Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 24, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 24, 1864 Page 2
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Cljicago tribune* SATPEDAY. BEPTEMJ3EK2J, ISCi. XHB FBimoxrPASTX. _Thc wlthdmwal of Gen. Fremont leaves a party, which, whether Uige or smallln point of numbers, is cmln.ntly reapocUble In all the characteristics which should distinguish American citizens, without a candidate ia the coming Presidential election. Thor- devoted to the Union, and pledged to the overthrow ot slavery as not only a frigantlc crime InJtacU, but jw tbe cause and - mainspring of thfffebelllon, they challenge the good will ol all loyal xueo, whether their * policy In holding the Cleveland Convention' bo conceded to have been wise, or not. It is their right to vote for whom they dhojsc. The Conßtltntion was adopted to secure —them this right, and, Bare ae they are respon '' dbte to the great cause of Union and Free dom, they are responsible to nobody for their political action. They did arhtt they thought was right, and what wo thought ass wrong. T7e shall not go over that argumeit again, because It belong* to the dead paw. t We eouccdp to Gen. Fremont’s supporters In / «nr midst (and we presume they ate alike ■everywhere) as much patriotism as we claim lor ourselves, and we trust and believe that in the new sltnaUon In which they llhd thom aelvee, th«y will consult, the dictates of pa. triotlsm, and not b»estranged from' those with whom they have heretofore acted by anv tcmpotaij disappointment or anv feelings personal to the" candidates of-tha Union party. ■ ' It la hardly necessary that wo aheuld refer to tbeplatforms of the two parties now con testing for the control of the government No Democrat pretends that either his plat^' lorm-cr his candidates hwe anything In com men with the friends of Gen. Fremont ' ,/hey are „thc antipodes of the pout ioil fidd. The Chicago pletform is •ftr ptaoe; the Cleveland platform la *S r - General, McClellan Is for Chlon with new guaranties to Fremont la for Union without any slavery. TTe lake it there Is no question that the Union,parly is for the prosecution of the war till the last rebel laja down bis arms, or is hewn down In his tracks. Here is a point nfnommou standing ground for the friends ot Gen. Fremqjpt and the friends ot Mr. Lin* to tlie status of slavery hereafter, we wllUet the of the Balti. nn. re Convention speak tor ns; That as slavery was the cause, and now the strength oi this rebellion, and as It most be always and evfcywbcrc bostOe to the principles of republican rovenunent, justice and the national safety demanddtp utter and coop'eie extirpation Irom the soil of the Republic; and that we uphold and maintain the acts oud pro* clamataoDe by which the Government, ia tu own defense, has aimed a death blow at Uus pjaatic cvIL We are in lavcr, fcrrhcrmore, oi such an to the Constitution, to he made by the people in coniormity with its pr.wWone, as shall tcnnlnsta and foroM prohibit the existence of slavery within the limns or the jorifcdlctm ot the United States.” This ought to be strong enough for any man who desires that hie political aclloa shall tend to the extermination of the great American barbarism wbfchhas slain eo many of our brought mourning over all' thelar.d. . overlook tfce fact that the friends of Gen. Fremont believe that they have pccnKar reasons for either voting against . Mr. Lincoln, cr lor withholding thefrbnpport from kirn in the coming elei> tion—nascns-p&ftly personal, partly politi cal Wc are .aware that the" Cleveland Con vention wcnlcTprobably not have.bedn held but for the evident purpose bf thq Baltimore Convention to renominate Mr. Lincoln. We believe that the leellng of personal hostility to Ur. Lincoln has been rapidly dying away In the presence of the danger which threat ' ’ ears the country.- If there be any who are still onlmalcfrby such fecliogs we beg them to give heed to the lessons oi history. if they are insensible to the lessons oftbebour. How long would the war of the Revolution have tastes' if every man who disliked George Washington had acted the* unhappy put of Gen. Lee7HowmaoyycaxEWouldhave --been the Revolution in England If every persen who thought that Oliver Cromwell wus not the wisest man and purest" pattlatin the loud, had folded his arms', en joined the royalist standard? How long should we have been able to carry on thu war if every man who voted for Douglas ■ bod said: *‘2tiano'bfuir of mine; Lincoln U not my President; Idonlt ojro him any thing; let him fight it out?” The cause de mands that every body shall sacrifice. If need be, every ihlng for.the pause, and surely per-' senal opposition IrtUe ;icoet sacrifice that a patriot is required to make in such a crisis. We will not pause to inquire whether the feeling be well or 1U founded. We think that those t who entertain It will, npon reflection, deem it unworthy. of them, and sink every consideration in the unanimous purpose to see that the Eepnbll c receives no detriment at their bonder ANOTUEtt LBTrEft FflOfl GBX. 'AUEHB&V. Gen. She;man Ins achieved some reputa tion as a fighter, but he wields the pen equally as well as the s Ford, He may be called the “ great American fetter wrltdK w His letters are -all to the point; he wastes ns words, deals in no sophistry or concealments, em ploys no honeyed phrases, and holds out no false promises to friend or foe. HU episto laTyfartsisoirecsneea. He writes as he would shoot a rifle—straight at the center of the mark, and drives the nail every shot. . ~A dbay nr two asor-we laser Lcdhls crashing .. rrply to the itbel 'General Hood, who pro tested against the removal of the population of Atlanta, whom Shchnan decme<i imprac ticable to feed or to harbor as spies, to give* aid andlulorm alien tolhe enemy. He needs Atlanta asa fortified-depot for supplies for his army, and has properly a matter of military necessity, Xo clew it of pau pers, spies, rebels, and Unionists. The latter he sends North, where they can gee work, and earn their living. The Blcyor and Com mon Connell ol Atlanta saw prayer to send him a pretest A the nature of a petition, to . revoke hU order of removal. We insert his * reply in another column. It U a stinger. He points out to them first. the'military neces sity he is under to remove the Inhabitants, -and then proceeds to explain the terms on which they can return and enjoy their homes. Ho tolls them that the Government of {he United States have some rights in Georgia •which have never been relinquished, end w hat Is more, never will be, and that peace can only-be obtained by complete submis sion to the Constitution and the Laws. We wantTevcrybody to read this capital letter from ah old Democrat; particularly do we ' wish the copperheads to pernte It,* and trea . sure up its admonitions in their heartsr- <k DBnOCKACP> Off IQfllGßanoiT. Vie Lave heretofore referred to the omis sion from the Chicago Platform o£ any plank fox the encouragement of immigration. We • construed It to mean that iU framer*, true v to 'rebel Interests, opposed immigration da ring the war as tending to aid the national and overthrew the rebel power. The recent letter of Mayor Gunther, of New York, to the Amerfcan" Emigrant Company corrobor ates this construction, of the platform. Tills, company If formed th encourage immigea gration by advancing the price of the Immi grant’s faffe, taking as atcarity for the refer burtement thereof a pledge upon his future -wages. It !s notorious that for twenty-fire •years past thousands have lingered on the herders of starvation in Europe, anxiously seeking transportation to this country, ami wholly unable to obtain each transportation from the saving of their o Brn earnings there— being usable indeed to procure wholesome food aufliclent life. Doubtless -mere than half iho immigrants now is this country have been brought here" by money i&vcd and etJfcV home for the purpose by their friends who .bad*already arrived here. baa ibus been the aafoty valve ol Europe politically, drawing off elements which woulffelse have exploded! t with con stant rcvoftilone ond-ware—and saving it at once frtm tatulne and the sword. The popu lations which bate tims 'bead brought here been incalculably. Thay bare tesUflid their appreciation of these benefits by sending home millions of dollars aimaatlj to enable thurfriendsand relatives to follow than. Ncverhas the dctlrc ol Europeans to comb bcie bten sogreat as now. Never have their opportunities of dotag so. by thglr own savings, been so curtailed. Never have we stood in such seed of,them as now, not merely fur the purposes of the war, for all of them arc by their alicnagojexemptdd from military service, and while some of them . would serve us best as soldiers, others would serve btlicr In other capacities. The' "Emigrant Company** is organized r to extend to the poor of Europe the same aid which has heretofore been, 'extended only by the relative and filenda of the.'immigrants. When by its aid an Enropeail?panpcr is brought here he la as free to choose wbat business he shall purtup ar any, trith the additional adviatage_ over natives that be fi not even liable to the draft unless he becomes a citizen. To this Company Mayor Gunther, himself a G£naan immigrant' who has grown rich under the protection of our Institutions, writes’: , - - -- **» I maintain the inhumanity apd immorality of bringing emigrants to a load cnsacod in irtr. kdC Specially a dvll war, to be Involved In it* horrorf.” Fblsc. hive so reiliatf rest i* the iponrs Falsi, * Tbe condition of the laborer, here la not one promUlvc a fair remuneration under our indited cnireiey.” . • False—labor was never so well-paid.* “ Oab-hali hi* labor it absorbed by taxation." Filse. „ '• „ . , “ A^lO 15 . * 1 tbaT>««it HIM, is Ant forty craw In traTr».ue to rack dollmrof nomlnd payment. Why talk of deprecated currency panpor, who at home cat got none at all f w^n ne£ T l f C 0,009 optr.tlTci m “ ! “ cn ? in e V 1 ®** *“ W ;t ‘- ... Fnlee. ‘ ’. *- P* l4 «« inadequate to their lopporu «* False* . jpstto them or to tbeEoropcanlaborers, to moe the latteri«to a conflict for ertstance with the former for tbe benefit of employer*, tbronzh ther4>rpcyo*lfloc}eUca, called Into oelnz by ihli act of Cun "roc* ”We bare only to.aay that the conflict for existence is _£pc In which the industrious and honest mtn always wine, nd tlr ; Gao* therls himself & witness that clement of hsnesty Is not all. indispensable „Tac un« TLiticated baseness /which cdnld induce a political party, composed ini great partjof emigrants, to oppose immigralioa, because It helps the Gorcrament to pat down the Rebellion. Is tf a deep and cubtle'tneaimees - to which no language can do justice. It is tht highest refinement of turpitude—the po etry of treason —the quintescencc of political _econndrelism. But It is now democracy— p‘according t^Gunlher.” TBE BUt»MM>P BBSKBB HIM. Tbc most importust iMtlcilonght during tie Eevclntlonniy war wna the battle of Bosket's HilL Tfdl lathe numbers of tocu engaged or the lass sustained, hot In Its sub sequent effects on history. It woe fought on the 17th of June,’ln "Massachusetts. . v The Mo battle of Banker's Hill, fought on the 19th of September, In KorthemVirglnli, is likely to exert more Influence on the mili tary situation than cay battle yet longbt ■ during this war. The numbers engaged bn each side did not exceed 35,000 men; but the , victory was decisive; it was followed by a rant: the rebels lost one-lbird of their fames engaged; they were pnt to flight and pur sued on the double-quick forthlrty mtlcs, and at last accounts Sheridan was still pur suing the broken and demoralized fragments of the latemcnancing and defiant rebel force in his.tront and-on Lis flask. The rebid Gen eral mnet retreat with bis shattered columns to somesafe place up the Vall-J till ho is re inforced from Hicbmond 11 that be possible or abandon oil Ihe-Jnterior-of Virginia and join Lee. The role aesigned to Early was one vitally important to the rebel cause, and is thus Bummed up: In the he wss charged with th» Cline of me wheat barest of me valley for of Lee * army. In the next place* So prefect* of a rebel CO*utun of twenty-lire»thirty thoneand men beverlnc near the -Upper Potomac ‘ requited at less* an equal Union force to watchrt* movements. Next, by some successful trick of lilt ibe Union force sdebt be decoded Into a snvret-ccUo piece*, or flrtvai benertketter back into tne defences at \S tehitglon, necta»liaang ar.ntbtr call upon Gen. < U ,' T Next, by ihe occupation of tbe Baltimore and Otnoral road Early would ma terially retard the reiniorcement of Grant’s «dny 'from the West and the transportation o* bia supplies from mat quarter. Next, by stand in? fAferdnecrthc outlet ot ibe Shenandoah v slier Kurt# protected Lee on tbc norch and West, and cepecthlty another hostile descent upon Lynchburg—sn Important depot of sipphes to Richmond Finally, as the raids of -Early into ilarylsodsno Pennsylvania hare always yielded tte moft do»irable More* of plunder, be, by nover irp tecr the bordtr, mUihr have other oifoortb niues for addliloual captures ot hor*e< and cattle, flf-nrsid eon-, onqre, dry goeds and croecne*. , hats, bcors and shoes and pnt to rout from his chosen position on the Opeqam. an ad mirable tlictun for defensive military purposes, Ear-y has saenflewi all the adramagei sacrested! Tbc Baltimore ond OhiollaUraad I<* roieveo.and 23 d neatly be reopened; the Maryland and Penn ! eyivama benent safe now and henceforth we oonbt not, to the end of the war. -i- we Grant will now be able to strike a blow at Ljicbburg: and its railroad connections Richmond; be wilT be able to destroy tne James River CanlJ, and to occupy and forage in the Shenandoah and Samea River rallies. The Early’s may in its nqnsequences, enable Grant' to force Lee to abandon Richmond and retreat Into North Carolina, surrendering Virginia back into the Union. 13*Ti}tlow» Bute Fair, for 1864/ co mmencing Monday, 20 th Bept, and contino- IcC dozing* the week, promises to be the largcst'and bgpt ever held la lowa. Every department of the Fair will be represented. The lamona troitinghorse* “Lady Sherman" and."Lady Tomer” will be here, and will consulate an exciting feature.. The gionnds comprise SO acres, a good half-mile tract, 500 stnlls and a commodloos amphitheuer. Three large hails loria apart of the prepa ration that 'has been made For the comfort ot visitors and exhibitors. The Chicago, Burlington and Qntncy Kail road will carry visitors at'half-faro dnriog the Fair, and all stock and article* for exhi bition, &c., free. This liberal arrangement will enable and ehoold indoce many of oar -people along the road ,to visit tire Fair, and see represented the stock, agriniltoral pro dnetions and advancement of the State. ' bT It Is related by an eye witness that when General Grant waa at Harper’s ferry the other day, and about to leave, “ Generals Sheridan, Torbert and Mclntosh came with the GeneraMn-Chlcl to the train, and bade him an* affectionate good-bye,-Sheridan lin gering, as the train moved ofl; at the cir win dow, to get the last words of advice from his beloved chieftain. The. interpretation ofr these “last words of advice” U given In Sheridaif a bulletins of vktaiy from Wia chcster, as the prelude to* greater victories soon to come. Clearly Grant is absolute masUr of the situation, and we may now look for the crowning movements ofhls armies, East and West Surely the ehd draws nigh. / -. The following articles appear In that sterling magazine*/the Atlantic' Monthly for October A Night on thw Water, by Colonel Thomas W. Higglnson; On a Late Vcndne; The Btdeto'Camp, by Geo. H. Bcker; Tfie True Story of Lmglj by Har riet E. Prescott; Communication, byD. A. Wasson; House and Home Popers, IX, by Harriet Beecher Stowe; Berries, by J. T. Trowbridge; Madame Decamier, Her Lovers and her Friepds; The Wellllcet Ojsterman, by Henry D. Tfcoreau; Charles Lambs Un collected Wriiings—Third Paper;’Works and Days, by T. W. Parsons Paul Jones mid Denis Duval, by Felix Carter; The future Summer; Democracy and the Secession War; Beviews and Literary Notices, - ' £S r * Whfn General Kcdellan was In com mend of the armies of the United States, he ■wrote certain. instructions to Gen Buell, then conunatdlng in Kentucky, in which he (Gen. McClellan,) said: “i incur that X expnu thrfaHngi and'opin .ionsOf tpe FKnarDEMT tehenl *ay thatvru are JlgTUinff only to preserve the jstegbitt of the Ukion and the comi-4utiQt.aZ authority cf The General Government,” f. Yet Gcnl supporters never* weary. of ajaertieg, that thtois a evicted Abolition war, wrong in its origin and infamous in -its.course. Which is .-which? „ - * ■pST" Fernando Wood znade a speech at the Npw York McClellan meeting a few evenings since, tn which hebetated .that he vrentto Chicago, opposed to McClcUamheciuse ho, ■was a war roan.- He “would now support him, however, because he felt satisfied that -McCleßan meant peace instead ol war,' and was not . at all in earnest in his letter of ac ceptance. In'-other words, McClellan Is a knave and falsifier, according to Wood. We hardly knowwhlch to wonder at the most— the duplicity of McClellan, or ffie moral stains ot the -demagogue who is going to eupporthim, knowing him to be a falsifier E3y A young man. witnessing the display of the Compromise Democracy in their pro cession last Saturday, at Cincinnati, shouted, In response to a 'cry for McClellan, “Hurrah, for JSbennanT* The response came directly' from tbajanks of the unterrified: “A rope to harg him.” This Ss a specimen ot their sentiments. They would like well to see bimhnng, ihejnan who, while he is dealing Titanic "blows aUlhe rebellion. Is thrusting thexxUtttv; cen the ribs politically. IST Sheridan's dispatch, announcing his' great victory in the Shenandoah says: “The rebels lost in killed'the following general officers: Gen. Rhodes, Gen. Wharton, Gen. Gordon, and Gen. Ramsay." Sheridan forgot to enumerate, among the severely wounded, Qea. G. B. McClellan, Copperhead candidate for President of the United States. No rebel - suffered so severe ly as hc._ / . While Abraham Lincoln bes at ail times, and under all circumstances, Vxcrkd hla influence to procure for-the soldiers lu tha neld the vote, Grorgc B. Mc- Clellan declares in favor of Judge Wood- Ward, (Copperheao,) ot Pennsylvania, -jsho decided, against tie right of the soldiers to vote. - v Sildlcn, please moke a note of it. ty Au*Atlanta correspondent of the JIaC bile Register states a fact which shows how destructive the war has been on the tiesoya l breugbt'thlrty-five men with me from Baldwin county. Of these only one is left (Frank Sutton,) and I have glvetrtlm & bomb-prool polish, to keep the Yankees from killing him. I will save hlmj’or seed." {ST Peace through suocess is Union. Peace through surrender is Disunion. Another Letter from MijorCen- eral Sherman* He Trlks Like a Father to the - Geojgia Bebeia. Xoi tbe Mayor and City Coucil oi Atlanta, Ilespectiag'ghe £xilo or Citizens; Headq'zq Dmsxos or the Miasresim, ) lx the Ptsu), Atlanta. Qa . W September IS, IS6L. | ' -jetnofl M. Celbou", Mayor, E. E. Btwaonaad 8. C. Wtila, representing the City Connell of At* ' lasts: Gektixmejt—l have joar letter of the pllth, in the jiatnie of a petlticmto revoke my orders removirg all the4ohabitants from Atlanta. 1 have read it careluily, and give full credit to your statements of the chtress that will he occasioned by it, and yet shall not revoke toy order, simply because my or ders arc not designed to meet the human! ties of the case, hut to prepare for the future struggles lo which millions, yea hundreds of millions of gcod people outside of Atlanta, have a deep interest We must have Peace, not only at Atlanta/torf f* oU America. To eccnrc this we must stop .the war that sow desolates oar once hapoy and favored conn try.' To stop war, weirust defeafthe rebel armies that are arnned against the laws and ConatUotlcn, which all must respjet and obey. To defeat these armies we must pre pare the way to reach them in their recesses, provided with' the arm's and instruments which enable us to accomplish our purpose. Now, 1 know the vindictive nature of our enemy, nod ibat wo may have yens of mili tary ( pi-rations from this quarter, and there fore da-rit it wise and prudent- to prepare in lime. Themse of Atlanta for warlike pur-' poses is not consistent with -its character as a home lor families. There will be no manu factures, -commerce or agriculture hero for ylLe maintenance of families, and sooner or 'later want will compeltoe inhabitants to go. .Why not gonotr, when all me arratgem'Bnt# are completed for the transfer, instead of waiting till tee plunging shot of contending armies will renew-the scenes of the past month ? Of course, Ido not apprehend.any such thing at this moment, hue you do not suppose this army will be here till the war ia oven- I cannot discuss thlsaubject with you fairly, because I cuzmbt Impart to you what f propose to do, but X assert mat mi/ifarr/ pans make U neecuwy for the inhabitants toao oavy, and I can only renew, my offer of air ■ vices to make their exodus in any direction as easy and comfortable as possible. You"' cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will, - War Is cruelty, and you cannot reflae it: end those who brought war on ,our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out, I know I had oo haod In making this war, and 1 kcow I will make more sacrifices 10-day than any of you to secure But you.cannot have peace and a division of our country . If the United States submits to a division now, it will not “Stop, but will go on till the fate of JlcetiS>,Khic?tis eiert.alicar, The United States does and must assert its authority wherever it has power; If it relaxes one bit to preserve it, It U oune, apd I know that such is tot the national feeling. This fochng assumes vari ous shapts, but always comes back to that, of Unxoff. Once admit the Union, once more acknowledge the authority of the National Government, and inetood ordevotlog'Tonr houses, and streets, and roads to the dread uses ol war, I, and this army at once become your protectors and supporters, shielding yon from danger, let it come from what quarter it may, 1 know that afew individu als cannot resist a torrent of error and pas sion such as has swept the South into rebel lion; but you can point out, so that we may know those who desire a government, -and these who insist on war and its desolation. You might as well any cal against the thun der stomTlisfg&inst these terrible hardships ol war. They 'are Inevitable,’and the only way the people of Atlanta cm hope once more to live in peace and qnlet at home, is to stop this irar, which can alone be done by 'admitting that it began in error and is per-' .petuatedmpride. We don’t wont your bc- i groes or your horses, or- your Louies, or your land, or anything you have; bubwedo want and will have n Just obedience to the hues of the United States. That we will have, and involves the' destruction ol ’•our im- Srovcmentfl we cannot help it. You hare ertlofore read publiS. Bailment la your newspapers, that live by folsepood ana ex citcmrnt, and the quicker you seek for truth m other quarters, the better for you.. I repeat, then, that, by the origieusi compact o£ ffcumntcuft the United Stake 'had certain 1 fights in Georgia i chick have never hem rdin qmshed% end never i eili be; that the South be gan war by seizing lorU, arsenals, mints, custom-houses, etc., etc ,■long bfore Ifinedn t cos irtttatlid t 'and before the South had on- jot or title of provoccJisu. I, myself, have seen In Mistonri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mseis slppi, hundreds and thousands ofSnen and children fleeing Irom your armJWtod with bleeding feet. In Memphis, Vicksburg, and Mlesls slppl, we ftdtnousand upon thousands of the. families of rebel soldiers Iclt on onr hand*, and.whom we-couWnot see starve. Now, that war,comes hone to you, you led very different—you deprecate Us horrors, but did not fed them when vou sent car loads -ol soldiers’ and umtounilUn and moulded shells and shot to carry war into Kentucky and Tennessee, and desolate the homes of hundreds snd thousands ofgood people, who only ask to lire In peace aitbelr old homes, and under the government of thtir Inheritance. But these comparisons are idle. I want peace, and believe U can only he reached through Union and war, and r will eycr conduct war purely with a view to perfect an early success. .But, my dear sirs, when that peace does . come, yon may call on me for anything. Then willl share with yon the last cracker, at d watch with you to shield your homes and' families pgainet danger from any quarter.' Now. you must go, and take with yon the old and feeble; iced and nurse them, dud build for them in more quiet places proper habitations to shield them against the weather until the mad passions of men cool do ten and allow the Union and .peace once mote to settle on your old homes at Atlanta, / " Yonn In haste, W. T. SnEBMAy, Maj. Gen. SPECCHBT CAUL SCfIURX, 121s Views on the Compromise and Peace Question. [From iho Philadelphia Inquirer, &ept, 21.] Concert Hall was crowded to overflowing last evening to hear an address by General Carl Bcburz on the .popular topics of the day. The audience was ytry enthusiastic, and applauded the well-timeu remarks of the eloquent a very energetic man ner, 4 General Sdmrz spoke as follows: Fellow 'When the passing events of onr time Cast all sorts of shadows and shades, it is well that we should occasionally fix oar eyes firmly upon those tbig§s and ideas which shall serve as'pennanant.points of actioi. We are engaged in a war for the restoration of the Union.; the Union is not vet restored, and yet we hear of peace. ,We all cher ish peace. But what is peace, and how is it to be'reetored? These are questions* which the people will have to decide in No vember. On toe answer to these questions .depends everything else; on these the mind of every citizen ought tq be made up. We may diride the advocates of peace into four parties or classes. First. The rebels -them selves; those who want peace on the bsfeis of disunion. Second, a large number of influential citizens in foreign countries, who believe the war to be hopeless. Third. The SJ party in the United States* themselves, who advocate party peace at anyyirice^or' the bf . ferine of concession and compromise to the rebellion. And finally the great Union par ty, 'Who want -peace upon the buaia.of.the re storation. ot- -the Union,’ nod the- lull and complete Vindication of the liwful authority v ot me Government. There could be many persons brought who really believe in the possibility of peace on the ground 'of disunion. In England, for instance. There are two questions, which arise here in considering the opinions of these people. First, can .the settlement be made upon that basis ? r And again: Shall that basis lead to peace? To begin with, where would the boundary line run? If you would take the Bocky Mountains 'ST Lake Superior they Would not be* too high or too broad. One boundary la given as the Poto mac and the.Ohio. .But eouth of the Poto mac and are Kentucky and Vir ginia. Is it: possible for. ua to desert bur iricnds£"The rebels, even If they are allow ed to tarry wlthNthem all the rest, may con tinue the War for Kentucky and Virgin!*, Suppose, however, the rebels agree to a ter ritorial line. Just'as in the former case, we were .bound to a majority of those two States, so would, the rebels be bound to a strong minority m this case, who hated ms and'would enter into all manner of plans for-their getting again under.tbe wing of the Southern Confederacy. this settlement be even to ns? The lower half of the J[*llbe in the hands of the Confederacy; but the freedom of commerce may besfenred by treaties. Suppose-It may. Tet cannot tbe South be able to force -us, at any time when a dispute arises, either to concession or to war, merely -by tightening their grip upon the channel of the river. The people of the United States have bought the mouth of the Mississippi, once with* their money and twice with their, blood- To give it up will be ' nothing If 6s than to obligate them selves toprocureit a fourth time. The set tlement upon the basis of disunion will be nothing but 1 a mere temporary' armistice, and must, alter a ehort delay; produce the conviction In their minds, that, for the lib erty, prosperity and peace of the North American continent, the restoration of the Union is bfdofrnrtght necessity, and that conviction once engendered the war will be renewed. And under what cUcumsiauces 9 Now weare fighting theConlederacy alone; then we shall fight a strong Confederacy with til, her allies at her heels. Now we have tbe j-ricclpal positions in the Southern" States. We shall give up all that for the privilege of gaining~n9tblng. The Union can bo restored In two ways, either by the voluntary or tbe forced submission of the rebels to the lawful authority of the govern 'incut. -There is one party which believes the first of these alternatives will bo successful, i This is the Peace party, par excdl>n/re. Its policy-!* embodied ia tbc/Chlcago platform, ; one of the resolutions of -which contains three propositions, two of them definite but ■unfortunately untrue, and a third-which is very Indefinite, namely, that the wai must be stopped *• with'a view to" a possible conven tion ot all the States. It is only looking into an Indefinite future. Their first propositions about the failure of the war, etc., maybe carried into eficct if they are successful, for thej'wlll certainly make it so by stopplcg. the war at-once; bat their third propositi ju requires the co-operation of Jefferson Davis.' The peace party may caR a convention of the loyal States* but not of all the Stales until it pleases the fancy of the'-febel Con-* icderacy, which will be never. What ehall be done under such That the Chicago platform soith not. Bat that U josl the question at which the whole master hinge*. Per, - note the phraseology* • The resolution does not.say that the •varomst 'be stopped upon condition that hut •* with a view to/’ a thing which may or may not I happen. These gentlemen-tell ns that Jef ferson Daria may agree to propositions of peace. Where dia tbej get thatioformutl n ? Wo bare some means of ascertaining what the rebels tar, ona'ail the means of procur ing Information which are*before the party ol peace are before tho loVaLpeoplc of the country. . • * Now, 1 call upon any man who Is in his. sane senses-—d’o he ever see or hear the least Indication that public senumt-nt la the reoel States will favor this ? 'la the face of all .this, however,' the men of Chicago tty to hole ont to tbe people the promise that, tbe Ethel power and people will stop the war on bung invited to by' them. .This is more th<n. mere absurdity.' It spcnlsof schemes ttut shun the light . Well' might the Valluudig bams, and the Longs, ana the Wood*, acd the Harrises, and the Suymoura. acd the Pea . dletocs, vote for ehch'a resolution, without any absolute condition .attached to It I un derstand the satisfaction of the repel sympa thizers. What 1 canuotuoderstaud is that those who peace should permit themselves to b'e taken in by so .transparent a.fraud. ' * Suppose the Democracy oc raised to pow , er.' The first move will' be the proposition for a cessation of hostilities; Jefferson Davis will at'OLce feel himstlf to be master of the situation. “Yon have only tu nego tiate with me as tbe mastcuof an independ ent power,” he will say.. But in such tTciso comes the cry from some of them: Negotia tion has failed; let us renew the war. -Are yea not the same men who staod pledged to stop the war beevase it Is a failure? -Aod vet you say tow. “continue -the war.” VOb,but wc didn't mean they will say. Wt-U, then, in the name-of common sense, Why didn't yoif.say so? Oh, no! we cannot place any v cotfidcnce in yon. Yon are tbe some men who from 1848 to 18t>0 I went the whole disgraceful -iay from toe I Wilmot Proviso repeal to the Lecompton Constitution? .The same men who went from free soli to theforcitgof slavery on free soil, profes sing at every step that you would not go"a step farther. -Bat suppose! give yoa the benefit ot all your protestations; I might show yen how the fighting capacity of the South would at once lake a tremendous im pulse. There are two measure whlco, in ciseof tbeir success, they would at once adopt. First, being affected with'that un fortunate dlscssr, they wonli Immediately dismiss anu disarm the negroes; and being, moreover, afflicted. with dema gogueism, they the conscription. What would be the consequence? Retreat" all along of our for it would take away two hundred thousand soldiers frdnrour armies, and front" those who were left it would take a»ay one half of tbe eflVctivo force by depriving them of courage and laith. Yce, you would soon have peace; for you would then need Id go to Jefferson' Davis, h&t in band, and beg lor It humbly, and you need not think that be would spare ua in bis" conditions, and iu this view of the subject 1 hardly think that the VaUondigbams and the Woods should moke bq touch trouble about the conduct of Gen. McClellan since his nomination, for it they allow' him to act upon tbe.weli known, Idiosyncrasies of tbe Democratic party, as before evidenced in our country's history, they need not in the least oldect to things as thtyflnd them now. The way he would take would be a stra tegical and military mode of ending the w*r, and the way they would take would be a civil way, tut in either case it would lead to dishonor and wnat difference does it make? However It may be, they should be careful, as disciples of peace, to show all a pood example by keeping peace among themselves to begin wlth. And as it now stands, no-'matten how much some of the powers of Europe would like to give aid aud comfort to tbe rebel Confederacy, jet, on ac count of the determination of our fiovem mint to praseentu tnc the bitter end, there bos been nothing mere reached than a mere recognition of the rebels as Del ligrreirts; and the fact that''the rebels have cherished slavery, has led, in a measure, to. .tbe same conclusion. But our Government receding ■ from both ol these grounds, the Powers of Europe would at once hare a pretext for mterfer . cnce, and thus added another ele ment to our national discord—foreign Inter ference. Will not the rebel press In Europe, tbe London Timet and Scrcud point to these . Infamous resolutions ot.the.Chlcago Gonreh tlcn, which are sent to the . world as the fit nee of tbe American people, and exult at the 'fulfillment oftheir wicked prophecies ■*** Divide and rule 1 *- is the -old axiom, but who divide will not conquer. •I am to peace, but do you not see that before we gtic terms to the con quered, Ifcey must bo conquered, aud it we follow Chicago >wiU they 1 not bring us to ’ terms rather f • Compromise on our part must indicate the abandonment of some principle established by the action of the people io 1800; but any such abandonment would add <ie w strength to the rebel cause at once. This wbole> movement‘of the rebels and the Northern allies introduces a new element into the po litical life ol our nation, namelyftho priucl-" pie that the minority may appeal from the will of the mejoritv to tores, and the true powt r In the country win tben be that which fighle the longest. Do you desire fo.ipmove the only clemtnNjf fixity in oar democratic life ? \ ■ i The General went on at great length, ex posing fallacies contained in the UMeajo Jlatlonn. Ho referred to the course ol nines Buchanan, and said, that while It Was strange a bacbelor should have a pro geny after bis death andJUnrlaL yet stunt wss certainly the case that Uis sons, m countless number?, bad met at Chicago, and that they had surpassed their father fu wick *ges. . ' fie then took up the- ground covered by the Baltimore'platform, and in a clear and • logical argument showed that It was the only, true oeace platform ol tbe country, providing for every exigency of tbe national cause, not only up to but also beyond the time ot the close of the war. The entire address of-tfae General was lis tened to with' unflagging Interest and atten tion to the close, and .was applauded to the echo by' the delighted throng .who were charmed by his tarnett eloquence. SSB COMMggfilfiL, nOHETifiT. Friday Btxhiho, Sept, 23.1864. A continuance of victories and a further decline In gold! That was the programme for to-day*. The weather was'disagreeable, and business In monetary circles was doll-ell kind* of speculation having been chocked; bnt there was a more cheer fill feeling among all classes at the more hopeful aspect which affairs begin to preeent. The high prices which have ruled for allthe necessaries and luxuries of llfe will soon cease, if cold continues to fall—and It Is a remarkable fact that the shrewd* est observers predict that It will not atop m its downward course, even at 200. • The wpply of currency is good, and produce deajfixpflndno difficulty m negotiating for ship, ment at the usual rates—lo per cent per annum. The demand for money, howerer, is comparatlrely light, in consequencc-of ltd unsettled condition of the gram markets. Exchanged jetin limited snpp’j, and themsr let Is firm. Tbe uenal buying rate at the bints is ?« discount, bat some.bo3ght at x dlsconnt. The cnrrent selling rate is H discount. ' Gold in New York opened to-day at 917, fell lo 810, and closed at I*ls at 313. The foltewlng are . the quotations received by James Boyd, gold broker, 38 Clark tlrtefr - AMO a. m.r. 217 8.00 p.m. liUOp-m: 216 "8.80pm.... 31.25 a; m ..214 4.1& P.m.. 1.10 p. m .211* Sere the gold market was unsettled and dull— ; opening at 2.5, declining to 205, and doting about U8; with no, disposition bn the pm of broken to operate. Sliver was nominal at 200.* Tbedemaod Is very light, and. the market waa very flat. Twenties were weak •* best evidences 'that the rebellion Is tot. tering to its fall, are probably afforded by the downward conreo of gold, since the late important successes of the Union ahns,- and the gratifying response to the new loin lately offered for general ■ competition, thob indicating an abiding confldence aipong the people In the stability ol the ment. Despite the desperate efforts of speculators ■ to sostain the price of gold,.there is a growing | conviction that the capricious commodity is nomi nally at a higher quotation at present than it will ever again be, exqept perhaps by temporary fluctiK. etlon, andit is this conviction thailsbrlnging tb Jght from hidden ’Tecesees Increasing amounts, by hoarders,.day by day. Aa a matter of course the faU of gold has carried with It soma ’ relaxatlon-of commercial Tsloer, though the reduction of the latter has not, thus "for,- been commensurate with that of the former. • —The following is the comparative statement of the exports (extlueire of epede) from the port of Keep York to forclen ports for the week enam- Sept. 20 and eince Jan 1; For the week. il’lu/ni ' uigKu Prey, reporwm... rej.soll Isl.Tetja Since Jan.1..... Price oi g01d.,. The N. Y. Skipping Ust of the 2Jst says : The Honey market contlnnci to be characterized by Stringency, yet we note no change In the rates of-intCTe6t. Call Loans mai{B(tll be quoted at 7 a cent,hut ibis maybe considered the minimum rate—save in exceptional ca»es. Commercial na per la discounted at the rates below, nut capltalleta' are not anxious to afford such accommodation at thentee; Wequote: Loans on call, Stock pecnrltiea 7 q % Prime endorsed bibs, GO and 90 dkys a i?i *i° i ?°."* aud6l, wnthe.... **.* 9 First class sinsle signataree a Other good bills ’.*.’.*.*,**l2 Ntw Yobk Stock The foilowini; we the quotations for Sept, £», received by P. Q. Sal. lonstnH & Co , commission, stock ankbondbro. kers, C 4 Clark street, Chicago: ' „ „ iR'BM.Sd BM. Htß’d. 2cß’d ftr*wr-» ®ggr -1 \|* “.“«nJSiSs5' i"2 iE'cS? 1 ” 1 m » Erie (fi0).... joiji ]«=* umMSi..;c e ::;• KVt Urai»cantvar U. B. fcos)... jCJj ifi lean bomi*., ico M. S. fl;ts}..„in 142 itr. g. I S rmt p.y.w.* c. imv iKj<r s»eoSjSS.i»x ... £*i**i**;;rnrv*l? lrt u. s, a v-cent kZtSiSifA •"•: B»Q 120 m Alavi&iroltrSV 9*Vu Latjs—New York, 4:* op. lawr *** 3 ‘ Mirret—m Eoarc. »te»ay. 2d Soart steady. v j 6t.lioa!fifTattle morhet~Sci>f. , AJ, Oarn,*—Bectlyed at the Itllemc HcobMm head blarkec active ana prices well sustained. Yards were cleared at boar of ail des-rlotiont- Bale were w follows: OHad. 93,771 ns «ro«,a* 2u? S5 b?aa. cress, nt 4Xc: C 6 head, 37.0;0 as f?9J£*.? s4c • 3 bead. 3,M0 as arosi, at 33$ c; 33 bean 37,600 ns sross. at 4c: 17 head, 13,t10 na cross, at »& l^-V.tatfe 46^^ 8 ®TOiK. 8 * e8 head, s?3;.'tti Ba aiad, ns great, at <wct - bead, lC80n» grots. at Sc. »««.,*»* At the Broads arßtoca Yards there were silos ss follows: ShcadavrragmcDs< B*a-J*Cr 4do SSI ns Rrcn at *Het 6 do ns do at Sic; 6do ijto n« do • r 4 f • do 4c; S «»o sjc ns 4*c j 2aa £3 ntdolKc: 3do tans do life: 3do n§ do ive* 10 da Kioo ns do ajtc 5 «co 1,2.0 ns dosxe; 7do «o s> do tt jac. Booft-KecelTtd at BeUerne Sense, 1W bead t ulei itlcfft pw lor'athoaa. gale* at Brradway Stock Yard* a* a n »*sk®J«s*lOKiPC»f,»tMenot,aiiA 19 head, arer-- xit-fS^ZT*** l **** at BdDerne-Howe. Btt head. fcipyaot, and prices-aliehtty better. B*loi 2f at «j»k * head. Bales at Broadway Stock Tarda of iV head choice at S7JO B head. • fklladtleiia Seed HuketrSeM. 21. cemaa m slowly, tad the dealers are p i y ?s •W.waifjo o tmgbel- Timothy continues in derrsnd tad scarce, wltlrnirthef b&lm of BC4 oraheiß at H toas/s V bushel. Flaxseed U selling oa airtrai at iSJUe&fO'* basheL - - ' Wwol fa CUladelpUa-dtepc. at. . «.TrH. e J* Uttje lelllnr. a» both buyers aid «cH *?* hpidto* sff lor lbe f»ow York auction sale af tnoSttt before operating, aod the market generally ‘W't.only a few low banns been disposal of •J-tJCaI 15 ftr medium atd low erase fleece, and si..s tor tub. Yams are very cull and p .tees noxlaal OOHinfiHCIAL. FeidAt ErXHdß.Sppt 53.1881. The fo'lowln? writs thr receipts and shipments ■diiflr£tbepi&t 94'hoor#; *• SEOBpra abs smrßssrs past 21 aoirsa. "* - SblP J P K3 S o ™- .....<• S8,S!(I 1&25 B-'riey. 7,3*7 Graw Seed... 150,789 Fiax Seed ...... p,»a Cuwdhleata.,... 7,650 g®«£f M 90 fw*. 18.. 4 ...... : 7,882 109.718 S*»ow 4^64 W001.... 28,490 V Lit* Boss .: .... 8,457 . 1.657 £a£le ; gja* ii-.—r....: :....... 47,163 41,639 .Ufgbwlncs.. ... 45)0 §■«• 1.000 - 1,614 • Batter . { . 47.940',, 60,601 The continued success of our armies In' thefleld, sfid the rumored segotlSUons for neaco asked for by the Governorof Georgia, bare tended to de press gold, which shows a’funher decline to-daj of G@7 per cent.* This,’ of course,' caused a cor responding decline In the values of nearly all kjeda ofproduc9|>eitd on ’Changethe markets were gen crallypamc-stricken. ... v ' - Floor was almost wholly neglected, and we re port sales of only about 800 brls at for good to choice spring extras. The wheat market opened steady and quiet at yesterday even lug’s prices; bat as soon as gold was reported at $3.10. a panic took place, and prices telllCc below yesterday's ruling quotations. About 2fco,ooobushels Spring Wheat changed hands at $1.72#@1.76 far No 1, $L89Q1.75 for No 2, and $J.61@1.6210r EqfCfted—ihe market clo€lcg<Jfl!et at $174 for No 1 Spring, and $1.70 lor No S. Tho i demand was ejiiefly by short sellers, shippers I •towing leu disposition, to operate than jester- I day. Winter Wheat was almost entirely neglected J “tte'oßlj tale rtported being about sjMQ bu«hcls No7.Sed at $175. A Tho Corn market ruled exceedingly quiet at a decllto in prices of 3®3,#c per bushel, with silos or only about. £6,000 f ushels, at sli3®l.Bo fot No. 1 CorrpJJ.2B&l.BoK lor No. S Cora, and SL2B for Injected—ihe marlnrt closing with a limited de rm* d for No. 2 at SJ._2S,,V- Oats is good shipping demand and firm, "frith rates of about SflOJooO bushels, at'M#®6sc for No. 3 and No. 9, and for Bejected— the great bulk ol the sales haying been at Gsc. No distinc tion was made between the two upper grades.* Bje declined 3®Cc per bushel, with sales of . about 32,000 bu»helr, at $1.20®1.21 for No. 1, and 1.20 for No. S. The bafe of the sales, how ever, were made at $1.20 for No, 1 andKo. 2—buy ere making so difference. '. Barley was firm but Ices .active. About 8.500 bushels were fold jib $1.85 lor No. 2 in store,' and at $1.65®2.05# for Sample. . nighwmes ruled 3c lower, with salevtt 650 brls • at |l.7o®l.7o3<cloaicg quiet at‘ tho inside price •Themarket is very much-depressed. Timothy Seed was mote active and a shade 1 esaier—heavy sales having been made at sl,oo®. Cwt according to quality. Flax Seed was steady at $2.00. The Salt market seem to be preparing for Its annual break down. The dealers and agents ore holding new fine salt at $3.80, bat new Saginaw is offered at $2.00. and old at $8 00, Without buyers. The decline in gold'his unsettled the general mercantile trade, and Dry Good?, Leather, Ac., have all a strong do wnward tendescyi r w . Grain Freights were steady at 6c for Oats, and Be for Wheat, to Buffalo. ■The Grocery market h*rf been generally inactive and unsettled, owing to the farther depreciation' in the prices ol go'd, and the depression which has characterized the Eastern markets. In we note a decline o? 4®6c $Uh on Cape and Java: and of SX&3>rfc $ lb Tin Bio. SbgOf has been equally doll, with a decline of HQHt on raw and refined grades. Tea is In almost nominal demand, wllh a downward tendency. lake Fish are in very small supply, and firm a our jhevious quotations. The market is generally, in a deficient supply. Prices are conscqacnUy firm, with an upward tendency. Bides are generally less "active than for gome weeks past. Stocks of Dry'Bldea on hand, are heavy, and dealers do not care to Increase them at present quotations. Green Salted are very doll,'' w&ha further decline of Ic $ lb. Greeh Saitsd, Kip, and Call are lees active, with a decline of }fc lb on yesterday’s rates. Carbon Oil is dun and. Inactive. Holden are' still asking 93®05c for best ;Whlte Oil, hot there are very few buyers In the market Linseed OH la In very amall supply, and steady at sl.6B©l.6Bper gßllom'Lard Oil we quote nominally it 1.60 per gallon, there bdngnoue la the market. Tallow la in small aapply, with bttle activity In the market. Prime tallow ha» been offered, yea* terdsy and to-daj. in amall lots al'letfc per lb, bnt with no buyer*. We note a decline of Kc per Ibqjjrortoos quotations. ' btill very quiet, and owing to thonn* tattled chsncter or tbe gold market, and theprea ent very restricted demand, tbe market has de clined Sc per lb on Chewing, and 10c on Flog. Wood market very qaiet, with few buyer*. Present quotations nominal. - The receipts of Beef Cattle have b«n larger than neat], and the qualities generally hare con* flßtetJ of common to low medium grades, prices hare farther declined 25®50c lbs, and the market closed doll, and very.unCaiorkbJa for dray*, ere.. Ectered.aales; 3,839 head, or 8J.25(3tU5, chiefly at S3JO®S.COS itylbs, v With heavy r.celpts of Hogs, and most nrifaror able weather for trade, prices have farther dec’lneth BC®7sc $ ICO lbs, excepting very extra lotawhlch were sold at yesterday's Entered sale*: 3,985 head, at STSC®I£CO, chiefly at SIO.OO (3,11.00 f 300 lbs. LATER,. In the afternoon the Wheat market was weak and unsettled—No. 2 Spring gelling at |1,C0®1.69; cToaliz at sr.6B@l.6Stf. No. 1 Spring was in llm- Itcd demand, to fill a Canadian order, at $1.73. Com. was, quiet, with sales ol No: l at si.ssjf> Oats, Bye, Barley and Hlghwlnes were neglected. CHICAGO Dttjf GOODS MARKET. ■ Another Oeqllpe in Prices. PaiDAT Et*ki3to, Sept 33.18 M. Tht decllneof Cotoa. to day. to and of Gold to hare rendered the mariecfor Pry Gcodi “ parlcky” and nufettltd-pricei closing con* ndeiably lower, and with a strong downtraid ten dency The sdTlctstrom Few York to-day were of axaoittmiatlflfactcry nature-iome CUpa’chaiind enting among effort to'keep the market up, but sear'-y all leroitlig It weak and eaaler. The auction* salts of latt Monday and Tneuay ap art Ibt calculations ef Jobber* and manufacturers, enS the dpcilns in Gold and Cctttn fence then hai rendered ho.'dirs rery uneasy, and dsnroua to on* load - Here Upmarket Is very quiet, and we notes da- dine ilcce yesterday cf l@2c on Brow a Sheetings, I ®2fi on prints, ia:c onßelslnet, and otter seeds In Ibc Mine proportion. All kinds of foreign goods havb aUo declined s®lo 9 cent, wl'btn a day or twoi -with a strong effort on tbs part 01 halders |o rca lire. ' - • It la satisfactory to rccerd'ihe promptness with which Cblcsgo wholesale dealers respond to the nat ve»f»l feeling that prices must fall wltn gold and .cotton. * Although a large portion of the stocks held here were purchased at ‘‘flood tide,** the dealers aro n«kmg them down ko as to keep prices here as low . as In Eastern cities. .213# .110 .21* Trade within the past few daynhai been quiet, ow teg to the unsettled state of affahs. There are plenty ot conptry dealers la,ibe city, la wane-tic eoo£s, out they are waiting mi piicei Lara »ettle<f down to Ji r ™_a point 1 tat may Do relied upon at permanent. ♦iS‘.- r SH°^L la th« doting quotations ef comes ties m this market: Appleton', w! Amoskeag A..., QSM 4i Medford...; •■dl M 5l sl “ JC... m ~ - M 8...> «2 Pofftatcts. 53 Stark, A - W Pepperel, W-4... Atlantic. A..!!. Psclflc Csoot, A. -85e1e,.......... Indian Head Indian Orc&’dfW'’ “ 8.8. <3 " C.... , S3 A.... ' Cl . N.„ 57 - 1.... « Suragne.Btrk.. 43 Fblilip Allenj)Tt 40 InucneM, B ss Tor* 82353 Hlciimond, Dark, 41&tR Black and White S!3io Franslm 33 res awn arnismrca. American Dork. 41@12 Bunnell, S9 SbirilngatylM.. • .40 Ptackstone. Jtm(i’AiUW...S3 M James’s mils 98 M Loatdsle «k Wftissatu » 76 Wa1Uma.......x 03 8ed8»n1r.....*-4 50 . . " •* .....7-8 43 DJIdOXIS. .Ab 65 .SB a Hope. HHI... V M A RK .P. 6t ; • 55K AU tfool,plan:.. *5330 Mancbcst’r(new) 45®47J< Pacific (new).... £<347)4 Hampden.. Glasgow.., Scotch Oinghcss. Lancaster. WOOLSJt ] Bed TwUlcd 75©1.«J Gray Twilled . ..Bi£Ss i Blue Twilled ... 6031 00 | Opera Flannels.... 01.15 risms. ■ CASTOa Hamilton, bt*a.w!ae..g3 Manchester. v»rk. 3fi*mch. Amosfceag, A C A “ a STK •• 52. - C..........71H Swift BtTer.,.*.V.*.*.V.ViM - , ■ BHIBTISe Amo6b«ar,Dark. ' 7» - “ • TJeht. Mxi TJncatTllle.DarxJß i H LigbLSb &9 Palmer C07.,i!.!k’".- Albany. Pemberton 8ed... M ..3w WidttoDton, A A .. .. — (Whlfni’n.D'k.C, 97 I - •• LighLG. 55 ; Bhetueket, Dark. iSreren. York,, Amoatsftff.;,,. - «s}f HamUti*n.,..i... K» MaocUit’.er ** 74 York.... 85 Pearl Blysr 87 E»»toc 87K1 i Pembroke * Clinton 81 [ Haymaksr 66 , Wnehinttou 50 Brown, Warren,. ?0 I “ Madison. 40 KiSM. I Whitten ten.. 0 } Fana’rfkHech’l 1.15 Dunns. * fcw.TorkHUl9.6a «W°* yerett « «*7S . .. H3IVT AffieaiV, Brown *2jfi . BLRACnprOtX Ainoakejg..,.,.. • as 8atee,...;,..,,... fa - I T , . - BLAT*OOW J-ewlatoa.,., , 40 -1 bkm... : /• 40 J Otcaara. v»- I ri S’ar-k’a, zi*n ' 'f w „ _ tw*w / m I coatß'rfpl Ccvn HM) Bro.Cmh-...j.i6 spjw/ WUllmantic ISO vDlfcacteC ao 18 ©23 ‘ 1 Silcua Lotsdslo. ~ 123 . • . coLOß«uoAar»«xcß. , ■ AJnwtftsg so* | wsebiMton.—t. • 8> '\lcioiy a I Pftuer Ctatrlca, 33 • bauioejlx sxraw. ' _, Gilbert .• ~».. »♦»« W»<> ■AncdoaSialeot Dry GoodslnNow Voric. isssr JtAirs. Peppered r. 53. , Lbwnton 43H JETISAWB., IFiDuiruU*t««**a* «j Casooßirer..... , 87* I ATsoafceos “ 6BEiTmm.ISB TS PSTCXfI.' • rFrom ’Wednesday’* N. Y. Tnbane.] Tin auction sale of dry seeds homht by a Cincin nati firm. showed low cnees snd a olslncilaatioo to was choice,* nary salewoola have received as nines. The ; enj* st low orices, as did the tarl*. hoso- Towslingssold at a sroflt. Bh*irls eodatsaio per cent under »e:nts' prices. Bresa KopcsKidTeryiaw.bntffaßOeisbroagat fair rites. *^attar -Oaks. Stc:- Arnolds, 3>c; Saffoik, SGWc per yard less: 6p«OT«. r AJJ«Lr,j7c,sßsiDßtC)<oTestercaj: fQchm ous,JSc. aiairißKiHc: Potonascs ooia-io 53c scdclcßM atlOkc; Uarseila, 83K®57Kc,a fill of »c; fisbonal,B6c{ Paeillca.ilHC, worth Me; Mfini macs, «C. a fall oJ &c: Cocheco. 43H$4ic.afairol 8c: cost 43Kc. Standard sheetlCßS solddnll. OeMe(s,paciflo opened at 46oaedfsllto 45Hc, against 55c ten days since. CHICAGO UTHBU flußßtr. ' Fairer Ercmro, Bapt 33,tH1. yesterday, 799.100 feat. Mar* kW T?j£ lTe * nA supply; &H£KGL£&—la fair dnuni. sad ana'al preyions ptlete. .. . •■•*.■ LATH.-reMlre. iesl tri it T . So,«n pet. mcientaj Ktln «wj metocM*. oaeso tails TO-»ar. from Grand Hares, sold by ler » feet at f77 SO. Carso schr Grey, from StasKfison. sold by % Vcrtoo.iGrA(|t 2&;6J,US feet lumber, fhlr4Jnakegto,at|2o #• * In the yards buiinesa la very attire, pdcea rtri'ag Lojib*wu« Liew ua««ia ra. "■ AcubCd Clear BosnU?w M. *tLRi&L*O _5?. T £dClearßcaTds,«.H. ........ 4M0a58.r0 Tint Clew plans, f> M gMaiic.H.KJOM,O] IhirtClear I’laafc, if,,,, ..4100*5000 Block Beards. 1,. a5.«351 j0 - 5212f Se 4 cct .. yj.wSesjjc • ..... , &&££ i first Clear Flowing, roozi 5150 ft; ISf, J j S53:;;::: feHflS 6bared Sbmdea, A, 9 TV?* £§» Shared Shingles, Ko. -...!! sisS 5’5 StaredShlnllM,Star,. ...*’ <isS I on Cedar Bhicelea. | ' SawoaShlogiei.A ‘ ar«»«.n !i*£ *■ istSS 4JW4 5.W P&&? r ? cSetß ooaa) jo . auoai CHICAGO CATTLE iSAKKET. v FsiOATßvxnHd 5ept.23,1281, BEEF^CATIXB—The receipt* of Beef Cauls da* rice lee day amount to about a/CO bead, which with the balance left over uaaoia front yesterday, male about 4,sto bead on aale In the various ateck yards . during the. day. The entered sales amount to 2,?39 bend, at |2jj@6.Co, chlefljut I3if<as.oo a M 3 aa.' _Builcg last night wetaasome heavy storms, but the morning vas comparatively tne, and buainea f cocmenced at affearly hoar. The heavy rccelpci e ermmon Cattle whlchformed the chief proportion of tbo entire stock la the yarde gaye a poor prospect loratythlng Uiea'satis.actoryday’a business; The market was, however, tolerably active up to noon> when the rain again began tp tallm torrents, and coo* tinned opto dark. DroyaaandCommlialonmen, in their anxiety to effect salet, made liberal canccerions. .eepeclally on the infer'or gradca of Cattle, bat withal a large number remain In the yards thU evening nn» s? : d. Aithe Fort Waynd.itockyards every pea-u - now fbl«, and provid'd tbs receipts continue to ar. rive in ai large number* to morrow, without an ezT inordinary demand* lha. cattle will taveto be sold from 08 railway curs,. Good atlppiag grades and the better description of medium Cattle have beenm men limited aapply, with a ftlr demand. *lt must however be borne In mlrd that with the presentdown ward tendency ot all kmdi of produce, our live Stock ean bnt be expect* td mt aharo the. same fate, A more slowing termlaa* tlo*of the day's trade, vre have not bsd for months buyersKemirgly being detsrmlned not teoscrata without a return to eometbing like old prices. We quote the n«f ket moderately active for prime medium to good shipping graaos, at preview quota tions; and on common to low medium qualities a ■ oecUct 25®£0c per UO ns. . -* but unu eatna to-oar. Bailer* Buyers. v- .no. ±r. Price. J. Adams McEcoy. 74 978 • ijjy 00 lieualey 19 Ml «.w * <• .... ....Smith.. 10 101 643 >so .. OjA 14 • 1300 6.C0 Bogarts Hetßev.. -13- 97s 3.50 bmtlh ..J.Hachee. ~. ..23 '933 4.75 ' 'WlUuosß> ...Guirier.. D 9 1123 4:U Conger. Cram j 27 IDK3 S.CO do ....... ...;W. M. Wetb 10 1152 5.37J4 J. Oridley.\„....' do v S3 1174 025 do ' .........Enwmbt ....18 lids McCoy. MoGnw 20 933 BAO Sheabai'.,. ......Hyman ft C 0..... 16 1231 OAO McCoy. 40 . 929 . SJd Brens -Clark 21 coo. sxs J.Gridlcy Enwright 40 697 853 Hoes Clarke H Mi 844 Reed ;,CB. 822 3.00 Bpr»gue....w..*..CurtU. 15 us) sco - Hafaer. Clarke ...„. ~,,*12 jw 4.50 R«ber*s travel. si 636 ta 5t0ne........ .Rent AGo ...40 902 3.10 Hock Hyman 78 1v32 4.31 51ug5...... .6biVe! 33 B<3 8.00 Sell Clarke jot Heir Isi -arciar; Jacobs is 931' 7.00 > 8traX0nf........ .Byman Ago ISO*" m* 5.50' ,do I . do ....*, 8i u?0 sS7tf J.Grloley Crumb 11 mo too do McKeany 17 102s 4.00 G. Adams.... W. si. Web 0...... t9 1124 a.Ri do 13 123 3.40 * da CO 16 10S2 S.c.j dp do 12 Uo3‘ 8.4t) Btnrier. ;. dp n 992 2,50 llazke. rn 14 9.A 450 Jones. .A.E.Kent&Co .16 9.a s.n Bentley War! 81 m 2.25 ' BOGS—Received at lbs various yftfds dorjae taa day about Sfitt host; these, with the balance left cret nsiold from yesterday, made a tctalaforar 8,00 hoga on sale In the venous yards. Tho entered an«i wconat to bead at |7 SCatUO, bnrprlampUhy at tIftCOQUU fUC-Stti. The downward tendescy which was so prominent intheyardsyesUrday and tht preceding Cat, basic ereued today, and resulted in a further decline af CSfttSe ifO Cbs on &Q grsdew'ezceptlne v«j extra UU, Tbs say has been moatualavorable for host new; Indeed, It may he regarded as ttefirst dsy o' nrad and rata with which oar wlmer hsg trade Is al. w»3Bin*o*nratcd. The rapid isereasa la oorsnp ply,with la oar monetary market and the fall el prJc-J ot all description os mereban* Oise,hare completely shaken the conadence sf aJ claesei of buyers. The nitnre of the transactions of lhpdsy»bothiarnees ftr which realty prime ho*» have been sold, and the anxUty of owner* .16 *lsoeee ef stock at any rate, has not* resembled a panic la tkemarketlhan the usual effects which rssnltfrom a depreciation of pnees. s Thn market closed this erenlcg dull, and with a downward tendtney. The stock in the yaeas unsold beiog over a,wo btad." v noO KALSa XO-DAT. BelTera. " _fnyer». Ho, At.-Price. j, Adame Kelly.. a 197 iitfl; ■ oo- ...Uoctits as 2d itco do do 50 ai ir.75 do do Ifs 2C4 ILS7W SlrMer Ke11y.../..'.. ui as Ilao* ,oi.»«rT* C 0.... oo ....... ...... ao la -noj CooiejiElajld£e, oo 30 gas ILDO ... do n ■ no ii co- Coe!e?4£ldlate.Tab«r<fc Hurd.... 132 jgs jaoo co do. co ao ....73 go? 10,25« Btrgjuan. Hathet 3a ir:s . Gi»*ofyr...«o ~—.4« 2ia iu« Hil*r US 195 11,75 .. J Qndl€y..i .PBlUlfft- i 3 V« 11.75" Strkhora ..8ate*.............. Center PnllUpi ...... bi 210 do Pritii— .lis 23i 1115 ao.s Benp&II; 54 21s iojt*. Dtytnt. Barte;. 1M in iso* J.Grldiey.,Metcalf... .73 177 10,7s - J. Grldlsy ..Banba .11? 97 750 do Metcalf.. JU 238 11.00 do Col, Smith fti las iu;« W.F. 8r0wn.... Hnauey ...158 * 170 10.00 . CO , . ... do 59 173 9.58 Smith-../ „ oo 52 203 pis' NebieaACo co /...—57 173 10x5 W.F. 8r0wn,..,i . do 45 170 9XO O, AfiAa do 54 194 . 1000 Bentley..; Hooter-.,..*. 48 V 9 10.30 Q. Adams.. * W.M. Tildes..... 72 310 10.75 do \........W0rth1Qtt0m....'. S3 317 11.50 ' •J.C.-3on« Montiomery. ...420* "is? U. 50 ‘ Tlius.UtOWS., ... QO 57 138 18A0 - Woaay .Gillert...., 68. m 10.25 Bentley do St m 1»A0 do do C 8 302 18X5. „ do do r., 63 184 10X5. O. AdAEB..OO 41 223 U. 25 W.F. Brown Hunter 56 2fiß Tl.ts do *0 .. 44 212 11.90 do *6 49 219 11.25 Bentley .7Kn?le 18 -218 U.BB CIWBJ AUvlion 58 133 10.17 M do a« 55 IS? I».* do .128 161 8.75' .... do * 77 174 "9.W * .... do 123 153 8.75 ~ .... do 78 XS9 UVS .... do 50 313 11.00 do GO -ISO 9.73 do 175 171 9.75 Clarke. co .. CHICAGO Ml sate* of Grain nponea in thu market report are on a batU of-lc sl*~afe per bushel. unless otherwise stated. F-tmr is sold ileHverea unless Otherwise stated n FuIDaT Era-TOTO-9«pt. 53, 135k eaea t?- laenir >o-aay ware; To Bvitaio baik J. p. March. MJS X’*wbatt»a, »*o icbrChaa-Hitckley, all with* wheat, at 8e r>jctirs Bay State, Imperial, and bark Plinor, all with oat*. at Sc. m “ Lax* ast> Haix” FaticuT*—There 1* no chauae Hnratea Wegsote: v 'Fleur u Bo«#a, late and rai1:,, ,,.....,..,.11 Ava Flour n> .Sew Tort, lata and rail, .I.4*** Flour to Poitl»Ed,TJafiarula 183 a Flourto Boston, viaS*n/U ......... 3.C0® 1 - RarttOA© FkaionTs-Tb*ja la no change la ratea* we Quota t . , „ / „ , . .. Fourth Clan. Flour. ToSewTork, allrail.* r.33 190 _ * „ rail and Lake Erla .0.90 ils>- To Boston, all rail 090 2 00 _ ** rail and Lake Erie OJS ijo To Portar dill rail . io*> aro To Baltimore. »Q raftr 0.90 ' LM To Pniiadelphia, all rah .....r... 090' •• igi -FM>¥tt-R«celved #.655 brlk 'Market very dull end coalnallriOo lower Sa’eswerat Stbiko Kxtras— 3oo brie good *Drini extraat mC: 1M blitchotcedeati9.UK? ICO hrla “Cesar Falla*’ (iold. yesterday erenlag) ac fl>.su; U*sopai>—l*o tru meaty ipilar-cjtraatta.Op. - Bran—l&lur* in bulk an track at 917.10 Middlings—l 3 toil Mr mudltaga at -93J.M’: on track.' - ■. » \VDEAT—Recrlvcd to-day, 71,0 m bn; shipped. nn. Market feaair-strickenacdiociower. sales were:. Bpmno Wheat nr sjoa'«-B,flHi bo No l Boring at 11.75; l.wo on do arf..T>: LWOba do at At 72*; S.toe am No a Spring (before ’change) at Ji.73: 7.Cfi*H»n co (before *Cbang») at <171: SAOtbu so (t>«- -ford ‘CD•reel at 12,500 ba do (feeloro ’<%atiga> a<«i.T», £wo ts di (birtbra *oaaag*> •« ai.74, a.uua foil ’Change) at 7.000 ba do •»■ 51.71 V: IJ.CO badoatfel 71; ba da ist.waj po qo at »lvo ;-u 000 on do at e^K&ba do at SV9s B,ote ba Reeled aadag at #..52: 5.510 baaoatgi.t;. T9crin Whutis aro*n—Nr-iect ed. dales;—XJCObaNo.2 Bedatfl.7s. Attbecloae thefnaikccwsaaoitt at |iwbforNa,2 Spring, and so damoedwhatorerferwinter crates. ,4)OEN—liectlved to dty, 35,2*7 ba: •hipped.43,Bl3 bnsbeii. .Market very quiet, anasaSHc lower. Bales wera: CtKH ik Stoke (id bn KuiCora at ti.S9* da at f 159; 3000buNe2Corn (early) at«isoK: I,CCA bn doatfis*; 4.CCO tn doatgi.29:lß.ooo ba da at tl 28>j • 9.CM 9u da at 1153; «lo feu Selected Corn at 3158-the market closing steady at #i.*BKfor-No OAM-Becetyed So-dsy. 125.P94 bn; ihlpped.SS.GSS la, Market active and Arm. Bales today: Oats tw eT«E*—S,IOO bn KOl Oats at«)ic. s.Ooo ba do at «sfc; ISo.CCO budo at 65c; 7.C03 ba No 3 Oats at 65C: l.vvubu Ilqjected Oata at 63cilDOO feu 00 at 61c! Oats afloat—7.oCO fca No 1 Oats at 08Kc afloat! At the close the market was steady at 630 tor No 1 and No 3 Oats in store. RYK—Received to-day, bn: shlposd none Markat declined tS5c per ba.. Bales to-day were tY2l3’ STOKK-SOd caNa 1 Jtf e (early) at 41.24: 3.C00 bn «• at fuw ; 9,c00 on No 1 sad *foa, ail at si jo* S.ootmNo jßyaatSl.iO-aarke* closing steady at glj# for Noland No3lnatara—buyers; M ditftreace in price between the tiro Erases: . - BAELEY--Bittb*d ket steaoy and quiet. Sales to-day-VlUnuT m Biobe—s,coo cu'N* 2ai tiita. By ba 8 i !; B 2 ntrsck; 95 bass at sl.«3an trace: Ji pass at Si.MdehTeredi tOPsjnat oa track. * A l.COßOL—Nominalat 53.43®3,u 9 eaiioa .BU,lTJCtt—lnaobosnaplyanadull. WeamHe: Prime dairy in crocks and tuos 39311 c Bbippine Batter, in flrklaa. a7c*33c Greate Boitsr... .‘... r®37c * Bale* ta-aayso firkins prime at4Cc: 9JancbolcS -dairy at 40cw ‘v v ...123 44 BRAN*—Dull. Sales:—2o bags good at 12.15. UUUOM SlOJtN—llarkot firm. Bales 7 tons fair qaality at«>£.*o. _ , BAGUING—The market la In Tklr supply. Two bu»h Oram natra&cd tvo bus Oat sacks arc la cool dcmaiio, other descriptions quiet. Prices esayst present quotations, ftequote; stark. A............... Momtor.A Hampden it. leamUas. W«TerlyA, seamless.. Cbicsso A. eeamleis.. Prattle Loogwted A...... Manchester A. sewed Uten Corn Exchange A, sewed linen. Eagle Bxcelaor kJnpire (ffty.sewed Uneiu.. Garden CiWiSeweJ linen., Borlaps, fonrbu.... Gnnfcitf, fire bn.... < .... .*■ four bn. *** two 6a SlOurSacki, J* brla cotton. “ ** H ** linen... “ *♦ K “ cotton " r. R:• M» **’ ' ** “ M? •* •-* 3.C0 ! TTCOIMI »BCi», h*BTT 200 I XHHfcMK-In lair raopfr. and market active. I fnctai'm and nncbuKed. We quote ; I Hastnrs..... at ere ■'j/BtaroHefterre, c 23 @rtc ; Waftera Stale*.... .... .X. 13 «200 COFPKE—The cepretsloa «nd decline whicker in* in the Eaaurn marattF, hive entirely sh*sen the -contnenepcr dealers,ana retail oorebasera mthu , market—eo that the arncnrtaf bailee** done to-day I has been aJznoftxoumloal. On Cape we no eadccilnev of4@sc V B.: onO. G.Javaol&c V»;a*« oaltio irom common to pi Ime a further loducooß of-2XO b- cf twin prtylotm quotations We aaete: . Cfpe.s a .r..„ .49 e<i c G.iomats,.... u «sn $ Id*, -air to seed ..-. «K»4sJic Klo, yoad toertme UkxlSKi COAI*—In Ucltcd supply. ilarket acute and very atm at previous qneiaaoai Wequctfl. Brae—BromCeli 11981 eo Ormi*s •CxaTXLAnij—Briar Hill 16.Ce do H»n«tal Rtdye • 15.C0 - do 'NMiiow Bant Blesthurr. .... ifiCO XurnpLehleh 1U oo Latbavana, prepared a M Beniua... ,u, a .(ft PlfFtOß..." ........ - tt.oc aJXaiq.^ BliG*—iK tnof* hiniud* roppiy, iriik a de mand. Sales to-day hara ranged nsai IS&U&J 1 dox. U OH>t» Ut |tl 1 T6TT ItMt lid e«auil. Mvk#tflnßatß-«^^; t !M,£ u.!V wurnUVwhtSUunSS •otve.aii«Tcc*Am ■»* iSKSS“ Artitau# B »anr»celM UutH ..“/rfr-T limt» HenlßKia t «yi •UUapuiV.mlp\i£ 2 s^?* •ad u» ▼ u- « alicbt uktua » C 4 T ® H>rH>jr» Jnfait deanaa, aa- msdanu, e i dntitotJ#n- ictlr* ana cattuui. tt«n«li. wbx.a**. no.i. 7 w ® Q s.’^L i « TOrfieoeb,Wo.2.birbfl.... 171 7“’ * •HW* wcufflib, so. 3. b)f on. 7....71 MS2-2 Tr*ut, *o.i, tur mi 777 . *E-s Trotrt.Ew, 2.tifon . Backer*!. Ko. I.bif »rl. new ‘itt?*** 5 Vtcserol, «o. I, tuf brC old **• His.rZJ Mackerel.*..l,bU brl,»ew 1,25“5 SJackfrrl, Nc-3,blf brl.alo 7! a2S i"S Mack*rel,ljiryot*<Mly,»lf brl, nssr..“'** StS *2 MfcCk*rei,N».l. M* t oew... '.... .I' MietMe.Ke.l7Kns.oU ; »wS?\5 Wftc?en!» Ktv.aaw ... *"** Maekeßl.fsmllt E.\u.» 8 w •** licifl.b.GefiusSßaai P" Vf-lb*7.; ,, ‘ ia£2,nS rccfisb.Qrwnd Dirk.periroiba ..7 * ioiSiSit Utilises. M.l ickieo. PMkfbtl «sa,u Tlirrt*vs.lAbraoor,la ce.p er hr U..,, .* ii*7?i*i3 Dri “ lus^wkilTc* »iled. No i,-per 00x..., *’ « Pe>rrg», Tiled,doale* £2 t Af Salmon,piccle#,TClta,..,.... ......... sua tn FoiltOL,pseloolbs, •*: iSStS 8ake,pw1»18».....r.....;. : 7.5S 11 Et’JU'*jxr lb • ... . raiTVc • iItEEV ii’, il!iit*a sta pne** rain firmer, with nmwttt terc»r«i.‘ G»arj!»—lntend»a*pi». Brtocleiily j,*. >eUa, and denivnd u tinu. lUtK'f fir« at orerioat qncraiv.tß rsA£r*x&-tr.Terj*ni«isaDDl . wtt> n go,K cm anJ- Pr*cw» Arm at *3.«(at>« per >a»k« orWcc.'hi-l hit. Watu* Wstoss in dtceM'oz eupplr. •Jd6*2»trac'aft , itel» Bcafeatpreßeaiquia. Uoa*. Ltsio'e-Kre-Pbl* more rwlrictni receipt* Market UWaMy dim at present rator, didlFUiroai tfembOd. Harlr'(*t6«<l**D<iiißctit\ns»i. -^eauj-e* Q-ctoAepler, 9» bn;a« wheleiole 9 2.»ea 4^* Greet App'w, 9* bri, at p»tuc ~ s.s<ka&eQ Gtetn Apples.f» bri. asretsU, ceotibß ... 300.3 m Q!enfl,u.*neila, V li.. ... 13 G*Tip«t,Catawba. ft B ...t...- 13 a a Pcachpi, fr basket . S.u«t 4ai Petrs, 91 KU»*4 00 Blm-rian *rabi, V bosket Tso ijm . Watctmeloos, p 1W) .9CSSIB.PO I>m-Ve t Frenfb,» box 19 ? ( Ws3*.oo LcniOTfl.Flcily.Pbhr«.. ILOOQISJ4 FRIED KHUiTtf— APPLK3—Ia lisbt topoy. Harkei p:octra-,e;* ictire at present aaetiuoa*. posxiox Kin’irs-ftlarkatqnlet nndnnißit’eii.vttb moderate rectipta. Prices Uss firm, bat Without aay 3 actablectanse. Weqaose; ppie?,soatbOT.»» jj a’l Apple#, Eirtcra. 9» B .llJiidlli* „, , , - tooeiox Tsarr*. • Ealrise.Layers p fcox .W.B7J<aAM Ralßlna—iT R.,« box ::..........7. L75/®3 3 Comma, ? is a 2s Fig*—Cmyrna, 9 B 23 a 38 AJmocdr, Btft. In. 28 «15 AlwonCs.bawt. V B a k Pratvia. TorJriib.p b js a 17 Pears, Bcbemior, ft B Ukd W Bardln«,balv«a. » « si i-Jwfilßßfcaoartera » » W ■ OAQL£-*la tsoro liberal sn;plr. Afarket scoye ai*fiEA£stpreß4aeaaetat:oss, Wo qao^; Pr*!tie«ii«»«i9,ppXQoa„...,..,„ M 93.0133^3 Qoallfi. pdTfios.. L3#f<?Ao wild t0ck8,perd0r............ w Sb'pr. pirdos i L243L59 Etlcp,»eaew*iey£ci, per lor I.3Aa* '47JC3 Bl; flhljred 41,sx<> Bi. Tbo narzet . .with a fair aapply On G*een Bs.lted we ric*® » dsp/ije oflo 9 B. and if k®ic V. B * on Ore«i Sb ll "® (j a jf oa «iericas aaota tion/. Wequ*te: green Coatuy, trimmed B'ca 9 leeadalted.triineacd., 10*®u Dry t'a’.tad.trlttmed . is (*l7 Dry Flint, srtmmcd...., 20 (<nu Kin, yrecnia'-ted. trimmed.. 13U&7 Oalr.eteac raUefl, t.um5©«....^.... 20 HA V-*MarEotinnir£crata rapply and itaadyat pttsent gaotaUosp. We aao^, .WHOLBSAL* PBZCX9. Timothy,beaten pressed •rtOiaiS.OS Timothy, Itc bq prtaißd. ZLCA23.-*) Timothy,loot©,..; iawt^bao Pralifv,m-atca pressed.lspeatf W Ptairie.locse pleased .....*, ll.c?r4ia.oo Prairie.ltißS...- ; luOnltro Timothy, beatea prewea „-...139J>c.-ai0.90 UrDtnlsy, locse picsstd.- - • - 7 Sljfr-aw Ml TJtuoiby, lews. ji 'wafsloo PMfrlC. DC&Mt prcticd 5f C^ilJO Pf»ine.loc6epr6feg£d. Pialno.loano,....' fyStflUD MIGHWIJKS-KrcslTea tr-day. noce; rtjpoed. 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Market tolerably arm at onrpretestievls»d quotations. W'oquoto: Yonngßjßon,mienertocoamoa,it B.SLia <ai43 do superior t* ont.'ii a, ls Ai.bS do extra to choice, g) tb t93 @3 15 Imperial, superior to flee, 9 ft @1.90 do extra to choice. 9 B 3U)O ea.6o Gunpowder, superior 10 fine, 9 a Ito u? 03 -■ _ *o _ extra to choice, ya aao Japtn, caturaliqaf, line to ex. Sco, 9 B. 1,40 at JO .00 ,00 - flnertto choice, 9 »1J0«®1.«3 Oolong isfexlor to £&e, 9 & IJS aiio do extratochoice,B 1.4s Boncseiea. V Bt> 1.23 FALLOW—Received to-day, 4 r vt tbs. There U cqßfluejaOtyleaaacayitylaihtf aarkot. and price* »*e wo with a decline of He on previous quota, tlou we ecoto: - Pil«o City Packera... ISKffIIO c Country c TUB4<;CO-~Market dull and Inactive, price* If alarm. with a decline of 5c p&cs Chewtny.'Sc 9 woaNatcral Leaf, and 10c 9 B on lower erases of Flee Tobacco, Wo quote: Purs Crrr Caxwzso Xobscoo— • • Cn0tee.......... afeolam Bsomo Tobacco— * j..« lieowm....'. Suaaiti Common, stems. n.?rvan <■ Tobacco— w Natural Leaf. Lo?ai.49 Hau-femht aaaSia - - - Choice Black, wend... 0.T5a0.95 liedinm, guaranteed. (uawtss . Oemmon..;.*. \ *-f1.6?0i9 70 vlftjfcOAtt—ln fsir-supplyaad lira at prorioaa. quotations, weqnote; . Pure Cider Vltegar, 9 ga1..... JBasec Pare MaltYnfgar. 9 gal 2*®Sc CommonMa’tTinsgar, 9«al ... Van* WOOli—Kecelved,26, ; BJ ar. Market aalfaco in* active, stocks an hand are generally large, md in' many cases are neld at high prices- Buyers are at pretest not affering oyer 90393 c 9 » for choice ' wool. - Prerent quouacn»ara nominal; Wo quota:' Pine Light Fleece, 9 903 S3 Medium Fleece *, ' 903 a CoaneFlesee. 9 1b... 9c» 13 Factory Tab Washed V tl-OiaLfS WUOP-karlitt qalst /and unchanged. We quote: Bet cb 9 cord, in Ihrryard, gUUHUDeUvtwd at tma . Maple, 9 cere, do oo 12 W da 13110 HicZtry.9 cord, do *do 13.D0 do iui m.a. Riiraa list POB YOf CHI CAM. x • - 48R17KP..;,,,,...... Sant 23 Prep FreeSta^,Atwood, Boflillo.nndnM.. * * Prop Piymouth.pickKin, Buffalo, aaadnea. 9 Prop Fonnialn City, Bounds, Bnffala. sundries. Prop G. J. Tiaesdedi.w ltaoa,Mask«eon,9«ia lumbar. i i“Unlon,WolTin.Bnaalo,B»teuscoaL *»rk Northwest, Atkins. Buffalo. 55* toss ccal , S"5 k“ KO Pl? D »CaTr.Buff*lo.»J‘Jtoiarailro3dlroa, Hark Ocetin ate, Grant. Cleveland, itfbtons coal. Hying Mist, Ingraham, cicvelsmd, sis cons Sctr Idzzia Throop, Scofield, Muikcgcc, » m lum- Schr GeoraeF. Foiter, Hansen, Muskegon, 85 m lons. ber. Scbr GeoreQpnrrftfftcD.riaek.Maskegon.SSmlnm* - ber,tosialsibv' S'hr Heien Kent. Cameron, Muskegon, 93 a lumber Bebr Odin, Imbnu, Muskegon. 75 m lumber, is m Brhr Speed, BaetLßt. Joseph, 73 cds wood. - flehr Cynthia Gordon, ¥»Liter, Bt,Josepo, 40 m lam* Bcfcr Bcrn *» Glind Haven. 75 m lumber, 0:1,r^ W o«"^L 1 o “ af ' Sbe6 °je«l, 1.4C0 empty fefcr Bhjjfh.l, rower». llarletce. 1M mlnmher. ' ken..;-,-, Molomhereni Sehr Barneyjraten, Manball, Hcnead.a ed« BcttT Expi ws.McQxaw, £«e, «w ten* coil * oclt Exbao Alien, Jones. Ene, 426 lota cast Scbr Chailem e, Kelt, point cea b ilta ' Scbr.Hattest Hi me, Irgluam, Teieoo, lib tons n(? ironftom Detroit, and 2iom 1 amberf;oa Biy Brhr am^er,Glaser,Kalamazoc, 53 m lumber and aj mtbincics. ..... 73 ..V. sea 37 ..... aPO ~..7 «.M tcEr E. G. Giiy. Samme, MmS-joj, ec|m lumber *.. and 111 2& '.SID. EecwiAtuel, W liU&ois. Charlotsvlllfi, f 5 els wood, isffow CoEVJit, Schut. UoUaid, 52 eda bars; Scow Fauv Qceeo, Ma/tia.Sonih Hare::, iff c 3* bark ato ;0 cds wood Ecow Applet#!, Beil,?onth naven.6o cds wood. CLiIARKU... 3eo t.23. 6»mr Jllrwankce. Trowsli.Graod Haven. roioa PicpQnean of the Lases, Crary,Boff*lo,2s.loo bos Oats. I. 1 60 bbla Fiaur, / Pro>Q. J TmadeiL Wiißj»,Maflk*yoa,l*aht. \ Prr.p B.D. Lentil. Basis Biver. sands. Prap Keso<ba.llewtst,Sanna. 3,93)1 obU klour and - au»d>. Prop East, Kennedy, Port Colberae, 15,173 bn Whaat. Tara CUT of CMcaco, Llaf, Baffalo, 19.56S bu Wheats Brie warmer, K»lw, Buffalo 1 aciso tnz Oats. t'cbrS C. Winalsw. Welle. Bnff la,-o.iCObtt Oati. Echr Adlrocdac, Oilffln. Bnffaio.l9.loo bn Corn. BctrComunao.nißaaa, ?ntfal-j,u,t«o bn Core. 6ctrßna3Tnii.CtmTaicea, BuffaU, 19.835 bn Wheat. . Behr Baltic, Baker, tfnflalo, bn *hcat. Echr Jessie Acdenon, Lawler, Baffalo, 13,733 bn Ecfcr Gso. Steel, Flan, Buffalo. I7,f{a bn Cora. Sell robs, t a; r. Baffalo. ivfcbn Rye. fiebrll r.Memck. Holt, o»wcc»,n,i3fl bn 0 its. ' at lie Cnetota ibis c|«r, io-4it. Kastcti of THieli aaUcribatons 50 to th« Sertbweitern daai« tar>Commis»ltn, In answer to their appeal tor taa of oM day's earnings for Uua object. ■ '^TAtLPKioeal ‘•Du. Jahss —While humanity continues to bJ in firm, and man isproae to err, the consequences of is ' or crime a?e apparent, and when tease con* atquenets ore visited upon the unhappy wrong-deer, he mmt seek relict from the thus eavaiied. And the man who devote* Ms lire and. talents to the relief «f this species of humaa suffering la set less a -phllaslhroputthanhe who seskj to relieve »ay ether ' affliction to which mania subject, lor tree phllaa ttro>y looks not,to what ceased the trouble, bat whet will relieve it. To tMeciSsa belongs Dr. James, 1 who haa devoted a l**gd portion of Ms Ufa to tho rs Uefofihs class cf diseases enamarated \i Ms adver tisement In another column. Hr bts, at great ex pense, supplied bmi self with all the material tnowl edgersauued for the purpose. Be basheenlecAted in our midst for a number of yean, and.the testlmv Male ef the press wblen have been quoted la Ms card, apeak ▼•lames of p-else In Ms behalf as a wise, dis creet, and observant practitioner.” Aid also thjr.frem the eminent and venerable Dr D.Blehardson.aa oldpractttlomer of Texas, and now editor and proprietor of the Galveston aews,Tcxu: “We have known Dr. James of Cassem House street. New Orleans, personally, for a number of year*, and dsrtng that time havs been made aequalht ed with a number of penens who with Chronic BUesies, which bad baffled ths a&IH of some of our meat scientific phiaiclanX bat through the skillful treatment of Dr. James, readily yielded, and were perfectly and permanently curec. We kzow Dti James to be* scientific physician and an honora ble mss, and therefore recommend those requiring hlsnld to apply to Mm immediately, through letter .orpersonally, for relief.”—Galveston (Ttxie) News . MaiCl 9, ISM. * ihuedi •nailstrim tha IndianapclU (Ind.) Gl zette, of ApiU7,lSflr: ‘Ds.J-utaa-We c«n attention to the rntdlsil ad- WtUftnent of D.B. James, which w*U befonn-J la aaclherpsrt of ear paper t« day; ul we do so tin more readily, because ws knew Dr.' James, and wo have knots* him, mere or Ism. for tha l&at twenty yea*?. - I* Is ntber a delicate subject—lMSmatter of SecrarDlseaics—to writs abaut or speak 01 ear.orl. aUy, I* a dally paper; know no reason wtyrtshoald bsjnore so than ahcut*»j other disease toptichtbobuiaak laiftlyare eno^ist—lf-projieny cara.dered. •• We find that enr most euccera/fcl physicians a-e these who derate themselves t3somaoneci«ea?obr claucf to the treatment •f consumption, and affections of the threat and large; Jo diseases ol thereetam, aspllesand Cstala to caucus and caiclnamatoas affections; to cumae’ ons diseases end affections of th* skin; to diseases of the eye and sir—aswell asthe dentist to discus# ef me teeth; and finally, to what are called Secret dls&aees, or dlseates of the or sexual org-ua. Air this v la rcry proper, Mo one raaa.*hot m a life time. can become a thorough and successful phyaN clan in the treatment of all diseases tend we would always rather recommend afrtend who was afflicted wl!& inyserlons ccn.plam; to a special practice pby ilciar. who confined himself wholly or mainly to the treatment of as we would,ror in. stance, and aawehave oltea done— recommenced a perron suffering Lorn any of tha secret •Mleurn, to Dr. James. We should think him more likely to nn* ceistand. and to he able to treat successfully the disease, than a phyitciaa who attended to general practice and all kinds of disea* a. And thla is hut reasonable and natural. .’•iV.V.VT.' “Aataa to Dr. James, we 51a speak positively. We hare known him, aa we hare taid, for many jeara; andbflag a physician ourself, would natural ly Inquire Into and know something about his man ner cf treatment, and his success. We behave he may be regarded aa standing cot at the head of those devoted to the cure of thla cUu of diseases, as to speedy and suceesaful cure of 'the tame. We knew him two years in New Orleans, when he was so regarded there, and, Indeed, all thro 1 the Southern country. His hospital on Custom House street, far the treatment of secret diseases, wasacoutaa.well known u Dr. Stone’s hospital for that ct general diseases—and he saemdS to be quits as popular, and to give universal satisfaction. We have aleo known him nrcinclnnatl (whae ho some times spent the summer), arid we have always under, stood him to be moat auccemrol and to give com plete satisfaction. WeTrgardhim, in addition toall this, ts be a man at unblemished character and sound moral integrity. He' had to leave Mew Cl ears,we be leve, on account of fats Unionism and loyalty to the General Government, which is cer tainly one thiteg la bra favor. - M Xfi persons, Uicrj for®, who hare been so anfor Innate uto contract any on a or thesa «Mseam t or have had each diseases or disability entail *d apsn them—wo say, and we i«y it with confidence— «o to Dr. James. It le soßeTvdlstaace: bs oSpa is in Chicago: hut St la hettejvpezhap*. to go all that die* tance.aadbeitroatedsidifnily.and enroll la* short ace, and with remedl-s that loam no erfl effects he. blnd-thaa to trosr yoor case to nnildUfol hinds, and suffer, perhaps, a mb-tune." 9‘.<ai 01 The fol owing editorial la from the NewOtieans Delta, af Decmberast,ia6o: ' u yo2r» Stoss Capabl*.—there la no physician la car rather extended aegoatntaace In’the profession, who la more capable, and solely none has gained so enviable a reputation in the tteatmenfreT special dl»> eases, as Dr. James, 83 Cnstoßrfioase street. The doctor has mads tomaxy wonder fol and speedy cares that ItJsaotto be {wondered at that hu office Is ao often filled with nafortanatea who come to him as a cornier teaoit, havlnrftUl £aith ta £la skill and exp a nence. It la aaWhishlng that so many will suffer themselves to he trifled with by physicians who hare never made this special disease a study, tiu »ho dm icrlbetheß cases. Dr.Jameahla fpent wara In perfecting himself la end Is as near perfect Icnas can bo.” * fromths Hew Orleans Bee, of April Sin, of c ?* to . m Bouse street, has so equal in this city er mtte South, la the treatment of>n rate diseases.”. ~ • * ■ K 3lL nsi **** «dltortal from, tke Chicago Demo- Joha^ e n t woith's paper;) m the summer dtmutf Dr. James' Northern tour, when ha practiced to the city a couple of months ..prenaus to hisreturntohlißoatberahoiac. Here It Is: ** Dnrajfci cab or Da. Janas.—This geutlqmhn will Itaye us during thepresentweek for hishoms la Nes Orleans; Since Mi itsy la this city cf a few months. Dr. J. has won many friends, not only imeng those he has treated professionally, bat among all whom he has been hronzht la contact with* Uniting with superior provisional skid those quail* . tlcswMchaaks oaeatrueman, his departure is al wayi a matter of regret; oolr equaled by the gladness cf fits return.”— ducaro Democrat, Ocloberia,ii3j. Dr. James, within the IsatJlfieeajeaes, has treated more aueases. and of a worse character—o:.* private natare-BnceeisfaJlylhinfriy other physician In the United States. Dr. James la the only specialist In the Tfin-ral now practicing in the United States that nag testimonials enlcelttlc of his professions! skill. Dr. James* test!* menials are.home Ustlmoolals, not from a foreign country, aad are allyc, sad can ae reftrred to any time. Dr. James has been practicing in this specialty la Nt*Orleaaa fliteen years, thirtcea vests of which bme conductingthe largest hospital In the Unite 1 tt.tes in this specialty, and fortte la«t three yean has teen practicing la this city (Cnicsgo.) Thera Is scarcely a amsen that zealdis or has re sided In Hew Orleans since IStt. that h:s net hearu ef or seen Dr. James* Dock Hospital oa Custom Hotue street, where U was Iscated for thirteen years. Tkcie are numerous persons now residents of this city, ftnaerlyof Hew Orleans, who know that Dr. bad the most exieame and successful prac tice In KewOrleani, the South or United state* ' Iherefow, with bis extensive practice, atd long artsy of testimonials from the medical faculty, some cf the mote eminent dacteti ot tha United States Ptcfesiors of CoHeyei and Horpltaii. shaking df him In the,hijbest terms of prabe, sheold be efficient evidence to rslm. the eonfideacn of these requiring such jczvtces as be renders, * It u . ccncKed Iks thu 4Uuk, of Ui, ICO 'r.tlvfi _or ltin«lu. m«i prentotuloli mor, ml c.m>UcmW< typ. U N*w 0.-loui tiu ) a go, other cltr U Ui. Uclo^. Dr. Jtmei,h.Tini dcilnl ill npTO«i ndrepn. titlon bt. >«ci . worce, thotid h, mi, endnoo iiutiToruniud>iUmMlod skin;,odiciati Neteabbrrtfsenirmg. __ db. James, FOBVSSLT 0? Jarcrs’ Hospital, 82 Cistoa Qonse Street, SeirOrlMLs, (x, [ESTABLISHED IN 1850*] /I ■ a:rlT&d la Chtcava. aad permanently located aa 03cs ak §6 Randolph Street, CHICAGO, ILL., For tbe Treatment erFrlnteDUeaMa. \ Dr. Jamrscures Syphilis la iti rnrloui forma aad stscer. wi hsat mercurial er nay peisoat, leatiay tbe bleed pare, eiadicatiac that horrible end ranch to be draaesa poUua permanently frooMfes iii'oo. Epeimatanbflßi aaa Impoteacy, «»»'"»» inyalaa. tars emlul ns, treited aid tad call? cu*ed by aa U* fallible method, asTlay much timaand expense, I Iddisiniesef tie moithorrible claw, where the bleed baa became potions!, prjdnctnw blotcoeson tse face, email watery blisters, pimples, ulcerated threat, as is, Uitbs aid tDdy, scro.'ola, toother with an end'eii number cf tnff iinta. Dr James* testimonials are the meat authentic, aodbczna* etyh authority, medical and otherwise, la the United States. Ihafoilowirir a n the testimonials ot tome cf tbe m«r welMncwu sad emice*: Doctors and Kditon cf ibeUclteu Stales, > f which Dr. James la that sol pleat cf. Tiol-.ttirbalowproduoedUfroa Dr.Jor* dsn. cl Cincinnati, to Dr. Wilson, of Ptaa., in answer to a letter of Inquiry conciinir* Pr. Jamee, forasrtj oi Row Orleans, and saw of Chicago. Dr J.n.jrrt’aa was phytlclan to the Cincinnati Cholera Dcipltaldiulns the tomiLer of 180, atdpro fesror ct Ike Theory end Prac’iro oi Msdisloe »ad • of Ma‘cr!a Mcdtca la the American Medical Inmtute cfLoulsrine.Ky,, snl’a. Dr Jordan la cow ptacccug In Cincinnati. HeeUihc lottsr re •errea to. head It: ‘ •* CnremraTi, Jrly 5, 13«. “Dr. Wiiaow— Dear Sir: In answer so year laq-t;. rirs, I woald say ll»a‘ I know* Dr. Jaoea. fnr cerly of Hospua.lfew Ori<anj,and cow of Chicago, IU.. off and on ArUolast twilvn years, am 11 tut I may t*f:ly say that In Us Uj« of practice Ido lot know his superior.’ if h:s equal. I knew ban two years In NeWUrleans, tad tnreo mm xcoxs In tils city, and in both places I had occasion v Trf quern ly to rtcaamaod patUnca wanting treat ment m that Hce to him. and in avezy case, so far ail could learn, ho* as lujcesaCnl, and b*to the mast pence; saeafantton. Ha has, from the s?art,nxa.e the study of what are called Special Disrisss'a spe ciality, and ha». I #-.Ut»e Ceea mcecemuently »u> cenfnL Iknawol noons to wsonk Iwcdldsooatr icccmm'nd a patient ar a m*nd neadiag troainfSnt of \bat kind, or icr an; of the aiidred complaints or ctrcalc dleeaaes which he has made his itid«, th*a to hho. You can. 1 think, safely recommend or send such patients to him. in case yen co not wiu t j treat themyoaiaelt Tcura truly, J. fl. JORDAN. M. D.’» And the folio vlas evtrsctof aletier tioaDi. nob eft Moiglss, who has been'piact-cfc* meridao la yew ©r'esnafor twenty years, and well fciownto tte«» denis of that city. The letter was written to a gentleman of Hoblla, ala, m answer to a letter of inqtnyasto Dr. James* ab Utiea: “To many persons hsvtu applied to me, gaff jrln* -with disease*snch as ur. James niaSea bis fpodaL piovlree, 1 hare recommended that (tentliaaa, knowing be ha! a yreat‘«pat«lia. and aevery caie, so fit as I coaid I earn, fie naa t ot dlmppaiotsd either myself or pa.hnr. On*cue of a yoinemaaaotf&rlag nrlUi typkiiU In Its tertiary for n, aad who bad boea under the nu-a table physician* la the city—myrelf with them—wao tad aLo bom tbenenmeat of Jdcord, of Paris, tao coleorated specialist, without aaj beneflt, wlacedttmiolf un dcr the treatment of Dr. Jamea, whom, from every asruranee, 1 believe to oe perfectly and permanently cued. Ar. James' method of t» eating syphilis ij ancntraUxer only known and used by himself. The Sector uses no mercary. lodide potsiali, arsenic or am tapantta, which dings.ho asierta, will notarial* cate the poison from The a j stem, and iron oar expo* Hence with Ueeo'dtars, we thin* It 17* matter of dcuhtwtetaerornotheywillla aLcoaes.** * Also, DrrTf n. Leonard, formerly Profeaior of Ana temysnha TTashizHon University cf Baltimore, and prsvlOTUly prcfcisos at Obstetrics and Diseases o ffcaen and Children, tad more .recently editor Or lbs ftaw OjlßiasSouAetn Uisacnger, (a medical carnal;, says ol Dr. Jamas: Neto aabfrtlsrmmts. feelM this aids* fey am aad eip«rtasow.h*spwfww. Ed toe armcueai physietaa. X>r. JtacecvesSpenuMßhw tad Tmfewmse hf aa mfhlllble method. **Tta* ranch time ui —pTim_ and The erlpeum* onto far seminal mmlnntary da> chi ry ta or nnoo unce. gjuhllia, iNoadirj, ternary, ar catailed beredltarUj-themeet terrtblo ul sm to fee dreaded poison—erasicated from tbs ijewm, without resortlaß ts serea’y. lodldo potusll, «*Me« or aor pc lacs, bat a aeutrabaar—e pwstu?e core. fW m Ren ember, Cr. J. mss’ office aad psrtfen are «| BS itrcec,between SUts and Dearborn up stalls. Office beats <iom s s. m. til! 9 p. m. Ccotnliatioactcfl-wtJftJ. , pAIL TKABJf. KEITH, FAXON &00, JOBBERS »7 EATS,CAPS, Ladles' andJGcnts’ Farsp Skating Caps, Bacbskia UmbreUst} \ MlliDffßY AND BT3I WfiOOOS, WOOL HOOD 3 AND KNIT GOODS* And 111 the DBW Stjlti Of ladies’ Straw, Felt and Bearer Satt, .SJtKS.S2? ra!t ' r » u. Lssaasms son ATT&ACTIVS Block Qf iooTf QQOdB BTW SroMfel to this mark 1 c ana wr.h *<i7aiMiWeas chases iOi eat* before toe accent ad ranoa. we m p^!Rfs i d s°s flßf fc at p»tctru»* Wtfdato petition. £sct or west Oar GloTs and wrtan Oetaartmeet «aa ud on special a:tanM»n. and conpoiaca an GHaQ&PAddS m>»rtjaftrtorßu«k.Paonj*dtfid. - ■ All dwuars IT car line wHJ ftidit tor tfc«rla«rai tc « azn’ao oar goods and price* Mora pmrehaMiK. elMwbere** tr Prompt aid personal attention £y« to oriaa. KHTD, FAXOiI Sc CO.. 45 and 47 lakost- Chicago, dtjane strest, NEW YORK. JOHN I. MARTIN SON & CA, Hnceedson to- 9UBTO A 8K09.« (Formerly of St, Louis and Chicago^) , maimfactnre, and keep aponub vent RMsormatt of CLOTHING. •ef-viKSm T?YE, EAK, . THROAT AND -J. J lungs. Medical institute, AtHDScutli Clark Street, For the especial treatment of all ebroolo dliaMM - wMch appertain to the EYE, EAR, THROAT ANB LUNGS. . N.B.—flaying lor year* studied AnatsmlMK. - and Pathologically all diHuoai the above mentioned or*ana, **»«&« with d jLmarrAJfT Dwiasna- or a tomeflau uhartcHr,*wk_ as lascer.&c., I im eu b Ui! to warrant a Myfgga~~ cciecfallcmraDloOtseaMS. Office at zta aoatsl&arS ttreat. F.O.Bci3iM,CUlca»t,XU. D MACRAg, M. D., surgeon sad Phyalttaa, selvqg«M».t Fonntly.ot tae U. a. arw. PIG IRON. - 500 tons Ns. 1 lake Superior Ckucwk . v 100 tons No. 3 less Siperiar Chtnosb 300 toss Ns. 1 Fjmnkliru. 150 toss No. 3 Franklin. 100 isns Ho. 3 Tabers -500 tons No. I Skassillon. 100 tons No. 3 Assail!on. 500 tons No. 1 Scotch. \ 3500 tons Lamp Lehigh Coal* selected (W *■ foundry aye, | FOB HALS nr LOTS TO SUIT. A, B. MBBKEB, foot Iforlh Market itiiwt. BSlfl*Sl94 Sit 3T HOUSE, 173301T SatdßE, N. T. Tie undersigned bee rcrpectrSHy to I atom thstt trtends sad the paMtc that, after the 2Uh of Asst the above house will be conducted on the XUBOeEiN Pit Alt, Mesls being ssrved a tacarU. The house hoe beM thorouthty renovated, and we are now prepared m letspartairnmify ta* Winter. • The location, tne slzs and comfort of the rooms M this hotel are unsuTpused. _ C. H. KNitNEIt IW.B. BOER*WE, •eptember 11364. . KTqitmiß "PfOLMES, BOOTH & HAYDENS MANUPACTTJREB3 OF CAMPAIGN MEDALS,, 40 Cbambers Street* aeWrtlMtla MEW TOOK." % H. X>E FOREST CO~ HOOP gfiIRTS Manufacturers and Jobbers, ®4 LAKE STREET, 84 (See GILT BKHST. Opposite Tremont Sousej Offer to the trade a large stock of thair own —■— meturs, We hays abo a large stocked Hosiery, Yams, Corsets, asp ora>* , JSOTIONB. Harms purchased only, we offer inducement* a* N Cssh Buyers. . . *e!2-qlB7-l7tM OKaiovSr ~ D. It R. B. Whit entire It C«., • -Bare removed tn their New Star*, Nos. 11 & 13 Lake St., ✓ r ~ sc23-iOMw ■^EPLUS ULTRA EXTENSION FOSlTfe GOLD PENS. HKYRfiaa l.Ran PSSCIL3. to CMet cl one doz*n each: tim boxta era flaelj fin ished and clctb lined, totbat taeeorateatrcaa sn»» lam no tejurr ta tratsporuueo. Prices, same as b». ions *h« w! Tbe Holder* art ot tiemeet hepdaonie tad durable construction ; tie bcarlly sUraa plated, with an ex* leatlonof tbres ;en*in*. ail see engraved, cbaaed, or emnne tnjnr d. aadfot are not anrpazted ti any rtfca*a. Onr tne holders and pens, acid m doeesi only, are as follows; v Bi**OJi*--1 l *htnooen,sj<inchulnl«njrlh; eloasd [or docket, 3 laches talentUu Pile j per dozen $lO 25 s retails at $j each. Bizx Two— when opes, 8 lachei In lengllK* closed torth«pcc*et,»j<iachMinl6n*ai. Price pec dozen $12X0;: stalls at {3 neb. Biz* Tans when open. s>*: tacha* in least*: cloted for tbe pocket, 3 V inches m length. Prisoner down retails atsOanonp,wards. - >■ Biz* rom.—tWban opto, *l*> inches Is least*: clcasd fbnbe pocket, -rlocbu la length. Price per dezea psetS; ntads at liaad upwards. > N SxzaPirs.—Wheaooea 3 lacaealn length; closed for tbepocket, «K tarbes la length. Price par down retail* »t iit and npwaMf. v of one dozen of each tlxe of tbe abort makißg Ta dotess. CO*. detail at ttU. - ,OOTt ' THS?L rEi> include Pens with lk« Hold« WE Df‘ SWSSLLTIIKSI BBdAEAT&LTr neither doxnu rec * lT * Pena and Hols ere at abaya prices, tn any anaatttr lebt titjshtrs wltclntbe Loyal States with bill lor collection om dertrery. Soldiers la Dl* I®7*l Sratte mnsi send. caabln advance, as emeu Hill not colicfrttom them. * ~T. * n» QAUGHAK- Sfaanftctnrers, dtle ■ 118 Brcadsrar. new Sort. RUI9-543 500, ARmiERT HORSES Qmorof Aitotav? QvAxnnunii.) nvv JjrotkSAPQtrjLind-.BiBtT.ISM. j • T Po? AND BI±TT.FIV« QUj DOL LABS isch win &e p*HlJo» all AmiiaryHorsssUtah IMM uapee'ioa. at-Mio-Government Stables, la tut city, altar tc««ay. ' . B»ui Bones to be euand la all particulars, nO> woken, relllß flesh, trom fifteen 03) to ilxaea (in haofli nigh, from fire (3) toalnej9) fearsold. a*d veu adapted la every way for Ai Uuery purposes. So tears* will be received. / ** Faymint made fit Certificates of Indehtednsia for ■aven m Bones or more. Bt order of Col. JAMBS A. ESCf, did First Dl- C. HAY. Sfa3.qfflß.Jsr Caps, and ART 1 LLE-R i HORSES WABTBD^ . 4*MTi2rt QuaanmxAarra’s Otfic* ) • T _, A . ' Cmoaso. m,stpt. 17.ia$*. f ViS*. m °?" n asrast, Artillery fttjSVviSiZSi o ?* y ll P»V «« to cbeePoa United c T r, “ lc » t *a of Indebtedness. for &tSs»“iiKu?“ l">s«Uon i « to, dvStKctm. da*t colors, sound to all particular*. >voc#, quick and- sente, well frozen and square •JoJiarsto baroefa,ln Boqu flash and ocndiaon. iron atz tf) tottnOOVyearsoid, net less than fifteen tad a halfrt«K) hands hlch. and each horse to weigh net leMthaa t»abu:dr<dsnd fi/eyOQSO) pounds. . Payments wni b* made tor lots of teveftO) or orar. Bt qrcar of JAB. A. BUN. Col. ta ebarge Ist jy Q. M-0. O. ILBEADJfI AW, ’ KIT ii»l « - • capt, AA.Q. br TIdCTOR BE BOKNEFONIX A/’frem Parts, and els daughter, it form re« Met* fudy, tits gentlemen and ladies or Chicago, that thev have tbe mientiou to give tome French lessons, ts* yanons leandns Mlia De tfoaneord has aenutmd after pasting eight yeus in the ben schools of Parts? sad it e real the wifi bring will ba a guarantee fer the pi r»vsvWhoma* lavorisrwith hjr patronage and conference. Address Post Office 4317, orim wankeeaTeaoe 80. 373. Hr B'Blpeur, Vic" Consul of France. Michigan ■tieet; Dr Uesrottn.TlceCorsiUQf Belglam.Nortb Welle stieet; Mr-wells. Editor of the Commeiciai Brprcli; Mr^ijedU. greet. "OBASS STKNtJTL AIiPHABKfS, fso ui J Ds.f6a s, «aS. a »• ifiStSS t«.« Bim 2®*• great extent or tn any *ol»i.dt whelmJe at the Uweay CajS BEST OF INDSLIXLE BTf»o£ ttancll Dlaa and a htaegg !JSS 1 t2 toci * ****** o* erdee^gym^ The atckinley outcom* PAjnr<-Sorxoe ewDmDuxi> N’o. 1. __ New Yoax. Ser'ttaher3lh,l96*. .TheTrusrere ot the McElsisv OU Company hava declared a dividend of THHKE Per Cent, tout of tha mt (arnings of tbe company, for the month of Ang us Q psyaala cu oemaud at the efflea of 'hecamnsav 8l Jvon street, New York, to shareholder* of recoml - • - tt2S-*U66t__ vrALTEBis.UAWT OK, Treasurer CPRUANCE, PKKSTOK *7co' C 5 conaiuitioN mescsaktb* Ho. MLasailtt street, Metrepolitaa Block. Odcaga. J.B.Pliroi. I. MUM ✓ ■

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