Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 23, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 23, 1864 Page 2
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(Eljicago tribune. miI)AT. SEPTEMBER 23. lßfk. Tib'AIeGOB'fVCrK. TTf b»d not MH:po*ed thti. »t tbi« da*, the com ptftc propnomrvhiii, renter op-m he original Utls of tmtMion of Ctiqr U McOormltk tu McCor mickV B- per, w«.a)o »-e questioned by a oewepa.. Tjerhrnslu Cbictco, au* for puliucil purposes. That rfcife t(* en cho * * ti**w reever* In political par* tranship n» tbit present Jme. Mr. Mdormick .bar w«bl «h<’d Hr compile oropne»omhip in bis' Reaper before 'very trtntoal where u bat hereto fore burn nei'lnA He list e»utbllsned it before tbe Bureau of Paten's. before Congress. Before in dntnl trl»»nt>ale, before the ne'*ple of America, and in tbe public oisln.on ol\Eurooe He tm met aud d.tLollhbed all neestlat t* of bis right* wnoa-.vor nno wherever they ThU buebt to 'beenoceh Thi* ought to K*urly jiaroasn m* 'S nttx now. t . weriiifl derm It simple jus’!'* ♦* Kr. xnlca, wUbdktreferebrc to bis c*n<fld*er for to repel »h»a iaHprane!.«« aiia t «f*°” “ST.* ,Jm} we AmU do by docum«H'»r* The Injured tone of the at>ovo article is wortl.TOl Mr PcctH-itr Wrj-feir Tt reckon, have wur TOffer-d the obloquy yvUch I'M been U)-on Mr. McCormick bv lloee u-bo •'my that he Invented the reap ing med'lnr, and repccWly by those who af fiim that be took the most valuable portions of it from other men without restoring them «c equivalent until compiled to do so By the laws of his country. The Times offers to prove a great many things. It will n«t prove that tire following decree was not rendered by the United States Circuit Court, lo the city ot Chicago, on the 20 Lh of September, 1850: ■ . “ Tcesdat. 6cpL Si, 1858. Co or l - net pursuant tp udjoornment. tbe Bon. John McLean, Presiding juijgf; Don. Thomas Drummond, Associate, “OnCD nCfcBET - 1 t» kin Chancery. Cnnie B. McConancs. J *• XUU canee liarlng been brought to bearing : upon the jitradinpa and proofs, and counselor the par lor respectively haring been heard thereupon, I and the same having been Only considered'hy the Court, It«lonnd: “ f ii«t, That the patent eranted to Obed Hus aey, dated tbe 14th day of April, one thousand eight hundred and fllly-eercn (R« issue No 419), In the bill ret lorih. Is valid, and that tbe coo. plait ant thereby became and » vested irith ttad txf JumVb rirbt thereby granted, ue to said bill al leged and claimed. BbcoM). That tbcdflcndant, Cyrus H. McCor mick, bath disturbed, rlolatee, and infilngedupon the complainant In bis vxdohlvc rlebts under said patent, as in said alii set lorh »«I'nir.n/Tbat the complainant is entitled difconry aid account from the aefcadant Cyras H. McCormick, of tbe profits and gains by him had aid received from the infringements aforesaid, and to recover tbe same, or each earns a* tbe coon mi; hertafur deoeo tobe recoverable by him from tbe < eiciidunt, in consequence of infringement an i violation* (fVit'cxe’tuive nghUofth* complainant, which Jits adjudged hare been so committed by the defendant. Forum. That it be, end Is hereby, referred to J. T. Moulton, Esq., as* master, id compote and ascertain, and state an account of the amount of profits and gains to bad and received by toe fie- | fondant, aid the damages sustained, by the com plainant, b; rcastu of the Infringement* aforesaid, 1 arid to take proof and report tne earn* to the pourt, vritb leave to cv.herparty to move the coortnpon notice icr *ncd«l Instruction* to salfi msstcr la reference to the taking of said account. *• Finn, audit is ordered, adjudged and de creed, that in tbe mean time a irrlt of Injunction be itmed in this cause, pnrsnaat to the prayer in • ssldbi.l, enjoining and lutraining the said de fendant, Cirue B ZlcOormUk bis apea'a aad ser vant*, ard all persons going under his an* tbonty, frem any construction or use, in any jray or ma! ner whatsoever, of the said invention and impiovtmcut menuoned and described in tbe said rc iVmd patent No. 44% granted to tbe said Obed Unfit y, and vet forth in said bill, and from doing any ad or thing to in vade or inlrlngo aald patent.. And all other questions ore received fur further or* and »s to the other dctcadsnU, William 8 McCormick and Lcaudcr J. McCormick, tbe bill Is dinulßStd.” , , • . , . - For toe purpose of showing; what p»rt of “McCcrmitk’b Reaper M was thus pirated from. Obed Hussey, ye copy tbs following P&iafrrsph Irom liU bIU of complaint: 1 «sisrs—And. jour‘orator further represents that the rstd dcicndanta, without his authority and apninet bis will, have in meir possession for eal<% and have made and told, and are engaged in manufacturing and selling reaping xnactilpea In crest numbers, amounting annually to about three thousand machines, having substantially the afore said improvement patented to your orator, and dt> gcrU'cUafcd epecillHl In said re-issued patent No. 449 to wit: The combination of a cifirahng tca.l - cutter, the indentations of who* edge act at t a terie* of tnodnp them blade*, with slottei guarn fniyere the ‘Me* oftthieh act a* a corresponding 1 irtcecr faced shear blade*, the parts of such fin cer* forming the slot bcinz connected et the front «nds oily, leaving me rear of tbe sot open and tree lor tbe escape of material that would other •vise clue the cutter, substantially as doscrioed In ssld patent, and that tbe reaping machines so in vtoFseseiou of, and made and sold by the defend - ants are. In their corresponding parU^abataa. Mi _ Ul urn* >n jtrlnapleaod mode of operation and effect, as tbe afore* aid Improvement described ana specified in the said re-iasued patent No. 449. granted to year onior as aforesaid, and an in fringement of said re-iwned patent.* 1 We might rest onr case here, and leave the public to decide whether our former statement is not established by record evi dence, and whether the' statement of the 2 <m«that “Mr. McCormick has established bis complete proprietor!*!? in his reaper be fore every tribunal where it has heretofore been denied,** la net a barefaced falsehood- Bere certainly is one tribunal in which the « complete proprietorship” wa* denied and is which the denial was maintained aud called down with heavy damages for the putt and an lrJunction for the future. Tim record in the case does not show the amount of damages obtained by Mr. Hussey. 'Our recollection Is that Hr. McCormick did not allow the case to go before a master in chancery as ordered by the court—that be paid Mr. Hussey the amount claimed in his bill oi complaint ($50,000), «nd a ; reed with him as to the amount o Tepidoea’ee upon each machine made thereafter, and was glad to cei off in that way. K we arc mistaken Mr. HcCoimick can correct m. Our columns arc open to him for that pur pose. But we (0 not choose to rest the cue here. t Mr. McCormick’s organ has promised to pro • dace a large amount ol documentary evi* dunce, covering the whole reaper contro-. T. rtj, to prove the ‘ complete proprictir ahlp” aforesaid. We call for that evidence. When it comes we shall hare some more to cihlhlt on the other side. We shall go into the case of McCormick vs. Manny, and sh.w that after McCormick had beaten several small and ignorant manufacturers in salts based on his pretended intentions, he had „ the temerity to attack one who thoroughly understood the' subject and who bad tbe courage to ftsndnp for his rights. Weshili show how Mr. Manny proved McCormick to he a mere copyist ot other men’s work, playing the part not of an inventor of useful machinery, bnt of a manufacturing bnUy. We shtll show how the case of M Cormick ~, Manny was kicked out of court, first by the Circuli, and afterwards. by the Supreme Court of the United States, and bow Mc- Cormick was compelled to foot the whole bill of costs himself. -In point ol fact the • j ndgment in this great case, which wHi long be remembered among' the manufacturcra ot agricultural implement*, quaahod and oet nslde, in their moral aapecte at least, nearly all the Jucgmcnts that had been previously rendered In McCormick’s favor. As we remarked in a former article, if Mr. McCormick Invcntrd snytlring he Invented the reck We affirm nothing on tW»'point We will even admit that be dW, because, thia we believe, was the only essential part Of tire reaper which was uot traced to semen, body else In the course of the Manny trill Mr Msnny so exposed the hollowness of McCormick’s pretrnsions that it was de cided by tbe highest tribunals in the land that he had no case whatever. Hence we to the Urea, bring on jour “ documen tary evidence.” The public win bear witness that we did not commence or invite this controversy We should have been cogent to canvass Mr McCormick’S qualifications for a seat in roigress, on political grounds, convinced o, mir ability to show him utterly unworthy of that distinction, and dangerous tothe canse which is dear to all loyal hearts. Bat Ms organ would uot haveit so It insisted upon kilning him as the inventor orihe Beeping vTehinl and appealing to the gratitude ot IMP forltotboou. D hehadiaveut ' clthc reaping machine, and thc sewing ma- the planing machine, and the nrluUuc machine, all together, he wonld not he one whit tetter qualified 1. represent ns in Coi>gre£B, ror one irectlon nearer Btodsrd ol loyalty wMch we deem essential to that position. But he has Invented none ot those thinga. He has merely made an 1m • mente fortune .ont of other people’s tavern Vtons. We shell not dlstarb Mm in the en joyment of It, hut he must not lay claim to that which docs not belong to Mm, and seek to obtain votes upon tbit fictitious claim. OH TUB OI'VESSIVf. The New York Jonnuil of Commerce leads off and the feebler Copperhead lights follow -with arguments for conducting the Copper head polltlcil campaign on the aggressive. They have suddenly discovered that “there 1b no such thine as putting down u political ■slander. ‘A he rena a league while truth la getting on Its hoots,’ says an old proverb. ■lt has ten lives to » cat’s one. To outrun It or kill it is a downright Impossibility.” Did it never occur to those who so Incontinently hack down from lie challenge to defend General McClellan's brief and muddled re cord, that Mr. Lincoln has been nnder a hot fire ol their own Copperhead “ea fo r lour yearal MthcCopperhead Jatterles are silenc ed by one week's lira from against UcClellan, while our candidate has been un der their steady fire for four years, does their silence speak well for their strength? It cinches tbe prool of their weakness. “The Copperhead Showman may have us ptea»-upe tn rdi.ouccc,positively the first tppoirsuce of th-woodchnck General bn the.olTeoßlve U*- like any othsr combat-nt he will not bs put upon the defensive. He will neither r « tr nor «srd off, bat« ben P lereo ? most vital plrta, be’b.s excluded « teW wilt unimpaired vigor. and wTthout Interruption.” Xbose tvho' b>y remain 10 carry ont thpbody. M«rt R*t<LAN AT ITX4 l/VERV TIILIi “ i' n u iuxE IIIK »•».«**• ThfV T.iWi«tß«-erte<lthatMcClellan was <m a gunboat while bla army under Helotzle msn, fiuniDrrMKJ Hooker were winning the victory of Malvern. The N. T. pro nouncrd the state In ent a falsehood, and add ed -that the “ toes of thousands nche to kick “the dirty dog wno would thus endeavor to « blacken tbe reputation of one of the moat “honored names known to American mUL “tary history**’ . To make such a charge unless it cau be substantiated by the proof, barms the side making- it more than tbe other party. Bat suppose tbe proOf can be adduced, in what plight does it* Iwe McClellan? Tho first witness we call is McClellan hlcnselC He has DCTtr yet denied that he skulked on* a gunboat on the dty of the battle, but by Implication a-mite it When examined usdtroath, before the Congressional Co n. mittee on the Conduct of the Wai, he testi fied as follow*: - QaesUon.—At what boor in the morning were yon oq the field at the time of the natleot Mal vern Hi l !, and at what time did yoa leave ? Aufewcr —I waa on tba ground very sbort'y after doylk'ht, and, I presumed occupied some fonr hours in riding over the petition. I was a»aln on the ground in the afternoon—l should think ■ somewhere about two or ba-l-piat two o'clock— and washer the whoie position agaia at that time. - Q,—Had the fighting commenced in the momtng before you left f A.—AV, eir: no enemy in eight. . Q.—At what poltii or point* were you from the time ton left the field until you returned * A.—l was at headquarters, near BaxalT* hbuso. Q —Were you down to the river, or on boardihe gunboats duringxsny part of that dry. between the time you Vft the field and your return toUf A.—i tfonof ;it Upassibsl may have teen* as roj camp was directly on the rlvtJ. Q.—How frr ant the Runooat from HaxaU'e ? A.—There wt-re generally some gunboat* In the* immediate vklnity cf HszallV Q.—How lor was that from where the hoariest fighting was daring the flay ? A.—From Uasall’e to the point where the heart, cet fighting was, I suppose tcastxcotnUet and a half orihree miles. There were parts of oar Hue that wnre within a naif a mile, protrabiy, or leas than that, of the headquarters. . Alter reading these damning confessions ■we wonder If the TfurW man's toe was not“ relieved of its ache. General McClellan. nh- J dtroath, “cannot remember* 1 whether he was far off on board u gunboat while hlsormy was bravely fighting in the field. Thinks it “possiblehe may hate been.” Tcs, ills not only “possible", but certain, that he was. The “cannot rcrocmDer" is a poor, shallow lie. He remembers wdl^oogh; such an event could not be effaced from his memory General Barnard, iu his review of the Pen insular campaign, iu which he was Engineer- In-Chie*, and at McClcllur’fi right hand, says,’ when speaking of the great battle of Mai Ttrn HiH: . 4» where, this flay, is the Commandlng.Gcucrtl? OlfaithCapt, Codfren, to select the dual portion ©« the army audita depot*. He does not tell us jt on a gunboat, ana that this nay not evcn'eigtaVwoadaeep him ia commanici Jon wlih hie army, for hie Joomey-waa ten or fifteen defien the river , and he teat thus absent tin JaUin the afternoon.' This Is the first time we ever had reaton to believetae highest andflmoaty of a Gvntxai, on the day of bfltuc, was separating liimte’f from his army to recommit tr a place of hear what the Rev. Dr. -Marks, an eye witness, says o! the Commander-in Chief ob this evtnifai day, in his sketch of “ The peninsular Campaign In On page 2y-3he taje; “The Commander In-Chief was evidently- op pressed with the ceepiet eo.latnoe, for he accom panied the Prince (du JolnvJiej and Us nephew, to the tear steamer, and remained onboard td* late I in t/-e ejtemoon, coma uiiicatiag- hie orders by I »ignatfe and couriers. 3>r.a*inct Bogere, Brigade Surgeon of Bobliison 1 * brigade, who baa been m with lever lor several days, was likewise on this steamer, and a'tcrwaids related to me the events acd scenes of that day as they came under Us eye, Ho said General McClellan was evidently laboring ruder the deepest depression, and apprehended the vontruvlts. Bat about lour 9’xlock a dispatch carat, from General that our army was holdlcg the enemy at bay at all points, and in all probability would drive him from the field. This mestage seemed to lift an immense burden -off the heart oflhe General, and be ante and veiled the deck with a buoyant step; and from' this time evidently listened to the tattle irifA netp hope. But about five o'clock the Commanding General rode Into the lines ol our army, and re mained until the action closed. General Hslotz* elman bad enit to him a message that the troops noticed Ms ebeeno* and it was exerting a <&• pressing influence on them, and die could not be anstcet die for the consegaenixsif he longer held himself so far aloof from the scene of action and of danger - But McClellan was also on a gunboat dur ing the terrible battle of White Oak Swamp or Glendale, the day before (June 30); and when the battle of Malvern Hill was fiercely raging, he was several miles irom the scene, selecting, ob he himself tells ns, “the find position ef the army and its depots,” when, as he expected, it should be defeated. Gen. McClellan makes no denial that he sneaked on hoard a gun boat daring, the battle of White Oak Swamp- Commenting on this battle, Gen. Barnard says, page : « The army was saved in spite of Qcn. McClel lan's ignorance of the ‘position of affair* 1 and ‘re sults of the day’s fighting,* and consequent Inca * i*dty to give intelligent orders.! 1 , “ Itrras an eventful day and an eventful point; central, too, to the ecnecol position of the army, Wb«r:wc£ the' Commanding General dnrugthli battle? At tie extieiae left, and fora consider able portion ol the time on,a gunboat."* McClellan, in hi* report, page 135, con flrmsihis siaument,* He does more. On pegelSS heaaye: • “ It vjf. tery late at nlpAfbefcre my aids re tnn cd to give me the results of the day's fighting dong the whole Hue, and the tnft position of affaire. 11 • “Itmay wen he doubted," says his fligusted Englreer-in-Chief, Gcu/Birnard, in ftludmg to this, “whether, In, all the recorded dispatches of mflttarvcommanders, 'a parallel totals extraor dinary "avowal can befened. We suppose it the erpedai basinets of a General to know, at each moment, 4 the true position of affairs,’ and to have some cevney in rullnc it. Here we find the ‘jdty’s fighting 1 tfi dote, the results—for bitter or worte —acccmplibbefl, and ‘very late at night 1 the Commending Get era! Ja't learning about them ?" Perhaps tile foregoing testimony is ns much, as the worehlpptra cf the “little matkexel 11 can digest at one silting. When then EC ficue with It, we shall serve up 1 as other filch of. similar rations. _ ' Xbe Btnloc Election. The Copperhead papers arc nnhlnahlagly clalinii K glut golM in Maine. It ia tke boldeat Meeliood of the campaign. The Tirv latest retnrns, indndlng SOI towns, ahow for -Cory (Union), 54,853; Howard (Cop), SO^O 0 ; majority for Cory, 15,163. The Copperhead Tote ia 5.035 Zen than last lost of nine per cent Llncol. eons- IT the only one carried laat year by the Cop tfe’iheaSa, U now ea'd t<f he Union by fifty majority. If they hare can led Arooatoot county, they win hare one SthU Senator to thirty Unioniats, and poaalbly twenty five members of the House to 125 Union men. And this la a Democratic Ticiaryl £3“ A refugee irom Columbus, Ulss., who J*ln Chicago during the McClellan Con vention, and, attended one of Us sessions, eaye that If he had been brought Intothh ■wigwam asleep, and awakened amid the speeches of the delegates, he would hare sworn, from their fnry against the Federal Government and the Union soldiers, and their blatherskite about the “rights of tic South,” that he was hack again In Missls *clppl. frolic throughout the North hare cot the impression that that was a rebel Convention, from ela-pty reading the news paper rcporta^fJtsproceeMngs. PcJ- The legality of Gov, GUmbre’e veto of the “Soldiers’ Voting BUI” will soon bo decided hy the Supreme Court of New Hampshire. The opinion of the best jurists ■ conversant with the facts of the case la that tbshpoeltion taken by the Legislature wUI be sustained. Xhc soldiers of the Granite State who are fighting lor the Union wIU not be cheated ont of their votea either hythejng rling of professed friende or the’open bps- Hilly ofthe Copperheads- tsr Said a Democrat, convening with an .rdSt Union man, “If dlaasterto onr armies U to the election of McClellan, OtaiwacoM-aiKderr' ■ ' . ■ These atrocious sentiments are, becoming more andmore common among the followers 01 Pendleton and McClellan. They are the natural offspring ol the Chicago Platform. fny At a Democratic meetingheld at Lbw eltMass., a tew days alnee, three cheers were given for Gen. W. T. Sherman, “the only Democratic General who had done any thing during the war.’ 1 That’s hard on Me- Cltilaa. jgf Thera vu a destructive • fire at Beardstown, 111,, on the ITth luuU by which the larger part of a block was consumed. Lobs $30,000. Kina stores and aeyem utt occupied buildings were burned. TuICE OF THE ABMf. iron tbe Soldier. ■> Atlanta «nd ” < TlclubOiU ftd&« The 27th of August w*s tne eecend-blrfa d»y of the 80th regiment. ib»t being we day of the mouth on which, two years ago, we »eie mustered iuto the United State* eerv- Ice.” In- cuQ])tli&cs with the vish ortoe “boje” composing. the r*fl)£ and ■ Wo of-tha re-;l<ueut, our commending • fficeragtTe their assent end beartllyco-oper»ttd with us in a grand celebration of tbe second anniversary cfour existence ts an oiganlzition of s'ol r dlcre. the day’s wear/ march was over, and the bud was shedding his ustUusd rays on the forest trees of Georgia, this band ol citizen soldiery, with bronzed foces, hat stout, firm beartc, assembled In the center of onr olTouac camp, with a two-fold object iu view—first, &a baa been stated,'to cdobnte the 27th, and second, to express our feel ieps, In the form of resolutions, upon, the ■vital qneetione and er.aU ol the times.; The meeting was called to order by the Colonel, and on motion of Be;. Joa. L. MUleops. Col. A. L. Fahnestock waa called to tbs Chair, and Sergt. L. A. Robs was chosen to act as Secretary. On moiion of a soldier in the audience, the Chair appointed Capt *Vm. B. Bogardus, Capt John F. French, and Uajor J. F. Thomas as aOommit’ee onßeao lutioi s. The Commlnee bartmr retired, the bojs called cn onr Chaplain for a speech. The Chaplain came forward and addressed, the assembled patriots in an appropriate and , impressive manner. He referred to the f cents of a year ago. when «e held our first auniveraary in a leafy grove south of Nish* ville as we were just starting oat on we Turrnorable campvUu that culminated on the bloody ficlo of Chickamauga. now, said he, yon gathered together .with bosoms swelling with patriotic entbu atin to talk of •the things pertaining to the great Intemtß of out country and her cause. *ou have enotfred and accomplished much; and in all jour hardships and trials you have kept with faith the important con cerns in jonr hands. To-night yoa meet to commemorate joursec-jod birthday and resolve to go forward lu the good wdrt. Be said that the present was the most criti cal time cf the. war; jet he thought onr military prosj>ecta favorable, bat apprehend ed trouble at the North Our armies had driven the hordes of the enemy into the very i hcMtolthe so-called Confederacy, and now I Bichmoid and Atlanta were environed and 1 will socn be ours in the two years ot your service you have learned important lesions, bo'h In governmental and domestic relations. We hope that you will soon be by a beneficent Providence, to join yonr fneods at your peaceful homes. Bad will stop. You do not wish to be bored with Chaplains on this occasion, when there are so many, others to talk to yon, and 1 would Use to hearirom every soldier present. TheGu&p lain here mam* a tew remarks relative to the “ot-ar ones it home ” which touched the Jet lings oflhc soldiers’bea’ts, and sat down. The b:js cheered him and then calls • londiv lor Capt. Geo. A. Smith, hnt the Chair an nounced the return of the Committee, an t jttat tbc readitg of the resolutions was next in oidtr. Capt. Bogardus stepped forward and read, In an earnest, distinct voice, the' following preamble and resolutions: " Whsbeab. The Sapreise Biler of the universe. In Uit-innnltewUoom ana gootincis, has permit ted our regiment to beoold mo second aanirersary of its cxifiteree as an organization instituted for tbeparposeof aerleiinff m the suppression and ovcrthrjftof the u>o*>. unholy ana c«nfde«« rebel- Hot. tv*r Uaecunted by morin man; and Wnwraas ThtreU at th< present time a polit ical contest raging in our country of (*ncb feirfil anti gigantic proportions as to ?erloa»Jy threaten the mer-olclioa and destractlua of oar Govern nj»nt. civlt-g aid and comfort to artnei rebels and traitors, aid >ndochu them to hold out »Ua me must unnatural perelitenie, almost to 'keirotrn .annihila-lon and to the immense sacrifice ol life aid treasure on the part or-the loyal men of their country; and Wuaitsas, Onr Stale Bcclslituge has made no provisions tor ns to exe-clse at the ballot box the Mcrrd a»d inalienable rurht of soSrage, so dear ta every American heart; therefore £ e to uet% Tint we deem It a right and a privi lege we owe to onr conUiy, our and oar selves, to give expression to our sentiments and fueling*-, hi pin- thereby to encourage loja! hearts ard txtove arms at the North to renewe-d dillceoce in tbeir efforts to su-t&lu the Con»lunrioo. Union, aad the Government ct-tablislicd bv on; fathers, and a timely wamins to all who are clvioeeccenr aesßieut to the rebellion, by rrslstlai-the draft and doing all in their power to thwart toe purposes of the present Administration in its efforfa to sup tjrf.ft r , btllioa against Its lost authority. J2etOitea % That we recard the resolutions by the mass Democratic Convention, recently aa*ctaWed at i’ecria, of ihv most treasonable character, fully jos ifrtvg the rebels iu their course, atd represent ing our own Government as tyrannical and cp presrlve for not grauting to States in armed rebel lion all the conriitcdonal riches and principles of lo«ai States, ano making the monstroaa and ab snro declaration tbai because they do not enjoy all the ilcbts they sre absolved from a t tVc hereby txcrees It as onr solemn cbnrictloa, thai these declarations are of the same character, and dictated by the same spirit, that actuated the hrOi-usdUir, Jeff. Davie, In his d*munclauoa» of onr GoverbtoenT, when taking bis leave ot the ■United States Senate to preside over bis d*<id?d followers, who differ from their Northern allies of the present day on’y In tble respect: that they burette courage to fight for tbeir principles. jteto ved. That tbut-c of nawbo have formcrlr acted with the Democratic party have witnessed with deep sLamc end mortification the coarse taken by Northern po uiciaus styling t-emselres Democrats, and adopting platforms and parsing reacilations as landmark* for cbe snldonceof the party-they profess to lead, thereby dclndlng armed rsbela Into the bcliei that a revolaUon was on the eveol breaking oot at tbe North which would shortly draw the army from the Add to pit down xeoellion at home, which is evidently tbeir bsher, | sswejadceircm tbeir own papers, to which we have almost daily access. Baolved. Thai we denounce tso«e would-be : leaden of the Democrat c party &e vJe renegade*, who have abandoned every principle of true demo- I cratic doctrine, and are jne’ly chargeable with the 1 sacrifice of thousands of lives, tbe indefinite pro i traction of rite wat, the expeodimre ot hundreds I of mil.ions of treasure, and a'l for the tike of the party they hate rianetl and dityrased and which we sincerely trust will rice in its maje«tv, throst tbrm out of It* fold-, ana purl-y Itself from the vile miscreants who have alas;raced it, and teal that support to the Government which has always been ebarecterisric of it on all fjnntr occasions of its cauzin's need. , we adopt, os the cardinal prtnd plcs of our puUtical doctrine and action, that the people are toe sovereigns in onr repnbncati form cl iToveniment, and tb«t tbe Constitution Is the supreme 'ow'of tbe laud, and that the President of tbe Uhlted States, by tbe voice ol the people, fair ly and eonstitmlonaliv expressed at the bi lot box. Is commander-ln-cblet of tbc army and mvy ol the United Bmte% and thst we regard It as bis solemn duty lovltorouelj proeccuie the war agalastaoned rebcdiou .to Uwfol author!'j. unril tne last rebel shall have isid down hi* arms; and we pledge him onr Faired honor to support mm, or aov otma- ex ecutive officer the people may conalltaiionally e’ect, m the proiecution of tbe war so long as it is carried out to the Union, support the Cory criterion, snd ce«trcy every obeucle to a laaimg and permanent peace. f . ’ . A ., . 'Fwoftao, That when we look *t-the thinned rants ot onr re*Jment wear# reminded that ma ny of those wbo were onr companion- in arms are row no mow. They have free.y giycn tbeir lives In deieuseof Ik** great prir.clo es of civil aud rell clous liberty, while oemndingtheflagof our com mon courtrj against the assault ol traitors Brave, noble patriots; let them peacefully rest ta tselt. that we will evcrcberleh their memories as amotc tbe dearest associations ol Ife, and that we extend to tcclr pareuts, wives, chil dren snd friends onr heartfelt condolence, treating that onrfle*ven!y Father will ensaln and comfort tb« min their *?d bereavement. It was moved and seconded that the rcso- Intioha be adopted, and. repeated calls for Captiln French brought him before the en thusiastic gathering. He said that he wa* happy to participate with his comrades m ant a on an occasion like thia, but would pre fer to be a listener to what others had to say than no attempt to make a speech hlmaUi. He aaidwehad experienced the rough side of war yet we were as determined as ever to fight e?! in the good cause until every traitor stain h okfd upon the old flag with pride and rc?p? ct. We are citizen soldiere ot the mat b*ute of HJin-i», and ot the General Government; hence it is an Imperative duty that we owe to our country and kindred lo go forward with unlulterlog en ergy and acal in the grea*. wotk to cruaa tbl* emetic xtbtlUou. Vo have so voice at th, turilot box, because of the evil proceedings •f our enemies; but we can lend onr moral! influence U the right direction, giving en couragement to our friends, and expressing our feelings of censure aud condemnation toward onr- enemies. He did n»t ad dress himself to »ny one In a spirit of malice, bnt rather was actuated by feelings of patri • orient- He fully endorsed thesenllments of the resolutions presented forthelrconsldera tion, and believed every soldier present would adopt them.' He sposc in the most confident and encouraging manner of our military prospects. He said that Gens. Grant and Sherman, backed by ourpatrlotic armUs, could not fail In this noblC'cntcrprlse. He reviewed our successful advance from the time we entered the field two years ago to the present, and thenspoke in scathing terms of the proceedings, and resolutions ol the Peoria Convention of the Sd of August. He said that he had always supposed that hewaa s Democrat; but if tuc speeches and resolu- I tIoDB of that Convention were Democratic 1 in sentiuunt, then he had never been a Democrat, but Lad ever acted - under I a delusion in the concerns of poll*, 1 tics: for, said he, no ' greater traitor » | ever lived than thoze tcAo claimed to reprae-it I the J/enocralic patty at Peoria, Ho sold, that , I all the leading spirits pf tbe rebellion recog- I uized the Copperheads *of the North ds their i allies, cud as evidence of this fact, he sub -1 mlt»ed Southern papers which are Jail of ex tracts from Copperhead sheets Tho Captain i took bis seat. amid hearty cheers. • Major I Thomas was next colled for who was greeted with renewed applause. The* Major-said; I fthenl look around upon the brive bojß be fore me and our invincible army 1 have great reason to rejoice and feel encouraged, but when I turn and • look upon the desigcing polUidans of vhcNprtb, I feel a degree of uain and grief that every soldier must experi ence. The actions of the opposing elements in the North are a stench in the nostrils of ffccrv patriot IS our country. It waswith deep ftAirow that ho redd the resolutions .of the. «£»(• Convention. He denounced them as and Inflammatory lathe extreme, Mdtben spoke of tbe Fremont faction. He SdteTOonce ptond of th. Pathfinder, bnt by his recent pnpaUiotlcconree be hid aSdSficd himself and hroneht qdinm and auirace nfion Wa oame. Tne leans now la. fSlrre have onhoriorable peace by aghtlne mrTt.orad&KWonTand tl» e fc ndl«a iSiof cvllathat wonld follow byßtoppmg tho rebels sobmlL He be a ..ettvset of Dcmbcmts, Indeed! I tell you feUow ecldlers, said he, ttere is do other way but to whip them back rfh?OT?aft«r which the boys were addressed terms by Capt Bogardn*, Snr- Hosten, Coh DUwortb, the brl- g*de Cwpt Qco.* A. Smith, aid CepL John A, H«IL' at the cuocluolou of Capt. H»U*a remarks tie lovs, wb • bftdsat to long and llitsued with eneb call'd f«r ibe ques'lno. The oipresfclon tor the adoption o( tuo reso- JuMott was giTdi* by a nsuig vole. Ttw rc bt-luviutH Wtio- ad. pttd Unanimously, not a mat, ricir g when tbo negative rote was call ed fox Injustice to ourselves we giv*» ns tbecftose of tbe del*y m- this re port, the fact that wo hat* »eeu actors in me recent military movements cf Gen. due* man, which luvo mulled In the meet slguolvic. lory over tbe enemy, giving us po««&siotj 5f the objective point of «hts campaign of four months duration—Atlanta. A resolution was passed to prepsre a copy ol the resolutions together with the pro ceedings ot the mtetlug. tor e*ch of the iol lowltir pspfre. viz: Ch, Peoria Trartscripf t /PiOTi* M>™i[W Mail, and Hoary Bcgurdus moved that we adjourn to meet In Peoria on tue27th d*y of August, 1865 Cameo with* tremendous appiause, atd the “boys ** retired to thtlr b«rJcoaches feeling renewed in spirit and strengthened In reive to continue to near onward the a .cred etmbol (.four country's liberty, and to pun* vjtb all enemies .*h6 would tear down the cloriuuß labile of our fatbus. Libut. Col. Fahestock, Ch’n. Sebgt. L. A. Boss, See’y. * i Correspondence of the Chicago Trlbnne.l Vicsbbctho, Mias,, Sept. 14. ISM. At the regular meeting the Vicksburg Coun cil, No. 1, hpld September 12th, ISDI, the fol lowing preamble andxesolutions were muni* mousiy adopted: N * WtTAWtI T. Wit sheas, Bvlievlog that the so-called leaders, oi the Peace Democracy are In foil sympathy with stmen trelWiW.abo are directly ano indreeUy ntfinr every means m their po«er to overthrow tbe government and inaugurate civil war in the ** Vt bbuean Believing It to be the duty of all loyal men. r,o'hNVnh aid Somh.lo declare to the world tbelr lasting abhorence of these high banned trail er*: therefore b«nt ' Beiolted as the unanimous sense of thla Conn ell composed of soldiers of the Union nun citizens olVlcsAm/e.-Tbat there can be no honorable Dcace exci pt in the unconditional stnmWatou of all* ho ere in arms against tbe authority of the United States Government, and we view, all efforu lor coDclihuroD, not based npon each aahmleslou, as highly treasonable, hat will hall with joy any offered peace watch svklt have this-buse; Toe oWbandtuc ot the rebel armies, and obedience to, the Jaws of the United States. •* \ Betotea, Th.t we looc.opon tbe action of the Chicago Convention as bem* the most disloyal nroct-eoing unit ev* r disgraced the anoois ofaoy country, and now, that the rottenness of their pradpies Ore fully known, It is.a dnty-we owe to tte'sscreo memory of oar breve brothers wn» have fallen on every battlefield, and a doty we ows posterity, humanity and God, to rl-e in onr miiiht tod sweep the Tile, authors of each treason into pulitlcfil oblivion. Beultea* That to accept terras of peace from an aheady conquered re-elion, would be to abandon the nob e cause in which wf are engaged; and the creai prindp t-a.for which we have been battling for more than three years, thereby destroying the Jaet hope of Bcpobllosn govcrtmonUn »he woriir, and dishorn rib? ibe graves or tboasands of onr brave eomt-des who have fallen la defense of Übiou and constitutional libwy, . Berated. That there can be no peace, excepkht the canson’s month; that we ire tor a vigorous -nrostcnJoD oi tbe war until every rebel sues for "pardon, or sleeps beneath Ws native soli. Rooted, Thai we fully endorse tlje, policy of the prevent Administration, and farther.that the tme and tned patriot- presented by the B* timore Con vention are worthy tbe earnest’ fupport of the Amtricau people, and it Is the du:y of every patriot to work for ibeir election. .... Eesobxd, .That we cordially endorse the action ano policy ol M*J. Gen. K. J. T. Dina, wnmind* Inc this District, iu denouncing ana removlar seccssioilsls from onr lines, paolshluc crime and corrnprtdn wherever found; thit wo believe him tobeaciuateaby true, loyal love lor the old floe, and we will anpptrt him to tbe bc«t of oar ability. Budud. That we fully approve tUe course put • surd by the Chicago Tkxbuns, ana wltb it iMUolle i in denomtolui: the Chicago Convention. Chtcaco . TimUit&d a‘i working In sympathy with them, as belt g disloyal In tbe extreme. .. , Booted, That the Secretary be authorized to. 1 present a c#pv «f these resointlons to the Chicago x Tcmnni and VlcksburjrZTg old for jublicitrm. [ ’ Cjpt. isi 111. Infanlry, s O. A. Coubcj, Secretary. I*IKAC¥ Otf THE L&K'CS. steamer TPbHo Pamom Seized and p-obb«Ml l»y Hebei Wra<e*-rne Steamer Itlaed Queett Srlted ai*a MDiiaered-lutfQieuM of the JPXloc, Flrenaa and Watcbman« fFrom the Detroit AdrerUscr, Sept. 21.) The long talked of raid upon our like commerce, concerning ■which our city and border were thrown into gnat excitement r.c*r one 3 ear ego, bas.ot last culminated. The treacherous rebels who huTe been skulk- 'ing along our border—the remain's of guer- Ula gangs and escaped prisoner* Yrom John eon’a Island and Camp Douglas, transported Kentucky Ecceseionisis, and copperacads— bays organized a piratical, raid upon our commerce, the particulars of Which we give below. It baa been a bold aifrir when we consider the small sum* ber known to be engaged, and the audacity of its public The ultimate ob ject seems to have been nothing less than tbc capture ot the United States steamer Michigan, and the release of tbo Jobation's Itlcnd prisoners. That from eighteen to twenty-live men could capture two steamers ou Lake Erie, with fall crew and p2flien<ere, making in til some, seventy persons, would B rgu© a great panic -on the part of the latter, or great cowardice. The pirates themselves seem to have -In tarn became alarmed, as with the exception of a moderate amount of plunder, they gain no result from their raid, except wanton destruction of property, ami were glad in the end to escape In any burly' burly sort of fashion. The scheme of these men is doubtless not yet fulfilled, and it be hooves our cliUeos to. be ou thcl? guard. They Intended originally toAse the boats captured, to aid them in otoer piracies, but becoming alarmed, surrendered nil the ad vances they had.! It is not probable the lit-- tie band whose cilmes we record, constitute the whole of the conspiracy against onr bor- which has been known to bivbreVEiag lor months past. STATEMENT OP THE PILOT. Michael Campbell, pilot of the Philo Par make*the following statement: Sirly on Monda/morning, two men game to the heat, as she was lying at Trowbridge, WUcox & Co *s dock, and Inquired at what time the beat would start? Capt. Atwood replied at 8 o’clock. They then inquired Uhe would atop at Sandwich and take on some passen gers. The two men took passage, aod on stopping at Sandwich lonr or fire others got onboard. At-Malden, where the boatar riTfcd about halt-p*st 9, about a dozen more took passage, matin? 18 In all, wh'Ch Mr. Campbell estimates as tbe whole number of the pirates. They made themselves free and easy,-patronizing the saloon fretiy. About U o’clock, when on Lake Erie, one of the pirates came into the pilot-house and asked Campbell whal course he was steering. The reply was the regular coinee from Bar Point to North Bass Island. He then requested the loan of the tpy glass, which was granted. ■When within six miles from the Middle Sis ter, the same man inquired what course the steamer was on, wmch information was ciienhim. Alter dicner seven or eight of the piritea went up on deck to take observa tions. but In the meantime Campbell wentbe low. his watch as piloting off at coon, after which time It is customary for him to relieve the mate below. Some of the passengers were at cards in the salosn, and one ot them made the remark that there was a suplcioua crowd on board, some of. them being armed with revolvers. Campbell replied that some of them looked like Southerners. The Par sons landed at .North Ba*s Island, her first stopples place, and thence proceeded to Put in-Bay, and thence to Middle Bass Island, where Capt..Atwood left tbe boat, that belvg hU r eidcnce, the mate taking charge: - Left Middle Bass for Kelly’s Island, where eight or ten passengers were taken, making tbe Whole number of passergeis between forty and filly, men, women, and childrao. Camp bell wtnt to the lowqrdeck to trim boatiaid happened to look into the ladies’ cabin, where he noticed certain mysterious move-1 ments among the strangers, such as revolv ers, and casting furtive glances, os if to see If they were observed. Souioofithsm Were also seen In squads, talking in a very lo v.tocA The boat left Kellj’s Island on her regular time lor Cedar Point. Campbell weal into the saloon, and while there heard the report | of a pistol, followed by a scream. He reached the deck, and saw one of 1 the pirates, with a cocked revolver in one | hand aid au axe la the other, ruuniog after i the fireman. Heard the exclamation ,c Go down below, to forward hatch, orPU blow your d— d brains out.” Tne fireman, howev er, got away and ran. up on d€ ck. The rebel turned to Campbell and ordered him to go below. which he. refused, saying that was \ not his place. He leveled his revolver and fired, the ball passing between his legs. He went up on deck, when he .observed a man | known as the “ Colonel,** who had taken the boat In charge. The mate was In durance, and'flve of the pirates were at the steps reaching to the lower deck, each armed with one ox two revolvers and- an azo. Tue pas sengers and crewhad been thrust forward flu the deck—known as the “ promenade deck” —where they were being examined singly, .to eeeit they had an> weapons, and after ex amination they were taken aft into the cabin. This was about four o’clock. After this part of the programme was was concluded, they were all ordyed down Into the hold except ing the ladies and children aud a few elderly men, who werf placed in the cabin. Two of the heck hands were ordered on deck to throw overboard some heavy freight, most ly Pig Imp, and Campbell was also ordered on tuck, alter shich the scuttles were closed down. Campbell was ordered to ran the boat back to Malden, keeping at the usual distance from Kelly’s Island, tor fear of being. known. They started and proceeded some disUnce/hutin the meantime the fuel get ting low, the “Colonel” Inquired where any comd be procured, to wblch the pilot replied only at Middle Bass or Put-ia Bay: He was then ordered to head wherever he could get a supply, and he steered for Middle Base, where they arrived about dusk. The whistle was sounded, and two men responded by taking the lines and making fast. Four of ’the females Immediately jumped on the dock and were ordered on hoard. Three shots were fired at them, but neither took effect. Tbe small • steamer Island Queen, Captain Orr, of Sandusky, hove in sight, when the Colonel ordered her men forward, And told them to keep a good watch om deck. Three or lonr of them were placed forward and the rest aft, except three, who were stationed on the dock- The Island Oneea camevip and landed alongside of the Parsons, when Caplalh Orr inquired why the latter had not gone to Sandusky, hut re ceived no - answer. A number ot the pirates rashed on board from the Parsons with re volvers and axes in their hands. Capt. Orr knew rot what to make of these proceed ings,' but he rung the bell to go ahead. One or ike mrates went Into the engine room and ordered the engineer tn stop. Upon refusing, he was shot in the lace, the ball, coming out of his cheek. The Queen was then stripped of everything valuable, and the passengers of.both, boat*-were sent on ehoreT Capt-Orr and hi* engineer were re tained on the Parsons. All the Parsons’ officu* and crew were also retataed, excep ting Capt Atwood and the clerk, (Capt iu having get on hoard when the boat touched at Middle Baas the second time.) Campbell then ordered to bead for Sanda-kv, the •Queer* Ib tr.w. Arriving «ear Ballast I-laud, aibQmen wa*Bcnit?r*i*.d*n««. (J naposii wu Ibtß ordered to h-*.ad for Maid®* Sir. C !► forms ns that it was ttielr avowg* rn tcßt'o<-W|>o to Jobuann’e* la'aod to taaW ac atmckon tbcTTnlud States»»«nner .Mlco ln*bt but be informed them that it was doubt ful if be could get over tbs bar. Ttt*tneo» ry lost anch an attack *a» In. their orlglo** programme, conflict with the first re f urn towards Malden and then reversing th«ir course to procure fuel On the way u J.tne river, Campbell wa* ordered to he sa*e ftu “ take the British cbaoatl aoi keen as c l** f *? po#sibl- to the Canada shore. The? dmtiot stop si Malden, butmaaefor BandwJchP>*nV bwelytwo miles below Detroit, in hr"*' l daylight this mornlrg, where lauded. Tie'was stripped of evr.rjth«ng valua ble, which, with the baggage, w*a taken • other**, and the litter waa rifled and every thing carried off. An attempt was made to Bcut'le the boat, bur, oMoglTrobibly to the bust* ol the pirates, this part of tb® Rf°“ g»a»iue was not very well executed, the f-ed pipes were cut. It was thblr intention, it lit said, to nm the boat over to .tbla aMo ami set her on lire. The ‘ Colonel* gave Campbell a set of silver forks and" spoons, coolly mnarklng that that was hia pay for the services he had rendered. ; STATEMENT OP ONE OP TUB PIBEMBH, ' The statement of one of the firemen of the Philo Parsons Is, that the rebels took passage here bn Monday morning, about twenty la number. After leaving the river, they seized, the boat The first thing he knew, they broke. open some boxes that had h%tcheta and re arers in. and seizing them drove all the crew into the bold. They retained two fire men and the 2d engineer to run her. Thev ranker about the lake for some time, but larded the. passengers and Capfc. Ac% • sod of the Parsons on tbe Nortu B«* lAniTa, _ While the Parsons was lying here, the Island Queen came up and lay along side unconscious ot danger. The rebels at once seized her/ In the melee that ensued an eiglneer of the Island Queen was shot la tbr j.w. but the crew was unarmed, and of cciuisa overpowered by their armed assail ants, and the passengers and crew were all put ashore there. The rebels subsequently brought the Island Queen to the L#kc Ene and sunk her. The Parsons'waa I taken to fighting Island, and her crew, ex- 1 *ept several needed to manage the bott, were lanced there. The boat w#s then taken to Sandwich Feint, where the pirates com menced to break open the trucks ol passea uers and carry furniture and valuables ashore. This the Briilth Cuaton House officer ob lected to, as lauding property without per mit from tbe authorities, md_seized the b °\Vf learn from other souicis that the des peradoes cut loose tbe boat, and pushing off from shore a distance, scuttled her, and that, ate now lies oartlallv underwater., TUe pi-, rates then escaped to the Canadian eh»ro lo small boats, but seveuieen of them are re ported to have been arrested at-Sandwich. Tbe desperadoes seem to have. numbered shout twenty-six In all, twenty of whom started from this city, and six others got on board at Malden as the Pardons went down. Vf ATCSIIAH*B STATELIEST, Tie -watchman states that the desperadoes ■were not over 16 in number. Capt. Bell, lead er ot tbs gang, and two others, cot on board lc Detiolt - lie said he bad some sick friends at Sandwich tbathe wanted the PursonA-ta c»ll for. and the boat having stopped there three more got on. TVhen the boat stopped at Malden ’some eight or tea more men imbed on, bringing with them a good sized box. which after wards was found to contain hatchets with long stout axe-helves roughly Inserted la some of them, and a smaller box The men wno got on at Detroit, and those who get on at Malden, pretended to be strangers to each ether, even drinking at tie bar side by side, : without recognition. All dorijfc Monday, Captain Bell kept about the wheelbouae, ask- Ilk a great many questions. When near Kellt*s Island,- Capt. Bell asked the jatch- Kan'if be had any bagetag and grease. He (aid be bad, and produc'd it, when the rebel made Mm construct out of this material, dipped in campbcne, three la : ge combustible balls, one of which wua attached to the end of a three loot stick, and which were doubt less intended to set the boat ochre. They were not used, and onr rcpoiterfsaw them on board the Parsons, bnt tbeyccrtalply might have been used effectually. SUPPOSED ACCESSORIES. The followlßK dlipa»cb has been received by the agent of the United States Telegraph Company la this city. Sasdcskt, Sept, 20,15*4. A rebel , spy was amat*d here yeaterday p. m., who gave such infonnatlon as led to tbc arrest of a number ol persons. Some thirty or forty arrests were made In the city, mostly ot residents. Nearly every passenger by the .Cltclnnati train was arrested. It is comparatively quiet this msmlng. latest. The Parsons was brought to the city about halr-psst twelve o’clock, by the tug B; R. Elliott, and tow lies at Trowbridge & Wil cox’s dock. Her .hold is half full of irate*, and sVe has been completely {pitted, every thing movcable.-'eTcn including the piano, being taken arnorc by the pirates. She is also Dfcdly cut and defaced, a bad opening being made for the removal of the piano. Tha-Psrsone la now being pumped out. Her jermanent Injuries are nofeerioai. About hlrly ton of pig Iron were ordered thrown overboard by the pirates, and all tbc baggage of the passengers oa board was robbed and taken ashore. ‘There is a report tbat the englnecr_of the Island Queen was shot dead, but we cannot voncb for tbc report. A fireman ol the Par sots is eald to have been shot in the jaw. Reports about the arrest of the rebels ire very contradictory, but the truth seems to. he that two of the desperadoes, not princi pal* are in custody at Sandwich. Another report, named above, says tbat seventeen ol tbaplratea are arrested, but this Is not prob able. £ 191 PORT ART RUffIOKS, A Hebei Force Tendering * Surrender to Gen. **erron sit Batoa Houge—Col. Scott Think* the Conicderacy 1* ••Ployed Out*” iFrom the Missouri Democrat, gist.! The following Important rumor bus been communicated to ns by an officer just from of the 77th Illinois, was -in formed by Gen. Herron’s Adjutant that CoL Scott, commanding Confederate forces la the rear of Ba*on Rouge, had seat In a proposi tion by flag of truce to Maj. Gen. Herron, etatlrc that il be (Gen. Henoo) would grant an unconditional pardon to all of the general . officers of his command, he would surrender between 4,000 and 0,000 men. He -stated also that as Atlanta had been titenundthe main Confederate forces had hern scattered, it was useless for him to try to-hold that portion of the country, as the Confederacy was, in his estimation, played out. This was communicated by Lieut. CoL Grill, oftbe2Uh Indiana, who received tho B»mc Xrom CoL Great, of the 77tb Illinois. To the Point.—Tho New York U*rdds whichJjas done more than a»y other Jenrmi in the country to train General McClellan for the Presidential course, and to bring him htftre the people, pertinently Mk»: “If Medellin be eketed, wh»t win he do with Grant, Sherman, and other ench general* There can be no doubt he would set them aside at once, and put in tbeif places such men as FiU John Pciler and Buell, who Vnmr how to do it.” FINANCIAL AN® COSMKECIIL. nonerdsy. TnmmiT Etbniko, Sept, 22, ISM.. Tbe money market to-day was active, and with a Rood eapply of cnrrency, all good business paper was freely discounted at 10 per cent per annum; hat there la-stlll » disinclination on tha parlor hankers to accommodate speculators. The demand fer Eastern exchange continues ac tivo, and the market is firmer—the hankers buying atSo<2>*; discount, and-eelMng at H discount—the supply at tne close not being equal to the demand. Aa there Is n better demand for produce by ship pen during the p*it few days than formerly, It is expected that exchange will be p'entler. Gold to-day was weak—opening In New York at 221 Jf and gradually falling to at which it c!oscd at Gp. m. The following are the quotations received by James Boyd, gold-broker,' 83 Clark street: At 10 a. m. 221K ISOp.m 233tf l-iSQ&m ....SiO# S.lsp m...........20 -ii ,yfiv S-IGp. m........ ~219 5,c0 SlU£ ' with regard to the quotations in sold to-day; ao oncomiortahlo mistake was made. The messenger ol one ol oor stockbrokers quoted gold to eome proanco dealers at 223# • inatcad ,ol 220# and with visions of a fortune before them, they commenced to pmckase grain at enhanced rates. The error was soon dltcoveied, however, hot uotbcforo a round aom was lost. Here the-gold market wit extremely flat—open ing heavy at 220, with no demand except by ehort sellers. At tSe close there were no Jraycts. and thebrekere refnsed to name a quotation. Sheer was enld to a limited extent at 205. bnt a round lot would net have brought over'2oo. Five-Tffentiea were In demand and firmer, • “ the loan market active, without stringency, at 7 percent, of the National Bank, had to •meet heavy Government drafts; hot the snPP I ! of capital seeking Investment Is so large that the loans disturbed from this and other cansea.wKO ' cnoSy replaced. Iteovblle piper is doll, and the low price of certificates renders the latter a preler able Investment. . _ —There is an increasing demand for our Gov cnmeLt bonds in Europe. The dty article of the London Timet of Ihe 5Ux Instant, says; *The ad- Ticca from Frankfort state that the recently awakened anxiety rcgardlop the safetf of States bends, has In a great degree subsided, and that eome large orders from Northern Germany have cleared the market of the amounts hanging upon it. A revival olprlces baa aecotdlogly taken place, although there are contlnons calcs on Dutch a-connt, andb} parties recclvlug Iteth parcels from New York. Altogether, the hoatnesa of the last lew days has been very Important, a great many small orders for investment having been executed. =9 sanguine are the operato«,that for the call of these bonds at present prices a month hence -5* P cr Ben r bad teen paid.’* This news, confirming previous reports of ihe tavor with which American lavas* meals arc regarded abroad, inflict*® 8 a growing confidence among foreign capitalists, as to the ability of this country to carry the to a suc cesofnl Issue, and to meet all the obligations In curred. If the teal strength and matchless resour ces of ihe United States were better understood i abroad, an doubts would be amcUy resolved, a=a . American securities would become the moat p p | ular, as they are the surest, of mvost- D1 —ThcKew York o<mimrclal Adc€rtistr_ of *b® 19th e sT«: tL Tbe report of trouble with the French in Texas, created considerable excitement In the Gold Boom, and the Iballa made a itror^J ,a J I , J 1 i" successful rally localise, upon the Nett Tons Stock JLlbkkt.—The flowing, are tte onounens for Sept. 32, 'weired nj F. *i. Sii tuoM*n * (-O , commission, st<icfc and band or*- k „, M CU«r«J- .® “« : £**«*» infill m 2 ’ *** 1 U» II I”S‘-" sks m fi&rfil "" -« 2 now I’D HI J1» c«a: war ■«“ rfsvra* *« - a* "" *?•* V /eoilLi.W .... *oo*sß ...♦ l6ii .... wsiiyiii *A k«tt. » »«•«* *«T. ooan«BCi&Xi. Toniotay EtXXihc, Sept Its, 1964. The fo'lowin* vfrre the receipts «nd •htpmeat* doric? the p *fct 21 hour*: . xT.dEiPT* >«T» smpjourrs rjkSt 2rtoaa». neceired Bfes*D«i. , 4.831 4,313 . 78,3-0 16,185 . 83,892 12J.025 .128,271 152,290 11,068 . -7,339 . 51,350 102,035 Slftti ' 4,150 13,480 .r.. Floor - Wheat Coro, Oats .. Bye Barley Grass Seed,. F>ai-Beed... Bfoon Corn. Cored Meats. Beef. Portr„ Lard 10,000 151,250 11,119 64,511 S,SH 8.355' 1,133 1,571 17 63,810 180,750 61 3,500 ... 35.483. 11,820 FLOUR AND QRA2X IS STORE HI CHICAGO. The amount of Floor and Grain In store last Saturday, and compared with the corresponding period of last year, la aa follows: This year. La?tyear. ..... 27,260 14,236 479.736 42».250 859.662 £37.372 8->o.ft» 156 201 68,8 <0 161,103 16.744 Tatiow .... W001..,. . Lit o Bogs. Cattle Qtdes ... .' Big b wines, Salt Batter .... Fleur, hrU.. Wbeat, bn... Coni, hu.... Goto, hn— Bje, bu..... Bailey, bu.. Equal to, b0......... . 2,23-5,531 1,337.167' The further decline in gold todiycaused another depredation in the valnea of produce, and ire have to note lower prices for nearly all the leading ariiclea. There wsa more activity In the general market?, however, the demand for shipment bav ins? Increased materially. Thtru was scarcely any Inquiry for Floor 'and the market plod doll, with a strung downward tea dency. Only about 900 barrels changed baud*, at sio 00(&10.ii&. for white winter and $9.40@9.50 lor choice spring extras. The Wheat market suffered a farther decline to day of Cc ?} bushel, at which there wis considera ble activity. About 2(0,000 bushel* of Spring prodet were sold, at *l.BS©i.Bt lor No 1 Spring, -'*179(31-84 for No a Spring, and *1.70®1.74 for Rejected Spring. The sale* of No 3 Spring on tCbanee, however, were only at o ranee of *L79& I.Bo#. The ex'reme quotations, $1.81x01.84, were paid under an apprehension that gold was instead of 220X—tte 'mistake bavlmr been maae by the'meseeneeroi one of oar stock bro kers. Winter Wheat was neglected, and we note trifling vales of No * Bed at *1.82-31.83, Selected Bed at No Grade Bed at $ ..77. • The Corn market mica quiet and steady, but to wards the close prices declined H®%c per bn. About 90,000 bu were'sold, at 51.8i&®1.35 for No. ICctb,*L3l®l.BlX tor No. 2 Corn, and*f.3o for Rejected Com. The market at the close was very quiet at *1.81©1.31 X for No 2 Com. . Oats were in acvlve'request and the market was buoyant—prices showing an advance of fuby 2c per bn.~ About 370.000 bu were Bold, »t 63@65tfc for No I Oats, 68®63cforNo 2 Gate, and Cl fotßejtcted Oats—the market for No land No 3 Oats 6Bc. Our readers can aot but have noticed the differ ence in price between No land No 2 o»ls,.lhb bten gradually becoming le«8 tor some days past, and to-day buyers made no distinction whatever. Under this state of offalrs - we understand tke In spection- Committee of the Bean! ef Trade hive given orders that all Oats received after this date he inspected only No 1 and “Rejected.” Good lodges of grain i‘ale that they have been unable to cetccf.any difference m quality between thoce gmded “Nol ’ and thofegraded “No 2 ” The faarket for Rye war dull, and we note a far ther decline of 8c per bushel, with sales of only *I3,GCO bn.hels, at $1.24(31.28 for No. 1. and *1.22 Gtl 23 for No. 2—cloimz at the inside quotations. There was a more active demacd for Barey to d-»y, and prices advanced 4®sc per oushcl, with sales of only 10,000 bnshda. at sl>3®l.SG for No. 2ln itore, and $2 0502.10 by sample. • Bknwlnes were a shade firmer, bat tho sales were light, amending to only 300 Drls, at $1.71, and 16 trie st *1.72. - Balt 1* still held at former quotations, but the demand is light, and the market has a very doll a *Timoihy*Seed Is depressed and nominally lower,’ ll<-bt£atea bsvis? been mode at $4 SO for good, aud *4.00 - for diny. Flax Seed was 10c lower, with sale* ot 600 busbeis at $2.90. . - ' Grain Freights were active and steady, at 14tf c far wheat ta Oswego, and 6c for - oats, 7#c for com, and 8c for wheatto Buffalo. The Grocery mirset has been’ unsettled.ana mote than usually quiet. Coffee continues doll and inactive at preTioua quotations.' Sugar is In very limited request, and «e note a lurthcr decline oi Xc on raw, and of K®?ic on refined, on our nrevlons quotations. Tea is In very small demand, prices being weaker but without quotable changer Flour, grain and seed bags continue In limited request. The almost general reduction whidThaS' taken place In the prices of piece goods bas caused a decline ol C®7c on sewed linen, and seamless bags, from our previous quotations. Cheese is In light supply* with a (air demand, prices rule Arm at 34326 c per lb for New York Hamburg, and at s3®24c for Western Reserve. • • Coal t» In very active demand, with no cUralnu tlon In the prenon* firmness of the market. Sof coal la In more limited snpply. The market has* an upward tendency. Green Salted Hides arc In lair supply, with a limited demand ; prices weak but without quota ble change. On Dry Flint we note a decline Of lc on previous vales, with little enquiry. Timothy Hay la In email supply. Market active and firm, at former quotations. Carbon Oil is In moderate demand, -with fal - •locks on the market. Prices rule firm at 91®93c t*t gallon for Straw; and at 93®Mc per gallon for best White Oil. Linseed Oil qolet and flrm / *t $J.63®1,68 for raw ; and at *1.6ft@1.74 for boiled. 'Lard Oil very scarce; pore leaf Is very firm at $1.75 , @1.60 per gallon, with an upward tendency. The Wool market continues very qnlet, with heavy stocks In the market. Holders are asking 05c<a$1.00 jor choice -fleece .Wool, whilst buyers are not offering oyer &5c for the best fleece Wool in in*BeetCaUle the market hsabccn active. 'Good medium and eblpplt-g grades were Arm at yeetei day’s prices; on common grades we note a decline of 26®50c per 100 lbs on previous quotations, En tered sales 2 OU head, at *306 75,chlefly-« *tso® • CfffjfpetiOOlbs. , The supply of Begs bas been unusually large for the picsent season, the receipts at the yards amounting to about 6.500 head Prices have again declined 60®75c per 100 lbs; and at present quota tions the market Is weak, with a downward'tend ency Entered sales head, at $7.50013.00,, but principally at *10011.60 per 100 lbs. There are nearly 4.(00 Hogs in the yards this evening unsold. ‘ XiTfiß, In the afternoon, owing to the decline la, gold to •=SI7V the wheat market reled heavy and depress ed and-No. 2 Spring was sold at $1 7S@l.TO— closing unsettled and weak at the inside quota tion. Corn, Oats, Bye, Barley and Clghwlnes were neglected. .. ■"CHICAGO naf onoaa baum, TnrtfaDAT Ktbvtuo, Sept. 73. - The general Dry Q&ods market Utelerably active andeailer. The pnSlica*loa ef theKew York <Uf «atcb mihli aoTx.lnt’B Tanwax, showing a maunal dtcllne in prices of both foreign and domestic goods, hibttc tfftet of lowering, quotations here. Since the date of onr la t review, a lew «ay» since, dom.i ties have declined 6Q7per cent, and ferelgn goods •WHO’Suet cent. It ii gratifying to note the rea-il «a?« with which onr whole ala merchants respond te SennmlstakaWe indications of a taking market, and mark down their prices. 1 _ ' CHICAGO LUMBEtt ttlA^Kl Tffnsn>xT Bvicrnte, Bept. 22.13 M. LXTMBEB—iSecetved yesterday. i.57D,L00 fset, Mar ket ftOvlvc and etro«ykn - , ' SHINGLES— -Receipts nominal. In good demand and firm at prevUtu quotations. LaTH-Received yesterday. 70,C00 piece*. In fair request, tne steady at present quotations. _ WUh a Boisterous Booth wind. Wowing for the Isit eighteen hoars, no cargoes have been received u>- Cay. There ware two or three on the market, re m« Intrs over unsold from yesterday, being held at higher rates **»•" hoyexs were disposed to accept, intie yards Dullness livery active, prices ruling fiim at the following revised qnouUona; • rUwBSX- nm ciear Boards v» m SSO.WftS\CO Clear Boards,*M. *BJK<as:u.C Third Clear Bearss. * U..4i.03330.10 FirstClesrHank, 9 M £su* Second Clear riant. ?M SCdOiiSi.'n Third Clear Plant. * M 41.WaH.00 B’.oct Boards. 55.1C( Be* or Select Boards 37.00a4U.C0 Common Boards 23 jc®i4^o Fencing- - , iurQti,tQ -Call Beards-... 15.00-BIS.OO yirst Clear Floortne, rosth a 50.00 . Second Clear Flooring, 40.00fiOts.00 Common Ftocnnr,rough..., 55.0Cd33.0Q Biding, clear, dressed. ajXasUi Deccan Clear 33j«b*s 00 Long Joists- 2-25®122 ghoit Joists. 1M30323.0J Shaved Shinties, A. 9 M 3I toa 3.7. Shaved Shingles, So. L. Wtta 5.1. Staved Bhlnrlea, Star- 2S9S*2? Cedar Bhlngle*. 2522 2*2 Bawea Shinties, A. si22?'S« Sqwedßhlsglee No. 1. 1*2*12*2 Lath, 9 1.000 pcs ,f£2,5-22 Poets. 9 LCOO— 1»JK©1B Of ifioasuo sc. Louis Lumber Bjarmct—Sept* 19. Bxcuipts—Tne river receipts of the week nmoaat to some Sio.Oyo lest. comprised m two small rafts, ishich have worsen their way In at last. Tbs amount of lumber on the way down la vervsmsU.les* thin baa been! knewn in years hefere. ThepoUasys. no immovementlntbo condirlonofthe lumberingmb* utaztss above, a d Iho season is now too Ur advan ced to be able to affoi d any relief to the market, even should » favorable change take place »h»va. The winter bids fair tq close in noon the trade with a ■ Shier itoct oo band than has been known dntlas 'tMBMt twentyyeaw. Prices are lira will an no wa atendsney we hear, however, of no sales, nor Sanv lou on the market open wh»chtoeiveauota- Ucwf Good qualities of mid run wcnli brlig irom annex retail and yard rates for a3 descrlotiosa of lumber, !et>, sous lea, Ac.; Sf.tsS«i(» ftet »7s.*o-a J o.oo aonare timb?r, IS feet #nd over. Pre»»edfio , ifing,seconat»te,..... preuea HAWK..*. *522»- . Shinflw. -d, ahared - •••• -Sblnsles, K22 —* ItS:::: Cedar Pcstt, I*ICG 50,0<a5’..t9 Hogs and the Future Supply, [From the Cintlnaatl Prto* Current, 6ept.ll.] But little Esld about boas: f«w>re disposed to boy them tor future ceiivery, whilst there Is an tncreas log anxiety insalivated n? f«<d*rs teeiU. A let of Keotneky Vessels la th" forepart af the .week at *U.2s.tobedeUwedth« flrsthalf of December. For N*v»mberdeLv*»y can be-bough* st <l2ai3* *rTe think we never' Waived more nsaatniy thin now exists laone packtis, not toccatract at the pTlees. The ntuehase noted aoovs was mads oy an *' are strongly la favor of a better »oppiy ft po*k tb«s & t* *%%*», *ad «f * t».nca .npe»’or a *llty,**tl>« c ora *•■<** I* rattan <c bdO'. t>?u*r than exbaotsi. owiag i» vae ptca.ur j f»Tor»hia j mO> r »tl« tn^nUu Albssr *«rler 3® ' Ihe flr» ! iar**ta erf gtrlej w*a m*d*on Ui«(ir; -o t.OfObuCbamolaio. *<mb; ani &«»▼*. »«U Kyle. at<l»tlatala * a dop icatet • f d-y* after it xt* Mme flior*; ibe ba of xbe weea *e»oc*. no»V««B m«-arlJ'd« at l»«J*cfor »>tew Me frnr>ru«ec: tb« waik't it M bar* -oea abeat -s.&O tnbfiß- Tba»an« of Maneta ate <oaa;-l-«»ift«, ‘ #re *t ula the demand noea tn«n tt li.aerr dentin* 1 ttar are not cretin* »nareariwt at # «wt oOOtatlotKL “kbe r«cemtt m C« wean are-tomawbara iß-theatlithbOTorod ef l baturtt. an* ta«*# i tt .£» t a* u ! bt v>T tn ia|* cj*y. *-* Maitten wM atalttbtir arrlTal. From Baffin*, al a. *5 * Jb tof 18.W) btt*B*lt.. Afl tbe want* of »be »e* Yctk MaMprs are as prew* at ihote ef tm» city, xecalvexa may c atut tba wae> obtain melr limit. ffreisn Bsvozuof iho Uni ted BtlWi* Prcm Jaa.lattoßopt. 1610, u»tbeyiaf>lailc\tv,j -9G«.. '833. pj 6 “,‘r.ii , HWg m Brrlphtß..,; 5 .24.531,84* 20jtH i-'i lota's. Jocreseeio ?*}<*•"•• iMne tits ISSI. »ah. Toledo «r*»ln 31«ract-Sept, 20. Kec*!r*d.2l.Uobtt wb«t. J.v* tm oaw. Jfbsat s.lm <]U ba Amber yle» a 1 Sl-P8: Wh?» at S3. 3K: ?/ ,n bd No 3 Rea at 12, 2Xj ba d“ifS£wWa V* 1 R««J «t SfMMdons: »arset steady.- OiVS-I» Calr donna*; 7tc sated; t9 offered- • Tide-Water Receipts The qaantltj of flour.wbfttVcorn aad b«ley left •t Tidewater emlar »he 2d week in Sept-, in toe tht. 1£63 ard lEM, vu aafallowa* Flanr, ' Wheat, trie 1)0. I*B. £?.*g I9f« IMC» Sl;«0 _ ___ Dec-.... Dec, ID,M Dec- Ine* 3,101 The acereeate qaanMty of the lame article* left at ti. e- water from too corososocsmect of nan. atioa to .thA'utb of Sept. iscloelre. dorm* ta«j«4r»XSS» aad i£W t waiaa foilowe: Plcnr, Wheat, Cotb, Barter, brie. ho. he. no. iwarn iM’9jbm ra,m lt£t. w ,. • 1«7 5,J00 0,610,8 0 177,0)0 Dfe. 174 CM Dec. 6:83* O*C 9573/00 1nc.915 0 Byrvdncteu thewhrat to flour, iteqoaanty of the l»U«r Irtt at Tldo«ater tola >aar, compare! with ha ermt pos dive *triod last rear, kbswi a dodcleicy of Si7.sSiDrl» flour. Tta foliOw ER cattoarasiye table shaws the anactl t» ef come ot tor vrtuMpal urtic;ei ot produce lets at ataUcluiUfiStbeUU tnefa*fiiiidiC9V»d: - IBU. 1i63) ' S3l, Canal oaaned. Mar 1. Mar I- April 3>. Fto“, b?5.7.... t.. 858.40U 78«.*0 . SlOtf-d Whe-r.bu. 17.8638 M lI.SSMM W.7ts r 3*o crrulba ...M w W.H93M' SBIMOQ Bailey, cu....: 4t*,SW 9M*O *—177.5 0 O*U. DU....... .00 5.310.300 5.6M.JC0 BTr *Bn .! 551,200 273, 00 81/.M Reaf.urJf.. IU'O 9,970 0 Perk. orlil.MIII!... UV*«» . 3J7,-fO 5i,7:9 B««n. Bs 5^, 6*o S.M'.IOJ 553.W Batter. B« 5 7i.WO sib.xO Laid . 7,r«jTo 19.VW.i00 i,«si.fMo CUcrae B« 480.900 3’t/UO *1.030 CHICAGO GATTIiS MABKT. TatJEM>XT BfMISO, Sept. 33. • BEEP CATTLE-Tho r*c« JpU of B»ef Cattle ftt %’l amount to 2.50 bead, 'Euteioi %»!•«, tovi bead at J3.U0C75; principally at Sl-5.53.31>* penra Of lbs stock left over from yesterday's market amonniedto aboutß 0 with Me receiota cf to-day make, abont bead ol Beef Cattle on tale In tbe yards :o-cay. .Tbe prop -riioa of inferior at~ck baa bees, larger than tutud. and "With a limited, demand, laltt bare only been effected at a decline of 2T9!oep*rlio oa open pievlana quotations- - Tbit csnceasKn baa been very. rj.lacanUr made hydro veis.vkoteemitraigelr Iniffer-nt to the Informs, tjon pnMl>fcftd dally, r*laiiv» to tne depression and It arth Uy of tbe market in reference to all g. ades of inferior cattle. • ■ There baa been a rood demand foc-ffooo mejlum cma’Ulea of Block, and sot only here prices tnaUlned no eeolne, bat tbe market baa been firmer, and more active than lor several dayi paat.' A large nambirof droves have been iow of well fea smooth atesrs, ar eraelbe firem 963 lbs to l,i:olbs, at prices rangioe from *5 C 005.73 per 100 Iba. For stock of this descrip tion there la * reaiy sale. BbtppUc cattle ot prime to extra qjaaimei am In am-Ort nominal supply. There has mt been a aiocle drove m tbe yards to day, altbnorb prices are deci cedlym ’avor of se'iers. Tbe contained idarclty of tbU clan cf ratile In cor tale yard* naturally le«di to the tLflplclo? that the anppiy bis oeen for Ibeprea-nt almoitexbaua*ed. _ . TbefolUwlejC are tbe only aalea of any Importance trade today: Geo. Adams to W, M.Webb, 30 head cfNnall, well fed Illinois steer*, averaging l,iTZJt>;, at is 'is: fSbead of good mtdlom stock, averatlnj 1150 lb« atl’df; Sfraborn to Stephens, 93 held prims lowa atetia. B*i atne.of McLean Hyera.96 Illinois steer.* very >nme gtads.» year old. avmgmg IJI3 Iba. at S6 »• John Adams to Honaely, 125 bead good grade steer's 'averaging 1.252 Iba, at ts.tO; andLiscb to catneir U bead good mealnm Illinois steers, avei i aslnal.' 45.0 per 10; Iba. BZIF C-»TTUE a*i*a TO-PAT. biiM ♦ Boyere. N». 4 At. Pries WMk» A. B Rent * Co. is 1170 »3.73 co « as* tSbob . «o 33 9 1 SM lira anV.V.V.. M. Webb lo m 5.15 OASims .... do 20 j'77 sit ° do .• do 20 n« 5-50 el : : do ........ 80 J2lO 575 CO " do 11.... do 85 1150 528 Wakrmiml... Koaentbal* Co.. 8S mi <OO B*nilev&Co..... do _ *2 *53 <OO - 7. . eo ...»It -lose >9ioa Carr. » « W» u»ki ....... r....... .... 13 Ha !.•<) AMln »c«tI“yV.V. Mrtir.... .. Huffman ;23 lurt s« .RoDcrw...... .. do ........ 12 im 55J 'gJStbalACo.. CO ........ 60 U7O <:» Ktini . . ..... QO ......... *5 ltt>< &u S3S»niw~... *» a -J® O Ackma dr......... 66 1149 5.11 uvmanTl.. I. 11.. do 42 1100 525 plSley.../.....Wa11, *B3 4.25 1 .;. V..,1111 Marta 19 I*ol 4JO rh*?bi«V........O'Shea 4® • <as TVaLwork iM. .Wvlnta 11 9T7 4.SJ fluke .I.lßoMe A Cu~ 14 11 -3 5 M oArtftffii . Hoffman 41 1235 8.12# Vili.crSt* M-. O-.rndctf 23 jm ‘53 1% SS -1 'lf Heftier Jo U !:2 I® ,< ;; . ; ..c»« t8i: g ,Jg ‘fc SI Hirr.yico S3 012 tex SI E«wngl.t sgS>" •.vsi.T;::;;: - ";:;:« mIS fmltb I .... 23 99 « 8.50 ^ n --v"vr;.iJ' S IT 00. 20 ’ 974 iSO li “S 5° 5o II -15 mi SA7H TO 93 5 00 ? . II dO 111. 15 1213 5M Tff* 1 - do 15 an s« A»S«V* * ..I. do 14 9M S.S'K * SS 1111 II lfr-8 8-1* ISfS do II no* 4fi7X ti.ut.*' , Jac0b5............ 2V - 978 SAO 5..?u&»T Sneacer « 12!t 5.'0 ft .Wilts".”. Hintej 13 97t MIX Xea-b rsctlpt* cf boss at tbs various yards dor lie the day. amount to 6.SJJ brad; entered sale* 2,f«8 b ad, at g7.509i3.00, chiefly at S'.OXtallJO ICO Bi. With a Urge Increase in the supply, the market baa foitber declined 5.925 c 0 100 »a. or on the •nctatloraif Sainidaj’a marne'. So nnixoicted a supply baa taken tbipptnby sarpiUe.anleff-jetaally broken the back cf blab prices, at aU events, lor tbe present, Daring tbe early part of the day these was a very fair remand, and several sales.were made at yesterday's ptic'a; bat as extra tratra came in, each heaver Uiea with stack, buyers began to ba timid, pad teld off la anuelpa;lon of a heavy decline fa 'pnera, as betoe positively seceiaary to clear oat tbe *Utge quantity of stock lh*a in the yards. Tbe market closed this evening, dull, and •with a fnnberflownward tendency, "with nearly 4.0W bogs m the yards ntsold boo Bixna 10-pat. Sellers, Bojera. Xlo. .At. Price. W.F. Brotm.„..'W.lL-Tlldsa C 8 2il fili.o3 fluke • ........ co • - ...-IS* 1»8 C do . . «« « 224 11.53 •shnltera ......11.. do 83 207 1».7« Allerton.. ...... ' do .... 88 I*4 C# W «U.....’.1... WaUWOtlt* C«„ 23 192 10 50 ClSke. R8.PMU1P8.....M8 .'WI I|.« . QO -43 203 12.63 w P BrewilllllAllerton * C 0..., 75 in 10.M % US TT.r Bi.wu JO }§ s SS SJ e. si in so SSffii -g B- sb?? f »Hmos M*“wOOd... 2M JC"J 14.95 SDEEP— Theantply Uvery limited. WUb.afilr demaid, prices rule Ann at pre»lcns qnotanofi*. Tbe principal sale tc-day was by Bogart to Baube, 81 S9"fei,at |6 00 9109 Ba. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET Ail sales of Grain reports* w MUmarJUt report are on a basts of Sc storage per busM. urUe-'t otherwise stated. F-our is sold delivered unless ' othtrtcise stated THITBSpiT ETIKDTO. SSPt. 2J, 135 L FREIGHTS-Gbaht FBBioirrs-Activß and neacy. Tbeeßregemeit* 10-Sarwerc; To aerra no—Bctrt Summit, i Jessie Anderson ana Baltic, all with wheat, at fc; tchrs Geo Steele, Hubbard'and Corinthian, with corn, at?HC: prop fiymocih, aid ichrH C. Wlnilowvwlth Oats, at «c. To Osw-oo SchrNoxwegiae, With Wheat, al l*Xc, “La&x a>d Rail” Fakionra—Thera la no chute Icratee. quote: Floor to Boston. lak-» andrail $ Floor to New York, laka and ml 14(0.... FlourtoPo'tlatd.vaSariila 1.iw*.,.. Floor to Boston, yja Sarnia...' LwJO Eailboab FiuLQHTb—TO&J3 is no change jn rates. IVouMts: Forma CIM. Floor. ToVewTork. alltaQ.. ; *JO 1.90 co - ' rill and L-kcErta..« OM ,LBO To Boston all ralu... 200 to Boston, *“ ™£ d La4e Ene...........1.90 To Portland all ... •••: JW To Baltimore. ail rail • l-g® ToPb>laOclpbl»,»Utiil ...o*o ToPlvUborg, ** »•» *l® yei.OUlt—Received to-day, 4.531 bbL»; shipped, , i"tlstiOl*. Market anil and drooplce.'Sslca wrre Wmis Wisub Exriua—iCt boia good Whits wiq. tf rfXtr*. Nt *10.12)4; 20® t»OH op at fiO.W; tfObMa ♦•Palo Alto,” 03 p. W-SPBWO. bDla cnolce sptitß |9 40: dto bDU do tc 39-30. cm* if— -0 tons* Bran tn bulk, at 917.r0 on track.. to-day, TthSJO bn; natopiu, IC.LSbu. Market actm as asc lo *er. Sslea were* ESTER WEXAT IX STOCK—»CO |Q Mil Red 0t tl S3 * 4- 0 DO 00 At 11.52:46.} on Rejected R«d »* *I,BO. 4CO bn Bo Grads Rad at t A~- Sraiso Wh«at ix Bronx—l4,ooo DnKoi Spilnr at sl&4; BoOhodo a: Si Wk; (jet bu coat SIJ3; 2/to bn >o2 Spring (heiora ’Cnanaejat 31.64 • ip Cbado (oe'ore Caanz*; atiifSK; z.'U> bn do ('wfore ’chute) • 1 * 8 u i Xj l S.cco bn do (before ’Chasee) at .JLJIK; »^--0 tn do (before 'Chance) at *1.81; W,°Mi bu.>o « Jrortoeatf .50k; 85,t'0 nndoat V.SO; 13,'A‘ba attl.ityt: SI’.COO bn do at $1.73; 8.1) On Rejected gprt'Catfi.'iOj.s.Ctoba do at 31 Tit l.ttO r*ndo at flTck; 4,W0 bn no atf i.t'i—the market closing weak at St.TO for No 2 Soring, and with no demand What- OBJ?—Receive?to-day. So.’ St bn; shipped, 12C.015 bnsbeit-market terr quiet and clcalne;KWc I-iw-r. Sales te-day were;-Coax iKWon*-4Clou>o ICarn at Si 32; IS.oCB &n do at U Si*; 5.1C0 &n do at $1 Slk; KOhoNo.S Co*n*t Si Sljk* MCto bu do la iOSeat SI Si W: 806 on do at Si 8 ;1,2W Rejected Cora a* *1 gj —the market clcstox quiet at Si 3101 a;>i for No. 3 bn. Market buoyant and adranced fni yj C per ba. Saies to oay were;—Oara w A.BOS on No. 1 Oat*att'c; la.ttotu •oatfc.HC;pj/O* on do In loti at t-'c* 2r *6 - bnalo at 64 t Jb.SLJbu do at ttfcil/OObn do at *BS I »c;SOXC# bn do fro- on rpard propeller, with tett«U««t7cslP,frSb\l*o/*Oji? ai , t3 - 8‘,0.3bn dc at 6Jc: 17,10 budo al6iKc;lo.M | CDQddai«3c;l,OoO bn Rejected o*ta at 6;Kct Vtifr-bu coat 62c? 3,«?o on do at G2Kct 7,W0 bn do *t 61c. Oa-W Afloat—33,V*a bnNo 1 bats a T tsc kf.o it. At the does the marsot for Ko. l and No. 2 Oats was sP-ady aaa Arm at Ws m |t 2? i The commute* of Inspecilon of the Beard of TiMo bare ordered fcUOati ttat are lecelrci after till flste to bs swjjected oU? Intel wo sp-aaes.^No. lV £vß~fitcw cr to d*7, 11.083 bn; iMppcd. noas. anllacasc irwer. nr >o 1 By«tt *I.W; 2 0.0 bn do at *U3: AA C nt*al.*3H: doatlldJ2—taam«kat«l:*tn* Jnletan* stetoy at |im» Iw h'oi and >L2Jior BeCSlred to-day, 7,859 ba. . Market 4-Xic. Sales tc-fley were; l 3 StOBK- 4.100 "U NO 2 Bailor et f 183: 2,0-0 MdoVt fiat: 60>;0baco atSIM; ».BWt»oeoat iUfi. B \xrLt—l2l t*as* at 52.C5 on tract; i oa d» at ■ T O« on track ; 400 an do at S3lO on „ - *I°COHOL-^ oailr * l wS* 14018* V zallon. to-isy. s3iSßfts;aalpped. nea»s Jlar»rt»eryc!nn,'^equote; nKnii cro-j«.n4raM ”g»; BW.DIO, Bu't*r, in DrldM |;^o a«et»: Mbxauir.A.. HtkltftL A, Vfcteilj A, ieunlrt*. . CfelCMO A, lx*i»e« A,-- - Uaarh*«t«rA iewed U. <«» Excba»*o A« iewta uten,.. KijtlcA tmtir* Clty.eetrefl G>ieto ci y.Mvea Ua«u - PcUpj, fo>.r in... Gn»tl«*,llre bn.. * *• fcgr bo. *' two bn Plcnrßacke. Hbrla cotton. •••*•• •, •• H** tinea ...... u .. p “ cetton y ®S :: r. B • ***** «“ .. u j.g *-• .. ‘.V/.V.V.'.'.V.V. rtC'ipU con iißnf* iTifit.wltb itne'il »ioci« «n band. txicee tnle 'flrovr putl-os quotation*. Weqnate: Bambnr* £ St?? ft W <:V| t'qnieV. " ini" ik' "l iif tnpplr. SSSrS S 88! SS H J *•.»*! Uteeiwtallztt. triib an actlTa demand uirVeCTeq nnnrtptttcat quotation#. We qaon: Eunt-Piomteld ■ Si*;-* is*S w Co MiseiaiKtdie 13^0 «• *Ulow flank... W.J® *!onborc.. v ,* £ £ j? 5 flcrantcn Vm V\uIai *‘■.*!! ■!! *-‘ ■ * v.*.v s.waii o 1 Jn'n'odfrate supply. firm Iflepocz. B»U«t»day:3 *>»“ at 19(5 VdoxsSp*** °F“-n-L fi Aa H»» la very limited »npply. Mar* k«t firm and arur*. oat preTwa* quotation! are no*. cbanesd. Macsaaai. in limited lupniy. Market Tin ac’lTa anc flic* nlib a slight up*a*d tend* Jtct Conn*.-Stock* onaaadare TeryU*nt. and receipt* ▼»r| i!n l»ed. InNc* Jrrkpricea n*r* ad. vaxeedXc* *- B>*. If?. C n?re united »no»ly, with » brut ceaand at prrtra* quotation Omer dracilonona of o*b *re in *aa» «Q inadequate *n*p£, and me star- *''**'&*'***'*• »*Wow^ Wb 1» cfl* b. Ke. 1. 011 f Mi* V S/Si S TVbftcflih,No. es/ara WBiUflih.Ko-B.bif brl .. Trent. No. 1. wrath 1.... S»*ca«rel.«o. l) Wf brl,old I* SS 1 * S MacKtiel^N l .2,bli bM.neir H*?44 x*2s Wsrterel.larsetaniily.bU brl,na* BJ. ail» SackrreJ.Ko.i. <l*,oew... 2S^*3 &%TJsfß% , SaflS-iaiTK::::= SSiiSte-iai;. W « B»mn*9.Kc.i i?^ai2.?o ilfntiKß ee.pOhtl Herrli g«, Labudor. ett brl 10 ’~ ( 1 ,5 ’45 1 B«n*n«B,-Mlefl.KO I, per box TUQ T5 »»intp.l>!ln!."*l« - 6»tmon, pictle'. K1 a.... 5 s»a > . , Foteck.pirlWlta ’?,4»2g 1 Uftiinuc.o*rlb •« - x«(j»i»xc ; GBEEN a ih*ia 1 banter, PH'«» Uraer.'wt'h *n adraace ofa»e« 1 6*iontrbTiwii*qooutle«i. in ?err limit ad mncly Prtc** Yfry Arm at pranon* ra^e. 1 iizAP*BlnV.b*t»Uupsly.»i nan at 1 1 picust qcoia-lcn*. Pxabp In wowrat* *nopiy. M«>"ta..U-»e and oncfc*t**4. W*T*anxi.o»» in SaalieT fnoplma-be* mooerat*iT ac ire and Arm , ItorieLtrWa - Laaozaln o*tv*r receipt, and »« i Jcuredlmano. bJarket e»J| outwiinjut qaotasie g'.Sg'A.pTw. * Sj.« whole:*!.-... » a.» 3 4.JJ Orter. ADDlf9* V'■• rrtau, eiit 0< .. S.lwdvO Gietn Appl**»^b*i,atreiaii, cooking ... sodat.g reacte*. V basket £®£«n Grauß.ltAheiU, V » * - Gnp*f, Cat-'ata. f l a , S Bla-iun Crab*. G haiket C^SiluS ITB*-Appcxa Kewfrilt u la very 1 nsai 1 tutpljT» l to • fair nieeiooa queta* n"w. rciixtosFCTiTß-iiarnet*aJ quiet andnc- fd- .« at * ill\Vr£ v^^ Kalfl*f.lA.e:i . box {gili. r *a.VDoi ;; <-a ®>g tnnanla.? a * S m ?” 2 ” Ai»o»«».* -n. ? SS« Alneß g g g Fixate. TnrfJib,<!.»_. ?si.2 S ft « 1 s«dln«, h»lr«* 2 2 2 1 Vinpirrvitn *i>ir demand. Mazktt e»Ui as pr« aent quoiatloas. Woquo^*^ Fralile Cblc»- esa»pcr doz *?*2S?S Qualls^P«Tdrt... «r.u Lttcle. p«t dor “ »n*pe. p*Tdo*-. .. , HS l 2 S.l.* ffll'V'Mftd. |(T'OI lAI® “ 8 mun SVTrtES-BccKlyed tnday.noner flb*pp;d. €4^btlafVaraetVTbaco miner, da ei today: St 6 bPl**tll.7i: label* co at •t.n-cIMUU ataadj and fl: 8W« ®«ieb*poed I3\*nea» Th. coiUnne-. qaltt. nun little epecdlaovp SonwK G»«n ealtaif are -*eak. bat no Mr. her «*• ciSe b« tem eUsbllfbed. On Dry niut iw * rrcne-.loa of.‘-c an pr-noo* Other ducSp°lcM aie moccrately Him and nnebanxed. 6r*eal>n;trT ’ «t*b salteo. trimmed liw3S« j, fJ M.;u«.trl*me4 h aY—*ln moderate fopsiy. <i»rlet mod'rato’y •asssa?ss!£ fc Tiisctby.loose “”22*3 p»*upr*M«d 18W®J..»0 rtairle, lacee pretaed ,r,nttin, •Prairie, leeae i4.tOa.iHW 1 410.531 .5,936,135 Cora, Barley, ."-■fttt. bn. 865,119 9,3 « 539.400 5,791 VBTA.IL PSIOM. 'SSSZiSSS i««i:;:;:::;::;;;;;:::::: -el* •With th« flactnatioai la roli im *rfrk£ c«UonM aaienlfld uxd •all- Ba»«r» «• iimltnc xrBB'JwsUPO* •* ■oeb bp-po*iiblt» la opticl* «£b ««>«»» decide baib on dBCMBiUand lor ejtnVoodt. Bccefpto f*ir. We qbois : rr.rnrft ®S.. tfd V 8 Bn-hter.folt 50(a Si Lin?? ft. 8« 53 BsMCIAWH. 5.d 51 fi.'sq 1.15C4 I2fl Orlaoco.wl# 414. 50 rilf.wa SiUO 2> Oritoco iood BDoir. * ft... »5» $5 . damage*.... 42® 46 CuQv,Vtt.t.. Biauchter.aclo 61, french Call.Sl -S3 Sl*Jtesa»££ Z K K*’ 1 “ B n3«* tJM | Fi* nchCalf L#* &«aa*as is I SSf* P ’”‘«3a »J0| F S“n\S" f .M°‘ I rfannn (!iii V 7 1 o*ds, V dSXAUMIfftJO I ft aS rt ~ ajw|uawmCT»<x«i*.'o6lw» 1 *oanj V &M 1 xaVAI, MTOUSS—rtn aarwet i» moderately sciiTe.abd tn «r©d supply. • Prices firm and uu ct..sea- ” Lath, T«B. Hen. /BaMs AV*j'**”*“’ aa i ** “ Manilla <£*tc Kwia V Mtaillaßops. ... *l»£o' Hal* M-.m/pscxicg I R*sa cord V-SS^no >w. iiimi 3ap ; 25c Oacna 3 «£-<9XO pin. »emp Jo. 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Dairy, without sac«i Trr»tG3—Tcra'ilsland, 9 sack - •. • • fcrffiua Graond Aina. V sacc. e-rstaEL—The marset it imn and.unsettled, rv- deareclitlcn m C-W- With a£»irrao; n-V* g r-note a decline Of }(c per » on raw, ami oik B « hard and coffee on previous qao tatioirs. Weuuoto. • d33Xc Cuh&». * t2’<Mi3¥e v X vi?»C** • .AlH®i» C y Lvßlft*S AND tnoJLA^SBH—In Itmited sup ply? Marts* quiet and steady at former qntutmas. — um':» demand. aiait,etflrmatduncliaiigoJ. WeqcuU:. rfo chemical .........i.....~..ia>f(Ai:i3fc ‘TEA— M-tietnnaetUed, and quiet Prayioas* 1 We quote: Yom:tclijson,ui«nertoceanoOß*9 ft.91.73 6140 d» 3 lupetiort** flU’*,? ....... 13‘ @ .b5 do ez rtto Choir®, $ » 195 @3.15 Imperial, eupeiloi to hue, ? » !•« gi-*® , '*do exua t© choice. ♦ it 2XO ©2M Gunpowder,supeJlor\»nse,« »..—..ri:o-«;« fc do citrate choice, HO 62.30- Jan»n, natural loaf, fine to ex. 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SOCKS, FOREIGN HOSIERY, Glove. OJ all aio*, DRESS sh <rts. NE&IjI&B jBHIHTS. CRAVATS, TIES, SCA3F3, Sllfc3?octet DiuflltwchlePi, era* n nlQer* 9 dec* naTtncoarthsaedonrStoclc.ln May we are pc** pareo w offer gooda at tbo 10W£ST 3IA3JBET PRICES. « Jcb Lot* from Anctfon dally.” Clce >.4 Bnjfn mTjtM ui eismUt Mr stock, uhlcti is tae jarjen In ike Nortawwt. WWL BAR 1 * LETT, ■3l & 133 Pcidolpb St'j Chicago. Kpmiis-r» " XB9 DTIANE STSEE,r » NEW YORK. lOHHJ.wufrM saH&ca, Bncccwort to. ' gUBTDI Sc HBOS., (Formerly of St. Loult and Chicago.) Jtannfacnre speni sent aosonmeftt of CIOTHING* est-rmsm T?TE, BAK, T-tUiOaT AKD J2i Lcssa. MEDICAIi INKTITUTB, At 149 9cath Clark Street, far the eipeclal .qTaU cbrcsic diseases -which appertain to tha EYE. EAR, THROAT AMD ’ LUNGS. jt is; Yean «tmdi2d Aai*am!e*Djj pj7«!clocic*Jl7 w* r*tn»*o<'C#Uj all dlaema m th* ct-taaad ariana, *oe»tftir ci)>iui «t a timeftai character, web aacsacir. 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W.B.BOBTOJS* Ber.ember J ufii. wl qtfS-aea* JJOLMES, BOOTH&HATO: KASUTTACTtffcERa OP CAMPAIGN MEDALS, 40 Chambers Street, 19 R«;i4tSS n H. EE FOREST &. CO, V *HOOP SELIRIS .Manufacturer* aad Jot>bsr«» S4....XAKE STHEBT, 84 (Sea OUT SSI3T. cppoUta Tremon: Homo.) Cler t Si?i£* a woS«S'ito?tSt“*r Hosiery, Yams, Corsets, A»l> OXO*» TIE MoKISTLEY . OIL COM HAST. NOTICE OP DIVIDEND NOrl. Emw You. SspCsnbecS. IfM.. The Trutaes of McHlalgy til. Conpaay Sayeds clar»<i of three per ceit. (oat of those* eanlsxs el tfi« Compear for the raonm of ABtf-utj peranle oa demand it the ctflce *f the Coopaay. 210.51 JOHN BTJiHET. SstrToik. U Bhsrehoiaas of record at the close ofbnaice-e thlseaj. sel»sU4-SCla x WAi.rKE a. LA lit ON, Treasurer. TIE BRIGGS GOLD COM PAST. NOTICE OF DIVIDEND, NO. 6. Snr Tobx, September 7. IBM. A mrldend of One per Cent, fer the tao»*h of Aajj tut has been dtdsred patableat the OSse of Us Cos:pact. 8i Jcho itreit, jresYork.oa. and arter fs#pi;ifiih, IStri to Shareholder* of Hecord at US dce« of thla day. , m ,,... _ WALIHH E. LAI7TOS. Tre estirer. eel9>ii:s-6lla £“?OAL! COAL! COAL! "ik. i -teem, lea* M»l6*L TJ e Scret t?n,P!tt*to».‘WUtatßarre, and ahaao«]* Ccaj CcJtptay ox PennsjVfaala, can bow tmilUa. brewers. bsKeta ard country Lump, l«r»eL**. Small iT?*. Haeeeaad C*al h»tbftla»iots* or earcOt atLOnaS- Bisufinrah, B.iar’HUL Iris. Chip prwa. Mineral Bld«e UM-Chaota CO«U- Offlcee, IJ6 south siriit■ T rrel sntet, sad eou»h Clark sceec c * Railroad Ocaim*. Post Office scU.efljQ.tQUß ■yo LUMBER b.a.coM. tSSS^^^tiSSS^S. ■eib-eiiM* NEW TOKK-

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