Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 23, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 23, 1866 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. News bj - the Atlantic Cable to the 31st. Continued Depression in Trade at Manchester. The London Times Asks Fur ther Security for United States Bonds. Discovery of the Assassination Conspirator Surratt, in Italy. He is Arrested, and Afterwards Escapes. Recovery of the Empress Carlotta’s Health Assured. Account of Mr. Gladstone’s Re cent Interview with the Pope. FROM WASHINGTON Items of Appropriation Author ized at the Late Session of Congress. General Omni in Favor of Hie Con stitutional Amendment. FfiOM mm. BUR GOVERNMENT ASKS A HEW TRIAL FUR THE COSJ DESfiHEO FEIiiANS. The Fenian Trials to be Resumed on the 3d December. -mo. Correspondence Between Sec retary Seward and the French Foreign Minister. facts in Relation to “ llnkc" Cwia's Colonization Scheme. A Pinal Appeal to the Fe nian Brotherhood. FBO3I EUROPE. JJj' CnContinued Depression In Trade at yianeboicr-bonl JMauU-y’H Decision la Iti-cnnl to American Claims—Great {to form Meeting at Atanclicotcr—The London Times asks that (be Fay merit of rotted Mates Doufis in Gold may be Guaranteed— Political Prospects(u Ilaugnry—TheCrctes Deny the Report of their Submission to the Turks—Discovery of t*arratt, the Ah* snssianui n Conspirator In Italy, A morning paper has the following, purporting to be special despatches by (be cable: Mancuesteh, November 20,—Continued and very severe depression is still the ruling feature of this market, and orders previously telegraphed to the United States for the purchase of cotton Lave been withdrawn entirely London, Wednesday, November 21.—Lord Stan ley in reply to a letter In regard to the snips seized by tbtr United States Government, points out that no arrangement can be made to consider fetich claims. A grand reform banquet took place at Manches ter lost night at which Mr. Bright made a powerful speech. The London Timet in an editorial this morning fia vb that although the Federal Secretary of the Treasury bebeves that the bonds of the United iri&tea will be paid In gold, U would be toeltcril Congress would secure such payment by law. Pestu, November 21.—The Hungarian Diet met to-day. The Imp. rial rescript was received and read. It declares that if the Diet will remove tbc difficulties in the way of unity a Hungarian Minis ter wi j be appointed, and the antonomy of Hun gary will be re-established. Ix>ndcn. November 21.—Advices from Crete state that the Cretan Assembly- deny the report that they have submitted to the Turks. Antwerp, November 2U— Tnc schooner Island Tlo:r.e, Richmond, 2d, for the Ulo Grande, was caj-s’zeu on October 3d. Her crow were taken off and In ought to this port. OttessTows, November 2!—evening.—The City of Manchester, from New York, November 7th. touched at this poit this afternoon, un<l proceeded on her way to Liverpool. SomiAatrroK- November Si—evening.—The steamship Dentchlind, which left New York No vember ll'th, has amvea at this port. Pauzs, November 21 —evening.—It is said that the french Government has received news that the rdgn of Maximilian Is virtually at an end, and It is further reported that the Government has or dered the shipment of stores to Mexico to be stopped- London, Wednesday. November 21.—The Ad miralty Court in the case of the Rappahannock has ordered the representatives of the United States Government to give security in the suit wfc.'to they ate plaintiffs. Berlin, November Sl.—There la ft report that the King ol Prussia has written a letter to Pope Pius. offering him the protection of Prussia. J. IL Surratt, the alleged accomplice in tbo mnr -Jer of President Lincoln, was discovered serving in the Papal Zonaves, under the name of John Watson. Be was arrested upon a demand of General King, but afterwards ran the guard, leaped over a precipice, and escaped into Italian territory. Tbe Italian authorities are on the alert und endeavoring to recapture him. liUest English markets. Lirtcroou. November 29. At Uils day's market there was a suit 3rmer fctilng iv* Sd i>er quarter, shotting a farmer Improvement ot In Icduu corn, and transactions were male at Uir od£ w on me previous Fridas. Livebpool, November 21. The cowon market to-day is unchanged; middling r.i-lundb are r.notcJ af lid. The tales to-ony win prob only ri-arh m.wo naif*. Tt-e hn-adrtiuis market is firm at an advance; wheat 1* q.i'.tt-rt ai IT* 9d. 1 t.e market ui provisions Is easier -, pork has a •do w award tendency. LOSDON NONET VAECET. Loxpox, Novcml>cr 51. Congo's for money are qaoiei to-day at 93K-. United Illinois Central shares, .9k; Erie Hallway shares, MX i.i vebpool, November 2t—evening. The breadstuff# market nrmer. Provisions bavea declining tendency. Lard inactive. By niall—French Transports Preparing to Sail lor Mexico—Mnxiuillirm Espresso* a. * Determination to Maud by bid Throne— lircoTery of the Empress C’arlottn A scared —Object oi General Fleory’s Visit to Prance—Dr- Gladstone’s Interview with the L’ooc. New Yobe, November 22.—8 y ihe French mall, bronchi by llieVillede Paris, we learn that the, Duruna, Garonne, Gioiodc, Nievre and Calvados, five lu) co steam transports which liave been filled out al Cherbourg lo bringhome the French, troops f:om Mexico November U, made a snccesetol trial trip. and are forminc their crews and taking cn board the coal and stores previous lo their dc partuic. iFrom the Memorial Diplomatique, Paris, No- vcmbtt U.i The French Government ims received from General Castlenana telegram corroborating the intelligence of the Emperor Maximilian's firm in* tention to remain at the head of ailaln In Mexico, even on the re Jura of all the French troops. On the IGlh of October last, when his august consort teas tn a critical state, the Emperor Maximilian sent a (elegtaphlcdespatch that although suffering In his dearest affection®, be conld noluosslbir for a moment abandon the post of honor in which he Psd been placed by the desires and conduct of the Mexican people. He consequently addressed the most pres V'C- recommcndiUons ir-at the attend* ants on L> Empress CarloUa should observe strictly the 'cstructions of her Majesty’s phy alcians. The ifoniffin <v Soir confirms the news re specting the core henceforth assured of the Em press Carioua. , . From the same paper, according to Information which wc have received, the mission of Genual Fk-r.iT is made subordinate on the previous set* t’rmcnt of the question relative to the repartition of the Homan debt. Ills destination will be Flor race and not Koine. The Emperor’s Government, a* the Minister o) Slate has frequently declared In the Chambers, and the Marquis de Nollelto re* c>'nt]j repeated in his circulars addressed to his diplomatic agents abroad. Is firmly resolved to protect cfiicanously the Pope not only mills qaal :tv of the head of the Church, but also as a tempora’ sovereign. The Court of the Tnllorics i- therefore desirous that no misunderstanding shall exi-t in the practical interpretation of the Convention of the )sth of September. The French troops are to be examined by France and Italy. Suet Is the real object of the mission to be con tided to General Cleary. [From the Carrier* Italtano, of Florence, Nov. 9.J Mr. Glauston? found the Pope calm as us am. They did cot t-pcali of politics till near the close of Hie conversation, nis Holiness complained of He Austrian Government, while ■ admitting that the events in German; had pre vented it from assisting the Holy See. Mr. Gladstone congratulated him noon the arrival of uieAntlbo Legion at Homo. The Pope said to this: “Terre-irlal legions have the detect of often missing the object they aim' at, Besides, whai matters it to me what may happen, lieneve me. that when the French have rone. I shall be none the less protected, seeing that the legions which defend the Cburcu arc never want ing.” end His Holiness raised his eyes to Heaven. Nr. Gladstone turned tie co.-v*rsation to lulv, and ashed wbat truth there might be In the pre liminaries lor negotiations with the Government cf Florence, mentioned in the papers. Tbc Pope answered: “I do not read the journals, and on this subject I know nothing whatever. All 1 know Is, that when I die I »EiU not leave to my successor the sacred and inviolate heritage of 61. peter.'’ The conversation respecting Italy having ceased, Ireland was spoken oL and me rope warmly re commended to Mr. Gladstone hi? well-beloved flock. Then, smiling, ho added; “if i um obliged, as some say, to leave Rome, although Ire land be distant from the centre of Christianity, l wonld not perhaps disdain to take up my abode there. Malta, a place almost altogether comm-r --ciaJ, now that the revolutionists have begun to ex ercise my poor clergy of Simony, would not have mv In conclusion, he said he would .go* wherever Provldtgce determined—ihat grea^ ProvJd* nee which never failed to Judge men who were rot elm)*:. Id uttering these words (he Pope showed much emotion. FEOM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 WAsmsOToat, November 23. OENE&AL GRANT. Much has been said in regard to General Grant'* Interview with tbs Prcaincct concerning the question of amnesty and suffrage, bat this much may be depended upon, thatthc General is a warm supporter of the Constitutional Amend* menu COLORED TROOPS, The One Bnadred and Seventh United States Colored Iroope, which was recruited In Ken* tacky, and which Las been stationed in this neighborhood eincc the close of the war, waa muttered onl to-day. The regiment Is six bon* dred strong; and will leave to-morrow for Louis ville to be paid off. KEREN AD E- A number of tbc principal officers of the Treas ury to-nignt tendered a serenade by the Marine Band to Assistant Secretary Chandler. FROM UTAH. Advices firm Salt Lake City-give a gloomy pie* tore of afiairs in Utah. The rights of Gentiles arc not respected by the Mormons, and life and property are insecure. Wc only hope Congress will respond to the calls which will be made upon ilfor protection. BOUNTIES 70 COLORED TROOPS. In regatd to bounties to colored troops, it has been decided that proof of freedom on the nine teenth of April, JSCJ, should be no longer re quired; but that the soldiers shall be accorded the benefit of the presumption of freedom, if the contrary does not appear on the muster rolls, and the bounty allowed, if otherwise entitled. Also, that where discharged colored soldiers hare, or may hereafter apply, for any arrearages of pay, not paid on final discharge, or for any bounty pro video forby the act of July 22d, IS6I, tbe same will be allowed. He will also allow, in tbe settle ment of such claims, the additional bounty pro vided for by tbe act of July 28,1600, If such bounty shall be found due. MIUTABT APPOINTMENT. Brigadier General G. W. Schofield has been ap pointed Major in the Forty-first Infantry. He lias passed the necessary examination, and been cr dm cd to Join his regiment at Ne ar Orleans. INCREASE OF BMUGOUSO. Official reports show a great increase of smug gling on tbe Northern frontier, which is owing, iu a great pan, to the appointment of inexperienced officers. DERANGEMENT OF TOE MAILS. The Cincinnati mail to-night was again twenty four hours behind. The St. Ixmis mail failed en tirely, and no business letters from cither point have arrived ol & later date than last Monday. Tbe derangement ot (be mails is constantly growing worse, which ie accounted for by the fact Hint be tween 200 and SOU postmasters and agents are ap pointed each week. APPOINTMENTS. The following appointments of Western post* mabtcis have been made by the Postmaster Gen eral ticcc tbc l£lh Inst.: Minnesota— C. U. Brown, rice W. IL Bfrdscll, removed; Win.Russell,fcicrling, tiee Joslahßus sell, resigned; B. Walker, Belle Plaice, rice W. H. Stone, Removed; Martin Quinn, Ilanilllon feta tion, rice S. il. Williams, resigned; C. O. Cornier, Cedar Lake, rice M. Pheiln, removed; Charles Hartman, Sbakopee, rice G. S. Bom: George Little, Stockton, nee Floyd; Thomas L. Wright, Concord, tie-* E. S. Wight, resigned. Kansas— J. Kirkpatrick, Monrovia, rtuV S. J. 11. feuyder, resigned; L*. H. Rising, Grenada, vice J. Sherris, resigned. XtBCAfIKA Tcrauxonr—W. Bigler, jp., Pon eh a. rice W. C. Hoyden, resigned; Cor ine, Pawnee City, tier D. Butler, removed; J. SL Patterson, Rock BimV, vice D. C. Clemens, ru signed. Wisconsin— JJ. B. Fenney, Randolph Centre, rice J. M. Bay, removed; John Baer, Grass Flams, rlw R. Pichaidt, removed; James Bar uum, l-atayette, etc* J. 11. Brown, resigned. Michigan—B. Lalhrop, Portage, rice A. E. Luthrop, resigned. Onto—David E. Siewarl, Genera, vice A. B. Ruder, resigned; G. B, Thrailkell, Ontario, rice O. A. liackdon, resigned ; 11. 11. Mylandor, Oak Harbor, rice ILL. Bull, absconded; S. Horner. Flat Rock, rice W. J. Ueya’c; J. Snyder, West rillc. vice IL IL McLaughlin, resigned; Isaac- Odell, Agersviile, tier J. W. Tale, resigned; Ccoige Keltcscr, Malaga, tier Miss W, J. Bcacbcr; A. P. l.cland, Ncwbhrph, vice N. Fish, removed* Indiana— W. B. Evans, UohblevUlc, vice Ai A. Evans; W. Bader, Hall Way, rice W. 0. Curran, resigned. Illinois—V. McGcohan, Fnlton, tlee C. IL Rice; G. Makinson, Dayton, rice O. W. ITumhlc, resigned. Missotiu—W. M. Coventry, Holden, rice W. W. Rote, resigned; J. C. McDonald, Dundee, rLv S. S. Bailey, resigned: W. K. Wardlow, Wal nut Grove, vice B. Lemmon, resigned; S. Wis dom, College Mound, vice J. W. Jones, resigned; F. K. Sweet, Granby, rice S. H. Hargrove, re signed ; H. Snow. Carattersville, rice F. Bell, re signed ; V. P. Tucker, Perryvllle, ricr J. E. Doari, resigned; J. W. Wallace, Ridge Prairie, rice J. IL Lewis, resigned; P. McGrccne, Stanford, rice J. Fatrir, resigned; J. Carton, Smithton, rice J W. Watson. lowa— N. B. Silsbcc, Dayton Centre vice S. S. Potter; G. A. Zion, Pleasant Grove, rice J.S. Tucker, resigned; Ell Aiken, Bethel, sace Ira Bntbauk, resigned; C. F. Butler, Clifton, vice George Hayward, resigned; E. Baker, Eveland Grove, rice H. J. Nonlee, resigned; J. A. Welsh, Attica, rice W. Thomas, resigned; J. Galbrclh, White Cloud, rice J. Wilber, resigned. NEW* SEOLXATIOXS. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has jn»t issued new regulations for the establishment of bonded warehouses In accordance with the pro visions of the amended Internal Revenue law. A DEXIAI. rcox UTtre IUL LOGAK. Nov Yoke. November 22.—The Post's Wash* ivclOD special t-aje General I-ogon denies Ibe PtatemcEi that be is preparing to Impeach the I'i-tsident, coNanEpeioKAi. ArruorntATTOKs. The following iiemn of appropriation* have just been officially compiled from the acta passed at the laic session of Congress: )*em4«>n* $ l».910.00i'.00 Dchclem-y for sundry civil expense* 4.W1.511.16 Naval service for the year ending June 30, W .. 15,901.617.50 Iwt Office Oopartmcct far the year end ing June, IbCT 1.917.955.00 Military Academy lor the year ending June S 3, lsC7 * 301,157.00 FortlncaUODsand other works of defence. 1,510,000.33 Completion of Works s.GH.OI7^I Army for the rear ending June 55,1867.... SiOJUiIAJ Leglsuuivc, Executive and Judicial ex pemea for the year ending Jane JO, 1567. 23,130,421)53 Consular and Diplomatic expenses Tor the year ending Junes,', 1967 1,102,494X0 Indian Department ter the year ending June 50.1»7 .....7T, 3,773X33.45 Sundry elm expenses for the year ending June 30.16C7. 7,074,126.75 Defricneics for the year ending JnceSO. IHST 5.135X7(5.03 MisetUanecua 12,7i»5,635.Ci0 Total tISWfeUS CACIKCT HKEmtQ. WAsmsoTON, November 24.—Tbcre wa« quite a large attendance of persons at the While House uh- uj, many of whom saw the President. At half past two o’clock the different members of the Cabinet assembled by request of the President, tbe usual meeting on Tuesday having been neces sarily omitted, caused by tbe absence of the President, who was at Baltimore, participating in tbe imposing Masonic ceremonies. ArroiNTsresrs. The President to-day appointed Edward Uhl. of New York, United Slates Consul at Guatemala. tbansfehs. * i*. n*. < .1 1 ■!.. General B. S. Alexander, so long tn command of tbe defences of Washington, will soon leave for California, to superintend tbe construction of the defences to Sun Francisco. Admiral Dahl jpen is about leaving Washington to assume command of the South PaciOc Squadron. EXTRAS AVION, A New York Times special says; There are less thsn 15.CC0 troops in the Department oi Washing ton, which Includes the District of Columbia, Ma ryland, Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia. -nnaTTS on the national dans?. The Secretary of the Treasury has been making heavy drafts upon the National Banks, for the pQiposc of redeeming accruing debts ol the Gov ernment. As much as SPd.OOO,OOO were thus drawn from the banks in one day. iktrrestixo to omcg-srxußßS. Washington, - November 2i— The publication U mai't, apparently by authority, In the XcrU/tial JtfpvUicen of this morning, that the President is necessarily engaged upon important public nut ters prcparaloiT to tlio early assemblage of Con gress. and will have no time until the mset- Ug of that body to give the slightest attention to applicants for office. Ail such matters ate referred to the beads of the differ ent departments. Office-seekers and their lrUPd?v>® save themselves much time, labor and expense by *etinc upon the above hint, and will rvlicvc the President from the unpleasant neces sity of declining to entertain and examine their applications, uis a physical impossibility for htm to prepare his message and at the same time tmr.sact the detail tmetness appropriately belong ing to las Cabinet ministers. INDIAN ANNUITIES. The Indian Office to-day publishes proposals for the eupply of Indian annuity goods for the cu s uing.year. The place of delivery has been chanced fiom New York to St. Louis. TESIAKIFa AT TUT CAPITAL. FenianUm appears to be reviving in ’Washing ton. Cousideianle stuns of money have been raised and forwarded to New York. Meetings are Wing held la public and in private, and visited by many of the leaders of the Brotherhood. Taken together with the assurances of those who pretend to Jenow the nature and extent of the present movement, three Indications would seem to poitcnd early and vigorous action in some di rection. T7TK TTHP—PAST TIME. The fourth race on the National Course took place to-day. The horses contesting were Polly Ann, and Baltimore Colt, both pacers. The race was for a pure of SKK one mile* and repeat, to saddles. Polly Ann was the winner. Time: first heal, 2:37; second heat, 2:31. The heal time was made on the last quarter of the second heal, namely, in 33 seconds. FROM CIXCI3XATI. lodlrtment for X rc> Bs on Dismissed—Sentence of a malefactor—Troubles In licuinckv— Arrest el aa Alleged Murderer—The: “Free Sontb” Case—Election ot United Elates Senator from Alobauin—Atleuint to Commit Fraud—Suspension of as Indiana Bank—Fire* [Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.l CiscixsATi, November 22. The Indictment for treason against Colonel Blanton Dutcan, late of the rebel army, has been dismissed by Judge Ballard, of tbc United Slates Court, at LouievUlc, because it was found that he bad already filed a pardon from the President. This settles the question in Kentucky. The Brown County Conn has found Samuel Baling guilty of blowing open and robbing the county safe at New Richmond, and sentenced him to un years* confinement in the Penitentiary, at the expiration of which he will be tried for tbo mnrder el the old janitor. Adam Bose, who at tempted his arrest at the lime of the robbery. Tbc aril authorities in Kentucky are compelled. In many Places throughout the state, to Invoke the aid ortho military to enforce tbo laws. Sir. Young, a cf Detroit, Michigan, bis been amslea and brought here, charged with the murder of Lieutenant Williams, found dead in our streets tn October, 2SOL Jmlge Storer. or the Superior Court, delivered his charge to the jury In the ease ot William T. Bailey, editor of lie Free South, an Abolition weekly published In Newport. Ky., before the' war, and ccsiroved by a mob In tbaicily. ih« Judge charged that u was not an ordinary case vhtre a man sues another for property lost. It la a question whether a man has a right to lire in hi* own house, to pursue hU own lawful employ ment; whether he is to l>e held at the mercy and caprice cf half a dozen or a hundred men, or is to live under the protection of the law. If ibis SlclntifT bad conducted himself In a way to istorb the public peics or to produce insurrec tion, the law was open at that time, and there was a mode by which be might be bold to account. Tbc jury wonld not be bound to render vlndicrive damages, but It was in their discretion to return whatever damages they considered ibe plaintiff bad sustained. They should deduct from that the amount proved to have been paid to him. The jery rendered a verdict forthc plaintiff of ?2.55P, rainir a inn all -compensation forthe loss sustained by the cdiior. 'The Alabama Legislature to-day elected cr-Gov VOL. XX. emor John A. Winston United States Senator for tbc full term from the 4th of March next, by a ma jority of fonr vote, over Geo. J. Houston. * A msn named George Cohen yesterday obtained goods on credit, valued at £4,0:0, from the dry goods bouse of Dyer £ Son, and removed them to Is bouse m tbc northwestern -part of the city. During the nisht be was discovered in an attempt to ship them from the city, contrary to agreement, and be waa arrested, and the goods seized. Isaac heeler, a private banker in Bedford, Indi ans, suspended business last Friday. The local paper reports bis liabilities at 5^0,C00, and the as* ttts not over 535,000. Afire occurred at three o'clock tb Is morning, in tbc Methodist Boob Concern Building, corner of Eighth and Walnut streets. It was extin guished with a small loss.. MEXICO. Tbc Liberals to Attack Durango—Pardons nud Executions Ordered hr Juarez—Cor respondence Between air. Reward amt HI. liroasn de Lhays—‘’Duke*’ CSwln—Tbo Part De Flayed w Ith Maximilian—A •‘harp Note from tbc Ficncb Foreign Minister* San Francisco, November 22.—A letter from President Juarez to tbe M<xlcm Consul at this city, dated Chihuahua, October 15th. says Genral Aranda left Flnarr&i to form a junction with Auza aid attack Dunmgo, which was supposed to have been evacuated by the French, and gar risoned by Mexican Imperialists only. Little reactance was expected. Juarez pardoned two traitors; named Enriquez and Alonzo, but had refused to pardon Cornmza tnd Mcnteza. who were executed. They were held responsible for crimes committed whfle Chi* Lushun was under Imperial rule. Nlw York, November 22. —Tbc Tribune pub lishes a ba'cb ot diplomatic correspondence be tween Mr. Seward and M. Droayn de Lhuys, on tbe subject of certain favors shown to the Con federates by Maximilian: About the first of July, ISCi. Mr. Corwin was desirous of sending im portant despatches Irom Mexico to the United Males Government, Colonel Don Enrique A. Mejia, then about to visit tUs country, offered to be ibe bearer, but bis oCer was only partially ac cepted. lor Mr- Coiwin feared that the officers of Misimilian's Government would not hesitate to vl* olatctbcsanctity ofeven an embassadoriol seal in tbc bands ol any private person, in order to lesm ihcbiate -ecrctso! this Government. He, there fore, scot his despatches by private opportunity to Tom Cruz, ard fncy were put into Don En rique's hands on board the steamer. Events that happened justified Mr. Cor • in’s fears. Don En rique had been seized, and all his papers taken from him. Not finding the expected despatch Item Ike United States Minister, be was released aticc a few days, and his papers relumed to him. Among them was found a bundle of Idlers be* longing to some other traveller but accidentally mixed up w ith hi*, at tbc examining rooms of the Custom House lu ibis bundle were a number ot letters trom Duke Gwlu, showing i) at he stood high in the estimation both of tbe Imperial u»d French Govcrrnuuts; that be was about t*> obtain large trad* of land, and bis son was to have control of the larged gold mine in the world. But Mr. Gwln did not confine himself to his own prospects, but speaks of Mr. Johnson's nccvH ion to the Presidency in no nattering •luma. Colonel Mejia promptly forwarded lhc=o loiters to MinKter Romero, who sent them to Mr. Sew ard. Through, onr Embassy at Paris they were scut to the French GOVI mment, as containing fall proofs of (be complicity ol that Government with sefb-.e of the principal leaders of the rebellion. Mr. Bigelow, in representing the ease,to the French Government, said, by these letters it ap pears first, that Dr. Woi. M. Grtin, and family, though citizens of the United States, are disloyal toils Government; second, they arc engaged in obtaining fiom Maximilian, titular Emperor of Mexico, grants of mineral lands m the Stales of the Republic adjoining the United States ; and Hml Br. Gwin is to be the chief agent in working their mines; third,.that a large numberofmen fiom parties in the rebellion is expected ; fourth, tlml they assure Maximilian and the Emperor of the French that their complicated proceedings Mill tend at once to encourage Maximilian in Mexico and injure the United States ; filth, that they claim to tune the patronage of the Emperor of the French, with assurances of military aid. In reply to these intimations that France and Maximilian were violating the principles of inter national comity, M.'Brouyn do Lhoys answered w tin considerable sharpness; **Wc shall always be ready. Sir, to respond frankly to demands for explanations coming to ns from an ai led nation, when they are Inspired by a conciliatory spitn, presented in an amiable lone, and based upon authentic documents or positive fact* t Imt 1 mustadd that the Emperor is resolved to reject all Interpolations which may come to us Inla condemnaioiy tone, based on documents of a dubious character. Yon will undcietand, felr. that it is nut for me to enlighten yon concerning the speculations of such or such a lierson. who bad emigrated to Mexico, but what I now of >hc intentions of the Mexican Govern ment enables me to say to yon that it proposes to let the emigrants from the Southern 55fates enter upon its territory Individually and without arms. They will receive such help as humanity requires, but will be immediately dispersed through the provinces of the Empire, ana bound to abstain from everything which miaht awaken the just sus ceptibility of neighboring nations.” Mr. Seward aiterwards opposed the action of Mr. Bigelow in the matter. APPEAL TO THE FENIANS. A Call to Arms for tbc Final Sjtracele— Com* talttco Appointed to Receive Donations of Arms and Money. New York, November 22.—The following para graph contains the substance of the nppealiseucd by the assembled Fenians of tnls city: To the men of Irish bmb, and all lovers of Re publican institutions everywhere; Cocktutuek, Friends and BnoTRERs: Erery item reaching us from Ireland renders it ceflain beyond all question that oar countrymen are de termined on war—war lo the knife, and that this very year the final struggle of onrpeople with the foreigner will soon bo iuangorated. The oppress ed will met the oppressor fool to font to battle for the very existence of onr race and onr nationality, ine issue Is patent: either we mast succeed fa Ibis our final straggle, and take our place among the nations of tbc earth, or be defeated to be scat tered broadcast as a people, desnisod. pointed at only with the hrger or scorn, and read) to do bat tle for every country but our own. Advocates of universal liberty, bnt especially of liberty In Ireland, we have resolved to do alt iu our power (o sustain those of our kindred who go* p garrhon at home. That the struggle now so imminent may be short and effect Ive, we appeal to all onr kindred in America, men and women, to lor d ail tbo assistance that onr brothers may re quire. * That no one having a claim to Irish blood in Ids veins may have an excuse fur contrib uting from his means, n committee of gentlemen properly accredited will call upon all from whom aid is expected, that a permanent record of all shore who will do their duly to Ireland at so im portant a crisis as this maybe kept for future pur poses. as well as those who by their non-acuou wish it to be recorded, &s their opinion, that our race at last Is conquered, The committee are in • tnicted lo colled arms, war material and money for the use of the Irish Republican army, and will hand in their list* weekly, at the Central Office, 151 Chatham street. In this cllv. In the name of Liberty* Justice and Hnmanity, we appeal to all In hehtfu of a entfering bnt noble minded people, to subscribe liberally and at once. FROM CANADA. Oar Government Asks a New Trial for (he Coniicnmed Fenian Prisoners Farther Arrests of Suspicious Characters— Fenian Trials to Commence on the *ld of Decent her—Farther Coniribntions to the Quebec Keller Fund. New York, November 22.—A llfrcld Toronto spicial says; Ten suspicions characters were ar rested yesterday under the hct'jfiis corpus act. The Uni'ed Mates Government has Instructed its Consul to appeal for a new trial for tbe con demned Fenian leaders, which will be done to day. Large quantities of wine arc being smuggled acro-s the bolder and being seized. ' The condemned Fenian prisoners arc annulled with one •tibslanlial meal each day, the United Slates Consul paying the expense. The whole number of British regulars on duty in Canada, November Ist, was 12A-0. It is supposed Major Dennis will be cashiered for cowardice while In front of the enemy a: IMdgeway. Inc Fenian trials will commence on the third of December, at Stvcetsbnrg, the county town of Bedford. 1 o stop the wholesale slaughter of deer and other game in this country by American hunters, ills iccommcodcd that a heavy export dnty be lened, aru other stringent measures adopted. Troops continue arriving by river steamers. Toronto, C. W., November £2.- -The Govern ment is directing its attention to the arming and equipping of the volunteers of the Province. Each baticrytnfutnrcistobcmadc up lo four gnus, allot equal calibre, and will consist of three t'-poueders and a 2-t pound howitzer. Itl- thought that these will, in this country, where it is im piacticablo to obtain long ranges, and where most artillery Arc will likely take place within a isngc of 2,UCU yards, prove equally, if not more telling against an enemy, w hile their simple mode of management will make them still greater fa vorites in the volunteer forces. Upper Canadian carrhocs are being rapidly armed with Enfield rifies, the latest and best improvement on tbe.old Enfield, and a largo number of troops In the ITovirce will soon be In possession of breach, loaders. Seven hundred have arrived for the use • of the Seventeenth Regiment, and will bo dis tributed Antons that corps next week. Moktueal, c. E., November S3. —Prince Donoa •and Duke Urosok, two of the ucallblcst and no blest citizens of Home, are here, retching die* angmshed honors. A Cable despatch announces the contribution of $1P,1(0 from Glasgow for the Quebec Keitel Fond. FEOJI SETT TORE. Disease on Shipboard-Petition lor the Abo. litton oftbc Cotton Tax—Convention ut la* onrnnee Officers —Corruption in the New York Castom House —Collapse of n Fire In surance Company-Failure of Gold Bro ken*. New Yodk. November 22.—The packet ship Mriccry, from Havre, October 2fith. arrived lost evening, the leit with four hundred and filly-two passengers, tl-lrty-lour of whom di£d on the pas sage, mostly Germans. The disease is not stated. The vessel Is now m Qnarartine. The disease which broke out on the ship Mcr enty. already noted, is now pronounced cholera. It appears that the epidemic broke out among the passengers shortly alter the vessel left Havre, and continued its ravages up to the moment when she arrived at qnarantinc. The disease is said to be a severe type, and all the symptoms show that U Is Asiatic cholera. Qnlte a large number of pas sengers are still suffering from the disease on the ship. Their wants and necessities, however, are being promptly attended io by the officers on loam and the quarantine officials. -»A special meeting of the Chamber of Commerce took place this afternoon for 'the purpose ol re ceiving a report from the special committee ap pointed to consider the expediency ol presenting a memorial to Congress In favor of the abolition of'he tax on cotton. The report recommended that the tax be abolished on the ground of its be ing inexpedient jest at thle time, as well as op pressive and practically nnconstlmtiouual, and vas adopted. __ New »oisk. November 22.—The Convention rfp.ercnUnj about thirty insurance companies throughout the United States, was !a session again this afternoon at the Chaml>crof Commerce. A series of resolutions, embodying fall details of I the manner In which the organisation shall in fu ture be conducted, were adopted. Officer? were elected for the ensuing year, and the body ad journed. It Is stated that the Congressional Commission er.-. who are Investigating tbo atttlrs of iho New York Custom Home, bavo discovered that the cleiks were taxed four dollars a month for politi cal purposes, and if they refused to pay, wore discharged. A very ba- dsomc sum has been made by the Collector in the matter of bonded warehouses, and it la stated that he now makes £iu,iv a year out of bis office. Tbc Harmony Fire and Marine Insurance Com pany ha\ c driet mined to go into liquidation, with assets amounting to f.AW,OoO, sufficient to meet New YonK, November 22.—J. Stnckle, Becker & Co.. Is the name of the banking hrm that failed' yesterday. Their liabilities aie reported at two millions, and the cause ot their failure I • long op eration in stocks and gold. The name of the other suspended boose baa not been positively staled, though there are reports ot three or tour in serious trouble. FEOM NEW MEXICO. Indian Aflaln-SllaenU 'Riches of the Ter ritory—Governor ftllicfaeli’s mission. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lawrence, Kansas, November S 3. General Robert B. Mitchell, Governor of New Mexico, arrived In this city this evening, direct from Santa Fe. He la <n route tot Washington, to urge the policy of gathering the Indian trihps upon rci creations, with the view of teaching them the rudimental arts of civilisation, such as agri culture and the simple forms or Industry. He reports the Indian war in New Mexico entirely at an end. The hos’llc number of the Navajoee and other tribes have nearly ail surrendered. Rumors of future Indian wars, as during the past few months, may be r garded as purely sensa tional, or started In the interest of parties who desire to speculate and plnnder. - There are only a few straggling Apaches who still remain hostile, and they are too insignificant In number to effect anything. The Governor brings with him specimens of the great mineral riches of New Mexico, to the amount of £4,700. These comprise oeoatllul speemiens ot quartz and gulch silver, lead, cop* per, platinum, Ac. 11c has one bar of gold of the value of f 1.700, and another 51,100, taken from the Premise Allas Mines, SOU miles southwest of Santa Fc. These mines have recently been opened, and arc very rich, and their existence has been known for years, but owing to the hostili ties of the Apaches and Navajoes, they could not be woiked until Hie Governor sent down a.force and cli&ncd out tbc savages. They are now being eucci-tsi-fuilv mined. The quartz from these mines pays from £l7O to S7OO per cord. T i.e <>uvcinur has a hue mggel from the gulch diggings, valuedar ?30t% which he {staking as a jro.cnl to hu friend Andy at Washington. Be brings copper specimens containing 95 per cci iof pure copper. Theapcclmcui of silver are fully equal to tbc celebrated and richest silver kdes iu Nevada. The Gov ei nor will urge liberal measures for the development ofNew Mexico, as he fully believes iheTuritoryisttie richest mircral district with in tie jurisdiction of our Government. FEOM ST. LOUIS. Interest in the United Stales Senntorshlp— UnhiDetM—Large Fenian Meeting— Robber I'uptuicd Destructive Fires Protest Against tbe Sale ol the Iron Mountain ICaitrond. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, November 22. There Las been great interest manifested ihronghont the Stale as to who will receive the fecnatoieblp. Thu friends of Brake, Blow and Fletcher have worked hard for their respective men, but as the Democrat and Nnce of this city hare ont strong for Brake as Ihclr candidate, no doubt he will be tbeman. All the other papers will follow their lead. He has mojt certainly cam* c<> It, far to bis exertions the Radical parly owe their recent great successes in ibis State. Business to-day has been dull, with n downward tendency. The weather is bitterly cold, with pros pects of ice embargoes. St. Loins, November A large and enthusi astic Fenian meeting was hold last night, for the purpose ot fleeting a District Centro for Missouri. Senator O’feullivau, of New York, and several other pioailnent Fenians, spoke, urging Immedi ate organization. Dan. O'Madigan was nomina ted District Centre, subject to tne approval ol Col onel Roberts. A committee of three was appoint ed to superintend the re-organization of the Cir cles, and enrolment of military companies, and a meeting for that purpose will be held on Friday nicht. . William S. Scldon, aliae Bill Stewart, who robbed Jacrard & Co.’s jewelry store of about 412,i 00 wortli of diamonds on T uesday, was cap tured yesterday at Odin, 111., and is now in jail here, together with bU supposed confederate, named Charles Sanders. The new brick flouring mill and old frame mill adjoining, containing a large atnunnt ol Hour and com belonging to Noitcr & Knitc, was burned at East St. Louis yesterday, tags about 4dO,UCO; In- Hired lor J:10,(AK), in New York o dices. A considerable number of prominent citizens of St. Louis have sent a strong protest to Governor Fletcher against (he recent safe of the Iron Moun tain Railroad, on the ground that other parties bid more than the persons to whom the road was awarded by the commissioners. The extensive quartz mill of Davidson *k-Crodlh. near Central Ci'y, Co)., was recently homed. Loss estimated at SIOO,OOO. FROM NASHVILLE, Newspaper Consolidation—Suffrage Bill— Speech of Colonel Stokes. . (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribunc.l Nashville, November 22. The Diepatdi and Union <C American of this cAy have been consolidated, and will appear on Sat urday morning under the name of the Union and Diepatch. Too many papers and the depressed rtatc of business here Drought about the fusion. A hill passed a first reading in the House to-day, providing that hereafter an oath of allegiance to thefetatcand General Government will be suffi cient proof of loyalty, and entitle those subscrib ing to it to the privileges ot voUog. Colonel W. B. Stokes, Congressman from this State, on Invitation of members of the Legisla ture, made a stirring speech at the Capital to night, discussing at length (he great questions of the day. which he said was whether loyal men or rebels should conduct the Government, and that issue was fast being decided, as It ought to be, iu favor of the former, lie severely handled President Johnson, declaring that every rebel and bush whacker iu tbc country swore by Andy, and was body and *onl commuted to “my policy.” He favored unqualified negro suffrage, hat was cm pnatirally opposed to taking it in trade for uni versal suffrage and rebel erirancblsement. The Constitutional Amendment was what was needed, and it would become a law. FROM MADISON. F.lcctiun Rctnnm—Snow— Andrew Jackson In n Critical Contrition. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, November 22, Returns from &U the counties of the State, all official bat six small' ones, show about 21,71)0 Union majority,on Congressmen—a total vote of about 155,000. The majority in the Sixth District, which despatches from there pat at about S.OOP, will be just about 0,000. The vote on the Cou»U taUonai ConvcDilon will not exceed 55,000, and the majority against it will be about 0,000. Snow fell yesterday afternoon and last night about one inch deep. It is freezing to-night. ' Andrew Jackson, who was run over and had his leg broken by a hook and ladder truck while go* lug to a firo a day or two ago, is considered in a critical condition. There arc symptoms of lock* iaw. FROM MILWAUKEE. Coniribntions for tbe Paris Exposition— Weather News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l iInwACKEE, November 22. Tbe Clumber of Commerce, authorized by the Governor, have appointed the following commit tee to receive contributions for the Faria Exposi tion, from Wisconsin: A. M. Helmet, L. J. Higby, D. New hall, Angns Sml’h and J. M Durand. All articles sent here from the country should he matkedplainiv, “Paris Exposition. 16G7, car© A. 51. lielmcr, Milwaukee.*’ Such packages will be brought by the express and railroad companies free of charge. A heavy snow stonn set in yesterdav afternoon, which turned to rain, winding up this morning with snow, Iml the ground being soft it melted as last os it fell. To-night tnc weather Is cold and clear. FROM MEMPHIS. Political—Police on Horse Thieves—The markets, iVc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Mcairms, November 22. The Governor’s proclamation to-day direct? the election of two representatives from this county. Little interest is manifested. The Western Uotel opened io-day. The police arc breaking np a gang of horse thieves who have infested the suburbs. Trade 1? very dull; pnccs unchanged. Cot*on dull at 3l£t&>c; receipts email, and about bait of the crop is in the market. FKO3I THE PLAXSS. Detest of Sloox Indiana—A Bloody Tragedy, New Yolk, November 52.—A Tribune Leaven worth special says: *• Lieutenant Ames, with a detachment of twenty-five men. encountered & baud of one hundred Sioux Indiana, near Fort Sedgwick, kilted debt, wounded seven, and captured forty-eight beef cattle, flity-acvcn mules, tucnty.fonr horses, and all of their pouches ant\ plunder, aud burned what could not be brought away. IIC- marched one hundred and acrenty miles In thirty-six hours, with nothing to cat for men or horses. *‘A man named Elgin, having a quarrel with a family of five brothers named Titos, killed two of them and escaped. Subsequently he was caught by the other brothers and killed. FROM TEXAS, Opposition to Qualified Negro rtiDritge—He* QalrcmcmH of the Recently Enacted Stay Law. New Ouxxans. November 23.—Flake's Galves ton Bulletin, which supported Governor Hamit* ton. Prase and Belle, and which is still the organ rl the Union party in Texas, comes out to-dav In distinct opposition to universal or qualified negro euntage. The rexes slay law, appr-vod by the Governor, requires the payxncn’on all lodgments rendered bciorc January Ist, IPG7, to be made in four an* nnal Instalments ot one-fourth each. FROM CAIRO. The Cairo Rebel Orson to its Reconstructed Chicago Contemporary The Bankrupt ( anret a Threaten* to hunt a Branch Office In iblhCttr—rrnlclde. C;.tpo, 111., November 22.—Tbc Cairo Democrat V-uKhbes what purports to be a despatch from Übn-apo, stating that a movement waa on foot arrettg the leading Democrats ol that city to lo ti c the proprietors of the Democrat here to re in jvc their pruning establishment to Chicago and enter into competition with the mongrel 7'imn. In reply, the Dttnocrct says ll is compelled to decline the Invitation, but promises that If the Timet continues to pursue its present coarse, it will defeat the object It has In view hr establish ing a branch office of the Democrat m Chicago. Charles Vickerst*O; an Inmate of the afound City Poor House, committed suicide by blowing out his brains with a pistol FBOII AUGUSTA, GA. Locomotive Explosion—Murder of a United trenics Kerman Officer. Auccsta, November Si.—A locomotive explod ed on the Georgia Railroad to-day, killing the fireman, named Sarun, and wounding (he engi neer, named Berry. „ _ A , George Meyer, assistant United States Internal Revenue Assessor, was shot and killed at Black vilie, S. two men named Saunders, who snm&tU-red themselves to the Sheriff. Convention of Maryland YoangMen’s Chris* tlon Association. pALTtxor.E, November 23.—The Young Men's

Christian Association Convention continued In sctslou to-day. ‘ Resolutions were adopted de claring their disapproval of any relaxation of the oilstiij" legal Sabbath, and pledging the member? ot the Xs«ociation to exert their mo-l earnest cf. forts to prevent any in-crierenco with tho present Sunday law; urging Christian young men through out tbc land to organize associations iu villages. CHICAGO. FRIDAY, -NOVEMBER 23, 1866. tows* and clliej.where they do not now exidt. They alto peseta resolutions onricir all to exert (heir Influence against the aie of intoxicating liquors, and to discum&ge dancing, card and Willard play ing, as having as evil tendency. FROM ST. PAUL. ‘(locking Railroad Accident Woman Killed—Tke First sleighing. St. ran-Mins.* November 23.—Yesterday, on tbe Valley Railroad; John McDonald, while dia ng telegraph poles, was knocked from the rear end of a car on which be stood, and three cars passed over him, mangling him in a frightful manner, lie lived bat a short lime. On the same road, near Jordan Station, yester day, a pair of horses became frightened at an ap proaching train and ran away, throwing a woman frexn the wagon twelve feet into tbe air. She was killed. A few elegant lom-onts on Third street are making tbe most of the sleighing to-uay. About four Inches 01 snow has lolles, bnt it will not last long; Express Interests on the New York Central Railroad. Bcttalo, November 23.—The Commercial Ad- Ttrdser oi {bis city, commenting editorially on the HmkCi special from Troy about the New York Central Hoad, says: “We know that in the event of Mr. Fargo’s election, no change what ever would occur In the present arrangements with the express companies on the Central Road, exceptsnen as might be for the benefit of the stockholders of the road, and in sneb a case, cone tint would not apply to one express comptny equally with another. Mr. Fargo would not show any partiality for either. The competition be tween the express companies would not be inter fered with, and tbe facilities extended to the Ameilcar would be extended likewise to the Mer chants' Union. Tbe interest of the stockholders, and not the interest of any express company would be the first consideration with the Presi dent of the Cenual Railroad, If Mr. Fargo lilted that position.” Business on the Eric Canal. Buttalo, November 22.—The Bafialo Board of Trade to-day Passed a resolution to address let ters to the various Canal Commissioners and to the Auditor of (he State, nrgimr upon them <ho gicat necessity for on Increase of the force em ployed at each and all locks of the Erie Canal, so as to give the fullest facilities for hastening prop erty to tidewater. The resolution was passed in consequence of the large amount of produce ailoat and delayed by the break at Palmyra. Alb ast, N. V.. November 22.—A telegram from Syracuse announces that all the canal locks are again In order, and boats are passing freely. Up to the present date the receipts of canal tolls show an increase over the receipts trom the seme source last season, amounting to $519,100.07. New Telegraph Lines Opened. New Tons, November 22.—The Western Union Telegraph Company has just optned their newly coroi ieicd line overland to California rla Den ver City, Bridges' Pass, and the overland stage route as now travelled. This line is an addition to the old ria Fort Laramie and the South Pass. The new Ur.c la constructed la a superior manner, and thvte will probably be little fotnre Interrup tion In telegraphic communication with the Pa cific. The Western Union Company have also opened their new line between Salt Lake Cilyand thus bringing, the mining districts of that Territory into direct communication with the rest of the telegraphic world. mortuary. Philadelphia, November 22.—John B. Chap sot>, a prominent member of the Philadelphia Bar, dice suddenly 10-day. New Haven, Conn.. November 22.—James Brewster, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of New Haven, died this morning, aged seventy-eight voars. CSJ” IV A IT BROTHERS, Advertising Ag’ls ISC Dearborn-*!., receive advertisement!! for all the leading papers throughout (be Catted States and Canadas. iHasonlc Notices. Attention, sir knights.—a . Fpecin! Cjr.clivc of Apollo Commandery, No. 1, K. T.. will he held at their Asylum, this, FRIDAY EVENING, Nov. 33d, at 7 o'clock-*lin-p. Work on the B. C, By order of theE.U. S. E. UNDERBILL, Recorder. *\fAS'ONIC. —There will be a Regular i.T I CrnToeMlra of Wasnlagton Chapter. No. 43, B. A. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, at 7Vo’clock. WM. PaPELFORD, Secretary. "VI AJSOSIC NOTICE.—AII members of IvJ Chlcaco Council No. I, Princes of Jerusalem, are hereby ■ummoncdto meet at Parlor ol Mntteson House. comer Randolph and Dearborn-els., THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, at eight o'clock, lor organization and elec tion of officer#. C.C. POMEROY, M.E. S. G. M. Sctttawabcqmm. SCUTAMABEQUON! gTranspottatiou. TO SHIPPERS, MERCHANTS’ UNION EXPRESS CO. Have extended their lines over the following Rail reads : C_ R. I. & P. R. IL, to DesMolnes, Iowa; Wisconsin Division <jl the c. & X. W. u. B.* to Green Bay, Wirt Galena Division ol the C. & N. W. R. EL, to Freeport and Dixon. The balance of feline* arc now twins located, and will 6oob be opened lor business, of which due notice will be given. C. U. JOHNSON, Dir. SupX H. H. RAPP, A sent. Beg (Boons. JJ &E. GOODRIDGE. BEY YOHIRY GOODS ON THE WEST SIDE. Don’t pay snob enormous profits, to keep tip expensive establishments and high rents. SEW STOKE, BUT THE OLD FIKM! GOODRIDGE BROS. DRY GOODS! DRY GOODS! DRYGOODS! The Original West .Side Cheap Store Is Removed to 163 West Lako-st,, (BETWEEN* UNION AND HALSTEO - STS.) n.&E. GOODRIDGE wish to Inform their numerous friends and old customers, that they can now be toned at their new etore. IG3 West Lakt-su Chicago, with an entire new stock ot Foreign and Domestic Dry l«ood.«, and na their motto will be, as ever, “small Pro nto and Quick Sales,” combined with Orst-cIaAS goods and attentive salesmen, they would say to tho discern ing public, call and examine their goods and prices be fore croMng those dangerous bridges, as they are de termined. pot having any rex t to pay and buying their goods lor net cart in'Eastern markets, to oiler notonly D>'Tne>ilc Goods, hut every article they offer for sale as low as uis poiMblc to nn them. They will constantly offer such bargains as cannot be found elsewhere, and a* they do not believe in humbug—advertising prices of goods, net to he (bund In stork when customers call I r them: they have only to add, they will follow that old proverb, “HONESTY" IS THE BEST POLICY.” OKI E raXCE OWIsT. Goods Pfllvcredln all parts of the City. Safes. 'J' H B _ GREAT FIRE! WILDER’S SALAMANDER SAFES AGAIN TRIUMPHANT! Rend the following Certificates from parties svfieiins by the late Ore on Lake and South Wnterits. Cmcaoo, HI- November It, 1958. Mb. J. M. TEBWTLLisrB. Agent fur Wilder’s Patent salamander Sales, 9G Wa--lUagton-st. Dear sir: As sufferers by the late disastrous Are on Sooth Water and Lake-sis, it affords ns pleasure to acknowledge the crest benefit we have derived from the Wilder Patent Salamander Sale, which we pn’Cbas ed of you some time since. We tase this opportunity of saying that Its security as a receptacle f >r boots and documents, as exemplified -In the recent calamity, has Salle exceeded our best anticipations. On thcisth Inst., ie building we occupied. No. si Sooth Wttcr-SL, with seven other large Mores, wa* totally destroyed. Our safe, in which fortunately were deposited all our books, papers, and insurance policies of the firm, was subject* rU to a temfle heat lor the space of thirty-six hours: It was ultimately buried beneath the ruins of the build ing. and underwent a severe bombardment from the tumbling waits. We were surprised to find, after such a retire trial, that the sate was compa>atlrety unharm ed. on opening tre sale we discovered the papers and policies to be In a slate of perfect preservation, and only a sllcht Injury was done to the binding of the books, some of theglue being melted by the steam. Having thus derived substantial benefit from the use of Wilder’s Safe, we would cordially recommend It to men In business as a safc-znard a gainst fire. MINCHROD * DANIELS. Chicago, lIL, November 21,1568. J. M. TrawiLucrß. e-q. Dear sir: At the recent fire which occurred on South Water and Lake-stt., on the morning of the 15th InsU, ourwaresiouH\No. 21? South Watcr-sL, was, among others, totally destroyed. It affords us much pleasure to Inform yon that our low was not so great as It might bavc been had we not provided against such an emerg ency by purchasing ot von last year one cf Wilder’s Latent Salamander Safes, wtlch contained all our V»ks, papers, insurance policies, *c. Although ex **o»cd tor several hours to a severe heat, while It lay • nM nnder the rubbish, we discovered on opening it, ilm the content# were In a perfect state of preserva tion, Our books will nut even require rebinding, and all our valuable documents are quite-uninjured- The lock is In perfect order, and all the safe needs Is re painting for future use. By means ol this Invaluable sale we have been saved a verr material amount of low. and we have much pleasure In cordially recom mending Wltdcr’s Safe to all business men. McMUKPUY, BOYLES * CLARRE- X n. TERWILLICER, Ascnt for TYILDER’S PATENT S.VLARANDEB SAFKS* OG Wa«hlngion«ai, 1 Chicago, Illinois. grutamaiicquon. SCUTAMABEOIIDN! Eburational. A VR. FAULHABER BEGS LEAVE TO Jjx Itform hi.- irlrads and patrons that he has fitted up a #nltcof Rooms at No. 131 South clark-vt- near Modißon-st-* where he will resume his instruction in tbe French and German languages. He will also give lemons at the residences of hit pnolis if desired. (Elotijing. J?IRsT IN THE FIELD! Overcoats! Overcoats! Overcoats! Will 1 i, 54 Dearborn-st,, 54 Axe now receiving and. offer ing: tlielr SPLENDID STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING AND Gents’ GOODS. IT HAS SEEK Prayed and Acknowledged THAT THEIR GOODS ARE SUPERIOR IN WORKMANSHIP TO ANT Merchant Tailor Work IN THIS CITY. McCurdy & 00., 54: Dearborn-st. J>EMEMBEK, THAT TO BUT YOUR BOYS’ CLOTHING AND FURBISHING GOODS EDWAED LOCKE & CO.’S, T’4. Bandolph-at.) Yon do not have to pay for advertisements by the col umn. Onr motto still Is, “Quick sales and small proms. 1 * CLOTHING. Wholesale and Retail. 2,600 Overcoats, 3,000 Frock Coats, 2,600 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, &c. Mattrasses, Curled Hair, Boiler Towels, Ac. FEED. L. FAKE, 201 and. 203 South VFater-st. gcutamahcqmm. r SCUT AMABEQMONI Business Notices., IP EVERYBODY KNEW THE COM FORT and value that beautiful SHADE TREES impart, everybody would set them- especially If they knew they could be had eo cheap and convenient as at the JUNCTION 6BOVS NUBBSBZS3, Two miles south of Union Stock Fords, cn South Hal gted-M. ty Cat this out and carry it In your pocket. Now la the amc set trees. S. S. CROCKER. L. W.CSOCKEB. ffiair Bestoratibcs. *\TO MORE BALDNESS OR GREY J.N HAJE. -London Gray Hair Color Does Restorer" •T.ondoa Hair Color Restorer" “London Hair Hair Color sot Restorer" “Lotdon Hair Color Restorer" “London Restored Hair Color stain Restorer" “Lordon Hair Color Restorer" “London without Hair Color or soil Bestcrer" “London Hair color Restorer*’ “Lonron Dyeing. Hair Color anything. Restorer" It will make the hair soft, glossy and Cexlble. It will pft serve the original color U old age. Jt will pre vent the hair from ailing off. It will core ad diseases ot tne scalp. (July'S cents a bottle. six bottles M Sold by oil leading druggists and dealers la toilet ar ticles. SMITH* DWTER. Wholesale Agents, Engrabings. O’BRiEN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ENGRAVINGS AND PICTURE FRAMES, ETC., ETC. SEND FOR PRICE LISTS. 122 Dearborn-st., Chicago, 111. jffiactHwerg. ISDIANAPOUS, INDIANA* DEALERS IN COTTON AND' WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings. New-Factories furnished with Machinery. Shifting, Fnctues. I lans. Specifications, Superintendents and exprrlcnced workmen, ROLL CARDS Always on hand. COTTON TVABPS & CARD CLOTHING Ol all kinds. t3T Second-hand Machinery oa hard, for wl? cheap. fHusical. p HILH AIiMONIC SOCIETY. SPECIAL NOTICE, The Management of the Philharmonic Society deem It their doty to state publicly, that the sale of teason Tickets fbr the Seventh Season la but little over three hundred, while live hundred at least must be sold to assure the success ol the Course. They therefore offer two hundred Season Tickets for the four remaining Concerts, at Eight Dollars each. • Unless at least two hundred of these Tickets are taken up betore the First of December, no attempt will be made to give another Concert this season. It U supposed that this simple announcement will be sufficient to Induce tbe large number ol members who bare not taken Tickets this season, as wed as all who have at hcaittbe interests of Music in Chicago, to come forward at once and take up tbe Tickets offered aoove. Season Tickets, admitting one gentleman and two ladles to the four Concerts, (eight dollars), can he bad of Mr. J. M. Vi. JOSES, Treasurer, 42 and 44 Dear* born-tt. By order of the Board. BAML JOHNSTON, Secretary. NEW BINGING BOOK THE SONG QUEEN, By PROF. H. E. PALMER. be Ifsned about the fifteenth of December. jQ Tliis Is the most complete eloping boob ever pobilsu oJ fer Singing Schools. Choirs- Conventions, Assocla lions. Concern. School Kihlbluoas. and ah social gatu crises The following are some of the ad van laces the boob has over all others: 1. The elements aro divested of wordy explanations. 3. The exercises are progressive and arranged so that the teacher can give bis own explanation. 3. mere is a thorough treatise on the voice and adapted both fbr class and private Instruction. 4. Id connection with the exercises. It contains sours, Bices, duetts, trios, Quartettes, church music and cho ruses for all occasions, toother with a beautitul can tata called the “ Months and Seasons.” 3. The boot Unllordcd at one-third less than the price of Ci-rntnoo singing books. in stitl paper cover, fifty cents lor single copy, cr per doz. In board covers, ecvcnty-Cvc cents for single copy, or 17.50 per doz. Large numbers or the booh have already been order ed.- Tcachvrs should send In their orders early so that we can make our calculations accordingly. All eiders should be accompanied with the cash and addressed to. 11. X. MHBHH.L & CO., Publishers, 01 Washlngton-st., Chicago. 111. piANOt. FOR THE MOST CELEBRATED Pianos, GO TO J. BAUER & CO.'S GREAT MUSICAL EMPORIUM For the Dnost instruments of the most renowned mak ers. Pianos, Organs, Melodeons, Brass Instruments. Musical Boxes. Sole Apert for the RENOWNED! KNABE GOLD MEDAL PIANO. Also, for A. Q. Gale ± Co. and City Co. and other first-class Plano Houses. As to Uio merits of these Pianos, we rrt«*r to the certiorates in our possession frem Thaibers, Gottvcbalk, Sttnkos'h- Q. batter, 11. Yleoxtemps, Louis Si&ab, and E. Mazlo, Musical Director of the Italian Opera, as also from the most distinguished Professors and Amateurs In the country. All Instruments quaeaxtexp fob fits tzaus. BRASS INSTRUMENTS and other Musical Mer chandise. The Silver and Brass Instruments of our manufac ture and Importation are used by all of the beat Banns in the Galled States, and whenever exblted have received the Gold Medals and HIGHEST PREMIUMS. %3r Having connection with manufacturing houses In Berlin, Lclpslc, Dresden, England and Paris, we are prepared to fhrnlih dealers, bands and Individuals at the lowest manufacturers' prices. J. UAUBIt Sc CO., Kerosene ©il Unmet. 'J'HE NEW BURNER. MORE LIGHT! LIGHT! The Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. By the use of this Burner, Glass Chimneys arc en tirely oispensed with, and a brilliant light siren oat In a spreading Jet, similar to that of Gas. The ordinary Coal Oil (Kerosene) of the shops is u«*d. atlordlnc not only the CHEAPEST but the USST light that can be produced from this great Illumination agent. We cordially invite every one to call and witness fox himself the operations ol this Burner, being folly aware that “To See is to be Convinced.” The Bonier is so constructed that It attaches to Any Coal Oil Lamp, Tho* raving the price ol new ones where they are al ready in nte. or state and County Rights lor sale. Apply to or address ■A.. K. SLOAN, * ADA3IS HOUSE. <£lairboj?ance. jyjADAME ALWIN, The Great Clairvoyant and Magnetic Doc tress. Has located at 3-19 South two doors above where she may be consulted on all mat ters concerning health and Hite, She will give Informa tion on matters concerning love, marriage, business, and will tell the name of the lady or gentleman they will marry, also the name ot her vliltotv. All diseases treated by magnetism and electricity. lousiness dams. T L. MORGAN & 00., * COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For the purchase and sale ol Grain. Flour, Provisions, •tc. Particular attention paid to the sale of Dressed HtTgn. 13 LaSalle-sU Chicago. QILBERT UPDIKE & CO., General Commission Merchants FOR BALE AND PURCHASE OF IXOUE, GB ADI AND PROVISIONS. Especial attention given to sale of DRESSED HOGS in their season. OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE, IG3 ~Washington«sL, Chicago. YETH & TANDERVOORT MALTING COMPANY, Nos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av., ITlannfactnren of Malt and Dealers In Barley and Bye. CT We keep constantly on band stocks ol Prime Darby and Bye Malt, which we are prepared to sell at the lowest market rate*. UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and W’ashin^ton-sts*, CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both buying and selling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins and sold ellhe lathis or Eastern markets.' K3r special rates ot Commission made to those wtc tarnish their own money for large purchases ol prop erty to be held ibr sale by os. p. 1- Biidsfwsodl Ben. **'« IToderwooct <gttg Notices. X>BOPOSALS FUR CONSTRUCTION’ X- OF A PORTION OF THE ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. , _ omet or nn Boats or Prune Wokks, > Chicago, November 13,1965. f Scaled proposals wit) be received by the Board of Pub.ic Works, at their office, until 11 a. m. Monday, December 3d, for the excavation necessary to deepen the Illinois and Michigan Cues), Sections Nos. seven teen (ID to thirty-seven (37) inclusive, according to nlacs and rpcciflcatlouv on file at said office. There will be some lA* 0.000 yards of earth excavation to be removed. The material ia generally mite hard, and contains more or less hjuldere and detached rock. The work mu-t bo prosecuted, so as nor to interfere with the nseof the Canal, so-far as U shall be done daring the season cl navigation: but most also be prosecuted during the snspeaMcn of navigation, with snrhalbrce as shall satlstythe Board that the work will be completed during the time stipulated In the contract. Ills supposed that as many os ala or eight dredges will be required for ths whole work, and tfce»e dreC tcs. with scows, chains and all necessary ma chin ery, will be required to bo pul on early next year. Pai ne* i-onrractlcgfo* the work will be requested to pro vide all machinery, ana to put up and remove all dams andall worts of p'OitcGon. and at their own expense to do all purveying, or a batever may be necessary to secure ihtlr work irom wa cr. . Proposal bom ho aedres-ed to the Board ot Public Works, endorsed “Proposal for Deepening Illinois and 1 >Hchi“*n Cana’ ’* ar. J be accompanied with the u. ; ual *2OO bond, with sureties, to be approv'd by the Board. Ccnlracfc>» will bid. stating *h* price lor which the work will ba done on the ulffercnt sections, and the wotk will be bt as a whole or la part, and In such, quantities as the Board shall determine. Ihe Board re-en e the right to reject any bid nor j n accordance with the conditions of this advertlserr,.-* or to reject all hies, and m proposal will beacr e ptcd unless the p»rty ctfrnnu U shall give evlccnc* torv to the Board that he has the necessary tkjji. expe rience, energy and abliltT lor doing the wor {5 trast worthv. ana has sufficient pecuniary mso'jrces. Ike Board will require Mich security as, according itr th*lr Judgment, win secure the doing of the wort according to the contract; JT. G. QESDFLK, - FRED. LETZ, „ . O.J.UOdE. ' Board of Public Works. NUMBER 171. Jsafts. J^ARXNG, IWMSPE ATTEMPT TO HOB ONE OF fIERRLXO’S Franklinite Bankers' Safes! Exchange Office of E. H. Youdi?, * Pi.T»orni.ltn., Nor. so, is«J. Messrs. HERRING & CO., 40 State-!t M Chicago, mg Gents—On the tight ot the 6th Inst., my office was entered bybmglars, and aa attempt was made to bob theNo.B HcrrlßE*B Champion Fire-Proof Sate, wltban Inside Banker's (Franklinite Iron) Chest, which I had In mr office at the time. The burglars succeeded in blowing off the outside flre-preof door, with powder. Tbcv neat attempted to loro* an entrance to the Inside Banker's Chest, but failed to accomplish their purpose. They broke off the knob of the k ale's Combination Dial Lock, and tried to drive It taroazti, bat could not do It. Tbey also broke off the handle that throws the bolts, and attempted driving It through, bat bUed again; they removed part of the mouldings and orna mints! lacings on the door, ami tried cntscLurc. but without succet ?, and they tmallv had to leave the field, utterly dlscomflttcd, the Safe having successfully re sisted every effort made to l tree it open. Of course I could not open or operate the lock, with out dial or handle, and scot It to you last week to be opened and repaired. 1 am in receipt, thl* morning, from you. o( satisfac tory evidence of the esrrrr of the cost cats ol my franc, consisting 01 Money, Government Bonds, Valua ble Papers, &c --1 have more confidence than ever in the sßcrtttrr of your Bankers' Safes and ii you have another of same size and kind ready tor rhloraent, vou will oblige me by sending it forward at once, with bill fbr difference or expense of repairs. Respectfully your*. E. H. YOUNG. HEREIN G’S Patent Champion Fire-Proof Safes, AND HEEEING’S Patent Pranklinite Bankers’ Safes, Arc manufactured In Chicago only by HERRING & CO.* •10 STATE-ST., CHICAGO * Factory, corner Foartcenth-st. and Indlana-av. HERRING, PARREL & GHERMAN. PARREL, HERRING & CO., PHILADELPHIA. HERRING, PARREL A SHERMAN. NEW CHILEANS. 3300 ts anh Shoes. JJOOTS! BOOTS! DOWN! DOWN! LOOK AT PRICES I (Best Chicago Custom-made). Per Dozen. 100 Cases 13. In BafTTop Kip 843.00 100 “ IS la Gents’ Kip 30.00 100 Boys* Kfp 32.00 100 “ Youth’s 21,00 539" Send for Circular and get price list in lull. All orders promptly filled. E. CHAPIN, Factory and Salesrooms) 111 Klnzlo-st* JJOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE, GREAT BARGAINS! We arc now offering oar Immense stock of BOOTS AND SHOES Very low, and many styles at greatly reduced prices, Wc manoiacture the BEST CUSTOM-MADE BOOTS In the West. Cash and short time buyers win find It greatly to their advantage to give us a call. C. n. HENDERSON & CO., 4,6, and 8 Lalrc-st., Opposite the Adams House. Scutamabcquon. SCUT AMABEQU ON! ffiSaijolESale <Elort) Rouses KIMBALL, STEVENS & COMP’Y. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE 64 & 66 •WlCirTG.!**'. ,«f. 39arbtoarc, Stohcs, See. £INC ROLLING HILL. F.W. ffiiTTHIESSBN &HEGELER AT LaSALLE, IN ILLINOIS, ARE BOLLING EVERY WEEK FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS OF SHEET ZINC Superior to all Imported. ©cmple nf iHusic. piASOS. PIANOS*, (orbsuic at Seed’s Temple of 31u* me. SS Pianos* Orerans and. .Ilclodcons tarnished npoa payment ol a small amount down* and balance in month iy pgjTceots. jftnanctgl. 550,000 T 0 LoA *' IN SC3IS FROM 53.000 TO 510.000,. On Unencumbered City Real Estate. HITCHCOCK * WJPKE. tS Portland Hlcck. Consignments. TSCCKAVHEAT FLOUR, PATENT HULLED. For sale by LaBAB A EOBTBEE. 8 South Walw-eC APPLES AKD CIDER—In stem and STTIVICr,* PVRS OHIO APDXsS CZDSS, On Consignment. Alto* 200 BStXsB. OHIO A'PPXiES. NATHAN SMITH, No. 10 Dearborn-*!. 33irt)s. JUST DECEIVED. BIRDS BIRDS I Just received, s loige assortment of EUROPEAN SINGING BIRDS, alee GERMAN CANARIES, Eng lish Goidffnchea, ‘Thrushes. BUcknlrds. Ac. AUo,a Cue lot ol Talking Parrots and Mocking Birds. -Ml sorts ot Sea Shells, Corals and shell Work. AQUaRIUMt? and GOLD FISH on band and for sale at FRED. KAEMHFBK’S BIRD STORE. 113 Madlwa-aL. Chicago. Utal Estate. i AA AAA acres of pine x*and IN MICHIGAN FOB BALE*— These IslOs were coretooy selected &nd comprise some of the largest apd bevt tracts east oithe Rocky Mountatns. Apdlt to tf tj tp4nr» Tw«reftthxneb. £. B. WARD. Detroit, Mick- ertml. QOAL! COAL! Holbrook & Parker, DEALERS nr Illll'tMl, ALL SIZES. LEHIGH COAL, LUMP AND PREPARED. BIOSSBUEGH GOAL, MORRIS RUN, ILLINOIS COAL, BEST IN MARKET. ERIE AND BRIAR HILL COAL. Office and Yard, Corner of Kingsbury and Indiana*sts, Branch EaitMadlsonstreet. X3T Orders received through the mall will receive prompt attention. Post Office Drawer 5517. AND COKE—IVc are now re \J celvlng first quality ot PITTSBURGH COKE!, Which we cas furntsb at retail or by the carload. Atv> all kinds of first quality BITUMINOUS EASTEEN COAL, Wholesale or retail. General Offlc», RootnrJ Walker's Buildtnr. Dearborn-st; Yard. North Mcr. east of Mc- Cormick’s; Yard, Cana'-it, corner of Judd. WAI.KER A CCTTIXCS. (Clortjcs fHanglcr. HE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It rrill do it la one-quarter ilic time ro flnireil with heated Irons. 1c giro* n e os*, ned brilliancy of lustre to linoQN. Impossi ble to be obtained from heated Irons. HO EXPENSE FOR FUEL. No note!, Loocclrv, Eostanmnt, Boar-lias Hospital or Private Family can afford to be without one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CLOTHS. IT SAVES MONET. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT SAVES HEALTH. For patnphletf, containing foil description oT ma chine, addrixs - AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 1-19,131 and 133 Fultor-st., Chicago, HL, OrJ.H.RICE.IOI Lake-sr. NEW YORK. 13artnersl)ip. EkISSOLIITION OF PARTNERSHIP. " Notice la hereby given that the partnership lately ting under the style and (Inn ol (EKTEL, I.UIB & MORRISON has this day been mutual consent. * ' t» n (t-UTTf The commission and shipping business, however, will hereafter be corrlcAon under the style and firm ol (EKTEL, T.AUm & CO., anl the same attention to sales and purchases of pro duce in the market shall be paid as hcirtororo. F.D.IERTEL, F. M. LAMB. Chicago. Nov. 2S. IS&S. Di&soldtion op go-pautcer- SUlP.—Notice is hereby given that .the co-part ocnUp existing between ( Frederick <J« Abbey and Hem 7 A- I*oater, Tuder the Arm same and style of F. J. ABBEY 4 CO., bubtfn thUday ois«olTcd. and (bat the busiseaawUJ hereafter be carried on by Ur. Abbey. Dated, Chicago. Not. 23,1566. WE HAVE THIS DAT SOLD OUR entire Interests, la the stock and good will ot Uie late Ann of POLL ARD, DO ANE & CO., and cheer* fally recommend oar successors to the patronaey of a liberal public. JOHN K. POLLARD. JEUOiIE B. POLLARD. Chicago, November 15,15C6. NOTICE! We hare this day formed a copartnership, under the IIOAXE, PECK & CO., To conduct the WHOLESALE GROCERY BUSINESS, at Nos, 33 acd 33 Mlcblgan-av., where the customers ot I’ollard, Doane * Co., will (lad a complete stock or coodd and willing salesmen to wait upon them. GEORGE G, DOAKE, THOMAS H. DOANE, C. I- FECK. C. C. CONNOLLY. C- C, HOLMES. Q H. KERTOOT & CO. d. F. PIERSON is admitted to partnership In our Arm from September Wth, igM. With increased abilities for doing e General Real Estate Brokerage and Agency Business, we solicit thrthei commissions. B. H. R£& FOOT &CO„BcaI SaUts Brokers, 71 Chicago. B.R.KBRFOOT. era act J. F. PIERSON. dFor Sale. I^OMINY FOK SALE BE LA BAR & BORTREE, 270 South Water-st. HOGSHEADS FOR SALE—One him dred first-class HOGSHEADS* Wood and iron boors, all In good order, tit for packers* use. Applval SPAFFOtD A TURKMAN'S Parking Bonae, 342 North Water-st. - JfOR SALE. Valuable Copper Mining Lands ON X.AJIE HUPEItIOB. The undersigned it anthorized to sell these lands, which are among the best oa Lake bnperlor. Explora tion allowed. Maps and Information at rrj oßi-c, 9S LsSalle-et. GEO, if. KOZgT. (Klines, ilii}uots, See. J^IRECT— FRESH GIPOUTATION Hungarian Wines U OF mmi, ROTTNER & CO, IMPORTERS. All Wines guaranteed. Wholesale orders left In the drugstore, 1-17 Snath Clark -il, where samples can he seen. Sample Rooms for retail and by the dozen, 129 SOUTH CLARK-ST. QEO. GKOETZdGER’S California Wines. GonulncPorr*Sliei'ry,Claret) Anecllca White Wine. Bed "Wine* Cognac Brandy, All of a very superior quality. For sale at wholesale by the Agents, W. BRUDER & CO., 56 and 58 Lasalle-st,. Chxca?o. Stlbcr plating. FOB Instantaneously Silver Plating ARTICLES OF Brass, Copper, German Silver, &c** Bcstorthjt the plating where worn off. and lor Cleaning and polishing surer and Silver Fisted Ware. This EWt useful invention of the ace Is s preparation Ol pure sllrer, and contains no mersurr. sad or other substance Itlnricus to metals or the hands. It is s coTrplcteelectro-plaUhghstterTin a bottle. Price 90 cents per bottle. For sale by Dm strata and Variety Stores. HOWE & STEVENS, MANUFACTURERS. BOSTON MASS. r£Q WOOLLEN HAKTJFAGTUItEKS. VBBUIB MCIIREII. E. C. CLEVELAND & CO, JUNCTION SHOP, WORCESTER, MacuCictarcrs of WooUen Machlcerv, as follows: Card in: Machines and anlaulnz Jack*, from new and Im plored patterns; Wool Ptctera. Wool and Dust ers. Tam Spoolers, and Tara Dressing, aid Warping Machines: Broad and Narrow Glss.both. single ana double adlre; Broad and Narrow Brushing Machines. Velveting, WttLeylng ami Petersham Flnjahla: Ma chines, Hydro Extractors acd Cloth Dryu? Machines. Hydrostatic and Sere* Presses. Pre** Heaters. liaUco Grinders, Rotary Fnilins Mills, v \miuS CluUi,WlLdlOß and Measuring Macalfc «c«b3 Tuning Engines. Cord Grinders, &c. Our machine* are all la substantial an - .loilrot frames, and are warranted to be equaTlit erApiespect to any machines made in the- United. States. 3 In addition to above named eg asr owt make, we are prepared to tnrnlth Crompton’* Ldomv Parks & Wool,on's Shears, Steel RincTltor Machine* and Bur Pickers, Card Clothtcc. amTaaaafictaren 1 tndlnss generally, at makers’ lowest prims, sod can tor cl>b our customers with machinery forWoollea MUU complete, with promptness, and at a* favorable priori as any other builders. e. C. CLEVELAND, _ „ J.C. MASON. Wbrce?ter, MaSS„OcLJ!,ISCfi I J. ?!, BASSETT., POPULAR PREPARATIONS, COD LIVES OIL, Essence of Jamaica Ginger, MARSDEN’E CALISAYA TONIC. In convalescence from Cholera, vr.-\n~n-inr Fevers* Small Pox, or any Cutsneous AffecUcsu, inn he found Invaivable, giving toes to the system, and removing all ae prostrating effcca incidental to disease. TM universal and popular knowledge of the virtuaS at Tbcz Callsaya Bark requires no explanatton; esotonea hare passed sinceits discovery, and it is cow recognised as the best febrifuge which bountiful nafrzre has fa vored ns with. Science has discovered many gmnmrfy of extracting its virtues, eed reducing, to a «m*ty bulk, the active principles of the Bark, Cinchonine, all of which an Invaluable as med ical agents. The great want of a mild and reliable tonic to eases ot Debility, Night Sweats, ScrcfUJa, Dlapepsta, ol Appetite, and other diseases incidental to a disor ganized system, has induced me to present tm* to- the medical profession and sufferers, as the most reliable,' safe and powerful tonic that can be prepared, combin ing. as It does, all the active principles of the True Callsaya Bark, with other Ingredients, which rends it the perfection of s remedy lor all the above disease*. Prcj aredby H.W. Marsdcn,4S7 Bread war, New York, at wholesale by an Druggists. Price fl per bottle. BURNHa MS & VAN SCHAACKS, Chicago, ■Wholesale Dtuggists,General Agents for Northwest. For sale by SMITH At DWYEH. J. H. Wilson and J. U. Hooper. fJ'HF.OAT AND LUNGS, Chronic Diseases! Of New York anti St. Louis, CHRONIC DISEASES! R IL MOUUISON. Is about to visit CHICAGO, TIL fur the purpose 9 giving medical audiences, at the . Commencing WEDNESDAY, the 21st of November, dally, from 9 a. m. Oil 4 p. m. The Doctor’s reputation os family physician Is New York, and Ms superiority In Throat, Luuga and Chronic Diseases, will render It superfluous to recommend his new method of treatment, by means of hU own new In struments, for Inhalation and Yusufflstion. Both In struments are not only approved by the leading phy sicians of this country and Europe, bat are well spoken of In the Jfedlcai and Surgical Reporter, of Philadel phia, (October Sd.lS63,> the leading medical journal of this continent. Dr. S. never shows testimonials, as other advertising physicians are used to do, and fas feels more lorry, that, as specialty practitioner, he U hound to advertise. But the profession, and the people In general will soon be convinced that he differs from others, and first-class city references ore at disposal lor this purpose. HENT.Y A. FOSTER. fHarijintes. jHrblcai. MARDSEN’S Pectoral Balm,, CARMINATIVE SIRUP, Sanative Pills, ANH DR. B. SEGNITZ, The well-known practitioner in PULMONARY TREMONT HOUSE, Personal Examination is Scccssary m All. CASES OF Chronic Catarrh) Bronchitis Istbms Ulcer* In the Throat) Nostrils* AND IK PULMONARY DISEASES IK GENERAL. The Doctor never attends to donbtfhl cases, but ho achieved remits in cases which were denounced ratal hr other physician*. For the first examination the patient will call belcre be has taken his main meal. B. SEGKTTZ. M. D, Tremont How, 9 a. m. till -j p: m. jy£ORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOE THE CATAEBH! A perfect and speedy cute lor this loathsome disease. In its worst form, la every case of Catarrh, severe or light, the disease should be removed as sooa as possi ble, for it gives rise to hoarseness, soreness la the wind pipe, dr; cough, coronlc Indammatlon of the longs, dizziness, dull pain In the bead, with a sensation or weight over the eyes, loss of the senses of smelling sad tasting, and various palrunl nearside atf-cU-.ns. Them la not aor mistake about the above remertv, and It may oe bad of the subscriber. General Agent for the United States and the Canadas. H. H. UUBRINGTON, Providence. E. I. For sale by SMITH A DWYER. Druggists, 92 a 94 LaKe-et- Wholesale Agents far Chicago. *uoto llotoher. If . -w Patented Elay *2O, IS6O - is an article tor washing without rubbing. 9B> eept in very dirty place*, which will require s vsy slight rub, and, unlike other preparations offered tor a like purpose, will sot sot rns clothes, but wO leave them much wmrn than ordinary methods, Witt* ont the n«uM wear and tear. It removes grease spot* as tl by magic, and soften* the dir* ay soaking, so that* rinsing will in ordinary cases entirely remove it, This powder i* prepared In accordance with chemical science, and noon a process peculiar to Itself, which Is secured by letters patent it ho* been la ulc tor mnr* than a year, and has proved Itself an universal favorite wherever It has been used. Among the advantage* claimed are the following, vlza It saves all the expense of soap usually used on cot ton and linen good*. Heaves most of the labor of rubbing, and wear an* tear. Also, fbr cleaning windows it H unsurpassed. Witt one-quarter the tln.e and labor nsnady required, It Im parts a beautiful g;ou and lustre, much superior ta any other mode- Ko water required except to moists with each package. And can be readily appreciated hya single trial. Tha cost cl washing for a family ot five or six persons vriß not exceed Times axis. The njanu&ctarers ot this powder are aware thsj many useless compounds have been ictrvdnced to the public which have rotted the cloth, or tolled In remov ing the dm, but knowing the intrinsic excellence at this article, they confidently proclaim U as being 'viapt ed to meet adsnand which has lon* existed, an r which has heretofore remained uoiuppUed. Macmae uredfe lIOWK &> STEVENS 260 BROADWAY* BOSTON. At«n t Jtaanfkctnrers cl Family Dye Colors. For «"-e by Grocers and Dealers everywhere. ©a, Uaraislj! aub ILeab. CHICAGO LEAD AND- OIL WORKS, Nos. 04>.85, 08 & 70 North Cllnton*st.) Uatofocairert of Z*£AD PIPE AND SETEE’E LEAD, BAB AT43> PIG LEAD, LINSEED Oil*, BOILED LSVSESD OU, UNSEED BEAA. PATENT DROP AND BUCK SHOT. Cash paid £r FLAX SEED AND OIL LEAD. OrDSS Will receive prompt attention. E- \V. DLATCHFORD dg CO patents pASD’S PATENT BBICZZ IWfICHIKS. and mantUactorT 53 South Jefferson-st. For anddescriptive circular addnsu E. R. GAUD. JSaantch. TED—UELP. One or two live men In every-county of the West; who are whiles to vork for a (.ompaadadan of S3O per month and erpecses, can addreaa' P. O. POX 2529. Chicago, m. jgLADDEHS WANTED— (jlceves and Calves*) FOT A EABLB, S 5 Sonth Water-sri. Chkago. itanhs. A IX TVANTtN G FAR3S S—Good i arm _r\ and well-proved Fruit Lanas—Beautiful and thriving settlement cf VINELAND. 50 mile* south at Philadelphia by rail read. Population increased Wu people lc four yeats. Good society, and churches; orchards planted. Priceys3 per acre, payable in four years. Village lou tor h mar.ctoctnren also tor sale. Climate mild—perfectly healthy-001l highly fertile. Improve! places also tor sa'e. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS. Proprietor, Vto land. New Jersey. Papers containing information set tr.o. From report ci Solan Robinson, Agricultural EJltorof the Tribune: ‘-It is one cf the rucst exten rive fertile tracts in an almost leva* pudnomaad suit able condition tor plca*antfirxiSS. that 70 know Q( \h\s side cf the Wcatera pr^lriei.”