Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, November 25, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated November 25, 1866 Page 1
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Cjicago SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, ISM. TIZZk NEWS. : Gold clout'd in New York at IS3?£. 1 The total amount of National bank cur* 1 rcncy cow iu circulation Is 4236,199,003. 4 Five-Twenties were quoted In London, oa Saturday rooa, et ?«'*£, i There have been 21,550 deaths by cholera in J2cr'C*r». £ The K.-iTi h fishermen caught 110,0.^,030 j* haidlnci' last July. I The Oregon Legislature has appropriated | ?:,OJO,OOy iu behalf ef che Oregon Central UiU- Thc C’ltholc BUhnp of Savannah has jiifei i—ned a totter suggesting ihe cd oration of caloreti* youths for the cl-rrlcal work at the South. K. A cotton factory in Augusta, Georgia, has turned on: during the past year C,tWC!) yards of cloth. In cut Now York special*will l>e f.mud a cccipaitsivc staicmcnt of the exports aul imports :.l that pci dm lug the last tbrve years. Dish::;>.'n.mi.; of Uic Treasury during the part Wi.'V tr. trjcr.nt ot the War, Navy and Inte rior Dcpattmer.??. amoamed lo tS,WS,TC. - In the tri t at Uic National Course, Wash ii nor. y.'ttrrday, Hcxtcr won the prim of 42.900, makirghi i-e>t mile In srJi»£. The present average of cotton receipts wince November 2bi, at all the ports, do not war rant an estimate lor the whole crop of over one and a half million bale*. The Richmond Enquirtr states that there t:- complaint of oonctary striageacy in that city, due to the sending ot Urge amna"South to buy cotton. In the U.-t few weeks $409,uu0 Or SitW.iW) have l-ccr. tpproptlated hi this way. It Is rej>oited from Washington that the i reuch Emperor ha® declared his purpose not to abide by hit agreement with our Government to withdraw his troops from Mexico, having postponed the withdrawal txmij next spring. G. Lockwood, a cattle drover, who fell In to a “ ump opening*’ on the New York Central llaiJroairucar CauastoU, which opening was cn li:cly ccgcardcd, has jnst recovered $55,000 dam ages from Ihe road in the courts. A ccirespot'dcnt of the Portland wtllve Ur.t the amount ofluxbcr sawed ont-on the Maclifa- Ktvcr this year is over sVoo,OOo—an Inereasa ol 10,C00,0u0 on last year, and about oav third over former years. IVe publish in the telegraph columns this mcrufxig, ihe speech of the Earl of Derby at the haiujnct of :lit? lx>nl Mayor of Loudon, wherein the fpesker te.Vra in compUmeulary t«:ma to our «-rA<Tms' , n'. and itf future prospects. i’U.tTji Di\ left New York for Paris yes ‘aHjiy uiitTzvoD. Dc*pa*cbcd from Washington rnd Ni tv Tork -tat:* that Mr. Dix received flcpplc n.cuJarv icstn ctiooe lost before eaiUm*, ■w.-ilcb in a'c repportd to relate m:l<na:cly 10 unr rmctr-Vpslcan relations. Maitr>:!«» I*«ndi>, the President of Peru, has t ifcer. a method ol ln«nrinjj his re-election, which s*. at nil oust-, novel In a Kepnbllr. He has ar rested tla■ ■ opposing Candidates aud sent them out « ,r lhe coytry, and thereby jwrerfed theirac <t.-glci to the tloir of Suite, even if they should l c clect'-d. The X-. Trlioni (N*. C.) CotuKicrchl says that •• ’arg" q of cotton, corn and naval stores c alii.tsc to floir inio Nnubcm." Ttfc lumber . in nlstv very brisk. “The quantity r-lili*l»cthe «n**:c«v !■? *l-C ability of shipper* to gel vessels.’* ItJ i:»i.;:rccd from the Ch'wcha Islands til' is disappearing so fast that In the w f' wyc-ar* tLe eupply will be exhaust •J. ago those Macdc be again given op byman to il.-efjTiaac linlfi ol the Pacific. The average num. o; v csrcLj engaged m loading guano is staled at i.iiTty, In tlic case of the People n>. Tyler. City Marshal of Elgin, for shooting one Abbott, while to arrest him for a breach of Ihc 1- ace, i;ia tried in the Circuit Court before Hon. I. G. WU.-od. the jury r. furred a verdict of guilty >'f ard sentenced him to three years in the penitentiary. Rev. McsM-rs. C. IT. Luvcrdiere and IT. R. Cupgrala, priest* of the archdiocese of I an- just ci-covcred the tomb of Champlain, founder of 'bat clly and father of New France, now the province of Lower Canada. They will Portly jiub’.i's't a delailed-account ol the dis covery and ot the tomb. Several Southern Episcojutl Bishops and lay truslcc- arc taking mea«ores to revive the pro j°ct Inr.ugnnited before the war, of founding a ’■r.ivcndty of the hlghcslgrade, under the auspices i f the Protestant Episcopal Church, tn the dio cercs of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama. Tcn iii-'see. Aikauraa, MUrlssippL Louisiana, and Texas. Certainly (he limes arc dicadfally out of joint with Mr. Raphael Semmes, of Mobile. V.’hclli-r be embarks tu ship* or enterprises it la a!! one. In either case they go down, with him. Th* Mobile Gcidt* has BUSpenUcdpuhllcarfon. Firing one last brnadildo sides of “Puri tanism." it settles nnd sinks.- The Adcrriurr end of Mobile, says; “We are l:.dented to Colonel Mann, Assessor of It.lertal Rcu-nnc lor this District, for Hie follow icgstarrmcUof Incomes repotted for tho year ISCS: fJ.UvJ 0r1t*£6,315; over (I,Oiri and under C".cOO. ’.ti;,0C0,85; ovcrfiO,OOo,ls; over ?nii.(Af, •: ; over $52,000, i. Another lake steamboat disaster, the result o. a collision, occurred above Detroit on Friday evening. The Lake Superior - tvamfr Lac La Belle collided with the Detroit and Milwaukee Railway S ComjiouyV akamer Milwaukee in the Ft. Clair H River. Tbe lac 1-a Belle wm set on Cre, bat sank ’■•vion- the flames made much headway. Fonu i| vnlch ct iy l«o Uvea were The Hartford Pro* says that tlic improve | mente commenced on the Scientific School Build f Ing at Yale l'o lecc ate nearly completed. Tbo .i 1.-lescnpe, which ts o«'C of ihc best in the country, >f is mounted nod ready for observation*. It was (manufactured by Alvan Clark A Sons, of Boston. 7be meridian cficle afld astronomical clock are also adjusted. Subscription* to tbc amount of mo thousand do.lars b&vo been male in the scientific eciiool. A coarse of public lectures will la- tbc school this winter. Tlit* Honolulu Advertiser say* the census which is to be taken Uus anlnmn will unrjoestloa- Sf' a’-ly*:owa serious decline In tie population Of ?' the Sandwich Island group, especially among the 1 natives. Extensive Arcs arc dc-vjoylns the for* 3 efts on tbc Islands, which arc suffering more and .3 more from the denuding ot the mountains of 3 their venture, and unless some means is devised 1 I to-prrxvt ;hc*c conflagrations, drouths and tarn* S ;ncs will he more frequent and severe than any ; '3 yet i-syericnied. i 1 The Cape Cod fishermen arc now hauling Icp their vessels, or pi sparing lor their winter cruise. The erd fishery, this season, has done w<U, but mackerel have been unusually scarce. Menhaden are very plenty. In the Dennis weir, one day last week, about fifteen hundred barrels were caught at one tide, and five hundred barrels in a r drat Barnstable. A school of nearly one hundred black fish were driven ashore, last week, at South Wcllfleet, and secured by the Well* 1 fletilans. j From advance sheds of the forthcoming 1 report of *.be Adjutant General of this State, U | appears that Illinois furnished 4o tbc General I Government, for the purpose of suppressing the late rebellion, between the 17th of April, tSSI, and thcCfthof April, 256,‘hJT men, without re gard to the term ot service. From the earns sohrec It appears that the number of militia in the Slate subject to military service, is hit,sll, or about one to every tlx persons In the population, ihc General's report will recommend a wholesale ximoiklli.c of the tulliUa laws of the State. A tmrn named Henry Johnson, who was driving a team for Messrs Eatne? and Siegert, mll- K*ts, of Cbanuahou, ill., was killed on Thursday aft* re 1 on last, about three miles this side of Chau nalion. lie was on his way to the latter place w ith a load of barrels from the city, when be tost 11 pair of mittens, and relumed a short distance to And them. While doing this his learn took flight, it is supposed, and ran away. When, found his li'ct vine entangled In the whifllctrees, and ho had bcendra?gt-d on the ground for seme distance. A liie body was badly mangled. He was uncon .V scions, but lived till Friday morning at one , o clock. : ,v The Gloucester (Mass.) -li lrtrthfr says that * tbirly-oue vessels have arrived from the bay dur [ irp the past week, leaving but one Gloucester ves [ sciout. ihc Newfoundland herring fishery will [ bo extensively prosecuted the present season. | • About forty sail will engage in the business, and 51 vend of the fleet arc neatly ready to start, and f. will sail In a few days. Captain Pomeroy is hav* >, h.jr a \e»sel built expressly for the Greenland hall* bnt fishery, and will be In readiness to start next Mar. This is considered a promising business to vmtiark la, and the right kind of men can make it iacccrefcl. The Legislature of Louisiana, at its last ‘ session, provided for the sale of State bonds at a certain price, to furnish sufficient means for a n thorough repair of the levees. The bonds would not hll. The Board of Levee Couunl»sio>:ers j then invited proposals for the necessary work, to be paid in certificates of icucbtcdae»s of the ? State, which would be issued by the Auditor of j Public Account*, subject to a subsequent appro -1 priatioti by the Legislature. Under this plan they have already let ont Jo a responsible con tractor, ceerly one million cable yards of levees in the two parishes of Madison and Carrol. The Board will »ooc publish a complete IM of the levee?, from the latest surveys, and Invite further • proposals. The New Orleans Picayune thinks I that contractors should not hesitate, since the Lcgislstiue will undoubtedly make the uece?axrj appropriation* -• Jeff, bavlii’ Present Quarters—Sympathl*- »ta Friend*. Nrw York. Nomßbcrtusißn the recent ad ditions mace to Jem Da% u quarters tu Carroll Hell, and the removal of Mrs. Dirts autl her sis ter to tbc rooms prepared forthem, fee basbecoate lemathahlv cheerful Ills health has much lm prosed cf late, ana he l» said to speak very conft ocntly ofbemg released. Relatives audfrlcnd* from ell parts of the booth are con st aptly arriving, entering Ihe fort at pleas ure, and departing almost unobserved. The Ad ams Express Company arc In constant receipt of packages and prcecnU for Davij,famished by bis eyai athixere. New Lines of Ocean Boston. Nov.24.—The Ontario, the pioneer of the proposed Boston and Liverpool steamship line, waa eucceedolly launched to-day at New buryport. the is a thoroughly built first class steamship, of abont 8,000 tons. The Neptun: line of steamers, running direct between New Voik and Boston, has been pur chased by Ihe Metropolitan Sl-amship Company of New Verb, v.ho take possession the Ist o' December. .The price paid wit jiKLUDO. It Is said ihtt Boston snippers will at oucc establish a new line in piece of the Ncpioue. Hplrlronl Swindlers. Ntw Havck, Conn., November 21 The Ham lin brothers, spiritual Jugglers, advertised toper form in this city la*t evening, but failed to moi. the engagement. They swindled the newspaper*, printers, hotels and everybody with whom thsr dealt, and borrowed moccy where they coulf. Colonel Usrry Giles, alia* Rollins, pretends to ha the agent of the concern. Look oat for them, aad past them wound. •Banks far (he Frcedneo ud Paor Mliltei. Kj-w Vouk, November 2L—flic Honorable IV'. A. Woolford. Member of Congress elec? from applied to the Boston Tract Society for 100 Sabbath sci.ool libraries,to beoMdcd between the white and black Sabbath schools of his dis trict. The application has been granted. FROM EUROPE. Despatches by Atlantic Cable to Saturday Noon. Extraordinary Saccess of the New Enssias Loan. A Popular Outbreak Anticipa ted in Spain. Farther Arrests of Fenians in Ireland. llaly lo Etsnme Negotiations with tbs Pope. FROM WAiKTON, A New Plan for the Government of the Southern States. Complications in Bejard. to the franco-Hexlcan question. • FROM MW VDSL Departure of General Dix for Paris. Eif/orls and Imparls of \nv lark—Cam paralive Statement. STEAMBOAT COLLISION OH LAKE ST. CLAIO. One Vessel Sunk and Two Lives Lost. Wendell Phillips’ Speech in Philadelphia. Effects of the Eeoent Hurricane in the Bahama Islands, FBOitt EUROPE. Dr Atlantic Cable—Remarkable Sucre*" of the New Bnsalau Loan-A Popular Out brenk Anticipated Id Spnln-A Chance Looked for In the Italian Foreign OOlce- Pnrtbcr Arrests In Ireland of Suspected renlant—ltaly to Itcnewr Negotiations with (he Pope. London, November 22.—The new Russian loan for li!,t)GO,(K)U florins, has already tael with groat anccvss, onc-thlrd of the amount having been ahead? taken, vUb certain prospect that me whole will be placed. Pacts, November 2k—A popular outbreak against the Government of Spain Is liable to oc cur a: any moment. There aro vague rumors that the Queen will abdicate to avert the threat ened fctorm. I'loiiEScc, November 2L—lt is reported, au thoritatively, mat Uatizzl will succeed Baron Bjc asoli In the Foreign ORice. London, November 23.—A number of persons accused ol Foidanlsm have been arrested at Lim erick, and large quantities of pikes and other arms seized by the authorities. Berlin, November ik—The Chambers have agret din censoring the Gorcrr.niunt for the sale of the Cologne Railroad without their sanction. Quuaterown, November 21—Noon.—The Cnr.ard tiearosblp Anetralaslan. which left New York November 14lh, touched at this port this forenoon. After landing malls and passen gers she proceeded to Liverpool. London, November 24—Noon.—The Fenian agitation m Ireland still continues. Many ar rests of persons and seizures of arms have al ready been made. An American named UeGill veray, who was suspected of being an agent of the Fenians, was arrested at Dublin to-day, and imprisoned. Many others whom the authorities have s-potted. will be immediately arrested. An editorial in tho Tbntt of this morning ex pr«£fcs the belief that the Emperor Maximilian La* actually abdicated. Uc looks for the inter \cuUonof the United Slates Government as the next step as a mailer of cunrse, but hopes that good raclts xriu follow. JUiieported that twenty transports will sai from to bring home tbe French troops lot imdlaivly after tbo arrival of the next mail from Mexico. I lorcnex. November 24.—The Government of Duly will renew Legotl ilioua with the Pope at once. Latest English Markets* - Loxi>o*, XorernherS—Evening. The n:«it.ey mark. lis atickuy vader. CoatoUclose at'JO K? t.i<mcy. Thefallo«lns arc the clo*luv prices i f American mv nrltles; Erie Railway* M: ItUnou Cen tral. tSk,'; fulled fclaW: y.D*, TOlf. 1 iwrrooL, November 55. The maria lor rot ton 1* anchangrd. I’rjrLloa* 3re uccLangvi. Lard Is tending downward. Ljrznvon, November 2:—Nooa. The cotton market opens quite brt»k at yesterday's ad' one*. and with prospoct* of the day's *Ue nnuonl- Idu 10 uliy'twm.ha'.c*. Mutating upland*, UH. 'the market tor hreadstunv t< dm. Loxdos, November jj—Noon. The money market UeicaJy. Console openwJ at?} for money : Vtlled states ;o\' ; Illinois Centrals, tb; Erics, tS. By Mall—Earl of Derby's Speech ComplU mentnrr to the United States* New Yens, November 31.—'The speech of the Earl ot Derby at the Lord Mayor’s banquet in Loudon, already referred to or telegraph, con tained the following: “With regard to tint great country, our natural Mend—our relation, 1 may call It—that great Republic across the A'lantlc— thesiorm of war has indeed ceased there, bat the surface, nay, 1 may cay tbe interior of society is etillrutQad and agitated. Yell cannot bnt be lieve that that great and powerful nation which has made each glorious efforts for ibe purpose of keeping down the harden or debt tvhlcn that war has entailed on Its national flnanc-t, which Is making such superhuman etforts to mover its financial position, I cannot bnt believe that a coun try bo deeply interested in the science of self-gov en mci't. will, and speedily, know how 10 cam po-c Hie agitation which «t present prevails, and exhibit to the world at no distant period the grail tying prospect of a great, a proud, and aprosper ous community; and I may be pcrn-lUod to ray that If, In Ihc course of that drcaJful war which hae so long devastated that coun try, si.y qui'Slion* may nave arisi-n between tbit and our country which lure produced th: slight est amount of unpleasant feeling, 1 hare a confi dent expectation tuattbc two Governments, ap proaching these questions lu a spivllof mutual foi bcarauce and kind conciliation, will an Iro at such a eolation of ii*e«c questions as not dalrtorc novti all remnants of bitterness, but place on a bette: foundation than ever our relations with that great country to which wo arobonud by so inauv tics of interest and regard." moat wasuisgtos. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,) TTaeuracTos, D. C., November Cl. socmen* numtusntr ron tbs mcom. - Somhmi friendship for the fteedmea Is exem plified by the action of the Virginia Farmers' Con vcoUon on Wednesday. Mr. Noland, Chairman of the Convention* appointed to report on Ihe most profitable management of Virginia arms, under existing circumstances, submitted the fallowing for the consideration of the body: First—That each proprietor, to the utmost of bis ability, culti vate as large a portion of hts land as be can on an improved system, and that be tent or lease a* ranch of the remainder to responsible parties to cultivate In a similar way for a share of the crop, or lor money. Instead of renting to freedmen, thereby diminishing the amonnt of hired labor. TBEASrUT BtSSCUSaXSKTS. The diebnisemente on account of the below named Departments during the week ending to day were as follows; War Department,? LT&LiKi; Navy Department, ft,TI»,CS>; Ulterior Depart ment, |ICT,4S4. Aggregate, {5,010,595. nouns arrama. The Commissioner of Indian Adairs today re tched a communication irom Charles Bogy and W. K. Irwin, Special Agent* of the Indian Bureau, v.ho were recently sent to Kansas for the purpose of effecting a settlement of the difficulties with the Cheyennes and Arapahoe*, Indian tribe*, da ted Fort Farah, Kansas, November 15, They re port that a council Vras held vrUn the principal chiefs of these tribes on (lie iteh Inst, during which all matters of difference were mined over, and they gave their assent to the amendments to the treaty. Annuity goods were distributed to the Arrapahocs on the 1-Uh. ami the goods tor the Cheyennes were to be dbtrlbnlcd Immediately. The agents hadan luervb-w at the Fort on the Iffih, with two of the Comanche chiefs, who came in for that purpose. They reported that A little hoy held os a prisoner by ore ot their chiefs would be delivered np, and a w agen was accordingly sent for him. In regard to the other prisoneia held by the Comanche*, oi.e of the chiefs remarked that Qnleuaherah, the chief who held them, had a Hale head, anl would not listen to reason. The agents anticipate trou ble wish the Comanche* and Klowas before the release of these prisoner* is effected, even if U can he accomplished without war. nmovAt. or iitanqyAßmui. General Grant ha* ordered the headquarters of Ihe Department of the Arkastas to be transferred from bull) Kock to Fort Bnilth. UIKCBAX, BTCCQLESB. The Commlsrioaerol the General Land Office has Just received a specimen of argentiferous galena, from the newly discovered mine* on James Creek, between St. Undue and North Boaldcr, Colorado. The Surveyor General, who Uan slates the specimens, describes the lode from which it I* taken as of extraorditory richness. RATIONAL BANS CLtRENcr. . The Acting Comptroller of the Currency, dur ing the week just ended, isrned to National Banks, ?1,151.01U In circulating notes, making the total circulation o( these institutions, J'.JD. covxnwwiKT or wt sornjEirs- status. Wa*hlncion specials sav that teadir.p Republi can Congressmen im> matnrir.g a plan foriliv gov ernment of tbc bonUiera States, in view ol the prebaiie QCU-y I» the adoption of the tonatitu VOL. XX. Ifonal Amendments by the late insurrectionary Mates. It provides for the execution of cti'tiuT sb<j prospective acts of Congress, independent of li.e rei-recllre Stale or Federal Kxecatlrei. Ills the old Territorial plan, modified to meet existing elranmstanccs. wmnmawAL ©«■ vox rntitca moors raon „ Mrnco ro3TP.:.v>;D New ionic, November 21.—Tho 7lm<* Wash* loctoti (orresnondence gives the following ar ccttDl of the V rvnco-Uexican difllculrv: '• Slrce l«o epec?«l meeting of the fahiuet' yesterday afternoon llu-re baa been Ih- gicaf st I<,ie-<-ti izscllcfted ij in ibe patpOMof eitniordfuaiv cciiTecict.' ol that body. spccatadflHfc hive been eent o 3 to pn»« no nr subject. We arc no*lur-y'hat the Cclfrct was to cnn«id r onr foic-ipn relations connection. 1 b? e'a'ed uUi Is known that the French GovcmmcwKs declared its pur- Sore to ditregard the arrangement (or \vi»v taualoj the first detachment hoops fiom Mexico, during this month4iMgrv:-d ntiyn between Mr. Sc«n:d and Viiw. The Knjpcror has Oovctn* mini that be cannot efiect the of the Uoop* uaiV next spring, when ho proiio.icj loom* hiik the entire force at In view of the >dilnre of Napoleon to comply with h!» agreement lo whhurow a portion of the-c troon« J'td inasmuch as the nnt>flr«tloc of this r tieitnrc ol the agreement comes at thu hie day, oar GorecnaMßlt'ia not dl«po--d to put foil confidence of Ike Preach Kmpeior. Tlußlanuen for heller- Ire that this matter was the immediate cause ot tbo CahiiTt meeting yesterday, a-id that to-day Ibe subject wa* *«:ain considered in the regnlar session. General Grant bun:; prewnl hv rcaar«t Ol the Fmtociit. It t? intimated In oSlcfal circles Ibsf iaefructions have been avia to ourMir-tstcr in I'j.iccc to the immsdluuvl;lidra«vai of the Fr.uch troops fiom s’cxleq^HK - . JD»AFCiiiCPrpiTtO« Orjd^aHBBULASTER's Tbs Ccm*K?rHsi'« WarhlngHE* correapondl’ui rnyi-Ucncirl Ueigs baa on band loth? credit of U.e Coartcrmaßiec’s Department fords ecoogli with what will bo dt-rlvcu from ihe sale? of proa pettv to pay bia lilts during the next fiscal year, end usn not made an. cPtimaieot appiipriatloas ocflrtd in years pn?t thh. department ha 1 ? coil hundreds u( millions of dollar a yesz. mt recent arrest or onnrii. lliCMiLktoi Ortecainn,- out to hftv.- I.<»C3 a voluntary act on tho part of General Sheridan, utit it has oceu approved by Goven.tneut. It £t>p* are Urncselv the ie-trumcru of a tuall cllnue of Punch and British nerchir-.s wno are *°, fCC u»c thoioLde present lißfhlilni; Into unlive pop tuanoa r.Dastincu>>y CEASLDTO EE A Pl»H^KeiTO fc'd., Ha? Voluntarily public iDonr-yr*. hnvinioa It^^B to to *-cure thepavaient ofpMaeTW: poßßCM>ion. Jironr. J , ofßaitimortjl a dein)«itory m an plication rc ur vcurith-j <1?. QplUd stale* in In* TASDOTfin. 'Vapjukotok. KcvemKr ill.—General Gvorce i. Slcwan, ot Maryland, !ite a .Maior G.-neraJ ?n t:e Ccnlodctntc service, and a gradual of West loin*, wfg pardoned to*da.v. upon Ihe recent m-pUatfon of Ucnoial Grant, General Cbarle» M. I'altuae, (Mtic* O'fteHlr.) General Alex. J.l’er.-r, pi Oic a lietiarlmei.t. General < / CUtfra * C- Ofd, Major General Jaa. H. RlckHU, General .1. C. McFarren. Major Gen crairjsnK nju-aton. General Morvls t> Vi’ler otd Major Gcrcral l»avH Hunter, coincided In by .Le Attorney General of the United stales. IRO2I SEW YORK. Hcpnrturetof cpncrnl Irix-StirmUefl a* ti tih«-f(;iinrnc(<r of til* InhtracUmnv-Enstrri .imualactarrrN Working far a H labor Tor III—THr Kvrnlna Post Opposed to Mr, (Jrcc It b» Inllrd Stines Senator—lts ICrasous- ArliTltynt Frain* Headquarter"— Itnpnrti ond Export" ul New York—l'omnnrailvi Mateneot of (he Arrivals for the Las Three Years. (bptdai Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Youk. November 21. General DU departed on the French mission ihb afternoon, dart previous to embarking on board the French steamer for Bremen, he received by special messenger from Washington, a mys terious bundle of documents from the State ouicc. It Is believed that among these documents were impoilant diplomatic despatches from our Gov- Minnm la answer to recently received messages ficmlho French Government- The Slate Depart ment has certainly rrccivcd wlihm tbo last week despMclip* from Paris, and the fact that their »r --r.vat was the occasion of a special Cabinet meet ing at which General Grant Is known to have been present, together with the (act that Geuoral Dlx itcchcd Irteh instructions at the moment of hla departure, points significantly to the supposition that anew and Important phase of Ibt Mexican question has suddenly presented itself. The New England manufacturers are instituting vigorous locator®* to evenre the adoption of a new and more stringent lurid. Several meetings of maauiacfitrcre, representing the didereul m tetests, have been held within the hat time or four cays, and committees have been appointed to organize a powerful lobby influence in favor of the renewal and passage cf a law introduced at the last session ol Congress. A joint meeting of Protestant Episcopal Convo cation* of Long Island will be held tn December, to consider a proposition to erect that perl of the Stale into a aciracJ separate diocese. The £cmii,g I'oii strongly opposi-s ihc election of Horace Greeley to tho United -States Senate, and not altogether on acconnt of hts high pro tective tariff notions. The W/'rtmarks: “Y>.c conue of Ur. Greeley immediately before; during and since the war, has shown that he not that steadiness of purpose, dearness of Insight or sympathy with tbo feelings of the common people whlca ate required in one bolding eo mf.aertial a pest at such a time. It U most Important that we stall not be ontwitted in any arrange ment which may be made for reconstruc tion, bnt Mr. Greeley Is notorioaaW easily cheated on a bargain, and too readily lolls In who the schemes of designing men, who make him their tool, as was done by the rebels tn Canada during tho war. He Is ruled bv| Impulse rather than guided by slatcsmoLtike caution; bis influence Just before and during the war was often to m-v'd ns to advance the schemes and plots of the enemies of the Union. That thU was not his intention Is of course admitted, but motives are not now in question. Wc desire merely to point ont that it wonld not be for the country 4 * good to increase Mr. Greeley's influence by making him senator. Thv Fenians arc rccolvlna dally liberal dona tions of arms and ammunition at the headqnar- Urs of James Stephens. The organizers, who have been travelling tn the South and West, re port very favorably of their ciorla to procure sinews or war. A review of the commerce of New York for the last ten months shows an Immense gain in the foreign Import business of this city (or the cor* runt year. The total gold value of Imports at this port during the 'ea months ending November 1, for Ihe last three years, is as follows; If*® 171,455,«9 ttu OOtUCO.ISS The aggregate customs of the earns periods compare as follows: '■*2 woii.lls !S5 .S-JSSI-El 18 U4,6E5,539 Tbe latter mtn bait been collected la cold upon two hundred and thirty-four millions of dutiable merchandise tbtonn upon (he market here, and etowa the arcrapo rate to be forty-nine per cent on tbc foreign cold cost. Ihe currency or paper value of exports from >ow\orkfor tbc tune period, in tbc last four yea.f, (e an follows ~ ISM... ISH t —■•- 221.T61.0M 1«3 15*,!WS,7»'S I*£- 21G,4i1,CJJ9 The export* offp«ic for the same period were as follows: isra , s.v«r»,JU2 - The foreign Imports of specie were as follows: ;j£[ * m«8 r*,y« Election of Officer* of the Atlantic Mall steamship Company—Specie J-hlpnjcai Passengers for Europe—The Charge* Pit* tnrcil Against Comptroller Brennan— Grand Preparation* for the Celebration cl Evacuation Day—Bar-room Harder— Murderer Stentcnccd—Arrests—Donnlteo to the New York Unlvcrsltr-Gcneral Batter’s rpeeeh In Brooklyn-lli* Koo memtoD of President Johnson’s Crimes* Nrvr York, November Cl.—The Atlantic Ball blcamshlp Company Director* held a mediae yesterday, at which the following officers tver? unanimously eWted: Allan McLanc. Piciidcnl: Fiatcts \V. t 5. Bellows, Vice President; Tnco F. Jchr-on, becretary; Charles S. Abercrombie* Ireasnrer. 'the steamer to-day took out S&LCS2 in specie Naw York, November IN.—General John A, Dlx, United States Minister to P-ris, Mr. Jo* - .a W Dtx, General Van Aldca, and Mr 0. Van Aided left to-day lor Europe In the steamer Bremen. The hearing In the matter or the charges pro fetted against t omptroller Brennan, which it was expected would hste taken place to-day. hat teen postponed until Monday morning ouxu At thf Informal meeting ot the Mining Board this p. m. there was a stronger market and a 'va tre! advance in prices. • £ All the arrangement* for the military Parade <fc Monday. Evacuation Day, in >his dtv have befit completed. It is believed that not less than twenty regiments, of the first division will be In the bne, numbering abont io,OJd men. James Tierney shot Edward Barry to-day In a drinking saloon, comer Twenty-seventh street ard blxth avenue, killing him. The murderer was arrested. No new caeca of cholera among the pa*, fencers of the ship Mercury to-day, and only one death. Tons. November 51.—Eugene Fergus, tried In the King e County Court of Oyer and Tnmictr, during the uucr portion of the, for killing Fatrck McGnann, bv ehootlo-, widen occnired m an ad-ay on the evening ofthe ah of August last, at the corner o( Slate ani Foreman tt«eci*>, was thw morning sentenced to £taiePri> for thetero* or Ihjev* years and ett months. The Police ci the city made a total of -US a-rest* during the pa-l Week. Mayor UoStnan eent to (to Board of Aldermen this torer.oon the name of John J. Agpcw as ids second semination fir Street Commissioner Ibe gift ot jlWlM'Ubv Sir. LOrmg to the’Cnl vmUytf the City of Nc» York, wnich ins an nounced recently, was made, it is nadcriiocd, with the following purposes; For n professorship of Logic, Intellectual and Moral r-cicncei. y y>ft> for a Professorship of the Evidences or Eere-Hcd licliclca and Evangelical Theology, ?ii,oco; to complete a Greek rtofcssotshln, SliCOO; for a Professorship of Political Science. cmbißciug political economy, murlc pal consti tutional andinternationallaw, {ij.t'CO; fc;medals and premiums to be awarded for proSrlencv in various branch**, the Income of *1U,000; for ap paratus, to be divided between the chemical and philosophical departments, the incomo of Siaocc. New Volts. Not. St.-Major General Butler de livered an address (bis evening at tbs Brooklyn Acsfictnv of Music, on the nsaipancns, wrongs and abuses of the Executive power, and the Con stitutional remedy ibctcfor. The address passed off wiihont the least sign of disappro bation. On the contrary, the General was frequently applauded. Ills main points were on the Impeachment ot President Johnson. He charged him with high crimes and misdemeanor*, which might be grouped under the beads of Intoxication; of making Indecent and Incendiary harangues Intended to incite the ha-- tred end tear of tlep<*ople against the Congress of the Veiled State*; with usurping the rights and Eiwcrs of Congress; with misappropriating the overnment funds: with corruptly using the par doning power; with appointing ineligible men to office; with neglecting to carry cat the provi sions of the Constitution, and wito pardoning John T. Monroe, that lie might be Mayor of Niw Oihaiir. so use hU lui’.ucnco lu Interfering with <ue lonltiana Stale Convention; in killing, assassinating, and murdering the members, lie mvempanied each .of the charge* with several specifications, and clo«ed with a general anaihe ma flealcit the enemies ofthe country, la which he said: •■We s»k ncthlrg of those who have louglt egaint ns; neither do wc ask liie.m how we shall rccuii-tinct this Government," JamofMcpht-iia Las cons for good. lie- left bis f fiitv a uv> cays aco. PrcVK-iu to\cavin~, tour n.ei wbolisd arrived from litUnd met him, tu>l wcrcanntd with n«-W revolver* made tor th-ia. McpL'.to wok I,'jiv. of hit tricuds, saying it ;» the last time hewill act foot la that office, Hr stmnts fonr men have gone where they maybe needed. ajt nrrtxMaTios assro. The /W# Washington special nyi Mr. beward has ashed an explanation from ihe French Government in relation to the cominned ocenpa uoa of Mexico, bm no new demand has been maae. wttiioct ropjmanojf. Current reports that the Pre.-ideal la ready to alaudun his tecomjuuctlon ikjUct arc without mtitidatlon. FROM KASS,VS. Indiiin Pnnlt.findlDc and naolicltv-Wblte s»mlfr filurdered-A Hatch of Candl* ilstrs tot tlir iDited Katcit srnait. (Special DcapatcU to the Chicago Tribune.] Liwcxncx, November £U. Tl;e conncll with the Cheyennes at Port Laramie dossil a lew day® since. I'assencere by the coach say iral this tribe are all eoncontrailnj at Big Cieek, on Ihe Smoky Hill route. Black Kettle, their piinctpal chief, has infurmed the agent of the Ovcrfand Com' aiy that has been said in any of their treaties wllh the Governmeot nboot the bmuky HM route, and farther says that it shall net be used, togvue; with threats of a simi lar nature. Two settlers were ont homing lo the weilera part of the State on Saturday, when they were overtaken by a patty of Indians, who acted to toe most trlcndly manner. The parties cx rbaeged rattoas iiintets. and were oc the point ° r separating, when an Indian approached fox, and u-Ignlrg to hand him something, caused Um to etmcn'hls arm out, when ne thrn«la re voher ;.i Id* tide and shot him dead. Belknap In-tat.My fired at the Indian, killing him. Dis covering that his comrade «as drad. wbo was In the w* c oo with bun, bo look a mole from the uam. and itantenea to the settlement for aid. A party relumed the next day, and round Fox as be bad been left, but ilie Indian had been dragged away, as a trail still existed In the grass. The party left a pair of moccasins, which v.ererccogsixrdu i-cculiar to the Coeycnnes, Monx or Arapahoes, bat the Impression of the tcuie’s ia that the Pawnees or Ottuea are the guilty ones. My correspondent at Junction CJiv says we wdl have Important news hero iu a day or two from U c luemu frontier A local paper poblWiea the names of thlrtr-one ramlliUtes for the United States Senile, and omlis 10 pnblirh the name of ita editor makiD" :'ii- thirty-second candidate. ° Weather warm and pleasant 5 only eight fco«ta FROM MADISON* UliifSi of Mrs* Senator Dime-Udlclal Eire* (ion ICcturu*. [s-j.colii Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] ManisoN, November-1. The Union men of the Capital, who were antlci paUKt a visit from Smalor Howe prior to Ills ile pa»t®k for Washington, are disappointed, In consequence of the severe I11ne«s of Uls wife, who Is undergoing medical UeaUnva; at Kenosha. ' OC.c'.al reports from all tbo counties show as c!Ec!M majority for Sawyer In the Filih DUulct or 1.J.-L Returns are now icceived from all the cmipMcs in the btatc except flv« in the Sixth Dis* Dirt. Mad Don rejoices In the possession of a etcatn Arc engine, wnlch arrived U*t night. FROM ST*.PAUL. Navigation tinsed-A Railroad Bridge («tvc« Unj-l'aMrotmt PntatfT Injnrrd. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, November 21. Navigation is pracifcailrclosed, and probably there will not be another boat arrive at or depart from this port. This Is a vreok earlier than navi gation closed lan year. Weather pleasant h«t cold. A accident occurred on tho Winona and Si. Pv'crs Railroad ax Rocbcstcrto-da?. The mw bridge across Znmbro River pave way with the passet ger Gain, and some passengers were fatn ly injured. Full partlcolars of the dlsa-ter Lave i.oi yet icached here. STEAMBOAT COLLISION. One Trusc! Sunk nod Two Pcnna* Perish— Fail Partirnlnm of (bcC’atnntropbe- Drniorr, November 21.—Another collision like thaf of tko elearoer Pewablc, occurred last even tug in Lake St. clalr. Tlie raws reached here at a late hour in the night, that nr a fCw mitmtee aID r six o'clock a collision occurred between the 7-akc Superior steamer lac la Dcilc. bound down, and the Detroit and iUZ wankee Railway Company’s steamship Milwau kee, bound up. and reunited in the foimcrbcln" sunk In about twenty feet of water, with the loss of two lives. According to the statement ofj hc Lae La Belle's ofllccrr, before rounding u bend In the St. Clair Fiver, about two miles above the dais, a sUatner was dJzccn cd ahead, which subsequently proved to bo tbs Milwaukee, with proper UgbtsLamlag, ai.d the Lac 1a Belle kept on her nsnal coarse. Alter roandlng the bend, tho steamer was kept close to tbo American shore, and blew her whistle once, which, was a signal to the Milwaukee to take the starboard or right-hand side of the river. Ihr two steamers kept on. After signalling the Muwankte, the wheel of theMac'La Belle was put a-poit, and then a second signal was'given. At this time the wheel of tho latter was pat still more a-port, and she was ran as close to tbe rborc as was considered prudent. Shortly afterward, the Milwaukee struck tbe Lac i4i Belle on tbe port ride, about forty or fifty feet trom tbe stern, wllh terrible force, cutting her almost In two, and crushing her timbers, etc., like so much paper, bhc reeled slightly, and tbe damage bofng great, she speediy Ailed, and sank liifide of live minutes. Phe went down in about twenty feel of rratnr, and now lies with a portion of her upper works only exposed above water. From the movements of the Milwaukee, itwaa supposed that ebe desired to pass on tbe port side, bnt, as the Lac La Belle was close to the American shore. It was impossible, especially as her wheel hart been pnt bard a-port, and she was Bv inginp to change her coarse in time to prevent a collide*. When me Milwaukee struck the Lac La Belle, she pcLttraled her side bo tar that for a time she was unable to ixtrlcatc herself. Tho Captain of the former, aided by Captain Spaulding. of the latter, had lines made fast from one boat to the other, and by this means ihc pas«vngcra and crew, with two exceptions, which will be referred to below, were Irwosfcrrcd from the 111-fated steamer to the Milwaukee, and conveyed to tils city, where they arrived at late hour. The following Is the siatcmcat of Captain James F. Trowcll, of the Milwaukee: Slielett hac yes terday afternoon at half-past two o'clock ; arrived at the Hats at half-past five, and* about an hour af terward;, met the Lac La Belle comlng|ronnd the henu of tee river, just aoove Sanders' boose. The Milwaukee was scar the American shore* while the Lac La Belle appeared near to the Canada fhorc. The Lac I*a Belle showed her headlights on the starboard side. The Mlhvaakee then blew two whistles* to let the Lac 1a Belle know that she would pass her on the port side, while the Lac la Belle, wonld pass the JUlwaako<#oa the starboard side, or. In other words, that each would pass the other on the left hand side. After Captain Trowell had blown the heard one whistle from the Lae a Belle, and Immediately afterwards two whis tles. One whistle denotes that the Lac La Belle would pass the Milwaukee on her port side, or that both wonld pass each other on the right-hand side- Immedlatclv after hearing the two whistles tom the lac la Belle, Captain 1 Vowel! saw her commence swlrglne, and she showed her red light, which denoted that she wonld past the Mil waukee on her port. He saw that there was some misunderstanding in the matter, and Immediately stopped and reversed his engine, and pat the wheel to port. In order. If possible, to clear the La: La Belle and avert a collision, ilia ciTorLs, how ever. ptoved futile, and the Milwaukee struck her abon: fifty feet from the stern, at an angle ofabont twenty dcgieca, and the Milwaukee went Into her hull and cabin. The Lae La Belle took fire in the cabin Immediately after the collision, and Capitis Trowcll remained by her. cot out a line, and took the passengers and crew on board of the Milwau kee. He then bad hU hose brought onL started the porv engine and went to work patting oat the Lrc. The Milwaukee, also, took fire between decks, bet the flames were soon extinguished bv buckets, without much damage. The en gine combined throwing water upon the fire of the lac La Bello until she went down, which was about fifteen or twenty minutes after the collision. She sank to the promenade deck in altont twenty-five feet of wa ter. After she west down a detachment of her crew were lelt on board to keep watch during the night, and the Milwaukee steamed for this port. Captain Trowell states thst he was making about six miles an hour, while the Lac La Belle, which had the advantage of the entreat, was running at the rate of about twelve miles per boor, Wnea the collision occurred, the first engineer of the Lac La Belle was at his post and one of the steam pipes burst. Without firs; attempting to save bis own life, probably not knovrng the nature of the accident, he immedi ately went to examine the pipe, and when he returned he was washed back by the terrible rush cfw ter and drowsed. Elsnaroc is James Evans, and be resided at Cleveland where he leaves a wile and family. A colored bus, named Rudd, whown* employed on the e&me steamer In the capacltvora waiter, attempted to jump from the lae Isßellc to the Mflwaukee, bnt in doing so, tell between the boats, and was drown.-d. Ue atto resided m Cleveland, but it wa- no: known whehter he had |asy family. THE TCKF, Trot ea the National Coarse. Wash!nation, brlntrmhe Horse* Dexter* Geo. \V. Vd«- ecu and Polly Aaa-Dcxicr Accomplishes hi* JlHeloiMJl 3*4, WasmscTcs, November 2L Tec jlnh race over the Nations] Coarse came ou to-day In the presence ol at least (on; thousand delighted spectators, among whom were Genera! Grant tod member* or hU raff: Secretaries Browning and McCulloch. Honorable W. E. Chandler, Assistant bccrvlarr of th-; Treasury; Sir Frederick Brace and attache*; Judge Carter, o t the District Supreme conn; Colonel Ward, 11- La mon: Secretary Stanton, and others; also a large number cf ladies. The city councils abd the bar of the city were well represented. Toe nee was for a nurse of mile beats, best throe In live. The hones entered were Hu famous Dexter, the trotter George Fawcett, and the pacer Folly Ana. George Fawcett was loeaxcrlT known as dlJas Wen. The race commenced shortly after three o'clock with t aweett os the Inside track. Dexter started behind, bm soon shot ahead, making the quarter polo in 37 seconds, and ho kept us dis tance to the home s.acd, wbichfwas reached in In the second heat Dexter was again behind, bat roon distanced all hi; Mtapclltors. Qe ma to the quarter po*t in Seconds.the half mile pole Inltrl. the thioe-qf.f.ner pole In IrtS, and the judges* sta u in sr.i-:, < i > , .L'iocinghla competitor* nyowrtwi .. ... t, and beating nls own time by tLtec-foarlha of a second; that Uk he beat'lt on a Uack ot this character, coming in about two seconds behind of what he had made on the Sola mazoo course a year or two ago. Inihethlrdhcat.Dexterdld notmake so good tune, probably because be realized the tan that be did not Lave focmen "worthy ot his heel.’* He, boa ever, fiarted again In toe rear, but quickly passed bis antagonists, making the quarter pole In 27 seconds, the half mile In the three fourths pi le in 1:53, and reached home In leaving Vawcclt and Folly Ann faraway In th« rear. The horse Fawcett did good running thU I lit heut, and a-:de a desperate effort to p >s« hU an tagonist, but he war, of course, proclaimed the victor, ana hU proprietor took the pane. Effects ot the Imte llnrtieane In the Di* hnni Istasds. New- Tore, November fiL—'Che effects of the late btnricacc are set forth bribe Governor in Lis speech to the Legislature, Ilcfaya: “I have Ic?(to time in collecting sod making public cor rect information as to the ranges ofthe storm on this Island. Suffice it here to ssv, that upwards of six hundred dwellings have been destroyed, and an equal number injured; that scarcely a public budding has escaped injury; that many jdttcta of worentc and scboolhomca have been 'down down, and ail have b«n damaged; that a majority ot the principal warehouses and store* in this city bav- been thrown down, c.r sweiely injured ; that oi 2i-2 ve.-sels and boats wl.i.-h ffo-ied m luubor ea tlie morning of th v Ist o! octobrr, atl but one had sunk or boon driven CHICAGO. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25. 1566. * l v'-orr Lrforf tie next day bad dawned. ini ;bat IFv Ladle n broken np or greatly Injured; that Ite standing crop of proriaiouJ and fmit have ‘■cco desitored, tbe gartens partially uprooted ana the Atlas and orchards to a great degree laid . °° l islands generally exhibit a similar spec tacle. Ibc »um of (73.00 U was toted by the Beg ijisinre to repair damage*. The work of reaiora llcu la progressing rapidly. IT ESDEUj PHILLIPS. Hi* Recent Speech la Phi«adrlpbla-He Op l>o»eA (ho Granting ol Impartial Snflnure. t MPpcli an EaMr Aasenbllit ol l'n« crf * t » •»<* UrsM Immediate impeachment ol tfae Fre»ident. J*eir y oks, November Sl.—At amccting of the I Vania Ami-blavcry Society, In PuUadel ] aia TesjeMar, Wendell Phii/ipa delivered on ori *-iO O of which the following u an eaitome: < oete is a great cry of impvtlal suffrage. I iwo objeciou* U> iL Tie graa'ioc of suf* irage oalr tu those hlscks who read ox who bare IV'.'perj fa di-mUsing the question from our po lircal issues; we lore that advantage and at the satnc time add to the Union political strength ol tli-j ool/ a tmall per cent* acc of the negroes. It noon granting Impartial suflrage a Bute resumes ber sovtieurnty, U wuula be for South Carollca to Bay bow fast her necro population shall learn to real, tlnll acquire property, or own Uad. it, tUcte fore. the Republican programme Is to content itself with impartial suffrage. It ought to be ae completed by ihe Federal Government retaining fo reneb conirol of tue separate slates as to In* Bure tbelboruLyh exercise 01 civil rights and the cuncalioti of tLe masses. As this U not Ukclj to be permittee. u seems to me a much safer and v laer way to keep the State* in their present con dition, daring wnlcu the Fcders l Government and the North w Ui have great influence on both of these <dncitloo aafi the elTeclaal see only of civil rights. Couuieae, therefore, the moment U assembles, should throw the chan of rccoostrnciionont of one window and the swindling amendments out of the other, and commoner with the business ol the hour, which is the removal of a Southern tebel from the control of the Executive Department of lie Government. Impeach the Presidc-t. amlnot only Impeach him, but, while under control, let the duties of Ms oOice be performed by another band. The wlrdom of this course is not only to save ns from danger but to let ibis leeucsimcUon, by planing the seeds of a new socinl state, at the South, commence at ones sad nut be delayed until the 4th of March. ISOS. To tet it commence while the Federal authority can w«ich and protect I» In tbe present Territories south of Mason and DUcn’s line, the Fortieth Congress should meet on the sth day of March. ISCT, and not bate its session delayed until next Ireceirbcr. By their own showing it la not safe. Thu experience ot the last eammer shows that ilia cot sale to trust the Presided without the chirk of the legislative body. Consistency re* quires (hat Congress should go farther, tf they ically dUtrus-t, as they assert they do, the lutun lions of the President. The address was delivered to a large audience, and d.citcd hearty applause. FKO3I CAXADA, Arran&rincnlß lor the Comfort ol the QuasHF MjH»-rer*— Sloury Appropriated lor tifST fan-traction at the Ilaroo and Ontario' Client—Heavy Storm. *fis I.vehec, November 21.—A large nnmbor of temporary sheds bare hcvu erected In the burnt r*lsl»lct. In u|ilctk.many ot the burnedoqflkrho laic tire will ufljßeltcr fur the many are ewVßtag to the Weather cold. A; A public tcptimonlnl s!arfcen, in m ,;^;:iun seeming stringent quarantine NT tv lurk and other American porta, by vrbicn the spread of cholera wa* prevented. Touonto, Not ember it.—The Council of Slmcoe passed n resolution, hr n large majorlte, voting to-day, towards the construction of <bc llnroti and Ontario Ship Canal. There Da» bec-u a heavy snow storm ibis alter coos. Steamers are laying up for winter. WOXDEIifCL 3XETEOE. It Appears I.thc n Bnll of Fire ns Lnrac sis the Son, and on Caplodiug .Makes the Earth >bakc. Kastivatt. lean., November 21.—About four o’clock last Incfasy morning a meteor, lighting op the w hole heavens, was seen in (be vicinity or home, Georgia, going rapidly soiuhwestwaroly. It appeared like a ball or fit c, as larrje as the snn. It exploded, apparently ten miles off, with a tre mendous report, like a lortr-ponnd cannon, that shook the earth and made the windows rattle. FROM ARKANSAS. The Legislature on Itecons tract ion. Muirnis, lenn., November at.—A special to the AratoxcAe from Little Itocksavs: “A resolu tion prsscd the Uonse. unanimously directing the Committee on Federal Relations to present a me morial to Congress, setting forth the spirit and disposition ol Arkansas, their desire for the re storatiou ot the Union, and a speedy renewal of peace and confidence, and their willingness to

concur in all measures to secure these resells which arc consistent with the honor and dignity of the State. A resolution rejecting the Constitu tional Amendment was again reierred to the Committee on Federal Uelations, by a vote of 67 to 7. IEOH HOSDtBAS. Health—Weather—Bmrar Crop—The Late Hurricane at tsan Salvador. Sfw VoiiK, November 24.—Our dates from British Honduras arc dated at Calico, Octo ber 27th. The health or the Colony vets good, aithangh the weather was rainy and windy. The sugar cacc crop is said to be the best ever raised In the eonitry. 1 he J!eral?t correspondent at the Blghf. at St. Salvador, says during the hurricane at lat Island, the Baptist Chape? at Freetown waa among the buildings destroyed thtre. The Legislature at Nassau voted £IS,OIO to repair damages. Humored Capture of Mnumtorna, Nrw On leans, November fit,—Humors are afloat, but discredited, of the capture of jlalamo r»s by Cortinas. FROM NEW YORK. Matters and Things in the Me tropolis. SnvTork in ilie Nineteenth Century— . Some interesting Facta and Figures— The march of Improvement—The Fu ture of the City—A Splendid Newspa per Establishment—Bennett and wu Son—Stewart’s marble Palace—The American Jockey Club—municipal Reform—Proposed metropolitan Com mission lor New York and Vicinity. Ac.) Ac, (Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.) Nsw Yobs, November 33, istfi. The New York Historical Society cele brated its sixty-second anniversary the other evening. Tbc customary annual address was delivered by the Kev. Dr. Samuel Osgood, who treated bis auditory to some novel and interesting glimpses of “New York in. the Nineteenth Century.” The oldest of onr oldest citizens remember when New York bad only (50,000 inhabitants, just as there are those In Chicago who recollect hunting wvlrcsand deer north of Twelfth street, in the woods between the lake and the river, no longer ago than 1534. Bat there arc few, indeed, who can realize that all those grand achievements of human enterprise which make New York the third city In the world have been compassed within the brief period of half a century. Dr. Osgood related In his address how, in ISOI, New York was called “a handy city,” because it waff small and everybody knew everybody! As the lecturer remarked .* The population doubled nearly In the ten years otter 1700, and went from 53.000 to bO.OOO. In 1835 .It reached 160.0?6, and in ISiWrosC to 515,575. You are. too familiar with the figures and facts that show the largeness of the city, to need any minnte or extended summary or recapitulation. That we arc not far from a million, of people on this island, that began the century with CO;(WO; that tbc valuation of promrty, real and personal, has risen, eluc|B&, from $2.5,009,000 to S7Sd,9N\OSB; real value of property here is about or a thirtieth part of the property of Great Britain; that our taxes within that time have risen from $127,000 to $10,950,707 ; that our backing capital is over $99,000,000, and the transactions at oar Clearing House for the year ending October I,ISOO, were over S2,w>.COO.WO; that onr savings banks have 300,000 depositor!, and 77,000,000 of deposits: that onr IQS fire insurance companies and SS fire agencies have a capital of$l«, 500,000, and our IS life insurance companies a capital of $2,93>.C00; that our shipping, registered and enrolled In ISCS, amounts In tonnage to 1,223.204 tons, and the number of arrivals of vessels In this port in ISKSwa* 12.C34, of these 2,016 being steamers. Oar exports forUie year 1665 were $206,650,*250, and our imports were $324,742,410. On an average, S 5 tons of mall matter arc received here for our citizens, and titty-five ton? arc sent out daily. The aver age number of mall-bags received is 5K5, and the average number scot out is 713. Witbln three years and a half the mail matter of our citizens ha-s doubled. The number of letters and newspapers collected by the carriers for the quarter ending December 31.16C5,wa* over 3.000. and the number delivered was over 3.100.000, and the deliveries from post office boxes for the same quarter were over 5.090,- WO. These and the like plain statistics ‘are . sufficient to show the Imperial wealth and power of New York, and to startle with the problem of iu prospective growth, when we remember that forty-six per cent increase, which has been generally the actual rale of increase, will give us a population of over : 4,.W.0C0 at the close of the century. It appears that the number of new build ings erected or In course of erection in this city during the present year has never been equalled or even approached. In every quar ter of the city a wonderful march of Improve ment is visible, and, taking into considera tion the vast number of stdendid storehouses, beautiful churches, ‘sute’.y public buildings, elegant dwellings, and new factories and workshops which have arisen rincc last New Vrar’s Day, it is impos sible to resist the conclusion of 000 0 f onr journals, that within a very lew J'jars Kcw Voik will become one unbroken 1* bvnnth of splendid residences, pictunsqa? rich warehouses and solid stores ir om iij e Bat* tery to the border of Wests’ jester County, and Manhattan Island, a dense and thickly populated city, ri'.-ailing Loudon in wealth and trade, and to Paris In architectural beauty v a d aataral scenery. It is worthy of note of ererr hundred bmldmßsinNcwYorr ninciy-cijjht or ninety nine arc built of a'.occ, or brick, while the remamlnc one or two built of wood, arc al ways small and of scarcely any importance whatever. Tr -0 law very wisely prohibits the erection of un y wooden building south of strcci. Kxcep'jj.j. tllC ‘ncwComt House fronting I’ark, and the new Catholic cathedral o*h Fifth avenue, the most costly and beau* v tiful public building now in course of crec * * n «i*‘? New lor * 15 the new Ufrald fcs tamoinmeuf, occupying the old site of Barnum’s Museum. Built of I I'rits and iron, with a mag* niQa'pl j'araitr of white marine in the Bcnav -sance order of architecture, this will be by var the most splendid newspaper build ing in t.he world—an enduring monument to the Indo/nitabte enterprise and perseverance ot Jan.-cs Gordon Bennett. It will be inter cstii’g h? It’is connection to recall the origin of the JJcruW, the fir&t number of which, is sued on the 6Ui of May, was printed and pnWiAyyl to a rented office on the ctllar door o f a dingy building m Wall street. The aim't was very small, price one cent. Mr. BcnaetV was his own editor, pub lisher, business meager, reporter and office b«-y. lie-'rose early, worked all day, and re* mtuned In bis office until the paper went to press the next jnornlug. Yet, after ytars of j-ucli labor as that the sixty-eighth birthday of thU Tcicran journalist Gods h'im able to vNJt hi office once every week and dictate the service of his subordinates. The active manage ment of the paper, with all its varied Inter ests extending to every quarter of the globe, Is confided to the second Jarm.'* Gordon Ben* nett, a fstercotypcd edition of the old mao wlthja full development of the A 1 ther’s extra ordinary traits. Mr. A. T. Stewart's new marble palace, on tbe corner of Fifth avenue and Thirty-fourth itreet. is rapidly approaching completion. It will be-br lar the mort expensive dwelling on the continent, and a rival, in point of ele gance and splendor, of znanr of the residences of the nobility in the Old World. It has a frontage of one hundred and ten feet on the Fifth avenue, and of fifty-six feet Thirty-fourth street. The material la a very beautiful varietv of white marble. Ttffc cost of the building alone will be 5500,000, and the furniture, statuary, and other arti cles of Internal completeness will make the total outlay not less than one million titffar*! The plate class to be used in the dwell- Inc will cost SOO,OOO, and the staircases as much more. In short, all that skill can dc rise or lavish means accomplish, will be u». sparlitclyx'xpended In order to render it as lasting tDd durable as it Is ornamental, not alone to Us own neighborhood In particular, but to (he city iu general. The American Jockey Club is erecting on Twenty-third street, corner of Madison ave nue, an elegant edifice, which, when com pleted. will be one of the handsomest and most fashionable clubhouses in the citv. It will be built of white marble, fifty feet iu , width, seventy in depth, and five stories high. The building will be supplied with , 'try costly furniture, and in short everything will be provided to make it one of the most elegant pleasure houses In America. And so we go, the march of civilization taking us I and still farther awav from those 'grand old times of Republican simplicity. 1 Tin monstrous system ofcomipllun which pervades every department of the muni cipal government of Now York, causing ! millions of dollars to be uselessly squandered every year, baa finally become so intoler able that respectable citizens of both parties are beginning to agitate the reform question as It has never been agitated before. Ex perience has shown that it Is needless to (Search fur relief In any other source than the tfiatc Legislature. And upon the next Legislature will dovclopc the Important duty of providing a good system of munici pl government. In place of the com plicated, corrupt and inefficient machinery which at present disgraces the city of New Vcrk. It Is projmsca to ask the Legislature to i.ppolut a Metropolitan Commission, com nris ng a consolidated government for New Vlta, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Astoria and Richmond Comity. It Is urged iu support of their proposition that the Interests of all these localities are Identical; that, In fact, they comprise virtually but one popu lation, New York being the centre of a vast metropolitan district. “Formerly, it will be renumbered, several immiclpaUlcs were con tained within the limits which now compose the city of Loudon. The fact that these tavc all been merged Into a single municipal system, which is found to work admirably* lb urged as a strong argument in Ihvor of the proposed Metropolitan Commission for New York and vicinity, Another proposal has In view the appointment by the Legislature of , a Board of Control, having supervision of all the different departments which shall be necessary for the executive management of municipal affairs. But whether either of these plans shall he adopted, It Is any rate certain that the coming Legislature will in angnrate a new era with reference to. the city of New York—an era of honesty, economy and retrenchment. In connection with the same question of municipal reform, the necessity of several other iui)>ortant changes is receiving renew ed agitation. Among these may be men tioned the establishment of a uniform sys tem of docks, wharves and piers, to be buil of Iron ana stone, like the celebrated docks of Liverpool; the* relief of travel between distant points on the Island ; and the continuation of the Fifth and Sev enth avenues to the Battcrv, and the widen-, ing of Pearl street, so as* to open another broad thoroughfare through the length of the city from the Fourth avenue and the Bowery. The coumibslou appointed by the State Senate last year to consider the multi tudinous projects for the relief of travel In Broadway is now sesslnn in this city. About fcr;y different plans have been proposcd.and ‘hcbc may be classified as follows ; An elevated railroad above the street. A surface road, laid on the street. 3. An underground railroad or tunnel. 4. A basement railroad, constructed by open excavations, supporting the wagon re ad bed on Iron colonnades, and leaving the street connections in their present con dition. 5. A parallel road traversing the center of the blocks on one side of Broadway. Etch of these plans is supposed to possess some advantages over the other; hat which will be adopted it is impossible to predict. The commission will devote considerable time 1 o a careful investigation of tbc subject, and its report will bo awarded with anxiety, since it is certain that the Legislature will base its action largely on the recommenda tion of the commissioners. p. TUE METHODIST .CHURCH. Interesting Statistics of It* Growth and Prcaent Strength. The CTirifiian Advocate of New York culls from the proof-sheets of the General Minutes of the Methodist Conference the following statistics of the Methodist Church in the United States. The Advocate says: In every department of the church there has been real and noteworthy progress, and the ccnleiinary year closes with a most cn. Cyuraging indication of prosperity. ANNUAL CONFERENCES. Of these there arc sixty-four, an Increase of four over the previous year. At their recent session, the bishops made provision for the organization ol three new ones, makii.g a total for the ycarlSG* of sixty seven, on increase over ISoo of seven. PCC.ICSES9. The number of travelling preachers Is 4.s7C—sd inereaseover the previous year of 401. Of these, C. 257 arc effective (that Is, taking full work to which they arc assigned by the bishop?.) SSI are supernumeraries, and 40? are returned superannuated. During the year 77 travelling preachers located. SO died, and (SO were admitted on trial. The number of local preachers is 8,602, an In crease of missionaries not embraced In the annual 209, The total ministerial force, not Including the bhuops. is 16,178, being a net increase of 010. Philadelphia Conference has the largest number of travelling minis tore, namely. -’7l. and Colorado the smallest, namely. 0. in local preachers Philadelphia also excels, having ssl; Nevada reports only (Vffhich is the smallest number. MEOIBCBSIIIF. The total membership reported is 1,032,184, an increase during the rear of 102,025. This is la excess of the number wc gave last week, the difference arising from* the correction of returns of one ol the conferences by the Secretary. This Is an increase during the year of over eleven per cent. The number of baptisms stands thus: Adults, 47,419: child ren. 35,536; total, $2,955, being an increase of 18,209 adults, and 2,054 children, or a total increase of baptisms of 20,914. During the year 12,214 members died. These are not in cluded above. Ifweadd tbisnumberto that showing the increase, wcflnd that during tbc year at least 115,139 persons united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. CHURCH EDIFICES XXD PARSONAGES. The number ot chnrchea (houses of wor ship) is 10,402, being an increase of 420. The estimated value is $20,504,004. an increase of $2,643,502. The n amber of parsonages Is 3,314, valued at $4,420,955, an increase of ITI in number, and of $24,227 In value. The total value of church edifices and parsonages is $34,014,962, being an increase of $2,50T,729. BENEVOLENT COLLECTIONS. * The following arc the summaries of the contribution for the principal benevolent causes, omitting all receipts from legacies: Conference claimants (worn-out preachers and widows and orphans of ministers who have died In the work), ?107,5022fc\ an in crease of $14,733.05; for Missionary Society, . $671,090.66, an ir crease of $09,020.63; for Tract Society, $23,349.36, an Increase of $1.020 96; for American Bible Society, $107,23-.34, an Increase of $5,495.19; for Sun day School Union, £1d.550.59, an Increase of $7&2.44: the total contributions for these causes Is $929,221 .S 4. This is an Increase over the returns of 1665 of $91,073.47. 9CNDAT SCHOOLS. Total schools U,WS, an Increase ofQd; of ficers and teachers, 162,101, an increase of £ 4W : scholars ftS),62d. an incrcasa of 4S.SJS; Tuluutce In library, 2,644,291, an increase of 169,105. The ooadey School AdrocaU, at ibc close- of the volume in October, issued a rv< ular edition c-f 809,000 copies, a large in crease over the preceding year. COSUMRiTIVEPBOOttESS, By examining the official returns of the cnnfiTtDC** for the urhole century, and com j arir.c them by decades from 17?0, wc have the iwlowtog table; ss Si I || |S | \% §5 S~ r • « . as : ■“ o ins ’a i*~ On in «* as,®* u:o a»' tw awn awa i&i11... *SB 1» 1305T0 ■Sx csb to au» ruo iies !.<•« m »ww itwe {;« i«js ua 6304 M Tixsas ASW 6M W4J» , de=.iSTl IRC WJ7 I UK „ W 8» LMUM IQJfifi •ty li e ttlthdrawal and «paf*Uoti of Southern conteretce# In IM*. orrankißs the AMhcdlat Epbetmsl Cbtrrch Sonti, ibe MclhodW KpJseopal k liurcb lot J.3i5 travelling prcsohe?*. and 4X t taß members, sod yet bo rapid vu her growth iluriejythe dead-, that at ha close (two years af-cr the separation), there • net cam of 6M preschets, axfl a lack of onJ» s,t>*T4 members, making ap the uamber lost. BCTL’ItjrS BT COXrEEEN'CBS. The following table shows the number of travelling and preachers, and the iota! members, by couf.-rences, giving also the in crease :a c-ach’: 3- 3 - S’ Coaft-ffsee*. ?■ §2 = 3 ?■ It I ? J« ’it U.OIT "ji: Black 303 *53 105 CaHjornla 9i 23 «,ISJaec. 2S CcctnlCtmas £2 W 9,;5; Ks Ctmrml>l>iDo<( ilj stv 2.57 Central (,h.o lii :«> IS.H4 2.556 Uortanad im £.*; ojso Colorado 9 13 ai 13} Delaware 5,; ibj 3jj3 j-*aj !*• 3Jwlx.tS Si 135 iS* pcTolt ICS .ISO 17.110 T/W Ea-tiunimore £il irO ?A;Xi a.;/,, hMUieDtMei!..... 247 s??<a» 2,553 fearlm, German as t*. id .... Ean Maine 90 7; io.e:; 65 fcti* iri 275 sure no Gcns.ce US tw 9.7.1 141 a Germany ana BwiUerland. » zt 542 C TJi HoUirtn a ij; tuti 1im0M......... IS4 4SI 30,550 WM India MUaloo.. 28 IS 3e W ladlara U 9 7*4 77,157 *7il J? w » JW 200 17,5 a 14*3 Kettucjry.... a 97 8.906 LbenaMJicloi- 17 a dec 73- Walne US ;s lajJT 151 wictiffaK... m ais isjji 577 n IST H. 747 1,71* .Ul'dwldpt M:»hs it u 5,i(2 .... liiMoart and Antsma!..... us a 15.73 d 1.353 I Nrbtaaka~ a 19 1497 9C3 kct*..*. n 6 2a dec. « I Newark 1S» 9ft «I*5S 2,038 h tw I-ottacd 1» in. jojjij 975 *e*- Uampeitlrr. is « 17. CS dec-. LICI Sew Jefaey. as J 56 -97,7.0 MSI V. pw 2fd 1C 56.457 1464 t.ew Yorte Kaat 306 f9B 33,7*0 9,180 £j‘! Wa4 »* US *® 58.37 2.90 North 0)d0.... ns lit li.Bie UO3 NoriDw«-.tTOjOenaaa..... 79 m jmj Northwestern Indiana..... 113 153 Northwestern om?- l« «w sue 3.<«i GnrJda J»* VJ4 19.2*Q 49; «res*iO 53 • b" 5.v.5 217 Er.V*l? e,: ' Wa *S»- =1 M.7M 3<J» £lll.»ft»ir:r 5vS 3» «.m 1*497 Provide-,« 1 » 90 18. OT S» Kotk Kivc-r j*s 25s j4ja s'onih Carolina Mus u is 3157 Srniibe**t«-m In-Uann t& )J0 ia,l4t 1.185 Sjn'ferr. niuosr... us *sl ai.lii n.i S)QiLwoiera Oeraun td HO 7401 033 lencerscc <0 *0 SJTt .... Tr0y........ 5-1 1-3 5.337 Lppcrlcwa ai ifd- 143 \era.oat m 84. u,7U dec. as Wathlnctcn., t* m 11.511 C7ol irm \ irctola KJ 1«J 4,0« JVfsl Wj.vtnsln W ISS 7,4>f 4S| WlKOrnu H 9 153 11.326 uj Wruß-lts la 111 K.,Sl'» 1,43 Total... I.a*t yrat. Increase. "'Tfi B,6'J Ifi&.'.M .7.179 e,i?a pia,a> •j» u*.>js I. R. A. Last Appeal of the Stephen* Feulnns Itefbre the Flgbt in Ireland. IFrom the Sow York World, Nov, 22. J At a meeting of the centres and delegates of the reiilanlirothcrbomi of New York and vicinity, held at the Apollo Hoorn*, Prince street, on Sunday evening, Hie IStU Novem ber Instant, the following resolution and ac companying appeal were unanimously adopt ed. They hare been approved at tbe'Central Office of the Fenian Brotherhood, and will apply with equal iorce to every circle of tire Fcmau Brotherhood In America. The Inter chance of opinions at these meetings has en rured harmony of action, ellcltimr many Im portant sucsrcstloas pertinent toThe present crisis In Irish revolutionary affairs; i?«»ofr»ff, Thai the Centre cl each circle of the Fenian Brotherhood in New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City and vicinity be Instructed lo send u commit! w of its ablest and most prominent mem bits to each hobsc in the localities in which the elides nay ho situated, and solicit from crcrr lii'-Lniiin and the lovers of liberty or ail nationali ties, cnu(, tnmduons and money. iu aid of thu xrulmion about to he Inioccrated in Ireland, and that the names of those subscribing for the purpose icfonea to and those who (helm; Irish men) may n-ftiso to contribute, bo wrlU-n In a book of record, to be kept ft r that purpose Iu the Central Office, IS Chatham street, for futnre rctuxcce, and that the views of this meeting may oc plan d before the world by an appeal to be puollsitvd herewith. farpnu,.l CorsmTxrjr, Friesds, akd Brothers: Every item or Information reaching as from Ireland proves It to be certain, beyond al{ question, that mr countrymen at home arc determined on war —war to the knife—and that this very year. Tho dual struggle of oar people with the foreigner will he soon inaugurated; the oppressed will meet the oppressor, hand to foot, to battle for the very existence of oar race, and of our nationality. The issue is patent: Either we must succeed in this, otir flnaf struggle, and take our place among the nations of the earth, or be defeated, to be scatter ed broadcast, aa a people despised polnU d at only with the finger of acom, and ready to battle for every country but our own. To the Irish man In America, such an eventuality cannot foil (o suggest the profoutdeat emotions. The degradations to which his kindred have been subjected for centuries; tho sacrifices of a people offered as a holocaust at the shrine of despotism. the many miseries entailed by foreign domination, are to be washed away in the blood of tho inemy, or live a perpetual curse la our defeat. The wrongs of the past moat be righted by the manhood ol the present. A nation whtch will not make sacrifices is unworthy of freedom. That is a blessing which cannot bo too highly prised by any people; It b one of the holiest gl'ts which Cod can bcitow on man. And what greater sacrifice can be required of a people to gain that blessing than that of life, and every thing they bold most dear! Our countrymen being resolved to fight against an old andlntoler ant enemy, to wipe out the stigma of slavery, they risk life, property, u//, on the struggle. It will be to the eternal credit or disgrace of their kindred iu America If this struggle he a glorious or disastrous one; if Ireland be a land crowned by the laurels of a vic torious Army, or reduced to the condition of an . immense wilderness and charnel house. Should revelation In Ireland end in defeat, should the land be saturated with the blood of freedom's martyrs, shed in vain, let those In America who could, but would not aid in the ireodom of their native land, bear the humiliation and shame. That the lukewarm and skeptical may no longer have an excuse lor cot giving that assistance to their compatriots at home which is expected from them, w e deem It onr duty to place oar views be fore the world. Advocates ot universal liberty, but especially of liberty In Ireland, we have re solved to do all to our power to sustain those of onr kindred who keep garrison at borne. .That the struggle now so imminent may be ebort and . effective. wo appeal to all onr kindred In America, men and women, and lo the lovets of fretdom everywhere, to give what our brothers require. That no one claiming 10 have Irish blood In Ids veins may have any longer an excuse for not contributing in propor tion to bis means, a committee of gentlemen, properly accredited, will call upon all trout whom aid iscxpectcd. That a permanent record of all those who will do their duty to Ireland at so im portant a crisis as this, may be kept for future purposes, as well as of those who, by their non action, wish it to be recorded as their opinion that onr race at last is conquered. The committee In structed to collect arms, war-malerial. and money for the use of the Irish Bepnhllcan army, wlu band in their lists weekly at the Central Office, 10 Chatham street, in this city. In the name of liberty, Justice, and Humanity, we appeal to all, on behalf of a suffering but noble kindred pco pie, to subscribe ilbcral'y. and at once. The New York Senatonhlp. The press of the city of New York are near* ly all advocating tbc election of Horace Greeley for United Slates Senator. Ray mord of ihe Time* gives la his adhesion as follows : With some of Mr. Greeley’s views of cur rent political topics wc do not concur, hut the large majority of the Democratic piny in this State undoubtedly do. It Is quite certain, therefore, that some one holding substantially these views, will be elected, and wc know no one whose claims to the position arc stronger than his. -Bis services to the party have been Tong, laborious and effective, and arc entitled to recognition. He has very great ability, large experience in public affairs, untiring industry, and would bring a zealous and conscientious fidelity to the public service. He has marked opinions of his own on all topics of public Importance, with the conrage to avow and tbc ability to enlorce them’; and this, at a time when the tendency is so strong to the absolute tyranny of party dictation, is a de sirable quality m any one who aspires not merely to hold office, but to perform its du ties with credit and advantage to the coun try. Mr. Greeley seeks otncffnecausc ox tnc opportunities thus afforded for useful public service. It is an honorable ambition in any man conscious of upright motives and of abilities adequate to the position. TVc shall be glad to see Mr. Greeley's claims to the Senatorship and his ona! IB cations for it recognized by the Legislature just elected. CoxMrrm) ron tuiai_—Edward Morgan, chirp ed with (he larceny of a roll of cloth known as “Canadian frieze/’ was fnrlhcr examined before the Police Court on Saturnay afternoon. Wit nesses In hla behalf testified to his baring pur chased the cloth of another man, siring i-0 fur It, bat Korean's singular conduct regarding the matter after that transaction, in the opinion of the court instldiil his being committed for trial in ball 0/ fXd epos the charge of receiving and se cretin*' stolen goods, knowing them to t*e stolen. Aibenldnc As’ni 126 nrarb<»ni«*t.« receive advertisement* for all the leading papers ihroosbooi the Lmtci Elates and Canada*. g-onctn ifttetmejs. T'AIX— Tbc-rc will be a meeting of the ursdaste* In Art* of YALE COLLEGE, la itii f(t». on MONDAY. Norcmtcx SS.M tuOp.a., at KQC3III. No- 7 7 iA-Pbora->t. toilet Articles pTBK’S GKNCfiTE. WJBIN'B. Watted, forty thousand people to purchase the fol lowing article*: LUBINB’ GENUINE, 01.00, Phaloik’s Sight Blooming Cereos, Ode. Jccstary &Sre2ho’a Oriental Toothpaste,Bse For rale a: Clork-st. Dmj stojt. - B. H lEAVB SWOETH A CO. ftTusical B MET BENEATH AN AWNINQ. ** One imJtry tnmner raomlaz. A JtiT 3CO, or put, t>e met a&aicsla? Vbtn It wm main* tut. hie lockul *o \er> *'cot-U7, A» re’er t»d in.** before— I vu in love completely Before the run wu o'er.” SEW SONG AND CfIOBES, T. M. TO W NE, Price 30 wats. PuMUfced by t-YON & HEALY, NUMBER 173, 53rs (Soobs. Q.KEAT BARGAINS' 167 & 169 Lake-st., TTUI exhibit, ea MOSD4 T. Nor. jtfu,. from tbs Panic Auction Sales In Kcw York, over 1,000 PIECES Silk and Wool Valencias, For 25 Cts., COST, TO IMPOST, SO CTS. 500 PIECES Mil MOHAIR PLAIDS, . For 75 Cts., -.rosTll TSX SITILZIXGS. 200 Pieces Good Quality FRENCH MERINOS, For 56t Cts. IC-y Pieces Extra Quality FRENCH MERINOS For 75 Cts. S2O O PIECES EMPRESS SLOTH For S7i Cts., VSUAL PHICE si.SO, 100 PIECES Rich French Poplins, For 75 Cts. And an unlimited variety of HEW, CHOICE ami Sat- HDafjte Cords ot evt-rr description, nmny of whkhwe arc now selling far OHE-UiLF the Manauaurcn’ or importer*’Cost. Do not buy at any price, till you see our Ttargaimt, 13apcc (Collars. QOSGREbS COLLAR CO., MAiCFACtOBEBS OF LINEN- FINISH DOLLARS AND DUFFS. These Goods have already become so popular that they are tu a great measure tupvra£dlcg other paper RMidi,aid wiilhcuniversally used as parties ate aware of their teal merits. They IMITATE LIXEN SO rtBFZCTLT.EVEHTD Shewing tie Threads, That no one can possibly tell them tram Linen without cartlai examination. We have Just produced a new ntUcic la Ladies’ Tucked Cuffs, mm COLLARS TO MATCH, That are superior to any guodi of the kind ever nude. These are also made with the LIN EX FINISH, widen make* them more desirable than even real lion, a* they are more bcanumiiy and perfectly Unlabed. and may be worn much longer. Ladles who hate worn them will now wear them In preierrnce to linen. For sale at wholesale by Jobbers In Dry Good*. No* tines and Fnrnlthing Goods, and at retail by all am* claaa dealen. MANUFACTURED BT COIMGBESS COLLAR CO., 11 A 13 LaSalle-st. TO MANUFACTURERS AND DEAL ERS IN PAPER COLLARS. Orrics or Rat A Tatlou. > bpmsaneun m*m. { It haring come to enr knowledge that certain parties arc manufictartaj; Fnpcr Collin, coifs and Bosoms, made In IMITATION OF LINEX Thereby InTtlrglnc upon patents far that proceaj grant «l by tue UlU*u alal-' to Geo, W. Usr, dated May 1, and assigned to Kar A Taylor. tN e hereby cau tion ail dealers a:a|n*t purchasing or selling any sorb goods, unless oancltctortd by us or enr Ucen«oes,aa we shall rigorously prosecute all such infringers. The CONGRESS COLLAR COm 01 Chicago. HI., are the'inly nrrtlw licensed by ns to ttacofactnre tie CLOIII IMITATION GOODS lathe United stale*. UAVATATLOU. Cijc JLccture Reason. YOTIXG MEN'S ASSOCIATION LECtURES. By r«rae»t if nar.r eWresa who xere DTABE TO TO OBTAIN SBATS US FRIDAY DVRSISO. JOHN B. COUGH ■ Will repeat Ms SEW LECTURE, entitled "■ OXTJtCXUtei’X’ X I” OHUrercd but once before in ttda city.) On Wednesday Ermlnir, November‘JStfa* AT CBOSBTS OPERA.HOUSE, Cotsmeactu at & o’elocc. Ticket:SOcents. Boerved-seate S cents extra. Tlc.**Je of Tickets and Sraerred Feats wiS-too* ractse ouToeacay momtoc at 9 o'clock, at Uvi Ticket OCtt «l Ctoaby'a Optra tfoa»c. A. C. VcCLCBG, Cor. Sec. T. M..A* JFuruhutc. gCAKIUTI’S PATENT SOFA MB. Jam tJte ‘bins lor and Gents* Kvonis down town. Combining &.ia ud Bed, whkb a*«ds oa msUrat, atdou re am Tor bedding whamwl areola. CALL AXD SEE IT, AT JSSLIN, SWAN & OO.’S PAELOEiB. FTJBSTtTJPE WAB2SOOKS, HISILAADOiHIIrST.. uH rTAItt-S-. Scutamabequon. SGUT ANABEQUONI SYMPOSIAECH. Tpo»3ay S-veaiagy QJJ, jfttt (EiOOTIS. TgARGAIXS LADIES PRESS’ FURS. BSfiWBTSBf Barrier) ' riHEKMAX HOUSE. 2Scal Estate. 100 000 AGEES OF PISE LAND ts ancniGAif fob slu.e.- Ttof* fa..ds v.t* cateftiny scucted aad oocpriac tome ?f the larfHtaol Ire*Vaeu cast ot the Rocky Montalr*. Aniy _ &. B. -WA2D. Detroit. Mich. TSTcixi publications. 1867 THE 1867 TWSSJTT- BB7BMTB 70X.maS. THE L ADIES’ REPOSITORF: iGflunl USlerary and Religions Mag- azine for the Family. Esch Number win coctais Two Original Steel Engravings, executed la the highest *ty le oi the »t; by artists who (taad at the heed ol itcir nrofesaiJa—«ueh Butlre, “KMSiSwf”*™* a “ ,orK " *<«.S TfcedertsaefthepablJsh'rMa l«imlaa thlstaontwr U to iurnah to the Chrimna nubile s cure acd clertot literature. scd it will l>e the aim ot the Editor to ore teat tc. our Christian families every months magazine that the most careful sad Jadlclotu parent* may t«| ewtrriy *sie in placing In tnonsmlt ol every member oi£tLb t.vt.liy—aicsEMice elec ant, chute, and pore, such as will cnmvsts the taste, refine the manner*, sod ennoble sjj the *lm« ot life. The Kxruarroir is s Christina family macaco-*, ami It will be oar constant aim to adapt It especially to the moral and literary w aaU of the family. OPpUOHS 07 THE PRESS. The Ladles’ fiJ-’tcsliory. pahlUhcd in Cincinnati, la • h ray# reffnJsr la Us rifit. and Is tUtel with 'hr ebc ’c«i literary and rein lons article*, ithasaverr h-ij. c.r« ula'.Jon, and isjusfy r-cunU-d at mm of t:i<* most hornlar publication* In the Wre-t. The eu-r»- Tlrp» wc always appropriate and beauUfiU.—iCnru- Utnln. •«mr*ac«r. S. Y. 11.., L *c*ll<wi family viator tor the current moat’i Is nterab r cr *mmrd with ‘parfcltas literary J'-aeis. No pnbiic 'tl*>n of the dsy excels the Repository In on rltv ot tr,n cita, elevation, refinement ol t me. or bean iy of lute;- Prts*.—{Orleans American. New TorV. The adit* 'r number ol this bcannfal nsndn* !. filled s« nssal chaite, chpice.acd cbarmlns liters tare. Ul. ibe chrepceiand s>»t Udic» Tuuii zite ever jnbll ’bed.—/Dttbrqoe Villi' Times. Th» Ssrr-iVw * number is a choice Isvuc—two fine steel CEcravinay. 5P, d V # J£* V * ,,!>s l ® r srtt5 rttl * :<s hr a'Treof thebe?* • Pl f rr»ln the country. TTut-r It* new ecitooh'p nie R.p r,sor sndheat*of«t*io V thlnt itthe best rsmllr man rite pnbhsnra la th. •* nouniry.—ißodtford Register, DlicoU. We bare fl-rroeatlr i. tnentloa ot this work. and now can tut re-mram w t » ut tt4Te &*<«*stated, that w e tuS 11 dm M rtT al to msyaune toe. Icaea excelled ftrywherts.—{Lap- weHerwl,lad. Now llic time to f»u*wKHbc. TEJtsa ’ a * Three TXotlam and Fifty CetoW *** Volmne, LWARIABLT Ibl A -D7ANCE. pfftiuseaD by POE & Hl'Tt ’HCOCS, rorrrEl.’Mbamfßtln-. * l '- Coclnna’J. 6l* Wa»Mr.gton-st. €h !c»- *°- sHjotograp|'S. gTEHSOSCOPU; VIEWS?. Or ill'* Virioit Pacific RnllreiiaTExt Mem u »the tuOth Meridian, stt) <bc i ofon.» rnlOeohf b* mall. Aii»«\jTle\ w of the \ Upper TllwolMlppl, Ac., on pnp ? r Clsm. a ud l>rsf BdilUioiM of ucir rlru ** off'hlet co, all of watch will he exhlb “ Itcdnttl'e Part* Exhibition. Cltlzcn> 1 of Chlent to, ynn can better Illustrate to yonrltlea *d» abroad by a selt of tbe*o plcturcutl »*• wealthand rlcsuncpofowr great city l ban by any other means, or ders of oue tluxeu and upward* lunlltd free to any part of the L ulled Staten. J, CABBUUTT, Portrait ai d Landscape er,MlLakr* »U CAB I. SET POI- tTEAIT. A new nrd beauiltul uric oi Album Porm'.% now for tbe ftret time tutroi Inreil to thr citizens of Chlcaso, 1* bound to toprndf t *icoltlcarte de vls'.tc- SpraJ mensard Apjams on view at OAKDUTrs SI-tot scoplc Portrait Gallery. 1U t LaKMt« one dwr 'Veit of Clark-*t. gOLAIi FORTH AITS. Of marvelous beauty, fret * Irora distortion, ©lain or colornl. Jn Uie lilcUwtsty. '■*» otart, CAUULrr‘6 Gal* icrj. 131 Lase-at. pOKTRAiTS 0!M PORCELAIN. These exquisite tema of pho tographyarc made la the Mcbci-i perttcifon, try CAI •uCTT. Caff soon and leave yotr order at im Lnke-st. Christmas and Hew I eat Is comlcp. A won litolhewSe, Sc. QNE DOLLAR Am I PLETT CENTS. It 1» a strange andunpreeeda ntedCwttliatflAO will procure o.NE DOZEN of the FINEST CARD PHOTOGRAPHS made In Chicago. Such I»thefac t,aawcbatealnjys. heretofore, charm'd ?»J3O BBAJSQA’S Popular Art Gallery. 10S Lake s f. Also, wanted, a coon German boy, who nnd«r»U nas pu-tUnz and toulue photograph*. gjgdatfjics anh J etocirp. GOODS FOR FRESE^TAXION. American and Geneva WATCHES, Comprising: Zdnny JTew and Caique Styles} Ofthetr own matufacture. »aeh as Fine CiamonlSat, Know En/ravcil, Enaneilcd, l*atent Magic Case. 3? Z IS 33 TIME PIECES, Set in Gold Bracelets and ringer Rings* MANUFACTURERS OF SILVER WARE A X O Solid Gold Jewelry. Richly Cba«edTi*-i and Tete-a-T«te Seta, Coot, Gob leU. Urns, Lv’lc*. Nsckln Illagi. Ac.; tew Grecian Medallion Fatten Frc?‘*TTc. .f»Ur, |ce Cnam and Sugar Spoon*. Knives* and Forks, put iiplnhna style for presenu ana&cepaakee. * A variety of OPERA GLASSES, French Glucks, Richly Plated Ware, Jewel Cases, &c., Re. GILES BROTHER & CO., Ko. 142 Lake's!., CHICAGO, - - ILLINOIS. Justness (Earas HALTING COMPANY, Km, 2 and. 4 fißchigaa-aT., SlaDiiaunien' of Tfali and Dealer* In Bar jcy and life. keep ct» citantiy on bind stacks cl Prime BarUyncd Uye Me it. xtlcineeare prepared to sell at u.eLnent marten rate*. 'J' h. MO EGAK & (JO., * GO3DT iSSIOX MEUCHAXTS, For ibe enrols seas'* sale ot Grain, Provider.*, f.c- j attention paid to Uie sale of Uretssd H f K. n ! J Sa!I«-U. Chicago. Eiquors, . I-OATOWOIiTXrO mm: house, cincinrat* GOLDS >’ WEDDING, SPARKLING CATAWBA. US* CAT TAWBA, ISABELLA AND DELAWARE. TVs e celebrated Wines are tor sale by JTDLLX3 FINCH A FULLER, LORD & SMITH, and WEITZEL, SLLRTCi & CO., T St»t»eu. Chicago. XU. fanning lLanbs A LL WANTING FA RX’S—Goc&h'ona j\ and weU r>roved Fmlt Loads—Brattl'd! azC tenvlnzietti-iiieptir VI>ELAM).3) mil-t* »onth ot lla’idTiDtila bv raihxad- t'r.cmlauoa lucsmaed s.CCt pcopif In a*ir j--ai». Oy-d toclety. i*ch»cls aac chsrch'.s; t orchardaWacted. ir.« f u per sore, payable I*, fohr years. Ullage lota Dr b-.smrss ami QatQta'-'iartn also for *aie. Climate mild—pcrlactiy healthy-*-!! fgfc;y textile. Improve! Hacea also tor We. A«drrt* CHAS*. K. LANDIS. Proprietor. Vine* tanit •-« Jemy. I*-»jvjs containing tnluraadcaicsl fr<c. f>am report a Solia llubizjoa, a ort cal tanl Editor af Uie Trttmae :** It la cue ci the mest exbm alTeAs’He tract* In an almost level pc-lhon. and so'.l* abtecftMlMOQ f«r p»a«an* Cttmiec. tfit «c &ow o| Ih'idliMct Frames.” • 9amitry)ip. PARTNERSHIP —\Vanted » Invest, f si*»ootoss,ooo, as partner la a legitimate 1 wlneas, bj a voonr taaa cl tmiiUUcaUory. Best or rercrencea rivet and required. Address •* V T H," I*. O.Pox 137. V C H, KERFOOI & 00. d. r. piedsok laadaitrcd to pertienti? m «• axe frenfreewmbertstb, le«. With tncreasaa ahmttm fts dolar a Genital Keal Cttate Brokerage and Age&ej nralcet>,ve*clicU farther coramUiloti. S. R.RS& FOOT & CO M Beal ElUbe Broken, 71 Dcarbovc-et. CWcaco. B.H.ScaPOOT. adangt - J. f. insttiiOH. Kotice to £ai *V r OTICR—T<? the Tax Payers of the 1> LltyclCblrsro; Torthewiiicsc f'fci’flag-the votkio? classes and Cjeret fcncJr* ai rrportntity to pny cl'.tTat'*, aod satctlwiP time, i»ball seep cy otscs ooeo dart or tbedL.'B»t Uatui. My oifice H;ur*ff’lUbc.oa aoriafter MONDAY, November into. 18J6, com MoVK-j c m. to 3 0-tlr.d.P- O. A. 11. HLALU, 1 citra-Pi n-ctcr.. Ebii rational. r'2U2TAX ENGLISH SCHOOL OP r X ’ socm Chicago. _ _ oo Van - aad Ttc Directors cf '-ssactFKiliruia ca.l ttw altco 1/m Cf those fixtlic* tw wly. to xtre tb»7rc'dlivo t' *|- porsaedncsdpnt-n2i*.& acitOcntaa.e> du losa moon. F*«rp»ta*-olar infonnatl.n apfl» to ilr. d. K AMbLI. rarclpaL M the sch-wlroom. Klantcb. r£o HERCHANT TAILORS. A p-actle*' Cn«f<-?n Cotter, from Xerr Torfc ol coaff npcrmcre aad ability, utslrti a sUnstlin id a V .‘itc/Ab’. fltm. He U comL'-i'f.t to -uii la all ot -I brecc ot tbe b*islr.e»*. ami tu» so oVecUoc !■. r to Iftrtouairy. AdirtM "VVTTKlt,'TnbntAe rB ~ rw> at dlotpng. J 1 O R The People’s Benefit! BSEAT EXCITEMENT £K Tag CLOTHING MARKET. GOODS SULD Cheaper Than Ever! MW, JAMS ICO, AT TORIR STORES, Nos. 131 & 133 RANDOLPH-ST., Are la receipt of i La; ;? Stock of WINTER. CLOTHING! Which they ©flhr to the public » real- IrBEbfCEDPBICES. Wep LOW, and intend to glrc our the BENEFIT of our good, la c stock of HE.VDY-TI.VDE L<« complete r Idl It* details. In the line of OVEB* COATS, DRESS SFITS, BUSINESS SUITS, wo think we can please all. Oar Prices are Low. We sell Cheap. In oar CUSTODY DEPARTMENT we cannot be excelled In Style, Quality or Price. An Inspection of oar stock and prices Insures a sale In every Instance. EEJIEjrCER THE PLACE, 131 & 133 Eandolpli-st. &UERMA.X HOreiE. j DICKSON, JANES & 00. CLOTHING. "Wholesale and Retail. 2,El lO Overcoats, 3,v T?CO Frock Coats, 1 1,500 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, Ac. Hattraasea, Curled Hair, Roller Towel*, 4e. rE ED. L. FAKE, SOI and soa South VTater-Ht- fßeUical OP I '.LARGE Mrs. S. €✓ DICKINSON, Will relieve Fever. Id i me application; BbcumatUm. Pains. Swelllcgs, Spralm *, contracted or painful sin* i*«». Mum leu or Joint*. H curalsta. Ncrvoas Headache. Toothache. Pain la the Ba efc- Or. la fact, anythin* oC that nature-free—to aaow the vtrtneof her fluid. Thta fluid baa been gotten on o ° scientific principles: and all we ask Is. tor the aiFllct »* to let ns relieve then. free: ami then they vtn kc ow who to patronize here* after. Price—Two Dollar*» ' x: bottle, the family ow. with full directions. * Tape-worms removed in twenty-four boon. AO ea«e* txanrnedfree. Mrs, V. will visit the »f.'k » * t*>«lr dwellings, if nog able to call oa her, It requt *ti» t *** do to. Mrs. b. can be found at *. *.SI. * south Clark-*t. Otfice hour*, from a to ll > an dtroma to a. jyjOEE VALUAB.LE THAN GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOB THE C. ATABIUi: A perfect and speedy cat* lor this loathsome disease, jnjiawctstwrm. In every caa «of Catarrh,ferereor Ilcbt, tho disease should oe remo vedaveoon as poe*l> ble.Pir It Kites rise to boanewv4' . tort toss inthewum. pipe, dry cough, tbrootc InCaml -uhtloo of the lommL ulrzlLeea, dull pale fa the head, rwlth a seaAsdoa <d veiabt over the eyes. loss or them tuee iT emcUmst ana tanintr, and various palnnu neural gin aTactloa*. Thera U not auv mistake otwm the abov« remedy, and It maw t ehadcf the suhicrther. General I veentar the Daited btaua and the Cahadaa. _ H. H. BCRKUJGTOH, Providence. R. r. . For sale by SMITH ft DWYER. D. rocsUw, O*A» DA W'Cnierale AgenU tor Chid «go. jßarhtoare, jrtobi ?s, &c. F.W. HATTHiESSS's & HESILER AT taSILLE, IS ILLIXOB, ARE Kf;LUN3- EVERT W EEK 3nrXYTHOT&A3D E OXTHES os* SHEET zimc Saporiar to gll Imported. Sale. ASSIGNEE’S SALE. rutile cots 3la tcrety Cl ten tba 11 *Sa2, as Mtljnce Of iiUSEIi £ on WtolneaMfy-Dtit, Sotemtcr 2Stt,A. D., 156%, open ite presdtt* known *» jTon SHJ uui S3:* Stale atreat, in tt e city 3; Cticnca, sell at pulllo auction, ti> tte Wtbcst bidder, lor cast, me ulccsfi--, Jttans aa»l presses, portalcir* to n UnJ oil maccfacrury. thereto. CMca/ forester 31. 1563. TUtm.VSMIT.LRB, A-al^eg. LOAD WAGONS. A ear lead of n PA R m WAGONS, Ali.Wvthc WIDE TRACK, *CT2;!cte, rrithTca Cosea, Donbie Trees and Keck Vo ae«. rnanntacirrM at the bac(t; aUle Works, at Rcnoab*. WU.. tor sale by E. BAIN, At ILsroosba, Wisconsin* SALE. faiuanie tapper miiisg tanas OiN TiAKR ipUPRIIIOII. • Tbe authorised jo sell tbe»e lands, trblcs ore aacoc ih* bet on Lake superior. Errtora* tion avowed, and informational icy ode*. 99 ■ LaSalle*t. OEO. P. KQ2ET. Consignments. QPOICE: WINTER APPLES, 2fo brls Ibr naif, la Jots tn.iait, at fSpcr brUby ti£o. McKl*OiHT A CO„ ISIASiUMt. S>air 32sstnratibes. •\TG-3IOKE BALDXE?c, OB GREY X> H.UB. w -LoaA a Cray Hair Color Does Bectorer** Hair Color Kestotef* “Ltftroa Hair Hair Color BOC B^torer** “t.jtdon Ualz Color Lsatorer'* “V'rdoc Catered Hair Color rtdla Scorer** “Lt-sioa Hair Color Beatoew'* -Louisa Hair Color or sod llcjuret" “LocAia Hair Color »•»!<»«r* ■*Laseon Dytipy. Hair Color aaythlra. Ba»tom" I’.tUl mike Cm hair soft, ani CcHDie. U wU ' preserve t>e arizmal color to old are. Itwlllttfr rent tbelulr from CvlUbs off. It nnl care *a diseases cl the «na a Dowe. Sold by mi leadlnr Crsczi* u aaldaalcrtti tolls* ar- UcJ«, liaGob aids (Goal. OAL A;rß COKE—It 0 arc non ra- Cflvinsir«tqtiaUnr ot . PITTSBUHGH COP^ WblcL Vien tnraUb atietallcrby ttl ticda ol first qoau.y aiwau. aw. BITUMISOTIS EASTS T (jq^x* or re f aU- GenemiOiHr „ _ _ Bntld:cr. Dtrartw>ni-*f.; Yard. ><r Room ‘2 Ewratcfa; fard,Cana.-»t s q«r ..-diru-r. east ot Mc iv 1 1 k* ceref JcaJ, ■ - —* Btt He rr-TTixa . S?* .ents. *g r - roe oJunolc*. sH)rcnolotnj. r pREESSOU JAMES • WALKER, E 9 WnaH^ngtoxi^st.. U tonciaa a Ciaa* tor t hy?losnoay.