Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 23, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 23, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago CribiincT FBIPAt. BEPTEMBEB 2?, IBM. THE CITY. Fon. Nelson, Captain of the First Precinct Police, announces hlmse.l as com promise cantldate for the effice of Sheriff ol Cook County. • • , „ StmacmßiKo.—One of onr lading Second Ward B«mo<ata-a medical man vrithal-yestcrday took «1,000 of County ecrlp trom the War Fund Com znittee. AxAitx of Pike,—The fire department was called k>nt yesterday morning by the accidental burning of a heap of charities lb a cook-shed. between Noe. ■6lB and 685 Booth Clark piruet. Damage trlfl/og. CT Capt: Patrick Fecmy. 00th DilnoU volun teers, wotmded at the battle rear Atlanta on the 27th of July, ba- until able to leeome active service m* regi on ent. •384T8 iLtDfois-Thc 184 th Blinds will arrive* this morning abort nine o'clock, and after break fast at the Soldier*' Beet, a public reception >UI be tender'd to them. "Let tbcrebea good tarn out; the boys deserve it. Dust. —We had another ta*te of the dust, yetter day, the wind blowing rigorously. 9 TbC numerous buildings now in course of erection famished a full quota of pulverized bricks and incipient mor tax to the eyes ol the passengers. Ratxficatxok Mettiko.— A grand Union.ratifl* cation meeting will be held to-morrow evening, to ratify the Union nominations mtde to-day. Col Daniel, of Wisconsin, and other celebrated speak on will addreet the meeting. Let there be a glori ous raliy. Euawobtb Zouavre,—This company will meet at Bryan Hall this morning at 8 o'clock to the lS4tb Btihois Members who were notified' that the reception would place this afternoon will make a note ol this change, and act accord- Jrelj. ComimzAS Pbateb.—We have had .frequent inquiries made In regard to the Copperhead's Prayer, What about it? Who wrote it ? &c., &C.‘ All we bare to cay is: Bead it, then yon win he as w Ice as we are. We understand the second edi tion Is nearly exhausted Rex Over.—On Wednesdays little boy about eight yean of age, son of Mrs. Phmbe Robl*e. was ran over while standing with his mother, on me approach to the Madleon street bridge, waiting for the cars. The little teTow was severely but it is thought not dangirously hurt. Breakfast fob tub 331 th lixixoia.—The ladies of Ibe Soldiers' Beat aim ounce that they v. Hi have a breakfast prepared this morning at tbe Heat for the 131 th. IT our citizens desire to con* tribute extra provisions, they arc informed that flee and app'ce would be must acceptable. Ninth Waed Wipe Awakes.—A meeting of the Wide Awakes of the Ninth Ward will bs held on Saturday evening at Christopher Clbcos, No. 830 West Lake street, near Arm. Let there be a rous ing* meting. The time is now at hancf when every Toyal man should should be ready to do hie duty without iistractlun. Loyal men of the Ninth Ward attend the meeting. i Crrr Haxlwxt Farts.—ln answer to thenn mcrons querists we would elate that tbe mana gers of tbe several city railways do not ask to be I emitted to charge more than lire cents per ride where the tickets are pmchased at tbe office, and that to obviate onjsctiors tuey offer to eel tickets at the offices for single rides at five cents each. Clearing .Out.—Tbe attendance of the readers • of the Tribune is directed to the advertisement of WcbcttT & Gage, No. 78 Lake street. They are dearieg cm their large and varied stock of mill nery, straw and felt goods, and daring the next elxu.du>e will offer bargains nut to be equaled in New York. They will give particular attention to tbe filling of orders. Takan Prisoner.—ln the list of prisoners taken from the 14th Illinois cavalry, published in the Tribune a day or two since, is the name of W. J. Williford, who enlisted from this office, being one of the sixty men who have honorably graduated into tbe racks from the Tribune building. He is serving hie third term. His parents reside at Keo kuk, lowa. Sudden Death.— Yesterday, as a veteran soldier with hip wife and child, was proceeding to the de pot, to take tkc curs which were to be«r him to the front, the child suddenly became 111 and was taken into the drag store ol Dr. Willard, on State street, ■ where assistance was sought, bat to no avail; the child expired in ahont fiiccen minutes. Oar re porter cunld not learn the name of tbe parties. A Supposed Accomplice.— Yesterday Detective Webb arrested a man calling himself William D. Gilhepielopoc mtpicion of being an accomplice of Oaidncr, tbe robber of the Savings Bank. Gillie pic was frequently seen *n company with Gard ner, lodged at the same hotel. In the same room, and tiny lift tbe hotel together on the evening of the robbery. The case will probably he examined this morning. -•* £ Sabbath School Ukioh.— Tbe friends of the Chicago Sabbath School Union propose holding a grand convention oaring the ensuing week. Al l the city schools will he Invited to seed delegates, and an animated competition in reports is antici pated. The schools of onr city will not suffer from acompuxiton of views sna successes We hope to ace every school represented In the con Tcntion. • • The Draft. —The enforcement of tbe threat esed conscription still hsn?s over tbe heads of our citizens, without any definite ’information re garding tbe time ol Its. execution. Capt, James has received no orders, and no time has as yet bees officially announced for using the wheel.' Col John L. Hancock has jnst returned from Washington. He states that the qnuta of HUnols will be estimated from a debit basis ot 16,000 at the date of the call. bALE of the Douolas Fbofebtt.— Yesterday afternoon part ot the Douglas property, situated on Cottage Grove Avenne, beyond Camp Douglas, was sold in lots by Obadlab Jackson, Jr., of this city, from the north steps of the Court House. A goodly number of bidders were present, many from New Y’ort, and bidding was very brisk, a strong desire evidently existing to purchase some me mento of the dcpartedAtateeman and exponent of democracy. The Jots fetched very fair prices. Counterfeiters zk Trouble.— James Kane, the man brought from Dixon a few days ago, charge d with uttering counterfeit greenbacks of tbe denomination of *2O and SIOO, had an examl nation yesterday mornug before Commissioner Hoync. end was held (or trial in bonds of $2,000. —Charlst* brown, charged with attempting to pass a $lO ratstd from a sl, upon tbe barkeeper of thcEacic Hotel, was discharged—there bring a want of t\ idunce. CouisioK.—’Yesterday atUmoon the ever Intri cate navigation of Clark street was rendered doubly tumultnons in front of the Tbxbcct office* bva collision between one of Pannilee’s omnl busts and un empty l>ox wa&on. The pair of ve hides b< come bopeioss’y entangled, the Sox of the wagon becoming In the tttocgle thrown in an in- Teitt-d position into the gutter. Much condemna tion in the Jchuittcal dialect, ensued, and masters were w< aring ;• somewhat mixed appear ince whin the magical arrival of a policeman changed the en tire aspect of affaire, and speedily reduced the blockade to theusnal status of street navigation. * A Bolt Honsx Tmzr.—On Wednesday last Geo. A. Scavums, of the firm of Bcaverns £ com mission merchants on the comer of Clark and South Water, bad avaluable span of horses stolen from the door of a friend’s bouse on Michigan ave nue. lie had called and leit the team hitched in front, when sbold thief named thunebt himself to take possession of them, which be at once old. lie drove np the avenue, and wbt-n he bad arrived at Polk street the team was recognized bv some friends of -Mr. Seamus, and Kelly srreMid Yesterday he was examiurd In the Polite Court and held to ball in the sum of SBOO. Bak Bice axd. Bislotaltt.—Complaints reach us that the proprietor of the circus now per forming in this city, fills his ring talk with disloy al utterances and dings at Lincoln and the war. A trimmer so cautious as this personage whs once, it is raid, Actually gave a performance under the Confederate flag, should understand that this style of thing will not pay In.loyal communities. This consideration, it impressed upon him by empty bencbfi, will prove salutary and sufficient. w« learn that tine treatment was tried so effectually on Ban Bice that the show flamtngly announced for a I week’s continuance, sbnt'sp shoppyeslcrdnr, and has carried Us dog a, -monkeys mala to anointr market. \ Wine *Awaki*.—A meeting to affect the ganization of this popular body was called for last evening, but on account of the enthusiastic gath ering at Bryan Ti*n, it waa considered advisable to postpone the meeting until Tuesday next at balf-]»ael seven o'clock in the evening at Lincoln Ball, on tbe comer ol Franklin and Lake streets, ir orccr to enable every loyal man to listen to the Glorious and patriotic sentiments spoken at Bryan Ilall. Let every Wide Awake remember Tuesday nud attend tbs meetlmr at Lincoln Ball. Wide Awakes are reccssarv. in fact they are almost * ne ot the essentials for Republican success next ho~ vemlter. «i»od speakers will be ii»attendance and it ;s determined that tbe demonstration shall be a treat soocees. An opportunity will then be pre sented for loyal recruits to join the veteran ranks. An> Ton the Poos.—A meeting of citizens was held at the Illinois Street Mission last evening to lake action In regard to tbe relief of the poor of tbecitv and more particularly to provide means to clothe the demote children of that tber may he enabled to attend onr pnbllc and &ab iifiih schools. It was resolved to raise by subscrip tion In cash and goods tte snm of SIO,OOO for a Fair lor the object mentioned. A number of- col-, lectors have been appointed, vho will shortly call rpoc our citizens for their contrii.utions to tols worthy otyici, and we trust the response to these ‘^btlaipec^ber 1 ofteslitnte children which tvf of the past two years has made, and U c faX Br-d or providing for ihelrpro utc'oiluc? «bd education, le moat oreent and p-eeVtoc. We trust the effortmay meslwithEroit . u-. :ef6. szvekth Waed Union Club. —On Tuesday evening ‘.here w» a meeting of the active, earaes -n>rts of the Rcvorth Ward, to consider their action coming cavaw-cn. Supervisor C. B. chandler v., -« { yj'.ntea Secretary, li wis re solved to form it j-rmaurnl organization, and the fcllowing oflierr- were elected; "" lueni— p. A. Smith. - re( J’^e-FretUieni —Charles Riding. Aca».d Tice IrttidadS. 1L BroaS. JSjxretari—c. ii Chandler. Trra*vrer—&. K. Dow. Extcutlvt cbmmhfM-n. A, Pondt, Avery ■Clark 6 * Dow, George H. Toong, Bicbard The meeting ihenadjonrnedto meet next Tues day sight. Hi. Fenn’a, ecraer of Union and Twelfth ntrccts r The New £EWEBsAoi>E KIKa or Tekdehs.—The proposals for the consirnction ol thenewgewers in the several divisions of the city, were opened on Wednesday afternoon at the pfflee of the Board of Public Works. Tbe bids were lor 59 o the West; 8,600 feet in the South, and 8 600 feet in the North Division. There were four competitors —Wm. Woodruff Martin Moloney, Ed. Domdioe nnd Laugau & McHugh. ' The following were tbe bide for 8,600 feet of sew erase In the South Division:—Woodruff $5,610 00; Muliiuey, £5,170 60; Donaboe, $5,187 60; Luiuno & Mclinch. $7,41*2.50. The contract was awarded io ilr Wm. Wcod’uff Tit bi. J .e for the 6.C90 feet in the West Division were:—Woodruff $11,634.40; Mulsney, $10,764 r>o; Donaboe. $1.''.816.00; Lsngan A McHugh, $1,401.60. The contract wwaaardeu to Mr. Martin Mnlanev. - Tnc following were made for the B.HK)/eetta the North Division:—Woodruff, $6,015.60; Mala nev,s7,27o.oo: Donaboe. $8.460.00; Lsngan & Mc- Uogb, $7,146.00. Mr. Win. Woodruff being the lowed bidder, was awarded the contract. CELEBRATIMO THE VICTORY. Cryiiß Bill Lust Evening—Addresses by CoL Hancock, Dr. TlDjuy, Col. usb-rne, Col. Sweet, G C. Bates, J. Went worth and Others. The celebration meeting last night ot Bryan Ball, In 'honor of our recent victories, was in evtry respect a perfect success. Long before the honr for the commencement ol the exercises the bal:—parqoclte, gallery and aisles—was crowded with a Urine mass, and hundreds who came as •far a* Ibe door were obliged to go away, there be ing neither sluing nor standing mom to'be-fonnd. A large sprinkling of laolee lent Ibclr presence to to the meetlne. The utmost enthusiasm and bar mony prevailed throughout tbo entire proceed |»Ufjameeilpghsssedraabeen eqaded In Chicago. Tbe Great Western and Light Guard Banos were in attendance and played a selection of appropriate airs. C. M: Bowler, E«q. called the meeting to order, after wlilcc John L. Hancock waa unanimously cahefl to the Cuair. He then rtatedtbeobiect of ibe meeting, end palda gratcfol tribute to the bravery of the armies under Sherman and Sheri dan. . -• Her. O. H. Tiffany, D. D., was the next speaker, who. in a few peroutut remarks, Justified the clergy for mingling In politics. Ue lelt it his bponoen dntj to rpeak on politics whenever be In his Judgment caw fit, and a tree Christian should never fear to speak on ih»-»e subject*, which are wrappeo up in onr national de-dor. He spoae In. terms on the Peace Convention, which he characterized a* not bavin? made peace; but _ The reverend gentleman** remarks were listened to with the deepest attention, andat lime* elioted hearty app-anec. Col. Osborne, of the 89.b liliDoit.mvde a few felling remarks, in the coarse ot nblch be said that the army of the Potomac bad every confidence In the patriotism of Old Abe, and was going to impress him for lour years longer. 7be soldiers have more faith in Grant and Lincoln, than in the coo- TenUon. They tried McClellan, and are Battened they don't want another. He warned 'heptoole of the North, that if a disloyal President wow elected tte solders would rise en mane and Pro test the Union at home. Mr. flicslD., formerly a- prisoner of w«r at An dcreonyiUe, Ga, made a-few well poloted remerse relaUve to lie enffo-maa of the prlaonera confined there, and th» inhnmanUiea perpetrated brthe rebels Geo. C. Bates, Esq., followed at lencth. In the erane of which be adverted to the trorktoga of ProTldCTCe In the rebelilon. He cited It on bla belief, that the pcop.e of Georgia were receiving a just retribution at the hands of Get. Shermam - whom be hi£hly culosized, lor the wrongs perpe-' toted upon the Cherokee loalans In 1831 Idm able manner, whlcn onr want ot space lorbids re producing, he treated the history of the conflict up to the present—touching in a ma-terly baud the connectiono! events and- their importance on * the destiny of the nation He referted to the in. carcaratllon of the Maryland Legislature by Qeo B. McClellan, which was tic only«nmg ever done by that hero worthy of commcncatiou,. Mr. W. N. Smith then sang the “Riffle Cry of Fn-eoom ’lthe audience joining In the churns CoUB J. sweet. Commandant of this post, was the next speaker. He confined hie remarks pno dpill v to tbe main objects of the meeting M*jor McWilliams, of the 51*t lUllois, who was taken prisoner at Stone River, next addressed the meeting, and gave some very Interesting reminis cences oi his captintv among the rebels. At this stage of the meeting tbe audience in d cigca m low .and prolonged calls for “Long .John.” and they were gratified at seeing him march up to tbcplatioßs. / Bon. John Wentworth was next introduced amid a perfect torrent of applause. Mr. Went worth then stated that be had expected to hear tome dhtlugulßUed military men, but they were unavoidably absent. The clergy were here aad so were tbe military. A few nltrbta ago, a pro cestion went through this city beating a motto “ Free ballot or tree fight.” They bad them both in Maine and Atlanta, and they are going to get them all through the campaign We have carr.ed Maine, Vermont, Athnta;and the Shenandoah Valley—four instances of ballots aadVbajoncts. iProlongeo cheers.] The lull ot Atlanta has modified McClellan's let ter, ol acceptance and Pendleton so he has not been able to write his. (Loan applans* 1 George 1 yon arcaratlroad man, and “it's danger ous to stand on the platform.” [lmmense ap plause.! Pcucleton has taken warning and ain’t goizg to stand on the piatiorm. It is tumewlm strange that news from Atlanta will cause apoliti cal party to die, and news irom the Shenandoah 4 orders tho coffin. Tbe before the coun peace. Which is me better, each a peace as Mr. Lincoln is going to obtain, or that obtained by dishonor. Tbe speaker hoped that tbe firand-of “State rights” will be blotted out forever. Ws dou t want to hear any more about it. B there is any thine wroig, there 1« an appeal to tbo Su preme Court, and If that ain't right there Is an ap peal to the people. Wherever tbe speaker had been be heard only the tone of “Lincolns despotism.” They claim General Jackson; but bo confiscated. There are but two parties in this crisis. It is lor them to chuote whfctbcr the? will certain tbe gallant army in tbe field or fire on them from the rear. Where are their hearts and sympathies when they won't rejoice at victory. It is with Jeff. Dari-, and there btdies cnfht to be sent where their sympathies arc. [Loud and prolonged cheers.] Ttrec rousing cheers for the army and navy the audience standing—alter which tbe meeting adjourned. - THE DRAFT CDHIHO. Somethin;: Most be Done Qslcklf or Undo Him will Select Ms Men-Action of the Committee. At the rate at which volunteers are being pro cured it is pretty evident that the quota of Cook' county will not be raised within the lime allowed and the wheel must revolve. The county has voted half a million of bounty to b«rpald Is sums of S3OO to each remit, but, other dties are paying higher, and the consequence Is that are procured.' piUrens who are able to furnish substi tutes are laying back for the county bounty to fill up the quota. They are depending on the corpora tion to nelp them ont. but they will wake one of these fine mornings and find themselves victims of misplaced confidence. Howls the Job to be done? How are the I,® 0 men which the county owes to be procured, that is the question ? Tnero are two ways, either of which is practicable. We will let a correspondent explain tbe first method: “If the Hoard ot bupeirisoir would come toge ther and give the benefit of the S3OO conuty bounty to substitute*, the men of moderate means would add from $l5O to s2t 0 from tiuir own pocket* and fid the quota, ana do it in ten days at farthest; and any one but the Board of £npervisora can see that It would be better lor the interest* of tbe county to fill np onr quota with substitutes. This would leave onr tax-payers to take csre'ot their families axd pay tbe taxes to liquidate the war ■ cebt ol the coiiUlT. The Board of Supervisors. at their last session, were toldilial the quota 01 Cook county could be filed In twenty da) a with min not subject to toe orait,if toey would give tbe benefit of the Cook county boumy to substitutes. In our judgment toe quota never will be filled tmtilihls m done*. Two brokers in this city nave bad instructions to far* nish snbßiltotes to not less than ICO principals residing in lie county, provided they could have the ttneht of this county bounty. Ot these 150, Just three have imniet-ed substitutes, nod tbe*e Will apply to the next meetlcgof the Board to re imburse them to the amunut of thecouniybounty. There are some legal objections to this method, which the bankers raise, when asked -to advance money cn me scrip. Tbeycont-nd—some of them at least—that it would sot be constitutional to levy taxes to reimburse-tnorey advanced to he'p iMiHdxiatt to procure snbstitut-s. But is it not a good answer, that if by so doing, the qoo:a of ibe county be fillee. It would not then be inqiuw pale lor particular individuals 'nut for therfoOfe county-? The second node is to tell the Provost Marshal to go ahead with the draft, and then let the county pay every conscript SSOO to aid him in procuring a* substitute: and those who could not find them would have S3OO to compensate them In part for three years military service. Such a course would rsb the draft ot most of its terrors; bec*n*e, with the money each family man would be enabled to makecomforlnble provision for bis wife and chil dren in bis absence by adding his wages to bis bounty, and oust of the couecriptv'if not willing to serve, would be able to make up, with ibe help ofihestt)Q, the additional sum necessary to pro cure a substitute lor the war. In the meanwhile any man who is able to for .slab a substitute to represent him in the armv, should do so at once. There are nch men enooch in the dty who have not procured substitutes to fill hall of the quota, without embarrassment to their business, if they were only willing. But if tie County boenty of SSOO were paid to substitutes we are confident that ever? man rrom Cook county conic be raised inside of a fortnight. Something must'be done, and that very soon, or our dear Uncle Samuel's pattern e will be exhausted, and he w ill come and take the number of boys doe him, nohm orant and Sherman most have reln farcuntnts, and that right away. ' xzzrqn or cxnrrss’ coxnrrm. At the feesion oi the Citizens’ Copmlttce, last evening, the following resolutions were adopted nnsnummriy: itao'taJ, That it is the smse of this Committee that the County War Fund Committee pay county bounty to ail recruit* presented lor credit of any particular sub-district, provided that the quota of such sub-district Is not full; and any recruits pre sented for credit of Cook county at large be ap pointed to those snb-distnets which are most in arrears, and the War Fond Committee pro cure immediately the deficit of raising the various su* districts . _ . . • itoo/rerf. That the War Fund Committee be re quested to credit, during the present week, all re emits,, so far as they can conveniently, to such enb-oietricts as are most m arrears.' - WncnxAs, This committee hare assurances from both the Provost Marshal General at Washington, ’ana also from the Assistant Provost Marshal at Springfield, that if reerni'ing to fill np the quo’a or ibis district is prosecuted with vigor, the draft will be suspended - for a short time, bat unless more vigor Is manifested the draft will certainly be ordered; therefore, Buo'vtA, Tbatwc urge upon the citizens, one and all, that they at once set about efforts to im mediately till the qur-la; that unless a very mate rial increase of effort be manifested, we are satis fied the draft will certainly come. -fiffo’retf. That It is the conviction of the com mittee that the dra<t for Coot county cannot be avoided unless Individual citizens, who are able to doit, will mmjshsubstitutes or representatives, in addition to the volunteers now being lomlshed by tbe conntv bounty. EttolttJ* Ti at io the opinion of (hi* Commit* tee, it is both tbe personal interest and a patriotic duty on the part of citizens, who can do so, to procure substitute* or representatives, and havd them crcoited on our quota, under tbe advise of tbe War Fund Committee. Tbe statement contained in last evening's Jour nal, that tbe War Committee bad decided that ail. r<fcrnit*'mnst be credited to Cook ccnnty at large, and that sub districts would receive no credit# for itsYecrnlts, we are requested to state is entirely -eironeous and grossly unjust. Every recruit who receives the county bounty most of necessity be credited to some sub district, for It is an express prevision of the law that such should be done. By a resolution puoll-hcd abov, it will be seen that tbe War Fund Committee repudiates the above, and declares that each reemit shall bd credited to tbe eub-dlatrictmoEt in arrears. This action, we are sure, will commend itself to every dozen of the county, . Heed's' Tehtle or Music.—The Kalamazoo dispatches to the city papers hare recorded tbe handsome gtnercsity and pitrotlsmofMr.Beed, of the Temple ol Muelc, in this city, in donating a piano to tbe Sanitary department of tbe Michigan State Fair. It was nobly done, and yet if only a freeb proof of Ur. Beed'e devotion to loyalty. His connection with tbe donations to the ■ creat Chicane Sanitary Fair was even more nota ble. Mr. Heed's establishment in McCosmlrk’s marble building, on tbe corner of Euidolph and Dearborn street?. If one of oar city invitations, and well worth a visit from all strangers and res t dent*. Aelance through tbe premises will g*v jhe key to his plan out of which his success e Mb. Bandman.—lt will gratify all lovers of gen uine dramatic talent end the performance ©f the legitimate drama to learn that Mr. Sandman com mcnce* an engagement next week at McVicker’B* Theatre. During hlf encec ement, which will pc copy Monday, Tocr coy, Wednesday and Thnredty cvenircs of next week, and the week after, with, ptxeibly. a matinee, Mr. 8.-will impersonate Ham let, Othello. Isgo, Clagde Uelnotte, Alfred Evelyn, Narclese, Hicheiien sndSbyiock. ■ During the present season we have had spubi tlonsot every description—blue flre\Seven Sisters, semi-nude women la?bed to horses, intelligent dogs, women danrjnp Irish jigs and other such wash ad infinitum and ad nauseam, end they have been well patronize o.'much to the depreciation of troc dramatic taste. In Mr. Sandman we have a thorough, conscientious artist, ■whose action is governed by intellect and not mechanics. He will present npthinp to his audiences that U not of th j lUchest character, and he W UI represent nothing that isnot characterized by pure a-dstic outline** We trust that there are thelt^o^Soogh in this dty who can appreciate sterling action to give Mr S, a hsndiome house every night. b * COURT! UNlOn OOftriininOA. The Primary Mre(<oga Te»ter4«y-Bel‘ • eeates Elected In She City. The Republican Union primary meeting* for the selection of delegdtf * to the Cook County Conven tion were held yesterday in the several ward* of the city. The vole \polled was much larger than usual The town primary meeting* were held on the prevlonsday. The following arethe results of the election, so fares reported: | firtf Ward— B. W. Raymond, A. C. Scbooley, CUarle- D. Peacock, George Fritz, Geo. C Bites. Bimou - Qnlulan, Peter Page Cha* P. Chiton, Wm. S.tCadmao. Imbc Wollhcx, John Summer fif Jo.- Charles Uiehle, John Bales, Supervisor J. C. Knickerbocker Second Ward—Wm. H- Carter, Geo. A. Plie'i maim. Cbanocy T. Bowen; J. i', Dare, Jacob Sutter, C. P. KOlocff, C BchelL M. W. Lftavit\ A. Burnham, Abraham Waiter, Samuel Willard, Leon Sirens; WardSooem.or, Or. S. O. Blais. Third Ward— John Wilson, Peter WoK, H. C. Dqrand, W. H. Eddy, 8, B. Perry, J. K. Pollard, A. 'Fribble, O. B. Maples, F. A. Frank; Super visor, C. G. Wider. fourth Wart —Samuel Ucßoy, Wm, H. Rice, Solomon P. Hopkins, Thoms* Mcolea, Wm. H. fibenee, Phillo Wadsworth, Wm. Hopkins; Su pervisor, Charles Follanabee. Fifth mmf—Peter Bonnot,' Michael Schmitz, Adolph Muller. v . Sixth RorJ—R. B. Stone, W. Metzger, E, Bind er, Uenry Ferdicand.<. • Seventh Wart—Q. H. Tonng, Henry Pilgrim, Jacob Ruth, B. A. Pont, Avery Moore, C. Tejht meitr. . Fttfhih IForrf—Willard N. Smith, George K.' Miller, John Mollier. . Jfinth Won/—d ohn A. Terrell, P. W. Oates G. C. Smith, George Sherwood. George W. New combe, Thomas McNamara. John Coibidge, Wil liam ScbseJL Ward Supervisor—Ren be a Taylor. Tenth Wort —George Hlmrod, C. N. Bo’deo, O. Duncan. B. F, Sitta, A. Snyder, Wm. Reinhardt, I>. H. Howard, Lome Bclolz. A. Wemple, A. Sut ton, IT. Lochbeiler, Joel Lull, Russell Green. Wsid Supervisor—J. Clough Haloes. E'Cienih Ward— Hugh Gray, Jesnc Olsen. G. Lcvennz, R Tarrant, Wm. Zschocke, Harry DeaL Joseph Bogan, N!c Miodcn. TtO'lfth Ward— L F. Waite.LonlsSchultz, Wm. .Krees. Timotey Verdier, John Buhler, F. Shappe. Supervisor, C.Ducneing. . Thirteenth Ward- Cbaa. Peck, Coorad Folr. John Wiedlin, Va.eminc Mltlmtt. Supervlror Gustave Fischer, - * fourteenth Ward— PbflUp Steinmnller, Christian Griep, John Hettinger. John Taubman, Ferdinand Pancker, Charles Monzenbergcr. Supervisor. P Slcimncllcr. .. ■jfifUenth ITonf—Samuel SchacklonL' James-L. Packard, W. B. Golcen, John Harting, Anthoa PisUf Jqseph Santa, Dr. Q. C. Paoll, Goo. Knerr. Jacob Enter*. t TTfird—James L.Smith, ILP Beecher P. MeUU*B, W. Thomas, Adam Baierie, M. Jones! F. HdlAtnilA B. Reynolds. A. Sanderson, PolUp ApTtd, r, iLTßensoo; Supervisor B. W. Thomss.-a TOe convention will Assemble in Metropolitau “MI, iblo rftettioon, at 2 o'clock. The bnriuess In orcer will & the nomination of candidate* tor the offices Of States AtlomeV, Senator, Clerk ol the Circuit Coroner, and Representa tives in tbe Lcgtß atnre. The Tenth Ward delegation will meet to-day at one o'doc£'«Adr3f,at tbe office of George Hunrod. on Caxitl ttroytjXiear Adams. A Qfaitu Ol # Hadlej., Yesterday,’ wlth'appropriate amices and tri* bntes of respect, Tie honored'remans of the lamented Mias Badjey were laid lathe earth. The occasion was, fn deference to tbe wishes of tbe family, simple and unostentatious, and yet was inseparable from features ansi associations that made it touching 'and Impressive. The war for the Union has not claimed a truer and purer sacri fice than that which; became bus* Hadley's life work, and yielding towhlch her orertaxed powers failed. She has fallen arflnily In the fore front of I; duty aa have onr noble brothers gonedown in the. red surge of battle. In the rimer frame of man** hood, patriotism, courage; and devotion each as hers would have led its possessor where the 'light was thickest and our Hag the goreat pressed. These salnc qualities In her, bade her forget her slender womanhood, and .resolutely tnm aside .from the paths of eolt ease, the privilege ol her rex. irom the outbreak of the war in lECI, until when, a few mouthe since, her frUiog physical strength proved unequal to her uacon* Kplri', tbe mlfllled tfce cuties of volunteer : nurse, relinquishing a home of ease and its social turrocodlnva, lor the trying offices of the military hospital—for hours of watching by the cot of the wounded—lor tad and appalling scenes following : the tremendous events of battle. Commencing her volunteer duties at Cairo, sbe was present ana efficient in the laborious And trying bourn that succtedtd the doth of arms at Ooneiscn, Shiloh and Corinth. Surgeons, her associate attendants —indeed, all who saw her patience, skill and de votion, and especially tbe sufferers who received hpr gentle services, have ever spoken warmly In. her praise. Among tbe hearts that will be sadden cd to know that the has fallen, «Ui he many among -onr soldiers, whose bronzed cheeks will re wet ta tribute to her worth and loval zeal. Many or them will remember bow, ont of the cloud of. battle ere its smoke was cleared a way- while yet its fresh hood was flowing-a gentle womanly free, with pltung and cheerful words, looked noon their snf frrtogs, and the representative of the slater, meaner, wife in the jar off home, bound no the hero wounds, smoothed tbe pillow of palm and brought cheer and hope ont of anguish and dark ness, When the list of the hero victims of th‘s contest Is gathered, though unnumbered as.forest leaves, not one will tie lost, and none will shine with a purer radiance than those who, like Aq*qs taM. Hatflev.havelald down their lives in woman )y devotion in the hour when peril lay upon the land. By the purchase of each lives as hers will come Peace, and Union, under -Liberty, a ran soeko lacd, a better and a purer patriotism. Tie remains of the deceased arrived from New York morning at 10:45, via the Michigan Southern railroad, and on arrival were taken to tbe ' residence ot Atr tMor, Mrs. Beynolda, No. 237, Wabash avenne. In tne afternoon at 2jtf o’clock tbe funeral services took place, and the body was conveyed to ita last resting place, escorted by tbe members pfbattcrits A and B, aim a large number" of torrovi log friends. The Eev. Dr. Humphrey of whose church, the Pin-t Presbyterian, deceased was ar. exemplary member, officiated, and bis re mark* touching tbe life and devotion of toe de ceased, were listened to with the deepest atten tion. . * Noroegian United BepnbllcunClcb, AmeeiiLg of Norwegian citizens was held last evening in the Hall on the comer of Deeplatnes street and Milwaukee avenne, for tbe purpose of organizing a Norwegian United Bepnblican Cinb. Tbe meeting was largely attended. The Club was organized by the election of Iver Lawion as Presi dent, and H.N.Testal as. Secretary. The follow ing re solutions wera unanimously adopted: iteofrxd. That wo believe in the maintenance of tbe Union—the whole Union—end that, believ ing thus, we pledge ourselves to labor for its per petuity by all honorable and lawful means in our power. - Eeto-’red, That we believe the Norwegians in this country to bo loyal to tbe Governmentf-and we will cordially unite with them, and witn onr otbtr ft-liow-ciuzfDa, In the snpporc ol Lincoln and JobiiEon, on the Baltimore platform. Eeto-tej % That being tbankfnl lor the blessings and privileges we have enjoyed since we made this country onr home, we ; appcal to all lovers ol the Union and to the friends of freedom everywhere, but more especially to onr own'countrymen, of whom over 200,030 are scattered over tbe North-- west, as yon love the country of our adoption, as prize Us noble institutions, to rally around Its fiag. and come op unitedly to the support of tbe Government In its glorious straggle to pat down the aristocratic elavcholcers' rebellion. £eto!nX, Taai by united and energetic action In .the campaign the nation will be eared, and will come ont ol tbe straggle regenerated, more newer- Ini, and every way better ro fhilll its gto rione destiny among the nations of tbe earth. Mftolud, That in tbe rebellion of the slavehold ers against tbe lawfully constituted authorities of Ibe couury,-backed by the monied aristocracy of Pmoj e, we see a renewal of the old straggle be tween capital and labor; and therefore'wecallupon Jill who believe in human rights above and beyond mere capital, to unite in tbe support of our liber ties against this golden calf, t>y whomsoever set no. In the language of the Hebrews of old. we declare to tiff, such would-be rulers: “We will not serve your gods, nor worship the golden image tbon hast set up.” . Euolte'i, That in tbe avot®l sympithy for the rebels, by tbe aristocratic classes of .Europe, wo sec manifested the same spirit which, true to Us BatunllFierat, subdues the smaller nations, and enthralls the while laborers of tbe Old World?and demands tbe right, in the name of Almighty God, to enslave the African race here ; bnt tbe sympathy for the loyal North, and for tbe cause fur which it isponrirg ont Its treasures and. its blood like water, by the.Hicnds of freedom on both sides of the Atlantic, we see the dawn oftb&t better day. when the downtrodden and oppressed of all lands shall be made free. MaoHeit, That whilst wo mourn the lose of the many fallen in our gallant armies amongst whom are many of our friends and countrymen, wg'will unite onr grateful thanks with those ofallieyal hearts, to Almighty Goo, for the victories for the cause of the Onion litriy won by its gallant de fenders, and that to Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and Bear Adm 'ral Fjrragnt, is due the sincere acknowledgments of the Nation, and'if these heroes and patriots are properly .sustained, we believe the Nation’s straggle wib speedily ter minate in the complete overthrow of tnls wicked rebellion, and then, and not until then, shall WO have a vloriou* and lasting peace. That, so laras the County election‘s concernedjwe Norwegians have no candidate to present. We go with she Union parry from Brin cipUt, not/cr tht loaveiandJlthtt ; aud w* hearti ly inscribe on our banner: Abo and Andy. Dick and Beacon I Becoepeb’s CocßT—Sximafcxa.—Yesterday be ing the last day of the September term of tbe Becorder's Court, was principally occupied by his Honor, Judge Tan Boren, In sentencing tbonufor tunates against whom criminal charges had been sustained. Of theae there were only eleven, and nine were women, moat of whom owe their shame to an over-love lor dresq, at their neiehoora’ ex pense. Ellen Wacarlhy, formerly an employee In the Maiteaon Bouse, stole therefrom a quantity ot bed clothing, end was sentenced to six month#’ impris onment in tbe county Jail. • Ellen Sullivan, larceny of a shawl, three months in tbe conntv jail. . Annie Grav stole a dress and was sentenced to sixty days in tbe City Bridewell. iolta McAudrewa—dealing clothing—three months in the Bridewell. Emma Howard, stealing $75 from a’soldier to a low den, pleaded non-age, and was “ sent np” for nine “moons.” Cornelia D»*Forrcet, a professional thief; stole $125 from a soldier on board tbe cars, whllecotn ing from Kalamazoo. Sent to tbe Penitentiary for two years, with hard labor. Catherine Tracey robbed a trave'er on .the “ Sands," and was sentenced to the Penitentiary for one year, - Mary Green, found guilty of the larceny of S6O, pleaded inexpertencco yonth, and was let off with three M moons” in tbe Bridewell. Kate Smith, stealing* cloak, sixty days. Thla was h*r first offense, and the Judge dealt cadi y with her. John Swcn.etciiing two hand-eaws “in S joke,” wss sent up tor thirty day s. - Henry Gtlge, convicted of larceny as bailee, moved for a new trial, which was overrated by the Conrt. Henry then applied for permission to co llet in the arm; or navy. Penning efforts to ascer tain hi*fitness for a soldier, tbe Coon adjourned. West Division Campaign Club.—To the voters ofthe WestDivisldS: Tbeundersirnedwere ap. pointed a committee to call a~gencral meeting of the Union voters ol the West Division, for the par* pose of forming a Campaign Club. We, therefore, request yon to meetin Aurora Hall, No. 113 Mil waukee avenue, on Saturday evening, September St, at 7X o’clock. A general attendance from all the Wards of the West Division Is particular'; de sired. Signed by J. Clough Haines, B, Fowler, A. Wcmplc, P. Amick, J.*T. Costar, Committee. Socthebh lowa Sanitabt Path.—Tbe Sanitary Fair, for tbe benefit of the soldiers of Southern lowa, comes off on Monday next, at Burlington, In connection with the lowaJßtate Fair, and from alive learn promises to be a success. Hr. Solly, agent of the Sanitary Fair, is in town, solicUfug derations, which we hope wlilbegivenhim.with that generosity for which Chicago is so preemi nent. ’ " * I*AECE2rr.— John C. Dickey, the man whose ar rest lor miming away with the wife of a Canadian, which we mentioned a day or two since, was yes terday brought before Justice Brown, charged with tbe larceny of sundry ” firings,” tbe prop erty of the woman who bad enticed him away. The case was continued until to-day. ' - \ The 88th Whcosbih.—The asth Wisconsin, ,-eight hundred strong, reached this cxtylaatnifiSt, a little after one o’clock; art route for the army of the Potomac. / Hltbtr Boutitle**- An oiTer* Editors Chicago Tribune: Iteppeanog evident that we stall not raise our qaora unless larger bounties areoff-nd.the *rlter of this prc-posea to be one t.f cf-.sen hnudred 10 add s2ootoihit already off*red. mating s bounty of S6OO. Letamee-ioc called Immediately, and those attend wboare wuliog to do this much to provide a bounty equ«l to that being paid else where. L*-t m» add that l am not a married min. To raise S2OO will probably affect my flam res equal to that of any Individual in Chicigo. wdo ha* a small basin* ss and a family to snpport, and cannot ete any other wny to go; along, bot to go, •in cate of being drafted. Q, LOCAi. MATTERS Sr* James—lt is said by those having occa sion lorencb terviceaasDr. James renders, to have no snoerlorln the treatment of private disease*— or Disease* of the geni'al or sexual organs. Dr. James practiced fifteen years in New Orleans, thir teen years of which ho condncted tbe Itreest hospital In the United States for tbe treatment of private diseases, and tor the lose toree years he his been practicing in Chicago Within ibe la*t fifteen yea re Dr. James bas treated more dlseas c«'nf an in fectious ventral cbnracter successfully than any otberdoctorlntbeUnited States. Dr. James i* the only specisllct treating the sex ual organs In tbe Halted States, that has testimo nials enlogl«lic of bis professional skill and success—mmxPrmessor* of Medical Colle'caaud hospitals in the United States that are living-not In a foreign country—hut can be referred to at any time. Dr. Jcmeo’ office and parlors are at SC Randolph street, upstairs. Ten separate rooms. All con sultations confidential. Office hours from 9 a. m. HUS p. m. - Be»»730-u . the best cu ftom-made Shirts in tbe city go to Wileon’s, 120 Dear&om street. seS3-a69Mt Do-Re-tne,—Mr. Dye will ■ his Jove*, lie Sinjtlng School dpi! Saturday morning at 9 o dfick-ln-the Musical Unlou Academy, Molio dlst Church Block Adult Singing School on Tnea-' day evening at tbe same.plane. For particulars see his cards at the metric stores. • seS2 2t X3T The beat Pant Cutter in Chicago is at Bart -leu’s, 181 and IS3 Randolph street, Sherman House. scp22B6BMw. > Westzhn Union Coixbgb and Mixjtaey Acad zarr, Fulton, Illinois.—A first-class boarding in stitution for young men and boys. Cadets received atany-rime. Adresa, CoL.D.S.CoTEnr, eepU7&3iß-2w . President. Freedmeu’s Aid Commission.—The Treasurer acknowledges the receipt'of seventy seven dollars and twenty-five cent*, collected tn the M. E. Church on Kingston (III.) Circuit, oa Fast Day, end forwarded by Eev. George n. Hill. Biocmington Nnrsorr.—22o acres Fruit, Omamenul «nd Nursery stock, 40,000 Peach, 73.000 Pear, 100,000 Grape, Ac. Send red stamp lor new list- . F. K. PIICENIK. Bloomington, 111. sepll qS77 2w oAw. fluumis, &c., *e., at N. York prices. F. J£. Rigby, 69 Randolph Bt. aa27-p764-Sot HEWS BY TELEBRfIPH. TDK CLBTIiL&in) TICKET. Dlaaolntlon of Partnership—Letters from Fremont and Cochrane* Boston, Thursday, Sept. 22.—Tbe fo!lowlng]et tcr of General Fremont, with drawing his name as a candidate, is published to-day.' Boston, Sept SI. Gentixmek—l feel It my doty to make one step more In tbe direction indicated by my New York letter, ol the 25th of August, and withdraw my tame from the list of candidates. ' Tbe Frc'ldciiUal questtoo has, In effect, beenen tered upon in men a way that the anion of tbe Republican narty has becomes paramount necessi ty. The policy of tbe Democratic party requires either separation or re-establishment with slavery. The Chicago plauormig simple a« McClellan’s letter of acceptance Is re-eslablulu sent with slavery. - ' . . { The Republican candidate, on the contrary, is pledged to the re esiabllabacnt of the Union with out slavery, and however hesitating bis policy nuy be, the pressure of his party will, we hope, force - him to it. Between these views.l think no man *1 the lib eral pmy can remain m doubt, and I believe I am consistent wlthjmy antecedents in withdrawing, sot-to aid In tbe triumph of Mr. Lincoln, bat 4o do my part toward preventing the election of the Democratic candidate Ju respict to Hr. Lincoln I continue to hold ex actly the sentiments contained in my letter 01 sc cepiai.ce. 1 consider that bis Aamlnleuatfoo has been, politically, militarily and financially, a fail ure, and that its necessary continuance is a cause of regret lor tbe country. There never was each unanimity In a country than was exhibited here at tbe f«li of Sumter, acd the South was powerless In tbe face of It. But Mr. Lincoln completely paralyzed this generous feeling,' Be denroyed the strength of tbe posi tion and divided the North when he declared to the Sontbtbat slavery should be protected Be built op for the South a strength which other wise they could have sever-attained, ai d this has given them an advocate on the Chicago plat form. * The Cleveland Convention was to have been the open avowal of the condemnation which men had been freely expressing to eich other for the past two years, and which had been made fully known to tbe President: but in the uncertain condition or affairs. leading men were not found willing to make public a dissatisfaction and condemnation which could bare rendered Hr. Lincoln’s nomioa nation impossible, and their continued silence aod support established for him a character among the people which leaves no w no choice. United, the Republican party is reasonably sure of success; divided, the result of-the Presidential election is at the least doubtful. 1 sm, gentlemen, rcspectlully yours, ' J. C. Fbemoht. The following la anolhrr letter from Gen. Fre mont, in which he gives his reasons for withdraw ing more fully: NanAirr, Hses., Sept. 17 —• Oebxlxmkn : I en close yon my letter or reply to an Invitation from vome of my Republican Inends to imeet them at Faneoil Ball. In ficcllitins their Invitation I have informed them of my Intention to stand aa:dc from tbe Presidential canvass, aod atelgncd mv reason for doitg~so. To avoid repetition, I enclose yon the letter cntnsmolcatlng to yon now officially my de sire to withdraw my name from the list of Presi dential candidates. . In this decision I have the approval of each of onr friends as I hays bees able to consult, and urged by the near approach of the election. I have tbonght it not prudent to incur the <onger de lay of contnJtlne oihere,';but I have reason to be lieve they will unite with me upon the propriety of tbe step I have taken. Batin withdrawing from thepostnf candidate, Ido notin anyway Intend to withdraw from my •fhare in the labor wMcn we jointly nndertooa to secure the ideas represented by tbe radical Democ racy. Whatever the next Administration-may be we owe to oars elves to form a phalanx compact and competent by its thorough nmty, ezercl«mg a pressure strong enough to insure the eventual success ol tbe principles for which we v have been contending—the re-establishment of the Union, the abolition of slavery, and practical respect lor liberty. In the composition of parties it is Indis pensable that earnest men should devote them selves to watching tbe progress, and Insuring tbe success of these issues recaralcsaot men or parties, i Mr. Lincoln says he does not lead oat follows tbe will oftheptople. it remains then for the people, in the event of bis being re-elected, to vlg i antiy require this following at his hands, and further, to require that In the execution-of bis doty.bekeepsscrnpnlonsly within tbe Constitu tion-end tbe Law; to make him recognize that he holds his place and Ms powennot as belonging to himself, to be need at nls pleasure, bates * really faithful servant to the people. This-Is the Impor tant doty which we have now to perform. Although as -representatives of tbe Cleveland movement, we surrender onr functions tcflhe duty oi watching partv politics, onr Interest in' Li berty andthe Constitution remains. What steps are necessary in tbe performance oT that doty, most be ‘the snbjeit for future consultation. - X am, gentlemen, respectfully and truly. Years, J. C. Fremont New Toek, Thursday, Sept. 22,— Gen. John Cochrane pnbliebes an the War Demo crata of the United States, withdrawing bis name from the Cleveland ticket. In the coarse ot his addrerehe eajs: While, therefore, Gen. McClel lan, resolves upon an impossible Union as It was through war; the Chicago Convention resolves upon an impossible Union as it should be through pt-ace. The Baltimore Platform, be sa’ye. however objectionable,-does not fail to refer tne re-cstab littment of ronstimtional liberty and tbe restora tion of the Union to the arbitrament of arms, in which, and in which alcne, the national safety Is to be found. He wonld prefer to cave the people brought to a vote on Ibo Cleveland Platform; bat before the principles embraced in that platform is onr country, and he cannot stand in a position which, by oiviolcg. hazards tbe success of those who agree that the Union cannot be restored with out tbe uninterrupted continuation of the war. THE LAKE CffilE PiItATES Arrest of Rlpglcadsn-TbeT arc all lor JiUtle tfac, Toxxdo. Osio,Thursday. Sept. 22, —A Sandusky correspondent of the Clevelaml Herat'*, in an ac conntof the rebel raid on the L ike, elves t,e fol lowing tucis; The man Co’e,-wbo was arrested at Siudasky ob tbe leader in the conspiracy, bad been in the city for some six weeks, carrying on hie traitorous work by the use of a quantity of gold. He had armged-for a grand supper on Monday nleht at Sandusky, at which leading copperheads of San dnsky were to be preeen*. with theoffleers of tbe United States eteamer Michigan; tbe llqnor was to be dragged, the officers disabled by the copper heads, and tbe steamer then taken possession of, Co:es was identified as a rebel capnin, and was arrested on Monday afternoon, when he confessed the wbole plot. On Tuesday a man named Robinson was cd in Sandusky, and taken over to the Island an dt>r guard. He was an associate'of Cole, and as aleted him in the distribution of his mousy. , Tbe following arc theaiz men arrested on Mon day night: Abraham Strain,-commonly known as Oiptain Strain, is a hardware merchant of Sandusky. He Is known as one of tbe princlpel leaders or tne Copperhead Democracy ol Sandusky, ano has been violent in hi* denunciations of the “ Lincoln des potism.” Hie connection with the plot to seize tbe Michigan is raid to be very clear. John H. Williams, is afeo-A hardware merchant of Sandatky, and a very, prominent copperhead. He has for some time had rebel women in bis house. Dr. Edward Stanley. Is an Allopathic physician of Sandusky, and a strong copoeruesd.- He was connected some time since In a scheme for procar* log quinine for the rebel army. Ills'assoclate in the affair was sent to Fort La layette on its being discovered. J. B. Herrick, Is a.bnilder, and a etrongHcClel lan Democrat. J.M. Brown, another strong McClellan Demo* crat, wae Postmaster under Bnchanaa. F. Rosenthal lea Jew, who settled as clothing dealer in Sandusky, about t to years since, claim* log to bate been driven out of Richmond for Union sentiments. - He is an outspoken copper* head. The captors of the little steamers were rebels and copperhead skulkers from Canada. Several were recognized as having been for s-.vme time around Sandusky and the Islands. Tacy talked fioHUcs freely, and expressed the hope of HeClcl on's election. Other arrfete have been made, bnt we have sot the lames. J •“ ' ' New York State' Agrlcaltural fair. Buffalo, Thursday, Sept. 22,—The New Ycrk elate Fair opened at on Tuesday, and Is progressing finely, The weather is delightful. There aremasy visitors present. The entries ex ceed either of the two last years. ihe cattle show Is small, but was revir het'er. Bvirves escrllent. Fine wool sheep show good. Better cli'set of machinery shew good: some new and Insiracuve. Frail exhibition good. Dairy> and vegetables very poor. Domestic department email, , j FBQ9I ABKAIVSAS. An Inratlfin or masourl Threatened- IDuTcmcnt of Price’s ttcbels. ‘ St. Lon?, Thursday, Sept. 22.—C01; Thomp son, qfihe Ist lowa cavalry, direct from Little* Bqck. reports that it was understood at that plate t&ftt Price, with from twenty to- thirty thousand men, had crossed the Arkansas river at Darda nelles, and was pnshinz northward. Whether le wcnld strike Fort Smith (betwecawhlch place a> d Little Bock all communication has been cut off), or march directly for Missouri, is/ not known. Shelby, whose forces are in Northern Arkansas, la expected to co-operate with Price, thetr probacle plan being to invade Missouri with two columns' Irom different directions. - We also hare reports that price has seven thousand men neat Oaesvllle, In SontLweet Missouri, but thiaie not positively A heavy force ol FedctaHzoope is concentrating* si Brownsville, between Little Bock sod Damir* Bloff, tod s division order Gen. Decnls, from Louisiana, bss also arrived. Tbe indi cations are that Price will hare some trouble la taking care ol his rear. nra.BßTii.i-E. Brj.iclnt;. «t Sheridan’s Victory. Nabiitiixe, Thurf-sy. Sent 22.—A salute of 101 puna wan fired: from the Capital to-day In honor of Grant, 8 * * rccent victory, by order of General Adjutant General Thomas arrived here to-day. otr will be »er*naded, U is understood, at the resl dcoce of Col. K D. aSsey. River 3>» feet on tne shoals, and ai a stand. lUOM COLDSBCg. Bnmored Eeeape of 5,000 Bebel Prli oiiero.- ’ Louistillb, Sept. 21. —a startling report reach es us by a prntletnan who arrived in this city thin morning directly from cpiombns, Ohio. He states that oa Saturday la*i the rebel prisoner* confined at CampCbafO overpowered tbe guard, and fire thousand of them agcceedcd in making their es cape. They are banded together, with such im plements as they*could obtain, audit Is feared tbat they might do mischief before they could be re captured. Ifthenpprt be troc, undoubtecly tbe rebels will scatter and endeavor to make their way South or to Canada sit gly and In email squads. Markets oy Teie^rapn. Teasels Passed Detroit. (Special Diepaich to the Ohicauo Tribune.) DsTßoiT.Thursaayjßept.J2. Up—Darley, Pomeroy, St. Lawi ence, Nichols, Dec, mar*, ELen Williams, Trowbridge, Senator. Down—B.G. Winslow, C««ncord. Younr America. Moitcs, t'oseKe, M. M.Scott, Tartar, Uolvma. a an’ Cerecn. w. c. Biown, Nabob ana Holt. Windßoulh. Dnllwankce fflarAet, (Special Dupatch to the Chicago Tribnce ] Milwapebb. Thursday, Sept. 33. Market dull and heavy—no decided c&auge. Geaik—Wheat receipt* 3,eocagalnst 1&T.0C0 last year; marie; ?(£i3clo*er; sales this a. m.; BCB on at *IJ» • on’Change 505 bn lug stLl lower, closing this evening at *1.87; weak ■sates ol £5.0:0 to at *l.b7dU9. Data in gcod demand aid Ic better; sales at etc in store. Corn firm at IUJ, - , St, Louis Market. [Special Dispatch to u« Cticago Tribune.) -St. Louis. Thurslay Evening,*Bept, 2| .Tobacco—Lower. There were bat 87 bbas offered; 1 6 were sold, while bids on Si were rqjeeted. -Swaps’ |BJC@S.2O; irecnand damvged lags, f*c* tory do, planters’do, *U 75- y doum nsen and shipping leaf, tuoinn.7s; medium do. »J9 LC&34.U; good acd fine do, common 1eaf.2i00@56.50j 6 bis at Dim *lt> Uo@37-<3 Floub-Ihsc»lv<. Sale* 70 brls extra at dcubletxUa country at 111.10; extra at 810 03 in 4 double extra at 811.00. ana WKAl>—WhtaUJecidedlv doll. Sale* 88 sack* poor mmt> nt K75; aflor 8i; 8-2 do ai.|L9j: .53 do at 81.9134; Ms e»cks in riots at *iA ; 2Siaoat |i97v .11 00 sack* la 4 let* a> 82.W; ISO do at 82.01 : 860 do m a loir at |2,C5 V ba. Corn—:o,cco sacsb la store were rtD rted on private terms. Other sales wo-esSQJ racks n.lxid wette and yellow to atore at SlSs* gas do jeilrw,outhol««; 112 do wh.t«.oiitnß Oats-Saloioi 1,200 sacks in 8 low to a xoversmeat-coi;tractor at Die, del. Barler-is: Backs fall at si£b\ o2 do at 82.12H; 33 do at *1.33 • 150 dospnicat 11.85? ba. Paov.sioas—Laid—Sales SO tres prime steam at 29 Kc ?#. , TAixow-SalcsS3 preset 19c. -■ 7 ' 45 oils in 2 iota at 9L73P gal. Cincinnati Market* [Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Bspt. 22,1881. Fiona—Market depressed and prices nominaL So* perflne, good extra |9.T51 extra tamLy, fftesa 1C 00. WimsT-Enll market.' The only tale effected was 90 hrls at 9I.TS. Faovitiosß-Fo sales worlhy of note, Bnlkmeati —l'filSc for shoulders and tides. Bacon—Ke for shoulders and 1934e20)*0 for sides. Lard qaiet and saleable at Z2Hc. No demand for mess pork, GBAlN—Wheat market doll ana demand light. Red. ouUl cefleure for prime sample, fi.M: whita non-Inal it 9210: salsa 3tO bn prime red at 82 00 •am •du do at 9-W: 1W pa on landing at 9L80; 800 dbuo choice at 91 93. < otn—Demand light and market flnlttatllJSalJssfor car and 9l.2affli.aj for ihelkd. Oais-Ormapo lUbt at7S3Y6c In bale and elevators, bye—Market dull; holders asked |1.40 for prime: but * to pay over «iAS. Barley unchanged -Sr 1 00 SSS5~ 1 J art ? tl , dQll and operations Irreghlar. Coffte 45347 c for fair toetoice. Kiv suesrus sag r ° r w-ualdSSflCffll HAT-In fair stand at »23.00®25.C0 par ton for fair prime Timothy on arrival. Poj 4T018,, 44.00ai.9u per bamL Fanil—Apples per bmel. lllino(s and Michigan Canal. [Special Dispatch to the CcJcago Tribune.] Bbidqzpobt, Thursday, Sepf. a, IB6L Clxabxd—Netting. .ABKivKO—Advance. Lemoat, 48 yds dimension stone; D.Hess,Lemoat.4s yds dimension stone- J B.Preston-Mortis.souo baeors.s«eo buoa.e.SOWO ns reeds; Onward, Joliet, S.CCO Duoatsi Cnannanon. Eatfcakee Feeder and Caannahoa.TjOoo bo oats - im perial. Loekport. ba com; A. G Gaylord. Lock pci t, i.H 0 bu oats, lie ba rye, 70 bile Hoar. Cikaxkd, Brpt. 22,8 p.m.—Cayuga,Loekport. ft lumber, 4400 sldlDg, &.OOC ohirgtes, 35 00u i»t n; In- SeeitKatcr. L*mont:; Eunice,do;Pz»iria neen, Ottawa,siLOO ft lumber; Consutution. Locx ?ort, 81.(01 Itlambrr, 10.1CO&S staves and heading ork State, ft lumber, 40.(C0Bama‘ chiniry.f.TtO latb;Pmne Chiei, LaSalle, 73,173 ft 1umber,7,650 lath; J B. Preston, Moms; Onward. Joliet* B Q.LootLlr,Lemoat; Drill, Morris. * Avhtvxp—American Star, LaSalle, s,iro bu wheat- Seneca Ottawa, corn, 137 ba ba.2ey,3.*50 as S-jfdi: H.McLennan,Seneca, 5,380 bu corn: Ocean bn corn,B,lM cs seed, ’ New York Market. Naw Toss. Thursday, Bept, 32. . Cottox—lrxeguUr and unsettled; prices decided ly lower. imxAESTtryyg—Floor-Market torßtateaul West . «xn opeaea cull and heavy, and closed anil at I0«i5o lower: for fooetior State: 49.7i»9A510r exua State; 19.9 QIO.CO for choice do t 19.45 ?9.70 for Superior Western: for common to me cium extra western s sitTsauxo for common to rood ihltpirg brands extra &und Hoop Ohio, and IU.I-.013.u0 lor uaue brands. Canadian Flour dall and -owtr; 99.9*013 20 for common, and Bio 3oiai2.'o lor good to tholce extra. Bye Flour qole:. WniaxT—<Jai»t: Western $1.62. . Gbajk—^W neat opened heavy anl closeddoll and 2aic lower ; u.u tor Chicago Spring t |2.i9 for aew KaelaeSpring; 82J a iA2.2UforNo. 1 Milwaukee, aod for good Winter Red Western. Bye qolit Corn heavy and 1c lower; flfexal.flt fer mixed Western. Oats firm; moderate business doing; fc7Hc forWistrrn. •’ Gbocvbixs- Coffee lower under the snetlon sale. Scg-rverj onQ: no sales. Molasses market anil anaprlcee nominally Unchanged. Petrolic*—Firm tnt qtuer, and -43 c ter crude. We i-r rtflnea in bond, aiu 85c for refined tree. Ilors-Qolet. /■ Wool— Quiet Psoriuioss-PorV lew active and lower, Ili.OOa 4i.v> lor met*; |4L50<2 12.62 w jor now do; atrjooa fO.CO for p:ltce: and H3PO«ttso for prime mesa: also new mcee.dellvrrea Bipternsr. oarers cation, at (12 81, Oct* bar 12tb at btr, crayer’e option, part at 91LOO. Beef unit am heavy-; sl2>oais.oo fur country meet; 99 00 for conn try pi Ice; Ilf.&oiO.W for r«p»csed mess, and S3O 00 ars.oo for uin mcsi; prime men beef entirely nom ln«1. Cntmettsareunietandprleealrregnlar: nxe ®!9eforeh&alC(r?.aati , Jo3Oclor bam*; tbe latter price tor choice. Lard dull ana lower, at 23<32lc— the latter price an extrema. Batter doll and very htavy, at 4r015c for Ohio, and 47051 for State, cheese heavy and quiet, at l&32fc for common to prime. New York'money and Stack market. New Tobx, Thursday, Bept. 23. Monet—Market easy at 7 V cent for call loans. steeling exchange—Dull at iw. OoLD-Heavy and lover,o*eatng ar 221(4, declining toi2o f advaicmg loaiiX.dtcUng to 220)4,and dosing oovnystßKTSTOcrs-Quiet. t Btocxb—Heavy. Gold 120, U.B Cl *Bl coups 157 K. Dos 2icoi pr. ili'K, do 1 year cer;?. S3. Team 6i 9-J, Obto A M.ceit. 4», Stle preieiicl iifl, N. Y. Central USK.ErIeiKK, tlndscn Ifireritljf. Readingi:sj4, Miclfean Central 129, Mlrh. Booth, a Norte Im. 73)4. HI. central scrip Ira*. P.nkbnrgl.O. North weite-n “lx? t"Tn. e n “^> l , ; OCE -“*• Fort w «« Bnflalo Alarfcct. Extffalo Tbaisday cvealnri Sept, 22. Flovb—Dali atd inactive. Grain—Wheat dull and drooping. Corn—No. 3 |149 Oats dm at 7?hc. Others grams nominal. WmsAT—Held at ft B"< Fee on? s to New Year—Wheat, 17XC; Corn. 1BH; cats.lDHfclOk. Laxb nroETß—Flour, 13ASS brla; wheat, bn: coin,ls^7sbn; outs, SulATObOt rye, 13,021 Du. Canal Eipobi a—Wh» at 54,280 fan; corn, 17.45 C bn: oats, 1(3,5C0 bu; rye, 11,490 bo. dswego market. OawEoo, Thursday Evening, Sept. 82." Flour—Unchanged: tU®lB 25 for No-1 Spring: »10 21310 75 for Red winter; |l!®U 25 for White, and fli 760J3 for double Extra. Wheat- Dull; no. 1 Milwaukee Clnb |2 10; Winter Bed Indiana 12 3". ' ' cons—onlet: Illinois tl 59. Canal PunoBTA-A shade easier In Grain, Flour 570£8 c; Wheat ISC; Corn Barley Uc to New ork. Philadelphia Market. PinLAnrLrniA, 1 honday, Sept. 22, Floub— Declining and anlL Sales ttJiOO brfs Extra tamily at 911.5101*50., Gbais—Wheat dull. Bale* of old Red at 92.47 a 2 <5; new Bed at 13.508 2 55; White at tL7u63>(). corn very call. Sales S,oou bn Ye Jow at 91.6> mixed Weittrn 91 (77. Petbolbcm—Steady. Sales brls Crude at 43 Q44c; RcUced to Bond (8375 c; co free 65®93c. - WHiexT—Lull. Feaciylvania sold as $t 84: Ohio at|x.i6. BollroacLTune Table. CCICAGO AND NOimrWEETXBN—DEPOT COB. WEST WATBB AND KINZIE Deparh Arrive. Mail Passenger *10:00 o.m. *s:isa.m. Evening Express -*.Voop.m, *:1:35a,m,- Kight Express •9:30 p.m. *8:15 p.m. galena pmeioK c. a it. w. bailwat —depot KOBTH WELLS BTB EET. Fulton Passenger 0:45 am. 5:30 a.m. Pulton Passenger 9:15 o.m. 1:25 p.m, Freeport Passenger 0: 0 a.m. 8:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger 30:00 p.m. 3:10 a.m. Rocklord Passenger. 4*oo pm. 11:10 a.m. Geneva Passenger . 5:80 p.m. &80 a.m. DetroltExprees *6:30 a.m. *ss:3oAm. Detroit Express 16-00 p.m. $8:45 a,m. DetroitExprese *+10:00 p.m. *B:isp.m. (Train* for Cincinnati and LoulsvlU*.) HornincExpress *d;SOAm. *8:16 p.m. Nfebt Express .+6:00 p.m. $8:45 a.m. mcmoAH boCthzbs— depot cobhbb tan numct Day Express.... EvemneExpreea Klght Express... ..*6:80 Am. *8:15 p.m. ...t6;oopja. *ss:3o son, .•tlChOOp.m, ■ $«45 Am Express,ylaAdrian *fc3oalm. . *S:45 Am. Night Express, via Adrian.+C;oo p.m. *sß:ls Am. PITTSBURG, PORT WATXX A CHICAGO. Hall and Accommodation.*4:4o a.m. *4:10 p.m. Day Express +6:30 *.m. *B;lsp.m. Mail Express tf:00 p.m. *9rio p.m. Night Express...-. +lotlop.m. $8:15 a.m, Cin. & Lonieville Express,+9:4o p.m. $3:35 Am. (Cwmecflnp'W‘i/4 Fenruyivcnia Chiral B. B.) LesvePlltsburg..- aOO ajn. 4:35 p,m. 8:45 p.m, M HhrrlebV.. 3:20 p.m. *45 Am. 6:00 Am AmvePirnffßel... sao p.m, 6UW aan. IWIO ajn , u N.York.l ... [ i 1*55 pm. ATenlon. J “ N. York, j ' w.„ , i a l 1*10:05 p.m. 12:05 p.m. t£s Phlladel. ) - “ Baltimore.. 6:40 pm. 7:00 a.m. 11:50 a.m “ WashMon.. fcSO p.m, 10:30 Am. 6:03 p.m /■ CISCCCKATI ATT\ USB. Dny Express 6c3D Am, 8:15 p.m. Night Express ifcio pm. 8:10 Am* - tFor Indianapolis and ZouisvUk.) Day Express .6*30 Am. 8:15 p.m Night Express - .fcio 8,10 Am. tCtIKOIS CENTRAL, . 1 Day passenger *8:15 p.m. •JkOOp.m. Night Passenger p. m. *7:00 am. Kankakee Acc'n *s:l6p.m. • Hyde Park Tram **6:S5Am. *7:45 Am. ** ** *12:00 m. • *l:3sp.m. “ .. ~*toop. m. *5:20 nrm. “ . ” " *6:lsp.m. *7: Bop.m. CHICAGO, nmaJXQTOK aitd quzxcT, Day Express {hSOmm. &15p m NichtErpresa fcis p. m. 6.*00 a. m. Mcndota Accommodation. 5:15 p. m. 9:30 a. m.. CHICAGO AKT> BT. IOCIB. Express Mall ~.. 9:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m. .Night Express. 9:00 p. m. 6:80 a. m joSet Accommodation.... 4:45 p. m. 9:30 p.m ,v ‘ •CHICAGO ASP nonr w ivn. » Bay Express and Mail. 9:4.-, a.m. 4:50 p.m. Mcbt Express.?... 9:15 p.m. 6:15 mm. Joliet Accommodation 6:10 p.m. 9;43 a.m. CHICAGO AND 2ULWAUKZB SAJLWAY. •St. rani Express ls? 8:15 p.m. KtehtExpreea 8:80 jun. 1:00 p^n. ■Waukegan Accommodatl'n p.m. 8:10 dm. Evanston Special 2:30 p.m. I:2lpm. •Shndajß excepted.- t Sitoidays excepted. Mondaje excepte*)-: ftl Ait ni au - Ir this city, at St. Janie*’ Chnvh.Sep*. 3l»t,bythe Ber. Ur.CfaiMon, AUbIAN ZIHMB \MAJSof Lon don, Entla&d, and talcs Flora Ska, o( Ca eago. In this City, on ThnrMwT, s ep t. JM, 186*. St FftoPa Cbcrch.hTtne Rev. Rob . Critter- *r. OIL BEET K. BIGELOW ana Mill JHNNIE BURa,UoC9 ct Jtrathm Burr, Keq., all cf Chicago. " InTire .Bept IBth, iB f *. by the Rev Ur. fbanmsp, at thevesidMicß of toe nnda'a lather, M*. Walter d. ot ciuewj, ui asiss LUCY O- daughter or lion. a.T EIUsV In E»abnn Conn., by Rev, Bu rH. Nlcholv, of Chicago,SAMUEL BLISS,ot Cmraeo.and AMANOA B. FI2HOLS, daughter of U. P. Lionels, Asq„ .1 Lasbury* died. At Memphis Sent. iwn, alter a ahort Dlaess, PAUL A.QUBAx, CapiainSa low* Cavalry,*it*dS3 years. I aolain Qntal was a hroihti or Robert F. and O. H. QoeaJ, c( this city. At DcnaKft-. nville. Any. 24, ISSL in the 18th year o bis fre'.fiom wrnnoa rrce-veo while in d’lchargw of bib drty a» a courier, ED Wlb fINO -V, of the Win im. noli Cavalry.. Yount Snow was the only s;n of T. C. Snow, Esq., formerly a reeidfnt ofli’s city, but now of Lyons, luwa- Last winter, or early spring, while yet underliyean of ase,atdmuch sgamsshls parents wlshoi. bis ardent pstilotlsm induced him to foreio Iba comforte of home, to bid adientobls foed and coilns p*rtnu, his affectionate siiter. the teicbars ane tats ecloolmate* of tbe Deaihorn school, who though iprrorlnr fer their lots of his compamoniafp* admired bis monilnvea and bade him God speed, lie joined the lith LUncli Cavalry, to add bis efforts though bumble they mlzatbe, to thoae of sm:h patrl* eta bj Ellsworth and ilullizan: like thore he von the admiration of bD sisoeistesby his doeds of bravery; and like them he perlihed by rebel ballets. Whim on bis way to a distant military post with importaccdir patches,in cwapsnywnh three cthers f b*wu am* bushed and snrroundsd by a band of ba'hwha her* and ordered to surreuc rr. As his commandlig offlee, says, “with the heroism of a great deal older head* Edwln'enc spurs to bis horse and dashed through them, at the same tithe receiving a charge of buck shot In the hip and abdomen, penetrating tha lutes' tines: yet, In this terrible altuatlosibe regilned bis camp, son e t&iny miles be/ow Baton Rouge. Edwin was one of my best men, atd every inch a eoldler. 1 ' After (offering extreme pain for four days acd nlgbts without a complaint o'r nurmnr, be expired. Am 21, acs c’cloekP.M We would most sincere.yofferour condolt nee to ms afflicted parents. FLAGS! BADGES!! MEDALS, &c. I have now on band alargeasr'rtme T <to( Badges' ana Medal* of tba different candidates for President and Nice Fiesldrot. Also Hags with ihenamei of the candidates print ed on- T The following are a few to which 1 annex tbe prices, to guide In ordering: Flags from 25 c(s. fo $1 perdozen, Tbe McClellan Pasuerreotype Badge...ploo sin.Co The Lincoln Daguerreotype Bsdve V 100 10.00 Tne Lincoln a ndJohuion Medal Vuo 15.00 The Lincoln Fin sno 6.00 TheMcCledan Pin V 100 15m Tbe atcClellanMedil with Eagle 9 ICO 40.0] Tbe Me Jleiian Medal plain v 100 ..18.C9 Sat'DßadgescgLiDcolnanaJccClcllan.Yi ’0) 610 Flagßaogeof McClelUn V lEI 15 00 Shield Badge of Lincoln V ICO m 3 bieel Portraits of Lincoln and McClel lan 9 IfO 19.50 Fhotograptso Lincoln aadJobssou...7 100 15.U0 Fho’rgrapha of McClellan aud Pendle ton ...FIDO 1500 McClellan Report 9 100 BCU3 Letter Paper and Envelopes with Eeadct Candi dates—Polmcai Tracts ler the C.moalun. published by Tribune ana Post companies at 92 00 »nd 9153 per loo—iDvneibledubCa dia* 82,J0 per dozen paces. T»o dcliars will procure a full set of samples of tae above.andctberanotcnioe list. All crdeis promptly attendei to. X». T. SnEBLOCS, 112 Dearborn Street, Chicago- ec23 sIU-ltithp Natibc aSHines. Constating tnpartoffiTßAWßßßßT, BLAOEBKB BY. CHERRY, KBD RAbTBGBBT SQd OUAPB WINES; PEACH. APPLE, CfIBBBT and BLACK BERRY RBARDIEB. AIM. flue Imported BBAH DIES. GIFS. PORT and 82EBBY WINBS. Ac., foi Medicinal and Table n»e«, which are perfectly pore, and need only be tried to be appreciated. None ceoatoe, unless they have our oou> lobsi. on each BotUf, and our Initials pressed in wax over the cork. Bold by all Dmgalsts.and dealer* throughout the Country Call tor our goods and take 00 other. Circular* to tb* trade supplied on application to BESNETT PIETERS & CO., No. 21 River St,* Ghlcoeo* Jyß-m2SS-ltew-Tncs-ly-4thp auction Sales. Regular sattjrday’s SALS. - . HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Carrot*, Card Tables, Bedsteads, Parlor, Cilice and Cookirg Bttmi, Qroceile*, Horse, Wagon ana Har ness, Ac, Ac., JL T AUCTION, On SATURDAY. Sept. 24th. at 9K o’clock at But. ten* Auction Booms In Portland Block, TXo*. icfi, KB sue I*7 Dearborn at. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., aerisKO-Si _ Anctloneers. Large stock boots and SHOES, Custom Made jClolhlo", Cloths, Cusimeres, STAPLE DBT GOODS, &0„ AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY. Sept. 2ith, at 9X o'clock, at Bat ters’ Auction Rooms in Portland Bl„ck, Noa. 1C3,105 and 107 Deuitonf street. WIL A. BUTTERS & CO., se22-seei-7t - Auctioneers. . AUCTION. BATUBDAT, B6pt. SUb.Uei, By D. MARVIN, Auctioneer, 82 Dearborn Street, A large lot of Prints, Zarife Breia Goods, merinos, 'Woofen Shawls, Bal moral Skirls, Sfleclas, Cambrics, Toweling;, Denims, Ticking** Stripes, Cotton Flannel, mixed and Colored Knitting Cotton, Serpentine Braid, Vel vet Bibbens, shirt Braids, Casslmeros, Black Satins, Nhlrts and Drawers, Kid Glotcs, Cotton and merino Bose, dec. Also, 25 bbls Prime Carbon Oils, and* 10 bbls. Mecca Oil. se2S-8731-2t fJILBERT & SAMPSON, VR AuctlonecrMl.4B and O Dearborn it. 540.00 D WOETH OF Linen Goods. Dry Goods, AND GLUTS’ FOEUISHING GOODS, AT AUCTION. CommenclDeonUONDAT,Bepf.2s,atflj< o’clock. A. M. and 2H P. M.. and continntng each a»y, at the tame boon, until tbe entire etock is sold. Tnastock CDnetits in part *a follows: LINEN GOODS.—too oca Blebardaon A Son* band spua Imcn.FOlpca ebiptlov Untn.Mo pcsSjf ando)4 plJowcafellaen.lMpc* ing, Sio pcsblrdseye oisper l;n»n. 1000 doz. linen tow els, 1 lain and colored borcen.2ooo brown'llnen table cloths, of all sires, 2tCO bleached doable satin damask tablecloths, 100 dozen napkins asddoylies, SO pea bnckahnek toweling, 500 pcs Russian and American ciaihe*. 75 pe« brown and bleached damask. LAuIES’ ANj GENTS’ HOKFS.—KO dozen linen hdkfc, 5U dozen hem-itltched grass linen hdkfs, 400 dozen colored borders. LADIBB’ URE3B GCODi.—Mohale. poplin, bro cades. ebteka. lostrf s, merinoi, valeuclenes, empress C-oihs. Ottoman cloths, reps, de lalnca. Ac. BHAWLB-—Proche, long and square Shawls. B*y State wol do. Balmoral sslrts, planocovers,French, English and American bedspreids. v , , inIiNKJCTS —3OO pairs Swiss and Comberland WEAR.—Broadcloths, doeskins, ctflal merer, satinets, beaver cloth, continue, red, whtto oec blue flannels, shuts and drawers, Ac. -Hjb goodroreall fteab. and will be warrant ed n* represented, at d sold tn quantities to salt par chaser*. by the paces* e, piece, or yard. The attention of honsekeeners, hotel kespen, and otters.lspwtlcnurly invited to this sale, beats will be provided lor ladles attendm* the sale. t . Goods will be open for examination on Saturday bftctDoon Mlore U,« 4 siMPBO!t sc3l-ss77'Bt Anctloneers. riffißEßT & SAMPSON, \JT General Auctioneers. 41, WA 48 Dearborn-it, , BICH HOUSEHOLD FtJBNITUBB, AC., AT AUCTION Ob FETDAT, Bept. 23d, at 9J< o’clock. We shall sett at our eaWr.oms. a splendid auortment of par* lor inittln areen rapp and bsir cloth, rlegaat cham ber inlialn roiewooa and walnut. xsarblu top tables, oat extension tables, oak iltcboard with marble top, book case in rosewood, dressing bor'aas.cane seat chain aad rockers, waahs'antfs, bedheads, refresh* meat taoles, easy ana rocs-lnc chairs In hair cloth, hat tieea.wi»h-marble tops, two show cases, flue Cody. BmucUcii: pet. 4c. ilsbki & 84VPSON . se2t-iSISSt - Auctioneers. BY GILBERT * SAMPSON, BAIXBBOOMS 14 45, AND 43 DSABD.BN-ST. .125 Crate* of CBOCEEBT AND C* C. WARE 200 Cafes of X UMBLERB, AT AUCTION .BY CATAIOCUE. On THURSDAY. B?pt 29 at stf o’clock A.U. we wia sell attar salesroom*, - 84 crates Crockery and C. C. Were by 'be ciVe. 41 crates Crtckery and C.C Ware, to be soidlaopsa- 1 - tß * V. • 210 casts Tumbler*. . The Ware uau of the very bea*. styles and shapes, eaa consists ofa comolete aifortment. Cctidto dealer* »uiflad in the sateaspl-noldas* ecrtiEent,to effort op theiratoOsfrom. All good* warraatea as represented. Goods csreimly pasieo ar d shipped. Samples can be ezamiaed early the corning or tbs sale day.. Country feeler* irUain* ror'fccasajogae will pita»e v iite for one. Terms cash. GILBERT & SAMPSOJf, scSO BiSS'lCt v - Ancuoceera. dAW KILL AND PINE LAND 3Tor Sale. - - gajd min property is situated os Wbita Lake. 'Mnateroa County, Hlebie&s. contain* iSXKacici sord I*ie6 a portion cn over—aain abi'-rely leouilt ■flit winter;, la catting twtnty-flve tnoaeand is twelve bonrsjpr fort' thoaiivcd in twenty-Oarioan, ’We g the beat sight and the nardteet mill In continued tD health ot l&e man* ■' •iISK *aita<ar It tbe reason we offer It for *!•«* Favorable term* are offered- Adrirau • • LUBCOMBB * PIKKCKt au3B pia Im, Milwaukee, WU^ . Amuatmnua. THEATRE ENTIRE CBASQE OF PBOQRAMMR, t TBxna QLOuoua races. Blr. Chanfrau aa tfloee, leodlsi and Palsy Stiles’ooy« FBIBAY and SATURDAY will bs presented the fcUowlng Comte Pieces: TOODLE3. ‘ GLANCE Af BEff YORK, and PADDY MIL *B* BOY., „ x Saturday afternoon. Grand Matinee at 2 o’clock, HIDDEN HAND. Mr. Chsofran aa WO3II Mlsa Jonnioa as Cspltola, fW* Mr. D. E. BAfrDMANN, the AntlfrQernuU Trsge:;a - , is ecg&gtd ana will shortly appear. £JOXi. WOOD'S MUSfitTM. IX)L. J. H- WOOD AHO B. F. WHITMAN, ■ Proprietors and Manage**- Mr. A. D. BRADLEY Ou ector of Amufeaeau. ' FBIDAT EVENINR.tfpt 2*td poiltlvelv lost night butote*HheGrard bomtnticDram«oflhe THE DVKE*S HUTTO. Bear!de Ltgadere \ Air. Franc Aiken Zyjlab.witb dance night to conclnce wltu (first time) ibn new farce of AUNT CHARLOTTE** MAID. Horatio Tnomss Fpsrkm Wr. Join Dillon; Matilda Jones <lss Lotti. Innnearsal,anew Com ay bv the author of che Hcket-of LeaveMin.eiutlca “UP AT Till HILLS.’ PRICES OF ADMISSION: To Museum and Gollmy of Lecture Boom so ets. To Dress Circle cr Parquet e so et*. Secured Seats in Cirrle or Parquette .. ..75 cts. OrchemaChaus (suln number).., *i;oo Private 80xt5.... ISfOand *5.80. Children under 13 yeirvof age to Musenm is cts. Children occupying sea s in Dm • circle or ParoneUAuill necnarged Full Price. Cllloieo In Ann», not admitted. _ m Usrnee 80 eta. rtiildrer under Wyfarsorage... .. nets. Private Boxes to wat neo o to *1 no. Doors open at'K Cnrtsln rites at IK o’clock. Car tiagesshciQia cab atiOK/ . GBAITD lIATIKKX STXBT BATUabAT. TT AKIKTY TH KaTß®', Noe-115 and 117 Dearborn street. C. M.CHAOWICE., Proprietor and Manager - T, L. FITCH. Acting sod Stage Manager" MONDAY EVENING, BSPT. Sth, • First appearance of the beautiful sister*, EBTELLA dc'CELESTINE ALSO, Hr, J» H, Great Banjolst. Immense success ol M*LLB ELISE, SIQ. CONSTANTINE. And WILLIAM SCOTT Door* opes at Hi : Curtain mss sc B}i o’clock. Soals or Pkicxi.—Parquette, 35 cents; Dre*sasd Family Circle. S3 cents; Private Boxes, tl: single Seats In Boxes, 75 cents - 1 • * Ural iSstatt-=ffiiiß. SALE Residence Lot ccr A rrr of Ohio and Dearborn streets (North Divi sion) 80 by no ieet. L;-t on t lue street cear Ohio.S3 by 100 feet lot co Jackson street, between Aberdeen and Rucker, T by ISO feet, lor 91,230. Lot on Green sneer, between Idonfoa and Adams. 160 by 125 leet, at 930 per foot. Lot on Warren street, between Bsbey and Hoyoe. 30 by 124 fiet. . Also, a number of Houses and Lets. Bulldisn.Lots. River Lo-s, Fauns. BAMDEL A-SARGENT, Real Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. te23-i'boSt TCTOR SALE—One fiecandhsud JL Top Buigy, at the stable «f Al-LBN A SON. Cr ort 1 iacn, between Labile and Wella streets. «2s s"5Mt pOR SAIE 0/ e and Barn A anr Fcnr Lots, and Five Houses and Lot*, and Tun Lots on Fierce and Green stree's, and Lots In Block 21 ;and Two Lots on Calumet avenue. All at a good bargain. Call onT. F. BALDWIN No. 104 Rmdolph street. Boom No. 9. 5e23.ei43-2t FOR SALE Chi Park avenue,near Fenben street a double two-story Home, con taining 14 rgoms <acb,wiib basement.water, gas, Ac. Grcncd rent 10s twenty yean. One-half of tbe pur chase money can remain ter three years. Will rert for 91.8 0. One er both will be sold at a bargain, or renter If not told within a week. Inquire oa tne premises, or ac cress Box 1917. seiS-sTtWt TpOR SALE—Houbj snd Lot No A 43 Berth Bantamon street. Will he sold cheap. Isa *argehonse, 13 rromt.ana 'flasatiths moaejn convfctunceisna impiovemeats. Also, th-ee new buck lorsrf.ot WeasAdams street, opposite Jnfir eonPark. Irumidlate pcsressloa given uaUth-je bcuscs. A fine place on Third avenue, near Van Burra street, a choice lot. C 3 leet front, Waiblnefoa stiret. near Drlon Park. J. L. Real Estata Agent, Ott Clark streat. _ te23-aT?Mt IJ'OK SALE Lot 50 by 120 feet to A alley on Peoria street between Adams and Jackson streets. 1 aiao have a *aitomer that wishes to purchase a good Lcutn aod lot. sontnot tlaodnlph aud west of Hahtsd streets, worth from *s,ocu to StiOfO. For pmiculais apply t- or address W. E. TAYLOK, Heal Estate Agent, 231 Wes’ Randolph st., Chicago,ill. Bv23ai3Mt FOR SALE Dwelling house mar ble front, Fo. 43 Harrison afewdoira from Wabash av*nue inis home tas alt modern conveniences, acd will rent lor fl.tco per annum. Price 99.500- 80 acres pratne and timber en late ebore. cear H'de Park, lor S4.inu, (ir-nnd at we-tl erd of Park avenue at |ia psr foot. ISAAU P..HI CT & CO , 65 Clark street. se22 *siL3t tf'Oß SALE—Houte and lot on .A' Calumet avenue; house bos ten rooms, newly papered an-n palutod: Jot 25x1*3; price 83A0. Ad ply to FETBR sHXMF, 92 Monroe st. sez3-5583 at POR BALE— Honre aao lot on the A avenue,near Harrison street: bouse brick, two atory and basement,contalnltt all tbe modern Im piovcmenip. Immediate uostetslon can be had. Ap ply to PETER bUIMP,92 Monroe at. seZ2*»6SJ2( C'ORSALE—The Bontbean qnar t terofSec ll.Town.£9,Kancel9.onlbeßnehton Road, cot far from the Hnshton Iluuse. 875 per acre. B?ES A ATBBS, SS Dearborn jtreet. ec2l-s9«S-5t UOR SALE— and Lot 92 A Fourth avenue. Title perfect—abstract far nlihed. Price 83.0C0. Inquire of J. P. HoRTON. on the premises. »e23-aSOO-3t FOft SALE—Michigan aveDuean^ other homes for sale cheap mTHOMAS B. BRY AN’S Beal Estate office. Acomple.e dwellln*. new and tborouehly built, with a very long and advantageous lease. Price 83500. Hoare and lot s-'-atb of Park oow, |J,7;O. Also, a charminv home la the North Divlslo?, f -3,w0. First claac Ulcblß«*D avenue tone aod fuiuiture. {2OJCO. Beautitul lot 50 fe»t treat on Rasa street! union park and West wuhlozioa street fron*age. Pralzla avenue and Twenty-Second street, corner and Residence property in al; Divisions. XTOR SALE—P irct class business A property for sale In THOI. B. B JYAK'S Beal Estate Office. Washington street lot. 40x190 feet near Lasaile street end New Bt ard of Truoe. - Randolph street, corner of Wabash avenue. Michigan avenue Brick Home and tots rear Lake street. 2i and 48, eueet frents, by fall depth. Ncith Clark st: eet houses and lota. »e2»sl3S-6t T?OR SALE -Two Lots 25x100 JL 1 each,on Indian's street, corner slier. between 'Wella and Franklin. with frame church 33x59. and two twc uicry dwelling* For particnJars inquire of HKWEB*fr BRAUNS, No. 6 Wigwam Building. Mar ket street. seis-sih-ss asa^ntw=agents. \\T ANTED—Agents, Local and T V Traveling. Something new. Patent Boot Ht»lend Counter rodbuto nave. Coas ters will not run-down. Heels wl<l wear out two or tree pairs of boots. Twenty o her articles of real interest ana practical u.iilty. For •ataiotrui am terms send stamp to J. M. YeaRNSHAW. 137 De ir bom street, Cnlcago. aMi e665 2t WAN'iED—Ag. nta for several v T highly popular and rsplcly.felllng* w-rts, Including Echc-vncebb’s Histubt of thk Rxbkl lion. 2 ready: Scott’s CaEONicuxa of tub ItxnxLUON 20:t 6ditlcnlntheblad»ry; Moboait ANDBiaC’APiOhS. aworkef tkilUing: laserest; and Bev. Dr. Boynton’s great work, - English and FRXKCn RIUTBALITT, AND TUB ANGLO- PBSNCH Alliance in their Rxlatiokb to tub United States and Russia.” C. F. VrNT * CO • Pnausb. er», 112 Dearborn itreet, Chicago, 111. seu-ss6n-4t \\; AN TED—Agents. S 10* per T T day. Agents are making from 15 to SIS ner day selling onr splendid new Photograph Ompalzn Medals of Lincoln ana McClellan. Retail price 1U or 15 cents. Pnceto Agents to per hnucr«d,7s ccnia per cozen, or t<B per thousand. Any number sent to any aooress upon receipt of price to aacnrs. Address R. T. ElhO & CO. Uculch s Block.Chicago. ■e2 0-6519 St ; ; X\T ANTED —Agents to stU Preei , T T denial Campaign Medals and Badge Pins. Likenesses correct: woikmanah’p euneiiot. Price from t* to Slope: ICO. A sample medal or pm, either Inveliow ot white metal, 23 cent*. Addre s JObN STANTON, Stamp and Brand Cutter. i3**Pirtn-sc, CtnannAl Ohio. aeIWSS 10; \K[ ANTED—Agenta wanted to V v sell tbe most •* Woadvfol Invention ot the Age”-an Instrument and fall Instructions by which any lady or gentleman can taka, a perfect llkeneis. Bent dee on receipt cf SO cents. Agents are making 910 a day. Every xamily should have une ano Case their oun likenesses. Town and county rights tor sale. Address M. DE GRAND, SOS Broadway. Yolk. : x -je?l-a533 to sell ice v v St*npabd HisrcEv or the Rebellion, hy Hon.J.T.’Headley Over 2CO.COOvolume* alreadv sold. Hiitory of the Indian Rack* or anebioa, inclnmog - a tfiitiling account of the S'onx UaMaera in Sfln dmoii, by fiesdley—aear-y B r o paeet and over 40 flQ graviocs—comp'ete in one vol. Also tne best steel engraving* yet published of Lincoln. McClellan and Gbant. with appropriate oesigna forth* herder —engraving* of &h*rman, Hancock. Dongla* and Washington. 25 cents each. Send for circular*. With tbe gilt ot speech and tbe power or locomotion. 70a can do well with cur publication*. Address £. B -1BB&T. 117 South CUrk streeWChlsago. se2C-H79-4t TXT - ANTED—Agents to sal my v T new eavravln? entitled "Home on Furlough.” Tne of my dd agents writes me bt never had any thing to sell like It. Disabled soldiers and other* will And this a ccv d chance to make money. Apply at once to SAMUEL PIES, Box 3258, Cblcazo, ul Office 16 Portland Block. tviOoA-tl WANTED—Agents' to sell my v T fifty most valuable new receipt* and methods of employment. Agents are making from f-Vffl to 915 (0 per d»y, according to their boalne** abilities. Bent free on receipt of 9100 and red stamp (Tnev are worth 9lto to anv pen n) Every family should have them Address B.T.DBPOS9, 83 Nausa-st., N. r- Room 4. sel«-s23*4ot WT'ANTED —$100 per Month, Ao- T V tlve and Billable Amenta In tbs Arm; and everywhere eise,ln tbemcst lucrative bvsinese known. Honorable and no risk. Address or apply to T.i o SAHSHAF. 11« BrosdwaT. N. T. *Jv»*n»i(Ma loathing. Boarding —peasant rooms, with towd.njay be obtained at 225 30. Clark street.ou.y a few moment’wilk from the Post Of* C6n be accommodated. 'DOASPING- —Tdree cr Jour gen can bv accommodated with board at rect * Also a few day boarders. bc24-3.J<-2S BOARDING —Wanted. Two. yrnng men wish b-ard on the "Sonth Side,” in a pmaw farcDy or vh*re there ars a fe» orno boerders, ana where they can eato? the ermtortf of a home- Address * a B C.” Trthnn* oihee. References given acd desired. «e2>sgp-2t J^OADDING —Wanted by a lady, 1 where there are few or no ether boarders, pre ferred Term# must be moderate, flood refersocts liven if required. Address Box 4253, ChlcaroP. o. se3S (7U 3t OOABDING.—Two gentlemen i" and their wma can find eood rooms (furnished or tmfnnu»b» d) with board, nt 207 Kashißctoa.jt. by applying immediately, Also aiew day b:ardara wabJfcd. _ee22 »613-4t * G.- A loig e front to -.m JUfoaturciahed), suitable Tor a gentleman and •wife; also, fnrmsbed icomfora ancJn gentleman may be obtained with heard at Vomer iliehißd avenue and 12th saeet, aeti sfi'ao •»t OOAKDlNQ—Permanent board and furnished room on Booth Side wanted >»* two bl* ele mer. on the first of October. Pr!c« no o»i Jerv ACCreWK/’Poit Office Drawer a»r« no oD rezaeOiiw -x u ' 70. Strascb. CTBAVED.— Taken np by the K.-anbrcnbtra on the 19th JcsUtt. nfoa *t Sti«BMdO*fp. Parties cwjuSr ibem *rnhnm»X g»oo«rtr ncycharges, andtakettea avmv wilt !f»:7l£t" Clc "°' CMk W.V dTPATBD OR STOLEN - -Thais 'SL%’fi k »2a saws? stpssaw doliMi'wl i bo paid for bit return to the above ad <woMbMofonaattoa Uadlnj to tu« recover* - laanuß—Sufiatttutta. T\7 ANTED — finbßiitntiß fn citi 7 BCD* or Coi'k Coonty TheßotfOorM«vrl •rza,iti«ezo*e*d«ui mastiff*!* tali »e#k,iad Kreiho'e rorolasluc tubimme«ths* hods unity otty of SSOr. Ac ply vAßoat ae'-ii it tbs offlea ISAAC H. mrr bMII 3t \^ASTED—i6CO Bounty paid to Vtr® 6 * Di*xbcro acreot. JOACPtf it* I * lent * Uttl laianuy, Becrmiim* Oth:u. WANTED. —Notice.- Chicago, n:..BeD*mrt)er ».18M a BrancHOfflcaoi tha ourucoaßtstb'ra eiUbiuhad aua earner of «*•>. dorpb and Laul * icreets at tbe o«ca of MURPHY •U) inert will b« a saxjteoa la attendance at ng~ war neon »©examine n-C'U'.tMor tiu Uhitvd State* rtavT. Five nunored »Mp caxpentera aid two non area caulker* «uml. Good arirc* wt'l beKteen. B> Orter of JOBS D HABTT, AcUne Voulisau U. B. Bary, Com. beadearooa. iel9-i!K4{ \\[ ANTED Dxatteu men 01 the f T e-tjofCbieaco md 8t««« of HHdols to know teat tcey can be tarnrahe? repr carat a ttret %tibe most reaaonabut ternsa scathe shorten notice, by aadreas* tegLcck Box 6063-rr apolyuir at the career of Randolph sea Laaalle street!.in the basement. >ela«3j(-6t W. HUBPHY «f CO. \ifAJSnMt f übjtitncet acd rep ""r resentsirvei at the comercf Basdolpa aad Lasaile streets. In the basement. Call and get the* highest cash bounty that is nowjpaid la tbe rtty. sei9-sS&i-6t ' * W. MU&PHX"«CO. TV"ANTED Recruit* lor U. S. • » Gtmbcat service A few more young men Wanted.. Great toduoements offered. bounties sow paid and ihebigbest wagriglTan. Parties brine, tne ns recruit* will be liberally rewarded. Can at tbe corn ox of B*cdolp* and Laaal e streauilu tbe base meat. £»el9-a33645] • W. MDItPHY A CU. XJU ANTED- 50 Gunooatman im * * mediately. Call at tbe comer ol Randolph ana Lasalle street*. WetropoUtaa Block, la toe bw ment, recruiting office of _ „ „ WM.MITSPHYA CO. Call and get tba highest bounty oald In thi city, cash m band. ' 5e:9.3556t wanted—Rec’nits for the Sul • ' boatieiTlce. A few more ycunr men wanted. Great Indarementi offered local bounties now paid ai>d tbe highest wages given. Parries bringing ns re ctal'* wilt be ÜberpUv rewaxded. Call at tbe corner of Randolph and Italia streets. In thebasemeat. iei9>ssa-6t w. Muitpay a co. \\l ANTED Substitutes. Dear * * Sirs, after you hare canvassed the city of Chicago, we would die for yon to giyens tbe last call, ana it will then be for yon to say U we c.nnot live tbe largest bounty to Substitutes and Kepre* sectaOyei entering tne u.s. service, for any period from one tc three years Choice of service and reiiment given. Gunboat men taken (or ora, two and three years. If you wish honorable dealing give ns a call at tbe comer ot Randolph and L*salie street, in the basement. WU. MTmPHT A CO. and *35? fit ■jFcr gale. 'C'OK SAXE—Portable Engines. -A- One KVborae, one 15-bone power, la first-dais condition. J. i;. BICDABDb, S9 vfasnlngton fit. l«28-at&2t pOR SALE The lease, stock and J_ fixtures of & Saloon and Boarding Homo doing a flrs-.rsts hemes*. win c>e sold cbe*b U applied fa* Immediately. Fotisrmscallauhcprem a».I9S South CaoaJ street. ■ se33aTu7-3t Sj'Oß SAXE—The Machinery ot a •X nnsll Hone Power Elevator cn reasonable terms. Address Box 33 03. Chicago, IU. ee23 69» It IfOR tAIE Cneap* one o^en JL Clash Top Carrligs, barnfis an* team, together or separate. To be seen at 1219 Midlsoa >treat, be tween franklin and neils. P.0.80x 4733. ee23-fi6SB-U XpOK SALE—An ircn gray pony, A well broken In sa'die and double barnet* Con be fern at "WRIGHT * CUBBlkll’S Llverr Stake, oppoilte the North Market. seb!-JU;-2t FOR SAi-E • Two thorough hied mares, from Long Island, X. Y, me for sale on rtasssable ter ire. O'elsa aahrgan? sorrel seven jr>ars old, can-shaye less than three minutes, wltboat training- Her dat was sot by Bosh's Eclipse, he by t* e fid Eclipse. Sbe was aired by tbs Ltd* Island Black fiawk. Theo'berlaa black mare, four years Old; her dam was cot by Ryudykes Hamiltonian j at* was sired b> 'he-imcjJcanStar.he byS«r£l-nry. Also, the furni'tire in the Perkins Home, fiskliwa, and the boose to lot or tor sale. Inaalro on the nrem wrs. at Tiskllwa Bureau c:unty,lllinois, of JAS. H. MARTIN. - seK-ssa 7t pOR SALE—SOO barrels rtiiiie X salt, good for stock, bides. Ac., os consignment, and for eats la lots. at low figures. Als.., orders promptly filled lor fine and coarse salt at the lo wit market prices, cj J.B.TAYLOB, 12 Lasalis street. 8t& »6.6-lw TpOK SALE—Engine ana boiler. X 15 to 20 tone power nearly new, and la prime rnpr-mg orcer. Also. 2*bor#e boiler, cheap. J. C. BlCHAKDß,2s9.Waehmgt>a it ee«-«7>4t Tf'Oß SALE—An office railing f, r iea 0 |6 , “2 CSP Ic( * clreat State sheet. ca EpOB SAXE -To be Bold at a grest iitacilflce. Aftrat-claas Btereoptlcen and rlxty* eight beanti ni coloreo pictures cf tbs war, suitable lor travelisgpurprg** or school exhibitions. »*il; be eolt for icis man half the omlnai coat if applied <or immediately Address or Inoutre cf T. L- FITCH, Vaiietles Theaue, 113 ana 117 Dearborn street. St FTR SALK—One 0.-gan Hirmo- Dlnm, ten stop*, four sets of reed*, suitable for a small chnich—Carnoit ± Needham’s -make of Sow York. A fpperb instrument. Price |<co. Wiu bs sold foi |330. Also cur lit ahle Becd Melodßiu—QeD. A. P. luce ~aker. Price |l5O. apply a*. 115 Lave at, se2s-eCIMi N. UuOLD. FOR Sa BE—To Merchant Tailors. A flrat-clas* stand. long lease and small stock o* coeds, wl h flxtcrfs. For particulars addrew t*rsc Office Box 61r- , . se22-s&i3-3s FOR SALE—Ore No. 1 Gates Day Press—b:*en run about two months. In* oulrs or C. & F. HAWKINS, 209 South Waters*. P O. Box 3776. "* seilafin iw SALE A tiptop 20 horde X power Engine and BoUer. al>ln good order, and mayba Pouch tat a bargain. Apolt at Marine En ctse worrs. corner of Fiankila and Mlobican sts., Chicago. JOHN MUSPHy. 8831-5553-1W XpOR SAi E Alour yearolamare, 1 topTmrsrysnd bsrnen, at Dutton’s Livery sta* Die, on rxaskiln itreet. seai-sS-^t p’OR SALE—At a bargain. A X well fornlihed Restaurant, caloyioe a waXl-pay ide and reepectabl * cn-tom. The restaurant 1» sitnv ted on the bouih Side in the mld»tof the bnsine’9 putt of the city A lease for a term o'yeirs win be transferred to tb« purchaser. AdOresa B.JUBfiBK. No 13LaroonBlock. P.0.b0x4266. flCll-t521-3t FOKSaLE-500 tui>s ot biattr pretied wild bav, of suoerlor quality, (better ttanuaolny for cavalry and livery horses.) will ha delivered in cart, inteta to Salt narchaiers. at or within6s miles of Chicago. Address ••DrawerV," Lapcite, Indiana. ieliss3t7c J?OR PALE A new and wellbailt A. Ice Boose, capable for *SOO hbls beer or ale. to* either •* Ith lease for a terra of years, cf tareo adjoin- Ire Jo's, tnanal Jeaie only lio for the whole. Ago >d cooper kittle, cooler, several mash aid fermenting tnhs, rotaiy power pomp, hone pover ana filar, gearing, and bolting In short, everything ban'y aro ready to start business right off. Call and see lor yourself at the Clybniae Avenue Brewery, at the terminus of Division street and Clyburne av. Horse I ae2l-a5W*St C'OR SALE —One of the bebt •J. {Stereoscopic Shows In'he country. One that stance fifteen feat long and teven feet wide when ont np shows 32 views and 16 laree size war plates . Can be taken all to nieces in five minutes aid picked all In airnnk. On bn'dred and fltfy dollars wtL buy p and the trunk complete and a large size paintl-g. For particulars «kii at 174 Norte Jeff-retn »trect, or address Pest Office Bex 2330. Chicago, Illinois, seil Bu2S*4t FDR SALE—The stock and fix tnri scl a wholmin and retail Grocery Store dclsr a good boat, city and country trade; or will sell fixtures without the stock. For particulars ad cressP. a Box 834 for one weak. se2o-«508 6t FDR SALE - A Coupee Carriage, Imt little used: Is In perfect order and will he sold cheap Apply to COAK * TEN BROAKE. eelt-snaiw n'OH SaLE—a Ding Score for JL esle—ona. cf the best paying stores, in one of the most flODisbing cities cf tee central part of the State.dr ing a wholesale end retail business, assured, Increasing and'profitable in enertetic business man* with a canttalof I'U.OOO to ttS.ooD,wlj find tt an inviting■ offer Ketar to BUBfIHAMS A VAN SCHAACK, Dingglatg, Chicago s&IS ti96-76 Heal ISgtatfeJigflttntrß. E OR SALE - Farm 600 acres, t'B.crn: »9.»C0; 2ni acres, I8«as'8 r acres, M,GOD; 120 acres, t7^D»; AS acrei, »1,19 C: 100 aens, arree. r.’,4<o; ISO acres, I WOO. £. H- CUMMINGS. 133 Clsxk sueet. se2l*e649« FDR; SALE—A Farm in White. side County: contains ?53 acr*s, IPO uudarcul* tlrvHcn, 70 in meadow, balance heavily tlmneraJ. Frame house of two stories, two frame Damir rua* Llcg water, good orchard, Ac.'ed cn B--ck River, n;ar Prophet etowo. The ttmoer sloue can be made to pay the price ot the farm in one year, a Railroad id graded Dfcs« the lard. P.lee,s23 per acre. Inquire at THO3. d. BRYAN’S Beal Estate Office. BrjasEall. seoi}-tSS3-u FDR SALE —lmproved Farm lor Bal«, at Ibos. B Bryan’s Office. Contains HQ sores. Is 14 miles (rem Kenosha City, Win., miles tzomibe ftate lice, and two mites from »railroad station; t« iw* bouses, orchards, wells and living springs, plenty of timber fer luel* well adapted to ‘fruit, grain or wool growing. Tills perfect. Price 85,0C0 ra*b, except 8500. which ern temala indefialte-' ly. at 7 ver cent. Very cheap at the price. sei7-a287-iw CTHDR SALE -The “Lawrence Ma n or” Farm. Th'efkim conslsbi of 400 acres, divi ded Into lots ot from 5 to 40 acres, (ioo In tame grass meacowj extensive buildings, orchards. Ac. Ac., .acd all In complete order, for a t' ntleaaa’i country seat end Arm combined. Lays within ilk hours' ride Dorn Chicago, end dmilae south of New Lenox depot, on Rrek Island KaUiriad- Productive cltv nronerty vruld be taken In part payment.' Price, tdOperacre. sel4-»77*7w 2To Kent. TO RENT—.Rocma to rent. Fur «eJS' > 7iO fl lt l * eptn * rOCIHI 47 str ejt. TO KENT—At;cI Furniture * for sale A two story and basement brttk House, contaiplng eleven rooms, with barn on the tresiL'e*, situated cn uqiana aveioe, near Eighteenth scref**. A veiy deniable loetUty. «,-nt »7*o per arnam A ie2ls7i4^ mKO ' S CTer 129 fioath Clark street. TO RENT- Furrisfced Lodging?, The commotions building, 13 South Water sienna. ha« been new y famished as Lodging* far gmiKm »q_ The rooms are kurgo closet*. gftS,faroiah;d andlepC In order. . * sea-sTS-lt rpOBEK lifT—The new brio l : Store, *0.1:6 Illinois Btree*,neaT CUtk.anl part of tbe nasement of tbe said bailouts will b« reared to a Of KffAUKR & M LCOif, **»ter and Clark *tre«t».«*iai’a boom N'v 1. op stairs. B?&k7f4 3: 'T'O JiJt.N'T—A nicely tarnished -A- room, with bedroom adjoining, anltab’a So r one sftvo gentlemen, without board Apply at 137 oppul.a Office. TO RENT- Two ncfanished rooms without board, V> single gentlemen at 148 ‘Waaniagun street. * sell ais»-;t T 3 PENT—Aid ior Sale. House 3126 Third ayecne to rent, containing lt> rooms In encd repair, and inrcllnre lor sale. None need applytnt these wliolng to bay tbs furniture. Po». tprsion clyen the first oi October.' Apply at the home. aelisS3l-it mo RENT—SO New Piaucs, also A a larce assortment Me’odocr* and Organ fertile on thstncatfayorabla terms. "TT. W. KIMBALL, 143 Lake street. ael3 q9isxm Host. 10ST- A black memorandam toot, cont.lrlns tot accounts batweon Worth Clark and *>lm streets. The finder wi>l be anttsb.y mtarde<sbyle»vin* It at PINNY A Ltov-i* m-.v Btcre, 163 douihWitzr street. se23-s£JKt LOST -A Blick bob tailed Horse, two wbfto hind less, had some hsntesa on. Be* turn same to Backnss* staple, corner Taylor ana Clerk s ireeri, ana receive a suitable reward- „ ,Be23rl2t>3t Cgfig.NOßtON« J' ,OST—?SO Reward, tost on -J Wait eadar, Beptember 2J«t. * raekiff* of «oo ey eontalalcsPiye nnaorcd and Fif y Do j'“ r, i* s »„' inUlttedttiatca Legal Tender »l'i o P. BU!7NEID£Ji,2»o. l«0 Booritt aruiU., M-S-»7l3*U LOST— On Saturday afternoon in McYlckcr’i Theatre* • ▼ l l l #-81 1» covered irtth h'aete lacs. B , e -!a£ai l 7 zewaraed by leayihg U it 103 III® MSkWJ ✓ * €&lantru. \V h'- i the Miai ami mfß. »pS»»»VV;I“L* —*4'oq*, •toß*’Catc«r*. qotrrf ctaijnnc hi »?,?,* «ii Uoorttt. Work t» n>csih. Bj Bn .l Q '“* Ue* Ohio ißtßUilv BVBTf Ftf»l dIDT, M au-?.V*, of D*n:ei K. Qit»L,3a« Vl * a. tmteadtot. LnqU« of a».kx.P«ttbp ®'.° r ’a* fittac BtLrotd. or I , 011 „ -^~ A and *-g** c tea.^Tfta, W ajvTKu—T^T^rr—-- »ho »n»biatn write* ceer'rJ^V*'>s®.*a4 • ,n *<«»&'Dithldq. to?£?£•*> «*ry uu,omc » <««•■> “v-rw -fy, . .. ' YV TaJj—a. cmMul and ti^T T '.' f|"'‘<> iojioto attrad arh!U ici„Va To oae *ble »o do pltia we toe well, goo*? Aptl» icoitdl* ely to &JO.BUCK. 93 Jowb Cls* Blreet - W j -A^TJ£^—A tftsjiiian or Ai&er* sfeSS !SttJ&rffS£ AJtoaJ W VV TED —By a tirst mas a sales ardcinm’ite r“””U™ut°ia’Ji“Sfi yhclMae or rot»ll a-.y «ooo» .{Jvf JISHSS! “ * ron a “‘“ “ K QL " TH!«M SaeS pn>- Any oie leqairv e " • tbe termes of a coxa patent and reiioeboM passman, in ary capacity where «Ct«? hMtnsi«sf{l Iflovtums will en-ors a fair remanrrattou. w -u adorers *J »,"P.O. ooxOl, bharon, ttis p.elfcired. x settg^i \\f ANTED Men. fdtm&ra pre *T ferred.ta engage In'a moit honorable busi ness, by which from tsen.j-flre to one hundred dol lazsawees nuybeevte'.or two or three havred ayesrwi bootnincrsscetuotbirbuiloeis caoltai rmmffdtrom 111 tj iuo Call personally at 14T 50. Cl*i»strebi.rcnm lt ops ttf«. if oounifl.orsend Breen's for timber infoimeaontj Bor 3644. Jbi. csg-. imnoia. se. 34T0-U WAITED Correspoiio ence. A young man that baa served five years la the army, an i caa enlisted again, wishes tocorre*- poco with some ronoK laay between me ages of 18 ar.d .5, Object, for be preicnt mutual improvement with a view to matiimoay attar the war ts ovar. Ad* d*e s, enclosing ohotojiapn, KHaNSLIN a.?TA u lON.TMrc tVlscois-niialteiy.Camp Emmi, v?li. ee?3*s7o4-lt "TX7ANTED —I ■wirih to puiohase a f f Water Pow r Flouring Mill, oi £nm tine* to five run of Stone. Ora rood water pow sr suitable fer such a milt adorers, sating location, terms. Ac-, H. J.LoGAN,Ottawa, lU. ae4Js7S-4| YyANInD--A bun-.n0., as none TT girl, or Mcond gin, ar tb learn to do homo work. Andreas **M A C,” Tribune office. Bafereocea SiTen. ; ee3t»7oß-»- TIT ANTED-A situation as ac v T eouotant In a rrcrcsntliaor maouiactoriiur estatllscmeat. or as book-keeper cr teller Id a bank* 1-scfflce bvapenoo who has had aoayperltmesof aereral jear> to each decumtaeac. BefersECe* tlToo, Adame P.0.80x 493. ee^-iiu-Stjl S\f ANTED—By an Amencan wo , man, Hying m the country, who has reoestty Inat ner batve. a baby io rake bore to nurse. Address Mr». A.aciLL' a OM, Cb.cago p. o. _*eZl s7i6-W AgeLta Look to J soorlaterwta Somethlor urgently needed cUy ««>cawy. Bells rapidly* and portable, samples secs to any address lor SOcrnts.thAt Jidda net ptodiof fraca two ibrea coasts. Adurtis. will stamp, W, PO*ilißu«,<ilu WAJS'iKU A Piano. A first rate second h'tnd Plano. lor wbiah a good 'price will be p»ld. Azdress. statu? where It can Da seen ano tfrmr, H PlANO, ,, Tribacß office. leiS-sHS Ss W AITED—To invest SI,CCO. I wish to cstsr as partner in ». retail grocery,' wcu, or to pD’ch-sa one that would not ex* ce. amt on t, rr would ester the commission Damns u t-e above amount would answer. Under* stano both buiinesEea in sl> their breaches Will in* “'J't'C' Iht Ml jay. AMtat “i B BUaINESa/’i'rionne office. ,755 xt ANTED A Tanner and Cor T Tiler. one competent to take charge of a Tan* i fery. and wlli’og ;o en flry mDe* ftota Chicago. mar spoiy toUABDLNBtfhOii A WLLLIAu3rNo. ri3t Lake strebt. 523 al3B-U WAN TED A Jnriich d room, T T initable lor man and wltbont hoard. Address J. H. WIISOa , 17 Bern born street. iu idi teru,g. se»a73B la Wf ANTED—A situation as chanx> m bermara. Can do all kinds of family eswaut byhscoorby machiae. Pleate ca l at ISO West Bar: lean street reference given if required, st33a73S-l( T\7ANTED Any private family TT wUUcKtofarnlshdsecUemaaaailwtfe wbA comicriatilero ms ana tor the winter, cai so rurfi deniable tenants oyadlreiamz P. u. Drawer 6-151. seZs-iTSSK WANTED A man wuh thrae hundred and fifty dollars, to take one hMf in tvtest is a profitable busicwsT aireodyea'-aollibed. For patpcnlors call at 813 State sUeet. seSS sTTIIk ANTED—Clerks, bookkeepers, TT talesmen, poiters, barkeepers. Ac., teeklix Mtuetlcxa sheu-dapoiy at No. Dearborn street* Be cm 3- Beytrsi slinaticDa sow open Beteronce to flute ass houtea. LlWla&co. (Lata Piolar* Co.) ; 8S»«I39-lt WANTED —A Bitnauon as sales mss in my «hole»alß buslucts bvan setlrw ran. Abo actuation as aisimnt book-keeper or clerk hi any mercantile business. Apoiy at a j Hi Dtarx-rn street,. Boom 3. LSWIBACO. (Lata FipleyACo) 1e«15789-lt WAi-cTED— Two ple-saLt minr Dished rooms, with board, la a private family ->'orth Mrtg piefairod. Acdresj Box 279 W. se?S e7r7-lt VXT ANTED To engage in some TT iespeclab!e paying basinets, where mwumw srd cc* or ;»intou»hfid dollars can be profitably tmploy*d. I?’ cxuairy or city. Address -W a C, rt ,Trl:une office. aeZS-siSMt W AN TEDT-Ccnvepoadtuee. by v v two feitlve chaps, cf the Army of the Cumber* lard, who have served three years,sad havere-en* listed; are oetweei toe ages of IS and 31, and who with lor something to creak this monotony ot cams life. Object, inn and mutual impiovemen:. Bena pnorceraibs. and receive one m return. Address WM. V/. Ro3K,or A.C.H.LL.CJ, E, 3«(b Indiana , Vet. V0?3., Cluttaacoga, Tean« ir.2-9713-u • ' WANTED A Umpa Refugee, a thorough businessman, alto a good account* ant, ana competent lor almo t any position, destrou w est.w!fbe§ a siioiaon wnere 815.000 cash capital,ard Ire activa services, will yieU htra T./Ml per sonom. tor a series of tea y*aia, with camtsleecmed Address lor two weeds H. B. AHDEEWa.ritw sorb city. Mil-a" 51jt j T/WAKTED—To purchase a loco- T v motive boiler from 23 to SO bonopowe*.either £ r Jocund-hand, Jln food order. Addreae Bo* 4310, Cbieego Boat Office, giving size of boiler, wumner and diameter 1 1 flue*. se*3 *630 It v T I’om tight to t#n rooms convenient to bores cars Anv ore laving encha bore»to rent will «U at 33 Scath Clark street, or adore* P. O. Box 334 a Chicago. WANTi£J> Carnage Makers* Two fl; st class wood workm »n to go to JoHet, The nest paid to good mm Apply • at cCMIIN6B a HU Carriage Repository, 67 and 8® Canal street, Chicago. seii*a674*it \\f -A-N*JED - j<rora two to three v toouiandh*ad of sh»ep to winter on rhtree. Adcrew A W.TL’nNEB, Lincoln. Logan.«*o an tv, li|. __ A. WT TURNAt^ T^TANTEU— By a practical pna v v ter, a situation as Foreman or Job Printer la a goed office Ststo price per weak if ra liOndonto given- Address ,- ;J a" Chicago Typo Foundry. ~\\l ANTED ; A Teamster. One • T arquamted with the city and can com* ro cocir.eciec. Alsu ahoy abont sear* oldta take care 01 ahrrre. Oce of some ezperlencs ard can bring reiennce- Call at 17 South tVVUI alreit, Rooms 2»cs. 3 and 4. np >tiln. sc27*s«33-Jti • W ANTE!) —A Show Windcw, "" by a young man. for a ie»p»ctubiebutlnfM, which doss rot interfere with other trade. Ad* Cress P. Q.a0x.4301. Chicago. s6l»te ■OTANTED—Two unfurnished v * rooms, wl h board, for a gentleman, wife and child, (<T months old,} ana nurse Address * J.** P. 0. Box 60fl8. statlag terms and Iccatlon. ie2Z-s6l9St \\l ANTE D—A man thoroughly T T qualified to take care of fourhorars, (five* buggy occaslc nallv. and matte htnuaif reuerauy fully about a house. Apply to ALLAN PINKkSTON. 83 and 9-i Washington atnwt. sail 1537-8; WANTED— Immediately, man who wish to mske 82fi to |si perwtay, In • legitimate hnsiness. by aimaU lavestmaat of from •ito to ISL-G.are lavfteu to call at3Q Dearborn streos. Boom 4, inn examine one of ras mostvainaole lu ventlcns cf the age pevsir before introduced into Ua Western A rare oppcrtnal.yli now oSered _ to enterpriaiDK mee, with hilsl! or large capital, to make tronev eTe*e* by sravePngcr iDcauss la city Or country. F.'T. CUSHING, 36 Dearborn street Hoorn - No. 4. . se'H*SSß3tl \\T ANTED—On ihu Ist cf Ooto- TV fc«r, bv a family cf flve.m a first clatg board ink home, with-heard, a pleasant parlor and two bed* rwci, tmniaheo or unfuinUhed. Location suit bw P'«» P3n: - Qooa references given. Audr asP O Box Beii-taas-Sb W -sNIED. I w.ll assist these ▼ T thatwilln;»lst themsslv**. Afevsuswitli & capital f r »• on to jsao to invest safely, oaa seenre * K w r.o (22 oßtl&fss bv asking Immediate spoUca* ucn at 36 Dearborn street, itoomfio-4. ie2,-s&;Z ->t - g T, rnaTTTvrt, Wf ANTED—By Boynton &Big . * *- fifteen men, wno nave had exnerieac# to caring ptg's icet and tripe. CaU asihop near Alto* ata St. Lotus za'lroid ©ridge, Sooth Siae. seU-sSSO-tw WANTED- A pi riser in a gen teel paying borlce>9. wnhacah amount ol two or three thousand collars. Agood offer tjot*~- who has ieones and nu Ad**xtas for oao WeekTuOM.VS ?AKJCKK,Hox3Iti()._ toil*s*» , \\7 A NTED -As chief oisrk for an T T establishment bavins a very large norra*. pondence, * man pcuaeied or good Uterary attain n.hct«,fom«lei{*i4oo»k-dKe and doable entry nook, m? Alto nui' wine » gcoa pisuj, rapid hand, and h*ableto sctact***a ar anaensl*. . To » mu. sui-rd tor tho potrion ana who can de* ' vote bis enttr* tine t)lt« caUdi.agood islaryviU bt paid. This a.lufttlch win bn permanent. AcpJcasts will reQsireto fcimsh satisfactory ref* exeocei, ana will state what their lotmer basmea nasbees. Bono will be reeled 1c exceot sash as an interview la tfetl/ed wltn Addrtai Feat Office Box iN6-£t ~ ’ TI7 ANTED - For the Government ,* * la tie Quartermaster's liepartmant, at Sr* Lrolf. Labor?!* a; |ts per month and rallcos. Tsaaa* •t«rsat Jtu per month snfl rations. free transports* tlco Jnrmatcrt Iron Chlcaeo, llllmU. For further Inscxmatlcn inqulr* at tbs Gov*rt m< ,t Office, 1 33K So. Water rreer, Chicago* Illinois. O. M. BABCOCK* Gaytrnmeat Agent. itJ^IWU TV AN TED—lmmediately- two f f locdcarrlaea body makers. Nona but worimenneed apply. Address JAi. WiraET, P. O. Cl! ST3, aalfrtfllMi TXT AN TED— Furnishf d Hcnae. T V On or before tba first of October, anlcalj' famished borne located on Berth or aonth Side. Any person haviig such m*» Ondareapotalbie tenant byafloresilc ■?P 0.80x*137*1. te31i313-St ~W~ ANTED —A fUuatiin by % f* mao with thirteen ye«*rs experience la tha Cry go"t!« or clvih borinees. Psrmsaest ptsee mare mi: cwcctth'ia laiary, Tbe btstof referenceriven. Atfcrsaa -x y." Wankcgan* lIL M2l-al3BS* WANTED— A Partner with a f T few thousand* doiltrs, either silent or active. to*»?agc )□ the racking business Qr-at induce* a prr» are ottered to soy on* des'mns cf lavestirgW *pacijnc buitneta centrally-located. •ACdrrss"u p.» bsx IQM.Chlcm**. O. ieS.»i43VlWtl WANTED —-A Wue. I wish to roske the acquaintance of a modest Chrlari** wcm»D, trua *o to 35 y« art old. fonn of hema Jcyr, willtsela a*y tome aa Both aald to N»c«oj* *“ l;n*h Ist,ifith ft;u 11thverses. To inch I grod borne at>d • devoted heart. Best_o£ given. A nbte staling wbsjeajd y a ®“ •£ „tor.oad can cahad. will 8* treatodwitii d»wrs«- a gentleman. C.B.ABtS|^~ l!|3 _ l y Wf ANTK.U—A iumiebcd room VV Wfff-hSSSSi b*h cr Ukti 2 »nitaia!*. Ailartu wtti BelS-sllß-dt'

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