Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 25, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 25, 1864 Page 3
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Stiertal Mottos. l*r« Janti, Formas!) Ol jarace* Cuywn Hcftuo street* flaw Ditaou, LajOKtab&'hcd in use. mow pbnassaLS jj»^cdoU.h .fttoet, Chisago, nanow, Tr Ti rnnni iwmi nr m n oasosno, Msacu »X4U6Cßo»nione,sia%ldnd»<* Buxoivpen * vouin ur tefomu. or a Co?me:ctn Vtai fui CBAhAOtuccans ihss wrrnput resortixat to [ereury.iepoaTToTaeeu. * nitre or ur rxiiaoa. at with « NKmrmAuna, • roarrmi cua» (or ail jjsS2aw C «wa csfuTwoh m Benin*! - Jsnotczcal ano - lurral straslwus, brought oc by .house a the *v«luu~e»rty inflbcretxocs, excess or - e«OToe bcrASWii; »o* « inemoiT coa* Run on. ye.v eat cti, <*l vn ew. aafl often •ttb ofefeK depleahieiE' t T*s??s , flHSs7iSh r«m»u» vm b* »t "•♦ainble ®y ofi i“tlH. , ?ss ttraoaßd exprof*. meet. Rt»o«rtea, *»d ■•Aoitmixi •('Cs'nz *r frt a.onmchssare, "SP.T.SSf w >»>t WnSr* Utblco tuu a*noma poufped, producing * blotches oo t*>e ***** ntm bUiteii, pains Is netißU aadbone*. throat, non. uxnbt and tmether «nn %» esdinaisomber of ' * nr?jMuo» n rreoto nmewi o> toe pnti generally of "ttidooVL: e ocr ha) faculty. «rd prot*«tuno( mtd* Teal roneart «c Ttoe* aiteetc. »nould apply lamp ' d alcly;*rdbeoortd 1 threeborrtoU os^nei. - Bcmmbei*. ■"’fi J*'nof’O®r> %jto Par on are at 86 Cardclpb, be*w*»c gu*r sad overborn sheas. oncecure from(an until *0 ra. -con«e'*a*lpQS oonfldeaoaL- . • h«aiq>fl>iet f>r, s. ConhdestiaiPhfneu . iiwm- >i, <>• Bt. lA>ma. MoO .can oe c. n*alt(.d ehn a »T) coath UXars a'ren. eon>cro(e*<«r.a.ahie*ei> lu.,saifa Dioc&fio ntbo Pott Cfflce. oo ml Oetonm Oueuea, aan Diseaie* of a pnrau nsd de ira«n .state, tn bru iuu, wniUh hetroMWlihnsxarwUocnanccate. B'-omaseparate, . vme Laoieeaid 6.* u*m*>eea eoseolt the Doctor nntlnhe itricKctt pnrao* Offluhonu Dots 6a- M. totp IL4 Sohßan it to.B ».il cmi3ißD‘carlinj coßfioesnai ' Cnm<tnt>«'tsClnßr. A'dreuP.O.Box E&Uce. two t thia 4-ut*to Health. Fioatv Oncuu'i tos* biomrccUc BoapltU and PnnßprteP.e (eh*M»t e*rfoim. and will atiar> •an tea, pen act cure* tor *!i *luoni3 ntcasea In their •nott ires and aomidie tec >ta?e*. In ay try abort tuns, withoutt c wool wercury. Tonrp tn %aff-nsi from e»U abu* ue invited to -Call A tQlto fu*t *»airant f d pAaaietrrczolAn* tleaasuda&'on Pubp*t», MesatrnaSna or persons •havinc an obstrncUona to ti<maec. sbenia call at once and be cured. BmV of diy reference* uto BbmtvajtdMiocca.. . ud-pgljd HUM, AJft irRAOiTYV OB PffST UOLOGIOAL BSSKAHOHES, etaOUld De r»d by ertrybndy.* JR treats 00. and shows bow, the eni resuia animg fro” earb abuse - and unbappy eon> • taminaton maf be subvsrtrd, with a sure method of «Upeinnt-the Qunvnts ca* y erpeneace tn ester* sir the mtnrlare stst*. *pid by Ur. B* a. BAHBCXW, itteet, Km Rice. » cents, stalleu tree evexpr-ere. cbe b»d alao of H. BCO* •jrn*.Ts BsudoUw Btrr?i,Cliic*fo,23■;ai*Oj BliiO fIAJr ft treeta.Feona.n-. deM-tsid ' 3300ts and Sljocs. FALL TBADE— IB64 BiWSOS A BARTLETT, - so t*k* tow, lauchw, iu., / -HewoSer (areals OSBOFTHBLABQESTSTOCKS , * OF. v BOOTS A9IO SHOES Ever mcn&bt to this muket. * mtheseHxscs ct nigb'prlcei wo beoeve that THE BEST 600 t-S AbK TH« CHKAPSSJ'. and have 'Beiec'ed cur Fall stock with espeeAi reference to this fact. , - particular axtsnura is called to oar CUSTOM* - MADS BOOTS. Which o*jrsoT SI ««n»T.T.m. EXTttA tfZffi A-%PECAAIiITY, nduwikiftf ■ . JgOpTS AND SHOES. REMOVAL. SAIiL, SOITTHWXGK & CO,, SIiCCSSSOBS TO BENEbjCT HALE & CO., Hit* remoTM to 3Bos. 384 & 386 Broadway. FIBBT DOOB ABOTZ WHUai*., « KBTW YORK. WekayeinattT enlarged onr maxßtiscssnns deput* ~ meat, aadnow have constantly on band a very lanre oei of fiae sewed work id oar own mannfactnre, to which we inTlte the attention of 'Westers m* rchanta. We make aQ the latest rJjes of Men's, Boys' and Tooths* Calf Sewed boots. Balmorals, COorress Gait* ers and Buckle Shoes, as well u lashe*’, Ml veer' and ChQdretfsHqzpooo, Glove Kl.t and Lasing work—ell machine sewwß and the verv best ocalttFO?roods.- - UW-DSUdCt -Stugs an® ©bemicals. T H. RSED & 0 0., * ZMPOKTEBS -A*D JOfIBKBS .OF DRUGS AND CHEMICALS 19 Lake-st, Ck|caffo, 111. > ''ALSO. DEAL Ty>’P_OHT.V TPf Pilstii OUs, WldAow GUn, Glass* wut, Bvmlnf Oils, Keroaece, ** trapia«ken> Btoek y Haai* ftetuen><Mo4i,fteH ‘ v Which we offer at prices favorable to Western Her * cheats end Manufacturers. J.JB. 6ns, HI Pearl steet.B.T.l *■* f sell-mOTM ,®o Contractors. TO CONTRACTORS. AtsurißT QnasTxnxasTU'AOmoß.) .... - Caw nuuonaa. iiUfiept.aa. lß»| f Sealed PropctalilnjflnpUeaoare invited and will fee received by tae nnturJcned. at bit office in CampDoaslas. 111., until it m. FKiDAY, the 80 th day foritnuahlnz naoer contract: Cast Iron - Pipes. Ac . reootrel fbr reamnzemsnt of' Water Work* at C. mo Pandas. 11l .of tb«* foNow tccleoctn,bore andihirknmof CastTnxa viz: ~ lV» teet—linch-.tgre Canns, g loth thick. ✓ 1 ***— sincbTcotneettoni icretocb pipe. 5 —a M male and female 3 —6 T coantctlcna, with 8 inch brkach. 3 —S ** Platt . 3 —e *• clearer. 1 a —FoaPlure 8 loch ontjst, 3 —3 iccb Yocrrescoßj, . 3; —8 *v Bieeves. Tobecastlnhostbacf it feet each, with male and .female Joit,ta. to be ot tor best quality of casnne and water fctbt/robed to a earem* Inspection to be noted by-the <tueaca~cry Water Works Compaov. ' at the expense of tor contractor, act Xj stand tie tame pleasure as required 0! pipes of a relative size* now In ose la tbs o»iy or Chicago. Tobedei.vtm wiihm twenty days from Mie date ■.■ol contract, at Camp D ozlaa, lIL, free of cb arse • ■ncccjefui tlodenwili be prepared to enter into' wnttsn contract, wi b eooo and rnfflcinßt seaanty, immrdia’fly on toe acceptance of their oloa^. ' Each bla mostbelntbe fallowlcgform: hereby prooose to forsiab and de liver to the Uoitea States at the Qaarrermansi’i Depanmeot at Camp Dotclas. El- agreab yto tbs tanns or j par adrerucarnt Inrl'lor orooMals for army rnrpHrivdtited biptembcrnui, isst, t&efol lowfcjt anieies, viz: at • - certs perpoonl, and pledge nor aelvet to enter tntoa wnttan contract with the Uni ted state*, with good approved aecnriies.wlUan tae eraee of Are data atter b-ias notified that the bid l“KntSk« o F GUBHAirrP. We. the undei signed, residents of ■■ -'—.la the county or ■■■ tiie of , hereby jointlymil severally coy?i ant with “4)6 United Staton end guv anteelLcasttheforcgning btdof he Accepted, thst beortheywiU -Pinn eve days after the accep tance of the said Did execute the contract for the some rood ecd sufficient s sun const to ome-third cm the smount oi the foatrset, to perform the work o: famisb t»e article* proposed in ccnxotmitpto the tenn* of avrectticmeat, dated —. ', under which the ol atm made. And la case said- sbalijMitoeuterlntoaeon* tract ss alorceald, w« guarantee to make good tae - dlffezeacas between the off»r b» »fca said and : tbeneztiovest reiponalb.e bidder.or the personto ''when the contract an os awaiaecL .-,6l?e*nndtroar hand* ana eial«,f Tatxi«l : gut day cf hw, j (b>ix.j - l Toe untfezslcsed referral Ihe light to reject any or •n tddsh deemed maeattnaple. Bids win be anicrtamea tar the entlrs quantity ra q» Ired to be furelib ec- only, Payments »U1 bemaeeat each times sadlntneb funds at nay he prow-ad by the Department Proposals entth* endorsed *• Proposals for Cut* inn Tor Water-Worts" and addressed to espu CUAKL6S GOODMAN. A.Q SS M at Camp DOUgIUV - 11l tool#. ■ • \dny further isiormatlon desired win ba siren on ■ UppUca'lon to CHARLES GOODMAN. aeEDsBTMtt Cttrt.aon A.q.k. ABHBXAWT Q O ART’IRM AS TBS'S OFFICE, 'Bfoclstaxb, SEALED PBOPOSAL9 la dnpiiea; i are lari fed, ana wai be recefred hy oflleet i in Bock leland.liu uut«l FuLBAT Un. 80th day or ■Bcp* lorTaral.bTD*.under contract,one faunt red thousand huiheis Bmunlacm Coal, tope de* : 2iTnedhetrstnth«’Ut asd tuff October, IBsft and < • Xorthe mentbs ofßcrembtr aad Decsmber, Ml, 'and Jat nary and February. >SQ.:orty thouiaao onah •la per mcn<h, unlen otherwise oroered b> the Qnar* tcnoasterOiueral.or o;bnr preperanthonty, to be delltui fd at Koch lal and Bamcks, ITUncra, or on tie ©OTMument switch,eohrtructed ODpbelsland,fhee et charge • Bids will he entertained forthe quantity requUed ' separately, o' L-rthe quantity requmd each month;. SuMweeftnhldcersarUberprepared ta enter into ■ written OtAitractt, with soodau aunieient security, tumediately on the ecc?ptmce cl tnelr olds; Each hid nnntbe la the lo'lowiu* form: The sub* ‘ sniben berebyprcroM to famish and dellrertothe United States at the Qo»rtenaa*i«r , e D-oat at Rock Island, Ills, the perms of your adrer* tieemect umtirc prop-isali lor army suppllea, dated Bept 17th,lfty,vh«fo1iowiDtartic!cs.Tlt: and oleCce ■ to enter into a vr.ttoncontract v!4lthe UnltodStatoi. with cood as* apnrorel teeurtdes, wttbla the space of ffre days after being notified that the bldhu Been acraptMi.— QCAKAKTT. ■ - - We. the tmaerucnedT teridenn ot* * tn the County ot ■ BtSVe of - nsirbr joatly anUKr* v. wraHy with the Umlpa 6ta’es an« Kustastes luoneihetoceroißg ud of- buaceepted. that he or thev vfl) wtihin —— day* after the at* •• 'eeptanceoftheeeld md|ezeentath«eootraeUbrtbe same with good and lufflciest snreuee. in a sum equal to oue>thira of the taonat of‘Jiscontract, to perform the work ot land#h ihe articles propoeed la eonionuiy to the terms of adrutasemenc dated the -iSHLun* * -derwhichihetidwasmadeiesd mcseeeald - shall . Call to enter into contract aa aioresato, we fuarau}«e te metecood the difference between the offer by the m*iA . .. ... ■ p>i toe next iswest raponiiole bid* - • my hand -fed eeel this. - day *• Jtr _Tf** • " (iuij The nnatrsjrnedreaerTes the right %a reject any or aßbids.lf decaed nnreasonable*. Bids,will been* , tcnained tor the ensue qoanuty rc«ulred,or sepa- A . be made urxm the oompleticn of each ' "OKOPOSAL8 FuRjoO.WIOSKiy • M~ PBAOKBonds. *sei»waterßonftaodllW# 1 MaMMtat Bonds of C-w*4tyof Chicago. • • mnore * citt cc»rw)hi»m‘a I - ■ . - - cuo*oo, eopcnuxTiSWo HEeLEDPBOFOH ALB will tArtOelTwlaUhlsOffice intil Monday, Beptcmbtr Sfc'h, at Uo'clock Mj, when " the same wifi oe ueeuey opened for *ae whole or " ™ffu WO.WCO for ..nor m-.rt.Fi.M • • yielded aturpUiuf tus,l:9'« %*\«t pi>ln* lolmst ■ p«Sie Bsc.iauisa.iniicwiotk.oi taa*ame d»- end mt*r*it semi aeunaw •* pocTplA smtinr food it presided for thertdsm^ p ihe^^^^tdc-' SlwASSncetrtdpor fl <^*Then^ dehrm, wtothcr cnhukO or new Tqrk. Th«pe> ■one whose proposals arc accepted-will recelye ttior* ■ iirelr. with the premiums ttereon, iwcesest aooned from July Ist to the omo of depoett of P«T* ■SIUaS wth be deUrertdia Chca*p; MpCKtt. - • 4adtn New Tern SepumherMTh. at the place sfOr^ - mute me ptztles an»nltd’o theta. ■ — . v»i«> .proposal s>ouid* he sealed, and endorsed W Bend#." ana adit Meod to the an • duwtnedTane wb're.the panleesrs not known to him ehcmld contain teftienefe. . .. jv -. rpHE HIGHEST CAS 3 'FRIGES . i paifl far-OLB -KtWIPAPBBS. PAMPHLETS. BOOaii either prated or written ca» *x A .WASTK. - MfttrtMJn r r / _ ■ SairtungaimCxtSatatflC. TT'IKTH NATIONAL BANK Of 1? CHICAGO. , “ . • Capital. .... >300,000, ' ' »»■ HUMIUMnK. U.s. DEPosiion a fiscalmmt. BUBSOBIPTZOHt. BIOBIVBD FOR ; M» bnni IMO«MBeu> - V ftatß*Mh BAAC ®v*£MEABO, v ‘ JP*T*Tt tfIUWtPIV . %\dptntm Cashier.'/ FrtuSenL ■JTEEKKECBLANIOS’ NATIONAL B&KK or OBKUaO. 6|IPITAL.. *QGO,OOO. ttj» BasK bans* eoay*hed ertth aDtbe prennoai pi the law. will on the ea of Jafar tnaUat, conned* CSOseu In 111 OfficS, ' * drill But Bdldii* . JrrouK&-*CfLl*rfON. rwddent, ■■ BKKJh**:K V TAAM, VlO&PreaT, CdBLP. w . JnsGK. cashier. J* • irvuimdirasnaiZi) Oma o»Kntrooi»m -v tb. mjaoiroiy f >• WAißnTojr.Jase a. 16M.J nteree nadaroraed/lt has sees aadr to appnr thu The 2£ecisasci* ai&cul Sack o m the City Oi Chloaro.uthaCoonty cf 'pokuu txateofllilnola, haa been duly omxlxod esaet. and accotdflijc to the reqalrameoti or ut Actor Con mas ensued M Ah *St to pronda a KaOtmw Cunepci, tocored bra pledge oiUnited Butte bcrOJ, and tn pro ride for the etmiaSosasdredeantier t>erect.** apprered /one 1.1*64, ana has coapneo with an theercrme&aot aald Act required to be compiled with before ooa* mesons thebsxmess cf waakinc under said det, L KtJUiL btoCULLOCH, Cmtnp troHer of the cerresqr, do hereby certify that The Mechanic*’ National Bank of Chicago, m the City a: Ch!case, in the County of Cook and Bute of miseli. U autnoniAd to commence the traAsaia of BaaUnc UMnTDfta ,CoztpiroUer oftheOaminey. tpiBST NATIONAL BANK JH OF CHICAGO, EouthWeit comer Imke and Qarkdtm “*^L , aas4R»Lit ♦ 6o t~°* SAUL. M.virurwnanw f VieaJrMt.. B. E. Buom. Cashier. educational. THE COI.LEBIAIK SCHOOL win re open with every advantage for the In* stxuctionof youth,on the . Tnm ftioudayof destewber. 1804. Eigbest rcierenros given. Application to be made at O Chicago avenue, near Bn*n street S»IKHn-lwt» OEI BQg QPAOKETOOB. j^Stscenaneons. Jj'AT.T. KEITH, FAXON & CO., HATS, CAPS, Latles’ aid dents’ Furs, filcating Caps, Backtldn Goods, VBbreliiu, MIIiIMRY AND STRiffGOOBS, •WOOL HOODS AND KNIT GOODS, • A*d «u the new itjle* of ~ Lakes' Straw, Pelt and Beaver Hate. We hareaow m store \be L&BBB8T and wn» ATTRAXnTVB su>ck oI aooee Goods erar broaihl to this market. end with tor adean as* of carty-par* chases tor cut btfore-Us receet advance, we an prepared to oner jr. ods at pnso that wui del* soa petmon. But or nest ’ . • Oar Giote and bitten Departures* has had on special attention, ana compnsee-an UHaUBPASSBS usnrtmezit orßnck. ratnt atd Bid. nil dealers ts ourtme will fl d n lor their intern; tc es snae oar roods and prices before parehislns elsewhere. ■ • §r Prompt asd personal attswaontfx«a to orders- KUITII, FAXON A> CO., /' v ■ 45 and 47 take-st,,t!lncago i •eSQtTSMtU XB9 DtrANE STREET, NEW YORK. lOHN T.MARDMSOM ACO; * - 9 Baeeesserrfco MAKTIN Ac BEOS., (Formerly of St. Loais and Chicago,) Hanaflictwe BBikocp sperma* sent sssortmeit of CLOTHING. •et<T<t3Bin Tpy% EAR, JTHROAT AND X2i LUNGS. - . MEDICAL INSTITUTE, - At 149 South CUrk Street, For the especial treatment of all chronic which appertain to the EYE, EAR, THROAT AND LUNGS. IV. Bv-Havtn* lor yean studied^ 1 Ansto ml cany, PLyslolOftlcally and Patholoeically all diseases ol the abovo-mert.oned orrans, tocather with all suxiovAFT DDtaszs ot a tnmeflec cbaiadtcr, tncfc as cancer, Ac M Xam enabled to warrant a perfect cnreofalleorabledlseases Uffleoat IAS Booth Clark street. P.O.BcxfiMiCtilearo.lil. _ . D MACaAE,M.X>.,tinrgeon and Physician, sell-qTO-m format ly ot tne O. a. Army. PIC IRON. 500 Uu No. 1 Xo|ie Sopcrlir Charcoal. 100 tom No. 2 La.fee Superior Charcoal. 300 tons Mo. 1 Pranallo, ISO tons Ho. 3 Franklin. FI 60 tons Ho. 3 Tabers 500 tona No. 1 mnMliloa. 100 lons No. S Alaaaillon. 500 toss No. 1 Scotch. 2,500 font LnmpXehlsh Coal* selected far foundry me, FOB SALS IB LOTS TO SUIT. A. B. M£EKXB,fbot North Market atrMt* •elfrsiStSlt jgYERBIT HOUSE, ‘ UNION Sat&Rß, N* X. The nndatlcned be* inform then Mends sad the puhllo that, after the I4tb of August, tteabore house will he conducted on the / EUBOFKAN FLAN, Meals being a erred a to carts. The house has beet thororthly renovated, and we are now prepared te at i partmente it r the winter. k The location, the six* and comfort of the rooms el ■^PSS& EB *W.B.BOR K O™ Bepteober>.lßß«. wclqMß-Mtts 0 ,H. DEFOREST & C 0.,. HOOP SKIRTS Ua&ufaetsrtrt and Jobbers, 8-1.....LAKK 8T8EKT,“!..84 (Bee OILTBKIBT. opposite tyemont nousej Offs to the trade • large stock of their own maaw factnre. We have also n large nook of Hosiery, Taras, Corsets, - A3CS OTHsi STAPLE NOTIONS. -Haying purchased early, we offer inducements to Cssh Buyers. sel3-qgM7tts J^EMOYAI- H. & R. B. Whlt-enrtre & Co., BiTt remoTed to their New Store, Nos. It & 13 Lake St., Cobb's Block, \ »ene6S?4w PAA ARTILLERY HORSES , ONB HUNDRED AND fiZXTr.rIVB dK)'PQL> lAKS each wnibe pald for an Artillery Horses tHM past inspecuou at the Ooreatment Btabies, in thli city, after today. EUdHorsea lo he sound la eHjartlcplan. wsp. hrekea. tuiun Ann, tram fifteen (u) to slxtasn fin banco list, cram firs (B) to nine (S) years old. and wmi adapted m erstyway (or Azttuarx purposes. NpMaxeswiUheneeiTed. , Payment »«qe tn ootifleatse at Indebtedness for •mn <7) Morses or wme. * By order ot CoL JAMES A* KEIN, Chief First Dl* CHAT. aiHtebr Capt. and A.Q.M. ART lliL&Klt HORSES WASTED. . AsaxsTixrrJluahTnwaiTxn*> Otttcal • __ . v»4 > , ?.15S h i , Ku£T 0 l£fi'SlS^a Wr Ctrtlflcatea of indebtedness, to .Siw.liSm,?“ l ?*‘ > * s ?° n ** U * ,U - £L ami ’ _They must be dark colon, sound la ell particulars, •trout, quick end acllys, well brokta and square trotters n> haznen, tn good fleMi and ecullnon, from stx \Ci to ten OO) ycais old, n,Tless than fifteen and a half (19)0 kinds hick, and each hone to weigh not Icm than ten hutdred and fifty OHO) pounds. : . Payment* wui be made lor tots ox seven (t) or orer. By order of JAB. A. KEIN, CoL in shares Ist D. Q.MO O. J, M.BBADBHAW. ■ v sell siSMOt CauLAA-Q.k. Doctor de bonjnefond. irpm Part*, and .%U daaahter. kfora refpect- Tour, ihacestlcmaaaßdladmof cbieaxo.tbaxtbn have the intention to cln tome France leijjaa. Tbe yatlota learntnr Ml»a Da boanc ora baa acquired, after peMny elabtyewa tn.ibe beat acboola oT Pam, . aad tte xeiu ibe wifi brsc via be a manatee lor tbe ' p;raooe whom;? largrleryja her patronage aod -conference. Addrem Port Office Box iul7, orMIV waokeeayanneKo. srs. ■ nrstinx, * vr JtWlpenx. Vic« Cooaui of Franca. Michigan . BtTeft; Dr- HeaToHa. coi am of Bciytonu bonb wSa sueett Mr* Well*. Bdtror of tbe Commercial Ml^FjedU.X*k« ttreeU __ m»jO»Bub KIGALI <SOALI COAII 'x «j - CBicxco.tcpiae.UM. t>. oerattss.Plttstcm.'Witxeabarre* and bbaaokiß Bwitmil, Bair Bill. Brie, d>l»-' EJf &f “ 0-B'4Q LAW. *T'O IAJJHbBK * m^NUFACrOR |:*» C AS. D^3SffiS factajaia’ loveatprlcs* A l L , tlsf vatraatatf. H.W.SPaOTjDMO *JBTOSv Ra W Wtabiratca eu,bet. ErinUTi and mttßi, CtUMCOt Cbtcafio gritamc. SUNDAY; SEPTEMBER 33, 1854. LIST OF LETTERS ; -LKTTEE3 REMAINING .OFCLAIMKD la the Poet ©free *t Chicago, Bute o t minoiuon theZtth dar oi Septomber. IfW. «y* M To obtain any of those letters, the applicant mbit call tor * Aorzanaao lbttsu.’giro ue data of Uu* UtL and pat on« cent for adremaKg. rv-<*lf not called tar witbin on yoRK lkn Kill bo eeot to the Peed Letter (PBee. ■ • ■ ur** Letters are not adrmUod uotQ they hare re* /teamed in the office one week. • • * *• l DIRECT letter* plainly to tha street and ana** bcr.aswtliaathepoftcflleeandßtata - /*• J. HfiAD letters with tbe witter** PoeT umoi and 8i atk.sTSttrand mnii, sign loom plalnlf with full same; and request the arpwer* to be direct* erf accordingly. ** 8. Letters to Uraurcra or transient visitors la a town or city, whose Apodal addrew ret? be no tnors, should be marked. In the lower left-hand corner, wllL the word ‘Tran*tw-* “I. PLAostbepottaeeaTAKPO&thßtmasnaai l * lump corner, esc LhAVB •pads between the . stamp and direction forrost*itAXKuia withoavlaAenertag with the wrlttne. ** BEQUEST (or the B&TUBS £i a letter to the writer, udnelaimed Si taaa. written or printed with too writer** naji>, roar os* new, and Bran, acroaa the l*ft band eo.n of toe eo rtlopo, on the lace tide, will be complied wuh at the osaal prepaid me of poatnso, pnjaule wieatoelet ter t$ dclireredto the writor.—deo. W, Lawcf i£6J. M LADIES’ UMT. AdaiulTattieUiM Andereon Jsliamln “* AdazcsFmtsß Ancle Blsenor mr* £<)»usM»seietnra ■ Andmon Mary.L rare Acklinn Al'cetslM AnderschPanlmn Aiken Wts 8 out AtnceonßOTnra AkenlyLßors Atchssqa Jane raise Allen Kdward are A* nett Com a ran ' .Aluothcrwoodznzt AyerNJosephlie raise Alien OB tors Alien GeoM ors Frocks VaiyulM BtrutrUtrynn Berea rathtrrtar- tsln Batrett .lostphlne tors BiTouCatbcrloß alia Bhne Lydia U ous Hraclfy dtoette mbs Bartley Ma*y rats Belyed Atnle Lrars Hartley Patrice nrt Bowen Cons _ Bamaur Amanlld rara Burden Vic rare Barth Bra mho Bryant Jennie vfes ''' BeaeirSoima mbs Baboon Cuolmo mire luanley Sarah rats Baron Fannie Brat# Bellbrd Ondc«r ’ Ball Hasecc£abs llo:ter bartaret ran Burley PheMs nits ' Btck Mattie mrs . Banker R W rar* -- - Burton Anna rare Sallow SttleGrabs BurcotEramlsi Buber Beth ran Barchart Lucy > . Buber Mollle rare Bunt'Anastasia miss Barker Manuret E m!ts Below Henrietta on Bixuuzn Johhsxs . -/ - O' -CbaprasaJanerars ChurchMMralae-, - cavanacu Alice miss cheretton Franklin B rare ChuellAnis Clayton mra dome Oathsnoe mrs Clearer M u mlra culver Clara rare daneon Ana mrs never Clara rare Cbiuoxura , CbsmbcrlioJ Umrs dark □elenmrs Calabac Mary mite Clare n ran - v Cady Mcbuajßre Cluk Cecelia miss Calsba&Atice mrs Cloyd Sarah raise ' , caraexos Walter mra Clark LHmn . < Campbell £HLza A ran 8 Cule Hißulemln- Cu.nirg Mary Collins Margaret miss cannen Liszfe J mil* Done Vary rats Cannon Rhea rare - ' Connolly Ann mrs CstdLoienaLiusS Ccnroyrats . csrlev Louisa sues Conley Margaret mrs Carls Emmamua Concedoe Anna rare Carpenter Job? Q Cooley Kate mrs cule Annie rales Cook Ellen mis CsxrollEtienrai's coos Augusta mica CainxhMaxy jUss Ccrhut uary-Aimmrs Cuter Ocorfta Anna mbs Cosoore Ellen mrs cowleEßmrs Cerler Charles mrs cascvAcn rare OcUtrJamea Brars - Caifcjmaa Sizabetb rare Certts Mutt* A mri r*s»y Marsuet £ x&im - Cotes Sarah ran C&ryJauetmse ■ - Conly Jennie miss CaWwcteph mrs Coltoa Mary rats* CsKsan Hahora ... Crocker James ran Catou Came mbs Cronin Kate mr« Cavarefli Ellen mbs . crowleiUrldret ran CLanibcjUn Cha.-* mra CrowtuM Bmia Champion Clara miss Crocker Haiti* mrs Cbaxnt’Un hallle G tniaa Cortits Jacob 8 mrs Chapmen Kate mra Cutter Sarah E rare Chiliypy Ruen M rare Cuxnbuund Eutlrnmri Church 6*rah A mrs - - Duiiln Bildcct mm _ Demin FnaslsSmlit DnlyDnln mhi DeUDlUne Mnry E ml*. Doocis Jonarm min incknoun Earns on Dsrltt ttLoeott Xhzo&usrymu* Unify Ehzsoein Dlcnn^Arstmt* Daniels Of o mxs DaTnilsUary mr» Dnltoa £iim DelUnzliaia C u zqlji Deaphu. BUzi mzs -Docllac Uarjr A «■>«— PacKtRA F Anti ■ Dean Biiza on Baton Harriet mrt . Donnelly Jana min Do*iU AUUldiisn So&dlum EniPi mlu Davidson Abner i.xnrt 3 DonobnaFloreafte D * Davit C Bon ' Dorgtn Botev miss 3 Darla RJIn Ctnlst Dooglat Uarr Davis Ibeo U iui Uuy jane ton Davit Lncr mm Borneo* mrt Daiey Clara min Downing Nellie M mrt Dcanfenrth phui«e mrt Doile atargaretmitt Dewar Uzne nut Dnabar Armenia F mi— Dom Amelia mtt Dnthau Edward mrt Bridget mitt ' Baton Lucinda mitt EUewartb Henrietta C mluEean EHrn Kary Jcrptlnetnut - Eldon BU mrt - Earn mrt "Rilenwood A B mUs Ksitoiir B F tew Klleiyfer Botiat tor* Kdwn<JtM«y mw Flwoo4C*temiu 3 Kd«M , dt£|i«k>>oti) mw EUls Manna mUs Edvards Ida mis . Einmaa J miss Edrei ton II v tan •• Enele Susanna mrs Esectt Josephine miss -FJtrcsrald-*fary ' Fitch Eliza mn Feenaghteey Uvr xnn Finley Mur a Fitepemck James mn Fieldfee Annie H Tom Jennie fliber Eveline M 1 Fallen Jobs Omr« > Finch Sarah mn FuKnß ffmn -Fiatd w a mn Farnsworth Z A mra F*a»eUOoofienmn . Fennell Mary mis Potter Copay B tars • Fergeson Mary Aim Fowler B*nh J an Feromatd Mary Fester Baran mrs Flllats Maria mn BieyMsry.mrs • “ ; n&saumi Francis Cizzls 8 Tmmti Fuller Bauer J FltchßalenAttrs > Finn 17m B mrs "—— O * Gardner Llbble Glow Z Wmii <oaUl{cer Annie Gleason Atmte > Gallop Sophia Gleason Zoe OalirwayuE Oeoowm Sadie Oa'tinan Francis mrs— Qoodjoha Mary -Gala John mis OooawmJaaa Oanfcey E-taabethmrs Gorman Sarah OttObtron Bore Q W mrs OsylonßltsaAmrs Gorman A mrs - Ost«& Oarriemrs - Grant Katie A Gamn Caroline mn Orargsr Matgret A mn Oravey Jolla M mn Grey Jennie d Gama Catherines once n A Gasman Sarah GrUDoßosa Qiantr Elian Orem Emma J Girard Elizabeth Omnwell C B mn Gibbs R 6 on Gomel Lucy Glancy Margaret Groom B It airs. nicksLocy BadUekAmaada- - • nosacablaryß llarcao Sarah Ration Mazy . BeoberDAiots naldzaa W b mrs - micbcooz Eliza M UallMarr Jane nogeLonli" RsnUbble llor Kate mrs «- UannaktMmrs . llocanAßrnrs A . Baninirton Jennie Hol&coocKKzahethttrs BirpwKnnt iloUasnmrs narricEtoo AxrUla BoUtfsa Eliza mrs Uardltz Abby— Hooerford Mary, Hstnsoo Mary Jane Hotcbkm Mary A llßßlsoc JaoeC * Hcaford E J mrs HartKlttlsG ' Horan Kata Bait Mary . . liopklna E H mrs Hartmannmrs , Howe Gertrodemrs HateltonT O tnrr . Howe Eliza mrs Hayward Almira £mrs Howe if ary mrs > Rcywood C A Uogb Owen mrs Hays Mary J - ' Hnckln John mrs Hnyww'd Harlan Hail G 8 mrs - HeacoekßMmrs Honk Madam ilcilyMary Hooter Anna mn UtalyßiddmaAcm Incersolt Lon • Isbte Matilda J Ivn o>lve mn Inman A Jansen Lizzie _ . Joaeo Ids. ■ JaeteenMaryKmn , Jonesmalt col Junlnzr tuns O Jones Missouri Jtflnescbarltymn •-,* Johnson Carotn* turf Jennets Lottlis ‘ * 'Johnston Eliza tors JewettLuzifi Johnson Baiah A mm' -K- KurtzJulisA . Kirwlnmn Kane Anna K*-rl»y R Amrs Keller Fraaees -* Kenney Catherine Eeanfield Chav mrs. Kenney Mary Ana Eanderhan Margret' ' 'Kennedy Barah mrt Kane Marr Jane \ Kilnoyu* Mary Kanett midget . Kuteathen Michael mrt Kanes nuns Ktlpoyle Caihenae Kekoe Bridget M , Klease Minnie L KeksesAnsa Kindlr ffatahSmi . Kehan Bride et nut Knone Anna Kelsey Maty mrt Kirkmin Lucy W mn Kel crc Bellle O Bui ey Horace mn Kelly Kate' Kltoldn Stella Kelly Margret mn * Kirin Mamet, Kelly Jells ' - Kirch off .Uizle C KeUyJemeamn LanatrcCharloltmln Leonard Daniel Quits jinch Bememlts LindetyCLmn x&tThannn ■ Lyebuan Beptarmrs LActan Hel Tina mi« Uaeom Veney Jane bus Lacy Jsyeit mn lemon Laura mrs ~ Ahnan JuUa xrl#a • Lotar-Mrrrie mm Lsnras M»ry mice - Lesley Klen mias - Uchley Atm B mtes Ixm* Mi^mlaa AnensßndgcttmtM ~ Loo* turn cllssa miss Lawrence BUzabetirmlss Lav Mary min . Latimer Utln mlit LumhanUxxte Amiss Loirlsne eunha mn UnuJoeaymn Asms Wlimua mn Lybal Ltxxie win— .ce Folly hum , Leon AH mn Ae Minerva h mi#e Lions Susan mn jef Is L Q Mary mlu ifadaonMaiy miss Murry Mary ran Maeklszle Maty S mrt UeranyOelamn Maoison Jennie U miss .Merckeu J H mrs Maloney mrs Moodey Cordelia mrs r Males Lucinda mrs Morn Kata ml#e liamon Msggl* miss' ■. Moiy Aimeda miss Marshall Kate U ml#s Morey Tftomse mrs Manton nargiettuea Monte A A mrs JoryAmra Morgan Margret mrs - done Fannie miss * Month Mary mra Mamn Daniel mrs ' CjUonaon Nellie mrs Mfitmlsabeilmrs Morton Oeo«gte«m Mattenon Mary miss MoneDiaUa. . Maibcwe Anmemrs MountneyU A mrs Mathew C mra MoraaFnUip mra May M colas mrs Moulton Lute Ann n auUby L'zia A miss . Moss Isahall mlae Mcscbom Ida niM Moore Carrie mrs demULlulerntn Voore'J&ne T mill ■ demrole Peter mn More B V miss Metgmea'herMary alls Moore ChuE cars Miller OrlnDwirs Mann Abbrmits MIlUr Matgret mn _ • MUhalKllen mn .. ' alUerHatue Bmn MosehOotneUamn Miebel Llbb'e mrs ' Monn U«y mn . tUeifceUßarahmis ■ Mule&arFatrleginn MilsKltamla ■ MnllaSlaLeydu A mrs inmllnlM • Murry Ttan MilunMaiCtemlas Muipny Kate Amiss UUWr C*i»oin miss . Mesraeiarr mn • kiuehn Jobanahnlu Maiaard John on pitch ell MtlonyLcme nusa MiUubee fiLzabcUxmrs Ble , • McCall Elizabeth Amn VoDeeald Mary Asa mtu MeAnca Laura on McLauran Wauan McOnthFrmsclsßmlas' McDenitt Mamret min - JcAlitrr Lizzie mlta - McGlune Alice sin JeAuleyHarrietmiie .. -MeQiathPanalßmlss wcAn Margaret sun McOregocy Maxzle runs McCarty Ann mrs MeOeeMjnn McCann Mary Asa mrs • McKee McClean Eliza min 5 McLeod K mra McDsaty Eliza bum - MeLaugsjia Susan mn Mccieey Mail A mlae McLancy Henry mis McClesg At sle mlm * -McwanerC mn „ . Mc r ltllan Ur Samuel tan McMahan LoulOa RmUl McCenas Alice Lmiss' McMahan Mary alts McClarnaa Katy mlaa. McHali Catherta miss McCaen Katy mlaa McFarland Jane miss' N Faton Mary O sclaa Flxon Alice miss Esr« A Mary mtse ' Notion Marion miss NaftliMarymn Nsnrn Albert mrs Kelson Chatietmn ■ Karmen anaUmn BatonH*nry mis - Kaiecßtua Amlta Kewteonllesaßmn KottinshamClaramn'' KI tsn m. '■ Nowlsnd Jmn .. KlckoU WBicrs KaleJansmn Nickels John mn Kane Mary mn CMallaMaiycn • 5^2 nvni.inn Du mn Ott Elizabeth mm * otteihsnt Krlde B mlxs OtonanSiizabsthmla O'BoUhsgh Andrew mis (Vronnor Wary min orertuie Emily A miss O'Hsnd Dtwr Ouercash Mary mrs - O’Blmm Uzzlfl C mn owMier Jwrrtmd mn O’etins Cainrtln mrs O'BtlneAnnana* . Oakley Anna mrt P A ' Fattmon Tfeomutaii Pecaeyßen Join \ rtto«rcT»Wiß» PKUn Lomtaisisa PaUatrFaotiy B Eon Pierce Jicgßlucue* • *P*rtil£c Johnmn • - Fiac6BPmn Fltlo&LDtl ” fOOITirKKIBtII Pmnem* Euabetbmn-PoI«Mmw«*»» P«anMart miM Pope A, T m« Pwcbaii Adell* B mn- rote Fettle Minio PvtcbbLmra Ponet Snpeon m** , -Perotrodaueattr* £9M” s*2s PwryßSnui . l*oirtn Mary L min PtufcßU»B«» . . Pettiboß* ctai Gme *• PwMefTjmn pnUßßnUemis --Pr«tl«• Ptbsiy Amanda am . P»»Memo*m£i Pmßcnoaiie&Bieinn . Pierce Kleo Jjpra FUUBtmßmi pataßmAatmisra Qnlil*y AnnanUa Mary Ana mi* Qtnßß Malta mMe . RoeCaiheitn mr* oiobermsnJota O Bin itotertßßßlootnW Bie* Dtltia nil* Hobart* Prank mil* KttctUco Lydia tbts • •" BcgenLßCy ObUi Baiton l>ccy min " -* Megen 9*ui« Amu* HaptrUoTlie ntn Racbe Ba»nab mU« { Ratcer MLz&ra . ‘ Rock* ell Bellea min- ' Rtazs* Maty min* . Boct *mell» tnn - Ready Mary mite • iteUßittlnm _ Peter Bran •-Roark oATaratet mi* Tftxa&lftry am .Rowley Jeaemrr --- Reitcrdi Adaitcemn ~ Roekvuoxasn . KtyaMcavanamin • BeanoaKittyon > Rcate Bvuinln ' RrderCbanotsn Rraa Tcnraßetb mlia ' *.’■ Ruder M m am * Beal Kale sw «** «•■. .-RunH Pans* A nta RutyLTdiaLmn ,- Ravel-MngietmUe • Kl9ana< k Emily ion' . . Rancll Mary J mttX- RipleyJenaHmr* - Rumr Mazy mlu imle;lUTsareißnxra> Ryan Pm ran -• - - ■ •- * V-, 8' V : Bbtp Jtf Deaiel mne Baltfi a.l) tore Brrcbeit Acnan.m BcainSarab Amlae I. tbanta? Mur mks Smith Mery B adn - ttis>oeM.y t-eiyaim* Scam. M it ***** bus f-biset Lcmsmalss - ft4Dß(T>n« Jfti-UanilM - Eunb AUe*-Bus . bonk« Bmutemn btrr ►«r«t a an BoMnrer *•«*» an CiMtfeJolt* aits • Ppiretir Aan •£tld»ic*Fridrlrkat«a Bat*asn>si emit- ■ BimjexiUxiubTiDaetu Bpr ma llmaneb m« mrs • ,-■ B«i>kw*»-be»L'r*Jol4lM Bsvyir &jtm mn . _ Kipmibtd U*fU* art H-tmhtCsUieaißut. B’mrUa'J sepbmn txbOCttd ' Bttbbll* M<hiw min fctmtliEtears B»c*tb*Jß*Kl **t>t|amUl Bno oar (?B ton 6te«*it'M «rr L on vbcidce addiJ on i NeitM an ■ Eifpwooiiiriuir ■ Bumu&uaaii tbuiib iLertnniiM * Bte»«uPi*okain , &h:Dttrb«ry bim ' Be wart Jsa *■ ? Bit Blitimasludßitß Stephen* Jowpalce mn '■jb- M» w K n>tg - Btny llancftteii an - fimiaon Lwsmrs • Btoppuo»**-y annum bzUo!»Bi < *eti.r«S. Btoo«L*£B*r am &tlowllzaft*>iM . 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White GEKTIiCDIRN’d I*IBT. ’’A ■ - AnridmßH ' AlfordEß capt' AhrestßAeo Asian John AKdr«s«E;H Andvtoi J S Aiehvaltasr AdamaßUas' Alejtt i B ABenAWbeclrekAlorldteAlfred Alien JB Asdeieck A sic* AifrtcTzsnk II AdamriaaaeO AllUier Andrevt gamnelAiarteh Jai F Abram A Kiici-A«*«9 aH*«W AddemJofoV eibctktr iSi A'benca .yionkArcher Jonn W a - Avery Horzoaa U Alien Valter r Alexander N • Alien Sherman S Adams W H capt ATtnuisKiCDOli Adsyßamlß Ayai *mt AjeieMfjton Ainolarrook - Adam WULrtv— -AcseATAco Andrew Thom Alien w • - Axon A Adams Geos AldrchMorttmer AvexyUias Allntn Thos It Allen LB* _ AnfaClmicn 'AdamtOvoF AUeatfirflßt Atk>ttoa Chat -Abbstton too* - Alexoacer L A A*hb) C W Ashton TbeooorsAmold Montnom* .AUoewCP AbcttGfcojL t , try . AfUCliCbvaJ Alien Tkcx Arnold ZW Armtteadcbas An-tisoaGeo AdamsßF AdaosCyioa Anderson H;' Bldwell Anita Beard Jotlih Barron Blchtrd'J PeecbAzelA BUlmgaWmH BalUr&aovlD .- Black. WD BaooaßdamF ~. Beat Peter BiancbarnW V Bvraa rnoa Blood CL Blackman _3Val* lialdwln.Thor btaSeHe»CC ter# _ _ Bane Tb s Deaden Cbas O Barney WmH BaraettOW. Bella Ctas Burn* Michael UtnrTSco Blakemon Chai Biglow M A " Baker Henry •Bitter Chat Bui noses .Barber a L . BtrseOJ BeamLU Barrett J Da&itlF Betsrs major Barrett JF Bubop Laniel M Blact»eumr BarcettTboe i Black Da 800 l Heat CT Bales Jobnß • Blaicbara Bod. Boone Heat GeoHßaUey John » no 800 La ffm Barrett John Bedeonßay Beyle JabnL Bailer Jonathan. BeascnKß Boughtca Barton B •" —^ Belatrj Heat A •“ Barllrtt-WmM BrbtJ ■ Bates WmHH Baker WD - Benjamin Fraselsßsrnard B B ' Baldwin w K A BaiawtoAsaer- Bamm MackK Beers Sstnoel Hailey A 8 Borton Uareas BUUags Samuel LBaker A U Babb Miles ■ BUcec TbeoW. BOisher Autbohy Barber Jaa BloyettQeoH Baagbn Alfred Bus* Sidney hlrull B Bate Arthur Bentley Geo ■ Btattner Jacob JBarneyCenjß Beech A U Betagrand captnarneaAfl .Blrt AW. * j ir Babcock Cbaa L SBisbop A T7 .Batins J H Barnea Chaa Bird Andrew J , BertholC JB ’. BachelderCbasODOlisgt, Good* BeHenJrbn. Patrick Peter rich A co "Bentley John BallatedtChai Btacrmer O C D-Monrcv John Bayaro Edward Bellamy A Backwtih Jnojr Barker Koos Vaughn ' BlodgettQna B»rn*U it A Brito A H Breemer AB BramecTnos Brown JW (I Brasitord Aco Brewster Ueo W u own DeWUt BorcbentAihedßothwellOcoW DydoateA'O F Bilges G Haoardßole Oarrard Eoltford B J Bocbme Herman Bardngton Aaflw Bratler A eo Bradbnry Heniy Ungb A It Brady TVm W3 . . Brlmalaod Carl B HiftTiter A Van Broomfield Jai BncklachamPbllo ’ Eon Boma Jaa v \ • HmlerPattc Borland AJ dr Bother Jas Borroagbs das Biawiterlhoi F Bcnlea Jaa . BiUoa Franklin Doyle Chester £ BodelJas BonuilL EonrkePatk Bryce John ’ BaeULB Btethars c X ' Brennan John Jlarrongb Frank BoleeCW PilenJobn Bar kill TB - BregaChasW Bristol W_W_' ■ Banco Geo W . 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NEW AND IMPORTANT D9G UMEMT. ‘Bsues of the Campaign.” ‘SHALL THE MORTH VOTE FOR A DISUNION PEftCL?” CMcngo Tribune Campaign \ * Document, Ho. 9« • We have issued, and are now prepared to furnish, a sixteen page pamphlet entitled “Issues of the Campaign—Snail the North Vote for a Disunion, Peace ?” This document la divided Into the following heads; CONTENT^." Historical Review—Who are Responsible lor the War?— The Rebellion at Us List Gasp— Tha Greet Union Platform Adopted at Biltl more, Jane 7, ISM—National Democratic Pet form adopted at Chicago, August SO, 1864 The Meaning of tbe Democratic Platform— ' Washington Hunt’s Resolution—'“ The Basts o( tbe federal ' States'* —General McClellan's , Letter of Acceptance—The Meaning of Peace Is Disunion—Secretary Benjamin's Letter^-An official Declaration that the Sooth will have Disunion or Nothing—General Grant on the War—llls Letter o Wash borne—George H. Pfindleton and bis Disloyal Record—Ur. Pfindleton Infavor of Lettlnc the Rebels go In Pendleton a State Rights’ Man—Ur. Pendleton says the People cannot Amend the Constitution so as to Abo.Ub slavery—Oeseral Barnard’s Review of General Mo* Olellan*s*Osißp«tim.onAbe Peninsula—Aopeat o! the National Union Committee to tho People of the United States. ✓ This comprehensive document, embracing the platforms of both parties, tho letters of Gen. McClellaerGcncral Grant and Secretary Benjamin, an (Tm any other documents of vita interest, which are not found in any similar publication,'will be - ‘ Bent by Express at Tire Dollars per Dandred. Let Union men drcnlate it everywhere. Orders accompanied by the cwh will he filled In the order in which they are received. • , t Address Cmcaoo Tmaryg Coxpakt. SIX CA3IPIIOHBOHOB. anarap to raxmaaTtrexa. - now McClellan Took Manassas t N Ihe Baliylng lons* Stand I»y Onr Brave Boyf Fighting In U»e Field. . - _ >Xbe Soong Ripoleon(?) Onr Coarse Is Onward Ever* Tlie American Flag. Tbe above are Issued on a slncle sheet, salts* blelornse at Union Meetings, Barbecues, &c.,&c., and sold at SIOO per hundred,- &T No orders fiU ed of leu than one hundred. . /Addrees - TRIBUNE CO., - Chicago, HL TflE BEST CAMPAIGN JDOO • VJnENT. One Hundred Thousand Copies Al ready Sold* WE CAN NOW FILL ORDERS TOE SAVE PAX THEY APR RECEIVED • The Tjubdms compilation of gem* of the late Copperhead Convention IQ-„thla city, la which Srcierence is circa to extract* from tbs reports ol le Chicago it bavins an immense ctrcnla cm, and Ohs HuKnnss Tbouuxs Corns have been sold. It give* the essence of the treasonable utterance* of . • ~ . Vail an dlgta am* Fernando Wood, / .-Cox and Itafg, . . Bjndhra and Seymour, • • ' s ’ Harris, 6f a ary land, " , ‘WlckUIW* orfccntncky* with the leucr HpHt of the bognADemocracy on that occasion. Let eye openerto the intention of the Peace Sneaks be placed In thebsnrt* of every loyal voter. • - - Sent by Express at Two Dollars per .Hnndied* Let Union men eircalate'U everywhere, espe Slally . Among Onr Hoys In the Army set Orders accompanied by the casb filled in the orderin which they are received. Address Cszomo Tanmjni Chnrurr. ** *1 Splendid Testimonial. One. of IheTmoat splendid specimens of the . graven 1 ■ art* we have ever seen Is now on . view at the Messrs. Ball &’ Black’s Broadway, eists of a sUver-gilt shaft, Burrounded by four richly carved, silver-gilt cahdlest!cks,.and dinner service ol ailvtr. The most noticeable aHicle Is tbe shaft of silver, thickly plated "With gold, which Is encircled with an exact, representation showing every cutting grade, filling and bridge offiOu miles of the Atlantic and Great TTcstern Railroad,-for which Mr. . McHenry Was the (contractor, and which was completed by him in the incredibly short period of2oo days. Tbe 200 miles are reduced to a scale of eighteen' feet,*and in that space on the spiral mrcumfbrenee tof the .column ■ are engraved nearly2o,ooo whrds and figures, a work which occnplea one of Messrs. 801 l & workmen five months. the - top of tbo column is a model ot Greenhow’s statue of Am cries, -and on each of- the four sides of the base are classical designs In bia rellevo representing "commerce, the arts, 3tf*. Surronn fling, the -column - and*< attached to » .it by four pen dant filver chains are lour candlesticks richly chased designs, and in the center of each is a medalUon of one of. the fourynincipot officers and promoters ot the company, pronounced by au .who know them to be excellent likeneues.. The service ot plate xbnaista of 57 different pieces, all stamped-with Mr. McHenry’s crest, the American'eagle, holding olive branches and. arrows, zesting on monogram surrounded by 'riband engraved' with the words “Time, Faith, Energy.” The dishes and wine-cool ers are snpnrb* .specimens of > chasing, and carving, all stamped .with Hr. McHenry's crest and above, and decorated with nms-hefldsand dogs. $30,000 were appro-, printed by the Board of Directors for-taco, similar testimonials, one for Mr. McHenry, and one for Mr. Kcnnardj and Messrs. Bill £ Black are- effkaged ‘on a duplicate 'of; the above testimonial lor the.latter gentleman. Mr. McHenry is an American, born at Phil adelphia, but scttled'in London as Ah inker, -where bis business transactions have been mostksneeessihl, and he la now among tbo ' flrstof American bankers in Endaud. He ‘has been the originator and principal promo ter of the “Air Lino” route between this city did aj. Louls. ftnd it Is owing, to bis in fluence and exeaions.-that the project has. met with, such a favorable. reception among ■ English : Umlenry has beemthe nonfractor fbr a great: • * part of the wo As, and ilia for these mani fold services that tbe Boariof tbe AUantic andGreuC.’WeßtcrialWltoid ligoTotcdUm. so handsome a testimonial.—F. Tnounr, HeShODNdI-AND BULL DOGS doTO SSSh mi what have theyaccdhipllßhedf NotS; g we told the* that In the he elnnlDif—that thev could accomplish noth -6- SSd the reason why is because they are OCR BKETHKEMI And nowthey come 'hack and propose to hick UD a fuss here in- Sritotlu jSd -we abe beadt FOR, THEM I—Gao. W. Ixauhng'Democratic Association, Mkrehy low. ... A BEIEE HUTOkT : OF* ew - - CftUELTIES- AMD ATROCITIES OF THE.EEBf.LLIOir, Compiled from >tbe moat Aatheatlo Sources* bfitlioi« I*. Wilton* “ Immediate effort^-be-made for a cessation; ot bostUitica.”—Rocs ami Plat* Jormof the Ckioajo Copperhead Contention, ■ TIUtATMETT OF «IBOSkEB OF WXB. The role formerly wee, to elay without mercy* or reduce to aetato of abject bond* aj»e, the «*iufortunate captive or- war. The meu-Wbo parpmxated cuch cruel add bloody deeds, even In the darkest and places of ibc/world, have been <wrtt'eu Inalluletory as l>«rbaruu(s~snd their memory branded with infamy. ‘ Jkli>dcm clTlilzstioa and cbrlstlaul* ty - amongst most natioos, have Induced a ’ better method. How far toelr loflueaea has! betn dlbhlfeatcd under' tbe auspices of the rebel Government, the - hrieti wed antfaeutl*! caVd stiteniCbts- of actual.occurrences, re* • corded In the following pig€e,>wlll Burgeon Honlstou w*s taked prisoner at . tbe first bbtUe fie begged to' bealtowed torem&lnnpo r thefield-to take care of oor woaoded,'odt In vain* Heuated that Dr. Dallcy, ot Booth £ar6llna,'was sent' to. the field by Gen. B anregard to' take charge of our wounded*" but nould/not al low ns tFedenl' surgeon.*,) to perform ope raUots.upoa oprown mcn* but hsd th:m performed.T»y bis assistants, eome of them with no more knowledge of what they attempted, than an apothe cary’s clerk;' ‘‘they, .performed the operations in a’ moet ‘ bomWo 'manner, some -of* them 1 absolutely' fright* ml;” tbere'waauo attention.-paid to the wounded, and it was. Impossible for them to get anything to • eat; they l*y. throdgu a drenching rain on Monday, the battle having occurred on Sunday,'and a'sultry sun on Tuesday, until Wednesday, before they were permitted to he removed, when - their “wounds were completely alive wlth/aw*/*- some lay on the field for-fiva davs. Let It bo remembered that this was at the oulsetof the contest, before repeated colilslous had whetted tho passions ofthe .contendingpin tles. “Jjxr?.fdicfe eJftrU of hoi- Surgeon Bwalen testifies* that he was oa the battle-field, ten or twelve d*ys after tbe battle, and saw some of our men still uabu ; ried and entirely naked, having been robbed of their clothes by tho rebels; (U seems an* natural that' “BiGn>9aHDED'<iißm.Buex, > * chivalry, wunld steal* ualess drive-r to it by necessity, which could not havej>eea thecuse so early In the history of the Confederacy;) some of our men were bnried face down ward—an intended disgrace. Some ox the graves bad beeivopened by pushing rails be neath the bodies, to get tho tops of tbe scuild to make drinking cups. One of these cups wag frond by a member of a New Jersey reg iment, after our army advanced upon the foits, defended by u wooden guns/’ and which hid kept McClellan at bay lor eigh teen months. . . i 'Jjrmediaieefforts be meiSef<rraee*sationefh:t tilUie*." Dr. Fergusoo, ol .New York, was fired upon when attending wounded, and after, he told them who he wap, they brutally shot him in the leg. When be was carried olfthe field the Joltiug of the ambulances so hurt he in* voluntarily groaned, whereppon arcbel olH* .cer'rodeup to him and. threatened to bio n bis brains out if dfltepcatcd 44 his noise.” “ Immtdiate effort* be made fur aceuiiion of houilitb*” General TMckett* teotifioa that when he lay on tbe field wounded, the passing rebels called one, * ’knockout bis Drains, the d—d Yankee.” Qe heuraol many of thepiisoners who were bayoneted, and two or tnree shot after they arnvttUn Klohtnond. il Jh*n,e<iiaU tfvrtt be made fora eeuaiion of AosfJtffrs.” Senator Sprague, who 'went to reeovcrthe -hodifs of, Colonel Slocum and M«jor Ballon, testified that be was told, when searching the battle gi onnd, that the Colonel’s bony bad been dog uri, his bead cat offi and bis body burned. After thorough and reported investigations, the Senator became fullv eat- | isfled that both of these gallant men did la- : deed Buffer this unhallowed and barbarous j 'Titc of sepulchre at the bands of thetr own countrymen, .who .boast themselves gentle* meD,-j*jr, their chivalry, ana that tbeir’s Is the only genuine type of manhood, on the face of Goa’s green earth. The Sen-* ator corroborates the statement that many of our men were buried face downward, aad similar, outrages nnbtard of and unthonght i of. save among, the unsasetified rites of p*- * I gsn and savage nations Heaven save us and 1 the uetgtf mankind from such Christianity, ano snen civilization, if their*s is the only genuine. An official report of Judge Advo cate General Holt, , dated March If?, 1883, Sires a heart-rending picture of the barberi es of the rebels upon twenty-two Federal Srisonere, captured near Chattanooga,Uenn*- ne of them Was stripp'd, tied down | to a stone, ■ and- whipped until life was nearly extinct. After, whipping him, they brought a rope to tAng him. bat his lire was Anally spared. Eight of these, men were hnmr,- alter having been tried oy a coart maitial-and acquitted.- Buttheauthorities at Richmond over-ruled the ftoutt. and or dered them hung. From the breaking of the rope, alter being some time suspended, two of these unhappy victims were restored to consciousness; they oegged for one hour of prayer and preparation for death, which was peremptorily njfnscd, and the execution pro ceeded. , What better Is this than cowardly butchery? The remaining prisoners, re duetd to fourteen, closely eoollned in Jail at Atlanta, accidentally learned thaC it was de termined by the Richmond government to bang them, and they laid a plan of escape. Eight succeeded, six entered our lines, two were never beard from. The folio viog brief dispatch t>U& the story of the remaining six: “At the end of eleven months terminated their pitiless persecutions in the prisons of the South—persecutions begun ued amid Indignities and sufferings on their port; and atrocities on the pirt of the bar borouslfoe, which illustrates far more faith fully then any human language can express, tbe.demonlac spirit of a revolt, every throb of whosb life is a crime against the very lace to which we belong.** v “immediate <J}'ortt be rnadefvr a c&miicn of 7ioatilittes, .At a ' meeting of Surgeons _ of- the United States Army and Navy, a report was prepared November 58,1863. and sent loathe President, which contained the following tacts: one thousand officers . ol all grades, and branches of the service, are confined In Libby Prison, whose walls are unplastered, thus open to the fall sweep of the winter winds, or closed with the place, dark, drear? and loathsome In the extreme. Kona of tho pri vate soldiers ard famished with bedding of any kind. Belle Island contains six thou sand three hundred prisoners, whose condi tion is wretened beyond all description.- An Insufficient number of tents to protect the men from the cold and rain, no blankets nor bedding given them by their capture. Only one Surgeon "was assigned to the Island, wbo makes but one visit a day, and then docs not enter the enclosures of the men. Such as are too sick to walk, never see him; they are burrtec off to tbe hospital .when their condi tion is .absolutely helpless. An officer of high standing, who visited the Island, says the men followed him in- crowds, and in the most eager tones begged of him for bread; •many literally strived to death. Some days as'hlgh as fifty died, and from no other ap parent cause. Officers, Jor. the most trivial offenses, "were confined for weeks In dark, damp dnnccona. Men were shot by the guards for standing near and looking oat ol the windows.* some were shot, others* wounded, by tho wanton wretches, who stood their gnnspn the flonrbsn atb and fir ed through.the floor overhead. To such ex tremities were these unfortunate men driven that frTone instance a dog was kitted and eaten; and the prisoners on the Island were known to bunt tbe gutters lor bones, to sack from them nutriment to appease tbe terrible gnawings of hunger. - These are tacts, deriv ed from personal observation, transpiring in a Christian community, among high-toned - ge*Om*n.” but written right across the rebel Confederacy, dark aa midnight and revolting" as despair. "Immediate effort* he made for a cesnuicrftf \ hostUUies.” \ ‘ ■ a,' fobt nzxow. ' . The midst revolting of all barbarities was that of Fort Pillow.: Jibe War Committee, after thorough Inquiry into tbe conduct of Forrest and, his murderous associates, re port ChaL the atrocities committed were sot .the result oi passions excitedby the'heat of the conflict, bat of apolicy deliberately de cided, upon, and unhesitatingly announced. .'When the women and children were cross ing the river by the aid of the Union gun ' boats, the rebel sharpshooters,-mingled with and shielded by them, fired upon the officers . and men. Like incarnate fiends as they are, jhey placed women in front'of their lines as - they moved uppn - tbe fort. They rushed into the fort during the time-the flag of truce was flying, which is held'scared even by Turks and savages, and commencsd-aa indiscriminate slaughter, sparing neither' age n« r s~x, white nor block, soldier nor civilian, men, women nor. children; of the laUerythose not over ten yeara of age were made to face their murderers, and thus shot. The sick and whQe lying in their beds in the hospitals, were dragged out and' butchered Without mercy. Numbers of men , were collected Into.groups or lines and de liberately shot down,, and those of the wounded near tbe river bank were brutally kicked into the river, wheretheyVerc drown ed, heaping insult and torture upon the vlc ‘ time oi LhSr diabolical cruelty. barbari ty which the most fiendish’malignity could devise, was omitted by these Incarnate de mons, A mere child, whlchan officer had taken up behind him on his horse, was or dered to oe put down nad shot, whlck was done. The tents where, the wounded lay were set on fire, and roaoj,of thrir occupants * were consumed in the flames; those who es caotd were shot down or had their btpins beaten nut by the cowardly ruffians. Ooe man was deliberately nailed down' to the floor ot a tent, the tent fired,*and he perished Id the flames. Another was nailed to the - Bide of a building, and it set fire, and be also perished In the flam* s.-'These deeds • of. uq n’terable cruelty closed at nl;ht, only to be frenewednextmorning,when these brutes,. - or they, can not' be -called min, carefully. B ougbt among the dead in all directions for tbe wounded that wer&atilTalivew *Cnmsdi«(« efforts be made far.deeesation of ftMUlUta,” !T OF LOTAL MBS, ASD THEIR SDT- ' •. FKBIKGS TOR OPINTOaIS SAKE. . . September 18, i 863, twenty went In theniaßt to .ite boose of »£ r4 ' ia Glare, a lojal man of Spring and 'murdered John -McMullen, Marsntl Glare and a discharged Union soldier, wmm asleep, three othersmikingtheireseape. The same gang then visited the dwelling ofa Mr. Noyes,’ a Union man near by, and attempted to pnisoadc, flnaQv to force, a young gtn to accompany them for a vUfl*pnrpose; .upon re fursl, they Immediately shot her dea*.— AnthoT^y t Water,- Meuse «f BeU "Jnunidfdte effort* be mide'fjrdieuailon of hostility.” " In January, 1863, Joints Keith; with the 66th N. C.Kealmeat, was-ordered to arrest some intn at Lonref BIH Tor solzlng silt at' Martial, N.C. Before the regiment arrived, those engaged In the se'znre the la*, nocent bad to suffer. Twelve persons were* arretted, varyice ia tbtirages : sixty,- who protested-their Innocence tnl plead ’ for.' trial, which was '• promUod.. marched - off,' but h«d proceeded .but a few miles-when tb-y were tokezr Into a mountain gorge'and five of them ordered;to kn-ot;*; file of soldiers | was drawn up in front cf them, when, d»ol ; To the HgoDlxfcg cites for mercy, the prates : tailors of their perfect innocipce, of th« promise of trial, and entreaties fur a brief , I time for prayer and preparstbii for death, i 1 the order was given to are. which the sol- j 4»*iabesiUUd»oobey. Keith told them pir- i emptorUj to ooey, or Ih y arc aid excb«a<e I places with the prisoners - Again the was given', end dto men fell, five others ; were ordered to kn*el, and of the number a. kittle boy of twelve yeans wqo plena with, bta executioners, “Ton shot my father la .the face; pleasedon’tshoot m«jn the face, 1 ’ .and covered bis face ftith bis hands. Fire more ftll at the order to die, and ninad< them was this child, wounded in oo‘b arms, and three of bis brothers, dead; the little hero, at the feet of the inhuman officer, im- Slored to be spared to his mother, who was eprived of a husband and three sons at bis hands,- bat la vain. He was dragged back to the place of execution,, and was sacri ficed—pierced with eight brila; those in whom life was not extinct were dispatched with pistols; the bodies wore tumbled Into one grave or bole, into, which they were jammed by the. feet ot these godless wretches, who danced and shouted in their' sacrilegious work as if st a„cirnlval of devils. They then retained to Laurel HUL and commenced torturing the wives .ot loyal men In , order to discover where salt was concealed. Mrs. Skelton and Mrs. E. Skelton were whipped until the blood ran down their persons to the groand then hang until life wm almost esllact! then tskeu flown. Martha White, on idiotic girl, was whipped, then tied to a.tree bv me neck, and li ft all - day. eighty.five vchrs. was inhumanly whipped, then robbed. Mrs. BalUe More, aged seven ty, was whipped until blood rim. to the around. Oco woman, name forgotten, who had oJchUd five or six weeks old. was tied to a tree in the -enow, and child placed in the open dodr in her eight, and she was told they both should pertain— On 0* author Ay of CoL Crawford* Tenru '. “Immediate efforts be snadefora'c&jiion of . ' fortuities.” After the hatUo cJf Gettysburg, the Unlou- Ists of North Carolina began to speak more freely, and revolt was feared; in consequence. [ a regiment ofeoldiera whs sent to Randolph county to preserve order. The kiod'of order That was preserved may be known by the \JoUowmg atrocity, one ot'mauy commltcd upon the unprotected loyalists of that re gion: .These soldiers cecovcd a one-armed .man,under pretense of employing him as a guide. Into a piece qf woodland, where bis body was found several days after, com pletely riddled with bullets• be was heard a long distance begging and imploring for his life; from ihs marks of blood and foot prints, It was believed th-ft be was compell ed to mu .round Ms tormehtors, thsyehoot lug at him as he ran'to see how many times they hit and not kill him.— Authority, Bryan ■ Ty*ou, author of “ Bay of Light,” ” Immediate effort* be made fur a emotion of \ hostUUtee.” Champ Fercuson, the prince of fiends, and bis gamr, captured three white men and a negro in Fentress county, Tennessee, and tylng'ihem - together, drove them to Wolf Run. On the way, these wretches gratified their savage propensities by throating sharp ened splinters of w_od into the flesh of thelr helpless vie* ims, and cutting them off - close to their bodies.- To muse them travel faster they pitched Uvir bowls knives Into..them, when arrived ar the ran, the unfortunate were' put to slow torture by bayonets stnee Into them, and cuttimr off pieces of their flesh, until the work of death was well nigh complete. Flnally./gorced with this distrusting work, Ferctudn oispatebed one of the men by ac tually backlog him Into pieces «Uhois knife, arM bis comrades In guilt put ancod to the turments of the remainder by the same ' means. Tbls same man,-Ferguson, declared iu a speech at Sparta, Teuncence, that bo had alnaoy killed elxieeuLlncolaitcs, and intend-, cd to kill enough to make, then he waa.wlllmg to die.— Auiltority, Gen. J B. Hager*, -Turn. Immediate effort* h be matte for a emotion of AordWtet." In April, 1862, a man named Bright, sixty years old, living In Johnson county, Tenncs ' sec, with two sons and two nephews,-''w.s arrested by CoL Fonlke’a cavalry and march ed Into AsKcounry. .There a grocery keeper, a brother murderer, proposed to treat. this 'band of "chivalry” with eight gallons of brandy, If they would, bang the prisoners without triaL The proposal was eagerly ac . cepted, and the company of five were hung to the first tree without ceremony.— Bg au thority cf CoJ. Craisjordj Term, Jn the latter part of 1862, and early in 1803, the rebels in Mississippi -conscripted all the men they could find between the ages of elgfitcen auiTsixty; the Unionists tied to the.woods to. escape the conscription, the fiends set blood bounds on their track; by tbls Inhuman method, many were cap* tured, and many were nearly torn in pieces by thwo dogs beforeTbey could bo rescued. in Alabama the' conscription was prose cuted with 'still greater severity. During the winter ot 1868, a young girl,-while car . lying lood to her lather, hidden In a cave, was attacked by one of these doge, and lit erally torn to pieces. Also two" women, who were making their way to Tnscnmbio, Franklin county, AlaSama, were torn to pieces in the same way. In reference to the outrages committed' in the. above named States, General Dodge, In a letter to a friend, sfljs:' “That while their leaders, Rom the President down, boast of -their carrying on this war in accfiydance'wlth the laws that govern nations, a low simple facts will pat them to the Mash. Men and- women arc hung and and banted down andcau tnred by blood* bounds; fathers and hus bands in the presence, and In spite orthc tears and prayers of their wives anffttangb 4ers, and many times with them, ore hung or shot. Houses were burned over the heads of their inmates,, and women and children turned out of doors, and-the com mnnity solemnly warned not to receive Or harbor them, at tbelr peril. 1 ’ The General says that “hundreds ot men, women, and children, gray haired men, and cripples on crotches, were constant!? fleeing from the tenoer mercies of these ‘high-toned gentle men 1 into his lines—Corinth. Mississippi— for life and protection, simply and only for opinion’s sake.” Will “ sympathizers” any longer doubt, ordare deny, that Union m>n, unoer the conscription, were hunted or cap tured and mangled by blood hounds! talk about “arbitrary arrest 1 * acd “Illegaliui prisonment!”'' .* tl lmmediate efforts be made fora cessation of ■ hosiSities.” In May. ISCI. a rebel command under De brell and Jenkins, natives of Tennessee, went from Austin, Texas, to destroy a Ger man settlement near El Paso, of that State, consisting of two hundred and fifty souls. From-eighty to one hundred of these rnf-' flans, without the slightest provocation, at tacked ibis peaceful, prosperous, and thor oughly loyal community, and it la not known that three persons escaped. Fathers,. mothers, * sisters, brothers, and helpless Infants constituted one common scene of indiscriminate carnage, and houses, rotas' and burned and trampled from the fack of the earth.^ Authority. Gen, J, B, Jfrgers.-. - “Sympathizers 11 are horrified at any at tempt to atop such work by “coercion. 11 Will the American public indorse such doc .trines, and their application ? - ' effort* to be made for a cessation of hostilities.” In March,'lß63, Capfc. Montgomery. was kidnapped* and taken to a rebel camp on the ■ Rio Grande,- Texas.- Here he was informed that he'wos to be bung, and mockingly or-, flexed to. say Ms pray era; a rope was placed about Ms neck, and he commanded to-lell wtat he knew of the Federal forces. Jisrer fbscd t whereuponhe was hungup to a branch of a tree until nearly dead, thpn let down; when consciousness was restored, the same question was pat, with the same resuXT He was then bung, wheta he remained until taken down and buried by a friendly Mexi can. When these cowardly murderers found it out, they disinterred the body, declaring that It should lay unburied, and thus rot. -Capt. Brum. Of 8. C., commanded Ibis band of outlaws, and for this act of “bravery and good conduct,” : in a .defenseless man, was promoted, and now rejoices in the title oft Major ol the Ist Texas cavalry. •Why not call upon such men and tbelr friends' to guide the destinies of this great boontry, for the pext four years; and tor all time? Why not ?—Colonel Stanley, of Texas, r A letter dated Monterey, Mexico, Nov. 1863, from Vice Consul M. AL iL Kemmcy, states flu the authority of an eyewitness, that twelve Unionists of' Western Texas, pro vided with passports from' the rebel Provost Marshal, were aH msssacred oatheNeuces river, by a body of Tens angers, but a short * ttiriw previous -to .the above date. Also, a . party ol Germans were killed, with one ex- i ccplion, who escaped wounded, by the same party. The Consul-remarks—“ Ton cannot i imagine how Union men are treated in Tex- I as: they are hnrg on the slightest suspi- j cion. 11 * l lmmediate effort* to be made for a cessation tf hostilities,” * . An official letter from HsJ, Gen. Blont, Oct* 7,1803, in reference to the massacre at Baxter Springs, Mo., says :~ u The body of Maj. Curtis, the eon of Maj. Gen. Curtis, was found where, thrown from-his horse, shot through the head evidently hiving been jaur v dered after beinn taken prisoner. l ' The same was with fill the wounded, the mem bers of the hand r tbe officers 1 clerks and-the • teamsters. The murdererswere a portion of. Ooppey’s Qnantrcli’s command, ■gn&ed by Federal uniforms. JLbout seventy were thus butchered by these worse than -fiends. ' ? “ InAUtdiaUeffbris tobemzde for actuation of ho^tUi^!*7 , ' _An offielaTletter from CoL W. Penick~ date&lßdependehcc, Mo., January 11,-1803 pays; “Private Johnson, of the-artillery was brought in dead to-day, thefiflh mur dered the last week. -They were all wound ?d and killed in the most horrP ble manner that fincda.,coald devise; ' AU were shot in the bead, several had their frees * fearfully cut, evidently with boot..heels; 'powder was exploded In one man’s ear,-and Doth ears cut off close to the head. 11 • ''lmmediate effort* to 6e made for aeesaation of hostilities.” . ' . . " 7 In April, 1862, a party of rebel h'ghwaymen can be thus dignified—on a tour ercollecting conscripts, shot and instantly killed* poor deranged woman, Sfra. Ruth A. Rhea,' on Lick Creek;ln Green,county,-Tcnn, because she attempted to drive them from her'pmnUca »h*a - htrobty sod and —SuVutrUy vf .C-jL '(frmfvri- . “Imnvtlette effort* to b* mide fvraesf *Uto* qf hobtdixia'y • Xo V frtior'to the Msior'oJ - AprU26rb.lße>.-Artmlrml P«ri<tUß»/a: “I <- 6mUL>pecdU> sod etY-nlj.'puulsti *°J pw* aonorptreuos *t»osi»*ll commie such oat> ruirre .as «rtre «itorese4 yesterday—armed * . me& helpless- namonan-t chil dren for giTiog expr s»wq to tbelr pleasure ,at »ttneta>Di: .the via fisg?’ Those si a too gentit meb” soldiers wo read od, formed oat Ot the raw raster! il Zmmediai4 qffoiUH* made tor a ecaaitoirtf ' Mr. St. Clair, ro*tr cf the steaoftoat HcUay, elates that “in Au<u*t, 18C0, wtiii©iHiTa4«el ■Was Ijirg at the wh*rr near Mew 1 Orleans, a German pedlar, wm* could bcarcdy under* eOttid or uttrr a sentence in English, was caught and ootig to* iatnp-poat bj a mob fat Blmply OttTlDtf m bU popae«lpn photo *r»pa» ; oi Mr. Lincoln, then ca>dld*Co tor the Prwi dtncy, and not tbe leaht apposition «vas auJb by tbe poller, nnra**? nodes taken of It'by tnccitv anthorlites.” ' "Imirrtdmudfo'i* be made for a cessation of During tbe eoggement between the Fed- trai xauboata ntd tbe rebel batteries on V’hße River, In Arkansas, & shot from one of their battexipa exploded the buffer ot the Honed City; to avoid death by scalding, tee ere* leaped overboard, for rotcas .aoiull boats were Immediately seat. The rebels fired large guos, and musketry upon tbe atrnagHrg, drowning men, and upon the crews oClbe boats seat to tbefratd as they cld und*-r simitar circumstances in tbo har- bor ol Mobile. upon tbe crew aed officers ot thenuformoatc Cecnmseh. Tata w»* aono imdf-r lie cy e of Admiral Divli, who dUtiuoc ly s»w the co«ardlt .set, and remarks id nit, report, '‘that,the country^ l contrastincso barbaralles of a savage enemy with the nua dred efforts mafia by oar v«n 'peopleto res* eueihe wounded' and disabled, under like circumstances, in the of the 6th” 1 'Tmmrtßifr rffcrU be made for a eefiathn of hcttVMU*," Rtr. llr. Anecser, of Hiss., states that 41 he was seizes b- the r belt-, heavily Ironed, and, v i:h eighty others; placed la a aaogooa; my crime was that 1 oeieuded tbe Dolan While Iwas in prison, numbers were led oat and shot. At tirst those tncoargo provided coffins; batlbe great uamber or executions exceeding: the supply, they da* a trench, as 4 mace the man -sit oo«a uathe onok, wnoa ufilc ofsoldlcsj advanced aod fired three bails Into the b&id acd three into tbe hearts of ; tlair victims; this Was the. muds of execu tion.” He farther *t«te» that u he was aim hunted by bloodhounds, as were ocher Uhl if men .Stare,"**. v •*hu- edutte effvrUlo be iticdf for a ceuition of Ifrtditiii ” A full history of these atrocities would fill volumes. But why continue ths* recitals? Snthclectbas be«-u reeouoTcd*la these brief .us reeds as tns - most cruel and bluod-tntiaty wretches that “ evtr dlsvruced mankind. Toe mindtecoliaia horror from the contemplatUm of the bar handles they have practiced upon oar citizens and crime tlua this of oviog tbtlr coontr and their fl op. But the civilized world will stand aghast at the fact that the recent Go>prrhe«a convention at Chicago was composed or men in fall and shameless sympathy with the.bloody and brutal tyrants at Richmond, who- inspired and commanded tbe commission cfe the crimes and atrpci'iesherein exposed and bald up to the Execration ot civilization. Tbs platform ot React and Disunion there gpvctcd will forever stand oat in history as theiool est blot upon our escutcheon, and will make our latest posterity to* blush with shame and humiliation. This shame must bo wiped out, as (hr as possible,-by the loyal people, by burning. In one common political grave, that atrocious platform of an ignominious and degrading peace,and tbe candidates who sUud upon it, illustrating its Infamy and its disloyalty. u Down with the traitor and op with the star 1" In Randolph county, Alabama, recently* Union man was dragged from bis house by the “peace Democracy” and taken to • thicket: “After a consultation It was determined to put him in the tory'e joke, bat, first of all, lotry U» make him acknowledge to bavins done aad slid certain thltae of which be was innocent. “Alter tr>mz some time to accomplish their ob ject, bj questioning and thmueulus, they resort efto more severe* measures. Dmjln* him, they took off bis clntiqpg, laid him down upon a log, lashed him firmly to It, and with luge hickory slicks commenced lacerating him. Four let It on Mmatoc.ce, and tbe cumbers soon increased to six. They continued to beat him there for * tong time, pausing cerarionnUy and asking him If he would ctnfes». and upon his rdasing would let la on bun more vigorous*! 1 . “ Tbe blood trickled from his back In streams. His piteou-* appeals m behalfof mercy were totally dl-rtssrdejJ. rfature finally yielded, acd tbe poor man swooned-and was lost to cousdonsuevs for several minutest As soon as he revived these hellish tormentors resumed their tortures. - Ttxey spilt (be cuds of emu sticks and twisting them m bit hair and imllinr'violently, caused tbe most ex cruciating pain. This and other fiendish opera tions were continued for some time. They then cut off his Angara at the second -joist, a»*slfo Us ears close up to his head. “ Tbe next step was to cut off hi* arms 'at. tfaa elbows, and -tbe-fqis at the knees. Alter this operation tbe wretched victim fainted, and falling to recover tor several minutes the murderer* pro nounced him t cod, and began to prepare to leave. \but at Una moment tbclr victim ebowed signs or life. Tboy now Ued a rope around his neck, and bnnr him to a limb near by, and Instantly do camped.” # - ■Who baa read of the horror* of tbe Span* ; lab Inquisition—the rack, and' the other modes of punishment* there adopted—with out a feeling of utter detestation for Its founders? - - The cruelties- inflicted on the soldiers of tbe Republic at Libby Prison unit Belle Island are more horrible thsflF those perpetrated la - tbe setret cells of the great engine of hell, as the Inquisition has been called. A history of-thoee horrors would-fill vol umes; but we can only now glance at them. Andrew J. Mann, of company A,* in the TtXrth Ohio regiment, thus -speaks of fact* occurring under his own observation at Belle Island: . * • . “Tbe next day we were parceled and cent to that hell on earth. Belle Island, where I witnessed tights of auffenng lor muntba tho: were horrible, awful, positive!? iudescnbahl»,and chill the blood and rend the heart with so agony of pity to ro . member. Bay after day 1 have Deeu forced to wit nett tbe slowy fearful death by starvation of score* of our noble fellows, and to hear their agonizing moans and Incoherent ravings, and pleading for something to soothe. tbe pains of hanger. They would aomellmesT when In thia half-crazed condi tion, tax for something to save their Uws, which they could feel slipping away.' And their brutal jailorwenld drag them from their suffering couches, declaring they would show them how to . address gentlemen, and, despite their weak and emaciated condition, bock and gag tbe poor fellows, and three-them to lie for hour* beneath, the scorching ray* of the sup; and many times when they went to release 100 sufferers they would find a stiffened corpse, with tbe sunken ejes glared in death, their fiendish trvaiment having snapped tbe frail thread - - ot llte,-and tbe poor victim being at last beyond tbereachof their persecution. ' “One poor fellow, being reduced by starvation and ih-neage to a mer* skeleton, and could scaree - ly stand, crawled one day up a bank near hi* tent to get a little fresh air, his face burning with fe ver : but no sooner bad be coined the summit of ■ the bank and eat down trembling with extreme exhaustion that the exertion had cost Mm, when the sentinel leaped upon the bank and harshly or dered him to get down or he Would shoot him. Tbe poor boy staggered to his feet at once, know ing fall well what would be the oohseqaeuce of hesitation, and attempted to cet out of sight; boh before ne could turn round; tbe reach demon , raised his gnn and fired, the hall passing through tbe poor boVa side, who rolled down the-bank and r expired without a gfuao, Ms heart’s blood spitting in jets from tbe ghastly wound. I \ “Anotfierloc of.our hoys were crowded la * • dose, narrow, and filthy ceil, scarce ten fret wide, but with one small, grated window (or light and / air, acd aomebelsg sick were .obliged to lie down, ■ and, in -cenaequence, tbe men were huddled twi tne air lout ana oppressive: and one young fellow, ■ who was-almost suffocated, arose aud puchis lace up to the window to cet breath, when the gturd upon the outride, without the slightest provoca tion, shot him through the h«d,-ai« blood and bralfiß hespiutring hia comrades inside of the cellTwho, with a low, thrilling ay of horror, eon templitcd this brutal and cold-blooded nramer of tbtlr uclortunoie comrade without tbe power of even a tem&nstrancs, for fear of sharing a like fate,” * t . The testimony taken before the Commit- tee on the Conduct ot the War Is of similar character. The surgeon who had charge ot many relumed prisoners at Boltlmore thua speak* ot them: “ Wart’s Bunbmqs HosrrriL. I BaLTUtOBS, MSy 21,1664. f- ' “Dkab Sra: I haretae honor to enclose the nbetofiraphoi John Brcinl*. with formation •written upon it. lam very sorry joar committee eonld not baro seen the*e caaea when Ant received. ~Ko one,* from these pictures, can form a tree estimate or their condition then.- Not one In ten' was able to stand alone ; some of them so covered and eaten by vermin that they nearly rtaembled cases of email pox, and so emaciated ihat they were realty living rietelons, and bit dir that, as shows, forty oat of one Hundred and fonr having died up to this date. " i '“lf there baa been anything eo horrible, fo flead- Üb, at this wholesale stsmtion, nrthe history of this eatanlc rebellion, I have fUted to note It, Bal ter the TrH ,,,rr **- ** Lawrence, Fort Pillow and Pljmontb than to be time starred to death by Incpcs, through lonir and weary moat be. I with X possessed tnb power to compel ad me Northern sympathizers with this rebellion to come in and«*» look upon' the work of the eAirairtnu sons of tbo aod exmny South wbea these skeletons were firafrecelved here A rebel Colonel, a pris oner bcir.wtiMloodwith aad beelooking on a* they were received, finally shook bis head and walked away, apparently ashamed that he held any relatione to men wno could be gnllty of inch deeds ' <•. “ Very rwpeclftrtly, jonr obedient servant, ' “A Cnirst. * Hon. B, P.Wanx, Chairman of Committee am, -the Conduct-oi the War.” (Hr. PendletoMa BaTtou Speech, Hr. Geo. H. Rendition, Democratic candi date for the Vice Presidency, was serenaded at the -residence Of ?dr, Vallandlgbam .la Dayton a few nights since, and made- a speech; a report orwhich we find in the Dayton hearing the marks ot cireful ■wilting out by the speaker. It may be taken as an equivalent of the.letter of acceptance of the Chicago nomination which Mr. Pen dleton Is reported not to have an opportu nity to write. . * MR. PENDLETON’S SPEECH. Tiwra asn Gentlemen: I thank-you for this very flattering pcompliment—l thank you for this manifestation of the hospitality of Dayton, which'has become proverbial throughout the United States. __ At 4 o’clock this afternoon I did not ex pect to be here this evening. . I came unex pectedly, on purely personal business, dls-' connected with public afialrs. I had no Ides '’of-seeing any number«of my fellow-citizens or discussing political questions. _ - ~~ ' This immen6fr"cdncourse thus suddenly convened fills me cWith renewed hope; it gives me confidence that soon again yon will, be called not as ho w to commence a vigorous contest, but to rejoice overlt* results;.to rejoice that tha powers of the* Government wd be again iutne poaswsiom of the Democratic party, whose beneficent •principles recently solemnly aononncedln National Convention, will bring us peoce, 'rhalntain the rights of the States, re-iuvlgo- - rate the Union; and, with peace and Union. ■Bill centre no the bleaalngs of personal liber ty, material prosperity »”<1 national power. But 1 -Kill not * talnlne yon stub a speech. 1 In tended only to thank yon for the Honor yoo kare done leave to wish job: good night. .

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