Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, 23 Kasım 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated 23 Kasım 1866 Page 4
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€l)tcaga tribune. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23. 1566. THE CITY. RsArroiNTSD.—Conrad Fnl* has been reap pointed by Sheriff Beveridge to the position of Jailer. Faux AiAnx.—At an early hour yesterday -morning an alarm ot fire was sounded from Box Ho. iss, but the steamers that went in search of (he fire could find none. Tux enters— Bekxttt or Tint Snow Bbotbxss. —This evening the Snow Brothers, whose gym nastic and acrobatic performances have been a great feature of (he circus, will have a compll mentary benefit at the Coliseum. An excellent Ml is announced, and ought to draw a full boose. pgT.T» xo Batu—Herman Caller, charged with stealing watches and other valuable* from his re cent caploytUjMra. Joanna Hagerman, at No. oj2u Sooth Wells street, was further examined at the Police Court yesterday afternoon, and com mitted for trial in ball of ?500. Bekxttt Concxbts.— The Committee of Ar rangements for the aeries of benefit concerts to bo given under the anspices of tbe Tonng Men's Christian Association, have received a telegram from New York informing them that a remark able Juvenile singer, a Ifltie girl of nine years, who has created quite a sensation in that cltv, will be here to sing at their opening concert on the evening of Decembers. A West Sjdx Hocse.— Residents of tbe West Division find it desirable and convenient to make purchases on that side of the river If sufficient In ducements arc offered. The new dry goods estab lishment of Messrs. Goodridge Bros., Ko. 163 West Lake street, contains a very fine and exten sive stock of.coods. and as the firm own their store aud have no high rents to pay, they claim to oJar superior inducements to buyers, especially ladies. Tbelc advertisement appears tn another column. Wilder's Sates.— Tbc attention of bnr busi ness meu is called to tbc advertisement of J. M. Tcrwilligcr, 86 Washington street, agent for tbc world renowned fire proof safes, known as “Wilder's Patent." The testimonials furnished by sufferers in tbe late di-asuoa-fire on La«e aud South Water streets, arc addl lonal evidence of the value of tWa safe, aud deserve the consideration of our merchants. Farther proof can be given by Mr. TcrwilUger to those desiring a reliable fire proof safe. Smj. CoNnyrEP.—The continued case of Wil liam Smith, charged with making threats, was op for further examination at the Police Court yes terday attetnoon . Unable to give the amount o! bail required, William had been consigned to the jail. He appeared in court yesterday with tremendous black aud blue braises under each eve. He staled that four men were la the same c»d with bird, and on Tuesday debt they got drunk, aud one William Bunts beat Mm in a most hnual manner. Smith’s wife, unable to ap pear as a witness, owing to 111 health, the ca?c was farther contmufAtor ten days, U is tame bail being required as before. FnicnrzsnrG a Woman.— David Hopkins was arraigned before Justice Stunevaut yesterday morning at the Police Court. Hopkins wen: into a saloon on Twenty-second street, it la alleged, and asking for a cigar, refused to pay for it aud bc came exceedingly noisy. He drew a pistol and the w»man in the saloon becoming frightened ran out of the place, and for protection went Into a ncicUlmting store, dosing the door after her. Hopkins pursued her and fired the pistol at the dosed door. Officer Kenny heard the report ol tbc weapon, and hastening to the spot arrested the demoralized Hopkins, some mitigating circum stances saved him from a very serious charge, ani he received-the very light flue of {25. Kerosene Bubsebs.—Kerosene is admitted to be the best and cheapest oil for household illumi nating purposes, as it produces a steady and bril liant white light at a trifling cost. Tbc objection to using this oil has been In the difficulty of ob taining burners adapted to Its peculiarities, so as to economize the oik give a good light, and vet be simple olconetmciion and operation. This long felt "ant is cow supplied in tbc Paten* Kerosene ■Burners, adaptable to any kind of iamo- The light produced by thesehuniers can compare well with gas light, being easily managed, beautiful and economical. A brilliant exhibition of tie effect attained by this usetn! invention can be seen at tbc Adams Hon-o every night. The advertise ment of the ai,cnt. Mr. Sloan, will be found on the first page. Moss Bcbclabies. —-The office of Messrs. Downs, Garland & Holmes, at No* 51) North Canal. street, was entered by burglars on Wednesday night, their safe blown open, and about {2O fn money taken. They also removed a quantity ot receipts, deeds, mortgages, and Insurance poli cies of no value to the thieves, but which the owners would be glad to regain. A merchants 1 policeman has been on doty in the vicinity for nearly two years, it is sta' cd, ret this is the second burglary upon the premises within that time. Jewett's Soot and shoe store, at No. Ij* Dca'- bom street, was entered on Wednesday nigh* by burglars and robbed of thirty pairs of sewed boots and other manufactured goods, to the value t»f about tCCO. . On the same Bigot. and probably by thc_ same thieves, the basement of No 107}$, occupied by L. Wing, was entered and goods were destroyed and taken away to Ihe value of SIOO. Inquest.— The Coroner held an inquest on the body of Charles Gassman, who was killed on the Chicago & SU Louis Railroad, where It Intersects Archer avcnnc.yestsrday afternoon, at the resi dence of John ttaber, Archer road. Besides tbc facts published In yesterday's the fol lowing were elicited; Mr. uassmanhad just gone out of Murphys packinghouse, passed alungtbe river to tbc bridge, crossed, and tamed in sa opposite direction. At the west end of the bridge the track runs along the sidewalk; so that any one corn" that way must walk on the track or in the street. Tbo train consisted of eleven stone cars, and was pushed by engine No. 32. A team ster in a lew paces called to tne man, but no atUiu tion was paid. Tbo conductor and brakeman said that they were not certain If any bell was rung, and If there was It is doubtful whether Ihe man would have been able to hear in Three cars passed over blm before the train could be stopped. The Jury, upon hearing the tesamo ny returned a verdict that the said Charles Gass man came to bis death on the afternoon of the 2Jst dav of November, 18G6, on the track of the Chicago A St. Louis Railroad, in front of Mar nbv's packinghouse, Archer avenue. City of Chi cago, ikmnr- Cook, by being mn overbysev- *.e to a stone train attached to 0 r- dcago & St. Lonl* Railroad, and nber find that there were only order on said .rain, consisting of ; and we think that sa!d accident could oceu prevented If the brakes had betn in snffeient number in order, and been properly at tended to. A Giiosr Story Spoiled.— An abortive effort was made by some of the city newspapers yester day, to get up a spiritual excitement. An evening paper gave an elaborate account of certain "maul flotations" which were said to havebccu observed by s family on West Randolph street. Doors were elaunued in a startling and mysterious man ner ; the mark of a bloody hand was seen upon one sided the panel, and the blood oozed through and streamed in torrents to the floor; a phantom CO r- -,vj c found suspended by the neck to the door knob; a stale codfish changed into a flying fish, and at-raulted tire Inmates; a spittoon, or it may have been simply the contents of a spittoon, was prokc-od from the room to the hail; tbc phan tom do<-’s tail was pulled by the bloody hand; chilomi were burled over the tables and pulled out of their beds, with a Jon'* list of similar honors and wonders. The promulgation of such a story could not fail to cau-e some excitement, and not a few credulous individuals were induced to visit the spot indi cated. Cor the purpose of Investigating tbo mat ter. It is unnecessary to say that their trouble was In vain. Upon questioning the inmates and examining the premises the deluded Inquirers found that the whole thing was a hoax. N ©body could he found who actually caw the marvels, hut many wcic found who saw persons who said they saw something. . „ The u nth i.vCaptain William Kennedy, of the Second Police Precinct, from whom this "legend of the blocdy band 11 was derived, is well known to be one of the most inveterate jokers on the force. Like John Gilpin, "be has a pleasant wit. and loves a timely joke. 11 It was scarcely to he expected, however, (hat he should have succeeded so well In cramming such a stale old joke into the throat of a city newspaper. He Is said to bare placed tlie bouse under the cure of policemen. I‘rohabtv we shall hear to-day that tbo bloody band, the emlc codfish and.tbe phantom dog were all crrinjrucd before the Police Court. Tire PlilUmrmonic Society—lmportant Announcement* Elsewhere we print a statement by the Manage ment of the Philharmonic Society, which we earnestly commend to (he musical portion of the community. Only a portion of the tickets neces sary to rnarantcc the expenses ofthc season have been sold, and the balance arc now offered to the public with the price of the first concert deducted, rules? Hus balance Is taken up by December 1, no further a'tempts will be made to give concerts this M-ason. Wc deeply regret that a concert sea son by onr home Society, commenced under such brilliant musical auspices, should be thus Imper illed by the coldness of our concert goers, and hope that the appeal of the management will be promptly and liberally answered. It Is absurd to suppose that the managers, who arc men of buei ncf arc cuing to devote their time to uncertain* tie.-i, ard assume risks, dependent upon stormy weather and the caprice of the public. They mutthaiciuffideni funds to i-ecuro them, in their enterprise, ard we sincerely oust the public will see it in tin's light, and avert the disgrace of -neb amoMcal failure. If wc cannot support our Phil harmonic concerts we bad better r :vcr: to negro min.-tn Isy, and have dm.c with any pretensions to bring a musical people. Tbe ti'kctsarc for ?a!e at J. N. W. Jones; 42 and 44 Dearborn street Tli»« itnndolplt Street Improvemem The JiuMuceS men of 'West Randolph street are stilt complaining btitcrß and loudlvofwhat they term "ire wretched and unhuslncsr-llkc manner 1 * in vrb:ch the work of tilling and paring Weft San* dc-lpb street is being carried on. Considering that ret a few of the shopkeepers have been im poverished and reduced to the verse of bank* mp'.cj bv reason ol the delay, their Indig tia-iun is not unnatural. It la natural tha: their patience should be exhausted, and the auf fcnoi> they rave been compe.ledto endure for bo lons a period—prostration of business, high t«ic c and exorbitant rents—call? for the sympa sin of tic entire community inihcirbchalf. Syni pailiv, however, will not replenish a depicted ijT3-*nrv. or icstorc a vanished trade, bo long as tt c obstruction complained ol exists. Already liu-tverlio Lave elapsed beyond the time spec ified Iti Lc contract for the completion of the work, und now that winter has announced itself, fears are entertained that it wiil drag its dreary ltng:h into the spring. That un r.cccs--'v d*Ujß have occurred, and gror mknsvsgvimint ha? been manifested since the coßuntD< <-iiv nt ol the Randolph street, improve ment. n;a\ be seen from the fact that although It was among Ihc first street* conuacted for in the sptlnc, U stilt remains uncompleted, while seve ral mius ol street grading have been done in other lc.-s important quarters of the city. The Board of Public Work? claim —and it is proper to gk e them tbe benefit of an explanation—that n pood deal of the delay has been owing to the lu ck-mercy of the weather. While admitting that some of the delay which occurred at the ontsei might have been avoided, ihey claim tha* the woik has been pushed forward a« rapidly as ii could be coder adverse circumstances. The amount of filling has been enormous, and a cor responding difficulty was experienced In carting earth for the purpose. In Wet weather It has been found impossible to prosecute the work, anc the recent heavy raips alone have retarded the progress of the work. Since the excavations for the Washington street tunnel were commenced, the supply of filling material has been quite abundant, and the repairs are now progressing rapidly when the weather is favorable. As we are not likely to have the benefit of much fine weather alter the present time. It would h; well for the Boatd not to place any reliance npo it, and adopt some plan whereby the difficulty might be overcome, in rainy weather teams can not operate; they stick fast In'i so the work has to be abandoned nnllllhc skies clear again. Could not this difficulty bcsunnomnel by laying down temporary plank roads for the teams on one side nntiUbe other side I raised, when they could be transferred to th : grade. In this way the teams could pass inde pendent of rain and and, while the work of fill ing would go on more rapid] v. It Is time that something should be done to re lieve the financial sn&rlngs of the tenants aod bnsincs? men in Randolph street, and nave tbe stream of traffic again in full flow over ibis most -important tfcoronghfare before the winter seta in. The Board of Public Works are in hopes of hav ing it completed in the course of leu days. So ate we all. THE ILLINOIS & MtCHIOAN CANAI. Important Ch -ngo tn tho System of Its Enlargement, Twelve Tear* Required to Complete It at Present Bate of Progrcw-ltg Importance to UUnoie, At the last session of the Common Council a communication was received from tho Board of Public Woika, notifying the Council that they had vacated the contract with Messrs. Fox, Howard A Walker, for the deepening and enlarging of tho Illinois & Michigan Canal, so far as related to that portion between and Including Sections 17 to 87, and asking authority to go forward with the con struction of certain dredges, scows, cranes, and other machinery for the prosecution of the work under other auspices. This communication was referred to the Select Committee on Canal, of which Aid. Wicker Is Chairman, and in their hands still reposes. Lime attention was paid to It, and a feu lines only were devoted to any notice of It in the morning papers. Still the subject is a very important one to the people of Chicago; any information regarding it is of very general interest, and many will doubtless be glad to find some reason assigned for the stated action of the Board of Public Works. The best' mode of affording this explanation will be Co give a brief history of the progress of the work, irom its inception until the present. Under the authority given by (be act of April 16th, 1863, the Board of Pin-lie Works contracted with Messrs. Fox, Howard & Walker to do the exca vating and enlarging required, from section one to section forty-four inclusive, nineteen and a half miles from the Bridgeport lock toward Lockport, at the rote of thirty-three cents per cubic yard (or earth, and two dollars per' cubic yard tor rock excavation. The contract was made on September itth, 18(3, bat little work was done that autnmn beyond making the ncces- sary preparations, and tbc actual coramencemen:. of the work of excavation may be sail to have been in tbe spring of the {irescut year. Very slowly and inefficiently I then progressed. Sub-contractors were pat on the heavy rock excavation at tbc forty-fourth sec tion, and they ore working there yet, while Messrs. F., E. & W. applied their energies to tills end of tho work, with tbe present result of none finished, and none touched beyond tbe sixth sec tion. Under the contract, tbc work was to he completed by the first of September. 1663, hut when even the Board of Pnhtic Works became alarmad, some time since, at the slowness of its progress, and instituted an investigation, it was found that at the present rate It would not b« tin- Uktdin Usgl'iOn twflre yews* and that while to complete it in the allotjpd time about (Duty-seven dredge* would oe required, the contractors have only six dredges, with their proportionate num ber of scows, cranes, etc., at this cud ot the work and only two at tbe other. This cheer ful exhibit was made about two mouths since, when, after a good deal of informal discussion, the Board of Public Works addressed an official note or inquiry to the contractors, respecting their Intentions to pat on an extra number ol dredges and other machinery this winter. This note bronchi from Messrs. Fox, Howard & Walker a lengthy reply, dated November Bth, 13t5C, in which the; staled that, owing to the high-price of labor, materials, etc., the unreliability of laborers, the unexpectedly difficult character of the earth to be excavated, which, instead of being ordinary blue clay, as was supposed, proved to be indurated clay or “bard pan." and other difficulties, they were compelled to ask an In crea-e of their contract price from thirty thtcc to fifty cents pet cubic yam. instead of taking out, as they and other bidders for the contract supposed would be quite practi* cah'e, six hundred cubic yards per diem with a steam dredge, they had only been able to excavate one-lhird or that amount, and this, although their machinery is, as they allege, undoubtedly the best ever constructed for excavating this kind of ma terial. The excellence of this machinery and the amount they have invested in patting It in perfect order on the work, 51M,890, they olTer as evidence of their good faith and intent to prosecute the work. In conclusion, they stated that they were doing this excavation at a constant and dally loss, and mat unless the relief oJ an increased price was granted to them they most inevitably become bankrupt in their endeavor to foldl their part of the contract. In their interviews with the Board of Public Works and with the special committee of the Com* mou Connell, appointed Novcmbcrsth,and consist* tug of M essrs. Talcott, Holden, Wicker, Wiimart h. Lawton and Proudfoot, the contractors still In sisted the* they were running the work at a daily ruinous sacrifice and urged the granting of their petition for an increase on price of the whole work, or, a classification of material which wonld haveamomnedto about ihe same thing as the In crease asked—an average addition of seventeen cents per cubic vard on the contract price, The estimated cost of the work on these forty-four sec tions at the contractor’s original bill was about SIWD,OOO. To this the proposed increase would have added very near sl3y.ooi). No wonder the contractors earnestly desired i*. and felt that with out It they were losing money. ' The agitation of the subject continued and the Coaid of Public Works still insisted upon the contractors putting on at least six more dredges, six cranes and a proportionate force of scows, boxes and other necessary machinery, this winter. This elicited another note from the contractors on the 12th instant, in which ihoy averthatthey are tliable, from want of funds, to comply with the demand, but express their willingness to build the said machinery and pntiton the work if the Boatd will advance to them the sum 0ff150,000. to be repaid out of their last estimate-. They also asked at this time, that (ho rule of detention of twenty per cent heretofore practised by the city in making payments to them for completed work, be abandoned, end that so long as It may be ne cessary, in the judgment of tbo Board, to pay their running expenses, they may receive fall payment for work. In consideration of these aids they agree to go on and faithfully fulfil their part of the contract. .. . la this last communication, nothing was said of their severe losses. The Board and Committee had'alrcady been talking about relieving them from at least a portion of their ruinous burden, and they were, strange as it may seem, far from vlewingitas a “consummation devoutly to be wifched." They cannot be supposed to have been yearning for bankruptcy, for their wall over blast ed hopes and “hard-pan " on the Slh Inst., drew a very affecting picture of the losses to their friends ard ruin to themselves which would he entailed by a refusal to increase their prices, yet when the Board compassionately consented to re lieve them of twenty-one sections of their burden, they waxed exceeding wroth and uttered rash words about “throwingop the whole job.” The Board and Council Committee agreed on the impropriety of assenting to the Increase, but wonldbave been willing to grant the desired ad- | ranee or JIBO.CuO If the power to do so had been vested In the city, so satisfied were they of the good intent of the contractors. Ae they had not I authority for snch action under existing cir cnmetanccs, however, the Board determined to declare the contract on a certain section of the work vacated, and it was the official announce ment to the Council of this action, which was re verted to in the opcnldg paragraph ol this article. There U no doubt that the Common Connell will approve the request of the Board of Public Works lor authority for the expenditure of about $150,000 in the construction of new dredges, cranes, scows, boxes, etc., but how this machinery will be operated when it is In working order next spring is not yet folly deem ed, or at least made public It maybe donenn di-r the direct control of the Board, or it may be given into the hands of other contractors, under new terms of contract. The matter is at present in the hands of the committee stated, and their action will probably be reported to the Common Council at its next meeting. , , ! "The rapid completion of this work Is a matter of the deepest import »nce not only to the citizens ol Chicago, bnl to the people of the entire btate of lUlinois. The work, when finished, will to addition to exercising an immense Influence -for good on the sanitary condition of our city by its drainage of the filthy Chicago Ulvcr, benefit the producers and business men of the State at large to an Incalculable ex tent by its controlling and keeping within bemud the tendency of the railways to exorbitant tariffs on freight, and, as an ultimate eobd to be expect ed from it, it is to be hopid that at no very distant day by Its means we will have an immense traffic bv steamboat canal with the whole of the Missis pinpi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivera and their tribu taries, leading the riches of that vast section of connltytoonrdoors. , , ... All at r, then, interested in the completion of the canal by whatever means, and the Interests of contractors should not be allowed to eta&o to toe way for an hour. CURIOUS CASE OF INSANITY. A Madman Pronounced Saao by High Medical Authority—He Unwit tingly Confutes the Evi dence and Confounds the Court—Doctors Confounded. A case, lo Eomo cxicnt exhibiting tbo email amonnlof reliance that is to bo placed upon, and tbo little respect to be given to the opinions of a majority of onr medical fraternity when testifying as experts, especially in relation to the mental condition ol a patient, came before Judge Bradwcll. of the County Court, and was ended yesterday by the issuing of an ultimate process, it may be dlflicnlt to ascertain whether a party has “a kink in the head," or as the Scotchman would say. "a bee In his bonnet;" botthcdlffl enliy should only impose npon the professional man, the dnty of a more extreme cantion lit saving unjustly from merited punishment, or in return ing npon the community a dangerous man. A few days since, a man by the name of Henry Bartltng came into the ConmyCoort with a well written petition, in which be stated, that on the ■s6th day of January, IS I was declared Im-anc, by a Jury in this court. That in pursuance or tbo vcrdlcl, be was sent to the State losace Asvlnm at Jacksonville, whence be was released as cured. He further slated in bis petition that b: Is now a sane man and sufficiently restored to bis reason to be fnliy capable ofaa«nmlng the custody of bis property, and that bo ought to be discharged from tbo «atd hospital and restored to his liberty, and allowed ; to resume the custody, control and management of bis estate. Mhe presiding Judge was some* what astonished at the nature of the application, i it being unaccompanied by any word fiom the conservator of the properly of the pell li oner. Of course, In that case, it could not be received, and the applicant was so informed. The presence of a "next friend” was ‘ought. A jjr. Moua stepped in, signed the petition and fur nished an affidavit in support of It, testlfnngtbat he had known the petitioner for ’he past five years, and that he believed him now to be sane „nd fully restored to reason. Ibis opinion is based, the deponent says, npon tbefacClhat behas,dar ing thepost ten mouths, been much In the com pany ol the applicant and has seen no symptoms oriusanltylnhfm. _ „ . , Having in view the lesson of the legal text 1 ooU®, Judge Bradwtfll remembered that in form ing an oi Inion relative to the propriety of dis charging a i erson who bss once been confined as almu'lc in au ssylam,itis proper tocxamlne the particulars of Lis catc with tbc same camion as li the object were to coi fine him for the first lime. He therefore commenced by re quiring some expert testimony. The atrpesidons of certain sapient medical gentlemen were taken, and what value may be attached to Ibvlr opinions in the matter of "minds diseased,'' wi 1 in tbc sequel. The depositions were as follows: Spayuc Wickcnsbara being duly sworn, etc., says'!’ at be is a practising pnysiclan, and has tbit day made a careful examination of Henry Ban- Hug, for the purpose of ascertaining bis mental condition, and ol determining whether -aid Henry Banllpg Is now sane, and capable of having the care, custody and management of bis estate and business. That in the opinion of this deponent the said Henry Bn riling Is row sane and fully capable of having the care, custodvand management of his estate and business, an’d further the deponent saith not- The certificate being duly sworn to. Oncn Smith, with equal precision and quite as much positiveness,swore a? foFows : That he is by profession a physician, sod has practised as such since the year A. D. IS31; that he has this day carefully examined Henry Bartling. for the pur pose of ascertaining his mental condition and of determining wheiucrsaid Henry Battling is now sufficiently sane to be capable of having the con trol of Lis estate and basin 1 bs. Thalia the opin ion of this deponent the said Henry Bartling is now sane anafal'y capable of having the care, enstodv and management of his estate and busi ness Further deponent saith not. With such corroooration, tbo physicians agree ing not only In the result, but In the very words of their certificates, tbc propriety of issuing a renin for a Jury was beyond doubt Thojnrywas empanelled; u*at and listened to the verbose account of Dr. wick ersham’s examination; to the recital of his years o! experience and to the grand result, which ne again asserted, that Henry Battling is now sane, lue other doctor was not introduced other than by his written opinion. . . , There seemed lo be bat little room for ooant, bat ycl the Court did not seem to be quite satis fied. lie was at any rule Induced to Institute an examination on bis own account, and albeit it was not what might be termed professional, or per haps‘‘careful’-to the extent of the leame 1 doc tor’s scrutiny, It exhibited-to the jurors that it may so happen that an individual has a lucid interval at tbc time of examination, in whlcn It will be necessary to make more than one visit. Tbo Judge simply asked the petitioner what property he bad. Inc reply somewhat as tounded the Coart, and probably the learned doc- ton, mho bid Bade anch a careful crimination of the loan’s mind. The nnloitunate man stated that be owned a corner lot on Lake street, bat the d—d Jews would not pay him any rent, and bo be did not count on that, but he had two hundred thousand dotlara tn gold that Dr. McFarland, of Ibo ineanc Asylum, bad stolen from him. This amount of money bo was about to recover when bo was released by this proceeding, as be was now only vailing to be able to sue to hare the doctor arrcsSeo by the police. He waa then asked where he sot ' the gold. To this he replied, “God gate it” to him; that he was viatica by the Alolgthr curing the month of April, iwit, when he was In the town of lUch, in this county. God told him than that He was going to make a p*cscnt to him, and that just as soon as He could make $300,000 In gold He should give It to him. That Ho had since given it to him, end MeFarlaud had taken It from him. The medical man on the Jury, according to the statutory require ment, now interposed to ask how the Almighty appeared to - him. Ho said, “God looked like a very old mao, and yon know Uc must hr very old tor He made yon and me and all the re-t of us The only difference between Him and a very old man was that lie was entirely naked." Continuing his converse, he said he had often seen God since, aud’alked with Elm, and that after one conversation be had agreed to sell to Mr. Scotta hie farm for two thousand dollars. Upon this development, the jury came to the conclusion that even doctors who had been la practice since 1311 were not to be Implicitly believed, and • found that (he petitioner is not restored to rea son. This case has a real Importance lu these days, when nearlyevery prisoner pleads thathc Is non conwof meiulg, or was so when his crime wss committed. It ncnlprit would save hi? neck, a host of “doctors” tly to bis aid aud find him in sane, and if an Insane mat asks to be released from the custody of a guardian, an equal num ber of learned practitioners, who have been dcelng and doctoring for perhaps a quarter of a century, come forwaid and parartc their want of knowledge by swearing him into actual life in a community m winch, so far as the law as It now status, he would be acquitted of never so heinous a crime. One peculiarity strikes the reader. The friend who has been constantly In the company of this man dnring several months, arrives at the same conclusion as the doctors who made a care ful examination “this day,” and all were alike mistaken or misled; for mistaken or misled most be those experts that wonld hazard an opinion in such a case nponsnch investigation as the result shows they made. COLORADO AND ITS RESOURCES. Address Governor Evans at tbe Chamber of Commerce. Governor Evans, of the Territory of Colorado, yesterday delivered an address before the mem bers oi the Board of Trade, the subject of bis dis course being 41 Colorado.” The speaker was in troduced, at one o'clock, by John C. Dorc, Esq., President of the Board. He then spoke as fol- lows: Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Board of Trade of the Git; of Chicago: As one of (be guardians ot the interest of Colo* rado, and not in an; sense opposing those of Cl icago, I have strenuously advocated the loca* lion nf me Pacific Railroad so that it mtehl pass through the former, and thus bring a share of Its cou.inercr.l treasures within yonr reach. Nor has iibceu in hostility to Chicago and the Northern interests that lay on the rente to the Pacific, that passes through your city, that the people of Colo rado have courted the extension of the Eastern division oithe road tohercoramerciaj metropolis. HUaa been simply the exercise of that right of all communities to labor for the promotion of their own Interests. The people (rf Colorado desire the construction of as many railroads as possible to her Territory, to promote the development of her rich and ex tensive nataial resources. They have the assnr anccot the construction of one roadie a direct line from St, Louis to Denver City, her commer cial metropolis. This will Insnreher an outlet to the {southern atd Central commercial centres. It remains to be determined whether the location ol the road passing np the valley of the Platte shall be such through the mountains as to leave them in absolute possession and control ol her trade. Can Omaha, Chicago, Buffalo, New York and Boston aiibrd thus to ignore such golden offer ings? Can they afford silently to pass by and ig -1.61 c one of the richest and most promising fields of commerce within thcirrcach? Such a propo sition Is eo Inconsistent with your known enter prise and energy, that 1 know it will not be enter tained for a moment when Us merits are properly understood. I therefore desire to call your att-.n- Uon to a few facts bearing npon the question, and ask ifsomeaction on yourpartis not demanded In the premises? 1 understand _ that the cngicecis of the Pacific Hailroad have located the rente to Jnlesborgh, one hundred and eighty miles this side of Denver, and completed their explorations, Ithence west ward to Salt Lake City. That npon their reports the Board of Directors will determine the lino to be adopted. That there ore three rentes under consideration —one passes due west from Jules hurgh np Lodge Pole Creek and over the Laramie plains to Briuger’a Paw-, leaving Denver City abont one hundred miles tolbcsonth; Another passes up the south fork of the Platte, and np the Cache LaPondra River across the Laramie plains to Briiigcr’fi Pass, leaving Denver City about sixty miles to the south: the other goes by the way of Denver City and the Berthonld Pass over the mountain range; traversing the rich mining country in the heart of Colorado. Of course engineering most determine which is the most direct and practicable route for the con struction, operation and m&lntainancc of tho road. Bnl there are questions of great mate*lal import ance which ought to be taken into consideration as well—and the question of business on the road is ot vital importance to It and to the great com mercial centres that it is to serve. By the first route indicated the first settlement worthy of the name that the route will pass, so as to secure its trade, is at ball Imkc City, which is abont 1,500 miles from Chicago,and onlyaboutfiOO miles from San Francisco. Which direction the bulk of Us trade is likely to take needs no further comment ; than the computation of the difference in the ex- i pense of Us railroad transportation. „ , Can you afford lo throw away the trade of Col- I orado, and rely upon the unequal chance of that of Utah alone > Of course, the through traffic will tie i the same by either route- By the last named 1 route the road will secure an Immense business, that will inevitably lendto the Atlantic coast, tor I it is only about as Car trom here to Denver City as I to the city of Boston. Nor is this all; for. by the i competition between the St. Louis and Chicago I lines at Denver, the Santa Fe trace would be at- ■ tracted to that point for years to come; and tno I union of the two hues attbat point would secure | a suede main trank line thence westward lo the , Pacific Ocean, while the northern route will prob- I a*>ly result iu the construction of the two lines as I tar as bait Lake. Of toe immense trade across i the plains to Colorado, at the present is I not necessary for me lo speak, for it is alreaty fully understood, and 1 think its importance Is appreciated here. But to give you some Idea of | iu immediate future increase and importance.<,l j will statu a lew facts witu which I am personally { acquainted as to the natural resources or the ■ country. Lying along (he Great Cordille, or I snowy range, which divides tho waters of the At- | lantic from those of the Pacific oceans, directly west of Denver City, extending from near the base | of Long’s Peak In a southerly direction for over 20u miles In Colorado is what I believe i to be the most extensive and richest I mineral belt of country In the world, i From five to fifteen miles wide for this vast ex- ] tent, the mountains are literally gridironed over with gold, stiver, copper and lead bearing lodes, , many of them known lo be ol great extent, and I unsurpassed richness, while many of them of course are too narrow or too poor to pay for i working. 1 believe that enough that are exlen give and rich have already been discovered to give profitable employment toa million of men, 1 And the extensive discoveries that have been made the past year as-nre ns of a vast Increase in Ihcir numtn-r in the future. The pyrites from which the gold has been ex tracted in a large proportion of the mines that have been worked is found to be a very valuable quality of copper ore. The largest- smelling works of Colorado are now making copper mat containing the bullion, which is shipped to New York aod to Swansea, England, lo bo assayed. 1 This product will furnish an immense carrying trade for the railroad, and from my knowledge of the vast number and richness of these copper mines (which arc the richest iu gold also,) 1 have i no donot that Colorado In addition to her gold, silver and lead will soon produce more copper than any other ot our mining districts, that of Lake Superior not excepted. 1 have just relumed from visiting a district about one hundred miles by ten or fifteen in ex tent lying across the main mountain’ range, weal of Denver City, thnt is pervaded throughout by extensive and rich mines of stiver. Some are of pure silver ores, but the mgjotltyjof them arc ar gentiferous galena ores, varying la richness, many of them yielding in the smelting furnace as high as six hundred dollars of silver to the ton of ore. Many of tb* lodes arc very wide, and can be traced on the surface lor lon j distances. The water-powers arc abundant and timber plenty throughout most of the mining dU tricts, tbo facilities for. mining are extraordinarily good. addition to (his, at the eastern base of the mountain op posite this mineral range for over 150 mtles from the Arkansas to the Cachl!* Poudra, hmttnlnoos ct'sl ot very lino quality, and In veins from five lo fitteeS feet thick, is found at almost all points. The thus filled with coal is known toex rond fasiM-a.'don the plains tor from fifty to one hundred miles Al various points in this coal reckon arcTmmcnse M", <*tholinen anjUßj; of iron ore, and one iron pnt In successful operation Extent' e saltworks are iiwopcration in the booth Park, supplying the home demand for tho article, and capable of a production equal to any probable increase in the future demand. beveral extensive oil regions have also been dis co voted near thq base of the mountain?. One well, 75 feel deep, yielding abont twenty bar rels per day, is In successful operation, while others, with greater promise, are being sunk at tills time. Nor is this all. The Surveyor General this year reports that there arc abont 4,000,000 acres of agricultural land susceptible of Irrigation, which makes tire very finest ana most productive farms. 551.000 acres have been entered and filed in the Land Office, for actual seu’ement under homestead and pre-emption filings, daring ten months of this year, against 141,000 acres for the same period lastycar. Besides this, the whole of the plains and the parks in the mountains of Colorado are the finest of pastoral lands, block fattens and thrives on them the year round, large herds and docks being kept therein the finest possible condition. In some parts, it is true, the snow covers the grass for a part of the winter, but in other places cattle and sheep are wintered without feeding with en tire success. Tbc parks, of which there are throe large ones, arc fine agricultural valleys for grass and small grains. The South Park le abont SO by CO miles iu extent, surrounded by mountain ranges, and- is one of the most beautiful and fer tile spots in the country, bucb are some of the natural resources ard capabilities of Colorado, whose vast trade and commerce you may reach forth yonr iron arms and grasp. \onmsyask, it such a vast quantity of rich treasures lie In Colorado, why has she not ad vanced more rapidly during the last three years? Tno answer ts plaint A terrible Indian war has for that time devastated tho region of country traversed by emigration to reach ber borders; pitcee- of fttbsisivuco have been raised by it so high that none hot the most productive and lucra live «'jnj-ljymcnt« could be followed. Common labor has been five dollars per day, flour from forty to fitly dollars per barrel, and everything else m propoititm. Herds have been run ou by tbo Indians, and farmers were driven from their «iiga - hcred crops, or butchered fat cold blood, and scalped, and lost year a very unwarranted politi cal vriort was made by false statistics to prove that Colorado was “played out” by certain pm-tii-s to prevent her being admitted as a State Into the Union. Vet under all these ad verse Influences, permanent improvement has stcacily continued. During the last year'-SSO new bnlldirgs have been en cted In Denver aloae. at a cost of #4T3v 00. Oar taxable valna'ion, not In cluding the mires (which would make It much more) has Increased to nearly twelve millions of dollars. The mines are being more rapidly worked. The yield of prectons metals has more than doubled me present year, and with the cheapening man-' euccs of the railroads rapidly approaching us. these natural resoutces will develop a prosperity not witnessed iu any other part of the country since the flret smfemert or California, as the ri r hcat and most extensive mineral country In the world. Tbc nearest to fhe great centres of capi tal and population of any other, the first to he reached by one, if not two branches of the Pacific Railroad, in the most attractive climate, (for it furnishes every variety) whh the most gorgeous and grand scenery on the contlneu, 1 submit whether it is not worthy of your effort to secure with Colorado a direct ralTroadJcommunlcatioii, that von mar reap the rich harvest It o„cr 3 vour merchants, manufacturers and tradesmen. I tell you now yon cannot afford to leave this field en tirely to Si. Louis forme want ot a dlrwt railroad connection wilhtl. Trade will go where U will nay best. If Colorado has a railroad lo bt. Louis and none to Chicago, it needs no ! comment of mine to Indicate the result. . ihcn. If yon cannot Irflticnce the location or vour main line of Pacific Railroad through our commercial metropolis, your next best and only chance wiU be to Secure the continuation of a branch to Denver at once. In tuts you should have the earnest and efficient: co-operationof all the country, from Omaha to Nc* i ork acd Bos toUnon the conclusion of the address. Colonel John T. Hancock offered the billowing resolution, which was unanimously adopted: . JinoUfd, That wc will co-operate with th. proper railroad authorities In securing a ct railroad connection bciwen Chicago and Dealer City. Colorado, at the earliest practicable day. DITOBOKS TCBTEBDAV, Divorce, Asked and Granted—Tbs (j rounds cruelty* Druukcuncw and Adultery* Two final decrees of divorce were granted yes terday, and an equal number of new suits were commenced. The decrees granted were tn the Superior Court, between anna axp pmm Extra. The bill In Half* case was filed Octo ber Ch last. The complaining wife, viioso maiden name was V'asLiu, in it alleged that she acd her hnsbsnd had resided in ttlo county ttlrtccn years, being married here June 17.1831. Since that time she has borne fife cbUdnn to her spouse, notwithstanding that with in iwo weeks of their marriage he had commenc ed a coarse of cruelty, which he had persisted in until the date of her application. When the sum mons In |hts case issued It was accompa nied by a wnt of Injunction, restraining the defendant from disposing of his saloon prop erty, situated on South Clark street. The case wi eh arti in open court, and, it being shown that itc husband bad been guilty of extreme and re peated cruelty during more than two years, the contract of marriage wa* declared at an cod. The custody of the children was also given to their mother, and Peter was decreed to pay into court, within ten days, fSSUaa alimony; meantime the injunction sticks. XABT VS. KICIIAEZ. FCKK. The petition In this case was filed Oc tober 13, 180 C. It alleged a marriage at Chicago on the fifth day of October. 1559, and It charged that defendant deserted her during the month of October. JBW. On the twenty-ninth day of the same month (be defendant filed an an swer : he admitted bia residence here and his mar riage, but denied that be bad d-sorted his spouse. He not only denied the charge, hut slated that the boot was on the other leg; that sbe had left, him, and reinsert to fartake of the comforts of hia home. The mat er was referred, and yesterday the Master's re port was filed. The mother of tho complainant testified, that the ill treatment of the defendant has caused great sickness to her daughter, when he sent her to ifac witness' boose under pretence of having her cared for, and since that time, two years ago, be baa refused to live with her as his wife, or to afford her any means of sup port. Two other female witnesses corroborated that statement, and a decree was recorded. One of tbc suits instituted was in the Recorder's Court, lifts time the proceeding Is byabosband. JOHN LEOSABD NELSON AGAINST CATTIAUINA In bis bill be alleges a marriage September 17, ISSI, aud that he has lived in tbts city fifteen years. The charges made against the wife are that she has at divers times and in sundry places committed adultery, and one instance ia specified as occur ring on the first day of last July. He also charges that hi* wife ha?, during two years and upward, been habitually s drunkard. . VS. XABIA sioixn. JOHN T. John F. Bigler, in this case, state* that bis wife has deserted him. He says they were married in Kew York, she then being named Bryant. They lived ten months in Gotham, when complainant accepted a position as a travelling agent of a Kew York Donrc, pasting over some territory with her, as a companion, in this occupation he con tinued two years, until be removed to Cincin nati, where he remained until August of the S resent year, when be coming here, she ahau onedlum. Tbe complainant seems to have lost eight of that useful limitation of our statute on divorce* which enacts that the desertion must have been for the space of two years, and that “no person shall be entitled to a divorce, who baa cot resided in the State one whole year pre vious to filing bis or her bill or petition, unless the offence or injury complained of vva* commit ted within this State, oi whilst one or both of tbc parties resided in this State.” The Wholesale Grocery Robbery.—' The ar rests of John Spelz and John Cleer, for a long-con tinncd series of robberies upon the cstahli-hrucnt of J. A. & 11. F. Griswold, wholesale grocers, at No. 2S River street, was mentioned In yesterday's Tribune. Spelz and Clccr were arraigned for examination before Justice Milliken yesterday afternoon; Spelz charged with receiving stolen goods Knowing them to be stolen, and Cleer charged with larceny. The account of the mat ter published yesterday embodied the principal facts. The m«n received separate exam inations, the case of Clccr being first beard. It appears that he bad been employed by (he Messrs. Griswold for the past two or three f ears, net as a salesman, but assisting in prepar oj? ground coffee, delivering goods, and making himselt generally useful in the manna] labor of die house. Alter being arrested hoconfisgvd to having taken, at tarioas times, extensive quanti ties ot codec and some other goods, and bad sub sequently delivered tbcm to Spelz, To oblige tbo latter, the goods were sometimes flrsr delivered at Clccr'e boose and taken from there by Spelz. The case was continued for farther examination, SI.CW) bail helug required. _ John Spelz was next examined, Mr. Cloer being nsed as a witness against him. Mr. Griswold said 'bat Spelz’s name'was on their books as a easterner for about three different purchases, in May, Jnne and July last. Cleer bad not been an authorized salesman except in two or three in stances when a German customer came into the store. Edward P. Pole, bookkeeper! for the house, bad in one Instance seen Spelz's wagon driven to the door, and a man got out who took two or three boxes of coffee from the sidewalk, loaded them on to tbo wagon and drove away. There was no account of the sale brought to their office. Spelz's name was first on their books in April last. He believed that Spelz usually "traded 11 with Cleer, the latter sometimes waiting upon city customers. Mr. Cleer, upon being sworn, said be bad known Soclz for two or three years. Spelz bad two grocery stores, one on Green Pay street and one on Sedgwick street. He had packed spices in boxes of coffee for Spelz, a good many times, always receiving the price of coffee. He bad presented hills to spelz, making them out on the company 1 * bill beads. Some times Spelz would not pay, and be dared not urge him for fear of exposure at the store. Cleer had sometimes paid money received from Spelz, to the company. He bad fomUbed Spelz bills of all that he had taken until lately, when a pass book was used. a. large number of these blils,most of which were receipted by Cleer, were exhibited to the court, dating back to the summer of ISM. The case was continued far farther examination until this afternoon, bail ceing required Of Spelz to the amount of {5,000. Another Robbeh.—William Neidgacg, another of the parties who committed an outrageous as sault upon Mr. Berger and a friend of his, on Sun day night (of which mention was made in these columns yesterday), "as arrested Wednesday, and yesterday morning, at the Police Court, tbc case was continued for farther examination In bail of $3,000. Laucxnt op Dresses.— Mary Webster was ar rested on Wednesday, charged with stealing three dress from Mary Somers, at No. 03 Clark street A partial examination was held yesterday morning, and the case was continued till Satur day, In hall of SSOO. LOCAL MATTERS. £,',000 Reward.-Challenge to the whole world. Mias Tennessee’s great Cancer Remedy extracts cancer? root and branch without pain or the use of insirnmcnt or caustic. It can oe applied to the eye or over any one of the vital organs without danger A complete care Is guar ameed in every case. Also all other diseases treated with the same success at her Magnetic In firmary, 305 Wabash avenue, Chicago. Lock Box s,<£G, post Office. ‘‘Croup,** so dlttlrcwlUK) and often fatal disease, should not he neglected Mars den'e Pectoral Balm ought to bo immediately ad ministered. No parent ■>ho studies ttie health of their Ilf le ones out should he provided with a bottle. For sale by all druggists. 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Paper Hon "Inc* aud (Vlndow Shades alpr» ally reduced prices, F. E. Rigby, SJ llan dolpb-st. The Last of the Mevolatlon—Samuel Dnito [From the Cincinnati Enquirer, November 2L] As the name of Charles Carroll, of Carroll* too, became celebrated as the last of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, so will Samuel Dunn be Illustrious as the last of the pensioners—the last survivor of that generation of men who participated in the war of the American Revolution. Nlne tv-ono years have passed since the Revolu tion commenced, and eighty-four years since It closed bv the capitulation of Yorktown, in October, iTSI. The age of Mr. Dunn must be over one hundred years, In order to have i taken part even in Its closing scenes. In or- | der to realise the extent to which the life of Mr. Dunn has been prolonged, let us consider a few facts. ' The men who are now in middle age, ana the most active in worldly affairs, were taught in their youth of the marvelous’ ex- Eloits of XaiKdeon BonajlJrte. whose fame ad even then been long historical. Yet here Is a man still among us who was born before the great Corsican came into being; who Is older than him whose lame the world was discovering seventy years ago. We conceive It to be anlmmense histoiical distance back to the reign of the great Frederick of Prus sia, yet he was but In the zenith of his glory when this aged veteran was born, what na tional changes—whalslopcndous revolutions —what tUe and fall ot empires and dynasties —what extraordinary discoveries In the arts and sciences, has It'fiUlen to the lot of Mr. Dunn to he contemporary with. The mind of the student of history can hardly grasp them all in his thought, or span in Imagina tion, the stupendous chasm of the mterven iUflcrc Is a man, who Is still living, who Is older than the Duke of Wellington, older than Andrew Jackson or John Quincy Adams, and who is but ten years the junior oi Alexander Hamilton. It would have been possible for Mr. Dunn to have conversed with those who had been the first settlers that landed in the United Slates at Ply mouth or Jamestown. Such a fact shows the extreme brevity of our National history. All that has been done on the American continent has been within three snch lives as that of this Revolutionary hero! Tuat epoch saw the first white man within these United States, saw the first stroke of the axe against the first tree of the American lorcei. It is a solemn thought and reflection, that of the militant of living actors in those United States in the War of the Revolution, there is now but one solitary survivor. Less than a century will he sufficient to erase every living trace, every participant, In the struggle, and mace it ail rest entirely upon -history and tradition. Immigration to Southern Dlinola, i(From the Cairo Democrat] The intelligent German citizens of Cairo, and Union County, have In contemplation the early formation ot a society, for its object the encouragement of German Imml gration to Cairo and the counter surround ing IL The society will undoubtedly bo or ganized, and its operations will have a tell ing effect upon the growth and prosperity, alike of the city and country. It U proposed, in furtherance of this project, to establish hcadqnaitms in Cairo, secure the services of active agents in New York and New Orleans, and also In Liverpool and other points of de barkation in Europe.' These agents will nse their beat exertions among parties seeking homes lo the United States, to furnish ample information concerning the capacity of our soil, the character of the climate and mar kets, the price of land, produce and labor, and to direct as many as possible of these immigrants, directly to Southern Illinois. And among the people of the vine-growing and wine-making secuonajiLfiermany, extra effort will be put forth./lt Is belelved (>y ex perienced grape-growers that certain rands of grape may be cultivated in Southern Illi nois with unfailing success, All that scope of country lying bouth of Carhondale (of it self as large as half a dozen of the German principalities combined) is peculiarly adapted for the growth of the hardier kbds of grape grown both in this country and In Gcrmaiy. Once enlist the attention ol the vine-grow ers of the Rhine, show to them that the land for fine vineyards may be obtained at from | $5 to $lO per acre, and that there is an abun ( daut market, paying them os much for a pound of grapes as they are paid lu the old country for a bushel; as much lor a gallon of wine os they now receive fora cask, and we shall soon see every bill side in “Egypt” a .-killfitlly cultivated vineyard. The Illinois Central Railroad Company— vet the owners of more than a million acres of land—the land owners of Southern Illi nois, in fact tbepeople of Southern Illinois, arc all deeply interested in thes project, and should, in every way possible, encourage Us commencement, and facilitate, as they may, its operations alter it is commenced.. The Worker Educating (be Preedmen. Boston, November 22.—A large meeting for the purpose of raising funds to canyon the workoi educating the freedracn. was held by the New England branch of the Frccilmen’a Union Con* vention. In the Tremonl Temple last night. Ad* dresses were made by ex*Goveroor Andrew, Rev. n. W. Beecher, George Thompson, of England, and dodge Russell. Pcnnsvlvunin Anil-Slavery Society. Philadeuuia, November 22.—The annual meetii g of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society commenced its session to day. Some routine bust* ness bad been transacted, when Mr. Davis-read a strongly worded petliiou, with blanks for *turee, preying for tbe impeachment of President Johnson. Tbe Society adjourned till evening. Doolittle and Rousseau in New Orleans. New Orleans, November 32.—Senator Doolittle returned to-day from Texas, at route for Wash ington. ticncral Ronsscaais In the city, on a short vial Merrill O. Whcclock, the artist, died in Boston on Saturday. M. dc Lamartine has again been tried by severe domestic affliction. A favorite nclco. Mile. Made line dc Senneure, daughter of the French Consul "hi Palermo, has died of cholera ot fifteen. Markets fry Telegraph. Dlllsvankce market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee. November S 3. Fmcb—Dull and at lower rate*. Sales of TOObrlsal |9.37jfSiO CO for double extra. Guats—Wheat dull; 3®tc lower. Sales at the 9a. in, Board were 27,000 bo, at *2.08(52.10 lor No. 1; f LS3 for N 0.2; ft.TOforNo.3,and fl.lo for rejected. Atnoon Board tte sales were 10,000 bo, at *1.60(31.82 for N 0.3; fl.tft@L€6 for No. 3. Oats dnU ; sales at 42c for No. 2. Corn advanced life; sales at S3c for No. 2. Bye steady; sales at SS&SSc. Psoviaioss—Dull; *20.50 for mess pork. Live uoos—2so lower. RECEIPTS— FIour, brls; wheat, 73.000 bn. SfllPMESTS—Flour. 4,500 hrls; wlilat. 81,000 ho. Cincinnati market. (Special Despatch to the Cbicaco Tribune.} Cntcnrean. November 23. Ftom—Remains dull; prices arc lower. Sales ol superfine at *3.73®10.C0; extra at *11.25312.00, and family at *12.75313.35. Geais—Wli».at quiet, but steady; No. 1 winter at *2.75 and No. 1 spring at *2-30. Com Inactive; sales of new, shelled, at 53c; car at 45350 c. OaW firmer; ealcs ofNo. lat 47® 48c and No. 3at 45c. Bye steady; sales ol No. \at f1.18.ft1.20. Barley nominal. Cotton—Opened active; sales of 300 bales middling atSiK3S3c; declined to 31c without buyers. WmsEXT—Steady; Sales ol 500 btls bonded at Sic. Provisions—Quid; sales of mesa pork at *21.00. Bacon steady. Sates of shoulders ana rib sides at I3#c. Clear sides at 14)»c. packed bulk meats nominal.. Green meats a shade firmer; sales of shoulders at 6K® 6Xc; aides at EXc and hams at WJ<c. Lard steady; sales spot at I3j<c; oficred next week I3j<c; sales of prime steam at lltfc. Hoes—Active; sales at *6.75; closing at *6.0036.60; gross, $7.75. Receipts, 4,630. Mosey—Close. Exchange steady at 100 discount and par. . s»i» Louts Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) ST. Louie, November 22. Tobacco— ls dull and heavy, with no change in quo* muons. Floub—ls flat—nothing doing. Chain—'Wheat declined heavily. No. 1 spring clos ng at *1.90, and choice white fall at *2.60. Com de* dined, and closed heavy at f 1.0331.03. Oats steady at 51c. Bye-* Barley 00c«ftfl.*,*0 for spring. Provisions—Arc fiat. Mess pork doll at *31.00 for new gnarrantecd. Butter Is stilT at 32c for choice dairy. ■oxioss and Potato is—Firmer; 73®S5c per bushel for cither. Whiskey—ls weaker at *2 JR. Rocs— Declining; packers offer 6Xc for heavy. Albany Cattle market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Albany, November 22. BEEF CATILE—Some 4,100 cattle have arrived thns (hr, and there being no Improvement in the demand prices have declined X®Xc per n. the highest offer for choice Kentucky Steers, averaging over 1,500 as, USfcc, SHEEP—Arc without change. nOUS—In moderate request at 7tfoSc, Vessels Passe 1 Detroit* (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] Detroit, November 22. Ci*—Sunnyslde, Belle, St. Lawi ence, Clark, Standart Ethan Allen. Down—Morton, Cochrane, Holt, Hlppogrlffe, Si ,latoc>v Baker, Anna Maria, Mazcppa, Wind—Northeast. __ _ New York Markets. New York. November 22. Cotton—Unsettled and nominal, with sales at S3c for middling, ana :MJi®S3c for do Orleans. , , FLorc—Dull, heavy, and 15@25c lower, with sales at SiO.cOtftiO.TS lor sound common extra blate; 11.65 for extra round hoop Ohio, and 111.75013*73 for trade brands—closing verv hiavy. wmsrrr—<2nict and unchanged. Grain— Wheat dull, heavy and DomtnAlly3osc low er. Rye dull and lower; State at $1.32. Barley*, dull, ami %Sc lower, at fl CO far Canada West in hood, and fIJ»X for Canada west tree. Corn dnll and heavy, and ife3c lower, at f1.g3@1.?4.V far shipping mixed Wcskrn In store and anoat, closing dull at firii aSoat, and i1.180i.29]f for new white southern. Oats 102 c fawfr. at 6iaC2c far Chicago and Milwaukee. . , pttWkvm-steady. at ttS22*c for crude, and ular and cash, new mess, closing at, cash, and tCO.OCKi 20.50 for prime: aI?C IACS sri« new mess at *i3-M seller Janusrv, and t2IJS seller all year. Beef heavy, but more active at previous prices. Beef hams heavy at 50035 C. Bacon quiet; lJ*c for Cumberland cut; 13U013VC far short clear, and 1H&11C for Icmg elear. Cut meats heavy at Oxalic for shoulders, and liaise far bami. Lardlower; i2cdt3'ie, and small lots at I3)fc. Gutter heavy and lower; 130SOc for Ohio. Cheese dull ftt GMseED*nocs—Quiet and liregnlar at Bko9*c far Weitein. Mon cy and Stocks In New York. Nrw York, Novembers?. Movet—Active and firmer at 7 per cent. STurlixo—l>ull at 1W.H0103. Gold— Irregular, unwtt cil. and lower, opening at ISS*<, declining to I3:v, advancing to 135 X and closing alifex. GovEHNifisT Stocks—Heavy and kdiclower. KEtianrs vo Livstuoai.— Qulol. stocks—Pull and lower. fods Island ics Mlchl«m Central ill 111. CcT.!^ 1 ll«*f MlcblcanSonlhcra... 79 Clef.ftFUt* Si Milw. & 51.I’aal 5W NortbvMorn t-JJV do prfd.... 65* do prfd 69\ A. *T. U W Toledo.. .Ill* W.U.TeI .....U* Toledo W. & W « TreasniT "•®» 105* F. w_. ..... „ 1 QIV Do. idsettes.. 104 New Yorfe Centra!.,..lo7*l Mlwonrt Sires 87 Eric 71* Ohio* Miss, ceres... Bekdlsp UO,H I The VumruffdaVi money article eayi affairs in Wall street wear a very unsatisfactory aspect. Money Is decidedly fctnngcnt at folly 7 per cent on call, and In the stock market there Is a general pash to realize, amounting almost to a panic. Discounting is almost «t a dead stand, with the prevailing pressure for call jjanr, and the extreme caution relative to all forms of cr £w continue* verv weak, having touched 13SV at one tH-rl«,'d this niornlo*. There ts m the gold room, a, elstwlie.'V'. this morning, a prevailing desire to realize go\q • * loaned Hat, lutes of txchtwtce » re wesk - The supply ofbll'a cradnaliv gains npCi the demand, and indications point to a lower rate fo,” Saturday’# steamer. At the stock market the dlfllculii* of eHecllng loans and an Itdefir.lteJ apprehension of farmer stringency, caused a realising movement not equalled IQ magtutndc since the stock panic of WM. . „ Gov< ns menu are weak and K&S l° w ? r t partially from Luther decline tv gold and partially tn syoi ratfiy with the faT in other securities. UTPT. yiw Toss, November 22. Mosrr— I The Krfnina /■>j.M'*js*ye tne tnonev mar* ket tcmalncd at T per cent to the close of hank hours, hut toward the close tlr>l class b'nowers found less difficulty m getting supplied. Seven per cent In gold was paid bv weak parties on mixed collaterals, out this ts no criterion. The discount market Is almost at a complete stood, and notes arc too unsettled to quote. There Is a general fear of busincs-5 pap* r, owing to no menu*teporucfui’luresin all directions. TheGov «remeut for s**me Ume pa«t i as* »«e-n seliluc cold mod erate!*, and alro calling opon the National hanks for enrnicy tn order io be strong enough to mevt anv demands from the hanks on ac

count i f the Clearing House certificates. This Is tne nisln*an>e of the strl: penny tn raoney.jtd a* these opitmioT'*h*\enowh-en stopped,(here Iseveryrea s«-n to believe that the worst ts over, capital will totafi'-wthls wav freely to And employment at the prucnt hli’h rotes, which In itself Is 'Rough to make It easier. The street was alive with run ora cf.tallurrs on the block and Gold Exchanges, and the very best firms wt ro mentioned la this category without regard to troth. Ihc day passed without any prominent tall ntce. . . _ Govßo'MßMa—'The Government securities were dun 'l’ d rather lower In r-ome respects. These secnrl ties toveMt the dwltw severely to-day, swims to the large rrlnnie of th« tn afio»i. Hosing price* were: Hf«. In <»II3 t D.>-T m.i:.lnlyao7H?4io7.\ Coup. Vl 111V%1I2>| hCMOs.rec .. W t?.too', i-P(K tec. i 1040*. c0up..... fr.'U'sJ WV 5-2 P?. coup. Tj.tO-VctCrtV August 7-83s...tiBS<ai05K coup. .luce T-rfl' VlOtsconn, 124..10\€,106?H GOLt —Cloicd up steadily at t'^Sf- Murrtt \NEOtT—bt< ct market wa« lower at the last open Hoard, hot rcncnilf st-'v lv alter the call, oWc-H- 9, to 2-i, I Mteh.Cent,....itt3 C*lM Cumber and..., <a « r I uich.South ... Sutckrtlvcr 43 in. Cent........11b lAUc arlp<»-a UP 12 I ClCvr.drPltfc*.. S 3 Mar.posa, pref. Sl.Vfc* I Clcve.&ToledolllJ»Vtti* , < nTy. Cent... I Northwcslcrn.. 43 £ 4S« This afternoon there la a mot* settled feeling »a Wall street. The lererlah ex citcmrot ol the motuinjr ha* been tticeeeoed by a calm expectation of failure.* among the stock houses, as the result of the heavy (all la prices; the efimt ot which most defend, of course, upon their magnitude. There ■re tuaieruua rumor* In drcntmUon, none or which we arc aHe to authenticate, exe-pnng that of a pri vate operator. who stands largeiy committed to opera tions i;. Northwestern. Odvrceo Market, Oswroo. November S 3. Fhoris— Unchanged at ?UA5@.U.73 for Xc. 1 spring; SIP /a tbr red w.nter; |UAO for whits; sl9-50 for onl-le extra. . . . Gnatv—Wheat quiet, with a downward tendency. Corn scarce and quiet. Oats nominal. Barley quiet and eroding; heidatdOclnbond. Bye quiet: small sales of Canada al J.1.D0 In bond- Peasuull; sales ot SAW bu Canada on private terms, CartAL Freights— Have advanced 2®3c on grain. To Ntw York; wheat and peasUc, barley Wc, rvel&c. To Troy and Albany : wheat and peas ISc, barley He, Turom - hu wheat, 20. CW bn barler, 19,000 bn rvc, IS.OOO bu peas. Canal Exrorrs—l.3K) brls flour, 91,000 bu wheat. s,StOha corn, LSOObuoats, 60,930 bu barley, II,MQ bo peas. Nrtv York Dry Hoods Market* N«w iocs. November 35. The more bopefullndlcalions In dry goods, noticed ye*ten:av, still cottlnne. The orders from Western cities nreoultc liberal, and no further rtducrjoa In anco l* n-porled or seems to be expected. Effori* sre iuafle for goods at rather lower price*, but ad parties have a firmer feeilnjr, and than are leas concessions from pncca than yesterday . f JOBBXXB’ PHOTS. Brown Shoctlnqs—Atlantlc A. n j<c; do D, 19c; Bed* fcrrt, HHc. Blotted Shirtings—'Wamsntta. JTKc; ftrn i Wlr" > g it SSc; Qope.Se. Print*—Cecbeoo, 20c; American, 17xc; Freeman, lie; Empire, 15c, _ „ Tlcta-Asnoakeag, A.C. do B, tic; do C, 86c. Stripe*—Whlttei ton A. Sc; do B. B, Sc. Dcaiiu—Boston ManaiaCtariog Company, 57>»C- Philadelphia Uarhet. warmuaxTina. November S 3. The decline of 3 per cent In jrold has cnMttled trade. Flora— - Very drill and demined 25c; tuperflna, SB-00 BMOs extras,toxoauxe. , . . Gran*—Wheat dmi amt quotation* nominal: red, 3.10: soothers, t 5.1533.20. Com quite alow ot sale, mt prices on altered. Pwjvmoa*—Onict. Wsibszt—Dtul. Sales unimportant. Baltimore Live Slock Market. BamxoKE, November 32. CaTTM—SeceJpts only 630 beeves, against 1.600 last Thursday. Inconseqnencc of this kteplngbackcf cattle prices to-day are Xc higher for good beeves. common an* unchanged. Bmere—Alio scarcer and higher, with sales at SSAO asjio. Boos—Are plenty. Thesnpplylnthe market Urery heargypackcrs not being disposed to operate. Bales at Buffalo market* BciTiLO, NorcmDcf S 3. FMn—Onlet.' Gbais—"Wtcat—l,Coo bn Green Bey clnb at tilO. Corn— bo Toledo, part to arrive, at 11.00. Oats quiet, bcid. Ohio and liuaoUatMc, Barley qolet, held, Canada 11.08. Rje nominal; ti.CO. Peas. fL3O. pro visiojfa—Pork, 1=3.00331.00. Lard.l4dUXC. WHIfiKKT-*3SB. Casal FExTonTS—To New York: wheat 23c, com 20c. oatalSc. RecCTta—FJonr, 5.107 brla; wheat, IWOO bo: com, 73.400 ba; oata, 770 bu; barley, 7,30 ho ; rye, 10.000 on. CaSal Expoßta—nour. 455 brla ; wheat, ba; com, 134,449 ba; oata, n 0,109 bo. New Orleans market. New oblxjln?, November 22. Cottos—Daß and lover: low middling at 31352 c; sales, 520 bales; receipts,s,ooo bales. GEOcmirs—togar dull and unchanged. Molasses higher; inferior at 45c; prime at 6ftsefi2c. Exchange—m discount to H premium ; Sterling ex* change nominal at 52. Toledo Market. Toledo, November 22, From—Quiet- G bain— Wheat unchanged. Amber Michigan |2.*«; No. 1 spring iZOO. Cora a®Sc lower, at ska&Jc for ho. 3 mixed. Oatslc lover, at Site. Lake pbeiobts—Steam to Buffalo—Corn 9c; sail to Oswego—Corn 13c. Baltimore Market* Baltoioee. November 22. Markets generally dull and drooping. Floct—verr dull. Spring extra Grain—lnactive. Prime new com |l.oS<3i.od. Seed! steady. Peotibiom— Heavy. Pork and lard nominal. Groceries—Verv doll. wmaoci—Nominal. ihabri ED. In ibis dfy, Nov. ?ld. at the residence of the official* *nc clergyman. S2B Waba»h*av., by Rev. W. u. Ryder, D. D.. Ur. ALBERT 11. URGBSTIOTH VU, of Joliet, and Miss LIZZIE E. WHITE, of Chicago. At Warrrnvttle, I\U on the -a»t InsU, at the residence of the Pride’s tt’her, A. E. Carpenter, Esq., by Kev. E. .1. nunt, Ur. WU. J. HOLLISTER, of Genera, 111., and M'S* EVA A.CAIteEXTER. So cards. DIEP. At Fort Union. New Mexico, on tbs *th Inst., of con snmrtino. MILLS OLCO'IT, F6Q., of this city. In the 31st year of hie age. . . j3V- Boston, New York aad Cincinnati papers please copy. amusements. CKO SET'S OPERA HOUSES. Saturday Afternoon A' Evening, Nov. 21, Benefit of Jnllo and Adolphe Bnlslaj - , Inventors and ooly performers of the wonderful teat,the NIAGARA LEAP. THE YANKEE ROBINSON NEW ZOOLOGICAL GAUDENS AND COLISEUM. Erected at a cost ol over f20.C00. Third week o! the seafon. Everybody a«tonlshcd. Everybody delighted. New acta in the circle. Entire change ol programme. First time of the beautiful pas toral scene of the UAUVEST HOME. Third week of CHAIiLEV FISH, tto bareback rider of the world. Thlro week of JOHN LOWLOW, the Clown. Ncwacts ot Kqncstrlanlsa:. Acrobatic Feats, Ground and Lolly TumDUn*,4c., Ac. Also, the Monster Collection of Living Wild Animals. Doors open at b# p. m. Per formance in the circle at Bp.m. Matinee every Wed nesday and Saturday afternoon. Friday, Nov. 23d, Hcnellt ot the Snow Brothers. THEATRE. C. M. CHADWICK, Proprietor. O. H. BARTON, Manager. Unbounded snccew of the Now Company. Houses crowded—Shouts of Laughter—New Dramas—New Farces—Comic Songs, Speeches, Ac. MISS MAGGIE LIVINGSTON, MISS NELLIE TAYLOR. MISS ANNIE GIBBONS, , MISS CLARA BURTON, MISS LANSING. QCILLEMB ARTIST., M. FRANK HARRISON, Mr. J. B. MAUILL. “•SMifSEWp, GD9 ' I g ! L.B iSK s, All ptara in the prolbaslou. In connection with the EX* CELLENT STOCK COMPANY. /~(ROSB"i”S OPERA HOUSE. By special request, the Wondcrfbl BTJISLAY FA3DCLY WILL EEMAIS Fouv Nights More. MONDAY. Nov. tttb, WEDNESDAY. Nov. 21sC THURSDAY. Nov. 23d, SATURDAY, NOT. 2Uh. GRAND MATINEE, Saturday Afternoon. pOL. WO OP?S MUSEUM. hsL J. H. WOOD. •PtODrieWr Director of Amusements ...F.E. AIKEN Stage Manager .....TROS. BARRY Repetition of the new sensational comedy, recently so socccsslnl in London, where It enjoyel a run of 130 night*, and now playing at Wallock’s Ttcatre, N. Y., to crowded bouses. It Is pronounced by the press, one of the greatest successes or modem times. This (Friday) evening. Nov. 23d, and every even* ing during the r.*eek. also at tno Grand Matinee on Sat* nrday afternoon. will to performed Dr. Slarston’a cle- CTUt new of FOBTDSE, Received with distinguished applause. : IT cVIOKER’S THEATRE, i icVU!KEB4MTEBS ..MANAOKBS Joint Farewell Benefit, and last nleht but one of Mr. and Mrs. BARNET WTLI.I AMb. Mr. and Mrs. Williams In Two Pieces, Frtdar, to eomiugn » r Tim Moore, with song Mrs- Fizgig......... v Tte Great Irish Bratnaot THE CONNIE 800GAH. Coney McGrath, with songs Mr. Barney Williams Nelly Nolan, with aone ...Mrs. Barney williams tsatorday, farewell Williams matinee. Monday. Mr. J. D. Hacteett, as Falstaff. /•tEOSBT’S OPERA HOUSE. VJ Monday "Evening, Not, 2Glh, COMPLIMENTARY URNKFIT by the DUISLAT FAMILY to the WASHINGTONIAN fl O !tt B j On winch occasion will be Introduced tho beautiful Scripture Tableaux from the celebrated painting by Rubens. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL ol A, the CHICAGO HAIRDRESSERS will take place At Tumor Hall, Monday, Xov. 2C, ISGC. iLcctures. YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. JOHN B. GOUGH Will deliver his NEW LECTURE, entitled “CURIOSITY,” (Never before delivered in this city), On JFriaay Evenlnff.Nov. 33, CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, Commencing at 8 o’clock. Tickets 50 cents. Reserved scats 35 cents extra. Tte sale of Tickets and Reserved Seats will com* werce on Thursday morning at 9 o’clock, at the Ticket OQlccot Croshv’a Optra House- „ A. C. McCLUBG. Cor. Sec. Y. M. A- banking. CAVINGS BANK. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. THE MARINE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. Net Assets over 8300*000. Office In their Bnlldlntr, 131 Lafco-«t., cor. of LaSalle. Under special provisions of their charter, allow in* tercst on deposits In savings department,- and receive money In trust tor inveatcieat. Drafts on Europe boncht and »old.„ *j.Tosso sCamsION, President. Ronattr Rgp. Manager. glurtion Salts. wm. a. butters & co„ Auctioneers & Commlfsioii Hercfcant*, PALMER'S BLOCK. pW 44 A 40 RANDOLFB-ST. SATURDAY’S SALE. GOODS CAEPETB. STOVES, CRCCKERT, WINE IN-CASES AND BARRELS, Native trite. Stock of a DaguereotypUt, Atm Ac n at auction. On SATURDAY. Nor. «tb. at 9* o'clock, at Batter*’ Salesrooms, on Randolpn-ite, between SUtc-jl. and Wabash-ar. A pGTTERS A CO~ Anct’ra. ■pAWKBBOKER’fc: SALE. Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, Gass, a Tistol«, Opera Gla*»e*> Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Dry Goose, Fnre, &e., A.T AUCTION, By order Ol A LIPMAN, PAWNBROKER. On MONDAY, Nov. 26. at 9V o’clock, at Rotters' Sales rooms, In. Palmcr’aßloct.Sos. 44 and 46 Randolph- BT * ' mi. A. BUTTERS A CO* AttCfg. (JAA CASES BOOTS AND SHOES at Arcnos. On TUESDAY. Nov. 271 U, at 10 o’clock, at Batters Sales Rooms, in Palmer’s Block, 44 and 46 Ban dolpb ' St * WM. A. BUTTERS A CO, Auct’ra. GRIFFITHS & CO., Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, 192 South Cl ark-? t. Ail kinds ot Goods sold on com mission. Outside sales promptly attended to. Prompt returns made. Good references given. BY J, M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, 127 DEABBOBN-ST, SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FOEHITHEB, BOOTS, snoES, HITS, CAPS, Ac., ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, November Sd and 2ith. at 10 o’clock a. m. J. M. REYNOLDS. Auctioneer. fJ'HE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machine*. Corn Mills and Shafting, Wbod working Machinery. LANK St BODLEY, Comer ol John and Cincinnati. AppUMouro,dtttdpUTC machinery they need* jci*gw-w»» ffio lient-moUSES. rpo RENT—A first-class famished boose JL at Harlem, B miles from »he c ty, on the Galena BaUroad. Rent, SSO per month. Apartoflheowne£* fam Ur win board with the tenant. Apply lo JAMKd W. FCOVTLLE, Boom 13 Coart Honse. rpo RENT—House. Inquire immedi- JL ateJyat 469 West take-sc. or at TOUNO * BPKINGEB’S, 3 Metropolitan Block. Has 14 rooms, closets, pantries, water and ga». fTO KENT—Basement cottage, comer of A. todlaaa-av. and Thirty-second-st. Boom entirely new, with 10 rooms. Possession siren immediately. For terms, apply to ÜBS. 8. JENNINGS, 253 Sooth CUrk-st. TO RENT—A collage oC four rooms and pantry, to a small fcnuly, for sls per month, inquire at No. ;i-4 Alexander-»U west or Wentworth are., between Twenty-second and Twenty-thlrd-ate.. convenient to Archer-road car*. TO RENT—A yerv desirable house, at •600 ft year, acd the luminitefbr sale. Hot and com water is the noose, and a good bam on the premi ses. TbebooseisattoatedoQ&lsbteeQth-stMa&dwlib- In hair a minute*’ walk or the lodiana-ar. can and the Hyde lirlc train. Inoolre of MfEON L. PEASCE, 175 biale-tt. RENT—New house on Clarfe-st cars, near limits, rent $2: tenement, 6 room*, 515: building for maantActorlae narpcsca, with or without power. S. W. E£A, Lana Office, 114 Ad* ams-st. 'T'O RENT—A new two-story frame A build In e, 9 rooms, S closets. situated on the cor ner of Twcnty-KTenth and Stalc-sta. Rent cheap, In quire at the next door south. f*o KJSOT-By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 80 L WuMtigton-M., fcouso with luralttire, Ko. 2-17 jrtli Martet-flt. rpO RENT—II you want to rent, buy or _L sell a house, call at oar office. Some real bar* gaits oflerlng. UEOHGB 4 WILLIAMS, 7 South Clark-sc pO RENT—Two neat cottages on Jack- JLscn-rt- vest ot Horne. Bent $25 per month. Ap ly at Mrs. D. PRATT'S Intelligence office. No. 130 oath Clark-st. CPO RENT—A block of two-story frame A dvelUne*. entirely new, eight la number, ptoa*- antly situated on the North Side, near the horse n*l vat, between LaSalle and Wells-sts., on Buoaoo-*. The above dwe Ilturs will be rented at a lav once to suitable tenants. Apoly to JOHN SCANLAN, Boom 7. Masonic Temple, 87 Dearbrrn-st. TO RENT—Cottage House, famished or nufarnlshed,cora«r Llaeoln-av. and Ccntre-sts., on reasonable terms, to a small family with good reftr encca. Apply at 8118 North Fratudla-at. TO RENT—House, with twelve rooms and basement. In West Division, suitable for a prl* vate family or boarding bouse. Good locality, ten min utes’ walk from the Court House. Inquire at 181 Klnzle-st. ’ TO RENT—By Wm. D. Kerloot, 89 Bouses on the southwest comer Hubbard and Renbcn-tt. 3To Sent—Uooms. TO RENT—Three or four very pleasant monm, famished or unfurnished, on Wc«t Ilsn aoiph-sU suitable for a gentleman and with or single gentlemen. Location very pleasant. Address, with relcrcnccs, P. O. Box 2156. TO RENT—Rooms, m. tlicj building known as LUPa Hotel. 17 and If) b'ojth Wclls-at, im comer f>ontb ot Galena Depot. .The house has jeen newly fitted up and the room' are In excellent or der, and arc well adapted for offices or sleeping apart ments. Apply on the premitea. TO RENT—Furnished lodgings, with out board, single and doable rooms, with closets ai d tras. to gentlemen only, at 13 South Water-st. and ♦Aa UlcMcaa-aV. npo RENT—Two furnished rooms, with 1 convenience* for fire, to single gentlemen only. Apply at V.VA South State-su TO RENT—Two very pleasant unfur nished rooms, with board, at 7 South May-sl. References etebanged. TO RENT—bix moms, nearly new; three room?. }2; pantry and closet. three room?, f”, io advance. Inquire at 340 ureal of Kllzabeth-St. TO RENT—A lew pleasant front rooms in the old Board ol Trade Bniiome. South Water* st. Apply to O. EDWARDS, 20‘i South WaVei-st., to basement. TO RENT—Rooms, wiili or without board, at No. 90 South Jcifcnon-at.. near Madison. TO RENT—Two gentlemen can be ac commodated with a" very comfortable bod and room, with accommodations for Arc. Also, use of pur ler on Sundays. No. 10 Thlrdav. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at 178 CHuton-st.. between Adam"and.Tactejop-stg. STo TUnt-3tores, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—I 76 Wells-sf. A nice store, suitable for any respectable business. Apply at 134 South WeUs-at. TO RENT—Nos. 333 and 355 South Wdls-st. Large building, wlfh all machinery. In. quire at the battdlsp, troa 11 to 13 o’clock a. m. npo BENT—Furnished office, one of the I best locations In the city. Inquire of G. W. FEW & CO„ onicc 7 and S, Wicker’s Block, comer of south Water and statc-sta. TO RENT—One first-class store m a brick block on Clark, between Washington and Madiaen-sts. Also n store on Stalest, between Monroe and Adams, by BEES & ATBES, Room 10 Crosby’s Opera Hoose. TO KENT —Store, with. lease and fix* turns fbr sale, on Washlngwn-st,, near Dearborn. Atf«iressßoxl3lo. Boaflung, BOARDING —One furnished room, for two gentlemen, one suite of rooms, and one no* ruinlsbcd room, with board, can be obtained at 119 Wabash-av. HOARDING —A pleasant snite of Inr ll nlshed rooms, with board, suitable for a gentle* man and wife, or two single cent'emen, can be bad at the St. Cloud Douse. 11*2 and 114 South Franklin st-only two minutes’ walk from the Court Rouse. VINTON & UAVNES. "HOARDING—A good table and large Ij rooms at $4.00 a wees. Day board *3.00 a week. dODcarborn-st., North bide, within five minutes of the Court House. HOARDING— Tyro in a room, $4.00, ll single room, *5.00. Good table. Clean rooms. 223 and 223 Klnzie-sU near State-st. bridge. BOARDING— Plensmt looms, first -1 class board, with pood attendance, |5. and day hoard (4 ocr week, at tlio Belfast llouse, No. 15H Michlsao-st.. next door to corner North Clark. Board and lodging J2C, and day board fl 6 per month. B GARBING—One suite ot front rooms for gentleman and wife, two furnished rooms for four gentlemen. Address P. 0. Box Q'JIl). ..Mr. Williams .Mrs. Williams BOARDING —Three or four gentlemen can have board with pleasant rooms at 109 Thlrd-av. ■ T> GARBING —An mUurtushed front leva gentleman and wile, with board. Also, two single sent? can be accommodated. In a private family. 17G South Cllnton-st. TJOARDING—PIeasant rooms can be t> obtained at tISO southeast comer of Rush and Illinois-? t. BOARDING —On North Side, for two single gentlemen. In an English private family—6 o'clock dinners. Address *•£ D.” P. O. Box 10. BOARDING —A private family on Mkhlgan-av. will furnish pleasant rooms and board far one or two single gentlemen. Tho best of references given and required. Address P. 0. Box 597. Chicago. PI. - BOARDING— A icw gentlemen can tie accomtnocatcd with farrilsbed or unfurnished rooms, with board, at 7 Baal Bandolph-et*, on reason* ableteims- BOARDING— And no bridges to cross, cut He bad at 290* SUM, I. with pleaaaot rooms. TJ CARDING—At 8 Eldridge-conrt, one n Bulte of front rooms, with large closets and good board. TJOARDING—PIeasant rooms, with II board, may be found at 2J9 Mlchigan-st.. North Side, a short distance from £tate-st. bridge, very ac cessible to business placet. BOARDING— A gentleman and lady can be accommodated with Iront rooms and a pleasant borne for the winter. In a private family, at 14 North Grccn-st. References given and required. TJOARDING—Three splendid suites of |~l rooms, with beard, suitable lor gentlemen and their wives, at 455 West Monroe-st.; also, one single room. TJOADDING —Day boarders can find it Tj to their interest to call on 0. EDWARDS, 203 South Water-st. Please call and we far yourselves. Guard *5 per week. O. EDWARDS, Prop. BOARDING —Good hoard and pleasant rooms at Briggs House No. 2, SS Moaroa-sL, opposite the Post Ofllce. Also, day board. BOaKDING— One nice room, with srst ciass board, permanent or transient, sellable far a gentlemen and wlte, or single gentleman; also, one single room.ADPl vat -497 Mlchtgan-tU TJOARDING Gentlemen wishing |~> mod board in a private family, (oaioon, can find mch at IW9 Illlnols-sL, two blocks from Sfate-sL bridge. BOARDING— A low gentlemen can be accommodated with hoarjat 42 East Adama-st. B = OAKr)r? :G—A - lormshcd room, suiw* tile tor two gentlemen, at ‘jr Rmh-sf. BOARDING— To rent, with board, at 233 Illinois-st.. half of a neatly and comfbnablf furnished chamber, with are, gas, etc. Beftrenee* ox* changed. TSOARDING —A large front room, or II suite of rooms, suitable for gentleman and wife; ai-o, single room.*, with first-class board, at £-14 Wa bash-av. Ucterences required. auction Sales. iO II.EEUT & BAURSON, \JX GENERAL AUCTIONEER®, VALUABLE COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS By Catalogues AT AUCTION. From the well-known gallery of Mr. F. GADRTLE WITZ, of Philadelphia. On the evenings ot THURSDAY and FRIDAY. Nov. ‘.KrtardJJd. at TW o’clock, we shall a*-U at oar Boom. 47 Dearbora-su 150 specimens. by modern tnwhM artists. Ajnong the distinguished names are the fol low Snij: W.L.Sonntac.P*ul Weber, J. Willson, ILFracncan, rontlccUlVertnnnLEd. Moran, C, Rielshod, b. Walter. W. Sheridan Young, p. Kothemci, Jss, Hamilton, O. W. Nicholson, J. Horrent, moe. Moran. LeouJuUlard, Thos. Birch. B.Borae. A. Cortez. C. bchnsaele, S.B. Waugh, T. H. hmUb, Otto be turner. A. Walk A. Van Severdcnk, and other nrominent artists of New York. Philadel phia aid Boston, consisting to most of Views from Nature. Cattle. Game. Gmo* and Figures, Marine View*. Flower and Fruit Piece*. Landscapes, 4c. 1-elng the trosl valuable and choice collection of Paint ings ever offered tor sale in this city. ALL LOVKES OP FINE ORIGINAL PICTURES are respectfully invited. The pa'lerr will be open for eihlbiuon on ilorusay evening, with catalogues, and continue open Uime Auctioneers. /-> ILBEKT t SAMPSON, __ tj GESEBAE iOCTIOSEEBS. SALESROOMS 47 * 49 DEABBORN-ST* Chicago,lU. Oar personal attention given to sale* ot Household Furniture, at dwellings or at our Auction Booms. Panic? wishing to buy or sell will find uto their In terestto call on nr. bnperlor New and Second-hand BOVSEflOlin fcbnitfre, PIANO-FORTE, CARprrS, CROCKERY, BXO\ bS &C, AT AUCTION, At our salesrooms, 4.51 Dcarbora-et.. on FRIDAY, November SW at 9m o’clock-, consisting of a gen eral assortment of Parlor, Chamber and Otmng Room Furniture. &c~, several new and elegant oil Wal nut Chamber Sets, and Parlor Suite?, a nombcr ol new an" second-hand mussels, tnree-ply. lugrsltt and Enc tßh Felt Carpets, Crockfry, Stoves Ac.; together with a central assortment ol household goods. \Uo. i Rosewood-Cose Piano-Forte. 4CO, t UILDEBT 4 SAMPSON. Auctioneers. OFECIAL SALE J!'OH THE LADIES, O By GILBERT A SAMPSON, ot An Elegant Stock of Rich Rrv Rooila, Hosie ry) Linen and Drmo Goods, AT AUCTION, ™£’fenrti Popllfi-S w 3: goods an afl beah, ana ot tne ftylM tapwa.. ‘ &cal Estatr-cntu. ntFBOTEDi T?OR SALE—We will sell three booses J? Bad lot*. and take part In monthly payments, tor about what they rent lor. Wo will exchange a first* clast mill tor a good fiwro ov city property, at about what it has earned the last year. A Brest quantity of pro pert/ for sale, of ail descriptions. Improved ana no* unproved. Good short time cosiness paper discount ed. lone time mortgage paper bought. SIN CLAIR ft TOMPKINS, Boom 8> Masonic Temple. F)R SALE—We have a finely located business lot, corner Mlchlgan-ar. and ftiver-sL, A jioo per foot, li sold soon. Also a of two Dries store* on North Bide, tor $13,000 each, and two lou on Clark-st. between Hirer and North Water -st- at $173 per loot. BEES&ATBES, Boom 10 Crosby’s Opera Bocae. P)R SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 80 Washlt cl ou-6t.—A 3 K-slory new cottage, contain- Ine Grooms, now renting tor $a per month. Posses* elon given May Ist, ISfT. J?OR aALE—Two-story house, with 8 1 rooms. 4 closets, hall, tatluoom and pantry, finish- In the best ol style, ami lot 35x123. at 7*43 Carroll st, possession to be giver Ist May. 1857. This Is a rare opportunity tor prootable investment. Inquire on the premises. FOR SALE—OrTo Rent—House and lot, Ko. 644 Wabaab-av. Inquire at the house. FOR SALE—Cheap—A new two-story frame bouse, of eleven rooms, hot and cold wa ter, two marble mantels, &c- and lot 84 and IS feet, Ho. 4 8 South Anu->-t« near Waanlngtou. THOMAS Xi. SNVDKB ft CO., Beal Estate Agents, No. 4 Metro polttan Block. FOK SALE— Two flirt dasa two-story and basement brick booses, containing thirteen rooms android water bath rooms, marble mantels, bells, 4c., and lots on West Adams-st., front ing Jefferson Part, immediate pos-esslon given. THOMAS n. SNYDER & CO., Real Estate Agents, Ho. 4 Metropolitan Block. f'OR SALE—A new two-story house. and let, Ir Chicago, or will exchange tor a small store. The country prcierred. Address, tor one week, •*j M H,” 106 Iwentv-alnth-at, I? OR SALE—It you want to buy, sell op 1 rent a bouse, call at our office and see a large as aortment. GEORGE 4 WILLIAMS, 7 South Ciars-st. £OR BALE—By Wm. D. Kertoot, 8D Wasblcctoc-et.—i beautiful little cottage, 3S <c, at a very great bargain. Price, H.M. £OR SALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 89 Washmgiot-st.—house and lot, 130 Nonh k-st. Price, $6,00. • FSR SALE— Bv Wm. D. Kerfoot, 89 Wasblngton-st.-'-’fwo bouses on near*UieenUwt. Price. $3,500 with furniture—|G,soO wlthouc FO H SALK—New two*stoiy house, brick basement, and lot, on Peoria-st.. near Van Barer su, it room?, closets, pantries, oath room, all moJcm improvements. Price. SG.OuO. Call at premises. F)R bALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 89 Washlngton-st.—^i »o brick booses on West Lake, near iTorta. Price, $7.500 each. 170 R SALE— Forty feet on Wabash-av., ? with house ol li rooms, near Hurrboa-st. Terms easy. Apply at 135 South Qreen-st, ITOR »ALE—Michigan-av. residence, X? north ot Congrcss-ot- one of the best on the are* uoe, with good trick barr, dc. The furniture will also be sold If desired, and Immolate pass-salon clvcn. 11. C- MOREV d: CO- Real Estate Broker?, S Mcuopoll- Biock. I7OR bALE—Desirable house and Jot on r Waha-h-ave., near Twe!flh-st- well located, has il rooms wlih large closets. Will be sold on easy terms by WARREN dc GOODRICH. Real Estate Brokers, 135 Dearborn*!., Room a. UISIIOPiSOVED. T7*OR SALE—On Monroe-st, between f Wells and Franklin, a large 10t,9Cx200 fret, 113.0J0. A. J- AYERELL, Real Estate Office No. 7 Metropdl tan Block. IT 1 OR SALE —Fifty toot lot on La halie r’ st., between Monrot* and Madison-sts. Aho lot tCOKs.-tVan Burec-st- near the Great Depot. Also N 0.70 East Monroe-*t, and No. 93 North Wdl*-st, Also a choice resident at Union Parc, nearly flnisned. Also to rent. No. 3)4 West Randolph-*!. E. 11. CUM MINGS, Room 19, No. 132 South Clark-st. F)R SALE—By William D. Kerfoot, h 9 feet on Peoria near Madl son-M.; CO feel on Warren, mar Hoync: 7l.vir> fo-t on Maduon, corner Reuben; £0 feet on Lake, near Hoync; 25 feet on Fultoe, near lloyne; 25 teet on Walnut, near Home; 100 feet on Harri-ou,near Lcavlct: GO feet on North LaSalle, near Clilcago-ar.; 10t feet on Cass, near Chlcnpo-av.; 25feet on Jllchiga", near State: 10 feet on southeast corner Ohio and Lasalle. Also very desir able mldencc prop* ny la all parts of the city. FOR SALE—By A. R. Wing & Co. t Real Estate Office, S 3 WasWagton-st- Rooms 1 anti 3. 50 f- et by ICO. on North Whitest- near LaSalle. 50 feet by 1(2, on Calomet-ar- near Tweuty-thlrrt-st. 75 feet by ITO. on State-st- near Thirteenth, with tm nrovpmeniP. _ too feet by 110, on Cottage-place, corner Thlrty-flrst-st. 10 lota on Pralrle-av- near Thirty-third st. ISloUon Catherine. Mitchell and Hcnry-st?., near Blue Island-av. 40 leet on Pralrie-av.. near Sixteenth-st. tramc house on North Ad vet., near Lake. Two-etory new tramp house, near Union-park. EOR SALE—A lot on South Clark-st., near Fourteenth-st., (7x2)0, >4.200. 15C fbet, corner Ol Wood and Adams-st- H. C. MOREY & CO., Kcal Estate Brokers, S Metropolitan Block. T?OU SALE—By W. D. Kerloot, 89 r Wasl lngton-«t- 90 teet on the northeast corner of Griswold and vanlioren-Bts., and 40 fbet on Washing ton-at, near Wells. T?OR SALE—By W. D. Kerfoot, 89 F Washlngton-st, 25 feet on corner Kankakee-avc. and Twentt -tourth-sc., and SCO tcct on Twcnty-mnlh-st corner Pralrle-ave. T?OR SALE—By W. D. Kerfoot, 89 E Watblngton-st. 23 feet on Clark-st- near Archer rdttd. and 50 feet on State-st- comer Twenty-filth. Ixcal 35statc-(gountn). T7OR SALE—A Good Home Farm—One Ju of the lyst and most desirable Improved farms of Us sire In this State, or perhaps la the west, is oilcred far sale at less tnan its real value. Situated in Central Un cols, on the Chicago Branch ot the Illinois central Rail road, V of a mile from the thriving town of Farina: consisting ot 240 acres,' 200 ot which Is high rolling rich prairie land, and 40 ot timbered land, some 2 miles on. A detailed description of all Its merits would be too Jong for an advertisement. Therelorc sulllce it to say that for wheat grow ins, fruit culture and stock raising combined, it Is hard to find Us equal anywhere, being high and tolling; rich, ftcsU soil; good, never-falling stock water (In which are some good-sized ush); largo shade grove for catce and sheep; good Well water: perfectly healthy t'cood neighborhoodt easy access to Chicago, St. Louis and Cairo markets: mild climate, short winters; and droughts rarely occur—none the lost eight years; in a wore, tt must be seen to be ap preciated. And any person wanting » pood, pleasant and profitable Ihrm home at less titan its value will consult their uwu best interest by examining this. Foil particular*, with diagram, will be soat to any per son wantlxg to buy, by applying to the undersigned, enclosing two red stamps. Ail nnder good tence, 1>)0 acres turner cultivatin', young orchard, and about 70 acres in wheat. The first man who examines it and wants a good tarm, and Is able to pay for it. will buy It at the price. Frame house, 26x36 teet. Title pettect Possession at any time. Price. $35 per acre. N. COONLB, Farina, Fayette Co- HI. TTOR SALE—Or Exchange—lol-2 acres JT .partly nndcr cultivation, frame house with four rooms, nod good tarn, ijf miles north of Evanston, fronting on the Rlcge Road. and bavins; a fine building site overlooking the lake. Land excellent for farming and gardening purposes. Will sell cheap, or exchange for cliv property, or land nearer the city. J. B. VACO 11 AN*. No. 94 Dearbom-sU, Room 4 Fullerton Block. ; t?OR SALE—An improved farm, all id r a high state ot cultivation, located adjacent to. and part covered by the town ot Buckley, containing 190 acres. The Improvements arcs good boose, bam, carriage house, hearing orchard, 30 acres In tame eras?. Thlsl? one of the best Improved and mnd desirable iarme In this region. A large number ot town Pita re main unsold on'thls farm. Price $45 per acre. Address JOHN A. KOPLiN, Real Estate Agent, Bnckley, Iro quois County, Illinois. I7*OR SALE—A fine country residence JC and fruit garden nt Harlem, eight miles Croln the city, containing fbrty acres, twenty acres m timber, twenty acres in garden, now In lull bearing ol the choicest fruit* adapted to the West. Good cottage bonsc offlre rooms,with good cellar; two excellent wells of water, large barn, tool house. Ice home. 1,000 cherrf.SCO pear ue*s,C,tt» currant*. l,W> cooa.-bjmc*, one aero Lawton blackocrrie?, a grapery 200 feel long, built of the brat material, and filled with the CKOlcest kind of Exotic grapes. In foil bearing, being five year* old. A picket tfeuco surrounds the whole garden. 6«f fecthlgh. train tops directly oppo site garden, within time m nates’ walk, and twenty-five minutes ride to Chicago. First-class s>- dety. Good school, and onc-balf mile from the Epis copal church now being erected. For particulars ap ply to JOHN LTLERINQ, Attorney at Law, No. 76 Deatfrom>st., Chicago. F)R SALE—Farm—One of the best larms lu the State, consisting ofi,flS3 acres, 35 mile* from the city, on Bock Island Railroad. Two stations only two miles distant from centre of farm: SO acres original oak. hickory and maple Umber, never cut: SOU acre* bine grass pasture: 400 on timothy and clover; balance under Ullage. Hickory Creek and State Road run through the entire farm; all well fenced; never falling water; brick boose,lt rooms: 4 large tenant houses ; 7 barns for catlle, carriages and bay. and lee house; 750 tons timothy and clover hay now «.n land; 3 apple orchards, good garden and abun dance of small trull— all in flr*t i ate order. PpyoMjon given a; any Ume. Price 8IO.0W); cash. 820.000. balance on easy terms. For further particulars apply to THOMAS PARKER. No. 2 51elhodjstJUock. iausinces ffiljanccs. TPOR SALE—Or to Kent—A Karo L 1 Chance—A steam soap factory lu complete order. Inqnlrc at 40 Pearce-st.. West Fide. 17 OH SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures ol a grocery store, doing a good business. Apply at 345 feme-st. TrOB SALE—Big Thing—Lease, fixtures P $5,000 stock ot one ot the oldest and most roc copfftl cl,-.thins stands tn the Northwest, at Lyons. lowa. This place Is c-ce of the largest cram depots In the \36 milts west of Chicago. *ad oa the Mississippi River. Stock now consist* in amount of about SIB,OOO worth ot clothing, piece goods, merchant tailors* trimmings ard tartUhlr.g goods. Reason nr out, the undersigned Intends g -lag Into a whole sale business. For further lt> formation. adrtrv's IsAAC '• *RASK.Ly onflow a. or JACOB U.rBAAK,IS3 »»•-- , - Chicago, lIL Randolph**-, . TT'OE SAL&-TIIO fU'v- and fixtures ol r a retail grocery More. Bent low. or particulars Inquire at 30l South Caaatet. TTOR SAIE—In this city, a planmi mill, X? with 50-hone power cuffine and Tnschln* , ry, all in ~ood order. In a fi>t-rat» location. For further par ticulars. address Post Office Box 775. FSR SALE—Pork bona;, fixtures, &C., &c.: 3 large lard kettles, 10.« and 5 threes each: 3 tin and zinc eoolttfl l oil pre« (new), capacity p tierces; Hard prc«a and fixtures. TOls woperty u nearly new and in flrst-rate order, and will bo sold at a baroain. Also, the building, being centrally locatal. on the Sonin tide, will be rented untill the Ist oi May »t a lair rent. Address P. O. Box 5819. T7OR SALE—Leased a very rcspecta r We bairdlneAfUMvailoon and blllUrd ball, alma — 'M© SonJrC*n*l-*t. Apply on the premises ted at <>4o TTOE SALE—Cheap—The stock and fix r tores of a grocery and liquor store. Satisfactory reasons lor selling oat. Llghirent. 109 Blue Island* rpOR SALE—Very Cheap—A Tobacco f Factory,with Pease's rnttlnff Machine. Pos*es- Bion given lo » short time. Address P. O. Box 1724. F)R SALE—Stock and fixtures, con smtagof DryGrodMnan excellent location—a rare chance for a man with a saall capital. Call at 4tgly Archer road. Bridgeport. F)R SALE—Or exchange lor Chicago store or property—Assorted stock of dry jjrocerlM, crockery. dc~2-»tory brick storfc2«*story dwelling. 2 lots, and lease of lot for 13 years, Ww wine slants, 4.COC canons wine. Address 2*. A. EATO>, Waterloo City, DeKalb Co- Ind. Fob SALE—a Drug Store—A good chance for a drngetit with a small capital—Sitn ated In thf thriving .town of Slgel. Shuhy CO, Stats of Illinois. This Is a good opening lor a person . q ? d n er ~ standing the German laneoaee. . Stocfc on band, non *l,lOO ft. «,COO. Address T. G. FROST, Slgd (Hooker Pest Office). For reference. Post & Badcao, IS. Lakc-st., Chicago. T?OR SALE—G. \\ r . Few & Co., Offices J 7 * and 8 Walter's Block, corner ol South Wawr andSttte-ste..are offeringindaeementainid«c Mores, restaurants. saloons, crocery f and ha\e for sale some of th-best bnilnres stands la the city. Parties locbln e will please give us a calL FOR SALE— Tito saloons and one boardln-' honse; has soon. Apply to PAESOAU. * dMITH. I*9 bOOUI Clark-st., ileotn 11. F)E SALE—At Auction— Puotograph er'l *tort: and fixtures, bondsem* pictures and /«• inirf7ch»ir*.*c«a< 102 aul 12-4 So“ata C:trt4u Saturday. Sot. 2UC, 13C6, at 3 o’clocs p. tB« T7QE s&T-F.—A tirst-dass saloon and H nrtr&uboarclsc bouse wHI be sold for half Us A’ni? if applied fur sooe. as toe owner U otlUc-1 to S™ IM ear- ITta. «*». Address “B G ft" Iri httEo otfirc. FOR SALE —Saloon and restaurant, one of the best locutions la the city, doln; a first-class tuMUfsa. will be »old at a barpiln, »s the present orlclcr is chat cine business. <i. Vi. VKw i CO. Of acta 7 and P* "Wicker’s Block, comer of South Wa*er and Ststosta. FOK SALE—First-class restaurant, the best location In the city, an old established stand, bnstatM tocrestlcp ctctt day. now dotuefrotn 5L»3 to O. 'V. FEW * CO* Ofilcw 7 and S Wicker’s Plocr. torncr </ Booth Water and State-sts. Stragen ana Stolen. OTOLEX—From Xo. 63 West lake-st., O on Tuesday etemDj»about9 o’clock, a Newfoaai land pup, whit* tip on toe tail aod white spot pa ton breast, navies on brass cohar, with Initials and num ber or residence. Anv perron gUloi tolornation of Lis whereahcnts will Ob handsomely rewarded. OTBATED—From 37 Michigan av., a O Bod Cow: ooe torn hro»««i, 13f ,S? to wlu «• cclrn are doUirs reward. J. HALLOBAh. 2L23anttb-.pial« jgclp. BOOSKEEPEBSt &USBSISH, fte. TX7ANTBD—A young man about 13 yi years of ate. to write in an Ibsbtuboj office. &ltt*t be a good naunan, and hare good references. Address Poet OtSce Drawer 6397* WANTED— Two salesmen logo in ine country. Those accustomed to the business pro* [erred. COVKBT ft CO- 849 Sooth Oark-at, TT7 ANTED —A yonng man to make VV himself generally nseiul about the house, and collect. Good reference reooirea. Apply at the boor at u o’clock a. at 21l Wabaah-vr. XBASES. T\7 ANIED lnsurance Solicitors. 1 VV ... want three experienced Insurant Caavawer-i, and will civ*- literal comnensatioo* Apply m person, toG.D.BEEtiE, eßuawh-st. \\T ANTED—A rood Tinner. Apply V > at, HIBBARD ft SfESCEgS. 8k lAkfrrt* TX/’ANTED —A good pattern maker, at \V 80. 57 North Frankila-st. "TXT ANTED—Two firat-claas Turners, to VV whom the highest wages win b« p or particulars. It quire at Boom 3 Lind’s Blocs, Baa* dolph-at. bridge. TTTANTED—Six good carpenters. Ap- VV ply at 33 Washington, between Wabash-av and Stalest. ffiSanteh-dFrinale illclp. BOUSE SERVANTS. X\7ANTED—A fust-class cook, at a VV large boarding bouse. Apply at No. 366 Ohio- TTTANTED—A good girl that under- VV stands cooking, washing and ironing. Must be seat and tidy. No Irish need apply. Call at 310 West Laie-st. TXT ANTED—A good girl that can cook, VV wash and Iron, lu a private fhrully. Good wages will be paid to one that can come well recommended. Call at H 4 Third-av. Va/ANTED —per week will he paid V » for a good cook, washer and ironer, at 393 Oa stario-et- TTTANTED—In a private tamily, a wo- V Y man to do cooking, washing and ironing. A capable woman can secure first-class wages by apply. ire at 471 Wabash-av. TTTANTED —A housekeeper, American. VV One competent to take the toll charge and do the gtnernl housework tor a small family. References given. Address -A B C.” Tnbine office. TTTANTED —An experienced girl to VY cook, wash and Iron. Inquire at 902 Prairie av., wlih rciexenccs. TTTANTED—Good, able cirls, immedi \\ Stely, at SIRS. WHITTAKER’S Intelligence Office, 2*G corner of LaSalle-et. TXTANTED—A mrl to do general house r V *Ol k. in a (amlly where the work is light- Most have city references, Apply at ill! North Dcaiborn iV, near Ohio. TXT ANTED—At 4do West Wash'mgton- V V st., n clrl to do central housework for a small lamtly. No It tab ne?d apply. XV’*ANTED—A good cook—German or V » Norwegian -at 935 ladlaca-av. TXT ANTED —A cood lady cook, with V T good reterenc?*. at 131 Clarn-iU, np states. TXT AN TED— A girl to cook, wash and V\ Iron. Ore who can come writ will Cod a grortMtaatlon by applying at 39 Plne-st., comrr of Indiana. TXT ANTED—A girl to do chamber \ \ work and to take care of children. Apply at 63 Aberdecn-at- c racr West Adams-et. TXTANTED—A copa girl, who under- V i »Uid« cooking, can secure a permanent place by applying at No. 333 Illlnols-st- early this morning. Emplomucnt agencies. TXT ANTED—SOO experienced Railroad VV Graders (Irishmen preferred), to work on the grading of the Ceaar Rapid? «; Miesonrt River Rail road, in Western, lowa. tVases f 1.73 per day. Board MAO ;>cr week. Transportation from Chicago to the work tarnished are, by P. B. WEARE 4 CO- tl>i south Watcr-st. W. Yv. WALKER, Vice President aul Chief Engineer. TXT ANTED—I,OOO men to go South ; VV wag's >45 to >SO a month and board, 50 track layers end etrlk-re, >3.50 a day; 500 railroad laborers, >2 a day- Apply at 155 Clark-at- Room 5. TXT ANTED—3.OOO. men to go South, V V wages. sls to >SO a month and board: SO wtxxl choppers for Michigan, railroad bonds and men for the pinery. Apply ai 100 Madlson-st- Room 4- TXT ANTED—This Day—so men for the V V pineries, 155 wood-choppers. 3JO railroad bauds at $1.75 to >2.50 per day (tree transportation),3JQ labor, ere at $1.73 perday all winter, 45 ship carpenters 1.000 men to work South. Apply early, at Room 3 Lmd’s Block. Randolph-et. bridge.. TXTANTED —Bookkeepers, clerks, sales- VV men, porters, drivers, bartenders, firemen, brskremen. mechanic*, laborers, canvassers, one man with >IM to S3OO caplinL and all wishing situations to apply at ESIH.OTSfEST AGENCY, S-t RooniS. AppUcnntsbrmatlencloselOcenM. VTTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, X VV collector, 3 brakeracn, 3 firemen. I-porter, 2 drivers.4agents.3enlryclett9,a conductor*. Apply at 134 Dcatboro-st- Room '2. TXT ANTED—Toungmen m the country V V wishing to obtain situations, such as bookkeep ers, clerk?, collectors, salesmen, conductors, express men. &c- *c- to apply at Room 13 Fnllerton Block, 9 - Pearbom-st- or ad trets J. M. MOORE .t CO- Box 1707, enclosing tec cents fbr 101 l particulars. TXT ANTED—Tonng men in the conntiy VV wishing to obtain situations, such er*, salesmen, clerks, brakemen. fircaien, drivers. &c- AC-to apply at or address 134 Dearborn-st. Room •». Applicants by malt enclose ten cents lor fall par ticulsre. Box 2040, TXTANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 - VV laWmen, 1 conductor.obrakemon, 1 firemen, 1 porter, sdrivere, 2 expreramcn. Aoplyat R~om 13. Fullerton Block. 92 Dearborn-st. Applicants br mall a.idrca* J. 51. MOORS & CO., Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents lor reply. TXTANTED—Men seeking employment VV to apply to PABSHALL « SMITIt. 12S South Clark st.. Room 11. and securegoodpaylngsltu atlons. Applicants by mail enclose two stamps (br re ply- TXTANTED —35 men tor railroads, to go VV this day, transportation free, wages $1.75 to >3 per day: also, wood choppers, pinery men, and men to go South. No* ta the tlm« to get work. Apply to MARSHALL & SMITH, 12S Booth Clark-sh, Boom 2L23 antch-jatecrtlauMus. "IVT ANTED—Enow Thyself—All per- V V sots, young or old, who wlsti to have their nisi, present and future clearly revealed, call on-MADAM CARLISLE, at 318 Sooth Clark-st.. np stairs. TXT ANTED—A first-class builder ■wishes V V to contract lor. to build and finish completely, a house- Address “BUILDER.” P. O. Box 2. Chicago. \\T ANTED—'To buy a house of seven VV or eight room*. In a pleasant location. Immedi ate possession required. Impure at 123 North Wells st. No real estate agent need apply. TXTANTED —To Buy—An alcohol dls \V tlllcry, wlthcapacltvof not less than twenty barrel*. Address P. O. iiox 1647. Chicago, lIL TXT ANTED —Everybody, old and V V young, male and temiie, to call on MADAME A. DUAL, the greatest Fortune Teller known. She will astonish von with Revelations—Fast, Present ted Fotnrc. 393 Booth Clarte-st. TXTANTED—Storace for 100 brls. crude VV oil. Address “OlL^Ttlbnceoffice. TXTANTED—A Linen Collar establish* V V ment to Troy, N.T„dalPC* to correspond with some responsible party dciog business in Chicago, with a view to secure a permanent depot for their goods, either an commission or as agent*. Address LINEN COLLAR, Box 210. Troy. N.T. "TIT ANTED—Money—s2so. I -will V V board a man fbr the use of it §l* months. Good security given tor the tnondy. Location, west Slue. Address “LG 8.” Tribone omco. TXTANTED —Single or double sleigh, VV Stock merchandise, houses on leased gronnd, 4c. 8. W. SKA, Beal Estate and Merchandise Broker, 114 Acams-st. * TXTANTED—The advertiser wants to \ V Invest 86,000 In the purchase of a well establish ed, paring bn-lnct*. No other need apply. Correspon dence strictly confidential. Address “A BC, P. O. Box 109. • ____ TXTANTED —To purchase, a house and VV lot on Wabash or Mlohlg-uj-av.. north ol Twclfth-st, Address P. O. Box 16IS, Chicago, giving price and a fall description of the property. Noimbg but good bargains need be otlered. TXTANTED—SI,OOO lor one year, in a VV good paying bnstnc?». Will give good and the bm cf rewrenees. Please address “M O M, Tribune ofllce, and state where an interview can be had- TXTANTED—A man in each county in VV iniaol*. who wants tt> make money fiwt. Ihe hut thing ever offered to live basinet men. J2S rfcrLC.DROWN & C 9. _ TXTANTED—Twenty more pood can- VV Tasscrsfcr Haretia’s Weather Strip, la l'??*- ConnW. Wages from $3 to ?s rer day for laccaaalcs. ItlSLaSe-st. A. 0, CHOWS & CO. \\T ANTED—Salesmen, with a capital v V of s£o, to take a liberal interest In a business tiit la now paying 340 bto &00 per mcoth. Apply at OQ or address F. O. Pox 33oarh ffiSKantch. P) OARD—Within lire m mutes walk of > Lafce-sr. brldrre. on the TFest Side, by a srcnllefflaa and wife rt nulex habits. Best oi references gttca, Ad dress •* W Y,** Tribune office. BOARD —Wanted A gentleman and Wilis dc*lre board lo a private Tamil*, where tin comfoiMof a home tray be enjoyed. A family belonß ineto or attcodlr s one of the Congresatloiial Churches, nreferred. Terms moat be moder*!eu Address, status affQTPip»d»OoD3 md terms, ** 31 J« w Tribooc oSicg. TJOAKD—Wanted—A well lurnislied i) front room, with board, by ft gentleman wjd wire. Mort be on the Korth Side, between Clar* Rnsb, and mmols &nd guperior-sa. Addma “EE," Box 2-i44, Chicago, BOARD— Wanted—By two respectable Tonne men. in ft private family, within ten tnln* men' walk ol the court Douse. Deferences given. Ad dress Ecx ‘2 , JOg. _ tootses, erarriageg, &c. CT PAIR of W, strong Woik Horses for i) rale, at BURLAP* S Stifle, corner of State and _ Twenty- T?IVI CHEAP HORSES, fonr top bog cteftt one open bncey. two sew of tloaie«s. robes, for sale. Can bo seen at 45-4 Stalest. - BEST FAMILY HOfiSE inCbica -1 gc. for sale. C. J. ADAMS, comer Adams and Casal-ste. . A GOOD FAMILY HORSE, six years cM, every waj right, and a good roadster, tor sate: alto, top bogey and harness, If dulred, at 40 J North LaS-i!le-»t. JACOB KELLY. fHannnfrs. FOR sat.t.— engines and toilets ot best make, trim new Improvements. Two 8. two IP, and two 12-horse power, wltli or wlthon, Dolicw. New. complete anil iaoroncht}'*ntade enema and noil* era furnished to cider. Also, taw mUis, barrel and wood-irorKlns machinery. Iron planers, belUag. tars, at Machinery Depot,! So. #32 Dearbors-ts. GBEEXt.EE PHOa. & CO. FOE SALE—a. N. Wood & Co.’s port able cosines, from 4 to 12-horse powers; one S-horse power, on wneels, suitable for thrahltu*. to quire or A. S. WOOU, at the bherman Hoose- AJ>o. one 5-horse power. Beo-nd-hand. to sood runatoaot der. Can be seen In operation at the Chicago Easr torr. 130 booth 'VTater-at, toquireof liters. taAr MAN. oo the premlw. or A. >. WOOD, ns above. TTNGINE WANTED—a second-hand Hi Po-ginn iPd Boiler, suitable tot a saw-mill. T. *>• BASEK. 124 Bandolph-st. : 1— ilost ang -jpounb. LOST— A Bed Cow, white snots, white befly and white hips, about 9 ASfVito & &udcr crwUlpleasemtnmherto Stock Yards, or sent! word to Box 23-J» caicago. LOST— A Pocket-Book containing §lOl. The finder will Please leave thcsaroc at oner, as u belongs to a poor woman, aad U all toe money she has to the woild. T OST—Or Stolen—A larse Newfomd- JL ted Doc. was while on ? “fiSfSSSnwSS:wmfiweu paid. TTOBKD—A Portemonnale containing a JC Btntllsumoimoney. Callal2opi-ike-8U prove property* aadpsywr WTcrtisiaif. W.M.UOBTOJI. g>Uuaiton?i ®aaniw=ißalfo BOOKKEEPEBSi 9UZ9SfXS* *<• SITUATION— Wanted —As astislant bookkeeper or (siennas, in a wholesale or roan crceery bouse. Have tad two years* experience. Good reference*. Address **& W,** 91 Lasc-at. CITUATION—Wanted—In a wholesale lo house, H bookkeeper oraa»'«taat. bywnjsawho win oskeniaself genrrsuy nsctoi. Is a eompctcaa maa,Brodrefi<Ten(ea, anJ not afraid of week. Haa had some exwtnxeia lbs drag trade. Adf2T«»“W PB.” 18a Uandoipb-at. . CITUATION—Wanted—Bv a thorcojgh lO business man, in some whohaale*boaie. Is now In the; commission trade. Baa had ten years -xperimetr In Importing and commission besmess is general, sad Is felly conversant with throe Uncage*. Unoxcep tlooable references given. Adores* “0.” Bos 1888. SITUATION’— Wanted—By a young man of good qualification'. Win worka weeh no trial. Can fnrehh good city references. Address “H. CM.”496Statc-6t. CmjATlON—Wanted— By a first-class _ O mechanical engineer, as draughtsman or aauorm- ■* tending engineer. Address *‘J S E.” Tribune office. SITUATION —Wanted—As cutter, in go roe Srgt-cli«s boose, la some country town or city- Best of references given from one of the best merchant tailoring houses in Chicago. Address u £.’* Tribune otßce. ~ OXTDATION—Wanted A practical O ptvslcian ot eight vears’ experience, and late Act ing AsAaiant Surgeon, tT. S. Ah u desirous ol connect. lug Mmsetr with Mine aret-ciasw drug hou«e. Perms* ntnt situation more of an obket than salary. Address ”C W g,” Trthnce office. SITUATION—’Wanted—Bv a practical O Gardener, a married man. (English): understands hot anil cold graperies, pot culture; coaid manage and take charge ol large irult and nursery gardens or would wers a place on ritares. could command a lares trade in the West In the fruit and tree business. No objection to go Sooth. Direct GARDENER, P. O. Box QITUATION—Wanted —Bv a young O man, In a store. ITtsbecn la the wholesale har£ ware business. No objeeflou to going out ot tne city. Address, tor three days. ■* R H S.” irtbupc office. SITUATION—’Wanted —By a voung O married roan, as sardraer. who Is willing V> taka care of-horse*. Jnst ont trom England. Address GARDENER, Tribune office. 7EEULEB. CITUATION—Wanted—By an experi- O enccd middle-aged woman, to tage the general su perintendence of a boardinghouse, or to moke herself generally usenxl in a private family. Kcft-rences ex changed. Address or apply to Mre. >, B.” ga? CITUATIONS—Wanted Two young O ladles desire situations as scamstre*-cs, or as rom- E anions in some Sind and respectable families. A home i the most important to ns. Best ol reference. Ad dress ”C E Q. ,r CITTTATION—Wanted—By a young KT ladv well experienced In dressmaking. Cmrua all kinds ot sewing machines. Address Mis ‘F. HON E, Post Office. ' SITUATION —Wanted—A resectable O yonng woman (Tom the East, wlsbe* a pta--c in a private tarnllr. as cook. Can be seen for two da vs. at llSWe»t Folkst. ' N agents Jtlantrb. AGENTS —Wanted—BnobAcent?,Take FLE7E uTWCnr OF THE LATE CIVIL WAK. w hlch yen caa sell at $2.50. Spicna: dir lllusiran-d anti bound n decant stvie. We have Just the book that is wanted. Its low price civa* uan advantage over all other*, and we oiler such Inducements that alt who are active and energetic ran make Inm >tM to >3 0 per month. Call on or addrc«- QUAKER CITY* PUR LIbHLS'G HOUSE, 927 &aaaom->U. Philadelphia, pa A GENTb—Wanted—sloO per month, _Tjl. everywhere, male and female, to sell the GENU INE COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEWING MACHINE, the greatest invention of the age. Price >l3. Kv>-rv Machine warranted tire e years. Address SECOMBi CO- Cleveland. Ohio. A GENTS—Wonted—s2oo per month— JrV male and ftmale. to sell the B-iKTLETT SEW ING SIACHINE— Hiebretcheap mactine made. Ad dress W. DELOSS & CO- No. 16S Dearborn st- Chi cago. IH. A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced book jTjL and engraving canvassers, to whom a large *al arv or rommls-don will he raid. Address CHARLES BtLL. 132 Sooth Clark-st- Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted—To sell CHRIST BLESSING CHILDREN, Sermon ctl the Mount, and Tt e Great Command; also, 5.0C0 other kln*U ot en fravtngs; al«». 40 dltTfrcnt kind* of map'* and charts, including six new ones ja*t traced. JlO a rtsv ta*Je _ cl<-ar. address GOLDEN, SAMMONS A n CO, 179 Lake-iL. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—sl.CCo per year XL paid to Agesta to Introduce our Sewlrg Machine. Addrcra SHAW & CLARK, DiddefordAlaine, or st Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—slso per month. /~\ I want Agents in every county In the Halted Stares, in an entirely new bestness. Address iL 0. SHAW, Alfred, M<lne. AGENTS —Wanted—$2500 to $3,000 a >enx—A goodchanreto mukc money. Anagent is wanted In every town In the Union to marutvctare atdsellanartlcieof dally cousnsptlor. f ererv fam ily. Can be manuftclnnd tn theagenCsdweltlng. it Is entirely ntw; secured by copyright. Saras p«w. monent as four; no Suing np to be done. For par tlcnlars, adcresa. wltli stamp enclosed fbr return, LOUIS COBLENTZ. Jtlddletown. Md. AGENTS wonted to sellHodirins’ Patent Elastic Paper Collar Fastcnlrg. illiistraU-d inthu Scientific American August jlth, Sample* and circulars sent on receipt of fltty cants. Agent* can make >ls to $25 per day. Address S. HUDGINS &CO . 314 Tblrd-tl. St. tool*. Mo. A GENTS Wanted—For several veiy x\- lopomnt new books. Including THE’AMER ICAN FARMER'S EORSE BOOK. One elegant octavo volume, about €oo pages, splendidly illus trated and embellished with uumeMn* tine engraving*, by Rost. Sttwset, m. D. V. S- embodjlcgtho remits of twenty years* original investigation and highly successful veterinary practice In the great stock-rais ing regions of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mlssl-slppt, embracing the nature, cause* and treatment of many diseases peculiar to tie American Horse, and of aune lUseascsbcret'v'brcconsldcred Incurable. Alv'. an ex tended treatise on btcck Raising and Bt'Ck 51anagc menu Sold otlybv snecrlpa.m. Send fbr oar nias tratrd circular ar.s'terms. and you will see that you need u ok r.o further for the bC't amt most saiaole sub scription book extant. J.S.GOODMAN * CO- Pub lishers. 3 Custom Hugse-placo, Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For the tnnst don _£TL nlar and best selling Subscription Usbed. We are the most extensive KuWDhcfs la the Unltec Plates, (having houses lu six elite*), and do not employ Gcreral Agenis (as nearly ■! other publishing housc> do), therefore we are enabled to-give onr tw vassers the extra per cent Uiat is usually allowed General Agents. Old agents and others will see the advantage ot dealing directly with the publishers tend for circulars sad seethe character of oar works and term* to agents. Address NATIONAL PUBLISH* ING HOUSE, No. IO Lombard Clone. Chicago. Hi. A GENT*—Wanted Everywhere, to J\ sell Grant’* celebrated CARPET n ALLS. oerrr beiore Introduced into the United SUt?3 br aay-llve man. The greatest Inducement* ever ctfrred to agents other country. Apply to F. GRANT, Ml'i went Loire sL, Culdaco. A GENTtS—Wanted—Male and te- J\. male, with $3 to |JO capital, lor the best peylntr baMnesj extanL An agent in Michigan report, 820 profit in halts day, Clergymen, teachers, and others Lavlos a little spore time, should send sump for par ticulars. Address R. WAi vELL, Uoi 47Sh Chica go, Ul. __ GENTS—Wanted—Ten active, ener- L cetlc men, to each * f whom 1 will give 8100 a ilh and expenses paid. None need apply who »re wilUrc to travel and sen. Address Box 23, la recoils. lad. • GENTS—Wanted—To sell a new. /\_ hlabtv interesting and richly embellished work, THE PICTORIAL BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND IN CIDENTS OF THE REBELLION, a beanUfhl royal oc tavo volume. 700 pages and over SCO engravings. This wort la one of the finest productions ct the age, and the most popular bock of ’he war. Over 12,70 copies ordered the first two months. Agentsar-making large sales, and say It Is the b“Bt tehlng boot thrv ever sold- Knerccllc Agents will find It to their Interest to engage in the sale cf this last-selling Dork. Exclusive territo ry and large commission given. Address J. A. STOD HARD & CO.. 102 WMhiagtoMt., Chicago, 18, AGENTS— "Wanted—For the NEW GLOBE SEWING MACHiNETFoIsom’S Patent) wita UNDER FEED and New Looptr Movement. Pro nonneed, by practical machinist?, one of the opt ma chines row la nse. brlce?2s to slf. acce p ATRtNaON, 164 Randolph-st., Boos b. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—The immense de mand for TRIED AKD TT.CE. or LOVE ASO LOYALTY, ebonld Indacc all period. In geared of pro fltable employment, to send for circular and MrmA to W. J. HOLLAND & CO., Chicago, lIL, Milwaukee. Wls-, Dubuque, lowa. AGENTS— Wanted—Male and female^- Business at home. No capital required. Active agents can make 85 daily.. Address, wl-h stamp, 3 DEVERE&TJS. Drawer 6412, Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wanted—Everywhere, for the INSTANTANEOUS WINDOW CLEANER _ aji o MAGIC POLISH. Cleans wtndows. Ac ? an<l 9 highly polishes silver and other metals, wlthon. snap or hot water, dust oc Utter, and with comparatively no labor. Everybody wants It. Agents can make from Mto 110 pet day. Small capital and large profits, CalLpr send 35 ee-.ts ftr sample and terms. G. M. SMi’TH 4 CO., 77 Chicago. P. O. Box 6135 . AGENTS — TTanted — Throughout the United Slates to sell our new Book. “ABBOTT’S LIVES of the PRESIDENTS,” from Washington to the present Ume. in one volume of about 500 pages beautifully Illustrated with steel engraving*. Tub Acmot—mr Tutss—nns These, the elegant style and moderate price, all combine to reader thl? one ot the moat attractive, useful and salable books ev»^ r published In tbls country. To experienced thU r« • raw chance to make money with a boot, and no competition. Publisher* highest commission triven. Send stampforclrcniars and prices of all our works. S. 3. HOYDEN, 73 CUrk-st., Chicago, HI. * GENTS —Wanted—Experienced first r\ - ‘"—rs. accllemcn and ladles, for “TITE _£~i> class csn>»—-- a new and mamIS FBATbR AT VALLET r0,.*.-. - cent steel engraving; price £L>3. O'}-' 2. mepilations which cau.-e it to be admired by every American, of whatever sect or party. -Agent* everv where arc mcL-tmg with onparaUefetl sgccess. Pub lishers’ blchest comirl-slon given. Address, stamp enclosed. S. y. COVrEK. T.\ flarfc.n. Cblcajo, m. _ ffEtanteh-Co Kcitf. TTT" ANTED—To Rent or Purchase—A VV Grain Warehouse. not more than two hundred miles Horn CUcco. C.B.M.J XwSKI. AS dr&s. staling terms, dc.. N. a. A CO.. 15 Metropolitan Black. Chicago. » TX7ANTED—To Kent—A famished VV room. In one of ihe blocks on DearMnv**. Ad dress, stating tera.B,“EDWtX Drawer 60 JS, Port Qglcg. TUT ANTED—To Kent—For a private V V family, a nice fhrsishpd house, nsttl tne Ist pi slky' cs >llclU-aa or W.CMb.T, TisintWjj or on tie cross stmt*, east of Wabash- *'P-V w poaGAN',Room 10 Beyaolds Block. _ ■TXTANTED—To Rent— 0"e or two tor- VV nlshetl or nnflxrnUhed rooms, suitable for a doctor's oftre. Apply, staling location and price, to ♦♦MBDICUS.” Tribune ggaantctfe(EjrresponhEnct.-y \ \7 ATCTp.T)—Correspondence—A gen- V V tlwnan desires to com spend with a few young ladlesCroml6>.o*JS,lot foa and matrimony. Addtcaa “J H TC,” Box SU. Bloomln.:ton, 111. Tf T ANTED —Correspondence—By two VV TOOCC cents. ODject: fan. love, and conse fJticti .V.fleuerawUu pUoMs promptly answered, will d carpt. box has, cmc^ol r ot Sale. FOR SALE—Just arrived trom Yer jn-nt, iw thorouili-hred Merino Bwea, 25 thor* onsM>r*lMerinoeSu, »t if SI West Madisoo-at, f'-OR fcALE —Cheap—A square piano, cwd nsed tut cnc moßtb. Address. Cbl* cago Fog: part Drawer 62-13. TT'oITSALE —Tie test stencil dies in the H eauntrr. Stei cil cutlers’ stocic of all binds kepc MnttMUronMnd. StcccU Cutter** ISO South TTater-at. FOK SALE—One electro-calvan!c bat tery with "llTer solution also lathes, Tices, files. &c. Apply it 92 North cm k-st* np stairs. f'OK SALE—One Wilson Lard Tanfe, 5 feat dlam. by id tret Ion?; as good as new. Apply to ’VTM. BABAGWANATII, Market-st*. near V*a partners &Elantea. TOABTNER—Wanted— A lady with a I an all capita, wishes to go Itto partnership with Li o?eTtemoertted. te m.lmeiT t.mlwd. «jt fin farr.ish an equal capita!. Address HIT. Tzir bnno oflito. T>AKTXER—Wanted—One with §350 1 tmdorewUh *SCO. to encase to an established SatUCiS. Apply at 100 Maalsop-fU. Boom -1. TJABTNEE—Wanted—With $250 cash f to Invest In a first-class cash business. Proa a fair. Acdrws HERMAN, Trlbane office. PARTNER— Wanted—In a firstcbs| Oyster Saloon and Restaurant on State--*. Gog* location. Capital rcaolrad,*bOQ*tSoo. Addrw* *• vr** Tribune office. - PARTNEB— Wanted— good business man, to engaze a . d .TH C iish J 0$ Ushtmannfacturtoc rft?sL?nobs39. per cent profit. Apply at 249 Clara’*** uoo» aw*