Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 20, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 20, 1864 Page 1
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CHJC&GO "KIsiUKS. DAILY TRI'WEsKi V Ago fEEKLY. Office, I*o. -Cl/lrU Street* ffEUKS OF THE CHICAGO TKIBUOT,’ Dally, Servered In citv <p*t weea> .... ** “ • *' (per Quarter) fa**® —Daily, to mail irabicriVr*, per year Dally, to tori! «übi*crib«ti, perG tnootla.- Tri-woekiriprfyw. a so Weekly, ampe copy o-’-e yc*r •' , -? « c J 1 . ■* Mx month* —' \%% Clob*offoTHcop)ea.jcn'«y p * r -u-"i;* 20.00 *\ “ « - :::; 40,00 44 44 tw«nre , __ *^ato«ieUU«dut!.ntt'’‘ :o W'* 11,,mW 0»P“- latoßsUx-at* <»' <^ b ' “«*• 1,1 rf! “”*■ bc A l^^* 1 °cn Cl)tfa§a TUESDAY, BEPTEMDKB 20,1901. HEW AND IHPOKTftftT DftC UBIENT. „ il Issues of tRe Campaign.” /‘SHALL'THE NORTH VOTE FOR A DISUNION PEACE?” TrlbußC Campaign Ao, 3. - ' - We ‘have Sstmed, and are now prepared to ' furnieb, & sixteen pwge pamphlet entitled ♦‘lssues of the Campaign—Shall the North Vote for a Disunion is divided Into the following heads: COSTBKTS Historical Review—VTi»o arc Responsible tor the Warf-Tbe BebclHon at Its LielGa^p—The Great TftffmwaUonai JTi.ion Platform Adopted at Baitl more, 7, ISM —National Democratic Plat form adopted- at Chicago, Attest 80, The Meaning of the Democratic Platform— Wartinpton XZmiOs Epßolnuon—“The ‘ Basle -of the Federal " States'*—General Mcdellan’e Letter of ißccptance—'The of Peace lS' Disunion— Secretary Benjamin's Letter—As official ’ Dedssatioh that the Booth trill have Disunion or Nothing—General Graot on rbe War—His Letter to lIon.E. B Washburn e—George B. Pendleton end hie Dldojal Becord—Mr. Pendieton in favor of Lei tin? the Bebcle po in Peace—Mr. Pendleton a State Eights’ Han—Mr. Pendleton eaje the f*eoplo cannot Amend the Conetitntioi! so as to-Abollsh Slavery—General Damtird’e Review of General Mc- Clellan’s Campaign on the Fcntnecla—Appeal of “ National Union Committee to the People of the Dmted Stales. This comprehensive document, embracing' the platforms cf both parties, the letters of Gen. Mcpkllan, General Grant and Secretary and many other documents of vita interest, which axe not found in any similar publication, will be Sent by Express at Two Dollars per Hundred. ' / Let Union-men circulate it everywhere. Orders accompanied by the ca-h will be filled is the order in which they are tjpclred. ’ , Address Chicago TmncKZ Coxpakt. XME BEhT DOO UfflL£!lT. ' -v • One Dandrvd T»on«and Copies Al ready sold. WE CAN NOW FILL ORDERS THE SAME DAX THEY ABE RECEIVED Tbe Tranurtn compilation of cem« of the late Copperhead" Convention in this city, la which . pretcrence is given to extracts from tbe reports of < the Chicago Time*, is havinc an immense circnls tion, aijd Oku Hckdeed Thousand Conns have been sold. It gives the essence of the — -■ utterance* ot, Tfillandteham. ' Fernando Wood, • Cox and Loon, ./• Dyndors and Seymour, I XI arris, of AOryland, Wliikliflis of Kentucky, With tbe lesser light of the bogus Democracy on that occasion. Let thi* eye opener to the Intention of the Peace Sneaks he placed in the hands of every doyal voter. *" - - Sent by Express at Two Dollars per/ ( Bundled. Let Union men torculate U .everywhere, erpe -dally far Hoys In tbe Army -/a Orders accompanied by the Caen will be filled in the order in which they are received. Address Chicago Tsmuxs COxpakt. SIX CAttP*I«X Srt*G4. . " FXHI:IAB TTXXS. . How IftcCJellau Took Hlanassas! : The Dallying: *ohc* v Standby our Brave Hors Plehtlnc la the El eld. XLe Tonne bspoloou(t) Our Course Is Unnua Brer* Tbe Anenckfi Piss. The above are leaned on a -single sheet, enita ble (or orc at Union Meetings, Barbecues, Ac., Ac., and sold at SIOO per hundred. t3&“ h'o order* JiU ed afleju than one hundred. - Addicts TRIBUNE CO., Chicago, HI. - TBf >E^9. A dispatch was received jcsterday from C. G. Wicker, Eeq., at Springfield staling that tke* quota of this district on Sept Ist, all lowing fertile fifty per cent redaction/was 1,816. From tliie are to be deducted, of course, credits from that time to date. 'credits, however, are cot'as large as*fhey should be and still leave much work to be don& Euilßtmcntenmst be hurried or wcslpH have the dralt upon ua biVore we arc aware. Gold yesterday was jecy*-irregular, bat closed at ft flight advance on the opening price. An effort of the balls to raise up prices on the strenath of Corilnas’ eccentri-’ cities on the Bio Graode, tailed. The figures j touched during the d*y were as follows: Opting, 225. 223;',22G>^.223; e ', 22C&, 225)*, closing at 225*£" I'rom Gen. '"Grant’s army there iaTotbing of interest except tbe continued arrival of reioiorccmcnts. Tbe caralry force wblcb went In pursuit ol tbe rebel .cattle raiders surprised them while slaughtering 4har plan-, der, -recovered a portion ql tbe cattle, and. look 700-of tbe packers prisoners. A large force of 30,000 men is said to bare recentit concentrated' at Morganda, La., composed In part-oi Gen. Granger’s troop?, lalc'y ac log against Mobile. A later dhpatcb announces that the main body has already left, deet nation unknown; perhaps to reinforce Sherman, to.operate against the expedition fitting oat at Jackson under Fobrest & Co. The- individual arrested at Indianapolis and ' supposed to be the butcher Qntntrcll, tarns opt to be another person. The batter has been cheated ofct ot a des* rrltig victim. Philadelphia le-awakening to the demands of the political crisis, In a manner Vhich will of in hts birth filsce. The Union League has leased and. dedicated a magnificent hall, and_ trill bold meetings every evening until after chction.' Therein is contained a lesson for Chicago. , The Manchester (Cog.) Examiner copies the following xnrions paragraph from the Montrose (Scotland) M view, 'without com ment; ‘‘We learn from a quirterqurte r.-ijnf hie That tbe Earl ol Alrlle. wbo has gone to the United States, carries with him the views ol tho Government 'on the present oepect-of a Hairs, and will" offer himself to the Confederacy as a medium of communl- cation with the British Government,” "We have later nays frocnEtfrope by the ' arrival of two eteamejg. Mrfkey matters in England arc disturbed, and there are signs of a panic. American securities continue in demand in Germany at a still farther ad vance. The Bank of England has advanced ite rates of discount to nine per cent, Aufl-' tria is rumored to be on the point ofrecog* Hiring the kingdom of Italy. The health of the Emptier of fiance is reported unsatis factory. The Peace democrats In the West having undertaken do make fun of General Clay Smith’s that he would bet $200,000 that Lincoln would beTe-elected, the general has perfected arrangements to moke the bef good. A day or tVoago he •forwarded to the parties Id the West, who . Jjpve been attempting,!© ridicule the matter, . an offer to put Up- immediately, in any ppectatrte banking house. $50,000 on the pro posed bet, the whole of it to be forfeited if the entire-half mUliph weijgnot pot up before the election; Now-left us see what these Louisville gentlemen have to say to this bu siness-like exhibition of faith in Lincoln. Will a half million scare-off'the'Belmont party? A brilll nt full campaign is said to he pre paring In the Potomac aamv. Works are being strengthened, recruits arriving, fortifi cations planning, canals completing, Grant smoking, and activity everywhere. One return has come In from the Presiden tial election. The votes of 1,500 soldiers at Port Snelllng, Minnesota, Lava been taken aid forwarded In scaled envelopes to the proper parties at 8L Fsnh The vote is sup posed to stand: For Lincoln, J 200; McClel- Jan, 800. The ebldlcca were composed of new recruits and conscripts. Walt until we hear from the veterans. AnuniortnnateCop ptrbead watt up to electioneer, woa escorted out of tho. fort by such persua- clou aa the soldiers could bring to bear in the shape of the bajonrl -in doe® proximity to hla treasonable roar.- ■. The.draft took place yesterday in Datlb. vol.: xviu. port, St. Lonls, Milwaukee, St Paul, and ether localities throughout-ibe West It passed off very quietly and without any tutbancee. - — - -•/ s SESiTOB WiDE'S SPEECH Our Bj-cdsl dispatch from Cleveland, pub lished in sis of speech at hfe£dvUle Pa, on Saturday last; and a rerbatim. report of his -concluding remarks relative to the Wad e-Davis manifesto. The substance of the speech Ib that Mr. Wnie'eapporta Mr. Lincoln because that is right, and that he Joined in the manifesto because that was right alsß We shall not qoarrel with this position. So tongas Mr. Wade rested his case on the manifesto and left people to infer that be dldjiot support the ronlinceof the Union party, .and would not vote for him, he was to the wrong. That Mr.' Wade may differ from the President m regard to any subject in Congress or out of it, we freely concede. We claim the same right for onzselvrs, and we claim the right to express onr differences of opinion on all occasions. Bnt we neither claim nor con cede the right of any man to make those dif- pretext for contributing to the overthrow of the Union-party, find the tri umph ol the rebellion. - i t These remarks are called out hv Mr. Wade’s observations concerning those of Jits politi cal who have criticised him for his course in connection with the manifesto Now that wc have come together again, we trust that* wo- shall' be better friends than ever. Wc admit that there is muefcto be eaid to behalf of the views of Messrs. Wade atd Davis, concerning the <( blll In relation to tbe rebellious States/’ and the Preament admits the Issue in his 7 proclamation on the subj\et, but the proper time to settle that Question is after the common enemy is batten. " • GEir. miEß’s rbp6bt. The report* of Adjutant General Fuller, which we pnbhfji this morcimr. Showing the exact status pfDhnols wlth respect to tUe draft, will be read with absorbing interest by nIL Since the writing of the report let)*lie rlewe eo strongly nrgcfl by General Pntlir that tbc draft be made lor the sum • cr of men due from the State, as a whole, In.- steed of the nnmber,dne from .the sub dls 'tricts which are deficient, have been acqul ecd In by the War Department, and the suit Is that only fifty per cent ot the number" due lr«m counties frhich .nppearin General Roller's table as deficient, are to be drafted. Ext en rife preparations are being made for alargc mass meeting at Magnolia, Putnam 6o\ onTriday next, 23d lest. A. F. Storcr, of Louisiana, andotherspsak era will be present. . n the - QPERATIONS-dN MOBILE BAY. Admiral Farragut's Of , ficial Report. Forts and the Eun Tennes see tTcro Oapiored* - Plot—interesting Particulars,' The Army and Kory Journal for this week eon* tains the complete oC3claTrepurt''oi Admiral Per* ragnt of the operations in Mobile Bay. -It Is U- Instrated with very interesting diagrams explana tory of the different positions of the fleet daring the action. We copy the material parts of this jnteretting document: - ” U. S. Flagship ILabiTosd, I Mobile Bar, Angus; 12,155 L f v Bib : I had the honor to forward the Department on the evening op the sth Ins cane, a report of my entree into .Mobile Bay on the more log of that day, and which, thouch briet, contained all the principal facts ol the attack. Kotwiihsmcding the loss ofhfe, particularly on this ship, and the" terrible disaster to the Tecumreh. the resn t of the fight-was a glorious victory; and I havojnißon to feel proud of the officers, seamen and mannas of the squadron under my comast d, for It has never fallen to the lot of au officer to be thus situated and thus sustained, fiegnlar discipline will onng men to any amount of endurance, bat there Is a natural fear of hidden daLj-cw, parimlariy w&n so awfully destructive of human life as tro torpsoo which requires more than discipline to overcome. Preliminary to a report ol the action of the sth, I'desire to call the attention of the Department to the pterions steps taken In consultation wlih Generals C«nby and Granger on the fiih of July. I had an interview with these odicers on board the Bsrttord, oothe subject of sn attack npjn Forts Morgan and Calces, at whicnitwas agreed that Gen. Canby would etna ail the troops he conil spare to co-operate nftth the fleet. Circumstances eoon'obltpcd Gen. Canby to Inform me that ho conlo not despatch a eaflldeif: nnmoe- to invest both forts, ana lo reply, I Ba*pe#t«fi that Gaines should be the first invested, togadns to bare a force in the Sound ready to protect thelandlmr of the anny on Danpfcin Island in the rear of that lort, and 1 aselpncj Lieat,-Commander DeKrafli, o* the Coneman/h. to mat dmr. ' On tte If-t inttani General Graurer visited me again on the tee meantime the Te» ccmseh had arrived at and vtninlormedmethathe wotfld be rcidyt in four days lor any rervice. We, therefore, fixed npon the <th of Anpnst as the-day for laudfcg the troops, at d my et«ancelnto khe bvy,-bui owing i o delays mentioned in CapL JeakinV to i«ae, the Tecumsch was not ready. Geni/al Grao- I per,however, to crymordficjlion, wioaptothe time, and the troops actual;? lauded on uanphiu Is’and. a “ 1 -\hseqoent nts* -ed. As robsequcnt events "proved, the deUvjLnnied to our advantage, as tbe rftiele were bosly en gwccc daring the 4tii In tbrowmc troops and gap plicunto Fort Gaines, all or which were captured a few day# afterward. The Tecumseb arrived on tbeescnii-gol the 4th, ana everything betas pro* piilt-uu, 1 proceeded to the muck on the following mornings As mentioned {ft my urevjoce dispatch, the Teasels outside tbe bar which were defined jo participate nflbe engagement were all underway ,oy forty minntte past five in the morning, in tbe following order, two abreast and lasted 'toother: Brooklyn, Captain James Aldeu, the Onto rdra, Litutcnani-Commandtr C. 21. Green, on tbe .port side.- flenforfl, Cupiain, Pcrcivsl 'Dravtoo.'wUb tie Meta cornel, Lieaiemmt-Coia mincer 3. K. Juae’S. ' Richmond, Captain T. A. Jenkins, wit a tbe Port Elijah Lieutenant-Commander B. Qberardt. Lackawanna, Captain J.B.'Marcband, with the Seminole, Commander E. Donaldson. Mononcahela. Commander J. 21. strong, with tie Eumcbcc. Lieutenant-Commander W, T. Mc- Cann. ' .. Oteipce, Commander W. E. Le’Boy, with the Itasca, Lieutenant-Commander George Brown. Oneida, Commander J JL M. MolUoy, with tbe Ga eoa,XienteDaut-C,>mxnander C. H. Wtila Thoiron-dade Tecumseh, Oommamler TAM. Craven, tbe Manhattan, Commander J. W. A* Nich olson, tbe Winnebago. Commander T. £L Stevens, and the Cbickafciw, Lieutenant Commander T. IL Pi tklns. wtre already ahead inside the bar, and bsd been ordered to take up their positions on the ittarbootg elc? ot the wooden ►Ulpa, or between than cno Port Monrso, for thddoaole purpose of' keeping ouwn the fire from the water battery and tbe parapet cans of The tort, ss well as to attack" ti«e run Tezine&ee as soon as the fort was passed. was onlv at the urgent request of tbe captains sed ccnimandfbg officers that I yielded to the* Brooklyn being tbe leading ship of tb&llnc, as she bad four chase gone and an incCnlou* arrangement for picking up torpedoes, and 'because in their Jcdtaaeu the flagship ought not to be too much exposed. This I believe to be an error; for apart from tbe ftet that exposure is one of tnc penalties of rank In the nary,-lt will always be the jam, of the enemy to destroy the flagship, and, ss will ao pta>*ntne sequel, such attempt was very persis tently made, but Providence did not permit U to be succeSsiuL PASEIKQ TOE POUTS. Tbe attacking fleet up the main ship channel, the Tecumseb firing tbe flret shot at 6:47. At tlx minutes past seven it)e fort opened upon us. and was replied to by a tua from the Brooklyn, and Immediately alter the action became grniral. It was soon apparent that there was"' some difficulty ahead. The Brooklyn, for some cause which I did not then clearly understand, but which has since boon explained by Captain Aldca ” in mi report, arrested me advance or the whole fleet, wlule-atthe sometime the euua of tbe fort wcrepiayinc with great effect Upon that vessel and the Haruord. A moment after I saw tbe Tecum s eh, struck by a torpedo, disappear almost Hmtan--* UMoujly breath ibj wave,, urrjUjc with her her culant commando - -and nearly all her crow I determined at once, ns I had originally intended, to take the lead, and after ordering tbe iialacomet to send a boat to save, if possible, any of the net . fj-hfig crew. 1 dashed ahead with the Uanform and tbe snips followed on, ibeir officer* ndievin" that they tv ere going to a noble cealb with their com rmander In-chief. I steamed through between the bnoysWhere war supposed to have leeneank. These buois bad been previously ex amined by my Flag Lieutenant, J. Crittenden Watson, in severs! nightly reronnolssinces. Though he had sot been able to discover the sun ken torpedo we had been assured byrefu ct-es, deserterffuiil others, ot t&iir existence, out bclicv he that from their having been sometime in tbe water they were probably innocuous, I deter mined to take tbe chance of ineir explosion. SOW Trig ZSKXSSSES WAS CAPTURED. - From the moment I turned to the northwest ward 10 clear ihe midale ground, wc were enabled to keep each a broad tide lire epon the batteries of b ort Morgan that their truss did us comparatively little injury. Just after we paasedthe fort, which VMMxmticn minutes-before eight o’ciocr. the ram Tennetsoc at this ship, as had been ® x P e £ t *d» *pd in anticipation'of woichlhad or ccred the Monitor* on our atarbArdslde. I took nofurthernoticeor-hcr thau to return herflte. "be 1 fuel gunboat* Morgan, Games and Se’nja “i 1 tte I?.* 1 ," Particularly annoyed ne wttt a nklna fire, whirA oor gnne could not re ,®TP* tdicr cigot o’clock I order ed the Me.acomet to cati t>fl" und go m pnrsul'- ol the Selma. Captain JcucU was atter ber In a mo .menr, und in an boot** ii me he had her as a prize. She was commanded bp p. x, Murnbv fovmcrUr oflbeUnJied'tiwtee Karr. Hew^S; o ud?d ,n tbewrict; his executive officer'lncut. Comstock, and eight of the crew aided. 5 •wennded. LleuienauPtomiLander JooettV con dua during lh? *ho!c affair commaude my warm est Tbc Morgan end Qaiues suc ceeded lo escaping strd-r the prot'-ction of the gnus of Fort Uoitrao, which woo u have b< cu orc vented bad the other gunboats been a* prompt in thilr movemtnleaathe fflet.comet. Tb- wantof pilot*, however, 1 belli>e, was the prludpat'diffi. cuPy. The Goine> was so Injured by our Are that khchadtobenm ashore, where she was subse quently oeetroyed, hut the Monnu e-caped to Mo bile curing the night, thpogh she was chased and fir*fl upon by our cruisers. Having passed the forts and dispersed the ene my’s pnnbpals, 1 had ordered moat ol the vease ■ to anchor, when*! perceived toe ntn Tennessee standing up for this chip; this was at lorty.flve minutes past eight. I was not longiu couiore heiicing ma xnteotkms to be the desru-rlos. of toe flag ship The monitors and anchor (be wooden Tesfelflia I thought beet adapted (or the perpp-e, were Immediately ordered 10 attack the ram, not . -only nllb their guns, but bows on at fall epeaa. And then began one of .the Acrees: uavawouxbats on record TfaftMononjaitjeli, Commander Strung, was the first vehsd that etrnck her, and tn ootng so, carried away hie owixirdn pro*, wit a the cutwater. without apparently d°imj bis stiver sary ranch iujurr The LaekaTaona, Capt. March; and, was thencxtvcsscl to strike-her. which she dtd at loir speed, bnt though her erern was cat and ‘ ernhbed. to the plank ends *or the distance of three /cct abOTC the water’s ericc to live icct below, the only berceptioie effect on the ram was to givp her a b-avy lift. The Hartford was tbe third Vrssel "which struck her, bat as the Tennessee (Thickly shifted her helm, the blow was a glancia* one, and as she rutped alocrcnr side, we poured our whole port brcadslde dt $-inch solid shot within • ten lect of her casemate, Tbe mcml or« worked , slowly, but delivered their fire as opporrudtv offered. The Cbicfchsaw.eocceeded is gcttlDaunUCr her stem, and a 15 inch -shet fromibe Manhitun broke through her Iron plating atd (esvr wooden backing, though the missile ittel/ did so: ester tbeveseri. ' ' • Immediately after tbe colllsloff with'the fiae* ship, I directed Captain Drayton to bear dowo for- - the ram acalo. He was doing so at mil when, unfortunately, tbe Laeaawaima ran into the Hartford Just forward of tbe mizzenmast, cacao? heroowntowithlntwo feetol the-watci’s edec. We soon cot dear seals, however, and were ftst approaching our adversary, when she etrarkher , colors and ran np the white flag- She was at this time sore beset; tbe Chlcsaasw was pounding ct her stern, the Oeslpce was approicalog her at fUU speed, and tbe Mooommhela, Lsckawsn-- - na and this ship re bearing down npon ner, de termined upon her destruction. Her smoke-stack had been toot away/ber steering chains were rone, compelling a report to her -relieving tack-eS. and several ol tbe port-shutters were Jonmed. It* deed, from the time tbe Hartford struck her Until her enrrendPivebe never fired a gnu; AalhcOa- Mpee, Commander Le Hoy, wa« about to strike her. she hoisted tbe wßireflag, and that vessel Im m« olately stopped her engine, though not in time to avoid a glacdoe blow, . Daring thccoctest with She tebel ennboata&nd tbe ram Tennessee, and which terminated by her surrender at ten o’clock, we lost many more men than from tbe Art of tbe batteries of Tort Itonran. Admiral ilaihac en was wounded in the.leg, two or toree jri his mfib wem*tlUcd, and live or sis wonrded. Commander Johnson, formerly of States Navy, 'was In command of tad Terfhea-ce, and cam aon board the flag-ship to mrrcndtr his sword and that ot Admiral Bcchanan. The Sur geon, Dr. Conrad, came with him, stated the con dlityn of tbe Admiral-, and wished 10 know what wa« to be done with him Fleet Surgeon Palmer, who was cm board tile Hartford danny the action, commiserating the sufferings of teaVouaded, sa-r*. gei-ud that those of both dobs be sent to Peosaco* la, Ythercthey conldhe properly cared lor. Where, fore addressed a note to Br»g. Gen. It. u. ctiiDiaflbdmg Fort Morgan, informiEg- him that Ad xnlnlxjßnchAurn and others of the Tennessee nad been wounded, anddeeiriogtoknow-whemer he would permit cue of our veseela. at der a flag of trace, to convey them, with or without oar men wonrded. to Pensacola, on tbe underatandiogeba: the vessel should take ont none bet (be wounded, and bring nothing back lb it she did not tako on». This was acceded to Page, and tbe Meta comet proceeded on this mission of bomanity. ' As Inad an elevated position in the main rig ging, near the top, 1 was uolc to overlook not on ly ike derkjpf the Hartford, but the other vessels of (be m-ew I wlmssscd the terrible effect* of the enemy’s shot, and the good conductor tbe men at Lhtlr rode; ard althonth no doubt their hearts sickened as mine did, when their shipmates were Etxndrdown beside them, yet there waa nut a mo meni’e hesitation to lay their comrade* a-lde, and spring again to their deadly wors. Onr little con fort, the Metacomer, was also under my immedi ate eye, during tbe whole action, np to tbe mo ment 1 ordered her to castoff m pursuit of the Brims. The coolness ac 9 promptness of Llentm oct Commander merit high praise; his whole conduct was worthy ot his repu tation. In this cor rection 1 must not omit to call thcattention.of the Department to the conduct of Acting EcFipn.B’cnry «*. Nlclds, of the Metacomct. who had charge of tbe boat sent from the vessel when the Tecnmeth sunk. Detooa berlnnnder one 01 tbe most galling Ores I ever and suc ceeded in re ceath ten other eretf witbln six hundred yards of the fort. 1 would re- recommend his advancement. Thncom maiding officers ot all the vessels who took part in the aetkn, deserve my warmest commendations, .notonly JorthecLtlringreat with whientbey had prepared their ships lor the conte a t bnt for their, skill and daring in carrying ont my orders during the engagement. With the exception of the mo mentary ■ arrest of the fleet when-the Hartford passed ahfead, which I hare already advert ed, the erder of battle was preserved, and the ships' followed each other in close order past the bat teries o* Fort Morgan, and in comparative too, with the exception ol the Oneida. Her boil ers were penetrated by a shot from the fort, which completely disabled her, barber consort, the Gale na. firmly fastened to her side, brought her safely " nhrongb, sbowiag clearly the wisdom oftbepre* . caution of carrying the vessels'ln two sbraist. Commander Mnllany, who had solicited eagerly to take port in the action, was severely wounded, losing his left arm. In tbe enronuter with the . ranvthe commanding officers obeyed with alacrity the order to nm her down, and wilbont hesitation exposed their ships to destrncUon to destroy tbe enszny. Onr lroo-clade,irom their slow speed and bad steering, had some difficulty In getting Into and maintaining their position lu line as we passed tbe fort, and in the subsequent encounter with tbe Tennessee from theeame causes, were not so bf* - fcctive as coold have been desired ; but I cannot give too much praise to LtenteDaut-Commandgr Perkins,who. tboDehhebadorder* from the Depart ment to volunteered to take com mand ol the Chl&Ufßw. and old bis dutynobiy. The Winnebago was commanded b* Commander T. H. Stevens, wbo volunteered for that poeitioa. Hie vtsee! steers very - badly, and neither of bis tutrets will work, whies compelled him to turn his' vetsri every time to get a shot, so that be could •not fire very often, bnt he did the beet under the dtcnmsiances. - 9 ' ' * The Manhattan appeared to work well, thouch she moved slowly. Commander * Mcholson de livered his fire deliberately, arch as before stated,' with one ot bis l&-mch stmt broke turuugh the armor of the Tennessee, with Its wooden backlog, though the-shot itself did not enter the ve-ael. Iso other *hot broke through her armor, though mmv of her plates were started; and several of her poit-ebutters Jammed by the fire lyom the differ ent ships. v ' Tbe Hartford, my flagship; was commanded by Captain Fcrdral Dravtcc, who czUbitt-d through ost that coolness ana abmiy for which be has been low knowo'.to his brother officers. Hut I mast speak of that officer in a double capacity. He is the fleet captainbf my squadron, and one df more Stiennineo energy, untiring devotion to duty, and one zeal lor the tervice, tempered by great calm ness. Ido not think aaorns any usvy l de«lre to call your attention to this officer, uftmgfi well aware that m thus epeakieg of his ugh qualities lam only communicating officially to the Department thot which it knew fdll well before. To ntm, and to my staff in their respective I am lo athed for tbo detail of mv fleet; , Aleut. J. Crittenden Watson, my Flag Lieuten ant basjjeen brought to your notice imfurmer die paitbe?. During ibe acnon he wa«oa> Die poop' pcrtonncSffiUdaJes as. might be expected—thoroughly.' He U a scion worthy tbe noble stock bcVprang.froin, and I com mend him to your attention. My Secretary, Mr. WcKlnlfy, and Acting EnsignL. B. BrownclC were nleo on the poop, toe latter taking cote- of tbe ac tion, aduty which be performed with coolness and accuracy. ■; >, Two other acting wssnms of mv rtaff (Mr. Bogart and Ur. Heglnbotham) were on dory in the pow der Option, and, be the reports will show, exhib ited real ana ability. The latter, I regret to say, was severely wpouded by a rokme shot from the Terceeete wfc«6 we collided with that vessel, and died a few bsurs ■aff'tr. Mr. fleginbothsm was a .yenug married man, and hu left a widow and one child, whom 1 commend to the kindness of urc dcparinunt, —. > Llcottnart A.R Yate ß , of the Augusta, acted as W additional aide toribe oo board,the Hartford, ai-d was very efficient In the fransmissioa of oruere. . ■ • TAimaotri’a KLOT. Tbelast of zsy ettffi andto whom I call the notice of the department, is rot-the least in importance. I mean Pilot Martin Freeman. Be has been mygreat reliance in all dlfflcolue* in bis line ot duty Donna the action he was In tho main-top. pilotinjriheships into the bay. Hewas cool and brave tbrnogount, neccr Jodlnr bis self poesesrioo. TWs man. was captured carlv in the war In » fine fishing emack winch he owned, and, iboogbhe protested that be had nojntersitiu toe .war, ana only asked for the pririlccMf fishing for the fleet, yet hi- services were too valuable to the cbwois a* a pilot, hot to be secured. He was ap pointed a first-class pilot, and bas-served ns with real and fidelity, and baa 10-rbls vessel, which went tfxpleces on Snap J-lond, I commend him to the Department. OTFICSEB FliAiaSD, It gives me pleasure to refer to several officers who volunteered to lake any situation s where tuey migUrbt uecTph some of whom wera on their way . Is'ortb, eitherhv orders if the Deportment or eon decried by medical survey. Tbe reports of Hi&r ent commanders r.Ui show how they conducted thnnselves •' I have already mentioned Lieut Commander P«Md?. of the Chickasaw, and Llcat Tates, of the Augusta. Acting ■Volantper Lieut William Hamilton. late commanding officer 01 the Augusta* Dinsmore, bad been Invalided ovmedieal purvey, but be eagerly offered his sendees'on board the Iron-dad Chickasaw, having bad much experience Inoui monitors. ~ Acting Volunteer LUut E. Girand, another ex perienced officer iu iron clods, asked to go in one of these vessels, pit as they wore all well supplied with officers,'l permitted him to 20 on the Oast pee, under Commander Le Roy.. Attprlbe action he was glven'temporarjwpugc.of the ran Tennes ,EC Beforp dosing this report, there Is one otber'offl oer of my squadron ol whom I feel bound tospeik —Capt T. a. Jenkins, of the Richmond, who was formerly my,Ch!ef of Staff, nut because of his hav ing belli that portion,hut oecansh he neveqbrgcta to do bis duty toibe'Govcmment, and tafiEl-now 'the same Interest in the fleet as-Whea be stood in that relation tolne. He Is also the comntandmu ' officer of the second division of my squadron, and a» eneh has shown ability and the most-untiring zeal. He carried out the spirit of one of Lord Col llncwooc’s best ssyisgs, “ Hot to bb afraid of do-- ln<* too much; eelflom do as much as'they ought.’ 1 When In Pensacola he spent days on the bar, placing the buoys lathe b*et,position*; was always looking after tbo interests bf the ser vice, ard keeping the vessels Irom being detained oiie moment longer tn port than was necessary. The gallant Craven told me, only the night before the action in which he lost his life: “Iregret, Ad miral, that 1 have detained you,, but had it not b«-en for Capt. Jenkins, God knows ifhen I should have been here. When your order came, I bad not received an ounce of. coal 1” . . • I feel that I should not be doing my doty, did! not call the attention of the Department to au offi cer who hoa performed alt”his vhrions duties with so cudh seal ahd Oddity. „ ~ ' Very respectful]y. your obedient servant, , - 3 a w. G. FansaGtrt. Rear Admiral, Commanding West Gulf Squadron. Fitpaii i% B-.-ar oblkai^s. JTfce Exploits of cornuas—The Atlanta Tlctory at NewOrlcoDß—vmv Move ment* Went or me ainlMlppl-Ek* ch&uge of Prisoner*. New Oeleaks, Sept, in via Czibo, Sept. 19. There-itr much dhpute over the Mexican news, concerning the exploit of Cortlnaa. Ic Is not gen erally believed, ba; some who should know assert positively that it is true. Cortinos is said to be 'ttiil at ion Brown, with nineteen gtma bearing on Matamoras. Col. Ford'd rebel cava«ry is cue*taped ten miles up tbe Hio Grande. Toe Frenchjrid moved out ten mllct ft-om * Tlic rcws horn Atlanta produced great despond eccy among the reads and a corresponding ioy among the loyal people. Hood's vruiy Is reported, through ibjal sources, to be greatly demoralized. All the trsFS-MisEi&stnpi rebelmnny, with tbe exception of Buckner's brl.-ad* 1 , has moved up to* wards While JUver. Backoet con<ronls the rem ssdls of our army at Moriraoda.- Oar m&ia forces, have been tent away froto'Motgauzia—sacailnatioa contra bard. « Col. SeymcnekC rebel Commissioner ot Sx-' chance, and Col. Uwlebt, Federal Commissioner, herein consultation at Mnrganrlaycstcrllay. It is hoped a general exchange of prisoner* will be the retnif. . *■ • Nothing new has been received from WoMI*. ‘ - CHICAGO, TUESDAY,. SEPTEMBER 20,1804. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE WAR !N VIBSINIA. The Rebel Gallic Raid-Attack upon tbe Raiders. A. POETICS' OF TBE CATTLE AhD 700 PeI£OSEBS TAKEN. Large Union Force Concen trated in Louisiana. > \ 1 THE FIRST FOFE OF TflE . v - NOFfifiBEK-ELGCim ' The Draft' Progressin g . ' GREAT CMOS DEMOSSTRITIOSS 4flrillLll)ELPini. .The Indianapolis Prisoner is no't Qnantrell. ' LATER FROM EUEOPE-FIN'AIT - OIaL TEOCTELES-TTAPOLEOirS COBDITION PEECAEIOE3. The Gold Figure 225 1-2. 1 FBOM Important Civil and Military Matters* {Special Dfruatch to the Chicago Tribute.) • Washington, Monday, Sept. 10”. „ OUKRII.I.A OPERATIONS. Guerilla* are prow Ing through the country just backot Alexandria, afixtbaye stolen a dozen horses within six or dght'mUes of that city daring a week. A company of cavalry washout out yeeUx *day, which returned to day and reports no priso nets taken end two rebels killed. ~ t 'O3T THE STUMP. • Gov. PUrpont, of Virginia, went North to-day. He has an engagement to speak a dozen times In PeLCßylvahU for Lincoln and Johnson. S' * 3SOTEXENT OF TROOPS, •A large nnigber of troops have passed through the city since Saturday, who will be heard from In proper time and place. V FJJNCISO OUT Tne BANKER, The German Johnson Club hangout altrge and-bezntifnl flag ibis afternoon in the presence of 509 person*. 1 * There was music by the hand and speeches by three gentlemen. { The T7n- Aon men baare cow four great flips over Pennsyl vania' avenue, and the McClcllanmenhare two. a corrEnnrAn lbtteh.' The Copperhead organ of this city to-day pub lishes what purports to be/a letter from Reverdy Johnson' to tbo McClellan meeting of Satordiy. He writes from Saratoga Springs, and the letter is as full of venom and falsehood as the jnost ram pant Copperhead could desire. Some meu-who really believed Jobpson’s last winter, are inclined to believe tbe letter a forgery, bat the ■ McClellan men declare it genuine. . thx AKDBbsommxs pmsosxm. Richmond papers 01 Wednesday repeat what had been said previously by Petersburg papers, that the brutal Gen. Winder has not beenremoved from the. command of Andersonvillc, bat Rich mond papers of "Thursday hint that all Federal prisoners at Andersonvtlle ore being ec&t cast and out of the reach 01 any movement by Sherman. KEGBO TROOP*, * v • It is possible that during the fall, negro troops may be raised, of which not onlythe non-sommis elomcdibut also the company officers, will becol ortCmen; /Authority was given a short time* azo to a person Jo raise a brigade to be officered in this manner, but he Anally declined the work. ' * -A XItST. Now that the draft has began, It will be well for people to remember that, under th£amendcd*law of last February, Protest Marshals and Boards of Enrollment have power to sammoo’wltnesies in behalf of tbe Government, and enforce their at tendance by attachment, without previous pay ment of fees, and'aleopower to administer oaths. PZBSOKAL. Gov. Boreman, of West Virginia, arrived here to-ray on business with .the war 9nice, - ’THE DRAFT, The local Interest of Washlnetoa to diy all cen tered la tbe drsfr. The took place for only otfe eub-flls'rict. which waa deficient oue hun dred men. A considerable crowd was present, but everything passed off harmoniously. Thedrawing for another district tabes place to-morrow. \ ** jriSw ronk AFCoxsTSUBtra, There Is trouble aroat the New York appoint •meets just msdean'd just about to be made, and several promiLOjk gentlemen from Jbat ti:ate are hereto-oay trying-to esttlo claims of different par ties. , r O KITTED, ~ Itisslgnlflcarttbat the Democrats omitted the name ot West Virginia from tbe roll of Stvtes on the arch over the soeakcr's stand at the ratification meeting, opftatmday night. ", THE DRAFT. It is believed thaLcrcdits on former calls, navel credit*, substitutes and rolnntecra received have reached such a figure that the number of men to be fnrtjfrbcdby the dxalt begin co-dav does not ez« cecd 150,000, # - a'rEBTL AEPIBkTION. y North Carolina papers which opposed the re election of Gov. Tance, say he will ou a candida*e for The rebel Senate thi* winter, and even has as plraika.B to succeed Jeff.Davla as President. OUR HUNDRED DAT ThcWsrDepartmcnt orders, that althongh the period of service of tbe one hundred day sum Is reckoned from the date of mu6ter,they will Repaid from date of arrival at tbe general rendezvous; and be mustered out and paid off'at tho rendezvous whore mnsteredfln, v NORTHERN SLAVE*. A Richmond letter, Sept. 4th, says: “There cent order placing eisres captured in arms who were property of citizens .ot Delaware avd Mary land on the same looting with negroes from Tan ketdom has been Revoked, and alt citizens of those States now nsidltg in the Confederacy are enti tled to„ench slaves on osnat proof of residence and owterenin. r Wabuingtok, commenced to-day in the eastern portion of the ■cotxyjT'oriSurthsirict. Ol the 224 drawn, fifty four-poreems are colored. Neariy all of Ahcm-arc now fn Govemmen* employ. Paeeevgtfrs Point state that when the mail boat morning at ten o’clock, the EklrxuhflUng on oar extremeleft, which 7om xnenced early hour In the morning, ba3 re come very brick; GtD.-Tejrv i? detailed as a member of the gene* ral Court Martial, ol which Gen. Briggs is Presi dent. Tbe subscription* to tbo 7-SO loan for*lbe past two days, amour* to 11,532,000, and to the 10-40 loan to *27,000. . - Two-thirds of the how loan has been delivered. . I V Fjao.tx JIAPIXIH. HfMtary natters—A Sharp Pro*t-A Re* cruli Accidentally Killed.- ‘ '' "■ [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] lladxkik, Wis., Monday, Sept. 19. . The 4Sd regiment, CohSpragce, left for Memphis this mprning with nearly 900 men in fine spirits. Tuerearenowleft in’t)amp Itandall about 3.0D0 mcr, including 4£o_^ recruits for the BSth, who will leave for.Vlrginia tlfls week, probably Tborsday* Three hundred and fifty or foofhundredforthe some two hundred lor the 9th, with quite a number for old regiments, au&eixly-onc esesnta discharged from hospital, left to re-join ihur regiments this morning. A recruit for the 6th regiment' named Barney Seller, .trexn Fond'du Lac. was fooling withes tmali pistol in hts pocket, when it went off, the bail passing up through bis body and causing speedy death. . The 40th regiment Is not yet mustered out. TbenTwajia eharo frost in some localities last nigh», whicoxßUStb4vedamage<Llate buckwheat, sorghoui and garden vegetables. Com is mostly bryoodharm. The Patriot to-night is full of the grossest mis aprobenslonsaiid filachoods about the disturbance ot the Copperhead meeting on Saturday, charging (be Governor fDd leading-iicpublicTiDß with abet* ling It, .wbtu In fret they did tveryihiig passible to uetrain the indignation of thofoldter*. SPKATOB "WARE TOE SICMF. RXs Bemorka on tie* TFade-Davs rSanlfcato. [SpecialDispatch to thephJcago Tribune) _ CixvELAifD, Sunday, Sept. IS. *' Serator VTade and Gen, S. T. Carey addressed a 16rge and cathusiastlc meeting, nnmberingnot leas than 10,900 people, at Ut-adville, Fa, yesterday. Senator Wade spoke for more than two hoars in a most effective manner, dissecting 1 McClellan's mil itary career in detail, exposing in- a powcejhi light its criminality, itsjowardico and Its failure. *ll* devoted considerable time in demonstrating that this war was in fact one and democracy. Deferring,to his protett against the Pre ideniVveto prodamatibn,'he-Bpoke as followed Let us eee how thiafiocnmmt came to 00 issued. The President vetoed- an act which Congress had passed. He had a perfect constitutional right to do so, but £e went further and Issued a proclama tion appealing to the peop 1 © in soppoyol his po* feition. Iqdoicc so he cast an insult on Mr.Divlfl and xnyeelf, who were in s measure instru mental In prepsriDC the bill. Ue put for ward bis fide ol the question, and whoever dees that meet him.- Be be President King or pea«tnt 1 shall pat forth my side too. (Applause.) lam ashamed to esymy party uptraideqme because I was nnwillinir to admit that cur resident was infallible and could do no wiotg. .Fior one amDotafriidto truth M'oro the -people. What would you think of a Joegeonlbe bench' who should rule, out p*rt at t he evidecce lest the' tru'h should 'mislead the jnn T If I opposed theYmideat, I Old so becicae i thought blm wrong. ana I, or rather Mr. Davl« atn I/were frank enonch to eet'it forth X hare lUlle to eav for mietlfr hat I cannot *utfer Mr. Di tip to be attacked, -li free principles are dear to yen. Mr. Darin has more merit than any man I •Know. He has done more to rid Maryland, ot slavery than all of the rest ot the men In it—lnfinitely^more thin . all tho?d croakers who aessfl mm. He has stood like a rock lor the truth, and has won a nohlc vlc*ury, and bla enemies shall 'not tradnee so glocidua a champion of union hno Hoertywltbont a pretest from me. I will cot boast for mjeclf, though one infinitely Arcaic* than I boasted a little; but doesn’t It show that Mr. Davis could c T evato himsrif above tbe miserable trammels .of parly when he announces what he deemed a truto, and what is and eoon wlll-be the truth? Politicians object-ihat ■we hurt the party, hot onrcau?e don’t cocsTam ns to cover up tbe fru'h [Applause.! I tulnk -oy position v as right and tut of the President wrong, and fo helievbg, I will declare it thonah the heav ens fall,* srd no earthly dignity, nor station, shad stand between mo and truth. •.Theeffect of the meeting was most cheering* and an increased majority may be ex pected in Western lunnsjlvaala. \ , FBOSG, ST, PAIX, ' jbo Draft Coaixnonccds-Oblcatjo Donn-, ty Jumpers Cansht-Jiuiiarr figat lers. / / / [Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribanc.l Monday, Sept, ID. The draft commerced here to-day. towns which are making' no_ effort to fill their quotas will he called upon at present. Gov. Miller aaked a postponement until .the Ist of October, Copiuc to clear tbe-State by filling the regiments of heavy artillery which are now being organized, but his request was refaaed. _ ' Arms for the 11th itctment will arrive' to-mor row, and they will leave on Thursday for Nashville. - This is a splendid reclment, foil to the maximum. Five professional bounty jumpers from Chlcrgp enlisted here pome time since, and deserted after, securing their bounty. They by oHirers at Hastings yesterday, anvTwo ot them arrested. The officer' fired six shots before they brought ibe came down. One was severely wound ed, but hta comrades carried him qff. Toe others’ ,will probably be caogbt in a day or two. One hundred and fourteen conscripts and sahsti ntes left to-day to join the 4th regiment, which is with Sherman./ Every da; or two sees men going forward to our old regiments. SECOND DISPATCH. [SpedalDlapatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.! St. Paul, Monday, Sept 15,188 L > m During yesterday and to-day some l,s6b soldiers’ votes have been taken at For t Snelllng. They art# cast in scaled envelopes, and will be opened at the polls in November As near as can be ascertained, t’wlve hundred of the fifteen voted for old Abe. There was no McClellan sentiment whatever.. It should be 'borne in mind, too, that these are sol diers who have entered the service within tbe past lew weeks, and many of thorn are conscripts. Tbe editor of the VoUublatt, a German Copper head paper published in this city, want up to dec 'tiopcer, hut the soldiers were so Indignant at. his t ilk that they escorted him out of the lines at. the point of the bayonet. It cow appears that the Indian marauders who recently entered Blue Eo*th county numbered but five pc rson?. Three of them have been killed, and tbe others are wandering about, destilaiejjf sfina or food. FEfIM ! ! The {Taontrel] Fl‘alter—The Prisoner Declared another Ferseu-MUitiiry na<t4r». 4 * J . [Special Dlrpatch_to the Chicago v I*niANAroLia'Monday, Sppt.,l9. Cole. 2% W. F._B. Swift, Sheriff Og den of Doufelas County, and Mr, P.B: Radnor, mcrchanfof Lawrence, all from Kansas, arrived here last night at nine o’clock. .They left Law resee on Thursday, the lost, armed with a rcqulsltios. from Gov. {Jersey for William Qoan treil, supposed to be in custody in this city. They are well acquainted with tbe guerilla, and £leam t from them the following facts; Quantrell came from Ohio to Kansas in 1855 with a family named Deeeon. He stayed there until 1860, when be fled to Mlssonrivtbere being Indictments against him for kidnapping and horse stealing. In 1801 be joined Rice’s army and was in the battle of Spring field. CoL Swift, then a Captam In the first.Kan sas rcgimcntvWas woandco In tbs! battle and left behind, and when the rebels entered too town, he •again saw Quantrell and talked with blm. These gentlemen visited the guard bouse this morn ing for therporpeaa of Identifying tbe pris oner as Quantrell, and If it proved to be him, of having him delivered toZ-tbem to be taken to Kansas. They saw him ‘and de clared ho was not Quantrell, The prisoner. Burgees. Is six feet In height, prominent Roman noee,light hair,efts and complexion. Ooantrril, they describe at bring afit over, five -feet el;ht Inches. tbln,'atraight and not of slim build. • Bar gees was at once released by Geo. Hovev, on tula statement. The person confined with Barc&a Is named Johnton,and proves to be from New Or leans. This ends the Quantrell matter, at l&st furlho'pccscnt. , '-f . . , „ Tbe 6th, 7th and CCth regiments bad a fine re ception 1 this afternoon in Stite House Square. Gov. Mor on and others made speeches, and the soldiers of Indiana mav be relied on to use the ballot against the rebels as well as tbeydo tbe ballet,' The ISOtWfeglment ore nearly uuinlmnna for Morton, and a vote taken of the IPjth regiment, on the care, between Nasnvtlle and Louisville, re sulted as follow?: Morton, 745. McDonald, 5. Tbe ISSih, Col. Shannon, armed this morning to be mastered out. ' . - FBomsr. &.ogJgs>- ■ ■ - Copperhead ’Nomination*—A' Bebfil homlnoied— (Hall Jobberies—al. J. Sauk’s Forces. - [Special Dispatch {o the Chicago Tribune.] SfT Loire, Monday, Sept. 19, Itifii The Peace Democracy held their County Conven tion In Cole county a fejy days agoSmd made di vers Eomlnattons. For Representative, J. Ed. Belch, of Jefferson City, was 'nominated. The Slat* Tima says his chief recemmefaaatiq^.for the position consists in his haring been arrested at ttae rfrer bank with a foil rebel uniform In his va lise, when attempting to crqsa the river without a -pass, in violation of existing orders, and-in hla, subsequently being jfiaeed andean heavy bond as security for his future loyal .demeanor, under which be Is still held. Tbe ' Lexington Union? ope or* the papers claiming to bo conservative aA belonging to the pirtrthat claim ed to be the first and true friends of Mr. Lincoln in Mlascun, Laeopencd-Its ponderous Jaws and swaUowcdboth the Chicago and Thos L. Price tickets. There Is no accounting for tastes. The Lexington. Mo., a age was stopped in the bottom opposite that cl tv, in Ray county, nnrt robtftdot the mall last Monday. On Thursday .evening it was again robbed near thq rtmo locall- Gen. A. corps la at Jeffereoa Barracks, ten miles below the city, St. Louis, Sept. 19 —The draft couuneucedln . the Jst district this afn=raoon.'“ Tbo Fourth Ward led off, from.wblch 1,800 will be drafted lo.flU the quota of OCO required from that ward. Other wards wlUiollow in their relation.* No di«luxbancb lias yet'occtrrtd. There was frost at Laclede and Geneaeo, on tbe morning. " . Norn ng further Is known la relation loDobhlna* relda la Southeast Missouri, or Gov. Shelby lu Ark*ntaa,'' The McClellan meeting is tbe Ninth Ward on Saturday nieht was a film affair, although stroagly guarded by armed soldiers and police. . .The following deaths occurred among the Illi nois troops in the hospitals add comps in this vi-. doltyJartwcek: . ' ” Jss. S. Banner, Faria; H. Thompson and RlcVd IT. PeUrs, of tbe !43d; Melvin K. Reed and John Hubbard, 137tb'; Avanant Hollingsworth; liOth: Ell Batman, 185tb; Gto. W. Triegs, ITth cavalry ; Lewis Dodd, 142 d. “ /- A party of soldiers visited the BepuSficon office on Saturday night, and demanded that the canvas stretched across the street frdm that office, bearing the names of tbe Democratic National nominees, and extracts from McClellan’s down. This being refused by tbe proprietors, and an armed guard arming on the rrmnd to protect tbe office, the bol&its quietly dispersed. FJbOifl LAWRENCE COUNTS'. :\- * Entuislßsttc Union Weetlng at Law* I - reacerllle. % * [Special Dispatch Chicago TVbune.] ’ LAwnrscxrnxx,'lll., via*Vxscssxbs, I V' . Monday, dept. 19, 3854. i The Union ntfetlng to-day was large and very enthusiastic. Mr. Broas spoke for two hours, bolding the audience in undivided attention, and ■ thoroughly discussing the false principles and vil lainous schemes of the Democracy. . Judge Drowning ol Vmcenne.s followed in a cap ital speech. Hon. D. L. Phillips is to speak this evening ot tbe Court House. He will direct the I 'Democracy In his usual masterly manner. Wafind -the pedpte here; as elsewhere,' in the best possible spirits, aniUpenectly confldenfi they can squelch ont the Copperhead schemers at the polls. - FBO^KEWMEfi. * Successful Union Demonstration. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trijmpe,! | KkwAsp*, Monday, Sept. 19. / The Union meeting here to-day was a success. It was addreseedTy Hon. J. D. Ward, of Chicago, and "Mr. Wilson, of New York. The speeches were yyell received, and a disposition manifested on the part of the people to do their duty this fall. Tbe meeting and apMkiag *^will be continued this evening. \ FKOJI MILWAUKEE. - - 1 Progress of tbo Drait—Accident ob tbe Lafiroise bead. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Milwaukee, Monday, Sept, 19. Draftjpg commenced In this city to-day, at 2 p. m., at tho Academy ol Mu»ic. • The first Ward waa -drawn, Outofahott six'hundred-enrolled, one hundred and eighty-two were elected for one year • Other Wards follow in order. Everything perfect ly quiet and orderly, though a large crowd, were in attendance. There la no trquole anticipated. Snotdd there be any, there Is ample preparation m*de to quell any olstnroance. An accident occurred, on the LaCroVse road to day. Two wood trains collided at Uarttord, till leg five shoemakers and Carl Baldy—Henry Beih mus badly injured. \ ; . ‘ FBOIfI PHKUDELPpu. ' w Progrtw of tbe Union Cause—Dedi cation of a Union Hall— Every Mght - [Special Pfrcatch to tbe Chlcaro Trihuofl ) PrauuoELrmA. Monday, Sept -19. In the absence of war news the I public - mind la completely taken up with the Presidential election. Little clsels thought ot or talked about. Union men afe hound not to he behind Jhe Copperheads aid so, while tbe latter -have leased a third c'ags theatre to hold meetings in, the Union League has Xc&rea a Concert Hall, one of the largest and fine It balls In the city, until alter tte, Presidential election, - The hall_ was dedicated to-night by.o grind meeting In' favor of Lincoln and John son. Before the meeting began there was a grand dispiajLpf fireworks, tfcbtimrnp the whole street. Tfcfc fa-TT) was crowded to overflowing, by a highly -fotrlnp'-nt audience, amongwhera were aafenila dle- The member® of toe DnTnn League occupl-d' Eloquent addresses were made by Ex-Gov. pollock, Jmfgo Shannon, ofpKTa’iur?; and Jlon. Wm. D. Kelly. Kelly made a. complete dTy wofthe Sons'of Liberty and Kntgbw of the Go den Circle, whose books had coma into his possession. , , The liepabUsan luvlncfbles, who did so much lor Lincoln in jgCOi reorganized to-night for the campaign. Meetings are to be held every night, in •Concert Ual, unttlater election. Abb. speakers fill be present to Instract the people in the princi ples involved In the campaign, , Little Mac wilrhave hard work to carry hi* na tive city In November. v IKOJ! GRAFT'S AKUV. XUc Btbcl Bald—AJPnrt or the Plan* dcruccsptiuddi 1 Nrw Yornc, Sept. 13 —The Herald's Army of the Potomac correapordent, of the 17th inst the lollowlng account -of the rebel capture of our catue: To tbe rear position of oar lines, picketed by Che. Ist Division of Colombia cavalry, there was a‘ large field in which'there were snout 2,000 bead of very fine beeves. As the enemy had been constant ly throwing scouts through the country-therea bouts, he -had probably learned too fact, and re solved to possess himself of oar treiaare. Ac coroingly, daylight yesterday morning revealed bim approaching close in front of the. Ist Division Columbia regiment, id two strong line* of battle; the flret comprising the troops or Wo, EL Lee, and the second oeinc the Hampton Legion—the aggre gate number of men reaching, probably, 5,0 0; Quickly breaking in Irnnt of oar pickets, the ene my turnedbyXuotandlclLmovedafoandthe cat tle, and drove ofiVthe entire herd? likewise many horses belonging to our men. All this was done so qnlckiy it was impossible to get any relnforov meuts ban in tlmeto check the bold movement, A brigade of cavalry under Gen. Davies and anoiner party nnd< r Gen, Ksmtz was seat onf with a view of interceding'inem, believing sthey would cross the Norfolk Railroad, but their success will all de pcod-opon who arrives at this poaitidn.flisc. At about the same time an attack was uwde'oa, our rear. Two consecutive movements were nude against the hues in Irent of Crawford's and Ayres! divisions, the pickets being, driven In on tbe math body on both occasions. Tola fact leads to the be lief that the massing of troops at this, point was only a lemt, being-In fact a part of a movementfor securing the drove of cattle. In the pursuit, we first came upon them in force at a small creek near Hawklnsviile, on uxe Jerusa lem plank road, where we found them strongly in trenched bevOnd the stream, with the bridge torn up. and an almost impassable swamp Intervening. General Steadman,'Wbo commanded the advance brlpaCe.vmnde atrennoos cflornTlo carry the posi tions, bnt finding It too strong. General Davies or dered the 2d brigade, under Colonel Smltn, and Clark’s battery, lor a conjoined clTort, The Bth and IGth Pennsylvania, and the Ist Milne regiments, formed on the left of the road, wbilwthe lat Massa chusetts and 6th Ohio were on the right. The na ture of the ground. compelled them to fight dis mounted. Afers vigorous by Lieut. Cameron and Seifct. Rebfienoricker, of Clark's bat tery, a central assault was ordered, which was obeyed with a will, bat without saccessr The ene my's line was found balhibnger and stronger than dots. Tbe Ist Massachusetts regiment, in tae charge became mtcrfinngled wilh the enemy, and fought them hard to band, bnt were obliged to fail back. The enemy had six pieces of artillery, whllo we bad only four. 1 In tbe meantime we could hear nothing from Gau Kamz. though & prisoner informed us they bed captured a whole regiment of Kautz’s com mand. with sixteen-shooting guns. ?f this he tree, it must he the Ist District of Columbia regi ment, se they only have 16-aljootera. As it now elands, our chance of recapturing the beef ere very slim, and wo will bavp to own that the rebels have Outwitted us this time, ana make the best of It. ” Our lot te&loday in tBB 3d division are not mote than U0 or 20.- " HkADQUABTEBS AJUtT OF TBS POTOHAC, Sept. 38.—Our troops whlchatarted In puwmt of toe party that carried off the cattle, aid not sacceed la overtaking the rebels, they haring too much the start, and safely effected their escape with the en tire nerd of 2,485 head. ..Sixteen herdsmefTwrere captucd and two killed. The loss of the guard, composed of the let District of Columbia cavalry, is not brows, hot Is quite large.. The,cattle formed supplies for the troops operating against Richmond, and not forth© army of the Potomac ecnera'Jy Brig. Gen. Mott baa been made brevet Major General dt the PzeeldenC for gallant scrrlcea daring the campaign. , '• •- Fixing le kept up along the„ lines, and no ex change of papers Is madcrbelween the nickels. The • iterate'* roSrespondent says: Tne tele graphic construction'corps, engaged m patting np a wire between this and Fort Powhittan, number log forty men, under Wm,. Mclntosh, with st£ waged*, tblrty-eix mnlea and twenty miles of wue, were also captured. Wm. Mclntosb, Prank Tnom sontmd a colored teamster are all of the party escaped. • New 10uk, Monday, Sept IQ.—The Commer- Mai's Washington' epeafll says .reliable reports from City Pofol state that the 3d Division, s«x Corps, Intercepted the raiding party across the head of tbe Blackwat^-and recaptured part of the cattle taken on Tuesday. They also, have taken TOOprfroueifi. The rebels were shooting the ani mals that gave out, and this guided the pursuing column./ ... * Advices from the Army of the Potomac state that Irfsh troops eroarrivinji rapidly gnd that the situ ation is all that could be desired. _, t The maleic Election* . > Gardiner, Me, Monday, Sept. 19.—The Bangor Whin of this morning has unofficial returns from E6 t&Ptos in addition to the offltlal returns from 275 towns previously telegraphed, msWog tu all 35i ,t»one, dries and plantations, giving Uobys4,BiS, toward 29,TCH>. Lalfycar the vote In these to was stood, Conr £o,o23,tßradbury 41,0#. The vote in Aroostook county is Close, Democrats claim iibj •* v U DJ a (Snerillas Bust* Wasbctotox. Holiday. Bt-pK 19.—Guerilla* aro still operstlng'ln the country around Alexandria, Several-nights ago they made a descent upon a form fixer seven miles south of that city, ani carried off four horses. This ti, the third raid madoby guerthaa ip this neighborhood during the last ten dafa. >" .. Sold.- " ' ' New Tons, MonShy, ‘ Sept. 19—Gold opened steady at SIS, and jifrerwards touched 225. The Bull*imßde_afatroug effort to make a rise on the strength ot trouble with the French In Mexico, hut Jailed, find the market must bo quotedweak, At % p. m., the price was 226y» , \ForfurOie^^^r^?d^i€ic^^^ojjrt}^R^e^ isTvlp aSbetiiSrintnfs. TO li RTJGISTB,—A' j onng mm. who 1« a coxcpeteut Drurzut, having an oronzh practical Kuowiecee cfibo rct.Udrnz acoprcicifp* lion buAiLCiB, cesires a Tna bes: or reiKi emu Eiiea adareßA VtAintFK.-caTe of itobt. Wclw,^^sStrawbeiTrßiieet,Pnlladfclph|vPa. -1 f 1 (IT L^RI) Tisac --S AND JL vf \J * " BARBELS stcoad band, well coep cxedjßid in cxce'lent order, fortes A ta*E. Apply tor ARMSTRONG & CO , Oil Brokers, 13-La* e»Le Bireei. - _w2o*sn« etnet rkiSt oLDTioN or co part AJ NEBSHIP.—The partnmhla between the eah Berber*, uscer the Orta of GAYLORD. giUCH & CCL, hn beta diaeolyed byYautual cosetntf ' uFsi. aarLORo, , FBANSTLaSUTU, r . P. STEVWtS. Chtcffgo.Sept.ia, IBM. «’ itao »i6»3taet 1 A T/ENTIOiST. SIR HEIGHTS xA. A tUUd conrlava of Apollo Cosinundery, Ko. l. Knit ht* Tcmnlar. will b6 neid at their Aaylmn, BUBotic Temple,ibis Tnesdar Scd.* 20, at 7% o'cloctT ' b* 2C s/Pl-lt' J. A. UONTOOMVRV. Recorder. awi> boilers/—eta 'jLlirenm double Englnti, ttib one power each, and - Boilers ox id 1 capacity icr tea Ensues—all of dr*t cl*»s material* and woremansblo-keatcr. cnt-oiT, governor, &c. FOR SALtt A'UaaaRSaCN Ap ply. perfona-lyorby letter, to B. A. LAR & CO., 153 Souto Water street, ChfCagOb P. 0. Drawer 6*36. * ■ 11. O. lUGOSEB, ' Tbewell known Bocnlny Mad, I*' ready to fureish BUb»tr»n t e3 ,, rot lt»->lAtodratr,*’to serve fortnree tc«». Tbemenare robe muttered la. ,Call nnmet lately on ' v - capt: jt, wheeler, ju. BccxnltirgOfflcer fortbaaSih IT. S C.Troop*. . 8G Dearborn Street. A tebbytMt _ , - • -yy-o od rOH SALS CHEAP, Corner of Canal and West Washington sta. _ T. CURTISS’; *e2C-altS siTuTnSAThtt - BOXES CHOICE CE3IDIVS,. Cheap, to close corslptmwt. , ’ • UHTER, TOUNfi* e;2O-slSs-2tcet 212 South watcr-at. BE YI3IXE, OR ANY otbv style oCA FSpTOG*H APSC Taken In a superior maffher at * CnDDlcgham’s GaDcryj- 145 lak&stt se*o-bf9B*lt _* TWrOTICE TO PACKERS. - wanted/ A iltustlon for the Packing Season hr an erpfirl'DCEd • Tan*min. c-s o» city rtferencea given Address P. O.Box 1092. Chicago. BerO-sMMtnet SUPPLIES, VMIOiy CLUBS, . Inrinctblc Clubs, Agents & Dealers Furnished wl± »U necer«rr lupchen In anr qnautl tr. Pl»ss from S3 cents tof|<. f .O psr uozea (on ancks.) Tcocnfr Manufactory in the Wear. Laniers, Medslt, ‘ OT S c S”JJ sso; j p-0.Ucx4253. it2C-fl-lt_TP XHAT-aet IJOMB&TIC DIES/ 40 Shades—Fast Colors. ■ There” Dyes offer tbs elmplertand most perfect jrstiff of oseitaboiithola apparei ever prca;ntsdto- ioity dlffereat'’Bh»«fei, and Include. - All iho New nnd Fasbionable Colors, And aroTzsrß 31 lt Fs st. -Attaitionlß Invitel losamphs of colors at the Diug?lßis. _ gold Eyorywltoro? llsaufactmed by GEO. U DrED & Boston 1/3BD It SMITH, BURNHAM A VAN BC3Ai.CS, General agent*.. Ch'.eigo. ifco tJgfl-lurcSATna, - , * • PACKING HUCSE FOR SALE. A st all Faekina • House, situated CltyLl&lta which has facilities for alsuzhtcrtug and bandit* io»r hundred hosts per day, For-forther in fontafionipplyto .... AKIN, HUKLBUT A CO>. SftkqlK-tX ts saAtuxe; IS6 So, Water street. ■NehJ Atitertlsmeate. NEW FALL BOODS. A. G. BO WKS & 00, ISO Lake "Street, *HAY3 JUST HSCEITED A COMPLETE *"* _ AhSOarMSHIOF DRESS'GOODS. <' FRENCH MERINOS. - PLAID POPLINS, EMPRESS CLOTHS, - WHITE GOODS,. , LiHEN GOODS, '. DOMESTIC HOSIERY, GLOVESOF ALL KINDS, MENS’ FURNISHING GOODS. LADIES’. UNDERWEAR, BED BLANKETS, SHAKER FLANNELS, SHAWLS AND CLOAKS, CORSETS, LACE VEILS, &C., t Which will be gold at tie lowest Market Prices. Cfillcos, Bleached and Drown Shettinso* Cotcon Flannels. Dcnimti. SUlrtingt Stripes and. Checks, AT NEW'YORK WHOiiRBALE PSTDB3, BASED OX PRESENT VALUtt OF GOLD. A. a DOWNS & CO., 150 Labe street. icWSCMttttp riHOICE PKOPEST'Y FOE SALE 0E SEND The Two Wow _ , Houses, . Kos. 282 As 284 Ohio street. Between Wolcott and Com streets.nearly completed. An eitclnaton will prove them the mo,t desirable i<siotncio in tte Ncr-A-Dlvleioa. ■elO £5.4 It - S6. 8L135, lU Lake 6treat. JUST FVBUSHED AT • * BEED’a TEMPLE OF MUM, 88 ASD 90 RUDOLPH, Ajg.d .09 Dearborn street. ANDANTE AND SCHERZO, by Paul'Becker, 60ctf. ANDANTE 80 cts. BCBJSBZO ***...'• .80 Cta. EBRO'S By Lindasy cts. B. IMPROMPTU MARCH^By^P, At WHOLESAU. 5000 doa'Staffoxd’s Spool Cotton. , BOOOT “ Wmjmintio Spool Cotton. 10000 ■' Victoria Spool Cotton, - 3000 “ SMrt Braids. 1000 " Suspenders. 1000 “ Shirts and. Drawers. 1000 “ Hoods and Nubias. Also, a wen- selected etoak ot HOSIERY AND GLOVES : ' And a complete stxortaent of Yankee notions, All of which aro ©Hired «o the trade at thclowtst positive prices, TpEEEWOS/k&MISG & 00,- 40 LAKE STREET, ee2o-if4lls«Tuw6timet * I?AIL GOODS. JL -78 Labe Street, CRAVES & IRVINE. Wa offer to the True aflne assortment oj DBEBS »nd CLOA2 TBIMaHroS for Fall wear; large lines of our well known makes of COBS&Ta; WOODED HOSIE&7 in great variety; and one the richest sticks of ZEFHSB WOBSJEDS, TABfifl, KTTBtASj. BOODB,SHAWLS, AFFGHaHS. lIDIZ3, &C., ever offered by ns to (.nr costomen. We invite an examination of enr stock, by those dealer* who have u-t httneno traded with ns, as well as by oar old frlenos r --fceUi'g'confident that oar atsortment and pricet will recommend them ' Selves to all . GRAVES & IRYINff, 78 Lake at. m Bq6sa>Tii air * iu 6*. ztt * . Ooold’s Piano Rooms . '. "> - “115 LAKE STREET, Ttere maybe found BOSTON PIaNOS. of t le in 09. beautiful toae and Sn'sti of any In lb* m»ik(t,which wuj be sold at very low ortces tij ibe titEfPr and will be latly war*»ated, being made of tte bait material. Mr. G. flatter* himself that ho can suit ail taste* as to style and tone, ha btlce the eldest dealer II the cUy and thorouzaly pos’adm the trace. and examine before putchMuic. AL£O pJaNog T0 te2C-H6slt - ~rpO -THE VGTEnS OF COOK I XCOTJBTY: . I anroohee myself as t candidate fortbe odes of ( Clerk of the Clroalt Court, and weald respectfully solicit y cur saop*ri. I am aox a candidate lor Xkt offioi but that of *Glerb of the Circolt (tfhrt. ee2C-a«Htnetr . JdMEB R. HtTgDNIN, E/TB. J>. S. YOUNG IS T8 53 XtJ daxaemittcdaspertutr In cararm.tbißtyle olwhichVillbe -* J. T. L«9TBU, l>. v, TOTTfTG,- •ScpLlllh.lS-l. , KING. L^StER^VOUKC&CO., General Commission Merchants .212 BGUTH VTATEB stREET. ** CcnlUamcctaxcfpecffullj solicited. aaSg-aa.-Stett SIOO,OOO to Loan Lr iuu 9 of gs.CCJor upward*, on City property, long - tluc.atlnwrste*., $50,000 In icmi-ttf’ cr short time.ovCl*yor Cook t propeity, lo* interest. > J. i<. ihe, icSCj<**s It Rf ft! Agent, 66 Clark *t. QOALt COALI! HAEDCOAI 1000 tons SmaU ; Fgg. - 100J tons Range Size* .£OO tons Chestnut Size* Also, cccstartly on band, a good supply ol ERII BKIAB BILL, ILLINOIS and ttLOSSBUKOa COAL Which weary offering at LOWEST iIAIIKK* BATES POX SliK bt XIOJLBROOK Sc PARKER, T»td, £4 Klnshniy street, cor, Indiana, Peri Office addxew Drawer 65;5, WcDfrticulsrly call the attention of Foundry mas aru Manuisctnreia to our stock Oi Luma. Lshizh, BoxarLca! and Hazelicn Boa. Orders lift at FULTON £ BROV No. 30 River fV, or at 76 Monroe 1 irect, will 1 cc-:ve prompt attention. ISTEriiE connected with thshanse ot Jitoo far. Ajj &Co at are eraolsd to flu ftay or o« w 70r rig Iron. Lehigh, Blcwbnr/h, ffgz tad other CoaL < . eel^stiS-U/taet A CCOUfITAtiT AND BOOK xjL SBRFHR.—A xentleman, tifrty year* of ace having bad ' / _ Bine Years’ Experieace * AsadjuitercJ Accounts atd bookkeeper Ins sale and commission oosmeea.dttfre* to connsa: blo seltlntfa»irt»wlth some commurionorwholesale house in this city in the capacity of , Bookkeeper or Clerk. References zlvco. both In the city and fromurevt- OQ» oaitaesi cotnrc-iona, Adrren Q. w whit. FISLD,T:lbune Office. . eelS-q96'Mt-ruxuASA-nec BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS, “.MU' tbe dluun or to. ETE AND BAB sQcoewfuuy treated -bv Dr B. C. Inonsos.USH Dearborn sweet, areas E*es sfrolftt eted. Cum ipetdlly and penconanUy effected wills outtheuseofcsusties. Acdxeußox]ns9.Chicaio. sen*i*73 5t u rufinmet NIIMBERTT.I N eUT3.ibertlsmcms. jgSTABLISHEB IN XBS4 ROSS & GOSSftGE, W* M. Boss & Co. AT THE IB OLD STAND, 167 & 169 Lake Street, Owing to tin# recent large decline in gold, we have reduced the pace of many leading styles of Staple Dry Goods from ten to twenty per cent. Cnr stock is well known to he ono of the largest and cnoicest’west of I?ew v Tork, and is offered at retail jnnok telow present. Sew York wholesale prices., 167 & 169' lake Street, “ BOSS & GOSSIGE. kZO efrMt JJKADQUAETEBS~ FOR ' CAMPAHJN Medals and Badges. Als?, the flneat Steal of BcCltllan, Lincoln, Johnson, Gram SHEBfIiS, CGLESEY, IiOCGUS. Send stamp for circulars to y * B. S, LANLON, Agent, PiJceofEPKravlbMtSceTtaeach. Sample by mau free ca wept oi retail tries, eeicwjgii 6s si TCAiaes COAL. COAL. An excellent quality of Mineral Rldo and Chip*, petta Ocala. caremJiy scroenad. and daiivsrsd promptly in all parts or the city. ALSO, (A. OAHGO Of Bammotdsvllle coal* tc anlvo la a :e w days, and to be eold afloatv ILUi ote Cost arriving dally from the Danvlliemlaea and for sale by tbe car-load on rrac* or delivered. J.L. HATHAWAY. BCisj33a Staff Manet street* SALT! COAHSI! andl’llffH, By the C kit LOAD or C mao, DSOEBVOO9 A GO., * IST Sonth Water street. iciitSCO tfaeS PORK AWOBEEF. We have Iz store a few honored bbls, BICSS. ill. Cl. AND RUMP PORK. AND DIKSrA HUE F, fvr sale. wU:h we offer In jots as waa f ed by the ✓ UsDkf.>vood & co., «elßsggO»tfnet IST Scnih Water etreet. Flofir. fVO barrel? Canada Bnchwhafit Floor (tallied la 1563-D lor >*le by BASNET AXK9L&S No 6 Steele’s B.oci, South Water street. EtlS-iSa-laet ' DICKERSON, STURQES 4CO. rarosTTßs of TIlsT PXjATE, AndDcr’ lCrs ia Tinner#* Slock. AGIO's Job the HOWE'S SOI® 0& r ;T --. CEIc A-so- I* . HOWS •• I?SPEOVUB scale, iflojteS. B> tb4 Onlftj Stitea Go?Jr>O t 51 a * Custun fonse In Naw York &&d cmer places. •■ FOE SALE BY jDICEEDSON, STTJBGES & CO., Metal XVarelionse, ana pE6~KStnet IOT A 201 Randolph street, Chleagc THE UKUERSI-3NED ‘ HAVE femed i copartrerablp under the et; le of lIUMT, BA’BBQUE &-HME,' FOR LOIVffA Dry Goots / Jo])bins: Business, At If os. 3& 6 Lake-st., cor. Hlcklgan-av, JASIE3 F. H,tTNT,- - FRED. A. ROST/ * • EDWARIVBaIIBOL’R, Chicago. Sept. t.ISCL LOOT. wJIIALE. aai* s.'ae-ltnet • NEW. SKIRT For 1864, A new and erect isTsstloa In Hoop 9 sir*#. TH3 DUPLEX ELLIPTIC fO2 LODBUJ) STE2J, SPRING. ; J. 3. & jf. O. WEST, 07 Chambers Street, Now, York, Are the owners of the patent, ami exc.tuWa macs. IftCttuersof mis, J.TV.BRADLEY’S PATENTED DUPLEX ELLIP TIC STSEL SPHBiG SKtKfS. Tbisinyentioa consult o* Daoics (or two) Elliptic • St'.ei Springs, mgcniunsiy braiden iigatl, ana nmij together etue to od*e, making the toaahwt, moil eia-UC. flexible ana aonoie sprlsg ever nsed- en& bl rfftns wearer. In cotyeqnencßol w treat else'.lel. ty and flixihifioess, to place ana tola thesim whes In nse as easily and with ise aaa e convey edee u t silk w uiDfliia areas x: eutuely oOTit'ea and tiiencei .tbs onl} objections to ' oop viz; met annoy -acce to the we&rer as wall as the pabl:e, especially u crowded assemblies earrlaso.r&Hsosa cait. cnarec pen#, or In any crowded puce, flfom tbs dlfllcalty cl contracting them to orcnpTlnK a small ■:#». xbu enUrt!? ren ores ms dlfflcoitT, whu« zlvicztfieVtirl " the osaal roll anc symmetrical form, and la tbe-Ughs eaLsoc meatarytish asdzisceitU appe#ranc9foi>tbe sueet, epexa. nromteade or boose ersliu a lacy bar'Qs eojojed me clenaare. ccmrortuadvreatcon. vsplence oi wearing me Danlcx Elitctsn Spring BklrS for a #ickls day, w.U nerar ortarward wiuicsly dupecfewnb the nseef them. They arj tb 4 ben anility in every part, and uy lar the lirntess most cißbla. cocrlortiblft and fconr.mical gJrrt rasda Uejcbnstsw Übe sepphed as «bsye, and ladies it rcoitCrsi-ciaw retail Blares in thii city and thronzh erttbe aiffsrect States. fj7”lßanlralcrthe > •. , DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPRING BSI3TS. HEADLEY'S PASENT “DUPLEX ELLIPTIC 11 ___ - ftKIBT. Meat Pepulir and Flexible la cat Kyas & GOSSAG*. 167 & 153 laxe bums, Chicago. EATXST DUPLEX ELLIPIIC SXXSI. Combining elecance, Utbtnesa, comfort and econo my, und ■nLQOOitiorublj tbo moss desirable article made. For sale by POTTEB PACU3B, UP.II3.Qi 4 USLaKt.street. : Jbieazo« HEADLEY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BKIST, Very flexible, folded easily, when la use, to cccnpj a small space, malting the most a*reeablo skirt worn. For sals by * ■ ■ A.CLI>OWS»*-CO., ' "Late st., Chicago. HEADLEY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BKIST if cet Practical and Desirable article made.’ ' E.OS9 4 FO3TBK. MS lake street, (sew Store.) ‘BSADLSY’S DUPLEX ELUPtIC BSXET. The create 1 ! improvement we bare ever s*en la La die's Balrts, and an article of snnerlcr excellence. . " FiiESDMAJ* & GOOOKISD, - - X29Lake street, Chicago* an3o pFSISt-Tm ‘tnsaaAx-aet fTAYALRT HORSES WANTED. \J assistant OuASTABStABTsa’a Omar, 2 / ■. Cnicxr.o I’L, Sept, tl, ISM- > . I -Will nay tba sum of »ias in check* on united BUtesTreatary for Csnjflctus cl indeotedacsa, for oil Cavalry Horses that will pass lopsctionat u. 3. &■ rral, Chicago, lU. . __ .. Payments will be made for lota of eteht jP) or over. •By order of JA9. A. LKlff. Col la cbarce of Ist Dir. Q. M. S. O. J U. Beadshaw. Capfiand A. Q- if. « BCILS43ICI rpAES NOTICE.-*IOOO will be X ,1..u tot«a Altaian Well to J>o real’ojonr let in t: It place. j)OßS : ijr 4 DUST. -MIBC2JC. Sept. 16. ISM: ■ seiasmgtnet The suit, of CLOTUEdWone thatU madecl.HosiJ®TMA**‘ TEfttaLaK» woRBUAKsmP. smdfgM wmameal proportions for tbe weaftr. SOC3 SUITS are dally being, inrni*b«rt at priced ranxitc from SOM and np-, van:*, by ELY. Woolen irtapar and TaUor.iTr© mont Block. ' Jhl b— flrnnet IAWPS, OILS A BLASSWAIE, THE.BEST STOCK 15 YHI At tae LOWEST MARKET FRZCB& per saleW aoil'p94s IDtnet QEO. B. P0F3.123 £ Clai tL* \\rOOD— WOOD -WOOD. -- ▼ r Grand Travene Batch and Maple Wood for sale by tbe cargo and at retail at A i’AKDn* * CO.’a Yard, Sllsvcrtb street,betveenPolk andHamsoa, re tttTtt aq . -p*j t ffm aide. Nito aiberitsnnents. rrouNTax msaciiAirra \j win Had a large aaotiaiAt 01 Enina Hoods, Habiaa, SBams, Giirtos, nosim, A5T> OTJ33 ITOOL4H 60003. Al* o Uic oiu a) fa l Ur« of Carsets, Press Trlaciiags, Small Wares, ku. CHEAP FOR N CAS 3, At 78 EAKE »TBG&T^ 68AY23 A ISYXHE. »elfr£«J-Ote« BURLEY & TYRRELL, 48 lake Street Invite the Attention •fJCitiiea* , COMPLETE STOCK CHINA, CEOCKSRY, * * AND 6LASS-WABE Silver-Plated Goods FliiS TABLE CUTLERY, TEA TBAYS, And sncli otbcr Goods as pert aim to tlie trade. s«2>i49d ic raiiAiiet cf FALL TRADE.' WHOLESALE DSY GOODS. large and Attractive Stock. - finis, mm & co., 40 and 42 lake Stmt, Have now in Store a very extensive and well assorted stock, embracing the newest and moat desirable style, /and Fabrics in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, to' which they invite the atfen* tion of their friends and the trad, generally, all of which, will be offer* ed at tie lowest prices or West. package bnyers will here find af fall assortment of desirable Staple Goods at prices to suit. -' Mm umm & co.. scl3-q&U-net-tthas 40 and 42Xake St. EARTHENWARE. 1000 PACKAGES WHITE CtIfcVXJTB -A-Jsn aaoES; wabe, Instore, which to offer to thecnda'at Eastern v EOWE.'V BBOIHEKSj IHFDfiXEBS, 19 & 21 IAKMT. ae13q926 6t Turn&aAnet JJCME MiiKUFACTF-REir FiRE WORKS. CHARLES JIOFJtIS Bafts® 0 ” 11 U3 ' s '."'; or noiS^® o ®'® o ®™* -■ by blanch. ta 140 Sc’Wh Water Street, *Whnre ba will b« pr «c*red to famish tho pablic wtti FIRE WORKS as me ioircit mann&ctory pneea. P?n;calax acensioa paid to * tt'ice op puo van* lot t cUilcsi r eieoration. Cln>». QonxsuttdM. Ao..m me Beat Coif mo rLe*. Mae*. Ac. .* m „*i»o, Agent forKcpneafelids Bruac&’a celebrated COLNBBK LAHJHutGX icr lUmnuutioiu AadToxtß Light pioeeisiots. romnuucM, Coootfy Dealer*. Rep rho poMio m general, remember L *ell as ih« LOWEST FWDRttS. P. 0.80XK31 ee!s aJ3j-8s 1 sat net , . > CAMPAIGN SOU'S FOR . / A. LINCOLN. ■* E. M.'HIQGIiJS, Musio Pnbliaher f 117 Ha? jact luned- » itinine picco ol made entitled- " OAISPAIGy SONS FOB ‘ '.A. LINCOLIV, price so cents; * wni be teat, pc#* naio, to any addr*ta on.-Steele 6 ol marked pi lc s p? aadrtttlp e U»a paoluber ai flrjvv. A lioeiai dticcusi iraf e abenordeieH iTqaaoiiaea by class. atiS-siSS-Stne# rjEOHGB; F. JffOaTER, Vl 2l7Qoatn , Wa!ergaea > r rhira|Q r TTT_ . Ship 'Chandler and Sail-Maker, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer Is Manila, Tarred and n«mp Dope CANTAB. CHAINS. BLOCKS, Twines, B»naod Sa»b C?r^a.Tents.Awnfnrs. Wagon- Coven, Caknm. Tar.Pltca, Fe;tiag.r , *inte,'yila. itff. Old Canvas and Hoisting Storei^ ' . U’IL.JLOS OF SV3TRT DBSC3IPTIOM. 1564., fall 1864. V ■ CLA.iL'tFA.IO-ISr. BOOTS AND SHOES 'At Wholesale lor C&ah* and 50 \Vnbosh Avonne. We have adarjte stock of oar own mate, and of best Eastern manufactures, which *e are enabled tm sell, and are selling, less tnan tha present aarta*~ pnea., f FAESO 4 BILL, *3 aedS> w*naslKay, _ next scuta Farwed, Field 4 Co. . aaliVroS37-lm-xos-yTjBATH« piANOS, HAND?, PIANO?. - Joatrecclvcd>fST? of those CELEBBATEDPIAMOf, From the manufactory of HARDMAN, NEW YORK. Tbsse Pianos are well known throtfehoot.ihe Uni ted Sutes^acd arelnf-rlor to none. pTUOs ante, tone and flalab most be inspected to be eppreeiawt. Call and examine those before pcrcbaslnc ak»- where., , For sale by . J JAStS !QUNOE TAYLOB, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, sifeandalnh / street, bttweefl State anaßearborn. 5.3.— 1«,CC0 prlmeScsars lor tale. sel&etlMV g'AYE KINDLING WOODf OHS FIBS WILL LAST TAB entiiib ara}A.aosr^ WITHOUT ES-KISDL»e, I.V * The Llttlefleld Stovga The flloralsc ©lory*' The Railway Coal Burner, T he Parlor Furnace. The Portable Pomace, Tne Brick Pomace, Fcrsaleoilyby D. C. vis SCHIJCE, Jr., IT State Stmt, /, gjjr of the Golden fei Kettle, __ sMS alto 3* t fAT n. t L NF. MEBBILLI ■ - e vnoLzaAXX nvAtsm xa lamps, oas ABD'&t.iwsisianA asiaLAXp ooona or btcst Dwcetma*. i 023 p43i46met TlAUfiimdolphitrset.cUaMK 1015 2ir*netl

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