Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 24, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 24, 1866 Page 3
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THE PRIZE EISG. Determined Combat on the Banks of the Potomac. Figbt Between Bob "White* of Boston) and BUchael Carr, of New Torfe—For ty-Four Bonnds Fouslitla Thirty-Six minutes—White Declared the Victor— His Collar Bone Broken In the First Xtoond, Etc,, Etc*, Etc* [From the Kew Yoik Herald.] WismxGTOK, A Cgbt cameolT this morning on the banks of the Potomac, on the Virginia side, about fire miles below Alexandria, between Rob* ■ort White, of Boston, and Micnael Carr, of New York, for £SX) a side. Forty-four rounds were longht in thirty-six minutes, when White was'declared the victor by re ceiving a foul blow from Carr. White broke his collar bone in the first round, which lost him the use of his right arm throughout the fight, THE CONDITION'S OF THE MATCH. The match was made between Carr and White to fight on the 20th of November, six weeks alter the signing of articles, for $333 a side. In a twenty-four foot roped ring, in the State of Virginia, the latest rules of the British prize ring to govern the fight. tan near. J?ovrd I—As the men approached the scratch and put their bands up, the contrast was grent be tween them, tn an artistic point of view. White was caty atm graccml on bis feet, and, with his leil band well extended and his tight quits high across bis breast, presented an almost invincible front, lie appeared much Ucbtci and a great deal more easy than Carr, whose attitude was not artis tic nor graceful, bnt still was a bold one, and he looked a determined fighter all over and capable of taking anyaxnount ofpnubbnient. When time was called they rushed promptly to the mark drawn across the nng, and iu a moment were at work. Carr led v-iih tia lolt, which was nlc-ly stopped, and a light one from White's left found a resting plflpe on Carr’s nghtlctapie. Another exchange of civilities, and Carr planted his left on White’s left chick, out not to do much damage. White then got LI? leli on Carr's lips, bat far hUpalns received a ilcht bander from Carr on the Uit ribs trLlcb floo.ed lilm icstanily, and in tbe fair he broke bis collar tone. He was picked up quickly by bi- seconds, bat he did not (ell them of bis mishap. The knock dor.n blow was overlooked by Currie iriends and was nor claimed. J?<.ur,d 2—Boib the men were quickly at the Ecnucb, and White led oil with b!s left and caught Carr a dab on the right eye. He got away with out n return, bui soon afterwards renevred opera tions and planted another left-hander on the same spot. He attain escaped Carr s w«*11-meani and heavily discharged battery, ai.d pat in & good one on tbe breast and a very light one on *ho fore head, when a clinch followed, and Oder a abort time spool in pegemtr away at naif arm bits, Carr threw white and rolled over him. -'i—This was c short round. White lead ic£ ohusd mating one on Curr'snos?, and another on Ins left check, whle Carr pm oue on the fore head ol WLiic, and another on the side of hi* head. A scramble followe-i. White tiding lo got t/n ? ol llit; way to avoid a dines, when Carr car.g-ht him, and afier a short sen sk, la which Wh:,.-£layvd a poor part on account of las shoul der, be w*m thrown, amt Carr fell on him. No blood was'/isibleyet on cither side. Som.d-i—Ku soon as tr ey reached the scratch White rot hi- lull in on Carr’s leu eve, ana left ins taaik, when Catr rushed wi.dir at him. hilling him in the breast and then in iLe nec:.- as he was gut ting a wav. While staggered and fell. Jivuruf s—Prompt!/, at the call of time the fighter* skupcaioifao&utrc ut the ring, and as soon as they readied there fighting commenced, there being vety little sparring ou cither side. Al'houch White had to he very, cautious in hU movements, hi- right arm bang eo'iiciy useless cither for otlen-Jvc or dcf crivi: iuovemr*atfi,hcsht>t out his left, which lai-fird on Carr’s loft cjc, and again planted a hard one on the mouth with the same hand, which brought the b'tvxi co piously. Carr rnsbi-ti in s'ruck White In the bteas% and the latter fell to avoid tortuer punish ment; a desperate swinging Mow from Carr’sleft Massing over his bean as he reached ite ground. 'i.-$t blood was claimed and all :we I for While- Scuad t—Can’s Lice now began to show iLc handiwork of White’s left haad. ac.l he was bleeding fri'clyfrom the mo <t*i. White led off and caught Carr a rap on the I Tt side of the head .far ba.-k. and stumbling, fell down, and Carr walked to his corner. /*’cj»nd 7 Carr ltd, and a counter followed from White, both blows taking cues: ou their cuius bat not bard enough to do any lulrebief, and Pen Carr made an impetuous ra-ha* W:il’e, birthing out at the rams lime with hi« right hand at the rib*, but the iormerfeU at the moment and craped unhurt. The secundh ol Carr did not seem to notice this, anJ made no comuioint to the re feree. So--ir.d S—White, on reaching the score, put in a very sharp rap ou she mouth of Carr, wbau latter rushed to a clinch and threw White hard gnd tell or. him. 9—At the call of time both rushed to the scratch and at once conucenc.-u hostilities. and each ltruck the othvt on the breast. Then White got LLi It-U cji Carr’s left eye. and again wa-* *nc ccctliii in landing it on ihe riglu o-c. when Carr, swinging hU left out, caught Wiitt a sharp shot cn the chin, and then dcltv ring his right at the back’ot ihc left car, clinched and -oon succeeded in laving White oti the fiat of Lis back and fell on him. iit/iojfflO—Carr put to a ratlcr on While’s lift cheek bone, which took otT the peeling, and, get ting another on the breast, rush-id to a close. White going'down easily; Carr Jell on him. 21— This round was "snort, ebarp and decisive.'’ White led off sod caugut Carr a sharp the latter retaliated on fhc . breast, and, sending in another oa tuc right tem ple, floored Whl'e Instaulcr. 12—While led first and reached the right eye of Carr, and the latter returned the compli ment with a sharp one on the left check. Wnuc then planted his leften Oarr’sxnoa'h.and renewed the flow of blood, when the latter rmhed to a close, threw White, and fell on him. Sound IS—The rounds were of very short dura tion, as Carr seemed bent on mt«cbi.‘f. while White was practising the saving system and doing Ihe most mischief with the slightest fatigue. White got in two light laps on the mould and note, ard Carr planted one oa the breast, and, rushing at his opponent like a mad bail, white fell, escaping a swinging blow that passed over his head. Sotii.J 14—This was a very short round, for as soon U 5 they fared each other White landed his left very lightly on Carr’s no*-, and, throwing himself quickly down again, escaped a terrific hit Which was intended for his ribs. Sotatd 15—'White as soon as he reached the score, struck at Carr and fell to avoid the return. Neither of them put in a hloiv ttds tine. Sound Ifi—Both men were quick at the score, and in ai: instant White shot ou* his left and fell to avola Carr's rush. Carr was bidding copious ly from tbe nose and mouth, and iao lace appear* 1 cd much swollen. Bound 17—Carr rushed wildly at White, and, hitting him a swinging left candor on the right Bide,sent him to the ground all inn heap. JZu-ir.d rounds wc.o now getting very short. and Carr was forcing the fighting and had all the best ol it, and was Jomlly applauded by his partisans. Wailc got hi*- left on Carr’s neck, whue the latter rushed in with a heavy right* bander on the Idt ribs, and Wnuc Instantly went to mss. Bound 12—White got oQ first again and landed on Carr's face, between the eyes, when he was again floored by Carr with a right-hander on the left ribs. jfovticl SC—White put bis left on Carr’s *nose and instantly fell, receiving a nn from Carr when down, and a*err of “foal” was claimed by White’s seconds, which. however, was not a Uowed for some reason or other best known to the referee. Bovnd 21—Carr rushed to the scratch, and wis on ton of White before cither had a chance to strike a blow, and while on the ground Waite's seconds accused Csrrof cooking their charge, and made a claim of foul. The referee desired them to fight ou. Bovnd 22— White went down this time as Carr strode at him. and the latter’s heavy shoes came in contact with White’s bead, and another cry of fool was raised hy White r* mends. “Fight on,” was the decision of the referee. Bound 23—White got hi two light left-handers on Carr’s dial, ana went down tor safety, just escaping a vicion-1* meant left-hander from Carr. .fft/tmd 21— White’? left hand justrcached Carr’s mouth, when the latter rushed in. and after a short struggle both went down side hy side. Bound £s—Carr's face seemed much swollen, bat otherwise he was as fresh as at the beginning of the fight, and much more confident. Carr rushed at White, and as the latter retreated be was bit twice in the left side by Carr’s right hand, the latter blow knocking him clean down. Bound 26—While got in a light one on the fore* head, and Instantly roll to avoid a swinging left hander which was intended for his right ribs. Bourn *27—Carr got in the first cracic this time, hitting White in the left side, from the effects of which tfcc latter fell. White was the first to lead o£ bnt misstd his mark. ___ . Bound 26-Carr, taking the lead, hit White a bard left-hander on the side -of the head, and the latter went down without giving a return. This round lasted only a few second?. iVunetSb—'\\ lute got his left on the left side of Carr's brad and fell *o avo d a stinger. Bowd cO—Ko blows were exchanged in this round, as tho combatants rushed to a clinch and White was thrown, wkh Carr on top. Jtvur.d B’—White delivered his left ou Carr’s right check, and instantly fell, a heavy blow pass ing over hie bead. Bound :a—While put in a little one on Carr’s mouth, rccelnug one in the brea<t and getting don a easily. Carr rushed to hit him, bat was too l&lc. Jio'tnd Sl—\VhPc bit Carr on the top of the head and was down in a flash, the latter letting his left mauler fly over bis head. Hound 54—This, like a number of the last rounds, was very brief. Carr, as soon as he left his etcond’s knee, flew at White, and, hitting him in the neck, the latter fell. Bound 55 Carr came up trying to laugh, hut his “mug” was cot altogether in lanchngthape. tusbedat White, and, efrikingoat wddty, the latter fell to avoid the blow without being hit, and there was another cry of “foul,” but this came from Carr’e 'comer. The referee again said, “Fight on.” BovndSC— Several bits were made hy both par ties, but they all missed their mark. Wbi»e. bow over, at last put In a weak one on Carr’s neck and fell to avoid being bit. Con stood over him laughing until taken away, and no one knew ex cept White and the tltrcid reporter that tbe for mer’s sbonlder was broken, so skilfully had he concealed the fret. - . Bovnd 3i—Csrr landed aright handbr ou the left side of White’s head, and the latter went I down, and, while lying on hi? Dies, Carr had to j he restrained from hi'ting him hv Whits’* sec- 1 ends. Be seemed now petfvctly wild, and said he could lick Collier, when the latter laughed at him. Bomd2S— Carr rushed at White, wnen the lat ter fell wUhonthclng hit. and “fom ” «m again claimed by Carr’s partisans, but not allowed, as U was asserted that he slrnck out as befell. Bound 33—White put In a rap on Carr’* fore*, head and fell down to avoid Ca:r’s rushes, fhe latter then walked np to tbe referee and complain ed of White’s style of fighting, proclaiming U foal and unmanly, and It really seemed so to those who dldmot realise White's condition. Bouhd 40—White scot bis left on a mission, and It landed on Carr's monlb, In return for which he cot a rap in the bread and went down in an Instant. >/ Bound 41—While cot a blow In tho breast and again went down and escaped a stinger that flew over bis head. Carr’e fricmla were now very bois terous, and one of them called out to tako'Wblte away, om tbe latter’s friends boasted that he “ could fight all day.” Boiaut 42—’White struck onl and threw himself down at Ibe same moment to escape a swinging lefthander at the head, and the cry of “foul” p&t-sed unheeded. Bovnd 43.—White struck Carr on tho forehead and (ell before being hit, although Carr made a determined effort to reach him. Bound4iar.d la*t— White got In a swift shot on Carr’s right eye, and the latter robbing at him furiously White dropped, and while on the ground was struck in the breast a power ml blow by Carr. The referee of course could not rasa over this pal peny foul act, and at once declared that White haC V cn the fight. FBOa WKbsOR, ILLISOIS. CcppcrbeadOntnce to Khelby County— 'Jhey Attempt to break up a Jieetxng of (tic G. A. R.—One Mau killed and Scvcml VTonndcd. Wnnjfcoc, Shelby Connly, November 19. Last Monday evening there was a meet* log Jof the G. A. It. in this place. The Cop perheads held a caucus and resolved to break up the LodgeiThcy put la for a leader a man named Horn'.' Be proceeded to the lodge and began to enreo all “ black. Republicans” and the members of the order. The Town Marshal is a member oi the organization, and he went out to arrest Born. The latter swore that no member ol that order could arrest him. and advanced on the Marshal with a knife, who, in retreating, struck bis foot against a board and felL Horn rushed upon him and stabbed him twice In the head and three times in the back, and was pre paring for another blow, when he was snot. Then the shooting commenced ouboth-ddes. Tn er £ were three Union men wounde laud four butternuts, besides Horn, who diel the next day. J. L. Stormes, a member of the G. A. B-, was wrested for killing Bom, and sixty members of the order were sent from Mattoon to prevent the Copperheads from banting Stonnes without a trial. The exami nation-came off on Wednesday, anti the de fendant was released. Do wasagalnarrestca. and again released. The Union men kept out guards every night until last night* The DanisU Herat Family* The sudden rise in the. position and Influ ence of the present royal family of Denmark is withont precedent. Twenty years ago Prince and princess Christian were living In a quiet sort of way upon a very limited in come; the major part of which was derived from the Prince’s salary of £ooo per annum as a general in the army. There is an unani mous testimony to the goodness and exem plary conduct of the family. By a protocol, arranged and accepted by the Great Powers. Prince Christian was to bo King of Denmark if King Frederick did not leave a direct heir. King Frederick died chlldlcss.and King Chris tian reigns in his stead. We condole with the misfortunes that King Christian has been eubjecied to through Coontj Bismark, but hi* Majesty and Denmark ought to be con gratulated on the brilliant fortunes of the family. These are the honors that have been showered upon it: 1. The father a King. 2. The mother a Queen Consort. 8. The eldest son undisputed heir to the Danish throne. 4. The second son King of the Greeks. 5. The eldest daughter wife to the heir of the throne of England. 0. The second daughter about to marry the heir to the throne ot Russia. Ex-PorN'Dcit—The Congressional name for Hon. John Morrissey, the Copperhead Rep resentative from New York City. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL; iriONEIABI Fiudat Etexisc, November 2J, ISGG. The Money market presented no new features to-day. Cosines? at the banks continues dull, and though the market is easy for a)! first-class paper, there is no’superabundance of currency. The dis count lines at some of ihe banks are fall f up to the average, hut with otbera, there Is a decided faihn:- oS. This is particularly the case with those institutions which confine their business to the mercantile trade. There Is no change in the rales ol Interest. Paper is closely scrutinized, and where advance? arc made, wide margins are in variably demanded. In the open market good eig nalurcfrarc negotiated at 1 per cent per month, and less acceptable names at P er cent. The scarcity of Exchange continue*, and several of Ihe hanks are obliged to ship currency. Bound lots ofExcLange sold from bank to bank at 25c premium. Over the counter there is a good de mend, and the market Is firm at par buying and 1-HJ premium sidling. Bullalo and Oswego hills arc taken al*i ofL Pi iva;c advices received from New York to-day ftj.pounce the suspension of B. P. Carver, former ly of this city. In consequence of unfortunate op erations In Northwestern. The failure ofStuckle, Becker & Co. is also announced—liabilities over f 2,110. COO. it is slated that Tor months past they lad been operating for arise in gold and fancy (■locks, and, being unable to carry the load, were ’ obliged to giro way. Business on’Change was cxceefiinely qalct to df«y. Floor was dull, and not enough was done to establish quotations. Wheal was quiet—clodng aulfic firmer. Cera was slow and irregular— c!«i-:ng about- 1c belter. Oats opened fiQlc higher, but the improvement was lost at the close. Bye was dull. Barley was quiet. Whiskey was CHticr. Pi oris ions were dull. Mess Poik de clined SI.GO. Lard was easier. Wool was neg lected. (•old was Irregular, though a trifle higher to day. It opened in New York at 139; declined to I3r&, advanced to 139*4 and closed at 133?5. Tue following quotations were received by Boyd Brc., gold and Block brokers; lfr:r. a. 133 1l&WJ 133 :P;Soa.m 183*4 1 12:13p. m 131*4 Ifctfla. 13SK t 1:00 p.m 139*4 11:15 1354 I ~oUo.m 133*4 11:C0 n. id 128J4 I 5:09 p. m 133 11:43a.n 1C3J41 4:00p.m 133?4 Here the market was quiet. The brokers were buying all3S®l2?‘i and celling at IS'Jfjttld. Silver was nominal at JSS®I3O huying-tlie upper figure for large. The Public Funds experienced quite a reaction to day, and on the Second Board, a higher range of prices prevailed. The Sixes of 'Si advanced Five-Twenties of ’CSdosed X bet’er and the otbtT issues were 1 higher. Ten-Forties advanced *4; August Seven-Thirties improved 55. The June issue advanced fi, and on the July series we note an improvement of 55* The following shows the opening and closing prices of to-day, com pared with those of yesterday: Thursday., Friday. Op’g. CVc. Op’g. Cl’g. Sixes Of *8? I«J* 111* H3>S 112*4 Plve-Twenlics, ’O2 107*i 107 y 108 10** Flv«-Twcnti«?, ’64 lUs*£ 103* lU3* IWl* Fitc-Twcnlies, ’65. tW* 105 x 103* 106*4 Tec-Forties 99* 99* 93J4 99* Seven-Thirties, Aug 105* 105 lOl* 1034 ScvuTk-ThirtlM, Jnhe - 101*4 104 101*4 101*4 Seven-Thirties, Ju1y.....104?# 19! 101*4 lOttf Here there was an active demand, and at the dose the brokers advanced their figures over those current In the forenoon. Holders, however, were unwilling to sell. We quote clo sing prices as follows: oovciuaiEKT eecuiuriEs—cbicaoo atiTiKET. Buying. Selling, Sixes, H2?4 112*5 5-2trs,lSC2 10SJ4 lt9*4 3-2»’e. 1864 100 105*4 V-Vfl’s, 1565 IWJ 106*4 5-20’s, email 103uai07?4 nMU’s,larce 99j| 890^ 1 two’s, small 192 102*5 7<fio’B, let series. 10314®1C5*4 105‘5 7- tVe, 2d series 104*4 I°*2£ 7A»’e,£d series.. 104*i@10]*4 1042£ 7-30’s, email 303-4 c.rj •••• June Compounds, 1834. 115 .... July Compounds, 1564.. lU*4 Ana. Compounds, ISW, 114 Oct. Compounds, 1564.. 113 .... Dec. Compounds, ISfit. 115 .... May Compounds, lcA3. 170J4 .... Acg. Oompout-ds, 18iS. 10SJ4 .... Sept. Compounds. I®©. 103 Oct. Compounds. 1805.. IC7$4 •••• The following quotations for Government Secu rities are given by the Second National Bank: Coupons, liSl 112J* I Jncc Oomp. 1804,..U4»f VMCoacon, I July 44 44 large.'..los«4«lo7J£ I An*. 44 44 ...113R 5-Sd Coupon, I Oct, 44 44 ...112H small 103 ’QIRCVi l>cc. 44 4 * 10-10Conpon, large 9954 I Slay 44 1T0,..*110*4 KMO Conpon.small 102 \ Aug. 44 44 ..100 730.larg8.iini Cfcini?x Sept. 44 44 ...103*4 7-3 t. small..'o3il<fcl94K « Oct. 44 44 ...ICS ilcesre. Scrjpp-, Preston & Kean, In Afternoon report, quote Governments as follows: 5-SOs, t£S2. large.( 7*3oß,larec.loti4®!os«4 5-20 e, IS&i-S, * r ..100 | KMlhs, - 99*£ Local securities are doll. We qnote: Buying. Selling. Chicago City Sevens So ion Cook County 03 975 J Chamber of Commerce.... 94 -33 The Cincinnati discount market becomes closer, and the classification of paper correspond ingly more narrow. It is not nt all difficult to grt IS per «cnl where tbe banks can etep aside at all from the c’aims that regular customers are sup posed to have. It is. though, proper to remark that the packing Interest Is not yet largely repre sented nmoeg borrowers, and chose banks that have mneb eastern In that line bavin? kept them selves In a measure prepared for the usual calls upon them, still keep themselves in easy condi tion as to currency. Indeed, they all profess to be following a conservative policy, ind claim that ranch of this discount business is on a sort of pro tective policy. —The Philadelphia money market continues easy at s®o per cent on call and short time. Some cf the banking houses are receiving money on deposit at 4 per cent. The discount demand is dull, and rates rule at C®7 for best names. Some oftbe shrewder money-lenders prefer call loans on stock collaterals to discounts of business p jM per. General trade la dull, tnif the pnees or cot£ modules and produce ore tending steadily down ward. —The Pittsburgh money market Is working rather easier than it did the latter part of last week. With a-, cood demand upon it for loans, rates have not advanced, find dirt-class names arc taken at bank rates, whilst there is a large amount of paper sold in the outside market at about 13® 15 per cent. —The New York SMjtping LUt says: There Is an Increased demand for money, and an active Im-inesa has been done since oar last at the ad vanced rates ofC®7 cent on call.* Discount rales arc also higher, with a less free movement of cuirtncv. Fates of prime GO day bills may be quoted C«4©7 cent, and there is a closer scru tiny of signatures. We quote: Per cent, per annum. Loons on call, stock securities 6 ® 7 44 bond and mortgage 6 <74 7 Prime endorsed bills, CO days G>4® 7 “ “ 44 SQ‘4 months. ... 7 ®— First-class single names Gl4@ 7 Other pood hills 7 ®— —The Boston Advert iter of Wednesday re marks: 41 We hear reports to-day of the sadden disappearance of two merchants doing business In different lines of trade, bat understood to be mutually Interested, who, ills staled, bare left be hind them prper to (be amount of $150,1.00 to $175,0C0. The failure of a well-known tanner, do ing a large business in Chelsea, and the suspen sion of several small boot and shoe manufacturers in the vidnlty of Boston, la also announced.” —The same authority observes: The money market Is well supplied with loan able funds, but the somewhat increased activity in the demand, together with the increasing cau tion of. bank manaccrs and camtalUts, which the present condition of the market for general race cbstidlro tends to Inspire, promote* essentially its firmness. The rates to-day show no material . change. Many of the banka are unable to meet all the applications for dUconma which they re ceive, but generally supply their customers to the extent of their ability at G per cent. In the out side market, however, the raurfoc prime paper ta (tom G to 7 per cent, and there Is considerable paper offering, quoted as prime, which reeks pur chasers at from •(o 0 per cent. Paper from New York and Providence is becoming quite plenty, being offered in excess of the demand at from 0 lo S per cent. Call loans rule at s®o per coat, but many of the banks do nothing under G per conk —Articles of association bare been filed In the Secretary ot State's office at Albany, authorising 4 ‘Tho New York & Albany Railroad Company” ta build a railroad on the west side of the Hud son River. The directors named in the articles arc: Robert li. Kennedy, John Jacob Astor, Jr., John Mcß- Davidson and Daniel Butterfield, New York; Homer Bamsdcl], Newburgh; Thomas Cornell, Rondont; Jonathan 11. Hasbronck, Kingston; ThomasW. Aleott, Robert. 11. Prayn, Erastes Coming, Jr., John Tracy, Samuel Schny- Icrand Joseph £. Ramsey, Albany. —The total value of imports at Boston for the week ending Nov'mber 19,was $G19,«7, against $1,1(6,551 during the corresponding week In 1635. Total since January 1, $42,400,183. Avoiago amount per week, $913ji71. —The Pacific Mail Company has declared its usual quarterly dividend offlve per cent, and also c dividend of 37J iper ant In fuUpatd„ttocJ\ to all holdersostheSUthofNovembsrat tt>o closing of the books. Thestocknow stands as follows: OHdnal capital $10,000,000 Five millions of new capital, cold and invested in $10,000,000 of United Stales Sixes of *Bl . 6,000,000 Five millions is;ned under SCHper cent dividend 5.000.000 Total capital $20,000,000 The assets on its ships, coal, depots, workshops and materials: Cash surplus t 5,000,000 United buttes Gs of *Bl, at par.. . 10.0ju.003 The New York Tribune of Wednesday re marks: Currency Is scarce amon? the bmk*, and a good deal of shopping has to be done .Then large checks are called for In cash, and that, too, by banks reporting the greatest strength ta legal lenders. Toe banks, as a whole, arc not in a posi tion to expand. They have 100 large a proportion of Ihelr capital and deposits Invested in tinned blares stocks, or loaned upon them, to permit them to goo the rescoeof traders In grain, pro visions, dry (goods, or stocks, and relief can only come U> borrowers by selling the commodities they arc boldine on speculation by borrowed zneoey. As attain now aland, borrowers and lenders alike most concede that we are upon the summit of tbo inQa'.lon growing oat of the rebellion. Tbo National Banka hav>* ex hausted their power 10 Issue currency, and toe Secretary of the Treasury has commenced to de stroy the legal tenders by which National notes are redeemed. As ho la able to continue this pro cess, and at the same lime to fund and pay oi short currency debts, It follows, aa a natural re- BUIC, that, the banks and the borrowers of the country most reduce their liabilities in some pro pvrt.'on to the withdrawal ofiholcgaUcndcrs upon which they are now operating. Vbc Treasury Bcpnrtmcni fully controls the mo?iey market, and through funding and payment in steadily working back to specie payments—not so fart as many desire, bat still to a degree that should teach people prudence about making new engage ments. TVc having power of money Increases day ‘>y day, as all can see who will! take ifao trou ble to read the prices current of the produce of the country, whether from tbo soil or from manu facture. Congress may leglsla'e in the direction of expansion, and so defer for a abort Kmc the re sumption of specie payments, hot people will do well not to be too sure of this, and pto Keep them selves as much out of debt as po-stule." —The earnings of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad for the week ending November 21, were: ISC3. 1305. .$ 68,303.10 £3,-233.10 134,276.14 10*,023.41. 3,617.18 3,433.00 1,502.53 1,021.53 Passenger. Freight... Express... Mail .$203,801.01 $223,353.21 .7-?. $10,931.17 Total.. Increase. —The London Tkmet reports that during the last fiscal year the total value of goods imported Into the United Kingdom was over $1,355,tKi3.0U0 In gold, and of goods exported nearly SS3O,UJO,OOU. It urges the Importance ofpcrlcciing trade arrange ments with the British Eastern possessions, as ouc-fonrtb of the commerce of England La wtyh Brlllfeh, India, China, Australia, Egypt and Japan. During the eight months ending August 31st, Ihe value of the iron and steel exported to Ihe united Stales was as compared with $3,UU,033 for the same portion of ISfIS. The exports of rail road iron the limete ays, were large la September and October ot the present year, and It anticipates that Ifaflaire remain as they now arc, the returns for ISGC will tho'V a considerable Increase over 1805. It qualifies this opinion, however, by the remark that should Congress this winter make the tarifl more protective, the entire iron and steel export to the United Stales will be reduced. eock aiarnet. New York s*i Closing price* forcash, November 23,1866 received by Jo&epb M. Lyons ft Co„ Brokers, 96 Sooth Clark street: Ist 2d Ist 21 B'cL B’d. B’d. B’d. N. tea 109* o.B.6p«reect Erie (com) 71 71# bood-MSSI... 112* 111* M.B. («r0:n).... 79* £o* 0.8.6 per cent u. ft Pitta 83* SIK 5-W coap.,’63. 103 103* Bock Island....HO 103# 0.8.6 per cent C. ft S. W WX 41H 3-*» Conp M '64. C. ft N. W„ pf<! 60* 703/ 0. S. 6 per cent I*.FEW.ftC..lO5* 101* 5-20 103* IttS* oulr-usllver.... 42# 46# 0. s.Gtcrccnt W.O Cion Tel.. 46 46# ItMOs 90* 99* C. &A. (com)..llß* .... Tr. Notes,? B*lo Ccr. fto.(Urt).lS) .... latserlo* .... IW* 135# O. M.Ccris.. 27V .... 0.5.75-10,2 d nudH.n Klrer.ll7* series 101* IM* 111. Central....ll7* 118* 0. S. 7 3-10, 3d . P. ft Beading.. Ill* 112 W series 101* 101* Mllbrsh’reCoal Amcr.Gold.... 130 13a V.ft WsbaM) Market—First Board steady. Second Board steady. coian£nuAL. Friday Evz>txo, fforemher 23, ISOG. The follov.-imr tables show the receipts and ship m< sis of produce daring the past twcuty-four boars: RECEIPTS PAST T*VEKTV-POUR HOURS. 10*5. -1965. 10,213 5,121 11,511 S 1,619 25,650 35.291 15,656 81,116 6,800 3,815 5,83 J 103 750 1*13,690 53.200 95,109 31,713 6,0-10 51,350 9 2,100 Flour, brl? Wheat, 1n.... Com. Im Oats, bo. Rye. bn Harley, bn Grass Seed, 2m Droom Corn. D>s... Cured Meats, lbs... Pork, bils Lord, fallow, Butter, tbs Dressed Hogs, No. Live Hogs, N 0.... cattle. No Hides, Us U. Wines, brls, Wool, lbs Lumber, r 0.... Shingles, m... loth. tn. sail. brls. Sait, bags amwnatis past TWENTT-rom nouns. Flour, brls. Wheat, bn. Coro, bn .. Oats, bu.... Rye, bu.... Barley, bo. Gra*s feted, tts . Broom Connlhs.... (htrcu Meat, lbs... Beef, bris. Porli, brls Lard, lbs Tallow, Ihs Butter, S>s Live Dogs. No Caitle, N 0.... Hides,lhs H. Wince, brls ... Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m l.atb, ro Salt, brls There was a good attendance on ’Change to-day, and although the leading grain markets were firm, and in some instances higher, business was very slow, and the volume of trade was exceed ingly light. Provisions were again dull. There was a slight inquiry for Mess Pork for present delivery, and the market was fl.oo lower with sales of 500 brls, part last evening, at 520.00. For January de livery there were buyers at 519.C7*4, but sellers were unwilling to accept less than 553.00. For February delivery $20.00 was bid. but no offers were made. Green meats were dull with sales of STOpcs Shoulders at G**c, uutrlmmod. Lard was dnll and easier wi’h sales of 73 tes Prime New at 1224 c. Sellers were asking 18c for January de livery, with buyers at ISiic. Grease was firm whhsalc« of 50 tea Brown at Sc. Tallow Grease sold at 9c. (.Whiskey was dnll.wUb retail sales of freest at $2.3-1. Bonded was heavy with sales of S9 f J brls on private terms—understood to be abont 52c. Fleur was dull, and decidedly In favor of buy* ers, who were very scarce. We quote sales of 1,250 brls at $ll.OO for Red Winters, $9.0039.75 for Spring Extras and SG.UC®7.3S for Spring Su pers. Rye Floor sold to a moderate extent at Wheat was qniet and withont material change, though No. 2 Spring was a shade firmer. No. 1 Spring was In light snpplv, The sales footnp 93,(«Ubn at32,o9®2JoforNo 2 Red; 52.0T®2.13‘5 for No. 1; f 1.9001 92 for No. 2inA. D. & Co.; for do in R. 1.; 51.7931.81 for do la N.S.aud N.W.,ancl 51.4031.47f0r Rejected Spring —closing with buyers at 52 03 for Regular No. 1, and sl-51 for No- 2 Spring. Com was irregular and very slow at an advance of t®oc—closing unsettled. The sales foot up D6,COObnat SSo9lcfor No. 1; S3©S7c for No. 2 and 60c for Rejected in store, 533137 c for new Shelled and 52c for Ear on track—closing on- settled and nominal at BSc for No. 1 in store. Oaw opened 540.1 c better. Imtat the close the advance was lost. Tbe sales foot np 52,090 bn at 37H® 89c for No. 2 and 3j*4c for Rejcctedr-closlng at u K c lor the lormcr. Rye dull at yesterday's figures with sales at £6©67c for No. 1 and 80@S2e for No. 2 instore closing at Wc for No. 1 and 81c for No. 2. Parley was dull with sales at WJjGTc for No. 2. Rejected was held at 44c, with buyers at 42c. Sample lots sold at 45c®51.03 as to qualify. - Freights were dull, with engagements at 11c for Wheat from Milwaukee to Bufialo. Trade in the Grocery market Is fairly active and steadily improving. Staple goods have been weak, under the Influence of the decline in gold, but there in now a firmer feeling manifest, indi cating an impression that the bottom has been reached. Hardware rood*, Including Iron, Nalls, Metals and Tinners’ Stock, arc in good demand, and the market Is firmly bold at unchanged figures. Salt is steady, with Domestic Fine selling at 82.C0 delivered. Seeds are quiet, but steady at previous quota tions. Wool Is dull and almost entirely nominal. Lumber by (he cargo is exhausted, and the sea son Is closing on a firm market with an active de mand. The following despatches were read to*day£on 'Change: Bcftaio, November 23. Wheal doll and nominal. Com quiet at $1.05. Data nominal at 45c. Freights on Com to New York 20c. Receipts of Wheat 13,000 ba; Cora 8,000 ba; Oats 1,000 bu. it has been snowing here for thirty hours. TDiio hundred and fitly boats passed cast of the break daring the post twenty-four hours. New York, November 23. Flour steady and quiet, at $S 40510.G5 for West ern extras. Wheat steady bat quiet, at s2.2o®* 2.31. Com firm bat quiet, at §1.21. Oats are S noted at CB®6tc, Fork lower and dull, at 21.C2H. Lard quiet. Gold 1393<. lATEU. Flour Inactive and heavy. Wheat quiet and flmt. Com arrive at $1.25. Oats quiet. Whiskey nominal. LATER, la the tlictnoon Com eold down to SGcforNo. Hu store, but rallied and dosed at Wheat was'quiet but firm at about the closing figures on ’Change. There was no movement in Provisions. • TheCaUte market was dull and depressed. There were few buyers in attendance, and of the I.SOO head on sale,but CM found purchasers. These were taken at prices varying from f 5.25 for infe rior to 50.00 for good grades. The market closed heavy at f 2.0056.75. The market for Hogs opened fairly active, and under the meagre arrivals, prices in the morning experienced an advance of 15Q25c, hut later In the day trade fell of and prices went down fully 25c below the closing tales of yesterday. The re ceipts were 3,24‘J bead. Entered sates, 2,000 head. Prices range at f5.50Q6.75. The nm Trade. At James n. Prentice's trade sale of bats, at the warehouse tn Brooklyn, on Tuesday, about one thou sand cates were sola at the following prices por dozen: Wool Hats—Men's plain. fSTratl.vt; men’* fancy, ss.7Mis.(n; youths* fancy, S7.ry-ar.iX); nova’ putn, f6.5CW7.C0; children's plain and fancy, SSJO ftsMmcrs—lieu’s plain. (X.COrattrO; mea's fancy. 519.55&70.50. Black bearer, (tt.OO£I3.CQ. Black brush, (t6.7t5t5.75. Provisions Id Pblludclpbln—November 21. The market continue* very dull and price* have asaln declined. 3CO hrlsof tew mess pork sold at C4A3 p brl. Small sales clear arc reported at and prime um as at ( b brl. Meat beet la seltlns in a small way at (13AVt30.09 for Western, and tdJCv# 33.00 ¥ brl for city packed. Beef hams are qnoicd at ( Bacon—Price* are raiher lower; the transactions are lln Ited; sales ct Main and farcy can vassed hams at l>^7Sc; »Hea at lS,iV*Nc. aai shoul ders at 16c. Green Meats—There U very littiodilnc; sales of hams in pickle at ITmlThc, and shoulders in salt at !l#CUc. L^d—The luarect is dull and prices lower ; b&l«fl ot brls and trvs at IV3ASC, and kegs at 17c. New York Grocery Market—Not. til. | Scgae—With stiH lower points lor cold, and a dlt- I position on the part oi some holder* to realize, the | market/or raw bn# Riven way, and we ip lace our quo- , tailaut on rcflnloc end? ?< of a cent, ami on all other qualities L'dVc pern. The market U still unsettled ; arc closes re'rr quietly, our reduced quotations still belntr rather nominal. We now quote lair reftnlnc Cuba at 10»*10 l ic ; Rood do at •Mr w ***** grocery at 10v<2Ul*e; prime to choice do *1 UNO* ticK; and No. a box at fined U dull and lower in sympathy with raw—Steaar*. strum' reduced figure* are ish'c fbr be*»crushed and cta.auln.tM. 15Kc tor ground, liveror white A. and Hector yellow C. The ether riOner* quote hard, UMi&ISVc: soft white (B and A). t*U<£ KVctandyalow, 1-aiSVc, cash. The sale* of raw arc hhda Cuba at sctUJfc: 10 hhd* clanued Cuba . at 15"; IN' Lhds rcflnlnc Ponn Tliro at lOKr; 47 hMs da | bciur trades at liHWSc; 20 Lrii cJarliied Dtmemra at He ; ar.rt 1,646 bis Havana at aloe* yesterday w« about 41, 133 hbOa, 62,140 bxs and b4kt#,«nd TsS» bacg, Corm—There U at present no demand far Brazil, and our quotation*, tbouch unchanged. arc rather it'Ciltat. There ho* been some Inquiry tor Wen India descriptions, but the market qenerafly Is quite dull, and prices favor bnvm. The sale* are 500 has* La* Rnavraat 4M bacs Maracaibo at cold, cndCCO bi»c* eavauliia on terms not made public. 2,tMl>ac9 1.10 Just received per I*. C. Warwick, were sold and reported by m some time flare. Tn* slock of Bio in the country Is 27.921 baqe here, 5.000 in New Or leans. and 6,00>1 In lUUlmore— iol*l 37,9-44. Mouissie—There Is still a demand for low trades, and the market for the*c rortlnnesOrm. previous prices btloc iraLUM; bat the mcdinm acd better qualities are not postrorc asbefurc.and some concession has been made In favor of buyers. The sales are S 3 hhas andWtcs clajMCuha, jest received, front Mataasss, bo'nro arrival, at 51o; 7D hhds do, In lota, at i>i*3l=; 501 hhds and 11 tea N’octiUS at ; 000 hhdsCaba Ma<*corartoat»i#i3,.; I3J Ceatraaeat at M7,31c; 00 Uari-adora at Co; 115 puncheons Antigua at 535; 273 hhds and 31 tea Porto Rico at 57®5Sc; SI fchds ao at CJtj 75c, | months ; and 67 brls prime Now Ofltaai at $1.03, ca*b. Tlie stock yesterday was about 1,000 nhd* Potto Rico, 3,C00 Cuba, |aad 100 hrU New Orleans. , , . Pittsburgh Oil Market—Nor. 22. There is no Improvement to note In the demand for bonded oil, and. If anything, pries* are a sh\lo low*r. W’e now quote at 33A33VC for Immediate delivery la Philadelphia; 3JsG2t>-.for December, and f»r Jtanary aid February. It la said, and. wo have no doubt, is correct, that a New York exporter bought anmoU.CC9brl« In Philadelphia, on Tuesday, at 31 *(4 53c, bui even ltd* made no perceptible Impreeiioaon n.c niariitt. dtIKT there or hcr,\ Free oil is dull and neglected, tut nominally unchanged. Philadelphia Wool .tiarkct—Not* 121* The marke*. as we have noticed fjr same time past, ccntltr.cs very CPU. and prices arc unsettled atd droop toe. Smalt sales are making at prices raaslns frjm o 3 for ch.dce selected Soiony fleece: €3£Stc for sn per Sixony fleece; WisSJc for mil Wood menno fleece; b for half blood fleece; 53aWc tor quarter blood fleece; and fi>r common flcocestrom Ohio, I'cacuylva nia and Virginia. *Sccd»lnNctr York—November Sl* Tbo'arrirals of clover seed are moderate, and the market Is firmer at 13y«l3*c j or old. and 1W ils Vc Icrncw. Timothy seed Is selling slowly at t£.u5)3.73 pbtt. lioufth flax seed is quiet at P bo. Philadelphia (Moar Market—November 31. There is very little shipping, and only 1,090 brla Western l»oiliy were taken on secret trrmv and a tew stnaU lots for home consumption at 2t2.r0%13.30 fori for Northwestern extra family; tor win* ter wheat do: fancy at 8li.00kl6.00; extras at **.oaa 10. M. and f4.00&&50 for sancrone. Nothing dole? la rye f.ocr or com meal; the last sate of the former was at £B.OO. y CHICAGO CATTLE MARKET. Omn op the Daily Tcibttjte, - > Fbidat Erorcra, Kovcmbet *3. > BEBF CATTLE. The following table ebove tbe dally receipts and shipments ol Beet Cattle darmc the week op to this cream;:, as reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company Fnoday and Monday. TnwcUy Vfedne-day Thursday Friday Tetri WQ 12,435 6£» Same time last week ..... 6,-177 13,521 2,151 JVcctbelorO last 4.675 20,533 1,775 Tbe receipts today were by the following reals: Cattle. Bon. Bbeep. 2(3 . 315 551 529 IS 93 2U teas S 3 503 m Dy Illinois Central.... By Uorllngtoa UySULonUft Alton... Bi Northwestern By Bock Island ur Michigan Southern. Drlvm in.. Total 1.121 2.2 W 335 The shipments to-day, and for tbe week np to this vcnlog were: Cattle, non. Sheep. Snnday and Monday. Tuesday..., Wednesday. Tbvrmlay. Friday. Total 990 3.417 867 fiara«ilcielasfwcet. 2,77* CSS6 .... Week beP-re Is»U 2,315 9,203 Shipments t<Mlay were by the following routes: Cattle. lloßg. Sheep. 233 si .... 21 546 81 430 By Michigan Central Ur Michigan Southern... rut?bnrgh t: Ft, Wayne treat Eoncro Total 559 977 Sales to-day, as entered at the dli&rtat Scale Booses, wtreaslollows: Cattle. Bog*. Sheep. Illlnoli Central Sc«le 615 nr; Burlincton&fjnincy Scale 319 811 113 bt, Louis & Alton bcale 41 99 .... Nurttawcstera Scale. Tote] 613 1.931 416 The market cwrtlnue* doll and depresses. There was othli gota part’cularly sUmulstlns mature In East m advices, cop was the quality o I ttie off-Tings eaten* Ittcd to enconracc active operations. There was a slim attendance of buyers, ard under th»sc adversi circumstances trade dragged heavily, and prices were 0.919 5,*05 17,930 38,327 198 19 2,150 6,373 710 803 77, fi 10 116,737 373 110 •1,570 31,151 2 4SO 3.076 1,010 1,600 550 700 2,000 4,2*5 .... 4,000 no more tliaa sostaUscd. Only WO head were taKeu. These went, principally, Into the hands of batchers, at prires ranging from SL.Vj3t.O3 lor Inferior to common era.-**?, coofiXCksOM for good Cows and good stick Stc- re to good shfppina Bteve«. The market closes dull aad heavy, at about yester day** rate*. We note the following sales: ' CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. S'OIT «old Steven* to head medium Steers, averaging I, as. at 55. CC. Harper & C<>. *o!d Arnold 11 head common Cows, av crai*neK9 ns. HJJAO. Harper A Co. sold Morris 8 bead stock Steers, at SS2XO ier bead. O’Shea bought 40 head, mixed lot, averaging Bs, at 11. fehribel bouehl V 0 head good light Steers, averaging SCI as. at Rcihung bought S 3 head fair Steers, averaging 1,030 fcVlbc! bought 18 bead good Cows and Steers, aver eraciur 1,t60 as, at |s.4o. HOGS—The market opened Airly active, and owing to the meagre arrivals, prices took a tarn upward to the extent of IC@ISC, bat later In the day there was a less active inquiry and the slight Improvement noted above was lost, and in addition to this price* suffered a decline of fully 31c per 100 ns. Sales embrace 2,313 head at a range of $5.76*6.25 lor common to medium grade* and $6A0@6.73 for good to choice lots. All were sold and the market closes quiet at tho following quota tions: 21,828 20,320 37,530 57,723 69,153 16,300 0.010 SSO S,SuO 60,210 121.000 C5,70l 33,017 93,010 1,110 833 23 0,931 75,373 5,730 4,790 1,63! 2,700 533 153 139,711 51,40 a 251 130 21,511 4,9-3 1,855 1,130 6U 912 177 237 1,038 1,837 Good to prime Common to medium Bales Include the following: HOG SALES TO-DAY. - No. At. Price. Harper to Tobcy 58 543 ffi.26 Keenan & K. to Talcolt 44 336 6£} Btntikra to Newport..... 14! 284 6.40 TalcOlt banfiht. 39 310 7.00 Talcott bought 41 317 7XO Rohm bought...,. 50 S2S 7.10 Tobcy bought 41 6.60 Tobcy’bought....,*, 40 «4 • 6XO Hubbard bought...T. 50 261 6X5 Reid & Sherwln bought 53 256 6XO Held & fcherwm bought... 121 211 6XO SHEEP.—Received to-day. BSS; entered sale* 416, at prices ranging from $3X03:5X0 for common to choice mutton grades. There was a limited demand oa local account, but with a large supply in tho market Biles were slow, and the feeling was easier. CniGACIO J,CJI HER aiarket. Ftipat Evexiso, November S 3. The receipts sad shipments during the past twenty lour hours were; Lumber. feUneks. Lath..... The supply of Lumber by the cargo baa been ex hausted under a good demand, and the season Is closing v lUi a Uulit stock on band. The inquiry for good boards and stripe, daring the past two days, has been especially brisk, and the market baa nnch firmer feeling. Sales reported to-day were as follows: Careoschr Dolphin, Irom Muskegon, 1M m6O per cent strips, at ftO.jQ; cargo schr Lumberman, from dirand Haven, 00 m Umber, Joists an I boards, at $17.90. In the yards trade la good and prices are firm, as follows: Lvimm:—First Clear,!, IK, IX, and 3-inch perm $00.00365.00 : Second Clear. I,IH. IX, and 2-Inch 53.00.aH0.0U Third Clear, Inch 50.0,ft55.09 First and Second Clear Flooring, together, rmgh—tne same as Second Clear, wide 5Q.00ft35.00 Common Flooring, rough 33,01*35.00 Matched and tressed Common Flooring 53.003U.00 Matched and dressed 8-inch Com mon Flooring 88X0335.M First and Second Clear Siding, to gether M.OiVftK.M r* Flrat Common Dressed Siding 210Jft».W "Wagon-box Hoards, select, 15-Inch ami onward*... 35.n0ftU.00 A St'wh Tloards 12 Inche*.... S3.Co.t37.ntj 6 Stoik Boards 12 Inches 23dMft2».M Common Boards, Joists, Scantling, Fet ring and email Timber,l2 to tfiteetlone 29.003K.00 Jobt and ScauUlng, 18 feet, 3J.Oift'il-00 Joists and ScanUlng, 30, U and 21 lect 2Lo3ft 30.03 SimfQi»--A or sur Shaved Shingles 3.03 Aor Star Sawed Shingle; 5,00 ft 5.50 No. 1 Sawed Shlnslea 3 59ft 3.73 u.No.i Sawed Shingles 2.;sj» 3.30 IVr m in yards 4.71 ft 5.00 By car load by Northwestern Rail road, delivered In any yard where can~can bis bwTtchaUor any dopio*: A or Star Sawed Shingles, by car load on track A or Star Shared Shingles by car load on track, count made fall, or fivetmncbratoa thousand .... A Saved shingles, city made, on track SAO&S.2S No. i saved Shingles by car loaiLon track ,7T 2.55 Three dollar* a car load added vfceo -tracifcned, which charge loilovs tbe_shlngic« lo might bill. Thickness—Five Shingles to be two Inches In thick* length—Sixteen inches. Hands—Twentr inches. Coarse— Twenty-0 ve. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. AU tale* of Groin reported fit tMt market report are Hiaueon a txisli ofi c ttoragt uiifeJi oifienciie Mi'ifUul. CFmrur, November 23,150. FREIGHTS—UAn.BOADFBstooTs—The following Is the Joint urui on the Eastern roads: 2d SI 4th class, class, class. Flour. To New Tori: 173 123 103 310 - rail, lake and rail. 160 115 100 *M To Boston 183 1» 110 520 •* nil. lake and rail. 170 133 103 -311 To Philadelphia..... ICS 115 lul 200 To Baltimore 165 115 103 303 To Albany 163 ISO ICO 300 rati, lake and rail. 150 130 M 193 To Montreal 1M ill 91 183 To Bullalo S 3 CS 57* HO *• rail, lake and raU. 73 £8 57* 100 To Cincinnati -• GO 45 40 40 "Last Fuionrs—Market doll. Engagements were: To BCttalo— lTopellcr Merchant, Wheat from Mil waukee at lie. FliOR R—Received, 10,215 brls: shipped. 8,330 brl§. Market and-almost entirely namluaL S»:e.«wtre: Rin Wistxm—lCO brls no; nsmM st $1103; Stbcvo Estbas—TOO brU not named at $9.73: l»v t.ris do 100 br.s do a; $3.00; Si res?—so hrl» not naned at 57.35: 400 Oris do at 57.00; 100 brls dr> ct $6.50:100 brls do (mix? i lot, Inclnalng unsound) nt S«.W; Rvr PloCb—7o3 brls not named at $5.73; Coi v bsn« at $35.00. W»l FAT—Received, 4W« bu; shipped, bo. Mmset quiet—closlnea shade flnner on No. 3 Sprltur. Sties were: Itxo Wisrxn—l.2oo bu No. 3 a; $3.19; ;C0 lm do at fj.o9; sraix't Wokat-SOO bn No. lat $2 13V (A. P. * Co.»); 4.030 bu do at f?.OS; WOO bn do at J-.u ; 1.200bn No 2 at 4,00 bu at flJl; 3,000 bu do at |U« (A, D. & Co.); 1.230 bu do at SI-»3 UGM bu do at $1.87* iR.L); 1.300 bu do atflAlV; 6,000 bn do at stysi; bn do at sl.sO*; 20 rod bn do at $1.50: tu do at sl.7J*: 5,40 ii bu do at $1.79 (N. S. *N. IV.); 1,300 bu Itelectei at 2.233 ba do atM.45; 12.006 ba do atfl il; r.noobado atf!.43- r’(..Ntac wl:h buyers at S3.CS lor No. 1 and $1.31 for No. 2 In rernlar house*. trOltN— lUtclrci!, 25.650 bn; shipped. 57.5 X) bx Market anil. Irretroiar and lose Mc.i-’r—ol ■nlnj un settled. Sale* were: Coes rs sror:. «»bnN.>. I at t»lc; CS.MJ bn do at !»c; 15AM bn do rj .V ; bn do atrsc: NOCOlmdo do u: I.O.XJbn co S.S.atfcV: IKU buNo.3at jjlciSO hndoSWc; 2.,'W bu do at 85c ; ha do at Stc; 4u9 t*a do at SJc; 1,4(0 bn Ufj ctrd at 60c; New coax—WO ba at 57c; l.ftObuat fie; EaßCors—too bo at 55c—closing un settled and nominal at about Sector No. 1 In store. OATS-Deceived. 15A»3 bn; shlpoed, 63.15 J bn. Mr.rket opened kc<K better, bat the advance was lo*l at the close. Sale* were: 17.000 bn No. 3at S3c; 15,000 bu do at 3St*c : I?,(XT ba d> at SSc: 7.W3 brt <!o at 37Vc; c* ‘us Ib'Jecjed at r^iVe—elfins at St: for No. It VK— r>.s>Jbn: shipped. 6.010 nn. Market otiil. Bale* wvie : l.tA) bu No. lat 87c: 4AM bn coat at vc—closing at anc sic. BAUI.«V-nrvcivod, S.SV) bn: shipped. SSO bn. Market qnu-t. Sa'cswcrc; U.OfTbn No. 3at 67e ; 3.W0 bu do at esc; Itr * .turns—lso hag? at *1.05: 3a bag* at 1V : -tM bn do at 65c; 400 bn do at 60c; 409 ba do at 55c: SOO Hi and ?(3 bars at ,W: 50 bags at 41c. A>ll Nominal at fxOO for Pols. A i.rtilioii—is selling at fi.ChAt.6S for round lots, cr<a*t.7i.-t.7smlhe retail way.. BItJVS £a’i*wer».; S 3 ton* at »U.OO. mcmni COUN—DuII and nominal at *100.003 20e.r0, a» to finable. «K.t NS—Nominal at TlcaflJ-.. ItfTTEU—Mecctved, ll.ftffl ft,*; shipped. 5.733 »«. The market exhibits no new teatnre. There Is scarcely anr Inquiry, except for choice taale qualities, ft wl'lch there Is a fair demand on Ixal account, at ta prices. We quote tbe general market doll at the fo lowing ranee of prices iToicc Dairy.... Good Tub Common Firkin. ..i'LlUllin ( Prime Firkin 23325 c The market is dull, though underre duced atocks prices keep well up. We quite as fol* National A. 2bn, seamless linen H7A) Union A. a ho, do «-J) Illinois A. 2 ho, do SS.W Coin Exchange *2-0) Stark A. cotton seamless... «•{) LewlMonA. do 75.0) do *3 0) American, do •-2> IWver Mills, do TOAI l*in*.f!clil 8, do 7“^>> I*cr.n Mills, do ii-a) Fort rut, do •••9; 811 co. do Ti.Ot Sico, linen and cotton Xu)) JtMc'word, do 57-0) Sprinptcld, do 59 0) Burlaps 4 bu. No. 1 S 4 0J , Empire City <OM 4-tIFPKE—Rio CMTee is shaccd He MnUy. Wita tv- •toilne, ano an Improved demand, price* are Ann lv held, as tb.ltws: Uvs. U QUVc Iho, common toi*lr J6J4i*27 i'c B*o. co -d to prune ...2?-«(a18vc K 1 v, prime to choice 2SV42HC CIlEKSE—Trade Is a little slack at present, tnuueh with only a fair supply on hand dealers are holding stcartllt at previous rate*. Weqoutc: Nca York Victory (Genuine) .19030 c Factory (Illinois) IT.4UC Hamburg 79414 c WttUTn Reserve i6ai«c Western State* l&AUo “Young America” s)c COA L-'Tbu demand la fair for the season, earl with a full huppiy 13c general market rules steady and Arm at tii- prices clvcu below: Ei;ik—BrooKJtcld • JJ*gg do Orm*by “*jg CLcvELaxn-lJrtar UUI. do Mineral IttdKC. . IMO do Willow Bank !«•« do Tunnel W-W Chippewa 11*92 lUoa-tmre.. I| -9? Lump Lchlgb ... ?£99 Lackawuna, prepared Trenton . f**S Illinois fjotS^fl co on track. “** a ®,ri9 Y0eh10chener.,........ IX4IO Er.tis -werf* in good demand,on local account,and meaty at 33c lor rotxna barrelled lota, and SScforMrict- I» freeh, aborted. »n small packages. ... FBtflT* eND is a good Inquiry (ormo>t«lcFcrlDtlons,and with a lair supply. the gen eral market rules steady’. We continue to Quote • Arple&new, ? brt Grapes Oranjic?, Havana, T 1 IK). Lf-nums, t'5taga......... Cranberrioe. wild Craabexrloß, coUlratod. DP- Flea, Pi 23 a 30 a 3 28 4.0 a fn 10 (% 11 17 A 1^ 40 O « 38 ® 33 20 « - sun a us Almonds, hard Altnonda, soft shelled 4® ® *2 Almonds, paper s&elled H « M Brazil Nats » & 25 Gilberts. 17 O J? (vnallsh Walnuts SO O •! Naples Walnuts 2* « g* Pecans, small andUrjje- ®„3i Chestnut?. Vbo 10. W ®IIJW Fl^H—Trade Is not particularljr brisk, though with no over stock to the market prices are well all around, and ceneially firm at quotations. Walts Fish are in demand ana scarce ana firm. We repeat Whiuffis'h, No. 1, x brl $7,513 W 3 Wblict-sh. No. 2. S brl ££3 .Jl Trout, No. 1. X brl 5 Oft® 5.33 Trout, No. 2,)»brl Mackerel. No. I, X brl, new Mackerel, extra mess. V X brl 15.0iai5.50 Marker*!, extra mu?, f> at,. 10-13 153 Mackerel, No. 1, Wt’. new 2JW3 2 50 Mackerel, family. kits 2 ~l' < 1-5 Mackerel, exlra larce.latnUy, kits 2.253 UJ Codfish. Bank. V 100 as U3® 2.00 Herrings. drl«L No. 1, P box. g® 70, Herrings, rraUd 75® 80 Labrador V brl 13 00313UW LahrartcrHcrring.Xhrl... 6Afta 7JM 44itEASE—Sales were: SO brls Brown at Be; 41 brls Tallow’ Urease at 9c. UXdllU INEss—Deceived 575 brls; shipped 231 brls. Market dull. Sale? were: 25 brls free at $3.33; ' 500 brls Bonded, at p. u—supposed to be STc. HOPS—Marm steady at 50®Me tor Western, and STftOOc for Eastern. . ~ . _ HAY—is In tus active demand bat steady and firm at the prices given below lUS __rn'd Ff acbea. V doz, Tft cans. •Apple*, new . Peaches, halves and quarters.... Peachf*. pared Blackberries, new, f> & Eldfrberrtcs, V B Uaialcs, layers .......... Cattle. 800. Sheep- 5W 2.759 m 1,115 5,235 l.fct 710 2,160 2,750 1,151 2,210 BdS \\ H"'ll■ 1.1111 l riogw. Timothy, roller and beater pressed. thhSO&KLSO Timothy, loose pressed I6.tXUIT.OO Prairie, beater pressed, new ia.oocJl3.oo Timothy, roller and beater preyed lEUKUM.OJ Tlnioth}, loose pressed .prairie, roller and beater pressed 1G.t0317.0] Prairie, loose on wacon. delivered HJOciUJO IIIDES—!’• cctved, 77.619 be: shipped, 139,711 Ess. Tfcrre is no materia) change to note la the general char* acter of the market. There la a light demand and □ oderatesapply at (^aoutlotu Green Butdurs* , Green Salt, trimmed. 539 1,651 339 937 Green Salted, deary Blear. lllfijlll c UrtcnCain. **23 e Kip, Orem Saltco Dr> nint.trlmmed. is &\9 c ■J)ry Salted. uiamed 15 (JIS c Urfea Salted. partcnrrd 10 QlOtfe lt<ON AND KTEEL— With a cool demand the nihritct is tally maintained at the following prices: far 5V@ 6\'

Hors-’ Shoe Iron nervy Band lit op anu Light Baud. Hound and Square Uvol IlcifOvai aiid liatfitoonJ Short Iron. c> mmon bbif t iron, galvanized, 17x£*... Sheet IroiMliarco.l Iron, Juniata. Norwnv Roads Koir sUcUUciinjia ri<*w Stod,ra>t spi ins and lire St»eT, English. Ttol (;a»t Steel, ordinary sizes. Tool Cast Sitcl, American Itl'-It-rcil Steel Itt-ssla, So.llatullC 426 137 Russia, Am., toquaipy, ?bd1.... (421 Ru-ils, An,„ is*. quality, V sheet (i 22 Russia. An ..2d Quality. V sheet ® 31 LNATIIEIt—’Ihc market Is dull, though prices remain steady and Arm u 9 previously quoted: Cltv Uarm-cS, p T* J 463 42 Country Ilani’ss 40i«> 41 Line, pP- 42S 41 Kip, medium, p Jr. 1.1531.25 Calfi P ft 1.rtte1.73 Upper, P font... r.lGi HI Country Upper. ii'<-4 23 Collar, T f 001... 20 Slaughter Sole.. 65(® 51 Harness, V ft... 4d(.j 46 Upper S 0» S 3 Kli'.No. I, medi um 1.M51.20 Klp.No .1. heavy 85:61 .w AND tin: continues active, nod prici following quotations. Box Tin Hate, I. C„ 10x14 ? 15-50 Large Pigs 37 Smut Pigs S 3 Bar Tin S 3 GOPHER. Metallic Al’ 801t5... S 3 Copper Butt'im..... 55 Braziers over 10 ns. 46 Sheetings,!! to 16 OZ 45 Timings 10 BAnntT METAL. Ist quality 31 Antimony... 20 Fire bolder, SO NAlU>—Arem e®Od < lowing rates: 10d to Sd, V KCg. *7.73 a.oo 6d B^* 4d. .$6X039 73 . 5.73^6X5 Sd 9.00 OlLS*—The general m; and pnccn arc nnscttled. quiet, and 5c lower. We i ard Lard Oils, and qnote i Linseed OU, raw Linseed Oil, boiled Olive Oil Whale OH. W. B 1.453L50 Lard Oil, extra LISfrLM LardOll.h’o.l Winter Lid^US Lard Oil, ho. V Winter. LSc<L3O Hank OU, round lots 1.390 L3O Machine Oil. round lots 1.10 fcpcnn Oil. W. H-, round lots 3-V) Lubricating Oil MaUO Castor Oil 3.35&5di0 KealSfool Oil, extra 1.4001A0 CAltCOh OlL—There is a brisk consumptive de maud tor carbon, but under a more llbci at supply, and In sympathy with a decline in Cleveland and Pitts burgh. an cancr/ccllng obtained and prices receded lc. We now quote: Carbon. V ear load Sic Carbon, small lots 6Sc L’cnrole 53®43c l’B0VI?»10XS 6.010 Ds ; 9 bis Pork; shipped, 3tv«lo »t> Cured Meats; 1,113 bU Beef; 3JS as Porlc. and 9.y>i hard. Receipts. Shipments. BU/.W .. C 0.003 VH.CW A I K, uiiu u “ l»l lUi Mesa Forn—Slsrket declined 91.00. Sales were: SCO bns, at 9‘J0.00: SCO brls, (lost evening) at IV.OO. Urcon ShuttUlew—Saics were: 500 pcs on trimmed »t at ter block. Lord—Bull and caster. Sales were 75 tres prims 2»ewi-tl3*fr. I‘OTATOES~SaIw were: 1 ear read Blows at GCc 00 track : 1 car do at Csc on track; IGO bn do at 65c In More; 3 cars co nt sic delivered. FdVI/ritV AND («A‘tiE~Salrswere: 15dozen Erored Cblckixe at t 4 -55; Scoops Live do at $3.00; 3 t oops ao at 93.50; Scoops do at 93.73; a dozen Live Turkeys at 13c; 500 as Dressed do at 15c; 105 Be do at Srackazesdo ante; *SO Bs do at IhctlS dozen Dressed chickens at 94.00; % dozen do at 91-50; 4 dozen Prcirle Chicken.* at 94.00; 16V dozen Qualls at dozen Squirrels at 91 00; 3 dozen Rabbits at 91.75; 1 carcass \ eslscn at IStfc; 3 dozen Mall aid Backs at 93A0 f»Al,T—Received, 2,000 brls; shipped. I.OSS brls. Market steady. Wc contlnne to quote prices as fol lows : Hew Fine. Coarse Ground Alain Tu:k*> Bland, bag*. Ground folar Hairy, wiih sacks 5.(005.35 Datrr. without sack* 4.00&1.Z} KEEHJ*—ltecdrcii, 133,690 168; shipped. 63,140 tts. Timoshv ?*ccd—Market quiet, bales were: 133 bans at S.'.TH: 31 hats ats3.w;ls liags at $3.30. SODA AND s^ALEKATOs*—Therels alalrly active buslnc.-* doing 010 prices are steady at tUe loi* lowing captations; Babbitt's Medicinal 13 CHStfc do Pure I3JfOW c DeUnd's Chtrotcal 13 ftlStfe do Hcallhv „131,<#13 c do ’ Pure u e«l3,¥c American 81-Carb boda lOVfflii “ic British 13V315XC hUGARThere is a JJnnrr fec'ln* in the market and trade U Improving. TVe quote prices as follow -. Cuba ....UX3I3H Potto lUco 12KMI4V N. T. Rc£n*d. Powdered aod Gran aisled I6;*«ns White A 15>»1G« Circle A isvat# White B i 13*(®l5k Extra-C 15k® 15* Yellow C l3>i®U«< Oxnard C. 11 kAHH Oxnard C Extra Iltt-MIH STRUl’.**—The market U a shade weaker* while the demand is fairly active. Prices of some grades are marked down to-day, and we now qnjtft: New Tork Syrups £ (331.50 Yellow Drips 1.15(41.30 Caba Molasses ’ 73(4 S 3 Porro Rico New Orleans 6031.30 Philadelphia bcc Hive 7iX3 73 Chicago KePnery, Amber 1.i0x1.15 •* •* Golden 9031.00 •* “ snrarDonse 83.3'90 TALLOW—Received. WHO fra: shipped,TSXTß B*. Market Inactive and nominal at 10M31Q*c—lho inside price for country. Tfc-tS—ThcmortctlaDtlrlyactive,bat inclined to weakness, vre quote: - Young Hyson, superior to Cnc, 9 a... £1.3031-60 do extra to choice, 9 a........... 1.7331.95 Imperial, superior to fine, 9 B- 1.3631.75 do extra to choice. 9 b 3.0)31.05 Gunpowder,superior tonne, «> 6 143x1.73 do extra to choice. 9 B 3.QM3.10 Japan, natural leak Pne to extra line. 9 ».... 1.353145 do do fiae-lo choice, £> B 1.40.31J0 do do __ colored. B B 14*£1.75 TOOACCO—There Is little being d)no In this branch 01 trade. The marcel, however, may be quoted steady and firm at the prices given below * Cnxwuso Touacco— Extra Medium. ...V.’.’.V Common SIIOEtNO TOBACCO— Virginia’s Favorite Choice Ut-clum Cora iron Stems Piro Tobacco— Loyal Citizen 75(3 90 Fanners'Delight. 73® 7S Natural Leaf. 14033.00 Half-Bright 8531.13 Choice Black, sound 753 so Medium 70(3 73 Common so® 70 Navies .. 63V3 6J Virginia 10s and Be m® 60 F.oruulrni 733 «3 RIVOOD-Bmslni steady and prices unchanged. « f quote; Msj le. W cord, delivered .£1340314.00 Mat-le, 9 cord. In yard UA'Vift.OO Beech, P cord, dcuvered. 11XD*1LP0 Beech. V cord, la yard 10.00311X0 IV<M»U Received, 4470 Bs; shlppeJ. jjjtias. Market dull and utmost entirely nominal. Hales were : 13.000 &s good hall-blood at <3£c; 5,000 Bi choice liecccatisc. ' MARINE NEWS, ARRIVED. Spur Comet, Manitowoc, tnodtlc*. Mar Sr* Bird, Grand Hares, aundrie*. Prop Idaho, ponalo. «n-drtes. I'rop Backua, Uro*-u Bay, aondrlea. Bark Uocpirian, ilaskcjon. KTm lumber. UulctVn. Bar.'*, Uatkesou. fit m Lumber. Sci r S. T. Jtwatcr. o*weto, 500 lona coal. Sctr t’-oral. ivntwatpr, 90 m lumber. Sex r IXn >- int, liamatee, isi m Umber. Sciir Cballense. Pentwater, t 5 m lumber, bebr Belle. lUxlne, i,4o< empty barrel*. Scbr Mary. MtukuaD, 130 m lumber. ScLr c‘. G. Bailer, Sluikeijoa. 55 tn lumber. Sch: Cu’dc. gt. .los*t*h,4j m lambcr. ticbr vsm. Smith. Mc»c>*on. PA m lumber. Scow Sultan. Holland, 15 m lumber scow Harriet Ann. White Lake, TSmablnele*. Scow lUccer. Kalamazoo, so oils wood. Scow Talry Queen, llaren, 50 eda wood. Scow Supply, Ptntwater, U u: sMujloa. CLEARED Star Cotret, Manitowoc, wnd’lej. Frrp Lartv Fnnk'tn. St. .Vjcph, sandtlM. llop Merchant, hnifalo. snndne*. IT.pT- t»w*D< a,Jßutraio. rarQTlt*. Bars t Sty. f MUwaatec, ItalUio. 50,000 bn com. nap v acton. liars Cur «f Chicago, Buflalo. SO.OCO bn corn. Sc hr Ocr rjjv c. Flnnv. LMwejr.', KfioO bo wheat. Bark Ctiyahora, Oedc-tubnrr. H. 200 ba wheat. bchrMshUnpaie, Krir. I3,ocobocom. Stmr ecm Uln*. Grand flareo, *nn Orica. l“rop laaho. Pntfatn. UjQ hrla floor. Bait Lolty Wolf. MlhrmnkfO, Ucbt. Trie Manner. Otweco. 17,100 baßarley. Scow Ilrba. Mn‘tc?on, 5.300 ba corn and oats. Sctar M.Comlctt. Eacsnabs. VO bo oata and stmdrie*. bcow Surrly, Fa. raster, too brU floor. ,»4SIC .Y7441C .l&aUc &xvcit Mattsks.—Business on (be river coo* Unties dell. Quite a number of vessels lay at the pier and Hush street bridge awaiting a favorable change of wind for their departure from port The - schooner Tnscola, of Eastman ville, which de parted in the morning for an east shore port, was , obliged to run bade toward evening. Laid Up.—The following vessels bare been di vested of their sails and gone Into winter qtur* tertT Barks Sonlhampton, Badger State; schoon ers Wellington, Kitty Grant, Ellen Williams and the toes Constitution. Saccos?, Cyclone, Lark, Ada Allen, Magnolia. The new bark Menomlace, brig Powbattan, and schooners Nabob and Three Sisters have laid np for the season « Milwaukee. Bans P. C. Stiaiumt On I .—This fine vcs‘cl, which wcti ashore some time since in Mackinaw j Straits, has been got off and towed to Detroit. [ Vessel ashore.—A white vessel u reported ashore on Long Point near the light house. She appealed to be partly loaded and upward hound. Doubted.—' The Detroit Pus! doubts the truth of the statement, published In the Saginaw Enter- ]i ri *«, concerning the safety of the craw of the barge Ark. A sufficient time has elapsed for Cap* lain Buzzard and bis crew to have reached De troit. had they arrived at Goderich, as stated, hut at last account* the parly had not nude their ap peal ante. A New Steaxsb pou the Nostuekk Thaks poctatioh Cowart.— The Ogdensburgh Jouma'. rays; •* We understand that the Northern Trans portation Company have made arrangements to htiDd a new steam propeller for their line, at their yard at the Marine Ball way at that place, during the present winter. The master builder arrived there on Monday, and will proceed with the work as rapidly as possible, so that the new steamer may take her place in the line in the early opting. The freight .business of the company has been very heavy ho present season, and the latter part it has crowded the present capacity of the line. It is gratifying to note (he continued growth and prosperity of the Northern Transportation Com pany. The new steamer above alladed to will he of the some style of finish and of the same dimen sions as the Brooklyn and the Lowell, lately built in Cleveland for the same comptny.” New York Ceethal Like.— All the propellers of the New York Central Upper Lake Lius, except two, will lay np at Buffalo on their arrival at that port, there being eleven due. (2*50 a 4.W . isa a oxo . 15.03 316.00 . 1000 «13-00 15.00 3W4» Phopelltb Asnonn.—The Milwaukee Sentinel says: “We learn that on Friday last, a week ago to-day, Uie email freight and passenger propeller Waucaatoo, of Grand Haven, which had under taken the job of towing the ball of a new propel ler to Chicago, where it was to receive its ma chinery, was driven a-bore at Kalamaaoo, with her tow, and at last accounts was lying pretty well up on the beach with her hold full of water, while the new tool was high and dry. The VFancamoo is owned by Mr. Brighton, of Grand Haven, and is a boat of eeventyffve feet keel, and so arranged a* to bo useful diner as a passenger, treigbt or towboat. The new propeller, whose name was not learned. Is a vessel of ISO feet keel, designed expressly tor the passenger and freight badness of the eastern coast of this lake. Her owner is Ur. Braddon,of Grand Hawn. She has sustained trilling Injuries, though to get her off it will be necessary to raise her, put her upon ways, and then launch her. The extent of the damage sustained by the Waucautoo is not known. Efforts were bclug made to get her which it was hoped would prove successful in a few days.” 3 0 B*c io*<SU e 7V<* 8* 7*S»U* 6 KSUV . & .40 ft ;;,I|SSis ~13 ft 15 «U ~17 «18 ~14 ft 15 ..23 fts> «a ~S 0 ..93 ft 29 Slaughter, Sole, l Bulla o | 403 43 : Slaughter, sole, l Chicago. No. 1 403 43 -laughter. Sole, » Chicago, No. 3 813 87 > Buenos Ayres... 40& 41 I Orinoco 501 e.... 873 33 1 Orinoco, good, > damaged. 313 30 ME. French Cult 31 6*.... French CaiC, 36 da 2.0633.10 French Calf, Le mnlvcs.V* d0g.5D.00390.0 iNEltt?* -S4TIMJK—Trade :es are firmly held at the Ist quality, cask .15 Ist quality, sheet.. nlaU 14 niuoux Win?. i to 6 ; n 7,8 and 9 13 10 and 11 13 iv it iu and 11 15 13 and 16 .....19 17 17 18 19 » 51 20 TJ Fence Staples 10 lemand, and firm at thefo: .SIO.OO . 10.50 . 11.00 I 3d 3d, (Inc blued, hw, fine Macd. iC«u Spikes 8.09 1 Clinch net 10JJ0 trtet is somewhat excited Unwed ts In 101 l aoopir nod slso row a decline-la Whale i&lollowa: f 1.45 •I 1 JS .IldSjtl.*) . i.eo£i.u .. au w . 6>3 4 j 2Si« S 3 3L9 23 193 33 PORT OF CHICAGO. .November 33. .November 23. Memoranda. Scnoojnm Roasozi.—The owners of this ves sel, Messrs. Fallows & Smith, of Itacine, have dis mantled her, and aie about to contiactforanew vessel, which 19 to receive the outfit. The noil of the Roanoke is to be burned, for the purpose of securing the lion It contains. We understand that Captain Fallows baa instituted suit against Chicago parlies for the recovery of the value of tho old vessel and freight, claiming that the con tractors represented that the cargo was ready for him, and there would be no delay In loading. This did not prove to he the case, however, and (he delay he sobered caused the loss of his vessel, as had be been able to load Immediately on his arrival, he would have been away from th-ipler and probably m Chicago before the storm set in. — JUltccutteSenflnel. , SrBCNQ a Leak.—On Wednesday night the schooler Harvest Qaecn, or Detroit, laden with a cargo ot Sl,ouo bushels of com from this city, struck upon Racine Reef and sprang a leak. She arrived at Milwaukee a few hours after with three feet of w ater in her hold. She la in dry dock nn dcrgoiDgrepainvacd as soon as there arc coin* pletcd she will reship her cargo and proceed to her destination—l*ort Colhome. BAILBOAI3 TIME TABLE. CBICAGO AKX» KOBT«VrtSTEnS—I»trOT GOA. HIS} WAfXii AND KINZIK. Depan. Arrive. Dsy Express *0:00 a. m. *fc?:op.m. Night Express *-t:3) p.m. *5:45 a.m. .Jaucevillc Accommod'n *D:.op.ra. p. m. Wood-lock Accom’d’n.. *3:00 p.n. *9:00 a. m. OALiNA DIVISION. Fottou and cedar Rapids *5:15 a. n. 7:lu p. cu Fuiion and lowa.- to:isp. m. 6:00 a.m. Fncport and Dunleiih.. *9:ooa.m. 5:00 a.m. Freeport and Donlcith.. *10:00 p.m. fc-Op.m. Rockford and Fox River. *«:00p. m. 21x10 turn. Dixon. *UCOp. m. 11:10 9. >o. Geneva and Elgin * s:op.m. 8:45a.m. ku.kacxx3 ©msion. ••**.oo a. m. p. m. *4:30 p.m. *11:00 a. m. 1‘:43 p.m. 5:50 a. m. . 5:00 p.m. 9: oa. m. 6:00 p. m. 6:20 a. m. Express Exprvss Night Accommodation Kenosha Accommod’n... Waukegan Accomtnod’a. KoseWll, Calvary, and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:50 p.m tSatunPiy? exccpdca. •Sundays excepted. {Mondays excepted. HICHXBAN CSNTBAL UAIIKOAD—ENICSriPOT, POOI Of LOSS STASKt, .Morning Express *5:00 a. m. *8.*13 p. m. Day Express *7:9oa.m. *U:uQp. m. Evening F-xprc&- J5;30p.m.J*12: Op. m. Night Express.. t*&4s p. in. *8:25 a. m. CINCINNATI AND XOCISVTLLS XEAIKS. Morning Express *T:f*n a. m.‘ •1(1:30 p. m. Sight Express 70:45 p. m. *11:00 p. m. niCUtOAN SOt-TUSUN AND ASS SOOBB UNE—DX- I>OT COEN SB UA&EteON AND SESBUAN* STBZBT9. COLSDO LINS. Mall •4:15 a. m. *&55 p.m. Dai Express *‘;00 a. m. *11:00 p. m New York Express 3: sp.m. tl&SOp. n Klcki Express J*l(koop.m. *fcCoa. m OSTBOIT UK*. •4:45 a. n. tfcOO a. m. ttfcoup. m. *S:35p. m. Mall Sight Eipitfsi. ■ PITTSBURGH, TOST WATNS ASD CHICAGO. Kail 4:20a.m. 0:00 a. m. Express 7:00 a.m. 12:30 a.m. Fast Line... 3;lsp.ifi, ’7:40 p.m Express 10:00p.m. IV.OOp. n XLZJKOS CZKTBAIm _ Day Passenger....» •ifcOOtum, *9:00 p. si. Klcht Passenger -7:00 a.m. Kankakee Accommod’n. -::75 p. m. -0:0j a. m. Ujile Park Train .-. -6:10 a. m. -7:35 a.m. .1 m «» *12:10 p. m. *1:50 p. a. u w u .... * *4:sQp.m, u •* « *5:55 o.n. *7:15 p.xa ■ CHICAGO. BOKLIHGtON AlO> QTOSCT. Dav Express and Mail.. **ao<t.m. *S;iO p. n. Xicht Express *12,00 p. in. *5:50 a. m. Mcodota Accommod’n... *UOO p. m. *3:15 a-m. Aurora *Moop.m. *3:10 a. m. CHICAGO A SO ST. LOCia. Si'oo a. a. &45 p. nu 9105 p.m. a. a- Expreeß and Mall Nish: Kipfc** -ToUu and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00 p.m. ttjs a. ra. -THKA'.O AND GREAT EASTERN—{IATB CINCINNATI AUI LIN»>-niLWACKIR BAILBOID DEPOT, COB. canal and rinzie PTsrrrs. UavExprcs;. 4:00 ft. n. ftltjjp. Q. NichtErpccse. iiOOp.n. Ite3o p.zn. f ,it; INDIANAPOLIS, LOCISTIU.S ASP CINCINNATI, Oav Express ":00 a- m. 9:10 p. ra. Nlcbi Express 7:00 p. a. Iwso a. m. ColmniHU Express 7:00 a.m. ft-lfl p. m. .* « 7:00 p. n. 10:50 a- n. Cincinnati Exprcogs.... &0U p. m. Lansing Accommodation 9:55 ft. m. 9;OJ a. m. u ’ “ &iso.n 5:oo nm. CHICAGO, COCK ISLAKB AXBrACIPiOUAIXJtOAB. Duv Express and Mail... •ShOOft.m *4:30 p.m. Night'Express 9:00 p.m *5:45 a-m, lolict Accommodation.. 4:45 pm. *0:50 a- m* Express Freight, with passenger car ar.achcd. will leave pasfeuger depot every Saturday at «S 0 a. m. for the We*d. . _ The Jollci Accommodation eocanets with Ax* press Freight for Way Stations. •Sunday excepted, til onday excepted, jS atari ay excepted. UKTON STOCK TASS TCffE TABLE. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. C:no a.m. 7:10... o-m. 8;C0 a. m. 0:10 n.m. 10:ro a.m. ll:S0 a. m. 12j:o p.m. 130 p.m. aSD ,p. m. 4:00 p. m. 4:43 p.-m. 5:40 p. m. BCSDAT TRAINS. ftm a. m. J this a. m. 10:20 a. m. 111:13 a. m. 12:0) ,p.m. j p.m. 4:CO .P* m. 1 3:15 D. m. iatecellancmis. CIAUTION— To Purchasers and Deal > ers la tho Celebrated WATER-PROOF AND COLD-PROOF ARCTIC GMTEB SHOES, Patented by T. C. Wales, of Boston. The Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, of Naugatuck, Connection*, would inform Dealers and tbe public generally that they arc the exclutire owners of the Patent and Sot* Masufactcbkus of the above named bbc-o. and wt.l promptly prosecute any and all Infringement* of their rights under said Patents. All cenulne ARCTICS Af-z boo'd to cocd, and have the came of the Patentee and of onr Company ou the bottom. All others are but poor Imitations. The pub lic will promote their own Interests by purchasing those only ma'-e by this Company at Naugatuck. conn WALES, EMMONS * CO„ 171 and 17 J Pearl-st. Foffoo, and BBEEPEN A SOUTHWICK. 107 and 109 Llbertv-sr.. New York, are Sole Aocrra for the sale of the above-named shoes. __ JAMES E. ENGLISH, Pres t. Gno. H. SctAßToy. iTeas. FREE LUNCH.—A Free Lunch will be given at the BUFFALO SALOON, Corner ot lake and Clark M»., at 8 o'clock p. m. A general Invitation Is extended to all. Cblogc.Nov.34th. ' VESSEL OWNERS AND CAPTAINS OF VESSELS will take notice that 4,000 ITorda of Choice (lard Wood, Beech and Maple, are ready for tale at Llntz pier, nine miles north of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. There arc 11 leer ot water at the pier. HENRY GRIMM. LmtP-Pler. Oct. 22.1866. ffiaslc Huffle. ASHES WELL! WEARS WELL Tlic Genuine Music Ruffle These jcooda. bavin c the above trade-mark cn t!ie Box and Card. are warranted to measure six fall yard* la each piece, and to TTui ord Wash u well is aay cctitle Tit hind. __ THE GEMJIKE MAGIC KUFFLES, still mannlae mred hr the orlcinal inventors tad patentee*. on supe rior machlnerv, from the b«t materials. and undet careful snpenruloo, have withstood the te»ta cf Six v»»s*' constantns.’, elnnz tnvutab<esatisfaction. Manufactured by IT EM AGICKUFFI.K COMPACT, No. flAChambfMt, New York. Also Manafhctarcn Of CUTTLE FLUTING IRON'S. ao»x-Mai)« RrrriJa. (Government Sales. Auction sale of govern ment PHCPEkTY. . AS6ISTAST QrAirmrSLISTEB’S OITTCS, } •fimr*own.iK,!wT>.. November 14.1366. f On MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26, ISIS commencing at 10 o’clock a, mv will be sold st pnbllc auction. at Gov err mcot TVarehon***. lod., the tollowln? named ankles of Quartern: Stores. viz: 100 aruv Wasaus, SIS Stretcher chains, 13 A trim Jan era, SDiNecS straps and l.Mail Coach _ chains, 14 Carts *O6 Chose straps, 796 Collars-, assorted, lead harness 105 Saddle*. JOl Sets wheel harnao, 183 Purs Ctoct lines 2SS*td cart harness, 126 Bead haliers, 43 W«wa covers S 3 Blind ortdlca, 45 Saddle blankets, jl* Riding Indies, 21 Stocks and dies, 17 Lor chains. 1 Anvil. U 9 Bearing chains, 8 Portable fcrges, SI Fairs breast chains, 2 Chests carpenter! 43 pick a, .. tools. ICS Shovels, 51 Axes and handles. 13 spades, 675 Pounds wr’l spikes, la cccks. <3l Pounds Prussian bine, 1.232 Feet rnbber hose and 910 Pounds bone shoe coupling*. _ nt'ls. ITS Feet hese. 40 Pounds black wax, 2 Incline presses, , 19 Gross harness buckles, 450 Founds roetai tvpe, 7,Xt5 Pounds horse shoes. 11,220 Pounds Ir. n pipe, 6 Cooking ranges, 529 Founds galvanized 72 Iron tana, v*t iron pipe. S 3 Stoves, lK7Ws«m boxing, 2 Cauldrons and store*. ISO bath welehts, S Desks 749 Balter chains, 100 Feet cable chain. Together with many other articles not chum era Igl at Txciis : —Cub, InE.S. currency. By order ot Colonel B. C. Erremrosn, Depot Q. U. •I. Q. BCL.CQEIL Brevet Major and A. Q. M.. P. a. A, ®jaanteb agents. WANTED FOB THE Gold Medal Sewing Machines In every City acd County in the Union. The least complicatedn>c-thrcadUa'hlDC m thoworld. Address A. f. JOHNSON* CO, 334 Waahicgtoa-ft., Boston Mass. gppcctal Notices. Pr. Junes, Formerly of James* Lock Hospital, Custom House-st, New Orleans, established to ISO, and for the lost six yean located la Chicago, can be consulted In bis new apartments, 93 DearboßML, Chicago, IIU (bsaElt opposite na old officzj o poa the treatment and cure of Cnsosic, Mebcuhux, Sceofulous, and all Mods of Blood abo P*rt diseases, ajr> all Diseases or a CosTAcnors Vzxzbzal cuabactzs. Corea them without resorting to Mercury, lonics Potassx, Arsen ic, or any poison, bat with a Nkotsalizxb, a positive crux for all humors and blood poisons. Osoakio Weaekzss, brought on by the abuse of the system, early Indiscretions, excesses, or eatallal be redltarily, causing loss of memory, contusion, deprea* ston,dtmntss.andotteattmeatuianltr, with otherds plorsble train ot symptoms, treated and radically cured by an infallible method, saving much time and ex pense. All disrates, peculiar to me sacs of a private nature, radically cured. Clddiseases,wheretheblood has become poisoned, producing blotches on the lacs, small watery blisters, pains la the bead and boaes, ulcerated throat, note, limbs and body, scrofula, together with an endless number of sufferings. Dr. James has devoted more tote, attestios and tTCtrr to these diseases, and has had aimisnciD of EXPimrscE than any other specialist extant,-* and has perfected a 'treatment that 1* at once bklta ble, safe and STBX.THIS remedies are compounded In his own Laboratory, tinder his immediate supsmilon. and contain no poisonous drugs whatever, as do those that are prescribed by practitioners generally. Oust Issued.—Dp. James has Just Issued'a revised and greatly enlarged edition of tho MONITOR, con* talcing the history, nature oal. danger of Secret (Dis eases, with directions and prescriptions lor self treat ment, and a treatise upon Female Diseases, bow avoided, their remedies, with other valuable informa tion. Tnc Monitor should be In tha bands of the old and young of both sexes, married and single. Pries o’ book, SO cents, with four cants for postage. Address Dr. James, Post Office Bor 698. Chicago, 111. Dr. James can be consulted at 93 Randolph-st., from 9 a. m. to 8 p.rm, upon the diseases he makes it a specialty to treat. iritmliood and Toathflil Visor are regained by flclmboWs Extract Bach a. « Dr. Louis Sanger, Secularly Qualified Physician, can be dally consulted office, S 9 on affections of the Kid* - ceys and Bladder; also, on Chronic, Nervous, Private and Female DUeasu. OtHce boars Irom 9p. m.; Sundays In the afternoon. Give him a call. Enfeebled, and .Delicate Conductions, of both sex#, use Helmbold's Extract Bueno. Ii will give brisk and energetic feelings, and nal-lo yua to Bleep well. Frof. D. Rosenbcrs, Member cl the Medical Society In Parle, cates Venereal DU•fates by the only sire core for Syphilis. Testimony can be seen of hundreds given op by other doctors atd cared here by Dr. B. Explana tion of the cure can be bod. The Doctor can be con sulted In English, German. French, Italian, &c. OScc Speed's Block, 135 Dearbom-su P. O.Box 3512. Booms 13 nod 14. For Or incontinence of once, irritation, tacisiaiatloc or uKvratlon of the bladder or kidneys, disease* of the glands, stone la the bladder, calculus Travel or t rick oast deposit, and all diseases of the bladder, kidneys, ami dropsical swellings, use Helmbold’a Ex* tract Duchu. Hr. Bigelow, navies the confidence o! the pnMle and the medi'al faculty at large, Is too mod reliable physician in the cltv chronic nervous and «cxuil diseases o*ll at his office, 17!) South Cia-k-st., corner of Monroe. Itocms tepsrate. Consultation tree. P. O. Box 14-|. □is guide to health, published monthly, scat free to any address. Shattered Con-tltatloua Restored by Helmbold’s Extract Bucl’U. Tlie Glory of ffinn is Strength* Therefore, the nervoo* odd debilitated shocld Immedi ately use Belmbold's Extract '‘ache. hpcrutaiurrlieit. Baving been cured of spertnaterraca by ft celebrated physician, and obtained hi, method of treatment, 1 de fire to semi severer* fioir. self-abuse the means by which they can lie pcnnsr.cmtly cared. All communf cations confidential. Address, with stamp, W. H. STANLEY. P. O. Drawer «4SS. Chicago. IT. Hclmbold’i Extract Buclia Gives health and vigor to the frame and bloom to the pallid check. Debllitv It accompanied bv manv alarm* ing symptoms, and If no treatment Is submitted to, ComniuptlOD, Insanity, or epileptic fits ensue. Take No Ulorc Unpleasant And unsafe remedies for unpb a'-jul and dangerous dismast*. Ute Helmbold’s Extract Buchu asdlmproved Rose Wash. Dr, BlchncU’sSn’up, The great Cholera Remedy. Also for Cholera Mortms, Uysmtery. Diarrhea, Summer Complaint, Pain or Cramps In Stomach or Bowels, Sick or Sour Stomach, Painters* Cholic, ftm, tmd guaranteed to cure or no pay. It la purely vegetable, without a particle oi opiate, highly aromatic, very pleasant to the taste, warms and strengthens the system, acts like a charm and affords almost Immediate rcllcfi and leaves the bowels in a natural healthy state. One taste of the medicine will convince you of all that is here claimed font. Pre pared only by Edward Sutton, of Providence, B. L, and sold by all dealers In medicine. Demas Barnes A Co ol New York City, and LOUD d t SMITH, ot Chicago, General Agents. tur2-x6t!?-6in-w ax IKour DciUnfi What is It? Good cr evil ? Rich or poor? Are you to rise to eminence, honor, wealth sad power, or are yon to sink Into obscurity and be unknown? “To be or not to be, that's the question.” All this, and your future prospects tn lUe, oan be dearly rerosled by Dr. RAPHAEL- He can win lor yen the affections of the opposite sex. He guides you to wealth, eminence and a happy marriage. He guides sou to health, even when von are given up, as incurable, by others. Call at m 3 East M wllsoa-su, between Weils and FranKHn (up nalrs), Chicago. Consultation fee. One Dollar. Dr, Dbonmoni Proprietor of the Mcdlca' surgical Icstltnte, 178 Sactb Clark-Bt~ has treated all term* of venereal uls* 4au< u i.ia4,*saM um a) •*«. *u. ... •v. . ease with nnprecented success fw nearly forty years, bpermatorrhcca and impotence treated with the hap piest lesolti. particulars of the Institute and the Guide mailed free to any address. P. O. Box 72, Chi cago, 111. *sair 9tci Tic K»t u. tee Wcria: utiioect, rename, instant** csor.s. Tie only rerlfcct Dye 1 Nca'Sipfiutctmeat—no rttUt’.lPUi Urns. alcn-M, wn.ttA* A. Hatch cut, New Fork. Also, HKOKKKKATIMfi EXTRA 1 MOP MILLS* EXFUUS—restores, preserve sto beantites the hair. Sold hr all l>narf ills. i-Hclncal. ff S “me wondenai progress 01 Medtcat bciecoe M Si. blblo tor the conscientious Pnyslclan tode* - m clare, now, that CosscsiPtiox is as cur* TACTLT ennx© as [n tfrmdtent /'ever, and as C»e. TaUtlt rn*T*STSD ns Small Pox,"—Hr:. Charles B Eluo, M. D. LL. D n etc. KEiG’S PREPARED PRESCRIPTION?, Made from the Prescription of Rev. CD AS. E.RIKO, M. B.LL. U., etCn for the Prevention and Core ot COISTSU MPTIO IST (IK ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) Forth*? Aodfttil Curr of ASTHMA, DUONCI3inS,CA TALKS. act*, all affection* of the LUNGS. THKOAT, and AIR PASSAGES? for (imeral and Special Ot rtnujeiueut* of the NERVOUS SYSTEM; lor DleorJeri of the BLOOD t and t.rail Funnionat iksordert ol the Stomach aod/ftncrlt. I limtutillatfls/ Increases tho ttrfnffih and deepen* the color of thepole blood, ?t subtitles (he CTillU and AVc<r,aoddltalaUhe«ihe Er.Jectoraflon. It checks the niaht nicenU, always. In from tectn lofourteen itagt. The atTtUte Is at once iun&'rateJ, and the patient ra- Pldlu point jteth ; the tough, and tnedljiculibreath ingarcspccdlly relieved : the sleep becomes calm and refreshing; the emm ution* r* mi lor and uniform. AI.L THE GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CONSUMP TION. ASTHMA. BRONCHITIS. Ac- DISAPPEAR TVH ll A REALLY S STONISJLIN G RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be uaod In every case where the physician proscribes “Cocoa Mtxrctttt," ‘•Toxirs," ißos, Agios, Baca. QnxiSß, Cod Ltvxa Oil. Wudket, Ac., and In every Disease, by wiu/nrv ke NAifK enowx. In which there la exhibited any one or n.ore ol the following p*VAIPT(MIs» t . „ Difficult or Irregular Breathing, Losaa ot Breath, Cough. Wasting ot Flesh, Night Sweats, Bleadlogfrom the Lungs Lo-s of Strength. Loss 01 Appetite, General Debility, Debility of Pregnancy and Nnmcg, Flying I*alns through the Shoulders. Chest. Face or Limbs, Neuralgia. Nervous Headache, Nervous Prostration, Nervous Irritation, Giddiness or Dizziness, Excessive' Pakr e*«, Sore throat. Drowsiness, Sleeplessness, Dys nepfla, bonr stomach. “Heart Barn," Oppression or Sint ing of the Stomach before or after eating. Consti pation, Remittent Fever. Ac., demand especially la all Female Disorders or uterine irregularities, such as Difficult, Painful Suppressed, Scanty. Excessive, De layed, Premature or too frequent Menstruation. Statement* Prom Patleacm Ac, CUUkWCUI, ■ * WM. . —-“ ——' “Yonr Prescription saved my daughter's Ufa, and • has saved me hundreds of dollars. —Rav. £. llcuPH ezts. Ikmsen- N. Y. *» VVebless God for the benefit we have received from £our prepared Prescription.”—Rev. P. Fzacaam:, •• > EvOTonc l S’whom Iharerecommcßdedlthas ben efited much by its use.”—Rev. u. D. Jovss, Racine, ' V b Hoes*. Astor Plac*. N. V.—ln the early part ot F«*bmarv, l?«o, I was suffering from a violent couch, for which! tmdbcea treated daring six mouths pre viously without benefit, 1 had .YipA/i'ifvwt* which completely prostrated me. in the even las. hoarseness would come on. which would prevent me trom sneak ies above a whl«pcr. 1 had then had two attacks of bleeding from the lungs. My family Physician assured me that he would do so more forme. I was growing rapidly worse, and had been compelled to leave bn»l -ne*‘ for nearly two months. All my symnuims indi cated, unmistakably, the pre*ence ot CONSUMPTION. In the beginning or February. Me- Hesbt Fdoxe, Trtanrer of t*€ American tSiIU Sod'fj, presented me with a bottle of the PREPARED PRESCRIPTION. In a few days my appetite (which 1 bad entirely iosO, returned: within a week, my couch hat almost left me; and la less than two weeks the.'were broken op. Thenceforward 1 regained strength rapidly, and am now regularly attending to my dalles as clerk to the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, lawhteeem ■ plovment 1 have been nine years. I am now enjoying good health. Tour PRESCRIPTION cflocled a CUiiS, my mend, terured or “I have had Nervous ots Spajbomc A?nniA for eleven 'cars. Durldg the last six years 1 have never hau an uninterrupted night's rest. It often seemed to me that I would die before I could cel air into my lungs. 1 suffered so greatly from ‘shortnrjs of breath,* thailwascomiellcd to take frequent rests la walking from my residence to my place of business. - The night before I obtained the * PREPARED PRE SCRIPTION* was the worst 1 ever passed. On obtain ing the remedy, X toos a teaspooufm at no>a and again at night, and slept ail mcht without waking- I hare xqt oaD a ncQiEs sight's ex*t srsez. • • • I have now completely recovered my strength and spir its and am not at all afflicted with *shortoessof breath-* 1 shaU bo glad to have any ore aflUctac with Asthma call and see me. E2RA C. LANGUON, “No. SR Fourth-*u, New Tort. The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION’* is pat up to a fl bottle. nd is sold by BLISS * SHARP. 144 Late st.; BUCK, fla riark-sLj J- PARSONS & CO., 4X Clark-st.; DUCTIE A STOREY, OR Randolplwl. ■Wholesale Accnts for Chicago. BURNHAMS A VAX SHAACK, and by Druggists cenerally.or order* may be addressed to the Solo proprietors, OS CAB O. MOSES A CO- 27 Coetlisdt-st- New Tort. Coo* saltation free. A Circular, contalnlnirPAETicnjLEs or *ant ca.'xs successfully treated, will be sent tree, by mall, to all who will write for It, Eoker’s Bitters. Porfalo at all prominent Grocer*. Wine Merchant! and DrucrUlf. ami wholtyale only, by h. rCNKE. Jb., Sole Agent, »r y?.t721-a6tw-s*-3p No. CK Llbertyst.. N, Y. t\tby will \oti suffer V * firms KIDNEY DISEASE. GOUT. GRAVEL, RHhCMATIBM, CON'OUKBEA, Ac, when SMOLAWIteE’S EXTRACT ' BUCHU Will care you permanently. X>adies Should Use It. Price only One Dollar. Sold by H. SCOVTL, Agent or Ctlcico and vicinity. 13UBUUJ3S poaonagiON house op BEDMOM9 «Sfc CO*, * (Scccersor* to J. SL REDMOND * SON. Chicago. ElO qblci sales, prompt returns ted fail laformaitos aa to msrteta. Sen on conslenmett, Grain, Dressed Hoz*. Floor, Seed*,irovlsloa»and Produce. Correa* pondence solicited. *P QEaT, HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Merchants, 3Vo. 50 McGaa-fit^, Between F and G-sta-) DENVER. COLORADO. Xotice to ffiai jailers. 'V r OTICH —To the Tax Payers oC the jL> city of Chicago: Vor tue perpoeo cf giving the working classes and the uethanlcs an opportunity to pav th«-tr City Taxes, and <ave their time. 1 shall seep my Office onen daring the dinner hours. My otflee man win be, os ana after Monday. November Wta, 1966, trom }? o'clock a. m. to 3 o'cloc. p. m. fEUbteat. jy^ANHOOD. In the young and rlt&ff generation the Vegetative Powers of Life are fitrosff. bat In nftw years bow often the Pallid Hue, the Lack lustre Eye, and Emaciated Form, and ibe Impossibility of application to mental effort Show its BaneM Influence. It soon becomes evident to the observer that same depressing influence Is checking the development of the body* CONSUMPTION Is talked ot, and perhaps the youth la removed from school and sent into ths country. This is one ol the worst moTaaew,. Eemoved from ordinary diversions of the ever-changing scenes of the city, the powers of the body too much enfeebled to give zest to healthful and rural exercise, Thoughts arc Turned Inwards upon THEMSELVES. IFTHE PATIENT BE A FEMALE, the approach of the menses is looked lor with anxiety as the first symptom in which TJ 3FS. 3E5 IS TO Show Her Saving Power In diffusing the circulation, and visiting the check WITH THE BLOOM OF HEALTH Alas I Increase of appetite has grown by what it fed on, and the energies of the System are Prostrated, and the whole economy Is deranged. The beautiful and wonderful period la which body and mind undergo so fascinating a change from child to woman. Is looked for in vain; the parent’s heart bleeds in anxiety, and fancies the grave bat waiting for its victim. Helmbold’s EXTRACT BUCHU. For Weakness Arising from Ex cesses or Early Indiscretion. Attended with the following symptoms Indisposition to Exertion* Lom of Power* of memory* Difficulty of Breathing* General Weakness, Horror of Disease* Weak Nerves, Trembling) Dreadful Horror of Death Night Sweats* Cold Feet) Wakcfalnca* Dimness of Vision* Languor* Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Often Enormous Appetite with Dyspeptic Symptoms* Hot Hands* Flushing of the Body* Dryness of the Skin* Pallid Countenance and Eruptions on the Face* Pain In the Back, Heaviness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black Spots Flying before the Eyes, with Temporary Suffusion sad Loss ot Sight, Want of Attention, Great Mobility, Rest lessness, with Horror of Society. Nothing is more de sirable to such Patients than Solitude, and nothing they more dread tor Fear ofTbemscires, no Repose ot Manner, no Earnestness, no Speculation, but a harried Transition from one question to another. These symptoms, U allowed to go on—which this Medicine invariably remove*— SOOjST FOX.X.O'W Loss of Power, Fatuity, and Epileptic Fits, ta one of which the patient may expire. During the supcrlntaidence ol Dr. Wilton, at the Bloomlngdale Asylum, this sad result occurred to two patients; reason had tor a time left them, and both died of epilepsy. They were of both sexes, and about twenty yean of age. Who can say that these messes are not FREQUENTLY FOLLOWED By those direful diseases Insanity and Consumption? The records of the INSANE ASYLUMS, and the mel nncholy deaths by CONSUMPTION, bear ample wit ness to the truth ol these assertions. In Lunatic A*y- limn, the most melancholy exhibition appear?. Th« countenance Is actually sodden and quite destitute— neither Mirth or Grief ever mu it. Should a sound ol the voice occur, it U rarely articulate. “With woefUl measure* wan Despair Low sullen sounds his grief beguiled.* 1 Whilst we regret tbo existence of the above .Diseases and Symptoms , We are prepared to offer an , Invaluable Gift of Chemistry For the removal of the consequences— HELDIBOLD’S HIGHLY . CONCENTRATED FLUID EXTRACT OF SUCHU There is ETo Tonic Like II It is an Anchor of Hope to the Snr geon and Patient; and this is the Testimony of a** ~ <harc Used or Prescribe - It* Sold by all the Druggists. PRINCIPAL DEPOT Helmbold’s Drug and Chemical . lIWAREHOUSE, 594= BROADWAY, Metropolitan Hotel, NBWYOBB. ffiriljuue’s IJtospertue. 1867 Prospectus iser CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DAILY, TRIWEEKLY AND WEEKLY EDITIONS, DEVOTED TO NEWS, COMMERCE, POLITICS, ' dgricnlture, Manufactures, Literature and Science. TEEIEI best itewspapbb, THE BEST POLITICAL PAPER, THE BEST COMMERCIAL PAPER, THE MOST VALUABLE FAMILY PAPE2, THE LAB6EST PAPER IN THE NORTHWEST. It Publishes More Telegraphic News, belter Market Reports, more Interesting News, and a Greater Variety of Reliable and Useful Information than any other Paper in America. The Chicago TurorNi, now approaching it* twenty-first year. Is rccoanUed a» the leading orgta and ex- i poetnt ct the great, patriotic, dominant Republican party of the Northwest. The Tarncse is no ephemeral h concern of docbtfnl duration, but a ptrmanently established ms lcatloo, known sad respected throughout the Ur 1 ted States, Its clrculaoon exceeds the combined Issues of the other Chicago dallies. Iu past record aad career mar be pointed to with pride and pleasure by its conductors. Since ths Republican, party wasorgw nixed, the Chicago Tnxntm has stood by It, through evil as well as good report: never in the rear, bat always In the front, beckoning It onirord and uptrord; never faltering or weary, but always hopeful, earnest, fear less. Its blows have tollen incessantly on aiavery, olteharchy and treason. Daring the entire period ot the rebellion It blew no uncertain blasts, but sounded the charge and cheered on the defenders ollresdontons ntwtd efforts, asentice them of a Rlonoas triumph tor 'he right as the reward of perseverance and sacrifice And now, when the wicked rebellion is crushed, the odcarchy conquered, and slavery abolished, the Chi capo Tcnirrtu insists that the legitimate fruits of our victory shall not bo yielded back to vanquished rebels by an apt state Executive, who has perfidiously betrayed ths loyal people wbo Intrusted him with Presi dential powers. The Tbibcns opens a new campaign to secure to the Union an enduring peace, and & reconstruction based on the principles of Equal EigMs and Exact Justice to All Men! • It therefore advocates Impartial SafErage, Irrespective of color or birthplace. Eight wrongs no maa and no man’s rights are abridged or endanger.'d by giving to every law-abiding clU«a all hts rights. And no scheme ol reccrstrnctlon win prove fattsftctqry or enduring that denies equal civil and political rights ami privileges to any class of loyal citizens. No Zknuxrai can oppose iTpartlal suffrage aad equal rights with* onifbamefullnconjlsiency ondituluacaiion. And the Sontu can never be truly tree, prosperous or happy until all Us citizens are recognized as equal before thoftaw, ami equal in making hie laws, which they muse obey, regardless of color or position- The Chicago TiunO'E sincerely jKlleves In the principles of the Declaration ot Independence, and U there lore EAtiCAi, in Ita alc-f, impulse* and endeavors, and Is confident ot witnessing, at an early day, tha accept ance end adoption ot the beneficent of Rcpabilcatlsm In every section and subdivision of oar com moa country. The reader* of the TcrontE will bear testimony that the policies it has opposed have generally boon discard ed; the measures It has supported have nearly all.been adopted, *nd that Us prediction* have been singularly verified. The secret of it* Inflnerce on public nfiairs Is, that it espouses what Uutmrr, earnestly. wl combats what Is wrnxo, hcldly ; and the glass with which It sec* Into the future is Implicit ratta la the powir o Troth and the ultimate triumph cf the Bight. A FIRST-CLASS NEWSPAPER. The Chicago TtrnJTWP. while fearless In the expression of Its opinions, and patriotic In Us cn loavon. alm at being a FIRST-CLASS NEWSPAPER. It bring* the tews to lie people of the Northwest several days scoter than the paper* of the seaboard, and surpasses all Its contemporaries la the Northwest Inevory depart* meat of new* enterprise. U dUcusse* every subject of Interest to Western men—moral, poliaeal literary, commercial and flaaa elal No Western merchant,banker, farmer, mechanic, drover or ounnweturer, can study hlsown Interci and do without It. No fanner should sell a bushel ot wheat, com, oats, or a pound of neet or pork wlihont reading the TRIBUNE v no merchant should icU his goods without rewfng the TRIBUNE; no manefoctnrer lls ware* no mechanic the product of his hands, wlthont first consulting Us wcll-Ullcl accurate and leliiff? commercial columns. THE CONTENTS OF EACH EDITH ISt-A COMPI-ETE CURRENT HISTORY of the progress of events, with general news ot the day. Jd-COPIOUS TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES, containing the West News torn all parts, down to the boor of going to press. Sd—REGULAR CORBESPONDFKCB Item numer ous points In the Sooth and the Capitals of the • Western States, Washington, New York, St. tool *, California, Kansas, Canada, Great Brit ain, France, Gcio-any and Italy, besides occa sional letters from many other prints where Interesting new »is transpiring. No other Jour nal in the country employs a larger or mare capable corps of correspondents. • 4th—ABLE IDITOBIALS on Political Topics, and all subjects of current Interest, and Reviews ot New Publications. TERMS OF THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, IN ADTANCSE: laily, per annum, $12.00; Tri-Weekly, per annum, $6.00 Weekly, per annum, $2.00. FRACTIONAL FARTS OF THE YEAR AT THE SAKE RATES, Persons remitting and ordering five or more copies of cither the TKI- Xpei kIT or Vt editions* may retain ten percent* of the subscription jpr Ice as a commission* Money* by Draft, Express, Money Orders, or In Registered Letters* may be sent at our risk* Address SE3SI> roil A SPECIMEN COPY. proposals. rpo ARCHITECTS. PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FeiRKEV BUILO* IJIUS FOR IHB WAR DEPARTMENT AT "WASHINGTON, 0. C. , Architects are Invited t j prepare plans and naeeioca* tlons, and estimates of cost, tor new flre-proofbnna toc* (or the War Department, on the site now occupied by’the War Department and adjacent vacant proana.ui WuhiOßton. D. C. . , The buildings repaired should hare a superficial area as larce at the site selected wpl admit ot pholojrapna . of site, and all other Inlonnatlon relating to the sub ject, will be furnished to Architects desiring to com pete fer the wort, upon application, personally or by fetter, to thoundctslsned. 4 __ A premium of fiCCo for the first, ot (2.003 for the second, and of *I.OOO for the third acceptable plans and specifications received, will toe awarded., upon the approval of the Hon. Secretary ol War. by the Board oi officers charred with the duty of se!(\> It e a site and preparing plans and specifications for the buildings *of the war Department coder act ol Coo plana must be sent to theoffice ol Brevet Lieutenant Colciel T. J. TrcanweU. Recov deref the Board, Ordnance < >fflce. Winder’s Budding, Washington, D.C., on or before the Ist day ol February, '“the Board will reserve the right to reject anv.or plans submitted, should none be deemed suitable for the purpose, as well as to retain any or all of such * Bvt. Lieut. CoU D- «• A.. Recorder. Proposals.— Bmi. & Ho. Rw. r. r. Proposals for tbo grading, bridging, tlelnc, and the laving ol track of 66 mile* ol the Burlington A Missouri River Railroad, west trom Ciarlton, will be received by me, from the 15th till the 30th lost. Prattles, plans and specincalluns can be Inspected during that ““ >t ciy office. In CM=l Burlington. lowa. Nov. 7.13C8. Proposals for sewerage B TUCKS Omcs or tusßoaed 07 Ptbetc Works, > Oiicaoo, Nov, 19th. 1366, f SeaTedpropoiols will be received by the Beard cf PublicWoroJat their offle*vontUll November 29tKTf rone hundred and slxty-ono thous- piled up along the Un(s of the Sewers to be constructed In this city, i the count and inspection of the Board of Works, and must be whole, hard burned, free from lime, Pee bles and bats, square edged, and of the standard dimea livered on or before January Ist, 1567. Prcposals must be addressed to tae Public WorirTendoned “Proposal for Sewerageßrlcla, ’aud be acccmpadedwlth the usual *2OO oend, with sure ties. to be approved by th-: B :aro. The Board reserve the right w reject accordance with the or to reject all bids, and no proposal wm be accepted SScrtai: it fMaeejn-hr torr to the Board that be hai the noceaa-T 'Kill, experience, energy and abLlty tor doing theweri. U trustworthy, and tas sufficient C Q n^sri®^ ca *' FBED.letz, O. .1. ROSE, Hoa-l(*r Beard of Pnblle worts. ILcgai. Xt7HEREAS, Saurael J, Walker, 01 tbc VV cut oi corttffton. State Cl iJTfea mortgage deco, dated the first d 4 ’of M*7» "•» ISC ano recorded in toe Kecnrder’s OCce oi the County c Coot, musute cl UlluoU. in Bcok sf Mo. a pastsll, convened to toe cndsrsumM, B. W«* ol Peoria. and Store orilUncls, toefo-i-wtog describee real estate, to-wtt: Part cf toe connect quarterof sec aca six (6.) in township thirty-right rffij nerth of rcr: fourteen ai,>eastuftoe third principal mendJau. ic scribed as tallows: commencing at toe northeast ccr oer cf to« nonbeast quants J sshl Bertlan alxft, tornoe watt aioa«r toe east line of raid quarter secao: ace hundred and sixty rods totbawoto line c raid quartor section; thence vest slot* said sooto Un fifty (») rods; toenee north ctr.Un- parallel east line oi said quarter se'tioc one nurdr'd ana sixty fliO) reds, to toe north line of said quarter sectioi to-cceeset along said north lias to the place of wat aing—containing (50) acres, Sato mtrbrtse deed hav ton been given and mads tor tha purpose ol tecartn the payment cf three certain rroclsscry notes, of ana;, date as said cortcage deed, for the rep el twenty euht bendred and torty-three and dollar* ffnamu.) each hearing interest at toe rats of six pa- Sat per annum from date. and payable In one, two anr three years, respectively, irom date. . Whereas, dciault having been made la too payment o said cote due in cte year tom date, to wit: on the U day of May, I<W5: (herefcre, notice w hereby «!*« that i. under and by virtue of toe p-wer vested la aw or said mortgage deed, have elected to dcc:at- all c *»id notes now due an« nayable, togetoe. with tne loterrit thereon, and toat I.bymyi-U.anm or attorney, vtli sell toe above descrii-oc premises, >’ pcbllc auction, at the Court House door, in the cityP Chicago, County cf Cook, tot the purpose ot paying al of said promiMpry notes and interest on Monday, to* third day ofDecsmber. •. D-. 1566. at ai o’clock a. m, Ol said day. PHBBE H. WEIS9, Mor^ages. ysis-ap-sc-ex palmist. TUBT RETURNED FROM EUROPE. .1 the CELEBRATED GIi*SY WOMAN. vonwlshtopnowall the secretsci yoar pa« and fa’nre lift, ihearowlcrtte of which may save yonyeais of'serroraed care, don’t CUI to consult the above namedEj^ldtnca UPO South betwe ,r * Btrrl* aon and . fjjotels. AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON, Thin favorite flraKlass Hotel, the Ur«w» In New offers tmserpassed accommodation to the mjemnjc public. IiBW BIGB* Prepci Mff* OF 1 THE N OF THE TRIBUNE EMBRACE, 3th—FULL REPORTS OF MEETINGS, whether Po litical. Kollrioas, Agricultural, Elaeiitloaal or Miscellaneous. 6th—PROCEEDING S OF CONGRESS and State Leg islatures, Important Speeches and Documents. Ilh-COMPLBCB MARKET REPORTS, embracing every article the tamer o.r dealer can expect to find quoted In a Newspaper. The TRLBUNB has achieved and maintained the highest repu tation as a Commercial Paper. Sth—CAREFULLY PREPARED AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL ARTICLES, by “Rural,” and olher able writers on the Farm and Garden. 9th—POETRY, TALES, ANECDOTES, and Interest ing Miscellany. TRIBUNE CO., Chicago, HI. Ciqi Koiircs T)ROPOSAI*S FUR CONSTRUCHOIT I OF A rORTIOJf OF TIIS ILLINOIS ASO SiCBIGAN CANAL. _ _ um« or tub Boazd o? Public Works, > Cutcago, >'ovmjt>er ;3, f Scaled proposals add be received by the Board of Works, at Uitir OtQcc. until 11 a. m. Monday* December 3d, for thu excavation necessary w deepen the Illinois and Michigan Canal, Sections 2*os. ssven teen (17) to (37) inclusive, according to pl&rs and specifications on tile at sa’d office. There will be some l,St (MM) yards -ifearth excavation to he removed. The material U generally xute hard, aid contains more or ie*sb millers and detached rock- The work mast be prosecuted so as mi iolnt>r:ens with the use of the Canal, so far as It shall be dona daring ibe scsson of nivisrafton; bat must also be proiccutrrt during the suspension of navig.itl ;n, wtlfi »u-haforce as shall satiety the Board ttaatta* wort will be completed donas the time stipulated in the contract. Itlssnprosed that a* tnanyuu sli or eight dredges will he required for the whole work, and u-esa drWges. with scows, cranes and all ntves-* .ry rua ;hin ery, will be reqaired to beputos early am year. Par no* contracting tor the work wilt be required to v ide all machinery, ana to pnt op and remove all dams rnd all works of p otectlotuand at their own expense to do all pumping, or whatever may &e necc-as ary to teenre their work from waer. Proposals mest be aedwssed to the Beard ot Public Works, endorsed “Proposal for Deepening mine's and Michigan Canal/* and be accompanlwlwlih tb*» amsl S2W bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. Contractors will bid, staling the price lor which the work will be done on each ol the dl He rent sections and the work will be I» t os a whole or la part, and. In such quantities as the Board shall determine. The Board rcierve the right to reject soy bid not la I accordance with the conditions of this adverUannett. I or to reject all bias, and no proposal will be accepted 1 unless the party ufenng U shall give evic euce satisUc tory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expe rience, nergy and abllitv lor doing the work, is trnst wortbv, saunas enuirlcot pecuniary resources. The Beard will require such security as. according to th»ir Judgment, will secure the doing of the work accenting to tfcc contract. j, g. GCCDELE, - FEED. LETZ, O. J. BOSE. WM. GOODISG, E. B. MASON. Board of Public Worts. ne23-9t A N ORDIXAKCE to authorize Thom v. Wilcox A Co- to lay down and operate a rail road tract oußates street. „ Be it ordained by toe Common Cbuncfl of the City QJ Chlcauo: Sicncs 1. Thatpermlsaioti 13 hereby granted to H. W.Thomas, E.P. wllrox and A- B. wucox, composing the firm of Thomas. Wilcox & lay down sod operate a railroad track for and during the tci m of five yean, commencing at a point on Bate* street opposite the centre of an alley running north and south, between Holden and Dodge streets, antt theme west on me norm sided said Bates street W a point where the aamowiE connect with the railway tracks on Railroad av^ine. sre j. Said railroad track shad be laid down la the manner and as the Board of Public Works of said city ** l^x: d railroad track shall only be used acd ope rated for the purpose of enabling s ill ThO’sas, WlicoX * Co. carrying on their legitimate business. *xc-4. TnUgrantls made on the express condition that the said Thomas, Wilcox & Co. wI:L at the expira tion of said term of five years, (unless otherwise order ed by the Common Com ell,) take up said and leave the street in as good condition aa when the same was laid down. fczc.3. The:aidTbomrs,Wilcox* Co.shall be sub ject to all general ordinances now cxladcg, or that may hereafter tc passed, concerting ral'roads. psc. 6. This ordinance sha I be subject to amendment* modification or appeal at so? and all times. g£c. 7. This ordinance shall mm elect and be in lb red Horn and after Its passage. r “ e *- SOT. a Attest: A. H. Bopmax. Clt> CierX. coCO^t T>ROPOa-AL& FOR FILLING NORTH I MARKET STREET. FROM ERIE STREET TO IdFlSloN STREET. _• Ottics ot in* Roabd of Public Wobss. { Curcaoo. XoTem&cr 15, 1565. J Sealed Proposals will be received by the Uoard of Public 'Worts, at tbclr office. cntU 11 a. m- Monday, Sor. 2Slb, tor ali ne with clay North Market siwt. Or«nx tt- soatb line of Erie street to ma s'-ntb line of Divi'-longtr-eLaccorrllagto plana and specification* on file at said office. Sain Improvement will be paid for &3 the work peo credit, with the fiscal reservation of fifteen (13) pc* Proposals must be addressed to the Foard of Public Tt orta. endorsed ** iToposal for Flulnw North uaiwet st’o‘t, , *an • be accompaxied with tte astral fXO bond, tfitn ?nretlof, to be tbo board. . _ Tbe Board reserve the richt to r«c ;t an? Bid no. a aroorcance withthe conditions of ihlsaorert.senent, or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be acceptad unless tie party olTerinr It shall zlre evidence satSiao torv to the Board that fie has Use necessary sail, ms ritnce, energy and ability lor doing tbs work, la treat, worthy, ana has sufficient pecuniary - | e % 0 jS%‘ ngrg fBED* LHIZ, O, J. ROSE. Board of Public Works. DClo-lOt tmtoktast to vw.V AND POBK PACKERS. rravice nurctused K. B. Martin's Patent tor an “DI- CUEING KLESO FOE FOOD" I EOTr fftrami to introduce it to the trade. An a aatraUinwU B*ilslT the moat step-teal that meat* ??ri te rorw by ttfa process, In any Itlna ot weather, m afSCqUICF EB and BETTER than In aajo-ber \r r Earreirors ready for use In two days. Ham* 'loidcnandSice*inseven to tea days. In rnldsam* U, -- ror Information, address ' W. C. AUIHRGER. BnHalo, N.T.- (Copy.] __ Bcttaxo. August 53d.1955. After a cartful persona) tmp'iraUou ot the plan of ctrum meat by Marsh's I'r cess,sspractlced by Maun. J.L. Albeffer ACo-, at their establishment, and be teg the process to be correct In pUndple, ana that It«ill operate so surceref&By Id summer cunas a» to rcvolcttvalzt that > Jirtlcl holiness, I hive no health Oon In recommending It to these who intend tojearry o’ that trade. EZRA TAYLOS* Provision lnspcbtor,Chicaso Board of Tradeand Pack en* AMKUOOO. TI9K»