee then announced tbat tcey were ready to report, and leave being grant ed, thev reported m ‘iTustcee in the Protestant Episcopal church in the Diocese of Illinois: Bit, O. D. Cummins, D, Kev. H, N. Bishop, D. D. H. W. Hinsdale, E. 11. Sheldon, James Car ter. Oo motion. Rev. S. Russel Jones was elected Trustee of tbe General Theological Seminary, vies Bey. John Wilkinson, removal to Wisconsin. The report of the committee on the extension of the church being now presented, recommend ing tbe adoption 01 the system proposed for estab lishing an endowment fund. Geo. R. Chittenden, Esq, arose and spoke as follows: Ur. President and gentlemen—The purpose of this fond is stateain the preamble to the resolu tions as being to liquidate the bonds issued by the trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Bloccee of Illinois, dated the 25ih ol September 18C2, for $7,432.14, and made payable three years firom that date, with six per cent Interest, payable seml-annnaliy, on the first day of January and the first day of July of each year; and to endow the* Episcopate and pay the expenses of the Diocese * to assist its feeble parishes to build churches and rectories; to purchase property lu towns where present population and prospective growth woa’d indicate that a church would be needed; to build end support charitable institutions; to erect and support institutions of learning under the aus pices of our Church; to aid missionaries, and to generally advance the interests of the Protestant Episcopal Church throughout the State of DUaoia, There appears to be a desire on the part of some of the members of this Convention, to eucacribe smaally to some one of the objects indicated in the preamble. Instead of making up an endowment fond gcmraily. 1 woald suggest, by way of cxpla nation, that the object Is to inanenrate a system ofghlnc, throughout the Stale of Illinois, and in order to theaccompllvhtrifent of that object upon a general scale, the amount of subscription bis ceufizedat five cents per week. I suppose tbit there arc those present who feel Interested in Mis sionary matters, and who would therefore consider that the first funds cmalcg Into the hands of the Endowment Committee should be appropriated to those purposes. 1 suppose there are also those present who are interested io some of tho lut-Utuuou* of learning, under the auspices of our church, and they would consider that the first fbnds should be applied to their purpose, and so on. In drawing up the . preamble I adopted that course which I thought might be desirable for the appropriation. However, my opinion is nothing. 1 5 he object is for all to give, and thus make an cn dowzDcnUund for the church throughout Illinois. This committee which aboil be appointed, cousist ire of m ven persons, Is to receive all the money appropriated to the endowment road; they hive on power t* dispense these fends. When the con* Tenticc shall meet, one year from this, if the ones tlcm tbea amo It will be for every member of the Convention to consider how the funds shall be ao piopriated. There eu be no appropriation ontii the convention shall meet, and as there is saca dlvcm»y ol interests ihroneCont the State as to modes of expenditure, it seems to me desirable to pat It In this cetera! form, which is adopted in the preamble to the reso.uUoas. For my own i-art 1 would like to see the bonds issued by the Trurteee of the Protestant Episcopal Church, paid first; 1 would then like to see the Episcopate en dowed, There, perhaps, are gentlemen in this Convention, or who may meet next year, that wculd dctire to do otherwise. There cn bean expression of every church—of every pariah—next year. I believe that the adoption ol a general plan of contribntloxr, ej etc malic and well ordered, will confer the ercatest benefit upon this church in the State of niltoi*. Illinois, to-day, in heijpopulation. stands fourth in the tank of States In these United States; but it is a sad fact, and it pains me to mention it that JMcois, so far as regards the Protestant Episcopal Cbnrch, stands from debt to eleven, as compared with the Protestant Episcopal Church in other States. If wc should inaugurate some plan, by meant- of which we can have mooev; for example next year the bonded debt of the diocese wilt be due, and that is $7,232.14. If we undertake to raise the money by calling upon A, B, C, aod D, ss bas been the eastern heretoiore. the resalt will be that U may be paid, or it may not. Bat if by this simple plan oi each Individual giving live cents per week, the appeal that is made from the desk, the appeal from these parishes will re* quire no more exertion to fund a five years' sub scription than it will to raise these several amounts for these several different purposes. If wc cun ee enre in the State of Illinois 2,0 0 subscriptions at five cents per week, Wulhcn have the sum of $7,600 per annum. If we can secure 6.000 subscriptions taud in asking them to subecrioe, why not ask them to subscribe for five as well as for one year? it is only five cents per week), we secure tbe sum of $12,600 per annum; bet if wc extend It to five years, we raise the fsbo oQs sum ol over SOO,OOO. No , ono feels It: no oce Is embarrassed by it; it is ca.y ot accomplishment. X think that a church which is great in Illinois, is a modei of financial management—we can copy from it, 1 think, to great advantage—l refer to tbe Boman Catholic £hnrcb. It exacts five or ten cents per week from Its attendants. In Chicago, In every place of wor ship throughout tbe city, and also -to the State of Illinois, this is tbe case; and wherever there is a town where U is anticipated that a church will be required, the property is purchased on which it than be located. 1 move the adoption ot these resolutions Tbe motion was seconded, bnt the Cdßrentlou took a recess until hiUpaat seven, p.m., and de ferred farther consideration until then. EVENINb SESSION. L. B. Otis reported that the financial committee, in reference to the claims of J. W. Chieaeriog, Esq., and Bev. E. W. Hager, had decided adversely to those claims, as not being sanctioned by the cannons oftheebnreh. The farther consideration of the recommenda tion of tbe committee on the extension of (he Church was resumed, and after explanatory speeches by Bev. Dr Cnmmins and Bishop White house, and other speeches by Dr. Clarkson, Dr. Tollcn, Bev. Clintan Locke and others, they were adopted, with very small alterations. It was then agreed that there be a nominating committee of three appointed to nominate the .Endowment Fund Committee, and the following were appointed: Bev, G. D.Cummins, D. D.; Bev. B. 11. Clarkson, D. D.; Bon. S. U Treat. Fending the appointment ot (he committee, a vote of thanks was passed to the retiring Trustees of the Episcopal Cbnrch. - The Nominating Committee announced that they were ready to report, with the alteration that the committee bo eight instead of seven. This being assented to, the committee nominated, as the En dowment Committee, Messrs. Geo. li Chittenden, Geo. P. Lee. John F. Beaty. N.B. Kidder. A. C. Calkins, D. W. Page, A. E. Neeley, SamT Qeht. L. B. Otis then offered the following, which was passed; Eesohed, Tliat the Bishop be and is hereby earn estly requested hf this Convention to take such re laxation from the arduous labors of his cbnrch aod , diocese as he may deem necessary to restore bis health. The Committee on the Bishop's Address made their report, us also the Committee to whom was reremathercsolq||oa on tbe draft, the latter re commending such adoption, which the Convention did. After tbe transaction of some other business, the Convention adjourned. . THE DRAFT. Citizens 9 War Committee—Subscrip tions to the SSOOjOOO Loan Wanted Appeal of tbe Committee, The Citizens' Committee, in pursuance cf no tice, met last evening in the Connty Court room, for the purpose of taking further action for avoid ing tbe draft, the Chairman, C. D, Walker, Esq., presiding. On motion, the members of the Board of Super visors were added the Citizens' Committee, Col. Dough offered the following: JBaoltcdi That the Board of Supervisors he re quested*© amend the appropriation to volunteers so as to read, "pay the S3OO bounty to any person enlisted, sworn in and credited to Cook county." A long dlecoerion followed, after which Mr, Mann offered as an amendment, "When paid to substitutes it shall be in connty scrip, as lone as any of the £600,000 remain unsold.'! The discussion was here continued at some length, v.hcn Colonel Bough withdrew his resolu tion. The Chair suggested the Allowing address to the people, which wav accepted, and on motion, ten thousand copied were ordered to be printed for dis . tnbulion, and that it also be published; TO T3S CITIZEN'S OP COOS COUHTT, ' Tour Committee appointed at yonr Hass'Meeting to devise means to nil tbe quota of Cook county, and thereby avoid the draft, have been engaged in the work, and have called dally meetings for the past three wrecks. Tbe Board of Supervisors of our connty have magnanimously and nobly appropriated a sum of £600,000 to pay to volunteers who may'ealiat here eo as to he credited to Cook connty. They have commenced Issuing snip, bearing interest of 10 per cent per annum. The loan is now opened to all, and the War Fund Committee are receiving tbe money, and the Connty Clerk is suing scrip for tbe same at Boom No. 6 in the Court House. The money la rapidly being pild out to volunteers daily enlisting. The banks of tbe cty have already liberally subscribed, and $150,00(1 of the loan will be paid by them and other corporations of the city lo the War Committee. And to raise tbe remaining SS6O,COO we now ap*. penU Firsf—To the men of wealth who have or can borrow money to come and pay in and take scrip. Wc have ever 300 men In tbs city tost should take from SI,OOO to $5,C00 of this loan. A few of this class have already paid in to tbe Committee $1,009 and upwards. Second— We have several hundred men that are doing a good business—some of tbyn are subject io the draft, and we confidently expect that over three hundred gentlemen of this class will come and pay in S6OO each and take the scrip. Third , We apjK al to all Uft clerks and working men of tbe city end connty, who have or can raise SSO, SICO, S2OO or S2OO. to come forward with tbe money and take scrip. As your numbers will ex ceed ten thousand, we look to yon for aid In this work. The loan is a good one; you will he sure to get yonr moccy, and ten per cent Interest till the connty repays the loan. We feel confident yon will respond to this call.. Unless you do come forward and aid, the draft will certainly come. If yon come up nobly to tbe work, and fill the Treasury ol the county with fends, we arc confident that we shall eavo tbe county from the disgrace of a draft. . Chxbies B. Wxunsn, Chairman. - On motion of Mr. Underwood, a Committee was Slated, consisting of Messrs. Grccnbanm, Bin ti and the Chair,-to draw up an address for volunteers, and that 15,000 copies be printed for distribution. On motion of Henry Grcenbanm, tbe following Committee were appointed, with power to add to the number, to canvass their respective lines of business: • Groceries—H.G. Bowers, H.W. Hinsdale. Grain—Murray Nelson, Caarles Randolph.. Clothing, Dry Goods and Crockery—J, H. Bow en, P. Wadsworth and U. W. King. Lumber—Nathan Mean, S G. B. Howard, N. Luddington and Jesse Spanldimr. Hardware—S. Bale, G. M. Klmbark. Packers—P. L. Underwood, Jacob Singer. Hail road a—C. IL Walker, C. G, Hammond and P. H. Smith. “Manufactures—T. W. Baxter, J. C. Brown and James George. Boots and Shoes—W.E.Doggctf, D. KcDoogal. Books and Stationers—F. Munson, T. W. Keene. Drags and Paints—O. P. P, Page, Distillers—S.M, Nickers On. D. IT. Crosby, Cool and Wood—A. B. Meeker, £. K Rodgers. Lawyers—Wirt Dexter, Chiriea Eeid and E. A. Siorre. *- Other committees to be appointed by the chair. The meeting then adj earned. Tlio 'Wood Splitter, Wc yesterday referred to a new invention of great value fa this labor-saving age, the Wood Splitter, the twin brother of tbe power saw, and sure of introduction everywhere to work beside it in the operations of reducing wood to fnel. Wc spent a little time, yeHerdayAftemoon, in exam ining the machine and modus at tbe wood yard on tbe corner ot Madison and Canal streets, where it may still bo neon. To ua it seemed to no perfect, and needed nothing further to improve It. Quite a number of people were present, and the manner In which the " splitter’’ walkca into a knotty stick, tearing It completely asunder, elicited the highest encomiums. The at tendant-one man Is sufficient to work it—in formed ns that he coold easily split two cords of short stove wood per hour—equal to the work of one man lot ten hours. The machine is a novelty, sure widely to be appreciated; and become a self evident necessity among wood dealers and large consumers of wood. It can bo easily attached, by means of a belt and policy, to any machinery driven by horse or steam power, and is at once the simplest and apparently the most eucccisfnl of appliances for the work it performs. It may be seen and examined as shove. Jealousy and Attempted Shooting:. Tbe residents in the vidcitv of Clark and Madi son street, on Tuesday evening, bad their atten tion attracted by cries of murder proceeding from the office of Dr. A. J. Higgins, and found that per son engaged in what threatened to be mortal com bat with one Henry Petrie residing on Hadlson street. Both were covered with blood, and the latter was attempting to use a revolver. The bel ligerents were arrested and taken to the Central Station, where Petrie avowed‘himself the assail ant and preferred a charge against Dr- Higgins of tampering with his marital rights, on which charge S?Srtßonerbaa been held to bsU by Justice Miller to appear on Monday next Yesterday, fearing that Elccina wonld absond from the State, Mr« Petrie applied fora warrant for his re-arrest from Judge williams of the Circuit Court. The accused was rc-anveted, and now stands held in further bonds ol $3,500. , There is great disparity ol ages between Petrie ancLhi* Wile, and their union baa been an unhappy one. Higgins has occupied the rclalloh of their vnTnfly physician. The unhappy affair is of^no re cent origin, and has taken this phase by Petrie s attempt to kill the assailant of me honor. The evi dences ol guilty connection of the pair are claimed to be of the most conclusive nature. Higgins, who is moist respectably connected, has before been as sociated with a similar scandal, and given pretty conclusive evidence of how bad a propelling power Spiritualism may become to a weak bead and shaky principles, # Asothtb PgMiu Soldize,—A young drummer arrived in Chicago from the East bn Tuesday night, and toend his (1) way to the Best, where he (?) was hospitably entertained. He (?) was Itme, and faint, suffering from wounds received in battle, and tbe doctor was sent for. Tbc drum mer boy (?) was discovered to be a woman. She (?) was arrested and taken to tbe Central Police Sta tion, hat-being wounded was allowed to occupy tbe parlor instead olbejnceoDsigDcd to a cell* Our reporter conversed la«t evening with this errate specimen of womanhood. She was tUU hal-ttedtn male aUi:e, and looked tbe drummer boy to perfection. She stated that shovaUisted three years ago, iu company A, 112 th Indiana Regiment, at LalcjtUc. under tne name of Harris. She re futes to u-ll her real name. She has been in nine engagements, being several times -wounded. At Peteniburg a ball passed throngh both thighs, without breaking a bone. Bpe left her regiment twomontbsago on sick furlough, going to Brook lyn. New York, and was now going thence te Bur lington, lowa, though for what purpose she does not mate. Sue save that her parents are both dead, End three brothers have been killed in bit tie. She has never before been detected. She gave her age as nineteen . Fcumt ot a Was*.—The readers of the Tnx. nr»B will recollect that aboqt three weeks ago of ficer Major Yclvertoo of the detective force found in the streets a three days o-d infant. Ho took the,foundling borne and treated it with the utmost care, tut .despite bis every attention the little deserted one died yesterday morning. The body was interred at BoschlU, BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Tie Bocniy Qncfll.n—Tea Dollars to be Pali! to Brokers for Each Reeroll —E'-jcell- zatloa of Taxes. Pursuant to adjournment, the Board met yester day morning at ten o’clock, the President,. J. hi. Allen, in the Chair. The following members answered their names z Allen, Brady, Dalton, Be Wolf, Bran dortf, Edbrook, Brown, Farwell, Fisher, Datucs, Hard?,—lrvin, Johnson, James, Kingsley, Kllcs. Fancker, Pinney, Peacock, Roblnsor, Schler dinp. Strong, Stelrimuller, Shackford, Taylor E.S.. and Whitney. . - ' The. minutes of the previous day’s proceedings were read, and on motion, approved. Supervisor Johnson offered the following: Resolved. That the War Fund Committee be, sno are hereby authorized to pay to any person who enlists a mao, duly mastered Into the service olthe Bulled States on presentation of a certificate from any recruiting officer showing that such per son has enlisted s man for the service, the sum oi ten dollars out of the fond appropriated Sept. 6. 18C4. ’ , Supervisor Charleston erged the adoption of the resolution. It required men to lose cold ol the matter and dram op recruits, but it they are hot paid foe tbelc- trouble they will not trouble them selves about it. Supervisor Far well thought the sum proposed was too little. The hoard ought to make the sum an object for parties to go to work. He moved to amend by Inserting “ twenty dollars” In place of “ten dollars,” ana in case a man comes forward be shall be paid the twenty dollars in addition to the bounty paid by the county. He thought the county committed aif error in repealing the clause relative to snkstitotea. The recruiting agents com plain that recruits arenot coming forward. Supervisor Fisher was In favor of the amend ment. . Supervisor E. S. Taylor concurred in the passage of the amendment. Supervisor Hames was In favor of paying the S2O. and in repealing the action ol the Board rela tive to substitutes. Supervisor Johnson wanted to know why give S2O, when the men can be had for $lO. Supervisor Farwell withdrew his amendment. Supervisor E. S. Taylor w*s In favor of making the amount S2O. Great numbers of recruits come jrom Canada, at an expense of about sl2. Supervisor Halne» wanted & contract from somo of the recruiting officers elating that they would get the men for $lO. Supervisor Shackford offered the amendment withdrawn by Supervisor Forwell. Supervisor Briton moved to lay the amendment .on the table. Out of order. Ccpermor SbaebJford withdrew his anbatimte. The oriental n solution was then carried. On motion ol Supervisor Dsjton, a committee of three was appointed to confer with the Citizen’s Committee relative to the propriety of paying the bounty tosnhstitmes. Supervisor Bneseli suggested the propriety of cotfrultlsg legal advice. Supervisor tihackford stated that some of tbo hashers told him a legal question might arise if the bounty were paid to substitutes. ' Sopemeor KUes thought thought that a techni cality con’d be avoided by paying to all men cred ited to Cook county. . „ • . Supervisor Bussell thomrht-It was advisable to nav «übstitotes- ilany ollobb resident here have taJen Jargo bounties to oo credited to other lochl itj.a Tr substitutes were paid the bounty, this would keep the aliens here to be credited to this county. The county enrollment numbers 40,030 men, ol whom only about one*!ourlh.aro liable to military duty. Supervisor Charleston moved to lay on the table until 9 o’clock this morning. Supervisor Shkckford wes opposed to the post ponement. By so doing we lose one day. Supervisor Dultoo altered his'motion so as to read that the Committee Inquire If the Board can aid the Citizens’ Committee In any way. Supervisor Charleston withdrew his motion to postpone. Supervisor Dalton’s motion was then adopted. The Chair appointed the following Committee: Supervisors Dalton, Rees and Drandom*. On motion adjourned until 3 p. m. ATTEKNOON BKffIION. Pursuant to adjournment, the Board met at 3 o'clock p. in —the President in the chair. • Supervisor Stclnmnllcr offered the following: Riiolvtd, That the War Fund Committee be, and hereby are instructed to keep a record of the resi dence of all families ol soldiers drawing their weekly subsistence from the county war fond. Eeidlttdy Teat the several members of the War Fund Committee bo required to inform the per sons drawing such subsistence, to report to said committee In every case immediately alter a change of residence has taken place. Supervisor Charleston supported the motlom'and raid frauds had been committed. Supervisor Johnson said there were no frauds committed on the committee. Supervisor Charleston said numbers of soldiers wives were drawing the weekly allowance from the county, while* at the same time their husbands had been olecharged from service, and were now earn ing good wage*. y On motion of Snperrlaor Shackford the matter was laid on the table. Supervisor Dalton from the committee to confa r with the citizens committee, said that some of the latter doubled the legality of the milter. StrpciYieor Bees moved that Col. Hough be requested to give his Tiews on the question to the Board. Col. Dough, on request of the BoanL stated he bad a conversation with Judge Arrington rela tive to the legality of paying saoetimtes. Ha said all the Board required to know was that the same bad been enlisted and credited to Cook county. It was just as legal the one way aa tbo other. Hta (the speaker's) opinion la that the bounty should be paid to all men credited to the county. Colonel Hancock held views similar to his. Supervisor McQlashen inquired if It would be legal to pay substitutes. Hr. Bough stated that it he were a large bolder of scrip he would not like to hare the bounty paid to substitutes. On motion of Supervisor Irwin, It was resolved to postpone action until this morning, 10 as to give tbe committee an opportunity to bring in a detailed report. On motion. Supervisor Steinmullcr’a resolution wan then taken op for action. Supervisor Shackford moved to indefinitely post pone. Lost-ayes, 21; nocs, 23. A vote was then taken on the resolution, and de clared carried. Supervisor Fancier offered the following, which was adopted: JZaolted, That the Supervisors be instrncted to Inquire and find out. In their respective wards and towns, what soldiers have returned from the war whose wives continue to draw from toe relief fund, that such payments may be stopped, and it shall be the duty of said Supervisors to report to the War Fund Committee—the same to bo done with out charge. SupervisorDrandoff offered the following, which, on motion, was referred to the Judiciary Com mittee : Whereas, With the rapid Increase or the popu lation of Cook county, the number of insane ami lunatic perse ns Las Increased to such an extent that only very Jew of this class of person* cm find accommodation is the State Asylum at Jack sonville; and Whereas, By fir the greater part of these un fortunate persons most of necessity be confined In ,the County pbor Xlouce. which has no faculties for their proi»er and edentlflc treatment; therefore, belt Betoked, That thU Board petition- the next Legislature of this State for the passage of a hw anthorizlrg this county to erect and maintain a lunatic asylum for the exclusive use ot tbts county. Besotted , also, That the law ought to be so framed os to penult adjoining counties, who are willing tocontricste a proportionate share towards the erection and maintenance of the asylum, to partake of the benefits of said act. Btboited, further. That q copy of these resolu tions be sent to the Boards of Supervisors of the adjoining counties. • Supervisor Kingsley, from the Committee on Equalization of Taxes, submitted the following: your Committee on Equalization of Tixqa to whom was referred the several assessment rolls and railroad lists, having had the same under ad visement, beg leave to report that they have ex amined the same and recommend that ten per cent be added to the assessment tolls of the towns of South Chicago and Bvdc Park, and that S3 per cent he added to the assessment roll of the town of Pa los, and that deductions be made from the follow* Imr assessment rolls, as follows: Evanston 5 per cent, Maine 5, New Trier 10, Rich 10. Bloom 16, Bremen 15, Calomel 15, Cicero 15, Elk Grove 15, Jefferson 15, Lake View 15, Lemont 15. Lyons 15. Elies 15. Nortbflcld 15,Orland 15, Pal atine 15, Scfaacmbcrs 15, Thornton 15, Wheeling 15, Worth 15, Lake 25, Leyden 25, Barrington 25, Proviso 80. The Committee recommended that no change be made in tbe assessment ol rolls in the towns.of North Chicago, West Chicago and Hanover, nor in the railroad bios. On motion of Supervisor Rased], a committee of three was appointed to confer by telegraph with Washington In relation to tbe draft, asslng that the county be drafted as a unit, if the draft come off. The Chair appolatedSoperrisors Russell, Chand ler and Gormlcy. On motion ot Supervisor Irwlu. an appropria tion of SIOO was made on behalf of the Teachers' Institute. Supervisor Johnson called the attention of thy Board to the fact that eighteen soldiers, mnstero > in at Springfield, and credited to Cook county, had sned the county for the bounty. On motion, the matter was referred to tbe Ju diciary Committee. Adjourned until 7 X o'clock p. m. ETEKDTO SESSION. Pursuant to adjournment, tbe Board met at 7«J o'clock p, m., the Zhesldeot in the chair. After the Clerk had called the roll, the Board commenced drawing Jurors for the fail term, at the completion of which Iho Board adjourned until 10 o’clock this morn ing. ' The Etareton Cram Bake.—The hundreds 0 people who participated in the festivities of that occasion yesterday will not soon forget tbe joyous scenes. Many went to gratify cariosity, having never eat down by tbe seashore to roast these ex cellent bivalves In tbe primitive way. Bat the majority of the multitude were there to enjoy again the rich feast that they had loved so well when dwelling on tbe shores of New England- The long tables, extending for many hundred feet ou the sides of a hollow square in the lovely groves of that village, were loaded vfitb those edibles onr forefathers loved so well, and the hosts of hungry people were too many for those lengthy tables to accommodate. All partook free ly, voted the feast most excellent, and praised the people of Evanston generally and the projec. tore and managers especially. The multitude were served generously and gracefully by the ladies and gentlemen, from 1 to 3 o'clock, when they with drew to another portion ot tbe crove to listen to brief speeches from Rev. Dr. Tiffany, of Evanston, and Hon. J. T. Scammon, of Chicago, delivered In their, ever pleasing style. Onr orave soldiers were notlorgotten; their deeds of valor and many privations were spoken of in tones of eloquent sympathy. Mr. Scammon called for all m tb* assembly who were In fiivor of freedom against tyranny—liberty and true republicanism against bondage and tbe government of a rotten aristoc racy-in favor of rejoicing over the glorious vic tories of onr Federal troops, and of looking cheer folwhen tbe news of temporary disaster came.— to manifest it by raising Ihclr hands. And the the whole multitude lifted up tneir hands toward heaves. There was not a disloyal heart there. They then gave three hearty cheers for the Onion, nnd departed for home foil of happiness and— dams. . The proceeds, which we hope may prove ample, are for the completion ol the beautiful Baptist Cburth, now nearly finished, lu that village. Onradvlce—Go to the next Clam Bake, especial ly if it occurs at Evanston.' Coup Douglas—To ConEE?roxj>EHTS.—From tbe large number of unstamped letters asking for o reply received at C»mp Dtmeto, the following order has been rendered necessary : OrrfCE COMWIBSABT PIUSOKEBS, ) r»vp Douglas, Illinois, September 6. f CmcfLAß; Persons writing to the Commanding officer of this Camp, or to the Commissary of Pris oners, for tbe purpose of making inquiries in re gard to prlsdcew of war, are hereby notified that unless they inclose stamps to pay return postage, their communications will not be answered. By order of B J. Sweet, Colonel V. B. C,, Com- Lieut Cdlocol V. B C„ Commissary ol Prisoners. Axormm arbbst.— Two more of the young scamps who entered tho store of P. T. Sherlock were yeeteeday arrested by officers Sherman and Miller. They -were found at Decatur, where they had visited the State Fair for the purpose of dis posing of their plunder _ About $250 worth of goods wasrecovcredfromlhem, consisting pfeoia pens, portmonn&ies, and campaign medals. They were sent before Commissioner Williams.* The whole amount token from Mr. Sherlock is about SBOO. Hanging, &c.« Ac., at N, York prices. F. E. Bigby, €9 Randolph St. aaST-pT&i-SCt LOCAL MATTERS, Dr, James—lt la arid by those bavins occa sion lorsuch rervkeaasDr. James render*, to bate uo superior In tbe treatment of private disease*— or disuse* of (be genital or sexual %rgans. Dr. James practiced fifteen jean In New Orleans, thlr* tetn y»rs of w bidr time be conducted the 1 ttpesl hospital In the United Stales for the treatment or Private diseases, and tor tbe last twee jearabe bafl been practicing in Chicago. . . . Within the last fifteen years Dr. James baa treat ed more diseases of an infections ventreil charac ter sncccs sftilJj than any other doctor In the United States. Dr, James !• tbe only specialist treating the sex ual organa in the United States, that has testlmo niaia eulogistic of his professional skill and Proiessor* of Medical Colleges and hospitals In the United States that are ficlnff-uot In a foreign country—but can be referred to at any Dr. Jtmes* office and parlors are at 86 Randolph street, np stairs. Ten separate rooms. All con sultations confidential. Office hour* from 9 a. m. till s. p. m. selO-sSSO-lt A. "Condi,” “Cold,” or iznisud Throat, if allowed to progress, results in serious Pulmonary and Bronchial affections, oftentimes incurable. Broten'e Bronchial, Trodies reach di rectiy the affected parts and nv6 almost Instant relief. In Bronchitis, Asthma, and Catarrh they are beneficial. Obtain only the genuine “Brown s Bronchial Troches” wnlch hove proved their effi cacy by a teat of many years. Among testimoni als attesting their efficacy ate letters from B. H. Chapin, D. D, Newport: Henry Ward Be ocher, Brooklyn, N.Y sN. P. Willis. New York; Hon. C. A. Phelps. Pros. Mass. Senate; Dr. Q: P. Bijre low, Boston; Prof. Edward North, Clinton. N. T. Burgeons in the armv, and others of eminence, t Sold Bloomington Nursery.—acres fTuit, Ornamental ami Nursery slock, 40.000 Peach, 75,000 Pear. 100.000 Grape, &c. Scad red stamp lor new list. • F. K. PHfENIX. Bloomington, 111. sepll q877 2w d«fcw. Of* Direateaof the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems.-New and rellalle treatment —in reports of the Howard Association, Sent by mall In sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J, SkiUon Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, pa, . iva-mm-fia HEWS BT TELEGRAPH. MK. SEWARD 05 THE Address to tbe Lincoln Johnson Association at Washington—Dts Views of Bntj, the Draft, Ifto. • New York, Thursday, September 15.—Hon. William H. Seward was called upon at Washington on Tuesday evening, on bit return from the North, and he addressed them briefly as follows; Fellow Citizensl understand that yon are the Lincoln and Johnson Association of the District cfColarobia. jWc are.] Well, I inquire because it is well when people meet that each party should knon#>bo tbe others are. and I’ll tell von, there fore, who I am. lam a citizen who favor of the same ticket yon support—Llncolnand John-, son. lam lor them because they are the candi dates of the Union which we are fighting for. We have found it necessary U flsht for that cause, and when lam obliged to fight fora cause, lam the last nan that goes to the polls and votes against it. Fellow citizens. In a speech 1 m&do at Auburn, I said there would be no draft, because tbe army is being reinforced by 6.000 to 10,000 volunteers per day. The people of Auburn understood m<*, and cleared tbelr district ot the draft by volunteering. Patriotic men in Pniladelphla write mo that there they understood me to say that there will be no draft, and therefore they stop -volunteering. I avail myself, therefore. o( this occasion to correct Ibtix mistake by saying that, as grace can only show' itself by works, so the draft tcili surely come \fue do not volunteer and to prevent it. 1 hope that point la settled nrfw. - / Fe low citizens, tbe Democracy at Chicago, after waiting six weeks to see whether the war for tbe Union Is to succeed or fall, finally concluded that it would loll; therefore they went In for a nomina tion and platform to make that fact a sore thing by a cessation of hostilities and an abandonment of the contest. At Baltimore, on the contrary, we do teralned that there should be no each thing as failure, and therefore went In to eave the Union by battle to the last Sherman and Fsrragnt have knocked the bottom . out of tbe Chicago nominations, and the elections in Vermont and Maine prove that the Baltimore nominations are staonch and sound. Tbe issue Is thus squarely made up—McCJellan and disunion, or Lincoln and tbe Union. Have yon any doubt of the result on that issue ? |No, no. I Nor do 1 have any doubt. Many thanks, my friends, for this visit. Good bye. rium Louisiana, Blatters In Gen. Canhyis Department* New Took, Thursday, Sept. 15.—Prlvutelettera received here fromMorganza states that everything there Is progressing favorably. The order for the consolidation ot colored regiments was rescinded by General Caaby and General Ullman, who was authorized to take measures to have these forces teocrlted from p!amations.|Afew skeleton colored regiments were disbanded, the men being pat Into existing regiments, thus bringing them up to a more effective numerical standard. Quite a force of Union troops was being concen trated in the Mississippi river, cither in anticipa tion of amove by tbo rebels or for an offensive move. The rebels have a force of some 18,000 men, un der Gen. Walker and Paleynac, above Alexandria. Flying squads of rebels continue to hover on tbe bunks of the Mississippi to fire into steamers, but the indications, from the military movements about being projedted by G*ns;Canby and Rey nolds, arc that this will soon be stopped. The health of the army is good, and tbe morale of tbe colored troops is highly satisfactory. The’cotton crop in Loulßianaisnlmoßt a failure in Louisans from tneravages of the worn, which baa made Us appearance &a tar up as Vicksburg. It la reported that Brig. Gen. Oilman has pro posed to tbe President and Secretary of War the plan of establishing two camps of instruction for colored soldiers, one to be located and one la Mis souri or Loulelnant, for tbe purpose of collecting all colored recruit*, who shall be duly instructed in tbelr duties by experienced officers betore being put in the field. Tbe proposition is said to meet with much favor, as it is thought by thus collecting this force a reserve could always bo depended on for garrison and other dalles. FBOn HAEVE, Xlie Delon OToJorltywlll Reach 18,000 Atrocsva, Me,, Thursday, Sept. 15.—Official re turns have been received from 275 cities, towns and plantations, showing a total vote of 83,052, and a majority for Gov. Cony 0f15,31G. /The total vole yet to be beard from will amount to about 25,000, and will increase Gov. Cony's ma jority to nearly 16,000 or abont the same as last year. The total vote ot tbe State will be nearly 10.000 lees this year tbtn last. Returns from 110 representative districts show the election of! 02 Union and 17 Democratic Repre sentatives to tbe Legislature. TheSeaate is unan imously Union, and every connty In tbo Stato has been carried by the Union party. JFK O.IX TEXAS. The Rebel* Enrolling the Slaves—Boh* . elTroops Cro** tbe JUlislnslppl—Tbe Unionists JPonlrylD;; IZntzus ganti* ago./ __ "" Naw York, Thursday, Sept 13.—We have news. from Texas papers as late as tbe Slat Ultimo. An ordsr has been issued by Kirby Smith to en roll ell male negroes, tree ana slave, for army serv ice. .A Shreveport correspondent says Polignac’s and Walker’s divisions have crossed tbe Mississippi, and are said to have gone to Mobile. Tbo corres pondent thinks they will not stop short of Atlanta. A destructive fixe occurred at Galveston on the 16th.’ Brownsville Is reported to have been almost en tirely descried. The Federal* have fortified Brazos Santiago, and will probably remain there, dose the port, and then blockade again. FBOS EUBOP£. New York, Thursday Sept. IB.—Tbe following are tbe Arabia’s advices: The London Bally Scwe bss an editorial on tbs American peace rumors, and contends that tbe North cannot submit to terms oa which Jeff. Davis Is prepared to treat for peace, and argues that unless tbe Sootbcm terms are lowered there can be nothin" but war. It is asserted that active negotiations are going on in Paris and Burin relative to theevacaaiion of Home. V COMMERCIAL Richardson, Spence & Co., and B. A, & C., report Four dull and tending downward. Wheat fiat and quotations barely maintained: Rsd Western 73a Bd@Br£d; Red Southern Be3d®Bs6d; Whit? Western BsCd®9s3d. Corn dull and Gd lower on tbe week; Mixed 29sGd. Provisions heavy, ex cept Lard, which Is buoyant. W. N. & Co., and G. B, & Co. report Beef very dull, and 2.*Gd lower. Fork easier and dull. Bacon firmer and Gd higher. Lard active and %a higher on the week; sales at 44fi@45sCd. Buterflrm. Sugars—Dull. Coffee firm. Rice flat. Petroleum steady and Id lair demand; refined 2fiCd@2s34. London Market—Barings’ Circular reports Breadstuff's steady, Sogarquletand steady. Coffee firm. lavEßPOon, Sept. 9—p. m..—Cotton doll au-1 prices weak. Breadstuff* quiet and steady. Pro visions dull but steady and unchanged. London, Sept. B—p m.—Consols for money closed at BS&SSX; Illinois Central shares 47@4C discount; Erie 40® 12. ' Destructive Fire at ton? Bloomington, 111., Thursday, Sept. 15.—The large flouring mill of Eram & Robinson bos been burned to the ground, together with the corn-crib attached. Tbe warehouse contained five thousand bushels of wheat and a large quantity of flour. Total loss $25,000; Insured for $14,1X0. * lowa Central Sanitary Fair* Muscatine, lowa, Thursday, Sept, 15.—The lowa Central Sanitary Fair Is atlU a greater success to day than yesterday. The grounds are crowded with visitors The receipts will reach several thousands to-day. It Is estimated that the entire receipts will not he lees than $25,000. / From tbe Shenandoah Talley* New York, Thursday. Sept. 15.—Tho Herald’s correspondent with Sheridan, 13th, says: Yes terday a reconnoiesance developed the fact that the enemy was still in force in the vicinity of Banker Hill, and a short but sharp skirmish ensued. Death ora Clcrsrymon* New York, Thursday, Sent. 15.—Rev. George Bales, D. D„ pastor of tbo Presbyterian Church Ip University Place, died at bis residence, tn this xliy to-day, in the 83d year of his age. Markets by Telegraph. fflllwanvea mnrfcau [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee. Thursday,, . Flour—lnactive. Doldcis firm; buyers refuse to advance.' Obain—Wheat—Receipts. B,SCO bus, stains: 8.310 hns corresponding day last year. Market opened At |l r0i.99. sales bus at $15701.*8 on ’Change; 87,a0 bus at 11.95X0195— closing heavy. Oats quiet and unchanged, sales one car at 695 delivered. Corn—no change. Freight a—Unchanged—Sc for wheat to Buffalo. ' Cincinnati Market. [Special Dispatch to tbs Cnicago Tribune.] Cincinnati. Taurilay. Sept. 15,1851. Fwub-A good demand for superfine at $9.75. and extra at $9.75910X0. WmsxY—Ho change In prices*. SSO brls told at $1.76. Pbovisioss—A continued quiet market. The only sale was JW,WO tsb bacon sldfeaatWJjc pocked. No demand for bulk meats, lard, or mess port. Guacr—'Wheat—A good demand for red at 12.(0 s Kentucky white is held at t2.03e8.10. Corn quiet demand light; ear held at *IU®LB« and H 25®U6 Oat'firm at 77®78e. Eye duliat|L«. Barley |U« ei.^forfan. GBOcxbibs—Market quiet. Coff» quoted at 433 COc. Eaw sugars 2S®2Bc. Molasses )LIB3LS9. fit. Louis lUaraei. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bt. Lome, Thirty. Tobacco—'Unchanged, Scraps <1C0(33,93• Green and damaged Lugs |10; laotorylto 00 planters do tl*H®U.73; common shipping leaf tie (fi®SOJC; medium do f31.00®)7.50; good.and hoc do t33.00®55.75; common and medlttn manufactur- Ins I oat 138.15. _ . . FLOtnj-Sa.w of extra at #IO.OO and doable extra at, s’o7l; fObr l *doubleextrsat 110.65; super at|Us; co Inspected and Otllver'd *lO 15. GnaiK.—Wheat - eales of 119 sack* •’fi • , I ®H ?•? Comateady:**Ui of whllS *t »158, aud yelljwat $1 w, sne yellow ana white at $1 £*■. WaiflCT—Nothing doing, aaa m*rkct dull at |u*s. Illlfioiu and Michigan Canal. [Special Dispatch to tbo Chicago Tribane ] Bricgxfobt, Thursdav, Sept. 15—1P ra * Clxaebd—Ora Morris, LaSalle, 98,9» ft lumber;. 8 A Douglas No 2. Stncca, 70.4(8 it lumber. [These boats areiylofbera waiting for txsnss!xrpm£nt.j Arrived—Lady Fraukl'n, Lfmnn*, 80 yds rubb'.e atone; H Q Lcetnis. do. 90 yds rubble rtoue; OBw do.tiye* oimen&ton bxosb* Mooarca. oati. 2,9 it as seeds: cotstitutioa. on oa»s,sJ6obo corn. 116brl* flour; Hu Gaylord,Lock port. 4,C09 bu oats, 3,100 bu barley. Vessels Paused Detroit* [Special Diepaich to the Chicago TribunAt Dstroit. Thursday, Copt. 15. . .Ur—Bed White and Bine, Rainbow. Dows—Wastexn Mttropofti, Nlcbola,Perew, JnpL ter. Bids, York State, Trowbridge, Baker. - Wind Northwest. New York market. Kjw York, Thursday, Sept. 15. roTTOW—DuII, at fi.Bo for mldollpguoiasd*. • FLoUB-fttf l'C berier.but ratbsr quiet, at |(0.1 r 9 I'Ao for extra Statr; t for extra round hcop Ohio; $11*50013.00 for trade brands—marset Cl WinoKY—Firmer. Western SI Sl3l.SlX—now held Bl G^Ari»—Wheat 2®Sc better and in fair demand; at $3.iC«2-70 for Chicago ipriig; $3 12®2.10 for Milwau kee club: 52.tC92.25 for ameer Uxisaukso; $?. 89 22C ter winter western; $2 3 «215 tor amber Mich igan. Corn dull at K3 tor mixed .western. Oats in moderate request at for-wfatern. corm-Vwr quit *»: previous prices. Scoaß—Dull- Cuba2o92 c. MoLsssaa Bui anonomtuallf nnenanged pnTßotaim—Quiet bat mm at previous ertces. Paovisioas-PtTkfirih with lairsemand tor par cell cn'the toot, but tees active for futuxe delivery closing heavy at I40XO&410o lor mess, sri 62140(3, CO t< r tew. *nd «S3 i 9-9.50 'o** nnms mess. B?efateady, with moderate demand. Prime mess beef dull and LLiuti al. uni meats outet but firm, at i6Hol9otor ahculfler* anuifcQiSc «cr.bams. Laid, shade dimer and more active, at KX&US* Sal;i ol 3>o brlsfor Pact..baler’s ooUon. uattcrquietandvery firm; held at 459 J 6c for Uhlo. and 45953 for Stale. Cbeeee firm ana steady ct 19037 c. New York Money and Stock' Market.'' Naw York. Thursday, Sept. 15. Horst—Scarcely so stringent, bat still firm at 7 31 C *{?TEBi.nio ExcHAJTQE-Qalet at ICBYO-O9K* Gold—A little nrmer vltu a more steady market; opened at 279. declining to >27, advancing to 03%, decbalngto227sf,«‘odcloalnrat3t2iK Govzsbiixm Stocks—More active and a little Shocks—Better; U8 6s WT* doupora I’OJ-a: do 5s lt-4Cscoupons 90;Tiettuxy SStslU; U S6» L year cerCSiH: Mo (a fcs; O * M cert 44; N T ClfSif; sne K3V*; do nfaloßj<s HudsonUßXl UU A I’D ocok ; ReaoinelSPXt M PittsHCY; N W pfd 85>f; RIIC7Y 5 Ft Wayne IM. , New York Gold Market. Nrw Took, Thursaay. Sept. 15. Gold baa been steady, and on tba whole Ona during the morning, with less ipecnlatlva movemmxtiban for acme cajapaet. There neen a eteaay demand lor cnstomei* QuotaUone opened at 213, and ttuctu ated ixom that figure down to 227 ana np again to S4B, and steady at that. t Oswego market. Übwroo. Thursday. Bept. 15 FLous—ln gcod demand sod uncaagei at 419.CC9 10.25 lor brands from No I spring; f1i.25@u.75 trom red winter; $1L00911.73 from white, and $11.730;2.09 lor XX. "* GRAin—Wheat oolctj rcd winter Indiana |2Ad Corn firm; No 1. Illinois $1.10; No 3do $1.43. Oats heio at b&e for western Cahal FhRiOQTS-Blsber. Camera asking 60c on flour, lie on wheat, and Lrifo on corn to N. Y. Bnflnio Market. Buttaxo, Thanday, Sept. 15—3 p. m. Ftoun—Dultanx In limited request GRAiit—Wheat—Cnicago spring,uninspected. $2/5. Other gradi a inactive an*, nominal. Cara—No sales. Held at fl.*7K* Oat* quiet and hell at T7O77JiC. Rye Barley nominal. 1 *hxskt—field at Fbbiqhts—Dnll. To new York-wheat. 17c; corn, IS; oats, IC9IOKC. Lake Ixports—F.onr, 7,916; wheat, 1,010; corn, 41,5ri; cat 8.93.595: rye, 17,293. cahal ExroßTfi—wheat, 15,739: c0m,45,183; oats, 37/iO. • Philadelphia Market. PnxLiDßLpnia, Thn sdsy evoriog, Flour—Very doll, with little export demand, and sales untmpcxtan r . "WHSAT—dull; Rad 12/&3LS7; White |2.70@3.!D. Larl—SUacy. 35Yc Petroleum—On I}. Crude 43013 c. 'WiniKV-Dnll. FUtsburg Oil ftloxfccc- Hcpt. 14. Crude Oil-The markavMaa dull; buyers were nut on baud. The pxlcev are too steep for them at pres ent. Salsa of 157 brls at 54c, package* returnea; 112 doatsoc, packages included. Largo lots could not be sold at anything like those figures. The stock on hand is increasing. , , Benzo'e—The oeuand seemr to be improving. Refined oils—Were not fancied. We dll bear of a single trac section. It would be Impossible to give correct figures. The stack on is not large. Detroit Grata Marhct-Sepc 14.' Wteat-Tte market for whlti toda> la nomlna'ly without **Btntial change, amber li lower. Atopeo* lor, 12/4H wmctftrt-a for No. 1 white, end $I8» ask ed ; for No- 9 white, $213 wa> notred and S3lB asked, Atc]ote,s2.23Wr*theb;et offer for No. 1; for No. t amber. »3.«J was tn» highest effer. Cora nomit al at aooot *1.43. Oats—lSeofiered on change. Barley— Under an active oem*nd and iimxted kUpplles. tne market has advanced to $3 5093.75 per 100 Bs.—Kyi— Demand good at Philadelphia Cattle Market—Sept. 12. • Tbe arrivals ol beef cat tie reached about 2.C03 head. belDgSOJiefs than last week. The offerings were m excess otthedemana, ana the market dull, some 433 bcadbelnr left over unsold. Prices were withjut at y material change, ranging at SiO.COOis.D9 (or com mon, fl*.tK’9U JO for fair, ana *lß.ooall 09 for eood and prime quality, (he 200 &s. Hogs were higher, and all offered, some 3,2(0 head, sola at |18.!O04I?J)J tholOOnsnetL Philadelphia Seed jMarket—Sept. 13.' , There Is very little Clover Seed offering, and some. small lots have been picked up at sl4 per bushel, at whicb rata it la wanted by the dealers, of Timothy we tc tc a eale ol fOO bushels at $6 59, and ICG bushels Flax Seed at $3.70 per trusbel. • Albany Barley Market—Sept. 13, Hamlet la saleable in car load—abont I.coo bu—at fj.toiortworowcd; 3,930 bn Lake Cbamplaln. tha fine lot afloat ibis season, was gold for malting here at ILi7K (>y Mes*rs. Glazier, Leonard St Co. A sale is reported here to have been made of part or whole of the lot of Canada Barley which reached Oswego on Saturday, at 52.56 at tnat point. CHICAGO LUMBER MARKET* TBUESSkT Evxstso, Sept. 15.1851. LUMBER—Received 3 eaterday 1,100.000 fast. With a mere limited acpplf, *he market continues active and firmer. The temporary decline of t1.0091.50 per thousand feet, which took place on Monday and Tuesday, owing to tbe extra receipts, and the want, oftock room, has patiea away, and tales have been made at last week’s quotations. - gniNGLSS—In fair demand. Market firm and unchanged. • UtTH—Received yesterday 45,«0 pcs. Market ac tive ana In moderate supply. Prices firm and un changed. . " CARGO SALES TO-DAT. Cargo ecor Stampede, from Grand Traverse Bay, aold by Hannah, Lay A Co., SCO/nfi feet lumber, largely'strips, S23XO; cargo schr Humboldt, from White Lake, sold by cone A O'Brien,B9,ooo feet lum ber X strips, balance boards, Ac., at $22-00; cargo ecbr McCtUlocb, from Unsktgon, sold by-Morton, 80X00 feet lumber, common mixed, H strips, at s3us, 25,1(0 lath at SIXtS; cargo ecbr Hubbard, from Sins. Keren, eold by Mason A Davis, 40.CC0 feey amber, X strips, balance assailed, at Ix2.oft; 3:o,Do)~pca laih at C 4.25: cargo prop Union, from Green Biy, anMby- O. Brewstcre e&t.'OO star shaved shingles at|s/0; U.ono A tbsved do at sUfi; 2CO.CCO As shaved at $5 50. Thtfoilowinz are me yard prices: Ltmßss—First Clear, V M......,.,........590.000.*5.09 Second Clear. V M 48X10932.00 Third Clear. V M 950.90 Stock Boardi 32.C-C93LCO Box or Select Beards 37.00e40.90 Common Boards 200^974.00 Fencing- $a.00u24.00 Coll Boards.. 916.00 Pint Clear Flooring, rough 4LCC950.Q0 Second Clear Flooring, r0ugh........ 40DMA5 «l Common Floonng.rongh..... 33X10930 00 Biding,clear,drefieed....TT.... 25.0C93?X0 Second Clear m’O92SOD LOUR Joists iLOCCA3S 00 Shaved Bblcxles, A. V M 5 2*9 SXO Shaved Shingles, No. 4.6:9 4.90 Shaved Shingle*, Star. 5759 6 C 0 CedarSbingies - 3509 3.75 Sawed Shingles, A. STS9 6 0c Sawed Shingles. No. 1 5A5® 5.73 Lath, 91JXQ pea 4/(9 5.00 Peats, 9 WOO. 1L0C913 M Pickets ; 3fl.DQ9a/.i " MABKIBD. “ In thl* city, Thutiday.Sent. VUh USt, by the Biv. Dr. Cummins, Vr. GEORGE 51.ATER an t Mtsa AMY G. BUTLER, second daughter of Qco. A.Butler, K-q., all of Ibis city. In this city, on Thuriday, Scot iSth, at tbo Church ct tbe Ascension, bribe Rev. S. Russell Jcnoi, W. B. BLATTER, Esq., M D.. and CwAka, daughter of Dr. J. B. Clark, ol this city. DIED. In this city, at 470 Nor'b Dearborn street, ofebo. leralnfantum, ALBERT-HKNUr, son of Henry J. and Alma Stave, aged 7 monthi aid 2t> days. These Bitters are prepared in pure Bourbon Whis ky, from a combination ol over twenty different kinds of roots, barks and herbs, which act In perfect concert one with the other, prepared from tbs origi nal formulaglvei by tbe great chief. Red Jacket, tc Dr. Chapin, who used them successfully tn bis prac tice for many years, and bv tbelr use gained so great a popularity lu tbe treatment aud care of Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Constipation, Sick and Nervous Headache. Fever and Ague, and all diseases arising from torpid liver and Indigestion persons suffering from eltberoftbesaioathsomedlseasea will finds sure cure by tbe use of these Bitten, which are perfectly pnre and free from all tbcaa drugs and poisons usu ally put up in such preparations and patmrd off ox an unsuspecting public. A single trial will convince tbe iron skeptical that In tbe BED JACKET there Is virtue which no other illtters possess. Xtcy ttreagtlieTi and invigorate tbo They are nnequaled lor general debility. They are a sure cure for. dyspepsia. They give a good and healthy appetite. They assist digestion. They are the best stimulant in existence. They are a preventive of Fever and Ague. They relieve constipation. They cure nervous headache. They are perfectly pure and palatable. The Red Jacket Bitters arc soldln quart bottles by all druggists usd dealers throughout tbs country. Call forlied Jacket and take no other Circulars to tbe trade supplied on application to BESNKTT PIETERS & CO., 21 Bluer Street* Chicago* Jyi-trtgSiy-ltewFUbp LSHanteß-ffiomsptmcettCe, WANTED—Correapondence, by TV two younc'ladles, whose object is simui? pleasure and with el’hor lailea or sen' tlemeo. single or married, old oryounr. Those ol flue lifrrar? taste and «oneatton preferred. Addre** GBRTRUDK BBOCKWAY and LSONA CDXLES. Elkhart, Indiana. telS-aiwu-it VV ANTED— Oorreepodance. . f f Two young g*nt»,of the Army of the Com- Pfiland, anxious to Increase tbelr ncqnalatance with .the lair sex. and unable, iron the nature of tbelr profession, to mate the usual - calls,” are desirous ot opening a correspondence with a dozen or more ■joorfr, amiable, and intelligent Uales. Onlect. dis cussed at length hereafter. Address CdAELTE 3£ATEON. Headquarters 2d Mich. v. V.cavand WILL GUAUAM, Co. B v 2d Mlch.y. V. Car'.via Nashville, Tenn. seis-aiii-it "TTT AN TED Correspoadence, by ▼j two of Uncla BaxnV bays, who have bsentrna tothe Stars and Stripes, have been to the service for threeytars-and m lor three more, with to opens correspondence with any number of yonng Udlea who may wish to respond. Object-love too and eoDiequeai'va Address.withphoioirraoi-. ♦ CHB” J,“ H.’* Co. C, 29ih ind, Chattanooga, Teno. \\t -ANTED -Correspondence. , ’ \ Twovettran soldiers, aged M and 33, with an Indefinite number of young ladiet, between the ares of 16 ana 53, ODlect—pastime and amnmment, Phr* tograpbH exchanged if desired. Address BAMMT HUNTER and JaUBS BIRD, Co. 1.58 th HI.. M Brlg.- edDlv.,lslh A, C,, Chattanooga,Tenn. HISSITJ-Jt a,IJ!U3CITtCUia. M° VICKE ~ THEATRE. BENEFIT 07 MR. CIIAUfFKAF* Whose enTte ensagemont has proved TaTCNFIIAST and Bbilliaitt. Tubatke CBownroßWhtPT. FRIDAY EVENING the ireat Drams of the tiuketofleavr-man. Becevrtdlaitweek wita nnaounnod applause by a laizs auQt-ue*. bo Oteds bn ru unable to orocura sta.s. lids ora-rahM never t>e«a as wed rendered .m Ameiie* as at present li tnls Theatre. Sir. Chanfzan sa Bneriy. Wr Nagle -M Baakshsw. Bi'U JoboKcn w May. hlMUcnn .m Bam. Saturday—THE OCTOGOON. QOh. WOOD'S MUSECTM. IJOL. J. H. WOOD AND B F. WHITMAN, Proprietors and Manager*. A new and be auU-ul DB'iP CURTAIN Eaa bees painted from an original d 3 iiga by Minasd Lewis. . TUESDAY, SEPT. iSrn, And every avenlar until farther noace, wm be pre sented the grand Romantic Drama of THE DUKE’S MOTTO. Henri de Laeadere Mr. Fr&nh Aiken CtnlfiuTßU* tr r - McM-maa BJauche de Mils M*7 Howard Princess •••-Mxs.StoneaU Darmitbe piece a Song and Dance by Mbs lotta. PRlCES—Admission to Museum ana Lecture Room 2S cents: Children under twelve ytars. 15 cts; Dress Circle and Parauettc, W cents extro; Orchsaira Seau 75 cents; Private Boxes,** and V. no extra charee lor Reserved Seats; Box Book oo*a from lu A. m. to 6 of LecWe Room open at lx o’clock. Curtain rise* at 8- Carriages should can at i-x. riAN RICE’S GREAT SHOW. ONE WEEK ONLY! COMIENCIWO MONDAY, eel2-QB»6t TT ARIETY THEATRE* W Noa 113 and nlDearbom'hreet-.,' C.M,CHADWICK .Proprietor and Manager T.L. FITCH Acting and Stage Manager MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. stb, First appearance of the beautiful sisterf, EBTELLA Sc CEtIiSTINE ALSO. Ofr. J. n. CARLE, Tbe Great Bonjolst. . Immense succeea ot H'LLB EUSB, . CONSTANTINE. ° ° And WILLIAM SCOTT iroora open at 7K: Curtain mea at 8K o’clock. or Paions.—Parguette, 25 cents; Dress and Family cents; Private Boxes, $1; Blngie Beats la Boxes. 75 cents. auction Sales. Regular Saturday’s BALE. ' HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Carpeting, Parlor stove and Cooking Stereo, Beales, Horse. Wagon and Harcess. Ac, Ac. A.T JV.XJ C XXOIST v On BATUBDAT. Sept.jTth. at o'clock at Bat ters’ Auction Booms lu Portland Block. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.. Bel4-sTl:lt Auctioneers. TTNCLAIMED FREIGHT AT AUCTION, at tbe Waretonae of YVSI. IT. KEOGH. 2S Hirer Street, .AT,?# O'CLOCK. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 16th v iell-172 St WM. A .DUTTHB3 A CO„ AuctTfl. LAW LIBRARY .A/T AUCTION. On FRIDAY, Sept. 16tb, at 7% o'clock P. Mm at But ten’ Auctlcn Bourns In Portland Block, corner ct Dearborn and Washington streets, a ■ VALUABLE LAW LIBRARY, Couflsltns of sbontflve hundred volumes belonging to a gentleman ot this city, who Is now in the United States Army. Tbe whole will be sold by catalogue wribeut isrerve. WH. A- BUTTitRi Se G-i , selSqSiiit Aucaoneers. L~Ai)iES* AND GENT’S WEAR ING APPAREL AT AUCTION H. ALEXANDER, IffJ Dearborn street, will sell this zaormnr, geptemoer iCtb. at 10 o'clock, a Laoy's Wardrobe, Bonnets, Dretiei. CoHararUndar Gar* zscLts, ft?. Also, Gent's Coats and Vesta. Beis-mnuibp GALE OF RICH FURNITURE KJ COBTIKUED BT OOBEET & SAUF9DIT, At tbelr S«lefsoo<us. 4*. 45 uaa 43 a*xeit. LABOE SALE OF Rich and Eletrant new ana second-hand Fur niture anaUrn«*p|g Carpets, AT AUCTION. On FI IDAY, Bepc. IStb. at 9M o’clock, at cur sa<e§- roemfl, alargoanaeleaont Assortment cl PakLUR SUITS, m Oil Walnut,oreenßepp and Hair Clotn, Mar ble Top i ab;es, in solid Rt sewood.Mshogaoy aul.Wal* nut. Bat frees. Parlor, Easy and Rocking Chairs, rich Book Cases and Secretaries Ja Rose woo a and Walnut. ELEGANT MARBLE TOP CHAMBER SUITS in Bciewood. Walndt and Chestnut, me attention of buyers la particularly Invited tc these goods. Dress ing Bureaus, Was tetania, Beceteads, Spring Beds and Bair Mattresses.' DINIno BOOM FURNITURE—Three rich solid Oak Msrb;e Top Sideboards, with wire backs, banded andscroUlegs, Extension Dining Tables. 19 and U It, Refretbmant Tabhs, Walnut Fall Leaf hxtenslou . Table, Plain and Carved Tip Oak Dmlng Chain, .Cane Sfat Chairs, Beckers and Sewing Chairs, Oak Ann Cbalis, Chfia's High Oak Dmlcg Cb Urs. Tae shove goods are aD first-class and warranted. Those wishing good goods and good furniture, will makes gieataavlne by attenningtn* sale. Alio, tbe eotue furniture of a family breaking up housekeeping, consisting of a general afsortment of narjor. chamber at d diningroom furnlture.cari>6fß l «c P GILBERT * SAMPSON, AaeVn. 'J'HE CARGO PER “ROMEO,” From Shanghae, Consisting of 6707 pkffs. Hyson 61 in, Twan« hay, UysonTwauhay, Young Dyson, Hyson, Imperial, Gunpowder, Congou, Soncli* one. Oolong’, Ufandaria mix ture, and IVatural Leaf Jo> pan Teas, Will be offered,by public sale, at tie storesol Meatrs. Gillespie, Moffatt & Go, St. Paul itrcet, Montreal, ON IDDBSD4Y, 22d SEPTEMBER. And Immediately after, SUGARS, TOBACCOS, WINES,' &C. TbcTeae can bs purchased In Bond Catalogues,.on applicailon. SAlji: atntNm O’CLOCK. sell 61(8-1-4*bo JOUXDEEMIwGd; CO . Auct’a. agagnteg^gmtg* TfJ ANTED—Agents to sell Frcsi- V * deaUal Campaign Medals and Badge Pins. Likenesses correct: woxkmaoab’p mpenoj. Prl<-e from $s to $-9 pet in). A samplo medal or pm, either In yellower white metal. 23 cent*. Addraia JObN STANTON, Stamp and Brand Cutter. a3»Fjtth-st, Cincinnati, Ohio. eei6*ga 10: VX7ANTED- Agents to sell V T Ketcbnm’i Improved Cottage Sowing Ma chine—the meat saleable machine xn the market. Unrivalled tot beauty, durdbiUty, and certainty of stitch. Price twenty dollars. Every genuine ms* chin- baa Eetcbom'i name cn the pi ice. KETCUUM A CO., F.O. Box aCCg. Chicago, 111 Bel6*aio7ll VV ANTED—Agents to sell my t T new eogravlnif entitled “Home on Furlough.'* Cue of my otd agents writes mo ne never hdl aav thing to cell like 11. Disabled soldiers and othrig will find this a coed chance to make money. Apply ar once to SAMUEL PIKE. Bos S2SS, Chicago, 111. Office 16 Portland Block. \T4&*34<*tl TAT A NTED—Agents to know tbit ' » v tbe place to get Campaign Medals. Bideei, Steel ButsraviKff". Card Portraits of tbe candidates, andailbmdßof CampaignGooaachtao, 1* at Mo.I Scnth Cart streer. cor. of Water, up stairs, over Preston, v> iiiard * Keao’i Bank. Card portraits, It 0 Tatie.les.t2 Gem Bad««,|sperXCo; weda!s li.lope, oez.; Lithographic Prists. too varieties, *7 period. One meat Camoatgn Prize Package is cow reaov. Foil cata'ognea furnished Addtess GOLDEaT & SAMifaNS, >’o. 1 Booth Clark street. Chicago. * TX7AKTED—Agents and Dealers Ti Itevrtrcity.townand«:uity.toaal.oarnaw campaign Bad<?*3, M»DAts, Fr-aas.&c. Aren's can male 125 per week reilirff thsm. Circulais. pivuur prices, let ton rrceint of s amp. or samples sent t-:r soecAta J- T. CUIXIKG &CO., 61S. Chirk street. P. O. Box 613. seia-aiM-2t WANTED —Agen:s to sell my T T flUy moec valoablenew receipts and methods of emplcj c-eat. a peats ore making from f-'-OO to HSiopcc. day, according to their badness abilities, beat IziQ on receipt of fl CO and red stamp (Toey are wonh llwti aav ptxv.n ) Htbtj family should have them- Address 8. T. DKPOS3, 83 f»awaa-Bt~ M. y- Boom 4. • aeli-gss^ot "VX/'AHTED —Agents to sell out v T nnrlvaßed Prize Packages, and also to can va«g fer our Photograph Albums. War slaps, and ether fast selling and popular works. We have a very .fine aatertmentof Cant Pho’ograpbs. Steel Engrav lugs, ac. We are nowjmttlsg up a new Kyle of Prize Package that is snpmox to any others sold. Send for circulate to C.M. DUNN A CO-.152 «o. Clark street, Chicago, Illinois. Bat3*q97l-Ct YJ\7 ANTED—Agents front new ft book: “Mobqas ajtd His Captors ;’* one handsome octavo volume, nearly four bundredpages. Pxlce $1.75. No clrcnmstanets of the rebellion have' developed better material foran Interesting and in structive volume than tbe great raliis of John Mor gan. The work Is replete with thrilling incidents, which, whlleihey do not detract from its meric as authentic history, invest the narrative with all the charms cf remasee. and serve to illustrate the say ing. that” truti is soznttlcea stranger than fiction.” C-F.VSST&CO, Publishers, 38 Wen Fourb-st., Cinclnntn. Ohio. 112 Dearborn- Chicago. Id. sel2-q9U*6t T\f ANTED—Disabled Officers and T t Soldiers, honorablj dlschargsd from the ser vice. and tn west cf profitable employment,peculiar lyadapted to tbelr condition, should address Post Office Drawer 0614, Cbleaco, Illinois, civfrg date of duenarge. and name 01 company and regiment discharged Crcm._ »eUq9li«6t '^7'ANTED —Agents in this city ▼ J and every town and county west for History Ol the War. Nonnern and Southern Bides, and othar popular family works. Address, with stamps, s. M. KfiNNBDYj PabUahcx, 196 Clark street, Chicago. XXTaJNTED—SIOO per Month, Ao- YYttve and Rsllabla Agentt in tba Army and everywhere elseJs tbsnoft lucrative b*alness known. Honorable and no risk. Address or applytoT. 40. GAU6EAN. 111! Broadwav. N. T. ivT3-n3lO-3m Lical 32statcs=(Etnmtrg. T?OK SALE—A village and depot X? farm,lCO acres, prairie and Umber,streamorwa ter, orchard, house, barn, kralneiy; steer, grain, jarmltg loofr.borses. wagons, carriage, farnttnrs, everything. «lca«?spe, sixty mires w«tol Chi cago. K.h. CUMMING3,I32 Clark sfreet. selS(l63-2S ; F3B SALK —Ths “Lawrence Man or” Farm. Th'stotm consists of 400 acres, divi ded Into lota oi fromstow acres, (103 in tame grass meadow,) extensive buildings, orecatda. Ac . Ac., and all In complete order, for a f'ntlamaato country seat and farm combined. Lays within ik boor*’ ride from Chicago* and 4 miles south of N'ewLeuox depot, on Rock Island Rallzcad. Productive cltv oranerty would be taken In part payment. Price. tSOperacre. ael4-577»2W CTOR SALE—A Valuable Farm. J? The lutscrlber offers tor sals bis farm of a*»ot 700 acres* situated on the Chicago and Rock Island Ballrcad and Illinois andltchigan Canal. In Grundy County. Illinois, mty six miles west of Chicago, and three and a half miles northeast of the city of Moms. This farm la watered by the Anxsable Creec. a fine, healthy rock bottomed stroam, running through ths north part ard by the canal on the south line. There is a luge grain warehouse wlthiu one half mile from the farm, affording all lacUitlea tor shipping grain di rect from, the form. . _ About 20 acres on the north stle of the farm are good Umber, and the balance prairie. Toe (arm la well adapter for both a atock.and ziain (arm, and baa lewiuperlorsln Northern UUnoU for stock. I will sell the tormina body, or will clvldo it Into two parts, giving to each an equal portion ol timber and pialn». price- IJS per acre; one half cash, tbs balance on long time, oa bond and mortgage* with sjven per cert Interest, payable anndaliy* .„ _ For flutter particulars inquire of c. J. CHAPIN, Chicago, or C.H,GOQLOi ilcrrU. Iblaela, SSVftK KATAkNItIi WHITS* JiSllanJcO —Substitutes. "TXT'ANTED -Becnuu, vilacteers, fT and substitutes Tonwtllrecelveth#highs#t CASH BOT7VTT: paid tS bSCO. Ifi the Ctt?. DO BOt 06 deceive; b> aid bogus concerns. Bill Rxdpatu u the inperinteaoent, audaov one 'Bill Ml 70a whether his void 11 coou or nos. 03 SiathClars street. la tho basement. WANTED - E'er the Veteran Re serv# Corps all men who have lerred two in tbs arms or marlue corn# of tbe UniiedSutej. aod avehernhocoiaDlyduTharr ed oj reason 01 expiration of term ot Service- Also, those honorably discharged iof teaioni of wounds or diiab’ltty. miybaeaiwcdin vheF.rst Battalion of tbo Vetcian Keokpre Co’os, for three yrsra. A few mnaiclaca it tbe flneb-md 01 tbe ?t*i UigtmsatV. £C*. are wanted. For further parleularsap-jlv as the Ji mary Proves: M>r»hal’# office. Bo 15 Bin* d>.lphttzest,between thehouraof 9 tad u o’ A.M. 8015-»UT-3i TTTANTED—To to the maoy \ ▼ pa*M« sin other State# who -bay# applied to U4 tofnruljh theta aabaatut*#, that we have confined oar operations to tbe County »f Cook tcalalv. and bate not and do oot intend to foralsb any m-n to o* °ri OHM W *be quote of any State but WILLSON * ULT&IA*.4SO«i-«/ wtS-aitt-U WANTED —To infujm tha public that we are prepared to rarciab Substitute# at tbe price tor which they can now be pro* cared* Debit# are* dingerom. F;r<t c ‘as, ant served. WELL3ON & SLSERIAM.4S CUrx street, Chicago. aids TV" ANTED—That those subject T T to draft thnnld understand that the dpiapost taabner ol avoiding the nas 01 »beiag forced into tna army Is to pay willson * US4rttasi.4SCl.rk street. Two Hundred and Fifty' Dollars, to insure them cab>titatea la case tcey are drsltau~ Call aad tee about It. aelLstt&u TV Ah XKD—Substitutes for the ▼ V army and aary, for one. two or three years, and tlie highest bounty paid, at tbe Central We<turo wt: claim Agency 0/ WILLSON * MSRKIAM, -»S Clark meet. aexs-i2os*lt TVANTED—Chicago, Hi,, Stpt, T T mth If 64.—A1l to take notice, that Cook County ,• row prepared to pay tsco LocalEoua’7 tor one year recruits, and tbe Government la paying One Huaureu L’o.lin additional bounty ior 00a year, two hQLdjed for two yean, Uiree hutdredfor three years. Having rectlved authority from, i.ant. Harty, Cam.- • manctac naval Rendezvous, tn recruit tsea for the Gunboat and Nav*i service, to ha credited t r Cook County. 11l > we solicit laudsimn. seamen and ordi nary teamen, yoexuan. firemen aud coal beavers, token for one, t»o and ihrea years. There win be a surgeon. tc ei-.mlaa men at tha tegular hones, u tol* JcwsMr.m 10'ol‘i A. M, and frotna totp.M.,at tbe Recruiting Office or WM MURPHY & CO., corner cf Bandoloh and Laialle tue ate, la the b Aiemant. ael3*a&3t "W ANTED.—Nonce Cnioago, V 7 ill .September 1,1561. A Branch Office of tbe Surpecns has barnestaDitahed at the cornT of Ran dolph and Larklle atrreta. attbo officaotMUßPlllf ts co. There will be a sunreou la aneodtnee at tegu lar hoars, to examine recruits rot tbe United States Navy. Five hundred ship carpenters a. d two hun dred cauls era wanted. «iood wages will oe given. By order of D. HaKrr, Acting Voi Ueut, D, S. bavy, Ccm. Bentiezvous. ae!3 s6-5t 1 \\f AN TED.—Noiicfc.—C h 1 c ago, T T JU-. Beptomber l, !Kt. a Branch Office o< the Burgeons baa been established at tlie corner of Kan* dotph ana ljualir streets, at the office of UUBPU7 & CO There will be a surgeon m attendance at regular hours to examine recruits for tba'Uaited Stales Navy live hundred ship caroentera and two buncred caulkers wanted. Good irsTea wlUbs given. Py orcer of JOHN d, HAUTT, AcJng Vol Lieu:. u. B Kayy, Com. Rendezvous. sel3 56 5t TV ANTED.—Notice.— Chicago, TV UK, Seoi ember MSB*. A Branch Offlea oTtho Suxgeoßstasb'en eatabluheil atiaecorner of Ran dolph end Local e streets at the offlea of MURPHY A CO. fibere will be a surgeon m attesdauca at reg ular bears to examine rec. alts tor the Übtted States Navy. Five hundred ship carpenters audtwo hun dred caulkers warned. Gooutwages will ha glean. By order of JOHN D HARXT, Acting VoULteuL D. C. Navy, Com. Rendezvous. seffi-eMt TV ANTED Dratted men ot the y y city of Chicago and State of Illinois to know that they can be furnished representatives sttbemost reasonable terns aod the shortest notice, by address- Isg Lcea Bex HU63-or applying at the corner of Bacdclph snd Lasalle streets, in the basement. sel3a£st W. MURPHY A CO. W ANTED -1 nbotitntea and rep »y reientativesat tha cornercf-Bandolpn aed Larallcstr-ets. in the basement. Call and get tea highest cash bounty that Is now paid la the dty. seiS-aWt W. MURPHY A CO. WANTED Kecnuts rdi- U. S. y y Gunboat service A few more voting men wanted. Gre»t inducements offered. Local bourtias now paid and the behest wages gives. Parties bring, lug us recruit- wilt be liberally rewarded. Call at the comer of Bsndolpb and Lasa}e sveets.tnthe base ment. [9*l2*#s*SC] W. MURPHY A CO. TV AN TED 50 Goa’ooitm6c im* v y mediately. Gall at the comer ol Randolph ano Lasalle streets. Metropolitan Block, la the base ment, recruiting office of* - WM. MT7 *-PUY A CO, Call and get tha highest bounty paid In cash in haao. aeffisQSt WANTED—Recruits fur the Hu :- y y boatservlee. A few more young men wanted. Great inducements offered local bountt's cow paid and the highest wages given. Percies bringing aa re crul’s wdi be liberally rewarded. Cull at the corner of R*sdoiph and Lasalle streets, in the basement. iel3*.&st W. MURPHY A CO. TVANTED Substitutes. Dear y y Sirs, after yon have canvassed tbo city of Chicago, we would like for you to give ns the last call, and it will then be for von to say if weciaaot give the largest bounty to substitutes, and P.epre sentatxvef entering the U. 8. service, for any period from one to three years. Choice or semes and regiment gives. Gunboat men taken for oae. two and three if sou wish honorable dealing give us a call at the comer of Randolph aad Lasalle street, in the basement. WM. MURPHY a CO. af 13 seat ifet Sale. TTOB SALE - Horse, boggy, and A? and harnef p. Apply at 115 Lake*st (up-stairs), between W acd l o’clock. sais-am at TTOR SALE—Cneap, a first class X 1 sew and shifting too>bu?gy; can be steaafi WBIQHX A cURHiKB’d Livery stable, Michigan street, opposite North Market. leltvat'-H-dt FOE SALK Tne stock, fixtures, goodwill and lease of a well established and psyhu family grocery. Batlstaetory gtvea for seMng out- Apply at north east corner of >oftb DcatDorn and Huiousti. Chicago. IU. aalS »193 K VOK SALE—A Drug Store for X sale—one of tbe best paying stores, in one of tte most fiouisblng cities eftha central part of the State, dc log a wboietale and retail butlnew, assured, Incraaslng ana profitable, an energetic buitnea# man.wuna capital of <;2,C00 to «ts,ou, will find it an inviting offer Reter to BURMHAM9 A VAN bCHAACG, Drugglata, Chicago salG eiSC-lt FOR SALE—A firstdass Family Horte (perfectly gentle and kind) and Light Wascu, with one or two feats, suitable for one or two Horace; aim, a single Hanesa. Oat be seen by add easing 4 J N n,” care Drawer 6361, sei6 rffi 8c VOR SALK—A Salocn doing a i good buffrese, 204 Ktaxie street, comer North Dearborn. _ __ seift-eia^SC lOi'R SALE.—To reiic hunters. For tale, a complete sett ol American Copper Ccms &om 1793 to t?o4; also, about &OForelgn Colas, rotte of them very rare; also, about ICO Brass and Copper Mcdslt, xckens. Store Card, Ac, With tha stave Is a Sliver Dollar of 1775 They can be seen at 273 Farquar street, or bvaddresflng me tnrouab tbs Poet Office, Chicago, Hi. C. F. ANTHONY. «els*BlC6*ft - - SALE - Bohineas, Aninter- JL. eit in an established buslnets—an excellent cbanca: twocottaaescasesaad lots; several bast* nee# places bouses. lots, f*rma and lands. A. J. HaLE, Real Estate ana Commercial Broker, 95 Washington street BoomJNO. 4. BsX5-s2is-ltA FOR SALE—A Photograph Git!- lery contrail) located, fine llett, ana evervtMig in coxrpleie running order. - Adarea, Bax 3365. CMcajic. ael6*aio3 it XTOR SALE—A fi.tten horse power X 1 erglre and holler complete, at a hire on Can at 11 tf Water street. J. C, ESZNOR. lelO-KtlllE VOR SALE—A brick house of 14 X rooms, a'l the modem improvements, on Adams street, near Backer; aorlck noma of ll roomsaud icton Wtilatd place, between Washington andßaa dolpb streets; two new rrams hoasss aod lots cn Pars avtnue, near Union Park: a sew two*«totv lramehou#e.v», and 10t73 bylSO ice;, with barn, on Park avenue, near Uccoin-n,; a>no, a number of other bouses and tots, building lots,river lots. Ac. SAMUEL A. SARGENT, B;ai £BtateAgeuc*No.4Metropoltan Block. seit-eUn VOR SALE—Theßaiiroad Ea'ing X housebuilding and furniture, for tI.CCO. situated tn the town of Pant. IFfnola Junction or the Illinois Central and Ten e Haute Ratiroaa—the nes; place to n ake money la the State. Inquire at 33 Glark-at.. or address WM. MUCT, Pans, HL aels H37*3t DR SALE—The stock, fixtures, 3 good will, and lease of a well established and paving watch Jewelry, snd fancy goods store. Ca-h price $3,500. Satisfactory raaeons gmmfir silling oat.'napnilcaiion at No. 167 South Clark street, Cbicsgo,nL iei3ai69-zt "ODR SALE - Cheau.. One ele- X Piano Posts, rose wood cue, carvel le«a. with aUmcdern Unprovetntutß: cannot bAexeshed in tore and finish. Also, avanctv offini* furniture, fur sale by < fIAKLiS UILNOR TAYLOR. An'-Clou etr and Commlsalba Merchant, 51 Randolph axeer. B«15*B170 26 • 17 OR SALE—A first dasa Eatine* X' and Drinking saloon, now dots? a splendid bust ncei, lease, »*ock and dxrurrs. will be sold reason*, bio. It appboo for soon- Satisfactory reasons for leaving. Call qt 313 South Ciarkstreet- geii-sffl-lc Tf’Oß At a bargain. A X wrll (mulshed Restaurant, enjoying a weH-pty. irgand respectable cuitom The restaurant is lira sled cn the South Side, in the mlost of the business part cf the city, a lease lor a term of years win be transferred to tbe purchaser. Addzeae R. JUSaBN, No- 13 Larmon Block. P.0.80x 4366 E&U-MV'gC FDR SALE—The Burlington House Saloon, with stock, flxtates and one bill iard table, situated on the corner of Canal and North streets* Inquire li the saloon- seiS qUSI-lt TJ’OR SALE—A West Side grocary X. Jmslnest laibc West Division. The neiehbor boodißCXcebent and the patronage good. Win cs “Wcheagtorcash. AddressP.o?Bo*3s43. F)R SALE—At Amboy, oc lil nela Central Railroad, a good Warehouse- with eißTßtor and best of faclittlM lor bandllM gratoT It S ff !f£. a opportunity, for grain, coal and lumber to EDWARD hAIB, M Jota T. i'/oi B ir arnD n er . Office, comer Cana! ana Car- SJL 9t° 10 o’clock A. or addraw Post Office Box 3673. *ell-qß4t-?c UOR SALEr—Cbeap, a stosm flour* lenownastbe E*gle Mills, at Princeton Illinois, with four ran of French fln*r». capable of manufacturing 200 bb)s.of floor every 21 hours, with a three story warehouse attached, with a capacity for storing JS.Ofo bushels of grain,located on the track of the C.B 4Q.K.8. Will be sold on favorable terms. For pirticuiara apply on tha preclMs. or address PKTBOW A MOSB, Princeton, g&3-qSO-?w UTo Ifent. TO BENT—With boaifi, a large (lost room usd 010-et. untoal*t«U » • A™*!’; man ana lady: also, a rooia. saitable f.r two tt&rcmen. Apply at *-233 BUn ts sti-ec. selfl-eiant , - TO BENT Store on fir-t floor, •with o- without foralture. and two rooms on 8d fltar7ariWed for a good dwelling, with watej.gas, ttof on like street: For paiifcu arl. address •• w fl T," Tnhane office. saiasiw 11 rpo RENT— SO New Bianca, also H a larce assortment ol Piano#. Ue'odeana a’d rirzars f*r sale on tha most favorably terms. W. W, fr-|\[«4t.T-143 Lake street. eel 3 q9is-lm TO KENT —Two story housd with eight rooms, on the North Side, ten mlant-s walk irom Court Hcnu*. Rert S3) per month. Ad a*e«9. with references "PCH, t ’P.O. Box 4199. te15119 3t TO RENT—A ccttaue cn Hoyne B*rr et.« Jackson aad Von Baran streitv. convenient to iladlson street ears, eontatniuz tis room#. Th're 1# a good well of water, and sirert ra iheya.d. Applyto Chari*# Morris, on nrem<se.« t or to Alex. Barnett, 00 Washington street, wat. >l3p»rmocth. - se2K>ls-2t l,ost. LOST— On South Cldrk or Dear tjorn rtr>*(«. itolw to McVlcto’i Tbeitre a tody’s gold »seeve-bUttoß aad cuff, engraved C. * The flnder wIU ba liberally rewarded by returning it to this office, or liaAdama-st. sei3 aU52t LOST —Willy Savage, a boy nine J yean of ize*. bw l*nra Npß aye*. fair hair, and 'jrwwdlna datkfrar mixedlinen amt, rtnnr bat. Left tie Colleae ol >otxe pone, tout* Bead, lad., on me lit of September. _ Any Information of him, leit at the Centred Polled Station. wIU be anuabir re warded. itls-aUo*3t asaantra. ANTED—To imc a small rur aeW •* •adt 4 Address •• a." Box 1 630. WANTED-- Information of Martha Steel, a colored tul. about OJrt; when last heard of was at Cairo. Aa»!ar®?i!? tion concerns* her will b thaakioOv receive moibei. SA&all of 51. Uulbw. ei J.r/ Bardia Co.. lowa. * \U ANTED —A situation by a T * SGU3C mta tlj.t DQi:.r>tuid. ilMti r taaic.e.ri 01 hone... harre*. “ W H." 80. -N... 0 «Ss »?s; w* 4 * 010 la 9 9o ' IU, o«»1™;; VI/ ANTED—Peraons ont ofem- V T ploymrat may hear of a bnllnes# by addrswiß* Box ij>94.Chicttao PoetOfflcw. »tu*ngoccaoiuon length oi tunsarctidint of tna city, ana taetr #a** diers sellsiaa» \\ ANTED-One bundled m=n to f T earn from Twen y-Five to OueQundr*c Dol lars awesk. m amostbooorabia tm*lre». hack oae nan have ircm »tj to JiW to begin with. oaUas 347 A.u;b Clark street, np suixa, room 14, or send 25 ernte for further instructions to Post Office DraaerQ337, Chicago, HI. aasa:Bßit VT/ ANlED—Toient, asmiii Hone, f* or rooms suitable for housekeeping,-for ■. small facnllr, in a good and ace’sslbielocAUou. Ad dress •»hKi , yOLD3, ,, Ssx34H3- saias»9 It . WANTED lmmediately two f f loccl carnage body makers. None hut gpoa wotkn;%o a -. t a *p D i T . AOfirer* J*3. WU'HKT, Jr., P* O. Lux b7J, bptlngfleio, DL saXS^htlt •WANTED—Ecnoational. An *nd»hA^f!f 4a . ,entlinJ * ,, » • eradoato of Amhrm, 1,“ v < lf? c * l .T'd tin musical c lucatlon la Germany, “’‘A"? wlte, c talrooa cf taking eh*rao of we M?fcWufced a 7em*v*A D< * ba’utiag dupartmeao in some cMK plob' :nc v! cltoL -Vdrtrew H. BRIGGS. W ' BX * WANTED—A firtt cksa mUimer, tX; wlm’sfisiv a ',7 ss 00 r.LITU, fAi! K 4 COl -15 .m ft f wl * L * U nx.j acilSitMdaj. “«a»-lTUjs.tMjj WANTED-A good saw & ier to a^sssjf* "\J\T ANTED -A compfctuiiiieicfc^r /^ Ea J*) to teach the E gllsb braochea, and a 1 ? a D^ lTa A e ,a «H».la tb# coaatry. £ .r r H s^,t-r Ji ortfe, . rL '?- RelateaCtaMUttiisd. Ad* d.SE.. for two days,ytating prci* per moott or ys*r kina uince of,-Jamas a dich* EjlaOW. OS WasntiKton-at. *e.S>aiA»t \V ANTED - Vy a ycung mac, a J t graduate 01 Duff’# Mercantile Coltere. a ita atlonasarilstaTCbookkeeperor entry clerk.* caa give soodtvfereacts. Address *P u?' friboae o£ flce - s*l6»3M3| ' TTTgiN TKD—A aiiuationaa ej«S* t T peer. Can give rood references *»t» ahmtv "“selSSl- o *?* Aadre ” “ W C.” P. o. Box U7U. WANTED —A ycuijg man desires In a nmai. familr. on tho Santh or avis stoa. Adtltess ♦ , c. ,t P.0.80x 034, "TTTANiEL'—A girl of twelve to ▼ T, fifteen yaara of are. to do light work in a small family. Appiy to 4lb Wabash aveaus. te!s-rU3-bt \\f ANTED—B- aru and fnminhed v T room.wltblntenmlnuteswslkafPostOfflee, by a young man.ior whichaUDoral pnee vm pe paid. Addieaiß. O.Box 333*4. self #174 -st T\7 aNtEjl-- J5.00 pej nuni,ftd or f T co per dozen for beauilftil phonographs, floltab.e fcraicui#. and warranted not to f»d-% #• . Khoail# » Co's, 13ti ticut'a Clark street* A largo Hzgdpnotograph fur SU selSsi.^Ji WAN 'i ED Tc xent,by 3ourgen tlamen.armte of furnished wrhaut board. Must oe within five minutes walk from Court House. Address, stating terms. As., Foss otnse Box 473 H. se 15-3173 ic VV ANTED—Life Insnrinod Soiio _T * itors. Liberal csmmJajicns paid. w ’ Ho. 3 Methodist Btcck. selSelJo-a; WANTaD- Ahimatioa as sales man, by a yours married man. In a wholesalo boot auusbee heuse. Is thorou#bly pcsUd tutbj bnalneas, ted has an extennn acqhalntance in tho reubborlig Statea Bast city rrfereneea glvea. Address, -Dicngh Poet Office, «c D/*Box 3177. ttiS-sns-'lt WANTED —By aprot=stant wo man. a (Ituatton ts eta über maid, or to taka care of cbUf rep, or »eWtrg m» private lawtly. O-aM city references. Direct to ihs Ixibnue office, **b a.** lor two days ' seissin-at . WANTED --Board by a maj, wife and ct:ld. on the North Side, east of Clark strretPreferred. AU<Le»P.O. Box t£344. or apply to 143 SUme-at, pp stairs. St VV ANTED— To hit.trs, iu.risrs. T T ssd clothieii." A middle seed man. of strictly honest temperate habits, wishes employment In a good-house I/ndera'aocslcniklcg. ttlsmiog, and iLa&afaciartEg of bate, caps. furs. Ac. Is #tso a gcodSalesman. BaiarynocibeprtQcipaloDjecc. Tie n-atcl^referincis. Apply to “Ci" T ibune ot* llcej sau-emat X\l ANTED—Xnnmiciatfcly, men v T who wlab to-make 123 to |W per day, tn a legitimate buimesa, by a small Investment 01 from fito to fSO.are invited to call atsft Dearborn streec. Boom 33f, anc examine one of tbe most valuable In vecaci-jof the age neviir before lutr'.Qnced into tbs Western SU'es. A rare opporto&Lyls now offered 10 enterprising men, with small or large capital, to make money elct e* by traveling cr locattcg in city or country. F. T. CUSHISG, 36 Dearborn street Room 80. 3K; • SCIS-5123-K TV"ANTED —By a respectabla T T (oew-crinmer} Norweelsa girl.a iKuiUou la a private lamtJy, to do sacoua work and sew. Apply at No. 42 Fourth grraet. West Div. aelj-aUS-.t , WANTED —A pnjbimn in Kuk vlile, Wapello county, lowa, will sell cheap for caeh. bis house, lot and practice. The aouto con tains fix rooms, with a kitchen aod pantry. Lot X29x W, with a coed board lence.awDle ana otnercoa veoiest onlbnildirgs. Practice worth SL9OO. nd dres« ALEX. G. WILBO.N, Box 1-190, Cnicago, HI, ce!s-a144-3t Y V An TED—A situation in a good Tl dry goods or clothing establishment (la Chi cago). by a >omjg mas who ua# bad elaht years ex -1 erience tn tbe business, and can produce tha best of testimonials with regard to ability, character Ac. Baa an extec&lve acquaintance. Address Bos a9o4.Chlcaao Post Office. aelseH3St WANTED —A respectable and healthy Swedish lady wlabea to Ret a situation aa a wet nune. any respectable family wlibtogsuch, can have one by applying Immediately at 67 Oas-stl selg-tUI-66 , Mrs. B* LaRSD.N. TVANTED- Several iratrata T T Sash ana Dcor makers, to whom steady em ployment ard gocu wages will baalven, at the 3-uta. lioor #nd Blind factory and Planing Mill of MKYEis BBCTEEB, Fou du Lac. Wls. sell a2B 61 WANTED -To rent a small cot tsge bouse. In a 9bnvenlent sltnatlou, or to buy one on leased round. Address atatfpgtsrmj. . locaCcb, Ac., 41 A B.*T. O. Box 1334._»914-sa-3t TVANTED—Snbstitnteß anc Rep- T T reseotativss, at theccrnerot Randolph aal Lasalle streets, in the basement. Call and get tha highest rash bounty that Is now paid tn the city. seffiaSSt W. MUBPIIY A CO.' TV AN TED—In -ft private lamily, v * by a young gentleman, a furnish'd room (without bcarc > within ttc minute# walk of the post 1 dice. Arams with terms, M BJi A** Third Na ticnal Bank, Chicago. • aeiMloi-3t VVANTED—A situation as ship v " pts? and receiving clerk In a wbolsaale or commission hens*, by a party who th&r*uebly under stancs the Yiocery basiuers. Address Post offieo Box 4697 sel4»9l*4t VV ANTED —A gcoa book keeper, vv to lake char*« of aa office. A single man with IIK oto I'-icoo, who weald lean the same for one year on Rcod secutrty. with good reference, can bare tbo ctance by adozesdng O: V. MILLS, Chicago Po#s Office. seivsiO ss TVANTED—A mnation ss Book- T * keener. Ccnespondeut, by a party thor* ctxghly familiar »l;n aesounts. comnuaslou and wbclesald bnstneta. Would trevai. Befcreucis given. Addn*3 4 L,” P. O. Box 3933. eel4ss7-4c TVANTED —Photography A a y Gqpcrlenecd photographer, capable of taking charge of any derailment in the photograph gallery, wishes a peroacent sttunMon semewtere. Aedr&ss statlny terms, L*.o. BoxUU9, Beards tows. 111. BCI3-65-IW. TVANTED—By aa active man, yy experienced as a salesman, and with practi cal knowledge f>t machinery,agricultural Imple ments. and a large acquaintance In tha sc-tje, a situa tion !u seme capacry In conaetion with the an-dva branches. Cityzeltxence*given. AderessP.O.Box 5673. 5e18q9354S TT7 ANTED—At 300 Indiana St., ?y a girl to cook wash aod uon. -Anoly lama dlately. ' sel3-q335-lw TV ANTED— 500 laborers to work yv on the Penicsn'a Railway, between Escshaba and Marquette, Michigan. Wages ILSC per dav. Boatc,4sper w«ek. ParUesdeslrtag am all couUacts can be accommodated with good prices, and tools fnrnUhed.lf requmd. Men are wanted to work at sradtng. track l»ylng. and on gravel trains, and In toe finest climate dm lav the *uauneriea#on, la tbe * Uclted States- Fire psim to tbe work can be pro cured, and all ln:otm»tjou in reftrencew the work ' he given on application to J. H. WILLf AH3. at the Chicago A.Ncxtnwestfm Fallway Passenger Depot* Chicago. WALLS A PiSt&BY. Ccntractors, sel-'-qg-ffi 4t WANTED • 300 Ladies and Gen* tlemenircm all puts of tbe West, to act as agents for the rale oCßatterlck*i Patterns for cutting Ladles rreeies and al: kinds of Clothing Sura to sell in even family, jjo capital required. STACY* ILDBu, Room 33. up staus, McCormick’s Build lug, comer ot Randolph and Deaiborn-sta .Chicago, p. O. Box 6396. 9CU q3.B*lw TV ANTED—S2S 000 more, to tx y * tend an already extensive mapcfHctruing bnslnws. estathsaedln 1352. affording good produ. a man with the above amount la money, can uavea chance ss active cr silent partner in a baMtusA that E*y». Addrtes •• Manufacturer,'* Drawer 6011, fciesgo m. ~ Ijoarflinq. BOaRDINt*— Two anfaraiehed roecß(parlo-»ndhcdrcoa) with board fb* a sectlemnn sad wje, can Be obtained at north oesg cor* uicbiginavexaeandiSihsiree*. Beffereoeetez* enungfd. utKsl33tt DAJKDIN9—Wanted, by a gen tfem»n and wife.a tulle ot io:ms m private family, wiibont roafd*«. Be«t references given. Andreas ‘AM B, Lock Box (iti!i7. BOAEDINt?. —A large and very deilrable suite of (rent tooss, with eat and water. nDlwxJabrd: «lio. a meiiom s|*»d suite of fnrnioteo rooms, can he obtained wita board at *2SM Si»te>tiett. seUigM-at BDAKI INS.—A suite of nnfnr niihed reems, with hoard, la a private facull* vanfe* lor a crntliinan. wife, tsf'- nt child and rnraa eirL Box 1630. Belfr>BKßlt ; ■QOARDING.—A g<ntlem»n and O bis v lie, cr two or three zentlemes. may obtain a large nmarttißSeii f *ust room ana board, by apply ing at I9S» Wabash av«tue. selddtoH "DOABDlNG.—Pleasant rcoma, JL> with he obtained at 333 South) Clark itrtei ocl? »f«w mcmecu' walk from tha Poix Office. Day booidcn can also be accommodated* stlS-tiavit Boarding, —a pleasant front chamber, unfurnished, with small bed-room and c'ciet, to rent with baud at rto 136 South Green Biicet, tetween Monroe asd Adam#—one block iron horte ears- iels-al&s4t BOARDING, —Three cr four gen ii'mm esub* accommodated with board aod pKaMctrocmsatSS Franklin street, httweeuLakn ezd KAzdol.ih su. Alio, a few day boarders. ##ls-f r.T*2i "OOARDING.—Wanted formyaelt and wife, a comfortable roomlnaprtv»:o fami ly crhoardlcg house. Sou’h Rtua preferred* Icr one wf fit. - ACdretS 'F F V.’* F. Oi Box 3647* »flß.#l?t.2{ ... b Heal issfate-g@te. . 1^ OP. SALE—Residence and Buai- JL' ncfiProperty- ..... . Low In ©bo. rmlth*l TVater rtn. 8 ant-ciu* St:ra' op Lahe «dflow Water rta 4!m. Lets IE ail PGUOI AJ. iVKHELL. 5 il! !ir^!tEe3]lJl»w&fice.7ll«tro!>o.lUEßV». F 3R SALE—Two marble boat re* IIIPEM on illcwsso u,.*), »... Nt residesee on Wabash avenuq. •KMld-ace on Fralrie avtnue. with large bl •'- ■ cboicehoa uetaand r*Mdence Locs aVoltu- J.i*. OLI -GBR, Kfial Estate Offlea. 43 CUrk itrsvt, booa 8» wl>s;ts3|

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