Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 20, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 20, 1866 Page 3
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vorv creai one bet for U»e necoltar circom stance?, was not entirely avoided. A German laborer named Jacob Bane*. who stood near toe foot of the derrick, was pushed by ita 1 weicbt actinst the a lid none, and his IBS m broken Jnst I-elow the >ne *. A few mlunies laler be was conveyed In ahl ck :o hl < hoQ «-% at No. ICI Berlin meet, where a surgeon wa» called <V.t j . few weeks eiccc oy in. nic*K i°~ot ."o;.lon o*. ,l,c „l„I C cz.&i .1 work noon the same bm.alnc. OitcTt V'cmn -Sheriff ilcDcnjal, of Dane count.. a'rt'ud lu this city yesterday nornt Ked.r.", in tmrsnltof a men named Teon.e, Tallmedfe. trim »»' "no of tour men twho were enured in a csrroUej: oatrajre In Mad ,.lin l3‘t Mirlr-. The wffccrlliree were convicted I, hVmii to the state Prison Upon reporting his Vn SIS! e <>ntral Station, Detective Ellis i a ?lea io look np the man, and at fixe -v j r ,j e afternoon te en«-ce<Hled in nodlnr Eira occupvin? a portion of the house ar No «S H*.,hV flroft Tallin ad re will it’amlo Mad ,..ii ih> In company with the officer who fau.>-' lor him. _ hmiiirr. T'vrxrr Doiians —On Thursday | ►‘'l, Ford, who boards at No. 27 North i tral ua! robbed oftW. The money was u ji : - which were taken from nndcr Ij_ v, cv ; vhil<; be wa* asleep. His room-mate, iV.’rVF', left the Itou-e ihe next momtae, "*■! •: «a« #U- I.ccud that be took the money. El , jl,. n -K-dou Saturday. Aninvestigation A . r o!‘ 1 "-' io the discovert that he has lor liiS; itat- i con .n.pccicd of «-alloc virlott. »rU- S dteM dl-claw-d Iron!one orUra ill. vii, as In !c r«v norain- be was coiumited to the Be «ri«-.7*on for trial In ball nf TrcClxbkEstate Aojlik.—A matter was ftr-| before the Master In Chancery of jvp ciicnit Court, involving tome legal questions j cl Int. rort u» nCmimstrators. The question* la-1 -,.’v..lo;e."belbt:r «ieh an oOacr shall be •!- imvi-d clerk hire: whether he shall bo allowed to , r iiscfi trom the funds of the estate to preserve *,7j t >(.‘n’r at.n char oil encumbrances Defer* the | r>!»oi ilieaiicc-ed property, and whether Mr. B. I s 'lorrts shall rrcelvß pay, by way of attorney a '<■- “or s js administrator. A dccls- I camiot be made until the case finds Itself again iato the Court. _ Dead Boot BiscortatED.— night shout tv elve o'clock, Michael Uiley, the watch- | man a - Flint* Thompson's Elevator, discovered the body ot a man floating In the river. lie pro cured along slid: and pulled U up to the dock, but a tur boat winch wa* passing at the time cu-atcr' tucl. a swell of the water that the body -limed awav aside and was notafierwards seen. TLc balofUlc deceased man was taken from the water and may be seen at the Elevator above men tioned- ‘ FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, mONETABY. UosdjlT ErtKnto. November 19,16*56. •jije following is an exhibit o! ilie business of the United States Sub-Treasury, in this city. lor the veek ending November 17; Ca»toms I:;t-“rnal Revenue. ;iir-c* Raucous.... Special Warrants... in-htiralus ottlccrs. ilUcellanvoua Coin Currency. Total JjFt week 805,«60.87 Tktfre were no new features to notice In the tone or condition of the Money market. Basl neg<B was quid, tnonjrb the demand for Money ex* hi-'Urd a little isoie activity In some circle?, than on s-avnnlay. There wa? no change in ratca of dUconnt. The Exchange market was sensibly easier to* day, with sales between banks at par©2s cents premium. Some of the banks are still skipping currency. There was no change In counter rates —par haying and 1-10 premium Belling. Boflalo and Oswego bills were taken at H discount. Floor whs dull and nominally Ssc lower. Wheat was 95>8c better for No. 1 Spring, but No. 9 closed about the e«mc as on,Saturday. Corn was ir regnlar—closing 1c higher. Oats were without quotable change. Rye advanced 9c. Barley was 4©sc higher, 1-nkc Freights were dull. Wool was unsalable. Provisions were unchanged.and dull. Groceries were scarcely ao firm and favored buyers. Gold opened flat and heavy in New York and declined 1, bat subsequently rallied I*4- The range was 140&U15£. The loilou lng quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: 10:10 c. 11l 19:15p. m Mol< Kt-90 a. m 140?* l:0(i p. m Ho*4 ll;a* a. 1-0 S 2:00 pMn 1«S - U:Wi HO(4 Stlop.m Ml l. 11:30 a. m 140*4 3:00 p. m UOH * 11:43 a. a HOIS 4:00 o.m Ml >6 19:00 m 140 4:30 p. m MlJt Here the market was unsettled and irregular. It opened at 140 H, declined to 133 and dosed at MI. Silver was nominal at 195®130. The New York market lor Governments opened heavy and a decline of *4@f» took place, bnt in the afternoon there was a reaction, and the depre ciation was in a measure recovered. The follow ing shows the opening and Closing figares to-day, compared with tnc quotations given on Saturday: Monday. Saturday. 6pV- CIV. PiXC«Of’Sl 11« 113 11314 113* Flvc-Twentlea, 'ffl. 107 J* 103* IKH JOSH Flvc-TweDllefl,’W 100 .100?* 106 H J9®H Fire-Twenties,’C3. 106* 100* 10f»»£ 106* Tcc^ForUe*.... .TT.... ...100 10G 10G* 100* Pcveo-Tbirtie*. Aug 115* *os* 100* 108* fctvcn-TblrUes, Jnne 105 105 H 10s>* J®* Seven-Thirties, July 103 103*5 105 105* Here the market vu doll and lower throughout the list. We Quote OOTEBULUX »( £sr« t isrc B-Sll'b. 1901 6-acrs,is<t. .... ... var«, email iWHaiwjx l(UCTß t lirce WJi IV-ttT*, small IDlif --- r-TO's, let wlcs ICSM 1057* -7.530 b, 2d Bcriirß lU3 I®M ■ 7.v», 3d N.ri«9 H» 105J4 . 7-30*8, small KMHttH'SW jorc Compounds. 15?4. 115 •••• fcTuly Compounds, IS**-!-. JHM ••• I ! An«. Compounds, ISOJ. 114 Oct. Compounds, 16»Vi.. 113 .••• „ Dec. Compounds. 156 5 . 112 .... May Compounds, I>G5. lioy .... Aug. Compounds, 38»C. 10*JJ4 .... .Kepi. Compounds. IHIS. H'B*i ... fcOcL CoEr*onc«le. ■’BG." lf>}4 The followin'; quotations for the Public Fund are lunilf-bcd by the Second National Bank: Coupons 1-SI 112*£ | Jucocomp. 18H,..118 5-ii CoutKin, I July 44 44 ...HIM large. 10G (fcIUTM I Aor. 44 V . .111 P-2U Coupon. I Oct. 44 “ ...113 small... .!05‘i«3lCCM I !)<«. 44 ...H* ID-Ui Coupon, large I Way 44 15C5,...110V 10-40 Coupon.rtnall W2M , An*. 14 44 . ..WH4 7 30, larcc..loiyfMo?.M fcept. 44 44 ...U** 7-70. small..*olMC6lU3Ji I Ocu 44 44 ...ltS!4 Local Stocks not e quiet acd unchanged. Wc quote Enying. Selling. ' Chicago City 7s IM JOOanatnL K’ook County 7s ITIGSTIi W chamber ot Commerce .... 94 95 I Merchants* Union IS I UverDool advices of to-day, via the Cablerquote I Five-Twenties TOfi—an advance of H etecc K> l* I urday. I • xhc Deputy Commissioner of Internal Reve * MC has decided that, whlcrc taxes to the Untied tW states Government arc due at the dale of an as- I elgnment, made by any firm, corporation or Indl* • ridnal, the Government has a lien on the property 50 assigned, and the claims of the Government have preference over all othcra _The Boston Journal of Friday remarks that call loans were more easily attainable to-day at 5 per cent. Loans made yesterday at 6 were to-day paid o 2 and replaced at 5. Money is reported easier In Kew.Yotk to-day. In discounts there Is very lit tle doing outride the banks,where the rate is steady et 6 per cent. On first class mannfactnrlng paper rate has advanced irom 5 to Stf for] six I The Net Work EteningPotl says; H “The loan marki-t Is easy als@Coacall andSW® B?U on dl-connls. ITieru ts so excess of Mpltal dil.nCTci-d and fcckto- employment on call, bat B has received a check hy the recent tul- B Tires and hv the belief that some business firms B have been over-lrad ng, while others have been « making no profits, and have consequently lent too 1 vollinc an carlo Wall street and toils treacherous ft BjomUes of untold wealth to be gained by speca fatten. An uneasy, vague apprehension Imparts languor to the money market, and is In very J& nuked eonirasl to Ihe nndue c .nfidcnce which tmchal longed sway a short Ume ago.' The Philadelphia Press of Friday remarks; 7 “ There was no sensible change in tbo money ■W market vcslcrday SiocU speculation was for the B im* comparatively lifeless. There Is quite an ' ■accession cf activily in ihe ‘bear'interest, and i B the prevailing opinion among this cJa»« of persona ‘B is that our citv banks must before long contract B tbS’loans .which will lend to give a more sinn- B ccct lone to ih? money market, and Uiat tho spec- B flailve fever, under these circumstances, will Un til ■ 2!uh Md wUI be followed by a sharp downward H Bmm to prices. The ‘ bull' speculatorsargue, on U IjpSf r band, ibit there is suet. a-i Im* f B IrL.. o , xr l*suc of currency, mod surh a plethora k; x ® r C ,?,,pn'-ai;cd capital seeking investment, while i >PL d afford so narrow { oo“»Uor tbf. Idle capital, mat ibe I Set cannot bat remain easy, and sprealatlon thus 4 Striving all the stimulus which an essy money | SSrt 4S etve it, will carry np prices higher i Sin tlicv have yet reached. \ —in Cincinnati there Is no real scarcity of V money hut there is a nervous feeling oa the part I Senders which render* It difficult for other than I JmSg parties to borrow. Rates of Interest arc ft ism at 9to 12 per cent. In the street, on fal* BrfJSi,tbe range ts lt&» per cenh The «- inner, with some buyers among dealers at 50e discont. and sellers of bankers' checks at the t png. The prevailing rates were MO discount Mjnylns »«<* l’ w seUlug—closing firm. The following Is a statement of Ihe approxi mate earning* ol the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne A Railway Company during the month ot October, compared with the same period of the 16G6. I?CS. 1364. L—K 489,nSVMt 472j«.«f 383,033411 &100 00 ■ftSffr. BftS^-riiV; 1 7CSV3— *j7.USI.H3 7,083.53 - 4J«-W V 53." ToU , f 711,907.77* 638,509.72* 729,027.31 'V h . )«reafc from «£» 510.M9.59 Ijjdc ite lollonine dcciaton relauve .to "bank y°.?nnd'cr tbo provisions of tbe act of Jim SOa SSS3I.S®®; !fr«M°t«c- m^Uhalthe licenses of*ochbanks flossed noon a earn greater than Ehonld aotlic a. Wherever, therefore, a earn Uachunked h»e been made greater than the Chaney* » currcnt yeir the nbSrf npon'an madsln >cr form to tbU office. , . u n,. The *e« York Iribuue of Friday of r.llsray manacera »b°“ t 1!?“™. .operating expenses are not confirmed bjresnDP ■on ot divtdeoda bj dclanllins roads Uk» brio, ffiicUcan KonUivrn, Sorthwostrm, and Clcveiann I PitUborgh. They are disproved by the ““ I at round roads are reducing their dividends. Lbe Pennsylvania Central has rcdaced its semi* anneal payment to 4 per cent, and It* manager* do tel expect t-ooc to Increase It- Some of the old* C*t Ohio n>ads Lave reduced their payments, and the manager of one of the most Important West* |ffr—states that railroad balance sheets at >\ w Year* will be worse than even pralent peo ple txp'-'cV.,* The eaaieanthontyreraartn; “ Humor* from W«blng**n, in retra'd to Secre tary Mo’wllocVs foificomloz report, are to the el * f. ft that he will a-k for authority to retire ibjm than four roil ion* ofleiraltendef* per montn. The short currency clerw of the Treasury is at last to a position where' be I* able W «« » **?i amount ol revenue in retiring legal he la - .ported as in favor of destroying a» f<ut as tosidblc U>U lea ■‘in? elom-al ' ot< xpao^O'"K value*. It is to be hoped that the' ei enforce the necessity WBMtbj Wi n port, and hj thenian*gcTn-Dtofbi* Depa-Uueat. —The following I* tbe state™ lso * of tbo b * hlc °* England forthe week ending October St, 13j3: ISBCK DKrABTTfIKT. O. S £iw)iM||o °T,’.T rt : S.tHjm Gold coin and 8u11i0n..,. 15,764,833 j Total Total 'ARTVCXT. Proprietors’ Government __ Canli*l....£H,sSJ,ooo Recoiltleg.. £12,193.839 Kt+t 3,820,111 Other aecnrl- Pnhllcdepoa* lie* 20.070.83 S Us 3,921,153 Note* 0,952,4*0 Other dcpoa- Gold and eil- U* 17,830,171 vcr c01a.... d50,«ll Seven davand other hills.. 025,828 Total £40,165,839 Total £10.195,639 i The return, compared with that for the previous , week, shows the following changes: Circulation 155ne..£30,702,855 Increase..£3l7.3ls Circulation active. 83,61<i,433 Increase.. • 92,725 Pnbllc deposits.... 3.9-21,133 Increase.. 701,512 Other deposits.... 17,630,171 Decrease.. 901,535 Government secu rities In banking „ department 12,193,559 Increase., 2,433 Other securities in meat!??. 20,073,533 DOOeasC.. 474.33 Coin and bnlllou mcnUu. d . C . P . lrt .. 16,753,590 Increase.. 310,258, 0B,«1 Decrease.. 10,1.1 | The rest 3,220 411 Decrease.. 0.23 J Notes in reserve... 0,952,159 Increase.. 259,550 Total ret»erve(noles I and coinlin bank- , • . I lng department.. 7,913,141 Increase.. 253.113 I —lie ITor/tl of Friday says of the Atlantic Mall 1 imbroglio: . . “Atlaiitlclilall Sleamshln Company’s sharex were 1 hcavx and declined to lOStf on the report that the 1 lau* President and Dircclore had obtained an In- I junction on the new officials taking possession of ihe office and company’s aflalrs. The conduct of 1 the late President 'and Directors In closing the I company's office on a bnainess day—in Itself a 1 facie act ol bankruptcy In a commercial country—ls universally cooflcmned; and leading 1 stockholders complain, with justice, of the Uicom- I r.eteucy or something worse, which instigated 1 snch reckless trifling witli the company’s credit. 1 This acl alone evidences the unfttuees of the late 1 President and Directors for nny position of trust 1 or rc»po sibility. No circumstances can Justify I tnr cioatng of the company's doors on a business I day.*’ _ _ Sew York Si Closing pnccs Dress U, No Joseph 1L Lyons ft Ca- Bro Ist 3d ■O’cL U'd. N. .IC7 i«K Erie (cod) 77* 79* il. h. (cam).... 83 W C.ftPltU »V ,£* Uork 151and....105 10»x C.ftN.W 53 V «X C. ft N. W M pfd 7iH »i e.Ku w.ftc..icn;* 107* unlcMllver.... 4S* 49 W. UUonTcl.. 47V «K C. ft A. (com).. I'* .... Bur. &Q.(b1d).131 .... O. ft U. Certs.. 29*< »s Hudson Ulver. ta* 12» 111. Central.... U9H WO* I*, ft I trading.. 113 V »** Vltkesb’rcCoal 531,800.10 ‘ABI9JS 59.053.33 f113,7M.9S .1100.070.53* ! 3&096 .*112,006.10 .*332,333.34 . 477,181.01 MILiUU iVVIHU .... .... T.&WabaMi.. 44 4<K Firtt Board ate COBMGBCUL Mosdat Evrsiso, November 19,1800. Tlie following tables show the receipts and ship ments of produce during the past forty-eight boora • fIrTPTB rontr-Eianr nouns. IbiJh ISCS. 10,606 5,133 TL.HG -18,110 SXOOO 83,550 3D,155 21,003 1.83 J 8.313 7,108 I,*oo 120.030 63,210 125,514 71,313 ... 25,720 120 15 Float, brie Wheat, bo I'on. bn.. Oats, b 0... Kyc, b 0... Barley, bo Grass Seed, lbs Broom Coro, lbs. Cored Meals, Ibfl. Beet, brie Pork, -- Lard, ids -tii .1? Tallow, fee <o.^: Butter, °»W 3l ’°‘° Dressed Hogs, No -5 ?<S £.“{«%•; I.™ Salt.bile,. ~••„•*••••••••••• i,*il 1 BUn'JtESTB PAST rOCTT-KIQIITHOOIIfI. lt»0. ISW. Floor, brio -IMS .I’tO oSZ'IS K‘bD a :::::::::::: «.««■ Barley, b 0.... 4 » 317 - - Grass seed, lbs o?*iks oq’goo Broom Com, lbs UJ,ww Cored Meat, lbs 101 *5S BccLbria *«is «o ’SS Ss," 0 ® Ho SmS: ma «w» Lumber, , *|ll I'iin wS « Salt,’brie 1^59 ? There is no material change to note in the Pro vision market, though the more favorable advtcca from New York Imparted a rather firmer feeling to sellers. Mess Pork was qolet with sales of ISO btls ipan qn SatardayjiU^A^i*^ to, at SfafcT* Green Heats were nominal at 10c for Hams and C@CUc for Shoulders, from the block, wiib numerous sales ot Hama at the quotations given, subject to approval. Lard was quiet and easier, with sales of 275 tea at 12H®lSc spot and 13c for January delivery. Grease was firm, with sales at It-Hc for While and Sjfc for Drown. Whiskey was dull, with retell sales of Free at {2.33. Bonded is neglected and nominal at 333,31 c. Flour was dull and nominally 25c lower—opera tors shoeing no disposition to purchase at the de cline. About I,SOO barrels changed hands at {U 25@11.25 for Spring Extras; $8.7503 00 for I Spring Supers, and f0.MH07.00 for Rye Flour. 1 The Wheat market was quiet. No. 1 Spring was 2©Sc h'gber. No. 2 opened a shade better, but dosed about the same as on Saturday. We note sales of 70,000 bn at f2.0502.1i for No. 1— the upper figure for receipts In R. I. and A. D. «fc Co.; f 1.01 for No. 2ln R. I.; fI.BS for do in A. D. St Do.; f t.7fi>4(31.79 for do in 2?• * N and f1.25©1.3* Tor Rejected Spring—dosing at $2.05(32.10 for No. L and fl«GH@l.«7 for No. 2 Spring In regular bouses. Com opened 3©3Hc belter, but subsequently, under IctsVavorable advices from New York, the advance was almost entirely lost. About 105,000 bn changed bands at W@MH for No. 1 and 78© 69c for No. 2 In store—closing firm at 82c for No. 1. Ear Com sold at 45c on track. Oats were qmet and firmer, but without any es sential change. Sales were made at 003-784 for No. 1, and &tHO3SHc for No. 2 In store-dosing at £sc tor the latter. There was more animation in Rye. and (bo mar ket advanced fully 2c, with sales at 85®s3c for No. 1, and 81092 c for No. 2—closing at B7c and 82c. The demand for Barley was more active, and we note an Improvement of 405 c on No. 2 and 2@Bc for Rejected, with sale* at 6507tc for the former and 40® 43c for the latter. Sample lots sold at 75c0f 1.15 for fair to choice. Lake Freights were dull, with engagements at Sc for Oats to Buffalo and 10Hc for Wheat to Toledo. The Grocery trade is fclrly active, and the mar ket a shade weaker on goods affeclcd by the I standard of gold. Prices otherwise are fully main tain ctL. . , Hardware goods, indnding Metals, Tinners | Slock, Iron. Steel and Nalls, are In good demand, and the market Is steady and strong. Salt 1# fairly active and steady, with sales of Do mestic Fine at $2.00 delivered. Seeds arc more active and a shade firmer, Timo thy selling from $23002.95, and Clover at 13.75, -Wool continues dull and without quotable change in values. Lumber by the cargo is In good supply, and with a fair demand prices arc generally well maintained. Concessions, however, have been made where sales were peremptory. The following despatches were read on ’Change to-day 113 *** luSJi IOC Vi 106 Vi B erralo, November 19. Becdpta-WhcaU 40,W0 tn; Cora. 90,000 ba; Oats. 1.0.00 ba. In "tore-Wheat, Com, 23.000 bn; Oata, 80.000. Value*—WbcaVK offSa. Cora. »1.0®1.10-*p»ru Ottj, Toledo, 53c. FrcJgbu—AcenU asking 20c on Com to New YorK. Urw Tobk. November 19. Floor—UneclUod; 15«S0c lower. Wheat nominally Be lower; nnsaUWe. Re ceipts larc<r. Corn onaalable at galct and steady. Porkflmer and dnllat laid lower at l&Hc. Whiskey quiet at 41c. Gold, 140K* IATXB. . , Floor—Unsettled and heavy. .Wheat nominal ats£S®2," Core nominal at f l.SG4ct.2*. OaU salable at CB®67c. Pork flnneriand tairly active at SJS.62H. In the afternoon the Grain martcts were qnlet sad steady at about the closing dmrea paid on | ’Change. There «u tome Inquiry for Lard, with sales of 900 tee at 13c, seller December and Jan- Ccttle market was dull and Inactive. There was a meagre supply of stock In the pens, and with vert few buyer* In attendance, transactions were limited to abont 150 head, taken chiefly by dty bnlchets. The market close* dull and nomi nal at f-1.50 for common to SG.M for choice for Hogs was quiet and steady at about Saturday’s rates. About 500 head were taken— chiefly by packcrs-at a range of So.oo for common to gC.SO tor goM. smooth, even lots. Hon Mari'el. I Fiom the Journal of Saturday.! .... I nn& SSnoTjrt SSedi «’i£ A lot of several car load* of hops, Tla and Frankfort lUUoad, were received tnif moriimp. and a lot of »bout 90 car load* wai doe la»t Plebj-.—® J one boose. Hamilton A Wro., litre a* vet ®S!i5- operation*, having slaughtered about a« beau, trim about U«D bead tn tbc rcni. A« yet no contract* or *alec are reported, many or tbe farmer* are looking for an ad ranee In prices, ana tome. It Is laid, anticipate Bc, bat a* things now loos, to obtain men a rate tbe bog* most be of extra superior qnalltv and condition. . A *alc of 10,030 green bams, from the bloc*, at Cincinnati prices on the day ol de livery, t* reported a* eSected to-dap. Vie near that I.COO ncadof heg* Istcly shipped from this point to Cincinnati for a market, resulted In a loss of tie to 11 Si per bead, atd that another 1 't of TO bead malted a'a like loss of about |3 per head os the prices ottered l here These partita, no doubt, ate now convince*! that Cincinnati 1* not as profitable a market lor hog* at tber bad been led to suppose; experience Is a great ttaebtr. and tbc sufferers In those Instance* are per bap* vrtMr men thanticfore. PlitabnrsU Oil Market—Norcmbrr IT. There was but very little demand for bonded ol I to dM- and the market If dull and weak with a drooping month. MfcfWKc seemed Vo be the be*t fliore* that could be obtained to-day. _____ Baltimore Prorlalon Markn-X«T©mbcr 16, Tbrrr b*» been a Tcry moderate Inquiry for ibmUJ* Krtrllonfc of bog product alnc* the dale of oar srrckly »nn’ns»rT. and prices have maurltllT d«Unod toHaarrelled pork and lard. IlaconU maintained nn* S-r a ftlr irqilry from the local and bonthem trade. ,h £aM^-W^uld2- Mid at*llTat xexcTrlb S at XS*®ISXC and at W«»*c. tnn*arllon« nwrMnjt 500 ptektM. B«a» qSof^louVTnom^ ►t i%M.»f4jOO. L*nl-Ko tale* reported. CUr »nd Western brlr. may be quoted at I&3»V<S “ d in Leva at 19c. Balk meaU-We £•*••“£ » • >m>ll .me of ahonldere at live. Market well aippjied with Knzlltb cut meat*, lor which there It tcwce'y any Inquiry* l*roTißlonn in Philadelphia—Noreinber 16* Price* ire nnaelUM and droopln*. and toe rOiiUme- very dull; iti-ail aale* are raattne from »'iSXC«?n N> Vbrl for new m*»« pork; *• ft wf plain rndfancy bacon ham*; 1 .H'-*lßc forplctlet d•. U V(ilsc lor salt khonlder*; Italic for prime lard In bris and ttereve, and i*QXc P O for b'Uter, a* to quality. Philadelphia Flour iMfirket-SoTembep 10. Ho den continue very Arm la tbeir xlews. bat the demand Uhmltul. AbonttOO l>rls sold In lout to the retal.rrt and bakers atprlcce ranging irom tot nopcrflnr; |9.«oiSluS)for fresh gtonnd lr«f i.c» wheat; tor north west extra f«mlly-tbc Utter rate rtff»aeT:»rt.W* 15. V for pcnn-xlranla and W«l«n family, and 16.50 Vln I for fancy l.ra-id*.*accortlinc to quality. Bye* nocrndl* In stialf.lou at |s.(o V brl. la com meal there la little or c - . thing doing. .£«,7Ci,535 Baltimore ?»c*d Marucl—November 10. A very fair inquiry ba« prevailed lor clover at Web pure*, the hoik of the sale* r| new cron heme ®*»,soperl>a»bel- Market UsWiyaopplled it the clow. Emtll aalrs of Timothy have t*M mag att3.T0A3.79. Demandardsnpplylimited. Flaxseed la unchanged. the cro»bcra paying tv». Peed* In PhPadelphtn-November 10. CTorer seed conlinnw scarce ana In demand. Small Mice arc reported at MAfei9JU Vim for prime old and new; WO bn Timothy sold at |1A*3.50; Flaxseed ecus on arrival at |32io V bu. CHICAGO Limtlliß MARKET. Mosdat Evesoc. November 19. The receipts and shipments during the pssl lorry eight konrs were: Receipts. Btlamentt. lumber m&0 lAnjn There is a good supply of Lumber by the car-", and with a lair demand the market Is generally well main tained. Concessions, however, have been made in cases where sales have been peremptory, bat the gen eral disposition la to hold pricca tlrmly at previous nnotatlons. Shingles are dull at fi.oo. Lath arc In good demand and Arm at (1.25. Sales reported to-day were: Cargo achr L. B. Nichols, from Cone A Sons' milk White Lake, 65 m J* strips, balance mill ran, some clear, at (2LOO. S m lath at (1.15, pteketa at 115.00; carco sc hr Thayer, trom Muskegon, 75 m 10 per cent strips, balance mixed, (lair min rue.) at 119.50; cargo scowblcmaid, from White Lake, a m coarse nixed at (17410. 120 m lath at |US*; cargo schr T. J. Bron son. from An bable, 225 m mill run at 113.00 lor culls, SSOAO for common. and WS.OO for clear. In the yards the demand U fairly active at fan prices. TTeonote: feSf.'^:. 1 ££JS£ Flr»tud Second Cle*r Floortte. to ceih'r, rooßh—the use &■ becoad Clear, wide. Common Flooring, rongh Matched and dreaded common Flooring 3SIOat?,WI Matched and Drewcd b-lnch coni mon Flooring ••• Flint and Second Clear Siding, to ceUier,,**,**** SOJM^tIHO First Common Dm*cd sidin* MXftgSJO Vime ot h'i Board*, acleet, IWnet and npwaula 5'2?^S*SS A stock Board*. lllnche* ?-2MS'S It Stock Board*. U Inches iB.PXgniM Con-mon Board*. JoUta, ScacUlng peirtng and Small Timber, 11 to 16 feel lone . . 20J*«21Jb Jolbt> auC Scantling, 13 Ceet 3J.00.i3jn ! jswuand Scantling, 30, a and It a oo®swn or Star Shaved sblnglea. 5-W A or sur Sa» cd tlilncl-J i'Sfl ?*S . Ka.l Sawed ntitnslu BJio.l SawedSblngles ?*2^2« I^ixn—F:r mln yard* •••••• — w B 7 car load, by Northwiatcrn Hall i OM. rteilT'Ted 1c any yard where cancan be switched.or any de pot: Aor star Sawed SUlaglit,by car load on track. *-73 A or Star Shaved Shingles, bj car lead on track, coant made roll, or nro hunches to a tbuusacd •*» A Sawed Shingles, dtf made, on „ trsck VOOCtsa >o. i hawed Shlcglea by carjoad,on track •toes Slaruet, orember 19, ISM reared by jker*. 96 South CUrk street: Ist ad* B'd. ira. n. 8.6 per cent, bonds,lSM... lUX U 3 U. S. 6 per cent 6-30coap>'«3. 107* USX 0.8.6 per cent 5-30 coap.,‘6l. 106 KbX C. s. 6 per cent WM couples.loSX 106* U. 8.6 percent 10-SCs 103 100 Tr. Nota,T9*lo Ist aeries .... 10JK XI. 9." MO. id _ series 103 105 H D. 8. 7 MO, M Itencs 30* 103*{ Auer. Gold 1M IW* ly. Second Beard, firm. Three rt'.lln a car load added when tfif-alcmd, rlilrh charge loilow* the Shinies In treigul Wll, SIITMiLSeTASDaRD. . „ Thlckncia—Five Sbloclca to be two Inchest In thlcjf* Sixteen Inchc*. Bauds—Twenty Inches. Coum—Tweaiv-Cve. C-niCAIiU LITE STOCK MARKET. Mokiut Ethos a, Kovember 19,1356. BEEF CATTLE—The usual quiet of Monday's mar ket has not been varied to-day. There was bnt little stock left over from Saturday's sale*; of which fact buyers were ccncratly aware, and accordingly but ftw made their appearance In the yards this morning. Aside from a few small lots taken by city butchers, no calcs were effected. In the absence of transactions upon which to base a change In values, we quote the market dull and nominal at Saturday’s rates. HOGS—The market was very quiet to-day. There was a meagre supply in the aale pent, and with but a lew buyers in attendance transactions were necessarily limited. About 500 head changed bands early In the dav, at |5.»5@6J0 fbr common to prime. The market closes ettady at aboot Saturday’s prices. *j/j wim of Grain rrj'orua <n <AI* market rfport rt made on a latlt of 2c tlorage unleu othenctie zprtued. Mosdat E via nto, November 19,1866. FREIGHT?*— IUJLEOAJ) Fanout*—Tbe tolloi lug t* toe Joloi tanff on tOe s * claw. claw. claw. Floor. To Kcw York 175 125 1® ?10 •• rail.lakeanilraU.l6o m ICO «0 To Boston Ifs 135 110 TO « raU.lakeandrall.lTO 125 103 «0 To Philadelphia .1® 1» »W To Baltimore B* IJJ S? To Albany *l® 180 100 800 To Montreal .. I® lU 9? 1® Tußußalo *3 68 6t)f 110 » rail, lake and rail. *8 58 5.x ICO To Cincinnati 60 45 40 40 t.irr fbucbts—Market dnll. Eagasemeats were: To urrrAUJ—Prop fountain City, Oats at 8c; To TOLTDO-Schr Hyphen, Wheat at lotfc. P LA) I IK—B«oived. 10,805 brls: shipped, llAUbrl*, Market dull kad aimoataomloaL Bala were • or*&0 Kstkas— loo l.m not named (cbolce) at 111 J3, l® bjl» do at *10.30; KUbriadoat *lO 25; 40) bra do at *9.50: lOObrfado (low grade) at W.35S named at *£.oo; 303 Mis do at *..23; 3W MU do at sT.l3)i; Ido brl* do at f 5.73; Rt* FLora— l*l brls. * Broadhtad” at $657X; 45 brl* not named at 17-00; SO *“v 71.M6 bu: .WppM,>".7o bb. Market qulrt_a&^^pjVd^^a^i^ile^r.n£ > Saleawtre: 6msio WnxAT—l.39o bn No. lat 1J.11; SMO bn do at £l.lO (R. 1.); 10,000 ba do at flaS (Kecnlar); 800 bn Xo.S at ?!.0l ( 3.8 A bn do at $l3B (A.l). & Co.): 7,000 bn do at $1.79; 10,000 bn no at *1.78: 1.6 U) bn do at tl-77,f: 3,600 bnrfo at *1.77; MW lio do at *1.76* (If. K. t N. W.); 3.000 bn Rejected at *l.Si; 2.000 bu do at *131: 14,000 bn eoatflJO; I.iOJ bn do at SIJ3; 1.333 bn iv* at *1.33; 4,(U) bo do at fl.2s—closing at *2.05 and *4.10 for So. 1, lOCOObudo atsejf c; iC.OCObu do at 83e; 60J)00 budoit yve ; tAttdbu iloatSlc : WCO pndoat S3S.C; 5,000 bu doat Blt<o ; IS,COO bn do at «Tc; SO3 bn do If. 8. at SJJfc: • buii«. ai BV;7,o®bnSo.aatß3c; 7,oJobndoai . 7fc* '.'.'OOb.i ro at '.i.'.r: t.OWb;; doat «ac; E.ucCo&s —2.ffobn at 45c, on Arm at Sic for So. 1 OATS?-Rccclved. SUM bn: ftblppod. «MOO bo. Market u'tietand a tuaJc firmer. Sale* were: 6X3 bn No lat ViOu bu do at 3<c; 13,001 bn No. 2 at 33Vc. l Ulflbu do at :0' 4 r; 11.000 bado at 55c;.1,300 bn do atiusc—cioalncat :Sctor So. 2. KYK-Hemu-c.l.N«>lm; shipped 58,133 bu. Mar ket advatci<l2r. Sole* acre; S.tOJ bu No. 1 86c;7,000 tn <lo at Slc;S.o<Mbu rto at*6c; 2,tnobndo6CNc;2.t(tt bu Co at F7<; S,fW bn No. 2at S2c; 600 bn Co at file— ClolnL al*sTc and KJc. , _ ~ . „ . BA KlXV—Kctcircd, »,ICo bif; shipped, 3U3J bn. Market 4A5c on No. 2. and 2®->c on IWecrfd. Salra were: ltaui.LV in none—tit bu No. 3at Tie; f tXOto Co at TOi- 3,200 bn Co at C>r. 5.000 bu do at G?Kc; TIOO lu lOitt Usd T.iXO bu Co at 66c 6.tWJtm do at toe; tin on lb lected at 4Sc; FOO l>n do at tie; 2."0O bn do at tfic; Bauiky by saupw—Boo bu at (1.15; 400 bu at IL10; 253 L as* ct 60c, 101 bag* and 130 bn at 65c; SO bag* at KX“. too bn flo a* Tjc. . „„, _ . a MiKji-Scarce atd wanted at for Pot*. {. i.t oilOLf— Nominal at f4.&tA>.6d in Job lot*. IKiloll CORN—Market quiet, sale* were 10 too* at (160:10 toie at iro. 11LTTEH—Ucrclved, C.IW a»; *hJppod,4NC3stt«. Choice qualttU* in «tal’. psciafa, or In rolla, are In rood demand on local account, and. owing to the llm- Tied supply In (be market, arewlngheJd finnlr at mil me*. Otbcrdwwrlptlona are Call and neglected, and In full aupply. We continue to quote: choleelHiry |g»K Good Tub *W*Jc common Firkin d-W-Gc prior Firkin 23.^3tc llA(«(«lM*—'The market remain* qnlctat the de cline noted on Saturday. repeat oar U*t: National A, 2 bn, Kfti&lCM linen «9«7>a Union A, 2 bn, do g-W Illinois A. 2 ho, do «•» Corn Eichacpe Ji-* Stub A. cotton ecamlcea •••• LevlitonA. do S-g Androicoppln, Co jj-g American, do * •**« Bearer Mill*, do J-® PilUtleld B, do Tg-g PcnnMUU. do “-g Fort MU, do - £-g Bllpo, do W.OO Bare, lined and cotton » 00 Itidscwood, linen and cotton J‘-g Bprfnptleld, linen and cotton. gg Burlap*. 4 bn. No. I *‘-g JJniplre CUT WOO COFFEE—'Trade U thirty active, and tie market 1* inclin'd to be weak at tlie following price*: _ OJOW* c Klo. common to ffcir JgKgg ' Wo, pood to prime lUo. prim* to choice CHEESE—Thtre l» no chance to note In the sene* ral character of the market, coed poodsare In djy mand and firm at onr quotation*. 'Wettcni made Cbecae la quiet steady. The following arc the cur- New York Factory (Genuine) V&$S. Factory (IlllnoU) - Hamburg. ‘tali? TVtasern State*. IS»Uc "Yonnc America'’ »C COAL— Remain* fteadj and firm a* prerionaly quoted. There U a good demand at the following range of price*: Esia—Bxvoktleld do Onn'by i*tttti ivrwiiriar Hill do Mineral Kldge. eo Willow Bank, do Tunnel.. Chippewa...- Blocsbnrc Lump Lehigh. Uackawana, prepared. Scranton pittalon UUdcU do on track. L.VTEB. CHICAGO DAII.V MARKET. !ire In cood reqnent nsd •tendr nt Sasic. Tlifdftrund l»c*n2rrd to MTpJytac local ynnt*. FKUITH AND MIT»-Th« xaartret j itenar nod one** unchanged. Tier*ljafWtnqnUT for Ute Mtrr mrietlw of both Green and Dried Fruits. ' while common nod mltrlor denerlotlonn nre somewhat tcx’rctcd. We ante no change In our quolnUonj-ni ftuowi: Apples, new. 9 brl Grape*.. Oranges Havana, f 100. Larons Malact., Crar.lx n 1 cs wild Cranberries. cnltjvated. vuiuriim. „ _ _ Him.. a 2 * ! C«it» i'ft »cto2 » ciiw 4.0 ®4.ri applet, new M £ « PcacJ.c*. balvrt and gnartm }• £ l» Pcachoi. pared..—. J g fi HuirkberrTca, new, ¥ » S 2 51 EMerbrrne*. P * « . r Baiatna, layer* ®» A L id* f - Almond*, hard ibel’ed a * Almond*, aoltsbelltd.. S 2 m Almond*. pap-s S 5‘S Braill Not* - » g » Filberts h g S Knclirt * 2 si Naplo Walnntt.... 2 ® 2 Pecans. mall *nd large » g Jg Cfce*trrt* plm 10JJ0 faIUH FlSH—Trade It moderate, though with no more than adequate *toct* o* band prtec* are well tut talned. auti the general market u firm at quotations. Whltcfifb arc firm wllb an upward tewteiey. we 3vviuiefl>b, No. 1, Jt *3-S* |||j| Mackerel. No. i, kltt, new WJU 9JO Mackerel, f«r|lT »» y%j fS Ilerrinct»dned.So. I, V box Og W Herring*, yaled iUUIXU Labrador Herrins, ¥ «jKa lS Labrador Herring. Vbrl |i üBA !*E—Market firm. Bales were. atanuie ‘‘mV;iih7ve »i “•iJSK’r'i.S? to ir*T^ffi»tSia s SSiS«S4ES!SiS moderate, and ibe market ride* firm al prerlOß* ratea, wtoUowa: VIIUWBUS * Timothy, roller and beater pleased.. Timothy, loose prewed. rralrto, beater pressed, new Timothy, relief and better pretted. U'm2Urn Timothy. looae preyed JS'SSk.S mine, roller and beater pretwd K*S2}S«5 Prairie, looae on wacon. delivered niDEet-llecelrod. SJ.OK ti; »hipped, lliS» ft» ; The market exhibit* no miKrlil change else* onr ia*t report. There U a tair demand both tit ahlpment and on local account, and the market may be quoted firm at the print* circa below: Crwn Itnlchm' Green bait. trimmed Green baited lieary steer. Green Calf. Kip, ercea tilted Try Flint, trimmed Dry batted, trimmed Green baited, part cared.. jftllN *ND M'EBL—Muk** Wtl/Kiln, with prlSfWe qwle: Common floree Shoe Iron Heavy Mud hoop *»a t lehi Bud.* Uoaod ud *qo»re naJ'V’riTaai Waif 1t00nd.... btertl ron. ccmmon..... "i* bhertlrou, cal»anlred,l«sW* alien irvn», k-«"—• - bh> el Iron, charcoal Wicrf Iron, Jamata. Koiway Nall Koad* pow fciecl, German Piov cicel.cMt.—■ Tool C*wt Steel, ordinary gS Tool r*»i SUt, American *-n Sjj mitten* steel... • ItQstla,Aa.9itnd 10..........• • (.jj UnwlT Am-. lit qoamy, V MJ»; £jj Itawls, Abu Ut jgj** n °L&Ti&F”-“K “ 4 car quotaUonß, which *« m lo'fowt: oj » 4 ,J s r n aiS'..“ ! 4 .m o 88 8 'ISSSiSv *» « SUachiCT, Jolt, Country H Lice, V &• Cndcasol No. * ?I c *Wb::;::" nneSS'AyreSir. j* rorir. “f-V.C.. *S « Orinoco SoUs... *l3 « Country Upper. iVk 33 CoiUr. * f00t... 21® BUosbterfiole.. Ml French C»l£, SI $ 8 UOOi tlra Mow: SSS?:SSc:”.| t ife=u 10 tod U I* COPPEB. -J Metallic AV Cotta... S 3 Copper Bottom •» Itnulera over 10 tts. 4fi SheettnsMl tol6o* tt TlcnlDEi 10 ’ xuimir ictTAU *“ is. 1? i«t quuv « g NAIL* 4 —Axe In cood demand, and are held Arm at the following rate# s tI(LM w“f^.L‘?r.v;.v. , i:M Sl-asM^r-^SI Im am aa 9.00 Clinch net............ 13-M OlLS*—standard Otis ate in demand, ud the mar ket for noil deacrlpUons " C tnofco no chance In onr quotations, u tollcws. • Linseed oil. raw... ffi Linseed OU, boiled L*S . olive Oil ..•■•• « y'-ji «, Whale Oil. W. 0 I l.nprt oil extra LardOU, extra... rSitjS Lard Oil. Wo. I Winter I'aafHS Lard Oil, Wo. 5 Winter tSItS Bask OIL round 10ti... Sk= ~dßf unoJ* Ol^lVm acuTeconsumpUredemand ar/d ktcadf and firm at BVJS7C. Vfe quote: Carbon V car load 22? POTATOES—The market continura In rood sup* nly.anddnllatKVkCOron trrck. and CPaTOc In store. laVewere: l car Peach Blows at Wc on tract; 3 can do at s6c dellTer«-d;SOr>ack»do at Gc. — LljVjri , Piin.TRT \VI> (a A ME—Domestic Chickens are improving In demand, and are held firmer at Id JO fl y,n Jor Ur#, and *Ud4(.(u for dre«M. Pratrle Chickens are firmer aifWOa I/0.?!?54?£3f firmer at for live, and 1 Vatic per » f>r drwaed. Docks are oulet at for lame, and 35.00 for Mtllid*. Qua Via are dnll at WO FiiOVI'IONS— Kecclvod, 13) brl* Beef aad I* btSl’olt. Shipped KI.3M SB Beet 30 W« Pott tud "SSi" pSrk-IMI- ««! aObrlsatWl.GO: Ituirl. (Sbtmdap blbbt) M KUO. svei’tPicklrd Hunts— 2s les at ISxc. tirwn Meal" —Nominal at 10c lor llama and tor shoulders from theblock. Lard—Palo* were: W tre (for Januare) atlSc, 175 tc* aool at iSS'r '• 00 tea In lot£ at Uyttilfc. *A|!t-><«*ltc<l,l,?4l brla ; aMpped. U 95 tt§. Mar ket steady. Sales were: (DO brU Domestic Pine at 12-60, delivered. We quote the range of prices, aa follow*; l« Ground Alan 3 - ls ®;-5 urouLu AiuLi-r •*; Turfs Warn*, baRS i*i2 Ground Jtolar rw ..^S Hairy, with narks.. 2m?,;? Dairy, without sacks J *EK,i!*-KecrlTed. 13.9M*■; shipped, none. Tlmoihr-*crd-Marfcti more active. Sale* were. SI i>»n» choice (rcchancd) atf?.9o; 1»I bai - 8 prime a; f J.«S; 10 bac* lair at f J.ffl; 19 baßi dlrlj at fUt., . _ . d VfoVpr«*ee«l-Eal'-*w<*rf*t 2 Me* at|3.Ts. 09 »OOA ANI» ' r*A liKHAI CS—Are la fWrll? nana at lull pr*ct*. We continue to «iuote: Dclasd'B Chemical itv«lu*e do Healthy ... - do pure ................ w American Bi-Carb Soda Hrttl«h XIJtWU c StDClAH?*—Oxnard C are ehadod 10-daT. and with a fairly acme demand Uic market 1* ateady at the follow tor Quotation# s , Cnha •“ I’ortolUcp is wu U. Y.liefined, Powdered and Orauilalad....if C*}«W wwte a - tlv^lla Circle A wwwb «s£uv Extra Yellow n&liiw ] Oxnard 1 Oxnard C. Extra *YCCVn—The demand" "li" modefotjjyactive and ,rlw « are ateaay and wltboal chance. * e qjoie: KewTotk , iStV« Yellow Drip* as rnha •?*. ?r CuO* iTj, Porto g»H2 »w Orleans S** l -2 philadeltli’a Bee Hire , •£* £ Chicago itcfloeiy. as*—;r;;;.::::::::: HtiftS TA 1.T.0 W-nSSratPuro *» »i. Market quiet Bale* were: » orU City Packers Trade li moderately active and the market rogrfor u>nne, V ft *l'^tsao do extra to chrlce, * ft i*!Jsrl2 Imperial, superior to flee, f> ».. VSaVio do extra to choice, Fft ?-2*M9 Gunpowder, superior to flat V ft *••»#*•« do extra to choice. 9ft ••••••• Japan, natural leatflne to extra One, f ft.. 1~&»1*S5 *do do fine to choice. P B I.MaiAO do do colored. Vft 1-Uai.TS TOBACCO—We note no chance in the cental character of the market. The demand Is somewhat limited, hot tinder light blocks prices are well •attain* ed. and lor prime goods the market rales Una. We Stxwixo Tobacco— Kxtra. Choice Medium.: Common SUOKIXO ToBACOO— Virginia'* Favorite. Medium . Common StemSv* FjxqTobacco— ■jfflfismasi. ,P.| RaTjral Lot t>£V*3.od Hall-hrtßht, £»!.» Choice Black, Booad. TO* §0 Medina t TO* TO Common Vfc* S KtrlM QkS SO virctnta ton and as Wi 60 Flounders TO* K» WOOD—Continuescany active, ana pnc«t remain firm at Uie following ranee; ~ Maple V cord, delivered..... HUIttUJO Maple * cord, in vml UJOuIS.W Umh V cord, delivered JUKUWJW Bwh 75 cord, in yard lO.OfrallJW WOOb-tweclrtd. can At; ahloped, IWCT fit. Market dull and nominal!; held aa follow*: Flee Fleece—Upht afld wnite iV*«7r Fine Fleece—Light but dingy 040 c Fine Fleece—OUr and heavy .Skallc Medium Fleece—Ucbt ami white CV*»sc Medium Flecco— Fair condition (o*t3e Coarse Fleece— Light and white >....(3*44c Coarse Fleece—Fair condition 10* tic MARINE NEWS. PORT OP CHICAGO. ARRIVED borember 19, Etmr Sea Bln), Manitowoc, aunonea. Scrtr Onon, Manitowoc, sundries. Etmr comet, Manitowoc, inndne*. Prop Lady Franklin, bt. Joieph. sundries. Prop Skylark. South Haven, sundries. Prop Ottawa, Grand Raven, sundries. Prop FcuLiato City. Buffalo, sundries. Prop rortrmouth. Buffalo, landrio*. Ban n. Winslow, Buffalo, 3,435 brlt tall. Bark Union. Buffalo, 490 tom coal. Bara city of Buffalo, Erie, mo tons coal. Bark liana Crocker. Buffalo and Ocosto, 965 ttt lumber. Bark Chenango, Eric. SCO tons coal. Bars Lcn Ransom. Buffalo, 3,000 brts salt. , Dric Pilgrim. Traverse CUT, 151 cds wood. Brig Bay City, Bay Cily.37U m lumber. Bng Mariner, Day City. 3,000 brla salt. Unc Montezuma. Muskegon, 15S m lumber. BUk Hampton. sturgeon Bay, 140 m lumber. Brie Robert Burns, Grand Traverse, 343 m lumber. Schr Blackhawk. Cleveland. 135 m lumber. Schr Bremer, bauble River, 335 m lumber. gebr Owaeca, Buffalo and Bay City, 331 m lumber, 100 1 tona coil. Schr Cascade. Buffalo and Green Bay, 120 m lumber, 100 tens coal. Schr Geo. Fenny. Oswego. 5.000 brla sail. Schr Meridian. Oconto, ISO m lumber. Schr Island City, Kalamazoo. 40b a shingles. Schr Argo, Oconto, 170 m lumber. Schr Eleanor. Sturgeon Bay, ISO m lumber. Schr K 1 Tempo, Iwo Rivera. 5400 railroad CM. Sehr Content. Cedar River, 335 m lumber. Schr Chas. muckier, Cleveland, 550 tom coal. Schr Wm. Aldrich, Wo«f River, 1400 railroad CCS. Schr Joe Vilas, East Saginaw, 1« m lumber. Schr Sea Star. St. Joseph. 1>» railroad Uea. Schr W. 11. DtWiu. Buffalo and Big Suamlco, 140 m lumber. 45 ton* coal. Schr Jan. plat:, Oswego, M 0 ton* coal. Schr Flying Cloud. Bay CiyviTO;brU; salt. Schr Dauntless. Bay City. AXO brl* salt. Schr Cuyahoga, Oaweeo, 100 tons pig Iron. Schr Little Belle, Muskegon. 1® to lumber. Schr IL U. Lommls, Bay City. 145 m lumber. Schr Wn. Case, Erie, *SO tons coal. ~.v Scow MenraVL South Haven. IP m lumber, 100 tn lath. Scow L. U. Klrhols, While Lake, 43 m lath. Scow Adda, Michigan City. C cds wood. Scow Fatry Queen, South Haven, SO m lumber, 55 co» Scow Ostrich. Oconto. 210 m lumber, 40 m lath. Tug Union, Milwaukee. Prop Bruon, Montreal, sundries. Schr Harriet Rosa. Erie, 953 tons coal. , Schr .Etna, Buffalo and Alpena, 150 tons COaL 180 Schr cTcTTrowhriffge. Bay Cltv. 2.53 D brls salt. Schr Ketchum, WolfHlvcr. 3405 railroad Uea. schr Dan Timlrtl. East Saginaw, SM m lumber. Schr Metropolis, Grand Haven. ISO m lumber. 500 r, Stmr Comet, Asnrpee, sundries, ttmr Orton. M an! to woe, sundries. Sunr Sea Bird, Grand Haven, sundries. Pro* Lady Franklin, St, Jc aeph. sundries. Prop Montgomery. Port Huron, sundrtea. Prop Empire, Ocdenaburplusundrlea. I*rop Wlnsuw, Buffalo 36400 bu oau and aundrlc,. prop Plymouth. Bnßalo. iOOOO bn wheal and sundries, prop Chicago. Buffalo.2.f«otm corn andanndrlea. Prop Portsmouth, Buffalo, 10,000 bu barley and sun* dries. Bark Golden Fleece, Buffalo, JS4CO bo corn. Bark Golden Wet, iinffalixtWJW bn corn. ’• Bark Pacific, Pensaukee, 3.000 bn corn and fundnes. Brig Hampton. Sturmni Bay. anndnw. frehr K, Centre, Port Colbnrne. 15400 »m wheat. : Sehr w. E. Allen. Ogdeosburgh. 13400 bu wheat and SJMhn cor" $ ILOO 11J» UJ» IQJM 10.00 10 JO 10JU 16.00 ICOO 11.00 11.00 uxva aoo . B.SO*6JIO Schr Miutrpoa, bn wheat. Schr Nath, sshfrroai. Buffalo,iMJ b«o»U. Bchrnorer. wb«t. Schr Jamcaßaliloc. Buffalo, IWOObu wheat. memoranda. Axotheu' Nsw Vtsett.—The scow William .A. Parker, of Chicago, built at Saorenccn’a ahlp yard. Green Bay, this aummer, for William A- Pnrkcr, of this city, arrived here yesterday after noon with a cargo of ahlngle* from Saugatnct. Her dimensions are as follows: Ninety feel la &s auo it 3 w sac <a«JW itm «l~i» Kuo uraoo two usm length; twenty-tour feel breadth of beam; six feet depth ofhold, and measures 105 ton* bur then, new measurement. t.Lm cr.—The bark Arabia, of Montreal, ha* been tlrtpped apd laid np for tbe winter. lx Dux Docs.—Tbe schooner Whirlwind lain NUler Brothers’ dry dock for winter repairs. The schooner Mary Nan is In Miller, Fred rickson * Burn* dock, undergoing general re pairs. Aanouu,—There la a large fore-and-aft schooner, loaded with grain, reported ashore at the lower cod of Bo Is Blanc Island. Larsen at Orwiao.—A new vessel named the Rcck&way was launched on the 14th ult. at Oswe ■jo, from ibe ship yard of.Cbandlcr, AllordJt Co. To Bt BraciLT.—The schooner Anna Thonoe has laid no for the winter at Manitowoc, and Is to he thoroughly overhauled and rebuilt- Jaxes f. Jot.—Tbla fine vessel arrived at Milwaukee on Saturday, minus her fore-top gallant mast. Vesskia Xsnona.—An unknown vessel Is ashore at Port Burwell, like Erie. w Assistance has been sent her. The schooner Mary Dudley Is aahore two mile* west of Kingston harbor, I*ke On* tario. The schooner Alma Is also ashore In the Bay o! Qolnte. - lx Dismiss.—The propeller Congress reports having towed, on her opward trip, a fore-and-aft lumber vessel of Mtnbtee to the South Manitoua. Scftooxm Whizax Yocxo.—The Milwaukee SfntUul says a letter has been received from the Captain of the schooner William Young, dated at Mackinaw. November 14th, staling that Ms vessel had been got 08. ‘ I Scnooxsß Napolxos. —This veasel was sold several days since In Milwaukee to Mark Tyson for $3,000. „ _ _ Vsssxlb Paseiso THE WSUAXOi Cakii«—Bound eastward on the nth Instant: schooner Theodore peny, of Chicago; on the 15th : schooner-Ama rsnlh. Vtssne Dtsotunoixa XT rax Elctatou : bark T. Morrell, and schooners Senator and Wil liam 11. Craig. Foot or Bcrraio.—'The following Chicago ves sels arrived on the ISth instant: propellers Em pire State, Adriatic; brig William Treat. The bark D. P. Dobbins and Sunrise cleared on the ease day. .tUACttUJO , IS.OCUI6XO . U.WaUJO . s a B\C .10*010*0 .HWU C .« 023 c .i6*«*uk .13 019 c .15 «16 C .10 »I 0* C Special TSottcca. .. SV<l «* .. ** ««« ‘X Dr. James* Formerly of New Orient*. has reeeoUy removed to 03 Randolpb-st. comer ct Dcaiborn-sE, eenly opposite tkU old offlce, Chicago, Illinois, curt* *ll prlT*to dla- " (# 7V« 29 (4 »K 3» SyphllUs, Uio destroyer of thousands—primary, sec ondary, UttiMT and hereditary-cnred with the o*e of n*(*u ,U ttU a>« * neutralizer. * positive care tor this terrible *9d macb dreaded poison. Avoid mercnrr. lodide potassl, arsenic, sarstpiriilo, decoctions, i'ops. cod liver oil, etc. These drags win not eradicate this poison from the system—only dry It op, to break oat *t some fatare time la Its mwt bldeoos aspect. Art those who have treated tor this disease with those draco, and hear what they say. Oonorrhm*. gleet, stricture, diabetes,. and an diseases of a private a*tore, successfully and scientifically treated. With the experience of fifteen year* In New Orleans—thirteen yean of which time In aia conducting the largest hospital lath* United State*— and tor the last six year* In Chicago, with testimonials irom Professors of Medical CoUegw and well-known Doctor* of the United State*, eulogistic of hi* profea slcnal skill, should be sufficient evidence to gain the confidence of those requiring *uch services as ibe raiders. Dr.Jamwhas Just Istued a revised, Improved ami greatly enlarged edition of TOE MONITOR, a com plete history ol secret disease* and disorder* peculiar to the sexes, with directions and prescriptions for self treatment t Including also a treatise upon tom ale dis ease!, how avoided, their remedies, etc. Price of book, 50 cents, with four cents postage. AddreasDß. JAMES, P.0.80x GOG, Chicago. Dr. Jaipe* can be consulted upon the diseases he mokw It a speciality to treat, from 9 a. m to B p. m., at 03 Randolph-* u, Chicago, Uls. >r Non-Ilelentlon Or incontinence or nme, irritation, ulceration ot the bladder or kidneys diseases of the prwa'e elands stone In tbe bladder, calcidos eratel orbrtckdnit deposit, and all disease* of bladder, kidney*, and dropsical. swelling*, use Helmbold ■ Ex tract Boctm. _ Dr. Bigelow, Haring tbe confidence o! ibe public tacnltratlanre, U tbe most reliable physician In Ibe city for chronic nerrous and sexual diseases. tul at bn office, 17« South (JlirknU cotter of Monw. Kooms -epirste. Consultation tree. P. O. box 104, Ulf guide to health, published monthly, aent free to any addreee. - manhood stud Yootblfil Vigor ®r© rrgatned by tlelmbold’* Extract Boehm CongreMt, Empire, and Columbian Spring Waters. McJtrs. Bxmi 4 Dvttxc, 92 and 94 LakML, Chi cago, art agents lor toe sale of the Waters In Chicago and Tlanlty. and will hereafter keep on hand a 101 l •apply fresh from the Spring*. For »ale at Kew York price*. Hotchkiss' Sons. Proprietors, Saratoga Springs, and Qq Bcekman-et.. New York. Enfeebled and Delicate Constitutions, ol both sexes, use Helmbold’a Extract Bnchu. it anil give brisk and energetic (feelings, and cable you to strep well. Spermatorrhea. i cored of spennatorrnea by a celebraud l obtained bit method of treatment, 1 de ufferew ftotn aelf-abnae the mean* of nbe peratnenily cored. All comment- Sentlw. Address with tUrap, W. U. . O. Drawer IMS*. Chicago. IT.. Qinng teen' phydclan, and < dreto fcend »u. vMcfc they ran cation* cnaflde STANLEY. P. Shattered Con*Umtltm» tortdhygclmhold’e Krtractßncbn. The Glory of Man In Strength* ruerctore, the nerroo* and flehlliutaa •honld immedl* *tely Extract Unrhn. IKclmbold's Extract Bucha Glr» health and tneor to the framo bicwm to the pallid check. UeblfiiT l« arm ing «jtnpiom*. and if no treatment I* •uhoutted to, cooQtnpUon. InaanltT. or cpilepti** Ct» et»ce. Bab'lieiort uaii Bye* sarasassßi EUaiKS-rencTu*,preserve a*e he*-tite* the Mir. iolgyrall Dnurruti. agais»-i7 Tnlsr No More Cnpleonant And tuuafe wrr.edlw tor nnpUasant and danewotu aJjJ**,-*. fee HelmlK-W’* Extract llochaand Improved Itoae Wa«h^^ Miscellaneous. gIR COPP I bIE COPP ! sm coi?r: (NEW EDITION.) BBILLIAKT SUCCESS! SIR COf U popular, became It paint* the Copper bcadlnhlslmecoiora;<lo« Jnitice to themends of human llbeftr; nnmasks the so-called Dnuyh dom” atd “ tooch Arden;” and lay* down the only iruf basts of reconstracUon, rtr: on u ‘« Tjrtue and Ic tclllßCiice of oar votes. Irrespective ofcrced or color. Order It of year bookseller, or send 50 cents tor a COpy t 0 PROF. CLARKE. 213 IlUaoU-it., Chicago. T>OXES! BOXES! 13 PACKING boxes Of nil description* made to orto’Aatt®.*® 4 "VrOTICE TO GRAIN DEALERS. I\ lamcowmannfactnrtngalarge FANNING SHlili, Sotted lor warehouse mea and grata borer*. Price, complete to belMn tow. SSO; to rtm by power and band contused. (delivered to cart.) wxvtTT pgro. nu Oct. 23.1566 g. LEAVITT. JMPOKTANT TO RETT? ahd pork packers. Having purchased N. B. Martln’a Patent loran “ IM PROVEMENT IN CURING -> LEbH FOR FOOD, I am now prepared to introduce u to the amtaatlon will satiety the moat skeptical that meau can be cored by this process. In any kind ot weather, Ebonldersand sides to seven to ten dayTta mldsoia met. Co only and State Care J. L. Alberger Buffalo, M,T. [Copy.] .li.iiaijo . uooai.u 83 B 83“ .. » .. 1*» 33 Bcftalo, August 33d, 1966. After* careful personal examination ot the plan of conns meat by Marsh’* Pre-ceas, aa practiced by Uassia. dTlZAlbergerfcCo., at tbelr etlabllthmml, and be lieving the proms to be correct in principle, and that U wll: operate *o fuccresfully in mmmer coring aa to revcdutionlie that Viertbof bnslnrat. I bare no be«U- Con in recommen *•» I'tto tboaewbi latealto «rry ot that trade. EZRA TATWJBi ftoTis’on tasp t « c j.Chlcago Board of Iradeand pack et*’ Associat <B. r!3»3p VESSEL OWNERS AND CAPTAINS OF VESSELS w U 1 Uke r.otloe that 4,0C0 I tarda of Choice Hard Wood. Beech and Maple, are ready tor sale at Lint* Pier, nine mile* north of fchehuygan, Wbcouto. There are II leet ot water at the pier. HENRY GRIMM, Llota-Prer. 0ct.23.1366. t!!o43aitucrsl)ip. ’VOTICE—Tbe co-partnership hereto- I q fere existing beta een Florence Zlecfc'd. John B. ueiard and Gallos Mailer, antler the firm name of ZIEOCELD, GEBABD & CO., Is thl* day dissolved by the retirement of John B. Ge rard from said firm, the business will hereafter be roudneted bv Florence Ziegfeld and Gallos Mailer, un der the firm name ot F. ZIEGFELD & CO, The business of the old firm of Ziegfeld. Gerard 4 Co. will be continued by me new firm of F. Ziegfeld ft Co vb'i have assumed the iiablUtte* and are alone au thorized to collect and receive debt* due totheold firm. (Sicced) FLORENCE ZIEGFELD,, nrm. twgueo; JOBS It. OKRARD, October 22, 1566. OALLCS MULLEB, As my bailness affairs prevent me trom keeping up the connection with the business heretofore conducted by the above named firm, I hereby withdraw from the same and tranfer It to my nephews, Messrs. Ziegfeld ft Muller. These gentlemen will carry on the already nourishing business, and by their talents, energy and clrcnnupecuon will make the same thriving. I there fore kindly ask the lovers of axt to patronize and tap ped them In their endeavors. jQgs R QERARD< Chicago. October a. 1366. AMERICAS HOUSE,

This favorite first-clasa Hotel, me largest in Sew England, offers unsurpassed accommodations to the travelling public. j^EWlß_RlClL_^oprietot^ jSToticc to Sax ffagctg. TV'OTICE.—To the Tax Payers ot the "For th/p/rr* " f the worHns cttM*‘Jp* the meehaalts an opportunity to CUj- Jure, and save their time. 1 shall ceep my office ooea daring the dinner hours. My office hours will be. on and after MONDAY. November WO, 1866, from 10 o clock a. m. >• s EAILEUAD TIME TABLE. CHICAGO AJTO SOBTHWXFIXBN—DEPOT COE. IW • VATXZ AND XRICI. Depart. Arrive. •btOOE.m. *&Bop.xn. K&lElSrv-M Janesville Aeccmxaod*a. *t»p.m. Woodstock Accom’d'n.. *feoop.n. ,*feooa.m. .Korembsrl9. OALXKA DIVISION. Pnitoii and Cedar Bapldt *&ls a. m. WO p. nu Fnlton and lowa. ridWp. m. &00i.m. Freeport at.d DunleUh.. *feooa.m. feOOa-xiL Freeport and Dnnleith.. •10:00 p.m. 8:40 p.m. Rockford and Fox M«r. *<:00 p.m. 11:10 a.m. Dixon...*hoo p. m, ii:iua.ia. Geneva sad Elgin •ffi r Op. m. 8:43 a.m. WHWAUXET nirtsios. Express •WXx.m. *S:aop. m. Night Accommodation Hits p.m. a. m. Kenosha Accommod*n... • kOOp-tn. few a. m. Waukegan Accommod'xu &00p.m. ft* a. m. Rosehm, Calvary, and Evanston p.m •Sundays excepted. tsaumlAjt excepted. iMondays excepted ucßtcas cxjtraAi. aaHAOXb—mnos ofpot, foot vr i*>» Morning Express *srfX) a. m. *A4S p. in. Dav Exnre**---------,--- *»:Boa.m. *ilfiJop. m. iSiIS p- S’ Night *dJ3a. a. CWCISSATI ASh LOCISVIIiX TUACt^. -doming Express »Wina.m. *lo*op.m. Night Express p. m. *ll JO p. m. jccuiGA-N sociaias asp ax» shoe* uni— p«- rot co»>te BAaaisoa as j saoutA* traxxw. Mill •&80E.IO. *&OOp.m. D«Express *l:ooa.m. nuap. m New York Express iisp.m-tlfe3oa.xa sStSw£». f 10:00p.m. *&ooa.xa *mnr- v»u *5:30 a, n. tfeOOa.m. SlctotErprtM JHtOOp.m. *7:Sop.m. rrrrsßir»«B, tow wars* asp Chicago. Ma n .. t2oa.m. fcOO urn. Rsnrcs# 7:00 a. n. 12:30 *.m. ISttSe S:ls p. m. 7:« p. rs totws. 10:00©. m. 11:00 p. O , misoa oxtbal. Dev PasKOScr *9soo a. in. •ftUOp.m. 1 K&mSiger *10:06 p.c. *WDa. «• EuktkK Accomn»od*u. *4:45 p. m. *• m. Hi de Park Train *6:10 a. m. *7:35 a.». “i* »4 *» *17:10 p. n. *1:50 p. n. u u »* .... *3:30 p.m- **sop,lß. u »» « *&550. m. *7:13 p.n CHI CABO, BUBLSOfOX AX© WHHCT. OarSzprestandMtfl... *sa)a.m. •&»©. a. NicM *IB.OO p. m. *3:60 a. m. SlcndotaAccocmiod'n... *toop.ic. Aurora *5:00 p. m. *3:O a. nu | _ crocaco asm rr^Locß. Exp km and Mail.... Kleht Erprw# Jouct and Wilmington __ ____ _ Accommodation 4rfß CHicibo ajsn shut risrrss—<lAH cncroaxi ant mu)- im.'watnpa mn.aotp nxror, ooa. fniLi«P nm BtBDM.,, Dar Ertsrcs*....!... r... *TrOOa.m 9;«o|p.m. Ngbt&prMf 7:00 p. It. 10:50 p.m. JOB IXDTA-HATOLia, LOCISTILLE BSD CO«Cl!n«aTI. n« Slehi EbrtH 7:00 p. m Iwso a. m Colombo* Express 1:00 a.m. &40 p. m. ♦» *r 7 ; 00 p. ta- IChiQ a. m. Cincinnati Ezpreeas.... WW p. m. ijfutß? Accommodation ShS am. WW a. m. «. “ 6:15p.m. SeiO o-m. CHICAGO, BOCK UUXS axnyacmo RAIL BO AD. Day Exprcsa and Mail... *9:00 a. m. »*:SO p. m. Ngbi&preM fcOOp.m. s«an. joßel Accommodation.. 4:45 p.m. *9mo a-s' Kxpreea Freipht, with paaacnrcr car attached, will leave pasfenrtr depot every Saturday at 8:30 p. m. for the WcaL . . . _ The Joliet Accommodation coenncu with Ex* prree Freight Cor Way Stadona. _ v •Sunday excepted, tMonday excepted, Samrdty excepted. gietoing jßadjiweg. IMACHUV E RY MANBFACTCIIE OF SHOES. An article relative to the use of machinery, partlea lazirthe SIcKAT SETTING 3IA CHINE, in the mannfarture of shoes, waapubllsbed as an edito rial In the Shotone Utth'r cf Junesß, 1956, -which was chiefly couponed ol mls-st&temenls; but. amatderlns the writer s evident utter izuorasceot the subject, I concluded that though it might do some in* jury to a really mcrttorloua InvenUoa. it would still bo better to pay no inaction to it, loan to give It Import* ssce t>y a reply. This &>Ucle has been copied to thr Sclmiife Amrrxmn, sad os It may be still further cir culated, It Is necessary to relate the untruths which It contains. The editor a‘*cm “that the use of the Me- KsvEewtng Mact tne. la its present defective state. Is an "injury to the trade;” that the drfect* la the ma chinery used in sewloe show have steadily Increased -mi the bad retails have become too prominent to be overlooked or wmted at.*’ ■ltia untrue that the McKay Sewlce Machine Is or has been at any time an Injury to the trade. this ma chine was Cr*t used In making army shoes, and for feme Hi or eight months I used from four to tea of them for thtt purpose. Ido act say mat me machine vm thro in a perfect state. nor that Us worts vu as weil done as It Is now; but 1 succeeded la maxing nearly one hundred thousand pairs ot shoes tor tbe army, some of which were tested bribe Government, and I have now In my posressten oLSeUI copies of tbe reports of these testa, snowing that they were worn In tbe flelc six or serin months, and that nore ot tnose tested tailed, while hand-sewed ones submitted to the same test were (bond to bare comparatively tittle value. It maybe said that, having toe refutation of the Sewing Machine to establish, I toot extraordinary care that these shoes should be good, that the success of tbe Sewing Machine waa worth more to me than the profit on the shor*, and that the same shoes, made by a man who nad no Interest In the Sew* In- Machine, wocldhave ripped. Bat this ts not true; for later la Ine war there wk» about City of these ma chine* in the hand* of several army contrscto: #, mar ine army shoes; and at one time General Crossman, tnen the Quartermaster at the Arsenal la Philadelphia, where most ot th»e shoe* were received, sent an In spector to me Army of the Potomac, who. after pass* ite tw o weeks there, came back and reported that he wa« unable to fir da machine shoe that bad ripped; and a similar inquiry, with the same results, was mads In the hospitals In Philadelphia. At least, as far as me shoes fo* the army are concerned, there U no ques tion that tbe hewing Machine was not an Injury to the shoe trade, and the facts which I have siren, and which tan oe proved, make It ratter doubtful whether “it Is a safe M»ertlonio make, mat a solo sewed D 7 one of nicer icrjft as well astheo.d to *st n tbesomme?of’isci. 1 oSered these machines fbr sale, and they were rapidly purchased by shoe manu facturers. and used In tewing u e shoes ordinarily made fur market. Tlcnghmtty amnutacturer* fell a tear itat those shoe* would rip, andthough mo ln«.ancea where thev did fill were not nnfrenuent, still the sew ing machine did prcduce tetter work than wu made by hand, and me manufacturer* me ma emne-sewed shoe wu- more reliable than the band shoe. In the course of two years, cons tail attention and diligent appllcatt-n enabled me. ably assisted by Hr. Blake, the originator of this machine, to dlscove., one by one, and remedy all Ita detects, and these lm provemtnt* wire put cratuit uMv ou ail the iMctdnes in the country. until now me McKay Sc ong Machine is ao nearly perfect that those who use It. and know how to makera sh- c. know and feel absolutely confi d-nl mat the work it doe* inrt uol rip; lb*t ua aboo fall*, tbe unit is in some other place besides mo mrnent defective state ot me McKay sewing Machine. The editor ol me .Shoe and Uather Reporter we tto was skeptical aa to me proper waxing of the thread In me sewing machine; that me stitch was not property drawn tn; mat one pair of shoe* tewed by theuld fash ioned method ol stout arms, with hand manipulation and well-waxed thread. i» worth more to mp consumer thin U ree Pairs of machine-sowed shoes. Had the ed itor been a person whose accuracy of obserradon, or. whose knowledge of me subject he was ireaUng. en titled bint to write the article In quealon, he would have seen that the thread «.»crt In the sewing "»»cblne is necenutrilv well saturated with wax : that the ma chine miff not reic uuU»* tU waxing U good. And, bad he extrrlctd the waslnc apparatus.he would have «en ’bat the thread ts run through melted wax. And, had be examined the thread alter » was waxed, he would have found it ticroughlu saturated with wax. And, If hr had cxin Intd the thread waxed by hand, he would have found that. only the outside of the thread was waxed. And. If le hart been atall conversant with the practice of shoemakers, he would know that the - stout arms ” of men grow tired part ing at the waxed ends, ai d many snd many Is the time when the aching anus compromise with conscience, amt put vn a Utile tallow. The sewing machine makes no compromise*, and U* arms .never ache. As to the assertion that one pair of band-sewed shoes is worth more than three pair* 01-machine shoes. I have shown that this was not the case in the army—fand mere has never been a place where me durability of sewing was more severely tested i—and the certificate* which I ap pend to this article will satisfy the tnoet skeptical that III# not so in the opinion ol manufacturers, who*e names are a* ho* ored and respected In me shoe trade as TVashlDcton’s in our country’s history. The Altar rays that he is U»t arriving at the! conclu sion that the setting mac due. In Its present shape, is aVrtrtwrr It tre billowing facta relative to the opera tion of the sole sewing machine constitute a allure, then let humanity despair of Bhy there ar* six hundred and fifty of tht*e “ failures" In uw. There Is a stdcrdld machine shop, on# hundred and and fifty feet lour, and fortv feet wide, and three ft ones high, busily at work, reproducing these - failures. And there are men who have rpsnt their lives In making tutm. conlnx nn“JJ* ano set them at work. In tbe year IS6I there were 7.344 pairs of shoe* sewed on this machine; In 1rtA,379X31: In liGJ, 111 Wt 5.349.C<3i lnlSO.8AlO.156; and so far In tlieycar l&A the increase ha» been in the same ratio. These ma chines are now used by the best manufacturer* In me 'nntry. and these gentlemen—met ol experience, n*- ofstUbmenVf reputation, wbosic pood name In the shoe trade Is as deaf to them m the app.e ol the rye— have not hesitated to abandon the •• old-fashioned method of stonl arms.” and stake the earnings, the reputation, the pood name that yean of honest, taitn tnl labor have bronchi them on this *• Cularc,” on thli detective McKay Sewing Machine. 1 will not teny that machine-sewed shoe* hare ripped, ll a man will sew with poor thread, or use bad •iocs, bad inner aolea, the work maytoU :or tae mv chtacniay be Improperly adjusted; bat all Wests are avoidable, and the fact it deary established that there are hundreds ofmannfaetnrera to whom th-sc accident! never occur, while U i» clearly proved that We machine sewing is Tartly mperior to band sewing, even where the material Is poor. Still would a man be wl*c who should lay that, because bad work can be done on the sewing, machine, therefore the sewing machine U a failure. 1 rolcbt as well pronounce the printing prc*i a failure because a ** bad workman, an edltor. la at temptlng a thine he docs not understand. has minted I aome column* ot mls-'tatmcnts. One thm B l« clearly cstablithcd hr the holt of evidence which i ipcena to thli article: That there are mod ihoea made on the sewing machine. That these ahoei are Incomparably better than the hand nwed sloes. That Were are men who icavranl their machine-sewed shoes, who stamp tbclr names on them, and mark item warranted, end that i\**e mom Ml, TIXT* cheap rtioea made | on We sewing machine. until to uio. that are awaste ol & l ScfS d tkcTSy*VranclT'oT*poultry. There are poor clothes, poor sheeting*, poor hao*«wed iboea, poor bovti, poor newspaper*. and yet all these tbit cs must nave purchasers ;anrt there are many ihoe dealers who come Into our n arkrt to purchaM shoes, who refuse a good article, warranted to wear well, at 82. aud p*v f 1.75 for one wblrh they know will not last a week. These men pnrchsie what they can e f U at the be»t profit; trey are not to blame. Nor ran yon blame the man who makes wba» they demand, but trace the fault borne where U belongs, and yon will tod that the consumer who will purchase and wear “fhoddy baa thu power to stop or Increase the manufacture of worthless articles, ted that In him alone thli power Let the consumer call for machlne-fcwed shoes. Let him take onl> those which have the maker's name on them— mwewhlcuarewarrantcd. LetUlm claim the benefit of the wartant In all esse* of failure, and then be witling to pay a fair price fhr a Rood article, and be wil hate no reason to complain that the soles and np pera part compstiv too soon. Wc shall best no more of ! * pur.** of “ *■ ax.'* of ’•falloTe*,” of ‘•suene anna,” and theedltorof'hei'4o<and Isaihrr Hep- rter may ml from bis protecting supervision of th* “ consumer who has lost hi* patience. who pays enormously lor bU shoe*. who bears that me Introduction of machin ery Is to benefit Ltm as well ss the capitalist, who do** not seen, but, on the contrary, secs a poorer article at twice the cost ofthat ofHM);'* lor this poor, abused, nnnro'tcted consumer wilt then protect hunselt and no one will Question that be will be the gainer if be shifts the trom the editor aforesaid Into bis own editor says “that the sole sewing machine neces sitates another defect. The upper ha* to be nailed to the Inner sole," and that these nalis work into the stocking. In answer, there Is no necessity of lasting the shoe with i.fh The process can lie dune with ihretd; not quite so rear.lly. bet three cents a pair would pay the differ ence In cost. Hut this la net necessary. because If nails of proper length, and not too are used, they never work loose. Then, as to repairing, the machine sewed shoes, tbev arc as easily repaired as a called or a pegged shoe, while. If the customer will demand good shoe*, and pay a good price, repairing rips will certificate* which hsve been sent to me from manufacturers wbo are using the McKay Sewing Machine. I need not say that they are an ab solute rcfustlon of nearly all tbat the article In ques tion contains, nor need! say one word to those ac onmtnted wttb the shoe trade, as to the character of the makcrsofthcae certificates. To those who know not the leading can.cs In me th< c bu-tness. I will state that these certificates are signed by moitofthe first manu facturers In the country; that they are the names of those that have been most successful In the shoe busi ness ■ men of the highest rapectabill'y—the troth of whose assertions there can be no question shout. These tewing machines are mads aud sold by the i “McKay Sewing Machine Association.” a company whoso cilice Is In Boston, and whosebaMne** is under the direction of the following Heard of Directors: I Km, S. Botch. Amos P. Tapicy. Johi C. Abbott, Ly man B. fouler and Gordon McKay. The price for the ’machines, with the spooler, waxer and channeler (Vrcoman's improvement), Ufsm, delivered at Law rence. Mass., cash in advance. The machines are war ranted to be af good material and workmanship, and » the pnceiamic itcludrs acklllfUl workman to set op me machine and to give ins»rurtloa la operating it, as well as when necessary in the whole process of making u*lns me McKay Bole Sewing Machine can pnduce a hotter rxocftfneat a/oiccr cost man by band: ran hsve the whole process of making his shoe* under bis immediate Inspection instead ot harlat It scattered over miles of territory, as U gen erally thccasewim hand work: can be certain tost nl*sLoe« will ncrer rfp ; canconvert hli leather Into shoes in three or four days, while me “ old-fashioned method of sicut arms ” Rqulrcs as many months. The machines and shoes are patented,and areal sold under a lleensc. by the terms-of which mi licensee U obliged to put a license stamp (Uke a postage stamp) on each pair of shoes; and there has been a decision of a case tried in me t. 8. Conn, to the effect that the sale of mere sho-s by any person, whether me manu facturer or a dealer, when me shoe s have not the li cense stamp on mem, ts an lafrtngement of me patent. The license also reserves the right to sell me sewing machine to the licensor, and expressly declare* all sales made by the licensee or any person except the licensor unless made vim the wnttcnLCun*ent of tab licensor, to be nn.l and void, conveying no title to me machine to me pcrchas* r, but mat me title to the ma chine on such sale reverts to me licensor. GORDON XcKAY, jHotels. BOSTON. &bo t-ia. &«p.a. WBp.m. &rs, t. cl IN THE Agent of the McKay Sewing Machine Association Batxhxqx, Jnly 10.1556. This Is to certify that one of the members of our firm has had me McKay feewmg Machine In constant osefor about three year*, and has -ested th" work done os It In his own family, and that be «nowa me work, when property done, w be Ur bell« ordinary hand work. D. P. HABtfON ft SON. Nkw Tosx, July U, 1866. CoL Go mbs McEat, Boston: Deal Sir: I have used me McKay Wins ttehfae about three years, sod have made to LAWO nMn ol ladles*, muses' and children s shoes, all off which 1 haTcwarrantcd,notenepalrta * monsand ol which past experience !u baad-sewed work. I do Sot belleve it pretfbfe to produce tbe same quantity br hand with a remit so favoi able. oynaao Tours truly sn.t regretfully. EDWIN C. BCBT, No. Tt Park Bow. New York. n.rmitL, July U, 1566. of JufcTl WUI sfate mat I have used the Mc Kay Sewing v«fMrj tor four rear-. I have Uiorouchly tested the wktn my own family, they haring worn exclaslvelr shoes Mwed on me machine since It* Intrcslacffoa here wttli entire tmOstaetlon- 1 know the work, when nrorerty dooe, to be better than hand work.. I have returned on account of any defect la Sewtogand megcod* sold. »o far** I have been able tHeiSLhave rirro good satisfaction. Tneraschlae laihehacdsot an operator ness, will uniformly prodnee good work. I will also mtethatlccnsldn- the sewing machine, homaaa CnrcixyAn. Joly 15, ISO. It* 1 cmuy that 1 hare Q>«Ute viic.VsWinr Machine sixteen months. 1 »a»y Mtlrted £rb u I warrant nil my work on ihU maeMac. ihare nextr had nay 2fn™<s.*adb»Te not had orer six or seren mall rip* to£SJri£fthe U»‘ »u months. I bare made orer Strudmen who make hand custom work- My »<>rW nil Sri ? «od iwatoUOß. 1 ran now sell machine I am an old shoe a repataUoa as a z .f nwi4orsl stow*, bat always had treat SSm# to todwortmw whose band-sffwtoi; wonla not S tbehaxd-ic«ed.hce*, It U all foUy f SSS UM6 hack ca hand-sewod work, ai knows that the manufacturer coaid not soled work to stand without ripping In a retailer will re-ollect the stout saonnmt t tteonly handwork In the SmJv'uJVSonMartnt m* mu’ M.nat Knd npp«|l zs-'ss&sissi SSBSi KS »««• LTO.V. >'tw Sotx. Angnst 10, ISO. of the late ahoslre artl<>,appeartng o»ef wo fcelln Jo»Ucebound totho« opinion on tL and tn*» i ,Vw ,i 7 wmethlng In!» £a wbo bare » iSSTter v»o ye»rs entirely eagiced in ror. hr the McKay every pair toclre pxd Machine. I iwre tare retainedlor almost errorh«tonaccount ot affisssss tnat work D fL%lh_^ l rvr „ U Ut. If there and sapenor «*» u- » prove, by «oxe S.eoUbear.y of BsttSi. Bochertcr JlblJ*®- P *£ v {cacblne-sevcd shot* hare »adcUiiTPlacMth*t # ®- fe ® lo#e cuanactarers who nerer/aijed. AM ‘ “ d amdaeaed shoes will former are ttr sope- gctolug jttad)ines find tn« work dote hj it that It u not necessary I sbortd m T°?. C machine Is soosethlnc that I think the public at ’arrets interested in, because if mates a shoe onedol ar cheaper atd cne dollar better than band-sewing on the same stock. p. DOWLISO.SSDey-sU Norm Exaroa, Uui., July *, IBM. °DS?BIV: T wmito q tbe 1*« two ye*r*weh»Te»old rver eleven thousand (1I.W0) pair* or men s coll bools, sewed on the McKay bcwlug Msmblne. ■We have never tod * word of complaint la regard to a single pair cflhem- b Yosntnlr. Toon tral£ A oaMOBE & co . BraitTOXD, July 12,1356. °^itßlV; I with'the greatest p’eavure that we resnesd to your* of the 50th alt-, asking from os a can dle staltment of the satisfaction given by the McKay Sewing Machine, as compared with the work sewn by hsnd previous to car pore basing the machine. We are happy to be able to say that although we think oar weJted won was better than the averaze of welted show mde tor the trade, the work done on your machine has given Quite as good as the hand made shoe; and la foci our customers git e It the preference. . SpOFtELD. This It to certify that I have been enraged with George BUlccr. the last two year*. In the manufacture of ladies*, misses’ and children’s shoe* by the McKay Sewing Machine; that we have made tome tweutr-nve thousand pairs, and of that cambtr I have not found over one per cent that ripped. Previous to this I have been engaged iwenty-fve years In the mannlsctoe of hsnd work, and mv experience Is. that one-half of all the work that Is made tor hand. npr. There Is need of a careful preparation to he exercised In setting up machine work to make It hold, os! know there are too many engaged In thsl work who merely threw it together, merebv c«ung upon the v o-t ° J. C. OAUUNKrt. with * ofß * GEORGE BILLGER. No. 21 South Front-* Philadelphia. Albjlst, July 10, ISM. are happy to furnish onr testimony a# to the success of your sewms Js®T°£ d ?SS far excels any work we ever toad done by band, and rot In a Uncle Instance have we had any complaint* trom the work cone bT the McKay Scwiac Machine. Ttol# we cannot ear of the handaewed work. w« mas that *e bare received trnrral complMntso woik“Slvcn out,”etc.,that li aewed byhaid. w« have used your machinefor tbo last two years, we have a tint das* operator, and the shoes toe ha* sewed have never failed to give unbounded.satisfaction. Onr operator we hire by the week, and bis ambition Is to torn outwork that will stand A No. J Xoois respectfully, BELLOWS iIOOBE & CO. 57 Dtr-sr., New Yon, July 13,1 W. Goedos McKxt. E*q. . . Dear sir: Mr. Kom, our fbremsn, baa taken moon in terest In yonr machine*. The shoeamaaeoy them hare men good (attraction to our customer*. we hare never had a complaint of the shoe* npplnr, and of all the shots we have made by the McKay SewingMa ehmr. hare never teen hot one thee tipped In the aolo tewing. We are tnlly aatltfied tbe work U more relia ble than that made by hand by flrst-cUas workmen. TOQ ?. T O%®fcHOUSE & TASKEB. Mesrn. Whltebouse & Tatter hare six McKay Ma chines anil bare made 750,000 pain ot ahoea on them. IFnmksxxPiiLi. July, IS, 1968. GoedosMcKat. Esq.: . .. Dear Sir: We bare bad the McKay Sewing Machine In use In onr factory nearly fanryeua, ami durlogthat time have sewed upward* of 1&J.OOO pairs of shoe*. We consider the machine Indlipecsable In the shoe baa net*, and the character ol the work capable of being done upon them by a skilful operator far superior to ortllnarUr made hand-*ewed shoe*. We found llnec weary, to Induce our enstomera to buy, to agree to re fund the money tor all oboe* that might chance tanp, but m> to the preaent time we bare not had two pain returned to ns on account of tbe failure of machine KWU.S, Yo Teo'Bge f. kkott. S 3 Hodson-eL. Cntstnul above Third. BocxocsTzn, N. T.. Jane 20.1366. This 1* to certify that we bare oaed Ibe McKay Sew- Inc Machine lortwo years and nine months; that we hare made on Udurtng that period toryr-slx thousand six hundred (16.010) pair* of shoes. all of which we have warranted, and bare never had a pair r-iturnod ripped. We have thoroughly rested the work by weiring, and arc satisfied that, when dene by a good operator. Ills i„ ~!*»■,. to o.t K Veto. This is to certlly that 1 have used the McKay Sewing i Machine fouryeara. That i|havo thoroughly tested ■ the work done on It to mi own family. or under my . personal observation. That 1 know the work, when . properly done to be pood—better tnan hand work aa U is ordinarily made. Thatthc machine, W the hand* of an operator of ordinary Intelligence, who understands ■ hU business,w HI uniformly produce good work. That 1 have made Lsveral hundred Ibotuacd pairs ot ladles, misses’ana children** shoes on thee machine* within the last four vears. which 1 hare warranted. That I have not half a single pair returned to me tor defective ■work. That bad these been sewed by hand, * InOglcg from my past experience to hand sewed work, the pairs that would have failed would hare been many. I also state that I consider the sewing machine, both aa a mechanical production ana as an Invention, a# perfect a machine as has ever been Introduced into the shoe business. I nse the same wax as Is nsed In the best hand work, and the thread la much better waxed than by the ordinary hand-waxlng. and U Is drawn home with a greater tension than band-work. Yon cannot gut shoemakers to wax their thread well, as It solls'tnctr hanas. and you i annet compel them to use a thread of an uniform and requisite strength. They frequently use a much inferior article of thread. We manufacture shoes laifldv by hand al«o, and hare an excellent opportu nity ot comparing ;te durability of each kind of work, ntty ot comp UO DN*EY KING, Philadelphia. BocnzsTEß. July 11, 1366. Gocpox McKat, EBQd Sir: I take pleasure to giving you some of my ex perience to the custom retail trade for the last forty made all the varieties ot shoes worn during that period by hand, and employed tor that purpose the best of workmen from all nationalities—Danes, Swede*. Germans. Hollanders, Englishmen. Irishmen Frenchmen and \ aakce*; paid the highest and be* wages, and found, with an occasional exception, tha If the work did not rip, that was the exception, while the work made on the McKay hewing Machine I could warrant without any apprehension of Us rip- P, l am saUafled that the party writing the article to the Eho* asd Lxathxs Rxpoetxb relaxed to Is not a practical shoemaker, or else a knave. I am ready U» assert that the sewing machine, when properly used, docs good work. Second. That the work li belter done than good band-work. . .. , . .. While in the reUll trade I Invariably warranted the shoes made on the sewing machine. Very seldomh*a there been a pair returned. That In one case, I think, was nealecl on the part of the operator. In not joining the each alter a break of the thread, occasioned by a toot or OUicCTIM. j.-KiffiSV. Batch Sons & Streeter. Rost*, N. Y-. Jnly 1566. Thlslstoccrtlfythatwe have used the McKay Sew. ins Machine about one and a hall years; that we havo thoroughly tested the work done on It to oar own fam ilies ; that we know the work, when properly done, to be good and better than hand-wors, as it la ordinarily tnfelfl- that the machine In the barilla ot an op-rator of ordinary Intcmieuce, who under (lands bta business, will unlformlv produce good work; that we bave mnde over 15.600 naira of ahrea within the last year, of wblcb not s single pair baa been reported to ua aa hay. tag ripped. We use the same wax that is used to the b«sl hand work, but the thread Is much better waxed than It can be by theordinaryold style of band-waxlng. Taking thcl machine as a mechanical production, and as an tavcnUou, we consider It aa perfect a ma chine aa has ever been Introduced in the shoe business. KDiGSBUUY, ABBOTT A HALE. BnsaxrcßT, July 36.1366, This Is to certify that we have uacd one of the McKay Sewing Machines lor the last two years, and have sold several thousand pairs of shoes to the shoe dealers of this city, which wc have warranted nut to rip, and It Is vcryseldom we have any complaint on that .account. We nave made all the Inquiry of our Western custom* era. who utltewUh the dealers to ibis placeta saying they do not have one-half the trouble with shoe* rip ping, and thev consider the machine-sewed shoo* alto pet ber preferable to the hand-sewed shoe*, for the re tail trade. BRIDGEPORT SHOE CO. L. W. CLARS. Gosdox McKat, Esq., Boston. Maas. K*w Toex Citt. July it, IV6. Mi. Goipos McKat: , . 1 Dear sir: Your note asking onr experience la mo sac of yonr msiblre, came to band. In reply we would say mat with ns tt has proved a success, but It has been very carefully managed. We manufacture Misses* snd chlWren's shoes exclusively, which as a general thing, get about as bard usage as any class of shoe*. Yet our work has given great satisfaction, and has preference wherever introduced. We give a gen eral warrant to all our goods, and tne number of pairs returnee w us 1* insignificant, and we hesitate nut to say that a shoe property sewed by me machine fa very much superior to me common band sewed work. We have seen onr shoes where me sole has been com pletely off, and not a stitch started. We have a first rate operator, one who under*lands bis business and U very careful In aims details. We have ran onr ma chine about *wo and a half years, and bare foil confl iL.m fj, Ha m'flUL dence as to its merits. _ _ ._ _ , c _» T llerpcctfullr. C. F. ft tV .LA SELL, i No.STDay-sL, New York. HAvxmnx, Mass., July 13,1866. Goipox McKat. t Dear sir: I bad one of tbe first machines made; It has been tnoptiatlon ever sinc«*-ls now. We make three thousand case* ol shoes per year with me two , machine*! have. Dave not had a Slagle pMrreforaed t tblsvear. M» good# are sold from me Lakes to tbo Guttlrcm me AUantlc to the Pacific, and therefore I cancel ary quantity of testimony from my trade, t am latlsCed, from my own experience, mattho vitality i of me machine ts settled. Yours, g QW , ”n*w Toss, July 20,1566. \ Gotocs McKat, Esq.: . Pear Sir: We notice in the .•faoeond LfatXtrße itorlrr an article which appeared In tbe commas of That journal on the 26th nJL, and which wo must con fess surprised us nov a little, for we bad been accus tomed to consider the McKay Sewing Machine/after having Used It for several years, as almost a perfect invention, and In fact sail continue ot mat opinion, not for a moment having any tear mat me article alia tied to Will cause much injury to me manufacturer 1 -wbo are n«mv me machine, but on me coatary are convinced mat the facts elicited will only have a tea. Oency to further demonstrate me Inestimable value o ; this splendid Invention. We moetcheertully accede to your request lor a testi monial in its favor, out at thesamelltne deem ttquite superfluous, as It* value baa been amply tested boib la this country and elsewhere. Handled with ordinary skULU produces work Infinitely superior in point o. durability to hand-sewed a* generally made, ana this we state on me experience of twenty years In me shoe business. One great advantage mat tbs machine has over me hand-sewed workl* that the thread In the former 1* drawn through the leather only one*, leav ing it all it* strength, well filled with wax. and kept In an even temperature in all seasons In order to work It. In the hand-sewed work It Is of neccs-ltr drawn thrnneb lu whole length at every stitch, and of course becomes weaker every time. If the work fa done In warm wearner, me sweat of me band crease* and rota It. and ol course win not bold; In cold weather the wax will fly off almost entirely, until the workman, tired of waxing It any longer, pnta a lime tallow on u. This process does not Improve Us sticking quality; and, again. In senre work, where there is danger ot soiling m« work, a lit tle berewax Is made to answer: hence me cause ot so much hand-work npping so badly, we warrant onr work, wear tt ourselves, sell to many of llw| best retail dealers In our cltv. wbo would not fall to apprise tu rramptlT ol any defect, snd we assort yon that we can scarcely count a half dozen pairs of shoes which we • totnakw inch use ot this article as yon d “= pro^r,« COFm.-. 2 Dcy-su Sew York City. TVa. the undersigned, ear tiff that we Lave used me McKay gewise Machine from six months to four years; that ww have tested the work done by It In our own families. or under our own personal oheerrarian; that we know me work, when properly dose, to be good—better than hand work, as tt Is ordinarily made ; mat the machine. In the hacds of an operator of ordi nary Intelligence, who aodetsUnds his btatoess. wUI uniformly produce rood wortt. We give below the number of pairs wc hsve made (approximately), also, me rain mat have failed. In our opinions, we could not cave made the same number of band-eewed shoe* without tallcrc* to a much greater extent. We con sider me hewing Machine, bom as a mechanical pro duction and an invention, as perfect amachlae a* has been produced In the shoe basmew. We use the same wax that is used In the best hand work, and me thread U much better waxed man In hand-sewing, j. B peter*. Cincinnati. Pairs made, WOO. Warraat- K. H. Pain made, i “SSi Ui. p»ln “S:: ixjm. “‘1; «”■ F^n made. IPJCO. Pairs failed, none. _ . - Georeu Belgtr. Philadelphia, I*a. Pairs male, BJOO. WaTTsnted. retail, fairs failed. UL L. Graf ft Newark, N. J. Pain made, 90,000. Warrant'd." Pairs failed. 30. „ . . ”ceorge W. Keene. Lynn. Mass. Pain made, 330JX0. Warranted- pain fayed, very few. Krw To** Crrr.Jnly IS. 1866. CTrtiiy that wehadone of ibeMcKay Formg Mtchlhes »lnce Septemben 15*5. and from that time It his b-en in constant cw. The aycr*R* number of shoes sewed dally was from flftxto aevroty-fire me qnaTtr of otrr woifc welett'ormany mrods have mem. They uj that mschinwwed shoe* wear as wclL if not better, than hand-sewed shoes. We have sold to quite a cumber of wholesale dealers in mi* cltr. and to mis date h*ve not had the tint shoe returned on account ofthe scytce. We conddtr the machine a complete sacces*. It will give perrect »aus factloa tome tttitomer. If me operator nndmtandshli business and attends to it. _ ... We have had every opportunity offered ns to find oat whether tbemachlne will give satisfaction or net, and are satisfied to mat effect. V " T 'Dls™iwfffSoXßHTU. jfo. 2a Greeawicb-sL, New Tork City. Mr. Goedoi McKaT : i ncirStr: IhaT*used tbe McKay Sowing Machine ] r>»»rK ore year. have sewtd more than •erea thoosand • S3r» of boot* and shoes. bare sold tbe most otUsra la tSurJclmty to Do* ton 'shop*.and bare wanMtod aU St work. I bare Men bat fire boots jet where the gtjt £. broME, m I iMeI BJ tuuamou •aweßsatisfiedwlU»themachlne-eewed with nrefrr the mstitice-Mwed boots to any older. . EjICT WSTWOCTB. July B. 19**. _ : Thia i< to certify that we bare used tbe McKay Machinefbrthe two matntocto^c mens . boot*, CTpreMly ror the retail trade, 15? i been ore instance, to onr knowledge, where the wort . aEEeOEIMIE.EM=EI».BIIEd. mTasttaj- 1 Krw Tozx, July H« 13G5. G Kite our teatlmony to tbe innertortty of the McKajMWtnc Machine over aaT- berrictore introdneed to shoe machinery, we , SfeiSSlUieVoTit done by lilt mad dor ms the two and a half years we hare been talas them have cot bad half a dorm pairs retained as dam aged 1 ln wcare K tnaklne fine cowls tor men’s wear, both hand ; and machtae-Mved. ana bare no healUUoa la saylos 1 vl*e machine-scwed Is more uniformly good than hand* " *wensoiheuma kladolwax that Utued [or hflal Vetoing fHactiines _„v fh# Firtit of th« apparatus used to wu ttt thread weald convince any one that U la more thor liuly yours, ifoTS Dcy-st* Kew York. This la to certify that 1 have used tha v B«**hß Machine three mi*: that I hare thoroughly;■**» vorlc dot* on It In tnT own family, or and tint I Know the crlr done, to be pood, better “}2 i J r hMda*of «4 ordinarily done; that the machine la the naaosoi an SiSStor oforttoary tu^wfjW* baalnm. will cnitormly produce madea&ul l«,t« pair* of show on thU machine with . in the laat three years, which I have warrantai. t“t Ihaverot had ever ten pair* *s®, fJJSJ warrant; that had these boon sewed by hand, Jndrtne from my past experience In hand-sewed wort, mePJtlria that would haveialltd would have been one hundred I consider the maohlne, both as a mercantile production and aa an Invention, a* pertec* a machine as haa ever been introduced into tea aboe business. I use the wax that Is used In the beat hand wort, and the thread Is much better waxed Uiaa bythe ordinary hand-waxlng. J- M, Hatch. Bosros.JalyW.ise6. **T)xaj? Noticing in the Shoe ond leather Re* porter of June 2sth an article which contaica staKs menta entirely wrong and erroneous tn rezufto the - McKay Sewing Machine." we feel Impelled by a sens* of Justice to give yon the result of oortxpcrience In its nee. Forfouryeir* wchave uscdlt with such entire satl<factlQn to ourselves and customers, that we long B co abandoned the manufacture of band-sewed good*. For the purpose of testing the merits of the wort, we sold and warranted goods to retailers whoao custom* <ts have worn them out under circumstances that l would have rendered U impossible tor us not to have known if they ha? proved otherwise than what they were represented; and not an Instance tow occurs to us In which damage* have been claimed. We consider the machine an Invaluable acquisition, both to manufacturer and though we may here add that, like other “?*/??*£ acidbnt require* areworab’.e deg*aof a*lll and Inge ”K SSff"* BAKBEIT. Clxtslasd, Ohio, July U, 1866. DMuMvertoyour nxjuot for our operl ecce aa to the durability of the work done on the Me* Kav “w lug Machine, we weald say that wc mala: both band-sewed and machine-sawed ;Tiavc made the ma chine-sewed about eighteen months; we sen our wont direct to the retailer, and warrant every pair. We have not betnasked to ccaidamageai In that time cn account of any detoctln the work, either la machine or hand-made work. There have been tour or five Instance* during that time that hare come to our knowledge where the work has tipped, but not to such an extent that the buyer lelt warranted In claiming dam«c6. Our warrant ia tha. the work wUI bold SSStf is well as the hand-work; it will. We aUu keenn retail store, and have never, to our knowledge, had to repair a rip In our own make of goods. EW< S UaU,I G‘&FI>- BKOS. i HESSAED. NewToex, July 15, ISM. °D^ns¥c C^?iS Q mvl« Bom U 3 toMWm oUmot shoes on your machine. I have not known ot cue pair In a hundred ever having rfbped.anJ the only- cw-eia which I have had any trouble was In using an inferior thread by accident* IbeUeve the work, when done properly. tseQual to band work cl the beat kind, ex cept In very heavy double sole#. nrtrr Yours, very truly, JOHN IY.BLKf. Nxw Toik. July 111566. This la to certify that we have used the McKay Sew ing Machlnrelorihethree tears last past: we have thoroughly ustod the durability ol the work made by them, and unhesitatingly declare It to bo, when prop erly made, superior to the ordinary hand-sewed work. We have made from two hundred to Bvc hundred pair* of shoes per day on the machines since we began using them, of women’s, tulssa and children a, and m-u a, boya* and youth’s, warranteig every pair, and bating had. to the best of our recollection, nut three pair* re turned on our warrant from the failing of wurx done McKay Sewing Machine as perfects machine as baa ever been introduced in the mantoetur ingot boots and shoe*, andbeiuvlag that it has done much towards raising the standard of work so made, we take pleasure in wlQtox **rn tltt liability- UALU bOCTHWItE A CO* U J Kos. 27* and ail Broadway Kcw York. ATHOL Dxfot, Mas?., July 15.1866. •GoxposMcKat. Etq.: ... Dear Sir: For the mtormallon of thoseunacquamtcd with the strKay Sewing Macblce, and tho quality of llswork.lcertliy that 1 have bad one in use the past two years and two mouihr, and have aeveti many I ibousatd pairs of tdgb-cost men’s and lilies gar«r* I and kid boot much of which have been sold In the New ' England trade, with a warrant, lam not aware that • a flnglo pair ha* been returned tor any damas* • clalmcdanslngtromtheworkofthemsctine. Betorc ' purchasing the machine I ban some fear l was located ala considerable distance from other Tnaaufac ' tnrcrs.lndghinotbosblestslltimeHtoKet a '-ompe tentman to eperate the machine, but la that I find no dlffleuity, as snv one who is careful will soon Icatu to run It successfully, even tfhe ha* but Utile mechaalciti i * k l have given my whole attention to matmCwturlng ' and dcalbiz In U>ot» and shoes lor the past >ewi.sen years, and have made them extensively In the different modes of band-scwlng. bnt In no form have attached the sole to the upper with a* full rnceets and satisfaction as when sewed on the McKay btwlnc Machine, lhave until now rnu the machine hy loot, but am at present pmtlng In steam power, to which I shall attach ihU machine A Yours, tntiy. CH*RLEfa M. LEr* iU 1 J Of the firm ot C. M. lee A Bco«* No. UO Pearl su, Boston. LTjnt, July, 1366. °MS’si l r C ? : iluwii cmlfr But 1 ttv. lurt im McKay Sewing Machines during four year*; have made npwanla ol 60,000 pairs of ladles® misses and childrens shoe* on them, and have never had cause the rnschlne work was poor. I consider that It! work ana capacity have not yet b«n realized, nor wUI It be folly appreciated till more order, system and care are introduced in the shop* where thor are used. It viewofthcgreatcompeUtionwhlch niuce* manofac turerslo use cheapsuick, and the demand tor uucaj ; and still cheaper goods and slighted work, I Wak ll i > wonder thattta reputation , fled that wheteverlhe tnschlnMcwed shoes »>■, thj allure I* attributable to delects in raatorlslorlabor ul not to the McKay Sewing Mach ne. Let the con anmerdemand a good article, and alisa a tolr prodt « Mdevcrv manufacturer may warrantall hlsmacilnt ' ““"'ffiS'ioon, CRAfI. BUFF CM. • T.-vxw-Maai- Sent. 13.1F66. 5 ! ojMuicf tSB UclUy Sewing Machine one 1 j oi she criateal invention* ol the ace. H»»e ] them four year*. I bare now three which 1 use with t entire satisfaction to myself and customers. Your* truly, B.Si. uuuiku. | LTXH.Bept.3MSW. | 1 bafe used two ol your machines In my fsetorr lor the last four year*, and they hare given cn- Ure iMU thcnouln every res sect. tVbeneTeroy cus tomers want a good strong shoe they always call for machtnfraewcd, aed the shoes madefy your machine are tbs only roods 1 esn warrant. In fact, Ido not sec bow 1 conlogcl alone without the McKay Sewing M.ctlne. '"“^^““ifiLPOßTEa. Ltwh, September 33.186*. W« bare run from one to four McKay Machine* du ring the past tour years, and can nohrmatlngly »ay that the rerun of onr experience In thoirmse has been tococvtncc ua ol the superiority of the shoe* made by tbe McKay Sewing Machine oxer those made py hand. There can be no question that shoes sewed by that ma* ctdne are stronger apd more durable than those made tyany other process, allowing the same quality ot maU-rtals to bo used. * CO. * T LTHH, sept. IS, 1566. ' ° leve T your sewing machine a success, ' aid destined to occnpy a prominent position among • thebenetcial 1 ibor-eaxlngmachlnwof‘baworld- We know inequality of Its work la good and durable, and i mat a good ti tea liool or ahoe can. by Its help, be made . much cheaper than by baud. It Is al*o doing a good work In Improving Md systematising our mode of C sboetnaanfikCTurleg. As lo ibs durability and sgeneth • of its work, about wblcn the tno* xkd utaTazn Ua* • roaras Is exercised, we think that facts like the fol* - lowing outfit to change his mind and bring out another ! Mittnnal: Our last ve«r*» prodncll n of machine ■boss amounted to &3,(C0. all w;J made and warranted In the strongest manner, by ourselves and also br the C. O. D. man, for whom the above amount was made- They were distributed among a eery large I nrmbet ot retailers, mostly In K<.w En cUnd and. New i York, wbo*e tedtmony tslnvarlabiy highly nattering 0 ; to onr machine shoe. But the best proof!* Jtat ol the e • entire amount ihu* warranted and sold, not Oxe pairs t were ictorncd to us (luring the year tor rips or defotta « In rewing. Can any hand manulhctarcr show as clean a a record. DAKCROFT T * n pcm/tVrOS. Goedos McKat, E*q. . TVanSir* 1 have used vour mac blue dnrtng the pail four years, having bad Ihrec of them in constant use. The rowing by thtmhas clvm entire lailsfictlou, and I consider my good* are much rtronger and better bytbelr nse than In the oldwsyof sewing br hand. I have made and sold over four hucarw thousand pairs of *hoes mat have been sewed cnyour m«hiifo*, and as a general principle, have warranted them all, ana very seldom bate load compUlnu C lSx I SD: We Cn2, on reviewing our trade, that there Is an Increase in the n*e and sa’e of machine made shoes, and all our customers a*»nre ns tteir trade la steadily Increasing on our style of goods, made exclusively on the McKay Machine. Yours truly, G£l3. w. EEBiB a stlNi : I bouglit one of the first marhlnw you 1 put out. some four years since, and have used It ti the 1 present time, and from time to time have added often, ' so that I now run four. 1 have made over lour ban • dred thousand pairs ol shoes with them and no com plaint* have ever come from my customers, ot the contrary, 1 bare been told by retailers who formerly kept two men at work making shoes, they now with difficulty keep oae man busy; and those who were for merly timid about buying machine ihoes, now prefsr them. Ido not hesiate to warrant them cm i • ins, September 19. is«. Rmttc foil Frl end; I have four of your mac bites, : and sfter nearly tour years’experten« fo mndag ’ themTand the manufteture of some 3M.000 paiaot •ho«i with them, I believe them to be thorough and Shines. They do work cheaper and Utter thin It can be done in any other way. 1 tan endorse, to the fullest extent, the long Hit of ■ testimonial* which you have published, as to me good ° ! KSSSiIr r c.F. corns. Lrxx, septmober 14. ISSfi. C l™ s Ea- C ; E Tvt E KV« mtd tbe McKa, S-rlniMi chine* for the last three yean, and the wort done by them hat given perfect saas&ctton In all cak*, and we believe it to be a vertbet sucres*. and W. F. ÜBEEDA CO. twill reclve snd fell second-hand Macblses at oy office. 3 and 6 Bath street, Boston. Dee ot CcnmUslon.,-•*•** GORDON UcttAY, Agent. ■^y ASHES WELL! WEARS WELL The genuine Made Raffle Tb«e roods, bartnc toe abore trade-mark on tot BoxandCard. are warranted to measure six full yardi In each piece, and to Wstan and Waso as well a» aa> “iM GEMJISE MAGIC KUITLE3, still matntac tured by toe original intcnton end patentees, on *ape rtoriSchlncrT. from toe beet tutorials, sad ado careful snpemrton, hsTe y*ih* MTJtiat yo, rising icrarlable satisfaction. T SuSiiftSSSbyTI TE MAGIC BUFFXJS COMPANY. Ko *)li Cbamber-fto Kew Yr rk. Also Manufacturers Cf BtTTLEFLm>-QISOS'?. Hoxx-MaPXßrrmxt ' XT TJNDEHWOOD, COMMISSION MERCHANT. ■ Particular attention rtfea to jL;porcfc«e*o<i cf Port. Bte£, Lanl. flana, TaUow, orals, r. . SerdJ, 4c. ASTtocca v"** cm coastcarna* tot «*le here. Bo* un, Se« York, RiUsadptla, B*moore sal Su Coca. itorttain? la *O/ dnanUUes— BteU Peri H %«.*<?• Store, S 3 lUIUOMU of ilidtion mod Deirt’orn-ft*., Cblc*r>« . _. “gSrSto Colon K*Uoralß*nk, Mmo;_>**“« Elunrmttt Book. Boston; Cromer, Wood *Co, se» York; 8. A- LewHJEoq.. 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It Is I hardly necessary to add that tU* Is thcoalj Comoro- I beuslvewoikon Brazil extant, containing the history of the countrv; sketches of Us Imperial ruler and of I the living statesmen; description* of six different I looneys by both authors; lUerarT.srtenUße and com mercial statistic*, sud much Information tortnosede. J string to emigrate to HrazlU It contains map*, and 150 j illustrations on steel, stone M d wooc. L. H. A Co. have recently published: Vol. IX of Brancroffs History ot the CaltM States, health, a Manual of Political Econo- ] YlnwoiofJciefh Warren, by Richard of Samuel Adams, bv William V.Wells. 8 rols. Svo. cloth. *ll. Half caff. of France In the New-World, by Francis b^&DkuSifeof the Bible; thick Sto. W BBWrSmator W DSSSfy ti tie Bible; crown Brou GOO pp.. prtfuscly Illustrated; cloth. E. * Boutweirs Tai-Payert* Manuakcoalalulng the entire Internal Revenue Law# a# amended; Bvo.. paper; 50 of the above works scut to any address, free of postage, on receipt of the advertis'd pflcr. COT.LECTOR’S OFFICE State oi Illinois, Cook County—s*. , _ , I * t Co cut nocsi, Room No. It. Nov. Sth, lSw». v Public notice I# hereby given_ th tt ibe toll vwliic d* Kribco Warrant* have been placed In my hands for ®wS2t K^WLWest-Dated Nov. Sth. ISM, and issued for the collection of. ■•sS**sl2 i ft f sK? lor constructing a sidewalk on the south sMeoiwai- SwresaLmc<tu street and Woodatre«. Warrant No. 591. North—Dat-.d Nor. 6lh. tsM, and Issued tor the collection rf a for fititnff- curbing ana paving North Wells street tram Sertw toKlwlestreet, ansfot bulldlugaairou vt*. duct miaald North Wells street at KorthWater street. All person* Interested In said special *sso«m«iis requested to make immediate P»X me h* In aefsult of tueb psyment the said be collected at the ooet and dpSMeoMms C«s?iu Ua hie therefor. A. H-- UKALU, weincxmor. city Collector. tjroposals for filling north I MARKET STREET. FROM ERIE STREET TO * TIEI ° Chicago, Kovenber 15, I Sealed Propoaala will bo received by the Board Ol Public Weeks, at thrtrofflee. until it a.«~ KoT.s6th.lor nllaigwUb ctay horth Market street, from th- aouth line of Erie street to the *.nth line: of Division street, according to plans and spectncattoai ° D £aid will be paid frr *■* grestes, with the usual rciervatlon of tUle*m(u) per propoaali mu« be addreaeed to *]>e «f PoMJJ ■Work/Tendoncd “ »Topo«tf fo»Fintae >orth Market rtre«*t,” ■n , ibe»econipaiied with ttejuntJ fJW bond, wlth*omlc*.tobearproTedbythe Board. The Board reaerxo the rtaht to “°* *? accoronnce withlbe condition* of ortorciectall bid*, and b®. tmlcn the partr offering It rtiall p»c tory to the Board that he ha* Uien«r»*arf»£UU expe rience, enersr and ability lor dolus JJ» 1» tnutp irthy, andha* mffldenl pecuniary p'bk'u. lctz, O. J.KOSB. Botrd of Public Wort*. PBOtoSALS.— Bail. & Mo. Bit. R. R. proposals for the grading, bridging. tlelng. and me laying ol inter of 62 miles ol the Burlington A yimncri uixer Railroad, westtro* Caarltoo. will be faired by me. from the Uth Ull the MtMeit. Prsale*, plans and specifications can be Inspected coring tnai ‘“'•‘“'"“•“Tfn&xss.s-.cua BulHer. Burlington. Tows. Nov. 7. UtA. i • Lucs, September 34, ia«. LTsnt, September at, IFW. Lm. August 95. IKB. fHagic Uuffif. Business CatßS ©Haute® agents. Juat Published by Harper* Bros.; 8. C. GRIGGS As CO., Wholesale and Retail Booksellers, 8. C. GRIGGS A- CO„ Wholesale and Ecudi Booksellers, .’IB and-II Lake-st. gTiti) ‘Noli iiccs noife-m ffropusai /CHICAGO, BUROXGTOK & QUIN -1 ; cv KAQJIOAU COMBaKT, Engineer** Ofoce, Chicago, Kox.lClh,l9M. Sealed Proposals Will be teeeltedtt this office natll Not. «oth,i*M,fot M.uCC fwt, boar; mea>arr, of mu Mne Timber, ttor XO.OWtecllnlenatoaof lrom!» to t 5 tee*. nl Sw.®# feet in Icnethß of from 4J to IS feet. The umber to be dtlltered lathe city of Chicago, on toe sronnda ol ihi < Company on'.be South Branch ol Cblcaco Biter. DellterT to coancnce within SO day» from data « contract and the whole to he dcllrered on or before the s»th day of January. 1567. . _ The Company re»*rte the rizht to reject any or aD to bo erdorted »• proooeaU for Timber.” MAS njUßtnUbßtf. Engineer. TDROPOSALS FOR CONSTRUCTING X TUB DBrVTS AKD WALKS OF LIKCOLS PAEK. „ Omc*o» na Bo*ri> o* ixb«c Worn, l CHicxao.iiov.9tL. laCo. i Ea'edpropouu -trtll be received by too Board at tvortxal toetr offlce. until lie. m. Kot ember Sin. tor ccuscructtn* Uie Driven end Walk* of Lincoln park. according to plana end tpedbcanom Vort to put of gradink. filling, traveling end sodding. By e rough estimate, toe drivea erd wain are supposed to emoontloelMnitoor mile* to length. They ere. however. exac«y defined m toe plui. end ere laid out on toe grounds. p^ K „_ P Proposals roost b* edcreesta to tne w 2n U of Work*, endorsed “Proposal tor Driven end wain oi , bond, with riretles. to be approved by toeßwd. Jtjfl, and ability fordoing toe work. toto»S?ortor.ttdb*i»nflclcni FEED. LCTZ, O. J. BOSX. . Commissioner* ol the Board of Public Work*. noMQr _ (Gobcvumnit Sales. Auction sale of govern- VTTNT PEIPEttTY. Asustaxt Om«. I Jrmif*osTiLX*. Ixo, November 11,U66. S On MONO A T, NOVEMBER 26. 1»>, comxneoc-nff at 10o’clock a. nr. willbe«L(d*t enunent Ware bo um*. JeCßrsosvllle. Ind- the following named article* of Quartermaster’* fcfcirea, rtr: 100 A rmy Wmcota, *43 Stretcher chain*, 12 Ambulances, *»! Seek straps and 1 Mall Coach li Carta. 106 Choke strap*. 736 Collars assorted, 1® Set* lead harag*. ICS Saddles. 10» Seu wheel harness 132 Pam Check lines, 23 Seta cart harness, 126 Head halters 4 ??¥S n w ( 7 )T t r^ S 3 Blind bridle*, 45 SatCUe blardtett, 136 wiHinc bridle#, 21 & toots and dies, 17 Log chains, I AnvlL 119 Dear Ins chains, 8 Portable forges, 321 pairs breast chains, 2 Chest* car p e n t e r s iS Shovels, 51 Axes and handles, tQ Meades, ST3 Pounds wr't »plke*. in Hrass cock*. 431 Founds Prussian blue, Feet robber hose and ■ 910 Pounds horse shoe 175Pe«?hoS 40 Fount!* black wax, 1 3 irmttnc presses, U Gross harness buckles, 4*6 pounds metal type, 7,155 Pound* bone shoes, 11.220 Pounds Iran pipe, * Cooking ranges, 529 pounds cslvanlzed 72 iron tanks, w’t iron pipe. S 5 Stoves, 167 Wagon boxing, 8 Cauldrons and stoves, iM&JCwelabu, 3 Desks 7*9 Qalier chains, 130 feet cable chain. Together with many other articles not enumerated —Taah. in P. S. currency. >ri ~ By order ol Colonel RC. M. Brevet Major and A. Q. M., jT.a^A^ Hfgai. WHEREAS, Samuel J. Walker,oi tht euy ct CoTlEgtoo. State ®t Kentucky, by mortgage deed, dated to* ftntd»y of May. A. IflK. and recorded la toe Recorder’s Office of tt-a Ccaaty a Cook, and State ol Illinois, to Book W Cf Montana, a paseSll. cornered to toe andeteir-A Ptiebe H- Waa ol Peoria, and State ol Illinois, toe fb lowing describee real estate, to-wit: Partcftoe nortreastqcarterofsee non six («,) m tcwnsuptolrty-lgb: fcnrteea (H.) east of toe tMrd principal cendian, df scribed as lollowt s c<rxaeart=*at| toe T «®» ner cf toe ronteast quarter cl old s«ctwn suit, toeccesouti aioct toeeastoae cf t*ld quarter secnci .me hundred and sixty a») rode to tbe »cuu U-e c said coarter sects bL; thence west along laid s,3ta -3- Cftyisß) rods; thence nwfto ot a im* safari with to east line ot laid quarter leaned cce setftred anljlxr 060) rods, to toe norto lice of said qoarter sector tot-nce east aloes sail north line to to* piace cf becti ling—containing i») acres. Said mortgage dertsy oeea meet and made t*r toe purpose >1 sscn,to. toe payment cf torre crrUlnpromlsi'cry antes. of;>*=■• date as ssld mortgage dree, for toe sum cl twenty nsfct hundred and tony-tore* acd ajf*® 3 .dollart f'f» yw.y>y > each bearice Interest at tt»» rate cl six pe: ceot per annum from date, and payable ic cce. two as* 55? S?Si“ th»t i, mider and by Tlrtue 0? toe ► *«• jj »ald mortgage deed, bare laid promissory ne'e* now izt a=«. With* toe tnt«4t thereon, and W- J»to ar attorney. wi:l sell toe shore described ,r«J*t-. a publicauction,alto- Conn Hctto . i- Chicago, Count* of Coct. ter toe purree cl panng a. 'I said prorntMory notes and interest oc Monday, tt» c’clocs va. .j tald cay. PUEBE H. WBI-S. jHrtiral /CANCER.—Dr. M. F. Bassett, member V I of the Amer. MM. AssotUtlon, butt CANCER inall itajcrms an aß, with a new and Sra cmcFnuTvttK cure* trls dlseiie as c tuy ai other dl«a«s yield to their appropriate tcmediea. In anity is person or by letter U so.lcited by all indexing nom Cancer, and by every member of the medical pto fcsslon, Office 17 Lombard Blocs. P.O. Drawer BIOS- -VXTHY "WILL iOD SUFFEb VV from KIDNEY DISEASE. GOUT. GRAVEL RHEUMATISM, GONORRHEA, Ac, wtea SMOLANDES’S EXTRACT RUCHE Win core yoo permanently. Ladies Should Use It. pile only One Dolur. Bold- WB. SCOVn, Anal tbr Chicago and Ttclidty : _^^—— palmist. TTJST RETURNED PROM EUROPE. ,1 TBB LTI-EBBATKD GIPSY WOMAS. Mr von wish to taow all the secret* of yoar pa« and 'nmre Uffe. the Knowledge of which may save yoaycar* i i horroJT ana care, don’t fan to consult the above *Sr bSmct 370 Sooth curt-n. Moreen Hurt- Muudroik-<9< fHebteat. jy|~AKHOOD. la the young and rising generation the Vegetative Poweis of life are strong, but in a ftw years how often tha 'allid Hue, the lack lustre Eje, and Emaciated Form, aad the impossibility of application to mental effort. Show its Baneful Influence. It soon becomes evident to the observer that toms depressing Influence la checkUg the development of the body- CONSUMPTION la talked of; and perhaps the youth is removed from school and seat into the country. This is ona of the worst movements. Removed from ordinary diversions of the ever-changing scenes of the city, the powers of the body too much enfeebled to give I zest to healthful and { rural exercise, Thoughts arc Turned Inwards UPOK THEMSELVES. IP THE PATIENT BE A FEMALE, ihc approach of the menses I* looted tor wit* Anxiety. as the first symptom in which NATURE 13 TO Show Her Saving Power m diffumeg the circulation, and visions the cteet WITH THE BLOOM OF HEALTH. Alas! Increase of appetite baa grown by what it Bbd on, aad the energies of the System are Prostrated, and the whole economy Is deranged- The bcanliflil aad jndcrtdl period in which body and mind undergo so iting a change from child to woman, la looked fbrta vain ;*the parent's heart bleeds In anxiety, aad {ancles the grave hut%aUlng tor Its victim. Helmbold’s EXTRACT BCCHU. For W eakness Arising from Ex cesses or Early Indiscretion. Attended with the following symptom*: Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Los* of memory. Difficulty of Breathing. General Weakness, norrorof Disease, Weak Xerxes, Trembling, Dre*dfnl Horror of DeaSlt Nlgbt Sweats Cold Feet, Wakefolncw, Dlmnetsof Vision, Languor, EnlVeraal Lassitude of tbe noscular Sy stem, Often Enormous Appetite wllb Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hands, Flushing of tbe Body, Dryimi of tlie Sfcln 9 Pallid Countenance and Eruption* on tbe Facet Pain In the Back} OeeTtorM of the Eyelids, Frequently Blade Spots Flying before the Eyes, with Temporary Suffusion and Loss ot Sight, Want ol Attention, Great Mobility, Best* JearocM, with Horror of Society. Nothing la rooted^- ilrable to vuch Patteau than Solitude, and nothin* they more dread tor Fear ofTUemaelToa, no Bepoea of Manner, no Eamestneu, no Speculation, bat a hunted Transition bom one quratlon to another. Ttieec symptoms. 11 allowed to go on—which tttw Medicine Invariably removes— SOOIST FOLLOW Loss of Power, Fatuity,'and Epileptic Fits, lo one of which the patient may expire. During the superintendence ol Dr. WlUon, as the Bloomlagdalc Asylum, this sad result occurred U> two patients; reason had for a time left them,and.both. died of epilepsy. They were of both "ties, and shout twenty years of age. TTho can say that these excesses are not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED By those direful diseases isanily and Consumption? The records of the INSANE ASYLUMS, and the mel ancholy deaths by CONSUMPTION, bear ample wlt- ato the truth ol these assertions. laLnuatirAjy- Icms, the most melactholy exhibition appears. Tha coontensnee Is actually sodden and quite destitute ■ neither Mirth or Grief ever visit lu Should a sound of toe rolce occur, It U rarely articulate. “ with woetol measures van Despair lav sullen sounds Us grief beguiled.™ Whilst we regret toe existence of toe abore I tiseases and Symptoms, We are prepared to offer aa Inralnable Gift of Clicmistry For toe remora! of the consequence**- HEOIBOLD’S HIGHLY CON C (MATED fluid EXTRACT OF BUCHU. There is No Tonic Like It. It is an Anchor of Hope to the Snr« gcon and Patient; and this Is the Testimony of all who hare Used or Prescribed It. Sold by all the Druggists. PRINCIPAL DEPOT Heltnbold’s Drug and! ,-SVJJUEIXOUISE, 594 BROADWAY, Metropolitan Hotel, NEW YORK • . . - y