Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 28, 1864 Page 1
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CBiCAHO TBIBUJNE. DAILY TEI-WEEKLY AHJS WEEKLY. OlDcr . wo. Cl ««rk Street. or nre cinaao tbibcjh. DAlly. CcliYerefl Id at> <per weeK) .... '2S 3 “ “ (pet quarter) $3.26 Dii'y. t° 10,1,1 f 'P o * crlb *' r *i pot year *512.00 n&iiv. to »aM euht«!il>ere. per fi months.. 6.00 rn.WoeWT, per year 6.00 “ M «lx months.... 1.86 Clnb# of four copies, oneycar ’• -9.00 * * ** 44 20.00 “ “ Chanty M « « .... 40.00 And to the latter dub, one copy «*iin to the par coo ordering it. ■ *\ ' Honey in Rtmicrea Letter* nifty ho arut At cur risk. tlr The remltta&ee tot cinba moat. In all cases, !• e made At osx time. Address “CHICAGO TKInOKK.'*’ Chicago. 18. €lltcago Submit. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 185 L CAMPAIGN iMMItJMEITS! 160,000 COPIES SOLD. m- SrKirf* (ftlie Canpatsn-Thc- Conven tion Pntnplildt—Campaign Song a. Wchavc ißPucd a second edition of the -campaign cccmntnt entitled “Issues of the North vote for a Dis union Peace,” with the following new and valuable matter; N L >cnat«r Donela* on (be War—The ’npt Lvtier lie ever wro’e, addressed to Ylrd* Hicbox, CbßirmßD ot tbc Dtm'icmtlc State Cen. tml Commute* of Uildolk. 11. Tlio Somli lAwp n*iMe for tbc *ffar—Extrnci from the Si> , .*« i ch of Alexander D. Stephcuf, now Vbe President of the Southern Coniedcracy, before Jibe Georgia Lccielatnre, la 1861. 111. Cenoral Shcrman’i Letter to the SXaiorof ailßiila. . . Tbls docnojdit le divided into tbe follow* ibg Iliads CONTENTS, niFtor'c&l Review—Who we Rerponatble lor the War?— The Rebellion at it* L«t‘*asj>—The Great Nalioua, Uiloo Ptalform adoo-edat Bull* more, .Tone 7, ISG4—National Democra'lc Pal form aaopleO *at Chlcaco, Annual 30, ViM— Tlie ileatiinr of - th« Democratic Fiattorm— tVathinzion UudlV Reaolnnoa—“The Basis ot Ibo ledcral 6u»lp«s liflueml .McfTJeliauV Letter of Acccptaac—The 4le*uttu of Peace Is Disunion— UcnjatnUj'pLeicr—An oQIcUU Declaration -Upturn South aid hive or Kothlnu—(»onrra* Gr»r>i ou me War—Hla Letter to lion. E. B Waah^onip—Goonre H. Pendleton and hla DWojal Record—Mr. Pendiototflo favor ol LLtttm, Uic Rebel* tro in Peace—ilr. Pcnd’eton a State R'phti*’ Man—Mr. P.-ndietoa eayi the People c iDDOI Amend the CoDßUtatlou eoaeto A l *) bh Slavery— General BirnardV Review W General Me* CleUan’s Camualca on the Pculnacla—Senator Dotigla* on the War—The be ever wrote —The Son'hßtepn'Fihle lor the War—Speech of Don. Alexander II Stephens—lmportant Letter from Gen. Sherman. * This comprehensive document, embracing the platforms of both parlies, ibe letters of Gen. McCl'lUn, Gen. Grant, Gen. Sherman, Secretary Benjamin, and Senator Douglas, atdmnny other documents cf vital interest not fraud in nuj other publication, forms a pamphlet of sixteen paces, and will be Kent by lixprcM at fivo Dollars per Bcndrcd. THE NE»B. The military situation condones as reports cd in cnr prcvioufr-ksuc. The threatening rebel movements across-the Arkansas line Into Missouri, under Price, and against Gen. Sherman’s communications at Pulaski and other points in Tennessee, under Wheeler and Forrest, are now unmasked as the rebel full programme, a deeper ite measure to seek a diversion from the operations ot BUerman, and to give occupation to troops in the Northwest, which would otherwise be sent us greatly needed Jto strengthen our main in Georgia and Virginia. From Missouri the ramers arc voluminous, but not particularly exciting, because abundant* 1; stayed by the evident fact that Gen Bose crane is doing all that Is seeded to bring •defeat and ruin upon Price and his horde. Troops ait being mbed and poured in In large numbers. St Louis has laid aside apathy, and her streets echo to the tread of the gathering forces. Whatever be the rebel scheme, whether to movo forward to St Louis, or bear eastward and seise Cape Glr* ardeau, wHh a view to cros-lugiuto Illinois, every part of the rebel programme will be checked. Our gunboats are watching along the river to prevent the Utter movement, and in Price’s rear. Mower end Steele’s forces loom as a vision of judgment which will overtake abd punish this rebel ' make their ruin the more complete from their having come North to court it. Frcm Nashville the dispatches give impor tant details ot the rebel raid on Sherman’s communications, and make It vsxy likely that some sharp t ghting will tc required to turn the rebels back defeated. Gem/Bousseau is a cool, cautious but vigorous fighter, and 'will choose best the- time and place to pan isb ‘Wheeler and Forrest. It Is undeniable that this rebel raid is chosen at a time that iUvots lb elf plans. We were shown a letter from the front yesterday which says that the Tennessee river was never so low this sum mer, and easily numerous points* thus depriving our army of the co-operation of the gunboats. *• Happily in the interim of filling our armies with the results of the droit, and volunteer ing under the present call, the loyal North west can send fresh from their brief term of Bcrvice in the field her One Hundred Day troops, with hands just unloosed from the musket- At the call of the Government i they will clasp their weapons once more | and demonstrate a wonderful good fortune lor the loyal cause In the fact of the exist- | •cnee of this organized force at this juncture, i Grant and Sherman will not pause, nor need - they look behind them. The loyal North will send men to hold the fields won by the valor of our sow advanced lines. It will be seen that several of. our Illinois hundred <j & y regiments have been eent to fit. Louis, while the same organ!- , nations in Indiana and Ohio will be j poured down across Tennessee to strengthen : Bousecau. All is going on well, and the ] rebel armies will be rested all the faster ! from their having increased the wearing eur fkces. Both in Tennessee and Missouri. the rebel leaders are vigorously pursuing a system of wholesale conscription; and this will prove . -a valuable recruiting agency for us. Multi, tudes of mrn art pouring into our lines to escape rebel tyranny, snd encouraged to en ter our ranks to drive back the invaders of their homes, ft* both In Tennessee and Mis souri confidence in the Union .cause has grown apace. But with all these aspects it will not do for loyal men to he misled into vain or foolish confidence by t’he present .cheering tokens. The demand cf the hour *is for men, more men, and the need is made pressing-by the desperate attempts of our -desperate enemy. • Dispatches elsewhere published, from Ma jor Gen. Sherman, give the official brand of falsehood to the rumors eagerly circulated through disloyal channls, charging inhu manity and craelty-upon our officers in car ' rjlng out the recent order ot Gen. Sherman for removing all civilians from Atlanta. The best of all evidence to the contrary ife fur bished in a letter from a prominent officer in the rebel Major Gen. Hood’s stifli and from the rebel Mayor of Atlanta, who bear testi mony to the kindness and care evinced by our officers in the performance of one of the most dcllcatcf’cllfflcolt vet necessary duties the war has yet entailed :npon any wearing the United States uniform. The Little Mackerel press will of course con tinue to publish and harp upon the calumny, -And take the least possible notice of these corrections. Fortunately, sufficient suspl .cion has been awakened by the suspicions similarity of rebel and Northern secesh Ca maras, that the public now eve* .study to know the truth. In this Instance it Is plainly evident that the Northern allies of the rebellion in their zeal to blame General Sherman have run away from the support o' their Southern allies. Gen. SoL Meredith, than whom a mors •thoroughly, loyal man does not exist, has commenced a very difficult task-no less than carrying on the war in Western Ken tucky to suitelhe Kentucky rebels. Perhaps he will find them good advisers. Doubtless, General, “molasses will catch more files than vinegar, “.but whether honey is strong enough physic lor the rebellion Gen. Mere dith’s experiment will demonstrate. . The loreign news by the City of Baltimore is important. How do loyal McClellan men like the London T*ma' sketch of the Chica go Convention, and the programme? k it likely that the RothrchUd organ could be mistaken as to the intent and purpose <ff a .gathering which cost them mauy shekels, and which Belmont fbelr American agent and left handed relative set to engineer ? The London TimtJ article when it comes to bond will moke a powerful campaign docu ment, and will he a mirror the Little Mack •crela will not largely love to look into. Our "New Tork dispatches are full of into rest to the bulk of our readers, for few. are ■unconcerned In the fall of gold, and the con- Eeoncnt flutter in the general market Mul tltudes of operators will realize,* belter than •ever before, the dosing phrase of Hood’s line, pronouncing gold 1 “Hard to get, and Jaavy to AdJ. Not a few will let itNirop, and some will be wuthtdT But the fall 1* * dfrcct symbol of returning confidence In the Government, And a tokenloyal men will everywhere hail. YOL. xvm. It should be remembered, however, tbit a very heavy and pressing demaud fjr cold to pay duties, has long awaited just this fall. Millions of dollars' worth of go >ds Import ed, have been for months held in bond, which the owners are anxious t$ releise, and under this demand the cold market will not yet find Its bottom entirely ont. A substitute broker named J. W. F*wd, cn paced ip ruining the guard with recruits from Chicago to New York, found his way into Camp Douglas yesterday with a sudden ness which gave a severe shock to his nervous system. We understand that the other pris onersin the camp wgfusc to associate with bim, buthe will not be lonesome this winter if the authorities succeed in laying their hands on the score or more of his kidney whom they are after. A more brazen and utprincipled set ol scoundrels than those who have been engaged in our mi "struuniog off recruits to tbc Eastern State*, who, by virtue of tbeir residence ought to count upon our quota, ncv.T infested our city. It has been suggested that they be impressed sum m&rily into the military service, but a mo ment’s reflection will convince Any one tba. they are not fit Ho associate with soldiers. Camp Dongla% is the place for-them. Oar citizens owe it to themselves to czposeevery instance and operator of tne kind, aweedlag • out process which has been too long-delayed. The Cincinnati Gas'.Ue of yesterday -says Governor Demlsonhccepts the appointment tosnccctd Montgomery„Jiiilr in the Post msstir General &liip. * O&r marine column, elsewhere, contains the h’ art-rendering details of tbc loss of the brig Sultan, which struck a bar off Cleve land,on Saturday evcnlcg. Scvep lives were lost, all of the crew perishing except the mute. , Our Indianapolis and Cincinnati dispatches give'startllng revelations of rebel plottings brought out in the Dodd military trial at the former city. As to the peace rumor?, no loyal -man: in the 2soith will object to Gen Sherman," or anybody else, treating with the rebels on the terms of peace laid down in the dispatch elsewhere— uru»hdiUo\al sumnitr. The news from Mexico is encouraging, and that rocar6 that the French have -received a reverse. Despite the diligent bolstering of newspapers in the French interest, the bogus imported Emperor occupire atT uneasy seat, supported on hajonele which will prick through the cushion. . lIEITI DBOUKE IN PRICES Rarely, if ever btfore in the history of this market, Lae such a complete break-down la prices token place as occurred daring the •week ending yesterday. The success ot onr armies in the field, the dcmccd abroad for United Scales bords, and the increased con fidence ot the people in the* ability of the G cverr-ment to subdue the rebellion—ad -have operated to gold from the fictitious' quotations which have ruled for several months past, and product and almost every marketable article loltowcd. Of course, in such a lime, when the rage* tor speculation has 'permeated nearly .all daises of the community, much fioanchl' distress m'-st ensue; bur, notwithstanding .all this, there is*a better feeling among the peojL—a more hopeful and satisfactory* view of the general affairs of the country, which cannot hut work beneficially .for all. The following table shows the decline in the leading articles oi tr&d£ and commerce: SCCLIXZ ox THE WEEK. '' Flour, per brh... $2.00 Wbcar, per bu Ss®Wc Corn, per bo.;. - .*U% c Oatr, nerbu 3c Bye, perbu 20 i&223 Burley, porbu SJft c Butter, per 1b... ~ lttgiiSc Hjfc’bwlccf.perrailon 4& 5c Timothy been, per bu 50%75s Sugars, per lb le CoflVe. per lb ‘ B,tf@ 9c Black Tea. per lb ID %15: Fplcee.ptrlb. 5&l0e Whitehall, iKThairbri 25» t Trout, per bairbrl c Potatoes.perbn ; 30% c Dried Appier, per lb 3c Wool, peril* c Tallow, per lb.. Hides, ptrlb'...... ...2#® 8c Pic Iron, p< r ton s>o.oo Tin, per ib .....6® C Zinc,per lb 3® c Kails, per tec 25® c CaiboD OH, per calloo 3® c Domestic CoaonGooo*, per paid 5® Ce Prints, per yard 3i>stt Foreign Dry Goods 15®20 per cent. FBOH. KEW TORE. 3be F«ll in Gold a&d Dry Goods, Kew York, Tnesdav. Sept. 27,—At tho auctions ol dry poode to-day. there was a aimed fall m prices, amounting to 10 if cent less than thj recclar prices three wetns aco Gold opened steadier this monitor, and the pries has been eurtalncd bjtbe heavy purchssestocver rliurts. There I s h great scarcity ol cash gold, upon which H & cent ie readily paid. It opened at 183, mse to iPttf, and declined u> ls»3. Kew Yobs. Toesdsy, Sept. 27.—There were rather lively times among importers, auctioneers and buyers generally, owing to the feverish state ol political and financial affairs. Many Kinds of coods tell some 10,3J and twenty-live per cent. For instance, pool de chevres (woolen fillings), which two weeks ago brought 85c., were knocked down tn-day at 69c., some lots being consequent ly withdrawn. Inferior qualities of eome articles heretofore commanding from 60 to 80c. went down 1042Q,t1c- A few lots of 40-fn;h burring and burlaps eold at Irom 15 to 20 per c-nt below aver age prices. Dome-liz goods firm in comparison with foreign article*. ' Tbe panic in cold unsettled cvcrytblnc, aod In a few cases tbe fail was S3 to 40 per cent from the regular prices of three weetSTico, . The reduction in rates for domesac goods not so large. LATER. Kiw Tobe, Taetdty, Scp!.27.—Go'.a dosed this p. xd. at lEHiji- THE VERY LATEST. Nett Yoik, Tuesday, Sept. 27.—G01d to-night, 200. ' • Flton MOHILF. Om> Fled Rear Mobile—Official Ad- vices from Farragut. Hrw Tobk, Tnced.j, Sept -7.—Tfac gunhoit Fort Morgan. Irom Mobile Bay the ICth, bis ar rived Our irou-claos and gunboats were then Star Mobile, but no attack had je; been made on the city. \VasHccotok, Tuesday, Sept. 27.—The Nary Re. partment baa received details Irom Aomiral Farra gutoftbc Bocce-Brnl expedition up Fish River. On ibo return the vessels were attacked from Frtcr'a Bluff, at one of the sharp beads of the nver byfi'ty or sixty rebel*, who h»d idled trees acres* the stream. The Arc was returned, and onr - vweie passed through with tee toss of oi e offeer end two men killed. Admits! ssye he is successfully en gaged m removing the torpedoes, lie had thus fur succeeded in taking up seventy-one.* from MEXICO. Vlcforlee bp the Itlcxlcaus—Dnranso uccnplca* ' -sak Fiu?fcisco. Sept. 2*3.—The steamer John L. btevciiM brings advices from Ifortnwestcrn Mexico to Sept. 13tb. and $207,09 i in hollton._ . The Mexican troops are reported to have achiev ed deaded successes in Bnranco. The city of that name has probably oen evacuated by the French, wi.o are greatly outnumbered. .. Eight to ten thousand ccrc* of cotton &re under cultivation in Sinaloa, with fine prospects. Four men had teen killed lightning at Ha* zatian. _ ro. TLc Pursuit oltbe Luke Frio Pirates. TonoXTO, C.W., Tuesday. Sept. 27.—A fall de scription ot a number of tbe Lato Erie pirates has. bftn telegraphed to different points in Canada, and every exertion ia bang made to secure tnelr arrest. Peace Rumors irom Georgia. Washington, Tuesday. Sept. 27.—The Commer cial's WatUUiuion special njs: Several prominent Georgians, refugees, now here, arc comidcnt that some Kind ot arrangement will soon he effected between Gov. Brown and Gen. Sherman through winch Georgia will sece-te/rom the Confederacy Knw Yens, September 27.—Concerning the re ported peace negotiations in Georgia, Pott ent: General Sherman, we are authorized to say, will not negotiate, exerpt oo tbe terms prec edent of an unconditional sabmlenoa ot the reb els to the Government of the UnlTu, the tn!le»t acknowledgment of Its rights tad- op*a admission that tbe war against the Union wjb what Alex H. Stephens declared it would he in 1639—a blon der aril a crime. The FoH says: If the Georgia authorities will agree to these preliminaries, Gen. Shunnan will meet them frankly ond-ehcctfully. Ifloirs in Western Kcaiacky, Locismxu, Tuesday, Sept. 27,—The Journal contains an exposition of ms'feasiuce iu edict: by *Gcn. I’aiueat I’aducab, and implicates 11. S. Av dtreon, member of Congress, P, Hall. Privet Marshal, John F. Ballinger ana Major H. Barthuey as bis assistants in varioas swindling transac tions. Gen Sol. Mindith. the successor of Gen. Paine,' has orrv»«u some of the parties, and will donat es: secure the remainder. Risastrons Fires* St Louis. Mctday, Sept. 27.—The rope-walk of Gold nod Blnhy, in the e»cib?sn part of this city, wee horned last night. Tbe very extensive quar ters, in process ot election by the Government for refugees and contrabands from the Soat s , nearly finished, were also consumed. Lost not as certained Hall a block of buslness houses were htrned in Booncnll*. Mo-, oa Sunday. Lues y40.003. From Se- cct la Editor* Newark, > T - I J - Tceiday, Sept. 57.-E M. Fa'- ttr editor of the Daily Jvumal of Idts cltv, waa t/MtoT indicted hy the Grind Jory of the U.b.Clr cn»t Conti at Trc-ntor, on \t»c charge of publishing articles in July last concsdliig resistance to the Cratt. N is Likely as Kew Tore. Tnef day. Sent K.-The New York Tribune's correspondent levtsT from a tain that LteV army a month ngo was 65.000 to 70,000 strong. Inclndinp the win e of Early’a com mand. Lee was the only Gocetal In whom the Sontban people bad any confidence* hot hie army It toll of olaafltctcd then. THE IB7ASION OF 1SSOOB! Price and His Rebels In mt Pilot Knob, EXTENSIVE MILITARY PREPARATIONS AT - ST. LOUIS. Efficient iSctioa of the Military Authorities, TROOPS FORWARDED TO ST. LDUiS FROMtUIHOIS. The Paid of tile Rebels in Sliermanls Bear. THEY MENACE TOE RAILROAD IINEjf, Rousseau Reported Retiring Before Them. LATEST FROM CHATTANOOGA AND ATLANTA. Important Dispatches from General Sherman. A EBBEL CSNAED NAILED BY EBBEL TESTImONY. ' The lowa State Fair at’ Burlington. THE INDIANAPOLIS TRAITORS— TRIAL OF DODD-STfiRTLING DE VELOPMENTS. later fc m Europe—How the Eorhs cbild • Organ Views the Roths child Chicago ticket FEOJI DETROIT—CAJADIAX JIEASCBES TO DEFEAT REBEL PLOTS. From Mexico—V ho Mexi cans Defeat the French. . TDD TV Alt ItV iKISSODBI. Federal Preparation arrmirst Rebel la- Tuloxi-Tiic Sicuailuii. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.] St. Lons, Tuesday, Sept. 27. Mcst of the military news as.lhls po nt is con* traband. Farmington woe only occupied hy a hundred rebel llievo ont foraging, who were driven oat of the place yesterday by a battalion of the 17th Illi nois cavalry. The enemy demonstrated on Ironton and 'Pilot Knob, but were repulsed in a skirmish. General Ewing commands at that point to day. It was re ported at he-dqa triers that Pilot Knob had been evacuated by Gee. A, J. Smith, and that a battle wasgolng on at Irocdale, all ol which la proved SO be false. Smith is still at Jefferson Barrack*. Price's subordinates arc Fagan, Monroe, Par* tons. Cooper, Coffee and Shelby* the latter com* mandine the cavalry.. Marmadnke remains oa the Saline river, south of Little Dock. " Cape Girardeau was safe at last accounts and likely to continue so with aid from a gunboat in She river. Prtcewas at Frcdericktown onMmday. He has a ha>dot lunricand ambulance in at headquar ters. Dr. McPheeitrs, ol this city. Is his medical director. , . . - . The rebels have commenced a wholesale con tc-lptioD. the effect ol which le tj drive men inside onrlints with information. Scorns report that wnerever- rebels hsve vl«- ittd they have told the Inhabitants that Puce meant to make bit ttav permanent. The Iron Mountrioliailrosd has been seized for military uses exclusively. It is believed Price means to march against Dolls Horn Pilot Knob, and only Keep up the sem blance of a force In front of the litter place. Doha is « ell lortifi*d against such an attach. Military preparation* In the city are very active. Tbc papers are filled with military orders to place the State on a war footing. At noon to day all the stores were dosed to al low the employees to drill. Military companies are fillednp to the standard, ano the organization of exempts is progressing. - The old cnara, composed o! men over ace, turn ed out one hundred strong, and were on-gaaro to day. * x Veterans from returned Missouri regiments are Taltvlntt-iD large numbers. Tno Mayor nas called for an organization of ex empts by wards, atd subscriptions have been eta*t etlio raise bounty for a regiment for one year. In the lower wards everything gives way now to the war question. , • , . _ , The IMmocrai says Price’s forces had scarcely, readied the vicinity ol Batesville, Arkansas, w hen a heavy body of Nailoaal troops consisting of cav alry, infantry and artillery, under General Joseph Mower, moved in two columns Northward after Price’s rear from Brownsville, which is on the line of .the railroad be tween Little Dock and Duvall's B'olL Mower’* advance lull Austin, some sixteen miles northeast oi Browxfvihc 1 , on the 15th inrL, on which day Ccce. Steele and Mower were 1c consultation at the last named place. This formidable movement may soon molt In skirmishing or a battle be tween Price and Mower, but it is believed that the latter would willingly permit the miin body of his .adversary to proceed a conriderable distance Into Missouri, or, until bis front fchou-d become en gaged by the lotces nooer Gen. A. J. Smith. Gen. Dosecrans has issued an order warning rthcl treops sgaln*t wearing .United State# uni forms, if ihey do they forfeit thdr rights as prls onrrs of war. ... , ' . „ , Adetacbmeutfron the Ist regiment ot enrolled nilllia, cn Sunday night, fifteen miles from the city, on a by road, discovered four guerillas and spies rapidlv Disking their wsytoDlxie. They had a wagon and two horses, the former well filled with -revolvers,.bowie-knives,' ammunition, and otter valuable supplies, for the rebels. ‘One otthe > party made his escape, but the others wer? brought ' io the city ana consigned to -Gr«tiot street prison. Guerilla* tn North hWsouri are increasing,Tiul the loyal farmers will tske care ol them. In the markets, dullness tvlgns supreme. On ■ ’Chance, lo dav, there was more attention paid to Old P*p Price's raid than to easiness, and the full ol gold, the order to clrse np the stores andreport for dulv, compie-e'j drove »>H thoughts of birgala -m.d safe, lor the time, out of the head of specula > ttrs. fix. Lours, Tuesday, Sept. 27:—Price’s main force, mme 30,0 0 Hrocg, remains tn the vicinity of Frcdericktown, acd the advance nl Farmington, 20 miles above, liis real uca’gn it cot yet devcl- General Smith has a strong fores a v . Mltu-ral Point, awaiting events. Ilisihoushl tbit a naitle wi-I be. engit somewhere beiweenPoloslJind Pilot Knob. Military men think that the larger portion of Price’s srmy will be captured. Tbemillm ordered ont by Gsn. Doaecracs re sponded promptly yesterday, the larger portion of them reporting lor ten ice, and were marched to the old Camp Jackson ground, now called Camo Sheridan, in honor of the hero of the late battles in the Shenandoah Valley, The mlllti* in this db -1 trice consists of thirteen regiments. In addition to thK several citizen companies are armed, which with the Government employes, will muke a con -1 tl ACTmp l of C rcbcl recruits, en route to join Price, » were captured in this county yesterday. 100 or ‘'CO were wounded. - The Confederate soldiers were ’ cobbled up, together with a number ol revolvers. * saddles, horses, wavous, and some camp equipage ' andnewunfiormsfOrancwrcbel company. f A large number ol horses have been seized here I for Government use. It is mown that there are 1 many rebels in the dty ready tn rise on the ap proach of Price, butthe military authorities are on • the alcn, and a very slight offense now will con r sign them to prison. IATEB. Benoit* just received from Pilot Knob eoy the rebels deroocetrated against-that place this mora ine Ko direct attack teems to hare beenmade, the rebels contenting themselves with dropping a lew shills Itto the town Tee Kcob is pretty well fortified ivlth earthworks monuUng Heavy lbijs, aodis under the command of Gen. Ewing, Kd can doubtless hold out a/aIoBS areniUr at tack. It maj be evacuated, bbwever, If, by so 'flolng. abetter disposition of oar troops can be “EocSl^eboaiesof troop. oreirrivlnsberc. The rarn'rj end IblMtij are bdns rapldlj nssieo cd to prober petition". The militia are rc‘pond idb promptlyto the cell of tbeCommanaius oen eral. citizens ectendiy manifest a ttron„ dispo sition to organize for local deftmee. , St. Louis, TnveCsy, Sept. 27.-A dWhl demon made by the rebels, °® n sj > _ this morning. They-threw a few l,9 J^^, a t l ie place, bnt made no regnwr attack. la d • frpded with iarhworks, mounting heavy - QC “i® <* pan irtUt an ordinary assault, Gen. Ewing la in command. 1 . ... . A guard has been established at each of the six ferries at and near the cl’y. for »ho purpose of pre venting the crossing oi all soldiers and negroes who do not show passes signed by the military au thorities CM iuiiß will no* be stopped or ques tioned. the duties oi the go«rd being conflufd ex clusively tonigroee and white persons In uniform. During such Lours at night as the ferry boats no not inn. thegunrd will be posted atlnterral* aioug t*o rrtcr front for six miles to see that no crossing is dtno bj them in small boats. FROM SPSL\GFIGLIi>. Ibo Cull for Troop* for Missouri—Gen eral lUlnvU State Items* [SpcaalDlFpstch to tho Chicago Tribune.! SrsiKcriau), DU, Tneaday/SepU 27. • General Basecrans has sent an order here for the iransier of three thousand six hundred men to St. Louis, pending Price's invasion of Missouri. The Copperheads had a Haile np at Lincoln, Lo gyi county, yesterday. The proeesaion consisted of thirty-eight wagons. Dick El chard son. and CHICAGO, WEDEESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1864. John L. Stuart were the speakers. Stuirt said the decline In gotd was caused by s l«rgo foreign loan contracted by Iho Government. This will be news tor the public. •* On the train returning from tbs meeting on which there were about 75 .drafted men the rote stood— Ltiico'n US. McClelan - 50. Fremont 2. Toero was an enthusiastic and crowded ftpdlituce at the wigwam in thi^' city last, evening to • cclebr te the !aho Union victories Bailer’s Bond and the Union GI-*e Cmb were on band, to add to the hilarity of the occasion. Speeches were made by Don. James C. Conslinz, Capt. Geo. B. Weber, and dipt. Weaver. Among tbe soldiers pretent were many who bad served under Gen Sheridan. « Twen*>-fclx dratted men were eximioed by IX.- Wblimorc, yeiterdiy, and eleven oftbem were ex empted. Of lory eight enbntlcQte« and vulnnteers wt o wt-re vxsmimd. els were rtjecied. .Major Adolph Schwartz, Chief of Ordnonco on Qen. McCleruand’s staff, has been honorabtv mtu tered oat of service. Usjor-S. hss rerved with d s unction in most of tbe prominent battles and beige* oj the West, and is an officer of taleot'and scp riomiUtarj well as a modest and nnasbnmltjg gentleman. Tbe Soldiers’ Borne, t-ere, is feeding as many of tba dUbanoed soldiers as It can accommodate. Geo. WcCicrnaT d bas rented an office, and in tends resuming the tbe lawvio tms city. It Is reported that he bas sent in bis resignation to tbe President, ns Mjjor General in the arm*. . A meeting was held lari night, by tbe Trades’ Union of tnN city, which pasted resolution* ee- Loandnc the Chicago TkmeaforthoeifloioymAit ot female printers In Its office at anrumunerative wages. Tbe entire receipts from’ all sources of tbe HU coia 'Agricultural Society, at fu late fair at Deca tur, were eighteen tboowind one hundred and sev enty dollars This is Bom J. W. Bonn, Esq., toe Treason r. A portion of the Cist regiment leaves here to .night, for St Louis, FBOSI U\l>miAPOUS. Examination of Dedd.tho Honor Lib ert>—Tlio liebel PlMLvihu Nuitb. finoibrr in itie chain of l*rea« son—lmportant Btacovcry and Ar* rc»t- Faieut Iteckeis, ijrerk FJr*i and Bomb fehclJs for the Sons of . Liberty. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlbnii* ) Indianapolis, Tuesday, Sept. 27. The Commission for the trial of Dodd resumed basinets this alternoon, Brig. Gen. Goigrove, pre. eliing. Tbe examination of witnesses on the part ot the Government was commenced. Felix Q. Siidger tesiilleu that be was sent by the authorities to leant particulars of'tbe Sous' of Liberty. Dr Bowles save him the first Informa tion. lle.was initiated into tbe order about the. filth of Jane, and was instructed in the third de gree by 1 a risen ' the Grand Secretary, He met Dodd in the office of Bingham,- tbe editor of the Stntint'.. He had a letter pf introduction from Judge Bnlllt'. to oxl*l. which letter was produced in Conn Dodd told the wilne-s then that Coffin, a Government drtectlve must be assas-lnated. Dodd, Harrison, Bowles, Millic»«, Dr. Humphreys tin It. J Gatcdi-g, were conmcied In this matter. The Sons of Liberty was a military organization, and in it Coffin's murder wis codded upon. Coffin was expected to be at Himlltoo, Ohio, at tbe mcttlrg when VailaLdlgham returned, ard vu- to be mnrdereo tbeu and there. Dodl asK»d wbo'd co there tilih him to do tbe job. -He Bride, oi Evausviltc, volunteered, and Dodd, the witi'Ccs. Bowles, and Milligan went to Hamilton, hot Coffin was not tlnre. Two meetings were held on that day.' At tbe evening meeting it waa exitected that a definite time wtnld be set tor a general nprielnsvand to seize the arsenals In Ohio, Inoiaua and Illlno's, uno release dad arm the rebel prisoners with the arms taken from the arsenals. Tie number of the order was calculated to be 75,CC0 in Indiana. Illinois was conn'ed la fora Urge number, aid Hiasour! was almost nnaui •tons. Obio was not much counted ou. tie saw Bowles at Louisville. He wa« there ex-’ perimentinc withll C. Booking in making bond grenade* and Greek fire to be used In dnatroylng Government property. Bowles said 1c bad de stroyed tbe Government warehouse at Louisville, and Government steamers. Dodd told witness ibat doting tbe Chicago Cmvention they should seize the oepote of pticonera Jo Ohio. Indiana and Illinois, also the arcena s, arms prh*jners, and n-emn*-rs ot order and anile at Louisville. Toe nprivii'g was to be gemnl. The date was not drfii.ltely fixed, us they were divided in regard to wailing fur' toe rebel army to co-operate with them. . - At another conference 1c wa« agreed to go ahead bn the Jsih or IC.h of Angnst. The design of the movement wee. to carry a portion ol the State* into the Southern Confeflerccy. Tbeconrlitqjion, of the order and rbloi memDcrsin Inoiasapolia found la Dodu’s office was exhibited to witness-and pronounced ctnulnc. •Without concluding the examinatien of Stld^cr, tbe comt adjourned till 8 o'clock to-morow mor ping. , _ ' Cincinnati, Tuesday. Sept. 17.—Among the prreon* recently arrested at Indianapolis in con- I tection with the treasonable proceedings of the I society of the Son 4 ot Liberty,'was one Csptsia Bocklug, who it seems figured extcn-ively I mbelpiigthat ee<*et order, to obtain I deadly missiles, with which they proposed to far- I iher their infamous dengna. This Captain Bock- | ing admitted himself to be tbe inventor of anew | kind of shell or hand gr-nade, with which Greek | fixe could he advantageously used; which, as he | said, was rued in firing toe Government maga zines at St. Louis. Major 11. L. Barnett, Judge : advocate of this Department, who was at Fodiau opohs all of last week, there procured addltioual information which led him to believe that actrtiin party in this city bad taken a contract to make a thousand of these hand grenade: tor certain agents of the Sons of Liberty. He also asceratlned that with another perron In this city mjcht be tonnd a sample of each of the articles mumerated in tbe head of this article, in accordance with which the contract referred tu.woa to be filled satisfactorily. Accordingly, on Saturday last. Government de fectives were tet to work In ibis city, and they bood succeedcd in finding the samples and arrest ing the man, one Alex. Johnson, in whose posses sion they were. These implement* of destruction arc of the most lormidahle character, caosisting of a baud rxecfcde. a conical shell on Ipch in diameter at tbe base, and about fix laches long, intended to fit on the end ot a rocket, and a model of a peculiar rocket battery to he n«ed in discharges, dozen at a time, of these shell rockets. THE IOWA (STATE PAI!l. Tlie Open Inc Bay at Burlington Yes terday. [Special D spatch to the Chicago Tribune.] BcnnuiGTOK, lowa, Saturday, Sept. 27. > OPSHIKG SAT. The eleventh annual exhibition of tbe lowa State Agricultural Society was opened In this city this morning. The weather in tbe earlier pan of day was dark and lowering, with strong symp toms of an equinoctial storm, but towards noon it cleared up, and Is now ae bright and beautiful as heart could wish. The day has been devoted to the Fair, and the promise Is good for a Tory successful exhibition Tbe entries are not nearly completed, bat al ready there Is an excellent show ol stock sheep ntd agricultural implements. The display of borecs and swine is not so good, while fruit, especially apples and grapes, fill a large and attractive spice. Sewing machines are, fully represented. Includ ing the Wheeler & Wilebn, Grover & Biter, Wil cox & Gibbs, &c., while pianos are abundant. The attendance has been very largo for the opining day, and to-morrow and'the day follow ing large crowds are expected, nbt only from the interior of lowa, bat from Illinois. Tbo prospect is every way cheering for a very succeasrul exhi bition. rznsoKAi* Th«re ore a large number of distinguished ecu llcmendtcre. among whom are Gov. Yates, of Hil 'note. Gov. Stone, Senator Grimes, Dun. John A. Easfor, Gen. Lanman. Marshal lioxte, and nearly all tho lowa State officers. BAMiTanr rain. In connection wi'h the State Exhibition, a San!* tar; Fair; tinder the control of the lona Sanitary Commission, was ..opened at Grimes' Hall last evening. The ladies bare adorned the Hall with excellent taste and judgment. The opening core* monies consisted of some excellent music by a well trained choir, a most* eloquent invocation by Rtv, XK Gattler, and an excellent speech by Gov. Yates of Illinois. The Governor spoke for more than an hour, and \T&B W«rmly applauded,. POLITICAL, There is not much excitement In lowa on politi cal questions, bm then there is a strong tceliog emone the loyal-people, which will oe mmilu-; in the November election as the necessary incen ire to excitement. There is hardly f och a thin- as a McClellan or in L>wa. If (here Is, It dare not show ts head, and will not. If the loyal men had any thing to fight there would be heavy and repeated blows delivered, bnt they have not, and will not k f *Last year Gov. Stone was elected by about s<\ooo majority. . This yfar Lincoln will have 4,000 over Gov. Stone's majority, and it might be 10,000 or U,ooomoieif the Peace Sneaks would hot hoist tbclr banner and make a show of tight. Six good and tine Union men will be returned to Congress, FKOIE DETROIT. Brliltlx Troops Arrived at WinOaor- Tae Draft lit Detroit, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tnbnne.l Deteoit, Tuesday, Sept. 27. Six companies ol the Royal Canadian Rifles, mustering over six hundred men, arrived at Wind sor this evening, from Montreal. They bring with, them four Armstrong gnee, caissons, ambulance wagons, Ac. These troops are reported to he sent here lor the purpose of preventing any further rebel raids on our lake commerce. ~ The dralt commenced in this city, this aHe*- noon. Sixty-four men were dratted intbeTaiid and Fourth Wards. It wt’l be resumed to-mor row In the Fifth and Sixth Wards. An anxiouslmt goodnatured cro*d witnessed the proceedings, which were conducted with the n most qnlet and goed older. iiik «Ait iw_xjeaarEsss3B. Kxcltlng Reports from Rebel Opera tUn*uiMieiluai>,a Heur. KAsnyiLUt, Tuesday, Sept. 27.—*Gcn. Bonsseia reached Pnltpki yesterday alterncon, about three o'clcck. Forrest's force was wllhia tuven miles of Pulaski, and advancing. He- va eldrmuhiDe continued till after dark by the advisee of both forces. ,J A telegram - received here at ten o'clock this meinicg, reports the enemy *llll near Palaitl, In forehand thit cavalry lighting haa beengoln,; on all the morning Reinforcements having arrived, the probabilities are that a general engsgement will take place t> cay. " . LATER. A dispatch from Colombia says on that day (Honda?, 2Clb.) Hide was at Lanrechy, with 700 men and two pieces of artillery. Tbe report, that John«onvllle, on tbe Tennessee river, was captur ed la unfounded. Ample preparations hays been made for its defense, if attacked. - cmnASOOQX, Tuesday, Bept. 3T.-Brig.-Gear Ncwtor. In tbe ab-pi’ce of Msj.-Gen. Stedtaso, tn-d-y as-lemd t» the Dis'nct or Etowah. Forr i»lcaptured A*ums. Ala, and destroyed the hit River bridge, and tinlponr, the trest e iscip tnrffl,hunifd at d the carrjson ofthe stockade, (col or*d)(aptur»o. - The Nashville* Chattanooga Railroad hu not bctnrMorbtd, and ample piovlsioos hare been taken to fct-tp uninterrupted ommcnlcatiou be 'tween Nashville a®*Atlanta. Dl»patche» irom tae lelecraoh operator a v . Pu laski to tbe Csp’aln of the military, (ekgraph here says Central Rooetean, heavily pressed by For. rest, is slowly faMog back An attemot h report- ■ td being made br me enemy, wlth!br*-e tboasand men and six pieces ol artillery, to flank General Rnnstean.- Heavy skirmishing bas taken place all" cay. The enemy advancing, and ooriafkutry and cavelrv reported in Une Of battle, and would at* tack tbe rebels. • _ ' Scorns at Fwnk'tn, Term., report Col. Bide with a Jaipo force of Wheeler's men to bo between Wil liamsport and Hillsboro. ‘ ' ■ ' Nashville, Tnetday. Sent. 27.—Skirmishing with the rebel forces ntder Forrest continued all day. 'Ronssean. feltback tvfO miles from Pniaski, but readvanetd, ana holds the position of ibutown up to 7 p. m. 10-dsy. * Thu tnemy have advanced their skirmish line to 'within ball amileot oars. Taev will probably ad yarce and attack in the morning, OnrJoss In today’s, fighting wl-L not exceed eighty men.- , • ' Prisoners were captured in Marshal county, on iht* way to McMinnville, with dispatches for Ccrro Gordo Wil.iams, who was to unite with Forrest. These etblcd that Forrest had.twenty pieces of ar tiilcry, and about 7,000 men. Six rcgimehts were repotted to have been sent him Bom Wheeler's force. . •Rtmairan, by a strategic' movement. Invited an attack trem tbe commander, bat be d»d not ret-nond. Tbe telegnph is in worklbg order to Pula-kl, Itlernmored at Chattanooga two Baln* w<rc captnred on Mondty by the rebel force at Big Sbm-ty, on tbe Chattanooga railroad. An officer jnat Bom the front confirms this state ment. Col. J. L. Donaldson. Chief of Quartermaster’s rtpariTneut or the Cnmbenand, ban oreanlzed the entire force ol that department, amounting to over 7.0C0 mm, comprising eight regiments. Arms and equipments Da*e'been fnrnistied tnem. They are in retidlnora at a motnuni’s notice tocooncr &ie with tie regu'ar troops whenever occasion mij require. ' ■ Great praise la due the chi<f of this department for tbe rrcTpr and zval displayed In bringing Into action thi* effective branch rj the service. Tbe 173 d and 17Cth OhlOfChnudred day men) arrived In this clfy to-day;' * - Cfpt. W. Moon, Assistant Adjutant General on the staff of Geo* Grander'and Miller, ia onier.-d to the Army of the Fotonuc, on the staff of Qen. Birney-"- FROM IDE Ihe Latest from Sheridan’s Army. New York, Tuesday, Sept, 27.—The PosCs Warblnglon epeclal says: Dl»patcbes received from Luray Valley, report Early's army thorough y demoralized. Thu Inhabitants of that region had keen extremely confident that Fisher's Hid could taken. % . . Since Sc eridan’s battle the rebels despair of TPcnveritg the valley. _ , Wasoinoton, Tuesday, Sept. 27.—Information inm Sheridan's headquarters to-day aro of a-quiet let or. The General is resting his command while pitpt’rffTs: for lucnro operations. New Yohk, Tuesday, Sept 27—The Beraidt special at Bberldqq>heHdqu»rters. Seat.-fil,says: * In in tbe-defeat at Winchester Earlv withdrew his forces to Fisher's Hill, leaving most ot bis wounded «>i tbe battle of tbe 10th and those which batr-uccntunlated from the various combats of Crook ard Averlll la oar band*. At Flehtx’s Hill ho tested bn* right upon the ilassanuthen Moun tjin, and his kit upon North Mount do, tuvlng his front, about three mites in leoutb, covered by siroi-e natural and artificial defences. His right, which was about one nnlo in advance oPhU left, was contldereo almost impregnable. On the 2I« a most imponant position in front of the enemy's center was gained oy Wright’s corps. On the Sild the main attack began bra strong de monstration by Emory's troofs on the enemy’s right. About noon, ora little later, Rlcketi’s divi sion of the fith Corps advanced and secured some important heights In front of the centre, while A vmb’s division of cavalay attacked and drove tto enemy at a gallop trom his advanced position on his left, one mile back, Into his Dili works and held-him there, wmle Crook's corps, which had been concealed during the day, was trausferrd In the rear of AvcruJ’a division to the enemy’s ex* mmole t. Ats o’clock in toe alternoon Crook and Avcrill atonned and carried the works of the* j etemy, tbe cavalry leap!: g the barriers erected by I tbe enemy, capturing two battle flags,.ioar gnus I and over 100 prisoners. While Crook sweat to- I wares tbe enemy's centre, tbe 6th Corps attacked, I fj.o aed by the lo<h, while Averlll swept alone the b-rteof the North Mouttam outward seven miles, capturing 193 cavalry hordes, four caissons, four teen wagons eight ambulances and a number of, fugitives. The enemy having probably learned of the movement upon his right and rear,’had com menced leaving his position some two hours be fore onr miser, His departure was to busty be wi>* compelled to leave 15 gnus and over 1,030 prisoners In our bards. , , 1 Yesterday morning tbe pursuit of tbe enemy was I promptly continued by onr cavalry, and bo was found in portion at Mount Jackson, twenty-five miles roulb of FtPberVlilil, where ho seemed die posed Jo offers ttubbom Yes'erd-iy morning Ear.y’s rear was overtaken neaf Hawk ins’ Bncge by Gtn. Averin, with a civairy divis ion and a brig *de of Gen. Devins', and driven to the town uf-Monot Jackson, wherebis entireforce' - was fonud in position. Maj-irLaddv, commanding two battalions, was captured with several privates. Oar cavalry pressed tbe enemy with great vigi lance an<f success until the arrival of the 6th corns | which found them in the tame position this fore noon, ofl«rltg stnbborn resistance. -» f- Gtn.Avcrl'l was from duty with his divi-ion tils forenoon, and was granted leave of absence lor twenty days. This order has caused a universal fueling of amazement in this army, and 1 it Is generally thought that some question of rink between Averlll and Gen. Torbnlt is involved, the former being tbe racking officer, but lately Chief 1 of Cavalry ot tbia military division. Ljlbeieia a presptet of an engagement at the I trout. FB OH 2VBW_OJttfi.EA2VS» HlgUy Xntereatlns Summary Loot* kiana and Golf natters* Caxbo, Tuesday, Sept, 27 —The steamer Magen ta, trom New Orleans 21st, bait arrived. The suamers Cromwell, Suowa and Nadu were all to sail fur New York on tbe 21th. The etramfchip Commander, which left New York on the Bd, had pot arrived, and some uneasi ness was felt In consequence. Tbe gunboat Selma, trom Mobile, arrived at Lake Ponlcb»rtralnonlbo2lst. The rams Tuscaloosa and Nashville were reported to have cone to Mont gomery, Ala., hot the report was not credited. It was believed they had gore op thejipanlah Hirer, to cet a rearer position to Mobile. Tbe steamer Gertrude, laden with cattle and commissary stores, and two hundred sacks and fifty hales of cotton, sunk at Collece Point, on the -Mississippi Eiveij on tbe 20th, Five passengers were missing. The bodies of two ladies were re covered. The official announcement of Gov. Hahn gives the total vote cast for and gainst the new Consti tution aggregating 6,836 lor it and 1,566 against it. The Governor’s proclamation declares the Consti tution henceforth the ordained and established law ofLhnisiana. Cotton stands still. .Provisions and produce are extremely dulL , A fire at Baton Bongo on tbe 31st destroyed a larre block of buildings. Naw Youk, Tncecay, Sept. 27.—The Hrra l d'9 New Orleans correspondent has the following: Thu iran«-Mi»»U»ipnl rebels, numbering 25,(XA), are moving towards Missouri. T* - Louisiana Li glelalnre meets in two weeks. Ut. . Senators are to be elected hy P. They will be Governor Eabn and perhaps General B# lt*h* rmnored that Major General Hnrlbut will be assigned to the command of the Golf Depart ment. ' • • FUOM ATLIi^IA. Tho Removal of the Realdoots-Geu. rhciman’s SJlapuictt to a Mews Atlanta, Monday. Sept 25. Tie following, walch belongs to the tesncnonl- ! pip from the authorities at Atlanta, has just been received In contlnuUlon and la conclusion of the subject. I send you & copy of the Mayor’s letter. (Signed) W. T, Shebman, Maj, Gen. tub rebel match’s letter, • Atlanta, Ga., Sept 20,' 1951. On leaving Atlanta, 1 should return mv thanks to Gen. Sherman, Gen. S ocum. Gen. Ward, Col. Cobnrn, Cot Tidne, Maj. Beck, Capt. Matt, Cant. Stewart, Capt. Flacg. and other oQlcore with i»bom 1 have hftd business transactions In can? log ont the order of Gen. Sherman for the removal of the citizens, and in transacting my private bust ness, for tbelr kindness to and their patience in answering the many Inquiries I had to make in the duration of the delicate and arduous dalles devolving on me as Mayor of the city. Respectfully, , Ja!. it Calhoun, Mayor. , HEADQUAItTBRS ATLANTA, Go., Sent S3. To the Louisville Agent of the Now York Aaao* "'clatcdPrcfs: ' Your press dispatches of the 21st embrace oua fiom Macon of toe 14th, announcing the arrival of the first train of refugees from Atlanta with the addition that they were robbed of everything be fore being ecntlnto the rebelllnea. Or coarse that is false and It is idle to correct it so far as the reb els »re concerned tor they proposed it as a false hoi dto create a mischevlons public opinion. The troth Is during the truce' 4i6 families were moved South, maklne 705 adults, SCO children, and 73 ser vant?, with 1,651 pounds ot furniture and bouse hold goods on the averagei lor each family of which Ifoivc a perfect recollection byname and article. Aflbeetdcfihe tmee Col.Warner,of my stall; »to bad a general supervision of the business, re ceived from Major Clare, of Gen. Hoad’s stall; the 1 fo!lowIcR kUe bough an* Beaut, Sept. 8,1831. I Colonel—Our offlclil communication Is‘about to'ccas&will you permit me to belr testimony tteanirorrn conrtc»y you .hate shown oa all oe caelius to me ami my people, and the prompt, teee with which yoa have corrected all irregnlarl ties ar!stc*Mn oar mteiccurse. Ilornn® at some future time tobeable to recipro cate your courtesy and in many instances your positive klnotese, ... * I am, with respect, your servant, fSiotedi w.T. Clare Mai-Gtn. and A. G. oftlcut-Gen Hooa’s stiff To L!ent-Colonel WWaid Warner, of Maj-Gen. Sherman’s stall, I would not notice this;but I know the people of the North who are liable to he misled oy a false hood circulated foripccM purpose and by a desecrate enemy, will be relieved by the assurance that not only care, but t'Kindness has beeacxvcd td to families who lOotCheir homes by acts of their male protectors. (Sigtud) . W. T. StIEIU|A*T, ITojir-Gcnerol Conuuaualujj, i.»TEB jFJK»M EIIBOPE. Arrlvnl of the City of Baltimore. v Jsjnr, -Touk. Tnesejr. Sc P n 27.-The dry of Baltimore arrived op<t 3.3« o c’oct. Th-etets ment that Senimes wta to hare a vessel la con- Nnci »sstFederal eneceseea re duce the proceeding tonhe Chicago Contention to comparative InelptrOcarce. The rebel loan decked three per cent. The new rebel lost, lately commenced, is a * M Meei*e. e ilnne & Motti?. In the American trade, papers are generally discussing tbe of peace, Host of them Ecemlotz to tekivlhe vlewthat peace by an armlaflcc la highly pi loan recovered hall per cent on the 34th instant, owing to doubts thrown on the la 1 of A S*s;eon. Sept. 15.-The rata of discount jof the Bunk nf Esglir dis unchanged. It is stated thit Denmark, eicourcgeu by tbe wr-tero powers, re iurfs the CHrsum tf N«.nh Schl swig unless It u ssic’loncdby the vote's ot the people. Tbe resignation of tbe Spanish Alicia try baa been accepted. Tec T.x/Jfr'nrth'T mjp, the Chicago Convention pioicfcjes to stand bv tbe Unloh asjstroogiy as the Republicans themselves, nod we can verywdl nt demand why ibcDemocrai* at Chicago snrinc fn.m blurting out tbe tact test tbe South must go Bee; but ou what gr mnds or with what expecta tion o r success could tbe Confederates n»w ho Q.btd tq yield have been lighting for to the very met who have been unable to wrest it irom them. It eppeara to ns more probab>e tbe Democrats should have-disguised’heir genuine policy >bao that the people of the South should bavfi evinced any readiness to compromise. It is more than likely .sn armistice wilt be the first step towards a perception of toe truth The North alter fit ding the South cannot be coerced wl I fl ad elso'it can’t bo persuaded, and the reflection, en couraged by interval, will gradual!* mdnie the Federal States to relinquish what can’t ob tain, rather than recur to what has .already been proved, a bopelessatd ruinous struggle for It. The Herald thicks that even if Mr. Lincoln should be a recced time chosen President, the at* titutlo ol the Democratic petty encourages' the hope that!u the present temper ofthe people, even Republicans wil. be-l’a f e ere they make tbe fatal plunge ifo another year of war. Toe Homing Poet. (Government organ,) says the Southern Codfedswcy Is now, and has been since tbe coromencemer.t of the.war, as iudepead* cdl a people as the Northern Confederacy, and no-- thing rcmaii s lor the latter bat to recognize, wl'h wbat grace it may, the political unity of the now repnbic. _ * ' On the 13’b, Paris Bourse Inactive; Rentes clos ed s| 661.75 c. ' , Toe tilting of the Peace Conference was hold in Vlccnacn tteJSth. ■ _ . The 7lnter, lc conclusion, says; The world hia been much misled 1! the Democratic party is not the strongest partym the NorthvrnStttes—strong enough, lu the absence of a-y unexpected event, to carry in Novembf-r its candidate for the Pitftl deucy, and to Impress its policy, is tbe Interval,' upon tbe existing Administration. Still, it maul notbefcrgot’enihatthe Ropnblicina will ho re luctant toiitire from power; thitany-swnal sac. c**ss may once more place thtm in tbe ascendant, ordaif tbev ehonld deem a pe-ice policy undesira ble, they will enjoy .»ell the advantages of actual office in maintaining tbe opposite po'lev. The London Zlmzgcontinues sanguine as to tha Chicago movement leading to peace between the North and South, and says; “'W’e trust tte public will admit that.theyhave rot been misguldcd-by oar comments omhUob-' situate contest. The great fact wfcich we nsierted Bom the first is now placed beyond conm»versv. We said ;he North conld'never sub. dne the Sooth, and the North has now proclaimed the same conclusions.” - LATEST VIA QUEENSTOWN. * Liverpool, Sept. 17. ISM, Coton— Sales to-day *I,OOO boles. Market irresu 'Ur and uncbanced. Breadstuff?— Quiet and steady. Provisions— Dull. Bacon firm. London, Sept. 15,18 M. Consols— Closed at 87?f@83 for money and stocks,—lll.C.4 J @43discount; Erie 43. OUR HERO DEAD. Deaths in Georgia Military Hospitals. Sanitary Commission Report—The Burial <;rounds of .Atlanta. NonTnwzsTEitN Sanitary CorsnssioN,. ' Branco of U. S. Sanitary Coxxbfion,. Ifooae, No. tG MAPiposSTitEEr, ’ Cricago, ISC I. Of the 2,2£0 patients received Into the 15th Army Corps Hospital, after It was.opened on the Ist of Anpust, under Dr. A. Goslln, Surgeon in charge np to September 21, eeven weeks, 180 died of wounds or disease. Hundreds rctnrz.e#to duty, and hun dreds were lurloughcdandcametD their friends withbonornble ccara. The names of tbe deceased arc In the appended catalogue. „ They arc boned together under our hanging for est trees. Each grave u marked with a neat head board, handsomely lettered, with regiment, date of death, etc. _ . * A monument will doubtless be erected at Mari, etta after the war Is ended, and each deceased hero’s name inscribed on it.. ’ If parents or wives desire to erect a simple atone in their own graveyards at home, they can do so, .and meantime indicate IhU the body sleeps near the monument in Georgia or soific other Southern 'State. There arc three other Corps Hospitals at Mari etta, thelbth, 17ih and23d, each ol which bass* similar rtcoi d as tbe 15tb... Porter, . Chaplain iStu A. C. Hospital. List cf Ucailis to Harlotta Hospital* tia., fruiu Aug. Is- toacp*. 10m. Corp JohnD.Lovell, I, 6Uh- Ohio; Benj.Fet- Itriy. F, ISJiMIcb.; Reuben Shnneterger, U. 4>tn 111,; Ist Li. S. 11. Milieu, E, 53a Otno; JotmGra vtr, I), liltu 11.: Mark Cunningham, 1% OJth in.; Li. albert Eppcraon. B, 4Sth 111.; L. S. Fountain, r,bel, F, 30'h Aia.; James B-tTbomas, C, lOJd 111.: Francis Pryor, A, 48th 111.; ii. 11. Araoio. B, 40th 111.; Henry, U, 31 lh Ohio; Geo. C. Akers, U, 4th Iowa; Samtul Mcu'r.ickea, ITth O.; Haga S«*etcy, I), 47tn 0.. John Hathaway, G,27tu Mo.; Morris O. Patrick. H, 111 th HI.; Phiilip B. Myers. G., Oib iow»; John Fonk, A,Cslblli.; Lyman E. bkuiuer, E, Both O.; James i 4. Junes, C, it>3d ill.; Wm-J. Morris, A, llOlll.; Charles Cur.e, K,S7tU 0. George JdutUo, A, 57th O.; A. S. B jhlqi, A. Unhid.; Wm.U. Wright, E. oSihlil.; Alex. For* te>, Corp., 1. 80th O.; David Raymond, F. 2d Mo, Thomas White, A, 54 th O ; Geo. \Y. Darts, rebel, 1, IL'ih S. O.; Fred. FlaaeMnger, D, Cth Mo ; Rich ard Reed, K, 12th Ind.; John Blair, P, Ist 111. An' Conrad Knezcr, Sent. K, 471h O.; C. W. Carmichael, E, 89. b Ala,; George H. Croa , K,WthO.: bergt. W. 11. Oir, U, 13th Mich.; Corp. John Sciver®, 1,12 th Mo.; Fred. Forney, P, S7ih 0.; A. Pile, B, 70th0.; Serct OtS Brabaker, K, 63d O ; J. P. Jackson, B, 10th Miss., rebel: John Drlecol, C,tKJtb 111 ; 8. 3. Johnson. O, 91st Ind.; Gto. Havdaud, I. 76th O.; Wm. T. Edmon son, K, 40th lll.;E. Walsh, C, 90th HI.; Fred WllOman, F, 54th O.; J. T. Johnson. 11, 4Slh 111.. Milca übapman, B 4utn 111.; Cnariea Ballon, G, llltb El., J. S. Dodson, Q, 93th lad.; James W. McCnmber, K-Bth Mo.; Josfah Gibson, Cprp., K, 40lh id ; P. Aldcrton, C, tilth 111 Woodruff iVil- Itsus 1,91h Mo,; William J. Eckley, Sergt. G. 55th 11-• Sbnwztr Walt, E,7oth O.; Millers Cossick, t» AQ t b q . John Halmon. Seat. - E, 40th III.; A. Don. drT C. iOtn La.; J. A. Weltten, 2»th Alt.; Wm- Wcll? D, ICIU Mias.; A. W. Bowen, C. I'Jth Ala.; »r p kine.CorpA, JOtnAla.; WJ), Iloleruaoe, G, SIIU Ouo; Il.Welco, D, 90lh Ills- John Hied, D, 40th HI.; James Clemens, I, >lll*o 111; John Borne, A, 63d Ohio; Ellis Smith es IkTth 111.: Isaac V. Saaw, B, Wth Ind.;' Robert Patterson, E, SOih Ohio; Adam Rlrers, F SOtblnd ; JohnKempleman, F, 70th Ohio; H. v Mi ethofl. let lowa battery: Luther Clouse, 70th Ob‘o* Paul Kappf, U, 371h, Ohio; Leri Smltn, C, lllth 1 Mmolt; John Goleman, Serge. Old La.; j H Pertle,'blh Mo., Caas. Newman, Bth Mo., James LanablUo, bOth Ills., Joseph \auot, 12 th led E. B. Binder, 40lh Ills., Michael Wllalen, 40lh Ids *G. P. Hurt. 3i it b lowa, £.3. Parmer 1031 Ills, John Joeey. Blet Me, John HcratA 2dth Ids., Geo. Futb,**7thMo., J.N. Harmon, 53a Tenn., Isaac Dniiirt, 9Uth led , Edward Golden, 4Sth rls., P. O Sullvan, 78tn Ohio. BenJ Gllbsany, SO h Ooio, 811 Cavanaugh, 48th Ills, Marshal Whueaead, rith Ohio, Michael Wise, 53 n Ohio Vol, InfiO’ry ; W. J. Johnson, U, 26th Iowa; Gifford Baborms, E, 1) D.Lnmartcr, E, tOth Ooio; John Hcrilu'/cr, G, C4th Ohio: W. t*. Spronse, Ist. Lient. B, 40ib lb.; James 11. Uofftnan, E, 111 th III.: JI li. Ferglson, 22ddA!a: Bayholmcv Sullivan, 1,3:1 Mo; S<un utl Chad«l»k, B, ICOth lad,; John Wl'tlatns. F, 62d Oblo; George Ueok, D. loth MiCh.: John Scott, C, Irth Ind : E A. Waiver, n. 24th Wls; J, C Bo*vlev,E,BJi Iowa; J.)Bjmeit,O,SothlowA;, Wit, Oabon),£4thOhlo, lie anken, 20th Ills. Johnson Burton, 40tn Ids., Jetbro Ball, 461h O. D F.lllnes.2d Mo, Jos. Cbifurt, 231h.10wa, L, Denieman,BothLi. > F. C. Allen, 28th ills., Rich, ard Prli-ulv, 15>h Mich., Wm. Latinford, 07th lad., H. H. Archer, 4th lowa, Lewis Feo, Ist lowa, W, Bo n s:P,47lh Ohio, Levry G. Bye. Ales. Hatkoea?, COtb Ohio. Jeree Tune, 10th Ills., Alox. Heron, SS'h Ind.. M. 11 Dean, 9th lowa, C. Bcele 4Tth O , James Wolf, H, 4th Iowa; John Ueosey. 11, 65th ; Hi.; Barney WcCube, F, 47th Ohio: J. TL. Kirk ham, K, Stthlowa; Felix Gn&rroo, y, «othLa.;A. D.wekWn.B 127»h1U.; C. F, Holeback, p, 82J No.; A. J. «j'to. A, with Tenn; Charles A. Maud, F, Ist HI.; John Klrkberger, E, filth Ohio; Frederick Stelar, A; 87th Ohio; Oek Port, C, 55th111 ; Edward O 1 Brine. Sergeant, F. Ist HI., Randolph Gales, F, 2th 111; John W. Hook/II 81st Iowa; Gilbert Fsils, O, 46th Oslo; G. W; Gulp, F, 53d Ohio: Tbo.-. U. Beard, G.-iSth HU Johbtia Waters. B, 63d Ohio; Baadolph Solder, I 70thOhio: J.H.Brady,C.let Ga; Bpencer Putt; ram C. Bist Iowa; Lewis Masker, G, 93th lad.; J lllClsrk, H, 28th 111.; Wm. Meach.B, Bld Ind.; Madison Mortis, F, 971b Ind.; John McHenry, 15th Mich; Darlington Aogley, I, 100 th loti. G W. Gsle, U. 12'h Ind; John B ; yan'-ban,D t l6inMlch; Jesse Abbott, D, Slat lowa R. O' Nells, G, 48th III; Jacob Uaneaberoosh, G, 15lb Mich.: G. J. More, Corp., D, l03dltl; Albert In-’lesby, 1,327 th HI.; Smith Stephenson* D, 51d OlSo: HraclMyers, A,7Cth Oblo; Andrew Aim pie, Lieut., C, 25th lowa. • . THE GRAVEYARDS OP ATLANTA. P'rom a De'oyed Letter.! Availing myself of the spirit that la now univer sal, j prevalent, to-day I wandered through the City Cemetery among the dead, and there found many a mark to indicate the spot where rests the hope of many a doting Southern matron and wife The grounds comprise about ten acres, more than httirofwhichia covered wi htho vtcilmiof war, Federal and rebel officers and prlratea all crowded together so close that their coffins must toicheach other. The part used as the reotl burying ground is fear acres, and all the graves ore tu irked, some with neat, yet nnarenmloa mirble rlabs. Ac least eight or tin thousand rebel dead must alesp in tboee narrow trenches. In an obartnre corner. 1 fennd the plot set apart for deceased Federal pris oners, ano, halting, I read noon the headboards many names of lamilles from Maine to Nebraska, and remembering that at home In lbs great North, there are scores of crushed hearts who know not where their dear one* sleep, I felt that an benr could not be better spent tbsn in deciphering - the -almost ob-lterated pencil marks npon the slabs. none of ibe craves bad tte rebels inscribed aught to offood the tender sensibilities ol the frlenes of the d^ad whole; there awaiting the reauneclionwhich fllvLC “Can awkke them to glory again In every Instance where the name of tho-sleepcr is nnknown, the inscription Is not an nnkoown Yankee,” as formerly, bot “aFederal soldier, name unknown.” Ihavecoplcd tbo 'lnscriptions vtrbalim, as rccards phraseology and orthography. Those deceased since the Ist inaiautjvere interred by cnretlves; ' „ . . „ V Bachelor, D, G6th TIL September 3. Martin Myers, A; 44th I*L September L Spt JBMcNeaUSOthlll. September 4. RCtun. D, ltO«h IU, July 0,1854. r Teacbetd, lOCd Ind, July 1. J M Wtlev, K, £2d ind; July 10. A Curdy, F, 2“U* led, June-0. • Choa Burner, O, S»ih Ind, September 11. SFKcekatn. Bin Ind. June 15. . IV Horton, H,C‘thltd., Juoelu. , F Bobbins, B, SSd Mas;*. Jane 13.; A E Boss, A, 51d Ind. A K O’Briti-, c, 2410 Jlo, July 4. E J Scott, Ccro, H, 126 th 111, July 3. CoU B Krix. 74th 111, July 4. HJ Wrasg. E, 9tblnd, June 7. Beret Steinmnld, C. SCd Ind. June 7. OErrlcson, 0.15 th Wts. Jane 14. - W Jatkscn. K, Ctu Ind, Jnne 6. - B Adams, D, 125 th Id, July 11. ■ MRlleXi F,S6tb 111. July 2L , A Wines lock, K, 2d Ind. cavalry, Jane 2. j Kuntaberger.——Junc 11. Lieot J O’Neal, 26«h Ind, Jure S3. CBobristtr,24th Wtf.Jol»s- 1 .* J Applttoo,.&ergt',A I 'UtiWis,M*yl3i ' J Harrs, E, 26th Penn, March 52. L Anderson, E, >Sth Wis, June 22. There wen too er a dozen graves notmarxea, bnt whether P* dersl soldiers or negro slaves (oar men were buried side by s-oe with the slaves) I amnnableto Oetermlce Qnte a number of tae negro praves are marked with the name of the slave, and his owner. / l.oyal Mcelinpr nt^nsbyiile. KAinrau, Turn , Tncsdiy. Sspt. 57.-A erapd torch llsht proccarion, by Qoiman reaiOents m Na-hvlllliook place to-cic*’, hcicied by the Fifth Ecsimeot of New YorK yi.lop'eera—vcterjo J who h.\c eoli-ls ?—lu hucor of Lincoln sod Jobnaon. Knmhars of bannera, tiaospaccnclej, *c . were exhibited. The proceraion pr-cccoe<i to the Capitol, where Gov. Jobnaon made h forciblt-pa triotic speech, In the Hall ofEcpresentlUveL Tlae Loyal Cause in California. bAS FnAscrico. Sept. M.—There was sreat re joiclng b« re over JSbcridau’s victories, » Grtentaiks selling at.s‘lo^3. jtftbJ, glbbcrtiscmcnts. Notice to the joprptey- MEN CO iID WAIN BUS.—A general xa»tms will tale p actcn EVENING, at ball rast gaveu o’clock. By orcer of tbs President. ae'.BfcSiW>U - CATITIOK! -I here bv soUfv all in’ereatedpsrtlsa that av-my wit's. Penny E. bao»rgb»u- basleGnid ja»; caate, I (tail cot pay an* dtbsa of ber concractms Iron ana alter this rate: atd latteby give her ieao»ya tins ,e ■yf OCAIi INSTRUCTION. - MBS. E.G BO3TWiCKhaving returredfrom tha Eb#t«ill be ready to rcc«ne nuoiiaaa tuoal, atb-r xeatdrLCe, "O. i ,70 Catt-et, (Norn nivnuo,) and at bied’s lempte cl Mmlc. oernar of Kkndoipb and Pearbcra ets., wtere applications can - ba m-wSs for tenor, Ac. BS2i-tl7-Stnst "PACKING B n X MAKERS.- 1 Waited— Immediately, a mao who la capable olruPDlugael/cuUrtaw tor cutting ou‘. oox stair. Conet»ntempioTmen’ and hightat wvefapa:a. Ply at Box Facto;y, cast ea/l of North waier ‘itrcet, NostfcPter.-. THO3. OOODWILLIs. seC-153-11 ■ • COLDIERS AND CIOZEtfS O get your CD3TOM-M&DE SHmi3 acdFURJf 13UINO GOODS N At 12C Dearborn Street, Wctre grea - IncqcsiLemsfTeofrtWd- selSagaS-H s oArraiois T All persons are cautioned ateiast pn chwlngor rceotistita tor ue Itlicwlua warehouse receipts: Receiptnumber6ll9, ler T‘o3 10-32 huiheUNo.t o»ts. date-tkuh Septeno'z, IS3I. Irta>d by.fim' dr itospton.m favor U aiygiai,Kelly & Co. receipt dateuXUn September,-1861- Often* eleva tor, iMcedba uncx«r, Wr«e!er.A Co.. In i*T.ruf M. B. Ysiwood. to*- 3,133j}5 aotbela No. 1 Oita. Th« been lu*t and deUvrry o the urate itopted. at 23 t5Mt-lalp • VOLUNTEERS;!! SlsaSl IVolimteea’ ©a* •toe ©jraffedl We are paying large Ward Pre miums in addition to the County and Government Bounties. Call boos. Mir.SIULL & GIBBS, 321 Sooth Clarkstree‘, (an stair*). Boom 6, ntzt doer to the frovoit Manbal’s. OTPartleabrlrptas ns acceptable- Yolcnttars will be liberally ccmpenaatcd. at2B»U3-lt DEAFT! DEAFT! DRAFT! Tte fertunate men from the towns oi L»yd3n, Scbtumoerg, Palos. Wteelirg. NorCdflfM. Maine, [Rcb Ayciiß,andovier» inatmay have bstnorm«r 3e:cm« aeqaamteo with ttm Provo*: Uonba! and his mazic wbee*. are corstally invited to call cu os. Suo •ti uteafaroltbcdaiibe lowest fix-ire. Btcralu tor and other towns and tbe wards of tbs city fur nished. > ISAAC IC* HtTT CO.* 65 Clark street. se.3 t’S-lt 'Sxtl>stit-H.te s, Substitutes larnlshed on call at the Uwest marksl pl! “' ISAAC E. Birr * 01, __ US ClarK strc*s. seTB-tlSlt ' ' - GREAT REDUCTIONS, DRY GOODS AT Prices Below Gold Bads, YOU CAN SAV€ MOUSY BY ESiMISTKG CM STOCK, \ A. G. BOWKS & CO., 150 LAKE STREET. «e»tl«t BXINBHESS DEAFNESf, NOISESIN THE HEAD, DISCHARGES FROiVI THE EAR, AKD ALL DISEASES CP THE EYE, E AB, And Sirglc«l rperi’lnn* for Crca? Kye*. Catvait, *c.receive the efppC'ftl attfntion or 1)B. UKOEi- WOCU'No.lMßinaoUbs:, Chicago. sc23-sIS-lc ZOZOBOHT* A lre*h supply for sale toy SMITE Ac DWlfiß# ie2S.«cit LEATHER BELTING MANUFACTURED BY W. H, WHITMARSH, ICC LIKE &TREE.T, (Cp-Stalrs,) Ohiccvgo, XH. railroad Ccwpsnlet, Elevators, Machinists and others, in vant of be»t qnjllty of Heltln?, will do better to call cc the manufacturer, as above, beion purchasing elsewhere. sets •IMIH' m*w net THE BEST ~ CI T SIOM-lAM BOOfl Is the market, are manufactured by 0., M. HENDERSON & 00, Nos. 4,0 Sc 8 Lake Street* OPPOSITE TBE ADAMS HOD 33, CHICAGO. The* neve lu store the largest tlccfc qt ffastera in the m it, bought In May and June, before the will fell many styles lower than tuatero prices. ALSO, A LAB3S STOCK' OP Boot Hoccasslns and Shoe Backs fee lumbermen. aal7-p45 w-rAkheMf jgAKREXT, ARNOLD & POW Felt and Composition . Eooferf i 0,000 Bbls RSOFIHB SOMfOSmSN. A large stock of felt, toaroauos, boat pitch, con TAB, fcft, CONSTANTLY ON HAND. All orders fccn the crcmptly filled, sa» prat: d directors glvtn icr putting on roola. at&Q7:6 im y n&w net odes, 3 Dear oorn-rt. £NSIKUCTIOH.v JEAK SCHULER, cl ircdero larguares, re#n ff clfally an pounces to the public that ho win give IwtruTUoa U the FftcchanaGeiaanLacgnsgta la private or la e tiics Sir. A baa received a complete cnllegtats Blocs* flop, aid for the last eiglt rests has bean eng«?m as tiaeberineoms ot The leading e-uc*Uoa*l Inatiia tJct 1 cf Pm**, France. _ _ _ Peters to Thomas B. Bryan, Bsc-, J- P.Ollnger.KM. Apply a: 13 Clark street, itocm No. d, cr Offlse ij x 813, (cTi-oOSbSmet PACKED BEE —We JL 1 baveasupplyof v BEEFAIVD BSEPHA3IB, of this fell's psclanr, now ready for delivery, which wo offer to oar patrons and the trade - enj*niiiy. ■A. f*> C,b£| 1 a Lvh ie27-t9ll-6tnet Wells a’reet. ~ SALT! SALT I The subscriber* offer for la’e at the icw*st mi*- ntx nans, new ard otd‘**Bag'naw” Salt, delivered on track, fa lota to salt • , «r« ,, e»*ra on «»«, n 10m MADBAS, WBIG3T * CO., seUH7-W y-TAxnet 119 Beam Wafer meet. NUMBER 85. Neto. attert Ismnits. A. bTJITKR3 S CO. AUCTIONEERS. Salesrooms in JE*ortland Uloclc, •sos. ns. :03 and, iff: CUSXOM-MAOIE CLOriSUG, staple nay 75 OSES ROOTS JJfO SHOES, ICO dC2£3 t»UPK OLOVBB ANO AAVNLKTS, 50 “ Bor 8 AKO MKN 5 CLOIHCAPS, AT AUOrKMr THIS VORSXNG, Bept 13th at <»Ko’clock, %t Bax ter-’Antt!;a Bocme In Portland Bioca. B:23as9ilt 1.00 BHOS3 SI£S BOUTS- AND AT AUCTION On WBDNB9DAT, S*pt 23'J». at Bottera* Auction Rooms U Portbnd Blocs, 103, ;05 aadl’T Dearborn at. 100 cases Roots and Shoes, Cocßlatlnj; cf a large and daattmV* lot of Hoary coed* wm.a. Borraßa* ca. *e2B »990 It Auctioneers. OiTAir. GROCER’S STOCK, Xk» HORSE, WAGON AND nAUSEJS, at auction, - TO dot* tbn Eitate ol tbe late flao. PaVo. On ■yr.nxKiDAY. a- pt.ssib. at 10 o'clock, at S;ore . -171 North Rearb»m Street, Coner of Huron. Tie stock eouifiti of Teas.-Sagara, Ccffce, Spicm, *c, &c A’co, Horae. »Va*on ana Ran cbm. dcalu.lcc i6.S-iSOI It Wat A DumiKaACQ., AnctTa. ~5." > " 100. joitiecelvfd from the late Auction Sale, FRENCH MERINOS, Id every fhade of Cf'ior and quality, at prints that o«ly cbtrnet’UuQ. Qoad quilltitß, in all colors, at Twelve SlLUlrgr. Usual price two Dollars. 200 pcs. All Wool Extra Qaalitj Em press Cloths, At Twc Doll its. Same goods cost to Import Twenty BbUJlnas All other qaantlea In same oroportlja. jDit received oast oi obi tlrst importation, bought by ourfiuropeanbnjer,consisting of Extra Jlicli Goods, Clan Tartans and Plaid*, In French and Easily Poplin*, elegant Clan Cartons-In Voft Scotch Ulerlaos; Blchcht Goods imported. 500 PCS, BLiOrSILK In everv width and quality, of the v°ry heat msioa, imported atpr.ces TWENTY CENr.lew. Pan prerent value, mizy oilnem b.QgbC at the :»50 panic tales. > Blankets, Woolens, Flannels, Cottons, Prints, Delaines and Americas Goods, of every description, at prless delving competition, ailbsitg bouabt prcvUnjto th: great ocvauce and alter the late decline. .. „ , We are In r»crtot DAILY of Seasonable <tooda. BLAMvKI*. FLANNELS. WOOLKN3, DOMESTICS AND AMERICAN QGODS ct all the bestnukeaat wholesale and retail IcrCASrt ONLY. , IWOUHMIMG GOODS, Ol every description and by far the best asßorcment ever shown in this city Jueunn*. Bomb*z.nea,Mo hairs. Alpaca*. Lustres, Mooselroe de Lames and nrtpf*. *1 of the vein best mmkes and U.e LO WEST POSSIBLE PRICES. BE SUBS AND COME TO BOSS Sc FOSTEB’S KEW STORE, IC3 I'ie-st. Vet Clark and EearVora-jts. an 32 pS-a-W-F&S’intTnet KISS & mm*, SUCCESSORS TO W. M. ROSS & CO., AT THEIR OLD STAND, 167 & 169 Lake Street, HAYS NOW IN 51031 IEEM PATTM CLOAKS OF THE LATEST Paris Sliapos. MATERIALS AMD TRIMMINGS A FEW N - c; EXTK.A. RICH” THAT CANNOT BE REPLACED. At IGT Sc IG9 Lake Street. ROSS. & GOSSAGE. GOLD DECLINING! NOW IS TUS TIMS TO BUT Fine Gold Walches, Diamonds and Silver ‘Ware. GILES BROS. 4 CO. Offer their lm tsetse stack, corptlsloe a splendid lot cl new; a reduction of 50 PerCent from Lite Boling New York Prices. PIPTT NBn of chated, enameled and dlatncrc.irs American and B«iu Warcbea, cased ex prr»si* lor onma* Ycrk and Coir ago trace. Mff ARRIVAL. of Diamond, Pearl. Goal. Am?- thvrt arc Ga. set Bines, scan put. *c. FiterdverGocdj «.r oar new ana beantifal Great, -Pimt and tulea patlara*, made excinavely lor • ketsn. Tiffasy * Co., cf New York, and ourselvea, par op In suitable style for pnsenn ana keepaaaes. ELEGANT *KW U)i OF RoOEfrdUllfl * CO’S SUPnßlOis BILYBS-PLaTED WARS AX WU(;LESiI.E. T7e oiler a very superior stock of Clocfc« t Gold ood Sliver Watches* Gold and Plated Jewelry and Sliver Goods* all of uasar« passed styles* at as low rates as anrflea York Dense. Dealers are lavltsi to live n i a call or send for clr cnUre, br Icie par haVn;. TnroajfijtjaJanlorUf. Gin s, no tv la ttoitzeiluad. ami me score m New Yr,k, ve are enabled »o kK-.t a jiuo of goods bst er tailed to tli i* Wrttrm mrrSeS end Rt >owarpticss tsaaaty other honia : ac2vil3 {rwrascoe; AT WHOLESALE.- 5000 doz Stafford’s Spool Cotton. ■SOOO “ WUUmsntjo Spool Cottoai 10000 ■' Victoria Spool Cotton. 3000 " Skin Braids 1000 “ Snspendsrt. 1000 " Skirtii and Drawers. 1000 “ Hoods and Nubias. » Air?, a larss aid well’ lelseted stock o! HOSIERY AND GLOVES And a complete auortment of YANKEE NOTIONS, All of trblcb.arc offered to the trttda at tlie lowest possible prices. TOEEENOS, MASSING & GO , 40 LAKE STJIEET, fe?o-»<ii Ist tu waruna; HJTLMP.6IS &VTEW CHEEKS, Railroad Line. The mi gate cent tide wheel Parser, ‘'MOIjIjIE ABIiB,” (CAPT. WARKStU Will leave Cairo, &s abt ve, on SkTtTBOAT AFTRR BOON.let October. Immediately after arrival of D 1 Cent, h, K uam lermss-Cbics-io cn fndat* avsnl-r theCCth Hit. rorfic'st; and Daiaiaesonivto JA3* >vaBRACK, A*»nt*3s Pearcortfiueer. Chicago. Darr Ansa A Co., Ateua, Cairo* teZAi^smet Nets attrrtlsrmnus. OUTv U . SALS. ' ’ WEBSTER & GAGSI, 78 LAKE-ST,, Chicago, Win offer lor cuh dnrin? the next alxty d»ys Uie lsrgest, best and cheapest STOCK OF HIUH JKILLIjVERY, Straw and Felt Goods EVES OFFKSED TH THE WEIT. Parties wbo bare tx’tn In tbe b*Wt of baylnk tbelr rood* in Few tcrk wt»l tnf, npon exatrUlot o«r stock end prices ibattbcrcaaaarotlaieand mocey by pnrcbaalrg from ni.- Partlcnlar Attention given to tbe prompt fllllag at ciders, end aatiafaction guaranteed. WEBSTER Sc CAGE, 73 LAKE STUSST. m»«713-«Um t FUR GOODS Bimui BOSES, E. P. L. BROOM, 50 X-alxe street, Chicago, BO WHOLEUIB DEILES Hats, Caps, Furs, Buffalo Robes, &c. 1 offer to country merchants a largo and attraettW ■lock of coeds in toe above line. K. P. L. BROOM. . *a»*q72ftttn*tri»AW M Lake it, Chicago. 5000 doz. Fall and Winter Hosiery 2000 “" “ “ “ Glares, 1009 li Hoods and Nubias. A very fall Has of YANKEE NOTIONS, HOOP SKIRTS AND CORSETS, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, BUSK GOODS, ETC. Aho, a Taiy attractive aeiortzteat of mra isn Tsnura nisms in FASCY SfllßltYfiS. large and dose buyers wilt £nd it for tlicir adyantage t9 call and examine our stock. SAVAGE, KEITH & WOOD, 10, 12 and 14 lake Street, 1 .. a024p!21*17t wravnat /I EOIiSS F. FOSTER, \jT 217 Scuta Walerstree^Chicaco.lß Ship Chandler and Sail-Maker, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer to Bfosila, Tarred and Hemp Hope. CANVAS, ANCHORS, CHAINS, BLOCKS, Twine*. Ben and Pa*h Corf*. Teats, Awnlnes, Wagon Covers, Csknm, Tar.Pltca, Felting. Paints, Oils, M« Old Canvas and Hoisting Hacaina* for Storm, 07 EVIISY description. i djtAAA WILL BOY OS3* ©JLI/V V of the BEST AND FINEST. CABBIAGS TEAMS In the STATE. They are PERFECTLY BOUND from the crown or mt>l f beads to thetoiaaof taett feet, and are ADMIRABLY v>KI.L BROKE. Colw, ma’-oeary hay. lost heavy oiacsr'alia andmaaafc They CANNOT Bh EQUALLED under 11.500. BBIVABD ELY, «eK»i6g-astti 9 Trsmont Block. HOWE’S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by the United States Government a) tfcfl Custom Honao In Now York and ether placet. POK BALB BY J>ICE£B!(ON, STC&GES & CO., Metal Warehouse, aeS piA7 sCtaet l» A 201 Randolph street, CMeacAi SALT! OOAHSE and 2P117X1» By the CAR LOAD or CARSO. UNDERWOOD St CO M • ieiß-sSSO tfaeS - 13? South Wate> street. WESES, WILLIAMS & mm JOBBERS Or hats, mi, mm, etc,, Are new read? to cffar to t&e trade a very fall ate wen asserted stock lor Fall and Winter Trade, Kmtxaclns all nets and choice stylet CM - HATS. CAPS, FTJBB, LAD IBS’ HATS, SIHSM y eras,LADias’.MisaKß’and chuldbani SKATING CAPS. UMBKELLAI. 30BSB, BUCK. GLOVES, MITTKBB, Ac.. As. All ot widen win da offered at the lowest Hawta p lcct. ALL BUYERS are solicited to ezandstCtt stock teicra bnylre. and thereby save monty. wRBKK, WILLIAMS * PITCH. anlO-cWSCta-wame. 10. n and li Lake Cal Wit g B. VANDYKE & CO,, coMJEissiOif nEncniais, is nor?,- Gain isn pkodcce, 31 Street, - - Chlca.#, sWParticular attention jlren to orders for Baal ein account. BzTMEsext—Martre Bank, Buffalo; 9. U.F.OdeB, Ann oi Barclay* Llvlngatcn. Newport; «pnu«jc« Preston * CO..Chicago; John TopD«« A Bro, N«W Yozk tad Liverpool. se22^Tj>iwanti SyjETAL WAREHOUSS, DICKERSOfS, STURGIS % CO. «Jjyo3TSa» Q7 TllfcfT And Dealer* In Tinners* Stocks S CISTS F6E THE HOWE’S SCILE COHPJJH* 190* 201 RANDOLPH AT., CHICAGO, au?3-pfls* sotnet -- - CCHOOI. OF TP. ABE, OHIOA GO.—TDe PiJidpal baa plecture In aancmnclnr tore psirccs ot the ficbcol. »rn tae oobilc general ly, that, reco/ntzinj tha maniluM ajvaattjroaaccro ire from a knowledge ol a toed svitem ot abort* tazd.asdtba demand for thoroughly corpeteat wrueis thereof, be hu Secured thO Ser- TICiS Of CEO. BUCKLEY, Thewell tn*.wnL*w am! G»n«r*l .Reporter, under when*«n99iTUKn Pfl JNOOirAPriY will.intntnre, t* rsojidtua par; of the redout conn,** of studies, Tb« clawci Kill ha uPEJt TO TxE PUBLIC, as veil as to itoimm»>e** of »ba School. Fortertaaof Instruction and (tier lofcraatjcp, apple at tbs Prbool of Trade, northwest comer of Lake-sad Welle gfietta. K. B,—The *TenJsr coarse of the School of Trad* commence* October So, amt continues during gc Lit*'', lot tbiee hoars each evening net Ladies traveling will Cad a Ist&o usertmest of Breakfast Shawls, SOKTAGS, EMPRESS CAPES, ROODS, SUBIAS AND SCARFS, AX -11 USALLS SXISEEX. «*2B*si2a: v&'wret srnros & bprsrt. CTEAM TO EUROPE.-Perconi KJ ahont to visit Barope would do well to call and see the General Agent of the Liverpool, Sew kork ft&d PMltdel* phla Steamship Co. in Cbicaoo be era learlae fer me Bast* to battle suing retort ticket* to ulvriip(x>l ami (jnerniiown £ reduced ivea of paesase. Steamer* leave S«W York w fellows: CITY OP tJALTCdOBS Satcrdjy, Angnrf KTNA “ B«*ot 3rd BDISBUR6H .. - “ Ittfe Apflvto y. A EYORT, Gertral Agent, eornar of Siar*- and Laka «*wn*( gEATJHQFTOHACES. ~ BtECUEb’S ITIPROYED PATBIfT, Forwamlrff Dwellings. Churcaes, School House*, For homing harder »oit coal. For mls aoc putnpby BkJiLllbii & PABK«X.’.aO tfadltos street. oeSUSSO-cmet FORK AMD BEEF. tfe have Ir store a few hundred obis. CHESS, at. O. AMD RFMP POOR A2U» ttiKrM UEKP, the nc»» e C r*«nswat Block, are worthy MAh***. et KLT;3. 9 fe»r,ci» mtaX.lX* tbe -itentiun of; AXA.i/oSJISSI CLOTJIIjK* BLT* *“ J e “ 0 ’ mun ‘" jaih— mat* •<T» ie!3 2w-net

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