Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 24, 1864 Page 1
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CHICAGO TBlbUim DAILY . TRI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. Office* Wo. 61 Clark Street* TEB3IB OF THS TBTBrKZ. Daßy, delivered In dty Ipar yrect) .... gg ** - ■ 4 * 4 - ipfcfQMMr). 13.25 Oajly, to cull ecbicribeni, j>cr ye» r ..„ ...$12.00 to mull per C 3:oc*i».. 6.00 M-Wcttlv. [Mrjc.t ; C.OO wcecy.iitcle copy oiieyeu 2 50 _’■ ,/•* t i.*s Club* of font coplea. oo© yew 9. OO ** “ tec * ** .... 20.00 ** “ twenty “ M « 40.00 And to the letter doh, dne copy extra to the per* Bon ordering u. • • / Honpj in EuUsltirad Letters may ho aerrt at cor risk. IThe remittance to: clabi must, in all uses, be made at o>t time. “CHICAGO TRIBUNE.” Chlcaco, 111. <£liicaga tribune. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24.1SGL - THE AEIFI PhU. Sheridan again with'a ten strike, Parly in no petition to eel up the plus again, but with all his pics in motion for Richmond. Sixteen rebel-guns captured and a thorough rout given to the rebels before hardly con- Tales cent from their previous attack. Thank God, these are the aspects and omens of yes terday. ’ Aspects that show wide seems open-, log in the tottering rebellion; a vision of rebel chocks blanched with the dread of •coming doom; omens that are tot local but national, not simply for Richmond but lor nil its outposts, even to the innermost coun cils of the Little U&ckercls of the loyal States. Such ano’her'brace of victories will act the rebel loafers'to feeling nervously about the throat, where a choking sensation will begin to-grow. Following such anoth er succtbs our army , may sound the view hallo, and make a dash for the trophies of •tl)e6pQilcrßof~oiir national fold. Early finds, himself not early enough for the gallant Trish trooper, cow Brigadier General ot Reg ulars. Weiathcr like the stjle in which Grant's army saluted in honor qf Sheridan’s victo ries. , 'No waste of powder there, not a _ blank cartridge, hut, according to the dls * patch elsewhere, the discharge of one thou sand shotted guns full in the lace of thg rebel loe. Every shot thus sped had a double meaning. And we shall soon hear from Grant in another manner. All is not quiet .Along bis line, stretched twenty-two Trifle * bristling front ot steel Ton may almost lay yonr ear to the ground and catch the Eonnd of. the coming storm. For weeks men have pouring In upon him, filling upthe gaps in his regiments. Solidly and ccmpacUy have Ms and brigades been rebuilt, and when he gives the word to lannchhts army against the enemy, or to meet some desperate assault of a desperate Ice, there will be no child’s play then, but a knitting and rending of the toughest sinews of war. A victory to tbe Union cause in that - coming hour, will end therebelflon. But even should the news of Old Abe's re- in November be celebrated by our b056 in blue in tbe streets of Richmond, tbe rebtibon will net end so suddenly thereafter that we can afford to go extensively at once into the olive branch business. It will not do to relax present efforts in the expectation tln.l, by November,"there will be the end of lighting. There la & demand for men. The draft will positively take place in Chicago on •Monday next. Men mast be had to finish the war, and there will be fighting to do after Richmond is ours. The rebellion will fight herein its last hours. There never was occasion for greater firmness and-fidelity of purpose In the loyal States than no w. Stand by tbe guns. imitate Grant. Let all our re joicings for vidories beehotted guns d9SUng death to traitors. Tbertbtls at Charleston refuse to allow • our snaring prisoners in their hands to be enccpred by enpplies from the North. The .dlabolhniß of the rebellion, when written, will constitute a fit closing chapter ol the hellish institution in whose behests it was •originated. * It looks as though the bottomwas out tS .gold. The-quotation yesterday was 52.10r 2,12,, with a tendency to sell short at an even lower figure. The next move will, from .presentappcarancce, eendlt belows2.oo. A-:n •coDStqnencc there is a dreliqe In the markets, and visible signs of distress among specula 'tors. iell off ten or twelve cents, Flour declined forty cents per barrel, Com Bye Sasc, Foreign Dry Goods drooped 12a15 per cent. Domestics 2a3c per yard, •Groceries staggered, Coffee fell off sc. The .gold gamblers bare ran to the -other end ot %he bam! and ore sow selling short with a •prospect of goring the speculators terribly. Loyal men and women will everywhere re joice at the aspects, for the underlying causes .-axe the biigluesinp aspects of the war. Shcr- idan has been tbe great bear, in tbe zairkot, ..and, as the rebels b<ive rqn down the She nandooh, so down drops' gold and prices. Tbe only Northern stock'affected is McClel lan stock, and, as this is principally owned in tbe South, tbe chief loss will Jolt there. Al together the times are Vail of cliter and bo*pcfalr-(E8. Xbe Tsibuke Company bore issued al ready several pamphlets of a series of cam-. paipn documents designed to enlighten loyal readers as to tbe ha&cs of tbe Presidential canvass, sod tbe designs of tbe enemies ot Union and Liberty, consorted together for an effort at the pells as the Northern allies of the rebellion. : In proof oC ' blllty of these documents, U deserves to be slated that One Hunched and Twekw-Fite Thousand copies bare already been sold of our pamphlet compilation of gems of the Chicago Copperhead Convention. Large or -dcre continue to come in. It isjustthedoc sment for circulation wherever it is desira ble to hold up the bogus Democracy in their true light. Many thousands are finding their way to onr hoys' in the army, and to the Bastetn States, to stow what Copperhead- issa it, and what iU designs. a record they ■cannot escape, since its most telling extracts are made Irom the reports of the Jeff. DrVis .organ in this city.. It shon‘d be sown broad* •cast and cannotlall to bring a large return •of Union votes. Hc’Connlct, the Little Mackerel candidate for Congress, mlbis'city, is emphatically the Workingman’s candidate. Be is always ready to take tie purt of the Workingman, fie once took the psrt that belonged to a workingman named fiossey, and the Courts made blm dkgorgm Pendleton Is said to be under lock and key, and debarred all writing material. He isn’t to be allowed to write a letter of acc=p "lance, lest it should pin the lashings of the *Copp£rhead raft, eo badly strained by Mc- dellon. " ■ ' * A Fort Scott dispatch, via Leavenworth, gives "details of the capture of a Govern ment and suUcr’e team by'the rebels, a loss ol over a million dollars. The Union camp Ogee are burning brightly- - <Qnr columns this morning reflect the loyal .glow Irom Peoria and Tazewell counties, .from Laporte, Indiana, land other places in 4hc Norfhwcit “ The people will a*vc the ■ an d viand by Old Abe. VBte COVSTX TICKET. The Union Connly Codvcmlon lias noml j ; sated a ■winning ticket In the local politics of Cook county it has not been our fortune to present the names of twelve men more unexceptionable in theme circs, or more &c -->.«eptable to the people. , . Ou*candidate for State Senator, Fbaxcis C. Eastman, is one of the flibt in pomt of timi> t as he Is one of the foremost in point of Intellect, ol these Democrats who, following , the lead of Douglas, cast themselves heart and aoul into the war party at the outbreak •- ol the rebellion, and who have seen no good reason to take the back track. Ur. Eastman will be elected by a majority of which any man may be proud. Be is one of our rising young men, and the boys will all work fyr him. ttttt tam L. Cnracn, Eeq., the candidate for Cl'rk of the Circuit' Court, Is too well- Imown to the voters of Cook County to need any special notice fit our hands. His faith ful administration of theduiies of hla office Is beet attested by his re*election four year? ago, endlda rc-nomlLtttldn now. one is more deservedly popular, no one-more ac commodating, no one more thoroughly d-i* Toted to the Union, cause than Mr. Church* and we*may add that few have contributed -more, iu times past, to the success ol tbc y * Union ticket In the State. - Mu. Beeo, the nominee.ol the convention ' for Blate’sAttorncy, is a young lawyer 61 de ' , due (Lability and promise, popular and caps* . ble, formerly a resident of Rock Island, a • - number of .the weli-knovn firm of Kuos • Eustace & Bceji, already thoroughly lomliUr with the duties of his office ■ The candidate for Sheriff is Jobs A. Nel Kelson Is a Scandinavian by birth, a thorough American in-feeling, and an unflinching Unionist in principle. No better man ever •came across the Atlantic. Bls-lon; exjcrl bncclu the"Bhcriff*J office hasabundonUy ■fitted him for the duties of the position. Dr. Wackee is the mil known Snrgeou'of the Becker regiment, 2i* h Illinois volun • teen. Be has discharged the duties of Coro- VOL. XVIII. ncr-with fidelity since the resignation of Dr. Schmidt, to whote vacancy he was chosen wPh great unanimity, some time since.' He Is deservedly popular among his fellow citi zens, both native and foreign born. The Legislative ticket la‘inade of first class material throughout Messrs. Ja cssox, Dal tok andSTBOKG are Union farmers, who have always deserved well of their country. Mr. Cook is an enterprising master bunker of this city, who' has served one term in the Legislature with eminent usefulness to pub lic interests. Mr. Isham is a young lawyer of.first rate ability, held in higu-<;steem\Bt the bar of our city and in the community, radical in politics, and strong in the attach ment of men of the city and well esteemed by the elders. He Hill poll as large a vote as anybody will need lu.his district, Mr HujfTLET aid Mr. Stevessojt are citi rcns v oi the first respectability, who will -do honor to the country aid to the LegALiturc ot which they are shortly to be members. Now is the time to begin tbe work of put ting this ticket Urrongh! It has ail the ele ments of a successful canvass, but we most take nothing for granted till the votes are in. Victory is within our reach if we take tbe trouble to organize it Let us see the old spirit of 1860 Inlueed into the campaign, and wc shall see tbe majority of IS(K> at the end ot it '' The Next JteffUlatnrc, Tbe Springfield correspondentjif tlie 2fu,- sovri'Dauoerat, in Breaking of Uie local po litical affairs of our State, lias the following with reference to Legislative affairs; As far as we can learn, the Union partr through out the State are patting forward their best and most able men as candidates Tor. tbe Legislature. This is as It should be. These are times in which we need reliable working men. I broach tbe pol icy of oar sagacious Governor, at the last session the L®pinalnre, In which he was supported by such reliable working members as MachrLausiug, .Ward, Funk. Pfters, and other member* of. the Senate, and Haloes, Underwood, GoodeH, Cook, and others ol the House, our Slate was eared from destruction horn "ibe revolutionary measure* brought forward and breed by the Copperheads. We want such men iu office as will be able to do Ibc seme thing again in care we sre placed utder like circumstances. TBE WAR I* GEORGIA From tbe 12tb Illinois Infantry—A -Stc&nmc.ot tbe Campal^n-Casuallies [From OurSpccial CorrespondentJ Ceacr or me laraltt. Ixr.. ( East Point, t: Mile* ■< ATLAsta, September?, 1951. / We have returned thus far (2i> mile?) Northward from a point to which, as a part of Sherman’s ar my, Cve moved in order to unlock the portals of the Gate City and enable cur forces to make a tri umphal entry to if. For the first time for 125 days we encamped in peace. Tbe long campaign is ended, the long agony is over. Oar wearied wasted lorccs rest upon their hard won laurel*. For the first time for mouths we can look about ns and consider what we have done ondthlsk of tbe losses and constitute the price ofourvlc:oty. Asa part of tic reckoning I esnl you a list ol the casualties m our regiment, tbe old 12th, one of tee first to take tbe field in tSc d irk .days of April, 1 SCI. and one whose character, form ed on the gory fields of Ronelsoc, Shiloh and Co. rinth,bas been fully toelaited thi* trrjng season. It was bravely led during the flr.-t pari qf the campaign Qiil Nov. £Cth) by Maj. Hogauin, whore health lallea before the close ol the toils he so resolutely becuu. Since that time Lieut, Col. Vfcn Sellers nu be-.m in command, and thu two first Colonels ol the regiment (McArtbnr and CbeUaln—both now Generals) may well view with * saUtlartlon the noble conduct ot the organization they once con*rollcd of leisure compels me to omit particulars bat 1 will cast a glance at some or the fields conse: anted by «ur valor, and baptized with -our blooa. •In the fierce *trncgies that made Dhittm and Re sics cuts, the 15tu bid no bloody contest, being assigned p aces >o which the tide of battle did not come. Al out the time that Ke-aca foil, our corps {the I6fr) was ordered to croe* the Qatanama Creek, to thready to lace, or pursue, the retreat ing lot*. Iu coins mis tbe battle or Lav's Ferry occoned, 'six miles south of Resaca. Tbs con test be*;an while we were making a pontoon bridge, and was continued while we occupied the left ooi-k and pursued the retiring rebels to Rome Cross Boaoa, some three mbes. At the last place CdL Aorke, of the ectn HL, received the wound -fromwhich be died. It seems to have been a part of Gen. Sherman’s strategy to attack where uls opponents least ex pected it. Hence, when be cad wrested from them Eitpeton and Rome, and tbay qatarally looked lor bun to move upon—i mountain pass that they Judged impregnable, he moved a -pt»it,oi hie forces to the right, and lock Dallas on the bOihwf May; and when fie' had drawn the troop* of the rends to repel Invasion | there, be withdrew his forces to ackworth. iu the I rear of Ailatoora, Tbe discomfited and non ' plusscd seresb Commander left, then, the tmprsg- I nabic mountain pass, and established himself at f Eeneraw mountain, another rtronghold, as diffi- I cult to take by direct assault ss Sevastopol or \ Gibraltar. We placid ourselves before it about , gonelO, and remained till July 2, when it fell into ! our hauls. Hire, too, our regiment was favored, 1 foe the only carnally that occurred wasdhe wonnd ) Inc ol our Asrlsiant Surgeon. Wm. Sl.Newell. Other parts -of the army, suffered severely, and thoQtfcnos ofhouschoid* mourn the death narveet ofduneSTtb, whence impregnability of Kene eawwas demonstrate!! by tue nest ol testa, a vain ai tempt, wisely planned, and boldly cxojmcd. Driven from this point, the. enemy retread to the Cbatrjfroochep, and there, confiding la the for tifications mat be had erected, he bade defiance to nr. Rut wbi'e the or Atlanta were boasting that their army baa made its U?t retreat, ana we bad reached a barrier wn could not pais, sc OT'Ssec, with little molestation, at Roswell. 21 ! miles above etiarta, and other parts of the army cidesed at points further dowa. In ten d-iya more our snuy was before Atlanta. The command of tbe rebel snuy was taken from Johnson and given to Bodd, on condition that he should bold’Ariacta .at all hazards. In the battle of the 2uth of Ju’y. our corps, took no part; but the day for our work and sacrifice wa* rear. Thebanle ot July 23d .wss one of th*. fiercest and most decisive otthc campaign. Well planned on the pan of Gen Boofl, our defeat must nave teemed to him probable, and !t won'd hive been fatal. It was an hour cl- dealing, and tae ICfa corps (or »b*t pm of It present, the Sad utia «h dlvltiont) waa »o placed as to have the decis ion depend on its action.. If we had tailed, all would have been leal; and we could not purchase either our own, cr ether*’ safety Imt at treat ex pense. JfobJy old the corps undertake ins crc'td- Itft work, and at the cost of some KW bleeding, mangled, dead and dy Log men saved the day. Tee part enacted on that eventful day fc abun dantly commended by those moat directly con cerned. bat baa been imperfectly set forth, so tar as we lunrC seen, by newspaper correspondents. Each division and tverj irgliacnt .did Its anty, and conspicuous amomr them was the I2ib Illi nois. Its co mnatder. thoogh a soldier a» old as the war. Is comparatively a young man, and yet no regiment was morn satisfactorily handled; in none did the brave men yield more readily to the commander’s orders, or r land, more unflinchingly amid the death-shower of ballets a-.d thunder ol bm sting tbtlU. Bat sc oic regiment could save the day. Suc cess, and c-eu pru-ervaiiou, depended on united - action, and that we had on that day. All showed Uxmeelves.equal to tne du»y*whlch the conatcy expects of even man at an hour which. Use thif. It ihehlnpcolTste. . From that day, for xfeirly five weeks (till August •fiDi, we were engaged In investing 'Atlanta, sur lounded, as it was. wtth works which cunum el jnrt can scarcely be axpcc«ed to pass. Mach of tfaetimewse spent uponxround made dangerous bv tharpetooicr*, cr h> the lallah! ol shell*, some of wLicn weighed 100 pounds. One of -:ar men was wounded in his dco : another while going to a worn ded companion’s quarters lor such thing* as Le seeded to take to the hospital We were inad to be called to leave each a position (Aug. S3), UDUgh wc bad no idea where we were to go, nor did we much care, so perilous waa the poet we beld, and I may add. apparently so profit!*;*. A large partol the army moved towards Sandtowa, on the Chattahoochee, and then turned sduttuto .Jonesboro. • Gen. Mood believed we had abandon ee the city, and sopnbUfebfcd to bis fneuds. A great jubilee was bold In Atlanta. There uas feasting, dnnkiog. music and dancing. The coun try knows the result. In eight days Atlanta was oare. and with little bloodaoed. Oor whole di vision lost nut two kDlcd and thirty wounded, and in out regiment there was not a single casualty. Thus *iids what will donbtlvfß be regarded as one ol the most remarkable campaigns-*}! history, urparalMi d In the endurance required, the gene- / ralbhlp exhibited, and i‘s final success. • J. G&asr, Chaplain 12thIIL Inf. List or CasuAi/nra.—Prom the Investment of Atlanta, -July 23 to Ad". tJT _ Co. A—Corp. W. T. rmv» am, slight; Wm. A. breast, slight. Col K—Corp. C. Camp, bead, slight; James Long, hlp,*llcht. \ Co. C—Cspt.D.C. Jones, thigh, slight; Lieut, F F. Siller,'side, alluht: John E. Jones. (July I S3)fnnhead. slight: John Plenmblc, wrist frac tured ; Jacob O’Tool chest, severe; James Scho- I field, bead, tlivht; Jehn E. Jooes, (2d time Aug. 10) lull shoulder iractnred; Franklin Brewer, ab domen. slight. j Co. D—S..L. Gonsaolis, bead, slight; George* Bruner, both lege, terete; Jacob O’iJrlght, neck, fletb. Co. E—John Athon*. killed, (Aug. 10); Wm. Morln/back, slight. • Co. F—Win. Beesley, left band, alight; Mrran Hamilton.* *ll!o<U4uly 23:) Wm. n. Dean*. kiU. Ed (Atur, 18;) Samncl Starr, thigh, strife; J. Free born shoulder, severe; Henry Vos?, shoulder, se vere; John Btnnsn, chest, severe; John .Bunn, * CO S-afford,* ailed (Jnlr ss, Co* H—James Howard, arm amputated; Ist Lt. A. Bfsndou. stm iractnred; E.Mesatr, eye (acul* ritaM; W. phill'pf, Ehotilder. tUcnt; Jofcpli P>r»se, arm, re rcre; George Drury,arm. sJchl t Jacob Kuowl tS, head. -light; Eocene ytre; Jowh A. Bodell- nnu, , 6erg t Wal ton L.Odi*il, stomach, slhht r Co. K—Charlc* Hannon,* *dltd (J®'J 2».) . Rebels Calling Names —The rebel organs have been auruflnjr themselves of late call- Irg Gen. Sherman all manner of names. Why Is this ? We do nofcaUUdr Generals rames. Judging from late advices, Gen. Sherman is able to take care ofblmself, cyan against rebel epithets, as N well" os rebel, bayonets. *•', '■ The more we get ot Pendleton’s re cord, the worse' it looks. In a speech de livered in New Torkj belore a Democratic AssoclatlonJlast spring, he said -that “the ■prosecution'of the war- con lead only to Union or separation. If it leads' to Union, it uilL Icid to an unmitigated dapotis t n,'\ s ’ . py Every man know that Sheridan's vic tory has immensely diminished McClellan*!*, chances for the Presidency; Let every min ask himself whether that party und that car didate deserve his support whose only hope of success depends on rebel victories and Union defeats. * THE WAR FOR THE UNION. Another Victory in the Shenandoah. SHESIDSN’S' SECOND EIRLI CLOSING MOVEMENT. JThe Early Bird-Catches it Again. Phil Sheiidan Captures Sixteen More Bebcl Cans. FRESH DEPRESSION IN LITTLE MACKEREL STOCK. How the. People at Home are fcbeondieg Uur Bovs in Blue- THE CEBIT MEETINGS YESTER DAY IS PEORIA AND TAZfi ■; WELL COUNTIES. Grand Rally at Laporte, Ind.—Long John Be fore the Hoosiers. FROM SPRIHBFIELD--A PARTY OFILLIHDISIITTLE MACK ERELS ROUTED. From Fort Sco;t--Cap(ure of a Government Train—Loss Two Million Dollars. GRANT AND HIS ARMY CELEBRATE SHERI DAN’S VICTORY. From New Orleans and the Western Gulf. Charleston—More Rebel ' Barbarisms to Our Prisoners. ** OFFICIAL BCLLETU^ W-asmifGTON, Friday, Sept. 23,186 L To Mjor General Dlx; The following telegram, announcing another victory of Sheridan, is just received; Habfxb’s Fxnsi; Sept. 23. Hon. E. ol War: Sheridan has again beaten Early at Fisher's Hill, capturing 16 gnus and many prisoners. This is, In all probability, the finale of Eirly. (Signed) ’ «J. I>. SszvjtztsoK, Brig. Gen, Sheridan’s Victory at Straibdrg. New Yobs, Frlt’ay, September 23.—Tne Ifbr/<Te special from tbe headquarters of Sheridan’s army, below Winchester, 2 2d, says: The entire army ad vanced at noon yesterday, and took a position on the heights on either elde of twenty mlies below Winchester and. towards Staunton. In front ot, FilntHlll the artillery opened on the left, immediately demoralizing the enemy’* skirmish line and scattering It h«ck,_ A shot from Tyler’s buttery of the lUth corps etc fire tu a barn Just be yond Suasburg, soon after the' firing commenced.' meanwsile theuh corps wnlch was assigned the ImeiLces of the cay. sent forward a skirmish tine, cousLUlc ol tbe Cth Indiana, filth Ohio and 9th New Yoik reclmcnts, of the cd division, and the thtAPeunsyivaoia and 15th New Jersey, or tbe Ist' division, to develop tne enemy’s .strength upon, and cspmre.frpossible, a crefinormlng an exten sion of the very formidable position Held by ibo enemy on FUi-t dilL This line advanced hand eumciy, driving the rebel line from tne lout of tne crest, out no iotUut. The enemy stnobomty held their own afterwards, nntll the close ot tho '’offer noon. The enemy rcfn-cd to answer with a single gun. Captain Mc«huthy*s battery finally ad \anced to onr eklfmfrh line on the left of the 6tL corps and center of tbe army, sod give the eccmy each a firing by battery Je shat-' tcied a portion of totir line and caused it to re- Hieslfoon alter.} Abonc dusk, while the battery was fetili firing the brigade of tne Sd division of the bth cerpa charged on the extreme right, un der a deadly nre, end gallantly stormed atu carried the which had oeeu fought for nnencoes*- Hilly curing the afternoon. Tuts closed the day’s engagement. * - Tbe los&as of tbcCth corps in theflght will prob ably reach 200 billed aid wounded. GcnenlTorhett, with Wilson’s and dl vieioneof cavalry, wae]eent the mountains on Ibe left, iarly tin* mommg. A dispatch arrives at this hour, stating that he haaoriven'the ene my's cayalry from Front Royal, and 1* six miles beyond, ana is still advancing. *■ Gen Aveiillls onthe extreme right, and devel oped no force of consequence In his front dunug ibe afitrcccs. , It the enemy remains to flgbt, there Trill be at leasts rhowlngot bands by both armies, though abetter we shall assault in their present postilun remains a quotum. ' Baeteii’s FrnnY, Thursday noon—r left the army this montio". On the way here I bare beard no tounde of caoiiouaaioj; indicating tbe upenuig ol a battle this morning. Nett Yoke, Friday, Sept. 23.—The BeraUPs Wmutinglonfecial iloaay was wouudcda lew days since in a ruconnoiesance toward! Al die. lie recclTed a pistol bail in the month, pass* lug through the buck part oPthc jaw, and another in the abdomen, inflicting a severe wound. The' Richmond Examines says be was only wounded in the. thigh, and would coon be iu the saddle fftOtt TAZEWELL COUINTV. ot Ui« FollUcal Campalsa. [specs! citcstcb to the Chicago Tnoacs-i Pekin, Tazewell Co., Sept. 53,1 yta PXQniA, Friday, rSepU S3, f The Union meeting to-day at Pekin, Tazewell, county, was & grand success. The people of this county ore not overly given to-a-tendance-upon popular metriure; but this seemed an exception* about two thousand persona including a hundred of the meanest Copperheads Id all the region. Tncfca Ust beard not a lew plain practical truths from the speakers. These were Boa. 6. TV. Honlton*finion candi date fer Copprc«, from the State at large, and Bon. E. IC. Isyereoll, candidate fur Ccngre'f, from the Fifth Congressional District, and Che Se cern squirmed under their pungent otteraneea like 'turtles with live coal»~npon tttelr'backs The meeting wafe tn -such marked contrast, both fn re epcct to numbers and enthusiasm, to that held yea" tezday under Copperhead auspices, and addressed by Seiator Itichardfon, that the most hopeful an curies are entertained of a change of sentiment ibd of majorities in Tazewdl county. TMb - numbered 2,100, and was fall of life Bud zeal-* fAof numbered3oo, and was as coldandlu tubriouh as a funeral. The Copperheads here abouts are down-hearted and discouraged because ol their lamentable fizzle Richardson was not &b drcnk'as usual and iailed to act bis own part with bt cornin'* mirit. The burden of his song was n'ceer— xiis argument and the ot hifi haramme. here may bs learned. from bis Bryan Ball speech, delivered in Chic .go -Inst belore the Chicago Convention, and already published in the TnmcN*. It was a reproaaction of that speech, word for word. - The people are on hand to-day with music ana with banners as stall the meetings heretofore held In the State. Among the latter was one with this inscription: 4 *lf McClellan couldn’t take Rich mond With ids base at Washington be can’t take Washington with his ba-e at Richmond;” and thl# * “ Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, and Firracut, bicesed are the peace-makersana these: “ Free ballots 01 a tree fight. We accept the condition*.’. The meeting was organized by the selection of ilai B N Cnllom a? Presides', and eighteen Vice Presidents—one frdm each township In the conn* tJ iner KmVc«pUally rendered by the Pekin Glee Club, Bon. ff. W. Moulton wu« Intro onccd. and, after an appropriate exordium, ad dressed bis audience upon penbir-p ta-ue*. Toe platform adopttd by the Chicago Convention was criiiw ly examined and il? lauicniabl« ehortcom iuusplain'.v pointed out. Be that he was an old line Jb’ckpon Democrat, tnd-an ardent admirer of Dowlas in 3SGO. Ue was a Democrat row. The disunion peace democracy of the pres ent day fay they are the party whom the mantle of the founders of the party had tallon, but he declared this a false-afituroptipn. They were a party of political ved la sla and born in iniquity, fc showdNhu their party Indirectly responsible for .the rebellion. ana re sponsible fnrthe war that 1* now devastating the land. 11.: then examined from a Jtomocrttaestsnd point and in the light of Dcnoejatlc history, the ccetllon of lli. ri s ht of fife Simnmmß'. to coerce & State, and recounted tire instances In wnsch that right had been exercised Ho' examined briefly .IhcinuistlcfijitaT.fcof the Chicago platform, and charactirizcd the entertalnine&t of the idea as a di rect rtcoccltion ol iho pn leuaions of the rebels. In the tvent of the election 01 Mr. Lincoln, ho gald the rebel* would lay down their arms within gixiydajf. Tbfe laut, lingering hope of Uorlh and South lay in Mr. Lincoln’s Itpn cave n scorching review of McClellan fl l. et , of acceptance, and Phoned that it was not oplv In -1 ' consistent with the nlutlorm. but inCoo»i«toot with itself. Be letened briefly tef the votes of Democratic members of Congre*s upon the ques tion of cotfltcanon, andcharocterizen-Uiera as the etstxnchffit tilends of the rebels. He examined tfcu rliihts of hdlllcercitß irL accordance with the l lap bol nation*, end in that lieht ex tnnbt mesenreaot the Adrolnjstntion. Iletrl tjmpbbtitiy refuted the"calumny that the North ’ wss >»iT»-«-sivo upon the rights of the South, ana . «howcd that the whole history of the government was rothins but a history ol compromise and guarantiee to the South. The day, of compromise, in his opinion, had ' CHICAGO* SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,1864. passed. Zl« scorned the idea of compromise with traitors. Let them lay down their arms; thea mlll'ary necessity will -cease, and we can treat with trem upon the basis of Indemnity for the past and security fortbo lutore. Be closed bis argument with an earnest appeal to his bearers to .work earnestly, la season and out of season, lor the success of the Union State atdNatioral ncket, and promised victory com* mensurate with toe victory to he gained by the Union amy in front of thecefeneesof Richmond. Sir. Moulton was loudly applauded. After the conclusion ol Mr Moulton's remarks, Hon. E. C. Ingereoll was introduced, and spoke. for an boutand a hali lo his, happiest vein. I shall not attempt to give an outline even of his remarks, because of the want of time that Intervene* be tween this and the closing of the telegraph office, ills was a splendid effort, and worth? of the mao, and the occasion, and entirely in harmony with the sentiments of his audience. FBOn §PBIA«FiEIiD. More Buihwbacklng In BfSngham and «)axuberlaL«l Coantics—tine Hume Rebel >&ot. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spbikgfixld, Friday, Sept. S3. A resident of Cumberland county, in this State, gives me tbe particulars of an affair in that vicini ty. on the iGlb inst., in which quite the semblance of a guerilla fight apd pursuit was realized. It haring been reported to the 'loyal residents that there was a gang of bushwhackers near Woddbcry, on' tho road leading’!© Tcutopolls, county, tbe Union' men in the. vicinity, to the number of about thirty, armed themselves and started out in pursuit.- 1 After going about five miles, they discovered the bushwhacker?, some six in number, and all on horseback. Tho Unionists rodo up within speak ing distance, apparently before theywero'diacqv, cred. When discovered, the bushwhackers all pat spurs to their horses, except two who Rented to be’ leaders. The bea 1 leader wished to know what the party wanted. The Cantata of the Union squad said, ** We want you to surrender V He re piled,-“ Never can I alivi 4 ," at the same time drawlcg a heavy revolveMiom his side, and fixing at the speaker, who then commanded his squad to fire. At tbe first fire the daring bushwhacker was left aloceyhiß ojtnradofalllcg dead upon the ground. Be continued firing until he had fired seven shots, wounding tao of opr men—one seriously, the other slightly. Eje wltneraes are confident that there we:c over fifty shot? fired at him, at tbo distance of City yard?, before he stirred. He then wheeled hU horse, took to tbe woods, aud made his escape, under the fire of thirty gun?. (Rather poor shoot "tL fellowV came Is John J Lucas, from Nash ville, Washington county, Illinois. TFOOZ>FOI£O COBari, Xlxo Union Holly at £1 Paso. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] El Paso, 111., Friday. Sept. 23. The Union people of El Paso, had a glorious meeting cn Wednesday last, at which nearly all the inhabitants of that reslon wire present. v * Hon. S. W. Mocltonmade a splendid speech of an hour and a half, and was folio wed by Hou. S. M. Cnllom in a masterly address of an honr.„- This meeting was'the largest and most enthuar fistic ever held, in this port of the country. The Union men there arc thoroughly aroused, and deter mined to give Honest Abe another four years* lease of the Whit 6 Honsc, end to give their votes for Moulton and Cnllom for Congress Yon may look fur a good account from El Paso on election day. / The thing especially noticeable in this as in every other meeting held in riio State is the deep sealed earnestness of the pfcople. There never was scything like the present sentiments of the massea-In the way ol stern remove, of resolute purpose, and ot assured laUn in a triumphant re* suit fttuebsLo: box In November. - The Union men aro taking-off their costs and io.ling up their sltesea for work. It Is the conn* ttyaiow, not party. Thtf portion of the State will eho w Union gains that whl sMonlsb-fomc people. Hon. A. W. O’Brim, a Copperhead lawyer of theory, who made himself conspicuous daring the eceelon of the Chicago Convention by spout log bis treason from the balcony of the Bherman Honse, came in conflict yesterday with a returned soldier, and escaped a sound drubbing by the in* tcrfexcncc of bis mends.' The soldier was lined a nominal sum. FBOa PEORIA. A Small Collection or Little Maeifc ereU. Dispatch to, tho Chicago Tribune.] Peoria, 111, Friday, Sept. 2*. '• A great Copperhead meeting was advertised to be held in the public square in this city to day. to be addressed by Senator Richardson. An immense crowd was expected and an extensive platform built* asainst the Court House, and draped with flsgS and banners. ’ The xupUHcde came to the number of two bun* dred ana fifty; bat they made so mean a ehowJn the large square that they adjourned to the Court House. Richardson was intoxicated as usual. Be said bis say and departed. This meetiig was ex Ignominious filium—a first class fizzle. The Copperht&ds ore disheartened and discourage^.’ The; conceded to-day, in my hearing. that Mr- Llacoln’b election la a foregone conclusion. They -see the band-writing on the wall, and fed Uut even in Peoria connty, the stronghold of Illinois Democracy, their eceptor is departing. Let me prophecy, Peoria will give me Union ticket three nnndrea majority In November. The telegraph made messy in my Galeabnrg dis patch. that Inperaoll would be elected in the Fifth Cunsreseiousl District by three tbonaand majority. Make it read six thousand majority and it will be moie the truth. . FROM ORIAIVA. Tho Great meeting at Lnportc Tester* day—lion. John Wentworth’s Speech* - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lapocte, lud., Friday, Sept. 23 We have jnst bid a grand out-poorlng of the loyal mams to bear Long John Weotwortn. His speech was np to Me reputation, and was listened toby the bluest audience convened this year to hear a Union speaker. ■Htmttman’a Had was fall to overflowing, aiyl hundreds were compelled to leave. This able speech has not only strengthened the Union men, but the tobtr truths with which it awakened conviction in many minds. Jucge Niles follow ed, in a moving appeal to the people to rebuke the unprincipled hound* who take no pleasure ip onr victories and leal no eor row'ovcr oor defeats. While Hr Wentworth was sneaking thu Journo?, containing tho news of Sheridan’s ia?l victory, vaa received and read. The enthusiasm was im mense. The draft is passing off pleasantly. The notori ous Charley Beeves, - wno at one time ur.'ed resist ance to the dr&tt, has an opportunity ntfW dr indi cating bis courage and dying oahia ador step. FROM PEORIA Ihe WeetlDff at Elmwood Yeiterdar, fSpecial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] * Eiotwoon, Fzobia Co , via Peoria, Sept/22. - An immcnfc Union meeting was held In the re. centiy erected Union wigwam In this place to-day. There litre at least two thousand persons present, and like all the meetings so far held in this portion of the State it was distinguished-by a remarkable dei ree of earnestness and enthusiasm. The speakers were Gen. Oglesby, Gen. Prentiss, CoL Bob Ingereoll. of Peoria, and Rev Mr Dodge- It was a glorious outpouring of luyolsentimems, and will have tbemest gratliyiog eflect upon the canvass In this conn»y. This evening Gen. Oglesby fwill,speak at Mow caquo. • FROM KADISOX; WUcomln Military Item*—The Draft. - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! - Frida#? Sept. 53., The 40th regiment has all been mastered oat Q*d paid off, and the men mostly left for home last, myht. A part of the men of the 6th regiment, be longing to companies A, C, Fond K, whose terms have expired, have arrived here, having left Mem phis on the 10th. About ninety men now ronMn at Memphis, waiting the return of the regiment IrOm an expedition np White river. The famous eagle or the.reciment returns with the veterans. The Bth regiment was 'brdered to leave to-mor row, but cannot get away for two or three day*. The draft is progressing Quietly and is about fin ished In the 2d district. FKOM FOKl’ 6COTI. GoverDDimt Train -Captured and Burned ~ at Culiln Creek—Stuud AVallie in Strong Force aioving Mortta —liUfes $2,000,000-. Ixatskfceth, fitpt. 3?.—'The Jol lowirg telegrams were received at headquarters yesterday: v Paolx, Sept. 20,1861. Major C. S. Chariot: Col. Blair reports the train for Fort Smith was captored by the enemy at Ca&ln Creeh, said to' 'be three thousand strong. t tiro Stscs, Major Gen;— Fort Scott, Sept. 2U. Major C. S. Chariot: / .Lieut. Col. Wheeler* of the 331h Kansas,who wa? with the traiu when capinrcd at Cabin Creek ytsliiday morning, baa arrived at one of my oat* poetf, and sends me word that t&? rebels took ont little of tte irala with them, burning nearly all of it. This rather indicates a movement faith er North. The rebel 'force was S and Waitie'*. mid Col. Wheeler. tblcKs it fotir thou sand strong. Tl.e survivors of the train escort are on-Unlr way tip i cir Baxter's Springs. Price’s Ltacqu&ztcre arerepprted to he at Cane Hill. On as. w. Blair, Col. Commanding. - Foet Scott, Sept. 2o.— The train for Fort Smith was taken* by the rebels at Cabin Creek. Too re-el force was Stand Waiufe'j, now-saM to te about 1,000 snoot’, but not commanded bv hlnu Hare not jet learned who was In co raand! The attaefi was mode about S o’cloot mora ls?, and cTcnthinswtaKen. The rebels had three p'ccetf ol arilllery; Ha*e not learned us yet of any one escaping, except Lieut. Cot. Wheeler, and a lew wagon masters. The tram.coif-tated ol 202 wagons. fire ambulances, lorry artillery boras?. 1253 mules—7l wagons teJonjtng to the po-t at Fort Scott, the remainder belonging to Forts'Glb .eon and Smith; also tWb suiltt’a trains.. UtTEB. Capt, Serbia went oa_asd is aa r e. The train started with nearty &;0 men, and cot IC3 Indims' more at Bush Crick. At Cabin Creek {here was slso a station of Indian troop*. I bear that ilajor Foreman, with (00 men and a battery, had \taxted from Foil Gibson to relnforcethe train, and wodld have reached them yesterday. The camp was a stockade, hut worthless against artmerr. Hire joit learned ibatSlajor Hoptlng of the Sd Kansas, per off with twenty-five men Cmnot tcil whether the lepor’is t*ue or no?.. The entire rctler’s out fit, as wjrll as theGc.Ttn.ment train, isprotnbly n total Joss; Uncertain what direction the rebels have taken. . FAIR Clcaiziz Proeefdises-AwaraH « ? o*)isnired—Hcsnme of me featarts of the fair. <. • ’ fSpcchlDßpatch to the Chicago Tribune.! F Midi, Friday, Sept. 23* The ck sing-day ol the State Fair was not so wc.l attended as yesterday; yet the number pres ent was quite large. The weather up to 2 o'clock was bright and beautiful, but at that hour a-rain storm commenced-end continued until thecloseV greatly marring tho all, and seriously interfering with the turf amusements, which ■ were set down for the afternoon. The Fair, as a-whole, has been a success, I be lieve bepoud precedent. Financially it certainly has, tbe gross receipts beiag larg«c.thaa ever be fore, and tbo State agricultural Society may con gratulate themselves upon the result.' Compared with tbo Lllnolß State'Falr, held at Decatur last week, it falls short m every respect. Horses were less in number ami character, white in cattle there can be no comparison. Michigan still beats us In sheep. The Spanish - Merino, raised tn Michigan, ! think Is superior to thoscralsedin Teimontof the same breed. lam - glad to know’that these Spanish Herlcoea are ap preciated by cur Illlcols sheep reisers, and many of them are purchasing liberally from this State to take to Hi ndis. Thel&presslon la .strong that they will.lbrlvp jaet as well thpre as here. ' Tbe show of at ricultnral Implements has beep good, while the variety has not been great. M-my ol the implements made and used in Illinois are not suitablefortise m Mijhkan, and rice versa. The thea. of irnlt exqjpt grapes has been ex ceedingly bilm. The severe, frost of last anmmer. destroyed, ferthis season, at least,-nearly all the fruit In Michigan. Horse racing has been, I am glid to know, near jy a fuflorc. There has been bat two days derated to It, and there were only two races of any Im portance the single mile dash yesterday, by run array torses, and tbe trottb-diy. May this fea ture growless every fear. The Jockeys and black legs generally bad a poor t|me. ' t ‘ The annual ehction for officers of the society took place to-day, with tbe following result: President—William O. Beckwith, Cass county. • Vlch Presidents—The Presidents of the various CoarJy Societies. *- Treasurer—James A. Walter, Kalamazoo, Secretary—R. F. Johnstone, Detroit. Executive Committee—W. F. Manning, Paw Paw ; John Ahen, Fiymontli; Martin- Dorreli,- Jackson ; A. G Barmy, Adrian; Mr. Yeomans, lonlafA.G G. W. Phillips,Romeo. The Sarttiry Fair has been a great success. I donctknowthe-exact receintS-hat they will not fall much short of $12,000. Tne contnhotioos to itliom Cbicsgo exhibitions have been generous. Mr. Eeed, «i the Temple, U) yoor city, gave one piano ouirlabt, and another at cost. Toe two pot about sl-00'into the Messrs Grover & Baker, gave a ecwiLg machine, and there were other contributions; The pro Sis eftfie S&mtary Fntr can hardy ho less than $7,000 or s*,ooo. Two ballot boxes »were opened at the Fair to re*' wire votes for President, a Lpoll tax of twenty* five cents being required from each voter. The result was as follows;. Lincoln, 1,251: McClellan, "574—majority for Lincoln, 707, or_moro than two to one; A trot look-place this p.m., which proved one ol the finest contested I ever, saw, not*iinstand ing the prevalence of a lively ram storm. The en tries were as follows; Ist E, Abrams enters “Jenny.” £d. John Corlitk enters “John Mortissy.” " 60. U. Maun enterfl \Qnaker Boy.” s ~ “jenny" won the first heat, and “John Mor riesj’Mhe sccond,third and fourth. Time—2:4o, £3& M, 2r2t*JL*, 2:31. Considering that the whole 'four heats were jwriected within the space of forty - minutes, in a driving rain storm, this may he re* garced as remarkable time. A run meg race followed the. trot The entries were as follows: let. “ Book Miranda,** byA. L. Chappell. £d. “ Kate Duncan.” by W.L.McCl»ughUn. Bd. “-Sofias,” by Henry Chappell, Boak Miranda distanced both competitors, and won the race on the fine boat. During the race, the rain poured down in torrents, and the mud war fetlock dtep. This race dosed the fair. The receipts of tne fair for the five-days hare been about was SIO,COO. tor whieu the Society will realize a nandeoura profit. The following premiums were awarded to-day: CLASS SIXTEEN. Roadstxbs asd Tbottcm—Trotting stallion fi*# yraraand over—lst, “Grey Eagle j’-JM, J*D. Franklin'. Jonesvtilc Trotting,slaliion four,years—lst, “.TomUyer,” Q. Barry, HilteCale; 2d, X), W, Evans. Nottawa. Breed mare five years and over—lst, Aornm?, Kalamazco. • • ' ■ - CLAS3FIHST. SnoTrrnonKs—Bull four years and over—let, Messrs. Sly, Marehall county; 2d, £. O. Beach, Battle Creek. - - 8011, Jjcars old. tat premium,EbenezerDur kee, Portage. Sd, Marshall. Ball Calf, Irt premium, Bichardsou & Wattle. 2d, Berry Drake, Schoolcraft.- - • , • - f, BCow, 5) earr. Ist premlom, D. M. ÜbhYlpsllanti. _ Helicr, 3 yvora, Ist prcmiuin, D. ei, UhL Heifer, 2 years, let premium, W. B. Schuyler. Marshall. 2d, D. M. Uhl. . • , ■ Heik-r, 1, let premium, D. M. Uhl. Heifer Calf, Ist premium. W. Conley, S V CLASS TWENTY FOUB. Spanish Merino—Buck, 8 years, Ist premium, J, - W.Eetney, Lawrence county. 2d. Lot.fyniuc v Caescoomy. _ Buck, a years, Ist premium,,©. Watk’ns, 2d, J. 11. Bonerlord, Macomb ccnntj. Bucs, one year—lst,©* S. Walking; 2J, M. W, Bit ebam, Addison Co., Vt.' Mvc Buck Lambs—lst, J. H. Butterfield; 2d; Lot' Bonlne. Five Ewes, three years—lst, J. W. Keeney; 2d, J. W Ecvm-y. •Five Ewes, two veara— 5. WatklnsrSd, A; • E. Smith. Bntland Co M Vt. FiveEwee, one year—lst, Benj. Perrine, St. Jo Co.; 2d, J. H. Butterfield. CLASS TWENTY NINE. Fat Sheep—Pen of Fat Sheep—lst, Richardson & Wattle*, Kalamazoo; 2d, John McNanghlon, Kalflbazoo. CLASS POBTY-FOUR. Wrszs, &o.— Spedman Grape Wine—lst, HrG. Blar chare, Detroit, Specimen Grape Brandy—lor, H, Q. Bkmcbard. „ CLASS TWENTY. Cavalry and Matches of Match ed Horses O' tr Mvelrc hundred lbs cacn—lst, Wm. Snyder, Three Elvers: 2d. (I. Bandolpb, Adrian. . fair matched hones uudet twelve hundred lbs— l|t, John W. Hogmau, Three Rivera; 2d, F. C. Lowes, Three Risers Three year old matched marcs—let, BobH Gould, Ceresco. w Three year old filly—lst. J. W. Dickinson, Bal tic Crcelq; Sd, L. Bonnie, Vandalta. Four year old ally—lst, N.D. Skccls, CoMwatcr; 2d, S. A. Baldwin, Marshall. Three year oM stallion—lst, Membrino Chief, A.C. Fist, Coldwaler; 2d, Col. W.Fonda,Battle Creek. •- _ - Hatched trotting . horses—lst, A. 8. Berry, Adrian. The time made on the track by the -Membrino Chief colt was three minutes. Thiels remarkable time for a colt at that kge In, wagon weighing 140. He is from J D. CUv’s famous Membrlao CWef. Hon. K. C. Barker, Mayor of Detroit, iajh# own er of twa balf-brotbere ol Membrlao; Ericsson and Hcnibrlno are very last, and ouone occasion the latter trotted his first mile at four years old in 2:30 V, his third mile In £3l and bis lonrth mile in 2:52, over the Woodlawu Coarse, Louisville, Octo ber, ItCO. * CLASS FIFTY-THREE.. Sewing Machines—First premium, Grover & Ba ker; Chicago; best finally machine, Grover & Ua ker, Cblcueo; beet display, Grover & Baber, Chi cago ; best manufacturing machine, J. Fanner, Chicago. - - v , : CLASS FIFTY-TWO. -Mualcallnstruments—Grand pianos,Heed’s Tem ple of Music, Chicago. Best parlor plaro, A. A. McPhall, Boston, Mass. Best parlor organ. Heed’s Temple ot Music, Chi cago. Bcstmelofieon.Biakem&u & Cndy, Kalanftroo. Best assortment or instraiheats, W. 11. Wad- Eham, KaiamazWL . ' . v In the lady eouestrisn exorcise there were bnt two entrie*, viz; Miss Flora Uoffln of fcrcodarllle, usd Mies Jane Hay of Kalamazoo. The prize was awarded to Mias May. We think the managers of the Fmr have not acted liberally irtthc matter of lady equestrianism. It should receive encourage- • ment, atd we hope next ye<*r it will be a moro-im porioiit feature in the exerohw. / FfiOlftlßE GULP* Matters in EoulsUna, Texas and Hex. leo. New OnntAKs, Sept. 16, via Gaibo, Sept 21. The transport Alabama has just arrived from Bra ze# with intelligence. that another, fight bad oc cmrea at Bagdad between the French ana Corn ua Piivole letters written ten minutes belore the sailed, say that a light is now pro ercasirg. Artillery is being used onhothsiocs. The French marines ore good gunners.and are en trenched. „Tho result la purely conjectural. There is nothing new iromAlohue. Some uadi-. tlonal pnrticolara of the recent capture of Browns ville t>y Coninas, are receiveu,but embrace no thing important beyond those I sent you on the I< Coi.°D>y» of theOlstlUs., commands the federal troops at Bfszos Santiago. - it isnmoied la military circles here that Gen. Bunks leaves this department next week. He is now more popular with the Free State party than organ will be started here If hts friends cannot purchase oneof the city papers. - Nnw-YocK, Sept. 2C.—The steamer Emily B. Landes, Horn New Orleans* bepicmbea 15th, has arrived here. • ■ . ; ..... An arrival from up the nver gives a doubtful ru • mor announcin’* the capture or Little Bock, v A laice supply ot clothing, etc., has been s:nt via Btd nver, by a flag of truce, to Colon pnaon eiHireaficr ro persona will, be arrested iuNew Orleans without there are* written accusations _ ap la very low. rito3l GBAUX’S arHt. . lt.iolcln£» ntJUtetWan*. Victory-Bat. J lerifl Canal. Yobs, R Way, Sepf. Point corrrspoiWenU 21*1, Bays: Sheridan** great, ■ victorv itae inspired oar troops more than a rein* "forcement o! 20,000 men. It was received igjth I DD'oanoos enthusiasm. Grant telegraphed at I once to Washington lomake Sheridan a Briaadier in the'regclar!*, which was promptly done. A rotate of ten'shotted guns rrom each Battery was firtd this morning at sunrise, matin" over one ttou®snd discharges noon the rebel line*. The rebels have reinforced their mortar battery, which Is broach* to bear on the Dutch Gap canal work«r?, cy ite addition of four more Cosorn?. Tt cy beep np a contumely fire, out do no damage * ' :tr. * whateT* s- "T Pe&cc Gossipl Wa c hisqt<JK» Friday, Sep, 23—TheBlchmond E*tiitirer % speaking ol the rumored ocace neaoila ' lions between Sberman and the authorities of Georgia, eats: The Governor of Georgia odgut to • recollect that the Slate was one of the fi»et to se cede from the Union, and if she now treats for VMce on her own terms, as a eoyeslign State, she" withdraws from the Confederacy, and leave* her sisters the bag to hold, alter haying got them Into gtou. BfpuSXam yesterday haying it «*at»dttat Jeff. Davis had Srutaletter to Jacob Thompson at Nxa.'ura Fnl<s. proposing peacs by the rebel ai my laying down its arms, returning to their f-Uiyiance, and the Union to no preserve! as joracily, the viuves madefroe to remain so, ttnae not. iron to remain In slavery, says: Gentlemen having the confidence Of toe (ioverpment have no iDlt‘- in the report, and assert It as a Wall street specula’.loc. s . Tho Washington special correspondent believes the r»-port ut a peice letter from JeX Dans Is we’l founded, and ha? no donbritls in the banes of a partv to present to the Govern ment. . Another JTortd special says Pro-ldent Lincoln!* cngsc’ peace oroposlMon? to be scot to our commanoers, one having a'ready been sent to Sherman. ' FBOM CHCISSATI. Arrest of Chicago Bank. Bobbers—Tho Draft. Cevcixxati. Friday, Sept. 23.—Detective RoV. •Kennedy, or Cnlcago, assisted by detectives Col c jCt and Bay Use of ibis city—detailed for the pur pose by Ctuet Baffin—last evening arrested on Vine street, two men—Bobbins and Harper— charged with being concerned, with several other parties Uf tberobbery of tho Chicago Savings In ftltmton. The meiv were secured aud will at once *be shipped to Chicago. Tbe total amount of the robbery was about SO,OOO The money bsd been previously secured, seme of It being In tbs hinds or the men srresb-d here. The drof', as ordered, continued yesterday in tbe Second Congressional District Tub proceedings were characterized by strict. decoram and appa rent good feeling. The dialt will not be continued lurther until Mcnday morning of next week— The Draft In lowa* Davespoet, Sept 22.—Jlaj. Duncan has ordered the draft to commence to-day in tbo 8d Congres 'eiuuaTDMrict for 945 men, and in tbe 4tU for 513, subject to credit-tor all volunteers since tbo Ist of September. Next week the draft wld take place in tbe stb and Ctb Districts for 523 and 450 men re spectively, and on tho 8d of October lor the Ist Dletxlct. The drawings take place at the offices of the Provost Marsha s of the eab-dis^dh. Tt edrait in this county Is quietly cofflffig to a conclusion. It has sow proceeded three days. . DrnuQUk. Sept. 22.—rbe>drafc commenced In the 3d District ol lowa this afternoon. A large crowd were in attendance. AH pvesed off quietly and-good feeling prevailed. Forty-six names were 'drafted for Juliea township. The drawing wid probablycqntlnue until the quota (numberin'? 945 men) is filled. . The Slepfe of Chai^eatnq, New York, Friday. Scot. 23.—Advices from Charleston to September mh anuonace that oar .troops ftl 1 contlnae to fire on the citv. Duacrtera .report Immense damage done. Tne rebel coax* mander refused to allow General Foaterto send a applies toon> prisoners In Georgia. Several febel officer? or. Morris Jslacd have expre-sed-a ce»ire to tape the oath 1 of allegiance. The Richmond Exavaner reports larceflres m-Char!eaton, douot leifc the effect of our shells. Grundy Union Convention. Moebisox, Sept. 22.—The Union County Couven tlcn to-day nominated Lcander Smith for Bepre •entattve, A. Farrington for Circuit Clerk, John Di r-pell for Sheriff, and S..Ta>lor for Coroner. The lollowlngresolution was passed: Reto rid, That this cauv&ntioo sustains General Sberidan tn his arbitrary arrest of five thousand oi our Southern brethren. The lake Erie Piracy. Buffalo, Friday, Sept. 23.—Gen. Dlx arrived hers yesterday and-lfft Hat evcnii u for Sucdnsky to inquire into the recent rebel plot and to take effectual measures for the (mure. A private dis patch received in the city announces ilm seven teen of the pirates were arrested by the Canadian authorities and lodged in the Sandwich Jail.— Fromllic Missouri" J River. j£F?£itsoH Cirr, Sept. 21.—A1l boats passing Jefferson City are required to hanl to and report, and those hound up the river laaeuwlch govern* meat stores arc provided with a strode military escort. The pilots end o’hrr officers ot the crafts, lu most Instances, aro ardent sympathizers with Davis & Co. Jlnctlicr Conflagration. Pnonta, Sept. 21.—Lost evening the Farmer’s Mills, in this c;ty, and several hmldtnga on and near the' corner of Fayette unci Somh Washington destroyed by fire. Loss abont f55,000; partly insured. SH&astroiis Conflagration. ' Pcovzdxuce, K. 1, Friday. Sept.' 23,—A fire on Sumner street, lost evening. destroyed fifteen or twenty dwellings, including two foundries, a box shop, half a dozen tenement house?, etc. Twenty families Were rendered homeless. Loss $50,000. An acre ot land was burned over. REBEL RiIDERS FOILED. AulJuaDcce»sfuldtlempt to Open one ol * 4 XSuGoii’a Hank Date*,” by she No tations itebcl Wheeler ami Iwv ot BbUtng. Messrs. Editors : Tlic following letter wis re ceived this evening, and tejja Da own story. lu ;wiU be read with interest by the ecttro banking - community on this continent. In these daw of - fci qnent raids by burglars In tbla State, and Indeed in »U parts of the country. It may be, well tor bank? and bankers to send to the undersigned, at New Haven, Conn., for u clrcnlar, which will print to tt>e most effectual means of preventing robbery by the entire rebel army of America, burg lars included. - . Wii. W. Bacon. Chicago, Sept. 53,18& L Bass op Athens, 1 Athens, Tennessee, Ang. 30, iS&L f • Wm.W.EacoQj New Haven, Conn.: . _ DEAnSmr.On the Slat and 221 Inst., we bad a visit Itom the rebel army, or at least Wheeler’s cavalry raid, amounting to some >ix thousand, and they broke open ail our stores and housed and completely sacked tnem. and-they'worked two days on my safe that I bou&ht of yon, and battered it nearly to pieces with sledges and cold chisels, and axes, and crow-bars, out did not sncceed in getting in, for which I thank you and yotr work men for the kind of-work done on-lt, and would recommend it to-all that may want a perfect article. Yoma respectfully. Geobob W.Roae. - Mr. Bose? safe baa .the hinges broken off out side, and Is indented, and oruiefd, and cot a good deal; “but was proof against raid from being entered - ' ‘ -Bacon’s burglar and fire proof safe is a great in solution. ‘ David Cl cagb. Please send me a y Ice Hat of your safes at this time. I warn to cei another o/ tbo same kind as toon as the way opens so I can cct it through, and much oblige * Tour Wend, Geo. W. Boas. . Moral,—“ Buy a Bacon's safe,”' From tlic Board of Trade Battery: The follhwiog Jotter is from amember of th- Board ot Trade Battery, to. bla brother, a promt' nent business man of this city. It shows the sen timint of tboChicasoebldiers In Shormon’s army: Cross Keys, 18 miles raou Atlanta, Ga., 1 I - September 15, 1864. J My Dear Brother; - " ' \ At last the acony iaover.' No moreroariug/of cam on or whirling ol Millet?, for a while at least. In short, thecampalgn is over—and bowplorloosiy yanktow ctl - this—perhaps-more than I can tell, yon. And then to have that low-hveiLdonoed. Democratic Chicago Convention cry out “Peace,’? **Au armistice for sixty days,” ’’Convention of-Slates.” Nol my deur-htoiher. No! lathe voiceotiihe army.- Abraham. Lincoln, with one year’s more war, with n lasting peace, or Little Mac with, another war' loJISSV than fif teen ycat&Tbrmore cruel acd barbarous than the present one. The six months* armistice Is only a tnrk of those damnable - Copperheads to get the South out of Its present predicament. It is oujU last and they know itj'Tmt want to save it by such a hue ’ and, cry. Bat they .can*! do it; KO.OOOmoret 200,000 to Grant,100;0o0 ; to Sherman, and we can sweep them from tho bee of the earth. Hark my words: In one year more wo aro going to have peace—an honorable' peace—ope of which the soldiers in the field can say, “I tonght for it and am prond of it.” and the loyal pfeope.of the North can aav, “I noUeld every netware We are pping to have a Union that is inseparable, - bound ~ together oy ties of blood, and a United States that the' World will look np to in admiration and awe, led by that In vincible patriot, Abraham Lincoln. Ido want to live to seo that day; itwlll be the bapoie-t mo ment of my life. That picture in Harper's ffteiSg* whicnyoß sent me—“ Compromise ‘with the South”—will - do more good than one hundred speeches. Let it V looked at by the seasibi* and thinking people.. Many thanks for those papers. Wc arenow in a permanent camp, and I can sic down and enjoy my little reading mat ter. Wc are encamped about one mile from Cross in a large pine grove, everything comiortable and hauoy. Plenty of ra tlona-tbc’first Item a roTQlcr-thinks of. Oat crvxDTnTmlcatlons are all straight again. The Hard Tack line is again in Farming order. \Ve ex pect to get paid daily.'' Our rolls are made-oat for eight months. . . / \ Tour affectionate brother. Charlie. I will just add, by way' of postscript, that jour letter of the Stb was rccelvedflvo mtuotoa ago; and also that the B. T. B. did have.a hand in the capture bt Atlanta, and our Division, with the battery, covered the retreat back to me city. The 71 h Pennsylvania Cavalry, of onr Division, was the first to enter the town. The Railway Port Ofllco Car, “Time is one of the mo*t important public he ceFSides of this busy age. and. to save a lew hour*, inventions of every description have been revnrtca to. One ofthe latest cf these lubor-iavmu,money saving and lime-savins contrivances which has been brought out in this country is the railway post office car. It has beeain nee in England-for several years, where its enccesahas been eagerly watched. Havirg proved to be of great benefit. Its introduction into this country was carelnlly con sidered, and, after several fruitless attempts, iihas finally been adopted. The credit'd itrintrodne tltm here kelongs to the Third Assistant Postmas ter General, Mr. Alexander N. Zevely, and to Mr.' Thomas Clark, Superintendent of the Newspaper Department of the New Tort Post Office Several Improvements over thcJ2nglCih system for. trans muting the mails brffte been made by these gentle mtn. The care are running between this city and Washington. One car leave* Washington at S;2J in the evening, and reaches Jersey City at fi o'clocs 'on the foßowlre morning. The corgolcgto Wash u gton leaves Jersev m the evening arrives at G o'clock tha next morolpg. .Both mfctiat When.they, airive the clerks fn chareo of ihe New-York car take the Washington car and return to this city in charge cflbem-*ll. The e ime routine movement la pur sued by the Washington clerks. All the mails are assorted end prepared ready far delivery, whlethe train is movin'*. When the ear rraches New York’ the letters are Vised up and ready for distribution to all parts of the coentry, thus saving four hour's ■ time In the city delivery alone, and in some of the country ►latlops us much as thirty-fix AU thcucMbe bon'hem mail wilKno*. dose much if any earlier bv ibis change, jtt-by taking letters to the car at the railroad depot, thoy cun he dropped Jito the mall- up to within five minutes ot th train's starting; By this arrangement letters can he sent South an hour lator than heretofore,—lV. r. Tribune.- , - .The N. Y., Tribxtne Is mistaken in its “credit of introduction,” wbich belongs to George Arm, strong. Assistant P. 1L of the Chicago office, bached up ard alded-by tins 'Poatmaaler. John L - the Department,' and at their. instance. Give ' credit where crcdltls,fiue. ‘ . IscU) abberusenmus. gTARTIiIN G BUT TRUE. Only TwoßcllanPerDozen, Superior £t fj, i37Lake street, ctlyxwcrDoUacs per dozen. . V «VM. M. TTVESITT, Prop. Rat Bias, Operator. se2l b7?Mt Y CLINTON FSYNOLDS, • WROLESALB OTSfER'PiCKIIB AND DBAUB. Pscklcc House, C 6 eci»on s'.reet. Canton Whirf, Baintuorc, Md, rtnlcuioratizniioapauiio oiaera. ecri i'KC-St s-T*Ttct mE N SAIL MAKERS WANTED. 6t ’-“ dl WCIkfOr G P TLEEr“«i.:BBAED tCO. • Sail yaher*. :C7 South Water-it, cor. Weds St. seal iTTSttnet T3E HIGHEST C£3H PRICES paid far OLD N&W9PAIZBS, PAMPHLETS, BOOhB, either printed or written on, aid WASTB PAfBEcl every cfictiptlox. €?A»II PAID FOB BAGS * JOHN K. PLITIBOBE. 93 L’aad.lph street. 6tC4 sTSfI lm 1864. 1564. ' WETAC. WAREHOUSE. fireai Kcdnetiou ieHetak Purchasers of Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Zinc* Bassla Iron, Imitation Unssln* »re invited to send us iheir orders for the FALL T^ADE. Onr prices for all Metals are as low as Eastern Houses. DICKEBSOS, STTEGES & CO. se24 b7*6-8t sa tat net I BO? S’ AND TOOTHS’ FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING IN GREAT VARIETY AT LOWEST PRICES. Parents are invited to examine ear before parttoMire. wu. B'ftTLECT. ISI «nd IC3 strre;, bherman Home. • hsi-dKTzw ■. SCHOOL FURNITURE. DESKS AND 3FATS of test and at lowest nrlc»3. Pc: IlluslnttfdC»-t*loguo. address HBNHV il. sHK7ivrOL*l>, i:2 Dearborn ure£t,Ct!caso. icUViTOlt KENDALL’S aitboline Prevent* tairfrcra.f-iUlag out. , KENDALL’S AMBOLINE. _ Catuciittogrowcnbaldheads. KENDALL’S AMBOLINE Prtvsnta hair tumlngfiSSy. KENDALL’S AMBDLINE Permanently removtß li&ncruff, — KENDALL’S AMBOLTNE Glvra hair lustre and beauty. KENDALL’S AHBOLINE Kcndersharsh balr soft and glo*sy. KENDALL’S AMBOLINE ' la purely Vegetatae. KENDALL’S AMBOLINE % '-Corea all dtecaaea oftie s:alp. ' KENDiLL’3 AMBOLINE !a pnt up in boxes con taining two bottles—one to be used at nlibt, as a re *W»t3ve»ttectherforinorß!n*nso,a*» droning. It never falls to prevent the hair from falling oat, or turning prematurely gray. I; Isextractediron iioit*, P:ow«»and.H»roe,acdhna teen used to thoussads of cares where the Ha r was eommcoutbybanoralU, ana bai never failed to arrest its decoy, and promo - .© a healthy and vigorous growta. _ price 81 per Box* paiWKIDObLTDV WAitlN U A CO.. No. ss Dey street, New Tori. AND rr>t,D ZVDB7WZUEBS. Bi2?-t(s6l£6tTH SAT&ruas cet WALLPAPER, Borders and Shades. DRAKE & BSO., 184 S, Clark St., PAPER HANGERS * ■ ' A2T D GENERAL -PAINTERS, invite ibe attention ofllieirfrirtuls and the pnhlle generally to'the Terr large end choice stock of Wall Paper* Jkc., which they Lave jnst received. DRiFT! DBm! DfilFTI The Draft trill he.on ns la a few days. - All citizen* nr the Conuty.who can InrnUh Bubal !• tnte* or Hspreir.iiti.rtT* Remits ehouM do io this wwk, and . pj»l? to the Board of bont-i rtaor* to xe tn.buiffß ;aem ih& county Bounty or tso3.-Don’t a«» i»y. ‘ snJSintTE3 ayi> bepb&extative m earns FrpiSHSD TO AIL WHO CiLL AT THE OFFICE OF— ISAAC U. Dill & CO., • feCS a7«C-2tnet _ (5 CLARE STREET. -pISTOIS, RIFLES’s HOT-GjJHS AMMUNITION, &c. TRADE OPEN. Orders Jromnilv filled at IK) Lake Stxret. " ENOCH WOODS. ie24-e£M stnet ’ ; NEW SKIRT *»br 1864. A rew and great Invention In HocpSklrts. 1113 DUPLEX ELLIPTX'I fOS DOUBLBI STEEL 6PKINO. .1.«. sc a. p. west. .97 Chsmben Street. New Xork, Are the owners of the patent, and exe.naive mass* itetu/encf ttlt, " J.W. BRADLEY’S PATENTED DITPLSI KT.TTP. TIC STEEL SPEITt G SKIS m. Tbistsventlon consist* o. Duplex (or two) Elliptic Cttet Sprmgs, ingeniously broicoa ngati, ana firmly ttM,e>her ease to edge, making the toughaac, most ela-Uc, flexible and corsoie spring ever need, er.a bug tha weareri in cinieqaenceof u* ixe»« elssilel ty and flexibleaesi, to place onefold tee skirt whoa in uaa &a easily and with t*e sm ecueven eace as a silk nr muslin drew- U entirely oov:s f ea and elleacas tfieonlyobiectiouatotoo<rsHlrta. viz: the annoy ante to the wearer as well aatbe public, especially it crowded asaemblUs. carriages, railso-ul cars, ehurcb pews, or in ooy crowded plica, from the tilfflnilty cl ccstractlcgthem tooccupvtsg asms:l ij-ace. Thu entirely reo oves the difficulty, while aviac tha skirt the usual full and symmetrical rorm.Jtd is the light est, aua most ssytuh and gtacetul appearance for the street, cperK trccisnado or house creu. A lady havens CLjojed tbe pleasure, comfort »nd gteatcon* violence m wearing the Dnulez Elliptic Ktixicy Bklrt fer a single day, w.II never afterward wtiiibgiy dispense with tbe use of litem. They are tha best auaiity In every part, and tty far the Hyntest mc«v nrable. comfortable and economical slrrt mvle_ Merchants w llbS eupohed u atov-v and ladles is most fiisi-slarr retail stares in thlt city and through out the different States. &r Inonlra f or the duplex elliptic spring beirib. BEADtSX’SPATEHT “DUPLEX ELLIPTIC” _ . «HSI. , - Most Pcpulsx and Flexible in use. A BOaShOT. 161 & 133 iftKe street, Ctucafo. PATMTDmsX ZLLIPIICBMHT.*^ Comblalnsr elacacce, lightness, comftrt and econo* my, and nscnetr.oaably tie most desirable article made. For tale by ■,.,■■„ ......... POTTER PALUSR, 110,111.114 & 116 Lake street. 'JbJcaro. BEADLETS DUPLEX ELLIPTIC DOST. Terr flexible, folded easily, when in use, to occupy a s util soace, making tbe mott agreeable skirt worn, for Bale bj A.Q.EDWS3»CO„ . " Lake it., Chicago. BEALLLT’a*DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BXIBT* ' Moat Practical and Desirable article made. a. R»«3 * POSTER. ICS Lake street, (Hew store.) BBADLKV* DUPLEXBLLIPTIC AKIBT, The Eieateit improrement tre bars ever seen in La die's Skirts, ana sn.«’ of superior excellence. , FREEDMAN & GOODKINO, aid, pTO ° ,tr “ ! ' j^OTICE/ * WALLIS BBOTHEBS KEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY,' It. ill Lake Street, 13 NOW- OPEN FOE BUSINESS. xU-iSKMitast . «• rrHoau scotch and, eng rE. L 153 SpITS ai 165.00 end rpwerds, farmsbea la rSOKOCGB ami *'• a * LLT’3, '9 tument Dleck. apj vo?*by *.rs Erf^** 00 Of all eßtrtltmfa.dna'ricrMEAT.D l /- feJ&S-T,*’*' 1 iSA’NOVIKAL. CLOTHING hhY, , CQ Jv™ 35 * tftd TMiorrhtd Genta’ Ontatle . Jelb—6mtat ■- • FAIEB&HXS’ STAMDARD SCALES . OF ALL SIZES. ‘ Fairbanks, Greenleaf & Co. 3 •/ CHICAGO. » flts H43» If . . •jaaa BARS TISSCU3 AND I \ I\/ \ f BARBELS, at coud band, well coop* eied,aad m exceUeot orfltr, FOR WALK “ Annlrto ARM3TBONQ A CO , Oil BroVen.l7 La laLoiirctt. ' »e2»rti?fltntt 'SALT! SALT! The subscribes offer for is b at the tovrxeT mab* r> T ,iTM, new and oid Bait, deurered outiack-lnloteiaselt imr^aserA ouu»CE,ui MAOSAS. WBIOBT BCO., , •elltfr-Cl w-TAx net U9 Scuta Watir eueet. ssc\» SUihtrtlscmcnfs. f£o MILLERS iDBURX FIU SICKS Are sold in CMcsgo only by the Rock River Paper Co., 30 LASALLE St BEET, GENERAL AGENTS FOB 1H& KO3THWR3T. All of thesa sacks bare the ' PATENT FLAT BOTTOM, And are WARRANTED TO HOLD. Orders arc re«pec‘.ftU!r solicited. 7T. E._HAtS, Ajsat. FALL TR ADE. wiiei,Es.m: DRY GOODS. Large and Attractive Stock. Dim, mm & co. 40 and 42 lake Stmt,. Have now in Store a very extensive and well ai sorted stcck, embracing the newest and most hearable-styles and Fabrics in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, to which they invite the atten tion of their fi lends and-the trade generally, all of which will ho offer ed at tie lowest prices Eist or West. Packsge buyers will here find a fall assortment of desirable Staple Goods at prices to suit. DAVIS, SATOR & t«„ s*J3 4514-net-tthas 40 and 40 Lake £t EARTHENWARE. - 1000 PACKAGES WHITE GttAXITE COMMON WARE, - Now in store, which we offer to the trade at Zasten BOWES BBOTUKKS, IMECATEES, 19 & 21 LAKE-3T. ac!3 qKC fo TP TBAfanet O.HEAT CLEARING OCT VJT BALE. WEBSTER & GAGE, 78 LAKG-ST., Chicago, TFUI offer (or cuh during (lie next sixty <!■»}* me LARGEST, BEST IKD CHEAPEST BMLLINERY, Straw and Felt Goods 9e2J-iT&9-Bta3t EVER OFFERED IN THE WEST. Parties who have been la the habit cf baying thtlr goods In Few York wlilflni, upon examlolss oar stock and prices, that thev can save tine and money by purchasing ftem or. Particular attention given to tha prompt ailing of Ciders, and aaUsfadlCn guaranteed. ~ WEBSTER & GAGE, se23-«7»2-£tmt^ FOSTER. AJT 2y South NTat erltresi, Chicago, UL Ship fhandfer and Sail-Maker, Wholesale Retail Dealer In • Manila, Tarred and Hemp Rope . y CANVAS, AS CHONS, CHAINS, BLOCKS, Twines, Bell and Baeh Cords. Teats, Awnlncs, Wagon Covers, Oakum, lal, Pltca, Feeing, faints, Oils, «io. Old danvas and Hoisting Racnhifla fer Stores, FLAGS ' . OF BVBRY DESCRIPTION. tei3 2w-EEt ■ QOALI COAL I r HARD COAL 1000 tons Small Ejj. 1009 tonyßanse Size. ' oOfftous Cliestnnt Size* Also, constantly on hand. a good supply ot EHZB*. BHlAlt BILL. ILLINOIS end x*LO3«itfUKGH COAL Which we are offering at LOWEST MARKET BATES . EOLBKOOK Jb PXBSEB, Yard, street, cor. ludlasa. Fcsl OfflctaddieisDrawsrSaiS. We partliol&rly call the attention of Foundry maa and Maauisctuiers to oor block oi Lump, Lehigh. BuaarLcal amlHaielton Run. . ~ - . Orders left »t FODTON’ ft ni;o*.. TXo. lb rflTer It. or st IS Uosroe itreet, snll iMiln prompt sciential - Being connected with tha houao of Jason Par» her A Co . at Buffalo, we are enabled to fill any or den lorrig liOD,L4hJgh*Bloasborgh, Kggand uthei CooL WOOD YOB SALE CHEAP, Corner of Canal and West Washington sts. T. CURTISS. , seK-tlaS SiTnTa3ATntt / ‘ J BKAN3. 3,000 Baskets Primp Wbito Beaaa, (DcllTcitfllnbapacr barrels as desired.) la store and for tale by • RICE BROTHERS, Commlitlun Ilercbaats, / Milwaukee, TYj.' Bel9.8?!2 Gt-MOX WB3> & SAT BUY ohb © JLvFvvf Of the BEST A.YD FINEST CABEIAGC TEAMS In the STATE. They arc PERFECTLY BOUND from the crown o; tn*t'beadsto tbeicierof taelr fSct, and arc ADSUKABLXT v»ShL BROKE. Co:ci% itaiorejy bav. lobi tc.77 biacs rails and mans*. They OAHROT Oh EQUALLED under *1.500. . EDWARD ELY, -■ ie?2-:fcS-netti 9 Tromont Block. IIOWSS IMPROVED SCALE, isS a: *• For. SALB BY SHCKFUSSN. STPBCES & CO., Metnl Warehouse, Sics n°iij3a€t 139 *an » g °«- Cblca - 13 SALT! ' Bf theCAKLOADor CiE’aO. ' . ' UNDHRYTOOD & CO., lelS (SS9 tfhe) 157 ScnthTYatar street. NF. MEftRILL, yrnoLzaAia uxalu tg LASTBSi OHS AND GLASSWaE^ AST LAHP BOODO OT ETEBT DZSCMPTIOX.,, U * iSßandclpb stream Cblcagt NUMBER 81. THE AND stock or rich 73 LAKE STREET. Wrs- PROF.H.A.DEMUNiiS HAIR IRyIH. &TOBB IR;. TO THE PUBLIC. Ibare ft»r jeTerat tear* r*st been yraduinj losinj jdJ hair, ni ut of late lh« top of my liomu bad bKosie •nsc*t bald, and tbs bat? tphlcb rexatnea badcbang ad frcaa Ua patera! color to white, or nearly to. I duoced to make tbs acquaintance of Prof.Da Mtmn asd.onttc ttrcnfitlr cf hU asrmanca tbasaproper application ot hlaHai: Rcstorervonidftra ma a bead cf new hair. 1 decided to mane a trial uf it, a;d sow an spoils alien of el*bt weals, I bare a new crop cf hair, grewlo* as flrem* I conld wish, and of the o:I*n.»l colors If any lady or gentlAmna desires •ebate cccalar evidence cl the t.athoflha abort itatorcnr, ibcTCsofa:i*fjthttrtelv*e OjcalUnc on mo at my ofllce in Portland Block, dn*ln*tbe boat* Ltishca - s, or at mj reside, ce, its West Washington street. I hajt .cond that a* to theleagtbof tano nectnoijto produce a new h*ad cfhairaol every eiieatiai particular connected wl Bit,thdProteMor*a statements at U o oatiet have proved cntuely emreet. Had.the application produced oo other result than the of my hair cf dandruff and every other imparity common to hair, I should consider myself aStpiyct rupecsated for the consideration paid, and ■would not cow be tftptlvsd of Itausa for Are time* thepiiceefcaryedfirlt. leffer this, a? testimonial of its send efljcta upon mr own head that othen may be terentted by Its uic.aaduiaoticltedoa thepartot Ptof. To ifurn (V P. UA9oALL.Architect. Office, Penned Block, Chicago, HL CbltJCO.Aap.Kth.l6C4. - PrciusorDe Muaacanbe consulted at his Brandt Cflce.'US- Dearborn street, corner Madison,'{up stain,) Clilcts*. ID. . PRO7KS9CR H A. DB MU2JST. We wouia itsoecifDUy solicit a panml of the foi Icwli* test’abnlal Cram a well-kn)wa phjilclaaof U U city; . Xos. 1 -LJTD 6 3!sTao»isrtUirscn Btocx, ) ■ Chicago, September 13,19 N. J Protector H. A. De Mona: v riißSnt: It afford* me plehanre tc attest the ex* ecUecce'oi your'*Bair which 1 can do neta the hiss of all evidence, that of actual experl, tier. When I.epplled to iov la Jose last, I waarap li’y hecoxnlck bald; immediately after'eabjecUar vyael« to Vnr proceir, n»y Pair cessed ailing off and there is sow a floe heel thy growth of young hair, die tlnctiy **>Mble to the cohed eye,” ant iprtulsg Item t?e>j rcot wlere *>o recently waa a "banes wsatc.'* Icsnsho rcccmmccd jour preparation ar being poeimely harmless. What more can ha d* tit td ? It efficte what yen cteua lor it. and It cannot LMaie the most c’eMcaia cocstltnUon. I am, cte n yenrs izaty. 2f. 7. COOKS, M D. Frrfesfor Be hinon can be aonsnUed at hli Branch Office, L:3 Dearborn street,* corner Madison, (np stairs. Cozinltatior ftte. ieJI«CS3 2i-rnjk3-v net RUBLE Y & TYRRELL, 43 Lake Street Invite the Attention or CHfzeu to their COMPLETE STOCK • OF CSIWA, CROCKERY, AND CLASS-WARE. Silver-Plated Goods FINE TABLE CUTLERY, TIEJL TE/A.-STS, And snehother Goods as pertain to the trade. se22-s4SQ xc Tadtiuet tf NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON -is BOOTS & SHOES AT R. BAMBER & CO’S, 132 Lake Street. Xsnnfactnrcd by ED W Uf C. BUST, Bov York, Consisting cf Ladies,' blisses and Children's new styles of Balmorals, uoat Button Congress, Iml tallow EncSla Cofigreu, Confess Imitation Balmorals* Congress Imitation Button, with other new and bsaothnl varieties, all of which we'ihall warrant. TS3~ In addition to tha above we have a great vaxlw ty of LadUs,’ illasea'mnd Children's Goods; also. Men's, Boya’aad Jenth's Boots.Balmorals, Congress Men's Buckle Boots, Imitation Buckle, etc. We offe groat icdncements In our Wholesale Department, All who buy goods In this market should onr stock before purchasing B. BAMBER A CO., " ialO-aSll-Tn&ai.-t£net ' 133 Lake street. rriHE undersigned formed a copartnership under the iC le of HUNT, BASBOUR & HALE, FOR DOING A Dry Jobbing Basiaeae, At sos* 3 A 5 Lake* at., cor. Kichigws-ay. JAMES F. RUNT, FRED. A- HOST. EDWARD BAUBOUR. Cblcaro. Sept. I, IBM, ROBT. W. HALE." sell siSo-ltnet O B. VANDYKE St CO. D. » CMHISSIOn MEBCHA.ITS, n non, gkusisd p.odcck, J4 Imaalle Street, - - CUcac.. C3r-Particular "attention given borders for exn account. Rxns*ac«a—Martue Bank. Buffalo ? fl. IT. w.nd.n, firm or Barel»N-A Llvlogstcn. New York i Proton & Co.. ChlcaiO; JuhuT.-ipprtt & Slinr York and Li vet poo I. ealfi-dTMwxnet PORK AND BEEF. We have Is store a few hundred bblt. BEss, m. a. aud Kwne puek am Fwtcww BKKF, For sale, which »e effhr in lota as wan'ed by the trade. - UKDtiUWOOO * CO^ lelS aSO-tfcet 157 South Water suuet. Buckwheat Flour. FifO hands Canada Buehwbeat Flour (allied fit Ki3-0 10.- -ile by BANKET ATK9LH, __ No~ 6 steald*B Block, South Water streei. eelß-,3BHa;e: / WAKEHOOaS, DICKERSON. STUMIS ACS. " rCXIST ELATE, And-Dcmlera la Tinner** Siteki iCETTS FOK THE HOWE’S SCALE COMPACT. 199 * m Randolph-tr., Chicago. asa-psw-aitnet DOMESTIC - . 40 Shades—Fast Colors. These Dyes offer tbs simplest most perfect means of a] euu household apporei ever presented to the public, • Tbej embrace lozt? different shades, and Ineluds All the New and Paaliiouable Colors, And are praps jtzt Fa BT. Attention la invited tosaapltsof colon at tha Diugaista. Bold Every where. Miuufastsjtdby GEO. H HEED & BIX, Soston- / LORD A SMITH. BURSHiM A YAK 3C2AACK, General Acents ctrAito. icSO-tiaa-TrliLtiTiieitf • Accountant and book- KEEPER.—A gentleman, Ulrty yean of age, -having bad . _ * . jjiuff Years’ Expcnonco Andlntl-r cl Acromtrtri two Weeper In s mols . - wits eome coramiMlonorwPolc^s BoaLkeeper or Cleric. *»«<>»,nce« irises.both la the dry andfren orsvt* on« nu»»art* cotnecnona. Adrrei. Ci. W. WHIT >TkLD, T/ibtae uaico. ■CJTKAM TO JSUitOt'.IS. - versons >5 About to wcaM do w-H to call and seethe General Aient of the JLLrerpool* New York And PJalladei- phla Ste«zmliip Co* a Chicico be-ore icaviar .'cr taa eibat*!> tains retara ticioia to ZAvexpcol and Queen .town »: reduced ratea of passage. Steamer* leaf* Torkae follows; CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday, Aajnut T^h KTSA *• Sid , edlnbdtujH *• Mia 1 Applrto F. A EMORY, Gerfial Aeent, corner of eiarhandLako streets. _ anJ>p:9C-2«iA MAwna* PACKING HOCSE FOR SALE. A STall Pactlnr Homo, situated wlth'o the CltyUmlterwblch has faeTlUce alai»«ti?erjc«*u*a banding iwutbnr.dred ho*;» per cay. For lorthae ia» ‘funu.tioa.pslj to , , gTv . noKLßirrxao. • ael-tiiOr-tfTgyLSrrret 3; « Water street. _ ■WOOD—WO ->D -WOOD. VV TriSn.. »«s«1 W*ooi tor »1.6J tioeMHO « * CO.’S lul, if6-‘l'rTn-TcTar.3;™n- ' „ BLINONESS, D£AFHE#S. treat ncpelo-a cate* of the dlaeaaea of tha nmitsd bj Dr B- c. ?Ji!L taflH cearSoinE««et. Crca«E«ee Tit and permanently effdcf-1 witk oos the »•« cl - 0 at »a rcinciat - ' 'S' -

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