Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 19, 1864 Page 1
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CHICAGO -’"RL-TISS. B&ILY TSI-WEEKIY AKD WEEKLY. Office, No. SI Clark Street* TERMS OE TITR CmCAfiO TRIBUJfE* - Dally, delivered In citv (p«r week) .... 25 ", “ “ (i*sr qaarterj $3,25 Dally, to mail pobtcribora, per year $12.01) OfJljj to mail imbfcrlbcre, per 6ranntha.., O.OCT Tri-wceklr, per year <I.OO Weekly, efr.jrle copy ore ye*r 2 50 _ “ .. ** “ sixmouths.... ... 1*25 Clab* of four copies. cue rear 9 DO ** “ UD * A ** “ 20.00 44 44 twenty.** “ “ .... 40.00 And to tlic latter club, one copy extra to the P** Cun ordering It, Money In Registered Letter* msy be wet at our risk, {y* The remittance lor cJoW mart, In ail caeca, te made at one time, „■ , _ ni CliicogcT tribune. VON-pAV- SEPTEMBER 19.18C4., . <TnK CAi*l«*iiGN DOO umiNT. .tfTfaty Five T»»on««nd Copies Al y ready hold. WE CAN NOW TILT. ORDERS THE SAME |)AX TiIEV AUK ÜBCKIVEO The Tmr.ryr compilation of ecm« of the late Coppcrhmd Convcn'loa In tble .city. In which -prftercocc :e pi ran to extracts from the reports of the CblcEpo Times,!* harinc on immense circuit lion, sad Finr Thousasb Conre have been sold It fives the essence of the treasonable utterances of VaUandlcbam* Fernanoo Wood, Cox aird Lost, Byndcra and Seymour, nsmsofftaryland) Wlcklifle, or Kentucky, •with the !t?pcr light of the Democracy on that occaelor. Tid this eye opener to the intention of the Peace Sneaks he placed In the hands of every > loyal voter. - Sent by express at rcro Dollars per Handled. Let Union men circulate. It everywhere, cape dally • /■ . Amocc Our Boys In the Army _/E8 Orders accompanied by the cash will be filled in the order tn which they are received. Address Chicago Tribune Coupakt, THE KKWI. A grand quadrilateral fight has occurred •on the Rio Grande, in which rebels, Feder als, French end Mexicans hare been en gaged. The details ore briefly these: The French were marching np the Rio Grande, preparatory to attacking Matatnoras, Corti. nos at the head of a Mexican force repulsed them. Col. Ford; commanding the rebel force at Bnfwnavillc, came, to the aid of his friends the French, bnt was forced to retire, and was Anally wMpp-d by the gal lant Oltt Illinois, who came npfrom Brazos in time tc have a hand in the GaUlc-Coulcd cratc-FcdcrabMexican scrimmage. Subae nocullv Gorlinas chased ford to Brownsville whipped him,'captured the town and raised the United States flog. .Want M-irimlllian Napoleon, Sec.; Seward, and the little oily Benjamin-will do remains la be seen. In retaliation forthe almost constant fire upon our picket lines, Gen. Grant treated the rebel lines end the city of Petersburg to a terrific fire of shot sod ehtlVon Wednes day. Lee's army is reported to be some what rdirforccd by arrivals of conscripts. A New Yc-tk dispatch intimates constant ar rivals ol troops at our own front also. - By a cavalry raid the rebels on Friday cap tured a herd of 2,500 head of catile'belonjring to Grant's army. Our cavalry went in' pur . suit, and re-cspturedl&em and some of the marauders also. Gold coutlnncs irregular, opening, on Sit nrday, at££2~*, advancing to and clos ing at 22iy£. . A,dispatch from' Hon. John J, Tamer an otmees that the quota of Illinois has been reduced fifty_per cent. There *is no 'reason now why Chicago should not free herself . from all suspicions .of a droll. It only needs energetic action. Shall we honor the cull? Secretary Stanton bos set his foot down, and there is to be no farther postponement ' ot the draft. The day of gr*ce is past. The appeals of Grant and Sherman most be met. The political aspect grows brighter nod brichter- fw this morning con tain Important and interesting intelligence from v&ricns points. An immense Union meeting wes held at Terre Haute on Satur day, the results of *hicb have alarmed Toor- Lees and his O. A. K. friends lest h6 may not ■be returned to the scat he has so long dis graced. At Valparaiso, on Saturday after noon, a Copperhead fizzle was enacted, aud in the evening Union demonstra tion came olf, at which Long John eld the honors his characteristic style.* Head tie dispatch? A large oud enthusiastic Union meeting was also held, at Mendota, in this State, ou Saturday. The identity of the In' ividnal arrested at Indianapolis Id still penning, bnt the chances are in favor ol the belief that he is the In famous Qu&nLrell. If it should prove so, ho must have short shrift and a stout rope. The Slate Pair Is at au cud, and shows the gratifj lug gross receipt of over$17;000. ' Ex-Secretary Chase declares that from his observations In the country where he has been touring, bo believes Lincoln must cer tain!y be elected. He expresses his deter mination to take tfcc slump in Ohio. A letter c-f September 11th, from Atlanta, -stye: “Large quantities of cotton are_ being brought In daily from the country around the city. Hob* effectually the old fallacy of “ Cotton is Ring" la bs.lng exploded I Thou sands of boles oi this 'staple, representing vast weal Lh. were In this Slate, butitis laying like an incuhti*, of no Deneat to~lis owners; it could cot be fed to their armies, the block ade hemmed it io from exchange.” Ex Slate Senator Me Vey, of Ohio, was la. stately killed, on Friday, near Winchester, In that’Stale, by the overturning of a stage on which he was riding from Columbus to Lan caster. His son, who eat oy his side, had both Lis legs broken. Mrs Me Vey, who was Inside the coach, escaped‘uninjured. - Mr. Pendleton was in Dayton Thursday evening, and was serenaded, and made the following very “ able mid eloquent” speech ; . “Fellow citizens-I did not ‘come here to make a political tpu-cti. I am vtry tbauklal for the tumor you have conferred opuo me:** The Southern poets ociuj-Ku by our forces hive been favorite places of resort for the Northern refugees from the-draft. Those who selected Hilton Head and Beaufort hare found that they have jumped from the frying pan into the lire, as GcncrA Foster has or dered aB the able-bodied civilians In his de partment to be drafted The Uth Indiana Veterans, in Sheridan's army, took a vote the other day, with the following result: Lincoln, 323; McClellan IC. Eor Governor of Indiana the vote was Morton, 333; McDonald, 0. The BLh Indiana voted unanimously for Lincoln and Morton. For additional leli graph nows sec fourth P»ge. FOB O 11, BcCOBHICK. The Democracy of Cook county c juldnoi have nominated another man so well calcu lated to cement the loyalty 61 the people, nnd excite every lover of the Union to un wonted exertions for his defeat, as C. H. McCormick. Mri McCormick has not an in slincl that is notin sympathy with the re bellion. Like, all the poor white trash ol Virginia, he left that State a better friend ol slavery than the slaveholders themselves, and the prejudices of his youth have boilt upon s defective education, ft perfect mono mania in behalf of in cm-stealing. Hie In* trignes ag.lnet Donglim and in favor of Breckinridge, in 1850, will doubt* less commend him to the mass of the party hereabouts. He has been nominated stow. tdly for his money—that being the only qualification possesses—and we trust that he may be made to bleed as freely as his most greedy supporter can desirs. But-all the wealth which he has extorted from the loyal farmers of the West will not elect him. The voters of Guleago are not to be bought by all the reaping machines in the two hemispheres; Mr. McCormick will be beaten by a majority which will stifle his po. lltical ambition for the rest of his natural life. . PERSON 4.T*. Professor Goldwyn Smith, of Oxford Uni versity, England, well known in this conn try as a steadfast friend and advocate of tin cause cf the Union in Us struggle with Slave ry, is now making a tour of Hie United States He attended the meeting of the Teachers' Institute in t is city on Saturday, and madi a few remake in response to the cordial wel come extended to him. While we are swan that It will best accord with the feelings o this eminent schohr and gentleman that hi he permitted to finish hie tour with as littli ceremony as possible, wo cannot omit tin opportunity to express to our guest thedeej and abiding sense ol gratitude which tin loyal people of the' United States cherlsl to ward himself and hia co-laborers, Mr, Bright, Air. Cobdcn, Mr. Mill, and others o the Liberal party* in England, who have np held onr cause, and who. have with us kep the faith through cvU-and through good re port. They are our brothers io the great re latlonsbip of humanity. When oor victor *h»ll be achieved they will join in our thanks giving, as tbey have been partners In on sorrow. Tbey will be ever welcome fttnonj us, and their memory shall be among th treasures of onr nation's household. vol. xvm. NEWS BY TELISRAPH7 THEWARiNVIRaiMA. Oar-fsaitetiis i?pea on Pctesbsrg. BBIG. GEET* HOWARD KILLED BY THE F4LL OF HIS' - HORSE. : ■' £ THE POLITICAL FIELD —UNION MEETINGS IN ILLINOIS AND . INDUJtA. Long John Scarifies tile ladiina • Copperheads* TKE DHAFT MOTTO BE POST POKED “AM HOUR OR A BAY." - The Quota of Illinois Rs duced Fifty per Cent. THE' STATE FAIR . CLOSED— GROSS RECEIPTS OVER $17,000. Gen; Grant Gone to Har per’s Ferry. Is it QoantrclL or is it Wot? The Cold Figure _221 7-S. 3CEE M’S A FT. The Quota cf Illinois Deduced Fifty ’ - JPer Cent* Washhictok, Saturday, Sept, 17. To the Associated Press, Chicago: We bare succeeded in correcting the apportion ment eo that the quotas in the several districts in Il iools are reduced flit; per cent. (Signed) Tnos. 4. Tcbktb, S. n. Melvin. FJBOHL -WASKIftC? rOD. Interfstlnc Treasury Matters —No Postponement 6ilhe Draft* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,} Ba’nrday, Sept. 17. The CommisEioner of Internal Revenue has de cided that aU maentseturera of vinegar from tm alcoholic base obtained by distil Union, though the product be far below proof, is to all Intents and purposes a distiller, and subject to all provisions of the Internal Revenue actof October, relatlveto that class of persons. The rise of vinegar made by this purpofe comes directly within the last pro visos* of the 65th section. - ’ The report that Secretary Fessenden has ap pointed spcdcl Individual sgenU to eo iclt or re ceive subscriptions to loans Is as false as it Is ab surd. A gentleman who left Richmond la«t Tuesday sayS the general belief prevailed there that a great battle was to be loorht of course, but the belief shows the coming event to be near. •j«4i«»ani» at in., ba«be£n an* pomfrd Bpedai Treasury Agent r.n- tiw «dAgeacyr compnsirg the vtlfry ot the Mias!?&lpbi,wlth headquarters at Vicksburg. The followii-g National Banka have been organ ized this week: Bank of Redemption, Boston, capital SSCO.i 00; lt>C National Bank, at Vermouth, Mass., capital $850,000: at. Wallsston Bank, Qolncr, Mats,, capital SBOO,OOO. The delcgtrion which waited on Secretary Stan ton to-dsr, csting that the draft be postponed a week or ten days, were answered, ** Not a day or an hour.” Washington, Saturday. Sept. 17.—A IWaihtng ten special says: Our cavalry in pursuit of the rebels who captured our cattle near Hsrri-on Land ing, got many of the animals and Bomcof-ths ma rauder* Gen. Ward, of New York, dismissed recently, was informed to-day that bis application for a Court of Inquiry could not be gran<ed. Secretary Stanton to-day Informed variouS’dele cations from the prlrdp%l cutes, whtr a?ked lor a suspension of the draft, that no postponement can be allowed ' Tbe District Supreme Court, whlcl;was adjourn ed when the rebels besieged Washington, has rc turned Its sessions. - FEOIS ST. 8.0U25. Capture ot Guerilla*—The Be tween me Coi»pera*mdt andSoldicra. [Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.! St. Louis, Saturday, Sept.d7,lS6L A correspondent of the J>tmocrai wri'ca from Howard ccunty as fellows: MajorKing,command ing a detachment of the 13Lh Missouri cavalry, veterans, marched from Fayette, on the moynin* of Sept, 12th, sonthcastWHidly, in search of gueril la*, and attached a squad of Tod’s zneo, to number fifteen or twenty, about five miles from town, killing five of them, wounding two, .who. escaped, and capturing fifteen revolvers, seven horse* and their equipments. Oar loss wa* one ‘ horse killed. .Judge of our astonishment and hor ror on ascertaining that the scalps of two human beings were hanging to one of the bridles. Toe scalps ere believed to be those of two of lour men of tbe 4th cavalry. M. 8, SL, killed and scalped la the fight with Anderson some three weeks ago. New* is very scarce to-day. Latest reports from ; the vicinity ot Cape Girardeen state that the reb els have not yet advanced in force across tbe Ar kansas line, but from increased small guerilla is believed they are ready to do so. Gen. Hosecrane is ready for Pncc or ary other big. rebel. Gen. A J. Smith remains In town.. Tbe McClellan men organized a club in the Eighth Ward last nurht, but lo*t one of their trans parencies by an accident. They were ejected from the hall tbev had engaged by the proprietor, and cranot secure, any eligible halls lur meetings They now invite riots by reproving the military rnmfoE. The followinu is a late sentence: Julius Hender son, a private of company K, 17th regiment of cav alry, lutroie volunteers, charged with conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, having, while on duty a» chief of a squad of rebel prisoner*, at the military prison at Alton, lIL, wrongfully and corruptly accented and taken mon ey as a tame from prisoners confined in said pris on, and in consideration therefor did aerial in the escape of three Zeno Otunsn, FTank Burlhut acd J, V>. Penio, sentenced to be dishonorably discharged and drummed out of the service of the Unltecßtates, and to be confiaedjt hard labor for one year, at each mihtaiy p:iaou as the commanding General may direct, St. Lons, Saturday, September 17.—Colonel Baker, commandant or tfcis post, In a letter to the President or tbe Democratic Executive commit tee, soys, while he regrets the unfortunate mdee of Ttcredw night, ano will do all In his power to protect KtrlOmaio-poltical meetings, bethinks they should omit at their cssemhilea, ml kyinspa renefe* bearing mottoes tmuling to czasnerate tbe soldier*. To resent a-studied insult is natural and just. To offer one is to invite attack. 1 The Jim Lane wing of the Kansas Republicans have nominated T. J. Crawford for Governor and Joe. McGrow for Lieutenant Governor. The Leav enworth Comcraiire relases to support the ticket. ** The Copperheads of tbe 12lh (BUoois) Congres sional District, at Belleville, on Tnureday, nomi nated Wm.ll, Mormon, of alonroe, (or Congress, and E. H. Wcst,of Msdiron, tor State Senator. A letter from Arizen*; says Chse. I). Posten will l>c a Delegate to Congitse from that Territory, He is a Copperhead. _ It is now believed that the murders by the Indi ans, between Lcsvenworth and Dcnve-, have been prosily exaggerated, ona probably will not amouat to SO, and l-c captcred stocktoftjfln * Gcn.BlaoUiae lelt Fort Riley on an expedition against the Indiana, lie will go to the ei-teru boundaries of New below Comanche A train belonging to Peter Al Ison was captured by the Comaucf Oi a‘. Lower Clccfrane Springs on tbe Siet nit. All tbe Americans with it were butch ered. XSOIf. JOSCT WESTiVOBTfI AX TAIPaRAISO. A Coppcrb«*4 Plzde-9plcndid Union BeiboDtirattoii-h> J.’s OUarnctens uc speech* • [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! , VAiTjouiso, Saturday, Sept. 17. Tbe Copperheads bud thdr ratification JlcClel. Lan snd David Tnipie meeting to-day. It wag to have been a great day, and would have been if the country had corned out the thousands expected, but tbe thousands did sot comp* nor the hundreds, and the scorns* wesu few from outside the town. The largest single''delegation was, the Chicago Union and they and their music appeared to be the chief feature, and to have made the most decided hit of the day. Corsets'and trombones carried off the boners, thongb Turplc outwmdsd them ail. s This baud was escorted by a cavalcade of eigh teen coding, ot mostly Irish gentleman and ladies, to a building opposite the Court House, to tender to Mr, Turpic a musical salute by way of welcome from his friends. Long John happened to be m a room acUolotnc, and supposing the escort to be a branchof tbcFemaus, he was about to ptyhls respects to them by taking off bis faac, when five men, shouting tremendously for Turple, re vealea the farxthu this u&sanovaUoutothe Cop perhead candidate,whereupon Long John modestly retired. • s The sjS&aklog was arnouucod by posters to be ginathalf-piet ten, but as mere was nol then escAigh of an audience to blow 10, the time wis occnph-d until afternoon in raising a pole. Seven or cis bt hundred ao*cmblcd after dinner in tbe Court Dense yard,and Tnrple made hie •‘peech. It wa? two bonis and a half of the Copperhead etjle&nd staple. It war not so boisterous as ex pteted, a* the enthusiasm of tbe crowd at no time enctteded in warming the speaker up to a good pitch. At the close of the speech an utd ta-hiuned tree fisht was cot up to snpHY'th* amusement and excitcxDfiit tbe oratory ot the congressional can didate tailed to inspire. ' . BZOOSP dihpatcil - "* ' Taltabaibo, Saturday, Bept 17—10 p. n. The meeting at night to hear ** Long John ” was la bnUiant contrast to the afien&oa Copperhead scene. iTte Court Bouse yard evinced a far differ ent appearance. Preparations Lad been nude to make thedcmonstratloaa success-nod so it was in every respect. In number? It was greater con aidbrahlyNhan the daylight affair, and in spirit, in enthurissm lax and most strikingly 65 peri or. It began by shouts and cheers for Grant, Sher* jDSD<CoUax aid the soldiers, inspired by the music of the Valparaiso band and ‘tbe"liricbt eyes of acoxas of ladles. The trees were bung with colored light.*, tbe speaker's stand illuminated, and name, rous transparencies with pointed humorous mot*' toes flashed around. Tbe whole affair shows that the Porter and Lake County Republicans are a gal* - lent and patriotic sort ot amen, who know how to get up and tom out to a rousing old-fashioned meeting. When Mr. Wentworth appeared he was hailed by prolonged shoots of applaalb, and this was kept up constantly througboat the speech. Ho confined hlnm-H princlpa Jy to the attacks made upon tre principles of the Union pany, -He con trasted the conduct of Mr. Lincoln with that of Gen. Jackson with a point and power which completely carried away the aedicncc.. Be specified lostancss of Jackson's conduct under stress of mbitary ne cceeitr, which the Democracy had always en dorsed, and with which no set of Lincoln caa com* paieae violations of tbe Constitution. HetbeacavcahlßioTvo/ Madison'sadministra tion. anff’fnowetf the piffled dea under, wuich that I’rceldent labored, and rented a crest number of the complaints Inode seal out him. Madison bad to flee the capitot while U was burning. Uis favor ito Generals for a long time proved failures, yet President Madison Was re-elected over as great a man ssDeWut Clinton---After tbU comoarison, be then contrasted McClellan with DeWitt Clin ton, and thought there was as good reason for re dec ling Lincoln over McClellan as there was lor re-electing Madison over C.inton. „ During this pert or the speech.tbe crowd fre . qacntly rooted with laughter, lie then pictured, luemoex ludicrous way. a convention to recon- EtiucttreConstitnUon. Hcput Vallandigbam in Washington's piece, Voorheov in Ben Franklin's, and Ben. Wood Dr Jlofns Kind's, Richardson In pises of Madicon, and so on, and sec them at work at improving tbe present Constitution. • The comicality of this was keenly relished by the crowd. Ue illustrated the Republican Idea ofrccosstrue tion, atd alto Its nationality, by the Btatcmoattbst both Dam-cretlc candidates were from tbe free States, whilst the Union candidate for Tice Presi dent was from one ot the seceding States, lie Aid Andrew Johnson was in this Union, aid Re publicans would elect him Vice President, and that would illuvtrate their idea cl secession. Be said tbe nest battle was to come off tn In diana and at Richmond, and he desired that the Union min should conquer at both places; that there was greater effort to defeat Colfax teas any other els men tbatwiil boron for Congress, for bis position as Speaker ot tbe House gave him a prominence that would make bis defeat as gratify, xtrg to the rebels as that of Grant or Sherman. 'As tbe contest now stood, it becomes every man oat ot the army tojlo his duty at tbe polls, as ic docs the soldier to do his doty ic the field. Ue was a peace man, and saw po other road to peace except by results that would warn tutors traitors that they could not fire on the flag of our fathers wltn impunity. Another streng point made was, that this war oricitaicd with the Democratic party under Bu chanan’** administration. Be asked the Democracy whv they did not make peace vr:th Jeff Uavlswhan they had him at Wash ington to make peace, and said it Fort Sumter bid been then reinforced, the war would never have amounted to its present importance. He gave a new idea ot settling the slavery ques tion.. He said the friends of slavery conteud It is a divine Icstliutiou. and that a Delegate to too Chi cago Convention told him be believed it originated .withGod,who would protect it. “Well,” said Long John, “this suggested a now idea, and I said to birr, then Jet us le*ve it to God. FcUow,dti zens, Igo for that. Let us leave this institution of God to God. Tbe fugitive slave law Is repealed, and tow if anVccrrans away. 1 am for letting Hdm ton ul. God brings him hack. „ This v?B® n-celved by the crowd with thoraost rapturous aprfacee. An old gntl-nneo close by the" leportcrs'table swore it was the most sensible suggestion he ever heard.. He -closed a two hours speach with an exhortation that we never eurren dertte rich legacy left ns by our fathers either to .traitors or to sympathisers with traitors. After tee speech a Vallaudljjh-m eocg was sung - and whistled by ihreg gentlemen, io toe ere it de light ot the crowd. James Faser, candidate for Supreme Judge, then followed, and while be wa* speaking your reporter w>i» obliged to leave one of tne most significant demonstnidona be -has yet witnessed. Long John had a handsomebouquet presented to him at the c’oee ol hie speech by a young lady, sweeter than the flowers, and prettier coo. FKS3Z - A Handsome. Union .Demonstration* {Special Dispatch to the Chi capo Tribune.] Metojota, Saturday, Sept. 17, 15 W. The Union demonstration here to-day was a respectable affair. The combers In attendance were about 3,000. Had the meeting been efficiently advertised—only two days’ notice baring been .given—there would bare been at least 10,003 pre sent. The meeting was organized byappolutlng S.SL Heslet, President; Hugh Wilson, William Edwards, and Wm. Bond, Vice Presidents; and Wm. E. Beck, Secretary, -The first speaker introduced was Hon. J. D. Ward of Chicago. His exposition of the pending isnee was clear and decisive, and for two boors be kept an appreciative audience breathless, except - when Interrupted by rounds of H a sparkling was encouraglcg, and satisfying to Union men, ard withering and conclusive to the few p( ace sneaks present. A. T. Stone oi Louisiana, followed in s speed) of an boor, perfectly overflowing with rood bite, and speaking with cans of the true eloqnence of expe rience. At first, come disappointmeaMvas maol i«tted, l>ecause neither Gov. Fate? cor General Oglesby were present, hot this soon-wore off, OLdix the junlons eloqnence of the speakers. Certainly no audience ot three thousand persons ever dispersed better satisfied. It has been trnlvaday ol legeccratfon for. this Ticisily. At tbs contusion ot the addresses, three umea three rousing chetrs were given for the Union, “Old Abr,” the speakers, ana the whole lb-get. Union t-tock bears a large Drcmiam in this section. A meeting is called lor this even in/, to be addressed by the same speakers.. - FfiOH TERKE HAUTE.’ 'Great Union Mass Tlectlog>Voorbee« Alarmed. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trjbnne.l ** Terrs U'arrr, Saturday, Sept. 17. The Union crowd which assembled, here last debt to heir Ex-Gov. Wrisbt and Hon. James Wllfccn, 61 Crawlordßville, was tbe largest and most enthusiastic of any. which has been held In tals section for many years. Gor. Wright was In the city, but, owing to indisposition, did not speak, , but Mr. Wlbon tpoke over two hours, aai-the ef | lurt was regarded by bis friends as one of tae ablest of his life. The effect of the speeca was tremen dous and damaged the opposition In a decided manner. The Union canee is gaining ranldly in this tecllcn of Indiana, and Yoorhecs is alarmed ♦or lus election and is struggling desperately. Ids the opinion among all paracs that his chances aro failing. Toe draft commences on Monday. FBO BE TI€aSOUBG. A Conplo of Dctallatory Military Or* acts. Cimo, Saturday, Sept. 17 —The following orders explain themselves. District op Vicksbuho, I Vicxsnunc, Mica, Ang. £S,I;CL f 6. fExmcta. The following copy of an order has been received at these headquarters from a reliable source: Cmcir op Cojixaxdakt of Fust, Jxckbox, Miss.. August 1, 186L—Spsdil Orders, No. 21. •Mr*, Bose Salmon, Mies £Ua McQairk, and Willie Salmon, be:ng disloyal to the Confederate States ■ hereby ordered without the lines ol the Conledcrato States, not to return without' permission from the proper autnorities, under pe nalty ot imprisonment.. The above order will be extent efl immediately. By command of A. ilcFar lane. Colonel Commandluy Poet. Without repeating onvionn reasons for a proper retaliating po.lcy. I T is hereby ordered that the wife and family of major Merw?n,of tne rebel army, now rtslatnc In in is c>ty, leave the place for rebel, within thiee days. The house of Col. Thorne, of the rebel army, is assigned to Hr*. Rose Salmon, and her family,aud the loliowlnp assessments on well known dtstoval naeors will immcdieUly be collected by the Pro 'vest V«T»bai and paid over to said family, to re imburse them for the loes-of fornitnre and expen ses incurred in obeying the above order or the rebel atthori ties: L. A, Brown, $100; Judge Bar nett. $5‘J: Dr. Balfour, SSO. The Provost Marshal wiil sec to the Immediate ozeention of this order. By order of Major Genera) N. J. T. Dana. - (Sicced.) D. C. Booms, A-A. G. ' Offloal : F. E, Fox, A.A.G. Heaimjcaetees, Vicksbubo, Mies., I September 9,160 L ) Special Orders No. 118. [Hrtract] •• Mr. Richard Barrett, and family, being disloyal to tbe United Statea Government, are hereby or dered without the lines of the United States, not to JCtnm during the war. This order is leaned In retaliation for tho banishment of Mr. Charles KhPDDJrd and family by tbe Confederate sntbari ties and will be carried into effect by the Provost Harakal within live days. The bouse now occupi ed bv Mr. Barnett will be turned over to Mr, Shep- Ttuto for the nae of himself and family. By order Of M=*or General N. J T Dana. * H. O. Koqbrs,,A. A G. Official; T.E.FOX, A. AG. FBOja PIULiDEIiPHIA, Gcm* Grant gone to Harper s * Ferry— Hebei Bescrtlviuii PCH.&DELFBZX, Saturday, IfepLl*.—A from Baltimore to the Bulletin states °■ Grant ha* left for Harper’s t'trry, and that bis pur pose will be defined in a few days. . n A Washington dispatch has the following. Over BJWnbei deserters Hate arrived from the Army of the Potomac. Onoman left bis wife and six chil dren In Richmond, and says his grandfather has been co&senptcd. From miton Head. New Yock, Saturday, Sept. I*.— Webavonews frero Hilton Head to the 13th Inst No active mili tary operations of importance arc reported. The O 0 rebel officers recently consigned to Gen. Foster have been placed in the prisoners’ camp con structed on Morris Island under the fire of the rebel batteries, and the commander at Charleston no'ifled ot the fact, a- regards rations, these prisoners are to fare precisely as do the Union offi cers placed under fire in Charleston. ' , Gen. 8»xlon has orcsnlztd a Savings ’ Bank for tbe contrabands, and has also issued ah order pro hibiting the purchase ofcoitoa from the negroes In advance of the harvest. Xli© TypocrapWeal Imbroglio New Tons, Saturday, Benlomber 17.— The pro-, proprietors of the Del y Timet this morning, on paying off tbelr compocitore. informed all those that belonged to ibeTypojraohical Union that their services were no oncer,needed. No compositors belonging to the Union is to be employed on the Tinut hereafter/ | ' major DcYassa Amin Under Arrrst. Cairo. Saturday, Sept-17.—Major DeVaisv who it will be remembered, attained considerable gratuitous newspaper notoriety some' monies ago, baa been arrested by order of the Provost Marshal General of this State, charged with run ning off substitutes to tbe Boat. He haa been taken u> Springfield for trial. CHICAGO, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19,1864. THE VERY LATEST. MONDAY^ 4 O'CLOCK A, 2L A' QUiSBILATERAI MET OB TBE 810 Mill FhDERMS, EEBEL?, FRENCH MD MEiXCaNS EN(J4t|ED. Illinois Wins an the Last Heat. ' Corlinas Whips the Rebels and Capmres Brownsville. FORREST ORGANIZING A LARGE EX PEUITION AT JACKSON. Latest from Grant's njid Sheri dan's Armies* Tlie Draft: in Illinois--Oflcial Corrcspondcncer FROM BKDUiYAPOLIS Stlrrlmr Spcerti by Gen. Hover—Arrest oftin Aitdtana Iraltor-fliiliarr Of at* teis. [Special Dfrpatch to the Chicago Tribune.] IxDZAxaroLzs, Sundry, SepL 18. Mej. Geo. Horoj was unexpectedly called upon to speak at tlie Circle last night.- Ilia arduous da* tics bad allowed him no time for preparation, qnd hie remarks were simply tbe crtotnpenmeoaa ut terances of the patriot soldier. He said we did net seem to beaware that oar'danger in this war come from tbe foe In the rear, nor that wo were reeling to day oxer the volcanic Area ofrevolntion. lam a native horn hooeler, and every Impulse Of my ambition Is for the welCire native State; aid though whai I say some may not endorse, I shall tpcak. my honest con vieJons, This war was not caused by-tsc Brpnbllcin nor Democratic par*” ty, hot by ambitious men South who owned ne goeg and thought the government belonged to the Southern aristocracy. JThty rebelled and fired on Sumter and your lathers and brothers rushed to arms. 1 went lorth and tbe leaders of my party said God speed you, noble young man. For three ycarc have I fought In this war, and coming back lUtd those friends alienated. Why do they like melees? I have offended simply tn this,, that I have fought aca killed their brothers. To' yon, Democrats, in the fullness of nr? heart, I epeak a ■brother’s warning. Beware ,how yon change'the -front of battle. The line a few months ago ranged from the Sabine to the James. How the enemy Is found in Indians aiding and abetting the rebels in aims. Do yon peace men .think if you bought the betrayal of our brave men In the army they " would come home in disgrace and let yon live in peace here f It cannot be. I warn yon men of wealth who a**t these cowardly peace men that tbe day of your rum is at hand. Peace men call themselves Dcm octals. Were Jaczson and Douglas peace .mcn ?, lamlgn not the Democratic party as ditfayal, bu ita corruptjmd treasonable Icaocm* Jeff Dans never tad better co-operatornhan tno*e who have been serving him here and who, I believe, arepaid by rebel gold. Revolution In this -state baa t>«aa ontb ipolnt ox breanug mrtn.' Secret organiza tions exist, whose members are armed not at their own cost. The money was ftimlsbed by Jeff Davis who knows it la mure important to divide me North than to defeat oar armies. He will «pcad money more freely to-day to defeat ua la *hc elec tions ihgnst the front, and he has detached his soldiers under the guise of deserter* and refugee 3 and scattered them all over jour rounus* to seize the poll* and votejon down. TRey shall never do this while 1 have Some call me ultra, hat 1 have stood whc"» I know what too cu emv mean- RecoLciUalun Is a child’s whim. Subjugation Is the word- Jeff. Darts’ word Is law in the Sooth. Let a union man man whisper his loyalty, as these Copperheads do on our streets, and he would bo hnnp than higher Hainan. I love the right of fr»c epeecu, bat my country more Hid I -the pow-T I would not let one single man, woman << child epeak, print or publish a siovic word «f treason. That Is my creed. McClellaina hlshiucrofacccptaLCC is trying to deceive yon. Rfs principle oi reconstruction can never be al lowed. Uc means by It that every. State mu»t have the rights and privileges of the tui-Itive ilavc law. Wil ho take black men fighting for “their courntiy, shackle them forjjbdr masters. to rciura them to bondage ? If not his a falsehood. 1 will never take bsck to slavery a blackman who has fought fur ins tnxdom whi.e I live, nor assist in doing it. There U no hope for tbe Government but In the subjuga tion of the aooih \ They must be kept in tutelage ui tQ the heart comes nent if it takes five thqnsaod years to do it. While Ido not wish to eater' into l>olltice, I tbalT vole for those men who are moat radical for the Government, viz: Morton for Gov en or, and Lincoic-for President. In conclusion ho said. “ You need not ho afraioot the buttle intrant, Grant and Sbermun ‘win not fall there. Yon should fear your Vallao diebsms and enemies is tbe rear. Go home and thick ot thrteibicgs and vote ae your beau tells you Is right. Pay your taxes chetrfUlly hud honor the wounded and veterans who return,~for'none dowre tt more at your hands. Tho address was frequently interruoted by .loud cpptacfcc, and at the conclusion was heartily cheer ed oy the audience who listened to it. ,It sounds the aey note of his military policy and as such msi-t command the sympathy of every loyal mm. John L. McQaiddey, of Ocn. Hovcy's a*aff, left tbe dtyfur Orleans yesterday, with a company of mounted men, pursuant to orders, lie pressed on to Bowles’ Springs, 13 miles from Orleans, and at 6 this morning, arrested the no torious Col. Bowles, Who disgraced himself at Buena Vista, and'who is one of the leaders-of the rebels lu this State** There wsa no opposition made to the arrest. The manner is which the af fair has been manaced reflects great credit upon Capt. McQolddey, and is In keeping with the en *ray and gallantry which ha- ctoractcnzed him through bis whole term ot semes. The ICGth regiment, CoL Wilson, and 117tb, CoL Bobinfon, arrived this morning. They will be muateted out of the service at once. TBOK CAIRO AHDBELOW. ntcbly Xmportent From T<>xas-Cor> Ui*a» oecupTO* Brownwvllle* and of fers Hlm Sfrilces to tbe Uoiled States . —Forrest Fitting oat a Great Expe dlllOQ. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Catuo. Sunday, Sept. 18. steamer James White, Q. L. White, mas ter. Jas. F. Lukco, clerk, we hare New Orleans flies to the altcrnoon of the 12th. The Flcayunt has the following important news fro n Texas: We have reliable information by the latest arrival from lUo Grande, of the gunboat Clinton, that Cortlnas erased the river with bis whole force, 2,CGO men and sixteen pieces of artillery, and oc cupied Brownsville, driving ent the Confederates, under Col. Ford, hoisted the United States Hag, and offered hie services to the United States Com mander at Brazos, to the Government cause. A. Col. Feshcr, late of the Mexican army, who' la a Tennesseean by blrtb, had abandoned that service, and gone Into the Confederacy, when Cortlms lev ied bis forced loan on tbc people. , hiatamoras FUhcr attempted to intense be. tween them and Cortlnas, ardproposed to tho French commander to expelling Cortlnas. The Fret ch commander neins weak, and not desir ing to nnitc his fortunes with those of the Confed eracy, declined. Fisher, not contented, visited Comnaswith a mnssse that if any attempt was made to levy a forced loan on the French or Con icderatecitizens, tho£onfederaie force- would do as Gen. Dana did some time ago—cross the river and remove their funds to a place of safety. Gor linas, roused by ihi*,determiaed;to take (be Initia tive. and accordincly left quietly dnrlnc the night, leaving a email iorco ofSOQ men In Matamoras, and v. enl to a point below, where he crossed bis -whole force and tixteen pieces of artillery,' with which he marched to Brownsville, driving out the force of Col. Ford, which was composed of caval ry, without artUlerv, Cortlnas IbenholfcUdthe United States dag and dcdaicdaßhewubam on the American side o*. the river he was a citizen ol the United Slates, and would bold Brownsville for that government. He immediately roused the commanding officer at Brazos of hie proceedings, and offered through him %, Mi government his own services and tbatot his aimy. It seems that the small French lorce at the mouth was so alatmed at the advance of Cortlnas down tbe river tt at they took to tbeir chips, nut returned when they found Brownsville was tbe 'bbjec* in view.. The same paper has a correspondent at Bagdad, Mexico, who nnder date ol Septembsrdth,' writes as follows: From the captlo of the hotel may be seen to-day that which has not been witnessed before in this age ana is not Übey to be again four armies, in hostile array.' Federal and Confederate' on the op posite of the river, Frenchand Mexican on this. On both sides there are terse prairies, destitute of all vegetation for miles, and arc pretty dry plicea for armies. On tbe 27th of August a body of 500 French marines took possession of the town with ont opposition. They have panned a strictly con ciliatory course. Ko alteration has yet been mWo In the municipal Iqws, Tkb Mexican police still retain'ofllce. Several French mco-of-war are lying off the bar. A transport arrived yesterday with 120 French, who went ten mDcs up tbe river on the steamer Alamo and captured Burnta without bloodshed. They took three prisoners. Thi? is the place the American forces under Gen. Taylor «nce took, and fontd nothing but a which circumstance it"derives its name. The French we fortifying here with cotton bales as If expecting an attick, Ttey bave four ■beautiful 4-ponnd braes nlecee.'ustd at Solfermo, They are curlfsitics in-heir way. Ihe French are reported to be at Monterey, from which they will march on MaUuioras. Tbe French have reduced the export duty on specie cne-balf, mekirg u now 1 per cent on gold rud D per cent onellver. As tbrrsis no esr : gs the. market is overstocked with evervthlnc, and it tbe communication Is not soon opened with tbe inte rior traders will seffer much, a great many French who Uved in Matamoras, thinking prudence the better part of valor, hare taVr-n np 'heir abede here, 'or from general appeara ccs MoxuniUiaii's crown will not be as easily worn as won. Mr Latbsm, Official ‘ onfederale Consol at Mat an oras, tenders protection to alt French subjects wbo will cross from Matamoras to btsline. The Spanish brUr AHda was blown on tbe beach this morning, and went to peicea in a short time. - Mr. Sf«rede, of the house ofMesirs. Spereile £ Co., of this place, Was arrested to-day by'the Fiec'rb. lie Ebb been flyu-g tbe American dig from bie house ever blsco tbe Trench landeJ. __ A f. w days since C 0 arr-eied atMitamoria F. G. Herring, olNew York, gave him a glass or wine Slid touted him by easing be thought he won d have to shoot him, bet on the intercession oMbc American Consul, Ur. H, wasreleared. There isacrcatdcalofcottonatMatamora*,bat H can’t get down tbo riv.r. Good middling la worth 40 cents per pound Greenbacks here are woribSS cents on the dollar. Advices from Port Morgan are to September 10th. The expedition planned by Gen. Balfry.and commanded by Cape. Stone, of Bailey's staff, re turned that day. They burned, tbe largest salt worts dwnec by the rets at Con Secotr bar, se curing a large quantity of forage and captaring two prisoner?. The logs of tbe «alt works will be severely felt by tbe rebs. They comprised 15 .bouses each one of which turned out 75 bushels J dally. Tie buildings were burned to the ground, and kettle-, pans and other machinery broken to fine fragments. Tbe Vicksburg Serald of tbelOthhas been read. It states/that a very heavy force of rebel cavalry, or mounted infantry, is now at Jackson, evidently preperrog to strike a sudden blow on some portion of our lines. - Tbolntonr.artstalce-ibat Gens. Forrest, Dick Tay.or and O. TTolson ore all at Jickson, and that troops arc camped around the city forueveralmllee. Fom-st is compelled to walk upon crutches, as he bos sot recovered from tbe wound received at Tu pelo, out be 13 neriectly able to mauvse his horse, .81.0JH almost constantly in the saddle, eaperin tendlnr various movemt-nta ot tho troops. V7irt Adams is afro there, bat his authority is complete ly ignored,. Gene. Taylor and Forrreat assuming the entire control and direction of aiEurs. Thuir wagon, pontoon and artillery trains ore raid to be vt-ry i-xitm-ive, tbe warons bearing the brand “ TJ. S.” and captured by Forrest from Sturgis in the • finbt at Gustown. Every movement is said to be conducted with the greatest secrecy, even cun/ea from oncer mp to another heists made at night. No one except U(ncral*«ru abort a to know tue least thing in regard to contemplated movements. . No expedition of similar strength wav ever more secretly collected ot more carelully guarded from outside observation The wools command is f aid lobe In fine condition and In exccllentor dcr. Too artillery and pontoon trains arc of the finest deecnoUon and wagons new and substan tial. Tbe entire force, so far as the Informant could Judge, numbered £O,OOO men. Whether this command has been collected tor the purpose of going to tcccor Mobile cr for offensive demonstra tions against our lines; 1b of course only a matter of conjecture, hut wo hare no doubt ample ptopa ration win be made for their reception at any paint they choose to visit. The correspondent of the Missouri Democrat. whoc2menp as far os Memphis, on tbsstetmer Jas. White, sends word that the forces of Farra got report all quiet at Mobile. It was thought no demonstration ot any strength would be made on Mobile, but the strength' would oe transferred to sonic other point. Forts Morgan and Gaines be ing heaviivyarlsoncd, and to ne Jefl to keep what iht-y now lave—tho complete blockade of Mobile Bay. ’ - On tho Isst trip up tbo 'steamer Saratoga, Capt. Slay, frond a rebel battery of 9 gnus at the mouth of the Red nvor. The gunboat Chili cotbewas shclleg the woods. It'waa uudiryood that the rebels were In considerable force fa too vicinity. They bad fired Into the steamer Ida May the same dfiy. The Saratoga pul on steam and pasted the rebels, being received with cheers, not shots, from the fact that she had no soldiers oh heard. At YIO sbtirg the dtlzcns are somewhat feverish from ftar ih:t Forrc»t wac'going to.visit them from Jackson. _ At Natchez General Drayman cclohrated the capture of Atlanta by things salute of thlrty-four puns on the 10th, concluding the day’s festivities with an entertainment at headquarters. Lieutenant Church, formerly aide on General Paine 1 * staff, has been relieved of that duty, and l«' s nuw poet quartennaater at Paducah, Ken tucky . Caiuo, Sunday, Sept. IB. —The steamer Belle, Iren Memphis, arrived with Memphis dates to yesterday evening. ■ Sfrceart T. S. Clark, 61st Illinois Infantry has ifTTnlehcd additional news .concerning affairs on the Bio Grand*. On the morning ot the 6th the PrenclrmoTed cut of Bagdad a force estimated at C 000. and commerced tie ssc*nt on tbe Oth of the Bio Grande, lor tbe purpose ot attacking Matamo ras.-'Tho match was unlnterrupUo till they u ached a point opposite White Banche,' where Urey met Cortinas, with a Mexican form, prepared, to contest tbe approach. An artillery duel ensued, when the French were compelled to fall back in confusion, do* ely followed lor three miles. When coming to chanparal they mode a stand. . Cortinas otened on the imperial forces with shot land shed . While engaged on this point, the rebel com mander at Brownsville, Col; Ford, came dowmthe Texassidool the Bio Grande with a large drovfr of cattle for IheTrencb, and seeing the Confedera cj’p friends engaged with Ccrtluas, promptly oa ponsed their cause, and opened en tbe Mexican rear! Seeing this, the imperial army made an at tempt to tom tbe day, and charged the Eederals with the bayonet, with the determination to con- 3 cor or die, and were driven b.vfk in disorder us er "cover' fof the cLapparrl. Cortinas then two piece* of to bear onxord, forcing him to retire. > About this time the !M<t Illinois, at Brazos San tiago, htranns Ibe fire on the Rio Grande, were or dered to march to the scene of action, arriving In time to witness tbe repulse of the rebels. Toe gallant Sucker boys tbei\ pitched Into Ford and drove him five miles, capturing hi* camp eqnipage at d about thirty ttand of arm?. Meantime Corte uas succeeded in putting tbe imperialists to flight, and drove them to Boco del Rio. Ai his artillery could not compete with their besw ordnance on shipboard, he withdrew his forces to White 'Banche and crossed 500 men into Texas, where they Iky in arms during the night of tho oth by the side of the American troops. Ho sooner had Corneas crossed the Bio Grands than be lowered the flog of bis country, tbe white, red and green, and hoisted tbe t-tara aud-tripos, which was greeted enthusiastically by the Mexican eoicicr? as well as Americans. On the fltb Corti nae . followed Ford to the old bat tle fleid ..'of Reseco de la Palma, where ho rested hi* troops for the Tdah’, whllrt Ford fell back to Brownsville. Coninaades patched a with an order for tic forces there to prepare to move immedtatolv. Early on the morning of the oth m«rant 6.C03 Mexicans moved np’ the Bto Grande crossed the river aud came down the Texas side, attacking Brownsville simultaneously wllhCo r -, rns*>. Tbe straggle for Brownsville resulted | D the defeat of tbcrebqjs, who oere driven from tfce towr. Cortinas took possession. ' - The txlt of tbe rebels was so haaty that they left tln-ir rag -floating on the Court-House aud other public buildings, which was soon torn down acd tue-Btsra aud Stripes hoisted amid shouts and cheering*. ' THE DRAFT Mr ILLINOIS. Copies of th<x.oHlcl<o Correspondence [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! ‘ - Srmxormji, DU Sunday, Sept. 18. Tbe following figures show tho condition of ac. ccnnla of the State adjusted with the Government for volunteers furnished- under* all calls: Grand quota, 197,360 1 total credits, 181,178;- balarco against Slate to ho raised under last call, 16,182. Slxty-thrce counties of the State arc defi cient 37,031. and the* remaining 89 counties have famished an excess of 10,842 men. Deducting en-' llstments since July Ist, 18C4, the total deficiency aeainst the State la 13,450. The Assistant Provost Marshal General was instructed to draft for the total deficiency of the State by sab-districts. Great embarrassment has existed on account of tbemode of creating snh-dleliicts. To remedy this Qor. Yates fent the folio wing dispatch: - SPBixcnsED, Sept. 3,1601. To Hon. E.-M. Stanton, . See. ot War, Washington. There is on intense feeling of bitterness la many parte of this State on account of the manner of making *ub-districts by District Provost Msrnbsls. In maty districts several towns are constltnted one sub-district, thus uniting towns which have dune more than their share with towns which have done little or nothing. The enrollment in most, If not all, coses have been taken by to«ns, and therefore but little additional labor would be required to re duce sub districts to towns, and assign their qnota and credits, and as far as possible by towns. All credits prior to Oct Ist. 1863, in counties are divided pro rats, and by reducing sub districts to towns the pro rata credits, could be easiy deter mined. J urgently request that this be done im mediately. [SigDidj Richard Yates, Gov. • On the Ufa of Sept, the Governor sent the follow iogdUpaub: Bmc. Gek. J.B. Fnr. P. M. G„ Washington, D. C.: s The total deficiency In this State by snb districts on the Ist of Snly, wae 29,707, and excesses to the tub districts, 13,615; by counties the deficiency was 37.014. and excesses la other conntlej. 10,613: leaving otflclt rof 'State, 16,182. If tne draft is insisted . upon In this State X earnestly reqaestihat as tho announcement o' the quota and credits was not mode until the S7th ult M that the draft be postponed until thirty days and the draft shall only he madein sub districts fo enough to produce the deficit which may be due against the State as sneb. " '(Signed.) Eichakd Yates, Got. Ko reply 'was received to these dispatches np to th ICih Inst, ht which time the Governor again" tele graphed the substance of the 'two foregoing dla patches and again Insisted m decided terms, that the draft shonla not be made for more than the deficiency of the State, and received the following repljt: WASHEtoiofl’, September 17th, IB6L Got. Yates; Tonr telegram- of yesterday to the Pretldent and Secretary of War, and myself la received. The game subject was alvo presented by a Committee from yoar State. They represented that entire satisfaction will be produced by drafting only a sufficient per ctciage of the qaota assigned to each sub-dis met to produce the qaota due from the State. I have therefore ordered CoL Oakes to reduce the quota 60 percent in any sub-district from-which troops are now demanded, the balance being set aside until further orders. This redaction will produce, the required result with sufficient accura cy, The apportionment of quotas to counties and districts, or the basis of the number frirnlshed since tbe war began, as eho-rn by the records of the Aofntant General of the State, was made with a view to meet the wishes of the Slate anthorltles, as requested by Gen. Foiler and Col. Oakes ( when they were In Washington in person to arrange the matter - matter. laiscc pro^Q?t General. The Assistant Provost Marshal General of the State received the following‘telegram order last ersnln", and has issued orders to District Provost Marshals la the 4lh, Bth, 10th and liJlh In compliance therewith. , ' ■ tVAsamcTos, Sept. 17,1881. To Lieut. CoL James Oakes: Instead of drafting for the quotas yen have as rlCTtd to the sob-districts, let the quota of each be redneed tifty per cent, and dralt for the remain der This Is to ptcdacs the approximate result of drawing from - the State under the all oolythe State deficiency. Let the amountdeducted In each be set aside on theVecords until et of dispatch of tflis date from me to B PEr - p - M - mom rKF.EPoai. . WeTcro Slonn— Oopperfc.aa OTc.tlnc _lbo Qnotaoi J.aHa.l, Couoty. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ] ■ Fxleefout, Sunday, Sept. 18.. Dnringtho Btom la-t nleht the telegraphic in slrumente at Menu depot aid lent, were entires lv dcEtroied by tie liphtnlce. The omce at Free, .port tree badly broken, acd the wire mdled, hot the Instruments were uninjured. Thiawas.tbese- wrest etonn experienced In this region within the last tv»o year?. The peace Democracy holds great Jubilee la Freeport, on Thursday next. Hon. J. C. Robin eon sod other big goes of the party, jnll be here LaSalle county la ehort ol her quota eleven hnnl dred and sixty men. Tac (haft is expectedtu take place some lime next week. The only two towns in *he county which bare an excess over all calls, ■cro Fail and Ottawa^ FROM MILWAUKEE. Political Hatter*—Copperhead 1- - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] - Milwaukee, Sunday, Sept, IS. •The great Copperhead ratification meeting took place yesterday, andjrith tbo exception of the firing of guns, was a very quiet affair. The mats meeting took place at Qnlnten’s Park, and the as semblage aid not much exceed the usual Sunday gatherings. By reliable gentlemen present the number was estimated at about two hundred. - In' the evening they managed to get up a cruwdhy bonfires, fireworks andjlring cannon In thetaarbat square, hut there was not the enthusiasm looked for on snch an ocojalon. In fact it was a total failure, and created hut very little excitement la the city. ' .Tue draft takes place loottorrow, and will, prob_, ably be executed with little oifl'.urbaccc. Many o the hundred day men arc ready to enlist as soon os' ’they have had a furlough. Everything look* bright for tbo fall campaign anuLincoUi’s-majority in this State will be larger than four years ago. Many of tho Cop oerbead voters have skedaddled, and will not dare to vote for leu of ,tbe drift. , FROH ~ Copprrhend Fizzle—Military Hatter*. ' [Special Dispatch t6 the Chicago Tribune.] iribitox,*Wla., BaturdayfSept,*i7. The Copperhead ratification meeting yesterday was a complete failure. Only one smsll procession ol about twenty voters came from the Noneoi tbo advertised speakers were present, and tbe crowd did not numbcr.over 400 or COO, tbe ma jority ©f whom were Union men, and a nmn her of soldiers. Some offensive remarks •of one speaker exasperated the soldiers, and had It not been for the efforts of tbe Governor, Adjutant Qcn cral, oE(Lpromiccnt Unfomaeh, there would have been serious trouble. Tbo storm prevented an outdoor meeting in tbe evening, bat at a Ute boor there was a email gathering in the Coon House, wherovery violent harangues were madO/hy Geo. B. Smith and others. % . The Governor has ordered the organization of the 45th regiment, designed to be mainly German. F. Belitz of Manitowoc, la Colodel, acd Jlcngcs of Watertown, Major. The 42d leaves at half-past 0 to-morrow,'with full ranks, Jor Cairo via Chicago. The doth vrli probably be paid off and mustered onTln a day or Uto. FEO3A ABHIT. d Sccccssfol- ZS?coxmolasance To ‘words Petorsborg. . New Tope, Sunday, Sept. 18.—The Herald's army correspondent of the isth saya - information woe received yesterday that the enemy were moving quite a large body of troops t« the left of Uen. Warren. To ascertain the truth of this a r>- conuolscance was ordered to be made at aneaiiy hour this morning. The force selected for tbe pur pose consisted ot tbe 4th and 16ih regiments of Pennsylvania cavalry, under the command of Lieut , Co>. B. Boblnson, of the’ Ist Pennsylvania bat talion. commanded by R, J. Falls, supported by a brigade of Infantry under Gen. Baxter, of the sth ca;p*. Tbe cavalry left camp at 3 o’clock this morning, reaching the Weldon .Railroad at daylight and at once moved out to the front by the VoagiTm road; a distance of a mile and a half, brought them totboiorki ofaroad, one ofwhich led to Peters harg acd the other to the left in the direction of Beam’s station. The first reconnaissance was made in the direction of Petersburg. , The picseta of the enemy were driven In a mile or more, when the command returned and moved in the opposite direction. After going about a mile beyoed our Infantry pickets, the enemy were discovered with tbe road elromrly barricaded and a force upon either tide- A squadron was dia monctea to icute them from their position. This they old in gallant style, and-ooeticuedto aurr them from one position to another far a distance of two miles, No signs of large bodies of trouos' were discovered or indications of any hiving been there recently. Citizens living on the road said a force of 4,060 cavalry .were encamped some two milts in advancer for tbe purpose of guarding the Boynton Plank Road, over which tue rebels trine ported a large portion of their supplies at present. Although 1 nave no general engagement tore cord, or berious fighting, there was continual -ekmnlsblog for serial nonra. Upon the with 'drawul oi our troops the enemy followed us np, and’Cra'lydrovcin our pickets compelling ns to return ard re-establish the line. The losses were very small on our side, consisting of only two men wounded in the let Pennsylvania battery. The enemy left one or two killed, who fell Into our bands, and doubtless some were wounded. Tbe whole division ot cavalry have been saddled all day. and in readiness to move at a momeut’s notice, if found necessary to go to the assistance o J the small force ecntoiitfbut the object of the re conoolseance was accomplished without far ther aid. Thi-xe arc some Indications that the enemy were ‘making preparation.* to evacuate Peteraborg. We learn that iorcc number* of the citizens have been leaving for the South for eeveral day*. Tbe truth of (his rumor nil! be ascertained in a few hours at headquarters army of the Potomac. \ UEAuquAirrEna Abut op tub Potomac, Sept, 10— The flank allies by tho rebel cavalry yebter ■ day morning was a most daring move.. and seems to have been partially sraesaful. The attacking fnire ccofeietcd of of cavalry with . eight pieces of artillery. The main bodyroichcd the vicinity ot tbe'catile herd on Buffing's farm, nearCogcln’s point, just before oaytight, white the teiaaiLder eugagtd our cavalry pickets asoag tbe entire line from Ream’s Station, capturing tome and driving others back. Tria was done to over tbe operations of-tbe main rebel column. The attack was made a ehort tlmo before day ilcht when the guard were mo-tly abed, 3U) prisoners are reported to have been, captured, mostly oftheltth Pennsylvania cavalry. The first Distrlcf of Colombia cavalry, on duty mar by, soon attacked tbe rebels, but they were in rocb strong force that our men had to fail hick, etflerlug a loss of somc2so. It is said that Geu. .Gregg's division of cavalry, supported by the 2d Ctrp?, vent in pursuit of the raiders, out it i* be lieved they had too N mach the start, and mast have gone off with the greater part of their plon-' dcr. In adoition to our loss in cattle, which will reach - 2,500 bead, the rebels captured several teams witlra gang of men, who were engaged In cons»ructlnga line of tclegraphin that direction.* A rumor reached camp this morning that the cattle have nil been recaptured, hut 1 cannot trace It to an; reliable source. FBOM HLWBEKi^. Newdehn, Sept 13—Maj. Kenney andMr.Ju lino, a member of tho New York State Senate, who was on the stesmer Fawn, which was recently captured by the enemy, arrived here to-day from Elizabeth City, having been paroled by tbe cuemv. L. I). Wilson, Provost Marshal at/Roanoake Island, Maj. Graves, 14th N. C. Union and Lieut. Col. Bingham, 16th Couo. VbK, who were on board the Fawn, are retained by tho enemy. Col. Bingham, whowasonhis way to Join his regi ment, had jo«c been exchanged at Charleston. The smval of the pirate steamer Florida at Wilmington, N. C., Is annonner-df L. E. Johnson, a favorite officer la tho depart ment, who was chfcf of the amhalaccc corp«, is among the victims to the congestive chills which prevail here to a considerable extent. •The North Carolina Times there is no doubt hut ihelnterior of that state is id complete uproar over the conscripts and deserters. ' On thclDth oK a collision took place In Moore county, between tbe deserters, some 1,700 m' number, and tbe State guards, ip which tbe latter were repulsed, with a loss of four klLed ana one wounded. How fill©* Army 2s Filling: Up— eporfs ol'l*rovost Marshals, Washlsgtok. Sunday, Sept. 18.—The following Is an c-Ktract from a rcj>oit ot a Provost Marshal, and.thcre are many mere to the same effect: u Recruiting has been the main business of the office for the past ten days. Never before during the present war, as far as my observation goes, has there been anything like the interest now dis played bv tho people m obtaining men for the army. The class of men enlistifig are from the most reepecttble portion of the community, and go into tho service with consciences behind their bojoncts. Daring' the present week I have mas tered and fonyarded to the several rendezvous 600- men. They go Into the service willingly and cheerfully. From present indications I should say tint the quota of this District can be filled, or nearly so, by volunteers in a very short time. My forces are working Dfrbt aniKday to take care ot the men as they come, Sundays not excepted, and will con tinue to do bo as long as tho necessity demands.” Another Provost Marshal writes aa^follows: fte Inst ten day? nearly 000 recruits have teen accepted and mustered at these hcadqhart ere. Tbe men-presenting themselves are 67 fir the beet men that Mvc cesn examined since this' ofllce was established,” / From tl&c Shenandoah. Kew Touk, Saturday, Sept. 18,—The Herald* Shenandoah correspondent has the following: One otonrmm whffwaso prisoner and who haa es caped, reports the enemy as having taken a pon toon (rain through Winchester in the direction of Martinsburg three days ago. Another report says the enemy’s pioneer corps la encaged in constructing pontoons. Early,s-nead- Qcarters are near Stephetson. Quite a number of conscripts have arrived to reinforce Eariv. Two hundred and eighty Union prisoners are held near winchester. A recendoiessnce ionod .cavalry at Banker Hill, and infantry lour miles north of Ste phenson.* Erie Gen. Averill has been made Brevet Major General from Ang 7th. Col. w. IL Powell has been made Brigadier General for distlugalshsdser vice e. . " \ Gcs* Grant en J*octe Tor B*2aHa- I delphio- - Baltuioib, Sunday, SbpL-13.—Llcut.-Gcneral Giant arrived at 12 ©’clock last night, on a snort visit to his family. This morning a number of Gentleman paid their respects 10 him. At ten o’clock a spccnl train arrived to convey him to Phllaaelphu. lie was escorted to the .station by members of the Common Council and a vaat con •course of people. Ula amiable and unaffected manners In receiving the erection extended to him, moved the hearts of all. As the train moved oil, et thnslastic cheers bade him God speed in the great woik before him. . Sentenced. Waphieotos, - Sonday, Sept. 18! A general Court Martial, getting at Charleston, Ya„ has gen teitcedCol. Jao. F. bt-nm’oD, 78tE-Fean3yl?anla volonteerea-to be cashiered fur disobedience of orders and cowardice. Political Humors. . N*w York, Sunday, Sept. 18.—The Eeraliri Washington spedaUajs: Mr. Adams, Minister to England, is to be Mr. Cha3e,.aud n, J. Raymond is to-be Minister to Prance. '. Tlie 7-30 JLoan. WASHiifQTOK, Saturday, Sept. 17—The Bttbscrlp tltms to iho Seven-Thirty Loan, reported to the amounted to $1,231,C0L : Gold. NzwYobe, Saturday, Sept. 17— Surprise is cre ated at the steadiness of the cold market, aadAhe Commercial thus explains It, the regular operators have daring the last ten days adopted a very gene nal system of accepting due billa in Lieu of lea ol gold, which pass from one to another ■probably for a week before returning to the is#a ers. This facilitates speculation, and if perpetu ated, there ta no telling to whit figure the price of gold may bo nm no. It "Is the most danueruu* phase of the gold question that bas appeared. The market opened »1222.V, afterwards reached 233£f« and at noon declined to 2-IJ*. Xlie- Turf. • Fatxbcox, N. J .Wednesday, Sept. 17.—The great race between Kentucky and for $5,100, took place; two mile beat. It was woo by Kentucky. and 8:40#. jSTcta a.tJhcrtisemeut«. PROPS FOB PALE. -Tm Hex. died seres of corn, sixty tons o»t straw, one hunoteo tens prairie bavin barn. Good buu<«, earn, fares, and arteslac fountains for rent low until spues Address WILLIAM DANISLO, Oilman, IU. eemt.'Wt \ rpABK NOTICE.- *IOOO will be JL'sTven for an Artesian Well to be «na'- oioar loi ID t» D p ace,' LOB 3 «N & BUdT. Misonc, Sept. 16,1861. sets *ll* Stnet p ADJOURNED 3IE&TCNG £1 of tbs St- Gecrge’B Bansvoleat A*ioclitiou wQI betcidat Witkowiks Had, _ EVENING, Sept. 13 h, ISW,. • • eeIMKO-it JAAIBi JOUX, Re:. Sac. jf?JRST-CXiASS BUSINESS PRO. JL PEfilT __ FOB SALE IN * TEOS. B. BEYAITS Real Estate"oslc e Washinrtcr «*reetlot. 40xlD0 feet near Ltsallastreet ardfrev Btardor Trade* ~ Kacdolph street. corner of wahaah avennv. Michltan avenue Dries Fonts and «-ois near Lake Btriet, 2t ted 46, st' tet frents, by full d?ptb. Korth Clark Et- eet haves and lots. Mil-sSiS-ttnet OEAL ifiSTATE CHEAP FOR CASH, lot 49x71 fett corner of Ontario and market sweets. withccoubuUdizgs. Apply to* S- £t. KEBFOOT & seigeSmtnst 71 Dearborn street. f’-IGABS. —Jutt received t;cm New York a constenmect ot SOO,OOO.CIGAR9. A choice lot which we are offering at taelownricea cf »io.ov to 050 CO per xs. 6. B. VASDfKEiIUJ. Commietloa Merer aau,st LosoLe-st. aeiBsSSCSt qnHE JOURNEYMEN TAILORS ■“ d* Chlcaso are requested to meet at tbs Wati of 4he TaPcr’s Fn»'trnai Utlm. 7> UFAIIBORN STREET. On VOSDaY EVKKIHG. eept. i9ih. at 7K o’clock. B> ordfrof thcTailm’* fraternal Union EDWAEI) HSSDBBSON, Bec’y. The cheapest suit of CLOTTTESIsPpe that la made ct HON BSTMA TEBInL AND - "WORKMANSHIP. audio Bymetncal troportiors for the weoier. SDCB SUITS are dally being turnivh'd at prices’ xunnrg from <65.00 ard up* ware*, by ELY, woolen Draper and Tailor, 9 Tre moot Block. - Jpl h— fimnet Illinois Coal Screenings In quantity to suit customers, for sale by . ' KELLOGG A GUAY, Tinet Ccr. Ha Let aid WaiMcsto^-au.' ILLINOIS COAL. Fresh-mined Dllaols Coal, of the best quality lz market, icr sole bv _ - KELLOGG ft GRAY. gerS-qOn-iteet Cor. Market and Washlngtoa-ets. UttfPS, OILS & GLASSWARE, TBE UEMT STOCK IX CBS WBaT, At tbC LOWEST MARKET PRICES. For 8018 > amft-psis SOtue: GEO. tt. POPE. 133 B. Clark NF. MEBKILL, «» W&OLXSiXX SBALSB 19 LAMPS, OILS AUD QLASBWAES AKD DAMP GOODS OP RVEHT DZSCIUPTIOK ao3S-p4st-30tnet 71A 85 Handolpß' street, Chicass- SALT! SALT! The eubsctlhers offer for ta’e at the lowest jiab- Batt-daßvated. ~ iIAURAN, WEIGHT ft CO., ' sett 547-Gt wramst 113 Scuta Wattr meet. TkEABBOKSf SEMUTART (Dcj fi / School for Yonrz Ladles), at HI ft 83 Wabash averue The rinthytar of this epeas or Monaay. the 19th of September. Thsro are three ds parmesti—Primary, intemedlate end f l -ol]«riste. Csialccnes cm he cbtaloed by oddressmz tho Princi pal or canine at the Semina:y, Z. groves, net ; Principal. jgEAKS, BEAK'S. “ 3,000 Bnafacla Prime While fleam, (Delivered In tags or batrelaas desired.) In store and for sale bp— RICE BROTHERS, Commission IDLerduuns, » Milwaukee, W.a.' re!9.s3S2- Ct-Mox wxn ft sat jgBBfiEFAST SHAWLS " Ih all the Now Colors. Infants’ Caps and ‘Hoods,- WOOIjDM YA.Fll\rQ f WOOLEiI HOSIERY, COYFSTUY FRILLISGj ILL WIDTHS. Our atcortmest ct HASD-KIIIT- WORSTED GOODS, TASKS AND HOSIERY Is very large and complete. 41 and 43...LASALLB 5T...41 and 43 suttoiY •&, Etrif aa rx. Eei&-sSrt-2t-m&wnet piAKOS, PIAKO9, PIAKOl?. Just received a few of th^se CELEBRATED PiAf39B, ' Fromthemanufactory of • HARTMAN, NEW YORK- These Pianos axe well known thronehont the Uni ted States, and are inf-riot to'none. Tne style, lone usd finish mutt be inspected to be appreciated. Call and examine these before purchasing else where. Fcr sale by JAMES WILSON TAYLOR* Auctioneer and Cosamtseion Merchant, Slßandolph street, bitweso Stats and Dear Dorn. N. B.—HX’,QCO prime gegaxa for tale. ~Bd3-all9-lt rrEOKGE H. FOSTER, viS" 217 Bcnth Water street, Chlcazo, DL Ship Chandler and Sail-Maker, and Wholesale and R:taU Dealer In JHanilSy Tarred and Hemp Bope CANVAS', AUCHOBS, CHAINS. BLOCKS, Twines, Bell and Ba»h Cords.Tenta.*Awnln?s, Wagon Covert, Oakum, Tar, PUcc, Feitmg. r«ints, Oils, fte. Old Canvas and Hoisting Machines fcr Stores, FLAG-S ■ OF BVSnr DB3CEffTIOR. EC’S 2T*naS fukn;shuts goods . AT WHOLESALE. 1000 doz Undershirts & Drawers, ' 1,000 DOZ. SOCKS, FOREIGN HOSIERY, Gloves ot all Kinds* D&ESS SHIRTS, NEG-lilGrE SHIRTa, CBAVATS, TIE 3, BCABF3, Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs* Suspend era* iHnlllorf,/tc. ' Bavlne purchased our Stock la May we are pre pares to offer goods at the LOWEST JUKKET FBS€ES. M Job Lots from Auction dally.” Close Cash Buyers are invited to examine our stock, which is the largest In the Ncrtawest. WM. BARV LETT, 131 & 133 Bandolph St., Chicago. eeplS-at23-2w HCVELTEES OF THE SEASON -IS BOOTS & SHOES AT H, BAMBEH & CO’S, 132 Lake Street. Hann&ctmcdbyEDWlH C.BU2T, ITtw York, Ccmiltug cf Ladies.* Ufrses and Children's new styles cf Balmorals, front Bolton Congress, Imitation Buckle - Congress. Copgreai Imitation Balmorals, Ccnzrees Imitation Bnltoa, with other new and baanthnl varieties, all of which we shall warrant. t3T In addition to the above we have agraatvarie ty ofLaclts,* Misses' and Children's Goods; also, Men’s, Boys' and Youth's Boots, Balmorals. Congress, Men's Buckle Boots, Imitation Buckle. Ac. We effe great inducements' In oar Wholesale Department. AH who buy goods In this market should examine onr stock before purchasing. . ' , B. BAMBKB ft CO* rpr « u -ouery /Teceived. Z . Jux Cfcitifiestes of Indebtedness fft Ar mote. \ CbU JAMES A. EKUT, Chief FlritDirM ■li.O.Departsent C HAY, 1 »2w \ . Cspt and A. ti. if. L NUMBER 76. iN'cto gUibertlsemenis. ; COLLEGE OF r ' - OXIIO, CirtciiiTUiti „.Tb* Regular Course ot Lectures logins on TURB d&t» hovmSir 1, isu. and will continue tlxteen weeks. -- Ict*l fees(Professors seven—Dlucctlon, Hospital ardHaMcaianonj SiS.CO. AdlresiC.e. COMRgqs Dean. nifrssott ' FOB COOK COUNTY, SVB'TiTCXiyj FOB COOK COUNTY, SUBSTITUTES FOB COOK COUNTY, SUBSTITUTES FOB COOK COUNTS, &ÜB&TITU IES FOB COOK COUNTY, SUBSTITUTES FOB COOK COUNTY, Fumlsi. Ed at the lowsit prices at our Office, 132 South Ciark St, Office, ‘132 South Clark St., Ongroucdflpor door to the entrance to the Provost Marshal's OUlca. ■CU-etCMt APAM3 * SPSIN3EB. Leather behiws MANUf'ACID'EED BT W. H.WfIITMARSH, ISG LIKE STREET, (Tp-Stalrs,) Clalcago, 111, ~ Ballrcni Companies, Elavatcrs, Macblnlata and others, nr want cf but quality of Belling, will do better to call en the as above, baton purchaalntf elsewhere. selS-aiS-nt-r majt net campaign song pok A. LINCOLN. H. M. HIQGISS, Music Publisher, X£7 Boitdolpli Street, Has Just limed‘a itlrrlnz piece ot music entitled ' CAMPAIGN SONG FOB A..* 3LJE3NOOIL.TW, PRICE 80 CENTS. - be seat, peat paid, to anv.addr*«3 oa receipt of marked pilo t by aadressiaitthe puDbaberM sojve. A lioeiai iLtcount safe when ordered in quantities -bjtlQta. EdlS-iiS-Smst TVficau&Ajsr avenus and XfX OTHER HOMES ' you bale cnsAP cr TEO3. B. BSYdJi’S Beal Estate OiEce. Acomple.e dnellln;, sew and thcriush.y, with a very lonr and advsntaeeons lease. Pncc $3500. Sonia and lot sr'uth of Pars tsow, $*,730. Also, a eharxmsr borne la the iforth DivMo?, $ 3,5*0, Fimeasi Mlcbir»n avenue bone and foroirarc, $20,500.' BeautliullotSO fe*t iront on Bnsa street iTcicn fark aad West Waahtnsron street frontage. Prairie avenue and Twenty-Seffoad strait, corner let. BniiDeisanaiieeldcEce property la aliDlTUlom. Beis-i3!9-2taet v TT\BK ‘ DRAFT ; AT" HAND, NOW 13 THE TIME To secure Sabstttntes AVOID THE DRAFT, E*cmlis fbrrl'bed l?r Tcwnshlrs and Wards cf this etfv. op to the DAT cf draft. Substitutes always on band to supply orders. T&ia la your last chance to apply. . _ isaaitithitt * ro. eelS sgS-itnet 65 S. Clarl street. Stewart Cook Stores, FOR WOOS A3D GOAL Siewari Parlor Stoves, 'Tor Harfl and ScfuiloiL 1 _ Stacgrfgor Hot Mr Foraaccs, - At J. P. DALTON’S, 8e138372 strrwflnEt 71 Unite street. Qg HORSE ENGINE AND BOULES. Wl‘b fixiures complete, andla running order, FOR SALE LOW. J. C. KIJHABDS, letsßltTSt S3 Wainiiptnn ,Q t et, COAL. .pOALT" An excellent quality of Sllnsral Tlldre and Chip pewa Coals, caremliy screened, and delivered promptly in nil parts ox the city. . ALSO, Of Hammocdsvllle coal, to arrive lira 'ey day?, and to be sold afloat. j HU? Ole Co&tax rlvins d&uy from the Danville mines -and for sals by t&o car-load os (rtcTcr delivered. __ _ J. L> HATHAiFaT, teis sra «nst ar; Mirage street. SAILT2 OOAEI.SE rmd. By the CARLOAD or CABaO. UNDERWOOD & CO., '■ lelß-iCSOt&ek 181 South Water street. RORKANDB EE F. We have It store a few hundred bbls." BLESS,AND RUMP FORK AND r*lE»i HEEF, Tor sale, wblxh 92 effor in lets as wanted by the trade. UADttBWonD & co« selS sSIC-tfact » IST Scoth Water street.. Bucitwlieat Flour. Bfo bsrrels Canada Bucbwheat Plonr (mlTJed & 1563-4) toroeleby KANNKI* .i Iri iLI-i, No g Steele’s BiocS, South Water street. _ geis-isi-iaet . • WAREHOUSE. DICKERSON. STURGES & CO. mpoanna 07 TIIST PLATE, AndDenlen In Tlnncn* Stocks AGENTS FOR THE HOWE’S SCiLE COHPAJV ISO * Wl RAK33OLPH-BT., CHICAGO. aua-psa somet ■ HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by the United States Government at thf Cuctcm House Is New York and otbef places. ' FOR SALK BY BICKEBSON, "STUBGSS & CO., Wareiionse, au2B p£C7-30tnct 199 ft 201 Randolph street, Chleaga. rriHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE a fermed a copartuenhlp under Ibe aty le of . HUHT, BARBOUR & HALE, V. FOB DOING A Dry Jobbing Business, At Nos. 3& 5 Lake-st,, cor. Michlgan-aw, JAMES r. HUNT. FRKD. A. BtfNT- EOWARD RARBOUB. Cblearo. Sept. 1*1864. EOBT. W. HALE, sell Ek96-«tnet PURCHASE RANGE' SIZE Coal to bum In the lilttlefield Stoves. Cole will bum If broken np small, but not Bttumla ow Coal cr Wood. 11. C. VAX SCHAACK, J2S„ Cole dealer Jn the Littlefield Stave*. r • 11STATA STKSET. Blenot the Golden Tea Kittle. seit-»&38c wx met Assistant quartern as TEa '° OFTI & lelucd. El, Sept. 17, ISM. SEALED PEOPO3AL3 in duplicate are Invited, and will be received by the undersigned at bis oace, in Bock Island, HI., untl FRIDAY. Li m. 30th day of S.niemker, IK4, for fornLhlng, under eontracc.ona hni.oedttonund bu?ce:s Ibtnmlnoui Coal, 10 bede- , Uverod between the let and Slat October, i3>H;anl for the mooths of November and December, >s6l, and Jaruary and February, l£C3.lorty thoasauo bush el, ptr monih, unless otherwise ordered bv the Quar temiMicrGtnaral.or other proper be dcllvi-rcd at Beck Isl-md Barracks, Illiro 9, or on tie Government switch, constructed onj be laland, free be entertained fbr the quantity required Bensratcly, oi-fyrthe quantity required each month. Aoccex'ftubldcersVl I bo prepared to enter mto ■written ?r ntracts. with aood an . suincieut seenruy, Ivmediaielv on the acc«ps«nee ortuelr blda- Each bid ‘meat le lt» the foilowTn* form: The sub* flrnbersbrrubyprcpoae to famish aul deliver to tbs United State*at the Quartermastdr’a D*pt>£ at Rock iii&nd Ills, eereeably to the terms of your adver ti«cniett mvltujc pripsaals lorar®ysnppUe»,deted t-eot 17th, lh«, th« foltoolDZ articles, viz j aul ntgrice . r. to enter inlo a wrt^ncontract wl;h the Vfilzed States. jwlib seed aa«i aporoved •cesritlcs. within the spue of five days after being notified that the bldhas ocen acreptfcd. - FORM OF GUARANTY. We. tic undersigned, residents of la the County 01 State of hereby Joctiy ani aav etatly cov.ra-twlth the UmtedSta e‘,aad cui'ant-re id esse ih* rorecomtr nd cf be accepted, that h ft cr they will wi'hla days sfrer ih» at ceptanee or the tald hid, ezeents the contrsct for toe stme with xcod and sufllctiac sure: its, in a 9am equal to oc e-t hira ci the amount of ths con-'rac r, to perform tua worker lumUbihe article* propo?ediaconfrtrmi»y to the turn* oradvvrccmeat dated the P»|. on. der which • he "bid wss made; and iu rase said shall f.U to ctterlr to rortracl ssalotesalr. woguar-iatee to make sood the difference cciaetnlie offer ov the ga ,d . ndt'jeccxtUweit rcspooilblo bid der, erthe person to whom the cons act maybe my hand and ieal this,——day of .iSSI." [seal,.] The undersigned rasavCT the right to rsject any or ail bids. If denned unreasonable. Bids **lll beau- . uramedfor the entire quantity reaoLdd, cr sepa ia pa l 3mcnt will be made upanlhe complettrn of each coctractvlf made monthly, ana estlie quantity de livered. In inch funds as may be provicea by the Oe- P he endaned “ Proposals for Coal,” ar d an r reeled to Capt. B. F. Beno, A. Q. 11., at Back lala* d, IK Any »nrib(z Infbtmallon leslred, will be blt*b. on hpplieatlCD to B. r, BESO. AepUfi-sUTUt ‘ CapLft A.A.Q. M. Nrt» aibmisernnxts. liTES. STi.VANDS 5iK.-D Wtt.t, XU. OPEN EES K27QUJH A2iO ISOCtI BOARDINB AND DAT SCHOOL POE YOUBG IADIEJ. At ll w est Thirty i brth itrret.NowTortr, On th.o 21st Instant- Tbe conna of tnatmetiaa will be eoi-olete. and each department will be nn<*et accoapiuhl uj perilQ*ed teachrrs. ** °* Bxtiheicm—lit Bar. Horetlb Potter. and uh. Potter, Itt, Iter W.lngrahim K;p.sadiln. Kio ia. B*t. George Butzms, and Mrs. Burzeta. aon vtiUrd' Fillmore. ud Urs Fillmore, Jira. k, i*oql. Hcn. Wm. H Seward Rot. Thai.G Pithttv D. n ,«w Urn PUkla. Mm B. Importer. *4rs H L Stephen J. Field, Hco. Ira Htrrla Uoa Winuat Bar«zne, Abm D„ Smith, spq. Hja James T.Smitfe. Hco. Bißdford K. Wood, Hen B*nlel 8 utchlnses* Bod. John T wait. 800. F. J. Haoaard.J Georto H.rrU, &q .U. S- N . Prot B. S. Han'ord, StaJ Q*iu' John a Dii.and Mr* Uti Mn WnrL Mve-.Her. liioisao i)a,D. r» ,K*r. War F. Uomn.D D..Hos. Gio « Folsom,B»ofe»aor and Mra t»otU.Dr.florao# Wetatcr, Ffiwtr Host £»q . JohoELß*lft EM..AM Freaea, Raj, Geo. w. flitch. . Kdwara r. M Lances. Rsq. Bev. Wo. B. Spracn*, D. D., Bnm. Kiaata* Corstn* Hon. Amu* J. Father, Hoa.Xjmaa Tru»siD».Thoa.'w.nsci'tt,B«j.. Prof. iVm.fii rtai_ LL, D., Charles M. J*nma», h*q., ffn. a? n*witr, Ba*-, DrN Ja». H. ArraaHr, (fen, 8. Vi«»cher Talbott. yV-e*. P. S. Cmj, Dr. Henry D. Paine. Aojt. Ges. TSpragne. te:3qK4.7n<V ; 1864. PAIL 1864. CA-iAFA-ia-isr. SOOTS AND SHOES At TFholesaJe tor Cach, • N 48 nad 50 VV abash Avomic. T7o bare a larsre stock of our and of the best £wtrrn mamiftctares, which vs ar* enabled to sell, and are lelLnsr. less than the present musket price. FAEGO A BILL, 43 aid 50 W»guh>»T« next Mnta Far wed. Field A Ce> m*»?*mS97'lin-JioH-Tr3ATH3 , FUR GOODS BUFFALO BOOKS, • E. P. L. BROOM, -v SO jDalt© street* Chicago, SO TmOLESAIE SEiLEB a Hats, Caps, Furs, \ _ ' Buffalo Eofcos, &.C. I offer to country merchants a larje and attraettvw stock cf icoda m the above line. B. P. L-BROOM. se&tfTTOUnatr-raw MLakest., Chicago. " QOAJ.I‘ coalm. HAEDCOAt 1000 tons Small 1009 tons'Bango Size. COO tons Chestnut Size* AJio,cca»tirUy oabaad, a good supply at EBB BKIAR RILI, ILLINOIS and COAL which we ate offering at LO WEST MARKS? KATja POB SALS OT , HOLBBOOfi «fc PABfiEB, . Taid, Klnebtuy street, cor. Xodlas& Pci! OfllceaddreiaDrawerßSiS. - , * We particularly call the attention or Foundry mea aid Manntaccnipra to oar stock 01 Lamp, Lehigh* Sneer Leal and flazeltcn Eua. Orders left at FULTON" ft BROS., No. 10 River at* or at TO Monroe street, will xecelve promptattentlosu jyßetujc connected with toe hcosaof Juon Far* - Set ft Co. at Buffalo, to are araaled to an any or* CitaicrPlz Fgz and other Coal. Bcli-aUS-U/taet weelp” visLLUMs & mm u% hips,-Funs,- mi, Are now ready to off-»r to the treie aver? fniiaefl • well assorted stock lor Fall and Winter Trade. % • Embracing all new and choree style* ot HATS. CAPS, FURS, LADIES’ HATS, GENS ?PB3,LADIB3*,MIS3B3*AND CZZZLDS3H9 SKATING CAPS, UMBRELLAS, v BODES, BUCK GLOVES, HIXTSHB, ftc-.&c. v All o: which win be offered at the lowest p Ices. ALL BUYERS are foltcliedto erantM an stock before boyire.and tnersby save money. • WEBKB, WILLIAMS ft FITCH. acio-csasetarwamet IQ.nandll Lakest-f^etH 5000 doz. Fall and Winter Hosiery 2000 “ « “ « Gloves, 1000 “ Hoods and Nubias. A Tory foil Use of ' ~ YANKEE NOTIONS, HOOP SKIRTS-AND CORSETS.' SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, BUCK GOODS, ETC. Alto, a T3.y attractive asioumeat of PLAIN AND T STILLS) FUNNELS AS» - . FANCY SHIRTINGS. Large and close Imycrs win £sd At* for'their advantage to call and examine our stock, SAVAGE, KEITH & "WOOD, " 10, 12 and 14 Lake Street.' anil p52M7t w r*wnet LU MB E R. El KINS & MERRILL, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS 131 Green Bay aud Saginaw L.UMRER, HAVE OPE RED THEIR - U3S3-W YARD -ON LUMBER STREET,. AT THE Alton and St. lonia B. E. Bridge. old customers partlcnlarly are soUettat for a renewal 0! iheir ordais. it WAxnot tele Rest CUSTOM-MADE BOOTS > ’ la the market, are manufactured by O. M. EENDEESOIf & 00, Nos.4 t 6&B Lake Street* oppoarrs tee adamb house, Chicago, The; have is store tbc 1 arrest Meet ol Easters worS in the West, br-ujbt tn May end Jane, before too advance, sad will veil many atyln lower than Easters prices. ALSO. A LARGE STOCK 0? . Boot Hoccatsiss aad Shoe Picks te lumbermen. aan-p-15 w-raa net-tf JJAHRSTT, ARNOLD & POW- Felt and ■ Composition Eoofias. !0,000 Bbls P.SOFIN6 COMPOSITION. Alarjc stock of FILT, COMPOSITION, BOAT FITCH, €O4l TIE, AC., CONSTANTLY OS HAND. All orders f>cm tbs country promptly filled, aoft pr.nt- d Cjrect'ooa ptren tor putting on tools. ae&<27TO Imrx&w het Office, 85 D*»*»oni-Tt, WEST CHTCAQO LADIES* * 7 8 JMUJAEY—Awarding and Day School. Be-Openedl September 15* Apottcanriu can Demode of the Principal at MS W eat Band© ph sweet, w adoicas MlseC. A. SRSGG. P. Box Wi, ChlcagJ, HJ. UplO-pSTObt-KWAF-ne; ... 1 OTEAM TO ’ EUROPE.—Persona lu ebout lo visit Europe woald do wall to can and see toe General Agent of the L-- Urerpool) New tort PhlUaeJ* pl&lm Skanuhlp Co* m Chicago be ora leaving tains return tickets to IdTon**!*^^®***"* ar reduced rates of paaare. 1 Steamer* leave wow COTOF°UiITiMO I S s.t»rd.i,AarMtajth KTNA , a u" mw ‘ bewralAxantTeontrof aa=a-p^i«SA*^wntt

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