Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 25, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 25, 1864 Page 4
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Cl)icajodl®nbttne* . SUNDAY. feEPTKMBEB 25, IBM. THE CITY. At tbs Esst:—Bt. Miller, of the Soldier*' Bee£ fatipme Etrt.* During hlo'*b*ence,D.D. Addl. eon Is attending to .the wtnti of the tick loldiert. - PHOKOGRirar.—See ot Ur. O- BntUly> Phonographic Classes at i the School ofi Trade. beet system of short-hand taught by m. practical verbatim reporter. , Not So.—We are atate that there Is ixo troth In the report that a child fell Into the n vault 01. the Uomij School Donee, aa pahUahcd In tha Tamms*'of Saturday. . Awiwnm Shut ron tbk “-Uaosa."—Ajrote area taken on Friday at Camp'Doaalai, amow; the.' mem ben of Co. Bth V.E, O.* re* FntUtjr at follows: Llncoto. McClellan, 4. % * Dow are yon, soldiers’ votet ’ .. A 'Goon Bxamfls.—At the on- Frida j, the masters of Teasels then in port sob. scribed $76 60 to the Sanitary Commluton, in re eponae to the appeal for one day's earnings or In* come. ■ ' • Scnsmoß ex tbs Thibtkmth Wakd.—Gus tave Fisher, nominee for SuoervUor in the Thir tieth Ward, haring declined the nomination, the delegatee from that ward-hate nomlnatedJohn Atwater for Supervisor, in hu etc ad. StszwiixOnnnuscK>>Atthe Police Court on Saturday, a man named Sober! Clark was fined and costa forneslecttng to huUdaaldowalk in front of hU premises, after he hal been ordered to doso. - .Mr. Atxxht Grams.—We are Informed that this gentleman, who is one of the. clearest think cm «td ablest epeakers among our Workingmen, vm apeak at tne Metropolitan Hall meeting on Monday evening. / Attx*tiox Wide Awakes.— A meeting of. the Pioneer Wide A wishes will beneld at their Hall (corner of Lake and Franklin streets) on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. All good Union men are men are earnestly requested to attend and Join the organization.. . Miutast Ixtsluoesce.— On Saturday morn leg adetachment of 75 men of the Bth Wisconsin Infantry, in charge of Lieutenant T. G. Butler, arrived at the Bert from Cairo en route for Madi "Ton. Ere they proceeded on their way the boys're vert vtd a substantial repast from theladies otthe Bat-. , Accxsext.— A son of W. H. Bradley, ( Clerk of the U. 8. Court, was severely Injured on Friday - last while getting on the hone can on Bandolpb ' street, near Union Park. A toad of har passing at the moment'bni»bed him off be fed nndcr the car. cutting a deep gash in bis hand, breaking an arm and.canalng other bruise?. ✓ Gonso Fouwabd.— Under the' order to draftee dulling is etimolated. A large aquad of enlisted men left for Springfield on Saturday,-On the car Just before starting, was ujiromlnent citizen—we believe him to be an "exempt'’—who came near bring carried offwlth them. He went to offer con solation, but was only consoled hlotrifi by being allowed, alter some explanation, to set the soles o( bis feet ouce again on terra Jlrma. Tn* 140 th Begixxxt.—Some' little inaccuracy having crepitate onr report of the arrival of the 140iRegiment, we are requested to say that three / companies were recruited from Wolteslde county, two from Boqk Island, twoTrom Ogle, and one each from Mercer. Jo. Daviess and Lee. T tie regi ment rendezvoused at Dixon. Lee coonty. and was mastered In at Springfield, it hts been stationed at Lafayette, Tennessee, 8t miles from Memphis. Several men were kUed by gnenllas. Lotai WoßKntakxx’B Meetzko.—ln onr local columns this morning will be founds call (or a meeting of Jftie Loyal Workingmen, at Metropoli tan *DaIL, on Monday, evening. This movement,, weutderstand, originates among, and is carried on; by those Workingmen who have been dissatis fied with the -iotrodnetron of-polltics into their Trades' Unions, and who are determined not to be led by the nose by aelfltib demagogues into the support of measures to which they are opposed. Acosektax. Dbowbiso.—Thomas Edmonds, a native of England, and a resident of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who waa employed at ste ward on the schooner Express, fell on Thursday nicht last. Into the river,, between Clark and streets. The body was recovered on Saturday morning, and. au inquest was held by Coroner jury returning a verdict of *• accidental drowning.’* The deceased leaves no family except a daughter, whose husband Is Cap tain ol the Express. - - BxsiGXATion —We regret to notice the resigna tion of Acting Sergeant 0.8. Abbott, the officer in charge of the Bonth Chicago Police Station. • Set* geaot Abbott is one of the oldest afid mott respect ed members of the dty force. For many years he faithfully performed the duties of a patrol man, and In 180 waa promoted by Saperintende&t C. P. Bradley to the management of the fcouth Di vision Branch Station, which position he has since filled with credit to himself and satisfaction to all others except the rowdy class. We leam that Ur. Abbott betters his position bythe change. Pebsokai*.—Trot Ooldwyn Smith, ournoble and generous English brother, iKo has been mingling with the western people for a few weeks past, is now in thla dty, the eneet of James A Phillips, £4). ■ He leaves this (Sunday) evening for the via Michigan Central aud Great\Ve*tern Ballwajn. Mr, ILK.-Blce, Superintendent of the Michigan Central, with that cbaraccrisUc generosity which controls the mdn, has cent his beautiful private - car from Detroit, (or frof, Smith’s use. / ' Fatal Accihxxt. —On Friday, Matthias Hedgen, 'u native of Germany,, was instantly >killed by the fall of sn eight-inch brick wall, which buried him in the debris. The deceased was engaged at the time In the bricks from a building which is being torn down on Michigan avenue, be tween Lake and Socth Water streets. An inquest was held on Saturday monaugby Coroner "'aimer, and a verdict returned in accordance with the nets. The Jury at the same time censured the too com mon practice of erecting high brick walla of such a elisbi thickness. % Ecoxovr xb Wealth^—Tbose of onr-retden who are In the habit of destroying their -newsps pert and waste paper will do well/to remember that J. E, PctUbone, No. 98 Randolph ttreet pur chases paper of all deecrlpttons at prices which will astonish tboee wbo supposed a retd newspa per or filled ledger U only fit for the Are, while tboee who bare aiready been In the habit of pre serving their watte ntper may leam that Hr. Pet tibone pays really the hl/heat'caih prices. Scions.—A young man from Chicago named Herrin, said by persons wbo pretended to know him to be a banker or the son of a banker o! this ' city, committed suicide in a saloon at Kalamazoo, Michigan, on Friday evening las t, about 10 o’clock! , - He bad been In Kalamazod'during the'week, and It la said had loitconstdcraVe sums of money, in fact was literally u cleaned out" by the blacklegs who inleeted the place'tiuriag the talr. He bad been tinnklng freely through toe day, and was con siderably under the effects of liquor when he com mitted the act. While drinking with some assocl ■'Stes. be was seen to pour something from a phial into fata liquor. It was supposed at the trmc by tboee who saw him that it uas some medicine. buV the dose proved to be laudanum.* and resulted fa tally In a very brief period. UmixißLX.—A gentleman reading the Tsibuve In a cltr'raQway car on West Randolph street yes terday morning, was accosted by a newsboy bear ing In his hand a solitary copy of tbe seceeh Times with the query: “Do yon want to change papers?" At such an unusual request the gentleman natural/ ly looked up, and propounded a query wboeweene- • ral purport was—•'Why?" The boy answered. “ Because Lrwant to eet a paper that 1 can sell. 1 nave peddled this 71 me* lor over two boors, and , nobody wants It; 1 know that 1 could sell the Tax non." Tbat boy with the seceeh organ reminds ua ol a peddler of Emenldlne extraction, who once trudged tbe rounds of a village witb a basket .<1 crockery without effecting a single sale. Some -. one observed to him. “ Why rat! you’re dUAsrf •" to which which the unfortunate answered, “Ye may say that same wid yer own ugly tnup, and an- M Ten I aril tUm jooo me rain’s collate, Tn Dbatt— I Pmrra Wans.—At a large meet ing of the dUtena of the Tenth Ward, held on Saturday evening, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Besotted, Tbat in the opinion of this meeting it payment of |BOU bounty to substitutes and repre sentative recruits. 7 Besotted. That as citizens of the Tenth Ward _we hereby Instruct onr Supervisor to vote for, and —. to nse bis best exertions to procure the passage of resolutions authorising tbe payment of said boun ty to substitutes and represenutlve recruits. _ • Besotted* That the Supervisor ol this ward be, and is hereby Instructed to nse all honorable means . in his power to prevent tbe repeal of' tbe previous . orders of the. Board authorizing the payment of s3ooßounty to volunteers, if any attempt should oe made to repeal the same. " The meeting then adjourned to meet at tbe en gine boose, corner of- Washington and Clinton * streets, on this (Monday) evening, at 7 o’clock, •hup. . ■ Thu DkpUaz w Gout.—Let loyal men rejoice at the oosJlne m Gold. Tbe gambler*, backed by Belmont, who has a large Interest in Conftdoate •crip, are now on the down gride,' and. tbe brakes won't work, thinks to the battle of Banker Hill —PhIL Sheridan's last great victory, Saturday the quotation luHewTork etood 109—market weak -- •atih a downward tendency Let the train rath on -* brakelese; It wID pnil up at “par” station, and lone belore it reaches there the gamblers ana specula tor* will hare been knocked off and onried in ruin. Ifonedeculre victory has knocked the “ducats” coWntwtely per cent, where will another victory • sendlt! - -- Betailers of every description mnit of necessity mark tfotm their prices. “It is a bid rale that *Cpb’< work both ways,” is what the boy ettd to the schoolmaster, and it is equally appllcab e in this ca*e. Tbe retailers oi groceries and dry goods, egg "and bnitcrrenocra and perepatetie vegetable and meat dealers, at the advance m gold, marked“Qp " 1! tbe advance in aoßl was only one per cent goods wens up. Toe consumers have bad to bear the loss, and It u now about time''that tbe dealer* should bear a little, if there is any to be borne. Gteeabaeks are assuredly going back-to a legiti mate basis, and merchandize of all descriptions - must follow emu t On 'Change tbe decline of even half's cent In the gold market has a correepoodiqg influence on pork . and nonr, and tbe samewiyit there be as advance. Itatands to reason tote small dealers .should bo Sverntd in the same manner-a* the large ones irk down your goods, gentleman,-and don't ■ swindleUepeopleonlot twenty percent. Money . ain't worth Ii; U can be'hsd from sny of the bancs lor fen. " ThxShoottko or SeUckast Hickxt.— On Situr day'afternoon one phsebin this late brnttl avsaolt care, was developed at the Armory In the trial of John Btley for committing aakiasaU with a dead ly weapon with tnlcnt'to do bodily injury, upon - the pert on of officer McCiberpf tbe First Product Police Force. Mrs. Neary, near whose house the ’ mime war committed, testified that on the night ~* .In question. Riley, in company with a feHow rpugh-themaawhoibotScnreavt Bicker—entered kfcat disturbance* break- and threatening to sboot her«elf and gum. The testimony of the police officer Aothe effeettbu he, wlih Mr. HiciMsud two Other Officers, proceeded to Urs. Neary** piece to quell a disturbance. He mrested B?er. lelSn? , the Otbtt man, Kdly, staeding wlih the Sergeant, Before, however, be left the group many seconds, be heard the report of a revolver snd returned with bis prisoner to tbe 'POt- saw a pistol lying on the doors too?-- Tbe witness l stooped to \ /pick It up and on nstng saw thstßtiej had drawn \ a pistol from hit pocket apd was evidently attempt-" ' lt£ to conceal It. The necessary result of the dis artery was a seme etruwle. which terminated, as a Batter of cotfrse, in the defat of the rowdy. ' - Hit honor. Judge Will Ism*, constderod toe charge -• fuiiv sustained, and held the’ ptisoner tor trial at 1 ■ Uie Sergeant Hickey's medical attendant now enter-' : tains strove hope# of hla recovery, ’ er Is by so means certain. We believe that the ' * of the ban has not yet been ascertained, > ft stay have lodged In a spot where deadly In 'flameatlon may ensue at any moment. IMFT IN COOK COUNTV. sWh •( Ike SeV-DUtricU—Payaeit of . Fluty to Drafted Jtoa—Beetle* •(Ike Beard •fSaparriianx •a Healey. - , She time appointed for the draft In tbli county draws near. To-day (Monday) the wheel will re volve for the townships o'f Lejden, Bchanmberg, 'Palos, Wheeling, Nonhfleld, and Maine, in the order na£ed,Nandou the following day* the other sub*di»trlcti win follow In the order oMniehted nets tin the quota is foil. We yet been able to obtain the precise Agnrea, bat the following table Is a near approach to a true statement of thq condition and lUbDltlea of theaeteral aab-dlstxlcta in'the wunly, on Saturday morpms. ThVvara amngedin the order la which they will be called ■upon, unless the quotas are ailed by volunteering. JTo. Sviiliitrict. Enrolled, JHtclU Batio 11 Lejdcn. 166 *Sr ' lln « 7 Bchanmbcrg 118 17 l m- 7 18 Piles ... ... t \ 90 10 .lln 10 .8 Wheeling f 219 S3 lln 8 4 Nonhfleld 183 20 lln 0 9 Maine 1 .-206 21* 1 In 10 S*-Blch 150" 20 h 15 Lyons S6B *3 lm «. 43 Now Trier Ho 15 jin g 18 Proviso 337 * . 36 1 1q- 9 16 Lake I€ 6 St , ‘i 1q g 17 Lemont 593 ‘25 1 ufTia SO Calumet.... ~.U SS6 v 23 Hq g 83 Thornton a , BX9 ' 81 lin lo 10 Mice Sll 21 lin 10 a Orland...-U 168 : 14 Hq u S3 8remen.........'. 109 '/ 19 lm io 8 Elk Grove. 149 18 lln^ll 2 Palatine 235 30 , lin is 12 Jeflerscm '..319 *l9. lin 11 35 Bloom.. 140 18 'Un 11 19 Worth r.v... 849 '2O 'Un 12 14 Cicero 303 16 1 in 18 88 Thirteenth Ward 969 -' 77 ~lin 18 81 ttlxth Ward....r:...V9® • 128 ml 5 88 Eighth Watd 1367 68 l in IS 87 Twelfth Ward .1589 , 88 lln 17 84 Ninth Ward:-. 1601 ' 53 lln 19 89 Fourteenth Ward .. 1341 ■ ' 58 lin S3 SiSeventh Ward 9117 v 66 1 in 84 80 Fifth Ward .1889 fft 1 la-21 85 Tenth Ward 3304 77 1 in 89 37 Second Ward .2890 <,IOO 1 in 80 J5& Third Ward 3513 96 . 1 in 97 86 Eleventh Ward 3783 Id ' lln 36 40 Unearth Ward.*.....8186 \4B lin 41 86 First Ward 4545 "40 lin 180 29Fourth Ward 1463 'OO • foil. 41 Sixteenth Ward 80C6 .15 linß7B 6 Hanover 118 8 1 in 14 4S Lake View 181 12 ,1 la 11* 44 Hyde Park 190 10 - I Barrington...... 185 V 00 « fall 5 Evanston......T. 194 .00 -fall The number of men enlisted at the office or the Provcst Marshal on Satnrdsywaa twenty two re croits and one enbatitnte. The number enlisted /throughout the elty was prohablr Jorty-flre. Snide of thesewve have credited m our table, at two to Barrington, seven to the Fourth Ward, and •o'voe should be credited to Lake View, though we know ‘not how many. Several of the Wards are making extra efforts, and inasmuch at they vnll-not he rtached in tho order ol detail before the middle of the week, they may mqnago to escape the draft al together. At pubuehea in the Truck* or Satur day, credits will be allowed to each sub'district up . to the list moment o! putting the tickets into the wheel, hut so dslat will he allowed. We would recommend all wno bave a chance to escape the draft, to work for that end. In some ol the anb oistrlcts •'drift ta inevitable, It could not be avert ed now, the time istoo abort; hut In several thert art hut a few meqto raise, and the draft may there be chilly avoided. To one thing we would call particular attention. The ssoi>,ooo loan has not been effectual In averting the dial!,because not raised soon enough. Built may he used in another way, and should be so used. Let the three hundred dollars be paid to every man drafted: if he wish to procure a substi tute It will materially aid him in doing to, or if he choose to go to the war,the money will bea grate ful addition to the familr ftmd for the ensuing winter. This will be hut fair. The draft necessa riy develops Inequalities, Many poor men will probably be drafted, while very many of our prop erty holders are exempted Py reason of age, oi|will be able lo procure substitutes wlthdut pecuniary inconvenience, or will esfcape the draft altogether ou the even chance. This war la carried on for the eniorcementofour rights, the rights of the whole American peoplCthe wealthy and the poor alike." Much hue been said latterly, about the *‘ antago nism” between labor and capital. At le&et there la no antagonism here. The country belongs equally to the capital!*! and the lauorer. Both have an equal Interest in the cause, and each should hear Us thereof the burden necessarily imposed. Let there be ro mistake about this. / A meeting of ibe Board of Supervisors is called for Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock. It should be attended by a full Board, Not a member should be out of his place. Let every one be put ontbs record, and let no section of the county be unrep-- retented. The meeting is called lorthe purpose -Ot considering the propnetyof paying bounty to substitutes and representative recrnlta. We ex pect, aud-tbe working classes have a right to de mand, tbit drafted men he lacloded also—that is. in simple terms, and* avoiding technicalities nnd compliestk ns, to pay the bounty of three hun dred dollars to every man who counts on the quota ol -Cook county, -he he enlisted or drafted. We htfleTe that the money can be raised. A great porflftt'of it-is pledged already :T>at even if the cash cannot be all procured, the scrip can be Issued. Many of those receiving the scrip will be able to keep it till redeemed by the county, and others, who really needed the proceeds, could have ' them redeemed by the committee subsequently, if sot before the header left for his regiment, We hear that an attempt will possibly be made to repeat the action recently taken by the Board of | Supervisors relative to the appropriation. We ! trust no member of. the Board will bo foolish 'enough to incur the odium which x anch a proposal would entail on the mover. We have little fe&* that ihc measure would prevail, even if urged, Tne S2OO is equally the rieht o! every man who goes to the front. Many will shoulder the musket whose . families will have to be supported by the county If 'this money be not thus paid, so that little would he really gained by an exclusive policy. We can neither afford, nor can we he mean enough to re fuse it. , x * -Meanwhile we advise all >ho are able; to enlist. I The draft la now at oar doors. The cry of “Draft” has been so often ra'sed that many believed It would never come. It ought not to have been needed, nor would it, if provided against In time. We wisnnotnow to find fault, but we may be per mitted to say that a Utile less of the blind-sighted policy would have enabled us to furnish all the men needed, and with some to spare, at nuder all former calls. Men enough have been run off dar ing the past two months to fill our quota to over flowing twice over. We need not now appeal for recrnlta; the time for that bts nearly passed. We now only advise, Tocngmen without family will find it to their in terest to enlist, as It is their duty. We bare .al ready shown, a day or two since, that thu-eounty and nay fordne rear will far -exceed the average caj nrgs of wczkln j men—a good pecuniary motive for enlisting, one which may not exist after the draft. ~ And how long will the men be needed? We think not long. The ahadowa are lifted. Prom Atlanta came'np a short time ago the boom of the cannon which heralded the margin of day— Ann now from the valley <H the Shenandoah we hear the filter trump o! the Angel of Peace; not the dull whine of tie Copperhead faction which epeaks of an ignoble cessation of hostilities, but-that clarion tone which tells clearly of a permanent rest from war by the destructive exhaustion of the foe. The day Is dawned, the solar ray gilds the > and even the recesses of the Shenandoah valley re flect back the strengthening bsm. Thoorbofdiy rises amid cloods it is true, but above the sky is clear, and the fOgbauk will soon be passed; then •glorious, joyful, peaceful day.* 188 134 TH BEGinKlf 11.I 1 . Welcome Home—Reception 1b the Court Moose Square. A magnificent public reception was given to the 134 th Illinois, by the Board of Trade, yesterday afternoon, Court House square. The boys marched down Lake to Laaa'le streets, along La salle to the Court House square, headed by the Great Western Light Guard Band. Here they formed In two lines, two ranks deep—the colon and officers standing In front of the centre of the first line. Alter the band had played the Battle Cry of Freedom, Col. Hancock formally welcomed the boys, on their retom, on-behalf of their friends and relatives, after which he introduced Bon. G. C. Bates, wbo .was received with loud and pro longed applause. - Mr. Bates opened his remarks by comparing the regiment to the soldiers of Napoleon, upon whom looked down forty centuries; They bad written their names upott the psgesof our country’s his tory. -A little more than 100 days ago, darkness and gloom hovered over the land; bat the aides have brightened. (Cheers.] General Sherman had planted nls victorious legions in Atlanta—having, four months ago, turned nls back on his base at Chattanooga—and wss not metsuriog ont a Just punishment upon the people for their cruelties upon the poor / Cherokee Indians. He welcomed the * regiment back on behalf of oar citizens, on behalf ol their more than Homan mothers, on behalf of their friends, and onjbebalf of the Board of Trade, a body of men wbo were ever ready to respond to the call of their country. He bid themjweloomo on behalf ot Col, Han cock *-the Hancock of the Northwest [Cheers]. He *bld-them welcome on behalf of their brothers In the Add and those whose bones are bleaching on many a bloody bat tle around. Qen. Sherman has takenAUauta, and TJ, B, Grant has clutched the communications to Richmond, and bolds them as the American eagle does the slimy Copperhead. Last night we heard theploriona news from the Valley'ofcthe Shadow oTDeath—that valley where Banks, and Hunter, N and others made failures. The clouds which have lowered over the country have been lifted away, andthe snn of our Union la now above the hori zon. and before the leaves shall fall, ft will he once more In the zenith in the heavens. Our country Is calling fur mm, and hundreds are rushing to the ranks of Grant and Sherman. This regiment)* fit to cope with any In the armies of Europe, and he would like to see It In at the -death knell of the rebellion—for before • tbe leaves fkll the city of Richmond will be taken and the rebellion will fall -dl Its own weight. Tbe speaker here strongly urgeA-the. boya to re-enUtt and be with the army during the next ninety days. After “ Tbe Star-Spangled Banner" by the band, Lt. OoL Bigelow was introduced and tuanked the citizens on behalf ol himself and the regiment lor theklcd reception tendered them. Be branded tbe reportthat the regiment had mutinied because It was kept longer than Ua time of enlistment, as an infhznons lie, and wonld'at some day publish tbe correspondence of Gen. Meredith, ccmpll mentlng the men for their soldierly conduct. ~ Dr- Dan forth then returned thanks for the recep tion, after which the hand clayed “Hall Colum bia," when a line of march was formed and tbe regiment proceeded to toe Soldiers’ Rest, where a good dinner awaited them. *■* ABVBBHBIin. * At the Museum the- Bake's Motto hss been played nightly to crowded houses with Ur. Akin as Captain Lagnadere, Hr. McManus as Garrick feigns. Miss Howard ss Blanche, Urs Stoueall as .Helen, and Kiss Bight as Zjllah, Tbe play abounds In scenic effects, tableaux, and was pre sented in capital title, For the present it hss been taken off the boards, and on Monday eve ning will be presented “Borneo and Joliet,” with Mrs. Form end Hr. Akin as the principal cluirac ter*. Mrs. Perrin fats last returned from the summer vacation, and will make her appearance nightly dunrg the season. On Tuesday evening will be presented the evcr-pOpular'-nlvv oi the “Ticket of Leave Man,” with lues Lotta as Sam Willoughby. , ■ " At McVlcktr* Mr. Cbsntran has hadja successful week, during whlcn>he took tbe character of Bobert Brltrlr, Uncle Pete, Toodles and Paddy/ Miles' Boy. On Monday evening. Mr. Bandmtnn, * tbe celebrated Anglo German actor, opens his r*. pericin with Nardfte, or the List Days of the- Totspadoor, which will also be played on the fol lowing evening Mr. Bsndmaun was here last winter, snd by hie skillful and artiste tenderings of friends who will be glad to see him once_mote on tbb boards. Miss Uachsel Johnson takes her benefit 4 dV Wednesday evening next, appearing as “Ea chd” In the c *Bo!dler*.D»nghter,”aad In “B’ack Eyed Sunn.” We scarcely need commend her to our readers. Ail who have seen her on the stage know her-to be a actress, one who takes pains to do 101 l Justice to the characters she as sumes. Bbe is Deserving of a lull honse, and wo have no doubt It'will be accorded to her. •* Tbe Varieties have been well attended by the • lovers of ka v eedecoplc. The legitimate drama does not bold forth - here, bat the performance consists of oila podrUia, embracing selections from tbe burlesque to tbe high 'tragic, and mock heroic. Mr. Chadwick very patriotically donstodjtbe entire proceeds of fpar nights' performances to tbe county draft fmidrby the doing of which he - has especial claims upon amusement testers. On Monday night three new stars will mike their. _dt6ui. C. 6. Collins, “tbe original cene,” Loolsa ' OfrUnore, wire dancer, and Joe Main, Vemilo De unstor. . The entire proceeds sf the evening's entertainment srlU be given to the Bounty Fund. The programme Is sofflclentto filTTbe house to re-, ptotfon, apart tram the objecU The bill ta con . tlcued through the yjek. \ JCBE IIBEOEII'I nONUHBICT. ' Though it baa been already described in our; columns, the above cat will do more than a page of details coold do to present to the eye theTlre min's Monument just erected at Hose HUlCeme .tery. It la a noble work of art, highly creditable to the designer, Leo W. Yolk, Esq M whose firm— Messrs. Yolk A Moore—superintended Us erection- City readers will not need to be told that It com* memorates the Lake street callmity of October, - 1E67, in the destruction of a wide extent of-busi ness blocks on Lake and Sonfb Water streets, with a loss of over thirty lives, nndcr appalling dream stances of horror. The monoment is erected by the Firemen's Benevolent Association of this dty, at an expense of SIO,OOO. The cat well represents the general design which is elegant and highly symbolic throughout. It is thirty-two feet In height from the bate to the top of the surmounting statnte, all finely wrought In Italian marble. The statute represents a life-size Fireman,. In cbarac teriatlcdress in the aiatide.o| listening to catch tbeflrealarm. One feature ortbe. monument de serves to be noted. The column itseK, a beaatllhl. shaft of the choicest marble was got oat m Italy lor the State House in Columbia, 8.0., but was captured on a blockade runner and sold under con fiscation. Far better to have It mark the resting Elace otTbyal firemen, than to serve among the pll irs of a rebel State. Mr. Volk baa dogs Els work excellently well, and among the growing and stable proofs of bit-genius, In enduring marble, tblslsoneoftvbichhesm well be proud. RATIFICATION meeting, <r&r Candidates—Addresses of Hon* W. B. States, Col. Ea>tman, Cd. Dialers , Maj. Stevenson. and John i. ftelsn. . The ratification meeting last evening at Metro politan Hall was not such a success, in. point of numbers, at was expected, owing to tbe large number of ward meetings being held to take mea* sores to avoid tbe draft. However, the meeting ..was fir from being'small— more than ordinarily tilled. . Tbe meeting was called'to order by Dr. BiaktfT who nominated CoL R. as Chairman. Tbe nomination was nnonimqasly adopted. '** Row. v. b. scans Col 'iloogh then stepped forward and Introduced jQdge Sestet;* wbo said it was his intention to pre atnt a lew aremnente on the tjoeatlons ndw before, tbe nubile. Tbe gieat question Is the preserrathm of the Union. It would be well to go' Stack and consider tbe great landmarks In the history of the East thirty jears.-There Is a process in England Down as processioning theboandsnes of estates. > by which the boundaries were bandrd down from generation to generation. iWe most then keep in view these laidmarkß, by which our liberties are ’ defined. The speaker was acquainted with the views o. our fathers touch lop the landmarks between State and eoremmeut right*. Bat of late acme of these landmarks have been ioft sight of. Let me refer to aaeee heresies which hare culminated in the re heiltan. The Constttntlon cnaranteed liberty and Srotectlon. jof property, but In some of the States iexewasapropi<ty In human beings. TbeCon stitutlon made no proviso for the carrying of this* peculiar propertr Into places where the local laws were opposed toll. In tbe Bred Scott decision, the heresy, in -.opposition to the local laws . was anttained. The South Inserted this decision Into the platform of the Democratic party, for the purpose Of dividing lUao as to hasten the disruption oftho Union. In theafUationof the present time, we oUehtto look Into the evidences, and'see what the iflhjecta and purposes of the parties are. He beneved that theee ate facia which prove the determination of Southern pollticiabs to destroy the Union, and set np a confederacy of slave States exclusively. He had proofs from all classes of Southern'men, Jurist and orators. By these testimonials a Jury would return a verdict that these men had conspir ed against the Government It is a naked con spiracy, gotten up by men, who asserted that the majority did sot rale. They separated to get - Yld of the majority. They separted to establish an aristocratic slave power. Thepretente that abolition societies had been formed, .and had prevented the execution of the slave laws. Is a hollow one. In 1833 Mr. Calhoun endeavored to establish Uon the pretense of the tariff, bat he failed. Be then sought the question of slavery, and agitated It so much that the rebellion «m the result. Hr. Benton denounced Mr. Calhoun .as a conspirator.' Ur; Calhoun was then engaged in this conspiracy. Inoculating the Southern peo ple with sectional hatred. Tne rebels have made abolitionism and the tariff pretenses only for their treason. It becomea.important lor os,lo examine (his testimony, especially since we are divid ed. to be able to draw a proper line ol demarkatlon on the rebels. Even after the be ginning of ftbo war, the speaker was in favor of ibe restoration of the Union under the “Constitu tion atf It was.” Be wrote a letter in opposition to the enlistment of the soldier, hat was nappy to state that he had lekrned better. [Cheers.) He now declared himself In favor of the Union under the “Constitutionaa Ills to oe,” —that is, without' slavery. (Loud cheers,] He was in favor of the I Union under such a Constitution as would remove ! any cause for a repetition of the rebellion. [Loud cheers.] He was in favor of cutting out the by the roots. I Applause.] Democrats contend that the proclamation and Mr. letter to whom It may concern, hare put stumbling blocks in the way of peace. ThereWno wayofobtaluing a peace save ny conquering it. [Prolonged ap plause!' He dlmnot believe that all Who are act trg with the aocailed Democratic party are dis loyal ;It is only the leaders. To theee be had no terms to offer, save such as Grant anolSherman are oflenug In the field. iCoeers.] The Northern Copperhead la in the sltte relation to the rebel in the South aa Judas to Peter. [Applause] ,We must lodge of a msn by the company he keeps. Whole this company—Tallinalgoain, Voorbeee. and others of that stripe. Here axemen who ope a-' ly proclaim treason, and yet they are taken by the hand and was promoted to the first places. Val lardlsham, Chairman of the Committee that framed the plaform—ana each a platform. [Cneers.] The men in the field are intelligent and true to the country. They would not support Hr. Lincoln in anaet of usurpation. How long would yon have any property to defend bad it not been 'xor the brave phalanx who bare their breasts in the field? There cm be no mistake that it is the intention of the soldiers in the field to have Abra ham Lincoln four years more. [Load cheers.] They will hare Dick Oglesby for Governor. [Load -applause,] Have'lheDemocrats become so wick ed that they cannot act with tha loyal men In defending the country? The speaker was read ent ef the Democratic party some two yean ago, at a Copperhead Convention at Springfield. Be was denounced as 'an abolitionist. These men claim the name of the democratic party, but the speaker would never ac knowledge it. ■ [Loud applause.] The South Car oUna Secession Ganvenuon alleged that 14 of the Northern States passed liberty hills. This la false, for only four States ever passed that act. Jeff. Oavla in bis Inaugural exhibited a bill of com plaint. He said the mo meaning of the constitu tion had been diaiegarded. He asserted the heresy cf carrying slavery Into the free States. He says the Union la a confederation of the States, not of the people. At the framing of the constitution U was derided that the general government was su perior to the State goveremenk It was Decreed that the power* given to the general bot eminent should be the supreme law of the laud. Jeff Da vis' complaint la a falsehood. The Judges of the States are bound-by the decisions of the Sn nreme Court. Let us look at what was done to do away with these complaints. Both parties bad platforms maintaining that the Gov ernment had no'right to Interfere with slavery in the slirhatates, in 1843-the slave power wanted extentlon to preserve their majority, and accord ingly clamoied for the annexation ol Texts. What does Mr. Lincoln do In his Inaugural ad dress ? Be said that the Government had no pow er to interfere wltn slavery in the slave States, and he waa not going to do it. Concessions of the lib erty bUIa bad been made. It was proposed to add an amendment to the Coeabtntion, guaranteeing protection to slavery. It was the providence of 6oa that this intention waa defeated. For nztr years the Sonth had control of the Govern ment. The intention of the- Sooth was to establish a ■ government founded on slavery, and hence they went out of the Union. The poor whites of the Sonth are not fighting for their liberties, but-for..their dlaftan c&i*emeU_The rebel leaders are tiredof the major ity, they want a minority. ol tbeir aacoriatlOD of the Democratic part}: they don't' want it any longer. In the local elections the Democratic party was defeated by the Benobll cans and Wntea, out In the national election they were successful. The South hat aplt upon the Democratic party for ail its assistance, and the man who would be lick-spittle for the South is beneath the contempt of all high-mloded men. [Cheers.] Why did not the peace Democrats make a compromise at BalUmore-and Charleston in 1860? They clamor for a compromise whmh they know they cannot obtain. These mean men [cheeraj who think, in spile of a lour yeara wir. that they can indnee the rebels to submit tow peace, are mistaken. Buchanan waa a traitor or be ‘ might have stopped the treason or the South Tala man said the government had no power to coerce a State—giving evidence that he wai In league with the rebellion. Be must have been blind It he did not-ree that Fiojd waa stealing the arma of the Union He did tee it and would not stop it.'Mr. called tbejauthcr of this wan; hot the troth is the work bad been In operation Cor five months before he was inangmated.. It-was not until the month of May thaTilr. Lincoln bad fata troops ready for the field. If an armistice be granted, we must withdraw our armies from At lantrand Petersburg and remove the blockade—all to give them an opportnnltr to recruit their chattered strength. We will fight this thhuhont until; at Jeff. Davis says, the last ««« or generation falls. - At the Convention here a short time ago Mr. Wlckhffe offered a resolution, -*hlch was until mooaiy adopted, that the prison doors should be opened. That is tbe 50,000 prisoners now held hr ns should be allowed to go to recruit the rebel armies, WMyon dolt? -How are our prisoners treated—starved to death. Id ' AndersonvlUe, Qeorsla, 80,006 of our men are confined, without tents,- houses .or spy thing to cover tbeir naked ness. (A voice—We will bring them home shortly.) Some of tbe Democrats say test Mr. McClellan does not stand on the platform. He accepts under a war letter. lie can’t stand on both—lf he comes out on one tbe other must get the go bye. The loyal people of the North wait a who ba( a defined platform, bush a man is Mr Lincoln. He fats offered terms of peace, •hull the bouth. would 'not accept. Tne great crashing blow aganat the rebellion waa Mr* Lincoln's Proclamation. [Cheers.] a refugee planter from Alabama saya the rebels can raise out a few men, and they get no sympathy. Now that we have Driven them to toe it the time to tala about peace? Why should we offer a treaty to criminals, who have forfeited thslr lives,- properties, and rights ? Mr.' Lincoln, It is said, dop’t offer any terms that they will accept They don't want to abolish slavery. .-Mr. Lincoln Is behind the times. Tbe speaker would not treat except at the point the bayonet—4 Oheera.l Hr. Lincoln baa not attempted to destroy their in stitutions; he has only taken their property away. The speaker concladed-by thinking the audience for thur kind'attention. , CoL Eastman was called for, and was received with enthusiastic cheers Be said he could not command language adequate to express his sense of gratitude to those friends who—with * devo tion quite andta zeal wholly, unexpected—had pigged him In his present position. Be would -exert every talent he possessed to Justify their fft termg partiality. It Is so small booor to repre- W this (mat and influential district in tbe sister b.audf-tf the legislature ot\lllinois. Beaefleul measures ace -to be cameo, and deiri «esUi legtslstlon pro rented. He was rrosdfOf Chicago and of Cook county, gxateltu to their noble people who bare aided btmao (feneroiuly—with whom he bad liredso pur years, and hoped to spend all his years—and he would dMcently and laithfolly discharge, 11 elected, the dniiea of the office for which be was a candidate, It would be easy to elect the ticket. True, onr enemies hare not placed their county- Ucket In tbe field. But they have nominated ihrir candidate for Congress—and raci a candidate. McCormick—MsCoi ml ck of Virginia, who lores rlsren more' than be lores tbe free In* stitntione of Dllaols—McCormick of Lon pop, England, who remorod bis family thither, toiL all his convertible property, at the notbreak of the rebellion,—thlsts the mu inborn John Wentworth most and will beat badly. Oar • ticket la competed of hood maUrla*. bo* better' than that, tbo people, whose ticket It is, are In tee majority. and are ihoroushly arenced. We must barea dean sweep In November. Let all hatchets he burled. In tbe Interest or oar country, in tbe Interest of right principles, inihe Interest of oar glorious soldiers in tbe field, letloyal men come to* getber and prepare to give a crushing majority for onr Congressional ud County tickets. He was ptrtonaliy acquainted wtihall tbe candidates for the Legislature, ud be was btppy to know that it would be a harmonious delegation, and he giro * bis pledge that the interests ot tbe people would be well looked alter. And for one*—*hlle he would not nrg cct uy cUtis—nor uaja»tly favor any class—be would not forget the mechanics and woikteg men. He had stood too mu} hours at tbe case In toe printing* office to do that. [Cheers.! Be-again thanked his friends, ud retired amidst applause, ' N - XJLJOB stxtixbcx. I Major Stevenson was next introduced amid Una applause, and said be little dreamt a year ago, at toe battle of Ctockamaos'i, that he would to-night stud before a Chicago audience, as one of the candidates for the Legislature. When he . thought of the duties that wJI devolve on hun, if - elected, bo would almost decline tbe offer. In 1663 he was not a supporter of Lincoln,hut of Stephen A. Douglas, tile was prand to vote for him Hs foilowea his teachings through life, ud recollects his last words. That man who will slindir a sol oler, cannot .be loyal ua true in his heart. (Cbecrt.'l Richardson does not stud alone Tbe Chicago Ttmu came to the rescue, ud said that the soldiers were mercensfies. The Tima complains when thnsoldiers work, with good rea son, lor they reduce ?ts inMbribersin the Booth. [Cbcm.) Tbe speaker prophesied a speedy capture of Mobile. Petersburg and Richmond, •and- the'" destruction- of the' rebellion. bVIA UMUM, CoL Daniels was next Introdnced, and made a few remarks relative to the Apolitical states In Southern BRndls. It looks as u such a conflagra tion as swept- Mitne will sweep through Egypt, Tbe glorious news ot tbe last few days has materi ally strengthened there where loyalty was waver ing. Tbe pratnea have taken fire ud tbe fire is spreading. Tbe speaker here showed the differ csce.between theUnlon and tbe so-csllod Demo cratlcpaniea.ud strongly urged all those "Who arelnnvorof an honorable peace to ctme to the rally of the Uniu. The old-Demo cratic party has no connection with tbe snide now bearing that name. Tbe old Democratic party Is dead, snathe new one has assumed the name and style of the old firm. This is a party deleimtncd To get into office—has' made a platform that means both something ana nothing. Geo. B UeCleUu comes oat as a war Democrat; but his letter is about as ambig uous as the platform. This is the boor of trial and we must do onr duty. Let ns be true as true as those who have given np tbelr lives on tbe field. Take advantage of this moment, when the enemy Is weak in bis knees, ud press on • then the victory will be ours. Then will the rebellion see its lost houn. -ud the Union will he restored one and inseparable. ' JOUX A KXLSOIf. - Hr. John A. Nelson, candidate for Sheriff, was next Introdnced, and made a few remarks in which he thukea the citizens for the honor con ferred on him, plpdidag, it elected, to perform his duties conscientiously ud eatU&ctonly. On motion, the meeting adjourned. THE FALL IH GOLD. litrtis<4 Vilie of Our Cirrenej— Prices of Sealtn ■ot'lixiou to f folltw Suit—Tbe'Tribimt, The amount otunzrency In the hands of the peo ple, or all aorta, Greenbacks, National and State banks, fractional and coupon fire per cent* legal tenders, amount to aomethlog like nine hundred millions of dollars.* One month ago gold stood at 557 to SCO, and it averaged this rate all summer long, being sometimes as high as 290, To-day It la barely 153, and with a strong downward tenden cy. The value of the currency lugold, one mon’h aco, was 88# cents on the dollar, and the whole SCO millions were worth just 846 millions in bCkU - The present value oi a paper dollar la 61 cents In gold, making the whole currency worth 459 mil lions in geld. Thoa it appears that the currency has gamed in actual value equal to 118,060,003 In gold or more than thirty per cent In thirty days, buch has been the molt of the canton of Atlanta and the batCe of Banker HiU, and the consequent* growing confidence of the people maneariy re turn 01 peace by the complete eubjogatlon of the rebellion. ' \ Bat Ula not the currency alone that has appro* dated in value. A thousand dollar Federal bond & mouth sgqyonld hare been purchased for $S >6 In sold, exclusive of the coupons. Ic la now worth $5lO m coin. All national and State stock* hare Brown In gold value 80 per ctnt during the *»rp» <• short period. But there Is another arpectof the matter not quite to pleasant to look upon, via; The prices of commodities at retail. Dealers marked op their tooda with alacrity, keeping pace with the rise of H gold and_ generally managing to be a little ahead of It. But now that the yellow metal has sunk in a barometer of commerce 'from 2->0 degrees to 193 we fall to discover a corresponding alacrity to ** eltmb down ” to a eorreepondlmr level. The grocer, and bnteher, and hncksterauU persist In demanding “260" prices, although our green* backs’* now possess 30 per cent greater purchasing power. Dr/ goods store keepers, ooot and ahoq. dealers, read v'mide clothes deal* era, bakers, traders In butter, eggs, chickens, cheese, flab, lard, ’ imiatoea, apples, grapes garden truck have sot redaceAchdr prien tea the aeo merk'to t&t'lM etenoard, Ludlordi attu charge their guests the former high bills; board* log house keepers abow but little symptom* of ro ductng their charges. Wood and coal dealers still stick to their monopoly prices. Hacks and omul* busses continue to exact the SCO rates of lire Irom ; citizens and strangers. Coal heavers, who never earntd fifty cents a day In the country they come from, continue to demand seventy-five cents per hour for their services, which of course the own* ers of the black diamonds tax on the conanmen. This state of things cannot, must not be allowed tocontlnue. Geld is the {standard of value?; when it falls all commodities measured by Itjnnatfal with It. No mao has a moral rightto enter Into a combination to keep up prices to the rates fixed when gold was Sfii. But thebeadtr who Is guilty may ask why the Tmbun* has uotrcduced Its sub* scnpUon price. VVe reply, for the good reason that It pever raised Its price to the gold standard. The Tsxbvxs is afforded now at a rate based on gold at 150. When gold fails below 150 we shall not be backward In making our subscription price coni arm to that standard. We are pacing for ’’print” two and a halftimes the price paid before toe war, and only charse 60 per cent advance on ,tbe lowest rate at wblch.tbe paper was evecaf* forded. If we bad imUAed other classes of bust* nesa men In keeping price with the pee In gold, oar subscription price would be S2O par year, or 40 cents per week, i Instead ol 212 .. pec year, or 25 cents per week. In con* elusion, we repeat that the prices ofjaltcom modules thaMavegone up to the high watermark ought now-to recede to the present gold standard. AVOID. IHB SHAFT. Wird ne^tlo?*—lmportant to thoio / imrolied. , x . The attendance of all euroUed citizens is called' to the lollowlog notices of Ward meetings, fof the of avoiding the draft: Szccw© Wann-At a meeting of the citizens of the Second Ward, held at the Orient Htase, Satur day evening. SepU 54thjl8M, Geo C. Cook being chosen President, and Cbaoncey T. Dorian, Sec retary, the following resolution was offered and adopted: 2iaotvtd. That a committee be appointed by the Chair to selicit enbreripUons and obtain a sum dent number of recruits to fill the quota oi the Second Ward under the present drafts and that said committee hare fall power to act m the prem ises, and that they be required to report to an ad journed meeting, on Monday evening, Sept, 26th, 1864, Provided, however, mat no money shall be appropriated until ten thotuand dollar* haa bran raised, and that the surplus, if any, after the quota has been filled, shall be given to the families of the soldiers who enllit. E.S. Hawley, Chtlrman. C.B.Hsm. James MlUer, W.H. Carter, Geo. F. Lafflin, W. W. Bov- Ington, O. Chaoncy T. Bowen. H. A, Eohr.wacob Frost, Louis Goedkine,. Staats Fox. Dr.B.C.Blake,eimuelFleshman, P.B, Palmer. Adam Bcpple, M.F. Leavetu Dr. McDonald. Ezra J. Wheeler, B. W. Persons, Alexander Mo- Fsrlin, J. U. W? Jones, Charles a Taylor, Dr. Dan iel Dodge, J. W. Hathaway, Peter H. Witt, R B. Myers, b, F. Gsyton, C. 0. Garber, Wm.M. Douglass _Fu»t Was©.—Thera win Sea meeting o'those persons in the First Ward - who are liable to the draft, at the Circuit Court rooA, on Monday even ing at half-past seven o'clock, for the purpose of filling the quota of the ward. By concerted acUog-lhe draft can be avoided is this ward. , . x. unless the work be done of ones it will be too late. ■ • ‘ f Trmcn Wabs.—lf residents of the Third Ward desire to avert the draft let tbeiq attend the meet-. ing at Union Ball, No. Oil State street, Monday etening at 7 o'clock. > , v Eioara Wax©.—'The citizens of the' Eighth Ward are requested to meet to-morrow (Monday) evening at 7 o'clock at the bouso of Daniel Lora-- den, corner of iSih and Rucker strdeta, to devise ways and means of clearing the ward from the stigma of a dralt. A (oil attend ince of all liable to draft and other* is desired. . By'request pf the want .committee, Messrs. Church, Mlller,9md Holdsworth. Niktii Wax©.—AU enrolled men lathe Ninth Ward are requested to meet at Washington Stat ing Park, at Nine o'clock Monday morning, SepU 26, to take measures to fill up the deficit of the ward, and avoid the impending draft. - Let every enrolled man, and every resident interested in averting the present. By order of thr Ward Committee. . FocamxTn Was©.—All enrolled citizens of this ward are requested to meet this (Monday) evening, at 7# o’clock, at Fritz Pullman o’a Sa loon, corner of Wells and Division streets for the purpose of ntsftig a war fitnd fat the purpose of offering a special bounty to volunteers to dllour quota. With sn earnest effort we can fill our quo ta In forty-right hours. Signed oy Anton Bollinger, Benry Schlatthaner, "Richard M. Burke. F. Fallmaim, James Ennis, Valentine Buh, James Jones, and W. F. Perry. Sxzmarrzz Was©,—A meeting of the citizens of the Sixteenth Ward will beheld acUUcbßaU, corner of Clark and Klnzle, on Monday evening. Sept SSth, to see wbat can be done towards filling the quota ot aald ward, lo order to avoid the draft. Per order Ward Committee. Fbtoxtatiox or Gumoxa to ths Eighth Be initzHT'.VzTSHAH Besebtb follow* lug correspondence needs as explanation: ' Cmcieo. Sept, 23.1961. Colonel B J. Sweet, Sthregimeat Veteran Bescrre Corps, commanding Post of Chicago. . • - bzb : Allow me jo present yonneglment the two guidon* which accompany this letter. Hay' the reputation of joor command remain as bright and untarnished at are these flags Its nambtr. , >- v - With great reaped, I remain your hnmhta ser vant, WSBSSB W. Bjebg, , Captain Co. Q.Bth regiment V?e 0. Hxuxjcanrana Post,. Cater Boncnafi, 1 Chicago. li‘„ Sept. £2, IBS*. f CarraiK: The, Sth Ee-riment Veteran Referee’ Corps, throneb me, accepts the beauttlol guidons so handsomely presinted. and thanks yob as well frr(hegex.«rvos spirit In which present ed as lor these vtastsfol memorials of yoor good will and regard, - I am. Captain, very tout obedient servant,. _ B.J. Bwsar, ' / - nsl Bth regiment, V.B.C. BenribB v and4Bonnty Blanks. ✓'■ Tor sale at the Cmcaoo Tammoi Omar, a 'Clark street. - The series is complete, and the forms an accu rate, conforming in every respect to the insane* tion* from the Pension Office. AU the f&rms per taining to an application-are printed upon one ebeetJembraclngtheDctfrraoeiiof the Applicant, the Affidavits orWltnessee, the Certificates of the Magistrate, Power of Attorney, Clerk's Certificate, with ample blank space*. . Application for Transfer oi Pension.. ■ Application liar Prise Honey. 'Application of Widow or Mother for Payment of Pension. ' Application of Invalid Pensioner for Payment of Pension. Claimwf Heirs (br Arrears. ■- _ Claim tor Horse and Equipment. * uu a***ws. lioynl TTorkins oVew nt.Metropol ♦ flaU. MONDAY EVENING. Tbe loyal working men of Oticago who aro for the maintenance of the Union ud tb» Constitu tion, witbont u if or aWv and who believe that working men have brains enengh to express them* selves In proper ud forcible lsndnsge,.and to reg ulate tbelr own sflhira without the Interference of plmjed-ont pollUduu, art litMbl to.mMt -tropohtu Ball, on Mondsy evealofc, Septemwr 25th, to confer respecting their duty at the prc-ienl hour, and to forma “Democratic Bepnbtfcu Workingmen's Awcclatlop,” Busier» the one now in existencefn NewTork. , Otod ipeecbes will be made Let there be a full attendenee. vrtU organize at7# o’clock prompt, BEIXGIOVIISXBIXIGBSO3B# Tie ntw Jewish Bjiworoe—Kehlleih. Bene' Sbo on, sltusudontbe corner of Harrison street ana Fourth Avenue, was fonniilT consecrated on Friday i*it, Th* services openeffin the old Byai f»Sue,No.ssß South cuih It & address in German was delivered by.Bev. B, FeleenihsL A proceMloawas tuen Ji headed by the X'ght Gnaid Baud, the Scrolls of tbe Lew were borne to tbe new badalng, where, alter the usual ctremonle*, -clnnatL e«*livered the consecration address, and Etv. C AdlttcSrSprsyer. Tne new building is a neat, tasteful structure, eighty feet long, tost, s&t.ood; A.Bsner,arcbliecL The bmhbath School Uolon wlllhold Convention on Monday evening, in thelMnois btreet Mission, near WelUstreefr commencing at are invited to attend. Tbe delegates will present their credentials at tbe door udtake pari In the exercise. . • V a The Young Men’s Bible day aiternooo, at 4 o’clock, in room No. 15, Meth odist Church Block, fiussgcf* are Invited to at* The Sabbath morette service of the Flrat Bap* «»t Ctanzeb will be beld. nniU fttrtto tbe lecture room of tbe on Wa* bush avenue, corner of Hubbard Court. Sabbath school at 9 aim. Pobllc worship at 10:80 a. nu, and 7:45 PweMjW jT-g* Pastor, Dr. Everts. The pr>y« if^SL 4 every Fndsy evening at a quarter beiore 8 o clock. Preachingat the South Congrttatlonal Chttrch, comer of Calnmet avenue ud Twenty^sixm street, at IqW o’clock, by the pastor, ;Ber. W. B. Wright. Services will beheld !o tbe Westminister Church on the corner ot Ontario sad Dearborn streets, at “'JI'X o’clock. Sermon by tbe paalor—Bev. J* A. T^ e boor of service at’Ctmp Douglas is 7 o’clock in the evating.\SondsyAtbool at 8 o’clock. / ServiceTwlih sermon, at tbe United States Gen* ml Hospital at 5 o’clock in tbe afternoon.' The building i» locked on Eighteenth street. Services in tbe North Presbyterian Cbhrch to dty u. nod 7Jtf p. m. t and reguloriy each Saobatb thereafter. Preaching by the Pastor— Bev. D. Jonklo. D.D. Tbe coneregsticn of Grace Church will worship to-day at tbe usual bonis In Union Ball, No. 611 State street, near Twelith. The chorea jrill be ready for occupancy in a few days. _/ Divine rervlcewtil be held by the Second United Presbyterian Church Society in tbe Chapel of the Orphan Asylum, corner of Twenty- second street .ud Uichlgu avenue, to-day, at half-past ten o'clock a. m. " 1 - The Church of the Ascension, located on Oak street nearLasalle, Bor.B. Bassel Jones, Kector w is reopened lor regular service this morning. Hoots of commencement 10# and 7# o’clock. Service in Unity Church this morning at 10# o’clock.. Sermon by the Pastor—Bar, Bbbert Colly cr. The buildiznr is located on the comer of Chicago avenue and Dearborn street. Jefferson Btxeet'Methodlst Episcopal 'Church. ■ Services atIOKCD clock a. m, conducted by the pastor, Bev, fiobert Bentley. - A Foreign Missionary meeting win be'held .this afternoon, commencing at| fonr o'clock in St. James’ Episcopal Chnich, located on the comer of Cass ud Huron streets. The Bishop of the dio cese—Bight. Bey. B. J. Whltchonse, D. D., will preside. Addresses will be delivered by Bev.-Dr. Howe Of Philadelphia, |md other divines. All Epttcoptnus, ud others Interested In tbe cause are Invited to fttend. Tbe Church of the Ascension—Bev. S. R. Jones, Bec*or-4ocateg on Oak street near Lasalle,.will be closed tor a few weeks to admit of repairs and re moval to a more convenient location. The friends of Dr. Kitchell wiU be happy to bear of his arrival yesterday In the city. He will preach' In the Plymouth Congregational Cboreh to-day, at the csnai hour of morning snd 'eveniDgjienrxce, corner of Van Boren street and Third avenue. The anniversary meeting of the City Mission will be held in Clark street M. E. Church, at 8# o’clock p.m. Bev. H. C. -Fowler will preside at the Missionary meeting. Tbe-animal report will bertadbylbo Missionary, and addresses will be delivered by Bev. Robert Bentley, O. H. Tiffany, D. D.» and others. The memftera and friends of the several M. E. Churches, and the public gene jallyantnvitedtoattcnd. ‘ - iter. Robert Laird Collier, paitor of the Wabash areuaeM.E, Church, will preach In Grace U.E.* Church, comer ot North Lssallo street and Chica go avenue, at 10# o'clock. , ■C. M. Hawley will speak at the Illinois street Mission, between Wells and Lisalle street, at a quarter bciore 11 o'clock. Seats free. Sunday School at Bp. m. Prayer meeting, at 7# o'clock A number of speakers from abroad mil be present In the eveblag, and the meeting will be one of great Interest. ' Divine servlse will be held to day at 10# a:m., 'at the Elm street Mission ChapeL comer ot Elm \&nd Dearborn streets, by Bev. il Clarke, of the Baited Presbyterian Church. The public are ro ■•cpectftilly invlteo'to attend. . - Services In the Clark street M. E. Church, at 10# and 7#, conducted by the pas tor—Bev. O. H. Fow ler. Evening topic: “The Supernatural " ✓ There.will be preaching by the pastoral the North Star Mission, corner of Division and Sedg wick streets, at I l # a. m. Sabbath School at 3p. zn Prayer and Conference meeting at 7# p. m. ’ -There win be preaching % the Desplalnes street M E, Cboreh. at 10# o'clock a. m. and 1% p. m. At 1% p. m. the firm sermon, on the future state will be preached by the pastor, Bev. E.M, Boring, Subject, •* Heaven." Services In the Jefferson street M. E. Church.' nMii»K *aA «rtntßc, eosdusM bj the dmmt. •*■ “Jtr. • 0.. H. Titan b.'D n will preach at tba PukaTnu Wioob, comer o! Park avenue naiUTobey street, at 1H p m. Bev. Mr. Banka of the South Presbyterian Church, will delfver, at 10# o’clock, a sermon em bodying the history of this Church from Us organ ization m 1864. All the old members and adher ents are respectfully invited to attend. Service may bo expected also In the evening at 7# o'clock.' Mr. Hanna will also preach at 4 p, m, on the West Side, corner ot Bobey street and Park avenne. - Preaching at the Christian Church, West Mon roe street, between Aberdeen and Backer streets,' at 10# o'clock a. m. Seats free to all. The afternoon services in Christ Chnrch, will be resumed to-day at 8# o'clock. Moramg service at 10#. Sunday School at 2p. m.f Bev. C.B, Che ney, Bector.' 1 Bev. Dr. Hardenbnrgh, of New York city, will preach In the Livingston B. D. Church, comer of Aonrosand Sangamon streets, on Sabbath morn ing, at 10# o'clock. Evening service at 7#, o’clock. ~ / Thera will be cervices sermon In St. Ste phen's Church, on the corner of Oesplaines and DeKovcn streets every Sunday, afternoon, at 3# o'clock, Rev. N. L. Freeman, Hector. Sunday School at 9 o'clock in the morning. Her. J. P. We*ton, D. D„ President of Lombard Unlverrity.will. byspedal Inritatlott, preach In St. Paul's church (Her. Dr. Ryder's) this morning. 'Dr. Ryder will preach in the evening. Her. Hr. Tattle, haring returned to the city, will preach in the Ene Street Mission, (between Wells and Franklin streets) atl' jtf o'clock. The City Mission congregation will meet there regularly, and the Sunday school will he resimed at 9:16 a. m. Strangers invited. > To day will commence a regular Sabbath service service in the French language i» Su Patrick's Church, commencing at 9 a. m. and ht 7 p. m~ in tfie lower chapel. Her. Hone, de Momanbrica will conduct thedevotums. This la believed to be the lint Catholic service held In the French lan guage in Chicago since the departure of theJesult missionaries. Frank Wadsworth will speak in Metropolitan Ball, at 10# and 7# o'clock,on subjects connected with Spiritualism. The Children's Lyceum assem bles at 2 o'clock. Sewing A Baber’i Sewing eoacblnes are agsig F7o« - nonneed tlie Best | Jit Kalamazoo State Fair, of Michigan, just held was awarded to this Company the following prel mlums: Ist Premium, for the best Family Sewing Ma .chines. . let Premium, for the best work done on Ma chines. N Vi* J* 6 ?? I ®.' display of Michlnes. At the Illinois btate Fair, avDecatur, no pre miums were offered for Sewing machines, or Ma chine work. A Special Committee was appointed to examlte Machine Sewing, without regard to prize* .or premium*. This Committee reported una&lmoBBly In .favor of the vork ana etanplu on cxhltltloffSß ow the Otober A Baler Xa cAlns*. pronouncing lithe but practical Machine’ exhibitea for all work! Apin at Davenport, lowa, County Fair, Grover ABaker carried off the prizes. , '•■ • x The public were ynOivtiaefic at these several placet upon lbe merit* of these celebrated Machine*, as /‘flfrty by operators eunny variety of laknc, irom the finest game to the hardest cloth or leather work. justice ho Strangers, Editors Chicago Tribune: \ V We noticed in your Issue of this morning that we were arrested oy officer* Kenny and Webb here upon suspicion of being connected with the rob bery of Snydecker A Uo„ during the Convention, and that the charge was not aus tamed, but that we were fined |9O on ** general principles. This is correct, but as we are strangers In Illinois we are 'somewhat Interceded to know what “general prin ciples are." Upon this rule any person arriving in the city ana having the appearance of bavin? sufflciaitnmdrtopsyaftne, may be snapped at and mnlctrad in a similar tmounv We an not ac quainted wlthtbe U*s of the State, but weall are possessed of means to show we are not vagrants, and are 1 prepared to produce evidence of character from the dty in which we reside, and could easily have been obtained had the authorities' any desire to make investigation We feel agrteved that our names should appear * tn dwiecdou with suspicion oi the commlruon of ahsinoua offence, and that then hiving failed to show that any of ns hid any, connection with that transaction, that we should be branded by Justice M Ukr as common vagrants. We Uneeray believe that the parties who nave conducted this matter must be ignorant of tbetr duties or actuated irom motives oi gain. We therefore enter our Pjotgit against the treatme&t wtf bare received, and wul endeavor to obtain through the «>urts redress for gi caaa. M. BrfisaoL LOCAL MATTERS. June*. 86 lUndolob street, between Suit ana Dearborn streets - epecuUstinthe treat* ment of private diseaiee. The fpUowtng editorial • la from she Lafhytne, rtnd-l (barter of August 9tbTlS64. The writer of this artiels la acquainted with the Doctornrofessiosaily* therefore what he vaya may be relied on. The skeptical may refer to the editor of stldpaper. Here is the editorial; u Dr, would direct the attention of <mr leaders to the advertisement of Dr James, found to arother coltrmn of oar paper.. We have known Dr. James nertonallv for a loot time, and we hare ever found him. as he coaneona,cnlu vated gentleman—a man of nhblemiahod repata- Uon and character. As s physician he stands with out a rival in the treatment of special diseases, *od Justly, f or he has devoted nrortj twenty rears of bis U/e io the stody of this branch of medicine. Unlike most specialists. Dr. J*mes la a educated physician. Be does not pretend to corn*, from a foremn conntrr, or claim n-lationsbip to “OidSandi of allthe world over as a anaek mt as an earnest, educated man i and a phjaldan! be puts forth his rial ms to public ; favor. BsfcrethorebelHon Dr, James was known ! all onr the South as the most snccesafrtlspeeiaUch 'sonth of Mason A Dixon's hue, and Justly so if we are to believe the testimony of some of the moat eminent men and phyticUns m theoonnlry.. “He wa* obliged to leave Hew Orkaoa, where he was established some flfreea years, on accoant or his devotlonto the Union, when he established banself in Chicago, whew he now-restdes. * *• Be has. In three years practice at the North, built up a mutation among the foremost. It not at the very head of those devoted to this class ol diseases, and we hazard the assertion that his practice Is larger than any ether physician in the , western country He has some ol the strongest teal pet forth iromthtmost eminent men to the country, among whom are Dr. Jordan, of Cincinnati. Or Willis® Leonard, editor of the Hew OrleansjfoMnper, smedlcaJJooTcal, and the editor ot the Indianapolis ffaertw. To persons wbtrhare been so nntortnoate as to contract, or have had such diseases entailed upon we have no hesitancy In recommending Dr. James. It is better to go st send as fhr as Chicago, than to with disease, and ths afflicted wltt nod It to ' r . ' to their interest to consult Dr7 James, before on* treating tbelr case In the buds ofu inexperi enced or Incompitent physician.” / Ur. Jame*’ onice ana piriort, 88 Randolph *t, tm atsln. Ten separate rooms, and all consnlia hose confidential. Office hoars, from 9a. m till 8 p.m.*, Sundays, from 9t012 m. , - aepgS-dfis-*t-BPATU aJSVPor tbe beet custom-made Shirts In the city goto Wjlson’s, 128 Dearborn street. aeS3-aC99-4t . MfTbe beat Pant Cutter In Chicago la at Bart" letPs. 121 and 183 Budoipb street, Sherman, Bouse. ' ' - • eep2Sssß9*lw. WXSTESIf USTOK COU2OZAND MOITAXT AOAIV ~z*r t Fultoit,- Illinois.—A flist-claas boarding in* ■ tits lion (or y otm g men an d boys. Cadets received atanrtlme. A dress, Col. D. S.Covxirr, eepU7AB2B-*w JPreeldent ear In another, column of oar. paper, we refer the suffering to tbe Medical card of Dr. Bigelow, whose reputation as a regular practitioner is nn doubted,'and whose qualifications as a Physiclau are Indisputable and or goodAtandlng. There are many quacks la the world, wto live on the pntmc In the sale of nostrum that as o ten rain as core. When any real difficulty arises, tbeyhave no medl* cal skill to surmount the obstacles, and the patient Is rained or dr Iren Into a premature grave. Dr. Bigelow Is an educated phyrtclau, ud cases of dif ficulty entrusted to hlm. While the world endues, and mankind is as It is, a skillful physi cian Isa public benefactor. There are some we can recommend as each, ud wo say to the erring ud suffering, bo not beguiled by quacks, bat seek tbe best medical advice. It is not only but the cheapest in the end. and to snch we confi dently recommend Dr. Bigelow, whose office is at No. ITS South Clark street, corner of-Monroe.— Ch’ecoo Merchant*'- Circular, Oct. 0,1863. • ’ Dr. Bigelow, having retired from family practice, devotes bis attention entirely to the treatment o( .chronic ud special diseases, such'as scrolula, Uvcr complaint, rheumatism, diseases of the kidneys **4. nrtnsiy organs, nervous debility, dyspupm, ud all complaints peculiar to females. Consulta tion free confidential. The press of this and other cities places the Doctor's reputation and inll beyond tbe shadow of a doubt. Booms No 179 South Clark street, corner ol Monrop. aeSfiaSSi-lt yw Diseases of the Nervous. MmtnaUUrmary ud Sexual Systems.—Newud reliable treatment —ln reports of the Howard Association* Sent by mall in sealed letter envelopes, tree ot charge. Address Dr. J. Sklllos Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, tW~Paper Hanging, &c,; <6c., at’N. York prices. F.E. Bigby, 89 Buoolph St. aa27-p7M-Sot - SecropeUttux Ball to Bent.—This Ball Is to rent for all the purposes for which such bills are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Applica tions can be made at the office, adjoining the en trance to theEaß. . jel£>b94o-tf Bloomington Nuraerr.—tSO seres Fruit, Ornamental and Nursery stock, 40.000 Peach, 79,000 Pear, 100,0U)‘Grape, Ac. Send red^tam^tor^npw. Bloomington, UL' sepll *qBT» 3w dftw. - Markets by Telegraph. - - .St, Louis Market. . [special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Sr. Louis, Saturday Evening, Bept,St. Tobacco— Higher; 171 hbds being offeted, 87 were told. Oteen ua dunged loci IS 00^9A9 ; factory do 19.75et1.75; planters' do |12.50d15(0: common ship ping leaf t14.0fd1T.79; medium do t19.75d15.75; good and fine do |17.79d5t.7%. - - FLOUB-Iteeelpts B,t3obrls. Market dull. Sales of 111 brls extra at I10J0; doable extra at 110.15 deliv ered; extra brands at|9.73; 6(0 brls Id two lots ex tra at HOJO delivered; taper fine at JO; extra choice |t |9do. Gbaxx—Wheat—ltecelpta 6,347 sacks. Market ex tremely dulL Bales of 64 sacks at tl 99; 390 do lu two lots at |IA9; 729'd0 In six lota at 81A0; 400 do in seven ftts at 1199; 163 do do at 11.93#; ISO do at SlA6#; ZJSCOoo In five lots at tr.00;50 ooat f£o3; 453 00 at 13 .OS, and 7-0 do at 93X3. Corn very Call. Salreofin sacks white In lots at t>SB;3U do a ; |IA3; 160 sacks yellow at HAS. Oats—Sales of 6,209 sacks at Occ delivered Barley—Sales of 119 sacks fall at |2JO V bushel.* Bye—sales .of 4j sacks -at |1.40. WmexT—Dnl>, with sales ol 35 brls In two lots at | ,7a V gallon, -. Blllwaakee Olariiet. [SpcdalDUpatcbtotbeChicagoTribnne] Mn.wapxn. Saturday, Sept. SI. * Ploci-Dull, heavy, ud usettkd, ud nominally 25clower No sales repotted. Gkaiv—Wheat—Receipts 23.0C0 bn. 'Market pan. leky and 7880 lower. Sales Mils morning U.OCO bn No I Spring in store at |U»9®IAS; 5.000 do.buyer's option all month, at 8179; 210C0 do, seller's option tul January 1. ai 11.6': 8i«o do, seller's optioa all month, at 5T.79; a .000 bn No 3 Spring in store at tl;70. Sales on 'Change 10,700 ba"No 1 Spring In store at | .7791.78)4; 4S.OM do, seller’s option ail next week, at f 1.71k; 3 OCO do, buj et*« option all montb. at 51.77: 6.20 C bn No 3 Spring In store at St.7o. Corn qmet and CD charged, sales 8.188 bn. Barley dnll, heavy and luUy tc lower. Sales I car at fi 95. Bye nominal at Teasels Passed Detroit. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . Dxtxozt, Saturday, Sept. 91. Ur.—Prop. Richmond. -Doww,-Prcp. Adriatic. x . Wind, northwest gale. x . r ■ New York market. Kxw Tons, Saturday. Kept. 24. Cowes—Doll, heary and may Us lower, wl h small aalei reporters! 81 40 lor middling. Thoun— For state and western Deary, unsettled sndnomtnaUy SOe V trl lower at $91009 SB for extra state; 88 SCSlMinpsrflne western i 8525310 CO top common to medium extra western; sis mqiO 60 Ibr common to coed shipping braaei extra roand hoop Ohio uflOGSeu CO foe trade brands. Market closing hoary and unsettled. Whisxt—Heary andJower; western 917J0179T ' Graib—Wneat dull, unsettled and nominally s&3e lower. Bra— Quid aad drooping. Baxtxr aadlßarley Malt d»U and nominal. Cans—Heayy'and about 1c lower at tl 69 lor mixed western. Oan-Seatce aad firmer at 89490 Kb. Gxorxuxs—Bice heary. Coffee contlnnei doll and prices entirely nominal. Bnrardnll with sales of IPS nbda Cuba mnscorado at 19KC. Molasses rerydnll. Pxtxolxto—Prices nominal. 'Wooir-i.nU ana entirely nominal, owing to a de cline ingold. / ' Pnoriaiowa—Pork decidedly lower, with moderate AS^% u d Bnme mess: talesois.soobrta newness, chiefly for hMere opOOB, at aOJOCMIdO. ikefdalt and ne»TT: 12ml&cfarmeist tsata ior rcoackea metsz 20®2sc fer extra Diets prime. Urn beef entirely nom* Inal ana decidedly lover, at 30323K: the latter price an extreme. Batter rer- much unsettled and prices nominal, at 88848 c. Western cheese dull ana nomi nal ; 1142s for common te'prime. New York money market. .. New Tobk, Saturday, Sept. 34. Honey market steady, at7nercea» oresuloans. Sterling omet at iW4iu9K. Gold excited and dect redly lower, opening at 313 K. declining to 300. ad. -raft at to 306),, .06 clOltnr »t ■ exports specie to-day, 887i,809. Gererementjstocki lower. U. B. 6’s ’3l coupons U7K4107K: cooppoa l£9kauos 7-30 treasury notes, October and April, 1C841.8K. Philadelphia Seed market—Sept W, There is Terr little Clorprseed offering or selling, end prices range at 515414 V on. Timeuy is scarce m <1 waited, and sales ol 8T04400 bn aroireportsa at t6.1f47.25, which Is an adranoe. Flaxseed isstiady V bn. The Crape In Great Britain. [London Correspondence New York Commercial Ad. rertlser.] The harvest Is now nsnrly completed throughout the Umt< d Kingdom, ana tbs result seems to be, tak icrttae cicn s at a whole that we a&all hare Wheat, an average. Barley, fully an average, oau. oae third deficient. ' Potatoes, abort Beans, under an arerage. , Boots, about tbree fourths of an average. Thh scarcity of green crops caused by the drought will lead to very high pticeafor animal food through, oulthe winter, and according to the oylnl>n of a very competent authority, -hutcoera’ meat and dairy dprouee may ccmmand. within the next eight months, prices not previously reached donor the preint century. This will give • encouragement to jour Western fsxmerir- ■ AUeuheny Cattle'Slarket—Sept. 23, Tbs receipts of rattle large during the East week, amounting to a none 1.200 bead, but t&e n-k of them were fold at about prenoui Quota* 'tlcns. stock cattle sold at BKa4We, while one heavy bn naht (mike. Several -loti told to so East. Sheen were In light supply, and are quoted firm at 66-OS®7 00 V CWt, grots. Hoarfinn ana higher, with sales at f1t.00d14.00 9 CWt, BOBS. WDTorbst; Si bead at smo9 ft: J McAlltiter, JOOheao at«#a:c 9&: JMctaamont. lOheai at 5Kc VP; JO Cannon, 42 bead at *66*: J W Phillips, .0 head at4HCSt#eV At WKoootx.B9 head at 4Wo 9 ft s W Tonne, so head at 4#e 9 ft a Carr, 87 bead at 4*s*o 9 ft: O Marks 9 Co. 40 bead at 6 <e 9 ft: SrouchAß head at 499#e 9 ft. Pennsylvania Central Stock Yards. East Linnrr. Bept 21,1861. The market ‘Btnee our l»si baa presented no new feature. The demand was talr and sales were ran- Ur. Of certain description* the receipts were larse, and poor Qualities were offered freely whim pood tat cattle ware sought aftr r. Amu the rates helix folly op to those of Uit week. The principal portion of au the stock that arrlvtdwae forwarded East. Boos-Notwithstanding the heave receipts, sales were quite limited, and drovers preferred supping East. adr. Bueeler bought so* head or extra me, at 114.18 9 ewt These are certainly steep figures, and a heavy advance. Smear—The offerings vere small, and the sales made were at an advance over last week's prices.* The only sales we could learn of ware as below. SALXS OV CATTIdI TX* CWT. M Bhteler bought in head. 17.12: U Sherier bought 41head,S5JB: M Obeeler bon*ht i* bead. t&lUi J H~ Glass bengat 65 btad. : J H Glass sold S5 bean at SbJo ; N Wentz sola 140 bead at 55X09161; N Wentz sold 20 bead extra at 63-00: Wm roller sold IK beau at 67X01 WmFalltr sold M head at 6JO •7-1#- , Railroad Time Table. CHICAGO AS© SOBTHWSBTZBS—©*POT COB. WZSt WAXZB AH© EISZIX BTB. ' Depart. Arrive. Mail Passenger *KkOOajn. *&tsa.m. EvenlngExpreed *6*€ op.m. *11:35 a,xa Night Express .’. *9:80 pjn. *&lsr.m. oAJ.isa smnox c. a x. w. baxlwax—©xror Fulton Passenger 9:45 am. > 6:80 ajn. Fulton Fassengev 9:15 o.m. p.xn. Freeport Passenger 9: l 0 a.m. p.m. Freeport Passenger....'... Bodiord Passenger. 4.1X1 pm. 11:10 ajn, Geneva Passenger 8:80 p.m. &80a.m. Detroit Express ;*&Boa.m. *Js:Boa.m- Detroit Express 76*00 p.m. * 28:45 a.m. DetroltExpress *+l(kOO pm. *8:15 pm. (TVoliu for Cincinnati and ZoidtviUe,) Mcrnine Express.rr; *flaoa.m. *8:16 p.m. Night Express .76.-00 pm. $8:45 am, Hicmom goumxßff—©xpot comnm vahbubxh Day Express...., Evening Express. NlghtEApress... am. *8;15 p.m, - .•tlOrfJOp.m. p3:tsam SSTBOZZ TBAEVS." •" I «Kxpreaa,TU Adrian ...•0:30 *B:4sa.m. I Klght Expreaa, Tlr Adrian.t6.-Q0 p.m» | rmsECBo, toss titxi a cszqioo. MaQ and AccommodaUon. 5 4:40 aja. *8:10 pja. Day Express.77 .'..+&9oaja. *Brispsu Mail£xpreaq. t&OOpja. *9:*pja. nightSzpresa Cln. A Lonisrille Expreaa.tlMO p,m. £i3sa.m. (Connecting WUh Perm*y(v(mia Otnirant. B.) * LeartPUtaborg.. &00 a.m. 4:SB pjo. 8:45 p.m' “ BtartaVg.. 120 p0a,.A;45 aja. fcOO a.m AiriTeFbUadcl .-r-tefln pm, tbaa *,m uuo aja “■ N. York. rla • ' .ATenton. M N. Tort - •m.n’i*. -l&os pjn, IWB p.m. tssp.m, pniiaoeL Baltimore.. 5:40 pm. WO a.m. IhM.a.m * Waah*to&>; 9:80 p.m.l0;80 &0D p.m - vinvinmn aib liai« DwErprMi..... .....MO tin. , 8:15 p.m. Night Express A 10:10 pm.. &10 ajn _ _ {For IndlanapUl* and LoulrtiUe.) ' DijEmiMj 6-ao 8:15 pirn Night Express .8:40 Bay Passenger p.m. *Bdop.m. Night Passenger..3B:3o p. m. *£oo a, m, Kankakee Acc’iu *545 p.m., Ejde Park Train... *£3s a. m. *7:45 a. m. ** “ ** ,*ISOO m. *1:83 w.m. **S ** ‘ ** ...~M.-oap.Tii. *£2o p.m. “ “ M -*7:80p! nu cmcaoo, ndfirfeorox ass quxsos. Bay Express W0 a. m. 6:15p,m Nlfiht Express 9:iß p.m. -fcoo*.m. Mendota Accommodation. &15 p. nu ' WO a. m. / Chicago asp bt. noma. Express Han. Woa.m. ■fcSOp.m. Night Express. &00 p. nu fcao a. m toilet Accommodauoiu...,4;4s p. m. Wffp. m CHICAGO ISPBOCK ISLiHS. . Bay Express and Wall. 8:43 a.m. • 4ffio pan, Nifiht Express 8:13 pan. •- 6:16 sant Joliet Accommodation..... tlOpon. 8;40 a.m. cmcaoo ass xxLwausxx namwar.-' Bt Paul Express..... son, -fclfipon. Night Express..V. 8:80 p.m... ItfOpjn. Waukegan AcconxmodatTn &Qopan. j SSOpd. Evanston Special, .v.......*W0 pan. CMpn. -♦Sundays excepted* • t Saturdays excepted. . . Mondays excepts?*; mabbiks ■s.fflLffiisfissjas&ssifePAi’ias Saw miboiSbok. - „ , „ . la tuts city, on Wtdnesdsy.Jlrt Inst. by Bter.Z.M, ntnrrhroT, mr I*. *. AvOAUTisad Him KLLA «. WABWKB, daughter oCL. T. Wainor, M.D., all of this eitr.yNa-o*re i. AtKTl<n Ohio, Mjt «H. IM.. «t ... father, hr Bev. J, H. waiter, jssm OBiaKtUD.third son oi b*^so®£i ,e »waiU».Jrta. of ivtrWik aland. andJULIA rfiaNOKB, eldest Csoghtvrof GeorteD;mon. • THATCn&b, Jr. of this City. Jo cards. Dl£D. . In tbl»‘ city, on the 23d tost-ALBERT trEBBF MAC HULL.'adopted ion ot That? and Clara A. Boite. Mil l years. I month and it daia . . %e friend* of the ftmlH are tor® to attend toe loncrsl from M North Lurie itteat, on Monday non tog at 10 o’clock. At Brarrtos, on the 21 to lust-, of dlpthena. MART BbUCE#yo«nge»t daughter of Her. O. H. and £. B. T ?hsTaLiiel will tale place at-Ho»ebDl, tbU (Sna. davl anffooon The friends of the family in Chleaco cinmiet ttoie of Bvaruton by taking toe train that cates Cticsto at P. M. > ahitismente. - Vabibtt theatre. CHA H o°mul- a BM. MKIUor. K*w Bramat Maw ATracnonal! Flrit appearance of • 1&»- C. E. COdJLIBS* The Original Core^ BMDpeaianee of _ __ ' mas LOUISE eluobb^ Danceaae.VocalUt and Wire Peiforfiaar First appeiranee of . __ ' SIR* JOE MATHS* General Ethiopian Comedian. c .. rw »thfni:—ParoneUe. S3 cents: Drcii tor clef»cT Private Boies. SWO and |100; Single Seats “ b M"lliS'itT'o'cloclt. Pciform»nc6eomamit at 8 o’clock. aToYIOKEB’S THEATRE. ' Bftagemwil of the eminent Anglo German Tra gedian. MB. D. E. BANDMATfN. MOMDAT and TUESDAY BVENISQS. Bept. 25J» ardaTth.wiU be presented the great Tragic Drama entitled . XARCISSB; ' Or the l*ast Day* of Pompcdour. v Daniel BBsndmana uake.oeCbarsoel. .4 Maxqoeie de Ponpedcnr Uirqneie de Epaway SUu Faony Marsh MTIoQQmanU..A. Mr*-. My«t». Wednesday—Bxnrtz or Miss Bacsaxl Jonssair' Mr.BandmannwlUappear on Thursday and Fri •day eyeningi and Sartiday afternoon. ■ pOI».; "WOOD’S MUSEUM. COI*. J.* H. WOOD AND B. F. WHITMAN, , Proprietor! and Managers, fcr. A.D. BBADLBY DU ector of Amusements. MONDAY EVENING. Sept* 36th will be presented Shakspeaie'sbeantlinltratedyof • , ROMEO AND .TUUET. ' Bcmeo. Mr. Frank Aitcn; Joliet, (Her lint appear* asce toll Beaaon),MrsOi B Perrin--- .*,_,*, - To conclude with the fs*ce of THE LItTLE SEN. TINEL. Sim. Mr. John DUlon, (the Little Bentlnel) Mlu Lots a. HTTue great drama of the TICKF.T-OF*LEAVK MANwlllihortiy be reproduced with that r-bautsiea compariioa in arj other Theatre in tbe UMOa *PBICSB OP ADMISSION: - To Museum and Gallery of Lecture Boom 99 eta. ToDreiaCircle or Fatqpette ...soots. Secured Seats in Dress Circle or Farqnette is cw. Orchestra Chairs (SO In camber) H.oo. Private Boxes 99 00 and 95.00. Children tinder 12 years of age to Museum is cts. Children eccapying seats In Dra s circle or Parouette will- ne charred Full Price. CtUdienln Anna, not admitted* AdmlsalCD to Matinee 80 cts. Children under 12 years of sge 15 cts. Private Boxes to Matinee 92 c 9 to $9 do. 'Dcorsopenatlk. Curtainrhesall*o’clock. Car. rlages should call at IPX. auction Sales. T ARGE STOCK BOOTS AND JU ' , ' SHOES, Cnstom Hade Clothing, Cloths, Casslmetes, STAPLE DRY GOODS. &C^ AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, Sept. 2;th, at 9M o’clock, at But ters' Auction Rooms lo Portland Block, Nos. 1C8,105 and 107 Dearborn street. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO„ se22*stbl-7t “I tifi Df>Z. BUCK GLOYE3 JL\/AND OAUNTLKB 20.CC0 Prime Cigars AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORN (NO, Sept 28tb, 1W», at Bo< tin' Auction Rooms m Portland Block. WM. A. BUTTS US A CO . 1C39-IS7O 4t . Aueaoneera. IJEGUIAR SATURDAY’S —All. the Household Goods of a Dwell ing, 100 Mahogany Card Tablet. 100 Bedsteads and other Merchandise, AT AUCTION, on SATURDAY, Oct. Ist, at 9Xowlock, at Butters* Auction Booms In Fectiand Block, corner of Dearborn and Washington Streets. WM.A. SOTIKHS AGO.. tees iSil’Tt ‘ ■>" . Auctioneers. /GILBERT * SAMPSON.—Our VX next Furrlture Sale will take place at our Salesrooms on TUESDAY, October 4tb, and wilt con sist of one ox the largest and richest assortments of Pallor, Chamber and Diningroom Furniture, elegant Bedroom ana Parlor Setts, Ac., sold at auction in thirdly. Panlcu.ars hereafter. se24*egQl-llt y QELBERT A SAMPSON, Auctts. TT.BBRT & SAMPSON, General Auctioneers 44,45 A 43 Dearborn n, 115 CASES OB’ N ' " Bqots and Shoes ATT AUCTION. ’ We will Mil on ‘WEDNESDAY, Oct. sth. at 9K o'clock. at our Salesrooms, 46 and 43Dtarborn street, 115 cases of Men's, Boys' and Tenths' Boots, and Women's Boots and Shoes. They sre ail fresh sooda. now on the way frexn the Bast, and consist of Men's. Boys* and Youths' Doable and bf. Double Sole Boots or various kinds. Also. Women’s Boots and Shoes. These (roods are expressly adapted to the wants of those wisbtngcoods for toe Fail and Winter Sales, ana wili be sold without reserve. ae24 5802»13t GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auet’ri. rjILBKRT & SAMPSON, \A 46 and <8 Dearborn at. , $40,000 WOETH OP , Linen Goods, Dry Goods, AND GENTS' JDBHISHIBO GOODS, \ AT AUCTION. Commencing on MONDAY, Sept. 36. at 0K o'clock, A. M. acd 2H P. U. and oaonnalng each day, at tbe tame hours, until tbe entire stock la sold. The stock consists in bait as follows: LINEN goods.—4oo pcs Richardson Ik Sons band spun Unen, 600 pcs shirting linen. 250 pcisx andfiu pillow case llnemlCO pcs lOK.UMan-' lijf linen sheet mg, 210 pcsblrdseye olsper linsn. 1000 dor. linen tow. 'els, plain sndcolored border*,2ooo brownllsen table cloths, of all sizes, 30(0 bleached doable satin damask tablecloths, 100 dozen napkins and doylies. SO pcs hockabocktoweltog, 500 pcs Russian and American eraibes. ISjjcs btown and bleached damask. LAul£s*ANt> Q BUTS’ HnKPS.-ico dozen linen bdkfs, Btr dozen hem-studied grass linen bdkfs, 400 dozen colored borders. LADIES* DRESS GOODS.—MohaU, poplin, bro cades, ebteks, Instro, marines, valenclenes, empress cloths, reps, de lalnes, Ao. SHAWLS.—Broche, long and square shawls. Bay State wp . l do. Balmoral skirts, piano covers, French, EnglUffand American bedspreads. BLANSBTB.-300 pairs Swiss and Cumberland ■Whitney blankets. . GENTS’ WEAR.—Broadcloths, doeskins. cassi< Tnerev, satinets, beaver cloth, coatings, red, white and blue flannels, shirts and drawers, Ac. Tbe above good! are all fresh, and will be warrant* ed as represented, andaoldln quantities to ami pur the package, piece, or yard, TheaitsnOonof housekeepers, hotel keepers, and others,!! particularly invUedto-rttssale, Seats will be provided lor ladles actendim the sale. Goods will be open for examination on Saturday afternoon beloie the sale. GILBERT A SAMPSON tell- sS77-€t Auctioneer*. By GILBERT a SAMPSON, SALZSBOOKS U <6, ASD 48SZAXB3SX4T. 125 Crates of CROCEEBV AND C. C. WAKE 200 Cue* or TUMBLERS, AT AUCTION BY CATALOOHS. On THURSDAY. B«pt 39. at 9X o’clock AM. we WIU • sell at our salesrooms, - 64 crates Crockery acd c. c. waieby the crate. 41 crates Crockery acd C. G. Ware, to be sold to open lota. 200 cases Tumblers. Tbe Ware Is ail of the very best stylet and shapes, ana consists of a complete assortment. Country dealers will find in this saloaspl-ndldil icrtment, to assort up their stocks from. r All gooes warranted a* represented. Goods carefully packed aud shipped. Samples can be examined early the morning of the sale day.. Country cealera/ wishing for’a csalogae wiippleaie write for one. *- < Terms cash. GILBERT As SAMPSON, stfost93ict Auctioneers. ♦ ®o Utnt. TflO RENT—To a respectable X party, a suite cf ne lorn!tiffed room. Apply on *.ho creamer, Korth street. second doom tooth of Kotin avenue. : se29>sßiTßt rpo RENT—A very desirable salt JL of front offices on tecoud floor, In a ceutralicca- Sen. inquire at hi Dearborn itreet. Boom No. 2, between 11 and l or 4 ana 5 o’clock.. eejfreSUlt TO RENT—Furnished and un fornisbed rcoms, with first-class board, at res* aosable ratea. at 332 South Clark itreet. Beference given and required. . adi-dM-U TO RENT—Fnrii-bed Lodging a. The commodloni building No. 13 Bonin Water itreet. corner of Michigan avenne, hat be mi newiy fuxultbea as lodgings tor geatteoen. The rooms are pleasant srdalry, with Urge cloatti, gas. furniabed and kept tn order. «e35-tc*-it npD BENT—On the-Notth Side, X fire olsntea walk from Bnsb street bridge, in a good zeuaborhocd*an nninrolthed room with cioiet attached, to ox eor two alnele gentlemen. Bent me derate. Address Pott Office Drawer 6270. K&lStMt TTTO BENT—A small basement, 1 With vaults, soluble for tbe Commlsilon Pro dnee bnitneat. The best location in the city* in* a all eon thepremttet. northwest corner of Lake and Bute streets. Kent gSSJa per month. ats*-»33-3t lffis pm. 'T'ORENT—And Furniture lor JL a&Je. A two story and basement brtek Home; cocU'Dtng eleven rooms, wt*b barn on thapnalies, slnuted on Indiana avenne, near siibteenthstreit. Avery deniable locality. a*nt srso per aennm. Apply at room Ko. 8 over 122 flonth Clark street. ■ t3 slit St • TO BENT—The new biioh Stpre, F0.116 tHinola itreet.near Clatk.and part ot ibe eaiement or tbe saldbnilateg wtu be rented to a good tenant. Inquire Of Kef AUER A M-tLCOU, coinertf Berth water and Clark itrt(tf.Bwtßc*i Block. Boom No. 1, bp italn. ~ sei3 >144 3t fPOEENT —50 New Pianos,,also JL a large assortment ol Pianos. Meiodeons and Omscb fer sale on thsmost favotabla terms. W. ,W. yUTRALT, 142 Lake street. , se!3 qSls-lm jFomik. TCfOUND—A Gold P.n andPeninl. r The owner can find the tame by addreutag Post Office Box 613. and proving property and paying charges. - |ea-egS-lt CJTEAM TO 'EUROPE.—Persona O eboatto Tlstt Baropesvoald do von to calTaad •ee the Gosertl Aseat of tbo Urerpool, Hew JfoA and Phlladel* . (bU Steamahlp Co* in Chiesco*to« ore lesTtne tor Us Best* uhili!> same retain tickets to Liverpool sad dneenatows at reduced rates or pusses* Steamerslesrs Jiow York u follows: CITTOF BALTIttOBS. .Saturday, AsjrostTTU *TSA , /... • - Sept. Srd sdihbubsh.....— - * m Apply to r. A EMOBTi Bonn alArent, comer oi Cars tod Lake streets. a«*p»Mitsx4Unro« agaantea—Stttgtittttts. X\r ANTED —*OOO Bounty paid to " Bec’ulti emitting In ton ISthUB infinity. BecraHtg Uffeviifil Dearborn itreet. JOStfl’H I* 8088. lit Licet, lath Infantry, Becralitog Officer. ttS'KIS It XXLANTED.—-Notice. - Chicago, f* n , .,Ben’caben i l3M. A BraachOfflceottha Sorgtoni tea b«.rn eiUblUbed at toe comer of Rae. dorpb and-Laesl e itreeti at the office of MCKPar A CO. lucre will be amrgeoa In atlreiaaca at rac. nlarhcnra to examine recinlUfor the UhlteiatsS* sajr. Tire hundred ihln carpeateS wkiJofiS diet* caulkers wanted. Good wane win havtvXX By order of JOUM D -HABTT, Awto*vSfiTS* -U. s. Sstt, Com* Meadegroas. TXT ANTED -D/afted men ot the f T - city of Chicago and State of Illinois tornm. that therein be tornlihec repreuntauresatthemoet reasonable tat mi sad the abcrteit notice, br irMrrV, tag Loot Box (1063- cr applying at the comers Randolph sad Laaalle streets, la the basement?** ot * »e»a3SAgt ,W. MURPHY yco. WV ANTED-•? übstitutes ucd reo * resentatircaat the corneref Bandolan sca highest cash beauty tha; u nownaid in the“itr w ® iel»-bSM-6t wTmpbfhy * CO. WANTED -Reormta for TJ. S. Gnnbo.tiprrlce. A t«, mors tmdi mta wvntea. Ot'.t mdneemes!. otferea. Loraibauimn now psld and the highest wagesgiren. Partieshrinc? to* aa reerntts will te llberallT rewarded. Call at tfi comer of B*=dolph sad Las&Le atreettan the buS meet. [.;mg6ci w.Mm^ar&oSr WANTED 50 Gimboatmen im mediately. Csll at the corner of Bandotoh mSsxr ut “ B,ocs - “ aS n ur^r U,ol “ ell “ t TATANTED—Reoinits fer theGoii. -J,, boat icnice A few more yt<nn« men wanted, t,iPvP c^ e “i. 6ol3 i ocm bonntirrnow paid f ttoen. Psraei winging nans- C*U at toe corner of ..Va E «Sei l tßd LasaUe atreets. tc the basatrear. . iel9iSs6-6t . W. liUBPHY A CO. YV ANTED Substitutes, Demr 1;' for jo° W .Vr u w. JwnS live the laraeit bounty to aubttttntea and Rear a. U^* O J,?* eßt .*? lßK tae 8. eenffi”to ur Srtod from one to three years. Choice of aersiee Bed reitoitot siren. Gnabost men taken for ose, two 7 e *{*-. if >oa wish honorable d«alin* *2J® c .r ! ?' rte cr : raer ol Hinao.pb sod LwSI bMam MUBPHY A COT jfor S>ale. TT OR SALE—2 500 tons of upland rJXPJI- lfl*. B ®?}f r p fe * ied * 'Addreu OEOHOg tt. GBkMM, Peoria, m. se2S B’US-iot sale Closp, a steam flour. -L leg and ar!it mill, known at the Eagle mils at PriEccton, luirolr. w\in four nm of French,. Bam. mitniacinmg tco obia. of floortTerr twetii fcnrbcaii, with sihrteatorr warebonse sv taehed.'wi.h » onpacKy for itoilng iJidi bntheii ot BrtUJ. located on the track of the C. B. A Q. B. E. Will beiold on faxaade terms >or psttienta-s apply on ttepresuies, or addreu FETKOW a uo-s. Priieeton. se»-«Bi23w 170R SALE—One 40 hoise power A Tubalar Botltr. ore 25 bone power two due Brller. one 20boraa power, one 25 bone power, one 40 bone power and one CO borte power Stationary Engines; one Everet eninglo Mill: one Crane and a lot of pattern! for Foonory.' Inquire at 2H5 State street, or adcresa Poet Office Box 2339. reMaSg-St ‘|?OB SAi/E -A Grocery doing a A first dais business. The building and lc«se of (round will be sold u desired. For particolara in* onue cn <be premires corner Wood and Lake its, or to L. n. O’COPNOB, at tin. Ub A Frank's. 40 Elver afreet. aeg-s3<S*2w IyOR SALE —A Portable Engl e, k.r< fhsm 16 to 12 horsepower. Can be seen running. J, c RICHARDS,ts9 Watiuigtoa-iC. ae2saSr«-2t T7OR SALE -A five horse potvi-r A? Portable Batlne, In good running order. In quire atthe Marhlne Shop comer of Clinton and Yanßoren streets, or addreta P. O.Bai 420H..C&1- caao.. *•"• . se34-»797*1t T?OB SALE -A Photograph ani A Ambiotype Gallery, eehtrallv located In the Town 91 Mtsbawata. the Uns of the M. S &K.1.8.U. ninety mlies from Chicago. now do* ing a large business, well lux tithed and complettly atcckec, with large 4-4 and l*s Camera,new. Toe above cuance is one of tbe'best In the country, and .I »Cold offer It tor tale on co conditions. only Ijun *• Grafted into the Army.” Address J. K.SrEVENS, Mishawaka. or calpptraonally at my zooms and see ler yoarself. *. »b21i799 3t 17 OR SAtE—"Valuable Stave and A? Lumber Mill. In consequence of the demands of other bounces, the proprietors offer for sale taelr rtave and Lumber SHU. situated moneot tbemait desirable pelt tain the Ncnhwesk with access to market by.water and railroad. Ataple mdi, «ulae power, ground room, acd all faculties. Water front Stuieet. Machinery now raking SOtOdreuedtighi etavn and heading, and 15.C0C feetoflamber per oay. OaXandpiDetlmberlaaDancane*. Perfectmia. A good customer wlttbe treated with on liberal terns, and can et once enter upon a running auo piyloe .business. Netcrence, as to character of manufac tures, and all particulars of the business Is made to JOWKB A CHAPIN, Dealers In Staves andnooocr* age, Chicago. ~ - salt sTfil-lflt T7OR SALE.—A fiiet class Liyery J. Stable, centrally located mths South nivlilon ol Chicago, eODslstlns of *6 Hotsea. 9 a complete outfit of 81*lebi, Bug ties and Harneisis, .withalcngeitsbUthedrunof caitoou- The pte*«nt owner la about to retire from batlneir, and will aMI immet lately for cashor on time .Apply to JOHN MATTOCKS, JB ,No.] 4 Telegraph Bonding. 1t24-sT99-«» ■ T?OB SALE—The lease, stoch^and A 1 fixtures ot a Saloon and Boarding House doing a firasrate burinesa. will be sold cheap It applied for immediately. For terms caU at Uu prcm;s». IBS Eoutb Canal street. sea-sTW-at T7OR SALE —Two thorough hied X? mares, from Long Island, N. Y, ate for sale on reasonable terms. Or els a cahoganv sorrel, seven years old, ean shave lets than three minutes, wlthont training. Herdam was got by Bush's Eclipse, be by u e old Eclipse. She was tired by the Long island Black Bawk. Theo-herlaa black mare, four yean old; her dam was got by Byvedykes Hamiltonian: she was tired by the American Star the by Sir Henry. Alao. the furniture In the Perkins Boose, Tlaldiwa, and the house to let or tot sale a.noulrAOn the urora* ues. at Tiakllwa Bnrean ecnß//IQinolsr of JAS. H. martin. 7 seSj-saaTt DOB SAM —BOO barrels relate JL Halt, good for atock, bides. on consignment, end for tele Jo lore, al low fleoree. Aim, orders promptly oiled for doe and eoaneeslt at t&elow*at market prices, by J.B.TAYLOR, -la Lasalie street. 8453*6.6*1W FOK SALE—Engine and boiler, 15 to 20 lone sowar, nearly nsw, and In prime running order. Also. 20-hono boiler, cheap. J. c, RICHARDS, 69 Waeairgtjn-st ee'OeeTXt SALE—One No. I Gates A.' Hay Press—been run about two months. In* outre or n. & w. HAWKINS, 209 South Watrr-st. P.0.80x 5976. seß-sfiil iw XT'OR SALE—A tip ton 20 boras “JL power Engine and Boner, all in rood order. YiTd, maybe bensht at. a bargain. Applv at Marine En gine Works, ccrner of Fianklln and Michigan ats.. Chicago. JOHN MURPHY. - Se2l-5533-IW "OOR SALE— SOO tons ot btattr A precisd wild bsv. of superior quality, (better toantCnolhy for csyiiry and Urary horses.) Will be ddlvetetJ tnesrv, in tots to aal» pure ha* era, at or within 65 miles of Chicago. Address **DrawerK” Lspotte, Indiana. leU-aSH-Tt T?OR SALE—The Etock and fix* X 1 turfsof a wholesale and retail Grocery Store dolor a gcod boat, city and country trade; or yQI tell fixtures without the stock. For particularta-i. Cress P. O. Box Bh4 for one week. ~ic2ftssoß 61 Host. LC ST.—Left or stolen a. Silver Plated Pitcher, with lid. nfede by Rogers * Co , Also. t« o flfiy dollar bills. Green Backs. The return of or any tofoimation wnieb will lead to their re* covery be ÜBCiaily rewarded at this office, seH-rtmt T OST.—SS.OO Reward, lost on JLiThursday evening. SeptiSSd, on tbs'corner of West Madison and Canal streets, near the Ft. Wavne Depot, a Lady’s Black Morocco Traveling Bag. The flndtrwlli receive the above reward_b» leaving tbs Bag together with the easterns, at 12a West Wash- Ingtcn street. Hsets-iSSS-3tl M.-A. SWIFT. T OST-Or Stolen. A-brown bay JLi Horse, with a small white spot In the forehead, attached to a black open buggy, nearly new, from tba ccrner ot Peoria and Indiana streets, on Fri day slternoOß, about 3 o’clock, is trout ot the bouse of Surgeon Nemens. Any body who can Inform me of the whereabouts or who will bring the ho as and bugvy bark, will receive a liberal rewsrd. SEVER & A SCHMIDT, Green Bar Roan Brewery, corner of Aiylum avenue, or No. 231 North Clare street, at A. FRITZ* Saloon. fell sTS»3t LOST— Somewhere m the hsiia ofbla clty.apackage contalalnz ouafOOOTraa smy cote, and one tiro Treasury note, of reseat to sue and other smalicotesto toe amount ot from seven to eight hnndrec dollars sod ibis, wtthm a D. g. Bxprets envelope. Tbe finder will he suitably re* warded ty leaving the same at this office, y T OST.— SSO RewaidT Loct oh J-Jlbursdsy, Bent. 22.a pocket book eontalmzg aFlveHnniLtd Foliar United Siasss Legal Tender Nrte. and other small bills and papers- Tne Under will receive tba above reward by returning the money to M. KNIEO. 3bo South Hauled street, one block north ofCbteago. Bonington and Qulccy Ball, .road track, or at tills office. I KMiteh LOfcT —On Sunday night last, a large black and white Bt. Bo p na»d Dog. A salt, able reward will be given on retnmlcr b'm to 109 South Clark street, Methodist Church Block. ■e24 1T142t LOST —A Black bob tailed Horse, two white hind legs, had some h«m*ss on. Re turn same to Backnu* stable .corner Tayior and Clark sireets, and receive a suitable reward. »eat72»Bt CHIB. NORTON. local isstatc-=ffliti. Li OR SALE—House and lot on A/ Monroe ne«r Aberdeen: lot 23x19), A number ot-lots on Fire avenne and Wsshieewu Street, at from 920 to 9*3. per foot. WAI.KEB.4k. KEBPOOT, WO Washington street. ITOR SALE—Michigan avermeand X other homes for tale eheapln THOMAS B. BBT* AITS Beal Ettata office. A compleu a ire mar, new and thoroughly built, with.* very loos and adraaiueoai Jesse. Price 93306. Home and lot wuth rfPMk tow. Alto, a charming home la the Forth Division, 9t8,50Q. -Tint-class Michigan svguvo home and furniture, ♦MJfIO. Beautitul lot CO fe-t front on Bata street. iinlonPtrk and West Washington itreet frontage. Praula avenue and Twenty-Second street. ranter let. BnfinetaandßeildescepropertylnaUXHTialoct. - l?OB SALE—A Frame House on r wabaah avenue, lonih of Twelfth erect. Pot. »ettJos a>T*p Oef. i* Apply to qalb BBOTHBai, Druggms. 202 Baadclph itreet. se2l«ra4t "CIOE SALE—A House and Lot, A* pleasantly mtnated on tbe Lake Shore, near Sixteenth tSrcet. The home coctyJci nine looms. Price ms 00. Adtfreu P.O iMJijreat »o. 134 Booth Water street. igU-rtSS-St T?OR SALE—Residence" Lot cor* J? ner of OMo and Dearborn streets (Korth Divi sion) 00 by UOteet. . on me itreet near 0hi0.38.b7 Jack*on street, between Aberdeen and Bncxer, r. bj ISO feat, for 91.2 W. . ' Lot on Green itreet, between Monroe and Adams, ] fie by IS teet, at 950 per foot./ • _ ‘ Lot on warren itreet, between Bobey and Hoyae, ? number cf Homes and Lota. BuHdlnga.Lots. aTOfcFMI • SAMDKLA.BABQERT, * KMlKitate Agent, No. AKetropoman Block. ~ie23-«7boßt FOR SALE-OnParkavenne,n£3r Eenben itreet a double two-iUry Home, coa tamißß 14 rooms each,with bssemnt.water, gat, Ac., ■BBsl^Slffiß>«SS ,| fe!PSK for tiro. One or both will be sold at a bargain, or ITOR SALE—The southeast quar- I? trrefßte.ll TOWU.E3. lias?3l3. OU tbcHnzhtOn nruebton Howe. VA P« im.' xSes a iMSS, SS Dosiat itrwt. - —• I T7OR SALE-First class business X 1 propMtTlor Itla la THOS. B.B3YA3TSBUI & -WatnStoi ra«at lot. L«alls Krfrt ■wafladftggiiaag^ghieM. - Sttageb. CjTHATED-7'A -Black Cow,jßritii O aibcrt tall ctme Into my lot m South Not thoeid gfea?* 'sgsn&BK;? QTBATfiD.—Taken up by. the ■ Ofufctertbcxs, on the »th lutasu also heao of SUfi and oxer. Parties owntiuctaeaivni proxe Tjrooe««-T)ty charaea madtake them away. f&A* 888 * CKAVFpUD,Cicero, Cook Couaty.m. / eeaewwt ®Hatiiwi illlHs WANIED e^- TXT ANTED—A e ingle fsri«he3 WSOO Xadus and Gee• lor. coiner ot Rstcoith Me £ om * ct 1 Bnild csio. 8.0,3.x6aae“ ®“ d Ue **horn itreeti, Chi » _ , ’ its aS37 It v AppfV at the Wnl&ehiLi* C T?^?nV > do c °astwor*. “SSSffit "• A - W rSI) - A B »7i8l^r?i? WANTEDITX-Tr^Kr Faacj Gcocs, referred.lnnrertap n c n£i S!?e'“ Kt!l “' ?I ' ,10 “‘ Sells'S: ,nie “- «3is:o.!t TTf ANTED A -woman to do Bnr 9 ZfdntsßcxdeiS or spjij»? HooS 6 ? n* 324 Randolph strey.j:uc£c. T ®* "SaJia^ X\7ANTED—Tc rut, a Cottage • f orimaJibooffccoa'amlsacssaadwstf St fOtTetUnt to cut lailaa*. siifljw.DKj Chicagotest dfflcV. 4 * T\7*ANTED. — liocias I ’ threat. Icijalre at Stewart lu 8 BLLIQTf. - Eilr.iordmarj in — - dncemeoti offered to parties, either in eliv 2» *° eB SV* to a lesitimaha and hit or? Ctabie business. Call at Boon *> Post Office Block. Corntf o; Mceroe and Dearborn strsetf. or sdireie lon CSc. Bog W,iß6iimpMaS»»: hum TIT ANTED—A reliable woman to ’’ do the seneral work to a family of three per. fate. Unit thoronzbly ondemand cooxmr The laavs.;. 1 BjtV ' WA NTED—A Salesman in a first clsm Retail Clothier Some, in em-rtßarM V-'iSf“ thorcntbly acQnatoted with the^aiiaui 1 Mraulon ti offered None other need lowerthi». Accmil*. 6. Bo» 2340. By a hdy wbose Bus • .I* 451 * A*?. army, *Qii havlnz no fatal!* SrtmS'.V 03 . * tetrtSeeper where »be can have the • I holc ®. flavine a machine the u c rl(,°.M C BS rUm sewing alio. Adorns Box Jills cuicajo. •_ sc3t«eS9 it ’ TJfTAHTED • Coopers. Eight eo^d * ’ . .W”" 1 OB And stead* employ tt&i 2« iV U * l Sacd ’ - Co:mcbl4i Brewery. "\\[ ANTOD A Wa>enous€man uacerriards coop»ric* and can cons 7« « r ft e n.°M^^ n r, cd ; to PEIEIt MAL'UOET N. lo couth LsstUe ttreet- sea-i** n VA^ANTED—A small touae with v T ‘from seven tc ten icons* Ac in a good location, in exchange for a luzer oae.* being 100 large for the present occupants. Part of the turtlture w.-.uld bft sold if defined. Apply to LASaE A NORKIi. 107 Randolph itrseL te33*s£.7 U TX/ ANTED— A iearmiess iiavisg « < a Grover A Bskrt Sewing Machine* and who bastad lour year*'experience lathe use of It*d<s:r<a a eltaaCon in scree daily to co scalar, Keiereocn given. Adcrets aUSAN QUINN, Milwaukee, ffis. »e2t*7SMt T\rA-NTill)—Wi want every mar « * rled person, and those cosTMPtvriso sn- BtAGE, to send lor one of cnrhiAiaD Ctaccu-vaa. “for the teamed only.” which contain* Inlormatlon oftbemmostinportaneeto every marriedperaun, NETZB BiroXE bkvxalxd, that can bn obtained from no other source. Fciltivelv no humbug. Address- with stamp. DR. S. BACHELOR, Kankakee City. LL leaslg-K 'fATANTED—A situation in a 7 « wholciale grocery boose by a yenng nan who has bad two years experience as sklesxaa.aadeau bneg first class reference. Aadie** P. 0.80x2739. sc2l blTUft ~\\r ANTED—"Poard in a strictly- TT private ftmUy, by a gentleman and wife Lo cation convenient to itreit cart preferred. Address •*L M G,” Tribune officW. seM sTVt-n ■\j\7ANTED— A cottage house or Y« otherwise, containing 7or 9 rooms. In a heal* tbv location Possession wanted any time within a week. ApplytooraodresaC.s.TEWKSßUßY,nil nol* Cental Ual road Passenger Building. •t34-t&bG*SI TXT AN TED- A Practical Printer, T I or a man of talent, with a cash capital of 91C0Q totakeanlnmestm a good paylnx country naws pager, blast be competent to edit the piper in eve rt respect. Reason tor drmrtng a partner, more buitief s than one can attend to. No one need apply that nas not rot the above asouct at h-s command. Apply to C.H. SCRIVEN, 63 Dearborn stren.Chl cago. * sc2l-5784-8t TX/"ANTED —I wish to purchase a T T Wateg Pow r Flour leg Blit, ot from three to five run oCSip***. Ora rooowatrr pow rr tunable fortu&hamilL Address, s*aong location, terms. As . H. J.LUGAW, Ottawa. HI. aea STOMt XaT'ANTED—A situation as ao- T F couatant ln a mercantile or macafactnrlng estabßalunent. or as book-teeptr or teller In a bank la g otXfco by a perron oho Ate had an experience of several year* to each department. Befcrraces given. Adertts P. O. Box- .93* ocJj+tLs-et^. \V T ANTED—A Piano. A first « * tare second hand Pisco, (or wfalsh a good price will be paid, si drear, statirgwhereltcanbo seea an a trrmr,-PlANO,"Trtbuneomce. ieSß"fl*\B St "VVT"ANTED —To purchase a loco- T I motivebcllerfrom23to?i)hpr»npoweT,either sew or second-hand. if in s ood order- Address Sox 4310. Cbiergo -Post Offce, giving size of boiler, number feed diameter 11 fines. se*2 »65U4t •YV ANTED -ifrom two to three V ? tnoufssdbeaddf sheep to winter on shares. AW-rcis a. W. TUaNER. L'Xcoln, Logan County. In acl3-i63j-6t / A. W. TURiy. WANTED—By Boynton & Big. T-T eirs, fifteen men. wno have had experience In curlrg pig’s teet and tripe. Call atihop near Alton acdEt. Louis railroad bridge. Sooth Sum, ■cZl-tSSblw TtfANTED - For the Government Ti to the Quarteraasler's Department, at St, lx ms. Labotexs at yiS per month and rattens. Team* *sti rs at |lO par month and rations. Free transporta tion furnished from Chicago, Illinois. For further intoraatloninaalre at the Govercmeat Office. 132S 80. Waterrreel.Chicago,lllinois. O.M.BABCQC&! Government Agent. iei3->stog VTyANTED—A Psrtncr with a TT few thousand dollsiK either eßent or active, to engage to thff Packing business. Great induce* ments are offend to aoy one desirous cf Investing In a Packing buimess ceptrtiiy located. B." boxT264, Chicago P. O. se2?-HdHwll Vy ANTED—A Wiie. I -wiaßT to IT make the aeouatotarceof xmodest Christian 1 woman, from 30 to S3 yxars old. fona of home and its oys, willing to ssy to me-as Bath said toNadml.m luth Ist. 16th and l<th verses. To such I can off ex* a good home and devoted heart. Beat of retereaees given. A note staling where asd when an tntezvlaw can be had, will be treated with discreet candor, and tne honor of a gentleman. C. B. ARTHUR. Chicago F. O. se3o*s46S-lv ?SHantcfl=agents. ANTED—Agents to stll Presi f T dexrial Qampalzn Medals and Badge Pins. Lusneases correcti-woikmanahip •uperiot. Price from It to $lO pgr Ififl. A sample aedslor pm, etthur to yellow or wfote metal. 25 cent*. Addreis JOBS STANTON, Stamp and Brand Cutter. 13W Clucmns 1. Ohio. scia-iMiot VV ANTED —Agents wanted 'to T T sell the most ** Wocdarful Invention of tbe Ac®-sn Instrument and fUH inatruztioiia by which asy lady or gentleman can taka a perfect likeness. Sent Dec on rec#ptcf 50 cento Agents are making tl» a day. Bvery family should have caa ana taxe their own likenesses, town snd county rgits for nde. Address M, DE GRAND, 30S Broadway. New Tctk. . sen-5533n YV ANTED—Agents to se’l my T T new eaxravtng on FurloughT" rae of my old scents writes me v never had any thing to ten like it. Disabled and others will find this a roed chance to m>ke money. Apply at once to SAMUEL pin a. Box S2SS. Chicago. Cl. Office 16 Portland BlockT ' tvS^B-tt WANTED —Agems to Bel) my J T fifty most valuable nrw receipts and methods of employment. Agents are making from 65.09 to 9151 o per day, aceoxdtnr t? their bustneis abilities. Bent free on receipt of 9100 and red stamp (They are wonb ficotvanv p«**n)Brery family should have them Addrues.T.DEFOas, 85 H. Y-Room 4. selMßS<4ot "XXTANTED—SIOO per Month. Ao -2L v tive and Bailable Agents to the Army and everywhere else Jnthemost lucrative business known. Honorable and no mk. Addreas or apply to T. AO. GAUQRAS. 116 Broadway. N.-Y. |va-n9i&4a ISoacUlng. BOARDING. —Afewday boarders can be accommodated at &31 West Bsndolph street, - sets i835-3t [GABBING.—An unfurnished JfJ iront parlor, soluble for a gentleman and lady ( alto rociaa for *in*»2 gentlemen, can be bad with 5 0 £ r dat2BAtreaißaadolphitPees* Baferensr* ro» qolfgd- aessasssit XJOABDING. — Pleasant rooms, board, way be attained at 223 South rreet, cniy a WaS waltlSoßtSo Poet Office. Day boardera can also be acoommo* s«2Sa3WU tjOAKDlNG.—Furnished rooms . -*-2 with board for a gentleman and b!a wife- or two tlx ele yen'll men, can be Bad at 43 Mich Inn avenue. «c2S-tg24lt MBB. jrnttKVT- "OGARBING,—A furnished or cn. XFinrnlsiedroom to rent with board,suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two iirgle gentlemen, cn Monroe street, near Ealtted. Beferencea exchanged. Forfurther; particularsaddress M H. n Trtboneoffice. ieS3-i?lS»2t - * TDOASDING —Two pleasant JXroomswlihboardxanbe bad at 293 Indiana -itreet. Permanent boarders wanted.! Kefereocea exchanged ' aeUtwgt ■DOARDINQ —Ferminent board JDacd fornlthed room on Sonth Bide wanted by two slrile met. on the first of Ou'obar. Price no Ob* jeet. Addreit “K/’Pcit Office Drawer 3776- ttateniw - - .» ISx al £gtate=(goanttß. pGB SALK—An Improved Farm X 1 of Ctß acres, within sixty mQet of Chicago and two miles Com a station on the Galena w»Mroad_ All well fenced, large orchard of grafted fruit, threa houti s and good barna Price. 913 par acre. Also, several imaller Parma for sale. YODSSIt BPBISGkB, Beal Bttate Agents. No; 2 Metropolitan Block, ecrnerßaadolpn and Lasalle streets. •eS44f<Sl-8t - FDR SALE—Farm, 160 acrenat jLrtO: 160 too acres, siaqo* in acres, save; 333 acres, W.»3; m scree, galua’* 3 Lr^MKOtStOacre*,W3.oCo: X.H?CufiiisJs? 132 Clark street. teas s799n^ F)K SAtiE—A Fsno in WTiite* tide County: contain* K3 icnc, 130 ndu cal . Stratton, 70 ta meadow, balance besrily ameered. Frame borne of tiro itorlea,two -r-%. airjc rraler.good orchard, Ac. Located cnfitec*: Hirer, near Frophetstown. The timber alone caa be made to pay the pile* ot the farm ta one year, a Baltrosd u mtied p**t tbe lard. Pricf,j2sixracre. Inquire as THOS. B. BEYAS’S Beal Estate Office. / N Bn on F)R SALE —The “-Lawrence Man. or H Farau TU't ton consists of 400 seres. dirt* ded tato lots o t from s to 40 sdrt*. OOQ to time pm mesi*owj extuolTQ 1: all dines, oreasrde. Ac. *e., ud tU to completoordar, for s in otiensn*! eoossr seat tad Arm combined. Lays -within ik boon’ rid* from Cbleuco. sad 4 miles aontb of New Lenox depot, on Bock Island Ballxcad. Piodactlra are property wcnld be taken to part payment. Price, »S>peracre. MIHiNT "

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