Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 27, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 27, 1864 Page 2
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Cl)tcar|o tDribajie. TUESDAY. SEFI'EMBEE'.S?. 1864. .« TBB ('on^KVOlit'OßHlS The decline of cishtyrents in ths price of Gold, which has taken place within thirty dajfl, hot mainly within the past week, Ixts created a panic in nearly mi tt»e market* of the cctnlry, aid caocot fall to occasion dis treei in the mercantile commn&l*/. h c gitl- J mate have boncM stocks at tac figures of SCO, must suffer heavily at the J standard of 170 or 380, and it **Ul be well for ; the public to exercise a decree of forbear ance 11 they donot Instantlyacccpt the cx-; treme depression oi the present moment as • the fixed basis of commercial transactions. The tendency of the Gold market Is to rise ftr above Jbe standard warranted by the /sets when disaster overtakes the national arms, and to fall acme what below that standard, when! the opposite results are attained In the field. # We believe that the bottom baa not been reached yet We believe that goldJs sUU- above any figure warranted by the- facts, bnt In such a crisis the wisest man in the world cannot predict with certainty. Indeed it may be said that one man's opinion is as goad as another’s. There are many circumstances, aside from victory or defeat in battle, which form ele ments of the gold problem. Expansion or contraction of the national currency, reck less speculation, excessive importations of the state of tae crops In Eu rope, the relations of foreign governments, I may each or all affect the market at the same . moment that His being by the news from the Shenandoah. Hence, he only who Is endowed with the gift of proph ecy can assume to tell what will bo the state ol the gold barometer to-morrow or next week. Tor the mere spt chlator, whether In gold, or cotton, wo have no sympathy. It is the essential feature of his trade that he takes all the risks of the situation—that be makes or loses a fortune in a day. Ht« busi ness is profitable cnlj to hlmsolt Ho does not enrich the commodity. Jfrut infrequent ly he adds to the misfoitares of others, by hoarding the crops of the country, and there by creating artificial prices, though this evil is much leas than is r cm-rally supposed. It is not within Ute power of at-y mts, or any | set of men,to control, foranyleogth of time, the necessaries of life, where they exist and are constantly produced in each abundance.' The best illnstratloh of this fact is "found in I the extraordinary number of “lame ducks’* j fluttering around every chamber of com- I merce at the present lime They weut in I bundeomedy and pot squeezed. Thtir misfor- ' tunes trouble nobody bnt themselves. With the merchant who brines the pro ducts or' different sections and differ ent countries -togither fur .the purposes . .. of legitimate trade, the case is changed. Hit) Tocatlrn is a benefit to the community. True, he takes Lis alske, bnt the risks cre ated By a stale of war aro sometimes cruel in the in the field. 'HU business cannot stop in.lhe'storm to be returned In the sunshine. It must go on, even though he boys in a high market to sell in a low one. He may be pardoned, therefore, if he . avails himself ol everything afloat to keep from sicking. We know merchants who have bought half a million dollars* worth of goods on the gold bests of SCO. In any event, they must Iqpe heavily. They cannot p stop silling, because that is iteelf loss. Let ns hqpc that they, and those situated like them, may not lose alt The market will regulate itself by fixed laws, and meanwhile we can afford to be patient. STOW THE WAS BEG AW. The Copperheads fluote from the Repub lican papers to show that before the bombard ment of Snmter Republicans proposed not .to attempt coercion. This only proves that Republicans weighed the magnitude of the tafk before entering on it. Bat when with, . the pretended, or if real, then at best the. fickle concurrence of the Democratic party, they committed themselves to the policy of war, they nailed their Hag of Unconditional Union to the mast-head, and they will never take it down. That the warwaa entered upon as much by’the “Democratic” leaders wbo .now call" for peace,' us by the coo?isteut Union men of i# proved by the following resolutions of Congrvts, kno vu <s the Crittenden resolutions, a unanimous vote, almost: "7 Jle*o'ted,bv Vie Sou** of Xepreteniqiiveeqfihe Concrete of the Uoitei State-. Tim tbe preseir. <le p'.orabic civil wvr has been forced npon u»e couu tryby the dtatmolnlets o'the tjoudiam Sutes, now in revolt agtinat t&e Cou-umuocal Govern xueiit, and In arm* around tbc (si.ual. Tbit in'tbi* national emergency Congrc?*, ban- IbhlogaHfccdnv of mere pansUm or resentment, will rrcolect-orly unduly to tbc whole countrv: th>u t£b> war l» not w»*r>o Bum uurjonla üßj ep:rtt of opprcraloc, or tor any purpose of con quest or tnbjog*llon. or-purposeol overthrowing or tttcrferlny with the rirb'a or established mit£ totbmt of those States; but to defend and main, tblc the supremacy of tbe ConetUatlon, sad to j n-srrretbc Utilon vilh all the dUmlw eoniUry and rirhta of the aererti States unimpaired • sad test as soon as tbcve ejects are accomplished tbe war ought to cease. - Every Democrat from the Northern States except VaHsndigbam voted for the first, and he dodging the first voted for the second. Two border State Democrats only.Burnett of Ecntncky.aud Held ol Missouri both of whom now represent the same districts in the rebel Congress, which they then represented in the Federal Congress, voted against the resolu tions. Thus Pendleton,' ValUndigham, Wood, Cox, White and Voorhles have pledged the Copperheads to the declaration thet the disnnlonlsts of the South are respon sible for the war,'and that it ought to be waped until the supremacy of the constitu tion be maintained, and the Union pre served On this and the thousand other pledges o! the like character, the Copperheads have tamed their hicks with a perfidy that renders them utterly unworthy of a nation’s confl. concc. Had they during the four months In which the rebels were making war on the government before the government took up arms in its defence, endeavored to dissuade tbe rebels from appealing to arms instead of unanimously encouraging and Justifying tbem.ln doing eo, they might have setup aume claim to be peace men. Uad they stood by the rebels who were betrayed into the war mainly by the frjeonrAgßfnent of Northern “Democrats,” they would at least have been consistent to the rebels though traitors to their country.'' TTad they when they pledged themselves to sustain the Union by war stood by their pledge they would have been rescued from a further in* frmy. But to-day, perfidious and false to all, - they have left no party South or North whom they have not betrayed; and now by array ing their candidate against their platform, end their President against their Vice-Presi dent, they have set their right hand to cheat ing their left with a vigorous knavery, only exceeded by that with which their left is swindling* their right. Truly their TPBTim |g ‘‘Let not thy right hand know what thy lelt hand doclh.” THE REBELS OUTLIEp. To show how much more zealously the C op perheadjftpers sustain the rebel cause, wc cite the fact that the New York World published a statement from its Baltimore correspond ent (generally^TjeUevcd to be a writer In the World offlcc.J.cßtlmating that the rebels have still oat of eervice and liable to dralt 1,186,- 000 men. The object is of course to contra dict Gen. Grant’s statement that the rebels “have already robbed the cradle and the gr avu” - TbmElcbmond WJ»ig t however, estimated tUI the Confederacy Las throughout its en tire limits but 132,000 men liable to draft and out of service, and that among all these H is exceedingly difficult to find a man who is not even more needed where he is ♦■*»«« in the army. They are all required as overseers of slaves, orlnjunulng the railroads, tele: graphs, newspapers or government o flic os necessary to keep np the rebellion. And yet the UW2d professes to be and Is the most warlike supporter of the “war candidate on a peace platform * K “If these things be done in the grecirtrec, what ehaH be done in the dry ? The Tribunt is vetrunhappr because the rebels prcier Lincoln to McClellan. The rebels are right. A* their chief orjan ears: “ Wc cam make better terms of peace *itb ao anti* slavery tasaiic than with an earnest Unionist." —New Votk World. If they can make bcttir terms with Lincoln then the will b£ more satisfactory and venduiiug; and as~the Copp4rbe*ds_are so fraatic to stop the war, U It not bettor to let Lincoln negotiate It than McClellan, as the rebels prefer dealing witijblm; It Is un. dvclably trac that Lincoln can make better terms of peace than McClellan. His terms are very Submission, to the Constitution and. the laws. secures a complete Union on the basis of freedom, and disposes forever of the suicidal heresy of ** State Sovereignty ” and the “ right of S*. cession ” Peace made on these terms will be Infinitely bttur lor tee ••South’* than one acknowledging rebel independence, wldch would be a curse to them If they had it The “ chief organ ”Is rig at, Lincoln is tbe man to mate the terms of peace Alwiys prefer “an anti-slaver/ fccatlc” to a das t.rdly, dlrt-Mtlng doughface. j~ xhe Republicans In New York have nominated the -following members of the present Congress lor re-election: CalrlnT. Hurlbcrd In the 17th dietrlct.Jamea'JL Mar gin In the 18th, John A- Griswold In the 15th. Samuel P. Milieu Jn the Uth, TOoiaa T. Davis In the 2Sd. Theodore M. Pomeroy In the Mth, and GUeaW.HotcV - klea, of Broome county, In the -Oth. Mr. Fenton, the Union candidate for Governor, will probably be succeeded by Judge Nor man M. Allen, who baa long been a member of the Stale Senate. jbobjb sraiws, • E B. Morphy, woo enlisted as drammer boj in company A, 127 th Illinois, and is now *n orderly on Gen>Ligbtbain's took a rote on the Chicago, Burlington and Qalncy *rsin, which arrived here yesterday morning, •which resulted as follows ; Lincoln r on Mccieiiaa ;;;;; ’!*!!!!';!”!! The little Tctcnn desires ns to state tint he took the result to the. Juries office, but ia spite of his -arguments, conld not prevail upon them to publish it A teat vote at the Chattanooga Hospital, a few days since, stood: Lit-coin... McCltllin, Fremont. Fernando Wood Koea rorfleOlellaiL Fernando Wood made a speech at Tamma ny Hall last week; and gave In fail adhesion to the Chicago nominee He gave conclusive nasonsforthe c:urse he has decided to* adept “If elcctedj’t said he, U X am satisfied that he (Gen. McClellan) tritf eticriain the vkvs and execute ff* principle* of V* greet party Jtevilhtj/ratent, without regard to those he may Limsilf possess. Be will then be our ageut and the creature of our voice,” This is perfectly true, nnd the sequel will show it How, Indeed, can he be anything els * ? He is nominated solely and exclusively because he is the representative ot the'party which adopts him. Ho is xqade their candidate only because he is to be their agent Mr. Wood stated the simplest and most unquestionable maxim of practical politics, when he assert ed that the nominee of a party becomes the representative of that party when, with his own consent, he becomes its candidate. When Buchanan was nominated, he stated that he was “no longer James Buchanan”— he was simply a part 'of tho platform. He waa the representative of the principles and purposes of the party which had pnt him in nomination. Tais'was trued him; and it must be true ot every man who permits hfm ecir to be made the candidate of a political party, ho matter what letter of acceptance McClellan may write to catch votes, he must go with his party, which is pledged to effect an “Immediate cassation of hastnitie*,” uad to making a disunion peace, fhr no other then would be possible. • Eighth' llllools .-Cavalry, One hundred and fllty members of the Bth Illinois Cavalry did cot re enlist. Having served out their three years, they returned home last Friday to this city. -On the cars a vole for President was taken, resulting for Lincoln, 118; lor McClellan, 18.' Founem did cot vote. Most ot those who voted foe Little Mackerel did it on tha strength of his deceptive letter, in which he looks oneway acd rows another. people will do well to bear In mind thn tbr elecupi. cl the BepvbUc.n Candidas i U r Presi dent means a cuntmuatioo of tbc present fy j, em of finance, which bas produced eucU high prices as to render it difficult for toe mease* of tbo pcooie Xollve comforub.y.— Jf. y. Worii. ¥ ¥ The people never “ lived more comfort*, bly since they were bora; never were so well rewerded for their labor; men never possetEtd more of the comforts and luxuries •of life. Nevertheless wc all want peace and a cessation of bloodshed, but it must not bs a white-feather peace—a surrendi'p- to Jeff. Davis—lt must not be a peace obtained at the sacrifice of the Union and national hott er- It must not peace that will make on American when’ abroad, ashamed to look an European In the eye and confc** ha Is from the North- - Save the Union by subju gating the rebellion,-and-the “system ol finance” will improve to par with gold. The prospect of Lincoln’s re election, and of a speedy end to the rebellion, have knocked gold down seventy cents within a month. Loyal men- of the aNsrtbl for whom win you vote—for Abnbom Lincoln, the cho»«a candi date of tbc rebels, or lor George B. WcClullau, the terror of tbu rebels,—JV. 2' World. • pitiable trash is this I Chosen can didate ol the rebels!” Mr. Lincoln is the nominee of two millions of unconditional Unionists, whom the World calls “ rebels.** B bcls against whom t Against Jeff. Dills d tbc slave holders. "Who else ? Why, “itbrls” against Jtff Davis’ Northern al* !»«►, rlic Copperheads. “Ccorgc B. McClellan, the terror ol reb tlir rebels? ” Certainly not those in stctffla. Be never alarmed them. Thev ■bsd no riK're “terror” of him than a dog has of *bup. The World is miming “cxnp tisi.f,” if it cannot think of better elec tUneeiing clap-trap than such stuff as the above k . \gS*“lf is “honest’ 1 why does he pay him* U hla eahoy la ■•old ccrtlflcstes when o-urr nv«U»orx have tn content themselves with dcprt'cU to i.r*twsb«cl£# J—-V Y. World. jlr. Lincoln p*ys Llmeelf in “green backs ” and nob in “ gold certificates,” and invests Hs savings In Federal bonds; Tbc IT. r;d kt owe it was hmg when It made the asserUoa. reported that a chaplain in Sheri- the Sunday prior to the victo ry, gave.rnv the following hymn: Esrly, my God, without delay I haste to seek thy peace. ' Ard preached a sermon from the text: “They that seek me, early, shall find me.” IST "We never could comprehend why McClellan was criled “Napoleon of the West,” and all that sort ot thing. Bat It is now cipUincd in the journal of the officer of the Galena, which wc published yester day, which records that Gen. Me., being considerably fatigued, went to the cabin' for a “uttle nap.” He doubtless received his tide from these celebrated slumbers. GEiy. philTshekidux; Sketch of bis military Career. Philip Henry Sheridan, to whom the coun try is indebted lor the great triumphs In Virginia, is a native of-perry county, Ohio,- of Scotch-Irlsh parentage, as was General* Jockeou, bora in Ibe year 1831, being now only thirty-eight years old. He was grade, ated at the West Point Military Academy in July, 1853, and at that time entered the army as a brevet Second Lieutenant of the Pint United. States Infantry. Daring the years 1853, ’4 and ’5 he served in the Indian cam paigns in Texas; and in/uly of the last men- Honed year, after serving a few mouths in command of one of the forts In New York harbor, he wsa ordered to California. En gaged fora while In the Government railroad surveys on the Pacific coast, be was detached - from that service to take part in the cam . )&ign against the Indians, in Oregon Terri tory. In the severe campaign under Major Baines he greatly distinguished himself, and was highly praised by ins commander for gallant and meritorious condnct in tbe fight .at the cascades of Columbia, April 28, ISO. Per tbe port he took In the settlement of the Indian troubles in Oregon, Sheridan was very warmly eulogised by Geh- Scott, then General-in-Chief ol the army. Just after tbs breaking out 'of the reoellton he was made Captain in tbe Thirtieth'lnfantry, and served. for several months in St. Louis as President of a Military Commission convened at that place. In December, 18C1, he was made Quartermaster of tbe Army of the South west, then opera’ing in Southern Missouri, and afterwards in Arkansas under Gen. Sam uel B Curtis. He remained with that army until utter the great battle of Pea Bidgt, iu the spring of »C 2, when he was appointed Chief Quartenna&ter'on the stiff ol Gen. Ballfck, then In comfiiand of the army be fore Corinth. In May, 1862, lie was offered and accepted * tlit* command of the Second Micnigan caval ry, and from this time he was in proper cle* znent, and his great merit as a soldier in active flild Berries was raoldlj developed. Three days alter he assumed command (M»y SOtb) be fought and defeated a considerable body of rebel cavalry near Corinth. In elev en days alter this he was''entrusted with the command of a. brigade-of CiVilry; and on thcAfct of July he vindicated the choice of bis commander by fighting and defeating a rebel cavalry force oT nine reglmeais under the nolorioufi Chalmers. This action was so brilli«ntthatlt won for him the star, of a brigadier. Thus in one month he won his way, by cheer forccof active and meritorious' servlet-, from the ranker major to that of general clllccr. In September, oi the euae year, he was given me command of the Thiyd Division ol the Army of the 0010. then operating under Bnell In Kentucky. He fought his brigade with distinguished gallantly and success In the severe battle ot BcrrjriUe. In October of that year; and again, Dith still greater distinction, under Gen. Rosecrans In the victorious Murfrees boro campaign In December, 1862, end Janu ary. 18C3. Bis services at tide time were of bnen distinguished merit ttact he was made a Major General, to date from December 81, 16C2: From that time on his carctr In the Tullahoma, Chattanooga andJCblukuntuga campaigns of Gen. the Chatta nooga and Mission Ridge'campaign with Gen; Grant, and lathe great campaign of the Army of the Potomac, commencing in May, 1861, all the time as a must sccum plhhed and successful General of a orns of cavalry, is still so fresh in the memory ot the people as to render more particular mention unnecessary. Els dssbiDg expedition to the rear of the rebel lines near the Wilderness, In Aliy Ust. Tils destructive loray on theTirglnla Central- Railroad, in June, and bis almost übiquitous ©retailors against the enemy,, with th eplendid cavalry he hod imbued with Ms own soldierly spirit, made him the terror of Lee’s army la the early months of the cam* paign. In alibis variou? employments, whether as a subaltern in an Indian campaign, lo the difficult executive duties of the QmrtermuG ter’s office, as toe Colonel of a cavalry regl ment, as the General ot an infantry division, as the General of a'cavalry corps, or in tbe higher and more responsible position of con* mending General of an independent army in tbe field, Philip Henry* Sheridan, nowM«jor General, and Brigadier In the regular army by appointment, has shown himself a most thorough and accomplished soldier, and Well deserving ot thelaunJ wreath the victories of Winchester and Fisher’s Hill will cost upon his brow. FROM SPBMCFIELD, The Calnm.l utver Oam-Vonnhcad ' Bi-ran-d-mllitar, nfatior!- wmoiff [From oat ' '/T ~ _ ’ SrsnsarißLn, BepU 25.1501 Gov. Morton, of Indira, on Mr. Bongfc, of that to -coneult with Gov. Tates on the subject of the abatement of the dam on tbo Calumet Elver, aadhy whtchthe hvtr supplies the Illinois and Michigan Ga ud with water. In 1857 U was agreed by both States (bat action on the subject of this dam should be deferred lor five years. That time bra expired, and Gov. Morton is very pressing that the dam shall bo removed, or at Uabt that the water which the dam causes to overflow some 20,000 acres of land ia In diana shall bo drawn cIT by a cat leading irom the Little to the Grand. Calomel siren The Peoria Afoil, anti-draft and Copperhead paper,* charges that there is-great dissatisfac tion at El Paso, Woodford conhtjv on ac count of the alleged injustice with whlch the dratt has been enforced that place. This charge is completely refuted in a card pub- Hrhtd here b> cUlzcns of Wood»orl county who Were present at the Provost Mirshal’a office here to look after the interests of tha county. The ciirzens arc Sylvester Wright. James 0. Terry and J. A Briggs. C»pt 31. H. Prckott, of Ottiva, arrived at Camp Batter yesterday with thirty-oae veterans, of Batt.ry C, First Regiment of Illinois Artillery, directly from Atlanta. The ci mpaay was organized in April, 1801, for three month’s service, and was known as Co F. lOta Hllnols.lofaatry at Cairo, It re-cnlisted for three years, and was in the campaign in Missouri, at Island* No. 10 aad ■ atConnth. It then WonJ,to Tnscnmbia. Ala bama, under GenJ Palmer. It subsequently p.rtl piloted m the battles of Larerffne.Stoao Kkfr, Chiekamauga, Lookout Moantalu, Mlaaion Kldge, Tnnael HUI. Buzzard’S Itoost, Beaeca and other engagements. It and the tot ehot of the Cumberland Army ageinat Atlanta. It also toot part in the etige of Jonesboro under Gen Carlin and |°“f P““ of BaitOT-'B, Firatlilioola Anil. Itiy, and Several Parrntl 01Ittc nmrlnnalir captured toy the enemy, and which snccesa resulted In Uie capture .ot Jonceboro Tnn battery lost in its last campaign thirtv-tUrco nen In killed'and wounded, fired 11430 rounds of ammunition,end with the exception or twelve days during four months was con stantly in the advance and under fire. Th reeord is one of ‘the brightest pagos-in the history of the war. A vote taken by Co. E, 233 Regt, Veteran Ut eeive Corps at Camp Tab s, resulted in 55 votes for Lincoln, 7 lor'McCielian. and 5 for Fremont, Reports from all parts of the State‘are to the effect that the great Union mass meeting to como off here on the sth of October, wtu he tut largely attended, acd-that tbe spirit of 1860 will be revived. Gov. Andrew John son, Gov. - Morton, of Indiana, and Gov. Brough, ot Ohio, are among those expected to be present. A very large and enthusiastic Union-meet ing was held av Bourbon, near Tiacola, Doug las county, on Wednesday. Speeches were •made by Hon. Lawrence Weldon, Major Wright and other gentlemen.' Gen.John A- Logon is expected home dal ly, on a visit to Lis friends. Gov, Tates left here this evening, for Bur lington, lowa, to deliver the address at tne iowa State Sanitary Fair. Deputy Provost Marshal Keyes to day drew one hundred and filty-four names, be ing the remainder ot the debit of Livingston connty. Toe drawing was from the towns of .Indian Grove, Belle Prairie, Nebraska, Kook’s Creek, Owego, Ssnnemia, B-mod Grovb end Broughton. j>.. FBOM CAIRO. Change of CommaodcrH-hhtarbanre at h Coppoihead dleelln^—l*tercs&> fits from Xextts—Auochvr Ombn Vio lory. .. - IFtom Our Special Correspondent.] Caibo. Sept. 24, J3 A. Another change has occurred in the com mand ol the post of Cairo, Colonel P. Da. videon having been succeeded by Colonel E.' T. Sprague, of the 42d Wisconsin regiment! This latter lias elso'been garrison ed here. relieving tbe lofilb Illinois—hundred dsy troops, whose term ol service expired on the Btb last The latter commenced on this evening,.'engaged 7 in prcpmng for the journey home, and will probably more some' time to morrow. BlmnUaneonsly tjje McClellan copperhead to lmv(f held »n out of door meet: ingat th£ Market House, last cveniog, on which occasion Kellogg and Josh Allen were expected to appear in their usual abuse of Lincoln and the present Admlnig. ♦ration. Quite a respectablaaized crowd ot citizens collected at the plafcs named, at 8 o’clock this evening, and Allen had commenc ed a review of what'he seems pleased toc«Il “ the tyrannies ol the abolition Administra tion,” when an accession to the assemblage was made in the persons ol a* number of solders, unarmed, consisting cl portions of several companies of tbc IGfith Illinois, who were out of camp, having been relieved of duly, some convalescents of other regi ments, and a few citizens. Taking offenseat seme cf Josh Allen’s criticisms, u row' ensued, In which the soldiers acted the principal part, armed with stones, whfeh esme patting against the sides of the build ing and shout the devoted head of the speak er, much thicker and faster than was agree able. . Alien endeavored to "continue 0 his tirade, bat was finally compelled by the force of brickbats, dec. to desist aod remove hU ptraon to a place ol safety— This broke up the meetirg, and the crowd ol interrupters having »pparently accomplished their pur pose, quietly withdrew from the locality They first uttered orders that the Copper heads should not attempt to renew their pow-wow; if they did. they should receive worse treatment. I hear of no one bciu"- hurt, and only a few clothes tore and collars twisted awry. Capt. Scott, our Provost Marsha 1 , immedi ately upon learning the fracas was in prog ress, sent a heavy detail of the -kid Wiscon sin to . the spat, with orders to arrest the ringleaders. - Whether they succeeded id find* ing them lam unable to say; but it is doubt ful. CoL Davidson also didull that was pos sible to arrest the disturbance. But all was over before much canid be accomplished. The steamer Besj SHckuey, Capt: E. A. Sbebie, Clerk A. D. Armstrong, with New Orleais files to ihs evening of the 17th, has just arrived. The only news <rf any impor tance is contained In the following iron the Evening Tana, ~ ” I By the arrival ol the U S. transport St Mary, from Brazos, Santiago, 18th, we have thefollowiig exciting news: Tbe facts are fathered from passenger* of the steamer, in the Bth last, two companies of the Ist Texas cavalry, commanded by Major E. J. Noses, started from Brazos and marched to Palmetto Ranohe, where It was reported there was a force of Mexican troops. Flodlog r one there, the cavalry poshed on to within two miles of Palo Alto, where they discov ered a force ol 2XO Mexican infantry, 40 cav alry and one 0-ponnd gun. which they had in charge. Major Noyes called for the com massing officer and demanded a surrender in the name of the United States. The Mex icans surrendered- without any hesitation. Major Nojea then ascertained that there was one hundred men with two pieces of artil lery, on the other side oftne Bio Grande, who desired to cross over. About noon,the next day they all succeeded In getting over to the Texas side. The Mexicans had had no rations fpr Uto days. - • -- * At 3 o’clock, p. m., on the oth, a fight com menced between Major Noyes’ cavalry and the rebels uederCoL Ford, near Palo Alto, the latter ™ string the attack. The rebels drove In our pickets. Major Noyes then ad vanced two lines of skirmishers, under Cap tains Sample and. Temple, beat back the enemy some distance and then drove them Into the roads ought of sight. outnumbering his dmall force he was com pelled to fall track, to camp. He then called upon the Mexic«n autherities to reserve them arms for their ownprotection. Noyes then formed a.line of battle, with Captain Sampson's Company on the rleht, and Cap tain Temple’s Company, (A,) On the left,and the Mexican artillery and infantry in the cen ter. The enemy made separate attempts to out flank him, and gainjils rear, bat was repulsed on every charge, by the artillery and sharp shooters. Finding they could not succeed, the rebels formed in line of battle In tbe form of a s # mi-circle, and attempted to drive Nojfc’ gallant band into tbe river, and cou ture their guns, bat every charge they made was gallantly repulsed with heavy loss. The. Union loss was slight. Noydk held his posi tion through the 10th, hut conld not for lack of ammunition. On the night of the 10th he received a supply, and • on tbe 11th drove the rebels nearly tliree miles, when he received orders to return to Brazos with the refugees, arms, smmunlt on, Ac. The reported capture of Brownsville by Gorlinas,is premature.- Cortlnas had not been at Browustllle. He attacked Bagdad on the sth Inst, and drove tbe French into ’ the town, when he returned to Ma‘amoras, and sent his men- over the river. The rebeL ColontlFord slated that he would capture the Ist Texas cavalry, at all hazards. The n< xt day ns our forces were returning they saw three French river gunboats going up the Bio Gratdc to Matamorav [Palo Alto, the scene oi Major Noj es* cn- - gßcement with frie rebel Ford, is about til-, uen miles north of Brownsville, and nearly twenty milts west of Brazos Santiago ] It would appear that ttonta^aiiwtlbaoee hlcioccnrrcd at thetouth enj ol the mar ket boose, hero, on Friday night, in which tome menitre cf the 139thUliuS whtfhad become intoxicated by prtrlons Morons at u j aloon which they had united! atonßii.nd broke np a McClclian,mcetlng.“g create more attention than was at frat I'fetd, and more than ita character ala oiid class mob would appear to merit** * A gentleman by the name of Woodward ot the proprietors of the Novelty Iron Works, was yesterday placed under arrest bv some Copperhead complainants, charged with inchlrg the mob to action aud encour* figiig tbe soldiers in their brick-batical at tack upon’Josh Allen. One, person was unyd. it appears, who could swear positive-* 1 that he heird Woodward advise the boys to • pitch in,” and “not allow the d—d South ern sympaihisers to speak here.” It would an m they might have found more than oue who could stretch his conscience thus far. Cut one was enough.' Mr. Woodward made no defense, and was bound over to appear at the next term of the Circuit Court. 'And here probably the matter will drop, as far as he is concerned. The whole cause of this arrest Is that Mr. Woodward Is a BephbHcan and an Union nan. He la also a stockholder and director [ In tbetstablisoment of-the Cairo D illy JK-wir • which, of Itself, la sufficient cause for hts ar- • ' rest in the eyes of the 'coppcdah element. Aside from these things I am unable, to heir one *»€>r,d against thQgeneralubaracler.of the defendant, lam assured by friends of his; that Mr. Woodward will undoubtedly he-; * able to proven hia innocence of the charge" nade againsthim; and place the zealous lit-, i tie Mackerels bora -de combat should they . ever press the me to trial. No cue here, that I tuveheardoL pretends, to approve the actor the soldiers in moS bhjg the Copperhead meeting. No sensible pcrton-would do 50. And no aeosioleper* son Jays the bume of the unfortunate aif*lr •t° any of the citizens of Cairo. Tory had no hand-in It. It was merely n boyish freak of Bome orUjc jounger membcH of the 139 th. Illinois regiment, just released from the mill* J flr V role, bent upon mischief, med by liquor they bad imbioed at a saloon they had nearly demolished, previous to the sojournment of the meeting. A Oopoerhead pow??ow was held at the Defiance Tocater, • lastyfcbt, and no one interfered with- its performance. They can go. on IndeDnitcly howling their Copperhead ahd.peace dogmas it to poeple’d'ears. hereafter, and not meet with an interruption. Tout or five days since, three men t>snp posed to have been rebel spies, and one of whom acknowledged himself to have been a rebel officer, “ who had traveled all over the State of came to ih'e~honse of a farmer onUte Illinois side of the Ohio, 25 rnflea above Cairo, at Grand Chain, and In formed the latter person they hid been di rected to him ns a proper man to furnish - tlieni wilh transportation over to Seotncky. The rebels were all armed with navy rovol ; vers, ac d talked loudly of what they had done and would do. They had evidently bcentold that tie farmer at whose house they stopped* ■was a rebel sympathizer, but they were In etror. Be refused to let them knew where .ekillfc could bo fonnd, and mounting, hia horse rode off to Mound City and gave infor mation to Frank Sherman, Chief of the Navy Police, who immediately set machinery in work to catch the rascals. - The farmer, in the meantime, went home, roused his neigh bors, collected a volunteer force, and started alter the rebels, who hid ta&en to the . woods, unable to cross the Ohio. But the farmers were on foot and the rebels mount ed, and it-TOssome time before the former tbs, latier. When they did meet them a sharp encounter took place:'the Con -51361^113 QB log their navy revolvers and the farmers their shot-guns. The rebels alter wounding: one man of Selr Jaallant! severely and another oiigmiy, jiuuk to t lie woods again and escaped. The farmers could rot overtake them, and *f course had to re turn chagrined and disappointed to their homes. The bushwhackers may have come to Cairo and obtained a crossing lore, as In' the crowd here they wpnld hardly or de tected. The farmers arc to bo applauded for ihclr bravery, and 1C is only to bo re gretted that they w ere not more successful T. H. w; IHE MODEM SUMER BULL. Slciidaa’s Brilliant Victory. BebelLoas 6,800--Our Loss 3,500' [Coire.pondecco N. Y. Times.] Huirali’s Keekt, Tuesday, Sept.3o, 1551. —Yesterday moraine, contrary to alt previous expectations, tbe Army of Western Virginia attacked tbe rebel petition along tie line of tic Opegnan Creek, and alter a desperate struggle of over twelve hours duration, suc ceeded In di iving the enemy from fitsatron imrencltmcnts, totally routing the entire force nr derßreckinrldge aod Early, and cip inriug five pieces of artillery, fifteen stand of colors, 6,000 ptisoners, 3,000 ot whom are wounded, and killing over 800, all of wnom are now lying on the field in onr hands The bailie may lairly be considered one of the most desperate and important of this cam paign, eohncce-elolty prosecjted by General Grant nnd bis Lieutenants. Onr troops oe liavcd, splendidly, chiraing feuriesslr upsn tbe mostdcrmtdatile positions with tbe mo-t' daring gallantry, carrying before their re s Ist lees onslan-hi line after lino of tbe rebel positions, aid seized with rapidity guns,, colors, and prisoners. Welle the battlelast cd, it raged with great fory, and many In stances of individual gallantry were obs*rv f'le. Onr toes will not'exceed 3 590 To killed and wounded, no prisoners bein - ta ken by tbe enemy, 'Four Generab of divis ion on tbe reaft side were killed, and one seriously wounded. Onr farces are In pos session of Wlocneeter, and Gen. Sh-ildan is rapidly pushing np the Valiev tn hot pursuit ot tbe retreating end defeated toe. A -loti ons success is thus oura. v OVESIXO THE HALL. At precisely fire o’clock, yesterday mom iLg, Utueml Wilson’s division of cavalry I'urhed rseTßerry vllle Pikr, and crossed the Opequan without serious opposition, Moving rapidly up the pike toward Winches ter, thtj soon encountered the rebel line of skuitiißherf, and speedily drove them back* into their field works, thrown up by them la defense ol the ford across the creek at that pcitt,- Firltg m rcgularilnt, »j brigade, the - vdtire civlalob mured Jor.ard in iral'ant etjle, and with a wild hurrahr- alwrgol the ■workß tbsmeelrea, and actnally carried them at tcc point-of the saber, eaotnrlng some thirty or forty -prisonerapand thus securing an undisputed passage of the Optquuu lor our infantry. Ibiscnargeis considered oao of the most daring on record; for it Is not usual for cavalry to charge fortifications, and It reflects great credit upoulho famous Third Division. 1 * Immediately alter the capture} ot the lu ueitea coumra«p)Dg thefora, Corps xnoTCd forward, l»avio£ the trains Id park on this side ot the cicely and pushing up the pike toward Winchester some two miles, lormcdriftie of battle, throwing out a henry' line &f skirmishers, the artillery attached to the corps at the same time taking opposi tion and rigorously shilling the works iu which the enemy had taken shelter. Every thing was now ready furua oawari move ment, when It was suddenly discovered that General Emory had fulled to- connect with General Wriuht’s Corps, but was still on the : other side of the creek. Orders were In stantly dispatched to correct the error, and cm soon as the Nineteenth Corps arrived it •was formed in fanr'linee of battle b; semi diTislons, a lew hundred yards apart, on the right of the Sixth Corps, and then the ad vance began. Owing to these different maneuvers and ” connections it was‘frilly noon bcoretho “advance” was sounded, and durieg this time the enemy’s lines bad been greatly strengthened, and was formed in a belt ot heavy woods skirting the Berryvllie pike. All this time portions of their artillery kept up a brisk Ore, .wit joat inflicting any seri ,on« less on oar-part. When atlasi every- 5 thlr-g was ready,,the two corps moved slow ly but steadily forward. » The advance of our troops was an impos ing one. The different' Hues of battle march ed lorword with a dftnposare truly gratify ing, and almobtas cool as on parade. The various Division, Brigade, and Regimental, banners floating gaily in the sunlight, with drams beating, enlivened.the scene, and gave,* the spectacle a festive appearance-seldom witnessed in the woody ‘wilds of America On, cb. went our gallant boys, to victory and triumph. The first line ot bottle had advanced but a few hundred yards when they received’a heavy volley from the enemy, and soon be come hotly engaged with the rebels, than sumo six hundred yard a distant. Oar bat teries simultaneously by opening a searching fire, pitching shell and shot into flie woods spoken of before with great rapidity, and harassing the rear columns of the euemr,ond cmtiaratsing the movement-* of reinforce ments. which couhLbe seen moving up. At this time rode along the lines, and was received with great enthusi asm by. the men, and his presence seemod to animate them with renewed determination .and an unflinching. performance ot their perilous duty. . _ - Our troops continuing to move • forward, dcppltc the murderous fire of the enemy! they succeeded in getting within two hun dred yfirds of the rebel lines, when, a furious cannonade broke ■but from some batteries hitherto conceded, and by their repeated discharges of grape and canister mowed down large numbers ofour men. So heavy and destructive was the fire from these bat teries that our adfbnced Hus iras compelled to fall back, thus inomtntariJy deranging the lons&UoB of the second and third Hues of battle. The order was quickly given for the men to lie down, in order to.avoid tae effects ot the showers of grape that were plowing through their ranks. Our aitillery was then rapidly brought up and given commanding positions, from which .they soon ebameneed a withering cannonading ot the enemy’s advanced posi tion, under the protection of which our lines, now reformed, again advanced, and. after a desperate re&Utaaee on the part eT „ the rebels, the enemy were compelled t* fall " hack, and we ones more gained tbs position we bad lost. After this achievement both corps were ordered to lie down in the Uses of battle as’ they then were, in order te await the arrival of-Gen. Crook’s command, which wu up to this time lying in reserve on the eastern bank ot the Opeqnan Creek. Gen. Crook was ordered to take tip a posi tion on the right of the 19th. corps, with & view to check an expected attempt of the enemy to.turn our right flank, who could be seen massing his troops on bis left for that purpose; It was nearly 3 o’clock when Crook formed his line on our right, his sec dbd line being in rear of and supporting the 39th corps. * ARRIVAL OF TITE CAVALBT. Gen. Torbett, at this juncture,' caae up verropporlnnely, bringing with him both AveriU's and Merritt’s elusions of tie c*v alrTi- They had been fighting all day along, the Gpeqnan, after crossing that stream at. Burns* and Khox’a Fords, meeting with strong bodies of the enemy, and succeeded in successfully and steadily driving overr uling before them. . Tneir presence was greeted with great satisfaction, fob now we had onr entire forte together. THE GBAND* CHARGE. Gen.* Sheridan. having become' satisfied with the disposition of bis troops, now gave the signs! for tht grand and finat'Cbarge Curt brought victory to our arms and added one more page to tee glorious record ef our gal lant army. As the order was given, our Une now over three miles long, advanced wuu continued and hearty cheers, the sound of which rose strong and clear amid all the rosr and crash of the hoaiseaua contlnuona rattle of musketry. The charge was madcMth a headlong impetuosity lm possible to resist, and It was one. that - will . compare favorably with any of the famous movements of a like character during the war. . . Our men seemed animated by a sublime feeling of victory already In their grasp, and advanced with «n eagerness seldom witness ed In even sucb old ond wplMrlcd soldiers. As outline pushed oßyand drew nearer and nearrr toihecoemy’aposition,the battle raged btill more fierce, and with a fury im possible to describe. The loss on both' sides during those few fearful moments must have been very great, for the terrible roar of artillery, and ihe dc»p, sullen crash ol mus ketry. told but too me carnage that wrs la progress. At ever/ volley, men could be Been dropping la *vcry direction; ar>d ircqueull. the opposing Unctr coold not have been many yaros apart,'. CAVALBT CHASGB, - As westood-Hsteniog to the fearful roar pi dcoDYhltloa ofthetwo anxiously analt'ng tUt rcauil oMhe splendid 'Charcc 01 iDianUf, ti»e« Itupwgress, th 3 bugles of.tn_p cavalry ring out “the charge,” and-thus began-to c closing event of th tt . day. MoTleg out with therapidity-of ao avalancae our gallant knight* of-the-saber swept oaf* and thus -aiding our -invincible-infantry by adding their own resistless weight io*tbe onslaught then being made upon toe cnemVe position, succeeded lasaiuiog the splendid victory now in our hauls. This last mateu verwas toomuch for the rebels, and they were forced to* fill back stubbornly. It is truer but still compelled to give way, and ul timately to break oelore our continue j and determined efforts on their Unes. : The cwit*> rv claim to have captured nine of the battle fl«gs and two pieces ot artillery. Gens, Cus ter and Slcrrltt were eonspicuona'Tor the daring manner in which tbcy.kd their com mands into the charge. Gen, D. A- Russell, commanding the Ist Division', was, as usual with tbatg&Uant and fearless officer, fore most In the fight, and, 1 regret to say. he was killed Instantly by a cannon-ball, while urging on his command. In him the country loses one of its bravi-st Generals. HETHEAT OF THE ENEMY*. * The shattered trifd utterly demoralized di visions that go td make up General Early’s Command now lied In utter rout and eonfn blod, throwing aw£y In their panic their guns and equipments, and whatever otter imptdt *rr.euta they happened to have on their per sona. Tney storied In all *'ln , ctioos, pushing for the mountains and Winchester, others doggedly giving as prisoners. ■ Large numbers of.lhe enemy were captured by onr forces during this disastrous retreat, and by this means swelled tba heavy list of prisoners already in our hands. TAKIKO POSSESSION OF WINCHESTER. •» As the head of our’calumn 'reached Win chester, the Union residents, consisting, of course, mostly of ladles, came out joyously and greeted ourvictorious soldiers with glad ''Smiles and words of warm welcome /or the defenders ol that flag which they now so tri umphantly waved over their h*ads. Ton will remember I spoke in a former letter re garding-tbe Union eentiment I found to'be existing in, and I recognized ecv-. oral of that same little club of loyal ladies I mentioned at that lime among-tboae who welcomed our. arms They all agreed itt .saying that Genrrut JSarly’s army is utterly demoralized and routed, and that his men pushed tlironeh with haggard faces and dis couraged looks, some lrantic*Uy /rushing cown the streets, throwing away everything that would impede llighl r and seemingly only bent, on a safe and speedy retreat. TUB It.tUBL W)SS Cannot be much less than nine thousand, killed, wounded und miselog, as Gen. Hberi dan bis jnst sent In to Gen, Stevenson, in coxa maud at Harper's Ferry. & dispatch aar- Itg tliat be bos taken three thousand prison* cia, and I know that the wounded now lying In Winchester will not fall far abort cf four thousand, besides the largo number of dead now on the field and the Immense tibmber of wounded not yet attended to, will still more swell our gains. Among the losses ot the enemy they hare to enumerate four of their seven division commanders as killed, three of whom art Maj. Gens. Rhodes, Qeo Gordon and Rama:nr; Gen. Wharton Gen- Bradley Johnson is also reported badly otm losseS Hare been savere, but nothing like an ap proximate figure to that df the enemy. The total number will not exceed 3,000 lu killed j«id wounded; no prisoners being- lost. Amongst onr killed stands foremost the gal "lsjjt old Gen. D. A. Unsaell, a fearleaa-solaier find true gentleman. His loss will be severe* ly lelt In the glorious old corps-to which he had eo long been attach? Col. Elrisht, ot the 130 th Ohio, of Gea, Upton’s division of tbiititb Corps (aho wtts himself wannded). also anotlisr very promlslasraud brave officer, Llfnt. Col, Brewer, oft he 7th WicMpai), wtig killed. Owing to the impos sibility of gleaning snytning Ilka an accu rate or full list -»>f cosn-iltiea when'!'loft Wicck'.bltr last night, X om unable to for watd you nore than the above. Costing as U did eo many valuable llvea,-lt must be uc kbowltdgcd that this battle was one'of tae most aetennined daring tire present cam paign, and, while we monr* tbe loss of the bravo men who thus qfferad np their Uvea on the altar of their country, yet we must rejoice ever the signal victory thus achieved over-the rebels In this valley, so long their boasted vantage-ground. Ibe Owe linndKd a'hd 'Twelfth Hip s avis Votiac for P/ei!4enl, 7 M UZASH.'VAICZSIU 11; TH EedtMBST, I Ituxoia Voi.u>-tk*b IfrvANTuv, y DSCA’ITR Oa., Septemberio^lSGJ, ) Editor Chicago Tnhuw»: ' 4 The following is the result of a vote lor President, taken yesterday, of the men pres ent ia the Il2th, which I seed you for the inloimation of all concerned : Lincoln... McCitlHa, Zremcaf, Total It is, perhaps,. nsedlcsa to pay that the three-h remont men are new recruits. Itaspaetfhlly, , B. F. Tuoiirsox, \ Lieut, and Ac! fa? A»tj’t IKtti Illinois. PMNOfii- Arti) ttijHgjgßCliL. M«»»ATETEfiyo,' Sepi Tbe leading-and ih-obaorblng feature la-the iroccy market jo-day was, the decline lt> gold, which opened at 192 tad fell, same dispatches say talow 91*171, and otisrs 186. At all event*u tvu con»ld<rjbly “panlry,” ansi- this affected-all the lcaclE;rnsricU for produce— floor BbowlagadecUnecl;»£.7r*r; wheat, 15@I?c; com, 405 c; and barley, 20c per bushel. la the afternoon lbs wfroa \t*re down aid no rs* liable dispatches trere received. The folic.Ting sretka-quotsUcna telejpapbtd to James Loyd, gold broker:: sa. HI .‘ ..102} 12neon ....*.137 3iai Ip. m.... ,v 7... Here the gold mtrkol opened at 195 and sold dopn as low as 170,. closing at ISO. There was very little doimj Oliver was neglected and uoal nal at IKs@llO. Five-Twenty bonds were weak at 10T&UM. . There was so active dtmandfor money by grain - operators, but themnlar discount houses refused to have ecythlag t&do-with them, but the balanc ers were geniraliy-pretty well absorbed by outside paitir*, who are investing in gram at the define. •'Fjf.lezitlmalcbcslneM pnrpoaaa the supply of currency was lair, and good paper was freely -dls-. fknunted at 10 per.-coot, Easlcrn.exchaaga was scarce and firm, the sup * ply now being llsbt. The bankers were purebii !*»£»* discount, and selling at par to H. diwquui. The followlnzZs the- weekly statement of tha tanrinya of the Ohlmgo and Alton Railroad Com pany for the week ecdjng Sept. 23,1561: iS6L isea raepengers. Fretrbt . Stm cries .$85,901.86 ssGt&2£3B{ .$44,031A3 Total. Increase 38C-L, The New York. Tribune, of Friday esys Money la olertyl to. stock houses on coll la ex cess of their wants, at 7 per cent. In commercial paper no change. Leading hankers 1 names .are S£j« per cent.; and IQ@IS for what usaanyr&ckaaa prime. The'absence Pf the fisoal, demand, for merebandire, end the universal dblncliaetion ot c-.-uamaerß.fo bay adjthicg over their moot presa l&p wants, havejjlveaa shock to commercial ope rations not easily remedied. i New Toss Stock Market.—The folio wing are the quotations for Sfpt.2s, received by F. Q. Sal tonstail A.Co , comalealon, stock and-bond bro kers, 24 Clark street, Chicago: let Board. Ist Board. rt. T. C ; U4 Quickriiver 73jf C.AN. W 45}< C.*,T. I&SM 73k Hudson Erie (com) Ss% ZU. Coat... .115)4 Rrlc .(nfd) till UhloOsMin.eflrt...,,-. _ C. *iC IWW lU. 69 cant war loaa M. 8. fe0a) M ...„... 72) i bondi 99 M. B. (Xtf.) J-S3 H.s. 6 4kconts-3e P.F.tV,* G ...; wjf coupons ICS H. C u 121)4 IJ. 8. 6 ifeoent. beads C. A A. fcouu) 83 TS3I tM)4 C.&A.(r'd).. ' tT. 8.7 3-iOTxiasory. R.L 95Ji' Notes..., ~IC6 -IlLOent.scrip. ÜBS U. 8.l jr.oertf 91)4 B.*Q US. | Amerlusngeld t9»Cj Jlarkct—let Board, Bteidy. So report of the 2d Board was wires being down. ooa.inmcsdit,, s Mokdat Etjeuho, Bept, 25,1554*. The .VloTTiag rscapU and Bhipmeiis during the put 43 iumra: B&ourra xttd mupacssi parr 48 notnue. aJeceiTed, Shaped. .. 4,918 910 .. 51,775 * 75,059 ... 12,900 07,675 ~.109.614 181.067 ..•8.299' -4.39 ft 57,550 ' 34,603 22,850 84,819 Floor. Wheat... Corn,.rv, Oau... . Rya Barley*... . Gtut Flax Seed... Bmom Com. Cared Heats 8ed.... Lard * >, 40.032 T»tl«w iBTO LwUogs * 2,935 , >1,9*3 Cattle 1,714 721 Bides 19*115 13,8f1l Highwincs ' 300 417 Salt 19,045 S,i7T Batter 75.229 27.130 xscsirrs oy flotts xst> oruts job THS VBBK BSD* ISO BXTT.34. _ Floor Wbrac Corn Oats Eye Barley- Btctlyedby trla. ties. bar. bos. bos. bar. Lua .... .... g53 2C001W713 11KW 3103 612 G4CDI;B 8188... 4517 SSHSD ffICBR... 3Zil7 H7416 CD4 QEB 5)65 JVBM— SWRR.. lC737'ir«a.fl C4ARR. &3 5764 OtbfeTXOaai 212J CSS 43W3 77500 20SC0 10800 HS« SIBM 7400 6STO •4 701 2.7361 42275 IMO JB.M 314330 14150 WtfO 874 UW 21H 1(91 8-0 Itg f ... .... Total S5-12S 44225$- S«5« T42123 SflU9 429W CwiftfF-nodiop •• • wetV‘63..: 68S91'BITSM 2S3W 533319 2319 834 V) Seftioc‘63.. 9Uai{ae9*eS£»VSls£»t«&4s4S3:7 55C133 S‘.OEon‘U.. tB>KJS£a*3I9UIW662SS.I£EJSS3nSa' <Mi2S rrimtsTß or tlocb ikd o&u«,-w*xs airocte - BSPT. 21. v Flour. Wbcit. Corn, Outs; Era, Bary, _ \ - b.-ii. l>a. ■ ,ha. bo. bo. bo. fls Ebl'icm BVB- CU3, 25150 400 4133 Buffalo It6l2Cf3rt) 431375 (HWCSO. 2t525 .... 47150 Operstburi. JS2S .... ~ Otter port?.. 7.C .... 15225 U‘S3 rt. Ccincrne i|va Ft Sarntii... 5330 ug Colbocwoed GcCfrtth, tST3 JSbtS .... 135 V) _ - 693! Total JS.SIi 2:9*75 46561# 5612:0 777.5 j£tr Corrcopotdicr -- _ e 55sr-s 281725 13«K 55715 M6® 6e-as<m ;63..fc397* 6UJ96S 22SSJ«3'44SJ5 83-800 fcOdgfO Be. ecn 61..8tt5:3 7952259 ,t£6353 7651243 «C5t33 Sf3tt This has beea a day of panic and exoUemeat. Early In the morning • dlspitcbea were received quotirg boM at W2, undcr,whlcb the geaeml pro doc® markets cptned tolerably steady at Satnr-. dayVdecline; but soon - after came lower quota tiers—l9o,l67,lsß, and subsequently the way down to 1731 “Wljere ls it going to stop?” was the inquiry on the lips of almost every opera tor- ‘lt mnfit re-act soon,' 1 -others exclaimed, ** ar a then la the time to go in.” And mapy of them ” went In ” merrily, and were a great deal happier at getting” out” with a modems loss' Quite a number of- prominent operators bid nisde. their minds oa last that prices had' (rtscliH'--botiora, , ‘ aad they scrordluzly .par* cbr.&edfrscly of a*l kinds of proou:%’ principally • wheats Tbo reports of to-day tclis where they are novr. It was mderd Xbard day ou speculators of all classes GrciphacV currency-w*3tji? oily arti cle on the mrrkc*. that advanced, and it that the people ' - * Tiie Rlieu‘ai.ce on ’Chan-re was large w but there was rrear cbr oelon and excitement. The ijrala speculators were panl3*»irl;ken and bewildered. ■ ITtedlcja of aliad viced from the loyal press that goto was 100 high, ihgy have hept'on for tbs past tßoiDonTißkEcpkig produce per bushel higher than the shippers comd qay, acd now they -aiclett with the wheat per'bushel ■ lower - than it . could have been soil and shipped Ki«t weeks ago. The Tsibums has repeatedly/ during the past two months, dlscauted on the supreme folly of keeping our grain hero in our warehouses, with storage drcnmnhtiog, while it could be ship ped East"at a very low freight, and sold at a aoocf price." Dot tte rape for speculation polsonea the' public mind,, and the same operations went on day afitr day, buying and selling the e <me grain from one to another sometime* a duacn times a cay, and keeping tbe.pzices clear beyond a shipping margin, so that legitimate traders had to stand ana look on. Bat the speQ is broi ea.' Can. wc dare hope that men whoaspire to be merchants wil* profit by thplr experience. There was scarcely any inquiry for Fioar, and tbe mjpket was neglected ana nominally $ . bbl lower-choice Spring extras having been solo at $8.00©8.10. ;* ?*- Tbe Wheat markeetras tbe centre of attraction.' pring Wbeit opened s’.otdyat stC33t!.6J#c for No 3, but jin ’Change, nnddf the inllnence-of the decline in gold. It tdl a* low ms sl.4B—a decline since Saturday of 15@19c $} barbel. Tho sales amounted to about bashed at $1.53 for No 1 Spring, $1.46®1.60# lorNo 2.Spang.and $1.35 &1.40 for Rejected—the market .for No 2 closing nominal at $1.47©1.49., Winter Wheat also de 14,C00 bushels, No 1 Red, and S-.51@ J.CG for No S Bed—doslncnncettled, x 1 It is almost needless to state that a larre num ber of wheat holders have suffered severely, and among (his c'aas are some bankers and moncy biukera, who hare beenao eager to lend money to •pecu’atoif at a high rateof Interest, that , they acted with less caution thin oar regular bankers, and before they con'd, sell their collaterals, tbe ' margins and a goodly part of the principal wore twept away. With mrcn w oboot p« r phnat” gen tlemen, we, nor th', public, hire bat little sympa thy. They hare fattened too long on the- cation's ■ calamity, and what la. loas is the people's lain- , * , ■ The pernicious practice of “selling short” will probably be checked by the present fall'ln prices ; tor the very men who bare sold “ snort” during the poet week’bavu suffered quite as severely as others, by the failure of parties to take the proper ty lifter it was pmthased for them, and the sabae qnent depreciation of -price*. \ , The Com market was quirt, and we note a de cline lu prices ol 4@&c.&hnt witn sales of only übontl4l>ooo bo, at sL3l®t.Ss'ft)r No. !,st.S3(&l.3i fur No. 2, and sl.#2 lor Bejected'—the market clos-' lng.qaict.atsl.«s@l.fi4forNo.3,- , v , ' Oats were less active, and wc note a decline of XX®Be V bn, with sales ofG7,OOObu r at 6S\'®S3tfc for No, I—cloeiog at the Inside quotations. Bye opened ,qaiet at sll4®l 55; bat the market** soon bioko and fell to sl.oo > at which It closed— a decline since Saturday of 18c |} bo. Barley riled 20c tower, with Bales of only 4 (WO be, at $1 68® 1.75 for No. 9—closing quiet at Inside rates BighwlDCfl were neglected and quiet, at a de cline of Sc per gallon. Only 100 bile wereeotd ar SO)6. ' ' TunctLy Seed* opened * active and steady, but before the clt«e the market fcU 15®£>cpQr bushel with heavy sales at $-U0®4.75-clotJcg*t Inside ate a. Flax S*ed twsls@Soc lowex'-geod' quali ties selling at S2.SO@S;SS. .... " Salt was dull atur neglected. Cargoes-of new Saelnaw and Fine were offered at buyers. nothin* done in. provisions, and-tbe market Is entirely nomiiaJ. ~ Potter was eola Gariy atific for choiceOahy, bat iooc qualities at the doM-offercd at ZOc, without buyers. Grain Freights were ntoady end firm, at 7# c tor Horn, 8c for Wheat, aftd'-Sc for Gate, to Buffalo: *The Grocery market has been dull and ihor»o«»h- I; inactive. Omng to the continued decl!ne**la gold, aad the general depression which pervades the Eastern maraots, prices-are weaker, with-a downward tendency. .•The demand for the leadtsjr sisple* has been almost nominal, being strictly confined to immediate wants r* buyers generally are looking far lower rates. Lake Fish has been In more liberal supply, and - the market partaking of the general ha« been baa active. Wcnote a dec ine qf 25c 1 half brt on White Fish, and of 59c $ haifbrlon Troot. M*fkerei si d Codfish.ire nncba«ced,bnf with the proepectof on ajjanddht catch this season, prices are weaker. ~- llay Is in more liberal supply, and, now that the demand for our mining districts I«s been nearly met, stocks of Timothy In the market are increas ing. On p.TTiousrjaoUt-.ona we note a decline of SI.OO 13 tea oft Timothy and Prairie,*- Saval Stores are in smaller demand. Owln» to' the decline In Cold we note a reduction of l&pcr lb cn Lath Tarn, and o( 2c i»v* lb on Manilla Rope and Marline. Caibon Oil In nominal demand, with a fair sap* ply. Wo quote bent White Oil at Dftg«fc per gal. bnt withnobnyeiain the market, excepting for Htuoji quantities. Llnared Oil in very small re* .quest. Market weak, with a downward tendency Tiltow Is ij. better supply, with a smailer'de" ‘x awd. On previous quotations wc note a decline of 1c per.lh. .—* Wool la still in moderate receipt, bet *alr stocks In the hfleda of dealers. Tbe market la thorough* ly inactive. Ibices are quoted nominally at a de“ dine of 5c per ib on previous rates. •- In number the market has_bcen mere than os* Uhlly depressed. Sales bare been made with more difiloalty, and we note a decline on prcvlote quo aUw;» of 81.0) pcrUXO feat. •' In Beef Cattle the receipts at the various, yards since the dote of Sitaniaj’* market have-been almost nominal, but with a lunge amount of'stock left evcruasold, the sales hare been heavier than usuaL for tha« early period of'the week. The de jresrion which pervaded our markets generally, has liifldaaced this, and we note a farther decline from Saiimlaj’s quotations of 15@23c per 100 lbs; the market eloaieg weak wi.h a downward ten dency. Enured sales, l.CTThead of Deef Cattle, at $-V.o<3S.fio:'Chiefly at 58.50a5.00 per 100 lb*. In the market baa heen moderately active, the entered sales 'since Saturday amounting to 5,775 head at $7.27*4 @12.25; chiefly at $U.59@10.50 pcrllO-lbs. Prices have further declined Js@Bsc per 190-ibs ofiprevions quotations, and the market - closed this evening weak, with, a strong down ward. tandency. lATEfi, "In the the Influence of the re port that gold had fallen to 173. the Wheat market was acaln panic-stricken, and No. 5 Spring cold aa low aa $1.44, bat-subsequently raUled to $1.51,.and clored unsettled at $1.48@1.50. CSK AGOBRY GOODS MABEST. Monday Evaxuro, Scut. t6. Tic Dry Guoda-markct la at a perfect itand-still. The'dttllneln cotton and gold ha* completely up set the calculations ef manufacturers, and Jobbers, end there le a pause in’the market, - Country deal ers are here In want of goods, but tin mabers be come settled,they will not bay. , Prices meanwhile have a strong downward ten dency, Oar wholesale dealers were oflerleg the best standard Brown Sheetings to-day at 63c; and Allen’s Frists at 33c ar.d everything else down in the eamc proportion! Cotton was quoted on Saturday it sl.4h;.but up to the preseitmoneat, no quotations for to-.i;>y have btea-received. The afternoon report quoted it heavy and lower. 'Of course, If this decline In cotton is permanent, all kinds o£ domestic good» moat fall; , \ Foreign qoods of all kinds'bavo fallen about a, per cent within ten days. CHICAGO LUBBER BIAHKET. Mosdot KTEMIBC, Btpt.M,lri4. LDISEIJ-Etcelred Saturday feet. Tbs varknuno-day Bh b«tm less active; the depression whxh. hat so generally existed la every dsparunont •f oeMinerce, cecaeqacat aeon the ‘-tuinale ” in Geld, , has been felt here. Sales were mads with more than mail flifflcnlty, aadupeu tha quotations hive a docllao of BLOG per I,COj E UlNaLSS—Received Satusday 8)5,(07. HirkeL ]crs active, aad ÜBchaaged. LATH—Received Saturday. 525.G09 pu-\ -\VitM a ,morelLa-Uca demand prices oiowoaker.boi wioh no qattailo change. * caaao aomia nxox satobdat. Cargo schr Tw* Charlies, trom Manitowoc, sorabf A. Carter, 70,055 feet lumoor, X pcs lath at 84A5'Cargo ichr pirgria, fr#m Green tay.soldby A.R.Orsy<fc u afceUnmSer. J4 suits, balance commas, at 818 JM. Cargo schr Kosa Be)!*, from Fere Marquette, i»H by Colmtel Loomis, vs.coo fret lumber, Strips, part on old contract, bilaacsas*3lW, Cargo schr Nertberaer.froaMnt kegra, sold by Hait & Uaxw%U, 6te,i.00 fseflntnbtr, >4 stripOalance well cot costmou, at {X.TO; 3,c00s -a lath at BUS. Id the yards bnriaeea continues brisk. Prices are leas Him owing to the declue in Lsmbcr by the car* gar tut there baa bees ae quotable change, The following are ths yarn prices : Lvanaa-yitatClearßeard*,« a...,. Btc&hd Clear Beard*. 7 1L Third Clear Boards. H H. , First Cl«-.r Plank, 7 M h'eco&d Blear nans. 7 M. Third Clear iTaah. V M. Slock Boards. Box or Select Board* , Common Boards • Fencing Call First Clear rioorme, rouea iteceuddear noomuMoßuh...., - Common Floonno.rmiah,, Blctojri clear, drsscod-. second Clear Lose Joißfiu..... Shaft Joists... Snared Shingles, A. it St. 'Chared Shlnglst, No. U. Shared sale zles. Star... Cedar Shiasles. Barred SWaei?s,-h Sawed Shinnies. HO. 1. Lath, 71.CC0 pea Poet*. 7 l,« 0., ftccete .9&.n35*£8 . . Ssu*BltUo . W.£D©s3.oa . 4?J33#»10.00 ■ SS.WISS7.WJ . 22 OC-f*24JNL . . is.eo aii«3 . ...tiae.o: .. tajeoisw .7.7 *3.50033550 ...» 55^r%039.50 Tiicoa co .... tt-Oidttoc .... 22.0002J.G0 .... srtos.Ts .... SICS .... 3 73©«S : . .. 3 5505.72 .... 3 72© 65*5 « .... 4.%e 5.*5 .... 5.5-7 A. u Ball” Ammens on Pork. Ihe fellow lur clip iroia the New York Worl*.*a cerrespoadeice.' We do sot stdortJ ihotlatwccaU er opinlccs eet forth, but ibaxe is food /or reflect;#* la Mine cl them v In jcvr commercial report in this moralig’a ell tloncfTLe Wttld, oi the marks**, la year ? Crsih In regard to par Jr, yon express ths oo»alou ta** people bare been t Utsaca in Uieir actlelpatioa tbit* »ht Qov«rnment woola call l.r a Urge quantity of porir, ni take it on; pf tbs and yon a>&o ex press the or-HJon that it kit reacheiiM tueheat ortce, for awhile at le**t. You also teem to anticipates large ittet cl miLe West. The anlct;,or rather the cptsicna yen are rather tte trade; and 1 have tboocht I would take th» lib ertyot nresentins !<• contradiction a rev Ihcu-La the pork trade, which might bare escaped your at tention. Pecple sen-ioliy thins that toe present prtecpftoikuoQtaeeon-ly blsh. Th*ygenerally lots ihclt tplstoa without i4k&£.lL to c jnsiotratioa tbhmanjfar-'frbcsrltnujMm toe subject Now, rlr, htnatz&nuneotec&ctwhlcrh alwatahasa great In fleet e upon ti.e aarset, that U the itojkof pork m . the conmiy, atd compare it with the itocs of other ycn-t; crire need n--t gobshisd Ivt je*r k f>r tbs csmnmpt'Oß ef pars daitor that year u a fair average, 1 lh.;», .cf what must be See, cae se ling .tut tbs war continues. The Goverrmert I*. : aed joust be ter tome liras to eoxe, the* greatest doaanmer ef Uls iruc e. Now,sir,the hock of pork la the Torpl States en i be Jsi ea* of September, is®, was in round numbered 4.<OOb*ml«.Mia li audition to This there was more than 'double the qnantitf of sld*s aid .bonirers on has a than we bava at the preaeotume I will designate tha amount teld it the different potato. and West, last year, at fallow* la round numbers: New York City, on tbe ’*t Septemb l ! . 1£6«,W1,U0; Jathaeottrs we*;, including Louisville " 1,0,4 01 ’■“» » '•‘SHIM KnrTorkCHr go«ai, Philadelphia and Batfnore T»o eailrc »ir., inclosing St. liOair”ch!?‘ 5,053 CmciAsall,l»;aitTii:e,&E a B S . CM Totair.... ,1. —— Faking to»tuapaaabw t i»jA*baVpii« , r..**' lß,, °' o bano on (be Ist ot Sipte rßer, i«j, ?? encymrouMi numt*»itbU »ea7if ~ il *** the*u>ckl»styew. Inn® aamh’Sf Feptetthtr of Hatyaar were was ■» raducf VArrhf Mock or per* H the my ot Wow Y«k < r M WI < was ncetred runuc tba maMb 4 is! •x?ls ; abowlig the coasurntrl-nnobj S».s«n»r?Jf« caring tM.momh of September, 1953. DirrdiJ As rtrtids tho'tonaampilon of p< r< durlnr tha in; nib of SeP-.MTber, liSf, It la animated tKt th»- reduce* at Isutsa.ui anow trat r. ba»alreac* bam reduced about t.%»b«a date. ib«r* nave bees received tb’scmatn about i,f« 0 barrel!, showing las cuasuapuoa tu h»»2 be*a fo far barrels. v wnavo Few. »«ttrg 1? for ranted tbit ibaco°*»uuiaMoa tW* moclb win be rc/oohami*, weh*ve ia inual*2i consucpit-n in roan* lumber* otu/w c-'roparec wim the atm* moath cf liatyetr. HoacaniopAceca-tforiMi lncro*Bei examina tion, |i the Govmmentfr cma*. !!».»* o-peril? -Ana also g anting that tn« s.ortt Tinbe itduvod tbia-mosth Gfsy tbousani wtsch 1 have no r*s»oa to fesow win bi tbs cas» t- e * aleck minority of New York on tae la:oaycfOo*‘rv b#r will bejji'icnnd autnb*?mllj)r.' barrels, aria tbs -wholecooatrr s suck of Igi.tOO barrels ThecocaamcUoaorpjrkdartog 'hi mouth of O:- tcbc» wi« NoTf a ber is eoerilly mur.h ereatur tb*a In this mon'b, but concming th*t it will he as mash, scj* no more, t »re would be renmned of our slonk In Ibe city oi New To k during tb«e two months, lU Otu’K.r e>. leaving on tbo Ist ct Dscembs -, ii>4, l-ut il.tto barrrla « f pork la too city of jfc w York, and wi h bu* little bulk -meats oa bssd. against uo.tou b*ire a. wb'cb was tbe stbck here ou IV. lit ot D •cum ber, brides a good *tock la tie Weat aal a f ill anpiilj of noikmeat», itu genartllv concsprd tbs’: tbe stock ofbega is very abort In tbe West ttu year, am that tua pasting astaou wti ibia year at iraat a mnu'b Her man it ?».avapy i >e* o»lre to >be fact that tbe ftockof old in the Wei ti< so Itsbt ■ h«t tbe boeawii necea’anly bav.i a lit» stall lu fattening Ccnecdtae Uni to be tbe last (and i n«ye the testimony of reliant* pantos just frt m tbe weft toi-miu me in rba cointoa). taete n »rrat danger that stork of pors wl l not b*° equal to rbecoasuorDtlya demand before the new t»Oi ctmra lr, and »bat «e shall hava litersllr a pork lamioe. Tb- re 13 ala jr groit prospect that tb ire vill BOibeanCiclfirtTorJtforrrxt yo«rts supplyrbad«' mac a, for neretifbrs *o hire *l«aya tanioi over l»rge stooha avc/v year, and ihU y-ar wowill, fbr the first ewe in tbe history of tuo pors trade, carry over no old au ck; and all tae pork ennsaned next year-n use be farnlated item tho hoz» yot to be Uttered a r d tailed. nave bo<-n mvla la tbe Wyit for Mock boss at from bKo to Ss par -pensd grots—at that rate with corn at one dollar oar r.mhel, a two-bur dred pound boz will coat tbe farm <riiom ICJ(r to lllfc per pound net, and wilt cost the yacber sot lens than I-Jic mt At thta rale a Panel ofroncwUieratihenacae.% delivered in Sew York, IncmdlCK ci nmlu osa, inspection, freight, coJikra pt ba-rei. Con-racta nave ueea•jacid fo boee iq (itcclnraM attea zrota, wntcti is equal toi2j£cnct W’lib tbrie fern b»'ore as, bow raa rockbeadrog?’ HU not walwfur os hr w we »hs)> aapply tb« demand, and cio-icldly how we shall aonpiy ottz army with meat while tbrv are fighting the battles of our country. ) c.U.O. Chicago cams market. Mocuat Evzimra Sept. 23,1^91. BEEF CATTLE—With aa almost so’ctaal receipt tfeco the dote of Saturday’• jeareetp, them hu biea more than maul activity in the raids, owtagtozbe Inrjre T.nmbtr of Csttls left over from last •moantisK to nearly 3/0"! bean. ■ Tbs entered ualcsAt an the yards were bead at *».9otts.C'j per ICt Bs. Thera has been lUOo chance to note m the previous state of the market; prices ot rnelinm ircd'lnfeiler rradeihava d6clln;d fc«y USSSeper IN Be on ptevJoua quotatloca; whilst for K ocd me.lorn aadehipptag grade* the market ha* continued nnekaased. ■ . Government Cattle are In limited demand, at t5 00 175 per 1M Be. par city packers* have commenced cperatloai; but as yet only to a limited extant, and have bongbt sparingly, common grades only, at trtO t g4,lio period Bs, Thotfrcltne In gold and the e-cnesqueot derange ment cf cur produce market#, Doth' Xait and Wear, b»ve*Knuwbat mtenezed with tbe prevlocj cocfl. etnceof bipen. wbo'ln &atlci»atlon'or a return to tcmtthtßß hie old price#, are litnlttnpJbcir trauaoc tlSis safaris posnMe. Tbi marketl», therefjre,. aoytblcg but flm. At present quotation#, prlcei are weak wlth> downward tendincy. ns»r carrci sai.## sisos BAxtn;t?4T. , No. A*r. Price, iwcx*ds M... Zeller & C 0 .... 24 nw *5.75 do ... oo ..... 55 lifts- sjji oo ....fisnebt aj sjo- si< do ♦•• A II «•* 387K •do Zeijtierft Co. .. si Jj/s- so do- * ....K*nbln» 28 1053: itt 00 Wm Webb 75 u:g- 6M 00. ■*“ ** - - _ _ _ OO 15 11S3- 3»' H*n Stra*tt. 23 9V 9.t0 BWftDty. d 0....'. 81 1000 351 fftlfthoio CO 67 9.7' 381* J*CO»*S do 40 (60 350 Coble; &E Wbitißfr. 13 in* , c? Keeler..., .... 81 1C57 VJS J. Adams Kect* C5.....T.. 3J 933 Jao 1 CO .... .... do. 31 B*2 3ID CO .... 13 /961 a*o .... do ....33 953 7.4$ .„.UCIII3 W’JK.. *.J 938 7t o _ -- .do .194 1130 R27# BcffO't Ro ...31 :toa 434)0 Farthlfj: 89 104! «.ii Sl*ad»r - .......Chandler.. —, &| 1C73 Gresory M00re....; 20 900 3.C0 .;...Mc6aroty SI 921 3CO nOGB-SeseJpts of Uoki at the various yards sluco- Bttnrdsyaboot3.s6ohead. Earned sales.s,77Bhead at >737>.3t255; chiefly at f92»?31C.50 per IftlSj. There leone grailiyiD? ftatnrura rriatloa to this ■ market, dace Saturday's naaeaatiens cleaed. name ly, that both tbe accntnuJatiouo of Hogs left ovm£ trozn d#y to dsy loatwesk oaselif sac tfad'freib re* • ■ctlptasines bars nearly all chanzsdbaudsyettsrdsy sea tOKisy, hut ■» roiDpared with =osrprevious quo rations wo sose a further decline oa all except very extra qaa)tpes r o?ir®sso per'.Wat. Dberelsanylhligbata CratleehUKln the market. pr‘ce* have c strong downward tendency, -ad with • anythin? hka heavy receipts dam? the curreat wutt, we may look for as great a destine this week asweiawlastweek. : 7or Stock I!o£* ‘here Is a fctr inquiry, price* for go.v» quotations raflkia? iroia *7.2337.50 per if 0 Di. We nou> a sale cfieCbead.averaiingiu a«, at 87 S7,*< and another tals offi& lu? |7J3pcrl(Kni. v ere* UOO BtiSl Vises aATtTKDIT. Set err. . ewers. " Ho. At. Prlc#- WailwoxK&M ...Allertott.... uu lz9 s-us CO -flttntlfiy S3 131 Vas CO - 106 ISS 10.10 do *T. M. Tildes rt7 Ibk 900 GvACami .Jtegeatbalor. 31 21a 11 0 M«a do 55 203 luv Csapawn. do - ....44 2 6 1U.5 wv. Browns— do aid 212 U.OO s,Btf5 ,Btf 44 7Si 1: 13 ueCieo.,...•. do 59 mi mu V. Dl 'er,im ’....Tildes ,i 0 925 Beotia* do ~"s* .... « isi 9.25 .... ~ ?i, 168 9,75 ....Stnser. sio 557 9,25 .... do .. 66 194 9.73 ..... do iss 171 8.20 ... Cl 226 nxa ... .Hose & Treaties. .115 isr ij.s2K .... «0 • . 45 13V ItCt, ...Crolsy* Co .10?* 1U 7J7K Hard.... «9 7C9 9.M --do J32 126 9SI - do ...>59 221 -■ DJO . itarirti....... A.Allen 45 200 J>.zi A.A11f8.,., 9 Cr«W*y £« 216 UOO Bjo«d ... PoTtll A C0....;.172 194 lDOr< Begin...,, OO ft 2 199 9.7.1 Kttom &Co Priest ?S3 173 3 87^ co do ,279 in 0.9K do ...... c» m m 9 siy. BOf art do 1 194 164 9«* j. Gndiiy Uetcali ACo 99- i9i lass •do _ Daota lU7 '•^o - Kelly 68 231 7.75 dt>- Carr & C 0.,... ... 39 125 9.39 co.- 80 „ do ... Carter...... do ...... TTbICOS J. Adams., do h. CSUGAGO DAILY 9UR&!&T- dlt idles of Grain reported in Ms# market revert are on a basis of 2c storage per bushel, unless oOisnoise stated. Flour is sold delivered unless otherwiseliaUd . Mowdat Bvxxnro. Sept. 26, last. FREIGHTS—Grjus FaKtaim—fttoady and turn, raeecyagrmenta were: Tolcr?aio —Dark* Northwest,. sunnyaiue, and achr Harvest Home.without* at 6c; schr Moralag Llwht. with •earnat7*c: *chr Ethan Allen, with wAtVatsc. ri i’o&r.LoLaotND—Schr Thcoarr, Parry, with corn at Schr Kale Ilinchnian, witk. —•* Ljtii asd Eui." Fgaiagro—Them la no chanae In rates. weouore: * Fionr to Boston, laka asdratl.... t'JSO® kjourioWeir York,laka.aadrsit ucca**** Flour to Poitlstd, viaSarala l«ha**** F»ftiTT‘toßoptn».Ti»SftPßla I.6o®**** RuajiOADFKiiesTs—There is no change ta ratol! We quote: Fourth Clam. Floor To2ewTork. allrafl r>& ijw rail and Lake Erie 0.90 lm T© Boston, all ran £oo •• rail and Lake Ene om i«n To Portiasd a&ratl V.V.Cto aim ToiHalUtuore. aU rail twa im JoPn;i»do | piia,a»lraU 0.90 ij# To Plltsburg, •*. Qja FLifiiK-Reemved to-day. 19:8 hrls: smpoad m bris. aiukst Bern naiir lower, salsa were: icn brli Spun* Extra at *; 100 brb eaoiee do tt M io JBrmn—W tons firaa la ha’k at 1:6-00 v con. 51.713 buuahlDped, TS.i'Mbu. Market paaic stricken, and price* isaiai- ■ ptr bmheUawer en -wister aad 15-atSc ltw*r on rjitide gracci. wiavia whiat nfbraaK-e.iCOAia l+o 1 hen at sIZSt a.ecobuaoatsijW; <sobu CO at *t.S3; &J do at S;AI. eeBETQ TtHEat isSto-.b-SOO ha Net Sorinc atSISo;2,UO bu lio / Spring (befarn ’CbDrM at SLCoKv3,o«hnao (before Thatee) at SiJoTi' bu CO (aeforH ’Cfcarjre) at 01A3. J.CCO bu C» (before Nliscee at Si AS: 5,t00 bn do (before 'Chancel at t:S2 17,0r-o; bn do (befera ’Change) at I *ia ; lP,ao uc. iiO vbefore ’Cbaage) at 2J03 br oo (before ’Cbacgc) at bnooat SI.W; 43,(06 bn oo at full: SSaiba do at S l .4iK; 2 (X? 0 on float St.lS: -1.0H3 bn &e|-ctra Snrlar *t»i«;l,crabu 110 31X1.1714&9 ba do « 81.12— tb'» saiket ciosts? uoMCtlea ail aomtnal at BllTai.£9 mr No. 3 Bpitnx in rare. COK>—KsthlTcd u>-*y. 12.9C0 bu.; shipped, CL- S7jbu MarkttQßlct and *®sc lower. Sales ta-day were: Cors iw sroai-ioco bu Sox Corn, at fi.« ; mbuvo at Sl<2*K: eio bn do at tl tl ; bn .Vo 2Cem at 8: 21; ICC3 ka de at $: J3K;ICOO bu da as flif® J24 far No 2 Cars. OATS-Kecelved ta-day. bu: sbiyaed.lSl,- C3<ba. MarketqniatandlK®-clowdT. Saltslo-lay. were t Oava iv stori—bu lia I Oa»s a; C3hc : 3.',U>9 bo oo at C3c; i?,wo ha ao at «Kc—tte market c1 a 3lbz Quut a’ C2HC. Rkß Receivedto-«1i».6.753ba: ahifpsd^tSOObu Maiict ISc & bu lower. Sales ta-day were: Arc rs Bi*aa—lie bn No 1 Rye at Jl 15.; 400 ea No*lrt»o at *i.H: SXOC bn No. 2 Bye at 8163 i SJe bn dc.otll.Go; •Uubniio. IBreat JI.«L Market clesmz qnle: at 81.(0. i HABIiRY— Btcelved to-day, 10,490 baakeU: ship. peo.U'Mb ba. Market doll asa 29s per bsebei lower. Sale# to-oay:—lif Sroi*—4oo ha No a Box ley at 81.75; S,«O ba do at >1 JO, By at |l 51- delivered- _ „ . _ AI.COHOLi-Nominal at 27.U-. Ba Market dnit and noaaaily lower, Early la the day several lot* of choice Dairy td crocks ana mba were sola at Sic, bat later in tbs day gccdbnuerwa* offeiedat !oc, wit&oncbuyers. isEAß»—Notbmv ooiaz. Wefcannac give any eaoiatiu&a that could be reied upon, and we there fereomlrtbcm. ' - - ~ MAGGIAG -Owinstothc dtpreeialloo In gold, t) wwan et is doll and inactive. Prices are nominal bat with a strosg downward ULdeacy. W# quou: B<arv,A 8120- Monitor,*..**..’-..* ; vij' liamydee tf . scamlse*. * •« WavoriyA, scamlcta....... i.n Chicoso A. seamier? - -.. m Western Prairie gj- Lcnywooc A. .* ,V.**V Manchester A. lisen com A, sewea Una. £i]Ele&..,. Ezerlecr ... ... Empire CUy,sewed - gj Garden Cry,sewei linen ?» Burlap*, fourtm.!..,,, li Gnniieß,n?e bn.... * ?« four bn ......„r b» two bo. , S >»cse, >« brls cotton. 2, ** H*• linen * 5* .. « Q * Sffi 1 - ■ *V«aB .... Q . P *.P® *y. v- a « Vwhsckj, beaTT .V.V.V.V.VV *-K ctg?^S7?a^ ,oPP,T “**« .T.V. a ail? *,* ™ ®ii*. nntetttej. and 13 inactive. Prices ate noamsl. wUh*dawi«V?«i tenrency. Weaoote; * downward. C?pe,l» » at 019 _ J-ra,O G 1amata.........'. , v ®?‘ ® ldo,:airtocooa . * stw2«vs Kin, goed to crime •* JJhSJM® COAlr-Mnrtei In better supply end l«aaeti&' mSrS* Cll “ 8 " “ I,r ” T,o "> ««£“« tutrxLASi>-j^i*pHill;.. ?••• ■ no UinexaiKldge ... *•* J3-S do Tlilow Bank . 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U 3 *4I?.W n»rrJis2»,t»i«ador.splU,oerbrL.» Heniua, ••letf.Ko t. per box •% £*mrp«.‘Djio(i,-©»!*■» 95*10* nemn*».i.fci-,0-rhfb*l,No,i * fi.rtf# 655 Hißia«a.Lilf, p»r Lf bfJ.Ko. 5.. s.fc<4»oU , moD.Dic;!»-. Kl*.» SM^jW Poiock.p.tiwlba 7 Or# 7 25 S a «tlP w ,!C l> * 7.rH* 7.» Bjllhot o*rib 17wa i*»c aMiClTs*—APPta* are la imJler S??«l? M ,p,, . a,n * ,^ l7Bdstn4n< *« I’rio * Cm at ptfli cjjt qantailra-. Obapu ta rooi receipt aid flrss a* 2 r{^* 1 Aw Uu I i, i? l * .L»Jtoaaln£i!T»aoply. Marxes dail «i!ba <*o<K:waid tcoorncy- We quote: 0»cto Aepli*,v bn, at vboletala $ zJOatjo Grrei AppUfl.Jrrl, at retail, e*{i« .. SAd* sto Greta AppUt,V h-l,atreUi£cookiar ... ajjo OtiV 1 ?, ISlOtlll, |l a i)Lia u 0-apo.C*tM»oft,#a " So £ Peaole«.¥ ba«X»l 3.»*« up Ptorr, s*ri lo.£r«.tW Pe*r» V basket... *j.el too ‘Blocmn f rabs, T basket T*i& I.M WaUateeloo*, ♦ IvO g OHalM# Lenpvs. FrrncP.T? box * l ivi Lernors. Sicily. 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I* lir-**! m Op|f>D6.fjO!a store, W do. 18cras w y*ry doll and m«o. the Ptlc»s sectraUr. under the Influence ott •» continued (leciinaringoL!.! are a strong downward tb;o»D'j. liT2S9*z3—ln moderate recupt and anise J*ah> 0 m—Scarce aul In fair demand. KnwJ.u>«Vd 01L.... . A 1 63 Bellir>Linseed Oil .... L£9 S;?5 SK. O eW. k B;;::::;:::::;;:;--:':;;;--; {g g$ \M SS S -SS Sc crra Oil ..... 2ja 03 to ItiiecaUil . .... . j «o m ri rVIS?™* o*'* 0 *'* - 1.45 at-to C,ifor Oil ui^t CeKßj*N OlL—Tt*r® t» uo'biajr doios In tho £LV£m> t *< tolr s*ofJw rp band bayeraare boid* tn£te* 111 inlJa P* t * ca of » further decline. We SSS POflloA !nMr.?2StP'?™'St pirsnc quo., ions. ir.cmr- C J •• Frlme to choice ?« bu. nhiiaftr - «- Pr.aa to choice, * bn. la comtEcnC. 9 bn, on neck....... * main Oouuncr,Hbo. rromstore. ££ft-m Fsir to choice. v tel, l»fi©tJLTßY—ln email supply, wl*b a good de mand. Market firm at presenrquutatloaa. V\ e quote- Fi.taU.o d. VOo*. »L<*n4.*a Ctlptas. V d»z j 5033 TS na»a>a,i«7e V a „ rw>*ea*.9 dor 2.3t0450 _ PROVISIONS—'there U dotag. aac an* Cer *lism.Btnled state «f n«T«. wo emit coo-.oMoas. lii*r nttJa o* nntblsw ofTarJur, aßflTo demand ’ldiotiit—UcteactiTW aod elortarun aeuUoant 15&25 C lower. Bale> tu-eay were: too b*-«D»lfliB at it.75 rno btes af $4.7*? SMbaea at 5t 55:86 cass at i; £cg bag* ai ai.n ; 9$ bars dinr at 1090. clonus unsettled and wltu • downward urdracy. Flax BeiO—slarKc* aneeltlsd »ua -jflc-If'Wt r. Sites to-cay : Seed at JLB-; 11 •* * t»T—Heceired to*dsy. I9j)t3 br!et StTlbrb. MazhatuasemcaasdaulL Nev6m-lu«w 8a 11* efftrtd M *3/0 by iba car load,'and at *3.a5 by tre-rarso.withcatbnyera *. MOSAIC—Tie mum is tloronjaiy uuc*lv<s; price* are oas* died, slut aoatcal, wia» s Jowswara ttr,a*ncy. 0 * Dare £a»ar a lantjer declm# of Kc w<s »staW t&ed.bac at present quotations Davors are boirtitacff Id aanispatun or lower decl iae in sold and generally. SS:;-— %Z li l If. 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VO <ats9 ao oo finest to choice, 9 a 1 M 01.75 Color* inferior So fine, * a..„. 115 ai o dp extra to choice, 9 a 1.45 «ns Soa.-.t-e-.f*. v a .. i.a at S v-i» i,» »c it, w to a cecnne orlcV a on praTtooa Quotations. We Packers 17 ®JS a country....... .isvftaiti e t-5 : i 2u ,le:CM Pttoo- pecker* Tallow at «LrJ^l 4brlscoaalr * lie; 2 bria do as .sKceiD 1 *4llACCG—Market dull and inactive! Price* Weal tr With i-oeiouhlechaua. WequotJ rrice * Puns Cct Caawcao Tobacco- * Choice.. Meclnm Common.._ ... Su2xr>o Touaooq — Choice 04*aOAD lleclnm n’SSnS i*» c ISSSi“““ SSSS Caolcoßlaek, sound*. ar2SnS ' v S Jassmt» •furtfaarJSKL ??£} wn°SfTl!% fiun » vtsi no dSSaS ooou«2!iscSS? B we%not?* edasß oßr preTwa * Fine Usht Fleece.* „ Medium Fleece.. S2 l& Ccaras Flcace, *.a. * S?- 2? Factory Tub Washed » a 1° ft’”- -“iiSJ Hlcicry, * cord, do_ilo 13.C-3 do • ILia m; A Si I NB'lj ibt PORT OF nfICAM, _ a*StVBD ...Sept M. S-'etmer Manitowoc, acnenes. sitanur PlanM. *tßbjb9, Saperlor city, Prop lowp. toward, Peahtteo. 330 m Inmaer. Piop iJUCseye, Chaotnan, Oeeenabnrehw anadrle* Frop Ontonagon, Tompsiis, wfiet * R?ui-S*t Oo?encb. funlrloi! 2 l ' , c Uar.lo, BLlDgitea. GO ede warn! Bftllt lnatte^ !C *‘ ‘ ‘ m Ncm“° E r * WIU, “' Mmlamber rr " fn. B » 6 m 2S; KaUl "' «■>»«».JM m laaier Sj!j oc , cnt i «’ m lumber. ill n & L “‘ itl ' (i:0:B ' Mm lumber .ml BebrLt li.S.Grut.Fowiei, Gree* Bey. «,'to fc£ A“l. S kS-“'ilS?Si™ “m. r r Iron. S “ posfi B|l ** J,ca ’ M mu*.ono=, 530 m Ebliijl!!^.COO |“r n'lfSXP' Sfcllbelli. 9b. Joceph. » cd. wood. SebrSfarSPh *I E ’ M , orr ;- on. St. Josebn, 16 cd« wood. . Aloncb, 3. reload. Two ElTete. S3 m lumber, ISO SChr ?oom“ Ctr ’ Ceotrerine. 13 cd. isb? Mrown’i Pier, 6* ede wood. bJSI pSf;' £on ' Move., Btown’a Pier, 63 co» wood. Bc " r ®Ctn t 2€r,i,ini D6oßt Kewaneo, 1W posts, I.TUJ r r Schtßloe BeU Dtcr'ir.Wolf lUver.fttl) po<». ~ Bchr Belle, Miller, Fierra ifarqaatt*, I2S m lember. EchrP. Hayden, Settrd. Pl«re ilarqaette, 123 a lumber. . . Sehr flight. Curie. Bay Settlem' nt,U9ra juaoer, Schr Manitowoc, TCOabiagles. 6cLriwoCbazlle*,Mlh»key, Manitowoc, 70 m lem* Stir Wr’Ss'lo'M. B.J SMCmamy ■ B m Imober bchrt*.R.a/bert*. ffaifer.loattßer.a7ci* wood. Sar J. S. ‘Wallace, Lawrence, Centerville, 50 eds HchrS&ieci Chief, Bis»on,3fntSrKOD, 125 m lumber, Scbr Persia, wuer, Mu»<ej:oi»,Bj m lumber. S'br Arrow a.ttt, Kalamazoo, GO m loaner. srbrßcho. £e’ber*, Green Bay. I*9 m lumber. Scbr Mary Van. Pe'.erajn, Sturgeon Bay, i3i m lum ber .JO ZD lltb Sebr tUen. crsw. Kesasba, 810 ba pstntos*. gchrOaWllnDtrr.Sopjp, Ene, ill toes coal. Scbr CißtbJa Gorcca ilioier, st Jc'seoa. <0 eda wood ScLr 31. McNair, Btciter, Green Bay, 9651 peat?, {« r t Scbr Atpa-Tbome, m lumber f ebr (OiOTtb. LyicoriJa, CeMerviite,bj eda wood.' bi-ht- iJiLaif. 13arte. Mittecoj. tsm lumber, 15 o |iti. . - Srhr M rßCCe.TJed3y,Milwanltee,:2ss lacSlncbrls. Bcbr Prtnc* Alfred, Goodrat], Port Colbcrrr. ■ scow Hairlt t Aa», Toemajcu, White Laae 3a m abln» Sltf.fOm lumber. Brow 'iempest, Sweatee, _ CLEARED SflpvW. Star Comet, KUllan-, VacUowoft, Prcp FcaoTbio Cltr, Beuidi, 8uffa10,5.259 tol> floor •nd fund*. ‘rea State Atwood, BoffaloSJ.OM bo oats and P/CpFi •UQ:g Prep City of RewTork, Chadwick,Ogdauhur?, 133 - .430 firla flcnr and tana*. .. . * Bark Lberobnsco, Chamberlain, Oconto. Uzht. E*rt Wayerly, Bandy, Baff»lo. u.ftf ha corn. Ears Taster McFaooen, Dnffaio. WA'O huoata, Fark.Cbamnloo, Carr, Buffalo. sa.Efc ha wheat. Barb JohnP. March, Wadsworth* Buffalo, 23.150 ba wheat. Bark C-ereiand, Walsh, Oconto. Ulfht. , lirle Banter, McEHiaott. Buffalo, i7,co# bo wheat.* KctrE P.Bort,ChilM, tasio Harbcr U,C:o«buoaU and tusca. Bchr Chat Buckley, SCanntaf, Buffalo. Vijii bn SchrKorwetlau, Sbattnck, Orwego.lß,soo bn wheat. Schr JameaPlatt, Berth, •twesq.27.ooobn eita.” , Scbrß. i. Davy, Hurt, Tort Oolbornn, 17;UJ bn wheat. iEisceUaneous. M E S. ,S. A' AXiXEH, A LADY 07 rtOKLD HEPtfXATIOSL- Wi® la iHrjr. s, A. Alien? . At UtU station Js oliea ailed ae.'wa wltb pleaeoio plTc * little hJ«lory of her. son? iwtaiy jctrt ago, a lady ts Stir Yet k City ooecned ibat b W h.if m rapidly loslrg Iti natural colcr, aid eettrag qaiv* {ray.aad dlallkles tbe-Jdea of becoming traj.asd cqnailyaTtna to tulflS arfj dyo (baowmg them to bo lajoiloiu), concluded V l ** *bo would try an aII rest ictaetaii g tsat would reatore ver hair to it* original U e coToijaad, by cist ct study tad ta exrez!mettlss,ebe locceedod la finding tbattbo m> Uclta tbe bad cbtspounded would not only re*t«o tie bairu tu original color, bat alio reader It p’l*. tie, and. give It tbe natural molstne** a bead of bale tUcnld ta-re. Tbi* vu even more tbaa •bjOto* bcpedior.aad, wllkont tbe ebgbteat Intention at fiat cf wallas a bualnte* of It, sbo vu actual!/ forcod tocoa&tace making It lor lale.bytbs nnmbrrof pence* of ba acquaintance and. olbeti, wtoa bar aiquatnUncea bad Informed of tbe remarka'de el or-ge in her heir.caUlSß at b:rrei!d!nc*To'proauro tba aiLelet and »be cow probably doea'oooor the xaigMt ca*h boiiojrfMi la tbe City of Kew Tort. Owing to tbe larte demaue from foreign ocunarlMa •be ba» been obliged to etiabUtb a depot (or tbe ex* cloilve sale ol ber Hair Pteparatlou la Leaden,a* ICS Holborn. Principal Ua&a>actory aal Offlce.Wfc antliCQ Greenwich street.’ KewTork. .On. S A. AJlen’S Woiila’ii Hair Re storer ax d Z)Iol)al«>mam or ’WoiU'a pair Bteisbg* • • . The Prepiratltag for Beetoibg, Invigorating Beautify* . isg. and Biasing the Hair. Kendrics It s:fi t slU7 and sloisy, aid disposing tt to remain laanydetlrsd pwf.l 'r; qalcUy cleansing tteicelp, arteiting the fall acd l-upnrtlo: a healthy aid catnial color to the hair. Thar aertr fell tors*' ere tray halrle Us original yoaffnl color. TSoy «c: directly spaa the roots at the hair, girlss taea tbetatnralncorUhment required. Ho lady's tolls* is couple'a vitbonl tie Zylchaltamnn or h»*t DiejiUJg. It cleanasr-tee hair ana Imparts to tt a * aoit d(llgi>tfnl tiatrascs, and So ho» ycurgatdcld. _Tha Beitorer Beprodoceoy , l&e Bair Dies*teg Cultivates* tatßotatiOw. II you Lair Isthln.tiylt: iffeazfy.trylt; ifhanb, try **; U !a*trele»«,t»yli; If ooiepi'tlmo.tfj It; lor *ll nao o*e It jrtsciTi tbtte Lair Uvoaghh/c. COUVIHCIBG TKSTIBO2H', . / rao* OiSBGTnBK Free-will OArlus for Benefits Ercefyod, jbifilt Praise, BET. DANIEL T. WOOD Middletown V T wmnN.'*cy th* osaofMts s. a.Aiien'siWnruVair Bnurer ua Hair Unwin* the hair hts treaur thickened npcn my bean a>dcuc onmerr hnicfev »ppterance>lhe same t* tma ot hvr had become torn and came oat constantly aatn we tbcucbt ihenead would 0» aimnst Dare: aeraatr Jut banatomely thlcaeneu up, aac auo baa a oanta. iu sypeaiaics ** Beieired hi# i»e t BEV. W- TBATCHEi:. of New Tort, to * utter -*H! Mjueiajatj. One y tar ago my hair was v«:y wvv. ami failiry. I ustd Mrs. S. A. ju2K > or;o a Hair tles-otar aeccraitgto olraectoasLikad »o » »y iwu restored 10 m aatorU color, auhaa tw.?ea 10 fad. .—****»• “Toe ZykSal'amun I harm found tho bee* ■»* oos; ayretaaleLair di6sa.£glbaTeeyernjs4 •• Valuable Testimony, UKV. A. TBfISTRc!, Boston. Mass., writes * **r hs7Q vsed.ibriUHLiba udneo of personal Mta S A. AiUa’aWorlds Hair saumm, tor tuTtrel utomht past, with smai effaet aen sniiro tatlaiac x»u. 1 am bow aiiTaufirt. 3CB OBAT; my hair was trj acd butCio, hot baa f*. tn» aotiLCsa of its earlier yean.*' For Cblldren's Hair, ME 8. of Key. !►. W. Clark, Cloetnoatl. Ohio*, *-l hiTe Ui«i wrs.B A Alrta**Zii> ba'iami.m «ltb maeb sadif*cucn in areumr or own etdchlloren’a hair, nuer uyiew.Tfruna am. Cl» AI fetl nniiif vanrs aa tin.zseT'l3*7oeverusfd. It .tree the bairaiott »lcs»7appearance.andrttalns.t many poaidja His TFIPn Approves, REV. I. UOORV, late Areot American Bibla UOiOT». wrlte»|: M i bare uoa Mn. s. a Area's Worli’o Hair Kcstorer sad ilalrDressing, and it hat also twea used by ay wife. We nnoasliiWdiT or»> bonne*bent ' be be?7 preparations n e bare ever ueid —IX WKICU DKCLABATIOa XAAT XEUIaCS JOIX U* ** Mrr. B.A ALLXirlßielyieeelrsd * o letter from a lady, stating that at the suggestion or nomeroaeOlctidaaheparcharclebJltle or mm.B. A Allix^iW** I ®'* Hair and ZylebaUa. or Hair Brna*ng, and alter using a .her hair, which was quite ffia-, was restored toltr>-. youth'ul color, / and new hair wee fast appearing. So laolew toilet is cotnni-u prapar*. tlona. SyeryDxnsx&Csenthesu v Sold by Brcjgiita throughout the world. *■ rC23TCii*AL SALES OFVXCJt, Hos.ASfi GneesWioh York. ie2Vß9lol9t*tathAtaadp< AND. It bss bees from time immemorial tea otjatt Ct phUaatbroptsU to find some remedy (or the 13* * ill*, and eeleotlCe aldll ha* cor t«» Apiottd tears tvaan* ts order to dlacoTtr tbe bidden secret. - It 2m< been,bov«Tcr.r«ierTedror modem eclenee t» brttß before tee world the treat destroyer of dlswe. and In HOOFUND’S eiRMKVITTEBi 4W eoncotmed in those Time* whlca tend utk* mote healthy and Tigorooa Ule. UnliketheztnersllQ of Bitter*, they are NOT AH ALCOHOLIC *ny. TUBS, bat * A PUKE XOitIC. Composed o.tliolj at T«g«tai)» SateUMM positive cube foh dyspepsia iSD DI3KA3E3 8E3m.T1.10 PKOM Disorders of the Uyer and Digestive Organs, ■ AND WBAK3HED AND DE3ILPTATED FBABH BECOMB UESBWED WITH *T> r TJOI K YIGOB OF HEALTH. 3T A 7888 USB 07 TUSK. VSesemder, that tin Btttera is not an alcoMbi mlstnre, a barroom drink, np a echatitute for nK and cannot inridloualy Introduca tbe ylca of drum seta lato jour AmOies. Do you w»at eeartMaf toßtnagtt*aT«i| * Do you wut ft- Good AjijetUe 1 DayouvaaTtoßuOduDvourCmtituUMl So you wont to Iml Weil 1 Do 70a vutto get rid of VurmißM 1 De you went Dnirgyl . Do 700 Vftßt to lIMP WsiiT So you w*ut tfßrisk and Jeeltiei ]f TOO do, uw HOOELAND’S QKBMAN BUTRBft , Observe the ioUowlnr symptom*. reeultlaw {mm dlaordertoitheDi*e#tiyeOrjcaa«; ua * COMa»a- Uon, inward PUae, or Blood totka otwji« E tte staScii, Sour ■ tvz.ptmi.ea* of jialoa, Bote or Webs befoztTOa ■ljjaU pain Utheßead.Deflele*, of °J Yellowness of the »>♦* \ “d Pain la the 81*0. Back. CktStT ZJ3id% Sadden Yluahee at Hesn» Boras*,ln the in Mb. Constant Imaginings - v ■* S&-JS? oT" fIAATJB 9T<bl OC 70®0.8« ■ 23S?M T ’lß HON. THOMAS H. PLOBEHCa. ' JEOM TIJS HON. THOMAS B. FLoSoinff FKOM T3B HOH. THOMAS B. •OnHTLzm; Haytn» W c^ , ft T 2s;s J .^ lLl ? t ' l>>l « J**«M lit*Ut!on la*wrltlng tite7aec%tt ?fflass?3Ss Ornlbate named. I took bla tiSTSsn 8.“ OT 11 “WBBS THOkia B. FLOBPia. ySOM THE HON. JACOB ifeoOM " PntLanmLriiia. Oct 7th, MR UuiuQdi; In reply to your inqolry ae to the ecect produced by Qoodaad’a German Bitter*. tx aos umilj. l hays no Hesitation in aeyinx'that it baa bow highly oeneYcloL la one ease, a can of dj jpapelx 1 thirteen yean’ standing, and which had become yen distressing. the oh cf one tattle gaye decided rtUag, the second etTecOnr a core, and the third, 1C Mob haa ccnflrnied the care, for there baa been no mpi tomi of Its retoza for the laat ox years, la aytafr yiduftl use of it, I find it to be an noeqaanadloMb and alßeerely recommend Its esa to the suffer era. 'TrSSrT»ttW* JACOB BSOOM, ITOT SprSUfc The followlsy wTli known rerere&d nmnimen— aekßcwiwiced in wtiiibk the jreat bsaadts they S!S - rccelrea /Tom tha nae of thee* Bitten. Sack tmZ * many mmt certainly comince the moitekeotlcale Ber. Lctl 6. Beck, of the Bapthit rr-nm Pemberton J». J, formerly of the North Church. Fh Hadelphia. ** 0f Rer. J. 3.Hera an, of the Genasa Reformed dma KuOrtown.Berki county. Pa. w "• Key. J.M- Lycar. formerly Pntor of the i». Jn and Mlleetcwi* - »•» Baptist Churches. K«y.J.Newton Editor ot the Xaaik elspedta o: Religious Enowledge and Christian (SreE icle, Philadelphia. P!M«pK crjt:^utc ' or ****** M - 1 Rey. Joseph H. Eeunard, Pastor of the Tenth UstChnrch, Philadelphia. M - Bcr.Warren Randolph, Pastor of Baptist Chsrew:' Sennactowa. * •Rev. Wm, smith. forrcarJy Pastor of the Vincflato*. and MUKUIe JJ. Jr, Baptist Churches. Key. Lawrence «. Bales, Editor Methodist int.Bahtnwe.Md. . . V?c could add tsaay others to this list did mm permit. ’ ’ ’ PRINCIPAL OFPiCiJ ASD iIAHUPACTOB?,^' 631 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA. - JONES <se EVANS. (Successors to C. u. JACSSOH A CO-3 P2OPP.I2TO2S. “* 4e » !m to N. B.—Wo hjLTB jbff m «wn*>gtllf Of unall or tcrenty-flTe cent. size. the dollar «■ account of Ita aue.heinz much da cheaper to M ■coimnner, Bee that “ftica One .Dollar"!* Trapper of each bottle. _ . . . * LORD * tiftTH, General Wa^SiJfJPt. € OALI COAj:i 9S£!" **« c' Boston,Ptrtito«.^^*^“ D 4 0 “ I *2®!ffl « S3’%>Ka3l-£ , tf isfc^®s4aaa! ■ Barite meat Ist Seat Vadlaos c - **3 . *5kK'GtU B&BBJ5X LAW* *

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