Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 25, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 25, 1864 Page 2
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a( (Hljifcujo QTnimne. BPyPAY, v BEPTBMBBB 85, 183 L. HOW (MI LIKk IT. The McClellan organa are na happy* orer General Sheridan’*- Tictury at Banker Hill as ibe Jovialindividual who held SCDom tlc’e candle till hla hand burned oK. ,Their -grimace* betray a kind of excruciating Joy • The Ccioago-2tmaa,.for laatuce, concludes , half a colnmtmr tmltatltm orcd tho affair with the fullomug groan: ' ■*- -" Id all pruhßblUtr lt will be found, that the fere.p Dr eberidaa ware merely Suit's soaKayandth.t «mc mope wil, encoaoctr lue. mala body ei iba rands at Siraabnig, or metier up atblanuton” _ -‘a art Wp Btmpathlao -With We know that human nature u tddem.pnta harder t»t ipauwhen compelled to exhibit ■tokens of.bigh sercro palD. But wo observe loat tuls form-of puu- Jehm’cnt has the advantage income quarters othrluglugoulUuTTruth. It It not nnfre qnenily temarited by the amlbun sufferers with whom wearcdealiogthatthese victories el Mobile, Atlanta and Bunbr UiU are all _ gotten np to help Lincoln—that they are so many mass meetings to make rotes for the UUdiHjcket, -Th. CnlcagOLZW is so'im~ pti seed with this belief that it warns Its readers not to believe In these stories of vic tories.'Ttsajs:/' ' , "InvfcwofUionxlrtmseree-altj of a victory uftalhrOr. Umxn't pmftrlt amuoK the un - tnli.ilny ma.eaeithere 1- prat, dancer that when thtarmyulle,the peopla will-be auppJed with one by tlcheml , This lc*da us_to Inquire why it Is that every Union victory helps He. Lincoln, and r-evtry ixbtl victory helps Qea. McClellka. * Vh? docs the taking olAtlanta, forlosUuce, make votes for the Union ticket, and detract In like manner from the prospects of the. Democratic.pir*y? “It is jtarsiog strange. •• I* not Gen. McClellan fop the war? That his platform Is foe peace every pody admits, but somepcopleVu&lst.tW he is for the war. Whytotn should the > triumph of our arms Jjescch ablor at-hlmand his party? Vihj. is it tlal empon Sherman ' and Sheridan arcall stamp speakers tor Lin coln and Johnson, while McClellan and Pen idleUm derive comlort only from the batteries of -Bood and Early? Pcrhapa Jim Robinson will answer this question in the ncxt Is which ho.tcQs-she people * that he and his pifiy are. for prosecuting .the war for the Union. If he falls to do, so, wo shall expect to receive the .answer- from .the Chicago or gan abort the time It pfodsces-tbat docu mentary evidence to prove Mr. McCormick’s /♦complete proprietorship" in the reaping machine. x BOV PBtCi n TO M BAD, Notwithstanding that It Is ft party ■rfUch cW ms to be for the “'maiatainence of 1 theUnlon at all hazards**; and which would pufeitseli off for* war party, especially be* ’ fore election,•itlsAhe. fact that an immense proportion of the Convention which noml natcdCeo; B. McCleDan, rising as high It Js thought, aanuc-tcntbs are “peace men* 1 ; and* arc represented in the platform, rather than In the candidate ol the They enbmitted»to the nomination, as a matter o t mere necessity, knowing ttulno ciodldatauf the Yellandlgham or Fernando Wood stripe • wocld stand the least chance before the people. iThclr hope was to cheat the nation with his cotsbnf to play into their hands. Jtany of thcoj no w 4Utraet bis ' reliability, and are playing oft ■• ‘-w ‘■s, A But how are these men to get the peace o* which they aretalkliigjf?- Snppose they could, cany thdr schemes and elect a man to their ~ liking, what would be their procedare,to establish V peace f From the .utterance of their-organs, and from conversation with lesdicg men among them,, we hare been able to estbor the terns on which they oru hoping to establish peace. We warn oar readers that they expect-U pay high. They know tbo rebels to be so despcaratdy bent on reaching their aims, that- no small iedneement will stsll to buy them oft Bat high as the price - Is they bare made up their minds to pay it In short they mein “peace at any price?’ When they say, therefore, they are for main raining toe Union, as they do in their plat form, they, mean what they say so far as this* —they are for buying back the rebels into Vte Vt iortj if they can. Their aim wilTbe to make the Union acceptable to them it there is any each thing, bnt thpy expect to have to altos* the Constitution to suit them, and <so hare provided for that also in the platform. * Bnt the price! What will the peace party give the rebels to Induce them tocome back? Tiret,'they will give them daxery. That is, they will give them all they want In regald to Jt. '-They will re-establish the institu- the rebels demand it, and will give sack guarantees lor Its"security, mid per petuity, as wfUaatiafy them. Here of coarse to whero the Constitution wQI have to*he'al tered. At present it does not make slavery* “■sufficiently Bnt they propose to so fix it,that no discussion shall affect it—no Apolitical endeavors shall be able to reach it, wherever it shall exist, and tbns it shall be perpetual and secure. % To this restoration or slavery the demo crats have, so far as possible, left the way open all alocg. They voted down the propo sition in the last Congress to abolish It ac cording to a constitutional provision; They issue with tbeFresidentlnhis proclama tion of emancipation; they object to the Whole policy •f'anplßjf the blacks; and, in abort, lake issue with whatever interposes difficulties in the way of re-establishing slavery, or-Of reducing the blacks escaped from their masters again to bondage. -When "they talk about “peaceOn tbo basis of Union” pnreandaiznple, this Is whatis meant: They would undo all that has been done state the beginningbf tfie war which looks to break ing up the slave institution. . It is true that their orgacs~have been ac* enstomed to say that “ slavery is dead,** and to use this assertion-as an argument, against doing anything more to kill iL " But the' as- ssrtioß baa been a mere tham; each a sham. _ precisely as the fox resorts to when be as* emoea death In the beads of bis captors, till' the Opportunity offers lor him to leap up and run. ' They know, of course, tjjpl it is not deed In any such tense as tfiptthey could not, mib the chance afforded, jikikU to lift. * .And no vooner would tboy_get- : ln~ power •gain than that tne’whole party, North and South, would set themselves to the work of nursing I 'the hated old carcass ,to life and strength. They wouldboldsmelllng bottles to Us nose, feed it with cordials, tie up its bleeding arteries, cletlp and'feed it to its old . plethora of condition and sanctuoss of man* ner, and it would rule ns again with a rod of iron. But this, la not alb*- They would assume the rebel debt and -fnnd'it along with our •own, Bid thus obligate ua to ply them for * killing of bur own brothers, sons, feth ersand husbands. Of what woulZTthat debt consist ?,,It would include notjonly the pub; lie expenses of the’war.on the rebd tide, but the damages they suffered by the war; their lost of all fences, farm spouses, ra lroads, machinery,*vessels, and whatever has been lost. Of course It jwould Include the escaped slaves, first and chiefly. /Such;of them as conld-be caught, would be returned to slave 17; the balance would be*pild for.*- A very pretty bln would thus be run up to ourseeonat- They would also agree to pensioning the rebel soldiers along with our own. Jrfatact,. in the settlement that yrould'be made, the two parties—the rebels land the' loyal nation—Would be put upon an equal. " Uy; and it would bo justified on the ground that, as we now- to v be joined ‘together again', aid the to help pay our debt. It will be but fair that we help to pay "theira. > 1 One thing more would be demanded, and which out* Peace men wonld hasten to grant, " and wc nld have no difficulty in doing it, In- aa It ia already a part of the political Tretri of many if not most of them. They would affirm strongly the doctrine ofSt4te sovereignty, which carries with it the right of secession. This would be a vital point' wQh tberebel^asonrßemocratswellknow;i at dJtVbuld be useless to talk of peace with . out 'conceding 1U ‘ Their minds are, there* tore,'mideup to grant it.' ' / - Conceding, .therefore. teiese.vlltl points— . .slavery restored, healed, secured, in alt tbe old .clave States, and in the territories / whlclx the Booth claim as theirs, losfslaves Tuld for.ltogUlvo.ones canght andtestored ,to masters; their debt assumed and funded; losses by the war of all'kinda-provldcd tor, * and State sovereignty conceded—our peace " menThlnk therebels wonld _be induced to „' return and become a part of the Union once more; -and thus thfi Union wonhFbe restor ed, and the terms of the Chicago plattonn complied with. - 'Willyou buybpeace atthls cost? , Yon may believe that nn dralgn nf establish 'log R peace ou* such-a basis exists... But it •dogs .exist; and - McClellan would not be elected.*half a d*y before, the work of re - constiucuon on this-foundation wonld be : commenced. . ** , \- ' I®* The, the Bio ,-Gr*nde between the French and rebels on the one 'Sidc,'.. and the Mexican "and Federal fifrccs' on ‘ the ’other, -result 'lug in-the capture of Brownsville by the - Mexican General Cortina®, followed by low-' -crinr’-the rebeTsymbol, the raising of the ~ :Amerlcanßag, and thertenderofihc servlets rof himself aaZTJtiB command to the Federal ' chiefly significant as show mghow well rcpubUcana^un- i Uuri. thtlr InlcraU tra WonUSsd tic pnwmitot of the Federal antsori tj, mdhow well tie French Inrxders and tke Southern rebel. knoir tint they are both fighting the came treat battle of preenmptn oue deapotlam agaUat republican freedom. The eympathiea of tbe Federal Oorerameng and of the Union part; are atrdngty with the Mexican Republic, and hare been expreu'd by cur Exccutire 'and Oongreaa with adU tlnctneea bat one -degm abort of a declara tion of Intended hoaUlttica. The Oopper ~ heads hare been wind; In tKelr pretonslona of aympath; -with thoMcxlcan Bepnblloso long as they thought the Administration might bp bullied Into a war with Prance which would eo’greaUyaaaiat the rebels, DHI • when the .opportunity came In the .Chicago’ Cbnvcntlon for them to gWd annatharltattTO dcol-rnUon al'lhcrjif aympathyfar Mexico or ol adherence to the Monroe voctrlna they very quietly ignored the whole subject, / The Austrian Archduke Belmont, King of the Copperheads, and the Austrian Archduke MsxluiUUan, King of the subrerto I Mexican Republic, are running their, engines ph par allel tranks. They could not theroforehs expected to run Into each other, Whit a chimclcon Is "Democracy." In' Dixie It means .England—the London Tima, English aris tocracy and Irish oppression. In the United States It menus sympathy with forma of despotism coupled with any degree of hostility to the Union not pnnishahle by hanging, : All XanPOBTARV OOBBECTKOBr. We find that many of the newspapers of the country have, printed the Chicago Plat form incorrectly, In a toy important partic ular; and as we ore in part [responsible for having tarnished them with-the' incorrect copy* It Is eur special duty to urge upon them that the correction be universally made. The second danse, which alone de fines the Copperhead “basis of peace*" does not conclude with the words “that fanned!* • v ate efforts he made lor a cessation oi h»f tal lies wllh a,.view to an ultimate Convention of all the- States, or other peaceable means, to the 'end that .at the earliest practicable moment peace may he restored on the batit of the Federal Vu tort (fthe State," Bat with the words OK THE BASIS OF THE FEDERAL STATES. Let this correction everywhere he made. Any league which Included the prin ciple oifederation, the present “ Confederate’’ Constitution, the old"Artides of Confedera tlon, or the Yollandlgham scheme of a four sectioned confederacy, ora federal league as that which holds apart the Ger man powers—would bo “ on the basis ot the Federal ■ States "* Our Government is the Federfl Union—not the Fedexwl States. Let this bastard phrase be kept nailed up, that people may knew the Copperbeada autboriUUVCly repudiate the Union, what ever sentimentalities one of their candidates may write. ' Maion Fitcil—This gallant gentleman, whom our tiiwonnen »U1 mnbomber at fbr a long Urns tbp Frovoet Uarebal of.thU city, i» here on a brief vielt of bnilnerß. that be learaa Ibis evening for hia home in Michigan. Milor Fitch SMorea as tbrt Michigan is in a blare of on tfanalapm fur McClellan, who will undoubtedly mnyabc State in November The changes going onlnMichUon, tbf Major siys. amount to noth ing Ice* than a civil reVolßilm. So it is in the otbrr States oflbo North.— ZbuimOe Journal. 2ii but,'.. . Major Fitch kgs told the Louisville Journal foft s ajnonstroua falsthood. There is not a pyrtlcle. of truth lu his statement The “blaze of cnthußlaem" is confined to the lively imagination of the Copperhead Mrior. McCicHan stands as math chance of carry ing Vermont as Michigan. The changes go-, lup on In that State are all for Lincoln and Jh* Union'ticket. The little Mackerel will be whipped by at least 16,000 on the home vote, and tho soldiers will add 10,000 to It. We arokstonished at too guliabUttVpf Freu tlct-, to swallow the absurd yarn onthat fol low Fitch, whqJUmself don’t believe a sin. glewordof wltflbesaid. , CaT* A Coppdrhcad newspaper raises the poor that President Lincoln draws his salary m gold. As a matter of in formation to thennsophlsticated, we will an swer this petty falsehood. President’ Lin-. draws the money due him for his un paralleled labors In the most trying period 01 onr history In the currency of the country. What is more, he has the ‘whole of his for tune, the greater part of whllh is his' salary as President of the United States, Invested, in the national credit It has beenhls habit to leave one spares salary nndrawn from the Treasury. Will onr Copperhead 'cotcmpora- Hts hear this In mind, and remember that the little'McClellan Is drawing his salary as a ilsjo'r General without drawing a sword, or even handling a pen, in behalf of the country and thejOdvonuaent ‘ which' has glven-hlm precocious and undeserved honor. ■ COSSTITUTIOM OF THE PULTFOHU.—The Indianapolis SnitintJ, the “peace”- organ oi the Indiana Democracy, published an article last Monday,- headed, “A Few Thoughts Upon the'Comlng Presidential Election,' 1 * in which the writer, after depicting the terrible results {to the Democracy) of Hr. Lincoln's re election,- says: “Torn we now to view the respli, ahoold the Chicago, nominee be elected. His programme will be a cessation pf -hoaUHties, and an attempt to restore the Union by compromise and reconciliation, or, if falling In that, taking the last extreme —recognition.** \ ' -* • * Nabbow* Escape of Gek. Gbakt.— On Sunday the special train, in which Gen. Grant was going South, ran Into car, laden with cross-ties, which' had no Easiness there at the time The concussion knocked thefrpnt.end of the holler out, and hurled the cross-ties entirely over the engine, some falling on the tender. The engine, astonish ing to relate, kept on the track, pushing the ruins ahead; and running foil half a mile be 4bre being stopped, such was* the momentum ot the train. Had the engine left the track, ‘the result must have been disastrous. The accident happened at .a curve Jast.beybnd Havre de Grace. - - Vallakdiohaji Skubbed.—D. A, Howk, Esq., .of Montgomery Ohio, was nominated as the Wutejfcather candidate /or Congress, lu Yallandlgham’s district, on Tuesday last « Have the of the Bnttor Dis trict abandoned the “ distinguished exile,*’ or can be better serve Jeff Davis as Su preme Commander of that virtuous and pa triotic organization known as the u Sons of Liberty?” --- Another Vetkbix Opposed to McClkl* law.—The veteran General McCall Is openly opposed to McClellan. Ho is a Democrat of the old school, and a brave soldier. He knows McClellan perfectly, and oonifcquent .ly Is opposed to him. He was the Demo cratic candidate.for-.ConffT6sa in-.19C2, and shows a clear record, which he wQI preserve by the course be hoa sdopted. ’ * " . - There is a startling rumor In town tir the effect that McClellan will not vote for Pendleton, • nor Pendleton for McClellan. One is‘so unequivocally for.peace that he cahnot vote for a candidate who receives his pay.from the-War Department, and* the other, being “The Boldler*a Friend," can scarcely be expected to endorse a man who •Is In every respjet the soldier’s enemy. IST Among the drafted mtn at St. Louis are Henry Hlbba, a gigantic bDI-pdttsr, > who ; can spread a handbill over a forty loot Wall; Geo. Beagle, the lessee of tbeTartetlca The* ater; 6. H-LalUn, the powder man; Daxdel Q.‘Taylor, ek-Mayor of Bt. Louis; John Big* gin, Jr., of Gen. Grant’s staff; and Wm. Fayel, reporter for the Daily Unimu. - B?"Thc famous Stonewall Brigade, re cruited In the Shenandoah Vjtiley, originally : 5,000 strong, and re-lnfbreedwt various times by 3,000 recruit*, ftp in the Talley, had been redoced to about 1,000 men. It was totally ■tmiMUted in Sheridan's fight, every color: btlng captured and the whole brigade either killed or pW* The J&feTtycfteerls Indignant , that the late ante-slavery convention ol Ma- : xyland allowed soldiers in the field to vote.' These conservative organs, which bawl so lustily for .McClellan would disfranchise any soldier ln_lhe field,.while they would allow, .galvanized traitors in the-Border Slates the right of suffrage.. BT If Grant wins a.battie, ills in part a triumph over the .fundamental Uw ot the Government. If Sherman conquers Atlanta,- an essential portion of the constitution ia, thereafter dead. If uur soldiers ry, Ms glory is lost in the consciousness that a portion of Its trait is a marred and battered constitution.—JflZwjuicsJSric*. pTA Western Journal speaks of Sherman as the Mend of McClellan, and takes credit for the Georgia campaign as an inspiration of thd’UlUe commander. General Sherman was under McClellan, but'that sagacious ri fleer found up better business for. him than commanding the barracks at St Louis.l . pr The Chicago Convention declares that Jktut years , have , shown the experiment of wartobea failure; and yet.two years of that war w&s managed by their candidate. Perhaps they think a man who did not.flght ndllbetbe approved nominee of'the-cow ardly friends of peace. ' - 1 feaT' When the rebels invade Pennsylvania theygeuerellycome downthe Shenandoah, but now SberUian haashnttheduoh, they-can come the * t3T I Rm lor peace, even on the bills of -eeparatlon.-y: Amci SendsW* CA*cdffoJSfreech, THE WAR IN Aißßia. A Letter on Southern In dependence. HITBEKBTn!O~'E'EMAUK3 OK THE COIOHO BIKCXIOH. . . . bt ooLDvnrs smith, BdltenChicago Tribune; * A pamphlet ot seventy els pages, publish ed early In thU year, by MaoaiUiao-& Co. of .Lordon, and entitled “ oa Southern Independence," has Just-been sbntAiebya gentleman in Canada, who la himself thor oughly loyal to oar Ideas and institutions. 1 do not remember that this pamphlet baa been noticed in tho Tsidokb, Or any extracts printed fromit' Bat. apart from tfaeintereat excited by the visit of Ka .fllstingaidaed au thor to' thla country, the work bo is full of strong aad Idling things about oar esautrr, oar Government, and the conduct war that 1 have ventured to make large extracts from it, sore that they will be vrelojme to thousands of readers of the Tkirukb. The letter is written to t member ot the Southern Independence Association in Bog land, at the time that body—for iteaanot bo credited with a soul—was trying to get the Confederate iron-cladi oat oi the Heney, aod after pointing out the danger of involv ing England in a war with ns if the evil at-* tempt should flaccecd, the author says: “Bat perhaps yon think that because tho Americans have already a war upon; their' hands they will tamely submit to see .their Ships homed and their 'commerce destroyed pj ftssris the por:s of an ally; If the Commonwealth has men of spirit, and mm who know their duty, at her head, rather than see her Buffer 'sach dis honor they will see her in an honorable grave. 0 . . j He then discusses the great* points. In the conduct of tho war, and. in' what the war means. There is nerhaps not much in thwe discussions that has not been esldalreadyin the better class of our newspapers and re view.*, but coming as these words do.from one ot the moat learned «f living English men. the man who AOs ‘the chair of history in her most notable university, they come to us with a new weight and powv- • WBr HE -VMLB A BEET DTTXKEBT A. reason for teefing adeepintmestin the American/Commonwealth is this: I think that tho aim oi all social effort add as piration is to produce's community in which every member shall tally share in the benefits ot the social acton. It is an open question whether the macs .of the peasantry in England have-ht all sbared in the increase of wealth and comfort that has como to th<P middle and upper claeses In the last three hundred yeSra. Certainly-they have not' shared in anything like a fair proportion. Many erthezn are atiUln a etate of brutal ig norance and misery, ana of the vice which ignorance and mUcryproduees; millions of onr laborers live constantly on the brink of pauperism, nearly one million* of them are actually paupers. They go through tbplr Hie withouthepe; theocly sbolter for their old age-alter a life of toll is the workhouse; they die In destitution. Any physician who has been much among the poor will tell ybu that zmtabers ti their children* die in their inlancy for the. wart ot proper food and clothing. Wealth aStl luxury each as the Worid never saw are In the palaces of our -nobles and merebauta, but Tmager and the horrible disrates ..that attend hunger arc at the palace cates. “Kow in the American Commonwealth* partly 1 irrant by tbe bounty, of nature, but partly Also “by her Instuntfous, this poverty of the masae* has been rerqoveo.' The Amer ican laborer la to a great extent prosperous and happy. _He has no fekr of dying la the woriThoase, or of setlug-starndion round his death bed.- If he ia'todußtrroaa and fru gal be hah all the world before him, and cope ,cheers him on. Of the ffet that the laborer ismoreproeperons in the free Slates than in England the vatt emigration that has gone on unabated In the rmdat of the civil conclusive proof. Tho number of emigrants is so great that It will go far toward mniHng up in theKorth for theloss of life, according to a rational estimate, of that loes, though not according to the estimate of our teachers In England who set flown all the Northern'' toldiers whose term has expired, as killed. wiiat nE'ymuKs wb'bavb soke. “The American Commonwealth has,-In pprt, atleaatsolved a great problem for humanity. The full rights oi citizenship have been conferred on a.. whole people, >nd yet public order and property are fairly se cure. American isstatnuoas have attained .to that best stamp ol excellence, the attach-. ment ot a perfectly tree people: and we have learned from them how a people, when mod erately educated, will ober. authority they have themselves bestowed, and reverence laws they have tbemaclvgs enacted. The charge of carrying on the war by Irish and, German mercenaries'has been cast upon the *Federals, by an aristocracy wnoee armies have been filled with Irish,' decoyed Into an alien service, and* with Germans, bought up • rukecatueinthctshaaihlea; bub the truth U American - soldiers, generally, are the’, fighting men,-If they are fighting with out medals, without riboons, and with out the lash. There has bceh a good deal of drafting, but there has also been a great deal of .volunteering, and the armies, are, to a great extent, citizen armies such as no Goy eminent, not deeply rooted in the affections of its people, has at its command. " , OUB MTT.ITAHT OAPACITT. C" . “Military power la thought by many to he the great test of the txceuence of political ' Institutions If this he so no,‘nation m’ his lory has ever, by its own resources, kopt .armies so large, so well appointed, and so well supplied, for so long a time, m the field; and I doubt whether Europe could show a nobler soldier in any part of military charac ter and duty than General Grant. The nation has risen, after terrible defeat, elastic and in domitable. In its darkest hoar it has never lost confidence In Itself It has'wisely stood hy Us Government, though its Government ;wes not always wise. It has not passed votes of want of confidence In ministers just . struggling out of their early difficulties, sad In the middle of a No commander has been removed untUlhe has really falled, ln which case Commonwealths consider the safety* of the soldier, as well as - the feelings of the General. Personal ambi tion has In the main been held in check. We "have always been told that tho .mcn ot Intel . leet and refinement in America stood alooi 'from politics in sullen disaffection; bnt dur ing tins struggle, with the * rail-splitter * tor a President* tKeyhave eqnaled’or surpassed' 'the rest of the community in devotion to the common cause. And. the President, chosen outofthemasaoftbe people and not called to meet s terrible-emergency, hfi yet met •the most terrible of all emergen digs with sense and self-posshsslon—as well, perhaps, aaltwonldbe.mctby any European sover eign or statesman Iconldname. -At the out set there was a frightful amount of corrup-' lion and treason, bat it aeems to me to have -abated as the face of the people has grown 'Sterner. Great emergencies bring' out all that is noble and all that la base in man, and the baseness is spt to appear first. , 4. THE 005DWT OF THE WAB,- . “In.this wafJ'geaeraHy speaking, personal liberty has been secure to a degree unequal* led ip so great an extremity, to a greater de gree than it was In England underPltt, In an .extremity fet_less fearfßL- The ‘tyrant’ Lincoln will very likely'be re elected by the 2Tee suffrages of the oppressed people, or so many of them as have survived ms guillotine. As for the Constitution, it has never been in danger for a moment, except In the eyee of that Southern party' who thought that Me* Cltllan, of all men in the world, was to pUy> the part of Bonaparte. The love of liberty -among the Americans is strong, and capable of refelsttcg forces that have shipwrecked the liberties of other nations. The truth is, that ■ ben cath the troubled surface of general pol itics Iherehas-always been at work the qnlet and healthy influence of the local Institutions which have really formed the political char* acter of the people. -There has been no ten* dency to relapse into the sabre sway. ’ The soldiers have retained ail the sentiments of "citizens. This ungovernable mass has shown. , at seed strong Instincts > of aelfgoveniment and self control 1 see no raison tor disdain ing kinship with this people. Aa far as I can* see, they awgtrue Auglo-Baxona, In a burning vessel between-aea and ilrvlnU sfilL maa tera of themselves. “I confidently assert that this civil War ■has been, so far, on of the North, witiwnt exception, the moat humane a his tory. Excesses hare been committed by the •Federal armies; they .are committed by all : armies Inthe enemy’s country. j Excesses of 'the most horrible Kind were committed by ' cnr ownarmies’on, these very scenes. Con federate propcrty'has been destroyed by 'Federal* on land,’ while Federal propertr was being destroyed in a war bar beroas-by the Confederates at sea.- Bat wc , bare beard of no denial of quarter to, and • so maltreatment of. Confederate prisoners: f?Igiven, 1 given, without dls Unction, >to the wounded on hotn The riots and massacres in- New York. were, chug'd on; Northern ferocity. They were - got np In the tbtemtof the Booth bySonth . agents, and they Were perpetrated by" .Irish rowdies, freak, as, most ofthe rowdy- Jtm is. ftpm * the mlsgovernment of other .•countries. : * : - SOWS WORDS OP CHEER. - • u And now 1 ask whether in that, storm tost .vessel, .which, with straining pluiks'and ..In imminent danger of wreck, holds oawr ~course, there may not be as I firmly believe •there is, aomethmgin which 'humanity his - an interest, and* wsleh no man would wll illcjriy see perish. .Emancipation is udw the >oucv of:toe nation.* The slaveowner is. .pburingOiithlsblocdand bringing rnln.on his country far a'cause' which he has .told ns in words -that* toadc our can tingle, is the'' best-onrbarths-tbe cause of slavery.. Like Deaton he haalooked his - crime In' the face and dote it, and hla effrontery ‘has .loot a Iklnd of black majesty to hi* cause. Tocse are not the dajs of Boil Run; r AdveraUvbas done its oric. The force genius of the American nation has been fairly thrown Into .the warylt* best men, celected*byn process terribly searching, are at .the head oMU armies, and those armies are composed of men whose bone and sinews are British, whd form in tbs British hue and go into action with the British cheer, and this great com munity of. labor bears in It with all Its faults something not uncared lor in tbe coun cils of Providence and which Providenbe will notwtiilnglj lekdle”— ~~' There are some extracts taken-here and thfielrem this weighty and eloquent argu ment. They are the words of a man well able to speak for us, and ef us. And a man speaking so, bmely-and truly may well be welcome wherever be shall go In our great free West. • # 8.0. ' FEB* MTCUEZ. BifOßM«>|ratfoa of the Natchez Bhbup-tifb Bnvni* nd s«aflVd jrrMuiurr Aseit-Mu Ar*. Rdfthdumr. ' [CormponJence of the Chicago Tribute,] „ Natch**, Mlm., Sept, 11, 1991. 9 Nows /matters heresooafs arc rather doll than Otherwise, hot-there Is a probability _lhat they muy change to a more lively condi tion la “the advene of tnc dale of the ? ** sere And ytllow icatj*. . . ? • \ - J ' TSB<tflOUUn>aST.-. \ . Ton hare nadonbtedly beard, of the mtn\ nwla which Qcn Warren BrayoiaQ excom* mtmlQattd the bishop of tola dtoosse and -teat him Into the rebel lines fur refusing to ii eert the prayer for tbe Uonzroes and the' President la the eeremoaies at his church. At loot the event createi no lltUo excito “ e *t »m very extensively clrcnlsted In the Northern newspapers. For this act, and lur the other of a similar and declslve'char ■ctrr, Geo. Braymaabasbecomeknoirnhere. aa be tn tbe North: as a clear htnoer,-jo4tima patriotic officer, who, know ft K» would perform' his doty. He fes thus far matntUnea'thls reputation. Ho will con- Unne to maintain 1L - % God. la particularly fortunate VS hl» staff officer#, Capt J fl. Odilniind.UenL Chea. B Smjjh They areoxccllent oiflcerj atd gentlemen,—. With each a-coauniadant «Pd such ‘ a staffs everything here goes smoothly and ninnohloasly, aodour affairs are as* well and justly managed, perhaps all / things considered, as they .could bo lathe time of peace—4a. Jact they are much better managed than Just heforeme breaking out ol the rebellion. • - " • -- treasure mittebst '"Since your correspondent has had the priv ilege of writing himself a.citisea of Katchezi : he Jiaa seen seen several changes made la the management of the affaire or the Treasury Department, seen severe! officers tuned out. after bating feathered their neats prutty ef fectually, one or two, general* pretty gene rally mixed up with cotton and othyr tuimrs out of which ueyjgore found to have astute some money. And still we have another change to report. Mr.. Wm. Barnet—com monly called Judge Bnrnet-rhas ablest been -caught in tho meshes of the net ana Is now floundering among the guilty onenherotyfare caught In a similar style. The treasury and plantation, as well as rental qf&cea here, nil under the geual charge of Judge Burnet, were all locked aad seated up aa )at6 as.the 29th ult, by-toe order of tse general commanding the district. The Hon-' or&ble Judge-Burnet has turned out no leas a rogue than were the honorable J adgea and Generals who preceded him'la his office. There arc affidavits hero on file against him .which show conclusively that he la a part ner in a CUtCicnsU' Arm in' the matter of several ‘plantations which he took from somo Union men, representing them to Adj. Gen. Thomas' as disloyal owners, and staling further that they would not work said plan muons. In most of tho esses the men have shown the latter charges untrue by working at other occupations/or a liveli hood, alter hkvlag.beea deprived of tueir lands. .Upon theeff representations Barnet • received an order irom'Gen. Thomas to leave out tho lauds. Alter the receipt of suca or der. Burnet did leave toe plantations to one ot his Litntcnanto,Jn partnership with his vtfic, Mary B.‘. Burnet Other plantations were leased to sons, while they held—and for that matter still hold—offices under him as “Agency Aids,” “Clearance Officers” and “ Assistant District Agents lor Plantations,” .drawing pay from the plantations as well as /ram the Tiessuty Department of the United Stater, and having at the same time, as before * stated, several plantations, storage and com mission houses, trade 'Store authorities aad a saloon, c ; r barroom. For some time this thing went oxT swimmingly, and father and sons ■ drew largely from the Gov ernment and private speculations, and waxed * exceeding rich in ' this world's goods. Bat-“a' clfllnre came “•o’er the spirit of their dream.” Wm. Barnet, Jr., the oldest son, had a quarrel or a fight with the eider Baraet, and the old saying was again verified, “When rogues fall out, honest men gcrthelr dues,” andthe whole uHalr was blown U the detectives and" ■tbe events made known.thereafter. All the business and the various offices were thou given to the oare'of John G. Barnet:. at least he was named as the business hedd: by his father. This John C. Burnet Ts hut a lad, some thirteen to twenty years of age, fco(4s much the superior of his brother James G, In the use' of cards and. the various dissipa tions izfewhlch they mutually engage s good ly share of their/time. The lad only lost -$1,600 on his last trip.bctween this place and -Now Orleans, when his eldgc brother might have lost more. 'But It was-not Hornet's fault that he lost so little. Bad it not been for Lieut Smith, of Gen. Dayman's sUffi who interfered and sent the “gay gamboUer” away kiting, ne must have suffered more heavily. The Lieutenant took young Bar net's motley into his own hands and saved It .for him’until ho was sober enough to know bow to take care of it. A tree can bejudged 1 by Its fruits. Wm. Burnet, the older, can be fudged by. his hopeful progeny, and truth fully judged too. Beading by thought of these sins he Is a-baa egg. In addition to his other bad conduct, Bur net the elder—the Judge—has- written seve ral very treasonable—at least impolitic let ters to the Copperheads, showing that he out-YaUandigbama-Vallandlgham min sell iu his hatred of our Government, and la bitter-' ness of c&mity towards ,IU institutions. : Othcrtbing* mlibt be mentioned la this •' connection, but as they do not effect the • Judge’s public career they are suppressed." Enough, that bo has been a bad, dishonest Treasury Agent, and wo have had before too many ox the tame sort. It js apparent that unless Secretary Fes senden shallbc more successful iu hunting out boiest and incorruptible men to fill the subordinate offices under him—especially la this Department—great - discredit will be brought upon the Department It is to be hoped that ko will exercise his. own best , judgment and put such men hero as have already in some department of the aervloe, civil or military, shown'their devotion to their country aod their loyalty and honesty of purpose. L. Grand Bally at Bourbon* Do steins Co M ULr-BeeepUon of He turned soldiers —jfabiiO'XTtancr* [Correspondence of tba Chicago Tribune.} ' Tuscola, HL, Sept. S3, IBM. The loyal cilUena of Douglas county wish* log to ahoV their appreciation of the ser vices rendered by the boys in bine, who have returned from their first enlistment, or are .at home on furlough, expressed tbit appro* elation by giving ajiablic dinneratßoarbon, .Douglas county, on the22d lust. Delegates from all parts of the comity ap peared on the ground, and by IWclock, fall. , 3,ooopersons were in attendance. The meet ing was called to order, and alter prayer, by Rct.-J T. Otr, and a song by the Tuscola Club, Hon. Lawrence Weldon was in* trodneed to the audience, and made a speech of over one hour in length, in which he, In'a warm manner, complimented theprivate sol diers .in their trials and dangers on the battle-field. He then ebowefijip to the satis faction of every thinking man the'largo amount of sympathy that the Chicago plat , form extends to the brave soldiers in the field; showed that we had dutierto perform at home as imperative as those in the field* exposed the fallacy of the so called Demo* era tic party while under the leadership of . Valianaigham, Yoorhecs, Wood and rach like, hnaln illustration of the Peace plat form and McClellan’s letter, wherein peace ..was talked and urged at Chicago, and war declared to be the policy of the party, uar* rated an lacidtntbe once heard of as old .man orchis sun, who. while in the woods, fpnnd an Indian nearly famished. He told' his son to take him to the house and they would mcuscltate him. —While taking him home, the boy having hold of his hana ex claimed; “ Father, this is a nigecr.” ’The old man replied, “Ko it Is not, It Is" an In dian, so coma along.” The boy exclaimed, “ WellitTnay bo Indian up at your end. but Ml be darned if It isn’t nigger down here,” Bis speech wu foil of-unanswerable anm* menu . . a After he concluded, the soldiers present 'Were formed inline under direction of Cant. Boatman, late of the 54th HI., and. ™ airbed in front of the‘Stand, when Hon. Malden Jones, candidate for wel comed them to the hospitality of their Mends, apd thanUhgtbem for their sernoea invited them to partake of the dinner served up for their benefit. After which the sol diers in Ime, followed by the audience pro ceeded to the tables, which Jairly groaned under the substantial* and dainties wnich the fair hands of Douglas county bad provided; and like the instance in the Bible, not only seven basket? full, ~ but several times seven baskets fhll were left . After, dinner the assemblage again met at thestfcnd.and Lient CoL Wright, oi the . 135thTU., held the audience for about three '‘quarters of an hour xby bis dote reasoning andiogic, showing the inconsistency of the' peace sneaks In their course. * The soldiers present desired to express tbdnaentimenta by voting, which was done by CapU Boatman of IheSitb! and CoL Buck ner or the 79th. which resulted as-follows: 95 votes for Old Abe, for-MeClellan. After a few remarks by John Cunning ham of Hattoon, Caleb Garret, Esq,. was introduced to the audience, who spoke of Thomas McGuire, a soldier of the 21st, a t poor man who lost Ms leg at Kcncaaw, and 'appealed lothosc pieaeat to remember him by their contributions, when the vast mniti-’ tude, actuated by one impulse, rushed to the stand money, until a little over ' S2OO was contributed.- All, in all irwiS one of the pleasantest days spent for years. The .thanks of the audience, were ■ one to the' Charleston Brass Band, and "Tuscola Band of martial muvlc, and the Tuscola Glee _Clnb. . - • Letter from Francis B, Cnttiiur, . The following note from Hr. Cutting, the eminent Democratic lawytrof Now York, ■hows that the nee of bis name-in the list of Vice Piertdenta atthe Üblonßquare McClei .Un meeting, was whollyrmumthorlzed, and that he utterly oppsacd j to the Chicago maneuver, and Intends to vote far Mr. Xin coin: v - To the Editors of the &SlJg SO,I . BM * My attention has -been called to the fact that my name appeairln the TTorW newspa per In the list 01 Vice Presidents (Stand No. 1) ol the HcCleUao.raUflcation meeting, held In this city on the 17th. This use of it was unknown to and whoHy-nnanthorized hy me. Ihsdnopartin the. election of Mr. Lm* coin,'being then In favor of Mr. Douglas: bat 1 Intend to vote 'far him In Novembers next. In opposition to the platform and can* ■ didates of the Chicago Convention, believing that by a vigorous prosecution of the war the rebellion will be overthrown sooner than by anjmmediate cessation of hostilities.'or "by a resort to the arts of diplomacy. Your obedient servant, T. B. Cdtzzho< ■ If wo mistake not, this air. Cutting is % btother of a prominent citizen of the same name, residing In Chicago, who used to be a •War Democrat,' and **■> cnicago piutform Appr.Tßd fcr Bitlcliu nnluu to Us Adop- tl«^ | Btnce Uia appearance of McCleUtt'i extrs crdlntrj letter of acceptance, tbo Now York. Sim, Indignant at tbo tone of that docu ment, bis made Uio following surprising slsteroent: - ''Three planks of ihe Chicago Flatforoa, re ’fating to peace were, common coosent, agned upori\ maxe-ttan two mouths before the Convention met ' Barlj In tbe month of July Inst—we hare U upon the authority of a delegate from Indian*, *P° w«»«"lacmd by the delt£alloa.froat his State to act as on? of the committee to Inform the candidates of the altlon ot the Convention— the PUtf.irm. • With lls peace planks, klmort wore for word ts adopted, was presented to Gen sleClellui, and was by him approved both in its letter * and In Its spirit.. / / If this be not true. Gem McClellsu with deny the. statement; U was published ten days ago, and ho denial has yet.come, and allmce Is assent to its troth. Gen. McClel lan must, then, have dons ope of two things: ft deliberate fraud, or was fright ened by the capture of Atlanta, which, oc curred alter the sitting of the Chicago Con tention. Bleltlng Away of Use gebel Armlet* Much that his been skid about desertions from the rebel armies baa been discredited. We know that desertions ihrqugb 'durilaes have been large ; Jbut we did uoUuppoae auy considerable number could escape to tho rear. In this, however, we were mistaken, Itsccma that the State of Qesrgta la overrun with deserters,’ tod that they are, In fact, an army of dcttructlon. The Georgia militia in Hood’s umy have been furloughed lor thirty days, a»d the object, a* stated, lato imi deset ten. Upon this point we copy -the fol lowing article torn the Southerh Oinftderaqj of the 14th Inst, which is now published at Uacon, Georgia: . .. ■ sTßiyotnto Now that the Georgia miUQa has bees furlough ed lor thirty day». aad consequently a force will be organized is every county sufficient for the ■ basi nets. let all-of them t>e pI*C6S under the ceatrol of Col. G. W. Lev, hr Governor Brown, aad be in structed to cleas tho Stated desertfers tea sing fibre, and wo vtntnre tbe prediction that la thirty daj s, will be strengthened by ten thou . sand edolQonsl mat, .... ‘1 HU mortl/rtoif to our priJe to fcwie t&itruehi* the core, M i* tm ett to conceal the fact that bsn/t tfetroffolere ona dtttrUr* infett rr-rjr ei jr. fown, and 'tduage to the State.-' They are upon eoiry 'highway through the eovn/ry, and wherever they gootecowmUUng tte aunt teanion act* qfdeetruc tlon and abtae of properly ever tnzwn. Theysre tearing dawn fences sadcurmlag cattle upon tse flelU.«-oi corn now slmo*t matured, burning fence retlr. kiiling stock, tearing op potato pstcher, and, - Irfact, domg everruung that u mean and destrno il*e. , Let the militia in each county be instructed to arrest all men who are not uroperir absent from their cornu sods, aad shoot dowo, - whenever they are found at their work ofdestrecrion, t&e mUera bleiwrWdieß who are disgracing oar >ous mid •brothers In the army, by wearing Oonfedente utitorm, while 'they never served their country either In samp or field. We would call the attention of Governor Brown and. General Hood to this evil, in order mat 1C may be remedied. -- Straws. U. 8. Oxxvaaz. HosFmiv JxrrxasoN 1 . Bamuoxs., Mo. Sept S9d, 1864. f Editors Chicago Tribune; TYe have just completed a ballot of tfiTpa-' fiesta of this TioepUal on tho'-candldates now up for the next term at the 11 White House/’ which resulted as-folio we: ' Lit coin .a |S3 McClellan 98 Frcmoit it Total • .Tm 978 you'And others weald liketokiow how the soldiers feel here, 1 send you the labove, which I thlnkisa fair rxiiressiou of the army asNfar as 1 can leant. Llttie.Mac and hia friends had better be pre paring their croft and taking in rations for a trip up Salt Klvcr, lor tho/ arc bound to go up, sure. J. W.* Sawtbb. A MISSISSIPPI 3UVEB STRAW. On board tbe Acme Johnson, wheu’golng down tte river last Tuesday, two gentlemen canvassed the cabin passengers and found they stood thus: Lincoln... •McClellan. Some Copperheads were so vexed at this that they declared it bad not been taken fair, and re-took it, including the deck bond* *nii deck poaseogers. 1c then : Lincoln. McClellan The.dsckera almost to a man go for Mc- Clellan.' Tbe Union gentlemen then declared they would toko a poll again, including a party of soldiers on a barge. Tbe result, after every one on board (entitled to vote) waspollea, was: • " Linc01n........,, gg McClellan...,. The Cops dried up then.— St. BttU Pete*. 21* ,t A 810 STRAW. On tbe train on tbe Central railroad which was due here at 5 olclock last evening, a Mc- Clellan monofferfato beta hat that a ma jority of the passengers would vote for Mc- Clellan, whereupon abanvas of tbe train was made, with tne following result: 1JDcp1n;,......^.. v ... .961 McC1e11an......;...,.. ;.......IS9 The traln co&aUied eairs.— Alratl AyCM. - " ■ > 'jtH RASTtRJf STRAW^ The foUowing vote waa taken at the" mili tary hospital in Pittsburg; and shows that the soldiers go in lor Old Abe almost six to one: • Lincoln McClellan..... jqq Fremont q , A WHOLE STRAW From an officer direct from Sheridan’s command we learn that a vote was recently /taken in a portion of that command, pro* snmed to be the most McClellanized oi any *ln the army. /We withhold the designation of the particular command* for obvious rea* sons. The following was the result of* the vote: • • ■ • x For Lincoln i* 000 Pot McClellan 2,000 From the above it will be seen what onr soldiers think of the Peace Convention, its platform and nominee. Messing Documents.—Gen. McClellan’s resignation- of bis . Major Generalship, and Pendleton’s letter accepting the nomination ol ViceFrealdent. ’ -All About tbwGbobgbs.—George Tr&ia. quotes the following old epigram os applica ble to the Georges of Oblcagq: “ George the First vUe was reckoned: Tiler still Georgethe Second, And what mortal ever heard Any good of Geocge the Third! When from earth toe Fourth ascended, God be praised ihe,GeoTg«« ended.’ 1 • * Epigram* " r “Take two of earth s detested nampe. * Iscariot’-and 4 lago.’ And 4 trembling coward, * and Von have The conclave of Chicago.” (£L Zauls Dan, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. horbtabt. S-arrani* BrjDfnro, Sept, H, ISM. , Tbe money market to-day war nnujuaUy quiet, The extraordinary decline In gold ha's no* settled tbe market* and checked speculation anJ'- trading, and our grocer;, dry good*, leather, and gesenTwholesale hooaee are doing little or noth-* lor. The decline In produce has earned an attire demand for cmreacy by holder*, who are unwilling to tell out and meet present Iwaes, hut there la Ttry Utile doing hy actual shippers. Money for" all spetolaliTe pTxranlif"ia dose, but 1 estimate dealers and shippers are freely accommodated at 10 per cent per annum. Eastern exchange to-day was In attire demand, andneders light wpply the market was firmer—' dosing at a ihade bfctter rates. ; The bankers were paying XOS' and selling Hi round lots at Jtf oil, hat generally at par. The present panic in •Brain has shot off an Eastern orders, and hence sSe licfcVecrply: hot a few ; days will probably rectify thb and render the market tolerably easy again. - - The panic in cold to-day eht orbed general atten. tloa. ..Owing to a storm,, the telegraph did not work tin after 11 aedtaers' was a rmy tm easy feefa&g among those Interested fat quotations, Theflrat qootatl on received was 212, and then there .cams quite a aeries of lower dgsree, till 180 was reached. The JWKnrlng are-the quotations ny cetred by James Boyd, cold broker, 88 Clark street: 10.00a.m .212 MIOOm.T.. ~'..v.;.a06if 10J0 a. 210* 1 m ~ .aa* mo a. m;...•*....«»* I litre themarketvss quiet—opening at 209, hot closing tn a panic at 196, tad wUhVatrong down*. ’ward tendency. Borne heavy ddlT#.ea ware mad* to day to parties who parchaaed at 21CQS2Q—prin cipally dlad plea of Anjnste Belmont and theßlchi mond fcctfaxk. Silver sold to-day at low a» iqj. andcloted-dnD and heavy- Five-twentles were weak., • - '' ~-ThßLoadonmoney news creates toms degree ol amusement that a real panic fat the English funds and fimcy speculations on .the London. Ex change should hate followed the mere talk of peace from this aide. The effect on cotton at Liverpool] was In Eke proportion, and the advance of the rata ot Interest at the Bank of England to 9 per cent was prohahly hastened by the same cause. % On the other hand, our United States stock rose S per cent. The colntlbn o! this extraordtro* state of thine a in a money market of to much wealth and importance es that of loodoo, la traced by the, lesCmg organs in English opinion to excessive, speculation in all foreign fends, other than UniUi £tafe*,’and in every ipedes of joint stock cbn- Cfrns, both foreign and domestic, and especially for hashing all over the world in (If United Statet. These conices of sb'orpUon hare fslriy ran the money market dry. The EntUsh people have been systematically prtdjcdiced against bar United States stecks, hut are free trader* of and speculator* In every"other tesczipUonof foreign funds. Not so, the Conti* ucntal people, they believe in our stocks; have taken them freely at chop foreign gold prieea,and have, in turn, thrown spun the London market a •portion of theprevioiuholdtngß of other feveign eecniMes. - ' N*w Tone Srocx HaßKST.—ThelbDowlng ire the quotations forfiept. 9t, tecelvod by p, q, Sal* tonstall & Co., eommlsaias; stock and hood hro * kera,*»idarkameet. Chicago: ? ». r. c .......ustf 1 yuiettaver;.,j..i„, 75 c.*n. w: 111. 1’ '■* ...m BtW * HUwBIW...,h M UI - Erie Coomi*-- - ictSlDl. 0eau....... m SS r ■*«!; r i 5 if r omo* “**** ««. • ...tSv C.*&.7: l«K BLlPcent war loan *‘ ii- R.Vfow>\ csw bauds. M .....ic0 u.B.s»cmtMj™ 11u» Amateaugold. .Marastrittßosrd heavy.- « • MHUCIU. - Satobdat Ernos, Sept 24, , <rh e foTlewlac were the receipt* and shipments iuricfftbe pibt 84 hetxrn: —' KgOwn AID BBIPaJCTS TA. I* 94 BOOBS. • AfioeiTed. Shipped. 4.WI 1,950 .... 6«, m ' ■ 69,150 flou. Wheat , . .57^65 ; , iia.agj ... 13,182* ' -U*. ...7,660 ... .... ..’27,760 . 25.4T0 .. 88.470- •• .... .. 5a.717. 0.017 . 1860 .41003n0 .-7,880 ‘ " k .... 13.689 28,016 1797 077 1506 653 ’06,768.." 20.000 ’ 251 " *. 1530 25416 Bje, 8tt1cj..... GrmßMd.M p>is 8eM,... Brooo* Cor* Ctr»d VeiUrt lard Ttnow .Wool ImQop Catt1e....’.... Qldea : itiitbwlae* 9. Sait— ■Batxar .v ... 1,657 The Beard of Trade Boone to-day, for upwards ; lof two lours, presetted a'seene of the most lade* writable.contusion. .. In the early part of .the nonius, the telegraph wire* wen dowa, aadno 'report' of cold* having beau' received, operators rprhed cautiously to the dark; bat's* soon as tbe o'spatcbea becan to arrive, a wild panic eet In, tibicb tie'only been eqoallM lna few'ln»taoee« !n4tn history of the grain trade of oar city. The first dispatch received, quoting gold at fill, tea* ded to raisrf the hopes of hoEien*, and the markets calsed strength, bat only-for a brie! spaefibf time/for the telegraph kept delivering -Us mes gages of 210,908, and 906, in quick suceeumn, ud down, down, I 'went prices. Speculators, short*. ■geJlcrf, “holdersj bujere-all ‘were panic-stricken and appalled,'while those who had staked theiralj on sold sot .going Jrelpw yesterday** quotations rmhed hither end thither lice mad men. Flour was collected, and the few sales indicate s dec me in prices of tally £6c per bbl—only about G(0 bblsbktmg'chaneeftßrands,at $8.7508.90 far good to choice spline extras. Ah attempt to press aalc%.boweTer, would hare caused a Jhrther de clce'ofCOcpcrbb'.. _ ,• The Wheat market opened very qu’eton account of the abtecce of no vs concerning gold, bat as soon as the New York dispatches were received. It became 'panic*strieieo, and prices fell about 8c per bnebel, The sales of Spring Wheat amounted to about 215,060 hnsbelf, at $i 7001.75 for No, 1 Sprit g. $16401.68 for No. 2 Spring, and $1,510 ($l5B forß*jkt«f Spring—themarket -closing heavy wUh a strong downward tendency. Winter' Wheat was almost wholly neglectedrand we note salts of only. 9.000 bushels, at $1.70 per bushel . for No 8 Red, $163 for Selected Bed, tnd-$1.60 for NoJGrad^Bed. torn was quiet and we noteafhrtberdecUne ofle - per b nabob _ The oflfcring* were very light, aad the iraiktt has almost ceased te be attractive, to ship* ptre—hence the dullness which prevails. Only about Bi,OCO bushels were sold tt $l9B forNo.,l Corn, qoiet'at Jre l&Blde.quotsUloDß.. •The maiket for Oats was also less active, and we note a decline of He per bushel. About 100,000 buthels chanced handfa at 6fHo6se for No. 1,010: 6iX c fo*lNo. 3 and 63e Ibr rejected—the market dosing quiet at the Inside quotations/ . Hyenas doll and 405 c per bushel lower, with ssfes of 10.0QD bushels at $1 1801 kO/or Ho; 1 aad $l 140118 for No. B—tho market dosing doll at the lowest quotations. Barley suffered a decline of 5c 9 bn, only about 4,0C0 bn having been sold at SI.BOOIBI for No. 9, - and $1,60 for Rejected. Bishwineafelllc $ gal, and the market ruled quiet—only SCO brie having changed bands, at SUG9 01.70— dosing dull at the iastda quotation. Timothy Seed feQ 10090 c f) bo, with liberal aales at $4.0004 60. Flax Seed was firmer, and an advance of 10c 9 bn was ‘paid—prime samples selling at $3.0008.10. The Salt market continuesunsettled and almost Domical. . The agents ara not selling, bat oatslde speculators are easer to sell at $3.6003.60 .’or new Fine, and at SB.OO/or old. Batter, which has been In rather a sinking coa lition for some time, has at last fallen 6c per lb* choice Dairy and Shipping qualities baring oeca sold to-day at 86®SCc- The Provision market la etaperfect s'and-stiil— ( there , being no demand, and bat a very trifling stock of anything to offer. Grain Freights ware doll and easier, with light engagements at 7XOBe for Wheat and 7Xc for Corn to Buffalo. The Grocery markkas been dnll and inactive Tbe depression which prevailed in oar Eastern markets yesterday and fte procc&ng day, with a consequent redaction of the prices of.lho leading staples, has shaken the confidence of boyars. Bc daced rates being anticipated, purchasers are re stricted . «fl much as possible.' In cOffoo we note a fartoer decline of 1c pee. pound on O. Q. Java. Cape and' Bio are tolerably firm at previous quota tions. Bogar la In fair supply; and prices ars still tending downwards. Byrops and Tea are in email supply and firm at previous quotations. In Fish the market'la generally active, with a limited supply— On* Mackerel No: 1, old, we note an odvaneft ofSOe per half hbl., Cotiflah-aro In good demand with very moderate receipts. Prices have'<onaeqaent)y advanced 59050e per quintal. Halibut In good request, and fair with an advance of In Green Frails the supply of Ap{ff?s is more lifted, sod with a good demand prices rale firm er, with an upward tendency.- Grapes-are in lib-" ml receipt, market active. We qnote'lsabella at 12X018c,'snd Catawba at 18023 c $ lb. Peaches In small and JjrcßOlar supply. klarket-aeUveat $3.0004.00 per basket.. Lemons dull and in fair Hides are dnlrand unchanged.' Oa preTfens qno> iatloss we nets a decline of He on Green Salted, and 10Be per lb oa Dry Salted and Dry Slmc. BUnseed Oil la null supply, sad light stocks on hand. Market qnlet and rather firm at present quotations. Lard oil In almost nominal supply.' Market active and very,firm at 51.75Q1.80 per gal* Carbon Oil alter a lengthened period of firmness and inactivity has fallen So- per gal on previous qnqmUons,- The market bae«eiouseqnentlysbeen jsoroactlre, We now quote best. Whale Oil at 90 QBScpergaL ~ Tallow is iq limited supply, and less active. On previous quotations we note a'dseUae ofoLKc per lb. Wo now quote country Tallow at 16XQt7e*9 lb, with few buyers in the market. In Wool the market continues dull and droop* ins, choice fleece Wools are offered all the way from; 92cQ‘L0S, hut without buyers. The decline In gold baa made the market Bpb duller. Present quotations are nominal.' I.ATBB* ■ Immediately after the adjournment ’Changs dis patches were received from New fork quoting gold at SOB; which was* speedily followed by another quoting it at 199. This had the effect ef producing another panic In themarket, and No. 3 Spring Wheat was sold at weak. Com, Oats, Bye, Biriey and Highwlnes were neglected. - CHICAGO fifty GOODS MARKS?. Frices SUU Lower* , . Satubdat Evsircro, Bepksl7lS6L Tke extraordinary decline In geld to day, and tte downward tendency In cotton, render the Dry Goods moxketbeavysnd depressed,and websve to note a still farther fall Jn price*. Owing to.the unsettled condition of the market' the demand during the post two days has been of a very trifling nature, country dealers belay afraid to investtm fold and cotton settle downto something like npsnnanent basis. To meet the demand, how ever, oar wholesale merchants have redacta their pricer, and we note a decline amos yeeterday of about lo 9 yard on Prints, ia?e on Denims, Lg3KO CU I Corset Jeans, and 3}fe on Brown Drills. - It* following are tbe cluing- quotation! for to* ta?:batitu<noretbanpro«ablo tbac lomn change will UHe place on Monday nniau gold main again asoinr ssmorea. -5 Pacta e. « Cabot; A. 61 Eagle***.; ' sa Indian Head,,..* (8 Indian Orch*d»w 45 - bTb. ~,48 - * . Cm*. a a,... a : I::: S Amoakeag A..., HaiMChnsetttLM <1 .. . 61K PoppereD.o..... M ** 8..., » „ “ 8..~ JO' Poraaeta........ *5 8Urk.A.....„.. o ■■ ••• •■ mi norms. Dark.. 4a Tniutp AQanJt’k 89 * Americas Dark. 4CGU Bhirnegßtylat.. SB»w • oaehM*. 8...... as TortL s&ss Ikefcmcmd'Dftrk. 40«a(l B»ek mad WMt* SBBIO mw w jjtd ignTuei. BUUQHZD 8atC5.~...,..;.9l JU&M'MiUa.«3S 65 Janet's Mills % 99 Blaekstdne, HU1...7-* 17 to JC ED Bed 8ank....,4-1 r,s - - , 47* mil...*. .*a4-4 « James* »* MaochesViftew) «®4T}< *An Wool, plain.". east Faoflecnew).... *4*47* l' Scotch Olcghama.... «s i Hampden. lioeuter..... M .M. tf leuvov. Jtiati " corn oa 6t*yTwmed...,.BWi iOpenjnazmris.... •I.'tf • EamUtos, hr I ‘n, wide, M l Mancneater..... ' Bd»- ** • A-..~ ers Palmer Co, ja ** B. .£9 Albasy. ..*^3*a*3, . ' ' C ,7»* Pemberton R*d...,171T5 \ J>. —2 wnmaaton, aa .. - BwlftgTer..... J» ~ pnl,imy ifurM* |« •_iTotk. to - v Jsnu> Amoakeac 90 pemhroka. _ Hami1t0n...,..;.. as cHatao ' m Maacheaun 74 Haymaker ...7.7 a , T0rn..........,>,85 Q37K Waahmgton.u., uu R»rlianr.„... «£ BroSStrSfe. «* gg ***?• w NewTorkMma,Ss-«75 Wlatsenton.,..;. x 70 Ererett. M M.,...57-$79 Farm'raAMeeh*a IJS hlvt mm. • ' Amoak'g, Brown . 70 I . _ . ■ UUOUWUIIJIUI, .a -iCeppersU..., is iLewlitoa .... tun otnn mn. 40 iFepperelu... .. tj I Canoe River, t. <4« • LAmoaiceag... Lewiston., Bate*. ■ - - . BCXnUKS. n!*n -a# -t surlsps.. a • . twTd as-Coats' dpi cbfn 173 8r0.Craa1u......i 6 Bleached do. w ..1! 92S 4SUeaiaLonsdale.' "ms ooLoarn ournKica. ' Amoskasg. Victory.... 3 39 rPaperCambrtes. 90 _ uuaiu, BKnr tajQjXewU Exports sfDesenle Produce at New fork ■ ■ The «con» of domestic orodnes for the week in*/ elnca 99 bUs potashes. 89 bbls pearl >*ne», lb* beeswax, «S.4iS bbn wheat flour, 3a ol* rye Hear, 1.748 bblsetra me«L 3(8.7V7 bushels wheat. TSS.bushels cats, 17,903 bushels corn. 7i* bushels peat. 7JJIS pag*.' candles.Shales eot»o3,ltt bsles nay,lia.bDia fir, « bbtt pitch; s bail solnts turpentine. U.4U sa’ls vnua' oil, &K9 sails sp*nn oil. l,4iv stilt lard on. 298 eils linseed oU,].7»boispcra, efi9 onls and SO tea beef. snjn»lb«catxcea>».&»&Y Ibi butter, ijtt.SM Ibi cbwte.s:64£* lb* lard, nsbbs rice, Rwm tallowv 9e,7C9 the whalebone, TUXES salt* .petroleum. kSi9 hhds and JJPI other pkgs crude tobacco, od*. mfaco. Tbs Payments far Curs la Great' Britain. ~ (From ths London Times.]— - The paimrats made for Corn bars been on a com* paraUvely restricted scale this year. Thus the total value at the Wheat imported m the sis months «ea* • intilvne SOtb. was Xt,SjiJna. artists isstaaSS ln_ toe coireipondluz pair ot laa, ut m ibs cemspopomr bytr at 1M»; or Barl*r, £SIU*S. aislrst xi 596.H9 m the crrresposdtiur hair sfISSL acd £990,79; te tea co'retpondinsr ball of UC. of the Oais.-XS79.i7V in the vooolaa half or iscs.aad £CS7,t9v In tie correspond* tor bairoriWt ot the Peak innu t» in the co'tespo»d*ng halt 01 isSVasd£ .}Bthecesze>poncm«hsUifiße9; otthaßeans xm.~ 57], ataio‘t ]MS,aad£3hMs7 In the cormpondtnc half of 1891: andottho lastsn Corn or Jfalce. £K'.OW. iKinrt £1 fO7,ML ta the correspondus half of .is£ e»4 vvetoua tn tha corrtvpondlsc ball of iSil. -The total ivaiusortha Cora of all taada ixpcictsd to Jona SOtb. tfeiaiesrrwas thus SX&rfiii, aralbtt XiSAUBi in ‘ the Mcrwhoniine period oMMV rad XU.IS& m ths eortupcnCmc pensd of ISO, so that Uw vahic o >U.< ot <gp«a»“lsr SffiKrl!&‘ai£S^a'S^Sli&j& b America Xfis.ut; and, trcm otnar ccwnw>*w»iw». ''CHICAGOXU*BBtt BflBKW 1 * IBatcxdat Etx«uQ. BC9k.4 f pU. LCMBER-Becelred jectaxday r .75,9a< fset of lam- Mr. Them hate bean *«tsf*lc*r«o*ica.»ba mantel tc-lay. but boyars are mote caotloM, and hare, (herefirt, not conceded tke" piloeatakel. ; co ebaafis eo'prcTlooa qooutibnj, aUhouxV market la weaker. • " w j•/**.* • QUltfOLES—Bcoelred yesterday. 99Jtt9* Market la. yen 1 mall supply, aad-modentelyfliaa at preseal fcotatloas.* s . lAlHrJteeelTed yesterday, 215,9(1 per. Market^ ratheracUte.aodsteadyatpreTiouQaotattoos. f. OMO liLU TO-DAT. < Cargo ictr P Baydeo. from Pare Marquette, sold by Co>. Lootnla, 198,W9 tecUnmber, •# per cent sfripo, at t text. -t~ ■■ Uthojaidjbusiness la vary acUre-pdoes rmlng 'dim at the foUoonmx reriaed quotations LnxßD-rimt.iearß M.........|8Ute55.C1 LTIX? 6e«md CHeMtfoara*. ¥ U-... - tM?»M TbTd Clear Qraid*,W evoasoxo Pfritao*rPUak.f M .............. toxeffrtxi Becocd DUari*laaJ. V M. HXOwSIdI TjSrWClur [lank,» • - Bipck Board*. 25*SS^?1 , S Boa «r-select Board* - S«2sfrs! . • commoa 80an1a..... g g»MXO Fen cm*- RkesCit " cS b£tls«,... IS.O9AIUW Foot Clear Fioortxuf, rottkk. ....«5c.10 BeeoUCiear Fuwnar.ronffh 49X004991 -- common flocnnr, roughs MXOA3BX6 aif tmr, cear, Beocnd Clear.. ts.rtass.fia j0ua,......; iiOKtkfiC Bbofl Jouta UXtAIkOO Snared fihmjdes, A. ¥ M...*. 5-* Cm fi.75 BbATed Shingles, Vo-U 9Jva &rs Shaved Sklnrlea, Star. 57591x9 .Cedar SXta 8.75 Sawed Snlnglei,A..., 5.75^8X1 Sawed Bblnklee*No. L 4,7» 125 Lath. ¥IXOO pea t&Oi 5.0 C poets. ¥ LWO- U£* u - D ’ picket*...... ...... likitisuo CHICAGO CATTLE OCARKET, Far the Week Ending September 34* ISBI. &LXuxDATß'mxaa,Sept.i>, utt. Tha receipts ef B«ef Cettle ul Live Uoo at taa rariou yards ta the city, lor tbe -ireet: oadla* t> day, compare as (tiUevs with tbe prenoas weekly receipts eme«Ancojts.lMl: % Beerea, Hoes, ne. So. ....9,710 1&.2 M ....1041 • lo3> V« 7^ze B,m. 7,iTl Week ending Sept, tl •• Week anoint Sost- it.... WeckesanjcSeet. u... Week eotfifix Septa. .... Week endow An*, 57.... week eadiiir A0«;.20...i. Week ending Anr. 15.... * Week ending 6.... tmi wmioKT ojt urm notxnou obvuooto sbtboit . . “ - , OlUlfl,Bogif * 1CD»«. Mien. Cent. aad-Mlch. 8* lute out... #m 00. SBe CanefAU 56.00 Me Michigan Central/pnau can.;.......,.. coac no TO BTOT/LO OB StTSSZXBIOW BSTuGI. Vick. Cent, and Mick. B* luce can., f co,tfl • S3c Cara of BOfeet.. BSi» Wc Mlchtran Central, small can 80.M - 58c fort Wajne can. 334 feet, .- sloo -SU .Pitts,, Ft. Wayne <k C. can of 7U ffcat. |SBJO (8o Mich.BoaU>eni, Ursa can 9*, CI 550 do can of IOC foot flu* 6fic Batts to Dunkirk $3.01 9 ear ion taan to BolEaio. when ihpiped by all ralL Eat** to Dunkirk 2Kc V IM»« lea* thaaUßnffslo, when shipped hy sol rail. . - BEST C&TTLB.- Tba total receipts of Beef Cattle at the Ttziona raids In the city*, durtngthe week ending to-day, according to "the daily rettfm posted amount to 9,H0 head. This Is 49K head more than were recared last week, and 4£48 .head more than the receipts cf the corresponding week of last year. The oaily receipts at tae radons yards compare -as follows; Monday/.... Tuesday... Wednesday. Tbmeday. Friday.... Saturday.. Total r9,7i0 The following are the closing quotations ofthemsr ket this tTtali g. as compared with Isst week s CLoaiao PRtoaa.. Thu weak. Last week. Prime to extra qualities,....* &509 7.M 1 7.00 a BCo Gocrt medium to prixedo.... 4SOa CM &ota Medium q«aUU«..i 31Ba 4-15 3.755# 4.75 Cows, thiuSteote, Ai......... 3-coa&Ao s^ea&so The following are the comparstira prices -of Bsef Cattle ibis craning, and the corresponding pencil oflastyesr: Tbls year. Last year. Siime to extra quallriu 4 Hfifa 750 f3JCO4.» oodmedlumtopiltnedo...... 4Jca 6.2S 2.75®i.t5 Medium qualities 3JS& <.43 . 31509.7S f Cowr, thm steers, Ac., kCCa SJO J.lsgUO From the above table It will be f eea that as com*, pared with the preceding weak Boat Caitia have de cllned Me VMO fts on Good Uedinmto extra grades. and!Ca7sc'l»lo»tt> on Inferior qualities. As coul •pared with thepiiceepalddotlag the correipondmg week of last year, the carreat rates cf (he market this ever leg are: S3 C(93isper ICO Kb higher, on Pilmeteextragradee; 11754140 per 100 bs hither onGced medium to prime giades; andl per DO ns hl\her oninferlor grades. SaTixsoaT. Bvxnao, Btpt.2l. The supply of Beef CatUe dnrlog the past week, shows a tolerable ln> crease uven the preceding week, and has been much laigcr loan ear receipts for several mouths past. As conjpsreo with the receipts of corresponding «pe*, rlods of previous years, they by thUr largo excess* leaqto the conclusion that our resources in ttuedl* rectionarefully'sceplng pace with that extraordi nary growth ahlch marks the general trade of this city. . • Inyegar*tothe general quality of "‘mon grades of stock have very largely predomina ted. This Is rather unaccountable, considering that •the Information published In tbese columns irom day to day. relative to the actual demand,—and tbo ad vices tranimttted- to drovers and. farmers, uf the country by their agents have very distinctly stated, that common Cattle were not wantSd, and could only oe sold .at a considerable sao- Udee. .. Tbo - result* .very , plainly shew the Inconsistency of shipping CatUeliero for'sale, la oppcillloo to the'advice lurnlsned by those whose only j>lm'can berto promote the interests of drovers and laimers, - Gfjhe receipts dnrlagthe week, sales were rarely effected without a delay ot two or three days, thus teenntug the high cost of yardage, feed, lug. lot* of weight, Ac.; and in addition, there are little short of S£OC head of Common Cattle In the va rious yards ikU evening nusold. v There hat beewa moderata demand for good me* dlnm to prime QuaUlletfallhourh the market has net been eharactemsd by that activity which exist •d during the prscedmg week. This may Im acconat edlor.frds the Act that, in the ahsenco of better grades ef stock, shlppersdonog the put three weeks have speculated-ralncr lugsiy upoa lower qtulikes than they pave been accmtomed to buy, until *ths Eattein markets have beenka f»r ovmloeied, |>«t a heavy decline In prices was the result; which in many cues esmed considerable lots. In addition to this cause of dfcreated activity we And that the da maad for army Osttle has somewhat fallen off—old cottractahaving been nearly filled, and new ones •eare«ly completed. The sapply of prime to extraUrjtdes of Beef CatUe has been almost nominal. Bhtpoera. have conae*' quenUybeen comparatively inactive, and several of them, In the absence of any better occupation, have been speculating upon desirable lota to be re-sold to the Hilt purchaser at a little margin for prqat. This scarcity of extra grades of stock, at the present pe-' liodofthsyear,labnt an-ordinary stato ef things. We note that last year, during the months of August shd September, (hero was the tame scarcity of Beef CatUe. Then were la the various yards'thls morulcg.ln* • eluding Ibfrdally receipts, about 3,0g0 hud of Beef Cattle, almost entirety consisting of medium and Tery common • steers, cows a&d coarse oxen. Buyer* bought Tery sparingly ; the' entered sales amount te 2JM beed.tbusleaTmgneatly ar.o bead this eTftlngnitold.'Updn the sates made there was no dee me Horn the current ratea «f the market jester day; but the {treat bulk tf stock left ta the yards could net bare bpea sold except at abearydechne from previous quotations. Prices ranged-front floo eblefly at s£6CO3>oo fioo its. The following are the only sales of any Importance mads darlnt the week;—vrallwork A Maliorv to irUklni.SShead falrgrade steers. averaging 1,382 as, atOASS; Sprague, ef McLean county, 109 head food grade Illinois steers, averaging IJQ Pi, at UJO; j. Adams to Campbell, 17 bead small, bat very Choice gridellllnqU steers, averaging 1,068 fts, at ts62)f* Qrvgcry * Co. to Hyman A Ruble, 1M head Illinois steers, averaging 1,161 Be, at |&S0; Strabemtoßte phets, t3 bead prime lowa eteers/averagUg 1400 as $• CO ?X.C. Sprague, of McLeancounty, teMyers.9B Lead vex? prime XUlnota steers, S yean eld. averaging UlB ns. at fA75t J. Adame to Bonsely, 123 head fair grade Umola steare, averagm* 1.&3 as, at sSj»t Bell to Clarke, in headword grade steers, averaging 14i9Be,attlllK B IN Be. inr y»TT r *UU TO-SAT* denar*. surer*. If*. At. Price. 'We3l*otk*H...W.B« Kelly so tea «4tn do ~;..weii is na ajo da _....o’sbee —aa sas «oo do EQWTtgbt am 883 840 O.Ademi W.M. webb.'.,.,. 33 Uio US ao do. 23 HSB &4i well, M ...£nvri(bt.. M 49 99i ass Bettiey... Ziegler ACo u loos do do as 11.9 475 do ..... de 65* 1239 4.75 O’Sbee ...«• \ do 35 1051 O. Adame .do 18 ins 4is dot .....KellT. 10 525 133 8eet1e?,.........We11. a uoi 840 Bieke do U 9JI ih) Parker. m Jta do o*Sbee a iia sj?k 8entby....... ~.Eent*Co as ias. sja ' do do ....15 96* &30 Dennely. Cntxab IS 1129 . ajo WellworkAH...*P.Eebn. S3 544 8,73 ,do .... do is la 4 a -do ....WUkIBS. U 877 SJ4a /do 23 1333 L 23 ' do ....Qctrtcman 15- 998 ‘ 40a •do 13 M 3 833 Eovmbt U .H.S »9 n» tM j.Ori«le7. Mec*r»»... u lata' 4.m WMO „„ *0 17 in 4H BeSdold. .Mallory. 48 887 335 UcOnv duke.,..,. 1 48 -M3 4.C0 -Oonsez .Mallory. 19 TO S«i eo ......,...jnn*y .la ies« 8.75 Bsr»Koe... M .;...Bar&s. 1* ns IS) jofasitoa~..4.....F&riey.. 1047 830 80t0rtL..... W-M. SB 1134 . LOO Bpl*Cttß ...Catß*. 18 JIBS ■ 585 .do ;.........Liru»noa..;.. .us ita Lei w. F.Brown.....A.X.&eat* Co. » Bts L3S O. Adam*........ do 'l3 W3 LSO Morrto W A H....Hoffmaa J&3 log LOO LAdmL«.......C»ropMIU 7 W8 «3Jf do . .. .;;JJ*rb*ek 13 m- SIS do .iactawar,. 43 ItSJ bJS do .-...JHtU...- t3 lU3 4.15 • do Keiij ist 103 ui Cooley* bldridgeGfboaZ; « 917 otndtt. H ... Camu,....; *5 401 Bonit. .Hoosely. 37 » 5.73 firTrnrtM,do 58 1119 . i^S Bt»d«^’V...V.»Wia*-....... i ..3a ,7M 3WH Bawkus.» Hurasn. as iws 4.7 a dd 8......... do -• ..m •18 UU ~CSO • HOGS. . ss 57* !1 Tbe total receipts of Hogs at tbe yarlont yards of the «?y dnrlng the week ending to-day according to tbe dally return pciMdcn’Cbapee.ajßoant to 16 a bead. Tbls is 5.450 bead more than were received and bead lets tbas\be receipts of tee ‘Snraspocdisg week of Jist year. - - . Ibe dally reeipts as toe various yards compare as "follows:- -- • i - Monday. .HU Wednesday. Tbnrsdsy. Friday. BMKtt itu ereabs* eonpuod vita lact week: , • c&oazsa rsiczs. ' '—= x ' This W«ek.~ Last Week* Prtae ta Extra an»JlUwu...flf sMl* ni |rtOQ®I3JO ** .... 90T9W5 10.naU.7S Com ato Meclmn' • ~.'. a 9XO &MOIOJO. voa wo 7.00 a 900 -jjj e foUoulct table shows She companttra prices of Beisthls weeh, aodforihe corresponding weak of- last year: <-• This Tear. Laic Tear . Frtoe to Extra qualities.. tio soaiwo . Sctua to Pxlma “ ..f. 9-CO®UUS 4.lPaij s ‘' Oca’a to Medium .*• ;... SJO» 900 Prcm the tbora.'tablet It wlDhe scan that as com. pared with the preceding week, Hogs hayrTleeured $10C«l-80 on Prime to Extra qualities'; SLSOai.7S on~ Medium to Praseand Strati 60 V **o fit on Inferior sradea. .A* compared with the eorrerp on fttnfperiod of lait jear, Pnmoto Extraqnalttlea are SSoraLto plto na lugher than they were laiUyaar; Midttni to prime M.Kdt.W ¥ UB S* Water; and Inferior quail ■ tics t4.7*a5-08 V Irtfti higher,la each eaaa present rates being about double' those ef last pear., SxToanJiT Brans, predomtoanng' fiatnruol the market dart** ~Ua part waak-hare •«n a literal supply—and a'cheek upon the eztraor D dnary price* hare ft»r aow i-wten rererael this eiti at So far u the supply la concerned,it baa been below that of the <rrreapcii*Uc period of la* year,bat** the ra a whloa h«rs been current 10-the market, It baa Uiea oonaiderab.y ia exeats of tba ao* maud. WtlaetweeknoredanadraaceDpoa too prarloma fktoy rate*cf themar«o< oM3fiil«e VllO Qs; waa TCty appaxest that tola staVfof iblsi 1 ooold aot bomalitamad; anatneeeo wit ertuel? eoatlaxacl npea the small ana m*d qaatarecelcta wo w«a tbea gsttax. Ibtsweekwo etaarro a taoraoieat la tb« 'eppoiJto auccucn, a dtclma of lus.auTS harlnr been-already esiamuhed, me market eloslmr tou‘ ereslsx with a4nrtk*r oowßwsrd teo:eaor The market apaead cflk storabu with tbirtSjj'O .Hogilatbexarlrni j«rc«, laelndloc w e dally re celpta; Btu«« coaUtuoG t» m*mfwttte aana hr : dlspcslUoß to operate, CTCQ attbarsdoced rauw wlita whlcb toamarket doted 'a.t eaea ng. rao erserea tales during the fay attosn to 3,iii beau, at at *xa \l«e V 1M v. «*‘»OT *l*»ls.n«!Ub ¥ lot ttl lerezal ol the prladpti tud to make foitbercoacewtorsiiu* there aie'stii nearlyS.t»j • Bogs in the rittooa yards onsuld. upon which a Tor tiitr wettoo will ba nexltable, wl b.ot aa extraord- Darycbrig'einiiotoelinxaci tuyers. UKO UUttOOJLI. > - Belle'S- • „ Prioa. Walla era * M.. .Gordon xu its /«c S <* ••• d* ut . 121 ittt do • co .......... ti jti it I* WFBrowa —... to . S SfS .co Bellos it 'ms ii^o K10g....7... 00 s» aia n.uj Oct-tiiy w.... ao n ?(S do ........... do ............ be ist I**s WFBrown do a i«s 0.-js CO do M K4 90* Martin Begentballer 55 131 übtk .Chapman *do 4S a.a :1.7V BbermsD.HdtP.. co 49 2'5 uo W F Brown do na 210 u.-e J Qrldley I*rl«t 59 ISS It as ao ao 63 208 uxo* do GIUbU M 154 BXO do ...’ do « 223 do -do 79 181 9XO do JKftllf 61 191 lOXJ Metcalf 70 iITT - M do Fneec £0 TOt 10.75 Oardatr. do JTZ m lOXO Bbabotn.... do ai sit * ecsetr Metcalf & Co 104 r.«O <0 Curtis* Bate*... S« 153 10M 'do do si Bwi ifijt _ do\ <0 SC »fi 10X9 -EtStn do 2*3 Its SCO Kerf1t1d........ ..BsUuJck. ss ns ioxi Major ...... Kenyon k» m 9.«9 •Bowen Fan*worth |5» 2.9 lUS ffbKEP—‘The leterpta of Sheep during the week were rery limited. Tke market la moderately aedra and firm at 15.7137.Cfi per ICO Iba lor prime to extra graft*. : UUCAGO DAlliY 9UBKET Alt tala of Of ain reporus in tAUmarUi report anon. abatis of3c storaae per butlieL unless otherwise fixed, JT-aar is sol<t delivered vrJess oUtervsiK stated - T Satcbdat Kvbbxbo. Bent, Si, IML FREIfiBTft-CrKAirf PniianTS—Dull ana «h«da e»Hfr. tftfl eot»raneD» were: To Bottalo ; —BrlsßanncrandtctirA. J.Ri'-h, wltj wheat at 8c: icbr Supply, wit* wheat, at »xc; acbr Colllngwood. wltb * • M LAnxasDuaiz. M FniQßTß—Tbersii no chaara In rates, we quote: » Floor to Boston, lake and rail 9;jKva.... Floor to New York*, lake and ml e«*r..,. PlourtoPo;tKcd,via£amla... 1.*>3.,.. Floor to Boston, vu Sarnia L6oa ... BAH.noad Fcxxonra-TLcra is no la rates. We quote; ■ • • . ■ Foarth Claes. Flour. , To New York, all rail.-. ...f M I.W “ rail sod Luka Erie <L9O u n To Boston, all rail... .......093 2 to " rail mod Lake Kne osa- ijo To Portland all rail 100 • Toßainnore. an rai1................ 0» 1 iso Tofli'ladelpbla, all rail .....0 90 iLB To Ptltobnig, •* ...0J» no • H.OUR—Received te-aay,4«Tbrl»: snipped, 1.- ZXi brla. Market bravysne ncnuoalissc lower. Sales te aay weret.WisTßß Uxthas—srObrligood wnlta wicteroop.t. Sp»xso Extbaa «C 0 bm good (prior ■wheat extra at 95.73; .9 brlr “Lcckpon Mini," -at 98.0 c. . Hmn—lC tons bran la bulk on track. WmBAT-Received to-day, 61.177 bd; abipoed. 62.7H bushels. Market“panicj” and decbnedSc V bosnel. Salta tocay were;—Spsjq Whbat m bTOBX-ttlte bu Bo i Bprlnz (bemrs ’Change) at JU7S: id bu do at *1.73; 3.1C0 bu oo a*- f U7< t lAMi ba oatli.Ti: v.oeo bn do at n.7t: HlO«j bu so 6pncs at s*.on; 45,00« bu do at 11.6.K; 40,Cr-« bu do at at 67; 2,010 bu do at %IJS*X ; TO.'XOba «o at 91.66W; llLia bu so at 91.C6* ISJMt hu do at 91A1; 10,0*0 bu co at 91.61.H; S«i-9r bu do at 91M; l.« 0 bu Rejected Sprint a»9IM; WMbrnao at 5157; 1,(00-bu So at tiAi. .'Wnrrtt Wheat nr bu Noa Bed. at S</0; 8440 bo Rejected Bed at tL&t; 1,500 bu DO I rade Rto at fl 60. AtCkecloia tbe market waim •n almost mdartrlbable s aie ot confusion, and Ko 3 bpmg «aa affcreafteeiy at $t e*. OURN—Received to day, 37.371 bo: iblppod, 57,90 Du. Msrket quiet and le to ver. Soles w day xete: Cobv ix stobb-m*® bu Ko i Corn at su-8: u.omba Bo2Corn at |i.2!i:7bC bn do a". SI77U. Bite* Cobs— 3B*Xi bn «o z Com at *1.30 afloat—themarket dealt* qolat at tl-37)» for Nt a to itcre. OATa-Rece*ved to-day, liS.SM bo; shqrael to- Cai,tiß2toba. Market )jc lower ana i«a active. Sates today wem Oats nr stcbk—6,>Oo on ho 1 OaieatO-iLWOomUOat SlYe; SSJXO oo Oo at 6’-,S'; RICO bo i cTTO&isac oo rfo'atOle: 9.0.-O bußeU^adOatiatesc—the market closing quiet at MHeftrM-JlOats. - BY E—Recetred to-day. 15.1C2 bn:»bicoid, *4.(CO bu. UarStidtulaDd4«>c lower. Bales Rvb laSTeBX-i/tetnßo ißvo at HA>; 1,03 d bado at >UB:fciflbaN«2ll3e»tlUß ; l.(Kt ba oe at 91.17; 4,< Ob bu co at 91.15; 2,coe bn do at |Ul—the market clcsicg cull at tbe matae fleuxet. BARLEY—Received to-amy, 7469 ba. Market Dull and 5c lower. Sales to-eay vue: BTORB-9'etaKo7ttflß:; •ROba aost ti.siK: 2,*xjC ba co at |i £fl; 4(-C in Bejecisd Dar.ey at market * loslnc flat at isstoe Oguiea - ALCUIIML-Duilandbeevyat9 8 .4J®8.U 9 gal BUTTER—Eacelveoto-dAy, 71.4t3 B«; sTiuped, 95,n5 na. Mazset heavy and declined s£6c p>r a. tveqccte: Prime dairy In crocks and tubs Sk^Uc BbJppmrDa>ttr,mflrtifis masse CrmeDntter.' 2»a9oe - B»l?» to-day—lo Jars Dairy stS6c; 23 flrkms choice at 3k : L- fl.kms de at ase. BEAWB-I>a>la»d Demlnalat 1240®143« per bn. BROU3I CORN—Boil auo Domical at «173.0»d 29CJ.V per ton. Receipts t-xay.28.7i7 fts. BAtJGIPiQ the market oa« eeen quiet and uu« settled, a* ibe remit of tbe daprraslou in the Hry Qeocs market, and tbe further decline of Qald. We quote: biait.A...- 9120 Lis Hampden is, eeamliet .....«** 80- Wsverly A, eesmleee. ...~1.15 CbtcatoA. eramleas 88 -Western Ptauio 85 A... ss Manchester A. sewed Hr.en. es ,V*n. _ , .9,01115,{33 Afif* t/*r Btfcelots. last Corn Exchange A, sowed linen. R'gleA... Bxeelscr . Empire City,sewed Unen~. Garden City*sewed linen.. Burlaps, four hu. Gunnies, five bu.;.. .... “ ■ fcur b0...M \ •* two bu Floor S»ck«, ft brig cotton M “ ft ** linen. ** • x ** «otton •* T H n “ 'P*p«r- 44 - X»l7 “ *• s M Wool pack*. ioo . CHKKsIi-ln moderate supply, wltb an active demaod7Market flna-atprevlettt quotations. We quote: Hamburg 34 325 c Western Reserve. ...23 «*te 'Western Stales. j* *toc COJPFKK—Market quiet abd In tatr supply. On O O. Java ve sole a further decline of 1c f* A. Cspe snd-lUo moderately Aim atprevlom Quotations. Wo Soto* pe,|i r. <t all c J<us,o G.inmats. si ass e loo.iairtoseod ..... UfcuiSKe KJo, good tiTprtme tt.Katß.K3 CUAJLf—In small receipt. Marts; active and very ora at orations quotations.* We quote: BBtr—Dromfleld.. ..yis 00 oo Ormnsv.-....; r. Ciavamu-BnarHUl w.cb 00 MlneraHtldpe. 15 00 - do Wallow Bank ,15>0 Blowbur*. ..isco Lump Lehigh..... 2i 00 Idutawana. prepared at 00 gcratita j . a».CO Prtieton jo 00 81ind5..... ....... 9xoaio«o . KG Receipts aremorellmlted.andwltbagood demand prlcei rule tolerably firm at soaue ¥ dor. Sties Pxisy, 2 pjcgß at ac IF dor; 8 brli do at He * FISH—The principal future in the 'market at Ereaentisa craeral scarcity of Fisb, especially ot le meet saleable terta Wi'b an active demsnd trices areflrmer than usual. and stocks coasldsrablr Usbter. WniTSTisn are lac early aomtaai supply, and active at ptevuns suetarions. MaaasaLm tooddenasa 1 previoos rate?. except* ig 80. 1 til btlolo, on wbieb an advance of 50c bas bienmade. Copyißirlo small supply.-aid very Arm at an advance ofttc per iCh fit, oalsraer Qtots* Hons. Hausur in moderate receipts. Mansur ac- Uve and firm with an advance of Kc « a. we quote: c ■Wblteflsh.No.l, hlf brU. ....vSSLOOtaBIW WhltefUb,No.2,b!rbrl.. *£7 Sag Wkiteflsh,Ko.3.hlf brt........ raSra Trout,Ko.i|ht?M.«.i. ntcaaas Trout,Ko.2.blfbrl T,,,,.. UOtaTta Uaekersl,Ko.l,birhrt;new 1350<a 13.75 Mackerel. 90.1* bif brl« 01d............... ,u of cut so Mackerel,Nt.2.bli ujowlii Mackerel.So.3.hlfbrLol« 5.73 Mackerel, large family, sir brl,new...„: £55 bum Mackrrel.No.l. &62Ka5.13 Msckerai.Ko.l.Elts.old. s.oea£i3K 2-«KaUS UodQ»h,Oeor»eaßank t psriioibs. UksrailCO Ccoflsh,Grand Bark, per IfUlbe... Ift.tQwlfrW Herricgy, Ko.l Pickled, round, per brL,, B.tsa 9J5 Bmlsxs.No. 1 Plcklca. per bfbrl.... , SjsaLso. Berts?**w,perbrl ... lisaiuo Berrirgs, Labrador, sam, per br! IS^caift-TS limtnss, •tied, No. f.per b0x.... toa 75 Gemrgs. Dried, Sealed. Saiu Salmon, pickle*. _ ... «L 503573 Po'lcck,ptrlMuit. „ 7oj« T.2S Bsllbnt-oerlb . ... iix® 18c GKEBH FRUIT—Arms are vx more united ■npply.wliliainoraaitlTeaemssd. P/leearaia tstt Aimat present gootaaotu*- Obapsk—ld rood nnclr. principally Isabella, ted active demand. Marxes tcUraniy flna as prerJooj q«ot*rion». Pascals-In ■sail and tnejnuar receipt. Market u nsoal ade quate to the present or anr lirjcr cnpplr that mar be bronslt ln*-PreTlcn« quotations hire fallen sue V *bf tm boz or basket. Pa*a*—ln rood supply and fl-sa'presentqooutloni. I.rwoza—lnx oudaanjir. Market doll and prices not so firm; JVeqooi*: Geetn Appier, V orl, at wholesale a uoj 4.35 Gmn Applts, VDri.atrbtaii, eatiit 9A035W OmaApples,* Ml.atretall,cookinr..„ aooa ijo Qrap*t,lsabella, V a.... UHd IS Qnm.CstiVM, {I 8,.,,..,.. IS « 33 Peaches,vbaskets..,. s.&&<.&} Peart. » ML.. t IfcttfelSOO 'Pesr*.? basket- uram Siberian Crabs, V basket.,,, TSo l M Watermelons, » Ido StfolAM Length Djilio F^tLlTH—api-uib id terr aaSftap pij- Market moderately active, and firm at pranotu quotations. - Foaxiejr Fanrfa—Market quiet and unielUac, owlnc to tne decline In cola and the de preHianwhiedezutaintteßaitern markets. We ocota: Applet, SonUi era, 9 a, Applet, Esttera, K & Exliliii.LiTer* 9 box BAliini—M IL, 9 box f* .. J» a. Aimes d* t >« ft, V a.. AloaoCC>.tm<Ll» ft. TW "*»«». TurTTib- »*- - ■ ,r,nT\A» PnJßt*. TroTTib, * b„.. Fe*rf,Bo£enilAn« 9 9.,-., E»rtJß«», lIBITM girflaeij S S <0 GAPIB—In better ropplr. Prlrc* eiiler bat with-* oat iny qnutiDle eusee. we quote: Pnlrle chie*«n», per dcx M .«........ . 93.0033.23 Wild uoeks.per dox ...... 2.2f<* Bnlpe, per dox 1 1031.90 Bnloe.yeii3w-Te»ffed. per^0x..,*..... l.Joau»j hiiikh-Ek)rred, w,7« nej (hipped, HJieai. ThesurhetlsUorontblydnllind aecoye, Oap>e« Tiers quotation*. we sole i farther decline or Ke 9 9, cn Green country. Green Silted, iad Green Kjp; indof I®sbl» n cn Dry Silted md Dry Flint.. At enr piifent reduced quondam there ire few dot* «r»,icaßoetvposUioatotpecalete. Weaoote; * Green ©canary, trimmed b SIU Grrrn Silted, trimmed..... *#«,.•,*, 10 atoS Dry Ei.'ted.trimmed i® aUK Dry Flint manned. .. it ai» Kip, piemeilled, trimmed.., 15 ate Ceir.oeea ratted, trimmer. 19 *3O IlAV*—The mizxet ccstlnnrt moderately leave. Trim 1 limited enppir. fnceemle firm itprenoae quotation*. • We quota, v Ttmotby t beateß pressed. Tlmotby, lecse pressed... Timothy, loose .........»• Prattle, beaten pnwed..; Prairie,locs* pressed..... Prattle, loose. Timothy, beaten pressed. -Tlmotby, loose pxeusd. Ttmo*by. loose 7iADalß.ce Fraitle.beaten me55ed..................... 3C,oean C 9 prairie,loose pressed........ .V...... 13 o o*un Frame. Iw»e. .. !7.«fc«lS-00 SIGH WIH BS—ReeelTedto-dar.Boas; sb'ppped Si tr» uaarxet anil and le lower. Sa*eawtro:-ICO tels at *l7? t SCO brta at SI S9—oomur aolet. LKAtHßß—ilutn qnlev and in lair supply Tbaaeaetal depression In mercantile matters bu prodeecdawaatof confidence «morg buyers, »ho arc bolding off as far in anticipation of lawer nte?. Oar piericms qnotaaons, tbonstnreak-; er, are unchanged. Weqnote; -Eecelpts ....... *.!« . ... ... 991 ....... ..... ASJS iijfg? -Hsnseii. s>B.. t?a as Llae,?B. 93 ~Kip,tt/<Tmai & i.isa X2s ft 86a ICO Calf,? ft JLTa 12S upr»r,« ftr.. s?a 86 Collar. *!».... So 33 gunrtter.soie fsa Si Hunen.V KS 53 Upper —. S)9 38 Eip,Ko»lme* _ • _ worn .fiS9. U*; Cfcll, extr*.... 7,10 a *-Tsl Tm.chßJp,m ._J choice., - S«SS<J !«S1 - French C*U. 37^.. ajz.xrir.‘ ms® sjs9 Ann at prenoos q notation RfcC*.*.""3!oi)asi.M FOtH V is »«....-«5l A TorpuiQae..<...~»e 4JO ■ luL |T»xp*dbQ(r.....« , c Usl. B>no pacUoc ~scc An.Hemp Wp,......^5c Am. n»p Ho. U..... 2to Am. Heap So. t. iHc. • flk|OSH- v artn ac’lTF I.* . ' Prices 01m and uaobaagen I lib act', tmix.Wem . We q*ota: t a»ooi, d*l’y»ro»Tip 71 • Octcaa.«ion 9 *»*. *** ITOmififi : «(t.S-Lc(n«D On, ia Vep»*iYm«-*i lß *»tW | Boo«»itthn uuafcet aroTe-yii-h?^^ o *® l *^ I co»t!»a-»m»IL m«l«atqQnuaanß^ n !? itQea bts w«r *bai*. El - p->»" EftS 11 JL e . M mwa, with tocbaoev on o*%eu qmSaa£. f H r *•* . OIL ia Bimeai a* mu ai »n*olr. wu» 0 1^ a ?5 , • i nanr. MarKnrrty flrm Vtb a «•* 1- On er descriptions 1* f«.r supply? tendency. qom«'ln-« w* r qn ci«: VP7 * Maximaipteaait SawXisaetdOU- .. <<<, ... Bci’co Lssaeea Oil 10 ®*-* iMteotubaife. i« s l .u VkaeWU. W.B. . ,1... rS 2*2 BlpfattOH .lijs 111 ' Ste..EE=!l U C'fto* cm . 2a« *IASM*V. R "la- *" *»wp*thjrwJth»b«<leprecJa wViSSl! 1 Dnr »o«l too eocsequeot depression V* 1 ? s,a * , 7‘ l market* ara at present char. JS!** n **‘l baa Wien ?c per gall os iron onetes UTe Ml ton 11 PWtou* quoutioJifift •F<'w!s.O'd.¥dOS.... tltioald-i....... Tenets,! to d »,... Plc*on*. ¥ do* l*<3ilc iTm-Ko li U last. |.C?’ 'dKainiaSSS EVfiSSSH? 1 bass gcoa at«;t •>1 one llhags *« w.o£ Lft better eettata and 1 c uteber. Psjm & tars prime si 53..0; o b*pi ao at W W w c * 7 * l * SUGAR— baa oeeaaaliopro T e uaa t 1, t v, p:tT».D»iL*ct tl-y ot Thuaarko;: PiicithtTß ■-1 suffered ait fnilher dacla*, aa<l aatar teeio appear* to t* tn» iaprauica »*: VitnThJ 1U bt stuck* In diit bare* ana amcnr countr* tr«VJ?? that*£» m* enalxecntftoa caaoot oe icoxad lortaV stmt time, atdwnn a rertbar ceJms ia oi»d carXetatcreaantlsrT*rribla< k« Ottn. «nV r>». era we iwUlcuce their inrclti.i eatUelx to tea mnplyofpreaeatwants. Wtfqocta; J I4 ‘ m <an * rerto Hico ♦••••. u uu • A a Parti And *S,.*?sS • a a fanuu... a Molura 5ugar.....;.. ..*!.» <Si 2 J». VkftflßA..... .IVX'AIA a CUcleA , .. sjffli,* B I ....... W*2nß« **!•»■— SIHUPBAUD 9)UU&SB«-[b xerr mill ivpply. fturfretmftfcrateif actiTe.anaflna at nr*. MinquUUoaa. TFaonoie: a y.t»7nv*..... ...iittaLH r.nDa Uo’attpa ij?*i'is Kuiad-Iphisb««Hire .... > .oijfelCi-TUS-la limitedsupply, itar-et firm and boc6m»2m. we quote: Babbitt's pure... do b«n uvau c DsLtac'o ante .........rr. .1 vau b do healthy .uvauvo do cbtoicel •...••■•........,, M U!<i4Kye TKA—lb** tsarlet cjtUccoo omit an’ weak. wu* a U»ht sopulj. Stocks ate bbver»r veil !U>ctted anc inpy iqb*l to pMtp*a»s*s T'e deoreclatiea in ita pncptct Gold, bat shahm the cooddeoca of bay. era: 1 ntitercatat* are Tfty ftro to t elrnevi asuct satiric t> e eo*ilnoince of thf prese*t rate* U Sat tag establiahmeavot buher. Uarcet firm a* oar presto! rerUeo qnrtaiu tu. We quota: TcnscDjaoD.xnienoriocotancß.l* a;M do superior t> Ha-, ?» & 1 4i & .»s do extra to choice. B b is* «3 is b ...... .... L«a (• do extra to choice.* B mo a» si Gunpowder, sopertorto ape, bb iji wt 00 do' Mil atM Japan, natural leaf, flue to ex. dee. a a. t.»o mum - off co duett to choice, b a i«a at.TS Colon* irftilor to flue, B B m ©no do extra tocholC*, B B 1,41 <ai73 Soncto«ds. B B ».ts Harketquiecand lf»a tiim OttrptiTtooa QQ(.tat ear are onchsared We quote; . * Ptroe City -fatten isyail o c 2S n, £7.*-* • " flrm'iai. nzcbuceo. qnoic: Fura Cot Cqxvuio Toßtcoo Ct01ea. M1 ..... McClain Common. smoking Tobacco— Choice M** flora Com »cn, stems. Tobacco— liittaral Loaf. Bsll-feruht. Choice Bites, soond.. Meolora, enarAnteed.. ~ Ccjttood ... . . , TlACtf/Ot— » nood•a»pl». Man.. t UiO» si pi*Tlons oaoisUtiu. We Quote * Para Ciderjriaecir, V cal. 84V« Ptuo vn»wr,>' MOjSe Ccmtcoß Ms t«r, 9 eal 74c tVOjrl,— Received. 1&659 bi : There lc nothin* doing in the msrsat With ctwj nock* on hand, boytre Mem Indliponal to narrow* at preient rates, and selUrs equally 19 to accept aty lower on's We quote: Fine Light Fleece, V 8....t W Medium Fleece u Coarse Fleece. V 8...... ... 9*m » Factory Tub Washed V a.,.. |l Qj©lis nxiOD—ls fair eupply. Market leas active and ea»nF. hot without any quotable chaace. We quota: Beech f> cord, u the yard, ticno-Delivered at Maple, %»core, do 00 • 12 00 do liflo Mlcxcry, 9 cord, do do 15.03 * do • Ha* HABINB LIST. AMTED....mTT. Sept. M. Prop. Alleghanf, Boynton. Grand Travcne ll>m lumber ana K bbis tar. New Turk, Chadwick. Ogdensburgh, Bark Aravis, Calder. Kingston, 40 eds wood. L&rc Maitland, McKenzie, Goodrich, lid cds wood aan SjSrt teet pine timber. Bark Favorite. ffrlugls, Buffalo. 9£W bbis salt. Itaik Jesse lioyt* WQaao, Buffalo, aTCtouacoal. Bsrk Levi Bawaon. BeU, Buffalo, 7.SU) sols salt. Bark Be , ‘White and Bine, Davis, Buffalo, ttstoas coal. Bark& T. B- Watson. Brant. Buffalo, SCO toas sale Brig fiahenlnc, lUorCau, Oconto is* m lumber. Brig Pilgrim. Burns, Dsloa City, ICQ cds wood and <O9 BB ties. Brlgßoaert Burns, Qaßlgan, Grand Travcne, 230 m inmber. Selr Czar, < Green, Erie, (60 toss coal and 1M toae inmber. Sc hr Mary Collins, Spear, Eric, <l6 tons coni. Bchr CoLQilftwOid, Fall, Ericas tons coal. ' Schr Oliver Culver, Wceatos, Buffalo. i,3» bbis salt. Scnr IJ. rr. Brewer, Higgins. Buffalo, arr tous coal. Be hr Firing cloud, Borland, Oswego. J.fcO ebta salt. 6cbr£mpuw State, Cor»ail, OfW*se,CO tens ooal. Schr coiueUa, O’Nall, Bay city, c 5 a lumber,23 n Bchr M. Mi?osoll,'Rlw, Bay City, UTmlnabcr. K cur Altmlr. Martin. Bay City. SU S foaoer. EcbrWm.FlSk. VToIL Bay City, salt. ' 8. hr Nightingale, Barrel, Bay City,236 m Inmber, 25 Schr Dick Lcmers, Ackerman. Kenosha, BO tons coal, leer Hamlet. Travers, cedar hirer, no m lumber. Bchr Forfar. Car berry, Miukegea. SO m lomaer. *chrLett,Mltcnell.Muakcgvn. ini a lumber. 15b lath. EchrMaine, Cl»en, Muskegon, 20m lumbered# m lath. Schr Enterprise, McMUlcn, Muskegon, 73 m lumber. 26 m letb. BehrlUligoland,lJurke,sruakegoß,Si) alnmber.Jfl Schr Ashtabula, Hammer, Grind Haven. 72m Inmber ito m shingles. • EchrHGrecley,Hanscn,Kalama*oo.*4sm!umber. 75 m mingles. ■ * * cds oolis. ScbrA.P. Dntton, Tanrj,Holland,Sßm staves, echr halph Campbell, Kewl, Bay da Noe, 20dm lum ber. 8S iu lath. —- Schr Two Brothers, Erlektan,St. Paul's Fler.ticrda WOOQ. ,Bchrfß- B Campbell, Cuddy. Portage Lake, IN m lumber. Bchr Sluter, Grand Traverse, 195 eorte Schr Sea GulL Albrecht, Pier Newton, M cds wool. Schr Advance. Lync, Mditce, 119 a laatlMr, Bear ffm. Jones rcumaa. aUautee, La m inmber. BchrSeaG-m BUI. Uautawcc.laim lumber . Bchr Uve Oak. Dykes. Bailey’ cds wood. BchtTraveller. Ho Ulster, south Haven, Si cds wood/ Schr Freedom, Milton, Sheboygan,ol cds wood. Schr Free Democrat, Thompson, Sheboygan. 2S ra luabsr.iarmshinglss. Bchr Pauline, Eases, Bhebeygzn, 73 cds wood. 979 pork oarreia. Bchr Three Beils. Klbbs. Sheboygan, SO cds wood. Bchr Araenr, Bntier, Sheboygan, 89 cos wool. Bchr Meridian, Mcnairy, Muskegon, 95 m Inmber, 39 * m lath. Scow Aiba. Asdenon, Grand Haven, C6m lumber. IF3 minmcles. * Scow CoutlnMarr, Bhaw, st, Joseph. 42 edawoad. SeewStorm. Uamblm, White Lake.63 m inmber. Bcow J. B.Chapin. Hayes,’Wntte Lake, us m lum - ’ ber. Scow C. C. Butts, Buckley, Muikrgsn.tC a Inmber. '95037 800 . CLEiBAB. .....Bspt.ll. Prep Alleghany, Boynten. Graadrraverse. - Prop Foßtt Queen, cnqai, Buffalo. 2WBS bn oats sn b'ls Coer and snnarlßS. Bark Feme, fitedman, Buffalo. 20ACI bn eats. ~ Bng Pewbsttan, Fcstar.Bnflalo, UOM bn wheat. Brie n. J.rienoo. Chutrb. Buffalo. M.ttf buoaw. Pchr kn. Hunter, Derrer, Buffal*. Usd w barter. Sctr 8. Hebtnsoo. Finnic**, Buffalo, 114 c* ba wneat. Brbr Saflortßap, too*. Buffalo, 14,20 a bacon. Schr Cartbageama, Hayes, Oswego. 29440 boosts. Sr hr Bay Stem. Ford, Soffale.l9.ot ba eats. Bebr J. a. Hewhousc, Gates. Buffalo, IWO9 bn eon. Rcbr ffn. Toting, Lord, Buffalo, saw ba eats. - Btbr Beclptcmtr,Henderson, Buffalo, 11,*06 bn wheat. Behr Imperial. Stark, Buffalo, 2USC on oat*. - . BcbrMnaktDgtnn. Crawfero. Buffalo, 16/03 bu con. bchr A. j. Rich, Boa, Buffalo, 174#) bu wheat. Bchr Supply, Bandall,Buffalo,ll,soo bu wheat. jy AI.TJABLE JA'SM A Fane or 120 acres, situated id Cbrt*tlaa const? moots, about Ktztyroda l;onj toe Depot at Uosa njotd, oa ibo Term Eaoto aad at, Lomi Railroad foormi eawratolttstoncUonttlih the IltnotsOn tral- It all rood arable las d»asd all natter cult ▼atlos. and veil leased; Itbaanpoaltalanrevel bmlt Dense. eoispletel?aaiali6d,-tTortbat laaat MOO. Also, about KO Poach Trees, Apple Orchard. and a good tv let? of amain imt’s, an la beartar. It com* isos rare and szcftllent toeial, school and church pnrUrnes. The Whole 1* offerrd for 110^00. For farther particulars ad drew I B. K HAWLS7, - teJl-»3C-6t Botaatcsd, Christian coast?, DL Xl KSX B&ILWAT sniu mronA xzpna Msi Mtveen CLBVSLAHD AHD KBW YOBS. rintfteiMiviMM. _ HEW IOU THBOVOS LCTB. IMTfI Otorelud n, hai.x.* md too r. *.f iSLi «< COT 77 K9 7. X, " HSi^x. . v *• Baito«sea»L. w « soar.*, •• - SSSnraS.^ fi5 my 6 - - LakraßtYTarkiW -,mo*jux. '** feootv.x. kSiSSSt eoOmcAJT. Baum PetOAxm^ewSy, •Aft Ctl .JimUH •45.87Kai«J .. 9SOO m a. as s ao aa a* ts ... >* a Jt - ns BOYS* A2TD YOUTHS* FALL AST) WINTE3 CLOTHING IN GREATv VARIETY AT LOWEST PRICES. Parents are Invited to examine our stock btfora psitbartr*. , ■ WM. BeSTLSCT. •*a-lmr2 ™ E * E,lo -P ll MitmaaHowe. ...txocaaxo .... .... m«a*uo .... isNaiTja .... 14.feaiAOO .... IUOoUOO PRUSSIAN CON- Ctarfc Street. - ». B. CLiDISKaHrs. Conn], LtttCT 80H3C3, Chicago. m. - - - le^-qn. ..fTUttaSUO ...zuratajo TXRASS STHHdL ALPHABETS HO. MACS. the oclyaanuiacturen is tba TTwiyd 3twtiw.of , t0 V* K,eat extents inaai P? et y» Sold at wbol*saie_at tba lowest cTS Pmcn. Aiio,tbeßSgT OP nmgLnSms^ OletudaktSdf« TTO McKINLEy OIL~COSi: or lUrDnaXe. l TtnJrnsiees declared a dividend of nrtetjrlnra oi the compaarrforibaSa«?«AS? «V payaale tn demand a» tbe OBceoftS cLsAH* 81 Jtbn meet, Kew York, to shareholders aRSSit at tbs dote of btmness this day. ■ ° iaeri °* recerd t2S«C6jt WALTER g.LIWTOH. Treasnrtr" CPRUAHCE, PR£STOK"S“CO‘ f.w?K5Sv. ) n-A-noMTO^S J.B.Peebioe. * J I sedqTO-lm SaQfihtsr.eole 50® 52 Bnenoa Ayres. 83® si Orinoco,sola... 43a 80 French Call, ST -»f IS Frenca Cal£» »i isca us ResehCalfL* soloes,9<!o«> main; a. Kao- OfldS. * doz£7.oo*lDXCo Lisins* H doslPAQa ISA -oono V <Ux..iajK« i*xa i tar reco!pt,anatblera%i« I. Wcrmatos . , Loth, 7srs < Heni..3sa36o Mtsins ■ I Mosul* usHiae tiSrS “•“P wt HORSES WANTED V/ ASSISTANT QuiXmxAJTXB’^'DTTTCS.) t • "* Chicago. IX, Bept. 14, IBM. f - •_ J t* lß , ***?* pf.tia. a checks an nmltef BUtMTrtMurr forCsmficstM oi Sr itssissr* • . Cotbehimofjjt Ptr.o.if.o.n: 9U*IM . 709*3* limn *«•■«& oA**a.» LM9L4* 0ft«IOS o.'s^-i.n O.T96MLBS TOBT OrCHIGAGO, IT'O'R. SALE.

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