Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 22, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 22, 1866 Page 1
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<2Tl)icaga TinTKSDAY. NOVEMBER 22, 1860. THK NEWS. Extensive frauds Id the Now York Custom House arc again reported. Full return* from the late election in Min nesota show Wlnuom’s majority to be 0,50*. and that of Donnelley 4,157. The telegraph announces the failure of a cold broVeyagc Ann in New Yock on contracts amounting to 81,000,000. Internal Revenue receipt* from the begin ring of the present fiscal year to dale amount to 8111,186,121- The Associate Reformed Church in Ten newer has united with the Prcsoyterion Church South. Passengers from Port Riley will next week be able to reach New York city in seventy-two hours, meeting with no delay a*. 51. Louts. A New York JlcraJd correspondent, writ ing from Buenos Ayres, says that the South American wool crop will this year aggregate one hundred millions of pounds. Reports from Kansas City Indicate an earty commencement of toe Kansas City & Cameron Railroad, wherein Chicago and St, Louis have diverse interests. According to advices received by European steamer, the Russian, journals emphatically deny the story In regard to the long talked-of Russo- Pm-sian alliance. A Washington despatch asserts that there are at present fifteen or twenty thousand troops concentrated between Baltimore and Washington, but gives no Information as to the object aimed at in the gathering of this large force. Further developments concerning the re cently discovered stupendous revenue fmds in New York City are given in our despatch from that point. The official returns from all but three comities in Kansas foot up. Republican, 15,771, Democratic 7,741. The majority will be nearly 12,000. A fine marble bust of Richard Cobdcn, the renowned English Literal, ha* been received, and placed in due position at the house of the Union League, in Philadelphia. The postal service In the eleven seceded State-, which before the war did not pay expen ses, during the past year netted the Government over 14,000. Judge Alexander 'Walker, formerly editor of t’.c Cincinnati Euqulrti\ acd now residing in New Orlcat..-, lias just obtained a verdict for $2-“.CfO in the latter dty, as a fee for saving 23,000 bales of cotton tor a rebel widow. In const quencc of the change iu the route of tbe Union Pacific Railroad, a large amount of lard in Kansas aud Nebraska has been restored to entry and settlement under the Homestead and Piv-cmption laws. General Nagloe answers the gentle Schell who has cncd him In San Francisco for jgiuo,u,'o for breach of promise, by selling up, first, that he never promised to marry her; ami, secondly, that he has discovered her to be of a 100-e cnaracler. Colorado has taken the slart : of all -the Torritoue'* In c-Liblisbiug a good common school system. A teminaly lor higher education has also been commenced, under lavorable auspices, at Central City. Lust week, a company was organized in Bogle Connfy, Kentucky, lo nd that section of !!.*• bands of thieves that had sn long operated in tl nt portion of the State. On Friday night they captured two. whom they hang. Aftenvard they p-oreedfd lo Co-cishvlKe, fiercer County, aud, having captured one of the desperadoes*, bang him. The New York TTorW says the increase of the price or milk to twelve c ods per quart U ex citing a good deal of indignation among house keepers. if one wore even sere ol pure mrik, the icueare might be tolerated; but to charge that sum for the questionable compound which goes by the name of milk In New York and Brooklyn Is a little too much. There is the highest authority for staling that General Sherman goes to .Mexico, according to a previous arrangement, to be present at the election of a new President and Congress, after which this reff Government is to ask the protec tion of me United States, which General Sherman will be able to enforce with the troop? which will be w ithin ca'l. For the expense of tMs expedl dition, onr Government will probably receive a giant of land. A foreign correspondent says: “The citi zens of Florence are qnite certain that Italy will have Rome, and that the end of the temporal power of the Pope is just at hand. Italy is not free irom danger, however. The financial condi tion of tbe kingdom Is not at all healthy, and j t is alleged that Napoleon is already engaged In an active intrigue for the annexation of Sardinia to Franee in return for national services rendered, or to be afforded In tbe future.” From the Ut of January last down to No vember It. 212,752 immigrants arrived at New York from foreign ports, as comnared with KS,SSo daring the corresponding period of ISIS. On November 1 the Emigration Commissioners at made a report that during Ociobcr, 7.W1 emigrants sailed from that port for the United Stales; of these 2,C12 were English, 2,151 Irish, amt SOS Scotch. Upwards of 3,0 0 Irish cmigrateo from Liverpool during October to the United Slates and the British North American provinces. The Providence Journal says; “Some of the statements and deductions In the ninth volume ofßancroit’a History of the United States have excited a strong feeling among the students of our revolutionary history. We learn that Pro fessor George W. Greene, who it is well-known, is preparing a life of his erandfalher. General Nathaniel Grene, has in press a carefully docu mented pamphlet 111 which he shows the injustice done by the historian to that illustrious eon of Rhode Island.” Attempts have been made within the space of about one year to ae.rasslnafe the Emperor of Rut-la, the King of Prnsria, and the Emperor of Austria; borides attempted assassinations of the Ministers ofthe flrst two of these sovereigns. The last attempt, that made upon the life of the Aus trian Emperor, was frustrated by an English gen tleman, who happened to see the assassin point his pistol at th* Emperor. The trade of regicide seems lo be reviving, but, happily, wlthont suc cess. it is of interest to onr tradespeople to 'Know that the iron-workers cf England hive re solved that bereafrer there shall he one Union, one executive, and one rode of rules for all the itojj-wotkers of England, Scotland aud Wales. The power wielded by this grea» combination of laboring matt must ue enormous. The railway STujdoyes oi the roads centreing In "Loudon melon October 1U' 1 . to the number of about 2,f*o'\ aud established a “Railway Servants’ Protective Asso ciation.” . A ►picial Commission, tinder which the remainder of the Fenian prisoners arc lo lie tried, has been received by lie authorities at To ronto, and it is exported the Sheris' will forth with receive precept to summon the necessary jury*- There are thirty-nine Fenians altogether remaining in the jail, seven of whom hive been sentenced. Thirty-two yet await trial, which will take place immediately on the close of the term commencing probably the 3d proximo. The Gazette tie France, alluding to the Jew ish Council which Is to assemble in Paris next year, remarks that the meeting will be es pecially called on to decide the following ques tions: The abolition of the prouibltlon of cer tain articles of food; the suppression of pop,ga my which exists among the Jews in Algeria; aud the recognition of female children as equally qualified to Inherit in that country with males. The French Government Is said to be very anx ious for the reforms relating to the African colo ny, a- there arc in Algeria forty thousand «iewi*h families, composed of industrious people,* who arc not subject to the general laws of the civil code. A Paris correspondent says: “No less than six columns of small type appear In the 3ljn~ t>i/r. giving dclall-j of the disasters caused by tho .ate inundations. The report la extremely Inter esting, aud I only regret that lime falls me to give you a mmn* ofit. The most sailed fret ii that twelve millions will be required to repair the in juries done to public works alone. One detail will probably Interest English travellers. In a few hoars six kilometres of the road over Mount Ccnls was destroyed, one of the principal bridges ol the Victor Emanuel Railway broken to pieces, and circulation completely Interrupted between Sf. Jean dc Mautlennc and the Italian frontier for tixly-four kilometres, or thirty-two English He 4 AJtlioughthc United States increase In pop ulation with great rapidity, the various Slate censuses that have been taken lately demonstrate that the -Hies grow more rapidly than Ihe rural district*. Thus in lowa, In tSGT*. the rural popula tion was 592,050, and in I’iCS had increased to 6'6,!<t3, whilst the city population during the same period increased from 81,011 to lirr.SOO. Theconti try grew in yopnlalion bnt y per cent, wbilo the* cities increas'd more th«n 31 percent. The same thing Is observable in Wisconsin, where the cities between 18C0 md INK increased 37 per cent, aud the country dlsricts but fi per cent. Philadelphia has grown from 512,000 In ISCO to au estimated population of Bth,CUO In ISO)—a rate of tiicrea-c ■with which the Sale of Pennsylvania can scarcely hare keptpace. TVc announced recently the departure of three hundred agrcolmral labor rs from liver* pool to Texas dlred. An English paper say* on this subject: “ Unfl within the la»t day or two each a thin; assn emigrant ship going to Texas has rarely If ever bicn known in Uverpool; bat each, however, Is tin del, and Is a few days there will sail from the Mersey for Galveston a ship with three htmnrcd emigrants. About two hniidred and forty ol thts nuaher will he Scotch agricultu ral laborers, and thereat will corns from Devon shire. On the arriva of the vessel at Galveston, the emigrants, after t delay of a tew days, will be forwarded into the itterior of Texas, whore they will be employed as agriculturalists. The ship in which these emigrants sail take.* on'a large quantity of agricultural Implements, made pur posely lor the work bey arc intended for. In a few weeks another bsch of EnglWi and Scotch laborers will sail Iron the Mersey for the same destination.” Election of sheriff* to be L'ontcstcd. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sp&xxamxD, November 21. Notice Las been sent to the Governor that the •election of Sheriffs in several counties would be contested, and requesting that commissions might not be issued to the person whom the othelal re turns in rhe Secretary of Stales o3lce show has been elected. The Governor bn* decided that in tb/.se esses, his duties being purely ministerial, he will issnc commi.'Elons in all vase* before him. and leave the courts to settle the rights of ihe panics, where a contest may be pending. Dedication of a New Unlver?*all*t Church. Okxida, HI., November Sl.—The new Culver -aa'lst church in this place, bailt from design, by Mr. Wheeloch, of Chicago, wa? dtdica'.ed to-day. Set men by Rev. Dr. Ryder, of Chicago. The at tcndauoe was large. Tliree tbunsaod dollars were raised at the close of the services, which, added io former subscriptions of four thousand dollars, entirely clears the chjireh from dent. Rev. J. S. Oorlon Istte minister of the parish. Wuit'lde. York. November —A ITerahTt Leaven- Worth savs; “Fiedcf.’Ck Weed, nephew of Tboriow Weed, late ot the Second Callfor-iLa Yol fus,'‘? lry * f°»altted snldu’e « Salt Lake on iae jbui instant.” FROM WAlfflGTd. Important Statement in Regard to General Sherman's Mission. Reported Concentration pf Troops . Between the Capital and Bal timore. Internal Revenue Receipts Du 1 ' ring the Fiscal Year, St4i, 136,131. FROM MOPE, Fail Derby Takes a Favorable View of American Politics. Victor Emanuel Enthusiastically Received by the Venetians. The Story of a Russo-Prussian Alliance Denied FROM NEW FOIL Further Developments in Relation to the Great Whiskey Frauds. Extracts from the Provout Mar shal General’s Report. FBOS SOCM AMERICI. The Yearly Wool Crop Estima ted at Two Hundred Mil lion Pounds. Interesting- Incident Connected vvitli tlie Bombardment of Cui’npaiti. SDSSIARV OF IATE MEXICAN' NEWS. FROM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 WasmscTos, November 21. GENERAL SUEUMAN’S MISSION. Tlicrels the highest authority for the following partial explanation of General Sherman’s mis sion to Mexico? He goes, by a previous airan"c ment, to be present at the election of a President, and Congress, immtdlately after which, accordin'* to the plan, this new Government ie to a«k for protection from the United Stales, General Sher man will then be on band to nse the troops which may be wltbm call. The Administration asserts that the concentration of troops in Texas has re gard only to Indians, and that they were sent principally at the request of Governor Throckmorton; but in the light ofthe above statement—and it maybe taken as well founded—lt is the intention to have tbe movement result in an armed intervention be tween the different factions In Mexico, to be made as soon as the French abandon the country, in return for tbe expenses of this expedition] the Government will probably receive a grant of land Even those who deny that It Is any part of Mr! Johnson’s plan to embroil us with France, admit that under the circumstances, with the French just leaving, it will require great prudence on the part of Messrs. Campbell and Shorman to avoid trouble. The fact thattbe Johnson men here are hoplog and expecting some sneb diver sion in favor ol the President, gives reasonable cause for anxiety tojlhe country. Itisnnder- 1 stood thattbe Mexican question will be fully dis cussed in the forthcoming Message. I HAIL inBEGULACITIES. Since the Post Office Department was turned into a political machine, the mails have become .irtt'dmrljirregular. To-rlay,Olilca.opanes „r -Monday anired twelve hounr in advance of Cin cinnati papers ofthat date, and Uris evenin'- ilnu day’s malls from Cincinnati arrived uitn those ot ihe same eate from Si. Louis, the Cincinnsti pa pe-s twenty-roar hohrs behind lime; and in add 1 - lion.yonr to day’s mail from the last point ha failed entirely again to-night. WITHDUAWW. The appointment of James lloylc as Postmaster at Xenia, lately made at the solicitation of S. S. Cox and Tom Miller, was to-day withdrawn at the instance of the Simon-pure Johnson men, who now eay It will damage the President to appoint any more Copperheads. OEEK TO BETTLECS. Ihc line of route of the Union Pacific Railroad, Extern Division, having been changed from the Republican Fork to the Smoky Hill Fork of the Kansas River, the Commi-eiorcr of the General Land Office has Instructed the Register and Re ceiver at Junction City, Kansas to restore some 1,G00,c00 acres, and the Register and Receiver at Brownsville, Nebraska, to restore some 1,500,00 acres of land to settlement and entry under the Pre-emption and Homestead laws, The restoration does not make the lands subject to sflle at private entry, hut only throws them open, to actual settlers. tSITED STATES DIRECT TAX. The final accounts of the Commissioners ap pointed to collect the United Stales direct tax in the State cfNorth Carolina have been submitted to the Treasury Department Over four hundred thousand dollars has been collected, at a small expense to the Government. The resignation of ihe Commissioners has been accepted, to take effect December first, by which time It la expected that most if not all, the Commissioners for col lecting the direct tax will he closed. INDIAN AFFAIRS. Superintendent Morton, under date of the 30th nit., advises the Commissioner of Indian Affairs that he Las just returned from Ahiquin, in the northwestern part of the Territory where lie had distributed the goods to (ho Capota and Warner urhe Utes. He found the Indians peaceably and well disposed. They expressed their intention to keep the agreement made with the Superintend ent a month hciorc. Tallan, the Capota chief, the killing of whose brother caused the previous difficulty, now expressed himself as fully satisfied. PECULATIONS AND FRAUDS. The Congressional Committee on Retrenchment discovered extensive frauds In the New York Custom House. The Investigations regarding Custom Houses closed to-day. The subject of cog ton frauds will come np to-morrow. SOUTHERN POSTAL SERVICE. ThePosla service in the eleven seceded Stales, which never paid expenses before ihe war,ha* net ted over two hundred thousand dollars profit dnring the past year. SECRETARY MCCULLOCH makes no secret of bis unequivocal opposition to more removals on political grounds. Ho also has assurances from the President that in general his wishes will be respected. DOS. HANNIBAL HAMLIN lias been Invited to preside at the evenlagbinquet to follow the welcome to Congress ou December first BOSTON COLLECT©RSmi*. ew Tons, November 21.—The Commercial's Washington special says influential Bostonians are pressing Major Finney, a peace Democrat, lor the collcctorsbip ot that port, bnt the President dors not give them any encouragement. RETORT OP MAXIMILIAN'S DETENTION DUBE- LIUVFD. , The report that Maximilian is not allowed lo leave Mexico by the French, Is not believed In i °Jii» flp,o i n * i V e P eral Gran ti however, believes he will embark before the end of December. THE rUESIDENT’S IMPEACHMENT. It is said General Logan is making preparations for Ihe impeachment oT the President, * NAVAL EXAMINING BOARD. Captain Daniel Amen and Commander K Ran < olph Brcefc have been ordered to dnlr a* mem bers of the Examining Board at Hartfor.LConnect vut. Commodore Walter W. Quern has been de tached from otduauce duty atlterding. Pennsyl vania, and also ordered to duty on the Examinin'* Board. ® pnox pacific uiiunoAD. The line of route of the Union Pacific Railroad, tasleni Division, having been changed from the “l.rpiiMlcanFork” tolhc “Smoky Util Fork,” of the Kansas River, the Commissioner has instruct ed the Register and Receiver at Junction citr, Lauras, to restore some j.O.ii.OtO acres of land io settlement and entry under the pre-emp tion and home-lead laws, and the Register and Receiver at Brown gn;lc, Nebraska, to restore about (ICO acres. Tbc restoration does not make the lauds tnbjcct to sale at private entry, but only rcndeis them accessible to actual set tlers. aiyrrmiocs coxcextratjox op moors. New Xouk, November 21.—A Heratd Washing ton cpceial fay ß there are 15 (A) or 40.0 C troops concentrated in Washington, and t*etween that C4y era Baltimore. Various speculations are ohtoadas to th r intention in concentrating so large a force at the present lime. ixtebxae nuvtsrr kecetpts. WAsmscrox, November 21.—Hie rccclnLs fm*n Intoi>cl revenne to-day were From ine (hat or the year to the 31st of Octokr Kv the licotne b°* MfiCUim-u io s!S>Jas Uurln-’ month the sum of the receipts to date Is sl.> l Ssi,sls. xrw vonKXAVALomcn. The TTor/iTs Washington ejicdal says: ‘‘Major General blocnm, it seems to oc conceded bv the New York politicians to-day, will be appointed Natal Officer of New York.” corn ix the theastot. Washixctox, November 21.—The United State* treasury yesterday held SOl.lW.ti'iO of gold, of wh ch t*i .UTjo.MXI oelong to the Government, and Ite balance Is held on gold certificates. lllil TVItP. The race to-day over the National Course was between Jerome, Indy Ugbtwood and .Monitor. dcTcmcwa* the wiener. Time, S:i3*i,-2:tS>£ and S;>lfiH- heats, best ilirco In five. Generals Grant and Jxgaa were among the many specta tors. There is to be a great trot on Satardry. Dexter is to ran against time. To-morrow the Baltimore coll rang agnlnetPolly Ann. FROM BLOOMINGTON. Probable Fatal Dornt&g Accident—Dema* crntlc Opposition to Impartial **nDr»trc. Itpcclal Despatch to tho Chicago ITibune. i BLooxtxoTox, 111., November 21. A distressing accident occurred here last even ing. A young lady, named Josephine Taylor, while passing a red hot store, caught her dress on fire. Without at cmpling to extinguish the flames, VOL. XX. she became alarmed* and ran Into the street, call ing for help. The wind fanned the dames so that in a moment her entire person was enveloped, and before assistance arilved nearly all her garments wcie consumed and her bony shockingly banted. She isisim alive, bnl her recovery Is doubtful. The McLean County 'out ;«i. the Democratic raper here, and me caring Copperheads, bitterly oppose *.« proposition of the Chicago 7imtt fur hupatii&J snCr»j.c. FROM NEW TORE. Annual Parade of the Fire Department—Rz tcnMivc Distillery Fraud—Contest lor the City Cotuptroliershlp—Convention o Life Insurance Officers—Arauunt insured by l.itc Companies In the United Mates, $900,000,000. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Youk, November 31. The second annual parade of - the Metropolitan Fire- Department occurred to-day. The proces sion included thirty-four steamers and twelve hook and ladder trucks. It Is said that the company now on-trial in this city for defrauding the Government by the Illicit manufacture of spirit, made within three weeks four hundred thousand gallons of highwines on which they paid no tax. A lively struggle Is tatting place among political circles In this city fn reierence to the Comptroller ship. which is to be filled at the approaching char ter election. A general disposition Is manifested by the honest people of both parlies to nominate a puson. independent of parly, who will be be yond the corrupung infincucea of the Tammany “ring.” I. u. Burch, writing to the Tlmssjfrom Paris, ln dignantlr denies the report that he Had been pri vately married to Mies Spalding, Lis relative, who figured in the celebrated divorce suit as a promi nent witness for the prosecution. A meeting of officers of life Insurance Compa nies was held hero to-day. Representatives were pre.-o; t Horn all the principal companies East and West. Without transacting any business the Convention adjourned till to-morrow. U was Mated that (be amount insured In this country is b“ 0ii,00 , .,0U). exclusive of accident policies. To the beneficiaries of the companies six millions are annually paid. An effort is to be. made to har monize comllcting legislation’ In relation to the life Insurance Interests in the different Stales. Injunction of lUO R*v. Mr. Vrihnn>«, charged with Pocket-picking— Anointment—Fnnber ])cyrlopmcuin lo I: elation fa the Into Bond Robbery-flow llie Late WhiNkcF Fronds we re Managed— The Jnuicl Will Kcjectcd. New \ork, November 21.—Judge Nelson, of the Lnited sta es Clicnit Court, has refused the Injunction demanded under the Goodyear & Cum mtugs patent to restrain from using hard rubber lor making dental plates, or to Interfere at all prior to a finil hearing. The examination iu the case of G. T. Williams < barged wilti picking the pocket of Miss Clara T. Mcoie. of Phfladelebia, wa ! np again this morn ing before Justice Dodge. The testimony was fa vorable to Mr. Williams. The case was ad. jouini-d. ■ /.corgcW. Mailing, Captain of the Third Pre cinct Police, was Oils morning appointed Inspec tor by the Police Commissioner, lo fill tile 1 va cancy caused by the death of Daniel Carpenter, ike new Incumbent Is the senior Captain, Wine held that position for thirteen year?, and has been connected with the police force of this cltv for in t idy years. 1 Another arrest has been made which is calculi a,c ™»P°rP««lo«orthe The manner In which the late whiskey frauds in Ihcoklyu was accomplished appears to have been as follows: A man named Tappan, Deputy Under Vh ni? r ,ii ßl^(, ’ n fi crß i. I> ' P’ TIJIon and A. F. IhilJJp-, and John Dcvelin, fonnerlvan As«e««or °i . Bevennc, agreed with a large number of distillers to the efleetthat If sala distillers would sell Dcvclin all their whiskey at $1.50 per he tDevchn) would pioteci them in their illicit business against all intercnce from Govern ment officers, and would also procure all of said whiskey to be regularly inspected by the sa:d Tilton and Phillips, and further more he threatened all those distillers who re tnsed to sell him their whiskey npon the terms aforesaid, with seizure. A number of dl-tiliers Hgiccd to this, and the whiskey they made was in spwctcd on the premises prior to delivery to Dcvc- I .‘^« fc ? T,^ Dcvcl l n prepared a depo on John street near Plymouth, to which tbe whiskey was rent, and there Inspected at the rate of be tween 200 and wOO barrels every morning. Outlie morning ol the J2th msu. the proceeding- at tnls depot were watched, and from information thus obtained the seizures, as already re poriod. were made. The whiskey barrels which had been Inspected have a brand asserting that the contents bad been manufactured prior to September Ist, and this certificate was given by A. J. J hillips. The report of the officer making this seizure says : This investigation has revejlca lie fact that tbe distillers of this?Bm?rhfrdDhT tnci, tad formed a kind of mutual protection so ciety, ns agalust. all other than the local officers and that an investigation of any distillery belong- ; uig to the ring was attended with great personal danger. A large number of Instances can be found where Government officers and their cm p.oves bave been severely beaten and driven otf wtitle in the performance of their duty, and so gieathad tills terrorism become that the district wws almost completely abandoned to the local New VorK, November 21 —A letter has been re . . l , his c ,l ,y a Prominent newspaper poli tician, of tbe ultra Copperhead school, from Pres ident Johnson. The President partially explains the late concentration of troops Iu and around wasnington. lie gives information that the Na tioraltupual is filling up with “Bovs in Blue” with threats open and loud that the Radical Con gress shall be supported in passing what bo terms the cnconstitutiunal amendment, and they have arms to back them and money to any needed amount. Another thing they are to insif-t upon from Congress is the impeachment and deposition of the Executive. It vould reem from this that Andy la somewhat disturbed In Lis mind. 41 ihcJnmcl will case was on trial before Snrro gate iucker yesterday. The testimony was the bnme as that given in the trial at the Circuit Court, and on its conclusion the Surrogate rejected the will on t he ground of ncsonndnesa of mind on the part of Madame Jumcl. Tfco: efrnmer Vine dc Parle, from Havre, Severn her 7lb, has arrived. FROM EUROPE. ilyMenmcp—Earl Derby on American Foil lies—Victor Emnnaei EathaHiaxtically Re ceived by the Venotinui-Mr. Gladstone nnd hnrl Clarendon nt IComc-Tho Rnmor ol n Kns*o-rru#sinn Alliance Denied. *JR^ FAr ' November 21.—The steamship Africa, * n » l ?.V U T L ’ ns l l l WI, » nth. has arrived bcrc. At the Lord Mayor’s banquet, Earl Derby said !!o.??^v. Uot . hat _P l ' Herc . tliat a ffrealand powerful natien like America would speedily know* bow to quell the agitation which at present existed within It, aud that peace would reign from one end or Its shores to the other. Ihe subscriptions for the relief of the Quebec fire snCiTcrs had reached, on the bib, EISJJOU Itaet.— Several persons of position in Palermo had been arrested lor conspiracy In the September insurrectionary movement. Among others, the bU'bop of Moncalc had been discovered to be im plicated. Vutor Emauncl continued bis visits, and was engaged in inspecting the principal places. He was meeting with enthusiastic ovations. Rome.—-Mr. Gladstone had bad another inter view with the Popv and many of the Cardinals. Rumor attributed political motives to bis visit, aud the Loudon Homing Hnald charges that his design was lo reconcile the Pope to the Cato which awaits him. and says that he has completely failed in Ins efforts. Rarl Clarendon had a1«o reached Rome aud would have an audience with the Pope. RrssiA.— MonriefTkanskv, the conqueror of Kars, died ou the SUth of October. A J?t letcrsburg telegram says the rumored alliance between Russia and Prussia Is totally un founded. . Count Berg has been appointed Field Marshal in India. A delegation tromtbe Viceroy of Egypt ax Dilhl says starvation was diminishing. The harve.-ts were good. Dhallcraii, October 27.—Exchange 2lott Freight to Liverpool 13d. '* Latest Engll**!) Markets, ilPy Cable.) .. ... LrvEiawL. November 20—evening. v^SjtSjSgSjjy I ** ******* *“««. «•»•»•*• [By Steamer.) __ Liverpool. November 10. moTisTcx?—Beef steady. Fork inactive. Bacon firmer. laird tends downward. No Coble Ncttk. New York, NovtmbcrSl—midnight.—No cable news. Lines down in Newfoundland. FROM ST. LOUIS. Robbery of IHamonda-ArrrM of the Thieve* —The Senatorial Coniesl-Katiroad Mat er rs* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lons, November 21. Testerday Jaceard & Co. lost diamond* worth STPO, through a party who pretended to be a jew eller from St. Joseph. After selecting a large etock, the pretended dealer continued near the back door with a clerk, arranging bills. The clerk stepped towards the front door for a mo ment, when the thief seized the diamond and va mosed through the back door. Last Right he was captured as Odtn. It seems that he immediately stasted for the other side of the river aud met a confederate, v ho bad boiscs readv, and they rode V?.°', Fa i 1,0, '£ ll !!* on 611(1 J? ot aboard the Ohio & Mlftlteipt i Railway. Officers were on hoard, and or. thor arrival at Odin the thieve* wore arrested, i he diamonds were found <m the person of one of the thieves, named Stewart, nn old professional thieftrom Chicago. The other thief's name Is CharTe* Senders. The Senatorial contest will be close and exciting. Gorct nor Fletcher and Claries I>. Drake have fbonr even strength—neither a majority ot the Radicals. 11 Is not improbable tba* a third man— Henry T. Blow or Ben. J.oan—mav be elee'ed Nobody's election Is conceded, as printed in Chi cago. The rfilroad time tables will be chanced on Sunday, so Mat Fort lUley passenger* will pro ceed eastward through St. Louis without acfsy, reaching New York In seventr-two hours irom Fort Riley. Rvpoits from Kansas City indicate an catl> com n:«nciir.eul*.f the Kansas Citv »V Cameron Rail road, imoMi-g Chicago rlva’tr against St. Louis. DUsalitfactlon Is manifested in t>>c Southwest on account of the slow progress made in extend ing the Southwest Branch Railroad. FROM INDIAN ATOMS. Grand Lodge and Grand Encampment of tldil FeLovro—Officers—Convention ol the <!, A. It.—Grand Camp of the Hosts ol Temperance—Judicial, Are. [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iKDiAxarous, November 21. The Grand Lodge and Grand Encampment of the Order of Odd Fellows, are still In session. The latter tc-day baa elected the following officers frr the ensuing year: Most Worthy Grand Fat rbicli. C. P. Tulry, of Bloomington; Mo«t Worthy Grsnd High Priest, Rev. T. C. Bcharrtl, of Madhon; r.lghfWortby Giand Senior* ♦ George Brlnkmejer, of Indianapolis.; Right Worthy Grand Junlon Warden, G. W. Jordan, of Attica: Right Worthy Grand Scribe. E 11. Barrv pricjilarapoUs; Right Worthy Giand Tro:i-uu-r. i. I. I.ovrbej, or Indianapolis; Right Worthy Grand Sentinel, C, Toler, of Madl-on: Klein Wor thy Grand Deputy Sentinel, Joseph D. Wa soc, ol Indianapolis; Grand Representative to the Giand Lodge of the United States, F. J. Blair, of Pcin; Alternate Grand Reprc.-cnta he, .Tame* Burges*, ol Indianat'Olis. The Convention o; the Grand Army of the Republic has been In s . cret session nil day. The cdojtlonof a constitution lor the National body and the perfection o' the ritual are occupying much attention. General S A. Ilurlbnt, or is one of the leading tpii its of the Convention. ° The Grand Camp of the Hosts of Temperance commenced a session ibis afternoon. Jnd"c Dan iel SlcDrnald, oftheUnlted States District Court, hashed arelapseand Is now unable to sltnpon the Dvach and attend to the trial of causes. Judge rbarlcs A. Ray, of the State Supremo Court, has b«-n acting temporarily as jndgo In bts place Major General John Gibbons and Uon. J. F. Wilson, of lowa, were In the cllv jeaterdav. Ibe fall hum of onr Supreme Court begins next Monday, at their room In the Stale Uonse. There arc only anon, one hundred cases upon the dock et yet undisposed of. and of these only four hare been submitted for decision. The lodges have kept up with their work with commoadalde ener gy- FROM ALTOS. Candidate fop Postmaster of the Senate. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Arvos, 111., November 31. L. A. Parks, editor of the Alton U spoken of here a* a candidate for Postmaster of the Senate at the next cession. Mr. Parks’ well known services in behalf of radical Republican ism, acd the good fight made by the Union men of this district in the late campaign, will doubtless enlist the editorial fraternity la his behalf. FKOM ST. PAUL. Foil Election Retorns-Snlc ot School Lands. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, November 31. Returns from all counties in the State show Win dom’s majority to be C,SW, and Donnelly's ma»' or . lly 4,157. This is a gain of 3,125 over the Vote ot 1664. The official canvass will be made ne xt week Auditor Mcllrath reports sold 54 753 acres of school land this year, tela gfis the sale of school lands commenced la iscs! 410 835 acres have been sold, ar.n the aggrcmrie school fund now amounts to " caool FEOM BOCKFOKD. Arrest of a Counterfeiter. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Rockford, 111., November 21. A man giving his name aa John Ferguson, was arrested here tills evening for passing two conn* leilcit Treasury notes of the denomination of SSO each. Be was examined before Justice Hanlove, and In default of sl,a« bail, committed to jsilio await ins trial at the next term of the Circuit Court. moat aiFiirflis. Church Cnion—Christian Pary—Markets— Biter News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] • Mcrrms. November 21. The Associated Reformed Church has united withjbc Southern Presbyterian Church. Rev. Muart Robinson made a furious slaudcrous at* mck npon the Northern Presbyterians in the ad dress on Theological education. Tmde dull and prices are unchanged. Cotton Is active at 31-Q.32C. Down—Molhc Able, Glasgow, St. Patrick, liambbtou, Notama, Clifton, City oi Alton. Up —Messenger and Rubicon. EQUAL EIGHTS CONVENTION. Resoldlons Adopico—\V«ni^ n Asks the Privilege of Representation in tuC Forth coining Constitutional Convention In Vorlt—Debate bciwccu Fred. Douglas and Mrs. rsiuuioo. rwSS 1 ' Sl.-At the Equal Illslua Convention, yesterday, after considerable debate from various speakers, Mrs. Emily Elizabeth .. O, ‘? B J. °?' tho Business Commutee, presented the following resolutions: * Ifetolud. Thai if liberty and the pursuit of hap piness arc natural and inalienable tights, so al*o ts the right ot suffrage as their omy possible se cunty. Mndwe hoJd also tha: the distinction of rights into civil and political, is without warrant ana without recognition, only ns a coneeciaeuce of slavery and caste cugendt-rcd hv it. Jutoir(d , That wc hold, with l-amarllne, that universal suffrage is the first truth and only basis ot every National Republic, and with lion. Cbas. *- umner, that the ballot !■* the only sufficient guar antee of rights to the citizen to which we are bourdby evtry necessity and every reason, the one thing needful to which all other things shall be given—protection, opportunity, homestead, and rights of every kind. Nor do wc inquire w nether the declarations apply to ifien only, since women are compelled to theburdcas of. as well as obedience to the Government. Wdebeas, In the language of Hon. Wm. Beach Lawrence in bis letter to benator Sumner, “The Mate Constitution must originate with, and be assented to by a majority of the people. Including as well, those whom u disfranchises, as those whom it Invests with tbe suffragetherefore, Jiftolctd. That wo recommend the election of women as delegates to the approaching Constitu tional Convention, trere being nothing m the present Constitution or laws of the State to pre vent their being recognized and treated in all re spects as equal members. Jietoltfd, That the present limitation of the franchise in tbe United Slates to the class known as white male citizens, vests the Government In a minority, because It excludes in women ono-half 'he American people, aud in persons of color one eighth, thus reducing five out of every eight adult American citizens to permanent political subjec tion, and so our present Stale ami National Gov o-nmert* thns limited to three-eighths of tbe adnlt citizens, are not Republican even in form, bm constitute oligarchies of sex and races. AVaofrrd, Thai no ruling clas? ever did, ever wilt, or ever can. legislate wisely for a disfran chised class, and that the best ami only legitimate human government is self government, and uni versal sufirage is ihe only road to, and safeguard of universal justice. s Kciolud) That we respectfully ask the Legis lature, id arranging the conditions for the CotT-tl mtional Convention, to pass an enactment that there may be at least women elected as candi dates at large to sit as members ofthe Conven tion on tbe same conditions and with the same nghts and powers of others, and that a copy of ibis, and also resolution No. 3, bo furnl-hed to each member of the Convention at the open ing of ftp session. r During the reading oi the resolutions, Frederick Douglass mounted the platform, aud was received with applause. airs, btanlou said that she protested against the use of the name Copperhead, aud the also clalm <■“ that''ben the consummation which they had wished for was gained, it should not be arrogated to the benefit of ono party or the other. Each had t qnalk favored their views, and each equally oia-' sented from them. * J Mr. Douglass protested against the views of airs, btanton. In Rhode Island the Democrats had opposed them, and he had no doubt It would be done again when party exigencies required it. At the afternoon session speeches wore made by Mrs. btanlon. Parker IMUbory aud Alisa Bessie Disble. At the evening session the Convention was ad- by Rev. Olympia Brown, after which H. B. Blackwell otiered a resolution that Mrs. E. C, Manion, Frederick Douglass and Susan B. An thony ho a committee to present to the Legisla ture onr protest against the adoption of the pro posed constitutional amendment, and our declar ation of right to bo represented by women on cqnal terms with men as members of the Conven tion lo revise the Constitution of this State. The resolution was adopted. The Convention was then addressed by Susan B. Anthony, Chas. L. Remond, Mrs. £. C. Stanton, Mrs. Elizabeth Joues, Parker Pllisbnry and Lucy Stone, after which it adjourned sine die. FROM SOUTH AMERICA. The Spanish-Cbilian War—Progress of Nc* gnitatlotis—South American Wool Crop— Interesting Incident** Connected with the Attach on Fori Cornpalty—Treasury Notes Issued by ibo Argentine Republic, New Your, November 21.—A Herald Valpa raiso correspondent says: 44 The preparations for defence arc still going on, although nothing has been heard from the Spanish fleet. Ibere is Utile uontit. however, that peace wt.l be permanently established, as two of the allied powers had con sented to an Arelu-Frecch mediation, and the Chilian Minister was in consultation with the other Minister on the subject. The matter would, no doubt, be definitely settled in a couple of weeks. General Vickers, of Puiladelphia, is to have the contract to huUd two railroads for the Government. 14 NewTork, Novembers!.—The Crrc/cf sßaeno? Ayies correspondent, says oi the wool crop in bomb America : This year wools willbcoeuer, freer f tom burr, stronger fibre, better color and more even in quality than ever before. The late revere winter has killed off most of tho old coarse and scabby, leaving younger, healthier, finer sheep. We shall have one hundred milllonsof pounds of wool for sale (his vear. The following interesting incident is related a* preceding the attack on Fort Cnrnpaiti: On the S'th of September, General Lopez sent to tho allied camp a tlae of truce, which, by some mistake, was fired on. It was repeated next dav, when a letter was given to General Mitre, Commauder-tn-Chlcf, proposing a peace conference between (he too opposing chiefs. This was arranged for on the 12th September, at a given hour and t-lace. The two Generals, wbo are also both Presidents, met, leaving eacbare’inne of abont twenty officers a little distance apart. They dis mounted, shook bands, and were in council for about half a day, but it U feared with no definite results as to peace. After separation, General Mitre ordered a strong force to be prepared at once lo attack Fort Cnrnpaiti. Preparations of the most formidable kind were made at once for this purpose. General Mitre Is said to have spoken very highly of Gercra! Lopez as a gentle man in Lis manners. At parting they exchanged gold-treaded riding whips, in token of personal iricndehlp. A communication in the Tribune calls attention to the fact that Irishmen and Germans arc being cEtlctd to Brazil under the promise of a free passage. It i- supposed that some -too of them are to sail on the next mail steamer hence, and thatttbiy-wlil be used as recruits for the army. _ V aldington, November 21. —ibo United States Li usui at Buenos Ayres has sent to onr Govern ment a copy of tho law ofthe Argentine Republic authorizing the National Executive *o emit Treas ury bills to the amount of four millions of dollars, with Interest at tbree-tourtbs per cert a month, for the payment and amortization of which and the interest an additional impost oi five per cent is put on all imports, excepting such articles as are comprised in article three of the present Custom House Jaw. and two per cent on all exports. The Treasury hills are to be received iu payment at all Custom Houses in the Republic. FROM NEU ORLEANS. A Southern Planter Disgusted with Brazil- Inn Emigration—'The Lom»lnna State Fair. P- Sew Oeeeaxs. November 21.—A. McCallnn, a sngai planter of New Orleans, who went to Brazil ?« a m w emigrant, baa returned, and pronounces it unsuitable ana less favorable to the Southerner than his own country. 3he great fair I- progressing favorably, though the ini enters’ machinery has been backward In being brongbt forward. There are machine en tries irom Alabama, Mississippi. Texas, interior of Louisiana, and even more distant sections. TROTOST MARSHAL GENERAL'S RETORT. A Ulna* of Interesting Statistica-What Mate* arc Credited YVtth the Largest Nam* hero! Deserters. New Yor.x. November 21.—The report of the Proiost Marshal Gt net ai, which has just appeared, is lull cl interesting statistics. The total enroll ment uudvribe act of March 3d—the year is no*, given—was in the loyal States, 2,254,1*13 men. not icch.dii g 1,100,510 then nnehr arms. Under the br.icju 1,!2v,02l men were raised at the cost «f fi*.P4 per man. Before the bureau was organized IjwO.hft men cost $31.(11 per man. Tl e deserter*. arrested and returned to the army numbered IG.IjsG. As to desertion the report says : “I ant car* beyond dispute that the crime of de sertion Is especially characteristic of troops from laige cities, and of the districts which (ney supply with reemits. The ratio per thousand of deser lit os to credits throughout the loyal Slates, is G 2.51. In the Slate of New York It rises to S9.(H, and in the email States near New York City it is still higher In New Jersey it IslOT.UO; in Con necticut 117.83; in New Hampshire lIS.'M. Vet tbc general ratio ot New England is but 74.24. the ratio of Massachusetts being 96.63; that of Ver- CHICAGO. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1866. moot 51.T8, and that of Maine 43.00. In the West, where large cities are rare, the average ratio sinks to 45.51.” FROM MEXICO. AOairs in Northern Mexico—Maximilian Not Kelnrned to the Cnslial—Sad Mine of Society at Tampico—A Parchine'np ot Im» periol Defects—surrender of Uajacn to ibe Überals—Kxpmnatlon ol ibe 9>noposcd Il legal £cizare of a Mexican Teasel. KewYobk November 21.— A Herald Saltillo (Mexico) correspondent, Ist instant, says North ern Mexico was alive whb preparations lor at tacks upon Durango. Zacatecas and San Luis roto&I. The Imperialists everywhere were acting on the defensive, and It Is believed they have barely force enough to hold open their line of communication between Mexico City and Vera Cmz untll their final departure. Mejia was alone in command of Las I.uls Potosl, with Mexican soldiers only, all the foreign trojpa having loti. llavaka, November IT.—The French steamer, La i'tsnce, arrived here yesterday from Vera Cruz. The news from the Capitol Is up to the Vth lust. The Emperor bad not yet returned t • the Capital. It was still doubtful whether he would e'ernate or stand with the conservative parly. The Liberals bad gained some advantages, hut had gcpciallvbeen worsted, . Cr.x or Mexico, November 14.—Malntcnant has asked of rhe iliusatsf of the Treasury the uececEßry orders that the Custom House oi vera Crnz be delivered over to inspection, bnt Secre tary Lampos replied os the said convention had not been published In Mexico, and could not there fore bo a law of the State, he would apply to the Emperor tor instruction. On Saturday, Cd, the conferences between the Mexican Ministers and General Castelnau com menced.

Advices from Tampico of November Seth state that at that place tecre Is no security for the In eraS* LlB D ° r Unlt3r ofcottncU tmopg the Lib It Is denied that at the action of MazaUan the • atallion of Chasseurs deserted to the enemy, but being recruits, and. getting worsted, they dl»- baaded, leaving their officers behind them, hur rahing for Mexico; also, that only TOO Austrian- Mexican troops tell at the ambuscade of La Car bqi.ei»,artt apiece of artillery wae losL ihe tstoutle advises the Emperor to abdicate In an article which plainly foretells the conse quence If he does not—a military coup d'etat. November a.—The E*>aftlte raja Maximilian was m Corona, arm would he in Mexico soon Oajaca surrendered to the Liberals the 3Ut of October. On the stb there drived at Vera Cruz a la: re amount of MaximiHau's baggage. Sak Feancisco, November 21.—Later accounts respecting the seizure of the Mexican brig £aa:o. says D'Artols acted under orders from General Ramon Corona, attested bv Consul Godav, of this cuyv Toose orders directed D’ArtoU to' proceed to the Pacific Ocean and seize any vessel belongin'’ to France or Mexican traitors with goods heron"- Irp to enemies of the Republic, and to use suffi cient force to carry ont hts instructions. As Cor ona received legal instructions from Juarez, this makes the illegality of the seizure tall to the ground. FROM CANADA. Rumor Concerning Ir’Arcy McGee’s Mis* alon to Europe* Ottawa, c.W., November 21.—1 t is reported that a difficult}; has aneen in relation to Ifoa.T, BAicy McGee seeing as official to England and r ranee, in consequence of some Indiscreet alter, anew lately made by him. The Whent Crop In Kiusia PrcTaliioir Price*. tVsbUiNCTos, N ovember 21—Our consul at Odes sa wrile? ntfliT dale of September rah : “Harvest 1* now nejfrly ended, and is considered pl-ntifal in fact, bountiful; the best as to quality and qnan lUvibr many years. The new wheat Is raoidiy pouring Into Odessa, and Bede a ready sale at bJcn prices for immediate shipment abroad. The price ofwbcat in American coin would be about one dollar to one dollar and twenty cents.” Under date of October 0, he writes; “There is great Joy In all the land, both among producers and dealers, on account of the crons, which proved nnysnally good. The prices are unusually and the tureien demand unusually active.” 'Combination Again*! the Merchants* Union Express Company. New Yoms, November 21.—The Herald'a des patch says it Is announced that combinations of '» estern railroad companies, the Express Com pany and Mr. Erastus Coming. which has been t oimcd for electing Mr. W. Q. Fargo, President of tncNcwiom Central Railroad Company, has been made for the purpose or aggrandizing the in tcreste ot the American Express Company to the exclusion of the Merchants’ Union Express Com pany.and that m the event of Mr. Fargo’s elec tion the cars of the Merchants' Union Expleas Company will be driven from the Central Hoad thus leaving that line open for the American. Convention of Virginia Agriculturists. RicmiOKD, November 21.—A Convention of Virginia fanner? assembled but night In Virginia liaU. Hon. Wlllooghby Newton, President of the > irglnia Agricultural Society, and ex-Govcmor Smith and others made «pceches, all predicting a brilliant fixture for irginia. After appolotTn" sevoral committees to discuss the views m the President's message, the Convection ad jotuned to-night. Sudden Collapse ofn Bogus Concern*. Bopton, November 21.—A firm styling them selves Barstow, Edson & Co, recently opened a place of business at 25 Federal street, as commis sion merchants, and. It is said, succeeded In pur chasin'* a large amount of goods on credit, which were shipped to New York and elsewhere. The film has suddenly subsided, and the creditors arc J“ The losses are estimated at SIOO,OOO to *150,000. The shoemakers In Lynn and else where arc said to be the largest creditors. Fire amt Threatened Riot in Danville. l»a. . RicnMoxD Va., November 91.—A Are broke oat m Danville this morning. consuming Cri'-ler .s Gordon's siorc. Fleehman’s dry goods sloret Sad* dlcr & Co.’s clothing establishment, and Ifco Dan* nlle bakery. The arrest of a negro for stealing while the fire tvas In progress, threatened to pro duce a not among tbe blacks. All quiet at last ao counts. Railroad Accident. Rochester. November 21.—Ihc Cincinnati Ex press tram, bound east, met with an accident about 2:CO this morning, four miles cast of Lyons, canted by a hrokrn rail, which threw offelx of the seven passenger cars, and overturned some of them. Noonewaa seriously injured. Twelveor fifteen passengers were Injured, the conductor most or nuy. Stcnrosblp Ashore. Savakxad, November 21,—The steamship San Jacinto, from New York, is ashore on the oyster beds near Fort Pulaski. The passengers have ar* lived here. Three tugs have been sent to her re* licl, aad the vessel will probably he got off at high tide. New Bridge Across the Susquehanna. PuiLAPELTniA, November 21.—A locomotive passed over the new railroad bridge across the smsquehanna at Havre do Grace, yesterday morn • in P- Toe road win i»o formally opened for travel on Wotdav, lessening tbe time between Baltimore and Philadelphia thirty minutes. Yoang men’s Cbrlstlan Association Con- ventlon. BAirnfOßS, November 81,—The Convention of the Young Men’s Christian Association of tho btato of Maryland and District of Columbia, was held here to-day. There was quite a good attend ance of delegates, and much Interest manifested in the proceedings. Visitors to Jeff. Davis. Fortress Moxqoe, November 21.—Robert Onld, formerly rebel Commissioner of Exchange, accompanied by a niece of Davis,* arrived tub morning on a visit to the prisoner and family: also three Methodist ministers from Richmond, who bad Interviews with Mr. Davis. Judge Gold returned to Richmond this afternoon. Date of Closing ol the New York Canals. Albany, November 21.—The Canal Commis sioners announce lhat Ihc canals will he closed on the 27th of December, except the Champlain Canal, which will be closed December sth. The Boston Mayoralty, Boston, November 21.—The Republicans thl* evening nominated Otis Norcrosa for Mayor of Boston. x>r. N. S. ShmtliS Is the Democratic nominee. MICHIGAN. Xlio Thro wins Out of the Wayne County Vote* The Detroit Post has the following con cerning the throwing out of tho vote of Wayne County by the County Canvassers, on the charge of Illegal voting. The Board of Canvassers have consummated the out rage by declaring the defeated Democratic candidates elected to office, and ordering certificates of election to be Issued to them ; “The whole pretence noon which this out rage has been based Is a fraud. The pre tence set up by the Free Pro* that more bal lots had been cast in the Filth and Sixth Wards than there were names on the poll lists is a falsehood. The truth is that no more ballots were cast than there were names on the list, bnt more votes for certain State officers are reported , on this proper number of ballots, than there are names on the list. To Illustrate t suppose there arc SOO names on the tally. Suppose there are found lust 5300 ballots in tbe box. It would be evident that no man had voted twice. But suppose it Is found, ou count, that on this SCO ballots there are 300 votes for Gov ernor. This would prove that there must be some ballots upon wlilch there are more than one vote for Governor, or else that there is a mistake in the tally. This mistake In certain rotes, whcrev«| it was, could and should be corrected; but to make it a pretext for throwing out the ballots would be an outrage and a crime. But the rule adopted, if al lowed at all, should be ricidlv adhered to. Yet the Board of Canvassers Tbad before it sworn proof that the ballot boxes of the Tenth Ward —a strong Democratic Ward—had been tampered with— broken open, and the ballots manipu lated contrary to law; yet the Tenth Ward vote was not thrown out. Tne township of Huron was found to. be in precisely the same fix as the Fifth and Sixth Wards; but the township of Huron being Democratic, its vote was not thrown out. The township of Dearborn was also found in like condition, but the vote of Dearborn being Democratic, was not thrown out- The lacf Is, this action of the Democratic Board of Canvassers is the result of a criminal conspiracy, entered into before the Board met. In fact, a bet was made by a Democrat, before the Board met, that precisely this action would be had. If any lact could add to the shame of such a transaction, it is that several members of the Board were themselves candidates for the of fices iu dispute, interested parties, and that they thus illegally and outrageously set aside the will of the people in their own favor.” Terrible Accidental a Colliery—Explo ftton of a Boller-Elsbt Boys Killed. [From the Pittsburgh Gazette, 20ih last.] On Saturday morning last Just before the hour to commence work had arrived, a breaker boiler, one of three at the colliery of William Hear & Co., Mine llill Gap, near Pottsville, exploded with terrific violence, blowing everything in its immediate vicinity to atoms, killing eight boys, slate-pickers, whose ages ran«ed from twelve to eighteen years, and seriously wounding the engineer named Good, and several boys. The canse of the explosion is unknown. The names of the boys killed are George 11. Clemens, Wil liam Edwards, Richard Welsh, Michael Welsh, dames Ryan, F. Lawler and John M clsh. The name of a hoy who was ■wounded and died subsequently, we have Dot learned. It Is thought that several others who were wounded cannot recover, as their injuries are of a very serious char acter. It seems that the bovs had collected in the boiler house before going to work, to warm themselves, and that they were in the house when the explosion took place. This is one of the most terrible accidents of the kind that ever happened iu this county. Mutual Agreement on the Catting Loose Question. The Washington liqmblican, the newspa per organ at the capital of the Administra tion, prints the article of the Chicago Times which has made so much sensation, and goes on to say: = From lh3s article we learn, in substance, that the Copperhead, or Democratic partv. £ter violating jill their pledges made at the Philadelphia National union Convention to abandon their party organization and join a purely Conservative National Union party and In consequence of such violation having been repudiated in every Slate of the holding elections since, except two, h' w termmed two things, to de-’ mi- V at , t V, e i r ™ “attributable "■“■fP'j to the Administration of Pres- Ideut Johnson than to “all other causes com inddcno^ceU.''^ tUnt 2. That negro suffrage ia Inevitable, and must he met as a life-saving measure to the Democratic party; therefore, the Democra cy of the Northwest are in favor of qualifled sntfrage to the negro, and will recommend it to the Southern States as a life-saving meas ure for them. .Me are glad the Times' editor has shown his hand and has turned to abusing the President and Secretary Seward. He lias re moved the mask which he aud his friends put on at Philadelphia and wore when they came here to congratulate the President and ask for offices. The President wouldn’t recog nize the same countenance now. Thcv have changed. There is a singleness of purpose now m their programme. Heretofore thev weredenWdaced. We have but a word to say to such creatures as arc represented by the Tbms; 1. We hare the consciousness of knowing tuat they never stung us, because we always dreaded reptiles and never look them to our bosom. When they made their slimv ap pearance ot Philadelphia we struck at them and drove them out ot the Convention, as St. Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland. *t 2, T^* c . l i uc ?’ V*ey were dishonest towards* the President when thev put Clvraer up iu Pennsylvania and Hoffman In New York, striking Dix down In the latter State. They deserved what they got In -both States— defeat. 8. They acknowledge now, what We always contended they desired, namely, the success of the .old Democratic parly, regardless of principles, policy or meu. • 1. W c are satisfied now, as we always have Democratic party went to I hilfldelphla for no other purpose than to obtain place and power, and not on account Of any love they bore to President Johnson or the policy oi the Administration. *• ”'the Time*' proposition about qualified suffrage Is dishonest, else It would have adopted that principle when President jo urged it upon Congress InApril and 0. That, if the Copperheads of the Chicago Times stripe had uot thrust themselves upon the Philadelphia Convention, and intruded themselves Into every town, city, county, district and State Convention afterwards, to poison the politics of each State against the Administration and in favor of extreme radi calism, the restoration policy of Andrew Johnson would ere this have been vindicated and recognized at the polls by the honest American people. The misrepresentations of such infamous Journals have retarded restoration and produced the present mis understanding between the President and Congress. The Chicago Timex and its political asso ciates will confer a great favor upon the President and his real friends if they will form a society of their own, and no longer impose themselves upon a party where thev are not wanted. J Soon after the death of Prince Albert, the sable Emperor Theodoras of Abyssinia, hearing of the melancholy event, and moved probably by sym pathy for the unfortunate widow, sent to Queen Victoria a formal proposal of marriage. The of fer was treated with silent contempt. His sable Majesty, after waiting some time, came to the con clusion that bo was Intentionally insulted, and, out of revenge, seized the principal Englishmen then within bis dominions. By the latest ac counts there is reason to fear that all the prison cis, as well as an envoy sent out to their succor, have been pnt to death. Qnecn Victoria has at length been Induced to despatch to her savage sulior an autograph letter in the hope of securing the release of the subjects, if they arc uot already released by death. WAIT BROTHERS** Advertising Ag’ln 126 Dearborn -at.* receive advertisements for all the leading papcia throughout the Culled States and Canadas* iHjotograpljs. 10& MY POLICY. -t AQ ,1 UQ“Qnck Salks ax© Shall Pconrs.” J. Un fc» ery day. enn or cloud*, snow or rain, between ibis and January l. issi, 1 win give nil customers the verv best style of Carte* de Vlsete tor only#lJW ivr dozen. *>«» 1 target time, place orprice, Brand’s Art Palace. IQ&Lake-sL E. L. GRAND. Proprietor. TMMEIsSE FALL I! —Was the man X killed? Wonderful tumble, yet 6trance to sar. there wereno lives lost, when “Cartes do Visile” full from $3.00 to Ilso per dozen, all in the same day, at Brandis Popular Art Gallery, Hooks anb jptatiomrn. JJOLIDAY AND STANDARD BOOKS, In German. French. Italian and Spanish. Also. Kanl baob’s Photograph* to Schiller and Occthc’a Work*. Maple Photograph*. 4c. EUW. BUEULEK’S Foreign Bookstore. 11l Monroe- st., near Poet ofllce. 850,000 T 0 LOAN IN SUMS FROM 53.000 TO 810,000, On Unencumbered Cltv Heal Estate. HITCHCOCK * UUPKE. IS Portland Block. Ncto IJuMications 'S NEW VOLUME* The Western Nows Company* cor* ner of Dearborn and IRadison»sts*j has received “ riower-de-liuco,'* the D ow volume of Poems by Ziongfollow* Pricey $2,25* Sample Copies sent £rce by mail on receipt of price* jflne P'DIiXXTURE, FRENCH PLATE PIER GLASSES. We have ou hand one of tbe most beautiful and ex tensive stock of rich and medium Furniture, fbr » PARLOR, DRAWINGROOM, LIBRARY, CHAMBER AND DININGROOM, to be found In this city. We have fitted up our second aad third floor* f jr the purpose of selling at private sale, and particularly In vite the attention oi furniture buyers to oar splendid stock, our prices, assortment, andt quality of good*. Cannot help bnt be satisfactory. * GILBERT 4 SAMPSON, No*. 47 and 49 Dearborn-at., Chicago. (Consignments. SALE, AT SAOO PER BARREL, 200 brls. Choice Winter Apples, All hand-picked. In average lot* ol 5 brls.or more, by GEO. McSINN EY 4 CO., A PPLES AND CIDER.—In store and ii arriving, PITHS OHIO APPZtS CIDSH, Cn Consignment. Al.o, 200 BBLS. OHIO AFPXsSS. NATHAN SMITH, No. 10 Dearborn-st. Hominy AND OAT MEAL.. Best In market. For sale by LaBAR 4 BOETREE. 276 South Watcr-*t. business 'Notices. VTASOKIC.—A Special Assexnblv of IVL Van Hcn»c!aer Grand Lodgeof Perfection, will ik- held at the Masonic Temple Tills (Thursdar) EVEN -ING, at "S' o’clock, for work. All the members of the 1-odge are requested to be present. JAS. B. MILA;?. Grand Secretary. ■pKOJUTITCDE OF AN INSUR- L ANCE COMPANY.—In the cur of Mr. Arthur 11. Mc*lpv. lately deceased, the CHARTER OAK IN* SL'RANCE COMPANY. In which hb life was Insured to the amount of fAOcC. has in a prompt and eaUsCie to< y manner paid the same la due time- It is a satis* la-tlra to person? Insured, ana to the public at larze, to know that their heirs will not be pul to trouble to rrcorer claims from the Charter Oak, which Is so well and so efficiently represented by Mr. WELLS, Its Agent here, a genii- man who*e mtecrUy ‘and urbanity are valuable to the company he represent*. The CONTINENTAL has likewise shown promptness in the same matter. Mrs. A. H. MOSLEY. -VOTICfc TO THE PUBLIC—That I it hare discharged tay clerk, , CHARLES HOES EL, and that nobody will trust him ta my name, fbr which I shall not pay. A. B. FIEDLER, ' S'J Lake-Bt. J>H\bIOGNOATY. Pro lessor James WALKER, S 9 WASHINGTON ST. THE DAY APPOINTED FOR THE FINAL AWARD OF PREMIUMS. a,, •PPolnttd to contact tte atr«rainiol Primlamt to the memhert o( tS AS ” c,il "’-'‘- bSTC ”«=■ •httortzM h r the touasneu to .oaoooee wSmeil to “ * wlrJ ot lU »!>‘U »e =*»«■ “‘I, Mr ' Cl f l ' T “* r r ' ,lll ° thc r “" benoat of his enterprise—and that tns cerUJcotei m. T bt “mIUj “* br U «■« «nc remsinlns cntlsctM should b. arrStoe°S”p«SS C ‘ llP>r * lC,tn '' rKl * l,! “ t "' rrc * rt ,rtn bi: tls ” 13 »«f«< 1= W. F. COOLBAUGH, JAS, B. BOWEN, 2. C. DORE, JAMES C. FARGO, i. r. mcnn. J. A. ELLIS, CLINTON BRIGGS, E. Q. HALL, FRANCIS A. HOFFMAN, AMOS T. BALL, The management state that ttfter the subscription booUthall liar Snurvt of three tr Jour xreel* icill he reared, to procure return, from Iheogenclee, trhtch extend over all the Stale, andTerrxtorieetfthe Union, ana to properly prepare the bool, for the uneofthe Committee; the J has therefore been appolntedjor a n.'ore dtetant day than tcould othencUe hare been necettary. WTHE SUBSCRIPTION BOORS TVILL BE CLOSED. WHEN THE SALE OF CERTIFICATES SHALL HAVE BEEN COMPLETED, FURTHER NOTICE. CERTIFICATES Pertontvho intend tcipurchai* certificate J ore requested not to delay longer. Crrttf rate, Fire Dottm. F.mlt, Men po,,lK'.'>lt Draft or PM Office Ori*-. £3T* Register ail letters ccntawtracurrmea. Dtreato c _ a _ cmsDr _ AelHarp. “S Opera Ifome.ChlC'igo. sDtj) (Gooos £)RT GOODS FANCY DRY GOODS. SPECIAL SALE TORRENCE, C j MANNING & CO., GREATLY REDUCED PRICES For Tlilrty Days, 10 cases Blue Mixed Shirts and Drawers, 10 cases White Sains and Drawers, 10 cases Shetland Shirts and Drawers, 10 cases Prince of Wales Balmoral Skirts, 10 cases Ladies’ Rib’d Wool Hose, 500 doz. Fancy Knit Hoods, 800 doz. Fancy Knit Nubias, 300 doz. Fancy Knit Breakfast Shawls, 100 doz. Fancy Knit Skating Caps. 1.000 doz. Skirt Braids, 10,000 doz. Stafford Spool Cotton, 1.000 boxes Lconcse Tarn, And our entire stock at prtccs to meet the decline In J3T" Orders by mall will be filled prompt! «•. at as low Prices as tbonsh they were personally purchased. TERMS—NET CASH, SO DATS. TORRENCE, MANNING & CD., 35 Lakost. and 39 TVaksh-av. g&lasiimg (Compound. ATTENTION! TRY WASfItVG COMPOUND. It has become a favorite with th<» ladles, and all who have used it think liter coold not do without it. Such white enim as are produerd without rubbing, and the large washing* completed by middle ftrenoon, are working a wonderful change In household aflalrs. it savestho of rubbing and the Rouble ot sewing on buttons, and REDUCES THE EXPENSE OF FUEL AND SOAP ONE-HALF 1 Try It. and If yon are not highly pleased with It. re turn naif the box, and you- money wfl be refunded. For s*ie by Grocers and dealers everywhere. Manu factured by E. W. CHAPPELL, Rnslrcps Office. 4? Lombard Block. Chicago. ILcrturrs. yoUXG HEX’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. JOHN B. COUCH Will deliver his NEW LECTURE, entitled “CURIOSITY,” (Never before delivered 1c this city), On Friday Evening, Nov, S 3, . at CSOSBY’S OPEEA HOUSE, Commencing at S o’clock. Tickets 59 cents. Reserved seats 25 cents extra. Tie sal* of Tickets acd Reserved Scat* will com werce on Thursday moraine at 9 o’clock, at the Ticket Ofllcc ot Crosby’* Open House. A. C. McCLFRG. Cor. See. T. M. A. Jfur (SooUs, PURCHASERS OP LADIES 7 FURS Should not tall, before bnylte, to see oar stock, hl* full and complete. Price* cheaper tho cheapest. TAYLOR, Furrier, ■\riXK CLOAKS.—We. are sliojvina .Aa. somethin* handsome in the way of large w hvlxjstik: to which especial attention is Invited; BREWSTER. Furrier. Sherman House. SPECIALTY. —We make a sporiaJty of FIXE DRESS FHV. la Sable. Mint and Ermine. m e ere showing the RICHEST GOODS manufactured. BREWSTER, Farrier, Sherman House. 13ir*s. JUST RECEIVED. BIRDS! BIROS! Just received, a large assortment of EUROPEAN SIMiING BIRD?, nice GERMAN CANARIES. Eng lish Goldfinches, Thrushes. Blacknlrd*. 4c. Abo. a fine lot ot Talcing Parrot* and Mocking Bird*. All sorts ot Sea Shell*. Coral* ana shell Work. AQUaBIUMs and GOLD FISH on hand and for sale at FRED. KAEMPFER’S BIRD STORE, 11.1 ttadtson-st.. Chicago. ffljrcnologg. JW. STRONG, the Phrenologist, • U still located at “ OO MOKROE-ST., N’e*r the Post Office, and make* examinations day and er ■ lag. Verbal description, $1.00: written. $3.90. CW Descriptions given trom good portraits. Seal instate. inn AHA ACRES OF PINE LAND J.V/V/}VUIJ IN MICHIGAN FOR SALE.— Thee laid* were carefnllv selected and comprise some of the large*! and bwt tracts cast c: the Reels’ Mountains. Apply to £. B. WARD, Detroit, Mich. NUMBER 170 13ri?c Z3istdf)Uti'on. CARD. President Union NVaomtl Bank. Presides! Third Nations’. Bank. President of the Board ol Trade. Manager American Express. Muon ft Scott, Elevator. President Second National Bank. Ewing. Briggs ft Co., Ball, Elmbark St Co. Ex-Lleut. Governor. Treasurer C., B. ft Q. R. R. Os Express. N E w BAGGAGE AND PACKAGE EXPRESS CO. OFFICE 71 STATE.ST. (Next door to City Railway Office.) FITCH, SAXBOKX & CO., Proprietors. Toe advantages to be derived by a City Baggage and Package Express Company, are too obvious to need recapitulation. They arc: Ist. Cheapncaa. 2d. Expe dition. 3U. Convenience, 4tb. RcllabUlty. All these things FITCH, SANBORN ft CO.’S EXPRESS COM PANT wui unfailingly realize. Baggage, etc., conveyed to and from any part cl the city, at (he following rates: ta-ruti 1 s Description of Articles. mfte.mllM.mtfes.mUe* Single article baggage S3c 33c Me esc Two pieces baggage SOc 50c Tsc fUM Ihree pieces baggage 50c «5c 1.25 Hand parcels Sc 23c asc S3e blpglepackaeetosoapboxslzc. asc »c 55c 40c Tw o packages to soap box size. 33c 33c 40c SOc felngle package to brl. hour size, 33c 35c 40c 50c Two packages to brl. Roar size. 40c soc 63c t3c Frl.oU.fati.orslallar pack'cs. 40c SOc 63e 73c sewing Machine* 40c SOc 65c T3c Glass, fragile articles and furniture charged la pro portion to risk. Parties arriving: by Railroad or Steamboat leave Checks for Baggage at the Office* 71 Statost. All City Railway Cars stop directly In front of the Office of the Nevr City Package and Baggage Express Com pany. X3T ALL BAGGAGE CHECKED WHEN RE CEIVED. iftusiral. 'T'HE STOCK OP GOOD PIANOS ,A bonpht at a sacrifice trom an Eastern house decim tnp business, and advertised by n« last week as for sale vary low. are already mostly sold. Several cxcelleat aid .-octave instruments, however, arc still on band, and excellently suited to persons who want a chas« r«ilftbiMiano, but do not wUh at present to pur* STEIN WAY SMITH & NIXON, Clark and WaahJngton-ste., and In Cincinnati. 'T'HE REGULAR REHEARSALS OP A tin* it- ndelsenhn Society will commence on TUES ««?' the Lecture Room (Room 20). Opera House Building. entrance on Washmz ton-st. 3. c. GAULT, Pres’u W, bpRAGUE. Sec’y, R. R. STEVENS, Trcas. TO SINGERS. A corcial invitation Is herewith extended to all sing ers, and especially >nrh as may have recently settled In tbe city, to attend our weekly rehearsals. Applica tions may be made through any of the members of the society, or to the conductor, Mr. A. W. DOHN, P. O. Pox 2027. Dies piano forte rooms, im RANDOLPH-ST., (Cp-.talrs.) &o:e Agents tor Hazlclou Brothers’ Gold Medal Over strong Grand and Square PIANOS. These Pianos have always received the First Premi urn whenever they have been exhibited. Each ln»t-u --menl Is WARRANTED fbr seven years. First Prize Gold Medal received at the Exhibition of the industry of alt Nations, held at the New York Crystal Palace Nov. 9. :s:& An assortment of other Plaaos oa hand. iirmobals. EMO VAL PAINTS AND GLASS. JOHN ALSTON HAS REMOVED TO 172 6c 174 Bandolph-st,, JONES* BUILDING, business (Cams. R. WALKER, OCULIST ASD ADJUST, KO. 117 SOUTH CLAP.E-ST., CHICAGO. Consaltatloo from 10 to 12 at d 3 to 4. The forms are decidedly the best that haye been presented to this Of* flee*” Sent prepaid on receipt of the money, at fIJDO pa qnlre. A neat pamphlet, containing pension and Bounty Laws ol ISW, with latest Ins traction' and regulations sent Agents on receipt ot stamp to pay postage. A copy inclosed with each package of Blanks, WITHOUT PAIN | Address OASH PAID FOR o. i. c. Newspapers. Pamphlets KG Waste Paper of alt kind*, Colton and Woollen Kaes. *torg railed fir ip the dtp. J. E. PRITIBONh A CO., IDcnti'strg. 'J'EETH EXTRACTED Fy ttc cseof “Kntor* Onxie," at TKEGO*S Dental Roods. 73 Clark-st. and administered by s Physician. Gas jfurtutES. pETEESOX & PATTEESOX, CAS FIXTURES, 88 TVASHINGTOy.ST. proposals. rpO ARCHITECTS. PLASS A3TT SPECIFICATIOSS FOR SEW BUILD* isos rou ire war department AT WASniSGTOS, D. C. Architects are Itrlted t } prepare plans and “Dedica tions, and estimates ol ca»L lor new ftre-proof build ing* for the War Department, on thesttonuw occupied by the War D- partmecl and adjacent vacant W»*hmeu i n.DVc. lie buildings required should have a superficial area large a' the site selected wiladmitoL Photographs cf site, uurt all other tolormntloD relating to the sub ject, will he furnished to Arcbtiecta desiring to com* peto for the work, upon application, personally or by Itiur, tu the undersigned. A pmtlcm cf fG.KK) for the first, cl 13,003 for the ser«-nf!. ana of ?t,cto for the third most acceptable p:aL> aid spechUatJons received, -will he awarded, cron the arproval of the Hon. Secretary ot War. hr Hi.- Court! «i Ctaecr- charced with the doty of select !: s a sue and preparing plans and fpcclflcatlona for the Lui dims of toe War Department under act ot Con urf-buprovedJnlj’Sa lb«. The plans and sptclficailOLS most be sent to thn office ci Pievet Lieutenant Colotcl T. J. Treadwell. Becor drrtl the Board, Ordnance office. Winder's Batldin?, WashlDßtt n, D.C„ on or before the Ist day ot February, The Board will reserve the rlßht to reject any or all plana submitted, should none lie deemed suitable for the purpose, as well as to retain aayor all of each plans. By order of the BoanS T. J. TBBADWELL, Brt. liont. Col., U. b. a,, Boccrdcr. &c. HARDWARE. WILLIAM BIAIR & CO., IMTOETKES AND WHOLESALE DEALEKi IS MMI AND 179 AND 181 RANDOIPH-ST., (Adjoining the Briggs Hon sc), CHICAGO. QUTLERY. ~ WOSTEKHOLM’S and W. S. BUTCHERS’ POCKET KNIVES, WM. BLAIR A CO, * T?ILES. X SIX CASKS BUTCHERS’ FILES, Jos; received and lor sale by WM. BLAIR & CO, 179 and ISI lUtdolph-st. JJARDWAIiE AND CUTLERY. A. R.&6.E MILLER, B 5 State-st., Chicago. *SOQ doz. IXL Wostenbolm’s Pocket Knives. AJHI dor. \cd Wa-l-' A Butcher’s Pocket Knives. %‘O‘J dor..ioßi«ph Bodgers * sons' Scissors and Shears, 100 dor. Spear A JacKson’s. and other English bran Is* ol Hand and Panel Saws, received direct from tnciish mannfacturers per aieamer " Cltr of Manchester," which wewUl sell J At Low Prices for Cash! Also, a fine assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS. Heat Cnltcrs and Staffers, Ladies* and Gents’ Skates, Straps, &c., Scoops, Shovels, Axes, &c. ROLLING MILL. F. W. MTTHIESSEN &‘HESELER AT laSALLE, IS ILLINOIS, ARE ROLLING EVERY WEEK FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS OF SHEET ZINC Superior to all Imported. iJortnrrslji?. T^ISSOLUTIOX—COPAKTNEKSHIP ±J The partnership heretofore eliding between ABRAMS 4 DIXON of this city 1* dissolved this list November, Itsifl, cad the business will hereafter be coming*'! under the caiae, style aod firm ol DIXOK * CO- 1., n. ABRAMS. WM. TX/’E HAVE THIS DAT SOLD Ob.'.’ entire interests in the stock and good will ot of POLLARD. DOAKB 4 CCL. and cheer tpuy recommend our successor* to the patronage of a liberal public. JOHN k. POLLARD. „. _ . JEROME B. POLLARD. Chicago, November 15, ifttf. notice; We have this day formed a copartnership, under the firm name of DOAXEj PECK & CO., To conduct the WHOLESALE GROCERY BUSINESS, *: £°, 9 ,- o«l and 0-1 Mlchlean-av.. where the customers ot Pollard, Donne 4 Co., will And a comolcte stock of coon* and wloiag salesmen to wait upon them. GEORGE G. DOAKE. TUOMAS H. DOANE, C. I. PECK, C. C. CONNOLLY. C. C, HOLMES. g H. KERFOOT &.CO, /J. F. PIERSON Is admitted to partners hip,m our am from September 15th, 19M. With increased abllitlea fee doing a General itcal Estate Broker&ae and Aeenci SS B Asf*?-F e, ° l,clt ttrther commissions, s. H.KEIt FOOT 4Co„Keal Estate Broken, 71 Dearborn-et, Chicago. B.H. KERFOOT. •TOact J. F. PIERSON. iUpors. LONGWOETH'S WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI GOLDEN WEDDING. SPARKLING CATAWBA. DRI CATAWBA, ISABELLA AND DELAWARE. These celebrated Winca are tor sale by POLLZB FINCH 4 FULLER, LORD « SMITH, and WEITZEL, MARTDi & CO., ? Statc-flt., Chicago. 111. Jfisi). gOSTOx\ FISH MARKET WILL OPEN NOVEMBER 15T. lOOJlonroe-st., opposite 3?.0. Fresh Sea Fish. Lake Pt*jj, and Oysters, wholesale and retail. Fre*h CM, Haddock. UalUmt, Eels. Smelti Mackerel, Corned Cod and Mackerel, 4c_ In their *ca eon. Stroked Salmon, Halibut, Finnen iladdie*. Yar mouth Kloatcrs, Tickled salmon. Hard and Soft SheL UatLß, by eallon or quart. Ac. Kits extra selected Mackerel Toneucs and Sounds. Halibuts, Flu*—put np expressly lor family use. A. KYDEK. Ko. 100 Monroc^flt. ffens. JOSEPH GILLOTT S STEEL PENS, OF THE OLD STANDARD QUALITY JOSEPH Or Descriptive TRADEMARK: GIUjOTT. Nameue?lg o TVA It II ANTED. nating Number. NEW SERIES, GOOD AND CHEAP, from No. TOO to No. TCI. TRADE MARK; fHIILOTP* DoaUrtmllmr BIU.niNHUA.iI. Numbers/ Tbc well known orioinai, and popcxab numbers. 303* 101. 170. :»1. * having been Bf«nmcd by other Makers we desire to caution the public la Mp«t to said imitation'*. A>K FOR GIL LOTT’S. **n A V.b Uif.L.\/ .4 Gnxorr s Pwss. ic such variety and style as to suit every kind of hand-writing, lor sale to tbe trade by JOS. GIIiIiOTT €& SONS, No. 91 John**t.« New York. BBNR7 OWEN, Sole Agent. Ccmplc of iHusic. TEMPLE of MUSIC Pianos, Organs and Melodcons tumlshod, at HEED’S Temple ol Music, SS Uandolph-st., upon payment ofa small amount down, balance In monthly Installments. Call and sec us. ISlanfts. J)OUNTI£S. Official Blanks! We have now fbr sale the following additional Boun ty Blanks, which have ALL been approved by the De partments : Soldier's Claim for Additional Bounty* Widow's “ “ « Father's “ “ M mother's u 41 “ Parents' “ (Jointly) 44 “ Guardian’s “ '* ** A communication trom Second Andlior'a Office, re errinjr to copies of oor Blanks sent for examination, saja: TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st., Chicago. ■dTor £alc. HOUSES FOB SALE OF THE GOLDDDST BREED, At Eden Stock Form, elcht miles from the city ol Louisville, Ky. These horses Include the tea that hare challenged the world for speed tad bottom, H 11 ?®* 7 s Plrtt 'of the Times**; also. Lydia Golddust, that won lorftlt ol Monnot’s celebrated Brmio la thrw* races; also, Matty Golddust, that won Jonnt oyer ten ofttebest two year olds ofKcatucky to the fall of ISB3, and the noted style and speed mam Sue Goludnst, Ro«a Golddust. These, with many oth ers* mate up the best and most elegant lot of trotters ever oUcred lor sale la America, ram now breeding oyer 73 mares annually of the most improved crosses ot Morgans and thorough-breeds, and can supply sin gle and doable driving horses, brood mares, or stal lions, ot any deMred aces, at the shortest notice. cc4bGo-26lTn net L. L. DORSET, JB. Hotel for sale.—a me is now offered to any one wishing to encase in tte fco’.el bn>tocs3. Ihe lease and furniture of ou of the best paying hotel* in Oils city lor sale, containing about seventy -are room* ° Address POST OFFICE BOS 1,079- ' JfOR SALE. Valuable Copper Mining Lands OJV L.VJK.K BUPEBZOB. The nnderslgned Is authorized to sell these lands, which are aznene the beat on 1 boperlor. Explora tion allowed. Maps tod Information at my office, 9S LaSalk-at. GEO. H. HOST. Vesical. 'J'HROAT AND LUNGS, Chronic Diseases! DR. B. SEGNITZ, ° f >’ott Topic and St. X>ouls» "Hie well-known practitioner ia PULMONARY CHRONIC WSEAH! Is about to visit CHICAGO. HI, for the purpose Of giving medical audiences, at the TKEMONT HOUSE, Commencing WEDNESDAY, the 21st of November, dally, from 9am.iUl4p.ra, The Doctor’s reputation as tarally phvsiclaa in Sew Tort, and bis superiority la Throat, Lungs and Chronic Diseases, will render It superfluous to recommend hh* new method of treatment, by means of his own new In* strnmcnts.for Inhalation and Fusnfllstion. Both In struments are not only approved by the leading phy sicians of this country and Europe, but are well spoken of In the Jfedlcof and Surgical Reporter, of Philadel phia, (October 3d, 1963.) the leading medical Journal oC this continent. Dr. S. never shows testimonials, as other advertising physician* are used to do, and he feels more sorry, that, as specialty practitioner, he la botmato advertise. But the profession, and the people In general will soon be convinced that he differs front others, and flraPdass city references are at disposal tor this purpose. Personal Examination Is Xeccssary IK ALL CASES OF Chronic Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma* Fleers In the Throat, Nostrils, AKD IK PULMONARY DISEASES IK GENERAL. The Doctor never anew!* to donhtlhl cases, bat he achieved rtsalxa In case* which were denounced total by other physicians. For the flnt examination the patient will call hclore be has taken his main D. SEGKIT2. M. D„ Trernopt House. 9 a. m. UU -I p. m. jyjORE VALUABLE THAIf GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOK-THE CATARRH: i,^.K£~VKIl p ' :c ? r ' :jlc <or«mm»tlisonwdlseMc. ffj.l l ? Er. cvcrj- of CalarrXMvereS Bo Grooved as sooi as posM TJU clTeB » rtst t to boarsene*?, aoreae** In the wlad plpe. dry conch, chronic laiiammatlon of the lungs, »if l S? s .?*‘ lu il. pato bead, with a *cn.*tlou of J^ e over the eyes, loss or the senses of saiclltac various palatal neuralgic atr-ct?ons. rtiero UJ P »bov t * remedy, and U maw ‘£m SK-SSiST- G “ crll Ase! “ f " <•’■>«<* II. 11. BUKKIKUTOV. Pfovldenc* R i For sale by £££_ i- 1 rug ghs: j, 4 9-1 Lake-st., Wholetai*. JEeiijolcsalr Rouses' KIMBALL, STEVENS & COMPT. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE. 64 & 66 .IITCHIH.I.V- .If. jJatcnts. QARD’S PATENT BRICK BZACHINS, Office ami manulactory 3;| South Jrtrcrmn-st. For Information and descriptive circular address E. !'. GARD, 'J'HE NEW BURNER. MORE LIGHT! LIGHT! THE GREAT INTENTION. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. Br the use of this Burner, Glass Chimneys are ca* tJrciy dispensed with, and a brilliant light given oat la a spreading jet. similar to that of Gas. The orimarw Coal Otl (Kerosene) of the shop? ts used, affording not only the CHEAPEST bat the BEST light that cm be produced from this great Illuminating agent. We cordially Invite every one to call and witness for aware that 6 °* >crftl * on9 °* thU Burner, being roily “To See is fo be Convinced.” ’IuT'ViVS <™«racteu that It .iticha to my COALOIL LAMP, tans ...Inj; taa prltu ol new omi where they are already In use. ■* and County Klghta lor sale. Apply to or A- R. SLOAN, ADAMS HOUSE. 33aper. 'J’HE "RECHERCHE” PERFUMED Wote Paper and En velopes Arc now For Sole by All -tbe Flrst*elaaa Booksellers and Stationers* For sale to the Trade by HULBEET, WAT & CO., New York. aaooh ana (Coal. A IX fcIZES X.ACBAWANA COAL. Wc guarantee full weights. Orders from the country promptly filled. cmtiss, mm & co,, 15 WEST MADISON, Corner of Canal-st. (Clothing, CLOTHING. Wholesale and Retail. 2,600 Overcoats, 3,000 Frock Coats, 2,500 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, Ac. Mattrasscs, Curled Hair, Boiler Towels, fte. FRED. L. FAKE, 201 and. 203 9outh Watcr-st. ajJantea. ■yy ANTED—HELP. One or two lire men !a erery coanty of the who are wliitus to wori for a cmpetuailon of $3) month and expenses, caa adrtr’ P. O. F . 29. Chicago, HL ADDERS WAi (Beeves and. C": FOl b «C,5 South Water-at.. farming iLanhs. A T.Tj WAJiTINGFAR.V&—GoouIarm • _r\ And well-proved Frnlt Laada-Deaattoil amt lartvtos settlement of TISELASD.3O miles south ot- Ehi'adHpbia by railroad. Population- Increased people to ftmr years. society. sch-*ols and* churches; psvahle to four yean. Village lots for h arness ana masafhctnrers also tor sale. Climate healthy—soli highly tortile. Improved Places also tor sa’e. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS. Proprietor, Vine land, Kew Jersey. Papers containing information sent fr-e. From report ct Solon Robinson, Agricultural Edltorofthe Tribune; **ltls cne cl the most exto slve fertile tracts In an almost level position, and suit able condition for plca«ant farming, that we know of thUgiqpof the Western Pratnea.* IHbucatioual IVTK- FAULHABER BEGS LEAVE TO .It I Inform his intends and patrons that ho haa fitted npasolteuf EoomsatNo. 1111 SonthCtarfc-jc, near Msdlson-sn, where he win resume his InstrncUon cx the French and German Unmakes. He will also tire lessons at the residences of his pnpu* if desired.