Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 24, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 24, 1866 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Advices to Last Evening by At lantic Cable. Burner that an Austrian Loan will Soon be Placed on the London Market. Seizure of a Vessel and Arms Be- longing to the Fenians, The London Post Predicts Spee dy Trouble with the Uni ted States. Opinions of the French Press on the Mexican Question. Five-Twenties Closed in Lon don at 70 34, FROM WASHINGTON. Burner that the President Has Abandoned His Eeoon struotion Policy. Items iu Relation to the Financial Policy of the Government. Hr. Johnson’s New Plan for a Coup d’Elat. Important French Despatches in Relation to Mexico. FROM CANiDA. Unsuccessful Attempt to Ob tain a New Trial for the Fenian Siiren. The Fct-lius in Canada East in Re sold to the Approach ing Trials. FROM EUROPE. By Atlantic Cable—Bitnior Hint an Alls** trluu Conn Will soon be Placed on tbe Plnruci—Fenian Arms 8-elzcd-A Prussian Nnvnl Officer to Visit the United States— Tbe London Post on the delations Between England and the United Slate*—Suspen sion ot an Irish Contractor—Tae French Press an the Mexican Question. London*, November 22.—The United States Frolic left Southampton yesterday to join the squadron at Lfbson. London, November 22.—1 t Is reported that the steamship Great Eastern will begin to make regu lar trips between New Y’ork and Brest early in March. London, November 22. —There Is a rumor to the effect that an Austrian loan of several millions of pounds sterling will soon be placed in tho market London, November 22, p. m.—A large quantity of arms designed for the use of Fenians was seized upon a Liverpool bound steamer at Cork. Vienna. November 22,—Admiral PethkoO; of the Russian navy, left Vienna yesterday for the United States. He will go direct to New York. London, November 22, p. m.—The Paris corres pondent of tbe London Post says that the rela tions between England and tbe United States will soon be cnllcal. London, Friday noon, November 32.—A schoon er was seized to-day by the Government authori ties at Cork, on suspicion of having Fenian arms. Dag an. an Irish contractor, has suspended pay ment. His liabilities arc estimated at a million sterling, hnl his assets arc considered good. Paris. November 23.— La France' his morn ing editorially admits that the departure of Maxi milian from hicxico is Hurlv to take place at any moment, if It has not already been accomplished. Le Tempt says that the French will quit Mexico speedily and altogether. The Moniteur maintains silence on tbe Mexican question. Latest English Markets. Itvcm-uOL, November 22—Noon. Cotton—The market tor cotton opened firmer, with a prospect of a ony’s sale of la,voo sales. Prices, hew pit, arc uoebatiU'-d; middling uplands, ltd. Provision?—Firm. UuEADsTcm—Corn, SSa Sd per quarter for mixed Western. Losuos, Korember 22—Noon. Moset—Market easier. Consols quoted at 20 for me tty. Aneeican SEcmrnrs—The following are the open ing rates for American securities; Erie, 50}.': Illmols Central. ,SX; United Stales Ti)},"- allic quotation of wheat at :3s 9d in the morning pa pers was an error. It should have read corn ua* 9j. Livecpool, November 22—Evening. Cotton’—Has been anile active to-day, with»ales o! 16.UQ hales middling upland*. Closed firm at lid. ri.Tßol.rr3j—Hull and prices have declined Eefneo close,l at l> Cd. Tlie market lop tallow is tlrm. Loxdon, November 22—Evening. Money ano Stocks—Consols close at 93 for money. ■Latest price* for American securities—lllinois Central. 7S£ Et le. 50*; United States 5-205. TO*. Liveefool, Friday. November 23. During the week the cotton market has been rather dull, hut steady at ltd fur middling uplands. Trau-ac tlons were not very heavy, and the sales tor the week <lo not foot up over G6.uK) ba!c«. To-day the market shows some Improvement, and prices u-ve an adva. c ing tendency. Middling uplands arc quoted this momlsg at !4>;d. and the sales to-day promt <<* to reach 15,0*0 bile*. Drradstmis continue to advance, and the market to day is still timer. Com U quoted this morning at 10s. London, November 33. Contois arc quoted at 90X for money: U. S. 5-30 s, 70i; Illinois Central abates, ,8\; Erie Hallway shares, 30&. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, November 33, Johnson's new peak for a coup i>’ etat. Those who are urging the amnesty and suffrage plan upon the President, do not disguise the fuel that he still adheres to his policy, de clares that it was not repudia ted at the elections, and that he really contemplates making It the I*snc in the Presiden tial election, and some of those around Mr. John son have staled that the plan now is to have the South elect electors, and then, if one or two North ern States can be carried, to declare it a constitu tional election and take possession of the Govern ment. ABOUT APPOINTMENTS. All the stones that the President has stopped making appointments, and above all, Lhat no more Copperheads ore being appointed, arc par tially for effect, and partly to keep the coast clear for those in the ring. APPOINTMENT OP A REBEL COPPERHEAD. Yesterday aman was appointed Assessor for the Eleventh Pennsylvania District, who lean original Copperhead, and whose office was tom oat by sol diers, during the war, for his attack upon the Union cause. Tbcic was a marked improvement in the arrival of the Western malls to-night, Wednesday’s Cin cinnati mall 1 icing only twelve hours behind, and Thursday’s papers being on time. URttART for southern schools. Eon. W. A. Woolford, Representative elect from Georgia, has applied to the Boston Tract Society for one hundred libraries for white and black school's. Th» following is a verbatim report of the speech Of Assistant tecretarv Chandler to those who serenaded bun last night, and which was ma liciously telegraphed North as o speech endorsing the President’s policy: ‘ “Gentlemen— lthankyon for yonr kind call, and for the beautiful music with which yon have favored os. and as It is a little cold ont here, 1 invite you In. where you will receive a warm re ccpllon and more substantial thanks.” aunt ass nave union. At a meeting of the Conservative Army and Navy Union held last night, its financial affairs came up for discussion. After due Inspection of the finance report by a few members, on motion, it was agreed that it be not read aloud, but that any member should be allowed to look It over. Bankruptcy is supposed to have prompted tbe action. Tbe meeting was a kind of death-bed re* pentoncc, and before it dosed, declared by reso lutions in favor of restricted suffrage, assigning as a reason, that tbe will of the people, as ex* pressed st tbe election, points unmistakably in that direction. FALLENS OFF OF DEPORTATIONS. The Customs returns show a rapid falling off of importations. Receipts at the five principal ports for tbe last week reported were $2,740,821, a de crease, as compared with tbe previous week, of nearly SSW,WW st New York, and of more than SIOO,OOO at Boston. One of the reasons assigned by Customs officials for this decrease is the Iste decline in the price of woollen goods. PRESIDENT or THE SENATE. The impression that the Senate caucus will nx upon lion. Ben Wade to succeed Mr. Foster, is daily strengthening. 7BZNEXICAK QUESTION. New York, November S3.—The CommtrcieTa Washington special says tbe Cabinet meeting JCfierdav was to consider Important despatches rom Paris on Mexican an airs. Despatches wcic immediately sent to General Shernus and Minister Campbell Ha New Orleans, it is under stood tbe despatches from Paris considerably complicate (be Mexican question, and may lead to the most Important resnlun The President will endorse in his Message a fdaa, subjected by the Secretary of the Treasury, or a return to specie paymen l s. COVERNXENT OFFICIALS DETECTED IN COTTON „ FRAUDS. New j ouk, November 28.—A Herald Washing ton •‘pedal says: “The Investigation going on by. the Retrenchment Committee has developed facts wßich Implicate parties occupying high and Influ ential positions under Government', in cotton frauds. A great deal of fraud, more was at first supposed, has been practiced upon the Gov ernment and citizens of tbe Sontb by the cotton agents, It appears that these agents were la the habit of confiscating large quantities of cotton in the came of'the Government, and, after it had re mained on their hands for a short time th-y would tui u it over to an outside party, who sold it aad divided the proceeds with the agents. Another game, which was resorted to extensively by these men. was to release the cotton upon the payment of a handsome bonus.” ARTICLES OF INFEACRXENT AGAINST THE PREa- _ IDEST. we have a report here that prominent Radicals had >• meeting in Philadelphia on the 20th instant, at which articles of impeachment aninst the Pres ident were prepared. They are to \u tubtaltted toacaucusof Republican number* of Congress os the Saturday preceding the meeting of *fcon- grcee. The names oT the parties attending the caqcub in Philadelphia will bo furnished is dao time. e trcTxroc or the post or rnzuksxxxina. & Uf iUbIUUi Vf A IIM* Washington, November 23.—Joseph Scram* has filed his bond aa Surveyor of the port of Phil adelphia, and will at once ester epos his official duties. financial. Washington, November 513.—Secretary McCul loch denies that he la converting a larger number of bonds this week than were converted last week, and says that there is no cause to apprehend a stringency of the money market. 11c will ask Congress to give him power to sell particular kinds of bonds when tbclr price Is very nigh, and to jedeem other classes or boeds when the mar ket la low. FIVE-TWENTIES TO BE PAID IN CO IK. The following is the correspondence i elating to payment of the Five-Twenty Don-) a in coin, npon the announcement of which the London Timer made Us sneer of yederday concerning American securities: \obk, November 13,1850. The Hon. Hugh McCulloch. Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D. C.: Dran £m: Wcbave good reason for believing that an impression prevails very generally in Lon don, and to some extent in Paris and Germany also, that the United Slates Government will avail Itself of the option of paying .the five-twenty bonds of ISG2 next year, and that the liquidation will be made in currency. This Idea keeps the bends much below the price at which they would sell were it understood that the Government re gards itself as bound to pay them in gold. Should yon atom it proper to give an expression of your view s as to toe kind in which the principal of the bunds is payable, of which we could apke use through our lliuopcan circular, we have no douht the opinion would be of much interest to torelgn investors in our funds. Wc arc, dear sir, your obedient servants, L. P. Uobtok & Co. TnEAiL’UY Departjikkt, I WAfiniNOTojf, November 13, 1886. J Olntleefn : Your favor of the 13th instant is rocilvcd. X regard, as did also my predecessors, all bonds of the United States as payable in cola. The bonds that have matured since thesuspen bi on of specie payments have been so paid, and I have no oouht that the same will be true with nl oihci>, this being, as 1 understand it to be. the cs tabllshcd policy of the Government. The Five Twenty bonds of ISC2 will either be calicd Id at the expiration of five years from their date and paid In coin, or be permitted to run until the Government is prepared to pay them in coin. 1 am very truly yours, Hugh McCulloch, Secretary. To Messrs. L. P. Morton & Co., New York. Washington. November 23.—The Secretary of the Treasury, in conversation with a friend to-day, said that the disturbed condition of the New York money market was not In consequence ofanythiag that hafc been done in relation to the finances. tine nmirruj. The President has directed the remission of a fine of $2,000, which wa* imposed upon Robert V. Clarke, in August, 1806, by the United States Court of tee Northern District of New York, upon conviction of being accessory to smuggling. The fine is remitted upon recommendation of Bon. Thnnow Weed and others. The receipts Horn customs from tbo lOtbtotbe 17tb iiituun, areas follows: Boston, $391,276: New York, Baltimore, $126,290. At Now Orleans the receipts from the 4th to the 10th instant were $132,618, and at ban Francisco fiom the 20th to the 2<lh all., $133,444. Treasurer Spinner received, 10-dny, a Idler from a parly signing liimrelf ‘Tlepen’ancc,’* enolosln" one hui.drcd doHats, a? being due to the Gov ernment. am. sEWAnn’s Mexican negotiation. In reply to the accusation that the Secretary of Mate was comnlotling with «he French Emperor to trample out the Monroe doctrine, and to effect other analogous purposes dishonorable and trea sonable, the Jimes says, editorially; “When the documents setting frith the more recent negotia tions concerning ibis Mexican matter come before the country, which they soon will do, it will be seen that there has been consistency about our Diplomacy trout beginning to end, such as has characterized few negotiations of an equally im portant and prolonged kind. It will be found inat the Inter ste and the honor of this country, and the traditions and sentiments of Us people have been no lees studiously regarded and firmly upheld 'hronghout than the just rights of the re public of Mexico, and to descend to details for the information of all concerned, it will bo dis covered that we have neither acknowledged the cbims of the French usurpation nor agreed to a>snme its debts. UCatOS TUATTIIE PRESIDENT It AS ABANDONED ms DECONSTRUCTION POLICT. Philadelphia. November 23.— Tho Bulletin publishes a Washington despatch, which stales that the President, after mature deliberation, has decided to abandon bis position to Congress. He will set forth very fully in his message tbe reasons which have induced bim to take this step. Resolutions have been addressed to loading Sen ators end Bepresentatives In Congress in regard to the mailer. ° DEPARTS ENT CLERKS ASK FOR AN' INCREASE OP Washington, November 23 —A meeting of clerks of tbe Treasury Department was held to day to prepare a memorial to Congress for au in crease of compensation. A meeting of clerks representing the different Bureaus of the War De railment wa* held this evening for a similar pur pose. They claim that during the past four years they have worked more hours and bad fewer leaves of absence than any other clerks. The in ocased expense of living is the* chief argument ot these gentlemen for an increase of salary. FROM SEW YORK. New York Election—Official ItcianiM—The ('(invention Carried—President of Cornell University—Depression in Woollen illanii (aeinnus in New York. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, November 21. The official returns of (be late election show a majority of 13,71)3 for Governor Fenton. The ma jot ity in favor of a Convention to revise the Con stitntion is very large. Official returns from forty-nine counties show a total vote of 215,731 In favor and 101,473 against the proposed conven tion, a majority so far of 51,251, which will be in creased by the returns from tho remaining eleven counties. A curious point has been raised by several of the papers In the State, Involving the validity of this vote. The thirteenth article of the Constitution provides that In ease a majority of the ulccloiß qualified to vote for members of the Leptgiajiac, votinp at such election, shall decide In favor of a Convention, then tbe Legisla ture shall provide lor tbe election of delegates to the Convention. The number of persons actually voting this year for Lieutenant Governor was 71'i,21J, a majority of whom have not voted on the subject of a Convention. The total vote for Fenton was C'j(s,Sl7; total for HoSman 852,531 lion Andrew D. White, of Syracuse, State Sen ator. and Professor of uistoiy in tho University of Michigan, has been elected President of Cor nell University, in this State. Advices from New Borland represent that uni versal depression exists among the woollen mann lactnrera, many of whom are working their fac tories on half time. It ts believed that two-thirds the wool cu mills will suspend operations before the first of January. Mile of the Old Bowery Tbeotre—English Impressions In Regard to the Relations Between thr Baited Staten nod Canada- Arrested oa a Charsc of Forgery—Conser vative Opinion of the Coastitniliinnl Amendment—Proceedings to the Cnuvcn* tion ot Life Insurance Officers—General Oix Mills for France To-day. New Yoke, November S3.—The Old Bowery Theatre sold at auction to-day for £100,700. There are mortgages on the property amounting to SI IO,OOO. Anviccs from England state that the prospect of troubles with tne United States renders increased vigilance indispensable on the part of the Cana dian authorities. Heavy iains have occurred in the eastern town ships, causing disastrous hoods. General Avcrill, the newly appointed United Stales Consul Gen, has arrived. l>. McNlvcr, a prominent citizen of this place, has been bold for trial on u charge of committing extensive forgeries. The imports lost week were $50,000 less than for the same week last»car. Canal dues for October exhibited a slight in cr> aso over Im-t year. u■ iiru tit, i i.iri , c4i* . Admiral French, formerly of the Untied Stales navy, and lately ofthc rebel navy, died bore to-day in the seventy-first year of bU age. The Chamber of Life Insurance bad a meeting this morning in the rooms of the Chamber of Commence. Among the business transacted wjs the adoption of by-laws regulating the duty of its officers, and passage ot a resolution recom mending that a case be brought before the United Stales Supreme Court to test the legality ofthc Stale laws as regards the intcr-Staie commerce of Ufe Insurance Companies. The Lord bond robbery was to have been re sumed tc-day. It was further postponed to Mon day. General Dix will sail for Prance to-morrow. Another distillery was seized on Wednesday in Wiiliamsbutg, where, apparently, another shrewd scheme was golnetm in outwit tbe law. Hie still and distillery are kept In a seemingly unfinished condition, and tho'owncrs intimate that they will take out a license as soon as they finish repairing their establishment. The officers discovered.a tliil in full blast about 4 o'clock lathe morning, at (1 arreted the proprietors. The ease of (be alleged privateer Meteor was no before Judge Wilson, m the United States Circuit Court, yesterday, on a pro forma discussion as to fixing a day for hearing argument in tbo ease. In connection with Judge Betts'decision condemn ing the vessel. The United States District Attor ney was in favor of letting tbe ease go al once, without argument in the Circuit Conit, to the Bench ofthc Snpremc Court ofthc United States, a* Washing! n. This will, in all probability, he the coarse adopted. FROM OMAHA. Murder* Robbery and Arson—A Porter Ar> rested for the Crime—Arrival of IS. .11. Pallinnn. with two of bln Elegant Cars for the Union Pacific Railway—Tbe Bridging and riling *>t the Northwestern Railroad Finished to Council BlnSs—Cars Kanatng to Woodbine—A Jollification—Coal nod Iron nt Fore Kearney—A l.ady In tbe freighting Business—Opposition Line ot Post Coaches, «Jfcc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Oraua, November 23. Tbc lifj)ublicanol this evening gives an extend ed account of an awful tragedy which transpired In Ibis city last night. The safe of the wholesale grocery establishment of Will 11. Kin? & Co. was robbed of $1,500, the clerk of the store murdered In hla bed. and the building act on Arc to cover np the terrible deed. Toe clerk's name was Higgles, and be was lately from Pennsylvania. Tne porter oftnc store, Baker by name, who slept with ilig gins in the store, was shot through the lea arm, but be Is now under arrest ns the supposed perpe tiator of the triple alme of robber}*, arson and murder. Ihc murdered man was killed with an axe, with which three or four horrible cashes were cut In his bead. G. M. Pnl’man arrived here to-day from St. Jo seph. bringing on the steamer with him two of his magnificent sleeping cars for the Un on Pacific Railroad. They will he put on the road Immedi ately. 1 learn from one of the contractors, who is In Omaha to-day, that all the bridging and piling on tbe Northwestern Railroad Is finished from Wood bine to Council Bluffs, opposite this citv. The contractors and workmen have a jollification over tbe fact at'out five miles above Council Binds this evening, when elegant watches ate to oe present vdtothc sopciinieudcnt of the work, Sir. J. L. Sherman, and his assistant, Mr. John Ualton. Tne ediiorr of Ibis city have been invited to be present, and have gone. The Northwestern is to °ljtnto Woodbine next Monday. Tbe theatrical troupe of Leopold Hassell & Co. opens in ibis city next Monday night, in tbe hall of the new .fopuWlccm Block. Statements tipm Fort Kearney tell of strong in dications oj coal and iron i ccoutiy brought to light m this section of country. A lady has cone Into the freighting business from NebraskaUUv, which place she let?last Tues day with a train of five wagons which she own* and conduct* herso 1 *or Denver. She received the freight, hired (ho hands, and bossed the load ing of the wagons. She is said to be well posted In ibe business. Are not Nenraaka ladle* some! An opposition Hue of four-borne post coaches has been nut on the route between this citv aud St Joseph, on tbe wot side of tbe river. Tiie on position line is put on by the Western Stage Com pany. This gives four competing lines of travel io St. Joseph—a stage line of the Western Stage Company on the ca;t side of tbe liver; two lines on the west side, and the steamer*. In conse quence, travel is re-opening. FROM MADISON. Breveitcd— Meeting oftbc Normal School Re ccDla— merchants’ Union Express—The Wcalher—>n*w. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Madison, November S 3. Governor Fairchild hasbrevetted Corporal At wood, Co. B, Second Wisconsin, for distinguished personal gallantry displayed by him at the capture of a rebel battery at Prairie Grove; chaige of rebel rifle pits at Vicksburg; at Morganzie, where he chl-cted an escape in a daring manner from the rebel guardst at Spanish Fort, Mobile, where he captured a lot of cattle within the rebel lines. At a meeting of the Normal School Regents at Whitewater, on tho 2M end 22J, it was decided to divide the Normal School year into three term; of : ■ VOL. XX. flxlccn, fourteen and leu beginning the firflt Tuesday in September. Ibe Normal School at Plaltcville is In a flonrishieg condition. The teachers employed are three males and two fe males. The basement of the school building at Whitewater Is nearly completed, and expected to be ready for the opening of the school next tail. TheMcrcbanta’ Union Express Is to commence running on this branch of the Northwestern Rail rood on Monday. Ihe weather is quite cloaoy, and the ground coveted with nearly two inches of enow. ' FROM INDIANAPOLIS. Indianapolis Herald Company Officers Elected—Census of CJrecnc Coantv—County War Debt Paid—Passenger Receipts and Revenue Tax. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Indianapolis. November 23. The stockholders of the Herald held a meeting yesterday, and elected the following officers to ecwo for the ensuing term: President, AquUla Jones. Eeq.; Secretary, R. H. Ball; Editor and Manager, Lafc Devclln. Mr. Develin has control ofthc entire establishment, and wlllattend loal the business. Greene Connty has finally reported under the lawotdeilnglbe enumeration of while male Inhab itant?, over twenty-one years of age. The num ber in Greene Connty is 8,621, making the total number of votes in the State 810.210. Bartholomew Connty bat paid her entire war debt, having levied a special tax for that purpose. Eighty-tour of the ninety-two counties in this State have made what is called the October settle ment with the Treasurer of the State. The passenger receipts of the Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago Railroad for October were $16,596, upon which a revenue* tax of $412-50 was paid. The trial of Howard Stretcher, for the murder of Andrew Stewart, will commence next Monday In the Criminal Court. Messrs Ray, Gordon, March. Porter, Harrison and Fishback appear for the defence. SECOND DESPATCH, Itnilrond Excursionists lndiana Central Railroad—Election ot Officers, Arc, [Special Despatch to the CblcagOjTrlbune.] INDIANAPOLIS, NOT. S 3. Lsbl evening a party of excursionists from Ohio arrived in this city by special train. Among (hose oho belonged to the party were B. E. Smith, Esq., President of the Columbus and Indianapolis Central Railway; Honorable William Henry Smith, Secretary of the State of Ohio; Honorable G. V. Dorsey, and Colonel Joseph Yonng, of Pegire; Honorable J. S. Thomas, of Philadelphia, Pa.; and J. E. Seeley, of New York. They were entertained in grand style at the Bates House, and left for home by special (rain this afternoon. Tie annual election for directors and ofllccrs of tbc Central Ball war, held last Wednesday, resulted in the choice of tbe following gentlemen: Direc tors, B. E. bmltb and Ilonora Ic Wm. Dennison, of Columbus. O.; John Gardner, Norwalk, O.; J. U. Hilliard, Delaware, Ohio; lion. John S. New man, Indianapolis; llon.J. E. Thomas, Pbiladtl- Shia ; and J. E. Seeley, Wm. B. Thompson and oseph Tnckerman, of Now York. Officers— B. E. Smith, President; G. Mond:c, Secretary; J. M. hunt, >upcriulendeni; J. Alexander, Treasurer; W. F. Doggvlt, Auditor; C. W. Smith, General Freight Agent: F. Chandler, General Ticket Agent. The financial sfialrs of the road arc re ported to be In the most excellent condition. 'I be Pacific Bailway excursionists, consisting of ninety ladles and gentlemen, passed through our city to-nicht, stopping only long enough to take supper at the Sherman House. A company of gentlemen have arrived here from the East to Indore our city authorities to contract for the fire alarm tel- graph. FROM ST. LOUIS. Tbe Excursion Party—A Conservative Organ fur Nrcru Suffrage—Emigration— Lena Mines Discovered* Arc, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, November 23. The principal party of the distinguished Eastern visitors engaged In the lalo excursion on the Pocific Railroad, arrived here last night, on their wnj East. They express the'hurhest delight with their journey, the road, Us management and the piospcrts and the people. The Ttibuii*, of Jefferson City, the organ of the Conservatives, comes out for negro suffrage. A despatch ftom Springfield, Missouri, says largo trains of emigrants arc arriving. They are bound for Southwest Missouri. Valuable lead mines have bees discovered in CbrUtiau County, Missouri. FROM CAIRO. 1/Ot for n Custom Ilonse—Death of Mrs. Trover. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbunc.l Cairo, November 23. The following letter explains itself: Treasury Department, I November 13,156 T». f Sin: 1 have to acknowledge the receipt ofyonrs of tbe fid instant, enclosing the affidavits of T hompßon Bird. P. Cochrane and H. Wells, and to ray in leply.that they embody information de sired by tbe Attorney General, and the title to the property having therefore been approved by him, I hereby accept tbe lot on bchalt of the United States, as a site for a building to be used as a Custom House, tho erection of which will be com menced as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made, which, 1 trust, will be in a few weeks. Very respectfully, ‘ Q. McCciLOcn, Secretary of the Treasury. ToT. Staats Taylor, Esq., Cairo, Illinois. Mrs. Trover, wife of John W. Trover, President of the First National Bank of Cairo, died this forenoon of pneumonia. FROM ST. PAUL. New Collector of Internal Revenue—Orphan Fair—Sleighing Gone. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Pact, November 23. Colonel G. H. Wood has been appointed Col lector oi Internal Revenue for this district. Wood’s military service was in the Quartermas ter’s Department, and he is a Democrat, of coarse. It was rumored that Captain Nast, of the Pioneer , was appointed Collector for this district, hat that i* denied to-day. The Protestant Orphan Fair closed to-night. It has been veiy successful. The attempt to make sleighing out of a light fall of snow, which came a day or two since, proved abortive, and the sunshine has caused a return to wheels. FROM CANADA. Gunboat Laid Bp—Arms for Canadian Vol unteers— Slivcn, the Condemned Fenian Prisoner—llls Counsel Unsuccessful in Securing n New Trial—Artillery Expert* incuts—The Feeling In Canada East In Regard to the Fenian Prisoners. ToiiONTO, C. W., November 23.—The gnnboat Eciculcs has gone into winter quarters at Kingston. Seventeen thousand stand of arms, breech loaders. have been purchased by the Government for the voluntccrs,gind arc now being distributed among the different artillery and cavalry corps of the Province. Toronto, r W., November 2".—ln the Court of Common Pleas, beiorc the Chief Justice and Adams and Wilson, Mr. McKenzie called tor a ruling tor the Attorney General to show enure why the verdict should not be set aside, and anew trial had in the ease of The Queen vs. Sil van. one of the Fenian prisoners under sentence or death in the old jail. The grounds on which the motion was based arc that the prisoner was charged with committing an overt act as a British subject, as well as an American citizen; that the alleged offence having been committed in the County ot Welland, could not be tried in the County of Yotk; and further, that the Judge who took the assizes tried the prisoner without an or der from her Majesty’s executive counsel, con trary to the statutes. Mr. Justice Wilson stated in reference to the lut-t ground of objection, he had already filed an order of executive counsel with the Clerk for the Crown. Mr. McKenzie declared that if this was so, there «s« nothing on the lace of the order to show that the executive conned were present at the time] and conftqneniy the action was nnll. Hie Chief Justice said the Court did not pro pose granting a rnle in any ot these cases unless it oa« sliowu mat there were some foundations for objections. The Jlnald't special from Montreal, the 23d, says: Experiments were made to-day with the Pcllisicr snot and shell andJFmh steel shell. One nine-icch PclUsicr shell was fired at a target two thousand yards distant composed of eight-inch aimor plates and cigbtecn-inch teak backing, ibe shell went through the armor and teak, set ting fire to the latter, causing more destruction at t) chack ot the target than anything heretofore witnessed. Another series of experiments will be made nest week. flic Crown authorities have decided lhat the Fcniin prisoners confined at Bedford shall be re moved to Sweetsbnrg for trial. There Is not as much bitter feeling manifested by the citizens of Canada East towards the Fc mans as one meets with in the upper Provinces. Tt.cic is great excitement among the lower closes to know the fate ofthc Fenians. The author ities will fir.d it a difficult matter to empanel a jury to iry them. FROM BALTIMORE. Compensation to Laval Slaveholders—Amin* til Sleeting of tbe Society to.* the Advance* inent ol tho Freedmen—An Independent Presbytery to be Formed. Baltuioue, November 23.—Secretary Stanton has appointed Colonel W. H. Stewart, Colonel W. Fltnn aud Washington A. Miller, of Cecil County, a committee to award compensation to loyal glare-owners of Maryland, whose slaves were diafrtd into Ihc army. Inis Commission was created under an act of Congress passed last ses sion. Baltixohe, November 23.—The second annual meeting of the Baltimore Association for Moral and Educational Impiovcment of tbe Colored I'top’o was bcld (bis evening at tbe New Assem bly Rooms. An interesting report was read, ehowlng tbe result oflhc pa*t year’s work and the mode by which the society had been aided, as well a« hindered. Tho receipts of the year amount to $l2,('UO. The expenses have exceeded tbo receipts by over ?ir.LW. Of the receipts, $■1,700 was from the New England Freedmen’s Aid Association; S9OO from tbe New York Association; $2,500 from tho Pennsylvania Freedmeu's Aid Association; SSOO Isom the Ftlcnds* Association at Philadelphia, and from ftlcnds in England The Society has in operation seventy-three schools, including twemy-two in this city, num bering in ail seventy-four teachers and 7.000 stboli f. Most of the teachers arc colored. Tbe most * i-coavaging success has attended tbe efforts ot llu Association, the colored people overy ' where manifesting great eagerness to learn and I willingness to contribute to the support of the I schools. Six thousand dollars bare been con- I tribnled bv the colored people in tbe conntics dnnngthe year. Addresses were made by Judge Bond, Genet al Howard and others, Bai/miortE, November 28.—The congregations of the PrcebTicrlan Church, under charge of Rev. Mr. I.eFevre* and Rev. Dr Bullock, met to-night at ibe chutch of the latter, to form a new Presby tery, to be independent of the General Assembly, Old t-rbool. Tula action is pursuant to tbe deter mination taken some time since by these congre gations. on account of the action of Ihc General Assembly in the matter ol the Louisville Presby le»y. FROM DES MODiCS. Snlcfdc-Snrvcr of th«vMiK»l**lrPl Hnphts— Captured and Killed by the Indiana. Des Moines, November 23.—a man named H. P. blverue killed himself with prasslc add at the Burtls House, Davenport, on Tnesuav. The same day, Mrs. H. U. Mattock was founu’doad in her bed in the samo city. A leccnl survey ot (he Mississippi Rapids has developed tbe fact that navigation cannot oe im proved by nigging the channel. The Commis sioners report in lavor of a canal. A party, consisting ofDavid Ellis, Mrs Baker Baker, two young ladies by the name of Manrea*. a boy o! nine, and another yoan<* lady, nho left Knoxville, lowa, last October, to cross Uio Plains, were caplnred b, the Indians, and all bat the three young ladies hilled. The trial of tbo young men who tarred and feathered Dr. Robinson for trying to have two wives at once, has been postponed on account of witnesses. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Official Election Returns—The Vote lor Con gressman ot Large. State Treasurer and MipcriDtenoont of Public Instruction-Call fornia Contribution to the Lincoln Jlona ment Fund. SrniKonn©, November 23.—The entire rot- of the State is now on fiie in the office of the Secre tary of State, The following are the exact figures as corrected from the final returns, and as report ed to Ure Governor for bis biennial message: For Congress at Large—Whole number of votes cast, 350.1 W. Logan received 20 ;,U45; Dickey re ceived 147,058; Logan’s majority, J For State Treasurer—Whole number of votes cast, 852,20.1 ; Smith received 202,827; Phillips re ccived 1 17,406 ; Smith's majority. 65,V.1. For Superintendent of Public Instruction— Whole number of votes cast, 850,471. received 203,230; Crebbs received 147.178. Pate man’s majority, 56,061. The Eou. Newton Bateman has just received a draft from California for $1,521.46, forwarded by Hon. John Swett, Superintendent of Public In struction ot that State, being the first instalment of Rinds contributed by ihi- public school children of California for the National Lincoln Monument. CAUfOKNIA. Mineral Specimens Collected for the Paris exposition—Strong Opposition to Dialer as Assessor of Internal Revenue. San Fn an cisco, November 23.—Three thousand mineral specimens have been collected for the Pails Exposition of util year. The pi ujcct of sending a section of the big tree of Cutvsras has been nearly abandoned. The following message, signed by Governor Low, the State Comptroller, Ibe Auditor, Attorney General MtCiiliougn, Adjutant General Evans, was ti&nsmiltcd by telegraph to-day to the Cali fornia d legation iu Congress: “Tbo appointment ot John Bigler as Assessor of Internal Revenue at Sacramento is exceedingly distasteful to all Union men. Cannot the Presi dent be iuflnccd to rescind lit U be will not, prevail upon the Sccrctaiyorthc Treasury to delay the organization of affairs under Bigler. Any oth-r course will throw the district into confu sion, as none hot rebels will serve under Bigler. FROM DETROIT. merchant* Swindled by Sharpers. New ortK, November S3.—A World't Detroit special says; it has transpired here that a prom inent and old established drug house in New York has been made the victim of several lust such swindles within the past few months as that which has been disjovereo in Boston. In the last swindle, or attempt, upon tho New York firm, the party not only nought goods while inllhe city, but ordered farther shipments at almost every Kilm of his route to tbe west, thus running up a il for thousands of dollars, which, hut fur the sharpness of the firm In following up the goods, wonld have been lost, as were thousands in simi lar eases preceding It. Tbe object was to get the goods, sell out quickly, pocket the proceeds and decamp—in other words, a second edition Jof the Boston came. FROM AREASSAS. Proposed Attempt to Overthrow tho Present Male Government—The United States Scnatorshlp. Manns. November 23.—A special to the Aralar.chc, from Little Bock, yesterday, says: Resolutions have been introduced In the Arkan sas Legislature, calling on (ho Government for information as to the attempt to overthrow the present State Government. The resolutions were called forth by a call signed by a few ob scure individuals ot Fort Smith, for the purpose ot ioatignrallng a now State Government. The Arkansas legislature Is still auable to elect a United States Senator. FROM BOSTOS. Melon Note* Found—Tbe Liquor Question nt the Coining City Election. New York, Novembers.—The Worlds Boston special says : “Nrtes and securities amounting to £•*.310, stolen lost wci k from the counting-room of Messrs. Faxon, on Pearl street were found yes terday lyluc in a wharf shed in Broad street. In a position likely to be easily seen. About 3700 of money now constitutes the lose. “Tbe llqnorprohlbirion question will go strong ly Into municipal politics at thN election. Tne Republican nominee for Mayor is a prohibitionist, but Li understood to he trained to let the Uqnor question alone. The Democratic candidate Isa temperance mao in practice, but favorable to the license law. Both men are of superior ability and character. 11 . FROMKESTUCKY. Booty Dlscovcrcd-Opcnlna of tbe Pork- PacklDg Season. lonsniLE, November 23.—A posse of citizens ofFraiiklin County drscovoreddon Tuesday night, on the premises of William King, a large amount of booty taken from the passengers on the Nashville Railroad on the night of the Stb instant. The pork-packing season commenced hero yes terday. Seven hundred hogs were slaughtered. FROM OSWEGO, S. Y. Eight Stores Darned—Loss Heavy, bat not Estimated. Oswego, New York, November 23.— About half post two o'clock this morning a fire broke out is ihe basement of a meat shoo on West Seneca street, occupied by O. 11. Wilcox. Eight stores veto destroyed. The loss is heavy and cannot yet be estimated. Embezzling Conductors on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Philadelphia, November 33.— Joseph S. M. Gibson, a Pennsylvania railroad conductor, has lust been committed to prison, in delaultoff IO,OCO bail, on a charge of embezzling fares collected by him. Extended Investigation, made under the supervision of Mr. Allan Pinkerton, a detective ofl.c?r of Chicago, shows that many conductors on this roaa are defaulters, ami the company in tend prosecuting them, A discharge of conduc tors has recently taken place. Condition ot JelT. Davis’ Health. Fortress Monroe, November 21.— Parties who have lately visited Ju£ Davis, state that they find him remarkably cheerful since the recent changes and additions mane to his quarters le Carroll Hall, and removal of Mrs. Davis and her sister to rooms prepared lor them. Mr. Davis’ health Is greatly Improved, and be speaks confidently of being released. The family is constantly visited by relations and friends, and packages%and pres ents arc frequently received. Revenue Frauds in Troy, New York* New York, November 23. The Herald'B special from Troy, S3d, says: Some stupendous frauds npou the Internal Revenue, by certain liqnor dealers, have just been discovered in this city. A secret agent of the Revenue Department has been investigating this and kindred matters hetc some time, and 1 am informed that several business parties have been making partial returns for some time, and have been discovered by this agent. Failures la the Shoe Trade In Lynn, Mass. New York, November 23.—1 n the shoe trade the Lynn Jttportn' mentions four now failures in that etty on Monday last, making nine within tbe paet mouth, and says if the present doll spell in trade continues more will be likely to go. nictudcon Factory Barned. New Eaten, Conn., November 23,—Schcrlng cr’s mclodcon factory was burned last night, with about two hundred melodeons and a largo quan tity of lumber. Only three or four of the instru ments were saved. The loss is heavy ; insured In several offices. An OH Refinery Destroyed by Fire. Oil City, Pennsylvania, November 23.—Shirk, MeFaddeu & Co.'s refinery was destroyed by fire this morning. Loss, $10,1)00, partially insured. C3T~ WAIT BROTHERS* Adv erasing Ag’C* 126 Dcnrb.jrn-M., receive advertisements Tor all the leading papers tbrottghoot the

United States and Canadas. iHasonfc Notices. TASONIC NOTICE.—A meeting ot JAX tbe Grand Con»l«torv S. P. TL S. of the Slate of 111 coin will be held attheTllalr Lodge Hall. McVlck erN Theatre Building, this (Saturday) p. m„ at 75f o’clock, for the purpottc of Inaugurating and installing tie officer, of Chicago Grand Lodge of Perfection, No. 1, Chicago Connell of Prince* of Jerusalem, No. 1, Chi cago Chapter of lto*c Croix, No. L and Chicago Con- M.-tory s. P. K. S., No. I. A fuil attendance la ex pteten. By order of the Illinois Oommandcr-ln-CbtcL J AS. B. FIELD. Grand Secretary. SiHautch. r pO MERCHANT TAILORS, A practical Custom Cutter, from New York, ol good experience aud ability, desires a situation In a re* sptciabie firm, lie Is competent to son in all of tbe biaLct.cs of tbe business, and has to objection to going to the country. Address “CUTTER," Tribune office. iHusical BEAUTIFUL NOVELTY. . The first of the new STEINWAY •Talent Upright 1 * Pianos has Ju<t arrived and may be recast our warcr?oms fbr a day or two before going to ibe owner 1 * bouse. O'snrcro tone and most bccutUul and novel action and arrrmcement. these Instruments will fairly divide tin* honors with Stelnwny’s unequalled Grand Pianos. All lovers of music and hue workmanship should call and see this lUftrument. SMITH & NIXON, Corner Clark and Woshlngton-sts. a f n*r- brquon. SGirAftABEQUON SIMPOSIAECH! TUESDAY EVENING, HOV. 27th. 3sral 35state. J>LNE land. I offer for sale 8.000 ACRES OF CHOICE T.Aivnn, at a very tow prlre. and on favorable terms. It l§ lo cated m Oconto County, wit, convenient to water, and well limbered. IwMsdl in lots of 1.000 acre* or rore. It la convenient of accts* fromanyofl&e late port*. Addre*4 or call ou me at Janesville, Wis. UANIEI. WILCOX, or IRA MILLAUU. New London, Wls. lAA AHA ACRES OP PINE LAND JUUjvUI/ IN MICHIGAN FOR SAI.E- The** »mC9 trere rareftillr selected and comp:lse the largest aad'ocst tracts cast ot the Kooky Mountain*. Apply to E. D. TYAED, Detroit, Mich. CHICAGO. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1866. Neto publications. 'J'HE GREAT PORTRAIT ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Meters. Tlcknor A Fields bare Just published Mr. Wh. E. MizsaiLL’a Une-engraved portrait o( Abra ham Lincoln. \ This portrait Is the largest bead ever engraved In this manner, and la by fhr the best engraving ever de puted In America. It baa been mode the subject ol the strongest commendations from all who kne v Mr. Lin coln best. Among those who hare pronounced It Unrivalled as a Likeness, May be named Scraroß snores, w. c. Bbtast, Vics-pßcauimUjutLcr, "W. H. hebodow, Mr. Lin- SacBBTAET stahtok, coin's law partner CO yra. Cnntr Justice Chase, Sesatob tbckbull, Glvuil Grant, spiinECouii, Geoege Bascboft, Robzbi T. LCtCOUf. This engraving will be sold only by subscription. Agents wanted tor its sale everywhere, to whom lib eral terms will be given. PRICES s Artist’s Proof (limited to 300).. India Proof. Plain Proof. For the New England States address TICKHOE & FIELDS, 124 Tremont-st., Boston. Fcr NewjTork. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, District of Colombia, Ohio, and Michigan, address TICKHOE & FIELDS, 63 Bleecker-st, H.Y. For Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, lowa, Mlnno sola and Wisconsin, address JOHN H. AMMON, 87- WaaWngton-at., Chicago, 111, PUBLISHED THIS DAY, TWO ATTRACTIVE BOOKS, FLOWER-DE-LUCE. A new volume ol Poems. By HENRY WADS WORTH LONGFELLOW. Small quarto; tinted paper, morocco cloth, bevelled boards, gilt edges. Price, *2.25. This elegant volume la illustrated from designs by several of tbe first American artists, and is a charming gift book for the holidays. STORIES OF MANY LANDS. By GRACE GREENWOOD. One volume, small quar to; motocco cloth, with numerous Illustrations, price, 1130. This new juvenile from the pen ol Grace Greenwood rlclUy merits the hearty welcome It will sorely receive from American boys and girls, on account ot Us at tractive stories oi boys and girls in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, and Italy, and tbe spirit ed illustrations that accompany them. BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED. THE VISION OF SIR. LADNFAL. By J. R. LOWSIX. Illustrated, 1330. MAUD MULLER. By J. Q. Wurrnxß. illustrated. S 3 A). EVANGELINE. By H. W. LONGFXLLOW. LUo*tilled. WHITTIER'S PROSE WORKS. New Edition. 3 volt 13.00. LONGFELLOW'S PROSE WRITINGS. NCW Edition. Svols. *730. LONGFELLOWS POEMS. New Edition, i VOIS. >IO.OO. THE BIOLOW PAPERS. Second Scries. By Jams KrsMLL LOWXLL. *1,50. RED-LETIEU DATS. By GaH, HaJOLTOS. Illus trated. 1130. THE DIAMOND TENNTSON. |L3S. THE PICTURE OF ST. JOHN. By BATASD Tat- LOB. *3.00. CHARACTER AND CHARACTERISTIC MEN. By Sdwjs P. Whxppl*. $1.73. For sale by all Booksellers. 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In addition to treqnmt contributions Dorn the regu lar Stan of writers lor the ATLANTIC, comprising many of the best names in American Iltersturc, the volumes for ISC7 will contain the following features of riPSlalinterest: .... Olitib Wesdill Holms will contribute a romance of England a # t3ry of tbo prefl »nt, en . titled M Too <.nanii»w Angel," to extend through tbe year. • JaSIES PAKioir will lurnlsh s series of Biographical Papers and of Industrial Articles upon prominent and peculiar American macn&ttures. James Iftsauj, Lowell will write during the year regularly, fils contributions will consist both of prose and poetry. Bataed Taylor. who la about to visit Europe, will send from there a series of sketches of ••The By-Way* of Europe.” Mr. Taylor will also furnish during the year other sketches In .820.00 10.00 S.OO •-■ “•'« '•.••“A JVM UM.,I cmctlUV. Ui prose upon miscellaneous topics. Tnosias Wzstwobtii Uioqinso.s will supply several of those charming sketches of outdoor life ani natural scenery, which have made him so accept* able a contributor In years past. Edward Evebtit Dale, author ol “The Man Without a Country," -My Double, and How He Undid Me," win contribute several stories and sketches In ms peculiar vela. F. bUELDOiaad USABLE* Dawson Shanty, two of the most brilliant writers, will furnish regularly for the Magazine articles of a popular character. The Political Articles will continue lobe a prominent feature. Impartial Suffrage, the Rights ot Congress, and kindred topics, will receive Ml and earnest atten- tion from the ablest writers In the country. TERMS.—Sdcol* fiCßSCßipnos—Four Dollar* per year. Ctrn Kates—Two Copies tor Seven Dollars; Five Copli* for Sixteen Dollars; Ten Copies for Thirty DollerK, and each additional copy Three Dollars. For every club of Twenty subscribers an extra copy will be furnished grails, or Twenty-One Copies for Sixty n cents* tpcc “ ccn um bcra Ecnt to any address for Contents of Our Young Folks: The Uttlc Mac of the Mountain, by Elsie Teller, with lull-page Colored Illustrations; The Four Seasons, by Lncretla P. Hale, with four Illustrations; A Summer In Leslie GoldUiwalle's Life, by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney; Willie Ely's ChrUtmas-Tree, by L. D. Nichols; The Birthday Box. a Parlor Drama, by A. Hanllo; Little Pussy Willow, by Mrs. U. B. Stowe; Lawrence's Les son, by J. T.Trowbridge; Birdie’s Christmas Margaret T. Conby; Pictures and Poets, with lour fail page Illustrations: Skating Song, by Emily H. Miller, set to music by H. M. T.; Round the Evening Lamp; Onr Letter Box. Our Young Folks for 186 T. The Editorial conduct ot the Magazine will be the ame os that which ha* been so acceptable thus far. The Llstof Contributors will Include, as heretofore, the names of the most distinguished writers ol the country, and tbe Publishers will continue to rely for Illustrations upon the assistance of the beat Artists and Draughtsmen. Among the particular matters ot Inter est that relate to the sew volume may be mentioned the tollowlng: Tta LnairtKO Stout of the year will be contributed by Rkv. Elijah Kellogg, author of the cele brated Speech of Spartacas to the Gladltors, Ac and will be a vivid picture of the lifted American boys and girls a century ago, preserving the his tory of customs and manners which arc now for gotten or unknown, and enlivened with anecdote and Incident. Mbs. Haxbiet bezcuzb Stowe, after completing Lit tle Pussy Willow, will contribute regularly. “ Rocxd-tux-Wobld Joe," the pnpniar contributor to the old “Schoolmate," will furnish a aerie* of articles of adventure and observation in foreign countries. Bataed Taylob's Talcs of Distant Lands will be con tinued. Mbs. A. M. Diaz has written several articles which will be found especially entertaining. “Acst Fabnt” bos supplied several stones wtilch will be printed during the year. F. H. C. will give several more of bis favorite Lessons In Magic, some of which will take up a different class of experiments from those that have been previously explained. Music. Each number of the next volume will contain a soog. composed expressly lor “ Our Young Folks.’’ These songs will' be written by Built Hcntrotox Millxb, and each will be especially adapted to tbe month In which It appears. Contributions will also bo occasionally fhmlshcd by H. W. Longlellow, James Passed Lowell, J. G. Whit tier. captain Mayne Reid. T. B. Aldrich and other well known and favcrltc writers. The Publisher* will spare neither trouble nor expense in .citing the best Illustrations which can be obtained. Full-pace Engraving* from designs by Artists of the first cetlmatlonwlli be given regularly, and Colored Il lustrations will be frequently supplied. TERMS: Single SmsempnoK—'Two Dollars a year. CIXD Katxs— Three Copies for Five Dollars: Five Copies lor Eight Dollars; Ten Copies far Fifteen Dollars j Twenty Copies for Thirty Dol lars, and an extra copy gratis to the person form* Ilc the Club of Twenty. Specimen lumbers sent to any addrets on receipt of Twenty Cents. fP- Special Premiums from Fifty to Two Hundred Dollars are offered tor the largest clubs of new sub scribers. 1 be Atlantic Monthly and Ocb Tocno Folks will be scut to one address for Five Dollars. TICKNOR & FIELDS, Publishers, BOSTON, '"THE GREAT SUCCESS—Ready, Tues- X day. Nov. 37, the fourth large edition of the •* tire at Success of the Tear," The Dead Letter. The extraordinary M run*’ which this now celebrated romance Is having is due solely to its extraordinary character. 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Hogsheads for sale—one hun dred flrst*cl&sa " HOGSHEADS) Wood and Iron hoorsofl In pood order, ct for packers’ tse. Aprlr at SI’AFeOUIL & TURKMAN'S Packing Boose, 3-13 Nortn Wakf-st, pOR SALE. Valuable Copper Mining Lands ON t a-rti SUPERIOR, The nndtrilcncd U authorized to tell these lands, vhica are among the best on Lake superior. Explors- Uon allowed. Maps and Information at rny offlee. 9g GEO. H. KOZET. ffionsignnumts. OHOIOE WINTER APPLES, 100 brls for sale. In lots to suit, at $3 per brU hr GEO. MCKINNEY & CO., 12 La£aUf-«t. ry A*IE AKD POULTRY. \JT shippers, remember THANHBGIVXKO, NOV. &9TH. Send to tun** to reach us the 2Sth. “ C. S. BROWN ELL, Produce Conunlaaioa Merchant, 103 South Vt >tcr-it (Clothing. J)RESS SUITS! DRESS SUITS. DRESS SUITS. Fine and Medium BLACK CLOTH SUITS. BLACK, BBOWN AND DAHLIA-COLORED BEAVER SUITS. BLACK TRICOT SUITS, AH fcshlonable and well made, at DeGRAFF’S, Corner of State and Randolpli-sts. gCHOOL SUITS. 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'J'EETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN By the use of “ Krrsoct Oxma,” at TREGO'S Dental Rooms, 73 Clark-st. Prepared and administered by a Phynciaii. jflnanrial. 550,000 T 0 LOAN - IN SUMS FROM 53.000 TO 810,000, On Unencumbered City Real Estate. HTTCBCuCR & DUFEE, IS Portland Block. jlattneisljlp. C H. KERFOOT & CO. "j. F. PIERSON it admitted to partnership In onx flm *rom September 15th, 1366. with incresaei abilities fa doin* a General Real E«tate Broteraae andAirasj liueiaeas.we solicit farther commissions. S. H. kHk. Fooxjk CO* Beal fiitata Pearborn^Bi. Chimco. pS! Sw^enEim^snVlS^ llo *PPMcatloa; Rheumatism, Toothache, Pain tn 55525& that natnre-frce-to show me rlftnS hold haa been gotten dt» on sclcnnno all we aak la, tor the afflicted to &ee I and then they trill know who S5-ro!r^SS. Dou^ per bO,a '- Tspe-wonn* remored In twcnty-toor btmn. *i, ea»« examined oree. Mrs. D. win Ttslt the Bids at their dwellings, it af , t able to cad on her, if reqneated to do 10. Mrj. D. can be to and at 253 Sonlh Clark-it. Office honra, ffom S to 11, and from 2 to 5. NTJMBE R 172. 1 T HROA,r AND LTOfGS - ffilotfjino;. q. ° t ° P. J. HUSSANDER, 129 CLARK-ST., (MORRISON’S BUILDING), FOR WARM WINTER CLOTHING FIRSMUSS ARTICLES A Moderate Price. P. J. HUSSAJNDER, 129 Clai-Lc-St., (MORRISON'S BUILDING). CLOTHING. Wholesale and Retail. 2,500 Overcoats, 3,000 Frock Coats, 2,600 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, &c. Mattresses, Curled Hair. Holler Torrela, &o. FEED. L. FAKE, 201 and. 203 Water-st. Erussrs. f-J E R N I A. A RADICAL. CURE. A RADICAL CURE. A RADICAL CURE. A Radical Cure for HERNIA la offered by the uaeof the celebrated BARTLETT & BUTMAN TRUSS, (NEW PATENT,) The most perfect appliance for Hernia ever Invented— a radical rare following Us nse when properly adjusted, from the fact that the pressure Is so perfect and con stant that the rupture can never slip down. For by BARTLETT, BUTMAN & PARKER, 133 South Clark-at., Chicago, III* Manufacturers of and dealers tn Trusses, Abdominal Supporters, Shoulder Braces. ElaMlc Stockings, Knee Caps. Washington Suspender Shoulder Braces; also. Wholesale Agents for Cutter A Walker’s Chest Ex patidlng Shoulder Braces. OTDr. PARKER gives personal attention to the ap plication ot all instruments, and guarantees perfixt snreos tn every case. CZTOrdcrs promptly filled by return express. YyHimEVb PATENT COMBINED Chamber Set 1 Jrcutamahcqucm. SGUTANABEQUON! SYMPOSIARGH! TUESDAY EVENING, HOV. 27th. SMilasljing (Compouutr. ! TRY I&EiE! ILPtILL’S WASHING COMPOUND. It has become a favorite with the ladles, and all who have tued It think they could not do without it. Such white shim as arc produced without rubbing, and the large washings completed by middle forenoon, are working a wonderful change in household affairs. It eaves the lab:r of robbing and the trouble ol sewing on buttons, and REDUCES THE EXPENSE OF FUEL AND SOAP ONE - HALF! Try It. and If yon are not highly pleased with It. re turn half the box, and year money will be refunded. For s«le by Grocers and dealers everywhere. Msnn fhetared by E. W. CHAPPELL, Business O'Tice. 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. fJ-HE “RECHERCHE” PERFUMED Note Paper and En velopes Arc now For ttale by All the First-class Booksellers and Stationers. For rale to the Trade by HERBERT, WAT & CO, Etnirational. TkYHhENFURTH’S COMMERCIAL I I COLLEGE Is the best bailees* establishment In the West, being the only one CONDUCTED BY PRAC TICAL BUSINESS MEN. Foreign languages taught. The EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES respectively prepare youths far a Basinets os a Uni vertaty Comae. IV TR FAULEABER BEGS LEAVE TO LfX Inform his Irlcnd* and patrons chat he has fitted op a suite of Booms at No. 131 South Clark-sU near iiadtsozMU where he si 111 resume bis Instruction in the French and Carman languages. He •will also sire lessons at ihe rcKdecrw of nu pnpus If desired. atquors. LORGWOSTH’S WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI GOLDEN WEDDING, SPARKLING CATAWBA, DSI CATAWBA, ISABELLA AND DELAWARE. Them celebrated Wines are lor sale by FULLED FIN CD & iULLEB, LORD A SMITH, and WEITZEL, MARTIN & CO n 7 Chicago, PL gOSTON FISH MARKET WILL OPEN NOVEMBER IST. XOO 3lonroc-sL, opposite P.O. Fresh Sea FUh. Late Fish, and Oysters, wholesale and retail. FrcshCod.Qaddoct.Hal'bat.Eela. Smelts, Mackerel, Corned Cod and Mackcm. <sc- la their sev son. Smoked Salmon. Ualibat. r Inn n Daddies. Yar* month Bloaters, Plckicd Salmon, Mn: j and Soft Shell Clams, by gallon or quart. &c. Elis extra selected Mackerel Tcncnes and Sounds, Halibuts, Fins—put nr expraaly lor family use. A. RYDER, No. IPO Monroe-st. JEGYIS HOUoE, Corner Van Karen and Sherman-sts., Opposite the magnificent new depot of the Michigan Southern and lh*i Chicago 4 Bock Taiums railroads. This house, having changed hands, has been raised to grade, and entirely remodelled,leaned » nil refurnished. having had long experience in hotel* kc-plne.r.iiicadeaTcr to ™<nn» this one of the very price houses In the city. I’OWdfiwpcrday. C “ 1 « Proprietor*, 1, r. pqsssob* JpKEE OP CHARGE. Chronic Diseases! Of Now York and. St. Louis, (MOM DISEASES I AND GET Is about to visit CHICAGO, 111, tor the purpose o TREMONT HOUSE, Commencing WEDNESDAY tho 21« t of November, dally, from 9 a. m. till 4 p. m. Hie Doctor’s reputation as bally physician in New Tort, and his superiority in Throat, long* »n/t chronic Diseases, will render It soperflnocs to recommend his new method of treatment, hy means of bis own new in* struments, fbr Inhalation and FntttfHitloa. Both in* stnunents are not only approved by the leading phy sicians of this country and Europe, hot are well spoken of In the Xcdkal and Surgical Reporter, of Philadel phia, (October 3d, 1563,) the leading medical Journal ol this continent. Dr. s. never shows testimonials, as other advertising physicians are used to do, and he ftels more sorry, that, as specialty practitioner, he 1# bound to. advertise. But the profession, and the people in general will soon be convinced that he differs from others, and first-class city references are at disposal lor this purpose. Cbronlc Catarrh, Bronchitis, Clears In the Throat, Nostrils, AND IN PULMONARY DISEASES IN GENERAL. The Doctor never attends to donbtfhl cases, bnt he achieved results in cases which were denounced tatai by other physicians. Fbr the first examination the patient will call before he has taken his main meal. jyjORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD 1 Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOR. THE CATARRH! A perfect and speedy cute lor this loathsome disease. In us worn form. In every case of Catarrh, severe ot light, the disease should oe removed u soon as possi ble, for It give* rise to hoarseness, soreness in the wind pipe, dry conetu chronic InCammadon of tho longs, dlizlcess, dnll pain Id the head, wlth a sensation o> weight over the eyes. loss of the senses of smelling and tasting, and various palnlnl neuralgic aff“ctloni*. There Is not anv mistake about the above remedy, and it may be had of the subscriber. General Agent for tbe United States and tbe Canadas, H. H. UURIQKGTON, Providence, R. I. For sale by SMITH A DWTEIL Druggists, 92 A 01 Lake-st., Wholesale Agents for Chicago. JPASHIOKS DESIAITD J. V. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OR DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRTS. Thcr will not bend or break Ilk* the slnc’e springs, bet will ever preserrethelr perfect and heaa.Uol shape, where three or four ordinary Sfelru are thrown a»tde as ns-elesa. They combine comfort, durability and economy with that eiecancc of shape which has made the “DUPLEX ELUPliL"'the STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by the exclusive manufacturers anc sole owners of the patent, WESTS, BRADLEY & CAEY, . Warehouse and Offlee, 97 Chambers and 79-aad Si Reade*sU,>cw Yort. Also, at wholesale by-the lead lag Jabbers. OO.VTAXS6 TABLE, DESK. BUREAU, CLOSET. WASH and TOILET WAND, MIRROR. BEDSTEAD. For sale or inspection at REBATES & JOHNSTON'S, 132 State-at, Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the most popular and graceful Skirt were. Foi eale at wholesale at manufacturer.' prices bv FISLD, PALMER 4 LETTER, 110.112.114 and 116 Lat Mt. Chicago. 151 LiKS-ST. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are nusurpasevd. For sale at wholesale by JOHN V. FAKWELL A CO., Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The lightest, most agreeable and perlect Skirts made. For sale at wholesale. BOWEN BROS.. 19 and 81 Chicago. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beanty, comfort and durability superior to all oth ers. For sale at wholesale by TORRENCE. MANNING 4 CO., A LL SIZES LACEAWANA C O A L. We guarantee lull weights. Orders from the countty promptly Ailed. CURTISS, BROWN & CO., 15 WEST MADISON, Comer of Canal-si. Ilaycr. CiOAL XND COKE—We are now re ! celvlng Cat quality ol PITTSBURGH COKE, Which we cao furnish at retail or by the carload. Also, all kinds of itrst quality EEnr&nnoTJS eastern coal, Wholesale or retail. General Office, Room *2 Walter's Building, Dearbora-sh; Yard. North Fler. cast c£ Mc- Cormick’s; Yard, Cana'-st, corner of Judd. WALKER 4 CUTTING- ! REED'S TEMPLE OF'MUSIC New York. 88 Randolph-st., Chicago. largest Piano Establishment in the Northwest. Pianos, Organs and Mela deons famished to responsible parties npon payment of a small amount down, and balance in monthly installments. Old Pianos taken in part pay fornew ones Send for a .eircnlar. Address letters, “Seed’s Temple of Music, Chicago.” wOSD LOOK. AT PRICES I Chicago Custom-nude). 100 Caaeaild* In Hoff Top. Kip 10® “ IS, In Ucnta*_Klp 30.00 ICO *• Boys’ Kip... 33.00 100 ‘i- Youth's ’ 31.00 S3T Sand for Circular acd-get price U«t ia fall. All orders promptly anal. E. CHAPIN, Factory and Salesrooms, 111 Kinzle-st. dfisl). hotels. JHebffal Mrs. S. C. DICKINSON, DR. B. SEGNITZ, The well-known practitioner la PULMONARY giving medical audiences, at the Personal Examination is Necessary IN ALL CASES OF B. SEONTTZ, M. D„ Tromont XTopg-t, 9 a. m. till -j p. m. Buplcx Elliptic Skirts. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at manufacturers’Prices. KKITH. WOOD 4 C 0„ 10. l‘J and 14 Lake-aL. Chicago- Matmb anb ffioal. Simple of fHusic. 3300 ts ana Shoes, 3Lanbs. A liL WANTING FARMS—Gooaj*ann /A and well-proved Frnlt Land*—Beaatiftil and Ififmns settlement of YIN EL AND. SO miw jontt ol Philadelphia by railroad. Population increased ‘JaDC tonr years. Good society, schools and chorthw: i«OOQ orchards planted, price, *a per acre, payable In four yean. VUlago lots tor D ano manufacturers also tor sale, Climate mild— perfectly healthy—soli highly textile. Improved Places also tor sa e. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS. Proprietor. Vise land. New Jersey. Papers containing mfarmatloaae&t fr e. From report ci Solon Robinson. Agricultural Editor of the Tribunes ’'lt is one ol'tha moat exten sive tortile tracts in an almost level positron, and suit able condition tor pleasant farming, that WJ Know 01 this si Us of me Western prairies." %ati»toate, Stobes. sct. ~pJ~AKDWARS & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT & CO, DEALEBS ES HARDWARE AND OJTLEiT. Tbc attention ot close bnref» y toTltod to onr ooa* plete stock of Cooper's, MscMCdVi and Carpenter's TOOLS. American Table CatJerr ail* BoCdliie Bard -ware, direct from tbo best msattactorer*. Wo offer, also, complete assortments of Woetenkobn** pocket Gallery, fcpear ft Jackson’s and Jcsepb Bocers ft Soars Relators and Barora. Stubba ft Bouncy Files, etc. Ws keen constantly on hind fall numbers Scboenbertei's Janistt Nalls, HCBD, PBBSCOTT ft CO., r- « « - 173 LakMt. arep. Edw. Pmsoott. s. Bscrpr*™- hardware. WHIM BIAIR k IHI’OBTEBS AND dEALESS IS mum inr mi 179 (Adjoining i ASD ISI EASDOLPH-ST, r the Briggs House),' CHICAGO. QEiLEin:. WOSTZNHOLiTS and W. S. BUTCHERS* POCKET KNIVES, With a lull assortment of other first-class brands o£ Pocket and Table Cntlcry, just m-el Ted and fbr sale by WM. BLAIR ± CO, ‘179 and 181 Rar.dolph-st. fTILEo, JJ SIX CASKS BUTCHERS’ EILES, Jest received and tor sale by WM. BLAIR A CO, . 179 and iSTßandoipb-et. Jj£APxDAVAIi£ AND CUTLERY. A. R & G. H. MILLER, 55 State-st,, Chicago. A (10 do*. IXL Wostcaholni'S Pocket Knives. .<» V 300 dot. XCD Wade ± Batcher’s Pocket Knives. If 00 dor. Joseph Rodgers A Hons 1 Scissors and Shears. 100 do*. Spear A Jackson’?, and other English brands ot Hand and Panel Saws, received direct Sum English manabetnrers per steamer ~ City ol Manchester,” which we will sen At Low Prices for Cash! Also, a fine assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS. Meat Cutters and Stufferr, Ladies’ and Gents’ Skates, Straps, Ac., Scoops, Shovels, Axes, Ac. £INC ROLLING MILL. F.W.HATTffIES&ENOTELER AT LaSALLE, IN ILLINOIS, ARE BOLLING EVERT WEEK FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS C 9 SHEET ZING Snperior to all Imported. gTO\ES.— Don’t forest that Barsiow’s Model Cooff. Stove Will do more work with a given amount ot tuei than any Stove in the market. Sold only by DAY A BR AISTED, 1133 * 237 STATT-ST. A large Mock ot Parlor and Cook Stoves, House Fur nishing Uoodf, In great variety. asaijolEsale <Elort) Rouses KIMBALL, STEVENS A COMFY. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE. 64 & 66 JfUCMIG'W- .IF. i&air ISestoratibes. ATO MORE BALDNESS OR GREY i.Y HAIR. “London Grey Hair Color Does Restorer'* “Ixindon Hair Color Rcsumr** “London Hair Hair Color not Rtstor-r** “Lot don Hair Color Restorer** “Lutdon Restored Hair Color stain K'lstorer** “Lordon Hair Color Restorer" “London without Hair Color or soil Rcsttror** “London Hair Color Rtaiorer** “London Dyeing. Hair Color anything. Rcfl'oret 4 * It wilt make the hair soft, glossy and flexible. It wilt preserve the original color tc old age. It will tire* vent the hair from falling ofl. It will care ail diseases ol tne scalo. Only 75 cents a bottle; six bottles »L Sold by all leading druggists and dealers !□ toilet ar ticles. SMITH A Dt\ k ER. Wholesale Agents, Engrabings. Typ.RTIN O’BRIEN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ENGRAVINGS AND PICTURE FRAMES, ETC., ETC. SEND FOIL PRICE LISTS* 122 Dearborn-sf.. Chicago, 111. Hcroscne ©il 53uvnet. 'J'HE NEW BERNER.. M O RE LIGHT! LIGHT! The last and Bcst lnreDfion. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burnt By the use of thU Burnet, Glass Chimneys are > Orely dispensed with, and a brilliant light nveo out a spreading Jet. similar to that of Gas. The ortiiu. Coal Oil,Kerosene} oftbushopsU used, affording i . only the CHEAPEST but Un BESTUght that can ■-» produced from this great HlumlnaUna agent. We cordially Invito every one to ciJl and witness : • himself me operatlocs.ol this.Berner, being fit ~' aware that “To See is to be Convinced.” The Burner la so constructed, mat it attaches ta Any Coal Oil! Lamp, Tins saving the price ol new ones where they are if roaay In use. Ca state and Bounty Rights for sale. Apply to or address A. B. SLOAN, ADAMS HOCSB. business ffiarbs. QEO. iIcKTSXET & CO., COMMISSION MERC BARTS, HATE. REMOVED INTO THEIR NEW OFFICE AND STORE, No. 1:2 UaSalle-st-., Where they have unsurpassed facilities lor handling Grainy Floury Dressed Ho2«i &c.y ice* Consignments solicited. P. 0. Dcm937. 6XO. HtoNIT, j. c. r.rW.TT- 'J' L. MOSGAN & CO., ‘COJDUSSIOV HEKCSAXTS, For the- purchase and sale ol Grain, Floor. Provisions, 4c. particular attention paid to Jie sale of Dreacti Bog*. 13 LaSalle-*:., Chicago. ffens.. JOSEPH GILLOTTS STEEL PENS, OF THE OLD STANDARD QUALITY JOSEPH Or Descriptive TRADE MAKE: OIMJITT. Nanv* tad Deaiff- WAREt.NTBU. nat:as Namber. NEW SERIES, GOOD AND CHEAP, from No. ICO to No. 751. JOSEPH With TRADEMARK: CILLfrTT, Desiguatts* BU.IIINUUA3L Numbers. The well known tKir-rvAr. and rorriAE numbers, 303, 101, 170,331. hanne been a: sumed by other Muotto. we desire to cannon the pot-llc In mpeetto said Imitations. AsK FOR falLLorrs. Gtuorr’s F»59. la such variety aad style to salt gyery kmd 5/tnnd- writing, tor sale to the trade by No. 91 New York* ggytt? OWiaWy Solo Agoat» patents. ABD’S PATENT BBICK HtACHINB. Office and manufactory S 3 South Jeftoraonot. Fox information %pd descriptive circular address B. U. GAUD. S 3 South JeSersoo-sL, Chicago,