Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 19, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 19, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago Cribnnc. MONUAI, BEPTEMBKE 19.1S8«. THE CITY. PanaoKAu-Wamm Lei and, the well-known proprietor of the Now Turk Metropolitan Hotel, la stopping at the Sherman. Natai, lUcnrirs.—On Friday evening. CapL John D. Harty left the city lor Cairo with 125 re cruit* for the naval service. Pocket Picking.— On Saturday afternoon,* Mr*. Cooke, of Detroit, tari Mr poc.el picked of *ls. I>l eome mlaumi icouodrel. wkfle etoidliis In the AocroEKT —A mao named Samnd D. Carpenter, boar. Inc at the Union Hotel, joalerdaj felt through a defective sidewalk on Market street sear the gas works, and had a leg broken. He waa taken to his liot*-l and properly cared for. HI? IrtoDda reside at Eaton Baplda, Wisconsin. Aocioekt —On Saturday morning a young man gamed Peter, whose surname our reporter Was enable to learn, had bis band severely crushed by petting it under tbo rollers of a bread making machine at Kendall's ftrem batery, on the corner of State street and Eidridge Court, where Ur w*» employed. The Injured member was dre«*ed by Dr. Collins, and the snlfeter Is now doing well. Tut Late Miss Hadlet.—Owing to the indie position In New York of tbe surviving slater the late lamented Miss Mari* Aornsta Hadley, the remains will tint arrive tn Chicago tor tome days. For the information of members of batteries A and 11, ana other%iccd*. Intending to be present at the funeral, fine notice will be given. Riven Acar»EfT.~The brig " Bonermoon" was run into yesterday hy the schooner ".Geo Taylor" of Buffalo. The " Taylor" was bring towed out bravily laden. whonwhc parted her tiller rope and ran beanlv Into the brig-which was lying at her dock. The dama, eto {the latter te cot tar from FTOO Dr, Hioojws Ac.aik —Dr. A, J. Higgins, defend ant in the Btgcius-T’etric rase, recently reported in the TRt®rM4, was on Saturday arrested, charged wl -k theft. The case prowa out of the possession of some poods which be al’eges were left m hie care bi Mrs. Pcirio. He war fak«i-hefore justice Brown, and held to bail tn the sum of S-VX), The case comes cp for trial on Tuesday next. ScxrmrTS Bnoxxnf.—Thif nuisance has not yet been abated, especially those whose principal business tr running men out of the Sure, to be credited to New York and tlsowfcers. Two of these fellows srcrc ezrofted yceteroay, for violat ing the recent order of Governor Yates, and we hone that snch an example and sow be made as will deter the others from persevering in the ban ners. AEonim Stkaw.—On Wednesday lad another railroad rote was taken on the choice lor next i*restdert. This lime the test was taken on the Dubuque Bailrosd. and as expected only corrobo rated preiims experiment*. It stood—for Llk eoln.73; for McClellan, fi. On Saturday a rote was taken on the North, wrslan train manioc into Chicago with the fol lowing retails: for Lincoln, 40; for Little Mac, 7, New Castrates Soso —The popular music pub. listing house of 11. M. Higgins, No. 117 Eandolph etn.i t, has Just issued a stirring piece of music en* titled ** Campaign Bone for A. Lincoln,” As a campaign solc it will not be the least effective, and intrinsically considered. It Is ** worthy of all acceptation.” Bee advertisement in another col- Two Hoax Lmm. Suits,—We are informed tint Dr. A. J. Higgins hu instituted, or la about to instiiutcT suit# for libel against the Turns and the ground of action be*ng contained In cer tain articled appearing in each of those papers on the fracas which occurred a few evenings aihce in the Doctor's office between him and Henry Petrie. We believe the Tbibuse Is " exempt" trom the charge. ; BoUßEirr.—Thomas UTDer appeared at the Po lice Court on Saturday, charging a lad named James Moran, about fourteen years of age, with having robbed him of a watch and $330 in cash. The offense was committed at a disreputable house on Quincy street. Be was asleep at the titneof the occurrence. The bo> admltud toe theft of the watch, but denied the taklre of the money. He was sent to Cummi?eumcr Williams. Hc»td!o.-A' party of gentlemen, wgiong whom art Cspu H&lcrow, of England, Master of the Liv erpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company's “ City o! Manchester," Dr. Coates, of Dublin. and E.T. Christianson, E«q M ofNewYork, arc at present in this city, tn ionic for the Western prairies, to enjoy the pleasures of the fall banting. The gentlemen are tne guests ol A. 11. Blackau, E:q M our respected fellow citizen. Attempted Bobbcut.— At a late hour onj’hura. day night Mr. W. Miller, residing at No. 189 Jade eon street, was awakened by a noise in the house, and on rising to ascertain the cause be waa met in the front room oy two men who were attempting to make thoir exit with a large quantity of plunder • consisting principally of wearing apparel, which they bad collected about the bouse. Mr. Miller raised the alarm ard the intruaers threw down their burdens and Bed. Assistance soon arrived and they were followed but not caught. Bobeebt. —Mrs. Card well, residing on tbe cor nor of Madison and Market streets, yesterday gave information to tbc police that a valuable gold watch, and a t>Qk dress valued at $l6O. had been stolen from her house. She suspected a woman named Eliza Carpenter, and gave the officers her Tbe matter was placed In charge of. officers Webb and Eeuny, who yes'erday arrested the woman on Randolph street, uni recovered the property. Tbo watch she had pawned at a drug Store on Clark street, and tbe dress bad been sold at a grocery store In tbe West Division. Sue-was locked up lor a farther hearing, Tajujtt Esctbmok op the Ftkuv Bbotoeb ijood.—Four battalion? or the Fenian Brother, hood, coder Major Sc onion, will bold their anneal target ihootiog match next Tuesday, at Winetka prove. The uniform of the Fcnnm regiment will consist of green shirt, block pants—tally armed and equipped. It was intended to confine the ex-' curtion to tbe members state, bat the many warm friends of the Fenians Insisted on being allowed to participate. A limited number of tickets will be disposed of. and can be bad from tbe members and at tbe bat]. Can will leare the Milwaukee depot at V <£clock a. m. Teachee3* N iNsrirmt—DißTiNcriflnED Ar.rj rat.—On Saturday tbe regular monthly session of the Chicago Teachers’ Institute was held at the High School. Baring the morning, J. L. Pickard, Esq., the Incoming Superintendent of Public Scboo's for this city, was introduced, and made a lew practical remarks on the" duties ana labors ot teachers. He was followed by Professor Goldwyn Smith, of Oxford University, England. This jjen tletnan adcreseed the meeting for a few moments, in eloquent-terms. Profes-or Goldwyn Smith is one of England's ablest scholars, and one of tbe strongest advocates of tbe cau-e of tbe Union, that it possesses In Europe. Professor Smith will re* main in Illinois about one weez. Only Of* Dot ur tub Txan.—^The Northwest cm Sanitary Commission is inaugurating tbe La bor, Income and Revenue ►ysiem, which asks every individual to give tbe proceeds of one day’s labor one day's profits, or one day's income, to tbe treas! nry of the Commission, thus enabling it to carry outiU benevolent and patriotic echemea. Wo trust tbe beads of every class of business, and every individual, will reflect upon this matter, and be prepared tc do what they conscientiously be lieve to he lb dr duty. Tbe Commission is confi ocut that all loyal citizens will wittingly devote one day of the year fur the benefit of«ick and wounded aoidleis. Thus far the plan meets with general approval, and liberal subecriptl %>n«. bend forward your contributions tcN. W. Sanitary Commission Rooms,‘No. 66 Madteon street. W:bikt*B Wood Sputteh.—Wlblrt's “wood epUlter," the mechanical multum in parto still pursues the even tenor of its way at the wood yard oa the comer of Madison and Canal streets, splitting its two cords of stove wood perhour. No matter how Low uneven orfcnotty the wood may be, like a giant the patent acme and obtnse wedge wulka through It. as easily as s stone foils to the bottom of a mill pond. It is a complete piece of mechanism, simple In construction, easily worked, and is a positive necessity to every man owning a wood yard, or using large quantities of this kind of fneL It is emplmutauiy the twin brother of the power saw, and the two, by a simple adjustment of belt and pally, can be worked by the same motive power. The machine ie still on ex hibition at tbe yard ibciitton*“d above, and may be seen there at any tune during tbe day. / Pnor. Louis Stxas, Piokist.—'The numerous friends and patrons of Prof. Staab will be pleased to learn that be has recently dinged his residence and instruction rooms to ths- commodious apart ments at No. 3 EiJcht's Block, Harrison street, between Third and Fourth avenues, where be wit] be most happy to welcome his old friends and pupils, and uu others who may doalre Inetmctiou on tbe piano. Terms per quarter, or twenty-four lessons, fifty dollars. Ita&titcaß hoars from 2to 4, p- m. We confess toa feeling of just pride, as a dty, in the possession of &n artist of superior order of talent, such as Prof. Smab, comonheading the professional acholar with the polished gentleman, and thorough master of his art.. A leisure hour can always be agreeably and pro fitably passed In hie studio, while to heir his magic touch upon his superb Enabajioncurt piano Is well worth a “pilgrimage to Mecca." W«cheer fully recommend the Froiessor and bis valuable services to the music lovers of our lair City ot the Lakes. rmarariTiox.—On Saturday Jer. nine. Captain JobHKelMin.ol theFlnt Precinct Police, wuln- TitedtOTlßlttbe Brise« Hon-e. He found there ■ mot putty oi large hearted frlenla, rto. In the fullneea of their rerpeet for him, pteeented him, throng C. H Eced, E»q., with u very inUrc* Inc te«lmonUl|ol their reapoct; it ™ SS beating a.e-twemyhone, lorflvchundred dohara. n moet appropdale ptc«nt in vie. of tne mSSf low pay of the police force Hr. Eecd remaned that the recipient h.d now al motive—if any were needed—for wlahtn* tooths Union canoe; li that tailed, the eife Woald be worthless. Captain Kelsou happily rc«Dondes after which the party adjonroed w an aSjoitlup parlor, where a few other good tblnga were in Wilting. Wcare suns that we echo the sunUmenu of every one who knows Captain Ncluon, in uvine. that the bond was most worthily bestowed;* the oUUraiion thos.lmpoeed on turn to keep tne peace —among the people of Chicago -may not Save bacn needed os a epnr to exertion, but it is a fit ting, and we doubt not a grateful, testimonial, an evidence that his services arc in some degree ap preciated. Police iIATTEBs.—Tbo attendance at the -Ar mory on Saturday wae large, but the offenses were slight, scarcely averaging above the level of a “drank.” John A. Wjlli, a trailer from Rochester, N. Y, % wm charged with IndaleliiE. in a spree. It had coat him s’oo, he paid, aid that be thought was enough, milnut any lurtber punishment. Redid sot want fait came in the paper*, and, with a vJ . lalnous gesture, threatened to *• tLIn tip' reporter who did !L” , Wm. n. Stone, for refusing to comply with an order to place his rldcwala in repair, was fined /pdyfw Nelson, a Scandinavian from Jefferson township, was charged with cruckeunes*. He " bad left hie or team Btar.dlne In the street to be looked alter by the police while he visited the no lorionc Plant cstaD : lennx , 'Bt. When conscious* iSf ?rfWMd be was lying in the uwdast at the a bat, cost, and SI7.M in monev. He was fined 'or the theft 7S.rt“t SIOOO. from the rlore.No . ?19 South Clark etreet. She was oheerreu to put thecoorS" under her doth. It was protoo upon sbe elimination that the waa InUirlcated, and had been induced to the act bj her husband. She *“o^>ftoe INSry. 1 NSry. the keeper of nMtoriou. den SSSSfiSgg Uhl sum of moncj whlchL'MlewMowlokha-. The case was comproimsed by the deUrery of the jrank and a withdrawal of the action. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Ecport* #f Committee* —Taxation—Soldiers’ Families— Bounties—Consolidation of Const; Into On* Draft District The Brokers Looked Tp. • ■ Pursuant to adjournment, the Boardot Supervis or ol Cook codhty m*t* on -Saturday morning, at ten o'clock, the President, J. M. Allen,' in the Chair. The lollowizg' members answered thdr names: Supervisor* Allen, Brown T. B. Cool, 47ffnTO«rif, chandler, Dalton, Be Wolf, Ed brook, Far well, Gormley, II aloes, Hopkins, Danas, Irwin, Johnson, James, Kingsley, Uynck, Niles, Oiendorff, Pancker, Plnney, Partook, Bees, Robinson, Scbicrdlog, Strong, Sulahaas, Sksck* fsrd, Tsylor, Wan.. Tbo Clerk read the minutes ot the previous day’s proceedings, which, on motion, were adopted. Supervisor Kingsley, irom the Committee on. EquaHcatlcn of Taxes, reported favorably on the Charles Drandortt, asking for a rciond ingot taxes. -Adopted. : onpcrvlfor Haines, from (bo Committee on Jq. dietary, reported adversely on the petition ol Isaac Grccntcldcr, pricing for a donation of • pteco of ground on which to erect a Jewish hospital. Adopted. m A claim of Israel Holler against rihe County (or out-door ivllvf to tbo amount of $40.07, was or* dered to be paid. Super* Ivor om the Committed ot Judl ciarv. asked for further time to consider Ibcclatm of B. N. White & Co. Bupcnlfor.Tohnsor.ol the Special Committee appointed to tenter with Provost Marshal James, I repotted that they had conferred with that gentle* j man, who told them he had power to arrest any* person *n If ting men for other States. He has ar rested quite a number already, and Is doing all he can to ferret out these men. The Commutes recommended that an appropri ation of ote or- two hundred dollars be made to ferret out these itfividutls who arc running out men for oiher States. On motion me report was referred to the War Fend Committee, with power to act. | Supervisor Niles, from lbs Committee on Fl ; naucerrceorriTnobdto the assessment of a five mill trx'on all tbe taxable properly In Cook county, to pav the expense ol equipping volunteers, and the proceeds rtoll bcused lor the ptvmenlot county orders Is sued tn payment oi volunteers. Also a special tax of four mi 1-on the dollar, tbe Grocecds to b« used in liquidation of county orders -i ued to pay volunteer*, which the five mul tax ia inpuffleient ro pay. Also a tax ot five miffs as a rccn'ar county tax, v tW money to be tired for such general purposes as authorized by law. Tbe following estimate was submitted: ASSEFtVBYT OF Ifdt Koftlnlttc ISfi KMlrosd, ISCB Tot ill * **,629,668 Flrt Gill tsx Lcm Principal on bonds doc May 1 $10,003 Interest on £53,0 0 R,SUO ** ** $150,000 «,OM Poor-House 77.UK) Elections S,TCX) Sheriffs .. W.ftM Appropriations, Ac....; ' 33,000 Six months' interest on $500,000 at B per cent 20,000 Deficiency last year . x , 13.U00 Outstanding war ordets Aisannrat Nine mill tax DcUncntncics 17,666 • The report was received and adopted. bnpeniaor Niles offered the following, -which, cn motion, was adopted: Whereas, In the opinion of those who hare In* festival* d the matter, no tax can legally be levied in the tax of IHH to create a fond lor tne support of famines of_Tolcntcers; therefore be it i(soited y That this Board do hereby appropriate the sum ol iwtnty thousand dollars for esia pur pose, end that tne clerk of thU Board be requested to draw orders on the connty Treasurer, parable out of monies hercaiter to oe provided tor that purpose, in a sum not exceeding said twenty thou sand dollars, and at such time and in sneu soma os theprvMßf war fund committee may think best, in oroer to accomplish the object herein sought; and be it further L'SCUved, That said orders may draw interest not exceeding ten per cent per-admun from the time ol issuing the orders until it shall be adver tised that the connty is read* to redeoin the same. The Finance Committee certified to the correct ness of the report of the county Treasurer, which on motion was adopted. Supervisor Haines' resolution laid over the pre vious day, was called up and refereed to a commit tee to report thercen at next session. The chair appointed the following committee: Supervisors Strung, Chandler, and Dalton. On motion of Supervisor Bussell, an appropria tion ol S2LO was ordered to pay Supervisor Quinn for conducting the prosecution 01 the Dr.. Dean case. Supervisor Dalton submitted the per diem which was ordtrtd to be paid. Supervisor Bussell submitted the following tel egraphic correspondence between Washington and bpricufleld, and the Board ot Supervisors, relative to the draft. Chicago, Sept. IS, ISG4. Provost General Fry, „ . . Washington, D. C C^Vconift* 0 !!!? 1 ® oan * °f Supervisors of Wc are Instructed to petition you in the name of the Board, that no sab-districts be made in this county for the purpose of the draft, but that the county be treated as one district. We are raising bounties by a general county tax In' Order to fill our quota. Ihe system of sub-districts will be atteudedwlth much hardship in many or our towns and wards, as it will operate very unequally and nojoetly. We respectfully request an immediate answer by telegraph. (Signed) S. J. Bussell, J. B. Chaxdler, CommiitccT •WAsnraoTojf, Sept. 18. 8. J.Bussell and) C. B. Chancier, f Com * I have telegraphed Col. Oakes that he can con solidate the sun-districts of Cook Connty for the purpose ol £ralt, it he thinks best. No men or time to lie. lost in the operation. (Signed) J. B. Fkt. Pros. War. GecL Chicago, Sept. 20,25G1. Col. Oakes, Provost Marshal. Springfield: Provost Mirsbal General Fry telegraphed me a* a Chairman of a Board of Supervisors, that you are authorized to consolidate me sub-dlttricta or Coos connty. The Board respectfully ask an immediate order to that tiled, and direct Copt. James to credit at large, and to treat the connty as one district In case of a draft. Will yon please telegraph an imme diate answer; before is o'clock, if possible. S. J. Bussell, Chairman Committee. Chicago, Sept. 16,185 L Qcr. Bicbard Yates, Springfield; On the part of the Supervisors, and the Citizens' Enrollment Committee of Cook county,"lthe re ' spectfully requested that a mi liary order be issued suspending the operations ol all substitute brokers (until our quota is filled.) as the operations of such* brokers evadd the Governor's proclamation, and violates the law of Conaress on toe subject. Men are being continually taken away from numbers to "other States and counties. (SigccdJ Chas. Waixek, Chairman of Enrollment S. J. Rctpseix, Chairman Supervisors' Committee. Supervisor Bees moved to retciucT the vote takes on the iSth Inst, not to pay substitutes. Laid on the table. Teas 21; nays 20. * The case ol the 18 volunteers ruing the county for their bounty, was colled up and referred to tbe Judiciary Committee, with power to acL On motion of Supervisor T. B. Brown, a vote of thanks was tendered to the President, J. M. Allen, lor tbe impartial and satisfactory manner in which be has conducted tbe duties of hie office. On motion of Supervisor FarwelL tbe Special Committee was empowered to petition tbe Legis lature in behalf of this Board for the passage of a law authorizing the issningof bonds to be sold or used in taking up the bounty certificates ls*ucd by virtue of orders of this Board, passed tbe present month. • Tbe Chair then thanked tbe members of tbe Board lor tbe consideration shown him, after which, cn motion, tbe Board adjourned until the first Monday in December. BOARD OF EDUCATION. Special ItTcetlnc—Election of Classical Instructor—Africans tntno ScliooU—Warming. - A f pedal meeting ofthellosrd of Education was held on Saturday afternoon in the rooms of the Board; tbe President, L. B. Taft, in the chair. The Inspectors present were Carpenter, Newberry, Shoahan, BydoC Wicker, Prlndlvllle,* Waller, Onaban, and Forsythe. The President stated that tbe object of the meet* ing was*to act upon the resignation of Mr. George C. Claike of the position he had held in the high school for six years pvtt a? teacher of the dssaics. The resignation of Mra. Clark was read and accepted. Tbe President announced that the next thing in order would be tbe report ot the Committee on Examination of Teachers. The committee, reported through Dr. Byd*r Ihkl six had betn examined, viz: Ashnr B Evans. Edward G. Cot, Jr„ Albert S. Wails, Olof Ben son, and Carol Oaytes, and recommended that cer tificates be granted to them by the Board. Report accepted and certificates granted. ‘ - Tbe Board then pro reeded to the election of a teacher to supply the phee of Mr. Clark. Carol Gsytes was elected on tbe first ballot, and was then declaim unanimously elected. The following resignations were presented and accepted: AnnieM. Lawton,-of Franklinbchool: Mistes Kate Loifega* too Lizzie 'M. Rtckords. bothof the Kinzle SchooL -uouwninw, The ipllowing were re-admitted to feat? in the Eipb Sdbool: Elis Alexander, Agnes M- Duel, Hat tie A. Cook. Jane Dongal, Maggie Evans, Adelaide Favor, Fiedereka Gunther, Berman Herbct, tiarah M. Horton, George Moser, Helen A. McConnell, Anna Maddv, John T. Mullen, Almira E Olds, flattie E., Mary J. Wild, W. H. Tonne, axidMorehaii Wait, inspector Shcahau offered the following: £eeolnd % That a Committee of three m&mbers be appointed by tbe President, to superintend the location and management ot tbe several night schools authorized by tbe ordnance of tbe Com mon Council. Carried, and the President appoint ed Inspectors Sheehan, WcnlworthandPilndiTiUe as fcuch Committee: Inspector Sheahan offered the following: Ectclced, That the Superintendent be olrccted to inquire and report to this Board, at the next meeting, whether there are any persons of African blood in attendance at any oi the public schools, other than at the colored school; and. if there be any f ndh cast*, that he report the circumstances of tbeir admieeion and of their continuance in said schools. The question drew forth "a little sparring In the m a humorous speech, especially from Mr. Wicker, who detailed the result of hlaobßcr- TS“l'“uS B “X thrceTislte mail " the colored the object of the icbo- IffiSSlrfffSUWSlS u TOe aUciSen to*by Mm mstte r had The Provident bad refused eevcrsl from colored persons to be permitted ufsoS tbJfr children to other than the colored tSS\~ tbeir Inspector'pnah&n said that it eaoiiivfhA duty of the Veiling Committees schools to reian. vanoas Tbe Superintendent Inquired what should bo done in tbe cate ol white children atlendin" the colored scbooL a Inspector Newberry waa wining to vole fmahe resolution, but be thought It was not necessary • the Superintendent was already attending to hi* duty in the matter. ~ Tee resolution was adopted. Inspector Wicker, from tbe Committee on School Apparatus, called attention to the need of soon'putting the beating apparatus in order. Be spoke of tbe difference between that and the ordi nary tlove, which displaced a dozen seats in each room, besides rendering unpleasant some of those remaining. It was preposed to use the Illinois coaL which was the kind wh ch must 'ultimately lie locked to for supply. The appiretas in tbe Fester school was worn oat, and n would cost at least sixteen to seventeen bundled dollars td re place them. - Inopecior Shcahau aeked if lbs dty bad pur chased tbe coal for winter nsc,'as possibly furnaces would not be. required. luFpector Wither said there was plenty of coal down at LaSalle. • A long diecuftlon then ensued as to the relative v&lnes of bard and soft coaL Inspector ftlodlville moved to Isy over tIQ the next meeting, when Mr. Warn should be required to report thereon. Lost, . Hr Wicker had cot examined thoroughly the ftmacca, and did not know whether or not they were available for future use. All tbe Committee n Anted wu poirer to replace If absolutely needed. Tbe permission w*» Planted. The Board then adjourned. LINCOLN AND JOHNSON FOREVER. Ih*ee Cheers fer the fed, jyhlte and floe. On Tuesday morning next, the Old Pioneer Club of the Wide Aliases, will be notified when and -where to appear to organize for the campaign. All members arc expected to be present. As tlready reported In the Tjubumz U if pro posed to revive tbo organization universally known aa Wide Awakes, which created such enthusiasm, and cflccted so much good in the campaign of 1800. A*, the prevent time when the insidious seeds of treason are being sown broadcast throughout the length and breadth of tne land. It U csocciaily nccetsary that loyal Associations ol thlachiracter should be revivified, to aid In crushing tbe macoi nations of tbe vile trailers who would destroy our fair country. Who does nut remember the entnu elsem which ever attended “ Wldu Awake" maul fcstatlons. the magnificent effect of their torch* livbt processions, tbo unique appearance of their oil skin touts, and tbo great utility of their patri otic dclllK-raUons. That bondof two millions of nun whs a power In tbo land which made Democracy tremble on ila throne and hurled its rvpret-pnlauve Into destruction. Abraham Lincoln waa elected by the voice o( tbo loyal electors: bat who ahall •ay that aorh fuetUqUon as these did not add' gtvatly tn hi* strength? Th*y crested enthusiasm at loyal gatherings; they suuporicd the wavering, and luoeatrd tbo falihot those likely to require aselftancc and support. This campaign Is a short one, but It will lie decisive; tbe latdof the country lies In the balance, and ttoepends on the acts o( tbe Bih of November, whether America tba'l con tinue to occupy tbe proud position ol Queen among nations, or shall rink, borne down by the curse of a traitor's rule, and be comiwUed to hide her bead .in dishonor among the i nitons. Loyal men. think ot thif—poorer the Question seriously. Club* may iu tbf m»vlvre be Inrigutficant, but combined tncy conrtttutc a force which makes tyrants and rebels trea blc. Depend upon it, the bomcgntnl that Jolt Davie. McClellan & Co. would like tbe least to see la that of tbo Wide Awakes. Lot them be organized everywhere, In every city, -In every ward. I<ot the well-known costume amt tbe bnlitant torches again form a prominent’ part in our patriotic meetings and success will crown loyal efforts. To succeed tn tbit ro-orcanleation money will be needed, and lu af«w day* onrcln krns will be called upon to contrioute to a fund for tbe purchase ot the necessary equipments. All should respond liberally. Money sdvaneod In patriotic enterprises In avoiding the draft,. pur chafing Government fcrto or raising loyal clubs, will, it tbe prevent Administration be continued tn power, be all repaid witn Interest. 11 the Govern ment elouTd tail in rveloc ion, repudiation of tbe national debt, rccocniilon of the rebels, anarchy, and destruction await n*. Loral men, the VVtuo Awake clubs will keep tbe Republicans aqnarc to tbe point, and tend to attain the success of year Gortrnmem. Will von support them 7 v .ta&jsow* . 8,«08 035 . 8.070.547 coFPEnnEAo . %14S COOTCKIiXOn. Ibc Cops. In Connell—C. H. fleCop mick >omi«Btod tor Congress—Xlio Hybrid Animal Endorsed. $ 87,000 The " faithful ” Democracy—the foVowcM of the Belmont pcsce-at-any-price party—met on Saturday afternoon at the Bcrordor's Court room—a place not hr any means new to many of the delegates— for the pnrpo«o of nominating a lit and proper per son (which means a man with money to foot the bills ol the State canvas.*) to represent the First Congressional District In Congress. About two o'clock the whisky shops and beer saloons in the sciebborhood of the Court House became like tome banquet hall deserted—their patrons having' turned out en inau* to nominate. Half an hour later, the Court room was filled. There were none of the prominent whippers-in of the-party there, eucn aa McComas, the working man's friend (7); Aaay, of North Carolina; Major (?) Willard, Ac, The meeting was composed entirely of whisky dealers, btowere. one-horse la Ayers, a few mem bers from the city beer garden yclipt the Common Connell, and two or three resigned army officers, who Jell the service In disgust because they were not promoted, as they in their Judgment should hare been. About three o'clock Aaron Ilaren called the meeting to order, and requested the delegates to come lorwaid and be tj^teo. $187,000 ...$330,000 .*33,629,033 General Dure L. Stewart was oa.motion unani mously called to the chair, and oh mounting the rostrum thanked the Convention lortbe favor con- On motion Lambert Tree and E Gilmore were appointed Secretaries, On motion a committee of three persons from Ibe city and one from the connty were appointed to examine credentials. The Chair appointed J. L. Harsh, Son h Divi sion ; Philip Kennedy, North Division; Captain Gleeeon, West Division; and Brandt, of ‘•the country/' . Tne committee reported, aed tho delegates, as chosen the day previous, were confirmed, with a fen exceptions. On motion the report waa accepted and adopted, and the officers elected were appointed to act per manently to the close of the session. On motion, it was resolved to nominate a candi date for Congreve, and proceed to vote tioa voce, without debate. Bush Mahernomlasted Cyras H. McCormlCk. O. G. Largey nominated W. B Ogden. J. S. Quinn stated mat Mr. Ogden was not a can didate. David Walsh nominated John B. Turner. On action, it was resolved that the first ballot be informal. - - 1 be ballot was called, resulting as folio tvs; C. B. McCormick 1.... W. B. Ogden. j. B. Turner. Obadiah Jackson moved that the “ reaper min", ol the F. F. V.’s be nominated by acclamation. An excited delegate from the country wai op posea. Be wanted to know If the "numbers' voted as dictated by their hearts. Ho waa la favor of a formal vote, and was opposed to the " trap" cf acclamation. IBs wish was gratified, and tbe vole resulted as follows; C. P.McCorroick-*** 8T W. B. Ogden. J.B. Turner. On motion ol Aid. J. J. 6'SulUvan, Mr. McCor mick was unanimously nominated. Obadiab Jackson offered tno following: Ecfclttd, That tbe platform ot the National Dem ocratic Convention at Chicago, end that of the DemocraticSute Convention at Springfield, be tse Slatform upon which we nominate Cyrus B. Mc om-lckior member of Congress for ibis district. Itfsolred, That this Convention fnliy endorse the nomination ol "George B. McClellan and bis letter of acceptance, and alao tbe State nominations at Springneld. Tbe resolutions were adopted. On motion of J. S. Quinn, the following gentle* men were appointed to wait on the “Virginia reaper" and announce to him tbe result of tbe Contectloni'llueb Maher, J. 8. Quinn, J. L. Marsh, General Stewart. On motion it was resolved to appoint a congres sional committee of three from each Ward, and tbe same numter from tbe County, to hold office no* til relieved by the next convention. Tbe Chair appointed tbs following 6 otUh Division—H, A. Gage, Tboa. Harless, J.H. FemlL‘ ~ West Dlrlsicn —SL F. Tuley, Thos. Lanergan, John Wcllstcln. Forth DiriUon —Redmond Prlndlvllle, W. C. Goudy, C. L. Woodman. Cfetmfry—CoL Cameron, N. P. IgletarL Doctor D'Orville. Ur. McCormick was sent for but failed to come. Tbe n ccllcg acj oumed. -- As the on washed were descending tbe Coart Bouse slept, tbe nominee was ecen coming op the steps, banked* on either side ty members of tbe Committee. lie was escorted opto tbe Re corder's Court Boom, where, after being intro duced, be thanked tbe “Democracy for tbe hbnor tendered b(m He said tbit no efforts would oe . wanting on hie part to secure bis el ciloo, and if elected bewomu strive to obtain pesos and the restoration of the Union. Tbej cin only be bad tiuongb the “Star of tbe East," George B. Me* Clet an. He would at •om»* future time tell bla supporters lon this night be accomplished. Tbe meeting wttn three cheers for Ulck Lena an and Mick C-umlck—the mackerel couple. . BIRTH OF THE CONSTITUTION, Xho InvXnclbles march In Procession ana Isold a netting* On Saturday the Copperosity pvrty of Chicago strived at the conCWßlon that they bad so macglod the Constitution that they could not correctly de termine which was the beginning and which the termination. It was therefore considered neces. tary to reconsider tbe whole subject, logically com. mendeg at its beginning, or birth.- On Saturday evening, therefore, tbe Democratic “ Invlnciblea’ were called to assemble ot tbe Club Roominbonor of tbe birth of the Constitution,-to organlze'bu in augural precession. About 8 o’clock tbe procession started from Wllkowsty Hal), end after perambu lating the streets for a short time, returned to tbe point “ whence it came." In point of magnitude it wss gigantic, and inspired the mind with feel ings oi reverence and awe. An analytical examina tion revealed It to be composed oi about 180 indi viduals, the majority of wham ranged from four teen to twelve years of age. Sprinkled every here and there, like angelic visitations, were Democrats who bad attained to tbe etatnre of the “perfect man." Snob happy ones»carried transparencies, •which they waved defiantly In the air as long as tbej remained Ignited. Said op nations forming numerous stalagmllic formations of tbe oleaginous combustible on thcii heads and sbcnldenf Most of tbe procession possessed lantern?, but many did not. Of these some tri umphantly waved sticks, wishing to indicate that they at one time also owned lanterns. ■'The re mainder indeneodettly placed their hands In their breechespccket* and yelled approbation. Preccd-- log and terminating the pageant paced a guard of honor of juveniles of tender .years, who, tans shoes, stockings or bats, were, as an Invincible remarked, “as good dimmichrats as anybody, barring tbe size of tbe craythore." Daring tue march of theproceselon our reporter vial tea Wii kowfky UalL On asking a respected member of the cinb, standing on the sldewalc, what preparations were In progress, he was enlightened by the asser tion “that an ecthusiaitic meeting of-Chicago Democrats were mossing upstairs.” Being of an inquisitive tom of mind, he ascended, in company with a cocdly number of McClellan voters. Most of these, however, .found It impossible to ascend mote than one flight of stairs, and consequently repaired to tbe saloon there located. On entering the Invincible Hall, we noticed about eleven persons actively engaged In Igititmg and fus pendtng from the windows five lanterns, which at regular intervals were extinguished bv tiiewind. Superintending the largest lantern wasS. 8. naves. Esq., a Chicagoan of some celebrity. Preaeatiy a brace of ranted, ehoeless, hatless, luveulle invinci ble ushers, announced the return of the precision, whereupon the “audience” resumed their seats, and on the entrance of tbo inauguralista the meet ing began In earnest. Everybody spoke, everybody was entiinsianic. rockets were let off through a skvltpbc, and Democracy was triumphant. .Lin coln was sunk lower In perdition • and McO.cllan -pieced more firmly upon tbe top of him to keep him under. The meeting grew so warm -that-ne etalacnltes previously spoken of commenced to Uqniiy and trickiedown the physiognomieso! the unteirlflcd But what did they care J They. co °* tinned their tnumph.,and adjourned gloryingin tee discovery they bad made, each man saying to bla neighbor, *• ixnoJd, tbe Constitution la bora. Xbc* “Cblcoeo Citizens Corps” Meet log. At a meeting o! the citizens at Parloruta. J, Tnr mot.tHooße.on Saturday evening, to aid this or. ginlzation, Judge D.Y. Bell, was chosen Chair nun, and Captain James H. Hayden Secretary. The object of the meeting was staled by the rvioirrmiTi tA'be. to aid in the organization of an ife? nent, W Uch shonM be, w eecnollT a Chicago citizens corps, totally ignor- to bo armed and-Cjaipped py the vblnntary .ffljKnpUon, omedtMJ to be subject to the eal of the aril authorities in case of not or other violence, thus cn?oriDg tha peace of the dly. the enforcement of the laws, and the protection of the lives, liberty aiftl property of the people; to retain the tried andhopored oraaolza tiona and associations of the gaLant old 19th and 2ith Illinois” among ns, as well as to [form an association of young ®en wlm, wbila keeping np tbe military spirit and drill, and thus ciflng protection to all classes, shall at the same time thrive abasement and oenefil therefrom. B. 11. m j ere, Esq., then moved that a committee on organisation bo appointed, and oa nomination oy the meeting, tbe following .gentlemen were appointed fnch committee: __ , _ , On Organization— Col. Jobn L. Hancock, Col. R. 1L Doogh, CoL J ,-H. Tockcr, Col. Jobn U. Locmli, Col. J. F. Beatty. CoL O. G. Hammond, Ira V. Munn, E?q., O G Wicker, Esq., Frederick Pulth, Esq., Joan B. Turner, Esq., Murray IJel son. Efq.,d. J. Richards, Esq n George Vr. Oagb, George Snctdcr, E»q. On motion, the following were appointed a Com mittee on Finance, to obtain tbe nece»aary funds: On Finance—Cvi. R. M. Hough, CoL J. H. Tack er. Col J. F. Beatty, J* J. Richards, Esq., Murray Kelson, Esq. * The meeting then adjourned, subject to the call oi the Committee. CMOABIBLE HOOUtll. Bfcetloe at Bryan Hall—A.ddrei«es by Bot. l»rs.. wceli andXaylur. The Union Bible Society Meeting—a stepping >Ucq to the North Western Bible Convention, which elts hero daring the week—at Bryan Hall, lan, evening was well attended, and a deep Inte rest manifested turonghout. The exercises wrrsjopenod by elngiogthe bymn “ All bail the power ol Jesus' name,*’ after which the Xl9fh Psalm was read, folio wed by an earnest and fervent prayer by Rev, Wm. Pierce. Key. W. W. WeeU. Secretary oftho Pounstlva nii Bible Society then followed at length on the fundi raw tal pm.dple* of ihe Society, which were. Retry ertnture of God has a right to his word, * a*-d should know how he stands In the prescsco of God; and it Is the duty of every man wto haa-tbe word of God to give It to thoso who hire not. These two principles he d welt on at some length, and was listened to with the deepest nUcolon. The audience then Jolnca In singing the hymn, •* Diets d bo tbe time tbit binds our hearts:” after " which Ktv. Dr. Tsylur, Soaotsr? of tbe American J-lblo buclety, delivered a very interesting address . outlie work performed by the Society in our own and foreign countries. The drcaoful calamlilf-s of dril war bate not Impaired the efficiency of the Society, i.t Cnrincttbc tlm o years and five months .of war, 4.G'jO,OUO volumes of Bibles and Testaments have been leencd—loo,ooo moto than were pub lished during the first thirty yoirs existence ol the society. Xt numbers I,SOO auxili ary voclolics and has IC,OOO local agents, who Clr cu'ate the Word of God throughout the world, wherever the Stars and Stripes miy bo foamL It publishes the Scriptures, or portlocs thereof, In iorty-slx different languages, aud. through its mis sionaries, bos reduced twenty-five of those to writing The Bible has been printed In raised characters in tbe Syrian and Egyptian tongues 'or the mind of those tongues, in Coustantlnqp'c the society's repository is filled with Bibles And Testaments, printed In the twenty-two dialects of tbcTurkisluvmptrcr audio Chius tbe I) hie has bren translated and put to presa. It his olsd'bren irnmlaitd into Arabian, lor the use of tbe 130 mil lions speaking that Uugongq. Tho reverend gen th-nian spoke at length about too labors of tho Focinty In the army of the Union, and also thu rebel shot, among the soldiers oi which 220.000 copies of the Scriptures had boon distribute I gra tnltouslv. lie closed bis very Interesting addro«s n Ith an carnestund vigorous apga&l to tbe people of tbe Northwest to nsrUt in th« noble work. The last stanza of ” Greenland’s Icy Mountain” was then sung and tho benrdtclion pronounced, after which the audience retired. Fkhsokau—We have heretofore announced in Huso columns that Charles L. Wilson, Esq., Sec retary of tho Unltod States Legation at London, had resigned Mb position, being succeeded by Mr. Moran lie has returned to tbls city and resumed Ins connection—so long interrupted—with onr cvrmop contemporary. On Friday evening last hie return was celebrated by a private family re union at the rremont House, resulting In a renew al of severed ties and a hearty welcome back to the cire)Q_iind to bis professions! duties, ilia many friends Join In tfao congratulations. COGHESSIOXU ITcktocket Arrested,— Mrs. Tucker, of the Briggs House, was made last evening tho recipient ofuufrlcndly attentions ut tbS hand of one of those follows who infest onr railroad stations. Sho was at tBo Central Depot waiting for tbe Michigan Cen tral train, when she felt a hand In her pocket, and instantly grasped IL The would-be thief was ar rested aid will hareaAantf la the Police Coart thlaznorning. Bounty Jumpers.—Elizabeth Lilsey was exam ined, on Saturday, before Commissioner Hoyne on the charge of being'fcognlzant of and conspiring at the dcscitlon of her husband, after be hod nr celved the bounties which were placed in her bands. Ho escaped on Friday, evening, and has not since been seen. Mrs. Lilsey waa committed to Jail in default of ball, * Sergeant Hickey. —The condition of Sergeant Hickey, last evening, was more comfortable. Though far from being out of danger, there is now a well founded hope that be will recover. . LOCAL MATTERS. X>oi* 9 t Pay the eziravagaptly high pnees. At Bartleu’e Clothing Donee, 131 and 133 Randolph fetreet. yon can buy good genteel xlothmg at very reasonable Goods at lowest prices. sel9-5129 2w Prayer.—That racy docnmcntf'porporcing to have been picked up at tbe Democratic (?) neatly published pamphlet, presenting in a peculiar tty'e a perfect hurricane of facts, we ‘understand, is having an tmnumcsalo- itis a'good campaign document, and will pay for the reading. Tlie Coiipcrtiead** Prayer —lmmense ealcl Second edition ordered within five dav B from the appearance of the first copy. Retail price ID cents. BeasonblcdcdactlontoNews Dealers. For tale at wholesale only, by John R. Walsh, scl9-5431-St No. 103 Madison sh, Chicago. Sontla Side Union League.—A meeting will be held this (Monday) OTcnmg (I9th Inst.) Warner’s Hall, at 8 o’clock. * On the following Monday evening (36th lost.) Hon-’C. B. Denio will address an open public ma*a meeting at the same hall, of which notice (rill be given, . • * Attention Nineteenth;— The members of tbe Nineteenth minors will meet for drill this (Monday) evening. In the armory, in Sand’s Block. All are expected to be present. Dr. James—lt la said by those- baring occa sion for each services as Dr. James renders, to have no superior in the treatment of private dis eases—or diseases or the genital or sexual organs. Dr. Jam« practiced fifteen yean in New Orleans, thirteen years of which he conducted tho largest hospital in the United Slates for tbe treatment of private diseases, and for the last three yean he has been practicing in Chicago. Within the last fifteen yeareDr. James has treated more diseases of an infectious venereal chancier successfully than eny other doctor in the United States. Dr. James is th«* only specialist treating the sex ual organs in tbe United states, that bis testimo nials eulogistic of hie protesslonal skill and suc cess—from Professors of Medical Colleges and hospitals in the United States that are living —oot in a foreign country—hut can be referred to at aoy time. Dr. James* office and parlors arc at 86 Randolph street, np-staira. Ten scocrate rooms. Allcon fUUatfons residential. Office hours from 9 a. m. HU 8 p.m. cclß-e333.s m &t -Western. Union College and Militart Acad emy, Fulton, lixinou.— Aflrst-daeAboartllng in stitution foryoungmenand boys. Cadets received at any time. Adress, Col. D. S. Coxiest, eepU7i-C;3-2w President. N in need of first-class custom made shirts and tarnishing goods can be salted at Wilson's, 126 Dearborn street. seplT-eSOMt. - Blocxnluston seres Fruit, Ornamental and Nursery stock, 40,000 Peach. 75,003 Peer, 100,0C0 Grape. Ac. Scad red stamp lor new ÜbU F. K. POCENIX. Bloomington, 11!. eepll qBT» 2w d&w. BetroaolitußaU to Heat—This Hall is to rent for pD the purposes lor which each halls are ordinarily n*od. Terms moderate. Applica tions can be .mads at the office, adjoining-fue en trance to the Hall. iclG-n940-tf t?IT” Diseases of the Kervoaz, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems.—Kesv and relliU*> treatment —ln reports of the Howard Association. Sent by mall in aealcl letter envelopes, free of charge. Adorers Dr. J. Bldilon Houghton,- Howard Asso ciation, Ko. 8 South IHnth street, Philadelphia. Pa. ' iy>jn334-£m py~ Paper Hindus. Ac., At., at N. York prices, F. E. Bigby, 89 Randolph St. . anST-pT&I-SOt CHICAGO AM) KOUrnwiSTEHS—DEPOT con. WEST WATEB AND ECfZDS STS.' Depart. Arrive. Mail Passenger *10:00 am. *5:15 a.m. Evening Express •VOOp.m. *. 1:35 a.m. Night Express...,. *9: Bop.m. *s:lsp.m. GALENA DIVISION C. A N. W. RAILWAY—DEPOT - NORTH WELLS STBEET. Fulton Passenger 9tiß im. 6:80 Am, Fulton Passenger 9:15 p.m. 1:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger ‘ Or'-O a.m. 8.*25 p.m. Freeport Passenger Kkoo p.m. S;10-a m, Bocklfcrd Passenger. 4*oo pm. 11*10 a.m, Geneva Passenger 5:30 tun. &80 wa, - 20CXUQAK CENTRAL. DetroltEzprees *&2O a,m. *15:80 a.m. Detroit Express tC’OOp.m. i&45 Am. DetroitExprcss *110:00 p.m. *B:lsp.m. (Trains for Cincinnati and LoulsvUle.) Morning Express........T. *6:30 a.m. *&isp.m. Night Express -HkOO p.m. 78:45 a.m. El CHI GAN SOPTHEBN—DEPOT COEN KB TAN EXTERN Day Express.... Evening Express, Night Express... Express, via Adrian..^...*&So aim, *8:45 a.m. Night Express, via Adrian.7sKX) pan. 575: IS a,m.-' PITTSBUr.O, TORT WATJtE A CHICAGO. Mall and Accommodation. *4:40 ajn. **lo pan. Day Express +6:30 a.m. *8:15 p.m. Mall Express +f:oop.m. *9:20 pjn. Night Express tlftlOp.m. $8:46 a.m. Cin.&Lonlevino-Expreßß.+9;4op.m. JS:3sajn. ‘ {Connecting With Pennsylvania Centralß. B.) Leave Pittsburg.. &00 a.m. 4:85 p,m. &45 p.m. 44 nbrrlsVg.. 3:20 p.m, 2;45 a.m. 6:00 ajn. AiriveFMhrier.. ajn. iCtIQ ajn. 44 N. York. via > 1:55 pm. Allenton. 44 -N. York. ;.i via . }-10:05 p.m. I2rf)s fcss p.m. PhUadel. J ~ * M Baltimore.. R4O pm. 7:00 a.m. 11:50 a.m. “ Waah’ton.. fcSO p.ra. 10:30 a.m. &W p.tzu CIXCEKSATI Am LUTE. Boy Express ......76:30 a.m. 8:15 p.m. Night Express 10:10 pm; &10 a.m {For Indianapolis and Louisville .) Day Express 6*30 aim, „ 8:15 p.m. Night Express .9:40 p.m. 8,10 ajn. ZLUKOI6 CESTEAIto. Day Passenger *8:15 p.m. *9:00 p.m, Night Passenger -tlhSO p. m, *7:00 a. m. Kankakee Acc’n .*s:lsp.m. Hj de Park Tram *6:35 a/ta. *7:45 a. m. '♦ « “ *12:00 m. *l:3sp.m. « • u 4i *4joop. m. *6: Sop.m, « •* u *6:lsp.m- *7^op.m. CHICAGO, BUBUNGTO* ACT QUZHCT. Day Express 9:30 a.m. 6:15 p.m NichtExprcts 0:15 p.m. 6riMa-m. McndotaAccommodation. 5:15 p.m, 9:30 a.m. Express UaQ 9:80 am. , 7:30 p. m. Night Express 9:00 p. m. B:S0 a. m JoUet Accommodation.... 4145 p.m. * 9:30 p.m CHICAGO ACT BOOS ISLAND. Day Express and Mail,, r-. 9:45 Am. 4£o p.a. Nicbt Express 9:15 pan. 6:15 Am. Joliet Accommodation 5:10 p.m. O;4OAm. St. Paul Exprets 10:00 a.m. ' &15 pja. NlchfExpresß 0:80 pan. 3:00 p.m. TVankegan Accommodatl’n 8.*20 p.m. 6:4opm. Evanston Special.*.. ..t... fcSOp.m, 4:2lpm. •Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted. Mondays except*** At NeKlrrl. wircoo»ia. on tho ICtb Inrtaat. bv the Eev .1 W.Jooc*. FEIiOBIUrE LEWIS pfIILLIPa »td MUfiAD&LAIDK AUGUSTA SHITE, both Of Chicago * ~ -On September 19-b.lSf4. MiRV JAHB4nfant daneh ter cf W, B.ard Man M. Hutchinson,seed 10 months and 22 di-ye. Funeral Monfl-yiS'b. at 2 o’clock, p. m ,iromi(sidtLC« s;5 West Bar dolt* «tre«l, Cc San Cay, tbe IP.ih last, MAIiYELLEN,Infant danghurof Ktv. n a am Amelia bishop. Funeral MrTiees at S;. J ctm’d Church, tomorrow, (Tuesday,) ailoo’c;ocs. r Cn tbe JSih Inst, nt his rea'denee in city of La Salle. ISAAC BAEUY, who had for more (ban a quarter of a c:t tnrv bees a promla nt ciUzenof that pla* e and dene more to buna u cp than an; other in* civldnal. . • - v iPUiscity.oD the I7tb 10 minutes past 8 o’clock A. W.. FLETCBKR B.KLL,onlv child Of C. B, am ta. a Bouton aged IGmcnths and 1 day, CU" notice of the luneral will be given. In ibis city. Aug, inh, 15U. ARTHUR M, infant son cf David M. and Abby J. Ford, aged 8 weeks Funeral at a o’c ockP. tL today, from residence, 19 south Jefferson (test In Ibii city, cn Saturday, the 17th ln«t- at 3 o’clock P. Sr., UICBAitD W BEELKB. aged 89 years. - nPmural from v« late reiMeuce, comtr of Canal cnhlon^ay. - Fcszbax. None*—T>e funeral of the late WIL LIAM BOdB CaUEBOK will uke place at Bcaeaill Cemetery at 5 o'clock thin afternoon * Xho ualago ire to the rVmettry will leave the Milwaukee and Chicago Ballroad Deoot at SM o'clock £*. at- Tea fclctcaof UedeccMtdafoumtod toaticnd. - - B&llroad Time Table. ..•fcSOajn. *8:15 p.m. ...-HJiOOpjn. *15:30 a.m, .•tKkOOp.m. ?L'is ajn CHICAGO AND BT. LOCIS. CHICAGO ACT mLWAHSEB BAH.WAT. MARRIEO DIED. Markets by Teieerapn, ALBANY CATTLE MARKET. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Albany, Saturday, Srpt 17, 1861, The Cattle Market baa changed not little ilacc yes terday. the total receipts being about 4,COP, less than' I.CCC of which can he cla»aod as extra or first quality: alltheCThus are lirht green steer, or coarse and poor. Prices range from 4 to SX**. which la abou. the same aslaat week, on like qualities, perhaps a trac tion better. Among the sales were I*7 head of mi tell,by Rosenthal. still* per htad, averaslng 1,2:0 SiD.ajeragihe 1,726 as. and Sf bead prime Dllaolt, by Coos, at 8130,59, aver aging 3,sto ns. Enavr are lower; the impply being heavier, and pelts ebtaper, "prococea a decline of XQHc 9 ft. Receipts gocd;*eslei of s,fca,bead, at 7<a7*fc; extra UmhfqffJfGgJic. " v Boos;bave again advanced under a demand (hat considerably exceeds"the supply. Bales were made .to-day atl3ftlSXc:good Western and State averag ing R0 Uf. brt: a ISGl3>fc. Receipts, 7.5C0; snipped to New York, 9,lC€. Be Loafs Rlanrac* (bpcrial Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Loots, Saturday, 80pt.17. Ton.icco—TVcakcy, and prices of lays barely main tained, Common and medium ahlpplog leaf tt.cod 2XO %) 1(0 fit lower. Salu ui 105 bhda, and bids of 91 rejected. The scraps sold at tUOkAOi; green and damaged lues, fcUfsssO; tZ do factory, tioxoa 12.09 ; plantera* doCll3As®]3 ls; commonabloptag leaf, mrdlam do. |iO.O:eKXS; good andDnsdo,427 WaS2!ot common andmcdlamxnah u'RctmlngJcaf,t3oCo3SsJS. Fi.otm—Qutit. Sales inper at 09 SO t extra, flO.Sj double rxtiH, ilO.sordo doubis head lined, inspect od and delivered, 110.5?. Chain—Wheat heavy | sales at |l Corn wisk; ealcaefSTO ska mlxid, in secoad-hmd gun clca.nt H. 48 del Wared; 771 tks white at |LS6. Oats lower; eifci of l.flvO»kp,la var'ou* lot*, a*.Me* 153. eksaUSc. Bo chance in rye; sales of Übrlaat JldO tp bu. Barley—Sales of 70 sks fall ac SM7K, WnwKT—Market quiet tad unchanged. No sales to report. . ” Gloclnnntl fllnrkct. [Special Dispatch to .the Chicago Tribune.] CiHCrswATi.Saturday, Sept. 17,1851, " FtOUB-M»r>ilouU Baperfiuo is quoted at 87.53 @7.6f t extra, |7 ({07.73. WmsKT—Markat fair. Bales 400 brls at 81.70. niOviBIONB-Marketbcavy. No demand for park oibaccn. Tbe latter Is regarded as nominal ati7Ho for bulk ihoolders; 18>f c for sides; 19HC for bacon sbcnldeir, ana 20)fc tor sides. Grain—^Wheat-Market doll and prices nominal. Com—Ear Is quoted at 81 in bulk, and |l.2Sa llOrbrahtllfd. OatilalratTflOoC. Rye dull at 81 SC. Ococtßue—Coffee is quoted at 48AS0o. Raw ia gar. JBc; bard refined,Bo>so. NcwOiloaas molwios, BUBOU3. . Milwaukee narsst [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlhone.l Un.WAVxn. Saturday. Sept. 17. FtotJß— Dull and Kfll&c lower, Grain— Wheat 3c lower and dnilt sales this mom* IsgRO.OCObn at SlXifcdl 93; on 'Change, fl.«Kot-O*- Market very steady at the close. Oats neglected and nuchacged. com, nothing done. Barley and Rye unchanged. Wheat—Market quiet this evening, without decided change; tales at the NewhsU Homo I7,OC(Tba No. 1 at »l 923U3K. Illinois and Ollchlgaa Ganal. Bridgeport, Saturday, Sept. 17—1 p m. Cure bed— Rock Bun, LaSalle. 16,737 It lumber SO nests, and for Morris 60 ede tan bark. ; ABBiVEh—Cushman, Ottawa.VCO bn com, SCO bu oats, SCO bn bailey; Advance, Lament, 95yds rubble stone; XnveetlsatoriLsmont, 60 yds rubble stone • IT. 6. Loomis, Lament. 90 yds rabble stone; D Hess’- Lemont, 45 j( s dime nslon ttone: J. B. Preston. Uor*- r15,3.(06 bu corn. 3,500 bn oats, 4,000 lbs seed; Caynjs, Lockpert.tß.oto bn oats, 47 bn beans* Imperial, do S.COO bn wheat, COOES bran* F. A. Leonard, LaSalle, 143 tons coal. Cleared, Sunday, Sep*. IS.—Atl sntlc, ft lumber; Reliance, LarSlle, latn; Cayuga Lockport Abeited—Bay State,Lasalle, S,TOObn com;Dl:lgo, Fnion. 46 yards dimension stone; Drill, Moms, 120 t>i» coal; Conveysnce, Lemont, 21 dimension, 45 rubble stone; Lady Franklin, SO rubble scons; W. S Corner, 15dlmtnilonitoaatBtarsand Stripes, Mori rU.I/tohu corn, 900 bu wheat, 15,095 ss scads; 11. Hamlin,Ottawa, SXOO bu oats; Fialrte Cuter, La. salle. 3/03 bu wheat, l.Ußbu com; Alliance. Ottapn. Bbidoepobt, Sunday, Sept. IS—9 p. m. CLEABHD-Satorday aizht 1» Lasalle. 65 496 feet lumber, 31,600 lath, 4.000 flsiles; Onward, Joliet, 42X00 fset lumber, 25 obis sslt;D Reas, Lemont, Advance, do; lovsAtUatlon,do ;H.; Monarch,TJollet, i 9,923 feet lambsr; posts, 45 bbls salt; Seneca. 4,533 feet lumber, log,cw »hlcgles, ore Herring safe* Ma ple Leaf, Joliet, CX74 feet lumber. 80,753 shingles* 4,950 tatta.Bl9 posts, lOObblsss'.t; Imperial, Lockport, IT. Eanlngton. Marseilles, 5.710 rest lumber, 81,00) thuuler, 10, COO lath, 15 bbla lime, 90 bbli salt, Iris 61 r is6 Da n dse sR. B. Goodtel, Utlra; J. I’. Preston, Alorru. Vessels Passed Detroit. '[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Detroit. Saturday, Sept. 17. TJp-Bwf cncy. American Union, Die Vernon, Cul ver, LummU, Giliwold. Down— Oaicou. " wind southwest. New York*market. New York, Saturday, Sept. 17. ** 'Cotton— Dull, heavy and declining. Sales sc SL73 **£l.7B fomuddllnz uplands. Flour—State azd westtm dull and declining: tU&i(.tofor extra state, and mat!.*) for extra rousdboop Ohio. W nisKV—Quite firm at 81X3 for western, Including smalt parcels of tbelatter at Ab .. Grain—Wheat lees active. Sales at BUTOLB3 for winter red weitemamoer Michigan. Coro heavy and about 1c lower: for tnlied western afioat, and »163 dqUvered in store. Oats heavy and lower 4s Quiet. / PBOwstflYs— Pork very Arm with a fair demand. Bales at flOXOfttl M for meat; SI2 75£13X0 for new do— clortog at sl7 57K&43. Beef Orta with moderate demand. Sales at for country mess; 13 lor SirUne; fiSSOdIdXO for repacked mess; and C21A15 or extra mesa. Cut Mea’s firm. Lard steady* demand at 7SJ<(*2l Ye. tbs latter oriee an extreme for very choice kettle-rendered; also, 14M brls for Octo ber, buyers* option, at 2 mc. New York money and Stock filorketc New Yobs. Saturday, scpt.l7. Mcnet— Steady at 7 V ceat. Stzchso L'xooanoe—Quiet. Goli>—l*regular and drooping tendency. Opening attKif, std clcilsz at 231 N. Government Stoces—Qnlet and wl'nvurdecided chaose. tTßfe’sleoupunaluSAUSh: s:29acoupons UOiGiKCK; 7»(a, October and April, lio£3UL Ooflalo Market. Cr/PALO, fiaturday. Sept. 17—6 P. U. Flour—Lull. - Grain—V. heat Inactive. Com dull asd lower. Paiei of No. 3ac SMC. Oats lower and more a;Ure. &alesat7:c. '« whiset—Doll and nominal at SUM*. Fjuxq&ts—Can&l (relEbta unlL To New York— "W heat 17c. corn 15c. oats ico - Lax* IXFi'RTS -Floor. 13,7*3: Wheat, 96,113; com, 21XC0; oai»,2OBXSO: batlcy.lXSS. Cafal Fjcvoets—Wheat, 11X00; corn, 128X70; 0au.131,760; bar1ey,6,930; rye,2l,lCj. Oitreso market* . .. oatntoo. Saturday, sept. .7. Floor— C’osea with lea* Inquire. but price* na- Chang'd. Sales at IIP. O&iood for No. 1 spring; >.w tta10.73 for red winter and gn.75913.u0 for Oan e extra* ' • OSJLix—'Wbe.&t—Quiet, and so sales. Corn - quiet and unchanged—nom oally at U. 50 for No. 1 Illinois. Oits held al 83c,•which laaooTetha views of buyers. Rjpply light-, 4 iicuhu—Uull.but uactanjel. New York Dry Goods market. [From the New York Independent, Sept. 16.] Trade baa Blackened considerably. Tbe f*U In gold baa Icventa the eemana bat not tbe drmueit of hoicen. as the slots of ioods is limited, aud the feeds io come forward only of modern- quantity, a meet the- conaump’loa of tbs entire season. Though deferred, the demand la tore to come, and the sellers hive the buyers considerably Is their pow er. The demand for woolen* Is increased-from the great ecarclty of cotton goods. The following are the wnolesole net cash prices of all the us ding Btjl’iol domestic dry goads sold la tbe New York manel; .73 I Nashua.... .(0 Franconia, Elatervllls Hamilton Pemberton C„, Richmond... American.., Amoskeog . Dutchess. B. Mourning... Afien’s....... Arnolds...,. 4* .. ..43 II ~»««, 41 euie rvff* Merrtaac cocbeco. Pacific. Sprague’* Inmneii’s. domes Bauidcrs. Manchester. Newell I QlaagowT.. {Roanoke.. I Berkshire. CEE7TKQB. Clinton.... Lancaster.. Caledonia. V BROWN 51 Lawrence 70 Stark 4-4 70 Appleton. M 4 70 Medford. 1-4 83 'lndian Head....3-4 ,53 “ - M ...4-4 7u Masiacbusfttts..S-l 59 M ..4-4 £3# Tremont 3-4 60 “ 4-t 67}< Cabot, A 4-4 70 Atlantic, N 3-4 37 “ K 4-4 50 ' A 4-4 72K Amoskeag 4-4 70 Laconia, S 4-4 70 8bawmut.......4-l 70 Am0ry,.....A.4-4 '-o Carrol..- . .4-4 70 Salmon Fa115...4-t- 70 A?awam.F.....4-l 58 G11b0CT...... . 4-4 50 - Orark... 4-4 70 ERertoD,U.... 3-1 44 Atlantic, M.....8-4 40 Thames Btver..4-4 40 Perkins, D.. ..3-1 so Globe S-l 55 Old Dominion..3-1 . 55 Pep£erell,JS A3 •* K 43 Great Falls M 53 “ S.. 53 Indian Orchard. C 57 “ , N 55 “88...49 “ • L 41 BOOt iilUB. “ *C.' M 5.... ..80 Bates. D........ 63. Pjrtsmontb. P........8$ Ttaatokeav. A. 85 OoMen 1hage.„.......M Ip qOods. Bay Mills 4-1 TO Wanregan........7-3 59 . •* ........4-4 70 Waltham. X 50 Aur0ra..........7-8 84 “ 4-1 47tf Androscoggin....7-3 55 ,4 ~..4-1 S3 Bed 8ank...—...7-8 S3 . BLTXCHIi Kew York Mills ..4-4 40 W amanita. 4-4 *4. Bate*. *-4 70 White Kock. 4-J M Ixm»d&le 4-4 64 - ftiiiaSpjnp*rld*ni..7-9 |7 Barnetts. 7-8 y James lfflis!”!!/3-8 fiO « « ......4-4 as WlMaasTino...>-4 TO Dwijint......... ..7-8 S3 Green Man/. Co 48 M .4-4 47J4 HamIUQD.Q 3-4 ts forrsmoaUi, P.,.4-1 S3 :• £...3-1 40 BsotUO 43 *• 8. St .40 .37tf .flO I Jewett City. I Providence ..... (Falls ißtaetiUl. ..... I Washington iOißTzvea. | WblttentonC.,.. Amoekeag., York, Coca. Manchester. Union ......70 I h«3<| anurxDfli Amcskeag. York Amen can.. Thorndike. ; Hamilton, Eegnlar... .85 Everett. .....70 AmOßlte&t; A.C.A......1.00 “ A 90 “ B £5 *• C -R0 ** D. “ York. SO inch. Yorr. S3 inch. Amoticar.... ja 1-aconia 60 Bates. *2Jf KaomSesg 52jf itsown •H* 72 H i • x”'.y..y..70 (Pearl Elver. 95 I UccasTllle 70 !J*AXB.‘ I Indian Orchard 42}f Androscoggin «2H Fepperall...... 60 Lancaater 42% naiLLs. ... 95 I cocasr. UAibLO. Indian Bead. 77M Massachusetts ,T-H Amoskeag..., Salmou Falla. peulctm. .......80 } Hamilton Manchester Pacific oißrxra. LowcC, S P1y."...... |S. o HartSordJmperl.S P1J2.35 ** Soper S.w Croaßiey*Br»c.Tapw * • Medium... 2.35 try Brussels BJX) HartfortUEx. 3 ply 5,25 New Eas'd Pan,... 2.53 “ Soper 3.00 Empire Mills 155 Medium.,, Lft) Belgrade IAS / Albany Bomber Market—Sept. 14. The receipt* of Lumber are tailing off. This 1 canted on the Erie Canal by the high rates of traaa conation, and from the north by tha want o( water at the mint. Sales are fair and prices a little easier. Ihouch etlll within oor range. Trelchta to the East err lower, aaa there Is a good attendance of vessels. The current prices at the principal yard* are as fob lows: Hoe, clear, V M Pme. *th qcaltty, tp M„ Pin?,select, fIM Pme. gcod box. V M Pile, common box, ft W Pme. common box.!*,fi u...... Pine, clapboard, strip?. «M. Fine, tally plans, Iw, n inch, each.. Floe, tally piack, ju, 10 inch, each.... Pine, tally plank, ljf,7d qnaut% each.,, Pine, tally plsnt, ig, culls, each- Pme,tally no«ra«, good. each.. • —.... Pine, tal-y beards,2d qnalltr.eacn ... •Pme, tolly beates, culls, each Oak, V m..„ Waple,fJ M Black Walnut, good. V M Black Walnut. 2d quality, ft M.i... Blacc Walrus S-f» 51.,.!. T. Cheiry. rood, $ m Cherry, 2d qua Hy, ft U. Whlie Wocc, chair plank, f U,. White TCoc« l }se2> l V M - ******* v» .'While Wood, H* 1» 4° 0oa« «0 .Shingles, jst qnaUtr, shaved pine, V M • 8 303 875 Rhlcclei,2d quality, shaved plus, V 1.... 6 SC® 7so Shingle?, common, shaved pine, l» M...... 8 Of® *CO Sbmeles.lstqo&litT,caved plas, U K.... 7 79® • 50 6hmg es, 5d qo\Uty, sawed pine, f* 8,,.. 6 S3® 653 fibli fries, common, saved pme, V M | 30® 103 Shltglea, sawed hemloct, * S 33® < 07 THE STATE FAIB. Closing Rcenes—The Race*—Awards of Premiums—Gross Receipts oven $17,000. r Decatur, via SpntKoymu). I Saturday, Sept IT. f This Is the last day of the State Agricultural hair, Rnd-aliqpngh tbo attendance'is not large it is greatly In excess of the same day last year ■ The weather has been very pleasant daring the whole week, but the du»t. at titans, especially on the route between Decatur and the lalr-grouods, his'' been almost suffocating. The Fair, as a whole, has been the.most successful one ever held In the State. As. I have before Slid, the ~ehow of cattle, herses, sheep, hogs and agricultural Implements is far In edvbbce of any previous year. This ebows real nroeresa in the direction. Good crops are the gift of Providence, and may annually come - touaorbe withheld according toJthewUl of Al migbiy/Goo, but improved stock and machinery are developed r.y Ue etuina of man, and any-hn provement is a fixed fwt and never loa;. , ' There Is- one feature in oor annual farmers* gatherings which Is a growing nuisance, and will Lave to eventually bu abated. I mean the race course. Fiom a pleasant pasting affording in struction and amusement to the attendants, U has pot to be the arena for horse Jockeys and gamblers to practice their devilish juts not on’y upon each other but more generally and oairaecou-lr upon the credulous and unsuspecting. I know that full one-halt the crowd visit the Pair on purpose to witness this sport and would not come wore it not in the programme. 1 sorrow that it Is-so, but a deliverance must come or eventually no respect able farmer will come within the fair grounds, nor allow his family to do so. WAcbmmend this mat ter to the now Board of Trustees and ask them to meet the Issue In the spirit of good citizenship The number of nuisances in attendance upon the ground, occupying the very best places, in the shape of big snakes, bat men/women and chil dren, bee kings, monstr tshfce, living'and dead, ncitro minstrels, 'grinding orpin-*,, «sc., is very larye. Last year they went judiciously shut out, hut this year the trustees were not beyond the In fluence of greenbacks, aqd the offer of $1,200 or $1.5C0 In that currency brought them to terms. The various booths, including the. main Dining Hull, which were hired and have been occupied by the various associations named below. Jure all been very succcsstul. Great credit is duo to the noble ladles, who, for on entire week, have abau domd luxurious and p)ca«ant homes and given their entire time for the benefit and comfort of oor sick and wounded soldiers It is worthy- of re mark tbat largo numbers of these ladles nave not left tho grounds since they entered them on Mon day land Their lodging p ace has been in the up per story of the Dining Hall, upon a* pallet of straw. Their duties have been performed with thnt cheerful alacrity and grace that carries con . rlrilon that thsir hearts are in their work. The following arc the various aaaocUliona who have had booths, and the amount of their receipts during the week; McLean Co., $1,333; Champaign Co., $1,145; KroxCo., s4ou: Spnmrfleld High• School, $320; Laeallc, $825: Eoypt. s'>oo: Creek, $725; Dining Ball, ss.oooAbout $9,000. The caan donations arc over $2,000 from McLeau Co. Isaac Funk, of Bloomington, gave S6OO. Kbox Co. eends $5,218. There are otheriarge finmayettocomein. Tbe ladies conneqted with these associations have been made the rectplonta of many generous donations from exhibitors, all of which were.. promptly disposed oi at figure*, In moat cases, above their usual prices . < PACINO MATCH. At 10 o'clock tbe pacing-match waa‘called. Putfic S2TO, beet three in five. The second horse to have SSO. The entries were: < N. Holcomb, names Capt, McKinney. Lewis Ginm, names Dies Turpin. Capt. McKlnnejqwon the first three heats, and theiace. Time: 2:29, :2;26,' and 2:21 - Dick Tur pin was sjmdcd_s3o. The latter horse broke badly and made no show forthe race. TBOT. At 2 o'clock p. m. the race for Macon 'county trotters took place, best three in five for SIOO. The entries were aa follows: John Slaughter names Jerry. Alfred Culp names Monarch.' C. H Cnlp names Lady Hamilton. H Prather names. Vlnco. Lady Hamilton withdrawn. Vlnco wm tbe three first beats, and the race. Tbe tror, aa a whole, was not complimentary to the Macon county borecs. Banning, crossing the track, and edch other like Jockey performances won the delight of the audience. The time made Is not worth recorolng. Thmjace finished the Illinois State Agricultural Fair for the ycur 1831. PREMIUMS. Tho following premiums were awarded- this morning: . Ecrees, Sweepetale*.— Lot of colts three years and under, not tees thin five in number—tat, Joa. Morton. JackeonviDe; 2d, Dillon & Co., Tazewell Co. Stallion to be shown in harness—l»t premium, Clifford L. & H. Chapin, Morgan Co. Beat mare In harness—let premium, F. P. Snyder, Brown Co. Mare to be shown by bridle—lst, ” Fashion,” W. 8. Ladd. Christian Co. Salllonto be shown by bridle-Jet, “ Shakespeare, Jr,, Banta dr Law rence, Kentucky. Stallon, mare or gelding for Faodle—“Sir Alfred,”lt. M. Adair; 2d, *‘Dren .non.” W. D. Boots, Ky. This nmehed the exam ination and award of boreea. , RECEIPTS. I am unable to obtain the exact receipts and ox fcnditure- of this Twelfth Annual Agricultural air, but approximately they areas follows: Gro*a receipts, $17,165: expenses. $13,000; leaving a balance in the Treasurer's hands of over $4,001. Last year the gross receipts were $12,000; expen set, SIIOCO. >mrßT» BALES, There have been a large number of sheep salsa, the prices ranging from SSO to $230 a piece. Have not tbe name* of partlca purchasing. * There ia much interest felt by onr farmers generally, espe cially in tbe center and northern part Of the State, In sheep raising, anil donut not, ten years pro frees will place lliiuois as tbe leading wool grow ug State In the Union. _ ' RASCALS. The police force in attendance here daring tbe week, hive been pretty busy. Tu« amount of fines collected for dnmka and other like oflenaes, foots up about $1,500.' ' SEWING MACHINES. I telegraphed yon a few days since a brief des cription oi the new and beautiful cottage erected on tbe fair grounds by George B. Chittenden Esq., of your city, at an expense of near~ssoo, for tbe purpose of exhibiting wheeler & Wilson’s Sewing -Machines to tbe best Tbe cottage la so arranged that it ia approached from every dir ection by a wide verandah, with cspacioos win dows, by which at least SCO persons can witness the manipulation* of the machines fay the ladles In attendance at the same time. These windows have been thronged to their utmost capacity this week. Over twenty machines were sent here, every one of which has been Fold and taken away by the purchasers. One of the machines worth eighty dollars was generously donated to tbe Sanitary Fair,"and half the profita'on three other machines fook the same charitable direction. Mr. Chittenden has gamed many ianrela by ihe public and generous spirit manifested on this occasion. Wo inadvertently omitted, in onr report of pre minute yesterday, the Universal Clothes Wringer, .which took the first premium, aa it did also last year. This Wringer ts distinguished from others by Us eon ■wJiuU’i which give motion to the rollers, inns relieving them from friction and war. Tney. are claimed to be,more durable on this account. N. C. Browning.< No. 847 Broadway, Now York, is tbe General Agent, ard.C. WUlLuna, of Beloit, WUconein, Traveling Agent. FEOJI CABKO AiKO BELOW. Union UorhocQe-Fomrt ’ Propatlnj lor Ai>oOicr Expceulon-lleinpbls Platters. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . Cmo, Saturday, Sept. IT, 1854. Col. Peter Davidson, of the 139 th' Illinois, now .commanding this poet,- went out to Crab Tree, a little place elx miles east ol this, yesterday, with a detachment or bis command, to attend a Union barbecue, and returned at evening. Col. David son and jjudge Marshal! made speeches. About thirty-fire^residents of Ballard county Joined the Union church, and subscribed their names to the Un'on resolutions. ; - The steamers Belle of St. Louis, and St. Patrick, brlngMemphls papers of the 15th andlGtb. The SulltUn has the following order from the.rebel QenerolForreet, forbidding all passing beyond the rehellincs, and the conveyance of cotton through said lines. It la as follows: notice. _ Hcadquabtebs FonnnsT’s Cataibt, J * Grenada, Mias., Sept. 3.IS&L f General Osbeb No. 74 —On and alter the 15th last.. the system of granting passes to get beyond otjr lines as posliiyely prohibited. No person within the limits of this department on and after that date will, under no circumstances, be permit ted to pass our llnow. to go within the lines of the enemy, nor will any one be permitted to pass south coming from the enemy's lines. TneywlU be promptly returned, or. if Busplcious r sent un der ptmrd to these headquarters., Any one at tempting to pass, If deterred, wili bs deilt with as spies. All parties endeavoring to convey cotton through <mr lines will be arrested and sent w th their cotton and teams to the nearest Provost Mar shal, who will report the facta to these headquar ters. The attention of Provost Marshals, pickets and scouts is especially called to these orders, which complied with and Strictly enforced. _ By order of Major General Forrest. G. F. Sthakge, AT A. O. Thla.means that Forrest is preparing to start on some expedition, and is fearful that our military authorities will obtain information of the move ments, force and destination. He may possibly co-operate with Buford, Chalmers and Adams, ana his destination maybe Memphis, or Midole Ten nessee. or Mobile We can only conjecture as to which la mo?t likely. He can;bring no force tbit can take, much lees told Memphis. His only mili tary object would be to plunder. Even partial suc cess here would ce dearly bought, qnd would be of very-little avail to the Confederate cause. He might hope to create a division for Hood’s advan tage, by operatic? in Middle Tennessee, and cut-, ting tbcllncs of Gen, Sherman’s communications. Curly Williams, 7th3U. cav., P, 8, Trap bagen, and Kate Smith have been arrested on suspicion ol being concerned in the murder of a Lieut, of tue 69th U. 8. C» Infantry, at Fnucolis’ grocery, on Shelby street, on Sunday night last. They ara confined in Irving Block. J. M, McKessaca, of tho.Sd Tennessee rebel in fantrv, made bis appearance at the picket lines on Thursday, etAtlrgihat be was a deserter from the rebel army, and wished to take the oath He was conducted to Gen. WaehbanCs headquarters. The same paper says that quite a scene occurred during the session ol the united States District Court on Thursday, In which hts Honor Judge Trigg and Mr. Guy, one ot the Grand Jurors, were the principal actors. Mr. Guy had written a letter _to toe Court, declaring that he was opposed to oud wonld not indict any one for having bomo arms in the Confederate army against the United States, alleging as his reasons that the Soutu was recog nixed as a belligerent power, and that' he believed a State had a right to secede. Mr. Guy was sum moned to the court room, and in the presence of the Court dismissed from the Grand Jury, and his conduct most severely animadverted upon by hft Honor the Judge-, wbo pronounced the sentiments of the letter anything else than those of a loyal man. The aflhlr created no little excitement. There is no news from Cape Girardeau. U 4S . .42 A2 *tH FBOM GRIFT’S AEMT. Reinforcements of tlie Armten—Terri fic BhelllDS.or Feienouis-Dcatli of Gen. Hutvell. NewYobk, Saturday, Sept. 17.—The New York Tribune's correspondent with Gen. Grant Bays: By reference to the Blchmood Whig, which I mall* ca to yon taat night, yon will see that on their own calculation there remains In the whole South hot 182,000 men between theages of sixteen and fifty, Tbcsc they style ."exempts.” By enactment of their Congress, all residents between these agej are In their military service. From these exempt's only can they recrnlt their armies. Bat these 182,C00src all men who have been detailed for duty which baa been considered np to this time as vir tually important as service in the arm£ and not all of them nor any large portton_of them can be spared Irom their present avocations os overseen of plantations, as workmen in the Confederate arsetals, asmannfactnrcrs of articles which mast be obtained. Lienee there Is no basis of addition to tbeir armies. > .9—o*o 00 , OS? r.o . c»*o 01 . 35 Co®« 00 . SO 003*3 CO . 2110323-00 . 95 00&80 00 . So® FS . 40® 43 . 4l» 43 . 81® ST" . S’j3 43 . S-l® 35 . -JSOI 80 , 4FbC«SJ 09 . soocawto . SO 00390 CO . 4scoav>oo . 75 (T®33 DO. . 55 003 u cr . St 0>M«11 00 . 85 0f«90 00 . 50 00353 00 The position at Beep Bottom Is now governed by tecro soldiers under Gea. Paine. The operations at Batch Gap are being prosecuted by a farceur negro soldiers, and a fair proportion of the trenches are held by da»ky patriots. s Tbe Tribune's Washington special says: Two Wisconsin soldiers, wounded in the battles of the Wi denies?, arrived here to-day from that locality. By good fortune lh*y lelt Into the hand-* of Union farmers Itv-ng nesr the battle Held, who nursed them nntil they were restored to health They state that,numbers of our wounded made their way to farm houses Inthe vicinity of the battle field, but most of them died from sheer want of medical attendance. - Hundreds of dead lie unburied on tbe battle field of the stb of July fight. - A Washington special to the World savar'Scme sixteen deserters from Leo’s army arrived here to> day. They tally confirm tie pterion reports this ihe enemy are being largely rein orced by con scripts. • m JTfrald't Cltr Point correspondent eavs; Yesterday morning Gen. Birney opened all bis bat teries on the rebel worts and on toe cityof Pcter*- *urg, and literally rained shot and shell on theta for over two honrt. This was la ro*a!hfiou lor the rebels firing rn oor pickets at a I houra. All accounts of an impending battle on tie Wei* don Railroad are mere speculation*, bu«d on ra mote probabilities. Whether Leo remorel hit headquarter l to Reams* Station, as reported bf de#ertcrs, to oversee an engagement, or not, be Ooea not Eccm deposed to bring on one as yet. Another correspondent soya; Brig. Gen. J. B. Howell, of Tem’s division of the 10th corp*, was accidentally killed on the night of the l«h. by his •"horse rearing and falling over on the General. The Eerald'e correspondent near Point 01 Bocks, IStb, describes the cannonade ay the rebels on the day before, on the attempt to knock down our eicral towers. A rebel deserter informed our ofil cere of theintentlun, Urns nreparirg as for them. He also located anew masked battery,which aa soon a«.opened, found our gnus trained upon U wttb surprising accuracy. The Hera a's 2d cavalry division correspondent sava: Wo have been enjoying an exceedingly beneficial rest. The regiments in the meantime rapidly filling op. Gen. Davies* health is such as to permit bim to rejoin bis command. Headquarters Abut or the Potojcao, 1 . September IB—evening j For the psat few dsvt 'both aides have been en cased in a continued struggle of sharpshdjjtlng and artillery finmr. particularly in the centra, caused by the enemy's firing on our pickets. The enemy have been busy tor severaldays, con structing a second Una of works a short distance behind the first, and are making it as strong aa the other. _ September. IC—morning.—All ia. quiet. Less firing was heaxd last night than for a long time past. _ . ■Washington, September 17.—Passengers or • the mail boat to-day report that on Friday a large body of rebel cavalry made a raid on our reserve bera of cattle, opposite Harrison’* Landing, and succeeded in earning off the enfre lot of about ?,COO. The guard of about 200 men of the 13th Pennsylvania cavalry of coarse could not do much against seen heavy odds. Oor cavalry started la pursuit, and it waa believed that before nlgt\t the entire lot wonld bo recaptured. - ' (Inantrell, Cincinnati, Friday, Sept, 10.—A Louis dis patch eaja the party sentfor from that city to In dianapolis to identify the pcr»ou arrested there as Sutmuell, thoillaaoorimarderer and robber, de ares that the arrested man la not he,_Oa the con trary, the Indianapolis correspondent of the CJn-„ dnnati Gazette says he has been identified. He saye: , Yesterday Gen. Hovey received a dispatch from responsible .parties in -Lawrence, Kansas, who knew Qcantre!! well, describing the desperado so perfectly that there is not a reasonable doubt' that the real Quantrell la caught at last. Capt. Thatcher, United States Army, formerly on duty in Kansas and New Mexico, called on Quan trfcll this morning. Ho addressed him as he enter ed. -l‘How are yon, Haiti” Hart Immediately sprang up, shook Mm by the hand; admitted hia Identity, and talked over old times as coolly aa If he were an innocent man. Evidence from all quarters ia accamn’aiißg in Identification of Quantrell, and will bo developed on hla trial, which comes on at once. Jnptlco doea rot sleep forever, and the Law rence victims will be avenged. •From New York. New Y&rk, Saturday, Sept. 17.—A Washington special td'the Poet says Geo. Wallace has suspend* ed the publication oi the Cambridge (Md.) Demo crat. ' Mr. Wakcm&n will cater on bis dctlea as Sur veyor of the Port on the Ist of October. judge Kelly baa beer, appointed Postmaster. lie baa held a variety of public trusts, and is said to be a man without a stain or even a suspicion on bis Integrity. The authorities contlnucAo forward large bodies of troops from this point for the Army ofthePoto mac. Yesterday (bo sti-amor United States took SCO. add the Saranac TOO. To-morrow- the Sedg wick will take SCO. amusements. VS7 AJttliiiXir I’HjSaXKIS, w Hoe- US and 117 Dearborn street. C. M, CHA»»WICK J Bropnetcr and Manager T.L. FITCH. Acting aadStage Manager MONDAY EVENING,- BEPT. Stt, First appearance of thu beautiful slaters, KSTELLA & CELIiSTINIC ALSO Dir. J. H. CARLE,-The Great Banjolst- Immenze success of &♦ fjIG, CONBTAKTINB. " __ And WILLIAM SCOTT Doors open at 7J4; Curtain rue* at 6# o’clock. Scale or Pitcii.—Parnnette, 35 cauta; Drees and Family Circle, ss ceutSKprlvate Boxes, 81; Ilngla Boats ia Boxes, 75 cents. THEATRE. Tilth and last week of MB. CHANFHATJ. The a&sa?event/on tbs part of Mr Cbaafrsu, offr-r the expression cfhm acknowledgement to tu» pub 1c for that enthusiastic support and approbation which hss hone his engagement on with such bril liant success. MONDAY and TUESDAY will be presented the hut djama ever written. TUB ‘OCTOIIOON. Cn which occasion it «illb« receive i with TUiIUL* TIOCJS AFPt^USK. Mr.Chsntran. ; as Old.DociePate Ur. KcYickrr as .......Salem send>ter -Ml sJchcsoa... Zoo Ur Myeis ;....George Parson *Mr Lord as MCCloaky SA.TUUDXT AraSHCOS’, GBiflT> UATT2CES. . poll. WOOD’S, MUSEUM. J, H. WOOD AND B. P. WHITMAN, Proprietors and Manager*. Mr. A. D. HEADLEY Duector of Amusement*. Fasti cm. as Ncti as Owlnc to the crest advance cf evpmeeihe raanacemeec have bean compered to follow the er ample of other places of amn* emaur, and ourine me comlnnanee of the present tugnpiteea makeaaiisht advance in the ■ - PBICK9 OP ADMISSION; To Museum and Gallery of Lector* 80urn.;....53 cti. To-Musrnm and Dress circle cr Parquette ....59 era. Secured Seats in Drere Clrrle or Farquetta.....73 ct*. Oichf lira Chain (5u la number) 00. Private Children order 13 yean of age to Museum is cu*. jjn .hiidren -ccupylng *ea*s in Dre-.s Otrcls or FarcueUe will hecnargeoFollFries. MONDAY EVENING, Sept. 10th. and every even tor till farther nonce, will be pressstsd the enacts ini Drstra of THE DUKE’S MOTTO. - Henri de Landere sir. Frans Aiken Canli-lursui - Mr. McM^cca niaacbs de Nuevcr UDs May Howard PlLdcpsb Helen .....Mrs. Stonnall U«rl»' the niece aSonc and Dance bv Mua LOr rA. Dcors epen at 7k Certain rl?s a 54 to S o’clock. GnAND MATINEE EVERT SATDaDAT. Admission, SO ct nts Children half price. TyAK SICE'S GREAT SHOTf! Of Educated and Performing AnimUs A high icbeol c t mcral and marry philosophy fcr training quadruped*, enteitslnlrg bipeds, promoting beoiihlul recreations, and inculcating 6 taste lor Li accent amusements, will be exhibited IN CHICAGO, Co ntr State and Twelfth streets. for one west:, commencing MONDAY, a9tb, At 3 snd 7K P. M., afternoon and night each day, on cer the Immediate aad personal direction of SIB. I>Al¥ BICE The originator of this novel and reflnecUentertiln nent, which will be illustrated tbrongnout by the t ei la comic Lectures of the great Ilnmcmt, with tea co-operaron of bis besuuful and accomplished youtg wifr.Uts DaN RICE, who now disc appears in public teetccusxe tae la troductlon oi morose tiveexercl>e omorgat her delicate countrywomen, and averted bv the eminent An eric >a nquerrlee, Prof. B. Q. STORES and LAl>7. Tbe ircentiensanonaoi tbe equine World of Lon don, pari* and sna by the famous BnslUh Ai Jmal Tralcer, Mr. HEN BY* a numer ous reittne ot auxiliaries In every department. v iib sn u-paralulei coUtctlou of-bCHOOL AND LIBERTY HOBS-8. all American, £r glial snd TTerchthcrouph-bredi „ . A tare combinationofEduca'odHones asdPoulei, Edneated Don anaMcnkeje, Educated Males ana Buffalo'*. air. DAN RICE la enabled to present an encyclo pedia oi tha gems or the Circus, Menagerie and Theatre, sn expurgated edition ox each, Moral aad eilcrtalnldg, useful and Interesting, instructive ana amusing. Adml*sioo. 50 Gts.; ClitldreD, 25 Cls. »alfr;B£s-7t Heal 32state-=Clit2. SALE - City Lots sitoated X. 1 In the western, southwestern and lon hsm parts ot the cuy Also, some blocks In the south, wcitern part, suitable for inodiviß on Also, a large water l"t on sentb street, west sldeot >ha river. Any of tb<* above will be sold at a bar aln on making exriy_applies'ion Icqul-e te:ms,»tc..baiwo?tttba hours of 10 a. M. and 3 P. hi., of J. BTIN3ON,SS Dearborn st,, up ■OOB SALE - Residence Let on JL 1 comtr of Ohio aad Dearborn streets, 80 by KO leet. _ Lot cnJackacaatrett, near Bucher, 37 by ISO leet, tor |1,550. Lot rn sooth side cf'Wanen street,between Robey andHoyne.aooyiaiTeei. . , . Also, a number ot houses and lots, batldlvgs, lots, river lots, and ground emtanie lor asnnf4cturm< purposes. SaMDEL A. SARGENT. Real Estate Agent, no. 4 Metropolitan Block. ICI3-4870-3t f? OR fAJLE—House and Lot at T. X 1 3. BRYAN'S Beal Estate Office, Bryan Hall, a Eonso and Lot for on Sand Side, 2Hm*ie« nom City L nuts, on Wentwcrxh avenne, and contle ucns to a railroad station. Accommodation trains five times daily. Home, two stones, seven rooms and kitchen, and good bars. Lot fOxUO feet, close boatd hncc on three aides, pickets In front, with ahadeuec*. yeU.ci3crn.Ac. 5e135332-8t F3R SALE -Two Lots 25i100 each.onlcdlana street, corner tiler.between wens and FrauUm, wlthframe church 55x55. and two two-story owel iotrs For particulars inquire of HU WES A BKAUNS.No.6 yigwam Bmldlnj, Mai ket street. . selS-sS37-6t FDR SALE —150 ohoise Residence Lota near aoctlon by J. A. Marshall. on the preolflea, TUESDAY, at 2 P. U. Half ca«r, balance on time No wls toot time t* get a borne, fee large band-mils or potters. Bel7-t27i4t iSoartoing. BOARDING— Rooms -with board can be obtained at 62 Fcnrib avenue. ■ Refer- esces exchanged. BOARDING.— Furnished rooms to let with board, also ats * dav b*ardt« can be accotnincdaUd, at 148 Madison at, tiro book* Crum roat Otbce. iei9sicilt OObRDING,—A' large unfur- JaJ* Dittoed front parlor to let, with board, in a S lea-ant location, and all the privileges of home, eneneed apply ant ttooee woo wish to 09 Derma b flit and can give eood references. Addresißraver 5861. -sei3 taint <OOAKDLSGr.—One large fnrn- Jf# Uhei room to rent with board, satiable for a lady and aeatleman, or two amdo gentlemen. Also, a ncflefnrn'shsfl room. None need apply unless permanent resident*. 1-13 Wabash arenae, oetween iladiicn and W or roo eta. selS- s!CS-2t OOAED ING.—Wanted by a gan- Otleman and wife a salts of room* |q a privets fanulv—North or South Side. Address Pen Office Box 45?3 V^ Co Kent. 'npO BENT—The two story wood * House on north elds cf Walnut street, second bou?e e?s* of Paulina street, Apply to tf. At H3&N, fe cO.. 162 Scum Water street. salS-ritSSt mu KKffT—ln the Wist Divi .l tioa. a D-roomed Bonce, moit pleasantly alto md, facing Union Para, close *o street cara.witn lim-iateiuinltcre and ftas fittings complete. For ■siesta bargain, For particulars address “ A. C, M Tribune office. sets i354-2t T / O RENT- Sloro on first floor, vitb or wilfcoul fsrnltuie. and two rooms cn S-l floor, arranged tor a good dveUiog, with water, gas, etc. on Labe.street. For particulars, address »• -\v S T.” Tnnono office. gejAsm I wM New Fiance, also a large assortment of Pianos. Ue’ofioots and Great s frr sale cn themost favoraDls terms. W. W. - sel3q9lS-Ia Host. LOST— A psir point lica ctilla on Saturday evening laat. between the CUPon Boom and Adama street (on Mactaon orState ttneta). Tte Under will he iwsrgrded oalcaviag *thematll4 WahMh avenue. " Ml9-U auction Sales. isaamco. , KACA&E3BOOTS ANDSSOES, \VANTED A situation as aasia •llf vJL* * 4a , t boo* keener by » TOta* ma avktku - DRY GOODS. CLOtSING, &8* cao»Tfr»l jcwacxp'iietcalnsaeban-s.rtoa seat u&x uuuu9| *««**• ■* ofmfrtnffiK T® Add wH. M. POILLIfh.IIS AT ADCnos. i i*et orA.L. UAi?lEL3.Keaa4li7U,e.iaii; On ■VROyKaDAT. *t 9K o cTectj at Bat- „ ailUfttf-n ua. tai* Aceticniio -res la poitltnd B*ocJc. . .. ielT»:&3st 'WtA A BUITAS3 A CP-, Ancfrt PliHO FORTES AT AUCTION. OnTDCRdDAr, Sept «d.at9tf o’Mcck.atßat ters'-auction Rooms in Poniard B*o«e, corner o£ Dearborn and Washington streem. «e.752596t Wii. A.BUrrESS& C3t,Auct’rt. r'ILBSET * SAMPSON', VR Auctioneer., M,«iadUDe*rtlCra It. Sixrx-IIVE CRATJE3 OP CROCKERY, By Catilctus, AT AUCTION. On THUBBLAT, Sept.39, at 9K o’clock a nr., we aboil (e)i at cur salesrooms, *l, v>£ 13 Dearbora-at, sixty Ova crates ciCxfcsery. oy tbe pact-ge.aao open lots Tbe wars is all first Quality ana best shapes, ana consists ot a'.ers sisortmen of rol ler, D nn a r. Breakfast ana Tea country buy ers wUlfindln U’is tale aaplendta asiortmea to as sort np tbeir stocks from. aoa all toots warrau ea as represented Samples can b* examined early on tbo morning of tbe day of sale. Country dealers weblog Era eataiCKfidwillpieare write f r no? Termsca £ seISQSSMn GILBEBT A 3AMPaON,Anct’s. fVILBERT & SAMPSOin, \jT General Auaaoneer* 44 (8 a(3 Dearborn si. 820,000 WORTH LINEN GOODS, &C., AT-AUCTION. ' ' - Commencing on MONDAT.9ept.2Stb,at o’clock A-M.,aru SK KM. at our sairsrapirs, 41. IS & 13 Dearborn nxetbcorslsting of all qualities of Taola Linen by tbo yard, end single clows. linen sheeting (alt widths), plliov-eaee Linn*. coronstiottlnis anl soinlois.ladies*and seat’sitsaacambric cbUfr.Knttla batn towtls, crasb. towels of all kinds by tbo dozen and yard. marsaLcs bed spreads, &e.. &c. Tbs aboye goods are all warranted perfect. The attention ot boniaseepera.aod others la want of ary kinds of tbe a toys goo os, are paitxnlsrly m- TtUd. Tb« goods will be oner for inspection on tbe Satur day before tbe sale. /GILBERT & SAMPSON, wjT General AucHoceen. 14. IS Al3 nearbors-ct. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FU3NITDBS, BRUSSELS CARPETS, STOVES, &c. f &c. AT AUCXIDN . On TUBBDAT, Bept.2otb, at9H o’clock, weahall sell at cur saletzootns, a great variety of Bicb. Haw Rosewood and Walnut Parlor ana Chamber Furni ture. Elegant Book Cases wad Seeretarles,'Flae Oas Marble Top Stdeboera, witn mirror baeas. Scroll Leg and Banded Oak Extension Dining Tables, Oak Dur ing Chain, Cane Seat chamber* Lhaiis, a splendid as sortment of Marble Top Chamber Suita, In Rosewood, Cbeatnn-and Walnut. .... «... Several Brussels Carpsts, Ingrain do. Stair do. Cocnng ar d Porlor-Btsyea. Crockery *nu Glassware, Bedolnr, Comforters. Kitchen also—At 11 o’clock 15 dorerfP.Ttflmoanalßs. tbl7-5397 It Auctioneers. RUCTION NOTICE. JAMES MILKOR TaYLOE, Auction aid Comnmson Merchant, 81 Bandolph Street, Between State and-Dearborn, win receive Coniltromenta ol all kinds of ilershm- Clee for i»I» at Aumlon or private sale. f S. B.—Planes, Furniture. Liquors, Ac . cow on band for sale cheap. sliO-lt ■pHE CARSO PER “ROMEO,” From Shangbae, Conslitlrjrof 8707 pligs. Hjson SI in, Ttran* If ay, Uyson T waakay, Young; 59yson, Dyaon, Imperial, , Gtmpotrdcr, Congou, §onch> ongr. Oolong;, Mandarin nix* ture, and Natural Leaf Jo« pan Teas, WUI be public sale, at the stores ol Messrs. Gillespie, Moffatt & Co , St. Fad street, Montreal, inCRSDIY, 22d SEPTEMBER. And Imm of lately after, SUGARS, TOBACCOS, WINES, &C. The Teas can be purchased in Bond Catalogues, on application. ' SALE AT NINR O’CLOCK. selt-HZ-gt-tthp JOHN LEEMIfrG A CO.,AncVs. S^autcß-—Substitutes. TVANTED. —Notice.—Chicago, T i HI., September I.ISM. A Branch Office oTthe Surgeonstas been eatabiuhed attae comer of Kan* dolph and Lasal e streets at the office of MURPHY A CO. There will he a surgeon in attendance at reg ular hears to examine recruits for tha United States Navy. Five hundred ship carpenters and two hun dred caulkers warned. Good sn?es win be given. By order of JOHN D HASTY, acting Vot.Lieut. UTb. Navy, Com. Beaderroua. sei9-sS3£4t WANTED- Drafted men ol tha V v city of Chisago and State of Illinois to knew that theresa be ruraisheo reprearntatives atthemoat reasonable tanas and the shortest notice, by aadress* ingLcca Box (1063-or eprly'ng at tho corner of Randolph ana Lasalle streets. In the basement. B«l9.Bfc£-5t W. MURPHY & CO. YV ANTED—bnhititntcs and rep f » resentutive* at the cornercf Randolpn and Lafallestroets, In the bssement. Call and get the highest cash bouncy that ts now paid In tho city, aeid-ssst-st W.aUHPHY»CO. TSTANTED - Kecruita for U. S. Y Y Gunboat service A few more young men wanted. Greetinducementsoffered. Localboutbes now paid an! the highest wagtselven. Parties bring. Ing ns tgcrultß will be liberally reworded. Call at the comer of Etndolpb and Lajal.o itreea.ln the bag*, ment. [sel!M3s64tJ W. MOItPHY <fc CO. TXT ANTED- 80-Gnubostmen im- Y » mediately. Call at the eerier of Eindclpb and Leealle strtetr. Wetropolltan Block, la tao base* ment.mioiangefflcaof ___ . _ WiLMtr p ?ilX A CO* Cell end set lbs highest bounty paid In tn> city, cash in tana. ae:9 -3» 6t XV ANTED —Reciuita for tbeQnz- Y f bcatoervlce. A few more ymng men wasted. GreatlcdneetDenuoffered iocs! bounties nou paid ar.dthe highest wages given. Parties brinstn? ua re crni’i nib be liber ally rewarded. Call at tbe comer of Etcdolnb and Lasaile streets. In the baaetrear. tel9>. 3:6-6; W.MUEPfIr* CO. XV ANTED Substitutes; Dear Y Y sirs, after yon have canvassed tbe city of Cblcasfo, we would like for you to give us the last call, and it will then be for you to say IX we c»nnot give. the largest bounty to Snbstltutcs and Rente* ■eutatrver entering the u. g. service, for any period from one to three years. Choice of service and regiment given- Gunboat men taken f:r ove, two and three years. if yon wish bouoraols dealing give os a call at tbe comer of' Bandeiph and Lnealle street, in,the basement. WM. MU&PB7 & CO. 1f19f33i« - XVANTED —To say to the many YY paitlss la other States who have applied to na to furnish them soiist! tutus, that we baveconflaed our operations to tbe County or Cook mainly, and have not and oo not intend to furuiah any men te bo en cited to the quota of asy Scato but il'iucls. WILLSON ft M£BBlAtf.43 Clarg-str selS^Sglt \J\I ANTED—To inform the public Y Y ' that we are prepared to famish Substitutes atthelowfst price lor which they can now be pro cured. Debt's Are. danffhrous. Fjat cans. ttrrt served. -WILLSON* MEEEIAM.4S Clara street. Chicago. _ solSsaw it \\T ANTED —That those subject it to draft ehcnld understand that the cheapest mahser of avoiding the nak oi being forced Into the army la to pay WILLSON A HS*4KIaM, 43 Clark street. Two Hundred and fifty Dollars, to Insure them substitutes in case they ura drafted... Call and see about It. scls*££*it WAlTED—Substitutes for the Y Y army and navy, fer one, two or three years, and the highest boon? paid, at the Ceutrar Western War Claim Agency of WILLBOB * MBH3I4M. 43 Clark street. it 3Seal 3istates=fflountt2. "OOR^' SALE.—Ei?e Farms, 160 X/ seres.'B miles Domcity limits; 113 acres, 33 miles cut; 12 acies, and one of 50 a res,s mil=B out: 4 acres, 6 miles cut; sne ore of 2i>acrei,smll d 8 OUt For terms, call on T.F. BALDWIN, No. 101 Ban dolph sceet, Hoorn No. 9. sew »U7-26 XTOR SALE - Ftrn of 100 acre?, JL 1 hou?e,bani, o; chord, timber, meadow, pralrls. all fecccd-nnce, *.,.vo—ijs miles fr« Brush -D»poj it ml e* BUnihwest of Chicago. This la truly one ol thereat and cheapest rsraia la tbe market. F. £l. CUMMINGS, 134 Clark affect. ae!7 >a7B-2t baam * FOR SALE—Farm of 200 acres, all fenced sod cross fenced, taenia 34x34, barn 652*0, tlnoer, intrle, mssdow, a ocz, water and 'orchard; one mile from railroad depot, and nlnet-ea milesDomChicago. Price,si2treTacrs. B.H.C(Tu- H1NG8,134 Curs street. isiTa2Q4t ax** FDR SAXE-Stock Faim of 160 acres, gcod boon, bain, all fenced, {0 acres cnl« tlvated, 100 w.rca meadow, eat ISO tons ha? this year. Location ten miles aooih of tbe Co art Haa*e. and tor tale with stock at a great lacrlflco B H CUM MINGS, 13a Clark street. BBl7*aH3-2t a ana FDR SALE—Farms* 160 acres at IlSperaere: ICOacres. SlTperaere; 913 acres, ICO per acre: 920 acres. IJ2 per acre; SO acre*. 19000? ai*o,6ooacrts,iiß>c<o.atdmaß7otliu«. E fI.CdM. MINGS, 1M dark street. itl7-fl27Mt FDR SALE—A Farm in White side County: contains *53 acr*t,lM) u"darcil ttvauan, 70 in meadow, balance heavily timbered. Frame boose of two stanea.two frame Oarni. rac ulrg water, good orchard, 4c. Lccaied-cn Bock Slyer, near Propbetstown. Tbe timber alone can be made to pay tbe price ot tbe farm la one year, a Ballrcao ft exiled past tbe Ja-rt. P;i<*p,t2s per acre. Inqoire at THOS. B. BRYAN’S Beil Estate Ofllcc, BnaaHaU. sel3-s3D3-u scl9-8391-t Tj'Oß SALE—A Farm of 80 acre?, X about two mllef from Lake Forest, on tbe Cbl. evo and Milwaukee Ksllicad. Apply to P. FAR RELL. Lake Form. A me chance, if spp.led for Immediately. Ftrtyac/cs under cultivation. * BCIS-eS62 3t * Tj'Oß SALE—Farm of 160 acre. l , X choice improvamenla, timber, prairie, meadow, orchard, stream cf water, stock, .nunilag tool*, horses, wagons. carriages, nrntmre, tosaiedmaud by a beantunl village. wltb ral.po'd depot. Price for e. aCDMMINO9,I32 Car* street. sei7-e379-3t ba An " "WANVED-A small Farm. I T T hire, DOtcliMM- tn :» aim or so or « tcra, with a ,00. ovelllnz am olOftlninrjTcnlenta. aomo tirater.lrult, &o.,neara vUliae and rot over Q,a inllea from • railroad.. Also for a similarly improved aid located place cf Com aix to twelve acres. Ad dress TiiOS. B. BRYAN, Baal EltatO Gfflie, S:y&n Hall. *el7sSß 3t F3R SALE-Improved Farm lor ■al*. al 1 bos. B. Bryan’a Office. Contains 910 acres, ft :f miles trmn KtmothaCny, Wia„ijs miles tremibo State line, ana two mUes Oram a railroad s’atlonf haatwo houses, orchards, wells and living springs, plenty of timber for fuel: well adapted to fruit, gram or wool growing, rule perfect. Price •9,1X0 casta, except SIOO, which c«o remain indednUc* ly, at 7 ver cent. \ ery cheap at the price* sei:-i23i-iw . - fTOR SALE--Ths “Lawrence Man* J. or” Farm. Tb’stoim consists of 1W acrct, divl. ded Into lots ot from 3 to 40 acres. (’O9 In tame grass meadow,) trenilro bniidmss, oresards. 40. 4c.« • aid ail In complete order, for a y ntleman’a coentry seat »nd f&rm combined. Lavs wfttala boors’ ride from Chicago, and 4 milesyoatta cf NewLesox depot, on Ilrcklßlandßsilited. Piodoctlve cltr preperty wcnld be taken In part payment. Price, iMperacre, gAW Si ILL AND PINE LAND ICor Sale. Bald property ft situated on White Lake, Muueson Coanty, Michigan, contains JJCQ acres go'dPute a portion cot over—Mill e&ttreUr tetaoli* fast wmter; is catting twentj-dve thoaiand in twelve howoi fort* tbooaandlui twenty-toorboan. We guarantee, it tbe best sight and the nerdlest mill In the BtateTThe cenunaed ill health ot tbs max* estnj&M arts tx la the reason we offer it for sals vsTOftbis tarxns are offered Address - FSToraoiewms acaw 4 PtKBGI, es2SpG3ls- MllWMkbe, Wls ✓ • Ty ANTED - By s lady a situation v * laa isml/? taaew and rach sm>Ul cbtldfß. Term mo4exaioacd references g ve-». Pen*ns who reply tony aa*»rii»a-. t will bits street and aum. per ot their zef-cencr, an - * *bay wiu bo c*tlsd opoa immediately- Addr;** -HEd. L. w..’- Tnboae of fice. N194341«1t XITANTED. Agenta. - >2OO * T V ireoUi made by aoUtog Ketebum*s la preyed Cdtlaca sewing Machine.. Ccrlvald for beauty, durability. ana certainty of Btuch.Pi low Twenty Dollar*. Every geamn«imadUaabaa Ketch nm a o«na on the plate. HEP'-SUMA CO.. seL*tX7*Xt F. 0. Box 3683. Chicago, LX. TK7 ANTED - A 'situatim by * •w * Tcnr g man as entry clerk or assistant book ke per. Address X, Tribune office. selS-iffiMt T$7"AX r iED A min who is-not Tf afiauj lo risk bis ownjndrmsnt to embark a lb' uiara 00l trs in a new inyentlnn not yet beforo the&ublic. Adcress Drawer 6303. CbVaga XUI boD. seldsOttt Ty ANTED A furnished room . ».* <»tJbout board) for two. gentlomtU oaWs* ba*boriilchitanaTcnaes. Mast bowel furulsbsd. tot wbmb tti»y win pay liberally. Address with 1 t< J^.^^M.,TbUd.KaU o nalßJUik, Chicago. T\T ANTED— An honest, clean, !s sot afraid to work, and enswho la front* ;?JS?»Ss?tfc« ,r ? ,pecsm^x# « «*▼» “a wb > wishes a s.s»s rwhspsaais W J AN TED—In tf stricUy p ivato . » ▼ fen-Uy. a furnished room, wim of without * beard,tora Eertiem»D_wltblat n miaaLeVw»iio? tbe Rlcbm'md Hcu»e. ttefer. nces exrhaaicd Ad. dreea •* JEFFERSON," at the Tribune om ;s. M beplS-e 23-lt WAITED -A' Pirtner in tha v T Lumber botlßCfs. tt.nco to 410 OOd cash or credit reQulrtd. Tae ad7.rii»er bos a Ho 1 Saw Mill Just finished; slo a ro;U Grist Mill. Houses, Seeps. He cow warns auwanees of moo*y, proTliioni, Jt, to get otr tots tbiswinter. A-r seed man wishing to ensage la tna inmoec trade wiu find ih’a a good ooporranty. Acaiess,*wtti real nsme.Box a3fa» Chicago P.O. tel»-9331-lt- ANTED Bosmear. A thorough. ▼ * steady Bnjlcesaman,with one thousand ooliari would like to Join toms me established In arosp«ota> bla paying tnjireis where bis lervscea andoaoUal wonio be rerjul'ea. Addrcm Best Office Box 2779, Chlcsfio, Illinois. " ■ HiSeSm yjS7 ANTED- - A eituaticn by a ra *" turned iHldicr as clerk in semegoolbrusa. tfrltesa good band, ana employment mom ccblred than big wsg"i. Adoreu CHA3. A.PAXNS, Jr., 64 W*baib ayeLue. soiS-sSM $4 \f\J ANTED—lmmec lately, men ▼ y who wish to make |25 to *53 par day. in a legitimate buiinesa, by a small Investment or from SKO to ?ao.ate mv.tod to coll at3G Dearbornstreev Bocm 3H. anr examine one of the most valuable in* ventioas of theagejreviT before Introduced into tbe Weswrn sues. A rare oppoitatl yla now offered to esterprlsng map. with amtllor large capital, to make money eitr er or iccaxtrc In city or cennuy. F.T.CVSZuNG.aSDearbomstzeet Room No. 3X. MIS-fISSTdk \\f ANTED—Board and room. Tv (fnnhbedoraafiinilahsd)laaDilvatef«Ur on tba North or Sooth sises, in a good neighbor* hoo<L^Aoareia' , MRRi'flA>T» P.O.BoxlibtlS. WANTED —A firit clots Carpet UphoUteier to pat down carpet?. A study p'ace for a good can. App.y ro HOLLI3TES at WILKINS. IJ3 and 137 Lake street,upstairs. 8«a-l26Mt . w ANTE It—A girl to do general T ▼ botuaworh. on Twelfth-ar., betwo- n Wabsdx and Michigan avtioea. 5e13551326 VV ANTED—Asaodla ana harness T T maher wants a situation jn some ccna’ry town la minols, where he can have steady wor*. Can work rood at any hind of work at the trade, from a caddie down Address O. Q. WILLIS, cast dtn.Fxeble Conan, Ohio. teutssifits vyANTED For the Government ,1! in the Quartermaster's Department, at Sf. Lcnl», Laborers at Jls per month ans rattens. T&atn* sti ra at f4O per moots an t raticns. Free transporta tion furnished from coiesco, Illinois. For further imcm stlcn inQnlr * at the Govern mast Offle •. 132k Sc. Waters ieer,Chicago, Illinois. O.M.BIBCOCK, Government Agent. telS-sM4>l£ YV ANTED —S nroisfct d House. , M On or before the flm of October, a nleely funJsh-*d fcouie located cn North or south Side. Any person having each may andarespotilhie >«aa» bjaadxeetlcgf 0. Box 4373. seiasSL-st \,V 7 ANTED—A Fon-ithed Honse I* ob or about the first of October, In a first* class ne’shborbood, ft na email family. Notoortica lar about mata&ce non court House. Adosees M Tribune office. selSiS.S'it XXPAS TED - Beautiful Catd Pho- T T tographs, suitable Alaamt. Ton will get tbematH; OAOfi A CO'n. 138 aoma Clark street. There beauiuul ptctnreraieon Vignrte Cards, and can now be bad at any ether place la taa el'j under Si coper dez-n, while the above firm xnraLih theauor li.*o t .?r dozen, ana warrant them no; to fade. se;3-MC3 Jt YV ANTED —Twenty CErpenterj V T wanted at the Distillery of The Chicago Die* tilling l Co . near Warn a Bolling Mill. seri-stSt-St WAS'! ED Enivlojrnent. $75 a Mouth. Agents wanted to sell Sewisg Ma chines. W« will give s cnail maenmes told, or employ agents who wiU work for the aoovo wares and all txpensei paid. Address O B. fI<B KINGTON 46 CO, Benoit, Allch. am? si£s ge YV AN TED —Store afd baaement. 7 V oraaTallftadie house, about®! feet long by 5 3 wide, for storMUsmd pausing, or a part ot pocstnc_ house at Bridgeport or around - Addsesi Post Office Bex 34>3. - sell a2S7-n ,"WANTED Immediately, one » T good sack can. v weinner. Call at 39 "Sea. d ol ph street. ■ eeuaas-w "WANTED Byayonngmsnsomß * v pcaitiun in a wbo'«»ale etorA la a good pen* man. an 4 has bad experience as Cleric-In toe Army, can furnish good re to e n .ces» fie ueaddrew M L S C, M Pest O&cg. Chicago, HL selT-saas-at "W ANTED—A situation asCatter v v by a Tcunzmen. Has good exrenenca auC.. rtference Hat no exertion o so in the country. Adcrees Post Office Bex 3308. Chicago. 9917-1312-3t ■fTSTANTED—To rent a iurtiihed ,' Y Y ro:m. with or without board, in a private family, by a slig.e srertleo-nn. Bet*- of refereno-s can btgiven. Addtega*-W3. n 80x4313. »cl7saidh "IXTANTit'D -- A situation by a Y Y young man that understands driving and tables cart of hones. A duress *• W u.** Sox oo9*J, or call at Madame iditei’s, 12D Sc nth Clark street. aal3 «!ST -it \\f ANTED lmmediately, two TY go?d c\rtlaoo bedy makers- None hut good workmen ne«d apply. Aadrera JaS. Wl fOET, Jr- P. O. Bex 573, Sprit pn old. HI. sell> 5217-71 VX7ANTED—A respectable and Y v healthy Swedish lady wfahea to get a situation at a wet none. Any respectable family wishing mob, can hiv# one by applying immediately at 67 oak4t. selg*alli6t airs. 3. LAE3ON. Several fcmrate T T Sash and Door makers, to whom steady em ployment srd good wages will thsSash. roor »a<J Bllna Factory sad Planing Mill of mbtsk BhCTgflß, FOO du Lae, Wl«. sell sC3 St WANTED —Photography .A. n’ eqperlenced pbotesrapber. capafilaof taking charge of any detariment in the photograph gallery, withes a pcncancnt mumionscuiewtere. Acdreaa stance Termu.P.O. Box 349, Bearditown, HI. ael3-e5-lw. ' . WANTED —At 300 Indiana St.’, a glrl to cook wash and non. Apcly imme diately. sel3-q935-lw TJV AN?ED—?2S oco more to «x- Y * lend an already extensive trapnfactcrlnjp business, la 1J52, affording good profit*. A man with the above amonntlnmcnor.cannaveA chance as active cr sliest p&rtrer la a busln#iw that payr. Ad dries •* Manufacturer," Drawer 6011, Chicago HI. _ seS qHi-iw TV ANTED—Agents to sell Prcsi t T dcntlal Campaign Medals and Badge Pins. LlaAncsscs comet: woikmanshp kaoerioi. Pries from $1 to 310 pei IM. A sample u.edalor pm, euher in yellow or white metu, 15 cent*. Adorers JOHN srijfTOJT, Bt*mp and Brand cutter. i3n Finn-st, rtaetnnv |, Ohio. iel»-lßi lot ANTED—Agents to se;l my Y », new engraving entitled “ Home on Parioaih.-* rue cf my c>d agents writes me he never baiaay. thing to oell 11*o.if. Disabled BOldleri and oth-rs will end this a sffr d chance to mike money. Apply ar onceIoSAMDEL plKg, Box Chicago, ILL OUlca 16 Portland Block. trtO»oi*U IV ANTED -Agenta to know th it v * the place to get Campaign Medals, Badges, SieelHngravires.C'rd Portraits of the candidates, and an kin* l * of Campaign Gooos cheap, la at No. I Bcnth Ciark street.cor. or water, upstairs, over Preston, wuisrd A Ktaa’sßank. Card oortiaits, V-0 rario-ks.glpcrl(W; uem Oadzrs.gsperiod; asedals $1.7.) pe, aoa.; Lithographic Prism, -N vonaUeS. >1 per 100. One sreat Jamoalgn Prize Package is bow read*. Tall catalogues farmshea Address GftLDßxf A SAMMeNS, No. 1 South Clark affect, Chicago. • ie:Si2f4>sc * X\T AN TED—Agenfs to sell my T T fifty most vale shit new receipt! and methods of employmest. Agents are making from |3j» to sls >o per dsy,acrordlov u their buHneis abilities. Bent free on receipt of $1 DO and red stamp (They are wo T th |ILO I > anr p-.r»: n) Hvurr family snoold have ihtm Addrea* d. T. DKPO33, 83 Nasaan-et- N. Y-Boom 4. seXl-aSHOt WANTED—Agents in tins city acd town and county west for History oi tbe war. Scnhcm and southern sides, and other *orbs. Address, with stomps, S. M. KsNNKDY. Publisher. 10« Clark street, Chicago. ao2o proa im * V/XT-ANTED- #IOO per Month. Ao- T f ttva and Sellable Agents in tbe Array and everywhere elsedn themsek ioeratlra bulaesssnowß. Honorable and no Ms*. Address or apply to T. 40. SACSHAB, lltf Broadway. N. Y. jS9-nWto jFor Sale. XTIOB SALE —A first-rate English JL* double-barreled yon. wnn ride barrels to It ■amesteex AnptytoO.P BSCl>B,guani»ker,liy I>e*r&*re street. Chicago. ss 9a3ifrit FDK SALE -A Portable Engine, cheap fer each—live bonclpower, ft In comp ete running order. Csn be seen at the Machine Soop, fpirerol Clinton and Van Bnran streets, or address ?. O.Box 4308. ■ sei>«bg3-lt Tf'Oß SALE - Portable Engine 15 X to 18 horse newer. Also, 20-horsa hollar. J. C. BICHAbUS, b9 Washington street. sei3-»HC-2l FDR SALE A Coupee Carriage, bnihUlauasd: Is tn perfect order anA-wiube sold cheep Apply WCOAN 4TEN BBOaKE, ' soie-aiimw FDR SALE A Panorama, With a Eioramacl the Wat at ached, with all neets. sary fixtures. Only ba«u used if weeks, to be sold rb-ao tor casta. Adorns, with stomp, USVI9 A CO. Box 1228, Ohio. >e>Bt3|Art rrOR SALE—A Ding Store for X 1 sale—one cf tte best baying stores, la ona<* ttemostCco:sfcmgcU!B3 efthe central part of Uiq 6toto.tif leg * wboieiale and retail bnalbcrs, assarad, and prodCaMa. An energetic bnsloeaa ttan.wiin a casual ot to SlS.OCf.wtU find ic M malting otfer Re ar to BUiUHAM* 4 VAN eCHAACi*. Diogi^ft-^blcßso^^^^seieaias-TS f?OK SALK— flnnr- X 1 ineandcrlsußTll, knownartha Eagle Mint,at Princrton Uitno’s. wt«b four, ntael French Bn»ri. capable of mantuacturing 200 floor ev;ryS4 boars, wits a three story wareoooaa atuchcd, with a capacity for storing Is.CfO barbels of grain, located on toe track of the C. B 4Q.IU Win be sold on favorable terms. ?or particulars apply on the premise, or adoreei FBTBOW 4 MOSS, Prmeetoa* FOR SAL E a West Side groc^iy boilneu In tbe West Dlvftion. Tbe neighbor hood ta excellent andtha patronage good . willoe sold cheap f=r cash. Address P. O. Box 3i»-42. aepia \ Strasfb. CTRA7ED—Broke frem tha snbsmbev on tbe night of the 17th Inst., s I year old sorrel hotee: had a. leather strap on htaoec*. .fort feet newly shod. Any person retan.lna him or clvine trlbrmatlon wbsre bs can bs doaod •ill b« sultohly rewarded. U. MARTIN, . 399SoalhCUikatretc.

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