Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 17 Eylül 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 17 Eylül 1864 Page 3
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Special "Notices. Dr. H. Anders A C#.’* IODIKB "WATER. Dene Water acta ores the biar. LxtO* Kfl>- fan, oxoxrrm Oneaxe ul Thd i«ucm which hu attended the at* et ihl* re*a #dy in private practice. mad the endorsement o* “***•* xal authority, enable wto reoon»ena it tc thejwrao tftlono and the pnbllt, faolint eoeoaaat ttoa* •hirtnalttwillatteatiu own excellence la toe coxa >f Chronic Disease* which indicate £° a .» T . biv** and Gjjwdt Duias a*. at e*v*j.uiu, RYMrrvAn*K. prarxrsL** Dwanirr, r.iy«p« KKUnt •ilauraol.w ur»««n.r»rpr»lMr™ SSi£Sa,S readanai ins aotebos npecMr to «* »-« » medicine 7 uwell a. MU'prate- one dollar net bottle. On receipt of fire dol- AT*. «i* bottlei delivered FSEI bj express to any *flewar« oi ConnUrielia ana Imitation* which on •rlncipiee doalerr endeavor to dlipoae 01 on oar rep ctsiien 800 our wsrn»-nre and trade mark (the Greek word heading this *dTcn.S?ennT3i)npon the label* ud wrapper* of **eb bottle, without which none i* *cSSS«" m»tu. Ba. H. iS.DEKS * CO, rbyaid* lll * and Chemists, 428 Broadway, N. Y. for tal* hr BLIoS A SHARP. Ui Lakc-gU, Cbicaco. OTlb4fiti4»tDT»*A4de Ii I* not orten we speak or JPlij-i fiicUms, fist we can cheerfully *ty Ur. Whittier hat richly eaned tha wide eprawd rapatttl_n wnicn he n»w ea> 4ey*. He ha* aUrcer than s-y oUfj Pty. eleian la Chlaatto, ja tha treatiMnt o> ail thoje dll ea»e* which oa*a a apeedv and ptr<naneni core, namely: PrtT.ta itowiei. Ht ha* t«? the oa«t fl teea year* devoted hi* whole time and attend"n to t joaa •tmiorttmate c*a> • which aavt battled tee iKHi os other pbyeiKahi be I* most mccfSiml in the treatment of all thoee fa»c* which oerfi formerly couu dred in enrabta. Be i* the pnhiifhrrof a flew work called the *• Mirror of V- at*; 9\ All Men Know •• u»i>6it, n wince will L» malle io alt on receipt of three cent* to pra pay ncitt ce. A* h« li mr«t aox oa* to do all the eooa he c«r. any oce may cad and recoir* h'a epifiioii open ihoac men ciiUcal matters fret of cpn’te. Office and Par or* 1M Clark street. Pott Office Rot mm All boiinCM itrlctlj confldcstisL •tiSietMwis l>r. James, Formerly of Jams*' Hcopitai. Coatom Hosm atreet, Kpw Orleans, La..established In ISM, new permanent. 1, located at W JUadolpk streat. i:hlcaye, Bltnoli. BMCialat In thetra»ta*at of Old Catena. Macau. dial. SoxertrLora, aad art kind* oi Blood ajtd 'Knr Dimiu an DzaoßDana. or a Co.vrao >eu* Vets. tv*x Cbabaotbe, enraa them without reaonm, ta Marcuiy, lodidp, Potabbu. *r»cn>c or any potaoa. but wu a NzrTRALiExe, a fobitits oni lor all tiumen «d meed poiMM. „ , _ UMiMo cv'sAUKEba, each a* Semmal Weakness, N<>ednal and Clamal Cmia&ltna, brought on by aouM of the *y*tax*. early la discretions, ezeea* « eolaliaa heredttexllv, eauslm >om of memory coi* faaioti, doprcsslen, dimness, and often ttmee insanity, with oUwr dcplciable train of ■ymptoma, treated and MAieally :nreo hy a* IntaßlWe method, aanax much sime and expense. Gleet, Gonorrhea, Stricture, and all Alieasca oeceiiar to th« ittM, of a private nature, "oil if.SSf'or most hokbibls clam. Where the bleed he* bteom* povsoned, pradncins olocehs, oa the ♦*««, small watery blisters, pains in the head and bones, elccrsted thrOEt. nose, limb* and body, sveinia. toxetber with an andlcM comber of "nfjuh, u recow3.B.eS tj tke pra. praer«UT oi the death, t ,e medical faculty, and pro'ttaoraof mod. leal concur* etc. Tbom aunctao ahonld apply imaa d-aUly. atd be cured ol theae borrlbl* dlseaaaa. BfDinMr. (>r. Jaoiaa’ office and Parlors are tUS fi*cdeiph,a<r.veen state and Dearborn etreot*. Offlre opew from 9a. m-noUl 8 p.m, Coa«a|.aWen* confldentUL. sell q»75-16t I>r. Bigelow, Confidential PbyaicMn, tformari? ot 6t Looli. Mo*) caa »e c aanUjd ataia office, i 7» Soocd Clara arras*, corn or «i Mow. a, Chlenco. lIU cajf a mocJcfroetae Pou cd»e. •& ail Caronic ®f aprtraieoodU-/lc*ie nature. la bet* «*•»• treat* with unraratleiedßiiccßM. 1 iooai • e»j turn** «•£ ?£ss?f,o«m ~,t\. ,w. .tofruit ■rtTacT. Offlft* hour* po* * a *» U, ?P M*fSSaj. JC to 12 A. M OWMWMtgM poßideaKal. Oonmltot.orß Cree. ;£,? e l x tM Kutloae two tump* a*d e thu milda to Heuto. From uVDacior'a lour aipcruaoe t«a anvau araotice kola able aexfoim, and antoS.*«»«ct carta for all Chroßie weaw* to their D<ot( aev-te and eempUcitad atatoa. la a vary short call jNemcv «»te warranted- r< s l *‘ e^ r s?^£ l l Met aueedaa* on Fubeuv. HeafctrufcU«o| persona LaT*cc ant obstruction to marriage. £*n J ® _ eau at once add be car**. Boat of oIW acuity aa*l met-oas. auts-o«>*>-t (Special Notice. DPHAM*S BUU GLOAft CURLING FLUID ntbebcothtdr-dieuiry In tue world. Itlmponaa t>«*uuiurK‘o« bblr, Lct-p» U in curl, promote* lie crowta.d-r. Price, W onto a bottle. BPHAM'a TKTTItK OlNTaatbT la a «?• and loeady cars lor Toiler. Sots KUeum, CUppcd Banda, SMt*er*» tneb. ft Price, 56 cents a box. UPHaM’H ditTILMA Cl‘*iE reUereo the mart rl» lest paCviiUJ of da'fcm* in tea xunutoi, and esocu aaaoed* core. Price, *3• n*ck*eo UrfiAte'S FRECELS gafcMhtß rettorii rreeUu.*T»n.f>«,»nmp*e» oa the toe Imub ana BcanUhea the Complexion. Ptwo, Si 0 whTK’» LIFE ELXIIE. tte rrMt »«- t-exsay. rwlcrei to MTV near all wbo are tolfenic from Itneoired Hpina &aesij. Po*von«l>«* ! htT,d»e-,amiaairoaiwhaierer *Si J2pl^wf mb'‘stair color* the WWv ten eed oWn»tache a b-.Ru;lfE.l nioc.fc or brows. It toSlati of only o»e areparaupa- Co .or wdl not fade eTo.s£S•»!*»» «w m aen-bTfi-IT-TH BA»rp AgQBW for Oturaao. Colgato’a floner «oap. fail colebrwied TOU.KX boAP> In lematd. :t mad* from toe choicest maienwa, U mild ond emeUect la !u nature, trasranUy ocacted, aad axtresißlv to 1U aetioa epos the aJaa for mtK'by a'l Dtokkuuaad Fancy Good* Deamra. laSS-uTO-ly TS-aar-TH CTpliftm’ii HAIR GT OSS AKD CUBLING FLUTO l» toc t>Mt is-ut world. U l»tp*tio a beanlLfal rl oh ta toe Ttoir.kropp li la curl, promoseo m growto, Ac. iTlce.6ooe,boabOUis TE fTFE OINTMENT If * Bare and Bgee dy core lor Tctu% Salt Hhenm, Chapped Bacds. Bar her*o itch. Ac. mco, so cettt a bo*. rrHAU’o ASTBMACTPtK roll*reo the ooit r'o. paroxyimi ol Aatbma la tea mmutea, asd effect* aja- edycuie. Prie*, tt a paekaso. LTEAM’S FEVEE AND AGUE BPBCIFIC l* war rtuted tn cure ant o**oof Caiiusnd revettnomav- Ur how lose ttasdisf Price, at a bo*. • DrHAM*B DF-PiLsTOBT POWDEQ wiUifcmore tbe hair iron, low iniury to too obis, price. 31 a bottle. A Pt>iTA*b U*E ELlXitt,the ireatNcrrlne and K'jnTeaatjnc B*.medy. rwtort* toasutyriKor ail who axe fufferln* irom lapalrod werveue Debt i d* oomwha*tye. cause. Piice.asspockayo. . IHK JaPaKEsE HAir.STAlKcMontheWhnken ard Moa»ucho a teaatnet black or brown. It con ►l.t* ofoalT one nrayaration. Color will not fade or watooui. M oonti a box.' Sold by S. C. OriiAM 25 icutb Biehthitreet.PhUa deluhia aad by ai. Drncflats. Circulars aent free. au9-o» Sn iv TKAtaia Fewle a Pile sand Boxuor Cure. Oil tovUe warrant©* a FimuKt Cure m nfiiandi 0‘ ;two botflaeta Le sreay.Screfala, Salt Ebaa jo, *nC«li ewtaseaof w»a SicWu 1» case of talJure the proprietor refloats all ta retnmths amety botWesaal a.t?baC»thew«oa*l rerlauraalasrt e»«jaljue. T-»«otfchls. by anirnr 9 rowx*. Shenuat, tl Prlae* s*re*t, Rettoa.. All.dealers ;n«t warrentit. fareM/ruiar. ForaalelnCtica»objF.A. SETAK,uiI tit Draggle. je3MtM-«in saw etTMAM JTRAILTT, OR FRY BIOLOGICAL HESULSCEJII, Shoal* he retd w wwmSt. Jt west* on. »r.d shorn how, the ev; ratnlii *rt»'.af from ©*:iy abut and uaaappy cea a*-.’*«-1t.2 maT h« sabTc'K'd, with a «n:« teemed Cl tliortlisrtht »i»piTi2t» mary Ja »ter or th»- atat*. bold by Dr. B> A.E*ltßOw, •JM street, Wow Tor*. Fdct, 25 cocw. jailed fvarywLwe. To be h*d «”io at H- SCO ,'/1h «r*n Chi«iro.fiJ :»U£i»t hiwo t kaJn 4: coIUUHn, terser Mam and T 7^ k is a , io2 ire© de2«-tsr;d 330f1t3 anH Siiurio. 1864~ FALIi IKADS—IS64 RattSOS & BIRTLETT, SO Lsks Street, Chicago, IU n E* w Cffct for tale OXB OF TSB LAEGKDT STOCKS or BOOTS ANTS SHOES Ever hr©nght to this market. Ir these times ot high price* we beliere th&t TUB BEST GOO ‘S a*E THE CEKAPBBT. aad h*TS B(iec*ee oar Fall Bv©ck with especial reference to this f«ct. Pfcrtlcnib t attarnea Is called to our CUSTOM MADK BOOTS. Which CAB 2>OT 91 xrOJCLLTo. EXTKA bIZES A BPKCIAL.ITV. gOOTS AND SHOES. REMOVAL. RAIL, SOUTHWICK & CO., SUCCESSORS TO BENEDICT HALL & CO., Bare removed to ftEos. 334 & 33G Broadway. FOIST DOOB ABOVE VrS&A%i m NEW YORK. We have rraally aalargad e«r manaisctanak Ctnu> menk aao now Lava conatuttly on hand a very large oek of fna aewfd work of our ew* maantsetort- K which wa invito tbs aftaatlon «f Westnra tß*rutaaoUc> We vska ell the latest atlyaa oi Man's, Boys* eno Vooiba* Cell Bewc* Boots. Balmorals. C«crr**s Q»U cn an* Sackle Shoe*, as well as LaOim 1 , Ultsae* and Cbildreu% Morocco. Glove Eld and Lasting wcrk-aL machine eewrtTand the very beat quality <a goods. lytS-am-gt &ab«&s grtomsefl fitters Greenbacks are Good BUT Roback’s are Better. ROQACK’S BITTERS. aoodforsUdftwajp*m«it ottheßiomacb. Blllotunets Urer Complaint ana General Debility. JSOEACK’B BITTERS. turTComt>oM-thewoßaerfultniilc,proj>mtee kitim tOßetotheaare^teanadire«UTeorc.a«. BOSACK’S SITTERS. Debilitated ladles and sedentary persons will find la them aa excellent sonic. ROBACK’S BITTERS. a wineglass fell be fere each meal will restore Indi gestion an* all Liver diseases. C. W. BOBacx, eompoander of IBtomaeh Bitten. Sliced Farmer and Blood Fills. dlrtlDer and manolaf* Sutx o«'Catawba end fcwedlih Brandies, and all oqcl oi the fln««; DotceeUe Liquors end Wines, which ait «old. wholesale or ta any ceetred quantity. 66, 68, GO and 66 Kart Third Street, dIKOIKRATI. ..... OHIO, nr For sale by Dmrrirt* and dealers la mediant enerally throngkem the to entry, 3ijis (CljanblersL /IJJXBERT HUBBARD & CO. (SHIP CBATDI-KES, _ Dealers In ■XWEfBB AND COKDAGB 205 & 207 South Water Street Conti of tft!U, CHICAGO. ■Be b..» .1 »B U.« oit Urcttsd but yuit montlntLe w&itof ALAKILL AND TASKED BOPS, BrrC Hicl Airo BCBLAPS, T liD licElJ! BLOCK, COiJ. TAB. BCOnHB FITCH ASD rBLTIHQ conos, riAX ahd hehp iwibkj. Tenia, tsßlnci, Vmgom C*visr«. T-rmnliii, BcflaniUl Colon, WatOirdi, Otiiiou, FUgf, ft*-, to Crier. BTBIUM. 1.l WHft 0. B. aIMTSXTMM* AOgSO fISOWIB BattSmg ano jSicjjgns c. TT'XFTHF bank, o* 1? CEIOA6O. Capital. - - - - *BOO.OOO. s#. fO XiSSftlle ttreet. V. S. DEPOSITORY & FISCAL AGENT. subbcuxtiionv bbobtvbd for 7b30 Lou and 10*10 Gold Dear* U&e: Bonds. ISAAC O LOMBARD, JOBZAHLOMBABD, aoispmsm Cashier, Pr*«£«L MECHANICS 1 NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO, Thii Bank having eonplisd with an the provision fifths law.wlll ootteftfi of July toetaut. cotooea r s boimoeilß lt« Bankiu nace. 164 flAriht Biik Bidding. J. YOUNG Presiaent, benjamin y pawa, Vico-Fm , C # CABLF. W.JPKGSTCariiier. „ _ Yuasvbt u xraanaarr.l omaa or ceoneitn or tht cubbaitut. \ __ Wabhthtos, June 2L 16W. J Vfhereu. at uuuaetory evidence prelected to tht caflerrisnott.u has, ben made to appear to at The Mechanic*’ aatliwal Bask o >njic»ro. isthe dtp at Cfelc&ao, in tho Cconty of Cook and state of IlUnelx has bem duly ciTUlaed oncet reaniromenta of the Act of Concroa nHUed •" As Act to prorto* a Fatioeuu Cnri'acp, tecured by * pled*e sr r-nned Statu boecu, and to pranda for the dTf-iiiaQon and redemption ap?roreC Jcce S.ISS4. anobM compiled with aU the trcvuiana o> eaia Act rentmed iob< compUad vtthbefara cao tnepciAf the tiutacei of lankier ■"derield Act, Now therefore. 1. HUGH MoCULLOC?, Cemp» troQer of the currency, do hereby cerWy that Tat Mechanic*'batioc&l Bahkof Chicaca.tnne atyoi CblcafO.iE tht County or co->k and State of ndnoU. Uantboncsd to commence the bndnenot Seafclaf U»de» the Act afaraeald. ic teadmenr wfcercoi. wnneat my nand }*sai»f&fid Mai of olQoettil« idrfct day gf »Jana,lSM. HUGH MrCOLLOCfI; jy - Comptroller of the Cnrraaey. t?IBST NATIONAL BANK X? op cmcAOo. Bontt'dcTt earner Lat-a aed. Cl&rk-cU. CAPITALiPtI* U, • • ■ (609.0 M* b. 4BIN, Prenldent. 6aml. M.MCKBiiAOIt, Vioe-Prett. K. B.BXAitrao. Culler. 35huratLona(. The scdooL win re rpes with rrery aaj&attfe for ltd In* auudion of ", . Finn Monday of Meptembar, 1864 Bienc* rtterearei elven. AouJcu’cnte be made at 856 Chlcaro aventu, near Rn-n atlStldbiwta oßisait quacsikndos. \lfB& GRAHAM’S SELECT i.TX SCHOOL FOB TOUNG LADIES. Cor. fiUelUgu are> tad Twelfth street, Fall Tern will op*n MONDAY. StpL 12th, ISM. SU23 pitl-T-TSIAT lit U CIT. LOT?IS 3IEDICAL COL- O IBGB.— I The RemlarLecture* el thiilcjtitutiot will couimmce, *a mnai on TUESDAY, h'UTKRSBR 24 There will be anrellmiaaiv Fee* for the whole conr»*. (paid la advance) ma’-rtcnla 100 ard dlasecno*. aaenat te tilt. For ttrU.u-Urform.Uon " Be. anSl qBHiMW wAhiATtw INSTITUTE FOB YOUNG LA DIU,Motto Blda. VWS QTTACKENBOS la forming a school #» the North Si£s tor cieo. antb the usual departments, Primary, dlato aad CoU«-ai*te. » wbicb all Ut Oraacaei of Kogllfh education an toorougldy mto toa LaDtcaaeo, liual* aad Drawls*. For terca aa* dr cular apply to ass ciilcasro Arame. yttf Butb itrect- iStticmau ■pit, EASTERLY’S IQ&IHE m SARSAPARILLA TLH la toe only medicine that will cero dlreaiw ariitot from an lie pure aute of the blood, Ttx: Screnili, op Kmc** Eni, c&soers. To moro) KrupUpia of the Skin, Kryolpw las. Chronic Sors Eyes, ulazitorni ox Tetter, scald Read, Old Sor«-*,Ferex Sores, Su elliaicool the Clandiy Lepro sy, White twciuoes, piles. Blotches, Boils, Pimples on (ho Face, Goitre, Bheaatt*tlsxzL,l>ropxy or Gmel,Llnr Complaint itfapcpaU, Norroua dfloe* tlona, General lability, aJi Chronic diseases and all dtneoica eritlflS from the use of Mercury, Tbia taedfeme eombiae* la a highly eonceatrttcd auto the Maid imict of SAItSAraJtUJiA fth| HonaurSflßoot) YELLOW DO the lODIDhOb FOTASRIUM. loyotoer with Oth« raloshlo reteuhle purify Lax BztrscU, prepared by a new CU6U leal ptoceti. *o &■ to reader toe trepan* non the most tfficocJon* remedy ovta’ ocerod to the public for all disease* ariilny from an impure elate tfthe BLOOr- or adepasTedco&dltios of the lyitem. DB.EARTXIU.rW lODUTE AND SABSAFaBILLA IsacoLitJtnaoLalrtEfdy, aad boo a sunnlisaecus actlcc on the vulcna cl the eyetsoi. exeitmt them to a bet Isay *ttou, and euobimc them to per. form the function* tbatatturo do*icn«e. I'hiomodi dne PDKIFIES TfltEUlOB, CORBRCTS the SB ot thaloVStt, ana EXPELS all morble, impure atuCiscuf A mauor free toe ejstein, aad by tone remoTUc to* of oiteus. toe CUliB li rendered Cf- Eta!H aid PCwnaNRNT. DB-EAhTiiLtfS iUDUtE ANOBABSAPARILLA tboroaghly repcyatei ih* wcole •▼item, frvet it from all impurltH-* and toose pectLlar punfyla* and Blood Clr-ar.tihe poworo U toe rraoos why it li eouaily efficacloui in »o »*ay different comptomta, IMPOBTASXtQ TUB SICK. ' To poraoTiß who are tick and afflicted and desire to tu* a Blood PartfyiM Mefeama, we pledge tun aaeo xlty that BB.EASTERVTB IODINE AND B AB» APABILLA 'll BIX vmeaftT&OPGEu. CRRAPEB aad BETTER toau£«dI > |,Townjend*a, Ayrea* or any other Saras* Banils8 anils or Blood PurCyin* Medicinei now offered hp ne public, orNO MONET WILL BKTAEEH FOB IT. Pnniclaxß recommend toll medicine to thstr pa* tieute in all caw* where it is indicate besaus* they knovxbe Ingredients are the BUT, that are knows totne Mealcai Faculty* ’.SSer - DB «. EASIBELT b CO* comer of Third and Cheatnnt ftreeu, Bt. Leulf at DB. EASTERLY'S Taarty Medlcttu Btore, n Madiion street, near too Post Office, Chi* cago, Hllcole. • CUBE rOCBSELP. PS. BhSGS’S SPECIFIC. This Sedleiee is & spesdy aad radical Core Xtr Gonorrhea, Gleet, Strictures, Seminal Weakn*ai) Chordee, Dlf* eaaec of the Eldaefi and Biadder, and all Diseases ofihe Sexual Organs canned by Contagion or Weaknua el either Sex, fflalea or Females. This elegant. popular and Infallible preparation, so C'ltbratcolnfeUonrL&HQK CITIES for tse CUBS of PKIVaTE MaCAsBB, is now offered to the af flict ed and WABKAKTE.> TO CURB all diseases Ot the Genital Organs of cither kz (sales or females) lr a few days. _ DB. BASSE’S BPBCrriC Is the OKI*Y SAP* and RELIABLE BF.KBDY for the CJJHBOF SPERM A TOHEBCEA, generally termed 88wIN4L_WBAK NESS.CAUalD BV 8• LF-ABUSB OK IKDTTLGBfICE, which !• nows© FBaBFDILT PB3- v* t Hyr tu aH pars of the concur. T> F fcjfT. have you a PAIVAvE DISEASE, eraaj uU'iue ol the BLADDER OH SBATJ^X cnax*s. do cot unite-it delay is daeoeb- OCB. BAKEBTS SPECIFIC, Which h*« CUBED thensaafll ,nton thousands and **▼«! them tromthe tend* el mebcilem qUacAS. U not from PBKMaTDHB GU&VIB. '■ w pß. wf SPECIFIC is a great BXALIKS PUHIFPI>’G and kELF CDRISG KHXADY.reqnlr tnc t»0 MEDICAL aid oii ADVICE, as plain difee nose fur n: e accompany each bottle of tne Medicine. Dr. Baker** Speriflc 1* very ajreeable to the tnte. li perfect *BA Ft AND HefUn 869 to TUB CONSTI TCTTIOB, and will etfeciuaJy CUBE THE WORST ’.HD M* 5T OBSTIKiTE CASES OT AHIT ATS DISEASES, »s<i restore the system to a perfect state Of CEALTZ AM) PITJUTT. With DB. BAEEi/A SPECIFICjrot can CUBE YODJSKLF FOh OK 8-TEN IB T£l MOICBr that a physician will char?%.wltbont change of diet or b ndracce trom bnitLcst, and that prerent all eftsnoe cf BXPtitUß*." , H, longstanding and obstinate cnees of Goa* Weakcoae. Dr. BACBBI INJECTION will be foned a Tamable autitant to hi* srECiTIC lb sobduinr the dlacasfi.and should ae used la conlunepos with it until a perfect cure Is tflected. A Treats on B>‘ruaj Called the “Sell* IcUmctor." accompanie© each bottle of tkemedj. ciao or Fjic&-Dr.BAk6r*i Specific, S3 per bottle. XT* Price—in, £ske.*’s inlecuou. II par bottle. Of Price-iul« lojcctlng Syrinxe, 80 casU; Xe' cent*. Pr &e=s hy Erprea* to allnarta of the oonntrj os receipt or the mcney. DTPrepured ana sold by D 3. B. KAST&BLY, southwest cun>cr or Third sndChealaat strceti, St. Louis, Mo-, Sole Proprietor. ar P orasle at DO. £. A CO.’S Fan* i'y store, 99 Madisoa street,new the Foi* Office, Chicago, TIL PR. EA9TEBLT’B L!rtlM£PtT- TMs Tslctfcld LinlinsaS trill cnfi Kbeomtlluiif Sprains, Brnlwi, CatSi XFoutfl*, t3leei£* Oonir&etei Ten dons, swelled and Stiff Joints, tn«< fc*RO: mi 4 all DUeuei when ak external remedy U iodlwt«4* DR. EASTERLY'S AfeWHICAK LTSTMXHT am alio car* £pra>oi. Bnil>e«. Cots. 0«U». Chafe*. Blur Bcac. Scratches, or Wooade which are con«Kl2ror. oonttn to HORSM. f amlUca sbou.d teep u COK- ItaK?LY OH 3tAinvto n»*» inoaeof neod, tvit li the BB&T AS It )u«rT EFFICACIOUS LIHUIMT HO* IS VU> jy Far tale at DH EASTERLY 4 CO,'» Family Medicine Store, 80 Madlioa street, ttw i&« Boat Office, Chicago, BL SB. CARTERS COUGH BALSAS wrm Pare Conrhs, Colds* Asthma, Cob* eamption, Bronehlila, Spitting Blood, Pain In the Side and ttreant, Whftopf ny funyh, CreßPiUidallJChM esses of the Throat and Lunca. Header, have yon a Conjrh, Cold, or any dliea»e Oi the Lnnr* cx Throat? Do BOt B til **•* J t- I *£ tL u 10XB His p* atrelecUas a COMMON COLD. Cncnba erdcoici, U net cured, lead to COabUUT* TIOS.aniUneEVsrEhMATDIUt DAAIH -AS*?®? at onta that celebrated remedy, DB.OAB* CTUGH BALSAM, which new tails to STOP THk cougb and to effect aPKfr fbct ta »taw tin it u beyond all do&bt ?U HKi/cny for *ll disease* of the wurth AT AKB LD * es *»■»« to the clTillaed eo I rae. r R ! SSJSl 0tt: “-" eec “ »“ lott2t! lErl ‘ JW For tale at DR. B. EASTERLY St CO.’S Paal* Sruss anb (Cicmicals. T H. REED & CO., * XWORTBRS AFD JOBLESS OP DRUGS AND CHEMICALS S2 Chicago, in, ALSO, SEAL LARGELY at Paints, OH*, TTlndoir Gla*s, Glass ware, Burning Oils, Kerosene, Soapm&ker*’ Slock, Blann* fkcutrers 9 Goods, Which we offer at yricti f*Tor*bU to WiJrtora Utx ehast* and UudECtoren. J. H. Bnp,l'<Fearl «:a«t.H.T.i JL A. Eealbct, Chicaso. f se!am?Cs-w TJOYAL PRUSSIAN CON JX fitJLATE. S7 Clark Street. n. CLAFS&BKnTB. Consul. Letter Box art. Chicago. 111. seS-qSi-siu* Qlljicago tribune. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBERI7,IS6A PlllnUtlslliUi, ELECIIOfI HOT. 8. Republican Union Nominations. FOB PIIEEIDENT, ABRAHam LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. FOB TICS PHESIDICfT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TENNESSEE. Fob Common: BICHARDJ. OGLESBY. Fob Listz.Qovxcxob: WILLIAM BBO3S. Fob Sec. op Stats : SEASON TYNDALE. * FoBACDTTOBi O. 3. MINES. Fob StatbTbkabttbbb : JAS. H. BEVERIDGE. FobScf. Pdb Ikbtboo : NE vV TON BATEMAN. FmldeDtlal Eleeter*. FOB TUB BTATB AT BABOS 2 JOHN DOUGHERTY, of Union. FRANCIS A HOFFMAN, *f DaPhffe, BENJAMIN M. PRENTISS, of Adams. District JEleetors. i—lqbk V. Fabwkix. B —li*. O. Coimcfo, SJ—Aasok 8. Mn-t-KB, 9—Wsvux* Walkbb,- S—Jons V. Eustace, 10—' Tum. ST Habbis, 4 ,T tyra g PoOUB, N, M, MoCoBBT, 5 J. Beknbtt. t»—Hexbt 9. Ba&sb, 6 T. Hufiubs, 18—Zati’as S. Cuffobb. 7 Fbakbub Blade. For flenben ofOongrets. At larse —SAMUEL W. MOULTON. Diet, I—JOHN WENTWORTH. If-IOHNF FARNSWORTH. in-B. B. WASHBURNS. IV—A. C. HARDING. V—EBON C. INGEBSOLL. VI—B O. COOK Vll-U. P. H. BSOMWKLL. VIU-SUELBY M. CDLLO2S. IX-HGGU FULLERTON. XI—K- CALLAHAN. XII—JEHU BAKER. XIH-A. J. KUYKENDALL. Has* Rectiar in Sonthen Illinois. Eon. Wiyiam Bros*, candidate forUeut* Governor, and Eon. D. L. Pidllips, U. S. Marshall for the Dlotriot of SonUiern Ell* eois, will apeak at Union mass meetings at the followioG: places, at 2 p. m.: Lawrence rill e, Lawrenee Co Monday, Sept IS Mt. Camel, Wabaeli Co Tuesday, Sepr. 23 Fairfield. Wayne Co —Wednesday, Sept. SI Mt Vernoo, Jeffemm’ Co Thursday, Sept. S3 Beulon, Franklin Co Friday Sept. S3 McLeanaboro, HftjnQtoa Sept. iU Carmi, White Co —Monday, Sept. 30 Hniriibnrkh 'Saline Co. Wednesday, Sept. S3 Marios, WUliameon Co Thursday, Sept. 29 Vienna, Johnson Co ; Friday, Sept. 30 Joneeboro, Union Co « Saturday. Oct. 1 Carboedale, Jackeon Co Monday, Oct. 3 Frank Lnmbard, the dlsUngniehed vocal lit, will be present at all three meetings abdaing several of hi*i inimitable campaign songs. Leo Miller, Anther cf the well known pamphlet en titled “The Greet Conflict; or Cause and Cure of Secession,” will speak at the follow ing place* in Bureau county: Tuesday erenlir. 6spL 20th, at Devon Wednesday g. S«pu Slat, at Umcrlck. • Thursday evening. Sept. 22d. at Wysnet. Friday cfUmoon, fiieot. 2id, at New Bedford. Monday evening, Sept. SC h, at BuUowayvlUo. Tot«aay evening. Sepl. fcllb. at Arlington, Wednesday evening, Sepl. I'S'.h. tt LiMoUIc. • Thuradiy eycnin;;. Sept, 29tu, at ilalrten. Friday evening, sept. 30th, at Princeton. Him Hteetlago—fieri. Oeleaby 5 * Ap pointments, Gea Oglesby will speak as follows: Qalesbnrr, Knox county ...Tuesday, Sept.2o. Lev.t-.toiT, Pnlton county.—Wednesday, Sept. 21, Macumh, McDunouEh county.... Friday, Sept. 25. Quincy, Adaino connty Saturday, Sept. 24, Piticfidd, Pike'connty Monday, Sept.36. CsTTolton- Green county Wednesday, Sept. 23, Edwar«e>Ule, Madison county....Filday, Sept. 80. BcUvlUe, St. Clair county# Saturday, OcU 1. Bob. J D. Ward’s Appointments. Kewa««e, Henry Co Mondiy, Sept. 19. Trulon, Stark Co Toeaday, SepL SO. Altoosa, Knox C 0..., Wednesday, Sept 21. Carthage, Uaccock Co '....Thuraday, Sept, 22. Quincy, Adaius Co Saturday, Sept. 24. Flttaflelo, I*lte Co Monday, Sept. 26. CirrolioD, Greene Co Wetmeoday, Sept. 23. EdwaroaTille, Madison Co Friday, bent. 80. BelMlle, .Saturday, Oct. 1, Bon. IU W« noQltou’a Appointments, Candlaatc lor Congress at Large, Bloomington, McLean C 0..... .Sept. 19 (Ait evening meeting.) BlFaed, WqcdfqrdCo .....Sept. 21 Waeiiiuetos, Taxewcll Co ScpJ. 22 Hon &. iL Cuixoii will apeak at each of tbe above met tin ga. Pecria Saturday, Sept. 94 Laco* t Monday, Sept. 26 Hennepin Tuoed*y,Sopt. 27 Hon. E. C. Ingehsoll will apeak at the latter places. Ottowa Wednesday, Merrla. Thursday, Sept. 29 Joliet Friday, Sept. 80 Yorfrilie, DeKalb Co Oct. 1 Bon. W. T. Hopkins, candidate for Elector will apeak at these meetings. Wcnota Monday, Oct, 3 With E. C. Ingersoll and Jesse Ltnch. fFrom tbe Boaton Transcript.l IDBIHABL LINCOLN AND THB , POOR WOMAN, ST X. A. D. “ Td like to »ee the President," A timid women said— " A poor and tidy go wn ehe were. And on her whitening head A bonnet, faded s« her oalr, Hat comely etlU with decent cafe. Around, on costly conches, sat Statesmen of high degree. And, conscious of their grestness, ehe Stood back most patiently. Till some coarse mental, with a smile. Whispered that ahomnat wait awhile— Then muttered ** green,” with many a wink, ' Till cverr elaace was turned On the poor woman, gray and old. While hot her thin cheeks horned With wenadedleeiing*. griefs and tears, And her dim cyce were filled with tears. And still the boors rolled onward—still The mirhty esme and went— Bat all neglected stood the dame, Nor saw the President; While those wham fortune favors told Their pompons tales of tame and goid. And so the snn came fklnter down Upon the brilliant fiuor; ITr.c aged woman started at The opening of a doqr. And one who caught her haggard eye All sodden stopped, through sympathy. “ Oh I air,” she said—” these many hems _ I’*c waited pitlcntly; • Perhaps the President can not Be seen by inch as I; I'm poor, and old—and careworn too— And he has hardens cot a few/' The stranger turned—a saddbu light Seemed kindled ia his ele-F* Zle.spehe with kindly tone and mein, With gentle gniritj— “ Tber sbonld bare sent yon in to me • Before they did tho rest,” said be. The old dame flashed with quick emprise— Was tide the nailon’k chief? This grare, tali mao, who, pitying, said, “ Come—tell me all yoUr gner. The poor a»d seedy aerer went Unaided from the President.” She told her simple tale—be beard. With royal gentleness— Thao, as her wrong* bit interest woke. He promised her redress, : And. pazlng on the silrcreu bead. Be eaoued to see her comforted. ” Think God!” And-freely fell her tears; ** Our land Is West/' she said, ** When one who honor* poverty Stands nobly at Its head. If an old woman’s benlioa be Of any weight or worth to thee, I cite it from a gralefal heart. And heaven will surely hear. Qud bless thee, Abraham Lincoln—bless All that thou boldest dear, * And make thee c/orious in the land. Now smitten by the oppressor's hand, Andxntke thee strong to dare and do, • Steh though the prond condemn, Ann keep thee houert, brave and true, 111) than bast conquered thorn; And ere tbsu dlest touu staait eco, Through God's good trace, a nation free.” CoW Uio Soldlui Vote* (.Prom the Brooklyn Union.] At ft recent caarft« in the Pint Netr York Dratoans, Col. Gibb** the following remit ehows '• bow the army ior LltUe Mac: ” McClellan...... —• \ Grant.. Unwin Total. .—yv**’* 735 Camp Parole, Maryland r A. Lincoln • • L®* McClellan Fremont * • Total At *avy Hospital, Annapolis, Hd. A Lincoln McClellan.. Fremont Total At ibe Soldiers’ Hospital, ArmapoUs; A. Lincoln . McClellan Fremont ••• Total. Parole Camp Jin-vy Hospital (all officers), 3stj ilo»jilial (toldiers)... Total.. A. Liberia. McClellan., Fremont... Total. McClellan, 1 in 8, “We receive the above roles from gentlemen direct from the localities named, and the lat ter from one who took the vote, and there is no rtiiitake about them. The assertion that the army Is for McClellan is all gammon. Tne, soldiers loiow what they are about as well as ire do,'and they know tne rebellion a rreat deal better. .. The Toosg Ladies -op Atlanta.—A letter from a soldier in Atlanta contains the fol* lowing: The Tonne ladles don’t seem at all afraid of the Yankees, for they may be seen prome tadiog the streets, well dreseed, and many of them very refined and pretty. I noticed a bevy of jonxg mUses dancing on the gnus behind a very fine residence, to the lively airs plajed by Gen. Slocum’s band. They seemed' to have quite forgotten the fearful carnage of the past month. Show ebjiie Coward. —The Uachias,(B£e.) Vtiion says that a Captain who lives In A neighboring town, whoso vessel, a schooner worth $25,000, was burnt off Matiuigns, by the Tallahassee, says while bis vessel was burning, t Federal gunboat lay within sight daring the whole transaction, and made no show of resistance to the Talihassee, no offer of aid to the crews of burning coasting vessels ia that vicinity. THE EXCHANGE QUESTION. G£Smi BBTLER’S CirgUO AXO LOCICiL BKPLT tO COLOAEL OULD. The Pcbcla Demand the Bight to Be dncefiolored Priaoaerato slavery, 'Vara Avnzrtnj Hotbl, I Nsw Tons. Monday, Sept, 6,is-li. j To the Editor of the New York Times: ~~ Inclosed I send joa & note from the ot Excb&cge ot Prisoners to the CsuledJrato CannjlcSioner. Mr. Oaid, In reply to higoffer to accept, in part, a proposition made nj me debt months since, to exchange all prison ers of war held by either belligerent pirtv. Without awaiting wj reply, Mr. Gold bu printed bis offer, for which purpose it seems to bare been made. I am therefore driven to the sime mode of pU'ciog my joatific*tioa of the action of this Government in possession ot the public, be* foie it reaches the Confederate Commission* er. BesptctmUy, Behj. F Butler, Major General, and Commissioner of Exchange. nßAsquAnrsna Depastmsht or) VißQiMia. and North Carolina, > In tub Fiblp, Ang.—, 180 L ) Bon Bohert Onld, Oammuslauerorßzctrmge: - Bib—Your note' to Major 51 allot*, Assistant Agent of Exchange, under date of loth ol Angast, has Ktn referred to me. You therein state that Major Mnlford has several' times proposed to exchange prlponera re»pectivelT held by the two belligerents, officer for officer and man for man, and that “the offer has also been made by other officials having .charge ot matters connected vltfrthe exchange of prisonersand that 4 this proposal has been beretotore declined Vj the CoLfeSemte authorities.” That you now consent to the above proposition, and aeree to deltvci ta you (Major Molford) thepriaouerihed io captivity by the Confederate antnorUles, pro vided yon to deliver aa equal number of officers and men. As equal nomoers are delivered Irma time to tune, they will be aedared exchanged. This proposal is-made with the uodoralanding that the officers and men ou both sides whs have been longest In captivity, will be first delivered, where It fs practicable. Ftam a alight ambiguity in year phraseology, hot more, perhaps, from the antecedent action of >out authorities, and because of your acceplxice of it, X am lu donbt whether jotr-hare stated the proposition with entire accuracy. It is true, a proposition was made both by Ha}. Mnlford ana bj myself,-as Agent of EzcbaogCvto exchange all prisoners of war taken br either bel ligerent party, man for man, omcer for officer, of equal rank, or their equivalents. It was made Of me as early os tuu first of the winter of 16-.3-4, end has not been. accepted.- In .say lastlfurworded to you a note, desiring to know whether the Confede rate authorities Intended to treat colored soldiers O’ the United States array ae prisoners o( war. To that inquiry no uQ«wer nas yet been made T<> avoid jII (possible mlgapprehenslon or mistake herealtcr as to your vder now, will you now say whether yon mean by “prisoners held la captiv ity,” cofered men, duly enrolled an mustered into the service of the Untied States, who have been captured by the Cou ederste fjrces ; and if year authorities are willing to cscbsscc off auld-ers so mnetered- tnlq too Uolt*d dtat*-s armv, whether colored or otherwise, and tho officers commanding them, man lor man. officer for officer » At an Interview -which wa» held between yocr* ae>f and <he Agent of KxvUauze ou the part of the UnltHl Slates, at Fortress Monroe, in March hut, you will oo me tho taror tc remember too princt jiol ol»cuH*Jon turn*! upon this very point;.you. on behalf of the Confederate Government, claim ing the right to nol«C ail who bad hereto luie been slaves and not emandpated by toolr mas t* re, tuiolicd and ousterca Uto the service of the United Stares, when captured oy jbar lorcefl, not as prisoners of war, bus upon capture to be turned over to their soopoted utasiers or claimants,, who ever they might be. to be hold by aUvas. liy theadvertlsemeote inyoarnew-papars, call ing upon masters to come forward and maim these men so captured,.! suppose that your antncrlties still adhere to that claim—that la to. say, that * hentver » colored soldier of the United States id captortd by yon, npou whom auy claim can be' made by any person residing wU&to the States now in lOEOrrecuon, such soldier is not to be treated at a prisoner of war, bat Is to be turned.over to hit tuppostd owner or claimant, and pat at such labor or service as that owner or claimant mar choose, and the officers in command of soch soldiers, in the language ola supposed act of the Confederate States, are to be turned over to the Governors of Sutas, upon requisitions, for the purpose of being punUhed by the lavv = of such Mates, tor acts dons in' war is the armlet of the United States. You must bo a warn that there Is still a proclama tion by Jefferses Davis, claiming to be Chief Exec utive of the Confederate Stater, declaring lu sub stance that ail officers of colored troops mastered Into the service of the United States were not to be treated ss prisoners ol war, bat were to be turned over for punishment to the Governors of StaUt, 1 1 am reciting these public acts-from memory aod will bo pardoned for not giving the exact words, althooqn 1 believe Ido nut vary the substance and 1 effect. These declaration* on the part of those whom you represent yet remain u are pealed, ncaunnlted, nureroireo, ana must therefore be still supposed to beasthorita ive. By yottf acceptance of our prop osition, is the Government of the United States to understand that these several claims, enactments and proclaimed declarations are to be given up, sot aside, revoked, ana held for naught by toe. Confed erate authorities, and that you are willing to ex change man tor man those colored soldiers of the Untied btaies, dmy mastered and enro-led as such, who have heretofore been clapped as slaves by tho Confederate States, as well as white soldiers t If this be so, and you are 10 willing to exchange these cciored men cinmed aa slates, and >ea wul bo officiary inform the doversment of the United State*, then, aa lam Instruacd, a principal dim cult; m ei&ctlog exchanges will be removed. Aa I in'ermed yon penontlly. In aiyjodgcaent it Is neither consistent with the policy, dignity or honor of rbe United States, under soy considera tion, to allow mote who, oy our laws solemnly enacted, are made soldiers of the who have been duly enlisted, enrolled and mosterdd aa such aoJdiera—■who have home arms In behalf of this country, and who bare been captured while fichtint; in vindication of the rights oJ that coun try. not to be treated aa prisoners of war, and re main ci.exchanged, and in the service o! those who claim them as masters; and 1 cannot believe that the Government of the United States will ever be found to content to so gross a wrong. If the Confederate force# capture a number of horses from the United States the aalmals'are Im mediately claimed to be. acd, as we understand it, become the property of the Confederate author!-- ■m Ji the United States capture any movable pro* party m ike rebellion, by our jegulafiona and laws, In conformity Hub International law afid tao laws of war, enph property is turned over to our Gov ernment as Uo properly. Therefore, if we obtain possession of that apedca of proudly known to tbc Isws of the insurrectionary Stvtes as slaves, v. by should there be any doubt that tnat property, like any other; vesta in the United States r- If the property in the slave doss eo Test, then Use “yua litfpmendi," the right ot disposing ol that property, rep is in the United States. Now, the United States have disposed of the property which they have acquired by capture in stares taken by them, by giving that right of prop erty to the man blmsclt, to the slave. I. e.,, by emancipating him and declaring Urn free forever, so that if we have not .mistaken ma principles ot internal law and the laws of war, we hare no slaves In the armies of the United State*. Aliaro (rto men, bem" made eo in *uch manner os we hueeboeen to dispose of our property in them which we acquired by capture. - Blares being captured by us, and the right of property In teem thereby vested in os, that rigot of property has been disposed of by ns ny maun milting them, as has alwrjs been the acknowledg ed tight of tie owner to do to bis slave. The manner in widen we dlspqse of our property while Uia in our possession certainly cannot be ques tioned by yon. Nor la.tne case altered if the property is not actually captured Is battle, but comeg either vol untarily or involuntarily from the bcll.gereut owner m the posse&*ion or the other belligerent. 1 take it no one would doubt the tight of the United States to a drove of Confederate tattles, or a herd of Uoufeflertte cattle, which should wander or rush across the Confederate lines into the lines of the United States Army. So it seems tome. Heating the negro as property merely. If that piece of ptopcity pastes the Confederate lines, aud cornea into the lines of the United States, tost pro perty ik as much lost to its owner In the Confede rate Stales as would be the mule or ox, the proper ty of the resident of the Confederate States, which should fall Into our hands. If, therefore the principles of international law atd the laws of war use* in this - -discussion are corrcctU ststed, then It would seim that the de duction logically Hows therefrom, in natural se quence, that the Confederate States can'have no claim upon the negro sol lien captured by them irom the armies or the Uulted blatee, because of the former ownership of them by their citizens or subjects, and only claim such sul result, under the Jaws ol war, from their captor merely. Do the Confederate authorities claim the rlgM to reduce to a state of slavery free men, pmoncri of war captured by them? Tin a claim oar Cabers ■ fought acainet under Ealubndge and .Decatur, wbeu set up by the Buoary Powers on tue North • iro ruote of the yuirlSOO, and in iBtH their children will hardly yield it upon their own aolL *. This point I will rot pnrane farther, because I ui.derßtacd.joa to repadlate the loea that you will reduce free men toalavca bccauwior capture in war; and that yon base the claim of tho Confeder ate authorities to re-euslave our negro soldiers, when captured by yon upon the “Jw post UminL ” or that principle of the la w of nations which rehab ilitates the former owner with his property taken by an enemy, when such property is recovered by the forces of his own country. Or,- In other words, you claim that by tho laws of callous and of war. when property ot the subjects of cue bdlleeieat power, captured by tne forces of tho other belligerent, is recaptured by the armies of tbo termer owner, then such property Is to be restored to its prior possessor, as if It had never been captured, and, therefore, under this principle 3 cur authorities propose to restore to their musters the slaves which heretofore belonged to them which you may capture from at. Sat this poet llminary rUhl under which you claim to Act, as understood and defined by all wnteis on rational law, is applicable simply to imtnovdb-t property, and that, too, only after the complete re-frubjopatitn of that coition of the country in which the property Is situated, upon which this right festems- itself. By the laws and customs of war, this right has never been applied to mOzabU property. True it is, I believe, that the Romans attempted to apnly it to the case of slaves, but for S 03 j years no other nation has attempted-to set up this right as grouuu for treating slaves differently from other property. But tht Bomsus even refused to ro-ensUve men captured from opposing beUtgrrculs in a civil war, such as ours unhappily is. Consistently, then, with any principle of the law ol nations, treating slaves' as property merely, it would seem to be impossible for the Government of the United States to permit the negroes in their ranks to be re-enslaved when captured, or treated otherwise than as prisoners of war. I ha T e forborne, sir, in this discussion, to argue the question upon any other or different gronuds of tight than these adopted by your authorities in claiming the. negro as property, because I under stand that your fabric of opposition to tho Govern ment of the United States has the right of prop erty Inman as its corner-stone. Of coarse it would not be profitable in settling a question of exchange of prisoners of war to attempt to the ques tion of abandonment of the very corner-stone of their political edifice. Therefore I have admitted all the considerations which should apply to the negro soldier as a man, and dealt with aim upon the Confederate Iheorv of property only. I nrlie with yon mest cordially, sir, in desiring a speedy srtthmeiit of all these questions. In view of the great suffering endured by our prisoners in the hands of your authorities, of wnich you so feelingly speak. Let me ask, in view of that suf fering, why you have delayed eL;bt months to au swerapropomlOD which by now accepting you admit to be right, just and bumano, allowing that suffering to continue so long? One cannot-help thlnkUp, even at the nak of being deemed unchar itable. that the benevolent sympathies of thd Con federate authorities hare been lately stirred by tbe - depleted condition of their armies, and a dcstre to get Into the flUdto affect the present campaign, tbe hale, bcirty and well fed prisoners held oy the United States in exchange for the half-starvod, sick, emaciated and unserviceable of tbe United States now langtii&hlnr' JHL • prisons. Tbe events ni this war. If we w it be- ■ fore, have taught us that it loithorn portion of ibe American how to drive sharp bargains. BAy The wroncs. indignities aud ioffered hyoursodlerswouWmoveme to any thing to procure their - exchange, except to barter 'awav tbe honor and faith of the Government of the United State*, which has been eo solemnly nledcedto the colored foldiers in its ranks. * Consistently with national faith and Justice we cannot relinquish this position. With jour au thorities it ia a question ol property merely, it • seems to address Itself to yon In this form. Will von suffer jour soldier, captured In fighting your battles, to be in confinement for month* rather than release him by giving for him that which you call a piece of property, and.wblch wo ate willing to accept cs a nun f You certainly appear to place le»s value upon your soldier than yon do upon yourne-iro. lassare von much sb ye of the North aru accused of lor .. 730 1,800 .. 309 .. 47 .. 6 1.800 . 351 . 270 .2,431 .2,074 . 300 ing property, our citizens would hare no difficulty In yieldict; op aoy piece of pr>pertr the* have la extiange for one of their brother* orsouslia cubbing In jour prisons. Certainly there coold be r o ooobt that they would dj> so were that piece of property less Is value than fire thousand collars in Confederal*- money, whlca i* believed to be the price of an able-boditd negro in the insurrection ary States, , .. . TrosUcgthatt may rcceire 8o:h a reply to the muß’lona propounded lu tbU note, as will lead to a speedy resumption of the nagotliti'ras for a fail exchange ot ell the pnwmrs, and a delivery of item to their respective authorities, I hire the honor to be, very respectfully. your obedient ser vant, Bbhj. P. BtrrLßß, Maj.-Gcn. and Oomrmrfioaer ol Excoange. Particulars of the Killing: of John more***, [Cotreepondence Cincinnati Commercial.} Eaormxß, Term, Sept. 0, 18&1 Last night was a night of rejoicing in this goodly, city of Knoxville, the occasion be ing the arrival ot clghty-six prisoners and the news of the death of Gen. John H. Morgan, the notorious. On the occasion of the late raid by Wheel* er, Gen. Glilom thought it a matter of pru dence to contract his lines somewhat, thuw leaving the town of* Greenville to the ooemy, which they occupied/ The scare having passed over, Gern GUlam moved forward, and learned that Morgan occupied the town. On- Sunday morning, the 4th Inst, he surprised John Morgan and farces. captured eighty-six prisoners and one gun The prls* oners belonged, for the most part, to Me* Clang’s battery, tne members ot which wero formerly citizens of this region. Morgan himself was at the house oi Miss Williams, In the town, and was so suddenly surprised that be rushed out ol the house only partly dressed. As he was passing through tho gar den in the rear of tee house, be was shot through the body, by Andrew Q, Campbell, company G, ISth Tennessee cavalry. Th s man bad two grievances aside from his de sire to terve his country, which made him more anxious to kill the great herse tUefi When our forces retired from that section. Captain Keenav, A. A. G , of General GiUatn's staff, was left at the house of a widow. When Morgan came up be cursed the woman fur receiving him Into her house, and took, the alok man asd threw him into a rough road wagon aod said “haul him off like a bog,” and our men have not heard from him since. Tho other grievance was, that Campbell had been conscripted and bad to servedn tho rebel ranks some months before he could escape. After shooting Mor gan, he took the hod l on his horse and car ried it about one-fourth of a mile, and then pitching it down on the ground, he observed to his officers, ” there he is like a hogj* Campbell has been promoted to the rank of a Lieutenant for the service which ne run deied his country, in the killing of Morgan, and he well deserves it. Let His name be re membered. Two of Morgan’* staff, Captain Charles TVlthers, A. A.-G., formerly ex' Covington, acd Captain Clay,, eon of Thomas H. Clay, and grandson ol Heavy Clay, were captured in the garden of Mrs. "William*, concealed in a holt in which potatoes had been buried. Clay has been scat to thehospltal here. General Gillam la doing gallant service in East Tennessee, and you will soon hear from him again, fits mem ara acquainted with all the mountain paths in the region through which they are now marching. T. Burning or tbe Quebec Ccstom Xlonae [.From the Toronto Globe, Sept. 15.] Wo learn by telegraph from Quebec, that the eastern house In that city was entirely consumed by fire, on Saturday evening lost. As tbe building cost a very large sum of. money, and was only insured for nine or ton thousand pounds, the loss U a heavy one. Public buildings at Quebec seem very liablo to destruction by fire. It must bo a very large sum that first sod last has been lost to tbe Province, by the burning of public build ings at the ancient capital.. In rebuilding tha Quebec custom house, we trust that cars wil* bo. taken to keep tbe ooat within the sum realized from tbe insurance upon thi build ing jnstdestro^ed—an amount quite com mensurate with the demands of foe trade of tbs city. The old custom house was built in an extravsgaat way, and made to cost the country altogether too much. This time that tolly ought not to be repeated. When tue building is completed, it will bs prudent,too., in view of past experience, to have It as well insured as possible. A Gilloat Soldier. is army letter In. the New York Tribune from Petersburg, Va., says: Some of your renders will remember the case 1 mentioned, from Peep Bottom, of a gallant young private, named Henry 21 liar dpnburg, of the 23th Illinois regiment, hav ing captnred a stand of colors £rem.thc color sergeant of an Alabama regiment, on the 115 th ol August. Sargeant-Major Plimpton, of tho 39th, Informs me that this young man waa killed in the tranches before Petersburg, on the 28th uIL,. having been shot through the bead by a rebel sharpshooter. Tho regiment . has since received bis appointment as “First Lieutenant in theSGtb regiment U. S. colored troops* for gallant conduct in the tight of the 16th ult., near Richmond,” by command of-’ Major Gen. Butler. “But,” as the sergeant major remarks, the brave and heroic young soldier no longer heeds the calls to dutv, and. no rewards of earthly friends can reach him. now. But such are the fortunes-of war. The beorthstones'oi many a family ore made desolate by just such blows as this.” J37" A private letter, from General Woo contains the following passage: Notbisc for augbt that I can discover, will save the Union and Ita Government but the successes of Grant, Sherman, Farragnl and Sheridan. These successes may arooso the people and preserve our country; but nothing else, from present appearances, will save it from the danger with which It Is threatened. The perils of the Union were never greater 'than at the present moment. The conspira tors have secret associations, whose members are scattered over the land, using every means in their powfer to alarm and frigbtsn the ignorant and timid. They are also dis tributed throughout the armies and namr of the United Statesi and exerting all tbelr pow ers to induce those who have the privilege of voting to cast their votes for 'McClellan, who is represented to be popular with the rank and hie. At a future day 1 mky present facta which will substantiate all 1 hove said in , regard to this dangerous conspiracy and ' their convention, and their candidate for the Presidency. An Attempt to Blow Up Fort Sumter* [Ftem. the Charleston Mercury, Sept. I.] About 9 o'clock Sunday night a fcrtlQc ex plosion, which* ebook tho buildings Ja this civ?, took place. Many supposed ft to be a 200-pounder Parrott time fuse shell, it ap pears, however, that about 9 o’clock some musketry firing was heard at Fort Sumter. Upon examination, Capt. Hugneuln discov ered that the firing was about two hundred yards from (batort, in (he direction of Fort Johnson. The firing continued a few sec onds’ only, when three Yankee barges were seen coming in toward the west lacs. Capt. Lewis, with a detachment of tha 821 Georgia, mounted the parapet and opened a fire or email arms upon the parties, but b*d not fired more than one or two rounds before a tremendous explosion occurred about thirty feet from the jrest face of the fort, near the wharf. After the explosion the enemy were seen In rapid retreat toward Morris Island. Our men kept up the fire of suiall arms until the enemy had'got entirely out of sight. The Yankees it seems had floated down a torpedo from the direction of Fort Johnson. The torpedo exploded near the wharf of the fort. No damage was done to tho works. The shock was distinctly perceptible all over the forand some ol tne officers on the southwest angle were knocked down . We have heard of no other movement of. i importance. There was no change in the fleet. iHtecrtlanwus. REMOVAL— . SMITH & FRANKS, [Buccestors to Hempstead, Kcrten A Co J Wholesale Grocers, HATS HBMOYSP TO 32 RIVER STREET, Second door from South Water. au3l-q72-3w X 39 WAXK STREET, NEW YORK. mm T. MARTIN SON & CO., Enccetsors to * BLUmi> Sc BEOS., (Formerly of St. looU and Chicago,) manufacture and keep a perma nent assortment of CLOTHING. aeirmsm 11. BE FOREST & CO., HOOP SKIRTS Mahhlactpreri and Jobbery, 84.,...Xi-AJ£E! STREET, 84 (Sec GUT SKIRT, oppoilte Tremoot Honss.) Offer to the trade .lerge itoet ol ttelr owo mum lactor*. 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Also, about £C vessel spars, 5Ca long cedar posts, 3.CO* uem lock 8.8. ties, be cords b»idvtood,aiab of biazle bolts aud common cedar fence posts, tosether with cbsio* an.i ropes, and ether prcpsrty Now. there fore, we give uottcf tossy ptreons fludlsz say of the ab've described property, that the tame will be claimed by us. A. d HaY WAUB Cbicage. TUQilPfiO » * COTZLL, sets qWO-lw White Lase.Mleh. TTEADQUARTERS RORTH XJL ERF DEPARTMENT! 1 , Conuatnus. 0., Aug. 97,15 W. General Order* Ko. 53. Daring the ensuing sixty fire anas, powder or ammunition of any kind wifi b* received, Iran*- ported or dedverei by any Kaffrovd, Express, or other Forwarding Company,within tbs-States eosmbed vithin the limits or this Department, viz: Ohio, In dlaca, Idlroli.'and Michigan, wlthont a permit tros three Ueadnuarteri, from General A.P. never. In dlaitspolis, Indiana, General H. £. Paine ourlngfleld, lidnois, or Lieutenant Coiosel 0. H. Hill, Detroit, Michigan, unless shipp'd by or delivered sa aa au thorized officer ot th« United States Government. Dealers la these articles, or other* having them In their possession, will in no event be permuted to sell cr deliver them during that time. It 1* the duty of all Military Commanders and all Provost Marshals and their Assistants to see that this Order Is enforced, and ta seize all such articles as muy be clandestinely told, slipped or delivered, Is evasion of It. Such property will stonce be report ed to these Beadancrt'rs for the decision of the Com msnder as to its disposition- . ..... Forwarding, setting or delivering inch articles du ring this time, if now in trazultn. excepting that they rr.-:r be forwarded to tbeesdof tucbßailroads as bow have them in possession, fer safe keeping, will be considered an evasion of this Ordsr, The fact* ol inch forwardpg will be reported ,to these Head quarters. lir command of Major General HBtirrzxLicAW. 7C C. U. PO rrtlK, A. A. G. Official: 8. n. Larasor, Lt. CoU and A. In* Gen. HARD COAL.— The nideragned are train receiving at their Coal Yard a faw hundred tons of tcry inpcrior LACKAWAIVA COIL, EGG, STOVE AND BANGS SIZES. ai»o on band, LEHIGH COAL, and the best kind of SB IE COAL and M&33ILLOH COAL, which 'Will he nciceccd and dellTciedat the lowest market price#. I dro at northeast comer of Indiana and Kingsbury streets, north- branch of Chicago Hirer, opposite C ;i^r f ' C -**- W - B ' i Wo * LITTLE. 7AXBBABS7 KABDASS & SCALES 07ALLULS, raßtaUa, STMaKAfi; & ITILAAMt CKIdASSt oaW KILL AND PINE LAND ® . For Sale. ?aid mill property f s situated on White Lake. Ucsirrcn County, Michigan, contain* sica aerss eoVdlhse a portion ent over—MlU •tprely leaallt fait winter; u cutting twenty-fire thousand In tufWft hears, or lorf. thouiand In twenty-fear hears. 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Uve ta Us acuon. purtfrtnc CC aaa cte»aitrK the bioou. re caailarltto Sawta *ll Its CO eiUnud parity aau vlcor; CO CC th* rr*aoorla| rrua the CC CC B'lnerßicioasrausoswnich ■ CCCCCCCC wMchharsladacadliseaaet cccccc CUBBOEBB DfJRCTION la a> aa ally or aauunt to Us GUiliO- E3BBSIEBHEBa should . kHkltfitUSJiJlihiit be need is conjunction RES ■with that »©dica» In, ML® cases cf lit an wi S tea. uleot Floor Alcoa or While I, E«g*KEEE XU effect* ate heallaa, KKKBBSBS •oath’Bg aod demulcent; £r.B rtaoviag ah tcaldlag be*t, BBU ckorcee and pa-a, instead . EhS _ or thebamiAAano alisoM BKSFH.VWKKHKX saesoutabie pain that la KEBBKKKRKIiitit' etpar.enced wnunfarly *U Ue cheap qeacklajecuoaa. 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Tbay care Nervous and KK KK - Spinal Affections, Fains in U KK ' the Back and lower pm KkKK - ntte Body. Heaviness, • kkKK Fatigue oq slight exertion, KK KK ' Palpitation of (be-Heart, KK KK -Lowueisot Bprms.ByKe kk KK la. Sick Heauache, Giddi- Kg KK ne«, *c„ *c. In a word, ' . by rsoovmgtheirregular tty they cause, and with it ah the effects thatapetsg from it* Composed of simple veg- • ctabli extracts, c&ej con tain nothing delcUrtou* to • • SB* constitution, however DUN FF delicate their Junction NNNN NN fer ,ei - a " Myw 15 55 • 1 hey may be safely used NN BUSS •t any ays and at snypo* 1W • FNJjF nod.VxcspxnxmisoTiia NF TIBSTTBUca HOJ.TSB, OUT- MX - MM It e whtchthe on.alimz mv ♦ tore cf ttelr action would Intafiibly. pxkvxst pi;cg saßCT* Prices of the ChePofee* Medicines t Caeroeee Ketnedy, EITEFEffEEKBICX a bottle, or 3 bottles for EKKEEKEnEEAB w W. EKE . Cherokee Injection, EB3 • 93 a bottie, or 3 bottles for KBS ,95. EEKEEEB Cherokee Cure, KEEEKEE *9 a bottle, or 3 bottles for ERK S5. _ EEE • ■ Dr, Wrli ht’a EMxlr, ' >EE 93 a bottle, or 3 bottled for EEKEEBEFEEEB ' _ *5. • ~ EEEEEEEEEEEE Cherokee Pals, for Fe mslse.fl a box. or f ' bozea for 9*. In tho CS2BOKEB MSD ICIMES the unfottnuata will find a day of deliver ance uem suffering and nstn—a day splendid and SiwioM. wst£ tun dun s*slgPg|S» ae lotger suffer vsltnoat icEgmrßKgEitS cersatlon or repose, either E»g through mereenAPyquscka XEg or the inefllfUncy of nan- BEK itocsprcparartons ~. EKBEEBE The *• Cberakee Medl- EEKKRKfi clnrs" accomplish their EEE roLicm-their em&udpa- EEE tiOB; sb (mancipation so EEB mat- so admirable, and eo KEEEEEEEEKRR prcbflc of universal good. mEKKHKBKEBB TbEse medicines will prove, In any and every esse, faithful and never- ' failtcg-Crleada in the time cf nsed. We send ail the CHEBO- SEE HEDIOIHK3 tX> preaa («zcept tie Chero- JCeo Fills; ia«e are seat SEEESBBEEESE by mall, tree oi postaje), ypifFVTkKKKKK en receipt of pncs. to kk2' . ” " alrtofmeclTlnedworlu,. v£ij securely pacaed, la sacb yop £ meaner Wiat bo oae vektEßE throu«tt wtose tiaads Ut j f>F.E£EB b»xp»3*-woiil4 kaow ibe EEli . contents. fee Latuas or gentlemen caa KEtJ adSHras u perfect con- KBEEEZEEBEE’E Bdence, xna we will la all i.’irpi.’EPREKBBB case* frankly answ it Uselr bitten, and glye our opla* ¥ ion ol aaca lauiylaoal ease. We prescribe ao mlaertls- The CHEROKEE MEM* CIHEB ui tola by all ea ltrptitlx.B dmaglstaln the clnUzcd world. Some ua principled dealer*. bpw ey< r, try to tell wonhleis 8555333j33 compounds to place of B5 B3 ihcat—those which they B3 can get at a cheap price, c 3„„ «ad mala wore maser by B3 selling than they cm os S3 the Cberotce , Sled!- S3 elnee. as you ralne year S3 health—eye. the health of S3 S9 year otf»p f icg— do not be 5558593933 oiceind by each elpled cracinm. Ask for these if calcines, and take so otben. U the Prvgglsts win not buy them for 7011. send to as, and we will send them to yea byKzprcts. Par* ties addressing os should state the olteass and symp toms, atd fall particulars In. regard to thalr ease*, wa treat all diseases of a cironic mature la mala 01 female* r Ladles or ct ntlemra can address *> la perfect con fidence, and we will in all cues frankly and freely answer thtlr letters, aid giye oar aisles aa regards eacb cue pa? ties living at a distance need not hesitate be* cau-e of ttulr inability to visit at We have treated facceesfolly patients « all portions of the civilised addressing as win plena write Post Office, county, Sta*e, and name of writer, plain, and enclose portsye stamp for reply. . . We wish to send every reader ot thJ paper our thirty-two psge pamphlet free. Address all letters *nd orders to DB. W. R, UEBWIS * CO., No 63 Liberty street, Sew York. C. A. COOK. Cblcaso.M Market street era! Agent for the States of WMowata Michigan and Indiana, who will sapply druggists at oar card prices. Sold by F. BCOVIL. LORO fc SMITH, POL .sagj.D.rßsi‘m <Wl “ l ' ; ‘ l ’ “u^MVriUw-VAT' /'IAYALBY HORSES WANTED. V; ASSISTANT QUABTSBHAJTXE'3 OFFICI. ) v Chicago, HU S?Pt, 14, isM. f I «m nat the bub of aiss m chesm on Lnlted By oiae, ch#tg# of , w DIT Q> M Q . 0 . j, u. Bkadsoaw, Capt. and A. Q. M. I*ll-413 it* ttoaiiUEim B liUH!EP JJE OH THE SAFE SIDE * i QKAI.XIIT ITOHACH HEALTH OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM HOHI'EXTEK'N STdEtlCi BITTEBS AS A Protective and Curaave Medicine Flenrrs cannot lie. The statlaOcsofthesaleaoi HOSTETTEB'S STOMACH BITTKEB dnrtaz fee year iso, shew that few tmrsinablo Stowe* Alterative aid AntfeUloua preparation baa attained I popularity never before enjoyed by a proprteterymed* else. Starting la 1953 with sale* dartn»! fee year equ* ta about 150,000,1t baa so steadily and rapidly advnccec la public larar that the cafe receipt* of the proprietor and mwnnfactmreri for tidl. fee tenth year at its sue cesß,wili reach the enormous ram of ITd-OUt. Thedd aian<i in New York alnna la over oao thousand case per week. These busiaem statements are given to fee world nm from any ostentatious *otlTa,but as &a evidence of tha great sanitary tact that the Bitten meet the waata AM fulfill the expectatioarof the community: ttaatthepab He belief ta their efficacy increase* and extends day by day, week by week, year by year; aad feat those who bare proved fee value of tha article recommend It earn tally In tha circles la which they move, aad urns zive i wider scope to its extraordinary aad curative virtues. While fee columns of fee press save publicity to iuc general statement of fee tendency and operettas OS this TUBE and POWHRFITL'VBGBTABLK HLrrr* sa may be comprehended within the limits of an sdfer llseaent, thoufiands aad tens of feonasnda, who ow* health, vizor, appetite, and an physical blcoungi tha: render life enjoyable to its effects, are continually ad* vertlalng it by word of mouth sad by feair own la proved appearance, among all classes of society, aadb every portion of fee 'Western world. To these Ilyin* advertisements, these tangible certifies tesof tha healU preserving properties of fea Bitten, more than loans other cause, their wonderful popularity la attributable No limit* can be aaelgaedUfepjxltiaaigdeiaandfpf » preparation that thaardndartaliwhouMltproaelyta and ecologists. * One-half of the adulfpopulatlon of fee ctvfezMworlf needs HOSTBTTKR’3 BITTERS, because that proper tlon of feem la subject more or lost to indigestion. Fo: that comp Amt, whether It bas taken the shape of cos firmed dyspepsia, or merely amounts to occasional p«h and uncismcas ta the stomach and bowels, this agreei hie vegetable compound la an absolute specific. Cos> men stimulants aggravate fee disease. The praatlc* 0< taking liquor as »a appetizer before Deals IS I deadly error la fee first place, all spirits sole M beveracea are adalterated. An analytic diem* Ut detects acuva corrosive poison ta the ba< c them. K\cn If they were free free £i!a .objection tut unmcdlc&ted alcoholic stimulant It not who* fee enfeebled stomscb requires. In BcHtetter’a'Sit* tten, Essence of Bys, from which every acrid elf ment.haj been discharged by a special process, h present as a component. .But this article, mild aas genial as It la. could net af itself cursor even relloTt dyspepsia, it la merely fea vehicle wb;ch slvca aetlt Ity, force, searching effect ta a rare inihsloh ot berba extracts. designed in tone, regulate and fortify the sy» tem. Without > fee aid *f a diffusive slmmlont the oa dlclnal properties of these vegetable tnsredlejts woulf tall of feelr effect. The psojectlle that batten down I hostile wall receives tta impetus from feepowdarplacec behind it. and In like manner the curative and health lUI principle of EOSTETTKE’S STOMACH BITTEBt is made operative ami irrealstable by fee pure Eteeeot of Bye, which forms feelr basis. Thus Is disease van quished in Its strongholds oy a combination of no equalled vegetable antidotes, carried, as It' wen straight to fee mark by a wholesome stimulant. Not oily Is Indigestion, in.all Its phases, permanent!) and thoroughly cured by this celebrated Invlgesanti but an fee diseases which dyspepsia engenders, an speedily relieved oyitanse. BHJonj disorders, thatiayi defied fee prescriptions of the Mercurial School q. Medicine, yield readily to the antl-bOlous action of th* Bitten.' If the thousands who, after abandoning mcl in despair, have been cored of Uver disease by fell unequalled Vegetable Alterative, could place theb camblned experience before fee world, that feaxfu drug would, be banished from civil practice m is baa a) ready been ingomtnloosty ttarust out of oar mllltun hospitals. ' The success of tho Bitters la eases of HABITUAj CONSTIPATION baa been marked and striking. Tbes slight aperient operation gently redoxes ohstnictloa from the bowels, and at the same time" they Impart sal Admit rigor and tone to tbe membrane which Hpg# tiu alimentary canal to enable Nature to perform her mot ■ important function! regularly, without soy forth* medication. IXAXULENCB, s moat annoying and often s verj painful affliction, is not only reliered for the time be ing, bnt Its recurrence prerented by an occasional re sort to this delightful Stomachic; and thesame may tN told of CRAMPS IN THB STOMACH. BILIOUS CHOLIC. SICK HSADACHE/and that moat deprem Isg and painful sensation In the upper part of the abdo men which la sometimes described as an 44 all gone* feeling by dyspeptic patient*. Los* of appetite la m erfl that can only be safely obviated by Increasing thi vigor of the digestive organs. Ifthepalate craves mors than the stomach can digest, the former can only»bf gratified at the expense of tho latter. The peculia; meric of the Bitten*, a* a stomachic, Is, that if it don. blesthe demands of appetite, it at the same time doo bles the capacity of the stomach to dissolve and late that the desire for nutriment and the abQ. Ity to tom it to good account Increase pro rata, ant bodily rigor is the inevitable result. A person maj' bare an inordinate appetite, end yet be as thin as t shadow and feeble as a child, hat as HOSTEITKRi I BITTEE3 produce a perfect accord between the re 1 qulremenw of hunger and the power of digestion, th« attenuated form fattens, under their tonic end what would otherwiile be a depressing berd-n tc tbe system, become*, by assimilation, healthy fiesh am blood and muscular fibre.- ■ In no complaint is the remedial action of this wca derfal Tonic more prompt and decisive than in CHILLI AND FBVBB of every type. Taken daring the cole staze, It at once shortens Us duration, and soon breai up the paroxysms. Throughout the Western States t U superseding every other medicine for IntsrmJttea and remittent fever. It boa become a household epe clfid In &U the alluvial regions that border on great ri> era, on the prairies, and In every swampy and manhj district where these prostrating diseases prevail. A this season It should be taken regularly and sygtemao cnßy as a protection against the miasms of wet aotia It may be taken, os a rule to which there are no ezeep tlons, that whoever resorts to It for this purpose be comet invulnerable the atmospheric which produce Fever and Ague, Billons Bemlttaati and other periodical disorders of alike nature. Tblih the season of tho year when these maiadiee are mcr. prevalent, and it Is wise, therefore, to take tune by tiu forelock and forestall thefr visitations. 1 If, however this wanting should corns too late for prevention, le. the sick take comfort from the assurance, that In HO* TICTTBB’S BlTTfertfl they have the certain »nw»n« g cure. Let them discard quinine and rely upon a rem edy that in such casta has new, during ten years, bee* known to fell. Aa A FALL AST) WIfiTJCiJ STOMACHIC, HOSTBTTBB'S BTTTSBS especially claim Jthe atteb.. tlou of all who desire to be exempted from, bodily all - ment during these seasons of social enjoyment. TUt* digestion is never is bo ranch dasher of being ovc taxed as In winter. It is a period of festivity. “Sat drink and be marry” la Us motto. Bat without tie t% creise of dae care, nml Indolence may entail sac penalties. Cold, while it stimulates the appetite, closet ' tbe pores, and these important outlet! for thewast* I matter of tbe system being in a measure sealed, than la on Imperious necessity that tbe stomach' should d< ' Its work with mors than osoal vigor, that the interna I waste pipes of the system Should be free and onotv *1 strutted, and that the liver Should- DdthftiUy and regn larty contribute Us tempering, purifying element to tk« I common stock of animal fluids. Bow it la the province I and the purpose ot the Bitten to keep these essentia* I organ* active, healthy and efficient, and thus premtt ( disease.' The system, regulated and_centrolled b/thah I .balsamic be In little danger of suffering i either from plethora, or debility, or the Inclemency a 1 the season. lumay defy cold and damp and tbe Cent ! Indigestion. If the appetite be too strong for tht I stomach, it will bring the latter up to “concert pitch.’ \ If the stomach be In a fair condition and the appetite delicate, UwUl give the latter a keener edge. Inwla ter the liquors ot commerce are more freely used that in summer, and their poisonous effects are often height ened in consequence of their being taken hot Discard them—avoid them. All tbe good effects that you host to derive from them you will surely realize from thh vitalizing agent. All the evil that yon cannot escape U you imbibe them, you will assuredly avoid if yot substitute for all other stimulants the only safe one healthful tonic, HOSXeTTKR’a BITTERS. Keep th« refreshing vegetable cordial In yonr house, and you wit novcrfecl Inclined to taste th« fiery stimulants whlcl create a'false thlnt for themselves, and which are do* tored and adulterated and made pungent for this ven object. The effect of the Bitter* is precisely the rsverw ol lb**- A small quantity suffice* for medicinal pur. poses, and as they act medicinally and not as an exclt ant, the weakest nervous organization cannot be is nred by tbelr operation. . There 1» no preparation in the world that prodacs* fQch marrellons effects in case of images. For set sickness, according to the testimony of the captain* end other officers of the principal lines of the sea-solni iteamK sad the uniform statement* of the paswa. era on ipboard, the Bitten are an immediate vu neyer-fsllin? antidote. In brief, as a safeguard ifitait all diseases, sad a* s cure for ordinary complaints of the atomach. the lire and the bowels, there la no tonic and alterative, vege table or mineral, that can be placed on a par with Hoc tetter’a Bitters. Be sure, bower er, to obtain the fen nice article. - is spite of all tbe precautions of the proprietors, the ortj. Ip«i bottles are sometimes lilcd with alcoholic polaon, which is passed off by scoundrels upon tho onsospeet lag gj the true elixir. Therefore boy only of denies of established reputation. The undersigned do Cheb utmost to protect the rpubllc against counterfeits, aaf they ask the public, as a faror to both parties, not t f purchase of Irresponsible IndlTidoals or flrros. CAUTION. T BE COTEKKMEST EKDOR3EMBST. T. order to ermnl KtJort dworoo* teporttßnu, »nWlo are teoneßcd to tale especul noto of too tool KS? ramped proprietory Romp, Ilroosh which tin. GcicJSS ofU-o mu** »“<“ H'nerCThottle of HOSTETTEB’SBZTTEBS, Thll fJia throwa M me Goremmeat ora the proprietor! *~i t v e pabllc for their Joint protection. Is placed con. across the cork and oxer the neck of each £Se I*ll to strike the eyeof the raal v observer. Nothing that purports to be HOft Emaa out ho croolro. cnlme It, >« ottte tt*t the BITTERS ere sole Bdeßrely to pIM. *hd nera tmder up clrcmn. •laneea by the gallon or the barrel. Impoetora anC imitator* art abroad, and the only safeguard the pub Uc bare against them la to see that the Bitten thoi boy bare the engraved label and note of hand « Messrs. Hostetler and Bmith, and the stamp abor and sold by. HOSTETTER & S.mrH, PITTSBURCH, PA. mhi-T963-6i»-SA ggiuantattew *.itt jpgrey CONSTITUTION lift OT! FREPAKSD BT WBL H. GBEGCt, XU. A, trsduata h ranidui sad avf«eM, ■» H£ formerly AaatvCaoi Physiols* UstkwinUfli Ho€pUala,lateMwrtiealTaaßiiffQf MewlfMß State Voluavahr Delete, udM 9«r> arnor Bdwl* 0. Morpg. Constitution Life Spp HAS PKODHCSU 1 1 EVOLUTION IN lEDUIHK What aiy ream aim oat uunadLua, Is, thai maav Mfc tasai hiaarie eoasidcred hopelessly unnHi Cr»ii:Ry cured ta a fsw days or weeks, aad ■■ ehserftßy invtta investUstlMs of fee UVon aad sstenttAa ta cum which havu ua aacußM uB MB present day Uur madloiia is peculiar, oy u t&e seas os any <oa* ease la dtreeiiy reached, and tha equilibrium nnoni Those who hare sugared long Warn nlnhrt aad BM itlnate diseases, those who have vainly sought relsf trom BdWM!~> Used msdlctaes, . ' Those wb« snout be ourodbf oMec Mrd*rtaß»^ in liTltwl M NT CtistltatlM lift BytW Durtnz the past Sv* years wa have contended obetieles andovereoma eppedtioa as hereelßMßi Wire evsx encouatered by say Bafocmszs. RAPIDITY OF.CURE. Boat » y, ** Y»ur curst wo too quiet/* wMioolMea ioubttbairp*;rfo«a!K>ve. inl think tfi<r itinjiwnnq only be curad by the sscupermSfvs KOOMfo Nature.” This tj our reply; la nesltn, tae scdy. UJrt s Well-balanced sesi*,*:* estate of sctuUibrlur.. out when tnm soy esgiSL dtim som oae side «: tbs scale. ve have tbo oi liUeMe. What u requisite is, to restore tba unu? bC&aee of tea teaio. CCHSTITU7IOK LIFE STBBP, 4pc *loxs ut opaeiao remMrtor an dusaaM en. aatioS Cron* as 15H*DBB STATE OK TIB PARALYSIS. Kb Kirin* la. Winn. Piiiimsi viiUTin itniit, Ik U bo universally atmitM that CcssatuSna ua» Syrup Is tba emy eflecOxe means ef eeetonutoM tho various fwau of that waneedac? sol iterate that IS Is ffaofwUeauf us erast LttMßya* DYSPEPSIA. umeoßMAxacw firazayarißH. wxisht at eraKAOz;. oourrrrAXiew. SCROFULA. “rcTs's ans. imu. onsjmurAX rmsLLZfrcM, TUla taint (wwasmTasr and acquls «x»i, fim»» m* with as told misery, Üby all usual medical reocdS£ InunraSle, . RHEUMATISM; [Xirsartisj nrr>-ixsix. eonv. IW3LBO. SCIATICA. TOWtMWim. u tnera U say disease ta which the Cemmmnm Life Syrup is a sovereign, u U Is' Bhcaaort* «M n -hindrvd affections. Tbs meit Internes aaias sn K» * men Icaianttj alleviated—enormous sweatees wo i«rw dated. Cases, chronic or vicarious,* Mo* « wwv standing, havi been sored by at* ■ KEEVOTJSIO^SS. sranvcoe yartJTT. zou of revs*. ■AATTSS3O VIBTII. OOSJTJaiOai 01* TZOIMZSr ST. TITUS* DAVOS. XPILUVaT. Thousands wee Bora ttiSsred for rears wai ban the dor oa which they reod tbeie Uses. PorttssSrS* to weak, suffering woman wIU tim -IJ an teeeumabUbftaeing— directing their frinlif > *1 aHopewhlebfuifilsmors teas it preealM. Mercurial Diseases. . r IDtU XV BOTSB. romf 99 miarati, nkpaxserew of tasi fONBTmmOB LLKJt BTitDp -partes ttocyOßS entirely from all the evil effects of MHKCUBr. n» moving tbs Bad Breath, and caring the Weak Jdttw and BSsmcsOc Pains which the us c* Csloaai m sars to produce. It hsrdena B nn stni sSs£ eves til Twte *s firmly si am. Constitution Life Synp Bradlcniei, root and branch, an KmpUva OtaesSß fit ins Skin, Uia THCE&2, PIIffPLES. BXOTCHB iwum Biiim i Hither o I the Voss. Throat, Tuans. Bpiae, Hotshots or remedy has av«r proved tUMnaU MOTH fATCHRa nyen tbs femala-face dependfife : upon a dlaaoyad action of the Liver, are very gnpfaap* ant to the vomnewift and mother. ifivMtt&ttf Constitution Life Byrup wQI correct the BecretiSß. an^ remove tha dspent which U directly nndißlM In'Olseascs of the Liver, giving nil to Lannnr« Dizziness. Indigestion. Weak Stomach, or<an tw* ted or caccsrou* condition oftheergan,iccoamaMsot . with buruinx or other nunleaaaat wdM relieved by tea use Of COXRiXUTIOH U» 1TBU?. Aa a general Slood-Pnrifyia; Agaat, the Zifa Syrup stauda unrivalled by any preparation in the World! DtiwaiM ct the Bp las, u usually developed la tftw young. Hip Disease, Neuralgia, and dl nerraua eases, and Ladles who are aaifertn* from Disease ay which they are at a low to know whastoob, w«awe advise the use ofCOMTITCTION UFB SiBUPTIf will restore their pal2d couateneace,it;«sttheßth4t* weak hack, and side, give tern now energy, nevfitt andhapplatu. TTHE Bl€D A.ID POOS *TAH&bta to the Mine disease*. Nature and Odsag| hff made the Constitution Life Byrup for tet kNtet efaU. •* FUBX3 8X.003* Frodneaahealthy men and women• kail 1/IS* »»»>>- tntlon is neglected in youth, disease aad is the result. Do not delay when the tna*M nyar pt hand, and within the reach of m. To Motisrs end Married ladigs. Ana all otner mmcujue» cf ;cu iiou, wmehsoanam disfigure the outward appearance or both females,.often making them a OlsgaatiM themselves and thalr frlands. » COSSTITUTION LIFE SIBU? | (fores, all Swelling of the fVi«Sy t | »««, Ot nmu ima.asa I should ho taken as soon as the swelling la defiaoMC . thus preventing their breaking, and producing tfefe ) blesomo Discharging Bores, waleh duflnreioaiM < of the younier portion ef the community', front ms; | to twenty year* of aga. Jfoang chi]Oran era wo i subject to Discharges fra* the Ears, which tmmA I upon a Scrofulous const!tuacu. Theso cu«s» 1 recover by taking a frw dotes of thu Life Byron. All icrolnlons psrposs suffering from eumlOa bihtj, Emaciation, frjspspeia aad Dropsy ot Dnibs, abdomen, and in the female, Cropiyotite ovaries or womb, generally accompanied wife tammation and UlceradoQ ol the Dtarus, ar*a«r**> neatly cured by Constitution Life Byrip. The aimttß known as Goitre or Swilled Heck, ths Life SyronVfe • remove entirely. .The remedy should he takas 16 some time, u the disease is exceedingly chronic SMI stubborn, and win not be removed without mH* ef the Ovaries, Tamer* of the Breast. swelling of other glands of the body will be «o» pletoly reduced wimoai resorting to the knife m operation* of any kind. 1 Epileptic Fits. Sympathetic or Organic XHasanmn. the Heart, as palpitation. Disease of the Valvm. r»- d-aclt* aiming or tUnz sound. Dropsy of thoHSi Cue and nil the affections of this Important otMfe (venous *snfferiss from any acute pain la the rwMfe efthe heart) wlfl»o greatly rohdTM by GOMoSS Idfeßynp. Intei-dawa Belleai, Cu&tatiMa J Suffering tram Indisposition xa Exertia*. im m Memory, Foreboding*, Horror of Ciluiltr. Wmm U Disease, Dlmnna of vliloa. Dry, Hot {remittee, Wantof nicep, Keatleaanem. Pw!e,llsed6fc Conateaißce. sad Lsssttade of thaMusclaraWto *a reonlre \k» *U of tt« «TJiUP. JOE Aii JOKM3 01 and enriches Uoiood—those who atteadast won eauuarth. life Synf IB THI POOR MAN’S FRIEND AND THE IICB MAN’S BLESSINBI Try It, Taka It, and ba Carat n is raivEESii n ns ebm** WM. H. GREGG M. R BOL*raorEIBTOn.BBTTOi»-LAI>OBA3g*«» SBOOKIYa. I-1. - Piln, *i **' Bottl * • ®* ••tu* ft* W „ Dint try 'Q'r’re*, t° “* pert* ol theosmbf. SOBGAR * 1LU&I, wncioMio mxtHA.ueea.u cubhr. srr» ximi

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