Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 18, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 18, 1864 Page 1
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■ uOiO&UO. ’nUjjUjSBT" _D6ltr TBf-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY, oiOce. IV*. SI Clark (Street* TEBMBOr THX OmCAOb Til IB DICE, boij,<jebvers«toe*ty(i>«rweea) .... t4 “ “ • '** (pet quarter) *?*•** r»ui>. lo null pub*crib<aa, per rear 813.00 D-U*, io oa’l Mibrcnucri,per® mouth*. 0.00 1-rt.WfAiy, on yw.... 0,00- W»'cl; j. *irsl# copy or.e T**r ? §9 . . u ” tlzmcuths.... ■••• L»35 oY tonr v.- ft S,2B M H tycalT 11 “ ’** ♦— 40,0# And to the utter dab, one copy extn'to the pet* ion order Inc It. fST" Blosey to Rests tered Letter* «ur bo Mul at oar nek. tJT Toe remituaeo lor dub* Boat, to all ease** bem*ne*t ok*time. - _ _. A4«ln»e ‘CfIIOAGO TRICChE.” Chico*©, Hi. ( Cliicago tribune. ” SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1864. ' - TtfSE BGftT CAin**AlG« DOO CniLYT. . yfVfniy Five Tbonwnd Ooplea il' ready Sold, / •WK CAN*NOW FILL ORDERS'THE SAME DaX THEY ARE RECEIVED s TbcTtoEBDNB compilation of ccm* of the late Coppctlioad Convention Jh tbU city, lo which prtterence is clreu lo extracts (rota the report* ol . the Chicago Timet, ie hiring ah imraen**'clrcul» tlon, and Firrr TnousAxn Cornu hare been told Tt rlvc* the essence of the treasonable utterance! ot ' , Vallatidls^axn* kcnuooo Wood, .Cox acd liodci Byodera and Seymour, . „ - ‘ ? Jtaryland, Wlcltlifle, of Kentockr, with thelcfpcr light of tbe'bogni Democracy on that occasion. Let this eye opener lo the Intention of the I'eace sn**v* be placed to the hands of erery loyal ioux ’ Sent by Bxj>km at Two Dollars per ZZnndfcd, ' ’ Ltl China men circulate It everywhere, espe daily ' v ■ ■ ' ~ ' jgr asooe Our Boys in the Army -W*. pnlitn accompanied by the cash wQI ba filled in' the order to which they ate received, ■ vAddresi Chicago Tbiboiyu Coxpast. __ . THE 1 IfflRTI. ♦ ■The wires b fluff us little or up intelligence from the armies in the field. In thb tali' of strife, ho-ever,’ plans are beioff perfected ard jiorltiOuawearedwbichmuft sojd bring , •us filming news. Lei us hope that the draft row erderd will help on these movements by n>»ieri*l reinforcement?. In retaliation for the. almost'constant fire upon onr picket lines, Gen. Grant treated the rtbel lines and the city of Petersburg to a ttrriffc lire of shot'and shell oil Wednea 'Let’s army U‘reported to be some* wha£rtinford<d by arrivals of conscripts. “A New York dispatch intimates constant ar rivals ol troops at onr Own front also. The advance of Gen. A. J. Smith’s forces has reached Sulphur Springe, twenty mil's south of St. Louis, where it has gone into camp. - , By a cavalry raid the rebels on Friday cap tured a herd 0f2,500 head of cattle belonging to Graut’e army. Onr cavalry went in pur suit, and r.-c«plured them and. some of the marauders also. ' Gold continues Irregular,.opening, on Sat urday, »* S23j£, advancing to 223#, and clos ing at 221%. a‘ dispatch from Hon. John J. -Tamer an- - ODBC's that the quota of Illinois .has been recused fifty per cent. There is no reason now why Chicago should not free, herself from all suspicions of a draft. It ouly needs energetic action. Shall we honor the call? ; Secretory Stanton has sot his foot down, and tb*relstobe no further postponement oi the'druft. The day-bf grace is past. The appeals of Grant at-d. Sherman must be met. The political aspect jjnmr*-brighter sod’ biicbter. Our dispatchS this morclog eon ieiuimporUut and interesting.intelligence from varKws points. An. immense Union' meeting w*a held at TerA Haute on Satur day, the r*suite of rhlch have alarmcd VotTr* hcca and bis O. A. IL-friends lest he may not be returned. to the seat he has so long .dis graced. At Valparaiso, on Saturday after noon, a Copperhead fizzle was enacted, and In the evening a splendid Union demonstra tlon came at which Long John old the honors in bis characteristic style. Bead tie - dispatch. A* large ond euthnsiosUcJUaion meeting was alto held atMeodoti, In this ■ State, ou Saturday. - The identity of the iudlvldqal arrested at Indtvrspolls l« still pending, bhtlhocbaoces **, are lt» f«vor‘ol the belief .that he Is the lu faa.on- Qawiilrell. If It ehoald prove so, he must hui e short ehrift and a stout rope. Thr btoltvhVir Is at an end,-aud shows the I gratifying gross receipt of over Zx-SeiTelary Cinse declares that from his obstnatiotfi In the country -where he has been touring, he believes Lincoln must eer * taltJy-fcc Ho exprtsies his d?ter iciDotlon to take ihe stump in Ohio. A letter of September 11th, from AtUoti, tajs: “Large quantities'of cotton aroyjbelug Biougiilin daily Iroai the countryuroaad the city. Bow effectually the old talUc'r of “ Cotton is King” is bring exploded! Thou sands of bales of this staple, representing vast wealth were in this State, butltxs laying like au i'.cubu*, ol no benefit to'lta ownere; it could not bo fed to their armies, the block* aae hemmed it ia from exchange.” Kx atatb Senator McVey, of Ohio, was la* stautly filled, ou Friday, near Winchester, i'u that State, by the overturning of n stage ou which he was riding from Columbus to Laa* caster. His son, who ‘ eat by his side, had both Wb legs broken. His McVey, who was iuside the coach, escaped uninjured. Hr. Pendleton was- In Dayton Thursday' cvtnlog, and was serenaded, and made the foliowlcg very “able and eloquent” speech: “Pelli»w ci‘l*eos-I did not come here to make a political tpceco. 1 am very thiukiol for the honor yoa h^veconferred opon ise.” The Sbnthrrn posts occupied by our foe s have been favorite plac a s of resort for the Northern refugees from the drift. Those who selected Hilton Bead and Beaufort have c lound that they have jumped from the frying .pan Into the fire, aa General Foster has or • dertd all the able-bodied civilians in Ms der partxpeut'to be drafted. The 31»b Indians Vctcranr, in Sheridan’s took a vote. the otbtr day, wiyi the following resultrLlncolu,* 823; McClellan, 10. For Governor cf Intllaavlhe vote was . Morton, 353; N McDonald, 5., The Btb Indiana - voted unanimously for Idocoln and Morton. It is now atsertedlhat the resent dispatch anrouhbing thaNMcClellauV reslgoition of his Major General’s commission, had been forwarded by tbo Barltm & Deliworo Canal, and that it was only delayed by reason of on obstruction In the locks, is a mletake."-lt Is said by his friends, that it has been sent by a pardonable blunder through afiaff of truce, to Commissioner Quid, to be presented to the otherdrpariment. Much arfzletyis ex pressed lest Jefl. Davis refuses to accept it At Vlckebnrg, the rebel authorities hiving cent a Union family to our lines. W“traU ora” to the “Confederate” cause, and confis cated their property, General Dana has eeui -afimilyofrebel-proellvltUa to tbe ' 4 ‘CoDj federate” eonflsciteAtheirhouse, and 1 given it to the exiled Union family. y FOR COftGßEfttU O. Hi SIcCOBBKOK. The Demccracy of Cook county cjuld not have nominated another man so well calcu lated to cement the loyalty of the people, and excite evfix loref of the Union to un wonted extrUouWor Mb defeat, as C. EL McCormick. Hr. McCormick has ctinct that is not in sympathy with the re-~*' ' bellion.’ Life all the poor white trash of Vlrginlsj he left that State a better friend of slavery than tbs slaveholders themsrivea, ' jmd theprejudlces of Ms youth have built -dpon a defective education, a perfect mono •znanla-ln bohair of-man-stesUng. His in-' trigura Douglas and in favor of Brcekltridge, in - 1860, ‘ will doubt, lets commend him to the mass of the party hereabouts. He has been nominated avow, edly for his money—that being the. only qualification which he possesses—and t wo trust that he may be made to bleed as freely as his most > greedy'supporter can desire “But all the weallh;which' he has extorted _from the loyal Urmers of the West trill not ■elect Mm. The voters of Chicago are not to be bought by oil the reaping machines In the two hemispheres.' Hr,: McCormick will be beaten by which will stifle hla pof .litical ambition for the rest of Ms natural ' life. :, . ;• -• . • v’ PKBSON4V Trofesßor Gbldwyn ol Oxford UM-: -Vcrsity/England, well *known In this coda try aa a steadfast friend and advocate of the. 'cautecf the Union Inlts struggle wlthSUve -vy, Is Dowmsklugatnnrof the United States. .Be attended the meeting ol the: Teachers’ ' Institute In t Is city on Saturday, and made a Xew reraaks in response to the cordial wel come extended to Mm. While we are aware 1 that it will beat accord with the . feelings of this eminent schoUr and gentleman that he be permitted to finish his trarwlth as little ceremony 'as possible, we cannot omit the opportunity to express to out guest the deep aud abiding-sense otgrstltude : wMch.the loyri people* of the United Btates'cherish tovard himself and his co-laborors, Ur. Bright, VOL. ivm. the Liberal patty InEoglao'd/whohtvo up held our cause, tod who hare with u« kept the faith through era and through good re port. Ibeyare our brojbor* la the great re 'iaUoofblp of humanity. Wiif# our victory shell hd achieved tfcty will Join In our thanks giving, as they baveheen partner* in our .■arrow. They willbq ever welcome among u.% and their memory rhall be among the treater la ol onr nation** honsthold. ? PEOM PETEE&BIIfiG.\ Presentation \of Doited states Medals (or Bravery. Gen. Meade's PraeiitaUCE Speech, [Correspond mee of Y. Berald.l ■ \ Us ‘DQUABTSTU, Finn ASST COKPS, I Six Mils Husks, Yk , Brpt, jB, 1661. f . MEDALS FOB THE BEATS. Cue of the most mUrctUyg performances t that ever occurred lutbe Army oftbe Poto mac, and one that-will perhaps hare lbs meet beneficial effect upon the men is the flelo, Inciting tbem 4o nobler deeds of bra very and daring (H it were ■ possible for aa army lo be more brare than onrshtook place to-'day at these headquarters. Tae oe catlbncf It ’•as the presentation"bf Major. General Meade of three.medals to throb «o-‘ Heted men for tlitir bravery In jach of then capturing from the rebels their colors. Tnls was In partnanee of on act of .Congress passed some time ago, rewarding enlisted men by presenting them with medals for deeds of valor perlonned In tbe Add. This is tee rerj first occasion of each a presenta tion, and, Vdoc such, mm-n&l interest and Importance attach to it. . The very best re sults from this movement on the part of the War Department may be looked for. The locrmtve this will give to cnllstecLmen, showing tbem, os it docs, that ihelr services ' are highly appreciated, and the more so as - Iht-y «bow Uitmselvfs worthy of that appre ciation, will prove of the utmost iconic qneiice; both to ns as a nation And to thmx »b rerreeentatlve.- 01 itaarmy., THE SPEKE O THE PBEadUTATIOK. To-day wu chose* by Ha). Gen. Meade for the puMutaiion, ana never coaid ihnrc have . bicn a finer onejor am outtoor'aceoe. The spot eboten was Gen.* Warren’s headquarters,, and, although tlie order for the presentation did not arrive until 11 o'clock this forenoon, through the t-xextious of Gen. Wanen ana his Adjutant Lieut,. Col. Locke, everything was in readiness by half-past' three, at which .hour Gen. Crawford's dl yhlou was drawn;r»p in front of headquar ters, as impromptu platform erected, which wa» gaily dteked off wTlb flags, among which were tbe capluren rebel floes, bands of music I stationed, and ererytblng done to make'the 1 occasion one long, to he remembered and talked ever by those who witnessed it. THE OEKEBALS PBESEKT. At" 4 o'clock Geos. 'Meade,. Warren and Hancock aecerdfd toe platform, Gena. Craw ford, Ayres,- Griffin, Baxter, Hooter and Bragg, with CS3r stiffs, standing'near, as also a large number of regimental officers.* OtNZBAL WABRZK, In a loud, clear voice, stated tbcpbjecl for which it «-j bed thus met together, and colled the names of.tbcso who were to be honored, desiring'mun to ccmc forward to the plat- Term, hirst Sergeant John Shilling, Com jjvdj B, 8d regiment Delaware volunteers, *to eapGired a South Carolina flag; private F. C. Anderson, Compasy_ll, IKth Massachu setts vtterau-volunteer?, wbo captured the flag of the 27th South Carolina, and private GeorgelL Beed, Company E.lllb Peunsyl . vanla veteran volunteers, who captured tbe flag oftbeSMth North Carolina, caznu forward to tie platform, and, nresenilcg arms, came "to a thonlder. ✓ ■ . s . MAJOR GEVCKAL MEADE, ccmmaodirg the arm; of the Potomac, then arc ft, aar, outing thu-utmobt quiet and most rePDFclloi attention. addressed. the BOldlen as follows:, " . ~ OViICXBS AUD SoLriEES OF FOTH COBPS—I hsvuW-dsytu perform a most plesssot andgratl* i ijinirdniy—to jirt-eot to certain meritorious non commissioned offlien and private* medals of hnijor. conferred' on them by lie War Department for distil gobbed cotdnct on the field of battle, in csptutltgCag* mm thectuny. It has been esa ttmaty In a>l ages for nations to commemorate * and reward the gahutry and devotion of tbeir' tone whdreogfcced in the holy cause of defending the r country. - In the Word of Ged evtne 01 the moklbtaatiinlpvwaccsoltbe Psrimistare devoted to ccnmiimomiiig and praising the deeds ot the « arris re ul old, fur even the choaenpeopieof God. «>re. in the txecntoa'or 111*> will,compeled to t«ie op arms gnd hatue for toelr caste. The blsto* rieaofibe and»nt republic* ot Greece sud Korns' arc filhd with accoocts of the honor* bestowed • upon these warriors, crowning them with wreaths ot laurels, by triumphal proewfton*, In wnlehwero exhibit* d ibo imptaiet and prisoners captured in battle, the whole popt&ticm tomlrp oat to do fount to these heroes. In mens modem times atirrtiß base adopted rations modes of conferring chili coons for military temcei*, by conferring mllitsry rack, titles of. nobility, estates and appropriations of-money; on the prim* sol* d;cn medals and other detentions, together with pennons a*d~enddwlng in?UtuUoas, where the aged anAdisibied toidltr can lire in comfort ted quiet. Norrhas eur own country been remits Id this mptet, noiwi'bstinolng the ofc quoted (dace that republic* are unerttelbb Besides nu* nicrons voies ot tbsnks by CocgreA, the gratitude 05 our people fir tbe devutiou displayed bys->l-- i olers on the battle field has been tettthed in many Lwavs—States, coontirsaud cities bare presented lands, bouses, Ac. The tain devoted to raising fmda for the Sanitary Commission hare been madethtmeansofboaoHuglbebrave and ulattn* cult ted;' aid oaring the session before the last vot cress nasKdntOfplaUonaQihorlrmn the Bhc relmy ot War to confer on dittlngnishednon* cf>mmi»tloncd palters and privates nfatats of fio&cn Tdlb Is the first occasion on which the mt-ii uf thisanny_b&Te bteo so honored; and 1 hvre dcemei U proper, t&rouirh your corps com mnndcr. to call y»»u together, war the tionfemng of thlf Ohtinct'on might be witnessed by the com radesef iherec pituts, and that the Influent* of their example might terve to incite others to cm* ntateihelr worthy conduct. I wish, moreover. to say toyon that, although tills is the first occasion or the iirremtation of these medals of honor, I trott, and have re bju to bedeve, the precedent |i ns made will toon many oiber presentations, and that 1 am now prepsrlnc a list uf names ot tnlltted men who have irom time to time, since my asenduse. command of this army, dlstlnuoUbed themselves by acts rf ciUauiry Irfthe field,and whose services - have Imn reported'offlclalljfo the department. This list I chtU transmit to me Secretary of War, and urge on him the Justice and expediency oi sending medals ot honor to &U mentioned therein. It ho* always been my desire promptly to reward the good conduct ot the private soldiers ot the army. I have *1 ways tome testimony to the do* action and bearing cl the mcn-ot my command, and upon all occasions like Uw present, w> ere 1 bare bed. ancppoitnnltj to give public espres* sicn to my views,*! barek stated; It was to the heroism atd gallantry ct the private foldiers that our part »ncceßse*,ln this war was doe, and npon which unr yniorerncetres depended. I know,ant yiuknov, that, whatever may be the talents ortho ' gtiilui* of a ccmmai dlcg general, and however well laid bis plans, unices he is sustained by the brave hearts and stout arms of his> rear will not attend els efforts. 1 therefore take this opportunity, whits lemlndln; yon of-how muchdipends on the individual exertions of each oieofyomto say to 'yen that our countrymen look to you for renewed exertions, lo uDerating and pmlhtcnt efforts to ovetcome oar enemies ana .bring Uus wsrto a oloce: and 1 trust me medals '&uw presented will serve as incentives to urge, yon ttr’bnmlale and euprss the deeds of -your comrades row about to be honored. Sergeant John D. Shi.hoc, .sd Deltw*ro priva'e S. C. Anorr&or, i&ih M-seachusetts, and private-Geo, W.Ectd, JUh Pennsylvania volon* tesrs, I new present run with the medals ofhjoor, Tot fence on yon by me Hon. Secrcttry of War. by vittoe of the attnomy of the Congress of th< Unlkd Slates, lor yocr cot frictions gallantry aw good conduct displayed in captotinv on tee field of battle, flies item tueciray. Take these medals atd'wtar them vrita honorable pride. Preserve Item, ana baud them down to yoor pqsurivy as testimunlals ot the taUhtol-tmir.nvr in which yon I baye filrcbargtd your'duties-and f erred your I country in Ua Dour of trials. Accompanying each medal you will find a latter from the tiecreuryot JW»r, ttf wtlch you- are cal’cd to reply In acknowledgment. row' replies, phtn made, 1* shall be happy to trastmU to mo Deportment*. And now, ftliow-ioldltra el the Sib Gores, let me again }OnJo cmnate the example of these b> non d men, and by rear future efforts not only. divervet-ionUr rewards, but aid In the great wore In which we are all engaged—the overcoming ot lie en»mles of our country wnd the restoration of pvare ard htppiners to land. Dismiss* logae now useless to discuss all qoettloos as to the origin of this war, wo bare drily and hoarly evidences that it cxlati, and that it can only be ter* mlcated by bard flshuog and by detenn ned efforts - »»> overcome the armed foes of Uo Government. Nor do I think it proper to raise here any questions , as. to the policy on which thl* war should be con* ducted. Withthesvqae*tiousasßoldlcrs,wehive nothin? to do. Their discussion among yon is not only ioselesa, but pernklctu Oar poli7l> to ficht, anu the only question as to toe conduct ■ of the wsr tKitloent tor os to dittos* is bow best w i can eetest those who are nisrtns with tha .avowed purpose of derixoylog that government which lor tbree-qomrten of a century, we bad lived a united and happy people, almost teach*- ii B m poh-t when we would cave racked among the first Powers on the earth. Unr duty Utio com* samnlssfon to t£c laws, enacted with the cun rent of the very people.who now'rebel against ibtm, on the epoch! plea ol ■rUgovernment. Phis dntv is no. ea*y task, as we b>ro present well knew; for it is to more tha>-right to admit that our foes fight with a bravery and deter- TnicaUon worthy of a belter cause. Dot it Is a duty which I know you wfl! sTI discharge at every, SKriflce,and I earnestly pray tho ■ Euler of the Bniverae that Injlls icflnite wisdom and mercy He xnsy so order cYcnU that, throrgh your braverr’ ;asa devotion to tbs canto, our enemies may bo • made to yield, and the ctase'of truth and justice Twerall, kothaL peace being restored loathe land* .the flag'et our Ikthw* hoiorcd aud res poets dtirom the St. Liwrtxca to the Bio Grande, we may be enabled to return to our homes families, to re* 1 celve those honors a czatcM country is ready to -bestow. ' From miton Head. ‘ Krw Ton*, Saturday, Sept. 17.—We bare ne*s fttm BUion Head to tbo I3tb Inic No active mill* UJTcpcntJouaof Importance are reported. Tbo OfO rebel officers recently censored to Gen. Foster have been placed In the. pmon'era* camp con structed on Aiorrit Island »aniler tbo fire ortbo rebel batteries, asd the commander »C Cnirtmttoii nonfleo o! Ibe fact, ii regards ratj.nvtbeso priroDOT nre to fare prect*ely as do tne Uoion offi* ceraplscedmdcrfirclaCbarirstoa. " • . Gtn. S»xton baa onjinirrd a Satlncs' Bank fat the contrabands, asd has also leaned an order biblUcß tbc purchase of cotton from tbo negroes in advance ol tbc hart eat, - • ' A ITInJor UcVBMa 4e»!n U*dcr Arrest* Ouso, Saturday, Sept. 17.—tf gor DaVasat, who it -will be msembtrtd, attained considerable rratultona newspaper notoriety some nonius aco, has been arreaTd by order of the Proroat lUrrhal General of this 8«ale. charged wUhTnn nlDeoff »«b«Utatasto the East. HeJiM been taken to BprinfMdfitt trial. - '• •' NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE WAR IN VIRGINIA. On? Batteries Open oil v Petersburg, . / • BSIG. GBN. BOW&BD KILLED , BY TEE FALL Of HI3 HOEBE. '• • x THE 'POLITICAL ‘FIEIO—UHIOH MEETINGS IN ILLINOIS AHD INDUNA. *‘' . " Long John Scarifies The Indiana OopperheadsT » ’ THE DRAFT MOTTO BE POST; POHED “AN HOUI OR A BAY." \ * The Quota of Illinois Re duced Fifty per Cent. THE STATE EAUL CLOSED— - QBObS RECEIPTS OVER j $17,000; Gen. Gran-UGone to Har per’s Ferry. ' Is it QoantroU. or is it Not? The Cold Figure 221 7-8. TBEDBIFK Tho Quota of Illinois Belneed Fifty PeFCeat, WAinpiaTOjr, Saturday, Sept. 17. To the Associated Press, Chicago: r t Wo bats succeeded In correcting tlraapnortlon meet so that the quota* in the several olatrlcta la • nitolsarc reduced fifty.per cent. (Signed). Taos, J. Ttrasxa,' 8. H. Mxlvxk. ’ ♦ FROM WASBKRGrOX Xmlercstlno: TreMury natters —No oi tbo Droit* t [apecUu Dfrnatch to tke Chicago Tntranea Washington, Saturday, Sept. IT.* The Commfcf loner of Internal Revenue hat do* etded that ail all manniactnrerc of .vinegar from an alcoholic bare obtained by distillation, though tbs product be ftrbeiow proo f , is to an intents and purposes a distiller, and subject to all proririoust o! the Internal Revenue act of October, relative to that clars of persons. The mo of Vinegar made by ibis purpose comes directly within thsiast pro * T.sona of the Csth section. v , , The report that Secretary Fessenden has ap* ■ pointed special Individual scents to so Iclt or re* reive subscriptions to loans is as false as Itlsab* A gettleman wholes Richmond last Tuesday say* the general belief prevailed there that a great battle was to be ioueht of course, bnt,the belief show* the comics erect to be near. 1 i Judge Oitne. of Bloomington. IU„ ha* been an pomit d Special Treasury Agent fur the 9d Agency, compri*lng the vsiiey ol the Mississippi, wlm headquarters at Vicksburg- The following National Btnkn hire been organ ized this week: Bank of Redemption, Boston, . o>pluU {£60.100; Iht National Bank, at Yarmouth, Mrs?., capital sߣQ,onO: Ml, WaHaston Bank, Qt.incr, Mass., capita) $300,000. Tbedelcgaticn which waited on Secretary SUn* ’ ton to-day, asking that the draft be postponed a wtekor ten diy?,. were answered, **Not a day or a^honr. 1 * • ! WiiBCtQTOK, SA'ordiy. Sent. 17.—A (Washing* ton special esye: Osr cavalry •In pursuit of the rebels who captured onr catUc near H*rri*on Land ing. cot many of tbe animals and aomeof the ma* rauders - Gen.- Ward, of New Tork, dismissed recently, wai-mformco to-day that bis application for ft ! -Conrtbt Inquiry could not be gnu'ed. Secretary Blanton today Informed rarlons dole gatioos from the principal cities, who asked (ora . suspension of the draft, that no postponement can be a'lowed • ■ S , '•The District Suoremc Court, which was adjnnrn . Ed when tbe rebels besieged Washington, has re timed its e:c»lons. FEOn. CAIRO AJ*D BELOW. Union Bnrbecae—Forrc*t Preparing lor Another KxpeoiUon—Memptau natter#, ■;. . , [Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribnne.l v Caibo, Saturday, Sept. 17,18 W. . Col. Peter Davidson, of The 189 th Illinois, now'" commanding this post, went out to Crab Tree, a little pltce six miles cast ofthle, yesterday, *feh a detachment of hie command, to attend a Union barbecue, and returned at evening. Col. David eon and Judco Marshall made speeches. About thirty-fire residents of pillar!bounty Joined tbo Union and enbactibed their names to the Unos rfsolollons. - , ' .The steamers Belle of 81. Louis, and St, Patrick, brine Hcmpbit papers of tbo )sth and 16th. Toe Btulttin has the fol'owuqsprder from tbe rebel General Form t, forbidding all pawing beyond" the rebel lint s, and the conveyance of cotton through raid Hum. Ills as follows: „ „ soTica. * HrAnqvAirntna Fotmzsr's Oavautt,l UKCHADIp'UIia., Sept. S. ISB4. f Cwbbai. OnoxH No. 74 —On and after the 13th Inal., the fjatem of granting pstses to cet beyond unr lines t« rosMydly prohibited. No person wubln the limits of ibis department ou and after that dote will, under so circnmtUncos. be parent* Ud topers onr lines to go within the lines of the •netny,nor will any one be permitted to pass south coming from the enemy's lines. Ttey will be promptly returned, or. if suspicion?, sent fin der fnara to tbtta. headquarter*. Any one’at* tempting to pass, II deterred, will bs deni with as spies. All parties endeavoring to convey eolten (brooch«nr lines will be arrested tod sent w th their cotton and teams to tbe nearest Proroat Mar eha), who will report the fsetslo these headquar ten. Tbe attention of Fravost Uarshala, pickets aud tcontv is ptpecially called to these irdcrs, which meet be complied with nud strictly enforced, vßy orttr of Mrjoe General Forrest. - 'G.F.'St&akqb, A.A.G. Thlßm<ss§tbatrorr<atls preparing tu stvt on some expedition, and Is fearful that our military amhorlilf swill obtain infennatlonof the move* rissip, force andvdeatlnation. lie may possibly co-operate with Union}, Chalaers and Adams, and 1 hisoeetiniloumaybe Memphis,or Mid.'leTeu nrpp»e. or Mobile Wocanotly conjcetnre as tdN ▼hlcb Is xaott likely, lie-can bring no forecthat can take, much ins bold MrmphK His only mitt tsry object would be to plunder. Even partial »n> ccrs her* would t.e desrty bought, and would be of very little avail to the Confederate omse. D* mLhthopcioercaieadivision lor Hood's advan tsce, by cperatl&c in Middle Tennessee, aud cut tiPciheilnrsofGrr.Sbcrmsn's communication?. Ccriy Wiliams, 7th 111, car., P, 8. Trapbagen, and Kate Smith have hseu arrested on suspicion ot being miirerned In the murdev>f a Llent/Bf tbe Uth U« 8. a infantry, PrancoUa* grocery, on She-l.y ureer, on Sunday night last. They are confined Id Irving Block. *■“ J. M.HcKcfvacs, of the rebel in (kpir*. mace hiaagpearsnce at the picket lines on . Thursday, ttatlig that he was a deeerter from tbe rebel ermy, and wished to take tbe oath* Ha Wat " conducted to Gen. Washburn's headquarter?. Tbe same paper says that quite a segno occurred dnrirg (he cefftnn ot tbe tiolted States District Court on Tbnndaj. in which his Honor Judge Ttigtrand Mr. Goy, oneol tbe Grand Jcrore, were the principal actors. Mr. Guy had written a letter to the Court, declaring that he waa opposed to and wonld sot Indict any one for having frame arms In * the Confederate army tealnst tha United States, alleging os fait ret?one that tbe Strata was reeng tored as a belligerent power, and that ho bdlored a Stats had aright to secede. Mr. Gay was sum* mooed to tbe court in the presence of the Court oianusxd from the Grand Jury, and his 'condnetmost peverely animadverted upo i by hl« Honor tha Jadze.wtoprooonnceil theaeotlm mu of the letter arythlng el»e than those of a loyal man. The tfikir created no little excitement.. - There is no news from Cspe^Glrsrdeau. FBOJT StTkOIIIS. TT—^' ♦ Cantnit ol Gatrillas-The Feud Bc iwren tbeCoppcrtiesdn and Soldiers. [Epedal Dlfpstch to the / Chlcago Tribnne.1 v St. Louis, Saturday, ScpU 17, ISM. A ccmspondont of the Democrat wri'es from .Howard donnty as follows: Major King, command* ing a detachment of the.lSth lHseonri cavalry, veterans, roardbedfrom on tbo moraine of Sept, ISthpiMotheulwaidly, in search of guesQ* attacked a squad of Tod's men, tald to number fifteen or twenty,'aho&t flv® miles .front town, kflUng fire-of them,' wounding twt£ who eedped, and capturing fifteen rcvelrere, seven' hones end their equipments. jOar loek'was one hone killed.' Judge of our astonishment and hor* ror on ascertaining that the scalps of two hnmaa beings were hanging to one ol the bridles. The . scalps arebdieved to be those of two of tonrarn of the 4th cavalry. M.B. U., killed and scat pod in ■the fight with Anderson some three weeks ago. - Mews is very scarce to-day. lAtest reports frbm tbe vleinliy or Cape Girardeau state that thcreb* els have not yet advanced tn force across the Ar* ksnass .line, bnfc from increased* small guerilla is believed they are ready to do so. Gra. Boiccm • ts ready frr Pnee or any other big rebel. Geh. A J. Smlui remains in town. Tbe McClellan men organized a dob in the Eighth Ward laet night, one ot their tnn«* tsrenrics by ao were ejected from the ball ttey bad cngggda by the proprietor, and cannot secure eny eligible halls for meetings They row invite not* by reproving the military gnnrds. * Tbe followinglsalate sentence: Johsi Hender* con, a private ol rompawy E, 17thregiment.of car* olry,JHUola Toluntcerr, charged with conduct to the prejudice ol good order and military discipline, having, while on duty a* chief of a squad of rebel prisoner*, at the mfitury prison at Alton, Ids wrongfully ord corruptly aoeewted and taken mom cy as a bribe from pmonexa confined in sold prit CHICAGO, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18,186U cn. end In consideration therefor did Arsis* la the escape of three pried&cw, to* sit: Zeno Oluuifl, Vrsnk Dnrihnt sod J. W, JPettUt, sentenced lobe dUhot.orably discharged sad drummed oat of the Service of the United dutes, and U> be conftnea at taro labor for one ycir, at each military prison is the conmisodmcGaoeralmi; direct. '■ br. Louis, Saturday, September 17.—Colonel L Baiter, commandant ul tbU post, ini letter to tie Prcsioent ol tee Democratic ttzecntlra Commit tee. tayr, nhQrbe regrets the nnrortanaie.m-leo ol Tt entity night, ana will do all Inbla power to protect 1< gitimaicpol ttcal meeting*. h« tuiak* they eboald omit at their aatembiiee, a’l, tr«H3ua* rentaei* beating mottoea tending to' exaaoerate tbe roidltra. To rcaent a Btediec inanlt i* natural and Jo*u ToolPrcnelatolorltoaUack. Tbe Jim Lane wins of tbe Causae Republicans hare TIJ. Crawford lor Governor and Joe. McGrow for Lieutenant Governor. The Lear ,en worth ComervaHt* rtbues to aapport the ticket. , The Crpp wbeada of the lath (Tlllool*) Coogrea* flooal District, at BJlerHle. on Tourney, noml natwTWnj. R. Mom*on, of Monroe, for Congress, and K M, Weat, of Madison, for State Senator. A letter from Arizona eay« Chi*. D. Fonen vrtQ be « D«trcxte to'Coagrea* from that Territory. He la a Copperhead. - It la now believed that the murder* by the Tod 1 * ana, between Leavenworth and Hearer, hire been grtmtly exaggerated, ana probably wiU not amount to CO, ana Ue captaxcd stock to 2,000. Gem Blast tun left Fort RUey on «c expedition rncnlrn the Indian*. lie will go to tbe buoodtrlte of Ktw Mexico, below Comanche Hirer. ' A train belonging to Peter A 1 iaoa vu raptured by the Cotnaiict es at Lower Clmorone Sprinu* on tec Bibt ult. All the Americans wnblt werebnteb ered. * • uon. joon wfiir«FO AV VALPAItAISO. 4 Beiuui!>lnitloa-L. J.»# OnarMierw lie iprtClL {Special Dlipalcb to the Chicago Tribune.} VALTAimto. Sutaxday, Sept. 17. The Copperhead* bad-ttaelr ratiftcaUsn tfcClel. Lan end Dand Turplo meeting to-day. It wis to have been a great da}, and would bare been If the conn try had rarced' out the thousands expected, bat the thoa«and* did not contemner the honored* and the rcorcs fow from outside the town.. Tfao Urgeot single delegation was the Cniciio Union Band, and they a»d their music appeared to be the chief and to hare made the mast decided hit Sty. -fcornets and trombones cintod off the honors, though Tarpie oatwradid theaali M \ ■- 1 This band was esco'tel byaearsleade of eigh teen couple. ot muolljrlrUh geniioisin aad ladies, to a building opposite the Coart Haase,' to-tender to Wr. Tarpie a musical relate byway of welcome from bit fnei-ds. Long John happened to oe in a room adjoining, aodfeoppotlng the ei*co« to be a branch of tbe Pentane, he wns about to pay his .respects to them by taking off bis bar, when fire men. shooting tremendously for Tarpie. rn reeled the ’act that this was an oration to the Cop perhead candidate, whereupon Long John modestly I rt'irtd. The speaking was ataouneedbypot'era to be glnaibsir-pm ten, bat as tcere was not then enough «.f an aodienee to blow to. 'he time wn bccupltd until attercoon In raising a pole. Seven or tUbt hundred people sasombled alter dinner In the Court House yard,aad Tarpie made his ?peach. 1- was two hom» end a half of the C.ippcrooid rtyleand staple - ltwa«uotto bolsieroa* as ex pected, a a the eMburia-m of tbe crowd at no time Micxoded In warming the speaker up to a iru-id pitch. Ac tbe close of the speech an old lashl'incff trie Uehtwas trot up to inopiy the amasomenc and ■exclteyntni the oratory or the congressional can dioatefalled tolntplre. , ' axcosD narxTce. - mwn, Saturday, SepL 17—10 r. x.„- The meeting at night to hear “ Long John ” was In brilliant contrast to tbe afternoon Copperhead scene. The Quart Bouse yard evinced a far differ ent appearance. Preparations bad *been a snads to riJRe tbe demonstration a success, and so It was In every respect.. In numbers It was greater con siderably than the daylight affair, and in spirit. In trJHftnce and cnthuiltsm far and most strikingly superior. * It began by shouts and cheers for' Grant, Sher n«n, Colfax and the soldiers. Inspired by the music oftheYeJpsraiso band and the bright eyes of scores of ladles. The trees werebong with colored lights, tbe speaker's stand illuminated, sad name rous transparencies rrit> pointed humorous mot toes flashed around. The whole affair shows that the Porter and Lake County Repoblicms are a gal lant and patriotic sort imen, who know how to get np and turn butto a lousing oldfssbloood meeong. ‘ •When Ur. Wentworth appeared he was hailed by prolonged about* 'of applause, and tbU wai kept np constantly throughout the speech. s Ho coifined hlmaell prinetpalyto the attacks mode upon tte -priedplea of the Union pany. - He coa tneted the conduct otUr. Lincoln with that of Gen. Jackson »ilh a point and power which completely carried away the aodienoc. He specified of Jackson's conduct under stress of ml nary nc cet*it«, widen the Democracy bad always en dorsed. aod with which no act of Lincoln can com* wweae violation* ot the Constitution, life then Piru a history of Madison's sdmluls*ra lion, end rh«wed the mflUoltlea under which that President laboevdaand rented a ereat nnma-r of the complaints made sealast him. Uadisoabsd to dec the capital while it «u horning* Bis lavur- Ite Generals for a loon time proved failures, yet President Madison wsS re elected over a* great a, mnr, at u«Wllt Clinton. ATI us tbia comoarlson, be then cnntraited McClellan with DsWltt Clin ton. and thooebt tbete was as good reaftm (or ro clL-cUmz LlnColn over McClei'au as there was lor re-electing iUdleon over Cimton. During this part of the speech the crowd Ire onently ronmri with la ashler. Ue tbea planted, in a moat ludicrous waj. a conrebtiun to recon stmattcConsUmlioar He not in Waebicgton’e place, Voorhees id Ben Franklin's, atd Den. Wood in Knfns King's, Kicbardson la puce of AladUcn, and so on, and sec them at v.ork at Improving the presenrConstitatlon. . The comicality of this was keenly relished by tinted the Bcpubllcaa Idea of rccoßstnu> tlon, aid also lunatloLa Uy, by the stalcmeotUut both Democratic were irom the rrw Statu. whilcl the Union candidate for Vice Presi dent irt% from One ot the tccoihcg States. Ue said Andrew Johnson was In this UUon, and Be publicans .would elvet him Yiee Previtent, ani uai would UTiiSirTtO their ides«.! secession. Buraia the next ba’tle vr»« tp comwoff tn In diana and at Ihchmocd. and he debited that the Union men ehon’d conquer at both places; that there was greater elTou to do feat Colfax taaa any otber six men that wl:l be ran for Congress, (or bis position as Speaker ot the House gave him a . i.rutnlteoce that would make bis defeat as gratify it>c to the rebels as that of Grantor ttbermta. A* - tfce contest now steep. It becomes ever; man oat ot thuaiinytoeo his doty at the polls, as It does the soldier to do his doty In the field, lie was a peace mart and raw no other road to peace except bj results that would warn fu'urs traitor* that tcey could not fire on the flag of oar fathers with impunity. * \ Another strong point made waa, that ttau war orieUated with the Democratic party under Ba chman's administration. Be asked the Democracy why they did not make peace w;lh Jeff uavls when theyhad him at Wash . {Lgum to make peace, and said it Fort Sumter had been then reinforced, the war would never nave ’ amounted to Us present importance, lie gave a new taea ol settling the slavery ques tion. Be said the friends ot slavery contend it Is * • divine institution, and that a delegate to toe Chi cico Convention told him be bettered It Originated * Ith God, who would protect It. “WtU,” said Long John, •* this »ng<csted a new Idea, and I said to birr,then letnsleive It to God. Fellow clti zms, Igo for that. Let us lute this institution ot God to God. The fugitive slave law Is repealed, atdiowlf anlrgciruns away, I am for lcalu.< him rcntll. God brings him back. .... This was neulvcd by the crowd with themo?t rapturous applaoar. An oldgeLtlxneuclose by tha :eiortcra* tabic swore it was the most sensible suggestion hfetfr heard. Be closed a two nouta speech wltnan exhortaUon that we never surren der tbe rich legacy left ns by onr fathers either to traitors or to sympathisers with traitors. AUsclteiptecb a ValtandhihMn rote was sung asd whittled by three genUemen, to toegre it ae light ol the crowd. Jamoe Faser, candidate for Supreme Judge, (ten followed, and while be ws« gpciklog your reporter wa • obliged to leave one or toe most significant deodnstrailoos he has yet TLoogJotm had a handsome bouquet pres eated to him at tbec’oye of his speech by a yqunglady, sweeter than the flowers, and prettier too. TOE STATE FAKO* iloslse Seoncs-Tbe Race*— Awards or Pr^mtoms-Gron. Receipt* over $17 % 00D. » Dccarun, via 8 ' • Saturday, Sept 17. -This lathe last day of ibe>State Agricultural fair, and although tire attcsdauce la sat large it ia greatly in excess of the same day lass year. The weather has been very, pleasant daring the wtola week, hat the dn»t at times, especially on the route between Decatur and the fair-grounds, his been almost suffocating. The Fair, as a whole, bssbeca the most successful one ever held inlhe State. As I hare before taid, the show of cattle, horses, sheep, hojsaad agricultural Implement* i t br in advance of any previous year. This shows real pros res* in the right direction. Goad crops are the gift or Frovidetce, and may annually come -to user be .withheld according to|tbewUl of Al mighty God, hut Improved s*ock and-machinery axe developed by tie gtnlus of o, and any Im provement issued fact and nerviest. * Thera Is one feature la our. annual farmers* gatherings which is a growing nuisance, and will Lave to eventually he abated. 1 mean thence course. From a pleasant pastJa#, affording in atiuo ion and smuetment to the attendsnta. it has got to he the arena far horse jockeys aad gambler* to practice their devilish arts not on’y upon mrfr other hut mere generally and ovrageouslt. upon the credulous and unsuspecting. I know that full one-lull the crowd visit the Pair on purpose to witness this sport and would not come were it not programme. 1 sorrow that it ia so, hut a deliverance must come or eventually no wpfcci ahlofsrmerwlM come within the,fblr grounds, nor allow his-fkmllv to do so. We commend this mat ur to the new Board of Tra«tees ana ask them to meet the Issue In the spirit of good citizenship - The number of nnbance* in attendance open the ground, occupying the verr best places,'in the shape of big snakes, bat men, women and chll ■ draft, bee king*, morstrositle?, living and dead," necto minstrel*, grinding oms*. At; is very large. Last year they wen Judiciously shut but, but ibis year the trustee* were not teyoud the in fluence of greenbacks, and the offer of fli.suQ or SI«CCO In that currency brought them to »cnnt. ~ The rar.ous Motts; IcdudLyg the main Bln! Ball, which were hired and have been occupied the various asioGattone named below, have been vtrv soccessiul. Great credit Is due to the noble Udlss.who.ilir an* entire wrat. hare a han dout d luxurious and ph*vani h-nun* and given thtlr entire tune fer the benefit and ouhl.wtof our tick and wounded solder* It i« worthy' of re* nark tbrt large comber* of these ladies have not left the grounds since they ectered them on mou oaytast. Tb*!rlodglre p i ace has hem In the up "per story of the Dining. Ball, noon a*pa*l--t of straw. Heir duties have been per formed with that cheerful alacrity and grace that carries coo*' vlrtton that thstr h*trta an in thetr wore.. - JbelollowlDgaie tho various assodahona who ban had bcotba, and the amount of their receipts dqrlwr tbe week: . . . ■ * . "McLean KtozCa.StOO: Sposrfleld High Semxii, S3ti; Erypt, $500: Peoria. $825: L*ftg Cretk, $725; DlnfagDal», $5,000 SI,OOO. Tbe caandonailons are over $2,000 from McLean Co. Irsac Funk, of Bloomington, -gave S6OO. Kxox Co. aenes There are other Urge snma yet to come is. - - .. Theiadies oonnctttd with these. auoriiUona bare been aide the reap Wo*» of ™**£i3*l aer>ai donations fr»a exhibitor*, fill ox. which were jrompiJy dtopotrd ol si fliore*, la mo«t cxses, above their u*n*J prices —. .. • PACEftI WATCH. ✓. ( At 10 o’clock the peeing match was called. Pmaes2o,be«t three faifl*e. The second hone toMv«tco. The euinca werer - N. Holcomb, nvme* Cept. McKinney. 'l*wip nimeeDlec TufP»o*^ Capt, McKinney won the J™ heets. md thencr. Tiao; and “J* pm was Awarded «0. The latter horse broke, badly and made no too* to*,ihe race. teot. At 2 o’clock p. m. the race Macon conutr tioueratook place, beet Uueir inhere tor SIU3. .The entries were aa follow*: John Slushier ounce Jerry. Alfred Culp nimff Monarch. , C.D Culp name, L»dJ Hunflton, , n Prather names Vmeo. La«j ilamlUou withdrawn. . ■ Vlnco win the trreo flrst beatr, and the race. The troU aa a whole. was out compllaoaUry to the Macon conn«y hcr-cs. Bnnnnig, «oislti< the back, and vodi other like Jockey oerforaunoei wontbedelichvot the audience. Taetloemide Is not worth reeoielo*. Tbit rico nnlshnl ihe Illinois btate AcrtcnJiurri Fair for the year 135 L * rtniDn. The following prealuu were’ awarded this- Jionm r, SieaepdakeK—lrt of colta three yaiw and under, not >ere thin fire in namher--|SI. J j* Morton, JackeonviUe ; 2*, Hri'on A Co.. Tizsw-U Co. Stallion to be Aowa in harness-lvt uremiam, Clifford L. A D. Chayin. Mow 9 U - mire in barnort—m prwnUto. F. P- Sa J?* r - B'utq Co. Bare t© be shown by ondlo—lst, . Fashion, W, 8. ladd. Cbrtriiu Co. 8 aldonto be sh.i»n by briole- Ist, “Sbisospgire. Jr„B«D?a& Law icncr, Kentucky.'SialUm. mar* OTjeeldtog tor sacdlf—**fllr Alfrao,” K. M. Adair; 2d, ‘Dren non.’* W. D. Bonu, Ky. This nmahed the ixapt luatloo and award of borrea. j RKum. I em finable to obtain tee exact rerflp a and cx- Knditure.* of ibis Twelfth Anneal Agricultural ir. bot approximately they areas fo*lo<<«: Qro»a receipts, $»7,165; expecew. $13,000; leaving a bslaice in*toe Treasurer'shand* of over $l,OOl. Last je«r thecroee rocclLta were $12,000; expen- Btr.tllClC. . aasrp sals*. - There have been a Urge number of sheep Biles, tie prices tanging ftotn S3O Ui (539 a piece. * Hare not the names of partiea purcoaantg, There it. much interest felt by onr farmer* generailji eaoa daily in the onteued northern part of tbr state, loslap raising, ani 1 dou a not, lea you* pro frees will place Illinois aa the leading wool grow* ng Slate lathe Union. ' . RASCALS. The police force in attendance berednnng.lho week, have been pretty bony. Ton amount of fine* collected for drunks and other like odcoaea, foots np about $1,6(0. axwriro xaobikx*. * I telcenpbed yon a tow dtya since a brief des cription ot the new and beautiful cottage erected on ihs fair grounds by George R. Chittenden cf your cl»y, at anexprnse or near S6OO, tor toe purpose ot txhlbil(rg Wheeler & Wilsou’a Sewing Machines to tbe beat adrantago. The cottage U tz anat ped that It le approached from every dir rctn-iLby a wide verendan, with cipadooa win* duwa, by which at least 400 persons can witness tbexnaiilpnladona of the machines by the ladles In attendance atibe same Tbeae windows have been thronged to their utmost capacity this week. Over twenty machlac* ware sent here, . every one cf which has been *oJd and tacen away | by the purchasers. One of Ihe machtces worth 1 (fphty collars was scocruoe’y donated to tbo Sanitary Fain and half the profits on three other machines took the same euantable Direction. Mr. 'l'blUenden tvs ruined many Hotels by the public ana pcneii>ns spirit manifested on t.bla occasion. v* eicarvtxuzitly omitted, m onr report ot pre* minme ytaurday, the Cniwrsal Clothes Wringer, * huh took the first prrmlam. ns 1c did also last }csr. This Wringer cisilaruisbed from others tiy its crpvhuU % wbickviTe motion to the rolierc, thus relltvlnu them from friction and war. Tnoy arc claimed to be more durable on tbl* account. N. C. Brownlee. No. 547 Broadwdy, New Turk, is the Get ere) Agent, aid C. Williams, of Beloit, WUcoziain, Traveling Agent. FROM 9IEKDOTA. A Ifandaomo Union Pejpoaatratlon» i iSpvdal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] I Uekdota, Satorday, 5ept.17,1361. . The Delon demonatntion here to-day waa a respectable affair. The number* Is attendance were about 3,000.’' Bad the meeting been effleienlly advertised—only two 'days’ notice haring been given-*there would have been at Icait 10,090- pre rent. The meetivgwas organized by appointing B. H. Beslet, Prerldczit: Hugh Wilson, William Fdwarda, aid Wm. Bund, Vice rnaldeats; and i Beck, Secretary. Tbe first speaker Introduced was Hon. J. D. Ward of Chicago. His exposltloo of the pending i sues waa '£esr and declare, and for two hours bo kept an appreciative audience breathless, except when Interrupted by rounds- of applause, Q a a|-arkllng was and satiating toDalnn men, and withering and conclusive to the few pUce tntaka present. A. f i\ Suae at Loalriisa, followed In a speech of 1 ob hour, perfectly t verfinwiug with good hits, and speaking with gems of the trne eloquence of expe r.enc*. At first, some disappointment was rnauU iHrcsQre iieitber Oov, YilC* nor Gnml Oglesby were prcaint, bat'this zoon wore off, nt dtr the. zcaiona eloquence of the speakers. Ctrulnlv so audience or three thousand persons iver olsperad better satisfied. , Itbaabecn iroiyaday ol t exoneration for tsls vicinity. At the cone tuion of the addre«»»M. Utce timrt three rousing cheers were i-lroafor tbe ’’Old Abe,” the speakers, and the whole ticket. Colon slock bears a large orcmlum in this section. >A meeting is called lor this even- Inp, to be addressed by the tame apsakera. FROM TERRB HAUTE. i - Great Ufilon Klctss Hleetlog-Voorheei Alarmed. . [Special Uirpatcb to tiro Chicago Tribune.; . - Tcbbx Uautx, Saturday, Sept. 17. Ihe Union crowd -wbich oaacmbled here last nlehtto he*r Ex-Gov.. Wright and Uon. James Wiiaco, oi Crawiordsvillo. was the larscst and mottfathueiastlcof any which has beeq. held in tt la section for many years. Gov. Wright waa in the at;, but, owing, to indisposition, did cot speak, bo] MvWll-on ipoko o»cr two hoqys, 300*1110 cf fort wai regsrdca hy bla friends as uncuf n-* airiest of-blsiifc. Tbo effect of tbe speecawas tremen dous audrifamaged the opposiiinn in a decided manner. Tbe union cause Is galulog riddly In this section and Yoorbccs Isalirctofi lor bis slecilotTaaa la strnpgtinp li the opinion among aH parties that bU chancca are tolling, v The draft commences on Monday. FStOMYKA^rs'A’aMY, BdDfommciktfidif tbo Armlrs-Terri ac'sitrlliug of Fctcrcourg-'Oi'ath uf gch. livtreli. NxwTons, Sstnrslsy, Sept 17.—The Now York Tr&vru'* correspondent with Gen. Grant says: By reference to the Richmond TFAI?. which I mill* eo tojou last nii:ht,Tou will see that on tbtlr own calcnlaDon there rctnfllna in the whole South bod 1E2.C00 men between tne of sixteen and fifty. These they style ”exempts.”- By enactment of tbtlr Confrere, all realdtnts between these ages are to their military service. Frjm these eruroota only can - thev rcuclt their armies. But tbosu /IS2.CCO arc all min uhobave been detailda for duty wbit fa Its* been considered np to this time as vlr toiOlT ‘rnporttm a« service in the army, and not sit of •' nor any large portion of vuem cai be sns; - their present arocstiuns asoverscsta of p)2nUucns, as workmen la the Corfedcrate smtal*, aamatiuiactoreta ofarticiet which most be.ofatslned. lienee there la so • basis 01 a tuition totteirennle?. The position at Deep BoUam la noir governed enllrOj by terro soJdlcre finder Gen. Fame. Tbe (iterations at Dn’cb Oajl are being prosecuted by of negro soldiers, and a fair proportion of the trenches are held by dusky oitxiow. Tbe Tntunt'i Wachlngtoa special tayal Two WUconeln soldiers, woanded in the battles 0! the Wl deroces, amred here to-day frbm that loctlity. By good fottnne tiny tell Into the haad<« of DnUm to no ere Xeir the battle field, who nursed them until they were restored to health l hey. state that numbers of onr wounded mads thor -way to farm honsce in the vicinity of the bairto fidd.bntmoal ol them died from sheer wont of medical attendance. Banandaofdesdllemihurtod on the battle Add of the htb ot Joiv fi^ht. AWsahligtontueoal to the World save: Some sixteen Ocstitcr* irom Lee’a army arrived-here to day Th*y njly confirm'tbe prevlurs reports th«l the enemy are being-largely rctn'prccd br con aaripta. Toe JTtrfkfTs Cltr'-Folet correspondent-saya: TcaUtday morning t?tn. Blrceycprced all hla bat- Unes on the rebel works and on tbe city of Fetors irrp, andiiterglly rained shot aud shell on them Hu crertuQ boert., Thlf waa In retaliation 'for the rebels firing on onr pleketa>t ml hoars. All accounts of. an Impesdtnr battle on tbe Wei den Railroad are mere spccntoiluns, based on re. mote probabllinca. Whether Loo removed his headquarter* to Reams’ Btatior,.ta reported by deserters, to oversee an engagement, or not, be does not com disposed to bring on one as yet. -AnothercozrcsDondcnt says: -Brig. Gen.*j. B, Boweir, of Tem’a division of tbolOih corp* waa scrldentaliy killed on the night of the lettu by his kune rearing and falling over on tbe General. TtjTSenfd'i comependent near Foint ot Rjbks, IStmdtaalbes the caunonadc by the rtocls on the cay before, on the attempt to knock down our algialUmcre. A tetri de-vrur informed our oflU cera of the intention, thus nrrparlt g ns tor them. He alto located, anew masked battery, which, as soon*.* opened, found onr guns ualnsd nponit vriihnnTrmtnEaecnjacy. The Htm erg Sd cavalry cmelon carrefpondent 'site: We have b«n esjoying an exceedingly -beneficial rest. Tbe reglmtnu in the mesnUne rontdly filUng np. Geo. Davies health is *nch aa tojwxmU him tu rejoin hie command. EXADQTUItXXS AjQIT or ITOI POTOXAC. I ' • r: - - geptamoer ta evening ■f’ " For the past lew days both aUea havebeerr&o gwred 1»-a'conttoted ttraeaioof sharpshooUng • uiid arttuery Anns, particularly in -the centre, antid \>j the enemy’s firisg on oar pickets. The enemy have ban busy lor eevtrsldaye, con sirnalcs aaecond llneot works a abort otatance behind the firsthand are Ciaklog it aa strong ai tho • September '36—morula*-—4? U quiet Less firing was heard last for a long-time the maxi beat to-day report that on Friday a Lorre body of rebm cavuuy mad« a raid on ore reserve hem ofcalUcw eppoaite flanlaon’a Lauding.. and purenit, and It was believed that bc'oronight the. tntire lot wonld be reciptared frobi pnn*ADEiipma, Gen. Grant gona » Harper’s Fairy . Rebel iicsertlyns, . ; SattudaT. l?.—A apodal from Bahleorwrto too Jtvu*ua- aut«s thazGen, . Great baa left for Harper a fan % and that his par* poae wilt be Calmed in a 1 few A Washington dltpatch has tly toBowiog: Over . KCOOrtlel dtaertors nave amred from the Army of tbe Potomac.- One man left nla wile and six chil dren Id Richmond, and says hla. grandfather has been commoted. ’••>’" ■ ~ . QnantrelL 'j'- - - CntcnarAn. Friday, Sept Hh—A St. Ixtuto dts* patch esi a the party sent for bom that dty to In ola&apoua to identify ih° pwoa arretted there as xhw Mutonrimorderar-md robber, de elaiea that the arrested man la not he, Ontkecon ' trarv. tie ludlantpolls correapo dsnt .bribe Clo* rimati ffCTffyiip -In Jm oeen.identified. .He Bayey rcoelTed a diapatch'irom f ! ITfl ie* possible pittifj in EwfU, woo 1 mew Qtantre'l well. describing the desperado so pufcctly thsltbtrounota reasoLai-ts doubt tbit; tb» real Qnsntrell iscasght at last. Cspi. Tftslcter, United dreresAimv, formerly on del* In K«n**aan« tiew Mchcj. called os Qotn- Utl3 thUmorelo*. He addressed him as he enter! efl. w Dow are jon, Haitf” Hart immedhte'y sprang no, tbouk nimby ihabaos, admitted hn InrttUy and talked oyer old time* a«cn»lif as true wen an Innocent toa". Evidence from all quarters i* sccuoiQ'a iotr in ldenriflcaUon«»! Qnwlwl', and will be developed on bla trial, which cornea on at once. JutUcodoceiolebrep forever, and tbe taw* renca victims will bo avenged. - ' FBOaa T’lcKSfltßß. a. Couple of Betalletorr BUlltarf Or- * Cajxo. Saturday. Bept, 17.—The following orlern explain thwu*»ltc*. r DuTRICT OT VICXaJn7BO,-f •,' N ' YICSBBCEO, Misv„ Aaff. S8,1?0L | . Sptdat Orders So, 1.6, (BxtfiCtS. The follow tea copy of an order h*a bean received at i bee* bc*dqa*rt«i« from a reliable eoarea: emex or Coxxaxdaot o» ■ P<mt, Jacsios. Mlar., Animat 1, IHK.— sJpedd Order*, No. St.— lira, Btee balmot, Miss KUa McQnlrfc, and Wiilie Raimon, bfc'B" dlsioynlto toe Cool odecate 9Ute» Government, are hereby ordered without the lioea ot tbe Conttdwate. States, not to: rotar&wlUiout pen&lat.'na from the ptoper aninorittas, under pe* naiti ot Imprisonment. Tee -above oner will be. ez'Oilrolaitiudiate&. By command at A. Mcfar*. Urn, Colonel CotmaAvdlo*' Boat*. Witboncreprsiiaoo'iviooa rctaontfor a proper retahailnc p*< lcj. !•. I* hereby ordered that the wife and family ot Kajor Met win, of tee rebrlanny. now rtatoira in uu* e<ty,-leave the place lor rebel , Urea, within tbtee days. Tbrbutue ot CuL Xburae, of the rebel mrmyf: la aatfgncd to Mr*. Rote Salmon, cod her famt<y,«od. the loUcvli-e aestesmeota on well known fIU-ujal pervota will ImtßsdUUiy be collected by the Pro 'VoetMatvbai and paid over to uid fiunlty, to re* Un burse them for tbe lota of furniture and exoea •telucum}- In oby Inc *he above order of the rebel mttoil tier: L. A, Brown, $100: Jndife Bar* ce% •; Dr. Balfour, SSO. Too Provo*! Miraail. wl 1 t-ev to tbe Immediate execution of tula order. By orcur of Major General N. J. T. Dana. - (SU bcd.i H. C. Rosalia, A. A. Q. Official: i 4. ii. Fox,, A. A. O, , BSADQTTAUTCUa. YICKBBOBO, I Beptemiar9,lß&&. - f Special Ordera No. 116. [Extract] • Mr. Klihard Barrett, and family. Helm* disloyal toUeUul’eas;»«.*sQoTcrcm«nt, us hereby or* dertd without the Uuea of the ITmtod Scatea, nor to return dmlng/tne wax. Thla order Uiuad In retaliation lor the banishment ot Mr. Chariot Shepgird and ftuilly by the. Confederate authorl* tier, »n<i will he carried into effect by tbe Provost within aw day*. The house now oecupi* ed by Ur Barnett willpe tm nri over t?Mr. Shep pard, forth* dm «rhlm«cir and family. • By urotr of Major General N. J T DaiJL 11, 0. Kooana. A. A, 0. T.E.FOX, A. A.G. OH! dal: From Rew.Vork. •New Tonic, Saturday, Hcpt. 17.—A Washington sptdHi to ibu I\nt esys Ueu. Wa-kco has saspeud «dibe publication ot thd Cambridge (Md.) Dtmo~ craU ’ ilr Wakemsnwffl enter on his duties as Sur veyor of tbe Port on Che Ist of October. ’ jndpe Kelly hes Deer appointed Postmaster. He has held a variety of public traets, and is raid to be a man without a Uim or even & suspicion on bis intigrhy. , TheaaUuri'icacnutiocmtn forwardlarge bodies 0' m>cpa worn this poll t tor Mm Aru-y or me Poto mac. Vcrurdsv tbe »t«amer United t}ut-a took 8-/0. mrt thw Sranse 700. To morrow the Sedg wick will take ecu. 'Gold. New Tubs, Saturday, Sept. 17—8orpnse~ls ere a«ed atibcctcsdineea or the cold m.irkct,and tbe Commercial thu» explains It, the ragulsr operators bare dating ;be t&n ten nays adopted a very gene ml rjbtcm of accepting due bills in lien of celirer- Ire of golf*, which piss ftom one to another probably for a week before ntunilng to thelsea eu. Tbla faci'Ucte? fpecnla'loo, ana if perpetu ated, there is no telling to what figure the price of gold may be mu nu. It b tbe pbare ot tbe cold qattUon that baa appeared. The market open'd »-tSSS,V. afterwards reached and at noon declined to"3«l*{. 1 lie Ty poaraphicnl Imbroglio Nxw Yoke, Saturday, September 17.—The p*o proprieturo ot the Doty 2ir/wittilß morning,-on paying off Ibeli cotunofUoni. iniorta*! all those that bcloiigod tj the Typographical Union that their ffmevs T»trr Lo onarr needed. No cumno-it»r» belonging to tbeUmoa is to be employed on the Time* ha leafier. 1; i '.ThoTnrfi .. Fatbusow. N. J. Wedaesdsy, Sept, 17.—The great race between Kentucky and Afclvbaran, for SS,U)O, took pl^vo; two mile beat. It was won by Kentucky. Time— 8:17 and &10J4, - , / The 7*SO loan. ' WiincfoTry, Saturday, B«pt, 17—The subscrip tion? to the Seven-Thirty Loio, reported totho Trta-nr*, yesterday, amounted to $1,201,C0h TIGW OF TOG A B£Bkl »IT(JAUOiX. immcßM liebcl Lotaes In Atlanta. [Prom the Richmond, IS.] ■ TH» Cmr*TloW XK OBOMU. J The telegraph brings ns information of the estah- Ivt-bnuni or a trace of tejrdsys between tfie oppos ing forces in Ucorgl*, for the purport o( enacting ibu people of Atlanta, who desire to enter oir - hnu>, to do so In satety, The Macon T&tyntpH ot the Cib Instant *!at«a (bat both armies are 100 tbordugkly'exbaastrd to renew tbe fighting lor the present. Toe same Journal learn* that the reports of ocr iorscs In the recent encasements are gross exspcerations. Onr total loss in lolled, wourded tnd ptUnt.ers will not exceed font thon-sod men,' wMle tbst of the enemy is said to be not lets than five to our one. An oQlcer who was in all taa en gatrtmtnts re pons that tne FtdcraU were ten lines ot buttle deep In tome p'acus. and every time they charged onr lines nt was otlyto be slaughtered Use sheep. IlordceV corps is >alu to liave Iqisbt with the most unflinching determination', an)on y retired when tbe enemy commenced firing on its flanks. In tbe retreat wo wero compelled ’o aban don several pieces of artillery, nut having any horses to barn them. * TlerUvation it very grave : bat It is not so am- Ct-rons as maty would suppose Toe troop? 1, though very much humiliated'at the necessity of al'urconlrc btrl in good spirits, and art a* dtUbtA as evtr._, The reports of their being demoralized are positively fafre It 1* true th-y ‘ 1. ok tor s» altiance, aid if ’h ! e Is granted to them, Ihev sre coi fldcit or being able, not only to pre vent Sherman Irom advatclac any farther, bat to rout h a army, sad lifter force him to evjcnatu Attanfa or to permit himself to be «hnt up in the city without any prospect ot relief. We trust the Govtraaitnt wi I scud every aval able mau to rein torce Gen. Hood. It is of the greatest importance that Allan’s shall be recovered from tbe enemy atd Ms campaign defeated, and tots cm ««e doue if a proper activity an! sontd policy are observed. Tnrnir»’ rnrea in oe.iruia, \ Tie following ofllclst dl-p**ch was'recclved &t (be Wcr Department on Saturday: ' BcapQoaaTZßS, Amir or Tsnres&tm, 1, IS&L 1 * Gut. Bni£C i Gen. Sherman has ordered (he re moval of el> cUlzsnfCtrom Atlnn’n, to go Korth or South, as they tn*y **lect, and propose- a trace for tten days to provide for the tnnipo’tatioa.uf such ss may dc»trc to come South. I have assented, ana am makmg arrangements. J, B. Hooo, General. ora XOBSSB AT ATT.IXTA The ilatements of the extent of onr losses &t storer. orctanco and ammunition at Atlanta arc ccntradietcrv. The Colombna Am, 'of the 6th Inst, nrs iruttliCT wcreVny hea>7; that before Ausuufwaslotr, all onr rallccad nock that boo bteo n.t>inec, was de«tro*ed. It emonnted to more than SSO can, and several bmpnes, Eighteen of (he cars were heavily loaned with orunance tfr-rip, tm&rg which were abo*ni VCO splendid Ea-‘ field or Tower mcskels, ei Urelvtcw, with nil their oqntprskUs. A loreo number of hrloles, .saddles, canteens, with splendid web sllegs: sword bayo nets, axes, shove s. and other hardware In large qnantitv. About three million rounds of cartridges ano ammcmtlon of all kinds, and of the very first quality ano ctsnct&r. were fired. That such an eteroons amount cf raster! j! whKh cannot be replaced, wjw permitted to accu mulate end remain in Atlanta no’ll U breomoeaat pleieiy Isolated and eventually destroyed, exhibits frays the £iu;) not only moer culpable negligence but the most rvptetenrlbo lnc-jmpetfu» , y on tne of those who mismanaged the afihir. Tfi£ CUiUAlin CiIiflPIO?l 6UIP. Ratcla for Ano Tbau&ud Dollar* Ot* tween JDadiay and PbUlp Dnaniplon iFrom tbe New York Werld, Sept. IC.] ' V Last evening the fourth of (ho crest billiard eon* tirt* lor Ujo colden cue and the championship cac-e off st the Bippotbeatnn, in ’Fourteenth street, Dodler Havana^b, of this citr, and Philip' Tumsn, of Cuiclonau, being the compeUaw. Tbe large aedltoricm of thebmidlcgwa* crowdedwith rpictaterr, amonqjrhom were many well-known undents of the name. Hr. Phelan had control of the arrangements, and o»in* to bia ezertloti»tbe objectionable demonstrations which' interfered with the quiet ptcarcas of the dime between Kar asrehano Goldihwaile were effect nsllrtp revested. liMhe previous conquests K-vanaga had each time been 'the c&nqnerer, defeating Berecltcr, ot Detroit, Tlsmsn, with whom he played last even ire, and Wiiliam-Goldthwalte.: Be baa hsld.onln terrapud pomktioo of the cue tinea-he fir»t won It at the grand tournament In the spring Of 18S3, udhaasowasainjDalmaloedhia UUo aa cham pion *- • " • •• ”• • The preliminaries bailee been* arranged and Met trs. Foley, ofDetroit, and Pqx, oi Rochester, appointed referees, acd Mr. Lake, of this dir,**o lecud a« umpire, the came waa-opened by Mr: Kavanagb. Neither of the conleslaoa appeared to be la pood play, and theinnte of the mmols much ]«*• than thatpf fan? oflheprevkmsmit’hea lor t&e championship. Eavensfth kept the lead tilf tbellthlmtD£B,thooch he bad made-bat I'gbc nuts. 'Tiemsr, «bo conn tod but 8 on the* sth m- Birrs, then scored raiiS'ofOO, 23 sod4s, eoantinc at tie 11th Mw* 116 to KaTanai»VsO&. He then centrum d tb lead to the U»h shot, whan be count eo S(0. and was 10 ahead; Both now played joho. icdlfferrnt, until at the twenty-seventh shot Kara-, •nab ecored a nn of seventy-one, counting htm S€D to.Tlemsn'a 25* At tbe thirty-first Janlnes,. the count-stood* 830 to 4li;Eitansnta having 1 made a ran of itTr.and then he qoickTy aeded roes' cf 7*,3 M, 48,70. Si, so that at tbeSSta. the count etcod 1,0410 CiP, though la the mean tltseTieman had made one*ran oMOQ At the K*!h thot the S*me stood £7O to 1,708; at the 835. 'CO to 3.5 CT: t&cnTienian'scored a fine ran of 139, audit tbe 100th,'870to »,85». <• ’ "•••'-*- . -> At the one - hundred and ninth innings Kiva nish . won : the - game,. beating titrzarn by Kl points The Vinner's ayerare w~alLs7,aadtb& ; lime lour hocra and fifteen minutes.. ;; AMTJSHaiEJtXA The heats orsttmmer are % nearly-over, and .tha cooling Windsor antsazT'aesd their premo&Riry costs across the prairies-; tbe amssecoent .seascrq -has began. Wo dp not in Chicigo divide oar time with that rlcld accuracy followed in more sriUo ertrte clues, bnl there •is a natural dlyislo □which Is nnvolcnl&rily foUowtA One can scarcely be expected tolovclbe msWinpmoodla som®**» jra baye too moch of It nbysicilr .wUhootloorfat for It rmenuMr *l*o.' Bnthnrlum and :ffrneral^moToInversely. WhenttethcraomeUlc *cale»hows«B c eg. we 'tnjtpo .Jsamld■{* *“• tnested; and tbe tvndmf strell or a s&t ph “A ® l *, •am incprefersblo to the blaze- of the footlights. 'Vt icter la the ttme.jcr ex^wment—lf J« * .fjrd it.: NotwithsUnd-nsAte-momentoas-t-iaes ■ now at I take, we fird thediffercnlptoccs of amnse iaeDtei«tro»isedJbet*er than ever. 4 ‘The Ticket of Leave lUn 2as b«o McVl* kn’f d urine the nail wees,-with MrChra .ran u£& Bri-riftf* d Miss. Johnaoa as J .TT-, -.c • ’• -■■■.--;• -• , r r ' uepet. Ibis is a new line tor hlr.Chmfran.aud line in which be baa nut mide sooeodedabUs* TnLia inimitable 4 *6am.‘* Still the play ta an at*« incite oun and conveis a hJcWy moral kaaoo, wtucb makes lathe delkhtof boutyoongaadold. It has beta pntouibe supo la good title, aa far aa sccme c&ccta and labtesu* are concerued—a matter ofno small Imptrtaoee to the stuccos of ettn drama. At the tensenm, ** The Dnke’s Motto” hisb«n the tiixnlnt: star, Aiken as Smri da LogcUna, Mr. JdeManns as Carrlciferjua, Mies, tic sard as A-ancAs,andMis. StoueaU as thoP/in* otttifrfen. Mr. Alien a r> bdiUon ot deurrwas <zceiicx.t, tnu> sn»tainloghU reputation at a Care ful and stadium arfor. MrrMcMtnus a» Carnck* feigns performed lii- role in a-»!<*, and nbcb*- •ly otaw oowt ibs b- nee ij his ** wait till a wbi e- Un Siotesil boro the part ot the princess with becoming dignity -nd banteor. - itiir (fet iiflayl etrnuu: the proprietor of the Vi- . denes will give a ormdbcueilt”to the **Tolnn* tecr bounty fund,” the entire receipts o' the U*aier being to tost object, the expenses of tbemstltnifcn being paid out of Mr. Utudwick.’* own p* csei. The arrangements hate been placed id the bancs of a commute* oc gentlemen, mem* bt-taui tne ‘ u'icn*e CummUiee. Mr. t Cnalwlck actTouLcea also that the three succeeding Uundsy et» urg will oo’sapject to toe same roltcg. We nndcn>ano teat a gtv&t Lumber of tickets have been ancsdy sold amomjonrleaaug business mtn, Tbo ptrti.l m«;<x aiU be fully equal to the but cCorteof the company, and notalng better neto be srid. (or their the* crtstUns are excellent Tbe best of dancing *nd singing, acdlrrea is table ou'ored pusnmsgs and aitnatluns- are presented oa the bo«ds at ibe Varieties, ’ Messrs. Chad*ick si r Fitch are mcctunr with treat success in thair (Torts to yl.usetbu j nbltc. Aitisgtou & Co.'s ii.uniiel tn-npe is retnrnlhg to Chicago ft-r ibe winter. *Thsy will reoccnpy the 'Academy ofMmic. ■ ' The great humorist Intrrdnees to ns to-morrow, etundsy.) deedatj; novel and rcirerh s In t£c»e bachitryes tinns, as will be seen by reference to M* advertisement In column. Wub «o great a propensity as overwork id Americans have to n>h to shows, (an Instinct doubtless to ucn Mize the dele erlona effects of too clcm application to l nat< eft,) it his sorpns.-d na that some UriUiant seuioi has not (swerved mm tbencaitn track and given ni somtthUc critical Mecactma are v» ry well In their way,md. .especially as aids to children in their studies of namral Mauiry, bat no res ut tbe Unrest calibre to ■dolls who hue seen the tame animals for tbs part twenty years. . dreeses inspire a emo-ror iubßsteporfis one are not always free from qnea nonabU adjunct*, and tbe pu' iic are by no means unanimous in their opinions of the tendencies of U-estt-re. . \ ' We thaTl roll e surprised to find that tl e lnlnrl‘a ble.wlt bu sot hit tte happy vain. In ttlsMc a oHe ibe tnlmsle ere nil eondatco to s point Vrfgtneup •on rtntoa. In hi* teVater ihc actors are ail .quad raped*. In bio t’trcus monkeys and doge are the fo nettrians. gymnast# and acrobtas. To Dasnre, a largo number oi ladles and gentlemen appear, liei only an rapernatm-ts ries os It were,to ehifl the scenes and p'acw the properties. Add toal this toe mdi-pcsssbla riTvlcwfof Dan. Rios him»olf, llinsuatlxTit the non) penormsnes with his quaint concerns and we can reasonably expect a sew sen nation. •*" . InKew York,. PhNsdciphia, Baltimore, Wish- Incton. Cincinnati. Louisville and St Loots, il*. Kick bos excited the greatest enthusiasm tbit summer, wltn hie Corel tnetiiutlon, and we an ticipate tbe same excitement Will be experienced tLl* week in Chicago. • *. CAMP DOUGLAS. Progress of Affairs There—rendition of the ' Cirap—A Conrt Mertlel—l S.mjle »f the /rayTWt.' - WsreCbicagO’tobe dethroned from her proud porittsnot Queen of the West; were r ber mighty packirg hoo'es and miles of shipping, her wealth and her industry to be destroyed, and “Like the baseless fabric ol a nalon. Leave nut a wreck oeulnd.” There would still be an object of interest within bar limits, whkhwouid live In remem brance throughout the long vistas of carnation's fuicrUj. While tbe rebellion Is rsmemhered. Camp Douglas alilnotbeforgotteu. It Is a theme which U elun dwelt upon, but which our cltizeas arc never tired of listening to. Yesterday, our reported spent a short time In- the Camp, aad through the courtesy of Captain Bill, C», D, 15th /Veteran Corps, was enabled to gather many tacts which may InUiCbt tbe readers of tbe Taicv.rx. The Camp at present is in excellent condition; the various quarters of officers and mtn are ueariy wLltewabhed, have Utred roofs, and a vcryaoldter llke spnearance. By arecentordertbewirei of all tbe veterans except the otficer* bare been com pelled to leave the precincts of Camp Douglas, atd now reside In lUtle\shanties erected for them an the prames onteide This step 'was considered absolutely rcccesary, as the Post Quartermaster onnd'lt 'ready lopoifliilc them all irop'rquarttrr, owing to the recent large r«ln citement# received to the military force. There are at present nailoncd tn the citnp about 2,lti) v>ep, namely: 16th V. R. C . 6*o etrung ; 3th V. K. C.. aJkocootalnlntrabontCM; tbo USUn Peausrl* vsnla volunteer tniaotry (honored day buys), UtO strong, and 150 me* ot the !Htk Ohio blttery This battery po«»e*ees Pairott guns, and baa -horses and equipments second to none in the 'ser vice. Marty of tbe bov* whose time of service has es plredjsre reenlieilx-g, and the aarriaonia also ro» ca*log reiitlorcwmeiiis from disabled men from the front. Tbe additions are, however, frequently cavalry nitn, and need much care and perseverance to transform tuua .nto well drilled Infantry ret tr ass. Tbe soldi n are under" ©xcel'eot dlveipilce. ai d are thorodvhly drilled. Rrery morning tbero Is a company drill of tbe V. H,o.,*rrom seven to eight In the afternoon, from two to three, tbe 16tb Ktlnunt Koea. through battalion drill, and arent lonr o’cl ck—weather permitting—there is a piaid drt s» parade ot all tbe men. Te»teru»y altctno<>p. in Hen of tbe dress parade, tbe fth rrjjlmriit-V If. C. was tnbjcc'cti to the monihlf inspection by Capt. Shlr'cy, Post Inspect or. The result of the inspection was highly aids lurlorj to all coucciLCd. BcfeicwebavetUs subject, we must not.omlL to mention the splendid baud of the 15th V. It C. Ii i* romposul or nineteen performers from'GjM, and 1* without exception cne of the finest it not tbfcficcatiegfmeuui hand In the country. Tlure ir a Latdcoinecied with the Stn regiment, but it is awaiting r ct meunmebts Item Cincinnati. Groans of rebels ate engaged throughout the camp, repairing hradqnaners, and In building the new hospital's whlcn will be of u very complete diameter. A portion of this faoepiUl was blown dtwn, and pare of tbe soldier*’ quarter* unrooted, b) tbe atvete norm which vlelua our cU> on Frl cay J»kt,V.nt all carnage? are now repaired. Tbe nnwfrllog Inmates of Camp Douglas, nnd exile* from the land of Chivalry and Cotton, now , number nearly 6,(K.V. They are confined la quar ters wbofrj remotea proper In point ot hot not so far removed as rcvnrdscom -ibris. Their ihantlcs are aim lar in point of con traction to those of thtir keepers, and are warm, dry and well vtbillatcd. The inmates will not fuller from cold or damp this witter, as a l their henna have beta ralitd cu'plle* six or seven feet from the ground. This raising aso answers an oil er important object—lt balks the labors of those ibeitlcuals who, gopher-like, wish to barrow. Tbe “prisoners emplovihcmaclvcs, as u-ual, in waOuog themreives end clothes, in whlttlinz trifles from weed or bone, and In playing gitnea of hall or mar bles. Those of them who are experts* carpenters, etc., arc employed about tbe emu in building ana li-naiung the quarter*, for which service they re ceive the exceedingly welcome reward ofaploz of tot&cco every two or three days, As one watched tbi Ir hcalihj forms and almostConUutvd faco-% a sad cod rati irovid efois the mind, in (be tiCAt mens of Ovcd o&hi in those earthly bells—>.he Southern Libby and Castle Thunder. Though no pertletint attempts sre made on the part of tbe •• Johnny Rebs " to escape, they need to bo closely watched, as It la leered tome external Indasncsi sre&twotkoothoir behalf. >" Some weeks ago, as reported in the Tnauwa, ten likrhta auppoaed to he meant for signals, were seen about Half a mils south of tooeimp. -Slues ibatUmeap ckcisuard la placed every niaht ail roondths ex crlorof the walls, wnica, with tha rrrnlar patrol guard, feeders matters “slightly” s-enre. About a week ago seven rebels chopped the«r way ibroocb the fence. Of iheie, five na*e bern iccaplurtd, but t*o -escaped. Ooe iilng is crrialn, tkeU ftro trere hidden and tAeUered by ttmepenon In the city. The fact is a lamentable we, oti Copi-tiheaca demfud freecom," and w«- pre*uae the ruht to nourluh traitors is on impor tant team-e in that liberty (?) r BASIZAXIT CONDITION. The SanUaxycoiditlonof the Camp 1» excsllent there so few Inmates la either iba F«jJ ertllctuuartr tb*.hospltal for ths sick rebel*. Tbe buildings arc both ventllsteJ; end excel ititih errjLccd. greatcreahunon the Chief of Hospitals—Ur blrmund. Oae item of note is that ihR Pest bouses bare been removed far some dtftauce, grvaily to the relief of the Facolty aedether* mtcreatea In the Chicago UalfcrrUy, scar whlcn lLS*itnitoc they ongicaliy stool. DXSCZ7USX. An unpleasant tot necessary Institution in crery -irintsryportis that of the Court Martini. Ontbo whole tbe gallant boysbebaye cxcclle&tlr, bat bn men Bttnfe Is bffinsn natorj, and will transgress, even in the cue efrnree-year veteran*. For the commission of'mtu'r offences the.transgressors are tned by a “Field Officer*’ Conn Mirtii , ,”hcld at the win of tho Commandant.. In these case* petalUee are enforced coomtosnato with the ot fener, perhaps carrying tbe ball and chain, or ex periencing a stoppage of pay, la as eflrcnre as my -trerrntauTe. ToaCjDdieatecbon;eeof annrese rloas nature, each as desertion or “banking guard,” a Central Court MirtlU is neoc*aary, which can only be ordered from the Chief of the Dcmxtment. One of there Is now inaetaion lapur jnance of tbe foilowics oTßer: , jlntnontirrsHa KomnE&jr Dsramicjrr,l l olvxece, 0., Sept. li», ISO 4. j Special Order No. Mr ~ . .. •• .. A General Cocrt Martel la hereby ordered to 1 meet at Chicago, 111, on the 13th day of Soptem ’ ber, IdM, at loo'atackdn the forenoon, or aa.aoon thmtf'cr as pracucable, for the trial of soehprls cn'f rs aa tasy be brought before it. Annexcdis tbe detail for tboConrc; . 1. Cclcccl Hsmuse NeX ISSUi K - ?. Pa. Tols. 2. Captain Emil Mcztcb; Co. A 8?b Bar. V. R C., 3. Cape-In Warner U. ■ f. -ra.Vols.‘ K, lOCth Beg. Pa; 6. IttLlenUnsnt Mahlso Sbaaher, Co. E, 193 th R«mPn VolSf I- ;•'.*• '■ 7. let Lien tenant A exsadcr Shelter, Co,2,^S«Ji Bott, Bth 22 T.R. Corps,* Jodge. th»a thoioMaeaeM t-Mwa bird wlthjctman ftst Irjoiy to the scrrice. - " ry cctDnaDd of Major Licnt. CoJ. and A O, TtSe are riolto a ntnaberof cases tobe tried hr conr'KJitttf,* KWttof a very fmvoaadlznport soi cbaxacier- The Court win probably remain in J steeic» several week*. ‘concHxs; sreoso. . . Wo ; re£rctto announce that Ooionel James C. ■fitrot?, the • respected commander *of. the isth tejjmrnt V.12.C, and. ißto Commandant of the cameos, la at present confined to nt« bed, byelek nta* Teanltise bom his woani- \Ho is lying at 'ids homo in Bcilala, N. wbcrehols stayiegon j tbirlTtaie. In the'absence of Colonel -Btrong, •tbe re*imcr.t is In charge ofXientenaut Colonel .Flood,;- r. ••• • After romnehabont' irecsh era It wonld bo In* fehehona to forget •ecahpob’ieuloos, and in con chtslonewe WIU offer a ettunh of consolation to tbe Bandolpb rtreet fiteetrloaUf'and Little Uses - iiifcds r m eonveraatton with a respect ed commander of .one of tho veteran companies,' our reporter, incidentally..mentioned tbe probable t retortions of the “Young 1 NspoleonV , 'atmy ,vote. repUed “Little Mtc wiU e«* taMy get tome'votes out ol Camp Bonglas. In .mjcoDPtny of #twsf|rmen prdabgjourorfiv jtopete (o <ott .for yon tnny 1 w vi”*' *..... \ ;T- v;-V -- •; / C; t . /.■ ; NUMBER 75. Nciu aubmi&Emnus. “ * THING oo- BBACrrY It* Xl_ AJOTFtJBbVER." to tof fftph K o**of / T. litres* 83 K6oth Clsrk Street* rpp tie Coax Botue ' C*'u\ a Wite* *!<&*{(««* m mil cibor (ilei <UUf. mIS kSrt U |>TJiiiaK«~LoT for sale JLf ca eerier mf OUo mad D*mrbora mtreet, S3 by )0o ires, s Tvottrem-roETHflekHanteflad Loc«* S9 br 100 lttu»ck,EGn(roi ud id. AtkO.maambrrei aoe*iima < Hot* t ßa*i' , Bimei La>r Fuat a.SAaOBsr, r » ml ftauta Afcat, Ko 4 Het/opotium Biocx* . oeisotnu - ; jg'IRST-CL&SS BOSINESS ?ilO- FOtt 81LE Hf TEOS. B, BETA2TB BealSatataOffice . TTm«btartox>’7ectloi|(oxl9ofeetßmmTLusllsmtrme4 msd eo»» Di midot lr*oe. Har drlpb •ut't, fturmsr of *m»mh areas*. / V-rbu»Bm*«B«eßne< Vest-mad rear L\Sn rvee%3i ud 4l.tvett rrcm' fuUd'p'k. : 'J<HK GRAVEL'--ROAD TO €HCEUM>, ROSEOILL AtDETAJSTO*, U kept lc mplindld enter mad dm*, mmnzc Urn FINK ielS-t«3lt . . " • tV£AL JUSTATE K CBEAF FO« CASH. rot mTI ft* t corner«. f O.buia ua «*rfces «treei». “' c ~ t “ l0U “ I'gf-gKBTOQr ft CO. 7t Deubara ietß4M7-Stmt ifsiftAKf?.— Jntt received tiom 1 ot 1 v 200,00 vciOißS. tSxicelot wblck»aar»cff-rlß«at»a«V»wprieft cf ro cv tois»co>€f a. e. «. VA.*f i)r*K*ro J coamioioa rpHE STORMS OF LIVE WIKI JL LftM«ra»* d,. Bne Cdc« a traaqnli boxa at last. Ao<Jlier»oftowir# fil’acts are camf rtad a ra p«7tnr f-fc.triia-b cf h.Ma|«n at Kr-fHl’s Pooalar fbirtcxrapo Uarterj. 157 «ak*> cor cfLu«t.a. ™ i ' * yfa. M. Rvsurrr. nonriaior. PATyTtOtOrxaator. sett tiSS IV I rV>BE JOURNEYMEN TAILOR 3 " o? Cbte*co u* recocted to ntet at toe U»U cf llie T»Uct*» Pr»‘«rna* oda, 77 PRARHORN OTRBBT* oa wOKDoY BVKMNU, seat, 9 b. at ?k o'clock. BsrtorroCtßeTailQi’srratarual Dnlon a»18 tSI rtaet KUWAKD HASDKRSONi ■ea’T- TEIE CBEAPEST" SUIT OF CXOTTJB3I* rw thitU msdeCtRONKST SI A TK“itLAKi) 'K'OKEMANsiiir. andin sytaemca xmporttoa*f<ii tbeweaier. aredaiiy -peta, jnn.uh.*’- at pt'ces i«a<ire tarn 8»\00 a:daa- T»*re*,b? EIT, hoolem-Diapsr and Caller. 9Tr»- moot Block.' Jtl b*— flaaabt rpAKE J *l»«n fere* AiUxaa Well-1" be «at> oiotr I'' I tltpace.* DOBS-B A BITnT. Miimnt', Sept. 16* ISC4. i a*!B S.sct campaign song for L A. LINCOLN. H. M. HIGGINS, Musio Publisher, 117 Budolpli Street* Hu Jmt lua*d a illnjcr'piece of »a«e taUUet OAQIPaICN SONS FOR jLiiwoor/N - , PT.ICR ... „ JOCENT3. . <w ’ltlteaeot.pcßtDMd. To »T addm* on rsctlot of mailed w* leu l y sort* f <iir z vbo pnoMher as ao’jra. A Iwai dtic&aai Kaf a trbenoiaered tt qnsatitie* by elate. » »elB-rvss-StoK PIG IRON. 500 tons No. 1 lake Snperitr Charcoal* 100 tons No. SI l»oi»a Superior Char.ool* 300 tons No. 1 Pnaillo. 150 tons Slo. ti Franblln. - 10(1 tana no- ii Tabers- . 500 tona No. 1 maasitlon. IRO loan No. S Ma»«lUon. 500 tot* No. 1 Scotch* •*,500 tone lamp LehiehComl, selected for , foundry a»e. . FOR BALK IN LOTS TO SUIT. ' A. B. HEEB£B,foot NonbHarketftrest, teH*i£isn " IVTICQIGAN AVENUE AND JJ-L CTIIER EOIIK* ruu ulz cheap in . TBOS, B. BaYa.H’B Baal BaUto Office. AcomiJe a daelixnr, new ana omit, «i\b a vary tone and »ai»aurfl«u* lem. Prise is goo. fcoul* and lot a. alb ol P*rt «.*.», I .tjl Alto, acbarnuarbemola tec sofh O-tUIo-.1-I.Vo First elut Ulcai*»o avtnae nod itaounee SMitO. BeanUtcllot 50 tat »tcat on Rasa »tr««* t’tnn tnk ikd West watbioetoa iQh( trCß'*B % Prairie atsaue mod Twao’y-doeoml atrest corner let. Barorseaadfleclducapiopoitytaal DlTlstoos »el£-t8«-1tt« • np'Hifi DRAFT AT - HANBT *KO>r IS irtETIliK To secure Substitutes ’ AJSD ATOID the: »B4FT; BfCrolts fnrrhLed I T Tcwtiiblrs an* Ward* of TVs citx.ap to thedxt cf cr*u. sabnivitcs »lY*n is hand \o inyplj«a%n. Tala Isjotr lastrbsacs to mprtf ISAACR Bin AMI, le'.S bat llLet « S.CTardiUtot. OK BORSE ENGINE. AtfO BOILER. W«b M'crtt coasp-fte* aßdlitaerlas crier. FOR HALS LOW* . J C- HUfIARO?, . te’SMttn SS tVasmraton btreet. £4E. ri»\ UiiT’EßWOOD,ocabat tad Aarut* nper»tor fer Cross E*ci. Cntsmct, Ac.. 11l tcsindoiph *Juc*to. in. o’*a"rttery •* ihrcDJtdlromiDO’n'nt tor Eicht «lti piMfnU lroc<a I puss cf It>« cnoatry* •asteostoybtaataserTrfeW. - selMi3llt GOAL. GOAL* An tiCf-TeEtcaaTlty of Mlarral Rlrfrs and"Clip ci*» IXal*. cs:*.iuliy tal dbiit«r*d iaaU pam«« the city. A o aug-o Of BamtootdsTine OCal* tc arxlte la a .or days, and tbhesrld inn on Ccal daily from the OasTllTemlces ud lor isle bj the car-lohd cn *r*cr or rteMvcrcd. J. L If A I'H A H &Y, lelßbSysctayt irMuxtsaucal. IS'AIiT! OiSiABIBB: and By the CiS LOAD or'CAB3O. / USOfiUWOOB & CO., . itll-tSfO tftel IS7 3cath Water street. PORK AMD BEEF. -■ , Wa hbTB It store a few bandied hMI. ~ ‘ £CC-“, SL. tS. AND RIDIP POUR AND IWKSA BEBF, * " Frrsals* Tilth wt offer tn lets as waa‘M by tbe u«de. UnDKU«O »D A CO^ ids *s:t;fDet IST bcuib Water »»naL Bucliwlieat Flour. P O bane’* Cnnads Bachwheat FTonr (wilted la 18*8-4)JOnslCb» BARSEY A Iff 3Ll'*, No * etee!a i Bceic.inoth Wa enlrecL leir-SMlitet W ARE HOUSE. BtSKEBSON. STURGES' & CO. JXTCT.M or. ' rDXHT PLATE, . - And Drtlen In Tinnen* Stock* 16E5T9 FOB TOE ROWE’S SCALE CttHPAST ~ IPS A Sat RANDOLPH CHICAGO- , ; sotnet' a»i«; HOWE’S IUPSOYEB SCALE, Adopted by tha TTnltefi State* GoTeromeat at tb* Coitcm Sooro la bow York and othur place*. FOR SALE 97 PICSfiOIQ!f. STURGES & CC,, IVXetal Wiirchouse, - . acsfpßt7«tß"t JWA^BJBsaclpbrSroeLCltetfO SYLVAN DB KE 1 D WILL iTJL OPES HE3 ESGUSH AKD E3ESCH • BQASDI&3 AMD BAT S0»001 XOR YOUHG laDIE?, AtII yt est Thirty rtito xt«ct,NawTsrk, On the 21st Ts. -muAb of Jn^rnittw l ' bo-complete, anc ttrt dSffiotwW toan'c aceoipiUbl aad ex- Hir.a. PO-.«r. ..4 Vrv I»Lr-t W. lsjrrahaßiZto. aadMn. Kip,RL »* ceemDorrtti.aodUrx.Barcva.ocn UiUaui -n&£rSf£d yuiacore* JL'PollL; BosTwra.H Siward B«r*TftO*.C Ihtluo, 'ki&.rukio,bt*s B.L-£crUr. ID*. H L CoP.Hoa. c»-p>Ve J. Firld. 800. Da Bam* Hoa Wtiiiao, loisaae. Avoid.Smiib. dzq. H-a James Y.Salth. Hoe. HjsCfind K. Wood, Et a D>nielß Uichlatoc. Pos. John T wp|t-Bo*. r. J. jJusoaM. J Georte Hsrrls,B*4 ,IT.S-1?.Pr0f.8.5-a*faord,MaJ Om. John AiOjx,aad Mr*.Otx bin Wtn L li-cej.K«T. Uoiea&uix.l>. n ,r«.t. Wm F. Woir»n.D iy.,Hea. Gto: ce Folbcm.B«oferaor and wn.pott4.Br. Horace Wtteter,Rc-winHoix R»Q.JohnH.swift EM..Abo) Treaeb, Eai ,-600. w. Hatch- EdwaM.R. oc Lumi, Mq. Bar. Ha. B*. D. D., non. Frtstne Carstmc- 'Bor.Amas* J.Pueer.Hoo.leoai Tmpalß*, Tboa. w% O’cett, F«« l»f. Amo* ti*. Crane* il. H. »*a,rr. J**.'sf.Arafbe, Gen. a.viuebarTalVm, Ear* P. x"c&?!br. Eory D. Patoe, aoJlGq. * Sprague; - r - ; ~ ' aeA qIU-naet . FmZt>mßetf H&cU Ccal, a E U a»M,l=r«:.OT , kklloso t GRAT. «e g-ggn-TTart Ccr.Mtrtet Aaa_W»*s is }tWs-» u. ceieot: cLAStioaii so aooL. n Tb«m:dpiili3‘iil h»T« oreied * eelact *chcol.»t room l», Bluer, Nor A •eISiSCI-StseU -proLTT.O.PrAS. > * c * wcr r AND MICHIGAN * vj; ; AVK&*UE3.~WeiUaIre topardnia twqlpr thxee FIRST OJLA.SS BESIDStOSS Ob iht travel. • 8. H. EKCTOOT ft - ■elltSCasi&Bt EetlEttttß Broken, 71 Oetiboxa it. \ 'Ncto atibcrtiaements. ROSS & GOSSAGB, IBCCXMOB3TO ••• . * w.;m. ross a. c 0.,;; '' Mt!ielrOLDSTJUn>; , , 167 and 169 LakelStreet, ' N. • V BA.TK KOUT IK STORK OKS CT TWB LAMEST AHOBIOaESTAiiSOftrMSaiSOf . Si)k«, Poplins, Velo'ni’S, Repps, ' ' Arnmrcs, Merinos, . Alpaccas, Plaids ~ In errrj railelj of outer:if, and ORESGOODS ' Of CTtry gra/e. ever oSbed xcst of Her Ter*. ' A l *©, In itect aa xu limited tuUCj of Cloths, Cassimeres, t _ vHosiory, Gloves, Embroideries, ' Laces, and GEBERIL DR GOODS ' i • \ . 01 every d •crlottra adapted to trfe' > lat**raae all _ boxubt (or HKT CAia, man lelita* at th* ■ LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. Lane dally anl«aia dnrlar the raioa. bar* oar itrckaixaja completely auoned m «Ttrj depart* itens." / MOURNING GOODS A “STHCIAUTT.” BajeimtU find one or lb# beet u» sorted stoclcs'ln lb? United Suief - AT * BOSS - & GOSS&GE’S. • 167 and 169 Lake Street. MlB qJSC.u' . ROSS & FOSTER, 105 Labe Street NEW STORE. DAILY ARRIVAL OF ' RICH DRESS GOODS, 6HAWLS, LACES, Embroideries, House Par •- nishing Goods, > AAD TEB BEST ASSORTMENT OF GENT’iVFURNISULVG GOODS \ Tobefonsd xettof Sex York, All at price* defying competition* U they acre all bought previous M tht Into great advance* JUST RECEIVED, Clan Tartans and Plaid’s la all the new materials of Sre*a,Good*. Plnln yopllut) Lnstcra, Cmprai Cloths and Beps, IE ALL TEB EBW SBAEiU. 3,000 piece* new French Kerin*. Is I all the new shades, at ranch below present value. • ROSS & FOSTER, KavailiS OF THE SEASON —IK— ‘ BOOTS & SHOES ; -AT it. BAMBER&CO’S, 122 Lake Street, iTanniactiircdby EDWI2T C. BtfST, 3frw York, Counting of latftcs,’ bflMea and CbtTdrtn’a n*x etjle* tl Utlcoral*. iroit Antha Cocctom, loa Bacble Ciztrtf*. Cengra*! Imitation Bale oral*, Ccasrres Imitation BqUoq, with other new ana - ha&stLnl veilaUe*. slid we ebaii warrant. E"F“ ip addition to tb*above we bars a great van*, ijr oflinMif,* Mima* acd children** Good*: also* McL’t, Boyt'asd YontV* 6ost*.H«lmota3« ( ,;oszrejß v j-»n’i Beetle ecolr.txnltaUos Enctle ic. Weed* •vreat Itdneamrau In onr Wholmls Department, AUvbobnj gooca la tlit tnkriat aboxdl examine 'omatcci before porcbaiaig, E. BAM3EB A CO., *BdO-qsU-tfnol 132 Lata itzeet. . QOAI/S COAL 1! > HAEB COAX* 1000 luna Small 1000 tons Stonge Nine*.. 600 tons Chestnut Size* A>c, cccJtArtlyoabasd, ae-'od nyoly ol EhIB Bl IAK ClLl, ILLINOIS atd KLlHShirtiG * CO*!, which xe are offaE* at LOW AST MA.RS.Hi RATta fob aits nr ' EOLBBOOK & PARKER, . T»id, £* KlnaPnsyaSrcrt, cir.XadUaa. ■ ped OfficeaddiuaDrawtrß 5. IVepi«rtiral*ily call tbn attention of Foundry man at a eanuitctam* to onr track ci Lnmy, ttsigtt* &tu»r U ai .and Ciieltca Son. Or/eiaJrftat PtH/rOS A RRO3. So. 10 River at, or at Pi nenrte tmst. will let’ .tc prompt atcenOoa. tX”Belrr concealed with thi b--OM V Ji/oa Far* kci ACo at Ucifsic. wo »ro er*rieo nj fiti any or* dit! Id R* l:on, Lcilsb, Vgc «oa oth-ir Co-.], • StlJ AllWlrUtt 5 E W IiAW EfcDFIBLD Off WILIS/ Tba tax cf vun; riShnelrg atro tbs Jamprndtnt* offcwnlty; Tbe Bffeitof Bicrmsie Evil'nee r Tha Citatlcnud CosrtracUoacf Trust*, ao fir ai appl> -canetoWLle, with Form* and laaTncasna •o? Prv tains Bj luJtc F. Eadflald. itoUSto.J Washbnrn on Real Property. TFE AMSRIC4H LAW" OF REAL PBOPETTT. By Bmobt Wasqbcab, LL. D. Satoed Edition* gzsatljialarscd. 2tola,Bto. . . IN PRESS. THE- ILLINOIS DIGEST, Fetes a Dl/ert of tbe Doc'ilona of tbe SHr'SSKB COUhX CF ILLINOIS from BBSESS*3 Eaportato Uxs IHX6TIKTH rolamo of lUmrs Bepirta lad» 'filra. Bi H." Wood and JoasrsD.Loxo* • XTClsTOjal, Bto. ' laxßoakseUtrt and PaMlabsra, * - Is© Clai* Street. * ~ .. »ci*a3io2faet - WE HAVE W&K KBW. A LAP.BE NUMBER ‘ OF WOMEN W^XJXTTJHm BhSBASD AOT JBMoisCoaI Screenings .’ Jadcaßtltytonilt eastotnera.fwaaJtbr- I -KELLOGG* GHAT*- it! 3.5 K9 T: e et_Ccr. Ha-ke t atd WaibteEtocHßi. ‘ rpH3C HAVE • I renaed acopartserahlpxmde: the it;leaC HUNT, BARBOUR & HALE, , , TOSDOtNdA Dry 6«o<s . J«bbbig> Btulnea., At Nosi 3 & 5 Lakfr St., cor. Kltb<gu-.T. • 1 c > Jikssr-HOST., 1 * Cbleaso. SepL 1,19 W. S EOI|T- W.HALB. Ul7 cßAltntt • CITE AM- SAW MILL, CHEAP, Oacailynex.'eaßabtoOf ratting7mteel9onnm> ’ ber' per day. low **• eweemp. KahL». boardn^ bonte/orteaiii. tto«« , 2£ fl l^2iaSS T * a BBd. J» COT CO^ JaK/.- . • /: " - - *Bd&qslttfbol

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