Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 17, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 17, 1864 Page 2
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Cljicaaa tribune. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 17,166 L BB&D ir. Let re one fail o retd the sUrrlagaad patriotic appro! of the National Union Com mittee pnbliahod herewith. It is anlavlg oratins cocucsoct. It breathes the spirit of Union and freedom. It will awaken echoes all orer the country. Bead it and hand it to jour erring Democratic neighbor. StCL ABIOItO TUB PBOPne fS; Tlie Chiravo Times tas hod ovloloo of Judg ment It lomottaffotiMlo of distress Tb«t disloyal and hardened sheet, whoee ntt.r •scce for three you* P“t havegUddcned oU rebcldom. came ont yeaterday in the garb of hcmiliation, with ashes on its head aad with balfa colomn of Republican doctrine in its month. Bear it: M When Democrats assemble to morrow, 1! there be among Uumauj men Ui them rwtforget that the Gmtituticm ii*e{f to a gum st disunion, It grow iromthe necea •UJee of a louretT-juined confederation whose p«c- : c’it oi.pow r* maoe it a eoTrrnment bet tn name. 1 la the sublime words of Its preamble, it *u orkt- ■ race *»n coder to forma wore rtfarccx Cmi's . It was ietenfled to be that glorious mean which I should at once leave the utmost power posstble to I Sl'tce, and jet secure to tbe central coT*tsasat»| scfSdent atr*nrth to mate lise t operative tnj cl- j fecioai It old not leave «ach State an eaiirely la dfixmdem sovereignty, aor did it give ts tbe con- ! aolidateocovercmrmasj more powers Uua were imperatively n eded to an«wertb*#adtor walah that government was formed. TBs neuters'uf Btsusonclnate in the people; the power of the Fitleral Govertment in the ante*; and ns the people snmmdtir some of thrlr powent m forming 8 a<w, so do tre s»taw* *nrrrnC<c »oa? o t the c powers in toe Jormatioa of to# Fc<d#r»t eminent. This Is a seceteity or a I gov«rcai#«'w; anj (overnm*nt is io tact elrsp’jtbecvutv'vwirw-M* ! O' oTtaia power# •orrendered by the pc-ntio ; su»i, bsoce it is an tbtordlty to argue CO# w»-. I ereigntv of tbe individuate or ts# wfccca <Uua yielded up a porliou ©fits fvove* the Cot.Blituiion does no: to ueccace is a ‘more perfect anion,' *+nt. for us violatlm. are tot loeri m *4 Iswml alien pte bare failed. * We felicitate ourselves, Our bus not been without efltfCS. W* »uve so obdurate pagan to deal with, but line noon line and precept npon precept hare at last began to do their work. We are not wi’bont hope that the reform so hopefully begun may ripen to a foil conviction of sin Tncrefore, we propound another lesson, which we deem exactly adapted to convert* who have arrived at the hopeful state evL dcocfd by the ZVmcs. It is this: The Hon. Washington Hunt offerqfl the folio wing reso lution to the Chicago Convention: Sfeo twf, That the /Dtnre, at in the past, wt will adb*-r- with unswerving ddeaij to theUoion and CoDPlUotloD, and intiet on maintaining the national unity at the only «olid foundation or our eirwc h, secarliy and happiness as • people, and at. a mmework of covcrMDPijt equally cooduclrc to the welfare and prosperity of all the States, * both Northern and ttoaUiern. ' Tka Convention adopted all of this resolu tion verbatim, except tbe words “and insist on maintaining our national unity.” In other words, the Democratic party refused point blank to insist npon maintaining tbe “ more perfect union,” which, the Tima cays, Is the very essence of tbe Constitution. Therefore, the 7iW« aught to repudiate the Democratic party and go for Lincoln, whose plattorm declares that the “more perfect union” mutt aid shall be preserved. A COfIPiBtSON, The Aufionol It.telUgtneer, the i rindp’J Mc- Clellan organ in Washington, reinforcing It self with tbe authority of the Army and Jfavy, the professional McClellan or gan la New York, and calling to its aid ML Bwinton of the New York Tuna, whom Gen. Grant expsllcd from kis army for lying, and whs have failed ss a narrator of past events la now trying his hand on the future, came to ne recently with a five-column article to prove how much belter Gen. McClellan's campaign on the Peninsula was than Gen. Grant’s recent campaigners been. The Jn trUtgencer decs not avow this to be the object of its somewhat lengthy essay, but when we find a professedly loyal journal laving great stress upon the circumstance that there was s water route to Richmond, and thatit tfould have been easy for Gem Grant to have pul his army down at Torktown or TVhlte House in tbe first place, and that have avoided all the tough work of the Wilderness and Spottsyl vanis, we think it is easy to discern a mean- I log which may not happen to be expressed 1 in words. This refrain was first chauuted ! by the Richmond press in unison. It then . went across the ocosu and was echoed back by the rend sympathizing journals ot Eng land and Prance, after which it was taken up by euclT organs as the Army and ITaty Journal and'tha ydtlonallntelligencer. Lotus sue what It amounts to. Certainly Gen. Groat could have landed his army on the peninsula. There he would have encountered the same enemy whom he *«bi in the Wilderness, probably behind en- i trcoeim.cnu morefumiaanie than any which wore Jonnd between the Bapidaa and the raumskey. At any rate the same enemy would have been thsrs, endowed with the same capabilities of resistance; and if it be conceded that the great object of aggrcealve war is ts meet and overcome the enemy, the argument adopted by the ItUeU&neer, wheth cr copied from its Richmond contcmpora ncs or devised by its own wit, is cither sheer childishness or downright impudence. “That bloody route,” “.those terrible leases, • exclaims the Inietl&ncer. WeJmow not why the same objurgations may not be applied to all the' campaigns in history lusheena disposition on both s.dca ts fight. Indeed, there Is one cam piign, which we think will match it, where • on one aide, the disposition to fight was not great. We refer to the campaign of 1802 on the Peninsula, conducted by Major Geacral McClellan. ' Tht indies Gen. Grid’s losbcs tp u* (Imt not Including) the lust ue.nlt on Pclereburp, 06,200. We teten .ante ! to Mceruin Trts.l were General Me- Cl! lime lotee, on the Penlnenla. Wcflnd i tin j- were r0,835. This information is derived liv nnbtractine. • tbe number of mea present lor dnti at Hat- : risoo'a Bar, Julj 10. 1602, from the whole ! bombtr °t men tent to Gee. McClellan on • It. ■ Mr ’ 3obn then M elbtant fcecreUtj ot War, npon whom dctolved the duty of providing tranepurta tlon for the Army of the Potomat, ( v« . 1 , on tU Conduct of u,t ; tba ‘ 016 following troops were tins putUd to Gen. McClellan; Prior to sth of April. . . NcCair* divirhm.... ; rum ba'tlmore »Bd P#rtreii 10.00# Part ol Shields' divition Wonro> 11.W0 Total On page »90 ofttc'wme l.ugn cellmates the number of men thus transported at 100,000. That these ere anjireilmately correct Is shown btThe consohoated report of the strength of the f y of tbt I'otomac on the 30lh of April lb0« (page .{£,), and the Adlutaut r*. I'eChlT 1101 ' ,be reinforcements tent toG^rt l>!.Jna FraiiUln’e divlilon, t»I C£ coimled.. 1 !!;™ Add Bblcid,' divlilon, tent after 15lh Jnne.^kuoo Jr will now let Gen. McClellan IclUm how many men he had fit for duty on the of July, 1862, at Harrison’* Bar. We otiole from his dispatch of that date to the Iroßiduiit; tiCAnQUAHTxa* Abut or tht Potomac. I • , , , J oly tul'do®;? ,»« f have orient Of Ct Qf tht IVar JoS* —lmport on the Con • Uencc the result; Wb )d'cJ!SSr "“® to General r: "tSa°lL?“ U9 ’ 500 Lofeea - Tae l,Min cer be'wnlie Vonriiy'tio eud^ tivo of the first week of Gen. Grant's cam' paign, embracing tbe two battle* in the Wilflerutso and tbe principal chare of the fi*;btlrg at Spottsylvaula, which it estimates a<. aV> t OOO. This is about the same number that Gen. McClellan lost by disease alone In tuo Warwick and Cbickabomlny marshes. On page 345 of tbe volume already quoted from, we find a statement from tbe Adjutant General of tbe Army, compiled from Gen. McClellan's official returns, of tbe compara tive strength oi the Army of tbe Potomac on tuc Ut day of April, and tbe 20th day of June, 1 «a, from which we learn* that there were only 115,102 men present for duty on the day last mentioned. All of Gen. McClel lan’s reinforcements bad reached him be. fore the 20th of Juuc except the 6,000 Ol Shields' division. In other words, be had received, first and lost, 154,- 500 .men prior to that date. His losses therefore had been 50,308. Bat, only three engagements had taken place np to this time, Williamsburg, Seven Fines and Fair Oaks. Otr losses at Williamsburg were about 2,2 00, and at Seven Fines and Fair Oaks pose they amounted to 9,000 ia all, (and this is a liberal allowance, which will easily cover the skirmishes on the road,) we have losses to the number of 30»39S men not by tattle. And we may add that no field ol bat tle ever presented a more appalling spectacle than did tbe typhoid hospitals at Yorktown during the spring and early summer of 1802. It is not our purpose to compare results. That would be impossible while tbe results of General Grant’s campaign are still pend ing. We may say, however, that while General Grant has been Inflicting heavy loss es upon the enemy at ereiy step, we never beard that the rebel army ,oflt thirty three thousand sura by diacaso while General Mc- Clellan was drsggiog fr° m Fortress Moo* roe to the Clwcaaho*»i D 7» or that they euff*x e« iLore than canal flrom that cans* Nor should we, In any case, deem (bat a brilliant campaign la which the comparative advan tages were measured by the ravages of lever ib the contending armies. We mtj say far ther, th.t Gen. Grant has not jet been put to flight by bis adversary, and we firmly be lieve that, if be had beca, he would not bare sought to cover up his misfortunes by casing them “change ot base." We may add also that, since the collision in the WU. derates, Gen. Lee has had no stomach for a field engagement with his adversary. The fight has been taken out of him. aud hU so | often victorious aud acvauclug legions can ■ not now be found outside their earthororka. The Inirlffnerr will admit that this constl • tuics a dlilt-recce batwmi the t no campaigns under consideration. bBSEL OBAOLVI AND •* PKACK'* * CCUObS MA SllßttKaA. Gca. Sherman U the new ** beast** #f the rebels and the “Democracy,” Neither of them have fl>und a«y fault when the rebel Generals have ordcrea all non combatants out of the cities of l*eter»burt, Fredericks' bun;, Vicksburg, Atlanta, At\, in order to enable Ihttu t> stand a slog*, But now that Gca Sherman has ordered them out (or miU' tar? realms, the rebel *f the South and North have set up their usual sltuuUa aecus h#wL Gen, IlcvsJl denounces Uewde? as l-jjbarvuK 1 * at thU the coppetheAd edb to--* leap upon thei? .tool*. Seise their pea*, jviok up their ea*a, and prepare te* “ copy," •"bo hiehniend denounces It a« audio!, forthwith, the whole cop* £cttat4cec* wtue “ivnluh salanlc." The NJvrbmsv** AHtyufc,* ervra " uaprvevdented and the New Vo;k wVrtU eohea* li a* ' iMvcvv unjrecedentvsi,“ The Kicn uwnd Ni=*Aw)i culls "the ehief amoeg savagea," The rebel (mm styles his order " unnatnral and Inhuman." rrnning “sirecUy through Ue heart > of oar wives, mothers, and daughter*}" and a new reason why “ihs war should be made to cease,” The Srofinif also describes Sherman as the “captain of pirates, the prince among scoun drels and brutes, the foremost villain of the world,’* If the Chicago rebel paper la milder in its language at present, it may be pardoned on . the ground that it bna only begun to “ pitch-' i jn.” Within a week it was insisting that Sherman was a true McClellaaite. aad a Do* 1 mocrat of IbeDemocrau, whom copperheads alone bad defended aid sustained against the persistent revlliags and slandering* af the opposition press. But it has entered upon the work. It is determined to prove that no true soldier can win fram the McClellan press any other reward than a “fire In the rear” It says; Takes in nil, this allair la beyond comprehen sion. It inflicts a van amount of sufferm* unoa iui*occi t people. »nd accomplishes, so we can tec, no good- Winterer may be Us motive the occurrence is sn unanswerable armament for peace A war whose burdens tali so bevnly upon innocent women and children Is an uanatural la human war, and should be made to ceass. Ne'war whatever !■ jiutiflahle when its path runs direcUv through the heart* of our wives, dinshteia and mothers. Ibis is 3>ut the commencement Hence forth to rebel oracles and Copperhead echoes let Gen. Sherman bare his derated head, like Lear to the tempest, “ Burnside the Butch er,- * “Butler the Beast,” and eve* Grant may hfretforth reel in peace while the Copper* - head and rebel batteries concentrate their fire on the hero of Atlanta,lately “the strang est friend and firmest admirer of General Mc- Clellan on this continent,” and now, alu, ia the language of rebels and Copperheads, * the foremost villain of the world.” Copperhead Forgery, The Copperhead managers are circulating a handbill of which the following is a copy: VOICES, BEAD Tills! Extract from a Speech de tiered by the Hon. Danl. ]Tel*ter % tn the Senate of the United Statu, on the 7 th if March, 1660. “If the internal Fanatic* and Abolitionists ever Set the power la their hands, they wll over*rid« ae Constitution, set the Supreme Court at des s’*: *H 0 , * a * k ® Law. to salt themselves. T !^7.T? nr * 7 on those who differ Ltt no one be misled by the above. Daniel Webster’s 7th of March speech Is la print, and thcro It no such passage ia IL It is a bold forgery. Slave! Freed by the Rebellion. [From the Boston Transcript.} In commenting, in last evenlng’a Tram rripl, on Jiff Davis’ statement to Mr. Gill more, that “Ton (<we) hare already emanci pated nearly two million of onr slarea— and n you will take rare of them, yon may eman cipate the rest,” yon erpreee the fear that Darie overstated the nnmher. If you glance at the following statistics from the lalt cen sus, you will perceive that he was much nearer the truth than he usually iT ?? June, 16G0,-there were In 7 * in Kentucky, slarea »ju Maryland. Delaware Missouri Tennessee. virsinia ;;;;;;; otobk 23,7:4 *“ ,f «/a>en ‘to syn m ‘flnl 1 ‘"“.KMth “11 Sonth Oarte o ®wrla, Alanama, and Lonlsisna “ j elnf® ' ,w * mcn - «w,OOO women and children, say ““ mmo And we bare a total of, i "* PtscticalVy frcc,‘and the sum total will, no doubt surprise your reade ™ " t nncli as it has me. Oac apd a half million* of Blares made free, and yet tiic peace men eay we bare accomplished nothing by the war! j, £ q * Mr. Gilmore puts the figures too high. the Blares of Kentucky are not iree nor the half o! them. One third of the alarcs of Tennessee are yet In servitude. The number &etd l? Tir S lnia wUI not exceed 125,000, and the-estimate lor the other States is certainly 200,000 too high. We suppose that about one million of Blares have obtained their free dom since the war began. McClellin. in hi letter of acceptance, proposes, if elected, to kidnap and return them all to bondage in order to propitiate the rebels. VtT "We find the following paragraph in the Richmond A’ntftxirer of the Sdinst: G». Jomr D. * Wna>Bii.—This officer, well ktown in tide city, ha* been remofod from com »and at the pest of AndenenriUe, Geortf*. we Itsrn, tor incapacity and inbornsiaty to prison* This paragraph amounts to a confession of the truth 6f all the charges which hare been made in relation to the Inhuman treatment of onr prisoners at Andarssnvilie. Possibly, now that Winder is remored, their cenfinc ment may he made more tolerable. " > An effort is being mode by certain American* who qspire to leadership among the German Fremontcrs of St. Louis, to give a McClellan direction to the Fremont more* meat. Seeing plainly enough that Fremont Is not likely to remain a candidate until the election, haring no earthly prospect of suc cess if he does, and that consequently hie followers, if they rots for President at all will be compelled to choose between the regular Republican and Democratic candL dates, they are sugsged in trying to prove McClellan a more acceptable candidate than Lincoln. This attempt to sell out the Gcr* mans of St. Louts to the Copperheads, in the name of Radicalism, is not likely to win. It is already provoking severe denunciation from the more conscientious and intelligent Fremont men. 351.4* . 5,000 Political Intelligence, Unlen Meeting at Harvard, 111. Hanvoiai* McHenry Co., UL *Bept. 18. Editors Cnlcago Tribute: A large and enihuriastic Union meeting was held at Harvard to day. The meeting was addressed atlcngth by Hon. Judge MU ler, of Rockford, who presented the true Is sue that now crowds upon the American peo* Elc. 1® *o plain, vivid, and common sense ght, that even the peace men were put to silence. Ills Honor said that the rebels of the South and peace steaks of the North were m closely connected as the Siamese twins, dec. * T** flowed by Joslin, ol Sd li!in * of McHenry, SmeeS. or the Doth Illinois roll wen for Abe *mtdl it. Ssaxn, Secretary, Btlril /< Compromise or the u Union ttn * * “ m ‘ tpulimrJjSSElTf Colon) In the eo.nali."— Prevail looor Ae for eutopic; M?”’ rMt ° rCd 10 Dl ‘Wet of colam- loSUvety flowed 'ree coatee in the Teirl- Uo»o I Sr°^^“- mbß * not dlscnssed in ih* g£& and muet act be mulcted £ Slavery meet not be epokca erataei i„ our connclle,” on pain of * -Slevery muet hive epeclil lewa lection paired In “ on> Connells, min of the horth mnat be converted lull J ahvre catcher for tho South. luu> 1 Slavey must dictate the contend of onr echool booke the phraseology of onr or? lory the opinion. of onr pnljif, the le n tl tnente of onr hymno. and the thing, lob. asked iurin onr prayers. ® 06 Tt£ aT / r |. I ? Uet . ke ,U ° wed the 06= ol the United btatee troops to restore a fugitive hondeman to Ida meek and kindly Southern owner. Slavery must ho Indulged In the dlrcral on ol guglng, mobbing or murdering whoso ever doea not do ita bidding and keep alienee in its august presence. Sndt latho “aamcaplrit of compromlae” which “prevailed” so long In “ onr conn die.” and which Gen. McClellan propoaea to rcetorc to onr conncila. Shall he hare the opportunity? Such la the “ Union as It waa" which Gen McClellan would hunt np again, and build np again, In this country. Shall he hare the opportunity I Ffom Sherman’s Army. The Great Battle of Sept. 1, Unaccountable Delay of tbe Fourth Corps— I The Victory Won In Spite of It. . (From Oar Special Correspondent.] in rn* Finux, msjlb Lorpjor'a, Oa.. I Sept. S, 18U. f * The fierce effort to break tho front of the Army of the Tennessee and Its bloody re pulse by the 15th corps, with the movements and dispositions of tho other corps which finished the day’s work of the.Blst, hare bem already narrated. ITie d*y closed with the army disposed as follow*: The extreme left, the 93d corps, Uy along the railroad with the leit of the corps two mllea south of Rough and Ready Station; adjoining U on the nght wai tha4th corps Throe corps fronted east Between the i Ight of the 4th corps and the Itft of too Army of ths Tennesssee wsa an Interval of siuue *U mllro, which vru covered by the Uth corj*s which lay west of Flint River, massed tear Reut>o*s Itoure, ao aa to cover (be trains and act as a reserve In case of ne cessity, In trout of the left and center were uo work* ot any great Importance. The Army of tho Tennessee held the right, with the trout of one carps, the 15th Its left, Jap psritd by Bryant's brigade, of Woods* dh ? tsion *f the 17th corps, and its left a rcftxsed lUo hack toward* the river, held bv a tUvlsunr in Ksasotu's likh corps. Toe ex* trea • left was covered by Uarranracaralrr ond (be extreme right by that of KffpatrlcK I'urltg the night Ucu. Sherman's onler* were Issued for the battle of the succeeding d*t—the Ist. • Tfce iftk corps was thrownacros* therlvcr as a reserve to the Army of the Tennessee. ! neat ol tha Army or the Tennessee vra* close up to the robclllne, which was heavily JnUrached and fortified with parapets, abat- I Us abU es. If my explanation of the rcwtloa* has been understood, It sIU be seen t? 11 ! which at the ilo*t of the battle of the 81st, was occnnlM by the divisions> of Hardee ana Lee, was la a line in treat of the railroad, ani enrviar from a point near it north of Jonesboro* in a southwesterly conrse towards Flint River opposite to and covering that village. There was a Itae of rifle piu running back at right thSrflank?* *** rebel Xl * bt * and Pro^ctfng r5? r ci. ns 10 4 > c of battle, ss sot forth I la,Gea. Sherman's orders, the 4th Coma wss * along the railroad, etarciegat daylight of the Ut, the 23d Corps full owing it clotely—both corps to move is fighting trim, ' :th ao transportation except ambu lance aid amronnlmm trulrs By the time taal the head of coluian of the 4*h Coro* nal reached an attacking position, the 14thCorps was to hare cross, a Flint River and moved ' into position on the right of the 4th Conn 1 Tha two corps—the Uin and 4th—were then to »»*ault the enemy's position eu the right flank. So much of tho Array of the Tennes see sa was in position was to make a demon •tratlon at the twine tiraa for the purpose of detaining the rebels In their mniu line "f works. At an early hour In ibr morning ol tho lit of oepum&er Gen. Sherman and (»00. Thomas moved down to the right near the U-sdqusr ttra of Gen. Howard—near lie field of the expected battle. AH night and throng* t&e whole forenoon the rebels were spiteful and kept np a wicked tire. To sneb demonstra tions onr troops replied. The lines nere at short distances, and the men, engaged in ex citing picket firing, reeorted to all’toa atr.t egy of experienced akirmiahers to Bave themaelTca and kill their adrerearlea. Ail along the llnca the fire oftomkotry waa equal to a heavy tklrmiah. Occasiooally the hatleri-i would hr* ak loese, and at etch good thot the tnlantry would cheer Inatily. So the nioning passed. Soon alter 11 the 14th Corpa crossed'tho river, drove a few rebel .otpoala in, and readily took the poaiudn aaaigned them on the leit of the Army of the Tennessee. Jutting ont lrom the hill, on the weat bank sf i-lint River Is a high spur, a naked promontory of equal height with the divid lag ridge, along which tha railroad runs. I rxom it the positrons sf both armies wera in foil view, clecptlng at those points when the lines ran through tha patches of timber which alternated with the open fields. On ths left, acroes an open fielx, the railroad waa in view, and on the right, over Osier bans* lines, through a thick grove of oaks, the white spire of a church at Jonesboro glistened in the tropical snxu When I passed the church, alter the* battle, It waa scarred and plercrd with balls. Under tho impres slim that It waa a rebel lookout, our riflemen h»d made It an especfcl target. Thh silent suggestions of the lolty splro were unheeded in the two days of battle. The church waa the hospital of one army, ita ateepls the tar get of the other. This spur, which stood out towards the left of the arc which the lines foimad at aid-day, waa the headquar ter* of Generals Sherman. Howard and Thomas. Logan and Ransom and Stanley and Davi* sad* Schofield were with their Carps, in their field. The calculations of the Generals were, that, day. the 4th corps would be np to ita position. Bnt one, two and three o*clock paaecd, and Stanley had not arrived with hla command. The 14th, 15th, 10th and 17th were all In their placea waiting ansioualy lor the assault niwn the rebel flank. Bnt .till It came not. The 14th corpa movedita right around and relieved the three reglmenta and two balteriea of the 17th corpa on the left of the 15th, and established a connection with the army of the Tennessee, and Blair was or dr«? to move bis (ITth) corps arsund to the right of the 16th, where the rough-riders ot Kilpatrick lay, Evcrythiag looked as if Sherman must win a splendid victory and a field crowned with glorious results. There wss great anxiety during ths hoars tbit pass ed alter Davis took bis position. Watches coon after cocsultcd; signal-officers peered into the distant fields from the tops of hl»h trees; staff officers plunged at full Boecdlnto the thick forest between the riverand rail way with orders to Stanley; and eager cars listened every hour more intent!/ and anx iously for the guns of the 4th corps. The corps was coming, but all too leisurely. It came, but It came too late. 3ltanwhile the boars for battle were pas sing. It was after three when the 17th Corps bad moved towards the right At a quarter before four the 14th Corps,-which had kept up a fierce artillery duel with two rebel battcrita posted on the opposite aide of the open field in their front, moved out to attack. The rebels were behind a strong rifle pit In the woods, a few yards from the field. The line wasjield by Garvin’s Brigade of ClaJ ton’s Division, Hardee’s Corpa, and a six gun battery of JfojDleq&B, (12 pounders), and afonrgnn battery of 20ponuder Parrotts. Tour correspondent with that Corns will famish you with the details of brigade, regi mental and individual cqadncL Advancing bis attacking columns under such cover as Ihe roiling grounds, and the wood skirting the Held afforded, Davis formed bis lines With great precision under a terrible fire, which seemed to almost a weep the Held, and away they rushed towards the rebel line. A* severe and wicked fire met them and the first line wavered, became disordered and was repulsed. It was a fierce and stubborn battll. The dnatol the dry cornfield, and the smoke of the gun* filled the air and enveloped the combatants, so that for the moment of fierce decisive strife one could see only the occa sional gleam of a banner or the flash of guns and shell—dear and distinct above all the other din of battle, tho cheers and yells of the combatants could be heard. Presently the noise ceased; the heavy pall of smoke and dust drifted leisurely away, and we saw onr troops moving across the field again In three splendid lines. Simultaneously with this attack Logan opened lire on his whole front. The struggle of the 14th corps was to be renewed, and it was of the first impor tance that all the troops in the works should be held there. Davis’s troops drove tho ene my thrice Into and out of their works, and c&ptnird Gen. Garvin, a great part of his bri gade, and the ten guns. Claj ton’s division attempted to rctA&e the batteries, and were aaaiatvd by Gist’s brigade of Walker’s divi sion. For anhenr tbo battle in the woods was fierce, bat the 11th held it* captures and the position. Gen. Gist—waa severely wounded. If at that time the 41k- corps bad been In the position assigned to Gen Stanley, and bad moved promptly on the left of Dsv/s the greater portion of Hardee’s command mast ave been captured. There never was a bet ter opportunity for the annihilation of a command than the field that Jonbston pre sented at 4 o’clock that afternoon. Who was In tbefsnUU is not my province here, and in a news letter to discuss,! simply give your readers the facta, li there was fault, either of head or heart, there ore proper authorities to ascertain the author and provide against the recurrence of anch failure in the future. The day was too far advanced wbemKlm bal's brigade of Kewhonse’a division of the 4th corns came np to attempt any new move ments or renew the attack, and the day clos ed with a Ircmyndon* shelling of the rebel petitions by Logan’s and Ransom’s batteries. Thu results of the day’s work, although ev ery one could sec and believe that they might have been mort decisive, were very satisfac tory. Our troops bad assaulted successfully, carried the enemy’s position, captured Brig. Gen. James Garvin, b65 men, and ten guns— four of the Loomis battery which Rosecrans lout at Chlcamanga. Of their Joss in killed and wounded I have no reliable data* It most have been severe, bnt was probably Rees than the day before, for thereoeou that the line of fire was short er hy at least two •ivislens. Beside we were tbe assaulting party, which usually suf fers most heavily. A rebel surgeon, left with a few of their.wonnded, states that their loss In the two days was waa about five thousand. - During the night the whole of tbe camp was awakened by the sonnd ot a tremendous cannonade. The sonnds came from tho di rection of Atlanta, In which direction we could see the light of a conflagration. Wc learned In the morning that? the rebels were encsecd ia destroying their ammunition and hastily evacuating their Gate City, strange as it may seem to your readers, when the announcement waa made of the evacuation of Atlanta, It produced no great excitement among the officers and men, who labored so long and severely for Me consummation. three In the morning It “iecuvered that the rebels were leaving fr°nt of the 15th and 10th f? r P®* 80 fi oon skirmishers could see, they were advanced, the skirmishers of the IsVilS r ,B». -ra erQ found In the village, and driven through it. A train loaded with two thousand rebel wounded, and drawn by two locomotives was just leaving, or hastily without re moving all of the wonnded from the hospitals. The troops moved Into town by corps at once, received their orders Irom Gen. Btcrxnan, whose headquarters for the time was at tbe bouse of an old scrivener, who had a contract for subsistin' Federal prisoners. It wag ascertained that Lee’s c*rn> moved out o» the drat by the STo- Dobough rood, and that Hardee moved mloasr the railroad southward. The 33d corps mov* cd out on the the McDonough road, the 4th corps along the railroad, the 15th on the country r«Ad west of the railroad, and the 17th on tbo extreme right, the 14th in re *£7 e HL the Cumberland. The ICtb eobeeqnentlj became the reserve to the Army of tbe Tennessee. . J.^l h r d .v l 8l ?£? rlbe 15th corps, Wool's f. IT oL 0 5. 0 J i thel7U, ' sna CoL Hotchkiss of °l betas la .dranco. ™ ? artb ® ot s mile from the old (corks ■W.lcot’s brigade of the 15th corns sirack the rebel rear (tnard Had drove It without a halt taUkft bottom mar Cedar Bluffs. From the crcet of the hill opposite the rebel position It wa* an open Seta acros. the bottom lands and np the mil to the rebel works. Tie reh cla had a strong aklrmlah line along the maraas and extending over the blah gfound In W ood’s front, sad had alreadi onm d a few batteries. Geo. Sherman came on the ground whl.e tbe iiepubitioos wire made. In the rear cf Wolcott’s brb-ade Gen. Logan formed Oliver’s brigade in lino of battle. Osterhans deployed & second line ot battle, terming the remainder of his division in columns, while Wood advanced through Umbers on the right, L.gan advand his How* Gen. Wolcott pushed bis skirmishers through the marsh and charged np the hill capturing the rebels in thdr rifle nits, The cssmy was found to t>o behind heavy works on a cannonading position. The 4th loth and 17th corps moved the heads of their columns up within from SOO to 000 yards of tho rebel works and threw up a line of works Tho works were dcemciLtoo atromr to venture on aeqaulL During tho pursuit they captured about 250 yrleoßsrs at Jonesboro In tho ho.-pitalat oueboro there were 207 enlisted me* weuudtfl and 52 olllcers. Two caisson for flpouader cuds, two wagon loads of 12-pouuder tinman lUo«,t-o ammunition chests and savt-rU thousand stand of small arms were captured. A private ot the 20th Illinois, James Par ous, captuted the too horses and negro ser va»t oi Gen. (list. In the holsters was a pairot revolver* marked Brigadier General h. K. Gist* Jack. IDB CHICiGO CONVENTION. Appeal of the National Un ion Committee to the People of the Uni ted states. Hrjuxj*AßTHiia or ra* I 2sATIOMAL UfIIOJT C'OXXITTS*. V bswlons, Sept. 9, .SG4. ) Tlje (treat rebellion, which for more then Ihr e jeani b.i wrapped tie nation In the llantee of civilwwatr t draws near Ita criaia Xu anUca hare been Beaten, ita territorr haa beet conquered, the forte and poeta which it treaeberonidj ecizcd hare been occupied one held by the eololcrs of the Republic, its forcian aillea ham been detached from ita support, and ita hostile arm, paralyzed hr exhaustion, and dUcnuraged by defeat la upheld aoielr by the hope of political ricto tle# to he achlered by ita alliea in the Free!- oti.Ual election ot November next. It the people in thnt election auatalu the Eorernment. it they re-aaaert lUjnet author ity and re allinn their pnrpoea to olhlntaln it •»»« ,u J?“e nswarneeatla it, the rebeilloo will epaedliy end. If they falcei in tula de termination, or leave nny room for doubt on tci; vital point, the rebeia wUI take fresh courage and protons the contcat. Every ut tcranceol their organs aadagenti affirms and confirms this position. Every rebel in anna and every rebel in office—every rebel organ in the rebcf States or In foreign lands —every hater of democratic Ireedom and th* tight* of man, longa and labora lor the over throw of the ndmiuietratlon and the expni- ■ elon of Abraham Lincoln from the Prveiden tlal chair. In the Northern and Western States this hostility has been embodied and organized la the acta and declarations ol the Chicago Con vention. That Convention girea a silent ap proval of the rfcbel'ion Itself, and an open condemnation of the war waged for ita bud* presElon. Without a word of ccnsare for the conspirators who plotted the nation’s death. It brands with .unsparing dcnancltMox the zatilata and herois wno dtfnl 1-n uf e . nhilclt passes in niter silence the gigantic usurpations of Jefferson Davis and his con feccrate it overlooks entirely, and thus, by Just and necessary Inference! approves their abrogation of political ri-hls and personal HhertKs over all that portion of the United fatales In which they hare been able thns far tososialn their usurped author ity, It pours otl Its wrath, witheut sUnt or measure, upon every act by which th« Con stitutional President ol the United States hat sought to defend and protect the life and liberties of the nation, whose executive power is placed in hit hands. * The Convention bad no words of exulta tion lor onr victories; no thanks and honors for the soldiers and sailors who have shed their blood to achieve them. While it de nounces onr Government for neglect of duty toward our “fellow-citizens who are now and long have been, prisoners of wax in a suflering condition,*? It has not oven a sylla ble of. censure for those rebel authorities ■who, with more than savage cruelty, and la utter disregard of every dictate of humanity, as well aa of every nsageof civilized warfare! have deliberately and with systematic brir pose, inflicted upon those prisoners all the tortures of exposure, of neglect and starva tion, and have offered premiums for their murder to the brutal guards to whose grim : custody they have been consigned. And, ou the very eve of the most glorious victories that have ever crowned our arms—alter three years of bloody, costly and successful war, wbtn three-fourths of the territory original ly held by the rebels has passed Into our hands; at the very moment when the rebel lion itself is tottering to its fall, and the flag of onr country Is rapidly advancing to Us old snrrcitacy, the party represented at Chi cago demands that “immediate efforts be mado’for a cessation ol hostilities”—a st*p which would Instantly arrest onr ccnquerlog arynics aid snatch from them the glories of a final triumph, repeal the blockade, and throw the whole rebel frontier open to the supplies they so sorely need, secure the re. cognition of foreign powers, and either ac complish their independence or give them ability to fight for it four years longer we to the pejplc of the United States—lovers of the Union and friends of Freedom—against the consummation of the • foul crime against both, which the acta and declarations of the Chicago Convention In volve. We Invoke them not to sanction these principles and sentiments by electing the candidates put forward to represent them! >Vc Implore them, as they love their country, asathey seek toe renewed integrity of Us ter ritory ss they desire the peaceful protection cf Us flag, and the blueings of ita. free Insti tutions and Us equal laws for themselves and their posterity, not f arrest the bio w which Jsjustready to descend upon there bellion'now tottering to its fail; not to give •the rebels time to renew their strength for irceh conflicts; uqUo aid those'who nould aid them in overthrowing onr Government in destroying onr Union, In plunging into a chaos of anarchy the great communities of which the Constitution makes one grtat and fictions nation, and in thna extinguishing, nally and forever, the hopes of all who have faith In Freedom and the Rights of man. We call upon the people to bear in mind that, by whatever sophistries they ipay cloak their purposes, the Chicago Convention neither condemns the action of the Rich mond rebels, nor proposes to expel them against their will, or byan exercise of force, from the scats of power they have usurped. I Jn all essential respeßs, the action that Con- 1 ventlon took accords with the results the rebels seek. Both desire a cessation of hos tilities. Both denounce, with unsparing bit terness, the Government of the United fautes, and both alike seek Its overthrow. -Both de mand that the attempt to conquer armed re bellion by force oi arms shall oo abandoned. Ind both demand that when the Government of the United States shall hare passed Into the hands of men opposed to an armed defense of the Government against rebellion, the war shall end by peaceful conference of these allied powers. What more than this could the rebeia ask or need for the consumma tion of all their plans? We caUnpon the people to bear in mind that, if they elect the candidates of the Chicago Convention, they arrest the Government In the execution ot its plans and purposes on the very eve of their fulfillment, and one-thtril of a year be fore any n«w Administration can take its place. The Interval will be one ol hope and confidence for the rebels, and of exaltation'’ for their allies In the loyal Slates. In the | Western States armed preparations have al ready been mad* by the disciples ‘and advo cates of secession, to follow the example of the South, and sever the West from the Fed eral Union. The success of the Chicago pro gramme in November will be the signal for carrying these designs Into execution, and the 4th ol March will dawn upon a new Western Confederacy, aiming ai Indepen dence, defying the power of the national arms, and co-operatlcg with the slave power •f the Southern States In blotting from ex istence the' free Republic of the Western world. We call upon the people to eiutfi all these schemes, and to brand tbslr antbors and allies 'with their lasting reprobation. We call upon them to support the Government, to qnell the rebellion, to defend and preserve tbe Union. We callnpon them to stand by the President, wbo, under circumstances of unparalleled uifflcuilj, has wielded the power of the nation "With unfaltering courage and fidelity, with integrity which even cilumny has cot darfed to lmpeacb. and with wisdom and prudence upon which success is cren now stamping tbe surest acd tbe final seal. His election will procliim to the world the unaltered and unalterable determination ol the American people to quell the rebellion and save the Union It will strike down for ever the false hopes and expectations of tho rebel government, and proclaim to the peo ple ol the rebel States tbat their only hope of peace lies in abandoning their hostility to tbe Government, and resuming their allegi ance to tbe Constitution and laws of the United States. We call apon the Union Committees and the Union Leagues, and npon all loyal asso ciations in every State, County and town, to perfect their organizations; toinfuae fresh activity into their operations; to canvass carefully and promptly their respective dis tricts; to circulate documents and newspa pers containing just and forcible expositions oi the merits of onr cause; to comhst by as eemhlsces of the people In public meetings, by public speeches, by conversation, by let ters andpcrsonal appeals, and in all just and proper modes, the deceptive and perilous sophistries of the agents and political allies of the rebellion. Let them he on their guard against the arts of corruption and of Intrigue which will be brought, frith unscrupulous desperation, to bear upon them. The rebel government, and those ioroign powers most ceply interested in enr destruction, could well afford to expend millions in over throwing this administration, and placing in power the nominees and representative of the Chicago Convention. T[Uc skies arc bright and fall of promise .Tx* lion-hearted citizen-soldier* of the Eo pnbl’c narch with steady step anduntaltor l®e purpose to a speedy and glorlonavictory. Tbe heart of the people beats true to the Lnlon. Every trlnmph of the Union arms over rrtel troops arouses afresh the courage and confluence of Union men, and chills the heart and decimates the ranks of the submis sion scceeßtonieU represented at Chicago. A j i v * ct °*7 In November will end tneloog and laborious strife. It will paralyze the arm oi v the rebellion. It will disperse iw 8, ?» de6tr oy the hope by which the des potism at Klcamond now bolds its subjects m bondage, release tbe people of the South ern States from their enforced disloyalty, and give them again the blessings of solf-eovern ment within tbe Union and under the pro tecting Constitution and flag of the United Sinus. It will enable our non government to exchange the weapons of war for the coun sels ot peace, to relax tbe stern control over public action and public speedi which a state of war renders unavoidable, to re -B'o™ our financial system, to dissolve all Coßrt *j and hand oyer again to the civil tribunals of justice the punishment ol crime and tbe preserved n of public order, hoi to restore to tht ir firesides and taelr homes, clqtbed with honors and to be held la everlasting remembrance, that great army ol our citlztu soldiers who have bared their breasts against armed rebellion, and won the imperishable renown of saving the glonona Union, for which their fathers and their brothers died. Signed by fhe Committee. U W. Uorrxhx, Md. y “Kf Okbpst, Me. 8. H. Born, Mo « Ji; Claskt, N. H. G. B. Semtbb, 0. Vt. J. D. Dbtjusk*. ind. Clatlix. Maas. Burton C, Coos, HI. Tuos. Q. Turner, r i, Marsh Oiddinqs, Mich. N. D. brzimr, Ct. 4 S. Judd, Wl«. Marcus L. Wjuuj, N. J. D. B. Stubbs, lowa, o A FTbtiajicb, Pa. A. W. Oabpbell, W Va. liaib. B, Sbithers. Dcl.Jaxcs D. Lane, Kansas. J. J. Coombs, 01st, of Col. TUB STATE FMBr list of Premium*. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlbine ] Tie following list of awards was received too late for insertion In oar UtV Lsae. Dboatcb. Thursday, Sept. 15. •TOOK. LotNo ISnoirr Dork Bulls—Bulls otbbvoub Years,—lst premium Young Cate, J. L. Short hose, McLean, $25. Second Premium, Lord Highland, J. H. Picker ell, Macon, sls. Lot 3, Short Qobk Cows—Cows, voua Tears abd Over —Plr»t Premium, mornmail, J. w ttiii, -Macon, A*o Second Premium, Princess Royal, J. N. Brown. $15.00. ;* Cow* Trmmi Ybabs and Übdbb /ocß.—Fint Premium, Zenohla, M. Drown, $25. Second Premium, Juil* Clay, J, 11. Pickere!! sls. The Committee were unanimously of the opin ion that this ring eiccedi aay other they have ret •eea. and alee that they were *o nearly equal that they we uld hare with great pleasure awarded four premiums. IlnirßK. two and T«DtoTn«aa Tjum.—7lrst Premium, Minnehaha, J. N. Brow*, $ *5. Sccoad Premium, Lady Jones, J. M. Hill. sls. Haim, Oai and frosaTwo Yiahj ’—First Premium, White Lady, J. M. HUI 125 JrirM Second Pre’m, Mary Chlide, J. H Pickerell 115 lIEIPBR. CALP UMDEIf Okß YEAH.—First Pramll urn, Ladr France*. J. M. Hill. 1 Lwn*sls * romißm ' ld * T7 . B « n * B. Rye, Mc- IWADSTBIU. The examination opened with roadster* n* fol lows Second clasp, 10 ioldsters, mtre four reirt aid ayer—Ut premium. Lad/ Florence, Snyder & Adams, Brown Co., UL; 8d premium, Jenny, Joan Slaughter, Hicon, * J ' AX EXCITOtO BACH. . A l? ? dack , “ «ciUog trot took place with double teama la harries*, for >2OO. citizen's pone. ??t‘ t T ,, pT ?’ tb l Toe following w»rs ihaentries; Ist, J. H. CoDltsknames Nabocuse a*d Lndr Sher- d a G Ch ' “*»on name? Jenny ana Ks't; ?. fc «?w t 5 S "* lh .w W 2 e *.9 eor * # “ J Kilty. Jeouy J •i?, K i t V w S?i hefl « k heat la-2.60. Darin-this 1 i C !i b r * n u ir^ 7 Sherman, who were driven by J 11. Coiliek ef Cnlcugo, became un njanatesbls and ran around the trick flre'tln-s wlih grest speed, tnd Mr. Conltak doing hi* best * a , " wUheutsvall. Astheypaiiod the stand the imh tun©, speed botillgbllv I 5£™ ce< «' a ® tllw3rt colored ram, Charles Petersen, groom to the running «pan, wl*h true heroism d u * OD tkexn 1 <Jeor and arrested their further progress within the distance of fifty feet. The eatir* audience, fall twenty tbousand, Jamsed to theirfsetandKavcCsarlesthewlldcstcneer. The gallant fo low seemed to think be was gett.o-U* much applause for imall an act. Notwithstand ring the severe ordeal which NabocUah and Lady aherman had. passed through, their owner (Hof- J Cc tnh) took the ribbons and won the second heat i n T G Lv Tbe th . ,rd hcftt WBl won by Nabocllsh and Lady Sherman in 2.41. The first nurse of $l6O was given to ISabocllsh and Ladr Sherman, aid tbe - second, of s£o, to Jenny and Kate. Lotl6—Jack* AXDJnNKias.—Jscks.4 years and °f". Ist premium, John McCosnell. Rome. $25. 2d, W. blluall, Kentucky. $ 5. Jack i, 3 years and under 4-lst premium. Barton & Lawrence, Kentucky, $ 8 nm c ir #,2jcarß “4nn«rß-lat premium, J. M. Jill), Macoa county, SSB. 2d, W. D. Baa tie, Kentucky, sls. _.j I >;. l J®ar and under a—let premium, W. J. Caldwell, Sangamon county. S2O. 2<J, Jobs McConnell, sls. ,c "* * n “ »»<!« <-!•» premium, Wm. Bhumall, Sangamon county, S2O. , I t o ’ Baker, Christian county, $25. Brew r u?ounV‘ Prem ‘ a °’' Tl °“' B> Ae ‘ nU ’ • Sd, Charles. Bridgei«.Chitham. $lO, single. I t l —Two and nnder three—-Jet premium, John Patterson, Schuyler county, $lO. Single Mole, one snd under premium. W. J. Tackett, $lO. Sacking Male—lst premium, W. J. I Tackett, *10; 2d, J. TV. Punk, McLvan'county, $5. J Honszs.—Mares three and undv loor years— -Ist, “ Grace Greenwood,” John C. Derver. Moraaa county; 2d premium, “Day worth,” David Camp, bell, McLean, sl3. J Marxs.—Two and under three years—lst pre mium, **Grey Domedc,” D. M. Foreiriaa, Macon. $«. Marcs oceyearand nuder two—lst pemlnm, ••Red Bird,” Joseph Morton. Morgan, sls; 2d “ Fanny,” John Lambln, McLean, $lO. I Sucking Colts.—Under eue wear—lst premium Glm:er.” E. D Coleman, Dewitt coonty, $lO Lot 11—Uohbm ,or aim Work—Hornes four years old and over.—Under this bead there were sixteen entries of as splendid specimens of horse flesh as were ever brought together in this country. They embraced horses of the stock of Highland Kenttucky thoroughbreds, Ethan Allen.Shakspcare, Copper Bottom, Black Hawk, Prophet, Raymond, French, Borman, Louis Napoleon, Morgan, Dio of Ue Potomac Ac. From the splendid character of every horse present, tbe Judges experienced mash I difllralty in making, up their wwards; mere L seemed scarcely a horse in the ring which under I lets attractive surroundings would not have com -1 manded the first premium. Stanley a famous : Kentucky tborooEh-brvd which was entered for this prize, owned by Bsnta & Lawrence, of Louis ville, dlco on tbe Fair grounds to -day. He was valued at SIO,OOO. and wssH splendid aatmal. Tho prnmnms were finally awarded as follows: Horses ol ill work—lst premium. Yellow Jacket, owned by Win. Hewitt, Champaign county, $25; 9d premium, Shukepearo Jr., Banta ± Lawrence, Louisville, Ky., sls—horses 8 years old and un der 4. ~ The following premiums have been awarded to day: Fancy Paintiko in Oil—lst premium, Mr*. B. Slevene, Meant Morris. Neat Painting In Oil—lst premium, Mrs, J. L. D. Kirby. Jacksonville. Collection of Paintings in Oil—Silver medal to G. 11. Adams, Hillsboro. , Wood Cut—Premlmm to Thoe. Benton. Chicago: and high commendation to W. D. Baker, Chicago. Srncma Flowxr Painting.—Mrs. O. W. Green of Harsstown, premium; Mis* Annie M. £as tor lav, Montgomery county, commended,, Spxcimtn Bird Painting.—Premium to J. 8. D. Kirby, Morgan county. 'Agricultural Intlznznts—.First premium to J. J. Case A Co., Racine, Wls., for Thresher and Separator; Istpremlam J. J, Case & Co. for ten hone power mounted: premium to J. C. Blrdscll, Sontb Bend, Ind.. foi Clover Haller; premium to , J. A Carpenter, Beloit, Wls , Feed Mill: F. C. Winslow, FrecporL Clder Mill; Sanger & Co, Jo- 1 llet, Corn Sbeller: Istpremlam to 8. G. Jb M. W. I . Primer, Chicago, for Hay Pitcher; W. D. Schoolcy, Richmond,Hunt’s Hsy CuUer;--G.E.Tbroop, of , Chicago, Sunt Machine; Kmenoa <b Co., Rock- J ford. < Brer Display or Aozucultuiul Imtlekknts, Tbe above award for Agricn-Ural Implements were •liver medsls. The following articles received commendations from committees: J. Donaldson of Rockford.'llominy Mill; James Mason, Polo, Ma chine forloofiing shock corn; V. Becker, Chicago, Uav Loader; L. a. Simons, Mount Morris, Grain Separator; V. Baker, curved bar Cyllnduc; J. J. Case A Co., Racloe, Grain Register. FINANCIAL AND €oMM£3€*ii« lUOIfETART. Friday Evkxisg. Sept, 15,1564- In monetary circles to-day, business was nmisu ally quiet. The stringency in the money market curing the past few days, has hid a tendency to check mere speculative pursuits, and oar regular discount homes report fair transactions for leglti n. fete business purposes. * The volume of currency increases slowly, but tho bankers ate determined to make tn effort at sn early day to fores tho holders of produce, whisky, wool, Ac., cither to sell or. ship a large proportion of their stocks, so as to provide the means re* qnlrcd by the beef and pork-psektrs daring the . ensuing season. This will no dealt bo nnpslata* bte to the large body of speculators,a« it will tend to depreas prlcoa; bat, In the long run, it will be better lor all concerned. At any rate, the packing season is Jast.ppproachlng, and it. will not dote sacrifice the permanent interests of the city to the sneertain movements of speculators. Although currency was very close to-day, those er gaged in tho legitimate business of buying ship plug produce bad no difficulty in procuring the' necessary accommodations at tbe usual discount, 10 per cent per annum. Outside broken continue to charge, and sometimes obtain 5®3 per cent per month. There was a good demand for eastern exchange to-day, and the market was firm, though rates were unchanged. The bankers were buying at H per cent discount, and selling at*®# discount-very little, however, at the latter quotation. The gold market in New York to-dsy wastweak, and we note a decline of 3 per cent—opening at 228, and gradually weakening down to 223H, *t which figure it closed at StS'jp. m. The following are the quotations received by James Boyd, gold broker: 10.00 a. m 228 I 1.00 p.m. 11.00a,m 287 H\ *.S6P‘ m SSatf 12.00 m 2563tfl S.Bop.m 223>tf Here the market for gold was also wMt—open ing at 225, with large offering, advancing to 226 cloalog at noon at 283, aid so boyers in the after, noon at oysr 220. Silver was doll and heavy at 2.10. Five>twentlea were quiet at 110X@111. • -“The New York Shipping I>Ut, of the 14th, rc porte the New York money market aa follows: The money market has been stringent, and lenders are not so plenty aa they have been, ex* cept at very foil rates, we make bat'Uttle change In oar quotations, hot remark that 7 $ cent la the minimum rate for call loans. Commercial bills are discounted at high rates. We quote: Per cent per annum. .Loans on can, stock securities 7 O— do bond and mortgage 7 © — Prime and endorsed bills, 0 @SO days BX©lO do do months..., 8 ©lO First class single signature* .10 @l2 _..u. vioßß ftlogl Other Rood hula. —The New York Txmei, of the 14lh, lays tba the fluctuations in a few days of SOiQ4O 9 cen against the recent extravagant prices of gold and all foreign and domestic merchandise dependent npon the ruling of exchange and'gold, hare neces sarily Increased the caution of money lenders, both at bank and en the street. The payments on the New Loan are being has tened into the Treasury Office and the Natlona Basks in New York in advance of the calls for the 14th, IQth and 24th IniL, without affecting the Honey market, the payments being almost excln lively in the S per cent Legal-Tenders, hitherto a dead weight at bank, Soms of the large banka are tica buyers of Certificates ol Indebtedness la place ol tbe Legal-Tender Coupons with which they are paring*; tbe r face and accrued Interest. Others sre free Under*, from tbe same relief, on United States *nd MuceUanesns Stocks at call, at 7 per cent. Tbe followlrg is a atatemuntof the approxi mate caning of thePlWsbarcb, Port Wayne and Chicago Railroad Company during the month of Ansost nit., compared with the same period of last year: „ . 1864. 1363- Increase. From Freights..s32tt,»M Ol $54T,41L85 *73.8 8.19 PBMSnxers,. 819,637.32 140,017.85 179,019.47 Bxprtsi Matter. 6,200.00 3,30s 75 1,891.83 Mills... . ... 6.H25.0* 7,-25.00 Real of Railway, 7.053.5S 7,083.43 Miscellaneous... 8,513 75 3,400.97 1,806.73 Total $663,102.44 $407,076.15 $26W85 69 Ear nil ga from Jan. 1 to Augusts!— $4,127,643.01 $3,809,663.05 $917,874.02 The following interesting article on the sab]ec t ofOi) Companies we copy from the United States Morning Journal, and Is worthy of a careful peru sal by parties infectei with the ‘ oil fever “There are now afloat In the Philadelphia stock market at leas; seven million* of capital shares is eneo by about one hundred and flueea oil compi. n ea. A list of onehuiidred at d four oil companiea ioi» on cur table, a’low a total ot 6.252,230 capital bhnKß, equal to 60,181 shares for eacu company Tim total Bum Ur of»har».i teased by all the rail road companies in Pennsylvania, that use locomo tive power, Coes bo; exceed two and a half mil lions, being little more than one-third the camber ot shares lspued by the oil companies organized in Philadelphia slope. Tbe 3,800 miles or locomotive railroad In use In Pecusvlvunia coat SBOO,OOO 000 and yet this vast property U reortsoated by less than oac fourth tbe number of shares Issued by the companies owning the on wells In Pennsylvania * lor It mast be taken into consideration that there tie oil companies organized elsewhere than in this dry, a tingle oil company organized In New York, or put on tsat market, having us capital divided into 600,000 shares." New York Stock Maukbt.—Thafollowlaearo the quotatlena for Sept. Id, received by F. G. Sal tonatall & Co, commission, stuck and bond bro kers, 24 Clark street. Chicago: Lrtß'C.2d B’d. L Is; B'd. 24B'd S.T. C....... 156* r-5V I ttIDOIWIITBC,.. 81 81V C.4 N. W. UJf 51Jf I O.S.T 124)4 121 a*N.W(pfd).Bl£ 83V I Hudson fiUvaritlW tote icom)...,lOiV 106 iHi. Cta“..7.:mu 14 Erie (pfd). IL7VI ohi*&hui.ccrt43v .C. A P.........U0V UOV I COD* wiw **** M. 8. fcoK}... BiK W.Q I loan Oonds.. 97X UVIU. 8. l?cant ** P. F. W, A C..ICTV 107j< I 5-24 couaoas.liCV M.C..... .134 18JIH MX. B.S A c«t * —* C.4A. CccmJ .83 .... boaas 1881...tMx C.&.A.(p«)...W .... I U.5.73-»0Croso. kW> * '•*' R. 1..., lllfi ICCX I nn Notes . litv Ul.Cent.scrlp.iriX mQlv. BA yr.certf.9iK B.&0 121 X 121 I Amerio’nvoldjftX j Yru Market-lot Board lUsCy. 2d Board wear. 4 oomnßßcuii, Fbidat EvßNnro, Sept, is, lien. The receipt* ?td shipments during the past 34hours were a* follows: MCBIPTS AM* UUPJUHTf PAST 34 HOOKS. Jteccired. Shipped. *•}*! 3.900 K. 73,106 93.000 . 30.202 • 84,lX)0 .109,672 60^120 . 43,M0 4,'jis . 42,815 . • 10 408 400 ■ 7,803 3T2 130,158 ’730 •, 2,050 1,375 41.680 3,320 3.155 165 2,661 3i 40,031 1,253 10 7 Sjg Flour Wheat Cora. Oata Rye Barley Grass Seed.. Flax Seed... Broom Corn. Cured Meats. Beef. Lard Taller? Wool lloga Cattle Oidea Bj^bwlnes... Butter ' The general produce market to-daj waa moder atelj attire, and the market#fer Demand Oata were btlik ant ateadj, under to aclire ablppln* do maud; but Wheat aid Flour ruled bear j and lower, netwllbatandin- the navra from New Fork waa more frrorabla. Tbla I. to be accounted for bj the extreme high prlcea which bare rnlod bare, aa compared with thoaa ol the Eaat, and tba falllng olf la the apacelatlra demand.'ocmaloned maln'r bjjhe itrlapcnc; In tba moner market. There was little or no inquiry for Flour, and tbe market was dull and heavy, With sales of only 700 brls at for good spring extra*. Win ter Wheat brand* were almost entire neglected. . Wheat was heavy and we aote a decllae In prices •f 3®4cper bushel. The sales amounted toonlv about 81,0W bushels Winter and 90.000 bushels Spring si 11.M&1.93 for No. 2 Red; $1 68 for R«- Jscted Red; $1.85 for No Grade Red: $1.03®! W 'or No. 1 Spring: for No. asprin-r acd $1.51Q1,83 for Rejected Spring—the market cloflos he.ry it for No. 3 Rea, «nd $1 68Ji®1.80 for No. 2 Spring. . The New York dlspatchea reported an Improve ment there of 2c per bnsnel; but this announce, .ment bid no effect whatever In checking the down, ward tendency. Even wifh tbe advance In New York and tbe decline heref shippers stem to show to desire to make purchases, with the gold market tending downwards. There was a brisk shipping demand for Corn, and the market ruled firm and steady, bat not so buoy ant as yesterday. About 15»,000 boshela of all prides changed hands, at $1.33# for No S River afiost: $1.83 for No. 1 Corn iu store; $1 82#© 1.32# for No 2 Corn; and $1.30®1,81 for Rejected —the market closing firm at tbe Inside quotations. Oats were active,but the demand by shippers wa* chiefly for No 2—No 1 Oats showing a decline Of per bushel. About 190,000 bushels were sold; at 64#®65c for No 1 Oats, file for No S Oats, and Gtc for Rejected—the market dosing steady at l4H®64#c lor No 1 and G4c for No S. .. Rye was dull and l®2c lower, with sates of about 4,000 bushel* at $1.82# for No 1; $1.23® 1.29 for No 2; and $U8®1.29 for Rejected, tbe market closing nominal at $1.30®1.3l for No 1, and $1.23 .©1,23# for No 2. The Baney market was quiet and unchanged, with sales of only 5,000 bushels, at $1.01®1.95 for N0.2 In slore. • lilghwmes were dull and heavy, the only sale reported being a lot of S3 brls at $1.73. There were bayers of city win*s at $1.74, but sellers were bolding at $1.75. Provlslons-rcmstn inactive, the only salwreport- j ed being 100 brls city mesa pork at $12.75. Tho j market Is almost bare. Timothy Seed was fiat, and we report a farther dedine of 10®15e per bushel, with light Bales at $5.16®5 40. Flax Seed was In fair demand, and 1,000 bushels were sold in'one lot, Vntthepnce was kept private. Thera was rather more inquiry to-day for Batter, and wo note sale* at 40@41c. J>st tbe heavy stock here still ttnds to depress tho market. Grain Freights were steady, with light engage ments at 7#c for com and rye to Buffalo. In Groceries tbe market has been less active, and with a better supply prices have been not so firm. On Rio Coffoe we note a decline of 1c $ lb on Hard Sugar *ol #c 0), and on all refined grades of#®#csl 1b on previous quotations Tea continues very quiet, but stocks are held firm | at previous rates. - • j There is no improvement in the supply of An thracite Coal; the market is active and firm at $20.C6®22 per ton. Whltefllah is In very small supply with a good .demand. Market firm at $9.00®9.25 per hi. br for' Nel 1. Dried Herrings are in more active de mand, with a limited supply. On Scaled we note an advance of 19c per box. ' • ’, Green Fruits in fair supply, excepting Peaches, of which there bavebeen no fresh receipts. The market is generally active and firm at previois quotations. In Dried Fruits the market is rather quiet. New Apples are coming in slowly; prices are high, ranging from 19#®ll#c-? o>. Raisins hare agAin declined, 13#c $ box on Layers, and 50c V box on M. R’s. In Hides the market it dull and very inictlve. Receipts are moderate, bat there are few havers. On* Green Salted wo note a farther decline of #c Q lb. Dry stock easy and unchanged. . Tbe Oil market is a little more active and prices are firmer, but with no quotable change. Linseed we quote at $1.63®6S raw, and $1.69©1.74 boiled. Carbon Oil firm, with an npward tendency. In Wool the market remains Inactive, and prices have agalmdeclinsd 2®sc 9 ®>. At present latlans thpre are few buyers la the market. Lumber is mors active. The receipts ara com paratively light. The market is firmer, tending upwards. LATHR. Inthe afternoon, owing to tho fluctuation la gold, the Wheat market was nervous and unset* tied—No. 2 Spring selling as low as SI.BB and as high as sl.9o—but dosing very dnll at $1.83. Corn was steady at $1.32# for No. 2. Oats,"Rye, Barley and Uighwiues were neglected. TBE WHEAT CROP OF THE WEST. The Associated Press, throagh Its agents, have just published- reports from various counties In the leading agricultural Slate*, el the quality and quantity of the crops of 1651. From this we hav prepared the following synopsis of the Wheat crop of the West. In Illinois the reports are from twenty-one coun ties. Three counties report an avenge yield; one is reported “largetwo one fourth more; three one-half more: one is reported “larger;” one one* eighth more; one fifteen bushels per acre; five ono-half less; one one-fourth leas; two one-eighth less; one a “failure.” The latter county Is “Win. nebago.” In lowa, reports are from 17 consUes—eight of which are place as an ‘'average” or “Banal" yield * two, “largerfour, one-eighth more; one, on* third more; one one-fourth more; and one, one. half more. Not a single county In this State is place below an average. In Indiana, there are reports from IS counties— eleven of which aro pot down as “ eqnal ”or “usual”; two, one-half more; two, one-fourth mere: and one, one-fourth less. In Ohio, 21 counties are reported, from one of which we have an “average” yield; two, on* eighth lees; one, one-tenth less; three, one-fourth less; six, one-third lees; less: one, three-fourths less; one, a .“failureone, one eighth more; and one, one-fourth more. In Michigan, there are returns from twenty-eeren counties— debt of which report an -“average” or “usual” jield; four are reported “double;” two ene-half more; one, one-third more; one, one* eighth less; one, one-ttlth less; fire, one-fourth less; and Are, one-halflere. Many Aelda in these counties were destroyed by fire. la Wisconsin, fourteen counties are reported three ot which are pat down ss an ‘‘aTerAge*’ yield* B€Ten, emo-eighth least one, onc-thlrd lees- one* one-half lets; one, loor-flflha lose: and one’“fl 7 c bushels” per acre. In Canada Wcat, forlj-thrcc town, arc reported, thirteen of which are eet down aa harioj an “avo. raf;e” jlefdf'fiTß. oiic haif more; four, onc-fonrth more; aeven, one-itth more; three, ono-elghth *ore; one, "larger;” uz, ooohalf lei.; one, threc tonxthii leea; one, one-elghth lea.; and two, one- The following table ehow, the matter In a elm pler form. Hero arejeporta from i:o cotmtlc and towns In the Western State. and Canada West, ao follows: .13 4 Counties and Towns report, it!!!!!!!!!!!!.\\\V!.*.V!! J"« • 8 i -One half leti. i •£“ r^J?wth«ie«* i Ponr-afth* i* a . I - P**e taper we. WUh regard to the geality, onlj two coratte, la DHnol» or. reported “ p. or," non. 1. low. noon In Indian., onij thro, in Ohio, oiaht In m7hi one In Wiaeonaln, and in Canada Weet. The report, bom nearly all qnartora are either " ooot' - “fair," or "better," A Legal Toa of CeaL The United Stater Circuit Court. at Fhlladelpo'a. here decided thattbowoikbtofateu e f esaita*3ld yoandi instead ol 3.00. p;ua- 1 The JatUe held teat a company of irccerainl.ttai weU meet acd agree toro-ucethe somber of ooieee ta e pouauand mUetbeiaaUeraambefS the staedard 01 a pseud for their cut temen. u for coal oe*len ta ar«e that the weight ot a ton of coal ah >.ll be 1.3v0, aoi foralah that an. ount to their customers. CHICAGO LUBIBIt 9UKKZT> Fbidxt Bvsxtso, Seat. 18, iju. LUMBBR—Becslved yesterday, 1333,9.0 fset with a Mr saf ply of lumber on the malket, there hu be* a more activity and flrmacar. Prices are wi host quo table chance, out have a stioac opward tendency. SniSGLEB—In tut 11 mites tapply, with as active demand. Market firm and aechasged. LATH—Received yesterday 40.0*0 pcs. Market sc. Uve aacfl matprevioni quotatlctii. 01.860 SaLBS TO-DIT. Cargo icbr3nclena,£roai by Bick ford, 2*C feet Umber, *» I’rlpr, at f?3.M; cargo « r Lavit Lnddjcetcn, fromSbeboygaa Bar. told b/ M«n -tCB.iKS,OTO feet lumber, J* air pa. coarse, |, sa.K® pci latb |125; cazao tckr Coba, from Green Bar. soil br Bickford, UO.tKO feet lumber, Jf stripe, at 1.349; cargo'acbr Hamilton, from Menamooea, •pauldiag’* Mills, Üb.OCf f£tt lumber, 70 per cent strips, at HIM; cargo brtzlowtll, from Menomonee. Spaoldlac’a Mill, 150.C00 feet lumber- H strips, at 125X0; cargo •cbr SaLor Bor, from Menomonee, Spaulding's n>n«, to lett la mbtr. (5 per ceat strips, at |i3.(o. lath* yards baJaeas U ycryactlTe.awd prices role Aim at the following rerlied quotations. y?e qua.e: LTOBZs-First Clear Bo arts, P M..i Second Clear Board*, > ‘Tsawti Third Clear Beards. P U. iaa-atn Flm Oesr Plank. V M U t*ssuo Second Dlearxlana. V M » 1 hire clear Hsok. ? M... 4i.00«5tM Stock Boards. . £s,***37, h o . Be* or select Board* 37.00ai-.oii Common Boards. - • * ~ 24ac®18JW gaqt**-. Cull Boards (419.01 Ftnt Clear Floortne, roa«h 45XC«»*> ou Second dear Flooring, rooxt... 43jMc*15 C 3 Coamoß Flocemr, rooan. S3 «*»«£« Biding,clear, «rew»d~ 28.00ij*^'.(® Second Clear .. v 3 ceac oo Lone Jowl*.. llOccaJiGP BbATOd Shloglee.A.* M. * Sg sft Shared 6hlSgle»>i. JZ. Si'S s 5 Stared 9tin-ie%8tar.....57*5 Cedar BUmrtea. ssan Bawee Shlnglei, A. .1.....1rda BllrM SlllmrlM Hi. 1 ". . 4 TvS S *ijropc. I;;:::::;;:::::;;: \'St ™.* W!■ Itjc^iaoi Pldl"» IBSWOJ* CDICACiO DULY 9UBKEt Alt taUt ofOnt* reporua in IMt market report %!° K^'‘ b V u 2 r H.^t< ‘ ra P , *** »tu>m,w4eie Fjmr jL *** <^ered Ite! a im* aUlt, * l ft 5«o:-To BwwKk : brig Concord, *; torn" W^“.«V' K “ < ‘ IIT '- Tiort flow to Bon•», Uie too rin ILKA Floor to Ne» York.lake and rail iJvf Floor to Portland, via Sarala l«ai Floor to Boitoa. Tla Sam'a, - Ltoa ** We tl qaJt°«V > F I1 “ 11 BT3 - Tl >"« u M eking® ixnUa* ToHewTor*,si] roll '"Si _ _ ** rail and Lake Br io Jl.'om - ijS Te BceUn, all rail „ i 5 of* ToPortland,ailrtll *SS a_r« To Baltimore, all ran. ” 1 £m tl? ToPhJi»del*hla,all raU „ . *>je iio ToPituborg, '* *»j tr? , V R w ß *f e i T / d ,i 5.124 bris f shipi-d J,iw»brs. MapkatdaUandsrglecud. g*ie« toUav JVSST^® 1 ? Kxmu-UO Drli‘-P.obirJ * <&" ■ BxTBA»-lfc b-l« “Dfnrpr,;- atlinji: ■JM brl* tood ipnnr extra at H9.20. Us. botm>—llo bris ui>sooad wlDwrat D.iC Jlrnn-l* tens Bran la bait at sttAJoa track. MMk* 1 ?*?Itoday. 1 today. 73,; M on; aoipped, Market very dull, ana a»lclow:r 8m» *fiST*B Wheat is «to>s—i:.o.o ba s,ms ba domt 7,«(j pa an at •I 90; » €«t bu B-jsetad at |L*B: 4(.0 ba So Grad* B*d at *US flpßiso, Wnxxx ix Sioan-IC* ba No i Epdlg at 51.94 ; 1,(00 bn do at «l W;2,M bu Na 2 Sorts* at II 91; J.t-00 bu do at fl !>-Jf: ha co at li3*k: Mdo at 91.9 ; 7/C*ba do at« Mk £,Mobu<ott U63;5,0C0 ba do P«Jpc ■« Spring at ll>$; 3/Coba ao at ll&'a.uobi do at >l.U—the market cl'nins dali aid h»»rr «t Rad, and $1 83K-1.53 for No 2 Spriac? CORP-b«celTadta-aaT.»2iJ buibela; shipped 84.W0 auibals. ila kat«i and st-a-’y. -galea to* «s»y •wares Coax ry Slosn-MO bn NO iCorrat” » Cora at It hu .-"a*. bn do Vt ' S c. 4 iv kaß, - iec Hi C-ra at s 31; 4Hbuaoat 91JU}*: Sllba aoa-1’.38. Eiranaxo Cax*l Cohx ?? ba *• 2 C V* *t tl-Mtf afloat. At tbe ggVJ SJifSSTS S , iSa. ,od Erra * * OATS-Ra-elTidto-daj. bu ; »Mpped3'Ass ba. Market actiTaaaa steady forNa.2. nut low.r on No l. .Haiti.were Oat. rxBTO«-S)0 bn Ne. 10»tsat(Jc: I.IK-oba do at HVc; «s orinn de atEtkc: UMNtaNo * Oatß at 6.C. Ultras ass Can il Oat*—cos an cl , Data at*7e f. o. b. At tba al«e the mSK* wkl ~V tai^t ^*^*®* for^o,l Ind fc *c for No. 2 Oata • RYE-Recelved to-diy, 1P313 bu; ihlppsd. B.W ba. Mu)i» Ttry aull maa l»2c lower. giinto-Aar were: Rin is tSTOnn-2,C0» »a »e. i Rt« at ai«u. «t bo No 2 Rjo at *1.29; 4N ba do at *1.28* • lifo ba do at SI » : 4CO ba Kejirtta P.ya at SlVw * ico bu acd .omlasl at *l.»«xSlforNo.l t a»d|i4B®i2gj<iorNo *.■ JIARI-BV-KectlTed todat, ii,7i« ba. Kfarket quiet Ma,e» to day were: Baslbt ib Stobi—!, co b* No J Sariay at *i.9S:2.tcc bu do at IIW.Vt 6AMpL»-4ai bo at 13 on trace. ALCtlHOl^—Nominal at g nl. *“V TTI^tt—I{ec#,Ted *» «*T. fti; »ht*pec!. f3,S9i &b There ;• rajher mort inquiry brabiDDerf bot tba large amount an iba market rindcra It n-ar* tn<* detretacd. ffnqagto: F l*ittnel)air7incroekaaadtabe aaaiio Sbitplac Batter, la Hikita 3,>-2«c Qreeit Butter fcalce to-day warer ItOflrkisi good at 45kc: -Wflr* blca prime at lie: 30 flrklt* good iat -10 c. BHASH—Baled to«daj vere 60 bag* good mixed Bear a at ICS. BA4»GI%G-Market more -bcUto, and prices a ■badfQimct. Receipt, fair. \Te quote; surg.A Monitor A.awamleaa 1.20 Hampden B, aeamlesa WarerlyA. leamleaa Chicago A, aeamleee. Lomtvood A.' Manchester A, seered linen Ci raEicbange A.iewcd lines. Rxtra heayy A BagleA ExceUlor. Empire City, eewed linen Garden City, tewed lines ' Barlaot, fonr b ? Gnnnlfci.nteba,... • •* four bu **/ two bo ... Flour Sacks, Xbrle cotton..*, Ureiu..... 79 ... u H J sOllOll - 8«A87 • ”• ~ S'* • .Jjflfl woolsacks.haary..,....r’**r*rrr*rrrrr*****rr.r £iS . CUEBtSJs->itecelDta contlnne very limited. The market la active and very arm at preient quotations, we quote; ( Hamburg aiSe : Wetternneaarve.... 33 aair Wcsteengtatee .> 18 COFFEr.—Market dud and ln«ctlye. With a fair supply we note aiurther decline of]c«) ftenKio. Jaya »rn Cape tolerably Ann at previoni quotations, w# quote: Cape,* t... 47 050 e Java, 00. In mats . ..10 oci c Bio.falrtoeood 48*049 c Rl», *ocd jo prime... jq c COA I#—The market continues Jactiye, with aiiml tso anppjy. prices very flrn ana nnchs.ged. We quota: Kaix-Brcotfleio. ' tian do -Orznaoy *14.00 CixTXLaaD—Briar Hi 11.....,., is oa do Mineral Ridge uloo * Wmo, f 15 .GO-' uloaburg.. 1 14 00- Lump Lehigh j&OO Lackawana, prepared. joffi Bcrantcn, \ ■ * * Sa m pixt»k,a—v m*s llimola e oiV2kiQ*fio BGCa—Freah Ergs baye been In small supply Stale and mued no olcatifuL Prlcsa ruled m at 38e fer fresh eggs. Giber* »r* itmy at Pieii—llarkot in namtaal Prices nr® end unchanged. Tnotrr-tn modtrais demand and limited »upply. Marktt dm at prerlons quotations. Marxism, la fatraapply andaetivo at preieat qnotationa. CooniH-Marhet moderately active and in beittr supply. Prtcai oathan/ed. Sbikd liEBBiXQ—In better detnard ana firmer* on wo note an adyance of 10s per box. TTe So I WbiteflfQ.hfbrlJ : ....29.00 a92S Noil Wbltaflia,hr bris.. g.79 co No 3 Whiteflih, Ef brli 7AO Si.ts No l Trout, hf bris. 100' a 3**3 No 3 Trout, hi bris 7io S?.a NolMackersi, hi bris uoo aso] Ko2 brte ro ap 73 No.aateekerel.hfbris, large its «340 No. 1 Mackerel,kits,, 3J3ka3JO * * WO «3.T3’ Fbnijy kits.. M 3.;5 him Family Mackerel, bf bris 7AO aitso • Codfish. George's Bank. * 100 ft ©is 03 Cocfisn. ursna Bank. *IM all 09 No 1 Pried Herring, * box 70 a 73 EctledlHenlngs. * box-....,.*.,.,;. M © M PickledHerring*,round, 910 aiiJiO No l Lake Herring. goo ©B2s NoaiAkeHerriQr. ...” I:::::::.:: SS SSJo it *v PRPITJ.-APPas-Ia fair receipt acMye an-i steady at preheat qnotationa Fsacns*—The receipt! tivdaylbaye been nominal Warattaetiyaanaftflr. OaaPEa la fair anppls and Arm at prestnt quotations. LxMoxs-Recslpta bettsr ana attiyo. We quote: Green Applet, * wholeaale 9 jjjoa 3.75 Green Applet, * Dri, at retail, eating.... SAO© SJK) firtepApple*. *brl.atretall.cookmg... SA-a 4.00 * Peaches *.baak«t. go a sjg Petehap. v bna box ; *.o*’© 6 00 • Citapsi, Isabella. * tt 'ao Grapes, Catawba, *» » aTa 25 Pens « basket is aioo pens * bti S Biberiau Crabs, uer basket 1 m WaterMelom.UlM ....H 7JL©IB.M Liinona, French, f box aoj»a2i.ft) Lemons.Slcßy. * box 15J5T-G419.r0 . UKIKD FKCTTtf—Applus—Oldlrnlt In nomi nal supply, aad stocks nearly exhausted. Receipts ef this aeaion a fruit are coming la slowly. Market moderately active and firm at present quotations FobkiOx FnuiTsareseneiaUyqulatandsteady. On Raisins we mto a decline of V box on Layers and of 5Ce * box'on Othar Irnlti contlan at previous quotations. Wa quota - Apples, Southern.* ft.*.. Apples, Eastern * ft yonnzex ynuiva lulling-Layers « oox. tSJTkras m BaUlas—ii. K. * boz „ .. ImS Currants, * » a » S Ftg»—Boyina, ..a............* ... 23 A 90 A'SlwDdl|EOtt, ■XI /a » Alronds.bara.Va a a as nuae*. Turkish, 9,» * * «S S i’eare.Bobemiaa.ll a - t?w2 f» SsnSmes. Halves 111.11.1111’ n a- m B*rdm««.unartars <5 2 J» OABTHC-— l*r»l:le Cbickcas 1b moderate sooolt V® » t P,n*«oit quotations. QrxiSi in almost nominal sopolv, oemaad sood. Hfrrr. wVquoie- 10 * I** 1 *** 66 pt * * lofke * medarately active. Prairie Chickens, v cos «<»-* Qnalls.VUoz . .. STtS BJjjje. TrUQW-lcned. « iox... *.11*.*.*.! SIS IUDE*-Hecemd 4SOSI B». Bblps«dl,c? *7 Thuclaunlm»ioretaeat mtne previous unctlv tr f/ ** • warkst, ,9 n Gr, «a Salted uidee we aete a far* tber decline of He V B, mia lew buyers. Dry stack »U»i» »i|.iaDch»Kc(i. We quote; J WC£ Green Salted,nußjaed. u aiaw Dnfisitrd mninea « Slo* DxjiTUnt t tnaaed ..' « &s>u Kip* Green Salted, trimmeo \j C*f,Orceß Salted.trimmed... U au -‘ ™ !8 “a«t U ““ : 0r “ Timothy, beater preeeea. m m Wmotby looeepreeeed, ae«'srtS» riaiOUiy,lOOie.. 10 fJVS>r[ fa Prairie, better pimed is OCa'fliS Prairie,looeeprosed... .....’... ilotaisji Prairie, looted I . .. I uSSffJ! _ ... „ „ MTAILFMCaaI Timothy, beater prenco. SBLewiw^e Timothy, loosepressed. 7... TtoSjS* f»t« »ap#iy or Domestic Leather. Preach Calf avia* are la T*ry imall receipt, marketqoietaed alaetU-d. Francos quoiauoos anchan»e#. W9 quote Baraeai *.»,... Lime V ft siftssc JEIp v ft.......... K«L3I Upper 9 loot «3«56c Collar V foot. 209960 Slaagb ter. 501e... .S&aKc Baraen, ? ft wsssc Upper..... ... e.SS«o.M KiP. 80. 1 fta amm. *L» 9140 Kipj«o. 1 heayy.l Hxai.lß Call. Extra 3409LTS Preach Kip, Ist Ch0ice........ ,125<SX4C r«fcch cad, n ft» *259340 ~ Yield. ■ Double. .larger. .Large. .One-half more. .One third more. .One-fourth more. .One-fitth more. .One-eighth more. .Aver ate. •One-eighth less. .Oae-tenth less. .One-filth lest. •One-looxth less NAVAL STOHtg—l] fair snppiy, at prerloua qi Tar............ ■»»» it^j Pitch 2SXC39SSO Boats* 383 Ba. ....SHUM Turpeatiaa. % ug Ital.Flax paetdat GSo ItaL Hemp packing.,..Me Am. Hmp Sap .*c Ab, Hra; Ko.t Me ia Heap Nt. I .He * a Portland. „ g.W Slolaeres Soglt S’. T.reflaec, powdered And Kraaniated...,.2»Wttso White A HKa 1 ! SSfcr^ y«H*»6 13 SYRUPS AISU ItIOLASSES-Ia mo??erato jap. »>j- Marbet aim aaa unchanged. We quote: Few Or 1 earn * ii^'r Philadelphia n©e bit« T*oaaii* SaLEßATOs—lallrtt manly. Viricet aol'er ately acuru aad firm at preylotu qaoiaaoaa, We rtab om*a para, .. Ka ,, v , da Best liav*« • •e Laad’a pure, ioJSm ® da healthy ' fiv2-tv£ it chemical /" * V,V.V.12 *?|l Tea—ld soaieaaeaee of the recant tlactu* itn« i* Kuo, the Baraeva** been uotettlo .<u,a diuaui nor* than nmally limited. a:eci»s*n »t«l hearer heir firm at for? er quotation, eap«r:»ay*r choice QtiAllUe*. Weqcnte: I icnny Hy>vn, itutnor to cnausoa, f ai U do snoertcrtadse, a* .ta <*\ ■* de extra to choice, » 1.9» aai? mpcrui.jorenoi wane, SjJc _ do cxu* to choice.? ft a:e %/^fj Gnspovdtsr, “Uneyor to aae, b s .«« do extra to choice, 51 » •» 13 c*iji Japan, talciLllaaf,Statu ex.fltc,p a-JK do do flow to choice, aai .u mloj Solon*,inferiorto fine, T & ......tiS Sian do extra to oaoice. 9M> iS «*.W Se *GBom:8. ¥ » ** St £ TAkMJtV—ReceITM, 2,557 Btj Di XLe «appiy ia li! i i, re l ,t r | C t- f | an-* celo - -faVdSnl ;. r . lc " coutxnua Terj arm as alveus v7a C.lp the to.J'.ariop fion the S. x Soippicg Liar? r»|. hn7in??« 6< t C Vh C< * 15 » tnxa a Terrlimitcd i bailoru *t the reuuciioD. The acock ia »od-r«- JiPiJi 8 * 1 ? 1,0 d ,T r * * UT ® withdrawn nei- anppUaj la anticipation of a mor. 1 far r bla toraor the »^et. The sales are 16* ,CUf Ba waiters n-d city at Ittildc ax I 7rSie®f;KeiT> <^ J,i ““ 103 19 ' < C! * 1 " 0 ' 2 «-»' » We quote. Hm.6 «k\yP4c*en lawan Country „ * v? ,?iV, aoaACCO“The bush continue*! dull acdiaa-- %&sss a sh'tss7 tr - h ‘ M ara «“““-"Si Pi** tiTCHswua innicoe - Choice Medium Common Bkoxtko Tciucoo— Chclee Medium,,. Common, iccnu, Plus Teiuoc*— “Sfg Choice Black, sonad " wy.w Heeinm.gaaraateed • j£?jne Csnuaon * »Ij w.^»orr'we*?.ot? pss£ar ¥, s i “- , d .‘ , ‘.....v —---gsa Cora, do do do .’ ’ WOOL -reetlTai, &•; ahippetC*9A*oa!i **“ a -d for all descriptions of Wool coitinaea ■ recotatt are co npur* *^S? U * d**ltrs are net dispose* to operate rate*. On previous qaota t? 11 *.^ 8 ? 0 !? 8460110 * 0 * 56 * tt * Weuaote: Fine Llf ntFieec*. 4< ga Meaiuaneece, 12 S Came Fleece. «S S FscwitiDWamd,* a ..--..V. !?2J 1118 Rowing from the N. T. Balpela* ““.V* *' r dorae ' l '-« remain* IniCITC, and price* farer lbs porcba-er.thoarb la tbo absence •r any bnsineuof memcnt.tbsy are nominal Tbe ■aoieypfeMDrc.totrelber »ltb tbe decline in cold, baa latel» bfcngQt upon tbe o.afkec larea qoanmlee eeld on speculation. opoawblcb It Is necessary for tbe owners to realise, uod Uuamoreiseat baa a ten* dencyto depress pilcea below than* natural lerel □none keidezs. on tbe other hand, wbo are indepsn* cent of t*e influence* 01 the money maraet, do not | SMB inclined to make concessions at present, fTf towsit the coarse oi erente, confident is tbe belief Uat a reacticn mnst come before tbe end of tbe “ y »»gnlrnda to report is J.SXU'Os state Fleecie on prlymto tarasi; also, 7.U0 ?■ £s*? »* * l ®, l4C l*r Price for extra: anti 3i ? ( «5f. c 2 iir JS rr,,loa Prixate term*. A public sa.'e of 540,'Ce as Domestic is announced for aist lost. send- it U barely probable that mnch business wui oo consummated. In foreign notomzßaatrans* plred ” WOOD—Market active and firm at nrerlona ana* tatlooa. We quote: . Beacb, V com. in uie yard, gu.oo—DellTered at JlloJC. Maple, per cord, do do 12.00 do li3r Hickory, per cord, do do ISJM do iLCt MARINS LIST ARRIVED.... ißept. la. S' mr Sea Bird. Morgan. Uanlio voc, sundries. Smr Mila ankee, '1 rowell, urncd Hav«i, suc.drlci Prop Aliethany, Boynton, Grand Traverse, 130 tn lumber. Prop Fa rente, Kapler, St Joseph, sundries. Prop Ante.ope. OaiUn, B*raia. anadrles. Prop Acme, Gibsoe, Buffaio, sunine*. Prop Ottawa, Warren. Mnskegon, I*om lumber. 75 m . lath. Prop Mayflower, Drake, Buffalo, sundries. Prep 6 J TrnesdeU, Wilson, Jdoskegcn, 80 m lam. her. f v Ba»k Xaaser.KcPadden. Cleveland, 710 ton* coal. Schr Milwaukee Belle, wiisoa, Uttie Stunuco. 223 m lumber. ’ . Schr owaico. McKee, Buffaloed! m Inmber.irom Bav City. J Schr Eclipse. Ssnrrteis, Two BlversviOO in lumber- Scar .->an Jacinto, Blackburn, Bay City, 203 m lum bar. Schr Liovrty, Hansen,Sheboygan, 858 pirk brls. • - Schr Ament, Duller, Sheboygan. S3 coa wood, gear Charlotte, Williamson, Kewanee, J,»oj railroad Schr LC Irwin, Panons.Packarre Pier. SO alum her, 40 c a wood. Schr CUpper Uty, Thompfon, Grand Traverse 110 cos wood. * Bctr Stampers, Syle.Grand Traverie. 23T m lumbar. Set r a* ary, Merckte, Port Sheldon, 55 cds wood. Schr Jo. vi aa.Garrltt, Bay SclUemtnt, 150 m lumber. - 110 d sblrglas. • Sthr Amelia, Bogus*. Green Bay, SCO m lumber.' fcchrL. Luousion.Miller, Sturgeon Bay,isamlom* oer. 60 m lath- Schr H. Spencer, Wlgland, Grand Haven. 86 cordi wcco. Schr Geslnr, Boar, Msnltawcc, TOO m ablntlea. ~ Schr Mine esota. McDonald, Green Bay, 133 m lumber. 4umlaih. Schr Ostrich, Ferguson, Little Soamlco. 233 m lum ber. Schr Richard Mott, Sanyer, Oconlo.lW a lumber. !5 a lath. Schr Cocqufit, Russell. Sheboygan, 112 edi wood. Schr Mazeppa, Banks,Bav City,2so m loader. S:tr Sanor Boy, Lon. JlenomoaM, 315 a lumber. fcelurElvan:r,amiiij,Binrg»on eay, isomlumoer, Bcbr Whirlwind, tmlth. Arns-.mdaa, 2,900 r r ties. Bchr Sutherland, Carmichael, linikegon, 63 m lam* Schr 8 Robinson, Pinlgan, Bay City, 215 m lumber. CLEARED.. Sent. IS.psflf. SlmrEeM®lrd,Mcrfan, Wolf River, aund-les. Btxnr Milwaukee, TrooaU Grand Haven,sonirlea. Prop G J TrceiCell, Wilson, Muskegon. Prop Alley ban*. haynton, Grand Raven. Prep Ottawa, Warrtn,Muakegca. . Prop Merchant, Brings, Buffalo, 20,060 bn oats. 504 brlsflcnr. Prep Favorite. Faofcr. St. Joseph, sundries. Prop Brockville, Taylor, Port colborae, 18,000 bn wheat, 148 bides. Bark* Parana, Fltzrerald, Buffalo.M.4M bn oats. Hark Crtam City, Johnson, uoffalo, 46.523 bn oats. Brig S. W.Crssa, Everett, Buffalo, 13,000 bn wheat. - Sctr John weber,Meier, Buffalo, 3,as® ha rye. ScbrSwniiow. Rliey. Buffalo, jo.uxi on corn. * PcUr to. W. Holt, Oidos, Buffalo. 17.375 bn corn. Bc» r M. M., Graves. Buffalo. Imoi bn corn. Schr Bermuda, McDonald, Buffalo. 19.550 bn wheat ficbr Eveline.Hubbard. Uaffalo.l4,?('o bn earn. Schr Russian, Jonaron, on oats. Bear blcntlcailo. Mnrdocr, Orweeo, I6J3U ba wheat. ScbrWm. Sandenoa, Williams, Oswego, fß,oao bn XTEW PATRIOTIC MUSIC -iA BOOK. THE TRUMPET OP FREEDOM, A Collection of Fitlonal end patriotic Sobm. Doeti Iruw end Quartet*, comprleia* EALITtBS BONG 9, CA.UP 81-N6B, CaVALRY sokos. M&BCH2M} BOSG3, Battle sonqs, YICIoaT aONG3. * HOiia *e. • Btttg: the beet collection ofWnr Socrs pnbllshed fcx the Bolsien in the Field endtaelr irUndaat home P«ce4C cents, ontecstps of-waich It mUbeeentnoii paid, tio.4ByailMusicßcalei*aadßooueliers. .10 oil .UK-312* OLtTJBI* DlTSOft 4c CO., KISiItMUoD PUBLWHKttS, Boston, sto toss Xo. l.Lake Superior Charcoal. »g s°* 3 Laie Lupenor Caarcoal, SfO toss No. 1 Fiaititn. ISO tors No. 2 Franklin. ICO tons No. 3 Tabcrg, too tons Ho. 1 hi ass ikon. ICO toss Ho. 2 MasnUoo, 3.SW tens Lump Lehianccal. selected forformdry uta, . for sale mlots to salt i. ... 1001 North Market fit. selt-tiK im PROPOSALS FOR $50,000 SS W- J. JEAGE Bondi, tw,ecO Water Boa's and $13,0» Abort Municipal Bonos of toe U»y of Chicago. Citt CouPTßOtiat’s prrica. ) Cstcaoo. sept- Utn, IS&M SB A LTD PROPOSALS will be x t cemd as this offlea until Uonoai, September :6th. at Li o’clock M., when the san e will oe pablicr opened lor «he whole or an} part of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($10,050) of Sew* erageionda ct the denomination of one thousand dollars each, dated July Ist. 1391, and payable in Ne<r Tor* twemy-tour jean arvrtnetr date, wnh coupons tor interest at the rate of seven (7) per cent, per an num, payable semi annua ly m New Tor*. A sinking tunu u presided for iheir redemption. Also, icr the whole or any part of Nlnety.Elght Thousand Dollars ($98,510) cl *?ater Benda of one th usand dollars eacc, payable In New \ or* July lit, less, with coupon* for interest at tne rate of seven (7) per cent per annum, payable semi-annually. For these bs&as the faith of >he city Is pledged, and taxo* Hsu required Bylaw if necessary. The wat-.r rente are also specially appropriated, which last year yielded a surplus of $1*9,159 co after pajing interest cd the water debt, and are still increasing. Also, fo. Fifteen Thousand Oo laramnniclpalbssfa payable Dt c, lit. ISTJ, lu New V or*, ol the same tie* semination and interest semi-annually at asraa (7) per cent. A smAluz fund is provided for the redemp* uoaot these bonds also. The crepciaia win specify the hind and amount de tlrtd. aao price bid per SitO.tO thereof, and the place or celmr,, whether Chicago orr,ewTork. The per* tens «ccse proposals are accepted will receive lnfo> msiiou of at this office, or at the oSlco of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman A Co- New York, os may be designat'd In thelrßroposala.wherethev win bare* qoired to depot* wltsln five data after the opeaiag or tae proposals the sums awarded to them lessee* lively, with the premiums thereon, and the Interest accrued from July Ist to the time of deposit of par* mint Bends will be delivered in Cnfcago, flepuiftn. at d m New Tor* September Bftb, at the place laid to the pirtlea entitled to them. Mach i rope sal siould be sealed, and endors'd Proposals fex City Bends," aad sdlreseedto ins uu dersiaeed, anr wa> re the parties are not known to him should contain references. , The Comptroller metres, a* usual* the right to re ject any or all the bids, if the public interests should xeomrelt. 8 #. fIUEj, sfiMlsMOt City Comptroller. gunthter. ■0ie....50«53c Buenos A7T<s..%. t SCaMC Orinoco, sole <£dice Orinoco good dam aged <3&io Frcxeh Calf, 51 Ba *0045.13 French Call, Ba ..f...1!.KtU1 French Calf La : moiass, 9 do*- .1UJ94120 0I molnee. Sac . OOdl.ll dos. 95.0C41U.80 Linings pdos.lSOSaa is oo unaaa a «t'is..isxae it os a limited dawaad.'with a lotatlous. Ws quota: Manilla Rapa .n*Be Manilla Hay Bope*.ti«Ae cam Sum cord.... HplKa Oakum ucd US Haap C4BO Tj XUMBEB MANTTFAC TUB BBS. N. W. Bpanldini'a patent inr*teetli in* ■triad la eircnlar uvs; alio, repairtr* la all ita biarche*. Daplicata taelb cooataatly oa band, prlca fifli. AUilndioHawi furnUAcdatilieaiacn aclctxau* loweit_pnr*» AH rawsiola orvorcdoo; TuruUxL N. W. SPADLO'NO A BUGS * No tM Tt'Mfciagua at, bet. frauXUa and uazfcat. Chicago. iiKIOXS-Hucet m fair aapplr. «b4 re£d at rr«p‘. >*q« te thotasrae-CwianiMj ana as 11.610 1759 ta ia t>a>k. aa« at 11 N»J ¥> 9 »( «. •»I-e*— Luianz>OiLtsT<is , 7 U t U-4 oetnaaa «a 4 sopply. muter, lira aad mcchatgod- What*, no* obaDt,and B*nk 0 1 u> r*l’ r«jqi*«> - , and rosy firm at pr*ifßt qoofativct. i-*»" Oil la almutt o*amal mpaJj. Market active -ad lira with aa opnrl tea oeDCf. Oil la small tn« loads |a*l« »«rp'j. Price# ftra aoa oaebaned. ffeqaets: .oi ai.6l B>«La*«aou u.oS » u«w» LUiiw-d ou. UJ ai.7« OllTaClLbal .. . <jK iNJS L* •IJ* RlepnaatOiL. ;.n a jt Barit Oil L3C •Ui* Urtfou.ottr» lea£ lM ea MaehtooOU. „ »L*| Sperm OU. ~._..., 1 ” a* rr Heee»OU... I..!!”™ .... F A7O !****■■& im. Lis Siio Caator OX - Si'S Ol U—The market >• moderately ac tauo“ wiq^u? l7 flnaas-pwrloaiqao -Bsa£, ss s stas? POTaTOEs Lb limited sopptj a*i operate a*. maaa. firmatdnacha£*.£uWaonoie- ** Pota'oet Me*hariaocg» t p atu. * mui m Po»aKe» do »hn !-!!■..,*' Potatoes Common. • om, a£ai ro Pouted do »Drt •»«*■« 8*• et Poratoe*. V t)a . *** ijSSVJJ POUi.TK.Y-Inamail auppiy imh Vfalr demand! Price* m-e firm ana Weaaote- Po« i old. 9 905.... iIJWALtn Chickens, V d at .V.V..'** sSas S T»nn».|f»,¥ » uSS2 P.aecns.Pdor t w.?» *n *•*3B Uvrny: -5 doz Choker* at »u>i p PHOVlMO^s—there’«T*r» IMle i.ffertu tad the market!* Him Hs:« Pose—UObrTa cltr packed js*s» Pork otltt 75. LaaO— and nominal at *3c to-day. 4S,sii> a* Grui see*. 42J\ &k Flax. Tihotht &ssd—U«rcet'beoTT and lower. Bal-a to lay were: 5J o*?a prim at It to; fclbts* do at fans; 44 hag* d»at ♦: J ; n na« at 13.15. Flax Sno—l.oCQ omahela prime told on p- 1. _ »Al/r —lkcelre* tc-4ay, 3,1!« brla : aUaped. *.l?s bits. Market quiet, We quale: Doamo-««« Fine. Ccarae .. . O»oond Solar Da ry, wub sub JD airy, wltbomt tub Foanajr—TarzH lnua, * sack .... „ . . _ Groua* Alma.»tack Falw to day vera: tcobrla Fuo Salt at S9 W de- ► CwAlt—Hie carta t cortmnea qmet, bnaiaeai seUg re.uictea to tbe immeduta w*ct*of nunra Wlifc »ootfi of k*w m- EeQofut iai.r »B DOK» aecila6 ofKono3nn*i(i, »n-l ot a Ik cb Ccffeo S«trs, on prerloaj qaoUtloiu. *Ve qao f « C-fia ..........22 aav 9>q»£S&si Export! iron Jan. l-t to Aar.S'st— .lCO 08 ] 1533 n(j FOB® OF CHICAGO. PIG IRON. jouscmaxeeac. U.s. 7-30 LOAN. The Secretary of the Tre—cry dree totloe that snbecripcens ana he reeetred for Coapen ireesaiy Kotrs, parable three r<in Cross iu. Uth. Ml with semiannual Interest at the rats of kt« mS three-tea tie per oent per aneua—principal aad In terest both to be paid la lawfnl meoey. These notes will be eoavsrObU at the epttoa el the bolder at mammy, lato ilx per osat. geld hee> tec beads, payable aoi lon thaa Are aor m/we thM twenty years treat their date, as the Ssranal Bay elect. The* will be tuned a fl'nptifameai Of *»• HOC. Ut'C. K JCO and ut aQ nlirriitlnM Beat he roc arty dollartar iciaa malupla of ftftp dollar*. * ? ot ** draw tnwrvat from August IS. inrin— ata.^UK deposits labteqaent to that data moss pap juutcnuMOTMmm ouao(uM u dot at * Usw ® < > oton, „„„ of rt , Special Advantages of this Lou. |*9o &S&3 «LSS »7» It ma Vatioval Battso# Bajx. offerta _ higher rate of trane thu aay ether, am mli* MctrsiTT. Any urlsn baaS whlce pa/i ItoraisU. 6. KVteo, conuaen that tt u partact* the tert cticttlAllse aediaaol the ceaatry.eadtt •abbot p»?la anjttio* better. fv ita oaa « f rif weetth-rm Oorerwa-at Maumee or laaetaeer boa da pkjehte la Gortmaiaa; paper. Convertible Into a Six per cent* MO €*oia BoniL Is addition to U« t«*t liberal latent oa ttgsttv tort»riTtle*6 of sonrenloa ia bow wort* akoat ikrea ft r cent. »sr aaaaa, for tko nr. re&t rate for s>2t Bosdi la not law this m ßna cut. raaanns asd before ua tu tba preeta« «tx per eeat, U. 3. itccti m orec twenty p It will b« aeen that tbe actual profit wit, u.. .. U e present market rata,u sot lew Uua taa p«eat. poraaaom, 4 Iti fcemjtUoa tna State »r Xnnidpallag. «» *a Ua adnstagaa nlinaa aisrettd, a eprclal Ac: of GonsTeea untm .rt aoata *ao Tnaeanar aoial i. ua . r .,-,.77! Tin*, ca Ua average, Ula exemption la aozu ascot two per cwt> pot ammm, ancordlng u u« ram ci’.axaiftm fa Tariona parts of tka canntay It It Boil sied But ao leculUea offer eogroatla. dneememe to leaden aa Uoaa tuned hTthnOoi—T teat I. .11 Otter form, of loSlaeL or .tmtjcfprtrata puttee or Hock cunMilaL« •=»“»“ commnaltlet, only. u pledged for oitm? wplla Ua whole proport, of Ua cooatry la held to Ssu*^*' 1 ' 0 * U “• •“•W*™— StMcMpnorimi aa aaouraD hr tha True orer of the Halted aawrnu Aieletant Treaeorera and doelgnated Hopoeftarlu. andb, tta FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF First KiUonalßiak »fSt.Ionl3,JI«. Second ffttlODil B»nk of St. teals. 80, TVrd Hatleoal Bank of SU Louis, Ho. Fourth National Bank of St. Looli, 21a. And by til NaMonal Buta which are dspoeltarlM of pnbllemcney.aad. .naoauc . lAftatOf . KOMC «Cd4sf KoH( ALL BSSFECTABLB HANKS AN» BANK BBS throughout the country will tlra farther «T»*n-»q. tloaand * AFTOHO EVEST FACILITY TO SFB3CBmBB». Md-qs&awdAw Jp’ALL TBAD3, KEITH, FAXON & CO, JOS3BBI OF EATS, CAPS, ladles’ and Cents’ Fors, Capa, Bnckskla Good«, Umbrellas, MILLINERY AND STRAWGOODB, WOOL HOODS AND KNIT GOODS. And all the new style* of Ladies’ Straw, Felt and Bearer Hat*. .2?rX a XSUS2F uxrtor® tits largest and mom ATTBACTTyB stock of above Goods ever brought to this market, and with the advsa age of early paw chases for cask, before taa recent advance, vaua saisa?Ks‘ r s ts? at piiet ‘ “« «“ «*» Onr Glove and Mitten Department has had otr ■pedal attention,and comprises an UNiUaPAafIAD assortment of Buck, Patna acd Kid. All dealers in onr line uni 1 ir (nr tbrlr intmit to ea amine oar goods and prices before purchases* elsewhere. |7* Prompt asd personal attention given to ordan, KEI TH, FAXOX Jc CO., 45 and 47 Lake-st, Chicago. JJEW LUMBER FIRM. W. BATCH ELLER A CO., Wholesale - and Retail Dealers In Greta Hay and Saginaw Lumber. Latb. Haber, Picket*, 4a. Office and Yard, 178 South Canal street, betwot* Adams add Jackson-sts., Chicago. GARS LOADED IN YARD: W. BATCBK.L**, BrSOI Hll^L Formerly Pearson A BatciaHer. Jyl>n2S43otTD£n*aa. J'HE LAW OF WILLS, EMBRACING ALSO, The Jurisprudence of Insanity % The Effect ol £xtrioolc Evidence i The Creation mrt * * Constrnctlon of Trusts, so Car as applicable to Wills } With Foims and Instructions for Preparing Wills* sr • ISAAC 7. EEIiJEELD, LI. D. In oae large octavo vol Price, $7.53 Just received and for sale by E. B. JSYEBS, DAW BOOKSELLER ASD FUBLISH3R; se!B-si29at ll Lake street. Kfk(\ ARTILLERY HORDES UVI/ WANTED. OynonoeAssiarasT QrrA*Ts**aaT*i.> < ~lw»rAXApotia.]nd»9eot7, IM4. f ' OKE HUHDUED AND SIXTY-FrYS (161) Jx3L LAbs each will be paid lor all ArnUery Horses that pass Inspection at the Government BtabUs. in ttan city, after tc*oay. Bald Bor-et to be aonnd in aU particular*. weQ breken, mil in flesh, irom flrtten (>s> to slxusn (18> bands tlgh. from live (5) to nine (9) years old, aad •web adapted la everyway for Artillery pnrpoaesi No Mares will be received. Payment made In Certiflcatss of Indebtedness for seven (7) Hones or more. By order of Col. JAMES A. EKIN, Chief Pint Di vision Q M. G. Department. c HAY, asieqios>3w , Capt. and A.U.M. rpOBACCO FOR SAIiB. ItSnObbl*. 9m«blng Tobacco, 8. M, I-H_ ABdeCi and other grades* ** Trcentr tons sound old stock Flag Tsbacca in Candles* 600,000 Cigars ofvnrlous grades and brand* All for isle at leas than manufacturers' rates hv H. H. BHOFKLDT, 58 and 60 South iVater atrsat. ■€ll*<iSsl-Xw T?TE, EAR, THROAT ANI> JUi LUNGS. MEDICAL INSTITUTE. At 149 South Clark Street, For the especial treatment of all chronic diseases which appertain to the EYE, EAR, THROAT AND ’ LUNGS. y. b.—Earls* lor years studied Anatomically. PLTalolotUcaUr usd Pathologically all diseases of the above meutoned ergons, torathsr with aU ¥>Mn!uaT cumaess Ot a tumefied character, such aacaocer.dc., 1 am enabled to warrant a serfaeh cure cfall curable diseases. OfflcestUO South Clark street P.O. Bci2iSfi,Chlcaar©,llL D macrae, M. D„ Burgeon and Phyilelan. Mll-gSTf-l?! Formerly ol the U. a. Ar*y. JgYEREaT HOUSE, USIOIf SQUIBB, N. T, Tie underlined be* respectfully to Inform that* mends sod the public that, after the 31lh of Augimfc the above bouse will be conducted cn th* EUROPEAN FLAN, Meals being served a la cam. The house has beem thorouahir renovated, aad we are now prepared*® Ist apartments irr the Winter. The locution, the slzr and comfort of the room*of this hotel are unsurpassed* . „ C. H. KJtHNEB A W. B. BORROWS. September 1 IBM, se?qKB4IS« CPRUANCE, PRESTOX * CO. S3 COMMISSION MERCHANTS. No. StLaiall* street, Metropolitan Block, Chicago. H.Sputt-uio, 1 f IZ. A. Houm A Co. J.W. PnatTOF, I ao-10 LJ. clawsos, } 90. Commercial street H. A. llonm, I St. Louis. J. B.Paisxo-v. J L se3q3Bto . THOMAS FOSTER, wholesale aad retail dealer in Green Bar. St. Clair «■* Sarlrav Lonber, Sblngtea ui Lais. Al« Coen and Biaca, Poor and wlado* Grove afoot. foot of Seventeenth ™» H.8.-Earl*t railroad teaen te the ryd, tor ihipptßc anmrpaeaad. font oiflco Jon gw aai»piO-liß TK&ITRAH CE.—Mr. A latraeen haylot will boroaftw ieuljuca IB aa lEittr*n« “““?»“• “ w “ COni ' C 'f. SfwSV^* ■C° inma , Cbfcaeo.Beot.liis*** 8-4 iel6 affc-Jt Ar’/VR'DEONS baTettelrAcorte*,. Aayßody»l»® ££ ,U*ired or ttusa latur.* Fiotlner cr by •eaiiiaji ttem to No W VinUT* * Wf? *®U lUHt mNmr , **' r * Bae- m tutJmitaitt»tM.of Mi to say treat eiwtuti m st tke lAWWf qS *<•«- « -*-yaSr ■tin.

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