Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 22, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 22, 1866 Page 3
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DISTILLEET FE VUES. Seizure >f Five Distilleries In Brooklyn* New York City and New Jersey—Ser eroi Hundred Thousand Dollars In- Tolred. [From the New York Evening Post, Nor. 17.] Some of the Government revenue officials In Brooklyn are now busily engaged In inves tigating a scries of Crouds of a stupendous character, which have been perpetrated on the revenue in the business or distilling whis key and alcohol. A short time ago It will be remembered, two distilleries were seized— one in Blcssvillc, Long Island, and the other in Franklin avenue, Brooklyn. They were both owned by a company of Germans whose naiiivs could not be ascertained, but two men named Bohm and Angus were the reputed possessors, and the matter was com promised with the Government by the pay ment of one hundred and forty-three thou sand dollars for the relca-c of the distille ries. The owners then went to worlcoistcn sibly tomaufaclure burning fluid, on which there is no duty. But the Government de tectives have boon watching them closely, and yesterday these two distilleries, a* well as two Olliers in New York, and one in New Jersey, owned by the came company, were seized. According to the Information lodged with the District‘Attorney. If appears that the manufacture of burning fluid was a sham; that alcohol was distilled aud then mixed with about ten per cent of spirits of turpen tine and other drugs, which gave it the ap pearance of burning fluid. • In this condition it was taken from the distillery. Bv a sim ple chemical process, the turpentine and oil er mixtures were afterwards taken from the casks, and the remainder was alcohol worth $1 per gallon—on each gallon of which the Government had been defrauded of Oh ii is calculated that during the twenty Java 1 L:U the firm has been engaged in this busi ness its members have cleared ovcrs4oJ,(Wo. Another fraud of a worse cluracter has c< 2 l V, e to Itekt In the third collection district . Drookly n. A special commissioner from ♦* e.ahhiglou will investigate the matter nest week. Jn this case a formcrGovcrnmcnt As sessor is charged with having formed a ring.” composed of Vnitcd States detec tives and officials connected with the collec tion department, by which-a large number of distilleries have been run without paying any revenue to the Government for two vears past. The principal operator in the matter is reported to have made over a million and a half of dollars during the time lie has been engaged in it. The Investigation will doubt less disclose an extraordinary state of morals among certain Government officials in this neighborhood. Tlic Antics oTtlie Democratic Press. [F.-em the New York Herald.] The Democratic newspapers arc cutting np strange airtics just now. One of them, a silly sbci l out cat—the Chicago Tinm— ivhich never had much of a record except for ram pant “Coppcrheadism,” is now going in for rccro suflrage, having just dUcovefed that there bus fcrcu a revolctiou of opitiion upon that subject. But a great many other of the Demociaiic papers do not seem to know that there La* been any revolution of opinion upon any question, or that wc Lad a rebellion late ly, or even an election. One of tbe city Democratic papers boasts of Laving gained a great majority for the party, and claims to he the representative of the metropolis—the rive Points,‘WLeatley’s model artists, Cor- Ivar's Kook, and all. We, are afraid the Democratic party is getting demoralized. e see other evidence of this in the fact that the “rinii” is beginning to abuse itself. Comptroller Brennan, one of the principal stockholders hi the company, is out in a let ter denouncing it. What’s the matter? LAW ifJTELI!DE«Gt. Criminal Business—lllinois and Jlichi jrau i anal—Suits against tlic Trus ters—Probate Business—Jntlg meuts—Sew Suits. TbeCircUt Court Is still engaged In receiving « he evidence In the case of William H. Shaw et als. vs. Isaac stichney. This case vug commenced on 3!oi day, and Uto recover damages laid at S%OJO, ''licked to have occurred on the purchase and sale, by commission of 19,7-20 pounds of wool. The luliowlng judgments were rendered: In. ’•ivor oi .John Baldwin. Jr. etala. vs. ilez?kiab r ord, fc"'SUI TS; in favor of Daniel ft. Dram A Co., against 'J homas Fallon, for STUJ; lu favor of the tame iilairtitT against Jaiat-s ft. and F. L, I’lnchetl mr Clll.ho; In favor of Cnailes 11. et als. chains: Warrick Martin for : in favor of Thomas w. Smith vs. e haneelior 1_ Jeuks, fors2o; in lavot of Wilhelm 1- and F:cderick Schrtcdcr against D. ilackval. Thomas D. Bridges, the Health Officer defaulted In the Injunction soil brought October COtli list by John Luh. This bUI was filed to ie«train the ch.cerlrom enforcing a writ of process to prevent bun tl-.ivh) horn slaughtering amraal-* n-ar the shore of Lake Michigan. beUcen Thirtv-flrn and Thirty-second streets, >he writ being issued andcr an infonna'ion bv the State’s Attomev against the es'.&blishmeulo! the comp alnaut ns*a nuisance Tic mailer was referred to the Ma^*-cr. biatjamm iv ttitmins wa? defaulted at the suit cf >amiicl D. Kimball dal.; and Ueary Monahan at the suit cf»T«ev| Shores and other'*. The tollonioa appeal casjs were dismissed* John btuber vs.Xouls Portccr. Morris t'niilc vs. Jolm Keefe. In the Superior Court motions for now trials were ncnled in the tallowing cases: Napoleon LaHoucbe vs. T. C. Sachse, tried No* \ ember talk. k Charles M- Hardy rg.-William M, Ayre?. n Doorinbos vg. Adam Oorms, trial October The following suits were disralsse t: William T. Llill vg. George Ipson. Frank Midler vs llenr> liomler. Judgment was rendered by me Court In favor of id. O’Bri-n against Thomas T. Ellis, for 5-*-0.03, and by a jury against Hcopt Ricker, and another m favor of George Gass far £175.5-0. The new tail- in this court were t.umeroa?. and . some of them involve large amount," of damage il the claim made in tbejrnrcf/»« be relied uuon as the mcarr.rc of the expected recovery. Fl-c suits wen'cetanicnctd against the Hoard of Tra«- tecs of the Illinois and .Michigan Canal. Th**y were by Uca»y Truitt, damages laid at {tO.OJil; Charles Doff, damasea SS,ttO;t; Hiram A. Uant-r and John Sargent, damages £lo,> 00; Gecr-e W Adicr. dama-jea t3,CO'J: Samuel llowe \ . Kohbire, damages S3,tKV. Each of these ac tions i» bnmght in .case. Actions oi assumpsit were instituted as fol lows; Otia L. Wbcelock vs. Chat lea Cmi- Icy; damages £IOO. TMs Is to recover tor work in preparing designs for three Htouc dwellings on Waha h avenue near i Fourteenth siretl- Charles and M. C. Talhunbeo tp, Kttvcli I. Skinner; damages §5lO. Peter Bergman ve. block and Mniita) Insurance Com pany. to rcccvcr cn a policy df JU.UDJ for loss uy fire ou propci (y on Polk and bt.te streets. Groomers A- Ulncb vs. Isaac WoelTner; datnwa 4l.h"U, and John Buss vs. InslcyC. How: damiges £Bt*o. * A wait of attachment Issned against A. W. Uoironuigas against a noD-iesident, at the suit of the Bartmtn A: llicbardron manufacturin'* com pany, on su alleged indehUsimo-s of A writ of replevin issued to recover :»o-se«Plon by James McSjcdley and others, from the Grand Trunk Rrib ay Company, bC hogsheads and 17J barrels of 8r ear. Randolph Tyler ard others petitioned for the partition of twenty-one acres of lead. ocln<» a part of the southwest quarter of sect oa 10, township o?, north of range 11, cart. In the Ciunty Conn,Claris L. I.amb was ap- Eoinl«-a to administer upon the e-iate of Carer amb. the boqfl required being for $7. UK). Thom as Houghton received a like appointment as to the estate of bis brother, John F. Ilougbion. un der a bond of SI.IOO. Anna lambcrt was selected to act as guardian ol Caroline Lambert, under bond of SS.OW. Tuc will of Ana Peck wa« proved, Charles U. Slnrtf va'il receiving letters te«tan)ca»arv under a bond; of ft?,150. The will of Francis 1,. Fisher was also proved, the widow, Catharine, receiving let I ITS. The cmninal business as to public bearing was confined to the xase of The People vs. Thomas Snyder and Lawrence Fegan, Informed agaiiut for mmnlniuinrr a nuisance l»y rendering grease and ri;snuiacli.rinc soap and cmdles in a building on Hu* northeast comer of State and Twenty-second streets. The jury brought In a verdict of not guilty. EiLui Miller.pleading guilty-of petit larceny, wa.- sentenced to the County Tail for three tnc>tiih c : and a not pros, was recorded In the ca-eof Caspar Hibeubrandt, berototore indicted lor arson. Rrrxiox or tits Yates Puala^^t.—A reunion r.i the veterans and all vrho have at any time been meeb" rs cf the Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry Vol nutters. will be held at Bloomington, In this Stale, on the last. The roll will be called, on t!i“ ml.tter of the rrgimv:i(, at eleven o’clock, Drtgailler General O. L. Mann, formerly Colonel, receiving the command from the Adjutant. At tw u o'clock the regiment will march to Phmmx Hall, where the foi owing order of exercises will be gone through with: Prayer—Cy the Chaplain. Mu-ic—Regimental Brass Bind, Lieutenant P. LI. Luce, Leader. Oration—Major General T. O. Osbom, former Colonel. Snug. “Reunion" (written tor the occasion)— lb-gizncntal Glee Clch/^ Poem—Colonel C. 51. Clark, late Surgeon. Banquet at 7:30 p. the A-bley llonac. Pu-mccadc at tbe ball aft- r the haaonet. The **rca heart" badges will be tarnished at headquarters, and Iran-portailon will be famished open the several ra'lroads at half rates. Revere House Boll.—La-t night notes of sweet music end ihe busy feet ol dancing resounded In Üblich's Hall. It was on the occasion ot the an nual assembly cf the female employes of the Re vere House, many of whom have lived with Mr. Dntcher, its proprietor, here and a» Madison, for Ihe past twelve or fourteen years. The sight was indeed a pretty one. Thirty or forty young mild ms. wrh the bloom of youth and health mantling tt.cir lair checks, tastefully dressed, joined in the dance with their male companions, and gave thcmeclrod the pleasure of the hour. The dreamy waltz, the swiftly gliding round danc*. the stalely quadrille, the merry jig, followed each other In quick succession, and were entered into with that zcM which Is quickened alone by a nat ural love and taste. And so hour aflerhonr glided by. hours cpnvcrtcd into moments, and minutes into seconds by those engaged iu Ihe entertain ment. The ball proved in every respect a success, and nothing occurred to mar tuc cn jovmont of the evening. The girls were happy, bnt ?iot more so than they deserve, and it is to be hoped they may Ihcto witness many similar entertainments. Smaocs. Accra est.—Yesterday afternoon a laboring man was run over by the erotic train on the St. Louis & Alton Railroad rear the Inter section of their track with Archer road. The man was walking along the track, and on the approach of the locomotive, was warned to avoid the train, but he paid uo attention ned paid the consequences yviih his life. His leg and shoulder were severely mangled and when picked np life was extinct. Seme of the bystanders say that the man was dtaf: others that he was under the tntlueuce of liquor, the truth of which cannot bo ascertained until the C'.Toncr’a jnqueol, which will be held to day. Abusing Htfc Wife.—Mary Ready, Indignant at tbe outrageous abuse she bad received from her hnsbatd, hastened to have him arrested. On Monday afternoon Washington Ready, her hus band, was drank, and beat Mary over the head, nod the told the officer that a knife was nred upon bcr. Yceteiday morning Mary’s feelings hid so far softened that &hb seemed quite a reluctant witness agaln-t her beloved Washington. There was sufficient evidence, however, to fine the man ?SU. lie may charge It to tnc account of whiskey. Takikr Boots.—William Dwyer, a laborer, look a pair of bools from the freight boose of the Northwestern Depot on Monday. He was ar rested and brought before the Police Court. Some mitigating circumstances caused the mailer to ho viewed as disorderly, and he fined SlO and sentenced to tftirty days at the Bridewell. Both fire and ecniencc were suspended In older to give Dwyer a chance to get out of the country and back to Livcr|K>ol, England. * 7 Tire Oratorio or Sx. Paul.—The scries of concerts being projected for the benefit of the Young Men’s Christian Asrocialion. engages the bcptmnsicol talent ofourdlv, and promises an entertainment of rare merit, it is sufficient to infurc euccMs to announce the grand Oratorio of bu Paul, which has never been performed In Chi cago. Wasted a Dress.—Ann Dwyer, wanting a dress, went iftlo a store on Blue island avenue, on Wednesday night, and look nine yards of prints that belonged to the proprietor, bho was a-- rcMed ana fined $lO yesterday morning at the froucc court. THIS BRIDGEPORT IBIOEUI. (lo«oI tbolnvefltlgatlon—Farther Tes timony—Statements or Aceused Parties—Verdict ofiiir Jary —Xtroofthc Baffluu Committed for Trial. Yesterday the Coroner’s jury resume! tbe in vestigation Into tbe murder of Jane Roan, the woman who was found dead at Bridgeport under circumstance* of peculiar atrocity. From the tce’imoDy elicited- on Toe-day end yesterday it is clear that a monstrous and awful crime has been committed, and dream s anecs point Htroncly to three men, Francis Mc- Kenna. Thomas Hickey, and John Hartford, as being Implicated m the aflalr. It ii surmised that ibey vcri* assisted by several others, and th 3 I olirc are busy at work to bring the whole gang, to lattice, ’the following is the testimony cudl ed at tlic inquest yesterday: T£>TUtOKT or XCS, BUOWH. Mrs. Mary Brown, sworn: ‘ Between twelve and two o'clock Sunday night 1 heard a man rapping a* tbc window. 1 asked him what he wanted, lie SFkcfi if my husband was in. I said be was. ♦ Tell him to come out here,” says lie. tasked wbathe wanted. Ho says, “There’s n poor man !ytug here. It la a sin that if should been ” 1 told bun to go over to the machine shop and get tbc watchman. I looked out ofth-.* window. 1 asked him who he was. lie said he was a stranger —only three days in the city. “Are yon going to bring him ini” says he. I said I would not. “'then let him lay there,” nays he. and he jumped away and went quickly from the spot in the dlrccJou of the rolling mill. 1 went to bed acaiu, and a lew minutes T aler 1 heard a voice saying something like “Jerry, Jer ry.” 1 knew it was a woman's voice. I then went ouu I supposed it was a woman who had found her drunken husband. About twenty feet iron tbc honsc I saw a woman sitting on the around will) no cloihlcg on but shoes and slock ing?. She was not able to come in. I weut In and told my husband It was a woman. The next time 1 went out she was falling down, and dying. I went into the honse again. I beard no noise after that during the night. I saw the man verv plainly, but would cot recognize him if I should see him again. My husband did not get up at all. TESTIXONT or SODJf K. JICSCLTT. John 11. McNulty, sworn: Besides on lb- cor ner of Archer road and ifenben street. Keens a grocery. On Sunday evening between four aud six ©'cluck, went with a Mr. Hale to Mahoney’s saloon at the bridge between Lock and Bcnbcn streets, on Arcier road. We drank iorelber. While drinking ibe deceased cam** In. She was very excited. I did not know whether she was intoxicated or not. Mrs. Maboncv asked her wtcre she lived. She said, “I live on State street.” Mis. .Mahoney told her she should be ashamed of bcrsclf. She was then neat ’t dressed hut bare-headed. She wanted drink bat It was refused. She was di rected tu State street and told that they could not keep her .When she came In ten or fifteen men followed her. Hale and I went away. I went home When I was coming down town next morning 1 saw Mrs. O’Bara. She told me there wo* a dead woman near Mrs. Brown's house. Upon going to Hie spot I rccognizi d her as the same woman 1 had seen the night before. I would knew - ibe mtn that followed the woman into Ma honey’s saloon it I should see them again. TESmiONT OP JOUX iriM.vpi»,* John Kramer, policeman, sworn: The eve was not reported to tne Archer road Station. On tbe west side of tbe river there is no police force. Ik. re are two officers etalioaed In Bridgeport. There rrc 4.0U3 or 5,000 people in Bridgeport. It was report'd in the papers before I heard of it. 1 arrested twelve persons on Moadav night, open suspicion ofbeiog implicated In this’outrage. testimony or josepu xaiiles Joseph Nehleo, sworn: Keeps grocery and Fa loo-. ai Church place. The deceased came to my place about halt-past three o’clock, Snnaay after noon, and said she was tired. I gave her some brandy. At that time twenty-five or tcim young boys were outride the dour. One U them, a boy of twelve or fourteen, catne In a.d asked if I did not know this woman. - I said no—as long a? she behaved hertcir sue could stay there. The hoys wauled to have her outdoors. She was well dressed and had a bonnet on. She wa< there fift-cn or tw»*niv minutes, and wn**n she went out the boys followed and lurcwhcr iato (he ditch. She left her boiiLct there. I thourii; she was intoxicated. TESTISOST OP TDOItAS M’CRATn. Thomas MctfraUi (one of tbe party arrested) vae next sworn: I live at No. I’ijiDeeric" street. Bridgeport. lam employed attire rolling mill. 1 saw the deceased on Archer road, near Lock street, about three o'clock Sunday after noon. Afterwards went np borne to supper. At seven o'clock was an hour visiting wan a friend. Spent the balance of the evening wuh friends. I saw no one follow her Into Ma honey’a saloon. Before the tvomtn wont into Ma honey’s saloon 1 saw a crowd of six or seven hoys around Nahlen’s place. TtSTUIOXT i r ECWA&D XAUOSXT. Edword Mahoney, sworn: I am flllccn years old. Live on Archer road, No. TlO, near Church tirceL Sunday night, abont seven o’clock, rho«. H-mey ana Martin Bonfleld and 1 went up the road,*and near the rolling mill we saw Thomas Hickey and Fraud- McKenna were trying to raise the deceased. John Hartford* helped them. She wae covered, with mnd. Should, “For God’s sake let mo alone.” Two or three other hoys stood l»y whom I did not know. I said it was a shame, and we went nwav,do>wn near Dauficld’t* house, and then went np 'to the wed ding. 1 don’t know whether they look the wo man away or not. She teemed to be drank. BTATOIEJCT OP PUAXCIS aftSEtIKA. lam twenty year* old. Beside in Bridgeport, comer of Archer road and Lock street. I was in till Devine’s sdioon with Thomas Hickey and my two brothers,’ at six o'clock Sunday ni~ai. Hartford was with us. 1 saw the de ceased sitting on the road across the bridge about half past sis m the evening. I said it was a shame. Hiclte?, Hartford and Thomas Harvey were with me. I touched her, and asked her to co In some dry place to sit down. Thomas H ckcy then took her on to the railroad track. He said no one should harm her. She did not resist them.* 1 stayed behind. FTAmerr or THOMAS PICKET. I am a hatcher on Deeriiis street, in Bridgeport. lam about twenty-one years old. Saw decease! Sunday night, about sir o’clock, with Hartford and McKenna. They went tip the street. A little later they .met Bonficld and Mahoney, who were talking aboct some woman. McKenna, ilartlord and I then went away. The deceased wassntingon the plattana by the house, and a young nun named Btccn was with me. There was a large crowd about her. Two men took her by the onus and walked her a wav, takln~ her along the railroad track. Five of ten mutates of cr, Bonfield, Mahoney and o*hcrs, besides my self, went np after them. There was a crowd ttu ie. 1 look her by the arm and asked her if the was able to stand np. She said not, and wanted me to let her alone. I afterwards walked home with McKenna. Mikcßrctn tola mo that she was a drunken woman aid he could do what he had a mii.d to with her. . the vxnmcT. The jury, after being ont a few minutes, relum ed the tollowing verdict: That the deceased came to her death at nn carle hour of the morning of November mth, IS»M, at a place near the bouse of Morris Brown, situated near the Illinois and Michigan Canal, in the C;ry of Chicago, County of Cook, and State of Illi nois. from the esects of violence Inflicted bra number of person, among whom were Francis Mci-.enna, Thomas litekey and John llaitfonl; ami that we, the jury, take this opportunity o! re commending to the authorities ot the city the ne ce-sity of providing a more adequate nonce force far tlmt section ofihe city known as Bridgeport, in rrdcr that the citizens there - residing may be secure In the enjoyment of life and property. Police matters. , Several very brutal assanits were before the Police Court yesterday morning for examination, one or Iwo of which, as a matter of coarse, weie from tbc classic precincts of Bridgeport. On Sunday night a Itr. Berger, nccompanl d bynfticnd, was returning home from a saloon "h re they had been drinking together,’w hen they wcrcaitackcdbyfonr ruffians, at some point on Archer road, and notwithstanding their energetic rceistarco both men were robbed and very severely beaten. Mr. Be.-ger had one leg broken, and both gentlemen arc con fined to their beds. Charles Miller, the only one of tbchtutal party who was known tothemenby name, was arrested Tuesday nitemooe, and ves- Icrdiy morning rcc-lv. d a partial examination bc forednsticePtmtcvant. Miller's antecedentsarc cicdiiat.lo to a first-class rowdv. lie enlisted In the 't wenty-fonrtb Illinois Volunteers, and. sub sequently deserting, went to St. Lonls and achiev ed some notoriety as a bounty-jumper. Since that lime he lias alternated b tween St. Louis and Chicago, well sustaining the reputation he had Srevlously acquired. His case was contlnned ten avs for further examination, *3,003 bail being re qnrrcd. 0 On Saturday lasi a party of nine men made a bargain with the captain of «he schooner “Lone Star,” lying r< ar Twelfth street, to unload a car go ot lumber for $73. The work was completed Tuesday afternoon, and one of the men, named William Ely, went to the captain and re quested the payment of • the money. Tbmkingthal It might not be all right, the cap tail at first refused to par him, but as James .Gray, another of the laborers, said train would bo entirely satisfactory, the money was paid. When Ely and Gray wore called upon for a a vis-■ filonoithc mouev. the former said that he had given it to one of their numberfor that purpose, but’be man had Jolt and was not to be found. The other workmen, discredit ing the story, caused the arrest of both Ely and Gray, upon the charge of larceny. They were brought before Julies Sinrtevant yesterday morning lor examination. Upon one of them was found *132. hut herald it was the ravings of his cummer's work. The ex amination was suspended until Friday, each of the prisoners being required to furnish SSOO ball. On Tuesday ntehl E. J. Hack, a clerk at No. 233 Sontb Water street, while on his way home and near the corner of Clybonme avenue and Larrabcc street, was approached by three mea, one of whom requested him to stop. As be disregarded them they parsed in fioniof him, and one of them at tacked him. Back shouted for help, and a police man came to the rescue in jn time to overhaul one oftbc rowdies, n fellow named Matthias Tilley. Nothing was visible of the others except their dls appearing coat-tails at the street corner. Tilley was fined $4) yesterday morning at the Police Court. Lizzie M. Schrleber, a young girl of about fir teen years, lias for several years lived at the bouse ol Mr. George Mclntosh, who has latterly resided on lialsted. near Buukcr s’rect. Mclntosh mar ried Lizzie's annt a few soars ago, and tbas be came a relative to the girl. So long as her annt lived, Lizzie was treated kindly and had no fault to lied with her home. Since the death of her aunt, which occurred about two years ago, ber life has .been anjlhin" hot pleasant The nude has required her to perform hard labor at unseasona ble bonrs, such, for Instance, as getting np at midnight to chop wood. He has arsed her to go out and steal, and as she has crown older and developed in form nod feature to the comeliness of young womanhood, he has approached her with Insulting proposals even to the destec of threatening bur life If she did not consent to his overtures. The young lady procured a warrant for her atfectioaate uncle on Tuesday, and yesterday morning he was brought before Justice Sturtevant nnd required to give f ICO bail to keep the peace. He wa. also informed by the court that he must cease bis persecutions • of Misa i-chruibor, or be wonld be more severely dealt with. Thomas McGowan, who resides at No. Cl Indi ana street.' went to George Simpson, a saw filer, at No. H*4 West Lake street, on Monday, and xe* .’ecilcgagood saw, said U was his, and took it away, lie said he lelt it there last week to be re paint!. Simpson believed that he nev.*r left any saw there, and bad him arrested for stealing the one he took. He was brought before the Police Comt yesterday afternoon, and being unable to prove that be cams honestl> by the saw, was com mined for trial in ball of S2OO. George Anker, who was not lone slate a bosom mend of one Roxy brooks, who keeps alionsc of 111-repute on Weds street, became too mneb of a bore and it was hinted to mm that lie might leave, lie stayed. A policeman arrested him, and yes terday altemoqn Roxy testified that George had been * scut up ’ to the Recorder's Conrtsome time since, bat bad ‘jumped 1 ’ blip bail. George was Cued SIOO as a vagrant. be: man Caller was a short time since employed by a ladyasaclcrk In a store on Wells street, between Adams and Quincy. While tb’rc the proprietress missed various articles from bar slock, including three or four watches and a cameo pin. Otbccr Jan*cn had foam! some of the articles recently on the West Side where th«y tud been pawned. Gallcr was arrested and brought before Justice Mllllken yesterday afternoon. Pnc case was continued uutU to-day, hall ol $393 being required. RrcnrmKc for the Abut.—Tbo formation of new regiments In the regular army, by act of Congress, has created ibenccessltyfor au increase inthcrccrullingscrrlcp. Accordingly a number ot the older and experienced officers have been detached and assigned to this branch of the ser vice at different posts tnrotighoul the cmntry. At Chicago the foil owing named officers have been assigned to duty and are now actively engaged in recruiting: First lieutenant W. ft. Henman, Fifteenth Infantry, U. b. A.: First lieutenant D. H. Kinric. Fifth Artillery, u. b. A., and Captain J. Christopher, Sixteenth Infantry, Brevet Major U. S. A. These officers arc engaged In their respective offices in recruiting for the Infantry and artiUciy branch of the general service, in addi tion to the officers already named. Captain F. Walker. Forty-third Infantry. V. H. C.. is recruit ing lor bis corps, while Bicvet Major J. Q. McAr. tnur has charge of the recruiting office for the cavalry. During tno waim weather and the lime when cholera prevailed In this city, recruiting was at a comparative Piand-n'UI. Most of the offices were closed and were not rc-opcncd until the 15tb of she present mouth. Major McArthur's office, however, has been open during the entire season. Now. recruiting Is favorably progressing, and U is anticlpaiod that as soon as navigation closes, and conseoneotlT a large Dumber or men arc 00l or employ* an additional impetus will b? given to Ibc work. DIVORCES YESTERDAY. A Record of Cruelty, Frailty and Desertion, Quite a number rf divorce suit* came.beforo ibe several courts 3 eslerday, but the nnmhsr of de crees was email and tbe new appllcaiioaa were few. The rc.-clts wire merely orders la the pro gress of law toward tbc conclusion of pending litigation. The first dccrcoc was In the case of vs. noavr e. nuocNnr. The hill in this rase was filed AngnstWtb last. The alteration on which tlio divorce was asked was that fro delinquent husband bad oescrled her. The Master’s report in (Lccose shows that tbe husband after cohabiting "ilb his wife daring six years, brought her to this city, where, after remainin'* fora month ut a hotel, he deserted her. A decree was rendered in favor of the complainant. in the Superior Court. Judge Jameson rendered a decree In the case of « JAXE VB. WILLIAIt T. JOXTB. the decree being it. favor of the complainant. The bill in this case was filed October 20,15G0, alleging that the parties were married In Wales October 4, 185 G, w hence they came to this city, and lived lo g ether until the eighteenth day of the last month, •a that day it was charged defendant, following’ up a long course of ill-treatment, brutally beat tbe complainant. She then left tbe bouse and brought the amt, which was successfully prosecu ted by tier. Two witnesses were sworn in the case, and their testimony leu no doubt concerning the fact ot the exercise ol cruelly by the drunken habits of the defendant. BILLS HETZSnm. The Circuit Court was busy in this branch of It** business. Three cases of divorce for deser tion were referred to the Master in Chancery, that tne evidence may be reported. The cases arc of Barbara Kaiser vs Erast Frederick Kaiser; Mil filed Septcmbcrlfcih, on the ground of desertion. Cflinlmc Schultz vs Frederick Schultz; bill filed September IBth, on the ground of desertion. Ca’hcrhie Sheaban vs John Sheaban; bill filed September Btb, on tbc ground of desertion. The case of JOUN VS. CATnAJttXE OWTXX was referred also, bat there were intermediate stages of tne cose which bad rendered the process likely, at one time, to be more lengthy than is usual. The bDI in the case was filed September SOlb last. It alleged adultery. Tbc defendant shortly after filed her answer, denying the charge. Meantime tbc husband proceeded to take deposi tions ; that of Patrick Mead, of South Haven, Michigan, was placed among tbe records. In it he testifies that on tbclGtb ot September be caught the defendant i/ijfagmnf< delicti/* the beb.g then In the diningroom of the boarding place of her husband. No. C 7 Chicago avenue. The circum stance* were such that ibe answer of the woman wa> withdrawn, and ehe was defaulted, when Hie bill was taken as confessed. In tbc Superior Conn Elizabeth W. Brenner stuhl brotigat her petition to be divorced from Sidney M. Bicnncrstnhi. The cause alleged is desfilionandcxlrcmcaudrepcalcd cruelty. The paitles were married March 25th, 1353, in ("henan go County, New York, and thvdescrtion followed nine yearn after, when complainant followed her hm baud to this city. Arriving here she sought an interview with him, wHch he avoided. There have been thtec children born to the parties, aud of these she asks the control. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL lUONEIABt. WcnstsDAT Eve:rsc, November 21.1SCG. The steady dec'inc in Gold during the past week or ten days—doping at ISOI* ibis aftornoon—ls ex citing con£ : der-blc attention In financial and mer cantile elides, and those who are loaded ap with high pt iced goods and produce are no little exer cised at ilic Call. This decline in Gold may be at tributed to the steady appreciation of oar bonds In Europe, and assisted In a mca-arc by the de cline in their currency value In New York, caused 1-y the apprehensions ol the Wall street operators that the Secretary of the Treasury will, in his forthcoming report to Congees, reiterate his former recommendations on the currency ques tion, and ask for power to contract the legal ten ders at a rale grca’cr than $ 1,000,000 per month— the rate authorized by act ot April 12th last. The anvicce from Frankfort and Berlin an nounce a steadily increasing demand for United States Securities, and their value Is correspond ingly appreciating. Large orders are received for them on the London Slock Exchange, and the English are gradually waking up to the fact that, as an investment, our securities are belter than those of any other nation in the world. The monthly statements of the National Debt issuing fiom the Treasury Department, showing a t-tcady reduction 01520.C00,000 per month In the Public Debh and tbe entire liquidation of the Floating Debt, are convincing the most skeptical, that the American people can and will pay oil* the Naional Debt, as has been done on two previous occa sions. The Secretary is busily engaged In con verting all the short obligations of the Govern ment into long h&nds, and at the next session of Congress there can be no donht hot what a law will he enacted, whereby a certain portion of tbe Public Ilevcnuc will bo religiously laldaslde as a sinking fund for the gradual extinction of the debt. The moment that Congress makes snch a provision, our National credit will need no further endorsement. Capitalists in Europe and <lse where w ill be glad to purchase oar bonds at prices greatly in advance of those now current. Tfce following tabic shows the lowest and high est pticc of Gold in each month since Jan. Ist: Lowest. Highest. ■IS?* ..... Jan.l3. Jan. 2.. Feb. 2!. Feb. 1. Liar 24. .mss ... - Ittv ... mu .125« 123« J .1254 ...: no>£ .i3r« •••• ICS* Mar. l April if*. April *.B, May 1 May S 3. June 11 June IS July £O. Jmy 2. Aug. 27. JKff .11 m MS 4 .1434 .1154 .1834 ...! At’g. 1C). £ept.S2. SepL 5. OcL 23 , Oct. 13 . Kov, 21. Kov. 5. T-. ere were no new features in financial matters 10-day. Dullness at the banks continues doll, at d the Money market is easy lor all prune paper, at the usual rate—lo per cent. Good outside tnunvg are negotiated in the open market at 12 per tent, and less acceptable signature- at IS percent per annum. Call loans are trecly oscred at 7 per cent cn Government Securities. Exchange continues comparatively scarce, and the market was Arm, with sales of round lots be* tween banks at 25 cents premium. The counter rate? are steady and firm at par buyiog and l-iO premium selling. Buffalo, Canada and Oswego bill* arc taken at 14 discount. Business was rather qnict on the Produce Er chaccc. Flour was slow and unchanged. Wheat advanced 2®3c. Corn opcr-cd strong, but closed Ic lower. Oats advanced IM'ilic. Rye was dull at a decline of Ic. Barley was more active and prices were aBl ade belter. Whiskey was dull. Provisions were lifeless. Wool was stagnant. Freights were dull. Cold was decidedly lower in New York to-day. II opened at 141*4 ard closed at a decline of 2. The following dcipa'chcs were received by Boyd Brothers, gold and stock brokers: 10:35 a. m. ntSfl a. m. 11:00 a. m. 11:15 a.m. 11:30 a. m. 11:45 a. m 12:00 m... .141*4 I l:Mp.m. I 2:00 p. m. | 101 p.m. .HUS I ; k 15p.m. .54US I 3:30 p.m. •14U»i 4:00 p.m. .140 S 1 Here the brokers were buying at 133@140 mostly the upper figure—bnt at the close there were no buyers above the inside quotation. Sil ver was nominal at 133 baying. Governmens opened firm ou the New York Ex change, bnt at the second Board were dull and lower, closing weak. Long Sixes declined =3. Five-Twenties were *4 lower. Ten-Forties were *j o£ and the 7-Coa were S lower, throughout The following shows tbo'opcning and closing prices of to-day compared with those,of yesterday: Tuesday. Wednesday. Op'g. Cl'c. Op’g. ci’e. Sizes of 81 1134 113 U iwj* lir* Five-Twenties, '(2. .....108*4 lOSJr los*£ 10-»< Five-Twenties, *W 106*4 li«H IOC4 lOfiu Five-Twenties, '65 106*4 100*4 106*4 lUSv Tee-Forties 100** 100*i 10U** 100*4 Seven-Thirties, Ang lOfi‘4 106 4 10«| 103** Seven-Thirties, June 105*4 105? j 105 U 105 Seven-Thirties, July 105ji 105J4 l05?i 105 Ucrc there was a fair business done daring most of the day, bat at the close the market was dull owing to the decline in New York. We revise qnotations: OOVERKXrKT SECURITIES—CIUCIGO MARKET. Buying. .. 113 .. 103*4 Sixes, 1831. s-20's, isca. i«S£ IOC* IWJi lOti &IOTJ4 100 100 U 102 .... 1PG1... seo'e, ijfir*... VaCTe, (-mull. iMO’s, larsrc email. 7-'X>'s, Ist series. 2lC»£ 10u 7-0 t*, 2d series JOSJi irtSif 7-Sti’s, .-id rcrics 105 105 H 7-ao‘t, small .... June Compounds, 1554. 115 .... July Compounds, 1664.. IMft ... Ang. Compounds, ISO*. 114 Oct. Compounds, ISM.. 313 .... Dec. Compounds, IS6*., 112 .... May Compounds, IVGS.1 V GS. 110j£ .... Aug. Compounds, 1863. 10014 .... Sopu Compounds, Oct. Componads, ISOS , IC6J4 .... The following quotations for the Public Funds are given by the Second National Bank: Coupon?, 1381.....113 I Jnno Comp. 15M,..115 5-9 n Coupon, lJuly 44 44 ...nw large. ...lOGuaiOSm An ff . 44 44 ~.m 5-20 CocpOQ. | Oct. 44 44 ...US small... .loS2£eio7U I Dec. 4 *. 44 ...U2 10-10 Coupon, largelOO (May 44 1365... 10-50 Conpon.emalllO£*£ J Am?. 44 44 ,nttu TCP, large..irG*iQlQ*3? I Sept. 44 41 ...ltS»i Local Securities arc quiet tut firm. We quote: Baying. Selling. JOo ion ana Int. OTfg.OTH 9S Chicago Qlty Sevens. Cook County Chamber of Commerce. The following is a copy of a letter from Secre tary McCulloch to L. P. Morton & Co., of New York: Treasury Departarht, November 15,15«6. Gemtxxis 'Yonrlavor of the 13th instant la received. 1 regard, as did, also, mv predeces sors, all bonds of the United States os payable in coin. The bonds that have matured since the suspen sion of specie payments hive been so paid, and I have no doubt the same will be true with all oihcrs. This being, as 1 understand it to ho. the established policy of the Government, the Five rJ wenty Bonds of 13Q2 will either he called in at the expiration of five years from their date, and paid in coin, or he permitted to rnu until the Gov ernment is-prepared to pay them in coin. I am very truly years, (Signed) n. McCuixocn, Secretary. Messrs. I*. P. Morton & Co., New York. —ln the Cincinnati money market It is difficult to obtain discounts, hat business being stagnant, acd merchants not caring to ask for loans where they can avoid it, the offerings have fallen off. and hankers are therefore relieved, to some extent, from refusing sccommodalion. For new engagements there is no demand whatever for moucy. This state of things will soon begin to tell upon the market, and we look for a much easier market foracccptable names. The Govern ment has been checking closely npsa the National Depository hanks, and this has aggravated the temporary closeness. Rates of Interest for good paper, between banks and their customers, range from 9to IS percent. Outside the rates on fair names arc 12©18 per cent. —The Philadelphia money market continues to be abundantly supp led, and lenders are more nu merous than borrowers. Call loans are readily negotiated atss cent,. though In exceptional cases money is placed at' 4 cent, and in some instances <• v> cent is demanded. Commercial is quoted at Ixom C©7 cent, hat is taro In the street. —Monetary affairs in Boston arc fa till working eaaily, undisturbed apparently by the somewhat o xcitcd condition of the loan market in New York. Tbe tales here may be a etude firmer, bat quota tions ea a rale arc nr.nltorcd, call loans being eerily accessible at 50C per coat on undoubted collaterals, and the rate of discount at the banks remaining at 6 par cent for good abort dated paper. On the street thcro'ls rather more paper ottering. Prime short dated notes pass freely at 6 per cent, and some choice names are taken at 5 percent There Is, however, considerable paper of good quality cn the street which is negotiated ■all tbe way from 0 per cent. . The woollen business, which, for the last year bas been very pocr. Is now,'says the Springfield fttjivblicar, worse tnan over. Most of the mills are running at a loss. A Berkshire manufacturer Is forced to sell an excellent article of broadcloth for {2.60 a yard, for which he formerly got st, and tbc raw wool for which costs him all he geta for the doth. Tbc smaller mills in Berkshire arc or namenting their eatablisomcms with mortgages, and the business Is every way in a sorry condition. No other Important manufacturing Interest of the conntty is in such a prostrate, perilous state. Though there Is a htgh protective tariff on cloths, its virtue is neutralized by high tarifls on wools, making the raw material* very expensive, and the high prices of labor and other materials in the manufacture, as contrasted with the low price of gold by which the foreign production is measured In our markets. —The New York market for foreign exchange is stagnant. Bills ot GO days on London are quoted at 107i[®i03H for commercial, for bankers'; do at abort sight, 109V4@1U93£; Paris at GOdaya,£; aoat short sight, s.l7*s® 5.15; Antwerp,s,‘Wy(Ss.lSS£; Swl*«,s,22H®S.i7rf; Hamburg, ; Amsterdam, 40?j'3tl*i; Frankfort, ; Bremen, elan (halers, —The New York Tmjxine of Monday remarks : “ Money wa* active and call loans are quoted at from C@7?l cent Loans are still left at s|l cent, and al the close of the day there was a large sup ply at the rate. Commercial paper la nit looked upon with favor, and high rates do not tempt buy ers. Tbc c-nditlon of the bread«tutf* and pro vision markets is unsatisfactory, and the dry goods trade, both cotton and woollen, has few en couraging features to those who are doing busi ness on borrowed capital. Monday's bank state ment is expected to show-a farther gala in specie and a loss of legal tenders of from four to flvo millions.” —The total imports al New York for tbe week ending November 1C compare as follows with those for the two weeks previonsly: Week ending Nov. 2. Nov. 9. Nov. 1C Dry goods ... . General merchandise 2,007,210 SJiiiLT-U 2,313,:53 Total $3,957,050 *5,210,421 $3,33^439- T ne imports ot dry goods compare with former return*as fellows: For the week. I?CS. 1805. Entered at p0rt..51,005,397 $2,771,* 2 $1,37.710 Thrown ou market 8?5,550 2,135,713 1,857,770 Since Jan. 1. . mcrefla:port....f;n,iC3,oGl 73,4=3,407 11R,29V’«7 Thrown on markT.CVOl/»7o 77,531,2G9 111,921,590 The shipments ol specie from this port list week and during the year 10 flute compare as fol lows with those of the corresponding jierloda in 13} land 15C5: ISM. 1575. ISCS. Forty-sixth week..?1,C!5.1<3 $1.ni0.455 $5 - 2‘i 335 rrculouelyre’p'd.-W,1*53,851 25.181,618 50.C27,-«7 Total £12,199,017 C2V35,1C3537,15:),yi2 —'lhc following la ihc export of specie from the port ol New York for the week ending November ITth. IHC: Total for the week... Previously repotted. Tolal Mnce January I,l*oo $37,150,012 •emc nme In Same time in .§25.-193,100 . 42,193.017 . Stf,SUS,S2U . 3,332,237 . 41,917,413 . 77,Vdl isrs. ISM. IfCS IS5.*. IS 1. IfW. IW9. New York s*ii Clostiur pnccs for cash. Novcmiwr 21, 1566 received by Joseph M. Lyons & Co- Brokers. 36 South Clark street: Ist 2d i«t ;j .. B’d. B’d. B'd. B'd. b.L.Lea liojf Jiwv U. S.6per cent Erie (corn) W 7**3? bonds, 1531... mv ir*y SI. ij. (c0x).... S3Ji W>; U. 5.6 per cent C. & I’ltU W>J4 &J.V 5-23 coap M ’<S. 103 V 193 v liock 151and....103 1M U.S.C per cent * C.&N. W. 51 51 Jf 5-2nconp..’6|. 10CV 105 K C.&N.W.. t>fd7J 73 U. S. 6 per cent * * F. FI. W. & C..IWV 1653 f 5-20 coap-’Q. 103 K 105 V Oulcwllver.... 43 46* U. S.6percent ’ * W. DMonTel.. 47Jf 46 W-Ws ID3W 100 V C. &A. (pom>..U S.V .... Tr. Notes 7 S-10 Bar. *Q.(bld).l3l .... mserles .... 106 105 V O. 23* IT. b. 73-10, *1 * Hudson ltlvcr.l23* 121 series 105 V 103 V 111. Central ...120 113 D. S. 7 3-10, 3d P. * Keadlns.. 113. H 113 series 101 S Amcr.Gold.... 110 V 110 V T. & Wabv-b.. U]4 43*f Market—First Hoard hea' ‘ connERcUL. Wednesday Evexiao, November 21,1500. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of produce during the past twenty-four hours: RECEIPTS PAST TWE-STY-FOUP HOCUS. 15C0. 1?65. 12,293 8,939 79, 270 33,413 20.875 37,033 17,717 27,030 0,500 8,830 4,930 I',SOD 106,(133 27,193 99,090 97,750 .... 7,100 390 130 5,510 11,005 30,133 4,057 7 •••• Floor, brls Wheat, ba Com. ba... Oats, b 0... Kjc, ba.... Barley, ba Grafs Seed, lbs.. Broom Cora, lbs, Cured Meats, lbs, Pork, brls Tallow, tbs Batter, tbs Dressed Hogs, No Live Boss, N 0.... Cattle, No Hides, Vs H. Wines, brls Wool, lbs Lumber, m,....-. . Shingles, m loth, m Salt, brls suimsTs past ■nTTNrr-FOvn noons. Flonr, brla. Wlieat, bn, Corn,bn ... Oat£, bu Rye, bn Barley, bo siio Grare J*ced, lbs .... 2,700 Broom Corn. Tbs 0?,750 113 OCU Corea Meat, Tbs 102.300 u’ooo Beef, bfl? 800 «! Pork, brls 91 jjjj Lard, 0)s Srt.OOO 12,300 Tallow, lbs 03.5 0 4,000 Duller, B>s 1,730 7,800 Live Hogs, No 307 1,3<7 panic, No, m r>o3 IJde», lbs 125,351 205,4 ’0 U. Wines, brls 303 57 Wool, tos 4.470 16,600 Lumber, m 1,770 803 >hingtcs. m ;M}s i «23 Lttb, in "31 jvj sail, brl* 2,5 M 1,539 Tbe Provision market wasllfele«s. Mc-s Pork sold to a small extent at #21.00(5,21.15 for retail lot* for prestat delivery, ancliOO brls at #20.20, seller December and January. Green Rams were dull, w tlh sal’ s ol *OO pcs ul 10c from the block. Lard was dnll with sales of ICO tea New at 13c, seller December and January. 'J here Is a Rood demand for Grease and the market was Ann, with sale* at SJ*c for Drown and 0-;c for Yellow. Whisky was dull, with retail sales or Free at #2.53. There was no movement In Bonded and the market may be quoted nominal at 33c. Ihe demand for Flour wa* light and the market was qnlet and steady, with sales of ".700 brls at #12.EC<213.50 for While Winters; #9.00(311.33 for Spring Extras; #5.75(27.05 for Spring Supers. Buckwheat Flour sold at #3.75(29.00. Wheat was moderately active and 2®3c higher, with sales of 83,000 bn at #2.70 for White and #2.40 ®2.B7ibrßed by sample; #2.80 for N 0.2 Red; $2.05(82.15 for No. 1 Sprtoir; #1.90 for No. 2in R. 1.; #1 £2 for do In City; #i,Bo©l.Bl for do In N. W. and N. S. atd #1.30<21.-]5 for Rejected-closing at #2.07(2.2.10 for No. 1, and #1 81 for Regular, No. 2. l«s ,110 s .U'is ,1 l(l*£ -139*4 .139** Coin opened at yesterday's closing prices, bnt the feeling was tame and the market declined 2Hc. bnt subsequently became firmer and rallied H®lc. We note sales of 231,000 bn at S24@Ssc for No. 1, and 7S@Boc for No. 9 In store, and 51«4c for New Shelled—closing Ann at 83c for No. 1 la store. There was a better feeling In Oats, and the mar ket was 1*4(3.3c higher, hut not active. Ahoot 40J.00 bn changed bands at 33@37c for No. 2, and 81c for Dejected—closing at 86*4@57c for No. 2, Rye was dull and 1c lower, with sales at B*4L37c for No. 1, and £!@S2c for No, 2—closing at inside figures. Barley was more active and firmer, with sales at f«GOSc for No. 2, and 42c for Rejected. Sample lots' were in active reqnest, with sales at 6Sc®Sl.24 —the upper figures for choice lowa. Lake Freights were doll, with engagements at 10c for Com to Bufihlo, 17c for Wheat to Oswego, and ISc for Wheat to Ogdensbnrgh. The Grocery trade Exhibits an improved degree of activity, and the market is steady at unchanged piiccs. JScllinjj. 112*4 Hardware goods, Including Iron, Steel, Nalls, Metals nnd Tinners' Stock arc in active demand, and prices are firm. Salt in steady and more active, with Domestic Fine selling at 52.00, delivered. Seed* arc fairly active and steady, with Timothy selling at J2.U052.50. Wool continues doll, and prices arc nominally unchanged. Lumber by tbc cargo is weaker, and concessions arc made owing to the scarcity of dock room. The fallowing despatches were read on ’Change (o-day: ~ . „ „ , Bciratz), November SI, Markets generally dull. Wheat—firm. Corn— none ofieted. Oats—unchanged Freight*—22c guaranteed. Receipts—Wheat, 115,000 bn; Com, UO,UGObn; Cals, 20,000 bn. ’ New York. November 21. Flour—heavy. Western; trade brands 511.005213.90. Wheat—quiet and nominal at 52.2252.57. Com—heavy at 51.25 in store. Oats—steady. Pork—firm at 522.75. Lard—nomi nal. Cold, UOI4. LATER. Low grades Flour dull; medium s©loc lower. Wheat—hrm; some export demand at fi.2333.55. Cora—firm aud quia at $1.25. Oats—dull. LATER. In the afternoon there was an active shipping demand for Com, and the market advanced S©3c, with large sales at St©Sf< for No. i—closing at the upper figure. Wheat was quiet but firmer, with sales at $3.10 for No. 1 and SLSI«3I.Bi for No. 2 Spring, regular. Oats were firm, with buy ers of No. 2 at 57,4 c. 'Provisions wore dull and neglected. The Cattle market was dull atabout yesterday's rates. There were received l,ia head, S« of which were taken by shippers, city hutchars and speculators, at prices ranging from S&SO for com mon to 16.00 for good straight shipping 'Steers. The market closes dull at sLoosc.fkso. The market for Hogs opened brisk at a trilling advance on the closing rates of yesterday. The receipts were 3.272 head. Entered sales 6,700 head, taken chiefly by pickers, at a range 0f155.50 QC.SO for common to choice Uogs—tbe market doting steady, with ail sold. A New Freight Line, A new freight route wifi shortly be opaned. rto the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne ft Chicago and Loalsvllle, New Albany* Chicago Railways to the following cities on the Ohio River: Cincinnati, Lawreaceborgh, Madison. Jeffersonville, New Albany and EfansvUle and all intermediate points on the Louisville, New Albany ft Chicago, Lafayette ft Indianapolis, Indian apolis ft Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Madison ft Jeffer sonville. Terre Haute & Richmond and Evansville ft CrawfordsTillo Railroads. This will be gratifying to produce and provision dealer* who have hitherto found the lines in operation Insufficient to me«t the rapdily growing trade Between thus points. The 'English Wheat Trade. The Louien corr<*pondcnvc of the Sew York Finan cial (?.» j:. ir.V. unc*er date of November 3, remarks: Commercially, ih* l«o leading features of the week are a decline ofsc per ft In the vAlueof cotton, and a decided chccK to the upward movement la tbs price of wheat. The latter is a most Important clrcams'ance to ourselves, and among those woo asserted that oar own crop was ao sadly deficient, while France wmld require from seven to cieht million quarters from tar clcn countries, has created some little surprise. Bat the tact u that our crop, allhonch deficient from for mer years, is not,.ail hare frequency stated in my ctlcns greatly below an average. and I still maintain tie opinion that a similar remark applies to France An average crop In France would be sufficient to meet the wants of the population for twelve months • Let rneb U not the case here, for even with a good crop, we arc compelled to make extensive purchase at foreign porta to meet the enormous consumption In p ogrc*a. II appears, however, that wo are not yet wholly deprived of supplies from France, f>r during the present week we hare received about Woolsacks oi Hour from French ports. The supplies of wheat all iat to this country are steadily If not rapidly increasing, and althonnb 0"r Importation?, considering that wheat has ad\ aoced about Us per quarter, arc nut on an ex tensive scale, yet we arc receiving fair supplies from the lldlUc ano Black Sea ports. Tills Is more espe cially the casewith the former, and Is to be accounted -for by the high prices torrent here, and the approach ins close of navigation in that quarter. The latest advices from Kn«sla are eonOrraatory of the as* writen that the crop of wheat In that country li an cxcc'tect onr, and there now lec.ns to bo bat little doubt cfonr reccivlig luce supplies from Rns-lan ports, greater probably than in any former year. Du ring the present week we have Import <1 mote freely from Sp» nish ports, rather a considerable quantity of flour having Ven received. Thc-e tacts, combined with the circumstance that the arrivals of produce at the American lake ports are stcnllly increasing, hss produced a mest camions le ling In the wheat trade; millers arc baying only to meet their actual wants, ana canid not cruet Files of any magnitude, nnle»s holder* made seme concc£*ion In price. At the present momer.t, fac tors are not Inclined to yle’d, but as an Imprcislon he el* * to prevail that wheat ha« seen Its highest point. It seems extremely probable that onr farmers will thrash ont more freely, and be more disposed to realize. Sueh a state cf things Is Almost always theca»e in this coun try- Farmer* decline to forward produce to market t> any considerable extent In anriigmarket; but when prices begin to give way, the markets of the Kingdom are abundantly supplied, and. In most cases, prices ex perience a rapid and considerable Call, NcwYork Wool Slarkct—November 19- The market for domestic itecces Is still dull and some what depressed; mannfaclurers do not purchau bo vend small tets; in prices we nave no change to note, unt they must be regarded as nominal for the prea"Qt, viz: Dunns tic Ueeces at native and on nuArier Mrnno*; 13 «13c for one-half and threequarter do; -AiCOc tor f.ill-blool Merinos, and 63a Be for Sax ony Ceects; 33543 c for No. 1 puked; 52%59e for sapir nne< o,ar-.r\Vt.fOc for extra do; 52317 c lor common nnwrshod California; 3N*4oc for flne do; 23atte for Texas, and American combing at SViTJc. t\> qu'te foreign a« follows: Sunth American at 23327 c for «• im moa washed; 3?*37c tor nnwasacd Mestua and Meri no ; 52£2430 for washed Entre tC 10a ; for onwash edCreole: taafteforwasbad Cordova; Cnuua at 54A S c f °r tnwashe-l Mistlza and Slerlno ; Cap? of Good nope 30.533 c, f-»r unwashed; Ea-.; India Sjatje.iir washed, aad African at 23 &0c, for unwashed, and 33 J 40c for washed. . Louisville n»c Market—November 00. Our packers hive not yet mace any decided move ment f->r slaughtering. The market Is tin nn-cttled, and buyers and ?ellers are too Car apartlatbalr views fer traii-acxlons to any extent. The ruling qnotatlaas to-f »r were CtfSTc lor goo 1 heavy averages on f »ot at the pens. Inn receipts were limited, with receipt of ten car loads bv the L. &N.R.R. Several of our load ing provlslnn d-a era hare signified their Intention to kill and rack bogs on their own account. This will oe in addition to our regmar packing house*. Fittsdiursl: Oil market—November SO* * The market for bonded ot> conriauesdaUand weak, and, compared with last week, prices are ashsda lo.v -cr. l\ e nowquoieat3\T33) t 'c for November delivery In Philadelphia; 3te for Darember; 3k£3ltfc for Janu ary. and 33? for Febrnary—we hire but a -ingle sal? to record, one UioojamT barrels for February, buyer's option, at 35c. The above quotations show a oeellnc offrom ICtlSc V gallon, taking lost week's rates as a guide, and the tendency snll s:ems to be doamwards. tree oil is dull and neglected—small sales of standard brands at 50c. Bonton Provision Market—November 19. Ine market for Pork!« dnil, and the sale* have been moderate; we quote at 923.00 334.0. tor prime: #37.00 A 2100 lor 11.C95. and mOO?.S.\CO 9 brl for clear. Beel range; from #3O 05,r53.M P brl for rae*s and family ex tra. Lard, IVvlCc in brls and tierces, and smoked i»«r B. ButtcMi sellingatstaiic. and cheese at I3X@l7.Vr per tb, as to quality. Seeds in Ness Y'ora—November 10. Crtsj fct-d« aw qukt, but price- aw generally firm at SM.iOfuroM clover; #lsAli.lfi.oo for new do; 9-I.3va 3.75 for c'jmmon to prints timothy, andM.uvvu*. for touch flux. Calcutta linseed is steady at£Ls33<£2.G3. gold, in Iteston and hue. CHICAGO LUOIIIBR MARKET. $32*,333 55,521,527 Wedi.tsdat Evkslvg. November 21. The recolptt and shipments during the past twenty lour hoars were: . Receipts. Shipments. I.nmbor 3,2U.&0 1,77J.0j0 Shingles 2.4C4JW0 5W.00J Lath S32.CCO 321.00 J There Ip a fair supply of Lorabsr by the cargo afloat, but none of a de-drahle mixed quality. The market is rather weaker, and the disposition seem* to tend toward concessions, owing to scarcity of dock-room. Sales reported to-day were: Cargo schr Louisa Atm, from Coos & Sou's mill. White Lake, 73 m X strips, talance mlll-xtxn, mixed, at 523JW. 35 m lata at f 1.23 ; cargo schr Flora, from Kalamazoo, SO m strips, bal aoccmlxrd, at <1 ?.u; cargo schr Lumberman, from G»and Wver,Sll ra shaved shingles, at 51.00, 107. V m shaved do at {9.33; cargo schr Westeott, from Muske gon, 73 m J< stilps, balance mixed fUr mUI-ran, at *15.50; 70m lath at 51.23* In the yards trade Is fairly active at foil prices. We quote: LramEE—First Clear, and 2-lnch pern... t<a.oo^Ssd» Beccnd Clear. I,l>*. IX. and 2-lnch 53.00^60.00 Third Clear, inch 50.dCe33.00 First and Second Clear flooring, together rosti—tac same as tncood Clear, wlde.-v 50.0f1333.00 Common Flooring, rough tt2.fl3usaj.Oo Matched and c rested Common Floering. 33.0034 Matched and dressed 8-lnch Com mon Flooring 36.C0375.00 First and Second Clear Siding, to gether. 30.003U.00 First Common Dressed Siding 23 0fla;3.00 Wagon-box Boards, select, 15-Inch and onwards 55.00«lP.oO A Stock Boards, 12 inches 35.00^37.00 B Slot k Board*. 12 inches 23.00327 00 Commonßoards, Joists, Scantling, Fencing and small limber, 12 to 1C l*et long 2f1.00322.30 Jol-t and Scantling, 18 feet. 23.0f1i23.00 JolsU and Scantling, 20, 22 and 24 e 29.03^30.00 SDDfOixs—A or star Shaved Shingles 503 A or Star Sawed Shingles s.Ofla 3.33 No. 1 Sawed Shingles 2 Krj 3 BNo.l Sawed Shingles 2.73 a 3.30 LATU—l’cr m In yards 4.7JS 5 30 By car load by Northwestern Rail road, delivered In any yard where 1833 $23,519,915 1 q 37 31,31)3,9.5 1?35 S3,NW,UI 193.1... .... S 1,533,501 1351. 35,511,237 1833 52,31:1,1:37 1332 23,307,511 lock Ulorwpt. Second Board sltk. carecau beswitchedlor any depot; A or Star Sawed Shingles, by car load on track 4.73 A or Star Shared Shingles, by car load on track, coant made full, or five bandies to a thousand 4J3 A Sawed Shingles, city made, on track 5.0035.15 Ao. 1 sawed Shingles by car load,on _ track 2,*»3 Three- dollars a car load added when transferred, which charge follows the Shingles In trelght bill. 2,73(1 3,491 SSG SS 03,03 73,745 202 120 50,770 2-V2C 8,263 1,721 2,451 I,SCS 833 100 .... 9,3:3 HItXtiLESTAXUACD. Thickness—Five Shingles to be two Inches In thick' ness. Length—Sixteen Inches. Hauls—Taenty Indies. Course—Twcnty.nre. CHICAGO CATTLE 31AUKET. ISoG. 1&5. 8,010 2,427 40,014 S 5 4,800 20.5T5 43,000 63,057 U.OIB 1,400 The foUoa*lC£ table show* tbo dally receipts and shipments ot C ect Cattle dam? the week up to this ctcoid?, a> reported by the Secretary of the Unloa Stock Yard Company Sunday and llocoay. Tu~«day Wednesday Total i,Wi S.OU 8,017 The receipts to-day were by the following roan; „ .. Cattle. Been. sheen. By Illinois Centra! 231 rsa 231 By Uurucatoa SID} i,i>j; 415 ttySt.Lot:l»& Altor 50 611 123 Bv By Uovk Llanri CO 4SS Ist By MlcMc&n Ccttral to 77 go Drltculu 76 .... .... Total l*ltt s ;Oi i,G3I Tlt shipment* to-day, and for the wees np to UUa evening vers- Cattle. Hosts, sheep. Sunday and Mondav .... v Toe»*:ay W lit *W7 Wednesday Taj .... Total 92 “*SS ~ Shipments to-day were by the following routes: I* »!'■*» cattal “““*• 'is*- a "'- By Mlrhlgan&oiiUiero 619 Total 7^2 Sales today, as entered at the different Scale Houses, Wert as tallows: nitaol,cortralSc,l e _ C %S°' Burlington A Qnlncy Scale 567 liij St. 1 onl« & Alton Scale. 33 650 103 Northwestern scale... a 1 soo sso Tolal V R4S 5.701 971 There \fi no mcatlal Improvement to note In the genera! character of the market. There was a hotter attendance of bnyers. and the total sales show a mnch larger business transacted than on the preceding days of the week, bnt tire market was, in tact, very dnll and depressed, and previous rates were no more than sustained. About tbe only Inquiry was for butchers* Cattle lor city slaughter, and lor the mar kets of Detroit. Botialo and Milwaukee. Choice ship ping Beeves would sell tolerably well, were they la the market, bnt the demand Is by no means active, so that the absence of this class of stock is not seriously felt. Common and Inferior description* are extremely dull; Indeed, ho'ders find It almost Impossible to effect sales at any pries. Sales today embrace 811 head at prices ranging from t&50®4.73 for common Cows, Slags and Bulls, and light Heifers, loir to good botchers* Cows and medium Steers, averaging 753 to 1,000 Bs.acd |8.?3®f1.00 lor fair to good straight Steers, averaging from 1,017 to 1,350 tts. The market doses quiet and sternly at the following quotations: Prime to Extra iwtsfita Good to Prime s <o Common to Medium 3 75*3.a Inferior 2.7>^uo Sales Include the following: CATTLE 6AIES TO-DAT. Keenan A Finley sola Jones, Hooch A Co. 54 head CatUo, averaclnc !,(«»*, fed and watered, Kfe"in ft Finley sold O’Shea 76 head good Cows, av- its, r«i and watered, atii.7o. Keenan ft Finley sold Cash 24 head medium Cows, avtraclncSlfinsfcdaod watered,at SL3O; toumc, 4 bead at *30.00 per head. Marsb sold O’Shea t 5 head Cows, areraclnc 923 si, at $J JO: to same, 4 head, avcrazlni S!8 ns,at?Ts3. Weeh»n boucht 19 hud pood batchers’Cattle, aver* aclcc 1.C16 ss, at fc.25. ilcElvaw sold \ Indrreraff 17 head botchers’ Cows, averaging t 69 ns, at *4.15. * Myers bough; 31 head fair Steers, averaging 1,039 B«, Brrdorant sold 6 head common Cows, arerasiec l,f<C ns, m $4 :<3. ° O’Maiirrbonpht is head good botchers’ atjcb. aver* artcgi.o* ns, at «s.i2.v* £. Them as told 7 head pood Cowa, averaging UW9 nt, at ft's. HOGS—The receipts were more liberal im node? a brisk demand Ur packlmr, a better feeling obtains.!, and prices ruled a shade higher, hales comprise S,PM head. These were taken almost exclusively by packers, at prices rani; Ingtrom f5.75®6.(» for common tome dlcmprsdeaavsrafnng&omSSto JT3 ns, and |6*va J6AO for good to choice Hogs averaging troa SS) to SJO ns, and over. All desirable lota were reaally taken, the market closing steady, wtth le*« than 400 bead un told. The following are the current rates. Prims to extra MdSaSAO Good to prime{6-25 Common. 5J4ji,(S HOG SALES TO-DAT. KWBMi AF. Mid *"|3 ts* f£jp e Helper to Dow SB 374 575 OoiltoKestACO 51 353 5A5 ' anmetcr sold Googfss }j asi gjv) Vanmeter wid Goo gins 48 853 &so Bur: A Co. boncbl 91 SIS a,a? Burt A Co. boucht of Ireland SS SSI 6 to BnrtACo.boachtoflrelsnd S 8 SIS ejO ' Burt A Co. boccht of O. Roas II 300 6j?o Zimmerman sold <0 CM • 6JO

Dawson to Tcotell 90 239 gJO Burt A Co. hoopbt 19 597 tM SHEEP—There was a fair demand for pood tnetton grades for slaughter, and nrtccs were tolerably well sustained. Abont 1,000 head changed hands at a range ot ISA) for common stock Shcap, to $5iM) fjr choice lots. Sales Include: Retain A F. told Helccr lo BovcrsdorO. bocgbt... cmc.wo DAII.Y MARKET. A’l taUt of Grain reported in thi* tn'trkft tviwri on* rrwdepn a larlt cf 2c storage unleti oikericite crprf>*fd. **. WpyppAT Evrsrxo. Jforember 21.1366. FRElliirrs—lLkiLKoaD KEnonra—The followlnc 1b line tout tariff on tire Eastern roads: 3d Sd 4th _ „ w class, class, class. Flotir. To New York. 175 155 io 310 “ . rail, lake aod rail. 160 its it» 300 To Boston ass ISS 110 230 _ “. . rail. lake and rail. 170 «s 105 210 To Philadelphia. ...165 1U 100 800 To Baltimore 165 lis 100 soo To Albany.. ifia iw ico 300 - rail, lake and rati. 150 130 93 193 To Montreal ISO ill ’l#o ISS To Bnflaio W 68 SiV 110 _ - rail, lake and rail. 78 SS 57* 100 To Cincinnati 6) 43 40 40 Lass Fskigiits—Market dull. Engagements were; ToßcrraLo—Propeller Congress,Corn at lOc: Tolls anoo—Schooncr Georce tanner. Wheat at 17c: To Oocsssccnoa-—Propeller Cuyahoca, Wheat at 13c t To M. ConrtwnenL iron Oteirom Escanaba. at MAC per tot. Fl.oUß—itecelrcd, 12.396 brls; shipped, 8.516 brls. Mattel quiet bol stcacy. Sales were: White Wis- TTva—fooil* not named at IlSJO; 100 brU do (£alr Illi nois) at fiJJO; specxo Exnta»-iOO brls ••atlte.” Dater, W. A Co.. at f 11.2 5; 150 brls “ilorehoase." at fi0.62 W :50 brls -Cora prairie.” (yestenlav) at flOAO; tOP brls -Keersage,” fyesCrds*) at M 0.23 ;‘IM oris not named at f 10.73; 100 brls do at tlOJO; 3jo bru do at flOdS; 500 brls do, (yesterday) at f in.lC ;9H brls do at fIIXM : 597 brls do at f 9.00; Srraas—loo brianot nam'd at f7.tC ;SCO brU do at f7AO: 50 brls d> at *6.75; BCCK* wheat Fiort-5 brls at |y.oo; 47 oris at fa. 75. . WHEAT—Received. 79.130 ba; shipped, 41.311 bn; Mattel Ut«sc better. Sales wer.-: Red Wist*b— -1,00 bu by sample at fi37 : l.fiuO Da do at $3.10; 1.330 bn h 0.3 at 83A0; Warn Wisrja—66 barn at *3.7): i Settso Wn*AT—seobn >o. i at (MS; muo bn do at »U 0; 400 bu do at $3.07 5 400 bo do at |4oi6 5 1,600 btt do orncz of tub Daily Trinetb i V.'KDNESDAT EVBXISQ, KOTCmbCT jl. J - BEEF CATTLE. Cattle. Boss, Sheep* V sai *ws .. UiS 5,333 1,051 Ko. At. Prise. .SI S 3 fU» .109 aI 330 1 .80 ICO I.U.V «-M(fLI.);S.WO bn do at t c,, 3‘)• ApMbnd l ai f LSI; 10,003 bn do at ILSDJf; S , S : .V l 5?A t .* 1 -S’ N * 8-*N.W.; 1,200 bu Brterej M-45V ? ’ 2C ?.H a ,.J 1 ; woo bu do at |l.t3; d ?- a l.t U2 J : I,coc bn «<>« Si-<3; 1,200 bn do at SUB; l.Upbn do at #KSS; 1,2(j5 bu do at 8L»- rosing at # lor No. 1, and 11.31 for No. 2 bu; shipped. bu. loa C er - were: Coer nr rroux— V* 5 ? 5 sWXßhadoat 81 We: 70.003 bu do «•«» bn do *t ; 10,00 do do at Stuc: 41.00 bu do at Kjc; 6.000 bn do aiSUfc; 8,000 bu No. i ;V« bu do at .?Xc; 10.050 bu Co at 79c ; t. 250 fo U r \ a Vf° ; 3,600 ba - New at MX'o—closing arm at 83c 17 -, 717 ba; shinned, 42.055 bn. better, bates were : 15,004 bu No- 2 at 3<C: B.COU bu do at 56 Vc; 9.000 bn do at 39 Vc; 16.00) ; COO bn Rejected at 31c—closing at 30X9 i.jX.' JB-Beeclved. f-ACObn; shlppel, 3JIS bu- Mar «HiL?nd Ic ,nwer - were: 4.000bn No lat ; 2£oO bn do at 8 c; NO bn No. 2at So; 3 SCO ba do at htftv; I.2>< bu d<* at sic—ulo-lug at Inside 11 cares. ~B AuLEY—Received. t.'JSO bu; shlpptd.L4oo ha. Markettrmcrt'dmore active. Saleswere: 1,290 bn >o.2aiCs«-;B3obado atfoXc; 4,003 bn do at Csc; l.uM 5“ Rc -J'-H**? nr sauplc—4CK, bu choice i? at nl l ' 7l; 400 ba • t 91-15:400 hu at «U 0: too ha at Il'Soe' 400 bu at 03c; 403 du at B>c; 400 bn at Gc; 533 ha A!*'n CS—Nominal at |8 JO for Poa. Al.COUOl.—.tobloU are selling at £4.CI3LC3. The rctalUraderellatl4.7dS4.73, •liVn lOtoas Coarse MidlUngi at 918.(0 on track. . ***(00.11 HORN—Sales were; lOtoas Choice at Fppd atHTb.OO; 3 tons do at 1163.00: 20 tons Fair at fl^'to' 13 balc9 Com:aoa at 9U3JK; 5 tons do at REANS—Nominal at 73«a9’,25. HL'TTkß—Received. 50.159 fts; shipped, 1.730 ns. 1 here is certainly no improvement tr note lathe general character of the market. Aside from a mol trale local demand for choleu uh'.o qualities, there Is scaitciy anything doing. TncreU a large surplus on hand, and that all cammiu grsdea mast suffer a scrrlble decline, seenii in be tlis oplnloaalmost nai entertained. F:r fancy packages rtgares if(4c higher than our qmtitioas are occasionally Uiough rarely obtained. Sales were: 43 kegs at 27c. toilowiug are tne curreat rates: Dairy ,»i32c Good Tub e'«3tc Common Firkin I*a3sc rnpie Firkin 2354230 ..•OACJISING—The market I* dull, thjngh,owing to the limited snpphcs. prices are tolerably well sustain ea. \\e make no change in onr quotations, os fol- National A. 2 bn, seamless linen 917.00 JTnlon A. 2 bu, do 45A0 iuinols A. 2 bo, do <tq,oiT Corn Exchange 42.00 btark A, cotton seamless 77.00 LcwlilonA, do 73.00 Androscoggin, do 72 03 American. do 72 00 BMW Mtus, do 70JO PlttefieldS, -do 76.00 Penn Mills, do 77430 Fort Put, do 77.U0 Sligo, do r> 00 Saco, linen and cotton nj Ridgewood, do 5700 Springfield, do ** 5500 Ijurlaps, 4 bu. No. 1 31*01) Etplrv Cltv 40.00 COFFEE—Ihe demand Is good and prices are many, as * e quote; lava. r Kw, common to frlr. 26j<<«2S c Rio. cood to prune astiarjiA- Rio. prime to choice ow<ai» c COOPElt4(4E—Market acUvcand hlguer. titles were; 4,0 t« prison made Pork Darrels at fgiO, dvliv ered at Joliet; 1.050 prison raiie I Tierces at 92.43. delivered at Joliet: WOO Pork Barrels at fi.9o, on track; UJO do, delivered here in two lots, at 92.05. CHEESE—There Is a steady demand, and the mar ket rules comparatively lirm at our quotations: New York Factory (Genuine) 19^25c Factory (Illinois) 17^19c Hamburg'. is'^VJc Beste-rn lUs»enc IS«l7c Western Siato ~i3Alsc “Ycnng America*' ' 30c CO a l<—ls In tatr demand, and in full supply. We quote thf market firm at the prices given below* Enis—Brookfield « u 03 do Onnsby. nco CIXTSLASD—Briar Hill *. do slmeral Binge. 10.00 do wuiow Bank. moo do Tunnel 10 00 Chippewa . 10JM BlosJbnvg.... 134)0 Lump Lehigh i6J» Lavkawana, prepared 14 qg Scranton 1400 ntteton...; i4w lUtools 6J0.3 8.00 *0 on track AfO* loshlocbency uco EGGS—Were m demand and steady at S3c for round low, and 82c for frem In small packages. The supply though not large, is perhaps equal to the demand, as IbMiinnlJT Is confined to «nppiylng local ciiHtomers. FRCl’l’l* *JiD NUT*s—The market remains steady, and prices unchanged. The supply is fair, as Is also the demand. Wecontiaac to quote; UUU f Abiia. Appleg.rew, Vbrl 12.75 ® 4.00 Grape# is r> m Oranges, Havana, p 100 15.T0 ftlfi.OO Lemons, valaga 16.00 AI7OO Cranberries, wild ttij.oo Cranberries, cultivated 13,00 tijj 03 Dcm> nzerrs. Fig!* Dan# Catmdi'tßCbes, V doz. 2 is cans. Apples, Peaches, halves andquariers.... Peaches, pared Blackberries, new, p a Ekbrberrtc#, tp b Itaialis, layers Almonds, bard shelled 33 ® 35 Almonds, sort shelled 4a ® yi Almonds, paper shelled as <4 &s Brazil Nuts , a a jj filberts... * 17 ® is English Walnuts 20 ® *n Naples Walnuts 34 (4 25 Pecans, small and Urge 2S e 30 Chestnnts, %* bu 10.00 aIIJW Fls*ll—llcmaln steady, and the market rules firm at previous rates. Whileflsh arc In good de mand, and owing to the redneed »locks, are being Leid firmly at the advance noted yesterday. We onoto ■ Whltcfish, No. 1, k pri $7.50,4 7.75 WliltePsh.No.2. k brl . 7Jsa 7AO Trout, No. 1, k brl ...V.. 50o| ifa Trout, N 0.2, k br1......... 4AO ®i.73 Mackerel. No. 1, k brl, new llAftait.7s Mackerel, extra moss, * k brl 15 oo.vs 10 Mackerel, extra rocs#, V Wt 4.00® 4 23 Mackerel, No. 1. klt«,new. 2S9a •* w Mackerel, lamlly. kits 221-4 •» Tt Mackerel. extra large, lamlly, kits 3U3® Codfish, Bank, P 100 fis RAOou Herrings, dried. No. I, P box 65® 70 lltrrlngp.rcalca....; 75.- mi Labrador Herring, P brl 12 004110) Labrador Herring, k brl gjoa ?‘oo IsUEASE—**alc«wcre: 71 tierces yellow at s> vc • C 5 11* ires brown aISVc. '* . Hll!UWlNK»—Received, 2W hrls; shinned, KM brls. Market anil. bales were: 20 brla at at dis tillery. HONEY—Sales wer*: S 3 boxes at 35c. II Ol’Sj—Market steady. Sales were: 10 bales West ern at Sac. . llA\—The supply ot pre*»cd Hay Is somewbstllm. Ited.and coder a brisk shipping demand, and with a steady inquiry on local account, the market is Qnn at the recent advance. We repeat our list; WHOLESALE PSICKS, Timothy, roller and beater pressed.., Timotbv, loose pressed Prairie, beater pressed, new EETATL PRICES. UIAIU r*Ut£9. Timothy, roller acd beater pressed iS-OVa’a pi Tlmcihr, loose pressed rJ.oi , «2iin Inilrie, roller and beater pressed 16.10 .«17 0J Prairie, loose 00 wagon, delivered 11.50313.50 lllDES—E»ccived,93,6a3 fts; shipped, 123,351 as The supply Is not excessive, and with a betterdemand a tinner feeling obtain*. Green bait.-d were bunn" to. day at 10i(2Hc. Wcquote! 1 Green Butchers* g a sve Green Salt, manned...... lOtfoill e Green Salted. Heavy gtcer UKrtli c GrunCaU?.. KtSM c Klp.Grctn SiUicc 16H(ii7tre Dry Flfnr.n-linmed IS (*ia c Dry Salted. tria tried 15 aie c Green Salted, part cured 10 aiavc lit ON A Nil }«TEElj—With a cood demand &o market is steady ami strong. We quote: Cerumen Par sva fiv Hors- Shoe Iron 7?S 8v Heavy Band TCaiOS Light Bard 7?ttllv Hound and Square Ouanu’ Oval : 6$S 7$ Half Oval and Half Hound * Aect Ir< n, d tntnon 7v® bin ct Iren, galvanized, 17xS< <3 Sheet lron,«l:arco*l gya Him Iron, Juniata HJkoU3 Norway Nall Hoads 15 ais P.ow et»cl, German rail Plow Steel, cast 17 nig spring and Tire Sl»el, English ; u r>i3 Tool cast Steel, ordinary sizes as r«3u Tool Cast Siccl, American a-n Ulipbrvd Steel 330 Hissla, No. 9 and 16 as Russia, Am., Ist quailT. Fhdl caai Russia. Am., Ist quality, V sheet a2J Rm-sia. An...Sd qualitr. P sheet. Rat LFATU EH—The market is dull, though with no surplus stork on hand, prices keep well up, and arc steady and tlrm at cur quotations, which arc as fob lows: Sianchter. Sole, City Harness, 9 c. ? 40® 43 Country Harn’ts 40® 41 Line, V B 43® 44 Kip, medium, V B l.ligl/S Calf. V B L 60® 1.73 Upper, V f00t.., 815 ft SI Country Upper. if® 23 Collar, ? fboU. 36 I Bulla o.‘. .'{ 40® 43 I Slaughter, Sole. Chicago. No. 1 40® 43 Sole, 4 | Chicago, No. 2 845 ft 87 I Buenos Ayres... 40® 43 I Orinoco 501 e.... 37® 5S I Orinoco, good, [ damaged 81® SI french CaH 31 B* 2J0a5.» French Cali; 86 „»« 2.00&3.10 French Calf. Le- Slaughter Sole.. S3® 54 Hamct-6, 7 tt... 40p* 46 Upper SO® S 3 Ktp. No. I.mcdl- nm 1.10®1.30 Kip. No. 1. heavy 8531.10 1*1(4 I,EA l>—l- selling * niKTAI.S* AND TIN Is active, and the market I followlLg prices: TXA*. Box Tin TJatc, I. C., mnlßca.Vaor~So.Wa9o.oO it iny«nc ex-store. (NEKS’ STOCK—Trade Is fully maintained at the ZINC. Ist quality, casS. *15.50 37 SS S 3 Ist quality) »hcec!'.r.)!tsK alab u BCIOOT WICK. 1 to 6 u 7.8 and 9 13 10 and 11 13 10x14 Lirj:c I'lcs, Smell 1*1"9. Bar Tin..., COPPER. Metallic AT 801t5... SS Copper Bottom 55 Braziers oter 10 bs. 46 SbcctlDc6,U to 16 ox 45 Tlialnc? 10 BAi:iUT RSTAi. Ist finality si Antimony SO Fine Sower SO | NAll**— Arp in cood di Qtistc supply oaband. mi rato?: 1W to Sd. V kec* W... s.OO SJSi 4(1, > 12 i i:i and li 15 • 15 and 16 is ' 17 i; is 18 I 19 .51 I 20,.'. R I Fence Staple* io lemasd. wltn still an laadts ices are firm at the following > 12d aio.oo > 13d, fine blued • i id. fine blued u.OO , BJO | C-it Spikes 8.00 3d 9.00 i Clinch net to.PO OlLS*—Tic market presents no new feature wor thy nf note. Linseed Gifts la Cdr demand, with an ample ropplyt prices are steady. Lard Oil u steady at he decline noted yesterday. We quote: Linseed OH, raw...., f IJO Linseed Oil, boiled U 5 Olive oil 2.60 Whale Oil, W. D IJO^US Lard Oil, extra. IJCUI-il Lard Oil. Ko. 1 Winter MO3L4S LardOil.Ko.SWintcr i^tua Hank OH. round lots l/K^LSO MachlncOll.round lot' mo Sperm Oil. W. H„ round lots 3JO loihrlcatlrsOil 3HHJO Castor Oil IL&i-t&SO Matsfoot OH, extra L10(*1J0 CaKßONOll.—Lndera lively consuraotive de mand, and «lib an Inadequate supply In the market, dealers arc holdlrc still at the prices Riven belo a: Carbon, F carload 55c Carton, small lots -57 c Benzole.. SS3IV? PROVlSlON?*—Received, soobrU Beef: shipped, l(h:J00 Ls cured Mcais,3oo brlsßoei; 91 brls Tort, and SO.H’O B>* Lard. Mran Pork—Market inactive, Sales were: 50 brls at is nrU at; 100 brls seller December and January at $20.C0. «.rccn limns—Sales were: WOpcsatlOc from the block. I .ard—Market dull. Sales were: 100 ties for De em,h-r and January at Lie. POTATOCSt— were: Scars Peach Blows at track; 1 car do a: 65c, delivered; 10 bu do at ‘ POULTRY AND 43AME—Sales were: 5 dozen Dnssed Chickens at $ IJd; 10 dozen do at $4.00; 100 ns Dressed Turkevs at IGc; S dozen Dressed imcti at $1.00; 1 dozen Mallard Docks at 43 JO: S dozen do at S.UO. SAt/T— Received, tone: shipped, WM brls. Mar ket steady. Sale* were: 600 brlsTlne at ft.6o. aellrer c«l; S.«Onrls do at afloat. VTe quote the range of prices as follows - New Fine. Coarse. Ground Alum Turk’s Maud, bags. G retard tour . Doin’, with rack* 5.0033.^3 Dairr. -without sock* 4.04^1.33 .vKcnH—Received. 196J53 as; shipped, cone. Timothy Seed—Varkrt quiet and steady. Sties wer**: 15 bags »t 13.90; 171 boss tL 52.75; GO boss at |3.TO; 25 toes at £3.35; It bass at f 2.00. Flax Seed—Sale* were: 31 bars at £1.63. MIU* AND SALE«ATCS-ilartct fairly active, steady atd strong. ffe continue to quote: BaLMlfs Medicinal 13 tf-IStfc do Pore 13.V(513 c Dcland'a Chemical 13 til3uc do- Healths „13i,(*13 c do Pure 13 &13XC American El-Caib Soda 11 ail*c British - 13X313 C Witt«a Improved demand tne'msrket I* tm ai me followitc Quotations: ccm....- rot to ri to ’. V. is?*'*l *k X. Y. Iletned. Powdered and Granulated IC.V'^ITs White A.. Ctrile A., White Hi Extra C.. Yellow C. OxnaroC. Oxnard C Extra. SiYIl rpss-Thfrc is acood trade, and the market in steady at theloUovlng prices - New York Syrups. Yellow Drips.. Cub* ilrtaom Porro Rico. New Orleans. Philadelphia heeHlxe 2A# 73 Chicago turnery, Amber.^l^n - « Golden 9&3IXS “ “ Sncarnonse S3i* » TALT-OW—Received, ft*; ahlppec. 03.5:0 ft*. Market Heady. Saleawere: 17 hrls Country at loi*'c. TfcAJj—There U a good tioflnesa doing at fan price*. We quote: Toocg Hy too, superior to fine. 9 ft .81.20*1.60 do extra to choice, 9 ft~ L7S*2JO Imperial, superior to fine. 9 ft- 1.2x*1.75 do extra to choice. 9 ft 3A332.10 Gob powder, tuperior to fine, ft ft ]di.9LiJ do extra to choice. 9ft 3.01*2.10 Japan, natural leal, fine to extra floe; 9 ft.... 1.353L3S do do Hue to choice, 9 B HOil-SJ do do colored, 9 ft 1.5&31.75 TOBACCO—I* doll, though steady ana Arm at quotations as follows: CnrwiMj Tobacco— Extra. Choice Medium Common Excktxd Iciucco— Virginia’* Faro rile. Choice Medium.. Common Stems. Plco Tosacoo— Loyal Citizen tja 60 Farmers'Delight. 70a 75 Na’nral Leaf. L2Sa2JO Hair-oricht wius fn< ire Blade, sound 73® 80 Medium 70t* 73 * tommon so® to Navies..., 63Va S 3 Virginia 10s and M 004 no Flounces 75® 85 WOOD—Remains steady. Prices are unchanged, we quote: Mailc. * cort,d*Uvercd fI&S&ILM Maple, fl cord. In yard I2JOai3JO Beech, v core, delivered. 11 JKQItPO Beech. V cord, m yard 10.00-tIUJO ' v <HHr-Bcreivod, 60.770 »s; shipped, 1,475 tbs. .***?* fltUl- We quote prices nominally, as follows: ‘toe rleicv—laci.t tmd wuite„ 45®17c Fine Fleece—Light but fwey 4-iauc Fine Fleee.—OUvard heavy 395(433 Medium Fiptce—TJelit and white. «*tsc Medium Fleece—Fair condition 4-><t 12c Coarse Fierce—Light and white 453UC Coarse Fkcco-Falr condition 40312 c M.AJEtXJ>i JE NEWS FORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED November 21. Stmr Orion. Manitowoc, sundries. PropltadgiT State. Buffalo, snednea. Bsrk Jnmcs F. Joy, Bulfaio. Park City ot Chicago. Butfalo. 1300 brls salt. Bark Newsboy. Boflalc, 2,000 hrU «slt. Bark Norman, Pensau*ee. 200 m lomber, 10 m lath. Parka, n. Pomeroy. £i1c,603 tons coal. Bark City of Milwaukee, Bnlfalo, 2 W 0 brls salt. Bark Onondaga, Butfalr, 400 tonscoal. Brig Sam Hale, Egg Harbor, 150 cds wood. Bng C. J. Hntchixison. Menominee, 190 m lumber. Ml lath. Bark Jno. Brcden, Kingston. Bark C. J. Wells, Bon&lo, 233 tons coal, hchr Alpha, Ptntanguirhene. 170 m lomber. Schr Sea Bird, Baflaio, 2,250 brls salt, Schr Adriatic, Grand Haven. UOm lomber, 10 m Uth. Schrl riq. st. Josepo. 53 m lomber. tchr M. Fillmore, Peshtlgo, 343 m lomber, 30 m Uth.* Schr Toledo, Manistee. 96 m lumber. Schr, Muvkneon. 9S m lomber. St brJ. Mullen, Bailey’s Harbor, 167 cds wood. Schr Clara I**rker, BnSalo. Schr M. M. Scoti. fene. 400 tons coal. Schr Enterprise, Mokegon. 60 m lomber, 103 m lath. Schr 1 wo Charlies, Manitowoc, 80 cds wood. Scnr Wyoming, sturgeon Kay, 145 m lumber, schr Lumberman, Grand Haven, 60 ~m lumber, 70 m shingles. Schr C. T. Allen, Stnrjeoa Day, 130 m lomber, 10 m lath. Schr Atroorpt ere, Cleveland, 407 tons coal. Scow Swallow, Sand Bay. 60 m shingles, 600 posts, 30 cds bark. £75 railroad ties. Bargee. Mean, Grand Haven, 140 cds bark, ISO cds wood. CLEARED November 21. Stmr Sea Bird. Grand Haven, sundries. Stmr Orion. Manitowoc, sundries. Prop Wenona, Port Colborne and Buflalo, 17,000 bu wheat, and sundries. Prop Brano, Montreal. 10JO0 bn wheat, and sundries. Prop Hunter, Buffalo, 100 bales wool. Prop Badger State, Buffalo, 23,000 bn com, sun dries. Bark Prince of Wales, Toronto, 20,600 bn com. Bark John Sweencv, 3(n?kegon. Bark So .ora. Goderich, n. ’OJ tm corn. Brig Montezuma. Mo kegoe, 20JXW bn oats. Brig Fashion, Cedar River, sundries. ticbr Harvest Queen, Port Colborne, 21,000 ba corn. Schr Gertrude. Dnffaln, 19JOO bn oats. PcLrilontixllfr, Ocdcnshurzn. I7,toobn com. SchrCrosethwaltc, bu oats, tichr Rcsa Hell, Muskegon. 2.4C0 bu oats aad com. Schr Dreadnought, Ogdensburgh, 18A00 bu com. Sthr.Efca, Oswego, ao,oso bn wheat.* memoranda. A Cajtart).—Tho report which appeared in gome of yesterdays papers that the tug boat Lqrk, which has been* doing towing service In the river daring the past season, bad been stolen, was without foundation, as the Lark lays at the foot of Indiana street, where she was towed Toes* day night. laidCp.- The following vessels have laid up for the season: Schooners Hamilton, Mar; E. Scovil), Meridian, Racine, Tempest, and brig C. 1. Hutchinson. Off.— The schooner Alma, ashore in the Bay of Qninte, Lake Ontario, has been got off. Scnoojmn 8. L. Noslb.— The Detroit Post states that (bis vessel has been got off the beach atMidolc Bass Island, and is now in dry dock at that port. LArKcnED.—The large bark constructed at She* borgan during the past summer for A. L, Lyman, E-q., of that city, was launched on the lUh Inst. Her carrying capacity Is rated at 30,000 bushels. She has been christened the “ Homer.” Laid Ur.—The Milwaukee Sentinel says, the barks Kelson and Constitution of that city, Jane C. Woodruff and Sf, Lawrence of St. Catharines, brig Waucoma of Milwaukee, and schooner Prince Albert of Kingston, Curlew of Chicago, J. D. P. Stonach and Guide of Milwaukee, hare gone into winter quarters. The brig C. G. Diced, arrived at that port Tucsd iy, and wilt probably also lay op. Loss or toe ScnoosETt Bat Queen, op Hast* ikon.—’This vessel went ashore on,Fdday last ahont one mile cast of Port Colborne. Her crew were saved after great exertions, bnt the vessel Is a total loss. She was loaded'with wheat. The Bay Queen was a vessel of 171 tons, old measure ment, was nine years old, and rated B 1 one with a value of $12,001). .Damaged.—The Oswego Times says the hark Train, of Hamilton, ami schooners Carlton and Garibaldi sustained damage to sails and rigging in the recent gale. On the latter vessel some fifty barrels of peas were lost out of a deck load of elghty-thrco barrels. 29 a 30 25 25 465 ® 4.73 10 (A 14 17 ® W 40 & « S 3 C 4 Zi so ® .. 5.00 $5.3) Beaus Fbox.—The Saginaw Enterprise says, that the bark Ark. which was supposed to have been lost in the late gale on Lake Huron, abont fonr weeks ago, has been heard from. By a pri vate despatch from one of the crew to Captain Rankin of the tog Hercules, it appears that when the Hercules, which bad hor in tow, cut her loose,” she drifted slowly before the wind toward the Canadian shore, and was finally cast ashore abont lUO miles above Goderich, C. W., and went to pieces. The crow were poorly provided with pro visions at the time, and these gave ont entirely four days, before they reached land. In this con dition they walked to Goderich where they arrived last Saturday nleht Pout of Bctfalo.—The following Chicago ves sels arrived on the 19th insL: Propellers Buffalo, Equinox, Forest Queen; harks Northwest, Gene ral F. Sigcl, Waverly, Sunshine,; brig Banner; schooners Sunshine, Philo ScovUlc, Morning Light, William Young. A. E, Bart, U. L. Collins, Lively, Dick Somers. York State. Julia Williard, Kate Richmond, Baltic, Skylark, While Cloud, Resolute, Miami Belle and Mystic. ■ The clearances the same day were as follows: Propellers Acme, Adriatic, Galena and Empire State. . .*15.5031(150 . 16.00a17.01 . U.003U.0) SAILBOAT TIME TABLE, cuicago amd koktitwestcbn—jjipoj coa. wist warn asd KiNznt. Depart.- Arrive. DayExprces...... *wOOa. m. *&SOp.m. Night Express *4::iOp.m. *3:45 a. m. Janesville Accomtnod’n *s:<o p. re. •S-'Op.n!, Woodstock Accom’d’n.. *3:00 p. n. *9:00 a. m. GAIANA DIVISION. Fallen and Cedar Rapids *3:15 a. m. 7:iu p. m. Fulton and 10vra....' tints p. m. 6:00 a. m. Freeport and Donieitfc.. *W)oa.m. t:ooa.m. Freeport and Dualeith.. *10:00 p.m. 3: .0 p.m. Rockford and Fox River. *';00 p. in. 11:10 a. m. Dixon *4:00 p.m. Geneva and Elgin * 5:0 p.m. 8:45a.m. MILWACXEK DIVISION. Exprss *9:00 a. m. p.m, Kxpru>e *t:CO p. m. *1':00 a. in. Sight Accommodation l 5:3C a. m. Kenosha Accommod'a... 5:00p.m. 9; oa. m. Waukegan Accommod’c. 6:00 p.m. 8:20 a. m. Boechlll, Calvary, and Fvanston 1:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m •Sundays excepted. tSaturdayf cicep*ed. tMondays exccmc-1. MICHIGAN CENTCAL nAItSCAIJ—UNION DBTOT, XOOT 07 LASS BTBSST. Morning Express *5:00 a. m. *S 43 p. m. Day Express •7:00 a. m. *UOJOp. m. Evening Express 15:30 p.m.5*12: Cp. m. NigbtExptvss . t*ftl>p.m. 58,25a.m. CINCINNATI AST 10CISVHLS TBA7NS, Morning Express *MVa. m. •HfcSC p. n. Night Exprcs-* 56:43 p. m. *ll:0t p. m, Michigan' sonusns and ake shoes lisb—ds rOT COBSEB BABBLHON AND SBBBXAN STREETS. TOLEDO LINE. Mail *4:13 8.0. *&s3p.m. Day Express *‘:OU a. m. *11:00 p. m New York Express 3:5 p.m. tl2:80o. m Night Express t*!o:oop.m, *6:ooa. a DETROIT t.TNF. Mali *4:45 a. m. tftOun.m. Night Express 510:00 p.m. *8:53 p.m, vms-BCBOE, TOUT WATER AND OBICAGO. Moil 4:20 a.m.' 6:00 a.m. Express 7:00 a. ra. 12:30 a. m. Fast Une 3:15 p. m. 7:40 p. tn Express 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p. ra □XXKOS CENTRAL. Day Passenger *9:00 a. n, *0:U) p. n. Night Passenger IKhOS p. m. *7:00 a. a. Kankakee AccomnuKPn. *4:45 p. m. *9:05 a. m. Hyde Pork Train *6:10 a. m. *•:« a. n. • 4 44 44 *l2:lop.m. *l:sop.m. 44 44 44 .... *n:sop.m. * J :sflp.m. 44 44 44 *3:53d.m. *7:lsp.m CHICAGO. AND OtTNCTT. DayExpressandllall.. *i2oa.m. *3:50 p.m. Night Express *12.00p.m. *s:soa. m. llendota Accommod’n... *i:oup. m. • t W5a. m. Aurora *koop. m. *8:40 a. m. CHICAGO SJTO ST. LOnZR. Express and Mail 8:00 a.m. 8:45 p.m. Night Express *:osp. m. 5:'5 a. m. Jonr-t and Wilmington Accommodation... ... 4:00p.m. 9:35!a.m. CHICAGO AND OB RAT RASTSRN—(LA7« CINCINNATI ATE LINE}—MILWAUKEE RAILBOAP DSDOT, COB. CANAL AND SINUS fTEXET?. Say Express 7:00 a.m. 0:401p.m. Sight Express. .-... 7:00p.m. 30:50 p.n, fOR IXUIASAPOU3, LO FTP TILLS AKD CW(Ti4*AtI. Day Express 7:i-n a. m. 0:40 p. m. Sight Express .. 7:00 p. m. 1ir.50 a. m. Columbus Express...;. . *:U)a.m. ft-10 p. o, * k kl 7:00 p. m. 10:50 a. m. Cincinnati Exprcess.... SttM p. m. Lansing Accommodation 9:56 a. m- ftoo a. m, u “ Crls o. m. J:uo d. eu CHICAGO, BOCS ISLAND AND PACIFIC RAILROAD. Day CxpresaandMail... * *4:30 p.m. Sight Express . 0:00 p.m. *5:45 a- m. Jonet Accommodation.. 4:-5p m *0:50 a-m* Express Freight, with passenscr rsr attached, will leave passenger depot every Saturday at p.m. fortneWet-L The Joliet Accommodation connncte wl«h sx« press Freight Cor Way Stations. •Sunday excepted, tilonday exccprcd, Saturday excepted. rvt,« v,dt\ vuitv mnos stock takd to* tablk. Leave Madison Street. Leave StocfcCards. 0:30 a. m. 7:10 a-m. fc3o a.m. 9:10 a. m. 30:00 a. m- 31:30 a. id. p. m, 1:30. p. m. 8:50 p. m. * 4:43 p. m. BCTOAT 8:20 a. m. 10:20 a. m. 12:30 p. m. 4:00 .p. m. iHiscellancous. 2.0 ... 2.60 -VTOTICE TO GRAIN DEALERS, X a lam now manufacturing a lam PA2»TS’IX(; mLL, Salted tor warehouse men a*-d train Oarers. Price, complete to trto. fV3; tc ran by power and hand ccmhirco, *M (delivered to can.) Pan, Pl„ Oct. 23, 1368 E. LEAVITT. JJIPOKTaNT to BEEP AIH) PORK PACKERS. Having purchased N. D. Martin's Patent tar an “ IM PROVEMENT IS CURING FLESH FOR FOOD,"* I am row Prepared to Introduce It to the trade. An ex atnlxaticn wtl, sattslj the most skeptical that meats can he cared hr this process. In any Una ot weather, CHEAPER, QUICKER and BETTER than In any orbet way. Barrel Tors ready fur u*e la two, day*. Hams, Shoulders and Sides m seven to ten days, in midsum mer. For information, address W. C. AIsBBRGEB. Bnifilo. N. T. fCopy.l BirTxto, August 23d, 1536. After a carcfnl personal examination ot the plan of conns meat by Mann's Prccsvss practiced Oy Messrs. J. Alberger & Co., at their establishment, and he- Uevlcg the process to he correct In principle, aid that itwllioperatefosucwafailylnsumn*r conns m to reyolabolUe that tiatchof business, I hare no brails* non la recommending it to those wb> intend to Scarry on that trade. EZRA TAYLOR/ Provision Inspebtor.Chicago Board cf Iradeand pack era' Association. viss-sp "T7ESSEL OWNEHb AND CAPTAINS V OF VESSELS will take notice that 4*ooo Cords or Choice Bard Wood, Seech and Maple, are ready fbr sale at Lints Pier, nine miles north of eheboyeaa, 'Wisconsin. There are 11 ttet ol water at the pier. HENRY GRIMM. LtetoPier. Oct, a. 1968. ffigaantch agents. A GENTS "WANTED—In every conn _r\ ty. first class agents to canvass for Littlefield's new picture ol the “DEATH-BED Ol 1 LINCOLN," Sainted Bom personal sitting. Indorsed by the Pres ent, Bp*afcer . ollhx. and other distinguished persona E resent op that sad occasion. Adams, with stamp, ITTLEFTELD A CLAOETT. P. O Box 355. Wash ington. D. C. - WANTED FOR THE Gold Medal Sewing Machines In every City and County in the Union. The least complicated two-thread Machine in the world. Address A. F. JOHNSON ft CO., 334 Washington-*:., DOilca Mags. .15K®15* .1554*15* ,13.S»U* .uksii* .$ 031.30 . 1.3031JS . AJ 9 OglOO 531.39 . 1.KV31.1S .. ».* 90 .. 65a *5 . oai.oo .. ssa sa ~ xia a .. wa o Formerly ol James* Lock Hospital, Custom Home-st,,. New Orlcsns, and for the last six years located in Chi*' cajio, HAS BEHOVED to 93 Dearboro-st., corner ot Dearborn. A* a Specialist to the treatment of Secret Diseases and Disorders peculiar to the sexes, Dr. James Is acknowledged by the medical profession and the press to hare no superior. ■ The following is from the Peoria Democrat, April 10th, 1566: J T ItE,- ~ 50 l0 »B 48 thepecullar diseases treated Prevalent everywhere, so long U is ••iilS«^ t /, ofcdl, . or#t 9 wara aooplearain«qaa:ks and w iSSi*?* exp»lmentcr», and to refer tauo to regular .. w . b 2 bftve i nido 11318 branch of medicine a *ltidy, and whose mode of treatment is eoccc?‘inl. Dr. James was fora lone than lea'im - “ practitloter in New Orleans.where he* aalMd M-h as u 4 and a gentleman. Since a rcsbicat ol onitsso. betas more than maintained hli resale ** tloD, and been the means of curing thousaa ts who hare had occasion to call upon tmnjana win were •fortunate in escaping tne treatment practiced bvirre • sponsible quacks. The physician wno benvfly m in* kinu. alleviate- suffering, and narrows the profistlou to which he belongs, is worth* . ffnli roafldcace.and such a man is Dr. James, of Culcago.** THE MONITOR, Just revised and greatly enlarged, is a complete history ot Secret Diseases, with direc tions and prescriptions for self treatment, containing also a treatise upon iemale diseases, bow avoided, rem edies, Ac. Price of bock SO cents, aad to or cents post age. Address Dr. James, P. 0. Cox 090, Chicago. Dr. James can le consulted at his new apartments, 93 Randolph-st., Chicago, trom 9 a. m. to i p. m. OrlDconnaegce ofunne, imtation, incammattcn or ulceration cf the bladder or kidneys, diseases of me glauiL-, gmne In the bladder, calcnlu*, gravel or brick oust deposit, and all diseases of me bladder, trac&ucSu drop?lCAl o*e Helm bold’s Ex- Dr. Bigelow, l . h , e confidence ol the puriis and the medi-al 13 lha moil physician la tie £,l r^£.^i£ n o* rroas an(l ,einil disease*. Oill at &, 18 £®ce* 179 South Clark-6 L, corner of Monroe. 5?°2?.S ep . i^ te * Consultation free. P. O. Box lA4. ““Cnicc *° health, published monthly, sent free to any address. KZanhood and Youthful Vigor are regained by Helmbold’a Extract Burhn. Your Destiny. Good or evil? Richer poor? Are you to rise to eminence, boner, wealth and power, or are yon to sink into obscurity and be unknown? “To be or not to be, that’s the question.” AH this, and your future prospects in Hie, can be clearly revealed by Dr. RAPHAEL. He can win lor yea the ailectlous of the opposite mu He guides yon t j wealth, eminence aad a happy marriage. He guides voa to hevth. even wh«n von are given up, as m-mroble. by others. Call 41 Jl3 East Mtdlsoa-sU, between Wells aad Franklin (op stairs), Chicago. Consulta’lon fee. One D jdar. - Enfeebled and Delicate M. ltQt }? ns li, cl . Halmbcld’a Extract Bnchu. It will give brisk and energetic ftehnss-and cable you to sleep well. ** Having teen cured of Spcrmatorrnea &v a celebrated physician, and obtained his meUiod of treatmeoi, I de sire to send sufferers fiom scH-abase the means by which they can be permanently cured. All comtnuai cylt'O* Address, with stamp, W. H. STANLEY. P. O. Drawer <MSN. Chicago. IE. Shanercd Conatltutioiu Restored byHelmbold's Extract Bnchu. The Glory of man (* Strength, Therefbre, the nerroot and debilitated should immedi ately nse HclabokTs Extract nucha. Relmbold’s Extract Bnchu a s?J?o or Wtteftatae anti bloom to toe Balllrt cheek. Debility u accompanied bv maar ala: —'• ig symptoms, and if no treatment is’submlttcd *o. consumption, Insanity, cr epileptic fit* ensce. Proprietor of the Medtca'.and Surgical Institute. 17*5 Sauih Clark-St- has treated all lorai» of venereal cls ca«e with nnprecentcd success f>r nearly ;orty ye irs. Spermatorrhea ard impotence treated with the hap piest results. Patltcnlars of the Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address, p. o. Box 72. Chi cago, 111. Concretes, Empire, nnd Columbian Spring Waters. Messrs. Surra & Dwteh, 92 and 91 Laics*?., Chi cago. are agenta lor tse sal- of ihe in Chicago and vicinity, and will h>■ realtor keep on biaJ a 101 l supply fresh from the Springs. Fcr sale at New Ytrk prices. Hotchkiss* SonsT’roprlrtora. Saratoga Spring?, aad 92 Bcckman-ft., New York. «c*iclietop*« Bair Dye- The Best lb the World! Karnitss. reiihoie. inr!:i'ua ntou. The only perfect Dye- Nodisarpoirrmmt—o ridiculous tints, signed, v-nm* a. Batcubice.Sew s?LHii^ sc,ia: ' GL5 ’ E1 * AIIN, * : tiIBATCF MILLR JV. bietrrv-* orrt 5#,r,i, -cs th- r--:r. Soli* bvall D-ufylvtp. QASTLES’ ELASTIC 531500 M, The Only Perfectly and Permanently Elastic Broom in the World. A **ncw broom sweeps clean,” and comparatively casy.bccanbeuestraw is at firs; always more or le* ela»tlc. An Invention whlcn renders constant and per manent this variable prop-rty of the straw, by addi tions to the mechanical strnctnre of the broom, at the same time preserving Us comeliness*, lightness, and ttpecUUTdnrablUty, W long iweo needed. This want has been folly met by the invention of •• Castles’Elas tic,” la constructed as follows: It has a tempered spring B.«lkLank,paS4lrgtbrougha4*raa3Bbe.uh or cup. In which the com is fastened by a clamp, securely and easily. The corn being afterward brought to its place by a wire guard, which dispenses with all aowlnc. a light and serviceable broom Is made. steel spring gives It perfect and permanent elas- Among Its many points of superiority, the following are especially prominent: * NEAT AND COMELY SHAPE. Having ihe trim and tasteful appearance universally recognized amon« experts In broom reanofactnre as the only proper shape. It is not clumsy or heavy in its appearance as are manyot the so-called “Improve- All or nearly all the modem metallic broom beads are heavy—much too heavy far tne strength of onr wives and daughters. The “Elovtlc” li no heavier than the common broom cf tlic same size. STRENGTH AND DURABILITY Are secured by havlngthat part bearing the most strain •made of txupbisdstekl, and also livlcavlur the han dle nearly fall size, far the Insertion <’f the shank. A large hole fortbelmeitlonol a heavy iron shank and nut, or one with a large screw thread cost upon it. ue ccsesrlly weakens the handle greaty, beddee allowing tae broom head to wear loose. EASE OF FILLING. There U no paring, Cttlag and bending the c-'m. tuck ing It thropyh a space too small for the quantity re qnlred. asin»orue, or laboriously holtllng the sheath and com upright while along, as In other*. The com reeos no prerlons preparation except ent ttna the stalks to wlihla naif an inch of the brain, and a short time of soru-nuiu in water. A iad of twelve or fifteen can make a neat cad hand* setae bn-om aa well as an experienced man. THE DISTINGUISHING FEATURE Ot tliia broom is Its zjrma and pzejianest klas- TItTTT. The sweeper Is relieved from the strain always at tendant upon tbe use of the ccu-mon article. At lean ont-hslf the ordinary wear of carpets is saved, ana m* re tban half the wear of the straw itself. It is the ONLT BBtOll WHICH WILL SWEEP A CAKi'ET WXLH AND EASU.T. This invention ha* the rare merit, in these dsys of “patent rights.” of bem?not only a luxury, but a ne cmity. Itiathesugccstlimcf an Intelligent, reflect ing woman, who wanted a broom possessing »eal elas ticity and dural t)lty,io the place of the old fashioned “besom.” which is r>rst much too limiter—then as much too stiff—flimsy when now—stubpy when old. The “Elastic” meet* the ease exart’y. Br>»cm com can be obtained in every locality at a trtflmg expense. I r - the country nearly every tanner talons his own sup ply, and In town every famllv can purchase a year's supply tor lets than one quarter the cost of a year’s stock of common brooms. Thofe to whom the mattered expente Is no particular ob]c«twin Bud the “Elastic” the most convenient, bandy and luxurious article ever introduced la the bous'bold. To the mass of housekeepers who desire to practice economy in ah things. It is a necc-sitv. Betail Frio*, Complete, S - Agcnts wanted In every town and county. State ant! county rights for sale. V. E. WINGATE, ’ 135 Randolph*!., Chicago. Drawer 5551. We select from among others the following lESTDIOSIA LS: . Cuicaoo, Sept. 1.1566. A caretnl examination of “Castles’ Elastic Braom" convince* me that no Implement has ret been Invented, eocompl-telyobviatlnc the bard laiidr atteadimr the n« of the common broom u this. In durability, Uchtness, and, above ail. Its peculiar and permanent elasticity, render It a necessity to all who study econo my In household matters. TIIAS. VT. SfURTFELDT, Ed. Gorman Prairie Farmer. ALTOS, 111., Sept. 2, 1566. C. E. TV Innate Bkar Sib—'The “ Elastic Broom" Is lost what I hire been looking lor a 1 my sweeping clays. It sires mnch of the strength, and all the racking and wrenching cf arms, shonlders and side, attending the ass of all ino lastlc brooms. Vo woman who baa once tried It will CTer u»e any other. Yonr*. trulr. A PRACTICAL UOrSEKEBPEB. Manufactory, in New Tort City. General Western Office, 155 Randoiph-st.. Chicago. T?AHIBAKK, PECK £ CO., -I? 134 SOUTH WATER-ST-, CHICAGO. Lard and Tallow Oils, STEARIC LIGHTS, Vaxeme & Tallow Candles, General Dealers la LUBRICATING and BURNING QOMMIfctiION HOUSE OF BED3IOND «Jfc CO., (Successors to J. M. REDMOND A SON. Chlcaeo. HI.) Quick sales, prompt returns and tell Information at to markets, bell on ecnsiEuißCLt. Grata, Dressed Hoc*. Flour. Seed*. ProTlalou and Produce. Correa* poudeace solicited. Sp QE&T, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchants. No. CO 3ToGaa-tftM Between F and G-st«„) DENVER. COLORADO. .p. m. AN ORDINANCE to authorize Thom as, Wilcox A Co. to lay down and operate a rail road track on Bates street. > Bi tl ordained the Common Council of lAe Cily of i Chicago: eecnos 1. That permission la hereby granted to B. W.ThomaaE. P. Wilcox and A- A Wilcox, composing the firm of Thomas, Wilcox A Co„ to lay down and TRAINS. ftlj.. 11:15.. I I 5:15.. operate a railroad track lor and dunng the tetm of five ' years, commencing at a point on Bates street opposite the centre of an alley running north and sooth, between Holden and Dodge streets, ana theme west ou thonorth ; Edeot said Bates street to a point where the tame will connect with the railway tracks on Railroad avenue. Src. 3. Said railroad track shall be laid down in the manner and as the Board of Public Works of said city : shall direct. Esc. 3. Said railroad track shall only be used asd ope -1 rated for the purpose of enabling «»ld Tho mas, Wilcox ; & Co. carrying on their legitimate business. ! Sec. I. Thl« grant is made on the express condition : that the said Thomas, Wilcox A Co. wbl, at the expire : lion of sold term office years, (unless otherwise order ed by the Common Cornell.) take op said track and leave the street in as good condition as when thft same was laid down. fcre. 5. The*aid Thomas Wilcox A Co. shall be sub ject to all general ordinances now existing, or that may hereafter be passed, concerting railroads. fcre. 6. This ordinance sba.l be subject to amendment, modification ot appeal at all times. Sec. 7. This ordinance shall take efiect and be Intorce from and after Its passage. Parsed, Not. 12, 15G6. Approved, Nor. IS. 1£«. W. WOODARD, Acting Mavor. Attest: A. Q. Bodmas, City Cicrk. no2o-€t P roposals for filling north MARKET STREET, FROM ERIE STREET TO DIVISION STREET. - _ Omcs of nix Boass> of Public Wobo, > Chicago. Novemoer IS, 130. I Sealed Proposals will be received by the Board o: PnbhcWorks, at their office, until 11 turn- Monday, • NoV. 26th, lor filling with ciay North Market street! from lh* sooth line of fcne street to the sooth line ol Dlvwon street, according to plans and specification* on file at said office. Said improvement will he paid for as the wont pro greates, with the usual leservatlon of fifteen (15) per cent. Propceala must he addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed ** Proposal for Filling North Marect street,** and be accompanied with the U'Ual S2CO bond, with snretlc*. to be approved by the board. The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not ii accordance with the conditions of this advertisement or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that fie has the neccaeary sail, exp*, rlcnre, cnercydicd ability tor doing the work. U trust worthy, has sufficient pecuniary resources. J. G. QDiDET.It FRED. „ O. J. ROSE, nolC-lOt . Board of Public Works. (Copartners!) ip. rpo THE CITIZENS OF CHICAGO. - I The ccp-irtnerstup of Schennemacn A Nleder sUmld was on the 2lst dav ot November. 156% dissolved. Mr. Scbeuncmann Is responsible for all debts up to as well as after that date. All biUs have tobe'pald to him within a week. SCHET7NEMANN A NTEDERSITMID, ComelHU, cor. of Noble, Special 'Notices Dr. James* For Non-ISetentlon NpcnnutorrDeto. r Dr. Thomson, 33romus, THE ‘‘ELASTIC” LIGHTNESS. 2Su«insss Carts. Manufacturer* ol ~ CtiH Koityes iHagic Muffle. YY ASHES WELL! WEARS WELL The .Genuine Magic Knffle! There coeds, having me above trade-mark on thr Bax and Card, are warranted to measure six full yarrtr in each piece, and to VTeaC and Wash as well as an; made hr hand. THE GENUINE MAGIC KUFFLES, ion manntvc tur«l by the original Inventor* and patenter?, on supe rior machinery, from the best materials, and outlet careful supervision, have withstood the tests ot Six YEana cotstaa: os'?, giving Invariable satHCictlon. Manufoctcrcdby TPE MAGIC RUFFLE COMPANY, >o. rtamber-«u. Nt*w Tort. Also Manufacturer* Of RUFFLE FLUTING IRONS. Hoax-Mao* Bi*Fn.*s. iHehical. ‘‘The woacemi progress ot Milieu sacucc M-v dnilne the/:<j« *fy v*ars ouly.makea it pet- W ff[. Mble for the conscientious Pnv?iclau tode tt Clare, now, mat Coxscwmos is as exs taislt ctbso as It. termuient Ferrr. and as car tadtlt rExvzsTED os Small Vqj:."~Rct. Odrfdi E Eing, 21.1). LL. etc. KING’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION, Made from the Prescrtpiloo of Rev. CHAS. E.RING, M. D. LL. D„ etc., for the Preventicn and Core ct CO3STSTJ]VJI > TJOjSr (IS ns MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) For the EaJtml Cur* of ASTHMA, BRONCHI fIS. CA TA. of me LUNGS. THROAT, and AIR PASSAGES; for (if'r.rral and Special De rmiormmuolttio NERVOUS SYSTEM; for Dhord'n of the BLOOD; and for all Functional Disorders ot the Stomach and Loutl*. Itimvutiiatety increases the ttrengtA and detenu the color orthcpcle blood. U subdues the Chill* and /Vr«r, and diminishes me nfgAr fieeau, always, lu from irrtri to \faurUfn .fttv,. ITie apprtite is at once fnrtgurated. andme patient ra pidly galn'.Jtefh ; the colpA. aad me d(/Scu«fcrrtirA inparespeedily relieved; the sleep becomes calm and refreshing; the crnn.ori6ns regular and uniform. AI.L Till: GENERAL bVMPTOSm OF CONsUMpT TION. AbTUitA. BKONCHITIS, dc- DISAPPFVP WITH A UEALLV ASTONISHING RABIDITY. The PRESCUIPTION -hould be used in everv i*«u where the physician pre-cribes “Cocoa MixiVues.** •■Tosics.“iEoSi Acips. Bans. Qcxxixx, Cod Lrvn. Om, WiiiiKZY, and la every Disease, by wnanrv. census ksowm. in which there la exhibited any one or more ot the following *aYJII*TO.H?» j Dinicull or Irregular Breaming, Losss ol Breath, Cough. 'WasUngot Flesh, Nigh; Sweats, Steading fro re the Lungs. Lavs of Strength, Loss or Appetite, Genual Debility, Debility of Pregnancy and Nurelcg, ITyla, I’alns tlirougb the Shoulders, Chest, Face or lambs. Neuralgia. Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration. Nervous Irritation, Giddiness or Uinzincs*, Excessive Paleress. Sore throat, Drewslness, Slveplessuesa. Dys pepsia, Sonr stomac h. “Heart Burn.” OppnwMon ex Making of the Stomach before or after eating. Consti pation, Remittent Fever, 4c„ and esrsciaLLT li all Female Disorders or Ulennc irresularttics such a* Dlthcn]t,PnlnfsL Suppressed. Scanty, Excessive. De layed, premature or t.o frequent Menstruation. Statements Prom Pailrata, Ap, “Tonr Prescription saved mv daughter's llf-, and has aaved me hundreds of dollars.—liar. E. Ucura b*ts Kemacn. N. Y. •• We Me»s ttod for the benefit we have received from your prepared Prescription.”—CsT. P. PzacOßcrz. Blofsbnrc. P>nn. 44 Every one to whrra 1 haverecommcndedlt hashes* cfltedmuch by lla use.”—liev. C. D. Joxis, ICaclse. Brets Borvz. Afros Puce. N. T.—ln the early part ot February, iStu, I was sudtnaa from a violent cough, lor which 1 Lad been treated during six months pre viously without benefit, 1 had SwMSuMJt wtuct completely prostrated me. in the evening, nosrsenes: would come on, which would prevent me iram speak ing al-ovc a whisper. I had tnes had two attack* oi bleeding from the Icogs. My family PfivMdan assured me that he would do no more forme. T w«s growing rapidly worse, and Pad been compelled to leave buif ccss Car nearly two mouths. All my symptoms imli catcd, unmistakably, the presence ot CONcUMPTION. In the beginning of February, Me. Utrrur Funic. TrrtJ*«rern/rAe -luo-rtcwu aiit- scrt»fv. nrtsented me with a bottle of the PREPARED PKEiCRIPfION. In afew days my appetite (wblcn I had entlrclr i nn. rclurued: within a w«r*k, my couch hat aimo-t left me; and in itss than two w-eks the .Maii-Sirra]* were broken up. Thenceforward I regain cdstrengUi rapidly, and am now regularly attending to inv dalles us clerk to the AMERICAN PIBLE SOCIETY, In whose em ployment 1 nave been nine rears. I am nowcniuvlnr good health. Your PRESCRIPTION eflerted auURH, w hen my friends despaired of mv recovery. ..rv* v v- tIIOS. .1. CONGER. •‘I have had Nravoc? ob Spasmodic Astoxa for eleven years. Duridg the la.-t six years 1 have aeva had an umnterjuptM night's rest. It often seemed to me that 1 would die before I could get air into my lungs. 1 suffered so greatly from ‘shortness of breath,* that I was compelled to take frequent rests ta walking from my residence to my place of business. •• The night before I cbUlned the * PREPARED PRB SCRIFI'ION’ was the worst I ever passed. On obtain ing the remedy, i took a teaspoonfm at nvu and again at night, and slept all night without waking. I have KOT lUD A BBOKKN SIGHT'S SKsT StXCB, • • • • | have now completely recovered my strength and spir its, and am not at all afflicted with’shortnessof breath.* I shall be glad to have any one aUUrtea with Asthma call and see me. EZRA C. LANGDON, _ „„ “No.SSI Fonnh-st., New York,” The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” is put «n in a H st. ; BUCK, 93 Clark-tt.; J. PARSONS A CO„ 41 Clark-st.; DCCIIE ft STOREY, 93 Randolnh-gt. Wholesale Agents for Chicago, 11L, BDRNUAM3 4 > AN SHAA CK, and by Druggists generally, op orders maybe addressed to the Sole proprietors, OSCAR O. MOSES A CO., 27 CoETLAxm-sr M New York. Con sultation free. A Circular, containing PABncrL-vcs of east cases sncecr-tfally treated, wlil be sent tree. by mall, to all who will write for It, * /^AIvCER.—Dr, M. F. Bassett, member v I of the Amer. Med. Association, treats CANCER In all Us forms os a Specialty, with a new and Scs cine Risiapx. that cure* tt Is ditp-oio as certainly as o;hcr diseases yield to their appropriate remMiea. In qulty In person or by 1-tter Is soileitM by all sufferin'* from Cancer, and by every member of the medical pro fission. Office 17 Lombardßlock, P.O.urawer6lo*’ TV' 7 nY WILL VOU SDFPEIi SHOLANDEE’S EXTRACT BUCHL Will cure yon permanently. Ladies Should Use It, Price only One Dollar. Sold by H. 6COVIL, Agent tor Chicago and vicinity. Proposals. ■PROPOSALS.—BurI. &iIo. Rir. R. R. JL Proposals for the grading, bridging. tlctng. and the laying ot track of &g mile* ol the Burlington A River Railroad. west Irom Cnarlton, will be received by in-, from the 15ih till the 30th Irst. Profile*, plans and speclhcatlons can be Inspected daring that time at my office, id this city. U.TIIIELSEN, CUel Engineer. Burlington. logo, Nov. 7, ISaJ. Proposals for sewerage - BRICKS. Ofticx op tub Bo act op ITultc Wossa. > Chicago. Nov. 19th. 1356. i Sea:edprcposa;» win be received by theßoard cf Public Works, at their oßcc. until 11 a. m. Tbnnday, November 39ih. f>r one hundred and slxty-onc thous and Sewerage Bricks. The bricks will be delivered piled up along toe line* of the Sewers to be constructed In tuts cllv, su-«cct to the count and inspection of the Board of Pab.ic Works, and most be whole, bard burned, free from lime, peb bles and bats, fqnare edged, and of the standard dimen sions (Bxu?‘i Inches.) The fun number of bricks will be repaired to boue llrercd on or before January l-t, ISC7. Prcposalstnosttv-aodTes.-ca to tar Board cf.Pnbltc Worts, endorsed “Proposal for Sewerage Bricks,” and be accompanied with the usual ISO bjnd, with sure* ties, to be approved by th« Beard. The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not in accordance with the com-'uotis :f this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal win be accepted unless the party otfcrtnc It snail give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, experience, energy and ability fcr doing thework. Is trustworthy, and lias sufficient pecuniary resources. J. G.GINDELE, * FRED. LRTZT^ , O. .1. BOSE. POUdOt Beard of Public Works. (Kobmtmcnt Sates. Auction sale op govern- MENT rm. PEKTY. Assistant QrACTEBSUSTxn’a Omrs, > Ini*., November 11. IW. C On MONDAY. NOVEMBER SMS.-*, commencing at 10 o deck a. m% will bo told at public auction, at Gov ernment Warehouse?. jfflcr9oavnic,lnd., the following named artlcl-s of Quartermaster's Stores, viz: ICO Army Wagons, 34S Stretcher chains, 12 Ambulances, 331 Neck straps and 1 Mall Coach chains. 14 Carls. 306 Choke straps, 736 Collars, assorted, 105 Sets lead harness, ire Saddles. 101 Sets wh-el harness, 183 Pairs Check line?, 23 Sets carl harnes?, 136 Head halters, 43 Wagon covers, 323 Blind bridle?, 4-> Saddle blankets, 136 Riding bridles, 31 Stocks and dice, XT Log chains, 1 Anvil, 119 Bearing chain?, 8 Portable forges, S 3 Pairs breast chains, * Chest s car pent er s 43 Picks, tools, IQS Shovels, 51 Axes and bandies, 83 Spade?.. • 673 Pounds wp't spikes. 13 »ra«s cocks. 431 Pounds Pms-lan blue, 1,3v3 Feet rubber hose and 910 Pounds bone shoe couplings. nvla, 175 Feet hose, 46 I*ounds black wax. 2 Printing presses, 19 Gross harness buckles, 450 Pounds metal type, 7.U5 Pounds horse shoes, 11,330 Pound ir. n pipe. 6 Cooking ranges, 559 Pounds galvanized 72 Iron tanks, w't iron pipe. restores, 167 Wagon boxing, 3 Cauldrons and stoves, 150 Sash wtlchts, 8 Desks 749 Halter chains, ioo Feet cable chain. Together with many other articles not enumerated above. Tzbks—Cash, In V. S. currency. By order oi Colonel R.C.RmrettFoaD. Depot Q.M. J. £L BELCHER, Brevet Major and a. Q. M.. U. a. A. jLegal. EbTATE OF ELIZA AMU OSTUO3I, deceased. Public notice Is hereby given to all perrons having eJaima and demands againit the estate of ELIZA ANN OS! ROM. deceased, to presem the same for a'ljudlcu- Don and settlement at a regular term of the County Court of cook County, to be boldea at the Court House in the City of Chicago, on the third Monday of January, a. D. 1367, being the Slat day thereof L. A. OSTROM. Executor. Chicago. November 7,1666. TXTHEREAS, Samuel J. Walker, ot the VV city cf Coringten. State cl Ketucky, by hli mortgage deed, dated the first day of May, a. D, ISC, and recorded in the Recorder's OiSce of the County a Cook, and State cl Illinois, tn Book el of Mortgages, a* pacewi, conveytd to the undersigned. Fhebe S. Weiat ot I’eorta, and ctat* of Illinois, the fallowing describee real estate, to-wlt t Part cflhe northeast quarter of lec tion six (6.) ts towns hip thirty-eight (38,) north of renrt fourteen (l« east cf the third principal meridian, de scribed as touowa: commencing at the northeast cor ner of the northeast quarter cl said section six thence south alone the east line cf said quarter secaot ?no hundred and sixty (190) rods to the south line o laid quarter section; thence west alone said south Uni fllty ftO) rods: thence north on a line parallel with the east line ot said quarter lection one bundled and alztt (160) rods, to the uerth Hue cf sold Quarter section; thence east along said oorth line to the place of beets nine—costaiilsg (SO acres. Said mortgage deed hay. lag oea given acd mads lor the uurposect stcnrlh/ the payment cf three ceruiatrom! I very notes, of same date as aald mervafe deef, for the sum cl twenty eight hundred and ihrty-ihree and SSH-100 dollar: each bearing inter eat at the rate ol «x per cent per annum from date, and phynole In cce, two act three years, respectively, iron date. Whereas, default having been made in the payment o *sld note due in one year from date, to wit: on the u« day of May, lSf«; therefore, notice u hereby give tbstl,undiranl by virtue of the p.wer Tested la me ay said mortgage deed, bare elected to deciar-. all c: said promiMory totes now due an?- payable, Vgeltc with the interest thereon, and Uat L by mya-U. acer or attorney, w ill sell the aboTe described premises, a: Subtle auction, at the Court House door, it. the ctsy c: iblcazo. County cf Cock, for the pureoee ol paying at of said proirusory notes and interest, os Monday, th; third day ofDecember. A. D„ 1969. at ten o’clock a. m. ol said day. PHEBK a. WEISS, Mongagee. ySlfiCp-str-ex hotels. AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON. This favorite first-class Hotel, the largest in New England, offers unsurpassed accommodations to the travelling public. LEWIS RICK. Pnmrlator. palmist. TXJST RETURNED FROM EUROPE. y TDK CiLEDRATED GIPST WOMAN. ■I yen wish to know all the secretaof your past and future lift, the of which may save youyears of sorro*-and care, don’t (Ml to consult the above named Palmist. X3T Residence 370 South Clark-sL, between Barrl sen at d Puik-sts- Xaltec to dun TJauecs. -\TOTICK —To the Tax Payers of the City of Ctlcaso: For the purpose oT irlrtas the workin; cl nsea and the act banlo a? opportaatty to partn fr CUT Taxes, and .‘axe their time, T stall ccep my'OCJce oaca darlnz the dinner boar*. ily office n tors wm £>e.oa »ni after iIONDAY, November WD, 1565, trqm lOo’olock e. m. to 3*o'cloc£ p. m. ' utj Coiiecwr. JHeUieal. JJANHOOD. In the young and rising gmerattoa tbs Vegetati/e Powers, of Life arc strong, hnt la a ftw years heir often tbs Pallid Hue, the Lack lustre Eye, and Emaciated Form, and the impossibility of application to ™«ri»it effort Show its Baneful Influence. •It soon becomes evident to the observer that some' depressing Influence Is cbeckicg the development of the tody. CONSUMPTION Is talked 01, and perhaps theyooth Is removed Area EChool and sene into the country. This la onset tta worst movements. Eemoved from ordinary diversions of the ever-changing scenes of the city, the powers of the body too ranch enfeebled to give zest to healthinl and rural exercise, Thoughts are Turned Inwards UPON* THEMSELVES. IF THE PATENTEE A FEMALE, the approach of the messes Is looked tor with auxlety, as the first symptom in which KTATUH.E 13 TO Show Her Saving Power In diffusing the clrcnlatlos, and visiting the check WITH THE 8L0033 OF HEALTH. Alas J Increase of appetite has grown by what Itftd on, and the energies of the System are Prostrated, and the whole economy U deranged. The beautiful ac 4 wonderful period in which body and mind undergo so fascinating a change from child to woman. U looked for in vain; the parent’s heart bleeds ta anxiety, fancies the grave but waiting for its victim. Helmbold’s EXTRACT RUCHE. For Weakness Arising from Ex cesses or Early Indiscretion. Attended with the following symptom*: Indlapoaltlon to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of memory. DilllCTllty nfßrenlhlng, General Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of Death Nl-ht Sweats, Cold Feet, Wakefulness, Dimness or Tldon* Lnnsnori Unlrcrsal Lassitude of tlie Hnscnlor Sj stem. Often Enormous Appetite with Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Pallid Countenance and Eruptions on the Face, Fain In the Back, Heaviness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black Spots Flying before the Eyes, with Temporary Suffusion and Loss ot Sight, Want of Attention, Great Mobility, Scst> lessees?, with Horror of Society. Nothing Is mere dfr- slrable to such Patients th«n Solitude, and nothing they more dread for Fear of Themselves, no Repose of Manner, no Earnestness, no Speculation, but a hurried Transition from one question to another. These symptoms, 11 allowed to go on—which im» Medicine invariably removes— SOOIST FOLLOW Less of Power, Fatuity, and Epileptic Fits, la one of which the patient may expire. Durine the superintendence ol Sr. WUion, at the Bloomlugdale Asylum, this sad result occurred to tww patients; reason had for a time felt them, and hath died of epilepsy. They were of both sexes, and about twenty year* of age. Who can say that these excesses are not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED By those direful diseases Insanity and Consumption:? The records of the INSANE ASYLUMS, end the mef- ancholy deaths by CONSUMPTION, bear ample wit ness to the truth ol these assertions. InLnnallc Asy- Ittms, the most melancholy erhniiHnp appears. Th* countenance Is actually sodden and quite destltcte— neither Mirth or Grief ever visit It. - Should a sound, cf the voice occur, it la rarely articulate. “ With woeful measures wan Despair Low solicit sounds hia grief beguiled." Whilst we regret the erDtcnce of the above JBiseases and Symptoms^ We are prepared to offer an Invaluable Gift of Chemistry For the removal of the consequences— HEUMBOUD’S HIGHLY CONCENTRATED Fx.xjir» EXTRACT OF BUCHU. There is Ho Tonic Like It. It Is an Anclior of Hope to the Sor» geon and and this Is the Testimony of all who hare Used or Prescribed It, Sold by all the Druggists. 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