Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 24, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 24, 1864 Page 4
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Chicago SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,15 M. THE CITY. RATIFICATION MEETING, BlelrovolKan eall Vo-ulzht-Oor Can ■dlf ics-Lct Ps ff’i'leomo and ft£x>dorce Tiiem. A grand ratification meeting will be held to night at Metropolitan Hall, for the purpose oLratifyinS the nominations made yesterfliy at the BepnbUcan Union Convention. Hon. John Wentworth, Hon, F. C. Eastman, W. L.,Chtrch and all the other Candida tee wi" be on hand, end a glorious feast or loyalty may be expected. Let there he an uprising of tbe Joys' citizens of Chicago, such a one as wi ] strike tbe Cops dumb with fear, and all will go well In November next. Tam out and see* your next 6< nator, Sberifi, Hepretenlatives and Coroner,amf let not the State’* Attorney be forgotten. Assistant CosansßAirr oy Musters.—Captain W. W. Btikc received an appointment from Wash ington yesterdav morning, as Assistant Comtnis taiy of Musters ibr this port. ’'Machinists akd Blacksxtth! Istebsatiosal TJsiok.—The seventh animal meeting of this as*o* cl alien is now being held In the Fenian TTjti j) e *e. Cnrcs from nine present. - False Alabsc.—Tbe fire alarm yesterday morn ing, about nice o’clock was caused by the burning ’ of a brush pile. Id the rear of the Catholic Church —-comer of West Adam* and DcepUines streets. Accidental Shooting.—Samuel Barnes, residing at No. 185 HMnson street, was accidentally shot, on Wednesday last, while punning in the town o! fClcern. The charge passed through hla hand and entered his Jell side, inflicting an ugly wound. Thrown, fbox Her Douse.—A lady who was onf riding os horseback on Thursday evening while galloping alone West Madison street," end drnly lost her control of tbe animal, was unseated and thrown to the eroend. She was bntslhrhilv loured though badly frightened. • Leaving the Cabs was severely In* Jond last evening on leaving the ears, on the cor* ucr of Bstydclnh and Untried street*. Tbrcars started before she had left the platform. The con ductor was to blame, and th« fault is one ot com mon occurrence. ABrathD^s).—Yesterday mowiing a spirited tcamoi horara, belongirg to P/fe. Brown & Co* —ran away at foil speed down Franklin street. While passing the Armory, CommUsasy. Sergeant •Centner, 196 th Penceylvani* voln toere, sprang lorward, at the imminent peril of ms lire, aad/ue ceedtd ih'arreating the infuriated Animala.- A tsz Rtxracg.— Socth ward, amember of the IbL New York moan ted ziSesi paradfd Clark street nearly all Thnreda? nlcfct, Be flrcd on a soldier of a New York reel meet, and alto shot at a man and boy. Be was ex amined at the Police Court yetierday morning, and fined (SO and 10 days’imprisonment. OhQenbral Phjk cm. ire.—George H. Fcrrold, ' Charles hi. Spencer, and Cornelius J. Byan—three yonngmen arretted on eospiclonbr bring accem ‘ places ot Gillespie the Savinc's Bank, robber, had a heating at the Police Court yesterday morning, ftt'Q were fined (SO and on efncral principles. The charge on which they were arrested was not sustained. A Heatt Joke.— A fellow more noted for ' strength than good sense, stole a half hundred weight yesterday from the front of an auction store, and attempted to put it (the weight, not the store) into his vest pocket He was vcircelv equal to the emergency Bad he succeeded, we doabc net (hat he would have fonnd the Ineofmenta heavy one, if ytot very profitable. - Quotas FpiL.— The-quota of Evanston is fall, and she has bad two or three men to spare who will be applied on the qno'.a of other sub-districts. It is belleyed that the ogota of Late View is also toll. Several other snb-dtatr!cts have but a few men to raise—it can be done to-day Jlf taken hold of rh’hily. In some others a draft will un doubtedly bejreqnired. EKueramm porh pub Opeice.— Within the past week four ol the ‘employes of the Tribune hive thrown up situations who are to take position in the Union armies, being credited on the quota of Cook county. The namer of those who are thus joining Their brothers gone before, are A. IL Brown. John W. Drake,' E. M. Korrjti and David Utgar. Success to them- We hope to eee them return safely, victoriously and speedily. . Th* Cakapa Elopeeest Cass.—John C. Dick ey, whose doings have been chronicled in the Tbibckb, was brought up before Judge Williams on Thursday, on a haUad corpvi. Superintendent 'Turtle slated that Dickey had been arrested on a - warrant charging him with the larceny of a horse v aad buggy, fils Honor remanded him to Justice Brown lor examination, ip tbe absence or wit .nesses, the case was adjourned until Tuesday next. To xnx SnpEßiitTEsnrKTa or alt. Sauuath Scbooxb IK tee CiTT.—The Sdbbath School Union will hold ft grand Convention next Monday even. ing,tn the Illinois Street Wells street, commencing at 7# o'clock. - For every fifty persona in your schoohpleaee appoint one teacher and two scholar* as delegate* to attend l f „ Tbe delegates will present their credentials at the door and take part in the exercises. Your entire Bchool are Invited to attend and see that the dele -gates represent yon well. Cash roc Old Paper.—Mr. J. E, Fettibone, No. fiS Kandolph street, is engaged in gathering ng old newspapers, phamphlets, books «£.dwastipaper, -etifafx written ortninted; also rags. He pays the highest prices. Material of tbls description is of ten a nuisance; one docs not Know bowtto get ild of it. Here is a good chance. Take the advi*e of Sun. Jotanton about the old buirgv—“Sell it and buy a new one with part of the money." See ad vertisement. SitMOTKi 1 llrnixc—Eablt Closis®E->A meeting of .the Association of Salesmen on Soatb Clark street was held last evening, at ■which a sc ries of resolutions were unanimously adopted, asking their emp’oyerato close their stores at & o'clock ;p. in. between October Ist and January Ist, and at 7 o’clock between January let, ana March Ist. A committee was appointed to ear* sestly farther -this appeal in behalf ol the Sales* mens’ Association, an organization for mutual benefit and Improvement, Lhwctt ot Woos.—A woman named Ann Con* sell, was yesterday brought np in the Police Court, charged with ttaelarceny ol wood from the yard of the Tonne Men’s Christian Association. For some ■ -tone It has been known that pilfering was going * on from the yard—some live cords having been missed—and measures were taken to detect lae thief. Tbe result was the Capture of Mrs. Con* - 1011. In palliation of tbe crime she said she had-eeen others going there for fori and.she thought she would have ncr share. She was fined sll 90 for the crime.' FzaurcL Acodekt.—We are informed that yes* terday afternoon a little girl about four years or age—a pnpU of the Moeely School—fell into the ■vault of the school and wta instantly suffocated in the font contents. Despite an immediate-alarm, the body ofThe little victim was not recovered un til some hours after, when lite-was necessarily ex- Xlcet. If correct, this is the second accident of The kind attended with fatal result* which nas oc curred lately. We hope that the Board of Educa tion will take the matter in baud and provide some -remedy to prevent another recurrence. Jczxus Races & Co.—lt seems almost needless to make mention of this well known munc bouse, wfaidS has foi some years past been oneofthemu* deal features of the Garden City. A large and wen-assorted stock ot pianos and other musical merchandise forms an attraction to which is drawn all the musical element of the city. 'Messrs. Bauer & Co. bare received a large supply of those cele brated Enabe piano*, which are now regarded by many as tbe best instruments io use. All parties about to make an Investment in a piano are cor dially invited to call and examine the “ Enabe,*’ at No. 9d Clark or No. 89 Washington streets. Dak. Rice.—Wc are clad to see that Dan. Rice ia reached by on bis ring-talk, and we hope he will amend his matter and manner, loyal men are largely predominant Just now Throughout all our communities, and they find lie* 'tie to laugh at in Dan. Rice’s quips and pasqui nades persistently leveled at the President, the war, tbe Government, anfi the anti-slavery senti ment of the North.' Mr Rico claims to be a Union man. but his “ ring talk” Is not among hie moet chiningproofc in thst direction. We were not in an error in our parmgraob. Dan. Rice bss a rlcbt to talk aa he pleases among ble doira and monktea. but tbe loyal press, wherever be goes, will do well to take pains to make him see that it will be a paying thing for him to cause hie joke* in the rirg to less resemble a certain kina of soda— . 4 ‘ crawr. from c pper." OcbFatee.—Wehsve recently received several commsnlcatiens relative to the color and quality of the paper on which the Twecke is now print ed. .In answer to thet-e we would sty that the diffi culty Is sot now to get bad or good paper, baAo gel paper stall. We are now paying Ijt the paoer etpresent u*eu by ns more than two and a half times the price formerly paid for the best quality , ot white cotton paper, and itle'not easy to pro cure In qoantitie* as wanted, We have increased theprice to subscribers only ffty perceut, while . the price of parer has gone-op fully one .hundred . andflftr. II our correspondente wish to have tbe TfiiEcaE printed on the eame quality of paper as .before tbe war, andycan induce tnc maloiity of our subscribers to agree wi'h them, they can be sup plied at an increase of say four dollars per year over tbe price now paid. Will oar grnmblicc cor respondents please bear this in miua? Tta Clothiko Tiumx.—ln theee d&ji of high prices it hael>ecame & matter of the utmost neces elty to know where the beet qmUitr'of goods can he bought for the lowest price. There are many pieces where a poor quality can he had at a pro i>orUonaiely low. and sometimes a little more to tin low price. Such purchases arc, however, rot 1 seed on economy, ue it le n sell proven fict that C>e best is the cheapest. Wi li*m Bartlett, Not. I*l and 133 Daneolph street, has now opened one of the nnest stock-of men's, boys'and joutue' clothing ever offered to the Cuicieo mde, mid* of tie best material, by the best of workmen, and la the latest still s. Bis stock of famishing goods In the way of neck ties, scarfs, kerchiefs, and simi lar artlc'-cs Is perfect’y tmtyue and chs lenses ad- Xhliatl'-s for their beau'y ano texture. He has on hard the various styles oi collar*, shins, under clothing. gloves, all of tfce best quality, aad offers them at a slight advance on cost, Those who pre v fur to tavohhelr garments made to orccr, can here find a large assortment jsf wool cloths, tweeds, satinets, to select from; and which.-after oas-ibg through ih- bund-* «u ekilful workmen, will make . % a smt that cannot be excelled in Ut and style. Beice auwxno aku Bmcxxo re Cmcaoo There will hare been tba .present season, in Ue varlou* brick-yards in Cal esco, tbe onormous nnmber of <>ne hundred and twenty millions of bricks, a number which, if placed rad- to end, would cover*line of 15,501 miles in length, cr roach from pole to pule with a few thouvatidt of mile* t > epsre. This is Abe "greatest number ever burned.iu one year Id this city. Alreaoy onr one hundred million* have bees made, and the balance will be manufactured before tbe close ot tbe seasoa. Of these, Mr. Tbroop bya nrndn over nine miulons. and another Arm twelve. -The makers report that they bare bad no trouble in findiot; A’ands, a’-thonch a crest -sntny have gone to Cansda to avoid tbs draft: cue * yttC has lost fully one-h&'i cf.Jts bands. Tfie brlckmakers hope to heob’etokeej* in etorir ten during ibe wloter. bu- of this there!* ' M me doubt in view of tbe jircsrcnt tmd prosfpc.tive **^sldeßtbM'e,which have been principally ma-le on tbe South Branch of Iberia, large qain tacs - of fine face tmek have been broncht here from Milwaukee, Bricktoh, and other placcfiT giving a grand total of nearly one hundred dad ibitty mil- Bona ofbncks used in Chicago. One .hundred "thontand hricka will suffice for tbe erection of a •large #tore run In a block,. Tula Would wive the unprecedented number of twelve to thirteen bnudrtd l»rg® residences and stores erected In Chicago daring the present year, to ft hljjb may be added a much larger number of wcoden flruciurea. many of them of no small pro {R'rtlcns. Who wilLaay we art not growing “ THE DRAFT ORDERED. The Revolve on Monday. Cook County Called Upon—Official Instructions to the Protest Marshal—Order In which U will he Enforced—Dlmtlaas for Draftin', and the Disposition of'Dxafted Ben, At. Tbe order is given. Cook County has not res ponded to the call made upon her wish safflcicct alacrity, and the wheel win supply what the will has failed to effect. The Draft In Cook County will commence on'Mobdoy next. Only two more days remain—friending Sunday—ln which those sub districts which are yet behind will be allowed to fill theb Quotas fty volunteering. The following Is the official order, famished os by Captain James, the Provost Marshal of this District: PnovosT Marshal's Office, ) 1 .. 36T District Illinois. V Chxcaco. Sept. 53,1351. J ' The following has this day been received: Omcz A?A. P. if. Gen, Tt.t. j Springfield, Sept 2L *854. f Csptain Wm. James, Provost Marsha!, Ist District, Chicago, I'L / Captain Ton are ordered to com mence drafting in your District on Monday, the SCthinsL Begin, as Jat, as practicable, in those deficient Snb-Disiricts which are most in arrears, and waicb are making tbe least txertiohs to raise volnoteer*, reserving to the last thOFe which are tbe most ac tive and successful in volunteering. • * * • Vo’vnleere are to be accepted and credited up tee the lati practicable moment. If, say five men are oraficd irom a given Sub District, and, before the time at which they are to report at the Kendczvoa*. fhecthiraen In that Sob-District volmr.eers, tbe lain r will be accepted, and tbe former from draft But drafted men themselves ciuuot vulunleer—they may, however, procure substi tutes,' either from those liable, or not lla'-Ie to draft at snj time before the day and hour at which they a*e ordered torpoorl. In whlca case the su v ftltote will be accepted, aid tbe names of tbeprln cipuls again placed on tbelmsr' .♦•.• * • • « * Let this be borne in mind that this 1* the first draft in Illinois: that tbe patriotic and Union lov ing citizens ct thi« Commonwealth' bad hoped to avoid altogether;" ilh which it is no exasget atmn to ray the It+ueol the gnat campaign* in Virginia and tieorgla. and ihrouvb them the fate ot the re bellion Itself is connected. ISlgned,} Jawes Oakes. - Lieu. Col 4th U. S. Cav.. A. A, P. M. Q m. in accordance with the above order the draft will take p ace on Monday. Sept. 26,3331, at these headquarter*, in the following orders Sab-Dist. ~ Snb-Dist. . Leyden. ... Schaaoiberj. Palos. whetlmg. Maine. 14th Cicero. SSlh 18th Ward. 3lsl -r 6th Ward. SSd Bth Ward. STih.-, 12th Ward. Sfth fith Ward* Utfa 7lh. 18th. 3d.. 4tb. Sib. awT.'.'.nth Ward," .Bleb, j Lyons. IBlb 43d NcwTner. 30th .... sth Ward. 18U» Ptotlim) 85th 10th Ward. 16ih Lake. 27th sd Ward. 1tih. ........ ..Lemon*. 28th 8d Ward 'SOth .Calemit, BCih nth Ward. Sr3d ..Thornton. 40th :.15th Ward. 10th— Niles. 26* let Ward. Slat •• Oriard. 29th 4th Ward. S2d. Bremen. 41et 16th Ward. Etta Elk Grove. 6* Bin over. S« Palatine 42d Lake View. 12«h Jefferson. -44 th Hyde Park. 25th... „r ..Bloom. Ist Barrington. 19th - .....Worth.4 5th... Evanston. The elx first-namefl towns will be drawn from on Monday, 26th inn., commencing at 1 o'clock p m. VS 21. Janes, Capr. and Pro. Marshal, x Ist District, Illinois. quotas. ~ The deficit* of the several sub-districts cannot at present be ascertained exactly. The records o! credits in the office of onr Provost Marshal proba bly do ict include all the men who have been fur nished: the true figures will be given by Colonel Oakes before the time, and wit] probably be ready, for publication to-morrow morning, or Monday at the latest. It Is tboncht tear olb or two of those lart on the list have filled their quotas, but this is not known till the credits have been all allowed. Provost Mairbal James c e-ires ns to say that he will be glad to furnish all the information possible on this subject today. At the same time we wonld tupgest that lees trouble will be given if the -detlicd knowledge be sought by deputation. directioks tor suttiko. The lollrwlog. from Provost Marshal General Pry*o the Provost Marshal Genera! of Missouri, gives interchip" information In fefeuapce'to drafts duties and rights of conscripts, etc.:* _ Waß DePABTXEST, 1 PEOTOST Marshal Gekeral's Omct \ Orders havlEg been issued for the draft to com mence • • you wit* yourself, and by your ia spectors, give pereora’ supervision to it in the different districts under your charge adopting such measures as will secoie the speedy notifica tion of dialled men and their prompt report for examination. N For this purpose, and In-order to insure an effective execution of tee draft in every respect, yon will see that each District Provost Marshal provides himself with each a number okspecial officers and employe*—if ffe ha? not already done po, in with orders heretofore issued from this office—as tbe service in his district may require. Ton win direct .District Provost Marshals to cause dratted men to report within three days af ter tbe receipt of the nonce in»ormxns them of their having been drawn in the draft. Enrolling officers will, periiape, from tbftlr expe riences, be the most suitable persona to serve these notices; If to, Provost Marshals will employ each number as may be necesaarv. and if the number of enrolling officers is not sufficient, they will employ such number of other proper agents aa will com plete themotificatlon In each of the sab-districts without delay, and assign them to duty without waiting for approval of this office, each of whom will be paid at the rate of $3 per day for the time actually and necessarily employed. Ton will see that drafted men arriving at district headquarters are immediately directed where to report; that they ore properly cared lor: that they are promptly examined by the Board; that imme diately thereafter. if not exempted, th<nr names oe entered on descriptive rolls of drafted men; that they be at once placed in uniform, and that as «ooa as this is done, they be sent xorward to thegeaeral rcndtxvcna in squads of convenient size. ' You will eee that clothing, knapaacks, haver sacks, canteens, blankets, knives, fork?, epaun*, • tin cnp« and tin plates are provided and on bavd • at the headquarters of each district in advance of the draft. Let sneb number of drafted men' be notified as' will secure an aversee of one hundred and twenty examinations -ptr day in each district, ns near as possible. ~ Stria account will be kent with usuaLsttb dinricts, and tbe notices will be arranged fa »uch manner as to commence Ac examlnitlon or the men drafted in tbe first tcb-cieirict within three days after the drawing has been completed, so that no time mar he lost. 4sAlier taring made the primary draft for the quota of sob-district, (and the honored per cent, additional.) no draft lorthe remaining deficiency wi lbe made in it until tbe examination of the men drawn in the primary draft, under these in structions, has-been completed in all tbe eub d stricts or tbe district In which a draft has been, or may be, necessary to fill tbe quota. The number remaining fo be lumlshed after the examinations arc completed, will ne reduced hv all authorized credit' known up to the time of commencing the supplementary draft for tbe Ceil* dency. Tbe draft will be made for the deficiency and on' hundred per cerium in addition, and will be con* tinned and governed by the same principles us here* inbefore stated until the entire qjottis filial. Ifany drafted mao, after having been notified to appear at the designated time acd place; fails to do eo, you wii) see that they are at once arrested aud brought to tbe district headquarters as deserters. If Uis found necessary and proper by tha Board ol Enrollment, in any instance, to permit drafted men to beahsent aterthe* bare report# aud oeen examined, such absence shall notexcoad five days. If the quota of auy sub-district shill be entirely Ailed by tbe volunteers, after the draft, bat before the dratted men are sent to the general rendez vous, then the persons drafted will be excused. Volunteers will be accepted and counted on the quota as well as dratted men until it is filled; and when Urns filled, and before the drafted men shall have Open sent to thegeneral rendezvous, fur every additional volunteer mustered in a drafted min will be excused, the person to be excused being, taken from the bottom of tbe list drafted, la ihe reverse order in which they were drawn: hat in so instance will a substitute he eroacratedjor ex cused. -. w Qualified substitute? may be furnished by drafted men np to the time they are to he forwarded from the general rendezvous. Local authorities may furnish qualified substi tutes for drafted men up to the same period, and person for whom the substitution is made. - ' * You will require District Provost Mawhala to forward to this office, by mail, each evening, the ’’Daily Report of the State of the Draft” for that dayrwblch report will be made upon printed forms furnished from this'office. In order to secure the prompt execution of the draft, you-will be hold responsible for n strict compliance slta tbe Instruction* contained In tins co mm Question. • • • • - • • Jakes B. Fur, Provost Marshal General. THE KOTICE TOUEBTZ. Following is a blank of the notification required to be served upon each drafted man: PauvosT U*BtntL’s Omci, i —— D.sncr, Ststx or . I To —- Bra: You are hereby notified that yon ware, on tbs —dky of - .1861, legatl* dr*tt«a la the service cf the Cnlied States for tbe period of ——, la ac corcanee witnttaepr- vtaioos ol toe act of Congress ♦mot carolling and Chlllog out the natlnuai forces, aso fcrotbcrpmEWes,"approved Marchß,lßo3,sad tue set amendatory tbereaf. approved February 21, l&Cl. T-,n will accordmgiy report, on or before the ,ai the place of rendezvous, in ,-or be acetaeo a dremer. and be subjectt-> tbe pre scribed therefor by the Buies and Articles or War. —,Provost Marshal, Dismo| of ■ —■ N B.—The came of tbe drafted man moet he written ont io fuIL _ WELCOME HOME. Eelora ot tbe Bnndrod D«y Boys—kccepUoi »t lie Best. Last evening wr s an epoch is the war's history which will long lire i# the memories of many a family of * l yc” dty of Chicago. For three long months have mothers and sisters and somebody else looked forward to -the return of the gallant hundred day reuiment, who that time aeo left our city to obey the call or Father Abraham. Pew regiment* claimed the interest of the fair portion ot Chicago s residents in a greater degree, for it was compoeeiol scions from the best dty fami lies. Counties-bouses, hanks and tlores supolled what la most instances is obtained from the work shop or farm. -Last i>leh% tbere'dre—the occasion of tb« return of the 13fth Vo'. HL Inf., (lOOdiys regiment)—was a t ? me of special interest. for in it cn urinat'd the wishesand hopes oi tommy On three olflireat days their arrival had been an nounced, but they failed to come, and people were hecu-ningto think the hove would nsc*r return, when the intelligence reached ua tbit the? were really tn rovte iur the Queen of the Lakes. Though from early yeMerday morning left to torrents. J aicre su.miDgiy wishing either to christen the bmEon itelraovenl into dril life, orcl*e “eur rrivinc them by creating a lluie nmd ofthe tuxnrimce supposed to flourish “downSontb ” f t £? 0 eWe ii a: ' ,1 S2 d d, . <l not d * li T the patriotic before the appointed time, seven o cock, the Kest was crowded with willing. “ xlo « ?to lahnr-in thereof tion of the soldier boys. About hrit-pi,» seven o cock, intelligence reached the commltee had f®®®* 164 ci'.y, and alter a JOtle delay the re,.imei.t commuiced to file into the large reception room. TCeir reception was truly enthusiastic: were waved and -while the sterner fex joined In routda of welcom ing cheers, the l«d> es smiled their <ar sweeter sat ißlactloß. BecocnUiors were made cverra-fiore. and if happy focesareas? indication, moiv fhm one three months’ veteran was quite rewarded lor •bts weeks of hard-hip. Everybody-uhonk bunds with ctcryhody. while, in more than one in-iaace. w« noticed salutes of—hut we will spare the feel Ires of youne ladies tenerallf, and elmplr state that if hercalter, cemmonics ere lo'iccd in which /inrbetter, forworee,” etersre constituents, It will be no more thanwe expected. After a etunp tnons supper by the men, they broke np with three cheers Jcrlbeirkitid “ho»teases,” ai d disbanded until two o'clock ibis siternoon, when the regi ment wi'lrcassephle at the But to await their final discharge. To give any history of the action of the ISilh would be superfluous, for everybody knows it. The boys have been'*t*tloued at Hsftield, abmt* IS miles from Facncah, Ky„ and alter some little * tfelsyonSaturday last receivtd orders to leave for home. On the tsme evening the left wing pro cecdedto Paducah, and on Monday was joined by V - - • the right. Thi« completod, the reglmetft started forlorn® on Tcesday, and except a day’s delay at Cabo, arrived without any event of moment hap pen Ic?. They are commanded by Lieut. Colonel J. C. Bigelow, an officer cre&tly resoected oy his men. The regiment number about 734 men whose poblical sentiments mar be divided as follows: for Lincoln 730; for Utile Mac. the soldier's ma jority man. 4. in the name ot our citizens we welcome the boys of the 184 th hack to their homes, their iriends and the gins they left behind hem. A little before tbe arrival of the 184 th, the 149 th Illinois Volunteers, also an hundred day regiment arrived in this city in charge of Colonel Lorenzo H. Whluey. Theyaretrom Memphis, Tennessee, and number £4O rain. This regiment was raised in Sprintfield, but will be mustered oat in this city. They have performed effective dutvatthe front and Illinois is proud of them. These troops abo received the hospitality-of the ladies alter vhicb they retired for tbeynighlT After such a 1.-mg separation from homo and home comforts, so many smiling lab faces would make the buys sleep som dlynnd dream pleasantly. . COUIiTY NOMINATIONS. RepDhlltm Baiba County Conrenlloa—Choice of Candidates for States Attorney, Clerk of Circuit Coart, Sheriff. Coroner, aao Bepresentatlre. Central Committee and Town Oflicen The Benubllcan County Convention for the nom ination of County Officers fortbe County oi Cook, met yesterday In Metropolitan Hall. The business before the Convention was the nomination of can didates (or tbe offices of Senator, Clerk of the Cir cuit Court, Sberiffi Cbroner/Representatives In the State Legislature, and in coujnotioa with the delegates f rom the Comity of Lake, a candidate for . the office of States Attorney. . Tbe convention was called to order by Qeo. W. Newccmbe, at 3 o’clock, on whose nomination C. N Bolden took the chair, and the delegates took their seats. Philip Wadsworth was appointed Secretary. On motion of Peter Page, a commlttce"or three was appointed on Credentials. The chair rd Peter Page. Geofe Hlmrod, and James Wads worth of fiyde Park. . The Committee on Delegates reported tbe follow - inglrom tbe county towns as entitled to Seats in ttesConvcntion, The list of Ward delegates was reported in tbe Timurs* yesterday. Barrington —Homer Wilmanh, P.-W. Kingsley. Jtffenoa—W. P, Gray, R. J. Edbrooko. fftmorer—D. 8. liammond,Dmd Longley. Brtrrun— Chr stopher Schmidt? Henry Kohl. Elk Grore—S. P. Drown, J. M. Allen, J. H, CattiS.' Lake TVtr—J. V. LeMojne. _ , H-ocm Kobcrt Wallace, L. Oswald, Charles Wcidtrhold. \Taiatine— S. A. Sbcpard, M. S. Finney, Ira Col< man, at. G.jl'rnmbnU. K Foskec. Thornton—lu H. Dolton, Josiah Skinner, 1L TT, Tecbner. ' -- Cicero—J&*. W. Scovllle, Wheeling— Geo. SuougJ Meyer Blum, Ira Snow, F Terech. --, Or-'aitti~\. H. Myrlrk, S. S. Campbell. ZtmorJ~ S. 8. Norton. U. M. Bltger. ATi^e*—H. Haluis, F. Hutqb, R, £. Day. ieyt/en—J. O Everett, W. Keltie. - Jfdine—A. r. Hutch, N. Axtel, J. H. Sabin. Jiieh— C. Ohlindcrt , Schaxnnhtrg—3. Eolocrg, ?. §£hierdiag. SyoeFatk— J. McGlashen. Ja*. Wadswcrth. t vlvmet—A. B. Wheeler, John Bailey. Pafoe—Wm. Beed, A. Boberts. Lake— John Hastings. jETrcnrton—H. A. White, J. C.Ure, C. Comstock. L’tto Trier—H. P. Wilder. Proxpia—C. J.Pnsheck, Peter Schlnnd. A’crtA—L. Chatrotp. K M.Day. Zitmr—Acolpb Mueller, J.Mlchle. . EorihJieM—3. Buscell, John Uauover, 0, Shep ard. " •lh Ward. Lake County—The'committee on credentials re* porteo alto the following as the names of delegates from Lake county, entitled to act with the Cook County Convention, in the nomination of State's Attorney for the Seventh Judicial District: E.M. Haines, Jas.Y. Cory, 11. M, Thomson, B. Blodgett, George Wood, 8. D. Ward, P. A. Brown. J,C.Sonthwiok,D.C.H. Quinlan, Chas Simmons, B. Kent, W. 8. Johnson, C. B. George, A. C. Vandetb’g, J. B. Weils, O Slower, S. W. Marion, W. H.Riog, T. H, Payne F.E. Clarke, D. S. Ely, L. Spracne, E.Tingley, P, B. Wheldoa. A. Parsons, \ The delegates took their places on the platform as'tbclr n»mes were calitd, the body of the ha'l being appropriated to spectators. I A. B. Burley moved that the delegates take scats below; there was not sufficient room on ttao SluUorm. Carried. And tne chair appointed ieesrs. Burley. Denman, C?ge, Dorr, and riimrod to clear the hilL . / The delegates moved to the places assigned. On motion ol F. A. Benson, the delegate* were empowered to fill vacancies. STATES ATTOEXET. • S. B. Perry moved to proceetMo ballot fora candidate for States Attorney, the Lake county otfegation being invited to act wlth % the-Cook county delegates. Carried. On motion of C. it was decided that tha first ballot be an Informal tme. The chair appointed a* teller*, Peter Pare, Geo. Ilimrcd, A. B,Barley, and Wm, Gray. - The iufotmal ballot resulted as follows: C. U. Deed 153 C.K. Jones 53 On motion of 4V. H. Eddy, Char. H. Beed, Esq., was deviated tbe nominee of the conventionJor States Attorney. " - ' On motion of Geo. Sherwood it was resolved to proceed with the nomination ol Sbcnff. Geo. Sberwoolcominated Capt. Wm. James. J. H. Myrlck nominated Timothy M. Bradley. Phil Wadsworth nominated John A. Nelson. Informal and formal ballots were then token, re sulting as follows: Whole vote cist Neceseaiyto a choice JcbnA. Kelson T. 8rad1ey...1.... CsptiW. James... Capt. John Nelson. Scattering. W. H. Eddy moved that the convention proceed to ballot on the two highest candidates. J. New kirk withdrew tbe name of Captain James, and tbe convention acted oirfhe motion with the todowing result: Vetcs cast ft 183 John A. Nelson 93 T.M. Bradley 83 Tbe announcement was received with great cheering. .vf 1 • CLERK OP CIRCUIT COURT. J. O. Dorr nominated v Dr. Wagocr, and morel that be be nominated hr acclamation-, [.Cries ot **No, no.”]' And on motion of? delegate the Contention proceeded to the nomination of a can* didate lorthu office of Clerk of the Circuit Court. Calvin DeWolf, W. L. Church, „WiUlain Wal lace and J. R. upgnnia were placed In nomlna* lion. The first ballot was inlormal: the result of the Toting was as follows: Ntunoer ol votes 131 • 185 183 W. L, Cbnrch 73 92 105 J B Begnnin 42 43 81 C, DeWolf. £4 „ £6 drawn O. H. Salisbury 82 24 drawn Scattering .. 2 - 1 1 "AndW.L. Church was declared tbe nomlnaeof the Co&rentlon on the second formal ballot. . Some little contusion was created by the fact that it was whispered around that Mr. Church had declared he wonld not support Wentworth. Mr. SsUsbtny moved that Mr.' Church be requested to define hf» position. Mr. Church acceded to the request. He said he bad differences with Mr. Wentworth, and they bad each said bawl things of each other, bat hauarreed to hnry the hatchet.'** Be was willing to support tbe entire ticket, from Constable to President. He intended to wo(K for the whole ticket, and it should he~electcd if hU. efforts would avail to secure it. Tbe Convention then, on motion of A H. Bur** ley, proceeded to ballot for a candidate for Coron er. Dr. Wm. Waener and Dr. A. E. Ballara were pnt in nomination. The following was .the re sult; v ‘ Number of votes 171 Necessary to a choice 86 Dr. Wagner ; 143 Dr. Ballard 15 Abner Salisbury 10 Aid the nomination of Dr. Wagnerwas declared unanimous on the intormal ballot. On motion of Peter Page, a committee of font wa appointed to nominate a Central Committee. The chair appointed Peter Page, J. W. Ne wcombe. A- H. Burley, James Wadsworth, and Homer WiU martin The committee reported the following which was adopted: l South Division—3. W. Raymond.' ■ Jtorth Division—A. B. Betnolds. * West Division —John A. Tyrrell. Cavalry A'ortA —J. H. Pah imam. (Xuniry South— John McGlaahen. BEKATOB. Tbe delegates from the Twenty-Fourth Senatorial District then assembled and preoceded to ballot for a candidate tor Senator, with the following re min A. F.A Eastman .Jr, 46 Elliot Anthony 85 C. Beckwith. ,■ And Hon. FranceaA. Eastman was declared the choice ot tbe Convention. , * fEraUZRTITITZS. Theßcprc*entatives chosen for tbe three districts were as ioUowb: . ' . . • FiJilh&nlA District— William Jackson, NT W. Dnniley. abd'A B. Cook. ' Bixt elh District—A, H. Dolton and E. 8. Isham. SiztvF*rst District— George Strong and A F. Stevenson. TOWK KOEZXATIOKB. Tbe delegates oi West Chicago nominated the following; V Superd'Ors—’P, W. Famell, C, R. Chandler. Slvn Collector— Pleasant Amlck, Jincn Assessor—Tboe, Sqeyold. . Tcmm CVeri’—Avln Skills bury. Tbe following nosunattona were made for the South Division: Bvpcrviscrs— Dr. Aaaron Glbbs,-W. v S. Cadmstu Toon Collector— Frank Lmnbato. Assessor— H. C. Ballard. *'lcrk~ Theodore Fnec. Tfie following nominations were made for the North Division: • /, Super visors —Philip Apfel sod Chas. DrandorL Assessor— Adolph Milter. - - Collector —E. G. Hooke. Clerk— Henry Johns. • Those Supervisors whohavenotbeenannounced are reonested to hand in their names at this office, so that a complete listmav be published. This will apply to country as well as city Supervisors. SOLDIERS S " BORE. &<poitt-llu HcwJßuUdlnE—Tliaat. YcElerdlj afternoon the regular weeklj meeting ‘ofthe Managers'of the Soldiers’ Home was held at the Beet, Mr*.- Dickinson in the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The committee for the Best reports d_tbat every thing had satisfactorily darii#»the past Wttk, which has beenjone Involving serious labor cn the part ot the attendant ladies.- The number t f men entertained has been LTOL of meals served, 6,040. - 1 Mi«s MaryL. Sayrs, tie efficient Secretary of the Board, reported the following- donations:' Mrs. CoL Gamble of Eracston, $2, and some butter. Collected by Mrs. Andrews, $6 75; two“gentle nittr,” $1 each; Mr. Tcnny. Milwaukee, $5: Mrs, Oelrom, $1; frona L. B. S„ a “mother’s offering for the talc return of her son, a member ofthe ISiQi 701.H1, Infantry,’' *10; Mr. .Tames McKin-' ley, $1: Mr. Parke-, S*.; Mr*. HamiU, St; CoU Osborn, $1; Mr. Newton, $1; Mr. Oiris, $2. The following committees were appointed to act for tbe ensuing week: At tbe Bctt—Mrs Shackford, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Loomis, Mra. Stoaghyn, and Mru. Judge Brad tvell. At the Borne—Mrs. Banner and Mrs. Long. Mrs. Long, on behalf of toe committee at tbe Foroe, reported tnal the new building was pro yreesinc rapiah towards completion.- In rnawer to a question, Ur. Bryan stated tlmt lie cost wilt not exceed the estimated sum of '•about SC,OO , . ■ - - The committee at the Beal reported tbe removal of .Capt Kcvats from tbe military command of ice bolldu g, whereupon Mrs. Dickinson moved the adoption of the lollowingt “Theladles of the Soldiers' Best would express. lUif »ii cere thanks to Cspt. Kovsts and the men ruder his charge for their gentlemanly conduct atd unwearying kindness towirds them, and foe. the good order which has prevailed throaghoat rite premia daring the x time they have l een stationed at the Best. The ladles would slEo>eturn their especial thanks "ttf Captain Ko vals for tbe assistance he has rendered to making ii any valuable improvements for tbe comfort of the ladies and soldier*.- Signed by Mrs. E. A. Llcfanjon. Mrs. S, K. Ball, Mrs. P. B. Lamb, Mrs. pr. Ilnmill, Mr*. Ambrose-Foster, Mrs. L. A. VVil- Nra, Mr.. E. Btelss, Mr*. I, il. LoomU. Mra. C. Y?-,Jnln Hsmill, Mrs. S. B. Brad ell, Mis. O. D. Banner, Miss Mary L. Sayen oibcr members of the Board - • , Alter transacting tome further business relating to the TEsnacaaert of the Efet, andnotpoeee'sma general public Interest ; open motion the meeting adjourned. - . Tie Indies will please remember that on next Eridar tbo xoeetms will be held at the ‘Hams near Douglas Place. - Transit of 111 e3Sfli Keclmcnt rhronsh About ote_o T clock yesterday morning, theSSth Wisconsin volunteer infantry, rumhering STOmen, wlihabont SOO ncraits, arrived at the Rest, from-- slil»nubee, en rovU for tbo front The regiment was ccmrnsnded by Colonel BlhtUlT, aod presented a splendid appearance. Tbe boy? return to the latte-field aitcr spending their thirty days’for lotpb, and ere locg will add more leaves to theg.o rlcus vrealh which already encircles their brows ae conquering heroes. , _ , . * bitce the regiment was orgaDwea,-iuit period has intervened *hcu laigc bounties, were suspended and there were (ea* enlistments., of the companies were ordered, some time aqo, to the army oi tbe Potomac, under the charge ot Lieutenant Colonel Pier, aid have won an hoaori hie name in Gen Grant’s operations around rt terebuig. Though scut to the Held with scarcely ' any preparatory training, they have behaved-with oil the sieadiness ana guiantry of the oldest vete rans. Their comrades, rapidly recruited under the last caD. who go forward to fill the reannent, wiu, we doohrnot, render equally honorable and effect ive serviced The Colonel of the regiment proved himself to be a thorough soldier when m the 22d Wisconsin rcgimenVand will ably lead his men to battle for the right. * • . . The following la the present Boater of the Sota: . Colonel—James pentilff.' . ’Lieutenant Colonel— C. K. Pier. " Major r-* Adjutant—A. 11. McCracken. * Quartermaster—Anson Rood. , Burgeon—B. L. Eotteifleld. First Assistant Sureeon—Hoahßusscll. Second Af6l?tant Surgeon—”, B. Pierson.. > Chaplain—Joseph M. Walker. ' Company A— Captain, Charles T. Carpenter; Ist Litut., Charles L. Ballard; 2d Lieut., James-M. Searies. Company B—Captain, Robert If.- Roberts: Ist Lieut.,P. A.Hayward; stf Lieut, Geo.H.NochoU. Company C -Captain, S. Woodworth: Ist Lieut., L. B. Waadlcgton; Su-LienL. W. W, Wriabt. Company J)—iet Lieut, Benj. B.Kerr; 2d Lieut., J. P,_Nlchols. • Company-E—Captain, Frank G.- Holton; Ist Lieut., F. M. Phelps; 2d Lieut., v Company F— Captain, Andrew A Kelley; Ist Lieut., Wm. H. Foster: 2d Lieut., J. W. Parker. Company G—Captain, B. F. Beckwith.; Ist Lieut., Wm. P. Blazon; 2d Lieut, Cbis. Wood. - Company H—Captain, D. W. Cory; Ist Lieut., Benj. A.'Preea; 2u Lieut., Jaa. Qcth, Jr. Ccmpauy I—Captain, H. Q.Coicmno; Ist Lieut, J. M, Sualeht; SiL eut.. C, O. Hoyt. Company K-Captain. Thomas B. Warsden; Ist Lieut.. Solon W. Pierce; 21 Lieut., F. T. Ze.teler. The boys were sumptuously entertained by tbe ladles, atd about nine o’clock yesicrday mermug leu for Virginia. There is considerable opposition manifested to grauitaffibo petition ot the Horse Hallway Com panies rora change In the rates of Jare. We have rccelvcc several savage communications on the subject, and here Insert one of them; and also an explanation, by ah officer of one of the companies, of whatS desired at the hands olthe Council. We first Intcrttho communication of an opponent of the measure: \ - ' Editors Chicago Tribune: While the price of gold Unsteadily and rapidly declining, and while we have a reasonable expec tation 01 a decline in all other prices, oar commu nity is startled by the appearance of the Joint pe tition of the several street railway companies for an cxiravasant advance In their already exceeding ly profitable rates. To thoieof na who are oblig ed to make Gaily, and orten hourly use of their method of conveyance, it la necessary that these companies conclusive reasons lor toeir demand. Ncv«rthtleeeltlato be feared that the general silence maintained by those who will most tuflir from the proposed advance will benrged upon the dt)* fathers as evidence that ,onr city gives assent to it as, by inference, just, at all events itvliable. In behalf of that large class who have not gained tndden wealth, or eren any'wealth at all, by the rice In lard or highwm?s. the writer begs leave to protest against tuls Infliction, He will not urge Wat the city fathers hive no right to entertain tue proposi-ion. although inis is a point capable of axenmett He o*lll not complain that the chatters of the several companies, wurlh millions of money, weregiven with ail their valuable franchises, wero given withott consideration without mention, or that the original corporators of the City Hallway Company have sold out, and tnelr successors have ajjain sold out—each being saturated with their enormous gams. He will not state the palpable tictb that their franchises, in effect, exclude all healthy (or. even Wabaab-Giidiron-unhealthy) COQIpCtitIOU, ■"•But these prominent facts arc worthy of notice, ■via: ' The’ increase In expendiiuiw pleauoy the com* panics, bp estate for the coatemp aied advance. Is a mere hagateUc, in conirasuviih the remarkable increase in their receipts, from the vastly large number riding upon their cars, than was tie caw a few yean ago. The number of persona who anould be provided with seats, bat are obliged to stand while riding, c one, immensely overbears the increase in expense of seeping uo and raunlng the can, even at tbo present merely temporary high prices. The West Division (somewhat illegal) Compiny, building Inoefinlte new crunches North and Soat a, to be tnxltfol lo fatnn Income, complains tint (its stock 1b not more than from twenty to forty per cent above par, and.does not yield present divi dends. Whether ita plana will ultimately prove prootabta.ornot, 10 their own concern, and not that 01 the citizens generally. Whether they paid the original corporators *or their successors too high a price for their supposed franchises or not, is their affair, sot oars. There is no donbt that the Bandolpb and Madison street Hoes, erN now, pay amply. But suppose somebody wishes topgy, and succeeds in paying two hundred or more per cent for the present Company’s opportunities, are the citizens'of Chicago to be called upon to tax themselves to mace tbata good bargain to them ? Can the public see any reason why tbs North Division Bailway Co. can ask increased rates? Where Is the Improvement commensurate with their enhanced receipt; ? Where the tnaeaae of expense at all proportionate to the same ? /Or the South Drvleion the writer speaks with a more feehng experience. Not a rod nae been ad ded to the railw ay, and bat few new cars. Con doctors and drivers selected not for Ihar qualifica tions lor-the respective posltions.bat simply oe cause being incompetent for. or unsuccessful in, any other Business, they could be Lired-at a larva lion prices in this. Tbelr cars are always Crowded.going and com-, •irg, and, upon the part of both conductors and drivers, there da the most supreme disregard o! , personal courtesy or attention. If yon wish to pet on yon jump as for yoor life, to hare yonr joints racked when yon catch the hand ran by which you are to be “snaked” along. If yoa wish to cet off yon are, tbice times out of fonr. landed in the mnd, yards from the crossing. If yon remouetrate,’,yoa|are affectionately advised to goon foot, or to the . The most of the can are filthy bey ond description, and balky horses arc not the exception. Obscenity and drunkenness, obstructions in front, and every inconvenience are freely permitted, because the starvation prices given will not secure the services oi-menwbosre capable, or dare, do Justice to passengers. The wnterbas had occasion, several times, to interfere and rebakc insult to ladies from drunken wretches whom lbs imbecile-and cowardly conductor dare not squelch—lu one instance be called vigorously for the police, to the lntcose*elarm of Both the car officials and riotous passengers. Why Is tbo narrow rail adhered to in all our mays Instead of the Improved train? Are we t* be taxed higher still lor permitting this unmitigated nuisance In oar streets ? .183 180 . 92 91 . 73 84' ‘55 Cl 49 'US ..... 8 - The present company but a few weeks since paid some three hundred per cent for their stuck, and - now, forsooth, ark the citizens of the South Di vision to so Increase their rates as to give them high dividends upon both original stock and enor mous premiums—and pltlfm enough, beg even to charge the trivial Government tax over and übore upon their patrons I With serene assurance, it Is true, they propose to grant oa the privilege of loan ng out money to . them, without interest, plus the Government tax, lor tickets at the highest present rate, bnc unless we go every little wblle a half mile or two or three miles out of our way and-lend them our money without interest and plus the Government tax we are to pay ten cents lor each ride in dirty, Ul-m&n* aged cars, with insolent conductors and drivers and balky horses, to be deposited is the mud curses and obscenities superedded. Now is the temporary era of high prices—what assurance have we, than when prices go down, the diy railway fares will go down with them! West experience shows that corporations wilt ever lessen their grasp upon the advantage once se cored? ■ * • • It occurs to the writer that it would have been better for Chicago (should this monstrous measure prevail) had not the present owners, by diet of lucky speculations in lard eC oils, been able to pay three hundred per cent lor City Railway stock. Let the Common Council take heed— for after the proposed ordinance comcth the Judgment. «■ J, * * COEOKEK. The following explanation of what, the Dorse Railway Companies desire, and the reason there* foi\ is written by an officer of one of the Com* panics: The article in the Jbrf yesterday mornitg, In tens on nreet railways. U calculated to .mislead the public. It'assumed that the railtrsr companies are demanding an increase or iut treat the subject occoralnelj,-whereas, the fact is that no advance is asked except aeumsnfflcientto - cover the Government tax of per cenu, which is equal to an advance of but iSjf cents on one honored ndes. and which the companies artfnow authorized by law t&add to the presentrite of fare. Suppose a person does occasionally .iret on a ear, end having no ticket, is required to piy thirty cents for a lick et of live rides r It la no very seri ous affair, considering that he can ride eighteen miles for bis thirty cents. He need not do Ua-raiu unless he neglects to procure tickets at the office. Is it not fair to preanme that. loog ere this or dinance goes into effect everybody w ill be fully ad vised. of its provisions, and have ample opportu nity of providing themselves with cheap tickets. The railway companies ask nothing more than to be enabled to bare their entire receipt* pi's di rectly into their own bands, and not through the bancsol over ore hundred and twenty collectors. They have been unable to devise any other method ’ by which they can be certain of getting what they gsrn, than the one pfSposed, viz.: to make the diffciencein the price of tickets sold at the office and the price charged on the cars so great that all will be induced to procure tickets at the office. Thiele done on all steam railroads. Everybody knows this to be tberule and no one complains of it. Why deprive ns of the rule ? The whole matter amounts simply to this. Nothing more, nothing less, than requiring the railway companies to furnish tickets at the Office htjtw cents, and authorizing a higher rate on the cars as a penalty for ral.lng to procure tickets at the office. If this will materially benefit the rail/ 'Way companies. Is it asking too much of the pub lic to aseent-to it, inasmuch' as no one Is, or need be, injured bv it. If any one pays more than five cents for a ride, under the proposed change he can blame no one bat., himself, for there Is a convenient place provloed .wncrc ad can get five cent tickets from seven o'clock in the morn ing until twelve o'clock, at night, any day in the ' year Whilst it is true tnvt the railway companies ask'no more than five cents, ami will be entirely satisfied if they can get that, it tray not be Improper to remind--yon that their five cent rate was established when qp\ d was at par. an unreasonable nigh rate, then or it Is a low rate now, for, then hay was $9 per tou,.now It is $lB to S3O. Corn meal was then simper ton, now It is S4B. Horses were then SBO, now they are SIBO. Then cars could be hid at SBOO, low they are SI3OO. Then Iron'was S3O per ton, new it is S:SO, and everything else in proportion.. The' pi ce we are-now getlUg for carrying passen gers, measured by gold, is but a fraction over 2c. We do not expect, of course that yon or the public will feel any particular interest in these matters, but they are facts worthy of consideration. II it wir belt era ccommi'uate (be public for tue railway companies to fUrnUh single tickets at the office gt ' fte cents, they will have so sort of objections to doing so. . Citizens op 10th Waed, Attention a . nlfitlueof the citizens of the 10 th' Ward, held In Seeley's Ball bet evening pursuant to*notice, a committee was appointed to call a mass meeting, of tie enrolled men of said Ward, at 9 o'clock this (Saturday) roomie?, at Seeley's Hall, southeast comer or CUnton-sud Randolpirstreets, to raise ISEda and men to fill the qnota of said Ward. - A port of the committee will be found daring the wboie of Satur<m at the engine bouse comer of- Washington find Clintczr streets, and a part at G. W. Bohannon's office. No. 50 Madison street, where those person? who aro*wililne to fnroiah substi tutes {provided the Board oi Supervisors will not pay the S£CO bounty to substitutes) may call and leave their names. The draft is upon nat No ’time Is to be lost!* . The Lux Case.—lt is fitted that the celebrated case of Hildebrand vs. XIII, set for hearing before Hon. E. 8. Williams, to-dsy, ifl deferred for ten days. - * . WISCONSIN VKXJEIiANS (Jhlcago, Fares on Use Street Ball way Cars* >lead b; mdltnre AH EXPLANATION. Vide Awakes, Bally! The general purposes and powers of Wide Awake organizations are too well known and' thorouchly understood by everylojal man lathi country to netd recapitulation here. To attempt to «bo*;tha utility ol their existence woa'd he tantologicaL Everybody knows that Wide Aw ike Clubs arc anion" the -•'must be’a” to insure ei?y success tnis campaign. holwithstandlns the cool, calculating nature of man be is . yet best reached _by an appeal to bis feelings cr sympathies. The grandeur •ola Wise Awake rum out hasagoodeffect In spite orali external action*, the'glare of the tirchts lighting up the enthusiastic fac:a of tho bearers, toetriumphaut cheer-of the processloo ists mingled with the ringing echoes of the spec tators. Inspire feeiincs ol a beneficial nitnre, and may even tug£*st the idea that the mighty fiery' .stream is the tall- ol some vast comer, carrying fear aid devastation into the enemy's camp. Our Copperhead antagonists have recognized the good rteui'log from an appeal to the” sensational 1 leni ties, and we find the Invincible Club and Invinci ble torch light processions, to be among their ille gitimate electioneering agencies. The * dimmi chrats," bye the bye, have gone a step farther in their appeal to the “spirits,’* for we find their rendezvous, o r headquarters located over a whisky bar.—but that’s a degression. - ' The exigencies of Use present situation, short and decisive as it wil he, demand that these men be revlTitfeo-In their political capacity. We want the enthusiasm they can impart to onr political Catherines, and want it-right away. Torcbl ght procession* ot the Copperhead style of architecture are bringing discredit upon the power of those girf rlom demonstntleDS. and as an Institution pecu liarly American, I» Is neceesaiy that tbey be raised to their*former status of respectability. Let not visions of a torchlight turn-out be maraed by a ragged, disorderly rabble; “ invincible” to .nothing save civilization; but let the demonstr.vlon of loyal men be of wtigbt and power. The-jave venlle voices piping 'fiah lor Mick Leßou, when they should be engaged In solving alphabetical " problems, must be replaced by the strong, mighty voice ■ of. men of power—men who, after la boring . during' the short - campaign wltn all their m&h', will vast the pare, hon est vote for Lincoln, Johnson, Oalesby,- Bross and the whole ticket of- standard bearers of liberty and national salvation. Wide-. Awakes wer« needed in IbGO, butthey are needed Jar more greatly now. never was the country in such danger, never was an election .fraught witn arch momentous issues. The acts of Americans on the Bth ol next November absolutely involves. National life or death, peace or destruction. This • war has assumed proportions which four years ago would have been tbought impossible: still, not withstanding rebel tenacity, foreign infamous sap port and Northern Copperhead treason, the rebel lion Is nearly ended. Grant la on toe edge of Rich mond, Farwgnt thundering at the gates of Mobile. Sherman has captured the stronghold, Athnta.and Bberldan defeated the hordes in the Shenandoah Talley, whence they hoped to strike for our Capi taL And yet. In enue of theso gloriole prospects, notwithstanding the blood of the gallant dead, there Is a band of traitors in the North, nonrlsbed at the hearth of Liberty,- who would strike the dagger to her heart and detain treason-tainted rebeldom,- Twice has the monster - cerberus been decapitated, and now seeing some - life la its remaining loathsome cvcaie, they would nourish it and cherish it, and labor to allow the'' abortion to retrain vitality and strength. Such arc the men whom Wide Awakes have to opppse. So deep arc the traitors sankin infamy.-sodeeply, dyed are their intentions; that were every human bdfip, not*- Copperhead, to.loin in one grand in ' teiminable torchlight procession «nfflci*nt revell ing light could not be thrown upon the subject. Let, however, everything be done that Is possible to meet th*m, led Wide Awake clubs be formed everywhere, from the attar tic to the Pacific, and on Lincoln's re-election tbe ecowl tbit will over spread countenance will need every avail able torch to be shown in its proper xaa ignity to Iheworld. ~ Immediately on the reorganization of the dabs, -an appeal will be made to the community to raise the necessary funds, and this appeal must be an swered liberally. Nature has not distributed all her bounties alike, and to those to whom she baa not given tbe health and strength necessary for active laboi. stores of the earthly l * ful" are distributed, and the hapny possessors of such must hear their share in the burden., Akoihxb Sthaw .—Another stone was added a day or two ago to that 'rapidly accumulat*eg pile - of national condemnatorlcs hurled upon the devo. ted bead of Mick Lellen «t Co. On the last trip of the steamer Annie Johnson, on her way to La Crosse, a vote on the choice of the next President wae taken, with the following resn’t: Lincoln 125 HcClellan 33 .. . . V "^sc Mr. Lincoln’s majority. Flektt to do —The War Department estlmitCß that General Sherman's ancceeees In Georgia have released not less than SCO,OOO “contrahando.” The able-bodied men will allhe pat in the ranks to firhtfortbe cocntry. • Sorely, then, the country will Icok after tbe women and children. The Gov ernment will do its part, and the people, undoubt edly. will do theirs. Send money to John V. Far well. Chicago, and letters of. inquiry to Bev. J. B. Slnpbetd, Secretary Northwestern rrccdmen’a Aid ■ Commission, No. bd Washington street. Gsbxah Charles Phel] will addreaa the German people as follows Wednesday, Sept. 93. Nan Too Warsaw. ..Slsodij, Oct. 3. Thursday, Oct. 6. Carthage. UayamiSf. Hod. Oobn'Wentwonh- addresses the oe?ple o B’ocm. Cook county, on Tuesday of next week, Sfiib. Uent. Governor HomiAJCr, Major Srcvsssos. and other German speakers, will speak at Genius nuts meetings at the following places, in the even ing: Ptoria, .Tuesday, Oct. 4 Pekro,.« a. Wednesday, Oct. 6 Beartetown,..Tft.-v- Pnday, Oct. 7 Quincy Monday, Oct. 10 .Alton, Tuesday, Oct. II EdwarosvUle, Wednesday, Oct. 13 Highland, Thursday, Oct. 13 Trenton, .77 ...Friday, Oct. 14 Belleville, .Monday, Oct. 17 BEI.IGIOU9 INTELLIGENCE- The anniycnsTy meeting of tho City Mission will heHeld In Clsrk street M. E. Church ouSab beih, 15th lost., at 8X o’clock p. m. Key, C. U. Fowler will preside at the meeting. The annual report will Be read by the Missionary, and ad* dresses will be delivered byjhrv. Robert Beot'oy, O. n. Tiffany, D, D., and Dtnera. The members sndlrlends ottbe several M. E. Churches, and the public generally are Invited to attend. Flm United Presbyterian Charcb, Green street, between stadlson and Monroe, Rev,,W, C.Jack sun. Pastor. Services to-morrow at l0)ia m. and SMp.m. Sabbath School at 2p. m. Divine service will be held to-morrow at 10K a. m. a. at the Elm street Mission Chapel, comer cf£ m and Dearborn streets, by Rev. 5L Clarke, of the Doited Presbyterian Church. Rev. S. B Tuttlo having returned to theclty, will preach In the Eno street MUslon Chipel (be tween Wells street and Franklin street), on Sun day morning at 10*< o’clock. Tee City Mission congregation having leased the privilege, will hereafter meet as above. The Sunday School will aeo bo resumed at the hour of 9:15 a.m. Si rangers Invited. Quarterly meeting at Park av. Mission," corner of Park aTenuc and Robey street. Preaching at lUX a. m. b▼ Bar. H. Whipple, and 7K D. m. oy Bi t. O. □. Tiffany, D. D. . Key. Thomas S. Hastings, ol New York, will preach to-momfw evening (Sept. ••6th), In the First Presbyterian Church* Rav. Dr. Humphrey's, at 7K o’clock. Livingston Church, Rev. Dr. New York clty,-will pieachlu the Livingston R. D. Church, corner of Monroe and Sangamon streets, on Sabbath morning at 10x o'clock. Evening service at UK o'clock, ' * Second United Presbyterian Church will aest-mble for woreblp in tne Cbtpei of the Or* .pban Aaylnm, corner of Twenty-second street and Michigan avenue, on Sibbalb, 23th mat, ati. o'clock p. m -» LOCAL MATTERS, Funeral Services —The funeral services of the late Thomas Wycganta, a member of the Chi cago Board of Trade Battery, who was killed at Lovgjoy Station, Ga.,. August 241b, 1881, will be preached by Iter. Thomas Milner, next Sunday, (September 2Mh,«t the M. E, Church, comer West Indiana and Sangamon streets, at half-past'ten .a. ui. All friends ol the family are invited to attend. 537' ‘AUantlc M for October has been received by McNally & Co., 81 Dearborn street. ’ Ur. James,—Bead advertisement in inside of to-day’spaperheaded “Dr. James. eepSllt tSpTot th e beet ewtom-made Shlris In the city go to Wilson's, 139 Dearborn street, ec23-&692*1t , jSTThe best Pant Cutter In Chicago iaat Bart leu's, 181 and 183 Randolph street, Sherman House. ■ Bep22-5683-ltv. Wzetsbk Union College amd Miutabt Acad emy, Fulton, Illxncu*.—A first-class boarding In* stitution for joungmenand boys. Cadets received at anytime. Adrcse, Col. D. S.Covzrt, septl74B£B-2w • - • President., fIT DL°eAJ6a of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary and Sexual Systems.—New afid reliable treatment —in report* of the Howard Association. Sent by mail In' sealed letter enveloped, free cf charge. Address Dr J. BkiUon Hougntcn, Howard Asso* elation, Ho. 8 South Ninth street, HelrevaiUtn Hall to Beat.— This Hall IktoTbnt lor all the purposes (or which such hsils' txe ordinarily used. Tcrnut moderate.. Applica tions eas be made at tha office, adjoining the en trance to the BaQ. • iel£h94o-tf Bloomington Rnraerr— 22o acres Fruit, Ornamental and Nora cry stoctr, 40.000 Peach, 73,000 Pear, 100,000 Grape, &c. Send red stamp lor sew hat. ..... ,P. 1L PHO2NIX. Bloomington, 11!. sepll q377 8w ddbw. •Cy Paper Hanging, Ac., Ac., at N. York prices. IVE. Rigby, 88 Randolph Bt. a027-p764-3Ct Markets by Telegraph. Illinois and michlson Ctnil. [Special Dispatch to the Cnicaro Tnbunc.l Cxxabbi>—Nothine. ■* ABBiTxn-S.’ yards dimension stone: W, 8. Gurnee, do, <S yards dimension stone; CooTejanctydo, si yard aimsnsioo stone and 45 yards rubb.estons: Lady Franklin, do, 80 yards rn> blestonei Dlrieo.Molict.7#yards rnbola none; ile- T>abiic,,isonlß, IS3 tons coal: J. Herrington, Mar* Bailies, 5,7W bus corn and 3,! M bath rata; Laura ana, Ottawa. 6, *D» bus oets; Monarch, MlaooEa, lading at Joliet, 8J3»0 bus oats- „ • Clxamcp—9 n. a.— lmperial, Loctport; Lcalsc.- llenookaßounding :"Eleaet, LaSalle. »0, ( 0d ft turn* bet: progress,LaSalle, 67.J51 It lumber; U 6 Gay* lera. Loci port; Lady 'Franlrilu, Lemons: Convey ance, do: ST Gale,a. ;W 8 Gurnee,do; Wetsrlow, LaSalle, {1.883 ft lumber* Peter Paul, Ottawa, ft lumber. 17,008 lam. It'S brll salt. Annin®—Atlantic, atoms* 2.W0 bu corn, H,O» bu osu.lS b:!flflonr.4.WS Pis reeds; Oneida. Ottawa, on cate: Dear ParkNoS, Ottawa, 2,B(WbaccrJT, 8,8(0 bn oats. \ (bllwanfcee Market. [Special Dispatfib to the CMcazo Tribune ] lfn*!MrKEß..Fxi(Jay,Sept.23. Fiorr— Dull, neglect'd, unsettled and nominally 2tc lower. " Gr.tis—Wheat receipt?, t«V>ro bn. Market declined Sr.aaQ wcUyeat ibe decline but aul. Sites 'Um mOßlbajlSAOtm No. 1 Sorlnt,Myers option nil ncntn.Btfi fl*®! 87:17.0.3 bu no Instorw.atli 81k El gi; 4 1 CO ba No. 1, seller* odUo-j alt next week, a: 11 ifcS/C-Odo sellers ootlon till October 10, at U &sx, SsUa on'Change,sß,CcDbuNMl'Sorine. la store, at It &};5J10on aoiresh.atti STS’;2.','Cudobayerson. uod ailmonf»,at >1 BJX;-i,CCO do-»aU*rß option all week. at $l £4t J,U2 bn No 2 sorinjtie sture at 51.7»k. Th» mat>eiaithe Newball House thlseveoinc wa* sa.'c lower Usd on ’Ckaipa Bales at 41.7 j for No 2. and si.FPttlSB icr Not epilte, closing at tan Inii-eflsnrr, O*t*co 1 snrt rrocolcg. Salcaeariy.s cars In store attic. Ccrn nominally nncvaaced—aa sales. Barley dull, heavy and lower—no sales. Rye quiet ana nominally lower « ai,23®!.t5. Buttm— Heavy.' Sales 20 kegs very choice a;S7Xc • IStogccdatSiC. Albany Barley Market—Sept. 21. . ‘ Is Barley we report the sale ol aM«t s.C<Mbnla lots at tJ.ttQAlo ter Inferior delivered. #2.13 for i.tjo bust John*/, C.K.. 12.161rr 2CCO bu rejecwdtwo* rowed, acd 12.21 for SCO bn good two-rowed. Baltimore Heed Market—Sept. 21. Small tales cf timothy reported at |?.13<36 62K Clover nominal at |UlC3ls.iO,and flaxseed at fi3a es.«. . • , Cleveland Grain 9larket-Sept.2l. Wheat dull sod heavy. No sales tola moinlue YtsUiday on ’chastce aa e» ofl car No 1 red at 11 ift, 2car«No3red at n.0r.;l car ordinary Noa o*do‘ white at #2u!i>: 1 carfalrdoat|2:s. Com—Beceiota lUht Market nomtsallr flrotlSQ lor No 1. Oats dull and steady »t "Bc. Bye—No traasaetloasreport. eu and nominal ft.65. Barley doll. Sale l car No lat 13. U. Demit Grain market—Sept. 21. ' Wheat—Nominal. Oobk—Nominal at |1430145 Oats—>'ocb*cge, Ba*lbt—Higher, the range be n* *« 0100 V XM aa. NEW YORK GBOCfttrfl&EKlT. Kcrlew f.r Three Kaye cb*lm Be*t. 91. x (From the N. V. Sclppln* List) Buoox—Tneie is vexy Utue do nx lu raw, the fluc tuations and deotna in'cola ennrinjc the market a'm- b* o a (too. We mate no particular change la Quotations hunhe? era unite nomln-U Beflneuis dmiand tover; wcuoote jibe" than Stuart’s.-8J for for whit-, and uKdxSe lor yellow. Tbe sales .ufxa« ar«r-493 hndi. Cues at ID.'bxle: 24 cliilccu Kaa Orleans iexc: 6 dxs. Girina, 2ic; and a bhcs SMaso, isc.v m.-fr,; atd lOJ-ihda bond,oa.te.TD« we dm tor learn Byaoctlon.4l3 hbd». damaged Cnoa ecid at IC’fSlSJfc; aul 110 brls. damagto clarified, ISVaiSc, case. ilCLxsais—Then ha- beet to little done a.nce oar last that we can icaicelybe said lo have bad any tsajket, y» t there la little or no entree lo no te in pri ce?. tb*j r-emg bat,er than those„orjmost other kltds oi ne coantuao. The sales arefiUhbos. IZ ccs. and ci trie Cuba Mqwavaoo a* 89330 c -. i is brls tew Orleans |U091.7,4 moi; aid is bhus Potto Flco, on terms not mad« public. By auction* 750 brls Ntw O lease cold at Scaah. Corns- I The market remains stagnant, and onr Quotations, though again reduced -193 c*i a, ate still ratter formal, owing to the' declining tenden cy in tbe gold manet Toe only sales axe-lOU baza 8u Domingo at 42c, cash, and luO cons Rica on terms wo cld net learn. By auction, 1.457 mat* Bast India sold at <HK®Ofcc, cash, me swc'foi tilo at the port?, os made np by Meiata Wm. Scott & Son. U isnSabspa viz., li 9,£& bags hire, 2.SOJ la Philadel phia. an 19.r00 in Baltimore. ' bPicis— There is nothing of moment doluz In anv. description, and anotatiOLs are necessarily nominal. T' esa ea are 656 bass pimento in bond; 100 do pep per on -private terms; and 150 mats cassia at 75c. Tax—'Tho market Is flat, and tbcnch there Is no K cisnie to sell, puces taver Ooyer/. n e only notice o bt chests Uncoiotcd Japan and 500 no Oalong, in Urw.ncm secooo bands. Hick—ls inactive, but without particular change lu puces. We notice bazvß>ngoon at ; and ISbrls Para at tl&Sl7.caah. fi»n—Tee marker tor nearly all kladshaarn’e! uuT i nthtavy dam g the past tnree days, t*oogh wa ceo- Usne our nrevloas qnotaPoa*. The itoo* of Dry Cod Is small but there hasoeen almost no demand, aid weheai of only irlflins tales at ts 5i ior Banc aa.l *3 forGooige's 'hlacknel have been dnli. but prices aieunclm ged Hem-K axe qul«t—wj note saiea of StO brls Mlramlchl, to arrive, at »S 50., Detroit Grain Market—Sepr. Sd Flcu-carket cull. Nomlndrates aa follows-Su petlcr • U.K': high »*n HO 50; oxua *10.00; super line *9XO. Wbttit market doll and dtcltl?dly lower. IhehlgTictt offer for No 1 wfciw waa |7.r7. No 2 while, *212 was offered. A lot or extra amber was offnea at *2J,i-. but cot taken. Corn love% offered at *i i?M Oita-Btrcrt pn=e Bar* ley higher, the taego being * P 10j a?. Philadelphia Iron Market—Kept. 21. ' 'lbß.msTict ec&tituea almost at astanditjll and prlfcajea»iy nominal atlbSXCalt.CO for the three uumCe’BOlantraclioihe mtui,caeh, There I*very Utile offeJizr..hnt payers are boldine off. and we btar'f nosalti. -ho tame may be stld of Scotcn rjg.Blccms. and Boilerlron.taeaemand.'or which iaui£i*ed, ana pilcsa ncminaUy uixhanged. For mannfactnrrd Iron the demand la leas active, by pzlcea are without alteration. Plitstmrs Oil Market-Sept. 22. mtrpv Oin—The market Is nearly bare, the heavy sales havlcg picked up all tbe heavy lots tost was on bald. Tt-ematkctwss nnohauxed. A fewlotawtra clfpcieti 01, tbe terma cf-whtch were withheld. A Ictul lAlOr.ils wftc tola, deliverable tz FnlUdeJobU ats6>jc. Tblsla believed tom the rates obtained here on Friday. t , AamxE oe übzkh Coustt On.—^We note a sale of SO btll atUc. pßcZekt a Inclnoed. Napma—was uncLamed asresards prices or de n,«cd< WeanotenoirinaUy&t£s®36c. s Krpnrup Oils—Were call ana neglected. A isle of jtObTf.EorekaCrcc, wes made at 93c, dadverabie It Pbilaeeiptta. , , , Tab—Wat tn fair demand. The last sale we report ed was at |AOO p brL gtccfcs of Produce in New Orleans, - [From the N. O. Price Current.] ' STOCK OP FLOPS. • The itcck la rstmatid at about IJ.CIO brli, against 53.CvohriaiaiP.9r. The stock fs enimated at tea. There was no etocs of any moment in IHS. Tbe estimated stock la g'cre la 1S?1 w»s and tc-.aud 3,«0 keg*, and the year previous brii aid tea, and 13,103 kega^ STOCK OP BiOOIV. , There 1> no stock on kasd of any momeat, nor was there any iulS62. The stock of western bacon aid's* aodibonlderslalFfil was about 70: caik*, including dry salted mess, and 9,500 the year before. ITOCKOPPOBK.- - The total stock embraces kites. ai»l n st 6.600 Ms. sc the Inspection Ware l ontea at the close of 1522, and 8,200 brls. the year previous. . - x stock or nr? 7. There Is ro stccK of any moment on hand. The stockinJSSawas crobbls. STOCK OF BALT' The stock in s’ore la et Moated at at)cat 55.030 sacks ot Liverpool and ICO,wo bu onik aalt.of all dcscrlo- Urns, acalnat SJCO sacks Liverpool amt-SJ,Oi« balk salt In 1802. Eastward Movement of Floor and Grain br Canal. The following will show the shipments by canal from Buffalo for fourteen c&js ending Sept. 2«b, and ten days from Osaeso, being thiomenuj at tbs la .>ju pl«ce item Sent.inh to SeptrlStU. inclaalve.whJce; taken roeeiher, will stow the arsenal of Floor and Grain afloat on the canals destined tor tide-water: Frcm Boffalo. From Oswego. Total C. .. 4.161 10TJ12 • 672^93 Previous week 1fi.152 119,649 9:5.450 Oita. Bartsy. R»e* From Buffalo 626,960 26.5RK) 79,551 FiomOlwegO.r 49.418 5»,767 83,281 Total. Preyicms wSdc:::..W«s 17,150 a',^3i TbeieasoawhyLlnodays’shipment from Oswego ar d fourteen days from Buffalo ora taken. Is that it takes beats these periods to reach New York from theie places respecntely.—[Buffalo Adreitlaer. Ballroad Time Table. CHICAGO AXD KOETHWESTBUX—DEPOT COB. WEST WATEB AKD-BIMEEB STS, Depart. Arrive. • Mail Passenger *lo:ooa.m.' *5:15 am. Evening Eipreas ♦fi’OOp.m. 9*11:85 Night Express.'. ..-*9:30 p.m. *3:15 ism. OAIXSA DITISIOS C. A N. W. BAILWAT—DEPOT fiOBTH WELLS BTBZET. Fulton Passenger 9:45 a.m. 5:80 am. Fulton Passenger 9:15 n.m. 1:23 pm. Freeport Passenger 6: 0 a.m. 3:25 p.m. Freeport Passenger IftOO pm. 8:10 am. Bocklord Passenger; 4*oopm. 11:10 am, Geneva Passenger 5:30 p.m. 8:80 a.m. DetroltExpress *&SO am. *ss:3o am. Detroit Express....; 16:00 p.m. s&ls a.m. DetroltExpress *tl0:00pm. *B^sp.m. (Train/ for Cincinnati and ZouittlUg.) Moraine Express *6:80 a.m. *8:15 p.m. Night depress ,t6:00 p.m.’' $8:45 am. auonoAS sommur— depot cotueb tax buses aed srnxrrs. Day Express./.r.*. *6:30 a.m. - *5:15 pm. Evening Express ..fcOOpm, *SS:SU a.m, Night Eipresa. -*tl£oo p.m. s£4s am DErnoxr tbaCts. _ Express, via Adrian ~*6:80 am. *3:45 am. Night Express, via Adrian.t6rfJop.rn. *,S:isam. nrrtß'CEO, xobt watxz * cmoaoo. . Hall and Accommodation.’'4:4o a.m. *2:10 pan. Bay Express ~..+€:Soa.m. *3;lsp.m. MatHSxpress +f:OOpjn. *9:10 p^a. Express tlOilOp.m. 18:45 a.m. Clu. & Louisville Express.t9:4o p.m. 13:35 a.m, (Connecting With Pennsylvania Centralß. B.) Leave Plttaburg.. JtOO a.m. 4:35 p,m. 6:43 “ Hirrlsb’p.; JT2O p.m, 3:45 a.m, 6:00 a.m ArrircPtlladcl . 5:30 p.m. 6:50 ajn. 10:10 sun rt) * • • * ' via V pm. APentoxu J .. “ vc; i - 5-10:05 n «»» ■*" * n'York, i • via 5-10:05 pjn. 12:05 p.m. t55 p.m, Phnadcl. 1 “ . Baltimore.. B:40 pm. 7:00 a.m. 11:50 a.m “ Waah’too.. 9:80 p.m, 10:30 a.m. 6:33 p.m Do? Express 5:80 a.m. 8:15 p.m, KlghtExpress ....10:10 pm. . &10 aun i For Indianapolis andZouisviSe.) Day Express '..6*30 a.m. 6:15 p.m Nkht depress 9:40 p.m. - 8,10 axn. ZLUXOIB CZmAL.-' Day Passenger fe....*8:15 p.m. *9;OOp.TO. Might Passenger .+9:80 p. m. *7:00 a. m. Kankakee Acc'n.........*5:15 p.m. Hsde Park Train *6:35 a. m. *7:45 a. m, •* “ ** *12:00 nu. *1:85 p.m. M u ♦4:00 p.m. *5:20 p.m. •• “ ....; *6:lsp.m. *7: Bop.m. CHICAGO, BUBZJMQTON AND QUISCT. Day Express 9:80 a.m. 6:15 p.m NlehtExpress.. 9:15 p.m. . ■'6:oo a.m. MendotaAccommodfltlon. 5:15 p.m. 9:80 a.m. (jniCAOO AMD BT. LOUIS. Expresa Man 9:30 a. nC s 7:30 p. m. Night Express 9ioop. m, 5:30 a. m Jolict'Accommodation.... 4(45p.m. 9:80p.m " OKTCAOO AMD BOOK ISLAND^ Day Express and MalL 9:45 Niebt Express. 9:15 p.m. 5:15 a.m. Joliet Accommodation 6:10 p.m. 9;40 a.m, CHICAGO AMD 3HLWAUSZS BAILWAT. St, Fanl Express'. 10:00 a.nL- 8:15 p.m. -Night Express 9:80 pjn. 1:00 p.m. Waukegan Accommodall’n 6ffio p.m. 8:10 pm. Evanston Special 2:80 p.m. i 4:24pm. •Sundays excepted. t Saturdayaexcepted. Mondays excepted- InthUolty. on the 27dlnit-,at theretilenceof tha br.tfe’s father, by Bev. Z. M. Hcmchrnv. Ur. Wll.- LiAU CHISHOLM ard Ml!s NETTIS STONE, clanglter of A. A. bionc, Eaq, allot Chicago. On Thursday. Sept. 222, bvtbe Bax. John Toon?, at '.ha residence ol tie bride’s fs'faar. JAM6B (7. MIDDLETON, of Cbltaeo. and Ul«b ANSI* M. BHAFFE3. of Genca, DeKalbCou-.ty.111. in this city, hh the Wd lest. at 7K o’clock P. K v of tvnbow fever. ALICA ANXEWoKFOWN, TOQDgMt (tantrLter oz t&e lata iter. Jobs and Charlotte Me- KM«n>> * - Tfie funeral will take place to-day at V3X o’clock P.M.fromlartd*nee, 61 Monn Backer straet. FMesca. farewell, though on the morrow, Onn it not the lor at eight ; Fartms la a patting sorrow, We iha 11 quickly re-unite. In this dry. on the 23d Itut. ABTHUR, son of Mrs Levi 8. Flint, of TrovrVermont, at ea IS moniht. Pnntral from the residence of 6so. W. Hunt 4eq , jmTtlrdavenue, between Tweitletb and Twenty Tint etref(s,on Sunday, Sept. satb. at 2 o’cloukP.M. Friends of the family are invited toostead. ■ •* amttsmema* ri OL. MUSEUM. COL. J. H. WOOD AND B. F. WHITMAN.' Proprietors and Uaescara. Mr. A.D. EBADLBY Dii ector of Amusements. BATRDDAY, Sept. 24th GRAND MATIN EE at 2J* o'clock. AdiUislon. so cents to all parts, ot the house. Also, In the eveulny, positively tie last per* lormanca of. ; XflG DUKE’S KDTTO. Haul de Lagadera Mr. Prank Aiken ZjJlab.witb datce Jeanie Eight The evenings performance wm conclude with the farceOl AUNT UH ARLOTTB'B-MAID. HoratloThcs. Sparkin- Mr. John Dlllpa; Matilda Jones, Miss Lotts. wOl* DAB—First appearance this season ol MB9. L B. PEbBIN. ~ Innheaiial,anew Con'dy bv-ttae author of the Ticket*of-L«aveM»n,emilea“DP AT Tdß DlLLi.’ PBICES OF ADMISSION: To Molenm and Gallery of Lecture 800m......50 cts. To Dress Circle or Farqnotte 50 ctp. Secured Seats in Dress Circle or Parqnette 75 cm. OtebettraChairs (50 to number) *i.oo, Private Boxes : <3 r.o and BACO. Children under 12 yetri of age to Museum 15 cis. Children eccapyiaz seats in Drae circle or .Paronelta will Da charged Foil Price. Cltioren In Anns, not admired. Admission to Matinee...., cts Children under 12 yf are ol ace 15 cm. Private Boxes to Cat nee |2l oto *3 mi. Deere open at 7«<- Certain rites at 7* o'clock. Car nages ehonld call at io£. THEATRE, .ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME, THEBE GEOEIOCB PIECES. Mr. Clianfrba'as mode, Too dies and PaiJay miles’ Boy, 'TOOOLE3. GLANCE AT NEW YORK, and PADDY MILES’ BOY. Saturday afternoon, Grand Matinee at 2 o'clock, .. • HIDDEN HAND. Mr. Chapfran aa -Wool I Mlm Joimoa u Capitate E. BiBDHASS. tin Amtlp-Gennap Thco: la<la etgajtd anajtlll ahorUr appear. THEATRE,. rVf ra^°£rn£ an<l ll73s S Jborartreat * t? 1 ...FroprtetcraadMsnager t.lj. PITCH Acting and Stage Manager MONDAY EVENING, S2PT. sth, First appearance of the beautiful alsters. KSTELLA & CKIJL.iiSTiN’E ALSO, Mr. J. H. CARLE, Tap Gtrat Banjolst. . Immecae aueesas oi -M’liS ELIBF, BIG. CONSTANTINE. "* • And-WILLIAM SCOTT Doors open at 7J<j Curtain rises at fix o’clock. " BoaXiX or Fexcesu—Farouette, 23 cekta 1 Brea and Family Circle. S3 eeatrprivate Boxes* |1; Hsgle Beats in Boxes, 73 cent*. STOCK OP X.ABD. Floor. Wheat. Corn. ~ 4« rw.6 o en^co ..i,«o f co;a? DIED auction Sales. - Regular Saturday’s BALI. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, C'irp*l«,.r* T ffTß>ief, Delate*',. Tartar. Offica and Ccoat s 6t*mi, Grocetlar, How-, Wa*oa and Ear* BCW| &C , sCi a 9 A.T AUCTION, Ca SATURDAY. Sept.tlth. at Du o’ctaeXat Hot. ten* Aueiicn Boorta I* Portland Rftct a, £i WSL &).. seu cstC*Ss •__ Auctioneers, Large stock boots and SHOES, Cflfctom Hade CblUnj, Goths, Cesslaerts, STAPLE DRY GOODS. &c„ \ AT AOCTIOX, Or Sept, 2Hb. ** qi/ o’clock at Bu*- lf»’Aomoußocaißln Portland Bllck HoaTICsTIOS and iC'Dcuitora aUset. » WM. A. EUTTERS * CO., Anctiontera. , 6e12-ofe,-‘t ATJCriOK. . SATURDAY, Bopt. Jlth, I?S|, By Dt MARVIN; Auctiohoor y K Dearborn Street. A large lov of Prints, ZarlfA Dress Goods, ncrinos. Woolen SUawla, Bal* moral Skim, Slleclas, * Cambrics, Toweling, Denims, Tickings, Stripes, Cotton Flannel, nixed and Colored Knitting Cotton, Serpentine Braid, Vel weiHibbens, Skirt Braids, Casslmeres, Black Satins, Skirts and Drawers, Kid Gloves, Cotton and merino- Bose, dec. Al>o, 25 bbls Prime Carbon Oils, and v 10 bbls, Mecca OIL IfSS-sTS'.-St ■ |TJ.ILBBRT & SAMPSON.—Oar VJT next Furniture Sale will take place at oar Salem ones on TUESD&Y. October 4;b,and-will con sist of one or the largest and richest assortments of Pailor, Chamber and Diningroom 'nrnitnra- elegant Bfdroomana Parlor Fette. Ac., sold tt auction in Itucity. Panlcn are bereatter. EtSl-UOMU GILDhRI- AdAMPSOK, Aucfta. nTT.BERT & SAMPSON, General Auctioneers 14, IS & IS Dearborn st- 113 CASES OF Boots' and Shoes -A.T AUCTION, We will Bell on WEDNESDAY, Oct. stb. at S'4 o’clock, at onr Salesrooms, 18 and 48 Dearborn street, lib rases of Men’s, Boys* and Tombs’ Boot*, ana ■Women’s Boots ana Shoes. ibev are ail freah soodi, sow on the way from tbe Bait, and consist of Meu'i. Boji* and Youths’ Doable aadbf. Doable Sole Boots of valiens kinds. Alto, Women’s Baoti am Shoes. These seeds ar* expressly adapted to tbe wen's of those wiflbloe foods for the Fail and Winter Salts. Ml wilt be sold without reserve. ae2l eS:MU GILBEBf & BAMPSOJT. Anct’ri. rjILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers, 41.16 and 43 Dearborn it. $40,000 WOSTH OF Linen Goods, Dry Goods, AND GENTS’ FGEMSEISG GOODS, AT AUCTION. Commencing cn MONDAY, Sept. 35. at 9)4 o’clock, A. M. and 2* P- M. and continuing each day, at tha isme hoars, until the entire stock is sold. Tne stock consists Inpart as follows; LUTON GOODS.—ICO .pcs Flehardien A Sons hand sc an lines, pcs sh rtlns Usen.zSO scsSK andttK pUow esse Hsen.ltO pcs sn • linen sheet* icg, Sifipcsblrdieje daper imnr'lOQO don. linen to 7. eU, tialn and colored borcers, 3900 hrown'Uceu table clotbs, of ail sizes. 2t,(0 b'cached double satin damask table clothe, 100 dozen napkins and doylies, SO pet' bnckabuct toweling, SCO pcs Session and American craihet, 75 pc* blown and bleached damisk. LADIES’ AN./ GENTS’ HOKfS-—ICO dozen Keen dozen hemstitched grus linen hdkfs, 493 dozen colored borders. LADIBS* L»BE?B GOODS.—Mohair. poplin, hro»cS*. lustres, merinos, valeuclenes, empress c O'bs, ottoman cloths, reps, de lalcet, Ac. SHAWLB.—Broch?, long and square shawl*. Bay State Vo I do. Balmoral sslrtj. piano covers, Froath, Ercllsb and Amfrlcan bedspreads. eXaBKKTB —3OO pairs Swiss and' Cumberland Whitney blankets. GENTS’ WEAR—Broadcloths, doeskins. cassl* jncref, satinetr. beaver cloth, coatiogf, red, white and blue flannels, shirts and drawers. Ac. The abive goods are all fxeah. and will be warrant* erta«icpr«cnt3d,acdßOldlnqaantltlesto suit par chaservby the package,piece, or yard. TheatUnticnof housekeepers, hotel beeper?, and otters. Is particularly Invited to this sale. Seats will be provided lor ladles attendlm the sale. Gccdswill be open for examination on Saturday afternoon before the tale- GILBERT & SAMPSON 8«?15577-Ct Auctioneers. DT GILBERT A SAMPSON, IB BALZBZOOMS44 45, ASD 49 DXAXD^SN-ST. 125 Crate^of CBOCGEB7 AI7D C. C. WABfi 200 Cues of TUMBLERS, AT AUCTION- BY CA*A&)GUB. On THURSDAY. Sept.29. o’clotjt A.SLwe wi3 sell at enr salesrooms, 84 crates Crockery and C. C. Ware by «he cra^e. 41 ci ates Crockery and C. C. e, to be sold In open Urs. 2W case* Tumblers. . . • The Ware Is all of tbe very heat stylet and shapes, sna consists of a complete assortment. - Country dealers will find in this saleaspl ndfdas aorTtnent,toasjorfnptheirstocs9from. _ All g coos warranted as represented. Gooes carefully packed and shipped. Samples can be examined early the morning of tha isle day. country c« alert wlsalng for a catalogue will please write for one. Terms cash. GILBERT & SAMPSON, seSO 1 1921Ct Auctioneers. gAW MILL AND PINE LAND For Sale. said min property-** sliifated on WhltosLake. Muaxeron County, Michigan, contain* SAW acre* go<dPwe s portico cut over—Mill eanrely rebuilt Jan Pinter; is twaaty-five thousand la twelve hours, or fort* thousand la t wetrty-four hcnrt. Vf t guarantee it the best steht and the aardiest mill In ibe state. Tte continued ill health ot the man aging partner la the reaaon p« offer It for tala Favorable tenra are offered Address LCBCOHBS A PIKRCB.- sn22pl?2lm. Milwaukee. 'Wlf Jfor Sale. FDR SALE -A five hoxio power Portable Engine, In gcßd mania? order. In* none at tbf Machine fchep romer of CUntoa and ■Vanßorenstreets, oraddiciaP.O.Bjx 4£OS. Gai- CSftQ. TTOB SALE—A Photograph and JL Ambiotrpe Gallery, centrally wcawd In tbe Town oi Miebawata, Indiana, cn tbo Itne of the- fil. S <t N, J. K. R . ninety miles from Chicago, now do lug a large business well lurriibed and completaly steefteo, with large 4-1 and 1-3 Camera, new. Toe above chance is one r f tbe best In tne country, and I wmld offer ft lor tale on no oonditliEß. ouly I am “ Grafted into tbs anny.” Address J, K.STItVEXS, Mlstuwaka, cr call personally at my rooms and see ler yourself. _» 5a2457985t . XTOR SALE—Valuable Stave and A? Lumber Mill. In ccnsequcsce of tbe demands of ether bonnese, tbe Proprietors offer for sale their ttaveandLumberailf. situated inoneot the matt deilrable poltta inibe Hcrihwcat with access to market by-water aud ishroad. Ample m'li, en<lao Fower, ground rcom, aid all facilities. Water front L 3 feet. "Machinery now waking S o*,o dressed tight ■ staves and beading, und iS.COu icetof lumber per day, Oaxandp'netlmbennabuocanC'*. Perfect title. A good customer win be treated with cn liberal terms. ado can at once enter upon a turning auo paying business. Reference, as to character of manufac tures.and all parMcoiara of tbe business, Is made to Jo>£B &-CBAPIN, Dealers in Slaves and Cooper age, ■. . sa24 sTfil-iat X?OR^AIE—Pc/tabla Engines. . i 1 One 10-bozse. one 15-hone power, In fits«clau ccndidou J. c. EICHABCS, Si* iVaanington at, T?OB SALE—A first class Livery JC Stable, ccnria*-ly located in tbe South Division of Chicago, consisting cf 26 Hors**, 6 Camagex.and a.f ompieie onifit of 9l*lghM; Bug ties and Harnesats. with a Icng estsbllsbed run of caatom. Tbs ptesent owner lasbcut to retire from bu&lneis, and wilU-U Immeclatelyfor cash oi on time Apply to JOSH mattocks, jb ,80. Bmidlni. Itmiw-Jt •" C'OR SALE—A Grocery and Fruit X Store. One of ibi beat locations In the city, and sow dolor a first rate bnsiness. Inquire on the ‘ premises. 80, 374 state street. si2i s?O3 It FDR SALE—The lease, stock and fixtures ot a Saloon and Boarding House dolus a flrsi-tate business, win be sold cheap A applied for immediately. Fortetmaeallatthtpienr.set.lAS Eouib Canal street, ie33e7U7-3t TjlOR SALE -Two thorough hied X/ msres.Xrom Long Island,X. Y; aiefortale on natocableterms. Qreisa •mabegany sorrel seven years old.eab sbavc Jess than take minutes, without training. Her dao was got by by t* e eld Eclipse- She was sired by tha Lang'island Bfsekßawk. The o’ter l» s bUc* mare,-four years old; her dam was got by Bysedykes Haaxiitonlaai sb* was sired by the Americas Star (he by Sir H-tnry. Also, iboforni’uralnibe Perkfna House, Tlakliiva, .and tbe Louse to let or lor sale. Jnoutre on the orim vses.atTiskllwa Bnreau county,lllinois, of JA3.H. MAkmr. SSUeS^Tt POK SALE —BOO barreld/rttUiC X salt, good fbr stock, bides. Ac., on conslmment, and for tale In lotafat low ficureA Alsu, orders piomptly filled for fine and coarse salt at the lowest -AT-AYLOIi, 13 LaiaU* street. FOB SALE—Engine and .boiler. 15 to 201 one power nearly new, and In prime Ttmnirg crcer. aim. SO-bone boiler, cheap. J. C, KICHA&ya.Sd Waehagtiaat ett3-sft7>4t FOB SALE = To be sold at a gr^it saolflce. A first-class Btereopdc&n ana ilxty elghtbeauti al colored pictures or tbs war. suitable lor traveling porpcsei or school exhibitions. Wilt ba sou for let* loan half the original cost if applied fcr tomec lately Address or Inquire of T. L. FIFCE. Vmietiw Theace, 115 and 117 Dearborn street. (££2-Uiiß St . "pOB SAXE—To Merchant Tailors,., JL A flrsVcJan stand. Lodz lease and small stock or foods, »l.h fixtures, For particulars addrew feat Office Bex 61. se»Sßls-3t tjl.OR SALE—Ote No. 1 Gates A Bar Press—b?en rnn about two months. In* otHeoi” n. *f, HAWKIsa. 209 South Watw-st. PiO. Box 3976. leM^fiuiw XfOB SALE—A tip top 20 bora. A/power Epglre and Boiler, all In good order.aad maybe bought as aesrgain. Ap>ivat Manna Kn* eloe werrs. ccrner of Franklin and Michigan sta Chicago. JOHN MUBfHy. 8631-»SSMw JL pressed wild bay, of superior quality, (better thsnuroolby for c&vßiiy and livery»s.) wmba delfvcretf in cars, inlots to gulf -purchdiera. at or within 65 miles of-Chicago. Addreaa ‘‘DrawerE** Ltpcrte, Indiana. lellaSMTt SALE -Guo of the bVst i StfiMicopli!Slow, In -he emrtrr. Ono taal BtaccJWlttw’feet loci! end seTea feet tone whea oat np_ shows 3J views ana is lares size war plates Can be taken all to Pieces in five minutes acd DAikel all in a iinnz. On« bnylrfdaiid fifty dollar* wllitray , v uod the onnk complete and a large size palctl-'g. For psrt.cuiars cab at 174 Worth Jeffcrsin ’tree:, o ** o ® oß Box 2330, Chicago,lUlhoU. FOR SALE—Tte stock and fix turi ao! a wholesale and retail Grocery Btora dole* a gcod boat, city and country trade jor'will sell fixtures without the Block. For particulars ad* crest P. O.Box 854 for one wwk. XT'OR SALE—A Coupee Carriage, A 1 but lillla used: Uin perfew order and will bo sold Cheap. Apply toCOAN*TEN BHOAKE. eel£*»lt3lw , gfaageb. CTBATED.—Taken np by. the Osubfcnbw*. on the-19th losfait. nine head of Stags ana Oxen. Parties owalryr them will prove prooerty. niychsnres and take them away, pan.* Ebb & CBAWFOKO.CIcaro.Cook County, ill. se2S-»712-6t Tie McEiNLEr oil com PAST. NOTICE OP DIVIDEND-NoTl. n • K*w Toax, Septembers. IF6U The Truitees of licKlaley On Company have do el&zrd afllrldendoi three per cent, (out of the net earnlcisbf xkeCnmr*c> fbrihe moa«n of Augu«tj pavarls on demacd at aha office of-ths Companv, So.& JOHN STREET. New Ycrk. to sharehold-m ofreccrd at theclo»« oLbnMnewthj^day^ KlSHitftu WALTER £. LA ?TTOB» Treasurer. aaautelr—Sutotttutts. XlTANTED—Merchants ard oth If erewhodmlreto takeauintMemaflllmga* the quota cl ib:s city and cooat? with ▼alanieert (ti erfeby avoldm a arattO to call at b* D «;jborm street, 9. WebAVOCTdij tiCiU»y._Lawieft Co. eeM-*B.«u \\T ANTED -Volonte.ra »nd Re * * emits to ml the quota of Cook county- You u in receive jcur bounty »i «ooa aa you are tnuase-* ectla. Vi’eexa a'veyouchoiceofserTC® (armror nnryO Apply at the Recruiting Office, S4 pevporn street, Boom 5. .LEWIS • CO. aedl-sISrU \\r ANTED, Snbsntntta fa) till zana of Coot County.. The Board of Super n : arra. It 1# expected will meet again this *****,. Vis Blxethose lurulaßlDg tubitltuioaihe Cookcounty Bcurty of |sof>. Ay ply wmcrat delay at the office of Saac b. mir & co,. 69 ciarx » n/ ANTED—B6Cfi Bounty paid to f » Kcculti eniJstin* fiitbc 13thU S nstau rr. BecrutMtg Office. lU3 Dearborn atreet. JO3SPH L. HQBB. lit Heal. Uih Inlaatry, BecrulUag Office. ftjNeWS 6; nr ANTED. —Notice. - Chicago, f ▼ H ~Seo'*abaM,lSM - A Branch Office oTthe Snrzfcoataah'cn eatabbthed at the corner of detph and Laaal » street! at the office of MURPHY A CO- lucre will be a surgeon lu attendance at reg. uiarbcnruo examine rec*uitafor theUhUedStates Navy. Flt6 hundred ablp carp eater* aadtvobon* dred cauller* wanted. Good waste VUI bemrea. B* order of JOUJ7 D HASTY, AcCffiß VoU lleut. TJ. S. Kavy, Ccm.BendesToua. aaiJ as&st n/ANTEG Dotted men ol the V f c-ty of Chicago and State of DUaola to know thatthrycan be ium:steo represr ntatiTea atthemnet retaonaple teimt and the shortest notice, tcsLcci Box 6063-cr epblyatt at the corner of BardcJnb and Lasslle streets, lu the twwpent, aelSsXMt W. MURPHY A CO. W ANTED t r.b; titutoc acd rsp w * “ the corner;! Raudolpa aad La#ailestr>-et9. lu the hasomeat. Call aud gettua tuahest cash bounty that la nov paid in thejdty. Wt&OeMt W. MURPHY* CO. TVT ANTED Recrmta for U. S. » » Qunbca: tt rrlca A fair more Tonnx men wanted. Great inducement* offered- Loral bounties now paid and the htebest 'wa?€l civen. Parties bring, me ns recruit will be liberally rewarded. Call attbs censer of B*ndolph and Lasal e itreeti.ln tbs base ment. [nn-tSSa-S-.] W. UUKPHY A CD. AN TED 50 tronboiUnea ira *; mediately. Cm a: ne correr of Rudolph •no Lasallo struct?, Metropolitan Blocs, in tnabasa meet, recmltmz office ol . „ „ WM.MURPHY* CO? Call and bounty paid In th-'cniy, cash la Swan. sei9,3Wßt AY r AN TED—Recruits fer the fim - T * bcatservlce. Afewmoreycnnemea wanted. GriatlnancementsolTered iooslbonntjpsaow pail ard the highest wagesglvea. Parties brnstag as ro crci’i wli: be liberally tm'dii Can at the comer of li>rdolrh and Laaaile streets. In the basement 1 . iel9-316-6t W.aPKPfIY& CO. - X\T ANTED Substitutes. Dear v * Sirs, alter yen have canvassed the city of Chicago, we would like for yen to eireis the last csU.aadit will then be for yon to say tl we cannot Btve tbe largest beauty to Substitutes and Itepre* ssotativet entering tho C. S. service, for any period Ircxn one to three years. Choice of serrica aact regiment given. Gaaboat men taken fer ose, two asd three years. If.tan w*»b boaoraole Amalia* give ns a call at the corner ot Randolph and L»«aUa street, tn the basement. WM. MXJBPUY & CO. sn9 ?ast 6t -- . ®2aamw=agents. "TXT AM TED—Agents- Look to 7 7 year Inlereit? Somethin* urgently needel In every family In city or country. Sella rapidly. Light and ponibie. Bsmole* seat to »nv address lor SO cents,that yield met piodt of from two tot&rce debars. Adartis wi U stamp,W. POUitßOv.i’hi. caeo, El. - 8823 S7t7-3c TIT ANTED - A lew more agetta H can find steady and profitable employment In *elLDC**BniGijrT , s andiatxd NatubV a cook of 120; royaloc’avo rauei, illustrated »tth 140.) b*sn 1- loi engravings, formlngaclear andM accotn;of nesily every Known species tnUe worm. Bold only by luhtcnpticr. Exclusive terri’ory riven, an* oxers HENRY M. BHEBIVOOD, 112 Dearborn »«, Chicago. geUbTTS If TITAN'; ED —Agt ntH for teversl 7 7 highly popular and rapKly-rcUlßg w-*r*», including £cirriifcKia‘B histobt of the Rjnit nos. 8 vc2s..qow ready; Scott’s CaßOsictra of toe RzEzniJos 20tn edition In tae bindery: Kobo ax AsofiisCaFiors, a work of ihrlluneinterest; and Bev. Dr. Boynton’s great wrrk, English asd FEBSCn riDTBX.TTT, AST) the AsotoFßEscn Aixiascx nr tbxzb Rxi-atioss to thx United Status and KresiA.” C. P. VENT « CO , Publish ert. 118 Dearbcrn itreet, Chicago,!!!. aeii-siwMt \\7 ANTED -Agents. *lO per Tv day. AeaLtsare making from |l to sl3 per way selling onr splendid new Pbotcvrapa Cimpalga Aied&is of Lincoln and McClellan. F.eUU priceidor isccnts. Price to ngbuta»s per per aczen, or fid per thousand. An; number sent to any address tirot receipt of price to a&enfi. Address t. T. KlbG a CO. Ucaich’a Brock. Chicago. • ■eSO-sdg St m • T|7ANTED— Agents to Btll Prsai ? 7 dsa'lal Campaign Medals and Badge Plus. Likenesses correct: wothmansh'p snoeno.. Price irons |i to Jibuti IcO. Aeamolemedalorpm.cithsT In yellow or white metal. 23 cenU. Addre.a JObN STANTON, Stamp and Brand Cutter. iSttTUlh-sL, Cincmu 1. Ohio. seis-im lOt TXTANTED— Agenta ■wanted to T 7 sdl the moat ** , Wond«Tlul Inventlcn ot the Age”-an Instrument ana fall icstmct'ous by which aoy lady or gentleman can take a perfect Ilhtna*s. Bent flee on receipt of 50 cent* Agents are making sto a day. Every family should have one ana taxo their own likenesses. Town and county* for fble. AodibssM.DE GRAND, Broadway. N?w York. seU-fISBBt Til ANTED—Agenta to Bel my 7 7 new eßtravtni entitled “Home on me of my ofd agents writes me h* never had any thing to sell like it. Disabled soldlerr and others WID find this a eocd chance to m*ke money. Aoply a: once to SAMUEL PIKE, Box 5238. Chicago. rX Office 16 Portland Block. lyiO-pa-tt TITAN TED— *ell my V 7 fifty most valuable new receipts and methods of empfoymest. Agents are-makhur from Even to SIS 10 per day, sceordlne to their bnalneis abilities. Bent free on receipt of SIOO and red stamp (They are worth SICO f> anvperr-n) Every family should have them- Address a. T. DEPOS3, s5 S. Boom 4. sol4-«13-i0t TITANTED—IIOO per Month- Ao 7 7 tlve and Be liable Agents la the Army and everywhere olsedn the most lucrative baainest knows. Honorable and no risk. Address or applytoT. A O. 6ACQh*H. 116 Broadway. H. Y. Yac-nflftdre Real 35state-=<g{tg. I?6b SALE—A: Frame House oa J*. Wabash svanne, south of Twelfth street. Pos session given Oct. 1. Apply to GALE B&OTBEBS, Drag gists. 202 Kafldolpa street. - segls7s34t SALE—A House and Lot, JT plesiantly situated on tbo Lake Shore, sear sixteenth street. Tbe boose eoptslsa nine room*. Price *4->C9. Address P.O box 7&B,er Inquire at 80. 124 South Water street. FDR SALE -Residence Lot ccr ner of Ohio and Dearborn streets (Forth Divi sion) boot KOieet. Lrt on Pine street sear 0h’0.23 by 100 feet. Lot tn Jackson street, between Aberdeen and Eucier. 2*- bp ISO feet, lor 51,250. Lot on Green street, between Monroe and Adams, Jfloby lasieet, atjsoper foot. _ Lot on Warren street, between Bybay and Hoyne, 30 br 121 feet. Also, a number of Houses and Lots. Buildings, Luts, Elver lots, Ftkimi. SAHDJSL A. SASGEKT. Real Kstate Aien% Fc. 4 Metropolitan Bloik. Ee23-atbo3s • T?ORSAJLE o;eHousaand Bain JL 1 an* Pear Lots, end Five Houses and Lots, and Ten Lots on Pierce and Qresn stice’s.and Fifteen Lots in Block 2t; and Two Lota on Calumet avenue. All at a rood bargain. .Call onT. F. BALDWIN No. lU4Bahdolph sireec, Room Ko. 9. aoJa,a7*3-3£ FOR SALE - On Park avenne,n«ai Reuben street a double two-story House, con taining n rooms eacb.witb basement,water, fas, Ac. Grcunc rent for iwenty sears. - One-ball of tne pur chase money can remain tor three rears. Will rest fer fti’O. Queer both will be sold at a bargain, or rented if net sold within a week. Inquire on the premises, cr_ac cressßox lUI7. *e3S-»71W6 “EJOR SALE—Dwelling house mar- JL ole front, 80. 43 Harrison street, a few doors from Wabash av»nue ibis bouse las all modern conveniences, and win rent for tl.cca per Annum. Price ssaou. H) acres prairie and timber cji lave store, near Hide Park, for *4,1 PO. Ground at west end oi Park avenue at 113 par foot. 13 AAU U. HITT A CO., 65 Clark street. fci23 i6ii-3: J?OR SALE—The southeast qnar- S? ter of Sec-11. Town. S3. Hana e 19. on ibeßrigbtcn Road, cot far frem the Brighton House. |to par acre. KEKB 6 ATELfiS, SSS Dearborn street. ~ >621-3373- 5t TT'OR SALE—House -and Lot 92 X* Fourth avenue. Title perfect—abstract for n.’ihed. Price *s,(XO, Inquire of J.-P. HORTON’, on tbe premises. - seis-sSOM; C'OR SALE—Michigan avenneand hemes for tale cheap in THOMAS B. BEY AITS Real Erate office, A ccmpTem dweUlnr. new and thoroughly built, with lone and advantageous leasts Price S3 50G. Eocie and lot south of Park Bow, $1,730. AISO. a charming home In tbe ffortb DivUlop, I Fbitclass Mlcblssn avenue home and ftnciiurc, f 20,300. Beantiful lot 50 fe«t front on Bun street, taion fark sad West Washington street frontage/ Prairie avenue and Twenty-Second street corner lot. ButtaetsandSesldeneepiopeitymaTDlvUions. st2o*4Sl-6t TTOR SALE—P iret class bosinees X property for sal* In THOS. B, BdTAH’3 Beal Ei tat & Office. Washiniton streetlot, 40x150 feet near LaeoHs street aid hew Biard of Trade. Randolph street, corner of Wabash avenne, MichljaSavtnneßricxßouieanjl lou near Lake street. 2i aid 48, sweet fronts, by mu depth. Forth Clark tr eet bonus and Tots. saKWi43B4t loathing. »CARDING. - A gCLtlcman »nd •AJ ' tlswtfacan obtain good bpird.wltb a'furolahed frrntroom in a private family by applying at 10 Quincy street, near State street,- seM-sTtMt BOARDING.—A lady at,d gentle- MJmn. or a ,r» ildsi. natlmnni, ca, o.uta JlSflf pnT * te a«iM9 Onuilo ittMt. HOARDING—Two or three een - A»»l e ? 4, L <aa be accommodated with board-at 147 State street. *e34-fc7T.*lt Boarding -Two pleasant rooms with board can be baA at 393 Indiana hoarders wanted. Kefereneei exchanged seH sa»St T3OABDING—Three or tour gen accommodated with board a: s feM?E«? B?ce Also a few dey boarder*. XIUARDING—Wanted. Two M-9 young man wish brand on the 41 South Side.” in a prlvatt family or boardlr g house where there are a lew or no boarders, and where they can aaioi tho ccptfprts ot a home. Adore* * a B C.’* Tnbun# office. Befereecea given and desired. ■-icHiac-st •OOABBINS—Wanted by a lady, ' where there are few or no ether boarders, pre ferred Terms muss be moderate. <»ood references riven If required. Address Box 4285. 'Chicaeo P. O. ie2S >7ll 3t DOARTINQ—Perm-nent board roomonvSoulh Side wanted by two sir sle mer. oq the mat of Ocobsr. Price no ob ject. Address ••K, ,, Foit Office Drawer 3976. • sea>6Utw - Aost. LOST— Or Stolen. A biOiTE bay Dorse, wltn a mail white rpot la the rorebead. item the ccrsrrol Pcoriaand street*, on alteico 00, about 3 o’ iront ot the horns* of surgeon >emett|. Any body who can la* form rsoof the whereabouts, or who will brink the p . cr sfJ^^ w J? *«elre a liberal reward. BEVBU A &CHWIDT. Urten Bay Hoad Brew-ry, cornerof 4’^?r?rV. R 2?f• or So - 221 North Clars *cr et, at A.ruxiz Saloon. ■«2t.»7'S*3t LOST- Somewhere in the li-n it* of ibis clty.apackage Tj’** su'j note,ana cne nco ‘treasory rote, of is me ana other small zotei to the amount or from ►even to eighthundret doiiajs ami this with-n a D* 8. Siprtiß i The finder will be *olubiy re warden by leaving the same at this office SC24fc'93-rt * LOST.— SSO Feirata. L°;-t on fhnr-faj. Brat. H.» »»* ft Five Bnnd-ed Tollw Tmted B»at«s N.-te. anAotter em*DbHU will receive the above reward . , tr to M. K r IEG. 3*6 Soo-JbSffidQal"cjr «»I° Kcct nortt omic.s’ ,na ISi./mA. rtaa track, or at this rtfflcg, i JLilTtse Vie* ’i c crarnlop Brata 10>J ee24e7t42t _ —— Lost- A bob t&ilea Horse, »htt« hind lees, had some hwnjiiß on. Be* dtanie. corner Taylor and and receive a sul:*»la reward, owg SgSa?* CHaa.NOSXQy. T CST— On Saturday afternoon in I Theatre, a wtita Silk Parasole, ;£*fredviib biaek lace The he sviuoly fewaroedbylear.settat 103tfiktst.* teS-MVM fHanteo. \\r ANTSD—A seamstress having w* J. * Grover *n\krr Sawing Machine; andwao » OT J ;u *' experience la iho uaa of !*■ deatrea cwi?* - l i Ul * cnie| *® , l? to do aewlm. Kefcreuc;* »Vu»7?M t re,s SC3A - N QUIBN, Milwaukee, Wia. \\ r ,w®'V | dlh o *e cwntxsplatzso sae **Tot ia#> car 3e* CtacULAUS. contMns Information atrovn tJP ~y married pemca, front ?.° other •cure til * t can be ootatnea 3. BiCHSuS.'KSi’.^V,'‘a DR. ■nr ANT fir* ?' "i* n baebadtwoietra exp«!.S?i* * xctiae man who ANTED—An active you ni» , ■ Western eis«i CT c«,u Addresi. with refere»c«a, CHAm.M!, utuot porterof Cutlery.lll aci^snl WANTBt>—Eoard m a stnetiy » " prtyate family, by a £antlcm*a and t i catiro coDTcairut tn atreet can preferrea- anitnu “L M G,” Tribaao office. aesi rrjt -rt TITAN TED—A man to drive dray. ▼ “ Frqalrect 9. MYERS & 278E.aiaffi3cn itreer. acSisluus Tl^aNTED—Piiocipals for ifeveu ,|[J tipc-Subatltntoa. Apply at onr offle'e, No. j32 South Cara street, to thaProeoit Batalat’acffice. ADaMS A SPRISfaBS. ie3lß7^U VV ANTED—Clerks, bookkeepers, poitera, barkeeocra Ac., leettug ntua«oß« should apply sc the Advents nr Agency. Dearborn str-et, Boom 9- »*Ter»l slraa -sf.‘'. E » a «2?J r i? tc:if3? lboae raqlatarcd. Baterence to £•s®'^V^ QSta - Lnwis * CO. (Succtawra to Fliley ft Co.) _^ati4-e7d7-n ANTED— A situation as asns* «.ti-T,,. t S?L^i. 3 *’}r* peror seaeralclPti by an ox p.rlenct.QiEM. Also a sunanoa todriya or tike chHTgKcfa£**mjpy ayouccicaa -*h*i uwlHiDf to make Dltnsclf asufa;, Apply at hi nairh-m “»Sji^n T “ UltalA^' cb“ ' .NT W^~~ jt/ A*. —A Ceci, "TfEaher and „“ * Ironer, (EMllib, Gtfraw or Hmerlcaa ara. ferred) that cm coa? w.-. 1 1* coiuaczdai o*a aaa a 6lta*Uoaa:a7Q We»£L*ke jircat. letaiiwu \\f ANTBIK-A cuUdge house or v" ciherw*.*», containing Tor 3 rooms In a heal thy location Pns'isiton wanted ary time wi’bln a week. Apply to or address C.S.TKWKSBDSY, Ill:- ool» Ceitrai iTai road Passenger Buitfizi. BtSl-sSta-St ANTED—To seil gcotfs by ** Simple by a younj man travelling, who baa time to a;ieso to all'tla oudidobuslnea* Addre->s le.r two cays,’ BB 0,”. Box TOM. ittli-iSift it V\? ANTED -By a Qcimau man TT and'* lie. without children- a situation u (ardcser, cr wooia take the cue of hones anddo other work tn a private family, el her la tne city or rcuisny. Can be seen at MBs. BVTBS’ oOce. t7l Washington street, cr B. 3991} sell-*l9O it XyjaNTlhD—By a German msn T T and man to take care of horses and gaid»a.tha womtnto do housework. Apply at the Philadelphia Intelligence Office, 1M Rontb Clark American, English, Irish. German. Scotch, and colorea servants, wita food city reierenceacanbe odtamed. UKi D. PP.ATf, in attendance. Address, with stamp, J0x1839. at jl-ilsa it - XT' ANTED—Board, by a ycmeg 7 7 French gentleman, in a private family, where hectu find mecomfoita of ahomo. Address 'M. da H.” office ot thii paper. se24-5783-U TITAN TED—A Practical Printer, T T or a man of talent, with a cash capital of 41CC3 to take anlnujest tu a good paying country taws paptr. MUkthecompeieos (dealt the paper in eve r» respect. Keaton tor desiring a partner, mors buslvo a thin cue css a* tend to. So one need apply tha* nas net »ot the above amount at hi co*mnana. Apply to C.H. 9CRIYEN, 63 Dearborn street. Chi cago. *e2»-*73Us TITAN TED - A lidy qualified to 7v trachFsgllsh,French tnwLatln, wlshesaslt nation In a school. cr would mch at a smaller salaiy ■lna family. Adoren “TEACi±EK,”Bux 706. atlfrSl43-tt TBS SAtSATCS. . \\7 ANTED—For the Misactri Pa * 7 clflc Eailroatf—masons, stonc-cntterv, qnarrr meur fpiaers, tmafe layers, anc laborers. Work ta ccntlnno an winter. sfba pala reeslarly ererj month. By authority of Dnntel K: Garmon, Vice PreMdenr, aid General SoPfiiotend«nc. Isqoln of J. B- PALM, Asent ior the Pacific ilahzood. or ALKX.POTTItB, at 8. HAMILTON’S intalllienra Oflce.lo7 SouthClarX street, Chicago. sc33-t7U9-R TVT ANTED—-A German or Amer ▼ T lean woman of good address and agreaabla sc: asßcniahe«Ler for a widower wl;fionc children. Household plain. Address ”P K,” P. O. Drawer 6469. Chicago. »e'l3-aeft>2t \\F ANTED—Any one leqainsg ' 7 7 the lervlses of a competent and rcllab.etmi ness man. In any capacity where good business qual ifications will suture a fair remuneration, will pteasa adorns ,4 J G,” p. O, box 31, Sharon, wis Conutry pieleired. ae23 aTitf-Ct TSTANTED—Men, fiimers pre -7 7 ferred. to engage Ina most honorable busi ness, by which from twenty-five so oae hundred dol lars aw eel mar be earned,or two or tnreehnucred a ye*r wi>nonthindrance to other business, caoltai required from sl3 to 1100 Call perumaiiy at 14V So. Clsr*9ireet.tooml4 upstairs. If oomile,ors«n4 Bo cents for mnher information to Box 3H4'J. jbl cagi-i Illinois* seis-s^ia-tt WANTED —I -wish to pnichaee a Water Pow*r Flooring liHl, or from three to five ran of Stone. Ora sood water pow it suitable for eucb a mill. Adorers, s’aong location, ternu, Ac, H. J. LUG AS. Ottawa, m. se23B?S4t TIT ANTED—A Biinatdo: as none 77 girl, or second girl, *t tolewato do house work. Address **M A C,” Alhnne office. Befereuets given. / se2s«7o9-Xt TIT ANTED—A situation as ac -77 constant in a mercantile or maaufactnrlng establlsDment. or as book-keeper cr teller in a etna Lgoffca byapereon vhohishad aneiwerlenceof several jean in each department. Bofurrcces gives. Address P.0.80x493. aeaj-sTia-dta TXTANTED—A Piano. A first 7 7 rate reccnd hand Plano, for wblah a good price will ce paid. Ardreet. statlsg wheraltcanba seen aoo terror,"PlANO,’’Tnbnne office. 1623-8719 3( \XT ANTED— A man with three 7 7 hundred sod fifty dollari, to take one-half m terest las profitable basinase already established. For particulars call at 215 State street. se2s s<27 3t 11/' ANTED To engsge in some 77'-ieapect»ble paying bnalneis, where mvQme sedeneor two ivoutaad Oollars can be profitably »mp’oy»d. 1l cctfatry or city. Address *W TiiiunaoffCA. 5&23-173&-2; W ANTED -A Hmoa Refugee, a * * thorough buslners man, also a good account ant, and competent tor almo-t any position, dsslnrna ois-tiling in tbe West, wishes a sitoatlon where 913.000 cash Capital.aid bis active services, will yielu him *2,Ceo per annum, lor a series of umyiars, with capital second. Address for two weeks H. IL ABDREW*, new Sorb city. - se&S-a75« 3; J TXT ANTED—'To purchase a loco v v motive bcllcr from 33 to SO horra power,either new or second-hand, if m soon order Address Box 4310, Chicago Pott Ctfce, gTvlce-aizo of holier, tumoer at<r diameter c t Sues. sedl a*6o It TT7ANUED -From two to three V v thousand head of sheep to winter on rtiafes. Aderets A W.TCn^KB. Lincoln,Loras ronntv, ui. BeJ2-1630-6t * A. W. TUSBfft*. WANTED—Two untarnished ▼ ▼ room*, wl'.b board, for a gtnilaman, wile and child, fit moatbs old.) ana nurse Addret* •* J,” P« O.Box fiOflfe stating terms and location. «e2M6t 9 \\l ANTED.—I will assist these I! that will R.'slst tbemselvfs. A few m»a with a caoltal« fvoo to *soo to Invest safely, can secure a good pa>ln bustzess bv making Immediate applies usn at 56 Dearborn street, Room No 4. tea,-sac3*t - F. T. cuani^o. W ANTED—By Bojxton & Big- V T gtas, fifteen men, wno have bad experience In net andtripe. Can sssbop near Alton and St. Lous railroad oridze, South Side. se2l-sSSUiw WANTED- As chief clerk for an * v ntabUabmeat baying a very large «on«- pondence, a man poiaseseil of good Hteraryatum mentr. »omelegai knowledge and doable entrr nook ing- Also muse wtlteacood *lam f i»pidbaad,and be able to act act as an an annensic. VV BVIO IV M bu mu saviiun,. To a man suited ler tbo post ion and who cn de vote bis entire time tbits duUes.agood ;alsrywiU b« paid. Tbe situation win be permanent. Arp-lcaou win reuetrato famish satisfactory raf erences, and will state what their farmer business baa been. . - Bone will ba replied to except such as an Interview isd'ilrtd with. Address Post Office Sox 7t|3. tea-»i<Mt • TV7 AN TED- For the Q ovarnmeat .T ".In the Quartermaster's Dspsrraeat, st Bt, ia als, at Id per month and rations. Team stirs st *4O psr month and rallcn*. Free tramoorta tlou rutnfsbed from Cbleaeo, Illinois. For farther Inicnsatlcnuiqulniattha Oovenmant Office, So. Water■■jeer,chic*ffO,XUiaoli*o. V.3ABCOCC Ooveromeut Agent... ieifl-iM4-u WANTED— A Psitcer with as f«wtbousand dollars, either silent or acilr*. to irgaga in the Packing huafuess. Great Induce ments are offend to any one dssiruns cf Investing In a Packing holiness otnlrUiy located. E,* box ia»4.CMca>oP. o. eeT-us-iwH Wanted —a Wx e. i wish to make the acquaintance of anodest Christian woman, trem ’0 tn ts jn ars old, loan- of home and 'ts loyr.williogto say to me as Ruth said toFsomi.m Enib Ist. itnh aid verses. T° «ucb 1 can offer a jr< od home and devotod heart. Best of reieyencee riven. A note stating where and w&ea an interview can be bad will be treated with discreet caadcr, and Uehccorof agentlsman. C.B.ABTaUß.nlicago P»Ov seac-atai-iw ANTED—A Infmthtd room T» rwitbomt board) for two caatlemen on Wa bash or Michigan avenues. Must bewe-1 furnish-d --for watch they will pay liberally. Addret* wife terms J. W. M-Third Rational BMk, Chicago. iSmt. TO BEET—A ,sinall basement, wllbyaalls, suitable for the Commission Pro* once btutnaes. The beat location la the city. In* Quire on the premises, northwest corner of Lata and State streets. BentlSlCOpermontW. »e24-»a3*3t TO BENT—And Furniture ; lor sale, a two stor j and basement brick Home, containing eleven rooms, with ham on tho omniaes* situated on Indiana avenue, near Eighteenth itreit a very deniable -locality. fe-nt *750 per annum, st room 80. 8 ever 132 South Clark street. TO BENT -The new brick Store, Fo.L‘B Illinois street, near Clark.and part of Ihecasementofthesaldbuiloia* will be remsdtoa good tenant. Inquire of KMaCTKS A M*Uio*d. comer of Berth water and Clark street*. Svtnrw Block, boom No. 1. sp stairs. s»t3afn Si _ r pUvKIrNT—A nicely tarnished -A room. wUh bedroom adjclnlos, sellable lor one -or two gentlamea, without board Apply a; 137 Drartcr- street, opp il o Office ae2S-sTS2-2t T> BENT— MS toT Sale House 226 Third avenne to rent, containing ia rooms la goett rrualr. and rursttaro tor sale. ifcaa n*ed apply LcUbrsft wlsalae to h nl,}s2j a l Ti'^ rp - rrstiott given me first ox Octoher. Apply house. seji css-r. fflO BENT—SO New Pianos,' aiao I * f*r*e assortment ot Pianos, Me'odecc* and rMarafrr'Mlc on themcstfavaraola terms. W. W. Ural gstate^Counttg. FOB-SALE —An Improved Farm of 6XO acre*, wllbln sixty'mile* of Chlcaro and two milra from a suttten on the Galena ItMtiroad. All well /enerd, large orchard of grafted ftuit, three hou*(* and goed Price, gis r>er acre. Also. M r.r«l »rosll»r Warm* for ..sat*. TOflN'O A SPRINGXfi, Keal Batata AzentMio.S Metropolitan Bioek, rtinor itandclpn and LosaLo sxrests. se3X-«'Sl2t . FOR SAXE—Fans?',' 160 acres at fiXlOulSO acre*. ga/UJt :60 acre*, i« acre*, gas**'; r?3 acres. acres, As.u3: 30 acies. I'i.'fO; in* acres, t7 0 , 0; d-o sens, 8A 44 * 1 : tw s. rtP, 11.510; fiCOaorta, J13,«0. K. U.’ CUM *IHOB, 132 Clark street. seas s~.'j3 at ETOK SALE— A, Farm in White- I 1 rdeCounty: contains W acr r *»ltO n^dercul tivation, 7D in meadow, balance-neavily tltnoerej. Frame bcueefff two sterstw, two frame o±ms, run- ‘ nu* water, R'.Ter.n'arPrcpbe'btowß. The timber alone can be m»de to pay the price ot tee farm in one year, a Raiircad 1» graded p*«* *££‘•l*!* File*'.XiSaeracre. Inquire a« THOd. B, BRTAH S Real Eilat* OBCvV Bn an Hall. sebj-sttS-u JO w” fhrm consist* of 4M acres, divi ded m<o lota of from 3 *o;X0 acres, (;00 la use grw.s . xaearew,) exteoilre cullaints, orebards. Ao. Ac.. *id ail m o» mp>ete order, fcr» g'ntleman*! country »r»t»nd farmcombloed. Lavs vltbtaiwboon 4 rids com Cblrago. and 4 mtles loath of Sew Lenox depot. 08 Productive cltv urooerty rcp * r "rop.Ki*-

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