Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 19, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 19, 1864 Page 2
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Chicago tribune. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER IS. 1861. pIiNDLBTOX. We present a nw extracts elsewhere from the CoDgrt-Bflona l rpeeches oi Gcb. H- Feu* dleton, the D>nn>cra<tb nominee for Vice President ol the United Buies. Mr. Pendle ton has the merit of being one of the moot straightforward speakers in the United States. Believing that tUc war ought sever to btve been begun, ho aaid eo frankly before the first fchet wu* .lind,*ond adhering to the same opitiune, be oak reiterated them boldly and unequivocal!.} ever since. He thinks that immediate peace aod reparation - !* the • cure-all fur «or iatu*nal cirtcnlties, and he says so without circumlocution. No dlacl _ pie of John C. Caioonu was ever more thor oughly wedded 10- the doctrine of Eight*.” aeitiHOhderatood in Caro lina, than Mr. Pcndbton, and no one has avowed it more broadly. 'lt' Mr. Pendleton •vrere acanr.ldatt for Tice President of the Southern Coniederac), he *ould',gel more votes than Stephens. Toombs, Cobb, or 'Wigtall and it J»IT. Davis should die be could fill tun ctuur, eo tar as political qualifi cations go, without a dissenting voice in all' rebeidom. We cotnmuod Mr. Peodleton for his frankness, and we commend th»ee wno nominated him for th-irs. There, is one lutiurc of Mr. Pendleton's record-lhat will perhaps asjonlah his best friends outside of Dixie, fie holds that the people ot the Uufteo States cannot amend their Constitution so as to abolish slavery, fiesajs that It is not in tbc power of all the States rave old to abolish stevery in that one Bute against its will. lu other words he bolds th«i it is unconstltutional-to amend the Constitution in the way prescribed lathe Constitution. Patrick Henry thought differ ently, atd he utged Virginia hot to ratify tae Constitution, for the very reason that three Iburins of the Stares might at some lutuie time, abolish slavery in Virginia against her will; and Virginia ratified the ConsUtnlionwltU the distinct understanding that It contained the powerto atiolibh elavexy whenever a constitutional majority should ; deem It proper to d o so. It is uceoicss to follow Mr. Pendleton's re cord farther. When a man says that ho was in favor ofpeace, even with Disunion, before the war thnt he is in favor of the same sow, that he oolongs to the Cathoun echo of politicians,, and that the people of the United States cannot anitnd their own Con stitution so as to interfere with slavery— he has said enough to enow all intelligent voters which side he stands on. * kIIThOUK. Horatio Seymour is nominated again for the Governor of New TSrk. He was nomi nated two years ego, and was for once elect ed. Tbosr who bare memories two years \ long, will remember by what means he suc ceeded. ” lie was for a mure vigorous pros ecution of the war!” Be was lor putting it through by daylight. The contest had drag ged for a year and* hall, when U ought to havebi-en dose/tinlshcd aud concluded in nine mouths. Dues anybody remember who had been commacdcr-in-chlef lor a good pirt of that time? Was it not one George B, McClellan? But no matter for that; Ser* . monr got elected; for the people were dis ' cotzrtged, dissatisfied and Impatient. And if Seymour, as Governor of tbc Empire State, could have influence to hurry up the war, pgt more men into the field, appoint 'them with more enterprising generals, and who Lad more heart far the contest, und eo conclude the strife, why then it were bstter to try him. And they did try him. And we ■ know, with what nsult. As coon as elected, he set himself to hinder the war by all the diibolic&l ingenuity of which he was capa ble, while he would teem to be for it. Where his predecessor got ahnudred regiments into the field, Seymour sent six. Bis address to the rioters in New York city, in July, will live in history as long as the feats of Bene dict Arnold. To folio w him through all. his miserable windings, wiring in and wiring out, would be like illustra ting the track of s salt water cci in Hoboken road. His influence has been felt through the nation. It has been a sort of malaria, poieonii-g the Mr aud acting upon the lungs everywhere In which copperhead ism had seeds planted. He got McClellan nominated for President. TVith August Bel mont behind Lim with a bag of money, took the Chicago Convention into his hands, and - shaped its action. He is the grand opifes and manipulator ot this Presidential cam. , paign on its copperhead side. He now comes before'the people of New York for a re-election. There are some dis eases which people have ouly^oijce; and we rather think—at least we hope—Horatio Sey mour to be one of them. Most of the dis eases of this class are pretty mean ones— scarlet fever and email-pox for instance; and it would naturally be supposed that if one occurrence of either ol tbesc' could defend the human * system against its own return, Horatio Seym onr prove a prophylac tic as against himself Bull, all 01 the mem diseases are sot ot this kind. Th; seven years’ itch muy, for aught we know, con tinue twenty; and If the people of New Fork wish to do two yrare’ more oi scratching, they have the opportunity; and il they are dunces enough to tiy it, we should not ob ject, except that such' patients are not plea sant CBN SHEBJIAVS OEDEfi. It is astonishing how quick and sensitive the malignant* arc to anything that is likely to hurl the rebels, and to cause them to feel the pinch of the war. A dog with a sore car is sot more disturbed with the buzrisg of files, than tbc Chicago with any order of a General which puts the cup its friends in Dixie have fiiltd. to their now greatly distressed by Sherman’s order which vacates Atlanta of Its inhabitants; nod talks abont 41 20,000 people being driven from the city, etc.” . 1 In the first place. ..the 20,000 people of the are about 1,500 —the rest of its former, 20,000 inhabitants, being in' the rebel army, or haying already lied, before its occupation by us. And then suppose there were 40,000; who is to feed them ? Gen. Sherman very well knows 6y experience, that that task would lall upon him. He knows too that he has but a single line of railroad to do it—a line liable to interruptions by guerillas—aud which la but sufficient to supply bis own ar my with food, forage, aud ammunition; and especially, with a hostile army in his front, and iu a country hostile to him. Were he able to collect his supplies from the region about hto.lbe cxaewroold be different. Bat no large army cat do toa. in the face of an enemy, in a hostile region, though supplies m»y be ever so plenty. But If Shtrman. is to carry his campaign into Gcorgi*, he must sustain his own army, no matter what becomes oi his enemy, though some 11 womeaTand children” may suffer. But In truth his ordtr is one of mercy to tie poor people of Atlanta, 'fie cannot undertake to feed thtm—they must'of neccs £lty go elsewhere. And now ie the time, while the weather is warm aud food is at tainable. lor them to be removed, without waitieg fill winter and starvation drives them out. Nor is this order the first of the kind. Grant devastated the country-aboute Vicks buxg for thirty miles distance, when be laid siege to the place, for the protection of bis rear. And if the Tana does not recognize tbe authority of that example, Johnston or dered off the whole population of North western Georgia, as far ssnth as ■ the Coosa Elver, before tbe opening of this very can paign. In this order he probably displaced more people from their homes than Sher man’s order win drive from Atlanta. Did the Time* forget to wail over that order ? The. truth is, that war baa hardships for a good" many people—end for some who have no other connection wiUi it than to live where it rages. . THE “ DESIOCRAXIO” EXPLOSION. None who had the opportunity to observe the Chicago Convention, conld have failed to see that it contained no real elements of har mony, except prejudice against Mr. Lincoln and his policies, and a desire to get a, mo nopoly of the spoils. On the real question of & disunion peace ora Union war—the only one before the American people—they were as vitally at loggerheads as are the armies <fl Grant and Lee. They could only get through the Convention without a bolt by dotting ttiß only M (mention of the day, which they therefore 414. Nevertheless, the pretence of haimony was Meeand hollow. The Con vention was . doablc-hatf,.. „r ™ flicUng elements—. of m mesn twins—* split from S *t‘ withstanding Btlmont’s “ oil of S an f. not * Seymour’s “ oil of blsrncy,” boih the game sat down each day with saduunnl nn understanding that they were bouna S, cheat each other, and roan each day with m distinct a hope In each that they had cheated the other, as would two common biocklen at a game of euchre, except that the Utter would be far more likely to pay the wager If lie lost; so far as the so-called ** Democratic party" is not a peace parly, it Is nothing. Peace and war are principles too antagonistic to wheedle or pettifog about Union and disunion are policies which can no more mix than fire and water. Every man knows that if the question were between Peace and Unicn on, the one hand, and war and dis union on the other, the whole North would be for peace and Uaioa. When the Democ racy at Chicago stat&d that to be the issue they consciously lied, simply because the me, Jtene would h«*e spdt then. _3hey knew that imniedisto. peace could not be /had without disunion, and that the Union coaid not be reeUr-. Ed without war. Yet they Bald wo are lor pesceandTJoion. This-as a bold attempt to ioci»d a r«rtv on » He. The trn- Issue, m:— tihall at suppress the rebellion by war i( pt-sec measures full, as we and they all hoow they will, was as carefully kept out of the Convention, out ot its pKUorm, out ofitfi speeches, us sparks would be kept from a £u&£t>riiie. Bot McClellan has thrown In his flrtbj>iid, and be who was always eo harm, lees to his tn emits has once snore sent’ ** biceous rniu and-coDfubioo down 11 amongst bis Jri« ndfi. The Democracy are welcome to tbeir new jshieicaiu. It'thfy c*n make avail able, egotism without Indeptpdeuce.ohßtina c> without cozir-ißteiiCj, cowardice Without caution, and tdne -tibn without wisdom, they will find McClellan of more service m than he ever has been to his country. The wi>r party bod him on their hands lor about eighteen months, nod have not yet recovered irons him. We btartily congratulate jthe pe cc men on their elephant. It he .will be (I hk]f as ruinous to them as he has been to ns we stall be huppi, to live to write their epi taph—“ died of our country’s hops and pride on Ihe br«in.'* " TnE COPPEBRK&O DIVISIONS, "With nil thejbXbrilous oi the leaders, the party of extremes does not seem tCKhang welltogethir It was one thing to get the Chicago Convention through—without «n explosion, but it is another thing to get har. montDusl> through the campaign. That Book which a prophet die, as described in sacred writ, was sweet as honey in his month, but after It was eaten; It was terribly bitter, so the cooking ana Seymour, Vallau digbam & Co. was all very well, bat the inward digestion aftergetfing borne is another thing. TV’e trust it may prove, a Kilkenny cat affair, and rid the country of much pesti lential matter. But it Is not worth while for Union mea to rely too far on this the Copper heads. They Will perhaps lifter all combine better than It now seems. One will be whipped in; another will be honey fugled; and otters will be bought up; and after all the legions of the malignauts may be pretty, formidable. Lot us rely oo ourselves and not on their divisions. Stir up tbe people— organize—circulate the documents; aad keep the fires horning till November. We have got to contend earnestly, both In the field and in the town—with ballots' and bol letf—lf we fife to put down this rebellion. The boys must keep awake through this night of gloom and danger. t3Jf* By way of encouraging those -who afltct to believe that the soldiers. are going for surrender and a disunion peace, we print the following from Vermont: By a dispatch from St, Albans last evealnr we are enabled to give this morning returns of the CongrtfihioDttl vote in nineteen coot* panics of th* Vermont* Brigade, The aggre gate is as folio * e: Fint Uutrid —Woodhridge, 77; Merritt Clark, 9; WUU,4; Rcdfleia, 2, Sieot’d Distnu —Mornil, 10S; Ormsby, 2, ThirdJjisirict —Baxter. 93; Harriugtoii, 1. It * 111 Urns be sees th»t out of two hnn. dtpd and ninety-four votes two hundred and eh’hty-fivc were polled for the Union can at daUfi, end bnt maefortheCopperhead. Oar brave eololere evidently know what they are voting for. The Richmond Sentinel, ol September 7th, thinks the fall of Atlanta ought to send gold up, as it tends to delay peace. It Bays: The expectation of a comparatively speedy ter mination of tee oar, which has pained ur*ot-d 1m theXJaitedAtstce, as well as in the Confederate* States, Las reduced tbe price of gold at the North. Tbe late acconntwttdl of an increased activity La its traffic, with an advance in price; The 'all of At* lama will probably further enhance tbe premium, as indicating the delay oi neace. The Confederates never mean tncivenp tbe s’rauglv, bat toflehttt om to tbe end ior which tuey etirted—**eparaUon and independence. Any ?access sained by oar en coder bat prolong- tbAvil day for them as well as for ns: and if v. a l snbet is bs astute as it claim* to be, it wbl Übdemcnffit so. and boy and sed ac* cordinply. Wall street does not “understand U so. 1 ’ Deluded Wail street! A letter irem a soldier from the Bth Maine, addressed from Bermuda Hundred, says; '' Although but a handful of us are loft, we .arc dotaxzulned to stand or fall with tbe Gov ernment. Ibuve never seen tbe epldiors in httter spirits ttan now. Mr. Lincoln grows in popularity with the army drily. * He would get two votes in this command now to one thirty days ago. Tlio Cblcaco Platform Apivoved by meridian Pmluni tolu Adoption. jslnce the appearancejof McClellan's extra* oidiuary letter of acceptance, the New York Aitra, indignant at the tone of that document, bos made tbe following surprising state ment : • “ Those planks of The Chicago platform re lating to peace were, by common concent, agreed upon more than two months before the CoLventidn met. Early in the menthof July lest—we have it upon the authority of a delegate frqjn Indians, who was selected be the deli gallon from his State to act os one of tbe committee to inform the. candi date of the action of tbe Convention—the platform, with its peace planks; almost word 'lor word as acopted, teas prcwJed to General UcChllau, and t ca* by him, approved both in its letter <rr.d? in Ui spirit.” The army sentiment was well express ed b; a soldier in the Vermont election. A Copperhead ticket was thrust at him.aa.he limped up to the polls* He took It and looked at it musingly, then threw it away with the remark, “What a thundering fool I : shonld be to go down to Virginia and fight rebels three years •tith'my musket, and then come here to stab myself in the back with a “piece of paper like that!” Straws. Chicago, September 16,28 M. TotheEdltorTribcne; _ Sir—Btreys sometimes show which way the wind blows. The following was the re sult of a canvass of the Philadelphia Express Eastland Baltimore Express West on the ICtli and 14th instant: ■ ‘ Lincoln UcClfcliau... Fremont BXLTIMOHZ EXPRESS. Lincoln. McClellan. The all voters. No ladies or hoys werejisked their preferences. A soldier of an Indiana regiment informed me that a vote was taken in tbe Jarvis’ Hospital, Batti mere, on \he X2th inet., with the folio wing result: Lincoln . 512 McClellan IS7 Bremen: 7 H. A C. OF SLATES VS " Tli£ KEOfeL AttMY, Colored People in tbe Confederate Ser- vlce. The following general order, issue! by the Confederates, need no comment: . Hrxi>qrAßTraDEr’t Ta*Kß.MisSis=iprL I Shreveport. La., Jaiy SO, lßt>4 J Gitkekal Obdehs, No. 55—1. In accord ance with an act of Congress entitled “ An act to increase of the army by the employment ol free negroes and* slaves in certain capacities,” approved February 17th, 18C4, all male free negroes br/* other pen one of color, rot including those who are free under the treaty of Pons ol 1803, or ' under the treaty of Spain of 1819, resident in the Confederate States,- between the ages oi 18 and 50 years, wQI be immediately en rolled under the direction of the Bureau of Corecrlption. XL The Bureau of Conscription' will take the neobfiiry steps through the enrolling officers, to enroll immediately one-tfth of all thamale slaves in this department, between the ages ot IJTShd 45years. 111. AU free negroes and slaves so enroll ed will be sent to rendezvous designated hy the Commandants of negro labor for the sev eral Slates, accompanied by descriptive roll. IV. Requisitions for negro labor must be made u|k>d the commandants of negro labor of the several States. .V. All officers and agents of the Govern ment in charge of slaves 'Will famish month ly to the commandants of negro labor of the several States to which the slaves belong com ct and certified master rolls ot those in their charge. By command ot Gen* E. Kirby Smith* 8. 8. Akdeeson, Assist. Adj. Gen. A Peace Mtetlns at the St* Nicholas OloteL A reunion cl about fifty Pfeace Democrats took place on Tneeday evening at the St Nicholas Hotel, for the purpose ordenonne ing Gen. McClellan’s letter, and of advising about the best means of organizing a peace party, and of selcctiog-a peace .candidate. The meeting was colled to order by Mr. ilnl lalv, the editor of the i&tropoUia* Record, who was appointed President for the occa sion. Among the gentlemen present were Mesm. Orton, of the Day Hook McMasters, of the Freeman's Jvvmai, Ben Wood, of the RcVv Noe*. Gen. Singleton and Green, of Illi nois, Geo. K. Shell, of Oregon, S. T. Sait,\ol New York, Chaunccy Bnrr, W. T, Smith An dersen, and a lot of others. All the mem bers present seemed to be moved *y the bit- t ■tercet fEClings against Gen. McClellan, de nounced him as having broken his pledge to ward the Democratic party, ana compro mised Us success in the pendiog election. Mr. Bbtil, Gen. Singleton and Chaonceyßurr were among the prominent speakers of that «.!»!» the conclusion of T. presented the following couluDmlSiSL.V ll2l ** to the Jeffo thcMnrMor t i^J^_ Incet ** ClndnnaU,Ohio, fa of montb » for the purpose of the branch McClellan letter of Gen. Among the ’candidates for* th° SiE*; whose names seemed to he recelveflSm^J 7 greatest fsvor were Mr. city, and Long, of OWo.— «pt.X5. . • ' ILLINOIS POLITICS. 35ia Third Oongrefeional District, Copp«rhc*<l Oonsrewfoatl Cooventlou —K, B. nuits, ui (itxon, the ftominro -who lie a* and ttnat tie u~i{u Chance *<( *»ncc*-t*-—a Democratic Fiz* zie «K a unua-Ui Bu J. <j, a.»hln«uu on »br stnisp-Dp like a Uocket. HoUQllk*aMtu;k—a Uni ia ai *BMM&-The orafe la Niephoi<M>a (tounty—lOcrman Voio« Dr-moantra ll«»s lu OalcnO' and Frueuori ejHakoa, Etc. [Prom Oar 0«n Correspondent.! PnEtronr, Stephen mix. Co, Sent. 18, It was sot until eleven o’clock last night that I was enabled tp leave the quiet vilu*e ol Naperville, and as the care 0/ the Illinois Central Bnilroad failed to connect with those of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy. I had 4 he pleawe of dramming my heels ia the station Loose at MeadottT from one o’clock until three this vnoraieg, and of riding from that place during Ihe hours between-three and tlx. There was a well-dressed drunkard In the car In which I was endeavoring to. snatch a little elijep, but for the last two Lours and a half he mode night hideous wl'.h hlfl drunken revelltncs, and slumber and I had a serious falling out. ,-nON. t; B. WASUBUBKC’S OPPOHKKT. On Widncsday the Coppcrh-ad'Element of the Third Congressional District, comprising the counties ol Carroll, JoDavieea, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson and Whiteside, assembled in convention at this city, to place in nomina tion a candidate fur Congress, to run against Don. E. B. Washbume, the preseat incam hem, who lias been renomin.ted bv accla matlon by the Union men of the District. One would iu agloo that with the result of the last Congressional canvass In view, the' Copperheads would not bet high upon their chances of success. 1 give you tae vote ol the District in ISC3: Btiles. Washhurnc. Carroll < 418" 1,159 Jo Dances i,fm , 1 373 Waahhnrnt’fl Majority ajvii 10,103 This majority, I take it, the Coppcrfapa’s 'have no hope of overcoming.' It will be nearly doubled, or your correspondent dxes not read aright the signs oi toe times. The reason that they made a nonjinationat all. m.y be fontd In the fact that too “De* mecracj” think It a point gained if they can otly kttn up thnt patty organization* and to st core this end they vote regularly, even trough they know they wHI be ocateo. The only,wonder is that they could find a maa willing ao accept the Domination, aud the certainty of defeat. Two years ago, tbsv teond such a man in the person ot Kon. E. B. Stiles, oi Dixon, and the same gentleman turned up again at Freeport day before yes terday. Be was the successful candidate as a matter of course. Mr. Stiles is a pleasant gentleman, and an excellent judge of good tibus made manifest by the fict that he ig nored the inns of the city of Freeport ran m tbe Interest of his own political friends, and look no his abode during his sojourn here In tbe Preston House, kept by those “ black Abolitionists,” tbe Messrs Corom. He is a man of cnnsidarable ability, the owner of a bank at Dixon, another at Morrison, aod a dealer In wheat ajjd produce generally. 1 Since tbe war for the suppression of this re bellion, he has increased his galas very con siderably, and if he chooses to speo&a por tion of them in tho vain endeavor to defeat that old war horse, TVaehburoe, co one can possibly object. He stands about the s one chance of succeeding in bis ambitious en deavors as be does of being swallowed up' by on earthquake this bright September morning. . * A FIZZLE. I presume your. Aurora correspondents bavetold you of the Tleit to that busy cltv, ot Hon. J. C. Robinson, the Copperhead ctsndiobic for gubernatorial honors. He wad advertised the Public Square in the alterncon, and although a band in a wsgon containing upon its sides the an. ocunccmtnt that a lire Couperhead would be publicly exhibited, and publicly hiss free of charge, paraded the streets for three mortal hoots, it wss fonnd when the distinguished appeared upon tbe ground that ho hgd not over two hundred liaieutrs, two thirds, at least, of whom were Unlon'mcn who had attended just to see how the “plzen strpinO-’ disport Llm'-elf under the circum stances, and because one of the chief fugle men jocosely remarked, “the crowd was so numerous that few could hear the speaker’s voice,” it was decided to adjourn to the Court Hcnsc. Well; the two hundred lis tened patiently for an hour to one at Robm fion’s stupid aud dolorous harangues, and kCAtimd. Before anticipating a larger Influx of Copperhead! after night* ftll, xtc> decided to reassemble again In the Public Square in the evening. Robinson was on baud at the proper hour, surrounded by a b dy guard of fllcy or sixty of hia more unuicojate followers, but the crowd, num* benng lour or live hundred, were Union men. k Robinson discussed first, tbe platform, and show* d that it was a compendium of au the loj&l viriuts, and certain, if its principles . were carried into action, to lead the nation back to peace, and mdow it with all the ad vantages and prosperity ol the old time con dition. . Wanning with tbe occasion, hoWned to the nominee of the Chicago Convention, and recounted his claims for the hearty support of the American people in this terrible crisis of out country’s history. He spoke oi the rccorcf-o opposition of General McClellan to the infamous policies of the administration ol Pretlceut Lincoln—“arbitrary-arrests,” “confiscation ot rebel property.” the draft,” “arming of slaves of rebel ownerf,” “/rtedom to the slaves of rebels,” and so on'.' ana then asked, “Is not George B. McClellan the exponent of true Democracy f”.* “No! No!” thundered tbe no less immortal four hundred. Robinson was at the evident lack of sympathy la that crowd, and aftcrafew more similar qu-stioas and answers, lowered his colors and abandoned the held, alter having spoken just fifteen minutes by the watch, with him departed the body guard of three-score Copperheads. a uocsnfo ujfioir meeting. , Tbe Union men "had come to hear speak ing, aud speaking-they determined to Dive. So they ett about organizing a meeting of tt drown. A chairman was cboscmjmd a young German, Mr. Mettzoer, States Attor tey cf the district, took the stand. atd*pike in a strain of eloquence rarelr equalled for over an hoar, until the audience became fairly wild with excitement. Cheers were given ior the ticket, State and national, for the etloiers, for the sailors, for/tbe Consti tution, and ironical cheers for tbe fugacious Copperhead candidate for.Governor of the loyal State of Illinois. It was a glorious meetlrg, and in marked contrast to tbe in significant fizzle that preceded it A Union m*n from Aurora,-wha participate! in the nflfeir, aud to whom lam in tented for the iacts related above, wishes me affectionately to Invite Hon. J. C. Robinson to speak in Aurora again. _ THE DEAFT. Provost Marshal John V. Eustace, of the Sd district. Las Issued a statement, Dy towns, of credits for enlislmenta aud of quotas lor draft In Stephenson county, made Sept. 14th. from that statement it appears that the cnly town in the county in excess under all calls is Freeport, which has stand ing to its credit, to baa;.plled on tutors calls, IWi men. Oncco its just filled her quota to a man. Winslow has due 4; West Point 12; Waddairs, 11; Florence, SO, L0ra0.47: Jef ferson, 5; Erin. 1; Kent, 8; Rldott, 41; Sil ver Creek, 7-1; Rock Kuo, 11; Rock Grove, 23; Bucktye, 29; Harlem, 40; Dacota, 23; Lancaster, 7. Silver Creek Is settled almost exclusively by German Copperheads, and it must raise sevcnty-iour men. Tnerc will be bowline In that neighborhood whenthedralt comes oil Freeport has done grandly. She has sent 880 men to our armies, and * it. more should be necessary, she is ready to send more. What city‘of her size con show a cleaner record? GERMAN UNION DEMONSTRATIONS. There was an immense Union German demonstration at Galena lost night, and another in Freeport this evening. Tno for mer I did" not attend, but those who were there say it was a most enthusiastic- affau, and likely to be productive ot much good to our cause in that latitude. Gov. Hoffmann, Major Stevenson, and Dr. Charles Reihle were the speakers.'* The demonstration at Freeport I know was an imposing one, aud meet enthusiastically conducted. The same speakers were present here as at Galena. The fr&Hf-nt points of thtir addresses 1 have al ready indicated to you by telegraph. POLITICAL INDICATIONS.' ‘ The indications of a radical change of sen tioifcnt on the partol the German Democratic dement arc abundant and encouraging. This people arc tsTmlng over to the Union ranks by scares and hundreds, and a power- Jol apercy to this end is the presence aud eloquent speaking ol .such influential Ger mana as Messrs. Hoffman. Stevenson and Rlehle, TO-MOEROW. Hon. J. D. Ward will speak to-morrow at Mcndota, La Salle county, and on. Monday gallant Hick Oglesby •will re-commence toe canvass at that good old Union Kepnbliean town—the very sight of which is good for honest eyes—Galesburg. Bod. 1 TBOGBESS OF THE WIB. Tlie DUQcnlllea the North has had to - jtneoauter* It is a common iallacy in estimating the amount of force the Government conld bring, to bear on the revolted States to state it merely in the ratio ol the population of the two sections—twenty millions in the loyal States, againat eight In the revolting Slates. But it is proper to consider tint the rebels had within themselves a sUve population of over four millions, and that this population was able to carry on all their simple indus tries, required more than double 'thatr number to cany on the *mnch more complicated industries of Northern civiliza tion. It is thus apparent that the whole fitrhting white population of the South was available for service in the field, while nearly hnif ©I onr population was necessarily neu tralized lathe way just mentioned. It Is not wonderful, therefore, that the rebel-leaders were able to put irto the field, at the very start, armies nearly equal to our own, though our own levies were unparalleled la history. * " . # To this must be added the astonishing as cendancy which a small minority of leading* . men had required ovqrtifotinayberQ nonfo. lation, and by whlcKtoyanoa srnr» - onii usurped power, thM®* Miner ®rs Groi abSmtcly d«potVjS]iSj4|S O«oi sources of men afcarel Blanch mlsi Qlj: ihere men, int&rf for this war, as many of them, publicly oon ieeetd alter tha tuanauratlcn of the rebel* lion. “Wo bare." said Mr. Bam Well Rhett, In a apttch in the convention which to'.t Sou«h Carolina out cf tbe Union, ** we have bftu engaged In this war for more tb%n thir ty \ care. Itis do consequence of Lincoln's -election or the failure to execute tha fugitive slave lew, but we have baen engaged la thU war for mors than thirty year 4” To en hance the difficulty of the task imposed on tte AdminWratlon, the theory of the war vimo which it was driven b, the very nature of the contest, was that of the offendve. Now anbury biatory is replete wlttTillui trotioos of toe enormous advantiee wolch a people b*e when able to stand at bay (cover ing its own communications and holding la •erior Hits,) aod await in chosen positions the attacks of tbe etomy The career of Frederick the Great affords an eminent example cjf a small n«tUm, never able to raUe an army of over a hundred thou sand men, conducting a defensive war, with offensive returns, and successfully resisting for seven years the attempts of a coalition of five'-of the leading powers of'Earope. But offensive opalines against a people holdlbg tnch detective attitude becomes ten fold more difficult when the becomes what is called a “national wsr, n the nature oftwllcb' is Urns depicted by the gre »iest modern writer on the theory of war, Gen. Joroin! “The difficulties in the pith of aa array are vi treat, uiid nudtT th« miaalt-n o( the General cotdncilng them very trdaoas The invaiet ha > ouly so army; bln anversaries have an araiy and a lieople whoi'y or almost wholly In arms, aod malm# me*»ns of resistance opt of everytoiog' Each uditidual coufp'-rcs aealnat the coamu-n e. (m>—even the nne-cotubatahts hive an interest In hi a nun. and accelerate It by every means id their power. Much armed mhahi'ant knows-the smallest palls and connec'lon* —be finds.every* wbcie a relative or friend who aids him; the com*, madders alto know the country, and learning Immediately the alL'Mcetmovemens uu the part ««t the Inrad*r, can adopt the beat measures to defeat hlapiojtcta." Ttesd embarrassmenta,. enormously la creased by the prodigious extent of the theatre cf war. the topography of which is 'all against the offensive and in favor of toe defensive (ss witness the immense depth of the Hoes of communications in any great ag gressive movement*, the Impossibility of supplying our armies from the country as la done in Europe, etc..) entered into the por tentous problem wiicb the Administration bid to solves and yet. Intace of this acen mnlauoiPol difficulties, forminga Usk, the cravest that cvermet an Executive, the war has been pushed successfully through to the splendid results »c witness—the armies of the rebellion haveiieen driven from the vast extent of territory the rebels claimed, till now the one is in the States border* ire on the Gnlr, and the other is besieged without hope of escape in Richmond. . Geo. H, Pendleton and bis Disloyal Record.. Extracts from lais Speeches in .CoD^ress. ME, PENDLETON IN FAVOR OF LETTING TUB EEFJILS CO IN PEACE. “ Mr. Chairman; I say again that my con* Etituents are in lavor of conciliation; they arc in favor of peace. They love the Union beyond alhthiuge; but if dissolution is in* evitable, they want it in peace. ~ Peace may preserve this Government; peace may rc construe} this Union; peace will preserve friendship and give ns an opportunity for acta of reciprocal hindness and good will. If these Southern States cannot be conciliated, jad it you, gentlemen, cannot dod it in your hearts to grmt their (remands; if they mast leave the family mansion, 7 would kig\alise their departuff by tokens of hte. 1 t eouid bid thiv,JonviU to te-de'hj that they %could forever be touched by the recollection (fit; and U, in the viciEsitndc-s of their separate existence, they should desire to come together with us again in one common government, there should r»e no pride to be humiliated, there should be no wound inflicted from my hand to be heal' d. They should come and be welcome to the place they now occupy Pendleton's rp/rch,Jan, J8 ISGI, Ajqxndixto Cong, Globe, -SQ th Coi.g.,2djes*., pege 72. This was before the rebels fired ou Fort Snmttr., Two years later, viz., on the 31st of January, 1803, Mr. Pendleton announced tbathis opinion bad undergone'so change, as follow?? “1 said two years ago oa this floor, that ‘armies, money, war, cannot maintain this -Union; justice, reason, peace, may.* Ihe* lUved it then; I have bdieved it every moment kin re; 1 believe if «oir. No event of the past two years has for a moment shaken my faith.” — Cong. Globe, 37th Cong., Si sesi , page ME. PENDLETON A STATE EIGHTS MAN. “But, fcir, 1 pass to another consideration I am one'oi thostf who still hope fora res toration of tbe Union—not the unity of our territory only, but tbe maintenance of the Union under the Constitution.* I hope taut we may maintain the integrity ot our system of government—the system of confedera tion—tbe system whose foundation Is Shte Rights, The Constitution Is a compact of government m-de. by sovereign Strict, which assigns to tbe Federal Government its pow ers and duties; and reserves all others to the 'States .and people. Its foundation la, that all power not granted is reserved—all du ties not specifically enjoined are lorbidden. The duties of the Federal Government are few and simple. They relate to lorehra af fairs and matters of general and universal intenet. Its powers were intended to be limited also. To the States were committed all matters oflocal concern and tbe cars of the rights md liberties of all their citizens. Their reserved powers were consequently very large. Our lathers thought this the very hidden secret of their system. They thought they had discovered lu this tbe philosopher's stone of geveromunt. And so they had. It was the beauty and the pride of our system. It Secured to us liberty; it secured to us prosperity; It secured to us self-government beyond tbe example of any people. loan evil hour U was abandoned. Since then we have bad war, and misery, aod tyranny? but I forbear.” Mr. Pcndktou's March 1, 12(0, — Cung. Glebe, 3S th Cjng., X>l t/.-x.. Jiage bill. 11 1 Mitre, sir, iu the doctrine of State lights, 1-know it is to-day to denounce it. I know that regard for It has beA dim. In-- iebedinthe public mind; aud I know, also, that in tbe same degree has love of union waned, and want of harmony among the States Increased.”,—Jfr. H-ndicto.Stmuch, June 15, ISW. Ibid, page 2,0D3. MR. PENDLETON SAT 9 TEE PEOPLE CANNOT AMEND THE CONSTITUTION SO AS TO 3JJOLISII gLAYEEY. ■ ' “The Federal Government has power over the retailors ot toe States with foreign na tions, and the relatione of the States as be tween and among themselves. It has no power over the purely internal affairs of the State. This principle was as familiar as household‘words three years ago. Every 'power delegated to the Federal Government relates either to the international or the intcr-Statc relations ot- tie United States. Every power prohibited to the States affrets the same relations.’and them only. The do mestic internal affairs of a State, having no connection with the Federal Government, or with foreign nations, or with the other Slates’, are reserved to the absolute, exclu sive sovereign power of the States resptet ively, end to Un people thereof. The other States are not affected by them, and have no interest in them The Federal .Government has no cognizance of them. The power of amendment which is confined to Vbree fonrths qf the States does not reach them, nor tbepowerto regulate them, but is lim ited to tne subjects and powers delegated to tbe United States It is not competent, In my judgment, for three fourths of the States to abolish that provision of the constitution by which no new.State shall be formed wilh- Di tbe jurisdiction- ol any "btber State, nor any State be formed by the junction ot two or more States, without the 'consent of the Legislatures, aod cive to -the Congress the power to subdivide or unite the States: nor is it competent for three-fourths of tbe States to amend the constitution so as to give to the Federal Qovcjnoirnt toe power to appoint the Governors of the States, nur to prescribe the qualifications ot electors in the State nor the number cr qualifications of the members of the Legislature, nor to amend the constitution of the State. Three fourths of tbe States may change the war maklDg power, or the power to regulate commerce, or the power to moke treaties. Three-fourths of the States nny abolish the three-fifths rule of representation, or the pro vision for tbe rendition or*iogitive slaves, or the rale forimposisg direct taxes. All these amendments may be made, because they relate to Inter-State affairs. They relate to the connections of tbe States as between themselves, or as between tbe States and foreign nations. Sut neither three-fourths of the States, nor all the Stiles sace one, can afioftsA slave*y in that dtecuUng Slate, because It lies within the domain reserved entlreiyto each Slate for itself, and upon it tbe other States cannot enterr Jfr, Speech, June ioth, IfcOL Ibid., pegs 2,b03. x 11 Ttli; lIILUAKU CM SJJPJOJ Hatch for One Tbocnand-Doilara Tin mrcb Hadley Suunapii and £>xUllp Xieman—JKaruQagb Still ct&mploß* {.From the New York World, Sept 15.) Last evening the fourth of the prat billiard con- Ufte lor the golden cue and the champion? bip came off at the Illppotheatran, in Fourteenth street,.Dudley of this clly, and Philip Tjcman, of Cincinnati, beinn the compeltors. The large aadltorlnm ohthe hnildirg was crowded with *p*ctatcrs, among whom were many well-known ametcnifi ol the game. Mr. Phelan had control of the arrangements, and owing to his exertions, the obJtLtlonable democotrallona which Interfered with the qnict progress of the came bet ween Kav ansghano Goidlhwslte yere effectnalljjprevcated. In the prerione conquests ESVauagh bad each time been the conqnerer, defeating Serceltcr,of Detroit, Tietnxn, wlih-wbom he Disced lest even ing, and William BoWthwaitc. He naa held unin terrupted post eerioa of the cue since he fir-t won It at the grand tournament In the spring of 1863, and has now again maintained his title as cham pion The preliminaries haying been arranged and Messrs. Foley, ofDetroit,'aud Fox, at Rochester, appointed referees, and Mr. Lake, of this dty, se lected as umpire, lbs game /was opened by Mr. Kavanagh, Neither of the contestants appeared to be locoed play. and the average of the game la much Ices than that of any of the previous matches lor tae championship. Eaycusgbccpt the lead tilt the lith innings, though he had made bat light rnns. Ticman, who countedbnt Son the 6thln nings, then scored rune of SO, 23 and 15, counting atthellih shot 110 to KaranagbVM. He then conttnntd to lead to the 14th shot, when he count ed ICO. and was 10 ahead. Both now played quite indifferent, until at the twenty-seventa ebotKava nab scored a ran of seventy-one, counting him SSO to Tieman’s 268 At .the,thirty-first innings, the count stood 300 to 444, Kavanaugh haring made a run of 147; and then he quickly aoded rnns of 77,101,43, 76, 42, *0» 60, 41, *o that at the 63t0, the count stood to 519, though in the'mean time Tieman bad made one ran of 100. At the C9th (hot the game stood 670 to 1,106: at the BM, SSO to 1.100: then Tieman scored a fine ron'of 139, and at the 100 th, 870 to 1,358. .... At the one hundred and ninth inn mgs Ears nsohrwon the game, beating Tieman by 573 points. The winner's averace was 1157, and the time four honrs and fifteen minutes. correspondent of the New York &n, »ning I\xt suggests that the Copperheads ryeiht to wear crape on their arms for thirty >r * e Eawlfd oftheir gritf for 1113 decease •-sn. Got* Tateftt IpsolntoxtU. At the suggevtiou of Governor Morton of Indiana, Governor Yates and Boa Wo. P. Kellogg* have Changed the dates of their ap pointments as 'heretofore announced, In or der that Governor Tatrs m»y all cer'aln ap pointments that Governor "Morton h&juida for him in Indiana. In coutntqueucc of this arrangement, Gov. Yates and Judge Kellogg have recalled the list of their appointments, ns recently pub llshid, and changed it as follows: I and Wax P. Kellogg will »f drees mnss meeliogs at thofoilo s*ing times and places: * Springfield Wednesday. Oct B MacoiiiO, UcDonoehCo ►'riday, Oct. 7. Cantor, xTuiioo Co.. .Saturday, Oct. A llonmuuth, WamnOo ..aoaotty.OoulO. Henderson Co. ...... 0 :t.ll A ed«, Mrrrer On, ...Wtd«ie-dxy, Oc», 12. HockUlum^BockiMandCo... rrhur.-d»y,Ocu 18. C*mhr one. Henry Co.TT .r - Friday, Oct. 14. borrlv, Grunoy Co ... Smarday, Oct. 13. Pontiac Llviuneton Co Miinrtay. O-su 17 Vdurla, Peoria Co .Wednesday, Oct. 19 Dm* STectlvsc: lUleols. Hon. William Broaa,''Candida's lor Lieut* ttoveroor, and Horv D. L. Puillipa* U. d- Marsball for the District of SoutUcrn HU cois, will bpeak at Union mass meetings at •thtjbllo win" places,at 3p. m.: { Lawreoceville. Lawrcoca Co Monday, Sept 19 Mt. Carmel. Wabaali Co ....Tuesday, Sep .20 Fairfield, Wayne Co Wednesday, Sept. 2; Mt VerDOf-, Jefferßoa Co..’....Thur*d«y, B«pt, 23 Bemdn,Frans-ta C 0.... ...... Friday Sept 23 McLeanahoro, Hamilton Co Saturday, Sap c. 21 CarmL White Co Monday, dept. 39 Qa»ri«mivh Saline Co Wednesday, Sept, as Manoo, Willtameon Co Thnwrt*y, Supt.29 Vitnna, Johnson Co .'.Friday, B*pt. '*o Jcnethoro, Union Co Satnrda?, o.:t. 1 Csrnctdale, Jackson Co Monday, Oct. 3 Frank Lombard, the distinguished vocalist, will be present at all these meetings and sing 'acvcial cf hla'lnimitable campaign soags. Leo miller. Author of the well known pamphlet titled “The Great Conflict; or Cause and Cute of Secession,” will speakutthe follow ing pieces In Bureau county: Tuesday evening, Sept. 20th,"at Dover. Wednesday evenlrp. Sept. 21st, at Limerick. Thursday evening, Sent. 22d, at Wynnes. Friday afternoon', beet. 2*d at New Bedford. Monday evening, 9cpt. 26th, at Hullow-jyvllle. Tpp«cay evenmg;-Bept. k7lb, at Arliueron. WTdneeday evening, Sept. SS'b, at LaVoille. •ThnrsOty evening, Sept. 29th. at Milden. ' Friday evening, sept. 80th, at Princeton. Ql&ss Ap- pbtutmentf.' Gen Oglesby will apeak u follows: Saloaburg- Enqx coonty. Tuesday, HcpL 20, Lew l*ton, Fulton county. ...Wednesday, Sept St. Uacomb, McDonough county.... Frlddy, Sept 25. Quincy, Adams county Sept. 34. Pmtflold, l*>ke coonty .Monday, Sept. 20. Csrroltoo. firoen coantv Wednesday. Sept S3, BdwartiSvllle.M&dlson county Friday, Sept. 80. BellvlUc, fat. Clair county Saturday, Oct, j. Hon, J D. Ward’s Appointment*. Kewsnre, Henry Co Monday, Sept. 19 Tmlon, fa lark Co Tuesday, Sept. 20 Alt<x>ra, Knox Co Wednesday, Sept 21 CbtOueo, Hancock Co Thursday, Sept. 23 Quincy, Adams Co Saturday, 8«oc 21 FUiafleld, Pike Co ‘ Monday, sept. SS CflrroHon, Greene Co WeaneedaT v ßept. Hi Edwaresville, Wadi eon Co Friday, bepL 30 Bellville, St. Saturday, Oct. 1 lion. 8. W. ITloQltob’a Appointments, Candidate lor #onsrea« at Largo, 7 Bloomington, McLean Co ..Sept. 19 (An evening meeting.) .ElPaee, Woodford Co J Sept, 21 Washington, Tazewell Cq. Sept. 22 Eon 6. M. Coelom will speak at each of the above meetings. Peoria Saturday, Sept, 34 Lacoa Monday, Sept. 26 Hennepin Tuesday, Sept. 27 Eon. E. C.-iNGEESOLt will speak at the latter places. N Ottnwa Wednesday, Sept. 23 Moms Thursday, Sept 29 Joliet ’. Friday, Sept, 80 YorkvlPc, DcKalb C 0....} Oct. 1 Hon. W. T. Hopkins, candidate for Elector will speak at these meetings. Wtnoca.. .....Monday, Oct. 3 - With E. C. Ingebsoll and Jesse Ltnch. Bon D, B-Icbarda’ Appointments* Genesee, Henry Co Monday, Oct. 3 TOfU own. Bureau Co -Tuesday, Oct, 4 Kile. WbUeride Co Wednesday. Oct. 5 Lycdcc, Whiteside Co Thursday, Oct. Q Genesee GroTc. Whiteside C 0..: Pnday, Oct. 7' Poio. Ogle Co Monday, Oct. IQ Mt, Morris, Chile Co Tuesday, Oct. it Amboy, Bee Co w .Wcdr.esaay, Oct. a GEnn&N !QASS UEEmcS. Lieut. GoTeinor Uorr*AKif, Stcvotjok ftiid other German spcakcra. will apeak at Uenxur mass meetings at the following places, in the ortn log: Peoria, Wedneadiiji Oct.' 0 Fndaj, Oct. 7 .T. .Mooo«y, Oct. 10 ....Tnoad«r, OCU II .Wedacedaj, Oct, 13 . .Taarsdaj, Oct. 13 ..Fndaj, Oct. 11 ....M«Dday, Oct. 17 Pekin, Beard M0wn,.... Quincy Alton, KdwarosrlUe,.. Highland, ....7: Trcntcn, BeUerUlc, mmm ms mmmasL. noNEmr. Saturdat Erasing, Sept, 17,1564. The decline in gold bos materially chocked all hinds of speculations, and the demand for money Is greatly lessened In *cou»eqaence. This, In con* section with the redaction of the balances of Western bankers at the East, has tended to make the mcney market here much easier. It is never thclees difficult for parties to obtain accommoda. tioi a for purely speculative pursuits, os tbc dis count houses are their lines In order to provide for.tbo provision season. All paper, however, was freely discounted at the rega lar banks, to their customers, at 10 per cent per annum. ' The reeling is deep and sincere on the part of the bankers to check speculation In produce, so as to enable shipper’s to have a free field before the close of navigation, and ihos get oar wheat, corn and otter ceretls forwarded. The market for Eastern Exchange to-day was considerably firmer,but there Is no change in rates The hankers were baying at 30®* discount, and selling at *.discount to their customers.' The market for gold in New York to-day shows a farther decline—opening at 222*, faking to 220* and closing »t_noon at 221*. There was no Second Board. The following arc the quotations faialch to James Boyd, Gold Broker. 10.00 a. m 2*3*111.80 a.m U.COa. m 331* ) 13.00 m Here the CeM market was flat and heavy, and Bales were mostly to ” ihort sellers” ut 2180220. There were Irec sellers on 'Change at~520, with no hide over 21*0218. Sliver was weak at 2000203. , TheClcclnnati Gazette of thelCthaays^ The demand for money continues qooi, and car ter cy htiig in light 6apply, the market rales very firm, and there us an evident disposition on the part of the hankers to contract their lines. They Lave keen thas far, however, able to accept all thv* legitimate - paper offered by regular cus tomers and depositors, at 10013 S cent for first c lass signatures and good mercantile paper. There la bat little paper based purely on speculative ven tures offering. Holders knowing that it wonld bo impossible to obtain accommodations, owing to the extreme stringency of the money market, have almost entirely ceased making apolicatlous. Ex chance is reported, t>y mosfortbc bankers, as workiugclcur, and rates are rather higher. Wa now quote it at 60c051.10 discount buying, and ( par selling. —The K. Y.Jndependent,’in Us regular weekly article on the money market, says: “ Carrency is withdrawn from the city to the West for moving produce hither. A drain will be Jclt for the sea ton, to be returned hither at Us close. Kot only are balances held here on Western 1 account with drawn, but loans are wanted, and obtained, lor this healthy and natural coarse of business.” —The Philadelphia J*re»s of the 15th says the money market is showing some signs of strin gency, though not of a character to escito oppre hrnfcioc, Loans on call are offered at COJ7 per Bash ov EKctAKD.—Bank of England State ment for the week cudinj;Au}r.2i: ”* I£SCBC*TASrM«aT. Votes li?tud.. i33.’i32ST3| GoVsTQintde'b'..£l«,?lS. , C9 • I OtQertecQdtlcs a.«3i.900 I Gi>ld<<.olß and - 1 bullion ... 1V92.579 j Oilrer oaUlon. .Tlie.Ts'i.a'o I Tout BAJTKCiO DXPASTXKKr. PiOD'n’ C«pl- Government «• tat, £UfSSfit» cnntlM, (to- But. 1,Ct5.5.7 clualoe dead FcDUc-desontf, veignt a can* IrcindJEg Ex- It*).. ;...JL10.T0.085 chequer. t?av- , Olber »ocnnUca'l9^);7,6i3 ictra Fstti, P notes 6,121.9:0 - ccntfcimoner Gold sad silver cf Fauotai co.o 70.151 Btbt.afldDlv* lacnaAcc’M.. 5,188,733 O-her deposits. 18,7i4,tn Cerca cajs saa ~ . otter tjiKi.... t3f49g . Total 87,7SjTu Total -iT7.Ws.ail The preceding accounts* compared with those ot last wcet^^ihlblt; A decrease of circulation of. Tclal An increase of public deposits of. ~ 142,925 Adecreateofotberdepoeitaof. 235,485 A decrease of Government securities of.'.. 100,000 A decrease of other securities of..- 633,226 Aniumaveof buWonof..rt ; 165,992 A decrease of rest of. 26,783 An increase of reserve of 623,837 The decreseein private securities has led to the repayment of considerable-amounts to the bask. The increase In the reserve. amounting to £523.831. lathe most favorable Ucmin the bank return of this week, as cold still leaves for tbe provinces. In addition to the stock ol coin and bnliionl* only £lO5/(93. s sun inferior to the whole ampanf cent into the banc this week. New Yobs Stock Market.—Thelbllowlng are {be quotations for Sept. 17, received by F. G. Sal tonstall & Co., commission, stock and'bond bro kers, 24 Clark street. Chicago: latß'c.Sdß'a. -QnletiUver... 81V C.A.T., 123 Btjdwn Btrer.UMf HL C*Ut.......12«K . oblo*Mm,certi3 D 1.89 cent war ' toon bonds., fi*?* U.S.B V cent 5-24 coupooa.UCK C. 8,6 V cent bonis 1681.. .'.fa TLS-TS-iorresa - nry Noses...lll U.B.lJT.C ertf. OIK Amerlc'n g01d.921 K c, No Id Board C.*N. W. -,51K .... Eric (comj....lMH . Xrle fpfd). • IKK —.... a& p. IKK .... M. £, (com)... GO M. 8, <gta).i..3U ..V; P.P.W.A C..107K U. C,... IS3 .... C. 4: A. fc0m.).65 .... C.2fc A-(p!d)..-8C .... ru.cent.tcrip« .... Vax .... Market—lit Board weak, oomrifißciAii, Saturday Etekotq. Sept 17,18 M. The receipts and shipments daring the put 24 hears were 8» follows: nrnmTS ARD BHIPICBSTB PAST Si IIOOBS. ' jCeoerred. - 53,900 .. 19.27S 69,000 ..,..‘....,013.664 183,590 .1 17,550 «0 7,840 - 7,0:0 283 3,400 77 .2,278 t2 Flour Wheal Corn Oats 1 Bye . Barley Grass Seed Tv, Flax Seed.... Broom Com,. Isrd.r Tallow W001..-;.-.." Lit* 80g5..... Cattle Bides 41,350 7,236 Blghwlnea 258 Sift .5,000 2,&7 Batter 50.713 2,610 Tbofnrticr decline la gold to-day nosed t heavy feeling la, tha Produce market', and we report lower pricei in almost every iapor ant article. The demand lor.Flaor was exceedingly .ilcht, and the market rulea dad and heivy, wltn sales of I,COO bris—mostly on private terms. One lot of choice white winter was ao dat $12.01 > Tbe Wheat'.market was very doll, and prices' again fell t!®Bc per basnel, with sales of about 120.100 bnsbels of all grades, tt $: 9331.01 (or Ko S Bed, $L 8S for Rejected Bed. SI.BO for No Grail* Bed; 92 for No 1 Spri-c r $1.6583 V ftr No 2 Spr»ns; and for Rejected Sprkc—tba market closing qotet at fur No 2 Spring, and sl.b.*©l.oi for No 2 B-d. The dtirand to-day was chiefly 07 short sellers, bat there wav also a ife ht Inquiry hy vhlppsra. , Tbe Corn market opeted steady, bat U sadtealy I*lll/4® per bushel, and* cloasd quiet and Arm at thuOecllvo. Only ahoat 70.000 busho s chmged bands, atslßl>s,'(&l.3a ror Kol Corn, fl or No 2 Corn, ood g1.23@1.50,V for Briected Com —the market during with a eond Inquiry for No 2 ats Oats puffi red a dec ipe of X&lc per ba«hel, at which about 200,(00 boshi-l* changed h»nris,'Nk,J stlUcc at C3j4©C4c, Nc 2at GU@6S.Kc, and ilrjo I* ed at GlKc— cluflieg steady at C3K@ ,: 3Kc for No 1, and 6Sc far No 2. , Rje was heavy aod#@lc lower, with sales of about 19.0(0 bushels, at $1.30# for NoJ. aod $1.27 Ol.tS# for No2—closing >leadv at $1.30# and $1.28, The demand was almort wholly lots in two Soota Side eLvators., Bariev wa* fiat and easier, with sales of 9,000 bushels, at $1.00®1.9i Tor No sraccozdinp to loca tion. . - Dlt-hwice* were freely offered at $1.74, hut there was so demand, and tbo market ruled extremely dal). A lot of 100 Iron-bound packages was sold at $1.74# delivered. __Piovis!un> were neglected—the only' sates re ported comprisng )SS tres Lird at «3#c. Timothy Seed was v«rv dn I, and prices Indicate a further decline of 10®lDc per bushel, with sales of fair to choice at $5 00& C 25. There were uo' Ctlca of Flax Seed reported, fiat the market is firm at $3.10. . ' ' Grain Freights were dull, with light engage ments la sail tease a, at 6c for wheat and 6e for oats to Buffalo. A propeller was chartered at Sc foe com to Buffalo, • The Grocery market hat been less active, and somewhat unsettled, oping to the tnrther depre . elution in the current gates of Gold. Prices are weaker on all the leading staples. On Rio Coffee we make a farther declined ic per B>. Sararshre lees firm, and at the dec ine noted yesterday boy era are operating a* tqmlngly b« possible. - Anthracite Coal Is still la very inadequate cap ply. f’rtccs rule a ehado firmer, but we still quote Lehigb at $22.00, and otner descriptions at $20.C0 per ton. Lake ash axe B*ill is small and restricted supply. Market active and unchanged. CoafUh i, receipts, and with a decline in the.eastern markets we note a redaction on previous quotations ot $l5O per 100 lbs. Dried Herrings in email supply and active. -On soiled we note an advance of sc. per box, . • Hides axe in limited demand, with a fair supply. Green Salted nr.* doll at 13&12#e per lb, and Dry Stock has a do wnward tendeacy. Carbon Oil in moderate Remand. Receipts atill small. Beet brands, of White OH are held very dnnat C3©ssc pergal,, wlth_an upward tendency. Unsecd Oil quiet and steady at51.63d1.68 pergaL Laid Oil Ir in smalt and very reitricied supply. Market very firm at $1.75®1,80 for pare leaf. The market cominaes very qaiat: and. at osr reduced quotations of 90@93c per fi> for coarse to choice fleece Wool. There are few buyers. In Wood the market less actlvd and arm. The supply is larger, and In prosper} of-redaced.ratca, buyers are bolding off. On Beech Wood we note a aeclipe of sl.ooper cord on previous quotations. -Eastward movement of Flour and Orals v by canal, [From the Baff«Io Coxamerciat Advertiaer.l The fohowimr will alow the {moments by canal from Buffalo ior U daj ■ ending Sect. 13th,and i 0 days fremOawtpo. being it<lpxeniaat a 's*pc.MbtaSßt>t Hihl; cladre, which,ticentogether, wlu itowthe amoutof dour atfi grain afloat on the canali disilseo for tiio «ater: • - Frtm Floor. Wbett Cera Oat». Darl«y. Rye Beffosc* S,7tS t24.1M0 T?n*M 1,0M,‘8 i 17..53 14 hi Total is.'3s 7433«0 fS,VJi iiM.?sa 17 wo «.»> rr*v. week.,.12,133 tS3,5»' 937.H? 7,10 15,330 ' The real on 9 day*’ ihipmcnU from O? Vezo and 14 dijVlrom Buffalo are tas«n la tlm it fates ooaa “bo-t pa:ioc» to teach New fork iroa Uiaao placet mpecurelj. CHICAGO LCtnUHft tIIABKET’ Satuedat Evxxixo, Sent. 17,1351. LUMBER—Received >e*tettfay W. 0,000 feet oflam. bcr. Tterubave been fe* cargoes oa tbs market; tbereceip f,wb!cby er*above the average. baring been chiefly on contract, cr cocked on owncra’ac count. Tbem*rketlsmore scUto, and prices gene rally rule Aim. BHINGLEd— yca'eiday la good demand, and firm at previous sale*. *. LATH—Received yesterday. 2W.CCO pci. Market moderately actlTe, and In islr npply. Prices mode* raid j Him and unchanged. <. •>. CAHQO tUXJS TO-DIT. Carso ichr Ashtabula, Grand River, lold by Irish ft Taller, WOO feet railed lumber, common strips atfli.W; cargo irhr America. from Gra::d Hirer •old by Irish & Fußori, 72,c0> tervi-rtnur mmoer* meetly board*, balance m'icd. at |16.i0 40,000 Lath at iuo. Tuesday, Oct. 4 In the yarda business!« very active, and price* rule dim at the following rivlred quotations. Wt» quote • LwTfßXß—Fint Cl tar EOifCi, ft Second Clear Board*, v h m Third Clear Braid*, w FUnCle*rPlank.VU , •ZM.,1,1. MuSfliO Second Clear r*laas. v 1U iCUOassoi > 3 bird Clear Plank. f> M, «JOaMOQ RtOCkßoards. as.tfe37.vO Sox or Select Boards .. ... y?.cca4o,so common Boards 24 oca<BJC' Fencing.. r-iii nr..„i& r Cull Board*;. .' .a] orq . Fint Clear FJoorlne.rouxh... " Second Clear Flooring. r0*5h........ soxoGaaoa Commsn Flocruu, rough S3,OoaioOi, Birins, clear. dressed...., a&OuauiVo Second Clear W.*'C@Js 00 Lory JC)bta~...., iSAHJvSoc Shaved Shinties, A, *• M. si(&s.7s fihivecj Shingles, No. Lm Shaved Shlnclcs,Star- aisasuio Cecar Shingles- s 3.75 "Sawed fibindes, A.,...; 5750 SawedShliyrica Kc. I 4,7T<J 5.27 JLsll!, v:,ottpcs 4£«sjK Push, ft l#»- P.w®?s « Picket! ISWttSOJW CHICAGO CATTLB aiAHUKT. I*or ihe Wceli Ending beptemborlT, ISOI. Battjbdat Etxhixo, Sept. 17, ISM. The receipts of Beef Cattle aad Live Uogs at the various yard* la the city, ter the week eidlng to* day, compere as follows with the previous weekly receipts since August S, ISM: Beorei, A Hogs, «o. NO. 'Week eedteff Sert. 17 ,-...9,017 lOyiJ Week ending Sept, to 7,57« • W«Kradios Kepts. 6.*33 7,*73 Wt ek ending Aar. 27 ~0 7,387 Wee* biding A0g.20 ... 9,0il 13, Til "Peekenema AU-.13 „ 4,568 7,-at T* eek ending Ane. 6 .7.U8 6^77 sxts 8 orysaianx oir Cltb stock teojc cmoioo to aCSO# ...221K Cattle. Hogs v ICO Ba. Mich. Ceat. aadMlch.s..large cars...tes.oo see care rf 210 *. £6.00. -Sdc Michigan Central, rpiall car*. , TO BCTT-SLO O^eirSPUSSrOXBKrDOB. «icb. Cent and Mich. 8., large caw., |jco,(ia Be Cart, 0r.20 feet * - aw Me .MlcLican Cenir*l. small caw...., 83.00 Me rortl7ayne«JTr?24lcet.... rt 91.00 538 •> , TO PrtTSBT! EO. Pitt*., Ft. ’Waynn &C. cars of feat. .ISBXO . SCo Micli.BQuUj2ni, Jargecaxa.9',Go Ko do caraorwfeefi. sun Be Rates to Ottaklrk ts.ftw car less than to Buffalo, when sbpiped by all rail. Bates to Dunkirk ■ when shipped by all rail. -* - BEEF CATTLE. Tbe total receipts of Beef Cattle at the rations yards In the city, dorms the week ending to-day, according to the daily returns posted on ’Change amount to 9'47hcad. This Is 1,913 head morethaa were reeared lest week, and 4.CW bead more th<va the receipts of week of lut year. The dally receipts at tne various. yards compare •as fellows; ‘ - ' f s - ■ Receipts. Monday lsh Toeeday IBB' Weonteisj. .us Thursday. Friday,... Total 9,547 - v The receipts of Beef Cattle during the‘past west bare been heavier than dm in; any corresponding week for the past three months, and there has alio* been a,corresponding increase m the activity of tbe market. Tho supply has not bsen suitable to thfrde* mand In regard to the general character of the stock* Shipping grades, and-gcod medium Qualities bare • been scarce, tao receipts comlitltg mainly of cam. tnon and low medium grades. Ae the result of tbe irsniactlonfloftbe week we note a decline as com* pared with tbe dosing prices of la«t week's market," ol 25c per ICO as on prime to extra shipping grade*; ofSlSTScperlWßsonmed'uia to p-imo qualities and ofasalCc on common grades of stock. The following are the closing quotations of the market this eyenlig, and compared with last week; .£2»,732^70 This week. Last week. Prime to extra dualities... . ; |7.ot <as oo C7.ihs.S2s Oocd Medium to prime do.. s.'va&re o Mediumauallties 3 4-o'<d*Cso Cows, 3X&S2Q 2AJ©3.75 Tbefo!lowln. x arethe comparative prices of Beef Cattle this evening, aqd tbe conesponang period ot tutiear: * This year. Last yaar. prime to extra qaaimes. ...*7.OCsBG3 *< Head meAiam to prune eo.. 3.Oaa«JA3 5218U.T5 >icdlaa S.7S®(Ae a.waano Ccws, thin steexß, i*c 3MAS33 17.'®4,75 Frexa the above table it will besecn that, compared with last yi«r, our present- quotations show-an ad vance of 30 per csot orf eommpn cattle, 5f about 50 p t cent on medium grades, and ot 75 per cent on prime to extra trades. Batdbdat Evbxixo, Sept. 17.—The market dur ing the past week'has evinced more than naosi viper. In point cr numbers thaiectljlU arebeavur than lor tevexal monthkpaet asd about donblfe thore of the ccrrespct&n'g weak of la«t year. Tbe reduc lon which has taken lain the Eattern mart eta has not been so marked here; for the simple reaton, that thne has been al most BBonucal supply of ihlppkjc stock. We bare sotbad ensile erove cf really extra, quality steers Hi the market curing the week, and for the few good drotes received there hat been an extra amount of compet'tion.tewhlchmay be attributed tbe small reduction which hartakcnplace,xmonnttcg to omly 35c ? itO.a, against a decline of S£Ss ft & net weight In the Now York market last Monday and Tuesday. - - . .£507,091 lltß'd. 2dß'd, ihere hat been several large Government can tracts in the market which have sot b«en filled, for tbs rcfconlbat the general stock in tbe'yardsau been of too low a quality. The cattls wanted are gOOS .medium criiea weighing from 1,053 to I.IM as, -or even mote. fcf whick the price* given tame from tC.2510f3.*5?» ICO »» live weight. Forjtvgrsl cays' to come sleek of this description will meet with qu ck fair, and the mark: tla firm at tht qnptatloaj given above. There has be*n a fair drmanafer stock ca*ee.aad a large proportion of the receipts have been bought by farmers, ana ' others for stree. Tbit description' of stock has contequenUr met with better sale than was anticipated. Two or three, of our dty packers hrft bteh buying pretty freely,*>nd there are tail, cations tnat nearly all of them will commence pack leg for the reason in three or four weeks at the at- * most, v There were In the yards this morning about s/M heao cf Beef Cattle. The entered sales Kiorinz ths dsy,at aU lhe yards, amount 'to 2,67s'head; thus leaving between MO and “00 head In the yards this evening unsold, which eonrtst almost exclusively of nferlorand very common gradSs. About M 3 head werepurchatedon'ermy account at prices ranglag from |U5g5,fC 9100 As* upwards ofcco bead by city packer* at tSSOaiJSJf 9 103 Bs ; and the re" malnder by shippers, city butcher?, ipecolatora. and for stock cattle. Ttelast day of the week has been by no means the Itaet active, although a large proportion ox our spec native dealers are ont of the markets on Saturdays. Tpc morning was One and very favorable for trade,* and although the lota were small, the sales made were- numerous, as will be sees from our sUs list given belew, and to compute the day favorably, this BETOOK ■ * SO U Kc CLOaisa miens. ifternoon (ity.T&tkers cane ico-the ci»it«e, ng cltarid cm l*n.'rprow»r lcn of thenvßdlda; ct,%t Icwycifcsitmctot e evident of aior.r, Mtd roar-tselsa were'bveumtcs tufjir thvttreir stock would hive'tohtheUor.rto tne tr»ulns wee?. ’ ''Tie fojlcw’ag are the pmcjpil »a!e» dorlog tbs verb: _ , , Obuude'f to P. Wfttx*!, 103 head prttn? TOlanij 3Kejfi»vei*jnrsl.Vßft*,attdJßj MertZvto Uo»ra dcrVJ2*#/r k -.d ona'J'y D11&0U B etrf, avert aog Lt‘4as.atH.C9: Oberndcrf to WcPft*rs>a, 18 l llnr Is Bttcrv, averaF'Hf lr29* 6>» at’JVS, Ecicstbal to JJcPh rson 19 sw* »hipnm? 6 tn»,tve’»E':el. i;J t ha,at $725; J-ha Adamt to D. Walin', U bead ll.iaola Stceri. *ven«L)c i.rtt ao a* <6A r ; Sprtaue tc Easier A Co., 169 heal far »h.y tits IH,lb?to Ssencex.CahcadgooaKtniisStier?, averauu fi l*tS 41 $7.61. Cot ett to Ktrchwas 15 head. prime Wisconsin 9r> !t|l.H:'J. Adams to O WUia ,18 ncsUßtH-dtaetUmn alter*, avtragnu 1,873 fts,»t|B2stM<o»*. ' - He const Co'MthU craning with an active do rraid for prime te »xtro grade* and tor good medium gjader.'at the onotailoo* given above.‘ BEST O*TTL*aAtiaT>DAT. ei buyer* / No Ay. Price srena.iintP./n.siaUh 1« MS. I'OT />* nn 10 Sit 315 Ll SrliW...!- »« 851 3. 2* fs 'SB' ?§ |» j mm< . ..•> J. B. Bh»rmaa ... 16 B^l Urr*v.>ACc.' D.yU-....,.^ 523 1 Ar*Ain& .. Rutta C 0........ .* llul «f*.Adana... Waixal IS 1W S.J* iihitbi RlMing ..16 £?3 — Whltire C1are............. 13 Sul 451 u.a? h%nZ :... suiiTV. U 916 475 Oniotv& Cr....KtUy.......... 23 *1)71 . 4-75 Siey&MdndfiO da ....29 93S 461* j; A0em*......... da ....So lIM 4.20 do CO .... 19 991 . 4-6U - CO \... CO .... 21 1110 V.S’tf do B.anerironßl ffii -3 25 Grander ..........B*cceit A Co.'.*.. 43 ill! 82. f 0 Con 0r.... .. W, M.Webb ... 17 10S 5;75 do 00 44 1M ■« 4.74 00 do la 10M . 4.:s do White ; it *3j 875 fl.l TtewKß 11 iOl# 4.01 jurors. ,w.m. Webb to iem. 4.75 J Gt|o.t>(. * uo 21 l'll 415 O’iioiJy Clybcra. . , it DM 4w> KoM* do . .... !Cl 937 4CO J. GndfcT.-, ....Vuiaer<ssKlCOlei 4J fQfi S.M Fne*-Co .wai Wcbo—.... as im 4W3 on ...... “do ......... 83 JW3 4.50 fswrtsht;*o . ....... 14 .0*) 4or Parr*. . . Klrch*ay_.. ..... IS 13T6 SjrS WalwotkA M.,.McPhenon. .IS Ht2 n.<o Oaike Tabor jB 9WJ 425 Be-tier,. Gortey 11 DM 8.50 .WftllworkA O, Acuta .Tomer 4 NlcoleslSfi U 3 S4O • eo ... no no ion do „i. do m i.n# S«»oeo ..FawseU . ..17 1(43 4.75 O’She* do .... ...f. 44 1(53 . 5.7S"*. M P3l 4AJ • Co co 29 »M 4JO Usteta'<l da ..... 27 913 4AO do< 13 1033 5.00 CO do 14 U<M 4.73 C’aiE....— CO .. SO 10 4 459 do 'do 15 m «25 G. Aeitr a.. &Mccles C 7 103 4n# waterman Hirosafis rtomo.. 18 P6j 5M Mo ils W & l{....HOide»»n ....... SI 12c5 O.'TO. Gtntt....... McPbcraoa Ifi 1233 fill A&dcrton...l.”-O’&hea 20 BS6 359 »*ei*B .. do ... r„„ 15 S« 350 waterman...,,,..Hym»n&Co 6T HOd 5.50 n*TJltcn..Cub 21 fSS 851 Hamll on .. ... O’Sbea SI 9bl <.15 Betriey ft C 0,„.. Watt ....81 H« 5.45 do ..DnttoT 31 9Q 8,75 do Hoaebur* ........ x 7 uto 5.n0 do Mcrteraon 34 l«a Aw» _ do Kent &Co is i&o 3.75 W«llw(tk ft it... do is lias asjir Bticenf do 9 831 S0! O.Adama -do 89 ' 101J 3.65K paaci do • Tl I'OO 8.55 parser ....O’Shea 41 1175 .. 5.7 i . G.Adani W, 4f.W*hb„ is 191 5.F0 > Cr»ie ..SalbyftCo....... 13 9M s.ts o. Adorns........W.M. r Webb 44 1193 55) WtUwcrJt&'M*..McPb?rßon„.; .. 11 1183 S.u do -..McGairey,........ 89 BfH 3.59 ClrBV O'Shea; 36 IfOS S.«O O’Shea Killer. Id PtK) -4.CO' WHUworkft M...Coburn 86 IM3 5 M do ...O’dbta 18 S.B S.2S W.F.11r0vn..,.- >.Wall. a 939 *33.00 ' do * -....F1aa*gtn........<..11 Bcs 39.(0 - BOOS. The total receipts of H6gs at the varleui yards in the fit? during the seek ending to-day, aciordlae to the tally rctnrra'posted on 'Change, amount to 1C.3’2 head. TUs 1* 2,986 bead more than were received last week, a'd 8,833 bead lees than the rccilpta of the ccrretpordlna week of last year. The daily receipts at the rariona yards compare as follows: _ s -* ' “Eecclotr, Mender. Tuesday..; ...; „ ... 560 Wednesday 1,193 Ttuiraiaj. Friday"-*. Satnroiy. Total. \ V lib an Inadequate supply of prime to extra grade* ve note an'adyaase, of icons on tbs anotkllcna of last week's market,of T3@L(Q on me-- dlutt quiUUcß, and of 25@|UW on atccSHrz*. At oftr-rreecnt quotations tbe market closed active sod atm till* evetitg. - ‘The following are the closing quotations of tbe mar ket this ercnli g, ateompored witb last week: • s oi>osnro rsioss. .. This week. Last week, prime toextra qualities,....SttSOd 3.« X)<a 175 Medium top:i>;e do .... 1075® 11.73 I'U>'@‘.o.'s Commcn ip medium..- 9 W-@W Sj 9 oc(« 975 meet bogs.... .. 7*to® 9Jo e.7:@ a.c» The lellowmg table ibowa tbs camiara’lre priets oPHcm this week, and for tbe corresponding p-nod of last year: * This year. Last rear. Prime toextra<nxalUlei ,sr*.oo3is w f!.*((33.<0 Mediom to prime da Common lozfced. da aJ3O@IO.!B 3T501.W . From the share table U will beeeenthat ascom p#rsd with Hit yesr/prlme to extra Hoes hare &d> ▼arced, V » tire weJcht, 7K@Ss; medium to prime, s\*?kc: Q«g«, SK®BKr. •' - Paicbdat Etesiss, Sept. 17.— With receipts coo. sidtrably above tie average of the present season, aid puces for okfead of all previous periods in the hliu xy oi the Hog trade of this city, tue'week has hern one of the most active we have ever had, and price* have ta&en afurthsrleap of from 75«S|IA0 per IOC &r,'excluding some tales on which au advance of. tf/K&SO be ebown. Ibis excited and feverish condition of the csrkct baa spread Its Influence throughtnt t&s districts trom which our tuuply It derived? but it mu it bo bcreelntstnd that our present ortlSetal prices ate wholly supported by the inadequacy of / prcsvnt re. crip's to meet the only moderate shipping demand Qar receipts since. August las amount to,CT£Si hogs whilst for.the corresponding period of last year they we: bogs, or nearly double. latbcTecelptaof tbq. past week the proportion of Tcally prime and extra hogThas oeca small, and as the demand tor iheae has been theaost active prices have been supported, and iccreared vHh extraordi nary flnnnres. dome of the heaviest porchotei were made before the cats could be unloaded: In several cases there was a regular scramole woo should oa in Hist. With larser receipts, wnteb we shall scoff get, the present excitement .will cool down,and a more healthy tine pervade the transactions of the market. Poor Hoes ara li less dsmahd, there being few bay (is. and prices are conieqaently-nnchsnted Stack Hi s* have been In better demand, at higher rates. On really choice breeds, the market has advanced fully *1.(0 9 3(0 as since last Saturday. There were In the yards this mcr.-lng.tuclndlngtte receipted thedaj,about4,cw ness. The entered «aliißanuitml'to3.^7head, at |9.Cc(2ISCC; cLlsfly at' JUCCSUSO. There wsi nodimlucilonlathsp.'jvl-- 001 sc mty or firmness of tbomaik.t, which closed ibis evening very firm, at the quotations given ab ive ? 800 SiLEB TO-DAT._ Sellers. Bayers. No. At, Erica*. Sherman H.&P., Windsor 118 ITS IM3 Olrlsgley ~.O.roby. *57 231 J. Acsms C.U. KfiLy 333 132 i\ » CcolcyJsEldrldkeJrnte . «... 70 143 io.oj Conger Metcalf is Co 61 i? 2' nas Jote! »• 197- 12.-ii Parks.;r„. . M ..W.M.T0den.....:57 U.'2 12.63 White....* do J« M 7 12.6 > Fn *Co .loses 90 191 J. Gil:ley...-,...Ginert. .H-7 ise i2.(fl * do v,jnaaor 31 373 do_ J.Ksli/ 13 167 1165 C.Dar«eH .H.S.italiory..... «9 nw 12.37 Windsor™ Bctrant... .101 171 Wallworlc&H...Huntley* 121 -jr» 20.50- Beaten do 1 M} iso u.^o wMlwork* H... do S7 153 iC.SO Parker do 56 2.7 13.50 Bentley do ti 112 10.50 Green do 50 m 12.f5 Bordner. do < *1 103 13 23 Bentley co ; ffl 15s 10.5 a Wall*cxfcftU... Allenon&Co,..j3» ir« -10.S1 do Huntley*... ..... 00 3:3 do do 51 157 10,30 . Orndolph do m 13.33 Waters an....... do I3t m u.s3 Ballet: -do 53 312 13.00 -BcrtJty do SO let i»o0 c. Alains.. do .53 93t do do 53 *l7O lo.CO do do CO 133 I*o3 do do CO ' ITS 1050 CO do 4Sv .56 10*00 . do do - 56 161 10:50 dO do (2 162 9.Q0 do do 57 la .9 s 0 Wcrptj P.801tiD21iam...277 ISti 9,01 Fajea WhiteMde 70 l£J ...... Cowan....» W. M.THden.- 43 182 1109 Bentley ' Co • Si 193 u.57 Kmz- do 65 “162 31,50 Short do 40 233 1141 Manual! do 51 2fO 1155 HOIdOD.„ do 55* 191 1151 Bentley do S5 za ;3.00 . SHEEP—The receipts dorlos the paat week have cotalited principally of Stock Sheep. which hare keen *«t through on acconni of Western Sheep lam era. Fat Sheep and jrrades anltahla for city butchers hare been In imali inpplj, and prices rule Arm at |S 50 37,35 VIOO &9»wl:h a good demand. SnZkP BXLtS TO-DAT. Ho. At. Price, , W Itff S7.J3JS . W £2 7.C0 dellere. Bn jots. Geo; fell Jacobs...... Buckingham.-.... do CHICAGO DAILY MAHKET Ml tala of Grain reported 4a this mar Jut report are on a basis of 2c storage per bushel, utters otherwise stated. Fumr it said delivered uniat oVurviee stated. ~ Eatusdat Knsne. Sept. 17.15 M. FBEIGHTa—G&xCf Fmictara quiet. The en pspemeato tocay wcrt r To Udwal/j—lrop. Acme. * with coic, at 6c; aelir Mery Morton, with wheat, at Sc: rchr uelrioa, with oa;s, at 6c. ■ <• tin asd Rul "Fsmsinfr-Ttere Is so change ta rates. We quota; Flourto Boctoa. tare and ran .......|l»a FI car to New xcrk.loke and mil i Flour to Portland, via Sarnia W«..„ Floor to Boitoa.Tla Sara’*.i 1.6C®..., lUxißoanFuaßTS—There is no charge to rates. ITe quote: Fourth Class, jicor ToKtwTort,all raU. 0.96 ua “ rail and Lake itee ...,.0.90 vv loßoston, an rail, L« 24« •• rail and Lake 8rie....... ojg ToPortland,allrolL.^......... . .1,90 ico To Baltimore, all rai1.......... .......,„.,.(lm iac ToFhliaOelDhia,aSi rail ...............0.50 un ToPltteburg, “ .....ors . Fa.«Uli—Received to-day. 2 471 brls: shipped to* i ay, m wu. Market coll and reflected Sail? to - dayqve*e; Whim Witter axnua-SuO b»l« •* Hob- IniQn & Co” on p t:UO oris Clarlavl le **lojperUr* Bt»sCto. Spbutg yxma»-sso hrls good txJcoz ex trwonp. t. of <aao Sprrmjr—llO hr is goad spring topizhieat S9.CO. * * Mnm—Uscod supply. Baleato-daywera: SOtois Iran m hoik at |iB.H F ton oa trace J WflEAT—KeeeWdl to-day. 0,540 bo; vhlpped, s?eco 00. L*aj£etheaT? and 2&ic lower. S-»lesw*re: WibtxbT7pz4tiv STOo*-7.otttlm Po 3 *od at 11,9x2 «t bo oo On Aj,' D. & Co*a) at «Lttr bu Rejected Bed at *1.85; life ta no Grace Bed at *I.W. Spst.vo vvhbat nr Stosb—2,ooo bn .No 1 senna at tUK t goes bu £°t*L lL ? li /i, CO J ,B ?° at #..K; I.MS ha No a Soring 4vop ba do fmostly txfa.-a Change) « »*v’jho co at iO t OC9 bo do at Bi>7v *- C ? £.* i ODOdo at 81.56 V; 2,CM b'uoO 1 t??^A b s Rejected .Sprier at ILk{; 4,00j bo ao at «.-8, ~(CODo Fo Grace hpnoeat |t.:o. At the tlcsc uemartet aas etea*-y at *1 llj?©:.S3 for No 2 SpnEffADd *1.9.-«lMfor No a Bed, * ° 4 C’OHJi—Received to-day, 10,1*5 bo*, aM-«\*a pAPhoaheta. Market opened steady, bat feuE£?S bubtforetheclree. Saliewtre osfoilowiVcoav tv fcTOEj—B/CO bo No. 1 Cora at ba *t tiaiMsSJMhoNc.J Cora (early) at %• S3*-2?*n Iraeo (early) ■* Sija* ioMbo do at «LBij/?l&£'n£ cc at i t SI; I,' CO DO Bejec;*a Cora at SUTi • *oco ho do at |L» s <4*o bo do at *l3B. Siva a c vwiS Cobt-14© 1 bo No. 2 Corn a». *142 adoat• 7 Doohn 55 at afloat. Atihcc'o*- rae markVt ‘fen v fl d i CctßUstorewts tra at fexi, train©.i afra was cegle r ted and doll. vwra *** N»aTß—Received today. r.9.6M bo; ihlooed i&yW Mariot activa sol Kale lower. eSju today were:— tjats nr woßS—itf/w do no i batiat 64C? If/.CO bo do »t|63!fn; B*looo tin do atSsWe-TACOO bo >0 8 Data at 6SHc do at 68c: wj boßa- Beieooau at 6tj*c Q»tb afloat-o.frobu xo. i Gaisat Ao adoat. Attha closetkßtnuaeS wAi□ olet at . Ity K-r.ecclved tC-*Jay, irjl.ty to: shipped. 9,Cifl po. Market quiet and waic lower. Sties to dip; Bte in Etohe—j,jco bo-no I- Bjo at Buai: IAH» do ('oat sircK : V&bc Non Ryaat ttsau ; a.<ce oa do at*iJ3;4oObnaoat*U7H; 4W ho do marketcloelscQuletat Si.SOK for No i »na lor .n s2. Tbs cernsnd wag whoiir cottflned to loCTla A. S. & Co.’s asd F. & T.’a eievaton. Byeeuewbsre was net salable at garbles .like the quota* liens. • ISaBLKY-Hoc-Ivcd 7,220bu: shipped,l.ia bn. "hlaraet noli and easier. Salta io-.'ay were: Biaur ui BtoWo bu No 2 Earlay ai SU9O; 3 030 bn do at 11.91; 2,20. buOnF. A T*d) at fl-ia-market, closing weak. • ALCOllOL—lsomlnal and dull at-33509133 per gallon- v «UTIRR-Received to-day, 29,713 Da: shipped* 2.610 Markovqmttandccchauaed. Yve.qaoti: Prune Dairy in ctocbb ana tuna ak3<io Shipping Butter, m flißtis Greeseßutter. C33>e Sales to-cay IS tube very Dairy at «o^ lOMefc'MlUWtSa-'** gocil*"rpl7»■! Ttrytfnll attuoa ■«AGUIftG-Ia f*lr djKtpd. ItuUt Una ml uccbuitu. tfoquow; stars,* *•’ UczJ'orA,r«2iio*i,... Lit K,c*«zDi9sr - '* w *T»riya teammes. f.3- CT»c»« c A. •eaa.lcee.. L:rjrvcctJ a .... , M •stccl-csier A,#cwri lacs.... iH tvrsß/Chaj»*eA.irwed 8' KriAhft»Tj A V bi V.xceUtCl. 71 Ro>u{/*-Clry,iewedUoen El G»ro?r. Uiy.srwßd Usfaa’ v 7> Kuilaw, four b •... ................. ifl GuurKs.uve bu. , . •* tear ton. two Iru.. Flour fiteb, H tl “ ** H** Urea-. 73 “ “ ft “ eoltoa—. MtST 7. 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SJ.C« 'benawa... *. 2S.tO piithtjr”* sa.rc iinecti - s.soai ft kCiGo-in xrore limited eapply. la brisk demetd end oral •tV<3l'K r V drz, a»lesto-dar 3 bra etISC: IbilatlSK: its*eonl7 .V doz; snre at 19c. Ut Kiea la email »nmdy. -Martnt rtrj firmaodus-*kißgec. M*OK-«Beammoderat-receipt eadprtcceatrady, Coanralatarveraur^T.eedwth eauoe ate etmeno w* note a el-ah of siao p i«i -8»: la email supply and Arm at pretest qnoUQooa W« quote; Kai WBiteHjß.Qjom. .%...JS.QC Hoa'Wluteflßu.ti'bris b.Th «M ETo3 brie.... 7J>e idi.TS Nol Treat,Udii« bOO toils’ No 3 rrvat,hi or!i M 7to »7.^ NMMeokrrei. htbrU DCS U3U FoßUacK»reLb< Urn... 10/ I 01-.75 Ko.SataekfreTbfbris, Urge.... s.» No iMadrerfl/klta ÜBX4&O MjJ ir ackexeL *lt»... *iu @t-7l FlSUlf iltt..., 2;5 «SSB FatallyMaexerc). Of hm ...... US wuu Codflafi. Georgs’* Baak, * ica a*, ®ioso Cccflib,Grtnu ami. vice a*., ojb etvfn No:niftdH«M*,? i D0x..?7;h,.,.,.r. w & ' ScttleslHenla!» «*boz_... . 90 tt M , nekleo Hemo«,rouna .......... 9SO a>i.ot No 1 Lake Herne* fcCf «QZ3 No 1 Lake Harris# ....« 3,Tf GUUN «UlU*B—Applis'la lanro »appiT r pilet*e&«3 a^pitTiQTlsqnot»t*C':u, P«acu*j nom'tMly.tht re baring b»#a oorecetoti »ltco Wed* ne d»y OtAns— Market aeti»o and good supply, flirt# flrnmtpiea«nsoUotati:ii*. LiaosrstQ better • nppiy, market active sad ntichunked. Wo qmate: o«cea Applea, v wa0ieca,®.......,* zx\*a sj& Green Ap-les, 9 o'\. at retail, eating.... 3JV3 SXO 3rMnAnpf«e¥crl,»tretaU,cooking... 2.5 9 ire PCMhtoJi-Stftrt 8.991*0. PMCLtf. ? Dca-bOX ..*-4.9-0 UW Grapes. Isabella 9lb 12X3 20 Grapes, CiUwba, ¥ 9 i @ 55 Pea>a 9 banket l&aiK PeßiiV brl.„. ’ .„..10XC<31U» Bib*rt»Q Crabs, oer basket«... 75® UTO jVater tiej'-u, ¥ toa .Hi?!?* 6? L'mLt»,branch « box 50j»543U4 LetnojJ'.SvjjlT.* l box ...... JAKaiUf DHIHD FUUIT-Tbe nuketis qol«t sou in niocewe aoppl*. i'xicci weeJc at prenoai ajctailoci. TTeauote: ABpiee.&oatb-ra * ft..*...'. w an Aopiefl.&satern 9 » .HKiSUK poxcox rami* Iti’jias—L'iyer* * d0*.....................ii5rvas «n Salslns-*.5,*h0T.....; „ *i?i Cnnanta fJ »..., , a a iS Fjßa-aoyiri,» »*... a « .ae A sounds, soft, v a ss a m Almonds, lure, v a.,,-...,...,.. Bute rtunea. Tursieb, 25 » p PeM*.Bafcemiaa,7> a •UKtt u BarCJnce. halves. Pi u u Bardmf».ntiarter» ... 40 q 42 (• atn l£—cnuaix Garcias a-lo issl! snnp'r. Market moderately acur - *®d Ora as $3 25 par col Qo*ub—Receipt very smalt, imh * eoodaemacd. yyu,d .Dock e—ln medium sappli. Ifarset active an* fijm at pttwnt quotations. We quota:. Praine Chicaene, qi to*. .;...... osjta ■ QaaJ'n. V doz . -*«Jd9 wjiaDucitß, Pdoa * 15-«3.<w Stipe,* doz. @iso Snipe.yvllow-ieer©d. 9 doz. «1.75 Dll»ES—BeceUed,4l r VC lbs: shipped, 7.236 as. There is co Improvement oa »to previous dscrrSUou andar activity cf the m*rSet, With a f»ir anoply; prices are tvtak, but without any quotable chiaso- Gretnßaited,trimmed. i? ®iau DraS&itrd mn.H2cU. -.7 ul* Diy Flint, trlamed 21 Kip, Greta halted, tnmrnea.. 17 <a t a C* f.otecn Silted.trimmed ........*ii ©>i HIIS H w inKk—R»cdvea to-day,none s sUfpoe-1, 2.’b bris. Jfaifcet <Jn‘l and vary much depressed. Therewaanofieaa d.aadpool p lesseesvrere eo-at IL*4. al/hcnt duv**)s. Saiei a ere: iMhrlsiraa .heund aCai.7<Kfehv-T-d. . U A sr—TiaoniT Hat m small receipt, -with an ac tm oets«ud. Aiar>et Arm sc p'eseat Pflißr* Bat m mere liberal sntply. with a de> d»dc. previous quotations tolerably Arm. Wo. quote*. wnoxaiAta tmois. TUnothy,heater pressed. tMJX&a fQ nmqthy looee pressed. 22JXiOC?jp Pralrtc. heater pressed.... lat^iaid'a Praule.loofeptiaaed., ihOO^ißia Fmrle,loose. I Tlnotny. Dearer praaeo. Tlactby.lOMopwKfid.. ..... n>i«:P.'6 Ttnotay.ioose . ce.ocaaj.ct' Prune, DMtcroreswd. jiota^ce Ir*im,looie sfceeeeiL, a o-ajc.Cß pTUxieaooao n.Kaiiw IjEaThkß—Tfee TOMktd onnltanti quiet, inle-s being end cosflaedlo Immediate wsntn T-e farther decline la has cao>«»j lets. Ononßis la fcrrtsol»r»*ber, trsaaactlooa are ccassqaenvlr rcrr infinite. We qaete: - mt Renees V Ltaejp » Jufcsc I SUoghUr. Soi*..~6aAEa»- z»««no« Afrex. static Orinoco, 5010.... KQUe. Orinoco good das* usd (^dr Kip v » ar^ai.24 ».... Oppor 9 f00t...., .CigjJfic Collar V 100t,.....25*J8c { oa; aucjc&ter. Bole....asasse SATteiSj 9> D VksKfci jfrenciT'Cau; ji S.W*i24 Upper 0.3309.36 Kip. So. 1 me. main.. »L* 01.JO Kld.No. 1 «uat. 10 Calf, 1 Frcacli Calf Lo* • tnoinai, 9 fioi en .....KS.3Cano tc rmcb Cali L« PraacH Sip, lit _ ca0ice......... .135313 FfteeH Ciit fig. 325313 mclnaaT Bee-' csdM> do*. 0/.K»:Gxrc is OC *“ I lioans « dr*.liflXfc« 18,w NAVa£ SToKßS—Market quiet and uiichurc»d W® QOtV t _ Tar ....©23XO L»th,Tarn.nemp..3s62oc Pitch. .. 28X0930 00 ** “ Manilla. ©3lc BcsUi»2Ssfts. ....6150X0 MaaQlaßope n<££rc Tnrpeutme~ ® 4/3 uamli&Eayßope..3i©:>2c ital-Flaxpacklac 60c Marline szg&sc IUL Hemoi>*clanr.../sCc s&thcord..;.. $9.20 Am.Hempßu>, .25c Oatnn SJO© 9XO Am. Hrito No. 1 29c Hems 3£©2Sc >n»-HmddNo.2.,,, ,V-c oNlO^a—Thewarket is m fair iupdlt, with on ac>’tvn demand. Pncra m!n firm at 31.3521 75 ft bu Id balk; sn< at 5L9092.10 ft ba In store. OsL!*»xkd Oil—Tlie market is quiet, with a fainoptly. Previous quotations encha -ved. Lasd-- Oil—lore leaf Oil is ftu> fcaice. and be.d very ana at present quotations Whale, Elephant and Bars Oiißln fair ceuand, and unchanged. We quote: BawLlsaeed Oil H. 03 ai.63 Kfjlea LID9Ad OU U9 91-74 Olive Oil, bid L2O CUdS wnaleOil,Wiß ua ©LM ElephantOU* .. 1.85 d;d» Banc OH UC ©l/5 Lard Oil, pure leaf. 1 1/3 ©UK MarhlseOU L 73 <9L« BpcimOil 2XO @3XC Mecca 01’ '. .... M © 73 NeaUtoC* Cli.,. 1« ®ISO Ca«:or 0!L.±....... ©IXfl OK rv. 103 ©las CARBON Ol tf->The market today baa been lent active, but ttcxel* mi d<clne in the nrontaa which has existed ioi the pan few days, with a «ood sup* py.pncescortlnQearerußea. We quote: Y> nite Oil, UV to itu test, by car load ySc * oxl ©3sc AtiawOll, do do 910“ dO‘«9SC BfDZOle. CO . Co s‘c do ©33 c BOTATOE— de mand. B&ziet firm at previous quotations. We* Neshatmoca*. 9 bu. .3t.10©1.70 Poiatcei do Vhrl Potatoes Common, 9 bn...;.., Potatoes do V hrl 2.75©3.C0 8»e«Po t ato«,Vlm.... 2JOQ2JB POULT*. Y—ln limited receioc. Market active and Urn aiprev ooa quotation. <We quote: ~ •- Fowb.oUVS doz... ..ELWOLIO Chickens, V <Jez a..... 3XC©3-73 Ttrkeja.Uv*'. P a l«©1lc P.eaons.qidnz 1.2501-50 Ptj OVlSlONß—3lk?sPoss—Nona offering. Mar het romtsal at and Arm. Sfin to-dav were: 125 tics prime city stesmrenfe-fdLcai.attS^c. T-Received tc-day: 2,0C0 Mus; shipped,3/37 this. Market quiet and sieaqj. We'quote; . povrmf-iNew Fine... fX9O Coarse &A 33 .Ground Bolar ©7,85 Da ry, with sacks ©7.(0 Dairy, without jacks «... ©SXO yoiszen—Turk> Island, f> sack * Groond Alam. 9 sacs ajfe23.lo SEED?*—, 91.132 osGraMfleed? SJ.bS 1 aefloz. Shipped, U,.iß aa Grass Heed. Tm ormr S**i>—Very anil, ana icaiSc lower. Sties to day were»-H3 bags prime in lots at ft ?5; 12 Once at *5,10; 50 bacs 5t1205; fb bags at SS.CO- 83 bags (badly 10 pass dlrtv at 3150. Flax Aexd— Id limited tnpnly. ana lira at 13. 0. 6TJG A ft—The farther decline to sold has again un settled the trarstt. and at the decline noted yester day trices of raw and refined Sugar are weak, with a downward tendcncyX Market in fair supply, bat pur chases traim!!, and only Intended for present wants, \7cqcota; C-ba 73 &SH Porte Hlt o - A A Portland/. Moiuiea ‘Xi e*3 . N Y.iefls«o.powaeredaml*T&atimec...*.WK4K:o' , 'v VMM A...- .. 23H53 Circle A JS^Y a wnua b. FrtraC., Tallow C .13 ■STCfIFs AJIO niOLASBK-H—Thomarket haa been very qntet, aid with. ma eesenl inactivity of the dniins the day. prlcej have been scarcely *a Hid, be; there Has been bo quotab.e chance. We quote: N.T.errnpa. n,coaL4£i CnbaJHissees IXU3UC Sew Orleans Lisa-A-■ PhHsdelßhisltcnHlTe ... ... UttaUl SAIoKKATHS-Ia moderate supply and Arm at present quotaiions.., Wc quote: Babbitt’s pure - .UKOII sf« do beet...... c D« Land's pure~.. JOhAU c do healthy.Hk©MMc do • chemical. Ukai2yc. T*A—Market TaijNqulet, and In fair supply. The farther diclite !n com isiweakcned the lone ol tee market, although no reduction cd previous quota. Itrna Ban been made. We quote; interior to common, ft *»US 91.43 do •aupertortollne, • & Xso ©1 do extratochoice. V a.,....L55 anj Imperial, superior to fine, ft ©i<k • do extrata choice.? a ©ill .Senpordar.iopenortoflne,a a IX9 a^ta do extra to choice, ? a ajo ©l*6 Japan-, natural leaf, fine to ex. flee, ? a,us ©iso ■ ,5? ,„ <*°, finest to choice, ? »ixn ©uj; Belong, inferior to fine, ? a......,.,,,,..1X3 ©lao do extra to choice, 9 a ’.IS ©l.7a Bccuhoses, 9* a gj’Jr } V ~ e l TB5 • ' 3lo *M«k« active wiihaamivl and Inadequate supply. Prenoui quo- Utlom*uncharged. Weqa'jte* rm-eCliyPacken * .....18W919. Country .. ....17 uiix TOBACCO—Uerket Quiet and.tmchxnced. We quote: ixtr* err Cuzwnre Tquacco— c Choice foeai.» / Medium ixt< Common. . BC©Wt axomto Toiucco— Choice Medina-, Common, 5terna........... w ® ftre Tobacco- • a , u,... Natual Leal. - •'lSfiti Batf-Srlzlit-tV. i*»v SS, S Choice Sick, 50und.....»••• £S?m, , Median, guaranteed " -VIKE^R-In»tr’ ** preߣnt cuotaCars. We quote: —’ • 1 - Fmo Cider Vinegar,* •g^TC PcreMtat do* do "Sagjfc tVPIII -prr.rivfd 7attl Pa. Shipped 76335. Mir* little dlfpoeWoo on the part of quotations unchanged. We quote; _ „ M Fine Lieht Fleece. 9 r? “ 'Medium »Wefc* * w SSS£tS'*>ulK.V»" V.V.V.V.V.V.T.'turJuj \vnoS-Tli>iiD«itetii 1 lim tctlT,. ud In better .^ V n!, U are net 16 firm, and on Beach we rote cl cotd on pratlotu rates, KiS? aVort. a tbs J»rd. »ld«-DellTcied a< CIXI 5kvTM.-°Si. da do 11M do lit: aicjpKcSiia do OM do uxt LIST rPORT Of CHICAGO. ARRIVED .........Sept. 17. Rt#»mtr Comet. Klrtland, Manitowoc, cucdrlss. . S-« »m»r iliUansi o. Trow fell. Grand Btrer, sundrias, Pron Bnc.Jones.Larrls.sundJits . * „ Pico cftyofßoton. McHenry. Ogdenthorgh, 2,L3 bbls fltnr and »u-cr\e*l . Erie 3l«chatic, Collies, Bay City, ISim lumber, Bile Commerce, Dick, “av Clty.TWm lumber. . Bur Table Rock. DargCk, Ocont, ITOo m lumber Bchr SeaGew, Hill, Man.«jwoc.»l COM* wood. SchrfVa Gull, Albrecht, PierNewtcn,6l cords wo;d. ScbrVeimsnt,ilcKea. frown’s Pier. M cords wood. Sebr Moseraon, &lcKea. Bruwo’i Pier. 6e cords WOOd. Star Blue Dell, neck?r, Wolf lUrer, SJXO posts.. Icbr Odin, Imniltr,Mc»k'gcn, ifO mlnaiber. Bihrllellroland, Buxk.syjmshtnkles, *■ BchrMjrtie,Woolnoush,Oconto, ITS stlomnsraad Scbr At«iic».*nandeancr, Grand River,7s m lumber and 20 m lath. Bchr Ashtabula Hammer, Grand Haven,lo at lumber Bchr Cnte,Loojr;'Jleectaoafe, 14 a lumber,:* a U<li fichr traveler. Hollister. South Harra T9 edevwot. bcbr Boeaa Vi»t«,Llnaov,sj*nt»»*e, uum lumber. Ectr 1 1 irteiman, Cornell. Graaa n»rea. 1U m lumber. BcbrG. Ksibrr.El’br. Mssksns. 3j a lumber. If* nrbiorler* BcarO PumniitOß,F!nch,Mtiske£oo, lOOmlomber, wier*. Bcbr J 8 W'llaek. Ltwresce, sseboytaa, 93 eh* Mn»teeca. 37alumlwr. Sclir J-pet Dfesdro. wufcuuoa. Gum stue.W . n tamper sccde.wo'd. . Belt Adlrvadac,Ofmia. 8»f tnlu'-ber. biow sta>s-go.uPOo lqnb?f. Stvw O'.C.Botrs.Buck'ey-Arer* Bu««,*3 cdsVOOd. Ilcop Tn»J, _Batiia», toafiitowoc,» cce wood. CLEAKED...... deot. 17,1911. Stmt Comet. KlrxUso.'Ma: ttrwrc, w;jW«« Pro* Kmpit*state.Pheats, Bnflalo.Si^C*b«corn aaa Prop *tilbb*rd. Buffalo, \® 5*5 bs ce'i. IWI b” rye. I-**®! hi|* flror. Prop Galec*. P*tay, tmffel.% 1V« bu wtieat, B»brb Picp liaVu Spreaae; BarsU. U.4BS ba wheat, m brf,flour. ' Prrp.OtU.a-coB, TomtlD* Sarart, brie fl#v, ec.o i-ißoii's? . . » Prep Antelope, Itatllu, SsntU, !3,7to6rfJ floor lad »a diW. ' Berk Sq< rt*r. n«U, Boffelo, ICZ&3 bu oeft. B-rk-It-G tticslop, S»i Jirao Hnffaio, TS.CMba Oita, «-tk ellci.Ktf », Boffe!'*. 19, ?s du Br st ourer . Ei»elf. UuffaT.l* bn eora. B 1c Mechanic, Colhnt. Buffalo, li. 0. bu o-'ta hm» 7oqdk Am»rlrv, Don amoo, 1 ua vb«9l. "vei? l HnfWo.J»JOO bacorn. SchV O B-ivw*. Rons--: t »aff*io. \9,W bmcorm. Scf.r Comtcan. FauikCH-.*»uffii o. e Co< oa .«. § c & r Van Ef.n, ha wheat, g®’**' O-iffvo. 165 baeora« Srbr Blrel, Holt Fp,sieun*. jj «<i k-. , .(< eC \ t . , b“.?S CUl °”' h - M0UD ”B“. HH..JCOS. *.TO Scbt J*ae MABI>E NEWS. SPBUSO Alx%«.—The *cbo*«Ber of fu«wa_ lat«’,i*atß wub a al. bound tor Mt?qatu B JwLT p»ftuu <bo »vutk a rex-t m t& u i«mt ni? end to prcTeot eln’lar we* ran ontniv««n gvi wtsefirreazde pumped out, tokeote beSauikeae unloiCed’ TJ. S 7-30 MAN. Ibo s«r«t»ry of tbe Treascry frttoi toMea tbal ■abtcrlpiions will ba recolTCd for Cuaseo Treasury Kotfß.psTabla ibreo jesrs frotc lu. Utb, ism 9itb s»ml annas! interest at Usnte«( tad threaten tbs per cent p«r snaaa—prtactpsUaadta* tercet both to be paid lalawfai mooay. Tbesencte* will be conrembla at tbe oetloo of thi bolder at Bstailty, isto ‘»tx per coot.sail besp. tnic bonds, paysble not lest than fits nor m* ratbs» twenty years from tbur data, a» tie Bo*ennaa4 may elect. They will be Usaae tn~decoialnsticn» oi 150, HOC, CM. fI.DCO rad tSfiW* «d ftU SOtMCrlptQDf jnsstbe for fifty dollars or acme noiuole of ftfig dollars. - _ . Aitbo note* draw mtrrest from AazaatlS,pecrew mpSlng deposits subsequent to tbst dsio wait paj Use interest seemed rrpes data efaote to data oi posit. Parties depositing trenty-fiy# .thoiwad dtiCm and upwards for these notes at a»y dm line win bt allotted a of oceqstrter ofoha pat *M<t Special idvanfagss cfthli Los*. It zs a Fatio an. Samoa Bajtx,_offartng • higher rata of mceres- than any other. aad tttu nag Bscus:tt. Any HTlijnCcas which w« IS depot* Ron Id IT. 9. Fetes, considers that (Tit paring ta the hert cucnlatirg medium ot tb* country,audit oasxorpayln anything b ttcr, f* in o*a aueta are either m QovTTma:nt semuttiet or m soiaa or bonds payable is Government paper. CosrcrtiWe lato a Six per cent. 5*30 Qoldllond. Inaddltlcn to the Terr liberal taterwt oa thesole* tor three ye*rr, this TJnvtWfe of contortion is aoiv worth about three per etui, per aaaam, for the iu. rent rats lor 528 Bonos i*.not leu thaa liai rw* ossT.ravunnc ard before tae war the premlam oa ex percent. U. 8. stoouvM orer twenty per oust. It will boueen that the actaal pre lit loan, el tee present market rata, is not leu than tea pdrsaeL per annum. It 3 Kienpt!«h from State or llaiUclpsl Tis« at’oa. But aside from aH the adrsnUgea va bar* seraUtf, a special Act of Coagress usurti bouhs Aits Tbsasukt kotbs pack noosZi Ttojr. On the averrae, this oxeapUsa la Tonk about two percent, per anqua, areordieg t» am rat* of taxation Is Tartans parts of the- country. * ItlxheUeyed that no locrulUat offer ta trots la< daces enu to lenders ax those isned bj the Qorora sent, la ail other forma of Indsotedsexs, the tilth or ability efertvata partie* or xtoelc eoxapaeies,or •erante cotes unltlei, only, lx pleaded for oaiaat* whOo the whole property cf the country I« helAto ■xeenre the dlxcharsa of aIL_tSo ofclUaaoaaof thx United Ditto. SunecniPTrosx -coll sn sscsim by the Tm*> . •nret Washington, the teysrxi Assistant Treatorers and decimated IXiiwaitazlex, andbj tta FIRST BATIQMAL BANK OF Hist Sitlonal Sink of St,Xosls, Ho. SeecnilHiUonsl Bant of St loots, So, Third Sotioial Bait of St Loots, Bt.« ?ociUt Rational Enk of St. lonia, 31*. And fcy all s*’lonal Bsala -vblcb ara dapoaKarla* CS pnblicmoi»ej,ana ALL RESPECTABLE BANKS AND BANKERS threngbont the country wJI Kira farther mtozaa* ttenasd- APFCBD EVEHY YaCILITT TO SDBaCRIBSia. I«SqSSI2Kd*W- JJEAD AHD BEFL3CI IS hu bees from time immemorial the objeai •> philanthropists to And some remedy for the UU 6 life, and scientific atm baa for ages explored ereif avenue in order to discover the bidder secret Ik h&i been, however, reserved tor modem science to bites before the world the great destroyer of disease* and la ■ _ HfIOFUND’S GiIIMBITTEIS are concentrated an chose vlrtnai which tend to pzt« mote healthy and vigorous liM. Fnlike the generals* of Bitten, they are NOT AS ALCOHOLIC 103* -TUBS, bnt • a Pine ig Tome, Saajosti entirely of Vegetal!, SslitiMM. SOSiTIVS CTTRS FOa dyspepsia AND DISZABSS BBSCLTINa FROM Disorders of tbo Liver and Digestive Organs, AND WEAKENED AND DEBILITATED FBAXZ3 BSCOMS RENEWED WITH AT.I. rsvi YI6OS 07 HEALTH, B7 A FSSS' U3B OP THEM. BTBememper, that this Bitten Is not an alco&dS9 mixture, a barroom drink, or a subetltntc tor ra, and cannot tnsldlcvuly IcAccdoce the vice of drcxtß ness into your families^ Do yon mat maetMng to Strasgibsa Teal Do yenwaata Good Appetite? , Do yonmmt to Build no von; Conititnttal - Do yon mat to Sul Went Do yen wtat to get rid of Servonraeul Do yon t Do yon want td Sleep Weil T Doyonviattlßnfllc&adTzffnranejseijacT . 12IOU do, cm HOOFLANDU nnsui« BUTZSS* OfcMTrc tfca loQowtsir *ymptcisi, reroMaz trset ilaoriam of lit XJiicmre comae** • Bon, toward Pt*o»» VtxQsesa or Blood to too Esad. Acidity of toofltoiaaelT, Hwaca, Heartburn, DlwnilJor food. Utoaiaa op W«gntsitoisSttmiac&raow Breathing, Fluttering at tee Heart, «*»». Ptrtr u. doB piJa l*u, o HMd.lJSiStfc C 7 ot Perspiration. Yellownesn of thm aim* udi Byes, Pain to toe Side. Back, cbenT-" Itoiba, &c.. Sudden Flushci Seat, Bnmlaj to toe Flea*. Coda tint Imarinlaat of Bril, and iSaS* Dopreaaloa of • *• ~ Spirit*, .ar*«.s' .an®??. TSCM THS EON. THOMAS 3. IXOSSfCS. ySOM THS FOST. THOMAS B. JXORE&Ci FROM" THE HOB. THOMAS B. FLOHZBUB. _ WASHiSQTOT. Jkn. lit, 1881, OmTLHaza: Bavin* it verbally to you, Z hare ac hesitation In' writing the lace that l w» Meaeed marked beneas Crain jour JlooiJaaak Oeraac Bitten. During a leer and tedious oeuloa of Cos* grew, nresehur and cnerom da-lea nearly prostrated me. * ftnd friend lapteated the use of the prepare* tten I harts named. J took hi* sdvlee, ui] the retail ,wai Improvement cfbealih, renewed energy, andJbal ponJcnJar relief IJw much.. needed, and ottatn*d» Otiienr*7 beelralUH7*^7aatajedlf theydeMxs Ttf 1«J T~ B . ?XiO£SHG& _ TBOH TEB HOX. JACUBBR^fci. GkSTtksciw: to reply to year inquiry ae to tM eject produced by Hoouand’a fciemiaa Biller 5, la «s fium]j.lbaT«BCowiiaUonlnM;i3x that It hue teZ2 highly Wneidal. In ono cate, a core cf dyroepeta at thstees yean*standing,tadwhich had becomererw autntaing, the on or cka bottle grave decided redet the second efsctliiga cure, aod tUs secS», ba» conflraed tbe care, for there bat been no nS tome of It* return far Uw latt tin yean. In my abl* Tidnrt use of it, I find It to be an unequalled ind toccrely u»are to the Txnly years. JACOB B£OOM, 1773 SprncO’SL mJPL* snowing well known reverend gentlemen hap* m , WTiii Hk tie Rf art bcnedti thay hova sfSS*Sli72 Bl » llj# . “* 01 Biwcra. Such toaß> ,n ifii ß i?i* C e U xV ,Iy w c< i n ' ?lEC « t!ie moot skeptical: - d vS&ti** 1 V-* B , Cf tiie Baptist CbuKh. •t&.KiSS' 1, “ T, "“ a ‘ =•*»- Bov. Thoms* winter, Pastor of Bckboroaeb Church. Pcmaylraal*. - - ■ Rev. J.B.Hermoa,cf ths Gcmon Keforaisd Churak. Rutstowa, Derm county, Pa. “** Ear. J. M. Lyon* formerlyjPsitcr of the Coltuan*, ■ 27. J., and Milertcwu.; Baptist Cburccea. . .Rev. J.ffewtoa Jfr-wn.D. D„ Editor ol the clcpedls or Religions Knowledge and Chn«t} ff n chJJrC t«fe, Phlladelptia. Ber. J. H. Turner, Paster of. Bedding M. X. Chunk. Philadelphia. _ KeT.Joaephß.Xsaaartf.Paitorof the Tenth a=*-~ tlrt Church. Phllademtsla. Her. Warren Randolph, Putor of Baptist Chursk. Germartown. w , - Kev. Wn, Smith, feracrly Pastor of thoTtncentOWß and MiHtluc.N. Bap tlrt Churches. Bor. Law; a:\ee w. Bates. Klitor Methodist rrntwn on i, Baltimore. Md. “ We could add many others to this Usk did apssa permit. PRINCIPAL OFFICB AITD MAHITFACIOSy. tJS I . Arch Street^ JONES ac EVANS. (Successors to C, M. JACESO9 a coo PBOPRI3TOSS, For by dnkzbts tad dealen la mu tennis the United States. , . _ S. Bv—Wa hare discontinued tta aaauaetara of Ha. mall or KTtstj'dvc cent, size, the dollar bottle, ob account of its sUe, bemc much the cheeper to iB centumer. See that '• Price One DoUar**lj oa wTaoper or each bctile. wnpp LORD * SMITH, General Weaken Aram

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