Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 26, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 26, 1864 Page 4
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Cljicnga Stritomc. MONDAT. BEPTEMBEB 25. IS.T4. THE CITY. At tot Miller, of the Soldiers' Beat, * has gone East During hie absence, D. D, Add!, ■on Is attending to the wants of toe rick soldiers Nor 80 —We are requested to state that there is 2xo truth in the report that a child fel* toto the .fruit ot the Mosejy School House, as published in the T&minn: of Satorday. Avotbu Steaw ron the Maces. —A vote waft taker 00 Friday at Camp Douglas, among the numbers of Co, K., Btb Regiment, Vl S.C., re follows: Lincoln. 46; McClellan, 4. ••How are you. soldiers* voter A Good Example.—At the Custom House, on Friday, the masters of vessels then In port sub. /tcribsd $76 60 to the Sanitary Commission; In re sponse to the npptal for one day's earnings or In come. Sdpebvisob ib the Tbzbtzextii Waed.—Gus- tave Fisher, nominee'for Supervisor in the Thir teenth Ward, having declined (he nomination, the delegates Horn that ward have nominated John Atwater for Supervisor, in his stead. Sidewalk Okdikaxci, —At thc Police Court on Saturday, a man named Robert Clark was fined '! S2O and costs for neglecting to build a sidewalk in _ Tront of his premises, niter he had been ordered to 40.90. Attextxos Wzdz Awakes.—A meeting of the Pioneer Wide Awakes will be celd at their Hall (Comer of Lake and Franklin streets) on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. All pood .union men are men are earnestly requested to attend and Join the organizstlon.. Mxejtast Inteujbekce,—On Saturday mom log a detachment of 75 men of the 6tb Wisconsin •’ Infantry, in charge of Lieutenant T. 6. Butler, -' arrived at the.Eert from Cairo en route for Madi son. Ere thpy proceeded on their way the boys re ceived a substantial repast from the ladies of the . Rost. Aooxdkxt.—A eon of W. H. Bradley, Clerk of ’* the If. 8. Court, was severely injured on Friday last while getting on horse can on Randolph street, near Union Park. A load of hav passing • at toe moment brushed him off. he fed under the car. cutting a deep gash in his hand, breaking an arm and causing other braises. Halt..—Hon.t?. B. Denlo, one of the N mo?t aide and eloquent speakers this country has • produced,- will address an ‘ open meeting at Warner's Ball, on this Monday evening (26th at eight o'clock,- on the political issues. Other speakers are expected. The public are in vited. Fill the hall. Wobkxmg Hex’s Meeting.—The meeting of workingmen called for this evening Is postponed ' by urgent request, to give all an opportunity to at tend the meetings this evening In the various , .wards to lake measures to avoid the draft by flu frig the quotas by volunteering. Tne time ol hold ing toe meeting has not yet been announced. Tas Avtcxkal Equnrox.—We are in autumn. On Thursday list Old Sol crossed the line which •divides the summer from the winter hemisphere, and Is now descending rapidly towards the winter • solstice. The equinoctial storms have not yet commenced here, unless a slight ram on Friday « may be accented as the first gush of the tempest. But they will bfc*here soon, and then look oni for fi sgvatts. Ooiko Foewabd.—Under the order to draft, re* cmiUngl* stimulated. A large squad of enlisted men left for Springfield gp Saturday. On the car i joat before starting, was a prominent citizen—we' believe him to be an “ exempt "—who came near l«tog carried off with them. He went to offer con solation, but was only consoled himself, by being allowed, after some explanation, to set the soles of bis feet once again on terra Jirma. Tot 140 th Beothekt.—Some little inaccuracy having crept into onr report of the arrival of toe 140 th Reglnjenk we are tequested to say that three . companies were recruited from Wslteslde county, two from Bock Island, two from Ogle, and'one each from Mercer, do. Daviess and Lee. Tne regi ment rendezvoused at Dixon, Lee county, and was mustered In at Springfield. It has been stationed atLafayctte, Tennessee, 31 miles from Memphis. Severalmen were klded by guerillas. ' Ampry***. Deowsiko.— Thomas Edmonds, ft native of England, and & resident of Sheboygan, Wlaodpslo, who waft employed as steward on the schooner Express* fell overboard on Thursday night last, into the river, between Clark and Dearborn streets. The body was '"recovered on Saturday morning, and an inquest was held by CoronerJJamer—rhe jury return mg a verdict of “ acddental drowning.* The deceased leaves no family except a daughter, whose husband is Cap* tain oi the Express. Fatal Acodxkt.—On Friday, Matthias Medgen, a native of Germany, was instantly killed by the ■ DO! of an eight-inch brick wall, which buried him in the debrit. Tbe deceased was engaged at tbe tJm» in the removing of bricks from * building w Mcfa Is being torn down on Michigan avenue, be tweoftLake and South Water streets. An inquest was held on Saturday morning by Coroner *’apnw, and a verdict returned In accordance with the recta. The jury nt tbe same time censured the too com mon practice of erecting high brick walls of each a nlxgbt thickness. • ~ * . Ecoxoxr is Wealth.—Those of our readers who are in the habit of destroying their newspa pers and waate paper will do well to remember that J.'S. Petti bone. No. I*B Bandolpb street pur chases paper of all descriptions at prices which will astonlsn those wbtf supposed a read newspa per or filled ledger Is only fit for the fire, while -Xhose wbo have already been in the habit of pre serving their waste paper may learn that Mr, Pel tibone pave real!* the highest co»b prices. Abbzvax. or T boots.— Lust evening, about half past aix o’clock, tbe ilth Minnesota Volunteer In fantry regiment arrived at the Best, from Fort Sn riling, an rouU for the front via NashviQe. Tbe regiment numbers about 970 men. and is comman ded by Lieutenant ColonclJoho Ball. It is a new regiment, having only recently been raised at Fort snelllne.' Though no prior notice was given an ticipating their arrival, the boys were sumptuous lv entertained by tbe hospitable ladies at the Sol diers’ Best. They leave this morning for tigr destination. Impobtakt Ahctiok Bale.— Gilbert & Simplon will this morning commence at their rooms, Nos id, 48 and 48 Dearborn street, the sale of forty thousand dollars worth oflinen goods, dry goods, Gent’s fornishlnc ai d Ladles’ dress goods. The stock is an extensive and varied one, and com prises linen, handkerchiefs, dresses in all styles, ehawls, blankets, broad cloths, doeskins, bi avers, flannels, shirts, drawers, skirts, bedsteads, &c. An excellent opportunity is here offered to in cident housekeepers, dealers and others. The sale wIC be continued doily till all are disposed of, and tbe goods wQI be sold in quantities to gull purchasers. ; _ Suioirx.—A young jnan from Chicago named Herein, sold by persons wbo pretended to know him to be a banker or the eon of a banker ol this city, committed suicide in a saloon at Kalamazoo iffrhtgan, on Friday evening last, abontlO o’clock! He bad been in Kalamazoo the week, It is said bad lost considerable sums of money, in ftetwas literally “cleaned out” by the blacklegs wbo invested the place dnriog the loir. He had been dnnklne freely through toe day, and was con , slderably under tbe effects of Uqnor when he com mitted tne act. While drinking with some as soei- ' ates, be was seen to poor something from a phial , into h:e liquor. It was supposed at the time by those who uw him that it *ae some medicine, bat the dose proved to he laudanum, and resulted fa tally la a very brief period. Unsaleable.—A gpntleman reading the Tbzbtce la a city railway car on West Randolph street yes terday morning, was accosted by a newsboy bear ing in hia band a solitary copy of tbe secesh Tima with tbe query: “Do yon want to change papers?” At such an unusual request the gentleman natural, ly looked up, and propounded a query whose gene ral purport was—“why?” The boy answered. “ Because I want to get a paper that Jean sell. 1 have peddled .tile Timet lor over two hours, and nobodv wants it; 1 know that 1 conld sell tie Tei nm." That boy with the secesh organ reminds us oi a peddler of Emeraldine extraction, wbo once trudged the rounds of a village with a basket of erockerif without effecting a single sale. Some one observed to him, “Why Pat! you’re dltAerf*” to which which the unfortunate answered. “Ye may say that *ame wid ytr own ugly mua, and nn- J sss I sell thim soon me ruin’s eamj/late. SZBioua AodDZKTXa at even ing about bal past Six o'clock, as the 11th Minnesota Regimes! w«i* through Citric street, their band frlehtcnedthehorees of Paraalee'e Omnibus No. 1«. standing at the coiner 01 Wsablngton street, nbny them perfectly unmtnagsable. Starting lorward the horse* knocked don n a little citl aged seven years, a daughter of Hr. Bobs *t Torbctt, a city bntcher. and ere they could be brought to a Stand etill, both wheels of the heavy vehicle bid passed over the body of the little sufferer, tearfully crushing her thighs and abdomen.' Shewaslmme clitely picked up byeome bystanders and carried < to the residence or her ftther, where she still lies ■ an exceedingly critical condition. There are » rumor* afloat that the accident vaa the recall of ■ carelessness on the pait of the driver of the omni bus, but as the other statement is also reported, we are willing to give the most merciful construe* ; - until the matter has been folly investigated. . Tux Dscxxks ik Gold.—Let loyal men rejoice at the decline in Gold. Tbe gamblers, backed by Belmont, wbo hue a large interest in Confederate scrip, are now on tiedown grade, and tbebrakss - won’t work, tianke to tie battle of Banker H4l —pjilL Sheridan's last great victory, Saturday the quotation in New York stood 198—market weax with a downward Let tie train rush on brSkelew; it will pml np station, and long before it reaches there tie gamblers and specula tors will have been knocked off and buried in ruin. If one decisive victory Las knocked the “dnests” flown twenty per cent, where will another victory •end It? Bctailers of every description must of necessity mark down their prices. “It is a bad rule ttret wob’t work both ways,” te whnttie boy said to tbff schoolmaster, audit is equally appUcab.e in this esser Theretallers olgroceries arrtdrygoods, egg and butter venae?s and pcrenatetlc vegetable and meat dealer*, at tie advance in gold, marked “np ” If the advance in pom was only one per cent goods went -up. The consumers have bad to bear tie loss, and it is now about time that tie dealers should bear a Un le, if there is any to he borne. Greenbacks are assuredly coin* back to a leeitl basis, and merchandize of all descriptions most follow soil On ’Change tie decline of even half a cent in tie cold market has a corresponding influence ou pork -v md pour, and tbe same way it there be ao advance. It stare ato reason that small dealers should be Srerned in tie same manner as tie large ones, ■rk down yoor poods, gentlemen, and don’t swindle tie people out of twenty percent. Honey ain’t worth it; it can be tud from any of tie banks lor fen. TSK 6HOOTZXO or Ssrgeast HicKsr.-On S stur dy afternoon one phase an this late brntal assault case, was developed at the Armory in the trial of John Biley for committing an assault with a deads it weapon' with intent to do botfly Injury, upon ine person of officer McCabe, of the First Precinct Pciwe Force. Mre.Keary, near whose house the crime waa committed, les tiffed that on the night In question, Eller, in company with a fellow roach—the man who shot Berecaut Hickey—entered Ler house and created a great disturbance, break* Inc her fartlinre and threatening to shoot herself erft girls. The testimony of the police officer 4 -mj tp the effect that he, with Mr. Hickey and two «theft»mcen, proceeded to Mrs. Keary’s place to «nell a disturbance. He. arrested El'ey. leaving the other man, Kelly, standing with the Sergeant. Before, however, be left the grunp many seconds, ** heard the report ofa revolver and returned with W« priKmer to the spot, where he s»w . pistol l.lnf on the doonnoop. Tht witness stooped to thek llnp end on nstne s.w th.t B‘l(7 hadJlrewn - . nlstol irom hlspocket and wu emdeaUy attempt, fnenneeaUt.VKeneccfsarr reanll of thedi; ,Ej to Mnceaita 6trnge j t which terminated ' / "’.‘S.Trer of couree, ilitlic defeat of the rowdy sfsss uSSSSSb hope? cl tomterery, whfch. bower er, la hy bo' yc t brcnAScertalned, - SSiatloa may ensue at any moment. DRAFT IN CODA COUNTf. D»Sdtß ef Uie Sib-Dlstrtcls—Plymftl of EomitT U B etltti M««—HetUo; «r U>e Bord «f SnpmiMn «n Bondljv The tlrie-appoirted for the draft in full county draws near. To-day (Monday) the wheel will re volve for the townships of Leyden, Schanmhcrg, Palos, Wheeling, Northfield, and Maine, in the order named, and on the -following days the other aub-dl-tricls will follow In the order of Inlebtod neratill the quota is fnll. We hive ndt yet been able to obtain the precise figures, hut the following table is a near approach to a tine statement of the condition and liabilities of the several snb-dletricls zn the comity, on Saturday morning. They are arranged in too order in which they win be called upon, unless the quotas are filled by volunteering. 2Sb. SuM (strict. Enrolled. Deficit, Eatlo U Leiden 166 25 lln 6 7 Schanmberg US 17 lin 7 18 Palos 99 10 lln in 8 Wheeling 249 99 lin 8 4 Northfield 182 SO-' lin 0 9 Maine 208 21 ii n in 24 Rich ....> 150 20 l,n 15 Lyons 968 28 lin 6 43New Trier 140 15 - lin 8 18 Proviso 237 26 lino •16 Lake 166 £3 lin 8 17 Lemon! v.. 298 25 i, n i* SO Calumet 256 28 lin a S3 Thornton 229 21 l in in 10 Niles 2il 21 iS 10 21 Oriand 162 14 iin ll 22 Bremen ....199 19 v l m 10 8 Elk Grove. 343 is --ii n jf* 5 Palatine 285 20 1 In l a 12 Jefierson 919 19 lln ll 25 Bloom v........ 140 18 lin 11 19 Worth .T; 243 lln 12 14 Cicero 202 16 1 in 12 88 Thirteenth Ward 989 >- 77 1 in 13 31 oizinWord. ....1889 122 1 m-15 S3 Eighth Waid 1257 86 1 in 15 87 Twelfth Ward 1689 88 1 In 17 34 Ninth Ward..... 1601- 62 lln 19 39 Fourteenth Ward .. 1241 53 1 in 23 32 Seventh Ward 2117 85 1 in 21 80 Fifth Ward 1839 67 1 la 24 85 Tenth Ward 2204 77 1 in 29 27.Second Ward .2890 100 1 In SO 28 Third Ward 2553 r 96 1 In 27 86 Eleventh Ward 2782 I'i 1 In 26 <0 Fifteenth Ward 2155 48 1 In 41 2C First Ward 4545 40 1 In 126 29 Fourth Ward 1462 00 - fall 41 Sixteenth Ward 3006 15 1 la 273 6 Hanover, US 8. 1 in 14 42 Lake View m is 1 Jn 1? 44 Hyde Park iso 40 1 in 10 1 Barrington 185 00 ftaj -5 Evanston. 104 *OO - ftll It is reported that the Fourth Ward clearance is the enlistment of the rebel prisoners at Camp Donglat. who have been applied on the quota of that ward. If this be so, it is a manifest unfair ness. There is no earthly reason why that ward' should be favored by the accident of location. The creoita belong to the whole county.. The appor* tionment should at once be corrected, and we com mend the-work to the notice of Iheproper authori ties. It is believed that the same error has been committed in the case of the Sixteenth Ward, in allottlnc to it men recruited lor the naw and not specifically credited otherwise Ths number ol men enlisted at the office of the Provost Marshal on Saturday was twenty two're ernits and ooe substitute. The number enlisted throughout the eity was probably lorly-flre.' Some of these we have credited in our table, as two to Barrington, seven to the Fourth Ward, and some should be credited to Lake View, thooirii we know not bow many. Several of the Wards are making extra eflorts, and Inasmuch as they will not be reached in the order ol detail before the middle of the week, they may manage to escape the draft al together. As published m the Tmsmn: of Satur day. credits will be allowed to each sub district up to the last moment ot patting the tickets Into the wheel, hat so delay will be allowed. We would recommend all who have a chance to escape the draft. To work for that end. In some ot the eub oiftricts a draft is inevitable, it conld not be avert ed now, the time is too snort, bnt in several there are but a few men to raise, and the draft may there be easily avoided. To one thing we would call particular attention. The sso*',ooo loan baa not been effectual In averting the draft, because not raised soon enough. Bat it may be need in soother way. and should be so used. Let tbc three hundred dollar!* be.-paid to every man drafted; tf-he wish to procure a substi tute it will materially aid him in doing to, or .if be choose to go to the war, the money will be a grate ful addition to the family fond for the ensuing winter. This will be bnt lair. The draft necessa rl y develops Inequalities. Many poor men will probably be drafted, while very many of oar prop erty holders arc exempted by reason of age, orjsnll be able to procure substitutes without pecuniary inconvenience, or will escape tbc draft altogether on the even chance. This war is carried on for the enforcement of onr rights, the rights of the whole American people, the wealthy and the poorslike. Much has been said latterly about the •* antago nism” between labor and capital. At least there is no antagonism here. The country be! ones equally to the capitalist and the laborer. Both have an equal interest in the cause, and cadi should bear its share of the harden necessarily imposed. Let there hero mistake aboct lhi&- ' A meeting of the Board of Supervisors is called fer Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. It eboold be attended by a full Board, Not a member should be out of ms place. Let every one be put on the record, and let no section of the county be unrep resented. The meeting Is called for tne purpose of considering the propriety of paying bounty to substitutes and representative recruits. We ex pect. and the working classes have a right to de mand. that drafted men be incloded also—that Is. In simple terms, and avoiding technicalities and rompllcatkns, to pay the bounty of three ban died dollars to every who counts on the quota o! Cook county, be he enlisted or drafted. We believe that the money can be raised, A great portion of it is pledged already: bur even if the cannot be all procured, the scrip can be Issued. Many of those receiving the scrip will be able to keep it till redeemed by the conntv, and others, wbo really needed the proceeds, could have them redeemed by the committee subsequently. If jot be ore tbe bolder left for his regiment, WehcartUai an attempt will possibly be made to repea I tie action recently taken by the Board of Supervisors relative to the appropriation. We txLst nu nicmncr ofthe Board will be foolish enough to ir cur the odium which each a proposal vroefd entail on the mover. We have little fear that the measure woold prevail, even if urged. Toe SSOU ir tqnsily the right of every man who goes to tbe front. Many will rboulder the musket whose families will have to be supported by the county if this money he not thus paid, so that little would be really ga'Ptd by an exclusive policy. We can neither afford, nor can we be mean enough to re fuse it. _ Meanwhile we advise who sre able, to enlist. Tbe dratl is now at our cuora. The cry of “Draft” has been to often rated that many believed it wonld never come. It onyht- not to have been nceoed. nor wonld it, if provided against in time. We wit-b jn>:uow to find tanlt, but we may be per mitted to say that a little less of the blind-sighted policy woo’d bare enabled ns to furnish all tbe men needio, and with some to spare, as under all former calls. Men enough have been run off dur ing the past two months to fill onr quota to over flowing twice over. We need sot now appeal for recruits; the time forthat has nearly passed, We now only advise, Young men without family will find It to their in terest to enlist, as it is their dnty. We have al ready shown, a day or two since, that the bounty and nay for one year will far exceed tbe average caialigs of working men—a good peenuioxy motive for enlisting, one which may .not exist after tne draft. And how long will the men beneeded? We think not long. Tbe shadows are lifted. From Atlanta came np a short time ago the boom of the cannon which heralded the margin of day. And now from the volley ot the Shenandoah we bear tbe sliver trump of the Angel of Peace; not tbe daQ whine of tie Copperhead factionwhich epeiks of on ignoble cessation of hostilities, but that clarion tone which tells clearly of a permanent rest from war by the destructive exhaustion of the foe. Tbe day is dawned, tbe solar ray gilds tbc hill-tops, and even the recesses of tbe Shenandoah valley re flect back the strengthening beam. The orb or day rises amid clouds it is true, but above the sky is clear, and the fogbank will soon be passed; then glorious, joyful, peaceful day. TBE 134T8 REGIMENT. Welcome Borne—Reception In the Court Monte square. A magnificent public reception was'given the 184 th Illinois, by the Board of Trade, yesterday afternoon, at the Court House square. The boys marched down Lake to Laea’le streets, along La ealle to the Court Bouse square, headed by the Great Western Light Guard Band. Here they formed in two lines, two ranks deep—the colors and officers standing in front of tbe centre of the first line, - After tie bandjiad played the Battle Cry of Freedom, Co). Hancock formally welcomed tbe boys, on theirreturn, on behan of their friends and relatives, after which he introduced -800. 6. C. Bates, wbo was received with load and pro longed applause. Mr. Bates opened his remarks by comparing tbe regiment to the soldiers of Napoleon, npoa whom looked down forty centuries. They had written theirnames upon tie pages of onr country’s his tory. A little more than 100 days ago, darkness and ploom hovered over tie tana; bat tbe skies have brightened. [Cheer fl.y General Sberoun hid planted at* Ttctoriavs lesions in Atlanta—having, frur months ago, turned nla back on his base at Crettanoo^a—and was neatnring out a just punishment upon tie people of Georgia tor their cruelties upon the * poor Cherokee Indiana. He welcomed the regiment back on behalf of our citizens, ou behalf ol their more than .Roman mothers, on behalf of . their friends, and on behalf of tbe Board of Trade, a body of men wbo were ever ready to respond to tie call of their country. He bid them welcome on behalf of Col. Hancock—the Hancock of the Northu eet [Cheers]. He bid them welcome on behalf of their' brothers in the field and those whose bones are bleaching on many a bloody bat tle ground, Gen. Sherman has taken Atlanta, and- U. S. Grant has clutched tbe communications to Richmond, and bolds them as the American eagle docs tie slimy Copperhead. Lastntcht weheard tberJorious news trom the Yoliey ofthe Shadow of Death—that valley where Banks, and Hunter, and others made failures. The clouds which have lowered over tbe country have been lifted away, andthesnn of onrUnion is now above the hori zon. and before tie leaves shall fall, tt will be once more in the zenith in tbe heavens. Onr country Is calling frr men, and hundreds are rushing to the racks of Greet and Sherman. This regiment is fit to cope with any in tbc armies of Europe, and he wonld like to see it In at tie death knell ol the rebellion—for before tie leaves fall. the city of Richmond will be and tie rebellion will fall of its own weight. Tbe speaker here strongly urged tbe boys to .re-eulist and be with the army during tie next ninety days. • After “ Tbe Star-Spangled Banner” by the baud, Lt.' Col. Bigelow was introduced andtnaukel the citizens on behalf ot himself and tbe regiment lor ’thekind reception tendered them. He branded tie report that the regiment had mutinied bicaase it was kept longer than its time of enlistment, as an’lnfamone lie. and would at some day publish tie correspondence of Gen. Meredith, compli menting tie men for their soldierly conduct. Dr. Danforih then returned thaub« forlbe recep tion, after which the hand played “Hail Colum bia,” when a line of march was formed and the regiment proceeded to tbe Soldiers’ Best, where a good dinner awaited them. - The 142kd Begihekt- Bzttbkeb—The One Hundred and Forty-second Regiment Illinois Vol unteers (one hundred days* troops) returned to Chicago yesterday, their time of service having ex. pired. Tbe regiment numbers about eight hun dred men, and bas lost twenty by death from dis ease, none having been kiU?<L It was organized at Camp Batter, being composed of eight compa nies raised in Freeport, and two companies re cruited in tie counties of Randolph and St Clair, it went first to Memphis, and was there employed on gnard duty on tie Charleston and Memphis Rallro d. The regiment ’proceeded last evening to Camp Fit, where the men will he mastered oat of service. The following are the field and staff officers: _ Colonel. B, B Ankeny, ol Freeport; Lieut. CoL. M.D. Swift, of Polo; Major, C. J. Charles, of Bandolpb; Adjutant, A. Brewster, of Freeport; Surgeon, Dr. shepherd; Quartermaster, J. Mc- Afee. • * " The Newsboys,— The police have been doing' good service in arresting about a score of news-' boys wbo persist in selling newspapers , without the usual license badge. The Central Police Sta tion was crowded last evening by noxious parents. There la no disposition on the part ot tie authori ties to injure the boys, and they will probably all be discharged with a reprimand: the object is to show them that they mv*t wear their budges; ills tic only wsy to keep the disorderly boys quiet, sad the well-behaved ones are not disgraced thereby. PAedpoub Euros.—Yesterday was the heaviest day ever experienced at the Soldiers* Best. With* ont an- unusual jmmbqf of lady attendants the number of meals served reached lhS>xtraord inary number of two thousand eight hundred and nine iv nlne. Kotc this, ye Copperheads, end malign If ye drre the pure, noble patriotism of the glorious women of the North. tcjs FinErriEN’s nuhuaifitT. Though it has been already described in our column?, the above cut will do more than a page of details conld do to present to the eje the Fire man's Monument jc?t erected at Rose Hill Ceme tery. It is a noble work of art, highly creditable to *hc designer, Lee W. Volk. Esq., whose firm— Messrs. Volk & Moore—superintended its erection City readers will not need to be told that it com memorates the Lake street calamity of October, 1657, in the destruction of a wide extent of busi ness blocks on Lake and South Water streets, with a loss of over thirty lives, under appalling dream stances ol horror. The monument is erected by the Firemen’s Benevolent As»oclalion of thU dty, at an expense of SIO,OOO. The cut well represents toe central design which la elegant and highly BjmboHc thrqngbont. It is ih-.riy-two .feet In hcieht from the bate to the lop of the surmbnuting statute, all finely wrought In Italian marble. The statute represents a liie-siie Fireman, in charac teristic dress in the ottltide ot listening to catch the fire alarm. One feature of the monument de serves to be noted. Tne column iteeU, a beodtltal shaft of toe choicest marble wa« got' out in Italy for the State House in Colombia, S. C., but was captured on a blockade runner and sold under con fiscation. Far better to have it mark the resting- Elace ot ;oyal firemen than to serve among the pll irs of a rebel State. Mr. Volk has done his work excellently well, ond among the growing and stable proofs of his cenins, to enduring marble, this Is one of vs bich he may well be proud. RATIFICATION MEETING. Oar Candidates—Addresses of Don,* W. B. Scales, Col* Ea*unan, Cal. Daniels, Maj. Stevenson, and John l.Relsoa. The ratification meeting last evening at Metro* politan Hall was not such a success, in point of numbers, as was expected, owing to the large number of ward meetings being held to take mea sures to avoid the draft. However, the meeting was far from being small—the hall being more than ordinarily filled. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Blake, who nominated Cul. R. M. Hough as Chairman. The nomination was unanimously adopted. HOK. W. B. BCATES. Col Hough then stepped forward and introduced Judge Scales, who said it was his intention to pre sent a lew arguments on the questions now before the public Tbe gieat question Is the preserration «f toe Union. It would be well to go back aod consider tbe great landmarks in the mstorv of the past thirty years. There la a process in England known as processioning thebouudirics of estates, by which toe boundaries were handed down from generation to generation. We must thed keep in view these laidmatke, by which onr liberties are defined. The speaker was acquainted with the views of our fathers touching the landmarks between State and government rights. But of late some of these landmarks have been lost sight of. Let me refer to these heresies which have culminated In the re* bcllion, The Constitution cuaranteed liberty and prelection of property, but in some of the States there was a property in human beings. The Con* slitntion made no proviso for the carrying of this peculiar property into places where the local laws were opposed to It. In the Bred Scott decision, the heresy, in opposition to the local laws was sustained. The South inserted, this decision into the "platform of the Democratic party, for the porpose of dividing it, so as to hasten the disruption ofthe Union. In the agitation of thepresent time, we ought to look into the evidences, and see what the objects and purposes of the parties are. He believed that these are tacts which prove the determination of Southern politicians to destroy the Union, and set op a confederacy of slave States exclusively. He had proofs front-all classes of Southern men, jorlst and orators. By these testimonials a Jury would return a verdict that these men han conspir ed against the Government. It la a naked con* pplracy, gotten np by men, who asserted that the majority did not rule. They separated to eet rid of the majority. They separted to establish an aristocratic slave power. The pretense that abolition societies had been formed, and bad prevented the execution of the slave laws. Is a hollow one. In 1683 Mr. Calhoun endeavored to establish it on the pretense ofthe tariff, but be failed. Be then nought the question of slavery, and agitated It so much that the rebellion was the result, Mr. Benton denounced" Mr. Calhoun as a conspirator. Mr, Calnonn was then engaged in this conspiracy, inoculating the Southern peo ple ■with sectional hatred. Tne rebels have m&de abolUlpniam and the tariff pretenses only for their treason, it becomes Important lor ns lo examine ’ this testimony, especially since we are divid ed. to be able to draw a proper line oi demarkation on the rebels. Even after the be ginning of the war, the speaker was In favor of the restoration of the Union under the “Constitu tion as it was.” Be wrote a letter in opposition to the enlistment of the soldier, hot was happy to state that be had learned better. [Cheers.| Be now declared himself In favor of the Union under the “Constitution as it is to oe, n —that is, without - slavery. [Loud cheers.] Be was in favor of ibe Union under such a Constitution as would remove any caufie for a repetition of the rebellion. [Loud/ cheers.] Be was in favor of cutting out the cancer by the roots. (Applause.] Democrats contend that the proclamation and Mr.' Lincoln’s letter to whom U may concern, bare put stumbling blocks in the way of peace. There is lo way of obtaining a peace save ny conquering it- {Prolonged* ap- Elansel He did not believe that“*au who are oct -3g wtti the so-called Democratic party are dis loyal ;It is only tne leaders. To these be had no terms to offer, save such a« Grant anoJShermsn are offering in the field. (Cheers.] Tne Northern Copperhead Is in the same relation to the rebel in the south as Jndas to Peter. [Applause] We must Judge of a man by the company be keeps. Who is this company—VaUanafgUam, Voorhees. and others of that stripe. Here axemen who open ly proclaim treason, and yet they are taken by the hand and was promoted to the first places, yai* lardlgham, Chairman of the Committee that framed tieplaform—ana such a platform. [Oncers.) The men In the field are intelligent and true to the country. They would not support Mr. Lincoln in an act of usurpation. How long would yon have any property to defend had It not been tor the brave phalanx who bare their breasts In the field ? There cm be no mistake that it is the intention of the soldiers in the field to have Abra ham Lincoln four years more. [Lend cheers.] They wu) have Dick Oglesby for Governor. [Load appiaasc.l Have the Democrats become so wick ed that they cannot act with-the loyal men in defending thft country? 'The speaker was read out of the Democratic party some two years ago, at a Copperhead Convention at Springfield. He was denounced as an abolitionist. These men claim the name of the democratic party, but the speakerwonlii neyer ac knowledge ft. [Loud applause.] The South Car olina Secession Convention alleged that 14 of the Northern States passed liberty billaw This is false, for only four States ever passed that act. Jeff. Davis In his inaugural exhibited a bill of com plaint. Be said the tree meaning of the constitu tion had been disregarded. Be asserted the heresy cf carrying slavery into tie .free States. He says the Union is a confederation of the State*, not of the people. At the framing of the constitution it was decided that the general government was su perior to the State goverement. It was decreed that the powers given to the general government Should bo the eapreme law of tne land. Jeff Da vit* complalnt-is a falsehood. The of the States are bound by the decisions of the Su preme Conn. Let us look at what wee done fo do away with tbesexomplftinte. Both parties Pad platforms maintaining fhaf mg gov ernment had no right to Interfere with slavery In the alave States, in 1843 the slave power wonted extension to preserve their majority, and accord ingly clamored for the annexation of Texas. What does Mr. Lincoln do In his inaugural ad dress? Be said that the Government had no pow er to interfere witn slavery In the slave states, and he yras not going to do it. Concessions of the lib ejry bills had been made. It was proposed to add an amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing protection to slavery. It was the providence or Goo that this intention was defeated. Focraixty years the South had control of the Govern ment. The intention of the South was to establish a government founded on slavery, and hence they went oat of the Union. The poor whites ofthe South are not fighting for their liberties, hat for their diafran ctiiseaeiit. The rebel leaders are tired of the major ity, they want a minority. They ore tired of their , association of the Democratic party: they don’t -want it any longer. In the local elections the Democratic party was defeated by the Repabll cans and Whigs, but In the national election they were successful. The South has spit upon the Democratic'party for all its- assistance, and the man who would be lick-spittle for the South is beneath the contempt of all high-minded men. LCheers.] ✓ Why did not the peace Democrats nake a compromise at Baltimore and Charleston In I860? They clamor for a compromise which they know they cannot obtain. These mean men [cheers] who think, in spite of a lour years war, that they can induce the rebels to submit to a peace, are mistaken. Buchanan was a traitor orhe mighthaveetoppcdthetreAsonoftheSonth This man said the government had no power to coerce a State—giving evidence that he was in league with the rebellion. Be must have been blind li he did not see that Floyd was stealing the arms ofthe Union. He did see it and would not stop it. Mr. Lincoln Is called the anther of this war; but the troth Is the work bad been in operation for five months before he wras inaugurated. It was nor' until the month of May that Mr. Lincoln bad his troops ready for the field. If an armistice be granted, we must withdraw our armies from At lanta and Petersburg and remove the blockade—all to give them an opportanitr to recruit their chattered strength. We will fight this thing out ns til, as Jeff Davis says, the last - man of this generation falls. Autie Convention here a short time ago Mr. Wickllffe offered a resolution, which was unanl .mqpsiy adopted, that tbc prison doors should be opened. That is the 60,000 prisoners now held by ns should be allowed to go to recruit the rebd armies. WM yon dolt? Bow are our prisoners treated—starved to death. In Andersonvilie,- Gcorqia, SO.OOj of oar men are confined, without tents, houses or anything to cover their naked ness. (A voice—Wewlll brmgtiemhome shortly.) Some of the Democrats say that Mr. McClellan does not stand on the platform. He accepts nnder a war letter. He can’t stand on both—if he comes out on one the other must get the go bye. The . loyal people *of the North want a tohti who has a defined' Such a man '~ia Mr Lincoln.- Ho* has offered terms of peace, but - the South .would not accept. Tne great crashing blow ega nat the rebellion was Mr. Lincoln’s Proclamation. [Cheers.] A refugee planter from Alabama says the rebels can raise but a few men, and they get no sympathy. Now that we haye driven them to ttre win, is it the time to talk about peace ? Why should we offer a treaty to criminals, who have-forfeited their lives, properties, and rights ? Ur. Lincoln, it is said, don’t offer any terms that they will accept. They don’t want to abolish slavery. Mr. Lincoln if behind the times. The speaker would uottreat except at the point of the bayonet. {Cheers.] Mr. Lincoln has not attempted to destroy their In stitutions ; ho bas only taken their property away. The speaker concluded by thanking the audience for then kind attention. cot- r. A, EA2TXAK. Col. Eastman was called for, and was received with enthusiastic cheers. He said he could Mot command language adequate to express his graft* 4nde to thoie friends who—with a devotion 'quite : undeterred and wholly unexpected—had placed him In hts present position. He would exert every talent he possessed to Justify their -f a tenog pirtlalily. it la no email honor to repto a-ntthia great and influentialdistrict in the higher b anch if the Legislature ot Illinois. Beneficial measures are to be carried, and detri mental legislation prevented- He was -frond of Chicago and of Co oh county, eiatcfpl to their noble people who bare aided him so generously—with whom he had lived so many years, and hoped to epend all his years—and be would diligently and laithftUly discharge, it elected, the duties of the office for which be wss a candidate. It would be easy to. elect ths ticket. True-our enemies have not placed their county ticket in the field. „jtat they have nominated ihrtr candidate for Congress—and such a candidate. McCormick—McCoimlck of Virginia, who loves .ilaveir. more than be loves the free in stitutions of Illinois—McCormick of Lon “don, England, wha removed bis family thither, and all his convertible property, at the noihreakof the rebellion,—this is the man whom John “Wentworth must and will beat badly. Oar ticket of good mafrrla', hut-better' than that, the people, whose ticket it is, are in tee majority, and are thoronchly aroused. We must have a clean sweep Id November. Let all hatchets be burled. In the interest of our country, m the lnt«re«t of right principles. In the interest of our - glorious soldiers in the field, let loyal mcnoome to gether aud prepare to give a crushing majority for oar Congressional and County tickets. He wss personally acquainted with alt the candidates for the Legislature, sod he was happy Co know that it would be a tannonjous delegation, aud he gave his pledge that the interests ot the people would be wtll looked after. And for one—while he would not negect any data—nor unjustly favor any class—be wtnfld not fonret the mechanics and workingmen. De had stood too many hours at the esse In toe printing office to do that. [Cheers.] He again thanked hla friends, and retired amidst applause. KAJOB STEVENSON. Major Stevenson-was next introduced amid lend applause, and said be little dreamt a year ago, at the oattle of Chickamanga, that he would to-night stand before a Chicago audience, as one of the candidates for the Legislature. When he thought of the duties that will devolve on him, if elected, be wouldalmost decline the offer. In 1860 be was not a supporter oi Lincoln, but of Stephen A. Douglas. ;iie was proud to vote for him He foilowea bis teachings through life, and recollects bis last words. That manwno will slaudar a sol oler, cannot be loyal and true in his heart. [Cheers.] Richardson does not stand alone The Chicago Tana came to the rescue, and said that the soldiers were mercenaries. The Times complains when the soldiers work, with good rea son, lor they reduce its subscribers in the Sooth. [Cheers.) The speaker prophesied a speedy captore oi Mobile, Petersburg and Richmond, and the destruction of the rebellion. col. Daniels, Coi. Daniels was next introduced, and made a few remarks relative to the political status in Southern Illinois. It looks as If such a conflagra tion awwcpt Maine will sweep through Egypt. The glorious news ol the last few days has materi ally strengthened there where loyalty was waver ing. The pnt fries have taken fire and the fire Is spreading. The speaker here showed the differ ence between tne Union and the so-called Demo cratic parties, and strongly urged all those who are in favor of the armyar d an honorable peace to came to the rally of the Union. The old Demo cratic party has no connection with the article now bearing that name.. The old Democratic party is dead, and the new one bos assumed the* name and style of the old'urm,, This Is a party determined to got into ' office—has made a platform that means both something ana nothing. Geo. B. McClellan comes oat as awar Democrat; but hla letter is about as ambig uous as the platform. This in the boar of trial, and we mast do our duty. Let as be true—ss* true as those who have given up their lives on the field. Take advantage of this moment, when the enemy Is weak in hts knees, and press on: then •the victor; will he ours. ThenwHf the rebellion see its last boors, and the Union will be restored, one and inseparable. JOES A. NELSON. . ' Ur. John A. Nelson, candidate for Sheriff, was next introduced, and made a few remarks, ia which he thanked the citizens for the honor con ferred on him, pledging, t( elected, to periorm his duties conscientiously and satisfactorily. On motion, the meeting adjourned. THE FALL IN GOLD. Increased Yalneof Oar Currency—Prices cf Goots—The Dealers sot Anxious te folkw Salt—The Tribute* The amount of currency in the hands of the peo ple, of all sorts,' Greenbacks, National and State banks, fractional and coupon five per cent, legal tenders, amount to something like nine hundred millions of dollars. One month ago gold stood at 557 to SCO, and it averaged this rate all summer long, bdne sometimes*as high asSSO. Today it is barely 2CO, and with a strong downward tenden cy. The value of the currency in gold, one month ago, was 38# cents on the dollar, and the whole 9i 0 millions were worth just S4G millions in gold. The present value of a paper dollar is 61 cents in gold, making tbo whole currency worth 459-mil lions in gold. Thus it appears that the currency has gained in actual value equal to 113,00J,00i in gold or more than thirty per cent in thirty days. Such has been the result of the capture of Atlanta and the battle of Banker Hill, and the consequent growing confidence of the people in an eariy re turn oi peace by the complete subjugation or the rebellion. Bet It is not the currency alone that baa appre ciated la value. Athousand dollar Federal bond a month ago could have been purchased tor $3 «6 In cold, exclusive of the coupons. It ie now worth $5lO in coin. All national and State stocks have grown in gold value 80 per cent daring the- same short period. But there is another aspect of the matter not quite so pleasant to lock upon, viz: The prices of commodities at retail. Dealers marked up their goods with alacrity, keeping pace with the rise of gold and generally managing to he a little ahead of it. But now that the yellow metal has sank lu a barometer of commerce from SsO degrees to 193, we fail to discover a corresponding alacrity to “climb down** to a corresponding level. The grocer, and butcher, and huckster still persist In demanding “260” prices, although our “ green - backs ” now posses’* so per cent greater purchasing power. Dry good* store beepers,^ boot sod shoe dealers., ready made clothes deal ers, bakers,.traders in butter,-eggß, chickens. cbcesc u fish. lard, potatoes, apple?, grapes and Garden truck have not reduced their prices from be 260 mark to the 200 standard. Landlords still charge"their guests theicrmcr higa bills; board ing house keepers show but little symptoms of re ducing their charges. Wood and coal dealers still stick tflilheir monopoly prices. Hacks and otnnl buaees continue to exact the 280 rates of fare from citizens and strangers. Coal heavers, who never earned fifty cents a day In the country they fome from, continue to demand seventy-five cents per hour for their services, which of course the own ers of the black diamonds tax on the consumers. This state of things cannot, must not be allowed to continue. Gold Is the standard of valuer; when •It falls all commodities measured by it must fa.l with it. Ho man has a moral right to enter into a combination to keep np prices to the rates fixed when gold was S6>’. But the reader who is guilty may ask why the Toxbunb has not reduced Its sab* senpUon price. We reply, for the good reason that it never raised Its price to the gold standard. The Tbibuke is afforded now at a rate based on gold at 150. When gold falls below 150 we shall not be backward in making our subscription price conform to that standard. We are paying for “print” two and a halftimes the price paid before the war, and only charge 50 per cent advance on the lowest rate at which the paper was ever af* folded. Ifwe had imitated other classes of busi ness men In keeping pace with the rise in gold, onr subscription price would be s2o’Der year, or '4O cents per week. Instead ol sl3 per year, or 25 cents per week. In con clusion. we repeat thxri the Prices ofla'l com modities that have goneup to the high watermark ought now to recede to the present gold standard. AVOID inE DBAPr. Ward meetings—lmportant to those Atnrolied. The attendance of all enrolled citizens is called to the following notices' of Ward meetings, for the purpose of avoiding the draft: Second Ward— At a meeting of the citizens of the Second Ward, held at the Orient House. Satur day evening. Sept. 54UL1664, Geo C. Cook being chosen President, and Chaimcey T. Bowen, Sec retary, the following resolution was offered and adopted; Besotted, That a committee be appointed by the Chair to solicit subscriptions and obtain a suffi cient number of recruits to fill the quota of the Second Ward under the present draft, and that said committee have fall powtr to act in the prem ises, and that they be required to report to an ad journed meeting, on Monday evening, Sept, 36th, 1864. Provided, however, that no money shall bo appropriated until ten thousand dollars has b*en raised, and that tbo surplus, if any, after the quota has'boen filled, shall bo given to toe families of the soldiers who enlist £. 8. Hawley, - Chairman. C. H. Ham. James Miller, W.H. Carter, Geo. F. Laffiin, W. W. Boy iogton, G. C. Cook, Cbanocy T. Bowen, H. A. Kohr,[Jacob Frost, Loots Goodkine, Stoats Fox. Hr. S. C. Blake, Samuel Fiesmnan, F. S. Palmer, Adam Kepple, M. F. Leavctt, Hr. McDonald, Ezra J. Wheeler, H. W. Poraons, Alexander Mc- Farlin. J. M. W. Jones, Charles a Taylor, Hr. Dan iel Hooge, J. W. Hathaway, Peter H. Witt, £ B. Myers, B. F. Gayton, 0, Ci Garber, Wm. M. Douglass Fiust Wash,—There will be a meeting of those **ti** Circuit Court rooms, on Monday oven mg at half-past seven o’cock, for «ic purpose of filling the quota of the ward. *■ By concerted action the draft can be avoided In this ward. Unless the work he done at once it will he too late. " Thibs Wash.—lf residents of the Third Ward desire to avert the drift let them attend the meet ing at Union Hall, Ho. fill State street, Monday eienlng at 7o’clock. Seventh Ward.—A meeting of the citizens of the Seventh ward will he held this (Monday) even ing at the School Hoose, corner of Twelfth and Hoisted streets, lor the purpose of devising ways and means to fill tbe quota of the ward. Let every citizen, no matter whether be he republican or democrat, attend. Eighth Wasp.—The citizens of the Eighth Ward are requested to meet to-morrow (Monday) evening at 7 o'clock at the house of Daniel Lord den, corner of J2lh and Bncker streets, to devise ways and means of clearing the ward from the stigma of a draft. A <nll attendance of all liable .to dralt and others is desired. By rcqocst of the ward committee, Messrs. Church, Miller, and Holdsworth. JiisxH Wasp.—All enrolled men in the Ninth Ward ere requested to meet at Washington Skat ing Park, at Nine o'clock Monday morning, Sept. 26, to take measures to mi up the deflcli of the ward, and avoid the Impending draft. Let every enrolled man, and every resident interested in averting the oraiVbe present. By order of thr Ward Committee. Tenth Wasp.—At a Urge meetlqg of the citi zens ol the Tenth Ward, held on Saturday eve ning, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: • - ■- Betolved, That in the opinion of this meeting it Is the duty of the Board of Supervisors to votethe payment of <BOO bounty to eabstitntes and repre sentative recruits. Eaolvtd. That as citizens of the Tenth Ward we hereby instruct our Supervisor to vole for, and to use bis beet exertions to procure the passage of resolutions authorizing the payment of said boun ty to substitutes and representative recruits. Suoited* That the Supervisor of this ward be, and is hereby instructed to use all honorable means .in bis power to prevent tbe repeal of the previous orders of the Board authorizing. tbe payment of SSCO bounty to volunteers, if any attempt should be made to repeal the same. The meeting then adjourned to meet at tbe en gine bouse, corner of Washington and Clinton streets, on this (Monday) evening, at 7 o'clock, sharp. jffu Wakp.—Citizen? ol the 11th ward, the draft is upon us I Will youwowmakean effort to avert It! Only one hundred men to raise I I know 11 we try, we can fill our quota before the draft reaches us. Turn out then to a meeting to be held this evening at Aurora Hall, 118 Milwaukee avenue. S. I. Hcbsell. TnnrrEKNTH Wasp.—There jvlir be a meeting of those liable to (he draft, on Monday evening, at Bucz's saloon, on Norm avenue near-Church, street, to devise means to-fill the quota of said - Foubtebnth^Wabp.—All enrolled citizens of this ward are meet this (Monday) evening,'at 7 }i o’clock, at Fritz Fnllmsno's Sa loon, comer of Wells and Division streets for the purpose of raising a tear fund for the purpose of offering a special bounty to volunteers to Qlloor quota. WUh an earnest effort we can fill our quo ta in forty-eight hours. „,, ul - Signed by Anton Bollinger, Henry Scblatthauer, Bichard 11. Burke, F. Follmann, Janies Ennis, Valentine Enh. James Jones, and W. F. Perry. ■ PimfESxfi-wabp.— I There will be a meeting this evening at 7M o'clock,wt the Tomer Hall, to devise means to avertlhe draft. Citizens gener ally are invited to attend. _Jla»t Cmzrsa. Bept. 26th, 1864. . Sixteenth Wasp.—A meeting of the citizens of the Sixteenth Ward will be held at Ulicb Hall, corner of Clark and Kinzie, on Monday evening, Sept 26th, to see what can be done towards filling the quota of said ward, in order to avoid the draft. Per order Ward Committee. BURNING OFF EKOBCIW. Watch Them—One Hundred Dollar# Deward. s We are authorized to say that the Citizens’ Com mittee will pay a reward of One Hundred Dollars for such Information as will'convict any person en.’sped in running recruits from this district to be enlisted in other counties or States in violation ol the proclamation ‘of. Gov. Yates and the ordi nance of our City Government. Ever? person lia ble to the draft has. a personal Interest in seeing the laws regulating the draft respected, as has e«erygood citizen who desires to see fair play. Cali In Hoorn No. 6, Court House, and Inquire lor Sab-Committee of Citizens’ Commute In relation to the drait and substitute brokerage. amusements. At the Unseam the Duke's Uotto has. been played nightly to crowded houses with Ur. Akin as Captain LagnadercT"Ur. UeUanus as Carrick fergus, Ulss Howard as Blanche. Ura SloncaU as Helen, and Hiss Hight as Zyllah. The play abounds in scenic effects, tableaux, and was pre sented in capital style. For the present it has been taken off the boards, and on Uonday eve ning will be presented “Borneo and Juliet,” with Mrs. Pemn and Mr. Akin as the principal charae ters. Mrs. Perrin has Just returned from the summer vacation, and will make her appearance nichtly dunce the season. On Tuesday evening will he presented the erer-popular plsy ol the “Ticket of Leave Men, 1 ' with Miss Lotta as Sam ‘Willoughby. At McVTckegs Ur. Chanfran has hadja successful week, durinc which he took the character of Bohert Brlerly, Uncle Pete, Toodles and Paddy Miles’ Boy. da Monday evening Ur. Bandmsnn, the celebrated Ando German actor/opens his r«- pertoire witbNarclsse, or the Last Days of the Tompadour, which will also be played on the fol lowing evening Mr. Bandmann was here last winter, and by nis skillful and artistic renderings of Narcisse, Richelieu, made a host- of friends who will he glad to see mm once more on the hoards. Mies Rachael Johnson takes her benefit on Wednesday evening next, appearing as “Ra chel’'in the “So!dler'aDiaghter,”andiQ “B'ack Eyed Susan.” We scarcely need commend her to our readers. All who have seen her on -the stage know her to he a cartful actress, one who takes pains to do lull justice to-the characters she as sumes. She is deserving of a fall house, and we hive no doubt it will be accorded to her. The Varieties have been well attended by the lovers of kaleidoscopic. The legitimate drama, does not hold forth here, hnc ths performance consists of olla podridu , embracing selections from the burlesque to the high tragic, and mock heroic. Mr. Cbadwlck very patriotically donated.tbe entire proceeds of tour nights' performances to tbeconnty drait fond, by the doing of which he has especial claims upon amusement seekers. On Uonday night three new stars will make their debut. C. B. Collins, “the original ccne,” Louisa' Eilenorc, wire dancer, and Joe Hairs, Female De- Unator. The entire proceeds of the evening’s entertainment will be given to the Bounty Fund. The programme is soffleient to dU the house to re pletion, atmrt from the object. The bill is con tinued through the yeck. Peesestationof Guidons to the Eighth Be Bebebvb Cokps.—The follow ing correspondence needs no explanation: - Chicago, Sept, 22.13 W. Colonel B. J. Sweet, 6th regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, commanding Post of Chicago. - Sm: Allow me to present-year regiment the two guidons which accompany this letter. Uay the reputation of your command remain as bright end untarnished as aretheee flags its nnmbtr. * With great respect, I remain yonr humble ser vant, Wmnzß W. Bjkuo, Captain Co. G, Bth regiment V. B. C. HzADQCABTSBS POST, CAMP DOUGLAS, 1 Chicago, Sept. 22,1604. f Captain : The Bth Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, throueh me, accepts the beautiful guidons so bandsomely presented, and thanks you as well fur the pei crons spirit in which they are present ed as for these tasteful memorials of yonr good will and regard, I am. Captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant, " B.J. Sweet, Col .nel Bth regiment, V. R. C. Sewing Rlaclilnea-GroTer ft Balter 9 * Sewur machines are again Pro nounced tbo Best! At Kalamazoo Stale Fair, of Michigan, just held, was awarded to this Company the following prel mining: Ist Premium, for the best Family Sewing Ma chines. - , • Ist Premium, for the beat work done on Ma chines. let Premium, for the best display of Machines. At the Illinois State Fair, at Decatur, no pre miums were offered for Sewing machines, or Ma chine work. A Special Committee wae appointed to examine Machine Sewing, without regard to prizes or premiums. Tbis Committee reported' unsDlmoasly in favor of the tronfc ana samples ou exhibition as executed on the Grover A Baker Ma chines. pronouncing it the lest practical Machine exhlbltea for all work! Again, at Davenport, lowa, County Fair, Grover & Baker carried off the prizes. - The public were enthusiastic at these several places upon the merits of these celebrated Machines, as fairly exhibited by operators on any variety or fabric, from the finest ganze to the hardest doth or leather work. Fmk—Last evening, about half past six o'clock, a fire broke out in the two etory frame dwelling of Dr. Thompson, situated on West Madison street, a lew doers west ot Morgan. An almost instant alarm was given, and owing to the speedy arrival of the fire department the flames were 'extinguish ed before more than S2OO damage had been in flicted. The Are Is supposed to have originated in a detective chimney; ft broke out in the upperjart of the building and extended to the roof. _ Col. Mclligan’s Hobs*.—Wo learn that the widow ofCol. Mulligan baa received the horse of her late husband, with the saddle used by him at the time he received bis death wound—cherished mementoes of one. The 1320 Kzqiicznt.—A telegram from Cairo in forms us that the 18Sd regiment. Col. Pickett, lefr that place tor Chicago last evening. The boys will, be mastered out at Camp srrj. * The Late State If air, Chicago, Sept. 25th, 1861. lie?ire. Editor*: The advertisement of the Grover & Baker Sew- Ins Machine Agent ra the city papers, strike* me arposseseing a;qoillty of effrontery rarely surpass ed, based ae it is on a wilful misstatement. Tee assertion that “ a Special Committee” at the late ' Illinois State Fair, at Decatur, passed upon, and accorded the highest rank to the 6. & B. Machine, Is wholly unwarranted by facts. That Committee must bare originated solely in the brain of the Agent himself. lor the officers of the Fair, and the different Sewing Machine interests represented, knew nothing of it. I was myself present at the ‘ Fair, and know there was no Committee and no award. • Tbe-prineiple was wisely adopted tn Sewing Machines, and I believe Reapers, to invite exhibition without competition. The dfs play was fine. There was no prgnlqm nor award, nor misleading the public by bogus or imaginary triumphs. The same principle, lifts believed,|wltl come to inclnde all the .like classes of prominent Inventions, and make Fairs more attractive, and better tepnse&tstives o! progress In the mechanic arts, and leave the people free to Judge of merits* themselves of machines exhibited. In the face of this ptemineiAfact at the Illinois Slate Fair, the agent of the Grover & Baker comes forward in the advertisement in question evidently to bolster up his business, and cover the growing unpopu larity of his stitch. lam the owner of a Grover & Baker machine, and And it takes too much thread. My onlr desire in this letter, however, is not to see injustice go unrebuked. ' Citizen, Justice to strangers* Editors Chicago Trlbanei We noticed la your issue of this morning that we were arrested by officers Eexmy and Webb here upon suspicion ot-belng connected with the rob bery of Snydecker & Co., doring-tbe Convention, and that the charge was not sustained, bat that we were fined S3O on “general principles. This is correct, bat as we are strangers in Illinois we are somewhat interested to know what “ general prin ciples ate.” Upon this rnle any person arriving in the city ana having the appearance Of having sufficient lands to pay a fine, may bo snapped at acdmnlctred in a similar amount. We are not ac quainted with the laws of the State, bat we all arc possessed of means to show we are not vagrants, and are prepared to prodnee evidence or character from the city in which we reside, and could easily have been obtained had the authorities any desire to make investigation We feel a grieved that our names staonld appear in connection with suspicion of the commission of a heinous offence, and that then having failed to show that any of ns hsd any connection with that transaction, taat we should oe branded by Jnstice Miller as common vagrants. We sincerely that the parties who have conducted this matter' must be ignorant of their duties or actuated worn motives ol gain. We therefore enter our protest against the treatment we have received, and will endeavor to obtain through the courts redress for onr grievances. C. J. Ryan, Oso. H. Febnalo, USAS. M. fiPZNCEB, LOCAL. MATTERS. ypTor the be«t custom-made Shirts tn the city go to Wilson's. 13G Dearborn street? seSS-sGftMt tS7"Tbe best Pant Cutter in Chicago Is at Bart Ictt's, 181 and 183 Randolph street, Sherman House.. ■ flcp23-s6S9*lw,. Western Union Collese and Mujtabt Acad emy, FpLTON, Illinois.—A first-class boarding in stitution for young men and boys. Cadets received at any time. Actress, Col. D. 8. Covert, sepH7«£323-2w fw ‘ iflsoasea of the Nervous,, Urinary and Sexual Systeas>-New and reliable treatment —in reports of the Howard Association. Sent by mail is sealed letter envelopes, tree of charge. Address Hr. J. Skill on Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, ty Paper Hanging, Ac., Ac., at N. York prices. -F.JE, Rigby, 69 Randolph Bt. a027-p7M-30t SetroMllun Ball to A«u.—This Hall is to rent tor aD the purposes for which such lulls are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Applica tions can he made at the office, adjoining tne en trance to the Hall. _______ ielO-cWO-tf Bloomington Nnraorr.—22o acres Fruit,, Ornamental and Nursery stock, 40,000 Peach, 75,000 'Pesr* 100,000 Grape, Ac. Send red stamp lor new list. E. K. PHtENIX. Bloomington, 111. sepU qS*7 2w d&w. Pension and Bounty Blank*. For sale at the .Chicago Tbibpnx Office, 51 Clark street. Tbe series is complete, and the forms are accu rate, conforming in every respect to the instruc tions from the Pension office. AH the forms per taining to an applicatlqn. are pnneed upon one sheet, embracing the Deaeration of the Applicant, the Affidavits orWitneeses, tbe Certificates of the Magistrate, Power Of Attorney, Clerk’s Certificate, Ac., Ac., with ample blank spaces. Application for Transler ot Pension. Application for Prize Money. Application of Widow or Mother for Payment of Pension. Application of Invalid Pensioner for Payment of Pension. Claim of Heirs for Arrears. Claim for Horae and Equipment. MARHIED In this city, on Friday ivenirg, R*pt. 33d, by the Rav. Mr. Lockr.Mr. AUGUSTUS FUOXE and UUs MART MIGQINSON. Inthlscity,on Wednesday. SUtintt .byßev.Z.H. BamphiCT.Sir. P. A. STUART and Miss ELLA S. TVABNER,daughter of L. F. Warner, M.D., all of this etty. No cartfk* . fit Evllan. Ohio, Sept. 8tb,368i. at tbe residence of the Prices father, by Rev. J. H. Walter, JAMES OBUEBUD. third son ol Lawrence Hevwojth, Esq . ct fiwtrte, England. and JOLLA FRANCES, eldest daughter of GeorfeDmon. At Harlem. HU 6epU2'st, at the residence of the bilde’s father. DiVldThatcuer. Esq., by the Bev.O. H Jowler,Pastor of thaFtea*. M. E. Church, Chicago, »*IS9 CLARA B. THATCHER and SOLOMON THATCHER, Jr. of this etty. No card*. died At tbe residence of his father. Snndav, Sept of Con-cmptioo.ROßEßTA!..youngest son ct Robert or d Polly Bray, aged 32 years.s monihs aad IS days.) Funeral from the residence, Washington street, be tvein Oasler street and Western avenue. Sept. 26th, at 2K o’clock P.W. Friends of the family are invred. In ttli city, os the 231 Inst. ALBERT HEBBT MACNEILL, adopted son of Thw. aad Clara A. Besie. area i years. 1 month and it days. The friends of th« fatally are invited to attend tbe funeral from 237 North Lualie sttest, oa Monday monisft at 10 o’clock. seli^k, ai BvaratoD, on (he Mtk inawof dlptherta. MART BBUCE, yomngeat dangkUr of Rev. O. H. and k. 0. Tiffany. more About the hake Brie BehelTlot* Some facts relative to the rebel plot on Lake Erie, additional to the copious details by ns, are contained in the Sandnaky Register of ‘Wednesday and Thursday. Commander"Carter, of the IT. 8 eteanfer Michigan, had been in correspond ence for some time with certain persona in Detroit relative to the’consplraey. One of" -his officers slept at the West House, Saudaa ky, 'where a principal conspirator, Captain Cole, had been boarding for a long Sunday night Captain Carter received a dis patch from Detroit, stating that the refugees would leave Windsor next day to seize the Michigan. Cole was then arrested and taken on board the Michigan. On his person was found a dispatch saying,. l1 1 send you to-diy by messenger thirty shares of Mount Hope OU Wells.” This, he confessed, meant thirty conspirators. He also implica ted Abraham Strain, John H. Williams, Dr.E. Stanley, E. Merries, John M. Brown, and one Rosenthal, all residents and proml nenfCopperheads ol Sandusky. Williams, Brown, Stanley and Strain were afterwards released, no case having been made against them. Cole proves to have been a Captain in tie rebel army who bad taken the oath of allegiance and been paroled In Memphis. He had been In active correspondence with the refugees in Canada. John Brown, Jr., sou of Ossawattomle, who lives on Fat-in-Bay Is land, was among the first to discover the in tended plot', and manning a boat made all haste to Johnson’s Island to inform the com mandant. When be got there he found the commandant already acquainted with all the facts, but very grateful for his zeaL Messrs. Eufus King, 6.K. Shoenberger and Joseph Longworth, of Cincinnati, with several other gentlemen, were out in a fish ing boat near'' Kelly’s Island on Monday af ternoon, when the carious maaceavers of the steamer Parsons attracted the attention of the boy who was managing the boat, and be remarked that there must be something wrong. This alarmed them somewhat, and next morning they were greatly mystified by seeing the Mlcbigfui steering directly toward them,'witnbut any flag flying. They suspect ed that the rebels bad her, and at once, with great haste, betook themselves to their fish itg quarters, secured their fishing tackle and other little worldly effects, and got ready to decamp. They soon, however, discovered that they had no cause for fear. The Dayton Journal says that Barney Smith & Co., man ufacturers of railroad cars in that city, lost thirty tons of pig iron, valued at $3,000, on the Parebns, it bping thrown overboard by the rebel captors to Tighten the vessel. The ; iron was insured, but insurance does not cover losses by war. Bad Conductor tbo 140 th Regiment, nnndred Otyi' Xroops—No Comments Needed.* (jiuiak, Iboquois Co.. Tlt.,, i ■ . . September 21, IBM. J Editors Chicago Tribune: The 110 th regiment, retained one hundred days men, In passing through our town on Friday, the 23d, while the train was waiting, commenced an indiscriminate raid on all the town, stealing and appropriating to their own nse everything they could lay tbeir hands on. Even the store that contained the United States mail, the Postmaster bciag ab sent, wafl.broken into and robbed, he sus taining a considerable loss. Tbo inhabitants fled in confusion and alarm. The loss to the several parties has been severe, and we call npon-you to make tbis outrage public, and desire an expression of your opinion on such conduct. The loss fills on those that ore not able to bear it, and we ask you in what way we can can get remuneration. , ' neare,yours respectfully, N. B. Sickles, Merchant. A. Dickenson, P. M. David Harwood, ) Justices War. McCormick, f Peace. .The hopes of the ‘‘Democracy” fall -with the price of gold. Sheridan is the most effective stump orator jnat .now In the field against them. As he advances gold and “Democracy”'fall I What awirty, whose hopes of success are based onflnanci&l dis aster and Union defeats! jgy~CoL Gnlney, of the oth Massachn. setts, a fighting Democratic Irishman thus sums np McClellan: I know a thousand misfortunes which crossed hia path, that might have been torn ed Into victories, if he had possessed manly energy and physical pinck; and hence I re gardnim as a military humbug. Markets by Telegraph. ALBANY LIVE STOCK MARKET. - [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Albany, X. T., Saturday, Sept 21,1564. The number of Cattle received up to this evening la B,<M, Including several drovss of very good Ohio Illinois and Kentucky Steers. Bales, about 803. Prices ranging from 5c to 9,Sc. Demand fair, but sales era not quick. , Ssxxp, are lefiisg at last weex’a price. Boos, aeu qmegatiaaitc.. St* Louis Market. [Special Dispatch to the Citcsgo Tribune.] • St.Lons, Saturday Evenlug,Bept,2i. Tobacco— Higher; 131 bbds being ottered, 87 were cold. Green ana dunged lags IS 0O&9J9; factory do $9.75ai1.73: planters* do *12.50013 CO; common ship ping leaf 114.0(017.79; medium do 5L9.75015.75; good sud fine do t37.7503t.75. Flodb— Eecelpti 3,230 brli. Market dull. Sales of 140 brls extra at $1W0; double extra at 110.15 deli vered ; extra brands at 19.75; CCO brla In two lots ex tra at delivered; cuperfine at *9.10; extra choice at (9.10. Grain—Wheat—Receipts 0,313 sacks. Market ex tremely dull. Bales of 64 sacks at SI 50; 300 do In two lots st *1.53; 729 do la six lots at *1.90j 400 do In seven lots at *1.95; 163 do do at *1.93150 do at St.96#; 2,2r0 do In live lots at *2.00: 55 do at *3.02: 4. r a do tt *3.03. and 3- 0 do at *2.05. Com very dull. Sales of 423 sacks white In lots at *153; 242 do at *1.65:160 cocks yellow at *lO3. Date—Salsa of 6,200 sacks at 9Ce delivered, -.Barley—Bales or HO sacks fall at,43do ? bushel. -Rye—sales of U sacks, at *1.40. Whilst—Dull, with sales ot 83 hrls In two lots at *:.7s * gallon. Milwnakee'Market* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune 3 Milwaukee. Saturday, Sept.2l. Flops—Bull, heavy, and unsettled, and nominally Ssc lower.. Ko sales reported* Qaanr—’Wheat—Hecelpts 23,000 ha. Market pan leky and 798 c lower. Sales this morning 11,000 bn Ko I Spring in store at $1.4991.90; 5,000 do, buyer’s option an month, at <179; aicco do. seller’s option tul January 1, a> <1.8?; 6jCO do. seller’s option all month, at »t.79:7,000 bu No 3 Spring m store at Sales on ’Change 19,700 bo Ko 1 Spring In store at 9'.7791.78k: rS.uOOdo, sailer’s option ail next week, atfl.TSk; 2 OCO do, buyer’s option an month, at *1.77; 6.20) bu Ko 2 Spring In store at 11.70. Corn quiet and unchanged. Sales 5.136 bu. Barley, dull, heavy and fully cc lower. Sales 1 car at 9195. Bye nominal at 9LBCSIA. Illinois and Michigan Canal* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] • Bbuqepobt, Saturday, Sept. 21,15C4— Cleared—Alice, LaSalle, 60,000 ft lumber, film lath. amitib- Sebastopol, Utica, 366,000 as seed; H. Q, Lecmlf,L«nort,9oyda rubble stone; Investigator, do, 60 yds rubble stone: D.Hesa, do, 43yds dimension stone; Advance, do, 90 yJs rubble stone; John Car ter LaSalle,SAllDu corn; Industry,Ottawa,7,soobu oatr, 40 hbls flour, 5,81* Bsie§d,9o bu barley; Una dira,¥tlca,*,6Cobawheat, 1,600 bu corn; LaSalle, IS3 tons coaL . Teasels Passed Detroit* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Detboit, Saturday,Sept.2l. Up.—Prop. Richmond. Down.—Prep. Adriatic. Wind, northwest gale. Hew York Market* K*w Tobk, Saturday, sept. 2L Cotton-DuII, heavy ardiutly 10c lower, wMi small sslei reported at <l4O lor middling. Floub—For state and western heavy, unsettled andnominallyßOcV brl lower at <91099 20 for extra state; <BK@9ooEnperflnqwestern; 1925®10 CO lor common to medium extra western; sio C&910 CO for common to goed shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio: <io for trade brands. Market closing heavy and unsettled. _ vTbibet—Heavy and lower: western 79. Grain—Wheat doll, unsettled and nominally 6®3c lower. ftrx—QnJet and drooping. Bablrt andlDarley Malt dall and nominal. C6AH—Heavy tud about lo lower at it eo lor mixed Oats—Scarce and firmer af OBomatßs—Rice heavy. Coffee eon tin lies dull and prices entirely nominal. Sneardoll with sales of I*3 hbds Cuba muscovado at l9Hc. Molasses very dull. Prteolkun—Prices nominal. Wool—hull ana entirely nominal, owing to a de cline m gold. • Provisions—Pork decidedly lower, with moderate demand.chiefly for future delivery; iio.C2H9ll.lH) lor new mesa: <27.00933.00 fb< prune, and <41.00 for prlmemess: eaicsofSJOObris new mess, chiefly for October buyers option, at <42J0@12 50. Beef dull and heavy; 12®)5c for mess: ie@l9 for renseked mess; 29<225c for extrainees prime. Mess beef entirely nom inal ana decidedly lower, at 20022H; tbe latter price an extreme. Butter ver# much unsettjed and prices .nominal, at 88949 c. Western cheese dull and nomi nal ; 17025 for common to prime. President. New York money market. Nrw Tors, Saturday, Sept. 24. Money market steady, at? percent or call loans. Sterling omet at iwaiosjf. Gold excited ana decl redly lower, opening at 212 W. declining to 200. ad vene mg to 206>«, and closing at 20tK. . hxnorts specie to-day, 8371,803. - Government stocks lower. U. B. 6’s *3l coupons conpons IWkdiiO; 730 treasury notes. October and April, ICS@I{BX. raw Baltimore market. Baltoiob*. Satnfday, Sept. 2J. Boifneis Is at a stand stfll la conaeqar nee of the ds dice in gold. Gract—Drooping Prices nominal. Fiona—Neglected. Howard street superfine $10.30 Wbisst—Heavy at kiAi. Buffalo Barkct. _ Buffalo, Saturday evening. Sept. 24. Flour—lnactive. Grain—When nominally quoted; mixed Milwau kee swing 81.75; N0.2 Chicago spring H. 7521.50; winter red fl-SO. Com Inactive; off-rod |1 44 for bo. 2, without bids. Oats quiet, and hald at 7«®77c. Barley quiet and nominal as 82J:®2.W for Canada anawest&m. Bye 11.63. Wnisxv--Inactive; offered at 81.78, without bldg. Canal Fast oars—To-day. wheat ISc, com 15)f3 iSYc.oats iiyane. Oswego Market. Oswego, Saturday Evening, Sept. 24. Flour—Doll and ue lower. Grain—Wheat quiet, and no sales. Corn dull: sales lor local use of Illinois at $1.50. Barley dull and drooping. Canal Fbkghts—Dnn. Floor 5Tc. com fTO JBc, wheat 13c, corn UK, Parity Up, to New Fork. Philadelphia Seed Market—Sept 23. Tbei e is very little Cloverseed offering oFsell’og, and prloesTasgeat 8133H 9 on. Timothy is scarce arriwaettd. and saleiot SWH3IOO bn are reporteaat |6.?%?J5, which is an advance. Flaxseed la itiany a;»3.fcS3.iO ? bn. The Crops in Great Britain. [London Correspondence New Tcrk Commercial Ad- vertiser.] The harvest ls~ now nearly completed throughout the United Kingdom, and the result seems to be, tas ter the tiers as a whole that wo shall have Wheat, an average. Barley ~faily an average. Obts. one third deficient. Potatoes, short Beans, under an average. Roots, about three fontths of an averare. _ The scarcity of prfr?n crops canted by the drought win lead to very high pi Ices for animal food through out tbe winter, and according to the opinion ot-w very competent authority, tmteners* meat and dairy dprouce may command, wltbm the next eight months, prices not previously reached during tna pretnt cemury. This will give encouragement to your Western formers. Pennsylvania Ctferal Stock Yards- East Lidsbtt, Sept. 31,1231. The martet since ourlut has presented no new feature. The demand was talr and sale* were regu lar. Of certain descriptions the receipts weielarge, aad poor qualities were offered freely whilst good tat cattle were aougbt aflir, tad the rates being fully up to these of last week. The principal portion of an tbe stock that arrived was forwarded East. Hoos-Notwithitandlng the heavy receipts, sales drovers preferred shipping Emc Hr. Bheel«r boughttoThe*ofi tm one,at fii,iß Hcwt These srs certainly steep figures, and aheavs advance. , Busp—Tbe offetlags were small. eoAtbe wlee niMeeere MenedTeace orer leet week’spnces. The only aalee w«, could lean of were M below. B&sas or cim» p** cwr. U Sbeeler bcught m heed, ITJt - M’ Sheeler boneht 41 head.ts.fß; H aaeeler bouzht soheaa. H O'MpbeogetO heed. j n GlMi fold § hee» et ib.Vi: N Wentz aola vw heaCat ts-aoms 51 • N Wentz aold 20 heed rztre at 1160• Wra roller told IOC heed at 17.00: Wm Fuller sold 53 head at ejo . Allegheny CnnleTCarhet-Sepc. 2*. The receipts of cettle were quite large during the Cast wee*, amounting to enout ua heed, but the a k of them were solo et about previous quota tions, .Stock cattle sold at Sj<44Wc, while hue heavy br> Q*ht 64m c. Several lots told to co Sash Sheep were in light inppiy. ana are quoted Arm at t&0647 00 * cwt. gross. Hoc* dm and higher, with aalss at.9n.M41l JO V ewt.gicaa. O-TTLI SALKS. WDTorbet, 81 head at «Sc»»: J UcAllitter. 100 heao at 4K4'>c ? tt : JMcCaumoat. 16 bea- at AMc 9 B; JQCaBDOh. 42 head at is 6?; J W Phillips, 70 beaa V Bs WKoontz.-aabfad as W n: W Toxut*. 20 bead at 4Xc P&; Nicholas A Carr, S7headat44skc¥ B; C Marks * Co, jo head ats wc ft B; Krouch « Rotbscbllds, lift head at *43Kc V B. Ballroad Tine Table. CHICAGO AND HOBTnWZBTEBN—DEPOT COB. WEST WATER AND EINZIS 873. ' Depart. Arrive. Mail Paseenijer *10:00 a.m. *3:15 a,m. Evenlne Express ••VOOp.m. *11:33 a,ra Night Express *9:30 p.m. *8:15 r.m. GALENA DIVISION CV * N. W. BAILWAT— DEPOT 9:15 a.m. 5:80 Am. 8:15 D.m. ' 1:25 p.m. 9:.OAm. p.m. I(h00 pja. 8:10 a m. 400 p.nt 11:10 im, 6:20 p.m. S:2O Am. Pulton Passenger. • • Fulton Passenger... Freeport Passenger. Freeport Passenger. Rockford Passenger. Geneva Passenger.. w-aa »««“» . . . _ _ DetroUExpress *C; *fs;3o Am. Detroit Express. t6*oo p.m. ?&45 tm. DetroltExpreae *tlO:CO p.m. *B:lsp.m. (Trains for Cincinnati and ZouinUle.) Morning Express *5:30 a.m. *8:15 pjn. Night Express .«:00 pan. a.m. HICHXQAN SOUTHERN—DKPOJ CORHEB TAKBUBZN AND BHEBEAN STREETS. Day Express. *6:30 a.m; *8:15 p.m. Evening Express *JS:3OAm, Night Express *tlo:oop.m. ;s:ts Am DETROIT TBAXK3. Express, via Adrian *6:30 ajn. *&4sa.m. Nisht Express, via;oo p.m. *13:15 a.m« pmsncno, TORT WATTS * CHICAGO. Kail and Accommodation. *4:40 a.m. *2:10 p.m. Day Express 16:30 a.m. *B;lsp.m. MatlExpreas IC:oop.m. *o:iop.m, Eteht Express 110:10 p.m. *8:45 a.m. Clq. & Louisville Express.l9:4o p.m. *3:35 a.m, (Connecting With Pennsylvania Central B. J?.) Leave Pittsburg.. 3:00 a.m. 4:35 p,m, 6:45 p.m “ Hbrrlßb'p.. 1:20 p.m, 2;4fi a.m. 6:00 a.m AxrivePbnade! 6:30 pan. 5:50 ami. 10:10 aja •* N. York,' ▼la Allenton. “ N. York. •l(hC5 p.m. 12:03 p.m. t:53 p.m. via PhHadel. , M Baltimore.. 5:40 p m.. 7:00 ajn. 11:50 a.m 14 Waah’ton.. 0:80 p.m.' 10:30 a.m« 6:03 p.m CISCIHSATT Am LUT*. Day Express 6:30 a.m. 8:15 p.m, Night Exprcßß 10:10 pm. 8:10 aunt {For Indianapolis and LouUvlße .) Day Express 6*30 a.m. 8:15 pja Night Express - .9:40 p.m. 8,10 a.m, , HXXKOX3 CENTRAL. ** Day Passenger •8:15 p.m. *9KK)p. m. Night Passenger +9:30 p.m. *7:00 a.m. Kankakee Acc’n •5:15 p.m. Hjde Park Tram *6:35 a. m. *7:45 a. m. ** “ “ *12:00 m. *l:3»p.m. “ “ “ *4:oop.m. *s:2op.m, “ « “ *6:l6p.m. *7:30 p,m. CHICAGO, BUBXJNOTOH AND QCTSCT. Day Express 9:30 a.m. 5:15 p.m NlchtExpress.’.. 9:15 p.m. 6:00 a.m. Mendota Accommodation. 5:15 p. m. 9:80 a. m. CHICAGO ASP ST. LOUIS. Express Hall 9:30 a. m. 7:80 p. m. Nlcht Express m, 6:30 a. m Joliet Accommodation.... 4:45 p.m. 9:30 p.m CHICAGO ASP BOOK ISLAND. Dsy Erpreea and Mall. 9:45 a.m. 4:50 p.m. Niefat Express 9:15 p.m, 6:15 a.m. Joliet Accommodation 5:10 p.m. 9;40 a.m. CHICAGO ASP JULWAUKEE BAILWAT. St. Panl Express 10:00 a.m. 8:15 p.m. Night Express 9:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m. Waukegan Accommodati’n 6:20 p.m. 8:10 dm. Eranston Special 2:30 p.m. 4:24 pm. •Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted. Mondays except** 4 satnusments.^ VARIETY THEATRE. Nos. 113 and 117 Dearborn street. C. U, CHADWICK*. Proprietor and Manager. T. L. PITCH Acting and Stage Manager. Kxw Stabs t N*w Attactiosb!! First appearance of OiK. C. E. COLLINS. The Cfc.'stiul Care- Reappearance of miss LOUISE v Daneenae.'VocaUatand WlrePerformer First appcsrance of MR. JOE U&IBS, General Ethiopian Comedian. BciX* ot PsiczaParqnettc, 25 cents: Dress Cir cle. Kc; Private Boxes. sa.COand*4 00; Single Sea's inboxes,73 cents.' . „ , Doors open at 7 o’clock. Performance comncnmg at 8 o’clock. jyjoVICKEK’S THEATRE. Engagement of the eminent Anglo German Tra gedian, JIB. I>. E. BA3TDMAJJ. MONDAY and TUESDAY SYENING3. Sept. 28th anazTth, will be presented the great Tragic Drama entitled Or the Last Days of Pompedoar. Nsrclsse... .Daniel S. Bandmann DuledeCbarsuel ;..J- E.Naale* Marqucie dc Potapedour Miss Kacbael Johnson- Msrqoesc do Epaaay Miss Fanny Marsn, Milo Qnmanlt..., Mn. Myers, Wednesday— Bbkxpit of Miss Kacizaxl Jonsacw Mr. Bandmann will appear on Tborsday and Fri day evenings and Saturday afternoon. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM (X3l*. J. H. WOOD AND B. P. WHITMAN. Proprietors and Managers. .Director of Amusements. Hr. A.D. BRADLEY. MONDAY EVENING, Sept.26th. Will he preaentad Shahipeitre’s beaatunl tragedy of ROMEO AND .ITJLIET. Rcmeo..Mr. Frans AlhentJuliet, (her first appear ance tola season), Mrs. L- B Perm- i . _ To conclude with the f»*ce of SEN TINEL. Sim, Mr. JohaDUlon, (the Llttfd Sentinel), Min Lott a, drama of the TICKET-OF-LKAVE MaN will shortly ha re produced with a cast that challenges comparison in aiy other Theatre m the ““"■PEICEB OF ADMIISIOS: ' To Museum and Gallery of Lecture Boom SO cts. To Drees circle or Parqnetie Wca. Secured Seats in Dress Circle or Paxquette 15 cts. Orchestra Clairs (50 In cumber) ft.oo. Private Boxes S3 CO and SSXO. Children under 12 year* of age to Museum IS ets. Children occupying ica*a in Bre>« Circle or Parcuette will oecnarged Full Price. Children In Ann?, not admitted. Admiiaion to Matinee, Children under 12 years of age is cts. Private Boies to Uat nee tlcotoltoo. Doors open at IX. Curtain rises at 7X o’clock. Car* rtages should call stlQK* atirtum SsUs., Large stock boots and , SHOES, Custom Bade Clothing, Cloths, Cisslmeres, STAPLE DBT GOODS, *c„ AT AUCTION, i On WEDNESDAY. Sept.Ssth, at 9K o'clocJr, at Bat ters* Aartlon Rooms In Portland Blcct, Nos. 103,103 and 107 Dearborn street. WII. A. BUTTERS & CO.. Auctioneers. sca-eSbWt lAA DOZ. BUCK JLVf Vf AHDGAUNTLES SO.COdTrime Clears AT AUCTIOHI On ‘WFDKESD ATMOBN CNG, B«pt 2Sth,lS6l,at But tin 1 Auction Boomi m Portland Blocs. WM. A. BUTTBIS A CO , Auctioneer*, seSMSTMt REGULAE SATUEDAT’S SALS ATI the SoAehold Goods of a Dwell* Itg, 100 Mahogany Card Tables. ICO Bedsteads and other Merchsndlae. AT AUCTION, on SATURDAY. Oct. Ist, at 9K o'clock, at Butters' Auction Booms la Fertland Block, corner of Dearborn and Washington Streets. WM.A. BUTTERS A CO., lets sS7l*Tt 5 Auctioneers. O.XLBERT & SAMPSON.—Our \jC next Furniture Sale win take place at onr Salesrooms on TUESDAY, October 4th, and will con sist of one 01 the largest and richest assortments of Parlor, Chamber and Diningroom Furniture, elegant Bedroom and Parlor setts. Ae.« told at auction in ttuciiy. Particu-ira hereafter. ___ . . seSI-sSoMlt GILBERT A SAMPSON, Aost rs. SAMPSON, \J| General Auctioneer*M, 46 ASS Dearborn el. 115 CABB9 OF Boots and Shoe^ AX-'AUCTION. W6 Will sell on WEDNESDAY, Oct. 3th. at SH o'clock, at our Salesrooms, 48 and 43Dearborn street,. 113 cases of. Men's, Boys' and Youths' Boots, and Women's Boots and Shoes. They are all fresh floods, now on the way frcia the Bait, and consist of Men's. Bojs* and Youths' Double aad hf. Double Sole Boots of various kinds. Also. Women's Boots and Shoes. These soede are expressly adapted to the wants of those wishing goods for the Fail and Winter Sales, Ml wilt he sold without reserve. se2l tsa-llt GILBERT A SAMPSON. AnetTs. rjILBERT & SAMPSON, \J| Auctioneer* 41.48 and CDearhOra it. $40,000 WORTH OF Linen Goods, Dry Goods, AND GENTS'' FURNISHING GOODS,' AT AUCTION. . Commenclngon MONDAY, Sept. 36. at 9H o’clock, A. U. and 2H P. M~ and continuing each day, at the ■ame hours, until the entire icoek is sold. Tne stock “urlElT fcuu linen.SM pa shirtluc linen, sWpcsSM and«x pUowcaee Ucen.lCO pcs 10 V.HK ing, 310pcablrdsaye olspariinen. 1000 doz.linen tow. els, slain and colored borders, 2000 browa Ucen table cloths, of all sizes. a»CO bleached double satin damask tablecloths, wodozea napkma anddovlles, 50pcs buckabucg leveling, “£A“ wlcao •rtihM T5 DC* brown and bleached damask. LADlks* AND eaffTfl- HDBF3.—ICO dozen Uaen bdkfk,Kt dozen hem-stitched grass liken hdkfs, 400 d y Z £nTg I 3» r^REgß er &OODS.—Mohair, poplin, tro e,dT,. cctcki. lustres, merinos, valencienes, empress coibs. ettamaa cloths, rep*. tteialcea.'4c. c BHaViA—Broehr, long and square shawls. Bay state wo 1 do. Balmoral sziru, piano cor era, French, English and American bedspread*. \ BLANKETS—3OO pain Swlu and Cumberland <W OEs¥3’ >l WEAß.—Broadcloths, doeskins, casii* n»,. tatlnttr. bearer cloth, ecatlmzs, red, white and blue flannels, shirts and drawers. Ac- The above goods are all freeh. and will be warrant* ed as represented, accUold In quantities to suit pur* chasers, by the pachas e. piece, or yard. TbeattantJonof houaegeeDert, hotel keepers, and otters, is particularly invited to this sale, seats will be provided lor ladles attendln* the sale. Goods will be open for examination on Saturday afternoon before the sate- GILBERT 4 SAMPSON nn-sST7-6t Auctioneer*. BY GILBERT <k SAMPSON, ■ gALSSSOOMSII 46, AND 43 DSAKBIIN-ffT. 125CrsUesof CROCKERY AND C. C. WARE 200 Cues of ' TUMBLERS, AT AUCTION— BY CATALOGUE. On THURSDAY. Bept. 2». at 9K o’clock AAL we win sell at our salesroom*, 61 crates Crockery and C. C. Ware by the crate. 41 crates Crockery ac€ C. C. Ware, to be sold in Open lots* ‘ 20fl cases Tumbler* / ' > The Ware is ail of the very seststylei and shapes, end consists of a complete assortment. Country deslerwwiil find in tb» sale aspiinoidas* sortreent, to assort up their stocks from. All goods warranted asrspreaented. Goods carefully peeked and ahlpped. Bampies can be examined early tbe morning of tMa saladsy. Country cealers willing for a catalogue will pleate writ© for one. Terms cash. GILBSKT Sc SAMPSON, le&ttSMtt AucUoseers^ Sntsrtttitw. "WANTED First' and Saoond V V Clm* Simses. Coel Landsmen, Or. dinaiy Btamea,Bi.rsand Ssamea, Stew*rd» Yecmen.Ac .for the U. B. Eavy and Gunboe -flee. oicw la tout chance. bop, to apply at 94 Dw bora street, Eoom Na. 3. LEWIS 4h CO. —** TATANTED ■ Feoimts, Volunteers IT end Substtut;«. to fill the quota Of Coo* county. All your ho-dress win be tresaeetttl la ea hoaenhle m aimer, and you will receive yotxr moo«y cash to hatd.M nrcmiied. Auplv at 84 Dearborn street*. Boom No, 5. UtWlfJ A CO. m » ISA ANTED Yoluntetra Uacruts TT aadsu v ititut«3fbrtb*U.B. ezmy. Ton can have your choice of any branch of the service, either cavalry, artillery (heavy or Iltbt). Engineers or Marine corps. Ouoa bounty. a 4 Dearborn street, sjjtooma. LEWIS m CO. se2«-e—lt WANTED—I6OO Bounty paid to v v Recruits enlisting in the isthU S Aufeairy • BecruDlcg otree, i*£3 Dearborn street. JOSEPH L. 8008. lit Lieut, mb Intantry, Recruiting Offlser. te23-M33St __ Sox Sale. F3K SALE.—TobnrnlllmoisCoal use Stewart Stovei for hestlce or coo tin* For sale by C. Hhiz, rjp Dearborn stroet. FOtt SALE Che p, one open Clash Top Carriage, harness and team, tozather irseparate. To be seen at Ui9 Msdisou street, twetnFraukUn ana Wells, r. 0.50r 1733. 5i28-tblS-is FOR SALE—2 SCO lona oi Upland Prairie Hay, Beater pressed, AddrrsiGEOKGS W. ftßauy.Feorla.lil. se^SaeiMOt FOR SALE Cneap, a steam flour is* and zrlst rani, known ai the Eagle Mills, at Frlicetcn, IlUnoli. with four ion of French Burrs, capable cf manufaciamr 2CO obis, of flour every twertyfaar hours, with a thrte-itorr wareboase as tsc&ed.wl.h a capacity for stcrihg 13.C0) oaiheli of mis. located on the track or lid C. B. A Q. 8. U. will be sold on fava.aole terms Cor pazticulsrs apply on tie premises, or address PE TROW A UO*S, Fru eeton. af2S-sBH3w FOR SALE—One 40 horse power Tubular Bolltr. o:e SS hons power two flue Be Her. oae 30 horse power, one 25 hone power, one 40 horse power aod one 00 horse power Stationary Engines; one Everet Sblhgle Hill: one Grace and e lot or patterns for-Foundry. Inquire at 2K3 Stale street, or adcreis Past Qffloe Box 3539- ee2ssS36-fet FDR SAi.E -A Grocery doing a first dess business. The bnlldtn* and Ic«se of ground will be sold u desired. For particulars la auue cn me pronmes. corner Wood and Latest*, or to L. Q. O’COM\OB, at Bn Ud A f raud’s, 40 River slrtet. se2>»tH3-2w FOR SALE -A Portable Engl- e, from 10 to 12 horsepower. Can be ssehrunnlos. J. C RICHARDS, j>9 Waahl. gton- st. acii *37r2t TfOB SALE -A Photograph and X. 1 Amb: ot?pe Gallery, centrally locstid In the Town ol lltabawasa, Indiana, cn the Unc of the M. s A St, I. R. it. ninety mile* from Chicago. sow do lus a large hnslnen- woli tnrtlibed and completely etocheo, with large 44 and 1-3 Tne above cnance Is one of the best In tne country, aad 1 w culd ofier It for sale on no coaditl >cs, ooly I am “Grafted into the army." Address J. K.SfttVENd, Uiatawaxa, or call personally at my rooms and see lor yourself. se2ls’>96 3t 1:55 pm. T?OR SALE—Valnable Stave and X 1 Lumber Mill, In consequence of the demands of other bonnesa, tbe Proprietors offer for sale tnelr etave andLomber MUL situved mooeot themost deilrable poK tain tbe Northwest with access to market by water and railroad. Ample mill, engine power. ground room,aid all faculties. Waterfront SCO fear. Machinery now raking B.C'9dre*:edtight staves and headlnir, and 15,000 leetof lumber per day. OakanapinatlmberlnaDunfanct- Perfect title, a freed customer will be treated wltb on liberal terms, and can at once enter upon a running ana paying boslnet*. Belerence, as to character of manufac ture*, and all parMcalars of tbe bmlnea*, la made to JONES & CHAPIN, Dealers in Btayea and Cooaer* age, Chicago. scU arra-iot 17OR SALE.—A first class Livery A 1 Stable, centrally located In the South Division S6Hoib«h, 6Camage?.and a complete outAt6f Sl*lch«, Bug flea and Earners?*, with a Icofc established ran of custom. The present owner Is about to retire from bn&lneia, ana will **ll immeclately for cash or on time Apply to JOHN M&TTOCKS, JB , No. J 4 Telegraph Building. 5t21.6796.7t . " FOR SALE -Two thorough bred mares, from Long Island, N*. Y, are for sale on reasonable term*. Ore Is a mahogany sorrel, seven yeatAOld, can share less than three minutes, without training. Her dam was zot by Bush's by U e old Eclipse. She was sired by ths Ling island Black fiawt. Theo'berlsa black mare, four years old; her dam was get by Byscdykes Hamiltonian; sb» was sired by the American Star, be by Sir Henry. Also, the furniture In the Perkins Home, Tlskiiwa, and the bouse to let or tor sale. Inquire on theorem, toes, at Tiasilwa Bureau c:unty Illinois, of JAS. H. MARTEN. ' ae2ta6i3 7t C’OR SATsS—SCO fcsircla reluie 'JL 1 salt, good for stock, hides. Ac., on consignment, and for tale in lots, at low Azures. Also, orders promptly Ailed (or flue and coarse aai: a: thelow-st market prices, by J.B. TAILOR, 12 Lasalte street. seS.’ s6.£-iw T7OR SALE—Oue No. 1 Gates A/ Hay Press—bscn mn about two months. In* noire of C. & 7. HA WEISS, 30!> South water-at. P. 0.80x3770. TT’OR SALE —A tip top ■ 20 horse Ju power Engine and Boiler, all In good order, and may da bonohtat a bargain. ApoU at Marine Kn- Sae Worts, corner of FxankUn and Michigan ats.,' ilcago. JOHN MURFHy. se2l-a55Mw FOB SALE—SOO tons of bsater prersedwild bay, of superior quality. (better tbanumolby for cavalry and livery borsas.) Will be delivered m cart, In lots to salt purchasers, at or •within G5 miles of Chicago. Address "Drawer K,” Lapctte, Indiana. lollasSi-Tt Host. LOST.- left or stolen a Silver Plated Pitcher, wltbJld. made by Bogera A Co , Alio, two flfiy dollar bills, Green Backs. Tbs return orany information waieh will lead to their re covery **Ul be liberally rewarded at ibis ow<** LOST. —15.00 Reward; Lost on Thursday evening. Sept. 53d, on the comer of West Madison and Canal streets, near the Ft. Warns Deoof, a Lady's Biacs Morocco Traveling Bag. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving thA Bag together with the contents, at 128 West Wash ington Birest. [M2S-8533-Btl M A. SWItTT. LOST— Or Stolen. A hroivn bay Dorse, wltb a small white rpot In the forehead, attached to a black open baggy, nearly new. from the cerner ot Peoria and Inaiaad streets, on Fri day alteraoOn, about 3 o'clock, in trout ot the bouse of Surgeon Nemetts. Any body who can Inform me ot the whereabouts or who will bring the ho aa and bug?? barb, will receive a liberal reward. SEVER A A SCHMIDT, Green Bay Road Brewery, comer of Atyinm avenue, or No. 231 North Clare atreer, at A. FBI 12* Saloon. salt s7BS-3t l£eal iSstate-=ffiitß. (t’OR SAITS—Two House, and Lots i for *3,1C0. renting for J3BO per year. One house and four lot*, 120 feet by 1M f*et,at ft aw. Ons house and let on Price place, at f I.SIC. One new house and lot on Qrran street*. Ten lots on Green and Peoria streets Call on T. F, BALDWIN, 104 Randolph street. Room No. 9. ae2S sIOO 2t F3B SALE-Business'lota on Michigan avenue and on Water street: also, WadUoa, Monroe and Clark street property im proved. Lots cn Michigan. Wabash ana inaiaaa are* nnes for residences West Bide property tor sols In blocss or la lets- Several tracks of land west and ■oath of the City Limit?. Hons?* and Lots, Redden ea and Business Property in all parts ®f the dty. GEO. V. Hi HD, 101 Dearborn street, corner of wastdnr ton. selS 5573-3tS .80 cts, C'OR SALE—Michigan avenue and A other bomea for sale cheap in THOMAS B. BUT* AK*3 Beal Estate odlce. A complex dwelling, new and thoroughly built, with a very long and advantageous lease. Price 13500. Bouse and lot south or Park Bow, $7,7 jo. Also, a charming home Is the Worth Division, |;3,5C0, First-class Michigan avfcano home and furmtur®,- $30,500. Beautllol lot 50 fe«t front on Bnah street, union Park and 'West Washington street frontage. Piairle avenne and Twenty-Second street, comer let. Bui!ne»a and Residence property In ab Divisions. Bb3S-5437-6t Tf'Oß SALE—A Frame House on A Wahaeh avenne, souih of Twelfth street. Poe* session tiren Oct. 1. Apply to GALE BBOTHSBA, Druggists. 80S Bandolpo street. se'^ieTb3-3t EOB SALE -OnPark aTenue,near Reuben street a doable two-story House, con- Egi4 rooms each, with Basement, water. gas, &c, - Gxcnnd rent for twenty gears. One-half or the pur chase mosey can remain tor three years." 'Will reef One or both wilThe sold at a bargain, or rested if net sold within a week. Inquire on the pumlsea, or address Box 1917. scliiTlWt Tf'Oß SALE—First class business _T property for said In THOS. B. BEYAN’S Beal Eitatu Office, ’Washington street lot. 40xlM feet near Lasalle street andMewßcardor Trade. _ Randolph street, corner of Wabash ayenne. _ Uichlzan ayenne Brick Houslaod uns near Lika street. 21 and 48. street fronts, by fall depth. _ North Clark sti eel houses aad lots. se2o-ri3B-8t Heal" Sslatr==ffioumrs TT'OE SALE—Or exchange for _T eltTprcnerty. 160 acres of soodlaadin County. Illinois, jfc mh*»frOßXL» , »iiacttStation and *OuT miles from Sa:v*rl Station, oa the Chicago and northwestern Railroad—llo per acre—time to suit purchseer. two crops of bay wuipay for U. do* ply to CcLAS. ARMSTRONG. at Harvard, or to D. N. BURNHAM. 09 Randolph street, Chicago, FOR SAjußtA tract of land near the Junction, 3H miles south of the city Limns, at *125 per aere. A great bargain, ilhls Uni Is near the Junction of tho Michigan Soulitra. Pittsburgh and Porte Wayne and Rock Island' Railroad GHO. V. BYRD, JOl Dearborn street, corner of Waihlng ton. • 8C26-sB7l-2t pOK SALE—An Improved Farm A ol; MOneres, within sixty miles or Chicago aad two tallestom a station on the Galena Railroad. All well fenced, large orchard of grafted fruit, three houses and good barns . price, *l3 per acre. Also, several smaller Farina lor sale. YOUNG A SPRINGER, Real Estate Agent*. No. 9 MetropSltaS Block, , c o c ™ er Haadolph and Lasalle streets. P scu-eißi'&t |fOR SALK—A Farui in Whits* dL JS? e £P? nt * ! c 2nt«ta*ss3 acm,lM under cm <o In meadow, balance beamy timbered. Frame house of two stones, two frame Darns. run nlß« orchard, 4c, Located cn fcc* Biver.near Prophetstowu. The timber aloue can be rnedt: to pay the wJceol the term in one year, a Railroad 11 graded ptsctfcelard. Price,s23 per acre- Inqulre at THOS. B. BBT AN'S Beal Batata Otflce, Bryan HalL aeis-a336-u fj'Oß SALK —Tha “Lawrence Man- J. or” Farm. Th’s Arm consists of 400 acres, divl* ded into lota ot from s to 40 acres, f.’OO in tame gnae meadow,) extensive building*, oreaards. 4e. Ac., and all In complete order, for a g* ottoman *s country seat and Arm combined. Xaya within IK hours’ ride from Chicago, and 4 mile* south of New Lenox depot, on Rock Island Ballrcad. Productive cltr property would be taken In part payment Price, gSOperacfs. sel**77-rw urn ismt. TO RENT—To a respectable party, a enite cf uofu-nished rooms. - Apply on *he oretmie*. North Latalla street, second boose sculh of North aresue. six-sen 3s TO KENT—Furnished and un furnished rooms, with dm-cluo board, at m> socable rates, at 303 South Clark street. Reference given and required. - ae33-U3*-lt TO RENT—A small basement, with vaults, suitable lor the Commission Pro doce holiness. The beet locatiomu the city. In outre on the premises, northwest corner of Lage and State streets. Kent gSICO per month. sc34-a75L3t TO RENT—And Furniture ' for sain* A two story and basement brick House, containing eleven rooms, with barn on the premises, situated cn Indiana avenue, near Eighteenth strait. Avery deniable locality. Rent $759 per annum. Apply at room No. b over 123 South Clark street. ie23-nu gt fpORENT—SO New Pianos, also A a large assortment ol Pianos. He'odccst and Orssai fer the most favorable terms. W. W. • HJaIBALL, 14JXaka street. sei3 q915-lm sum*- CTRAYED—Frpm the subscriber on the 2tth Inst., from the third boas* esit of Wood street, on Carroll street, a dark brown pony bone.ilx years o d, heavy tall and mage, white spot on forehead and about 14 hands high. Any ooe giv ing information where tbe same la will be suitably re warded. [te2S sgtf-StJ N. a. QAQB, OTBAVED. —Takfn up by the Otubccnbir*. on tbe 191U IcsCiti nine head of SUgaondUxep, FaiUea owning them will prove charges sud take them away. FRA* 888 A CRAtfFORD, Clctro, Cook County, 111, ■e2S-57124t * 1 ICHaniM V\ AN Teo—Principals for seven "abatltutea. Apply »s car oflcc/o. Clark im«t. »ex«Voor to the v et MwtaPs office. adaotaSPRINGER. seU*7BHt TAT ANTED— By arespectable Pro »some taihe conatrrto da (So Caw»*»- ELteoe need apply > Acarei* Bar 3331. Chicago or cea he aeea at lot auwetT ni4iMl-lt WANTED—A situation by * reiy bftßl»Sa ll V , « n^h Irll f women, to do ear kind o < v * nu hM a child orer a year old. end wij hire cheap i* toth cea be eoeoM cuiaer of Ohio mA Meizet attests. Chicago, lu. seteeiiMS TI7AKTED—A yourg man hir- T T tag a thorooch knowledge of hork Keep's* by slstle and asnble catty. s- eks employment. salary not so much aa object as a rottrortaola sltaatto*. Adcreaa**J W F,”l«aaaß office. ieltdt}-X Tl7 ANTED—Clerks,-bookkeepers, v V laletmen. porters, bexkeesere. Ac„ must tltoattoss should apsty at the AaverUalx* ana Qea eralßuatneas A*enc/T SI Dearborn strret. Boom 3 Severat slcuatKjcs now onea for tho*e register* ed. We refer to Ant c.ass homes. Office hours) tillS. LEWIS St CO. se3t>*—lt T\T ANTED—A aiiuation aa as?ia v v taut book-keeper or zeaeral clerk In any coed mercamUe huame&s. Also a situation wanted as curk tn a grocery store. Good rtiereace fnmJsaed. Alio ffifrebanu. hotels, do, xurulinea vlth help <Brails). Dearbctn sizest. no;m 3. LKWIH A CO- qaie Finley A Co.) mM-i—lt \\T ANTED men -«ho £e " T ,lx * .bosltlcuß In the uf 8. navror*uabD»t service, sod who wub to receive a*ood Dounty. good wssei, prize nioaey and aood treatment, should ap ply at Pesrboja sueet. Iliom 3. the ondnat rt craning office. LnWld a CO.» (Successors to Finley * Co) se?6-s—lt ANTED-. A house of Lom fire V T to lea rooms, in a good locality, at a mm able rent. Any oao haviDg cr kuna In* of such e daclllnc. wjllp!e»*Btoa(!dtcs«, itatinz patllcalari. Box tiaaH Post Office, lor three days. aeis u VV' ANTED A tirl to do general f v luqulVe at the second house west of ireubea street, on West Washington me«: south XI7ANTED—A firstclaes Scroll TT Sawyer. Also.twof.mclMl Jslners. Ap ply at 7-4 and 76 Fulton meet. YV ANTED—To lent a Cottage V T with four or more rooms la lUtotvera. Moa joe ssd Carro:l stresw.antt P«*na street sea tbe mer. Address wild terms Boxl714»F. O. rdicsm. hi. TreT ANTED -Bosud for a famUy ff cf five—two ladles and three eentlemta— would require idieo bed rooms aad tbe use of a pir- Icr West Side preferred. Address, s’attac urmi G.A. M.. Trie one Office, Chicago, Hi. leJS-a&Ms ■fXT"ANTED—lnfcrrf-ation ot WU t * Ham Fisher, who left bis home In Wearer at., Dublin, Ireland, about thirteen months ago, basing betn p:encuii7 emaged witu a number or ether* to wor* enthoCdtcaao, Al'onard St. Louis lUilroat lu the United state*. Any wfortnailca concerning him will be than*fully received by hi* si«ter Cbtr- IctandherhosbatidAdarru DU«Ca2* H#NDKI£, SOU, F. O. Box 1-439. Chicago. IU. m 2548»» YYrA!NT±ID —300 ladies and Gee ▼ T tlemen from all pvta of the We*:, to act tu agents for the asle of BuUu-ick’* Patterns fur cuttlmr lAdles Dressei, and all kinds of clothing. Sore to ail7> e T’. r rail 7V ail 7 c»Pltaf required. BTACT * . 0 =? ,talr, t McCormick's Build lug, corner oniancolch ana Dearborn •.treet*. Chi cago. P. O. Bex 630(1. atStisriw \\T ANTED—A TriveUr. Ora »,* who understood* the rontca.aad U well ac quainted wltb the Merchant* m the .Northern and Western states. One who has tome knowledge of Faacj Gooos.preferred. AntwertoP.O Boz4sftT. with reieience, previous employment and salary ro- QUJi ed, jess i^O-B WANTED—A woman to do T T cereral housework In a family of three p*r sots Addrtssßox-1615.orapplyat Boom 1. Ho. 124 Randolph street. Chicago. sc2s-5919 -jt Tl7 ANTED—To rtnt a Cottage T T orsnaUboaiecoatalntpggaaandwator.Sl rosvetliat to cur railway. with yard, oreferred. Address E*. WO&DAIiD, Chicago Boat Office. ie2s Si2l-2t WANTED. Extraordinary in- I" dneemeni* offered to parties, either in ally or country, to engage In a legitimate ana very oro ntabie business. Call at Room S Post Office Block, corner o; ilcaroe and Dearborn streets, or ad-lres* Post Office Box 3*P,wabitamp enclosed. as^-sdlAJt WANTED —A reliable woman to do the general work In afamQy of three per sona blast thoroughly understand cooking. The hlshett wages paid to a firsbclaia umat. Appiy wllb ircomneadaVoDS, between 11 and 3 o'clock, at the First National Bans, southwest corner of Lake and Clark streets. sel3 »Baß-3t WANTED— A Salesman in a first class Retail Clothing Home, an experienced Salesman thoroughly acquainted wltn.the business. To such a good situation ta offered. Noue other need answer thu?. Address P. O. Box 2340. ssßaShm WANTED -Coopers. Etgntgood Ale Barrel Coopers can find ateidy etnolor* . ment at lushest wages at Snail’s Colombian Bre werj. M»IE36 iw WANTED A Waiehcuseman "I who understands coopering andean come well recommenced, apply to PETER MACQDEEN, 16 Bootn Laaalle street. ia2s-s&3-rt WANTED—A small house with M ftom seven to ten rooms with water,yas. Ac., In a good location, in exchange for a larger one. being too large for the present occupant*. Part of the mmltore wonld be sold if desired. Apply to LASAK A NORRIS, 107 Randolph street. iC2S-83.-7 tit 'WANTED-A isamstiess havisg T r a Grover A PoSfrSewlng Machine. and who has tad four years* experience la tbeuse of it. deairea a situation m some family to do sewlne. Katereacaa given. Address SUSAN QUINN, Milwaukee, Wls. seil-sTaMt / WANTED —want every mar rled person, acd those cosmurn-tTixo van* '-A JrH aMSkififc oftbeQMsostitrportsnceto every married person, nevus nsroSß ammo, that can bs obtained from no other scarce. V positively no bnmbng. Address, with stamp. DB. 8. BACHELOR, Kanlaaee City. LI. sett r&Mt TfTANTED—A situation in a T ▼ wbolnala grocery bonso by a young who baa bad two years esperlecce as asiesxao.andeaa bnscr first class reference. Asdr&ss if. O. Box 3739. ge2itm2-6t • ANTED A cottage house or yv otherwise, containing 7or 3 rooms. In a heal thy location Pos-ession wanted any Unre within a week. or aadresa C. 8. TEWKBBDBT, HU* sols Central Ral road Passenger Building. Bt2Lfcil.C-3t ~\\T A3S TED—A Practical Piiutcr, T T or a mad of talent* with a cash capital ef UCOO to tabs an inn rest in agocd paying country naws* paper. Must be competent to edit the paper in eve* rr respect. Reason tor desiring a partner, more bnelten than one can a'tend to. Moone need apply iha 1 use not sot the above amount at h a command. Apply to C.H.SCRIVSN, 63 Dearborn stre*t.chf* C3ro. se2t-aISI-8B * 'fXT'ANTED — I wiah to purchase a » t Water Pow» r Floutlrg Mill, ol from three to five run of Stone. Ora rood water pow >r suitable for such a mill. Address, s’aong location, terms, &2 , H. J. LOG AN. Ottawa. 111. serf S7JS-H^ TSrANTED—A situation as ao- IT countsnt In a mercantile or maanlactnrtn* establishment, or as book-keeper cr teller In a bans I;g office by a person who has had an erperlaacs of several years In each department. Reference* liven. Adorcg P.O. Bos‘lo3. Be2^i7ia-6t<| TSTANTED—To purchase a loco v T motive boiler from 23 to 20 hono power, either new or second-hand, if In rood order. 4ddreM Box 4310. Chicago Post CtCee, giving size of boiler, number aad diameter 1 1 flues, ae«3 s6#Mt "TOTANTED— From two to three T T tnomasdhead of sheep to winter ox iharea. AflxessA- W. TU-oSER. Lincoln,Loean ftountr,lU Se22-1635-6t A. W. TUBHBB. \\l ANTED—By Boynton & Big- Ti gins, flfleenmen. wno have had experience In caring pig's feet and trtfco. Call ntsbop near Alta* and St. Louis railroad bridge, South Side. SC2I-5530-1W TXT ANTED—For the Government v t in the Quartermaster's Department, at St* Lculs, Laborers at 143 per moath and rattoua. Teas* aUn at |4O par month and radons. Tree transport** don tarnished irons Chicago, Illinois, For furthv intormatlcninuolm at the Government OrKce. l-T-iK 80. Water street, Chicago*lllinois, O.M.BABCOCBT Goterament Agent. seis-ssim ■fAT ANTED—A Partner with a IT few thousand dollars, either stlent or actfye, to engage in the Packing business. Great Indue* ments are offered to any one dts-rousef investing la a tacking holiness centesliy located. ACdreso**Q C.‘ pox 12&4. Ckicaao P. O. sc4M4*>lwH WANTED— A Wi;e. I wish to ▼ v make the aconalntasee of a modest Christian woman.lrcin-'ll to aa year* old, fond of home audits ■ loye.wlUlDK to say to me as Ruth said to Naomi Jn Ruth Ist. Mth and 17th verse*. To tneh I can offer a good home and deyoted heart. Best of references given. A note itatlng where and when an interview can he had. will he treated with discreet candor, and toe honor of a gentleman. C. B. ARTHUR. Chicago p. o. *ear-".ruiw gjaanfffesHgewfa. T\7 ANTED—Agent*, SSO to »150 T mer nienth. Agents w nted.raale and Tenuis, to self tbo celebrated IMPP.OVEDNKW UNOLaNt* FAMILY BKWISG MACHINE. Price OnlS •8. It will stitch hem. fell tack, bind. cord. omit, and em broider he*atlTnily. We will pay from *9O to $l3O per month, or give a liberal commlisioa. Call eo or «ou?K« with stamp E. T. BU3H A Co., Uhl ch Block Chicago, 111* leSOCt VV ANT ED —Agi nta -for several highly popular acd rapidly celling works, including Sckmuckbu’s Hieromr or m Rxbsl uov. 2 ready: Scott’s or TBxKaßxnuow 20lh edition In tae bind**? jMomair a3dßisCaptobs, a work of UullUng lntcrcst; and Ber. Dr. Boynton’s great work,^ r ENaoaii amo Jrnxscu BiuTaxurr, amu tum A»ot*Fnucu Allzaxo ct TBSta R*L*noNs to tom United Status and Russia." u. F. VENT w CO. Publish. ezt, 119 Dearborn street, Chicago, Dl. serAnUdSt IX7 ANTED—Agents to sell Presi » T denual Campaign aledal* and Badge Pina. Likenesses comet: workmanship superior. Fries bom 91 to 910 pe* its. A samole medal or pin, either In yellow or white metal, 2F cent*. Addreia JOBS STANTON, Stamp and Brand Cutter. iSftFUtn-tt. Cia wn "*<l. Ohio. aeiUM lot \\T ANTEI>—Agents Vanted to v * sell the moat 14 Wonderful Invention ol the Age'*—an Instrument and full Instruction* by which any lady or gentleman can take a perfect Ukenes£ gfjj* 2 e * °° J2£clpt cf SO centa. Agents are making 7}® • day. Brery lamiiy should have one aaa taka ttelr own Ukenesaee. Town-and county rights tor Address M. DE GRAND, 308Broadway! New XolKm 0 eea*a£B6g XUANTED—Agents to sell my p** rtf’SJS entitled” Home oa Furlough/* H 6lll- Fiues me he never had any oa« c l«&g2£sg!l?- 801 XUANTED—Agents to sell my rtf valuable new receipts and methods •it? eat * A *entt uro making from SSJ» to '°P«f acrordtae to their basinets abilities. ®f®*kee on receipt of fIOO and red stamp (They 5* e to any persru ) Fv*-.ry family should s v Address B. T. DKPO9S, S3 KmihS ». x«Boom 4. ~\\F ANTED—*100 per Month. Ao ieathtng. T^OARDIaSTG—Per-ona wiatin&to boardaluclegtaof Both Mecleal Colleva win M Brj.iuiier, p.©.Drawer37B7. ™ “DOhRDING—A manied couple citwoorthtMiMlMcns.t Mi.m la , ort vate family—a plcaaani location. West Bide, near meet cars. Address P.Q. Box 1921. sumL T3OARDIKG.*-Afewda7 boarders Mketoauaodated at 331 Wist Randolph stTett umBBMt BOAbDING.— A furnished or un« lurnlsred room to rent with board.suitable for a gent.*man aod wife, or twosirgie gentlemen, om sjtaroe meet, near Batitsd. References exchinlea XJOARDING -Two• pleasant ii.'ioujß.'UiOoaracMlio lid ,; 291 lH>«rd« W.nted. «aret«n“ cx< LangtcL sema^-st pOARDme-Permineut board sndjurnlAhed room on South Side wautsd by two six tie men, oa the Hist of October J ob. * * K ' .

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