Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, September 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated September 29, 1864 Page 1
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mir THI-WEEKLT *HB WEEKLY. trfTtcr,, Ko. Cl Clark: Street. Treats or lire Chicago t&uicse, Pk’.’v, debverefi In at> (per week) .... . 25 *• “ 4 ‘ (par qautor) $3.26 r/flily. tc tTi.ll subtcrlbprs, per yeti $12.00 D.ilv, to cwl eubbctibertt, pert months.. 6.00 Tri* w 1 iy* jw year 6.00 Weekly, single cony one ve*r 2 50 " r . ** el*months..... ... 1.25 Club* of lour copies, one year 9. OO “ 4k tec c »* « .... “ “ twenty “ ** “ .... 40,00 Anfi to the latter clnfi, one copy extra to the per* Son ordering lu t3T Money in Registered Letters may he sent el cur risk. CST* Tbc remlltaacc lor cium* mart, In a!i cases, he made at on tine. Addrest “CHICAGO TRIG UN B-" Chira.rO, TIL Clitcagg tribune. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBERS?, 1854. OCR CA2P«I'.\ POCDfIER rS. On tbc third page of this Isano «ve give a lift of , ' tlj C campaign dosomeoU' »nd their contents, 15.7 .7 mtd by the Tkzsmc Cokrarr. They wil be found fixed airnnomtlon, ul<eoy« ready for the doe* trines of the rebellion and its open and secret at. lies in the North. Many ihun&and of these doctJ meets bavo already found their way throughout tnn Nottb Bdo its the armv. Loyal men who leva Llbcrri, Loyalty and Lincoln will do vellto re member that it is the most efficient, while it la t J.e easiest campaign service they can reader, Jb to circulate these and elmUor documents hoth&t home and among soldiers. THE NBWS. The report brought from the army of the Potomec indicate that the present compara tive quiet in military amirs does not prom ise to be of much longer continuance Lee is getting very uneasy at the tokens ol trouble in the valbjv Sheridan's successes have cost the rebels sore. Up to Sunday mor ning bberidau had fought two battles, over whelmed the enemy in defeat, captured, wounded, and killed over twelve thousand rebels, beivg one-half of Early's force; scat* u.rcd a Jayge portion of the other half, de moralized the remainder, captured three* fourths ol the enemy's artillery, and pushed bis advance over one hundred miles. This was dune In tlx days. That may be called “a vigorous prosecution of tae war," We ratLrr like Phil Sheridan's Peace CSmoils* sion, und aUriir gre*t things therefrom If it can be kept up only a little while longer. But evidently distress has come to sit upon Richmond. Advices by refugees, which it will be sa'e to discount at titty per cent, say that the rebels arc actually begiuniog to pack up some of their Government property to be ready for removal. Whether they have done so or net they will not have auy very lucky moving d y if Sheridan gets possession of the Lynchburg Railroed, now just under his grasp, and Grant succeeds iu capturing the roads Soma of Richmond, whereof the rebels are in growing dread. The war looks well and promislngln Virginia. The rebel raiders in Sherman's rear have already j laj cd some havoc with the railroad liner, though the experience of both sides in this Wi-r should Imre taught us tint military railruud building Is nearly os rapid as the march of any raiders in gray or blue. The dauntless locomotive comes scornfully ecrcechirg along over the restored (track last raider has got out of sight. The wires beio a Chatumoug* having been cut y cslerday, our news from Rousseau ie meagre, not otherwise than of a generally tucouri'piuji chur*ci«r. He holds the rebels under Ft nest in check and hi* driven them Eternal vigiUncn ie tbc price of Liberty," and an ctunul nuisance the Price of Mis souri. When tie annual visits indharryings of her communidi t have reuch-dtbe effect o/ stirring up to ertns every loyal or lukewarm arm in Mlt-souii,Tve shall bear no more of Daddy Price. Be Is probably on his last raid, for the tohcie are that this Hate he will cull out a loyal avaluncoe against him which will finish himandhis rugged rebels. Mower and Steele are In his rear, ana if he escapes there will be blutde/ing somewhere. Meanwhile there nicy be and already hfeve bf-vn some Union reverses. Pilot Knob is iu danger if not already fallen tnd rebel hordes have within a day cr two realized aomc smell sue- ciFECbS such ae, for instance, the capture of a train on the Nerth Miesoari Railroad, at Centrollu, barbarously butchering thirty sol di* re, and afterwards submitting their oodles to atrocities that would make a Fecjetoa blush. Our St. Louis dispatch Eta We the very rectonable .probability that Price Is making lor Jefferson City, but ventures to convey the fuel Hat nothing is veiy cle&rly known about it. "VSc shall know in a few days. Our VTst-lungton advices both of jester day, aiid our delayed specials of Tuesday night arc full of interest. comprising a wide range of military and general n**ws and gos sip at the Capital. Cabinet rumors are cls cubbed, and the picture Is given of Ex-Secre • tary Blair, with hie own head under his arm, praising hie Roman father who he eayg calk ed down the headsman's stroke. Well, If a Bluir muv be m.-de antidote to a Blair the family may be put to some use after alb Our Washington dispatch states that 6cm Hooker has received an appointment, where* by we take it, he succeeds Gen. Hcntizle mau. Fighting Joe Hooker, irom present aspects iu this department, will find dull times. But he is an oflicTOf clear head, tin swerving cerotion to loyalty, and will find ample scope for all his other good qualities, and it the home rebels call out the other in a smaller or larger way, it will be the worse for them. Our market column by tcUcrapb as wall as Ucal, will be studied with interest by every* body aud his wife. The gold market had an uneasy day cl it, and stood at all points from 3S>B to 201, and closed at 202*$. The New lork dry goods market, and its decline on the week, will be lonnd in onr dispatch. Not that yonr madam cun buy Betsey's pin* afore or farthing cbeuper than seven days ago. The decline has not got down to details yet, Paterfamilias will not find coals and butter the cheaper for the light fantastic flickering o! gold, any more than yon could warm yourself at an aurora borealis. Bat then there is a comfortable promise of better times ano lower prices by and by. mean while, trust in Providence, speak well ol greenbacks, help the poor, use sugar sparing ly, pitch where you will but not in loyalty, and presently we stall all round tbis no if pleasantly loom lm> Cape of Good Hope. We do not weary of admiring that grand shotted aalute that on last Thursday roared aud bellowed along Grant’s lines, from the throats of a thousand cannon, in honor of Sheridan’s victory of the 10th lust. The hun dred and ninety guns of the 16th Corps alone fired nineteen hundred rounds. The 10th Corps burled twenty-eight tons of iron at the rebels, on the Lnath of fifty-five hun dred pounds of powder. But there is com ing in November a grander “sbottedsalatc ” when every loud hand raised to cheer for our boy s In blue, shall launch a ballot full at the heart of this accursed rebellion. xii tcbtAxV ttoiiniy. After much argument aud wrangling tbe Board of Supervisors adopted the advice of Hie Tkidukb and voted S3OO bounty to cverv EubEtitute and conscripted man held to serve. This is right. It is simple equity. It is the proper method whereby the harden of the draft is distributed on tbe shoulders of all. There are scores and, perhaps, hundreds of wealthy men in the county who are either over 45 years or physically exempt By levying a special tax on property of half a million, this class of persons will be obliged to coLtribute to tbe fund to procure volun teers, or L»3p compensate those Who are / drafted. e believe In making properly ■ stand Ua share ofthe obligation. By paying S3OO to each drafted man he is enabled to procure a substitute by adding ou a reasonable sum of Lis own; or if he can not precure ouo then he is paid something handsome for his loss of time. Tbe Ward Committees arc making up parses to add SIOO cash to the county bounty of S3OO, to he given to etch sub. stltntc, volunteer, or conscript This will mate SIOO each man will receive in ad dition to his Government pay, clothes, and rations, for a year’s military service, If the war lasts that long—the whole amounting to SI,OOO, which, It must be admitted, is very fair compensation, more, by considerable than most oi those dratted or volunteering would earn at home In tbe period of time. Wc believe in making those who eUy at home pay a lair compecsilloa to those who go to the wars to fight in the defense of the Nation, and we believe, furthermore, that every man -should pay in proportion to his property. Making the assessment In the fchape of a lax, this end is attuiued. The iccan and stingy men; the dUlojni and lukewarm men; the over-age and exempt men; the aliens, growing rich among ns— all must help make np the soldiers* fund, according to their respective means. The rich ward s must also help to raise the bounty fund for the poorer wards. This, too, is just and proper. We say again, that tbe ac tion of the Supervisors was right, and will l,e sustained by the people. It will cause the draft lobe borne cheerfully, and abstract the sling from it. —■ ) 5 0!t . Jons Wnurora at Eloik—Mr. ■Wentworth will address the people of Elgin, £sne .county, to-morrow (Friday) evening. vol. xvm. NEWS BY TEIESBAPH. THE WAR IN m mm. fcafc&i from 1-heiia an am the £liea»a{lo<th. OLE ADVANCE AT HARRISONBURG. Effect of Early’s Defeats al Eiclnaond—His loss 10,550. BDSIOBED PBEPARSTIOJf TO ITAGUATfi IEE REBEL CIPIT3L. latest from the War in Missouri. Pilot Knob Invested—Price Menaces the Sta?e Capital. 10EEIBLE EEB’fL BDTOEEBT OF 30 UNION SOLDIERS, FROM NASHVILLE AND BELOW. The .Haid. on Sherman’s Commnnications. FIOSSEAU BEPBRTEO MGHE THAN HOLDiHS HIS OWN. Porrest Driven Back Iroin PulasM—Loss 200, PROM BEAST’S ASMT--A BATTLE STEM 3 NEAE. TBE GOLD AND GEN ERAL MARKETS. FBOM THE SHESiSDOiH. Advance at Harrisonburg Glorious Cottllrzaaiion of sberldun’s tttcfnt hucctssea—wls Captures ol Artillery—Xlie Situation* [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.} WaanmcTOK, tVedm-fiday, Sept, IS, The Sanitary Commitrion to-day ficat to Sheri dan two c*p ioa£s of clothing, de'icicic?, cordials, ic. TUs i« the fourth instalment of supplies that have beta cent since the battle of the 19;h. Up to eeveuo’clcck this atteraoon nothing far tbtr has bec-n received by Government from Sher ican. It is believed here by come that Early la mating for Charlottrviile The statement la litt night's dispatch that General Neal Dow was usehned to the command of Manineborp, grew out of the confusion or names. General Neill la the man. IThe following Important dispatch conies to hand one day late oj f a break in the lines.—Ena TE3USE.I [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.} . "WasmuGroK, Tuesday, Sept. S7. The following baa just been received at this bureau, under dale ol Winchester, V*„ Set. 25 P.M.: * The news from the front continues cheering Our headquarters on Sunday morning had racial New Market, and by to-morrow night they are ex* pededtobe at Staunton, not over fifty-seven miles Jrom Lynchburg, and nearly twice as far from Ear pet’s Ferry. The cavalry are far In advance, hanging upon the rear and flanks of the retreatmg cu«my, On Sat urday afltnoon Tcrbett’s command struck the main body of the rebel cavalry In the Lorey ytti ley, while on their way to operate m our rear. A sharp skirmish occurred, in which ihe rebels were worsted end compelled to retreat down the Luray Talley, with the lose ol a number of hilled and wounded and seventy-four prisoners. Gen. Tor belt Joined Sheridan on Sanaa? at New Market, and immediately proceeded with bis command in the dlrecion of Harrisonburg, There is no donbe that the activity of our cav alry las prevented Early from taking the route to Culpepper, and that bis present line of march Is simply one of necessity. Prisoners say that the rebels, after the Winchester firiit, loaded all their wagons with wounded, and that 1,709 wore carried along with them In thtir retreat. A large numbs of wounded officers were among the number. Our losses in the attack on the rebel position at Fish er’s lUU on last Thursday, Late been overestima ted. They will not amount to more than from two I bnndrtd and fin? to three hundred, principally in Crook’s command, which did the most ol the fighting. The losses in the 19th Army Corps in the battle of the 19th were nearly 2,000. The com ; violences ortho surprise of the rebels at Fisher's HUI may be Imagined from the fact that ihe 10 , piece* of crfrVery captured there were uli levied with grape and canister. Crook’s charge was so impetuous and rapid that they cldn't hive lime to fire them. Guerilla* arc becoming troublesome between this point and Harper’s Ferry. La,* evening about cask, two ambulances from here, one coutaumir Strpcon-Gcneral Phillips, ol Pennsylvania, were attacked by gueriUs only two miles oil from Uar ptr e berry, burgeon Eeaver, of me 6th Pennsyl vania Cavairy, was shot through the abdomen, and two men wounded. The enemies on Saturday at tached a train oetween Winchester turn btrasoarg, kilitog and wooding several of the escort. Twelve oltLescourciels wi-re afterwards captcre-l and tevfn of them burg. The Baltimore & Ohio Itailrosd is now io routing order from Marti ne burg to W beetle?, and with the exception of a small gap between Haipa’s Ferry and Martins bu/?i wnch will be repaired to day, to Baltimore. Ocu.Nejil Dow has neea assigned to me com mand of me post at Alarliueburr. liltcen pieces oi aniUery captured at the battle of Wlccbes-cr end four caissons have afreadv ar rived at Winchester. 1 Ibcrtbdfc turcioetthrrr-fonrths cf tfcelr artil lery. Thi-sr reserve, which was at Staunton, was very Irsecure. New Yobs, Wednesday, Sept. 23 —Tbe Herald's Mount Jackson correspondent of the filth e-rys: Although we hare had considerable fighting leaving Winchester, e-.lh there has been noth ing xbi the way of a regular battle, or anything a> Broaching the acUcn of Monday last. The captures of artillery, flaps. &c.. at Fither’s UilL were made more by the rapidity ol oar movements and accu rate maneuvering than by the force of hat Ja. To-daywe are etlll moviogou Theeucmylsre -ou* <*7*l*7 is doteg nobly. Beyond a doubt now Early is doing everything be «*«n to n tt ocr Etuuld an engagement ensue K^hiLu:Sir ( " r ** w,u •» b =““= *« >■»« :“ a morei,r!BoMr! “ ntnwrOTncn.B annjlog to join Emlj. and was «“ cased with them an a«}. and trim m. na"d» rail at that. Had it not l«.to for tblf. Gi-a. Esrl.’a whole command would nave been laevltablv mrC lured. 1 Tie World's correspondent with Sheridan says • Onr lues in killed and wounded at F:sberV iltii will not exceed 2to. Thus was Lee’s rtjhi arm in the Valley broken, and the victory an almost blood iees one. The New Tori: Tribune'* Harper’s Ferry corrce poudest says: The completeness of the surprise ol the rebels at Fisher’s Hill may be imagined from the fact that the guns captured were all load ed to tbe muzzle with grape and canister, but Crook’s charge was so impetuous and rapid that tbe rebels dlo not get time to discharge them. The losses of tbe rends In tbe recent tight, as reported by Government officials sent to ascertain the facts, as follows: Arrived at Harper’s Ferry, incluo *,:K 28s officers, S,100; wounded at Winchester, ;*■w carried off by the rebels estimated ’ capered between Fisher’s Hi’! and ♦«« , woanued at roadside houses cs th?*i billed and Hounded by cavairy in the Lurtj ulUy, JSO: lota!, 10,550. LATCH, UOHWMIu f°,!uw up u>. pur.ali of EwlV who yjß t.rtcnlns towards Staunton with ffiitT ■ca tramratr or bis dc-cu-o <2i army. Every aUcmpl of Ejrtv to tak* * g{ in the Blue Bidje 2Joanuhn“io SI eridanV rear, bn# been detested, lo annoy Op Satorvoy Torbm’a cavalry met the reVl rav airy tear Lurry Court House. After tight ol several hours, wc routed them Iff# offerer#) hundred killed, wounded and ouen*. Tbe rebel# were commanded by u-ywTi Wickham. The rebel# retreated up the vallev nn Sunday. Our cavalry effected a junction with bhcridan’e infantry near New Market. FROM MINNESOTA. monster Union Hall vat SL Paul—Tbe Bttui in jnuxiietola. [Special DiPpotch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, Wednesday, Sept. 23. Tbe Union mooting in tbit city last night waa a splendid affair. It was the largest political meet ing held this year in Minnesota. Bridge Square was jammed with people. Congressman Windom, Senator Wtlktnson. and Gov. Miller were tbe Fpeaker*. Their effort# made a great Impression on the people. lUomlnattoua, fire-works, and a tcrcb-Ilght procession were the feature# o t the ©cession. The Union men are in the beet cf eplrlte and are sure of tbo State, bat are work* ing for a big majority. WhUe a ealate of one {hundred guns was being tired hero this afternoon, in boner of Bbermau’e victory, one of the artillerymen had both arms fchot on by the premature discharge of a gun. Gen SMey leaves to-morrow morning for Fort Blpley, on b tour ol inspection. Provost Marshal Gen. Fry has informed the draft officials in thia State that all men who paid the three hundred dollars commutation under the lost draft, ore, by order of rbe Secretary of War, relieved from tbc present call. FlkOat WASHWGIO^. Interesting military. Political, and neairal nummary. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasuxsgtois Wednesday, Sept. 28. THE WAS. Humors are in circulation that Grant has com* pcllcd the evacuation ot Petersburg; that Lynch* burp h*s been attacked; and that a great bittle has been fought on the Weldon Hoad. All are equally uUcfMed. Secretary Mr. Washburn have re lumed irons Gen. Grant's Ueadquartera. During their visit they went up the James river to Dutch Gap, and witnessed the progress of work on tue canal, aod narrowly escaping a heavy shelling from Use rebel' batteries as they started tmrir, moar mcmiOKu. A number of rebel conscripts who deserted, ar rived here- to-day, they were mostly from the manufacturing establishments about Richmond. They say that the ccrlalaty cf this conscription hns caused a pcueral rush from thteo stiops. One goTetnmt-fat concern, known as the Anderson, baa loti IIS men wl bln a few days, who have run away with the determination o( coming North whenever uu opponuntry present-) itself. Conscripts areerttbat Early's oeieat baa caused great gloom in Richmond, and that it Is lerred Uot blicridan will mate a move on from v luth point be can strike tbe Dannile Rail road, ticreov cbttinu their pruicipal tupplies and communications. Xbcse fesrs have canned The be lit! that it will ho necessary to evacuate Richmond, aid itt» iretly tilted of in tbe streets. Virginia Troops however protest ocamsc tbe evacua tion of Richmond, aud should tbe rebel aulhontltis coso, it would cause a mutiny among the Virginians. The.-e conscripts declare that the Couleotrates are making preparations which look very mneb like an evacuation, iaevcral rottifimebt workshops bad been removed South. W hen tbi fce pnrrrcs left Ricnmood a few days ago, tbe machinery of other shops were being paebt d lur removal ii deemed necessary. Tbe coufedcr sics tbe deserter* say, arc filling up depleted regi ments wltb old men and boys,-iDdudlog those who have been bcreto'orcoiscburyed from zuiJitary ser* vice on acconat of wouiios and other permaccat oitaUUues, POLITICAL. A private frttcr from a Icadine radical, who al- a Fremont mao, was familiar with tbe movement connected with bis retiring from toe cantase, rajs that it Fremont witLdre,v Moat getnery Blair womdnot be aptto remain long io the Canines, mnont hiving withdrawn wit boat aty beryam, it is certain Blair bad no idea tbit bin time bad come, and that be was juet about tbe worst surprised man this country ever saw, when be held tbe President's polite invitation to him to leave. THE ELAin FAMILY. Seven cities dtepoud for the honor of Homer's birthplace. Many treat men stem destined to dis pute for tbc honor of Montgomery Blau’s dratb. r.tridte the list made up a dav or two ago, Fny montV frieLCt- have been unttiue in a claim for film, ar.o old Frank Blair nimself, it seams, a’so clslms tbe honor. Witness tbe followin'’ trom Montgomery Blair's speech in New York: Some of my fnei d*—very pood friends indeed —have questioned tbe kindness of tbe President to me, indicating my resignation under tbc cir cumstances of the country. Let me tell you, my frimds.ihe President has at least the support of those w bo arc nearer to me than all the other peo ple on ibis earth. 1 retired by tbe recommendation oi my own fatoertolbc President of tbe United States. | Applause.] He, my friends, baa passed that penoa of life when iu honors, or ns rewar Js or its glories bare an; ebarm lor him. He looks back oi-Jy, and forward only to tte grandearof me people who ore growing np under ita prosperous Constitution and Union, aud be would not permit at-onol bla to stand In the way of me recognition and the- hfipport of the glorious and patriotic President who now leads ns on to success, not lor anything mat this earth could bare in store lor him. An entioElaatic Lincoln demonstration toot place fit the Navy Yard to*nlgh f , amid daa-ralalnjr, firing of fctiDs, fi’c, Kpetcbeo wrre mitoe by Ex- Gut Kundall and others. There le noi much apprehension hero about tto military tilaation in Missouri. ******* UVU4*ttt It is understood that Jlaj, Gen. Hooter has been attifincd to the command of the Department of Ohio, Indiana. nod Illinois. Hooker la reported to have tala that he can’t tee where the active Held of operations he was promised cozies in. [By s failure of our Eastern tpeclal dispatches on Xnfctoay evening, tte following comes to hand one day Isle.—Ena Turn. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribuae.l Wasniacio-v, Tuesday, Sept. 27. the wan fon tjiscxiox. The minor that Gen. Giant has made an attack at Petersburg is not credited. The latest private news here is down to noon yesterday, when all was quiet, except the ntnal skirmishing. The following is a portion ot the dispatch which failed to get through yesterday: There la a foolish report that Longatreet has ccme up the Valley, got in the rear oi Sheridan, and smashed things generally. Its extrancant absurdity Is the best measure o! the rebel panic in which it originates. ClßDtn SCATTERS, A curl one statement concerning Mr. Blair’s dss* missal pains some cnrreccy here. It is to the ef fect, that although It was compelled by the radical pressure, the final incitement tu it was a represen tation of Its necessity from Thurlow Weed.. It Is notimpo§sib'’e that something of this kind may hare had an effect la hastening the removal, but It was at any rate inevitable. Biair continues to elre an eye to the working ol the Department till hia jeetessor shall arrive, he Is also paulm* a good face un the matter hy taaiog the stamp in diary land for Lincoln. y Humors ofoibcr Cabinet chanrcs continue, bat there Is no known foundation for tnem save the general uncertainty with which the Conservative men cere repaid their seats slice Mr. Lincoln’s unccranoniona norice to one ot them that his time bad cone. It is said that Assistant Secrewrvof thej.avy. Fox, sits unea*-ilv in Lis chair. Hois 1 brother-in-law to Blair, and Is not well beloved of Statton cr Lincoln cither. ora ranssAL rjasosEia, Tbo officers Jaet released from LibV Pritoo tome of whom arrived ie town today, report th”t i™??™ 0 ? 6 ’a” a ? d ,bont Eichmoed ttmtalo abont flvettcmssi'd of oor mer. Jloet ol tnemareon Slm™ 0- o. TieJ i .*7 i-nfTcnr.s ranch for want of C'Qtnlr.. Two-ibirCa of them axe wltbcnt tent., and many of them have no other coverlno bat their drawereandebirta. Even in the Libby many of tbe prisoners ere compelled Kj walk aboht in order to keep warm. Tbe prison men are mace no o' seventy atdboys of fourteen. All tl« aWe-bnCied men ate ,nt the front, and cannot no epared to curd pri.onera. Tne belief seems to be im rlid' 13 Efffe tB here that tbo -war draws near JiaJorMulford, leslstaat Auenl of Eicban-e. ia to Mart soon for Savannah, Geonria, wita mToo {“E woaeded rebel prisoners, to lee eicbsnued for a lllce natabn of our sick and h funded in their hands, in with tbe teuus of Batter’s reemt sgr.tinrnt. Several tteamurs are nownre pailig for this service. v PEPAnTana»T MATTERS. Mr, Blodeett, of the Trea-ury Depirtmeot, has been preparing some tables, showing that oriy the mistaKfea ana omissions have made the exhibit of our trade with Enropc foot np with the balance against us. lie shows that tbe balance was teallv between «evcnry and a hundred millions in our fnvorforiLeiatt year Tte Commissioner** order sMll hangs fire, and the scoria oi cotton traders sre in a etste ol anxious suspense. A breodof cotton spscnlitors in t warming herein an:icma*Jim of tbe new regn lattous on me subject of the cotton trade. Tney ,V* e Tw»*nry Department aud hwet the whlieUonEe so vlecroceJy that Mr. Lincoln has been hurrying np tbt o-ders about the tew regula tions, In order, as he says, to get rid of the Intoler able pe*t. The mala features ot toe regulations were watered last Saturday, but tLelr publication la Btiii delayed because of the efforts of the Treasury Drpamnent to have them pat in a les« objection able form. It Is strougiy oppesedto them in tbe ebape in which they are likely to come out. Some ot the purchasing »ger:ts Lave been designated The new special agent lor tbe other division of the river trade has been ££ected,bndhisapnointment will be annosncedio aoayoruvo. riXAKCIAL. The Treasury Department coctionts the issue of compoubd interest bearing notes, bctlt calls la •otbiTs eo that the volume of currency is not great ly increased mnsoxAX.. Ez Governor Denaleon is now expected in to wn in a few osvs to attune Ms pisce in the Cabinet Genera) Booker is in town. Eedoce notauu&ir to he talkir-g much tor McClellan. Both tbe Assistant ficercturies of the Treasury ate abrent, Field‘lying cick to BnUimnre, Bar riigion off on a cruise for his health along the const. Stcrciary Stward is a guest at General Grant's headquarters. Wasulkotok, Wednesday, Sept. 23.— Another record ul the courts martial has bees officially pro mulgated, from wuidi it appears that there were convicted 2 brigadier generals, (Hnmmond and Spears),! colonel, 2 lieutenant-colonels, 1 major, 12 cuptair-a, 38 nr»t lieutenants, 16 second lieuten ants ano i fttfektaut surgeon. They were neirly all ohm:*pcd tbe service—one*flilh for drunken s«b T>blie on du*y. According to ihe SecorJ, Brig.-Gem-James G. bpears, U. 8.V01#., was tried lor using dlslojal luli-ul i; e al d co l 0 uct prejudicial to cood order and milhttry ditclullne. lurnlsbinga guard and giving iuij protection to the property of a notorious rebe:. berore obligicg him to take me oath ofaUcglauce; found guilty of thecharreand condemned to be Jrom the temce of the United State#. The proceed!#?#, findings and sentence were disapproved by the cotumanfllrc General on the ground of the want of jurisdiction of tbe ®. JL. i rcc °rd was forwarded. to the President, with recommendation tbit he bed!#- inbecd frem the t, rricc ol the United State#. The itTcmuieudsiion va# approved ard Gen. Spears was oiemipsed. * It is unocrr-trnd that arraucements are made conumplsied f..r ihe parch**? of the conoa of the irt nrrccMooary btates on Government accounts, and accnts wUlbe soonappoluied at New Orleans, Memphis, ard-ntlur point-, for that purpose, un der me tel of July last. * * Abe fobscriptioPß to the 10-40 Leap (ortholart two pays were Marl 1 SIM'.O 0, and to the 7-id Loan tn Thursday jhto,UX), and to-day §i,2£g (>jO FBOX CERTRAI ILIMOIS, 'eellnsw of » oyalfy ttrd Lincoln to plbeand Scott Conutlc, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WntcnnsTEn, Scott Co., tl I Wednesday. Sept, 23,1851 * f The meeting at Pittsfield, Pike county, yester day, and the meeting to-day at Winchester, Scott county, both addressed by Gen, Oglesby, were die tiaguishod by the same enthusiasm and by the same cctncalneE* aa thoce we have attended in othcrportlouaot tie State. This portion of Illinois will make astonishing returns in November, The draft Tb just now the absorbing question end Copperheads and Democrats are unmistakably upon the anxious Beat. Tho earn of a'l their In quiries just now la “What will I do for a enbsll tmeT” The price of these is influenced by the great law of trade—supply and demand—and the latter is largely In excess of the former. The Wccdlord county Copperheads are draining the marker, and prices rule high. It is astonish inn tow highly these patriots Just now csUsm the niggir. They shake hands with him, cat with him, drink with him, and bleep with him. Their prayer night and moruuu Is, “ Give os onr duly niegerP* - Gen.J. M. Palmer yesterday defended himself from an indictti cot found against him by the Or ad Jury of the connty for bringing a negro. Into tha S«ate in violation of tho provisions cf the Black Laws of the Suite of Illinois. I have not beard the remit. To day an Immense Union mceilngwni be held In CarroiPon, Green Co. We are now off the lino of rallro<d« and telegraphs, ssd man depend for the tr»nsmls«.on of news upon such chances and faculties as may offer. TUB WAIi xn MISSOURI, lixclling Burners and Bp|torts of tho Isebel lavaaioo-Pilut Knob !■< Dan* ger-itebtl uperatiunii and rnreau, [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, Wednesday, Sept. 23. The rebels* burned the south Big River fridge yesterday altercoon, fifty miles from this city, thug culling off railroad communication with Pilot Knob. Nothing further ie definitely known as to the faccess of Gtn. Ewing in defending «Pilot Knob. Tho post was suddenly and violently at- Ucked about 9 o'clock Tuesday morning, by about two thousand rebels, advanangfrom the north and west, under the command of Shelby. The place was of course invested, and communications with the rear cut off. Gen. Smith withdrew the forger portion ol bis force from Mineral Point and vicini ty to DeSoto for a more commanding position. A report Is current that all the troops were re* moved from Mineral Point, hut this is officially de nied. and wo arc assured that our troops still hold nil the roads and cross roads between St. Louis and Mineral Point. Gca, Ewing's force is reported at from twelve to fil'.em hundred, strong, enough to retain the post againtt any attempt to storm the wonts, bat the continuity of Shepard Mountain, and other clera tiois, renders it possible for the enemy to plmt batteries, if he has them to spare, so as to com. maxd the fort at the Knob and compel its sarrea* oer or evacuation. The latter, If attempted, wunld probably De in the direction of Cape Girardeau. It id uidtrstood that Gen. Ewingreceived orders to evacuate the post and retire up the railroad, bat the communications were aoou afterwards cat and the bnone burst a, Ac, preventing compliance uud makn g it necessary to defend the poet. We learn also mat a rci.lmeut left mineral Point Tnceoay morning, or during Monday nignt, to ro inloiceEwiug, nxd that apprehensions are enter tained that the regiment was captured by the nbcli*, who appeared in nnexpecteo.y large nam utrs, bnc the toaicment Is dountlni. capt. Popemas, with a company of 1-10 men set ontlroro Pianuliu county Tuesday monlug to re tort at Detfoto, but was met by a lane force of rtneienno compelled to return, This frcthetnU Burning dLpaicned from Franklin. 1c suggests that the enemy may be moving Northwestward towards Kolia and Jefferson City, lu accordance With a pleu which Ims been aiPibtj'ed to him, ex-Lieut. Got. Turn Reynolds is ascertained to be with .he nvaoers. Letters have been Intercepted and forwarded to beadqnirters, showlcg beyond duobi that the object ol toe present ram of Price & Co. is an atiaek upon Jeifir*on City. The prompt action ol Gen. Koeecrans, however, in throwing a large force at toe threatened points, can hard y fail to checkmate old Pap, aud may re* tint In the capture cl all the invaders. Toe account* received at headquarters last n'ght in regard 10 the captsrc of me up uaiu on me North Hietonri, yebiuday, are fully confirmed to day. A private letter. djted the 2am, on the line 01 the Notth Missouri Railroad, s»ys toe tip train yesterday «as captures by guerillas at Centralu, and some thirty soldiers uken out of the cars aud shot, and toe gr»vet train forced to ran over their dt ao bodies, which threw the ergine off me track. One car was horned. Thin turned the down train back to ilacrn City. The train left this morning as usual, but nothing has been heard concerning its eafciv. Pave Pool, with about 100 mco, guerillas, crossed the Missouri between Waverly and Dover, on Thursday night last,aud Todd wim the same num btreroreeo above Wellington. Chapel Rill, in Lsta;ctte county, has been al most totally destroyed by fire, Some twenty bouses were consumed. At the commencement of the war, Chapel lilii was » beautiful and thriving village, couliiiiiDg ouu of the unoet institutions of learning in the Suite. The college buildings, the church axd tearly every house are lu rains, aud the inhabitable scattered over every part of me country. Such is the malt of me accession war inMltronn. The Lexington Union, of Saturday, stales that Todd, a lew days since, with about one hundred men, surprised u camp of Bay county mllltiauader Lieut. Ralston near shaw’a shop, in Hay county, killing nix of their Lumber. It it expected ito rebels will mace their appear ance out no Bouihwest Branch Railroad to-uhrht or to-iLcxrotv. the whole movemauls of Price me Otuosive, and onU Mower la heurd from in his rear nothing will be dons to dire him from the Stale. Preparations are Jn pnvrcvs to remove all the rebel prisoners from Uil- city to Alton and Bock Island. A tram ol about forty empty wagons was sent out /rum the Knob before the card lelt yester day mcming lor Mineral Point, but old no; reaca there before the conmunlcatluna were Interrupted, ana it Is supposed to Lave been captured. Col. Fletcher, Haoicil canoloate for Governor, is cooped up with his regiment at Pilot Knob, and amorjr the civilians la the' BemecraCa correa poncent. K-Burag, the felegaaph operator at Pilot Knob, nit that point yesterday at half-past twelve at which time tbo rebels were ihtowlLu shells quite lively into the fore. General Ewing had with drawn alibis forces to the lort. The rebels occu pied tnc town, even to the railroad depot. They captured no Government property. The second Brigade, third Dtvhion, sixteenth Army C< rp*, unccr Colonel Mill?, was attacked it Mineral Point last about three thonuacd rebels. Tbe attack was repulsed, but our forces subreqoettly withdrew to Du Soto. A prisoner. In trying to cacipe from the train near Da Soto last nljjbt, stabbed fonr soldiers, bat wascaucht this morning at elsht o'clock, and wa® hanged by order of Gen. A. J. Smith. Potoel nst captured by rebda last night, Gen. Smith is at Dc Solo receiving reinforce ments. * ww TDE IOWA STATE FAIR: The Proceedings at Burlington, Yes. terduy. r [Special Dispatch to the.Chicago Tribune.] Bcbunutox, la,, Wednesday, Sept. 23, The lowa State Agricultural Fair has been very wc.l attended to-day, considering that the wsather did not promise much pleasure. In the mornlog, xt was dark and lowering, and about two o’clock it commenced a drizzling rain, which continued, with slight intermission, until alter dark. As I have bift-re stated, the dtsp;eyof catUe, sheep and ma chinery is very lair, while most other araclas of fern economy are not so well represented, Grspea make a very handsome show,.lmt they ccme mostly from Illinois, although there are t-ev ualTay fine vineyards in this city, the proprie tors of which seem to,manifest less in:cr«t hi ihe exhibition than those from other States. Theherse display is remarkably slim and hardly docsjurtlce to the State. Sewing machines are fully represented Mr Chittenden, of the Wheeler & Wilson, who is now recognized as the Napoleon of the sewing ma chines in the West, has secured a very tasty pa goda tent, in a very prominent position, where Ms beautiful machines «re exhibited to er-at ad vantage and challenging the admiration ol turn drtdfl. In this, Mr. Chittenden has displayed his nenal fcwe-*dnegs and taste. The position if notbice else, gives him great advantage over com petitors, as they are all tto wed away in a very cusiy sad unpleasant locality, la wlut, hy coar tesy, is termed the Fine Art Ilali. Fu-nos are well represented. Root i’Cady. of your my, get Uto first premium, aid A. Br&dojrv the eecoto. Meters. Root & Cady very generously jreve u concencmtd action piano, worm SI SUO to the Sanitary Fair, It will be disposed ot ior the Unehtof mat most excellent charity. The Sani tary Fair ie domp a very gooa business, and will rvcfcive a good many dollars tor the benefit of our sick and wouulea soldiers. PREMIUMS. The following premiums wtreawarded to-day: CLASS No. l. k CftlLe—Durham Heifers, 2 years—lst, A. B. &J. B Ray, Aan Boren Co.: fid. same. Cow, 3 years old—lst, J. R. Peck, Macon Co., Hi.; fid A. J Dunlap, Galesburg, Id. Hcitcr, 1 year—lst, J, h! IVcktacl; fid, A. J. Dunlap. CLaSS No. 7. Oxen, Steers, Ac.—Yoke of Oxen—lst, C, M. Godmun, Burlington; 2d, Franklin Jarvis, Hom ing Son. Beef CatUe—lst, C. M. Qodman. CLASS No. 13 Some Teams, Doable and Single—Pair Farm Glidings—lst, d. W. &D. Gilbert, burliurton; 2d, Andrew Smith, Burlington. Single Farm Marc- ■ Ist, J. K. Milter, -Morning Sun. CLASS NO. 2. Sheep, mixed breeds, fine wool—buck over o years-Ist, F. G. Bonder, Winnebago county lih;Sd, James Imng, Danville. Buck over 1 jeer— lst, P.G. Bonuer. Ewe over 2 years Ist. Samuel Gnmore, Knoxville; fid, P. G, Bander E* e lambs—let, Samuel Gilmore; back 1 year— -Ist, Mathew Iflckene, KirkavUe; buck lamb—lst. Samuel Sharp, KnifllD, ’ CLASS No. 23. Southdownes—buck 2 years—lst, J. B. Pick crell; fid, Wm. Ornooff, Burlington. Bock lambs —lst, J. B. Pickcn-li. Ewes i year—lst, J. B. PukereiL Mr Pickerell baa a lot of fine Scuta dowie on thegroued which the committee pro nounced flret ciBS?, but as there were no ’competi tors no premiums were given. CLASS NO. 24. Sweepstakes—Bucks—let, Pickles and Gill more, kirtevilie. , . CLASS NO. 25. Long wool—lst, P. G. Bonder, lIL „ CLASS NO 26. xicefft small breed-, boar 1 year old—lst, E. Lay Madison; 2d, S. E. Bonder, Winnebago county. 111. Aped tow—lst, John Pat:eraou. bur lujcton; 20, L. A. Layton. Sow under year—let, JoimPuraon; 2d, B. A Layton. Pair John Patterson. Fiveptgs-isr, John Pauereoa. Lear C mouths—lst, E. a. Laytoa. CLASS NO. 27. 1 ?S a ** E 0 **over 1 year—lst, Janesville; GojicJav, Uillatuio. Sow over! year—lst. John PatUrton; 2d, W. T. Johnson, Burlington! Eosr 6 mor-lhs—let, W. T. Johnson. &ow under 1 year—lst, w. >t. Marsh, Lee county; 2d, John Paltereou. Twoplgs-isc, a. B. Miller, Harper’s Ferry. Five pigs—rst, R. h. Leggett, Fairoeld. CLASS NO. 23. Sweepstake#—hoar—lst, Isaac HolUdiy, Hlfla buro.' bow —.fit, John Patterson, THE STATE . EaIIS. Tbe Openins Day at JancsTlllc. [Sped*] Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] JaJJESvnx*, Wl#., Wednesday, Sept. 23. Considering bad weather, and other diaconr.ig icg circumstances the State Fair has opened very well aa a whole. The exhibition ts very good for this season. There is a fairshow of horee# and cittle, and a finer lot of sheep have never been exhibited In the State, There is con«iderable choice fruit, and a gqod dUplaj of vegetables. The mechanical de partment contain# Urge aud varied exhibitions. There has been a pretty good attendance, and CHICAGO, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29.. 1864. the receipts at the close of the drat day amount to sl,« « 0. Uni*es the weather (bon'd be very anfuvcrah'e, tie Fair premises to be a success, and is welt worth au eliding. Tomorrow, is fixed for foe equestrian display, the dial of machinery, and election of officers. FROM U7IIT. The Latest Mmadon—Warm Work PruiblMd-hr-e Getting Ujceuy at feakly’a Disattera IlEArQrainxßs AnarroPTHEPotohac,Wednes day, Btpt, S8 —Quiet still prevaLs In front of Pt-tenth erg, broken oily by tha usual picket nriog and occasional anil err duels, the effect of which is to cciibome a large quantity of powder. A good deal of heavj firing was heard yesterday and tu-oay in the oirectloo of the James River, and Is supposed to be from gunboats, A large cedv of rebel cavalry are reported this afternoon to be moving on t urleft. If so their object bus not been developed. Three spits were arrested within onr lines yester day. Evidence has been obtained which Is said to be strong enough to convict them. Two citizens hwve alto been arrested cn the charge of giving aid and comiort to the rebels. An order bus beenissued that officers who hive served three years may be mastered oat of service, the time during which they may have served as privates nut being counted. WAsmaoioN, Wednesday, Sept. 23 —TieUhrcm ie7e say e fighting by tie Army of the Potomac may bet-spectea uitiiiu one or two days. New York, Wednesday. Kept. 23.— The Her olak Uij Point correspondent of ihe'flfiih says'; Parly's defeat in the Valley has produced great ua capii-esß in the army immediately opposite to ns, andre-nts of great Imooitmce are looked fir wiihin a lew days. That Lee is getting ready for borne new movement is very evident. Boring the nabt lev. nights onr troops on the front line could ncarthe noise oi traits and'artillery in'motion, Lee Is doubtless working to aid Early. He stands' auhbbt at the prospect oi Sheridan's driving Early' beyond ihc possibility of holding tuo Virginia Ccntrbl Road, the one leading to' Lynchburg trom Richmond, and 1 thence; by contracting his lines' aroma Peiercburg, he hopes to be able to detach a force sufficient to rclniorce and rally the demor alized ermy from the Shenandoah. Ttc Uirala'i correspondent, with the 10thcorns, also says: Tee movements ot the enemy are fall of promise. Uneasiness is manliest in all tat ir movements. They are certainly getting reauv for a movemeit of some kind, perhaps to tali back to Swift Creek, the first ol their lines bet ween Peters burg aid Richmond. The reason, undoubtedly, is that Grant I> being too stroogly reinforced tor the rebels to maintain their extended line, no.v over ten niLes In length. Foutbees Mohboe. Wednesday, Sept. 27.—'The steamer Swan, irtm City Point, has arrived, and report* all quiet in iront. 05 BE WAIi LK XEWIVESSEEi Latent front tlsc Kcbel Operations In Nashviixw, Wednesday, Sept. S3.—Nothing Is hiani ot Gen. Rousseau to-day. - The lines are cat on both tbe • enucsece and Alabama and Naih vilh- and Cbatluxouga Railroads south of Colum bla and ruliabotua. No trams south of NaahviUo. Nashville, Sept. 28.—Owing to the cutting of the tclegruph wire, nothing has been heard to-day ot Gen. Ruusseeu or his command. It is be lieved, however, that a desperate battle for the possession of Puiaski has occurred, or may oven nuw be progressing. The rebel force, according to latest advices, bad advanced tbclr lines preparatory to an early at tack upon oar troops. Tbe fact of tbe wires being cot indiiccsthcbclicf that there are parties of rebels in the rear of Roas ee-iue force. The wires on the Chattanooga road were downat Tnllahotra, hot have since been repaired, working through. FometV policy Is to damage to tbe tallest ex tent both roans to tbe front. The amount of tbe Tennessee and Alabama road already destroyed will rconlre several weeks to pat in running order. TubVaht Latent—4 p. m—A courier has just arrived from Gen. Rousseau with dispatches totho effect tbui during tbe night Forrest witndrew his whole force from the vicinity of Pniaski, land he was be.leved to have crossed to the Chattanooga rsllrosd. iiocssean reports the robot loss dnrlsc yester day’s nubt about 2>o. Some twenty pn-oners were alto captured. There la a small rebel force atLjntjyllle, I .Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 23.—The Hi puWcan Issues an extra containing the following inteUsence: “We learn officially that the advance of the rebel General Fomat has been suddenly checked at Pulaski, Tcnn ~to which point northward be poshed, slUr destroying the railroad bridge oyer the Elk nrer. liATEU FROM ECKOPB. Further Detail* by the lata. St. Johns, N. P.. Sopt, 27. vis Pont Hood. Sept. 2r.— The steamship Asia, from Lireroool 17th and hw YoitK. Sept. 23.—The London O'obs says; French Government nspcnj consider tlutlde pros pccts of General McClellan for the Presidency are secure. The London J\«rs eays there can bo no cordial ity In the ruinre relations between the. United Urates and France, if General McCiMlaa Is 0 cetea to the Presidency, he being known as a stron" anti-imperialist. The London Herald, alluding to the comlmr Presidential election. *»ya: We believe that all negotiations most /all, as all force has fat ed. We It devo separation !o be just and wise, and that it has become Icevitable; but we will readily admit that, if reunion were possible, the Democratic plan appears the only chance or hope forlU accom plishment. Active operations have commenced for the man* aCac.nxe or the Atlantic telegraph table. The London Tim e lectures the Australians who thit of separating from England, and says their Charges are that Erglaud has not been allowed to gehtr taste fir ml itary gl try, Th • T'tnea tL» n proceeds to show the Austro liana that Lad England gone to war with Russia on account of Poland, trouble and disaster have fallen upon them. Russia expecting an outbreak, hid instructed her Admirals on me Atlantic and Pacific coasts to have Ibdr respective posts by different routes fo' a common rendezvous, ascertained to be mid ocean, and the fleet thus assembled was to hold It seit in readiness atd bear down on the Australian colonies. Epais—The Queen, by the advice of Morshil OToiitell, summoned Names to form a new Ministry. n m^n f Vn^ lß^ tele l raa fltates the Govern havertfared the ultimatum nddresetd to them by Brazil, with a View to 3S p^ ,fi J^ tloQ ofthe Republic of Dracuay. and tSt pStcd 61111011 J Brazfl ia «- r/«H4 H “ The pnris reports that the Encil»U commander In Japan has summoned the Japanese Gorfrnment ia remove within twenty taya all obetaciea to the navigation in the Straita li Vv ,ort Wcationa Prince Nacato had conetr ucted. If not complied with the fortjflcatlota are tc he attacked. V TmQ “ e j 001 ? Sa ' urda 7 evening.—Toe political news to-day Is milmportant Mr. Baxter; in ad firewire ennetitoents at Monlrose. eapnawd Iti“ Umt “ ts hKlrtlI J “impathlimK with thoWon- circa currency to a rumor that negotiation* were progression at Vicuna with Ijic object 10 prolong onltf the 15th 01 December jbe armistice which expired the 15ih of Septcm- Faetheii Poror, Wednesday, Sept. 28—The steamer Nova ScolJo, from Liverpool 16th and Lor.dondtrry 16th, baa arrived with dutea one day uuaaaiiLiAL. LivxnrooL. Sept. 16.—Cotton downward: do c-lncd irtpn American and2®3d on other deacrlp. Dona. OTie market ou Friday closed quiet and «°/ lea %. f f ir ( Bu * a : a ° loiddiiii?, Mobile fair, 80d; do uudillloir. 26d • udl lends fair, S'.itfo; do mldtjHnc. 271f. Stock in port, dW,(-oo bales, of which 12,000 is American. Ureadetnfib quiet and steady. Com declining. Provision« Inacm e. & Lomjojt, Sent. 16.—Consols closed at 88 for money. American stocks nncotnccd. Erie shares quoted at 42Q44; Illinois Central,43^42discount. Tlic JCcsult In fllaiae. GAnrKM, Me., Wednesday, Sept. 23.—Official returns from 475 towns citie* andplantation*. or nearly the whole vote of the State, foot up : Cony (Rep.).... Howard (Uem.) Majority for Cony Last year’s vote in the tame towns stood Cony Bradbury..; Majority for Cory 17,556 The vote on the Constitutional amendment, al* lowing soldiers absent in the field to vote,'aland3. lotoot 61,430 Against ..19,127 v lie Gold Market. Z'BW Tobk, Wednesday, Sept. £3.—Gold opened firmer this moralng under the heavy pressure to cover the shorts of tho last two or three days. It opened at 203?f; alter touching 2 Oili it declined at 19.3* p. m. lo 201tf. At 2 SO a rumor that Petersburg had fallen pat the price down to 190. LATEST New Tobk, Wednesday. Sept. 29.—G01d closed at £o2»f at the evening From Colorado—fiseleat oftlxo Slate Constitution. J5 enter Citt, Colorado, Sept. 24.—The Con- MxtntUiStt! diction was held In this Territory on Tuesday, the 321h. The returns come in slowly, hot enoneb have been received to show that the State Constitution has been defeated. Allen A Bradford is elected Delegate to Centres*. The Overland Mall coaches commenced running to day. The road Is guarded by troops, eo as to fully protect the coaches and train. Some! bins- Like Old Times. Colusiecs, Sept. 27.—0n Sunday night la?t a colored woman snd child were kidnapped at Smith Point, Lawrence county, in this State, and taken to Kentucky. The kidnapping party consisted of P. C. Ball, who claims to be a United States detec- tive for the district of Kentucky: B. F. Sbenpird. who claims the woman and child; and William Sheppard. They hare been arrested by the mili tary aotborltlcs at Cattlcttsbunr. It la sot known what disposition has been made of them. Tlie JPay of the Army. liewTobk, Sept. 23—The special difpatch to the Commercial from Washington says that the cctire amount of greenbacks to pavthe army has been forwarded to the realmcuts. Many in the army of the Polemic will receive clobt xanctha pay, with ro-calhtitg bounties and pre miums, From New Hampshire. Cokcorh. Wrdnetdav. Sept. 23.—The Supreme Court of New Hampshire nave unanimously de cided the soldiers* voting bill to be a valla and blnllng law without the eignatureoftte Governor, the vexo message ol the Governor having been re turned to the State Lcglelature one day too late. Old fifing Coal* New York, Wednesday, Sept. 23.—At auction sales of coal, to dav, 25,000 tons of Sermon changed bands at a decline of more than two dol lars per ton, compared with rate* of August. The following is iherate: Stoiraboat, $3.50; lump. $7.5f©7.85: grate, egg, $8.30; dieilimt, $7 0007.25. Arrival of fort Morgan Prls* oners, Nbw Tobk, Wf dresday. Sept. 23.—The steamer Casbaudra, from New Orleans, IStU. with 23i pris oners from Fort ilorgau, arrived this morning. The ifcuota ofWcir York. RNew Sept. 28.—Official notice Has been received that the quota for New York under the last callfor 800, OCO, is ItaiL Baltimore ft Ohio B^oaO, Washington, Wednesday, oert. 28—'The first through train for Wheeling left tbu morning. Sliermon’ci uoar. LATER. .62,889 .45,476 .15,913 .67,799 .60,^33 The COUNTRY TRADE supplied wl'h..m i 'et%tadl Cf FRAME WORK, Such IS S?PA», TJX2>a TsreS - Cams aid rantas, at tna LOWEST CASH PRICE, Sf29-t6B ISt-TFBAATtr rsiHE BEST 8008 BY WHICH A taletrnP'anj forte Plevlnv Is BICHAFDgnH’3 NEW METHOD. The Bat Book ior Toons Paolls of Plano Mculc Is PICfiABi>SON’3 NKW METHOD. Tbeßtokby whnb to i-asilv and ’ r horaa-hlv l| hICHABRSON’ENKW ÜBTHOO. The Bock that task's Piano B udle» Attractive 1 B RICBA e LSON*s *EW METHOD, The Bett Book of Exercises for Plano Pr sstice Is LlCxiAtvOSON'd iNB‘V METHOD. Tbt Best Book‘ha’ Ifsltco co rupii* by Tewhfri If RICH \BPSON’3 Nfi w lire rnOD. Tha Bcok that ccetalt* no drv acd tedoua Lesioas 1* Bl* HArtU 3 ON»a NftW MBTd< D The Book that lutrreits both Younz and Old „ w la BIOHABDB»*N»a NSW mbTUOD. Tne Bcok cl which to.OOO are sn*d auinnliy !• KTIHaBDSON’S NEW UfiTHOD. Blchordson’s New method for ibeFlano. Price #8 7*. OLIVER DITSON • CO., Pnb Ishers 277 TVaihmfiion it., Boston. Sent b« man. -»rat pk'd. etedTUBAATtr Ncto 'Ob'e~ TOE BHKEhTT OF A iff jO cf isy friendt, Iwish to state that lam ROT.IHE 2HK.ELT Who Ic/t largely on eheatr bat «na fill EL SO JETD. anc SUITS OF CLOTHE> FOR CISH, >Mth b»s fclprtjf, SO FAR, precluded failure, or much loa?. £LYy TCo&lea Draper and Tailor, iCMS&Stcet 'O'EADQrAb.TKK3 132 a Rtinl. Jim VBi-T ILLINOIS INFANTRY, Chicago, 111., tept. sstb, 1801, SPECIAL OBOEBS No. 60. MI leaves of absence and furloughs are oerebt re viled, at d all tue bol .ers thereof are uttered to re port a-these headquarter* without delay, prapar*. ten to muttering out. iWA • W VU,* Sics men >lll report Immediately by letter to thslr comnazy commanders, and«ndiaigeim’»ceruflc*t9 ot dieabiir.y. By or-er or • THOMAS J. PICKETT, Col. Commanding. Dawivz. ilEEBTjrAir, Adjmtnt. ae*9-tllMt rf!HE ETOhTif PEOPLE FOR A those superior Photographs at BvuUl’i, 157 Lart strre*, corner ot Losa'-ls n<*vcrceaeea, hat flows on In a constant ttrsam. Onivtwnoo.iars perdoxen. WM. M. JCVB&ITI, Proprietor. Bat Bias, Operator, sers-tu^it 4TIOETRACIOB-S NOTICE. TO XjBT! .. Nice mll<» of the grading of'he Chicago and Great .RccTd-n tfahwav, rear the ettv of Chicago. Au’lr to JOSEPH F. YOBNCT, Chiei knemcßr, office 71 nfßCcfohmfcet.over N.F.MemU's La*nu aud Oil store. •_ atfc9-m-Bt-net tVTB F. 6. BERTEaU HAYING XU. closed hlisamtniry for YoangLsdLs. will ba able to g ve instruction Du French, either tosligle put ils or to private Gl4S*ei. MiesG 8«la. bis niece, would I fee aiao to ffod a (aw pupils la French. App y bt IBs c*sj street. sc:9>tU4-Ss TO FAHMEtvS AND WOOL GECWESS —We lavs 16:0 young fine wool OHIO STOCK SHEEP FOE SALE, Cmborcen at the *rlghm HnusaYards. WILL WOBK * MaLLOBT. as Fort Wayne aiw«k Yarns 1;29 tTi-2l nit TMTASoNlC—Tlieie will be s s;e UI dal assembly ol Van Kanaielaer Grand Vv'ca of Pcrfecion.atthe Maaotle Temolo ihl«f tU lha- UiV)»TPiilrir, Be,.t 29th, at o’c ork. By oreer ot theT.P.G.M. JAS.H. JifLSS, Secretary, sus-tat-u J PaDTION! CAUTION! -I here by notify all interested patties that at my wife, Fanny E. Unoirgbaa- has left ms vltnjut just came, 1 man rot pay an* debts of her contracting f.-om ana 6i;eithlß caic: and laereby airs hsr ten cays' time tore’tir: .otherwiseata» woereshe is. 6525-i&73-2t-aet WlLLlntf QUDEEQAHH. LIGHTENING ROD! , I want a man of experience to pat ap Hall’s Patent Copper Scroll Rod. W. TANNER. Agent. Washington street. SCSWSMt EYE INFIRMARY. DB, J. B. WALKER, Operatlcgfand CorsnUln? Surgeon. for Diseases Cf the BYE A V D EAR, Office 117 tonih Clara st, P. O. Box 2ci7,“ Chicago. Pallente received from 10 to 4. tciO tUS-lt-lsto TO ok dock p&op ERTT.—'We fieflre to leave for a term of year* pi opei tv suitable for a Wood Yard, or woold tray oat acme ettaWlaaed yard. Bomb Branch preferred. 5, U. KBP.FOOT & CO., Seal Eitate Broae/v, 71 Dearborn street. Eew-ns u T\ IE £ OJLUTION.—The CopaTteer JL/ ih’p of l.c.* n.c.mLiNena9T w u dis solved on the flt»t day of September, issi. F®n: j O. TlHtEghast continues the Hide and Wool business In Chicago, 111 , and L. C. nilinzhut con* tlnucs the Hoop ana Stare business In Baffiln, N. 7. L. C.TILLIhQBABr. se:»uu-st-cet n c. tillinuhaht. A, butters & op. AUCTIONEERS, Salesrooms in JPortland Block. NOB. ns, 103 AND 107 -DEaP.3QHN.3T. fes6-t«2-:ftct XOOsho^ BOOTS ANI> AT AUCTION. THIS MOBBING. Bent- 29th. at 9’g o'clock, ft*. But ters' cncticn Kojtns In Portland Block. lisjos andlM utaibom sseet. 100 cases Soots and Shoes, Consisting of a large ard destraVa lot of heavy geed*. WM.A.bOXXKBaACO., te2D-iS3It • ' ■RETAIL GROCER’S fiXOOE, Xlf HORSE,WAGON AND HARNESS, AT AUCTION, Tr cloie tboEstate of tbelate Geo. Perkins,THlS ROBMNS, St pi. 39th, at 10 o'clock, at Store 171 North Dearborn Street, Ccirer of Bnrcn. Tbo stock eonstits of Teas Sasara, Ccilee, Spices, Ac., &c Also, Horae, Wagon aad Eatress, ocales,lce noise, An.. Ac. eerf-tSt It Wd. A BuITJIUa A CO., AucVrs. riUSTOM MADE CLOTHING. \J Cloths.‘Cefelmprev. Shirks, Drawsrs, German Jackets, bilk N’cr Ues.Bacc (iiuvt* ana Gauntlets. SunleDrjGoods.Ac., ’ AT AUCTION. ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4lh, AT O’CLOCK, «t BnUm* Auction Rooms In Portland BlytiL of Dearborn ana Washington atr«ei*7 oIJL f —-ner aeZ9-tll7-fi* net ** BUr & C O., HaS-tUrfi* net Auctioneer*. Labge and desirable STOCK OF BOOTS AKO SHOOS AT AUCTION. . Op V?S DNKBDAT, Oct sth, 7Ef«. at 9jtf o’clock, at BD'ttr«’ AneUooJßooma m Peruana Block, corner 01 Deal boit and Waamogtcn street - wju a. butters A CO , Auctioneer*. •eS9>tllß <t n«t HOUSEHOLD FJJR KA MTURE, PIANO FOBTE, AT AUCTION, Oq TUTTRSDAY. Oct. 6lh, at 10 o*ClCClt, fit dwtUlnz q**u>c3«o. £36 <» bbafib avenue. VtU. A. BUT7EH3 & CO., Aactlcnc9rß. telS-tlls St net TOOTH BHUSMJES. KAIL BRUSHES. Hair Briishes „ Tie cbrlrsit qualities of EnslUh aid French make for ea.-e by SMXT H & DWYER Y CLINTON BEiNOLDS. • WHOLESALE OISfEB PACKLB AND DEAI.BB. r*cMfc House, Cb Boiton street. Canton Wharf. FALIIMOBE, MO. Particular attention pad to or a«»; scJMTßfrst s-tat not T3ST CHANCERY-In Caamber?. X Wedicsdsy, tie twenty first day of S*ptcmbsr, !a the twenty-eight year of the Bourn of Her Malestv, Queen Victoria, ana ip the year oi Oar Lora 1831. ■v. c. flprnpttß between Matthew Robert Van KanchLct. plaintiff, and John Levacs and James Burnt, delendants. Uocn the application of tboplaintllla&d it appear, lag by affidavit that slterdne diligence. the and do leccant, John LevaeS. cannot be (oand to be served wi'b an office copy of the bill in tuts cause; It is or* ccret), that the tnid defendant, John Lavacv, do on, or before the thirtieth day or November an. aver, or cemnr to the aaid bill: and it la or* dered, that, a copy of this order, together with the notice r'qnlree by the General Orders of this Court he pnhl’Bhea in the Chicago Tnmusa newspaper, published in the City oi Chicago, state of Illinois, osa of the tinted States of America, core In each week for the fonr weeks next preceding the aaldtnlrtiath osv ofNovechpr next. Ana it is fnitb*r omered, That an office copy of •he MH In th*s came be mailed, addressed to John Levack, Chicago, State tf Illinois. Rizned. A. GRANT, Registrar. JOHN LKVACK—Take nonce, that if yon do not ■ answer or demnr to t&s Mil pursuant to the above or. der, the plaintiff msy an order to take tho but asrcnicssed agans; yon. and the Coart may giant inch re-let as be mav be entitled to on &is own show* leg a»d yon will not receive any further nitlco of tae inioro proceedings La the cacao. seO 4t itewr 1864. “ FALL 1864. C-A-XA:F-A.IC3-3Sr. BOOTS AO SHOES At TFhoTesale lor Cath, 48 and GO Wabash Avenue. Wc have* large stock of cur own make. and of '.he I'M' Eastern manufactures, which we are enabled tc aelli and are selling, leas than tha present market price. FABQO & BILL. 48 ands3 Wabash.ay„ __ next scuta ForwoJ, Field & Co. BTI fi MORGAN, HAYING RE * J* RUMED business, wou'drajpactfullycajihe attention of those wanting CABINET PUBNiTURE Aid CHAIEB to Lis email but goop stocaat 3NTo. 200 St. Keto auhcrtismmts. A 6BEAT TRIUMPH. McPHAIL & CO.’S STAR PIANOS 9 TrKnout Block. First Premium at the Michigan State fair, Over 20 Other Pianos in Competition. STAR PIANO 1! 7 Different Styles. Send for a Circular containing hundreds of the most truthlui Testimonials ever written. THEY ALWAYS TAKE THE LEAD ■wnFBE TnE rake knows. They are the Nearest Perfection. McFfeail & C©,’§ STAR PIANOS WILL LAST A LIFE TIME. TTe are Constuntlv Exchanslsg for Other Pianos. EVERY ONE IS WARRANTED, Money and otpsnscsiefouded if lot BiilsflcJ. Pianos atrlyiut every week. Pianos tULed. rtpaire :, polished, packed and shipped. Cbtao Pianos for sale. H. T. ME2LILL & CO., Areata, jßfZm-lt ,01 Washington stress. Chicago. BROWJX’jS~ PATEHT BABY TEHDEBS. This will notify those living at a dUtsncc.who have favored us with orders for our Baby Tend is, that we have batons left, (for simple.) We are Inheres In three or four days’ time, to bo In receipt ofalirgo invoice now In transit. GHAS. L. NOBLE & CO,, 175 LAKE STREET, NOTION Aim TOT BAZAiK. NOVELTIES 07 THE SEASON -IN BOOTS & SHOES R. RAMB2!R&€O’S, 132 Lake Street. Manufactured ty EDWIN C. BUNT, New York; Ccnslniag of Ladies.* busses and Children’s new styles of Balmorals, front Button Congress, Imitaiioa Buckle Congress. Congress Imitation Balmorals, Ccnsreis imitation Button, with other new and beautlm! varieties, all of which we shall warrant. SST" In addition to the above we have a great van > ty ofLadUs,* Misses’ and Children’s Goods; alsOi Men’s. Boys* and Youth’s Boots, Balmorals, Congress'- Men’s Buckle Boots,lmitation Buckle, Ac. We off great Inducements In our Wholesale Department AD who buy goods in this market should examine oar stock before purchasing. '' B. BAM OSH & CD., MlO-qSll-TritaA-tfcet 132 Lake street. f\FBICB PURCHASING COM Vf MI63AP.Y OF SUBSISTENCE. Btaxstxii.* lan.,Sept. 28th. iwi. Sealed Prepoiaii, la duplicate, arc lavltei until 12 W.onFßLDAY.tbslthdavol October, iß>f,forfar rlsllng the Subaiatence Department with four thou sand (4fO>) head or Beef Cattle oathe hoof. The delivery of tte Cattle to use place at Kvass* Till*. lad., to commence ten says from the signing ot the contract, and to combine ai the rate oi ooe thousand rcr week nr til the contract be completed. Tee Ustcteto be weigbee on tbo scale*, and one half the grew we eb' so determiner to constitute tbs net weigh?, which ehai! be tb - tmrchaain* wetabfe. The Average weight of the Cattle to be at least eleven hundred (JiOo) pounds gross audio animal to be Kceivtd weighlig less than one thousand (I 0.'«) pounds. A.ngld Inspection will be maf e at each delivery by tbCnpentn* as the Government xnav direct, fiuili. Stags. Cows ana Heifers will not be received, lb's bids will be endorsed, ! nr * , «irul.h- Irg Beef Cattle, ** and will be cirecteltolheuad't • signet*,at Kvanrvll®, Indiana. k ° Each pera< n. and in case tf a firm. member of the firm, offeiltg a bid. mu*: sign hiiname to the lame in ro». •°° accompany i; by an oath of allegi ance to the National QuYaintnent. In addltlcn to the above U li required that each bidder be present ton spend tohishd.and ce p*e pared to give bend with good ami sufficient securi ties, for the *lthfol performance of the contract. Each bid to secure consideration, mas: be accom panied by a written guarantee of two responsible per icni,as ro.loaa: "Ws, . of tbe County of . State of —, do hereby gnu ante? that —la (or thev) able to fum« a cor tract in accorcanco with tbe terms of hla (or their) propoiltion, and should his (or tbelr) propwt tlcn be accepted be (or tbe#> will at once enter Into a contract in accordance therewith, end we are pre pared to beoume bis (or their) securtdes. tiring good and sufficient bonds fonts raid limed*. w The reinpuiJbl Uy of the gar amors must bn shown by :hft (.racial Certificate or tbs Clerk of the nearest Dntrlct Court for or of the United States District At. •cney.tobeeQctiedwitb theta*. I'ojn.enta'wiilbaxrade in UertlflcatiS cf indebted mss, . Foust oy Bio: 1 do hereby propose to famish tee Subsidence De partment with -- thontand <—> lead of Beef Cattle came hoot In accordance with the conditions of toe eccloifd alvextaeaent, to be delivered at tTrDßTliie, Indiana, ler the sum of per one ban died pounds. B:di for a lent number than four thousand Mccth ■will net be entertained. E. B.HOPxiNd. 1 stmailt. .. Capt, anaC. 3.U. d. A. A KMT STORES. JIL Oma U. S.CcuKiß'AUTorSußarsTaxcns.) _ K~o._SJ Vjaa a tract. [ CincnwATt.Otno.SsDt. ?7.i3t|.S BB4LBD F£OFOS&LS> in ouo.lcate, alii bare cMved by ihe onceraigned until 3 o'clock p. m. BAT UMJAT, Octabrr 15tn> 1554, for f applying toe tbs use ol thaTTnlud BJafei Army, fiubiisienca Stores, as follows: fr OOC tiiO pounds of FOBS; Meat. Tbm Utts, or Prime Mesa. BnCON; Bides, BhoolabßSCPllsmi. Fork to l?e sound, free bom rust or stain, full weight (SOC ns.) mu aaited, lo tal heaped vaxor ash baire a. ce sound, thoroughly cured, and smoked dry; looie or packed m strong tierces or bores con. taming about id- poundt net each. i cop«rugu moat be oi the best tlzd, and all boxes must oe strapped wl*h green hickory acraas Bieoera win state tally and pr-el«ely the kinds of sa«»t acd quantity of each kina offered, and the time witun whicu they propose to make the delivery, and for bacon whclurlooseorla packages; if the latter, ata'.e the kino. . * lb? Eto/«Btobe£cllverea to theCttrmlssarlas of SuD.-is‘ercaatCincluiia‘J, Louuvlile,St. Lonts.Chi. csgo Baitlxore,Rev or Bostaa.aa each Didder bm select, bat they most sta e lacoeir proposal* at which of tbeeo totnts they will make ifieir deliver. Imjandli at more than one pome, vhanasitiiT at e»co Sr.ptrate proposals must be made. In duplicate, for each of the articles offered, or for deliveries or the aamn article at different points, ani bidaeia may pro* pose for toe wnclecr any par: of ice amonat spsci fled, * Toe prices (per barrel for Pork, per pound for Ba* coaj tamed in the proposals will t>e for the attieio delivered uec of expense to the Urttad States -or Ciaj&Ko, cooperage such placmiuna cltua nazeeo as maybe designated oy the receiving Commletaiy.. Contractors are expected to hold thslr goods with, oat expense to thaVialted Saios uaUl required tor Shipment, u so desired bj ibeioceivlni Commissary. Qerliuca esof inspection by professional packers orisspectors other .than the psity ior; laitaetne stereo,mnu be famished when required; bat the mesta will a'so oe exsmired &nd passed noon by sash inspector as may be designated oy the Cimmlsaory to wncm the d'llvery !i mate. Belarus of weights.sigoed by a p ofcsslonsl Public TVUgtcr, most do tarnished when repaired. Ail ol<i marks except such as pertain to the con tents, most be obliterated, and each package must have-I'sdoctly end plainly marked on it toe name andsddrepsef the seder, the came of the contents, sou date of contract, and Bacon packages mo;t also have on them the grots, tare (actual) and nit weights. Psycunts will be mads In inch lands as may be fuTD'Bbea by the United States. A printed copy ot tnls advertisement matt bo at taccel to tsch prepend. as alao a written guaranty ct two responsible names. FORM OP FBOPSSAL. Flare of business and cate The uEd*rrgned In response to your advertisement dated eep:ea.o«r 27. 1b64. hereby offer fbrsdo to tna United Siatrs the following stores (here state the itnu aod quantity offeree, place and urns or de livery, Ac.,) at (1....) ..dollars cemaper,.... and should this pro posal be accepteo, is whole or In part, will uelivar the tame in strict compliance with the adeertlsa meat, a copy of which is hereunto attained. (Elgintureof bidder.) We. tbe andersl-med, nereny anaranty than should allot sty part of the above bid bo accepted, it shoo d be cnly mmiled according to its true unman and cotoinors Alio a written contract, wlio bo-'da to the t moutt or ore fourth the valae of the stores n ol p.sea to be far timed, shall oa executed If renaired (Signatures,) 4UiSU * Propofali must be enclosed In aa’ envel *ne‘seaiVd and sedreesea to the undenlgncrt. and miat bl diS tixiniibea from o*her letters by the woris. < * pfooo! saUor S«.res,-°n the upper Itfi ha&d corner ofSS The right fa reserved to reject any cral’WJi if on! 0 b = ie£m, -‘ l M.J M„c n Sffiail. NSTRHCTION, JEAN SCHCI.EB, Professor cf Modern Laiguorfs. «n 2«n ni llc b ® wIU »ave‘la»tTaatloQ la cVsieT* 0 * &nQ Geiain Laagusgts in private or la ?/f- 8 » r *5 c ? lT ? <! . 4 v Colnt,lete collegiate eiuev ftShop^n'eight years has beta engigsd aa UorJlf pi®”FrUcsf leadm * e.uciUoaal losUtu- Beien to Thomas B.*Bryaa, Sac- J-P. Ol!n*er. Esq. Clsjkstreet,ltoemNo. B, or Poa: Alice Bcx se27-aiai 3tnet Xj'BESH PACKED BEE K.—We A 1-aveafnpplyof BEEFAftD BEGFHI3I9. of this fairs packmv, now ready for delivery, •which wo offer to oar patrons and the tfarte cenoraii?, A T.. KKNT & CO.. No. li Wells street. se27-s3U-6tcet “YTOCAL instruction^ MBS. E. O. BO3TWICK bavin? retorred from tbs EmvUibejeadvtorecme paollaaanaaal, at her reticence, no. 12() Gan tt, (Norti Dlvmon.) and at Bted's Temple cf Mule. corner of Kiadolph aa<l T>earbor» ats., wtere appllctUons can be made far teimnAc. saU-tt7*acaat Received lha Bo sure and see tha Before you buy. seifl U.3K -AT FATSBT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BRIET. Combtotoe elesaocs, liy litnees, comfort and econo my, and tuqoeittonably tiie most desirable artlcla mads. Poraalaby POTTER PALMES. BRADLEY’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BKIET, Very flexible, folded -easily, wben In use, to occupy a Bantu apace, the most agreeable skirt worn. Tor sale by A. O. DOWNS * CO., Lake at., Chicago. BttADLi X’a DUPLEX ELLIPTIC IXIET. Tbe greatest improvement we have ever seen la 1a die'* STilts, and as a*tjclc of raoerlor etceilooco. FttEED«Ah & GOOUKJSD. „ _ 139 Lake »treet, dUcato* »u3O p972-18Mttb8 nrsiaaT-nst MUSIC HUSICALIHSTRUMEHTS, PIANOS, MELODEQNS AND PARLOR ORGANS, Pcu CCce Box 5529. Tlollos, Guitars, Vlslbeellos* Double Basses. All kind of Stxlnsa Violin and Gotur Cases, Screws Pins, Brldi t«. French ana German Accordeocs. Conci rnnaa, Harmonica*. Clarionets, fts*« coles, Flageolets, Twnbcuiins. a antes. Military File*. Dmas, Cymbals, Bmi and German Sliver aaa> botes, Bogles. Cavalry Trumpets, Instrnellon Fools, Piano Stool?, Covers, Ac., WHOLISILE AND RETAIL. JOHN MOLTER, RUDOLPH WCRUrZEB. Chicago. Cincinnati. Bfc27 sSJKt rax net DOMESTIC DIES. 40 Shades—Fast Colors. These Dyes offer the simplest and most perfect sec aes of ojeteg houitthola apparel ever presented to the public. They embrace forty different shades, and include All the New and Fashionable Colony And are pxbtvjilt Fast. Attention la Invited to samples of colors at the Druggists. Sold Every wliere. Manufactured by GEO. U REED d; 80., Boston. LORD & SMITH. BUBVHAU « VA9 BCHAACK, General agents Chicago. ■ *e29-t4£9*TuTn?ATneitf PACBXN-S HOUSE FOR SALE. A small Packing House, situated within the City Limits which has facilities for slanghtfirlngand handUrg lour hundred hoga per day. For lurther ln> fom aOcn apply to v 3 ■ akth, nrrm.HTTT a cn., ael-qIK-tf *tH sE&TFnet %* lad So. street. WOOD—WOOD -WOOD. V T Grand Traverse D'-ech and Maple Wood for sale by tbe cargo and a: retail at _ * A PAitDOS t CO. 3 Yard, Bllsworth street, bet vecn Polk aadflarrtson. se6-qiis-lmTuTnA9ATnet_ West side. BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS. And ite icratbcpeleia cares of the disease* ofth* EXE AND KAR successfully treated by Dr K. c luoaaoH, IS6H Dearborn street. cress K«es itrairkt! etfd. Cures speedily and psrmasdntly effected woo. out the n»« of caustics. AcdztaaßoxsiM. Chicago ael7-U73 51IA TuAtnnet ' NUMBER 86. Kctb aubcrtisnnrats. Monday, Sept, 26, PAR3SC PRICES son THE WJIBK, Bess k B&tSAfIE, SUCCESSORS TO W. IH. ROSS a. CO., AT THEIR OLD STAND, 167 & 169 Lake Street, Will offer one of the largest and rich* esc stocks of GflEßil DBY GOODS. West of NewYoik, at prices at which they c&uuot be on the basis of “COLD AT 150.” Friats “ Marked Down” 10 esata a yard. Bleached Goods “ Marhed Down’’ 10 cents a yard. French Merinos “ Marhed Down” 5u cents & yard, Linens 86 forked Down" From 12>» cti lo so eta a yard. DeL&incs “Marke^Dotra” 10 cents a yard. Dress Goods “Warkcd Down" 25 to so per cent. 411 other coeds of this season's purchase In the same proportion at 16T & ICO Lake Street* ROSS & GOSSAGE. Bt2MllC It at mmmt 5000 doz. Stafford’s Spool Cotton. 5000 “ Willimantic Spool Cottoni 10000 '' Victoria Spool Cotton, 3000 " Shirt Braids. 1000 “ Suspenders. 1000 " Shirts and Drawers. 1000 “ Hoods and Kuhias. Alac, a largo asd well (elected stock ol HOSIERY AND GLOVES And a cccpTete ancrtmcnt o i YANKEE NOTIONS, All ct which arc oflVred to the trad* at the lowest possible prices. TOEBESCS, MASSING & CO., 46 LAKE STffEET. ae2o-si4i Ist tu waiimal IS ASTE 77 ORLEANS, Railroad Line. The znajtdceent tide wheel Paenst, ‘’MOXiZiZB ARTiE/y (CAPT. WARMER) Will leave Cairo, as abtve.on SATURDAY AFTRR SOON, Is? OctoCer. Immediately after arrival of ll’, Cent. h. R train tearing Chicago on Friday evening, theSOihlrtt. ForfreijrLt end DdssiaesoDlyto JA9* WABBACK, Agent, 55 Dearoorn ttreet, Cbtcaeo. Pair Ann* & Co., Agents. Cairo. ig.3-t:»3aee MEW SKIRT For 1804, A sew sed mat Invention In ZToop Skirts. STEEL JT. 1. & J. O. WEST, 97 Chamber* Street, New York, Are the corners or the patent, and exc .naive manu* lecturers of tfiU, PATTfyfBD IWpvww -f T ** TIC bTEEJ, 9FRX&G SKmrs. ELLIf, -,7?. l i ln T eatlon toasuta ot Duplex (ox two) Elliptic Steel Spring, ingeniously braided ngatlj ana irmly ea*s to eize. nsSmg the toaghssc most c.Cexib.e ana anraole spring ever used. ens? pliajj tin wearer, in consequence ol us treat elastlci to place ana fold the skirt when ifi? 8 * 5 *3 easily and with the same convenience as s 5*S obrares and ilicnco* HsP£&£ Wectloas t0 {,O PP shirts, viz; the annoy wee to the wearer as well aa the public, especially 15 crowded agsetnbllfs. tarmces. xausoad cart, charch pew*, or In any crowded place, from the difficulty ol contracting them to occupying a small space, fbii entirely removes the difficulty, whlls giving taasidrt the usual lull and symmetrical form, and la the light est, and meat stylish and graceial appearance for the street, epera, promenade or house dress, a lady harm* enjojed the pleasure, comfort tad great con* ▼science of wearing tne Duplex Zlliouc Spring Shirt fbr a single day. Will never afterward vlCicely dispense with the use of them. They are the best quality In every part, and Cy lar the llgateac most durable, comfortable and economical skirt made. Merchants will be supplied aa above, and ladles In most flrst-claes retail stores In this city and through* oat the different States. * 137" Incutr* for the .DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPRING SXIRTS. BEAD LIST'S PAIEHT “DUPLEX ELLIPTIC’ I BEIRI. Most Popular and Flexible in ns,. „ huss * eossao?, 167 & 16J1*28 Cbn BEADLE Y’3 DUPLEX ELLIPTIC BSIBI. Meat Practical and Desirable article m*de. °* s “ ,„ E T Aj'nSTRK, 105 Laia street, OSv*' Store. WHOLZSAIE AND DETAIL. MOLTER & WURLITZER, UIFOSTZnS A2TD MASmcTmߣ3 07 13C Clark Street, corner of Madison, CHICAGO. ILL, Keto aßfictttsmimjs. FALL TJRAJDE:, WM®IE§AIE DEY GOODS. large and Mraetlre Stock, BAVIS, SAWYER & CD., 40 end 43 lake Sirmi, Have now in Store a very extensive and well assorted stock, embracing the newest and most desirable styles and Fabrics in Staple and Fancy Dry Geode, to which they invite the atten* tion of their friends and the trade generally, all of which will be offer ed at the lowest prices Eist or West. Package buyers will here find a fall assortment of desirable Stapl. Goods at prices to suit MYIS, SAWYER & €»., «03-<iW4-n€*,-TTHi3 40 and 42 T.wfc* g*. BURLEY & TYRRELL, 48 lake Street Invite the Attention or tltizou to their COMPLETE STOCK CHIIA, CBOfiKEBY, GUSB-WMS Silver-Plated Goods FINE CUILEHY, TEA TRAYS, And sncli oilier Goods as pertain to the trade. «2>i4»itr Tsdreanet tf /3.REAT CLEARING OUT VJ SALE. WEESTEE & GAGE, 78 LAKE-ST.j Chicago, Wffl offer lor cash dnrins tie next ttxtr Ooy. me LARGEST, BEST AND CHEAPEST MILLOTERY, Straw and Felt Goods EYEE OFFK3ED IS THE WEST, Parties who have teen in the habit of baying thalr goods in Sew York wliltns, upon examining our stock and prices, that ther can save ti-ne and moot! by purchasing from n». Particular attention given to the prompt ftmwg q( Orders, and satisfaction guar an teed. seO-«712-Btnt^ ISG4. 1864. METAL WAREHOUSE. dreat Reduction is Metals. Purchasers of Tin Plate, Sheet Iran, ZUc, Bassia Iron, Imitationßnssla, are larite* la send as their orders for the FALL TRADE. Onr prices far all Hctala are as law aa Eastern Haases*. DICKEESOX, STTSGES & CO. sell £779-35 ai tat net /3.EOBSE F. FOSTER, \A 217 Soutn Witer soras:, Chicago, in Ship Chandler and Sail-Maker, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in JSaiUla, Tarred and Hemp Hope icago. CANVAS. ANCHORS, CHAINS, BLOCKS, Trines, Bell and Bsab Cords. Teats, A wa'nzt wum Coders, Oainm, Tar, Plica, Feltm*. Paints, 6uOm. Old Canvas and Hoisting XaeMno* for Stem* FLAGS OF BV3QT rHJCSIPTTOTT, 000 WJLL BUT os« JL\J \J \J OUU6 3EBTAKDFISBBT CARRIAGE TEAMS In tbe BTATB. They are rEP.FRCTLT anirwra from rue cioan ot tael-heads to thaioietof tftaar feet, and are ADMIRABLY WKLL 3KOKS- CoU» matogarr bar. locs_ta*vr Macs rail# aad maaS Tbej Bn KQUALL&U osder (UO9« £DWAIU> .ELS’, *a7l-iCS-a6t ti 9 Tromont STORE HOWE'S IMPROVED SCALE, Adopted by tbe United States Government al tu House in New Korlc and other FOA HAT.W BT 2)l€ECB«ON« STUBGES St CO*, Metal WarehonwA, an23-pii67 90tnet 199 A 201 Randolph street, Chlo^*, SALT! OOARBE and FINS, By the CAR LOAD or CAR3O. ieis-5330 tfael g # B. VANDYKE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS* EY Fiort, GRUS ASD PROOfCR, 54 lualle Street, • - GMcacts ty Particular attention riven to orders Tor Im4 ern account. Rxmascza—Marine Bank, Buffalo; S. IT. F.OdeS, firm ot Barclay A Livingston, Vow York; aproanew Preston & Co.. Chicago; John T;lppe« *Bro, X*V York and Liverpool. se23-<n3»lwkai> TJJ-ETAL WAREHODSI, DICKERSON. STURGES&CO. zxroxTxns 07 TIIT PLATE. And Dealers In Tinners* Stock; ICOTS FOR THE HOWE’S SCALE COMPiHT* 199A201RAVDOLPE-5T., CHICAGO, tus-paa aimet * eurvaces. BEEGIIRR’S IMPROVED PATENT* I%'7S*P s ,FrV}^*K C}in ’ c * t9 ' School Housed Btorfß.se. vor bum-cg haraor icit cc«i r, V Mi* ano pnsup by BIiHIHAS & -BUTO PORK AMD BEEF. Wehave In store a few hundred bhlt. MESS, flat. O. AND RDIP PORK AN» IQES4 ilEfc'F, For sale, which we offer n lot* a* wanted by lb* trade. undkijvvood -t cO„ •eIS sSMfnet 137 Scotb Water atratfc HPHOSE SCOTCH AND ENQ. -L LI9H S’”ITS a< 9f£ CC and npwvd*. famished j* the most ePPHoVKir. TZJOHOuOB ami OkNTSBI* ELY’S. 9 treasom Block, are worth* the attrition of aid. vectU mra dearlna WKAT.DIfc KABLE. ... and Tailor* and GeaU* Oatltte.. AJSD stock or men WKBSXSit & GAGE) 73 LAKE STREET. KUJf-ntl TNO£ BWOOD 4 COu, 137 Sooth Water stmt.

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