Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 22, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. THDESOAT, EEPTEMBER 32, IBM. THE CITY. GRAND UNION CELEBRATION. ME GBEfiT nCTOBT OF GEI. SHEEIDAS —AT BETAS HAIX THIS ETEXtSG. B«j»r Cf». SeloOeU, H*». B. C. C»ot, Don; B. IngersoH, Colonel Osborn, Colonel Jicftsea, G. C, Bates, C.H. Hawley, Or. Tlflany, and Others. Hally to Bryan Hall this evening. Dot the vic tory In the Valley of the Shenandoah be celebrated. Major Gen. Schofield, from the battle fields of At lanta, is in the city, end has promised to be pre sent, and address the meeting. Other able and eloquent speaker* have been In- Tiled and will be present, among whom are Hon. B c.Cook of Ottawa, Bon. BohUG. Ingersolt of Peoria, Col. Osborn of the Tates' Phalanx, Col. Joesseo, Geo. C. Bates, C. M. Hawley, Dr. Tiffany, and others. - The Lombards, and a brass band, will discourse music. Our armies arc advancing upon victorious battle fields, and the loyal everywhere arc rejolc sg. Let the flags be thrown out, the cannon made to speak, and rockets and fireworks illumine the sky. The western prairies are on fire, and the whole nwiipp la awakening to crash the rebellion. Now Is the time to work, and to strike betvy crushing blows against treason and traitors. If yon want a place in the Sail, go early. Cobokeb.—Dr. S. A. Ballard Is ft candidate for the Union nomination for coroner of this coonty. » Fiee.—The alarm of fire which called out the Department yesterday afternoon, was caused by t be turning of a sn**H tenement on Madison street b- yond the aty limits. ItotfoKAT.- 3UJ. Geo. Schofield, of the 23d Army Corps, Brig. Gen. Bnger, Brie. Gen. Camp bell, of the reenlar army, and Cob Schofield, ol Gen. Schofield’s staff; are now stopping at the Shrnnan House. The Bake Borman.—Miles C. Gardiner, the rob btr of the Stale Savings Bank, was yesterday ex amined In the Police Court. He plead guilty to the charee, and in default ol £3,000 ball he was committed to Jail. lUimcxTiow Mxetiko.—A grax.d ratification meeting will beheld on Saturday evening nest at Metropolitan Hall, to ratify the nominations for ftbcrlfi, Senator, representatives. and Coroner. C ,1. Daniels of Wisconsin, will be present, and with other able will address the meeting. Brvxn Aoozdest.—A canal boat, lying in the South Branch, juat above Madison street bridge, was nm into by a passing tug, yesterday, and re* t< rely injered. Tne boat was discharging a cargo of stone, and at was with the utmost difficulty that she was kept afloat. Personal—Capt. W, B. Curtiss, A. A. G., Ist. Brigade, 3d Division, 14th Army Corps,—better kaownae “Torchln's Brigade* I —arrived in town yesterday morning, direct from Atlanta. * Hlsmasy friends will he pleased to leam that the Captain u in pcod health and spirits, notwithstanding the fatigue of the four months' campaign. Deserved Pbowotxok.—Lieut George J, Bob iuson, oi tbe Chicago Board of Trade Battery, baa r< ccived tbe appointment of Captain of the battery, vice Stokes mustered out. Capt. Boblnson has participated in all the battles of the Southwest, and bat provedblmself a gallant and energetic of ficer, one well worthy of promotion. Declarer).—'The propositi on of the Pittsburg and Fort Wayne Ballroafl Company, recently made* ti the city authorities, to vacate so much of Adam* street a*e lies between the river and Canal street, in consideration of the sum of $25,000, wnichthe Company agreed to pay, has been dt clii cd by the Committee to whom it was referred. Cashed.—lt has been derided by the Citizens 1 War Committee that any person drafted and bold ing SBOO or less of tbe County. War Fend bonds shell receive the prompt and most efficleotald of the Committee In inducing the County War Com mittee to redeem the bond In cosh. This will aid tbe holder of such bond to turn it into cash to as sist him in the procuration ofa substitute. Largest.—Detectives Sherman and Abbott last night arrested two men, named William Btoln and David Thompson, charged with tbe larceny oj, s3ooTronj William Batine. It seems that Batine was enlisted by Thompson and Slain, and. In stead of paying him the lawful bounty, they put it Into their own pockets, telling Batine to help him self if he doulcL Hence their arrest. Tbe parties are colored. Veteran Reserve Co bps —From Sept. Ist to Sept. 16th, 106 men were sworn into tbs Veteran- Deserve Corps st Provost Marshal James' office. Capt, Bjcrg, as previously reported in the Tbx sm, has been assigned to theMn&Uur command of tbe Soldiers' Beat. To-day be wIU transfer his men to tbs Bast, and shortly will also move bis office to that Institution. At present he coouatiAt to occupy bis old quarters on Randolph street, No. 45. • Bescced.—Yesterday information was. given to Officer Clayton, that a little girl apparently abont twelve years of age, was in a -disreputable bouse on Clark street, and be at once took measures to rescue her from tbe den. Bbe was taken Into cos* tody and lodged in the armory. She gave her name as Mary Arm Sullivan, ana stated chat sbe had run awav from her home on account of ill* treatment. Her case will come np in tbe Police Court this morning. litre nr AST AXBESTS.—About the first of the present month, the banking boose of Snydacker & Co., on Laaolle street, was entered and robbed ot SSOO. Tbe matter was placed In tbe handset ex pert detectives, and several suspicious characters closely watched. Yesterday, detectives Webb and Kenny succeeded In arresting four persons sup posed to be Implicated. They are William D. Gil lespie. George H- Remold, Charles M. Spencer and Cornelius J. Bran. They will probably be exam ined this morning. Inquest.—An inquest was held yesterday after noon, by Coroner Wagner, on the body of William Smith,whowasfonnddeadabonttwo o'clock, in room No. 9, Pomeroy’s Bnllding. The deceased was of very intemperate bahito. and subject to epi leptic fits. A Jorv was empannelied, who returned a verdict accordingly. Tbe deceased was acting as a shipping clerk tor the house of That. Hughes &Co Commission Merchants, and had at one time been So tbe army, bnt was dlschared owing to bis being subject to fits. Labcekt.—Charles Eagan, a rongh of some ce lebrity in tbo police annals ot Onicago, was brought bclore Justice McDonnell yesterday, charged with the larceny of SIOO in money from tbe person of John Schafer, of Lancaster, Ps. Schafer was at tue saloon of John Tranor, near the Rock Island depot, and had imbibed to an injudicious extent, when be was suddenly “ brought to" by tbe dis covery that hispocket bad been picked of all his monev, SIOO. He suspected Eagan, and the money, identified by Bchafer as bis. was found upon bis person. He was held to boll In the sum of SSOO, in default of which be was committed to jalh A Bipehtiko Thief.—A man named Cyrus Finch, from Laportc, lnd M recently stole a pair of horses In Indiana, turned them into cavb and de camped. He wfls fooad in this city and was in* formed that if he would enlist, and with the boon- - ly pay the value of tbe team, be would not be pro secuted. lie consented to the arrangement and went to the recmtlue office, signed the necessary papers, became a soldier, got his SBOO, and left for parte unknown, leaving hi# funnerriedm discon solate, and Cook County minus a soldier. TEZAcrrcEY xsr» Cnrrixnr.—ln yesterday's Tiubuke we gave aa account of a meditated es cape cn tnaut of the chivalry confined in Camp Bougie*. Aa reported, the special guards, after vainly waiting for the consummation of the plot, were relived from duly and retired to their qoar t*r». Shortly after, when the detailed prisoners, engaged during the day la the garrison square, had been transferred for the night to the prisoners* quarter*, cue of the number was accused by his Comrade* of having -treacherously communicated the plot to the military commander, and in the rntltt that followed, he was rather serioualy stab- ' bed by one of the outraged chivalry. Bonrnns lowa Sakitabt Fom—John Solly, E«q., of Burlington, lowa, Is in town soliciting contributions tn goods and money for tbe Grand Sanitary Fair, which comes off shortly in Burling ton, lowa—ln connection with tbe lowa State Fair. We trust our citizens will respond liberally when called on by this gentleman. lowa and the whole Northwest rtsponded liberally to_oar Sanitary Fair, last fall, and the citizens of Chicago are tn enty bout-d io reciprocate. The President of the State Fair has appointed a committee to look alter the exhibition oi ail articles contributed to tbe Sanitary Fair, and these will be sold after the lair it ©vtr. Quaktebeastebs* OmcEßs.—For the conven ience of there of our readers who may have bus!, ness with the Quartermaster's Bepartment, we utnez a list of the officers, and the particular duty to which each is assigned. _ „ . . Captain <J. A.Potter, A. Q.M, Chief Bepot Qusrtena>»t«r. Captain dame? Bradshaw, A. Q. SL, in charge of the purchase of horses, mu ;ee, etc. Capialn William H. Bailhache, A. Q. 2L, In charge of clothing, camp and garrison equipage, Charles Goodman, A. Q. hL, in charge o! supplies at Camp Bonclas and other camps in the nunhezn,p»Tt oi the Stale. Hbczptiok or the 331 th —The arrangements have been made whereby a becoming reception shall be given to the gallant boys of tbe 131 th regi ment. Thoutb they have not nsrtlcipated to the fnl cit extent in the heat and horror or war, they »i«.Te nevertheless, proved themselves worthy of .he high opinion which Chicago ever entertains lor her soldiers. Col. Baotock, Mr. Wbltoey and Mr. Puun wca;yesterday appointed a Committee of Arrangements-and will make all necessary provi rioi s It Is determined that the ovation shall be one worthy of the occasion, and such a one a« will V pratiijlue to the returning soldiers, and honor: able to oarfCves. We are satisfied that oar citi zens will cheerfully second the exertions of the Crmttl'ie in this very proper work. Tberegiment ib expected some time this evening. Local Militaet News.—Forty men belonging to the Wisconsin cavalry, in charge of Sergeant G. Strong, arrived at the Best yesterday morning? on their way to the front. Theywere principally convalescents from Madison. One hundred and fifteen men, belonging to vari ous regiments and States, were yesterday enter tained at tnc Best. Theywere nearly all sick and wounded men. and left Marietta, Ga~ hat a few dtrys ago. They were for Lincoln without an ex ception. Our reporter eaw one poor fellow who*® com>e ot Ufe wae nearly ran, wh> said that U he could be permitted to live until he conld cast bis vote for Abraham Lincoln be could then die con tent; auu be caathlevote lour yean ago for John C. Brvcklnndj.t. Captain Koval ha* been ordered away, and to day be will remove to the General Hospital, south of Camp Bougiae, where hlmnelf and command hrmxlne .. Peesoxxx.. —Cnpl McWilliams, ot the Bl'st Illi nois, Is now In the diy, alter a long and eventful experience among the rebel prison*. Ho was taken prisoner at thebattlcofChickamauga, thence to the Dull Pen at Atlanta. Subsequently he was removed to Libby, thence to Danville, V.„ Io July last was taken to Macon. He was afterward* removed to Charleston, and placed under the lire of our blockaoing squadron, He was liberated on S*roie a lewday* ago. on condition that he would cel an officer of equal rank exchanged for himself, fie fives a raUier nnfliltcrtnir account of the dftv* airlc ctb’oiuh of hia captore. baling been n*ed with espbrlsl ronrbners in Blchmoud, whwe the prls-. oners are not allowed to receive wythim: sent by •friends; their money taken from then and not re riore« on leaving. Only at, Charleston was he In sled like a man: he said the people there did as ireii as could be expected from persons In their position. THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS. Duty »f Fllei He»-W!io Ft Want as Dep- nsnUUvtsud Offltas. The Union Primary Meetings for the selection ol delegates to the Cook Coonty Convention, will he held to-diy as per notice in another column., 'We desire to call the attention of oar Bcpubllcan' friends (hereto. Primary meetings arfl too much neglected. They are the origin of candidacy—’the fountain whence emanates tne stream of political government which 1j pore or corrupt as sent forth from that source. We too often neglect the root, and content our selves with trimming the branches, or rather And oor futile efforts scanse ol much discontent, when a little care at first would hare obrlated .the en tire evil. At the primary meetings are chosen ibe men who determine the candidates for elector jJ success. Bow important that those men, to whom is cnirUMeo the power to choose— conge d’eHrt— should be ttaeriect kind of men, above meanness themselves, capable of-detectizu? it in others, and rirtnons enough to repudiate 1L It is needless to aav that there are in the ranks of the Union Seoubucan party many who. like the multitudes of old, follow only for the sake of the loaves and fishes. It is no disparagement to the party as a whole to ear this, though their exist* ence in Its ranks perils the safety of the people. We do sot believe that they are so unmerons with ns as among the Copperheads, every one of whom xe devoid of principle, and is fighting and atrng gUog only lor place ana power. Tbcy have no principle, save to subserve their own interest, and the poor deluded ones who follow them are led by the nose most effectually to their own undoing With the Union misses it is far different. They are now cnouring sacrifices for the sake of a prin ciple, and are wiling to doable and treble those sacrifices on the altar of their country, without complaining. There is the greater reason why they should not be led into the snare. There are men who are striving to lead and control, who are hke the ancient Judas: 44 be was a thief and car ried the bag,'’ and therefore fonnd fault with those who were doing their duty. It is not our purpose to indicate men; we might cot be able to do so If we would. We speak only in general terms, asking our readers to maturely consider the character of the men who are put for ward at their would-be representatives in the con vention—lhat will surely indicate the character of the man forwbomiheir votes will be cast. “Men do rot gather grapes of thorns, noi figs of thistles.* we all like and vote tor tie whose moral character Is of the same tone as our own, and whoselntcl-'cctual traits are the same In kind. If not In degree. Forget ic not that the character of the men you to day elect as your representatives in the Convention will stamp tneir own morale on that Convention, and that Its nominees will be like them—worthy or support, or otherwise, as men. Bad men may be accepted as the exponents of good ideas, where the necessity is imperative, bnt the contingency should never be courted. Good men on a good platform, upright men advocating the truth and rkh*, seed forth words net Oaly fitly but forcibly spoken, and, like their eannclstorß,are apples of gold in pictures of silver. Never was a time when good and true men were more needed in every department ofthe Government than now. Times have been when little impor tance was necestari to be attached to the Incum bency of a minor office, bat those times ore not now. Wc are laboring heavily in the throes of avil discord, and every clement, no matter bow small, thrown into the balance on either'side, may become of vast Importance. We want men wbo wLI be superior to petty meannesses, men wbo will be sensible enough to look questions squarely In the face, judicious enough to decide rightly, and possesieo ol courage sufficient to make them de termined to do their doty at all hazards when that dn*v is once ascertained. In each and every one oi the offices which wi'l be filled at the next elec tion. men will be wanted true as steel, ol known ability and sound discretion. We most elect snch men. Bnt in order to do this we must act wisely at the primary elections, they come off In the city this evening. Working, thinking men, do not leave these things to be managed as has often been tbe case, by petty politicians whose business it is to engineer tor a favorite candidate irrespective oC the wants of the people and tbe requirement* of the office to be filled. Vint the polls for your selves, examine well the tickets, vote for no man as >onr representative In whose Integrity and ability to decide for the best men, you have not fall Send good men to the Convention, and yoo may rely upon good men being sent form from it as the standard-bearers of the Union cause. Visit tbe polls and do your duty. It is equally vonr dntv now as at a final election, to see to it that no improper men receives the popular or _lhe party suffrage. j THE DRAFT. Present Btfett of the Coußty—l* J0 Elenyel to be Knlsei—lnducements to Enlist. The all absorbing topic of the day Is the draft, and the probabilities of its enforcement in Cook county. People seem to be hoping, from its oft postponement, that a conscription will not take place among ns, while they forget that the quota to being bnt very slowly filled. In the advertising columns of last evening's ’'Journal appeared a statement purporting to be based noon informa tion received from Provost Marshal James, which affirms that the draft will without toll take place next Monday, and giving the present quota of tne county, token, it was alleged, from the records of tbe above named officer. Upon examination we find that neither statement was authorized by Captain James, who affirms that regarding the tune he to as much in the dark as any one. as no positive information has been received at his head quarters. The decisive order Is, however, daily, almost hourly, expected. Tbe figures given in the advertisement were not taken from bis records, but made np from the records of the various recruiting offices, in con nection with, those at hto office. They are, how ever, considered as mmi j correct. We append the list in question, riving the munW. .Un due in each township and ward: Towns—Barrington, S; Palatine, SO: Wheeling, 29; Ncrthfie.d, 2o ; Evanston, 8: Hanover. 6; Scbsnmberg, 17; Elk Grove, 13: Maine, 21; Niles, 21; Letden, *ls; Jcfftison,2l; Proviso, 26; Cicero, 16; Ljone, 83; Lake,22; Lcmoat. 28:-Palos, 10; .Worth, SO; Caimnet, 28; Orland, 14; Bremen. 19; Thornton. 23; Rich, 20; Bloom, 20; Lake View, 16: New Tier, 15; Hyde Park, 12. Chicago Wards—Fust, 62; Second. 100: Third 101; Fourth, 14; Fifth, 07: Sixth, 181; SeventU, 66; Eighth. 86; Ninth, 63: TenthTS?; Eleventh. 11®; Twelfth, 02; Thirteenth, 78; Fourteenth, 63; fifteenth, 49; Sixteenth. 16. The actual present quota of Cook county la, therefore, in round numbers, about 1,730. This ’ may seem a large number, after all tbe credits are token from the original enrollment, but there is M evidence that it wilt be in the slightest degree re duced except by further enlistments. Our citizens, therefore, had better resign their attempts to for tber reduce the list of Indebtedness, and throw themselves heart and mind into the furtherance of enlistments, in Washington, dndnnatl,'lndian apolis, Kentucky, St, Louie, Davenport, Iowa; biilwankee, Detroit, and elsewhere, the fiat, un alterable as tbe laws of the Medes and Persians, has gone lorth. and tbe draft is progressing quiet ly but steadily; and whether on Monday next or not, it to certain that ere long personal invita tions to visit Sherman and Grant's armies will be declared to be is order in “ye" county of Cook, unless recruiting shall have filled tbe quota. The county has never yet suffered a draft; let every citizen determine that it shall not now be needed, and large as the quota is. it will epecdl’y be filled. There is every reason now why a man should enlist, and very lew satisfactory ones why be should not. In case cf a conscription (and unless recruits come in in larger numbers than twenty or twenty-five a day a conscription must come) his chances of escape are not Jarge, when. If he be a ■ poor webn ( be will be compelled to leave ms family perhaps penniless. By enlisting now he'can ob tain over SBOO cash Jn hand, which, with the fur ther assistance be can render, will make the loved ones independent'of tbe world How many l|tUe stores or other avenues of subsistence can oe en tered by the taiismanlc influence of that little pile of greenbacks; and at present everything is sa'a ble. But to take another and equally practicable new of the case, a man can earn more money by enlisting for twelve months than be can by work ing at home. Tbc‘ assertion may be donbted. We proceed to prove it. #x ~ , For one year’s service a recruit will obtain; Count; bounty SIOO Government bounty.....*. ; lOj One year's wages 195 Board and clothing at say $6 per week 31S Toial .*?. The other side of the question—what a laborer can obtain at home i—is briefly stated. Few la* boxers will work more than 2SO days out of the Ear, which at $2.35 per day amounts to ssC2,leav gac)earcaintothei>oidierorsßl2. These figures may surprise the reader, but they represent Mete which challenge contradiction. It is tberefore em phatically a man's duty to enlist, his duty to hi* bleeding country, tohishmlly and tohis ownfeel ings of patriotism. Enlistments should now in crease dally, the country in Us extremity calls for more men, tbe honor of the State demands that these men be furnished voluntarily, and the prow efs of our Generals in the field promise that the men shall not be wasted. Only thick with what impetus the war would progress at tbe present crisis if the glorious victories of Sheridan and bis patriotic men could be followed up by the rein .Lrctmentofa few hundred thousands of men. Ev ery Southern stronghold would speedily fall, and northern stoefi and Southern hopes would ere long sink below tbe political zero. Let our citi zens rally once more round the glorious old flag and a country saved from destruction, anfra State from the stigma ol mi willingness will be their glo rious reward. • BULf TO-NIGHT. £et ns Celebrate tbe victory Gained by Sheridan* A grand Union meeting will be held this evening at Bryan Hall, for the purpose of celebrating Phil. Sheridan's magnificent victory over the rebel army under Breckenridge and Early. Let all loyal citizens attend and give thanks to the command ing General and his brave boys in blue, for the wclccme intelligence. Heretofore, cither through tncompctency or mismanagement, the history of the Shenandoah Valley baa been a dark spot on oar National escutcheon. It baa been on-several cr eations tbe seat of war for a long or short period, and never until now. bare we gained anything substantial therein. Wo have had magnificent re treats—sorb as Banks' and Sigel’s—but never a victory. In fact the name Shenandoah stood “ a right emart chance.” to nee Southern patois, of being blotted out of the map, and Humiliation in serted In lien thereof. Happily for tbe people, happily foronr national escutcheon, tbe humuia tu>c retreats and “ masterly inactivities” hive been dnee away with, and under the dnsh and skill of Phil. Shtndsn, victory has perched herself on our flag, never we hope to be taken away. AU honor to tbec, Phil.* Sheridan. A nation’s graltude is iours for having blotted out disgrace, and thresh, ic Bretkcnridge and Early so soundly. Wlat effect this will have oo the plane of Lee and Davis we know not, neither do we care. Tbe rebel army, which a week ago presented a bold front, is now scattered to the tour winds of heaven like autumnal leaves before the equnoctlal gale. That It will be ol inestimable benefit to the Lieu tenant General none can deny. It win prove the stepping stone by which the Lynchburg Railroad, tbe only remaining source oi supplies, will be wrested from tbe grasp of tbe rebels, and their chief aty and its immediate neighborhood must then fill, sooner or ]ater,ofthelr own weight. While thimkn are being given to Sheridan wc must not foreet Sherman and his brave baualiona. For Jour long months have they wrestled, day and night; with the rebel army for the possesion of the “Gate City.” Perseverance and energy will have tbeir reward, and Sherman, by one of the most skillful flank movements ever made In the history of the world, obtained bis—the coveted prize of Atlanta. Step by step, a distance of 13S miles were tbe rebel army driven, compelled at times to vacate posi tions against which no troops la the world coaid make a successful advance. Flanked oat of Baz zard Boost, whipped a< Besaca, flanked at Alla toona Pass, whipped at Balias, flanked out of Mari etta and the Eencsaws. flanked at the Chattahoo chee. whipped at Peach Tree Creek. Becamrand Proctor’s Creek, and finally flanked and whipped onto! Atlanta—such baa been the record of the rebel Army of the Tennessee. APer a short rest attire “Gate City,” Sherman and his "flankers” will cive the “Johnnies” an opportunity to in scribeMaeonind Mohile-lost-on theirb’nnenu We return, at the same time, thanks to the old “sea doc” FsrTatnl.aDd Granger with Lis land force. There two succeeded, after terrific cannon ading and fifhiing. In capturing the on'er works of Mobile and the formidable rsm Nashville. Let there be a grand turning out of the loyal people of Chicago, this" evening. Let enthusiasm run wild. It will comfort the hoya In tbe army and navy. It wfll tell them that their actions are fully appreciated bv those at home. Good music and speaker* w ill be in attendance, and let Bryan Hall groan under the pressure of a loyal assemblage. fi Queue Pocket Pickjxq —Yesterday morning M. Brotnaban, a private In the iltb regiment. Illi nois volunteers, while on hie way home on a sick furlough, was robbed in the Illinois Central De pot of (£BO. What makes the case particularly ,s»d is, thatit was every cent the poor fellow pos sessed. The man *ho would rob a wounded sol dier is too far gone in depravity to be punished by ths hand of the law, and the end of a short rope ta the oxly appropriate itnnlualion for the life of each a wretch. Bepobllcait Union Coaaly Conren . tfon. The ward primary meetings win be held on Thursday, Sept. 22d taut., at the following places, and the polls will be opened at 4 o’clock p. m, and be kept open until 7 o'clock p.m., and the warda will be entitled to the following number .of dele gates; * 1 Ist Ward—At the Sheriff’s office in Court House; 3 *2 d Schroder’s Saloon, comer of Jack son and Clark streets—l^Delcgates. M Ward—At WfllU’s Carriage Shop, comer of State and Twelfth streets—9 Delegates. 4tb Ward—At Police Station, corner of Slate and Twcaty-hecond streets—7 Delegates. **6 th Ward—At John Baber's Saloon, Ar- Lind Office, Ca nal street— i Delegates. 7th Ward—At Penn's Saloon, comer oi Union and Twelfth streets—6 Delegates. £th WSrd—At southeast comer of Twelfth and Buckerstreets—B Delegate!. 9th Ward—At the Skating Park, comer of Ban dolph and Sheldon streets—B Delegates. 10th Ward—At .Engine House, corner of Wash ington and Clinton streets—l 3 Delegates. lltb Ward—At Bruns* Saloon, corner of Klnzle and Haleled streets—B Delegates. , 12th Ward—At Bachler’a Saloon, 320 Milwaukee avenue—6 Delegates. 15ith Ward—At Pols' Saloon, comer of Larabee street and .North avenue— 4 Delegates. 34th Ward—AtHanlscb’s Saloon, comerofScdg - wick and Division streets—6 Delegates. 15th Ward—At Turner’s Hall, Clark street, near Chicago avenue—9 Delegate*. __ _ . ifth Ward—At North Market Hall—ll Delegates. Thclollowingpcrsonswill act as Inspectors at' the Ward Primary Meetings: Ist Wart—Thos, Church, J, W.Waughop and Peter Eecitz. 2d W’arfl—George SchxnJdt, Fernando Jones and Janies Miner. 8d Ward—Many Nelson, W.H. Band and Peter •4th'Ward—Geo. A. Springer, C. Yaudecook and Geo. M. Howe 6tb Word—William Bohcrts, Jacob Myers and W. H. Stephens, . , 6th Ward—W. C. Deakman, A. Pardoe and Charles Bits. 7th Ward—B. Clark, Christ, Teghtmycr and Charles Deeding. Bth Ward—B. M. GuQford, M. L. Friable and A. J. Krrieely. * 9th Ward—J. Stanford, Aid. Taleott and W. Woodard. 10th Ward—George Himrod, N. Locobleler and A. balsbnry. . Uth Ward—Moses Gray, G. Lcverenz and Capt. Oder. 12th Ward—W. Gastfield, L, P. Walt and H. Fel lenth&L ISth Ward—F. Ben zinger, Charles F. Peck and Fred. Bardin?. 14th Word—L. Zeiglir, Ferdinand Panker and J, H. Batten. 35th Ward—John Hertlng, J, C. Grant and Ira Lawson. _ jCib Ward—S. S. Whitney,H.A. Kauffman and A. Harvey. . v Colonel McChpimer* Editor CMcigo Tribune: The friends of Colonel McChcaney are surprised and pained st tbe remarks contained in the Tutu tjxx and Evening in articles announcing hie arrest, and referring to his regiment. Espe cially does this comae seem unfair, when Indulged in while be Is prostrated by illness brought on tthUe in the serrtee—eo ill that bo not only can of fer no defense, hot Vie/amUy are interdicted by the attendlncp.tyrlcfem from allowing him to hare access to the articles relerrcd to, or conversing with him on tbe subject—such being the alarming natnre of bis illness, that bis physician deems tbe course advised essentially important to Ms recov cry. isltjnstto condemn before tbe accused is at prised oi the charges and specifications on which bis arrest was ordered, and before an opportunity la afforded of putting in a defense) Probably no regiment baa been organized and sent Into tbe field when unsuccessful aspirants have not strongly protested against tne State au thorities commiestoning tbe field officers. .Such rivalry and jealousies have pervaded higher ranks than regimental field officers, and have cost the country much blood and treasure. Colonel Me- Cbeency b*v probably given as much time, gratu itously, curing the past three years, in assisting In preparing regiments for the field os any man in Chicago; nod when thelStth was organized, he was commissioned as Colonel, on the unanimous Cor nearly so,) vote of the line officers, who had had an opportunity to leant bis qualification*, and through tte influence of others than his lamilv, who had bad like opportunity. On being* mustered in, tbe regiment was or derca to Columbu", Ky n where they re medied some months, and were then ordered to Paducah; thence to ilajiield, Ky., where they k ere accompanied hy Gen. Paine, who command ed tbe district, and who placed Col. HcChesnev in command of the Post at May field, end ordered him to erect fortifications, employing rebels in con structing the work, By tint change, of comae, the command of the regiment devolved on Litut- Col. Bigelow. Cob McCbcsney continued in command of the Post until, overtaxed by labor ana overcome bv the unfavorable climate, his health gave way, and soon assumed a character so alarming that he was brought away by the Surgeon of the moment, on a bait Hour's notice, bringing nothing with him bnt the clothes he wore. After slopping atPaducah some 36 hours, and obtaining the necessary order from Gen. Paine, his Surgeon, with two orderlies accompanied him as far as Centralis. In this State, whence, on the morning of the 7tb Inst, tbe Sur geon telegraphed me to meet tbe Colonel with car riage atCo’c’ock that morning, the Surgeon re luming to Mayfield. On arriving borne he was found to be verv much prostrated, but soon began to mend, and was progressing favorably when the order came for hi* arrwL In the meantime Gen Paine was superseded in the command of the dis trict by Gen. Meredith, which, of course, produced some tmiavorable effects on his system, out from which te rallied to be again shocked by the news paper remarks now complained of. Colonel McL'heeney's friends have taken meas ures to learn tbe specific nature of tbe charges on which bis arrest was ordered, but at present know nothing but what comes from rumera and letters from Mayfield, which invoices General Paine as well, and in fact the whole regiment, and are to this effect: That on the occasion of General Mer edith’s visit to Mayfield, after succeeding General Paine m command of the district, be had.the troops mustered at his headquarters, ailunder arms except the iZWi. and addressed them in denunciation of General Paine, and tbe policy he hod pursued ww ard the rebels in that district, as w*u M in denunciation of Col. McUbesnev, who was acting under Gen. Paine’s order*, and denounced tbalSltn regiment as o band of lawless thieves and robbers; that be then discharged rebels who had been put to work on the fortifications at Mayfield, notwlth standing they refused totake the oath of allegiance. It may not be proper to go farther Into detail of rumors, under tbe circumstances; and In view of Col. McCheeney's serious Illness, may wc not ask . tbe charity of your silence until bis health la suffi ciently restored to enable him to learn the charges and put In hto defense, ora more un/atorab’e ter mination Is arrived at, hastened by toe justice here complained of. R. McChesset. . LOCAL MATTERS. law School of th© University of Chi cago.—Tbe Call term of this institution com mences to-day. The students will meet at 10 o'clock, at the school room in the Lamina Block, northeast corner of Clare and Washington streets, to organize the classes. Breaching UiU Bvenlng.—Bev. K. C. Tiers, of Cincinnati, wID preach at the Christian Church, on West Monroe street, between Aberdeen and Backer streets, this (Wednesday) evening, at 7# o'clock. „ Tbe Copperhead’s Prayer lmmense sale! Second edition ordered within fire day# from the appearance of the first copy. Betall price 15 cents. Ecasonhle deduction toNews Dealers. For sale at wboleealconlr, by Jous R. Walsh, eelO-slri-St No. 103 Madison at.. Chicago. KtnlhWardWlde Awake Club.—There will be a meeting on Saturday evening, at Christo pher Elbtn's saloon, No £BO West Lake street, to organizea Ninth Ward “Wide Awake” Club, for service in this fall campaign. Let .there bo a foil tnm out, and the Club be pat at once Into a state of efficiency. Po*B e»lffe.-Mr. Bye will commence his Juvenile Sharing School next Saturday morning at 9 o'clock in the Musical Union Academy, Metho dist Church Block Adult Singing Schoofon Tues day evening at the same place. For particulars see his cards at the music stores. Armrnos’.—The Union Totera of the Sixth Seventh, and Eighth Wards are requested to meet at their respective headquarters and nominate •delegates for the primary meetings, this (Wednes day) evening, September 21,1861. £r Obbes or the CommrzE. best Pant Cutter In Chicago is at Bart leu's. 121 and 183 Bandolph street, Sherman Bouse. scp22s6B3-lw. Wzstcbk Ukioh College ajjd Mujtaet Aoad* ext, Fultok, Illinois.—A first-class hoarding in stitution for young men and boys. Cadets received at any time. Actress, Col. D. 8. Cobest, scpl!7Aß2S*Sw President. Bloomington Nursery.—S2o acres Fruit. Ornamental and Nursery stock, 40.000 Peach, 75,000 Pear, 100,000 Grape, Ac. Bend red in. sepiffrlf? 2W dAw. nefrossliun Ball to Kent*—This HkU is to rent for all the purposes for which such halls are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Applica tions can be made at the office, adjoining the en trance to the Hall. Jelo-hfl4(Vtf tw Paper Hanging, Ac., Ac., at N. York prices, F. E. Eigby, 89 Randolph St. aa27-p7M-30t NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. SEBIOUS Jl 111.WAY A.CCI- BES r. Smash Bp on the Pennsylvania Cen tral B allroad—Six Fcnqgs Killed, Thirteen Wounded. PmLADELrmA, Wednesday, Sept. 21.—The Fast Line train going eastward on the Pennsylvania Railroad which left here last night, at 8:10. ran into the rear end of a freight train on the eastward track, nt Tomsontown Station, at Junalla, at 4:30 o'clock, this morning. The passenger train was moving at the usual speed when the accident occurred.' The engine was demollsbdd and the greater portion of tbe train was badly wrecked. Tbe baggage car 'was driven Into the front passenger car, and took fire from the oversetting ol a stove, and with tiros passenger cars was destroyed. It Is supposed that six persons were instantly killed, and held among the mins of the can and consumed with them. John MnllUon, the conductor of the passenger trfln, is among the lost. SECOND DISPATCH. Thlrtcfnofthe passengers wwo taken from the ruins, allot whom were wonndea, and some seri-' ously. AH are now receiving smncal and medical treatment. Tbeacddcnt Is said to haTQ Seen caus ed by tmlcct of those in charge of tho trdgut train to give the proper notice to the passenger train, which was on Us regular time. One of the tracts was cleared at 10 a. m., and the business of the road resinned. Of the six persons supposed to have been lulled or burled in toe first car, oat two hare been recognized, viz: J. Mulllson, conductor, L* Imhrie. brakesman. Thirteen were injured as follows: Wm. Jones, of Downiogton, both lees broken: Temple Jones Dleves, of PbUadclphls, one leg broken; Sherman Goldsmith, of Philadel phia, leg broken; Juo. Bunch, of St. Clair, Schuyl kill Co.. Penn.,head; McWilliams, Baltimore, one -arm broken; Catharine btCandar. ot Indianapolis, weanded in tho scalp; M. Noteslme, leg broken: Solomon Brook, mill dangerous interna 1 injuries: M. Nevaktrk. ot Alicch&ny City, Injured ii tonally; John Havilana, of Caunasbonr, Pefln„ slightly warned. The engineer and fireman of the patsencer train both remained at their posts, and are net very seriously hurt. I'KOM THE SOUTH. The BtcDmond Paper* ontlio miliary aitcatloii. . day conver cd with an acquaintance frour Rich mond. who states that Lee has positively but 40,- COO troops independent of Early a jcommand. The 503 d Penn sharpshooters. 1,000 strong left Phlla delphia for the front to-day. Wasdixotox, Wednesday, £ept2L—The Rich mond J-hominer of Friday last, the situation, says: 4 * We have stated pbndv that it is probable we shall have to .withstand the re newed endeavors on tne part of the enemy to car ry Bichmord ana overrun Virginia. We have done so that the people may folly imderttand the magnltuce of thestakewhich is to he fought for, amt may appreciate the necessity of such measures of defense a* may be adopted for the reinforcement ol the army, and cheerful!/ concur In them. We must all be prepared to respond with alacrity to wbaterer call may be made open ns. We are not to measure eacnflcee, or pcrsmal Inconrenleace, or discomfort. In a necessityvlike tie present, Tor these are cot worth tbonrhi. compared with the horrors which would follow' 11 Grant were to suc ceed in bis aim. • the Gntbn (Georgia) 22ei;l, of the IStb, a copy of which h pbeen recelred here. Is gratioed at its assumed Information that the Northern dralthaa been abandoned, and says: “The pretense t&st ToJanfeennc Is going on to an extent which ten* dere the draft unneccafary, Is thrown out for the benefit of the fanatics who demand a rigorous prosecution of tne war. The Bthel believes a few • short weeks more of determined heroic resistance wU settle this campaign, and time will do the rest.” : FBOM THE SUMAIIDOin, Plill. Sberldan>« Glorious Victory Over EurlT* BM.Tn.onr, Wednesday, Sept. 21-Theifollowine Is the American's special mita the great bat Je in the Sheiandoah Yalcy: HEADQUARTERS KIXJTABT DIVISION, Winchester, Ya., bcpt. ID—9 p. m.—Gen Sheri dsn’fl army has tils cay fought oce of tbe moa£ successful and decisive battles of tbe war. Victory again perched on our banners, and tbe rebel army hae been defeated and utterly routed, with tbe loss of at least 3,000 killed and wonsded, including six Generals, namely—Kb odes. Wharton, Bradley T. Johnson, Gordon. York and Qodmau—the two first of •whom were killed and tbe others badly wounded; and we nave captured 2,600 prisoners, 9 battle flairs, representing nine different regimental organizations, and five pieces of artillery, with caireons. On Sunday morning Early sent Gordon's divi sion ofrebel Infantry from Banter Hill, where U bad been stationed ror the past few oavs. to drive AvcriUoot ofMartlnebortcanddestroy tholrlclge on the Baltimore and Ohio dßailroad, across the Opequan, which they erroneously- thought bad been repaired. They occupied Martlnaborg for a ahdrt time, without doing any damage to the rail road, and were eventual]; driven by Averlll as 'ar as Darksvllle. General Sheridan, learning their movements, ordered the whole command to break camp and prepare to march; and according ly, at 3 o'clock Sunday, the tents were all struck, the different divisions were all under arms and prepared to move at a moment's notice. About o o'clock orders were received from Sheridan for the 6th and 10th Corps to be ready to start at 8 o’clock, and the Army ol Western Virginia, under" " Cook, at 9 the following morning. Shortly after 9 o'clock Wilson’s division of cavalry crossed the Opcqnan at theßerrjvllle and Winchester pike. Moving bis command rapidly along the road and driving In the enemy's sainnisb Hoc, he gallantly charged the enemy's field-works with the first brigade,and carried them at the polntof the Babe, capturing thirty prisoners. In this charge Co 1 . Bnnton, 16th Pennsylvania cavalry, was wounded within a few feet of the enemy’s works, whilst gallantly leading hie regiment These field-works were eo constructed by me rebels as to guard the ferd at Opeqnnn -nd prevent oar passage at that J-oint, Out cavalry having secured a sate passage or the infantry, the 6th Corps was moved across the Opcqnan and along the pike towards Winches ter, leaving its train on the opposite aide of the stream at a point about a mile and a half distant from the ford, where it formed in line of battle and threw ont a strong skirmish Una. At the same-time the artillery opened on the woods, into which the enemy's Infantry had retired, and kept up an incessant cannonading, the enemy replying briskly with paria of two batteries. , There was a de**v of at least two hours, emsed by the non-arrival of the 15Kh corps, who, through misconception of orders, had failed to come up at the proper time. . , General Sheridan having learned on Snnday that the main portion ol Early a forces were encamped in the vicinity of Bunker Ulil and Stephenson's Depot, resolved to mass his forces on the Winches ter and Benyvillo pike, and by a rapid movement hurl them on Early's There la po doubt bat the enemy was completely surprised and out-ms-, nenvered by Sheridan, While his different col umns were being marched to the appointed place of rendezvous, a portion of our cavalry, under Generals Torbett and Avcrill, kept up a strong picket line along the Opequan, and by demonstra tions in force at Bnrns’Fordj kept a large portion ol the enemy at that part of the field, which was ncaily twelve miles distant from me point where it was intended that cur in&utry should operate, and strike a*blow which ehon'd result In me signal dtfeat of Eorlj’s army. The delay in the arrival of the 391h corps, enabled Early to more Gordon's d ritloii at the double quick front- Banker Hill— distant about ten mllcr—ind bring it up In tlmeto form In lino of battle with Breckinridge's, Rain ser’s and Rhodes' commands, who had already arrived, and were fornn d In a belt of woods skirt ing Berrjville and Winchester. As soon as the 19th Corps arrived, it was formed In four lines ofhattle. about three hundred yards apart, on the right of the 6th Corps; and every * thing being in readiness the advance was sounded at about IS o'clock, and the different lines moved forward. The two corps advanced In splendid style, and as composedly as though marching at I review or on parade. The first lino bad not ad-. I yonced more than 200 yard's before It became | warmly engaged with the enemy, who were posted ; In line about COO yards distant. At the eametime our artillery opened a lurlous cannonade, throwing shells and acrid shot into the opposite woods where the enemy could be distinctly seen moving up reinforcements. Oar different Unci of h&tue continued to advance steadily until within nearly 200 yards of the enemy's line, when the rebels opened a furious cannonade with grapo aod canist ■ er from two batteries which they had previously secreted, and which ploughed through oir advanc ing lines, mowing down V.rre numbers of ourmen. Tec: first line was obliged to give way under-so murderous a fire, and in retreating behind the second line, threw It into momentary confusion, and It alto was obliged to fall back behind the third line, which had in the meantime been ordered to lie down in order to avoid, as much as possible, the effects of the withering fire which the enemy a batteries were directing against our advancing Torbett, with Merritt's and Averill’s dl virions of cavalry, having crossed the Opequan about 9 o'clock, at Bum's and Knox s fords, H-w 'been hard at work ail day, fighting con*w«Moie bodies of me enemy’s Infantry having been successful In hem be fore them,* now arrived and waa prepared to P"* thc 61141 Btrn 2S le wbicb secured *0 the victory. rode out to whew General Tor teti stationed, and sifter consultation with vuu as to the part me cavalry were to take, ordered the final charge, which was made with an impetu osity which nothing could resist. Our line, ex tending nearly three miles In - length, advanced amid cheers and jells which could bo distinctly heard above me noise of artillery and musketry, which, lor Us Impetuosity, has seldom been exceed ed in any battle of this war. Oar men had deter mined to win the day, and nerved themselves ac cordingly for the coming struggle, and as our lines advanced closer and closer to those of me enemy, the battle became more and more fierce. The slaughter now was awini. At every discharge men could be seen distinctly drooping all around, and thc two contending Hues at some points could not have been over two honour yards apart. Just at this critical period, above the. roar of artillery, musketry, cheers, and the fierce yen* of the con tending armies could ho distinctly heara u,/. ghnll roles ol the cavalry bogle, sounding the c which was the dealh knell to Ear.ys armr There could be seen thc gallant Castor and Merritt; each with the headquarters flag In hand, and conspicu ous amongst me advancing squadrons, gallantly leading thc charge which, in connection with the • desperate courage of our infantry, secured us the victory;.the columns ofEariv’s command were forcedto give way and braatc before the fierce on slangb which one. cavalry made upon them, who, with saber in band, rode them down,cotdnz them nebt and left, capturing *l2l privates and non-com missioned officers, with nine battle flags {and two sons. The broken anddcmorallzod divisions compris ing Early's command now fled in confusion, throwing away everything which coaid in- any way impede their flight, add strewing the ground with their arms. Some made for the heights be yotid Winchester,'battheywere speedily dislodged by Averill and forced to beat a hasty retreat op the valley, where such of Early's command as are left him are now scattered Oar victory Is a glorious lone, well calculated to thrill the hearts ot all loyal men. Among the kllcdacn wounded are Colonel E. Bright, 136 th Ohio, killed; Captain Wright, of Geo- Berea*’ staff, killed: Captain SfcGueston, 2d United States cavalry, aid to Gen. Merritt, killed; Lient. Col. Brewer,7th Hlcbtcan civslry, killed; Lient. Jackson, Ist Michigan cavalry, arm shot off; Liectenanta Mattlewe and John Allen, let Michigan cavalry, killed. . . The Michigan brigade, Cnatar’s command, claim the honor of killing General Bhodea, when they charged hie division. _ New Yobs. Wednesday, Sept. 21.— The New York Times' Washington special, 20th, aays: Gen. Sheridan's grand success near Winchester is noted as the first victory achieved hy the national arms in the Shenandoah Valley, bat so magnificent in its proportions as completely to wipe oat the, lore eerits of reverses which have given to that region the designation of the Valiev of Unmllla- Won. The loss to the enemy In blued, wounded and prisoners will, it Is believed, reach not less than 10,000, while the clrcnmstances of the ene my’s deleaUerve Early’s army In a condition Utile short of absolute ront and demoralization- The bearing ol this operation on the greater problem immediately before Gen. Grant, is of capital im portance, and will go far to dedfifi the fate of Lee's army and Richmond. The tremendous importance of Lynchbure, as covering the. now only remain log line of railroad communication with Rich mond, has compelled Lee to retain in the val ley foil one-half of his entire force, and not withstanding the terrible straits he has been pat to for lack of troops to meet the movements of Grant, ihe fatal menaoces which the presence of KhpHaan's army in the valley constantly held forth has forced Lee to submit to thorn on peril of the lose of Lynchburg. The army covering that point has, by Sherman's splendid <«««««, UMkAUrapt. Ed end demoralize*, and we may at length look for the execution of that movement In the valley which has always been an integral part of General Grant’s programme of operations for the capture of Richmond. Other co-operative moves, not proper for public mention, may be expected, aod those best Informed of all the elements of the mili tary situation fed the utmost assurance that we stall take Richmond be'orethe Presidential elec tion. The artillery wasnow brought op and posted in commanding positions to silence those batteries of the enemy which had caused ns so much annoy ance, and ear line was reformed and again moved forward,- regaining the advanced position which they had held when they were oollged to fall back. Bat this success was not gained without the most obstinate resistance on the part of the enemy. Gen. Sheridan bad prevlondy ridden along the lines, and was received everywhere hy the men with the greatest enthusiasm; and when they advanced, it was with the terrible determination to do or die in the attempt. Having regained the advanced posi tion which we had previously occupied, the differ ent lines of battle were ordered to lie down and watt the antral of Gen. Crook's corps, which was held In reserve on the eastern side ot the Opequan. They were ' ordered up to take position on ihe extreme right or onr lino, and in order to counteract a movement on the part of the enemy, who were manning troops on tbelr left flank with a view of taming our right. FrcciselyatS o’clock Gen. Crook formed on the right of tbe 19th corps, his Ist division on the extreme right of onr line, and tbe Sd division in the rear, supporting a division of tbelUth corps. Gtn Crook, having formed his men, rode alone the lines,and was received with mostvoclfcrouscheer ing, the men promising to go la and wipe one Win chester. * LATEB FROM EUROPE, Arrival [of tlio Steamer Persia, New Youk, Wednesday, Sept. 21.—The steamer Persia, from Liverpool 10th, via Queenstown 11th, arrived at eight p. m. The fiL’enfof Lloyds, gives a report that a large, swill steamer arrived at Bremen Haven, and hoist ed the Confederate flag. She carries 300 men, la pierced for four guns, and to be commanded hy femmes. The London GastUe announces the Queen’s order, that no war ships of el'her of the North American beltgercnts will lu future will he allowed to enter or remain in ourpoits, for the purpose of ■belfigdismrnlledcrsold. _ , , The Vienna journals admit that dlmcnltleshave arisen In negotiation with Denmark. They say France, England and Russia are;actiDC In concert, witb the sole object ol saving to Denmark and effect Inc a re-union of the Datchies to Denmark. The official Prussian Gazette soya Prussians re imbursed Jutlanders for contributions levied. YKEV BT THE PZBBIA VIA QUEESSTOWW Livxhpool, Sept. 10—Evening.—The foUpwing is Earl BnsseVs letter concerning the Georgia; Fonstow Office, Sept 9,19J4. Bm* lam directed by Earl Russell to inform you, with reference to your letter ol tbe 27th nil, that Her Majesty’s Government are of opinion ihat tbe case ol the Georgia must go before the Pme Comb In the Inns, and that you must be pre pared to defend your Interests therein. 1 am your most obedient and bumble servant. (Sinned.) H. Haicmokd, To Edward Bates, Esq., Liverpool. There is io important new*. Tbe money mar ket Improved to-day. Consols advanced, and closed nnn at the improvement. COIOtSfiCIAL. Lzvsbpool. Sept, 70 —Wheat iuscUve. with a de cline of 3d per cental since Tuesday’s market: red Western 7sGd&7sßd; CHeago 7« Milwaukee and amber Inckab* Bs®Bs 8d; white 8® M- Flour very dull at stoat decline; - extra State Sos&3o§ 6d; extra Ohio 81*3223 64. Indian corn depressed and psrually 6d cheaper, mixed 235; white 82*3329 6d- „ Beef and pork stiUvcrr dull. Bacon la fair de mand, at Cd «100 lbs advance on Cumberland cts. Cbecfle dull and 2Vd 3 100 D>e cheaper. Lard m speculative demand, with advancing rates, tot doses rather easier, at 47s 64 for fine new. fangarvery doll Lowdox, sept. 10. - BS»AERTtTPO-Tbfl BarrUK Bros. * Co. report BrtsorolTi qnte'.BadiruhootititetUlcaose. GwiH-Attertte.B'Fhjtewlieai winter rod 4l«?43o; tprlctrSOai'g, “ “ anox. Scot. i:-r. x. Con iota closed &7XSS7m formoaey, Illmols shares 0043 discount. pne43®«. _ CB _ t „_ M Lit»ki*oo l Sept. U-p. Corroy-Qnlef &dnVcha?ged.. . • Bbiadstdttb— American ortadsmffs daiL . Pxonsioss-fjuiet and tending downward. L»ru lest Arm. ' FBOa ST. LOUIS. ftkfrmlafe in Eastern Mlnonri-later irom Price—jchrcaioncd Artack on Bloomfield* St. Louis, Wednesday, Sept. 21.—Dispatches to headquarters announce that & fight took place at Powdtr Mill, Little black River, in Eastern Mis eonrl. between a detachment of the 3d Missouri mllllia, under Lieut. Pope, and a portion of Shew by’s command. Our loss was twenty killed and wounded. The rebel 10-a is unknown. ~ , . Rebel prisoners report that Price, with nls whole command, is at Pocahontas, Ark. _ One tboueand rebels are reported at Chalk Bluff, and 400 at Kennett, preparing to attack Bloom field, Stoddard county i Shelby was reported at Powhsttan, on the 12lh inst., with JPom 1,000 to 8,000 men. FROM I,Ol!lSVILH;. xne International Trade Congress. Louisville, Wednesday. Sept. 21.—The Interna tional Trace Congress ot Workingmen assembled here to-day. Bobert Gilchrist, of Lools?Ule, was appointed temporary chairman. The object Is the mutual protection of ■working men in their industrial relations against the aug mentation of prices of the necessaries of life. STARTLING NATAL BITJHOB* Reported Destruction of the Flagahlp Hartford. New York. Wednesday, Sept. 21.—Thera la a rumor in the city that Admiral the Hartford, has been blown up byaedden*, whi e on her way to this city. The report comes from the Nary Sard, where It is believed. Bcbcl Land Pirates. Indianapolis, Wednesday, Sept. 21.—A gang of 200 armed men captured-a party of worktuirmen on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad last night, but soon after released them. Their object is sup posed to have been to capture the pay train, with a large amount of money. Trade Sale ot IBooks In Neif York. Nkw York, Wednesday, Sept. 21.— I The book trade Bale was largely attended this mornin?. was not spirited, and tbc prices obtained were extremely low. Many of Harpers* novels brought less than one-third of tbo retail rate. Mew Yorlc Gold 3larlcot« Nzw York, Wednesday, Sepf. 21.— Gold opened weak this morning, and up to noon ehowed a de clining tendency. Large offers are made on sellers* option of 30 to 40 at 2Q3 below current rates. Tne price opened at 222 and declined to Sao££®23l. Reported Withdrawal of Fre mont* New York, Sept 21.—Tbe New York Tribune announces that it baa been assured that General Fremont baa determined to withdraw his name from tbe Presidential canvass. His loiter of with*' drawal wllleoon be published. XUc Turf. New York, Wednesday, Sept. 21.—The trSttlug match at Fashion Course to-dar, between Geu. Heller, Prince Morgan sud-Lady Emma, best three In tiro, Butler won tbc hist two beats, and Prince tbc three last beats. Shortest time 2.27. Six thou sand persons were present. ~ Rail Beiorm Needed for iowau Czpab Banns, September 20,18C4, Editors Tribune The dally mall trains. that leave Chicago at 9:45 a. m., on the D. A. L..R. R. f since Sept 12th, run directly through to Cedar Rapids, arriving at 8:S0 p. jn., 220 miles west of Chicago and 69 miles from Clinton, lowa, west of the Mississippi River. All mall for lowa to points west of Clinton, that reaches the Chicago office after 8:50 p. m., remains over twenty-four hours, and also all deposited at that office after 8:80 Friday evenings lays over forty-eight boars before it can he sent to its proper destination -The dally papers that leave Chicago by the morning trains, and all mall collected in passing through Illinois, lays over at Clinton twelve hours. The canae of this great delay Is the arrange ment that the night train that leave Chicago■ and'.arrive at Cunlon at 4.00 sum. Is made the mall train from that point West This unnecessary delay can be at once ob viated by the Post Ofllce Department extend ing Route 11,503 to Cedar Rapids, appoint iur this Route another Agent and send the mall through to the Rapids by the day train, : thereby enabling the several prominent bus iness points between Clinton and the Rapids to get mails to and from Chicago every twelve hoars. Tbe interests of the public demand that the Post Office Department tak*e immediate steps to make this much needed reform, which will be permanent and a lasting benefit to this rapidly growing por tion of lowa. The railrosd bridge now building across the Mississippi river at Clinton, Is being pushed rapidly to completion. It in expected that the first train will cross it early In No vember. The stone-work is done, and the wood-work is being pushed energetically for ward. The use of the bridge will shorten the time-table between hero and Chicago one hour. The road is now bnllt to Nevada, 191 miles west of tbe bridge, and In tbe course of a month or two it will be completed to Boonesboro. 30 mlfes farther west, or 225 miles from the Mississippi. Cedar Rapids. Markets by Telegraph. NEW YOHK. DRY GOODS MARKET. Tbe N. Y. Independent’s Quotations. [Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] KzwTonz, Wednesday Evening,' Sspt.2l. Tbe fall in tbe price ofGoldnas prcduceda vary decided dullness In trade, and merebanta generally are complaining bitterly. Prices of goods are lower. Jobbers have reduced their quotations, and all In ferior styles realise much less prices at auction ana private sales % In tact three is a tendency toward a pause manifesting Itself, which is helped on by the maimer In which agents arc pushing sales. The following are the Independent's quotations this day: rent to. .43 Kichmond„. Merrtmac... Cocbeco.... Pacific. Bpraime’s... IfcnneU’s... Clinton Lancaster... DntclJCflS, B 37 A1ien’5.......... .11 I Manchester.; - . ,_4i nun. I UIAKOW. .15 I R0an0ke...... <ny iKCTnrom •• H 43 Indian Orchard, C 97 'K.....9S 88. L.....41 W. .4t .41 M BtXi ssowa 01 Laurence TV Stark 4-4 7» App1et0n........4 4 TO Medford 4-4 63 Indian Head. ...5-4 55. - “ “ ...4-4 Tt* AXQOrtd? 4-4 T9 Aorawsxo. P 4-t 94 Atlantic, M,...,8-4 87 Golden H1dge..»..^....59_ a to GOODS. BhBACSBJ KewTorkMDlfl.,4-4 '4 Wamsutta 4-4 11 Bate* 4-4 10 White Bode. 4-4 10 Lonsdale 4-4 61 HillaSemp*rld’m..7-8 !7 I.. Dwight* 4-4 88 Bay Mills ...4-4 7t) Waltnam. X......... SI Androscoggin....7-3 55 “ .4-4 45 Swan Hirer, W ABOBJcaag.Z., im. I Jewett City... I Providence .. I Falls I Blue mu BHtBTIHOB. | Whitten ton C. I A. i I UncMyUle. TIOXT Aznoakeag jg I York » Utica -45 Washington... I mmDßi AiDC&eft?. Tort American.. Hamilton. 1t0cn1ar..,.85 Pcmoerton. XL........60 « AA .96 • X 70 Pearl Rlrer.*. 95 Torfe.Giln .>93 JIAJfS. Indian Orchard.. Androeccgnln 4 2H PepwcU.,,,,,... 60 Maaflachnaatta 7iJi Aiaoekcflg A.C.A...—1.00 “ b' «• c •* D,.« ..73 Tort. SO Inch » com *t. ■ £saEE.“;;::::;;;::;;S I mow*;: •S>»l .72X1 j»xla; Amoskeag..., Salmon Falls. Manchester.. Pacific nres. aamilton, dark AO rLAVSZLB. > Nashua , .11 Franconia,... ....73 I Park Mills ..70 CA2TTON Blaterrtlle ,*» Hamilton fcO Pemberton C» 70 Illinois and Michigan Canal. [Special Dispatch to the Chlcago.Tnbune.] BstDOßrouT, Sept. 31— p. m. A.Dcogla*. auz Sable, two lumbar Conveyance, Lemont 49 yds dimension “stone ;L»oy Franklin, do, SO yds rubble stone: W. S. Quraec. do.4s)da dimension stone; B. F. Gale, do. 90 job rubhe stone: CoL Mulligan, LftSalle, 132(0ds coal: Alice, do. 7AM bns oats; Ontario, do, 4,1C0 bus coin; CoEslumioa, Lockpoit. 5,* DO bus corn; Maple Leaf. Joltet.l.t-00 bus corn. 6.W0 bus oats, 113 hols ■vinegar: Nautilus, LaSalle, 4.8C0 bus corn, * LATBB. Cixafxt—Contest. Morns, 62,777 feet lumber; Dan ube. Ottawa: Monitor, Lasalie, 75.553 feet lumber, 6.SOS lath: Boss Belle, Ottawa, SO cords tan bark, and for Jolht M cords tan bark. 192t9 leet lumber, 50JCOehlSBles; Clyae, Ottawa. SAO fret lumber. Si barrelalime: E.Barnh*m, Lockpcrt; w L Oarnee, Lemont: 8; J. Gates,do;-Ajax, Lasalle,7l,332fee; lumber. 5.000 lash; Conveyance, lemont: Lady r run kiln,do; Maretta, Kankakee; Feedsr,do.M,s,3 feet lumbar; Maple Leaf, Joliet; Alliance, Ottawa, t8.O«0 feet lumber. 6,359 iatb. ~ „ .. _ . /kimD—W. L, Adama No. 2, Lasalle, 61,000 bu oats. 1a.1,6 lbs scrap iron, 2.000 lbs rags; Waso, La stile, 141 tons coal; Bolden Ctoud. Ottawa, 2,|M3im corn, 4^*oobn 0at5,235 bn barter, MAH lbs seel. U0 brls flour: H. G. Loomis. Lemont, 90yards rubble stone; Investigator, do,BJ yards rubble stone. Hew York Market, Kiw Tens, Wednesday, Sept. 27. Cottos—lrregular, unsettled and lower at iOc. Plouk—State and iveitem opened heavy. and closed s@loc lower; 19.5 C&9.50 for extra State; 111. Ou fkil.2B lor ex*ra round hoop Ohio common; IU.-5 ortrade brands; and I1I.S5&12 CO for good to choice. Whisks—Heary at SLSI for State, and ll^for Gbau,—Wheat opened quiet, bat closed heavy, an* settled, and i@2clowet; »2ulforNo.l Milwaukee clnh; |2.SB for choice amber Ey.; 12.6002.70 for ■White Michigan. rorn-11.G10i.62f0r mixed Western afloat. Paries dull and nominal. Oats a shade firm* eratßsX«Blc. . _ J Gbocsbjks— Coffee dnll and nominallynnchanfcd. finjar quiet; small sales Mascovado at 19d210 ; Ha* van»Jo>i'®SiHc. Molaiesdoll; UascovadoSSc. Petbolsum—Heavy at iSO%c lor crude; 74c for ro fined in bond; and 85c forrefined free. Woon—Thera a large public rale to-day, which was well attended, but the market wag heavy—orlces showing a decline of mail k ¥ cent. Tbeoffennm consisted of Ohio and Virginia fleeces: some Penn sylvania mediums to beat qualities were sold at 93c0 Pork rather heavy, with less for men; «4Jofrd43.o(lforn9wdo; $39.4> 940.00 lor pnme: and tu for prime mest; 1,000 brls ecw niers tor October ootlon at |ll 00. and 1400 brla do for September, payer's t (312 X @4.145. Beef quiet at previous p’lcea; prime msis cull atd nominal, Cat meats firm, with moderate demand, at 1701B*<c for shoulders Lard faravr ard less active at. SIKQMXc. Butter heavy, with limited demand, at loattc for Ohio, and 55c for State - latter price for fancy. Cheese dull and heavy at H@S3C. Kew TotK Money and Stock market. New Tom. Wednesday, Sent. ?l. Mcnev esey and steady at 7 oer cent.' Sterling qu>et atIC9OiC9W far geld. Goitheavr and lower, opet- Isratxs?. decllnicg tsSlk, advanclozto 122K, de clining to 22f, asd clceJer it 220K The stestner Sco tia, for Liverpool, to aaj carried out $332,(09 in specie. Government ttocka firm. IT 8 g’s *Bl coupons 1(7^; do *Bi xecWored jßsk • uetcorr notes, 08 6’s I year certificates 9t£. , Stock “-Otic & MBs corttf j<; T H7ojß & Quin cv 80; QaicksliverftiH: Erie iflSjf; KTC USX: Hudson lU*Wj Beaolsg 12* MC i3ss PlttaliOX ; V C SCrlplsllJ<;H WpfißSXtal IMNiPt Wayne JC6W. *} Bmfikl* market. buttaloi Wednesday. Bept. a. Gb°i2—dan. bearr and drooping. No 1 western Toledo »M 0; mixed Milwaukee sprto* Loc * White Micbleau 92.3533.45. Com firm Dus qo'«ta Ca^al* New York—Whrst 17Hc- C LA»* C i*so»T C s >< Fleer B,S6i brls, wheat S7,2«bn» coiaSl 872bn; Oats 143,490 Da; rye 13573 Da. , co f *® 1 f A x. BxponTa—Floor M ferts; wheat i9£oobn, eol p 15 58Q ba. oa** 73.470; 8ye34.450 ba. MARBIKD "t n D*Tto3. Ohio, cn Tuesday. September bj George W. -Willard. VbVbkLXN HWW. of Gambndfe City. Indians and CQBA KKIPEB, of Davton. Ohio. No etfdi. . At the ' teadnira or Dr. W. c. Hunt. In til. city. on ~ir„dir v»cnra>- Sept Xth. IBM, Wtt.8W.9.0. SSSSS. BoawKLL a. Boomt, m. d.. «m sum UCTT.PD*F£K. all 01 Chicago, No cards. QITIZENS OF COOK COUNTY, Prepare for the Draft, NEXT MONDAY. The following la a correct list taken to-day tram tbe prevoet Maiabai's records, shoving the quota of each iub-dtatrict cf Cook county. Sept. Ist, toe cred its of each sab-district to Bept. 21st, and the quota now due: S<° O Bg S» S3 |2. fff ”B si II I ■ If U •:C •§ li -a ; - • o • • . 0 ; g :? :f : R LBanlngt&n Sf is 13 * z, rslattns .43 23 a 80 2. Wheeling 62 »i • 3 £* 4 Noiunela... u xt > 20 A Evanston .3* u S 8 6. Hanover .....19 is 2 | 1. febauaberg... » is 1 17 ft. Elk Grove ..-.28 ,u 1 U 9. Maine 44 23 .1 « IC. NUes 43 a 1 21 lu Leiden...... a -as 1 *5 13. Jefferson 4t 21 1 H It. Proviso ; -2 52 1 ?2 14. Cicero M I? 3 W 15. Lyon* 63 84 1 *t 18. Lake .« M 1 « 17. *5 S j !? 18. Pa10e.... .« 11 1 M 19. wenn 43 21 1 20 50. Calumet 57 29 1 2| 21. OrLmd 20 J J| 23. Bnxcen 40 20 l 19 53. Thornton .51 JS . S . W 94. Rich...,. 42 31 1 M 25. BIOCm.V. Jt 15 1 It 26. First ward, Chicag0....127 « 12 a 87. Peccnd Ward ....213 • IDS 6 1M •iATtUdWard ......VU IGS S 111 2».Peonh Ward, £ S ? « SO. Filth Ward l|| B I « si. sixth Ward i 1 1A* as, Reveuth ward. S» * aa 53. ElShth Ward ..174 87 t H 54. Nlatb Ward 183 91 » 83 s% Tenth Ward 1B« n 5 S7 88. Eleventh Ward 311 106 8 37. Twelfth Ward t*4 » *- .. * W 38 Thirteenth ward . .....I*B 77 .. 89 Fourteenth Ward 1W 53 .. 81 4C. Fifteenth Ward l«0 50 1 « 41. BlxteemhWard « || g 16 42 Lake View 87 19 S 16 43. New Trier »0- 15 .. 15 44. Hyde Park A3 a 6 , U mLISOS & MEBBIIM, 48 Clark Street* Are prepared to furnish any number of SnlslltntM, or BepnsentitlTO Becralls, FOB THIS CODNTF. And will make arrangements to fill tbe Quotas of sub districts with Recruits. We alio i.vsuau against the Draft for Two Hun- DBU 02. D FITTT DOIXABS. 9 eeSltCa imhp WILLSON A MEBBUW.. auctwn galea. Regular Saturday’s SALS. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Carpets. Card Tables, Bedsteads, parlor, Office and Cooklrg Stoves, Groceiler, Bone, Wagon ana Har ness, Ac, Ac., jltj; auction, Os BBTDHDAT. MW o’e’aetst Bob ten* Auction Booms In Portland Bloct.Xoi.lOQ, Iw and I*7 Dearborn St. WM. A. BDTTEM & CO., se-acttO-St Auctioneers, Large stock boots and • SHOES, Custom Dade Clothing, Cloths, Ctssimeres, STAPLE DBY GOODS, &C„ AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, Bepk.2«h, at o’clock, at Bat ten’ Auction Booms In PoitUnd Block, Nob. 103,1(3 ana 107 Dearborn street. W1L V A- BUTTERS & CO.. se22-iSbl-7t Auctioneers. •I f\ PIANO FORTES AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, Sept. 33d, at o’clock, at Buv tcie’ Auction Rooms la Portlasd Brock, corner of Dtaiborn and Wa»hlngton streets. iei7-«2»flt WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Aucl’rs. AUCTION. THURSDAY, Sept «,W4,atß2Dearborn street, at o clock. 50 bbli. Carbon Oil. .500 lbs. Mixed Wool Yarn. 50 lbs. Zepfiyr Wool. 100 dor. Fleeced Colton Hose, 100 doz. Merino 50 doz. Shirts and Drawers. litxicn Sbcetf, Skirt Braid*, Ac. By P. MABTO, /VILBERT * SAMPSON, VJT Auctioneers, 4*. 46 and 48 Dearborn «1. $40,000 WOETH OP Linen Goods, Dry Goods, GENTS’ rUENISHING GOODS, AX AUCTION. Commenelngpn MONDAY, Sept. 36, at 9X o’clock, A M. and 2k r. M.. and continuing each day, at the ivsa boon, until the entire stock It sold. Tae stock consuls Inpart mellows; w . _ _ , liIKBN GOODS.—*OO pcs Blchardion ft Sons band man linen,?oo pcs sturtlne linen, 350 pcs 5J< and 6!£ plOow cssc llnenTlCfl pcs lOtf.HK ani 12* Uaea sheer ing, Slopesblrdscye oiapeflmsnrlMO dor.linen tow. els. c lain snd colored borders. 2000 browa'Unen table cloths, cf all sizes, 2UO bleached double satin damask tablecloths, ICO dozen napkins and doylies, M pcs hncsabock toweling, 500 pcs Busslan and American craiber.TC rethrown and bleached damask. W iAOlkß , ANtf eaNTB-HOKFB.-ICO dozen linen hdkft, 5Cf dozen hcm-itltctcd grata linen bdkfs, 403 Mohair, poplin, bro eades.checki. Inserts, merinos, valenclenes, empress c.oth«, ottoman cloths, reps, delaines. Ac. BHAWtA—Srochc.lonz and square shawls. Bay State wo'l do. Btlmorai lairts, piano covers, French, English and American bedspreads. . , . fi tfl.nsKaTg-300 pairs Swiss and Cumberland doeskins, cassl* meres, satinet*, beaver cloth, coating*. red, while and blue flannels, shirts and drawers. Ac. . The above goods are an flesh. and will be warrant ed as represented, ardsoldinquantltiesto suit pur chasers. by the psekage, piece, or yard. The attention of honiekeensrg, hotel keepers, and otter*, is particularly Invited to this sale, seats will be provided lor ladies attending the sale. K , Goods will be open for examination on Saturday Mterawn ttio.e tb= & siHpsos Auctioneers. tl ««21-8577-6t riILBERT & SAMPSON, VA * General Auctioneers, M, M* 43 Dearbom-rt, BICE HOUSEHOLD rUSNITUBE, Ac,, On FEIDAT, Bcpt. 23d, at 9H o’clock. We Shall sell at onr salesrooms, a splendid assortment of_par* lor (tuts In green rspp and hair cloth, elegant cham ber Bulls In rosewood and walnut, marble toptahies, oat extension tables, oak sideboard with marble top, book case In rosewood, dressing bureaus, cane seat chairs asd rockers, wasbstands. bedsteads, refresh ment tables, easy and roclilnc chairs In hair cloth, bat tree*. wl'h marble tops, two showcases, fine body, Biu>ael3 CM pet, A „ps ON , »t2VsslsSt Auctioneers, ...42* ...40 ...37 « ...SQ .rr.^.Ts By GILBERT A SAMPSON, BALMBOOMIJ 44 46, A2!P 48 DtASDIBK-BT. 125 Grates of CBOCKEBV AHD C. C. WARE *2OO Gates of TtMBLEfiS, AT AUCTION DT CATALOGUE. 0a THUBBDAT. Bept. 39, at »H o'clock A.M. we will sell at cor salesrooms, 84 crates Crockery and C. C. Ware by tbs crate. 41 crates Crccker? and C.C. Ware, to be sold la open l3tS.“ 2CO cases Tumblers. The Ware leWU of tbeverybest styles and shapes, and. consists of • complete assortment. Ccnntry dealers will find in tb<s sale a spl' ndld as* sertment. to assort no their stocks from. AU goods warranted as represented. Goods carefully packed and shipped. ', ~. _ Samples cia be examined early the moraine of the sale day. Country cealera willing for a catalogue will pleats wilte for one. Terms cash. _ MSO-Bl9MBt Jp'IRST CLASS IJUPOETSD SHORT HORN CATTLE AT AUCTION, AT LILL’S FARM Near Northern City LlmltsofChlcaeo on WEDNES DAY, OCTOBER STB, at U o’clock A. M. t Consisting of Bulls, Cows and Heifers. There cattle were impobtxd toy Dr- Philllps.the present owner, at a great expense, as th* fonnaatloa of a Herd, which be Intended to establish in tbis country, bat owing to lamily bereavements toe toss abandoned that in.entlcn and now offers me lot for potouc tale. They. tnvo been carefoliy selected by Eood Judges, from amongst tbe first Herds in Great rltalu. are ol tne latest and moat fashionable blood, .and have English herd book pedigrees. Tbe Buds used la tbe Herds from which they came are Marshal Beresford (415). Meteor (431), Caotam Staltce (fSti), Prince Ernest (*3G6|, Hamlet <.8126), Baron IValUby t'ISIS), Valiant (1u,93i). UOnewell (10,332), Promo er (11,658), Balatoazzar (M,X55), sir Samuel (13.313). Valatco (15.443), British Prince (14,197), Dr McHale (15,837), Harbinger (18,297), all ol the jar-iamcd SootH Blood, Sucb a chance for any persen wishing to commence a Herd, or renew tfceu stock, is rarely met with in tb s country, ratslrgues maybe bad by application to Mr WM.BOA, Cbic«co,oratthePrainafarm*r Office, SCI Lake street. Chicago, 111. Parties attend- Ingaafewil} flea coed conveyance on North ctark street cars to Wright's Grove, only a lew blacks fnm the place ol saU. «e2O-»497 3t ithp LOST—A black memorandum book-conlalnlng tug accounts between North Clarkand Wcll&Btreets. Tb»* finder wtl he su'tib-w rewarded by leavlru uat PIN NT & LVOV** sin*; Btcre, 163 flcuih Water street. se33-sOKt LOST —A flat steel ,&fe key, J^r. SI, tad a bra«3Dl|btlat2h, attached to a steel nag. Tbe finder wilibe liberally rewarded nvie‘V Ltg them at Trlouoe office. *c22 t97Mt LOST— On the 12th inst., a dark liver colored Pointer Slut, eight wootbs old. Ebehas lose dew cla»9 on bsr-bind feet, aao all her fevttßiblly tipped w th wbt»e t had on ait»el collar and ar swers to the uamo of Kate. The finder, will oe Über*Hy rewarded by leaving her at «ia tv eat Wash ington street, th rdbouse west of Wood street. iea-0i37-2t LOST— On Tue=d&y evening, at Hyde Park.*orbrtween.theie and tbe Tremoat Howe, a Black Onyx Kn, set with a Stone-Cameo, head in tbe center- The finderwl’l be liberally re garded by leaving It at EAhTBft Ji OEM* MOPS’, 48 West Lake street. seai-sBM-2t AUCIIOKSIB. A>D AT AUCTION GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. TO BE SOLD ILOgt. amusements. p»OL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. J. H. WOOD AND B. F. WHITMAN, -proprl etors snd Manager. _ Ifr, A.D. SBADLBT.. Dnector of Amusement*. THUBSDAT EVENIN'S. Rept- 31 posUlrel» Inst rJzbt bnt two of the Grind BammUc Drama of the XUE DUKE’S HOXTO. Ffo7l(lel.*l*a«« Zrilsb. with dacce -1641119111*06 The laforttancß to conclude with the imawns Faica ofJihe WHITES AHU BSO *Nd—Mr.Petfr White, DUJM; Mrs. P-ter White, whh aosx and dance, Mlaa Lotta- . nurMamw PRICES OP ADMIB9IOS:- To Museum and Gallery of Decturo 8005t... ...31 elf. To Dress Circle or Parquet'd ••* **ott. Secured Seats in Dress Circle or P*rqnette.,.,.B cm. Orchestra Chairs (50 In number) .V.oo. prtvata Boxes. 9A£». Children .under 12 years of age to Unseam..... js cw. thUdrea-accnpyiaa seas tn Dr** scircla or Paiaaette will ne charged Pull Price. CtUdrenlnAnni, not admitted. Admission to •■••••* s*• Children under 13 yean ol «ge «?«*tn mS* Prmfe Doses to Mat-nee .......V 11” ■ Dcors open at 7Jf. Certain rise* at o clock. Car rtaeea should call atiojf* _ 6 GBATTP MaTIMKB WTIBT BATT7ADAT. _ TMTcYICKEB’S THEATRE. Fifth aad last week of MB. CHANTDAD. Thu i?s9ucir£iit. on the part of Mr. Chautrau, offer the ert>rte*ion of bis acknowledgement to the public lor that enthusiastic support and approbation which has borne hi* engagement on with such bril liant snccess. WEDNESDAY aad THURSDAY, last two nights ° tih ° THE OCTOBOOJT. 0n ,Kth with Ttruui. jir lord as .....McClosky Batuboat Aftekjooe—THl fIXDDSN HAND. YAK IE T T THEAT BE. Non 115 aad 117 Dearborn street. C.M. CHAO WICK Proprietor aad Manager T.l*. FITCB Acting and Stage Manager MONDAY EVENING. BEPT. sth, * First abearance of tbe beautiful sisters, EBTELLA & CELIES’riItfJE ALSO. Mr J. B* CARLE* The Great Banjolst. Immense success ol M-LLEEUSF. JKR And WILLIAM SCOTT Poors open at IK; Curtain rises at Bj< o’clock, float* o? Patois,—Parnuttte, ss cents; Dress and Family.Circle,£s cents; Private Boxes, »1: tingle 6eaa la Boies, T5 Itteal iSstate-sffltta. FOR SALE—Dwelling house msr bie front, Ho. 43 Harrison street. a. (awdoers from Wabash armne TWg Home Las aU moaera conveniences, and will tent lor tt,cco per annum, price *9.500. 60 acre* prairie and’timber cn late shore, near Hsde Parle, lor At.lOO. Ground at wert end o t Part avenue at sl3 psr toot. I3AAO R. HITT & CO .65 Clark street. m2J i«iwt XT'OR SALE—House and lot on Ml calumet avenue; house baa ten rooms, newly papered and painted: lot 33X153; price $3,030. Ap* ply toPETBR HHIHP.93 TTiOR SALE—Honae and lot on the avrrnc.ncar Harrison street; honae brick, two* story and baaement.ccntaicic* all tbe modern im* piovtjnems. Immediate ootseuioncanbo bad. Ap* ply to PETES 811 IMP, W Monroe at. aeM^Ml-m I?OR SALE—The southeast qnar- JL 1 ter of See. 11. Tours. 58, Ranee 18. on the Bngb*on Road, not far from the R rich ton House- sl3 per acre. RiEB & ATRB6, St> Dearborn street. sea-Bi?3St F3R SALE—House and Lot 02 Feuitb avenue. Title perfect—abstract,fur nUhed. Price $3,«0. inquire of J.P. Horton, on the premises. te2^Bsoo-5t f?OR SALE—On Park a venue, near M? Bohcn street, a double two-story House, with basement, wattr, tras, &c. Ground rent for twenty tears. One-half of the pnr chase money can remain lor three Tears. Price. rcct for SLTO. One cr belli will hesrid cheap, for one week u not retted. Inquire on tbe promises, or Box 1917. ee2o-ef6»Ji . (?OR SALE—Michigan avenuaand J? oi her homes for sale cheap in THOMAS B. ART* AN’S Beal Es:ate cilice, . A complex dwelling new and thoroughly built, wlih a very lonx and advantageous lease. Price $3500. Bouse and lotsouth of Park bow, f-,750. Also, a charming home in the North Division. s>3,jCo. Plrtt class Michigan avenue home and farouare, f 20,500. BestUJlallot 50 fe»t front on Kasn street, rnton Park and West Washington street frontage. Prairie avenue and Twenty-Second street, corner let. Business and Residence property In aU Divisions. ae2o-5437-6t ’ TTOR SALE—Firi-t class hnsiness J? property for said in TUGS. B. BRYAN'S Beal Eftata Office. Washington etreetlot. 10x190 feetnearLaeallestrest and New Bf ardor Trade. _ Randolph street, corner of Wabasb avenue. Michigan avenue Buck House and Lots near Lake street. 2i and 43. street lionli, by (ulLdeptn. u North Clark su eet houses and lots. sc3Q-s!3B-€t F)R SALE—House and Lot at T. B. BRYAN’S Real Estate Office, Bryan Hall, a House and Tot for on South Side, 2* mile* mmi city l. mtta, on Wentworth avenue, and conttg nous to a railroad station. Accommodation trains five times dally. Boose, two stories, seven rooms and kitchen, and good ham. Lot roxi3o feet, close board itnce on three sides, pickets In front, with shade ixees. Well, clscrn.&c. selß 6333-51 T?OR SALE—Two Lots 25x100 A 1 each.onlcdlana street,corner aflev.between Wells and Franklin, with frame cbnreh 55x53. and two two-story dwellings For particulars inqmra of H&WKB * BRACKS.NQ.6Wl2wamßailding.Uai. ket street. • aeis-astf-tit Utal FOR SALE-Farm 600 acres, tiB.CCn : 163 acres. 19.5G0; acres. S3 ii 3; S f acres,se,ooo; J3O acres. s7jnK); 333 acres. IM»: 100 acr>s, -oacres, *1 S-tO; ifiu acre*. S4SnO:I6Q «rrM.S3.4Co.’ieo acres, n- e °3fH»?S a * iw Clark.aucas. afcß-fleiQkt TTOR SALE—A Farm in White" -T side County: contains 353 acres.lf-0 UT>der cul tivation, 70 in meadow, balance heavily tlmoered. Frame house of two stories, two frame bams, nm niss water, good orchard, Ac. Located cn Bocc* River, near Prcphetstown. Tbe tlmner alone can be made to pay the priced the (arm in one year. A Railroad is graded pis* the lard. Price, $35 ner acre, mature at TSO3. U. BRTAN'B Real EBiata Omce, Bryan HalL selS-smu F)R SALE Farm for •aw, at "bo*.B. Bryaa’a Office- Contains 34Q acree, la U miles from KenoebaCity,‘Wiß..lK imlea trcmtbe State line, ana two miiea from a railroad nation: baa two hcmaef,orchards, wella and living ennntra,plenty of timber for fuel: well adapted to frnic, grain or wool jrrowlns. Title perfect. Price 55.0C0 ca#h, except S3OO, which c«n remala Lndelnltc iy, at 7 ner cent. Very cheap at the price. eelT-fiSST-lw F)R SALTS —Tha '‘Lawrence Man or** Farm. ThVffcnn conslrta of 400 acrea, divi ded into lota ol from 3 to 40 acres, (>OO In tame jctms meadow.) extensive buildings, orshards, Ac. *c„ and all Id complete order, for a jpatletnaa's country i ea t and farm combined. Lays within IX boars' rids from chicane, and 4 miles sonthof NewLeaox depot, on Bock Island Rallicad. Productive cltv oroperty weald be taken la part payment. Price, fSOperacre, «el4-fiTl-2w a2aantws=asmts. TV7 ANTED—Agents, local- and TT Traveling, Something, new. Patent Boot S*'l Counter Boot costa less to mafce. Couu ten will not nm down. Heela will wear oat two or t reo pairs of boots. Twenty o'her articles of real interest ana practical utility. For eatalozna anl terms send stamp to J, M.TEABNSIIAW, 137 Doir bom street, cnlcaro, se2i sC6S 3t WAJN i JiU—Aginta for several highly popular and rapWly-selllng worts. Including f cirtrifHCKss'a Histobt op to* Ebbkl noir. 2 TOlß.,naw ready: flcorr’e Cnwunctza op to* Esnxmos 20th edition In the bindery; Moeoak asd Bis Captobs, a work of thrilling interest • and Bev. Dr. Boynton** great wort, - EsoLtan asd Fnxvcn WIFTBALITT, AJX> TUB ABDLOFBHi'CII ArT.TAVf*I IS TtIBIB HXIATIOSS TO TUB UifTTED States and bussia." C. F. VENT A CO , Publish ers. 112 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. aesi-»S6a ft \\7ANTED —Agents. $lO per TT day. Agents are making from 15 to |ls per day leDin c our splendid new Photograph Campaign Medals of Lincoln ana McClellan. Retail price 10 or 13 cents. Puce to Agents »5 per honored, Tscenia per dozen, or |4O perahooesnd. Any number sent to any scores* upon receipt of price to agents. Address H. T. KINO & CO, Hunch's Block. Chicago. »e2O-Bil9St T/17ANTED— Agents to sell Presi- T T dential Campaign Medals and Bads;* Flos, Idlenesses correct: workmanship »Qpeno*. Price from f) to fioner lot). A sample medaior pm,ei»hpr In seßonr or unite metal. 23 ccntf. Addre-s JOBN BTAA'XOK.Btninp and ErandCntter. 139'FItttwt., Clncmna 1. Ohio. teis-UM 101 "W7"ANTED— Agenta wanted to T T sell tbs moat M Wonderful Invention ol the Ags"—an Instrument and full instructions by which any lady cr gentleman can take a perfect likeness. Bent nee on receipt of SO cents Agents are making 110 a dsy. Every family should bars one ana take their o«d likenesses, lown and county rigato roe slef AfldiCM mTdB OBAND, 90S Broadway New yp»k» so?i-s>sj et TAT Aw TED—Agents' to sell ;fc« W Stahdabd HibTT‘ ut J^S* t, *JOF,by non.J. T. Headley. Over 2CO.COovCJ rt *® f already told. Htiiory of the Indian Hacks or Akbsica, including a thrilling account of tbs Bioux Massacre in Min* nesota,by Headley—nearly 6f.0 pares and over 40 «n- Kiavines —complete lu one vol. Also tbs best steel engraving* yet published of Lincoln. Mcglbllas and Ghaut, with appropriate oetigns for the border —engravings of &h<tmao, Hancock, Dcuelai and ■Washington. 25 cents each. Send for circulars. WUb the gilt ot speech and lbs power ol locomotion, you cau do well with cur publication*. Address E. B. IBBAT. 117 South Clsrk street, Chisago. ctte-sViMt Vl/ ANTED—Agents to soil my 7 T new eßiravin* entSed**Home on Furlough." One cf my eld agents writes me be never cad any thing to sell like It. Disabled soldier: and others Will find this a cord chance to maks money. Apply fit cnee to SAMUEL FIKE, Box 3258. Chicago, nL Office IQ Pcninnd Block. ■ ivJfribi tl , TXT"AN TED—Agon: sto sell my f T flity most valuable new receipts and methods of employ meat. Agents are making iron fs.oo to tlSiOper day, according .to their business abilities. Bent free on receipt of 81-00 and red stamp (They are worth IICO to any pern n) Kvwy family should have them- AddressS.T.DEPOa3, 83 I’, N. V.. Boon 4. salLtfSMOt TKT'ANTED—IIOO per Month* Ao ? T tlve and Bellabls Agents In tbs Army and everywhere eisejn tbemost lucrative baswess knowß, Honorable and no risk. Address or apP l £, to ,jAsLr * 6ADGHAH, 11* Broadway, N. T. y ]ya?-a9l(tfm DoatDing. T>OABDlNQ—Booms m* boird J-tcmbo obt.lneil at S3 Tonrtli mederate, Beferences ezetumged BOAKDIKG.— Two gentlemen and their wlv*s can find good or utfnrwihed) with board, at by applying immediately, Also slew warned. * BO ABDIbTG.- A largo front to . m (untarnished), suitable for a gentlemaa and wife • ai*!2 fnraiened icob for a snzle ecntiemau, W -bl'fitSnld SV « “■“•£‘^'4“ Michigan avenua aat! 12th Beragouoat "DOAKIiIKS —Pena-cent board Jts«nd Imsbbed room on Booth eida-UMI hr i«°' 1 ! Pof, Offlc^ SSww 5778.°° its ten iv ■3SOABDXNG.- Boarders can '“be T> ac'omiKDdattd at J57 Scnth Jifferronstreet— lorffraad veil larrisbed rooms. GeaHemau boarders oi.lT aate. naouta amg'gvn irsOA'BDINQ —Waithd a few flay i£?ho»ril«». •« SB Aiitn. laoetj loC BSa 1: \ X3OABDINO— Comfortable ao flFccmmodstlocf. rooms furnished or uufarntshed, ■citable lor a gentleman ana wife, slogla gentlemen, rrlsdicf. Apply st Oils, second block wt of ciarkstreet. «ea-ssf3 21 BOAPBI^G —Two fumifhcd and oca unfnrnKied room, to let wltbbosrd. Al*o &lewd>y twazderscau bo accommodated at ~46 Bomb Washington street. >aa21833( a; BOAEDIIfO.— 1 wish board-for cyielf ard wife In a private family where iha-u a?* rev or no other hoarder References exchanged, -WM. B BOSWELL,withßawt3n& Bartlett. et2l-a^9-2t AAH TED- For the Government YY In me QurtmnMtart*«u£ U nlf.L.boiei««!lUormralj•nJraaonfc * *tiw»t|4ot«rmo«ir*n(l rations. Uoq loiniaked irom CDieuo, fHSSJ imcnnaUcn inquire at tbe QoTerr.maat Oflc . innJ*S Sc. Water s izer, Chicago, UlinoU. G 01 timtUi teat. teia-K»*u_ TXT ANTED —Immediately, two ff foot! earn are body makers. None bnt coca workmen nesd aoolr._Aadre*a JA3. WirHEY.Jr., p. O. pox te?3i Springfield, til. sclA«»-<t TTTANTED—I2S 000 more, to ex » V tand an already extensive mssufacfrajlai afloimncsoodOKAtfc. Amanwitn theehove chSaeeuactive or aUcnt partnwin Smif payi. AddrtM »• Manufacturer.” Drawer 9ol% Chicago m. wagci-aw ffijaatwen—Substitutes^ "Wf ANXBD—Eccrnita for Ceok ?T cncty. Yen wl-l receive voar bounty ac cording to law. Onr office is S4 Dearborn street, Room 5* LKtvl3 « CO., (lata Fln’.cy A Co.) ■e23 sKd-lt "WANTED—To say that thsre is Wff not a District Intha United Btatea, l, orany -where elae,” having an equal nnmhtr ot man to raise, tnat Islaborlng bsreer and «oiogsoi’ttle»» onr own (Cook Conwy) District to fill its quota. We respectfully suggest to the 12(0 or if. 0 pea wi owl.i draw “pnzea” ero locg.Hw* jcct now la the moat favorable tone to procure auhictutes Don't wan lw Cock County any lon«tr- She la a slow coach- Via are authorized to “fill ihe quota,” aai win fornlia subs for you as low as uotsible. Call at our odlcJ. 13-2 South Clark street* next dcortu the Frovoat Martha!'* office? ADAM* & SPHINGES. St22->6A<VIC _ W ANTED Reciuits for Cook County Orly a few da?a: eaialu for you to enllat and receive the Üb'ral houotr. Applyat once to J. A.COLBIA CO., 35 Boutn Clark sueet. iei2 6178*11 W ANTED—S6CO Bounty paid to Recruits enlisting In the l9thU 8* lofhniry- Becinltltg Office, 1*23 Dearborn street. JOSEPH L- HoEB. lit Lieut, 13th Infantry, Recruiting Officer. ie2MtW6t VV'ANTED. —N otioe.— Chicago, TT 111., September t.lSfit. A Branch Office of the Surceocahaabten eiiabitibed at the comer of Kan; dolph and Laaal e streets at the office of MUHPHY & CO. There will be a surgeon In attendance at rag* nlar bents to examine reouita for the Uhlced States Uavy. Five hundred ship carpentera audtwohnn* dred caulkers w»n»d. Good wages will be divan. By order of JOHN D HABIT, Acting Vol.tleuL D. B. Havy, Com. Bendetroua. ael9-s3sAfit WANTED - Dratted men of the T v city of Chicago and State of IHluoJa to know that they can be furnished representatives at the most reasonable terms aedthe shortest notice, by aadress isg Lee* Bex 6U63-or applying at the comer c£ Racdclrh and Laaalle streets.ln the basement. selS ifct*W W. MCHPHY A CO. WANTEUv-ecb.-titUves and rep resentatives at the comercf Sandolpn and Laeallestreeta, in the basement. Call and gettbo biabest cash bounty that city* ■ . W.MPttfflx A CO. 'VV/'ANTED Recruits for TJ. S. v T Gunboat service A faw more voung men Vented. Gre».t inducements offered. Local bounties cow paid and the highest wag?striven. Parties brine, lug ns recruits will he liberally rewarded. Call at the corner of R»ndolph and Lasale me biae ment. [aelP+MS-etl ty. MURPHY a CO. TX7ANTED— 60 Qunhoatmen im- T T mediately. Call at the corner of Randolph and Laaalle streets. Metropolitan Block, in the base iripnt. recruiting office ol * WM. MURPHY * CO. Call and get the highest bounty paid la theetty, r*«h m hand. 5ei9t.336 6t \Xf ANTED—Recruits for the Sun- T T beat service. A few mere young men wanted. Greatlndncemems offered local bounties now paid and the highest wages given. Parties bringing us ra crolTiWUi be liberally rewarded. Call at the comer of Randolph and Laaalle streets, to the basement. ie11k356-6t W. MURPHYA CQ. TTTANTED— Substitutes. Dear Tv Sirs, after you have canvassed tho city of Chicago, we would like for yea to give as tne last CflU.anaitwlll then bofbr voutossylfwecrnnct give the largest bounty to flnbatltutea and Repte* scntative* entering the u. 8. service, for any period from one to three years. Choice of service and regiment given. Gunboat men taken for ose, two and three years. If you wish honorable dealing rive us a call at the corner ol Randolph and L&saiie street. In the basement. TTM. MURPHY A CO. «f!9!3M6t iFor Sale. TT’OR SALS—An iron gray pony, X? well b»ofc*n in *»<* die and double barueas Can bveesat WfIGHT A CDt.EIKR’S Ltvery Stsbf, Opposite the North Market. • se«-m/»2t "Cl OB SALE Acewpcdlar’s wagon M? —a splendid affair. Also' a second-hand top buggy, extremely roomy and in complete repair. Can he bought at one half tnelr value. Apply at 34 Lasalle street, or addreas Box 6106. acfi-aw-lt FUR OAI.E -Two tnorough hied mares, from Long Island, N. T, ate for sale on rtatonable terms. Or els a mahogany eorrcL seven years old, can shave lets than three minuter, without training. Her dam was sot by Bash’s Eclipse, he by ti c old Eclipse. She was aired by tbs Long Island Elect BawE. The Cher U a black mare, four years o'd; her dam was got by Byaedykes Hamiltonian: soe was fired by the American Star, ho by Sir H<mry. Also, the fninbarejn the Perklbs Boose, Tlskllwa, and the house to let or ror sale. Inaalre on the oron lies. at Tlskllwa Bureau c junty, Illinois, of maktw. »63freeri7t I?OR SALK—SOO hairela refuse J? salt, good for stock, bides. Ac., on consignment, and for Bale In lots, at low figures. Al»o, orders p-otnptly filled for fine ana coarse salt at the lowest market prices, by J. B.TAYLOR, 13 Losalis street. aeau«6.S-iw TTIOB SALE—Engine and hoilsr, JL 1 15 to 201 one power, nearly saw, and in prime rnsetog order. Also. SOborie boiler, cheap. J. C, RICH ASPS, 69 Wsehiagt jo at eeT2-aa7>4s XT'OR SALE—An -office railing fir _[* sal* cheap Icqulreatlo3 state st.eet. El se22 #627-21 TTOR SALE—To be sold at a great X 1 sacrifice. A first-class Stereoptlcsn ana ftotr elghtbesati al colored pictures cf the.war, suitable lor traveling purpesea or echool exhibition*, wuibe sole for lets man half the crtstoal coat if applied for immeciatelv Addreta or tounlie ofT- L. FttCU, **— *•** «n/i tn Deaibom Btreet. FOR SALE - Cheap, one open Clash Top Carriage, haruns and team- together o? ttpaiatc- To be taeu at 319 Madlssv * trait, be tween rranklin and wells. F.O. 8j»4753. se22 8617-lt TT'OR BALE-Ons Organ Hurmc- J? nlum, ten stop*, four Beta of reeds, suitable far a man church—Carbart ft Needham’s make of New Tor*. A »ouerbißßiinmar-t. Price l»w. will be sold foi 1350. Alio cue Dtuhle Reed Meloas^n—Qeo. A. P, luce alter. Fries 3150. .apaly a, 115 Lata Bca-acie-at * n. ouolp. FOR SALE—To Meichant Tailors. A first-dag.* stand. long lease and small stock o'goods. wl fa fixtures. Forparticuiara addrea fc»: Office Box 64. FOE SALE—Ore No. 1 Gates Hay Presf—b»ea ran abent two months. In* Quite of C. & P. EAWKtNS, 209 South Water st. P.0.80x 3976. . *e;ae6ij iw F)R SALE —A Portable Engine, cheap lor cash—fire horse power. Is In comnleta rapping order. Can be seen at'be MachloeShop, earner of CH'nton and Van Burca streets, or address P. O. Bex 42 OS. Chicago. ieai*s«o? ii WOK SAL’S—Or exchange. One . JL 7 half interest la a Flour and Saw Util, on a data* b'e stream. Id lowa adjoining a countv seat. One of the test custom mills la the State. The Joint own‘'r Is a practical millwright. Win ho exchanged for land star Chicago. o» city property. Far terms, Ac. arply to N. P. IGLHHABX A CO„ 4S Lasalle-at, H?1*i5554« TT'OR SALE—A lip top 20 boras X? power Engine and Boiler,all In'gdcdordep.aad* may he houcht at a bargain. Apnlv at Marine Kn* clßeWoTlß.cr.merot Ftauklla and Michigan eta., Chicago. JOHN MUKPHk. aeShaSSMir TT'OR SAIB—A lenr year eld mare, I 1 top bogey and harness, at Button’s Livery Bta* ble, on Fiat kiln meet. ge2l-f13.*3-3t TT'OR SALE—At a bargain. A X 1 well furnished' Restaurant, enjoying a well-pay. log and reepeetahl' custom. The restaurant ii siraa ted on the South Side rathe midst of thehustnow put of the city Alcasefpr a term ot years will be transferred to the purchaser. Address G. JU33SH, No 13 Larmon Block. P.O.boX 4469. eeu-tsai-st FOR SALE—SOO tens cf b-ater pretied wild hay. of tuoerlor quality, (better Iran timothy for cavalry and livery horses.) Will be dellvt-ied in cars, Intnts to suit purchasers, at or wuhtn 65 miles of Chicago. Address “Drawer K,” Lsporte, Indiana. leli sim »s TT'OR SALE—A new and wellbailt X 1 Ice Bouse, capable for 1500 bhls beer or ale. to gnher with lease for a term of years, of three adjoin ing lots, annual leate only fto for the wbo’e. A good copper kettle, cooler, several mash fermenting tub;*, rotsiy power pump, horse power marun». ceancg.aud baiting In short, everything baney and ready to itart business right off. Call and see lor yourself at the Clyburse Avenue Brewery, at the terming of Dlylslcn street and Clybume av. Horso railway. ae3M532-St SALE —One of the bfflt X fßt«reo»copfc Show* m’he eanrtry. One that stssca Urtte* feet loeg and “€ veu ft«« wide when put up ahows st views and 18 large size war plates . Can be taken all to ulecss in live mlnntas atd packed aUlnatrunk. On- hurdr?d*ndflfrrdollarswlUbay t’and the trunk complete anda large ■>zepalst)*'g. trrr C* , North Jeffars3n»treet, orltfiSrpos: 01?? S?* 'J3381 Chjc»?o, lumou. B«I KUMt TT’OR SALE—'Watch, Jewelry ana X* Farcy Coeds Store, la cue of the xnoetdeslranle locations Jo the cltv.cowdoingalsrge trad*. Will he told at a barf sin. Apply to A J. Hale, Beal Es tate and Commercial Broker. 98 Washington s’rttec, Loom No. 4. se»>ei6l3c FOR SALE—SO cords of best . quality Grand Traverse Hemlock Bark, oa Kir* By, C» penter A Co.’s Doc».pear Elozla straetbrtdue, Mrth side. K.K. BICKFOBD, comer oi Lake and •WeattVateratfeetß. se2ort7oßt F}R SALK—The stock snd fix tnrracl a wholesale and retail Grocery Store dolor a gcod Boat, city and country trade; or will yell estates without tba s:o«k. For particular* *?. Cresa P. Q. Box Sfl4 for one weak. ae2(VaSCB 6t SALE—An Electro-Magnetic A -S 04 ? 0 by Dr. Jerome Kldderf patent gept.lS.D-6-l. Battery toglass.mmiftil, and in periett orcer For eale cheap at GiiEGOar A Ctvd.Bl Cla.k street Xf'Oß SALE—The lease, stock and X fixtures of a Family Gioctiy and Frovnim Store. Alto the lease of the dwelling autened. Possession siren immediately Apply at 109 Sou.h peso lames BTreet, or tnrengh P. O. oox S IU9. eeSO el!s 3c fJiOK SALE—A good new milch. X' Cow kind ard seotle. Apply at 10*2 South Water eireet. if. U. HOBSON d: CO BC2t-ai6o-3t F!)R SALE I A Coupee Carriage, bat little Qaed; If In perfect order and will be sold cheap COAK A TES BROAKE. leiMtiSlw • |?OR SALE—A Ding Store for X 1 sale—one cf the beat paying stores. Is one of the meat flonisbtnc ciilea cC the central part of the tog a wholesale snd retail bnitaeii, assured, tociaastog and profltaMe. An enarietlc bull nets man. with a casual of 3=3,0C0 to tts.OW, w|!i flni tt an inviting offer Bernr to BURffHAJW A vam SCHAAOh. Drnsralft*. Chicago aei«atß6-7t €o Kent. TO RENT—A fiont patlor,-closet and bedrcom, (nnfnrnlsbed) and board, at 21.5 South Clark street, a tew day boarders can be ao cpmmcdated atreasonabla terms. set? sfiSl-lt 'T'O BENT—Aid ioT Sale, House X 226 Third avenue to rent, containing 10 rooms in rood lurolture lor tfiJe..»cne need apply tut tbesffwlsolnF to bay the fhrnltare. Po». fusion given the first ol October. Apply at the hOUte. Mil isst-4t TO RENT—My honss. is too lirge. It is sltnated Inagnol locality, with modem urprjoveaenifl.near the hone cars. I will sell my tnruitnre end lease, crwUieacbatgn with any one wbn has a small, convenient hsaie, wltn imnrova* aeniß Apply at IQS Lake-st. segl-KR 21 TO RENT— Store on first floor, with or without furniture, end two rooms on 3d llcor, arranged lor a good dwelling, with water, gas, etc., on Lake street. For paxncnlars. address ••■Wfl t, m Tnbane odea. seit-ahjiw® fPO RENT—6O New Pianos, also X a large assortment ot Pianos. Ue’odeosa end Orgsri fer sale cm themest fayoraDla terms, w. W. KIMBALL, 142 Lake street. Ml 3 q945.1m laantw "VV"ANTED—To purchase a loco* o™S&*^? a * r **«<» 2* to M horn pjww.either 43i0 ch^- ba ? (, * ,f ,n *oodo»d«. *ddre»So* ?Sbß»£rt ffljr? l °«««» giving sire of boiiar. VI , *ta dUmeier c t tinea? „ aa«3 aftSUtt W —To invest SI,COO. I well iocasea ° c snfA irtaßr ln • retail grocery, c«y d irtt ,° B * that would set ax hU-'lufM it tea aboTftamn^^ 11,1 ®* ltl * commlnltm ■tana noth 6aiinw t es*m°.^fihTt lE »vsr. DncUr*?* tiWoftci; 1 Ply * “ I B £ ‘ * It# rad-menUl lessons on the tcsi od* n f “ ,Vf? desires a Msuatloa In a family wh«« , ho k‘ joudj children the comnjoahraaohe^aaitjSJ.i also instinct young ladua la toc&i musie, u aUIJSt Can give the best of re;«eac«. iaoSJ; •* TEACHER ” Tribune office. seatrtKifia W ANTED—To renta house with n from eight to ten rooms convenient to hors* cars ,Anv ere raving each a hors ito rrnt will call at Q5 Suath dart street, or adore a P.O. Box'<34o Chicago. stffl a£C3-n TtTANTED—A situation to m a * v choir, hy a yctrrg lady who read* inua'e welt, and who baa an alto vole?. Quartette preferred. Address -• ALTO,” Tribune office, seC*wft»it TlXaNTED—lmmediately, a com v T psiest harness makir. to carry on a shop tnw gcoa country town. Good waaes will he paid. For patucularalcqnue of CUNTfuT, tfOOLLET ACO., fl‘2 Lake avrcat,ihicego. Illinois. aett-t0«0 It _ "tV 1 AN TED- Carriage Makers, v T Two fit at clau woodwottoaa to go to Joltec. Uilcols. The oeat warrapaiJ to eoodxn»a Apply atCDNWIN&HasTS Carriage Repository, 67 and 69 Caraletitet, Chicago. ae&*sfi<J-3t VV ANTED—Clerks, bookkeepers, T T ■ talesmen. Ac-; reektuz pttnattona should ap ply at tie Acvertlilzs Age£cy»S-l Dearborn street* Boom 5 Several situations open. Conducted on s new ey»Um. L2WISACO. aeth>Sß7*U WANTED -From two to three tbcciaod head of sheep to winter on «h\rea* AddrcrsA \V.TUANEH,LuicoIn,Lozaa seT2*l633-6t A. W. TUBHBd. TI/’ANTEi)—By a- practical prin- T T ter. a a>tuaUoo F-.-reman or Job Printer In a good office Slate 3.t;iucr weak if sar Uftctlon la given- Adcresa B.” Chicago Type Foundry. set:-sSS7-2t T\7ANTED- A Teaaister. One v T acquainted with tbs city and can coma rw* commendeo. Al« a coy about fitteen years, old to take careoi ahorse. Oce of some expenenoeaud can bring reference- Call at IT Sooth Weill street, Kocm t >'ca. 3 and 4. up stairs. sa32*a6SMt TITAKTEB ~FartK6r. A party TT having from s3ot to SIC#?, can seenre an Inter t gt and become bsiouiatea as equal partner in »w* maientlv established bos ness.-which wtu payironi *;wo;o lIQ.OiG per annum Business tofrciasa. No ritk. Adcre«3-*E B,” Tribune offlea. afl23»tWolk WANTED-A Show Wlndc-w, » V oy a yoosg m&o, for a *o*pf ctable bnUnesa, wfclch doss cot interfere with any otheruade. Ad* drwaP. Q.80X4301. Chicago. ee23«aO-3t ■\TTANTKD--A mrn and wife, v T without co on a farm. The man to understsnri gardening aad the woman housswoti. Inqalie at 69 South Winer a.ree;. aea*s6l» it nSA/AiilED—A furnished house. *t A gentleman with a email family wishes to r?nt on the first of October, a eomf irtable souse. Mast t e thoroughly famished and aieaiaatly located. He is willlrg to pay allbrtairtUtfoi a place thatwl'l sultlbim. Too may hear ota desirable tenant by *4- diesilig (stating location)P.O.Box 3330. seW-iOM 3t Tjy ANTED—Tne highest piice * * paid to recruits and substitutes for Cock ccuntv. Call Immediately at curotUea.l33 aontls. Clark street. AQAaib a ttPulbiGttß. aass 5666 U V\7AKTED.—A lady who is a fi; at- T T class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's Saving Machine, wishes a permanent siiuaMou. Rsfsrences exchanged. Address r. o.Box 3Q39.wlth terms.Ac. TV ANTED—A situation an Wet Tv Itnrie. • Apply at the southwest comer of rnlcn ana Mitchell ureal*. »522-a638-U ■O7ANTED—Two unfurnished T T rooms, wllb board, for a gentleman, wife and child, (•■» months old,) and none P, O. Box BOGS, stating terms and location. te3C.ggt9 3t - WANTED —Correspondence, by Tv a couple of not "gay and festive cosies," but by two veteran toldler boys, ceslers in fou, love. w;t and ether humbugs. Sat remember, if you please, ladles, that in the end a wife is wanted—for Ob, how dull Is life without a wife, Tco long its miseries we have felt. Now ladies, please, writs ui a sweet missive, fer by so cctngyou win save the Union, ard get a reply by return mall.- All letters containing pbotog'aoss wni receivaoneln return. Address “W. B. iT."or "H H.M." waztfO, General Field Hospital. Chattanoo ga, Tcnn. sett-sCUtt vyTANTED—A situation by a rea tv pectahle marriid woman, as housekeep er. or to do second work, or assist la doing house work. Has one child, and s home mere dtslred thsn wages. Address Mrs W. Q. 1305, P. O. Chfca* to, in. No objection to the country. Can be found to-day between 3 and 3 P.M. at Mrs.Wm. Thayer's, southeast corner of Eighteenth srreet,n*xt lake Snore. a< 23-1607 U Vl/ ANTED—A boy 15 or 16 jeaw T T years of age. to work In a HetiU Grocery Store —ore whose parects resdem the city ore/srrel Call at Store No. 453 atale street. ss3MCCBdt WANTED —A Roy to assist m TT tending Bar at 17 Dtatbom a’rect. Can early. »aa s&H-it • \y AN TED —By a young lady a T T ii'uatton to :ba city or country, in a Photo* graph (-si err, either to reception room or to tone aert finish pictures. References gives. Address -S. N,” Tribune ctflce. sert S6S7-H —-U lid? qualified to T r teach Fpgliah, French and Latin, wishes a alt* nation in aichco), or would teach at a tauller talarw in a family. Address •'TEACHER,"Box 700. •elh-atrs-n xasaAisains. X\fANTED —By a small, quiet T T fasr Ily. a home of sor 6 rooms, or a part Of a bouse, suitable for a respastaale neighborhood, ard within llfitta minates’ walk of the Court Bouse. Flrttclan pay. Addre-i, lor one week, P. Q. Box 1(106* ae2l*2SsMt _ ■vv eiiiiu-oiiuauons lor iwo T T girls, a&ed U and IS.- to do chamber work or take cate ol children. Apply at Harms, or address ia Yf ucs: Men’s Christian Asicclation,Box 04-1. BC2I-bEll-2t ANTED —An Architectural V V Draughtsman. Apply to T.V.WAD3KIEB, A-chltect. Cobb's Building, 126 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. BB&aimt T XT ANTED -By a young mamed T v roan, a sltua’ion as assistant bookkeeper, Chech or shipping cleric. la w.U acquainted in the Kfy, havlsguved hero for the past five yean. Qona tewteuces given. Ac. trees *A B C,” Foit Office Box 1929. sail s53S3t WANTED -A man thoroughly qualified to take care of four horses,drive a baggy oce&iUnaliy.aadmoSe himssit eenecallyan fain abon’ a house. Apply to ALLAN PIHKtfBTON, 9*4 and 94 Washington street. se2i tSSTB6 V/iTANTED—lmmediately, men • f I who wish to make tSS to |» psr day, in ft legitimate holiness, by a small .Investment of from tied to tad.aie invited to call at3ft Dearborn street. Boom 4, and examine one of too most valuable in* venaccs cflhc age never before introduced into the Western-Stvea. A rare ojpostttil'.y U new offered to enterprising men. with smaller urcocapital, to make money eltcer by traveling cr locating la city or country, p. T. CDSfiINQ, 36 -Dearborn street. Boom No. 4. sell-453345 ‘\XfA3STED —On the lafc of Octo v T her. hv afATrily cf five, in a flrat dais board ing home, with beard, a pleasant parlor and two bed* ro«mi, tarnished or unfurnished. Location moat bo Slcasant. Good references given. Address P.0.80x 339. ae3i-e53S4t WANTED —On or| before tee lac day ot October, a small Goran, or 3 or 4 rooms down stairs, suitable lor housekeeping, by a small family—within fliteen minutes’ walk of North wtttem Lepot. Guoa references given. Address, stadsg terms aid location, P. O. Bax 145 7. 8921-eSSB*2s \\T ANTED.—I -will assist these V T that will orslst tiiemselvcs. A fewmen with a capital« fS'OO to 3306 to invest safely, css secore » gord pa' lev business bv making Immediate applies ucn at 36 Dear Bern street, Boom So 4. je2,-BSsa-*t > F.T. CUSHING. TIT AN TED—To know wby people If will go and pay SSJO per dozen fur Card Pho* tosiaphs when thet can get the same kind lor |UOO per 'Cozen at K&OAUS ft'CO.'fi,l3o South Ciark Street, cciner or Madison, (and warranted not to lade, »s come think pecanse tz*ey aie cheap.) setl-sSl'dtl VTTANTED—By two wspectsble v V ycurgmenlnthearm?. correspondensa with some ot the lair ladies of the North. Ohiect, fan and mutual ittprcvemeut. Send pßotogrsphi,and re* celve oce m rtturn All iMters prompvr snsxcred. Address W. D. JfcCURO or £. A. KENDRICK, Sprmgfltld, Tenn sa3l-ss3a-2t WANTED—To lent, by a small IT AmericanlamUy,acottage,orputofahonie. West Side preierred Kent not to exceed super month. Address “a N," Xnbone offloe. se2l as9a 'ft TT7 ANTED—Em doymert. 875 a V T A'oath. Agents wanted to sell Sewing Ma chines. We will give a commission on aU machines lold. cr employ agents who will work (or the aojyis wares and all expense* paid. Address D jB- Hja- RINGIOM a CO, Detroit. Mich. sail sag tt TXT AN TED—By Boynton & Big. v V eisS, fifteen men, wno hive had experience In curing pig’s ftet and tripe. Call sssbop near Alina liJtit. Louis ra'iroad bridge. South Side, *eai-»SSCIW ■WTANtEU—By a Jady, grsduata v " otpr, Bloiewis’ institute 6rPhysical »da cation.Boitcs, »q I'agaiementas teacher ot ihaStw Gymnastics, In Chicago, cradlolntag towns Refer* encisglveiL Addrera "IEACH2R,”Box42I4. •e»HS3S-« ANTED—A partner in a gen- T T tee! paying business, wltbaca-i amonntof two cr three thousand collar*, a good offer to ot a who baa money and no boslawm. Address for oao weekTuOMAaPAU£BB,Box3.IOO. ifiU ti&3i : \\T ANTED —A Girl. A good ▼ T cock, washer and ironer, by a imall fatally. One who can coma "well recommended can bare a ecod place, by calling at 319 Waoaaa arenne. te2l-es2i2t \]U ANTED -A medium sized sec TT oad-haad safe. Address with price, 4c.. Box 2-123. ■ Mtl-m&lt TITANTED—As chief c'erk for an T v establishment having a very large «m«. pcodence, a man porawsed or good literary attain, menti. tomalexai knowledge and doable entry book, ms;. Aliomuitwittaaßeodblam.i6nidbacd.ans be able to act act as an an antxsosl*. To a man soiled lor the poU ion and who can da* ▼ote hlsemirv tine toils dutles.agood ial%Tw«i b* paid. The aitnallon will be permanent. **' w,u Am leant* win rcnrjre to fnrnlan utisiactory ref nia'bten aa<l wUI * tat6 wbat 111811 lomer hustacsj* Pone win be replied tc exceot such as as lnt*rrirw S i ea efost 101, K3t ca c e Box WANTED—Famished House. r t>«on the ant or October. e nicely runlshea tome located cn North or dnmh Side. Any Vert on having inch may And a responsible tenant b? agdraaiigg p o.Boxasaa. icantiaat TITAh) TED—A situation by a f ▼ man with thirteen ye*r* experience in tba ary poods or cloth boslnett. Permanent place morw an object than lalary. Tee bestof rfierdcco riven. AdCrtae W X Y." iVaokegaa, Ul. te2l*acSß Si TITAN TED—A situation by a os v T pahle and reliable jounr aan. tVrl'es a good hand, and bai a gensrai knowledge OLbutdneoa. 'Ad. orees "a H." box 3-106, PouOffle*. soao-Mast TIT xiNTED —A Far tier with a f* fewthoniand dollart, silent or active tornyaFeln the Panama business.- Grrat ludacei roents are offered to any one des’ronsef inventor la a Packing bnnnesf centr »Ly located. P,' boxl2J»4.CMca»oP.O. ■'dAi-taviwil XJU ANTED—A Wi!e. I -wish to v « make the acenalntasee of a modest Cbrtstlaa woman, irem ro to 35 yi ars old, fond of home and iu Joye. wllUce to say to me as bnth told toefaomt.u Xiu'h Ist. icth and ITth verses. To sneb I can otfsr a Ffodbqmeand devoted heart. Beu-cf reiereseee B l»ep. a ccte statinr where and wnen an intcxviow can be bad. will fca treated with dtscrtetcandor, ana ue honor of a gentlcmiS c! B. ABTHU3.cwcaco P. O. ge3C‘**B-r* tw WANTED A eitnation by a to* ebaretd effleer. who has sarved bis tana yeatß in the army. UcmmluJon. iron.or bt liners preferred. B*Ury not prrmanentemplcjmtnt. Addrei* > *;':i>*496-3l TITAN TED—A ioiuiihal rej^ bMh ct iitisrl'lT. W A-w«T wltk ,eU-il-9-8t

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