Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 18, 1864 Page 2
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Chicago. Cribanc. 6UNDAX, SEPTEMBERIB. 180*. P£NX>L»TOIf. x. .. Wc present* few extracts elsewhere from ■ the 6> Geo. H, pan* e*oD| k tb« Dt-mocraiic nominee fir Tice 'prtsWnt ot the United Slktea. Mr. Peudle* lon ins Oil mult. of odogooc br tbs mast stiaighliorwirj speakers In -the United State.. Believing that the wir ought never to have been btgnm be said so freckly before the first ihttw*b T|rtd, and adhering to.the eame opinions, be batrulcnicd them boldly ano unequivocal) crer-.aicce. He -thinks % s that immediate peace abdseparationtathe cure-all for onr rational cittcolUea, and he says fco.wilhouv clrcamiocat'on No died* ple'ot Jobu C. Calb\mu was tver more' thor ongbly weddou ( io of:'®* 8 fate as it jaunqcratood inSoutuCaro- Baa, than ‘Mr. OPctidb ton, and no avowed It more broadly. If Mr- Prndletod were a candidate ‘for Vioe President of-the. Southern Con'edcracy, he would get more votes than Stephens, Toombs, * Cobb, l or IVigfall .and lt 4 r Jiff. Davis should die he coufd flirhis cnaife 'su Tar aspoUtlcarqualia* rebcidom. ,Wecommend-Mr.‘Pendleton for ; hia front otea fend we jcoxumecd'thosc who nondnaird him for thtlro. ~ Totre is one feature of Mr. PcndWton’e re cold tbit will perhaps ;astonlsh>fats best friends ouieldo ol JJlxie.. He bolds ths't the people 'of'the ■'Unitea States cannot anfbnd their Conslitnilon so as to abolish slsvoiy.'- Hesays tbatit M:nvt in the power;of all tee Stales tneoie to'abolish si ivety in that one Slate egaineVllVwiU. In other words hebolos that it is nuconstltnUonal to amend the ContW'ntion m the wuy, prescilbed in the Cusetiintiimi , Patrlca lienry thought differ-' tnili.atd he urged Yirgima not to ratlty tic Coeslltuilonj.for the, very reason that three fonruis of the StstesTmlght.'a't /some * fotme time, abdiieh slavery m Virginia against her »l;l; std Tirginla ratified the CoEfititntioc wlib the distinct nederetandiDg tbatit conuined tlui power to aboll-h slavery whenever'*- constitutional majority shonid dtem it proper to do so. It is ui eoiess to follow Ur/Pendleton's re cord Isrihsr. tx hex. a man aaya thst he wsa in favor cf peace, even with Disunion, before tho warVigan/inst be is in favor oftbe same now, tbit bS'oeiongs to'ttie Calhoun seborj of politicises, ana that the peonte of the United Statis cannot amend their'own Coa stitniion so as to Interfererwltli slavery—he has said ‘ non-h to show aU intelligent voters which sideße stands on. - _ ■’ xtynoba Borstlo Seyntonr is nominated again for the Goveradrof NewTork. .'He wssnoml* sated two years ago, and was for once elect cd. Those who have memories.two years long, will remember by what mean's he sne . deeded. **, Ue was for a more vigorous pros ecution of the war!" He was tor putting It through bydsyllght. The contest had drag ged for a year and a halt, when it ought to have been done, finished and concluded in nine months. Does anybody remember who bed been commender-in-chieflora goodpirt of that time? Was if not one George B. JlcCitliaii? Bnt no matter for thatp Sev moor got elected; for the people were -dla conregcd, dissatisfied and Impatient. And If Beymonr, as Governor of the Empire State, could have Infinence to hnny up the war, put more men into the field, appoint them with more -enterprising generals, and who had more hesrt for the contest, and so conclude.the strife, why then, it were batter to tty him. - - And they did try him.*/ And-we* know with wlat nsnit/ As soon ns elected,' he set himself to hinder the war by hll the dliboiical ingenuity of which he-was capa ble, while be womd seem to bo lot it, . Where Bis predecessor got a hundred regiments Into the field, Beymonr sent six. His address to the riot era in New York city, in dais, wIU live in history.' as long as the iesta o/ Bene dict Arnold, To,follow.him through aU his . miserable windings, wiring in and wiring out, would be-like Uinrira- Uag the track -of a salt water 'cei In Hoboksn road.. His Infinence has-been frit through f the nation. It has been a-sort of malaria, poisonii g the air and acting upon the lungs everywhere In which copperhead ism had seeds planted. He got McClellan - nominated for President" With August Bel mohrbehlnd him with a bag of money,- took the Chicago C .nvcnflon-lntp his hands, and shaped its action. He is the grand opifex and nunlpnlator ol this Presidential cam. psign on Its'coppertiead side. He-now comes before the people of New Tork for a re-election. There ere some dis eases which people have only once; and ve rather think—at least we hope—Horatio Sey monr to be one of them; Hast of the dis eases of this class are pretty mem ones— scarlet levtrand small-pox for instance; and It would natnrally be aoppoaed thst If one - occurrence ofv either of these codid defend the human- system against Us own return, Horatio Seymour prove aprophylsc* tic as against himself. _SUII, allot the mem diseastß ore not ol this kind. The seven yens’ Itch 'may, for aught we know, con tinue twenty ; and If tiff people of New Fork wish to do two'years' more of scratching, they have the opportunity; and if they ore dunces enongn to tiy it, we shonid-not ob- Jectj.exoept that such patients are not plta , asnt neighbors. OEly. SUEBOsIPS ORDES. Itisaatonisnlngbowqnlck and aensUlve the mallgtonto arc to anjtbleg tbit is likely to hurt the rebels, and to cause them to feel the pinch'of the war. A dog with a sore car is rot-more disturbed with thebnzzisg of flies, than the Chicago Jfrnrs witn anv order of a General which pats the cup lia friends in Dixie have filled, to their own Ups. It Is now gteatjy distressed by Sherman’s order which vacates Atlanta of Its Ihhabitanto;' and talks about *• 20,000 people being driven from the city, etc.” ' In the first place, the 90.000 people of the Tma are about I.COG-the rest of Ha farmer, 20^000.Inhabitants belnglir the rebel army or having already fled, before its occupation hyus. Andthensnpposetherewere4o,ooo: who is to feed them?-- Gen. Sherman very .well knows by experience, that that tisk would foil upon him. Ho laiowa top thit he bssbnt a single tine of railroad to do It—a line liable to interruptions by guerillas—and which la but sufficient to supply his own ar my with food, forage, and ammunition: and especially, with uhostlle'army In hla front, and in a country, hostile to him. Were hm able to collect Ms supplies from the region about him,the case would-be different. But no large army cat dp tbs In the fsco nr tn enemy, In a hostile region, though supplies miy he ever sd plenty. - But if Sherman' is to carry his campaign into Georgia, he must sustain his own army, no matter what becomes ot his enemy, and though some “women and children” may suffer. „ But In truth his one of mercy to the poor people of Atlanta. Ho cannot, undertake to feed tHem-they must of neccs • aity go elsewhere. And now la the time, ■while the weather la warm and fbod is at tainable, lor them to be removed, without vnltlcg'tUl winter and starvation drives them ont. / : Nor is this order tie first of-the Hod: Grsnt devututed'the country'.boat Vlcta bnrg lor.tllrty mile* distance, when be laid siege to tie place, for the protection of his rear. - And if > the. JVawsdoes .not recognise the authority of. that example,' Johnston or dered off the whole population of North western Georgia, as tar eonth as the Coosa Elver, before the opening of this very can palgn;; In this order ho probably displaced more' people from their, homes *b-m Sher man’s order will drive from Atlanta.--DM the gma forget to wail over that order f The truth Is,that war'haa hardships for a good many people—and for some who" have no other connection with it time to live where it rages. V ■: ■ ME “ DEMOCRATIC” EXFIiO§IO!f. None who had the opportunity to observe the Chicago Convention, conld have failed'to see that it contained ho real elements of har mony, except prejudice against Mr. Lincoln and his policies, and a desire to get a mo nopoly of the spoils. On the real question **f a disunion peace ora Onion war—the only one before the American people—they were as vitally at loggerheads as are the armies ot Grant and Lee. They could only get through the Convention without a bolt by dodging , this only real question of the day, which they therefore did. 'Nevertheless, the pretence of harmony was false and hollow. The Con tention was a double-headed fusion of con flicting elements—a brace of political Sla .loesc twins—a split'from the start, not* wlUetandlng Belmont’s V oil of palms l * and Seymour’s “oil of blarney, n both parties to the game sat down each day with as distinct an understanding that they were bound to •■cheat each other, and rose each daywith as distinct ahope in each that they had cheated *the.otb«r,*s-wonld two common blacklegs pts game of euchre, except thut ths'laUer would be far more likely to pay the wager If**r« the so-called 11 Democratic Vpsrty”ia 'hota.pesCe party, It Is nothing, y. Peace and war are principles too antagonistic ' "lb Wheedle lor ‘pettifog about.. 4 Union ;»nd dUunlon arc policles which can no'more'mlx 'thandreand’water. Every man knows that if the quesUon were between. Peace and Unlcn on the one band, and war and dls ■ union on the otberj the-whole North would bo for peace and Union. When the Dcmoc- »CJ at Chicago sferod that to betbeissno coufcjoudy lied, simply because the n»e hsue would have : spilt tbeof They knew that Immediate peace couJd not be bad without disunion, ex»a that the Unlotrconld'notbe rector* «d without w»r. they aald wo era lor • peace and Union. This t*aa a boM-attempt to found a part? on a lie. The. true lastnv via:—Shall wr suppress tho rebellion by war J» preen measures fell, at we'and they all know-they will, waa ia ctreraily kept out . of lhr Convention, out. oUte.putiorm, oat , oHis epetobre, »a a parka would-be kept from m maitealue.. But McClellan baa Uxro'wn In hie firebrand,-and ho who*waa always : eo harm.- •leta to Ida vnemics bts-ooce more ."sent 41 blecbuß ruin and confusion dbwa” amongst hla fri'nda. • The Democracy are welcome to cbleftatn, It they can moke avail.' , atlf» fgotlem without Independeoce.oheUna* .cj; without confiatency..cowardice without’ •caution, and educ.Uon wUhoutirlsdom, they will find McClellan of moroservlce to them rth&n be ever bu • been to hli country.. The wtr party.had him on their handa tor about eighteen months, and hjire not yet recovered irom him. ,' W« ,br%nUy congratulate the peace men on their elephant. It he will, be half .aa inlfiona to them as he has been to ua wo abalJ bo bappj, to live to write their epl-\ taph—“died br oar cooukey** hope "and' pilde on the brain.*’ .* 1 ■- ■ TmE COPPKRHKAD divisions. ” Wllbsll too tierUonsot tbe leaders, .the psnjr of extremes does eot eeem to hang ■well together It was one thing to get the - Chicago Conventiott throhgh .without >h explotioo, hot it is toother thing to get htr. toonlottsi) throogh the campaign. That Book vhieh a prophet ate, as described in sacred wrlt,-waa sweet as honey in hla month, bat ' after it was eaten, it waa terribly bitter, so s the cooking, and eating by Seymour, Vailan dig ham ■& Co. was aU very.well,, hut the toward digestion after gettbjghome ia soother tblbgi -.We :tiust; It may prove a Kilkobny cat affair, sad ila the country of much aesti- Teutialmatter. ■' ' . . ■ Bnt lt is notworth while for Union men to rely too far on this split of the' Copper heads. They will perhaps after all iedmOtoc hetter,:.lhin ft" now seems. One ’ will bo whipped In; another will' be honey fogled; and otlfenrwlll bo bought npj. and after ail theleeiona oftbe maiUnahts 'may .bo pretty : 'formidable. Let ,na rely-' oo - onrselvee and .not on their divfsio'ns. Stir up the people— otEinist—circnlate-. the document!; and keep the fires burning till' November We ■beyegotlo, contend earnestly, both" in the field and In the to wn—with bsUota' and bul -ieu—lf we are to. put do wn; this rebellion. .The hoys'must keep awake through this night of gloom and danger. v ' ,- - ' KT By .way of encouraging those who aflt ck to believe that the soldiers are going for sotrender and a disunion peace, we print tfaefcliowing from Vermont: By a diepatch from St. Albans Ust evening wo are epanled to give tide morning retntns of the C*D£rt**lonal vote in ntneteoo com panies of the Vermont Brigade. The airere. gatv iflhs follows: 4 , Woo dhridgt. 77; Merritt Claik,9; W(tUB t 4* - > Seond Duinet— Morrill, 103: Onnshy. 2. T/urdDistrict —Baxter. 03; It •‘lil-ttiQß be seen that out of two huu* dred and ulcet; .funr votes two hundred and elfihty.fltc were polled~for the Union candt , daite, »nd but Dteefor tho Gopperhe&'i. .Our brave toloicxfl evidently know what they ace voting for.. J fc#~ The Richmond SaUii.d, of September 7tb } -thinks the fell of Atlanta ought to send gold up, os It tends to delay peace. It says: The expectation or a comparatively auoedv ter. tnlnaUi n of Ue war, which h*a Ruined CTon>d in tbc Unliea Mates, as well aa in tha Coabd&nto ‘ rcdac<d ‘be pnee of gold ai( the Nortt- Tho 3a *e account! tell ofao increased activity in Us tnine, with an advance In price. The ’all lania'TvUl probably farther enhance the premlnm /as iDdiratUsg the delay or peace. The Confederates .never meau tu aive op the a'rovglt, bar to flaht it out to the end jor which tbey atarted-roparadon BDO icdepvodence. AnreaeoeM sained by ouren* emlee but prolong* the evil day for them at well aa ? ■ “*d lf v»a 1 aueet la aa aauxta at it claima to be. it wldundentand it so, and bay and eela£ comindly. . Wall street does not “understand It so.” Deluded Wall street! v EsT*A letter irom a soldier from the Bth hiaioe, addressed from Bermuda Hundred, sajs: • . Although but a handful of us are left, we are determined to stand or fell with the Gov ernment. 1 have never seen the soldiers in h»tUr spirits than now.. Mr. Lincoln erovn in popularity with the army ddly. He would gtt two vous in thls command now to one thiny'daye ago. • *£• OMwno Platform Approved by BlcClelUu Pnvlout lolu Ato^dou. Bina* the appearancejof McClellan’s extra-, ordinary letter of Rcceptance,«4he -New York** JShn, indignant at the tone ofihat document,* has mode the following surprising state ment : - x - •• Those planks of the Chlcsgo platform re lating to -peace were, by common consent, agreed upon more than two- month* before toe Convention met. Early In thdmcnthof July last—we have it npon the authority of a delegate from Indiana, who was selected be the delegation from his State to act as one oftbe committee to inform the candl-' dhtta oftbe action of tho Convention—ihe platform, with its peace planks, almost word for word as adopted, too* pratnUd to General McChllar, t and teat by him approved both in iU UtUr ar.d in iU m tSf The army sentiment was well express ed by a soldier in the Vermont election. A Copperhead ticket waa thrust at him aa he limped np to the polls. He took It Tad looked at it musingly, then threw it away with the remark, <• What a thundering fiiol I ehonldbe.togo dowh to Virginia and fight rebels three years with my musket, and'then come here to flab myself 14 tbc back with a piece of peper likfe that 1", Straws. To TmnSS C “°* I6 * lBM - - • Sir—Straws sometimes show' which way tho-wlnd blows. TheXollowlng was the re suit of a canvass of the FhilsdelphU'Hxprosf Hast, and, Baltimore Express West bn the 13th and 34th' Instant: Exrnssa. Lincoln..., McClellan, Fremont.., Linc01n....... "tTT* ii« McClellan....*..; S Fremont. ..,•••• * 8 The above * were all voters. No ladles or boys were preferences: A soldier of an Indiana regiment informed me. that a vote was taken In the Jarvis* Hospital, B*UU mere, on the 18th Inst, with the following result:. . , ; • -* Linccln/. ‘ if) McClellan ; ” iot Fremont **** *j **“**■ ’it* A *6. ESBniXnEll T OF 8 L.AXES ¥Wf* . THE KEBhL Attav. ‘ Colored People In the Conlfedcrate Ser vice. - .. The foUowlog general order, Itanel by the Confrdeistes, need no comment: Hmxqcairrrna lirp'r rurvß-Mlsnsiipn, I nBEZTzronT, - Gebibai. Obdebs, No. B5—L In accord ance with an act of Congress entitled *‘ An act to increase the efficiency of the army by the employment ol free negroes and slaves ’5 capacities,” approved February 17ib, 18&J, all male free negroes and other penons of color, cot including those who' are tree tinder the treaty of Pans ol 1803, or under the treaty of Spain of 1819. Resident In the Confederate States, between the ages ot 18 and 50 ycare-wlll he Immediately en rolled tmder the direction of the Bureau of CotaeripUon. ‘ r v IL The Bureau of Conscription wfll take the necessary steps through the enrolling officers, to enroll immediately one-fifth ofial - tbe male slaves In this department, between the ages ot 18 and 45 yean. • ? IH-AU frte negroes and slaves ao enroll ed will be sent to rendezvous designated bv the Commandants of hegrojabor forthe sev/ era! States, accompanied by descriptive •IV. Requisitions for negro Tabor must be made upon the commandant* of negro labor ’of the several States. • V. All oTßcers and agents of the Govern-. uent Jn charge of slaves will fhrmsh month lv, to the commandants of negro labor of the several State* to which the slaves belong correct and certified master rolls ol thosein their Charge. By command ol Gen. £. Kirby Smith. 8.8.. Aitdehsoit, Aselsc. Adj. Gen. IFaußtefliv SU nicbaUi Hotel. A reunion ot about fifty Peace, Democrats took place on Tueeday evening at the 8L Nlcbolaa HoW. fop the of denonne^ iDgGenu.UcClcUtn’s letter, and of advising about the beat means of organizing a nearS wty, and ot eelecting a peace candidate. The meeting 'was called to order by Mr. Hnl laly, the editor of the Metropolitan JSccortL who was appointed President for the aion. Among the gentlemen present, were Meat re. Orton, of the Day Book UcUastcre, of the FftanarCt JcumaZ, Ben Wood, of the Daily JKnsaGen. Singleton and Green, of Illi nois, Geo. K. Shell, of Oregon, 8. T,snit, of New York, Ohanncey Barr, W. T. Smith An* derton, and a lot of others. All the mem* hers present seemed to be moved by the bit terest feelings against Gen. McClellan, dc-v sonneed him as having broken his pledge to* ward the Democratic party, and compro mised Us success'in the pending election. Hr. Shell, Gen. Singleton and Channeey Barr were among the prominent speakers ot that meeting, at the conclusion of which 8. T. Suit, of Now York, presented the following resolution; • « Jfrsofa'd. That a cab be addrotsed to tho JTeflfcr- Boslxn Democrats to meat at Cincinnati, Ohio, In the coarse of the present month. Iter the purpose of pwen«ipg a eanflldaterepretenllog that branch of the Democratic ptrtv v Inch the letter of Gen. McClellan completely Ignores; * r x ' The resolution .was unanimously adopted, and thfe meeting adjourned to next week. Among the candidates for the-Presidency whose names seemed to be received with the greatest favor were Mr. O’Oonnor. of this city, and Long, of Ohio.—F, Tribune. Sept, 16. UiLuois mines. The' Third Oongreimonal District, twprjrtiead Ooum>|i>od Convention TSTw « ■•“ on the nomiare ""“S - * Bonurorniio Pi* Jr.® *V”»—**•—. x u..biu.uu ViV.«l.iii! ~,1,np” J Dp I'KO > Kocket, tlonn ilk- n«il.u_. n^,cin* S3SSS3SE _ [Fmni Our Own Correspondent.! Co , Seot.46. It was not until eleven o'clock'* last night I was enabled to* leaye'tae quiet vllusre 'Ot Kqpqrvllle, and as' I the cars ortho Illinois Central Railroad failed to equaect with those , of the*Cblcago, BorhogtonandQuloeyl had the plcaiure of dramming! my heels idJtbe station house at Uendota from one o'clock' ' until throe this morning, and of rldlog froim that : place daring the hoop between three' and tlx. , \TJicro was a weli*rtre»acd drnok&rd In thecar-Jn which-I was endeavoring. to epalclralUtlo sleepy ;hnt’ for.the last two hours and a hall fae.mxde night hldepoe with hla dninken peveHlmrv'and ‘alumbcr and - ! had a serious falliog odtl’„ ’ ■norri.z. b. washbubite’s oppohbmt ' °™ r ' d “ CBaay •tte-'Copperheed deitnt of tie Third CoogreMlooU District, comprising' ttc counties ql Carroll, JoDiviess,Xeo, Ogle® Slcpbceson, and , Wbttcsldc, aasemhlod in 1 ' cm.vei.Uon>t this city, to place la nomlna- Sv, 8- , w “hbnmf, the present inemm tcet, who bsa. bceb-reaomln.ted bv seels irthe .Union men of tho-Dlstrict. UDa S Ue that with tbe.resalt of aelast CoDgrrMional ctnvars in view, the Copperheads would not bothlgh upon their’ tt^SSSS;;: 1 >0“ toe vote of Carroll,, .w™: ilira- Waabhnnie'B Msjorilyj.,.., W* haye no hope of .overcoming. It win be bf T°ur correspondent does thh. signs of the times. The reason that, t hey, made a nomination at a'l ’ ■m»y bo foned in .the fact- that toe“De‘ niocrscy!’ tnlnk ft a point gained If they can -O L cn«"«,V p W T I ?’ !v ovtntoUm, ud to JJ| i 8 “d they voie regnlariy, even ttangh they knewthey will beoeatei. .The only ,wonder is that they could find a man *c”Pt,lll! nomination, and the .certainty of defeat.- Two' years ago thsv '■B ’“ n ln wnfoo oiaon. IL B. Stiles, ol Dixon, and the same centiomao tnrned up again at Freeport day before yc£ Xro^r E tuccesafafctaclda^M Mr. Stiles l( a pleasant genUsmah. aud"ah mtceUrxt Judge of good living—qualifies “anlrest'by the ficc that ho Ig noredthe Urns of thexlty of Freeport ran m tnnL nn'iui ° took up his abode during hia ■ sojourn here in the Prenton Honse, kept by thoee “ blank Abolitionists," the He “a dPLSldtrable ebllitT. the owner of a nton, another at Morrison, and a denier In wheat and • produce Kcner*lly. Since the war for the snppresaion ofthisre* ll “ lnor 'SßOd hia gains very con- J tnd if be chooses nTTpendi pof i'°” }n <ho vain endeavor to defeat noMihlv /Wslhhnrne, no one can posalbl; object lie stands about- the e .me euccoidlng In hfs ambitions en “p« d f® B ,° r -being ewaUowcdup moraUg*^ J! t,sllt / .September *- A FIZZLE, , J®nr Aurora Correspondents 14 , yo ?, of „ the to that busy city? C. itobinson, the Coppnrliead candidate for gnbematoria honora- Ue waa •xSI'Sl 6 ® 4 X° B i- ca k in Uie : Public Square la The afternoon, and although a band la a .wagon contaumg upon He eldea tha an nenneemtut that a live Copperhead would be and pnDllcly hies free of w,’ Be, i{ >ani4e ? th^ \ otreete for three mortal * £S foeo® when the dlallDgulahed b ,D L^i , ' an « a^ pcarß4 upon the ground that thlrfT «W? h » ndre ' 1 Ustenere, two were Union men HiSiSjS atten sed just to see how the “plxen ’ d^ p p ort hlmiolf nnder the clrenm stence*,-oad because one of the chief fegle men jocosely lemarhed. “the crowd waf so nnmeroM that few could hear the speaker's If was decided to afijohm to the Court .House. . Well, the two hundred lis tened patiently for on one ot Rohm* ■ et/es etopid and doiorbos harongrips, end scattered. .Before adjoarnmeot, anticipating fsl IU ?, C J- I S° , !s.S f . Coi ’ per ' l '“‘ after again ihtho la “"tatening. RoßlnsonJvss ’he proper hour, enrronuded by a b dy guard br fifty or sixty of hlTmSre immeoiate followers, but the crowd, num be™ff : ronr or five hundred, were Union back to piece, and tndow it with ail the~ad- Tsntages and prosperity ol the old time con dUlon. Warning- with the occasion, bo turned to the nominee of the Chicago Convention, and recounted bis claims for the hearty support of the American people in this tern hie crisis of our country’s Tilsioiy. He spoke of the recorded opposition of General McCltUan to the Infamous policies of lha administration ' ?,* Lincoln—“arbitrary arrests ** confiscation ot i rebel property,** *• the draft, ‘arming of slaves of rebel owners,” •‘freedom'«the slaves of-rebels,” and so on, and then ashed, ‘-Is not George B. MoClell m reo.oitpouent of trae-Democracy *" ”No! Nol thundered the no less Immortal fonr hundred. Boblnson was nomplnssed at the evident- lack of sympathy in that crowd and alter a few more similar qn-atlons and »»«"• lowered hU colors and abandoned the field, alter having spoken Jnat fifteen minutes by the watch. With him departed the body guard of three-score Copperheads. a hoDsrao onto s xeetiko. - The Union men had come to hear speak ing, and speaking they determined to nave .So they set about organizing a meeting of their own. A chairman was chosen, and a yonnfe Gennan, Mr. Mettzner, States Attor noy of the district, took the stand, acdspoke in a strain of eloquence rarelr cenaUei for" °« r an „ h ,° tlr * rrnlil the audlOMe became fairly wild with excitement. Cheera were given for the ticket, State and national, for Ihe soldiers, for the sailors, for the Consti tution, and ironical cheera for the fugacious Coppcthtad candidate for Governor of the loyai State of Illinois. .It was a glorious meeting, and In marked contrast to the In significant fizzle that preceded It. A Union man I rum Aurora, who participated In the afikir, and to whom I am Indented for the abo 'V ! , wlaheayne alfecUonately to Invite Hon. J. C. Boblnsou to apeak In Aurora again. *^ ' J ? hn v - Knatace, of the 3d dlsfrict.his Issued a statement, by towns, lot credits for cnllatmenta atd of -qnotis for draft-In Stephenson county; made np to J 4UI - -from that statement It ap pears that the only town in the county la excess nndcr all calls Is Freeport, which has stand ing to its credit, to bca.-plled on mtnro calls, 186 men. Oueco hasjnst filled her quota to, nman. Wlbslowhaadno-l; West Point, 13; Waddatre,!!; Florence, SO; Larin, 47; Jefi lereon,s; Erin, 1; Kent, 8;-Bldott,41; 811- verCreek, 74; Bock Bnn,ll; Hock Grove, 22; Bnckeve, 28; Harlem, 44; Dacota, 23- Lancutcr, 7. Buvar Creek Is settlsd almost cxclnslvely by German Copperheads, and it must raise seventy-tout men. Tncre wUI hi bowling ta that tclghboihood whenthedraft jomes offi Freeport hsadone grandly. She has sent 880 men to our armies, and-li more should be necessary, she la ready to send more. What city of her size can ehow a cleaner record?. gehsux vmas demosstbatioss. v There waa an. immense. Union German demonstration at Galena last night, and another In Freeport, this evening. The for mer I did not attend, bat those who were there say It was a most enthusiastic aflku<- and likely to be productive ol much good to our eauae'in IhatJatitude. Gov. Hoffmann. Major Stevenson, 'and Dr. Charles Rethle were the speaker*. The demonstration at Freeport I know wsaan imposing one, and most enthualaaticaDy conducted. The same speakers were present here as at Galena. The salient points of their addresses ! have al ready indicated to you by telegraphs - rounoiz. ikdioatzoks. The indications of a radios! changeof sea timent on the part of the German Demoeiutlc element are 'abundant and. encouraging This people are coming over to the Union ranks by scares and hundreds, and a power ful agency to this cod'is the presence and eloquent speaking ot such Inffuentiil Ger Messrs.. Hoffman, Stevenson and jue&ie. .e - TO-MOBBOW. wSSftef*ft-?i? 4wni# P e * tomorrow at Mcndota,, Salle county, and on Monday gallant Dick Oglesby will recommence t*c canvass at that good old Union Republican u % O V“ r OUR Alt BIT EV GEORGIA. Gen. Stoncman’e Bald Upon Buod. [Correspondence of the Chicago Tribmo.l Axlasta, Angnat 80,156 i. Although,the primary object of this raid failed of attainment, jet.its secondary pur pose, that of the edemj’a lines of communications,-and destroying their source of supply, was most effectively accom plished. The following property belonging to the Confederate States, or used by them in' carrying on the wai; Was* destroyed by the 14th DUsola cavalry, and other regiments, comprising Cok Ctprou’s brigade In that ex pedition. i .. > •** - - Capt. Samuel Webb, A. A. A. G n on CoL Caprou’s staff, .with eighty-eight men from McLaughlin’* squadron, 0.-¥. VT C., destroy ed an important bridge, and a large flouring min known as. Hendenpn’s a bridge and factory known as Newton’s cot ton factory on.the Uleofouhochee River. Major F. H. Davidson, of thio 14th IQiuols cavalry, with 125 picked m,en from hla own ' command, -destroyed at the junction of the Edcnton railroaA-and, Georgia Central rail road, a large brick depot filled with army stores; also* eleven locomotives with their trains, consisting of forty passenger care, elghtv box can filled with quartermaster aod commissary stores, and twenty platform can loaded'Wlth machinery. He also burned a large machine shop bllrd wlth.t«»l#nud mv b» longing ;u tbc railroad company,’ cotton factory, Hit }«ifKr»pb offices, c ipturing tbedptraiur. Following In tbe direction of, end beyond Emmlu’s Station; be tore an several milts of traob, burned two large dfprti, two mills, six railroad brides, one of them overrun OconeeHlver, said to ba 700 yards In length, Including trestle work, Bi'Trial tu>ui*t>na cords or wood, and all the cat'lt yards tor twenty-live mllrfi. WaJ. Barb, of the Btb Ulebigim cavalry.; with 70 mto of bis command aeatfpyed tuo r Broad depot at Eden too, containing a .large amount of cummUsarv -aUtrea and ciothlng, and~loCOi stand of new BJleld rifles . '' . r Capron, with the othec'porUona of btscommand destroyed wltbtn six 'and 'one half milef. of AUeon. tlvg, mllcft of tbe works on the G, 0. R. two paaaengrr trains and one stock train leaded wifi borsefl; ' atd live 'stock, tbrre locomotives and one .large .machine shop, wltbintb'ree'uiUes.of •.(be pity need' for-manufacturing gno car riages And In co-operation «Ub Colonel : Biddles’ command be horned the Railroad 'Bndge.witbm one add a half milts ot Ma - con, £OO teat* In leegib/and COO Ifet of trea eel work. Col. Csproo’s command consisted of the 14Ui im&uio ciivftlrv, BtQ. Michigan ciYAlry, ftod iJcX.aot«bhi T ? squaGrou OrY. V. C. *. CASUALTIES* IN THE I4TH ILL. OAVALBT. •' -Wounded. - * - • FlntLltntn Q UajcCn, severely; Ist Use.. 'John Si baidentoo, C, ««t exely la r&bh; SdLieut blctaro M HugOee, F, slig&tiy, sod la enemy's band*; pitT«teM bed, Au mortally; Taos Woue, A,H*TbTtlj: UZetcer, Brjyrerejy; BA' Nattii/- ser,C; ee>ertOj; John W Argo, G, mortally; D Bltnlngtr, X n.urtmuy * John Uaif, K. severely: O N»»n»tr, bugler, D, severely; Jaa M dmlley, AL sllghty, ... • > *' : : ’ > Hitting * _Fnxn akd Bt*w-F‘U Davidson, let Major: . Dana Oafey, id Major; P H Bsllaaebe, Surgeon; bA'nilmui,. A*& isiant Safcton; ——WilUna! . AvMefant Surgeon, . Comvjjrr A.’—John 8 Henderson, jCaptsln Albert B Cap run, lit Lieut:. u T Thurman, c, 8 • • • S :B> .?l2l5 b v.?' ACDr,jM » < * s Vanaant, N Smith J w-BsJdwin. 8 Procmole, U Qibrld, p.GllßiiirtlQ, O-B Goff. Jacobs Grace, <ZeooU(l liwd, Cbw:o Juba l , wni B Johnson, Charles M Xfcdtey, J r ß Lemons. Cbss'- Murdock. Austin jaania. f Oleson. Wm SSw, : Wca D C Reese,Parkerßobinson, J R Skiil* rnsn, John 8 Smith. GW 6'odzell, Goorefe Woffe. m l coop, Juba P Boland. * . •_-ConTanT If—Paul Det»tler,‘ Captain: Wo R Hatiiow>,Mi Wester&ftn.Lewis Smith,- n Hinds bee, J<mn.W fffT.y Jnlm Bonn, T Bimwt, H Bi.««, F "S“. Clult P.«l«j3c. L Urai «lle, John Oron-r.-John Heermejcr,J Hoffert.'C “ Neff, «» iP’JS-PSSO”. “ Splnkln, J Trenotr! Christian Trefa, i Wells. Peter Yoiel. P Breed. JuJub Da Wole, Jerry. A Arnold. Axcbie Campbell, Lewis A Cobb. George Colemao ■ w > Bt iC lv.? s V , c Mor s» l,n Joseph n Goa* ally, C Highland. Sam-Hopkins, Andrew K Jones. Jdm Krikham. John MiicheJ, C C Pogne, WtlUm Prcke, KicLard Pippin, George Eobloaon, Obariea B r m ’’ _ CojrraaT D-l-t Lieut Joseph W Sillier, fed TJent "■•pH Allea,RFHammond, 0 L Cook, Oaarter' Conlhf, Qeoree Ctoizier. Aaron Carry. JaWDad* ncy, George GalUgoer, Edward Goltry, Joba la sllf, John Ereizer, Inecph Madisw, Henry Moore. Sn l tt.!i Nra t ? ni '. l,tt l cl Morrison, Juba o*Ho£ l“» jy u **V» Jullns dailb. 5 a ’ TnOS Lllootw - w J WiUifor^- Lieut Geo V Evans, W m Da- W Hale. John D Hoe, Jonathan H'Uel ▼ln. Wm Covtr, Ber-J Arnej. Wm -Boiiman, Beol goLer. Stephen William*, Henry j Dana. Jacob Heater, FranUtn-ThomcoD, Jacob Burden? Chari- U £. c . b S U ’fc rfm ßj«J. Jame.lmew, John Janiy, frank Jdiherton, Jonn Lions Fartc Kcxmedy. Wm 8Ho»t, Scott Await, Walter W.l mott, Isaac t Wallace, Thoa foster, Ist Lient Wo H Orej, Albert Geo 8 Harris, John B Styles, John T Lawrence, BcnJ W WiHaoo, J a Carter, Rob t CampboiLWm Clary. William Pint. AUasa Lnffltb, Them Hamilton, Wm Uamm.od! * l * ock * J«ho W Lowrey, BlcS Oowaiit r-Sicd Wills. Laden C Nlchols/Hi ram Miles, Thomas Parktte.- George W Preston. ai^mrE* l^ Jc s? * Sio * Sf Tflonft* J Smith, - a! . ? «««*. Thom* B Van Horn, Thomas Welsh, Peter W hrtt, John R Hanks. 0801 Perklne, John Welsh, caiLScl Bppcjheimer, Gcoroe W Norris, Robert NomAHtnnr JentlntL Daniel Woon John P Ma- Une, Alhtn McCooneß, Nathan M Gray, Thomas william o. Martin, Robtrt Jr Mnlkey, Wibum li Thomas, Wanes O Smoot, James Parker, Leander J Jteae E Sedrerd, James C Cheek. Geo W Hcmnanp, James A Simpson, John B Simpeou. «S d is- J SUnpton, James W Hunt, Hazard Clark! Wlchllffe Ward. John W Beae, John VQuna James W Sham, McCartney, A J Cannon!' John vv Amor James P Gregory, James-O Pearl nm, Sami OBo&nel), Carter Jones, J R "a Wn^fw?TliS tLle T l Jolu » 8 Anderson, Georce Umm, Geo Newman, Albert A Kewman, James H SXw P ? 1 ?l er * J°»epb B Poland. P M Pprtbtft, John J R«-ss, George Bred, Stewart WUHam Snyder,-—-Tsylon * * wSS J ?L*,^ o^ tt uCtn - Herbert Vandcrborg, 5a d . BC }; “ Chapin. James O’Brien, John Gosmra! P J5*Vi 1 0 Itooirlaß, Cassius C Beemus, B M But unleia, Jlathiaa Brets, George W Cosfar. Joshoa . Cray*.'williamJSHlson, James Fair, Geo H Qree;- eL &h L & kKO °*' Jm McNicho.aa, John' if«i 'n.Vi t> p Anione Miller, Jno O’Snti TW«iR* n, » fi 9 l !i?*» Martln D KoUUon, Andrew. iawSSlJ^oSiuS 0 T H “ , ‘ ta »' s *' Bailey, Mores B Sargent. B A Hoyles. -Thos Cot- A Borrold. Henry Sower. J McCarty, Q W Monroe. B Reea,PMnrpny, J N Smith; Q B J A* Burl J u **® ead « 0 F Zimmerman, WS Waits* HSKBSSAVtfBbiSrt SWi W J T “"“ -I— --‘ CoxPiHTM- Thomas 8 Saotou, Capt.; B Kanfman, Chirles S hurt, Henry Skinner, Charles W Fowler, B B"Appleton, William OoyJl, Jeasle Boyd, Thomas Duutu Ban Louis, Patrick Bono bur, James A Pernon, Clinton Hallcck, F M Haines, Ini Hmer, Edwin Madden, Ira B Ogden. UeniyM Robins,. Andrew J Seed, ChanderSilk worth, Jobo Stirling. Wm J WelsVDaniel O Afork, Baniel Smith, James SI MUltr, Ona Rasska. Jobn.Cae«y. • • . Of those, classed among the missing, a num* ber are, undonbtcdly, hilled and wounded, as the enemy chawed upon us in overpow ering force, just before daylight, haring turned and captured oorplckcts. It was im possible for those that escaped to tell whether friend or foe fell beside hlni him la the terrible cjbfllct that en.ued. Horace C atros, CoL Commanding Brigade. PROfIBES« orrp£ wan. The PimcolUes the Worth, baa had to aneoDDter, It is a common fallacy In estimating the amount of force the Government could bring to bear on the revolted States to state It trendy in the ratio ol the population of the two sections—twenty millions in the loyal States, against eight In the revolting States. But It is proper to consider tint the rebels had within themselves a slave population of over four millions, and that this population was able to carry on all their simple Indus tries, while It required more than.double* that number to carry on.the much more* complicated Industries ol Northern civiliza tion. It is thns apparent that the whole fighting white population of the South was available for service in the field, whlleneariy half ol our population was necessarily- neu tralized in the.wsy just mentioned. It is nor •wonderful, therefore, that the rebel leaders .were able to put irto the field, at the verr slant armies nearly equal to our own though our own levies were unparalleled in history. . -Totals must be added the astonishing as . csudancy which a small minority 01 leadlmr men had required over the Southern pop£ latlon, and oy which, when they hod ouce usurped power, they were able to wHd an absolutely despotic control over all the re bouiccs of men and IntheSouth. -Tbepemen, ln fact, had long been prepiriou for tbiswar, as many of them publicly con fused after ths Inauguration *f the rebel, lion. *‘Wq have,” said Mr. Barnwell Rhett. in a speech In the. convention which took South Carolina out of the Union, “ we have been engaged in this war for more thaathlr ty jeare. It Is no consequence of Lincoln’s election or tbefaUnre to execute the fcultlvcr slave law, but we have been engaged In this war for more than thirty -years’’ fo en hance the difficulty of the task imposed on the Administration, the theory of the war into which It was driven by the very nature of the contest, was that of the offensive. Now military history is replete with illus tratiodsof tnc enormous advantage which a peoplehis when able to stand at bay (cover-* log Its own communications and holding In tedor lines,) and await in chosen positions’ the attacks of the enemy. The career of Frederick the Great affords an eminent example ol a small nation, never able to raise an army of over a hundred thou eand men; conducting a defensive war, with offensive returns, and successfully resisting for seven years the attempts ot a coalition or five of the leading powers of Europe. But-offensive operations against''a people holdieg such de/eoaive attitude becomes ten fold more difficult when; the war becomes what is called a'“national war,” the nature of which is r thus depicted by the greatest modem writer on the theory of war. Gen. JominL- » “The dUßcnlUea In the pith of an army are vi ry great, ana render the mission of the General conducting them very arduous .The invader has only sn army; his adversaries have an army and a people wholly or almost wholly in arms, and making ibwhu of resistance oat of eravtbinz.. Bseh individual conspires against the common etfmj—even the non-combatants hive an Interest lU/hla nun. and accelerate it by every means m Ihdr power. Each armed Inhabitant knows the smallest paths and connection*—finds every where a relative or friend who aids him; the com minders aleo know the country, and learning immediately the alightsat movement on the part of - tbe invader, can adopt the beat measures to defeat hlMuojtcts.” -v / These, enormously In creased by the prodigibns. extent of tbe theatre of war, the -topography of whlehis all against the offensive and in favor of the defensive (sa witness the immense depthof , the lines Of commmipaflnniiw any wml tg. pesslve movements, the - impossibility of supplying oar armies from the county as Is done In Europe, etm.) entered into the por tentous problem wileh the Administration hid to Bolvfe; and yet. in face of this, accu mulation ol dlfflduties, forming a task, the gravest that ever met an Executive, tbe war has been pushed successfully through to the splendid results we witness—the armies of the rebellion have been driven from tue vast extent of territory tbe rebels claimed; till now tbe one la shut no In tbe States bom*r ins on the Quit, and the other is besieged without hope of escape in Richmond. A Blessed Object of Devoiloa^ We do observe In an advertised Hat of u Democratic Campaign Documents.” twen ty-seven In number, three /whose titles indE cate that they are devoted to the defense oi ot human slavery. They are Bishop Hopkins l Milt Ftew-CT Sltnrry, Prof Morse on-the . JStftUrf P-fiiion rf Sletcry in the Social System, and BesuUa <if Mnexelpation in 2,ngfitJu er eh and America. .-Three'ont of twenty qroa devoted specifically to Slavery —this is only one ninth of the whole, though we think it altogether likely that ot the re mslDing eight-ninths, the greater part are really, under various guises, on the same aide of the same topic. ~ It . seems Imp's"lble fur the Democratic part}.to art rid of too id a that tbe nlaiQ a»d tverlasting aim mod end ot Jto eziatcuce u the- defense of slavery Duo Quixote was n-1 moi> eager to rash to tbe aid and risk bU li'c in the difm-e ol iorloru and abus*t damsels of bigb degree, thin ibn Democrat!-* party bas btfeizatall times, and Itafcemaatilt is, to rush to ihc de’euee of tbe old bag and harlot of slavery.—JK 7. Tune*, BipL 16. „ Cep. 11, Fendlxtbn and bis Disloyal Bccord. Extracts from bis Speeches in Congress. US. PENDLETON UC FATOB OF LETT ISO TUB SBSEIi GO m PBBCB. ** Mr. Cbtlfau: I say ngtla that mj coo- StltatDtß fefO IQ i*VOf of CODCtiUUOd^lbe^ ate in lavor of peace. l ' They love the IJulou . bciontl «u ihU>g»; out if dlMOlaUop in lar evitable, they *»nt it in peseta P*aca. may prtstrve tMa Government; pcsce, may re ccDßtn.ct this UfiJoo: peace will preserve .• iricbdtblp ana give ufl an opportunity for acta ofrrci, roc*l sloantssond goodwill., If these doaiht-rn States cannot be conciliated; and it yon, geoUrmeo, csonot flod Ittnyonr heirta to trTLt tbrlr renlandsjjf they made le«yt-the family mansion, / wuld **g trite <Ar»r deport ere by tokens 'ff few; I vouid bid tJvtfjorrwrll to U.deAy thatthtyvodtd forever •' by the rteutlettwu qfd; and If, m the yletaltndisortbelr separate existence, they, should desire to come together with asagalu* lo one common government, them ahonld ae no pride to be humiliated, there should he no . wound ttflicted from my nai»d to - be Sealed. Tbfrj should come'and he the place they now occupy ”—3^. -*P’fch % Jat lß.lßßl, Aj>pendix to~lbvg. Qlobt, Ojr.g. } 2d test,, pige T2. . This was before the rebels fired on Fort 6amt»n Two years liter, viz., on the Slat of January, 1863, Mr. Pendleton announced thst hta opinion had undergone -no change, as follows: ' ' ' . . “ I said two jebra ago on - tblUloor, that /armies, money,- war; cannot maintain this Union; Jnstlcr, reason, peace,' may.* 'Joe .(Uvedit then; Ihavc beiieced U every'monUnt exnee; 1 bdieve. t( how. No erent; of the' past two jears has for a.miiment 'Shaken my falih^’ — Vovg, Globtf 87 th SU tett\ paje 654, ~i - • MB, F2KULSTOV a' STATS* BIGHTS MA2T. “But, tir, t pass to another eunsideratioa one olthtwe who. still hope for a res* tcration of the Union—aot the- unity of oar ttnltury only, bat the mtiatenaoce of the Union under the Conaiitutlon. 1 hope toat we may maintain the imcgiity'ot onr system ot goTenment—the Bjst»m of coafedera* tton—the system whose foundation Is Stite Jitg/iiM, The Co&Biitntton Is a compact oC government m>dc b 1 sovereign Shies, which to the Federal Government Its po *• era »tia_dnues, and reserves all others to the .'Slates and people; Its foundation is, that all power not granted is reserved—all da* ties 10l specifically enjoined sire forbidden, * The duties of the Federal Government are few and simple. They relate to lorelgn af* Lira and matters of general and universal IniensU Its powers were intended to be limited also. To the States were committed ‘all matters oflocal concern and the care of tbe rights tod liberate of all their citizens. Their , reserved powers were consequently very large. Onr fathers thonght this the very bidden secret of their system. They tbombt discovered la this hue philosopher's stone of government. And so 1 they bad' It was the beauty sad thc prlde of onr system- It secured, to ns liberty; it .secured to ns prosperity; Itsecared to us fctlf'tfovermncnt beyond the example of say jx opie. In ad evil hour -it was aoandoned. Since then we have bad war, and misery, aud tyranny: but I fofbear.” Mr. Hmdkton's ste*cfi t AfarcAl,TS64.— Vong. Obbe. iftW* Cn\n' UCw»-..p<i tf c6UL ~ jt ix J bduie, nr, in the doctrine 0/ State S : gfits, L know it is Jaehioniblo to day to denounce It. 1 know that regarl for It has bean dimin ished In the public mind; nod I know, also, that In the some degree has Tove of union waned, and want of harmony among the States increased.”— Mr. BmdMoJe speech. 'June 15,1804. /bid, page 2,033. MB. PhiiDLBTON BATS THE PEOPLE CAKSOT AMEMX) TUB CONaxrrCTJONbO AS TO *wrM.THff SLA VEST. ‘•The Federal Government has power over the rtiauois ot toe Scutes wlta rorelgn na tions, end the relations of the States a* be tween and among themselves It has no newer over the purely internal affairs of the State.- This principle was as familiar as household words three years ago. Every power delegated to the Federal tiovermnout rtlaua either to the international or the Interstate relations of tire United States. Every poffer prohibited to the States affedts tbo same relations, and them only; The do mestic internal aifeirs of a State, having no connection with the Federal Government, or with foreign nations,-or with the otoer Slates, are itsemd to the absolute, exclu sive sovereign power ef the States respect iTely, and to the people fhtreot The other States are not affected by them, and have no interest in them • The Federal Government baa no cognizance of them. The powcrxof amendment which >ls confined to itiree funrths of the States, does not reach them, cor ibe power to regulate them, but Is ha iled to too subjects and powers delegated to tbe United States It Is not competent, in my Judgment, for threo-fourthsof the States to •DoiiOt tint provision of the oonslUatloo by which nonewß formed with in tbcjnrUdlctlon'ol any otner State, nor any State be formed by the junction ot two or more States; wttbont the consent of the Legislatures, end cite to tbe Congress-the power to subdivide or unite the States* nor is it competent for three-fourtba of the States to amend the constitution so as to give to the Federal Goveinmtut toe powor to appoint the Govetnors'of tbe States, nor .to prescribe the qualidcations ot electors io tbe State ncr the numher brquolTtlcatlooß of the members of the Legislature; nor to amend the constitution ot tbe State. Three fourths of tbe States may chtngo the war making power, or the power to regulate commirce, or the power to make treaties. Three fourths of tbe abolish the three-fifths rule ofrepresentatiomorthe pro vision for tbe rerditlou ot fugitive slave* or the rule forlmposipg direct taxes. AU these amendments may be. nude, because they relate to inter-Staie affair* They relate to the connections of the Slates as between themselves, o> os between the States and foreign nations.. But wither thne-fourth* of U t SuUes, nor ail the States sure one, eanaboH* A tloveiy in Viet d'tser.Ung State , hccanse It lies within the\domaln reserved entirely to each State for itself, and upon it the other States cat'Uot enter. Mr, Speech, June' 15W, 16& L iftfdL, page .. * FININm 4SO WMSg'-BfllM.. OORBTABT. Sattodat Gtzkxhq, Sept. 17,1964. s The decline to gold has materially chocked all kinds of speculations, and the demand for mon«y Is greatly lessened In consequence. This, in con nection with the redaction of-the balance* of Western bankers at the East, has tended to make the mcnej market here much easier. It la never theless difficult for parties to obtain aceommoda. tlots for purely speculative pursuits, aa'tbe dis count house* are contracting their line* in order to provide for the provision season. All legitimate paper, however, was freely discounted at the regu Jar hanks, to their customers, at 10 per cent per annum. The feeling Is deep ana sincere on the part of the bankers to check speculation In produce, so as lo enable shipper’s to have s (rco Held before thecioje of navigation, and thus get our wheat, com and other cereals forwarded. The market for Eastern Exchange to-d&r wia considerably flrmer,bnt there is no change in rates The hankers were bnylos at 00$# discount, and selling at H discount to thdrenstoaers. • The market for gold in New York to-day shows a farther dr dine—opening at 223#, foiling to 520# antfciosing at noon at 28 1#. There waaco Second Board. The following are the quotations fnrnlah to James Boyd, Gold Broker. 10.00 a. m........ ..252* 111.50 atm 250 v 11.00a.m «U*|l2.oom !.~21i,V ' Here the Gold market was flat and heavy, and tales were mostly to “ abort sellers'* at 213®250. There were tree teller* on ’Coange at 220, with so hide over S17(&S18. Silver was weak at 3003903. —The Cincinnati Gazette of the 16th ears: The demand for money continues good, and cor* mey bei* gin light supply, the market rales very Arm, and there Is an evident disposition on the Srt of the banker* to contract their lines. They ve been tbn* Jar, however.'able to accept all , the legitimate paper offend, by regular cna> tomcn and depositors, at lOQU « cent fbr first e iiu signatures and good mercantile paper. Thera Is but Uule paper based purely on speculative vco* teres offering. Holders knowing that It would t>e ’ Impossible to'obtain accommodations, owing to the extreme “trlncency of the money market, have almost entirely cessed- making apollcatloas. Ex chante la reported, hy most of the bankers, aa working doer, and rates are rather higher. We now quote U at 600@51.10 discount baying, and paieedmg. • —The K.T.lwftpauZmMD Ita regnUr weekly article on the mosey market, aays ' “ Currency la wiikdrawn from the city to tbe West for moving produce hither. A drain will he felt for the sea son, to be retained hither at its close. Hot only are balances held here oa Western account with drawn, but loess are wanted, and obtained, lor this healthy and natural course of bruin ess.” —The Philadelphia Frm of the 13th nji the mosey market is-shotting some signs of strin gency, though not of s rh ,wt * f to ezmte apprv heniion. Loans on call are' offered at 6ft7 per ttnt.' v —The K. T. SovnaoJ (/' Commerce of the 35th •ajs; • . There li a little more artirlty la the money mar ket; axd rates 'of interest have increased.- Good; bonnets paper isnoir eelUmr at the note brokers’ atP&IS percent, and aery few signatures ofany deacnpuoa wo old be takes at simple lutfereev The basks are cautious, and loans on call are made only;with a*aide marsln. . Basts Enciisro.—Bank of England State ment Ibr tbe week ending Aug. 34: . . nrnrrrnnxmtlCaT. . > Sotea bnsd ...aval 9791 Oorennnt debbai .otvro ■ * iotoeraecatiUea .tjnisoa * IQ.IM toll asi - -2- -U.ra.ra . , , . • jßUrer.bullion... ' ; T0ta1,,,..--Total 1 ‘ * ' ‘ &UTXZSO PIPAIDWT. rxop*iV Caul. GOTtmmcQt iu _t*u.. enrtttst, (in- Bml aSnK? elnalac-dead- • * vcixal anno- • • • •. tecintaK Kx! nai~~.»~ s ,~a.K>ttjm ciequer. Ur. '*:; otnaraecurwioa 1»,3f7,5i5 CcmsiKJo&er Gold and rtrtr — « fuwtU'.’ coju. *70,131 • Btbt-UdDIT- Wend nec-ia.. M 98.755 . ; : J ; 0 bcrdepoatta. 13,714,1'1 Berea Okji ana . _ - . • 'j.'' «ttu fV.wa . . 87,75J4U . Tct»l Tbefpreredlng account*, compared -with those 01 lan week, exhibit: 1 • - a decrease of circulation 0f...... £507,(91 An In crease of public deposit* of lii^as A dearatc of other dcpoMtaof...-.—935.96S A decrease of Gorerostfotaecarittea' 0f... KXMWD A decrease of other securities of.. 68&956 As tso»a>eaf bunion Of.. •• 105,999 A decrease of rest of. .. -T. 96,788 AnlncnaaeoirescrTeof..B29,6B7 The decrease In plicate aecorttlee has led to the repayment of cosaldnable amounts to the bank. | Tie Ircrraee In *be r»eer iMbenoet favorable Iti thlf wt*k, e«»id sttti iDtoduloo to tbe aiocl ci-ij £1(&.192. atom !»■•» etot n'otbi b»ra *bie a . Niw .Yobk 'Stool Mi tbe oooiaticna for Srpt.; tonM»l) A Co*, commlaat Si CUiK s net Chl< let o*o.'id D’a. < k. .. I ... tAieuUTet... nv c;*n w. ... c.». r„ cjt fcf.w <pfd). BiS .... hod*oo Bttw.msv .. 111. Oat .. ~hs£ aririptOK 'IWh ;... C. A r....... lurjf ;... mJVeeoi «ai > u. s.(cos)... Bo low nooa«..' y O(U M. B. (utu) '<* , U. 9-1 B mi— - P.P.W,4C,.IWJ( ,*,• wn*oM.ll«X . W. 0. .183 . a. B,« 9 eest и. (cDm.).RS . * bortoa IB)!,. *QB ' a*A-{pj)...w .... u.B.n-iorrwa* к. I. vKiK . «... anr Kot*« ..lit .. m.Ont,»orip.l2l« .... D.B.lyromf. 9iu ... B.*Q,. . .. Wjr'-.... Amene*Deeld4iik i ttixiet—Utßoort wew,' •; NoSdßowd ' • ’'•■i '1 , ; f SatubpaT'EfEicum. Sept 17, IBM. ; Tbe receipts trd •hlpmcntr during : the j>aat 24boms W'ro ts.folioirs: V nnoxtmASD saipsxinra mrMaoinu. i ', L . deterred Sinope f»»n. bvco 19,275 ■ 69,000 ‘ 183,010 .. .V 10,190 • ‘ •• 0,950 .V '7.720 I.IU 1 14,718 .... 81,683 < -s*7v.v BUOI ‘ ! 3,830 17,"50 ’•• • * 603 7,840 - 7.0 0 /moo ; 2,973 J V 41,850 ; ' Floor.. Whe*t... C0re.,,.... ..Oats.!-. K)0........... B«r!er ...... Grew Seed... - Fiax 5een:...:,..... Bioftm Com. Lard.*..........; Timm W001.... - Lira Don,.. .... :Ca«le.,f. Bide* .....‘.i......... ' •yori Bletwlnee.. ..i.- ‘*259 .SSi—•»'’•? .T.. * % m Bolter . .. ....1.. 23.713 ‘2,010 . The farther decline in gold used ahwvy ferlloc la the Prodace, market-*, ana we' report Jowir prices ic almost CTeryJmpor aat article^-. • Thedemapd.for Floor was exceedingly light, and the market rated dad,and beiry, alta nsleatf l,Coobrls—mostly on private terms. .One lot of choice,white winter was so d at {13.03. , The Wheat market was Very dull, and prices 'again fell 2@Bc per haahel, with sales of about ISO (00 boshels of all grades,' at $l OD@J.9> tor No 3 Bad, $1 85 for Bcjected Red. SI.BO for No Grade Bed; $1.90®1 93tor No ISprlbersl.o6X9lß3tf fur NoS SpnDc;and for Selected Sprite—(be market 'closing qmet at t1.57tf31.33 furNoiS Spring, and fe1.9331.91 for No 2,8«: d. The dtmand to*dajwaa chiefly oy short fellers, bat there was also a i!»bt Inquiry by shippers. The Com market opooedsteady, bat It soddeoly fell Itfe per hnshel,* and closed qolet and firm at the decline. Only about 70.000 hnshe's changed bands, at slßltf@Lß9 for Not Coro, sl3l@Ußttf or No S Corn, and st.2Bsl.Botf for Selected Cfern ,~tbe market closing with a good' Inquiry for.No 3 ats .81, hnt «ltb tittle or none for Not. *-• ■. Oats suffered a dec-loe of tf®lc per'bushel, at which abent 200/00 bnebcls changed No 1 selling at 63J*064c, No 2at 68068tfc, and Keel ed at Cltfe—dbslofMtcaSy at C3tf@s3tf c forNo 1, and 6Se for No S. Bje was heavy bod #®lo lower, with rales oL abbot 19,000 bushels, at sl.Bo# for Ko 1. and $ LS7 <31.18# forNo 2— closing steady at sl.Bo# and SI.SB. The demand was almort wholly confined r o lots In two South Bide el.vators. ■ Bariev was flat aud easier, with sales of 9,000 bnehele, at $1.90@1.93 for No 8, accordlov toloes tlou. BVhwlnes were freely offered at $1.74, but there was do dt-raand, and tbe market rnled extremely doll. A lot of 100 iron-bound packages was sold at SLS4# delivered.. Provisions were neglected—tbe only sales re ported comprls’ng ISS tree Lard at 33#c. Timothy Seed «as very du I, and prices Indicate a further decline of 30@15c per bushel, with sales of fair to choice at |500®5.55. There were no rales of Flax Seed reported, bnt 'ihe market is firm al $3.10, Grain Freights were dull, with light engage ments In sail vesse's, at Sc for wheat aad 6c for oats to Bnffeto. A propeller was chartered as 8c .for com to Buffalo. The Grocery tqvrkei baa teen lees active, and somewhat unsettled, owing to the lorther depre dation In the current rates of Gold:’ Prices are wester on all the leading staples. On Rto'Coffee we make a further declined le per &. Snnrsaro less firm, and at the dee ine noted yesterday boy* era are operating as epulngly as possible. Anthracite Coal Is still In very inadequate sup ply. Prices role a abide firmer, bat we still quote Lehigh at $&00, and other descriptions at $20.(0 per ton. Lake fish, are still in small and restricted supply. Market active and unchanged. Cod deb 1» Inlargcr receipts, and with a decline in the eastern markets we note a redaction on prerloae quotations oi $i £0 'per 100 lbs. Dned Herrings in small supply and active. On soiled we not# an advance of sc. per box. ‘ • • „ • . Hides are in limited demand, with a Air supply. Gieen Salted are dull at ISSUXc per fi>, ana Dry Stockhas a downward tendency. Carbon Oil in moderate demand. Receipts atill small. Beet brands of Wblto Oil are held very Ann at £3®9sc pengal., with an upward tendency. • Llneecd Oil qnlet and steady at $Lfc331.63 pereal. lard OH is In small and very restricted supply. Market very firm at $1.76®1.80 for pure Itaf.. ; The Wool market combines very qnlat; and at our reduced quotations oT00(&9Sc per lb for coarse to choice fleece Wool. There are few buyers.. -V In-Wood tho / market leas active and arm. Tbe ' aopply larger," mad In prospect of redocedratea buyers axe holding off. On Beech Wood wo note a uecllne of fi.OOper cord on prevtoua quotations.. St Deals Lumber RlartteC—Mcpt. 1.1, i. T Jl e^ ec ' lp “ tnrlnK te psnweekhave naaavarr Dlll Jet ovsr iba weeks lo ibv •Kmcnin.ahtnaeha tone to record. W- o->ttce •the smr»lor s fieav ot 6 o.cco :eec which hssbseu ESc»“ “'““■Kilos - WMifai of co loprovtmenu In tbs oncer rivers andtheseurnlanoir ro f»radvacced that buiver/ sm*!! mjwdum can now b« expected oown, even at paid siflb of water come pie*»n« m- ntn v ” Fncea are fir* at from S3o.dc to U3JM on b«ok. We utar or no skier, or of any Luoioer cemz on ihs marfeat. Weasu-z retail aod y«ra rates lor alt o-T rciipttor aof Lumber, Lath- Shales. Acs *“ tt Fitat clear. V 1.000 teat. ......’.....5rt00a&0 ro second do iK.ISf acd51nch.......... OJU®7x r O Second no lincu boards.... soaoS Third do boards and fCncue...... 89.0uaf0.iia SbeaUihg,... gsjoa Grub Plank, Jout ainvaMflfi Jol»r.;t itan*» under. m Jolit.lS handover.. «M>a«,oo Ploonra.a.coQd rate, dressei .... bi.«Vi sutirx, »«sctd rate o*s * SqoareTimber,lSflardunder ... 4S. '«<6'JM . M . ** , 18 tt a&dover. 4?joaeo.uo Shlrglts, A shaved 7jcs... ** A 5awed...,,,,, 7 ntva **** _ ** KQ.2I&TN 4Ja"‘* Latfa.nerAl . CedaT Posts, pm 100 ?Q.COa3 V -tio Eastward movement of Flour and Grain , by canal. (From ths Buffalo Commercial Advertiser,} The following will mow the ihtomeats hr canal from Buffalo jor 14 date endingSeot. isth, and 10 dan .from Osvesp, beingtli?zenta»i tbe B'.pt.MhioSoot iDhl.claiive, which, taxes together, win scow the amona c of floor ani groin afloat on the canola deatioea (hr nee water: Frctn. Floor.Weeat Cora Oat?. Bariev. lire Boffalc. S,m Ol'.rco. .. ..11,126 1.8,7.8 73,7t0 .... £O,BOO Total • .... .1V52 718,8*0 fl'S.l'O 1.199J50 17.JM 454*92 rrtv.week...i3j2i>te94i; 9,7/12 977.53J The reoi on «bv 0 days* shipments from Oswego and 14 days’(mm Boffila«v<i taeen ta that it takes costs the t pe;iocatoiesc&Hew Zork jrom thess places CHICAGO LDIBBBIL WABKET* Satcusat Evmmro. Sept. 17,1951. LUMBER—Received j WIO.OOO feet of lam ber. Tbexebave been few cargoes on the market; the recetp’r, which* er* ntyJVP the average, haviog 'been chiefly on contract, or docked on owners’ac count. The market is more active, and prices gene rally role fito. SBlßGLES—Received yea'eiday Sio,ooo. Is good demand, andflrm at previous salts. .LATH—Received yesterday 210,00 pcs. Market moderately active, and in lair apply. Prices moee xafe y Him and unchanged. _,• C4COO UIIB TO-DIT, Caiso ichrAshtabula, Grand Hirer, sold bj Irish ft Fuller.tsjoc feet retted lumber, common X etrloa at tisxj j car* o achr A nitric*, from Grand Hirer sold t>r Irish ft Fnl’cr, feet Inferior lomoer* mcstly hoards, balance m»xtd,at 116/0 4C.OM Lath at lUO. • Jb the yard* business U very active, aadprleeirnle Aim at the following revised quotations. w« qopte . Lovna-ftrst Clear Hoards, v tt psowossra^t Second Clear Board*. V <BA'<ia/0 Third Clear Beards. V U.... 4*XOASCUO FUn ClesrPlank, V M MwwkOio Second Dlearsria&k. t* U stJOasoi Jbtrd Clear ruck, V M,.,,'...,..,,.., 4*.CO« 50,00 Siock Boards. ■ . sS.SHaS7.oO Box or Select Boards .. ... Common Boards -, 240caj8.08 Fenciac- AIKo&eo CpU Fmt Clear Flcortnr, recall 4sxo»so.oo Second Clear Flooner.roasn (ojxusesos Common Moorme,recall......SßJnanoo Bieioc. clear. dreamL. Second Clear. meQ3S 00 Lem* JciWJU.'.... 2iOC»3ICO g&aTM|hl J ialw t A.llM. .... 5 f CO 5.75 Snared Shingles, Ho. i„ &Xcs W Shared Shlovle*, Star.. 3 7366 tflo Cedar .. SSWCS.7S Sawed Shingles, A.,............ ......;. j?3a e.oo SavedShinaies Ho. 1....................... tTacrus Lath, «I.QCO per h........ iKaSM poiu.HvsxC. ujmSwS Pickets uHaiiui CHICAGO CATTLI UtA RKKT. Far the Week Ending September 17, 1864* ~ SaTtncniT Knxuo, Sept. 17, ISM. * The reddpta of Beef Cattla ud Ltro, Hoes at tbs TBrtoba yards in tbs city, tor tbe week amw»f to* day, compare as fbHovi with tbs preylona weekly receipts antes An*urt«.l9M: Week cndlc* fact. 17 WeercnmiigGfpv. i 5....... we«r ending Septa. Week ending Any. 27 Wees eaoißgAuc.2o ....... . week encmg ‘Weekcsdmg Aug. ' alias or raaieHT os ixvn stooc inoit cmcaeib to , • Cattle. Hog* * aaiMJch.s, large car*... *3 to loo So SSlgaotitutnO.'n^Vc««,V. , .’.V.'.*.V» MM % TOBUV7iXOCBBUBPUUGOrXBXMp» S2^9s*Ksf. dAUcll * B -* lir * tt caxs.7*:«wsj Be Carscf sorest...*.. •••••• wi . *. b)a VlCtisaaCeotnl,mm fort Wajae cars,»lest. /...V... S3q »J _ _ .iu rimsuw. . -.go i BEET C&TTIiK; Tbe total receiptt'of Beef Catae at the Tartbu Taraa u the atj, dartogthe veek wwaiwy to-day, according to tbe daily return* potted oti fChinge •mormt to 9/47 heed. ,*hl* la 1,913 heed ‘mote the* irere received lest week, more theft the receipts of theecmsoondusveekoflaßtyear* ■ .'The deity receipts at tna rsnons yards comnare asfoQova- " ' .java,*™ ' Monday. • Tveaday*** WeoncMday...... .IbntadurM.. ... n nidiy.. M _ Total '••>«••••••••••: |«m The receipts orßeef Cattle dnda* the' put-vest 'Uwbtn heavier than dalsg any corretpoadlnx week tor the paat tine months, and there he* abb hee» a corresponding Increase a' the aeurlty of tbs The mpply has not tjscn suitable rotha de mand In regard to the general character of thestock* BhTpplnr£radr»,and good hare ' ' bees scarce. the rectlpta-conrliUig mainly cf-c im_ mohand low medium grades. Aa.the result of tha tramacUonsoftoe wcekwenote-a dectine second pared with the doting prices' or last tracks market. oißeperuo’aionprime to extra Ihtpoirg giadaii ofHAlseperlM Af'onmed’nm to p ime qualities and cftsatCe os commes star es cf sloth. ea. ................... Th- following am tbs elo*Ul{ quo ationa of thi market .UatTcitlrc, aid compared wub l»«t weak; -rf*,ftmoaatiDsto.£) 2.83*, em la iim h«oi rctara of Tkhtm fortbo province*. ± of cola »nd bulla'll* f nor to (be wAoIe tiaanc »*«k. i : - AIUtIT. Tfcle Lutvet-. Prmfcto extra qniUa»vr.v.*7.cijW W *7.iyo i a Good iJrotpnj in prime do.. v 5 7w*7. y - **rdltnn a 73*480'.' 40\OUI . Co»», thin*t*en>,&e v-BKi*J-W *• lh«ltoUowla» ireufl coapirvlvl prl«<s~>(Di«F | Cattle end the coretponluc period ot j Utliters’ V ’ >£✓ \ \j •—Tbo folio irlmr ara I’, reCelTud njp p. r», Sil to&« Block tad bo&o bri» icatfo; . utß'd. inß'd. _ v . , 'Ltsfyiar. Pnmo to extra ocaJlUea «7.u«803 |lj«V*l.S* Gmk n»<nomtopnaiedo.. MwMomqa'ltim, r . s.7sat.M a.</»3qfl Oo»*»ibUauett.&o 3w*ißt !7<iS, l S Pten Ufa aboro übla it will bo oa«a (bat. comptred with La! y»ar,onr pretext qmuuoPt »boir an ad Taica of> p*rcectcn comma ctttle* Si abostWp r cemto* medium fttacei, aalo: is per cent on prime loextratraors - - Batoso*t Evuvrao, Sept. 17.—Th« market dor. Jsg’h* pan Wftk bu evinced more taan us nil Tiger. In point ol number* tbs receipt*.are he m.r ’.than tor ktcisl,months past and alKnt double those ;of tbecirrespLaamg week of last year.' The .radio*' . ion whie»*n»s taken Diace in t&e-pnceaof BrcfCat* ■ e la|n-; Eastern martela baa not been *9 marked beret fortbo almplereatbn, th<t there ha* been el. moa.anomual »-Pplr ofibtppi e biocc. w e bare nottaao snarls crave of rcallrextra qaalfy steers In the marlteicnfleg the'week, and for thsf»w rood -dro e- »ec»l»td there bat been an «xtr«ateonat of compel uoo.t* «blcb mar ts attnbn et the small ‘redaction wb'cb baa taktn place,amoni.tiDg to onlr 25* V 10 ft, a'salnst. a decline ,of 2aS« V ft net WB'f.tln lha Jfew York market lait Monday and <Tnc>daT. • ihre ha* been loveral- large Oorernm«nt e*n. tract* <n the market not bten filled, (or tb< reason 'bat the gemral stock m ibe yards nit been of too low a qoal'ty. Th- cattle wanted are good meolam grades weighing. from I,OS) to 1,150 ft?, or eten mae.for e&ici tbs pruet given ran* e from *f.23’o WJSPUCaa live weight. Eor'a.-T'ral-ajs to eo32b at'.ck of ttaia daoripiton will' meet With ' qnckui»,*tdtnem*rk.tu dm a; tka quotation* gven above. . *• ■' Thtrt baa bean a fair demand fer stock ea* tie. and a)argep;eportlcnof the receipts bare been bought by farmers and outers forltcoc.' Tbli ceacnption OfftocKbaacOßvcqaenUvmtl with better sale tben wa*aoticjp*t#d f ' Two or tone of'oar city picker* h»va bee* baying pretty ireeljr, and •thereatola;!. eatlosa that nsarl‘ all of tn*m.wlll coomecca park tag lor the reason.ln three or four weeks at the ut most. . , . • > an litre were In tbe yards this morntagabanV bean cf Beef Cattle. Iba entered sales aonne the atl tbs yatdv, amonst to 5,815 bead; Urns leaving retween MO and 700 bead In tbe yards tbu evealxg unsold, a bleb exolmlrely of niedorandve^common grades. About M» head wervporthaeedon Amy account, at prices raortjg* ' fiem St*>SasfC 9100 &«t nowsroa rf 600 head by city packers atiVsr®4l2S 9 100 fi»;and *be re mslrctr by shippers, city batchers, ipeeoUtors, ani fur stock cattle. TceUitdayof.thewedk-baabeenby no means tbe I* ail active, altboneh a large propordon ot onr aped n*anve dealers are out of*ttae markets on Satdrdays. TtemorntcK was fine and very-fkvorabie'fortraae* end. nitbookh tbe lota vote' small, tbe sales male were-rumcions, as will be aten froci*oar «il? list g ven*i *Io». ird to complete tne day favorably, this btterqpon city^packers .came leto the market, and cliano oat • Jarre proportion ofjjie qnsold as-ck. at low prices, but to tie evident satSTaetlon of red comnleslon men, «bo were beemtueg to fsar "tbit ii clr stock would have to be held onr to the ermlog week. ■ . . Tbe foUcwlig are tbe prlactpil raids daring the week: Obutdo f to D. WatxiJ, 103 bead prime ailoofs Meets, aicisgug X.U9 as. at *115; aims to o&ern dorf, 13 oead r>t.d quality SUnoia Sieen, areraglng 1.174 ns, at fl.tfi: Obetndorf to McPbersan, t< bead liUnc is Steen, arcruiu; 1,293 as, at S7.T, Botenlhal to McPherson. 19 beai good ebtpplne D. Waiia 1 ,14 bead Ililnole Steen. aTerastsc 1.131 &a at «6.&r; Spnioe to Zelsler A Co., U9 bead fair ship i>lce grace Xditois Pteert. sTereglng 1,194 ib§. at V3.lsJ>; Dtlb? to B»eacer.6ti bead good KuuMSteen, axt racing fte, at S7AL , Coifttt to Kirch war, 15.bead pTlme Wleconela B'tcif, avi regie*lJ2X4 &•. at |Mi; J. Adams to p. Wfciia, 16 bead coed medium Steers, iTerasm? ion B>B.SCt6&VI(CftB. . Ibomarmcloeel IblserenlQg with an active do mud lor prime to i xtra grade* and tor good medium grades, at the quotation* glvea above. BeFem, Boyers - No At Brice Pbermon EA P..ll.smith 16 103* a * Cr.bcr... Gibbtns .7... 16 ut g«; S'UliOlia -...lhblliic a 861 s^jir A. K-Lj 87 1010 335^ J. A(1*tBB. di> .... 16 996 4M P. .... JU Ittg 4.;0 On gory * C 0... Urrachard.... A sii aso J Atam* _.... J.B. Shtrman ... 10 gyj &6iK Oracuy ACc. Bavltu- ;2 1673 630 J.Arams Bet-tACo S7 1154' 3jj J.Adans,... .... D. Walxal IS iftS SJS iUlthiiOQUW.... BlbltDg 16 «cn Whlurß Clarx. ....12 861 45) D.A.ITaIJ 5U11.... 15 976 47t Urtioxy A Cc....KeUy. 39 iki 4.7s Corley AKldxldge oo ....29 993* 4(yu J. .... 8*» 1100 4AO do .... ' CO. ~.. 19 99) 4.50 CO .<n do .... 21 11)0 iMt/ „ do ....J.B.Bhenraa . v3l •«? G raWer? ikcsett a C 0..., 43 nil a*rn- Comer W.M.WtbD 17 1103 5.75 .co ao MIN' 4.75 00 - ._do » 1«W 4.75 50 While n ssa 875 _ do ... Newtcrr..:. 17 Jolo 4.00 Jecoi* f, Webb 63 joro 4.75 * •I Gnoiey do- 23 1171 475 o’Auuy. Clybcm n 9*57 4to KOMe do . ....S3 937 400 J. Gr.dby ....Turner4Nicole* 42' *96 FrjeACo WM Webb- SS UKS 43.59 00 ....... 'do 83 iX«3 4.50 14 9-o 401 ■ . • ’ Klrehaay- ia i£6 6.75 WalwotkA H-.McPhcn00........ 15 inj siq - Clarke, Tabor 19 9U) 4*35 • Sr.V*y* .-•...««rbey 17. 96) 3.50 Wallwork A H...Katoney 13 B3 3 50' O. Arams.... .....Tuner A NicoleaUS ids sm eo do ......... SO IWI. 9.65 CO ..... .... do - l9 IBS | i2Ui Sweden. Fawactt. 17 1*43 4.75* O’Sht*. do .... .>... 44 uea 6.73 N. do ........ 84 HSf 4A'I .. Co ro ‘ 19 944 4AO ManbaL....... do 27 9B 4AO Q. do 12 1033 &oo - CO do 14 U96 4.7s Craig - .. do SO IS 4 4SO -00. _ do IS .C2S ,425 <LA6tna....-...TnnierA Wleolea 67 109 4 ism ' ’f*t«Tnan....,..,irTina3* ttnDio.-. M IKJ Bja*’’* Jf.o »i« W A K....m>idexn*a n K«5 e£o Giutt.....,, .McPherson....... 16 iw bib Aodcnoa.O'Shea. SO £6 350 do ~,. 15 893 350 » aterman llymin A C 0...... 50 1100 SAO naaiUcn....-,.. co b 21 885 359 UaxniVoo ... O’Sbea. Si 9bt ?.ts Btb’lry A C0..,T. Watt 8| iim k« do Dalbr 21 9 0 jr. 73 do Hoeebarx 17 lito 5.*« do McPherson 34 ivsj gm , do Kent ACo is isso* 3.75 Tfallwrrk A t0... do •...•••• ;i . 1193 srSTK do , 9 953 36’. G.Adams do S9 iaj 3Kju I«*ace do ........ 74 itoo la* Parker ....0’5hea.......,::* 4< tin' 571 a.Adams w.«.w*ht* l« X9l 9ao Crale I>»lbT * Cn..„... if 914 315 O. V.M.Wfbb 44 1163 563 Wsllvrrk S>M. ..McPhersou..,. . 11 lisa • elO do . ...MoCarrey to gg ■ 8.50 Grav ...»-o’.'hea 25 ICOS s.uo O’Shea Killer., 10 HW 4.00 WSllwcrt A Jl,..Cobura,. -...§5 1>43 50) do ...O’Sbra 16 9.8 S.3S W.F.Broan-... . T ,tVall_ 21 0&3 *33.00 do -...VF1anag4n....-....i1l 8A 33.10 HOGS. * The total receipts of Hoes at the various yards In the city darise the week ending to-day, according to the i ally return* posted on 'Cuaoge, amoant'to 1L343 head, ’this is 2,864 head more than were received last week, a d 9.K3 head lees than the receipts of the cortetpocdius week of last ysar. The daily receipts at the yaxioas yards ss follows; y Mmdar. Toeaday.?.. Wednesday. Ttmtaoay... Fllday ..... Saturday. TotitfT..*. .... With an Inadequate eapply cfprln.eto extra graces we note ui advance of fl.crat.2s7> ins ss on *t e of laat week's market, of 73®1.t Oon me* qualities, sot or iStSSI.OO on stcck Eon. At oar piettnt quotations the market cloiuJ active atd Arm this erenirg. The following are the closing quotations of the mtr ketlhls etc&U g, ascompaced with last week: . TbifWfek. LiTtwfeir. Pi!me to extra qualities,....9i2.((*a S.*-0 tr.QOn I*s Memuniopiiie no .... 107555»1.73 iiaratO.** Comrorntomedium,........ soc^ats mock hot*..; ~ v,;oa 9J» e.7t® B,co Tbs lollontrj; table choirs tbs comooralre prleis of. Hers this week, and for the corresponding period of last year N Primetoextraquaiuiefl ....;.|r.ooijts,w s“ia?io Mtdinmtoprlme do if.7varii.73 j.traijyj Common to med. do 9.00310,50 9*33100 Frcmthe abave tablelt will hereon that as com* pared with lut year. prime to extra Bo«« bare* ad» Tttccd, p B)lvewetcbt,7Ji®o»? medium to prime BV*7Kf: a*:d common Ho*i, sH®s*fc. SATCBDiT Evxjobo, Sept. 17.—With receipts eon. nderablj above the average or the present ee<u:c« atdpnce* far ahead of all pievlon* perlcda in the hUfc <7 ol the Hog trade of this city; the wscS baa betnonaof the moat active we have ever had, end price* have taaeara farther leap of from 750491.90 per lot ar, esc lading aomei ale* on'whlch an advanced (S/042JC ecnld be ihown. Tbb excited and fereaßb condition of the mirfcet has ipread its Influence thronjbent tns district* Ircmublch oar inuply io dottrel; bat it mint be bcrrfe In mini that our present artificial prices a; o vhol)y.anfiportcd f.y mo Inadequacy of pressnt re. erip otc meet the only qocerate sblppint demand Onr receipts BlncaAuinst l« amount to 67f191 bogs nfcllst for the eorreependns period of last year they Trc:«in t tßßbQfi9,cr nearly dcnhK In the receipt! of Use pert week theproportion of reslly pilme asd extra how hit been, small. and as ths demand for these has heentbemost active prices bare been supported,. aad Icei eased with extnujrci but flimsara Seme of tbe heaviest purchases were' made heft-re the ears eocld be unloaded: la formal esses tbcre'waa a regular sersmsle veo should oe la Hut. With UrjV receipts,wnlchwe shall scon get, the present excitement will cool down, and a more healthy tene pervade the transactlois of the markst. • Poorßossarslt less dsmand, there being few boy (ft, and prices are comeqneatly tmehsnted Stack : Tltgs hate been In better demand, at higher rates On really choice breeds, the market has advanced felly tuo p 1(0 its since Isst Bavnrdky.~ - There were In the ysrdi this mowing,; including the receiptsol the daj, about-1,00 Hoes.* Ths entered ' sales smeant to 5,587 bead, at t&Kau ce; chiefly at There was no diminution la the p.-stl* out aeavlty or firmness or the market, which elee d this evening very Arm. at the quotations siren ah ;re : VS 7®: ... SeDin. Sayers. No. At. Price. BbermsnH.4P..'Wina*or.,......';,ii6'- its it so Gl.Ugler Q.TobT. St m I2.cs J. Acsmt. u.H.iuUr.; 233 m n<o CooleyAEUxldteJrnM^T-....«!» 3*l 10 m Conger ..........JletcalfA Co 61 iT2 1123 Jores,Tober. : " 58 IST jyla Vi 12.8 do 4« 207 «.6S C 0..;,.—. Jones. Bo- i9t ir.tsx J. 0rU1ey..,.„„0111ett....... jw isj* flo ........"taOßcr.. u its uCO 3:. a- as wsmJSJk’Aiii:{Sl .13 {J-JS . ao - ISO It 40 . «aUvorlC*K... do gj; 10 -{ffS.. do .j. i,,.,.., so . iaso. Beiti ~ co - s; ;h ji.S i Greco • •»♦... .... do .jo • 197 .» m Borcaer.,..; do -,. «i m «*2 .Dtntlpy ........ ... eo , ; r!™r« 158 'in S Wtß*CtkAM...,A]leitOn&Co...’.3os. 131 ]»u ; • do ... .... dO>. ; 60 13 ii*co -do ....... do- ... ft 5 137 -ftjo ; 0jtC0Tph...7T..,. do. ail* isS - watcnx0n......... do tsi m lir vdo 53'. 213 ' 33J0 ’ BetUtJ -dO ...r....50 Ikl'‘loW r; - O.dratLi do 88 ’ 151- o , do do .B ‘ 178 < 1r.60 - do ISJ • IJ.OJ ' -. do, . ra its -ioao ; * -S2 ........ «S -.56 S2 ~......§« 18110.50; '• ’22 ' Kv m. -mo ■ .... ■ do 1«-. oio ; J*s - 903 •* - Ist itoi i. ....... x do 81., JB3‘ ILSO • f r ■ 9 EeceiDt*. OO CO ;......... do . .... .... ' • do/ .... Vorptoj TTajefl ■ ... c0«»0...;.. BeiUer..... Kmf ..... - Jo. ' " ?!*.!« id ■ cq : 101 ao ~, u sco bo!«ohj. --.ii.; ss • <uj im; -Bea««J . «» ; . B 23 - isxo I . BHSEP—' Ike receipts. ftato* thsput vaekhir* coiilttcd principally of Stock'. Sbeay, widen lata bun icst tmoDgh os aeconat cf.WMteni Stuep l ark . «n. lot Skeen and jn*ea suitable for city bwobers hire-been In imab • apply, sod ptlees rale ftnnat übo 47.1 TV IB »•»"wltb a yeod demand. -. , " - ■ delien. Bojen.* Ka. Arl Pflca. Gooftelt.. ,• m *7 l]u BackJnfttasi.*.... do w yj 0L041H9 PAIOXS. BKXP CITTT.X SAUtfl TO-DAT. Socclsts. ..... US' ... i*d a .. .. 2,155 ...... 3.(00 cnosiao micas. 800 BiLXS TO-BAT. €UI€AUO IUILY slA|tlibT Ait mtuof Oratn reporter in Utu mortal report anon abtuisofie ttorage per bu*hel,--u-i4 * OthtnciM $to(oi» your u told tUUvered-unUu - Rruna. sect. i 7 ism. * PBBlQßTe—aa*tv TBBion * qm»t. Tbe en- Wen ? TO KOFTAtI*—PXOO. AC l« wnbcuio, »tßa:»r|ir Mary Uortoo, nub wbrfr. »t >■-0* »ehr a«mca r wl>b oa>e.atfte. * *Un *iroaiettt»-Tiien ttnociuuts lartua. Weaootet' • »• SToni to Boe*o* .ix anarmiL....... blsia FUnu to New York, law ud rail, ii<? -Floor to Purtlaao,via d>rsia ... 1 6 a' Fioorto-B-itoi. via Sara • ........ \ g 3T**** RiTtßoasPßzietm-Tbereia&o cbasxs to ra'tea. We qootot "■ rail fd Boston,all ran,.... . J.IO ~ 2/r '• •*, toPortlaao, all fall "im tia To oalamur*,a>) raQ ... om- ■ rsJ-’ rail jr*~,„„,,.,i,a.M ' « ToFituborr* “-• .. „o,*a iJT'- Fa Olilt-Becairad to-day 3 47t brla: sbioptdto* ♦ ay.tOJtrU.-Markeremi .ad redacted. Sam tq. da* w* Wait* Webtbc «xTßaa-3* om» *ob iwon.6 o 11 a* 0 r>rla Olark«Tl le “Itnoeil*!* 1 a: Hruxo *ira*«-SCO brla sood rp.loc « z . trs'onp.'. Br»i«afli7Paßnas—MbnsgooJeonnr 80p*Tn-eac.i9(u.- i v . . «rmn—lnarod»nrrly. Salesto-dayvcretflOtois vSr*nibba’KatlJß 00l>toaomnac \ tttl«AT-U*cel»»d to-day, 6V« ba; •hlpnert. s»fti i<D,.v>7«etbQayvasoTfeSclowtr Sslea«r-n* WIMnKfXATU STOBB—IjaHbn Wo f east |{l bw «-o (n A.. I*. Act*’*) at JtA* ffiOj ba IMeet*d R*o at 9189; rfi-Im bo(transited at J»A«. Sriiaa wub«t iw slot*—r.otO bn No i demur at 11.9) • a ba oo at ii.oi s 4 00 ba oo at r.9’; i/m ba No 3 18k; « , Ch> bn do (mostly befor* Vb«aee) st 8 .H8:: AObacoat 11,87x1. 0,0ft* bn do at i<u»7w n.ouihu do a t7- 7J- u onto on 7o at : l.Sfc bn a'Jeeted prior at n 8 M.OO tn cc at I1..B; zjCObnNuUra' eaprnrat|i.-u.. Attae < leas Ue market*-aastea'y u ilßlktoUS/or No 2 bpr tc Krtf w lor no 3 tbd. '**“° oiur ao * CClttN—Btctlred to-day. lIU*S bB; a lpoert. RAVbaabciß. isarfcat ottned stsady.oncfeil we 9 lm Mfnreibecl ms Stirswtre aafoilawa* coax r* tno&A-a.'tomNo \ »\m at ijte; 4,0.0 bu do at HSlk;B 5J 1 UNO. 3 Corn (early) at « : «K-*?..0 bnoo (>arlO*t fJ-JW* 6j,oa bn do at BIS V;?i.r»iDa .ousts- 81; I, OCenßeJecUa Cora»t BL3K; SOCCha do at *l7!- ; ~>lO tin CO at $133. Brra* and c\k.l Cobb— J.SII bnl»o.tcorna- *1.23 afloat: 7,000ba00 at H.SI), afloat. At ‘hr close tae market tor No t Ccrntorbiewaa arm at SLH, bat 00.1 Coro «u ncßltneoaDdasll. o*To~Ueoelyrd today. U9,531~bns tbloMd. 18 no to. Market a cut* and lower. ©3*s •o day a«»e:-o A Tar« Stobe-U, oo on Nj.7 data *« 6«e* Ji, to bn CO »tfC9Vc; 8b 009 On CO et®KO *79.000 [OKO 2 o*l# bt h3k=;^B. r Ctl DQ OO atGSC; tftj 00 Us. jtctcooata at ottfc Oats knoAT-?A 1 0 bn Nc. 1 t'au at ft c afloat- Attbe eloaa tbe oumi nsaaitt atiSkttCSftcfrr J*o.landascicrNo * 4 ■- Hi* is— necelred tc«car, ir.lw on; ihlooed. 3.55: bn laarket qoiet and kale l.>ver. B<ica v*aif IvTBiBBToBX-iA)O baNo 1 Bye at siJlx4A ana t o at fIAN t 5,«t0. on Non Ryi at 81.28* sp;toon do atß'.3n; «Rbncoatf:A7k:4oo on do at iM7—' market elwltg quiet at 81.80K for No 1 ana * rur Nc3. TbaaraiaDdwaaabo.l* conflseotolouia a D A Co.*a aao F. A T.'s e evator*. Ityeeuaobern 1 waa nvlaamble at anrblcc like tbs qaota* I '■ _ _ ___ ... I ISAKLlsY—liee*ived 7,710bn: tblpped,i.i rhi klfrifceicßlunl.taaler. Saha to* avweie: Barlkt l n» Bio'S:—\tralm soJßarieya 1190:5 MO ba i). at «J.9t;V.«O. bn <lnT.*T» at 11,95-market closing ALCuHOL—-nominal and doll at |3soaiS2 n«- gaiion - * • *»DTTRR- Beerlved«Htar*.29,7ls a*: «hinrel* 26M> n*. Marker, quiet and nnctumced. We an*iis • l*m&e Barry la creeaa and tntn -u a SbiibUK Rnaer, in Hxeiib ‘ GirneSn'er.,,!.. «•„ . . iQAi*e Salrt* to-eay tot a yvj choice Balrv at4l* gooasb'pplag catvir at g —ln gocdtopplyand Ttry doll at|].oo9 *KAGGIRG-Tn fair deaandT llariei dm and nncb»xito. We quote- Stark,*. . Monitor ilromien.. Huspden B, aenm1M0................. WrvtrlyA. reamless........ ..... Chiowo A, eeamleM . U'sevucd A... .... * aancbeetet A»«ewed lutes C« tcßichacm A.«ewed tinea. fiXOfc ht%TT A |e?'?A : Excetuor amptte Clry, eewea naan O&tcen City, sewed nson Porlepe, four b' 6aon]«t.flT6 ba.. •* - tbux bn...., **■ . two bn.. Floor Sick?, Hbrla c0tt0n....... mm H ** i»au M “ M cotton... '' ** x*' pater. •• • WoolSack*,btm. * iv * CIIEKSK-Io limited inpply. Pilots Ann and mil rh»iK>o. ngqsjns: HitDDtn... at cfcTSa westarsßeterre.... gj Sue WtaWinfitatea *”w Sj? COPFKE-Tbeftmher depreciation latae r.ui r( gold baa ccmloermbly restricted traasietinos Prices efoersiiy are weak, apd on Rto we note a ihc tberrechpeofic V ft. We quote. Jays. O G. m mat 5............ e, e Bm.KItTOKOOd t:UAb:i/ e Rio. .pod to once. 43 y CUai.—Sort to&LiaflitrrapolT. Market scuts ,«do ntchang»d. AxTHtuct-rc In larr* sappy. al. tccein retetn’R are anil far below the demand Market Urn- at oar preylour quotations. Weaaota* K*t*—BKosneid, .is ai do Ormebf...... ................. ........ 14 rf CtivaLsTO—flnar H«D i«V do ' Miners! Ridge...... . 15 j do wmow I.M. BlMSbnrg ; , 4 V lamp Leblgh.... FeS Lackav&na, prepared....,, .... gp ct Scranton.../. W*fD jfl in DllCCll 9jfc®l<! (0 frGGs-la mote limited supply. In brisk demand ardormsil'dlUicVdcz, bales to-day 3 brs atiSC’ I brl atlBK; t pks do at 17; V doz; Stars at 19c, PlaH—Lai.* Pint to small tnonly. Market Terr firm aadnn' n.pgtd. UtcEißzz. m moderate receipt and price* steady, CosiTtirlix larrerapply.anc «i>h amcdeiatedimand venoie amclmaof *!JW Viiu *£», Hk isNfle—drLd in email supply and llrmat present quotation*. ' We qnote; Mol ............ia.os tt9ts i«o3 , wblteaat,ii’brlß.'...„, 8.7 i m9\Q RoSWbiteilib.hfbrls .... 7jn St.’n No 1 Trent, hf bria *.oo alii No 3 iront,hi rrls. no a7:s Ncl Ktcmel. bl oris ..1100 as ip NoZMaokereLM brls ■ai'7s Mo.BMaekex«l.hfbrie, large..., a.25 taiio Mo. 1 Mackerel,kits SJtkaajo Nn2 Aacketel, aUi 1,..™.! Wo Sms faery cm......: 1.. FamOy Mackerel, hfhrls- ; ... 7Jo_eitH Codflab.tieorge’s Bask,« too a5.’.,..„.10i7t etlOtO Cccflsb, Grand Bank. VICO fts 9.10 alii ou 'Mol lined Hemn».v pox. > g q SciledlßeniDva, V boi- 90 u 9s tackled Herrings.ronnd sm enoo MolLaaeHemtg fi.oo aOta • KoSLidmQfirrlsr........... .... 5,2* asro ! GBktN Bitrieß—Appiisjln laigA supply, prices e**» at prejions quotations. PkAOtis* qavied nominally, th»re baring bean no reeeiot* eltcc Wec ne day-, OruAPta—Market settee and lr goodanoniT. puces Ann at prasentqnotatlcna. Lkkotsin oet^r • npplT. market aerlre and enchanted. We quotes Green Apple*. f» xinn 3.1s Green Ap'lea, V or), at retail, eatlnf.... ishm ?,% IS -“-rf”: ■££ V ft ....... 2* iiai» WaterMelctjß,Vino qism T.'mrne.fraach. V box. 2oJi§2»So Lemonr,Sicily. * bo*. ~ is!»• oit rr DOIfiO FltUlT—Tie market Is generally atilt t sao m mocera*e aoppi*. puces week at pnmons ainatiuEt. We anote: *»*»**««* Aapie*,Southern-$ a... to an Appier* Eastern. 9 a ‘.*.'.UKai2X ro*ca» rnvm Baiuns—Layers V d0x..,,,,-,.,,,,.,,.... uj7i//ait v, Balß,» box 47j «lo? currant*, 9 a aa u 'S Tics-frmyrna, *•»..„ ..*”1!. a S sc AssiDO»,Mir.ipa. „ .** S 5 s Alrconoi.hkra. 9 a » 2 j5 Prune?, Turkish, *,a ■» 2 S i , c*if.Bohnuan, p «w2 U 3*nMnel, halyee * ii Sardinn.aaartem <c 2 GAinE—Muiaia Caicgvrs-In mill sappy. Maxkei rocdtnicjj «ua urm at f j » nap ao • Up.«iifr-Reeejpi»versiauli,wUh a goodaemaed. wild uccso—la.medium supply, Market active aao Ann at preitat Quotations. We oa^te* Frame ChtCaeos, Ft-ox. Odol'p. v oo* Sjm* C ,1'“. 1 2 C /'- ” dOZ " 3-5 ai n Gcl;t|Tdoz qi jn Snjpf.T'Ho^leered.» dor .... y 1.15 _ HlHEs*— Kfctlted, 41.35 C fis: shipped, 7.23s a*. There is bo topnmmeoi on the previous dapp. a ton and tractivity of the market. With aMr supply. We C qnMet Wtak * bnt mlu,CQt ao * Quotable ch&ngol Oreen Salted,cumicrd.....l.i an* Dr» B»lt,d trip med,.-.;... -7 SriS* niTnint.trtainod '•**•*3 l Si?* Kip.Qrh6a*‘MSeo,tnnimeo...,...>,, . 17 q.r* CAf.uteeu Immed ait . HIGH vv in tb-U-c-ivea to-a»y, none t shmoei. *► brls. Marfctf «*n I aort very much depr«!*“l. no ®« c * d.andgooap*c«tagerwereoffer*' KiV Sll “ " Ie: 100 bt!,IT“S - MA St—Tiuctht Hay to raaltreceJot, with an ac •it? attsvra. Aiaptet tlrm at p-esent noointlirt PrAisiz Bat is mrre iiberi’, amply, with ** c:od d**- tEaoe; nerJotu quotation* tolerably Arm. We quote; _ WHOLMAinpaioys. * rtmcchy, heater «u raw we. rimcthy loose pressed..,.. ■ m Pralrte. better pi rt%ed...........1.. ..... .a ftaule.loosepressed. ... il.a^; 7 - ( IBSSaS ITT, TT. . utul rucss Tlsc ty.bc&war presjca K?.XaSLCC Ttncthy, loose pressed. .....<7^2Lp«q Ttmothy.lrose SiiMm Prair e.beater nocftsToC Prame.lccra pressed. uaavxb PT&1T1eU00N....... .m..., ~,,'I7J)UJIBJB . LBATMEtt- *bo market ccnttnne* octet. trde a colfi oed to Immediate t rs!fe? *? «flld bw csqs*j lers flnnneialn tHttS. i Ks quo™: ll “ o ° > ““WiitDilrTcw _ ' trwMTSwr. ?? • .£«S3e i siatuhter, Soie....soauc Line HA... .jsitissc I Enenos Arreg ecooic BSE*S&=JSSI ““■•••• Oik. Stanghter. 801e....ff1g»«0 mach-Cain a Harness, ♦ A.,....5aa53c As ......iwfcs.m Upper.... - ojs©oj« Freocn Cali, a*^^ Kip. Ho. 1 me- as mra^in -djua.... ...,*l3 ©l.nj Ftffich Ciifle SiOjHo. 1 beayy.l t’aat.ic mclner, f» dot* Cain 8aw.,.j.,.7J0®nt5 en.. ..uajnouo c« French Kip, lit , French Call I*. 001 cc... moines, Bec- Fftnch v CsJS. 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'Hale* to-da» were; 125 tics prime city it wn rea*jr cd L» ai. at«k-*. i*AA3f~ Received tc<day: ifito bbis; shipped, J. 257 -bbis. Market quiet and steady. 'We Quote; ixaasnc—fiso coarse ®ißs Gi omul Solar. «185 . Dan. with sacks ft? CO Dairy, withcctiacta.......l.../ e-yia PouxaT->Tnrrt Island, V aacs ... GroundAlnm. 9 aack... &S&UO. ei t 2KP§T I: * e SIS 4 «U23 tbs Grass Seed; ehlpp-d,H,7i3 as Grass Seed. Tnt -JC«ISo lower. 6>lea to* *WDSCTprIae la lota at as M; 43 bees at fObaciatswO; as bass (Badly e*f« dDtrat u so, Fnaz tns- To limited itxpQly.aßd firm at 13.0. . . .. SCtis l£—Tbe In] tber dr dine la cold has azatn on* emit a the marcel, asdat the decline noted yaerer or raw and rcflned Socar are weak; with a downware tencenty. wareet In fair mbps', bat par* cbaset'ar* small, and only intended for present warta. Weqoota; - C-bS. ....... Porto 8k0..................... _ .asfeorw A. A Prrriarrt .. B*WO>- MoiSHesSoyar. .•• * ■ N T.zeflned,powiMieamdfraasmsa., M .n}4aßo ‘ Whits A... Circle Extra 8.._ - Whites...,. ..„..„0......;.....,;...«xa8 1 , ExtraC«... .» * T'Ho*C. ’.tS• aw w • BBVSCPH ARD MOLA9BB»-Thein«kttba* or«s Ten Qu’ct. aidwns.Tbe xeatial.lnactlrUr of the Grcc«r jsarxet oofisie the oar; prlcMhtTebeen scarcely m Him, bus there has seen no aootab’a chaste. We qmne: - - ef.T-8j.ttp8....... " Cnb* if'lawet ... * „ B'wOlUMa Pbtiui*i t toK Mr* bit* u*;? ’* do, Do Laaattpnifc de r Spain, n** 1 - \ do cbenasal • !<*<* «*? *| z* »s do aan to cboic* V*r us »l* o ””V niw, S£ii rtr j! g*s ".pi* as |{ Conntr* .... * isviati — 17 "itu qotre. . Qll * 6t tod ssctuozed w7 ™» c ’gf c 'J™»n«TO i ULoc 0 _ ’ .fioaißn’""""] •;■••••”., foaoion „: * Sxcxtvo Ttnuccc-* Cb i> ~,„ toedma..- ” ••♦•»•«». Vrwa^r® 03 * rLuS rOBAOOO * .- Sttonl Leu. * asatc; a»oi. e B.ack, » M*»:lan,cnartt3tee»r ~,r- amro %o(*<r s*-toUria. We qnote: ' plr » Ml **» a *P?w-a{ Pan riaer Vraeeiir, 9nl .. PQrtbSttlt flo do *••■*•••.... &£rtaSi^ Pine Lum F'eece. f» % • MBJtnmF.eee.-,» J »a « goenc Fitect, i a.., a a * ooo—Tbeniiptt*»« i•• -• i d\*i 3 . »ispt>tj Free* w" n‘V C inrt» at< U a **»-r «*, iSSf” 01 §»«• TO ‘do , i“S~ I>!! c 1 K BUI Bl&OT.ucrco-too do S3 “ UJI Alfpshcnev Tattle •-aniM-K M , scpplv of caitlit ««i itrj- oa M 1 **• ;<»» goto cea-sno Pr*c araW . “ t6Br « K: #ratiaMIJ turned. ti? £• fold to h«ad at suatc. F a w/.?i Da ’ Bold is head svatc O ~ "I d 50 bnuj. *wfief * J * 37c * 8 ttalson sill ss btad. 4 K, '. bo fold IW *»d?ia7v c 4 toln bevt, 46tee * w * «fowe*co a-icp*k4JW£i*«. 10 ~c heao, e i S o Ain,,te r»olo sz hrvi. »i ?tra: o» Rice ktd (.o. h Ja is t( (tat m celSis^Vb^np’M^ l “sSh*!?*' •tthn» tte4rv ht*6iife6 Sv y * K-od to pntßß m^rsssi-%ss^ss^Ssx», cJf. EICM 3 “* ** « 7? S XX .A. 3R, IIT E2 Hqij POST OF CHICAGO. Vi 1 , ... ... sc ....... 90 ....... K-C er . 8C . 65 TO '....Sept. n Steamer Comet KlrtJand, Manitowoc, enadrte* Bt<*m*;rU<l»aai. e. Trowed, Grand Kitst. taaifa* Prop Sir.-ones, Lsttl-, fundm-e **-• Jtcp Cry of b non. Meilearj, Ogdeniborsb. It i . bllalUuranoenconee. * * * **« V»cba:ic. Codies. Bat C!ty.l?smlnniW. Brie Comm* ?o*. D»c*. **wcin.3?na inmber B»« Wo Bock. Don «a, Ocoof, 1700 ra lumber ScbrFee Gem, IUU. V&&.‘ovoc < *4 cor>'« s« hr S. a.GoU. Ahn*cfct, n« Newt--a, SI c«nJ* wo a R4hrTnniazt.Meßea, Frown's Pier.a? corkwood Scbr l*n*«f.oD. MeKe«. Pur. S*> cords woos *f nr Bice Bad, »*f ck-r. Wolf lUr*r, s>+o”su. ‘ Scb» Oelo, ltr.hil*», Vtik»cm, MS m Umber orbr He ist.tana. Hoik,3ot> m •btacira, Sctr SlHtlf, ■ E^r Q! “ d Blver - ;3 ° I* J J t n iS R *' i r. nier * Grand Haven,lo n IhtV:. Sebr Lone, ileccmoare, X.O m lumber.cwn ficbr TiaTeJer.ndUlster. StuuhHaTen 59 e-is woo* frebr Been* Vuta. Linear. M .nilift m limber ** £Cbt lnmbw lnUa ' Corniil, Graaa Harso, its* ox BClir nihSclM KllbT ’ MMtewn ’ 8: m SCBr «|«a r,ns * CB * FlQeb » :03 m Imober, Scßr wood ,naCk * I * aw;e:ce * Sbebojjai, M chj SchrG.F. Foster.Hansen. M B .tnrn. ‘CnHamber Scbr Jreerbine Dresden. wiikintoo, Greea Bus J» miomoer ttcdtuo d. ,w Benr Adtrcndae.GritUa. lUf Cltr.tfi m la-bar N«'OW a itia. At o«>>on, &.ti3K'cos.?(Ma lamb«r/ I? cir % c * R “is Areen Bn.*»,>s eda WOO 4 Slcop Trial. .’Bnru&t • kratitowoc, .0 cca «o>l. • 71 86*67 CLEARED- Scot. 1»,1«5I, SfiiiT Comet. Klriltra. Mailt 'iri > e,tnD<iti*i Prep Kmplre eute. Pheatt. Bnftalo, 3UCO be com ana tucartee. Prop >ctomsc Olhb«r«J.'j’o. 1.8 ba cll isam b-i rye, UOt bil* dour. Prop Oaletis.Pcioy, Buffalo, 15,‘COhu wneat,9ioor!« fl 1 nr. Prep Up ru. Spregue, Samis. 11.135 bu wheat, so brl? flour. Prop Obtca-xoB. Tomkins Sam:a, 4 «5l brls floor. aLdsncdne. ’ Prop Abtelope. CatUo. Sarnia,. 18,710 brl* floor and eu> drle*. Bark Sur rUe, Eall. Buffalo, SSAATfin oat*. B*rk Ih O Boffn’oTJ9.CC0baoi’j •■ tic aim.Kir ». 150ff.1t.1,.iM no cltlr '- Br r • F*t#||, Bbffa’o, bu euro. 1. lg Uecbaote. Collisi, Boffato. 15; 0. bu core ••>og Amtrlea, Onacanius, pu Brig nr i** . Barn. Buff*lo.2» afro bucora. Scbr 'ftf O B.’i ws, Bonner, Buffalo. 1?, ko bo rora. bebr Cottlcao. Faatksir,Bnffaio, 4iG< on >y*. Sfhr sjaiy hlortoo. Van Ft’-*. Buffalo. ;C *OO tio wheat. Scbr Schr Rival, IToll rgs.Stgtaav, n,t'* ba • ate. ScbrJu wCaiouah. a.cOoagil, Milva.i.*?, 4.7n . bo bitley Scbr Jane AnaManb,lurrs, Colllsgwocd. firnrso Alxae.^Tte •choicer ?her«rd.ofC<eve> ’atti, laotn with oral, tHiund wbea peftiß* the SatU, struck a nxk is tbe mcr, aedtopreveet ala* lex wa» rnn catne beach. See wasafttraaxds pattped out, tiisiKo-heSnail,and. uolocded* schooner Opeebee that w»i Bunk off Puiat ao Pelfc*. »«> boilt atOswegn bv Miller, aai regtemcaizlti'xs Sb> b«d tteontfltor tTmt'cht-rv All<mrce.»od owned by Samuel Mil! r& CO-OlOj wego. Herenimatedvaloe-was te^O tfßismianeocß, 7-30 IOAH. its Gscrctsrj of the Treasury givej notice that rabscnpt.oni win be received for coupon Treaanry S tts, parable three jt»n frets' Aug, isth, I3£| - trlth s'mlannu«l interest at the rate or a-rea and “ ihitMeatbsccrcent per annum—principal acdln^ tercet both to he paid inlawfol monay. Thesesctes win he convertible ac the option ct • the holder at natality. Into six per cent, gold bear* Sr* bosds, payable not Ices tfian Are nor ox-re than twenty years tretn thur d;te, a? the Government may elect. Ther usuad In denomination! 01 l». I SCO, two; f l .000 at d *%ow, and all *v»ecnptonC most he for Arty dollars or seme multiple 01. Cits dollars. A 1 tto notes draw inwrrst Com August IS. per?cm mating deposits subsequent to that date mast pay the interest acc.-nr.ti rrom date cf note to date of de* posit. .. . - Parties V deposit* twenty-five Urrasand docan and upwards for these notes at aoy on«» timewil) be allowed a ccauauiis-n of one qaarte* ofohtpwciut Special Advantages oftbls Loin, In* a Bstiowal SkTiroa Bajtx, offering ■ h'lher rate of tnteres< than any other, and Taasssy ssctnuTr. Aoy saTlsginaskwhSebpaya ludapoa* Uotsibß. B<-NUes« conuaers that it u paying in the best circulating medium o* the country,andit CAWsorpsyln anythiog better. f:r its own aisem no either m Governm nt secnritles or in notes ox bonds pas able la Government paper. Convertible into a Six per cent. 5*20 Gold Bond. In addition to the liberal interest on tbs note* tor three year*, tots privilege of conversion la now worthabont three sercent, per annum, lor tla cur rent rat* for 5-30 Bonds Is not lau than xzxxpxx cdt. r&xxnrx and before the war the premium cn six per cent. U, 8. stocks was over twenty per cant. It win be seen that the actual .prefit on tbls loan, at tl e present market rata, is net let; than tea per cait, persaatna, v Its Exempllon/from State or Hostelpalta- But aside from an the advantages we have esa aerated, a* special Act of congress noma aau TxzasirsT sons yxox nocan raza* hot. On tha average, this exemption is worth abent two per cant, per annum* areordinz to the rata of taxation In vtolcna parti of the country. Itlabetleved that no lecnrttlee offer to craattn. dueemehta to lenders as those issued bytheQovera menk In all otherforma of bdsotedaess. the faith or ability cf private parties or smeh companies, or separate comhcunlttes, only, is pledged tor oaynetK, while the whole pioperty of the country la held to secure the discharge of all the ohllcatlona of the United States. BVBKBIPTIO3tB WILL BS BZCSZTXS by the Tldl nr ex of the Unites Statu, at Wathliflftoa, the term! AiaUtant Treauuere and deaJjnated Depoaltulss. aadh} tta* FIRST NATIONALS AHK OF Hist Sulonal Sink of St Laois, B*. Second National Bint of St. Lonis^Se. Third National Bank of SC. Louis, Bo* Fourth Batloiul Bank of St. LoiL', 80. „ And by all KaMonal flanks wtlcb are depoilsarlea at pobiicrnoney.and ALL BECPZCTA3LS SAFES AITO B AFEBBI tbroasbontthe corntryTUll stn farmer tnforma* ties and , ' ’ APPCBD EVBST FACILITY to SU33O2HBKEB. ieC.qßSS7rgAw . .--.t • "DOTAL HAVANA LOTTERY. it-i loflzavlsrof Amnit»tfi,lSß4. Fo. S2A3; drtw ~ IICOJOO. FO. ~L.. . SJJ.W. *MJ». Fo.7i.K7cr«w. 10^10. Vn U.S'.SJrxTT. S.OC®, InOiaatnyof Sipt.7Ui.iaM, Fo. TUliiter. ...fIOLDOO. FO. SS.'SI drew. SVOO. Fo. 15 *W dre* 25.0C9. Fo. 31.607 dri.w.. 10,00). Pc.lVtStorev , ..... WOO. Pm«*CMtedatdlntormat«on ftrrnlihed oa appli cants. TAIL B &£p~ Banker*, _ UlB-STI-3Us IS T. /lAYALRTUOR9ES \J ASK3TAST Otjabtjssujtxx’s OTTTCX,> Cnituco. ru Sept. 14, ISM. f t will wr tha row of *155 m cheek* oa Halted State* Treaiar* for Certificate* ot Indehtednea*. for •il cavalry Honrs that wlUtaai lnapcetlon at H. S. made for orsr. • Br order of * JAS. A.BSIK. _ 3 cdTln charge of Ist Dtr.Q.M.S.O. - J. K. Bradshaw. Capt. and A. Q.H. MllUSlOt ■ Tu UJMbER MANUFAGrUR EFB, K.'W. spaoldtce'i patent sawteett a?rted In' Circular em: alto, repairtor la all It* b.a?cb*a. Dooheaxe teeth constantly on hand,Dtlco t'.tSeach. An kinds of saws a* ike matn factnrwaMoirettprlc* All *a«aaol* orvork done warranted. X. W. SPADUJSQ A BBOS .'ho S2l Washjce'cn it, bet. .Franklin amt Barker, Chicago, ■ Mi.'3-«m-ew ■ -- ■ ... - ROYAL PRUSSIAN CON suiatb. 47;CIorkStre«t»- b. cxausssnius. cobiiiz; v letter Bax ars, CWc*so, m. nS^esMlta .ItJOMISS • <s«i6ec *!«•*« • Shes# JEAUIffiE 3»E\V». TJ. S. xation*

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