Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 26, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 26, 1864 Page 1
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CHIC AGO TRIsUSTifc. DAILY TRI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. Office* R>. 91 Clark Street* *rt£M3 or TUX CHICAGO TAIBUFX. delivered In city (per •* ’ “ . 44 (par quarter) —.. $3.25 mtlhrubscrlben. pef yeer *512.00 Z)ailv, to mail subscribers, per 6 months* fe.oo Trl-weeUr, per year 6.00 Weekly. efncle copT one ve«r 2 60 v * six mini tbs 1*26 Clubs offour copies, ore ytu 0.00 44 4 ‘ tea A “ 41 .... 20.00 44 - 44 twenty 44 44 44 !.'*.* 40.00 And to the latter dub. one ccpy extra to the pet con ordering it. Money in Eccletcrcd Letters may be sent at Our risk. M3KT The remittance lor clube must, In all cases, be made at o>t time. Address CHICAGO TIUBUNE.” Chicago, 18. Chicago /SDribmw. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 20, 1654. THE SEWS, Sheridan and hie gallant troopers have clos ed the week with a galaxy of victories, and .Bunker Hill, Straslmrg and Fisher’.* Gill will he pleasant Sunday reading for Jeff. Davis to-day, and contain eome significant hints for the little Mackerel of“Ncw Jersey. Early’s army is among the things that were, and panic-stricken ia fleeing through the.valley] every men making thchest time to Richmond ?•*« Culpepper and Gordonsville, leaving Lynchburg at Sheridan’s mercy.. As Torbett has gone down into the Luray Valley, in Early!* rear, It is possible that he may give the Ingltive prey backs the coup degran. Fif teen battle flags, twenty-six cannon, one hundred and Jour officers captured, and pri vatcshytbc thousand, arc hat a portion of the crop harvested by little gallant PUL Re inforcements are hurrying to Sheridan and the rent may yet prove only the immediate predecessor of annihilation. Richmond is now seriously menaced. Lynchburg is vir tually onrs. Lee can not sp-re an army large enough to • offer any serious opposition to Sheridan's resistless march. The silence be low Richmond is ominous. It will soon be broken by the thunders of the Lieutenant General The rotten hulk of slavery and des potism is crumbling to its ruin. If it be true, as would seem from the statement of the Richmond papers, that Sherman Is negotiating with Gov. Brown, Alex. H. Stephens and Herschell V. Johnson t of Georgia, for the return of that State to the Union, it I* a striking commentary on the Confederate and Copperhead doctrine of the light of secession. Georgia, by virtue of her assumed State sovereignty, seceded fromlhe Union, and now, after being pretty well thrashed by Gen. Sherman, and dread, ing further now proposes-to secede from the Confederacy back Into the Union. If Georgia should take this step, it ought to convince the mostlncorlrgiblejCop. perhead that a government which recognizes the State sovereignty doctrine is no govern men£ at all. The Richmond papers are ter ribly alarmed at the report that the authori ties of Georgia are negotiating with General Sherman for a return to the Union. The right of secession conferred by State sov ereignty is now the special honor of the Richmond rebels. B*ys Xht Enquirer: “If “a State make peace on her own account, <‘ebe withdraws from the Confederacy. «• Georgia was one of the first to secede. Is “she now going to leave her seceded sisters “ the beg to hold, after having j»ot them Into “this scrape? Will she abandonVlrgmla “after having dragged her Into this war? 1 * There is a big scare in Richmond. Georgia is the empire State of the South, The telegraph and mail together bring the pleasing intelligence that Montgomery Blair has accepted the President’s request to re. sign and has evacuated the office hf Post, master-General, 'The loyal portion of the ' country will shed no tears over this resigna tion. Mr. Blair would have pleased the Unionists hugely had he resigned a year ago. The President should have removed him the next day after making his pro-slavery Eock vllle speech. Be has been an cy c-sorc to Re publicans ever since. The Baltimore Con vention gave the President a strong hlafthat they desired him to find a successor for Mr. Blair without delay. But bettor late than never. It is reported that the office has been offered to Gov. Dennison, of Ohio, and de clined. Colfax is the man who ought to have It, but he-cannot be well spared from Con gcees. There ore two or three other mem bers whose resignations would promote the public, service. Gold'is on the down rushing with the velocity of lightning, and the brakes won’t work. Sheridan’s bold riders are be hind pushing it along. Belmont, the engi neer, cant make the throttle, play, and Is looking out of the cab window for a soft spot. McClellan has got one foot on the platform and one on the bumpers. The pas geDgere—hulls, hears, lame ducks and specu lators—are wringing their hands* in despair, hut still the train goes on, Belmont furiously whistling down brakes that won’t down, as the bfekemnn went off the side of the track long ago. The bottom is not for off, and somebody will get hurt In thqjmosh-np. In Jn the meantime, as gold goes down, loyalty goes up? and while Copperheads and Bel mont! lee arc bemoaning and tearing their hair, Union men are rejoicing, for they know that as the gold end of the scale falls, the Union scale rircs. Gold is being swept out of the way ; the Ides of November will wit- , ness the exit of Copperheads, and then lock out rebels. The beginning of the end ap- 1 proaches. The gold figures are 212,200 and | 201, closing at the latter figure. All the markets were else panic-stricken on Satur day. Wheat dOßedloalSc.lowcr, comic., Sour 25c., oats J£c., rye 4 asc., barley sc. and butter sc. Another instance of the close application between Copperheads and rebels Is afforded ' in the capture of Keytesville, a town In Mis souri, by the notorious guerilla ThrailkUi and fats gang of cut-throats. Union men were murdered and their property horned while Copperheads were let go scot free and feted by the bushwhackers. What sensible man needs any mere convincing argument of the understanding betwcen'lhe-two ? The foreign news represents a. decline of per. cent in -rebel securities abroad. 'Tbe crash in the goW market here will he re produced in the crash of the rebel security market in London and upon the Bourse os the receipt of Sheridan's -victories. It will be a matter for proportionate congratulation to the alow hut sure Germans, who have of late Invested so largely in United States securities. rWe arc advised that a terrible tornado' *wcpl through Coles county, in this State, on Friday last, tearing down fences and •barns and unroofing bouses, but have re olvedco details. .The week just-closed has, in a commercial point of view, been a most eventful one. The defeat of Early’s rebels in the Shenan doah Valley brought joy to many a house* hold t inMnandal as well as in a patriotic liyma* Wall atrett speculators have suffered equally jjHh their brethren further South, .asdlho people rejoice! The gold gamblers JiavcVt last come to grief—the u sharks ” who follow in the wake of the ship of State j axave been harpooned, and they now writhe dn bitter agony. Let the whole brood perish —they live but to destroy—to fatten on calamity. - On Monday last, gold In Kew York closed at 235, and on Saturday afternoon It fell to 199-a decline during tte week ol SO cents. The -following are the closing quotations each day since tJtclTtb Inst: 3 Closing quotations. Sepl. 17 3doudav, Fcpt, 19 -TTue«dfcy. S?pf ‘WetaefeOar. Sept. fnirt Sept, ti iiy* Tndav. SrpUzC _Samnloy, •/“ The last quotation given in the above table la the lowest which has ruled since the 2Lst of dune last, when It opened at 199 and rose as high es 203. The decline in gold caused a corresponding I faiUn grain end a large number of leading { articles. As wheat more closely follows gold any other staple, we append the following table, showing the quotations of 2so. 2 spring wheal in this market each day since the 17th Inst, z Saturday, Bept. IT Monday, Sept. J9. Tuesday. Sept. 50... "Wednesday, sept. £1 1“ SVm* Thursday. Sept. S3 Friday. Scut. 23 ? S « Saturday, Sept. 84 1.53 >®1.63 From the above It will be seen that Wheat ■has fallen 30c. per bushel; bnt Flour has also 1 fallen $1.35 a 1.50 per bbl; Corn, 3 a 4c. per bushel; Eye 13e per buabel; Barley 13 al3 c per bushel'; Hlghwlacs sc. per gallon, and BntterC a Bc. per lb. In the general market for merchandise there also been a decline, but not so. jnarited as In produce. Rio Coffee bus de clined, during the week, SK a4c per lb; O. G -Java Coffee, sc. per lb; Cape Coffee, 7 a 9c. per lb; raw Sugars, Kale, per lb; rented Sugars, 1 a IJi- P" lb; Carbon Oil, Sc. per gallon; "Wool, 3asc. per lb; and m A%^Goo'dß P 'tbcre has been i decUne of ° a3c. per yard on prints, sheetings, sblrt inra. stripes. denims, &c, apd foreign goods kinds have fallen about 15 per cent. The decline on merchandise, however. Is generally mneh slower than in produce; hut shonld gold keep even where it-Tiowls, all kinds of drygoods aod grooeriesmust yet fall very materially from present puces. YOL. xvm, NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FEOB GENERAL SHEBIDAFS ABM. Tfec Great 'Yictoiy at Fisher’s Hill. EARLY COMPLETELY ROUTED AND MAK ING FOR RICH MOND.- Sheridan's - Forces In Pnrsuit— Torbeft in Earlj’s Rear. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE REB EL OFFICERS CAPTURED DURINGTHE WEEK. Eesipation of Postmaster General Blair. GLORIOUS UNION MEETING IF QUINCY, ILL—GREW EN TBUSIISSI- Keytesville, Mo., Captur ed by Gnerillas—Uni on Men Murdered and Copperheads Spared. LATER FROM EUROPE-DE CLINEOFTHREE PER GENT IN THE REBEL LOAN. Great Panic in the Markets. -De cline in All Kinds of Provi sions. The Gold Figure 204. official. m;i,i.r.TH. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] VTxsmxGTOK, Saturday, Sept. SI. Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock Major Gen eral Sheridan attacked the rebel forces under Gen. Early, intrenched in a strong position in Fisher's Hill, a short distance south of Strasburg, and after a severe struggle the rebel army was completely routed. Gen. Sheridan report? that his forces gained a most signal victory, and that the enemy fled in great conlhaionf-that only darkness eared the whole ol Early’s army from total destruction. At half-past eleven o'clock last night Sheridan’s army had panned the rebels to within six milts of Woodstock. [Signed] E. 21. Stastok, Sec’j of War. Wab Depabtxbxt, 1 Was nnroTOK, ticpU S4—IWK) A. It. f fo Major General Dix; The following Official dispatch bar joet been re tired fron General Sheridan, detailing some of tnaparticnlare of the battle and Victory at Fish er's BUL Ueadqcaktebs Middle Division, I Woodstock, Vai, Sept, 23-8 a, m. J •To Ucut. Gen. Grant, City Point: I cannot as yet give yon any definite account of tbe battle ofyeeterd<y. Our loes will be light. Gen. Crook struck ihe left flauc of tbe enemy, doubled it up, and advance! down tbelr lines. Rlckett'e division, of tbe 6tb army corps, swung in and joined Crook's. Getty's and Wheaton's dl* visions took op tbe same movement, followed by the whole line, and. attacking beautifully,- carried tbe works of the enemy. Tbe rebels threw down tLelr anna audited in the greatest confusion, aban doning most of their artillery. It was dark before tbe battle ended. I pursued on after tne enemy during tbe nlcbt to this point, with tbe t tband i9tb corps, and have stopped here to rest tbe men and issue rations. If Gen. Torbett has pushed down the Luray Val ley, according to my directions, he will achieve great results. Ido not think that there ever was an army so badly rooted. Tbe Valley soldiers are hiding a way and going to tbeir homes. I cannot at present give yon any estimate of the prisoners. I pushed on regardless of everything. The num ber of pieces of artillery reported captured la sixteen. - - P. B. Bhebidan, Major General. Ton ere directed to cause a national salute ol one hendred great guns to be fired for the victory General Stevenson reports that 8,000 prisoners from the field had reached Winchester last night. Reinforcements and supplies have been forwarded to General Shendan. [Sighed,] Edwin M. Stanton, Sec’y of War. FBOIK ST* LOUIS* Guerilla l>epredatlona—Keyteavllio [Captured by Thrall Kill* [SpeclalDlsp&tch to the Chicago Tribune.] Bt.Louih, Satuiday, Sept. 21,15C4. There is great rejoicing over Sheridan's vie-, lories, and Copperheads are gloomy. There is ' also a panic among the holders of gold. A'report at headquarters says Price crossed the Arkansas Btvcx with twenty-six thousand men— cavalry, artillery and infantry, lie has an ad vance ctflnmn penetrating southwest and south east simultaneously—one under Cooper, the other under Shelby. Cooper's forces captured, the im mense wagon train bound fromFortScott to Fort Smith, and burned nearly ail tbe wagons, be cause the guard could not he spared to take them South, ana horees were wanted.* Five honored men, soldiers and teamatere were captured with It The whole aflalr was a surprise. Price Is said to have received 2,000 recruits from north of Mis-' sour! River lately. Panics from Lebanon, Mo., reports 300 rebels passed northward, a few miles west of that pluce, on Toesdsynight, supposed to be areconnoitcring party to get Information for Price. Kcytesvlile, the county scat of Chariton county, | -a secession place, was captured by ThrsiltiUs guerillas on Wednesday, the Paw Paw militia or ganized by the local Committee of Safety, under Order No. 107, Barrendering without firing a shot. Upon entering the town, Thnilklll took occasion to announce that as most of the inhabitants were I understood to be sound, they would not be dls- I taibed Bis band, however, visited the residences I of all prominent Radicals, announcing their pur- | nceelokill them. - Nearly aU having fled, word left lor them that they had to make themselves ™ r ce Mnr“th“ ejection! Bet el! of the Union men at Keytesville were not lucky enough to es cane. BobertCa-mon and Wm.Young werefonnd and killed. The former was Sheriff or the county, I and tbe latter had been noted as aUnion scour and ; spy. Both were over sixty years of age Setting fire to the Court Bouse, containing most of the county records, Thrsilklll retired from the town without molestation. . , x , . On Saturday night last the militia started out from Lexington. Mo., in search of a camp of buah wbacfceie, about four miles from Lexington, iff the neighborhood of Richmond. Mo. They were met by the enemy, and a sharp fight ensued. The rebels were deleated with a loss of six or seven killed and a few wounded. Tbe militia were fol lowing them up, and at last accounts they were close upon them. 1; is to toe hoped they will cap ture the whole party. It Is reported that one of the Provost Marshals to whom was yesterday given sixty-four "notices to appear, that he returned last evening witu the Information that cn'y three of the parties could be found, and that they were picking their trunks and would be off on the first train. FROM MACOEB. Croat Union Meeting: in attain Storm t ’_fSi>eect»es by non, Hugh Fullerton and Dick Ocleaby. I s nodal Dispatch to tke Chicago Tribune.! SUcom, Tin QUIKCT, Saturday, Sept. 23. The doors of heaven are open-not to acud down Eiacc. hut raln-and the consaiucnce U that at Una writing, two o’clock p. m.,-the streets are ak tuort tepasrahle from rain and mud. Since this dlrpeneaiion was eomuch needed by tbe agrica - lural districts of tbLs section, we cannot com pluln, tbonph political interests suffer somewhat from It. It has rained incessantly since an eaxlv boor this morning, and most of the time with tffncb violence, and has not entirely ceased as yes notwithstanding tbe" unfavorable state of tns weather, however, a crowd numbering from niteoj hundred to two thousand persons have assembled tinder the trees In the Court Boose Square, and are now listening to v a speech from the Hon. Bngb Fullerton, nominee lor Congress frem this ms* trict.'' 1 am unable to give yon a ‘synopsis of hu speech, ns the rain has driven me to the Coart Bouse for shelter and beyond car reach of tbo speaker, hut the frequent interruption* of this damp hat enthnslaflic crowd hy shouts and cheers rive assurance that hie effona are well received, and that the cause for which w£are contending has ardent supporters in McDonough county, 1 sm advised by those well informed noon the mailer that the Union party has by ncqnleitJonaud by tbe divisions In the Democratic ranks.’ occa* atoned by tbe double dealing and -attempted de cepiion of the Chicago Convention, increased their streneth very considerably, and that thi* county It sure for Lincoln and Oglesby at the coming elec tion O'clock—p. x. At three o'clock the rain ceased, and General Oolethy. tbonnh nmch pom hy Incessant labor aid travel, took the stand aid dellxctid a most clcooent, rarncst and comprehensive arenment la seaport of the pUuonn ot Union party, and in denunciation of the peace platformof the Chicaco Convention. He was listened to throughout with wrapt attention, and frequently interrupted by the cheers, shouts, and most vociferous applause ol the multitude, which had been largely acumen ted since the elements bad decided upon a cessa tion of hostilities. Thouch not until the experi ment of a flood had proved an entire success. Alter the conclusion of General Oslehy’s speech, Gen. Prentiss, Jack Grimsbaw,' and others, ad dressed the meeting, which adjourned at nbottt six o'clock. VROJI QUUCY. i© Great Union Meeting— Immense UxUbnalaem—Kaalcnl O linage of Sentiment In Adams County. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tnbuse.l Quikct, in., Saturday, Sept. 21,18G4. Tbe Union meeting this afleraoouhas been In progress for tbe last two hburs. In point of num bersand enthusiasm theexpccUtioufl of the Union men ol Adam* are folly met, A pec-iarity of tbe crowd Ib tbe preponderance of Totem. These are evidently earnest thinking men, not alt of whom have been accustomed io vote with ns heretofore, bat we hope that under the cogent reasonings of the distinguished speakers who have Just address* ed them, they will sec the error of their ways aod ben after be found with ns, on tbe Bide of Union and good government. If we mar judge of tbe effect of'lheee speeches by the satisfaction appar ent everywhere, and the expressions that occa sionally 'all from tbe Ups of life-long Democrats, each will be the result. Adams county 2b claimed by the dlstmlonlsts as their particu'ar domtin. but tbe indications ore that ft will be fo claimed after tbe November election. Tbe Union men axe donildenc that they wi 1 carry''Adams by from three to six hundred tua joiuv. If they will do fir less than this, if they’will reach the vote of 1800, the election of Brigadier General Harding. Union candidate for Congress from the Fourth Congressional District, is secured. The meeting was organized at two o'clock this afternoon by the choice of Hon. Ralph Unrlburt, of Qulncv, as President. Alter a song by the Lom bards,’General Hawing was introduced, aod brief ly and forcibiv presented the pending issues. -He was disposed to ignore political and partisan 'antecedents and in favor of all patriots coming up on a platform whose single plank should be love of country and a determination to uphold tbe flag end tbe Government at allhaztrds. Upon such a platform he invitedhls Democratic friend to stand with him. He made an earnest appeal in iavor of. tbe Union ticket, and showed conclusively that upon lie success rested the hopes oi the nation. Ucxeral Harding wae londiy applauded. " After Old Shady had been given, to tbe infinite dellght-of tbe audience, Hon. J. K. Doolitte, United States Senator irom Wisconsin, was in troduced. and in a clear, logical, and convincing argument ol an hour, set forth tbe claims of the great Union partv of the day upon tbe active co operation ol patriots and well-wishers of the*r country. It was a splendid effort, and produced a profoncdhnpresslon. His arguments were unan swerable and his appeal irresistible. Senator Doolittle had concluded. General Oglesby look the eland and delivered a masterly and convincing speech distinguished by the fervid and earnest eloquence wbicn characterizes all his public efforts. - He was greeted by hcartv ap plause, and frequently interrupted by the cheers and applause of the enthnriastic masses, who bong with breathless attention upon his stirring and'patriotic otUruncts. He was followed by Col. Bob. Icccrsoll, of Peoria, who made one of (he most brilliant and forcible speeches I have bad the good fortune to bear coring tbe campaign. At the conclusion of the speeches which created tbe wildcat enthusiasm.‘and elicited tbe most beany applause, Unnueeting adjourned to meet at IlirkhazDß. At eight o’dccx, this evening, Hirk barn's Hall, cue of the largest inthe'State, and capable of seating, comfortably, two thousand people, was crowded to suffocation at the opening oi tie meeting, every inch of standing room be ing occupied, and hundreds being unable to gain admission at all. After an opening song by tbe Lnmberds, the Dor. J.D. Ward gave an able ex position of the Chicago platform, exhibiting la a char light the frauds attempted by it, and in a strain ol most earnest exhortation plead for tbe came of the country, and of humanity throughout the world. He was ioterrapteo by Jreqnenl bursts of applause, and sat down amid the cheers of toe vast audience. He is doing valuable the cause. He was followed by E. a. Storra, Esq, of Chicago, whose ability is well known to your home readers, and who is one ol the most entertaining speakers on the stomp, and one of the ablest cham pions of tbe Union cause. He Introduced himself totbe audience by reading to day’s dispatch from Gen. Sheridan, and commenting In his own inimi table style npon Gen Sheridan's manner of mak ing peace projrf'eiiloDP to the Southern Confedera cy. The vast aunf&nce sent up cheer after cheer for the gallant Sheridan and nif army, and after the excitement had subsided, Ur. Storra entered upon a profound, dear, and convincing arguaunt upon u-e war power of tbe Constitution, clearly exhibiting the folly ot the Democrats, objections to the constitutionality of Mr. Lincoln’s war mea sures. It was as exhaustive argument upon the sub ject, and listened to with the profoundest atten tion throughout. . Mr. Storrs was followed by non. o. z>. in a most humorous bat lotacal “train, woo kept tne iro ad until about n o'crock, when tbe meeting ad journed, with three times three for tbe Union arid •tbe Union candidates, and three more on general principles. Tbe meeting as a whole bae been a most enthu siastic one, and cannot fall to do znach good in this Democratic district. It is utterly impossible to convey to yon even a tolerable idea oi tbe deep and earnest feeling manifested throughout tbe State wherever we have held mass meetings, nor of the determina tion of tbe people to stmd up boldly and uaflluch irglvfortbc Ilmen in tbe coming election. No threats can intimidate, no promise attract those patriotic men from the one object and aim which eecme to animate every heart. You mav safely announce to your readers in Southern Illinois that the North and Middle are sound and Icjal to the core. Let our friends every where be .of good cheer. Another accident, accompanied bv loss of life, occurred cn the C.. B. & Q. Railroad this evening. Tbe Toledo freight train, while taking wood at Cllola station, nine miles east of this mn into by'the C., B. & O. freight train going <*ast. One man is reported killed and another in jured. The accident is supposed to bare occurred through the carelessness of the flagman. Fit 031 ST. PAIL. Interesting Indian News—Political ln< tctligcnce. [Spatial Dispatch to the Chicsgo Tritnne.l * St. Paul, Saturday, Sept. 24. A letter from Fort Abercrombie reports,- that Standing Buffalo's force of the Sioux tribe, num bering 600 lodges,-who bare been In the neighbor hood of Fort Gaxnsy, have gone to E k Head Moun tain, on Moose Diver. Before leaving, they held aninteniew with Acting Governor MeLarish, of the British Possessions, and requested him to build a fort near Eik Bead, and famish' Ammun ition and big guns for their defense against the Americans. This modest request was perempto rily refused, and they lelt the settlement threaten ing death to all the whites they could catch outaide ol the British Possessions. They had a number of horses, which they boasted had been tiken from Sully while in the Bed Biver settlement. They have made a treaty of peace with the Crows, a powerful tribe of • Indians living in the British Possessions. The Sioux, who made tbe treaty, scouted the Idea of making peace with Americans. Shortlybefore the Sioux left, the set tlement, three of tbelr principal men visited *a Chippewa camp upon Bed river, for what purpose is unknown. The Chlppewas fell upon them and killed one, tbe others escaping, and then had a grand scalp dance. General Pope has received information that Sul- Iv with hi* command had reached Fort Bice on his return from Yellowstone, Tbe political fires born brightly, Sheridan's suc cess discouraging tbe Co pa more than ever. A' rousing Lincoln and Johnson club meeting was held in this city last niebt. General Ramsey is president of the club. He and Senator Wilkin sen, GiUeral Miller and others addressed the meet ing. Next Tuesday we have a mass meeting for thjDnion. ’ FROM QtXIACT. Ibe Draft— Heavy on tbe Copperheads —The Union meetings. [Spcdal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnne.] Quxnct, Saturday, SopL 21,1561. The draft, so far as thedtyof Quincy la con* cerned, is ended. Between three and soar hundred men have drawn priees— some of them prominent Union' men, hut mostly Copperheads. Austin Brooke, of the Herald* ie compelled to admit that the draft was fairly conducted. • The burden has fallen more heavily upon the German Copperheads than upon the Irish and native boro. A great many of the latter skedaddled several weeks aco. in anticipation of the conscription. The drafted men are on the anxious scat to-day, and busily In* oulring for substitutes. , . , i * The Union meeting here to-day promises to be im enthnmßric affair. Gov.Tates, Got. Oglesby, Got Prentiss, Hon. R. G. Ingcrsoll, Hon. J. Grim* shavr Senator Doolittle, Hon. J. D, Ward and.E A. atom, Esq., are here. from south bevd. Great Union IHeetlus—Lons John on the Siump. [Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.! South Bekd, Saturday. Sept, 24. Another grest mass meeting assembled here to day to hear Don. John Wentworth, The spacious yard in front of the Court House was packed to overflowing with an audience, who, hy their fre quent and hearty applause, evinced their admirv tion of-the able manner in which the distinguished pneakerhaudlSthiaeubject. The loyal people of* this connty are satisfied that the Union standard ._i,i nerer he lowered In the hands of “Long Tita" After listening with raot attention for two JSS and a half, the meetingaojoamed. with three hearty cheers lor Wentworth and the cause b Mr speak this evening at Mis hawankaSnhls county, where he wUI be welcomed by one of those rousing crowds lor which that town Is justly famous. FROM i;E>; SIIEKIE.O’S ab»v, The Glorious Victory at Ulaljcr’aHlU —The Babels ifleelns to -105 Officers captured. New Tome, Sept. 24,-The JTeralJ^ special, dat ed on the right 01 Sheridan a army, e second morning (Tuesday), Af: Tanccd, he lound that the enemy had not been> Idle during the night. but on the contrary had taken ad vantage of It to add as ufnch distance as P° a l l! }£ httween himself and the victors of the m-t field. Still, In moving op, we bad to engage Ift'skhmUh* in 2 of • rather heavy character* to the reports, no doubt, that »e were, as an army, flehtinc another battle on Tuesday. .. our cavalry, both on the tight and active In attacking tee rnemy’s fiauk and barrastiog *“= r , treat. Onr infantry, too. did good work. . To day we are again on the move. The forward movement this merning was attended with more flcbtlnr. Preparation Is being made •wounded to the rear as last as possible. FieldboS mtals will only be established for temporary rut. Saiv of tbe wounded are being cared for in the hospitals along the line of onr march. Complete tbefie’d have been properly buried, and the rebel wounded cared for as well as onr own. . • Aa we advance the report Is that Early will make mother stand “Jnsi abei<L”but a? we reach eath point of “ JoEt ahead,” Karly’e force Is found to merries tbit the line the rehela tntesd tofisht It out on, Ii where oneiorkof the CHICAGO, MONDAY, SEPTEMBERS, 1864. . SLenandcab river crosses the Valley pike. Our hone lethal he will co so. . .. Hi tbe last battle the loss in field officers to the 1 rebel*, Id killed and wounded, seems to have been extraordinary. \ New Yens, September 24,—1t has been asccr t'oat Early’fl shattered force*, or what la Icltol them, have abandoned the read to Staunton, and are retreating In disorder r ld Calpepper and Got donevlUe, directly towards Richmond, leaving tbe ro d to Lynchburg unobstructed, wbbe Lee j* un able to spare another sxmv of aoQiclent strength to oppose tbe progress of the victorious Sheridan, I Tne news from Sheridan’s army yesterday crea ted a wild excitement throughout the city. Tne capture of Fisher’s Hill, that great stronghold and key to tbe upper part of the Sbensndoan valley, ana the addition of sixteen cannons and several thousand prisoners to tbe trophies thready won by the victorious army of Sheridan, Is regarded here as conclusive evidence of the complete destruc tion oC the rebel army In the valley, and the opening of the whole ronie to Lynchburg, which necessarily most brine about thespeedr evacua tion of Richmond or the capture of tbe rebel capi tal aid Lee’s whole arnjy. , . There are In progress other movements, not I proper to he disclosed now, which tend'to render I this result inevitable within perhaps a very few I davs • I Wasiictgtos, Saturday, Sept. 21—12:30 p. h.— i The Republican extra makes the following an nouncement: - " ' ' The Government has received dispatches from General Stevenson this morning, dated Harper’s Ferry, announcing that 8.000 Strasbnnr prisoners escaped from Winchester last night. He also says 1,000 prisoner?, captured on the 19tb, near Wtn cbe*-terr&rrlved at Harper’s Ferry, and 1,000 more yet to come. A later dispatch received from General Steven son this forenoon, announce? 1,000 more prisoners captured at Strasbnrg on'tbe 2d, reached Winches ’ter this morning. When last heard from. Ealry’a army was flying down the valley, panic-stricken, with Sheridan in hot pursuit, near Woodstock; •New York, Saturday, Sept. 21.—The Herald eivcsa list of rebel officers captured by Sherman st Osseqnaw Creek, cumber leg 2 Colonels, 7 Lien enant-Colonels, 1 Major, 19 Captains and 75 Lien tenants. Washdcotok. Sept. 21—The Baltimore and 'Ohio Railroad has been redeemed from its three, month’s derangement by the victory of Sheridan* This result alone Is of great importance, and much strengthens the value of our success. Cumber laud coal and sai coals, from the Alleghanys, and tbe heavy produced Irani West Virginia and the more distant States, can now all come forward again to relieve the consumption and improve markets, while In every business and military sense tbe reoccnpatlon of the road will prove of the first importance. Eight miles ot the track has been restored, with five bridges and four miles of telegraph poles, besides water stations. The vic tory occurred on Monday night, and on Tuesday night preparations for restoring the road begun, and the whole line will be in use again by Tuesday next. FBOm WASHfILLE. - KASirraxE,-Sept. 21.—The truce In Georgia is to be concluded to-morrow, but I doubt if hostilities will be resumed at once, though Sherman is not in the habit of delaying long, when there is anj thing to do. I have Jnst been in conver/ation with a gentleman from Atlanta, late a clerk In the ord-v uatce office ol the “Army of the Tennessee,” and he says that the number ol veterans, at this time,' ' n Hooa’s army, including infantry and artillery. Id out 52.C00, and that It has ceased to be a formid able organization. The Georgia mUitfa, ootslde of the intrench meats, were worth nothing: were really a detri ment to the army: and even while in Atlanta were deserting by ihe score at every favorable opportu nity ; and when cuco on the retreat, the whole pang began to disband, and were running away so fret that It was impossible for the veterjms to check desertions, and In this emergency Gov. Brown issued an order withdrawing the militia fre m Hood’s army. Mv Inlormant assures me that it was not Issued wiblnclv; nor would it have bc-eu promulgated at all but for the fact that il became apparent that a foitnluht would' And them all at home, and the Governor, to cover up the disgrace of such whole bale desertions, and to prevent it from appearing in the North that the army had not sufficient cohe sive power to bold it togetber.'tnade the recall. Gov.-Brown knew that if the whole body dis bonded themselves it wonld become known at the North, and thut would injure the prospects of his political friends, of the Chicago Platform persua sion: andtherelorenc determined to take time by tte forelock, and,'' Officially withdrawing them, make it appear that Hood was sufllcltn'iy strong, in veterans, to hold his own, against any sudden advance of Sherman, until the militia could again be brought into the field. The game was a nice one, built won’t win. FCOtt GE>. GRUT’ti AKMT. Headquarter AnMT op the Potomac, Sept. 53,3 p. m.—Firing between pickets in front of the 3d division.' Sd corps, still continues, and casual ties occur daily. To-day the batteries of the 3d rfiviaSuo. td«orpi.c]mMd on a barn toll of rob«> fharprboou-w, who had been annoying onrtocn for sometime, and caused them hurriedly to de camp. September S3 —All quiet this morning. (Signed) - D. H. McGbEgob. Later from Europe* Farther Point, Selnrday, Sept. 2L—The steamship North America* from Liverpool, 12th, . pnssed this Point, en route to Quebec- She took tbe place ot the steamship Damascus, disabled. Tbe rebel loan. In London, decline# 5 per cent on the reception of American advices per A«U Liverpool.—Cotton sales to-dsy were 5,01*0 bales, including 2,000-to speculators and exporters. Market firmer. Breadstnffa Inactive and steady. Provisions flat. London, Sept, 12—Evening —Consols clß**d at for money; I. C., 43042 discount; Erie, 41Q42. _ From Kew Fork. New Tore, Saturday, September 34.—Governor Brown, of Georgia, ba‘a issued an order withdraw;, log the militia from Hood’s army: There is quite a panic in stocks and gold opened at 213, sold down to 203. and rose to 20t. The Ccmmereicf'e special states that Gov. Den nlaon will not accept the Poet Office Generalship. A Herald Cani£rd*- New Tome, Sept, 24.—The FfrofrTaNcw Orleans correspcndence of the 15th says: ■' The President, immediately after the Red River campaign, tendered tbe War Department to Gen. Banks, but be declined it. Steamer Signaled. Fabtheb Point, Sept 21.—The steamer North America, from Liverpool the 15th, via Londonderry the 10th, Is signaled. Order Xrom.BlaJ* Gen. John A« Losan. East Fowt, Ga.,. Sept. 11,1861. f Officers and Soldiers of the 15th Army Corps: Yon have borne yonr part in the accomplish* meiit of the object of this campaign—a part well and faithfully done. , _ On the let dav of May, 186 i, from Huntsville, Ala., and Us vicinity, voa commenced the march. The inarches and labors performed by you daring this campaign'will hardly find a parallel in the history of the war. The proud name heretofore acquired by the 15th Corps, f<fr •soldierly bearing and daring deeds, remains untarnished, its luster imdlmmcd. During the campaign you constituted the main portion of the flanking column of the whole army. -Tour first move against the enemy was uround the right of the army at Re sacs, where, by yonr gallantry, the enemy were driven trom the/ills and bis works on the main rfiad •irom Vtllanaw to Resaca.. On the retreat of the enemy, yon moved on the right flank of the army by a dromons route, to Adalrsvi'Je; In the- same manner from there to Kingston and Dallas, where, on ihe*3Bd of Way. yon met the veteran corns of Hardee, and, In a severe and bloody Con* > test, you hurled htm hack, killing and wound i lng over 2,0U0, besides capturing a large number ! of prisoners. Ton then moved round to the left of the army hy way ot Aeaworib, to Kenesaw Moon* tain, where again you met the enemy, driving him from three lines of works, and capturing over 300 prisoners. During your stay In front oi ffeneaaw Mountain, on the 35th of Jane, you made one of the most daring, bold, and heroic charges of the war tcalnst the almost impregnable’ position of the enemy on the Little You were then moved by way of Marietta, to Nickajack Creek, on the right of our army: thence hack to the extreme IrU ly wayoff Marietta and Rosewell, to the Au gusta Railroad, near Stone Mountain, a distance of Spy miles, and after effectually destroying the railroad at this point yon moved by way ol Deca tur to the immediate front of the rebel stronghold, Atlanta. Here, on the 23d day ol July, you again performed yonr duty nobly, as patriots and Bol den, in one of the mosLeevere and sanguinary conflicts of the ckmpaicn>AEllh hardly time to recover your almost exhaeted energies, you were moved wain around to the right of, the army, only to fight tho same troops against whom you had so recently contended; and the theSSlh of Only,- at Ezra Chapel, will long be remem bered by the officers and soldiers. of this command. On that day U was that the 15th corps. almost unaided and alone, for four hours contested the field against' the corps of nardee and Lee. You drovevthem discomfited from the field; causing them to leave their dead and many of their wounded in your, wntwiß- The many noble' and gallant deeds per formed by yon on this day wM he remembered among the proudest acts of onr nation’s history. After pressing the enemy closely for several days, \cu again moved to the right of the army, to the West Point Railroad near Yairbnra. After com pletely destroying the road lor soms distance, you marched to Jonesboro, driving the enemy before you from Fond Creek, a distance ot ten miles. At this point you again met the enemy*composed, of Lee’s and Hardee’s corps, on the 81st or August, aud punished them severely, driving them in con fusion from the field, with their dead and many wounded and'prisoners left in your hands. Here again, by your skill and true courage, you kept sa cred the reputation you have so long maintained, viz 7 ** The 15lh corps never meets the enemy but to strike and defeat mm.” On the Istot Septem ber tho 14th corps attacked Hardee. Yon at once" opened fire on him, and by your co-operation his dejeat became a rout. Hood, hearing the news, hlewnp his ammunition trains, retreated, and At lanta was ours. I Yon have marched during the campaign, in yonr i wlndmgs,the distance of 400 miles; have put Aors 1 du tomhat more of the enemy than your corps numbers; have captured twelve stand of arms, 2,450 prisoners and 210 deserters. The course - of yonr march is marked by the graves of patriotic heroes, who have fallen by your side; but, at tbe same time, it is more plainly marked by tbe blood oi traitors, who have defied the Constitution and laws. Insulted and trampled under loot tbe glorious flag of our country- V* e deeply sympathize with tbe friends of tbote of our comrades m arms who bare fallen; our sorrows me only appeased by the knowledge that they fell as brave men, battling for the preserve lon and perpetuation of one of the* best governments of -earth.. “ Peace be to their ashes.” • s You now rest for a short time from yoar labors. During jour respite prepsrc for future action y Lgt tee, at all limes, conduct, that yotnovelhe cause you have excused; that yon nave no sympathy with any who would by word or deed assist vile traitors in dismembering-our mighty republic or trailing in the oust the emblem of our national grea’ness and glory. Yt-a are the defenders of a government that ha- blessed you heretoiorc, with peac-?, happiness and prosperity, lit-perpeiulty depends upon your heroism, faith- Iciness and devotion. -• When the time *hall come to go forward again, let ns go with tbe determination to save ournatlon from threatened wreck, and hopeless ruin, not for getting tbe appeal from widows and orphans that is borne to ns upon every breeze, to avence the Ices of their loved ones, who have fallen in the de fense of their country. Be obedient, and earnest, and the dav Is not when you can return to your homes with the proud consola tion that yon have aside cd in causing the old ban ner to sgalh wave from every mountain, and over every town and hamlet of our once happy laud, and bear the shouts of triumph ascend,frdm a entdul people,'proclaiming that once mote we mne one flag and one country. - Jomr A.Logas, ' Major G eueral Commanding, the very latest. 310X0 Ar, 4 O'CLOCK A. M. FHO9I ■WASHINGTON. EXattera Military and Geacral. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trihnne.l ' Wasnm'QTDif, Sunday erenicg, Sept. 53. THE wah in vmoiNU. Early’a entire force In the whole Valley of the Shenandoah, two weeks ago, was not far from 52,000.- That under Wa Immediate command oue week ago to-day waa abont29,ooo. Lee’a force two weeks ago, Including all In and around Richmond and Petersburg, was 155 regiments, which proba. bly did not average over 350 men each. Since theU'he has recelved'some acquisition of con scripts, but probably has lost an equal number by desertions and other causes. v jibe popular Idea of Gen, Grant’s forcs’ will doubtless suggest luquiry'why he does not give battle.' He keeps his own counsel, and prominent gentlemen connected with government who halve visited him since his return to the army came away no wiser than they went. Offlcara of the army and well informed civilians ’ concur in the belief that Grant canJake-Petera burg whenever be wilt. The loss of Uf3, however, by direct assaolt would be fearful, as the rebel ' works are of immense strength even' on the sooth and southwest. y The rumors almost dally reported In Richmond and Washington tor the last ten days, thit'Peters burg baa been evacuated, indicate the rebel fear and lojal hope as to the result of General Grant's mseteriy inactivity, while the state of feeling qgd preparation in both armies show that some small , thing may.bring on battle almost any day. 1 N There Is unquestionably authority fori saying that Sheridan's victories are the reenlt of bis own plans, and not of Gen. Grant's. While he -was comparatively Idlq In the Valley, he was nader Grants direct orders, whickwere, “don’t advance and don't let Early retreat.’’ How well this order wi£ "obeyed the country knows t yet it may be added that intercepted dispatches show that Lse. called Early home three weeks since, and that Early replied he would have difficulty in getting away from Sheridan. When the time came for the forward movement General Grant, as Is ;a!ready known, went to \ Harper's Ferry to complete the arrangements ana decide upon the character of the movement. Re not only found everything 1° readiness, hot foiuji that Sher idan bad a plan thoroughly digested. This plan Oed. Giant did not'change in any essential partic ular. Beforethirmovementbegsn,hesald: “Sher idan delights me. ilia idea Is admirable, and 2 expect great results.’' Sheridan’s success justifies Grant’s judgment, and shows how well Erriy un demood him wheu he raid he would have diffl culvy in getting away from him.- At the present time there are about 6£09 rebel prisoners confined at Point Lookout. Ote nan ired and fifty arrived there yesterday from G cn. Grim’d army, and within the past few days sope 400 luve been uanslerrtd to Northern prisons, f NATIONAL BANKS. The following national banks have been organ ized ounne the week; First National Rank at Marion, Fean., capital $100,000: First National Bonk at Oneida, N. Y.. Capital $125,000, First National Bank at Bangor. Maine, capital $150,000. The whole number is now fire hundred and twen ty.' The one designated as depository for public means was the Second National Bonk atlronton. THE KiAMinniL. The expectation that the Kearsarge is soon to arrive at New York Is not well founded. She has been sent to the Brazilian coast where another noted rebel pirate is thought to be cruising. y * tub shaft. Some of the men drafted in this city arc re jected for. alien dlsabtlty, Ac, and it is doubtful whether the quota can be filled even from the extra one honored per cent. It la understood plea ent drolls will not take place in any sob district until the examination of men drawn on ordinal draft Is completed and allowance made for all credits for volunteers, substitutes, &c. put Into service since the dratt was ordered and quota oncinaliy made. BALTIMORE AKS OHIO RAILROAD, The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company are repairlns'their line, and intend to re-open through Df.tbc mMOieof Mit croek. , . • rmtsoKAL. *■ - Mr' Harrington, Assistant Secretary of the Treatuiy, left to-day for the North, intending to b« gone ten or twelve days. Mr. Field, Assistant, has been absent two weeks. FINANCIAL. About thirty thousand dollar* have been raised •litre hr private eubecriptloq week with which to tree the city horn draft, and the Common Council o! Georgetown has appropriated $20,000 for the same purpose Relative to that city, lion. I. N. Arnold, of Chicago, addressed the Lincoln Campaign Clab this evening. The ball was crowd ed, and the audience cave him hearty cheers. VTTrfABT. Brevet MaJ. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel has returned to the army, and la- acting chief of Gen. Butler’s staff. Gen. Neal Bow boa been transferred from Butler’s army to Sheridan’s, and is now post com mander at Martinaburg, Gen. E. M. Green left yesterday for New Orleans, where be will be sta tioned as the bead of the Quartermaster’s uepot for ibe Southwest, with some special discretionary pawns relative to freedmen. THE rnUTX FLOBISA. The report, originating with a New York paper, ' that the Government ta» received iniormstiou that the rebel pirate Florida is at Wilmington Is true only to the extent that the Government has posl tli e information that sho is not there. nnnsdßAL. The story that Secretary Upshur Is to be trans ferred from the Cabinet to-the vacant United States Judgeship of Indiana, has at .least the that it would be In accordance with his desires; but that which gives Internal Revenue Commis sioner Liwis the vacancy thru made in the Cabinet is declared by persons near the President entirely without foundation. The best information ob tainable indicates that the Judgeship will not be filled at present. BABTiatonx, Sunday, Sept. 25.—Large numbers of prisoners are arriving from Harper’s Ferry. About 1,000 have Jnst passed down Pratt street under guard. Washington, Sept* 24.— Subscriptions to the 7-30 loan reported to-day amounts to $40,(81. Hlx paymasters, under heavy escort started for Sherman’s armje this a; m., to pay off the troops ol that commatd. 4 Warrants to complete the payments to the army and navy to date have been signed by Secretary Fessenden. The entire armies ol the United States will therefore receive payments in full as soon as paymasters can arrange details. There are no suspended requisitions in the treasury other than those awaiting rearrangement by order of proper authorities. ‘ Washington, Sunday, Sept. 25.— There are now about 6.&0U prisoners confined at Point Lookout, >d. Twenty refugees crossed the river from the Virginia shore and succeededln reaching that place. Some of them are from Richmond, and say the news of Early’s first defeat bad reached there and nosed the greatest consternation and alarm. Rebel officers brought to Washington to day from Point Lookout, to be transferred to Northern prisons, w 111 not believe Sheridan baa achieved victories m the Shenandoah Valley as proclaimed in official dispatches. New York, Sept. 24.—The CcmmerelaT* Wash ington special says r Gen Sheridan’s prisoners are so numerous it has been found necessary to Shod reinforcements to;blm to act as guard. Officers in Grant's army are betting Petersburg will be in our pb.«esslon la tea days, f, Washington, sept. 25.—1t U said the provision recently made for the payment of the armies, cov ers seventy-three midlon dollars. FBOn MEMPHIS. Important from Habile. Cairo, Sunday, Sept 23.—The Memphis Ruffs tin yesterday published, on what is regarded as iciiable authority, the substance of a dispatch re ceived at Holly Springe, announcing thenncondl-* tional surrender of Mobile to oar gunboats. No dates arc given. One gunboat approached tho city so close, they could have destroyed It without difficulty. FROM SPHLUGFIELP. Tiic Draft in IHlnola-Gcneral State , items. tSpcc;al Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Springfield, 111.. Sunday evening, I September 25. f THE SHAFT nr ILLINOIS. Deputy Provost Marshal General Oakes has noti fied tho Adjntant -General of the State that the draft -will take place on Monday in the First,Pifth, Sixth and Seventh Dletrlcle. on Thursday the draft Is to take place In'the Second, Third, Ninth, Eleventh and Thirteenth Districts, which com pleles the draft In the State. There will he no drafting in thla District on Monday, hut on Tuesday Captain Eyres will com mence draltlnglln Tazewell connly. Two companies of tho Stale orgaalzatlon regi ment’leave hero for Chicago to-night by the St. Eonie and Alton train. Hrt companies have ganc to Qnlncy and other points during the week. CoL Uaelett has been relieved of the command r,mn Tlntlcr. Ont of 100 anhstltntea received S^ra'S.UMmp.Bate, elnce the ninth "’Ahugemad* mrthuslaetic Union meeting came off IpSSSwremadoW Deane and John E. Bossett. -A Union meeting V ~Z if.iflinChristian county, near the residence Mt. Aoharn, on Thursday. At fwSsfttme a dinner was given to the 41st ree - Pash. Speeches were mide by Col. T.ScG PnpS Hon. James,C. Capt; A SlmpsM, of Tavlorvihe. A large crowd ot clt fa'cn“a wSI ,e soldiers was present. FROM PHUiADELPIIIA. News FollUcal and JUUtary. '' rsnccial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!^ 1 P pmLADEUpaiA, Bonday, Sept. So. last evening there was a grand torch Ileht pro cession of people’s Union campaign clnhs and Bepnbllcantovlnclhles. There was ,ln the line of procession, which reached ahont a ml DniuiE a fte pStwfet'the United Stalee Chris tian commission has forwarded ahont twonty-five defecates and two hondred and seventy-fonr large w... .rorea to the balUe field In the Shenandoah v o m.Vfopthe relief of the wounded heroes of Gen. S'lSwJ“army. The Commission haa a field bheridan a army nfl looking after the Interest of ioldlera suffering has been relieved inwiophtlm exertions ol the Commission. . *'™«cltvhs been toll ot rumors all day ot an otSrtatue ta the Shenandoah Valley. Sherioan w have given Emly a more complete i.Sb* tb« in any previous battles. Itisknoffn V,%' 4 • • jo pursue ho, Thcnglj we have no authentic 'oeweot a bittle ar,d oi victory, such intelligence would not he surprising. fsom iuk soma. General Mterman’H Proposed Peace - conference with Governor drown, Alexander IX. Stephens and tier* achcl V. Johnson, oi Georgia. New YonK,SnndaT,Sept. 25.—The Richmond Dis patch has tbe followfngxelativd to Early’s defeat: A report was in circulation at an early boor yester day morning that a fight occurred near Winchester, in the valley of Virginia, on Monday last, which resulted disastrously to the Confederate arms. As usual when any unfavorable nows la afloat, the grossest exaggerations prevailed till the following official dispatch from Qca. Lee, was given out by .'kheanthorlltw-t *• USASQ’nS Abut OP NoBTUEZCR VZBGQni, ) uTaeaday, Sept. 20. J ‘■Hon. Jaa A. Seddon: “ Gen. Eorlyreports that on the morning of tbe 39th tbe enemy advanced on Winchester, near which place he met his attack; which was resisted by Enriy in the day till near night, when he was compelled to retire. After sight be fell back to Newton, and this mondog to Fishers Hill.- Onr lose Is reported to ho heavy. Maj. Geo. Rhodes and Brie. Gen. Godwin were killed, nobly doing their doty. Three plectra of artilleij oi King’s oat taliionwerc lost. Tbe trains and supplies were brought off ■ Tbe same paper, speaking of matters before Pe tersburg, says: On our extreme right and the en emy's leit both parties continue to watch one an other with sleepless vigilance. Each retaining day adds'strength to the defen sive works, and the tng of war, como when It may, will be one of tbe bloodiest of this very hl‘»*dy contest ‘ •> The Klctimoud Examiner of the 22d gravely as serted that Early’s position at Fisher's Hill wjs impregnate, from whence he wonM advance again on the enemy. Two Treasury officials have absquatulated from Richmond, after converting nearly $100,T00,000 TreaMiir notes Into greenbacks. Tbe Engulrer admits that the first defeat of Early adds to the gloom consequent on the fall of Atlanta. - Late Charleston newspapers contain an adver tisement requiring Ml maltutersons in that district between tbe aces of 16 ana 40 to immediately re port themselves for enrollment. The order ex tends throughout the Scntb, tbe object being to ascertain tne present and prospective military 'sirencih of the Confede.acy. , In several of the military divisions slaveholders are required forth with to furnish one fourth and in some cases oue baU of their sires to work on the Charleston fortifications. Advertisements arc also published for tho collection of thlity per cent on profits for war lax, and for the public sale of foreign and do mestic eoods of recent importation from Nassau. The Mercury says that Sherman seized atd sett North cvcrv bale of cotton In Atlanta, to the Credit of the United Spates Treasurer, and that on the-14th the enemy was apparently very busy hanilcg ammunition, &c., to batteries Wagner and Gregg. ' « The same paper remarks that Kentucky, Ma ryland atd Missouri are either lost or paralyzed, one nrw bound neck and footvo tbe car of the usurping despotism at Washington., The Savannah ’Republican Bays the losses during tbe bombardment of Atlanta will reach $5,000,000 worth ol real estate, embracing forty-seven houses burned. There were 457 persons killed and Cl wounded. Genitals Dick, Tavlor, Maury, Forrest, Frank Garcncr, 81-rums, Thomas, and Major-General Watts were all lu Mobile on tbe 10th. New York Sept. 25.—A copy of the Richmond Examiner of Wednesday says: “In the city coun cil Mr. Scott offered a resolution to offers reward of one themand dollars for the detection of the in cendiaries enraged in kindling the fires now of nightly occurrence tn Richmond, and suggesting the co-operation of tho notice with the members of I thefirobrigade. Mr.G.'Brookswautedthereward I increased to five thousand dollars. The subject I was referred to the committee on police.” I A letter from Camden county, North Carolina, I says: “The Yankees have just made a raid oat 1 here, committing the most fiendish acts of cruelty npon the people. They were not satisfied with subsisting upon the people, carrying off horses, AcThrttufj nurned seme fifteen or twenty houses, turned the defense'ess families out of doors, with a total loss of furniture, clothing, &c.” Reports from all ports of Texas represent the I proapects lor u gcoa cornaud grain- crop as ex ceedingly favorable. Very heavy crops have been made: heivier, «udeed. than ever before known. ThfcflouetOD T<!<graph**Y* the amount of corn §' rodnetd this year m Texas is something won erful. From all accounts the most overwhelming ( crop has been produced; enough to supply the State two yrars. . ;* _ I Mocile, Stpt. 19 b.—A Yankee Torce fromPen | eacola ate reported to bo making a raid on Pol- lard. • TbeHacon Confederate saya It is currently ru mored entbe streets that Beauregard is to take command Of the army of Tennessee. ~ The Macon Telegraph remarks: “If the reader | will consult the map, ho wLI come to a realizing ! eenec with which Smnnanc-n repeat from Atlan ta the combined movement by which he hocked Johnston down from Dalton to the heights of ■ARatrorra. It ebowa-how Bherman. can move'by' BarnesrlUe, and thence southwest, which would flsnk Macon with the same ease. There la an ovei whelming necessity for such reinforcements i as shall prevent a repetition of the Gherman I strategy from Dalton to the Etowah.” I The Charleston J/errurvoathe llthsajs: “Wo I Aave ‘ little- to report to-day. The enemy's bom iTmdment'of the city yesterday was quitebrisK, about having been thrown. An old negro woman killed wa-* the only victim.” . The Savanrab RepatUean says If Sherroad Is allowed to" bold peaceable possession of Atlanta nntil he has time to fortify It and make It impreg nable, then the citizens o! Georgia may look out for Itrgeatid formidable raiding parties from that place, making extensive ittenreiona through the .State, * [Telegram to the Richmond Enquirer, Sept. 19.] Macon. Ga„ Sept. 17,1841—Rumors are rlfo to day that Sherman has sentan informal request to Governor Brown, Vice President Stephens, and H. } V. Johnson to come to Atlanta ana confer with 1 him upon the subject of peace. I We trust the meeting will not be accorded. It can 1 no good erd. If there were do other objection to } .it, me very fact that it Is proposed bj|9hennan is I sufficient ol.itself to indicate Its Impropriety. No good citizen ought, especially at a time like this, to do anything which may, in the slightest par { titular, serve to Indicate tuat there Is a difference. in his opinion, between tbw interests of hta State and the Interests of ttye Confederacy. Tbe Gov ernor ot Georgia ought at lost to recollect that his State was one of tbe first (the first after South Carolina) to secede from the Union, and thktli she now treats of p'-ace on her own term a, aa a sover eign State, abe withdraws from the Confederacy, ana leaves her sisters tbe bag to hold, niter haring got them Into this scrape. ___ We make these remark*because separate Stale action has been agitated of late m more quarters than one. .The late deplorable peace delusion gave rise to it, and the depression consequent upon the disappointment of hopes raised by it has kept it up. We hope it has not spread to any great ex tent; bat we may be niaared that Sherman baa heard ©fit, and that it encourages him to seek this conference. The constitution confers upon the President, by and with tbe consent of the Senate,' authority to make peace. If a State makes peace on her own account, idtc withdraws from the Con federacy. Sherman knows this, and thinking he has hta heel upon the State of Georgia* he hopes to bring her back into tbe Union Are thepeo . pie—not tbe politicians—are the people of Geor gia prepared for tnia step i Will tney consent to abandon Virginia, which entered into this Confed eracy because she was determined to share the Into of her Blsterst Will she abandon Virginia now, after having dragged Mr Into this war t We can not and will not believe it of the galliot Stato of Georgia. Her sons have fought too gallantly to warrant such a belief. FJSOIU KiKOXmtB. Nrtn from the Front—The Union ttehciM Hilup ret d by Wfieel ei-Tne C*. untry—Largo Crops—lm portance of the JPoaltirii* Knoxville, Sept. Ifllb.—Gen. Gillam continues i to occupy a strong position at Bull's G ip, fitly miles from here. The rebels are east of Green ville. The latter town is now occupied by either side, and Is in eomo degree neutral territory. Tbe rebel Gen. Vanphnhas oeen reinforced by Wheel er to tbe extent of 2,000 men. Wheeler, aiter crossing the Tennessee on bis recent raid, divided bin forces and the column by which Vaughn was reinforced moved east. The rest passed west, and, alter deatroymgthe railroads, escaped into -Alaba n>Tbe enemy mean to hold their position at Ab ingdon; if possible, and it has been their intention to drive GlUam* from Bull's Gap. The valley through which the East Tennessee and Virginia road passes has yielded large crops this season, i and sapplies are carried by rail from Abingdon to i Richmond. z This valley contributed largely to the i support of Lee’s army.- It has never been touched I by toe Union army, and the rebels are determined lit shad not be 11 tncycan prevent it. It is also - I important as a base lor raids into Kentucky and I East Tennessee. , „„ Deserters arc coming in-rapidly to Colonel GII - headquarters, mostly North Carolina sol diers, One squad of thirty arrived yesterday. Tbe victory at Atlanta has caused the deepest gloom a ruing the rebels in this country. They concede that their only hope now. is in tbe sac erss of tbe Copperheads in November. The soldiers in this Department are almost unanimously for Lincoln, They bitterly denounce tbe Chicago Convention, and no man accepting that nomination could receive thnir support. From North Carolina# New Tons, Sunday, Sept. 55—By of the U. S. steamer Albany,"via Fortress Monrue, we have North Carolina dates to the 22d. 1 . Thealcamer Fawn, recently captured and burned j by the enemy, contained New York mails of the sth and 6th, a large portion of which ha« • been re covered from the wreck and brought to Nowbers. I The flag of truce recently brought into Newbern I a large cumber of refugees, many of whom belong I to the first families of the State, who are on their way North, having lost all confidence tn the-Coa- I federates since the full of Atlanta. Among the I number was the wife of the rebel Gen. Martin. The Salisbury, N. C, Watchman baa the follow-. *°We protest against the inhuman treatment ex tended to tbcTankee deserters, who are subjected i to a course of treatment which makes life far more j uncertain than the battle field itself, A general I pardon from Lincoln would doubtless relieve Ihe Corlederscy of at least 50,000 ot these miserable beings, provided they have strength enough left to emble them to make tbeirescape. The five Federal officers, consisting of a Colonel, I 1 Lieutenant Colonel, and three Captains, who were I I expelled by General Sherman from bla army, and | tent into the rebel lines, for speaking disrespect- ' 1 fully of the President of the United States in the presence of tbe enemy while accompanying a dag of truce, have arrived in Bichmona, where they are to be confined during the war for fighting 1 acalnrt their principles. ■ , Tbe sudden appearance of congestive chills and billions fever in Newbern has driven all transient I person* one of the department,. Including-many established business men who supposed they were tt *Surgeon l i^dl > MedlS* Director, Surgeon Mem mloger. Chairman of the Board of Health, and Or.* Doughty. Post Surgeon, Including other Surgeons pat Newbern who have been employed night and day, making every exertion po-mple to subdue the j malady, are through their skill and untiring labors j meeting with gratt ylne success, and have the eat { Isfaction of seeing a material abatement of this I diseaie, which bud assumed the form ol an epl r demic. TUe Rebel Piratev. Xew Yobs, Sunday, Sept. 23 —The schooner Sa rah Gage report- that off Cape Sable, on the 18th, she pa* a gunboat-chasing a pirate. / . ‘ A achconer spoken by the Sarah Ga«crepresent ed a pirate as having put into a small port In Nova Scotia, alter destroying a number ol mackerel ffsh Te |he ivas the gunboats, but escaped t FROM WISHWTO.I iesigßation of Postmaster General Blair. COEEIgrOJTDEJrCE BEIWKEJi IDE PRESI DES! ASD ME. BLUB. [From the Cincinnati Gazette, Sept- 24.] _ Washthotoit, Sept. 23,1864. When the resolution of the late Baltimore Convention, declaring that, they .deemed it essential to the general wellfare that harmo ny shall prevail in the national councils, and regarding as worthy of public confidence and official trust, those only who endorsed the principles in the series of resolutions which should* characterize tbe Administration Of the Government, was, shortly after its pas sage, rend by Postmaster GcncroTßlalr, he at once virtually tendered Lis resignation, which was not formally mode and accepted until to day, as will he seen from the following corres pondence. It is understood that ex-Gover nor Dennison, of Ohio, will be his successor* TUB PRESIDENT TO MS. BT.fclß. lExxcgtiys Mansion, Washington, I - September 23,1881. f Don.Montgomery Blair: Mx Dear 8m: Yon bare generously a aid to me more than once that whenever your reslgnafon could be a relit! to melt was at my disposal I The time baa come. -Ton very well know that this pro* cecdsfrom no dlssatislactlwj of mine with yon personally ot. officially. Tour uniform kindness has beep nnsurpassod by that of any friend- [A few words were here lost by the telegraph op erator.] It would only make trouble in your De partment and in those of some others it la not too much to Bay that in the three years and a half daring which you hare administered the General Post-Office, I remember no single complaint against you in connection therewith. - Yonis as ever, A. Lincoln. MTU WT.Am TO Tin'pkSSrDßKT. k . "--Post Office Depaktmext, I Washington, Sept 33, IS&i f Mr Dear fim: itave read your note of this date referring to my olfera to resign whenever you should deem it advisable for the public interests that 1 should do ao, and stating that In jour lodg ment that lime haa now come. -J therefore form ally tender my resignation of the office of Post- Master General. I cannot take leave of yon with oat renewing the expressions of my gratitude for the untformptinduees wnlch has marked your con duct toward, Yoara very truly. M. Boats. To the President. From Grant's Army. lleax>quaetbhs Akmt of the Potomac, Friday, Sept. S3, via W abutnqton.—Several casualtlea'cc enrred to-day from picket firin'* in front of the Cd division of the 2d army corps. Private Farnsworth was killed oy being shot in the eye, while looking over the works at some shelling going on near by. This pratfUcfijof continual ?harp»hoo:lcg between toe pickets ishonld be discountenanced by every commander on both sides, as 'it causes the loss of many a brave man’s life, without the slightest ad vantage to any parly. New Yoke, Sept. 25.—An army correspondent of the Jltrald states that the rebels changed their troops in front of our lines in'consequence of heavy deseitlons. The shotted salute of the 22d pretty effectually used op the rebel Spring Hill battery, and Peters bare most have snnerod severely from the effect of dropping three shells a minute for thirty min utes. Tac rebels hardly responded. Hie War 2n IVlissonrl. St. Louis, Sunday, Sept. 25.—Joe Shelby’s rebel cavalry, said to be' lour or five thousand strong, occupied Frederickstown, twenty miles east of Pilot Knob, yesterday. Shelby's design is not yet developed. Gen. Ewing, Commandant of the District of Sr. Louis, took a brigade of Gen. A. J. Smith’s troops down last night. Disastrous Fire. New York, Sunday, Sept 25.—The Brooklyn White Lead worse, Water street, in that cliy, burned this afternoon, involving a loss of $ 100,000. partly insured. The fire, it is supposed, was caused by spontaneous combustion. The Homan Catholic cbarcb, comer of York and Jay streets, was fired by emoers and somewhat damaged. It was mil at the time bat none were injured. Later from Bnrope. Nstv Tons, Sunday, Sept. 25.—The North American haa arrived. The TUnee says: Never since the war began baa there been sneb a display of vigor and energy on both-aldes, as battle aucceeda battle, with frightful rapidity. The conflicts arc long and bloody, the victories titQiog ai,(l Indecisive. - The most Important part of the news relates to the Chicago Convention. Lincoln and hta policy have received a heavy chect, that .Convention choosing McClellan, the man whom Lincoln en deavored to- keep down, the man most, able to correct hla errors, and arrest the rulujrialnly im pending over the great Republic. It will be ob served that the Convention speaks of the preser vation of the Onion aa the principal object, bat ‘ this declaration would have had more weight if tbe Contention had stated what coarse it would recommeml-in case conciliation and compro mise, which it advise?, should tall. The Afar thinks tbe Federal success at Atlanta and Mobile will finally stimulate the war feeling in the North. The London Poet thinks aa McClellan has been distinguished by “moderation, if he is installed President, unfettered by pledges, be wonld assent to the arrangement for pence. The Time* says: Tbe Southern leaders seem to be much inclined to listen to compromise. before their military strength is entirely broken. In this view they wonld be reconciled to treat with Me- Clejlan rather than Lincoln, bat tbe Northern peo ple will see less cause for change when Lincoln's administration brings success. Tbe Daily fietrs says: In prescncfrof the great movements in. the fie;d, the proceedings of the I Chicago Convection are of much lesa importance I than otherwise might be. McClellan’s platform la I friendly to the Union, with efforts fur its pacific re-establishment. In point of fidelity the Demo crats cannot compare with, the Republicans, while nothing could be weaker than vatme aspirations alter peace on no basis, which tbe South -haa re peatedly declared it will never under any dream stances recognize. France.—The Momimr says the cotton crista is well nigh passed, and that Ceylon, Algeria, Guyana and tbe West Indies will Boon-produce cotton for I France. ' [ Switzerland.— Tranquility haa been restored in I Geneva. Turret. -A telegram from Constantinople states that the Divan baa consented to recall tbe Turkish fleet from Tonis, as well as the commissioners ac credited to the Bey. China,—Advices received at St. Petersburg re | port the capture of Nankin by the Imperialists. COaCMZRCUZ. London, Sept. 12, Evening.—Consols close at SS@BB>* for money, American securities. Illinois Central abates 42©42 discounts Erie 41 ©l3. • London Monet Market.— Consols on the 12Lh opened Arm and closed strong at an advance. Storks firm and generally dearer. Liverpool, Sept 12, evening.— Cotton— Sales to* day reach 5.C00 bales, including 2.0C3 do on specu lation sod exportation. Market nrmer, Wt quota tions unchanged. Bbeadbtdtps —Market generally Inactive bat steadv. Circulars report Flour dull; Wheat quiet, winter red fc's©fi?2d. Com steady; mixed 20s. Provisions— Market ilat and very dnll. Pork very dull. Bacon firm. Lard inactive but steady. Groceries —Sugar steady. Coffee quiet and steady. Bice steady. A _ B 4J Petholedr—Steady; rcfinrtl 2a Id. London, Sept. 12.—Breadstuff* inactive and downward. Sugar quiet and steady. Coffee quiet and steady. Tea steady. i ISTeto aubrrtismmts. A SPECIAL MEETING cf the Merchant Tailors’ Association will behold cn MONOAY EYBNUO.Iha 2;th day 01 September. at 7 o’clock, at i&i Lake street. By orcer of ihe President. leas-tWO-.t SALT! SALT! The subscribers offer for *a’e. at the lowest a\» krt EATa*rnow and old u Saginaw" Sols, delivered on trade, in lots to » n lt '.urrnam*. ’ UADKAN, WBIGBT A CO., sen 847-Gt W'TAM net US South Wattr meet. TTNIYERSITr OE KOTRE U - FAME, INO. NOTICE.—The-pension. m ihli Institution; for bcaiO. tu'tloa (fireeK and Latin lacludfd), wa«hlsg asd meat lug. coctoi’s ices aaa moafclnM will on S'SCla told, or IW eaaivaltnt in corrsnry. ircm tms tier forth. E» SOKIN, President. i ptember 191h,1861. Ml6iß OELECT tCHOOL, SIT GATED *Oon North IDesrborn street, southeast corner of yim.hy DlssM A. MILLED, baa commenced. Great care taken In the lai'xncticu and daoortssut of po nd* No itiuonlatho aixemooa. For terms apply attreichooi. pupils m oil painting axe solicited. seSVeSW Stnet Ladies traveling will find a larte assortment of Breakfast Shawls, SDNTAGS, EMPRESS CAPES, HOODS, NUBIAS AND SCARFS", AT4I LASALLE STKEET, 5e26»542 2t xiwnet SUTTON & BURKITT. WHOLESALE. WOOLEN YARNS,- Woolen Hosiery ard Worsted Goods, .A.X 1.0 W PRICES. SCTTOS & BCRKITT, 11 Lasalle StrMt. se?6-sS«-ls LEATHER BELTING MANUFACTURED BY W. H. WHITMARSH, 126 LAKE STREET, (Cp-Stalrs,) Oliicago, 111. Eallzc-nd Companies, Elevators, Machinists an 4 others, in want of bcrt Quality of Belong, will do better to call os the manufacturer, a« above, belon • purchasing elsewhere. selS-siWit-p m*w net QCBGEON GENERAL’S - Of- O FICE. WAMraroTOirCrrr.D.C., Sept 21,1561. AH A KMT MEUiCdL BO»RO, to COaillSOt Sor 6*on Char e» 8 Ulplar. IT. S . A.. President; Simeon tvinism s. King, U. B. A, ana Ban eon Glover Ferln, U.B A.,Kecorder. will meet ac Cincinnati, Ohio, on the iSih oi October next, lor the examination oi can* atda'FS for the admission into the Medical Stiff ot thtUrlted States Army, and oi sn:h Assliutf Sur geons for promotion aa mavbebroogtt cefwelt. Applicants must be between twenty-one and thirty years of aer, and phsaicallyeoacd Application most be adaremd f o the Secretary o! War, or me Surgeon General. rating tbe u aidence of the applicant, and the date and pUca of hla birth; they most be accompanied by respectable testi monials of moral character. ~ Ho allowance if made lor the esprnseaof aeraoaa undergoing toe examination, ails u an Indispensable czoieqniatQ to ept ointment. •ihtie are new fire recanclea os theyedlcal staff. 'V JO3 K.BAI’.SES, , ttfrteiHtt a w*r Surgeon General, U. 3. A. ntjmbeeiss. * mia SUjbcrtismcnts, T~H E ATLANTIC MONTHLY \ FOR OCTOBSB, 1364:. - The Atiastic lor October li now ready. Tiaiol loving is Us UST OF CONTEXTS i ~~tSr A BIGHT IB TEB WATER. tF* ON ALATE VEND 08. gW THE RIDE TO CAMP. If THE TRUE STOST OF LUIQL - \3T COMMUNICATION. %r HOUSB AND HOME PAFKR3. IX. tar service. Pr MADAMS RECAMIERr HER LOVERS AND B*B FRIENDS. WELLFLSET OYSTERMAN. jarCBASLEB LAMB’S UNCOLLBCTED WRIT IBOS. ThlidPsper. ezr WOARS ABO DATS. Cf PAUL JONES AND DSNI3 DOTAL. fir THE FUTURE SUM H E 8. tW~ DEMOCRACY AND THE SECESSION WAB. ts~ REVIEWS AND LIXRRASTNOTICE!. CHASOX ET TXSM3 OF SCBaCBIPTIOS, The .Publishers of the Atlantic Monthly find themselves compelled, by the continued nigh rrieebf paper, and the constant advance of mate: lat and la bor in all departments of book-making, to advance their übscrtaitoii pries. 3» ginning from this date, the trrma of Bubscrlpt.on Hill Be as follows: / gutGLrßcnscnipnoN-Foor Dolldrs per year. Club Bat** —Two Copies tor Seven Dollars: Five Cent's for sixteen Dollars; Ten Copies tor Thirty Dollars, atd each additional coot Three Ool.ara. 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Circulars airing tall particulars regarding the Cocrseot Study. Rules and Regulations of the Col* liege, Ac., Ac., can ha hau by addressing G D. BEEBE, M. D.. registrar. ie2l t6C6-St w yea-net DBKS3 MAKING.—Mrs. New k tk would announce to her old patrons and tne ladles of Chicago In general, that she has opened : anewDnes Waking Establishment, flB IDOJLAKE-STttEET. Corner of T. mis, and would rupee* tally solicit the p&trooaee of too - wlsh'nj good cutuov and fitting. All work watranteA • se^tßl4-3aat ' -gpATINQ FURNACES. j BBE€UEBiS IMPROVED PATENT, 1 For warming Dwellings. Churches, School Bouses, 1 stores, Ac. »cttcoaL Fors*l« I anc put up by BEEuHER A PASKEK. 2SO MadUan 1 street. se2s-t3wQ-6tnet piSTQLS, EIFLSS, S SOT-GUiIS AMMUNITION, AC. . TRADE OPEN. Orders promptly filled at isn La’re i attf-et. ENOCH WOODS. te2te£Ct Btnet vyj- O T I C E . WALLIS UIteTHEKS HEW PHOTOaRAPH GALLERY, At 111 Labe Street, 13 NOW OPEN' FOR BUSINESS. - PORK AND BEEF. 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TbeoulldliJiSto be repaired la accordant w ub tbo sp-ciflcalion bow on the at UtL» office. amt wan h msy 0« Ufa between the hoax* oflM® u a. ns, arfl 2to«H? a, e-cbday anal tbstoatxau i» 4 '“*nhdla«»t»l>.moral ««a TO«lra codpl.tM wULib thirty davafrom tbe d**e of contract. SuccHkfnl liicdew will be prepared to ettrr lata wilttta contracts. with *ood “5/^i^ f 7sl‘^.V wcan s? trrTr»cln?ei? ca the aceertercs of .atir Kacb btiUnnstbointhefoUowiagfono: T&e snoteMber' berebr propose to tannin au mite nai» and perform all tbe labor nece ssryto moveaed r*pair Uie two Small-Pox Hospitals now Camp Djbsla*. 111. m scccnUrce wita tbe ipecidoation, and »s*e»aWy to Use terms of your advert is sin e*t icrii.oc propciaisfor (besoms. anted Septembers!, lift furtaeattc of :&> dollars, and ole iteonr to toter into a wrlite-- contract wttb tbo Uni ted States, wiihkOOdapsrcTediecnrtues. wl.bintM space of data alter beta* notified that tbs Did op Gt7iRAKTT) We, tbo uncer>Unic resident* uf , »n the cotaty ot Stats cf , hereby Jointly and itvera ly covenant with the United its tee* and *uar antee. In case tbe tot cz i me bid of ■ - t» accepted, that bo or they will, within fiveoay* after tbeacoeot ueeof tbe said ibid, execute tbe contract for tbe «.rr. yiub soed ana sufficient sureties, In a iui canal to i nc-ibml of the amount ot tbo contract, to Ee. form the work or forclan tbe ar ides proposed icomormity t j tbe terms of advertljciaeo:, dated. Ana in care tai-i iball tall to enter Into a con tract a» aforesaid. we yuaranweto make good tbe dUIo-fncrsbeiwetnlbeloflar by tbe said > ■ tad the next lowest responsible bidder. or tbe person to vbuu tbe contract may beawa tied. Glv« a under our bands and seals, l [saLL] this dayet .»S6i > [swam Tbe uodMticncd reserves tbe rlsbt to reject any or all bids If oevmi d ocreaoonabte. Bids will be fntiri&inea for the entire amount oC work to be done ot'y. riyniecta will to made at sneh times ana In neb. roodi* as mav be provided by tn* department. Prcncsali must be Ink end repa'rin* 8a all-Por Hcspltsls/* and ad dxceiedfoCapt. Cbatlfs Goodman, a. Q» U.atCbl isco. libnoia. ' Any farmer lafoxsation df shed will he slvta on application to CUAIILHB GOODMAN. CapT. and A. Q. M. Office to Garrett Block. CMcazo, 1.1. iepS3s£SS6t . SUBSTITUTES WANTED worths Retted RtatesWaw to.a*rvo two year*for Cook Coon 7. Tte BlGflhaT PREMIUma wtlib* pain by * 3I4RSQILL & GIBBS, IS4 So. Clark-it, Boom. 6, np-atairi, JTevt door to the Provost Marshal's CdlCd. eeH collet riBEAT CLEARING OUT \JT SALK. WEBSTER & GAGE, 78 LAKE-51., Chicago, VUI offer lor cask daring the next sixty days the LARGEST, BEST AM CHEAPEST STOCK, 0? EICH MILLIMRY, Straw and Felt Goods EVER OFFERED Df THE WEST. Parties wbo have been la tb» habit of buying their goods In New Tcrk win and, upon examining our stock and prices, that the? can nrc Use and money by purchasing Crete mi* Particular attention given to the prompt fllllapof orders, and satisfaction guaranteed. WEBSTER & GAGE, —- se23-3~12-etn*t . 731<AKE STREET. FOSTER, -v XJT 2nßcnth Wftterstre9t,Ch!cago.llL- Ship Chandler and Sail-Maker, end Wholesale and Retail Dealer la BKaulla f Tarretl andDempßope CASTAS, ftwimono. csAinSi BLOCKS, Trines. Bell and Bash Cords.'Tents. Awnings. Wagon Covers, Oakum. Tar, Pltco, Felting, Oils, 4 c. Old Canvas and Hoiatinsj Machine* fur Stores, FILIA-OS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION. se!3Sw-aet QOAL! COAEI! habd coax. 1000 tons Small Eprsr. - 1009 tons Bang;e She. 500 toss €2ie»tnnt Size. 1 Also, constantlyon htfir, a zcty.aopply ol BILL, ILLINOIS aiiul.O-MuIliSS COAL wtfet KBarecffuiag at LO W IST MARKET KATES yen SALS BT nom&ooc a passeSt Teid, ZS Klnsbnry street, cor. Indiana. Post Ofac«nddre*s'i)rawer6s»s. We particularly call the attention of Foundry'tun asd Manniactmera to oar stock ot Lamp, Lcnign* Sugar Leal and Hazelton Run. _ - Orders left at FULTON & BROIL, Ho. ID Elver st. or at 73 Monroe street, will receive prompt atteiiuoa. SF"Belne connected with tha house'of Jason Para her &Co at Buffalo, we are enabled to flit any or. dm icrftghoc,Lehigh, Kegaadotter polfraUS-lOtnet __ dil AAA WILL BUT ONE ' I'StXVVV ottSaEESTANDJLNEST CABBIAGB TZmaiS la the STATE. They are PERFSCTLT SOUND from the crown or saM'heads to the tolas of tUetr foet, and are ADMIRABLY WELL BKOKS. Color, matosary bav. lost heavy black rails andmanea. Thoy CANNOT B» EQUALLED under 91.5Q0. EBWABD ELT t soK-iSSS-net tf Tremont Block. HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by the United States Government at tht Custom House In Mew York and other places. FOB SALE BT DICKEBSON, STTBGES 8c CO n Metnl 'Warehouse, aa»pS67sCtaet 1* 4 201 Randolph street, Chief. SALT!' COARSE and FIINTBp By the C4R LOAD or C LR3O. * tNDEftWOOD 4 CO., sel3-ts3otfae»_ 151 Sou#Water - TELE BEST CUSTOM-MADE' BOOTS lathe market, ore manufactured by 0. M. HENDERSON & CO, Nos. 4, G * 8 Lake Street. OPPOSITE THE ADAMS HOUSE. CHICAGO. They have is store the largest sleek ot Eastern votS la the West, bought in May sad June, betora the advaoae. sad will- fell many styles lower than Eastern price*. . ALSO, A LARGS STOCK 0? Boot Mosoaaains and 'Shoo Pack, fm lumbermen, > anK-pg 7act-tx JJARRSTT, ARNOLD & POW- Felt and Composition Eoofenu ' 10,000 Bbls HOOFING COMPOSITION. . A large stock cf FELT, COHPOSmO*, BOAT PITCH, COAL TAB, M., CONSTANTLY OR IT AND. All orders from promptly filled, and prints d nlrectlona given lor putting on roots. seStfriSlmyzAwnet otOce. spearsom-rt. g B. YANDVKE & CO., COMMISSION AII'.KI'HANTS, is nor*, onus jsd peodice, S4 l/aaalle street, - - Chicago. I^-Particular attention given to orders for Hut era account. „ nkraasscys—Marine Baas, Buffalo-9. U-F-Oden, firmo; Barclay*Uvlcgtscn. New V«k; * PrtJtoa & Co., Cblctuo; John T.ippdt- * Bro-» Tcrk and Liverpool. »e«4rMwanet_ HyjETAI WAREHOUSE, DICKERSON. STURGIS & CD. DircAxans or TIUST PLATS, " And D-sletii In Tinners* Mtoeki i gusts ron the Howe's sole cuiipasi. 109 4 2tH RANDOLPH-AT,/CHICAGO- - 1 LARD T12805W AND 1000 i?1kkl-L3. j.oo:J »*“■• »=u «-’> cice'ltn! 0.-1137.^^^, a P „T«. AitSSSo • co. wgjanss saito °"~ a * r - 1 • SCOTCH AKP E^»G LWS aud 6ANTBBL the most eFP L H*V a • a rremoat Block, are worthy mIkbKB, at men dcaJrtas HEAT. Off- CLOTHING ELT. *sad TaCor, and acuta’ Oatfltta.. s ' '

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